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1 Inside this issue: 1 Bringing You Up To Date 2 Letter from the President 3 Architectural Review 4 A Short Story 5 Support Your Neighbors 6 Area Events July 7 Area Events August 8 Area Events August (2) 9 Area Events September 10 Announcements 11 Contact Information Upcoming Events Saturday, July 28th Reminder The Bear Facts Cobble Creek s Community Newsletter CCCA Annual Picnic Sunday, September 3rd Labor Day Bringing You Up To Date By Heather Gentry Summer 2007 WOW, It feels like it s been a long time since the last newsletter...a lot has happened since spring! For starters, the 2007 Cobble Creek Community Annual Meeting was held on Saturday, May 12th at the Mountain View Park. I m happy to say there was a fair turn out, 13 properties were represented and I thoroughly enjoyed meeting and seeing all of those who attended. A few of the highlights included several discussions pertaining to the Deed Restrictions and By Laws. The conversation covered the wording, definitions, interpretations, procedures & a potential penalty system for violations. The general consensus was that we need to establish a financial penalty system to support the Deed Restrictions & By Laws. We all owe a big Thank You to Attorney and resident, Ned Flynn, who was extremely helpful in explaining the legal side of things at this years meeting. It was announced that the 2007/08 Budgets were approved via the Mail in Ballot. Results: Capitol Reserves 152 votes Approved / 2 Against, Operating 153 Approved / 1 Against. Thank you to everyone for your comments and participation. This years Annual Meeting also brought us two new Board Members! Please welcome Phyllis Gibson and Chris Karlic. Both are relatively new residents to Cobble Creek; we welcome and appreciate their interest & enthusiasm, and we look forward to working with them this year. The pool opened for the season on May 26th. The Board and myself had an extremely busy couple of weeks preparing for that event...i had no idea just how much work goes into it! Valerie Gagliardi & Elaine Yampolski did a great job of cleaning, stocking and organizing the pool house. Mike Scott and his son Gregory put many hours into scrubbing, scraping, painting, hauling and doing every chore I put on the To Do List...probably a lot more than they bargained for, but they did an outstanding job! Please be sure to thank them, they deserve it! There are a couple other residents who I d like to mention Bert & Jane Walck volunteered their time and vehicle to pick up and deliver all of our new lounge chairs, Chris Karlic unexpectedly cooked for everyone at the Pool Opening, and Bill Beideman and Bert Walck for troubleshooting the pool filter system. Also Dan Rios who maintains and updates the website, thank you guys for your kindness and generosity! Well, it took a tremendous amount of work to get things up and running, but I m happy to say that they have been going relatively smoothly. If you have any suggestions or comments, please contact me at or ext 6, I ll look forward to hearing from you! Please contact your board if you are planning to: Cut your trees. Landscape. Change the exterior of your house. Install a pool. Replace a shed. Install a new deck Thank You for paying your dues! A NOTE FROM THE POCONO TOWNSHIP ZONING OFFICER A Burning Permit is required for any and all open fires in Pocono Township. The burning of garbage, construction materials or any hazardous waste is strictly forbidden. Contact Stephen Meylach at ext 215 for more information. Cobble Creek Deed Restrictions state: No open fires shall be started without written permission of the grantors. 1

2 Summer has Arrived Welcome Cobble Creek Community Members to summer. The birds are chirping the warm sun is out, and the Community Pool officially opened on Memorial Day for the 2007 Season. The opening was a great success. Many community members came down to the opening and were surprised with the new lawn furniture, chairs and lounges that we have for the season as well as a great barbecue for everyone that joined. We also have many members using the basketball courts and tennis courts, which are always available. Getting everything cleaned and painted for the opening was a joint effort of the board members, and I would especially like to thank my son, Gregory, who put in countless hours after school and gave up his weekends to work for the community to get everything ready. I see a future board member in him, as Greg gets older. We are not done yet, and will continue to beautify the community and the Pool/Recreation