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1 out of school club summer 2013 book now

2 S U RV I V A L july overall objective IT IS THE FIRST WEEK AFTER A TERRIBLE NATURAL DISASTER AND WE NEED TO LEARN HOW TO SURVIVE QUICKLY. WE WILL BE LOOKING AT BASIC SURVIVAL SKILLS AND MISSIONS. day one WE NEED TO SCOUT OUR SURROUNDING AREA FIRST. BUT WE MUST MAKE SURE WE MAKE IT BACK HOME. SO WE WILL NEED TO CREATE SOME MAPS AND TOOLS BEFORE WE HEAD OUT ON A SCOUTING TRIP along the canal. day two today we will be planting our own crops AND SCAVENGING FOR FOOD. in order to survive WE WILL NEED TO BECOME GREAT AT THIS. MAYBE WE SHOULD CRAFT SOME BOWS AND GO HUNTING. day three We must not forget about shelter too. Once the winter hits we will be in trouble and so we will need to create some camps today as well as some fires to warm ourselves by and cook our food on. day four we will need to try and signal other survivors out there and so we should make some signs and signals. But we have no tools! we will have to use our hands and vegetables to print the letters and scuptures out of junk we have around.. day five we should try and find more items out there that we can scavenge. everyone will have a list and then we will have to go and find those items. we must work as a team to recover everything.

3 W IL July 29 - August 2 overall objective Campers, you have landed in a foreign land and we are surrounded by wild animals. We must study these creatures and learn how to live with them. D LI F E The best way to blend in with these creatures is to look like them. We should paint our faces as different animals or make mask. Maybe even dress to look like them. We will need to find these creatures now. And so we should head out on an expedition to find them and draw pictures of what they look like for our studies. We have stumbled across what seems to be a natural reserve for them all. It is known as Cotswold Wildlife Park and is home to many of these animals. We should test the knowledge we have learned so far with a selection of random animal tests for each other to make sure we are truly experts in this field. With our trip almost over, we should create a special documentary cataloguing our findings so that others may learn from what we have seen.

4 AUGUST 5-9 overall objective n av i g a to r The airship is warming up and we are ready to embark upon a trip that will encompass the globe. Pack your bags travellers - we re going to be gone a while and we ll need every one of you to be paying attention closely. Our first stop is in the neighbouring country of France. We are going to try sampling and then baking their famous baguettes and then will need to make our own sculpture of the Eiffel Tower to take with us as a memory. We re heading south and into Egypt. The pyramids look amazing up close and so we will need to construct a replica. But let s not stop there. We will also need to dress up some mummies to be buried in their ceremonial tombs. We are heading East and into Japan. The towering Mount Fuji is standing in the distance and we need to hike up it and plant our flag on the top. First we must design the flag before we embark on our trek. The next stop on our tour is New Zealand. This amazing location is full of grassland and mountains and is where they filmed Lord of the Rings. Let s honour that and make our own hobbit house to live in whilst we are there! Our final destination is the United States. We should make a sculpture of the Statue of Liberty and then honour their summer sport of baseball with a game of our own.

5 H O TS P O T AUGUST Overall Objective Can you handle being in the hotspot this week? We have a week full of active challenges for you to take on and see if your team can be the ones that end the week in the hotspot. First things first - we need team names. Organise yourselves and get ready. The first challenge will be straight up competitive sports - we need to find the fastest runners, the best hoppers and the steadiest water carriers. Okay, next up - watersports. We are off to the pool so bring your costumes as we will be getting wet obviously and taking part in some water challenges back at the Club. Our mission today is to master dance. We will be learning lots of different styles before taking part in a fantastic dance off to see just who can move the best. It is time for a challenge above all challenges. You must challenge Scott to a challenge of your choice. If he wins though he will take your point away from you. Will you hold all your points at the end of the day? Your challenge today will be to overcome the trials at Bowood on a fantastic trip out! We will be climbing towers, swinging on ropes and navigating through dark caves whilst we are there.

6 T A ST AUGUST Overall Objective We will be sampling foods all over the world this week with many challenges along the way to put your taste buds to the test and see if you have what it takes to be a top chef. The first challenge will be to get into teams and decide what will be your signature dish. What is your favourite meal that you would like to cook for everyone? Well, let s start cooking! I E S It s now time to test your taste buds! The blindfolds will be going on and then come the foods. Can you guess what it is? Which team will come out on top with the most correct answers? The cooking challenge today will be handed to you on a plate. Spin the wheel and see what ingredients you are given to use and then it is up to you to create the best dish out of those ingredients. Work with Sam the Chef to better your skills. Today you will need to design your own restaurant - create the menus, choose the colour scheme and the name and then prepare a few dishes to draw the public in to visit! To end the week we will be creating a little fire in the garden to cook some marshmallows on before upgrading to have a delicious barbecue in the afternoon.

7 A RT AUGUST Overall Objective This week is art week! We have loads of great activities to do that will keep you excited and engaged and creative. Can you draw out the artistic side of your personality and create a masterpiece? Oh snap! We re closed for the Bank Holiday today! A ST I C We re going to start with a messy activity day! So out come the paints, out come the mud packs and out come the large aprons because it s gonna get wicked. You will need to help create a massive piece of art using anything you can find, including your hands and feet. Let s hope for a hot one because today is going to get wet so bring your swimming costumes. We re going to playing lots of different water games including catch the bomb and stay dry. Today will be a film day and you can have a chance to become a filmstar. We will be creating our own movies and then pitching them to the judges at the famous movie award ceremony The Snapsters. Well we ve reached the end of our time at Holiday Club and so to celebrate we will be holding our annual Snapdragons Talent Show with a chance for you to show off your skills to everyone around.