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2 2 From the Headmaster You have the latest edition of the Barrow Hills Chronicle in your hands and what a treat you have in store! The following pages record the many, varied, fun, exciting, inspiring and amazing activities and achievements of our children in the last academic year. As a whole, The Chronicle proves how creative, curious, brave, responsible, compassionate and joyful the children have been. In the words of the Year 8 class of , Barrow Hill is an epic school! Mr Sean Skehan Headmaster

3 Headmaster s Welcome 2 Recitals, competitions, performances, quizzes and memorable days Activities, competitions, memories and outstanding work, including creative writing, art and study and clubs Performances, year group productions and concerts, dance, ballet, LAMDA and music results Performances, competitions and achievements for girls and boys sporting activities Barrow Hills Community Committee, projects, fundraising, personal challenges and events Day trips and residentials, lectures and educational visits, competitions and theatre trips Life in the chapel, community outreach, Remembrance, Service of Readings and Carols and festivals Bridewell Day, Olympic Champions, National Finalists and fundraising House News 4 Children s Work 11 Performing Arts 22 Sport 34 Charities 50 Trips and Visits 56 The Chaplaincy 74 School Council 76 Gillie Nicholls 77 Captains 78 Prize Day 79

4 4 House News House Poetry All children at Barrow Hills spent part of their English lessons planning, drafting and writing poems on the theme of Freedom, as part of National Poetry Day. Their English teachers then had the very difficult job of choosing a finalist from Kean, McCormack and Murtough. This was a real challenge as all the poems were so good! Some were funny and some tackled more serious subject matter, but all were powerful and thoughtful, with each word carefully chosen to make an impact. The hall was silent as the finalists read their poems with confidence and expression. Each poem was projected onto a large screen on the stage so the audience could read the words as they listened. Richard Everett, local playwright and writer, was our guest judge and he had the very difficult task of choosing a winner from each year group. After a short interval children from Drama Club performed a range of poetry, Mr Everett announced the winners and the winning house, Kean! Thank you to Mr Kriehn for creating an excellent PowerPoint, Mrs Goedkoop for adding up the scores and Drama Club for performing with such enthusiasm. A special thanks must go to our guest Judge, Richard Everett, for giving up his time to judge our House competition. Well done to all the finalists for taking part. The finalists were: Kean: Year 3 Charlie Freedom ; McCormack: Year 3 Sam Freedom ; Murtough: Year 3 Hermione Freedom Kean: Year 4 Rose Freedom ; McCormack: Year 4 Ruby Freedom ; Murtough: Year 4 Nathaniel Freedom Kean: Year 5 James B Freedom awaits ; McCormack: Year 5 Theo Freedom ; Murtough: Year 5 Harry Freedom Kean: Year 6 Will M The Tweet of Joy ; McCormack: Year 6 Charlotte Running Free ; Murtough: Year 6 Nicholas All on my own Kean: Year 7 Hermione Freedom ; McCormack: Year 7 Elena Freedom ; Murtough: Year 7 George Freedom Kean: Year 8 Eddie The life of death awaits you ; McCormack: Year 8 Flyn Freedom ; Murtough: Year 8 Harry Free The winners were: Year 3 Charlie; Year 4 Ruby; Year 5 James; Year 6 Nicholas; Year 7 Hermione; Year 8 Eddie. Feeling free is a great thing to be. Racing and zooming through the sky. Exciting adventure was up high. Exciting views from up above. Doing work from flower to flower, Collecting pollen from hour to hour. Oh what a wonderful bees life. Me in a beautiful world. Charlie (3R) Is it true am I free? Lying awake night after night. The cold damp smell pollutes the air. Bullet shots going off. Soldiers injured. The rain comes down hard against my face. Mud and dirt sloshes around me. The raging noises from the guns. Food is scarce, rations clamping down. My head buzzes; the whole world flips around. Leaving me in a daze. My family back home they re so free. I want to be free! You must treasure freedom like an old friend. Treat it carefully. I know I may never be free again. Ruby (4R)

5 House News 5 I heard a slight faint voice, It said Quick run! The voice gradually got louder and louder, then I realised They were after me! I dashed past the kitchen then past the prisoners It seemed like there was an army of gods behind me chasing me. I sped round the corner glancing back as I did so at the huge crowd behind me I crawled through the hole at the bottom of the fence before I sprinted up to the top of the hill I looked at the wonderful sea below me, as I said to myself I m Free! James (5G) Standing on the edge of the world. Weightlessly floating freely as a bird. Free from the world. All on my own. The scenic view of the planet. Like a giant ball. All on my own. Darkness all around except the ball of bright lights. Europe all asleep. Lights as bright as the sun everywhere. Just watching them. All on my own. Nicholas (6G) The crowd stopped. Everyone went silent. I came onto the stage, Took a deep breath, Started. I started telling everyone my story. My story. My life. My story of how I became, No one. I, Just a little girl going to school one day. I, Just wearing my blue and yellow dungarees, And Hello Kitty top. I walked in the door to school, Everyone laughed at me. That was only the start, Of my horrific life at middle school. Things got much worse. The thing that upset me most, Was that I got bullied. That life went on for a while, All because of the way I dressed. But now I am, Free. I am a normal fourteen year old girl, Free. I didnt let those people change, Me. That is why now, I am still wearing, My blue and yellow dungarees, And Hello Kitty top. I am now, Free. Hermione (7G) Born from an Oyster, A pearl appears, Free from the dark hole you leave behind. Lifted up to your mother to say hello to your innocent face. Not knowing what is ahead. Next, A calculated society, Numbers and letters, letters and numbers Endless Like a hamster wheel Looking towards that ever beloved freedom A happy exam free life. Freedom arrives Enjoy it whilst you can. Responsibilities. A job, car, home. A family. You have created the freedom of life. Back to work. Back on a desk. Trapped. You change. Grey. Old. Lonely. Friends gone, Family nowhere Like you re nothing. Enclosed in your own world Watching yourself fade Fade. Fade away Every day, pills upon pills. The only thing that helps. An illness standing up against you. Like a brick wall. Always waiting for that freedom. You had all those years ago Freedom The life of death awaits you. Eddie (8G) House Quiz On Monday 11th December, 18 eager children took part in the annual House quiz final, having qualified from the heats in October. Twelve rounds of questions on a variety of topics, from history to famous faces, began and it was very tight all the way through. Kean were generally the quickest to buzz and answer and this paid dividends, as they were crowned champions for the second year in a row. Thank you to Miss Young and Mr Kriehn for setting the questions and making it so much fun!

6 6 House Debating For three weeks towards the end of the autumn term, Year 6 competed in our first House debating competition. The first debate was between a Kean team made up of Alexander (6G), Maddie (6G) and Edward (6R), and a McCormack team of Emma (6R) and Oscar (6R). The motion was: This house believes that school uniform is outdated. Kean spoke House Music Thursday, 8th March dawned and the three Houses gathered in the chapel for the hotly contested House Music Competition. Mr Stasio Sliwka and Mr Furniss-Roe from King Edward s Witley had kindly agreed to be the guest judges. First up were Kean, who sang Here I am Lord followed by the Abba classic Thank you for the Music. Judges commented on the lovely shape of their singing and the dynamic contrast throughout the hymn. Their rendition of Thank you for the Music was praised for the confident singing of the soloist, the duo and the trio. The mood of the song was very upbeat and there was lots of colour. Murtough sang next, performing the School hymn Ad Majora Paramur, followed by The Monkees I m a Believer. Judges complimented the singers for the motion and McCormack against. Both teams presented good points and there were some great contributions from the floor. At the vote the motion was defeated, so McCormack were the winners. The second round saw Isobel (6G), William B (6G) and Xavier (6R) for McCormack proposing the motion that This house believes the school summer holidays are too long. They were opposed by a Murtough team of fantastic sound and great diction during the hymn. I m a Believer was credited for being upbeat and having a great sound. Murtough were committed to the words, phrases were neat, crisp and short when they needed to be and the long phrases were held well. Finally, it was the turn of McCormack to perform. They had chosen Praise Him for their hymn, followed by their own composition. The judges were impressed by their fantastic dynamic contrast and their wonderful crescendo. The House song was brilliant and very convincing. The song told a story and the sound worked its way from one side of the Chapel to the other. During the judges deliberations, the audience were treated to some fantastic impromtu performances from Julien (8G), Imogen (8G), Eddie (8G), George (7G), Dominic (3R) and Dominic (5R). Thank you all for some wonderful entertainment. Mr Sliwka and Mr Furniss-Roe had a very difficult decision, it was an extremely closely fought competition. The winners were... McCormack! Well done everyone for your fantastic singing. Nicholas (6G), Thomas F (6G) and Lily (6G). Some interesting points were made and again there were lively contributions from the floor. The motion was defeated at the vote, so Murtough won. A Kean team of Jake (6G), Fern (6G) and Matilda (6R) debated against Rupert (6R), Annabel (6R) and Ben (6R) for Murtough. The motion was This house believes that vegetarianism is kinder to the planet. The arguments were ingenious, and again the floor contributions were many and varied. As the majority voted to abstain, this debate was a draw. So the overall result in the Year 6 House debates was a tie, between McCormack and Murtough, with Kean in third place. Well done to all the Year 6 children and in particular those who represented their House as speakers. House Sport Results Football McCormack Rugby McCormack Cricket McCormack Swimming McCormack Lacrosse Kean Cross Country (boys) McCormack Netball Kean Tennis Murtough Rounders Kean

7 House News 7 House Story Writing Competition The House story writing competition is a popular annual event that gives children the chance to be creative. Themes over the years have included Journeys and The Sea, and this year English teachers throughout the school looked forward to reading the children s work entitled Survival. Year 2 children all wrote a story, while Years 3 to 8 planned and crafted an opening paragraph, designed to hook the reader and make them desperate to read on Our judge this year was best-selling author Elizabeth Noble (and mum of Miss Young, our Gap Student!). Mrs Noble s first book, The Reading Group, went straight to number one on the Sunday Times bestseller list. She followed this success with five more bestselling novels including The Way We Were and Things I Want My Daughters to Know. Her new book, Letters to Iris comes out in April. Mrs Noble had the very difficult task of selecting a winner and a runner up from each year group. Although all the stories and paragraphs had the same title, they were all very different. Some children wrote about battling through jungles and natural disasters, while others described being homeless or fighting an illness. Mrs Noble announced the winners and read their wonderful work aloud. It was very interesting to hear the things that Mrs Noble had enjoyed about each piece. She praised the use of exciting adjectives and powerful verbs and commented on the effectiveness of rhetorical questions. After Mrs Noble had very kindly presented prizes to the winners, there was time for the children to ask some questions. It is not every day we get to meet a bestselling author at Barrow Hills, and the children certainly made the most of this opportunity! They wanted to know all about being a writer and asked Mrs Noble everything about her writing career to her future ambitions. They were fascinated as she explained how the publishing process worked, and how she planned her novels. They wanted to know who was her favourite author and if there were plans to turn any of her books into a film! We are so pleased and grateful that Mrs Noble took time away from writing her latest book to judge our House Story Writing Competition and to come and speak to us at Barrow Hills. It made our competition very special! Thanks are also due to Miss Young who carefully carried the precious envelopes of stories home and handed them over to her mum! Congratulations to Murtough, our winners and well done to everyone who took part. The winners were: Year 2: Winners: Max (2G), Daisy (2R); Runners-up: Ottilie (2G), Alfred (2R) Year 3: Winner: Chloe (3R); Runner up: Millie (3R) Year 4: Winner: Nathaniel (4G); Runner up: Anastasia (4R) Year 5: Winner: Ben (5R); Runner up: Florence (5R) Year 6: Winner: Fraser (6R); Runner up: Rory (6G) Year 7: Winner: Serena (7G); Runner up: Elena (7G) Year 8: Winner: Amy (8G); Runner up: Flynn (8G) Survival People always say how their home is their favourite place. Ordinary bedrooms are crammed with electronics covering their pink bedspread which is as soft as clouds. Ordinary bedrooms are where teenagers hide away from their parents. However, my bedroom is where I hide away from life. Ordinary bedrooms contain a desk full of colourful pens but ordinary bedrooms don t have machines beeping all the time. Ordinary children don t wake with a jolt in the darkness to hear the beep, beep, beep of the machines keeping them alive... Amy (8G) Survival Geoffrey Foxall sat by the window in his bedroom and thought to himself, I am going to reach the summit of that Volcano of Glumtown. He collected his stuff together. The volcano hadn t erupted for 500 years. He started to climb the volcano. Scorching hot, the sun in his eyes, but with a lovely view of the sparkling sea. He could feel the rocks on his wrinkly feet. Finally, he reached the top, he feared he was going to fall. He also felt scared. He climbed inside. When he was about half way he heard a thump, then a bump. The volcano started to shake! He was getting little spits of lava on his leg. He climbed to the top. The lava was going up to the top too. He had two options, jump or die. He decided to jump... Anastasia (4R) Survival I hid in the house underneath the bed. The ground was shaking, bombs were dropping everywhere. The smoke outside blocked my view from the German soldiers and feet were coming up the stairs. I instantly saw the gun of the person. It was an enemy German soldier. Still hiding underneath the bed, he could not see me! If I made one little move he would see me and shoot me, my heart was pumping. Ben (5R)

8 8 Survival in the dark deadly jungle There was once a girl called Jane. She was out of a rowing boat looking at some beautiful fish. Now while she wasn t looking, a huge wave came towards her. She was struck by the wave. As soon as she opened her eyes she could hear twigs snapping then she could hear leaves crunching. She got up from the ground. Straight away, she knew she was in the jungle. There was nobody there. She started walking up the hill. Suddenly she saw a pair of red eyes and lots of razor sharp teeth. It came out, it was a hideous BEAST. The beast came running towards her as fast as lightening. She was so frightened that she started running herself. She came to a steep hill but she did not stop running. She came to a cliff. She was feeling terrified, it was either life or death, she thought, she jumped Chloe (3R) Survival Clouds of dust appeared as the feet of strangers hurried past. I lifted my tin cup and rattled it ever so slightly so that maybe someone could notice me on the sidewalk. The sweltering heat suffocated me, my mouth dry from thirst. Even the world, motionless and unforgiving, had turned away from me. I was unwanted. Elena (7G) Survival Crash! Bang! The colossal waves pounded against the ship. I remembered suddenly Congo Island! We re near the Congo Island! At that moment, a huge wave felt like needles poking my face, Crunch! I was thrown overboard with all my crew beside me, then dark Florence (5R) Survival I run. Faster than I ve ever run before. I don t know where I m going. Anywhere, just as long as I m not with Them. My heart s pounding. My feet sink into the mossy forest ground. I dodge the large looming trees. Body-like shadows at every corner. I stop. I check I m not being followed anymore, I stop suddenly. I can hear shouts. What do I do? I can t dodge a bullet. So, I hide. Flyn (8G) Survival Twisting and turning I gasped for air. Metal was ripped off my spitfire s wings as I hurtled to the ground. Smoke trailed from my burning engines. As I crashed with a thud and slid through the thick mud, I choked and spluttered from the smell of oil. I felt a warm liquid ooze down my coat. I was bleeding! Explosions rattled in my ears as I lay still on the battlefield. Fraser (6G) Survival in the dark deadly jungle Here I am, watching my BFF (best friend forever) drowning in a thick red pool of blood. How did it all come to this you ask? It started a week ago when I was flying to Japan. I was flying first class. It had gold pillars with sparkling seats topped with soft cushions with built in seat warmers. I was treated to a delicious chocolate brownie with caster sugar topped with a fresh strawberry. I was fast asleep when suddenly the plane smashed into an overgrown jungle! I woke up with my two BFFs Hermione and Aoife beside me. When I realised what had happened I was terrified. I could smell gas and petrol with a bit of blood. I could also smell animal business. I heard animals paws thudding on the thick mud and then I heard a lion roar. I opened my eyes and I saw how dark it was. I saw trees and LOTS of green. A lion came towards us and bit Hermione s arm off! She screamed like she had never screamed before! Aoife and I were so freaked out. Suddenly a huge gust of wind blew Aoife into a pool of blood on the other side of the jungle! Mille (3R) Survival I stood at the black dirty gates terrified of my horrible fate. People were cheering and shouting. But suddenly the crowd went silent and I could smell fresh blood of the latest victim. I was next. The gate suddenly creaked open and the guard pushed me into the blood filled arena. I was surely going to meet my gory end. I heard the roar of the creature as the gate swung open and the beast prowled towards me. Rory (6G) Survival My first thought was how had I got here? Lying in the sand. Waves lapping against the shore. Then I remembered the plane crash, the horrible plane crash. It had happened so quickly that I must have fainted. The plane pilot saw the red flashing lights first. Next came the black smoke on the left side wing. The fire was bright red and hot. Suddenly, everything went black, blue and red all at once. Wham!! Went the plane as it smashed and splashed into the sea. I bobbed about a bit then I swam to shore. I must have fallen asleep because I got up wearily and stumbled further up the shore. The beach was as white as snow with a wall of tropical forest. It ended a few miles away in spikey rocks. How was I to survive here? Nathaniel (4G) Survival They took the risk. They ran. They jumped. They swam. They tried, at least. But the current was too strong; it was pulling them down, down and under; under the overhanging rock. If they gave into the current they would die. They could not let that happen. They were coughing, panting, dragging themselves to safety. But even if they made it, even if they survived, they wouldn t be safe. They would still be in danger. In danger because he was still there, still watching, still following, ready to push them back in, make them drown. They both knew he wasn t going to give up. And that s what frightened them the most. Serena (7G)

9 House News 9 Book Week When Mrs Mason invited us to act as judges of all the amazing costumes to mark World Book Day, we had no inkling of just how difficult it was going to be. Fun, of course. But difficult? We had no idea just how difficult! As we went round the classrooms we were deeply conscious of how much effort so many children had made, and we would have loved to have dished out prizes like Smarties. We tried our hardest to be fair and thoughtful and to recognise those who had put particular effort into their costume. Well done to the winners, runners up and those with a special mention. Commiserations to all those who worked hard but who just missed out. Honestly, you were all fantastic. Mrs Nicholls & Mrs Buirski Both the World Book Day Costume Competition and the Extreme Reading Competition generated some fantastic entries. And the results are... Winner: 6R Fraser - Mr Twit Runner Up: 6R Sascha - Skulduggery Pleasant Winner: 7G Toby - Green Man Runner Up: Harry - Christopher Robin Special Mentions: Nicky - Magwitch and Hermione - Grubby Gertrude Winners: 8 Emily, Bethany, Amy and Imogen - A Team of Princesses Runner Up: Alexander - Pavel, The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas Special Mention - Julien - Napoleon Overall Winners: Girls: Ruby (4R) - the world/around the World in 80 Days Boys: William (6G) - Phineas Fogg/Around the World in 80 Days Many, many congratulations to you all. Extreme Reading Prep Winner - Cillian (6G) Pre-Prep Winner - Emilia (1G) Costume Competition Winner: 3G Phoebe - Gangsta Granny Runner Up: 3G Paige - Pippi Longstocking Special Mention: 3G Lara - Mildred Hubble Winner: 3R Florence - Cruella de Vil Runner Up: 3R Aoife - Charlotte from Charlotte s Web Special Mentions: 3R Dominic - Count of Monte Cristo and Hermione - Gangsta Granny Winner: 4G Lloyd - Grandpa s Great Escape Runner Up: 4G Beatrix - Anne of Green Gables Special Mention: 4G Matilda - Amelia Fang Winner: 4R Conrad - Dennis the Menace Runner Up: 4R Jago - Harry Potter Winner: 5G Georgia - The Grand High Witch Runner Up: 5G Phoebe Medusa Winner: 5R Barnaby - The Boy in the Dress Runner Up: Edward - Fawkes the Phoenix Winner: 6G Jake - Lord Voldemort Runner Up: 6G Maddie - The Peach Special Mention: 6G Rory - Gangsta Granny

10 10 St George s Day Children, dressed in red and white, had a fantastically fun afternoon celebrating St George s Day, with a multitude of different and inventive activities. Pre-Prep children took part in art, drama, cooking and Morris dancing. Prep competitions included house for a mouse, DT challenge, bench ball, chess, cooking and the bin bag challenge. A wonderful time was had by all; thank you to all the staff for supporting the children in their celebrations. The House competition was as hard fought as ever. Third place went to Murtough, second place went to McCormack and first place to Kean. Well done everyone! House Art and DT Showcase Many congratulations to all those who entered the House Art Competition. The results are as follows: Overall 1st: Oscar (7G) Overall 2nd: Nicholas (7G) Overall 3rd: Sam (3G) Year 8: 1st: Oscar (8G); 2nd: Matthew (8G); 3rd: Sam (8G) and Amy (8G) Year 7: 1st Lucy (7G), Hermione (7G) and Serena (7G); 2nd: Toby (7G); 3rd: Elena (7G) Year 6 1st: Isobel (6G); 2nd: Fraser (6R) and Oscar (6R); 3rd: William (6G) Year 5: 1st Harry (5G); 2nd: Jessica (5G) 3rd: Matilda (5R) Year 4: 1st: Nathaniel (4G); 2nd: Ruby (4R); 3rd: Jackson (4R) Year 3: 1st: Charlie (3R); 2nd: Edward (3R); 3rd: Florence (3R) Special Commendation to Year 4 for all their outstanding work. The overall House winner... Kean! Well done!

11 Children s Work 11 Children s Work Nursery Nursery have had a wonderful variety of exciting activities this year, from princess story time to forest school. Mrs Triska kindly came to take us on an adventure into the woods as part of our Outdoor Curriculum. Armed with our buckets and magnifying glasses we set off to look for fairies and build some fairy houses. Mrs Triska guided the children through the trees, exploring as we went. The children gathered sticks, leaves and pine cones in their buckets, and Mrs Triska showed them how to balance the twigs together to build a little shelter. Much fun was had, especially when we went on a panda hunt in the bamboo! Many thanks to Mrs Triska for an exciting afternoon. Kindy The children in Kindy have had a busy and exciting year. In December they thought about the true meaning of Christmas and Jesus and his special birthday with their fabulous nativity scene. Later in the year, the children explored the role of an archaeologist, digging for fossils that they had made from clay. Soon they had moved on to people who help us. The children are prepared for a variety of future careers!

