GRIZZLY GAZETTE. Happy Holidays. Alaina Butler led the team with a finishing time of 21:14.6. Following her,

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1 GRIZZLY GAZETTE Happy Holidays! Issue 4 December Issue Cross Country State By: Alexis Franklin The Girls team qualified for State once again. Through hard work and helpful weight lifting the runners proved themselves with a 4th place finish at Districts. This year state took place in Pasco, Washington. The course was mostly grass, but the team got a chance to preview the course the day before their race in order to get familiar with the terrain and get prepared mentally for the race to come. The course was set up at Sun Willows Golf Course. The morning of the race it was cold and the grass was icy. The girls pushed through it and warmed up by going on a short jog and playing an exercise version of Simon Says. The girls 1A race was one of the first races of the day. Team Captain Mandie Bowen gave a powerful speech before the race encouraging everyone to run their hardest. Keeping the speech in mind, all of the girls ran a great race and came out with a 14th place finish, which is a huge improvement from last year. Alaina Butler led the team with a finishing time of 21:14.6. Following her, were Reyna Sanchez- 21:46.7 Alexis Franklin- 22:14.6 Mandie Bowen-23:35.9 Cora Foss-26:33.2 Kathleen Yi- 31:59 Samantha Miller Alexis Franklin Eddie Erhart Mrs. King Alexis Franklin, Mandie Bowen, Alaina Butler, Kathleen Yi, Cora Foss, and Reyna Sanchez Happy Holidays from the Grizzly Priya McBride Gazette Makenzie Clark Katelyn Gwinn Kathleen Yi Roxanne Sparks Brittany Mitchell Kari Santelli Mandie Bowen, Cora Foss, Reyna Sanchez, Alaina Butler and Alexis Franklin Oswald Alavez Kalee Dayton 1

2 Grizzly Spotlights Student Spotlight By: Katelyn Gwinn Student Spotlight By: Brittany Mitchell Student on the Job By: Kari Santelli A new student to HHS, Barbara Meamber is happy to become a part of our own Grizzly pride. Formerly attending Montesano High School as a junior, she decided to make a switch to Hoquiam. She is kind, funny, and is already jumping into the student atmosphere. She was known for her involvement in Monte so she was excited to engage herself into all the activities Hoquiam has to offer. More recently she got involved in Foodball. It felt great doing something for the community and getting to meet new people from the school. She helped by canvassing the neighborhood and collecting food and money outside of store fronts. She was excited to help Hoquiam create a new record and to know her hard work went into the total for this year s win against Aberdeen. Besides helping out the community Barbara enjoys playing sports, hanging out with friends and just being active. She loves playing soccer and track and is looking forward to the new season this spring. She runs the 100 yard hurdles and the 300 yard hurdles. Her favorite part about track is competing against other people, and she loves the nerves she gets before each race. One sport she s always wanted to try is softball because she envies the bond the team has for one another. I like the family atmosphere of it. Also she would like to try volleyball because it looks really competitive. After high school Barbara would like to attend a four year university to go into movie production. She enjoys productions and has always had an eye for cinematography. She believes it would be a career that she d really enjoy doing. With Barbara s kind personality, competitive edge and bright future, she is a great addition to Hoquiam High School. This month s spotlight is pointed at Hoquiam High School senior, Alyssa Mc- Cowan. Alyssa is a true artist at heart; singing, drawing and blogging are her major hobbies. Alyssa participates not only in the Hoquiam High School choir, but also in Civic Choir which is held at Grays Harbor College. She is an amazing singer who helps a lot of people in the choir enhance their abilities in sight reading and harmonizing. Art is also a love of Alyssa s, from drawing to sketching pictures of her friends and animals. Alyssa can do it all as she is truly an amazing artist. Right now, Alyssa is learning to shred on the guitar and it can be said that she is getting really good. Tumblr is also a favorite of Alyssa s, her blog on Tumblr contains beautiful works of art. Aside from the arts, Alyssa just likes to hang with her friends and watch movies, mostly plays and musicals and just have fun. Her motto is treat people the way you want to be treated, and she definitely does just that. Alyssa McCowen (12) This month the Gazette is featuring Kelsey Hall-Madison for student on the job. Kelsey works in three different places. First is the McDonalds in the Wal-Mart store in Aberdeen. She has been working there since September of 2008 and has been working since she was 14 years old. She takes people s orders, hands out the orders, and makes the food. She also enjoys working with her co-workers. The second job is at D&R Theatre, which includes Backstage Espresso and Scoops ice cream. During the winter, Kelsey only works show nights because the ice cream business is slow. She runs concessions at the shows and events. She scoops and serves ice cream at Scoops, and makes coffee and serves pastries at the Backstage Espresso. Also, Kelsey sells tickets and does various cleaning tasks before and after the shows, and sell merchandise at the concerts. She enjoys working at the D&R Theatre because she gets to meet new people and all the stars. Kelsey also helps run the family business in her spare time, which is her grandmother s flower shop, Marni s Petal Pushers. The store opened in September, They are located on Brumfield Ave., right next to Chevron in Montesano. She designs flower arrangements for various occasions: birthdays, weddings, dances, etc. She makes corsages and boutonnieres.the hardest thing for Kelsey is to make bows. Kelsey works to save money for college, to pay for her car, insurance and other things. Working three jobs and balancing school was hard at first, but now that I m used to it, it is a lot easier. Barbara Meamber (11) Kelsey Hall-Madison (12) 2

