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1 SUPERMARKET 474-Q522 HOURS MONDAY-SATURDAY 9-9 SUNDAY 10-6 c-pleoninf.. sw r.,a c-piaanleef_,., Sfrilt 1'. Fr..n Gnode A Whole F.. 681'...,. s C-.piAaniNf.._._ sw.. Co.op Lean!Hcf Rib Roast Fresh Boneless Pork Chops Fresh Ground O.icken Boneless Turkey Breast Ro.ina Ita!ian Meat Balls $2.19 key -ui". Sau-ge $2.49 Sm.itht\eld Sliced lacon $1.69 n. Bud Fre!!h Chicken Pie $1.79,,,-,.. "t ' ;r ; w,<',,.,t<. - RUSMr Ham &: Ch«H Loaf $2.29 Smolted Turkey Swift Genoa Sala.mi Baby Swiss Cheese $3.09 $3.09 Bouat,. Paper Towels 1 2/ JiiiDliO 89c Del Moaw Squea. ---QT. Ketchup ChaM Saaborn lll.oi: os. B:rielr: "; $1.89 WbiteB- li pl Apple Juice $1.09 Schmi<ltll Slicod zo ltal. ar.acl $1.09 Saaka Dec.t Grooad u eow.. $3.49 Gulcleaa-.. Mustard 59c Raau Pl-eab.f. varieties 30 os. Spag. Sa- $1.59 Kellogp Rice Krispies $1.39 WlUte Cloud 4pk. Toilet Tl.- $1.29 Lllieo - Cold Cups Del Monte au varietiea 14n. Stew. Tomatoes 69c lllos. llnj'en li pl. Frozen Yagurt $2.89 a-.- :PamiJJ' La- 18.;;: SUcecl Beof-Luapa - aa V..t Ora Ill& plaid ar ODioa 2 rater Tab $1.59 $1.99 u- - ij 11- Coalen- AU. NAJUU1--IiMu dt lltws Btuitw AN INDEPENDENT 'NEWSPAPER Voi!Qe 63, Number 39 P.O. Box 68, GreenBelt, MarylaDd Thurs'- Aug. 16, 1990 Tour of City or Foreign Visitors Gives Local Reporter a Fresh Look lfftjs.,.. u- - ()llbtlcms S.<lp.m._,, ,._ - 'llloimollir 1-U p.m..,., Elcbt Gne. Jt lpn - inc a bua:r aum:mft for the Ilia Greeuhalt which ia held each :rear aa a of the Labor llaj' J'Htn.i. 'l'llej' meet eaeb week to nt.ear.. the dance routines w1yetl will be &IDO the hijrhjirhtll of the - e&ll't add Nf"'7 out ita UCoantry add W utera" theme. The theme will alao be featured ill the p-dt float ill the Labor o.,. Parade, Thia year' paceant eonte.t-. ant. and their apooaon M"e: Tina Attlek, G-nbelt Little Leqae; Lori Byrd, Greenbelt American Lecioa Poot No. JJ141; IAolle Corbin.. Greenbriar CoDimonity Aa. IOCiat.ion; Shannon Grady, GBC Coatraeton; Ceyoto.J Hawklaa, Glen O.b;; Apl'J'l K.aJ'e, Greenbelt Conaumer Coop: Tan Koumaa, Greeabelt 8oJ'o and Girlo Club; am Suanne Nelaon, KA V l/ree-tlon Department. 0.. A-t 4 the eonteotaata, their parent., add aponaon wen entertained at a eookout at the G_.Jt Lelce Park..,..,. dontlted a lift eerttlleate for refreshment& at the cookout. Tbe lrirt. ha?e atao held two '"17.ueeeaatul ear waabu to ralae mozaey for papaat expedhl 1'be7 hate loo atteaded workahop. em make-up and il eare. Port:ratt. of the Mia Greenbelt Papaat eon-nto will be on dl.plaj' around mld Aupat for Greenbelten to -riew., Papan partldpaato are pre \ aented on the OINiniac njrht ot 'he Ltotbor Da,. P..-1. perform in their talent mow on S.turd&:F nicht, add are the atan of the CI'O'WJliDc _eeremcmy on Su.nclq.,., PARADE DEADUNE NEAitS Th 36th a.onual GrHnbelt Labor Day Parade wiu atep.otf Monday, September 3, t 10 &.m. The parade route runs along Creeeent Road trom Gre4!nhlll Road. (Lakewood) to the Munkipal Buiidinar t Southway. Thoe parade ahould reach the revieowinll' 1tand at the Municipal Buddinc by 10:30 a.m. Bewt viewing is along CreKent hom orthway to Hillaide Roeda, Tbe deadline for parade E'ntriea Ia Saturday, August 18. F-:,l' more intorm.atior. call Bikers & Trikers Sought far Parade Oneo apin the Greenbelt LJOn'a Club will aponaoring the d-ecorated. bike1 and trikes in the labor O..y Festival para.d.e. Decorated bieyclea and t.dcydu.ttould brought to the founation point in front of the obll pa atation at 8:30 a.m. on Monday, September 3. All ehildren up to age 12 are invited to participate and all entrant. will receive a prize. T<)p prizu will De. awarded to tht' best dora.ted bicycles.and tneyelea, by aee group. Y-h Football Cancelled; Basketball Program Shaky At tta Augmt 7 rneet.ing. the Board of Director!! of the Grt>enbelt Soya and Girla Club vod oot to ottew a football program Wa,_ "''1N Board noted a._. flf.,._. Ia UN prrocnm tltla 7Mr, partiewarl)' on the part f1f adalta. J)nplte pleaa for vol unteera since the end of last foot bal! season, no adult has com forward to be th" Football Commialioner, W orianize and ovetaee the prorram, and no new coaches were recruited. Thoae youth who have exprec.. d interest in playing foqt-. ball with the Club should contact Mel Scites imm-edialy to explore their optiona: (l) to play with a neighboring boys and girla Jub; (2) to play aoe<-et with the Greenbelt Club; or (3) receive a refund for dues already paid. Other duba are already well into their football prac-ticel'l and the Greenbelt Club'!! o<:eer roatera are nearly filled. The Club's buketball prog-ram may be headed for the u.rne f.r.te aa football. The Club is n need of adult..o!unteert. The procram needs tomrninioners!or the Intramural program and for the County program._ Coache1 are alwaya a need. To volunteer to help. or for more information, c-all Mel ScJtea at Registration Set For New Students Monday, Aueuat 20 baa be-en deatcnated aa a reeiatration day tor n.., atudedu: t.o county middle and hill'h Khoola. Each new atudent Jhould be aeeompan:ied b,. a parent OT guar dian and have (1) lmmaniu.tlon.a, (2) birth eertifkaw, (3) proof of -residence auch aa a leaae, renu.i A&TH:meat: or settlement paper-a. (.4.) tnnaeript or report c:arda, aaci ( 5) reeedt atandardised teat leoj'u. For additional illlormation about. aehool nee areu, pth&e eall the Dapa.- ar Pupil Aeeo and School Boandarieo at 8ii2-GOO.

