Senior All Star Bowling Association. Out on the Twig PRIME TIME PEARL S. and Eric Traylor were the team members. Third were Jerry Bea-

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1 Volume 16, Issue 30 December 2-3, 2006 Senior All Star Bowling Association Out on the Twig PRIME TIME PEARL S SASBA Tournament & Executive Director: Jamie Brooks President:: David Zappitelli The Prime Time Pearl s rolled 288 the final baker game to win and Eric Traylor were the team members. Third were Jerry Bea- Executive Vice President: Richard Britton Vice President: Secretary: Internet Manager: Director at Large: Gordon Stuntz Mark Estes C.J. Johnson Robert Gibbs General Counsel: Marshall Medlin SASBA South Central Dir: Jim King the Ebonite Senior Tour s 4some tournament at Plano Super Bowl. C.J. Johnson, Wally Cummings, Susan Evans, and Danny Inocencio were the champions. The top seed Wildcats were second, Fred Barnes, T.J. Johnson, Shana Ray, vers, Glen Armstrong, Debbie Howard, and Pete Thomas, fourth were, Dewayne Thompson, Bob McGregor, Vivki Rios, and Rick Lawrence. Fifth were Mario Colaluca, Paul Houston, Linda Urbanek, and Jason Valensuela. We need the entries in our office by Wednesday December 13th with the entry fee for the annual Team Tournament, the computer will pick the teams, see ya there! Inside this issue: Jamie s Tournament Notes Team Info 2 Mag Pin Tournament 4 Foursome Results Schedule Schedules 3 Red Hat Info John Martin had 136 for low game of the tournament to win the dog of the week award. Three hundreds were rolled by John Martin, T.J. Johnson, Bryce Ellison, Maury Newman, Omar Arnett, Todd Zenner (2), & Donnie Wilson. Bob McGregor and Tom Hay left lilies. Jamie Brooks had a CP!!!! We saw Rick Talley. Todd Zenner averaged 266 for ten games. Somebody put pink house balls in Butch Calvert s bowling bags. Was it really Lynch? Don t forget that the first weekend in January we will be at Mark Williams Crossroad Lanes for a member-guest tournament. MERRY CHRISTMAS & HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL, JAMIE AND PEGGY

2 Volume 16, Issue 30 DECEMBER 16-17, 2006 ANNUAL TEAM (MUST HAVE BOWLED 3 TOURNAMENTS THIS YEAR) (COMPUTER CREATS 5 MEMBER TEAMS ACCORDING TO YEAR AVERAGE) PLANO SUPER BOWL 2521 AVE K PLANO, TX PHONE: HOSTS: JAMIE BROOKS & JOE KEYLON $ ADDED PRIZE MONEY ENTRY FEE $160 EACH BOWLER MOTEL FOR PLANO TEAM TOURNAMENT SOUTH FORK MOTEL 1600 CENTRAL EXPRESSWAY PLANO (M UST BE PREPAID) USBC CERTIFIED NAME SHIRTS REQUIRED NO JEANS OR SHORTS FRIDAY 2 GAME SWEEPER $20.00 TIMES: EVERY HOUR 12 NOON LAST 5PM NO FINALS TOURNAMENT BOWLING 11 AM AWARDS CEREMONY SAT. FOLLOWING BOWLING $59 (MUST MENTION SASBA TO RECEIVE RATE) Santa Wears a Red Hat Too! SASBA REDHATTERS ELLEN WALL DAY! Twelve SASBA Red Hatters gathered in Plano to celebrate ELLEN WALL DAY. It was an unofficial event so there was a distinct absence of red and purple, but plenty evidence of a good time. We think we surprised Ellen because she did blush becomingly when I declared Saturday, December 2, to be Ellen Wall Day. It was just our red-hat way of saying thank you to Ellen for supplying all those wonderful door prizes the past several years. We gifted Ellen with a small token of our appreciation and a tree-full of thank you notes. She also received gifts from her Secret Sister and several other Red Hatters. She even received one of the shopping totes that Alene Hensley made for our San Antonio Shopping Spree. Alene, Renae Crouch is jealous that she didn t get one. Our unofficial hostess, Peggy Brooks, graciously offered us a private room for out get-together, provided cookies, coffee and tea for refreshment, and totally outdid herself with the decorations. Thank you, Peggy. A big thank you also goes to Gayle Currie who provided her own SPECIAL decorations for the event, and for being our unofficial event photographer. We all got a chance to look through our Red Hat Scrapbooks and they are wonderful. Thank you to those who worked so hard on them - Nanci Johnson, Cyrilla Carlisle, and Bettie Sands, as well as those who contributed individual pages. Jan Colaluca was there to help me distract Ellen while Peggy s competent crew set everything up - even made Ellen go outside to the car to look at pictures of grandchildren. Way to go, Jan! We were happy to see Betty Britton (recovered from surgery) and Brenda Park. Donna Smith was there, smiling, as usual. Helen Freehauf and Debbie Cummins were in and out cause they were the Bracket Babes for the day. Peggy was running the tournament so she was in and out too, and Renae was helping her. Kathy King was bowling so we just cheered her on. And last, but not least, a BIG thank you to my sweet hubby, who wasn t bowling, but willing drove me two hours there and two hours back so that I could participate in this special event. I really liked that! REMINDER - If you RSVP d yes and haven t sent your $22-check to Jan Colaluca for the Christmas Party, please do so ASAP. Hope to see all of you at the Carpenter House on Friday, December 15 at 4 p.m. Don t forget your $20-gift for the Chinese Gift Grab. Santa Wears a Red Hat Too! Queenie Jeanne Page 2