3 Grizzly Spotlights Alumni Spotlight By: Eddie Erhart Artist Spotlight By: Roxanne Sparks In 1962 Mrs. Pavletich graduated from Aberdeen High School. Twenty four years ago she began working in the Hoquiam School District. I crossed over Myrtle Street and never looked back. said Pavletich. She has worked two years at the middle school and 22 now here at Hoquiam High School. Every year she thinks about retiring she says, but she just can t get her self to. There is a reason why she can t seem to retire. She truly loves this high school and the kids that walk through the halls. While talking to her it is quite obvious by the smile on her face and the energy she expresses that those aren t just empty words, they are true feelings. Her love for this school inspires me and makes me hope she never retires. As our librarian, Mrs. Pavletich is responsible for organizing books and assisting students in finding books that will interest them. She began to tell me a story of students she had recommended books to that once they picked up these authors they could not put them down. I was one of those students. I enjoy adventure books and stories, she recommended an author named Will Hobbs and I am pretty sure I have read every book of his at our school. She is an expert at finding a book anyone can enjoy. Mrs. Pavletich is someone who is extremely involved with the school, going outside of her job description to help kids. She has been involved with Knowledge Bowl since 1988 and a 4 H leader for 14 years. Knowing she has so much influence on students lives, I took the chance to ask her what she would like to see change at our school. She told me I hope to see more peer to peer help; students often can help other students a lot. I also hope to see more students take part of high school experiences, like go to sporting events, dances, and other important high school memories. Mrs. Pavletich is one of those people who are always willing to help others. She has a tremendous love for the students at our school and is very inspiring. If you are having trouble finding a book or just need to talk with someone, Mrs. Pavletich is the perfect person to turn to. She is one of the people this school would not work without. So if you ever get a chance to, thank her, do not hesitate. She deserves it. Mrs. Pavletich Crystal Fulbright, (10) This month, the Grizzly Gazette would like to feature another of HHS s artists, Crystal Fulbright. Crystal is a sophomore at HHS. She can usually be found hanging out around Tasheena Ferguson, Janelle Brassie, Teonna Raymond, and Yolanda Lopez. She also is NEVER seen without a cup of coffee. She can be quiet at first, but once you talk to her, she s really a very nice person. Crystal can often be seen drawing at school. She states that her strong-suits are in the styles of anime and realism. She also mentions that she s not very good at drawing landscapes. Crystal has taken art classes in about three different schools, and her older sister Katherine (or Rose) has also helped her out. She prefers to use pencils and pens with plain paper, as she doesn t color many pictures. When she does feel like coloring her pictures, she uses colored pencils, or she actually scans her pictures onto her computer and uses Photoshop to color her images. Inspiration can be found in most anything, but it is always different for everyone. Crystal says that anything can give her inspiration, but mainly music and stories are the root of her odd ideas. She loves art because she finds it fun and it has a calming effect for her. She finds it is better to draw out her actions rather than actually carrying them out. When starting the drawing process, she simply just sketches out a pose first and adds onto it. A bit of advice she has to give to aspiring artists is Never give up. If you start with realism, of course you won t be good at first, but there s always room for improvement. 3

