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2 THE SUMMER CLASSIC SALE In association with the VMCC Banbury Run Collectors Motor Cars, Motorcycles and Memorabilia Saturday 20 June, Bonhams Oxford ENQUIRIES +44 (0) Bonhams Summer Classic Sale once again teams up with the VMCC Banbury Run to off er a super collection of Motor Cars and Motorcycles TALBOT AV105 ALPINE REPLICA 120, ,000 Entries now invited

3 2015 EVENTS CALENDAR 11 April Scottish Trial Biggar, Lanarkshire 18 April Silverstone Spring Start Race Meeting Silverstone, Northamptonshire 25 April Spring Rally Churt, Surrey 3 May Curborough Speed Trials Nr Lichfield, Staffordshire 10 May Wiscombe Park Hill Climb Nr Honiton, Devon 24 May Boulogne Bicycle Ride Boulonge, France 6 June Harewood Hill Climb Nr Harrogate, N Yorkshire 6 June Scottish Tour Selkirk, Scottish Borders 7 June Cadwell Park Race Meeting Nr Louth, Lincolnshire 13/14 June Brooklands Speed Trials Brooklands, Surrey Brooklands Double Twelve Motorsport Festival 20/21 June LC&ES Weekend Summer Rally & Tour Abney, Derbyshire 5 July Shelsley Walsh Hill Climb Nr Worcester, Worcestershire 18 July Oulton Park Race Meeting Nr Tarporley, Cheshire 19 July Oulton Park VSCC Club Day Nr Tarporley, Cheshire 25 July Norfolk Tour Attleborough, Norfolk 31 July Prescott Long Course Hill Climb Nr Gotherington, Gloucestershire 1/2 August Prescott Speed Hill Climb Nr Gotherington, Gloucestershire 15 August Summer Rally Nr Carnforth, Lancashire 22 August Mallory Park Race Meeting Nr Hinckley, Leicestershire 23 August Madresfield Driving Tests and Concours Nr Malvern, Worcestershire 30 August Oxford Concours and Lunch Mansfield College, Oxford 31 August Bicester Vista Fly-in Bicester Heritage, Oxfordshire 12/13 September Loton Park Hill Climb Alberbury, Shropshire September LC&ES European Tour Northern France 27 September Snetterton Race Meeting Nr Thetford, Norfolk 3 October Castle Combe Autumn Classic Nr Chippenham, Wiltshire 10/11 October Welsh Weekend Trial and Rally Presteigne, Powys 17 October Scottish AutoSolo Nr Haddington, East Lothian 24 October Autumn Sprint Goodwood, West Sussex 7 November Lakeland Trial Lorton, Cumbria 21 November Cotswold Trial Prescott, Gloucestershire 5 December Winter Driving Tests Bicester, Oxfordshire Front Cover Photo: Sir Ralph Millais and Patrick Lindsay at Silverstone in April 1968 Photo: Stuart Bennett 3

4 PRESIDENT S MESSAGE Welcome to the first digital edition of the Newsletter, unless you are one of the Members who does not have an address registered with the Club, or one of the small number who have requested to continue with a paper copy. March has been a very busy month, with us being in the middle of the first part of the Trialling season, and I had something on every weekend. The John Harris Trial was run in the most glorious spring sunshine and the requirement to visit groups of sections in rotation worked very well with virtually no queues anywhere. I am looking forward to the Herefordshire Trial and the LC&ES Welsh Weekend, with the AGM in between those two. April, of course sees the start of the Racing season and now is the time to get your entries in for Spring Start at Silverstone, if you have not already done so. Members will not have failed to recognise the loss the Club made in 2014, which was due largely to lower entries in many of our competitive events allied with a high cost for the 80th Anniversary celebrations. The printing schedules for the Newsletter are such that I am writing this over a week before the AGM, but I am fairly sure that the question of what are the Club, i.e. the Committee and Staff, doing about correcting this will have been made. For the benefit of those who were not at the AGM I would like to give a high level view of the actions that are being taken. In very simplistic terms the Club has two major sources of income; membership subscriptions and competition entry fees, to which may be added advertising revenue and sponsorship. The entry fees need to cover the direct costs of running our events and the salaries of the Competition Department Staff, less a small subsidy from the other income. The remaining costs of running the Club are covered by the subscriptions and other income. The Committee recognises that competition lies at the heart of the Club, so every effort has been made to protect the competitions calendar. Accordingly, there will be five Race Meetings, some at different, but nevertheless familiar circuits. The finances of running a Race Meeting are largely fixed, regardless of the level of entrants and much of the costs have to be committed early in the year to secure the dates at the circuits. These costs are almost exclusively covered by entry fees, as there is very limited income from tickets, other than advanced ticket sales at some circuits, where the Club receive some revenue. Photo: Donald Stringer In order to balance the books a small Finance Working Group have worked with the Staff to look at each race at each meeting, taken account of the level of entries over the last three years and made predictions of the likely grid sizes, based on a particular level of entry fees. The view that has been taken in the main is to limit increases in entry fees for most races and in a few cases to hold them or even see a slight reduction. From this the viability of each individual race has been predicted. Where history suggests that there are likely to be insufficient entries for a race, and increasing entry fees has not been deemed to be an option, races have been amalgamated. This has resulted in track time potentially being available to sell to other clubs, thereby helping to balance the books, or to give us the opportunity to try something different to try and attract more entrants. At the same time all elements of cost for running these meetings have been looked at to identify any possible areas where savings can be made. A similar approach has been taken with Sprints and Hill Climbs and work is ongoing to do the same for all other events. The principle that is adopted is that each event needs to make a positive contribution to the fixed cost of running the Competition Department; if not the entry levels, costs and ultimately entry fees have to be revisited. Of course this will only work if the predictions of the number of entrants is realistic and the Staff in the Competition Department monitor entries on a daily basis for every event for about two months out. The Committee have also taken some actions to reduce costs, the most significant of which are not replacing Gemma whilst she is away on maternity leave, which has been achieved by amalgamating and re-assigning responsibilities in the office 4

5 and the move to a digital Newsletter. In addition the Committee have agreed to a change in the extremely generous refund policy, which previously meant that anyone who didn t turn up at a meeting for which they had entered would only be charged a nominal fee. This has been changed so that now Competitors who have not notified the Club prior to publication of the Competitors Instructions and do not sign on will be charged 50% of the entry fee, which still ensures that the Club has a more generous refund policy than most other clubs. Whilst some of these actions may not be popular with the Membership, they are necessary to ensure that we get the Club s finances back on an even keel by I hope that Members will not only support these essential changes, but more importantly support our competitions activities, which will do more than anything else to help correct the situation. Tim Kneller FROM THE SECRETARY S DESK Dear Club Members By the time you read this message we will have had the AGM weekend and as a result I am sure there will be a number of important issues which were raised that we will be addressing in the months ahead. It is therefore perhaps timely for me to reiterate the commitment of myself and the Staff at The Old Post Office to support the needs of the Members and to ensure that we do all that we can to preserve the long-term interests of the Club. Clearly, with a membership of some 7000 we will not always be able to please all the people all the time, but please be assured that the actions taken are always with the best of intentions. The Report and Accounts highlighted the significant challenges in 2014, the very disappointing financial results and ultimately the need for change. These changes have already started and I know that not all have been very popular, but I hope that you do understand that they were very difficult decisions for the Committee. The move to a digital Newsletter was always going to be the most contentious, but it offered the greatest level of savings and so, in the current circumstances, was a necessary evil. However, we do intend to make the most that an interactive Newsletter has to offer and develop the content in the coming year. Yes, it would have been better if more notice could have been given and it no doubt would have been better received if there had been an opportunity to consult Members first, but any delays in introducing the change would have come at a significant cost. Therefore, please do not assume that the Committee or Staff adopted a cavalier attitude without due regard to the Members as that could not be further from the truth. We are keen to move away from any further cuts and to focus our attentions on increasing revenue streams where there is a reasonable opportunity to do so and we also want to enhance the offers available to Members. This is not something that we can achieve overnight, but it will be a key priority for the year ahead. Since the last Newsletter we have enjoyed a number of further events including the Exmoor Fringe Trial, which I was fortunate enough to take an active part in, the Pomeroy Trophy, the John Harris Trial which was blessed with some fantastic weather, the Derbyshire Tour and also the Herefordshire Trial. It is thus an opportune moment for me to thank on behalf of the membership the Organisers of these events who devote countless hours making the necessary arrangements which ensure that the events runs so well and are enjoyed by the Competitors start to finish. They are the lifeblood of the Club and we would not be able to offer such a wide variety of events throughout the year without the selfless commitment of the Organisers to whom I tip my hat in admiration. We are delighted to welcome Hagerty as a new Principal Associate and whilst the decision not to continue with Routen Chaplin was a difficult one we are confident that the new arrangement with Hagerty will offer the very best for the Club and Members alike. I have been on my travels again to meet the Members and I was delighted at the end of February to join Paul Tebbett and co at The Oak Inn at Defford, followed by a much longer journey at the start of March to join Dave Moroney and local Members at the Bhutpore Inn, Nantwich. I thoroughly enjoyed both evenings and the opportunity to meet more of the membership and discuss a wide variety of topics over a nice cold beer. Next stop Doncaster in April! All the very best. Dave Salmon Club Secretary 5

6 HAGERTY TO BECOME A PRINCIPAL ASSOCIATE OF THE VINTAGE SPORTS-CAR CLUB Hagerty International, the classic car insurance specialist, has signed a deal to become a principal associate of the Vintage Sports-Car Club (VSCC), one of the largest and best regarded motoring clubs in the world. The deal will see Hagerty become the Club s official insurance partner, working together to encourage the active use of Vintage and Historic classic cars in the UK. It will also allow Members of the Club access to advice from the industry specialists, as well as discounted rates on Hagerty s range of insurance services. The VSCC has provided an arena for people to enjoy Pre-war cars both competitively and socially since The Club continues to organise some 40 events per year across the UK, including Race Meetings, Hill Climbs, Sprints, Road Rallies, Trials and Driving Tests. Angus Forsyth, Managing Director of Hagerty International and longstanding Member of the VSCC, said: I am delighted that the VSCC has chosen us as a partner. The Club has a fantastic heritage and we have a shared passion and vision for the continued use and preservation of classic cars. I hope that we can provide a high quality service for Members of the Club and contribute to its already legendary reputation. As a member of the VSCC, I know just how much work the Club does to promote the classic car industry around the world, having been honoured enough to take part in its celebrated Winter Trials in my very own 1930 Austin Ulster. This is the type of event we are passionate about supporting, which we hope to do in our capacity as a principal associate. 6

7 On behalf of a serious collector we are looking for a Vintage Bentley with Le Mans or Brooklands race history. We also have a client looking for an original bodied 4½ Litre Vintage Bentley and a matching numbers Speed Six (0) A P A S S I O N R E A L I S E D 7

8 8 Insurance Matters The agreement for Routen Chaplin to be the Principal Insurance Associate for the VSCC expires and sadly the VSCC have decided not to renew this agreement. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the volunteers, the staff at TOPO and directors (past and present) of the VSCC for the opportunity to work with them and for their help and support over the last few years. The VSCC is a great and diverse organisation and of all the clubs I come into contact with, it is one of the most enthusiastically supported and vibrant clubs in the country. To the clients who have placed business with Routen Chaplin we thank you for doing so and hope you will continue to do so for many years to come. Nothing changes in this respect. Routen Chaplin will continue the VSCC scheme for members and welcomes new enquiries and clients in the future. The rates, terms and cover remain unchanged and we will continue to provide the high level of individual customer service and the bespoke underwriting approach which we know our customers value. It is business as usual except that we will no longer have the Principal Associate title. Routen Chaplin is not a large organisation, not a call centre environment and not a faceless corporate body and we had hoped that our service led proposition and our approach of steady progress over time rather than a boom or bust business model would provide stability for all. Classic and Vintage car insurance premiums are relatively modest and as such there is rarely the ability to save large amounts of money. However, as a smaller organisation we have a willingness to tackle awkward risks and like to treat clients as individuals and this approach has proved popular. In an age when all too often you hear the phrase, the computer says no, we find that our bespoke underwriting is just what some VSCC members need. The ability to include modern cars, classic bikes, trailers, motor homes, kit cars etc under one policy has been a great hit and eased the life of many. The ability to insure young drivers 18+ for vintage cars remains unchanged also. We had hoped to support the VSCC as an organisation in the long term, however as this is not to be we will now concentrate our efforts for the benefit of individual members and will be launching a VSCC home policy with unique features shortly. Our articles in the Newsletter Insurance Matters have been well received and we hope to continue these on our website, for those who wish to continue reading them. We are contacting all our existing clients individually just to confirm that their insurances remain in force and will continue to do so both now and in the future. Some may even have received notices before this Newsletter comes to print, but, if anyone does have any queries or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us. We wish the Club and its members every success in the future and so with great regret, I and all the staff at Routen Chaplin must say farewell and happy motoring! Kim Eaton Routen Chaplin Insurance

9 COMMITTEE NOTES February 2015 The minutes of the last meeting were amended to include the word Scottish before the word Government at Item 8b. (As précised in the last paragraph of Committee Notes in March Newsletter). It was confirmed that a list of tyres for Morgans would soon be available and that the Club was in the process of registering Premier Cru Racing as an official trademark. The latest position on the registration of Pre-war vehicles discussions between the BOC and DVLA was outlined and it was agreed that as an outcome was expected in the coming weeks no further action would be taken at this stage. Work was continuing with the online Buff Form software and it was expected to be completed within budget. All Directors completed Declaration of Interest Forms to register any external interests which may conflict with their duties as a Director of the Club. The Committee expressed concern at the electioneering activities of one candidate who had misused addresses to contact Members directly with additional information on their candidacy. It was agreed that the President should contact all Members to provide further information on the other candidates. The 2014 Accounts were formally signed-off by the Committee and the Directors were reminded of their fiscal responsibilities. The 2015 Budget was approved and whilst there was a small loss forecast, every effort would be made to reduce this and to balance the books the following year. The Principal Associate agreement with Routen Chaplin would soon end and proposals had been received from both Hagerty and Routen Chaplin. It was decided on balance to form a new association with Hagerty as the terms and benefits to Members were better. An update on the Hill Climb and Speed series was given with the proposed points system, inducements and prizes all discussed and it was decided that this work should continue. It was reported that there were no organisers available for the Welsh Rally or the Autumn Rally this year and that there was a general shortage of organisers for Rallies and Tours which needed to be addressed. It was agreed that to help increase competitor numbers for the Measham Rally we should invite entries from other Pre-war motor clubs. It was also noted that currently there was no overall trophy winner for Driving Tests and that more should be done to promote these events and it was agreed that a Sub-Committee should be formed. An enquiry on Lifetime Membership opportunities had been received and the pros and cons of such arrangements were discussed and it was decided that it was not a facility the Club should offer at this stage. The enrolment of 36 new Members was confirmed. It was reported that the Librarian had recently given a talk to the Society of Automobile Historians on the VSCC Library. The Editor confirmed that the Spring Edition of The Bulletin was complete and with the printers. The question of increasing the advertisements in The Bulletin was raised and discussed and it was agreed that the viability of a separate advertising supplement should be investigated. Consideration was given to a proposal to change the extra tickets provided to Competitors at Friday Prescott but this was rejected. An update on the arrangements for Premier Cru Racing was given and it was confirmed that a press release was imminent. The costs and arrangements for hospitality at Race Meetings was touched upon and it was agreed that this would be the subject of more substantive discussions at the April Committee meeting. It was stated that there would be flag refresher training taking place at the Pom. Finally, it was confirmed that current Duty Director arrangements at our meetings had met with MSA approval, but all were reminded of the need to sign on and to make contact with key Officials at the start of the event. 9

