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4 ~ ~o.,. ~. ~NfNf' Shield 1998, vol.44 Oak awn Community High School 9400 Southwest Highway Oak awn Illinois (708) Enrollment 1405

5 C hgo-choo. Jennifer Sepessy and Heather Hewitt hurry towin the scooter race at the annual homecoming pep assembly. This years assmebly consisted of many games, including a football throw, scooter races and toilet paper wrap-up. 9&;k scl~is fui/~ tunuif to- qf&o anri ~ IinIi!/ ia/ li/-e<?n:v at ti~e /)/ ~tkum?/of~1r.ckfjiuj'1 ~ anri~. cfj'{:v ~ suckluytkin1eanel/, tk fw;1unej'l/com.l!/inj.tyaty/ /w.odd ~ fv~ ~ ~ wiik Y/ /aq~ YU1IUfacUu~ t1ulk uu:lud /tk at~cluu:h~~ruut~ ~ruut~cuiii Iuuui~ ~~to ~~..~ ~ rp CJ.Ub inj.ty tju!/ ~ ~ (but a.c.tiuiliety. ~ ruut C'teQ,[e- tltevv ~ cfj'{:v IinIi!/ (l~ ~ au~ lujte< /)/ ~ tjzab ~ QIU!/ au Na{ ~(-3~,tk~ C04iA/~f&oqf&e~~.N UlfJrking toward Tomorrowah. rah, rah. Mr. Tom Murphy and Principal Hill show their R school spirit...as cheerleaders. This year the Seniors carried on the tradition of d feating the Juniors at the annual Powder Puff game.

6 2 go. MIke DIxon gets reedy for dey fui 01 Ie8rnIng end excttement. The Pep Club rec:ognized many ItUdents for their herd work and lichieyeinents ti1rouiti deconltive locker... a, a, a. Dan Mcemon receives his choir patch after the fall performance. The chorus performed a number of times both at the school and on tour at other schools. O S many choices, so little time endy Dixon and Keith Kriska look to order their class rings. Many O.. students ordered their class rings, this year, as a never-ending reminder of their time in high school. ' -.. '" Opening 'f. 3

7 .._.. rri enjoy coming to school because I can see all of my friends. My life is so busy after school that I never have time to visit them." -Jodie Daley n Having the ability.-. to be mature. but knowing you can be immature and still get away with it. " -Ryan Burgridge n Homework... does not make school fun. But your friends and people you like and cool teachers make school fun." -Chris i/son 4 Student ife Division

8 A in time h06 on first? Jeannie Evans, Ken Braasch, Jason Bjork, Chris Beyer and Kelly Burke show team spirit and favorites by dressing up in Orioles uniforms and Chicago Softball shirts. It just wouldrt be school without all of our friends to make life fun. CZ1CMA/ ~ Ufb ifl/ tiuv~ and Aead ily sduujtily~~of~ Iuv11- offli1/ c(&k~~ ~ f-iuedwiikrru1~~ rnataematicat~~ JnOInenlS/" ll/dib~~~- ~andfyu1iir/v, and~~ml~ ~ ~~ii/(j/{/yuj-4 ~ f4v~ ~~ofsduwt. ea/u1/~ ClV ~Aaut ily lv~ ily ~ tiuv ~fl/ ~p1aav, lvaawv~ ~ ily Aawv 1i11, lv OU/V~ ~ OU/V~and~ seifv ~ t0um.jruvf.8/ ~ tnuclv I1/lR/ ~wjzab~~ ( HOI ( Food and fun. ant a way to get away from the brain torture - go to the cafeteria with your friends. Freshmen Carrie VanDyck, Jill O'Malley, Tori Fi her, Marjorie Koeppen, Katie Engel, Sharle Vletoris, Erin Bartsch and Tara Duitmann enjoy each others company and swap stories for the day. The cafe was one place where you could have your own agenda. The time is NO. This is the age of technology and anything can happen. Amy Attivlssimo, Tom Gamino, Dale Ogberg and the alien recognised how they must change with the times or be I ft behind. hat do you choose? ife can be great fun and have lots of promise for a great future- its all in what we choose now. Sophomore Carlina Meztler browses through class ring options. Pyramid of Prettiness. Mr. Tom Murphy and Principal Hili team up with Seniors Mike Cingranl, Jim Carpenter, Chris Amato and Jason Dogulm to cheer the powder puff football team to victory. Homecoming week allowed people to "let their hair down and just have fun. Student ife Division 5

9 RIT EEK ime for lots offun and school. it OCHS style. Have you ever attempted to play Twister wrapped up in a cartoon theme bed sheet? Many OCHS students participated enthusiastically in this years Homecoming Spirit week activities. Monday's pep assembly was a great way to show off the days theme; Green and hite Day. Students decked themselves out in green and white apparel or wore their team uniforms to get in the spirit of the day. Vee Haw! Overalls, straw hats and water balloons, oh my! Tuesday was Down on The Farm Day with wild water balloon toss action at lunch. Break out those IOU's, roll your jeans and rat out your long multicolored hair, yes ednesday was 80's Day. Everyone was getting a little crazy and painting friends faces at lunch. Totally! For sure! On Thursday, bed sheets and olive leaves were the theme outfit. Toga Day also included several wild games of Twister during lunch periods. Yaawwn! To end Spirit eek, students got to "Roll out of Bed" and stumble into school sporting their oh-socozy pajamas. hen asked what Spirit Day Jennifer Rau liked best, she said, "Green and hite Day:' Dana Fett's favorite day was Down On the Farm Day, "I thought all the cute outfits were hilarious:' Steve Banasia~ was groovin' along with 80's Day. hen asked why he enjoyed 80's Day so much, he replied, "ell, why no t?i)"... The over all favorite day was Roll Out of Bed day. "Everyone is messy and no one really cares how they look:' commented Veronica Espinosa. As you can see, OCHS is full of school spirit! S plash! Mike Parisi and Ed Tamborino ambush fellow stu dents with a full water balloons at tack. The water balloon toss was one of many favorite lunch time activities duro ing spirit week. R at.a.tat.tat... Marching band gets everyone pumped with their addic live foot tapping beats. The march Ing band also entertained the crowd at the Homecoming football game.

10 T he pep assembly really gets roll ing. Junior class takes the lead in this mummifying competition. Ea h class participated enthusiastically in the pep assembly activities. Fancy Foot ork H ush puppies... From cute little dalmations to big bull dogs, a great way to accesorize any bed time outfit is marn best friend. fuzzy foot companions. I B est buds... Pooh, the ub twins and Bugs pose for the camera. Cartoon theme slippers were a must for to any Roll Out of Bed Day outfit. hat an entertainerl Rob Kaczmark wows the audience with his ability to defy gravity all on two wheels. This year the pep assembly was a big hit. unch time fun... Pete Benes and Tony Zoeteman participate in a game of Twister. unch activities also included face painting and marshmallow tower building contests. ions and tigers and BEARS. oh myi Dead bears are everywhere, even on feet! A must have for any Dead Head's bedtime wardrobe. " _ i' Spirit eek 1'. 7

11 ", ::, ' ::000 MORNING, OAK AN! - - ' ~,>-' --StJp~omore Spartans slay the Bengals} ttn'd:varsity hits them hard. ~ "," Hello out there. This is Susie Spartan reporting to you from Oak awn High Schools Homecoming football game. Its a beautiful day and the stands are filled. Oak awn just kicked off the game. The Spartar-s defense looks strong. atch ", '. out, Bengals! Martin Zubek just intercepted the ball and is running towards the end zone; he, crashing through the Bengals players; He, finally brought down on the Spartar-s 37 yard line. Great job, Martin! Its now the second quarter. Justin Spilde just caught a great pass from Rich Powell. He, running and no one can touch him. Touchdown, Spartans! The field goal kicked by Ryan Howell is good. The score is now Spartans-7, Bengals-O. Its now near the end of the fourth quarter and were still waiting for the score to change. The Spartans defense has kept the Bengals from getting near the end zone until now. Touchdown, Bengals. The 2-point conversion is no good. The score at the end of the game is Spartans-7, Bengals-6. Great job, sophmores! The Varsity team scored 20 points, but fell short of a vic: tory. Coach Sebuk commented, "The selection of the Homecoming game is strategically very important because of the many activities and distractions that take place during Homecoming week. So selecting the proper opponent for Homecoming is extremely important:' Good luck next year! G reen 171 Sophmore Chris O'Brenskl gets ready to hike the ball to Rich Powell. A highlight of the Sophmore game was a touchdown thanks to Justin Spilde. eve got spirit! Oak awn cheerleaders do their annual half-time show at the Homecoming game. Twenty-four cheerleaders performed at the game.

12 O Varsity team fought hard even though they dldrt win. March On! ut of my wayl Oak Forest Bengals desperately try to take down Senior Dale Olberg. The henis Bam-Bamand Pebbles? Sophmores Amy Nagel. Jill Munno, Tina Moretll, Katie enzel, and Stephanie Spero show why the sophmore class won the 'Most School Spirit' award for the parade. Hola, amigo,! Michelle Panek, uis Gonzalez, and Carrie Barnhouse were justa few of the people on the Spanish Club float that won "Best Float: G o longl Quarterback Tacho Gamino gets ready to throw a long pass. Tacho Gamino has been the Quarterback all four years. G ot itt Ryan Howell catches the pass right overone ofthe Bengals heads. The sophmore team had a great season this year. Toga! Togal Juniors Kristin Franek, Nahed Sobhy, and MeUssa Piwowar march through time In the Homecoming Parade. "... '" Homecoming 10, 9

13 E ( o M I N G tans in Ancient Times" dance too.' It is amazing all that goes into just one dance. For one week we celebrated our return to school. A week full of dress-up days and fun lunch time activities, and as that week came to close many were "scrambling here and there to get the last necessities for the BIG dance night. hile people were scrambling around the town trying to prepare for the dance, inside the school student council was "scrambling around the auditorium gym trying to make the gym a dance floor, and the dance floor a porthole to Ancient Greece. To go with the theme of "Spartans in Ancient Times:' student council transported the gym to Ancient Greece with columns, vines, an archway and a gazebo. As well as the usual, white and gold, balloons and streamers. "The decorations that we built made the dance look interesting, especially the pillars and archways:' Commented Diana roblewski. "The middle archway ended up being a stage for the Homecoming Court, which everyone seemed to like:' To make the dance a Greek courtyard, student council spent a full school day cutting, pasting and constructing. Their hard work and dedication is what made the dance such a huge success. H ang on a minute. Nicki Frazel makes Joe Me Murrey a part of the dance noor by decorating him with streamers. Many people left the dance with a balloon. sign or some type o. decoration as d keep~o<e. C oncentratel Gina Rogers and Kristen Franek carefully construct a background to go with the homecoming theme. Student Council took the dance back In time to Ancient Greece.

14 Homecoming Court members, Duygu Akinci and Brian Carlson. Homecoming Court members, Jill Jurkowski and Chris Beyer. tand a little closer! Dancing brings many people together, as SMandy agner and Tom Heda prove. hile dances are a time to be close and have fun. students were wamed against PDAS. C ut and paste. Melissa Reyes and Samantha Staniszewski? patiently cut out decorations for the dan e. A whole day was dedicated to the creation of the perfect dance noer. Homecoming Court members. Ken Braasch and Anne Pasquarella. _ i' '/ Homecoming Dance 1'. 11

15 of the TIMES 001 policies and dating change with the y ars but people basically doni. School then and now has changed in so many ways. Students have had more freedom in the past. The school is very strict today. There was a smoking room but later do to changing laws the school got rid of that policy. The attendance policy here at O..C.H.S. was very easy going. Throughout the years there has been many changes to the attendance policy. One way is they give students less days. Now the school gives the students four days a semester with a doctors note on the fourth day. The school thinks this will help keep the schools attendance up with the student body. The school has a intolerance for illegal substances in and around the school at school related events. They will suspend you from school if caught with any illegal substance not appropriate for school. Dating has changed through the years at school and outside of school. Dating was more traditional. Before students went to movies and dinner or out dancing. Today its more groups and talking on the phone. hen people go out its no longer formal but, more casual. Students still go out to movies but, with the changed times they have remained almost the same. Except that they keep getting more and more informal throughout the years. Even thought we had many changes in the school policies doesnt mean that more are still to come. Things have been changed many times from year to year but a lot of things still remain the same over time. There is always changes from generation to generation with many same similarities and many changes too. S tep up if yoli-e a Spartan. Var sity ch r1eaders Stephane Boyle. Corrin Vandy k. Elizab th Vogel. and Michelle Ortiz represent the new generation. Principal Hili has been a Spartan for 27 years. _ i" " 12 1'. Student ont be latel Bill Palmer arrives late and ch cks in at the weliknown attendan e office. Two D tardy!; equals two hours.

16 I didot do it! Ryan Melling hats with Mr. itowski as th y stroll down the hall with Mrs. Mareska close behind. A new policy this year was the attendanc watch IIst- 4 days of absences (excused or not). How would you like the school to change in ten years? No longer need doctors notes to be excused after four days of absence. onger assemblies and more of them. Extended time in the hallways for passing periods. Have quarter exams instead of semester examsless information to study. Have more school activities to show school spirit. Open campus lunch for students. H urry Hurry! Nicholas Briley com Ing late to school again. Get mov ing! resent! Freshman Katie Eng I and Joe McMurray make sure their in Pschool. Studies show that students with better attendance did better in school overall. Cheering Juniors. Junior class showing pirit by ch ring for their favorite class. " _ f" Generations 1'. 13

17 IVIDUAllTY students define who they are and they standfor. Individuality: The quality which distinguishes one person or thing from another; an individual Trendy: hat is considered in or cool. How would you define yourself? In our school we have catergorized many different types of students. Its become so comfortable for you just to yell out "hey FreaK or "hey Prep. Fashion is a big part of our everyday lives. For some trendiness is part of life and life-style they lead. Talking to Gianna Hardt, her input on fashion in school was deeper than any other. Gianna stated, "I wear what I feel comfortable wearing. I believe the expression is involved in how people dress. You can make a statement without saying a word:' As for the men in our school some care if they look good, but for the most of them they pick out their dirty clothes off the floor and make a mad dash for the door. Mario Vancheri says, "I wear what I like but sometimes I choose my clothes to my taste as well as others. I mean I care what people think of me not as a person, how I act or anything but people look at the way you dress:' Ryan Burbridge says, "Catergorize me how you want. I dress how I do to make myself feel comfortable and there shouldri: be stereotypes. Be an individuai:' ell, there you have it. e dont care about what others perceive us to be. e do what others want, we dress how we want to be an individual and if you want to look good do it for yourself. S topping to talk in the halls with a friend. Erica Vietorts and Ron Strauss are fashionable yet casual. They were dressed for the warm weather in the beginning of the year. S tanding out in a crowd. Chris ilson sports her Contempo out fit. Her faded nares were the newest trend for the season.

18 H aiding on to a friend. TJ Mulernin and Kelly Scanlan are two more fashionable but casual people who dress with taste and style. They looked preppy In their American Eagle gear. T o grunge or not. Sophia Farldi sports typical grunge outfitlnclud Ing her hip hugger- bell bottoms. ooks great to the students but it doesri meet the school code. M e and my buddy. These two hollies. Steve Swertel and Eric iatr are outfitted in th ir prepped out gear. Typical prep wear includes nice paints. sweaters or a bullon down. Hair St les Different do's in our school today are very unique. A lot of people show their individuality and creativity in the way that they do their hair. e see many colors decorating the halls and many different hair styles to go along with it. Hair says a lot about a person. You can tell if they get up early to look their best or if they don't even care. Its all about being yourself. There are many punk do's and many down to earth do's. e see many different colors around school everyday, what was your favorite? '1' - '" Individuality 1'. 15

19 AND REAXATION students do to unwind and have efun. putting their negative energy into creating cakes, cookies, french fries, or even dinner. Getting active helps, too. Take a jog, work out, or playa game of basketball. Also, cruising around can put anyone in a better state of mind. For most of us, a peaceful drive through the hills would do the trick. A portion of the OCHS population insist on driving, with their pedal to the metal, while tearing around corners. e enjoy beating up our cars like the gigantic pieces of metal and mechanical parts had anything to do with our tension in the first place. Creativity can be a good outlet for hostile feelings. riting poetry, painting, and sculpting are good ways to channel negative energy. Even taking a piece of paper and writing out what's stressing you can release some tension. J ust chilling... Mr. Sullivan and Mr. Chilvers sn ak a IItti R.R during their free periods. A lot of tea hers try to help students "destress in lass. STRESS. It accumulates, knotting your muscles, giving you headaches, you can't sleep, and th next person who looks at you wrong is going to get the majority of your crankiness. Everyone needs a vacation from that! First, some of us rely on our favorite tunes to calm down. hether you crank the volume and scream along with the music or you turn the lights down, lay down and listen to your music softly, the end result is still the same. Relaxation creeps up just when you thought you'd never unwind. Stress can have funny effects on some of us. Students will clean to get rid of stress. From floor to ceiling, wall to wall, corner to corner, beating out our troubles on those evil dust bunnies. Others cookt ife R ead em and weep girlsl H ather Dwyer. Abby Pitcher. and Kristen McHugh enjoy a game of cards. Julie Roberts Oashed her winning hand.

20 S leeping on the Job. steve. Augle Is a little too relax d. u ky for him. h aught these Z dunng the Nov mber black out. Stress Busters "isten to music, hang out with my friends:-matt Poore "Play hockei'-dave Banasiak "I lay in my jacuzzi with floating candlessurrounding me,"-carlina Metzler "I go ice skating on the weekends:'-michelle Smith "Rearrange my bedroom, go through drawers and finding stuff to give to Good ill, and CEAN! Everythingl"- Holly Marie isitza "I go up on my roof and just think because 1 can see the whole world from there:- Amy Zavala "I go to my cabin up north:- Rita Murino I s it my turn already? Miadeh Judeh stretches out in the un to relax be fore another tough tenni mat h. The tennis t am finished nicely this season. hat do we have here boys? Mike Dixon. Ray Metzger. and Jason Matusiak expand their minds with a little lei ure time reading. Re ear h can also be done on the omputers. "I curl up with a good book:- Kerri Murphy "I take a long, hard run> Vicki Davis Relaxation and Fun.Jilf'17 ~

21 M iss. how fast were you going? Junior Kristin Franek and senior Tracy Ball practice driving in the drivers education parking lot at 5 m.p.h. Mr.allin doesrt take any chances with the students, so he wears a helmet and sunglasses just in case. How much does it all cost? $2000 Transmission $50 Carburetor $240 for 4 tires $650 Suspension $200 Radio and $399 CD Player $60 for front brakes and $240 for back brakes $1400 insurance for a boy age $1200 insurance for a girl age ~Student ife P unch Bug Yellow! Dart even think about punching junior Jill Jurkowski's Volkswagon. Too much time and money has been put into Jilis car for it to be punched. S tanding On Top of the Rocket. Seniors Tom Creech and Tacho Gamino get pumped up to go out on a wild Halloween night. They stand on top of Dan Prorocl6 Red Rocket.

22 ~f' GEROUS DRIVERS cited teenagers behind the wheel shell the big bucks. Most teenagers can't wait until they tum 16 because theyll have their license and a lot more freedom. They won't have to ask mommy for a ride anymore and the bike can go into the back of the garage. However, along with freedom comes a lot more responsibility. Most of the time learning to become more responsible can cause you to crack open your piggy bank. Two hours after Scott Strang got his license, he ran a red light and got his first $95 ticket. The drivers education instru<: tors tell students over and over again to follow the rules, but I guess teens need to learn the hard way. hen yotlre driving, look out for a light blue omni, because that car belongs to Jenny Bums. Besides crashing into the tree at the end of her driveway and backing into the side of her house, she has hit an open car door, knocked over a poor old lady, and drove into Nicole Baird\> car on 95th street. uckily Burns has only gotten speeding tickets, but don't forget you never get caught the first time you do something. Senior, Annie Jurkovic had always blown stop signs, so she didn't expect to get pulled over when she was racing Tom Creech and Brad Koeppen on 91 st street. The last time Rania Samaan had gotten into an accident, she was bending over to pick up a tape on the floor. So beware when youre driving because you never know who will be driving next to you. ~ he boys are back In town. Adam Fisher drives home his buddies Pat Mc aughlin and Dave Abrahamsen and Bob Fessett. They are ready to go out and have some fun. Packing It In. Stephanie Boyle gets stuck driving home Katie McDermott. Julie Braun. and Steve Swertel. Just one of those many perks of driving. '1' - ;.' Driving f. 19

23 I OMMUNITY SERVICE Putting others before yourself I They're everywhere. The kid who sits behind you in English class, those kids who sit across from you in the lunchroom, even some of your friends. Volunteers often go unnoticed but their contributions certainly dont. Many Oak awn students volunteer for various reasons. Senior Kristin Stroud volunteers at a local nursing home because she believes that the people who live there are very lonely and she likes to spend time with them. Assistant principar Mr. Tom Murphy stated that "Students are encouraged to do community service through the various clubs and activities that they participate in:' Several area high schools now require service hours for graduation. Oak awn has not added mandatory service hours to its already lengthy list of graduation requirements... YET!!! Mr. Bill Hill, principal, believes that it is a definite possibility for the near future. "If people want to do it they will. If they dont then no one should force them to:' replied Adam Erickson in response to the possibility of mandatory service hours. Service hours have not yet been made mandatory because of the large amount of work that will need to come to make this project move smoothly, but dont fret if this becomes a rule it will be started with freshman and will not effect current students. N O dont faint, Honey. Julie Ballard donates her blood at the Christ Hosipital blood draw. 60 students got out ofclasses to donate their blood for this worthy cause. D rawing a crowd. Children line up to gel thler faces painted by Sylvester Miskowiec. Art club donated their time and talent at the annual craft fair. ' l' _ i" 20 Student ife

24 S haw me the money. Gina Rogers collects money for Kiwanis peanut day. Money collected goes to a dif f rent ause ea h year. Getting Involved Volunteering may not be as hard as you think. Take some of these examples... >Picking up litter >Recycling >Helping somebody pick up something they dropped >Helping a teacher >Dropping a few cents in a collection cans for those of you interested in a more formal way of volunteering check out some of these places in your community... >Park District >Comrnunity Center >Churches >YMCA >Schools >4H Clubs >Boys and Girls Club >Senior Center All you need to do to get involved is pick up the phone and give one of these places a call. abble Gobble. Kathleen Klupshas collects cans from G2nd peroid classes. 4,803 cans were collected at th Thanksgiving food drive. A little to the right. ee Mc Ie, Eimon Thwln and Officer Foster hang up a sign for Red Ribbon k. The year theme was community involvement. " i' Community Service 1-, 21

25 ERING THE ORK FORCE t;dents start working in the real Ae orld., I~ Jl DIS AS "orking stinks because the customers are rude, pay stinks, and I had to stay an extra hour and a half to make Service Merchandise spotless on Christmas Eve;' complains senior Greg Slade. Every job in life has its disadvantages, but what makes a person put their name badge on every week? Is it the money, the people, the discounts, or is it just that people are sick of filling out job applications? I'd have to say most people won't admit that they like work because it isn't the cool thing to say, but deep down there!; a lot of reasons why people look forward to work. Sophomore, Jamie Gunderson looks forward to going to Splash Car ash. He said, "hen there!; no customers in line we hacky sac:' "After Jewel closes, all the employees run around the store playing tag and throwing food down the aisles;' said Melissa Czukieski. Dan Balich will never forget the time he and Kristen McHugh had a huge whip cream fight in the middle of Millies Ice Cream Shop with all the customers watching. Junior Brian Carlson said his favorite part about working was taking all the leftover cinnabuns home at the end of the day. ork is something that you're going to be doing for the rest of your life. So why not make the best of it? Most people like big responsibilities and thats why they put up with all the strict rules and regulations that their job requires. 019 AS Taking care of business. Junior Jason Ruesch rings up sales for two of his buddies. Craig Parkhill and Bob Groos. Oak awn students are frequent shoppers at Sears In Chicago Ridge Mall. P icking a winner. The ions seem to be the choice over the Bears this year. Senior Chris Menshlng has worked at Superstars for awhile and knows what teams are ahead In sports this uear.

26 P utting It together. Junior Cheryl Banaziak expresses her individ uality by dressing stylish for work. 'Gadzooks' is a happening kind of place that carries the latest syles. Embarassed? Senior Nicole Balrds most embarrassing moment was on her birthday. She was cleaning up the tables In the cafeteria when Tacho Gamino came up behind her and dumped all the wet rags on her head. Senior Jenny KlepaC> most embarrassing moment working at Mrs. Fields Cookie Company was when a bowl flew out of her hand and hit a customer In the head. B Dalton. here it's at. Senior Kati Powell organizes books in a bookstore. Not only is Katie qualified to work at B. Dalton. but she has read many of the books in the store T he Right Stuff. Senior Chris Amato gives his hoe advice to some track runners. Jason Dogium. Kristi Hoagland. and Jim Carpenter se lected track shoes to keep in shape. "I hate clown says senior Jenny Bums. Her most embarrassing moment at Office Depot was when a guy came into work all dressed up with clown atlire on and Jenny started freaking out in front of everyone. "... i' Jobs

27 o ( H I N G n parasitic behaviors and how to cogtize them. Many high schools are home to different personalities. Oak awn is no different. Jocks, nerds, preps, and stoners are words students attempt to label each other with. Some people even lead double or triple lives. One personality transcends all others in diverseness. That personality is the mooch. Moochers come in different shapes and sizes. A typical type of mooch is the money mooch. Many moochers are your best friend who always seems to be "just short" of the cost of what they are purchasing. They always promise to pay you back, but your money will never be seen again. In order to pay back their debts, they would need to mooch some one else. Its a vicious circle of lies and deceit, and they will never leave it. The distant cousin of the money mooch is the food mooch, but not as common. These bottomless pits never seem to have a lunch or money for a lunch. They survive, however, by swiping a nacho here, a fry there, a sip here, a gulp there. They wait for their friends to not finish their lunch, then offer them up. These walking stomachs devour every last bit of food offered. It is disheartening to see them fighting for food, and then its gone in a matter of seconds. The most feared of all moochers is the ride mooch. These mooches wait ready to pounce in halls, at doorways, or in the lot. They strike, asking, pleading, begging for a ride. Neversay yes! The ride mooch develops a dependency. It isr1 too bad if the ride mooch lives close to your final destination, but chances are the ride mooch is headed in the totally opposite direction. M C ind if I have a fe? J s iea Melander and Kim Carpretz en joy the so ial atmosph re of lun h. Diana roblewski to some Doritos. miled her way aught in the act. Daniell Milazzo mooehe a dollar off of Matt Moyzis. Thou nds of dollar are given out to moochers every year.

28 ..., M mm...tastes like pickles. Nick Jelcic swipes the last bites of a pickle. And. uh oh. looks like h was eyeing that sandwich too. Moochers Anonymous "Mooching is bad:'-pete Benes "Mooching is for thieves with a conscience:'-steve Banasiak "Tis better for a man to have a steady income and provide for himself then to depend on others for help:'-ray Metzger "If mooching is an art form, I am Picasso:'-Rich Hood "Mooches...They just take and take and take:' Jenny Mitchell "If you can mooch a little here and there... why not?"-chris Koch "Mooching? All I know is that if you dort have your fry money, yotire outta luck~'-chrisannen A re you going to finish that? Fr n h fries are a major food group at OCHS. Jason Kolk seemed to think so. M utensils. ind If1borrow that pen? unch lime beings. Patricia Ruh and Kathy Pasko discussed writing Mooching".. - '" 2S -"

29 iding through the park. Brandt Park was one of the most popu Rlar places to hang out after school. After a while many students stoppedvisiting the park. but it still lasts In their memories. here do you go to hang out?, Mike Mc Cabe said, " I go to my friends to hang out and listen to music. I go there to forget about my day at school:' Michelle Fierro commented, "I go to Cafe' una with my friends, drink coffee and attract attention to myself " I go to my friends because there is nothing else to do;' explained Sara May. Crystal Gryz expressed, "I go to the mall to walk around with my friends and window shop:' Jenny ierzbanowski said, " I go to my friends house to joke around and have some laughs. Then we do our homework:' _ " ;-' 26 1'. Student if anging at the mall. Diana roblewski and Maur en HScanlan are checking out what good deals they can g t at the mall. Christmas shopping was dlffi ult when christmas break didrt begin until December 19. B owling the night away. eanne Bylina is playing a competitive gam of bowling with her friends. Bowling. shopping and other forms of enjoym nt went on wherever the nearest "hang out" was.

30 ANGOUTS here you go to relax} have fun} unwind and forget. here do you vegetate during the week? Most people in our school choose to relax and unwind after a stressful day in school at a friends house. Others drive around aimlessly for hours so they don: have to be at home or housebound at a friends. Then there are the few that go to the mall and walk around window shopping. Coffee drinkers head straight for Oak Ridge or Denny.; where they have deep intellectual conversation about school. (Yeah right!) I have learned that there is nothing constructive for us teens to do during the week. e just hang out with friends and bond. Tracy Dengler says~' hen nothing fun is going on my friends and I go to get coffee and sit around and just talk about our problems~' You can find out a lot about a person if you buy them a cup of coffee. Many of us enjoy going to "EI Galloresturant late at night for a snack. Its just a place with really good Mexican food where we sit down and relax. I asked a few people what they like to do during the weeks and they replied with anything but stay home. Melissa Piwowar says;'there is really nothing to do on school nights so I usually drive around with my friends and make appearances at peoples homes or the mall. There is nothing fun until the weekend so you have to create your own fun what ever it is you are doing:' During the sports seasons the true Spartan fans go to the games, where they hang with friends, to cheer their school to victory. Hanging out in Oak awn is usually fun if you make it fun. There are many things to do all you have to do is find out what it is you like and do it. geulng some food with a friend. Melissa Piwowar and Stephanie Spero go and hang out it their fri nds while enjoying food. They spent all that money of course. S itting around at a friends. Greg Slade and Nick Jelcic sit around. watch T. v.. and pig out. Many stu dents found it relaxing to just hang out at home. and a lot cheaper. - '" Hangouts 27 l'. -"

31 I v A T o gets you going and keeps you go- I N hat gets you going? hat motivates and inspires many to do the things they do? For some its coffee when they wake up; for others its the voice or smile from someone special. For Jennifer Rau having a good night motivates her for a good day to come. hile isa ells said, "A smile from my dad:' motivates her. To get moving in the morning takes much motivation, but it takes even more to keep going throughout the day. Dana Fett commented, "Good teachers that add fun into c1asswork motivates me to work to get good grades:' In school many are motivated to work hard and get good grades because of their parents and their goal to go to college. "Before a game-exercise and pratice:' aura Hackstack expressed about what motivates her before sporting activities. hen it comes to atheletics, motivation can be brought on from the "drive to win, a coachs words of wisdom, or the feeling one gets from a good work out. hile some need motivation to make it through the school day; others need motivation to make it through the day all together. hile Nicole Hanson concluded, "The thought of the benefits you can achieve from being motivated gets me motivated:' Hard work and dedication payoff. Tony Baldea show his enthusiasm as he re eives his NHS pin. After one year of service. 4 I seniors received their pins at the annual NHS induction. artan Pride. B nny the Spartan 'oins Ms. Patti Gr Iman at a pep railnny the Spartan is a major symbo. ~ of the school and brings much spirit.

