the capitol Calendar Of Events THE UNCORKED RALLY SATURDAY MAY 19 TH :30 AM May 19, 2001 Uncorked Rally Tom & Inga Bourdon

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1 the capitol Calendar Of Events May 19, 2001 Uncorked Rally Tom & Inga Bourdon June 3, 2001 Shriners Concours Bob Cottam July 14, 2001 Gold Panning at Pine Grove Henry & Anne Pezzetti August 19, 2001 To Be Announced Gary & Carolyn Twing September 2001 Poker Run Darryl & Debbie Kielick October 2001 Oktoberfest! Kevin & Gloria McKnight Inside President's Message... 2 Ask Al!... 3 Harrah s Auto Museum... 4 Reservation Slips... 5 Welcome New Members... 6 Mercedes Mart... 7 The MERCEDES-BENZ CLUB of America Sacramento Section May 2001 THE UNCORKED RALLY SATURDAY MAY 19 TH :30 AM Please plan to join us on Saturday, May 19 th for an interesting, scenic tour along Solano and Napa County s less traveled, backroads. The roads we ve chosen for this rally will allow you to experience beautiful panoramic views of a part of California not often traveled and will allow you to experience yet another aspect of your Mercedes-Benz that often goes unappreciated while commuting back a forth to work. Your Mercedes-Benz, despite the model or year, was designed to be a truly fantastic touring car. We ll begin our rally at the edge of one of Solano County s earliest agricultural areas, Pleasant s Valley. Lake Solano Park, the rally start point, lies along Putah Creek just west of Winters. Pleasant s Valley was once a wealthy Orchard area that gave rise to California s earliest and innovative fruit production. Here, we ll enjoy an outdoor Continental Breakfast while we play a few car games to get the competitive juices flowing. From Lake Solano Park, we ll head west through a narrow gorge into the hills past one of California s many engineering marvels, Monticello Dam and onto roads not often described as the tourist route. At the end of the day, we will meet at the Napa County Airport for a late afternoon dinner at Jonesy s Famous Steak House. Jonesy s has been a destination for local dinning and recreational fly-ins where both modern and historic aircraft pull right up to the dining room windows. Jonesy s has had a reputation for excellence for over 50 years. We re sure once you experience Jonesy s, you to will understand why by either land or air, folks come back to Jonesy s again and again. From Jonesy s it is an easy drive back to Interstate 80 for your return trip home. For those not familiar with the several types of automobile rally, rest assured this is not the classic Time & Distance rally. Whether you re a rally veteran or a first timer, THE UNCORKED RALLY is a combination of distance and clues, mixed with other challenges to test your analytical and navigational skills as well as your powers of observation. There will be plenty of time allotted for stops along the way to enjoy both the scenery and the more contemporary reasons for visiting this part of California. Just remember to subtract your extra miles and most of all, plan to have fun!!! 2001 Shriner s Hospital Concours d Elegance Sunday, June 3, 2001 This is the eighth year of the Shriner s Hospital Concours and the eighth year our club has participated in this outstanding event. For the 2001 event we will be in a permanent location on the grounds of the hospital with about 4 acres of lawn and trees. Each year the event gets bigger and better with this year being no exception. There will be an expanded food service offerings and entertainment along with the beautiful automobiles. It is also the perfect place for a picnic so pack the basket and enjoy a great social! Your car doesn t have to be in show shape just wash and clean out the old candy wrappers and join us for a very pleasant day! Be sure to have your entry in by May 25th. Directions: We will meet at 8:30AM on Y Street, just east of Stockton Blvd. At the hospital entrance. May