3 Volume 16, Issue 30 SASBA Tournament Entry Form SASBA TOURNAMENT: Jamie Brooks Director NAME: 2521 AVE K ADDRESS: PLANO, TX CITY: STATE: ZIP: PHONE Fax SASBA 2006 Dec Plano Annual Team SASBA SC 2006 Dec Baton Rouge Annual Championship 2007 SASBA SCHEDULE (Subject to change) *denotes changes or corrections JAN 6-7 BEAUMONT CROSSROAD LANES M/C DOUBLES JAN DALLAS USA BOWL TRIO FEB OKLAHOMA CITY HOLIDAY LANES SINGLES FEB DALLAS USA BOWL SINGLES *MAR CONROE 300 BOWL M/M DOUBLES APR 7-8 HOUSTON DYNAMIC M/G DOUBLES APR NEW BRAUNFELS FIESTA LANES SS CHAMPS/SS NON CHAMPS MAY 5-6 ROWLETT BOWLARAMA SINGLES MAY PLANO SUPER BOWL PLANO FIRECRACKER JUN 2-3 SHREVEPORT ALL STAR LANES SUPER SENIOR JUL 7-8 OKLAHOMA CITY HOLIDAY LANES SS/SENIOR DOUBLES JUL CONROE 300 BOWL SINGLES AUG 4-5 HOUSTON COPPERFIELD BOWL SINGLES AUG SHREVEPORT ALL STAR LANES SINGLES SEPT 8-9 FT. WORTH CITYVIEW CHAMPS/NON CHAMPS SEPT NEW BRAUNFELS FIESTA LANES MASTERS OCT PLANO SUPER BOWL PLANO ANNUAL CHAMPIONSHIP NOV HOUSTON DELMAR LANES SINGLES NOV SUMMERVILLE DEC 1-2 PLANO SUPER BOWL PLANO FOURSOME DEC PLANO SUPER BOWL PLANO ANNUAL TEAM 2007 SASBA (SOUTH CENTRAL) SCHEDULE Jan Fours Seasons Bowl Alexandria, LA (Singles) Feb 3-4 Midland Bowl Ft. Smith, AR (Singles) Mar 3-4 TimberLodge Lanes Monticello, AR (Singles) Mar Southern Lanes Bowling Green, KY (Singles) May12-13 Conway Family Bowling Ctr. Conway, AR (Singles) June 9-10 Plamor Lanes Huntsville, AL (Singles) July Dixie Bowl Meridian, MS (Singles) Aug Winchester Bowl Memphis, TN (M/G Doubles) Aug Millennium Bowl Little Rock, AR (Singles) Sept 1-3 Lafayette Lanes Lafayette, LA (Labor Day Blowout) Sept Galaxy Lanes Columbia, TN (Singles) Sept Metro Bowl Baton Rouge, LA (M/G Doubles) Oct 6-7 Millennium Bowl Little Rock, AR (M/G Doubles) Oct RebeLanes Tupelo, MS (Singles) Nov 3-4 Cumberland Lanes Nashville, TN (Singles) Nov RebeLanes Tupelo, MS (M/G Doubles) Dec 8-9 Metro Bowl Baton Rouge, LA (Annual Championship) SASBA SOUTH CENTRAL Jim King Director 2321 E. Common St, Apt 200 New Braunfels, Texas Page 3