2 To the Eltitor: I'm I' lad ao many fobu took >JP t1r eud.cela! Alu. nature do-n manace torac.. wit.b d--.. m&ei:t.s, and fire, for iaatare. My :dea wu to cet out m tne 1;1open. Pardon tha pun. It you really W"&nt 11 A _,"-;I iven.. to talk about b10di'renlt7. I De1.ien- that :t :s createst aiodc the ooda' edge or transition aoae with fie:d3, m aataral fo!"eu ope1qaca,. along strea.ma.. add. yes, a.lo.., patiu, not 1n the fornt,..,_.,..l Th1s 1s not to..,. that t.he ma. JeMy f. the ehma:s:ed forat. iaa.'t a we lzapiriq in itaelf. I enjoy :.he splendor of nature u mach &! anyone. The statem.eflt "GIt ean :-n"'t the recreabonal needs of iu.:-e:s1dene. without the ftlrtber 1oa "! our 'l'ahjabic- woodlancb wa. ICI!' but then..,.,. no fouowinc HOW statement. Jfy intent wu :-:ot :u!lt t.o a.se woodl.a..dds DOr or.!y to UM part of those newly acq1..n ae. Do) we have.. moton::yelea. offtrail vehicles, or al1-ternin h1cle:s,.,. teariq around Gfteebelt Lake. why would it hap n on other Greeabek tn.ib:! Rea.son.Oie it what Gftellbelt en dee-m adeqaat.e for tbeir n.riable and eolleetive needs and are w:lilng to support. I doubt that we11 g«carried away rt our open!lt' LS properly surte]'ed and appropriate sites aad aeeda J..te Kienu.ft-ed for recreationa-l ;rurpoh>s. Such land ia aot lo.t, gone or unavailable. [t is open gn ce fo-r everyoe'11 en oymer.. We should hear mon from the y.-:.uth and adult softball, n. football and soccer btallls, e..n Greenbelt. Whaot pege of :ten ;n a<:.u:e ume and games ue playd m GrHIt! Most r.tf :he.,'!'ac::ce and bout half the i:'&ms $hou:-d be. Greenbel: you -:-n. ;n par:icular, ne-ed to be.:- Greenbe:t to practice or some w:!l tw exe:uded for lack of ;ransnor..atton. The statement a;bout. the unty, net Greenbelt,!\eeC ng more ballfield.s is mdi ca:.1..,e r>f the atltltnde that b<-tl-l. en me add a..n7 othen. For uutance. wft.at.ia the nl:illtber o-f pe-r 1000 T'Hidenta t uide!or "at.hleotie f"mdcb in Greeabelt. How does t.hat eompere to other e:lt1es in P.G. Co'IIII'Q'! An-d to ""Wllat'a Ne%t!", alia the Amaa..at Pa.rt. it wu gtn.t! A little coaic roe.iw neth" hurt &J'JJ' Pft"'ID. place or plan.l Hooefully, we've eli.m.t.ed the pouibllity at stonce baildi.np, It :!beds. bo"q8inc am other nonopene Jn.itiat.ives on the green belt. So dol.lbt Ill be-bung in effigy a :he A =ust 13 meetina of the ComlT'._itt.ee to Save the Greenbelt. J;! :hen I o!'xperted that. What 1 really hope to accomphsh LS to put tbe au.bil.itj' and maintedaoee of open,creed space in a broader penpective than I've Mea of late. o-atuw.s.- hu helped b,- baildidc - of.. ilooeladiloc the -a,. W'IUch will - _,. the - x-.. rap1c1..u -. T1lea - welllt Oftl' Uris - - lllriopill Lab, pauailoc - the la-p.. eiwier7 the riatot ioa would take place. LooldJoc the ill lake - able to -- UZident.aDd - reporter the admiratioa b:r the Pol otfieials. ODe of the larpst pr.. projeeta in ibe UDt)', with 2,aOO hoaoibc uaito, the pn> fit - bo with the - "" _1,. Gnenbelt. 1'.- had - loft bo,. - iddiii' walkwa;r ayatea. s:wimmidc _., a IIIIUIII llhoppmo:.-e., add pio<nroomd -. It uc:h tt. Joolr:.a.nd :t-.elinc oi iddepoadedce f011dd in old it. The,.._ ed oa Mt:Ndiumr. T.Be PATRONIZE oua ADYa11SDS Rep.blican..Udate for _,.. Senate is Nic.holu Pa.l.ariDo. DeJDoe:ratic c:addi.date! are idewb bedt Leo E. G., aad ehallencen Teresie Bohrer adil D. J. -Charla.._...,..,., CampbelL Deatoonotie - for the - oi Delocato. are Joan Pitkbo aad X,. Coaro,. aiotocwttlo K. Bnm. 11le -.,,_. didata. r e Ja W'ilUam 1'--., aad - Sloadon. AU c:adctidltta will he.u..c- C._wiD_o.U aad _t to CPG first add thea _,. q-.. - the audiedee. All =a:..- ll.eft. -willboed. SHA INSTALLa LIGHT ph IICENII.WOIRH AT 1-95 i Work looe bocmo od """'" to!he K.eftilwo.U. A,<Oopital Be"'-'J' idtercbadae- The - llhowd be.-plotod tldo :ran. A oicda1 wid be -.ned &t the ramp t.om - lid.. loop) I-95 ta> K.eftilwortil Av ae. n.e-- of p the idterweetion add the will he wideded. to aeeommodate - - of leftlwuod _ - -wij be idtereoanee la ll<ldlticm, the ted to esiot!do: &t K.eftllwortlt. A TelliOe at the no'!"thbotmd I-116 "- add at Kalhrortll A,_ add er-.t Road. Trallle at I-OS will be a«.eted for -1 lliciko cl1lridc,._ -., wiljle coddult - me the a-c the Kenilworth A'ftii1M t:.tc1ee- Two -af-wlllbe-bo- -A--tllea... add the llipal Ia ID p.m. aad 5 a.iil.. LaDe d-.u. alao li1<el7 OD tbe imler loop ramp to X. i..fwoorth A 'ftdjm.. add em Kaiiotallecl Gr-nbelt Volunteer Fire Depawlonem is spooisciringa Bull & Crab Feast August 26, p.m. BIEF CRABS COlESlAW BAKED BEANS - BHII & SODA BIG 6WHEE LAS VEGAS GAMES DONATIONS $17.00 CALL FOR INFORMATION AND TICKETS Limited Ticket Sales -a. 'l'llerewilboa-.-- tr.e Goddud Spoee Fliat>t c.ter vw- c..ter...&-uatl,._n.e --.. pablle Ia -- to llrillc oitioena!delia -. doe Goddud -. Moonl.ight Fam1ly.. Swim Come enjoy the G..-belt BecteittOii.'ii KOOJIIild,t Famil)- Swim at tbe Greeubelt lllaulcipu Pool It will be held oa Friday, Aupat 17 from 8:SO- 10 p.m.: There ill DO eoat.- n:.ta 8Dd imler tubes are allowed. eome on down aad esqo:r the Jut )IU't of IRUIIIIIel'! The pool will be doeing IIOCll'll C1L4NNE:L B-10 PRESENI'S: 7t!ESDA.Y, A.UGUST 21 8:-00PM OllZJt:NS FOR GREENBELT CANDIDA.TES' NIGHT UVE FROM 77IE COUNCIL ROOM Featuring candidates from the 23rd district for the State Senate &: the House of DelegtlleS. Attention Prospective l-lome auyers Gneabelt Bamea. IDe. (GBI), -of the, add moet Mtablialled houmalr eoaperatffta ID-tbe -.,. ia o«erlq brief aad idfoi'id8tive _,_ to illboduce Gm to YOII. The pr 'atioa will aplala what a cooperative 1a, how Gm operates, w11at.,_ are provided to Gm memben under the -u.j;r chuwelr, aad the ftnadcing -.