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1 CL Trojan Timez: September / October, 2014 Issue page 24 Central Lake page1 September October, 2014 Tr jan Timez Trojan Spirit Elijah Newton ends the play for an Onaway player. What a hit! Coach Heeke and Isaac Mortensen: a meeting of the minds! Spirit Week Superhero Floats! Senior Homecoming Court -Haley Patton, Daughter of Bart and Amy Patton, esduring spirit week Tro- corted by Jack Dawson, Son of Maggie and Darren jans celebrate the excitement of Dawson. Homecoming. The spirit days -Allie Hines, Daughter of Ralph and Jill Hines, escortwere as follows: Backwards ed by Simeon Spaulding, son of Steve and Tracy Day, Country Boy and Girl Spaulding. Day, Mean Girls Day, Decades -Codi Youmans, Daughter of Bob Youmans, escorted Day and Orange and Blue Day. by Felix Dornieden, Hosted by Matt and Michelle PerTallies were taken over the kins. course of the week. th In 7 place was the 9th -Emma Pierson, Daughter of Rick Pierson, escorted by Connor Zook, Son of Ken and Julee Zook. grade class. In 6th place was th the 10th grade class. In 5 place 2014 Homecoming Queen and King are Haley Patth is the 11th grade class. In 4 place, ton and Jack Dawson. the 7th grade class. In 3rd Congratulations all! place, the 6th grade class. In 2nd place is the 12th grade Special thanks The student Council would like to class. And in 1st place - the say a special thanks to Ms. Aungst, Mr. Barry, Mrs. class with the most spirit for Hoogerhyde, Mrs. Derenzy and all the other teachers, the 2014 Homecoming Spirit students, parents and community members who dedicatweek was the 8th graders. Piz- ed their time and efforts to make this year s Homecomza party! Congratulations! ing week one of Central Lake s best. This year s float theme, Superheroes, provided the inspiration for some fantastic floats which were constructed at various locations around Central Lake. After judging, here are the results of this spirited competition: In fourth place were the sophomores. Third place went to the senior class, while second place was awarded to the freshmen class. The junior class took the honors of being the winners of the float building contest. Thank you to all the students, staff, parents and community members who participated!

2 CL Trojan Timez: September / October, 2014 Issue page 2 page23 Three Lakes Associations Internship 2014 This summer, I participated in the Three Lakes internship. A family friend told me about it in February and I knew I just had to apply for it. The internship took place around the lakes. (Lake Bellaire, Clam, Clam river, and Torch Lake) I would like to inform you that anybody can apply for it, and anybody has a chance for it. Just about everybody gets accepted as long as you're in 9-12 grade. During the internship, you will go around the lakes and streams taking surveys, water quality tests, and much, much more. The internship takes place in the summer. It normally takes place from 9:00 Thursday morning to about 4:00-5:00 that evening, but depending on what is planned that day and the weather, the day might be changed for that week. You only meet once a week. I would recommend this internship to everybody. Anyone can ask me questions or even get a recommendation letter from me when you apply. -Kyle Russell CNC Mobile Lab Comes to Central Lake The Computer Numerical Control lab (CNC) works with computers that control machine tools such as lathes, mills, routers, and grinders. CNC also uses graphs on the computer, and the graphs control the movement of the cutter. The computer controls the cutting and shaping of the material. Ben Hicks commented in the CNC class, We make drawings in a surfcam format, and prepare them for the CNC machine code which is G54, then the CNC machine drills the path we tell it to into the raw materials. The lab allows high school students to train and earn credits toward certification in machine tools and later a CNC certificate can be earned. The CNC class originates from Northern Central Michigan College and is sponsored by the CharEm ISD. The CNC mobile lab comes to Central Lake s parking lot behind the drafting lab every Friday. Students who use the lab are in Mr. Linter s Drafting II class. -Darren Zook New Marquee Dedicated to Maris Spaulding The corner of West State Street and Howard has been upgraded with a new marquee dedicated to Maris Spaulding. This electronic marquee is a major upgrade from the old one, which had to have the letters put in manually. The marquee makes it faster to publicize announcements, and information can be changed more often. It s also more noticeable, and easier to read from the street because it s brighter and the lettering is bigger than the old marquee. It was put together by Building Trades teacher Gary Johnson, with some assistance from myself over about a two week period from late July to early August. The work was well worth the result as it finally gave CLHS the new marquee that people had been requesting for years. -Simeon Spaulding

3 CL Trojan Timez: September / October, 2014 Issue page 22 page3 European Soccer vs. American Soccer Participating in sports as a student in Europe is much different than for those in America. In nearly all European countries you do not compete for your school, but for a club. Students from different schools come together to play for one club. Soccer is the main sport, and each club has several fields. Normally, there is one field for summer and one for winter. The summer fields have regular grass, while the winter fields are made of an ash field. The better clubs have a pitch with fake grass in the winter. One advantage for European soccer is that the athletes can continue playing soccer after their school career. Another advantage is that one can choose what club to join. If a player is good enough, he can decide where he wants to play professionally. Once a player is eighteen years old, they must decide where he wants to play in the first, or best, team. There