area. We have three lifeguards for the season and we all would expect that you respect and follow their rules. They are only extending the guidelines that we have given them, and these rules are listed on a large sign as you enter the pool area. You must sign in every time and must have your pool pass. There will be no exceptions to this rule. We have had two new homeowners that not only have moved in but also have joined the Cobble Creek Community Board. Please welcome Chris Karlic on the West Side and Phyllis Gibson on the East Side. We look forward to their opinions and welcome their help. It is very apparent that many of the community members are sprucing up their yards and houses, as I see many houses being painted and sided, decks upgraded, new construction, and many of the new owners working diligently with their yard maintenance. If you are doing any of these, and or wish to, please contact the Architectural committee By Michael Scott for any advise or questions on permits. Again, this is not subject to the Deed Restrictions of the community; this is a member beautifying their own property as well as the neighborhood. I would ask that if for nothing else, to please keep your property clean and yards trimmed, as well as the propane tanks covered (In the Deed Restrictions) and to be courteous to your neighbor that is working diligently to beautify their property. I know many of you have asked and complimented the gardening and landscaping in my yard. First, thank you, and this has taken 6 very dedicated years especially from my wife Bernadette, who has the green thumb. As I tease her, it must be the skills of the old country she brought here from Poland as a child. We are not experts in any way, but what we have learned is to plant many perennials so that they come up every year, definitely saves money, and have purchased plants and shrubbery that are supposed to be deer resistant, and of course spray that foul smelling liquid fence on everything every month starting in the spring when plants and bushes sprout. Many of the garden centers in the area can help make recommendations to you. I will let you in on a little secret. We plant the flowers in the front yard and feed the deer corn in the back yard. We have our own little arrangement with them, and have worked fairly well over the years. We purchase the corn at Wal-Mart, and just put it in a simple plastic container in the back yard. A few dollars for corn a week, more then makes up for many expensive plants and bushes that they could easily devour. Lastly, we are planning a Community Pool Picnic. We are presently looking at Saturday July 28 th. I ask that all of you join, bring your own specialty dish, and share some great conversation and fun with your fellow neighbors. More details will follow on this great yearly event. 2

3 Architectural Review Committee By Steve Leventhal As a reminder to some and new information for others; there exists in Cobble Creek an Architectural Review Committee; Steve Leventhal and Mike Scott. These community members are available help you with any questions and review your requests for approval to do any of the following: tree removal / landscaping, home construction and or additions, sheds, fences, siding, septic, pools etc., as well as Resale certificates upon selling. This committee was established in part to help keep our beautiful wooded community just as it is. Again, as a reminder, all home plans for construction must be reviewed and approved in order to keep all structures within the guidelines set forth by the community by-laws. Township permits must be displayed during construction of any homes, additions, fences, pools etc., and are the homeowners responsibility to obtain. Cobble Creek Architectural Committee will work with you on your requests in a timely matter, as has always been our goal. All questions may be directed to Steven Leventhal, ext 4 or regarding these matters. FYI is a wonderful community site that is very informative regarding the by-laws, rules and deed restrictions. Pocono Township Permits. Permits are Required for, but not limited to the following: Signs Sewage Solicitation Alterations to Existing Structures Vendors Permits Storage Sheds Garages Occupancy Permits Residential Construction Recycling Permits Peddling Industrial Construction Wells Pumper/Hauler Permits Burning Swimming Pools Road Encroachment Driveways Storm Management For additional information log into: permits_fees.htm Pocono Township Information Board of Supervisors: Chairman Patrick Ross Vice Chairman Willard Anglemeyer Secretary/Treasurer Jane Cilurso Municipal Address: Route 611, PO Box 197 Tannersville, PA Phone: Fax: Office Hours: 8:00 to 4:30 / M-F Township Meeting: 1st & 3rd Mondays of the month at 7:00pm Pocono Mountain School District 3