10 Helping Hand Saving now for a grandchild or child can provide help in the future when they need it most. Proud parents of a newborn or toddler are unlikely to have the matter of the accumulative cost of the upbringing of a child into early adulthood at the forefront of their mind. The estimated cost of bringing up a child to the age is 21 of 229,251 1! Instead, they are likely to focus on more immediate expenses with usually precious little spare time or income to consider anything beyond the near term. With young adults finding it increasingly difficult to save for their futures it s no surprise that nearly four in five young adults aged 18 to 30 received financial assistance from their parents and grandparents a total of 35.2 billion s worth in So what can be done to help? A good place to start is the range of tax exemptions that could be used each tax year. One tax-efficient way to save for a child s future particularly for older relatives is to make gifts to reduce Inheritance Tax liability. Advantage can also be taken of the normal expenditure from income exemption, which offers flexibility and, with no limit, is potentially the most generous exemption. An investment in a tax-efficient Junior ISA is an ideal way to give children or grandchildren a head start and build up capital for their future. Alternatively, there is the option of contributing early on towards a pension. Children can have a pension fund as soon as they are born and setting one up can bring significant tax advantages. The gift could be boosted by 20% through the tax relief available on contributions. Of course, money isn t everything, but when a child reaches adulthood it can make the difference between whether or not they can afford to seize their opportunities and follow their dreams. It s one way to give them the best start in life and help them to get established. And the sooner one starts the better. The favourable tax treatment given to a Junior ISA may not be maintained in the future as it is subject to changes in legislation. The value of an investment with St. James's Place will be directly linked to the performance of the funds you select and the value can therefore go down as well as up. You may get back less than you invested. The levels and bases of taxation and reliefs from taxation can change at any time. The value of any tax relief is generally dependent on individual circumstances. 1 Centre for Economics and Business Research, February Lloyds Bank Family Savings report, January

11 A Portrait of the Vintage Sports-Car Club, Written by Tom Pellow In 1934 a handful of motoring enthusiasts met to establish a club for owners of light cars of not more than 50 value and that were at least three years of age, hoping to hold Trials and other events suitable for such unassuming machinery. VSCC april 2015 Vintage Sports-Car Club Thomas Pellow Eighty years later the resultant Club has grown to over 7,000 Members, its calendar of events including Race Meetings, Sprints, Hill Climbs, Trials, Navigation Rallies, Autotests and Tours, with their owners competing in such varied vehicles as Austin Sevens and ERAs together with a wide range of sporting cars built from 1905 onwards and particularly those of the 1920s and 1930s. A Portrait of the Vintage Sports-Car Club, , tells how a small body of determined and energetic individuals, united by their love of fine vehicles and motor sport, built up the Club to make it the unique and buoyant organisation that it is today. 270 page hardback with 60 photographs and 20 cartoons The book is available to buy on the Club website priced at (plus UK postage and packing 5.00) Alternatively, please complete the form below and return to Gill Batkin at the Club Office For payment by credit card / debit card please complete the boxes below: A PorTrAiT of the Expiry Date: Last three digits of security code / Printed Name: Membership No: Signature:. Your book will be sent to you directly from the printers 11

12 RESULTS exmoor fringe trial 14 February No Name Car CC Year Total Award Class 1a 1a - Short Wheelbase Standard Cars 103 David RUSHTON MG M TYPE st Class 106 Peter ELLISON RILEY SPRITE nd Class 104 Graham CARR AUSTIN rd Class Class 1b 1b - Short Wheelbase Modified and Special 141 Donald SKELTON AUSTIN 7 SPORTS Uglow Cup 112 David GOLIGHTLY FORD MODEL T st Class 114 Matt JOHNSTON AUSTIN st Class 154 Mrs Emma WALL AUSTIN 7 SPECIAL st Class 115 Mrs Jane TOMLINSON GODFREY AND PROCTOR SPORTS nd Class 148 Simon PRICE FORD MODEL A SPECIAL nd Class 125 Kraig MYCOCK RILEY MK IV nd Class 132 Richard HOULGATE AUSTIN nd Class 164 Dr Jonathan ROSE GN SPORTS nd Class 116 Brian GRAY AUSTIN/JAP SPECIAL rd Class 160 Andrew FOX AUSTIN 7 SPECIAL rd Class 161 David UGLOW HRG 1.5 LITRE OPEN 2 STR rd Class 121 Nigel GLOVER AUSTIN 7 SPECIAL rd Class 124 Stephen FATHERS AUSTIN ABBOT SPECIAL rd Class 155 John GREEN AUSTIN 2 STR SPORTS rd Class 151 Ian WEBB AUSTIN ULSTER REPLICA rd Class 159 Keith JONES RILEY 12/4 SPECIAL rd Class 126 Philip LONGHURST RILEY 9 SPECIAL rd Class 133 Jonathan MELLOR AUSTIN rd Class Class 2a 2a - Long Wheelbase Standard Cars 206 Dennis BINGHAM FORD MODEL A st Class 200 Robert FRANKCOM DODGE 129 FAST FOUR nd Class 204 Roy NEWTON FORD MODEL A nd Class Class 2b 2b - Long Wheelbase Modified and Special 216 John FACK FORD MODEL A James Diffey Trophy 234 Jonathan MILLER CHRYSLER 66 SPORTS nd Class 233 Jeremy FLANN FORD MODEL A nd Class 231 Steve WHITE RILEY FORD SPECIAL nd Class 220 Roger CLITHEROE LEA-FRANCIS 12/40 4 STR rd Class 211 Paul JEAVONS VAUXHALL TOURER rd Class 235 Miss Joanne WHITE RILEY 12/4 SPECIAL rd Class 232 Timothy DUTTON FORD MODEL A rd Class 12


14 annual trial trophy 21 February Scores after the first event of the season, the Exmoor Fringe Trial TRIALS TROPHIES 2015 The Hagerty Trophy The Frost Trophy 1 Donald Skelton John Fack David Golightly Jonathan Miller Matthew Johnston Jeremy Flann Emma Wall Steve White Jane Tomlinson Roger Clitheroe Simon Price Paul Jeavons Jo Blakeney-Edwards Joanne White 219 8= Kraig Mycock Tim Dutton 218 8= Richard Houlgate Richard White Jonathan Rose = David Saxl Brian Gray = Dennis Bingham Andrew Fox Ben Collings David Uglow John Chilman = Nigel Glover Michael Power = Stephen Fathers Peter Garland 203 STANDARD CLASSES 2015 Class 1a Class 2a 1 David Rushton Dennis Bingham Peter Ellison Robert Frankcom Graham Carr Roy Newton Russell Hennessy Wavell Urry Mark Smith John Dobson Charles Gillett Michael O Shea 101 Scores given are the sum of actual scores achieved on sections, with the exception of a bonus of 25 points for taking part in the Scottish Trial. The Hagerty and Frost Trials Trophies are given for a maximum of six events out of the season s seven Trials. HILLCLIMB TROPHY 2014 FINAL STANDINGS POS Name Points 1 Robert Cobden Julian Grimwade Charlie Martin Dudley Sterry Gary Clare Greg Lerigo Jo Blakeney-Edwards Terry Crabb James Baxter Pete Candy David Pryke Tony Lees Geoff Smith Duncan Fish James Crabb

15 AGGREGATE TROPHY POINTS 2015 Last event included: John Harris Trial 7 March Lycett Memorial Trophy Dennis Bingham 160 Jonathan Miller 139 David Golightly 126 Don Skelton 126 Northern Lycett Trophy Jonathan Miller 139 David Golightly 126 Don Skelton 126 Jon Mellor 85 Lycett Trophy Dennis Bingham 160 David Golightly 126 Don Skelton 126 Jonathan Miller Trophy Don Skelton 126 Matt Johnston 112 Ed Burgess 100 Jon Mellor 85 Thoroughbred Trophy Mark Garfitt David Rushton 120 Neil Thorp 120 Gareth Frank 100 Alvis Trophy Harry Fraser 80 Kevin Richmond 60 Matthew Bell 50 Chris Leach 50 Jack Barclay Trophy Ray Edge 60 Jack Burn Trophy Ben Collings 17 Coventry Trophy Phil Longhurst 84 Joanne White 84 William Twelvetrees 80 Keiller Trophy Ed Burgess 100 Roger Thorpe 17 Delaney Brooklands Trophy Gareth Frank 100 Graham White 51 Roger Clitheroe 34 James Collins 34 Navigators Trophy Chris Pearson 60 David Kirkham 60 Dood Pearce 59.5 Howard Atkins 56 Rally Drivers Trophy Gareth Frank 100 Mark Garfitt 59.5 John Fort 56 John Rowley Awards Angus Frost 80 Andrew Baker 17 Emily Reynolds 17 Lucy Reynolds 17 Intermarque Trophy Austin 23 Ford 21 Riley 10 Frazer Nash/GN 7 Alvis 7 MG 6 Bugatti 3 Chrysler 3 Leaf Francis 3 Sunbeam 3 DO NOT MISS: Announcement from Hagerty Classic Car Insurance Page 6 'A Portrait of the Vintage Sports-Car Club ' Order Form Page 11 Advance Ticket Order Form Page 55 15

16 FORTHCOMING EVENTS Updated events are in italics SCOTTISH TRIAL BIGGAR, LANARKSHIRE ML12 6PZ As one of only two VSCC competitive events to take place north of the border this year, the Scottish Trial is an important one for the staff at the Club office not to mention our Triallists and Marshals! The annual visit to the McCosh estate in Lanarkshire, 30 miles south of Edinburgh, is definitely a highlight of the calendar, set amid stunning scenery which is well worth the journey alone. Clerk of the Course, Jock Mackinnon and his team, are Competitors themselves and know what elements combine to make challenging but fun Trials Sections. So expect a great day out with April s unpredictable, seasonal conditions no doubt adding an extra element to proceedings, while the extra 25 points on offer for those competing for the Club s Annual Trials Championships are undeniably an added incentive to sign up! SATURDAY 11 APRIL COMPETITORS/PARTICIPANT INFORMATION: Entry Fee Closing date for entries: Contact the office for late entry availability SPECTATOR INFORMATION: Please send an SAE to the Club office marked Scottish Trial Spectator Info MARSHALS: Please contact Martin Jelley, Flat 1, Russell Court, 166 Preston New Road, Southport, Lancashire PR9 8NY, tel or , DIRECTIONS: Biggar is situated on the A702, some 30 miles south of Edinburgh ACCOMMODATION: Biggar Tourist Information, 155 High Street, Biggar, ML12 6DL, tel Spectator info: No Dogs Parking Competitor info: Edwardian Vintage Post-Vintage No MSA Licence Fire Extinguisher Spill Kit Trailers SPRING START RACE MEETING SILVERSTONE CIRCUIT, NORTHAMPTONSHIRE NN12 8TN The Vintage Sports-Car Club s celebrated Spring Start will again herald the opening of the Vintage, Pre-war and Historic motor racing season for the majority, returning to a one-day format for The day will include our traditional VSCC sets in the form of our illustrious GP Itala Trophy Races, catering for our core Competitors of Vintage, PVT and Historic Racing and Sports-Cars. The provisional programme includes (subject to change): The GP Itala and Lanchester Trophies Race for Vintage Racing Cars (VSCC Set 1) The Patrick Lindsay and Amschel Rothschild Trophies Race for Pre-1961 Racing Cars (VSCC Set 2) SATURDAY 18 APRIL The Fox and Nicholl Trophy Race for Special Prewar Sports-Cars (VSCC Set 3) The Silverstone Trophy Race for Special Pre-war Sports-Cars (VSCC Set 4) Allcomers Pre-war Short Scratch Race (VSCC Set 5) Allcomers Pre-war Short Handicap Race x 2 (VSCC Set 6) Premier Cru Racing for for Standard and Modified Pre-war Racing Cars High Speed Trial for Pre-war Sports-Cars Race for 1950s Sports Racing Cars The George Abecassis Trophy Race (by invitation only) 16

17 SPECTATOR INFORMATION: Tickets can be purchased via the VSCC 24 hour ticket hotline, or on the Club website. in Advance On the Day Members: Under 16s are free COMPETITORS/PARTICIPANTS INFORMATION ENTRY FEE: varies depending on race entered please see Supplementary Regulations Closing date for entries: Contact the office for late entry availability MARSHALS: Please volunteer to the Competition Department DIRECTIONS: Follow signs off the A43 south of Towcester ACCOMMODATION: Northampton Tourist Information, Northampton Museum & Art Gallery, Guildhall Road, Northampton, Northamptonshire, NN1 1DP, tel / Facilities info: Refreshments Bar Toilets Showers Regalia Spectator info: Parking No Dogs Autojumble Grandstands Favourite Competitor info: Edwardian Vintage Post-vintage Historic Fire Extinguisher MSA B Race Licence SPRING RALLY ROTHERWOOD, CHURT, SURREY GU10 2JZ This year s Spring Rally will take place in the Hampshire-Sussex-Surrey triangle; a relatively new area for VSCC Rallies. The event will be based from Tanya and Robert Lewis s home in Churt, Surrey who have kindly offered to host the event. Dick and Kimberley Patten along with James Campbell have enrolled the help of local Inter Register members to organise and marshal the event. This daytime Navigational Rally will be approximately 95 miles in length and will incorporate a half time lunch break. Route instructions will be such that crew of all abilities should enjoy the day, with different plotting SATURDAY 25 APRIL times depending on experience and different average speeds depending on your car s performance. There will be a Champagne Class for those who prefer a less competitive day and for which any Pre-war car may be entered. Start / Finish venue Rotherwood, Churt, Surrey GU10 2JZ COMPETITOR/PARTICIPANT INFORMATION: Entry Fee: 55 Opening date for entries: NOW Closing date for entries: Monday 13 April MARSHALS: Volunteers to marshal please contact the Competition Department or Dick and Kimberley Patten on Spectator info: Refreshments Toilets Competitor info: Edwardian Vintage Post-vintage Historic No MSA Licence Trailers CURBOROUGH SPEED TRIALS AND CLUB PICNIC NEAR LICHFIELD, STAFFORDSHIRE WS13 8EX 2015 sees the Club celebrate its 51st Anniversary year of the VSCC hosting a Speed event at Curborough Circuit, providing a wonderful location for the start of the 2015 Sprint season. This Sprint is also a social occasion, with many spectators bringing picnics to eat whilst observing the on-track action. The circuit is 900 yards long and provides plenty of challenges for the drivers with its twists SUNDAY 3 MAY and turns. Access to this event is easy, as the venue is just a couple of miles off the A38, with spectator viewing being excellent. SPECTATOR INFORMATION: In Advance On the Day Members Tickets can be purchased on the VSCC 24 hour ticket hotline, or go to 17