are no competitive university teams. The best players join those clubs. Here in America, students play for their school. It is good because you have the school spirit in games, and you play with your classmates in your free time on a team. A negative aspect for school teams is that it is very hard to continue the sport once you graduate. Both European and American systems have advantages and disadvantages. It is hard to say which system is better working. -Felix Dornieden New National Honor Society Members Inducted Hats off to our Honor Society members, new and old, who will continue to serve and represent Central Lake. The National Honor Society induction ceremony occurred Wednesday, September 24,in the gymnasium as an assembly. Current Honor Society students were in attendance: Haley Patton, Christopher Corbett, Connor Zook, Carrissa Boni, Tineka Witt, Emma Pierson, and Allie Hines. This year s inductees include: Isaac Mortensen, Benjamin Hicks, Jack Dawson, Erika Thayer, Ryan Sutherland, Morgan Scott, Jared Hebden, Channing Hoogerhyde, Sara Dorland, Jacob Luchenbill, and Delaney Buffman. Guest speaker, Matt Hamilton, teacher, and part owner of Fudgee s talked about three things Think, Believe, and Do. He explained how these three things make giving back to this community possible. If you would like to become a member of the NHS (National Honor Society), you must have a 3.5 GPA, a good attitude, integrity, and many other things. Each fall eligible juniors and seniors can complete the application process sponsored by Mrs. Hoogerhyde. It would also look really good on an application or resume. - Chloe Kwiek

4 CL Trojan Timez: September / October, 2014 Issue page 4 page21 Welcome to CL s New Staff and Exchange Students! C.L s New Middle School Science and Language Arts Teacher, Mrs. Kinery This year, we gained a total of four new teachers in Central Lake High School/Middle School. One of those four teachers is Mrs. Kinery. Mrs. Kinery grew up in a suburb of Detroit called Westland and attended Wayne Memorial High School in Wayne, Michigan. Her favorite classes in high school were language/ literature classes. Ever since Mrs. Kinery can remember, she has always wanted to be a teacher. Mrs. Kinery stated, My grandmother was a teacher. She retired many years before I was even born, but I respected her more than anyone and I wanted to be just like her. She always stressed what an important job it was to educate our youth. After graduating high school Mrs. Kinery attended Eastern Michigan University and majored in Elementary Education with two minors in Science and Language/Literature. Throughout college her favorite classes were Children s Literature and Plate Tectonics. Central Lake is not the first school Mrs. Kinery has taught at, nor is it her first year teaching in Central Lake Schools. Last year, she taught Title 1 in the elementary school and worked with kindergarten through second grade students. Right out of college, she taught Pre- Kindergarten, Transitional Kindergarten, and kindergarten for six years. After those six years, she took 12 years off to raise her own children. Then, when her youngest child went to full day kindergarten, she went back to work. At first she worked as a para-pro with Title 1 students, special needs preschoolers, kindergarten, and first grade students. Then, she taught summer school to first graders for four years. While she was teaching summer school, a fellow teacher there had informed her about the job posting for a Title 1 teacher here in Central Lake. So after Mrs. Kinery got recertified, she applied for the job. Now she s here, teaching English, science, and Title 1 at Central Lake Middle School/High School. Mrs. Kinery loves the students and community, she stated, I absolutely love my job here at Central Lake Middle school/high school. I have to admit, it has been quite an adjustment from teaching at the Elementary School, but I love it just the same. The staff, parents, and students have all been so welcoming to me. I feel very blessed to be able to work in such a tight knit and caring community! -Dezert DeYoung & Emilee Shafer Mrs. Todd, High School English/Art The new school year has brought a surprising number of new teachers to Central Lake High School. One of them, Mrs. Todd, actually teaches two classes, art and English. Mrs. Jennifer Todd went to school in Goodrich, MI (a small village near Flint), and decided in 10 th grade that she wanted to become an art teacher. When asked where she went to college, she replied, My first high school art teacher convinced me to attend her alma mater of Northern Michigan University. After attending Mott Community College in Flint for one year, I transferred to NMU and moved to Marquette. She graduated from NMU with a degree in K-12 Art Education in May of 2012, and for the school year, she completed the necessary courses at Alma College to earn her teaching certificate in Secondary English Education. Games and Such

5 CL Trojan Timez: September / October, 2014 Issue page 20 page5 Emma Pierson Pop Art Acrylic paint 12th Grade Laura Chase Paper bag sketch Pencils 11th Grade Khim Nacharoen Paper bag sketch Pencils 9th Grade Erika Thayer Pop Art Acrylic paint 11th Grade Her favorite subjects in school were writing/literature. In college, she became intrigued by the various connections between art and English, thus leading to her minor and career as an English and art teacher. But Central Lake isn t the first school she s taught at. She was a Graduate Teaching Assistant at Central Michigan University for the school year, where she taught English 101 to college Freshmen. This past May, however, she was offered her dream job of teaching not only English, but art as well, and she says she couldn t be happier here. -Dezert DeYoung & Emilee Shafer Dino Pizzino, 8 12 Science I want to show the beauty of science to the next generation and how much it s a part of our lives. Mr. Pizzino is from Alpena Michigan, and graduated