4 By Emilio Paletta THE BEAR FACTS Emilio Paletta Author Copyright 2006 Last weekend we packed and drove to our Pocono mountain retreat. Upon arrival I unloaded the car leaving my wife and motherin-law to fend for themselves. When finished I went upstairs to bathe. Enjoying my hot tub, suddenly I felt the house shake. Thinking perhaps my mother-in-law had fallen down the stairs, I hopped out of the tub, wrapped a towel around and rushed into the hallway. Seeing no one in sight, I called to my wife. Peering from behind the door she said, "Hurry call 911 there's a bear in the house!" I ran into the bedroom picked up the phone and called for help; then I went back into the hall. "Honey I said, are you alright; what happened?" Explaining she said, When I went out into the yard, Fido followed. Spotting 3 bear cubs he chased after them; as they scurried up a tree. As I tried to shush him, I heard a growl. With that the fence came tumbling down. Scared out of my wits I made a beeline for the house with mama bear in hot pursuit. Attempting to close the door behind, she slammed it open pinning me against the wall. I'm so frightened I can't move." "Where is she now?" I asked. Seemingly in response, the bear charged into the room; smashing everything in sight. Spotting me she climbed up the stairs, as I ran into the bedroom; closing the door behind. Though not for long. Crashing into the door, it collapsed as if made of cardboard. With not a minute to spare, I scrambled out the window, climbing onto the ledge. Doing so, my towel slipped off and slid down the roof; to the ground below. 4 Peering out the window, the bear attempted to reach me with her extended paw. Due to extreme fear my teeth began to rattle, as I felt a warm trickle run down my leg. Starring at the humongous beast, the trickle turned into a stream. Suddenly, shouting from below my mother-in-law called, "what are you doing, that's what they invented toilets for?" Unable to answer due the chattering of my teeth, I reached down covering myself. "Come down before the neighbors see you," she demanded. If anything, her ranting frightened the bear away; affording me an opportunity to climb back in. Slipping on a pair of slacks, once again I heard her screaming! Looking out the window, I spotted the old witch with broom in hand, chasing mama bear and her brood off into the woods. I ran down to see how my wife had fared. In the middle of her recount, my mother-in-law came into the house. Addressing my wife she said, "Do you know this idiot was standing on the ledge of the roof stark naked?" Biting my tongue, I contained myself. After our ordeal we decided to return to the city; cutting short our stay. First thing I did upon arrival, was call my insurance agency. In detail, I related the events that had transpired; explaining that a bear broke in and destroyed the house, and of how I climbed out the window naked; exposing myself to the elements. Then I asked if I was covered? After a brief pause the agent said, " After reviewing your home owners policy; I'm sorry to say, you're not covered for bare exposure!"

5 Support your Neighbors and Community ADVERTISEMENTS! Do you own a business? Would you like to advertise in our newsletter & website? TOBYHANNA OFFICE: Route 196, 411 Sterling Road Tobyhanna, PA (570) Office (570) Fax TANNERSVILLE OFFICE: Coming Soon!!! We will advertise your business in our community newsletter which reaches over 150 qualified homeowners. Please contact us at (570) or Note: All businesses that advertise must have insurance. Visit us on our multi-lingual lingual website: All WIN Realty Sales Associates are knowledgeable real estate professionals who know and live in the Pocono Mountains of northeast Pennsylvania. We are happy to assist you with all your real estate needs, residential, commercial, multi-family, etc. You re always a winner with WIN Realty USE THE COBBLE CREEK WEBSITE! Go to to reach out to your neighbors. Use the blog to find a new tennis opponent, or put a request out for a good babysitter. Advertise your House For Sale. Post a Help or Job Wanted Ad. Open a discussion on the state of the area & community, share your thoughts and concerns with your neighbors All of this can be done for FREE at 5