18 COMPETITORS/PARTICIPANT INFORMATION: Entry Fee: Opening date for entries: NOW Closing date for entries: Monday 20 April MARSHALS: Please volunteer to Julian Ghosh Tel: or Competition Department DIRECTIONS: OS ref 128/ /2 miles north east of Lichfield. Approach from Lichfield on an unclassified road, signposted Fradley from the A38. ACCOMMODATION: Lichfield Tourist Information, Donegal house, Bore Street, Lichfield, Staffordshire, WS13 6NE, tel or Facilities info: Refreshments Picnic area Toilets Spectator info: Open to Public No Dogs Parking Competitor info: Edwardian Vintage Post-vintage Trailers MSA Non-race National B Fire Extinguisher Gloves WISCOMBE PARK HILL CLIMB NEAR HONITON, DEVON EX24 6JE Join us in the beautiful Devonshire countryside for the 2015 VSCC Hill Climb season curtain-raiser at Wiscombe Park. The Club s familiar class structure is always filled with superb examples of Sports and Racing cars of the Pre-war era with members making the annual trip for this most popular event. Our dedicated band of Marshals will be on-hand, as usual, to oversee proceedings with their usual good cheer and efficiency. The venue s excellent viewing locations alongside the track make it an ideal day out for Spectators too. As in previous years, our friends at the 500 Owners Association will be holding their own meeting on the day preceding and invite VSCC members to enter their Pre-war classes so why not make a weekend of your visit to the South-West? COMPETITORS/PARTICIPANT INFORMATION: Entry Fee: SUNDAY 10 MAY Opening date for entries: NOW Closing date for entries: Monday 27 April MARSHALS: Please volunteer to VSCC Competition Department SPECTATOR INFORMATION: Tickets can be purchased on the VSCC 24 hour ticket hotline , or go to In Advance On the Day Members Under 16s are free DIRECTIONS: Within an hour of the M5; 6 miles south of Honiton. Venue signed with Club signs from A375 down unclassified roads. ACCOMMODATION: Honiton Tourist Information, Lace Walk Car Park, Honiton, Devon, EX14 1LT, tel or Facilities info: Refreshments Picnic area Toilets Bar Spectator info: Open to Public No Dogs Parking Competitor info: Edwardian Vintage Post-vintage Historic Trailers MSA Non-race National B Fire Extinguisher Gloves 18

19 BOULOGNE BICYCLE RIDE BOULOGNE, FRANCE This will be the 39th Anniversary of the Boulogne Bicycle Rally and it still remains a great day out for any Vintage bicyclist. We follow a leisurely route of approximately 25 miles, which traditionally followed the course of the old Boulogne Grand Prix circuit. Since the inaugural ride, time and the French road system have progressed, so the route has been adjusted to be more scenic and safe, avoiding the new dual carriageways, and taking in more refreshment stops along the way. The spirit of the ride remains with the emphasis on FUN for everyone taking part, whether on an old bicycle or in a vintage car. Part of the joy of this HAREWOOD HILL CLIMB Nr HARROGATE, NORTH YORKSHIRE LS17 9LA The BARC have kindly adopted our full class structure so there s an opportunity for all our members to take part. This fantastic hill provides a great day s entertainment for competitors and spectators alike the whole hill climb is visible from the Paddock. This event also counts towards the annual aggregate points. SPECTATOR INFORMATION: Contact BARC SUNDAY 24 MAY event is that it is not organised, never has been and never should be; it is what you make it. Many Boulognists now make a weekend of it, staying on to enjoy some of what the region has to offer. There is always a good atmosphere about the old town and most hotels, bars and restaurants are taken over by cyclists on the Saturday and Sunday evenings. Please do try to bring an interesting machine as it adds to the eccentricity of the occasion. For further information on the event, please contact VSCC Member James Gunn ( SATURDAY 6 JUNE COMPETITORS/PARTICIPANT INFORMATION: Entry Fee: Contact BARC as above MARSHALS: Contact BARC as above DIRECTIONS: Driving up the M1, stay on the motorway until after the M62 junction (do not take the road into Leeds). This link road runs straight into the A1, and about 4 miles after joining the A1, take the A659 westwards towards Otley. ACCOMMODATION: tel , or visit Facilities info: Refreshments Bar Toilets Camping Showers Spectator info: Open to public No Dogs Parking Competitor info: Edwardian Vintage Post-vintage Historic Fire Extinguisher Trailers MSA Non-Race National B Licence Gloves SCOTTISH TOUR SELKIRK A tour of the beautiful Eskdalemuir Forest, Hermitage Castle, the Reiver Valleys and the Cheviot Hills in the Scottish Borders. As last year, the tour will be based on the Philipburn Country Hotel, TD7 5LS, outside Selkirk, covering around one hundred miles in a figure of eight route with the start and finish at the hotel. The lunch break will be at the Horse & Hounds, Bonchester Bridge, where we meet on 2nd January each year to celebrate New Year. The morning route will be to the north-west out of Selkirk, up the Ettrick Valley SATURDAY 6 JUNE to the reputed wettest village in Scotland and home of the first Tibetan Monastery in the UK, then past Hermitage Castle, ancient home of the Elliot Clan, and through the Reiver Valleys to Bonchester Bridge for lunch. The afternoon route will head towards Carter Bar and then along the northern side of the Cheviot Hills, through Morebattle and then back to St Boswells and Selkirk. The run will be totally non-competitive and easy to follow navigational instructions will be given in a comprehensive Route Book. The entry fee of will include tea and coffee at the start 19

20 and finish, provided by the hotel, with lunch at the Horse & Hounds at per person, payable in advance with the Entry Fee. There will be a Tour Dinner in the evening at the Philipburn Country Hotel, at per person for three courses, payable on the night. On the following day, the Borders Vintage Car Association hold their annual Motoring Extravaganza at Thirlestane Castle and all on the Tour are welcome to this event. The Tour is open to all cars made before 1st January 1941 and the route will include some of the best vintage driving in the country with open roads, spectacular views of Liddesdale, the Cheviot and Eildon Hills, and with little but courteous traffic. The Tour provides the opportunity to learn more about the Border Reivers where the English regularly plundered the Scots in Tudor times and earlier for CADWELL PARK RACE MEETING CADWELL PARK CIRCUIT, LOUTH, LINCOLNSHIRE LN11 9SE Lincolnshire s very own Nurburgring will again play host to the Club s celebrated Shuttleworth and Nuffield Trophies Race Meeting, boasting the full eclectic mix of Pre-war and Post-war racing machinery. The stakes are high, the circuit is undulating and the racing is sure to be breathtaking. The provisional programme includes (subject to change): Race incorporating the John Holland Trophy for Vintage Racing Cars (VSCC Set 1) & Shuttleworth, Nuffield and Len Thompson Memorial Trophies for Pre-1961 Racing Cars (VSCC Set 2) The Geoghegan Trophy Race for Standard and Modified Pre-war Sports-Cars (VSCC Set 3) The Melville Trophy Race for Special Pre-war Sports-Cars (VSCC Set 4) Allcomers Pre-war Short Scratch Race (VSCC Set 5) Allcomers Pre-war Short Handicap Race x 2 (VSCC Set 6) The Spero and Voiturette Trophy Race for Small Capacity Pre-war Cars up to 1100cc their sheep and cattle, and probably their women, only for them to be re-paid by the Reiver Clans or Graynes, including the Elliots, Armstrongs, Scotts, Humes and Moffats, with interest. Entrants choosing to use the event as the basis of a weekend in the Scottish Borders can stay at the Philipburn County Hotel a Best Western hotel at a special B&B rate on either Friday, Saturday or both nights. Details of all the hotels and B&B accommodation in the Scottish Borders can be seen on For entrants coming from England, access to Selkirk is easy up the A7 from the top of the M6 or along the A69 and then the A68 through Carter Bar from the A1 at Newcastle. For further details please contact Alisdaire Lockhart on or SUNDAY 7 JUNE Race for Frazer Nash & GN Cars Handicap Race for Riley Pre-war Racing and Sports-Cars Morgan Three-Wheeler Challenge (ACU) SPECTATOR INFORMATION: in Advance On the Day Members COMPETITORS/PARTICIPANT INFORMATION: Entry Fee: varies depending on race entered please see Supplementary Regulations Opening date for entries: NOW Closing date for entries: Thursday 21 May MARSHALS: Please volunteer to the Competition Department DIRECTIONS: Situated on the A153, 10 miles north of Horncastle and 5 miles south of Louth. If you are approaching from the south, the A153 can be accessed from the A1. Coming from the north or west, us the A1, M1 or M62, then take the M180 to Brigg, then the A1084 to Caistor. ACCOMMODATION: Louth Community Access Point (CAP) and Tourist Information Centre (TIC), Canon Street, Louth, Lincolnshire, LN11 9NW, tel or 20

21 Facilities info: Refreshments Bar Toilets Showers Regalia Spectator info: Parking No Dogs Autojumble Pre-war Car Park Favourite Competitor info: Edwardian Vintage Post-vintage Historic Fire Extinguisher Trailers MSA B Licence Tyres Gloves Boots BROOKLANDS DOUBLE TWELVE MOTOR SPORT FESTIVAL 2015 The 60th Anniversary of the launch of the MGA and the 45th of the Ford Escort s triumph in the World Cup Rally to Mexico are amongst the landmarks being celebrated with special classes in this year s Brooklands Double Twelve Motorsport Festival. The full list of classes is announced by Brooklands Museum and the Vintage Sports-Car Club, the joint organisers of the Festival. In true Brooklands tradition, the Festival will be held on the weekend closest to the date the original track opened in 1907, which this year is Saturday 13 and Sunday 14 June. The two-day event will feature Speed Trials, Driving Tests and a Concours across the Museum site and at neighbouring Mercedes-Benz World, giving Spectators and Competitors a huge variety of motoring action. SPECTATOR INFORMATION: Visit to buy tickets In Advance: Adult 13, Child 5 and Family 32 On the Day: Adult 15, Child 6 and Family 37 DIRECTIONS: Spectator public parking is in The Heights, Wellington Way, Weybridge ACCOMMODATION: Guildford Tourist Information Centre, 155 High Street, Guildford, Surrey, GU1 3AJ, tel or Facilities info: Refreshments Bar Toilets Picnic Area Evening Entertainment Regalia Favourite Spectator info: Open to Public Parking No Dogs Advanced Booking Vintage Parking BROOKLANDS SPEED TRIALS MERCEDES-BENZ WORLD, WEYBRIDGE, SURREY KT13 0SL This event is taking place on the Saturday of the Brooklands Double Twelve Motor Sport Festival. It combines the historic motorsport venue of Brooklands with a new state of the art competitive sprint course on the adjacent Mercedes-Benz World site. The course is technically challenging, and will not only provide competitors with a chance to stretch their driving abilities to the limit, but also to showcase Pre-war motorsport at its finest to a substantial crowd. Competitors will benefit from a competitors-only rest area with refreshments see the event regulations for full details. Competitors SATURDAY 13 JUNE wishing to also enter the Concours or Driving Tests (not single-seaters) competition may do so and have their cars judged or run in the Driving Tests on the Sunday. There is an additional entry fee for this ( 20.00). COMPETITORS/PARTICIPANT INFORMATION: Entry Fee: Opening date for entries: NOW Closing date for entries: Monday 1 June COMPETITOR DIRECTIONS: Competitor entrance is via Mercedes-Benz World, Weybridge MARSHALS: Please volunteer to the Competition Department Competitor info: Edwardian Vintage Post-vintage Fire Extinguisher Trailers MSA Non-Race National B Licence Shared Entries Invitation 21

22 DOUBLE TWELVE DRIVING TESTS BROOKLANDS MUSEUM, WEYBRIDGE, SURREY KT13 0SL This event is a true Driving Test and tests will take place on the historic Test Sites of Test Hill, the Brooklands Banking and the Finishing Straight. The event will have its own outright winner declared, but entrants are also encouraged to enter the Speed Trials (Competition Licence required, entry fee ) or for the Concours competition (entry fee, an additional 20.00) on the Saturday. 22 SUNDAY 14 JUNE COMPETITORS/PARTICIPANT INFORMATION: Entry Fee: Opening date for entries: NOW Closing date for entries: Monday 1 June COMPETITOR DIRECTIONS: Entry via Campbell Gate Entrance, Brooklands Museum, Weybridge MARSHALS: Please volunteer to the Competition Department Competitor info: Edwardian Vintage Post-vintage Fire Extinguisher Trailers No MSA Race Licence Shared Entries DOUBLE TWELVE CONCOURS This is a traditional Concours d Elegance which will be judged primarily on the Saturday except for those entrants also running in the Speed Trial on Saturday who may enter and have their cars judged on the Sunday. Classes are not strictly VSCC and will include a number of Brooklands guest classes. COMPETITORS/PARTICIPANT INFORMATION: Entry Fee: SUNDAY 14 JUNE Opening date for entries: NOW Closing date for entries: Monday 1 June COMPETITOR DIRECTIONS: Entry via Campbell Gate Entrance, Brooklands Museum, Weybridge MARSHALS: Please volunteer to the Competition Department Competitor info: Edwardian Vintage Post-vintage Fire Extinguisher Trailers No MSA Race Licence Shared Entries SHELSLEY WALSH HILL CLIMB SHELSLEY WALSH, WORCESTER, WORCESTERSHIRE WR6 6RP Once again, we are delighted that our friends at the Midlands Automobile Club are hosting our annual Hill Climb at Shelsley Walsh the world s oldest motorsport venue. The historic hill never fails to attract a wealth of VSCC Competitors eager to take on the challenge. As the Club s full class structure is represented, there will be a place for all Prewar Sports and Racing Cars, while the paddock will, no doubt, be filled with enthusiastic and knowledgeable spectators, who will have flocked to the stunning Worcestershire location. Entry forms and regulations can be obtained from either the SUNDAY 5 JULY Club office, or from MAC, but all completed entry forms must be returned directly to the MAC. SPECTATOR INFORMATION: Contact MAC on COMPETITOR/PARTICIPANT INFORMATION: as above Entry Fee: tbc MARSHALS: Please volunteer to MAC DIRECTIONS: Located approximately 10 miles north-west of Worcester and 9 miles south-west of Stourport-on-Severn. Map Reference 138/ ACCOMMODATION: Camping can be pre-booked on-site via MAC or see event regulations for details of local B&Bs. Facilities Info: Refreshments Bar Toilets Camping Picnic Area Spectator Info: Open to public No Dogs Parking Advance Booking Vintage Parking Favourite Competitor Info: Edwardian Vintage Post-vintage Fire Extinguisher Trailers MSA Non-Race National B Licence Shared Entries