from Central Michigan University. He credits his fascination of living systems and their interactions to growing up around nature and partaking in his outdoor activities. You get to observe things that make you ask questions and dig deeper into why things are the way they are. Pizzino does have plans for after teaching. He s always enjoyed cooking and gardening, but he will probably travel all over Michigan and out west chasing the ever elusive trout with his fly rod. -Danielle Prate Welcome! (ย นด ต อนร บ ) Khim Nacharoen Khim is a foreign student from Northaburi, Thailand, staying with the Witt family. She came through the Youth for Understanding Program, and had over seventeen hours in flights to America. She lives in Nonthaburi, Thailand, near Bangkok. School days there went from 8:00 in the morning till 4:00 in the afternoon. So the time comparison isn t that big of a difference. Here she appreciates every class, but favors art most. Her favorite hobbies include reading, and playing on the internet. Her top song artists are Katy Perry and Justin Timberlake. She participates on the Central Lake volleyball team. She says she really enjoys it here, and thanks all the people who help her and talk to her. She appreciates how kind everyone is. -Lillianna Cassio Welcome! (Willkommen!) Felix Dornieden Do you think school is tough already? Imagine trying to learn new material in a foreign tongue every day. This is a challenge one of our foreign exchange students, Felix Dornieden, must brave this whole school year. Felix is from Moenchengladbach, Germany. The population there is about 200,000- compared to Central Lake s of only about 944. He is 16 years old. To get to Central Lake, he took 4 separate flights, which added to about 24 hours of travel time all together. Felix is here with us through Youth for Understanding. Back in Germany, school starts at 8 every morning, but the duration varies by day. The students are taught different subjects based on the day of week, very similar to how college classes work here. Tests are only taken about every four weeks there, but they re bigger than our tests. Grades 5-12 are referred to as gymnasium. Only about 20% of people will go to college there after completing 12 years of school, or they can complete 10 years and be done with schooling altogether. Just as America has its own special holiday where we celebrate our independence, Germany has a special holiday as well. They celebrate the unification of West and East Germany. East Germany had been separated from the rest of the country by the Berlin Wall. Taking down this wall portrayed a unified country. They celebrate this occurrence on October 3 rd, with a holiday referred to as Germany Unity Day. -Danielle Prate

6 CL Trojan Timez: September / October, 2014 Issue page 6 page19 Walking to Cure Juvenile Diabetes In Traverse City Michigan, a JDRF Walk was held on September 6, 2014 to cure type1diabetes. JDRF stands for Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. It was a beautiful sunny day with all kinds of helpers and volunteers there to work. There was face painting, balloons, T- shirts to get, and snacks to eat. The walk was two miles and there were a lot of people to participate and help out. The walk started at Sunset Park and went along the Bay to M37. The money collected at registration goes toward finding a cure for type 1 diabetes and for kids and teens to go to this wonderful diabetes camp. The goal was $41,017 and the walk raised $37,528.84! That s 91%! As many as three million Americans may have type 1 diabetes. Together we are creating a world without type 1 diabetes. If you would like to get involved or you re interested, you can go to Help us turn type one into type none. -Chloe Kwiek Book Nook Review #1: 172 Hours on the Moon, by Johan Harstad It's been decades since we first set foot on the moon. But after all these years, NASA has decided to return to the big silver orb in the sky. A lottery is devised to pick three lucky teens, chosen to be the first fated young people in space. But what lies up there on the cratered, dusty surface of the moon wants to be left alone. And it will do anything it has to in order to make these unwanted guests disappear, one by one. I'd actually never heard of Johan Harstad before this book, and judging by the cover and ominous description, I was a little hesitant in trying it out. I'm not a fan of horror books, movies, or the like, and I do not plan on being one anytime soon. But I was pleasantly surprised, and I honestly loved reading it. It starts off pretty slow (and by slow, I mean I almost gave up on it), but a chase-scene on the moon and the ending made up for it, 100%. Though, the ending's twist was admittedly more than a little unseen. I for one was completely blindsided, and was utterly surprised, but looking back, there were absolutely NO signs of it. Not a hint, not a little detail. Nothing. It was completely unexpected, and though I thought it was pretty darn good, it could have been a little better with the build-up. All in all, this was a very nice sci-fi read, and I'd recommend it to anyone who, really, wants to give it a try. It's a hodge-podge of genres; a touch of horror, mostly sci-fi, a bit of historical fiction thrown in there. It was a pretty darn good book, if I have anything to say about it, and I'd give it four out of five stars. -Emilee Shafer 8th - Brett Dewey s date Megan Fox She s really pretty! 12th - Codi Youmans date... Vin Diesel He s muscly, dreamy, sexy, and he s got it going for him! Dream Date? Central Lake middle and high school students were asked who their dream homecoming date would be. They came up with some interesting responses. 7th - Colin Altergott s date Dezert DeYoung Because! She must make him speechless. 12th - Haley Patton s date Finn He s cute, fun, and just a tad bit crazy! 8th - Morrigan Pruyt s date Channing Tatum Sexy! 9thAutumn Paczesney s date Adam Levine He s gorgeous and his voice is!