2 t h e c a p i t o l S T A R President s Message by: Bill Brandt Do we have a lot of things planned for spring and summer! May 19 th is the Napa rally hosted by Tom & Inga Bourdon. Tom has sworn me to secrecy as to the actual route, but you can be assured it will be off the beaten path. Then, on June 3 rd, Bob Cottam is hosting our annual Concours to benefit the Shriner s. We are not going to show our cars, but simply show up to support the Children s Hospital. Last year we gave them a check for $ It s a day to just relax and wander around and see the many cars on display. Help a worthy cause while you are enjoying the day! On July 14 th, Anne and Hank Pezzetti have a day of gold panning and picnicking at roaring camp for only $15. I have to tell you this story about new technology. My 80-year-old father has had his E430 for a while and he had some trouble changing the clock for daylight savings time. It doesn t have a knob or button to change the hours and minutes. While he went to Chicago, I borrowed the car and the manual and learned a bit about E430 programming. Changed the display from English to German and realized that my German vocabulary wasn t as complete as I thought. But then I should have remembered my Army time in Germany 25 years ago. I have to say that my German was/is verstandlich (understandable) but my grammar needs some improvement. In any event, after playing around with the computer I went away very impressed with this E430. Drove it in the pouring rain, stepped on the accelerator and saw the traction control light flicker on & off so I wouldn t skid. Noted that the mileage I was getting on the readout was the same as my 177 horsepower 300E and the 430 has another 100 horsepower. I had a feeling of control such that I could do just about anything. The 430 is in every way superior to my 300E. It even has a button to change the gearing in the transmission. I call it the afterburner button. Your choice is fast or very fast Oh, and changing the clock isn t that difficult I discovered Do you have experience in judging cars? Richard Simonds, MBCA Western Regional Director, is asking for some volunteers for the Palo Alto Concours June 24 th. There will be up to 80 Mercedes- Benz cars on exhibit for more information you can Richard at or (650) Information on the Palo Alto Concours is at Bill Submit articles to: Bill Brandt 5910 Gloria Dr. Sacramento, CA Deadline for submissions is the 20th of each month. 2 May 2001 Contact Information for the Capitol STAR For changes to articles or ads: Chris Dudte (775) Deadline for changes to articles or ads is approximately the 26th of each month. New article ideas: Bill Brandt 5910 Gloria Dr. Sacramento, CA

3 Ask Al! This month we have a very interesting Mercedes history question from Bill B., our President. QUESTION: Do you know how Stirling Moss and Denis Jenkinson devastated the record in their 300 SLR at the Mille Miglia? ANSWER: In response to Bill B. s Mercedes history question, I have researched information on the Mille Miglia (which I had never even heard of until his question!). The story of the Mille Miglia began in 1921, when the Auto Club di Brescia organized the first Italian Grand Prix. Seeing the success of this race, the Automobile Club of Milan built the Autodromo Nazionale Monza and had the 1922 Italian Grand Prix held on their new course. This road race for sports cars ran over a 1,000-mile course of closed public roads from Brescia to Rome and back again. Von Housen Motors Mercedes-Benz Center 1810 Howe Avenue Sacramento, CA (916) M-Class Cap 100% Cotton $18.50 to $20 M-Class Shirt 100% Cotton Polos $68 to $74 Meanwhile, back at Bills question: In 1955, Stirling Moss and his partner Denis Jenkinson (who was a motoring journalist), while driving the legendary 300SLR Mercedes, won the Mille Miglia in 10 hours, 7 minutes and 48 seconds. They raced in speeds at excess of 170 mph. Stainless Steel with Quartz Movement $170 Velour Floor Mats $71 to $110 Car Care Kit $98 They developed a plan to map the entire circuit and record the details on a 18 foot roll of paper. This paper was enclosed in a roller device that would warn the driver of obstacles and opportunities where they could gain a driving advantage. All of the difficult corners were recorded and given grades that included saucy ones, dodgy ones, and very dangerous...continued on page 4 Infant Toddler Child Booster $158 $140 $163 Parts Department is open to serve our clients Monday thru Friday from 7:30 am 6:00 pm & Saturdays from 8:00 am 5:00 pm May