4 Volume 16, Issue 30 PLANO SUPER BOWL MAG PIN JINGLE BELL ELIMINATOR! 1 st Place $5,000 (Guaranteed with full 96 entries) $ Entry Fee, Limited to 96 Entries! December 10, 2006 at 10:00am Heavy Pins and a Tough Shot! Average score to survive early rounds is 160 Are you up for the Challenge? For more details call PLANO SUPER BOWL ~ 2521 AVENUE K, PLANO Page 4

5 2006 EBONITE SASBA SENIOR TOUR SASBA MATCH PLAY FOURSOME Plano Super Bowl, Plano, TX - December 2-3, 2006 FINAL STANDINGS BOWLER AVG PIN FALL T TOTAL P TEAM NAME EARNINGS STAIR STEP RESULTS 1 C.J. Johnson Super Senior BIG TIME PEARL $ 4, GAME 1 Wally Cummings Senior PRIME TIME 218 Susan Evans Lady TORONADOS 182 Danny Inocencio Guest GAME 2 2 Fred Barnes Super Senior WILCAT $ 3, BIG TIME 210 T.J. Johnson Senior PRIME TIME 201 Shana Ray Lady GAME 3 Eric Traylor Guest BIG TIME Jerry Beavers Super Senior BIG TIME $ 2, BIG TIME PEARL 259 Glen Armstrong Senior GAME 4 Debbie Howard Lady BIG TIME PEARL 288 Pete Thomas Guest WILCAT Dewayne Thompson Super Senior PRIME TIME $ 1, Bob McGregor Senior Vicki Rios Lady Rick Lawrence Guest Mario Colaluca Super Senior TORONADOS $ 1, Paul Houston Senior Linda Urbanek Lady Jason Valensuela Guest John Woessner Super Senior APEX $ 1, Gary Pfeil Senior Jodi Woessner Lady Brady Woessner Guest Phil Prieto Super Senior POWER BOLT $ 1, Rick Minier Senior Adriana Perez Lady Paul Minier Guest Tom Hay Super Senior V2 POWER $ 1, Ron Woodruff Senior Ruth Papa Lady Matt McFayden Guest Bob Freehauf Super Senior NO LIMIT $ 1, Dennis Francis Senior Tiffany Stanborough Lady Mark Busher Guest Charles Avant Super Senior V2 DRY $ Shannon Starnes Senior Lea Ann Sykora Lady Ron Williams Guest Gary Dickinson Super Senior ADDICTION $ Rick Talley Senior Heather Jones Lady Todd Zenner Guest