7 CL Trojan Timez: September / October, 2014 Issue page 18 page7 Dear Annie, So my new teacher is like, really strict, and I don t know how I m going to get through this year! I thought this was going to be one of my best years yet. But I don t think the teacher even likes me. What should I do to survive this class and make it through the year? Sincerely, Nottheteacherspet Dear Nottheteacherspet, The best thing I could really tell you to do is to just be a good student, mind your own business, and stay out of trouble. Try to get on the teachers good side. Ask questions often; get good grades in their class, and most of all stay quiet. Don t be one of those kids who always blurts out in class attempting to be funny. I mean, yah it s funny the first time, but after that you not only begin to annoy your teacher but also your classmates. Good luck! Sincerely, Annie Dear Annie, So there is this new kid in the grade above me, and he s kind of really hot. I m just a sophomore so I don t really think a junior would want to like me. What do you think I should do about the situation? Because I really want to talk to him. Like bad. Sincerely, Desperate Dear Desperate, I know way to well what you are going through, but don t let the fact that you re a year younger count you out! If you re confident enough I m sure that he will at least be your friend. Just take your time in trying to date him, because he s new to this school, and is probably overwhelmed by all the people trying to become his friend already. Just start talking to him, ask how he likes the school so far; stuff like that. Just be yourself ok? Sincerely, Annie More from Annie Hey everyone! Welcome back to school! I hope all of you had a rockin summer. My summer was pretty awesome, even though most of it was working. I travelled some, and hung out with my friends a lot! What was your summer like? Anyway, this school year everything is changing. Have y all seen the school s new sign? It looks amazing! We have some new teachers too. I d like to welcome all of them to Central Lake, along with all of the new and returning students. Now I hope you all actually got active and stayed healthy this summer. Let s see if we can do that throughout this year too. My advice to all of the students this year is to just be you, have fun, and just go with the flow. Seriously, let s not have drama this year ok? The last thing we all need is people starting drama when there does not need to be any. We are here to learn and make friends, so let s do exactly that. My challenge for you this month, is to not only be as healthy and active as you can be, but to also make a new friend. See someone alone? Go say hi. See someone being bullied? Stick up for them. Also, I understand that some of you are trying to determine who I am. I will let you in on one little secret. I m not in the journalism class. I am in another class, which will not be known. Another thing, sports have started back up again, football and volleyball. We should all take the effort to show up and support the Trojans and cheer them on! Good luck to all of the players. I wish all of you a good year! Good luck and I ll talk to you all next month! *You know you love me* Annie Kanoa Wacky, Weird Holidays For the month of September there are many weird and wacky holidays that you wouldn t think existed. The second day of September it s the national beheading day, (wow not very good to know that one.) The eighth day is international literacy day. The eighth is also national cheeseburger day, and the ninth is wonderful weirdo s day. The twenty second is national white chocolate day, and the twenty fourth day is kiss day. The twenty sixth is national Pancake Day, the twenty eighth is national ask a stupid question day, and the twenty ninth is world heart day. That is all the holidays that I chose to present, but there are many, many more types of other holidays for September. For the month of October, there are many more wacky, weird holidays. On the second, it s called name your car day, the sixth is mad hatter day, and also the ninth is moldy cheese day. The eleventh is take your teddy bear to work day, the twelfth is moment of frustration day, the twenty first is national pumpkin cheese cake day, and the twenty second is national nut day. The twenty seventh is national tell a story day, the twenty eighth is Frankenstein day, and the twenty ninth is hermit day. The thirtieth is mischief night, and the thirty first is increase your psychic powers day. There are so many different and unknown wacky, weird holidays. -Sarah Schluckbier Quiz Bowl Team The quiz bowl team was formed to spotlight some hardworking students in a competitive, academic venue. There are five tournaments that the Central Lake team will participate in. The first will be held on October 17 th at Northern Central Michigan College in Petoskey. Several schools from Char-Em. ISD will be competing. The schools that are going to be there are Charlevoix, Ellsworth, and Petoskey. To form Central Lake s quiz bowl team a quiz off took place and when the contestants finished, they had a three way tie. In the end, the team now includes Chris Corbett, Connor Zook, Alex Perkins, Ben Hicks, Jacob Luchenbill, and Ryan Sutherland. Good luck to our new team s first competition. -Darren Zook

