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1 Solebury School 6832 Phillips Mill Rd New Hope, PA C O M I N G E V E N T S A T C A M P W E E K 5 Director s Notes J U L Y 2 7, W E E K 6 C A M P O L Y M P I C S Here we are - Overnight Night! A night of endless fun for all! While it's a big and fun night, it's also a marker that we're getting close to the end of the summer here which is certainly sad as it's been terrific in so many ways. I want to thank the staff for all they always do - particularly with all they are about to do tonight and for all they did yesterday to help make the triathlon such a success. I am blessed to have such a committed and talented group of people with me and with your children. Back to the triathlon - WOW! As I said in the yesterday, I am so proud of the Group 6 and 7 campers for what they did, for how much perseverance they showed, and for the spirit with which they approached the event. Tremendous! A few other reminders - 1) Keep Vienna Ajmeri Declan Anderson Kate Andreoli Jackson Brown Eliot Buteux Theo Cannon Cole Catalano Jonah Endress Dylan Forbes Jackson Freer Landon Katz Connor Keyes Griffin Laing Stella Lontchar Dash Marino Alex McQuiston Liam O Reilly checking the lost and found - the supply of towels in it seems to be growing. 2) Remember next week on Friday we have the end of camp celebration which we'd love any and all of you to come to. It will begin at 2:15 on Friday, August 3rd. 3) Also remember, we will NOT have after care that day (Friday, August 3rd), so please plan accordingly. Finally, thanks again to all of you for choosing us to spend the summer with - we are honored by the faith you all show in us and appreciate the chance to watch your children grow. Groups of the Week Congratulations Group 5 Zach Peckman Kevin Perry Graydon Scott Valerie Segler Dario Taborda Max Urbanek Ryan Kearney Newsletter created by John Petito

2 P A G E 2 Group Five campers are building geometric structures that are out of this world! Group 2 By: Henry Doone Group 2 had an awesome week! In flex, we had lots of fun playing rock, paper, scissors and ten ten, double ten. In sports, we played lots of fun games like octopus tag, steal the bacon and relay races. Henry most enjoyed playing gaga. This week in science we did lots of cool experiments like making rock candy and play dough. In Disco, which is Henry s favorite camp activity, we had lots of fun making newspaper triangles and stacking cups. Our towers were super tall! This week in art we made hot air balloons and magnets, it was so much fun! In swim we did stations with strokes, treading and dives. Group 2 is getting really good at diving! We also had a great time cheering on our fellow campers in the triathlon; everybody did such a great job. We are super excited for spirit week next week and ask that our Group 2 campers wear a white shirt on Wednesday for group matching day. Group 2 campers seashore artwork really captures the season and week s theme. Group 4 By Avery Catalano This week we have been patiently waiting until Friday because this will be our first campout! John and Weston are so excited to eat lots of candy, hangout with their friends, play pool games, and eat marshmallows. This week we played lots of dodge ball because that was one of our options with group 5. During our time in the pool we played capture the rings which was so much fun! Art couldn t have been more fun this week when we made landscapes out of ripped up paper. John and Weston said they don t want next week to come because they will miss camp so much! Group 4 really enjoyed watching all of the older kids participate in the triathlon and they can t wait until they can participate in a couple of years! Group 5 By Alex McQuistan I T H I N K Group 4 campers confer during a game W of H Family A T WFeud E Vdur- A Flex. T E D I E C R Eing S A G O O D E X - This week was a blast! In sports, we played soccer, Jurassic Park, and handball. In flex, we played handball as well, steal the bacon, and starburst capture the flag. Steal the Bacon was fun, because I got to play against my brother. Option was the best this week, because we played dodge ball. We played a lot of different versions of dodge ball, which was awesome. In swim, we did a lot of strokes, especially butterfly which was really hard to learn. In art, we made friendship bracelets and other cool things. In science, we made Elephant Toothpaste, and Bubbles. Lastly in disco, we made newspaper triangles into a fort, which was awesome! I am so excited for the camp out this Friday too, I am going to eat so much candy!!! Group 2 campers stack cups so high its almost as tall as they are!