4 Harrah s Automobile Museum April 28th, 2001 On April 28, 25 members of the Sacramento Section toured the Harrah s Automobile Museum followed by dinner at Café Andreotti in Reno, Nevada. We had a 2-½ hour tour by docent Mike Thomas covering everything from a 1908 Franklin B Brougham to a 1972 Porsche RSR. Mike was so knowledgeable that I felt I was getting information by drinking from a fire hose! For example did you know that the original 1953 Corvette used fiberglass to pass a tight deadline for the auto show? GM never intended to use fiberglass in the production Corvette. Henry Ford used wooden crates with holes in the sides to ship his transmissions and after the transmission was out, the crate sides became the floorboards of his Model T. I was particularly interested in the history of the 1908 Thomas Flyer, which won the race from New York to Paris. For many years, collectors did not know if this car still existed, and when a candidate was found that seemed like the one, Bill Harrah had it shipped back to Reno. He discovered that the mechanic who serviced the car on the race was still alive in his 90s, and had him come out to help with the authentication. So how did they do it? The mechanic could still remember major repairs he did to the Thomas, where he welded and the welds were still there! From our Section s standpoint, the star of the show had to be the 1936 Mercedes-Benz 540K Sindelfingen Special Roadster. Of the 25 built, only 5 remain. It is considered by many to be the most beautiful car ever designed. The meals at Café Andreotti were gourmet quality and the company superb. I d like to welcome new members Richard Marx, Christa Jellison, and former Cal Star members Alvina & Paul Zakel and Betty & Al Funkhouser. Many thanks to Patty Dudte for arranging this event! --Bill Brandt t h e c a p i t o l S T A R...continued from page 3 ones. Added to this was a set of hand signals from Jenkinson, the navigator, and Moss, the driver. That year, cars began to leave Bressica at one-minute intervals starting at 9 P.M. Moss would not leave until 7.22 A.M. the next day. At the control in L Aguila, they were told that Taruffi (a highly skilled racing car driver and engineer) was only 18 seconds ahead of them. While in Rome the crowds grew larger, so they used an Italian technique of swerving their car from side to side, so the crowds backed away temporarily. During this stage, they assumed the lead. Then (the plot thickens, so to speak!) they came upon some melted asphalt, and almost met their end against a concrete wall. Fortunately this did not happen, and they reached the finish line to claim their victory! Recently, this race has been recreated as a vintage car race, but the days of flat out racing along the Italian countryside for 1,000 miles are over! In my opinion, the Mille Miglia was an epoch-making event, which told a wonderful story. The Mille Miglia created our cars and the Italian automobile industry. The Mille Miglia created the birth of the GT (or grand touring car), which are now sold all over the world. There were great technical lessons to be learned by the petrol and oil companies and by brake, clutch, transmission, electrical and lighting component manufacture, fully justifying the old adage that motor racing improves the breed. Quoted By: Commendatore Enzo Ferrari Photo courtesy of Henry D. Sudtell 4 May 2001 Al Angeloni can be reached at

5 Shriner s Hospital Concours d Elegance June 3, 2001 Entry fee (per car) is still only $25.00 Includes: Admission and continental breakfast for 2 people, program, poster and commerative gift. Names: Car: Model Year Make check to MBCA Sacramento Section and mail to: Deadline: May 25 th to prepare the entry packets. Bob Cottam 4720 Judy Court Sacramento, CA Directions: We will meet at 8:30AM on Y Street, just east of Stockton Blvd. At the hospital entrance. Directions to Lake Solano Park for the Uncorked Rally: From Sacramento or the Bay Area take Interstate I-80 to Vacaville. From Vacaville take Interstate 505 North toward Winters Redding. Exit Interstate 505 at the Downtown Winters Route 128 exit. Turn Left onto Route 128 (West) and follow Route 128 through the outskirts of Winters toward Lake Berryessa for approximately 5 miles. Turn Left onto Pleasant s Valley Road, (Note: also called Road 86) cross over the bridge at Lake Solano. Immediately after the bridge, turn left into the Picnic area, turn right up the rise and continue to the end of the parking area and PAD E. Park anywhere near PAD E. Questions? Tom & Inga Bourdon Uncorked Rally May 19, 2001 Price includes continental breakfast, dinner, and prizes. Dinners include salad, roll, coffee or tea. Entree selections: 10 oz Top Sirloin Steak with baked potato Broasted Chicken with baked potato Shrimp Louie with cup of soup Vegetarian Dinner salad Total $30.00 = Name(s) Evening phone # Mailing Address Mail to: Tom & Inga Bourdon PO Box 811 Benicia CA Entry Deadline: May 16, 2001 May

6 t h e c a p i t o l S T A R Join MBCA Welcome New Members Meta & Van Banghart -Cottonwood, CA Carmen & Nelson Diaz -Folsom, CA Gary Sutherland -Placerville, CA Wolfgang Weiss -Gold River, CA Debbie & Kevin Wong -Roseville,CA Order your MBCA name badge at the club store To join the Mercedes-Benz Club of America, call the MBCA National Business Office at (800) and use your VISA or MasterCard. Membership dues are $45 annually. The dues include six issues of The STAR each year, plus your local section s newsletter (like this one). To pay by mail, make your check payable to MBCA, and mail it along with your name, spouse s name, address and telephone numbers and occupations to: Mercedes-Benz Club of America, Inc. National Business Office 1907 Lelaray Street Colorado Springs, CO Or, ask a member for an application. You can also yoin by visiting MBCA on the Web: Mercedes-Benz Club of America Sacramento Section Officers President... Bill Brandt... (916) Vice President... Phil Dusel... (530) Secretary... John Dupriest... (916) Treasurer... Sandra Reese... (530) Director at Large... Darryl Kielich... (916) Past President... Inga Bourdon... (707) Past President... Iris Matthews Staff Activities Chair... Phil Dusel... (530) Managing Editor... Bill Brandt... (916) Editor... Chris Dudte... (775) Circulation Manager... Julius & Bill Frieske... (916) Historian... Phil Dusel... (530) Sunshine Chair... Ginger Sanigar... (916) Webmaster... Craig Griffith... (916) MBCA Western Region Regional Director... Richard Simonds... (650) Also, check out our local web site: Please Note: the capitol STAR is the official publication of the Sacramento Section of the Mercedes Benz Club of America and is provided solely for the benefit of the members. Opinions and ideas are for information only. No official authentication is implied by the editor/publisher, MBCA, MBNA, MBUSA, MBAG or DBAG. No inference should be made that the products or services advertised or reported herein have the approval of the Editor/Publisher, MBCA, MBNA, MBUSA, MBAG or DBAG. Permission to reproduce material orignal to the capitol STAR is granted provided proper permission and credit is given. 6 May 2001