4 Reviews Athletics Girls Basketball By: Mogley Simpson Boys Basketball By: MaKenzie Clark This year s lady Grizzly basketball season has started, and the girls are focused on defense. The coaches believe the key to winning is teamwork and communication. This year s coach, Chad Allen, sees the players improving on everything, and he says that this year will be full of big changes in a positive direction. The girls are ready to follow their game plan and reach their goals. Their goals for this season are to have a winning record, beat Aberdeen, win league, and go to state. This year, Coach Allen is looking forward to working with the girls and improving the program. He thinks the girls might have trouble bonding with new players on the basketball court, but he is excited to see how they do, and thinks it will be fun to watch them play. Returning players this year are Katelyn Gwinn, Celina Edwards, Taylor Fogo, and Tea Kostic. Senior Katelyn Gwinn thinks her team will do very well this year. She describes her team as fun to be around but still competitive. She hopes her team will learn from the mistakes they make, and that they will go to state. Katelyn s advice to a younger player is to enjoy it while it lasts, because ten years from now you will wish you were back in high school. The boys basketball season has started and returning to the court are seniors Eddie Erhart and Brandon Williams. This year they are excited to see the team reach its full potential. For the younger players, senior Eddie Erhart said, Stick to the fundamentals, and as long as you hustle, you will do fine. This year he hopes to compete for first place in the league and continue on into post season. Working extremely hard and playing good defense with their offense following through is how the boys will pick up wins. Eddie s favorite basketball memory was beating Aberdeen both times last year. The coach, Mr. Eccles, is looking forward to watching the players improve and do the best they can. The goals for this basketball season are to make it to Districts, Regional Districts, and the State Tournament. A challenge the boys might have this season is maintaining focus on their goals. Their goal is to get ready for the post season. Mr. Eccles said, There is no secret to winning, just working hard and having dedication. Taylor Fogo, Katelyn Gwinn, and Celena Edwards Edward Erhart, Coach Eccles, Brandon Williams, and Kelsey Hall-Madison. 4

5 Athletics Wrestling By: Mogley Simpson This year s wrestling season is underway, and with a new coach this year, looks to be great. Coach Krzmarzick has taken over the head coaching job, and hopes to get as many wrestlers out as possible, and to have a successful season for the boys and the girls. He is seeing promising leadership in his wrestlers. He thinks the hardest thing about wrestling is trying not to quit. He thinks students would want to wrestle to learn self-defense and have confidence about themselves. He is preparing his wrestlers for their matches with drills to develop skills that allow them to take advantage of their opponent s vulnerabilities. This year the seniors are all focused on one thing: state. The senior wrestlers are Brock Atkins, Dalton Dougherty, Taylor Mc- Cormick, Jeremiah Hughes, and Kyle Nations. This year s wrestling team is described as young, ruthless, and self-driven. The seniors believe the keys to winning are technique and conditioning. You can bet they are well conditioned with all the grinders they run. Their advice to a younger players is work hard and don t quit. Also, when you lose, it is important to bounce back and always be a good sportsman. This year s season is looking to be good because the wrestlers are focused and ready to Join the Grizzly Alumni for $10.00 Please send payment to PO Box 176, Hoquiam, WA Merry Christmas! With coupon buy a shake and get the second one free! One coupon per visit. Taylor McCormick, Brock Atkins, Dalton Dougherty, and Jeremiah Hughes. 5

6 Scholarships Financial Aid/Scholarships By: Oswald Alavez It is getting close to second semester so that means seniors will have big deadlines coming soon. The first and the most important would be the FAFSA deadline, which is about the first of January. Because of its competitiveness and the availability of funds, it is always nice to apply early and have your information ready. An important thing to remember about FAFSA are: make sure to have your tax information ready. Whether you do taxes or your parents do their income tax return is an important part of applying for student loan. It is what the government uses to measure the need of financial aid. The eligibility requirements of FAFSA are pretty basic, such as citizenship, and being between the ages 18 and 25, etc. Federal student aid is on a first-come firstserved basis so it is best to apply early. Many may ask what exactly is Federal student aid? Federal student aid or FASA is a government loan to pay for college based on the assumption that students will have to pay for at least one part of their college education. Scholarships are similar to FAFSA but you don t have to pay them back. It s free money, although the application process can be just as, if not more, difficult than Federal student aid. Some scholarships that are available are the Elks scholarship and the Anne Frank scholarship. A good website to visit would be, since they have all sorts of scholarships in all sorts of categories from disability to military service. It s definitely a good resource. Bank loans are also another option, but you must be very careful. Current loans are outlined at 3.4% APR financing, but some loans are much higher. The year is half over. It is time for the seniors and those graduating this year to accomplish a most grueling,difficult and timeconsuming task. 6