8 CL Trojan Timez: September / October, 2014 Issue page 8 page17 Tr jan Sportz Trojan Football Update September 5th the Central Lake Trojans played at home, hungry for their first win, taking on the St. Mary Snowbirds. CL would win the game after a mediocre first half, and then a dominant second half. St. Mary got the ball first and punted on their first possession. Then while the Trojans were driving up the field, Isaac Mortenson fumbled and St. Mary recovered. St. Mary drove up the field and scored on a two yard touchdown with no extra point. The Trojans answered back with an eleven yard touchdown pass to Jack Dawson plus the two point conversion, and the score after one was Central Lake 8 and St. Mary s 6. To start off the second quarter, St. Mary drove deep into Central Lake territory and Tyler Drenthe picked off a pass at the five yard line- that CL didn t do anything with- going three and out. St. Mary had another short touchdown run, and failed to get the extra point again. On the next drive, Isaac Mortensen connected to Luke Seaney for a thirty yard touchdown, with the two point conversion. At the half Cl had 16 and St. Mary had 12. To start off the second half, Isaac fumbled and St. Mary recovered at the 50. St. Mary had a 12 yard touchdown run, which took the lead and they didn t get the extra point once again. Luke Seaney got a 27 yard touchdown run to take the lead right back, and added a successful 2 point conversion. On the next possession, Tyler Drenth got another interception at the St. Mary 40 yard line. Trojans then got another long touchdown from Ben Hicks, with the 2 point conversion good. After St. Mary turned the ball over on downs, the quarter came to an end with the score Central Lake 32, St. Mary 18. The Trojans got the ball to start the fourth, but turned it over on downs. St. Mary returned the favor, doing the same. Then Luke Seaney took the ball for a 29 yard touchdown run, his 3 rd TD of the game, but the 2 point conversion failed. St. Mary then turned it over on downs for the third time in a row. Truman Neer took the ball in for a short touchdown, and the 2 point conversion put the final tally on the scoreboard, making the final Central Lake 46, St. Mary 18. On September 12 the Trojans traveled to Jo-burg to take on the Cardinals. The Trojans would lose a tough one after starting off strong, but then allowing 29 unanswered points. Luke Seaney ran for a touchdown to put the first points on the board with the 2 point conversion good. The cardinals went 3 and out. Cl 8 and Jo-burg 0 after 1. To start off the second quarter Ben ran for a 7 yard touchdown with the 2 point conversion failing. Jo-burg had a 4 yard touchdown run with the extra point. -Cont. on page 11 October Horoscopes Aries - Encountering a stressful situation? Getting away then coming back to it may shine light on a new perspective. Taurus- You may be feeling a lot of negative vibes from those around you lately. This is putting you in worse spirits as well. You don t need to keep those people around you though. Get rid of the negatives and introduce more positives. Gemini- During the first two or three weeks of the month, you are quite the people person. You are getting along really well with everyone you know, and even improving current standing relationships. Towards the end of the month, you ll focus on a new goal. Whether it s a self or social goal, it looks like you re off to a great start. Cancer- This month you ll be presented with some great new opportunities. Be sure not to take them for granted. Leo- This month, you re encouraged to have some fun. Take a break from the tedious tasks you ve been dealing with lately and make some time to do your own thing. You ll find yourself feeling less stress. Virgo This may be your best month for holiday shopping or having fun making DIY s. It is also a great time to spend with loved ones and people you hold close. You may also find pleasure in taking place in fun hobbies or past times Libra - This month there may be a situation that you re uncertain how to approach, keep in mind that the high road may be more beneficial than expected. Scorpio - Your people skills are especially fine-tuned and you are even more persuasive than usual. This is helpful in all kinds of areas of your life. You may find it easier to communicate to your thoughts to fellow peers and get your point across. Sagittarius - This month many things will be on your mind but it is your social life that really has your attention. You are fun to be around and a team player. As you juggle school, sports, and social activities, you re having more of an interest in Internet activities or an urge for adventure. Capricorn Your social, home life and school life are all busy with good things happening. Yes, there is an occasional challenge or distressful situation. Overall you are running around and trying to make everything come together. Aquarius You and a friend may be having a disagreement or not seeing eye to eye on a matter. However the two of you will find an agreement on common ground. Pisces This is your best month of the year, things will seem to click into place. You are not simply lucky, but hard working and ambitious. You social will seem to pick up, but it will not be beneficial towards your love life. One or both of these may be affected negatively by someone close.