6 12 Avery LeBlanc Super Senior BIG ONE $ Donald Robinson Senior Shannon Pluhowsky Lady Johnathan Wiley Guest Larry Carlson Super Senior SPYDERS $ Clint Austin Senior Arielle Martinez Lady Ryan Brodeur Guest Jamie Brooks Super Senior INFINATE ONE $ Mark Estes Senior Lisa Wasson Lady Tam Wasson Guest Bill Smith Super Senior ANGULIAR ONE $ Maury Newman Senior Carolyn Dorin Ballard Lady Marc Laraquente Guest Colin Kyle Super Senior XXCEL $ Paul McCordic Senior Cindy Cooper Lady Todd Clatanoff Guest Bob Eason Super Senior OPTYX Mike Holland Senior Kristen Drol Lady Jeff Clark Guest Marshall Medlin Super Senior MATRIX Pat Currie Senior Michelle Davis Lady Daniel Cruz Guest Grady Creasie Super Senior VORTEX PEARL Carl Barsotti Senior Debbie Warner Lady Donnie Wilson Guest Phil Bailey Super Senior V2 SWEET Ron Benz Senior Sherry Flannery Lady Gary Robinson Guest Don Ratliff Super Senior OBSESSION Jerry Swank Senior Julie Locke Lady Andy Patterson Guest Jerry Hill Super Senior GYRO Richard Jacoby Senior Lil Johnson Lady Stace Bohlender Guest Jim Paine Super Senior THUNDER BOLTS Paul Coover Senior Kelly Jay Lady David Jay Guest Jerry Moon Super Senior NITRO RZ Blane Adkins Senior Mary McClendon Lady Kurt Dudek Guest

7 25 Jesse Jackson Super Senior THE ONE Ron Boroff Senior Katie Boroff Lady Tyler Jensen Guest John Hawkins Super Senior OMEGA'S Michael Warren Senior Michelle Lee Lady Phil Kepner Guest Fred Smith Super Senior RXS 300 Ron DePolo Senior Elaine Barnes Lady Joe Paez Guest Cliff Park Super Senior WARRIORS Jimmy Young Senior Regina Lovell Lady Billy Smith, Jr Guest Jim Hardesty Super Senior SAVAGES Jim King Senior Kathy King Lady Omar Arnett Guest Dan Saenz Super Senior BLACK ICE Bryce Ellison Senior Sandi Irvine Lady Tony Franklin Guest Lance Chein Super Senior SMASH TIME Kenny Robertson Senior Judy Vogel Lady Brian LaPlace Guest John Martin Super Senior ILLUSIONS Shawn Rasti Senior Jennelle Locke Lady Danny Wetbrook Guest Gene Rivers Super Senior CROSS FIRE Ron Griffin Senior Jessica Hirschmann Lady Chad Buckholtz Guest Ronnie Diamond Super Senior ICE Mike Lynch Senior Genie Franklin Lady Jim Carter Guest Don Wall Super Senior CONQUEST Doug Hayes Senior Rachel Perez Lady Shane Gilmore Guest Tommy Crouch Super Senior DYNASTY Butch Calvert Senior Mary Jo Cox Lady David Blinka Guest Rit Kriechbaum Super Senior KILLER INSTINCT Jim Stephens Senior Michelle Rogers Lady Bob Schille Guest

8 38 James LeCroy Super Senior V2 STRONG Jim Ensminger Senior Jacki Hentz Lady Chris Lucas Guest Bill Johnson Super Senior WOLF Harvey Cappell Senior Shannon Deplantis Lady Jerry Conard Guest Sam MaGill Super Senior OVERTIME Paul Parker Senior Diane Parrish Lady Chris Morgan Guest Tom McElroy Super Senior ADRENLINES Larry Reynolds Senior Karleen Reynolds Lady Josh Orr Guest Chuck Schwakhofer Super Senior SHOOTERS Fred Weller Senior Lori Knoll Lady J.D. Weller Guest Willy Jackson Super Senior SHOW TIME'S Rudy Garcia Senior Megan Simon Lady Walter Markham Guest Richard Britton Super Senior CRUSH R David Zappitelli Senior Shelly Hofstetter Lady Scott Craddock Guest George Vaughn Super Senior XXXCEL Frank Oliver Senior Tabitha Wall Lady Steve Furman Guest Tony Iovinelli Super Senior FIRE BOLT Mike Lewis Senior Melissa Carrillo Lady