32 G o out and win. Coach Cantar explains th next play to his players. Many coaches went beyond coa hing and became friends and mentors Plus Mrs. Ann Klusendorf commented that what keeps her motivated to come to school each day Is "1400 Plus Reasons: 'You must keep the kids in mind and not get all caught up In personal pettln ss. if I feel good about myself. th n I am a bett r resourc to th kids: stated Mr. Tom Murphy about what keeps him motivated when It comes to school. F OOd. food, food. Steve Macak 'wrestles with th wrapping to his loaf of bread. Many of those tho attended the Medieval Faire were nly looking forward to the food N O, now, class. Mr. Moonier explains to his class about common phllosophi s. Mr. Moonler tries very hard ea h year to make his class room a comfortable working environment 'hat keeps me motivated: Ms. Karen s el explain d. "I have a strong desire to h Ip students understand a subject I really love and many hate. Th chall nge presented by this Is to be able to xplaln a cone pt clearly enough that students not only "get It" but really understand It and see how It Interconnects to other con cepts. I leam as much from students as I analyze the necessary thinking processes as t1hey learn from me: " -. i" Motivation 1'. 29

33 NG MUSICA: THE IZ non Rooney remarked, "Play is an awesome experience. The crowds, the performances, the people... they are simply amazing. I have I arned so much and gained so many memories from theater. I wouldn't trade it for the world." Not playing the lead can be just a sati fying. Not everyone is staring at you, watching for the mallest mistakes. "As a dancer, it seemed like it was all about costume changes. I had about 6 different co tume, and about 10 costume changes. It's crazy trying to remember songs, dances, cues, and where I put my next costume. Everyone had fun though!" claimed Stephanie Spero. E ase on down the road! Dorothy and the Scarecrow get acquainted. Melissa Beslic and Anita Spero shared the part of Dorothy. and Tammy Fear and John Oaks shared the part of the Scarecrow. G otta wear shades. The lz danc ers strike a pose for the audience. Dancers performed and changed costumes through a number of routines.

34 M ake'uplll Behind the scenes. Jon Rowsey gets a touch up on those whiskers by Brandy Muston. Crew and make up were a major part in the production of the Spring musical. During the song "He. the izard: Sophie Faridi fell in the front center of the dance. Jason Kolk was right behind her and managed to scoop her up just as he was about to leap over her. Several, okay, the majority of the cast complained about the green glasses that were sugtion-cupped to their heads making blinking an impossibility. Brenda Davidson had a big cone shaped hat that wanted the spotlight all to itself. In the middle of one of her solos, the hat fell forward. Shannon Rooney was bounced right in the head with a huge green ball during "He. The iz~ But some how she managed to continue, pretending nothing had happened. T heres no place like home. Melissa Beslic consults the iz. Jason Kolk, on finding a way back to Kansas. Many students attended the Spring musi cal. B reak a leg. Mr. Dzurison has a last minute pep talk with a few dancers. Cast members took lime to motivate each other. And the small rumor circulated that a group of freshman boys backstage couldnt seem to keep their eyes off the scantily clad girls as they ran through costume changes. - " The iz 1', " 31

35 ADITIONS time goes by} some things never nge. Have you ever dressed up for PRIDE DAY, took part in an annual screaming contest or bennied a freshman? Or perhaps thought about participating in Senior Ditch Day? If you have, then you have participated in one or more of O..C.H.S5 many traditions. One common tradition that sparked many students interest was the ever popular Spirit week dress up days. Antony Zoeteman, on the other hand, explained that he liked roll-out-of-bed day because "lounge wear is the coolest: Another common tradition that many students got pepped and hyped for is the screaming contest. This is the test of all tests to prove which class is stronger and has the most spirit. This year the Sophomores held the Spirit Stick all year, and also kept their voices. Bennies and the annual Senior Ditch Day were two of the more popular tradi- tions that upper c1assmen, in particular, enjoyed. As freshmen it is only normal to be the group that is picked on and tortured the most. One common example of the benny tradition was when upper class, varsity athletes, were ~iven a freshman "buddy: To whom they tortured by forcing their "buddy to dress up in mismatched clothes, go through the school day with ratted-out hair and make-up painted faces. To add to the embarrassment, freshmen were given quirky tasks throughout the school day. hile Freshmen endured the torture, Seniors planned their escape. After three and a half years of high school most seniors were looking forward to that day that gave senior year meaning...senior Ditch Day. A day for the seniors to relax, have fun and get rested for their final nine weeks of high school. Senior Ditch Day was held on the last Friday of the third quarter. S C ophomoresl Sophomoresl The sophomore class and volleyball team scream th ir way to vi tory for the Spartan Spirit stick. They had the highest volume and spirit. ome on down. Mr. S arpelli calls underclassmen down to sign up for water balloon toss. Chrystal Gryz and arrie Dixon were ready to get wet.

36 olleyball Bennles. Marjorie Koeppen and Sarah Grana are all Vdressed up and ready to go. The girls volleyball t am had a major pu h to k p the tradition of bennles alive. Traditions that have come and gone in the past years. Since 1988 Senior Memories have been a major part of the yearbook, and one that many looked forward to. Now, in 1998, it is time for a change and the tradition of Senior Memories must die. hy not share? The placement of ads in the yearbook has always been for the seniors. ell, not anymore. Now any student can have an ad in the yearbook, but only seniors get their baby pict re put in. eniors where are they? No se niors here. Senior Ditch Day was S quite popular this year and for many seniors quite memorable. H ome Grown. Erika Buys and Amy Nagel laugh it up, on the farm. These were two sophomores with a lot of school spirit. Another tradition that has been improved upon is the delivery of the yearbook. Always received in the spring, the yearbook will be received in the fau from this time forth. This gave the opportunity to put more in the yearbook that covered the school year at hand. ' -.; " Traditions

37 R inging In the year. OCHS stu dents show off their class rings. Rings are purchased either through school or through a private Jeweler. Your Keepsakes "My teddy bear and my grandmas wedding ring~ Nicole Hanson "This old yearbook. Its my reminder of myoid friends from California:' Fred Housman "A beanie dog named Cassanova with his holly collar that my girlfriend gave me:'- Tony Myslinski "My cabbage patch doll that my mom bought me when I was two:' Jennifer Rau "etters that I have from my boyfriend freshman year:'- Kristen Stroud "The best friend charm I share with my 2 friends:' Jenny Mitchell "I have a gold chain with a cross on it that my mother bought for me:' Holly isitza " 34 1'. - '" Student ife ~ P icture on display. yndi Hazzard proudly shows ff a drawing of her grandfather. Th pi ture was originally sketched during orld ar II by an anonymous artist. S partan power! Tammy Fear poses with our school mascot. Through the good time and the bad. high s hool memori s are something to be remembered forever.

38 E E p s A K E The little things that mean a lot and you will hang onto forever. s Almo t everyone ha a " pecial little something" that they will keep forever. The entimental value and the memories attached to these unique objects is unmatched. A keepsake is whatever you want it to be. There are no et-in-stone prerequisites to be a keepsake. Many tudents keep all of the millions of note they receive from friends. Some just toss them carelessly into a designated drawer. Others take a plain and ordinary box, decorate it and keep all their notes in that special box. Don't be surprised if you're digging through a friends purse looking for some lipstick and you come across a note or two. Some of us keep those special "words of wi dom" notes as an everyday reminder that our friends care. ho said you can't go back in time? Pictures seem to be another popu lar keepsake. Some students have photo album after photo album of unique and extraordinary moments and places. Collage seem to be an alternative to a photo album. Carefully cutted and pasted over the cour e of time, a collage take on a personal significance to a person. ockers are also another destination for pictures. ook around as you stroll down the hallway. Many students adorn their lockers with all sorts ofcolorful pictures, from the furry family pet to their best friends acting absurd for the camera. H ey look, its a cameral Pete B nes, Suzy Mitchell and Holly isitza are defenitly not camera shyl Friendships are a keepsake, hopefully, kept forever. Rock onl Amanda Kutsulis shows off her guitar pick. She got it from one of her first con erts. '" _ f' Keepsakes "', 35

39 o M - I 9 9 night ofsimple elegance and memories that will last a lfetime. Dancing the night away, cheek to cheek with your sweetheart, you know that the hours and the money spent were all worth it. Close your eyes and capture this single moment forever; dim lights, music playing softly, surrounded by your very best friends. The night couldn't be anymore perfect. People spend anywhere from $100 to $500 on their prom experience. It is easy to see how prom can put you back a few hundred dollars. ast year tickets alone were $75. Combined with other expenses-limo $60 a couple, flowers $10, tux rental $65 and up, dress $100 and up, hair and nails $50, post-prom activities $100 and upprom can definitely break 7 the bank. hat's everyone doing after prom? Popular postprom activities were going out to dinner, heading downtown, hitting a local after prom party, waiting for the sun to come up, and going to breakfast the morning after prom. Believe it or not, some students actually go home and sleep after prom. Some students who didn't go to prom made a special night of their own. Going to a movie, taking a trip downtown, playing a game of miniature golf, and going to the dinner were on the top of the list of alternate things to do on prom night. You don't have to get all glammed up and spend all of your money to have a good time. M T mmm, K he ladles man... Mr. Hili boogies down with Beatta zmajlo and Angie Cartallino. Prom was chapperoned by faculty. vin Melvin and Joe Havane jump at the opportunity of seconds... thirds... and fourths on the i ecream. The food was only one of the interesting events of the evening.

40 Y.M. C. A... the crowd IS really dig glng the Villag People. Prom was held at the Palos Country Club. PROM "I was extremely nervous before prom because I was very pressed for time. I didrt get out of play practice until an hour before I was scheduled to leave:'- Kristen Stroud "e had the longest limo in Illinois. It used to have a hot tub in it, but it was too heavi'- Bridget Clauson "I was anxious to get into my tux, and then my girlfriends dad came over and I got really nervous. But when I saw Sabrina smile at me, I knew everything would be okay:- Geoff Beckett "I went to pick up my boyfriends boutonniere. I wanted a white rose. Instead I got this little, itty-bitty thing that would have looked fine on a little kid:- ee Mcle ets dancel The lights are low and the music plays. Franco Ocampo and Kristi Hoagland caught a slow dance. G I -'" et downl Brian and Pat Clifton bust a move for the ladies. The ladies looked on, not too Impressed. / "My girlfriends corsage was so messed up. I wanted roses to match her dress, and instead they put these pink and blue things on there. I was so mad, I had to sit around and wait until they fixed if'- Jeff Clemens 1' - '" Prom '97 1'. 37

41 F inal Farewells. Michelle Cozzle says good bye one more time after the ceremony. Graduation was the last time the class of 1997 was together. College Choices Irene Ciciora Moraine Valley Junior College Anita Spero Carnegie Mellon University isa Perveneckis Southern Illinois University - " 38 ~. " tudent ife C school. ongratulations. Heather Bale receives her diploma. Diplomas signify the ompi tlon of high M y fellow classmates... Jeanine Dr hsl r, Valedicto rian, gives her graduation speech. Jeanln was also student ouncil presid nt.

42 OVING TOARD THE FUTURE Remembering the class of1997 Classes were complete, exams were over and the time had finally come to move out into the world. After four long years of hard work and determination 349 seniors marched into the Spartan Gym, on June 8, 1997, to the traditional "Pomp and Circumstance:' hen the processional ended and everyone sat down and stopped clapping, the speeches began. Senior class president Mike Chilvers, along with Principal illiam Hill welcomed the graduates and audience. Salutatorian Anne undeen and Valedictorian Jeanine Drechsler addressed their fellow classmates and friends about their years together, as well as about the future ahead of them. But before the graduates received their diplomas and left OCHS the "Graduation Torch of Knowledge was ~ presented to Jenny Burns, president of the class of 1998, by Mike Chilvers. 348 seniors received their diplomas, 37 of which graduated with honors. One student, Eduardo Espejo, a foreign exchange student from Spain received a certificate of attendance. As the recessional ended and the graduates said their farewells, the future was looking bright ahead, and a little scary. This was the end of an era and the beginning of a new era. Mr. Murphy remarked, "For the first time Principle Hill had recognized not only top academic students but also those who excelled in other areas. There was a large cross section of students that brought a lot of positive attention and pride to themselves and the schooi:' H ats off. The class of 1997 throw their caps at the con luslon of the commen ement exercise. OCHS dlscourag s students from throw Ing their aps. F inal shot. Eleni Anagnopoulos and Barb Antol smile for th Ir last opportunity to be in the OCHS yearbook. Getting a picture in the yearbook is a goal for many student. ;JtIf Graduation '97 :;";:'39

43 OF "Dark of the Moon" was this years fall play. It was a drama about a witchboy named John (Eric Martig), and a young girl named Barbara Allen (Tammy Fear). It starts when the witchboy wants to become human so he can marry Barbara, a human. He makes a deal with the conjureman and his wife. If he marries Barbara and she is faithful to him for one year, he wi II become human. But if she is unfaithful he will turn back into a witch and forget all about her. The story goes on and John and Barbara are man'ied. All is well between them, but the other townfolk are suspicious of John. The light witch and the dark witch, who John THE MOON ght shines on Eric Martig as he ys a witchboy turned human. used to love, want to make John a witch again. They also make a deal with the conjureman, so if Barbara is unfaithful to John, not only will he become a witch again, but she will die. On the night before the year is up, the townspeople have a revival to try and save Barbara from John. They try everything to convince her that John is a witch, but she still loves him. The townspeople know about John's deal with the conjureman, so Marvin Hudgens (Mark eipart/don Anderson), a man who has loved Barbara for a long time, rapes her. This broke the deal, and as the witches watch in merriment, John turns back into a witch as Barbara dies in his anns. N 0' John stand over,barbara, Allen for the last time. Barbara Allen (Tammy Fear) died In Johns (Eri Martig) arms. hats up? Mar,k eipart, Hank Fear and Jason Rowsey tear away from their h k r game to see what!; going on in the corner store. The townspeople played an important ral In the play.

44 N o! I wont gol Kri lin Stroud and Sam havarria try to hold back Tammy Fear in "Dark of the Moon as townspeople, Jason Kolk, Don Anderson, Katie Bolz, Brenda Davidson, J ssica heel 1', and Anthony rceo look on. Cast John _ Eric Martig onjlir Man Ray Mellger Dark itch Abby Pitcher... hannon Rooney ighl itch.jessica Vasquel...Samantha tanivewski Conjur oman Calhy Damalo Ilank Gudger.Ilank Fear Miss Melcalf Brenda Davidson Uncle mellcue Kcvin oloslyn ummey Rachel7.cbio ummey... tephanie Gorman Mrs. Bergen Veronica Espinosa Bun DlI1wiuy F..d ilc7ek Hattie IlcfTncr Kalie Boll Mr. Bergen.Jason Rowsey Mr. Sulllmey Anthony erceo MarVin Huugens Don Anderson...Mark clpal1 Barbara Allen lhmmy Fear Floyd Allen Mark I.lcscke Mrs. Allen Kristin Stroud Mr Allen Sam Echavarna Preacher Ha gler.jason Kolk Greeny Gonnan.Jesslca heeler Ella Bergen Katherine uillvan George Summey ()an Echavarria ilches Camlel Dama/o...Mary rigllo...jean Marcinkowski... l.isa OIOS7ytl...Amy Zavala ASSISUlnl DirecOr Erika Buys Dlreclor Tom D7urison Producer Barhara Mateer men! Jason Kolk, Prea her tay away from himl Abby Pitcher, the Haggler, prays for the dark wit h,samantha Stanizewski, the A townspeople. He also led a S light witch, and the other witches try to I' vival for Barbara Allen. g t Tammy Fear to leave her husband. The light and dark witches were double casted with Jessica Vasquez and Shannon Rooney. _ i" " Dark of the Moon <-. 41

45 : ich button do I push? Kerri Murphy assists Michelle CronlO as they work on the internet for a French project. The internet was a great source of information for many school projects. Comedy Central w.cotlicelltrul.co/11 Includes" OUlll Park." and oilier Ihilarious TV antics and games. Mr. Cranky Rates Movies mrcral/kyl Extremely negative film reviews, but are fun to read PBS On-line '.org Join in the debate on the "News Hour with Jim ehrer." Also has e says and transcripts. You Don't Know Jack wi'';.be;:.erk. com Just like the game on D Rom, you'll go nuts with this trivia My aunch One of the best sites for music info on the web. 56K. OM The pros and cons to new 56k technologic. ots of info on different modems. College Board Oreat college inli)/finandal aid page CS Applications Computer oftware that is free to download. ' 42 1'. -- '" Student ife "l:hanks for the helping hand: Jenny Nolan looks on as Sara Colby shows Anna lubek the "ways of the computer. Students were able to use th omputers in th media center any time during the year. J ust another day in the Spartanlte world. orking off of th computer. Tony My lin ki organizes another issue of th school paper. The use of computers to help make publi atlons easier has become quite popular in many high schools.

46 URFING THE fe on the orld ide w:eb! NET hat were some common excuses for students walking through school as human zombies: watching old movies until early morning, doing homework all night, or spending the whole night up on their computer chatting with people all around the world. The idea of staying up all night meeting new people is not a new "thing for many teenagers. More and more teenagers use the internet everyday and find it as a source of information, a meeting place and a place unrestricted, free part of our society today. It is always changing, making each connection completely unique~' explained Tony Myslinski. hile many students used the internet for school purposes, others enjoyed the internet purely for the reason of talking to new and interesting people. The internet has become a major part of society today and for some Oak awn students the internet has become a necessity. As the need for the to find what they want. internet became more Nikki Scott commented that she likes the internet because "its easier to look to stuff for projects:' Many students went to the internet to find information for projects, research or just for the heck of it. relevant, OCHS thought it was time to become a part of the orld ide eb and had thirty new computers, along with a T-l line placed in the Media Center and gave internet classes to students and faculty. "It remains the most ~-----o.,...,~... ne line does It all. ith six comput rs per tabl cluster. and O five table clusters, a class of 30 has easy a cess to th internet. 30 n w omputers were bought along with a T-! line to make the internet easier to use. 'hats cool?" Reading his computer screen, Mike Mollo uses the intem t to find out 'whats cool" in The intemet was a great source of information in and out of the lass room. _ '1' i" Surfing the Net 1'. 43

47 Y RITUAS Morning or night we are all creatures habit. Here, at Oak awn High School, students all follow some type of daily ritual. For example, students all get up sometime in the morning to prepare for the day. Some people, such as Michelle Smith, wake up at 5:00 in the morning to begin the day. Michelle said of her daily rituals, "early to bed and early to rise makes a women healthy, wealthy, and wise!" There are also many of those, such as Veronica Espinosa, who like to hit the snooze button for an hour before finally rolling out of bed and stumbling into the shower. Throughout the day, individuals all have rituals at school such as work, and lets not forget socializing! hen the bell rings at 2:35, it symbolizes the end of school, but definitely not the end of the day. The day continues and so does every students life. Many students have school related activities also. Other students have jobs and many simply like to relax and have fun. Junior Denise Hamilton has a job working at Harnew Elementary School. Denise said, "I like my job because I get all the days off that teachers do, which means I dart have to work on the weekends and I dart have to worry about working holidays or school vacations:' These are just some of the rituals that make up students lives both in and out of school. Rituals keep on going day to day and never end. Reading away. Jeremy ang read Ing the newspaper he cam om plete his day without. He reads the paper everyday. ooking good. Charlotte oodward puts on make-up af ter a hard workout. Some students came to school with their wardrobe and make-up kit.

48 Si~n in. The three amigo, Aaron Kriekel, Mi\..e Correa ano Stephanie Balli,ta,ign inlhe library for tbe oay. Tbal\ 'On1elhlllg they 00 everyoay to go into the library. G ogo Gal Cheryl Sullivan getting ready in the moming. Got to have the hair perfect. D on't forget. Jessica Melender get ting all freshened up. et's hope she doesn't forget that. hat are your daily rituals? Get up, immediately take a hower, get dressed, eat (sometim.es), brush teeth, comb hair, drive to school, pick up Desiree, come home and relax, go to work from 5-10, do homework, go to sleep: - Brian Perveneckis Get up after hitting the snooze button 4 times, shower, dry hair, get dressed, do makeup, brush teeth, and leave: Amy itviak Get up, take a hower, wake up my sister and her friend Sarah, go to school, go home, do homework, and go out: - Dana FeU., get up, brush teeth, take a shower, go to school, and look for a job: - Fred Housman., get up. shower, watch the weather and news, then wait outside for my ride: Antony Zoeteman, get up, shower, eat break fast and walk to the bus stop. Spend 6.5 hours in school and go home to watch T. V. and do homework eat dinner go to sleep and start it all over again:- Chris Annen - ',.. Daily Rituals 1'. 45

49 trike a pose. Anna Kos, Mary allace, Kathy Klupshas, iz Flgus, SAshrar Judeh and Melissa Rayez pose for a picture. Many students enjoyed the dance with friends. Top Songs Played Macarana Electric Slide YMCA Grease ighting Stayin' Alive Twist Time arp oco-motion Brown-eyed girl Shook me all Night ong Unchained Melody ' 46 1'. -- " Student ife F reeze. hristine Joritz, assie Bronzell, hri tine asasso, hrystal Gryz and B ky Powers show their best fa e to let everyone know they are having a good time. Ti k ts were $3 ea h. hat a cute couple. Amy Bridg man and Jeff Mensching dan th night away. Crut hes couldrt even top this couple.

50 EAN DANCES Students let their true selves shine through. Put your dress back in the closet and grab your favorite pair of jeans. Dort worry about a date, just grab your best friend and start dancing! Cheerleaders got students back into the groove of things by sponsoring a kickoff dance. Fall athletes were charged a dollar less to get into the dance, as a little incentive. After the dance many students left tired but still full of energy. Most retreated to local hangouts to spend a couple of extra hours pushing the curfew that was set by parents. Ray MetzgerS favorite part of the dance was being wild with friends, even though he didrt think the music was all that great. Student Council sponsored the other jean dance of the year. interfest was held after first semester exams and gave students a chance to wind down. The gymnasium was full of students on the floor and snowflakes on the ceiling. Some took the stage when their favorite song was played, while others stayed up in the balcony to dance the night away. Mike Barr commented that his favorite part was when the DJs got into the groove of things by dancing on the stage and playing various types of music that all students could enjoy. Student council and the cheerleaders were happy to be able to sponsor a dance that made many students happy and gave them a chance to wind down. H eads up. Duygu Aklnci, isa Brant, Julia Braun, Katie McDennott, Beth Kreydich and Sophia Farldi gath r for a group picture. Everyone who went to the dance had a great tim. G et down. Kelly Burke and Tony Martino demonstrate their unique dance style. Everyone has their own special way to dan e. " _ i" Jean Dances 1'. 47

51 EETHEARTS A night to remember. Sweethearts is a night that you will remember way past your high school days. You usually go with a person that is special to you. If not it is still a night that is impressionable. This years theme was, "Silver Springs and even though it wasrl played most people didn\: seem to notice. The whole idea behind Sweethearts is taking your sweetheart out for night of dancing and fun. ooking back you can picture all the sweet and generous things your guy/girl did for you to make your night, a night to remember. After the dance a lot of people went out to dinner. The best place to eat that was mentioned was PatsbyS. The students who went bumped into the faculty and they politely left the restaurant. There were a lot of memo- ries that occurred at PatsbyS for everyone. Jeannette emrise said, "The food was OK but people's company was better. e laughed, cried and helped each other out. Sweethearts isrl just about your boyfriend, it's about friends: Stephanie Spero told us her point of view about after the dance. Stephanie said, " I had a really great time with friends but things didn't go as smoothly for my closest friend. I just reminded her about all the fun we had dang ing with everyone at the dance: This years sweetheart dance was one that everyone will remember, no matter who you went with. hether it was a boyfriend, a girlfriend or even if you went with someone just as friends, it was a night to remember. G.0. Studs. Tim ewis. Tom Creech, Mike Hejna, Jason Kolk are showing off how great they look for their sweethearts. Sweethearts was a semi formal dance. ""' _ 481'. I'. '" tudent ife K iss me, I'm yours. Amy Attivissimo and Tom Jodelka search for their lips on the wall. Special cut outs with couples names on it were very popular amoung th dan<: ers.

52 I fs the electric slide. e are get tlng down and having a good time. The whole dan e got down or at least tried. A tou h of happine the perfect natural high. Believe me when I tell you this and love will never pass you by. A piece of comfort in every hello, in every look from your fellow. Not worrying how to impre s him and knowing you will never forget him. Your protector, your strength, a treasure to any great length. ignificant things don't seem to matter as your mind climbs this endless ladder. A sweetheart that can't be compared is simple someone that can't be spared. And when you wake up from this great daze you'll understand how love has it's ways. - arah Terrell S weethearts. Rachel aidlaw and Brian Dywer stop to take a quick picture before getting back to dancing. This couple Is bound to last awhile. B ust your move. Tony Martino, Steve Rates, T.J. Mulrenln and Brian DeBlas are doing their thing on the dance floor. They drove the ladl s nutsl " _ f' Sweethearts Dance 10, 49

53 E OF THE BANDS e students show offtheir ability to Hands flailed towards the stage. Energy flowed from the stage like water released from the heavens, drenching the audience with excitement. Harmonies flew through the air, sliding everyone in the room into an alternative realm. This was not Jamboree or Ozzfest. This was the 1998 Battle of the Bands. Seven bands graced the stage this year. ith musical styles ranging from classic rock to industrial metal, a diverse show was presented. Each band was given 15 minutes to play. Eight judges used a fifteen-point scale system to decide which band would walk out on top. The show began with the industrial quartet of Mali- cious Earth screaming their way through the songs. The following act, the alternative duo Strict 9, offered astounding guitar work with a limited number of band members. Another alternative group, the trio Zero Tolerance, showed their influences with several cover songs. ith the five members of Deafening Silence, the guitar solos abounded. The Stone Vinyls never left a dull moment between songs due to the banter offered up between members. The female fronted Janova included a cover of Janis JoplinS "Me and Bobby Mcgee; taking first place. The stage antics of the final band, Abitwar, proved fatal to their eligibility to continue. A nd the crowd goes wlldl The bands really worked their audience. Some of O..P.Ds finest were also invited to attend The Battle to control the mosh prone fans. A bitwars right hand man. Rob Collura fascinated his audience with nimble fingers and a unique heavy playing style. An enthusiastic stage diver bumped Abltwar out of the stand Ings at The Battle.

54 R eady for my c1ose up... Dave Abrahamsen showsjust how big his kick lsi Zero Tolerance played Se<! ond In the line up of seven bands. hat did you think? ") thought it was like going to Jamboree, but for a whole lot less:'-beth Ott "I thought the choice of cover songs was excellent!"-cheri Cole "Abitwar was good. I think we should be able to mosh too:'-adam McKinney "All the bands except for Malicious Earth and Abitwar sucked:'-bob Dahlstrom. "The judging was a total setup. ) would win too if all my friends were judges:'-ken Huizenga "The music was too loud and I thought it sucked that the best band was disqua Iifie d." -Mary Olejarz. J ammlri the night awayl Chris Adamow keeps the rhythm as Pete Benes solos. Deafening Silence tied for fifth with Malicious Earth. A nd the winner Is... Janova. leaded by vocalist Jean Marcinkowski, took first at The Battle. After awards were announced, Janova shared the spot light and asked Strict 9 back on the stage to play. And the winners are... 1st Janova, 2nd Stone Vinyls, 3rd Strict 9, 4th Zero Tolerance, 5th Deafening Silence and Malicious Earth, and DQed Abitwar. Battle of the Bands "... ;' 1'. 51

55 AM I DOING IN THE PITl e cast, life is a bowl of cherries, the pit"anything Goes", '. '.,".,; " '. -Of... Many people came to see Oak awn Community High Schools Spring musical, Anything Goes. Not many people got to sit in at six play rehearsals, as well as the senior citizen performance, the parent performance, the Jr. High Performance, and the three night performances. Twenty-three people not only saw the play numerous times, but also contributed thirty-two songs worth of music. Not many people realized the time and effort on both sides of the merging of many talented actors and aq tresses with the talented music students, to produce a beautiful play that, in only six rehearsals together, ran very smoothly, much to the delight of the audiences. ife in the pit was not easy, however. The musicians were constantly distracted by what was happening onstage. However, the cues provided by Mr. David Deitemeyer were consistant, and both the vocalist on stage and the orchestra could see Mr. Deitemeyeffi tempo. "The orchestra was so professional, I didn\: even notice them. All of my attention was on the play;' commented Mrs. Sheri Halwax. The limelight is not what the musicians are looking for. Just knowing that the audience did not notice them was recognition enough. Recognition for a job well done. T he End Don Anderson and Amy Zavala are showing us their good sides at the end. Everyone got a kick out of them playing Ching and ing, two Chinese Christian converts. hds thet Dreg Queen"? Jason Kolk Is showing off how he looks as a blond. Sophia Farldl and Jason Rowsey kept straight faces as the audience was laughing.