9 CL Trojan Timez: September / October, 2014 Issue page 16 page9 The e-sports Alert The traditional logo for the LOL Championship. Hello ladies and gentlemen, my name is CrazeStasis (again, Craze for short) and this is the E- Sports alert, an article focusing on the recent scorings among teams in recent e-sports ( electronic sports). For this article we will be looking at the current scores for each team as well as what team they will face in the upcoming knockout stage. To begin, let's tally up what the scores are for each team. The current win-loss ratio is as follows: Samsung White- 6-0 Edward Gaming- 4-3 Team Solomid- 4-2 Star Horn Royal Club- 5-1 Samsung Blue- 5-1 OMG- 3-3 Najin White Shield- 5-2 Cloud As you can clearly see, Samsung White has been having a real nice season, going undefeated through the six matches they ve fought through, meanwhile at the very back is team OMG with an equal win-loss ratio of three. With the eight teams moving forward to the knockout stage, they will all now fight each other to reach the grand finals and become champion. The current teams put together are the ones facing each other in the upcoming stage. Here are the beginning matches: Samsung White-Group A Team Solomid-Group B Samsung Blue-Group C Cloud 9-Group D Star Horn Royal Club- Group B Edward Gaming-Group A Najin White Shield-Group D OMG-Group C With this, the teams will fight in four matches before the victors clash in the semi-finals, then repeat the act for the Grand finals and earn the championship. With this, my name has been CrazeStasis, and I ll see you all in the next paper. -Kenny Berends (Look me up on YouTube as CrazeStasis) esports (pronounced "e-sports") is a general term used to describe video game competitions. Much like athletic sporting events, esports games are often played before live audiences and may be broadcast over the Internet as well. Riot Games, developers of League of Legends. The current logo for the 2014 World Championship. First Soccer Conference Games The soccer team from Central Lake/Bellaire played the first seven games in the Conference with six wins and only one loss. Here are the results of the first games: 1. Bellaire/ Central Lake 3:0 Roscommon 2. Bellaire/ Central Lake 2:1 Cheboygan 3. Bellaire/ Central Lake 0:1 Harbor Light 4. Bellaire/ Central Lake 6:1 Forest Area 5. Bellaire/ Central Lake 8:1 Burt Lake 6. Bellaire/ Central Lake 1:0 Roscommon 7. Bellaire/ Central Lake 2:1 Cheboygan The team has nineteen players, so it is a really big team. The combined soccer team fields six players from Central lake and thirteen from Bellaire. The home games and every practice are in Bellaire. The reason for this is that there are more athletes on the team who live in Bellaire than in Central Lake. In addition to the normal conference and tournament games, there are several scrimmages, or practice games as well. -Felix Dornieden Central Lake Bellaire 2014 soccer team following their first tournament in Petoskey. Central lake s players include: Carrissa Boni, Shae Holmes, Matilda Perkins, Alex Perkins, Connor Zook, and Felix Dornieden. Cross Country Left to right: Paige Talbot, Carrissa Boni, Jaynee Boni, Bret Dewey, Gabby Fernandez, Mathilda Perkins. More pictures on page 13.

10 CL Trojan Timez: September / October, 2014 Issue page 10 page15 Gus Szoka Athlete of the Month from the Varsity Football team is Gus Szoka. Gus is a senior this year and is inspired by himself. He is inspired by himself because he is selfmotivated. As I interviewed Gus, I asked If you could be any super hero who would you be? he replied, I would be Master Chief, because I need and want his armor. Gus was nominated by his coach. Coach Heeke said that Gus fits the spot very well, being the captain of the football team and because he is very hard-working as well. Gus plays defensive linebacker. -Kyle Russell October Athletes of the Month Alex Perkins October s athlete of the month from the Varsity Bellaire/Central Lake Soccer team is Alex Perkins. Alex is a senior this year. He plays soccer and track. Alex s inspiration is Leo Messi because he is the best to ever play the game. Alex said if I could have any magic powers, I would want to read minds. Alex is a starter for his soccer team. He plays right midfielder. Last year he scored 4 goals and had 4 assists in his whole season. -Aurora Pruyt Haley Patton Athlete of the month from the varsity volleyball team is Haley Patton. Haley is a senior this year and she is a starter and outside hitter on the volleyball team. Her parents are her inspiration because they do everything for the family and support her with everything she does. Haley also plays basketball and runs track. Last year Haley beat the school record in long jump with 16 feet and 4 inches, but then went on to beat that record as well with 16 feet and 6.5 inches. Haley is a very good student in school and has a GPA of 3.6. Haley s response to the question, If you could be a super hero, what super hero would you be and why? was, I would be Elastagirl from the Incredibles because you can turn off the lights while in bed and you can grab food without getting up. -Haley Bearden -Haley Bearden The (un)grand (mis) adventures of CrazeStasis. Hello, ladies and gentlemen, my name is CrazeStasis (Craze for short), and I play video games. Usually these games bring great, hilarious, heartwarming, or at times rage-inducing moments to those that do play video games (including and especially me). This is what this article is about, to give you a general idea what and how playing a