C OV E. paradise never sounded So Good. Tickets On Sale Now! Live Music JO KOY DEC 7. MANNHEIM STEAMROLLER Christmas DEC 8 RON WHITE

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1 Decembe 2018 y Mecedes e M Win 1 Of 3 Luxuy Mecedes-Benz SUVs

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3 pdise neve sounded So Good. ise d P C OV E "one of the best venues i've been in " Smmy Hg JO KOY DEC 7 MANNHEIM STEAMROLLER Chistms DEC 8 LITTLE BIG TOWN DEC 13 BAD COMPANY DEC 28 Tickets On Sle Now! BUY TICKETS ONLINE AT RIVERSPIRITTULSA.COM o Entetinment schedule subject to chnge. Must be 21 to ente. RON WHITE DEC 31 SPECIAL NEW YEAR S EVE SHOW Live Music 7 Nights Week And t 9pm in 5 o Clock Somewhee B nd t 10pm evey dy in Mgitville! Visit mgitvilletuls.com fo complete schedule. 4 Spphie, Tuquoise & Onyx membes eceive pe-sle notifictions! 5

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7 LIMITED-TIME FLAVOR Chocolte o Vnill Peppemint Shke 5.49 PRE SORTED FIRST CLASS U.S. POSTAGE PAID TULSA, OK P. O. Box Tuls, Oklhom SWEETEN UP THE HOLIDAYS You Rewds Ae Hee! 81 ST & RIVERSIDE TULSA RIVERSPIRIT TULSA.COM Rive Spiit Csino Resot mngement eseves the ight to chnge ll pizes nd pomotions with o without pio notice. Rive Spiit Csino Resot suppots esponsible gming. If you hve gmbling poblem, plese cll