12 12 Reception Our favourite things in Reception Mateo Decorating Easter eggs. Delilah Dressing as an angel for our nativity play. Bea Going to Bocketts Farm... making the Christingles... making polar bear masks. Thomas B I liked having the ducklings. Ellis I liked doing tessellating shapes best. Maxi Making the ladybird biscuits. Edward Wearing the clothes for St George s day. Thomas N I liked doing the Easter poem. Anthony Going on the second school trip where we learnt about minibeasts. Charlotte I really loved painting. I painted a rainbow dog and it is at home. I enjoyed making cookies. George I loved art. We made different planets with aliens living on them. We also made magic trees with gems on them. Alec Making the Easter hats. Ethan I liked making the oranges with candles. Elliot Everything! Doing gardening. Rosie I loved the circus so much. Lily The circus! Toby Decorating Easter eggs. Ducklings! Just after half term, there was a steady stream of children and staff visiting the Year 1 classroom. The reason for such a commotion was the arrival of six duck eggs on Monday 4th June. By Tuesday afternoon, five had hatched and by Thursday, there were six adorable ducklings in the classroom. It was such an exciting week - the main event being the duckling swimming lesson! Pre-Prep absolutely loved their experience, from the day the duckling hatching kit was delivered, the children were fascinated. From incubating to hatching, to their first cuddle and introduction to water the ducklings were a joy for staff, parents and children! It was so educational and an experience the children will always remember. Thank you Mrs Pulleyn for organising a lovely treat, for their paddling pool and to Mrs Crisell for looking after them so beautifully. From chicks, to ducklings what is in store next year

13 Children s Work 13 Memories of Year 1 Memories of Year 1G Rory My favourite thing was looking after the ducklings because they were soft to stroke! I loved learning about dinosaurs and Mary Anning. I gave Daddy a clay dinosaur for Father s Day. Sophie I loved swimming lessons on Monday afternoon with Sally, I enjoyed jumping into the water to collect bricks. I enjoyed learning about bears, my favourite bear is a moon bear. It was really fun having a Teddy Bears Picnic. I loved visiting Portchester Castle. Eliza I loved visiting Portchester Castle because I like going on school trips. My favourite part was walking up the steps to The Keep and seeing where the prisoners were kept. I enjoyed learning about the Titanic and I even made a Snakes and Ladders Titanic board game! It was fun taking part in a football match. Alfie I loved looking after the ducklings. They were so funny when they dived. I liked hearing them cheep! When the last duckling hatched it was very small and cute. I love learning about dinosaurs but I really enjoyed looking at real fossils. Ollie I loved visiting Portchester Castle because we climbed up stairs and looked out of the windows. I really enjoyed being in a football match with my friends. We all got a penguin and a medal! I like making bug houses at playtime. Louis My two favourite topics were the Titanic and Dinosaurs, I even went to The Godalming Museum with Mummy and my brother. I enjoyed exploring the Titanic box. My other favourite topic was Dinosaurs! I brought in five books for the classroom. I loved having ducklings in the classroom. Lexi I loved learning about The Titanic. I enjoyed visiting Portchester Castle because normally I m scared of heights but I was very brave and didn t mind! The ducklings were nice to stroke and I liked hearing them shouting! Luke I loved looking at The Titanic box my favourite object was a book called Polar The Titanic Bear. I enjoyed making a clay nativity, which we painted and took home. I put it in my kitchen! Lyla I loved the Teddy Bears Picnic. It was fun bringing my teddy to school and eating lunch together. It was fun watching the ducklings diving in the paddling pool. It was amazing seeing them hatch. Annabel I love Monday swimming lessons with Sally because I like splashing. I enjoyed visiting Portchester Castle and looking at the view. It was fun watching the ducklings swimming in the paddling pool. Year 1R I have really enjoyed Arthur The Titanic topic. I liked learning about how to send the messages. Freddie When we had the ducklings. Watching them swimming was great fun. Xanthe Art because I really enjoyed making the castle display and my stand up lady. Aria Learning about dinosaurs. All about their bodies and how different they all were. Toby All the sport, especially the football tournament. Emilia All the topics, especially dinosaurs. Looking at the fossils was great fun. Suzie The art lessons. Making the clay dinosaurs and bear was really fun. Autumn The art lessons were fun especially making things out of clay. Making the Nativity scene was the best. James Swimming with Sally because we have to get the blocks from the bottom of the pool.

14 14 Memories of Year 2 Memories of Year 2G Lucas In Year 2 I enjoyed sports day because in the sprinting I was partnered with Hugo. In the next race I had to run twice as Monty was away. Cleo The thing I enjoyed most was the visit from the ducklings! It was really funny, I loved it! Ottilie My favourite thing about Year 2 was the ducklings, they were really cute! You got to hold them, they were as soft as cotton. Jasper In Year 2 my favourite thing was our visit to Winchester Science Centre. Ronnie The thing I enjoyed most in Year 2 was our trip to London. We went on the London Eye, we went up, and down. I liked the ride on the boat. Max In Year 2 I enjoyed Forest School because I like the outdoors. Amelie The best thing in Year 2 was topic. I liked it because I liked learning about Islands. Timo I enjoyed learning about London because the Great Fire of London was really cool! Charlie In Year 2 I enjoyed Winchester Science Centre because of the science. Gus In Year 2 I enjoyed the Tudors because we had the best feast ever! Jamie The trip to London! Memories of Year 2R Jacob My favourite thing about Year 2 was our topic the Tudors. We got to do lots of yummy, funny things including going to Hampton Court and having our Tudor feast. Hugo I enjoyed Year 2 because we had a school trip to London, we went on the London Eye and we had a Tudor feast. I had never been on the London eye before! Tomos What I liked about Year 2 was the swimming pool because it is very fun and we can play games. Ilana The things I enjoyed in Year 2 are when we went to London and the Tudor feast. Hamish My favourite thing about Year 2 was the Super Hare-O contest. Daisy My favourite thing in Year 2 was going to Hampton Court Palace. I had so much fun! Charlie I enjoyed sports and science in Year 2. Jethro What I liked about Year 2 was the swimming because it is very fun. Montgomery The thing I liked about Year 2 was the London school trip. Alfred The things I liked about Year 2 were, going to Hampton Court, going to London and having a Tudor feast and Super Hare-O because they were fun, joyful and exciting. Super Hare-O Hot on the heels of the highly successful Haslemere Hares 2018 project, Year 2 received a visit from a very special supersized hare! Accompanied by his creator, local artist Luciana Flavell, and adorning a cape and eye-mask, Super Hare-O dropped into school to meet the children, with a view to inspiring them to create his back story. Luciana was the natural judge of the writing competition and deemed Hamish (2R) as the creator of the winning story featuring Super Hare-O as a pizza powered super hero, with Cleo (2G), Jasper (2G) and Charlie (2G) commended as runners up. Hamish s story was framed and displayed in the children s shop Jumping Puddles in Haslemere. Well done Hamish! Helped by Mrs Miles and Mrs Kilgannon, the children hared into action conjuring up stories featuring familiar super-hero vocabulary such as nemesis, kryptonite and saviour.

15 Children s Work 15 Fun in Year 3 School isn t all just hard work and no play when you get to Year 3! The children had a great start to the summer term, learning how to force rhubarb and pulling the fantastic crop with Mr Gaszka. The children then delivered the rhubarb to Tomas in the kitchen. They also enjoyed a Friday treat of icelollies and learning how to play boules. Towards the end of the summer term, the children spent an exciting afternoon in the woods, where they re-enacted Beowulf under the guidance of Mr Dean. Much fun was had by all; perhaps it could be their production next year? Thank you Mr Gaszka, Mr Dean, Mrs Peek and Mr Hooker! Year 4 Science Year 4 have covered a wide variety of subjects in their science lessons this year. As part of their Habitats topic, they identified and investigated the different habitats in the school grounds and thought about the different conditions that each habitat offered. The children were given a variety of materials and tasked with making a solid structure. Having donned goggles and lab coats, the children investigated which substances dissolve and if heating makes any difference to dissolving. They had they first attempt at lighting a Bunsen burner and made great observations about their findings.

16 16 Year 4 Creative Writing The Wizard s Shop Emily Treacher felt the book vibrate softly in her pocket. The book had told her to head to St Paul s Cathedral and look for the black and white spotted brickwork. Eventually she found it and skimmed the wall gently with her fingers. There was a loud humming noise as Emily felt herself come away from the ground. All of a sudden, she hit the ground. A damp smell filled her lungs. As she stumbled along feeling disorientated, she saw a light shining in the distance. Slowly she went over and knocked five times and entered. Gargoyles loomed overhead, their eyes shined like two pools of fire. She assumed it must be owned by some sort of wizard. Rows and rows of deadly potions, cloaks draped over a hanger, one crafted from snake skin, another watching every move she made. As she turned to leave, she realised the small brown door in the side of the shop had vanished! She heard a thud and then a trail of green slime oozed out in front of the desk. Ho ho I ve been waiting for you Emily. She was petrified. She pushed herself under the cloaks, who is that she muttered under her breath. You will come with me, I shall test you with potions, smother you with lotions, you shall be my prisoner. She remembered where she was, she slipped into the invisibility cloak and creeped across the floor and to the wand aisle. She tried about twenty but not any of them were right. After a while she found it! She had found the wand that would defeat the wizard. Then there was a BANG! Then all of a sudden she opened her eyes to see before her a small pile of ashes. A rush of relief passed through her body. As she turned to take one last glance around the magical shop, it vanished before her eyes. Ruby (4R) Volcano Verse I can feel the fiery flames And sparks from the violent volcano My feet are blistered and burned I can see the fiery lava Bubbling in the volcano and Rocks slipping at my bruised feet I can see the flaming sparks firing out from the volcano. I can smell the burning sulphur Melting rock falling into the mouth of The deadly volcano. I can hear the sizzling and bubbling of The volcano and the crunching and cracking of rock. I can taste the black soot flying into my mouth And the little sparks of fire bursting out of the vicious volcano. Matilda 4G Nursery Rhyme Report On Tuesday afternoon at exactly 3.00 pm a devastating accident happened next to the colossal sixteen meter high wall. The person in question was a large organic egg called Humpty Dumpty. Humpty Dumpty mysteriously fell off the wall and smashed onto a hard tarmac road. Egg yolk was pouring out of him (although he seemed to be alive). At this very moment detectives are finding out the truth about how he fell. Was he pushed? Did he slip? Or did he just nod off? Iron Men During the first half of the spring term, Year 4 read The Iron Man by Ted Hughes and wrote instructions, descriptions and newspaper reports in their lessons. Then, over the February half term holiday, the children worked extremely hard to make their own Iron Men. There were impressive D.T. skills and the writing of instructions as to how the Iron Men were made, some of them even lit up! Year 4 s models were much appreciated and enjoyed by the whole school while they were on display in Great Roke. Thank you parents for all their support too. The King s men were called immediately. They informed the public to leave him alone! He d make a great omelette! they exclaimed. Humpty was sent off to St Jones s hospital for smashed food. Nathaniel (4G)

17 Children s Work 17 Mad Hatters Tea Party On Friday 1st December, Year 5 celebrated the end of their Mad Hatter s project by enjoying a tea party hosted in the refectory. Mrs Darg and her team made a range of delicious treats which included sandwiches, cakes and squash. Year 5 were able to show their creations to their family and watch a clip of Alice in Wonderland tea party to complete their event. There were lots of fantastic compliments from parents and teachers on the range of creativity the children had shown when making their hats. Well done Year 5! Reach for the stars Jedd (5G) won this year s Generation Beyond Challenge - organised by Lockheed Martin and Discovery Education. The challenge - a UK first - was launched to schools last year as part of a new STEM education programme to inspire the next generation of astronauts. Children were asked to stretch their imagination by designing a habitation module for Orion, the NASA spacecraft which will take the first crew to Mars in the 2030s. Young scientist Jedd scooped first prize with his vision for life on Mars: an amazing computer-generated design, enabling astronauts to live and work safely on the red planet. Designed to be assembled in Earth s orbit, Jedd s module included a zero gravity rocket and special radiation room, leading judges to remark that it was very close to the real thing. 9-year-old Jedd said: In our science lessons at school we were studying the Earth and Space and our teacher told us about this exciting competition. The inspiration for my habitation module for Orion s mission to Mars comes from things I had seen before and I enjoyed the challenge of adapting them to make them my own. I have always been fascinated by space travel, so I was enthusiastic from the start. For me, the hardest aspect of the project was utilising the limited resources in space to make my ideas work whereas the visual look and shape of my final design was easy because that was in my head from the word go! Patrick Wood, Director of International Business Development at Lockheed Martin Space, presented Jedd with his prize in assembly. Jedd received an ipad and science magazine subscription, plus a 5,000 STEM grant for the school. Wow - well done!

18 18 Year 6 Creative Writing Night Night is a WARRIOR! He makes me feel intimidated. His face is bold and brave. His eyes are blood-shot like fire. His mouth is a pair of never smiling lips. His hair blows in the wind as he soars across the sky like a dark angel. His armour is made of steel. When he moves he strides with pride in his echoing steps. When he speaks his voice is coarse like gravel. He lives in a palace of stone with only shadows for company. Night, just me and him. Charlotte (6R) Survival The sky was black. Jason wrestled against the wind like a tiger. The hurricane hurled itself through the city. Houses were flying through the sky. Screams dominated the air, The main road was filled with cars and trucks. Jason and his parents stayed in their house. Jason was forced to be separated into different rooms. He didn t know how he would survive... Nicholas (6G) Snake Began Snake began he took the rattle of maracas and the hiss of a burst pipe and made his voice. For his skin he took the roughness of the knees. He took the brownness of wood and his skin was made. From the depths of space he took the speed of light he took the agility of a chanting bird for his speech. Then at night Snake took the blackness of coal And the stone of a hypnotist To make his eyes. For his poison he took the burning of flames the sting of death and snake was made. Thomas (6R) Tiger Began Tiger began She took the roar of a double decker bus and the howling of the wind and made her voice. For her coat she took the blackness of coal and the orange of the sun she also took the softness of silk. She took the slyness of a thief and the pounce of a spring she made her movement. Then she took the glittering of a diamond and the blackness of a night sky her eyes were made. For her claws she took the sinister curve of an elephants tusk and the scratch of a rough brick wall and tiger was made. Oscar (6R) Geography Fieldwork In June, Year 7 completed their river investigation, a vital coursework piece of their geography Common Entrance. They started with the fieldwork section, collecting data on the speed, depth and width of the river. After this, the children travelled to King Edward s Witley, where they began to transform their raw data into a well presented document with detailed graphs, analyses and conclusions. Common Entrance Success! In June, Year 8 celebrated their fantastic Common Entrance results. They have worked very hard over the last two years and it was a nervous time waiting for the results. Mr Skehan was delighted to announce that all the children passed and have secured their senior school places. Our Barrow Hills children will be moving on to Charterhouse, Churcher s College, Cranleigh, Frensham Heights, King Edward s Witley, Lord Wandsworth College, St Catherine s Bramley, Seaford College, Worth and the International School of Helsinki. And they were awarded thirteen scholarships! Congratulations on these fantastic results. You should be very proud. We are all proud of you.

19 Children s Work 19 The Quest to Kill the Cruncher A long, long time ago (yesterday) an heroic man called Joahny was set an extremely dangerous quest to kill the one the only Cruncher. He set off, pulled his heavy backpack onto his back and set off trudging in the thick wet boggy mud. Joahny was not fit, he was fat, not muscular, he was flabby but he was the only one to be brave enough to fight the exterminating Cruncher who was going to demolish dear old Joahny. His grandma would be proud. He got deeper and deeper into the dark misty forest. Finally, after a long, long trek into the deep dark forest dear old Joahny came across a deafening sound of a terrifying screech up ahead in the bulky forest. A stench of rottenness and decay wafted up from the dark and stung his nostrils. The noises seemed to be closing in on Joahny and he held his breath as if he was being suffocated. The forest was like a withering carpet of buzzing,crawling insects. Joahny could see a dark shadow through the tangled up trees. He looked and saw the head of a dinosaur and the body of a harris hawk. It was the deadly CRUNCHER. His heart was pounding like an ant that had just walked up one thousand stairs. As Joahny walked closer, he saw a pair of sharp teeth that had just been freshly sharpened by him grinding them against a hard steady rock. He had a long red tongue to defend itself from a sharp sword and strong wings to fly away quickly. As Joahny crept closer to the Cruncher he sprang up the huge standing tree. The only way Joahny knew how to try and reach the Cruncher was by building a ladder by finding a gather of bamboo in the woods. He left the dangerous Cruncher on its own to roam around the forest while he went off to find the pieces of strong bamboo. Off he went. Finally, after a short trek (long for Joahny) he enjoyably reached his final destination. Joahny had never tied string before. He only knew how to tie his own shoelaces and do a figure of eight knot. He tried and tried to do a double knot and managed one after about ten minutes. He completed his task, after a long time. He strode heavily to the Cruncher looking like he wanted to give up. Again, he saw the sharp teeth of the Cruncher who was now waiting for him. Perched on a tree the cruncher looked at him in disgust. Joahny placed the ladder against the tree in the specific place. He stumbled up the ladder looking terrified to fight the Cruncher, this was a very intense battle. JOAHNY the hero VS THE CRUNCHER At first the Cruncher took one slice to the bony head. Then the Cruncher got extremely mad. The Cruncher pounced at Joahny with his sharp teeth and strong talons. The Cruncher took off one of Joahnys fingers. Joahny now realised who and what he was up against. Joahny ran and ran. The Cruncher was still mad at Joahny for invading his space but it was too late. Joahny was never too be seen again. Oscar (6R) Tilford Hike On Monday 2nd July, Year 8 took part in a 12km hike around the Tilford area as part of their busy post Common Entrance programme. Due to the heat we did remove a check point from their route which they were all delighted about! Their map reading was very strong this year, with no groups getting lost. They impressed me by map reading on the move so we were able to complete the walk with time to enjoy an ice cream by the river in Tilford at the end. Excellent walking Year 8! Mrs Burnett

20 20 VivArtis Exhibition On Thursday 22nd March, 10 children were invited to the VivArtis Exhibition of local prep and junior school work. The following children were selected to be finalists in the exhibition with the opportunity of winning prizes for their work: Jessica (5G), William (5G), Phoebe (5G), Alexander (5G), Matilda (5R), Elena (7G), Ilaria (7G), Toby (7G) and Dominic (7G) and Oscar (7G). It was a great event with a range of quality work on show from all. There was one winner from our school in Category 2 (Year 7 and 8), where Oscar (7G) achieved 2nd prize. Well done Oscar and congratulations to all the finalists.

21 Children s Work 21

22 22 Performing Arts Drama continues to be an exciting and vibrant subject at Barrow Hills School for all children from Pre-Prep to Year 8. Highlights this year included a wonderful production at the end of each term from Pre-Prep, Year 3 s superb performance of Sleeping Beauty: The Ugly Truth, Year 4 with the very funny Oh What a Knight and Year 5 s Old Time Music Hall. This included poems, songs and sketches. Year 6 entertained the school and parents with a fantastic production of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory while Year 7 combined singing and drama in An Evening of Music and Drama. This included some very moving scenes from The Diary of Anne Frank and Z for Zachariah, songs from The Sound of Music and some comic extracts from The Diary of Adrian Mole aged 13 and 3/4, Boy and The Diary of a Killer Cat. Finally, our oldest children in Year 8 performed Les Misérables, with a small chorus of children from Years 6 and 7. This was a truly remarkable production. Additionally, Drama Club continued for three terms, the Off By Heart competition was a great success and children achieved high scores in LAMDA examinations. Year 7 and 8 watched a production of Aladdin in London and Year 8 enjoyed performing A Play in two Days as part of their post Common Entrance programme. Children also had many opportunities to perform, including during whole school assemblies and at the annual Proms in the Park. The drama scholars, Emily (8G) and Bethany (8G), took part in the North London Festival of Music and Drama, winning two first prizes. The achievements of children in outside drama societies and clubs were also celebrated. CANDIDATE SUBJECT & GRADE GRADE Georgia (3R) Speaking Verse and Prose Entry Level Distinction Millie (3R) Speaking Verse and Prose Entry Level Distinction Paige (3G) Speaking Verse and Prose Entry Level Distinction Molly (3G) Speaking Verse and Prose Entry Level Distinction Gabriel (3G) Speaking Verse and Prose Entry Level Merit Samuel (3G) Speaking Verse and Prose Entry Level Merit Raymond (4G) Speaking Verse and Prose Grade 1 Distinction Theodore (4R) Speaking Verse and Prose Grade 1 Distinction Nathaniel (4G) Speaking Verse and Prose Grade 1 Merit Thomas (4R) Speaking Verse and Prose Grade 1 Distinction Louis (5R) Acting Grade 1 - Duo Merit Thomas (5R) Acting Grade 1 - Duo Distinction James (5G) Acting Grade 1 - Duo Distinction Mathew (5G) Acting Grade 1 - Duo Distinction Harry (5G) Speaking Verse and Prose Grade 2 Distinction Georgia (5G) Acting Grade 2 - Duo Distinction Jessica (5G) Acting Grade 2 - Duo Distinction Mia (5R) Acting Grade 2 - Duo Distinction Phoebe (5G) Acting Grade 2 - Duo Distinction Rupert (6R) Speaking Verse and Prose Grade 3 Merit Max (6R) Speaking Verse and Prose Grade 2 Distinction Oscar (7G) Speaking Verse and Prose Grade 3 Distinction Charlotte (6R) Speaking Verse and Prose Grade 3 Merit James (6G) Acting Grade 2 Duo Distinction Ben (6R) Acting Grade 2 Duo Distinction Nicholas (6G) Acting Grade 3 Duo Merit Edward (6R) Acting Grade 3 Duo Distinction William (6G) Acting Grade 3 - Duo Merit William (6G) Acting Grade 3 Duo Merit Dominic (7G) Acting Grade 3 Duo Merit Freddie (7G) Acting Grade 3 Duo Distinction Lily (6G) Acting Grade 3 - Duo Merit Emma (6R) Acting Grade 3 Duo Distinction Fern (6G) Acting Grade 4 Solo Distinction Serena (7G) Acting Grade 4 Solo Distinction Hermione (7G) Acting Grade 4 Solo Distinction Lucy (7G) Acting Grade 4 Solo Distinction Max (8G) Acting Grade 4 Duo Merit Flyn (8G) Acting Grade 4 Duo Merit LAMDA LAMDA was an amazing success with exam results comprising of 26 Distinctions and 13 Merits. The pupils gave a wonderful performance at the Showcase for the parents and some performed in an Evening of Music and Drama. Three LAMDA pupils Ben, Flyn and Fern were awarded Drama Scholarships by their future schools. Musical Theatre pupils gave lovely performances of songs and dances from a variety of shows at Proms in the Park.