7 Holiday Surveys New Years Resolutions By: MaKenzie Clark Favorite Christmas Memory By: Alexis Franklin With a New Year comes New Year s resolutions. New Year s resolutions are created at the beginning of the year. You make a goal of some sort and try to achieve this goal through the rest of the year. This goal can be any type you want it to be. It can be related to your grades, your life at home, what you plan to do when you re older, something you want, anything! Here are some HHS students New Year s Resolutions. Student s Resolutions: Desiree Mobeck: Meeting new friends at her new school in Everett. She plans to achieve this by not being as shy coming into her new school. Rebecca Flores: By getting all A s at the end of the school year. She plans to achieve this goal by working very hard in class. Tyler Inmon: Doing really well in baseball this spring. He plans to achieve this by practicing a lot and going to the batting cage. Zach Emerson: Get all A s. He plans on achieving this goal by applying himself. Kiona Goodman: Get her driver s license. She plans to achieve this goal by turning 16 and passing the written and drive tests. Tyler Inmon, (9) Rebecca Flores, (9) Edgar Lopez (10) and Andrew Pellegrini (12) Christmas is a popular holiday for most Americans. Many children grow up doing special or funny things for Christmas. Everyone remembers that special memory whether it be writing letters to Santa, baking cookies with grandma, or singing Christmas carols. Since Christmas is coming up it s time to think of those memories again. Here are some favorite Christmas memories: Desiree Mobeck- I got the laptop I always wanted. Kelsey Hall-Madison- Singing Karaoke with my cousins when I was little definitely. Andrew Pellegrini- I covered my uncle with wrapping paper, it was hilarious. Edgar Lopez- My uncle and I went and got a tree from the tree farm and it fell out of our truck on the way home. Jodie Johnson- I loved waking up in my pajamas, drinking hot chocolate, and waiting for the rest of my family to wake up. Carmen Ruiz - My brother and I put on a dance and sang for our mom one year. Desiree Mobeck, (9) Carmen Ruiz (11) Jodie Johnson (9) and Desiree Mobeck (9) 7

8 Reviews Book Review By: Samantha Miller Video game Review By: Roxanne Sparks Infinite Days by Rebecca Maizel is the first book in the Vampire Queen series. Infinite Days is about Lenah, and is told from Lenah s point of view. Rhode (Lenah s boyfriend for hundreds of years) sacrifices himself so that he can perform a ritual that takes a hundred years in order to make Lenah a human again, for she is tired of being a vampire. When Lenah wakes up, 100 years later, she is a human and Rhode is with her for his last few hours. Rhode explains to her that she will be attending Wickham, a boarding school, and that she has some modern day clothes and some cash in her bedroom. Rhode dies, and Lenah keeps his ashes in a little glass vile on her neck. Lenah then has to go on without him. Vicken (Lenah s boyfriend back in the 1800 s when Rhode unexpectedly left for a few years) wants to find Lenah. He knows that she left and doesn t have any idea where she is. Vicken and the coven need her back because she is the queen of the coven. While Lenah is at Wickham, she meets Tony, who becomes her best friend. Justin (a very popular student at Wickham), gets to know Lenah even though he s with Tracy. Soon Lenah and Justin start dating and Justin learns eventually about her being an ex-vampire, about Rhode who made her a vampire, and about how she is hiding from Vicken. She and Justin and her don t keep a good look out over the next couple months and by the time Winter Prom comes, it is too late. Vicken is at the school, to take Lenah back and trap her in the vampire life again. It s November, and to all you gamers out there, this also means the release of a few games with a fairly large fan-base. For those of you who have played Oblivion, on November 11th, the latest installment to the Elder Scrolls series was released. This game is officially known as The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Skyrim, like Oblivion, is primarily a first person game, although there is a third-person viewing option, which is much better than its predecessor. Also like Oblivion, it is known as a sandbox game, meaning that you can roam free and do what you d like. You could go out raiding dungeons and collecting ingredients for potions, and even doing side quests, completely postponing the main objective until later. You could also go swimming and catch fish, be a hunter and collect animal pelts, and you could even get married in this game! Of course, that s a quest in itself, and you can only marry a list of different people in Skyrim, and in order for them to even accept, you must either complete a quest for them or do a favor, etc. As for the main storyline, the game is set 200 years after Oblivion, and the Empire is in chaos. Skyrim is at war, with two prominent sides; those that support the Empire, and those that wish to separate themselves from them. You start the game as a prisoner, accused of being associated with the Stormcloaks (the group against the Empire), and you are being carted to a town to your execution. As you are called up, the soldiers discover that your name is not on the list of the Stormcloaks they were assigned to capture; yet, you are put to your death anyhow. As you step up to be executed, the executioner raises his axe, and is then interrupted by a dragon that destroys the town. You manage to escape with your life, and embark on your journey, only to learn that you are one of the last Dragonborns, and you are to save the land from the evil Alduin, who was prophesied to consume the earth, along with a race of black dragons that were his followers. Skyrim received universal praise from all critics. IGN gave the game a 9.5 out of 10, stating that, It s a mesmerizing game that draws you into a finely crafted fictional space packed with content that consistently surprises... playing Skyrim is a rare kind of intensely personal, deeply rewarding experience, and one of the best role-playing games yet produced. The Guardian gave the game 5 out of 5 stars, stating The reason for this is that Skyrim is one of the most gargantuan undertakings gamers will experience all year. The sheer size of the adventure, both in terms of its environment and in the amount of activities available to the player, is mind-blowing. 8