6 Area Events for July ** July 1, September 30, 2007 Wallenpaupack Scenic Boat Tour Location: Lake Wallenpaupack (Hawley) Phone: Sit back and relax on an hour-long cruise on Lake Wallenpaupack. Your tour guide will describe the area and the history behind this beautiful lake region. Tours leave on the hour from 11am-7pm. Tickets are $12/adults and $8/children. ** July 1, September 30, 2007 Water Gap Trolley Tours Location: Water Gap Trolley (Delaware Water Gap) Phone: Take a tour of the eighth scenic wonder of the world, the Delaware Water Gap. Tour times are at 10am, 11:30am, 1pm, 2:30pm and 4pm. The tour runs seven days a week; rain or shine. Cost for the one hour tour is $8.50 for adults and $4 for children Miniature golf is also available for $2. ** July 3, August 28, 2007 Grandparents' Days Location: Shawnee Place (Shawnee on Delaware) Phone: Every Tuesday grandparents are admitted free when accompanied by a full-paying grandchild. ** July 6, September 30, 2007 (Friday Nights) Comedy Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre Location: Inn at Tannersville (Tannersville) Phone: Admission: $ This event is a total audience participation form of theater. The way it is presented offers guests a chance to play a real life game of "Clue." Through interaction and questions the murder is solved. Tickets are $26.95 per person, including the dinner and the show. Reservations required. Valid Fridays in July. July 7, July 28, 2007 (Saturdays) Great Train Robbery Runs Location: Stourbridge Line Rail Excursions (Honesdale) Phone: Guard your valuables, partner! Masked marauders ambush the Stourbridge Line on a round trip from Honesdale to Hawley. This three-hour ride includes a one-hour stopover for shopping and sightseeing. Tickets are $18/adult and $15/child. Train departs at 1:30pm from the Honesdale Station. Reservations required. Valid Saturdays in July. July 7, July 28, 2007 (Saturdays) Monroe Farmer's Market Location: Main Street (Stroudsburg) Phone: From 8am-noon, treat yourself to wonderful fresh produce, baked goods, fragrant flowers and much more. Market is located between 8th-9th Streets. Valid Saturdays in July. July 14, 2007 Antique Automobile Show Location: Stroudsburg Phone: Go back in time by strolling historic downtown, Stroudsburg and explore automobiles from the 1930s and later. Meet the owners and discover each automobile's unique history. Event is from 9am-3pm. Co-hosted by the Jacob Stroud Corporation and the 6 Pocono Region of the Antique Automobile Club of America. July 14, 2007 Music in the Valley Location: Quiet Valley Living Historical Farm (Stroudsburg) Phone: The sounds of traditional music from a by-gone era will fill the air this weekend from noon-8pm. Supported by a grant from the PA Council on the Arts, the weekend will feature a wide range of music styles and expressions including Folk, Bluegrass, Country and Gospel, as well as Contra Dancing. As well as performers throughout the day, there will be workshops and hands-on events to provide visitors with an opportunity to take a closer look at the music, dances and instruments featured. The event will be held under tents; rain or shine. Admission for each day is $7/adults and $4/children, ages July 18, 2007 The Goo Goo Dolls Plus Special Guest, Lifehouse From the underground buzz band to rock 'n' roll superstars, Goo Goo Dolls hit the international radar in a huge way in the late 1990s. Concert begins at 7:30pm. Inside, reserved seating tickets range from $37-$47 per person. Lawn seating is available for $22 per person. July 21, July 22, 2007 Civil War Encampment Location: Quiet Valley Living Historical Farm (Stroudsburg) Phone: The Civil War comes to life as re-enactors of the 142nd PA Volunteer Infantry, Co. G, encamp for the weekend. Visitors can mingle with the re-enactors, who will share information about the typical experiences of Civil War soldiers, including details of their uniforms, weapons and other articles of war. The encampment is from 10:30am-3pm on Saturday and from 1-4pm on Sunday. July 24, 2007 Lucinda Williams Three-time Grammy winner, Lucinda Williams, has been named "America's best songwriter" by no less than "Time Magazine." Concert begins at 7:30pm. Inside, reserved seating tickets range from $25-45 per person. Lawn seating is available at $20 per person. July 27, July 29, th Annual Pocono Blues Festival Location: Big Boulder Ski Area (Lake Harmony) Phone: The festival has a history of showcasing some of the finest blues artists in the world and is a must-see summer music festival for any Blues fans. July 29, 2007 Salsa Magic Illusion Show Location: Fernwood Hotel & Resort (Bushkill) Phone: 888-FERNWOOD Come for a night of magic and illusion with a Latin twist in the Astor Room.