23 HAWTHORN MEMORIAL TROPHIES MEETING and club day OULTON PARK CIRCUIT, LITTLE BUDWORTH, TARPORLEY, CHESHIRE, CW6 9BW We are delighted that 2015 will see the return of our prestigious Hawthorn Memorial Trophies Meeting to Oulton Park, following a 4-year absence. We look forward to bringing our ever-popular racing programme of Pre-war and Historic Racing and Sports-Cars to the Cheshire venue, where the idyllic rolling parkland provides the perfect backdrop and where we have enjoyed a long and celebrated history. The additional attraction of a VSCC Club Day on the Sunday, featuring all manner of other motoring and social activities, such as a prestigious Concours, Driving Tests and Bicycle Races will ensure a funfilled Vintage weekend for all the family further details of which will appear next month. The provisional programme includes (subject to change): Race for Vintage Racing Cars (VSCC Set 1) Hawthorn Memorial and Spanish Trophies Race for Pre-1961 Racing Cars (VSCC Set 2) Bill Phillips Trophy Race for Standard & Modified Pre-ware Sports-Cars (VSCC Set 3) Hawthorn Brighton Trophy Race for Special Prewar Sports-Cars (VSCC Set 4) Allcomers Pre-war Short Scratch Race (VSCC Set 5) Allcomers Pre-war Short Handicap Race x2 (VSCC Set 6) Hawthorn International Trophy for 1950s Sports VSCC april 2015 SAT 18 / sun 19 JULY Racing Cars Premier Cru Racing incorporating The Bruce Spollon Memorial, Ten-Tenths Vintage Racing and Sean Danaher Restorations Pre-war Continental Trophies Race for Standard and Modified Pre-war Racing Cars Team Relay Race for Pre-war Sports-Cars Provisional Timetable: Practice from 9.00am; racing from 1.00pm SPECTATOR INFORMATION: In Advance On the Day Members (both days) COMPETITOR/PARTICIPANT INFORMATION: varies depending on race entered please see Supplementary Regulations Opening date for entries: NOW Closing date for entries: Monday 22 June MARSHALS: Please volunteer to the Competition Department DIRECTIONS: Situated next to Little Budworth the venue is best accessed from either the A54 or the A49. From the north take Junction 19 off the M6 and follow the A556 through Northwich towards Chester; from the south, leave the M6 at Junction 18 and follow the A54. ACCOMMODATION: Please either visit the Oulton Park website ( or Chester Visitor Information Centre, Town Hall, Northgate Street, Chester, CH1 2HJ, tel or Facilities Info: Refreshments Bar Toilets Camping Picnic Area Regalia Spectator Info: Open to public No Dogs Parking Advance Booking Vintage Parking Competitor Info: Edwardian Vintage Post-vintage Fire Extinguisher Trailers MSA National B Race Licence Tyres 23

24 The number in brackets refers to the extension number Secretary: Dave Salmon (6) Membership Secretary and Assistant Competition Secretary: Andy Conway (1) Competition Secretary: Richard Winchester (4) Competition Administrator: Andy Halstead (4) Finance Manager: Sally Duckett (2) Press & PR Secretary: James Taylor (3) Office Manager: Gill Batkin (5) VSCC STAFF Librarian: Ian Ferguson (7) Assistant Librarians: John Atkins, Derry Aust, Andy Butcher, Cosmo Davies, Roger Edmonds, Nigel Hall and Paul Spencer (7) All Librarians are Wednesday only Eligibility: Chief Scrutineer: Gerry Walton Chief Marshal: Ray Edge Address: The Old Post Office, West Street, Chipping Norton, Oxon., OX7 5EL Tel: Fax: Website: Regalia (Sales and Enquiries only): JTL Embroidery Direct Line: NAVIGATION AND MARSHALLING TUTORIALS IN 2015 A series of four monthly NAVIGATION AND MARSHALLING TUTORIALS to be held at The Royal Oak Inn, Much Marcle, Nr. Ledbury, Herefordshire HR8 2ND Please join us for the last of our four Tutorials on Thursday 30 April at 7.30pm Dood Pearce, who has been navigating for over half a century and still learning he says, will, for example, explain the different species of Herringbones and varieties of Tulips, with a Buffet Supper followed by a practical about the controlled timed secrets of TCs and SCs, and what to expect and do when vintage cars arrive thick and fast (or very slowly!) demanding a time on their score card which disagrees with your clock and maybe even from the wrong direction! It should be fun! per head to include Buffet Supper. Please book with Mark Garfitt telephone or 24

25 INVITATIONS & SOCIALS DRIVE-IT-DAY SUNDAY 26 APRIL South Wales. This year we are revisiting the Brecon Mountain Railway off A465 at Merthyr Tydfil to ride the new track extension. Trains leave Pant Station at 11.00am, 1.00pm and 3.00pm for a 1½ hour round trip, with a 10 minute stop at Torpantau (where the line now ends) and a 20 minute stop at Pontsticill, where there is a café. Pant also has restaurant facilities. Those approaching the venue from the west, may like to take coffee (10.30am onwards) at Ty Newydd Country Hotel, Penderyn on A4059. Any queries, telephone Ted Beaumont on Warwickshire / Worcestershire / West Midlands. The Annual Drive-it-Day Vintage & Pre-War Breakfast Gathering will take place at The Manor House Tearooms, (Earlswood Lakes Craft Centre, Wood Lane, Solihull, West Midlands, B94 5JH). A full English breakfast including tea/coffee and toast will be served between 9.00am and 10.00am, for an all in price of 6.00 per head, and the car park will provide a good display of cars and proud owners to chat to. Just turn up, no booking is required. This will set you up well for a day of driving pleasure, wherever you are heading. The Transport Museum, (Chapel Lane, Wythall Worcestershire B47 6JX) is open from 11.00am to 4.30pm where a range of early buses are on display and tea and coffee is available. Contact Ian Yaxley for further information on or North Yorkshire and Wharfedale. Details of our Drive-it-Day activities are available from Chris Busk ( ) or Mike Stenhouse ( ) or from SPECIAL EVENTS Lincolnshire / Nottinghamshire. Spring Picnic and Visits, Saturday 30 May. Meet from 9.45am at The Red Lion, Revesby PE22 7NU located at junction of A155 and B1183 (MR Sh ) where coffee and biscuits will be served after which we will travel to view Robert Crawford s collection of cars, tractors and other strange agricultural devices before going on to our picnic location by kind invitation of Member, Bryan Bowles at Auraceria House Farm, Mill Lane, Wrangle PE22 9HG (off A52, MR Sh ½), where we can have a picnic in the paddock and see his collection of cars and tractors as well as possibly a ride out onto the outmarsh. For any further information, contact Mike Hewson on or REGULAR SOCIAL MEETINGS West Sussex. We meet on the last Wednesday of every month at The Stag Inn, Balls Cross, Petworth, West Sussex GU28 9JP and will be reverting to evening meetings (from 7.30pm) as from April. You can find out more about the pub on their website The pub is easy to find and if you use satnav the postcode is GU28 9JP. If you wish to eat there I suggest you book with The Stag Inn direct and their phone number is Edward Way, tel , or North Yorkshire. New Pub Meet for the summer (from May to September) at The Ship Inn, which is now a b&b and tearoom in Port Mulgrave (you might be aware that there are some pretty steep hills in the area!). This is an evening meeting on the third Saturday of the month starting at around 6.00pm. Tea or homemade lemonade will be offered, on the house, to visitors. Alcohol will also be available as The Ship is still licensed. The full address is The Ship Inn, Rosedale Lane, Port Mulgrave, Saltburn-by-the-sea TS13 5JZ. Please Club Member, Tom Gjertsen, for further details INVITATIONS Sunday 12 April The Bean Car Club Daffodil Run. Contact Lilian Lovelock tel or to enter or for details. Sunday 12 April 750 MC Austin 7 Trial at Elham, Kent. VSCC members are cordially invited to enter this new event which will be held at Grove House Farm, Elham, Kent CT4 6LT, map ref: TR 17900/ Open to all types of Austin Seven, including standard production models, 20 in advance. Further details and 25

26 supplementary regulations from the event secretary: Barry O Sullivan, tel: , The event is organised by the Tunbridge Wells 750 MC. Awards to include novice and lady drivers. Sunday 26 April Austin 7 Trial at Cobham, Surrey. VSCC members are cordially invited to enter this popular event to be held at Cobham Park Farm, Downside Road, Cobham, Surrey, KT11 3ND, MR 187/ and is open to all types of Austin Seven, including standard production models. Further details and supplementary regulations are available from the event secretary: Nigel Coulter, tel , HYPERLINK coulters. Please note that there will be no entries on the day, all entries must be received before the closing date 19 April. If anyone would like to marshal please contact Nigel Coulter. Saturday 25 / Sunday 26 April Kimber Classic Trial & 80th Anniversary Reunion of MG Works Trials Cars. This long established classic trial weekend in Somerset will also host the anniversary reunion of MG Works trials cars held every 10 years. VSCC members are invited to participate in the following events: Saturday: Kimber Classic Car Trial around Somerset starting at 9.15am from The Lanes Hotel, West Coker and covering about 80 miles to include a dozen or so pre-war hills and special sections. As an alternative, there will be a road run following the general route of the trial. Sunday: The MG Works Trials Car Reunion, which will include other contemporary trials cars, will take place at 11.00am at Butleigh nr Glastonbury. The route of the Trial is suitable for all cars whether concours or well used, and is aimed at being nondamaging to all cars. The closing date for entries is 13 April. Entry form and further details from Sunday 28 June Vintage and Classic Vehicles Display, North Essex. In conjunction with the popular traditional Summer Fete at the Millennium Hall and grounds in Great Saling, North Essex CM7 5DW. Free entry for all vehicle owners and passengers. Licensed Bar Refreshments Music Stalls Produce Something for everyone! Further details from Andrew Taylor or Colin Davidson on Saturday 23 May Benjafields Sprint at Goodwood. This event is limited to 30 drivers and it is possible that all the spaces may not be filled by club members so they are holding a reserve list on a first come, first served basis, which will be activated on 1 April. If you are interested in competing in this high octane premier event please the organisers with details of the car you would wish to enter at To date they have an eclectic mix spanning the ages comprising of GT 40s, Ferraris, Minis and even an electric car; they also hope to have a Vintage Bentley Parade to celebrate the Club s 25th Anniversary so it really should be an interesting day. If you wish to come along and spectate you would be most welcome, there are no entry fees and plenty to see do and eat on the day. Sunday 12 July A Touring event on behalf of Bath Motor Club. Club Members are invited to join this event which is a round of the Historic Rally Car Register Jim Stokes Workshop sponsored series in This has been a successful event for several years. Please contact Club Member Keith Wilson, for further details, tel or OVERSEAS INVITATIONS Thursday 23, Friday 24 and Saturday 25 April Manx Classic The Manx Classic is a threeday event consisting of one sprint and two long hill climbs, all held on closed public roads in the Isle of Man. There are classes for all ages of cars, we welcome entries from drivers of Edwardian and pre-1941 vintage to classic and modern sports cars. Further details, regs and entry forms plus travel offers can be found on our website If you d prefer details to be ed or posted to you, contact us by or call us on Saturday 9 / Sunday 10 May Vintage Revival Event at The Autodrome de Montlhéry, France. The event is open to Pre-war racing and sports cars and motorcycles of the same description. It offers 250 cars and 100 bikes to run on the banking in 4 sessions over the weekend. The sessions are non competitive and simple scrutineering, helmet and sensible clothing is all that is required. For this third 26

27 edition, the honoured cars are Salmson and DOHC engine cars. We are also creating a specific class for Edwardians. Anyone who is interested in joining the event either as a participant or visitor can do so by contacting Freddie Frot on or Vincent Chamon at or visit the website Friday 29 May Monday 1 June 21st Fougeres Rally, Normandy, France. Open to all pre-1965 cars. Leisure driving along the impressionists trail from Giverny, Eure, to Honfleur, Calvados. Marques of Honour Rover and all cyclecars. Contact: Patrick Rollet, APPF, Information: Friday 29 Sunday 31 May Kerenzerberg Revival Hillclimb, Switzerland. Kerenzerberg is a 3.17km historic hillclimb in the beautiful Glarus region of Switzerland and was once part of the famous Swiss National hillclimb championshipo. It has not run since 1970 but is being revived this year. There will be 2 events run in parallel. A competition event under FIA regulations and a regularity event under FIVA regulations. It is likely that the latter will NOT require a motorsports licence or car documentation but will need safety equipment. The organisers are seeking suitable pre-war entries from the UK. More information about the event can be found at Negotiations on accommodation and assistance with travel costs are ongoing with the organisers. If you are interested, please call or (preferably) Hamish McNinch on of for further information. He will co-ordinate entries from VSCC members. Saturday 29 / Sunday 30 August Etretat Benouville Hill Climb. Etretat is situated approximately 20 miles north of Le Havre and some 60 miles south of Dieppe. The event is based around the Victorian resort of Etretat, full of bars and restaurants and hotels large and small. This is a brilliant event now in its sixteenth year. The hill is both fast and challenging and the whole event has a very French feel about it (drinks with the Mayor of Benouville after practise on Saturday!!) You will need a National A Speed Licence (plenty of time to upgrade!) The event is open to all VSCC Members for Vintage, PVT and Post-war sports/racing cars. If this event is to survive it needs your support!! For Entry Forms or write to Michel Deldon, 34 rue de Maupassant, Etretat, France or for further info contact Tim Pryke, Monday 28 September (Patras) Friday 9 October (Igoumenitsa). Via Hellenica (Greece). Club Members are invited to join this relaxed rally for Pre-war cars. Possibility to have your car trucked to Firenze Airport and drive to the ferry in Ancona (same for the trip back). Twelve days, 5.280euros have a look at or call Bart Kleyn at THE GREAT BRITISH END TO END CHALLENGE FOR VETERAN VEHICLES Le Jog Historique 2016 is setting out from Land s End on 12th June and finishing at John O Groats on 22nd June 2016, the route has been carefully chosen to provide the most scenic and suitable for veteran vehicles, avoiding major centres of population and main highways as much as possible. Entries will be limited to a maximum of forty vehicles, both cars and motor-bikes all manufactured prior to 31st December The route is just as challenging for veteran machines as it was in the pioneer days. The road surface may well have become more robust, however the topography and distance are still just as challenging notwithstanding the volume of modern day traffic. Le Jog Historique 2016 is not about records but the challenge and enjoyment of driving or riding one of these early pioneer machines on one of the world s most iconic highway journeys. The Bugatti Owners Club is the principal organising Club, however the organisation and administration of the event is being undertaken by a separate event management group. Web-site:

28 28 MEMBERSHIP New Vintage Members: Andrew Bremner, Huckleberry Lodge, Ashwell Road, Guilden Morden, Cambridgeshire SG8 0JX, home , mobile Dodge Brothers Sportster Richard Grafton, Charlton House, Ilchester Road, Charlton Mackrell, Somerset TA11 6AD, home , day , mobile Austin 12/4 Clifton Philip Nuthall, The Old Police Station, 31 The Village, Clifton-upon-Teme, Worcestershire WR6 6EN, home , mobile Chevrolet Series K Special Gavin Sutherland, 35a Castle Terrace, Berwick-upon-Tweed, Northumberland TD15 1NR, mobile Lancia Lambda Torpedo New Driving Members: Ian Greene, 16 Grange Avenue, Street, Somerset BA16 9PE, home Lagonda 16/80 Duncan Grimmond, Beverley, High Street, Markington, North Yorkshire HG3 3NR, home , mobile Austin 7 Convertible Geoffrey Mumford, 81 Field Lane, Burton upon Trent, Staffordshire DE13 0NJ, home , day Alvis 12/50 Tourer Martin Neal, 23 Victoria Drive, Bognor Regis, West Sussex PO21 2RP, home , mobile MG TA Andrew Rees, 67 Tormead Road, Guildford, Surrey GU1 2JB, home , day , mobile MG Midget PA Andy Smith, Church Farm House, Lower Basildon, Berkshire RG8 9NH, mobile Richard Wilson, Upper Bolney House, Upper Bolney, Harpsden, Oxfordshire RG9 4AQ, home , mobile Squire 1.5 Litre New Associate Members: Stephen Bond, Rushbury House, Winchcombe, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire GL54 5AE, home , mobile Mark Brierley, 6 Greenbank Avenue, Uppermill, Saddleworth, Lancashire OL3 6EB, home , mobile Richard Connolly, 9 Gilwell Close, Grappenhall, Warrington, Cheshire WA4 2YL, home , mobile Keith Fell, 3 Daisy Bank Crescent, Audlem, Crewe, Cheshire CW3 0HD, home , mobile Barrie Parker, The Forge, School Lane, Castle Eaton, Wiltshire SN6 6LF, home , mobile David Roberts, Clungunford House, Clungunford, Craven Arms, Shropshire SY7 0QL, mobile Andy Smith, Church Farm House, Lower Basildon, Berkshire RG8 9NH, mobile Graeme Stephenson, 22 Silverdale Drive, Hanover Estate, Winlaton, Tyne and Wear NE21 6EH, home , day , mobile Standard 10/12 Sports Saloon Stephen Thompstone, c/o Speedsport Promotions Ltd, Unit 43 Silvertsone Circuit, Silverstone, Northamptonshire NN12 8TL, home , day , mobile Jeffrey van den Broek, Brasenose Cottage, Kemerton, Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire GL20 7HR, home Steve Weston, 20 Holbush Way, Irthlingborough, Wellingborough, Northamptonshire NN9 5EP, home , day , mobile New Family Members: Mrs Domino Docker, 42 Marlborough Avenue, Hull, Kingston upon Hull HU5 3JS, home Austin 7 Chummy Ms Michelle James, Roma, 62 Caswell Lane, Clapton-in-Gordano, North Somerset BS20 7RT

29 Dr Jayne Kirk, Blacksmiths Cottage, Corfton, Craven Arms, Shropshire SY7 9LD, home Austin 7 Saloon RN Mrs Christine Parkinson, 37 Church Street, North Cave, Brough, East Riding of Yorkshire HU15 2LJ, home Austin 7 AE Chummy Mrs Alison Stephens, Wychert, Station Road, Haddenham, Buckinghamshire HP17 8AN, home New Young Members: Charles Maeers, Lodge Barns, Harbrough Road, Brixworth, Northamptonshire NN6 9BX, mobile Morris Minor Miss Elizabeth Stephens, Ridgewood, Widmerpool Road, Wysall, Nottinghamshire NG12 5QW, home , mobile Miss Olivia Stephens, Flat 1, 34 Valmar Road, London SE5 9NG New Junior Members: Ms Milly Docker, 42 Marlborough Avenue, Hull, Kingston upon Hull HU5 3JS William Docker, 42 Marlborough Avenue, Hull, Kingston upon Hull HU5 3JS Matthew Girvan, 62 Oathall Road, Haywards Heath, West Sussex RH16 3EN Miss Ella Roper-Marshall, c/o Roma, 62 Caswell Lane, Clapton-in-Gordano, North Somerset BS20 7RT New European Member: Raphael Dobbelaere, Hertogstraat 26, Gent 9000, Belguim, home New Rest of the World Members: Joshua George, 4/104 Henderson Street, Bulimba, Queensland 4171, Australia, home , day , mobile Leif Ortegren, 34 Raymond Heights, Petaluma, California 94952, United States of America, home , day , mobile Chrysler Model 70 Special 50 Years of Continuous Membership: John Biscombe of Cheltenham, Gloucestershire; Michael Bone of Alicante, Spain; Roger Firmin of Bodmin, Cornwall; Patrick Mather of Spilsby, Lincolnshire; Christopher Schneider of Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands; Robin Toone of Nuneaton, Warwickshire and John Watson of Edinburgh, Scotland. We offer congratulations to these members. Recent Deaths: Richard Jeanes of Bridgwater, Somerset; John Tarring of Woking, Surrey; Peter Henley of Corsley, Wiltshire; David Willis of Madeley, Cheshire and Ernie Allen of Dinedor, Herefordshire. We offer condolences to the family and friends of these departed members. SONIA ROLT A Memorial Service for Sonia Rolt will be held at the OBE Chapel in Saint Paul's Cathedral, London at 2.30pm on Ascension Day, 14th May. There will be a reception after the service at either The Wren Suite in the Cathedral itself or one of the nearby Livery Halls depending on numbers. There is very limited room for vintage cars so it would be best to travel to St. Paul's by Underground (nearest station St. Paul's on the Central line) or by bus. Transport enthusiasts might care to use the Number 15 bus route along The Strand from Trafalgar Square to St. Paul's Churchyard. This is the only route still using the last five remaining Routemaster (RM) buses. As the OBE Chapel is in the Crypt, and is limited in numbers, the Rolt brothers would like to be able to estimate numbers. If you are contemplating attending could you please let me know by on or text me on so that I can pass on numbers likely to come from the VSCC. The last time the Club had a service here was for Sam Clutton in Roger Collings 29

30 VSCC SUPPORTERS CLUB DRAW This Private Lottery, which is within the meaning of the Lotteries and Amusements Act 1976, is intended to raise funds for the VSCC while at the same time give you the opportunity to get a handsome return on your investment. For as little as 1.00 per month you are entitled to take part in draws throughout one year starting in May. Anyone may purchase as many shares as he or she wishes to hold, but a minimum subscription of (ie one share) is necessary in order to take part. Rights under the shares will lapse at the end of the year for which they are issued but they can be renewed and a convenient way of doing this is by use of Standing Order. Draws will take place at monthly Committee meetings. We aim to distribute between 40% and 50% of the money contributed, with the balance going to VSCC funds. Based on take up of, say, 200 shares, the prizes will be as follows: 11 monthly draws of Grand Christmas Draw The winners of the draw made at the February Committee Meeting are: 1st Peter Plant 2nd Tim Bendelow 3rd Richard Prest Why not join now for a bit of fun? Contact Julian Ghosh, Broughton Farm, Drakes Broughton, Worcester, WR10 2AG, tel You will be asked to pay for 12 months in advance. ERA R4D Mac Hulbert is writing a book, planned to appear in 2016, about the history of ERA R4D. He would be very grateful for any personal memories, insights and photographs about the car, its owners and its drivers, that members might be able to contribute, particularly if these have not appeared elsewhere. Credit will of course be given for any materials that are used in the publication. Please contact Mac by at or telephone after April 10. NOTICE BOARD BEAULIEU SPRING AUTOJUMBLE 16 / 17 MAY Once again the Club will be on display to Members and the Public at Large at the Beaulieu Spring Autojumble. As befits our status, we have been allocated a prestigious site in GREEN field with a square block of stand numbers G093, G094, G117, G118. We look forward to seeing anybody who feels the need sit and concoct an excuse for having spent far more than they intended to on that irresistible gem which they didn t really need. Ian Ferguson CARDS DINNER FRIDAY 17 APRIL AT THE PLUM PARK HOTEL, TOWCESTER You are cordially invited to the Consortium of Alvis Racing Driver s Dinner which, as in recent years, will again be held at the lovely Victorian Plum Park Hotel at Watling Street, Towcester. The dinner will as usual be held on the Friday evening before the VSCC Spring Start Race Meeting. The proceedings will include the presentation of the Hulbert Trophy to last season s winner, Duncan Fish. Everyone is welcome you don t need to compete an Alvis or even to own an Alvis so if you want a nice relaxing evening with good food ( 27 for a four course meal), good wine and in good company then this is the event for you. Dress is informal no DJs or tiaras but smart casual would be appreciated. The hotel has rooms available on a first come first served basis and enquiries in that connection should be directed to Moya Fish at the hotel on or If you intend to come to the dinner then please let me know ( during the day or in the evening or com) so that we can let Moya know how many she is catering for. Jeff Edwards 30

31 LIBRARY & INFORMATION Recent Acquisitions Near the Motorways, by Hugh Cantlie. Nearly 300 pages of affordable alternatives to service stations within 5 minutes of motorway junctions, with maps, post codes, pictures, and other information. This is a splendid guide which is fully reviewed in the current Bulletin. Presented by the publishers, Cheviot Books Update (somewhat overdue!) As regular readers know, we have a significant stock of DVDs for loan, many of them metamorphosed twice, from film via VHS. Typical of the best is Prescott 1947, a four minute, colour, video with lots of well-known Club characters and cars. except it is actually 1946! So, thanks to Mark Garfitt whose query provoked the investigation and sorry for taking 68 years to correct a mistake. It can be found on youtube read the comments, too. What happened to it? Whilst researching something quite unrelated we happened across the picture reproduced below illustrating an article in The Light Car & Cyclecar of Sept 28th It shows a very much simplified diagram of the Costantinesco torque converter. Intrigued, we followed it up by the inevitable Google method and found a wealth of information, including a video clip of a working Lego model (why not Meccano?). There were apparently many successful applications of the mechanism in the 1920 s including cars, boats and railway vehicles, so what happened to it? Do any examples survive? 31

32 Review Group on Motorsport Event Safety For those of you who are registered marshals you will know from the March edition of MSA News that the MSA has confirmed it will be working in partnership with the Scottish Government to take forward the recommendations of the Review Group to improve safety. You will recall that the Review Group was set-up by the Scottish Government following the tragic deaths of four spectators on stage rallies, one on the Snowman Rally in 2013 and three on the Jim Clark Rally in The remit of the Review Group was to examine safety of spectators at non regulated events across the whole spectrum of motor sport. The Review Group s findings and recommendations regarding spectators at multi-venue stage rallies in Scotland was published in December 2014 and contains twenty nine recommendations, one of which the MSA has already taken on board the appointment of a Rally Safety Delegate for MSA stage rallies in Scotland. Nicky Moffitt, a Non-Executive Director of the MSA and an International Steward has been appointed to this role, and as you will read in MSA News the role has been homologated into Blue Book Regulations with immediate effect. How does any of this affect the VSCC? I believe it will have an impact in terms of running events at non-fixed venues, marshals training and our marshal resource. I had the opportunity of speaking to the civil servant from the Scottish Government involved with the Review Group, who has now been seconded to the MSA, Jacqueline Campbell at a recent MSA seminar about how the Review Group is going to deal with other types of events and she advised that those organisations who run other events where there is unregulated spectator attendance are to be asked to review their activities in light of the Review Group s recommendations. That would mean for trials for example the Trials Sub-Committee of the MSA. What are the twenty nine recommendations? Looking through them and considering the recommendations that could apply to the VSCC 32 MARSHALLING MATTERS as it is not involved in organising any stage rallying events I have distilled out some key points that could have an impact on us in respect of trials, rallies and driving tests. I would stress it is a personal view based on experience as an MSA Steward on rallies and an event organiser. Designating a Spectator Officer and an Event Safety Officer It is recommended this is would be good practice as it would help identifying potential problems related to spectators before an event identifying restricted areas for spectators, how to manage that on the ground but whether this becomes a mandatory role at a trials level we will have to wait and see what the MSA decides. Managing uncooperative spectators There can be times when photographers and press and spectators fail to respond to their direction of marshals and put themselves at risk. What kind of action is needed to ensure that spectators understand the consequence of their actions? The Review recommends a robust approach is the only way that will lead to increased self- policing. It does mention using the Police if necessary. A Safety Plan Whilst some of our trials have a safety plan, the recommendation is for an event safety plan that sets out the roles and responsibilities of every key official at an event, a very clear incident handling procedure together with roles and responsibilities central to responding to an incident. What is likely to come out of this is a clear template from the MSA to guide organisers on how to prepare and produce a safety plan. Management of and Communication with Spectators There is a difference of scale with a multi-venue rally but the principles do apply to our events. It states good communication with the public about the risks and the rules in attending is fundamental to safety. It is suggested the MSA should review and update its existing short spectator code and ensure it is displayed at events. It further suggests that the MSA should adopt the FIA standards on