56 C an you Can-Can? These ladles are all smiles as they kick their way through a vigorous dance scene. After landing In England. these girls Just wanted to go back to Manhattan. The danq ers In this picture Include Margaret ebb, Kristin Stroud. Michele Matuszewski, Mary OleJarz. Sue Mueller. and Adrienne Olsen. Double the Fun Did you see the play on Friday night? Because if you did you may have missed out on the other cast. This years Spring musical double casted five of the main characters.featuring Tammy Fear and Jessica Vasquez as Reno Sweeney, Jason Kolk and Ed Tambernlno as Billy Crocker, Mark iescke and Eric Martlg playing Moonface Martin, Sophia Faridi and Brenda Davidson as Hope Harcourt and Erika Buys and Samantha Stanszewski as Bonnie. hy do directors double cast? ell, for one reason it avoids putting all the pressure on one student to perform a large part five nights in a row. Double casting also gives more than one student a chance to show off their excellent talents. Y ou're the Top. Jason Kolk and Tammy Fear are showing their friendship on stage. Jason has been Involved in dramatics for two years, while Tammy has proven herself for four years. A nd the Band Plays on. Mr. David Deltemeyer is conducting the or chestra during a rehearsal. This was the first year the school did not hire a professional rhythym section. - " Spring Musical 1', '" 53

57 OR PICNIC tertaining afternoon offun in the r Seniors. It's May 21, 1998 and first period is overl Grab your beach blankets, a pair of sunglasses and take off to the baseball field. It's time for the annual Senior Picnic. Combining forces, Ms. Cheryl Morisette and the Senior Class organized the Picnic. "Planning began three whole weeks prior to the scheduled date for the Picnic," remarked Ms. Cheryl Morisette. A variety of prizes were raffled off; gift certificates, TV, walkman, camera, discman, organizers and much more. They also hired a D.J. and a video tech from Castillo Productions. hether you pegged the principal with a water balloon or just hung out with your friends, the picnic provided OCHS Seniors with a break after the grueling Illinois State Constitution test. Seniors grabbed a few cups, stuck them in the baseball field fence and displayed ''Honk for the class of '98." Sabrina Beeck remarked, "I liked the Senior Picnic... It was cooll" et the games beginl The Picnic offered a variety of festive activities to entertain the adventurous seniors, everything from horse shoes to egg and water balloon tosses to wheelbarrow races. A few games of softball gathered in the far field along with a couple games of catch. A D.J. mixed it up with some groovin' music, playing requests and dedications. He played traditional party songs, including the famous Grease Mix. A few seniors brought out their musically diverse CD collections and requested Pink Floyd and Metallica, which Mr. D.J. gladly played. unch was served around 10:30am. A cornucopia of foods were presented for the massive crowds. Beef sandwiches, fried chicken and potato salad kept the hungry seniors at bay. T ak,n' a napt Todd McCullough catches some Zs In the warm sun shine. Students were permitted to do just about anything at the picnic. M mm... yummyl Mr. illiam itowski, Kristen McHugh and Therese Buettner grab a bite to eat. Govemment teachers made a surprise appearance to let seniors know whether they passed or failed the constitution test.

58 J ust hllnglng with the boys. Dave Suszek. Tom lerzbanowskl. Nick Hnat and RIlY Grygiel stlly cool In the shllde. The Senior Picnic gave seniors II chllnce to soclllllze lind sign each others llutogrllph pllges. Y OU lookln' lit me? Bill JanovJak takes a stroll to his designated picnic area. Band and choir students were served their lunch first because they were required to attend 4th period classes. H onk. honk. beep beepl Honk for the graduating class of '981 Graduation was held on Sunday, June 7th at 2:00p.m. Raffles Gift Certificates (2)$10 mall (2) $10 Coconuts (2) $10 theatre Prizes (3) Sony Sport alkman (I )Kodak Advantix Camera (2) Kodak 110 Cameo Camera (2) Great America Tickets (3) Roldex Personal Organizers (I) Cordless Phone (2) Portable Am/FM Cassette Players (I) Portable COlAM/FM stereo (2) Portable CD cases (3) Compact Disc Players with Car Kit (I) 13" Color TV with remote h Are.we avlng fun~ ye t?~. " _ i" Senior Picnic

59 S ticking together. Tammy Fear, Megan McNerney, Chris Mensching, Maureen Scanlan, Jeannette emrise, Jamie Joseph, Jenell Murray, Breanne Murphy, Shanna Blaze, Diana roblewski, Becky Mlndeman, and Heather Dwyer pose for a group shot. By the end of the night the girls were wearing the guys bow ties and the guys have taken off the girls garters. Aeekend Event Prom ha evolved from a dance to a weekend event. OCHS students did everything from going home afterward to camping for the weekend. isa Sweet- e went driving around and to a hotel party. Greg Slade- Barbecued, played beanbags, had a bon-fire. Tom Creech burnt hi foot off. I met two hillbillie. Keith had mi ing teeth. Agnes Kornas- e went downtown in a limo, partied, and then I can't tell you. Dwayne Hutson- e went downtown to it on the beach and have a picnic, but we found that all of the entrance were locked. e ended up parking by Michael Jordan' re taurant to eat our andwiche. ' 56 1'. -- '" Student ife H ugs and Tugs. Agnes Kamas and Joanna Badja look so happy to show that prom was not only for dates, but also friendships. Passions may come and go, but friendships last a lifetime. F ill your face. Barb Podkanskl fills her mouth to give her energy to dance the whole night away. Dinner Included chicken, mostaccloll, roast beef, potatoes, and vegetables.

60 .. ROM FASHIONS "The ay You ook Tonight." "They acted the way they looked, mature;' commented Ann Smith. Prom was a chance for students to shock their families, faculty and friends through formal attire that does not resemble pajama pants and t shirts. Prom fashion has taken a spin over the years. hat was "in five years ago is already "out". Dresses have gone from straight and short to long and flowing. Many girls wore dresses with a fitted bodice, flair skirts and tulle. Unlike in their parents day, many also had some-what revealing dresses. Many girls who had dresses with open backs, no sleeves or no gloves found it necessary to go tanning. This was a method used to give the girls color so they didnt look like ghosts in their dresses. Many young men decided to go back in time. earing tuxedos consisted of collarless shirts or bow ties with a vest, cumberbuns were not as popular as they were five years ago. Coming back were tails, top-hats, white gloves and canes. Many young men also found the need to slick back their hair instead of going with the usual roll-out-of-bed look. hile the fashions may have changed over the years some popular traditions did not. Many, if not all, of the guys bought their bow ties for the girls to keep and the girls had their garters for the guys. Mr. Thomas Murphy stated, "I like to see the kids feel good, they shine. This is like a 'crossing-over night for them. Cross-over from kid to adult:' S trike II pose. Kathy Karp. Dwayne Hutson, Franco Ocampo, Melissa Urquljo, Melissa Besllc, Dave Susek, Mike Dixon, and Nancy Houston take a break from dancing. Students can show off their dance moves on the dance floor. H llng'ri Tough. They are not only sweet theyre Cinnamon Boys. Jim Carpenter, Mike Clngranl, Todd Johnson, Mike Curran. Chris Amato and Jason Dogium gather for a picture. Nobody knows why they call themselves Cinnamon Boys. It just happened one day. " Prom 98 1', "" '" 57

61 o head gear will be permitted In the building. Students waited NIn anticipation for Mr. illiam Hili to let them know whether or not they will be permitted to toss their caps In celebration of their metamorphosis from student to Independent. In spite of wamlngs on the cap Mr. illiam Hili gave the thumbs up sign. THE TOP OF THE CASS OF 198 Anthony Baldea Scott Cosme ajeeh Salah Christina Zwlrkoskl Joseph Chavosky Tracy Mathias Thomas Jodelka Nahed Sobhy Rachel Kolar Rachel Zeblo Jeanine Dyckman Amy Attlvlsslmo inda Musa Diana roblewski VAEDICTORIAN Anthony Baldea 58 SAUTATORIAN Scott (osme Student ife C ongratulations! Dr.Frank McKinzie shakes auren Alleys hand after she recleved her diploma. During the comencement Dr. Frank McKinzie read the fitting story Oh the Places You ill Go by Dr. Seuss. O h say can you see.. Can you see the patriotism of the young men and women who removed their caps during the singing of the National Anthem? Public schools are based on the foundations of our society.

62 IFE GOES ON! The class of'98 takes babysteps toward the future. Sitting in folding chair, in the middle of the Spartan gym, 309 enior waited anxiou ly as the ceremony commenced. It was the big day, the day many of seniors have been waiting for four year...graduation. Senior cia s pre ident, Jenny Burn, welcomed graduate, family and friend. A the ceremony proceeded, many minds were flooded with memories of the past four year while others were planning what to do over the summer, like what time to wake up! Speeche from Tony Baldea, Valedictorian and Scott Cosme, Salutatorian, ummed up the time pent at Oak awn and put together thought that may have juggled enior's mind for four years. alking aero the tage to receive a diploma that was earned after four year of hard work wa a great moment for some and for others it wa finally their e cape from youth and high chool. Graduation i the time for senior to go out in the world. hether they were to go to work or continue their education. This was a great day for many becau e it meant the end of youth and the beginning of the re t of their adult live. All the smile and tear were that ofjoy a the CIa of '98 left Oak awn High School to move on in their live, but also in memory of the time they had hared together. I s my cap on straight'? Melissa Yurclsln adjusts Rachel Zeblcis cap while wait Ing to make their entrance. Many students flxed their caps numerous times before walking Into the gym. K nowledge Is power. Class presl dent of 1998, Jennifer Burns. passes the torch of knowledge to the president of the class of 1999, ori Miller. The torch of knowledge symbol Izes leadership. character. service and scholarship. - " Graduation '98 1', '" 59

63 E3 rr hal motivaled m Ihe mosl wa my par nl and the fa I Ihall want d to gel ex epled 10 a ollege. rr Josh Smok rr (I like) Ihe. ludenls. Every day is differenl an Illike Ihe variely in my life. rr Mrs. Amy ryan rr To becom a su sful sludenl all you have 10 do i all your work and don't fighl wilh anyone, You have to gel along wilh people. rr. u all Simon!Jk 60 ~ Academics Division

64 A CUT whois in the news? Pat Moses scours th papers to keep up with current events. Many classes visited the Media Center to make good use of the vast resourses. Pat is a student aid and works in the library every day. ] -_.'_--l cr;ainkof~~of~ ~ ~O/l/~tltabIJ~1t wk, ~~tltab eajln/ fls/ {l/~sir(u~ lfol/ walkinif fuliuvl& 9-&;tvsdwot is; {l/ tirrlr/ ~ UU!/ ~~~~O-l/~~~is; JVteI]A'lIl UlA.J l/ ~ ~ ~ wani/~ of ~ ~ ib {k,{l/ stea4~ ~ ~ moneifo/l/ the REST I ~~~{k,~fls/uu!/utn/~ ~of~ ~~fls/{l/~fdko& casimwj4 fls/ ib is;~~ walk, S{J/ H~ ~ ~ tiuvuv wilt {k, tltab special teadwv tiuvuv ~ ~ 'foul &ujvtdt lfol/~ 9:!fUA/ cm1/ 1I:f. ~acarlunio tltab afwv /owv ~ of ab wilt {k,-e,fl>ij eukn- ~s1vu(vt)~ 1/~lfOl/ nuurlv; flo:tr(l.'o:t7 A goblet is a... Mrs. Bibeau tea hes her reading seminar a few vocabulary words. Pi tured here are Nick Slusinski, aura Katula, Amall Mizyed. Eric Piotrowski, and Billy Rangel. Can you define'capltar? Pictured front to back: Kim Probst, Michelle Cronin, Cathy Strom, Patty Semlnetta, Gina Rogers, Julia Braun, Katie McDermott, Desiree Bartoslak, Jennifer Trotta, Beth Vogel, Jamie Quintavalle, Feras EI Ramahi, Karen Gill, Kellie Novak, Melissa Reyes, Tracy Mancillas, Jamie Novak, Heather Venhuizen, Maria Romero. Becky Bousman, Anne Pasquarella, Phil Rogers. Please holdl Junior ee Smith gives his bridge Its initial test - weight of th platform. All physl s students particapated in the bridge breaking contest. Deck the hallsl nior Katie Bazlan paints th plaster hristmas decorations in her art class. Every year Mrs. rickson celebrated the holidays with a special project for her students. Academics Division 61

65 A GOBA SOCIETY The Big Box of Crayons A box of crayons can contain anywhere from 5 to 96 different colors. Each color is unique and expresses it's own tone; as do students at OCHS. Global Society eek, March 30 through April 3, was a time for students to learn from each other and "show their true colors:' For the first time clubs, classes and outside performers worked together to give students and faculty a taste of different cultures. The International club took it literally with delicacies such as kolazches from Poland, pastries from Egypt and lasagna from Italy at their annual luncheon and bake sale. Also displayed in the cafeteria were flags from different clubs, paintings by Art I students and displays by various clubs and classes. Palestinian, Irish, and atin/central American dancers, and a special performance by OCHS Honors Choral Ensemble filled the ittle Theatre with color and cheer and amazed audience members. Top the week off with a show of fashions from around the world sponsored by the Global Society Festival committee and you have a grand tour of the diversity in our community and world - our big box of crayons. hos the man behind the mask? uis Hernandez displays a traditional Aztec mask. Global society week Included a fash Ion show which displayed a variety of worldly dress. Can I see a menu please? Ms. Carla inkel, Ms. Ann Klusendrof, Ms. Melanie Schultz and Ms. Jan Sulek receive knowledge about the cuisines they are about to sit down and eat. The International Club took their part In Global Society week by holding their annual luncheon. Anyone for an Irish Jig? Irish dancers perform a different kind of dance for everyone to learn. This type of dancing requires great leg strength and stamina to give the illusion of floating above the ground on your toes. ~ 62 ~ Academics

66 And here we have... Eimon Thwln shows off her Burmese costume This lovely blue and gold sarong 's called a Hta-meln. ADMINISTRATION Dorit spill it! Michelle Cronin and Melanie Fitzgibbons perform the Japanese Tea Ceremony. This was part of a project in their English IV honors. Dr. Frank Me Kenzie Superintendent Mr. Edward OMalley Assistant Superintendent Mr. illiam Hill Principal Mrs. Ann Klusendorf Assistant Principal Mr. Tom Murphy Assistant Principal Board of Education Dance the Depca. Fnends of our own Ameer Shalabl sponsored by the Mosque Foundation p r form a traditional Palasllnian dance The sash worn by males around their waists IS called a hetta. Black IS for Palastlne and red IS for Jordan r , Special instructions: Trim the 20% screen to match up with the art I enclosed. ~ Front row, Denise Pesek, Nancy allace, Marilyn Giglio. Second row, Richard Maguire. Pamela Joseph, Jerry Vahl, yle ake. Front row, Denise Pesek, Pamela Joseph, Jerry Yah!. Second row, Bill Jerry, 1I Schlavlttl. John Hickey, Randy Rowsey. Global Society eek" 63

67 Medieval Faire The thirdyear ofa tradition The Medieval Faire has been a tradition at Oak awn that first began in 1995; and is usually held on the 21 st of November. Its an all day affair where students get to show off what they have learned about the medieval era. Students from English, Fine Arts, Family and ife Sciences, Business\Computer Applications, Science, orld History, and Foreign anguages participated. The students spent weeks preparing for the faire. Food was made, music was sung and shows and boothes were put together for everyones enjoyment. It was held in gym 10 and 101 and all classes were welcome to visit. Every year there is a new special event to make the faire special. This year fencers were brought in to give a show. Other events that took place were; live singers, medieval line dancing, medieval circle dancing, medieval song/ chant, story telling, poetry, more dancing and a puppet show. These events and the people involved hold the tradition together. A noble knight. Greg Slade is hoping around on crut h s during the medieval fair. 1m not too ure if th Y had crut hes back then. Greg, Dinner time. Katie Jonker, Duygu Aklnci. and Brian Perveneckis enjoy rv ing and ating dinner. By the looks on their faces the food was good!! et me look into my crystal ball. auren Dudko and Tony Fantozzi had a lot of visitors to their stand during the fair. Everyone was curious about their futures. ' - ", 64 ~, Academics

68 Pay attention now. Jeanine Dy< kman and Ja'>On Bjork watch a' an exhibitor give, de tall, about their booth The Medieval Faire wa, a learning experience for everyone. Donna Adair Brian Ade Kara Alfirevic Dorothy Angelo ook at those smiles. Jim arpenter and Jen n,fer Burns show the" enthusiasm for the Me dieval Fa"e. Bet smiles didnt look that good batk then! Mmmh hungryl Mr. Dave Saunders and Ms. Joyc Icenoqle seem to be njoying their meal. MtlllY...,tudpnt... t'lp look Illq rorwdld to thp fdlfp. Il"t for th,' food Scott Atkins Janet Barry Kathy Barry Pam Bibeau Grace Bujak Arlene Carrier Jan Carlson Chuck Chilvers Alice Collins Colleen Conway Amy Cryan Chu k Davelis David Deitemyer Maggie Detwiler Phyllis Dickinson Tom Dzurison ~ Medieval Faire ~ 65

69 Amy Eckert Jean Edstrom Mary Egan Penny Erickson Mary Fickett Cathy Gallogly Joyce Giebelhausen Patricia Greiman Julie Habich Sheri Halwax Time Out. Ilook ldll ll'ln!>t,... Klill...k, RI dll '-" hdu TOIII llob< h, l dill MIll phi, UlIl' JOllll c.jill! Pdul I.dl-'Oll lclkt' d bll'dk dlh.1...nllll lul till' Cdlllt'ld <.hllllllj IlwlI...t I Ill' book Idll w"...,1 d11 'J..lllk. but tlill too. Gather round, M" hl,li" (,JlhoUIl " qlle~tlolll'd dbout her book from ">U" "tetry, Nicol" ThllllO dnd OII Colt Pdltlclpdnh who mdd,' T,Iwt, '101 extld dll,'nllon,0,tu denh,auld complete t1ii pd,k"t,. Georgia Hash Janet Haubenreiser Stephen Heller Nancy Heskin Virginia Holac James Horejs Joyce Icenogle Ruthann Jenkins Dave Johnson Doug Justus ~ 66 ~ Academics Tell me more. Jim Carnithan and Nathan Ne,e que,tion Ray Invergo ahout h" pro) t for the book fair. All,tu dent, were exp ted to complet" d pa ket ith quesllon, on pial. selling. chdrdcterizduon 'Illd con n, t dnd projl'ch.

70 ights, camera, action. Julie ynch watches as Rob Kaczmark previews his movie scroll for her. All students were required to talk to someone in winner's row. BOOK FAIR PROMOTES READING Students read to get ahead The Book Fair is an event that all English [ students participate in. All students had to choose a novel and complete certain tasks that would demonstrate their understanding of the the basic elements of plot, setting, characters, and conflict. A few of the projects were making a poster, book mark, or completing a planning notebook with elements of fiction. Once the student finished this, they would be off to the fair. The students seemed to enjoy the book fair, and heres what some had to say about it. "[ enjoyed the book fair, it let me be creative;' Angie Pudzisz. "[ enjoyed just getting to see everyones projects;' Jenny Sepessy. inning first place in this years book fair was isa Bonn. Morgan isitza, Kasia Jachymczyk, Crystal Gryz, and Sabrina Harper shared second place honors. Third place was awarded to Sarah Dwyer. There were a total of thirteen students who were awarded honorable mention. All honorable mentions were awarded a ribbon for their poster and a certificate showing their participation and knowledge or fiction. Getting started. Joshua Judd and rnesto Rojas wait as the first ses ion of the Book Fair begins. All students in session A were to be ready by 8:00 A.M. to start their pre entalions. inners Row. Crystal Gryz shows off her project to other winners and fair participants Katie Engel, Emily Buys, Sarah Nellie, Rob Kaczmark, and Sarah Dwyer. Crystals movie scroll eam d her the honor of and place. ~ Book Fair 1Jf' 67

71 THE REA ORD A hands on education. hen people thought of school, they thought of homework and boring teachers, but school was a great way to get ready for the real world. hile most students were stuck sitting in a class with students that they may not have gotten along with, the Family and ife Science and Cameo classes were working together to gain hands on experience. Foods classes cooked many things from chocolate chip cookies to a full course meal with steak and potatoes. However, Foods may be a fun class, but noone said it was going to be "a piece of cake:' Cameo has its own shop over on 97th and Cicero and kept students up do date with the latest hair styles. Child Care and Development, Parenting, and Adult iving classes taught students that being an adult isnt an easy job. It required students to care for a baby doll overnight, as an assignment. The classes taught students why parents act the way they do. Child Development ab didrt just preach about raising a child, but actually had many children come for Day Care. So next time you think The Real orld, think hard work. Hmmmm. Junior Kristin Acht r Is in deep thought In parenting lass. Either her mind was off thinking about parenting or dream Ing about boys. Check it Out. Going to school in Mrs. Amy Cryari; class is a real excitement. Dan Prorok, Mike Romano, Abby Pitcher and Ryan Henry were taught about the future through Adult iving class. All you need is love. Jamie Joseph, Julie Ballard, ori Marello, and Tara Bainbridge take care of the Iilll kids everyday as a class. Students needed a lot of patience and understanding to make it through a day in Child Development ab. ~ 68:rJf' Academics

72 ho said cooking was a womans job? Jim Yah!. Paul mith, and Eri iaters mothers would be proud of them now. Some of the greatest male chefs started off cooking a pot roast meal in Foods class. Charlotte Kanner Vince Kasley Monica Kato Dawn Kelch Strike A Pose. Debbie Stema, Mizajet kenderi, Allyson Policky, Tiffany Byme, Bridget orenz, and herri Dugdale get ready to spend th rest of the afternoon culling hair. Cameo counted as credit and students got out of school early to go to Cameo. Doreen Kestler Marty Kirkman Martha Kubjak John ockwood John eary Charles awson David awrence Patricia and Mary ee ockwood Abra Macellaio Dan Maloney Joseph Marchese hats up Doc? Foods is a popular class to many, but no one said it was going to be easy, hanna Blaz and Megan McNerney get ready to hop some carrots. tudents ould u".; their lood expertl!>e In their future Iile when prepdring their own family dinner. BUI Marcordes Marge Daw Barbara Mateer Patrick Mayer ~ iving ife Through School ~ 69

73 - Carol McCarthy et there be light. Robert Meek Mike "qliorw hold, " Iiqhl bulb whill' t3ridn G"lo, le,h the wii,nq of Ihei' (omp",tml'nl <'ome,tudenh dre"d,t but ",fety qoqqle, ARE re'lulled "' 'ndu'"i,,1 Colleen Messenger educallon cia.,,,.,, Debra Minnella Out of the wood- David Moonier work. '>cotl5tr"nq di., pl"ys Ihe late.,t trend In Cheryl Morisette protect,ve he"dqe", and demonstrate., the proper way 10 h"ndle machinery. ood., cia." allowed 'Iudenl' to create a variety of Mary Kay Nichols objec"..,uch a, a lable. inda Noftz Ed Olson isa Ormsby.- -.!.' 1 1\,... 1 II 'i t'..~ "I I.' \?,.~ >~~ '"1' ~~l"" Rich Panovich Jodi Persson Joseph Rieken Michael Riordan John Robinson Janice Rooks Kelly Rumel David Saunders Everything down to the last millimeter. Mike Padilla and Brian Nunz,ato concentrale on a projecl for Exploring In dustry cia". Exploring In du.,try provides fre.,hmen Vern Scarpelli with Ihe opporlunity 10 Jim Smenos learn about the role of In du,try,n communicallon. energy utilization. produc' lion and Iran,port"lIon. 70 ~. Academics

74 Girl Power! Rhea Petroski and Tra y Ball prove thai girls arerl. afraid to get their hands dirty. Rhea ommented. Its great knowing that I have the knowledg to compete and su c d in a mans world. CRAFTSMEN The Foundations ofour Society Before college and higher education became a major influence on society, many people went to trade school. At trade school they learned to be carpenters, plumbers, electricians and auto mechanics. Now that college and higher education is a major influence many have lost respect for craftsmen, the founders of our society. OCHS has tried to keep that respect by offering a number of industrial education classes. Exploring industry, auto mechanics, electricity, graphic arts, metals, woods and carpentry are just a few of those courses offered to both men and women who wish to be craftsmen. Mr. Nick Komarchuk simply explained Industrial Education as, College Is not for everyone, and technology Is not just computers: ~ecollegelsnotfor everyone, Industrial Education helps students to step forward Into the future as well as become Informed consumers. ithout such classes, who will fix our cars? One day. these young men may be working on your car. Jim Ruzi h watches as Ken HUizenga places a rim in a tire. Auto mechanics gave many stud nt an opportunity to receive hands on experien e in a garage and with tools u d for ar r pair. Cool microwaves. David uszek. tev Pilat, Adam Schwoebel and Rob Gonzalez con entrate on their books before they begin testing equipment at their el troni lab volt station. EI troni s required students to build two ele troni kit projects. such as power supplies. robots, sound effect g nerators. et. ~ Industrial Education <Jf' 71

75 SCIENTIFIC CASSIFICATION How to identtfy your Science class. Science classes are classes that every student at OCHS must endure for at least one year, that is the minimum requirement for graduation at Oak awn. But most students take at least the minimum requirement for colleges, which is two years. There are many different sciences to take, all very interesting In their own ways. First, there are the many different Biology courses. If you are Interested In the life science aspect, this class is for you. Many students enjoy leamlng about the earth, plants, and animals. Some students even enjoy dissection. If Biology is not for you, do not worry about it. The next class you can take is Chemistry. ChemIstry is more of a calculating class. It takes a lot of math skill to fully grasp the Chemistry concept. There are many other science courses available, such as Physics, Anatomy, and BIological instrumentation. OCHS also offers almost all of these classes In Honors and Advanced Placement classes. Each course is fun and interest ng In its own way. ook do.elyl Nahed Sobhy carefully looks through her microscope. Every sc~ ence classroom has microscopes for stu dent use. Boom! ooks like Justin Altenburg and John O'Donnell are mixing some slrllnge chemicals. There were no major mishaps or explosions this year In any of the Chem Istry classes. I~ not Home Ec, ~ Chemlatryl Dave Ramirez and Emily Mcoughlin perform the final steps In making their suckers. ~h Chemistry class made suckers this year. :Jk 72 ~ Academics

76 ondon bridges... Chris Beyer arefully tests the trength of his bridg. The bridges were on display for three days In the af teria. The breaking of bridges. Jeremy ang adjusts the amount of weight on his bridg Many students were glad to be able to break their bridges after all the hard work they put In to It. Yummy! Brian Carlson and auren Janowlck carefully watch over their Chemistry project. Mak Ing peanut brittle was one of the projects done around Halloween. ~ Science <JIf' 73

77 S h-h. its quiet time. ee Smith qeb hl~ homework done while he ha a chance to ('oncentrate Many,tudents used tudy /MII a, a time to ('at h up on ~hoolwork Business Secretaries: inda Schlimm, Pat Drew, Kathy Mareska, Rhonda Meyer. hat do you mean "1 is CI? Salima Garcia goes over her scantron test. Teachers often use scan trans because they are good pra lice for students taking college entrance exams. Principal Secretaries: Donna Brehovsky, Mary Santangelo, Jackie Medows, Nancy Celeski. Dean Secretaries: Julie Kamper, Kathy Mertz, Cathy Feltz, Fran Rybka. Pupil Personal: Jan ezon, Darlene Napoleon, Dawn Pietruszynski. ho said school is all work and no play? Justin Kakos and Becky Powers play with the blocks but also get some learning experience out of it. Seated behind them are Kelly Verjchave, ynd y Martisek. Regina Pani u d. and Andy Kula who al,o educate themselves while having fun. ~ 7 4 ~ Academics

78 Bustedl Craig Parkhill. Ri h Hnat. Bob Filicette. and Mike Nesis get started on their math assignments. but theyre going to have a tough time erasing con idering they ar using pen. HIGH TECH MATH New Developments make Math Fun Students no longer have to memorize times tables or work out problems by longhand with paper and pencil. Technology has brought a new age of math learning. In Algebra 1 students use brightly colored Algeblocks; Mrs. Kotheimer explained, "[they are used for] visualizing solving equations:' Students get hands on learning experience by collecting data and doing experiments in a CB (Computer Based ab). TI82 graphing calculators hooked up to the computer allows students to measure how fast light travels or how high students can jump over a laser beam. They are used in Advanced Algebra, Algebra, and Fundamentals of Algebra. Amanda Barajaz, who is in Algebra Honors, claims, "orking on computers helped me understand the problems better: The future can see a computer at every students work station. The math division head, Mrs. Sulek, sums it up, ''Technology enables active learning. Students collect data, technology processes data, and then students make interpretations and conclusions:' Two heads are better than one. J nny Mitchell tries to understand the math assignment a her partner Regina Pani u ci raises her hand for the teachers help. Behind them were Dayna Hojek and Andy Kula who also worked togeth r. a tea h ers often had students do for s hool projects. atch and learn, class. Mrs. Margaret D twiler demonstrat s th math work on the overhead while tudents Mall Pansz zyk. Miadeh Jud h. Mike Heise. and Katie Rawl listen. Many tea hers used overheads in order to better present work to classes. ~ Math Department ~ 75

79 Foreign anguage The benefits are numerous. The melting pot of America does not exclude Oak awn Community High School. Students and staff at O..C.H.S. speak a potpourri of languages, besides English. Some people learned a second language at home while others chose to learn a second language at school. O..C.H.S. offers French and Spanish as an elective for students to take all four years. hile it is not a graduation requirement many students took advantage of the opportunity to learn a second language. "I chose to take French because I am part French. It is a hard class but I am going to stick with it;' commented Therese Hassel who has taken one year of French. "I took Spanish to get ahead in the business world, and to learn about other peoples culture:' replied Sherri Gibson who has taken Spanish for four years. Taking a foreign language helped students to get into some colleges, learn about the various cultures, get a head start in the business world and become more diverse in their range of thinking. I want to suck your blood. Tony Martinez r hearses for the Fren h III produ tionofora lila. Th moviewas shown on hannel 43. Three brains In one. Kelly Pfister, JeanIne Dyckman and Amy Slmenas share their knowledge while working on a group project. Many teachers used group projects as an opportunity to get students to know one another. Now where was It? Ray Metzger lind Michelle Ortlz search the IIbl'llI)' for II book. Mike Dixon closed his eyes to see If he could find the book through osmosis. Sorry Mike, I think you wll1 have to open your eyesl ~ 761Jf' Academics