7 Area Events for August August 2, August 4, th Annual Pocono Mountains Film Festival Location: The Shawnee Inn and Golf Resort Phone: The festival will showcase feature length and short films that represent some of the best worldwide independent cinema. Three days of screenings and special events will culminate in the Festival Awards Ceremony and Banquet on Saturday when awards will be presented to films entered in competition. At this ceremony, special individuals will be honored for their lifetime contributions to the culture and society. August 2, 2007 Cabaret Night Location: Meadowbrook Inn & Restaurant (Tannersville) Phone: "Cabaret night" features a dinner and show. Doors open at 6pm; dinner is served at 6:30pm. Tickets can be purchased for $59 per person, inclusive of tax and gratuity. Beverages additional. Reserve your ticket now. August 3, August 11, th Annual Wayne County Fair Location: Honesdale Phone: Fun and entertainment for all ages. Fair features a stunt show, fire fighter's competition, demolition derby, 4-wheel drive truckpull, harness racing, fireworks, woodmen's competition, farm tractor pull, horse pull and more. Make it a family tradition. August 3, August 5, 2007 Pennsylvania 500 Nextel Cup Race Weekend Location: Pocono Raceway (Long Pond) Phone: 800-RACEWAY Pennsylvania 500 Nextel Cup Race: Sunday, August 5, Pocono Raceway has long been recognized as one of NAS- CAR's most competitive raceways. Pocono's unique 2.5 mile track features three turns, each with its own degree of banking. August 4, 2007 Linda Ronstadt (Bushkill) Idolized as one of the greatest voices of all time, Linda has enjoyed a bold, risk-taking, genre-jumping career - and she's still out there taking chances. Concert begins at 8pm. Inside reserved seating tickets range from $32-$52 per person. Lawn seating is available for $22 per person. August 4, 2007 First Saturday Evening on Main Location: Downtown Stroudsburg Phone: Enjoy an afternoon and evening of art, music, shopping and dining in charming downtown Stroudsburg. Experience a place where "Culture Builds Community." Enjoy free parking from 3pm on. Co-hosted by Jacob Stroud Corporation and Pocono Arts Council. August 4, August 25, 2007 (Saturdays) Great Train Robbery Runs Location: Stourbridge Line Rail Excursions (Honesdale) Phone: Guard your valuables, partner! Masked marauders ambush the Stourbridge Line on a round trip from Honesdale to Hawley. This three-hour ride includes a onehour stopover for shopping and sightseeing. Tickets are $18/ adult and $15/child. Train departs at 1:30pm from the Honesdale Station. Reservations required. Valid Saturdays in August. August 4, August 25, 2007 (Saturdays) Monroe Farmer's Market Location: Main Street (Stroudsburg) Phone: From 8am-noon, treat yourself to wonderful fresh produce, baked goods, fragrant flowers and much more. Market is located between 8th-9th Streets. Valid Saturdays in August. August 4, August 5, 2007 Whitewater Dam Release Weekend Location: Pocono Whitewater (Jim Thorpe) Phone: Everyone enjoys when the gates of the Francis E. Walter Dam open to allow for more water to flow down the Lehigh River. August 5, August 26, 2007 Family Value Days Location: Shawnee Place (Shawnee on Delaware) Phone: Family of four receives admission for $44. Each additional family member is $11. Valid Sundays in August. August 6, August 10, 2007 Forest, Fields and Me Day Camp Location: Monroe County Environmental Education Center Phone: This wonderful outdoor experience is designed for children between the ages of Through this program of hands-on activities, day campers will be exposed to and learn about the great variety of wildlife and plants living in forest, field and water habitats. The fee for this week long program is $80/non-members and $65/members. The fee includes all program materials, handouts and liquid refreshments during the course of the week, as well as a "Forest, Fields and Me" t-shirt. Each child must provide their own lunch. The programs will be limited to the first 25 registration forms received along with registration fee. August 8, 2007 Moonlight Rafting Location: Pocono Whitewater (Jim Thorpe) Phone: Journey under the stars for a unique and unforgettable nighttime adventure on the Lehigh River. Cost is only $75.95 per person. 7