33 identifying low, medium and high risk areas (for spectators) with the attendant requirements on identifying non-permitted areas. Interestingly it suggests more promotion of designated spectator stages like the one in Duns last year where those of you who participated ran your car through the first stage of the Jim Clark Rally would see that the spectators where managed and controlled. This will undoubtedly mean a much more thorough evaluation of how we handle spectators on our trials than previously. Control and Management of the Press It may not seem a problem for us at our scale of events but the recommendation is a sensible one to make attendance subject to strict rules where press attendees must be prepared to obey the instructions of marshals for example not standing in non-permitted areas. When an area is identified as unsafe it should be regarded as unsafe for everyone without exception spectators, press and marshals. Competence of Marshals experience and training The prime recommendation is for rally marshals to be licensed and formally trained in a similar way to race and speed marshals. Whilst the recommendation is for licensing, the MSA does not license marshals, only officials; it registers marshals. I can foresee in the future that our rally marshals may have to be registered and trained as I can t see the MSA exempting navigation rally marshals, besides if we can over time achieve this then our standard of marshalling will be to a recognised standard. Whether this could apply to trials marshals in the longer term will depend on how the MSA Trials Sub-Committee decides to respond to the recommendations of the Review Group. What is interesting when you read the recommendations on training it does apply to our marshals people management, handling conflict, communication, resilience, consequences of a serious accident and how to behave if first on the scene and your own safety (as a marshal). The Review Group recognised there are issues around recruitment and retention, marshals powers, marshals numbers and the role and training of medical volunteers (and rescue and recovery marshals), all of which the MSA will now be taking a lead on in deciding how to put these recommendations into practice. You may conclude it doesn t apply to me: it does. You can never anticipate where or when you could have an incident but you can be better prepared if safety is a first consideration for your event. For the Lakeland Trial this year, John Gill and I are going to try and implement some of these recommendations as a means of improving the safety of the event for all. Jim Clark Rally 2015 No Demonstration Run through the first stage in Duns I know all 32 of you who took part thoroughly enjoyed participating last year. As Police Scotland and Health & Safety have not completed their investigations into the tragic deaths of three spectators, Scottish Borders Council has not implemented the necessary Roads Closure Orders. The rally this year will run in Keilder Forest with a ceremonial start in the Agricultural Showground in Kelso. The organising club hopes to run the event a closed road event in 2016 and would like to build on the success of the demonstration run in Duns last year. Alan Couper Tel No (W) Tel No (H) (H) 33

34 USEFUL CONTACTS The Light Car & Edwardian section. This is the section of the VSCC that caters for cars of a lesser performance. Membership details from Trevor John, The Stable House, Southstoke Hall, South Stoke, Bath, BA2 7DL, tel or Further details can be found in the new Groups section of the Club website. The AlFa Romeo REGISTER. If you are interested in pre-1941 Alfa Romeo cars you should contact the Hon Secs. Angela & Allan Cherrett at the Old Forge, Quarr, Dorset SP8 5PA enclosing an SAE. The Delage REGISTER. VSCC members interested in joining the Delage Register should contact their Membership Secretary, Clive Hamilton-Gould, telephone or The Frazer Nash CAR CLUB. The Frazer Nash Car Club was formed in 1933, became the first Section created by the VSCC in 1948 and re-formed as an independent Club in It caters for all past, current or prospective owners of GN, Frazer Nash and Frazer Nash BMW cars. Please contact the secretary, Ian Maxwell, Thorn Hanger, The Common, Marlborough, Wiltshire SN8 1DL, tel or The Riley Register. The Riley Register, though not a section of the VSCC, welcomes members interested in the Riley car. To join, you should contact their Membership Secretary, Mrs D Ager, 8 Chapel Road, Great Totham, Maldon, Essex CM9 8DA. As a Member of the Register you will have access to over 950 lines of spares supplied by Riley Register Spares Ltd. BMW HISTORIC MOTOR CLUB. This is the only club in the UK catering solely for historic BMWs. Its purpose is to encourage the use and preservation of historic BMW, Frazer Nash-BMW, EMW, Dixi, Veritas and AFM cars. The Club is affiliated to the BMW Veteranen-Club Deutschland e.v. and as such is officially recognised by BMW. Please visit our website for more information. AMILCAR SALMSON REGISTER. The Amilcar Salmson Register was formed in 1955 to ensure the continuation of all French sporting cars, Amilcar, Salmson, Senechal, Bignan, BNC, etc, and have members throughout the world. The Register publishes a 32 page Newsletter with technical and historic articles three times a year with regular social and rally events. If you have an interest in vintage French light sporting cars then please do consider joining the Register. Contact Membership Secretary, Len Battyll, , The A-D Type Vauxhall Register. The new Register for all early Vauxhalls (A, B, C, D and OD Types) except 30-98s which have their own Register. The new Register was formed at VSCC Prescott in 2012 and produces a Register of cars in hard copy, the Register holds an annual meeting at VSCC Shelsley Walsh and will produce a Newsletter from 2014 onwards. For further information please contact the Hon Secretary Ian Parsons on or 34

35 ELIGIBILITY Members often ask what is required for their car to be classified as Standard for Club competitions. Below are a few general notes and answers to some of the more common questions asked with some specific notes relating to Austin Sevens and to wheel and tyre sizes for Model A Fords. CLASSIFICATION OF STANDARD To be classed as Standard cars must comply with the requirements for standard classification as set out in the Eligibility of Cars document edition 4 and in particular have the following:- 1. Full width windscreen of original type 2. If an open car, a hood (side screens not required) 3. The correct number of seats for the body ( rear seats are not to be removed) 4. Petrol tank in the original position 5. Original size tyres and wheels 6. Original body fittings must be maintained in place e.g. Model A Fords must carry their front and rear bumpers 7. Only one spare wheel to be carried and to be in the original position AUSTIN SEVENS Cars originally fitted with uncoupled brakes must not have the braking system coupled. Rear axle ratio must be as originally fitted. Engines should have the type of cylinder head as originally fitted. Replacement of an Austin low compression head with a later Austin high compression or eligible aftermarket cylinder head will result in the car being classified as Modified. Fitting of a Zenith 24T2 carburettor to a car originally fitted with a Zenith 22FZ / FZB carburettor will result in the car being classified as Modified. Gearbox should be as originally fitted with original ratios. Fitting a 4 speed gearbox to a car originally fitted with a 3 speed will make the car a PVT Special. Wheel and tyre size should be as originally fitted other than a car originally fitted with 26 x 3 beaded edge tyres can convert to 3.50 x 19 tyres. Wheel and Tyre sizes for Standard Model A Fords 1928 to late 1929 with the small radiator - 21 inch wheels with 4.50 or 4.40 / 4.50 section tyres. Late 1929 to 1930 with larger radiator - 19 inch wheels with 4.75 or 4.75 / 5.00 section tyres. Note: Using 21 inch wheels on the front of a later Model A and 19 inch on the rear will classify the car as a special. If your car s catalogued original specification does not comply with any of the above, please seek specific advice from the ESC 35

36 36 EXCHANGE & DISPLAY ADVERTS The deadline for next issue (may) is FRIDAY 3 april How to place an advert: Website: Go to and log in with your PIN and membership number (there is a PIN retrieval system if you have forgotten your number). Once logged in click on 'My Account' (left panel) and then in the top right hand box click on 'Your adverts' and follow the simple steps to place your advert and make a payment. Your advert will appear online and in the next issue of the Newsletter. Type your advert and send to You can then send a cheque in the post to go with your advert, call Gill and give her a credit card number or send a credit card number over two s. If you wish to include a photograph please attach a.jpg file. Website or are the preferred methods. Post: Write your advert out (typed or legible please!) and post to Gill Batkin along with a cheque made out for the correct amount, include a photo or disc of any image if you want a photograph to accompany your advert. If you want your photo returned please enclose a SAE. FOR ALL ADVERTS: Please state your membership number or declare yourself as 'member' or 'non member' Traders must declare themselves as such by placing the word 'Trader' in brackets at the end of their advertisement. Advertisements and photos for inclusion in the 'Interesting but Non-Eligible' section are very much subject to Editorial discretion. The general rule is that photos are not accepted for cars built after Please do not be offended if your photo is declined; it is done to protect the style and flavour of the Newsletter. Lineage Adverts member Non-member Cars For Sale, Lineage : Free (up to 70 words) or (over 70 words) ( 45.00) Cars For Sale, (with Photograph) Free (up to 70 words) or (over 70 words) ( 45.00) Spares, Lineage: Free (up to 70 words) or 9.00 (over 70 words) Spares (with photograph) Free (up to 70 words) or (over 70 words) Cars and Spares Wanted (with photograph) ( 29.00) ( 45.00) Interesting but Non-Eligible Cars and Spares (with photograph) ( 29.00) ( 45.00) Miscellaneous (with photograph) ( 29.00) ( 45.00) Services and Traders (with photograph) ( 45.00) ( 61.00) Lineage advert prices for Cars and Spares Wanted, Interesting but Non-Eligible, Miscellaneous and Services and Traders are in sterling for up to 35 words + address and are inclusive of VAT. Over 35 words, double all prices. Trade Display Advertisements Trade display advertisements of one eighth of a page to a full page are available Months Full Page 1/2 Page 1/4 Page 1/8 Page Discount 10% 3 1, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , All prices include VAT. Standard terms are 30 days net. Discounted rates are dependent on payment within these terms.

37 cars for sale 1926 Talbot DC 5 Seater Tourer. Paris built RHD. Wonderfully original. 2,100 cc. OHV. Excellent oil pressure. New hood, side screens and battery. Radiator re-built. Last owner 40 years. 2 years French MOT. 46,000 kms believed genuine. A rare opportunity to acquire a totally original and unspoilt car. 23,000 ono. Transport to UK arranged. Please ring or . David Howard (France) Morgan 4-4 Coupe Price Reduced. One of sixteen 4-4s in this configuration (Coupe/Standard Special engine) built before WW2. Restored by the current owner. Engine professionally rebuilt, sleeved and balanced; new pistons. Twin period 1.1/8 SUs; exhaust. Rewired. Gearbox overhauled. Rechromed. Seats and doors re-trimmed. Some new wood. New hood. Paintwork good but there are a few small blemishes. (Current rear wings fibreglass; metal wings provided.) 20,000. (Darlington). Mark Roberts AC Special EPA 196. Completely rebuilt this attractive and versatile car which I used successfully in many VSCC competitions in the 1970s and 80s is for sale. Two-seater Brooklands style aluminium body, ¼ elliptic rear suspension, hydraulic brakes using Typecast front steel/alloy drums with alloy back-plates. UMB Engine to competition specification. For full history and detailed specification please phone or . Michael Dods or Delage DE Delage, recent sympathetic restoration and re-commissioning. A fine motorcar. 22,500 ono. Walter Heale

38 1926 Ford T OHV Board Track Racer. Original Ford T single seater board track racer. 2.9 ltr Rajo OHV engine original gearbox. Rare early wire wheels. USA history from 1930s to 50s. 18,750. Seb Stapleton Austin 7 Chummy. Magneto engine complete with Phoenix crank, I restored the car in It has an original buff log book and the car appears in A Light Car Journey page 100, being driven by the previous owner. The Chummy can come complete with its own purpose built trailer to carry it to those far off events! I m sad to let it go but I need to fund another project, 15,000. Please telephone or for more details. Adrian Price (Hampshire). Cooper Bristol Mark 1 (Group 4). Re-constructed from some original parts in the late 1970s and subsequently raced with the VSCC in the early 1980s. Known subsequent history. In running order having been tested during Please contact for more details and period photos. 86,000 ono. Ian Nuthall Morgan Flat Rad F Very good and original throughout. Ch # 037. Swiss Francs 50,000 ono. Karl Bloechle (Switzerland). Formal written insurance valuations. Mediation of sale between friends. VALUATIONS Independent buying & selling advice. Full professional probate service for solicitors For advice, guidance or conversation please contact Peter Arney on M: +44(0) E: W: 38

39 1928 Lightweight Bentley 3/4½. Late Hamish Morten s 3/4½; is now being sold. Completed by Tim Abbott and Randal Stewart 4 years ago, when it won its first race; also won awards on the track, hill climbs and sprints. Lightness = Performance, so highly competitive but also for the family man who wants to drive to Scotland or Monte Carlo. A car with truly stupendous performance both in terms of outright acceleration, mid-range torque, as well the potential for speeds well in excess of 120mph. All major components original and numbered, but new crank, rods, pistons etc. All weighing <17cwt/850kg. Look on for history and pictures. Harry Morten Alvis SB Speed 20 VP. Very well known car within the Club and has been in the same family ownership for 55 years. Excellent history and very original car. Some spares included. Although it would benefit from some cosmetic attention the car looks and drives superb and is in regular use. Offers invited in the region 90,000 but would prefer PX with 12/50 or similar. Martin Sismey Austin 7 RK. Immaculate totally restored 1930 RK saloon. 14,950 ono. Walter Heale Riley 12/4 Falcon. Good running order. Engine rebuilt by Blue Diamond Services. Recent new rims and spokes. New half shafts and hubs. Comfortable interior with good leather seats. A reliable, quick and extremely usable Riley. Located Newbury, Berkshire. Price 16,000 ono. Peter Morrell (Member)

40 Cooper Mk VIII 500. Supplied new to Bob Gerard in To Henry Taylor 1955 winner of JAP and Autosport Trophies. Currently fitted with Godden tuned JAP and AMC gearbox. Well known car with long history and current 500 OA VIF. Price 30,000 plus negotiable spares package if required. James Holland Citroen 5CV Cloverleaf 1923 LH Drive. Currently with VSCC Buff Form and LC&ES eligible. Succesfully completed 2014 & 2015 LC&ES Welsh (long rally & trial). Gearbox rebuilt, engine fully reconditioned, new pistons, con rods, white metal bearings, valves, valve springs and flywheel. Requires sympathetic works to trim and body. 12,950 ono. Jo Langford-Yates Alvis 12/60 Beetleback Sports. Restored in the 1980s to an exacting specification with Phil Kneller bodywork, in Triumph Valencia Blue. Hood & full tonneau cover. In present ownership since 1998 and used regularly. Comprehensive history file, known to The Alvis Register for many years. On the road with current MoT. 38,000 ono. John Urwin or Morris Minor OHC Semi-Sports. Complete rebuild in 2003 with new Semi-Sports body on tourer chassis by Dave Cooksey. Engine built with Phoenix crank and P Type conrods. Bowdenex brakes, 12 volt electrics, upholstery, hood, sidescreens and tonneau all in first class order. Many spares including CWP, two extra wheels with new Blockley Tyres. Currently with VSCC Buff Form and Light Car eligible. 16,000. David Roscoe (Devon). 40

41 Riley TT Sprite Replica. Riley TT Sprite Replica from the 1960s. Based on a 12/4 Falcon. Engine and gearbox completed less than 10 races since complete re-builds. 16 and 19 wheels, quick lift, external battery all the kit you need to race plus many spares. Currently with Buff Form as a Special. Quick and reliable racing car that can compete as either a special sports car or be quickly stripped to race car specification. Robert Blakemore Unmolested 1929 Rover 10/25. Fabric bodied Riviera saloon, still with the original factory fitted fabric covering, original interior and the whole car in superb order. Anyone with an interest in originality will find this vehicle well worth looking at with plenty of 1920s period charm and large history file. Please contact Tim for more details as too much to list here. 17,000. Tim Bee Fiat Balilla 508S. Excellent condition. Michael Johnson (Northern Ireland). Riley Nine Monaco, First Reg Dec Recent work includes new front mudguards and radiator core, rewiring throughout and much more. Smart, immediately usable and in good all-round order. Good history and always a local car. More photos available from 12,500 ono. Ken Burnett (Leigh, Lancs). 41