80 ?Que pasa? Jim Zerinskas shows off an Aztec warrior headdre and shield. This 's one guy you dorl. want to mess with! Yo, Tu. Nos, Nostramos. Mike Mullaney practices changing person on the verb poder. The word poder mans to be able to. Data Processors: First row, Derrick Swistak, Jay Torrens. Second row, endy Marcordes, Donald Musielak, endy Krieher. Media Center: First row, David awerence, Helen Bourbolus. Second row, Dorthy Michels, Judy Spirakes, Edward Olson, Melanie Cooper. earning made fun. Dave undeen praclic s his rrench skills. while pldylnq d gdme on lhl' compule'r Computl'rs wt.'n' u~t..d In evpry d<-l..,.., I n'lltsh to Drive', S l.ducdllon Paraprofessionals: First row, Julia Konicki, Karen Janecek, Ann Smith, Myron Trunk, Albert Palermo. Second row, Mike Harper, Frank Barbaric, Christine Philgren, Kathy Russso, Martin Fox. ~ Foreign anguages <Jf- 77

81 Name that tune. Mdll ~ ott t>xpt>nnwnt!') with ~me new l11u,>ic on the mallet~.mll~ic) Mll"C I~ my life: replied Matt Cafeteria Staff: Front row, oretta Serpl 0, Jeanette Infuslno, ynn Sullivan, Rita Kulpa, Jean lamountain. Second row, Bob Kulpa, Barb Smith, Judy Herrmann, Maryann Stumpf, Joan Shramuk, Joyce Kar ka, Darlene Gumey, Josle Adsllns, Nancy Rossow, Paulette Kulpa, Virginia Devine. The final finishing touches. Carlo~ am po~ applies inking ~kill~ to a project in hi Art I la~s. Freshmen w're required to tak an al t or music cour -" In order to graduate Day Maintenance Staff: Front row, Jim DeGulse, Joe Giglio Sr., David Flynn. Second row, Joe Steppre, Jim Morlo, Bob Seymour, Bill Stumpf, Phil Carroll. Night Maintenance Staff: Front row, ally eigh, Troy Victor, Tom Blasgen, Scott Poplaw kl. Second row, Rich Farina, Joe Giglio Jr., enny H Imberg, Rich McMa ter, Gail Hackstock. Camera Shy: illja Adomenas, Jerry Astrauskas, Brian BaITal s, arry Bemas, AUison Betz, Donna Brehovsky, Robert Burdan, Nancy Celeskl, Polly Cumby, Margaret Daw, James Degulse, Pat Drew, Cathy Fletz, Bob Hreblc, Rosemary Januszyk, Ed Kalafut, JulieKamper,Tracy Keane, Nick Komarchuk, Dee Kothelmer, Kristofer Kowalski, Julia Kunlckl, Marj eable, Jan ezon, Mary ockwood, Bill Marcordes, Kathy Mareska, PhlllipMcGee, Jan t M Hale, JamesMcHugh, JackieMedows, Kathy Mertz, Rhonda Meyer, Cheryl Michals, Darlene Napoleon, Donald Nelson. alter Oldham, John O'Mara, Judy Orr, Dawn Pletruszyn kl, Fran Rybka, Mary Santang la, inda Schllmm, Melanie Schultz, alter buck, Howard Sirota, Roger Sik nl ka, Stev Solinko, Candace Swetz, Colleen Trapp, Bob Vandekreke, Sam Vicario, IIIJam itowski, Dorthy Zabran, Chest r ZielinskI. All together now... Ryan M emon. Nick Ma ciaro. n Martlg. Scott BI ~terfeld dnd Hank Fear pra tr e a new tune. 'Thepiece lof mu" I evolves as are ~ult of the chorr work ing togeth r and a won drous work of mu~ic appears: commented Mrs. Barbara Mateer. ~ 78 ~ Academics

82 a. la, la. Tina 7wirko ki and Jenny Rau sing along with the hoir during class. Th choir pra ti ed A appella or with the a companiment of musical in trum nts. ARTISTIC VISION Art and Music in motion. Sing a song, playa tune, paint a picture, or sculpt a figurine... EXPRESS YOURSEF- that's what art and music are all about. etting emotions flow through a creative outlet can be a soothing and and effective way to relieve stress. "I am gratified by the high level of commitment shown by the students:' Mr. David Deitemyer quoted in the Spartanite. Band students put plenty of hard work and time into their music. Jazz Band members even reserved ednesday nights for practice. Choir also met in school, and prepared for performances during the year. "I always equate rehearsing choir music with weaving a tapestry. e begin with limited knowledge of a song. As we work and learn parts, they are woven together to create a whole~' said Mrs. Barb Mateer. There are several different Art classes, from your basics to advanced techniques. There are also photography classes for those students who "think photo:' Art students found their work on display around the school and entered in art contests. A ork In Progress... Kerrl Murphy con ntrate, perf ling her ollage of Imag S. "I am very rili al of my art work, I onstantly think about how I could've made it better: ommented Kerri Murphy. I just wanna bang on the drums... Ken Huizenga, Bill Janovjak, Dave eber, and Tom Jodelka pra lice their drumming skills. Tom Jodelka remarked about drumming. "Any form of advanced drumming i Indistingui hable from magic. ' _ i' Artistic Vision If, 79

83 rr Th hardesl Ihing aboul high shoal is knowing I only have one more y ar 10 proue mys If " Mandy I\ulsulis rr The besl Ihing aboul OCHS is Ihal lhe people are friendly and also uery ni e. ". Mallhew all rr Th hardesl Ihing aboul high school is Irying 10 lay sane unli/ Ihe day is ouer. " Joseph Johnson 80 People Division Brl. Po< Sm An, Ru~ Mlc

84 , ~ u PERFECT Exceeding the Standards. Robert Groos, Ryan Burbridge, and T.J, Mulrenin are fine examples of the qualities that student body at OCHS meet. They take pride In knowing they are the best. I Ifl~# ~CflOO ~Qfl/~~ 4~aft~~ pat.jz& CIuvuv ~ erut up ~~ aft'fol/ ~- ~?J~~.,4 i~1ul t<pfirutmffiuk~ {l/lr/~rmd~ 'Aile, $~(J/(b~ tftej,yfowv rpwv~01 ~l1.. 1>~~eOfJlil~, CJ~{l/lR/ ~ ~ taeia& ~ lal tiwt~umffi4 CJ~~ ~ cs~~~tjuv~ ~nuu:k tjw+.,~ (M1/ tjuv oijwv Amul,~ ~~ tjuvdmt tiwt {l/lr/ab tjuv top. d(~~~ ~tjuwv~rjm"tiwt wift wm1/ ~t1zab ~~tjuv~ fowv~4tjuwv ~ You know who. Breanne Murphy, Tim ewis, Greg Slade, Tacho Gamino, Brian illiams, and Maureen Scanlan are some of the well known seniors at OCHS. Tacho, Maureen, and Greg and Tim all appeared In this years h ho. The Road to Self-Discovery. Brian Carlson, Duygu Aklncl, Amber Poorman, Rob ewandowskl,renee Smith, Beth Dykstra, Michelle Cronin, Andy Prapoulenls, Kathy Hurley, Tony Russo, Brian Kane, Glanna Hardt, and Michael Fiedler Isn't that special?.. Sherrl Gibson and Melanie Fitzgibbons show that high school really Is about friendship. Remember that friends are what made school "bear-able. Have you had your hug today? Everyone needs a little T..e. and who knows beller than Nichole Hanson and Tony Martlno.Homecomlng was a great day for football and friends, People Division -81

85 Basmah Abed Barry Adamczyk illie Adams Frederick Aguinaga Michelle Alexander Bryan Allie Rena Amaro Stephanie Andrews Johnny Aranki Steven Augle Amanda Bainbridge Kevin Banialls Amanda BaraJaz Kimberley Barrus Jennifer Bartkowiak Dale Bartlett Erin Bartsch Chrissy Bazian Martin Bell Bryan Berry Kenneth Bialek Kathleen Bjork Dave Oberg Ryan Bohm Joseph Bokholdt auren Boll Bemhart Bolz Katherine Bolz isa Bonn Ni ole Bowen Nicholas Boyle rah Brandt Amy Bridgeman Ausra Brooks Anthony Brotsch John Burns Emily Buys Desiree Cahill Kelly Mi helle aldwell alhoun - " 82 1'. '" Freshmen

86 Joseph Camerino Jennifer Campell auren Campos Ryan Captain James Carnlthan Brian Ca ter ill Cavanaugh Ni olas ChamIs Frank Chojnacki Jonathan Clardy Danny Clemans Cheryyl Cole Scott Colesby James Cononico aura Constabile Allison Cronin Matt Crothers Colin Cushway Jennifer Davies Christina Davi Nicole Davison Angela Dazzo Rose Devine Maria Diaz And Four Maidens.n A Row. early Murphy, Katie Engel, Sarah Dwyer, and Kathleen Bjork are all dre s d up for the Medieval Faire. Many looked in their aunts and grandparents closets to find clothes, while others got creative and made their own costumes. Christopher Diehl Anthony Dingus Emily Dipl rro Carrie Dixon Beth Dommer Tara Duitmann Jessica Dunk Andrew Dvorak Sarah Dwyer Sabrina Dymit Bonnie Dzielskl 5t phanle Eaton Dani I Echavarria Kat! ngel Michael Epperson Alexand r Erdakos '... '" Freshmen 'f. 83

87 Dana Escamilla Zlyad Fakhoury Mohammad Falah Catherine Fett Elizabeth Flgus Victoria Fisher Nicole Frenzel Amanda Fult Paul Gacek Thomas Gamino Ellseo Garduno Marianne Garduno Michael Gary ThomasG bel Mary Giglio Jason Gilbert Jennifer Gilbert MarcosGle~ Ni oleglov r Val rie Glowaty Jillian God II James Goldrick Valerie Gorman Nick Grabar k Jeanna Gracia Sarah Grana Erich Grawunder John Grist Chry tal Gryz Jesse Gubemat Eme tha k Chrl tina Hambright Ahmed Hanafi Sabrina Harper Therese Hassel Kenneth Hawkins Martn Hebein Mike Heise Jay Helstem Paul Hemdon Cole H witt Amy Hill JimHln k Steven Hir Natali Hoch Dayna HoJek Brian Hokinson Richard Holzle - " 84 1'. '" Freshmen

88 seventy cent~ please. The homemade mushy chocolate chip cookies are a favorite of rcshmcn Sarah Krawc7ykowski. A day can not go hy without eating a cool-ie and sume milk. Back to the Drawing Board. Freshman Mladeh Jud h d monstrates her gr at math abllltle by showing the whole class how It Is done correctly. at Iy ov rheads have taken the good old chalkboard. If the walls could talk. Freshmen Christina Hambright. Magdal na hite, and Nicol Bowen walk and talk during the passing periods on an average day of hool. Five minutes gives ea h student nough time to g t caught up in the dally gossip. De mond Homn Aaron Ho k Kathryn Huizenga Rick Ingraham Sabrina Ithal Kasla Jachymczyk Jackie James David Jodelka Catrina Johnson Ronald Johnson Tristan Johnson Christine Jorltz Jo hua uke Mladeh Jud h Soraya Jud h Janna Jurkow ki Raymond Kackert Robert Kaczmark Jason Kadow Ju tin Kakos Brian Kaminski Monica Kapvstka Chrl toph r Kaplan aura Katula - " Freshmen '" {<. 85

89 Nick Kawacln Frank Kazmierczak Bill Kill Kristen Klimek Christopher Kling r Christina Koch Marjorie Koeppen Nicole Kegl r Kenneth Korab Casey Krlvanec Bryan Krulzenga Andrzej Kula Daniel Kula Jill Kulpa Jennifer Kummer Dawn Kwlck Damian andowojtowicz Paul arsen David arson Christine II sso Minh Phuong Thl e Christopher enart Morgan 1sltza Adam oh illiam eithl Iter Amanda opez Monica opez Amanda orenz David und n Julie ynch Nicholas Macclaro Tareq Mohmoud Natali Malquist Nicholas Maniatis Donna Marino Tony Martinez yndsey Martlsek J Iyn Massey Mohammad Tatariyeh Robert Mathias If you were an animal, what would you be and whyl 1\ monkey because they have the most fun and they are cute: - Renee Smith 'j\ bird because I could fly freely: -Christina Koch 1\ bird because I want to fly: -Cole Hewitt - " 86 1'. '" Freshmen

90 Justin Matson Sara May Jeff Mayer Nicole Maynard Suzanne Mazelkls Kathleen Mccarthy Megan McD rmott Adam McKlnn y Joseph McMurray Kelly McNamara Brian Mcilliams Jeff Menschlng Edward Menzel Thomas Miller Sylvest r Mlskowlec J nnlfer Mitchell P ter Mltr v Amall Mlzyed Ang la Montoya Kevin Mooney Angela Moran Martin Mroz Susan Mueller J lea Murablto Carty Murphy Matt Murphy Gregory Navickas Nathan N se Erica Nelson Tiffany Nelson Sarah N ttl James Norris Joseph Novosel Jennlf r Nowicki Brian Nunziato Mark Obrochta Start your day the right wayi Mark Rang J. Nathan Neese. Nicole Maynard. Jeff Mayer. and Steve Augle start school with good 01' wholesome milk and good friends. Take the Pepsi challengel Dan Kula fills up with a little sugar. a little carbonation. and a lot of caffeine. Tired students found ways to keep awake during those long classes. " '"' i' Freshmen 1'. 87

91 Hurryl Hurryl haron Vieloris rushes 10 class so she won I be tardy. h nth class ends. students have five minutes to g t where they are golog. Show those pretty teethi Katherine Sullivan and NI ole Frenzel take a moment from art to pose for the camera. Starting with the class of '99, fre hman were allowed to take Discovering Art and Music to fulfill graduation requir ments. Seventy-nve words per minute, wowl Angela Montoya is careful not to look down at the keys as she pra tices h r keyboarding kills. Freshman were required to take keyboarding and computer. Sheryl O'Connor Joseph O'Keef Mary OJejarz Adrienne Olsen Shane Olsen David O'Malley Jill O'Malley AlexisOram Beth Ott Mi hael Padilla Frank Padula illiam Palmer Jeffrey Paluck Michelle Panek Matthew Panszczyk Anthony Pape Danl I Pasquarella Joey Payson David Perrin Eric Piotrowski Kevin Piua Peter Podcz rwinskl Jami Powers Rebecca Powers - " '" 88 'f. Freshman

92 Samantha Pow rs Amanda Pradun Nicholas Priley Angelina Pudzl z Robert Puhr NI holas Purdy Bonnie PZlel kl Billy Ran I Mark Rangel Katy Rawl Alfonso Razo Melissa R nz Kevin Rich K liy Robinson Patrick Roj wski Dawn Roman Jim Romano Alejandro Romo Melanie Rovak Brian Rowland James Rowland Dave Ruckle Kath rine Russo Glenn Sabatino Brad Samanas John Sarpallus MelissaSa k Ryan Schau Dav Schwoebel Jennifer Sepe sy FakesSh is Austin Shu K liy Siadak Katie SI v rtsen Robert Sillch Carrie SI/I Elizabeth Sink Niol Skopls Barbara SI In ki Nicholas Slusln kl Amy Smith Karen Smith Renee Smith Rhonda Smith ott Soderlund Alvaro Solis Kenneth Soraghan Justin Spoon '1' - i' Freshman 1'. 89

93 Amber Starchvlck Susan Steffy Roger Stell Sheryl Stiso Robert Strang Michael Strelow Katherine Sullivan Michael Sullivan Richard Swiatek Jason Szubrych Andrea Tallon Jam stanas Douglas Terrell Deanna Thayer NI ole Thurzo NamTon Alma Tovar Katarzyna Tutak Matthew Ulanowskl Kelly Ulrich e ley Usyak Rachel Vahl Carrie VanDyck David Velman K liy VerSchave John Veres Shari Vi torls Andrea alsh Philip amlng Ryan h ler Sarah hlcher Magdalena hite Jennifer ierzbanow ki Edward ilcz k Justyna ilk Dawn illiams Anthony illson Hilary ittig Kristina roblewski Angela Zakes Amy Zavala Tha r Zeldan Jason Zelensky orrie Zielinski Diana Zink Jonathan Zmek Mohammed Zubl ~ 90 ~ Freshmen

94 Practice makes perfect! Dawn Roman gels ready \0 bump the ball back across the net Therc is a eperate volleyball team for the freshmen. Go longl Tom Gamino throws the football. Fr shmen, sophomor s, juniors and seniors all participated in th pep assemply. Smllel Shari Vietorls and Katie Engel take a moment away from all of the activity at the Medieval Falre to pose for the camera. The faire was open for all students to enjoy and roam freely. Right on larget! Dayna HOJck makes contact with the ball 10 send II IlY1l1g back over the net Freshmen lel1llls usually practiced Monday through Friday from 3:()() untll 5:()(). CAMERA SHY: Shadi AI-Khatib Amar AI-awi Jennifer Brookman aura Connolly Erik Dewane Kelly Dooley Michelle Dooley Raymond Invergo Sarah Krawczykowski Alan indelof Sean uttrell Kristy Meskan Jason Milton David Oberg Neemah Othman Ernesto Rojas Sherri Schlosser Fares Sweis Jeffrey Tucker David Uelman, Freshmen91

95 ... uaey Abdelrasoul Scott Abrams Chris Adamow Justin Altenburg Kelly Anhock Peter Antol Margaret Bak Micha I Balich Amy Bark tephanle Battista Merrillyn Beeck Reta B touni Steven Berezewski Brenda Beyer Karen Blal k Jason Bienko Patty Bolek Rebecca Bousman Michelle Bradbery ta y Brookman Bernadette Budz Tony Buglio Erika Buys Diana Cailean Justina Callahan Russell Carey Jason Carpenter Anthony Cerceo Paul Chmura Nakima Clark Ronald Collura Jim Connell Katie Connell Robert Dahlstrom Eslam Daineh Jodie Daley Carmel Damazo Vas i1ikl Davis Amie Debias Robert Dengler " _ i' 92 1'. Sophomore

96 Michael Denz Tony D rencius Andrea Devivo Shawn Dietel Bru e Digrazia ily Djurakov u a Dorotiss Dani I Downing auren Dudko Brian Dwyer Paul Dy kman Daniel Earley Katie Earley Riad Elramahi Valerie Emery Michael Erdakos Sh rry Eul Jennifer Evans Ca ie Fairbanks Anthony Fantozzi Chris Faulkner Henry Fear Rebecca Feltz aroline Foley Meet the Fllntstonu? No. thats the sophomore class showing their school splrtt at the Homecoming Parade. This years Homecom Ing theme wes Spartans In Ancient TImeS so the sophomore closs went back to the stone ages. Katrina Foley Gina Forlenza Keith Fox Christine Fry Julie Fry Sean Gage Jean Gaynor Michael Genis RI k Gierke Karen Gill Jaml Gonderson Esm ralda Gonzalez Stephanie Gorman Michael Goss Peter Grochowski Peter Groenewold '1' Sophomores 1'. 93 _ i'

97 John Gubemat Jack Gunka Ju tin Haak aura Hackstock Amanda Hagberg Huwaida Hamed Theresa Hamilton Mary Haran Kenny Hasan Sara Hawkins Cyndl Hazzard David H nke Matt Hense Dan Herman Melina Hemandez Heather Hewitt Mark Hnat Pamela Hoover James Horvath Fredrick Housman Ryan Howeil James Janowiak auren Janowiak Ashrar Judeh Kim Kackert Amanda Kaminski Gregory Kaminsky CMs Kaplan Jennifer Karlicek Shelly Kamia Dennis Kasprowicz Kelly Kawczyn kf Erin Kelly Adam Keri Natasha Khan Jennifer Kimmey Matthew Klimek J ff Klopotow ky Joe Klotzke Kalhl n Klupshas hat have learned in the two years you have been at OCHSl "That OCHS has many great afterschool alternatives. " - Mike Erdakos "You always make new friends in high school: - Nikki Scott "Not much, I learned a bit of math, science and spanish: -Eric isitza - ' 94 1'. " Sophomores

98 Teresa Knaf1 Bill Knight Renee Kobylarczyk Justyna Konczyk Ken Kopf Anna Kos Ricky KlClkow Kevin Kras Donald Krl Ik Robert Krlslk Keith Krouldls Rachel laidlaw Bryan afebvre Mark elpart Sean enart Anthony Unk Eric 1sltza Amy 1tvlak Melissa oaiza Carla opez Martha opez Breane orenz Jason Majka Tracy Mancillas Jean Marclnkow kl Kelly Mar h Theresa Martlsek Michael Masino Selima Matarly h April May Nicholas Maynard Kimberly Mazur Ryan Mcernon Emily Mc oughlin Holly Mc Nally Kathleen Meln r Congratulations, Jodie. Jodie Daley accepts here Academic etter from Principal illiam HilI. Twenty two sophomores receiv d their Academic etters in September. Toilet paper, Pleasel?! Dennis asperwitz, Mary alla e, Dana Sluslnski, M lissa Reyes. Justin Altenburg, uaey Abderasoul and Am Shalabi partl ipate in homecoming activities. Th sophomoles also won the houtl... r I " _ if' Sophomores 1'. 95

99 Heres the klngl Anthony Cerceo takes a moment out from the Medieval Fair to take this picture. Many students created their own costumes to reneet the Medieval Faire. Happy Halloweenl Kelly Anhock and Julie Bardelli dress up for Halloween. Halloween Is the only day that students w re allowed to wear hats in school. Friends forever. Dana Roman and Asrar Judeh show how much their friendship mans to them. Friends are an important part of high school. Say cheesel Dana Siu Inskllooks like he wa caught off-guard with this picture. Students hould beware when they're walking down the halls because a yearbook photograper or photo student might be snapping their picture. ove Is.. Ju tin Altenburg and Amy Negel. Hom oming is just one of the dances thet stud nts cen dence th night away with their main squeeze.... ' _ i' 961'. Sophomores

100 Krystal Mendez Michelle Mentgen Jill Merrell Brian Messina Carllna M tzl r Carrie Mi halskl Melanie Millay Daniel Miskowlec Simon Mltr v Dorothy Mol k Tina Moretti Patrick Moses Stev Mulka Micha I Mullaney Sara Mungia Jillian Munno Dawn Murphy Brandy Muston Amy Nagel Jennifer Nash Ryan Nash uke Navickas Brandy N Joey N umann Erik Novak Jim Novak Christoph r Obrenskl Eric O'Brien Robert Obrl n Je lea Oconnor John Odonn II Kathy Ogor k Samantha Oliver Samuel O'malley Roberto Ortega Fatmlr 0 manl April Osmanskl Phillip Owen Joey Pace Christina Parks Robert Peck David Pedraza R..becca P..nlz Georgina Perelta Jessi a Peretti Jennif r Peter~ Ang..1Pirofalo Joanna Pollard ' Sophomores 1', - '" 97 " I

101 Kimberly Popemlk Tara Pote Richard Powell Kenneth Prock Amy Qlnlan Nicole Rainey Salvador Ramirez Mack Raske Michael Raspovlch Phillip Rekart M Iissa Reyes Brian Reynolds John Reynolds Phillip Rogers Alexander Rojas Dana Roman Danlelle Roman Marla Romero Shaun Rooney John Ruzich Vlctorla Ryan Fadl Salem Michael Sanfllipp Jeremy Schultz Eric Schutz Nicole Scott Ameer Shalabl Kevin Sharwarko Britt ny Shumard Kathy Sierra Melanie SHieh Carina Sliva u n Simon Joanna Siwlec Ryan Skendzel Diane Skupl n Paul Sion kls Dana lusln kl Eric Smok Jason Sobbe Best/orst About Being a Sophomore. Best part of being a sophomore- "Not being a Freshman: orst part "Not being a Junior: -Sean enart Best part of being a sophomore "Being able to drive: orst part "Most of us have to get jobs and pay for insurance: -Katie enzel Best part of being a sophomore- e don't have to worry about ACTs yet: orst part- "e have harder classes: -Chrissy Fry ;JJI? 98 ~ Sophomores

102 Tristan-Paul Sombero Alan Sowa arry Spain Stephanie Spero Christopher Splerowskl Justin Spilde Robert Stack Samantha Staniszewski Gail Stearns Kim Stell Amy St ppie Susan Stillwell Eric Stojkovlch Tony Stone James Strom Paul Stroud Kristin Swedburg Just the girlsl Joanna Pollard, Dawn Murphy. Karen Gill. Stacy Brookman, Mary allace, and Heather VenHuiz n take a break from their homework to take this picture. Sophomore year wa a busy and packed year for many and hom work was the essential key to moving on the junior year. Fourl Hank Fear and Rick Krakow dolt get th luxury of a caddy. The golf team had to haul th ir own lubs around. Kings and Queens at Oak awnl Anna Kos and Adam Carey enjoy th land of royality for just on day. For sophomores, th medieval falre was a big ordeal. Get downl Mary alla e and Katie enzel wat h as Mike Mullaney and St phanie Spero get down at the interfest Dance. Jeans and a t-shlrt were comfortable attire for these dances. Sophomores " -.. ",. 99 l'.

103 Michael Sweet Jennifer wels Mil hal'l Szczesniak Chris Szmajlo Nemeh Tabally Eimon Thwin Nicki Tsiamas Jennifer Tucker Chrl topher Vahl MI hal'l Valentine Corrin Vandyck Angela Van Vuren VI kl Vandergrlend H ather Venhuizen Mlcha I Ver Shave Valerie Vereecke Renee Virgin Allison Vlnlcka Arlc agn r Dawn alker Mary allace Rick eber Katherin enzel Erica erley ynd y hitton Diana llk Sunni illiams Daniel illis Jo ph ilson Thomas ilson Jodie inchell Ad m lrtschorek VI toria itkewllz Vicki ojtowicz isa oloszyn Heath r uchter James ucka Alt Yousef Robert Yu ka Fatima Zegar Noor Zegar illiam Zielinski NI ole Zimmerman Martin Zubek Bernad ttl' Zubel Nadar Zughayy r Diamond Zukas Charlie Zylius -,.. " 100 1', Sophomores

104 Friend. Jenny Kimmey and Jill Munno po for a picture at one of this years pep assemblys. Pep A mblys were always great fun. Pass It inl Ryan Mcemon gets ready to put the ball back Into play. The boys basketball t am had a strong ason thi year. Spartan powerl Emily Mcoughlin, Nicole Garrett (Junior). Tina Mor tt1,nlck Slusinskl (Freshmen), Dana Sluslnskl, and J nny Kimmey ch r on the football team at Hom omlng. It was a great gam! CAMERA SHY: Donald Andersen Timothy Anton Joseph Armstrong Joseph Banasiak Julie Bardelli Scott Biesterfield Tim Boss Matt Bowman Jessica Brazel Kirby Coggin Jennifer Connelly David Diaz Kristie Duitman Jamie Gunderson iuiam Henning Eamonn Horan Natalie Inman Michael Jorgenson Kasim Kishta Anna Kos Mark iescke Amanda ittrell Eric Martig Scott Meyer Maryrose Moses Moises Najera Nichole O'Connor Regina Panicucci Kristopher Queen Alfonso Restivo Nicole Richards Michelle Smith Diane Sweis Joseph Teets Kelly Zegar Adam Zwirkowski - ',. Sophomores 1'. - '" 101

105 Chrlstin Achter Jeannie Adair Jennifer Aiello Duygu Akinci Maram AI-Khatib David Albert Kristin Algarin Timothy Anton Jose Araujo Josh Araujo Mohamed Askar Amanda Ault Brain Backstrom Jonathan Baker Tracy Ball Cherly Banasiak Melissa Ban hak Amanda Bark Joseph Barr Mike Barr Oscar Barr ra Frank Basley Eileen Bates Geoffrey Beck tt Jenna Beituni Andrew Besbekos Meli sa Besli hristopher Beyer Karen Biggane Jason Bjork Michael Blaha Evelyn Boehm Jeff Boll Kristine Bowen Mi hael Bowman Stephanie Bolye Ken Braasch Michael Braasch Amanda Braatz isa Brandt " - t' 102 1'. Juniors

106 Julie Braun auren Brockman Donllld Brown SlIm Brown Renee Bueger Jonl Bulow Ryan Burbridge Kelly Burke Pamela Byrne Amanda Campbell Carlos Campos Michael Campos Kim Capretz Jeremy Captain Marla Cardenas Kevin Carey Brian Carlson Heath r Casale Melissa Castello aur n Caster Mary hap ayne harvat Ch ri Chavez Nlrut Chltlaphaphai Sit back, relax and enjoy the music.tony Martino and Jason Ruesch play mostly 'ocal H' for their friend. Its a good way to practice and get use to being in front of people. They w re up on stage for the first time at the Battle of the Bands. Mark horzepa MI hel hristopher Vln ent Chung Mark C1ngranl Dennis lemens Dennis Cody MI h I Correa Heather Cozzi MI hel ronin Jonathan Daley Brenda Davidson Brian DeBlas Trll y Dengler D annll D nos Janette Devivo Charles Diehl Junior 103

107 Thomas Dietz Corey Dignian endi Dixon Monnlca Domm r hawn Donn liy Melissa Dronskl Jakub Drozd M Iissa Dubs Elizabeth Dykstra Gabriella Eberhardt Samuel Echavarria indsay Edquist Jason Egan Ratibe EI-Matarl Timothy Ellis Isaac Emerlc Veronica Espinosa Joanna Eul Reana Falcon Sophia Faridi Rebecca Fear Robert Fessett Dana Fett Jennifer Fierro David Flgus Robert FlIIcette MI ha I Floyd Melissa Fogarty Justin Foley Andrew Forzone Kristin Franek Nlchole Friske Selima Garcia Nicole Garrett K te Gaskin Robert Gebbia Jamie Gilbert aura Girten D anna Gomez Robert Gonzal z Ed Goodman David Gorman Robert Gro Anna Gunka Claudia Guzman Mlcha I Haak James Hagberg Hlba Hamed - " '/ 104 '(0. Juniors