8 August 8, August 12, 2007 Carbon County Fair Location: Little Gap Highway (Palmerton) Phone: The Carbon County Fair has something for everyone, with great entertainment, food and plenty to see and do. Those who want a getaway can enjoy the quiet country setting, but by nightfall, the skies will light up for two firework spectaculars, held both Wednesday and Sunday, featuring plenty of color and noise. The fair will open at 3pm and close at 11pm. Admission includes musical and midway entertainment. August 10, 2007 Bike, Wine and Dine On Broadway Location: Pocono Whitewater (Jim Thorpe) Phone: Enjoy a guided bike trip on the Switchback Railway, lunch at Café Origins, wine tasting at Big Creek Vineyard, then an open afternoon full of shopping, museums, etc. Cost is $54.95 per person, plus tax. August 11, 2007 The Laurie Berkner Band Come hear The Laurie Berkner Band with Susie Lampert and Adam Bernstein beginning at 11am. Inside reserved seating tickets range from $25-35 per person. August 11, 2007 Heritage Craft Day Location: Quiet Valley Living Historical Farm (Stroudsburg) Phone: A variety of crafters will demonstrate traditional skills of rural life throughout the day. There will be hands-on opportunities for visitors who wish to try their hand at these trades. Festival is from 10am-4pm. August 13, August 17, 2007 Kettle Creek Adventure Camp Location: Monroe County Environmental Education Center Phone: Adventure Camp spends five days learning skills, participating in activities and going on trips, concluding with a two-day backpacking and camping trip in the Delaware State Forest. Camp is recommended for children, ages Cost is $105/members and $120/non-members. Pre-registration required. August 18, August 19, 2007 Whitewater Dam Release Weekend Location: Pocono Whitewater (Jim Thorpe) Phone: Everyone enjoys when the gates of the Francis E. Walter Dam open to allow for more water to flow down the Lehigh River. August 18, 2007 The Allman Brothers Band When the Allman Brothers Band first appeared in 1969, they mixed blues-drenched Jazz with guitar-driven rock and laid the groundwork for what became known as the Southern Rock (More) Area Events for August 8 movement. Concert begins at 7:30pm and features Bob Weir and Ratdog. Inside reserved seating tickets range from $45-65 per person. Lawn seating is available for $25 per person. August 20, 2007 Boston Pops Esplanade Orchestra America's most-recorded and most-televised orchestra returns for a third visit under the baton of charismatic conductor Keith Lockhart. Concert begins at 8pm. Inside, reserved seating tickets range from $45-65 per person. Lawn seating is available at $25 per person. August 21, August 25, 2007 Pike County Fair Location: Best Western at Hunt's Landing (Matamoras) Phone: A family fun event for all ages featuring agricultural exhibits, entertainment, demolition derby, food and more. August 25, August 26, 2007 Jam Below the Dam (River Festival) Location: White Haven Phone: Festival features non-stop entertainment on two stages, over 50 vendors ranging from food, craft, novelty, collectibles, games, shirts, hats and more. Special attractions include Yuengling horses, a pet show, hometown idol contest and a car and motorcycle show. Hours for Saturday are 10am-10pm; Sunday hours are noon-7pm. Admission is free. August 25, 2007 Neil Berg's 100 Years of Broadway Anyone who loves Broadway musicals is in for a treat as this powerhouse group of Broadway veteran singers hit the stage for a tribute to a century of great tunes from the Great White Way. It's a jubilant revue of Broadway's biggest numbers presented in concert form by the actual stars of such as "The Phantom of the Opera," "Les Miserables" and more. Concert begins at 8pm. Inside reserved seating tickets range from $25-45 per person. Lawn seating is available at $20 per person. August 25, August 26, 2007 Pocono State Craft Festival Location: Sun Mountain Recreation Area Phone: Fine craft show featuring members of the PA Guild of Craftsmen. Watch the craft demonstrations, enjoy festival foods and listen to the best in Dixieland and Bluegrass music. Hours are 10am-6pm Saturday and 10am-5pm Sunday. Admission is $6, children 12 and under free. Festival is held rain or shine. August 26, September 1, th Annual West End Fair Location: Fairgrounds (Gilbert) Phone: Fair features amusement rides, pony rides, craft tent, petting zoo, band shell, live entertainment and more.