-eea whieh are avaflabje.. -nu. ID!ormation will be uaetu1 to you whether or DOt you parehaae a Gm home. Thia ia ad ideal OJIPOI'taDitJ' f01r pel'iiojls who are eonaidering home ownership to leam about Gm and to ask questions in a relaxed atmosphere.. T.et us introduce you to the cooperative lifebtyle BE FORE you look for a home. The next pl't!lle!ltatiod8 will be held on: Tuesday, Sep.. mbet 4 7:15 ;.. Salwday,,., 15 11:00.,. GREENBELT HOMES, _I.._,.. a,luad SHL FOUNTAIN LODGE HOSTS GAMEsHoW MGHT 'Ibe SpriDCblll L&te Fountam Lodge will lloot Gameohow Nicht featurinc WID, I-. or Draw. The evedt will be held on Au. gust 22 frooo 1:38 to 8 p.m. Teams will COJDpete for the gradd JDiae of a eertifleate for a erab feat from Enrle' Crab Ho-. Co-tula - be ;,. teams of three or fotlr. JUt.ldenta eaa _,..ter with their fiuiii(j', friellda or lleicllbon. All aea are welcome to watch or partldpate add M-nto wid be oened add door priseo..,uj he -end. There!. no eharp for tl1la..,;.,t, Call far furtller ormatlo,. or LunchtiMe Concert AtOMcePark Tbe Jim Trio will per ' form Latin aud jau muaie on ; the CI'OUDIItl of Capital Otfiee \">art OD IYJ' LaDe durin&' Juneh : time on A,.._ 21. The eoeert ia 8IJOD80ftd by Capital Offiee Psrit add t],. PriDee a-.reo Arts Council, add ia free of ebarce. Emplo:yea of the park are en._,. teo hriq their lunches. n- will be proyided_ Women's foot llace To Be Held ot Lake The PriDee Georpo llaouwoc ClUb will hold the Women'a Diatanee Feati IX nm on Sato:r. da7, Auauot Z6, at Buddy Attlc:k Park. The 6 kilometer raa will be at. 8 a.m. and will be followed by a 2K tun nm for ehijdr add a 6K open eatimated. time run. Reciatration becina at 7:45 ILDl.. n; raee i pan: ot the Petoa:aae VaU.y Wo 'a DiataDee PeaUval Grand: Prix Hria. For idformation, eontaet Ann w- &1108 aotjo Ave., ru-nae, :If '137, GIIEENE.Tas NAMED ro MML COUMLi lee Se--.1 G.,ic.n llave heoa appoidtad. to the )(.,...,"' Municipal l.eacue' leciaj tit"' committe.. M.,-or Gil W eidenfeld and Barr,.James., auiatant reereatiod director for the eii)r, han beed appointed recuiar me-mhen of the committee. wbieh determine. the leacue' lecislathe program and reviews and ree Oiftllleftda poetti0111 on tntrodaeed..tate lepjatlon. Mia)-or Pro Tom Tho1lhla X. White llu heoa..,ed an alternate for the committee. Low Cost Loans Available at Your Credit Union NOW OFFERING VISA CaR 47,_lerna. GREeNBELT FEDERAL CREDIT UNION Eaeb aa:omst.._to '100MO h,. NCUA. a U.S. c-..-t "-7. SEBVJNG THE COJOrUNITY SDI'CE PRINCE GEORGES COMMUNITY COLLEGE AT ELEANoR RoosEvELT HIGHScHOOL 7500 Hanover Parkway at Gnenbelt Road Greenbelt, Maryland Credit sections in aeeounting, art, biology, business, cotilputer information systems, English, math, real estate, aud speech. + 'luition is only $50.00 per credit 'hour for Prince George's County residents. I + ln-118l'*kl registration at Eleanor Rooaevelt High School, August 21, 6:30-8 p.m. + Classes begin September 4. For further information. call322-o783. Prinee Georce' eo-unity CoUap 301 l.arp Road, Larco, MarylaDd :110'772 llarfnonhap ttann.wy c-to Lake Sunday The "The - hla1tta of Hanaoay" wiu perform on Sunda7, A..-,t 19 at 7 p.m. at the Budc(J' Attldt Park. AU _,.de_ add guata are welcome. Raolios.riesto Tbe radio Hrin, "The "- & the P- at the Lillruy of Con,.._.," wid - -c - J,.. J-at 8 P "'- on PapS SEXUAL ASSAULr CENTER SEEKS CI.EttiCAI. HELP The Se::.:ual Assault Cotnter at Prince Geof'S'e& Hospital Center needs; volunteers during evrnin«and weekend hour to anlfwer phone11 and perform li«ht dencal duties. Call Lyn Mc-Coy at to volunteer. Aucu-t 19. The progt&m ain on station WPFW :.F.:;M:.:. ---, 1990 GREENBB.T LABOR DAY ART SHOW REGISTRATION FORM - A Artiat Name Phoae TITLE u you wiah it to appear Catea-o:ry 1 on di..,la:r card Medium L & Cann11i11- Copy Adult able to "sit" thp show y I s CIRCLE OS; Age when completf'd (children only 1 Are J'OU interated ill Hllin.r yoor art work! y 1 n May w give out 70ur phone number? y 1 n Categoria: adult.: oil;. watercolor; drawing/print; m1x«i media, 8-dimenadOD&I art form. htlctr.: paila:tizw, drawtac. 8-dimeneional. Pleue retum by Aup.n 28 to Art Show Commttte-e. Ken B:ut'. 24Q Laurel Bill. Greenbelt. Maryland, Bcd.rooaaa Clcaa_&_ G'\r r, 2 window A/(, CCilUIDC a.,;- yard. S :z llcdj-oo.. J- liok:d - Sc:c.-k from the Center! Everything withtn wlllkiab disaaae. New Slove aad more. $59,900 Opca S. lz-4 P.lll 8-J So.D:way LauDdry rocxd addilioa. Brigbt white kitchen with I yc"',. lka kilcbea cabiaets. 2 lighlecl ccijing fans, 2 A/C's. h,llllll ill.. lioclpl S Completely upgndecl - feocecl rear yard with shed & (J'llio Ealaqp:d didius area with f uu lc:ngth window. Dislrwa."-ec. pas t.broash widdow from kitcbea. $9.<j(]l) Built-ia shelves in LR. 2 storage shed. Fenced front yard. Washer & dryer. Hardwood floon. 2 A/C"s. $9, 900 I Bcdroo.. Upper level e ate5 stairway. Sla< kjng washer &.. a pull down slair<j 1, attic, buih-iu. $41,500 Bad Oil ma.rket - Upper level with large Mulde I rcc in f roo! yard. Prof'll limit; owocr's loss = your gain. $37,450 > > > Bridt A llloc:k H- Needed! < < < We luove buyen waitiag for original G.H.I. homes. if '''" want to aell id a burry, give us a call! \ REAL1Yl LEONARD & HOLLEY WALLACE , "11-hm buyen think Grunbelr, they think REAL 1Y I..fl., J