video game is really like (and no, I don t mean a tutorial). So to start, let s begin with a game rather fitting for Hallowe-ah crap. *Sighs* So essentially the game I m playing is called Slender, which I m playing while a friend of mine was not pleasant, not at all. For explanation, the main goal of Slender is to gather eight pages scattered throughout a mapmade to look particularly like a forest or park-with nothing but a flashlight and a camera in your possession. The catch is that when you grab a page, you essentially wake up the Slender Man (AKA the main star of the Slender Man Mythos from the internet). You can probably tell where this is going but the first thing I tried to do in game was find a page within the map s lone building, after finding nothing there I quickly headed outside to an area with nothing but tankers-and proceeded to find my first page. What would follow for the next few minutes was me blabbering nothing but gibberish and curses-especially whenever Slendy decided to say hi-all the while spinning around so many times it would make a top dizzy. What also particularly sucked was that overtime the flashlight s battery died, and since the darkness in this game can literally be considered dark (as in you can t see anything), I was starting to panic even more in -game (as well as get angry with the fact I struggled to see anything). I only barely saw the Slender Man after the first page, but by the third page he started following me like a stalker in a horror movie that can t be stopped, and by the fourth page he finally decided to show himself up close and personal, giving us a jumpscare and making me leap a foot (and run further into the woods with my flashlight off). Finally, in my near blind desperation to get away from Slendy, I stumbled across the fifth page. By now my flashlight was completely dead and I was stumbling around in the dark like a blind man would stumble around town, I was nearly ready to call it quits since I couldn t see anything and by now my nerves would have been fried...when Slendy decided to make the decision for me. After a while I turned around, and right in my face was none other than the Slender Man. My screen went fuzzy, before going dark, flashing several times (with Slendy s head in the background) and finally going black one more time. By now I was mentally shaking, my nerves now officially taking a vacation in China, and my friend laughing his butt was a good time, really? This is one of the few things that can happen to people playing video games, and despite getting my pants scared off; I nonetheless enjoyed playing with a friend watching. And with that, there s the end of the first article, hopefully next time I play a game, I don t nearly die from a heart attack after jumping five feet into the air. -Kenny Berends (look me up on YouTube as CrazeStasis).

11 CL Trojan Timez: September / October, 2014 Issue page 14 page11 The CrazeStasis Corner. You done got Swatted, son. A piece of the incident as seen in the YouTube video. Hello ladies and gentlemen, my name is Kenny Berends, also known as CrazeStasis (Craze), and I m here to deliver news related to the video game industry and/or the various developers and creators related to said subject. To start with this piece of news, let s go back a month to August 27, namely during the time when YouTuber Kootra was streaming some counter strike go on to get swatted by a troll (a person who does something to anger/watch another suffer for kicks). For those that wouldn t know what swatting is, it is the use of emergency services (primarily the dispatcher) to dispatch to a supposed emergency and deal with the problem. The catch is that there is no problem, the report is false and meant to disrupt whatever the person was doing-in this case, simply streaming a game of CS:GO. This is particularly bad because one of the worst outcomes of an event like this is the victim of said event getting killed of all things. The fact that it is illegal to begin with only fans the flames even more. After the incident, Kootra was taken into custody but released shortly afterwards, a video of said swatting was released on YouTube, gaining over three million views. Only two people have taken claim to the event on twitter (one called ScrewPain and another named veri), an investigation into the incident is ongoing. Overall, this sad little event on the internet is simply disgusting behavior overall, with the video being horrifying and in poor taste. Those that wish to support Kootra for the incident can simply go to his channel, watch some videos of his, and maybe subscribe to his channel. Thank you all for reading, I hope to bring you even more video game industry news in the future. My name has been CrazeStasis, and I will see you next article...peace! -Kenny Berends (look up my YouTube channel CrazeStasis ) Kootra, the Swatting victim. Kootra s YouTube icon, as seen on his channel. Simeon s Sports Trivia Question 1: When the original Cleveland Browns left Ohio, what team did they become? A. Jacksonville Jaguars B. Baltimore Ravens C. Carolina Panthers D. Arizona Cardinals Question 2: Which player holds the record for the longest scoring play in Superbowl history? A. Percy Harvin B. Larry Fitzgerald C. James Harrison D. Donald Driver Question 3: Who is the only college football player in history to win 2 Heisman Trophies? A. Archie Griffin (Ohio State) B. Herschel Walker (Georgia) C. Tim Tebow (Florida) D. Bo Jackson (Auburn) Football Update Cont. from pg. 9 Central Lake drove deep into Joburg