9 September 1, 2007 StroudFest '07 Location: Stroudsburg Phone: Sample the food, fun and festivities from 10am-5pm. Enjoy entertainment throughout the day, along with the local artisans, crafters and quilters displaying their talent and dozens of local food growers providing fresh picked vegetables and produce for your enjoyment. Admission is free. September 1, 2007 Tribute Fest Location: Big Boulder Ski Area (Lake Harmony) Phone: Big Boulder presents an all-star line-up featuring the sounds of Billy Joel, Elton John, The Beatles, U2, Pink Floyd and Led Zepplin. Fireworks show at dusk. Tickets can be purchased in advance for $20/adults and $15/children. Gate prices range from $ September 1, September 2, 2007 Whitewater Dam Release Weekend Location: Pocono Whitewater (Jim Thorpe) Phone: Everyone enjoys when the gates of the Francis E. Walter Dam open to allow for more water to flow down the Lehigh River. September 1, September 2, th Annual Pocono Garlic Festival Location: Shawnee Mountain (Shawnee on Delaware) Phone: Indulge all of your garlic fantasies at this legendary Pocono Mountain Festival as thousands and thousands of garlic lovers will be making a pilgrimage to partake in this joyous event. The Pocono Garlic Festival showcases some of the region's most pungent garlic, finest eateries (over 45 food vendors), recognized wineries, talented artisans and outstanding live performers. Event is from 10am-6pm. Admission is free. Area Events for September September 15, Heritage Festival Location: Mauch Chunk Lake Park (Jim Thorpe) Phone: The event includes Bluegrass performances, food, crafters and exhibits that will pay tribute to our local heritage. Performers include Jay Smar, Pat McGeehan & Friends and Blue Roots. The No. 9 Mine & Museum will also be conducting educational programs and guided bike rides of the Switchback Trail, Lehigh Canal and Lehigh Gorge will be available. Event is from 10am- 10pm. Camping is available. For rates and reservations contact the park office at September 22, September 23, th Annual PRCA Rodeo Location: Shawnee Place (Shawnee on Delaware) Phone: The annual pro cowboys will be competing in five PRCA events. Women will compete in a sanctioned barrel race. Gates will open at 11:30am and rodeo begins at 2pm. There will also be a live Country band and country line dancing. September 29, September 30, 2007 The Great Pocono Pumpkin Festival Location: Country Junction (Lehighton) Phone: Everyday from noon-6pm, come out to Country Junction. Cost is $10 per person or $15 for season pass. Children's rates are available. It's one low admission to play in Ghost town USA all day. Day pass includes unlimited daytime hayrides. Mine for Gold, Kiddies Haunted House, lots of characters, Indian face painting, unlimited carnival rides and fright night on weekends. All events are weather permitting. FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL SEPTEMBER 4, 2007 POCONO MOUNTAIN SCHOOL DISTRICT Please slow down & watch for children! 9...because their lives depend on it... Be Careful Be Safe