23 Performing Arts 23 Pre-Prep Nativity A Midwife Crisis The audience were captivated from start to finish in the Pre-Prep production. There was outstanding singing, fantastic dancing, lots of tricky lines to remember and of course an important Christmas message - something for everyone in this modern nativity. A very busy midwife who never misses an important birth is extremely excited when she hears that a king is about to be born in Bethlehem. She rushes out into the night in search of a shiny golden palace fit for a king. Her donkey Steve doesn t think he s ever heard of Bethlehem Palace, but the midwife is in no mood to listen where else would a king be born? On reaching Bethlehem, the townspeople, shepherds and kings that they come across haven t heard of Bethlehem Palace either and the midwife starts to panic. However, with the help of some gospel-singing angels and a very bright star, the midwife is led to a humble stable to find the very special baby already waiting for her. Pre-Prep, you were utterly magical, as always. Thank you to all the staff, especially the ever talented Mr Wardell and Mrs Pulleyn.

24 24 Pre-Prep Easter Service At the end of spring term, Pre-Prep families joined their children for an Easter service led by Year 2. The youngest children in Nursery and Kindy sang about animals waking up from their winter sleep. Children in Reception recited a poem about growing plants and new life, whilst the Year 1 children recited a poem about the changes spring brings. The Year 2 children dramatised the Easter story. During the service the children sang Easter songs and enjoyed celebrating this important time in the Church calendar. All the children had learnt their lines beautifully and the audience were suitably impressed!

25 Performing Arts 25 Pre-Prep Summer Production Eddie the Penguin Saves the World Eddie the penguin discovers that the world he lives in is changing and that the ice is melting. He decides to take his family - Mrs penguin, Granny penguin, Grandpa penguin, Aunty and Uncle penguin and Tom and Tim penguin to find a new home at the North Pole. Here he meets Peter the polar bear and discovers that human beings are causing the ice to melt. Eddie goes on a mission to save the planet. With the help of programme producer Donnie and the Australian Prime Minister, Eddie raises awareness and lets the world know how they can change things for the better. The Boot and Motor families realised that it was just a short walk or cycle to school and that everyone could help stop the drip drop. The fantastic Year 2 were supported by some gorgeous singing penguin chicks from Nursery and Kindy, some wonderfully sparkly polar bear cubs from Reception and some fabulous cars and houses from Year 1. All the parents thoroughly enjoyed the performance and Mrs Pulleyn gave the children an eleven out of ten! Thank you to all the Pre-Prep staff for their hard work, to Ms O Neil for battling the traffic to support them in their singing and to Mrs Pulleyn for her expert direction.

26 26 Year 3 Sleeping Beauty (The Ugly Truth) Wow! What a performance! The Year 3 production of Sleeping Beauty (The Ugly Truth) was a super success! All the children sang their hearts out, although special mention must go to Georgia (3R) and Sam (3G) for their amazing duet! The children s acting skills and stage presence ensured an amazing performance from each and every one of them. We are incredibly proud of all the children and what they have achieved. What a fantastic team effort! Well done Year 3! Mrs Peek and Mr Hooker

27 Performing Arts 27 Year 4 What a Knight Mrs Harris and Mrs Wallace were delighted with the Year 4 performance of What a Knight and commend the children for all their hard work in learning their lines, songs and stage direction! It truly was a night to remember! Jago (4R) wrote the following review: On Tuesday 20th March 2018, I was thrilled to be invited to watch the Year 4 production of What a Knight by Craig Hawes, at Barrow Hills School. The plot is that Merlin wants Excalibur... The Black Knight wants Excalibur... Excalibur is found in a scone! The stage was set up as the Castle of Camelot. Throughout the play, the props changed. Some of the scene changes I particularly enjoyed were when the castle became a kitchen. The main characters were Merlin, Watt, the Black Knight and his Henchmen and Alice. I think my favourite character was Bernie because he said lots of funny things. I also liked the performance of Colin Calvin because I liked the part when he said, Shackles are so last season!. I would recommend this show to my dad because he likes funny jokes!

28 28 Year 5 s Music Hall On Thursday 30th November, Year 5 performed their production. We all thoroughly enjoyed performing on stage. Our favourite parts were being part of the Fab Four. The Fab Four included Theo, Louis, Will N and Barnaby. We sung the Yellow Submarine. All the jokes were incredibly funny! The whole year rehearsed very well. The funniest sketch was Madame Zsa Zsa who looked like a 80s rock star! All the soloists were very brave to perform in front of about one hundred people! Well Done to EVERYONE! By Barnaby (5R) and Will (5R)

29 Performing Arts 29 Year 6 Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was a great success. We all knew our lines off by heart and it was really fun performing it to the parents, grandparents and siblings. We did the show on Thursday 28th June and we also had a dress rehearsal on Monday the 25th. We practised scenes over and over again until every single solitary part of the show was perfect. On the night itself relatives flooded into the hall while we all got changed into our wonderful costumes. At the auditions everyone did really well and I got the part of Veruca Salt. I was very happy when Mrs Mason announced my part because I wanted to get that part. The whole audience loved the show and it was one of the most fun shows I have ever performed! By Charlotte (6R)

30 30 Year 7 s Evening of Music and Drama On Tuesday 27th March, Year 7 presented their Evening of Music and Drama. The theme for the drama was diaries, fictional and real. The audience enjoyed entertaining performances from the Diary of Adrian Mole, Killer Cat and Roald Dahl s Boy, and two moving performances from Z for Zachariah and The Diary of Anne Frank. Year 7, supported by the choir, also sang four songs from The Sound of Music, including Edelweiss, Mr Wardell s favourite, which the cast and audience joined in singing as the encore. Congratulations to the Year 7 children on a wonderfully entertaining evening.

31 trips Performing and visits Arts 31 Les Misérables From the very first note of the opening number of the Year 8 performance of Les Misérables on Thursday 7th December, it was clear that this would be no ordinary school production. Parents, staff and children had eagerly awaited this well known and much loved musical. However, perhaps none of us were quite prepared for the staggeringly sophisticated and emotive performances given by this exceptionally talented yet very young cast. Some of Year 8 had never performed a solo in front of anyone else before, yet all rose to the challenge of this difficult musical, working together to give unforgettable performances over two nights. Year 8 were very well supported by a wonderful chorus of Year 6 and 7 children and also by Ruby from Year 4 as Little Eponine and by Phoebe from Year 3 as Little Cosette. The chorus gave up their lunchtimes to rehearse and we are very grateful for the contribution they made to the success of this show. Well done Year 8! We are very proud of you and all you have achieved. Mrs Mason, Miss Tan, Mrs Goedkoop and the wonderful Mr Wardell.

32 32 Ballet News EXAM RESULTS Autumn 2017 Pre-Primary Passes: Sophie, Eliza, Lyla, Emilia, Suzannah Primary: Savannah Pass Isabella Merit Cleo Distinction Ottilie Merit Ilana Merit Daisy Merit Grade One: Sophie Pass Rosie Merit Grade Two: Georgia Merit Jessica Merit Sarah Merit Spring 2018 Pre-Primary Passes: Freddie, Xanthe, Aria, Amelie, Abigail, Oliver, Autumn Grade One: Molly Merit Chloe Distinction Georgia Merit Dominic Merit Grade One Solo Performance Award: Jessica Summer 2018 Pre-Primary Passes: Distinction Deliah, Beatrice, Thomas, Annabel, Charlotte, George, Rosalia, Lily Primary: Amelie Distinction Grade One: Phoebe Merit Amelia Merit Grade Two: Phoebe Merit Mia Merit Grade Two Solo Performance Award: Jessica Distinction Congratulations to the Pre-Prep ballet girls who received the following awards: Holford Pre-Prep Ballet Cup: Cleo (2G) and Ottilie (2G) Ballet Book Award: Amelie (2G), Ilana (2R), Daisy (2R) Special Ballet Award: Annabel (1G), Suzie (1R) Ballet Commendations: Delilah (Rec), Beatrice (Rec), Emilia (1R) Beautiful ballet - well done! In Prep, the following prizes were awards: Effort Cup for Ballet Holford Ballet Cup Congratulations! Phoebe (5G) Jessica (5G) In other news, Jessica (5G) was accepted to London Junior Ballet Associate Programme.

33 trips Performing and visits Arts 33 Music Music Congratulations to all our gifted musicians on their fantastic exam results. We are privileged that many of them showcase their talent in our Friday Assembly. Listening to our Friday Musician is always a joy. Grade 4 Singing Isobel (6G) Pass Grade 4 Horn Julien (8G) Pass Grade 5 Singing Julien (8G) Merit Grade 1 Piano Holly (5R) Merit Grade 3 Piano Dominic (5R) Merit Grade 4 Singing Emily (8G) Pass Grade 2 Piano Toby (7G) Pass Grade 1 Violin Theo (4R) Merit Grade 3 Singing Charlotte (6R) Pass Grade 1 Singing Sarah (5G) Distinction Grade 1 Singing Verity (4G) Merit Grade 2 Piano Sam (8G) Pass Grade 3 Clarinet Annabel (6R) Pass Grade 4 Singing Fern (6G) Merit Grade 5 Singing Imogen (8G) Distinction Grade 5 Singing Isobel (6G) Pass Grade 3 Singing Emily (8G) Merit Grade 2 Singing Charlotte (6R) Merit Grade 1 Singing Maddie (6G) Pass Grade 2 Piano William (5G) Merit Grade 1 Horn Xavier (6R) Merit Grade 2 Flute Amy (8G) Pass Piano Prep Test Piano Prep Test Piano Prep Test Piano Prep Test Phoebe (3G) Chloe (3R) Jago (4R) Dominic (4G)

34 34 Girls Sport Lacrosse Our U8 and U9 girls play pop lacrosse and girls in Years 5-8 progress onto field lacrosse. The big difference is that in field lacrosse girls are able to check i.e. gain possession of the ball by tackling. The girls enjoyed a brief three week lacrosse season where we played against teams from St Edmund s and The Royal. The U13 team were by far our most ferocious team and never afraid to put in a check in order to gain possession of the ball. The girls learnt to shout when making a check and this was a highly successful tactic in putting off our opponents! They won both their matches against The Royal and St Edmund s. Rounders IAPS U11 Rounders Our U11 team made it through to the second round of the IAPS rounders competition after beating Highfield 8-7 in a nail biting match on 1st May. On Monday 21st May, the U11 Rounders team travelled to Windlesham House to play the second round draw for the IAPS competition. We got off to a great start, winning the toss, electing to field first and getting Windlesham all out for a total of one rounder! However, we then batted our first innings and were all out for 1.5 rounders! In the second innings, the Windlesham House girls seemed to get over their initial nerves and batted incredibly well scoring a further 27.5 rounders. Barrow Hills were able to score a further two rounders in the second innings. The final score was and so we were convincingly knocked out of the draw! The girls fielded incredibly well, especially in the first innings and made some fantastic catches. Emma (6R) won the coaches award for girl of the game and Maddie (6G) won a pink rounders ball for making three catches during the match. On Thursday 21st June, the Year 7 and 8 girls participated in Leavers Rounders vs their parents. The match ended in a convincing victory for the girls team 36-26! Leavers Rounders is a highlight of the sporting year. The girls love watching their parents strike and score. Mr Peek was the top scorer for the parents team on the night and Elena (7G) for the girls team. All rounders and catches scored by every girl for the season is recorded. This year Lucy (7G) scored the most rounders in matches (14) and Maddie (6G) made the most catches (5).

35 Sport 35 Netball Surrey Storm On Saturday 12th March, the Colts A Netball Team had the very exciting opportunity to be the ball girls for a Surrey Storm netball match vs Team Bath at the Surrey Sports Park. Our girls were introduced to the crowd. They were each given a towel to wipe the court in case a player fell and they had to collect the ball if it went off court. The standard of the netball was inspiring for our girls, with Surrey Storm narrowly losing to Team Bath. Great job Barrow Hills ball girls! U13 Netball Team The U13 team got off to a great start to their season, winning their first two matches against Ripley Court 15-5 and St Edmund s However, then they faced Belmont who were just too strong an opposition. Despite battling hard, Barrow Hills lost The team went on to gain more victories throughout the season against Edgeborough 21-8 and The Royal Further into the season the team lost only one more Wednesday match which was against Pennthorpe The team entered three tournaments: Bryanston (11th out of 21 teams) Cranleigh (3rd out of 5 teams) with following results: won 9-2 vs Danes Hill, won 7-4 vs Highfield, lost 4-5 vs Epsom College, lost 1-5 vs Westbourne House. Their final tournament was at Churcher s College and we finished a very respectable 3rd in our section of eight teams. U11 Netball Team This year the U11 Netball team played 10 netball matches winning 6 (Belmont 13-6, St Edmund s 10-3, The Royal 4-2, St Ives 6-2, St Hilary s B and Edgeborough B 7-3) and losing 4 (Longacre 1-7, Ripley Court 5-9, Pennthorpe and Amesbury 9-11). They played in two netball tournaments. The first was at King Edward s Witley on Saturday 30th September where the team drew 1 match, won 1 and lost 5! Their second tournament - the IAPS Small Schools Netball Tournament - was a much more successful experience! On Friday 23rd February, our U11 netball team took part in the IAPS U11 Small Schools Netball Tournament. We travelled up the night before the competition and we came home as winners of the plate competition. An excellent team effort. We played seven matches, won four, lost two and drew one. Knockout Stages: Beat Framlingham College 7-1, drew 2-2 against Old Buckenham Hall, lost 3-0 to St George s (who went on to win the tournament) and lost 8-0 to Witham Hall. These results meant we finished 4th in our section and we went through to the plate competition.

36 36 Plate Competition: Quarter Final - Won 11-0 against Forres Sandle Manor; Semi Final - Won 5-0 against Old Buckenham School; Final of plate competition - Won 5-1 against Broughton School. Fern (6G) was our player of the tournament for her excellent movement into space at exactly the right time. U10 King Edward s Tournament On Saturday 30th September the U10 team participated in their first tournament of the year at KES and managed to draw 3 of their matches, lost 1 and won 1. They then finished 4th overall on their section of 6 teams. The team then entered the GHS Netball Tournament on Friday 17th November. They finished 8th in a section of 12 teams gaining very impressive wins over Holy Trinity and St Catherine s. U9 Netball Team: Our Junior Colts A team played a total of 8 netball matches on Thursday afternoons with very mixed results. They gained 4 wins: Belmont, St Ives, Pennthope and Edgeborough U9B team. They suffered 4 losses to: Ripley Court, Edgeborough U9A team, St Andrew s and St Edmund s. On Saturday 25th November they entered the Hoe Bridge U9B Tournament and they won it! U8 Cranleigh Tournament: On Thursday 9th November both of our U8 teams played their first netball tournament at Cranleigh. The U8A team sadly lost all 3 matches against Amesbury 5-2. Edgeborough 3-0 and Cranleigh 2-0. The U8B team drew against The Royal 0-0, Edgeborough 0-0 and won against Brookham 1-0. Bryanston Netball Cricket In 2018, cricket was introduced to the girls at Barrow Hills. The girls were quick to take to the sport and discovered many of the skills needed for rounders were transferable for cricket. Cricket is taking off as a girls sport across the UK and many of the local prep schools chose to compete in girls cricket matches over rounders this summer. In May 2018, Barrow Hills hosted a cricket festival. Teams in all age groups from U8-U13 Pennthorpe, Cranleigh, Amesbury and Belmont participated in pairs cricket matches. Each pair was able to bat for two overs and every fielder bowled one over so that matches could be kept short and the girls had the opportunity to play multiple schools. Cranleigh proved to be very strong, winning nearly all the age group competitions. However, our girls gained plenty of victories when competing against the other schools! At the end of May, the U10 and U11 girls teams played more pairs cricket matches against Portsmouth Grammar School and won both games. The accuracy and speed of the bowling was fantastic. The girls also had learnt to work together when batting, as well as communicating when they would run. Our U13 girls played against an U13D boys team from Pennthorpe and won ! The girls are very much looking forward to more matches next year.

37 Sport 37 Mixed Sport Swimming Being able to access the King Edward s swimming pool has been fantastic for Barrow Hills in that we can now host swim galas throughout the school year. Our first home gala was against Pennthorpe in September The gala was a really close contest and fortunately our U9, U11 and U13 mixed swim teams were victorious winning ! In October, we hosted a girls only swimming gala against St Hilary s, St Ives and Edgeborough. We finished 3rd overall behind St Hilary s and St Ives but beating Edgeborough. In November, we had a mixed swimming gala away against Highfield B team and Barrow Hills dominated nearly every race. Next year we will try our luck against their A team! IAPS National Swimming Finals 2018 Barrow Hills entered the IAPS Swimming Competition this year for the first time and amazingly two of our swimmers qualified for the National Finals, which took place on Saturday 9th June. 257 schools entered this competition with 1500 finalists! Holly (5R) qualified in the U10 Girls 25m Backstroke and Theo (5R) for the U10 Boys 25m Backstroke. Holly finished 10th overall in the girls race in a time of secs and Theo came 12th overall in the boys race with a time of secs. Congratulations to both Holly and Theo for a superb achievement. Athletics Catholic Schools Athletics Championships (CSAC) at St George s College, Weybridge On Sunday 24th June, 10 athletes from Years 5 and 6 took part in the Catholic Schools Athletics Championships (CSAC) at St George s College, Weybridge, with 10 schools competing. All athletes were limited to the number of events they could participate in; 2 track events, 1 field event and a relay. Our children really enjoyed running on a 400m tartan track and performed fantastically well on a very hot day. U12 Girls 100m - Matilda (6R) 1st 14.11secs 200m - Matilda (6R) 1st 30.01secs Rounders Ball Throw - Maddie (6G) 1st 34m U12 Boys 70m Hurdles - Theo (5R) 1st 13.16secs 70m Hurdles - Cade (5R) 2nd 13.83secs 200m - Theo (5R) 1st 28.53secs (New Record for the CSAC) 800m - James D (6G) 3rd 2min 43.14secs 1500m - Cade (5R) 1st 5mins 16 secs Cricket Ball Throw - James H (6G) 3rd 35.69m St Catherine s Athletics Competition On Wednesday 4th July, 16 girls from Years 3-6 took part in an athletics competition at St Catherine s School. The focus of this was for girls to participate in as many events as they wanted and most importantly to have fun. Results were not recorded. Our girls took part in high jump for the first time ever and it was amazing to see many of them able to clear 1m with no training in this event! Barrow Hills girls dominated the track events which was fabulous to watch!

38 38 Hockey 1st VII Hockey This year s hockey season was definitely a success. With over half of Year 8 in the first team, people saw us as underdogs. No one had heard of us and didn t expect much of us, until we beat them very convincingly. We ended up winning the IAPS regionals on golden goal. This was definitely the highlight of my season. We then made it to the National Finals for the second year running. Thank you to Mr Conway and Mr Clarke for coaching us. Ben (8G) 3rd VII Hockey This year the thirds played really well. We worked hard in training, this reflected in our performance in matches. Elena was our strongest defender. Nicky was our most improved player. We enjoyed all our matches but our favourite was against Danes Hill because afterwards at match tea we met loads of friendly people. We had a brilliant season. Thank you to all the sports staff for helping us in matches and training. Emily (8G) and Bethany (8G) and James was a marvellous captain. Overall, we played really well and had some fantastic hockey matches. Thank you to Mr Clarke and Mr Conway for coaching us and improving our skills. Sascha (6R) and Thomas (6R) Colts A2 Hockey We began our season with a strong start by winning three games in a row. James was the highlight as he d never really played hockey before. Our defensive unit was strong, with Nicholas and Alexander. Rory was also in defence. Half way through the season, Ben and Rupert joined the team. They played really well all season. The A2s had a very good season. Rupert was the most improved player and James was player of the season. Overall, we had a great season with a strong side, winning most of our matches. Thank you everyone for playing so well and everyone for coaching us. Rupert (6R) and Alexander (5G) 2nd VII Hockey This season we performed well and won the majority of our games. Miss Gartland coached us very well. Julian was our left winger and contributed to a lot of our goals. We played many local schools in the area such as Cranleigh and St Edmund s. Alexander, our striker, scored many goals. All around, the team put in a very decent and well-played season and deserved to get the results we gained. One more thank you to Miss Gartland and the team for putting in such a good performance. Oliver (8G) 4th VII Hockey This year the fourth team played really well with a total of four goals across six matches. Julien scored an amazing goal. Amy and Tom worked really well together leading us to win two matches. We had no injuries and saved eight goals! Imogen (8G) Colts A1 Hockey Over the hockey season, the A1 hockey team played many tournaments and matches. The hockey was outstanding! There were some fantastic goals, great defending and brilliant passing. To mention some names, Matthew made some terrific shots, Oscar had great skills Colts B1 Hockey We didn t have the best of starts to season, we lost our first match and needed to lift our spirits in the next game. Luckily, it was our best match! We won and Fraser got man of the match. We fought like lions and tried our hardest but didn t get the rub of the green. We deserved more wins and but

39 Sport 39 improved a lot over the season. The best player was Michael followed by Fraser for positive passing and creating many chances. The most improved player was Fraser and Barnaby for effort and excellence. Barnaby (5R) and Tom (5G) Colts B2 Hockey It was a great season for the B2 team. Will played well this season, making good passes and scoring loads of goals. The whole team played amazingly with targeted passing and working as a team. We all enjoyed playing for the B2s this season. tournament at Cranleigh they were in a very tough draw, played in absolutely freezing cold temperatures and came 4th in their section of five teams. The U8A battled really well in their Cranleigh U8 tournament and finished 2nd, beating Edgebrough and Cranleigh but losing overall to Eagle House. Our U8B team entered the same tournament but played against the B teams from the other schools and came 3rd out of four teams. Tommy (5R) Colts C1 Hockey This year, we improved a lot from the start of the season to the end. Our main improvement was our passing. At the start, we could not pass, but by the end of the season, it seemed that we had known how to do it all our lives. We scored many goals on the way. Our best pass though was when Harry did a dummy past a defender and passed to James and he shot and scored. Thank you to all the coaches for helping us on the way and getting us this far. Harry (5G) Junior Colts A1 Hockey We all played really well. Tom was good at goalkeeping because he stopped lots of goals. The funniest thing was Tom falling over a lot in the tournament. Well done to the whole team for playing so well. Jago K (4R) Girls Hockey The 2017/18 hockey season got off to a flying start with our U13 team gaining wins over King Edward s Witley U13A (4-2) and U13B (5-2). They then played against Seaford s U13C team and won 1-0, followed by a match against Cranleigh U13C team which ended in a 0-0 draw. Their last match as a girls only team was against St Edmund s U13A team which they won 6-1. A cracking season for the Barrow Hills U13 team - well done! Our Colts teams only had one girls only round of matches against St Edmund s before they mixed with the boys and played the remainder of the season as mixed squads. The Colts A team lost vs St Edmund s 2-0 and our Colts B and Colts C teams both won 3-1 and 6-0. Our Junior Colts teams played two matches as girls only teams, including one tournament at Cranleigh. The Junior Colts A beat St Edmund s 2-1 and Longacre 8-2. In their U9 National Hockey Success Barrow Hills intrepid Under 13 boys hockey team celebrated success once again after qualifying for the national finals of the Independent Association of Prep Schools (IAPS) hockey tournament. The eight-strong team took on 23 other schools at the IAPS West Hockey Tournament 2018 held at Millfield School. We came 2nd in the group, qualifying for the cup competition and going on to win the quarter-final, semi-final and the final with a golden goal scored by the Captain, Ben (8G). Buoyed by their success, the team travelled to Millfield in March, battling it out at the National Finals where they were pitted against the best prep schools in the country. The team s coaches, Mr Clarke and Mr Conway said, Our first U13 hockey team has done fantastically well again this year. They delivered a great team effort throughout and should all be proud of their achievements. They ve worked hard in training and deserve every success.