3 d A. S:iSilr.. - Long't:tme Greeabelt l"nident R.rt.h A!Ullt BoW"lDUU died Toesday, AurUJt 14 at Wa.Mtiqt.oa Hosp-t:.a-1 Center of a J.&Mive n-ear. attao::ll. Ratb wo.ud haye :..e.en '77 on September 4. TI-e Bowmana moored to Greenc-e:t :n She and her hwt nd, Rruce, at 53 years ra:iad he1 r hree ehildnll ia the,creen :>e-lt e>f Greenbett, tt. woc:mla at he en<;1 of laurel Hill. Tftir.r-were acuve tn many Greenbelt orpniutjo:! &nd &4!tiTitiea. A radu.ate of Antioc=h Collejl'e n 0 h10 a a W'ta Bruce. Roth ma JOred tn eb.ild developmeat. y we- married on her cr-duat.j:on day She taqcht Du.r&er'J" e.bool ; n Greenbelt and later wu a ic.mde!"garun tncber at North End hooi for 14 yeara, when il:tn.der.rarn were eoopenti ea and :a-:er wben they were incorporat-ed into tm Prince Georwu County School Q'atem. A.s a lanar time resident, Ruth was :r.terv1ew fo'r )...,_,,,.,; tory?t')ject in connection with the c1ty's 5-0th anniversary eelebratton m R.eapoTIIIIin&" to the 1Ue3tion,.. What a.-pert af yo.,;:.r :rle 1n Greenbelt meant the rro'!: you 7 Ruth aaid:.. Oh, rr.y!.o?:tchmg, no question. I just g') i' m'h sati.t'&c\ion workinc w:th ch:ldren, aeeinc them grow, deve.op and elun.ge. Oh, that was :he :nost wonderful thing that b.appnd ':..0 me."' She went on u:> comment about tlm bal:f..da:r tchedu2e w1th the kiddera-aru" w'h1ch made It ponible for he w :oolc. after ber own family' ns as IL Her intentrt.. in eluded tm PTA. Girt Seoata the Greenb4!'k Health Aiation, o! wh:ch she wu a boud memt>er R.1tr. : sunived by her husb-and. Br1Jce; son, Peter. and h1s wi!e. Rose, o-1 Houston; dater3 Sa:1dra of Seattll!' and Ba:r n of Bloomington, IlliDois; and randdaughter Jo,ong. A memorial s.erviee will be held at Cedar LaM Unitarian Chureh Cedar LaJie in lkthesda on Sunday, A U((Uat 26 at -1 p :-n Trips fof' Senion Planned T ne Gr'!P:<enbe.Jt Rec:-reation Oepar!.ment Ul spomorinc two trips! Y!' :Jenior eitiuns in September. 0;;. W ednesda.y, Se))teillber 12. partjc:p.ants w1l1 go to the Burn Bne Dtnn.er Theatre to 11ee <f.2nd Street'". On MoDday, SePt.ember 24 they will ha?e lunt'h aboard the Harbor Queen and ":'l"j.i the Inner HaJ'Ibor. Tbere :! a! fo.y botli tripa. Any senlor Jtizen interested in attending l':ue should come to tht' Y ou'th Cenoter to make l"em'j"'nl t:ons Reservations are made on a fint-come, fintserved b&ais. Seat.$ are hm1te<i. 47t-6871!1. CowMs - Anderson Support Groups Meet VirtOria A""" Cowana, daucb ter of llarcueote L' Anchria of Piedmont, o.dd Jolm Douclu Cowans of llontnat, Q""'-,, married to Hauell 'f1uc'pen A.ndenon, aon o1 Martin. and Hattie 'nlicpen ADderson at Greeabelt., Oil August 4 at eville, Quebee. Elisabeth ADde:noD Jta.c-Lellan o1 Ottawa, Ontario, the sister f1f the groom add a former Greeubek resident. ter"'t'ed u matroa-ot-hodot. The best man wu Tlm Bayter of Laurel Both the bride and groom are lg&gi craduat.e ol. the I:nivenity af New BT'ti:JWW:iek. _'"'11. New Brunwwic:k. the in aociol a.nd be in encifteerin«. The bride is a tiv-e of Quebec and a graduate o1 Biabou's Colle«e Sehool of LeaDO%Yill.,, Q..-.. T1M: CTOOm, who wu born and raised in Greeftbett. ia & gr.duate of El nor R.oosevelt Senior Hirh Sehool. The eoupe will reside in Xanle Shade, New Jersey. The bride wi.h undertake a second delrf'h in nonin&" a.t Rat;cen VniTU'IIjty. The m ia an engineer with Aer''ll O.ta Reduction Aaaoeiates of Pennsauken, N Jeney. For their weddijw trip, th-e coa pie will be ea.mpilic and hikinc in the Great Smokie&. All ltudenta Jt-12 born outaide the 'United Statea or who have limited Eql.i.ah profideney are required to register at the Interaaticm&l Student Office prior to - --all beidc admitted to their local school.a. The [DtarD:atioual Student Gnidaaee Off"aee i:de:dtifies, foreicn studenta.- bom ki:ndercartea throqh the 1l!th grade. Speeial on days have beeg arranged for A 'QC'I.Dt '20. 27, , 30 add 31!rom 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. In cooperatioil with the Prince Georca Count)' Health Department. on-site health surveys will be provided on Aucust 20. Also health survey add on-llite lmmunisation will be provided AuguJJt , 30 and 31, from 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Families should ea !or an appointment for student reglatration if they are unable to ttend any at the abon listed eount7--wide reci.tr.tion dan. The [:nternatio11&l S t u dent Guidanee and SOL/Language llinori.ty Prog-rams Off'teeS have moyed to th-e Bladenaburg Instrurtional Serviee-a Center (the o 1 d Bladenliburg Elementary SdMtpl), 5150 Annapolis Road, Bensburg. HOST FAMIUES NEEDED NOW AL8I!II'ft) Ezpoee your family to &Bother culture. Well -ed trirla aad I boys,,. 15 to 1B yeara old!l"'m ScaAd:i'l"i.a., France. Hoiland, ltaly &nd ' En8'iland need familiea 'lrillinc to boot them for u eomiac aehool year. Enridt TOQr famil,. and make a lifelonc frieacl of overee..s viaitor. C&ll now to qualify add eeieet )"'QJ" own esehanp tndent (.mete pareata 1aQ" appl). S.UU. at SOl-H'r-7288 or n.. a& % (Toll Free) Mil!.[] AS8E e ia. pabtic beadt, --..,Dsati- Two.apport.crou.- for IIUl" mon of BarriT of Iaceot (SIA) meet SUDda,. n- from 1:30-8 p.m. at llowatt Memorial UDited "'ethodlat Clrurdl. 40 R;qe Ro.d. - park. inc a m the rear ot u.: c:bureb..,_. - ' timon DO eroa talk.. 8laoldDc ia prohibited. SIA ia a t..z-.tep If-help crovp for aduka 18,.ean or older who were aezualij' u cbijdrwn. or t:hiall tim7 m&7 ba fined.