9 Debate Does Music Have a Negative Effect on Teenagers? Counterpoint By: Eddie Erhart Point By: Oswald Alavez In today s society people have an incredible amount of creative freedom. This includes music with; so many types of music coming out has strange sounds and strange word combinations. Strong words that can trigger emotion like love or hate, creation or destruction, and emotional sounds like screaming, crying, and loud overwhelming noises are examples of what are used in new music that is becoming more and more popular. Do these emotional triggers have an effect on teenagers? Music is often the creator s emotions portrayed through sound. Teenagers are emotionally unbalanced, an undeniable fact. Teenagers, in general, also love music, another undeniable fact. With emotional unbalance and negatively emotional music, it can add up to even more negative emotion. This can lead to bad events. For example, in the 90 s the rap group N.W.A. was blamed for riots against police because their lyrics and song titles were about injustice by police. For hundreds of years music has been used to tell stories, but it seems the stories of today have been becoming more and more negative. Though not all music is negative, it seems the negative is becoming more popular. I am not one to think everyone is the same or to generalize but I am still fearful of the few that can have an effect on many, and I hope that that influence does not hurt others. Studies have shown that history repeats itself; there was a time when the music of Elvis Presley and other rock musicians of the time were considered outlandish, crude and downright wrong. Today s society is no different. With the rise of genres such as hard rock, rap, and hip-hop, our children have new celebrities to look up to. The question remains, is music influencing our children in a negative way? Quite frankly, music is written and created solely for entertainment purposes. It should not have a negative influence on children. Music is art, it should not be treated like an addictive substance or that it will cause our kids to do heinous crimes. But music has been around for as long as many of us can remember. When we look at the crimes committed by supposedly having listened to violent and aggressive music, we must also take into account the kind of people committed those crimes. Many crimes that were supposedly done by the devil s music were also done in a few cases by people with previous medical conditions and mental instabilities. Music triggers different responses in different people and because we re all individuals there is no real way to gauge what music does to the human mind. For the most part, music is completely harmless. It is only in a certain situations where certain individuals take music to another level and begin to act on what they hear when music becomes a problem. After all, we cannot control what musicians write because that would be removing their freedom of expression. Furthermore, musicians have no control over what their music does. Musicians are simply writing because they are talented, and it is something that they enjoy doing. Are we about to start punishing people for doing what they love? Instead of trying to blame the music industry for our problems, we must first take a look at ourselves both as humans and as individuals to find the true cause for poor influence on our children. Eddie Erhart Oswald Alavez 9