40 40 Cross-Country Barrow Hills entered five cross-country competitions held throughout 2017/18. The first was held at Seaford on 22nd September and our U10 and U11 boys and girls cross-country teams took part in the tough course with a rather large hill to climb! Holly (5R) won the U10 girls race in a field of over 50 runners! Claudia (5R) came 3rd and so our U10 girls team came 2nd overall out of all the competing schools. On Monday 2nd October, Barrow Hills runners in the U9, U11 and U13 age groups in both boys and girls competed at Ripley Court. This time it was the boys turn to win the U11 boys team came 1st overall. Beatrix (4G) came 3rd in the U9 girls race. In November, our girls ran at St Edmund s. The Year 5 girls won the team event, beating six other schools into first place. The team consisted of Holly (5R) who came 3rd, Claudia (5R) 4th and Jessica (5R) 6th. Despite an exceptionally cold day, our girls did not give up and thoroughly enjoyed a warm cup of hot chocolate at the end. Well done to all who ran. On Friday 1st December, the second ever King of the Hills (a two mile race from King Edward s Witley to Barrow Hills) was held between children from the two schools. King Edward s had 54 runners and Barrow Hills 86. The contest was to see which school was the first to have 30 runners across the finish line. Barrow Hills were victorious for the second year running! Sadly, due to the very bad winter and lots of snow, the largest cross-country fixture held at Guildford High School in February had to be cancelled. Hopefully next year the weather will be kinder!

41 Sport 41 1st XI Cricket Boys Sport Cricket 1st Cricket This year s cricket season was a very successful one. We won six and lost two matches. I was very impressed with the boys dedication and hard work. The person who I think has improved the most is Matty, because he has the most wickets and he doubted himself at the start of the season. The funniest moment was Oliver catching the ball with his shins and chest! My memorable moment was Ben scoring a century against Pennthorpe. I have loved my final cricket season at Barrow Hills and I hope the other boys have too. Alexander (8G) Colts A1 Cricket We began our season with a reasonable start, with the first game being quite close. Matt stayed in the whole game but we sadly lost. We had two other ok games, one of which Tom almost scored a half century, with 46. The other game was our last game against Longacre. This game was great because most of our players got wickets and we batted well. We had a good season and the player of the season was Tom M and most improved was Will N. Thank you to the team for playing so well and to the coaches for helping us. Rory (6G) Colts A2 Cricket This year was a great season for cricket. The weather was perfect all term long. We had some new cricketers like Michael, who was one of the best players in the team. We had lots of success because we worked as a team. Alexander was a good captain and lead us to a number of victories. Overall, we had a brilliant season and improved in fielding and bowling. In addition, our wicket keeper Ed B helped the team when we were struggling. Finally, William H made many catches, which won matches. William (6G) 2nd XI Cricket Colts B1 Cricket The Colts B1 cricket team had a wonderful and eventful cricket season. Tommy had a terrific catch, Rupert bowled four people out and Barnaby was a fantastic batter. I thank the team for trying so hard, I look forward with great enthusiasm to the next cricket season. Thomas (6G) Colts A1 Cricket Colts B2 Cricket This year, the Colts B2 had a good start to the season. We had a few close matches but we only lost by a few runs. Even though we lost all our matches, we continued to improve all the time. We got close to winning one game but lost by two runs. I think the whole team improved but I thought Ed B improved the most. In our last game, we played the best. Max (6R) Colts A2 Cricket Junior Colts A1 Cricket The A1s got lots of runs and we got lots of wickets. The best players were Tom H and Tom H! Conrad got a good catch and a good six one match. We played really well as a team and the funniest moment of the season was playing away at Belmont and getting lots of sixes because the pitch was so small. Thank you to Mr Conway for coaching us. Tom (4G) and Tom (4R) Colts B1 Cricket Colts B2 Cricket Junior Colts A1 Cricket

42 42 Junior Colts A2 Cricket This year, the A2s played fantastically and we did lots of great hits. The funniest moment was when Lloyd had an easy run out but forgot to hit the bails off. The best player was Lloyd because he was a good bowler and got quite a lot of fours. Thank you for being such a great team and to Mr Clarke for coaching us. Gabriel (3G) Junior Colts B1 Cricket This season, the B1s had an amazing cricket season. We scored loads of runs especially Paul and Toby. They played very well when batting fours and stumping people out. A funny moment was six people doing long barrier but they all missed the ball! Nathaniel (4G) and Edward (3R) Junior Colts B2 Cricket The B2s had very hard matches. The funniest moment was when I hit the ball a tiny bit and got four runs with Theodore. Theodore was the best bowler and Jago S and Alexander were the best batters. Well done to everyone for playing so well. Dominic (4G) Junior Colts A2 Cricket Junior Colts B1 Cricket Junior Colts B2 Cricket Football 1st XI Football The first football team began the season with an away match against St Edmund s. Although we lost, the team had a good and positive attitude towards the match and areas we needed to work on. In training, our focus was to use the width of the pitch and to spread the play. The first team used this well and bounced back with an unbeaten season. On the 11th of October, Mr Hatcher challenged us by entering the team in the IAPS at Rokeby School. Our aim was to move the ball quickly and keep the ball on the ground, as it was six a-side. We reached our targets, but narrowly missed the Nationals by one point, although having a higher goal difference than national finalists, Cranleigh. A special note goes to our centre back Max who was the rock of the team, protecting Flyn, our goalkeeper. Also Oscar, who added an attacking strength to our frontline. Lastly, to Harry, who put an incredible amount of effort into every game, adding flair to our side. Well done to everyone who contributed to the team and thank you to our coaches Mr Hooker and Mr Hatcher for another great season. Matthew (8G) 1st XI Football 2nd XI Football The second team started the season by playing St Edmund s at home. We lost our first game but we completed our challenge by putting the ball into the opposition s corners of the field. Alexander was our striker and our main goal scorer. Alexander was our hardest working player who was always on the ball. Finally, a mention must go to our goalkeeper George, who saved almost all the shots. Julian (8G) Colts A2 Football The A2s had six fixtures this season, four of which were double fixtures, meaning we played against two schools. In our first match, we played St Edmund s away. They were a very good team and we knew it would be difficult. We were a new team and pulled together well. The final score was 7-0 to us, we were delighted and Matthew scored a hat trick. Buoyed by our successful start, we went on to beat Great Ballard and Belmont the following week. Then, in our third match, we were against the one of our hardest teams - Chandler. We were playing Longacre and Chandler in the same afternoon. We played our best and beat Longacre 2-0 with Louis, our amazing winger and I, both scoring. Then we played Chandler. I was in defence, their player came towards me, I slipped and our keeper had no chance. We lost 1-0. Next, we played Seaford and Amesbury at home. First, we played Amesbury. I scored the first goal, followed by two great goals from our strike force. We won 3-0 and went on to play Seaford. We were tiring and did not score. However, thanks to some great defending by Thomas M and Barnaby, and our brilliant keeper Oscar (who moved to the A1 s afterwards) Seaford failed to score and we drew. After Oscar moved up, Dominic joined us, and so did Ben. When we went into our next game against Westbourne House and Pennthorpe away, we had a slightly different team but we still won 1-0 in each game. Rupert made amazing passes in both games. In our last game, we played Chandler and drew. Our coach Mr Clarke helped us through the whole season. Nicholas (6G)

43 Sport 43 Colts A1 Football The Colts A1 team had a fantastic season and it is an honour to write this team report. Over the weeks, I saw a huge improvement in the team s passing ability and understanding of one another s game. Everybody played well and it is worth highlighting some key points. James D and Alexander were outstanding in defence with some crunching tackles and a brave approach. It was great to see Oscar come up from the A2s to perform some incredible saves and prove himself as a solid keeper. Theo s skill improvement was truly impressive, as were Ed s crosses into the box leading to some good goals, many of which were scored by the talented Matthew! My favourite moment of the season was James B s screamer against Hoe Bridge. This was hit with the outside of his boot from some distance to slam into the top corner, leaving their keeper no chance! Thank you to the whole team for playing so well and to Mr Conway for coaching us. James H (6G) Colts B2 Football The B2s had an intense season this year, with many close games and some hard fought wins. Tommy was an amazing goalie, saving many attempts from the other team to score. Rory was also an incredible help to his teammates because of his great efforts in co-operating. Fraser was also outstanding - continually finding space and being ready for action. The team could rely on him to score, as he would unleash another powerful shot at goal. Thank you very much to all the rest of the team for playing so well and trying so hard. Our first game was at home against St Edmund`s. We went on to play Belmont away, before facing Longacre and Chandler in a tournament at the end of September. This was my highlight of the season as the whole team played so well. In October, we played both Amesbury and Seaford College at home before another tournament was held with Pennthorpe and Westbourne House, also away. Colts A1 Football Colts B1 Football Colts B2 Football Finally, our last game was against Chandler on the first of November, at home. We all enjoyed the season and having the chance to compete against other schools. We have plenty of skilled players at Barrow Hills and we hope we can build towards greater things next season (just as the school motto says!). Thank you very much team and all our coaches. Thomas (6G) Colts B1 Football This season has been very successful! Our strikers have scored some fantastic goals, our midfielders have done some great passes, our defence has been solid and our goalkeeper Will has saved countless shots from the opposition. Everyone has worked their hardest. A special mention for Tom who persevered and kept on playing after he was hurt. I think that Rory played really well and scored some amazing shots. Rupert played so well that he moved up a team, he made some amazing set-ups and he was a great team player. Although we lost a few matches our team still played superbly. My favourite part of the season was when we all worked together which meant we all enjoyed the matches. Thank you to all the sports staff for coaching us, Mrs Darg for lovely match teas and to the whole team for playing so well! Sascha (6R) Colts C1 Football This year, the Colts C1 team had a great start to the season. We beat St Edmund s. Oliver scored an amazing goal. Will and I were the players of the season. The most improved was Will B. The Colts C1 were happy with their season. Cillian (6G) Colts C Football Colts C2 Football The Colts C2 team played matches in the first football season. All of us played equally well and we enjoyed ourselves. We all improved a substantial amount because of our effort. Well done to everyone for playing so well. Edward (5R)

44 44 Junior Colts A1 Football The Junior Colts A1 team have had a great season, winning most of our matches, home and away. We played very well together as a team and have enjoyed all our games. The first few games of the season against St Edmund s and Edgeborough taught us the importance of playing together as a team, passing the ball around the pitch and having a strong defence. Gabriel made some fantastic goals for us, Jonah played well in midfield and Conrad worked hard for us in defence. One of the highlights of the season was our competition against Chandler and Longacre Schools. The Junior Colts A1 won in both of their matches against tough opposition and all of the team contributed to this success. We also enjoyed travelling to Belmont, Amesbury and Pennthorpe for our away matches. Thanks to Mr Clarke for being a great coach. Tom (4G) Jnr. Colts A1 Football Junior Colts A2 Football We started the season well with a strong performance against St. Edmunds. Jackson made some amazing saves as goalkeeper. Up front, Lloyd and Joshua worked really hard and scored loads of goals. We had a really tricky game against Amesbury but Jago did a really good job at defending. We came back strongly after this game in our matches with Pennthorpe and Chandler and also Churcher s. By the end of the season, we got a lot better and we were playing very well as a team, even though it was getting colder. Thanks to the coaches for teaching us how to play as a team. Also thank you to the cooks for giving us awesome match teas. Dominic (4G) Jnr. Colts A2 Football Junior Colts B2 Football The Junior Colts B2 football team had a strong season. Dominic was a great goalkeeper and also played well as a defender. Theodore shone as a midfielder while Sebastian liked being a goalie and made some amazing saves. The rest of the team, Alexander, Sam and Jago really gave their best and played very well for the B2s. Matches against St Edmund s and Chandler were great fun, although they were tough teams to play against they were very sporting and friendly. The Junior Colts B2 team worked hard at spreading out over the field but the area in which we improved the most was in passing the ball. All the B2s worked really well as a team and were kind and encouraging towards each other. The entire team would like to thank the Barrow Hills Games teachers for teaching us and Mrs Darg and her team for the lovely match teas! Nathaniel (4G) Jnr. Colts B2 Football 1st XII Rugby This year s rugby season I was very impressed with all the boys for their hard work and effort. I think they all improved a lot but mainly Oliver for his tackling and kicking. The most memorable moment was when Oscar kicked the ball backwards. Well done for everyone for playing so well and good luck next season. Harry (8G) Colts 5B Rugby This year the 5B rugby team had a very good season. We learnt lots of new skills and the most memorable moment was when we beat Longacre. The best tacklers were Harry and Tommy because they went in to all the tackles. Also, we beat Edgeborough and Belmont but lost to St Edmund s. Overall we had a great season. James (5G) and Ben (5R) Colts 5C Rugby The most memorable moment for the 5Cs was bulldozing all the opposition tacklers. The best player was Oliver. The teams we played included Belmont and Amesbury. We played very well and really enjoyed our season. James (5R) Colts 1st XII Rugby Colts 5B Rugby Colts 5C Rugby

45 Sport 45 Rugby Colts 5A Rugby This year, we played amazingly in the 5As by scoring and stopping tries. The most memorable moment for me was when Dom stopped a try in the Edgeborough game and because of that we won the match. I think this was our best achievement. Our best player was Dom because of his great running and tackling. A funny moment was when his shorts fell down in a tackle. The 5A team should be proud of themselves for playing so well. Louis (5R) Colts 6A Rugby Our rugby season went well. We worked well as a team and won most of our matches. Lots of our players did very well. Thomas, one of our best players, was brilliant at tackling and practically saved the team on a number of occasions. Two very important players on the team were Rory and Will M. The overall best player was Oscar who was very good in both attack and defence. We ended our season not too well against Edgeborough. The pitch we played on was so cold and wet that most of did not want to play but we still had a good season. Alexander (6G) Colts 6B Rugby This year, the Colts 6B team got off to a fabulous start, beating Longacre. Throughout the season, we came up against some tough teams but we fought through it, remaining unbeaten. Our best players were James and Nicholas as they had great stamina. The most memorable moment for the team was every member scoring a try against Edgeborough. Everyone in the team should be proud of their great season. Ed (6R) Colts 5A Rugby Colts 6A Rugby Colts 6B Rugby Junior Colts 4A Rugby It was a really good season. The funniest was when we were practising and I did a sit down tackle. At the end of the season, Conrad had scored the most tries. Everyone played really well and I really enjoyed playing contact rugby for the first time. Lloyd (4G) Junior Colts 4B Rugby This season we won all but one of our matches. We just drew the last one. The whole team played well. Jonah, Jackson and Jago were particularly strong and made loads of tackles. Everyone played really well. Jackson (4R) Junior Colts 3A Rugby We had a successful season, everyone got lots of tries. The best players were Gabriel and I! The funniest thing was when Josh called his old friend angry Oli! The whole team played so well and thank you to Mr Conway for coaching us. Edward (3G) Jnr. Colts 4A Rugby Jnr. Colts 4B Rugby Jnr. Colts 3A Rugby

46 46 Sports Day Pre-Prep Sports Day The sun shone as Pre-Prep made their way to the field for their sports morning. The older children enjoyed sprinting and three-legged races, those slightly younger also showed off their running skills, followed by obstacle courses. And finally... the relays with much cheering and support for all. All the children thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Prep Sports Day The afternoon arrived for Prep with perfect conditions to break records on their sports day and the children did not disappoint. Eight records in total were broken, a record breaking year for record breaking! Kean came out on top in a fantastic afternoon that was enjoyed by all. Thank you to all the children who gave it their all, spectators who came to support and staff who made the event run so smoothly. Overall Winners: Kean Victor Ludorum - Harry (8G) Victrix Ludorum - Elena (7G) New Records* Year 4 Girls 75m Skip - Beatrix (4G) 12.9s (3 years) Year 6 Girls 75m Sprint - Matilda (6R) 10.31s (11 years) Year 5 Boys 75m Skip - Theo (5R) 12.95s (2 years) Year 5 Boys 75m Sprint - Theo (5R) 10.49s (3 years) Year 5 Boys 400m - Cade (5R) (4 years) Year 6 Boys 100m - Alexander (6G) (2 years) Senior Boys Cricket Ball Throw - Eddie (8G) (8 years) Senior Boys Shot Put - Julian (8G) (7 years) * Number in brackets is the number of years the record has stood for.

47 Sport 47

48 48 Sports Day

49 Sport 49

50 50 Charity The Barrow Hills Community Committee (BHCC) is made up of parents and staff, supported by our parent class representatives. The committee has established a varied programme of events each year for children, parents and the family. Raising money for school projects, both big and small, and supporting the charitable work undertaken by our children. The charity fundraising of the Barrow Hills Community Committee focuses on knowing our neighbour, one of our beneficiaries being the diocese of Fada N Gourma, including St Benoît School in Burkina Faso, West Africa. We have an annual commitment to them of 5,000, which we are pleased to confirm has been reached this year. However, a number of other charities also benefit. This year this has included the Blue Cross, The Source, Crisis, Stroke, CAFOD, the Poppy Appeal and Macmillan, a total of The Committee also supports the School to fund new facilities that may fall outside the existing future development plans of the School itself. These additional funds can help with the purchase of practical and exciting facilities sooner rather than later. This year, these included the improvement of the Pre-Prep playground, as promised last year and a contribution to the very large maps now adorning the walls outside the Refectory and on the Slope. The School and staff asked that the balance of the money be rolled over into next year so that larger items can be purchased. We hope that these will be enjoyed by our current and future children for many years to come. Thank you to everyone who has helped and contributed throughout the year. Barrow Hills Triathlon On Saturday 16th September, 34 children took part in the Biennial Barrow Hills Triathlon, raising a total of 170 for schools in Fada, Burkina Faso. Well done to all the children who took part, to the parents who supported and to the staff for helping.

51 Charity 51 Hog Roast At the start of the autumn term, the BHCC welcomed families, both new and old, into School for our annual hog roast. The sun was shining and it was a lovely opportunity to get together and usher in the new school year. Thank you to the BHCC for organising such a wonderful social afternoon. Harvest Festival Thank you for the amazing variety and range of food which was brought to school for our Harvest Assembly and food sale In October. Thank you, also, to Mrs Stephens for helping our chaplain, Mrs Nicholls, to set up the display and for helping at the sale of the food at the end of the day. The raised from the food sale was given to the Bloomsbury Central Baptist Church to help them feed the homeless. Macmillan Coffee Morning We have been supporting Macmillan since For the second year, we combined Bacon Butties with a coffee morning to bring the community together and rounded the day off with a cake sale. This year we raised bringing our fundraising for Macmillan since 2003 to just over 5,200. Thank you to everyone who helped, served, baked and supported. Brilliant Bonfire and Creative Carving A very big thank you to all of those who helped to make Friday 3rd November a successful bonfire and fireworks night. It is true that many hands make light work and whether it was encouraging ticket sales, rounding up volunteers, manning the stalls or contributing to the raffle - it all helps! Special thanks must go to David Brydon and Mike Westhorp for organising the Dads, building a spectacular bonfire and for manning it on the night. Hot dogs, hot chocolate, mulled wine and superb glow in the dark trinkets were among the great things we enjoyed. We promise to have more novelties next year! The fireworks, expertly set up by Skyburst, were spectacular, perfectly timed between the two displays from Chandler. Congratulations to the winners of the raffle, with a huge thank you to Claire Paterson for organising the hampers. Around 450 parents and children attended and you all helped raise just over 1000 for the BHCC. Thank you to you all. There were numerous entries for this year s pumpkin carving competition and Mr Garman (Miss Anna s son and an Old Barrow Hillian) was very impressed. Judging was difficult as the standard was so high but the results were: Pre-Prep: siblings, Jacob (2R) and Tom (Nur) - a lovely traditional pumpkin. Junior Prep: Paige (3G) (McCormack) - a truly horrific creation - well done. Middle Prep: Theo (5R) (McCormack) - a dark concept indeed. Upper Prep: Bethany (8G) (Kean) - magical! There was one rogue entrant which, whilst an inspired and creative concept, was in fact a pineapple... nice try though Conrad (4R)! Congratulations to all the winners and to all who took part and a special thank you to Mr Garman for judging.