42 1934 MG PA. Reg MJ 7880, Chassis No PA2017. Fitted with twin-carb BMC A-Series engine years ago. Good running car, in family for 33 years. New half-shafts, hubs, relined brakes, overhauled steering, wheels rebuilt, new battery in last few hundred miles. Paintwork patinated. My son prefers driving the Frazer Nash, so it is not being used. 12,500. May consider deal involving late Austin 7 Chummy. Roger Ballard (Warwickshire). spares Austin 7 Spares. Wide range of new high-quality parts such as crown-wheel & pinions, halfshafts, hubs, crankshafts, etc. See our illustrated online catalogue at or phone/send for a free paper version. David Cochrane, A7 Components, 18 Russell Avenue, Dunchurch, Rugby, CV22 6PX (Trader) Bentley Spares. Front and Rear hubs including 8 litre and knock-ons. 6 cylinder oil pump spares. New 3 throw cranks, caps, rods and nuts. All in stock. (Trader) or Tyres, Wheels and Body. Tidying up so these items are free to any home. Tyres Lester 6.50 x 19, useable, 4 off, 2 more coming. Wheels 15 inch, 5 inch rim, 72 spokes. Suit AC, Aston, 4 off. Trials body, suit 90 inch chassis. Delivery possible if not too far from Cambridge. More details and pictures on request. John Goose Klaxon Wiper Motor for Bentley. Completely refurbished with reduction gearbox and fitted new rubber mounting block, 275. Les Paul

43 Liberty V12 Aero Engine. In excellent condition as far as I can see, complete with hand crank starter adaptor. This is the very rare aero engine and not the much heavier tank engine. 25,000. Guy Black Wheels & Tyres for Sale. 4 steel wire wheels 16 x 5 x 72 spoke, excellent condition, fitted with Dunlop SP 174R16 tyres plus additional unused tyre. 600 ono plus shipping. Rodney Kettel Chrome Filler Caps. 2 Aston 2 3/4 filler caps. 50 ono plus P&P. Rodney Kettel Ducellier Headlamps. A pair of lamps 20cm diam., main bowl in good condition with Ducellier brass badge. Requires glass. Glen Robb (Oxfordshire). Running Board Edging. Bright stainless steel in 2 mtr lengths. I had a batch remanufactured for my MG Saloon. Small stock now surplus to my requirements. May need a few scuffs from rollers polishing out. Contact to discuss specification, more photos, possible sample etc. 50 per length + p&p or collect. Keith Herkes (Member) Talbot (Suresnes). 8 cyl. 4 litre engine + gearbox + radiator shell + Swedish reg. document. Ready for special builders. Good condition. Offers over 10K Euros invited. Delivery UK + Europe. Claude Teisen-Simony (Denmark). Scintilla Magneto. Brass identity plate says Good strong spark but needs new internal HT lead and a new or better cap. 100 please. Mike Wheadon or Overland Tourer Body Circa Complete with bonnet, windscreen frame and hood frame. Could be suitable for other chassis. 3,750 ono. Please telephone for details. Walford Bruen (East Devon). Watford FO4 Magneto. In good working order, 475. Set (of four) cast valve cover plates and two knobs for E Type, 450. Tony Smallbone (home) or (mob). Bugatti Type 37/40 Block. An original Molsheim numbered block to swap with Brescia parts original or reproduction. Walter Heale

44 Alvis Jelly Mould Wheels. 5 off 18 Alvis Jelly Mould Wire Wheels. In extremely good condition, 3 have very usable tyres ono. Johnnie Walker (Devon). Tyres for Sale. 4 Excelsior Comp H , used one season about 3,000 miles Peter Howat or New Tyres. Two new, unused 18 Michelin DR Tyres 550/18, 100 each ono. Also, two new, unused 19 Excelsior Tyres 500/19, 75 each ono. Johnnie Walker (Devon). Miscelleneous Spares. Ki Gas pump and fittings, 70. Four aly cycle wings, fronts have side lamps fitted, 70. Hand operated Klaxon (bit rusty but works) /8 downdraft SU, 60. Chris Pack Talbot CWP. 14/45 CWP for sale. Brand new from Guest Gears. 5.44:1 ratio. 9/ Keyth Richardson Talbot 46 Tooth Crown Wheel. Used ENV crownwheel. Needs 10 tooth pinion to give a 4.6:1 ratio. 90. Keyth Richardson Lea Francis P Type Gearbox. The gearbox was removed from a car on Jersey during the German occupation. Minimal wear after 70 years of dry storage and a short life on a small island, 650 ono. Also several MG Xpag cylinder blocks, 100 each. Cylinder heads, 50 each. All these parts are in Cornwall. Photos can be supplied and shipping arranged. Stuart Evans AC 2 Ltr Six Cylinder Engine. A new Cats Paw replacement block fully machined. Good crank and new shell rods, new pistons and liners. New oil pump. Sump, rocker, cover, head etc. All to build a good hot engine. Change of direction so now for sale. Could be finish built for new owner. 9,500 as is. More detailed info on demand. Steve Hughes Vintage Bentley Wheels. A set of 5 rebuilt Vintage Bentley wheels, fitted with used but decent Dunlop 5.00 x 5.25 x 21 tyres, finished in black, 950. One new 5.00 x 5.50 x 21 fitted with new Michelin tyre, painted mid green, 350. One slightly used 5.50 x 6.00 x 21 Michelin tyre only 50. Any of the above must be fully inspected before purchase. The buyer must collect. Please phone or . George Dodds Michelin 5.25 x 21. One 10 years old, 100. Dunlop 6.00 / 6.50 x 18 one 4mm tread, one 2.5mm tread both free. Collect from B93 8JN (Solihull) or P&P extra. Michael Piggin

45 Spares for Sale. Vauxhall 23/60 block, could be bored out to suit 30/98, frost damaged, 550. Delage front axle, 35 cm brake drums, (13.8 inches), complete with both Perrot shafts, correct spring pad centres for 30/98, 2,200. Both near Leicester. Mike Holt Tyres / Bonnet / Shock Absorber. Tyres Dunlop 5.50 x 18, new old stock, in original paper wrapping, 40. Michelin Zig Zag, x 18 appears unused, 30. Pirelli, 4.75/5.00 x 19, evenly worn, legal, period spare, 10? Bonnet ex Riley, 12/4 Kestrel, with ventilators, alloy, excellent condition, 80. Andre Hartford lever arm shock absorber, 200mm C to C each arm. Rusty usable, needs TLC, 10. Carriage arranged at your expense. Michael Baker Meadows Engine. Meadows 4EC (1500cc) engine, Head and bores / pistons fine. Needs new shells. 1,000. Please ring or . Barry Mills Wire Wheels. Set of five 19 inch wire wheels, 52mm RW centres, 60 spokes outer laced (2-cross), 3¼ inch rim section. All in primer ready for painting One off 20 inch, 52mm RW split centre, 60 spoke triple laced (outer 28, centre 30, inner 14), 2¾ inch rim section. Painted, good cond. 75. Peter Livesey Artillery Wheels. One off Sankey 20 inch x 6 stud, 2¾ inch rim section, 10 spoke, suit Sunbeam etc. Painted black, good cond. 75. One off 21 inch x 6 stud, 2¾ inch rim section, 10 spoke. In primer, some surface rust. 50. Peter Livesey Morris Minor Radiator Shell. Original, very good chrome, slight dent to top (repairable). Offers. Peter Livesey

46 cars and spares wanted Amilcar (1921). Early Phares Ducellier switch panel or one to loan to get front cast. Solex choke flap mechanism for 22mm sidedraught. Advice on early French upholstery materials! John Williams Wanted: Starter for 1929/30 Alvis Silver Eagle. Either good usable or in need of refurbishing, with or without Bendix drive. Mark Hodgins Wanted: Meadows Gearbox for 1936 Morgan. A Meadows gearbox required for a 1936 Morgan 4/4, gearbox parts also considered. Or a Moss gearbox in good condition. Paul Down Seater Trials Car Wanted. Young member looking for a 4 seater trials car. Preference would be for an open car. Keen to make the transfer from bouncer to driver! Many thanks. Charles Clegg Trojan Sales Photographs Literature Wanted. From Trojan Motors / Leyland Motors mostly. These are publicity photos. A typical example would be a solid tyred pickup inside the factory carting crankshafts around. Frazer Sloan interesting but non-eligible BMC Marine Vedette Engine. Classic marine engine and gearbox. Not been run for about 8 years. Needs some work but would be a great and easy project. Contact for more info. Oliver Yarrow AC Aceca-Bristol. Matching numbers, much work and sensible mods carried out, many photos. Rebuilt 100B2/overdrive, suspension, body, interior, mine 20 years. 90k. P/ex Act of Parliament Clock / Skeleton. Julian Bittleston (Taunton). Crossley /70 Parts. I am looking for a water pump or parts, front brake shoes or patterns (self wrapping type) + Perrot shafts / rods and a bulkhead. Any other parts, incomplete projects even. WHY? Frazer Sloan Talbot AV105 Vanden Plas Tourer Wanted. Member searching for an original AV105 VDP Tourer in good running order. Please call or me for a chat if you have such a car and are considering selling. David James Mascot Required. I am looking for a chrome mascot for mounting on the radiator cap of a 1937 Railton Straight Eight, perhaps you would rummage around and let me know what you have? Happy to pay a fair price. Richard Tyzack Gearbox Wanted. I am searching for a good condition gearbox to replace the existing on my 1926 LeaF that is ready to race but needs a decent box before it can come out to play. All offers considered as well as advice. Richard Tyzack Wolseley 6/80. Professionally bare metal sprayed black 10 years ago. Original green interior and carpets in good condition. Won Best 6/80 Trophy at the 6/80 Club Rallies in 2000, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2012 and the Spectators Choice Award 2007 BL Rally. The car has been used extensively for film work see Youtube My week with Marilyn getaway car. 10,000. Tim Bee

47 miscellaneous Luxury Chalet. French Alps, Le Grand Bornand/La Clusaz. On slopes, ski in / ski out. Clever design, providing 10 bedrooms, or 2 separate fully furnished half chalets each providing: 5 bedrooms & 5 bath/ shower rooms, kitchen, dining, lounge, surround sound TV/DVD, sun terraces and balconies. Great vintage touring base, stunning scenery. Geneva 1 hour, Annecy 30 min. Visit or call Jeff Stow Holiday Home to Rent. The Lodge, 26km from Paris great for vintage touring, ideal stopover for Le Mans, ample secure parking, sleeps 9, situated in rural setting within the beautiful grounds of the former home of Edward & Mrs Simpson, the Duke & Duchess of Windsor. Further accommodation available for larger parties. Jo Langford-Yates Rare French Bicycle for Sale. Extremely rare ROOLD French Randonneur bicycle, c Elegant Mixte frame with brazed on carrier. Completely and beautifully restored to original specification, no expense spared. Unridden since! Bright parts rechromed, refinished original colour, faithfully decorated to original standard. Wheels rebuilt, new alloy rims, stainless spokes, French Pellisier hubs. New tyres, lighting set, Simplex 3 speed derailleur. 500 obo. If you would like to own / ride this incredibly rare / interesting French classic on the Boulogne Ride for photographs. Michael Baker Positions Required. Experienced Engineer: The job role will encompass all aspects of project management of two exciting new Bugatti restorations. Machine skills required as well as excellent understanding of what it takes to assemble the detailed components in a thoroughbread vintage car. I would expect 10 yrs of restoration history and or a degree in engineering related subject as a minimum. Much more on offer for the right candidate than just another garage job. Apprentice Engineer: A hands on role for a bright young thing. Model making, road and racecar prep or similar. This is a mechanics role with training opportunities in house and from part time courses where relevant. Working as part of a small team this is not a shortterm position, just like an old school apprenticeship it take time for the knowledge and confidence to grow. Charles Knill-Jones for more info and have a look at the website Based in Cirencester, Gloucestershire. Charles Knill- Jones. Motor Sport Magazine. Motor Sport magazine 1960 to 1998 in binders. Free to someone who will help with the cull of my bookshelves by collecting them from me in Cambridgeshire. Roger Keyworth

48 Store Your Vintage Or Classic Car For FREE on Any French Freewheel Cycling Holiday. Request your copy of Freewheel News for a complete list of 2015 Freewheel Cycling Holidays. Drive your Vintage or Classic car to the start or finish point and enjoy a cycling holiday at the beginning or end of your stay. ALL BIKES ARE PROVIDED. We can arrange to store your vintage or classic car for free, if booking online please or call our booking agents on to make them aware that you would like free storage. You have the opportunity to plan an exciting route across France. Choose from the holidays featured and we will either store your car or pay for the cross channel ferry from the UK. Aveyron 6 nights from 869 Self Guided / 7 nights from 1199 Guided. One of the original 83 departments created during the French Revolution, Aveyron; with its medieval ruins, beautiful old castles and monasteries and sight of the world s tallest bridge, the perfect place for a cycling holiday. There is plenty to do on your rest days including horse-riding, fishing, swimming and hiking or simply discovering what this region has to offer. Choose from 6 nights self guided or 7 nights guided. Contact Freewheel Cruises for further details or visit the website: or call Leisurely Loire Aveyron Dordogne Self- Guided: Enjoy At Your Own Leisure. Enjoy an easy paced, relaxing ride as you cycle through some of the Loire Valley s most inviting views. See the elegant pinnacles of the Château de Ussé, the inspiration for the fairy-tale Sleeping Beauty, the graceful château at Azay-le-Rideau, surrounded by water, often cited as the most impressive of the Loire châteaux and the acres of vineyards with a chance to stop off and sample some of the regions finest wines. Extra nights in Tours available, please ask for details. Full information and departure dates can be found on our website or call Dordogne, Perigord & Quercy. Scenic routes take you north into the region of Pòrigord, one of France s gastronomic jewels. Cycling distances are kept low to allow you to appreciate the interesting sights en route Salignac with its medieval castle, and Lascaux where the grotto and its prehistoric paintings were discovered only in If you re a fan of French markets the largest one of the Dordogne region is held in Sarlat on Saturdays. An included canoe trip on the Dordogne allows you to paddle past the lovely villages of Beynac and La Roque-Gageac. The route from Sarlat to Rocamadour takes you into Quercy. Half Board: Breakfast and Dinner included. Freewheel Holidays are provided by Club Member, Tony Moy.