3 W E E K 5 P A G E 3 Group 3 Week five has been an amazing time for Group 3! Even though we are not yet able to go to the camp out, we By Skiles Roberts- have had so much fun in all of our activities this week. Salvador & Zachary Bellomo lay races, Steal the Bacon, and of course camper Zacha- In sports we have been playing awesome games like rery s favorite, Gaga. In Disco we made a super cool fort out of paper. In swim, we have been working on new and exciting strokes like side stroke. In Flex we have been playing games like Sardines which Zachary describes as a cooler version of hide-and-seek. In art, the kids made miniature paper hot air balloons which came out beautifully. We have been doing tons of cool experiments in Science like making Elephant s toothpaste which is a crazy explosion in Zachary s words. We have had such an amazing week and are so sad the camp is soon coming to an end. We are so very excited for next week and the fun that comes with it. A FRIENDLY REQUEST Please remember to check our lost and found occasionally towels, goggles and knickknacks get left behind.

4 IT S NEVER TOO EARLY!!! If you enjoy spending your summers with us, it s never too early to start thinking about attending school here. If you would like some information, please talk to Scott. By Samantha Finch & Georgia Crooks Group 1 This week was another success for Group 1! In Disco, we built cool structures out of marshmallows and uncooked spaghetti. This was a lot of fun for the kids and we were able to build some awesome pyramids. In Flex, we were able to play gaga and ten ten double ten. Georgia Crooks stated that, Ten ten double ten was 10/10. It was totally epic and our group had a lot of fun. She also said that science was pretty cool because the group made bubbles that spanned the size of their body!! Swim was an improvement for this group and most of the kids were able to learn new skills in the pool. Georgia said to the counselors that, Our group could beat the group 7 kids in a skills contest because we were that good!!! Group One loved watching the contestants in this week s triathlon. There was a lot of cheering from the group and good enthusiasm from each kid. The campers are looking forward to participating in Spirit Week, next week, and have a lot of fun ideas planned. Group One camper swims under water. Way to Go! CIT Brief This week, Julie had the CITs make up their own game to play with the groups. One excellent game that was made was charades relay racing, which was created by Eve Davis-Hup. In this game, the objective was to act out an animal for your team, which was picked out of a bucket that you had to run toward. This game was well made because it is playable for all ages of children. There was also a lot of creativity that was put into it. This CIT activity was great because it taught us how to explain game rules to children and get them to participate in activities. Another fun activity we did this week was a game where the CITs were separated into two groups. We had to work together to build a certain structure that was located in a certain room, and only one person from each team could go in it. Then, they would have to report it to another person on their team, who would then help the builders to create the structure by asking yes or no questions. This game really contributed to our summer as CITs because it taught us a lot of teamwork, which helped a lot when it came to having to participate with children in different activities. Dale Leonard CIT guru Julie Laing & Ian McLaughlin share a selfie during snack.

5 Group 6 By: Delaney Brown & Sarah Kearney This week in Group 6 we had a ton of fun. We competed in a triathlon on Thursday. We had the choice to do it in groups or as individuals which was appreciated. We had to swim four laps back and forth in the pool, we had to bike three and a half miles, and then run one mile which is actually four laps around the track. In art class we made candy bags for the camp out which is on Friday, we also made friendship bracelets. We are so excited for the campout! We will roast marshmallows, stay up super late, eat a ton of candy, have a dance party, watch a movie, and play a lot of games!!! Hopefully this year it won t rain so we will be able to sleep in our tents outside. In DISCO we made huts out of paper towel roles. In science we made rock candy again. In Flex we played soccer and kick the cone two of our favorite games. In Sports we played a lot of fun games like capture the flag and red rover. We had a lot of fun this week, it was the best! Group 6 campers aren t letting up on the speed during this year s triathlon! Group 6 s designs during DISCO are amazing! Group 7 By: Sam Peckman & Noah Levinson This week Group 7 did a triathlon where we had to swim four laps, bike three miles, and run a mile. In science we made elephant toothpaste. The options were Dodgeball, Collage, and making digital memories. We will go on the campout which, we are really looking forward to. We are going to sleep here on campus and make s mores. In art we made giant origami eyeballs, and earlier the week we learned how to make pom-poms. In disco, we made these triangle thingies out of paper. We also played apples to apples. All in all week 5 was great! Group 7 campers lead the way during our camp triathlon. Way to GO!

6 We ve Got Talent! How Bout You?