52 52 Remembrance Mr Shreeve was delighted to report that our Poppy Appeal raised against last years We have smashed our year on year records yet again. Rumour has it we raised more than any other school in the area. Thank you for all your contributions. Christmas Workshop The festive season began in earnest with the BHCC Christmas workshop. These have become a popular date in the diary that we all look forward to and this year was no exception. This year the BHCC added another layer of fun by working with Firing Earth; a local mobile pottery company. This gave the children an opportunity to produce a beautiful Christmas tree decoration along with the traditional Christmas cracker. Pre-Prep Christmas Party Pre-Prep were extremely excited when a surprise visitor arrived at their Christmas party on Thursday morning. Even better - he had a full sack of presents with him! The children all waited beautifully for their turn to meet Father Christmas, and eagerly told him what was on their Christmas list. With 178 children attending, from the littlest in Nursery right up to Year 8, a lot of fun was had; laughs, music, escaping Christmas cracker gifts, beautiful decorations and many smiling faces! Thank you to all the children for coming and being polite, the parents for supporting them to do it, the staff for getting them there on time, the catering team for the refreshments and the team of parents who were amazing in giving their time to help the children with this wonderful activity. A special thanks to Adity Coombes for organising this event and to Mel Harris for organising the children s Christmas cards. The event raised around 549 and the Christmas cards raised 678. Thank you to Mel Harris, Tiggy Trounce and Jennifer Stipe who had liaised with the elves at the North Pole to arrange his visit, and of course to Santa himself for coming to Barrow Hills at this extremely busy time of year. The fun continued into the afternoon as Pre-Prep took part in various party activities. Fun and laughter filled the rooms as scissors snipped, glue sticks stuck and ribbons were tied as plastic cups, coloured paper and ribbon transformed into pretty table-top Christmas trees. Well done Pre-Prep! Your teachers said that you were all just fabulous to work with!

53 Charity 53 Easter Egg Decorating An annual favourite of the children and in its 8th year! The BHCC and an amazing host of volunteers donned their aprons, filled the icing pots (again and again) and poured the sprinkles. The 199 children were as creative as ever and helped raise 375. Thank you to everyone who helped. Cake Sales and Bacon Butties We held our last cake sale of the year in June, raising This bought the grand total for the year to 1, Of this was donated to Macmillan. Our fabulous bacon buttie team raised over 5,085 for the BHCC. Our grateful thanks go to everyone involved cooks, helpers and of course eaters! A particular thank you to Roz Scudamore for organising the cake sales and to Gill Wilson and her helpers for always being a welcome sight with bacon butties on a Friday morning at drop off.

54 54 Lenten Appeal 2018 Our annual Lenten Appeal, which runs from 12th March to 26th March, was, as ever, extremely well supported. From Year 8 s shortlist of three charities, children voted for The Blue Cross, which helps sick, injured and homeless pets as the main beneficiary for funds raised during the Appeal with smaller donations destined for Crisis, the charity for single homeless people and The Source, Aldershot which supports vulnerable people in Hampshire and Surrey. As always, Nursery, Kindy, Reception and Year 1 thoroughly enjoyed their Lenten Appeal challenges. Nursery and Kindy cycled and ran laps around the Pre-Prep garden. Little legs worked hard as the children were keen to do their best and raise as much money as possible. Reception and Year 1 were challenged to complete laps of an obstacle course in the woods. Everyone tried their hardest over some tricky obstacles and the odd bump or two was swiftly patched up by Mrs Burnett as the children were keen to carry on. Competition was strong to complete the most laps! On Monday 12th March, despite the weather not looking promising first thing, there was a gap in the clouds and the Year 2 and Junior Prep Lenten Appeal walk from King Edward s Witley to Barrow Hills was completed in the dry. Although a little muddy at times, everyone was well prepared with their wellington boots! Year 2 were the leaders the whole way and showed great enthusiasm to the cause! Year 7 and 8 embarked on an Upper Prep for Hire venture to raise money. The children asked staff, family members and close friends for possible tasks they could undertake, from tidying out the garden shed, to dusting a room for a week, to sharpening a huge number of pencils for Pre-Prep! The children s fabulous fundraising activities raised a record sum and with the profits from the School Council s Dragons Den added, we presented Blue Cross with a cheque for 2,431. We also made donations of 250 each to Crisis and Source Aldershot, the two other charities Year 8 presented to the School. A massive thank you to all staff who were involved, well done children and thank you to all their sponsors, this is a wonderful example of compassion in action. Middle Prep organised a fantastic fair to raise money for the Lenten Appeal. Parents, children and staff all tried their hand at the various games of skill and also enjoyed some edible treats. Thank you to everyone who came and also to all those who helped with setting up and clearing up! It was a great success.

55 Charity 55 Proms in the Park This event just gets better and better! First dreamed up and put together in 2010 and now in its ninth year, this annual event has gone from strength to strength. Sunday loomed with grey skies and a sprinkling of rain but the weather was kind and the rain cleared for the performances. It is an afternoon when all members of the extended school community can come together in our beautiful school grounds to down a chilled Pimm s (or two), enjoy a bite from the BBQ and watch the children running around and having a wonderful time. That could be considered to be treat enough, if it weren t for the exceptional musical, dancing and dramatic skills of so many of our children. Thanks must go to everyone who worked so hard to put this event together, and to everyone who came to support. Special thanks to Weltons Brewery for the donation of the real ale and to The Meat and Fish Market, Milford for the delicious lamb. Your generous donations helped raise nearly 740. Our wonderful compère for the afternoon, Jackie Morris, was joined by the Year 7 and 8 Drama Scholars; a wonderful addition for this year. They explained that the charity fundraising of the Barrow Hills Community Committee focuses on knowing our neighbour with our main beneficiary being St Benoît School in Burkina Faso, West Africa. We have an annual commitment to them of 5,000, which we are pleased to confirm that we have reached this year. A number of other charities also benefit; this year this has included Blue Cross, The Source, Crisis, Stroke, Macmillan, Children in Need, CAFOD and the Poppy Appeal. There was one person not able to make it on the day, Mr Wardell. We know how much he loves this event and we wish that he could have been with us. We send him our best wishes for a speedy recovery and hope that he will be back with us soon. Roke Revival A brilliant party, organised by a brilliant committee! Well done and a huge thank you to the BHCC Roke Revival Committee Tiggy, Roz, Paola, Mel, Lydia, Kim, Anne, Adity and Rachel.

56 56 Trips & Visits Kindy Trip to Tuesley Farm On a warm June day, Kindy enjoyed a sunny adventure to Tuesley Farm, learning how the machines sort and pack the fresh fruit. The children wore protective clothing as they entered the fridge areas - it was cold! They then picked and collected their own punnets of strawberries, raspberries and blueberries before having a picnic lunch in the woods. Thank you to the Hall family for a wonderful visit. Reception Visit to Bocketts Farm The day of Reception s much-anticipated farm trip dawned fair, and excited children and adults boarded a minibus, clutching wellies and sandwiches. We arrived to discover we had the farm virtually to ourselves. After a quick pit stop, we went straight to the animal handling area where the children stroked a silky black rabbit, a fancy mouse and two guinea pigs. A goat was then milked, and the children felt the surprising warmth of the creamy milk. Another round of hand washing; then off to the barn, where the children had great fun feeding sheep, lambs, goats, a cow and alpacas. More hand washing; and off on a tractor ride through mellow autumn sunshine, past pumpkin fields, cows, sheep, and scarecrows. After yet more handwashing and a picnic lunch in the hay barn, we went to choose our pig for the famous pig-race. After a tense countdown, Voldesnort, Beyoinkce, Lewis Hamilton, Piggy Startdust, Justin Bieboar, and Uswine Bolt set off at a fast trot, squealing around corners and charging through the screaming crowd, with Justin Bieboar romping to a well-deserved victory. Before getting back on the coach, the children enjoyed some time in the playground. Mr Kriehn felt the need to check out all the slides on behalf of the children and a thoroughly good time was had by all. Thank you to Mrs Triska, Mrs Harris, Mrs Platt and Mr Kriehn.

57 Trips and Visits 57 Reception trip to Sayers Croft Reception had a wonderful trip in the sunshine to Sayers Croft in the summer term. The children hunted for mini-beasts in the woods; turning over logs to discover woodlice, slugs, snails and centipedes. They then took butterfly nets into the meadow to carry out a meadow sweep and explore which mini-beasts live in that habitat, finding some beautiful moths and butterflies. After a forest walk, some games and a picnic lunch, the children went down to the pond - alive with damsel flies - to engage in some pond-dipping. They learned how to safely carry and use the equipment and were thrilled to scoop up tadpoles, water boatmen, water snails and small fish into their buckets, before gently releasing them back into the water. The coach trip home was another source of excitement, with children eagerly spotting familiar landmarks from an unfamiliar vantage point. Thank you to Mrs Harris, Mrs Platt, Mrs Triska and Mr Kriehn for taking them and to the catering team for a delicious packed lunch. A Parcel of Pigs On Wednesday 10th May, Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 had a special visit from illustrator and author Andréa Prior. Andréa s latest book: A Parcel of Pigs and Other Funny Tails, is a collection of funny rhyming poems with bright, colourful illustrations, drawn by the author. Andréa read from her book and had no shortage of volunteers when she asked the children to demonstrate the tricky tongue twisters! The children were fascinated to see how the illustrations developed from a rough sketch to the final cover. They listened beautifully as Andréa explained that she gets her inspiration everywhere, from dreams, to jokes with her husband and her friends - one in particular who became a caricature in her book! She also gave the children a sneaky peek of her next book and they voted on which of two potential covers they preferred. This was a fabulously interactive session, thank you Andréa for joining us!

58 58 Circusology Workshop for Pre-Prep On 12th June, Pre-Prep enjoyed a wonderful Circusology workshop. The themes of the day were interaction, co-ordination, concentration and fun! The circus skills offered many links to curriculum areas such as PE, art, music, literacy and numeracy - yet the children didn t even realise this was part of their learning journey! Confidence was boosted and fun was had as the children learnt centuries old skills using their balance, hand-eye coordination and rhythmic movement. Parents enjoyed a demonstration just before pick-up and the children were thrilled to be able to show their skills. Year 1 Visit to Alice Holt If you go down to the woods today. you might just bump into Year 1 on their trip to Alice Holt. As part of our topic on woodlands, we were excited to explore the forest and identify all the trees we have been learning about. Jen the Ranger played some interesting games with us. We had to find wiggly worms made of pieces of wool. The bright colours were easy to find, but the camouflage ones were tricky. We then pretended to be moles by wearing blindfolds and trying to find our way by holding a rope and using all our other senses. Mrs Reed found it a bit scary but the children managed it so quickly. Our final game was bat and moth, investigating echo location. Using masks and bells, the bat had to find the tasty moth snack. Then we were off on a mini-beast hunt. Using pots and magnifying glasses we looked under logs and in the leaf litter to capture bugs. We used fact sheets to find out which types of insects we had in our pots. After lunch, we took a stroll through the woods and found toadstools and fungi, deciduous and conifer trees, acorns and pine cones. Thank you to our volunteer for helping us on the day. Our trip really brought the habitat of woodlands to life.

59 Trips and Visits 59 Year 1 visit to Portchester Castle Year 1 are incredibly fortunate to have brilliant sunshine every time they visit Portchester Castle. The children had a wonderful day. They took part in a workshop and loved having the opportunity to dress up and answer questions. They explored the castle and particularly enjoyed visiting the theatre. Finally, they carefully climbed the steep steps in the Keep. They enjoyed seeing the hooks on the beams where prisoners hammocks were hung. It was a fantastic trip and our grateful thanks go to Freddie s mum for helping us on the day. Well done to Year 1, you all showed a super knowledge of castle features and behaved beautifully. Year 2 and The Tudors Year 2 had a very exciting week as part of their Tudor topic in December. On Tuesday 28th November, they travelled by coach to Hampton Court Palace. The children visited King Henry VIII s kitchens, his apartments, the Chapel Royal, and saw a magnificent replica of his crown. Year 2 impressed their guide with their knowledge of the Tudors and in turn, he told the children about many different Christmas traditions. Year 2 were astonished to learn that in Tudor times Christmas presents were not opened until a week after Christmas Day. The children were able to make their own crowns complete with jewels. They also walked in the gardens, saw the beautiful fountain and some red deer. Year 2 took part in a Tudor Day later that week. In the morning, they made Tudor pomanders and delicious Tudor sweets. A lunchtime, they enjoyed a Tudor Feast at the Court of Henry VIII. The children enjoyed not having to use knives and forks! In the afternoon they learned a Pavane dance to the Greensleeves, composed by Henry VIII. Year 2 thoroughly enjoyed their Tudor topic.

60 60 Ballet Trip to Giselle On Friday all the girls in Year 2 and up went on a ballet trip. We got to London by coach. We were going to see Giselle in the Royal Opera House. When we got there, we had lunch and then we went to watch Giselle. The room we were to watch in was amazing! Massively magnificent! The curtains were as red as rubies! I was so excited for the show to begin. Suddenly the curtain moved and the opera struck up a beautiful tune and... Giselle started! Cleo, Year 2 On Friday I went to a ballet performance, it was amazing. All of the girls had pointe shoes on. There were two acts. Halfway through, Miss Anna gave us all a book that told you the story and it showed you a picture of Giselle in the olden days. The ballet was absolutely amazing. Giselle did a grand jeté but the sad thing is that Giselle killed herself just because her true love falls in love with another woman called Bathilde. Ottilie, Year 2 In the ballet, they had olden day dress, I was so excited... they were so graceful, beautiful and organised. They had shoes that you can stand on your toes. They were amazing. Amelie, Year 2 On Friday, we went to the Royal Opera House. We went on the coach. When we got there we had lunch. It was great! We went to see the pointe shoes, they were outstanding. Ilana, Year 2 We went to the Royal Opera House and we watched Giselle. Giselle was my favourite character. After lunch, we went to see the pointe shoes and there was some fabulous dancing. Then we went to watch the ballet and Giselle swung the sword around and killed herself... We got to keep our tickets and we got two leaflets. I am reading one of the leaflets. Daisy, Year 2 Year 2 Trip to London On Tuesday 6th March, Year 2 had a fantastic day in London. They travelled by train, went on the London Eye, experienced a 4D movie about London and finished off the fabulous day with a very informative river boat cruise. The children identified many famous landmarks which they have been learning about in class. Well done to Year 2 for being so well behaved and thank you to Mrs Pulleyn, Mrs Miles, Mrs Kilgannon and Mrs Triska for taking them.

61 Trips and Visits 61 Year 2 Trip to Winchester Science Centre Fizz! Whizz! Pop! Bang! Science educator Harry gave the Year 2 children a brilliant whizzy walk through space, looking at planets stars and gases. Dry ice flowing from a glass jar, exploding water bombs and bursting balloons were just some of the wild and noisy experiments demonstrated. The children had a fun and exciting time in the Centre eagerly exploring all of the hands-on exhibits testing their fitness, stamina and construction skills before walking through part of a bowel to see how poo moves through and leaves our bodies. The finale was in the Planetarium exploring the darkness of space amongst the planets and stars. As ever the children were a joy to take out and wonderful ambassadors for Barrow Hills School. Mrs Miles and Mrs Kilgannon Year 3 Trip to Butser Ancient Farm The first adventure of the year for Year 3 was a great trip to Butser Ancient Farm where history was brought alive! We were given our very own Round House for the day, which had a real fire alight in the centre. It was so smokey but luckily some of the smoke escaped through the amazing thatched roof above us. In here we were given a talk about our History topic The Celts and found out some more interesting facts before setting off on our day of discovery. We had an action packed day full of activities. We took part in an archaeological dig where we discovered many different Celtic artefacts as well as trying our hand at the ancient art of clunching which involved crushing chalk and mixing it with mud, hay and water to build part of a wall. it was extremely messy but incredibly fun! It was truly an incredible opportunity to see what life would have been like in the Iron Age. Ballet trip to the Royal Opera House On 6th June, a group of ballet pupils from Year 3 and 4 had the fantastic opportunity of visiting The Royal Opera House in Covent Garden. With the best seats in the house, the children watched the new production of Swan Lake, performed by The Royal Ballet. The stage sets, costumes, music and ballet were all truly spectacular and the children thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. Inspired by their work in DT, they even enjoyed the coach trip through London, commenting, unprompted, on the bridge structures over the Thames! Well done Year 3 and 4, you were a joy to accompany on the trip, and a huge thank you to Miss Anna for organising it. Mrs McBrown

62 62 Year Three take the train to visit the Natural History Museum! Mrs Peek and Mr Hooker took Year 3 on an amazing adventure to enrich their science topic rocks, fossils and soils. They caught the train to London to visit the Natural History Museum. Their adventure began when the children donned their archaeologist hats and investigated different rocks and fossils in the museum. Later in the day, they were able to become palaeontologists and had an amazing time digging for dinosaur fossils. As you can imagine this was hungry work, rewarded by a scrummy Pizza Express tea. The day was made even more exciting by the fact that it had snowed whilst the children were in the museum! As they exited the museum London was covered with a blanket of white. This made the day all the more exciting for the children and only a little stressful for the teachers on the trip! South West trains thankfully rose to the occasion and all trains home were running on time! The children had an amazing day. They arrived back at School extremely tired but full of fascinating facts about fossils and dinosaurs and of course a tummy full of pizza! Parent responses to the trip. We just wanted to say a very big thank you to you and the rest of the staff for taking Year 3 to the Natural History Museum last Tuesday. It sounded like an absolutely fantastic day the children were buzzing for the rest of the week! We know it is no easy feat to take so many children on public transport into London, around museums, into Pizza Express and the freezing snowy weather couldn t have helped! Thanks again for taking such good care of our children and giving them a day to remember. The Hobbit On Tuesday 26th June, Years 3, 4 and 5 enjoyed a super performance of The Hobbit by a visiting theatre company. As the cast explained to Year 5 in their workshop, it was an abridged version! The children were enthralled by the scene changes, special effects and the costumes. Every character was always acting, even if they weren t speaking, which was fantastic for the children to see and to take note of for their own future performances.

63 Trips and Visits 63 Junior Prep PGL Residential Junior Prep had a wonderful time on their PGL residential. Junior Prep were fortunate enough to travel to PGL for our residential. We were so amused when we saw the humongous amount of luggage placed on our minibus. Jonah (4R) When we arrived we were all very excited! We dragged all our luggage into a little room and met our team leaders, called Mike and Gabbie. Junior Prep strolled up onto the field to eat their scrumptious pack lunch. On the way we sang a repeat after me song. Theo (4R) After finishing our lunch we strolled into the woods to begin our first activity. The giant swing looked monstrous! Verity (4G) As the swing was rising up it felt like you left your tummy behind Anastasia (4R) Rifle shooting came next involving learning to load and shoot a rifle in an hour and a half. Some people were really lucky and managed to get a bulls-eye Rosie (4G) Finally the moment we had been waiting for. our amazing teachers announced our dorms! There was a moment of silence, then they called out my name and the others in my room and we rushed to unpack. Ruby (4R) Following a delicious dinner of chicken nuggets and chocolate mousse, we returned to our rooms and changed for our camp fire experience. The team leaders sang lots of songs and told funny stories. Everyone sat around the camp fire and had fun. Nathaniel (4G) The next day involved raft building in activity groups. Which group was going to have the most secure raft? Who was to remain on their raft and OUT of the lake? Great team spirit and lots of laughter had by all Mrs Wallace The last morning had arrived! It had been a superb few days, involving incredible activities. We collected our luggage from the dorms, climbed into the minibuses, waved goodbye and headed back to school. It had been the best residential ever! Matilda (4G) Junior Colts to Twickenham The Junior Colts enjoyed their trip to Twickenham in December to watch the Oxford vs Cambridge match. Thank you to Mr Hatcher for arranging the trip.

64 64 Historical Trip to Haslemere On Thursday 30th November, Year 4 travelled to Haslemere on the minibuses. The first landmark we arrived at was the Georgian House. It had different coloured bricks on the front to show how decorative it was. A famous politician lived there. We then visited the Tudor Cottage. We can tell it is Tudor because it has black beams and Mrs Wallace said it dates back many hundreds of years. Next we came to a green, hexagonal pillar box with the lettering VR. This was built in the time of Queen Victoria. We noticed by looking at the sky lines, there was so much detail in the buildings and amazing chimneys. We were lucky enough to visit the town well and make a wish. We ended our trip with a brief wander around the Haslemere museum and a warm mug of hot chocolate on our return! By Verity (4G) and Ruby (4R) Year 4 visit the Victorian School Rooms On Monday 26th March, Year 4 dressed up in Victorian outfits, travelled to the Victorian school rooms and began their day as Victorian school children of We were taught many different subjects, such as arithmetic, drawing and religious studies. We used fountain pens that we dipped in ink and slate pens that squeaked when we wrote with them. There were no erasers in Victorian schools! Orchestral Day On 12th October, Barrow Hills joined forces with King Edward s and eight other schools for the annual Orchestral Day. The children were well looked after by King Edward s music department and thoroughly enjoyed the biscuits on offer! The day was rounded off by a concert for parents and guests. The children performed superbly and raised the roof with the final piece Thriller. Thank you to Mr Wardell for organising a great day! The girls had to line up separately from the boys. The expectations regarding behaviour were high. The girls and boys also took part in separate activities such as embroidery for the girls and design for the boys. The teachers were stern and used words such as scholars and offices. After a delicious lunch in the castle grounds we visited the Guildford Museum where we were able to play a variety of Victorian board games. Upstairs were many examples of Victorian toys, bicycles, clothes and iron works. I felt really excited about the day and hope that I may be able to visit again!