10 Mystery Students and Staff Mystery Girl By: Kalee Dayton Last Month s Mystery Students and Staff October and November CTE Students This months mystery girl is a sophomore. She has blonde hair and green eyes. Her favorite food is pizza; her favorite color is purple; her favorite movie is Remember the Titians. Her favorite teacher is Mr. Pelan, but her favorite class is Creative Foods. Who is she? Mystery Boy By: Kalee Dayton This month s mystery boy is a senior. He has brown hair and has brown eyes. His favorite food is pasta; his favorite color is blue; and his favorite movie is Top Gun. He plays the drums. His favorite subject is band and his favorite teacher is Mr. Pirianian. Who is he? Ariel Mendoza-Sigman Currently enronlled in Introduction to Marketing, Jeremiah brings an active interest to class each day and always performs to the best of his ability. He asks questions and takes part in all discussions, always introducing an interesting or insightful view of the topic of discussion. Jeremiah s work is always of the highest quality, and he does so while maintaining a respectful, postive attitude. Congratulations, Jeremiah. Mystery Staff By: Kalee Dayton Demitri Talley The mystery staff for this month is a male. He has silver hair and blue eyes. His favorite color is blue. His favorite food is meatloaf and his favorite movie is Schindler s List. His favorite part about teaching is getting to know and help students. He has been teaching for twenty years. Who is he? Mr. Phillips Dylan Darragh-Frank was chosen as the art Student of the Month by Mr. Skolrood. Dylan is a great example of art being a skill. Dylan works very hard to improve his skills. He always ask for help and makes suggestions and applies them to his work. His art improves with each attempt. He has a great future ahead of him, if he applies his work ethic to everything he does. 10

11 Drama Drama By: Brittany Mitchell Drama Class Monologues By: Kathleen Yi This year, Mrs. Sundstrom has come up with the perfect play, The Wedding Singer. Not only does everyone want to see it, but everyone wants to be in it. Auditions came and went; many people tried out and Mrs. Sundstrom did her best to see that everyone had a part in the play. But like every play there are the leads. Cora Foss will play Julia, Ian Lord is Robbie, Bri Bonell is playing Linda, Nicole Kilmer is Rosie, Chris Fruto is Sammy, Rebecca Meacham is Holly, Devan Bland is George and last, but definitely not least, Quentin Sotomish is Glen. The Wedding Singer is filled with heartbreak, and most importantly love. In this story passion drives the main character Robbie to find his true love. Come see this comedic love story during evening showings the first week of February at the 7th Street Theater. On November 16 and 18, HHS s drama class put on a phenomenal show that demonstrated everything they had been working on for the last few months. The whole class performed a variety of different things. This included many different types of monologues (a solo speech made by a character in a drama) and a few music videos that incorporated the whole cast. In the opening number, they started with a music video of the song The Legend of Wooley Swamp by Charlie Daniel s Band. As a few people played in the band, the rest acted out the story of the song. There were students dressed in black clothing who represented the things that creep around on the ground and moved to an eerie dance. The others played the old man and the three brothers, who all eventually died and turned into one of the creepy things. Next came the solo performances. All of the monologues covered a variety of different topics. For example, Michael Amendola, a senior, gave a monologue about domestic violence. Rebecca Meacham, also a senior, gave one about a crush she had on a guy. Alaina Butler, a junior, performed some lines from Shakespeare; and Crystal Fulbright, a sophomore, talked about bullying. Almost every drama member acted out a monologue, and all of their hard work definitely showed in their performances. In the closing number, the HHS drama class ended with another music video, this time Barry Manilow s Copacabana. This one was a fun number. The cast dressed up in 1940s garb, and even had a dance number everybody participated in during the chorus. At the same time, they portrayed the tale of the tragic love story between Lola and Tony. Copacabana was definitely a spectacular finish to the show. 11