108 whclis the man behind the Mask? Brian Carlson Halloween. He created a mystery that day. hows off his school spirit on Splashl Marlo Vancherl gets soaked during a spirit week activity. A playful game of water balloons tumed Into a drenching experience. Pass the toilet paper. Melissa Plwowar, Kathy Karp, Kelly Burke, Katie McDermott and Beth Kreydlch are all wrapped up In school. By the time one becomes a Junior, there Is no f ar I ft...only the thought of having fun. Brandl Hamilton Denise Hamilton Sheila Haran Glanna Hardt Michael Harland Krlsty Hazzard illiam Henning Maria Henrich uis H mandez Deann H mdon isa Hershey Michelle Hickey Richard Hnat Brian Hoglund Jill Hovanes Kathy Hurley Katy Ingalls Agnes Jachymczyk Stefani Jacobson Carly Jandeska Jennifer Jaral Jennifer Johnson Brian Jonker Matth w Jutton " Juniors 1', -- '" 105

109 Davis Kackert Joanah Kackert Melissa Kakos Kathy Karp Julie Katula Joshua Kay ori Kelleher Karen Kill Carrie Kilroy Esequlel King Michelle King Brian Klein Neil Klelnmark Jessica Koca Harry Kolk Elizabeth Koopman Bill Korab Kristien Korkosz Jason Kotlarz Cellns Kowalczyk Dorothy Kowalski Eric Kresen Elisabeth Kreydlch Aaron Kriekel Keith Krlzka Kathryn Krzak Nina Kucharski Richard Kuchyt Amanda Kutsulis Max ablalks Jennifer add Joseph adonskl eah afemlna Danlal ajeunesse J remy ang Olga lano Francisco una Kelly Makhlouf Keith Malivuk Anthony Martino How do you (opel "Exercising and running mostly but, I turn to my mom, friends and family for the most support; said Salima Garcia. "Play basketball or play catch with my dad. hatever gets my mind off of it; said Chris Beyer. "Meditation, listening to music and focusing on something happy. My friends also help put me in a good mood; said Gianna Hardt. ~ 106 ~ Juniors,

110 Joshua Masek Marwan Matarieh Jason Matusiak Michele Matuszewski J remy Mayer Michael McCabe Tracy McCann Christopher McCarthy Kathl n McDermott J ffery McGovem Andrew Medina Jessica Melander Nlcholos Melville Mark Mendez JulieM nzel Raymond M tzger Brian Meyers Gina Michalek Jonathan Mlskvlcs Jason Mitchell Shannon Mitchell Karen Montoya Michelle Montoya Joseph Mroz Sarah Munl y Rita Murlno Erin Murphy Nora MUSIl Constance Navarrete Diana Naylor St ven N Ihelsel Michael Nesls Amber Nettle Evelyn Nevills Diamond Nicely Carl Novak Katherine Obrien Nicole Olivares Junior love. The juniors cram tog th r to take a picture. They were hamming It up at th pep assembly. Artistic creations. Becky Fear creates her ornaments In art class. She was arefully painting them so they were ready for Christmas.,. _ i' Juniors 1'. 107

111 Gregory Olsen Amy Ott Brendon Palluck Michael Parisi Kathy Pa ko Anne Pasquarella Renee Penanich Ch ryl Pelayo Brian Perveneckls Joseph Petrick Alesha Petrousek Jennifer Pinner Melissa Piwowar Bemadette Polak J nnlfer Pontrelll Matthew Poore Andrew Prapuolenls Brian Price Getting wrapped up. Juniors working hard to g t the job done. ets clean up that mess when your done. - Full yet? Jeremy ang. Glanna Hardt, K liy Scanlan, and Usa Brandt just finished th Ir morning meal fit the Hom omlng breakfast. Th y look like they are happy and full. Group work. Ken Braasch. and Karen Blggane team Ing up to talk about th Ir English project. They w re In one of Mrs. hiteaker's many Engll h Honors cia se. - ' Juniors 1', '" 108

112 Patrick Price John Probst Kimberly Prob t Danl I Pullara Valerie PyUlk NlnaQulllln Jamie Qulntavalle Anas Rabah Matthew Ragllone Andr a Rainey Mlsllm Ramadanl Adan Ramirez David Ramirez Mark Razo Michael Resendiz Eri Rhodes Melissa Riblch Mark Rieck Jo ph Rizzo Gina Rag rs MI ha I Romano Brian Ross Karen Rossow Jason Ruesch Patricia Ruh Jill Russell Anthony Ru so Jason rpolls Kelly Scanlan Elizabeth Schadt Robert Schlosser Ad m Schwoebel isa Scott Patricia mlnetta Hanan Shehaiber Mahmoud helkh Joseph Siom kl ee Smith Erne t Soderlund Sarah Sprlech llota e tt hat is your best excuse for coming to school or home late? "I was sleeping and forgot, 1 got a flat tire on the way home and had to change it~ -Tony Russo "I have never been late to school before 1dorit know what 1 would use, couldrit find a ride home~ -Stephanie Boyle "Power went out so the alarm never went off, 1fell a sleep at my friends house and 1 forgot to call~ - Kim Probst " _ i' 1091'. Juniors

113 play Allcja Stankiewicz Sarah Starchvlck Kevin Stewart John Stifter Shanna Stiso Catharine Strom Steven Swertel Angelica Swiatek Nancy Tadro Edward Tambomlno Sarah Terrell Michelle Traskell Jennifer Trotta John Tylka Sarah Ulatowski Kristin Ulrich Melissa Urquljo James Vah! Kory Vance Marlo Vancheri Jessica Vasquez Rach I Verbeek Elizabeth Vag I Carolyn alker Kristl alsh Michael alsh Jerome anroba auren ard Michelle asik David eber Kyle ebwe Elizabeth eimer Jessica heeler Chris helan Erik latr Kevin ldel Cathy ilczek Christine ilson M IIssa isniewski Charlotte oodward Connie ozek Anna Zagata Eric Zalas Russell Zalas Almen Zayyad Fawzi Zayyad Ali Zeldan Chad Zeilenga " _ i' 1101'. Juniors

114 Smile Girls. ook at those shining faces. Christine lison and Sarah Terrell pose for the camera. Many Juniors filled their schedules with advanced biology, English III, humanities and advanced algebra, physical education and U.S. History. Juniors Mike Parisi applauds his class during the HomecomJng Pep Assembly. MIkes funny antics made the school year Interesting. Explain that to me one more time? Ken Braasch shows Jennifer Evans how to do her math work. A little help never hurt anyone. Smile for the camera. Sharon Victoris, Susan Simon, Elizabeth Sink sit with their favorite lass. the Juniors. Classes were usually made to sit together. Camera Shy: RulaAtieh Paul Bantalis Shery Bartosch Desiree Bartosiak Stephen Clary ucas Dorotiss Feras El-Ramahi Adam Gacki Sinead Gallen Maria Garcia Kaled Hamdan Nancy Houston Joseph Johnson Jill Jurkowski Jason Kara Hamza Kishta Steve Klinger Jennifer Kummer Carla opez Thomas Magnan Kelly Martino aurie Miller Terrence Mulrenir Benjamin Ocasio Craig Parkhill lsa Rafati eticia Rios Stacy Rowland Jason Rowsey Brad Samanas Mustafa Shalabi Angela Sink Thomas Stallworth Daniel Steffy Sarah Strelow Eimis Svabas Przenyslaw Swiatek Jennifer Toras Melissa arning Dennis ood Daniel Zerinskas JUniors'" 111


116 Senior Portraits!--113


118 Cutest: Mike Curran and Kristi Hoagland are so cute you want to pinch their cheeks. Best Eyes: Dort: blink or youll miss the best eyes of seniors Tim ewis and Nadine Shehaiber. Most Involved: Jason Kolk and Tammy Fear...could they possibly take on anymore? Class Clown: Jokes on you, Jason Doguim. Youre not the only class c1own...isa ells was the other winner. 8IIore,.un get cauptj RONIInda Cedeno rests lifter t.d dey In P.E. c:iess. After three yelft of physlc8llllbor In gym. senkln foini ways to make ute-'er. Oh yeahl Seniors Tim ewl Mike CUlTan. Nick Jelcic. Todd Johnson. and Mike Hejna show their school pirit at the Homecoming Pep Assembly. They may have been up In the far comer, but thejr spirit lis down on the floor. Strikel Brian Mazur demonstrates the right way to bowl. Many juniors and seniors looked forward to bowling as a way to e ape. Seniors Itt 115

119 SenIor Portndt8 enu1r 'JeuwnielE/

120 V,Qlm4}~QI'6 Catch a career by its toe! For four years you have taken notes and tests, given reports, participated in sports and extracurricular activities- and all for what? hat do you want to do with the rest of your life? This is a big question that all seniors must face. you will apply Many of for colleges and attend one close to the neighborhood others will go you grew up in, away to school far away and make the big break. "( want to go to U of I with Diana so we can crash all the parties together and see who can meet the most guys. ell probably study a little bit, too;' said Jenny Bums, a senior at Oak awn. Then there are students who just don't want to go to college. hatever you choose, don't panic if it isn't what you expected, the average person changes their careers five times in a lifetime. Get ahead. Abby Pitcher and Allyson Pollckey paint Brad Koepperis bald head to show Oak awn Spartan Spirit. Bald Is beautiful but even better was the effort the student council and student body put In during spirit week. The "Ms have Itt Tara "Mouse Bainbridge and M f,m Clime Fox model their Halloween costumes. Hallow en fell on a Friday this year and filled the halls with spooky music. Senior Portraits 117

121 Most School Spirit: Yay! Go Spartans! You can hear cheers like these coming from the two with the most spirit, Dan Prorok and Diana roblewski. Cutest Couple: Awww, how adorable!! Jason Kolk and Maureen Scanlan were just meant to be together!! Most Athletic: ho will win this match? e all know it will be really close considering that Aaron Altenburg and Jenell Murray, are the most athletic in our school. Best Dressed: Nick Jelcic and Rania Saaman know what is in and out in the fashion world because they won best dressed. atch Out! Katie Jonkerplyfully pokes ori Marrello with witness Chri ty,jtndeska standing by. Tbis Is all just part Halloween fun that wa enjoyed by li1iiny students. here Is that "Sports Illustrated"" Paul Kos browses through the Isle of magazines. The media center subscribed to 251 magazines and will keep those sui;>scrlptlons for at least 5 years. Happy Halloweenl Heather Dwyer, Annie Jurkovlc. and Allyson Pollckey show that you are n ver too old to dress up. Oak awns dress code allows students to show their Halloween plm!. 118 Seniors

122 Seniors ;- 119

123 120 Seniors

124 Most Changed: eather its their looks or their personality, Mike Mollo and Allison Policky have changed the most since they have first started attending O..C.H.S.. Most Accident Prone: atch out for the two clumsiest seniors we know, Mike Hejna and Cheryl Sullivan. Best Smile: Tim ewis, Kevin Gonzalez, and Mary Pasquarella will brighten the day with their beautiful smile. Most Talkative: You can never keep Greg Slade and Jeannette emrise quiet. That is why these two won most talkative. Strikel Brian illiams Is pl'llcllclng his form whjle Brad Koeppen. Christina Mensching, and Brian Mazur stand dround to learn more about bowling, These four seniors expre sed one way to have fun while exercising. Jump for Joyll Dale Oberg, Danlelle Mil ZZO, dnd Nick evelll how how you Celn make the best out of school. Many seniors made their last year at Oak awn memorable. Three, two, one... and now check that pulse rater Jamie Joseph gets fit in the fitness room. Freshmen, sophomores, juniors and senior all got to work out with many differ nt kinds of equipment such a the treadmill. Seniors /-' 121

125 122 Senior Portraits

126 DEfllltUiAiNlOR There were 1,438 students and 368 of them were seniors during the '97-'98 school year. So how can you tell the seniors from everyone else? Junior Angie Swiatek said, "The~Jre bigger and take their time getting to classes:' Seniors tend to carry a few books, if any at all and can be seen walking hand and hand with their sweetheart. However these are not the only traits that sepa- rate them from all other Seniors were students. also noticed by the coolness of their stride, the calmness of their mood, and the independence in their voice. After attending the same school for four long years most seniors were ready to move on. "They dort mess with people in the hall anymore-they do what they have to do to get out of here. Most of them anyway;' commented Senior Anwaar Judeh. Think. think. think. Nelli Gamboa, Melissa Yurcisln. and Cheryl Sullivan are brainstorming about that research project coming up. Many classes have had the opportunity to experiment with the Intemet. a great educational tool the computers In the media center are now equipped with. Bon Appetlt. To the kitchen Baking Boy onder! Malt elpart put his finishing touches on his mouth wat ring masterpiece. Senior Portraits 123

127 Getting carried away. Jason Doguim carrles Krist! Hoagland through the mall. tudents took advantage of every possible chance to get away from school. All wrapped up. Mr. Chuck Chllvers wraps up Eric Blesterfelds ankle before the game. An athletic trainer was always available after school to assist athletes In caring for an athletic Injury. 124 '" Seniors

128 ';1;awn lj-c,lce??i1j'ua SllQlll1 awn < amjulit Seniors - ;- 125 f

129 126 Seniors <i"1>auid Suszek

130 Most Ukely to Get Your Attention: Bill Gaynor and Katie Jonker are two people you certainly can't miss. Biggest Ego: Two seniors who don't need a boost in confidence are Rachel Kolar and Jason Samhan. Most Ukely to Succeed: Tony Baldea and Tina Zwirkoski are outstanding students who will make it far in life. anted to be Stranded on an Island ith: ho does Oak awn have that Gilligan and Ginger don't? Nicole Baird and Tacho Gamino. And the answer i. Jennifer R u, Robert Andujar, Shaun Mc aughlin, James Carpenter, Melanl Neumann and auren Allie help e h other with their school work in the library. Teache~ often take classes to the library because of the num rous reference materials available for use. Knock em down. Meghan Mc Neamy, Brad Koeppen, and Paul Smith roll through their senior year at the bowling alley. Bowling was a gym class activity enjoyed by both Juniors and seniors. Ring Ring. Nlchole Hanson tops to make a phone call before leaving school. Phones are available for tudent u through out the day. Seniors ;'127



133 "Once he/she gets into it, he/she needs to prepare his player physically, mentally and emitionaly. Basically - be a good teacher. rr -Bill Marcordes Athletic Director r~ quote by a student goes here. Make sure it is good and goes rr with the division. -Mary Kay Nichols '~quoteby a student goes here. Make sure it is good and goes rr with the division. -Vince Kasley 130 Athletic Division

134 NO NO GAl This Is your lead in. This is the first sentence of your caption and it should be in present tense. It tells important information for the caption and lists who is in it. The last sentence is in past tense and gives additional information.?j~~fl/~~!cl"lwulof~upfj& UP sdwdaftdmt ami tit rv fj&~fwv fl/ SI2lYU/fwv ~~afwvsdwd. cr;~ tlwtfj& ~ami MkO-n/ ~fwv ~~dmt ~~tlwt~i4 ~dmt i-s/ fjoj ami it i-s/ iliff! UP ~ fl/ r;omt~ zest fo~ itaft UP~ ~~ dmt.dl~~~~wiijv ~~ C~i-S/~up* ~- taevvcoacae&.dl~~~i~ ~~~~~~ ami~cr;lwtallr/~upcluwv ~O-n/up1flCiO~t" ~~~tlwt rut taevv Ieet ami~~ Ufb~ tlwt fad..dl~~~&v ~~~ami~oil/iuvv~ This is your lead in. This Is the first sentence of your caption and It should be in present tense. It tells important information for the caption and lists who is in it. The last sentence Is in past tense and gives additional information. This is your lead In. This is the first sentence of your caption and it should be in present tense. It tells Important information for the caption and lists who is in it. The last sentence Is in past tense and gives additional information. This is your lead in. This is the first sentence of your caption and it should be In present tense. It tells Important information for the caption and lists who is in it. The last sentence Is in past tense and gives additional information. This is your lead in. This is the first sentence of your caption and it should be in present tense. It tells Important Information for the aptlon and lists who is in it. The last sentence Is in past tense and gives additional information. Athletic Division 131

135 OR VARSITY: Front row, Chr1s Davies, Therese Hassell, Val Gorman. Second row, Dawn Klck, Michelle Mentgen, Jenny Brookman, Came Dixon. Third row, Coach Joe ewendowskl, Jenny Gilbert, Dana Sluslnskl, Emily Mcaughlin, Mellsssa Reyes, Allison Cronin, isa Bonn, Coach Kathy elch. Not pictured, Mary alace, Val Glowaty, Kim Mazur, Becky Powers, Mary OlawJar. Sept. 16 Sept. 25 Sept. 7 Oct. 2 Oct. 7 Oct. 9 Oct. 16 a t. 23 Oct. 31 Marian Catholic Reavis Andrew Inv. Eisenhower Maria Richards Argo Shepard Conference 'This was all the Information available to the yearbook laff. v: ITY: Irst row, Anrnl Gunkll. Second row, Dana Sluslnskl, Jenny Kimmey. Third row, Coach Joe ewendowskl, Tracy Mathias, Desiree Bartoslak, Emily Mc oughlin, Amy AtUvlSSlmo, Coach Kathy elch. Fourth row, Nicole Garrett, Nancy Houston. Not pictured, ee Mcle, Jill JurkowskI. Sept. 2 Bremen Pent. Sept. 16 Marian Catholic Sept. 25 R avis Sept. 27 Riverside-Brk Oct. 2 Eisenhower Oct. 4 EY. Park Inv. Oct. 7 Maria Oct. 9 Richards Oct. 16 Argo I Oct. 18 Tinley Park Inv. Oct. 23 Shepard a t. 3 I Conference Nov. 15 Sectlonals 'ThIs was all the Information available to the y rbook staff Spl.JJJIr 132~ Sports, IIrter"ErrlllY~bk:ll.m.I wat_..._ lire InsePllrllble, we lire In au of the relllys together; commented Amy AtUvlsslmo. I

136 Mmmm Mmmm Good. Nancy Houston hews on h r goggles while looking at the line up to see if ther w re any last minute hange. Coach ei h tried to put every swimmer in ea h event once. "The team did really good this year, I am proud ofall the swimmers~' - ee Me Ie Burrrr. Dana lusinski wraps up in her parka after a great diving performan e. Dana doubled a a swimmer and diver. Pull. Th rese Ha sel pulls ahead whll swimming br ast stroke. On wrong move and a wimm r will be om disqualifi d. Breathe. Nicole Garrett gasps for a breath of air while wimming butterfly. "Butterfly requires the use of every mu I. which make it diffl ult to swim: remarked Head oach Kathy ei h. "Together we swzm} United we win~' Team motto Hmmmmm. Mi hell Mentgen reads the line up to what events she will swim in. Event range in di tance from 50 yard (2 lap) to 500 yards (20 lap ). -' Girls Swimming & Diving 1'. - '" 133

137 "Playing a sport teaches you to manage your time better. " - Jenny Mitchell Practice. practice, practice. Nicole Thurzo improves her playing skills after school at pra tice. 'Practice Is the key to our success In Tennis. Most of the girls who play tennis at OCHS have never played beforetherefore we must practice a lot to keep up with other schools; said Coach Charles awson. hoooshl Jeanna Jurkowski backhands h r way to vi tory. Backhanding is when your arm rea hes across your body to connect with a tennis ball. Good game. Kelly Kawczynski and Ni ki Tsiamas have a post-game chat with a fellow tennis player. 'e congratulate the other team. you know. 'good game. and sometimes we actually strike up conversations: commented Chris Koch. another tennis player. "The tennzs season was a great success~' Coach Charles awson - " ", Sports 'It was In I tell yallr Jeanna Jurkowski and Jackie James discuss where the ball landed. "Iii is when the ball lands within the boundary lines of the court. Readyl Dana Hojek anticipates her oppositior6 moves. There are programs availabl during the off season to keep th girls skills sharp.

138 .~.. Tinley Park 3-2 Chicago Christian 2-3 Oak Forest 2-3 Stagg 3-2 Queen of Peac 3-2 Sandburg 0-5 Reavis 4-1 Bolingbrook 5-0 Seton Academy 5-0 Argo 4-1 Romeoville 5-0 ockport 2-3 Richards 3-2 JUNIOR VARSITY: First row, Jill O'Malley, Sabrina Harper, Carrie Van Dyck, Chrissie Bazian, Ni ki Tsiamas. Second row, isa oloszyn, Jenny Mitchell, Christina Koch, aura Ha kstock, Miadeh Judeh. Angela Montoya. Third row, Coach Charles awson, Michelle Smith, Jeanna Jurkowski, Jennifer Nash, aura Katula, Jessica Brazel, K liy Kaw zynskl, Kelly McNamara. THE SCORE Tinley Park 5-0 Chicago Christian 3-1 Oak Forest 4-1 Stagg 0-7 Queen of Peace 5-0 Sandburg 3-2 Reavis 5-0 Bolingbrook 4-1 Seton Acad my 5-0 Argo 5-0 Romeoville 4-1 ockport 5-2 Richards 5-0 w w VARSITY: First row, Kristi Hoagland, Tina Zwirkoski, Becky McNaughton. Second row, aurie Girten, Duygu Akin i, Tracy Dengler, Brenda Davidson, Kati Bazlan. Third row, Coach Bill Theisen, Julie Braun, Karen Rossow, Melanie Neumann, Julie Katula, Teresa Skupien, Jennifer Rau., I \ r Going To State... Imagine working hard for a whole season... It pays off and you find yourself at a state wide competition, playing against the best of the best. e asked Coach Charles awson for the scoop on going to state. "This year three senior girls went to state. Tina Zwirkowski had the opportunity to play singles and Jenny Rau and Katie Bazian played doubles. The girls practiced really hard on drilling. The girls werer-t really nervous until it was time to step onto the court. The girls qualified last year, so they knew how to handle the tension: The toughest part of going to state? "Screwing up and then having to face Coach Bill Thiesen when it was time for a little bit of coaching:' _ i" " Girls Tennis 1', 135

139 FRESHMEN: Front row. Douglas Terrell. Jason Gilbert. Steve Augle. Mike Gary. Rick Krakow. Mike Strelow. oil Colesby. E'Cond row. Ryan hau. Mike Sanfillip. Hank Fear. Dave undeen. Nick Purdy, Brian a,ter, Sean enart, Mall Ulnowski. Third row. oa h Dave Moonier, K n Korab, Kevin Pizza, Bob Puhr, Eric Stojkovich, Jeff Kloptowski, Jim Janowiak, Mike Vershave, Mike Balich, P te Groenewold, Bru e DiGrazia, Coo h Tom Ea tman. Oak Forest Andrew Rich Ea t Chicago Christian T F North St aurence Bloom Reavis Bremen Bolingbrook Argo Richards Rich Central Eisenhower VARSITY: First row, Kris Ulrich. Amber Nellie, Erica Nelson, Josh Smok, Ray Grygiel, auren a ter. Gabrielia Eberhardt. Second row, 00 h Dave Moonier. Andy Besbekos, Mike Prepli a. Tony Russo. Pat Mcoughlin, hris B yer. Jim Kenealy. Dan Bali h, Jason Matsuiak. oach Tom Eastman. Oak Forest Andrew Rich East Chicago Christian T F North St aurence Bloom Hillcrest Reavis Bremen Bolingbrook Argo Richards Rich Central Eisenhower hen silence is comfortable... Mike anfillip and D nnis Kasprowi z silently await their next shot in the tournament. Coa h Tom Eastman r tired from tea hing at OCH last year. '1' - i' 136 1'. Sports

140 alking to victory. Jim Janowiak walks to the next hole so he an g t a good score. Unfortunately there were no women golfing at this tournament to photograph but there are five on the team marking th second year of a n w tr nd. "~ were the first bus ever to get pulled over by a cop} but at least the season was all right~' -Andy Besbekos This Is for birdie! Jim Ken aly putts his way to get the best scor h an g t. Jim had a v ry good r ord for that season. Just having fun. Pat Mcoughlin and Dan Balich goof around in their tense toumament. ets hope th y did well and brought Oak awn anoth r victory. Shoot Straight. Tony Russo lines up his shot so he can sink this putt. In golf a long hit toward the green is called a drive. but a hort hit on the green is ailed a putt. Putting his way to victory. hris Beyer putts hi way to victory. He was mo t valuable player. and mad all onferen e with Jo h mok. "hen it's lightening on the golf course hold up your 1 iron because not even God can hit a 1 iron ~' ee Tervino -" _ i" Golf 1'. 137

141 "Beating our rival! Richards. twice was a major highlight ofthe season. Especially because the underclassmen came throltgh in the playoffs~1 Franco Ocampo MVP & All Conference Honorable Mention There it goes again. Ryan Melling sends the ball flying to the other nd of the field. how NO MER Y and do what it takes to win are two things I have learned from soccer and will remember forever. xclaimed Ryan Melling. Good save. Jo Hernand z aggressively defends his goal. Goali unlike other players. wear a diff rent color jersey and are allowed to tou h the soccer ball with their hands. ire" J. These guys know whose number one. and it shows. This years soccer MVP' were Ryan Melling and Fran 0 Ocampo. "Soccer is /zm because you get to use your whole body and, also. it is the only sport played in Mexico~' - Jose & itis Hernandez Sweeping isn't only done in the kitchen. Out on the field. uis Hernandez hows how to really lean house. Soccer is also known as football in some ountries. Now that's using your head. Mike Haak performs a perfect header. Header- when a player strikes the ball with hi fher head. '/ i' Sports

142 St. aurence 4-2 Mt. Carmel 2-2 Argo 0-7 Eisenhower 1-6 Richards 7-1 Romeoville 2-4 Bolingbrook 2-] Reavis 3-0 Oak Forest 2-1 Argo 0-0 Els nhower )-2 Chicago Christian 4-3 Richards 4-1 Romeoville )-] Bolingbrook 3-1 R~v~ ~I T T T FROSH/SOPH: First row, Don Anderson, Dan Earley, Dan I m ns, Second row, Bart Mroz, Brian Dwyer, Jim Goldri k, Adam Zwirkoski. Robert rtega. Third row, oa h Biagio Savarino, hris Vahl, B rni Bolz, Justin Haak, Steve Bereowski, oa h John Rita. St. aurence 2-6 Mt. Carmel 2-4 Argo 0-1 Eisenhower ]-3 Richards ]-4 Romeoville 0-1 Bolingbrook 0-1 Reavis 4-2 Oak Forest )-3 Argo 0-7 Eisenhower 0-4 Chicago Christian 1-0 Richards 3-2 Romeoville 0-2 Holy Trinity 4-0 Tinley Park I-I Bolingbrook 2-0 Reavis 1-2 Regionals(Richards) 4-3 Sectionals(Hinsdale Central) 0-5 T VARSITY: First row, Ernie Soderlund, Franco Ocampo, Brian Dwy r, Manager Hannah Shehaber, Jo Hernandez, Blli Korab, Mike Haak, uis Hernandez. S ond row, Ray Metzger, Jakub Drozd, arl Novak, Justin Haak, Kevin oloszyn, Jim Ruzich, Don Anderson. Third row, Coach Biagio Savarino, David Abrahamsen, Scott Cosme, Adam Fisher, Tom Swiatek, Ryan M lling, Nick Hnat, oa h John Rita. Volley! Scott Cosme vollies the ball to gain control of the field for Oak awn. Volley- when a player strikes the ball with his/her foot before the ball tou hes the ground. - "., Soccer 139 l'. -"

143 "Hitting is our business) and business is Good~' - Brian illiams Run, Forest, Run. Senior Tim ewis attempts to run through the strong def nse and pave a path to 'victory lane: Tim ewis also received an honorable mention award for his skill and hard work. e are the champions. The sophomore football team el brate another home victory. This was a homecoming celebration for the sophomores 7 6 win over Oak Forest. Break On Through. These guys know how to how that football i a breaking expenen e. The heerleaders traditionally made hoops for the var ity footbali team to make an entrance. "Spartans... hos gonna win tonight. All you gotta do is put your mind to it and do it. All Right~' Knock em down. Captain Dan Prorok goes for a ta kle. but it doesrt. seem that his opponent Is slowing down. The football players would do anything to get th Ir opponent down. Run through it. As if h w r a freight train. Tom Creech runs right ov r his opponent. Be ides making all onference. Tom wa a gr at attribute to the tam. '/ 140 1'. -- '" Sports

144 TH seo Tinley Park Shepard T F South Kankakee Argo Richards Oak Forest Rich East Eisenhower FRESHMEN: Front row, Dan Kula, Cole Hewitt, Jim Romano, Tom Gamino, Ed Menzel, To-m Gebel, Alex Erdakos, Andy Kula. Second row, Rich Swiatek, Mike Experson, Nick Grabarch, Matt Murphy, Chrts enart, Farer Swelss, Bryan Allie, Matt Crothers, Ken Soraghn. Third row, Rick Ingraham, Joe McMurray, Adam McKinney, Frank Kazmierczak, Jeff Menschlng, Dave Ruckle, Justin Matson, Nick Sluslnskl. Third row, Aaron Hosek, Coach Brtan Barrales, Coach JerryaUIn, Coach Ullarn ard, Bryan Berry. Tinley Park Shepard T F South Kankakee Argo Richards Oak Forest Rich East SOPHOMORE: First row, Shawn Dietel, Adam Keri, Ryan Howell, John Reynolds, Jason Carpenter. Second row, Martin Zubek, Eric Martlg, Dan Herman. Alphonso Restivo. uaey Abdelrasoul, Bill Hernny, Jeremey S hultz, Justin Altenburg. Third row, Ken Raspovi h, Chris O'Brenski, Justin Spilde, Nader Zughayyer, Scott Biesterfeld, Rich Powell, John Der ncious. Not pictured, Ryan Mcernon, arry Spain. Chris Szmajlo. Jason Sobbe. Bob Ma son, Paul Chnuura. Tinley Park Shepard T F South Kankakee Argo Richards Oak Forest Rich East Ei enhower VARSITY: First row, Joe yons, Joe Cichowi z, Eric Rhodes. Ahmed Abdallah. Second row, Mike Curran, Mike Hejna, Dave Kackert, Jeremey ang, Dan Prorok, Harry Kolk. Greg Slade. Mike ingrani. Mike Romano. Brad Koeppen. Third row, Jim Bukowski, Nick Jelcic, Brian illiams. Ed Tamb rino, Abuhnad Abdelrasoul. Ja on Kolk, Tom Creech, Ta ho Gamino. Dave Bram. Fourth row, Tim ewis, uke PoroUss. Dan Steffy. Mike Peterson. Dennis Cody. Sam Echavarria. Todd Johnson. Mike Burton. Fifth row, T.J. Cingrani. Joe Hubatch, Keith Krizka, Dale Oberg. Aaron Altenburg, Zeke King. ' i' Football 1'. 141

