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1 THE STAMPEDE MHS Journalism January 2016 First Edition Cyber bullying Cyber bullying has become a rising epidemic in this age of technology, with 23/50 MHS students saying they have been on the receiving end of these cyber attacks, Manteca High s journalism team takes action in finding out how teachers feel about the issue. When interviewing teachers on our campus, most said that unfortunately they don t see it from the classroom end of things. People don t show me tweets or Facebook posts or just anything in general, says Mr. Fontana, so of course this leaves them with little authority to stop the thing before it even happens- you cant fight something you cant see. I think it is easier now to pick on and bully somebody says Fontana when asked how technology has affected the way people bully now a days, you don t even need to have a name it makes it easier for people to actually BE bullies. Freshman Honors English teacher Mrs. Haskett shares similar thoughts about people hiding behind the screen; you don t see them as a person, you don t see the affect your words are having, so it s easier to treat it as a joke. But the real dilemma here is not whether or not we see the cyber bullying ourselves, but whether or not we as a school- as a district- are doing our parts in informing students enough about cyber bullying and trying to prevent it. Bullying is so much easier to do with social media and it s quicker and it spreads faster and further, says Haskett. She goes on to tell us that over the years she has tried her best to do her part in helping kids realize that human beings are human beings and their skin color, sexual orientation, and beliefs shouldn t be an issue; I try to help them see that there are so many different ways to live and so many different ways to be and that s okay. It s so disconnected, says Haskett when asked about the mandatory Internet Driver Licenses videos that we are forced to partake in now that district wide each student is administered a tablet. Mr. Fontana shares a bit more of an honest opinion about said videos stating, [they] are completely not effective because nobody takes [them] seriously, however, most of us would agree. Regardless of whether or not we agree on the video method, Manteca High School, the city of Manteca as a whole, needs to take a stand against cyber bullying. Although behind a screen it may be easy to pretend that things were taken out of context or it was just a joke, as a community it is our job to put a stop to cyber bullying, and bullying as a whole. INSIDE ISSUES Images provided by Digital photography

2 AUSTIN ARROYO by Jamie Sumner Edited by Jessica Ibe and Tyler Miloslavich Our wonderful buff wrestling team has been excelling this season. Especially, senior Austin arroyo! He explains how his career as a wrestler has been made better by those around him: "The coaches, my brothers, and my team members inspire me so much". Freshman year he played football but when the season came to a close, the coaches approached him about wrestling and it got his attention. And that is how is wrestling became a central part of his career. This is now his third year wrestling and he looks forward to the teams he ll wrestle against in the upcoming seasons. Austin is in the varsity 138 pound weight class. He loves how he can feel like he can be himself alongside his fellow brothers. They function like a familial unit and can open up to each other about anything. He explains how the people in his life have influenced him to be a better wrestler: "my brothers on the mat, my coaches motivate me to do better. Also my family, friends and my beautiful girlfriend for helping and supporting me". He aspires to one day become a personal trainer. No matter where the path of life takes him, he will always remember those he considers his brothers, and also he will never forget the experiences that Manteca High as provided for him. He reflects on his proudest 2

3 SPORTS SCORES Boys Basketball 2 weeks ago score: LHS vs MHS ( Win) Last weeks game 1/27/16: West. Ranch vs MHS (Loss) Girls Basketball 2 weeks ago score: West. Ranch vs MHS (Win) Wrestling Provided by Google Images 2 weeks ago score: Tournament (Win) Last weeks game 1/27/16 Sierra (Win) EU (Loss) Up close with the monitors We all know and love our campus monitors, some more than others, but what really makes these individuals who they are? MHS s Stampede takes a look into what makes these oh-so-important hall monitors/coaches who they are. Doug Hayes Birthday: September 28 Sign: Virgo. Born in Hayward but raised in Manteca, Doug Hayes attended Shasta Elementary School, graduated from our very own Manteca High School, and is currently attending Delta Junior College. COLLEGE PREP CLUB FIELD TRIP 8/Feb/2016 the field trip to UC Merced will take place, so those who are interested please go see Mrs. Norton to turn in your admission slip, if you don t have one go get one from Mrs. Norton. The cost to go is 5 dollars for paid members, and 10 dollars for everyone else. Hope to see you there, there is plenty of seats for those who wishes to attend. Favorites: Movie- Forrest Gump Book- I don t read enough, but I enjoy reading Huckleberry and Finn, that s a good book. Football: *shocker* San Francisco 49er s Color: I can t say this here Blue I'm a big Michigan fan TV Show: Breaking Bad. Baseball Team: I m a Giants fan. Pre 2010, so I m not a bandwagon. Been a fan since 95 Part of the job: being around you crazy kids What is your biggest Pet Peeve? I hate when you re at a stop sign and someone s coming and they don t turn on their blinker so you could have left five minutes ago. moral of the story? Always use your blinker or you ll have a very angry Coach Hayes on your hands. Did you know? Along with coaching for the JV football team here on campus, Coach Hayes is also the freshman baseball coach. He also has secret talent ladies: I can play piano, and I m also a fairly decent singer. He also *tear* has a girlfriend and step-step son, but I mean, happy Hayes means happy life on campus right? Message to his fans: Thank you for your continued support, I appreciate it. 3

4 Provided by Google Images Up close with the monitors Coach Dub, Jerry Walser Jr. "Pronounced wall [knocks on wall behind him], sir [points to himself]." Age: 54 Sign: Capricorn FAVORITES: Color: Green Food: "Steak and seafood." Football Team: Buffs, 49ers, Stanford, and Notre Dame Shoe Brand: Adidas (but he was wearing Nikes.) "Gotta be flexible. A little variety, the spice of life." FUN FACTS College: San Jose City College, Hayward State, Chico State *Division two All American at Hayward MHS Experience: 6 yrs working, 16 years as a coach "What's your favorite thing about working at MHS?" "99% of the kids." Pet Peeve: "In general? Entitlement. People who believe they're entitled to things they haven't earned." Something Extra: Coach: "I worked for years as a bouncer." Mr. Fast in the back: "How about your own TV show?" Coach: "Oh yeah! It was outdoors fishing and hunting. It was 2009 when we produced the show and it aired in It was on in California." Domestic Life: "Are you married?" "Yes, for about sixteen years. It's kind of interesting though, MHS wise... her picture hangs in the library." "Your wife was a principal?" "Yes she was. Alumni and the first and only female principal at MHS. When we first started dating, I worked at The Red School, and so did she. When I told my friend we were getting married, he said 'dang man, you started off dating the Dean, now you're marrying a principal.'" Wife's Sign: Torres Children?: Son, Jerry Walser III Fan Message: "Take advantage of your opportunities." 4

5 Interview with Mrs. Norton On Tuesday, February 2, Mrs. Norton s wallet and phone fell out of her purse, and a student named Brichelle Sutherland found it and returned everything untouched. She found it when she was walking to the office and it was right next to Mrs. Norton s car. Brichelle then returned it immediately after she found it. When asked why she didn t keep it, she then stated that she finds it disrespectful to keep something that s not theirs. Book and Movie Recommendations Book recommendations Hunger Games- it is about a women that was in poverty who volunteered for a game so her sister wouldn t have to go Caption describing picture or graphic Music Recommendations - Harder better faster Daft Punk 5