65 Trips and Visits 65 Band of the Royal Logistics Corps Hotfoot from Washington, ten members of the Band of the Royal Logistics Corps visited Barrow Hills in February. The Band of the Royal Logistic Corps is one of 22 Bands comprising the Corps of Army Music - the public face of the Army which supports National and Defence interests around the globe, where its specialist musical abilities cross international languages and cultures. Their wonderful music filled the School and we were extremely privileged to have them here. Year 5 Trip to Boulogne On Friday 9th March, Mrs Wood, Miss Young, Mr Andrade and I took Year 5 to France for the day. The coach left extremely early in the morning and we caught the Eurotunnel. In France, we went to a bakery. The baker s wife told the children about the different types of bread they make and the baker demonstrated how to make croissants. Jessica commented: I loved it when we made croissants because the baker was really scary and funny. Next, we went to the Nausicaä sea life centre where we had our packed lunch before we walked around the aquarium. The children saw sharks, crocodiles, seals and many different types of fish. In the afternoon, we went to a sweet factory where the owner explained, in French, how he makes boiled and chewy sweets. We arrived back at Barrow Hills at 8:30pm. It was a long but very enjoyable day for the children and the teachers. Thank you to Mrs Wood, Miss Young and Mr Andrade, who managed to keep going all day. Merci beaucoup! Madame Early Maths and Science Challenge at King Edward s Witley On 19th June, six Year 5 children spent the day at King Edward s Witley being challenged in maths and science. They completed more than 30 tricky maths puzzles. Their science challenges included creating invisible ink in the chemistry lab and writing a secret message and evaluating a crime scene to determine the thief. They used clues from pens and pollen found at the scene using chromatography and microscope skills. They worked very well in teams and used excellent problem solving skills. Well done Barnaby (5R), Will (5R), Holly (5R) and Tilly (5R), Alexander (5G) and Eoin (5G).

66 66 Year 5 Residential, Isle of Wight On Monday 4th June to Friday 8th June 2018, Year 5 went on a residential trip to the Isle of Wight. We travelled by coach getting on a ferry at Portsmouth Harbour. The ferry took about half an hour. Soon after getting off the ferry, we arrived at the hotel. The family who owned the hotel welcomed us into it and told us they had two cats, a bird and a dog (which was not theirs). We all unpacked and settled in and then had dinner. After dinner, we had a walk through Shanklin Chine. Shanklin Chine is a waterfall and a long river heading to the sea. Walking past the waterfall Mr Andrade gave seven eighths of his polos for a challenge. One eighth of us didn t have polos because we didn t like them. The challenge was to make the polo last the forty minute walk. On Tuesday 5th June we started off with a nice breakfast. Tuesday was a good start going to Osborne House where I was called Ralph because we were being Victorians. We met someone called Jenny who called herself Mrs Pilkington. Next we went to Robin Hill Country Park where we went on a toboggan run, we watched a falcon display, we went in a maze and watched a trailer on Journey to the West in 4D. On the toboggan run I almost fell off on the huge hill at the start. I caught up with Georgia and Hayley because they were going soooo slow, and I was going quite fast. At the falcon display a peregrine falcon came out first. He set off going freely with a tracker on his legs. Next out came a Harris Hawk. His legs just dangled down and he didn t care about them. When the falconer put the Harris Hawk back, he brought out an owl. I can t remember which species it was but I couldn t hear any sound when it flew. The falconer put the owl back just when the peregrine falcon came back and the falconer tried to make it go more than 100 mph. I m not sure if it did or didn t do it. I also did a maze which I made but it was quite hard. I needed a bit of help. We then walked to the 4D cinema. I was a bit scared at first but I soon got used to it. 4D cinema is where you sit and where everyone sits is moving and the screen is at a first person view. William (5G) On Wednesday we woke up and had breakfast, afterwards we took the coach to Carisbrooke Castle and there was a man who told us about the warfare and ranking of people, then we went sailing. I was terrible! I only got seventy-eight. But Mr Crisell got one hundred and thirty-six. I also got two lollypops from a machine. In the evening we went body boarding it was exhilarating. After a long day we had dinner and went to sleep. On Thursday we woke up tired and had breakfast. Afterwards, we took the coach to the coast and started to hunt for fossils! I found a large chunk of fossilised wood, an oyster deathbed and a sea sponge! Theo found a dinosaur tooth! Afterwards, we had lunch and arrived at Alum Bay, a shopping place with a sweet shop, arcade machines and more. I bought a box of sweets, then we saw a glass blowing demonstration where the instructor made a wine glass bottle. Afterwards we got onto a boat where we passed The Needles. Finally, in the evening we had a disco which was great, and after another long day we fell asleep. Dominic (5R) It was Friday and we had to get up early to pack our things. For breakfast I had toast and Cocopops, they really filled me up. We caught the ferry at 9am to go to Portsmouth Harbour. On the way we played card games which was fun. When we got to Portsmouth, we went to HMS Victory which was fun. After that we started the journey back home. I won two lollypops and a bag of chocolates. When my mum picked me up I hugged her so tight that I would not let go. When I got home I was so tired I ate my dinner and went straight to bed. My bed was so warm and comfy I went to bed instantly. I just wish I could re-live that week again. Harry (5G)

67 Trips and Visits 67 Theo s Fantastic Find! Theo (5R) made a phenomenally rare discovery on 7th June whilst taking part in one of Island Gems multi award-winning Fossil Hunting Trips. Theo found a Neovenator dinosaur tooth in fantastic condition. The tooth is believed to be around 120 million years old. Commenting on the find, Steve Love, who was leading the fossil trip on Brook Bay, Isle of Wight said, From its curved shape, sharp point and cutting edge we are sure it comes from a flesh-eating dinosaur. We believe it is from a Neovenator, which is a large two-legged carnivorous dinosaur which has been found on the Isle of Wight and which pre-dates T Rex by sixty million years. Martin Simpson, the Isle of Wight s Fossil Man said, This is the best tooth ever found on one of these fossil trips in 30 years. It s a very rare find, only one skeleton of Neovenator has ever been found. The tooth was found off shore by the famous Fossil Forest, making it around 120 million years old. I ve nicknamed the tooth Theovenator (after Theo). Bridewell Day On Tuesday 13th March, the Bridewell Singers from King Edward s and Barrow Hills sang at St Bride s church in London. Children and members of staff from King Edward s and Barrow Hills came to the service. As part of the Bridewell Singers, I found it a brilliant experience to sing with a large choir made up of sopranos, altos, tenors and basses, all singing at different times. I enjoyed singing in front of the Lord Mayor and other important people. We sang Zadok the Priest by Handel and Blessed be the God and Father by Samuel Sebastian Wesley. We started rehearsing with Mr Wardell last term and I know he would have been so proud of the lovely sound the choir made. Emily (Head Girl) On Tuesday the 13th March, Barrow Hills School was invited to St Bride s Church with pupils from King Edward s Witley. Everybody was really friendly and the Bishop was funny which kept us all engaged. The choir were incredible and had a wide variety of tones. After the service, we went to Guildhall. This was spectacular as it was so large and the food was great. After that, we got back on the bus. Overall, I think everybody had a great day. Ben (Head Boy)

68 68 Middle Prep s Kite Workshop On 22nd June, Middle Prep learned the art of creating and flying kites at a unique interactive workshop. Under the expert guidance of Malcolm Goodman, a.k.a. The Kiteman, children were helped to hone their kite flying technique, which involves developing hand-eye coordination, kinesthetic awareness and gross motor skills. They built and decorated the kites before taking them outside for the maiden voyage, holding on tight to the string as they watched their creations take flight and soar across the sky. Mr Andrade said, The children thoroughly enjoyed the day. We had perfect weather conditions for kite flying and every kite flew successfully. They loved the challenge and thrill of getting the kite up into the air and the task of keeping it up in the sky. It was good to see their pride and amazement as they mastered a new skill. Middle Prep visit Legoland Years 5 and 6 had a fantastic end of term trip to Legoland and there was even some learning involved! The children took part in an excellent STEM workshop investigating, amongst other things forces, gears and pulleys. Old Operating Theatre Museum On 22nd March, Year 6 visited The Old Operating Theatre Museum and Herb Garret with a history and science focus in mind. Below are a few anecdotes from the children about the trip: Using a pestle and mortar we made herbal remedies. We chose two different herbs, e.g. rose petals and peppermint, and crushed them up. Then an egg was added to bind and they were covered with talc if you were poor, or iron filings if you were rich and a panacea pill was made - one pill to cure all! If you were poor you were treated in hospital, if you were rich you were treated at home. I learnt about the placebo effect. I learnt that hops change smell every season. A person was laid on the operating table, a tourniquet used to stop blood flowing, they were then held down and their leg cut off if it was infected. The surgeon tied the blood vessels together. No washed hands, bandage on end, more blood on apron meant they were a better surgeon! They wiped knives on coat. They thought if you were ill one of your four humours was unbalanced. If red you had a fever and had too much red blood, so would suck blood using leeches or cups. Kidneys, brains, eyes in jars. Diagnosis, when know what the problem is, prognosis when guessing. Anaesthetic was first used in the hospital in 1847, 25 years after the first operation in the Old Operating Theatre. Illnesses were thought to be caused by miasma -bad air.

69 Trips and Visits 69 Year 6 Residential, Bowles On the 4th of June, Year 6, Miss Holden, Mrs Burnett and Mr Clarke went to Bowles Activity Centre in Kent for a residential to enjoy team work and activities. After lunch, which was delicious we had an activity called Leap of Faith which was challenging, I fell off but I made it to the top of the tower, when I fell off I felt like bird without wings. On day two, after a good first night, we started off with climbing which was great because we learnt loads of new techniques and skills. That afternoon we had biking. Biking was my favourite activity. Finally, it was watersports day. It was great because we made an excellent raft and won the competition. I would recommend Bowles to people who love adventure. Also the food is great. Michael (6R) On Monday 4th June to Friday 8th June 2018, Year 6 went to Bowles Activity Camp in Kent. We were all very excited! As soon as we had had lunch, we went to do our first activity. Mine was the Leap of Faith. I was really excited about the Leap of Faith because Mrs Campbell-John apparently turned upside down on the trapeze! I was the only pupil in our group to catch the trapeze which made me really happy. Mrs Burnett was the last to go on the Leap of Faith and she couldn t turn upside down! My favourite activity was skiing because our instructor s name was Nigel which is a seagull s name. It was really enjoyable because we had to work on going to the top of the slope. On Wednesday, in the evening, we had a camp fire, it was really amusing when we all sang campfire songs. Alex came up with The Guy On The Buffalo and We Love The Moon. I was really excited when we got to eat marshmallows! After that, we drank some hot chocolate and told some riddles. On Thursday we had a whole day of water sports. My group created a great raft called HMS Paddle! In the afternoon we got into kayaks and paddled round the lake. On Friday we were all very tired and we trudged around doing our last activity: orienteering and we couldn t find one of the posts which was really annoying! I would really recommend this to the current Year 5s because it is really exciting and you have freedom in the campsite. You will be able to challenge yourself on the Leap of Faith and you can push yourself to do things you have never done before! Maddie (6G)

70 70 Kindness Workshop Ahead of the Christmas festivities, our children who participated in a Kindness Project run by the charity 52 Lives, were reminded of the importance of simply spreading kindness. 52 Lives is a charity which aims to change someone s life every week of the year. The essence of the charity s work is based on the premise that people are good and good people working together can achieve amazing things. Greig Trout, a motivational speaker from 52 Lives, met with children from Years 5 and 6. The workshop invited the children to explore the concept of kindness; why it is important; how it may be manifested by a simple (often low cost) gesture; and the myriad benefits to the giver of showing kindness to others, including a heightened sense of physical and emotional well-being. The children learned how no act of kindness, however small, is wasted and how they have the power as individuals to make a difference in someone s life. During the workshop, the children made cards and calendars, and were encouraged to think about those who might benefit from a gift of kindness this Christmas. French Play at King Edward s On Friday 10th November, Years 6 and 7 were invited by King Edward s to watch a French play. It was a series of small funny sketches about neighbours, all in French, which is quite challenging. All the children thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Science Lecture from Thomas Watson On Wednesday 15th November, Ms Garcia took Years 6 and 7 to King Edward s for the annual Science Lecture. This year the children had the opportunity to listen to Thomas Watson - Alexander Graham Bell s right hand man. The children enjoyed the lecture, which was both interesting and informative.

71 Trips and Visits 71 Christmas Themed Bowling Fun! Crocus Planting On Wednesday 1st November, Year 7 visited Milford Clockhouse to plant bulbs in their garden. Each child brought in a bag of bulbs and some garden tools from home. By the end of the session in the garden, they had planted over 600 crocus bulbs, which will flower in the spring, making the front garden of the Clockhouse look stunning! On Thursday, Years 7 and 8 went to the Guildford Spectrum for an end of term bowling trip. Everyone wore Christmas outfits, which consisted of anything from themed hats to a full elf costume! The trip started with a breakfast of croissants, pain au chocolate and hot chocolate before heading off, full and energised, for the competition. Split into teams spread over five lanes, there was lots of fun, laughter and competitive spirit. The top scorer in game one was Sam (8G) and the overall winner was Nikki (7G). Well done! The children then went inside and met a few of the day guests for a chat and to tell them what we had done. They were thrilled and we shall be going back in April to see the fruits of their labour. Thank you to Mrs Newman for coming up with the idea and Mr Conway for coordinating. Mr Crisell Bridewell Debating Year 7 took part in the first inter-school debate between Barrow Hills and King Edward s Witley in the summer term. The motion was This house would make attending lessons optional. King Edward s proposed and Barrow Hills opposed. Some great arguments were presented and good points made from the floor. Although the vote was inconclusive, with more abstentions than votes for or against, when the debaters were scored for the quality of their arguments and presentation, Barrow Hills were judged to have won, by a very narrow margin. Well done to Harry, Nicky and Toby.

72 72 Year 7 Residential What a fantastic residential this year to Normandy! On Monday, we travelled by ferry and on arrival at the centre, we went for a walk to see the view of the cliffs, followed by a lesson about fruits and what to ask for at the market. On Tuesday, the children had a French lesson about places in town and directions, then we went to a market. The children had five euros each to buy some fruit to make a fruit salad. In the afternoon, we went to a little harbour called Port-en-Bessin. The children were given a sheet with directions to different places to find and questions to answer. The afternoon continued with a cheese tasting session and I was pleased to see that most children tried a variety of cheese. Finally, we walked through the woods to visit a Second World War German bunker. Wednesday began with a visit to the 360 degree circular cinema near Arromanche to watch a short film about the Second World War. We then walked to Arromanche where Bob, our guide, explained what had taken place there in We then went to a little biscuit factory, where the children were able to make (and eat!) biscuits. For lunch, we had a picnic at the Batteries de Longues, another site of the D-Day landings. Afterwards, we had a lovely walk to the beach where we took part in a scavenger hunt. Finally, we visited the American cemetery above Omaha beach. Whilst there, we watched a short film about letters from some of the Americans who died during the Battle of Normandy. It was a very interesting and emotional day for the children, Mr Kriehn and me. On Thursday, we went to the Mont St Michel, which is a couple of hours drive from the centre. We had a picnic there and on the way back we stopped for an ice-cream on a farm. For dinner, the children had the opportunity to taste snails for starter, followed by a BBQ. The boys were definitely braver than the girls! We were lucky with the weather, which was sunny but not too warm and the children were all well behaved. Our hosts, Bob and Yvette, commented how much they had enjoyed our visit, and our driver Adrian said that we were the tidiest group he had for a while! Madame Early Feeding the Homeless On Sunday 14th January, four Year 8 pupils (Amy, Bethany, Alexander and Tomas) went to Bloomsbury Baptist Church with Mr and Mrs Crisell. The purpose of the visit was to see how the money we raised at harvest festival is used by the church. Primarily, our donation contributes to a pot of funds created as a result of numerous charitable donations made throughout the year. One of the things the church offers is a weekly Sunday lunch for a number of homeless people, those in sheltered accommodation and some who have mental health issues or who are simply alone. Our children were fantastic, serving a three course lunch to over 60 guests and then clearing up, as well as taking the time to talk to many of those there. Amy, Bethany, Alexander and Tomas were a credit to Barrow Hills. It is so important, when we can, to give our children first hand experience in seeing the difference we can make when we are trying to help other people. This visit did exactly that. In assembly, the children gave a very clear account of how our community at Barrow Hills made a difference. The children were each awarded a Green Commendation, well done and thank you.

73 Trips and Visits 73 Trip to the British Film Institute On Thursday 8th February, 18 children from Year 7 and 8 went to The British Film Institute in London to see a few French films. We travelled by train and then walked to the BFI. We weren t allowed phones, so we actually had to talk to each other! It was great to talk to people face to face and the journey went very quickly. The first short film was called Tea Time this was about an old lady upgrading her robot. But it turns out that the new robot is evil and controlling. All the films were cut into short clips and after each clip we had to fill out a pack and then discuss with everyone. The second film was called Le Génie de la boîte de raviolis this was about a genie that was found in a ravioli can but the man that found the genie was only granted two wishes not three The next film was called French Roast this was about a man that couldn t pay his bill and he kept ordering more and more coffee. A nun sat next to him and a homeless man came. The beggar asked for money and the nun pulls out a big wad of money. In the end the nun turns out to be a thief and she leaves in a hurry, leaving 500. The beggar picks it up and gives it to the man who couldn t pay his bill. This film had a big story behind it and that is do not judge a book by its cover. The last short film was called La queue de la souris, this means the mouse s tail. This was about a mouse that was about to be eaten by a lion but the mouse stops him and says he will get something better for him to eat. The lion ties the mouse to a piece of string. The mouse brings back lots of animals but the lion is about to eat the mouse but he realised the mouse has tied him up! We then had lunch. We then watched a film that was about a hour and a half and it was about a boy who kept misinterpreting things it was very funny but also very frustrating because the boy got everything wrong. This was a very fun day and I think everyone enjoyed it! Emily (8G) Year 8 to the Ardèche On Saturday 23rd June, the excited Year 8, accompanied by Mrs Goddings and Mr Conway, set off on a coach to the Ardèche in the South of France. We enjoyed many different activities including caving, climbing, raft building and some team games. On Thursday we set off down the Ardèche for an exhilarating two day descent of the river, covering 26 kilometres and 24 rapids. We cooled down in the river when it was too hot. Overnight we slept under the stars on a tarpaulin. Thank you to Mrs Goddings and Mr Conway for taking us - we will never forget this amazing end to our Barrow Hills journey.

74 74 From the Chaplaincy I can t believe that this is the last time that I will be putting together a summary of a year in the life of the Barrow Hills chaplaincy. I equally cannot believe that it is seventeen years since I first came to Barrow Hills! I arrived not really knowing how things were going to work out, never having been a chaplain before, and arriving in a school which hadn t had a chaplain before. The initial few years were tricky until I became properly part of the furniture and everyone became used to there being a school chaplain. I look back over the years and think of everything that has happened; the number of children who have passed through the school and the tremendous commitment of priests and bishops who have come to help me in my work here. I am going to take this opportunity to name them all here by way of recognition of their services and also as a record of those who served us over the years (information which I am sure will be useful to someone in the years to come!) Father Martin Ashcroft SSJ Father Roger Barralet OFM Father Chris Benyon Father Chris Bergin Mgr Kieran Conry Father Brian Coyle Mgr Jeremy Garratt Father Stephen Hardaker Father Nicholas Heap Father Jonathan How Father Korneliusz OFM Father Patrick Lonsdale OFM Father Tony Lovegrove Father Phelim McGowan SJ Father Bryan McGraw SDB Father Fergal McGuinness Father Richard Meyer Mgr Richard Moth Father Peter Newsam Father Michael O Kane OFM Father David Osborne Father Francis Owen SSJ Father David Parmiter Father Michael Perry My heartfelt apologies if I have left anyone off what is an astonishing number of priests who have given their time and services to us over the years. Life in the Chapel this Year Masses and Services Our school chapel has, as usual, been at the heart of our school life and therefore busy this year. We are all very grateful to Father David Parmiter (parish priest in Godalming) for the numerous times he came to help us with various liturgies. We were also delighted to see Father Peter Newsam (parish priest in Petworth) and Father Jeremy Garratt (parish priest in Waterlooville). Thank you to everyone who has supported our First Tuesday of the Month Masses. These have been a true highlight for me and for all those who were able to attend what could be more wonderful than to start the day in the presence of our Maker, listening to and receiving his Word and wisdom, his forgiveness and his love. The Church teaches that Lent is a time for doing more in terms of prayer, giving and fasting. Barrow Hills entered, as it always does, into the spirit of Lent through its many and varied fundraising activities, the CAFOD Fast Day (which raised 1,020!) and, finally, a whole-school Service of Reconciliation which Fr David led for us. On Friday 18th May we held our annual May Procession. The girls looked wonderful as they processed down the aisle of our chapel bearing their beautiful flowers to lay at the feet of the statue of Our Lady. This year Florence had the honour of crowning the statue with an exquisite crown created for us by Mrs Anne Bennett. This year we had seven First Holy Communicants (Aoife, Dominic, Florence, Anastasia, Theo, Sebastian and Conrad) whose achievement we celebrated in a special assembly on Friday 15th June during which they were presented with the gift of a rosary and book. We were delighted to be able to share their and their family s joy at such a special time in their faith journey. Exposition: Tuesdays 8am-8.30am One of the things I shall miss the most after I have left Barrow Hills is the opportunity to spend a full 30 minutes sitting in the presence of Jesus. Jesus comes before us and makes himself present in exactly the same way that he made himself present to those with whom he walked the earth over 2,000 years ago. People came to him and were transformed; they found what they were looking for or needed. Once I have left Barrow Hills the opportunity to sit quietly in a chapel in the true presence of Jesus will be considerably reduced, and this does make me sad. Hopefully, the new chaplain will continue this tradition and will also be able to find ways of attracting more people into the chapel for what is one of the greatest privileges this school has. Parents Prayers This has had a mixed history! Over the course of the years there have been times of plenty and times of famine. I know how much this liturgy has meant to those parents who were able to come to what