145 ""e had a great team that was made up ofa bunch oflittle H!gh five! Renee Buerger Is greeted by coaches and frtends as she finished the race with her opponent trailing behind. Girls cross country came In 5th for reglonals. shavers~' - Coach John eary Go Dave D1az! Dave finishes off the race as his time Is recorded. Dave was one person on the team to win most valuable and be an all conference selection. hats up? The boys cross country team stands around and relaxes durtng their busy day. Five school duals took place and they were all won by Oak awn. "Cross Country was a great way for me to prepare for track later in the year.' - April Osmanski Faner than a.peedlng bullet! Sheryl Stlso Is ahead of everyone In this race. Girls cross country won 3rd place In conference. Dotit quit, keep on going! Aprtl Osmanskl and Jodie Daley give It their all. It sure paid off because girls cross country won 3rd In Invltatlonals that season. ~ 142~ Sports

146 Chicago Christian Oak Forest Eisenhower Reavis Bolingbrook Argo Romeoville Richards Hillcrest BOYS: First row, Chad Zeilenga, Joe Neumann, Dave Diaz, Bill Palmer. Second row, Chris M Carthy, Tony Fantozzi, Jim Carpenter, Pat Moses, Jason Doguim. Third row, Coa h John eary, Jim Horvath, Ken ldel, Mike Cingrani, Mike Mullaney, Chris Amato, Coa h Johnson. Chicago Christian Oak Forest Eisenhower Reavis Shepard Bolingbrook Marion Catholic IIliana Christian T.F. North Rich Central Argo Romeovill Richards Hillcrest GIRS: First row, Vicki Davis, Diana ilk, Sheryl Stiso. Second row, Susan Steffy, Katy Ingalls, Sinead Gall n, Gina Rogers, Cathy il zek. Third row, Coach Robert Kunde, April Osmanski, Mlch lie King, Jodie Daley, Nichole Friske, Andrea alsh, Renee Buerger, Catrina Johnson., One step ahead. Jason Dogulm and Mike Clngrani are in the lead as their oppon nts try desperately to keep up. Jason was team captain and MVp, and Mike was most Improved player. - " ", Cross Country 1'. 143

147 FRESH/'IlEN: First row, Katie Engel, Sarah Nettle, Kristen Klimek. Second row, Catherlne Feu, Monica Kapustka, Carly Murphy, Sarah Dwyer, Suzanne Mazelkls, MarJorle Koeppen, Chrlstlne Jorltz. Third row, Coach Jane Surma, Emily Buys, Kate Bjork, Amy Brldgeman, Sara Grana, Michelle Alexander, Dawn Roman, Amanda orenz, Katie Slevertsen. Mt. Asslsi 0/2 Stagg 0/2 Sandburg 0/2 Reavis 0/2 Joliet 1/3 Bolingbrook 0/2 Argo 2/2 Romeoville 2/2 Richard 1/3 Qu n of Pace 0/2 Reavis 0/2 Bolingbrook A,B 2/3 Providence 0/2 Romeoville 1/3 Richards 1/3 I' SOPHOMORES: First row. Jill Munno. Tina Moretti. Asrar Judeh. Second row. Dana Roman. Becky Pentz. Diane Skupien. Amy Nagel. Samantha Staniszewski, Br nda Beyer. Danielle Roman. Third row. Coa h Ch ryl Michals. Anna Kos. Kathy Klupsha. Erika Buys. tacy Brookman. Jenny Kimmey. Mt. Assisi tagg Sandburg Reavis Joliet Central Bolingbrook Argo Romeovill Richards Queen of Peace Reavis Bolingbrook Providence Argo Romeoville Richards 0/2 0/2 0/2 2/3 0/2 2/3 2/3 2/3 1/3 0/2 2/3 2/2 0/2 1/3 2/2 1/3 VARSITY: First row. Julie Menzel. Jenny Evans. Anne Pasquarella. Gianna Hardt. Second row. Mary Pasquar lia. heryl Sullivan. Corey Dignan. Kim Capretz. Tra y Mentgen. Jenell Murray. Third row. Coa h Mary Kay Nichols. Jessi a Melander. Jenny Jaral. Rebec a Feltz. Breanne Murphy. Kri ty Hazzard. Mt. Assisl Stagg Sandburg Reavi Joliet Bolingbrook Argo Romeoville Ri hards Queen of Peace Reavis Bolingbrook Providence Argo Romeoville Richards 0/2 0/2 0/2 0/2 0/2 2/2 2/2 2/2 0/2 0/2 1/3 2/3 0/2 0/2 2/2 1/3 - " / 144 1', Sports

148 Mine! Tracy Mentgen watch as Anne Pasquarella passes the ball to the other team. The team was always ready to back up another teammate. "we had a good year.' Dawn Roman Spike! Cathertne FeU spikes the ball over the net. The spike Is considered to be one of the most powerful hits In volleyball. Go teaml Jill Munno, Asrar Judeh, Tina Moretti, Jenny Kimmey, Becky Pentz, and Kathy Klupshas give a cheer at the end of a good play. lth a good coach our team was able to exceli: Amy Nagel, Samantha Staniszewski, and Ertka Buys. Block that spike! Krtsty Hazzard gets ready to assist Rebecca Feltz as she blocks the other tearril spike. To effectively block a spike you need to be able to jump high and think fast. "hen in doubt, duck/if Sophomore Team Motto Serve ItI Jenny Kimmey serves the ball to the other side. Only the serving side can score a point In volleyball. Girl's Volleyball 145

149 FRESHMEN: First row,anthony Brotsch, Ertc Plotrouskl, Bryan Berry, Ryan Schau, Mike Gary, ill Cavanaugh, Justin Kakos. Second row, Kevin Rich, Brad Camerln, Rob Kaczmark, Rich Swiatek, Dave ondeen, Fares Swels, Tom Gamino, Ken Soraghan, Mark Rangel, Brtan Hoklnson. Third row, Coach Bob Meek, Coach Robert Meek, Nick Grabarek, Dan Pasquerella, Nick ChamIs, Adam McKinney, Shane Olsen, Matt Murphy, Ed Menzel, Coach Brtan Barrales, Coach Fredrtck. Sandburg Hinsdale C.-lnv.F 8/8 Morton Sh pered Rich Central Oak Forest Reavis Bolingbrook Oak Forest 5/8 Homewood Floss. 8/16 Argo Romeoville Rich South 10/17 Richards Homewood Floss. JUNIOR VARSITY. First row, Mike Valentine, Adllm lrtschorek. Second row, Coach Brtan Barrllles, Dan Earley, Mark Rangel, Chrts Adamow, Roberto Oretga, Carlos Campos, Mike BaUch, John Gubemot, Krls Queen, Jason Carpenter, Coach Robert Meek. Third row, Coach Bob Meek, Steve Berezewskl, Josh Arauyo, Ed Tambomlno, Tony Zoeteman, Dan Steffy, Paul Dyckman, Jason Sobbe, BtU Zielinski, Ertc Obrten, Coach Fredrtck. Morgan Park Sandburg T.F. South Morton Sh pard Rich Central Oak For t Reavis Bolingbrook Tlnely Park Inv. 8/1 1 Bremen Inv. 8/15 Argo Romeoville Cr te T.F. North Richards Oak awn Inv 1st Plain Feild Tlney Park Bolingbrook Varalty. First row, Mike Hejna, Adam lrtschoreck. Second row, Coach Fredrtck, Dan Ellrly, Krts Queen, Steve Berezewskl, Dan Muelhllusen, Cllrlos Campos, Jason Cllrpenter, COllch Bob Meek. Third row, Coach Brtan Barrales, Jason Kolk, Dan Steffy, Josh Araujo, ErIc yon. Morgan Park Sandburg T.F. South Morton Shepard Oak For st Reavis Bolingbrook Rich East Inv. H-F Inv. Argo Romeoville Crete T.F. North Richards Plalnfeild Tlnely Park Bolingbrook 6/8 6/8 '" _ i' 146 1', Sports

150 Get readyl J!lson Kolk Is rudy!llld wlllting to take down the competition. Jason took 2nd pl!lce In his weight cl!lss. "The Oak awn invite was ours!" - Ed Tambornino Go for the body. Jason Carpenter and his opponent struggle to be the first to pin the other down. Pinning dldrt come easy and often took a grut deal of time. Pin him down. Mike Hejna has this situation under control and his opponent In a position to lose. restlers had many effective moves and were determined to brlng their opponents to the mat your pinned. Er1c yons watches the referee for his signal that the match Is over. Eric was MVp, conference champ and team captain. "Mind} Body} Spirit~' Team Motto ) Top and bottom. Matt elpart perpares himself for a tough match. ith one wrong move, some wrestlers were Injured for the whole season. ~ restling ~ 147

151 "Don't just stand there, Box Out~' - Cheryl Sullivan Nothing But Net. Senior Cheryl Sullivan takes advantage of the wide open shot to practice on her form. She has brought a unique style to the team and has made a great contribution to Oak awn. Take That Ball Away. Crete Monee gets out of the way for Mary Pasquarella. Colleen Fitzgerald and Joanna Eul run to the boards to help rebound. The Varsity ady Spartans winning attitudes and playing skills gained them 10 victories. Go. Fight. in. Sophomore Spartans huddle together for a few words of encouragement. Coach Janet Haubenriser is not only a superior coach. but also a great source of Inspiration. "Get your heads out of your butts and play defense~' - Team Motto Paving the ay. The unstoppable Kathy Krsak uses her basketball skills that she leamed from Coach Chuck Davalls and dribbles on past a Crete Monee player. Junior Kathy Krsak knows how to maneuver on the court and has earned an All Conference achievement. Boing. Bolng. Bolng. Freshman Amy Bridgeman dribbles the ball past the other teammates with a look of determination on her face. She knows once she stops dribbling she carl move her feet anymore, so basketball players need to think fast. - ' 148 1'. '" Sports

152 Morton T.F. North Reavis T.F. South Bolingbrook Oak Forest Argo Chicago Christian Romeoville Thorton Reavis Crete Bolingbrook Argo Romeoville Eisenhower w FRESHMEN: Front row, Nicole Skopls, Catherine Fell, Sarah Nellie. Second row, Carrie Sill, Susan Mueller, Carly Murphy, Suzanne Mazelkls, Monica Kapvstka, Jenny Bartkowiak, Michelle Calhoun. Third trow, Mary Olejarz, Kate Bjork, Emily Buys, Erica Nelson, Sarah Grana, Amanda Barajaz, Carrie Dixon, Amy Bridgeman, Amanda orenz, Coach Ray O'Donnell..~- Morton T.F. North Reavis T.F. South Bolingbrook Oak Forest Argo Chicago Christian Romeoville Thorton Reavis Crete Bolingbrook Argo Romeoville Eisenhower SOPHOMORE: Front row, Karen Bialek. Second row, Dana Roman, Becky Pentz, Becky Bousman, Diane Skuplen, Amy Nagel, Jill Munno, Tina Morelli. Third row, Coach Janet Haubenrelser, Angela VanVuren, Mary allace, iz Flgus, Kathy Klupshas, Jenny Kimmey, Anna Kos, Jenny Sepessy, Danlelle Roman. I ~ Morton T.F. North Reavis T.F. South Bolingbrook Oak Forest Argo Chicago Christian Romeoville Thorton Rellvls Crete Bolingbrook Argo Romeoville Eisenhower VARSITY: Front row, Annie Pasquarella, Melissa Plwowar. Mary Pasquarella, Colleen Fitzgerald, Cheryl Sullivan, Rachel Kolar. Second row, Coach Doreen Kestler, Melissa Urquljo, Kelly Burke. Amy Oil, Kathy Krzak, Joanna Eul, Coach Chuck Davells. ' - ;<' Girls Basketball

153 FRESHMEN: Front row, Mike Strelow, Dan Kula, Dana Escamilla, Matt Ulanowski, illiam Palmer, Ken Bialek. Second row, Dave Schwoebel, Ken Korab, Ahmed Hanafi, Bryan Allie, Mike Sullivan, Tom Miller, illiam elthleiter, Nick Purdy, Bart Mroz, AndrzeJ Kula. Third row, Coach illiam ard, Bernhart Bolz, Frank Padula, Brian Kaminski, Damian andwojtowicz, John Sarpallus, Jesse Gubernat, Coach Dick Canan. Bremen Sandburg Tinley Park Reavis Chgo Christian Bolingbrook T.F. South Argo Romeoville Oak Forest Richards Evergreen Pk. Reavis St. aurence Bolingbrook Argo Romeoville Richards SOPHOMORE: Front row, Bob O'Brien. Second row, Dave Pedraza, Mike Goss, Adam Kerl, arry Spain, Ryan Skendzel. Third row, Sam O'Malley, Coach Scott Atkins, Chris O'Brenski, Scott Blesterfeld, uke Navickus, Mark elpart, Rich Powell, Ryan Nash. Bremen Fenton Tinley Park Reavis Chgo Christian Bolingbrook T.F. South Argo Romeoville Oak Forest Richards Evergreen Pk. Reavis St. aurence Bolingbrook Argo Romeoville Richards fjj) I VARSITY: Front row, Joe Munno. Second row, Bob Groos, Aaron Altenburg, Chris Beyer, Feras EI Ramahl, Ken Braasch, Tim esselhoff, Brian DeBlas. Third row, Coach Vince Kasley, Tony Baldea, Thomas Stallworth, Eric Biesterfeld, Jason Bjork, Joe Hubatch, Coach Rich Panovich. ' 150 1'. "" '" Sports Bremen Fenton Tinley Park Reavis Chgo Christian Bolingbrook T.F. South Argo Romeoville Oak Forest Richards Evergreen Pk. Reavis St. aurence Bolingbrook Argo Romeoville Richards

154 Check Out That Form. Junior Jason Bjork sets up a shot as the crowd watches in anticipation. He shows off his skills as he attempts to shoot the basket that could ultimately win the game. "e respect all ofour opponents, but we fear none of them~' -Team Motto Jump Up Jump Up and Get Down. Senior Eric Blesterfleld drives to the board. Now all he has to do is hope that it goes In. otherwise hell be Jumping up to rebound. Think Fast. Senior Aaron Altenburg stops fast to try to confuse a Mustang. It must be the shoes that make him unstoppable. Make ay. Senior Tony Baldea attempt to dribble past a Mustang. Dribble and pass It 'cause Oak awn wants a basket. Be Aggressive. Dont even think about getting in the way of freshman illiam Palmer. The Spartan Freshmen kept the opposition on their toes for the game against Evergreen Park with a final score of "It's a simple game. Don't make it hard on yourself' - Coach Vince Kasley _ Boys Basketball 1'. 151 i' I'

155 JUNIOR VARSITY: First row, Chris enart, Manager Katie Huizenga, Kevin Banalis, Second row, Coach Kathy elch, Rob Puhr, Josh O'Keefe, Paul arsen, Chris Kaplan. Coach Joe ewandowski. Third row, Doug Terreli, Rob Stack. Nick Slusinski. Ricky Holzle. Dec.5 Bremen Dec.6 Andrew Inv. Dec. 9 T. F. South Dec. 16 Shepard/Richards Dec. 18 Morton Jan.3 Oak awn Inv. Jan.6 Argo Jan. 13 Thorton/T-Ridge Jan. 20 Reavis Jan. 24 Ev. Park (nv. Jan.27 Thornwood Feb. 6 Confrence Thls was all the Information available to the yearbook staff. Dec. 5 Bremen Dec. 9 T.F. South Dec.13 Hillcrest (nv. Dec. 16 Shepard/Richards... 3 VARSITY: First row. Coach Kathy elch. Ken Huizenga, Aaron Krlenkel, Joe Barr, Mike Barr. David Gorman, Coach Joe ewandowski. Second row. Rob Andujar. Jeremy Mayer. Manager Tracy Mathias. Josh Smok. Dec.18 Morton Jan.6 Argo Jan.10 Reavis Inv. Jan.13 Thornton/T-Ridge Jan.20 Reavis Jan.24 EV. Park Inv. Jan. 27 Thornwood Jan. 29 Tinley/Hillcrest Feb. 6 Confrence Feb. 21 Sectionals Thls was all the Information available to the yearbook staff. CONFESSIONS OF A SIMMERI Identities have been consealed to protect the guilty... The swim team has confessed to a number of "aqua-crimes:' ho knew that guys would take "swimming drag a little too literally! A handful of the boys will admit to wearing a girls suit for drag. And isri: it interesting that the showers can be transformed into a tiled slip-n-slide just by plugging up the drains. I wouldri: get caught rattailing a team member. Punishment is 500 grueling yards of butterfly. ' -.; j' , Sports

156 Take your mark... Chris Kaplan practices his starts just before a meet. Practicing starts and sprints were good ways to get warmed up for a meet. "The team av) worked hard together, but it all paid offin the end." Rob Stack & Doug Terrell Congratulations. Mrs. Kathy elch hands Ken Huizenga a plaque for "most valuable player. Ken has been on the swim team for four years. SIde to side down the pool. Some guy glides through the water practicing side stroke. Sidestroke was not a competlve stroke. but a good stroke to use for cool down after a long practice. Go team go. The boys swim team cheers at the conclusion of a swim meet. The team showed sportsmanship by cheering for the opposing team after every meet. ould you look at thatil Rick Holzle looks off of Coach Joe ewandowski"s clip board to see what events he would be swimming In. Guys who missed one practice were unable to swim In the next meet. "Testostorone restrained... I put the razor to my leg and bravely went where not many men have gone before." Rob Andujar Boys Swimming 153

157 "The 1998 season was a fun and rewarding one for everyone..." Coach Persson Run for home. Jenny Kimmey runs for home and leaps over the bat blocking her way. The sophomore team had a great season by ombining speed and tal nt. Batter up. Kelly Burke points in the direction she Is going to send th ball. he was just being smart before she sent the ball into outfield. Send It over the pillte. Alicia Aceveado pitches the ball to the batter. Three strikes and the batter is out of the old ball game:. Piay hard, be en th usiastic, and never give up. Team Motto "...,., 154 1'. Sports Double tellm. Amy Zavalas and Amy Bridgeman wait to catch the ball. A slow pitch ball has th circumfer ence of I 6 inches but these players play with a J2 Inch ball which makes the ball go faster and requires the use of a mitt. Clltch the bllll. Dayna Hojack Is in position to catch the ball. Catching the ball before it hits the ground is an automatic out for the batter.

158 Mt. Assisl Marla Riverside-Brook Queen of Peace Eisenhower III. Christian Tlnely Park ton Evergreen Pork Bremen Hillcrest Oak Forest Thornrldge Stagg Joliet est Reavis Reavis Hinsdale Bolingbrook Bolingbrook Argo Romeoville Romeovlll Richards Richards T.F. South C. hrlstlan , , , , , VARSITY: Front row, Coa h Mickey Grzelak, Julie Manzel. Natalie Mannerino, Kelly Burke, Joanna Eul, Nichole Friske, Coach Patrick Mayer. Second row, Jeanine Frenandez, Candi e Kosty, Cheryl Banasiak, Melissa Piwowar, Tracy Mentigen, Alicia Acevedo, Megan McNerney. Third row, Tammy Fear, Shanna Blaze, Dana Roman, isa Brandt, Kelly Friedl. Mt. Assisl Marla Eisenhower 1I1.Christian Seton Evergreen Park Bremen Thomrldge Joliet Reavis Hinsdale C. Bolingbrook Bolingbrook Argo Morton Argo Romeoville Romeoville 1 Richards Richards T.F.South , , ,0-12 \ , )9 SOPHOMORE: Front row, Katie Foley, Karen Bialek, Katie Earley, Tracy Mancillas, Nicole Skopis. Second row, Catherine Fett, aura Costbile, auren Janowaik, Amy Nagel, Cindi Hazzard, Jill Munno. Third row, Coach Jodi Persson, Mary allace, Stacy Brookman, Jenny Kimmey, Dawn Roman. Eisenhower Tinely Park Evergreen Park Bremen Stagg Sandburg Joliet Reavis Hinsdale C. Argo Morton Argo Romeoville Romeoville Richards Richards w w FRESHMEN: Front row, Tara Duitmann. Second row, Sarah Brandt, Erin Bartsch, Sara May, Dayna Hojek, Amy Zavala. Third row, Coach Kara Alfiveive, Katie Engel, Christine Jontiz, Cheri Cole, Jackie Massey, Shari Vietoris, Coach Ed Haak. Forth row, Amy Smith, Rebecca Powers, Amy Bridgemen, Sarah Grana, Suzanne Mazeikis, Valerie Gorman, Jenny Brookman. '1' -.; i' Softba1l, 155 1

159 FRESHMEN: Front row, Ken Bial k, Tony ilson, Bill Palmer, Mike Gary, Dave Schwoebel. Second row, Dana Escamilla, Bob trang, Matt Murphy, Nick Purdy, Glenn Sabtino, Tom Gamino, Bryan Berry, Ryan Schau. Third row, Coach Bob Kunde, Mike Sullivan, Adam McKinney, John rpalius, Greg Navickas, arry Mann, Jesse Gabernat, Dave Ulman, Coa h Brian Ade. Riverside-Brook. Eisenhower Ev, Park(DH) Marist St. aurence Bremen Thornton(DH) St. Rlta(DH) Stagg Joliet Reavis Bolingbrook Bolingbrook Argo Argo Romeoville Romeoville Richards Richards / T 7-6/3-1 T SOPHOMORE: Front row, Rick Krakow, Dan arty, Bob Krisik. Second row, Chris Adamow, Hank Fear, Bill Henning, Jeremy Shultz, Jon Gubernat, Mike Valentine. Third row, Jim Janowick, D nnis Kasprowicz, Justin Spilde, Coach Vin e Kasley, Mark iepart, Eric hutz, Ryan Nash. Chgo. Christian Riverside-Brook. Eisenhower Ev. Park(DH) Marlst Bremen Thomton(DH) St. Rita(DH) Hillcrest Joliet Reavis Reavis Bolingbrook Bolingbrook Argo Argo Romeoville Romeoville Richards Richards T / / /5-1 T VARSITY: Front row, Brad Koeppen, Brian Kane, Dan Mcernon, Greg Siad,Scott Strang. Second row, Brian Debla, Tony Martino, Jason Rusch, Chris Beyer, Mike Burton, Bob Groos, Tom Creech, Jon Mrugala, Third row, Coa h Skip Sullivan, Ken Braasch, Aaron Altenburg, Jason Bjork, Dave Banasiak, Tony Baldea, Craig Parkhill, T.J. Mulrenin, Coach George Dempsey. "... i" 156 1', Sports Chgo, Christian Riverside-Brook. Rich South(DH) Eisenhower Bro. Rice Ev. Park(DH) Marlst Bremen Thornton(DH) St. Rita St. Rita Sandburg Stagg Hillcrest Joliet Reavis Bolingbrook Bolingbrook Argo Argo Romeoville Romeoville Richards Richards /2-10 T /8-4 T / ,

160 Safe at first. Bob trang dives for the ball but his opponent is already safe at first. "Tag up' hen a player is allow d to run past first base without the danger of getting tagged out. "Take two, hit to the right and get to." Team Motto Cool as the breeze... Scott Strang awaits his opportunity to bat. Scott was named MVP, All Conference player and a player of the week for the Star paper. Homerun. Aaron Altenburg; powerful hit I ave the catcher with an empty mitt. Aaron was named MVP and an AII Conference player. egs apart, back straight and head up. Tom Gamino braces himself for a powerful pitch. Proper batting stance and strong arms allowed for many homeruns and a successful season. "Our attitude will determine our altitude." Coach Skip Sullivan Bring your arm back and release. Eric Shutz unleashes his strength to make his pitch powerful. Many pitchers got their orders from the catcher who signaled to the pilcher what to throw. " _ i" Baseball 1-, 157

161 "1t was a good year-we won Conference!" -Ryan Skendzel Air Blllich. Dan Bali h jumps up to score a point for the var ity team. Jumping extremely high Is considered to be an asset in volleyball. He got gllme. Kris Queen spikes the ball over the net. The J.V. team had a great season. SPllrtllns-14, Competltlon-2. The J.V. team looks on as Ryan Skendzel serves the ball. In volleyball only the serving side can scor point. a "1t was a real successful season-everyone worked really hard." -jeffmensching " 158 1'. -- '" Sports Bump, set, spike. Ryan Mcernon bumps the ball to keep it alive. A consecutive bump. set, spike play is considered to be the most powerful. Set It up. Pat Mcoughlin sets up the ball. The set is considered by some to be th most difficult move to master.

162 Providence Marist-VINV Morton Andrew Eisenhower Reavis Sh pard T. F. North Richards Naperville N.-V INV Ei nhower Reavis Sh pard Brother Rice Marist T. F. North Ri hards Richards Brother Rice )-15 3, !Hl I 5-4 I !Hl 15-7/ /15-9 2nd place / / / l VARSITY: First row. Coach Mary Kay Nichols, Adam Fisher, Steve Joy e, Feras EI-Ramahl, Dan Bali h, Nlrut Chillaphraphai, Assistant Coach Janet Haub nr Iser. ond row, Mike Correa, Joe Chavosky, Russ Zalas, ri Zalas, le Smith, ric lyon. Third row, Eric Rhodes. Providence Morton Andrew Br. Rice INV.-F Eisenhower Reavis Marist Fr. A&B Brother Rice Fr, A&B Shepard Andrew Fr. A&B T. F. North Richards St. awrence FrlA Eisenhower Reavis Sh pard Brother Rice Marlst T. F. North Richards /15-IO 14-16/15-8/ nd place 1!Hl IO / / /J / / / JUNIOR VARSITY: First row, Ken Korab, Krls Queen, Mike Kril, Chris enart. Second row, Dave Jodlka, Bart Mrov, Ryan kendzel, Ryan Mcl mon, Dan Pasqu rella, Mall Ulanowski. Third row, Sam O'Mall y, Alex Romo, Damien andwojtowicz, Paul Stroud, Jeff Menschin9, Dave H nke. Shag tlmel Joe Chavosky, Eri Rhodes, Feras I Ramahl, Adam Fisher and Coa h Mary Kay Nichols shag for the oth r t am. -Shagging is when you atch all the balls the other team hits acros. " i' BoyS Volleyball

163 FROSH/SOPH: Front row, Erica erley, Angela Montoya, Kim Poperni k, Miadeh Judeh. Second row, Jenny Bartkowiak, R nee Smith, Erin Kelly, Jeanna Jurkow ki, Amy itviak, Kasia Ja hmyczyk, Morgan isitza. Third row, Coach Bill Theisen, Erica Nelson, Jessica Braz I, Katie Huizenga, Amanda orenz. Andrew Homewood-Floss. incoln-ay Stagg Shepard Oak Forest Bradley T.F. North T.F. South Conference B nd Place VARSITY: Front row, Tina Zwirkoski, aurie Gertin, Mary Ann Miranda. Second row, Asrar Judeh, Nancy Houston, aurie Miller, Emily M oughlin. Third row, Coa h Patricia Greiman, Cheryl ullivan, Patti Malfeo, Karen Rossow, Ellen Malfeo, Ra hel Kolar. Andrew Downers Inv. Homewood-Floss. incoln-ay Stagg Oak Forest Quad. Shepard illowbrook Inv. Oak Forest Bradley Hinsdale Central T.F. North T.F. South Reavis Conference Sectlonals State nd Place st Place th Place nd Place nd Place 2nd Place 9th Place Sometimes don~ you wish you were Stretch Armstrong? Ra hel Kolar uses her badminton skills to defend her sid of the badminton ourt. Ra hel attended State competitions where she placed seventh. '1' -- ;' 160 1', Sports

164 I got It. Amdnda orenz get in position to smash her opponent. A mash i wh re a player hits the birdie at a downward angl with one swift movement to the other side. "1 regret not going out for badminton the three previous years becau e it was a lot offun. I also learned that it requires a lot ofphysical fitness and mental endurance." - Cheryl Sullivan Can't hit them all. mily Mcoughlin shows that no one is perf t, but that there is no need to giv up. Emily was one of two sophomores who were moved up to the varsity I vel for toumaments. Keep your eye on the birdie. Tina Zwirkowski doesrt I t the light get her distracted, she is going to hit that birdie with all shes got. Not allowing the little things to distra t her allowed Tina the opportunity to place second in the sectionals competition. Aye-yah. Asrar Judeh combines a little karate and a lillie badminton to make an eff tive save and retum the birdie to her opponent. Members of the Fresh/ Soph team werenl allowed th opportunity to attend ompetitions past the onf rence level. Keep your back straight and your chin up. Mary Ann Miranda shows how some sports can be graceful. Badminton took a lot of concentration and even some gra e, which proved effective as Mary Ann pia ed fourth in doubles with her partner, Cheryl ullivan. "Badminton took a lot ofdedication and participation, but it was also fun to be a part ofa winning team." -Emily Mcoughlin - ;;' ' Badminton 1'. 161

165 "My goal is to be like Coach ockwood." Coach Phillip McGee Prepllre for 11Indlngi Martin Zubek performs d great job in the long jump as teammates Jim Carpenter and Mike Masino watch in awe. The be t jump was done by Scoll Meyer, who cleared 19 feet 2 1/2 inch. Get down. Scoll Meyer lands in the sand and waits for someone to measur how far he jumped. Coach David Johnson claimed,' all has had an outstanding p rforman this tra k season: I believe I clln fly. Scoll Biesterfeld lears the pole in high jump. Scoll's best jump that season was five feet eight in hes. "et's have some fun." Coach David Johnson Hands on, hllnds off. Angela VanVuren gets a strong start as Jenell Murray hands her the baton in the 800 meter medley race. J nell Murray qualified for state in long jump and triple jump. First you have to visualize the disc flying through the air. Erl O'Brien makes sure his form is right before he lets the disc fly. That tra k season Eri was a Frosh/Soph 400 meter onference champion. " i" 162 1'. Sports