---- broadly to abum b,. a f'alai17 member or &D70lle 1rho the clnla WU led to trust saeh.. teaeiler, m.bdster or triedd of the :famil7. There are no don or fee&. Oa.e Alr'ri-for P'OUP b far meu onlv: the other, for the bearidc impaired, is opet1 to both men anct women. B atll"'iton are welcome oalj' if flaeat a:ipen.:iaee DO interpreter will be pro'rided. For t1lrther mtormatlon. eoo. bod Du or Pat (301) (VTI'Y.). ST. JOHN s CHURCH Epiaopal Baltiaore BIT4. at Powder MiD Rd..Beltnlllo 8 :30 Lm. Holy Eaehariat 10:30 a.m.. BolT Eucharist and Sunday Sebool Rev. John G. Balla. Rector % <::>< Catholic Community of Greenbelt MASS Municipal BuiWintt Sunday. 10 a.m. SWEDISH loy NEEDS HOME IN OUR COMMUNITY Japu from Sw.., lo -..ndou.j.y awai1:;lq De'WII that then it family id the Prince.. Coul>tJ' area who will help!ulftll hu dream of spmd. idc a year ia America. Jeaper enjoys col!. araaic &Dill movies and ia bopinc to pursue some of thhe inte duriq hu ez1ebanp.,._., Be ia alao loojd.q f to d& velopina new 'Americu' interate a::xl bobbies that he ean ahan with his friedda whe:d he returns to Swede.a.. Eaeh,e. ASSE mter- tioual Stadeat -- pzograms pnmde QliOoUIIed Euro- -n -with tbe opporo. tun:ity to spe:d an andemie year in America atlteddinc a local bich l<boo! - lmraidc about life in America. If J'01II' famr1y w belp. J per"a,.ear in tae PriDce Georcea OoaatT ana.,..-m. plaae call,._. loeal Ana RepftMD!atn., IOVIWI'I-' or - ASSE'a - WI '" =--=-=-: t.al-.. t._ """"'-r '" 100 aaa -. ASSE, o. DOII pro6t _. iali<m.. cleclko.ted to - puiedocl TbDJ'IId&y. A._.t 16, 1990 Thank You St. Jude for answering my prayers. RR I - Greenbelt Community Church U.NITED CHUBCB OP T HWiide & c-t _ P-: '7' m.p 10:111 am Sunday Wonhfp 11 :20 Fellowahlp N.._, C Pmded "A ci.otrclt o/ tm- "'* tl&e..,,.,..,..w..rt. tu upiring.d. &ltd t1u oeiijz. YES YOUR LIFE CAN BE DIFFERENT Greenbelt Baptist Church Bible Stad7 For All AcM (Baa.) Wonbip 8erricea (!km.) llidwmk Pro.:rw 8enlee (Wod.) Sundoty School 9:30AM. Foz n 474-eUI 8:10 All D PM c-a--. 1!:41 All 11:00 All &. '7:00 PM 8:00 I'll MOWA'n' MEMORIAL 40.Ridge Road Greenbelt Dniel Pastor Momins worship 11:00 AM. (Nursery Provided)._..., Wonldp - s--,. 8:10-11:11 a.a. (,._ - - Holy Cross Lutheran dturdt lleh.l - Billie a-. t:io -no&ti-.8-u:uia.a.. Par -.wllooa..-- tw, -..,._ B.._...-us Ji I Police Blotter.. \ :._..,._._.. I,_ P.Jice.,._ On A-' Z Pfe. llo.rio. Arthur o.rreoted a Zl-:rear-old 'OIODI'Ui dedt male for o.q to -.. bad cbecll: '" - Prod (Beltioa:r Plo.so.). He.., held on Sl.OOO hoad peddiour trial. On Aucaa a, CpL - Kel ler reopoaded to o. report tho.t then were ju1'eailea with kai'fu in front of suer. Deep Di.eoUDt Drap- o.rreoted two D..,.;. deat malea. aced 11 o.ad 1'-o The youths wen eharced witt!! e&ri'j' iog a eoneeahid deadly We&J'OD o.ad were nleueci to the eaatocb' of their po.reata _.nne.. toa byjle- On A- 8 Offleer Robert DowUac o.rreoted u IS..,_,..Id resld- male Ia tbe Maaleipo.l Bulldlac parldac lot far - aion ol an opea &leohoue eontai1>er. Tho JOQt!l wu._. OD eito.tioao peadiac On lal:r Ill - - o.ad -.,.. Ia 11>e 8180 bloell: of S!>rtowbH Laae. failed:.. female.raideat ll.ud a DOiae M a widdow &Dd a.wakeded. a male rellident. ToeetMr they look ed out the window - uw two mea at the wfadow. The male raide!lt thea dlued die men aa W he 1- olcht of tbem Ia the area ol SpdachiU La,. - Jlo.r loet lade. Later - moraiq, the noidaltoo foand tho.t the.., - - pried away from there were KDtehft oa the man n:lriele u though someone had tried to wodco oo""'llhiac -.. tho clrhw'a doot o.ad the d- tr.me. Tho woald-bo burtr lo.n claeribed.. blaell:. Ia -. _ -- their -ly 20a, II'. medium balld, with hlaek b.o.lr. 0 of lclwanl K. Cornelius 7801 Ora Glen Drive. Suite #108 Greenbelt. lid f.allme Cllr :_ - ' - --! Zip..... ltt u aiiici. Sate Fann Fire and Caswllty Con1p>ny Homr ()ftk:c-: Bklomi111JWn. lllinoi.!. F'""'""'""'""'"".!!i.i!i,{!ii'V.-:d:.!,' "-.. l,'".,;;; : -: :;;; '""'""'""'""'"""'il afjitittg all;ry. Jnr. HAll - -CARl SPECIAUSTS GREENWAY EAST PROfESSIONAl. BUILDING 7525 GREENWAY CENTER DRIVE SUITE T GREENIIHT. MARYlAND 2Q _ 71 "Mike" McAndrew AMERICAN REALTY CALL ANYTIMEI Office Home Take A Look At These Great Values * * *UNDER $100,000 * * WBIITCBBSTBR PARK f78.- A rare 28, Srd. ft.oor unit in the prdena. Will 1ell fast. Call now. CRARLIISTOWNB VILLAGE f71,680 Apprai1ec1 for N2.000 PBA.. thi1 I bedroom is ready tor ita new O'W1UII' add ita walkid8' dt.t&nce to Greenbelt Lake. Don't mi!a this townhome condo. Little upkeep and low mainte-nance! Cellece Park Towero M&,IIOt ADOther cood imreatment for 10meone who wants to be a!!'"toms throw awa7 from the Ualvenlty A k Kathleen a-bout thl.s 2 bedrm uaitl * * * ANXIOUS OWNERS COLLEGE PARX BIITAT Almost below tbe ave.,e tellinc price! Come take a hole. and brine yoar k for tb:la 8 bedroom, 2 full hath brk_k Rambler w/endoeld porch.. cdrtreet pm'kinc, nice level lot m aaperb neichbol'bood aad elo.e to main arteries ot transportation. BERWYN IIBIGRTB Solid: well..a.intahled Rambler w/two car carport on orner lot =. :!'nm:attot!:t in eot--irt-kitchen. ree. * MOVI-UP Home * * Abaohltel7 GIIEBNBBLT!LIBI!RTY impeceabloe Jpllt f07er --- w/htrh eathedral eei1in-gs, jacu-z.i tab /two. lf.1jru7, ftreplaee, faidily room, 3 FULL bath. dec. beaatilauy 1aDdaeapecl. There lm't enouch room to descnbe thj!, lliehael T. - iacle faoally.tw.lllnci Caii.KATHLEEN AJIMSTilONG Today lo See These Fine "-and Other Properties at T or LONG & FOSTER REALTORS NYMA N REALTY $53,900 BEST IUYI Lowest price in town!' Owner in proceaa of tlx up but you will reap the benefit.!! Don t misb thle 2 bedroom townhome. GUENIB.T-GHI $62,900 EXCEPnONAI. LANDSCAPED Y AJID 'l'h"' '-k vard wid im))l'e811 you, It baeka to woods aod even has a pond! Don't miss thle two bedroom frame with amall addition. BERWYN HBGHTS $149,900 QUIET NBGHIORHOOD Move your family up to thi8-4 bedl'oom rambler on a beautifully landacaped c:omer lot rib feaclng. Your ehildren will enjoy the ull basement with outaide exit into rear yard Tb.le Ia a perfeet family home! ERA NYMAN REALTY 7213 Ha- Parkway