7 Mercedes Mart This column is for members to buy or sell a personal car. The vehicle must be a Mercedes. Neither the club nor the editor make any representations whatsoever. This is strictly a service. Prospective purchasers are cautioned to investigate the offering thoroughly. We reserve the right to edit copy, including the right to limit ads to 30 words or less. Ads are free to members in good standing, $10 to non-members. Send a copy of your ad, including your name and phone number to: Chris Dudte, 6375 Saginaw Ct., Sun Valley, NV or e- mail: SL Red/blk leather seats, black conv. top, orig. wheels. Garaged at Tahoe, dry driving only. Very good cond. I ve owned the car for 12 years, and the odometer reads 41,000. $22.5 k K.F. Caillat, (775) PO Box 10292, Zephyr Cove, NV SLC K. Silver Blue, Navy leather interior. Nearly all options. One of the finest examples of this rare automobile. $20,000 Firm. Doug Hernandez (707) SLC Blue with beige interior. Excellent condition, has A/C and all original. Garaged in California since new. 151K. $12,000. Carol (916) Mercedes Benz 280E cylinder gas, only 135K, silver, clean, standard accessories (ac, electric windows, power lock, power steering, radio etc.), runs great, excellent condition, smogged, new tires, clean $ Vernon Street, Roseville, CA Corner of Vernon & Judah (916) Monday-Friday 7:30 am-6:00 pm Roseville s Finest German Car & Volvo Service Center D finback Engine completely rebuilt Good daily Driver. No rust or dents. Good interior and tires. Local owner donated 190D to local scout council to be sold with proceeds to be used in their local camp/training center budget. $2,000 OBO Dick Williams (916) TE Wagon. White/Parchment interior. Third Seat. Chrome wheels, 163,000 miles. Excellent Condition. All records available; serviced by Von Housen. $13,000. Donna DeMartini E tan w/tan leather interior. Excellent condition w/133,000 miles. Perfect leather interior, CD, sunroof...great car. $9000 OBO Patti (916) SEL, Only 99,000 miles, spotless inside & outside. All Accessories & fully EPA compliant. Thistle Green with leather, sunroof, gas pre-heater (set time to go on). $16,000. Emil Slatkovski, (775) SD Turbo Diesel Silver gray w/ blue leather interior. AM/FM cassette/sunroof/ AC/PS/electric windows. 2nd owner- father in law original owner. $5800 OBO Brent Brandolino (916) SL Red/Blk leather seats. Always covered and garaged. Soft and hard tops. Exceptional condition. $25K Rob Purdie (530) Real Estate Services Homes * Acreage * Investments Continuously in business full time since 1972 Christian Beck (916) SE Wht/blue, auto, alarm w/remote entry, recent injection pump rebuild, 202K, looks, drives nice. $4,850. Charlie (530) Combining the latest technology with old fashioned hard work and persistence. Visit my web site at then click on testimonials to read what my clients say... John DuPriest Toll Free:800/ The Trace Corporation 2805 Twelve Oaks Drive, Penryn, CA May

8 the capitol STAR 5910 Gloria Dr. Sacramento, CA First Class Mail FIRST CLASS U. S. POSTAGE PAID Sacramento, CA Permit No. 890 Silver Star Recycling Now available: reconditioned engines and rebuilt cylinder heads Important! If you are planning on moving, or your address is not correct on your mailing label, the following information should help. Please send address changes directly to: Engines 4 cyl diesel All MBZ Cylinder heads starting at $ starting at $ Save up to 90% over new with our used parts MBCA 1907 Lelaray St. Colorado Springs, CO Or Call: We cannot make changes locally! 11315A Dismantle Court Rancho Cordova, CA (916) Toll Free May 2001