49 House for Sale in Brittany. 4 beds. South facing. Separate workshop and 4 car garage in basement (sous-sol). Large manageable garden. 5 minutes by car from Pontivy. 200, Euros. John Deacon (France) Douglas Model D 340cc Twin. Dormant for many decades, now running well in oily rag and original condition. Pioneer certificate, original registration number. A reference machine for this fare model, 14,250. A rare chance to own a significant machine. Peter Cox Restored Farmhouse for Sale. Restored farmhouse with dry barns, workshop etc. Nonac, 16190, Charente. Ideal for Circuit des Remparts. In small village opposite the church and an excellent restaurant. Fully renovated 1999, loads of beams, three en suite bedrooms, 2 childrens rooms, sitting room, dining room, large kitchen, oil central heating, wood burning stove etc. Loads of space in both the house and barns. South facing courtyard garden, plus a west facing garden with a 12x6 metre landscaped pool, wild orchids in the lawn and wide views over rolling countryside. Time to sell, price, 318,000 Euros (Last year, this was 255,000 but now, only 228,600 as of March 9th 2015). Buy now while the exchange rate is in your favour. Will consider VSCC car in p/ex. Currently run as B&B. Please text me (SMS) if you do not get a reply and I will call you back. Mike Holt

50 services and traders Formhalls Hoyt White Metal Bearings. Full casting, machining/line boring service etc. As supplied to all the top restoration firms, racers and engine machine shops. Our ultra reliable bearings have been road and track tested for many thousands of miles and come with a life-time guarantee on casting and materials faults. Other services include crankshaft grinding and balancing reboring and sleeving etc. etc. For meticulous quality and friendly advice phone Terry Formhalls on (New Forest) or take a look at (Trader). Neve Engineering. Gears for Vintage, Veteran, Historic road and Racing cars. Specialist gear manufacturers and precision engineers. Transmission gears and shafts plus associated parts. Double helical gears, pump gears, cam gears, timing gears, internal gears. Double helical gear sets for Alvis SP25 and SP20 now available, also Lagonda and Invicta. Close ratio gearsets designed and manufactured as required. Straight cut Alvis SP25 competition sets made. All marques catered for. Special one off CWP sets manufactured. Full gearbox overhaul service. For all enquiries contact Neve Engineering at Handlye Works, Barcombe, Nr Lewes, Sussex BN8 5TJ or visit (Trader) I J Pitney Concours Panel Beating. We are a family business third generation with over 120 years expertise. Panelling of any car, to special design in steel or aluminium. Also brass radiator shells, wings, petrol tanks, etc. No VAT. (Trader) or Autovac. We supply new Autovac units for all makes of car. Refurbished units are sometimes available. Also servicing/refurbishment and testing to ensure that you get the best from your Autovac. Spare parts available. Martin Hull and Barbara Ashton, Greenmoor, Sticklepath, Okehampton, Devon EX20 2JJ. (Trader) Mechanical work. Carried out to the highest standard, engine re-building, suspension and steering work, re-wiring, gearboxes, hydraulic repairs, full re-build. Try our Vapour Blasting, our Komet blaster fires hot water, degreasing chemical and glass bead at 80 psi. Cylinder heads, blocks, crankcases, suspension components all catered for. Tim Walker (Restorations) (Trader), 15 mins J9 M Radiator Restorations. Quality restoration and repair service, for prompt personal service and advice contact Jess Dilley, CPA Services, Units 4 & 5, Site 4, Alma Park Rd, Grantham, Lincs. NG31 9SE. CPA Services (Trader) or Hardy Hall Restorations. Specialist historic motor sport restoration and preparation. Development, fabrication, welding, one-offs, rebuilds. Over 20 years of experience with vintage, sports and grand prix cars. Contact Jonathan Hall, Ripplewood Manor, Collington, Bromyard, Herefordshire. HR7 4NA. Hardy Hall Restorations (Trader) or GEOFF HARRIS Stemax ltd Performance engineers Vibration Free Specialists in vibration analysis & dynamic balancing Tel/Fax: Unit 18 Green Farm, Fritwell, Bicester, Oxfordshire, OX27 7QU Vintage Cars don t have to vibrate! What can we do for you? 50

51 Typecast Ltd. Genuine Alfin Brakedrum Manufacturers. Specialists in bespoke aluminium/ cast iron composite brakedrums and brake systems for all vintage and classic cars, including prototypes and specials. For details please telephone or (Trader). Infrared Thermometers Only 2 Left in Stock. Just point and press the MH1 to get a temperature reading in degrees C or F. No need to touch the item, so ideal for checking radiator header tanks, cylinder heads, sumps, wine and beer inc P+P. For telephone orders call Simon Diffey on Cheques to S.P. Diffey and send to Merrys, Hastings St, Luton, Beds. LU1 5BE. Frost Specialist Tools. Frost Specialist tools, wheeling machines, workshop equipment, consumables, paint, plating kits, oils, car care products, books and videos supplied by mail order. Agents for POR-15 and Eastwood. Ring for free catalogue. (Trader) The right tyres for your vintage car authentic tyres from the ultimate tyre authority Free UK tyre delivery Auto Electric Supplies. Mail order suppliers of bulbs, braided cable, fuse boxes, switches, terminals, indicator kits, etc. at discounted not vintage car prices. (Trader). Auto Electric Supplies Red Triangle. The Alvis Specialists. We have more experience than anyone else in restoring Alvis cars and as the authorised supplier of genuine Alvis parts, we supply components for most Alvis cars from Credit cards accepted. Red Triangle, Common Lane, Kenilworth, Warwickshire. (Trader) Steel Wheel Rims. Manufactured/supplied, spokes made, wheels rebuilt. Contact James Wheildon at Old Brickwood Farm, West Grimstead, Salisbury SP5 3RN (Trader) or Fields Engine Service Ltd. Est Services include bearing re-white metalling, crankshaft grinding, reboring, resleeving, cylinder head repairs, surface grinding, small end bushing, valve inserting, pressure testing, valve and valve seat refacing, line boring/honing, crack detecting, helicoiling, con rod reclaiming, crankshaft journal rebuilding, balancing, alloy welding. Suppliers of pistons, bearings, gaskets, valves, valve springs, oil pumps, camshafts and followers, valve guides. Delivery and collection service. 2a Leslie Road, Leyton, London E11 4HG (Trader) All Springs. All springs (except road springs) to pattern, drawing or sketch. Valve springs and oneoffs a speciality or send to Paul Savage, Unit 17, Enterprise Works, 28 Heming Road, Washford Ind. Estate, Redditch, Worcs. B98 0DH (Trader) (eves and weekends). Tom Dark Engineering The experts for Pre-Selector Gearboxes Restoration & Maintenance From ERAs to MGs All parts for all models held in stock Near Witney, Oxon T:

52 Tyres and Wheels. All styles of tyres available as usual from Longstone Tyres. Wheels manufactured to your specification. Come and see us at any VSCC speed event or at Bawtry where we are fitting and balancing tyres for free. Call now for price and delivery, or pop in the kettle is always on and there are always some interesting cars worth looking at. Dougal and Andy Cawley. (Trader) Windscreens and Hoodframes. Can be made to suit your individual needs by Wessex Workshops. All types of windscreen made including, fold flat with aero screens, top opening, vee screens and Auster rear screens. (Trader) Camshafts. Specialising in one-offs and small batches for individuals, marque specialists and clubs we offer a unique service at a sensible price. Besides reproducing existing camshafts our home grown computer software for engine analysis, measurement and design enables us to develop and make to the highest standards improved profiles tailored to individual requirements. Ultrasonic thickness measurement of most materials (iron, alloys, plastics, etc.) where access is limited to one face only is now possible using new equipment we have recently installed. Useful for cylinders, ports, combustion chambers etc. prior to machining. Contact Bob or Charles at Baynton-Jones, Shaftesbury. Website (Trader) Paul Beck Vintage Supplies. Paul Beck Vintage Supplies/Complete Automobilist are one and same offering the leading range of specialist vintage fittings, parts and accessories. New 2010 edition of printed parts catalogue has been completed 70 plus A4 pages of vintage stuff which we try to offer at competitive pricing. Efficient mail order service and callers possible at new premises back in North Walsham we even have a customer counter again! (Trader) Phone , or take a look at or Car Transport. Car Transport and Secure, Dehumidified Storage. From a VSCC member, based South Midlands / Glos / Worcs, but really convenient for just about anywhere (Trader). Traditional Panel Beating. And sheet metal work in steel and aluminium. Bonnets, wings, fuel tanks and complete bodies panelled. Paint work to concours standards. All types of aluminium welding carried out, please see our website No VAT, ring Les or Ross on or (Trader). Pre-select Gearbox Specialists. Transmissions overhauled. Upgrades and improvements available. Full Dyno test facilities. Graham Whitehouse Autos Ltd (Trader). Phone , fax , website 52

53 Vintage / Classic Car Storage. Secure, dehumidified, discreet storage for all types of Vintage and Classic vehicles. Long and short term storage, collection service. Located in Worcestershire. VSCC Member and Vintage Owner. (Trader) Contact Duncan Andrews Castrol, Silkolene, Millers and Penrite. Classic oils, greases and petrol additives. New online shop open 24/7 at or order by phone before midday for overnight delivery of stock items with payment by plastic card. Tim Whellock, Vintage and Sports Car Services, Littlecombe Garage, Chaffcombe Road, Chard, Somerset TA20 1RR, tel (Trader). Ball & Roller Bearings. For old cars, motorcycles and commercial vehicles. Obsolete bearings supplied, reconditioned or manufactured. VSCC member. The Vintage Bearing Company (Trader) Westwood Cylinder Liners. Manufacturers and distributors of Cylinder Liners. Over 25,000 liners in stock, covering a wide range of sizes. Specials made to order, no minimum quantity. Cast Iron or Ductile Iron. Duncan Andrews VSCC Member (Trader). Duncan Andrews Wire Wheels. SAS Turrino Wheels Ltd manufacture and restore all types of wire wheels (alloy and steel rims), hubs and spinners to the highest standards. (Trader). Units 8/9 Elliott s Yard, Kings Cliffe, Peterborough PE8 6ER website Mobile Welding and Panel Beating. With no need for your car to leave your premises. Over 30 years experience restoring and repairing vintage and classic cars. Wheeling, welding and panel beating in aluminium and steel. No VAT. (Trader). Alan The finest of British Country Outbuildings Commercial and residential fire detection and suppression systems installed and maintained Portable fire extinguishers supplied and maintained Suppression systems for catering equipment, server data rooms, fume cupboards and electrical enclosures Discounts for VSCC members E S T Our range of Oak Fronted Barns and Timber Garages are ideal for vintage, classic and modern. Condensation free and easily heated. Visit our online picture galleries for ideas and inspiration. Discount for VSCC members High St. Strood, Rochester, Kent ME2 4DR Tel:

54 DH Day Offers the Following Services. Restoration and supply of magnetos, 3-year guarantee also dynamos, starters, regulators and other electrical equipment. Full range of mechanical restoration services. Capacity to make virtually any part to order. Fabric couplings made to your requirements. Vehicle storage in secure modern insulated building in North Wiltshire, near Swindon/M4. DH Day, Aldrans, Church Hill, Wroughton, Swindon, Wiltshire SN4 9JR (Trader) Swimming Pools At the Right Price. Do you realise we can supply an Inground swimming pool for the price of an Austin Seven or similar car? Yes, for a one piece fibre glass pool complete with filter, pump, maintenance kit, chemical starter kit, heater, carriage and VAT from 9,995. Pipe work, covers, etc also available. We are not just a supply only company. Our staff can supervise your own DIY project, carry out a complete installation and maintain your pool for you. Fancy a better life in your own pool? Please contact us now for further information. Progressive Pools, 22 Lawford Road, Rugby, Warwickshire, CV21 2DY, tel , fax or take a look at TetraBOOST E Guard 15. Is effectively the last of the leaded. Our lead fuel additive is suitable for both road and race use enabling customers to motor anywhere in the UK or Europe (and back again) on real leaded fuel. Indeed TetraBOOST is now responsible for virtually all the leaded petrol in daily road use in the UK and for touring and racing in Europe. Each box of TetraBOOST makes over 650 litres of octane boosted leaded fuel combined with built-in ethanol protection. Assuming 20mpg that s around 3000 miles of motoring for 120 plus delivery to your door almost anywhere on the UK mainland (except the Highlands and Islands). TetraBOOST not only makes the worlds only genuine mixable lead additive, but its E-Guard antiacid formulation minimises the problems associated with acid formation and water absorption both in daily use and over-wintering situations in pump fuel containing up to 15% ethanol (E15). Race users too can be confident in knowing that using the higher octane base fuels gives up to 6 full octane points of boost, enough for most race applications (MSA acceptable) So accept no substitutes order TetraBOOST E Guard, the worlds finest and most convenient fuel additive. Call TetraBOOST on , website (Trader). New Premises and Christmas Open Day Saturday 13 December am 3.00pm See website for details Over 15 years of experience as a Coach Trimmer working on all types of vehicles from vintage to modern. Based in Milton Keynes Tel: or Website: DON T FORGET All ads that you place in the Newsletter also appear on the Club s website as soon as we receive payment and they have been checked. Sellers may therefore be contacted prior to the publication of the Newsletter. Buyers who are members should check online at as new adverts appear almost every day. 54

55 ADVANCE TICKET DETAILS VSCC april 2015 CLUB MEMBERS You are able to order advance tickets for the following events from the Club office either by phoning the VSCC Ticket Booking line on or completing the form below and posting it to the Club office. An easier way of ordering tickets is on the VSCC website follow the links below Tickets are normally despatched around four weeks before the event. Under 16s are free. Silverstone Race Meeting 18 April In Advance 7.50 On the Day Curborough Speed Trials 3 May In Advance 6.00 On the Day Wiscombe Park Hill Climb 10 May In Advance 8.00 On the Day Cadwell Park 7 June In Advance On the Day Oulton Park Race Meeting / Club Day 18/19 July In Advance On the Day Snetterton Race Meeting 27 September In Advance On the Day MEMBERS ADVANCE TICKET OFFER ORDER FORM no. of tickets Total Cost required Cost Silverstone Curborough Wiscombe Park Cadwell Park Oulton Park Race Meeting / Club Day Snetterton Race Meeting Post & Packing Grand Total... I enclose a cheque made payable to VSCC Ltd. for... or Charge... to my Mastercard / Visa Valid from / Expires / Security No. Signature... (From reverse of card) Name on card... VSCC Membership No... Address Post Code... Daytime Tel No... All information on this booking form is given in good faith at the time of printing but may be altered due to unforeseen circumstances. The Vintage Sports-Car Club reserves the right to alter or cancel the programme without notice. Please return this form and payment to: Gill Batkin, VSCC, The Old Post Office, West Street, Chipping Norton, Oxon. OX7 5EL. Telephone Bookings can be taken on