4 ELLERS TYPI!:W1ll'Tl!!R PAIR - Eleetric, standard add portable. Call WORD WIZARDS. INC., liabl word serric:e. OTer 10 yn. ap. Jecal, - a.:od acadcm.ie fie.._ Reasonable - Call' 98Z-7tl81. HOt:SECLEANING I ba-.e Grt refs. of S ye.n. Weekly, ly. IIIOIIddy, S4li"' $65. '-='--AND=REP=AIIl Expert odd JlelioWe PiaDo Service to Gneabelt..,.._ &r &Dfaily. 47. CANTWBI.SMmt &... SIIUill -=- A=tiDc Jndmdual ldeomo Ta:< Prepont.tion. Compote-ri%..:1 Aceowrtinc Sya-, tem Setup, JAKJ!B R. CA:"'TWELL. CPA Call_, CALDwtUJS APPilANCI!: SERVICE - All..,.-. GOLD. DIAMONDS? Role.s: Watches, S- TV"a. VCll'L We ba7,..u. trade or..,., add..,;tar,.a-. A-1 Pawllbroller p CUS'TOJ(-IIADE WED DING GOWNS. A..-ta add J(otl>en' dr--. Debbie 47t.-a:ZIIt. TRANSPI!Il ru-, to VBS. Jl'lnt title add III1IOie free. v-...-_ HLll IDC-'7 GREENJIBLT W INDOWB A PAINT INC. a., t wt. daws PhoDo -" - -IIJIIC Yb> '7. - txptat IN HOKE deaaiijc. ReUODeble rata. Weekly. biwomollly or..oathlj'. Call slacif nllc1ter Eloctrio La"'fJUDGW.r. Practiea.lb new. 545 with 4'74-682'7. Are Your Auto Repairs A Hassle? DOES IT TAU TOO LONG "AND" COSf TOO MUCH? WE HAVE CERTIFIED TECHNICIANS 'I1IA.N WILL COME "'TO YOU". "YOUR HOKE'" OR "BUSINEISS" Quality a_.. Perl..- Site:.._ add..,.. y_.. Car-.,.,.._ y- lufr Can am CMoell O.r It C..U N.._. te c-e te Y..!! CALL FOR APPOINTIIIIIIT A. ANTHONY'S M08IU VIHICLE SERVICE NEED A c-s.m- Orillllllllf Houn 8 :30 a.m. - S :30 p.m. -.,. - Friday No Experieuo:e N RebinliDg to 1l'<lri<? We will trald. G"'*t Good pay, Verr flezibje h._ (We are doeed for Xmu hatidaya) FUU TIME- PAIIT IIIII UNIVERSITY BOOK CENTER Um-nit,-el DO INYR'.ATION TO BID The City of Greenbelt is oeejting sealed bids for the fol items. Interested bidden may obtain detailed - dlkatioiui for each item. by Bid Number, from the chasing 0111ee. 25 Crescent Road. Greeabelt, Marylud ar cad Ior more information. Bids will be aeeepted until the SJ*:ifierl time for each Bid Item u noted below, at sueh time bids will be publkly opeued ill the Mu:uicipal Building, 25 Crescent Road, Greenbelt, Maryland- BID # DESCRIPI'ION DATE AND TIME Compact 4-Door 4- OPENING: 9/5/90, Wheel Drive Utility Vehicle 9:46 All Security and Fire PreveDtion System for Municipal PRE-BID MTG. 8/28 AT 10:00 A.M. Building. OPENING: 9/5/90, 10:00 A.M HV AC System for Gym at PRE-BID MTG. 99 Centerway Youth Center 8/28 AT 1:30 P.M Contractual Service to Mamtain B<!-cY"Jing Dropall CeDter OPENING: 9/5/90" 10:30 A.M. OPENING: 9/5/90, 11:00 A.M. -=..,._ ST. rode's the s.aect.., -of - be-. gloriroed, forenr. Sacncl - of J-, pnt.y - -- St of mire<loe, pnj' for - help., Twe--- FOit SAU BY OWIIB tm --- ThaD<- 8L J-. fw -..me _,.. m.yv. WI!:DDlNG PLOWERS (SUb) 4&-BIIiolpeo.pa -.. Pu ljsed._u,._.._. serriee. Call,.._.c oat.. air leaf.. tat. GUITAR LKB80118, - s..r., c:hcrio, -,...Jblc- hll '1111 QPEN BOUSK IIA'f A: BUK WINDOW W'AlJIIING, - w.c.-. - c.n Paul u...., ,. Call,74-G'I't JL\lLING UST BBKVICEB. We pribt yoar -m.c - add '7'-llllla. PRIVATE MATH TUTOR---Ge1>eral..U.,1&2,..,.._.,., bi& lz7, SA.'I' -. Celtifiod IUI>-l.nl.. -- Call ltea "' LICENSED DAY CAD. Sis yean'.,, ' 7ean a mother. ua lo8t. - yet. LDta., - '7' St..1-. CLASSIFIED.oopnf:-== ABIDING -- DOJIB BY GAT WAY VINYL &ALUIWIUM Eel 1i'raaey IIBIC No' 3'727 BII.ADFORD & CRB'IN II. PllUDINnAl n, Seivl u IDJ[ 041 m AUTO IIOIIB t.. Door..,_ -PJI.UP_, ---v-. a c; WK ALSO DISUD B..,.oAwsll. s Pleel8i&lllfr t e """"' IIJPu Citisalll BaDk Buildilla' 107U JWti.-._.(Ill. 1) -r.-oa &1 Fdmeeten a-1, 201 en.wt. Jla7lurl2D'I'l S.UoPorT-- - C ; tithe?zte. -..,_-., RATES CLAIIIIIftD:, u _ D PA-. '-.,.._- c-. IIODD: _,.. aaa 1li - c. -. U ,. ---_,.u.-- POR.. :IAa, -CIIll-- roa SAL&: k--...,. ; SZO;.., - teu-. f'l5... _.toft, UWIU. riill SAl& H OWAW: Jliill; tiful 1 B1l - 1IDit UpleW.. ba.-.n.u, II&.. - J.Z.Ii... _.,....ar J.&J( 11.-r '.. _ I -- Ul8.. &ood -.la6gr, SkateF,..,.. ua.er& See me fw c..#iam.... llle -..1,.., lmutance... '"""_._ G.-.,_IW._ 47.. D..W.t.._au.;.,. a-- _,._c,-. INSUaANflS: ' _,_ Cenlw School PTA Lallar--..,...._Of. c:o.op ,_.pidr-up. 65. S.191h 1-5 I at, lli.. WID, I Ale's,.._..,. Elldin,-., - r:r-priee-..,.... cw -caa-,.. 14S ZZ21,.. THISCAQS IN YOUR MVOil 10m wiii8hf NOWI -wwi&k-- 1:-n. llfeloow fdr - Prlac ap - fatorit. loodal - M.S.,,. '., #1111 (-WIICI-'a),.1. Land111ap c:amtructton LANDscAPE DP.BIGN- AND INSTALLATION STONE/BRICK WALKS, WALLS AND.PATIO& PRESSURE 'l"reated RETAINING WALLS WATERFALLSANDPONDB. GRADING, SODDING AND SEEDiNG IIVLCH AND TOPSQn. DEI.IVEit.BI1 BOBCAT DUIIP TRUCK RENTALS. Arclllt.ctwul.._.. S..lrl-. :. MEW BOIIBS, ADDmONS AND JUqNOVATIONS._ INTBBIOB.DP.BIGN AND SPACB. PLo\NNJNG -Cl'ION -- GARDEN STBUCl'VBES. - I'IURI!II Oc:cgslons VIdeo c.. -; :VIIIIoe For All MMLY M" (301) SPECIAL $ u TV,VCil &S. Werle With 1tu. AIJ CALl DAVE'S APPLIANCE SRVICE Sel"'riee for all tnajor appli&deea in the home. Open )lon. thru Fri. venin.