10 Birthdays August 5th Charlie Trapasso August 8th Jackson Gentry 3 yrs old August 9th Ashley Leventhal 1 yr old! August 19th Susan Rinck September 3rd Vincent Trapasso Anniversaries July 28th Sue & Ron Rinck August 3rd Heather & Jeffrey Gentry 4 yrs August 8th Vincent & Charlie Trapasso 15 yrs August 23rd Michael & Bernadette Scott 21yrs Engagement Announcements JR Mazur & Tiffany Watson Courtney Flynn & Eric Stenberg Wedding Announcements September 30th Courtney Flynn & Eric Stenberg (Santa Monica, CA) Birth Announcements July 10th Jack Weninger (Michelle & Steve) ANNOUNCEMENTS Special Messages July 28th Cobble Creek Community Annual Picnic, come to meet and see your neighbors! August 27th First day of School for all Notre Dame Schools Please Slow Down & Stop for Buses! I m looking for boys & girls hand me down clothes and toys in excellent condition, please call heather at or me at Thanks! If you have an announcement or special message, please Heather Gentry at leave a message at or mail to PO Box 747, Tannersville, PA PM East offers FREE fall sports physicals Pocono Mountain East High School Athletic Department offers free physicals for athletes planning to participate in District-sponsored fall sports. Physicals will be conducted by a doctor and will be given in the Pocono Mountain East High School Health Suite, July 25, 26, 28 and Aug. 4. Physicals will be given to the following athletes at the dates and times designated below: Girls Volleyball, July 25, 4 p.m. to 5 p.m. Girls Tennis, July 25, 5 p.m. to 6 p.m. Cross Country, July 25, 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. Golf, July 25, 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. Boys Soccer (all grades), July 26, 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. Cheerleading (all grades), July 26, 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. Football (grades 7 to 9), July 28, 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. Field Hockey (all grades), July 28, 10 a.m. to Noon Football (grades 10 to 12), Aug. 4, 8 a.m. to Noon Make up day, Aug. 4, 8 a.m. to Noon Athletes and their parents must fill out and sign the appropriate paperwork prior to the physical examination. Parents choosing to have their child examined by a private physician must provide school officials with appropriate documentation of the physical examination prior to participation in school-sponsored activities. For more information, contact the Pocono Mountain East High School Athletic Office at (570) , ext

11 Cobble Creek s Board President: Mike Scott Vice President: Chris Karlic Secretary: Valerie Gagliardi Architectural Committee Chair: Steve Leventhal Cobble Creek Estates Profile Cobble Creek Estates (East & West) Dev # 1260 Tannersville, Municipality Pocono Township Monroe County Pocono Mountain School District Annual Dues - 1 lot w/ house - $ (mandatory) 2 lots w/ house - $ lot only - $ Billed - Fiscal - Due on March 1st Dues Include - Pool & Recreation Area Roads are Public (township) & Paved Board Members: Phyllis Gibson Ron Rinck Elaine Yampolsky Welcoming Committee: Bernadette Scott Treasurer (not a member): Heather Gentry Webmaster: Thanks for reading! Look for the next issue of The Bear Facts in October. If you have any comments, suggestions or contributions, please contact Heather Gentry, I ll look forward to hearing from you! Enjoy Spring! Newsletter Staff Contributors Mike Scott Steve Leventhal Emil Paletta Heather Gentry PLEASE Covenants are Deeded Resale Certificate - $ Property Transfer Fee - $ Architectural Review Required Cobble Creek Community Association, Inc PO Box 747 Tannersville, PA Ph Other Points of Interest - "The Bear Facts" - Quarterly Newsletter Website: Spring Remodeling & updating the pool and recreation area. Annual Meeting - May 12, 2007 DOWN CAUTION PLEASE 11 SLOW

12 The Bear Facts Cobble Creek Community Association P.O. Box 747 Tannersville, PA The Cobble Creek Community Association, Inc Newsletter 12