PL Girls Track & Field 2018 Spring Sports PAC Meeting

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1 PL Girls Track & Field 2018 Spring Sports PAC Meeting

2 Agenda - Coaching Staff - Purpose Statement - Team Handbook - Registration/Physical - Practice & Meet Expectations - Gear Orders - Fundraisers/Concessions - Booster Club/LABC - Fundraisers/Concessions - Important Dates - Stay Connected - Things to do TONIGHT - Questions

3 LAKER Coaching Staff McNallan: Sprints/Pole Vault - Bollinger: Distance/High Jump - Rummel: Sprints/Hurdles - Appel: Distance - Nelson: Throws - Bembenek: Sprints/Triple & Long Jump - Walgrave s: (Volunteer) Hurdles

4 Purpose Statement McNallan I coach to help young women pursue their passion for athletics through hard work and determination while helping them acquire traits that lead to living a healthy life.


6 Team Handbook Can be found on the School Website and the Schoology Page if looking for further information on anything Girls Track & Field related.

7 Registration/Physical In order to participate in the first day of practice, you must: - Register for Girls Track & Field - Physical dated after July 1st, 2015

8 Practice & Meet Expectations Season Starts on: MARCH 12th (SPRING BREAK) Practice Times: 3:20-5:30pm (Depending on Event Groups) There will be practices on Saturday mornings. - Typically 8-10am - Dress appropriately, may not always be able to get in the building. - Check the schoology page for practice plans

9 Practice/Meet Gear WE WILL BE GOING OUTSIDE!!!! Be ready for all kinds of weather. Appropriate practice gear: - Running shoes, sweats, sweatshirt, jacket, winter hat, gloves, shorts, t-shirt, & competition spikes. - Event shoes are highly recommended. - Replacement spikes will be given out to athletes throughout the season. You should be sweaty at practice. It s easier to shed layers than go without.

10 Attendance Unexcused absences VS. Excused absences - Communicate with your event coach if you are going to be absent or late. - Multi-Sport Athletes need to communicate with coaches. Athletes who miss practice may lose opportunity to compete in meets. - Absence from school = no practice/meet for that day - ISS or OSS = no practice/meet for that day - Any Doctor visit = Certified Doctors note to be eligible for practice/meet & check in with our Athletic Trainer

11 Track Meets What meets will I compete in? - Not everyone will compete in every meet - Most athletes in 1 meet per week - Line-ups should be posted 2 days prior to the meet - Coaches will let athletes know what they will compete in the week prior. Limited Meet JV Meet Unlimited Meet

12 Meet Attendance Please let Coach McNallan know two weeks in advance if your daughter is going to be absent from a meet by filling out the absence form on Schoology. Athletes are expected to ride the bus too and from all track meets. If an athlete needs to leave early, a signed note from a parent must be given to a coach BEFORE the bus leaves going to the meet. Athletes are not allowed to drive to a track meet or leave with another student unless approved by the Athletic Director.

13 Meet Uniform All athletes will be issued a uniform top/bottom for competition. Option to wear spandex as uniform bottoms. - Sold on gear order as navy spandex shorts or navy leggings If an athlete chooses to wear anything under their uniform it has to be Navy on Bottom, or White on Top.

14 Gear Order- DUE Tuesday, March 6th Link:

15 Parent Requests & Opportunities Come to our meets, support, cheer on, and encourage your athlete and others in all events or on any team. Do your best to help your daughter get to bed at a decent time every night. Help make sure your daughter has a healthy, and balanced diet. Volunteer to help give back to the program and strengthen the community.

16 Booster Club/LABC 10 Captains Cassie Flaata Carly Gifferson Hannah Caldwell Allison Kepner Serena Pfeiffer Kristyn Arends Maddy Bremer Jadin Heilmann Gwen Andersen Jozi Tainter Parents/Roles Gwen Flaata Pasta Dinners Janeen Gifferson MYA Fundraiser & Concessions Maia Caldwell Pasta Dinners Liza Kepner Team Poster & Banquet Donna Pfeiffer MYA/Pizza/Music Fest Fundraises Rhonda Arends MYA/Pizza/Music Fundraiser (LABC) Jenn Bremer Banquet Dawn Germscheid Team Poster & TSP Night Jody Andersen Teacher, Senior, Parent (TSP) Night Bill & Julie Tainter Concessions

17 Booster Club/LABC New People!!!!!! Please contact McNallan if you are interested in being a Booster Club member or future LABC rep.

18 Volunteer Athletes: Must participate in ALL of the following. - FMSC - Music Fest Fundraiser (Date TBD) - Pizza Fundraiser - MYA Basketball Fundraiser - Working Concessions/Meets Parents: Are encouraged to volunteer for at least one of the following. - MYA Basketball Fundraiser - Working Concessions/Meets Sign-Up Sheets provided at the end of the meeting- only so many slots per activity.

19 Fundraisers/Concessions PARENTS & ATHLETES MYA Basketball: Saturday, March 24th - Contact Person: Gifferson or Pfeiffer Concessions Workers: 4/10, 4/23, 4/26, 5/8, 5/15, 5/22 & 5/23 - Contact Person: Tainter or Gifferson ATHLETES Pizza Fundraiser: Saturday, March 31st - Contact Person: Arends or Pfeiffer FMSC: Thursday, March 22nd Contact Person: Arends or Pfeiffer Music Fest: TBD (Saturday morning this spring) - Contact Person: Gifferson or Pfeiffer

20 Important Dates First Day of Practice: 3/12 FMSC: 3/22 MYA Basketball Fundraiser: 3/24 Pizza Fundraiser: 3/31 Senior/Teacher/Parent Appreciation Night: 4/12 Picture Day: 4/3 Banquet: 6/4

21 PLHS Athletic Trainer Liz Cervenka Concussion Testing- Baseline Testing Every 2 years (Free) Thursday, March 8th 3:30 (arrive by 3:20) in the Testing Center Athletic Director- Russ Reetz PAC Meeting information posted on the Prior Lake High School Activities Website

22 Schoology Code: S9X9X-K2RXQ Stay Connected For Season Updates Twitter Girls PLTF Website Facebook: Season Pictures

23 Things to do TONIGHT - Make sure you are registered with an up-to date physical - Order gear (DUE: 3/11) - Parents: Sign up to Volunteer - MYA Basketball Fundraiser - Concession Stand - Athletes: Fill Out Schoology Pre-Season Questionnaire

24 Questions

25 Northern Life Wellness & Body Kneads Massage Teri Gaub