-. and Saturday available Call 3-\ Ettaeweed TVAA dl uependab1e Guaranteed. Sorrit:e HJ7 RBODB ISLAND AV. COLLBGB PAili, MD. 20UO I.l.enM4 A Boadod GREENBELT AUTO & TRUCK REPAIR CO. A.S.E. c.rwled Teelmlelaat Serllllc ColllpateriHd Eleetronie Ipitloa A Il:llduiOil Control Sy1tema AD _,or a llmor Rep.in Oil FONI&'n 6 Domestle Auto PHONE': WS-"2512 IAca&od h1 roar of Kobtl Serrice Station tatc-ter lit C.O.t..way Rood a-mii. MD.-no LJCIIIqD e BORDBD INSUBBD -- AIIWuka-.. ADDn'IOifB "C'wfelll KiteUu.t Batlta" CONCitli:TE >oacau u.:-t&janl ulcb amma:za. LANDSCAPING.oo:- IMPitOVIMINT TOP SOIL 8!0.. DOOU BDVlCJ: W'DCD0111'B -!ITORAGII CIIILUIIC Tn.& SJUDB -=- )(,&!.C. #I&Ul : -hb YJihicle -LAW. OFFICES FREE INmAL CONSULTATION._ w.._ Appolr 11nr <Dhonat/ --)- Trdlci'Ditrille Whfl Ia Won-..'1 eomp Mtfr boj1u'j'/w-.fal - llabllltri'coouommr - -lalata Attomeys Mary Ann Ryan Ma'lJaret E. Rath Capital Otllee Park.8801 Ivy Lane, Suit ::. -= = :--:eprudential \! P re-fened Properties J 1. ' Si.. uink A I -T GHI Riverdale..wei' Dl'nlfGI ft.urf -II All-. 4-Bil, Zli BA 'l'lda- 1ao1 a NEW d-., LOC.I.'ftONI.UICA'IIONI CAN YOU BBLIBVEr _. - II I a- = &c-:r: "'::.: -....,_ - Bblelo.J!amily home W/2 BR'a..._ DON'T _, tn,8cio CALL for detail. uoa,ooo. AND w/w ept. add JIUCR -. add J'lll'i Ill _.till..eelac by WIN ftoon and w/w/ ept.. """'"., -n --w..-. _; ea..pa.,. "'-ic:l -lllft'lt - ADd DitA'IZD Of TUPitUDI:Ift'LU. JI&U. J:IITA'I'II AJ7U,lATES, INC. ) Creenbe:t Qffic;:: " :301) IT1, 1.-!.;1: G:J 1 C --;- r,no'. dr _.,_ t( 4,r; J.rpr nlh.ll, id '0770 i

5 II SUPERMARKET 474-Q522 HOUI<S MONDAY-SATURDAY 9-9 SUNDAY 10-6 c.op Leon Beef._.... s2 a R..URoast ec-p lean Beef loneleu :::; st!. S2 99 Fresh Leon Q..,.._ Port Fresh Holly,_,_ 18 pc. lile4 Fryer 77 Parts.. Fresh lxtra Leon C<>-<>11' Lean Rump - C().-011 Lean Beef CulM SNak Co-op Lea:n Beef BONELESS EYE ROUND ROAST Fnsh TuT"key Orvmsticks Fn-eh Lean Thia Clrt Pork Chops Jamestown Sliced lacon Vikinc Breaded Flounder Eckriril. Meat Franks Tablets $1.29 $2.99 $2.19 $2.29 lllcb Gaud Anti Penp. 2 os. Stick AJka 5eltaer $1.39 lllet. Tide Powdo!r Laondr7 De l:.s. Gra.mlated Sugar Filbert Mayannai- \1asic ZHtJ' Snack 89. $1.99 lb. $1.39 QT. 24 0&. Chunk Plckl- $ lb. "' $1.39 Plllt pl. $1.29 lladonr 1.. Pork & leans 3/89c Del Koate 16. gbbans 59c Peter Pan.fa OS. IDia. 18 os. Peanut Butter $1.99 Scottiea - Facial Tissue ll4lr or 9pKial TOIIATO 80UP Del Monte Tomato Jl!flce 10 Jh. $ QT. Cat Food 3/a9c - 1ndte pi<. Toilet TluUe 89c B- lloa. Tomato Sauce 2/ B!Do Blah Yield 1N OL briell Ground Colhe $1.69 a-" I "'- - - Italian -.,.. >.$2M _ Qollle. Jr. 49c. Calif.-.. u 6mnbdt Dtws hitw AN INT NIWSPAPEit lehier Brothen Win Contract For lld r Swi iag Pool by Vlr&iDia Beauchamp Greenbelt will have ita indoor swimming pool at last' That good news came at a regular city council meeting on Monday. August 18, when council approved a contract for $2,892,214 with Kettler Brothers, In<:. of Montgomery \"illage. Following the unanimous vote, with CounCllmember Volume '"' Number 40 P.O. Box 68, Greenbelt, u._._ Th A Edward Putens absent, Mayor Pro Tern Thomas X. White.::==.'{"';::&,.::.::::::=:.;:;::..:...::::::..=::!.::::!!.:=:-="::::::..::::.!;:::::;u::rs.::!..,.!!:u::Jgl:..!:;:!..!:!:::. Old Favorites and New Delights Featured at Labor Day Festival CbarHe add Dora. the Demma's. a hualland and.ue team in an od from tile clqa of -.me. Tap dadddc. -. aiaeiae impreaaioa o1 o:rmer creat vaudnille atan alone with mini inatnactlona in the art of tap daneida are featured in the Dem_ ma'a fut-paeed aet. The Capital City Jass Band, led by R<Uty Adler, Ia a Green belt favorite are the Ralph c.e Square Daneen wbo enter. tala Sa.Dday nicht add uaually haft BMMK of tbe audience dane id(f with them. This year the Festival includes ' two performers in the art at Mime. Mark J- will be rovinc the eamival -area entertain ide OD Saturday alld T-Gal.iaer will perform there on Sun day. Bay Owen returos to enterlaia with the elaasle WDOI. - the so., 70. lldd 80o and refleete;d baclt to the 1986 bond Issue referendum in which Greent voters agreed to borrow $6 million for a polce station, parkland acqulsltlcm, and a swimming pool. "Tonight's action," he said, "probably concludes all the item5.. It's the end of a loq road and very satisfying." Six compa.ntes bid on the IWim mioc pool project., bamcl on a deoip by SullnaD lldd Almy, II:C., arebiteeta. AU aix propoaala and verbal humor. Thia,-ear'a were fti'y eloae, aaid Ctty Plan festival will be the first for Jerry niq Dl.rec.tor Celia Wilaon, with the Tranaformer' reeyclemania the final three within $45,000 of performance but not the first for one another. The Kettler bid, the Folk eincinc Partnen in whieh waa the lowest. wu orlc Song wbo close tbe Festival en inally $ ; but th:rouah tertainment OD. Monday. consultation with the architect Miu Greeabelt Pac nt and the eity, eertain modtficationa Eight eonteata.uta sponeored by were made whteh redoced the local oreanizatiou and businesaea price to the lower figure. None are eompetidc for the title of of these ehances, Wilaon stressed. Miss Greenbelt. The eontestanta would make any difference in the will be introduced and perform quality of the tructure. a country and western danee num A ahown in tbe architectural ber on Friday eveninc. perform renderid&', the