166 Fenton Thornwood Stagg Bremen Romeoville Elsenhow r R B Relays Reavis Andrews Richards/Bel. Argo Glenbard East Thorton Inv. Conference Fenton yons Hinsdale C. Thornwood Stagg Br men Richards/Bel. ake Park Conference VARSITY FROSH/SOPH 4th place 3rd place 3rd place 2nd place 2nd place 2nd place 11th place 2nd place 2nd place 3rd place 2nd place 2nd place 9th pia e 4th place 4th place 6th place 3rd place 3rd place 3rd place 2nd place 3rd place 10th place 4th place Track: First row. Desiree Bartosiak, Nicol Garrell, Catrina Johnson, Vicki Davis, Amanda Bainbridge, auren ard, Pam Byrne. Second row, Diane Skupien, Cathy il zek, April Osmanski, Michell King, Breane orenz, Andrea alsh, Jenell Murray, Sheryl SUso. Third row, Diana roblewski, Dana Slusinskl, Christina Mensching, Amy Bark, J nny Jaral, Jodie Daley, Emily Buys, Anna Kos, Gina Rogers. THE SCORE Hinsdale C. Bloom Morton Thornwood Stagg Bremen Romeoville Eisenhower R B Relays Reavis Richards/Bel. Tinley Park Argo Rich Central Conference Hinsdale C. Bloom Morton Thomwood Stagg Brem n Rich Central Conf rence VARSITY FROSH/SOPH 5th place 4th place 3rd place 4th place 2nd place 2nd place 2nd place 2nd place last place 2nd place 2nd place 11th place 2nd place 11th place 6th place 5th place 4th place 3rd place 4th place 2nd place 2nd place 2nd place 4th place Track: First row, Martin Zubeck, Justin Alt nburg, Chris Amato, Jason Dogium, Jim Carpenter, Jim Horvath, Ni k Slusinski. Second row, Mike Curran, Fares Sweis, Joe N uman, Pat Moses, Eric O'Brl n, Brian Mcilliams, an Gage, Jeremy ang, Joe Banasiak, Chad Z i1enga. Third row, Mike Masino, Sean Mcauglln, Scott Meyer, Phil Maslan, oil Blesterfeld, Mike ingrani, Mike Mullaney, Todd Johnson, Frank Padula, Ray Metzger, Jason Carpenter. Up and overl Oak awn track team members Andrea alsh, atrina Johnson, and auren ard give it their all while running th 100 meter high hurdles. Catrina Johnson was a conference Frosh/Soph champion in 100 meter high hurdles. ' Track 1'. - '" 163

167 SOPHOMORE: First row, Scott Colesby, Brian Caster, Adam oh. Second row, Pat Rojewski. Mark Hnat, Greg Kaminsky, Peter Groenewold, Eric Smok. Third row, Coach John eary, Ari agner, Chris O'Brenski, Ed ilczek, Eric isitza. Stagg 2-3 Chicago Christian 5-0 illinois Christian 5-0 Reavis 5-0 Sandburg 2-3 Bolingbrook 5-0 Argo 4-1 Romeoville 4-1 Richards 5-0 Brother Rice 5-0 Morgan Park 5-0 1st In Conference -This was all the information available to the yearbook staff,- VARSITY: First row, Brendon Pallu k, Matt Moyzis, Brian Perveneckis, Adam Zwlrkoski. ond row, Coa h Charles awson, Keith Fox, Tom Swiatek, Mark Rieck, Scott Cosme, Tony FantozzI. Stagg illinois Christian Reavis Sandburg Bolingbrook Joliet Invite Hinsdale Central Argo st place This was all the Information available to the yearbook staff. "Help us out, Coachl" Tom Swiatek and Brendon Pallu k disucuss playing strategy. "' would like to see both levels take conference this year; said Coach Chari s awson with a hopeful smile. " i" 164 1'. Sports

168 I think, C8n... Keith Fox takes a winning swing towards victory. The boys team took first in the Joliet tournament, first at the Richards tournament, and second at the Stagg tournament, showing that the boys have what it takes to win! "The team's motto 1S a one sylable word: IN." Coach]ohn eary Swing... ott Colesby sends the ball sailing over the net. The Sophomores finished their season with 9 wins and 2 losses. You put your left h8nd In... Tony Fantoui does the Hokey Pokey and turns him If about, that's what tennis is all about. 'Out" is when the tennis ball lands outsid of the boundaries of the court. "' got 11Ii>!" Matt Moyzis sprints to make the save. The boys practiced drills to keep their winning kills sharp, so they could make those sprinting-to-the-ball saves. "The season went wel1." Coach Charles awson "h8t's with this we8therjl" Scott Cosme ponders over the unfavorable weather conditions at a match. "This has got to be the worst spring weve had for the Boys Tennis season; remarked Coach Charles awson, 'eve had several matches rained out: - ' Boys Tennis 1', '" 165

169 "e could have made conference except we couldn't beat Bolingbrook." - Kelly Ulrich hat a great move. Maria Romero flies by the other team. During that game the varsity soccer team defeated Chicago Christian. Nice play. Coach Kevin Stow f, Coach John Rita look on as th ady Spartaris kick to victory. The freshman f, sophomore teams played as one team. Nice move. Kristi Hoagland moves past the crowd. The girls soccer teams pra ticed at Harnew Elementary School. "To: Girls varsity soccer e had a great sophomore season becoming Regional Champs. Coach Rita, thanks for always believing in me. You are the Best! Fresh/ soph, good luck on seasons to come. Thanks for the memories!" - # 14 Krivanec ' sports ook out here I cornel Mary Pasquarella dribbles past the other team. The Varsity f, JV both played as the same team during many of the games. atch out Miss Goaly. Cara Krlvanec is on fire and ki ks a winning goal. The girls practiced for 2-3 hours everyday to work on their skills.

170 Tinley Park 4-2 Queen of PeaceO-2 Reavis 3-1 Bolingbrook 1-3 Argo 2-1 Romeoville 3-1 Richards 2-0 Reavis 2-0 Bolingbrook 0-3 Argo 4-0 yons 0-0 Romeoville 3-1 Richards 5-0 Rich East 3-0 T FRESHMEN: Front row, Amy Hill, Sarah Nettle, Rachel Vahl, Manager Hiba Hamid, Kristen Klimek, Sabrina Harper, Adrienne Olsen. Second row, Sarah Krawczykowski, Carly Murphy, Sue Steff. Dessi Murabito, Jenny ierzbanowski, Kelly Ulrich, Monica Kapustka. Ausra Brooks. Third row, Alma Tovor, Jackie James, Angie Pudzisz, Amanda Barajaz, Coach Kevin Stow, Sarah Dewyer, Jenny Sepessy, Nicole Mouen. Not Pictured Marjurie Koppen, iz Figus. SOPHOMORE: Front row Valerie Glowaty, Second row Brandy Neese, Krystal Mendez, Kelly Marsh, Patty Bolek, Jodie inchell, Martha opez. Third row Hiba Hamed, Justina Konciak, Jenny Nash, Sara antiez, Amy Quinlan, Sunni illiams, Coach Kevin Stow JUNIOR VARSITY: Front row, Michelle Christopher, Amanda Ault, B ky Bousman, Melissa Reyes, April May, Amanda Kutsulis. Second row, auren Caster, Heather Hewitt, Shanna Stiso, Becky McNaughton, Rachel Verbeek, Heather asale, Rhea Petro ki. Third row, Coach Biagio Savarino, Amy Attivissimo, Sara pessy, Amy Ott, Amber Nettle, Katy Ingalls, Manger Phil Rekart. Chgo. Christian 2-1 Tinley Park 2-0 Providence 0-0 Queen of Peace 1-1 Reavis 2-0 Chgo. Christan 0-0 Bolingbrook 1-0 Shepard 1-3 Argo 0-3 Romeoville 2-1 Richards 2-0 Reavis 3-1 Stagg 0-3 Bolingbrook 3-2 Argo 2-1 yons 0-3 Hinsdale C. 0-3 Romeoville 1-0 incoln-ay 4-0 Richards 2-1 Rich East 2-5 Shepard 5-1 Stagg 0-4 T T T Vi VARSITY: Front row, Hanah Shebaiber, Kelly Pfister, Marla Romero, Kristi Hoagland. Second row, Amanda Cam rino, Melina Hemand z, Aimee eahy, Melissa Bolek, Nadine Shebaiber, Vicky McMahon,Danielle Roman. Third row, Coach John Rita, Michelle Ortiz, Fran Furgiuele, Cara Krivanec, Mary Pasquarella, Manager ouis Hernandez. " -.; i" Girls Soccer 167 1,

171 rr I Ihink Oak dwnshould haue an Auclio-Vi~ual lub Ihal m els a(ler o:;chool. rr -auren Bra kman rrclub;, offer a hance 10 meel new people and become inuolued in school. rr Morgan bilza rr I think OCH should hau a 51 i lub again. il Uould be a greal opportunity for Ih sludents. rr -Agne;, Ja hym zyk 168Club Division

172 APICTURE'S?J& icy saul fay (k, f/ute,t~ /Isf(~ l5/ O/lik(l/~and~II ~icy~ ~~u~~#.,4i~(l/~ ~Cf1fl/b.c:r;~~4tYl UUf e1it1~ icy~~tjuv~ifl/ tjuv~~~(l/cluuu» fay~~1jf.~~. ~a1s& ATHOUSAND ORDS Students reach out. The members of.add. and It sponsors take time out during Red Ribbon e k to hare a pictur with some of the children In the community. Red Ribbon eek was a lime to remember the people who were killed in drunk driving a idents. and also to inform teens of the dang rs of drivli1g while intoxi ated. ~~~speak~taaru ~ wjudv~~wlut~ob ~fl/lr/ ~O ~1U'j)01fl.,411i fay (l/ ~ rvul io tjuv~~ it CXeJrwut oijuvuy~~~ifl/tjuv ~40!#f.~~, (k,u~/wv(l/ ~~(J/[/~fAy~tifrf!/ ~ ~ci1izen& ~fyl lite;v~ ~~fay b, C{l)()/ 3o.met1unry!! Creamed corn, creamed corn and creamed corn... Student ouncil members Duygu Akinci and Kim Capretz organize the canned food donated to a helter. Student ouncll collected almost five thousand cans for the food drive. One Community, One orld. Suzanne Mit h II. Franco Ocampo. Amanda Ault, Mell sa Fogarty.Ryan Melling, auren Ca t r, Jim Horvath, Marg rt ebb. Joe Munno. Holly i itza. hannon Rooney, Rachel Zebio. Ryan Burbridge. Rita Murphy. The Peanut Gang. Gianna Hardt and ta y D monbreun collect man y for Key lub on Kiwanis Peanut Day. Kiwanl helped rai money for children. senior itiz ns, and the community. Thank you, I'll be here all week... Forensi s member Erl Martig perform in the Annual Forensi show. As In the past. the forensi s team held a show for anyone to come and watch (for a small fee). Club Division 169

173 Student Qouncil organized the Homecoming Dance, Spirit eek, and Teacher Appreciation eek. The Senior Clas organized the Senior Picnic and Senior STUDENT COUNCI: First Row, Gina Rogers, isa Brandt, Katie McDermott, Dan Prorok, Mike Curran, Dana Slusinski, Jean Marcinkowski, Sophia Farldl. Second Row, Stephanie Boyle, Kristen Franek, Kim Capretz, Duygu Akincl, Julie Braun, Mar allace, Melissa Reyes, Jill Munno, Samantha Staniszewski, auren Janowiak, Jenny Kimmey. Third Row, Melissa Plwowar, Pete Antol, Heather Dwyer, Diana roblewski, Shanna Blaze, Ryan Skendzel, April May, Kathy Karp, Deanna Gomez, Stacey Brookman. Fourth Row, Marwan Matarleh, Brad Koeppen, Tom Creech, Nick Jelclc, Tacho Gamino, Greg Slade, Glanna Hardt, Brian illiams. The Junior Class sponsore Prom and the Sweethearts Dance. SENIOR CASS: Front Row, Nick Jelcic, Dan Prorok, Tom Creech. Second Row, Margert ebb, Jenny Stepek, Jenny Burns, Jeanine Dyckmann, Shanna Blaze, Jenell Murray. Tammy Fear, Tony Baldea, Becky McNaughton. Third Row, Nebela Zeidan, 1zzet Ortega. Nadine Shehalber, Chris Menschlng, Diana robleski, Mauree' Scanlan. Amanda Camerlno, inda Musa, Melanie Neumann, Aimee eahy. Fourth Row, Brad Koeppen, Tacho Gamino, Heather Dwyer, Jeannette emrise. Mike Curran, Vicky McMahan. Down on the farm. Dan Prorok and Duygu Akincl show that city folk can get 'down on the farm, too. Members of the Student Council dressed up In farmer clothes to get other students motivated during spirit week. " _ i" 170 1', Clubs JUNIOR CASS: First Row, auren ard, Ryan Burrbridge, Brian Debias, Mlslim Ramadani, Maureen Matarleh, Jason Bjork. isa Brandt, Sophia Farldi, Beth Kreydich. Second Row, Karen Rossow, Julie Braun, Anne Pasquerella, Stephanie Boyle, Duygu Akinci, Kelly Burke, Kristin Franek, Gina Rogers, Desree Bartoslak, Nicole Garrett. Third Row. Melissa Piwowar, Craig Parkhill, Kristin Achter, Melissa Fogerty, Amanda Ault, Nora Musa, Nahed Sobhy, Kathy Karp, Deanna Gomez. Fourth Row. Renee Buerger, Jennifer Pinner, Elizabeth Vogel. Kristl alsh, Julie Menzel, Katie McDermott, Jill Jurkowski, Glanna Hardt, Monica Dommer. Amanda Campbell.

174 unchtime fun. Andy Bespakos, Sophia Farldl, Katie McDermott and Steve Swertel take time out of their lunch period to sell prom pants for Junior Class. This year prom pajama pants were sold Instead of shorts. Helping hands. Deanna Gomez works the canned food drive for Student Council. That was Just one of the activities the Student Council organized. Eighties c1ubl Jenell Murray and Nick Jelclc sell Homecoming Dance tickets on Eighties day for Senior Class. Homecoming was the biggest dance of the year because all four classes, as well as alumni, were eligible for the dance. ~ Student Council, Senior Class and Junior Class 1JIf' 171

175 Et-tu Pep Club? Michelle Calhoun, Michelle Christopher, Joey Pamson, Margert ebb, Kelly McNamara, and Diana link parade through the streets of Oak awn, pepping up the locals for Homecoming. Pep Club also participated In festive window painting. PI Nl AI ) St M St Sophomore spirit! Amy Nagel, Erika Buys, JIIJ Munno, and Jenny Kimmey show how cave people were part of Spartans In Ancient Times. The Sophomore Class won the Most School Spirit award for the parade. S( Sh St, ro, Jo -" _ i" Clubs T hat:. a wrap. Sara Grana wraps up her fellow freshmen classmates In the toilet paper wrapping contest. The Freshmen Class elections took place at the same time as Homecoming. FRJ Tor Sus K~ I

176 PEP CUB: First row, Kathy Karp, Jamie Powers, Kelly McNamara, Diana link, atalle Hoch, ee Mcle, Second row, Amanda Campbell, Beth eimer, Duygu Aklncl, Amanda Camerlno, Vicky McMahon, Michelle Ortiz, Aimee eahy, Julie ynch, Hlba Hamed. Third row, Michelle Calhoun, Michelle Christopher, Jenny Stepek, Theresa Knafi, Becky Powers, Nora Musa, inda Musa, Heather Ven Hulzen, Ms. lemla. Fourth row, Julie Jurkowski, Joey Payson, Hanah Shehaiber, Margaret ebb, Jeanine Femandez, Jill Jurkowski, Nebelah leldan, 1zzette Ortega, Nadine Shehalber, Tracy Mathias. Pep THOUSANDS of lockers to en- ~ourage an recognize stuaents involved ina variety of act"vities a dacade ic pursuits. So homore las organized a Senior Citiz ndance. Freshmen Class sol~ suckers for SOPHOMORE CASS: First row, Jean Marcinkowski, Mary allace, Dana Sluslnski, Jenny Kimmey, Jill Munno, Stacey Brookman, Tina MorettI. Second row, Stephanie Spero, Rebecca Feltz, Tony Fantozzi, Katie enzel, Dawn Murphy. Third row, Amy Nagel, Erika Buys, Kathy Klupshas, Melissa Reyes, auren Janowiak, Jollnna Pollard. FRESHMAN CASS: First row, Ed ilczek, Sarah Brandt, Kelly Ulrich, Sara May, Tom Gamino, Matt Murphy, Katie Engel, Sabrina Harper. Second row, Nicole Bowen, Susan Steffy, Adrienne Olsen, Andrea alsh, Sarah Nettle, Sarah Dwyer, Marjorie Koeppen. Third row, Katie McCarthy, Chrystal Gryz, Jeanna Jurkowski, Jenny lerzbanowskl. Good tlmesl Margert ebb, Jenny Stepek, Dana Fett, Michelle Christopher, and Amanda Camerino sell concessions at a football game for Pep Club. Half time was like "rush hour for the concession stand. 1'... i' Pep Club, Sophomore Class and Freshmen Class 1', 173

177 Decemoer. Key Club raised 100 in October fo~ the Iodine DeficienGX Disorder. N Sneeded KEY CUB: First row. TJ Mulrenln, Susan Stillwell, Pete Benes, Kristen Franek. Rachel Kolar, Gina Rogers. Rachel Verbeek. Desiree Bartoslak, Second row. Brian Carlson, Kristen Swedberg, Heather Hewitt. Rebecca Feltz. Stephanie Spero, Cheryl Sullivan, Mr, Dan Maloney, Third row, Katie McDermott. isa Brandt, Glanna Hardt. Melissa Piwowar, Jeanette emrlse, Sean Gage. Sunnl illiams, Andrea DeVivo, NHS Inductees: First row, Krlsti alsh, Rachel Verbeek, Nicole Friske. Hanah Shehalber, Melissa Plwowar, Glanna Hardt. Sophia Faridl, Gina Rogers, Bob Groos, Amanda Ault, Rita Murlno, Second row, Julie Menzel. Tom Swiatek, Craig Parkhill, Stephanie Boyle, Julie Braun, Desiree Bartoslak, Brenda Davidson, Nicole Garrett. Ray Metzger, Mike Barr, Jill Jurkowski, Nahed Sohby, inda Musa, Beth Vogel, Kim Probst, Cathy ilczek, Jamie Qulntavalle, Dave eber, Jenny Jaral. aurie Miller, Chad Zellenga, Feras EI-Ramahl. Third row, Steve Banasiak, Matt Moyzls, Ken Braash, Chris Beyer, Katie McDermott, Amanda Campell, Bill Korab, Patty Seminetta, Jenny Trotta, Cathy Karp, Annie Pasquarella, auren Caster, Chrlstin Achter, Amy Ott, Karen Rossow. Pam Byme, Peanuts. get your peanutsl As a part of Key C1ub,Claudia Guzman raises money for Oak awn Kiwanis Club Project. Key Club members raised $5000 on that day, " i" 174 1'. Clubs NHS: First row, Tracy Mathias, ajeeh Salah, Tony Zoeteman, Ken Tregoning, Nadine Shehalber. Cheryl Sullivan, Tina Zwirkoskl, Tammy Fear. Katie Truty, inda Musa, Amanda Camerlno, Second row, Melanie Fitzgibbons, Mary Pasquarella, iz Maloy, ee Mcle, Holly isltza, Jeanette emrlse, Rachel Kolar, Rachel Zebio, Shannon Rooney, Fran Furglele, Rita Murphy, Michelle Ortiz, Melanie Neumann, Jeanine Dyckman, Tom Jodelka. Third row, Pat Mcoughlin, Kevin olozyn, Sherri Gibson, Diana roblewski, Tony Baldea, Joe Chavosky, Brad Koeppen, Mike Dixon. Josh Smok, Scott Cosme, Amy Attlvissimo, Sam enzel.

178 Give me your John Hancock. aurie Miller signs her name In the NHS book at the candlelight ceremony. The book was signed by all Inductees who attended the ceremony. his Job pays peanuts, but the reward Is great! Key Club member Glanna Hardt volunteers her time to raise money for the Oak awn Kiwanis Club. The money raised went to different projects In the Oak awn Community. urn, baby, burnl President of NHS. Michelle Ortiz. lights the candle of leadership during the candlelight ceremony. Each candle represented equality that all members possessed- scholarship. leadership. service and character. '" _ i' NHS and Key Club

179 hat's cooking? Chef inda Musa supervises as Ms. Pam Bibeau samples a variety of foods. The Multl-cultural Fair was a perfect time for clubs. students. and faculty to get a 'taste of other countries. oof woof! French club says 'Frommage and poses for a pic after a wet and wild ride on the 'Sea Dog: 1998 was the second time French Club ventured downtown to Navy Pier for a dose of 'Sea Dog!' " '"" '" 176 1'. Clubs All dressed up... Sherrl Gibson and uis Gonzalez parade through town with their Spanish Club Homecoming noat. Spanish Club has had several noats that placed In one of the creative judging categories. IN MI Se SII Ha Sa

180 FRENCH CUB: First row. Ken Tregoning. Pete Benes. Agnes Jachymczyk. Carmel Damazo. Amber Poorman. Kasia Jachymczyk. Joanna Siwiec. Second row. Joe Rizzo. Suzy Mitchell. Chris Koch. Fran Furgluele. Amy Attlvissimo. esley Usyak. Third row. Kelly McNamara. Diana link. Jamie Powers. Heather Hewitt. ee Mcle. SPANISH CUB: First row. Nebelah leldan. Jackie Gebel. Sherri Gibson. uis Gonzalez. Kim Popernlck. Melanie Fitzgibbons. Second row. Betsy Abelo. Michelle Povek, Melina Hernandez. Katie Earley. Third row. Jose Hernandez. Oscar Barrera, Desiree Bartoslak. Rachek Verbeek. ajeeh Salah. uis Hernandez. French club prepared afrench meal in the Home Ec room and they also participated in spring SICA activities (a French movie). S an ish (dub traveled to an Ameritec building to participate in atelethon to raise money for Park lawn. International club hosted both the international bake sale and luncheon, to allow students and facul ythe opportunity to sample cuisine from every corner of the world. INTERNATIONA CUB: First row. Jenny Swels, ily DJurakov. Michael Gomez. Mlsllm Ramadanl. Ameer Shalabl, Nader lughayyer, Essie Gonzalez. Basmah Abed. Second row. Hanan Shehalber. Rebecca Powers, Nahed Sobhy, Nora Musa. Carina Sliva. Noor legar. inda Musa. Alma Tovar, Alicia Acevedo. Third row. Huwaida Hamed. Jenine Fernandez. Nlly legar. Nadine Shehaiber. 1zet Ortega. Rania Samaan, iliana Gonzalez. iz Rojas. Essie Gonzalez. Hlba Hamed. mmm... yummyl hat French meal would be complete without french fries! Christina Koch and Pete Benes enjoyed many of the French Club field trips during the year. " _ i' French, Spanish and International Clubs 1'. 177

181 The earbook staff worked year round to produc agood b ok, this included mornin s, lunch periods, afterse 0 I, and afew days when S( 01 wa not i session. Spartanite, the school pap r, publishe six is ues over the year. That was two more than their traditional four papers a year. Pegasus allo ed ev ry s udent with or without po tic talent to read and write poetry, apublication of Pegasus was old at the end of the year. YEARBOOK: First row, Holly 1sltza, Jacqueline Gebel, Margret ebb, Jenny Stepek. Second row, Mrs. Alice Tavanl. Suzy Mitchell, Kerrl Murphy, Jeannette emrlse, Stephanie Spero. PEGASUS: First row. Carmel Damazo, Katie Truty, Diamond Zukas, Deanna Gomez, Sunni illiams, illy Djurakou. Second row, Heather Heltt, Andrea Devivo, Michelle Bradbery. Kim Kackert, Michelle Mentgen, Cathy Damazo. club. hat will be one-fifty. Suzy Mitchell serves Spartan fans at a football game. To eam extra money for Yearbook. the yearbook staff worked football consesslons. Many clubs used consesslons as a way to earn extra cash for their ' i' 178 1', Clubs SPARTANITE: First row, Fadi Salem. Michelle Smith, Amy itlvak, Eimon Thwln, auren Caster, Brian Meyers, Patty Seminetta. Kevin oloszyn. Joe Munno, Beth Ott, ajeeh Salah. Second row, Melanie Fitzgibbons, Jim Horvath, Joe Banasiak, Tony Fantozzi, Melissa Fogarty, Fran Furgluele, Amy Ott, Mandy Kutsulis, Brain Caster, Tom Jodelka. Third Row, Jeannette emerlse, Pam Hoover, Jeanine Adair, Tina Zwirkowskl, Michelle Ortiz, Aimee eahy, Amanda Ault, Karen Rossow, Pam Byrne, Holly 1sltza, Jill Jurkowski, Rita Murlno, Scott Cosme, Tom Swiatek. Fourth row, Morgan 1sltza, Pete Benes, Melissa Renz, Sherr! Gibson.

182 or not to be? Halthem Hrelsh, Sunnl illiams, Michelle Bradbery, 1:be Katie Truty, Michelle Mentgen and Cathy Damazo listen as Carmel Damazo reads a poem she has Just written. Pegasus members also had their poems on display near the counselors office for everyone to read. Extra. extra read all about ItI Tony Myslinski uses his selling tactics to sell the Spartanlte to his fellow students. The Spartanlte made a major change this year by changing the type of paper they used. BUSy at work. Stephanie Spero and Sarah Terrell work with the Pagemaker computer program to complete their yearbook pages. This year the whole yearbook was done on computer using a desk top publishing program. " _ i' Yearbook, Pegasus and Spartanite

183 at a clown. Dan Mlskowlec transforms another one Into an artistic creation. Art club volunteered their time at the arts and crafts fair to allow the kids to have some fun. Making it over. Steve Banasiak proves that art Is a stroke of talent. Art club worked for donation only. This year they raised $ 100. PI Ja '" i' 180 '(0. Clubs ake the shot. Amy Zavala covers her flash so not to ruin T anyones light sensitive photo paper In the darkroom. Members of the photo club had many of their photos entered In different contests. EC II Stil Sal Ca

184 ART: First row, Heather Hewitt, Ray Metzger, Mladeh Judeh, Chrystal Gryz, Rhea Petroski, Hlba Hamed, Second row, Mrs. Penny Erickson, Jill Jurkowski, Joanna Slwlec, Sara Sepessy, Michelle Bradbery. Third row, Mike Barr, Julie Jurkowski, Tom Swltek, Jeanna Jurkowski, Sunnl illiams. PHOTO: First row, Jeannie Adair, Rita Murlno, Elmon Thwln. Second Row, Mr. James Horejs, Hlba Hamed, Michael Genis, Jeff Paluck. Art club acti'lities vary du~ing the year depending upon student interests. his year they made afloat and won ~e t use of theme. Ecology club promotes awareness in ObCHS. They wen on many trips to listen to lectures about the environment. PhotograRhy Glubs main pu~pose is to inspire students to get involyea in learning how to take piet res. ECOOGY: First row, Heather Hewitt, Diamond Zukas, Veronica Espinosa, Sunnl illiams, Patty Semlnetta, Shannon Mitchell, Kathy Tutak. Second row, Susan Stillwell, Kristen Swedberg, Amy Attlvlsslmo, Fran Furgluele, Chrystal Gyrz, Ms. Sandra Tadych, Third row, Rita Murlno, Elmon Thwln, Kevin olsyzn, auren Caster, Nadine Shehaiber, 1zet Ortega, Hlba Hamed. he ruins. Patty Seminetta, Fran Fruglele, Emlon Thwln, Diamond Zukas, Veronica Espanosa and Heather Hewitt wait for their turn In the parade. Ecology club showed everyone how recycled goods could be used In an award winning noat. ' _ i" Art, Photo and Ecology

185 of he hoopl layers jumpe was away t show the t am that they had everyon 5 support. Pom-~ons performed at only ho es a d erfor.m FRESH\SOPH CHEEREADERS: First row, Corrin Vandyck, Tara Dultmann. Second row, Adrienne Olsen, Tracy Mancillas, Katherine Sullivan, Amy Hill. Third row, Joanna Pollard, Rachel aidlaw, Sharon Vletoris, Heather VenHulzen. Forth row, iz Sink. Jean Gaynor, Stephanie Andrews, Breanne orenz. POM-PONS: First row, Katie Earley, Nicole Zimmerman. Second row. Elmon Thwlnn, Erica erely, Christina Barks, Diana ilk. Third row, Christina Davis, Amanda Campbell, Justina llk, Christine Joritz. Everyone was KUNG FU FIGHTING. Stephanie Boyle, Bridget Clauson, Krlstl alsh, Sharon Vletoris and Tracy Mancillas show how ail those late night practices really do payoff. The cheerleaders were allowed the special honor of wearing a football players Jersey for the homecoming game. _ i' " 182 f. Clubs

186 Get funkyl Amber Porman and Nicole Zimmerman demonstrate the latest dance moves dur Ing a regular pom routine. The pom squad entertained the crowds during halftime of both football and basketball games. Taking time out. Christina Parks is taking her school spirit to the next step by dying her hair for the day. She was Just one of the few pom members to be so creative and show school spirit. Flying high Katherine Sullivan becomes a 'Super-cheerleader in order to get her crowds attention. Many different tosses, throws and flips were displayed by the cheerleaders at games and assemblies. - " Cheerleaders and Pom- Pons 1'. '" 183

187 tudents helping students. Susan Simon speaks with Mrs. Mary Egan prior to Slmmor6 step up day. On step up day Simmons eighth grades came to Oak awn to see the musical and stayed for a tour led by student helpers. s.} Rhe Del Par a Kat top the hate, Peer Mediate. uis Gonzalez lists qualities of a Peer Mediator at the May training for new mediators. Mediators were required to attend a full day training session before becoming a mediator. '... " 184 1'. Clubs Ising to the occasion. Jacqueline Gebel and ee Mcie raise Elmon Thwln to decorate a light pole. During Red Ribbon eek S.A.D.D. decorated the community as well as OCHS.