12 Holiday Recipes Gingerbread Man Cookies Katelyn Gwinn Holiday Movie By: Kathleen Yi With Thanksgiving behind us, Christmas is just around the corner. My favorite part of this holiday is decorating the tree. With that said, the best decorations are homemade gingerbread man cookies. They look so nice on the tree and they are also delicious to eat! Gingerbread Man Cookies Recipe Ingredients: Cookies 3 1/4 cups sifted all-purpose flour 3/4 teaspoon baking soda 3/4 cup (1 1/2 sticks) unsalted butter (room temperature, softened) 1/2 cup dark-brown sugar, packed 1 Tbsp ground ginger 1 Tbsp ground cinnamon 1/2 teaspoons ground cloves 1/2 teaspoon ground nutmeg 1/4 teaspoon finely ground black pepper 1/2 teaspoon salt 1 large egg 1/2 cup molasses Optional raisins, chocolate chips, candy pieces, frosting. Royal Icing 1 egg white 1/2 teaspoon lemon juice 1 3/4 cup confectioners sugar (powdered sugar) Method: 1. In a large bowl, sift together flour, baking soda, and spices. Set aside. 2. In an electric mixer fitted with the paddle attachment, cream the butter. Add sugar and beat until fluffy. Mix in eggs and molasses. Gradually add the flour mixture; combine on low speed. (You may need to work it with your hands to incorporate the last bit of flour.) Divide dough in thirds; wrap each third in plastic. Chill for at least 1 hour or overnight. Before rolling out, let sit at room temperature for 5-10 minutes. If after refrigerating the dough feels too soft to roll-out, work in a little more flour. 3. Heat oven to 350. Place a third of the dough on a large piece of lightly floured parchment paper or wax paper. Using a rolling pin, roll dough 1/8 inch thick. Refrigerate again for 5-10 minutes to make it easier to cut out the cookies. Use either a cookie cutter or place a stencil over the dough and use a knife to cut into desired shapes. Press raisins, chocolate chips, or candy pieces in the center of each cookie if desired for buttons. The holiday season is approaching, and with it brings the fun of holiday movies. A favorite of many is a 2003 film titled Elf. This comedy starring Will Ferrell, James Caan, Mary Steenburgen, and ZooeyDeschanel, is about a big elf that travels to The Big City in search of his true self route and he encouters a few shenanigans along the way. Buddy, an abnormally large elf, never seemed to fit in with the rest of the elves. After growing three times larger than average and producing below par toys, Buddy s papa (Papa Elf) finally reveals to him that Buddy is a human. As a result, Buddy sets out to find his birth father in New York City. His father, Walter, turns out to be a naughty lister that only cares about money. Walter immediately calls security when Buddy shows up at his work place, and Buddy is thrown out. Walter does eventually have a DNA test done, and reluctantly takes Buddy to his home after it is revealed that he is his son. There Buddy meets his step-mother, who insists that Buddy stays as long as he wants, and his half-brother Michael. In the rest of the film, Buddy discovers what it is like to be a human, finds love, and saves Christmas - all in New York City. All in all, Elf is a hilarious family film that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Buddy s adventure has a great theme that shows the true spirit of Christmas and at the same instant will keep you laughing the whole time. 12

13 Holiday History Holiday History By: Samantha Miller During winter break many people celebrate different holidays. Some people celebrate the birth of Jesus by going to church, others celebrate Hanukkah, and many families celebrate Christmas by eating a family dinner and opening presents from Santa Claus. Christians celebrate Jesus Christ s birthday on the 25th of December and they go to church to worship his special day. Mostly, the Christian holiday is about sharing, and love. Catholic/Christians celebrate The Feast of the Immaculate Conception on December 8th, it is a feast day. The Jewish Community celebrates by giving small gifts each day for eight days. This year, Hanukkah begins at sunset on Tuesday, December 20, 2011, and ends at sunset on Wednesday, December 28, Some people don t follow a religion. Instead they just eat a family meal and spend time with family. Many children believe in Santa Claus, a man who every year on the 24th of December, Christmas Eve, goes down people s chimneys and leaves toys for the children to open on Christmas Day. Many people may put up a Christmas tree, in which the presents from Santa wait for children to open and see what they got for Christmas. Some decorations that almost any religion puts up are festive lights, nick knacks, and other various decorations. Another thing people often do is they go caroling, which means they go door to door to sing carols, or songs, to families that enjoys the little things that matter. No matter what holiday you celebrate, hopefully it will all go well! Grizzly Gazette Staff Editors: Priya Mcbride Kalee Dayton Advisor: Mrs. King Writers: Mogley Simpson Roxanne Sparks Samantha Miller Brittany Mitchell Kari Santelli MaKenzie Clark Oswald Alavez Alexis Franklin Eddie Erhart Katelynn Gwinn Kathleen Yi 13