window frame in the talent bow on Saturday ehoaen were of a material called and appear in evenift8' gowns for K;vnar, which baa a blulth colthe final election and crowning orine that. would piek up the ceremony on Sunday. The Little blue color of the. aucaeated roof. Miss Greenbelt Paceant wi11 be i& material. lnatead the window held in eonjunetlon and a dozen framea will now be made of a or more youna ladles from seven clear anodl&ecl aluminum, ailver to ten &re partfelp,atine. inatead. of bloe, bdt equally ef- S - Conteote feet.lft. Tbe ehanp redueed the On the fieldl and eourta of p r I e e by,11,000. Similarly, Greenbelt, many reaidenta will eha-naidc the ptter :ratem would take part in aport. event. from. declaet almolt another,11,000 foolilall to teruda to coif. Pine S.. POOL, Jo&lle I. eol S =::::-d.!w":b:::t,..-r --,..;-..::.,'"!.. Jllft*iiPJt,.. <\;':._.. _,. 1-lO'p.m. OGPJ', c. 1-lOp.lll.eGPJ', u «Ul fr<q-.and OIJrioltlaD U>e popular lfacldaa od at loo the ties -- - lneladlac tile <4 adult - and - ebii- IAbor Ila3' Futml. Be baa en- dren'a Treaaun H- bleb will tertalnail at tile White Houoe, """ partlcipaab oeunyina. i'iatioaal,_ add Wolf Trap Gt oparnd OD by el- And bu aow - bo.1rj1ne roo- left Ia.arioaa locatlono In tbo ti- for thlo, _, clt,.. The Btu sq._.. wm pre. Speelal eo- w!u bo held : aent "Tbe Tbne (Not So Little) for eblldren and will becln with Pip" ao.,...-t and bllarioua a diaper dejt>j' In wbldl bableo ada;pta.tion of tim ebllc!ren'a e.. an eatleed to erawl :from a eenale. :Hike Kuobla' od loo OBtiti ter ebele to an outolde rlnc llan ed "JuftlillC add ecm-pol'&rj" 'OiellorJ' and.- await..tocl- w and -- Ylaaal S.. LABOR DAY, - 11 CITY PHii 101m 01 MASTEl PUI F. IDIOI CEITEI IlEAl WerkuubuaSafety,, A wori:: -.ion OD u:fety for.. tudent pedatriana at Eleanor Roooevelt Bleb Sebool will be held on Thunda7, Aquat 80, at 8 p.m.. in the eity eoudcil room of the Jolaldpal Bulld:ID!t. llepreantattvea of the publie achoola, the State Bic-J' Admlnlotra tlod CSBA) add -te lelfialaton have beea. invitecl to participate in the meeuoc. AmJ' Darin, of high aebool atudedt U-riaa' In Wincloor Green on the eouth lricle of G..,.!\ Boad, wrote to oehool tboard JDelllber. Suanne P1ocman :::.,. -:..:a= = belt Road to the wtranee of th -1 balkllac, be - ill bet letter, elated Ju]J' Ill. Studelrto sbould DOt ha e UU dod«can add oebool- In order to enter tile frodt door.w "G.-I\ Road ltaelf Ia a aerioaa ecmeem ahe continued, with.,eedlq e.n-, DO "vertieal ebool iiodiw alcm, a pedntrian erooo!dc at tile erut of a hill and parda who are onlj'..- for a mo.t time. Ao a nou1t of Derlu'a letter, Pio.,,. bu..,._ted eoot Hti - low 1aJ'iM a oldewalk mm G.-It Road to the oehool'a frodt door Ia ber letter of Au cat 1 to -1 npulatoddeat Jolm A... Ia doe letter, obe aleo-.,. too ::- doe oebool.,._ -.: c-o - "'oaar - wltlltile..-._.of Gnoal>elt Road --om.. lldd tile opeod of - in tbat.. wrote -t a J(qor Gil Welcloafeld In a Je-te c.-11 Jllllo, DWriet far tile SIIA. Morelud Wen ftlassive 8ms id IDdiaaa Explosion Greenbelt police officer Thomas Moreland, 24, suffered ser,ous injury last Thursday whlle h<?lping a relative work on a we-.! Moreland's clothing caught fire from an accidental exr>loslon when gas m the wel\-ho\je ignited, ca.us;ng second and th1rd degree burns over SO percent 0 his body, He i-s in the ho:-pi.:l in critical but stable t:(,r.d::l0r Greenbelt's Fraternal Or<h-r,f Police is collectlng mor.ey t<)....,. silt Pfc. oreland, who ; a {l'<eyear veterans of the department Moreland, his wif<;> Ju.e a l their six month-old 5-0n Ben, n.s: dents o! Hunting R1dge, wprp vi5iting Julie's relatjves. in Rushville, IN. when the accident ),::. curred. Moreland was taken o Wi"!!lhard Memorial Hospital, 45 miles away. Wishard, one of wd Level 1 trauma center in Ind. anapolis, has the comprehens'. e burn unit for Indiana and l. h" teaching hospital for the t:mnrl'i.ty of Indiana. lfedical Scho<;. Hospital spokesperson Tim Johnson told the :S ewa Rview on WednMday tliat bo.t"pftal pel"".annet will know more aoout how Moreiand is faring by early n+.!x\. week. Moreland's h.ead and face etcaped the burne, which ar concentrated on his legs and lt>!t torso. The burn unit provides a spec:tal clkn enviroment and constant surveillance of patients "Y'hOH greate&t threat ie. the opportunity for infection. At the request of th - Greer. belt FOP. the Indianapolis FOP baa been providing in1ormatlon to Greenbelt and aupport!or Juhe. Funda from the Greer."tlelt FOP are already paying the <.Ost for her of a In<Otel room near the hoijpital FOPs spokesperson Patriek McAndrew described Moreland aa ''an outstanding young man. a superb guy" who".'j had a "tough!oetback." Th Greenbelt Fire Department will donate the proceeds of its Al.l gust 26 Bull and Crab Fea9t to Moreland, who is a member. The FOP is aeeking commur ity a-apport for Xoreland and his family. Donations may be sent to the Thomaa Mon:Jand Fund, c/n GroeDbelt FOP, P.O. Box 9, Greenbelt. Md Cannisten for donations have bee'l placed in 101ne busineees i11 Romevelt Center. For more information, call the Greenbelt FOP at 47.a What Goes On S. Au. ze. 7 p.m. The Ba ftrian Dan«Co., Roosevlt Mall Titan.. A - so. 7 :10 p.a. Sen-. lor Clt.i.seru Adviaory Com,. Youth Center I..-. City Council work MNion with SHA on Greenbelt Rd.. aa!ety problem Munieipal Biulding. May be preceded by Special Council meeting Frt. lloa.. Aoc. at. Sept. 3 Labor Day Futlval