75 Chaplaincy 75 has been an enduring and important aspect of our school prayer life. Many ex-parents have come back again and again, in order to enjoy what has been a very calming half-hour liturgy of readings, prayers and silence. I want to thank every single one of our parents, both present and previous, for their unfailing support of this liturgy, a liturgy which has been so very beneficial to both you and me. Christmas Service of Readings and Carols Gosh, these have required a huge amount of work to put together over the years, but worth absolutely every effort. Many of our parents have viewed the Barrow Hills Service of Readings and Carols as the point at which their Christmas celebrations started. I am so grateful to the many children who, over the years, have stepped up to read or sing, and grateful too for the parents who decked the chapel in beautiful decorations every year. Of course, without the incredible talents and enthusiasm of Mr Wardell, these services would have been but a shadow of what they were. Life Beyond the Chapel One of the significant aspects of my work at Barrow Hills has been the setting up and nurturing of our really important link with the Catholic schools of the diocese of Fada N Gourma, in eastern Burkina Faso. It began in 2005 when I went to set up a link between us and St Benedict s Primary School in Fada. Our support of St Benedict s Primary School over the years has genuinely resulted in its becoming one of the best, with children achieving a 100% success rate in passing their exams. In 2017 the direction of our project changed to include the other schools which had looked on over the years, hoping that some of the benefits of the link with us would come their way. In February 2018 I went to visit some of those other schools. They all have basic needs, but perhaps the one which stood out the most was Simandari Primary School. This school is the second oldest school in the area (founded in 1944) and looks it! It is in a dreadful condition. There are two buildings, three classrooms in each. There are 384 children in the school. Their key need would probably be the complete refurbishment of the buildings and some furniture. Perhaps, however, one of the most exciting prospects of being of real help to the entire town is the fact that Fada urgently needs a lycée, that is to say the final three years of education to enable pupils to then progress to university. Before we run a mile at the prospect of financing a lycée, I should point out that this is no more than a block of four large classrooms that s it. Their needs are simple! I do urge you all to really get behind our Burkina Faso project, particularly after my departure. I have visited our project there every single year since 2005, and they would continue to appreciate visits. In the past Mrs Barraud and Mr Hatcher have accompanied me, and I leave it to them to consider how Barrow Hills will continue to do its best for those who have so little. Harvest Festival and helping the local elderly Thank you to everyone who brought food in to school on Friday 6th October 2017 and who then supported the sale of the food at the end of the day. We raised a terrific which was given to the Bloomsbury Central Baptist Church on Shaftesbury Avenue where, every single Sunday, they serve a full Sunday lunch to the local homeless. Building upon the success of taking some Year 8 children to London last year, we were again given permission to take four of our Year 8 children to experience serving lunch to the homeless. This year Mr & Mrs Crisell accompanied Alexander, Bethany, Tomas and Amy. After arriving at Waterloo they walked to the church (which is on Shaftesbury Avenue), taking only about 25 minutes to get there. They were warmly welcomed and taken to the church s large hall where all the tables were already set out and laid for Sunday lunch. By 1pm the hall was filling up with a combination of church-goers and gentlemen of the road. Over the next hour and a half, our Year 8s were kept busy serving up and clearing away a three course meal. After lunch had been eaten and everyone had gone, they were then responsible for ensuring that all the tables were not only clear, but clean also. All four children were absolutely magnificent, attracting many compliments not only from the guests, but from the church leaders who had helped me to set the event up. Two years ago, when I was first looking for a charity which feeds the homeless and which would welcome the help of 13-year-olds, it was no easy task. In fact, I had drawn a complete blank everywhere until I contacted Dawn and Libby at the Bloomsbury Central Baptist Church. We are very grateful to them for giving our students such a hands-on experience of ministering to those who are homeless and hungry, and who have agreed to us making this an annual Year 8 event. Year 8 Retreat: Tuesday 19th June I am very grateful to the local Trinity Trust Team (Andy Poulsom, Matt Smith and Arianna Pisetti) for leading what is always a day of fun but thought-provoking exercises and plenty of outdoor play. In the past I have taken our Year 8s to the Franciscan Friary in Chilworth (now a Benedictine Abbey) and also the Holly Barn in Wintershall. For the last few years, however, I have taken them to Ladywell Convent where the Sisters (Franciscan Missionaries of the Divine Motherhood, otherwise known as the FMDMs) are always very attentive to our needs and anxious to make sure we are comfortable and have everything we need. We always have a great time and the location has proved to be perfect. Farewells We bid all our leavers a sad but excited farewell on the last day of the school year, confident that we have done our best to produce young people of integrity of whom we can all be justly proud. They left with our love and prayers, as I know that I leave with your love and prayers. Thank you to everyone who has been such a help and support over the last 17 years. I will miss you all! Mrs Nicholls

76 76 School Council School Council School Council Members Year 3: Phoebe, Edward L Year 4: Rosie, Nathaniel, Conrad Year 5: Phoebe, Theo Year 6: Emma, Ben Year 7: Harry, Hermione Year 8: Amy and Oliver Our School Council has had another busy year. In November, the Council collected old 1 coins for Children in Need. Pudsey Bear s Round Pound initiative raised 91.80, of which 57 was the old style pound coins. During a chilly winter, the School Council ran incredibly popular hot chocolate sales, with all profits going towards a future young enterprise scheme. The School Council were kept incredibly busy making endless cups of hot chocolate with plenty of toppings! They raised a grand total of 142 so thank you very much to all the children and parents who supported this sale. In March, the School Council ran a Dragon s Den Challenge, open to all children in Years 3 to 8 who wanted to put their entrepreneurial skills to the test. Groups pitched their idea to School Council and were then given a loan to start their business idea. The children purchased their products over the Easter holidays ready to sell over a two week period in the summer term. Fortunately, all groups made a profit! The children gave away half of their profit to charity (Blue Cross) and kept the remainder for themselves! Well done to our very successful business entrepreneurs: Buy It, Use It, Love It Stationery - Aoife (3R), Eoin (5G) Water Bottles - Georgia (3R), Amelia (3G) Cook Book - Amy (8G), Harry (7G) Balloons - George (7G), Toby (7G) Survival Bags - Sebastian (4G) Thank you to all those on the School Council this year and to Mrs Burnett for organising.

77 Gillie Nicholls 77 Gillie Nicholls It is always hard to say goodbye to a colleague but it is particularly hard when that person has been a familiar face at school for 17 years. Now, to put this into some sort of perspective and for a bit of fun, Mrs Nicholls, had a quick tot-up of what seventeen years of service has amounted to in terms of written and spoken words: Monday assemblies: 220,000 words; Friday assemblies: 58,000 words; Pastoral Newsletters: 374,000 words; Friday newsletters: 163,000 words. That is a lot of words! But every one of them, thoughtful, caring and often thought provoking. Mrs Nicholls has not just been a chaplain to us in that time but also a friend. Her door has always been open and I know many children, staff and parents have popped in for a chat when things have not gone to plan and times have been difficult. She has always, always been there for us. There s far more to being a chaplain than booking priests and lighting candles. Her guidance, empathy, advice and above all absolute faith, have made a difference to the lives of many who are a part of the Barrow Hills community and those that have been a part of the Barrow Hills community. The difference she has made to a huge amount of people over the years is immeasurable. People look for consistency, trust and love and Mrs Nicholls has these in abundance. Mrs Nicholls has provided more than the religious needs of a school. Her work outside school is something to behold. Her overwhelming commitment to others has been carried out effectively and with love and dedication. She began our link with Saint-Benoît in Burkina Faso some 13 years ago, a bold, brave move but one she felt compelled to do. Getting a school community on board for something so unusual but vital has without doubt been a huge challenge but one that she has continued to pursue for staff, parents and children nearly 3000 miles away. Taking her lead, we have made a difference to so many people and learned many lessons along the way. I don t exaggerate when I say that she has at times on leaving her own family, put herself in a degree of danger and certainly the unknown. It takes a brave and committed person to do that. Not only this but she has worked tirelessly with her own charity Les Amis. Created over 11 years ago and developed ever since, you only have to read the newsletters to know what a difference she has made to so many women in need of help in Burkina Faso. Mrs Nicholls, we are all sad to see you go but as you said to me, you feel you have come to the end of your journey here and it feels right, however you know that exciting new beginnings are right around the corner whatever they may be. I know you will carry on with your work outside Barrow Hills and continue to make a huge difference to the lives of others because that is what you do. We wish you well Mrs Nicholls, we shall certainly miss you, come back and see us whenever you wish, our door is always open. On behalf of the Barrow Hills community past and present, thank you so much for all you have done. Good luck and God bless. Mr Crisell

78 78 Senior Prefects and Captains 2017/2018 Head Girl Head Boy Kean McCormack Murtough Art Drama Emily Ben Alexander Julian Amy Flyn, Max, Oliver Eddie, Bethany Forest School Humanities Music Pre-Prep Sport Alexander Tomas Imogen, Julien Sam Matthew, Oscar, Harry

79 Prize Day Scholarships & Awards 11+ BARROW HILLS SCHOOL SCHOLARSHIPS 2018/19 James - Sport Xavier - Music Fraser - Art Alexander - Academic Benjamin - Drama 13+ LEAVERS SHIELDS Benedict - Cranleigh - Eric Abbot Award Imogen - King Edward s Witley - Academic and Music Scholarships Eddie - King Edward s Witley - Academic and Drama Scholarships Alexander - Worth Matthew - International School of Helsinki Julien - King Edward s Witley - Music Scholarship Julian - King Edward s Witley Emily - Churcher s College Flyn - King Edward s Witley - Drama Scholarship Max - Seaford College Bethany - Frensham Heights - Academic and Drama Scholarship Samuel - Charterhouse Oscar - King Edward s Witley - Sports Scholarship Tomas - King Edward s Witley - Drama Scholarship Amy - St Catherine s Oliver - King Edward s Witley Harry - Seaford College - Sport Scholarship Alexander - Lord Wandsworth College - Drama Scholarship 11+ LEAVERS SHIELDS Annabel - Churcher s College Edward - Royal Grammar School Cillian - The Portsmouth Grammar School William - Rodborough Madeleine - Churcher s College - Academic scholarship Lily - Prior s Field - Sport scholarship Rory - Seaford College William - Seaford College Emma - Prior s Field - Academic scholarship Michael - King Edward s Witley Jake - Rodborough Fern - King Edward s Witley - Academic and Drama scholarship FORM PRIZES 1st in Year 3 - Joshua Effort in 3G - Molly Effort in 3R - Charlie 1st in Year 4 - Nathaniel Effort in 4G - Beatrix Effort in 4R - Ruby and Sophie 1st in Year 5 - Barnaby Effort in 5G - Alexander Effort in 5R Holly 1st in Year 6 - Alexander Effort in 6G - Madeleine Effort in 6R - Sascha 1st in Year 7 - Elena Effort in 7G - Harry Effort in 8G - Emily In each Year one academic prize is awarded for 1st in exams. Effort prizes are then awarded according to the number of A grades achieved throughout the year. SPECIAL AWARDS Academic Progress - Julian Alfonso Sedati Cup (Written French) - Julien All-Round Musician Cup - Julien Atkins Hockey Cup Max Barrow Hills Sportsman s Cup - Harry Beauclair Year 6 Maths Cup - Alexander Bodsworth Cup Anastasia Borelli R.E. Cup - Bethany Campbell-John Drama Cup - Bethany Coopper I.T. Cup - Eddie Curtin Cricket Cup - Oscar Davies English Cup - Oliver Dr Booker All Round Best Student Cup - Alexander Effort Cup for Ballet - Phoebe Enrico Medi Cup (Oral French) - Matthew Esposito Football Cup - Matthew Farmer Rugby Cup Eddie Forster Year 7 Maths Cup - Toby Garman Art Cup - Barnaby Hirst Cup - Alexander Hobbs Sports Cup - Madeleine Hodgson-King Cup for History - Benedict Holford Ballet Cup - Jessica Hutchings Year 8 Maths Cup - Amy James Brown DT Cup - Ilaria La Berliere Cup (Year 7 French) - Harry Latin Cup - Eddie Liz O Neill Cup - Sophie MacMillan Acting Cup - Flyn Navin Cup - Julian Netball Cup - Lucy Performing Arts Cup - Emily Pollen Chorister Cup - Imogen Regina Caeli Cup - Tomas Rice Science Cup - Imogen Sommer Rounders Cup - Madeleine St Pier Cup - Lucy Taylor Best Endeavour - Samuel Victor Ludorum - Harry Victrix Ludorum - Elena Wilde Hockey Trophy - Benedict Wyatt Humanities Cup - Imogen Zante Art Cup - Amy

80 A D M A J O R A PA R A M U R M A A M U R Roke Lane Witley Godalming Surrey GU8 5NY

the little boy 1 a good boy 1 then you give 1 is about me 1 was to come 1 old and new 1 that old man 1 what we know 1 not up here 1 in and out 1

the little boy 1 a good boy 1 then you give 1 is about me 1 was to come 1 old and new 1 that old man 1 what we know 1 not up here 1 in and out 1 the little boy 1 a good boy 1 is about me 1 then you give 1 was to come 1 old and new 1 what we know 1 that old man 1 in and out 1 not up here 1 good for you 1 down at work 1 with his cat 1 it was new

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1 The village party. Read and listen.

1 The village party. Read and listen. Read and listen. 1 The village party Sophia Walter and her brother, William, lived in a small village. On the last day of May, Sophia said to William, It s June next month and 21st June is the longest

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First Grade Spelling Lists

First Grade Spelling Lists First Grade Spelling Lists List 1 List 2 List 3 List 4 me can ten my do see tan up and run tin last go the ton not at in bed us on so top am a no he good it now you is man will she we an List 5 List 6

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THE VELVETEEN RABBIT VISUAL STORY THE VELVETEEN RABBIT VISUAL STORY This visual resource is for children and young adults visiting the Unicorn Theatre to see a performance of The Velveteen Rabbit. This visual story is intended to help

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ORCHARD BOOKS 338 Euston Road, London NW1 3BH Orchard Books Australia Level 17/207 Kent Street, Sydney, NSW 2000 A Paperback Original

ORCHARD BOOKS 338 Euston Road, London NW1 3BH Orchard Books Australia Level 17/207 Kent Street, Sydney, NSW 2000 A Paperback Original RAINBOW Dedicated to Joanna Pilkington, who found fairies in her beautiful garden Special thanks to Narinder Dhami ORCHARD BOOKS 338 Euston Road, London NW1 3BH Orchard Books Australia Level 17/207 Kent

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THE YELLOW ROSE (A FAIRY TALE) THE YELLOW ROSE (A FAIRY TALE) In a kingdom far away, there lived a beautiful young princess whose name was Selena. One day she secretly left the castle to go to the forest to collect some wild red roses.

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Year 3 s ancient Greek DaY

Year 3 s ancient Greek DaY Year 3 s ancient Greek DaY Autumn Term 2016 The Half Term Howler is a newspaper written and produced by the pupils of Warren Dell Primary School. Year 3 have written and edited the newspaper this half

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KOWABUNGA. Written by. Helio J Cordeiro

KOWABUNGA. Written by. Helio J Cordeiro KOWABUNGA Written by Helio J Cordeiro Copyright 2007 Helio J Cordeiro Revision April 28, 2007 FADE IN: EXT. BEACH - DAY It's a bright sunny day. BATHERS play volley-ball and CHILDREN

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FRIENDS. Written by. D.A. Silva

FRIENDS. Written by. D.A. Silva FRIENDS Written by D.A. Silva Copyright (c) 2018 This screenplay may not be used or reproduced for any purpose including educational purposes without the expressed written permission of the author. FADE

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The Kidnapping of Miss Lava Lizard By: Lucas B. Prologue

The Kidnapping of Miss Lava Lizard By: Lucas B. Prologue The Kidnapping of Miss Lava Lizard By: Lucas B. Prologue It was a peaceful day in Lava Land, and its inhabitants were having great fun. But it is spoiled when the humans take Miss Lava Lizard. Lava Lizard,

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Primary National Strategy. A Real Treat!

Primary National Strategy. A Real Treat! A Real Treat! Tom was very happy. It was the weekend and he was off to the beach with his mum and dad, his puppy and baby Pete. Help me pack the green bag, said Mum. We need sun cream and lots to eat.

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H h. had Jill had a teddy bear. It was Jill s teddy bear. Jill had Teddy in her arms.

H h. had Jill had a teddy bear. It was Jill s teddy bear. Jill had Teddy in her arms. H h had Jill had a teddy bear. It was Jill s teddy bear. Jill had Teddy in her arms. hail Hail is frozen rain. Hail comes from the sky like drops of ice. When you hail someone, you call a greeting to them.

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The Red Hand of Ulster. Arthur McKeown

The Red Hand of Ulster. Arthur McKeown The Red Hand of Ulster Arthur McKeown Illustrations by Duncan Ross Belfast 2006 Other Stories by Arthur McKeown The Don of Donegal, Publishing Ulster, Belfast, 2006 Towards the Workhouse Door, Publishing

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Snuff. Zaim Oneeb. Sterling Channel 2014

Snuff. Zaim Oneeb. Sterling Channel 2014 Snuff. By Zaim Oneeb Sterling Channel 2014 EXT. BACK GARDEN - NIGHT Jumps into the garden from the back fence. takes a camera from his pocket and points it at himself. Hi viewers.

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English Listening comprehension Hy 2016/2017 Teachers copy

English Listening comprehension Hy 2016/2017 Teachers copy English Listening comprehension Hy 2016/2017 Teachers copy _ If he hadn t been strapped in, Jason would not be able to sit still. He wanted to tell everyone that he was going to be on TV. Every evening

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new for him. He liked this new way of swimming. Unexpectedly, he began to feel something funny. He needed to go to the top of the water.

new for him. He liked this new way of swimming. Unexpectedly, he began to feel something funny. He needed to go to the top of the water. WILLIE Hal Ames Willie was very happy in his pond. He was born there, and up until now, he had spent all his life swimming and playing. He was the fastest tadpole, and everyone knew it. He would swim from

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WINNING STORY. A Bus Journey. By Eamon Doggett. Word Count: Copyright Eamon Doggett


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WRITTEN BY Piro. ILLUSTRATED BY Dubravka Kolanovic

WRITTEN BY Piro. ILLUSTRATED BY Dubravka Kolanovic THE LEGEND OF GEOFFREY WRITTEN BY Piro ILLUSTRATED BY Dubravka Kolanovic Geoffrey was a very busy giraffe. There were tasty leaves to munch, colorful friends to meet, and super-fun games to play all day

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Flyers. Reading & Writing. Cambridge Young Learners English. My name is:... There are 50 questions. You have 40 minutes.

Flyers. Reading & Writing. Cambridge Young Learners English. My name is:... There are 50 questions. You have 40 minutes. Centre Number Candidate Number Cambridge Young Learners English Flyers Reading & Writing Version 151 0761 There are 50 questions. You have 40 minutes. You will need a pen or pencil. My name is:... DC (CW/JG)

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Report written by Jessica Fryer and Eli Chigome, journalists Rowan class

Report written by Jessica Fryer and Eli Chigome, journalists Rowan class News from St. Mary s Primary Report written by Jessica Fryer and Eli Chigome, journalists Rowan class St Mary s have been working hard this term learning about and using our Christian values. Our Christian

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Red Cross Swim Preschool Salamander Lesson #1

Red Cross Swim Preschool Salamander Lesson #1 Lesson #1 Salamanders New Adventure Sea Otters are now becoming Salamanders. Review of past skills and introduction of new skills 3 Welcome the swimmers and take attendance. We are introduced to our Instructor

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Adventu res. Contents. a. The Cave...3 b. Fishing...13 c. Lost Island...25 d. T-Rex is After Me...35

Adventu res. Contents. a. The Cave...3 b. Fishing...13 c. Lost Island...25 d. T-Rex is After Me...35 Adventu res Contents a. The Cave...3 b. Fishing...13 c. Lost Island...25 d. T-Rex is After Me...35 1 Guided Reading What could the story be about? Who are the main characters? What do you think happens

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STORIES OF THE SUBCONSCIOUS MIND. Curt Dennis STORIES OF THE SUBCONSCIOUS MIND Curt Dennis FADE IN: INT. PSYCHIATRIST'S - 'S OFFICE - DAY Calm music plays as BROOKE (24), with his slicked back hair, lays down in a long sleeve shirt, looking up with

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The Lost Dog. (A fictional story)

The Lost Dog. (A fictional story) O The Lost Dog (A fictional story) nce there lived a grand man who was well known for his kindness and gentleness. One day he decided that he wanted a puppy to love. He went down to the local shelter and

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Grade 4. Practice Test. The Hare and the Tortoise The Choppers and the Wrecks

Grade 4. Practice Test. The Hare and the Tortoise The Choppers and the Wrecks Name Date The Hare and the Tortoise The Choppers and the Wrecks Today you will read two passages. Read these sources carefully to gather information to answer questions and write an essay. Aesop s The

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Aesops Fables. The Hare and the Tortoise Characters : Hare, Tortoise and cat.

Aesops Fables. The Hare and the Tortoise Characters : Hare, Tortoise and cat. The Hare and the Tortoise Characters : Hare, Tortoise and cat. Aesops Fables Once upon a time there was a hare, who was very boastful and a tortoise who was very clever but slow. On a summer s day the

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Issue 2. Winter is a very. The rivers and lakes white houses. are white trees and. freeze and we can everywhere. But it

Issue 2. Winter is a very. The rivers and lakes white houses. are white trees and. freeze and we can everywhere. But it ENGLISH CORNER 17.01.2017. Issue 2 A unique, creative magazine for primary school children Winter PRIMARY SCHOOL BRANKO RADIČEVIĆ MALI ZVORNIK Winter is a very when nature is hockey and sledge cold season,

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Joanne Boyd. Cover Art by Teodora Velica

Joanne Boyd. Cover Art by Teodora Velica hiding Joanne Boyd Cover Art by Teodora Velica Copyright Extravaganza Rising By Joanne Boyd Copyright 2014 Joanne Boyd With John Wizard Thank you for sampling this

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S.T. Skit. Black Beetle #2 Jackie. Earthworm. White Grub. Millie (millipede) S.T. (shrew) Black Beetle #1

S.T. Skit. Black Beetle #2 Jackie. Earthworm. White Grub. Millie (millipede) S.T. (shrew) Black Beetle #1 Name: Date: S.T. Skit CHARACTERS: Narrator Earthworm Black Beetle #2 Jackie White Grub Millie (millipede) S.T. (shrew) Black Beetle #1 Sitta (nuthatch) NARRATOR: Jackie sat down with a humph. JACKIE: I

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A Forest Adventure with S.T. Shrew

A Forest Adventure with S.T. Shrew Name: Date: Jackie sat down with a humph. I don t think anything lives in these woods, she thought. I ve been walking around for a long time, and I haven t seen anything except for a couple of squirrels.