territory but turned it over on downs. Jo-burg had a long drive and then scored on a 1 yard touchdown run, and tied the game with the extra point. CL got into Jo-burg territory but couldn t score before the end of the half the score was tie at the half. CL got the ball to start the second half but turned it over on downs. Jo-burg had another long drive and scored on a 6 yard touchdown run and took the lead with the 2 point conversion. Then Ben Hicksfumbled and the cardinals recovered at mid-field the score being Cl 14 and Jo-burg 22. To start off the fourth Jo-burg took advantage and scored another touchdown with the extra point. Then CL turned it over on downs. Jo-burg fumbled at Cl s 20. The Trojans made a good effort but turned it over on downs, and that was the last real possession of the game. The final score being CL 14, Jo-burg 29. On September 19 th the Trojans welcomed Onaway, looking to rebound after a tough loss. The first drive of the game Luke Seaney had a 32 yard touchdown run with 2 point conversion. Onaway went 3 and out. On the next drive Ben Hicks had a 9 yard touchdown run with 2 point not good. On the next drive the Trojans fumbled and Onaway recovered. Onaway drove deep into Trojan territory but Gus intercepted the pass at the 5. The score being CL 14 and Onaway 0. To start off the second CL turned it over on downs. Onaway had a short touchdown run and no 2 point conversion. The Trojans turned it over on downs again, and in the middle of the drive, Jack Dawson left the game with a shoulder injury. Onaway turned it over on downs. Luke Seaney had a 12 yard touchdown run with the 2 point unsuccessful. Onaway turned it over on downs once again. Then the score was CL 20 Onaway 6 at the half. To start off the half Onaway had to punt. Luke Seaney had a 4yd touchdown run his 3 rd touchdown of the game 2 point conversion good. Onaway had a long drive and they were near the end zone at the end of the quarter, with the score CL 28, Onaway 6. To finish their long drive, Onaway punched it in from 2 yards, and converted their 2 point conversion; this was the last score of the game. Both teams punted on the last two possessions of the game, and the Trojans walked away with a win, Final score CL 28, Onaway 14. On a rainy October 3 rd the Trojans faced the Forest Area Warriors for their home coming game. CL would blow the Warriors out to the point of a running clock in the second half with a very convincing win. After Forest Area turned it over on downs to start the game, Jake Szczepanski punched the ball in for a 1 yard touchdown, and the 2 point good. After a Forest area punt, the Trojans scored again on an 8 yard touchdown pass from Isaac Mortensen to Zeb Collins, and the 2 point was good again. On their next drive Isaac threw a 33 yard touchdown pass to Ben Hicks, 2 point no good this time. At the end of the first quarter, the score was CL 22 Forest Area 0. At the start of the second quarter the Trojans had a rushing touchdown by an undetermined player, with a successful 2 point. The Trojans would later have another touchdown, which was not noted, but the 2 point was no good, and that was all the scoring in the second quarter. The score at the half was CL 36 Forest Area 0. During the half Jack Dawson, and Haley Patton were crowned homecoming king, and queen. The running clock started in the second half. On the first drive of the half Ben Hicks had a 56 yard touchdown run, which would end up being the final score of the game, with the two point conversion no good. The rest of the game included two fumbles by each team, but there were no other scoring plays, making the final score CL 42 Forest Area 0. -Darren Zook & Simeon Spaulding

12 CL Trojan Timez: September / October, 2014 Issue page 12 page13 Trojan Cross Country and Soccer Cheer Squad Thrives on Spirit This year s Trojan cheerleading squad came back strong thanks to Coach Lisa Hoogerhyde. This football season, there are a total of eight cheerleaders on the squad. Senior Tineka Witt of two years, Junior Alex Diller of three years, Sarah Schluckbier of two years, Dezert DeYoung of three years, Andrea Shafer of nine years, Marley Kendall of nine years, Laura Chase of three years, and Alexis Michael of three years. Since August 12th of this year, the Trojan cheerleading squad has been working on a few new cheers, motions, and stunts. They re starting off the season with new uniforms, new cheers, and they have even started stunting again. So far this year, they have been to Jo Burg, Pickford, and Inland Lakes for varsity games. This year, we didn t have a Pop Warner cheerleading coach, so sadly there won t be any Pop Warner cheerleaders this football season. In addition to cheering for the varsity team, the squad also helps decorate the inside and outside the school. When asked, How is cheerleading a sport? The Trojan cheerleading squad replied, The truth is, there really isn t a solid definition of official sport. We throw 100 plus pound girls. We ve been hit, kicked, scratched, elbowed, kneed, and we shake it off because you have to keep going. So when you see your Trojan cheerleading squad, thank them for all their support. -Dezert DeYoung and Sarah Schluckbier Left - Right Dezert DeYoung, Tineka Witt, Marley Kendall, Andi Shafer, Laura Chase, Alex Diller, Alexis Michael, and Sarah Schluckbier. Trojan runners find time to goof off and relax. It s not hard work all the time! Hunter Hull just can t resist. Cheer spirit is contagious.! The Central Lake / Bellaire soccer team looks to go deep in this year s playoffs.