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Our Excursion. Written by Grade 2

Our Excursion. Written by Grade 2 Our Excursion Written by Grade 2 On Friday, at the crack of dawn, the Grade 2s woke from their big sleep at school. As the students got up, they looked around to find Ms Brooks bed empty. Where is she?

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THE QUIET LIFE. Written by. Simon K. Parker

THE QUIET LIFE. Written by. Simon K. Parker THE QUIET LIFE Written by Simon K. Parker Copyright 2013 This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author. FADE IN. 1 INT.

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That night his mum said that they had to hurry up with their tea she wanted to take a cake up to the old peoples home, because it was Mr Wilcox s

That night his mum said that they had to hurry up with their tea she wanted to take a cake up to the old peoples home, because it was Mr Wilcox s 1 Ollie s New Trainers Ollie was only seven when he realised he had super powers. He hated school. He liked his teachers. Well, some of them. Mrs Moon was a bit scary. She bellowed like a huge whale. In

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The Chair on the Top of the World. Written by Stuart Baum Illustrated by Camilla Baum

The Chair on the Top of the World. Written by Stuart Baum Illustrated by Camilla Baum The Chair on the Top of the World Written by Stuart Baum Illustrated by Camilla Baum Tomas wanted to sit on the top of the world. He imagined a chair, a very specific chair. Dark blue wooden. Painted all

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Name. Reading. 1 Read and tick or cross. 2 Read and circle. 1 She is a waitress. 2 He isn t going to take the menu. 3 They re talking to a customer.

Name. Reading. 1 Read and tick or cross. 2 Read and circle. 1 She is a waitress. 2 He isn t going to take the menu. 3 They re talking to a customer. Unit Standard test Reading Read and tick or cross. /7 marks She is a waitress. 3 He isn t going to take the menu. 3 They re talking to a customer. Is she going to eat her main course? Yes, she is. re they

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Adele. the Voice. Fairy

Adele. the Voice. Fairy Adele the Voice Fairy Special thanks to Narinder Dhami If you purchased this book without a cover, you should be aware that this book is stolen property. It was reported as unsold and destroyed to the

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National Library of Scotland

National Library of Scotland 'imtiirt iksrssiirii National Library of Scotland *6000606167* The Story of Little Black Mingo BV THE AUTHOR OF THE STORY OF LITTLE BLACK SAMBO LONDON: JAMES NISBET & CO, LIMITED, 21 BERNERS STREET,

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For everyone who believes in fairies

For everyone who believes in fairies RAINBOW For everyone who believes in fairies Special thanks to Sue Bentley ORCHARD BOOKS 338 Euston Road, London NW1 3BH Orchard Books Australia Level 17/207 Kent Street, Sydney, NSW 2000 A Paperback Original

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Christmas 1914 : The Cast

Christmas 1914 : The Cast Christmas 1914 : The Cast Lads: The young men of the village, who enlist in Scene 1. Joe Fred Bill Ernie Davy Arthur Stan Harry A central character, with some key lines. He is Alfie s brother and wants

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The Snowman by Raymond Briggs

The Snowman by Raymond Briggs It was a cold, cold winter s night. In a cottage in the country, tucked away beneath the hills, a little boy lay sleeping. Snow began to fall, lightly at first, and then with giant flakes which started

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Imani s Moon. Readers Theater. by Marcie Colleen

Imani s Moon. Readers Theater. by Marcie Colleen Imani s Moon Readers Theater by Marcie Colleen Read aloud Imani s Moon by JaNay Brown-Wood, illustrated by Hazel Mitchell. Then, hand out a set of photocopied scripts to twelve children. The remaining

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I do and on Wednesday. I do and on Monday. I do and on Tuesday. I do and on Thursday.

I do and on Wednesday. I do and on Monday. I do and on Tuesday. I do and on Thursday. Extension worksheet Use the words to describe the pictures. caretaker head teacher class teacher secretary lunch supervisor playground canteen classroom offi ce library The is in the. 4 5 Write the days

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Nature Tales A seagull surprise

Nature Tales A seagull surprise Nature Tales A seagull surprise A seagull surprise It was a beautiful sunny day just right for a trip to the beach, which was exactly what Sky, Jay, Ant, Cat and Lily Rose had decided to do. They had landed

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Diary of Susie Valentine

Diary of Susie Valentine Diary of Susie Valentine Dearest Diary, April 20 th, 1860 I must be brief, for tonight is the grand ball at Colonel Hawkins plantation. I shall dress myself in finery, like a wealthy Southern belle. In

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Lesson The Lion and the Mouse By Aesop. Reading Questions

Lesson The Lion and the Mouse By Aesop. Reading Questions Lesson 17 1. The Lion and the Mouse By Aesop A Lion was awakened from sleep by a Mouse running over his face. He rose up in anger, caught him and was about to kill him, when the Mouse piteously begged,

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JaNay Brown-Wood Illustrated by Hazel Mitchell

JaNay Brown-Wood Illustrated by Hazel Mitchell JaNay Brown-Wood Illustrated by Hazel Mitchell 978-1-934133-57-6 HC $17.95 E-book editions also available Ages 6 9 8 x 10 32 pages Full-color illustrations Little Imani is the smallest one in her village.

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Contents. Benchmark Assessment Benchmark Assessment Benchmark Assessment Benchmark Assessment

Contents. Benchmark Assessment Benchmark Assessment Benchmark Assessment Benchmark Assessment Contents Benchmark Assessment 1.......................................... 5 Benchmark Assessment 2........................................ 27 Benchmark Assessment 3.........................................

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Saint Margaret College Half Yearly Examinations Name: Class:

Saint Margaret College Half Yearly Examinations Name: Class: Saint Margaret College Half Yearly Examinations 2012 Year 5 English Written Time: 1h 15min Name: Class: A: Reading Read the following passage carefully. The Witching Hour Sophie couldn t sleep. A brilliant

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The Most Dangerous Game. The Most Dangerous Game is an interesting and exciting book, filled with

The Most Dangerous Game. The Most Dangerous Game is an interesting and exciting book, filled with EasyPeasy 9 January 2014 The Most Dangerous Game The Most Dangerous Game is an interesting and exciting book, filled with action and adventure. The main character, Rainsford, finds himself

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Short Story: 'The Open Boat' by Stephen Crane (Part 1)

Short Story: 'The Open Boat' by Stephen Crane (Part 1) 12 May 2012 MP3 at Short Story: 'The Open Boat' by Stephen Crane (Part 1) Library of Congress Stephen Crane BARBARA KLEIN: Now, the VOA Special English program AMERICAN STORIES. Our

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Visit Tyndale s exciting Web site at Copyright 1980 by Word Spinners, Inc. All rights reserved. Revised and updated in 2001 by

Visit Tyndale s exciting Web site at   Copyright 1980 by Word Spinners, Inc. All rights reserved. Revised and updated in 2001 by Visit Tyndale s exciting Web site at Copyright 1980 by Word Spinners, Inc. All rights reserved. Revised and updated in 2001 by Tyndale House Publishers, Inc. All rights reserved. Cover

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ST KIERAN S COMMUNITY NEWSLETTER CATHOLIC PRIMARY SCHOOL. Message from the Principal. Term 4 Week 10. DATES FOR YOUR DIARY December. January. ST KIERAN S CATHOLIC PRIMARY SCHOOL COMMUNITY NEWSLETTER Term 4 Week 10 We nurture the faith and wellbeing of our school community, inspiring minds through the joy of learning DATES FOR YOUR DIARY December

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Pupils of the Week «NAME» Arts Council STOMP at Kerang Primary 9:15am 3:15pm

Pupils of the Week «NAME» Arts Council STOMP at Kerang Primary 9:15am 3:15pm «NAME» Educating today s Minds for Tomorrow s Challenges 1939 Murray Valley Highway LAKE CHARM 3581 Phone : 03 5457 9244 Fax : 03 5457 9450 Email : A.B.N. 615 824 513 73

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Set to Music a Wildfire

Set to Music a Wildfire Set to Music a Wildfire Let me be a lamb in a world that wants my lion In the beginning, there was an angel with cloven feet who stood by me, and the angel said, My wings are an ocean, and its shoulders

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CISD ELAR Grade 4 Unit 01

CISD ELAR Grade 4 Unit 01 CISD ELAR Grade 4 Unit 01 Some questions (c) 2012 by CSCOPE. Page 2 Source, printed in 1891, Gutenburg Books, out of print The Maiden Who Loved a Fish 1) There once was a girl named Awashanks

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Ocean's song of light

Ocean's song of light Ocean's song of light By Retno Windradini Indonesia, 5 May 2017 I had been like this since elementary school, a strong, "caring", and perfect class leader, hiding a heart as fragile as glass inside. I'm

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Pacific Press Publishing Association Nampa, Idaho Oshawa, Ontario, Canada

Pacific Press Publishing Association Nampa, Idaho Oshawa, Ontario, Canada 1 Pacific Press Publishing Association Nampa, Idaho Oshawa, Ontario, Canada Contents 1. Aboard the SS President Jefferson...7 2. And Be Ye Alice?... 17 3. Pete and Andy and the Sabbath...

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St George s Day - Juniors

St George s Day - Juniors St George s Day - Juniors Coming up next week.. Tuesday 1st May Reception visit to Maidstone Museum Thursday 3rd May - Year 4 visit to Living Land, Detling Showground Thursday 3rd May - Year 6 Hockey League

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29 th October Hi everyone

29 th October Hi everyone 29 th October 2015 Hi everyone It was great seeing all the school displays at the Flinders Island Show. I would like to congratulate students and staff who developed the different show boards. Walking

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Erth s Prehistoric Aquarium. Erth s Prehistoric Aquarium is a companion piece to the globally popular show Erth s Dinosaur Zoo.

Erth s Prehistoric Aquarium. Erth s Prehistoric Aquarium is a companion piece to the globally popular show Erth s Dinosaur Zoo. Erth s Prehistoric Aquarium Erth s Prehistoric Aquarium is a companion piece to the globally popular show Erth s Dinosaur Zoo. The show incorporates spectacular puppetry, magical lighting and a beautiful

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The Chance of a Lifetime. State Fair. Therefore, when Ms. Casey Meyers, the Perry County pageant director, literally

The Chance of a Lifetime. State Fair. Therefore, when Ms. Casey Meyers, the Perry County pageant director, literally Miller 1 Amber Miller Instructor s Name ENGL 1013 Date The Chance of a Lifetime I had competed in the Perry County Fair Pageant numerous times before but had only placed. Although many people had told

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Gymnastics On the floor I feel alive My hands push off with force And like an eagle I soar through the air

Gymnastics On the floor I feel alive My hands push off with force And like an eagle I soar through the air Ok everyone, here s a selection of some poems I was forced to write! Gymnastics On the floor I feel alive My hands push off with force And like an eagle I soar through the air As I run, I can hear the

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Dedicated to Fiona Waters, who has loved fairies all her life. Special thanks to

Dedicated to Fiona Waters, who has loved fairies all her life. Special thanks to RAINBOW Dedicated to Fiona Waters, who has loved fairies all her life Special thanks to Narinder Dhami ORCHARD BOOKS 338 Euston Road, London NW1 3BH Orchard Books Australia Level 17/207 Kent Street, Sydney,

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Introduction to The Sand Horse and Beach Detective

Introduction to The Sand Horse and Beach Detective Gifts from the Sea Introduction to The Sand Horse and Beach Detective The beach: waves plunging, galloping and tossing spray. Seagulls gliding and whirling. There s a lot going on where the sea meets the

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Lovereading4kids Reader reviews of Big Game by Dan Smith

Lovereading4kids Reader reviews of Big Game by Dan Smith Lovereading4kids Reader reviews of Big Game by Dan Smith Below are the complete reviews, written by Lovereading4kids members. Kurt Simpson, age 10 Dan Smith is one of the best authors of the 21st century,

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After a few beats, Nicko STOPS at the sight of:

After a few beats, Nicko STOPS at the sight of: EXT. THE COMPOUND - NIGHT GAYGE and NICKO (early twenties) make their way across the campus, wearing their black leather, hiding in the shadows. The campus is empty, making it easy for them to get to where

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Selena the Sleepover. Fairy

Selena the Sleepover. Fairy Selena the Sleepover Fairy Special thanks to Rachel Elliot If you purchased this book without a cover, you should be aware that this book is stolen property. It was reported as unsold and destroyed to

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The Carswell Times 10th July 2015

The Carswell Times 10th July 2015 The Carswell Times 10th July 2015 Everyone had fun at the Reception and Nursery sports day. Well done to all the children who took part and thank you to everybody who came along to support us! I liked

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Punctuality Never Procrastinates

Punctuality Never Procrastinates Copyright 2015 by Elizabeth L. Hamilton All Rights Reserved. Punctuality Preparation Lesson 4 of 4 Punctuality Never Procrastinates (Punctuality habitually refuses to put off things that should be done.)

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Chapter 1. Looking for Lei

Chapter 1. Looking for Lei Chapter 1 Looking for Lei Where s Lei? Cora asked her cousin Isabelle. Lei had been walking on the gravel path beside them minutes ago, but now Cora could only see their parents up ahead. They all had

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Unit 2 Copycat Animals

Unit 2 Copycat Animals Unit 2 Copycat Animals In this unit, I will... describe animal features. describe how animals protect themselves. talk about ways animals imitate others. write a paragraph of classification. Tick T for

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NARRATOR 1: Long, long ago, many animals on earth did not look the way they do today.

NARRATOR 1: Long, long ago, many animals on earth did not look the way they do today. The Red Dragon An Aboriginal Legend Retold by Agor Adapted by Susan LaBella Long, long ago, many animals on earth did not look the way they do today. Some animals were much taller or thinner than they

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Holidays. Match the words to the pictures. Discuss which celebrations they would belong to. 1 lantern 2 pine tree 3 pumpkin 4 dragon 5 turkey 6 candle

Holidays. Match the words to the pictures. Discuss which celebrations they would belong to. 1 lantern 2 pine tree 3 pumpkin 4 dragon 5 turkey 6 candle 1 1 D Match the words to the pictures. Discuss which celebrations they would belong to. 1 lantern 2 pine tree 3 pumpkin 4 dragon 5 turkey 6 candle Holidays Listen and read. a d hinese New Year hristmas

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Jamie, look: any minute now we ll be able to see the sea. Are you ready? June

Jamie, look: any minute now we ll be able to see the sea. Are you ready? June When the Sun Sets Jamie, look: any minute now we ll be able to see the sea. Are you ready? June is on the back seat of the car with him. Phil is driving. Look at how flat everything is, she says, it makes

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Park (mis)adventures

Park (mis)adventures Park (mis)adventures Park (mis)adventures Millie is a little, wise and happy mouse who, like all the other mice in Goudetown, sometimes gets into the game so much that she forgets her parents advice. This

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Monday 29th January 2018

Monday 29th January 2018 Monday 29th January 2018 News from The Three Schools Dear Parents, The fun and frolics have continued this half term, including; Year 3 at discovering a mysterious den that appeared on the school field,

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LEVEL 1 PICTURE DICTIONARY. Unit 1 INTRODUCTION UNIT 1 MY BIRTHDAY. Macmillan Publishers Limited 2008 Here Comes Super Bus. Jack. Sarah.

LEVEL 1 PICTURE DICTIONARY. Unit 1 INTRODUCTION UNIT 1 MY BIRTHDAY. Macmillan Publishers Limited 2008 Here Comes Super Bus. Jack. Sarah. PICTURE DICTIONARY LEVEL 1 INTRODUCTION UNIT 1 MY BIRTHDAY Unit 1 name? Sarah. Jack. What s your name? My name s. I m. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Hello! Hi! girls boys Stand up! Sit down! Walk! Jump! Touch!

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Princess Light and the Silver Dolphin

Princess Light and the Silver Dolphin Assessment and Treatment Activities for Children, Adolescents, and Families: VOLUME THREE Princess Light and the Silver Dolphin Source: Susan Perrow ( Theme: Self Esteem Recommended

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SHIN LING GOES SKATING Hal Ames SHIN LING GOES SKATING Hal Ames It was a very cold day when Shin Ling woke up that morning. The days were getting colder because New Year s Day was coming soon. Shin Ling loved this time of year. She always

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Tiny Treks Alderley Edge

Tiny Treks Alderley Edge Tiny Treks Alderley Edge Start: Alderley Edge, National Trust Car Park, B5087 Macclesfield Road Alderley Edge. SK10 4UB. Facilities: WC, Parking (Pay and Display), Visitors centre, Café Walk: Approx 2miles

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The Mermaid and the Smoo. - A Little Bolshy Book About Inclusion -

The Mermaid and the Smoo. - A Little Bolshy Book About Inclusion - The Mermaid and the Smoo - A Little Bolshy Book About Inclusion - nce upon a time, there was a mermaid named Lucy. Unlike other mermaids, Lucy lived in an ordinary house on an ordinary street. Her home

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In the Recycle Bin. MIN RANDALL SAT ON THE BENCH next to the

In the Recycle Bin. MIN RANDALL SAT ON THE BENCH next to the 1 In the Recycle Bin MIN RANDALL SAT ON THE BENCH next to the Royal Bank parking lot and wondered how much longer Enid Bangs, her foster mother, would spend in the bank. Don t you move a muscle until I

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Jupiter Artland & Juniper Green. Stories Inspired by Art

Jupiter Artland & Juniper Green. Stories Inspired by Art Jupiter Artland & Juniper Green Stories Inspired by Art Contents Introduction 2 Want not, Weep not - 3 the Story of the Weeping Girl The Suck, the Spider s web and Mr Snowball 6 Veronica and the Statues

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The Fisherman And His Wife. (by Grimm brothers)

The Fisherman And His Wife. (by Grimm brothers) (by Grimm brothers) There was once a fisherman who lived with his wife in a pigsty, close by the seaside. The fisherman used to go out all day long a-fishing; and one day, as he sat on the shore with his

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Cubs run around. When the whistle blows they need to stop, drop and roll.

Cubs run around. When the whistle blows they need to stop, drop and roll. Week 54: Bambi The story of Bambi can teach us how destructive fire can be this programme is designed to create the awareness of the dangers of fire. The Cubs will lay and light a fire but the main emphasis

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The Day Time Stood Still

The Day Time Stood Still The Day Time Stood Still a witness account by Jim Evans A loud thunderous, echoing, screaming screech sent chills up my spine as I watched with amazement the speed of acceleration from a standing position

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BMS 2 Entry Exam 2011

BMS 2 Entry Exam 2011 English BMS 2 Entry Exam 2011 (TIME: 45 MINUTES) Name:.. First Name:.. Number: Points:... Grade:... PART 1A READING COMPREHENSION (15 minutes) Please read the following text carefully and then do the task

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Sportsmanship UNIT 17. Close-Reading Passage

Sportsmanship UNIT 17. Close-Reading Passage Close-Reading Passage Sportsmanship No one thought it was possible. No one thought it could be done. No one thought the human body was capable of it. Then on May 6, 1954, it was done. The impossible had

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CHAPTER 11. Glossary. print: (here) mark of a foot or shoe swiftly: quickly. paddled: moved a boat using wooden oars

CHAPTER 11. Glossary. print: (here) mark of a foot or shoe swiftly: quickly. paddled: moved a boat using wooden oars CHAPTER 11 Follow me, said Hawkeye. Be careful to walk on the stones and on pieces of wood. The men did as Hawkeye told them. Now our trail will be difficult to follow, said Hawkeye. You can always find

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Turned. Kenneth P Matovu.

Turned. Kenneth P Matovu. Turned By Kenneth P Matovu INT. HOUSE -NIGHT The room is all dark. We hear two different breaths of terrified people. We hear noises off the windows of rain dropping

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Jack and the Beanstalk

Jack and the Beanstalk Jack and the Beanstalk 7. We re rich! Hi there! I m Sarah Jane and welcome back to Jack and the Beanstalk our story about a boy called Jack who climbs up a magic beanstalk to seek his fortune. We re going

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Lonely. Lonely By ReadWorks

Lonely. Lonely By ReadWorks Lonely Lonely By ReadWorks When the bell rang for lunch, instead of going to the outdoor cafeteria to meet Morgan like she usually did, Jessica took her lunchbox and retreated to the library. The rest

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not to be republished NCERT

not to be republished NCERT Kari, a five-month-old baby elephant, lives and grows up with his nine-year-old friend and keeper. Kari doesn t eat much just about sixteen kilograms of delicious twigs a day. Playful and sensitive, Kari

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SE2. English Literacy 2016/2017. Name / Surname(s): School: Group: City / Town: Date: Year 2 of Secondary Education

SE2. English Literacy 2016/2017. Name / Surname(s): School: Group: City / Town: Date: Year 2 of Secondary Education Ebaluazio eta Kalitate Atala Sección de Evaluación y Calidad SE2 2016/2017 Name / Surname(s): School: Group: City / Town: Date: English Literacy Year 2 of Secondary Education 2 Listening Instructions This

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Theme. 3rd-5th. Theme. Task Cards. 12 story theme cards, recording sheet, and answer sheet. Created by Beckie Lincoln

Theme. 3rd-5th. Theme. Task Cards. 12 story theme cards, recording sheet, and answer sheet. Created by Beckie Lincoln Theme Theme Task Cards 3rd-5th Task Cards 12 story theme cards, recording sheet, and answer sheet. Created by Beckie Lincoln Directions: There are several ways you can utilize these task cards. I like

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Typesetting and design Random House Australia

Typesetting and design Random House Australia t s not fair! I don t know why you have to go, Jacinta grouched. We ve only been back at school for a month. The fair-haired girl and school s former second best tantrum thrower sat cross-legged on the

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DAY AT A PICNIC Hal Ames DAY AT A PICNIC Hal Ames Bobby did not like that he had to go with his parents to the company picnic at the park. The day was hotter than usual. The sun was bright with only a few clouds in the sky. He

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