188 S.A.D.D.: First row. Mrs. Mary Egan. Fran Furgluele. Kathy Karp. Holly isltlza. ~ea Petroski. Chris McCarthy. Nora Musa. April May. Second row, Tracy Hill. anna Gomez. Beth eimer, Rachel Verbeek, Desiree Bartoslak, Brian Perveneckls. am Hoover. Jodie Daley. Third row, Morgan 1sltlza. Jessica Murablto, Andrea lialsh. Elmon Thwln. Tony Zoeteman. Jacqueline Gebel, ee McJe. Amy Attivlsslmo. atle Huizenga. STUDENT HEPERS: First row. Jodie Daley, Heather Verhulzen, Kathy Klupshas, Huwalda Hamed. Second row. Amy Attlvlssimo. Becky McNaughton. Jacqueline Gebel. Michelle Ortiz. Anne Pasquarella. Mary Pasquarella. Rachel Kolar, Amanda Ault. Rhea PetroskI. Third row. Jill Munno, Jill Jurkowski. Jeanne Adair, Franco Ocampo. Cheryl Sullivan. Ray Metzger, Amanda Camerlno, Breane orenz, Melanie ~umann. April May. Fourth row,ryan Skendzel. Ken Huizenga. ee McJe. Holly Usitza. Elmon Thwln. Julia Braun, auren Caster. Katie Early, Joe Munno. Amy Ott. RIck Krakow. John Gubernat. S.A.D.D. changed its name from Students Against Drunk Driving to Students Against Destructive Decisions. St dent Helpers start dschool a day b fore everyone else t get ready for II the incoming freshmen. Per Mediators are nominated, interviewe~ and then chosen y agroup of teachers an~ current mediators. PEER MEDIATORS: First row, Mrs. Mary Egan. Jacqueline Gebel. Holly 1sltza. Franco Ocampo, Ryan Burbridge. Second row. Rita Murphy, Ryan Melling, Rachel leblo, Shannon Rooney. Third row, Jill Jurkowski, Desiree Bartoslak. It Arno, sit. Good dogl Amo, Cook County Sherrlffs drug dog helps snlff out drugs in OCHS. Amo was trained by his partner Officer James Pacetti. " i' S.A.D.D., Student Helpers and Peer Mediators 1'. 185

189 u T is year e ery tudent who as DECA as als in Busi e s Professi nals of Am rica... Students in VICA artlclpate contests. VICA: First row, Jim Green, Carrie Kilroy, Beth Nevills, Erica Vietorls, John Mears. Second row, Mike Haak, Rob DeSchaaf, Cathy Hansen, Dave Reger, Margaret Herman, Mike Kubicki, Jen Nolan, Josh Masak. expenence. VICA: First row, Katie Jonker, Kathy Urbanczyk, Melissa Czukiewskl, MaJdl Yasln, Kristin Algarin, Rami Abed, Candi Sowa. Second row, Moe Hezayln, Mlsllm Ramadan!. Third row, Nick Richter, Brian GaJos, Steve Kareka, Tom Keating, Mike Queenan, Jim Kenealy, Stan Sleczka, Ryan Henry, Mark Chleber. DECA/BPOA: First row, Tom Heda, Adam Ramirez. Second row, Gabriella Eberhardt, Celina Kowalczyk, Nicole Konoplnskl, Cheri Murray. Third row, David Suszek, Dwayne Hutson, Bob Gebbia, Jehad Haleem, Beth Schadt, Dan Balich, George Serritella. All work and no play? Dave Suszek, Dan Ballch, and Tom Heda show how you can also have fun at work, Students In the work programs also visited different schools and private Industries. 1'... '" 186 1', Clubs

190 Group hugl Bob Gebbia, Nicole Konoplnskl. and Cheri Murray show the love In the room. All work and no play Is the way they preferred the work program to be. Thumbs up. Dave Suszek signals that Mr. Saunders Is a great teacher. Mr. Saunders has been In charge of DECA and BPOA for eight years. No more midnight shifts for me. Adam Ramirez rests his eyes after a long night of working. Not everyones work day ends at 5:00, some worked night shifts. ' VlCA, DECA and Business Professionals {O, -- " 187

191 CheckI Eric 1sitza studies the chess board to make his next move effec tive. Chess skills Include concentration, patience and forethought. T he correct answer Is... Studying and preparing answers are the key for ajeeh Salah to compete In a Scholastic Bowl competlon. OCHS had the honor of holding the annual Scholastic Bowl conference meet this year. - ' (' 188 f. Clubs hat am I doing here?adam Zwirkowskl reconsiders his move before placing his opponent in a checkmate. Adam played at board one, the most difficult board.

192 "'ATHETES: First row, Susan Stillwell, Ken Tregoning, Elman Thwlnn, Amber Poorman, Tony Zoeteman, Eric 1sltza, Pam Byme, auren Caster, Patty Semlnetta, Second row, Mrs, Martha Kirkman, Dave Jodelka, Fadl Salem, Bob Puhr, Fran Furgluele, Kristin Swedburg, Bill Korab, Brian Caster, Pete Antol, Mrs. Sheri Halwax. Third row, Gina Rogers, Mlsllm Ramadanl, Mike Barr, Jason Matusiak, Beth Ott, Morgan 1sltza, ajeeh Salah, Brian Messina, This year th took first pi ce at the ivi ion 3 Mathlete Conference meet. \ place i CHESS: First row, ajeeh Salah, Eric 1sltza, Jason Matusiak, Katie Early, Melissa Czuklewskl. Second row, Coach Edward Olson. SCHOASTIC BO: First row, Fadl Salem, Elman Thwln, Amber Poorman, ajeeh Salah, Ken Tregoning. Second row, Mr. Ed Olson, Ed llclek, Sean Gage, Jason Matusiak, Pat Moses, Mrs. Nancy Heskln. ella, my name Is.. Amber Poorman presents her answers to the Judges for her oral competition. Amber received a 2nd place ribbon for her Math and Politics oral presentation at the Mathletes Conference meet. - ' Mathletes, Chess and Scholastic Bowl 1'. '" 189

193 Regionals, Sectionals, an~ nine vents in State. Yuhave to ein at least t o FORENSICS: First row, Shannon Rooney, Veronica Espinosa, Erika Buys, Rachel Zeblo, Jessica Vasquez, Tammy Fear, Jessica heeler, Anwaar Judeh, Sam Echavarria. Second row, Amy zavala, isa olozyn, Carmel Damazo, Eric Martlg, Brenda Davidson, Ray Metzger, Cathy Damazo, Adam Zwlrkoskl, Gina Forlenza, Mark ieske, Beth Kreydlch, Jean MarcinkowskI. Third row, Jason Rowsey, Anthony Cerceo, Diamond Zukas, Dan Echavarria, Katie enzel, Dawn Murphy, Tracy Mathias, Kevin olozyn, Jenny Campbell, Sophia Farldl. The f II THESPIANS: First row, Shannon Rooney, Veronica Espinosa, Erika Buys, Brenda Davidson, Jessica Vasquez, Tammy Fear, Jessica heeler, Kristin Stroud, Beth Kreydlch. Second row, isa olozyn, Carmel Damazo, Eric Martlg, Rachel Zeblo, Ray Metzger, Hank Fear, Jason Kolk, Sophia Farldl, Jean Marcinkowski, Samantha StaniszewskI. Third row, Jason Rowsey, Sam Echavarria, Mark ieske, Cathy Damazo, Kevin olozyn, Don Anderson. Just listeni Adam Zwlrkoskl and Cathy Damazo made a great team In Humorous Duet Acting. HDA Is where two people act out a comedy sketch for competition. -" _ i' 190 1'. Clubs DRAMATICS: First row, Erika Buys, Samantha Staniszewski, Jean Marcinkowski, Katherine Sullivan. Amy Zavala, Dan Echavarria. Second row, Carmel Damazo, isa olozyn, Jessica heeler, Shannon Rooney, Rachel Zeblo, Brenda Davidson, Veronica Espinosa, Kristin Stroud, Jason Kolk. Third row, Anthony Cerceo, Jason Rowsey, Hank Fear, Eric Martlg, Mark elpart, Sam Echavarria, Ray Metzger, Cathy Damazo, Don Anderson. Fourth row, Ed ilczek, Mark ieske, Jessica Vasquez, Tammy Fear, Kevin olozyn.

194 Chop that woodi Mark elpart worked hard to earn his role in the fall play. Dark of the Moon. This was his first play, so he is not quite a thespian yet. Anything Goesl Eric Martig and Samantha Staniszewski are two well known thespians. Everyone who participates In the plays are an Important part of the production. Keep your cool. Tammy Fear competes In Prose for Forensics. In Prose you not only have to be able to read the piece well. you also have to write ItI ' -.; i' Forensics, Thespians and Dramatics 1'. 191

195 Helping others help themselves. Ambassador club members Rita Marino, Dana Fett. Duygu Aklncl. Rachel Kolar. Paul Herdon. Deanne Herndon. Kenneth eber and Therese Hassel pose for a picture before going on a field trip. Field trips were taken to places like the zoo and Navy Pier. Strike em down. Rhea Petroski and Tracy Hill discuss their bowling scores after a meet. Bowlers received one point for each pin that they knock down. ifeguard on duty. Dave Gorman watches the water to make sure ev eryone Is safe. Spartan Guards num ber one concern was safety. ~ 192 1JIf' Clubs

196 AMBASSADOR CUB: First row, Eimon Thwln, Jenny Stepek, Nebelah Zeidan, Duygu Akinci, Dana Felt, Danna Marino, Dawn alker, Chris halen. Second row, Gina Forlenza, Therese Hassel, Veronica Espinosa, Margert ebb, Joey Payson, Paul Hemdon, Deann Herndon, Michael Hayes. BOING: First row, Mike Parisi, Matt Bowman, Mike Genis, Dave Jodelka, Rhea Petroski, Chris McCarthy, Jason Szubrych, Bob Krlslk. Second row, Jeff Boll, Tracy Hill, Jim Horvath, Patrick RoJewskl, Tony Fantozzi, Keith Krouldls, Jason Bienko. II Being in A bassador club allows me to interact with the Aero tudents that I normally would not see:' remarked Jenny Stepek. Bo ling was one of the few clubs t~at compete against other sc Is. Spar an guard helped children of the community learn to swim. IIlliK to sethe kids accompli h mething:' Gom ented isa Bonn. SPARTAN GUARDS: First row, Becky Powers, Paul arsen, Josh Smok, Jacqueline Gebel, David Gorman, Mike Barr, Ricky Holzle. Second row, Joe Barr, Val Glowaty, Ed ilczek, Bob Puhr, Andrea DeVivo, Katie HUizenga, Amanda Hagberg. Third row, Ken Huizenga, Amy Attlvissimo, ee Mcle, Desiree Bartosiak, Nicole Garrett, Emily Mc oughlin, auren Caster. ow all they have to do Is teach her to let go. Katie HUizenga brings a child back to the wall after retrieving a ball. Guards not only got credit for being in a club, but also received pay checks. '1' - /' Ambassador Club, Bowling and Spartan Guards 1'. 193

197 Varsi yband is the entry-level high scaool band for any interested st The symphony ban rformed lithe Barber of Seville which ~ , included adiffic It woodwind section. 2~ students made u the jazz band which performed and practiced lat at night an learned 2song in two we The orchestra is a p cial and picked band that layed or the SRring musical"anything Goes:' The marc~ing band performed at Uof Iand at Disney orld. MARCHING BAND: First row, Aprll Osmensk Kelly Ulr1ch, Emily Mcoughlin, Erin Kelley. Amonde Ault. Shelly Bradbc!ry. Melanie Fitzgibbons. Melanie Neumann, Mendy agner, Katie Powell. Katle EDrley, Uluren Dudko. Annlll Gunko. Cethy llcze, Cheryl Cole, Kliren Rossow, Vicki ltkewllz. Sllbrlnll Dymlt. Second row, Angela VlInVuren. Jenny Gilbert, JesslclI Dunk, Sheryl Stlso. Jamie Powers, Connie NllVorrette, Jellnno Groclo. Pete Groenwold, Mellua Ktlkos. Michelle King. Allison Kremer, Nancy Hosulon, Kotle Hulzengll, Jeremy Schultz. honnll SUso. TlffellY Nelson. JlIson Gilbert. Mory PlIsqullrellll. DlIYnll Hajek, Nicole Thurzo. VlIl Glowllty. Third row, ~n ElIrley. VlIl Gormlln. Ulurle MUler. JlIson Blenko. Sieve Berezewskl. Joe. Benllslak, Russell Carey. Ange1e Pollak. Sarllh Nettle. ~n Pasqullrellll. Ryan Bohm. Tom Heda. Fred Housman. Tracy Mathies, Mike Sullivan, Jamie Qulntavalle. Beth Ott. Jack Gunka. Tony Fantoul. Kevin Carey. Kristen Ulrich. Tom Miller, Andrea Devivo. Ken Korllb. Katy Truty Fourth row. Dave eber. Jill Merrell. BlII Janovjllk. Ken HulzenQll. Tom Jodelkll. Amy Attlvlsslmo. Anne Pesquarella. Aimee eahy. Jeremy Mayer. DlIvld Jodelka, Pete Benes. Joshua 0 Keefe. Mllry Chop. Ed ilczek. Justin Kakos. Jeff Mayer. Sunnl llillims. Don Anderson. Bob Puhn. Andy Dvol'8k. Brian Messina, Phil Rogers. JlISOO Rowsey. RlIY Meuger. Josh Smok. Tony Zotemlln VARSITY BAND: First row, April Osmenskl, Tracy Menclllas, Emily Mcoughlin, Kelly Ulrich. Katie Hulzlngll. brina Dymll. Nicole Thurzo. Dayne HoJek, Second row. Angele VanVuren. Jenny Gilbert. Jeanne Gracie, Sheryl IIso. Jesslcll Dunk. Jemie Powers, Tony Fentozzl. Cheryl Cole. Bob Puhn, Jeremy Schultz, Tlffeny Nelson, Third row, Sdrah Nettle, Den P"squarellll. RYlln Bohm, Steve Berezewskl, Joe B8nll lek. Vel Gormlln. Jason Gilbert. Russell Carey. Connie Navarrette. Kevin ClIrey. Jack Gunkll. Ken Korllb. Andree ~Vlvo. Fourth row. Andy Dvorek. Tony Stone. Val Glowaty, Mike Sulllven, Beth Ott. Jeremy Meyer Ed lczek Fifth row, Dave Jodelke, Justin Kekos. Joshue 0 Keefe. Jeff Mllyer, Jill Merrell. Sunnl IUlems Give me an '0: Give me an "1:: hat do you get? hat you get is a creative visual Image out on the football field to go along with the Inspirational music that the marching band plays during the half-time perfomnance. There were 98 students In this yeajs marching band. - '" '" Clubs SYMPHONY BAND: FIrst row, Mehmle Neumllnn. Erin Kelly. Jomle O:ulntanalle. Shelly Bradbery, KlIty Truty. Krlslln Ulrich. Ketle Powell. Aimee etlhy. Mandy agner, auren Oudko. Second row. Pete Groenewold. Melts~ Kekos. Melllnie Fitzgibbons. Allison Krllmer. Amllndll Ault. Nancy Houston. Vicki ltkewltz. Anntl Gunke, Kllren Rossow. Shllnno Stlso, Klllle ElJrley. Cllthy ilczek, Mary Pllsqullrella Third row. Angelll PoUllk. Jllson Sienko. teve &nllslak. laurie Mll~r. Dan ElJrley. Michelle King. Fred Housmlln. Tom Hedo. Tom MUler, Amy Attlvlsslmo. Breane orenz, Tracy Mathlll. Anne Ptlsquorellll Fourth row. Don Andersen. RllY Metzger. Bill Korllb. Phil Rogers. JlIson Rowsey. Brilln Me55lnll. Josh Smok. Tony Zoelmtln. Pete Benes. Mllry Chtlp, Fifth row. Ollve eber. Bill Jonovjllk. Ken Hulzengo, Tom Jodelkll

198 One and two and... Conductor Mr. David Deltemyer leads the symphony band In one of Its many practices. They performed at three evening concerts at school this year including the Holiday concert. GO, seniorsi One of the best parts of the powder puff football game Is when marching band members get together to hype up the crowd between plays. Pictured here are Jamie Quintavalle, Tom Jodelka, Ken Huizenga, Justin Kakos, Jeremy Mayer, Ed ilczek, Pete Groenewold, Melissa Kakos, Nancy Houston, Mr. David Deitemyer, Andy Dvorak and Robert Puhr Sticking together. Ken Huizenga and Bill Janovjak practice their stick skills on the snare drums. Impressive drumming would Include such skills as the ability to playa run of 32nd notes. -" Band f, -- '" 195

199 Practice makes perfect. To keep their voices strong the A Cappella choir practices 1 1/2 hours dally. Pictured here are Elmon Thwln. Melissa Beslic. Beth Kreydlch. isa Brandt. Mark elpart. Nick Macclaro. Tina Zwlrkoskl. Camilla enart, Sarah Bourbon. isa oloszyn. Anwaar Judeh. Jessica Melander, Ryan Mcernon. Amy Ott, Melissa Urquljo, Melissa Bauman and Mrs. Barbara Mateer. B reath deeply. Tips to sing grace fully are to fold your hands. put your shoulders back, and stand up straight. Pictured here are Becky McNaughton. Brenda Davidson. Elmon Thwln, isa oloszyn. A lleluia. The men from A Cappella choir practice during their lunch seminar for the holiday concert. Ryan Mcernon, Nick Macclaro. Eric Martlg. Scott Blesterfeld. Henry Fear and Mark elpart took pride In their ability to sing and perfonm with help from Mrs. Barbara Mateer. - '" ' 196 Clubs l'.

200 A CAPPEA CHOIR: First row, isa oloszyn, Melissa Bauman, Amy Ott, Melissa UrqulJo, Jen Rau, Jessica Melander, Maryrose Moses, Melissa Beslic. Second row, Sarah Bourbon, Elmon Thwln, Margert ebb, Camllia enart, Becky McNaughton, Nicole Zimmerman, Andrea DeVivo. Third row, Tina Zwlrkoskl, Jean Marcinkowski, Beth Kreydlch, isa Brandt, Brenda Davidson, Stephanie Gorman. Fourth row, Mark 1escke, Adam Zwlrkoskl, Ryan Mcernon, esley Usyak, Jason Rowsey, Scott BlesterfeJd, Mark elpart, Eric Martlg, Henry Fear, Nick Macclaro. TREBE CHOIR: First row, Nlchole O'Connor, Michelle Panek, Jennifer Tucker, Beth Dommer, Vicki ojtowicz, Rose Devine. Second row, Christina Parks, Mandy Bainbridge, Jennifer Davies, Allison Vlnlcka, Barb Sleslnskl, Regina Panlcuccl. Third row, Rita Murphy, Mary Giglio, Michelle Mentgen, Kelly VerSchave, Reta Betounl, Michelle Smith, Amy 1tvlak. Fourth row, Krtsty Meskan, Angela Montoya, Ertn Murphy, Christina Davis, Kelly Marsh, Sarah hlcher. Cappella choir recieved superior rating at the Solo and 6nsemble contest. ive stuaents made it to IME district I festival chorus, w ich is tepping stone to earning all-state honors. The Honors Choir performed nthe Medival Fair, ulti-cultural Fair and th Principals brown bag lunch. HONORS CHORA ENSEMBE: Melissa Besllc, Camilla enart, Melissa Urquljo, Brenda Davidson, Melissa Bauman, Tina Zwlrkoskl. Stephanie Gorman, Margert ebb, Maryrose Moses, Nicole Zimmerman. o re me. The men on the A Cappella choir put on their smiles and sang proudly at their holiday concert last December. All smiles were Mark iescke, Henry Fear, Adam Zwlrkoskl, Ryan Mcemon, Nick Macclaro, Mark elpart and Eric Martlg. " i' Choir




204 Cam # 14 you've come so far and done so well, words cani express how proud we are. Hope your future is filled with love, success, and good fortune. God Bless You.' (Cara Krivanec) Your loving family, Mom, Dad, Amy, jason, Carl, ikki, Colbin, CctJey, Katie, Cody, Cesily, and Celine.

205 Roses are red and beautiful like you, you truly are a dream come true. From the moment ofyour birth all the way till today, you Ire simply the best thing that has ever come our way. (Amanda Camerino) ove, Mom And Dad


207 Matt Congratulations! we love you and we're very proud. ove) Mom & Dad


209 jenell/#41, YOu represent all the wonderful hope we have in the future for young adults. YOu've made us so proud. ove, Mom & Dad


211 E knew you could do it.' (Mike Burton)Congratulations! ove) Mom) Dad & Jeannine 'fio- tk~~sio# and S15U!DnZ/'fi_~ 'fi~~~~ fk,~and~~ 1kJ,f)~~at ~fk,~~ e(lm/and~~fk,~ fl&'~fk,~~ Ul/fk, ~sciujo,t. f) ~fk,~ ~andap-scaooj, ~IkJ, f)sfzi!"" UliI ~ S15«J~ hzow,taat U0~on-~~ JOO~kJI&t~ fk,~~? 9ife-~ 01 fk,~vou'dujand ~ Ul/ toudz,. 9ifw~?'JlB,. 'fi Eric & Morgan, Follow your dreams and don i' let anyone or anything get you down. I'm always here for YOII, no matter what state I'm in. I'm very proud ofyou guys and I love you. ove, your big sister, Holly Marie : ~ I4tJrtll ~It ~rttj4rt!$$ $II~!]) 1998 : Sponsors... Ms. Allee Published by Taylor Publishing. Miskowiec printed as a 4 color I Tavani Taylor representative: Ken lithograph. The staff attended II Mrs. Penny Erickson Nemsick. Official yearbook the Midwest Yearbook ork- Mr. Jim HoreJs I Editor-in-Chief Holly lsitza photographer is Root Studios. shop at ake Forest College ayout Suzy Mitchell Root representative: Ed Carney. during the summer of '97 and I Photo Jeannette emrise Fonts used: Reporter, Rinna, a SICA workshop at Reavis in I Copy Jacquellne Gebel Eric Condensed, Gourmand, September. I Staff Todd McCullough Correctlon.1 Correctlon.1 Jeannelle emrise, Kerri Murphy Cabal, Amazonia. Special thanks to: the I StephanIe Spero (, Sarah Terrell work on the compute" using the d ktop publishing program Sarah Terrell 950 books printed at $30 each. administration and board of I P-Maker to deslgn their layouts. Computers made Stephanl'e Spero T h' It' I d d D bb K (R -0' lec nlca ma ena s use : e ucation, e ie aste oot I moklng correction. less time con.umtng. Jodie inchell Marketing...Maureen Scanlan PageMaker, 5 Dell computers, 2 Studios), Morgan isitza, Tony I Tracy Mathias Hewlett Packard aserjet 5 Myslinski, Pete Benes, Brian I Sales Fred printers, 1 HP ScanJet 4C Perveneckis and the Housman scanner, Adobe Photoshop. maintance staff for delivering I Jenny Stepek I esley Osyak Cover designed by Dan all of our packages. I : cgdito/[/,5/~: : To bring a yearbook 'up-to-date from a picture book to a memory book took a lot of time, hard work and determi- I nation. I would like to congratulate and thank Suzy, I Jackie, Jeannette, Kerri, Todd, Sarah, Stephanie and I Jodie for having the determination to make deadlines, the I- will to learn and the dedication to work with such a I ork hard-play hard. New Starr member Jodie controversial publication. Also, a special thanks to Ms. Ole! or Regular. Ms Alk:e Tavanl and Todd inchell describe. yearbook as. 'One of the hardest Alice Tavani for being an outstanding teacher and advisor, I McCullouqh help with the refreshments at classes I hav~ becllu~ of the deftdllnes. 1m so homecoming. Severol dubs made extra money by happy and satisoed when theyre met" Pictured here and a great friend. I working concessions during football and basketball In the yearbook office are SlIzanne Mitchell. Holly H II M Ed Ch f games Morle 1sltza. Todd McCullough. Jodie inchell and 0 Y arie isitza, itor-in- ie I Jacqueline Gebel...~~ 208.1JIl!'Ads ~

212 ...HEPING TO PRESERVE YOUR HIGH SCHOO MEMORIES Send the male through the mail. Good friend know how to have fun together. Ju t as Gianna Hardt, i a Brandt, Kim apretz & Tacho Gamino do while they help decorate for Homecoming dance. Official Yearbook and Senior Portrait Photographer for Oak awn High School 1131 est Sheridan Road * Chicago, II ' i" Ads 1'. 209

213 11.i, i.b,. ieu'"b" "I.oto" 4"0"',,,,,.,,.b "'0"" 0" to li.b",,.,,i.i...,,. ==============...1 Aboujo. esl'e 129 Abdolloh. Ahmmod 113 Abdelrllsoul, u~y 92 Abdelro50ul. Muhnnad 11) AbderD$()ul, u.x:y 95 Abed. Bosmeh Abed, Roml Abelo, BolSy 177 Abrllhamsen, Dave 18, Abram, Scott 92 Abuzlr. Anwar 129 Academics Division 61 Acevedo. "Helll 113,154,155,177 Aehler, Chrlstln 68,102,170,174 Ad"lr, Donna 65 Adolr. Jeonnle 102,178,181,185 Adamczyk, Barry 82 Ad.mow, Chrls 51,92,156 Adems, illie 82 Ade. Brian Adamena,. Ull~ 78 Ads 205 Adstlns, Josle 78 A9u1oa98. Frederick 82 Aiello, Jennifer 102 Aklnel, Duygu 11, , Albelo, Bolsy 129 Albert, D.vld 102 Alexender. Michelle 82 Alfirevlc. KOHI Algorln, Krlslln 102,186 AIKhatib. Maram 102 Allie. Bryon 82,150 Allie, ouren ,129 Altenburg. Aaron 113,118,150,151156,157 AIt~burg. Justin 72,92,95,96, Amaro. Renll 82 Amoto, Chrlslophor 5,23,57,113,163 Ambe dor Club 193 _ Anagnopoulos. ~nl 39 Anders-en. Don 101 Anderson. Don ,190 Andrews. Stephanie Anduj.r, Rob 113,127,152,153 Angolo. Dorothy 65 I\nho<:k, Kelly Annen, Chrlstopher 25.45,113,203 Antol. Borb 39 Antol, Peter 92,170,189 Anton. Timothy 101,102 Arankl. Johnny 82 ArltuJo, Jo~ 102 Arevltlo. Julien 129 Armstrong. Joseph 101 Art Club 181 Asker. Mohltmed 102 ASlrltusklt. Jerry 78 AUeh, Rul. III Atkins. Scott Attlvls lmo, Amy 11t:Q Ulll.193 AUgie. lov 17,82.87,1.36 Augustyniak, ouro 113 Aull mondo 102, :JJI!,f- ~ Bockstrom. Bmln 102 Badminton l' &lie, Heather J8 &Inbrldge. Amllnda 82,163 &Inbrldge, T&r& ,129 Bolrd, Nicol< Bak. Marg ret 92 Baker Jon&th&n 102 &ldea, Anthony 2Il113,IZl,I &lich. Dan , BaUch, Michael B.II, Tr.cy BoII.rd, Julie 20,68,113 &nldls. Kevin 153 BaM lak, Cheryl ,155 I3lJnesl&k. David Bonosl.k, Joe ,178 &naslek. Steven 6, , I3lJnchek. Melisse 102 Banlalls. KeVin 82 Banlalls. Paul 111 &rltjliz. Amandll Barb&ric Frank n &rdell JulIe Bork. Amond Bork. Amy 163 8lIrks. Chrfsllna 182 Barnhouse, Carrie Borr, Joe Barr, Mike 47, , Bamsles. Briltn 78 &rrera Oscar &rrus, Kimberley 82 Barry. Janet 65 Borry. K.lhy 65 &rtke. Matthew 129 &rtkowlllk. JennIfer 82 Bartkowl k. Jenny Bartlett. D<!Ite 82 Bartosch. Shery III Bartoslek. ~slree 61.1 I 1.l ln.I Bartoslak, Desree 170 Bartsch. Erin 5,82,155 B. boll 157 Bosley. Fr.nk 102 B.les. EUoon 102 Battl tao Stephanie Battle of the Bands Bauman. Mellnll Balld!, Jamal lan, ChrIssy Bo,lon, Kolle ,135 Bockell. Oooffrey 37,102. Merrlllyn k, Sabrina 54,113 Beitunl. 102 Boll. M.rt'n 82 es. Pete 174,177,178 45, Benes. Peler Bonovelll. Aprll 129 Bemy the SJMrtlm 2B Be-rr:zewskl. teven 92 mas. arry 78 Berry. Bry.n 82,156 Besbekos. Andrew Be-sllc Mells~ Bespakos. Andy 171 Belounl, Rela 92 Betz. Allison 76 Beyer, Brenda Boyer. Chns Beyer. Christopher II ,137 Bialek, Keren Blolek, Ken Bialek, Kenneth 82 Bialek.. Karen Second row 149 Blbe.u, Porn Blenko, Jason 92 Bleslada. Nicole 129 Bleslerfeld, Eric 113, Blesterfeld. Scott 78,150,162,163,216 Btesterfleld, Eric 151 Blesterfleld. ScOll 101 Biggene, Karen 102 Bjork Jason 102, Bjork K.te 149 Bjork K.lhleen Blaha Michael 102 Biltlek, Karen 92 Blesgen. Tom 78 BI.zo. Shonn BodJo. Joenne 56 Boehm. Eve-lyn 102 Bohm. Ryan 82 Bojdo. Joenne 113 Bokholdl. Joseph 82 Bolek. Melisse Bolek. P.lly 92,167 Boll. Jeff 102 BoU. llluriffi 82 Bolye. Stephanie 102 Bolz. ~nh<!lrt Boil. Katherine 82 Bolz. Katie 41 Bone. Nicole 77 Bonn. ise Book Fair 67 Boss. Tim 101 Bourbolus, Helen n Bourbon. Sarah Bou m~m, Becky 61, Bousmen, Jltmlt! 113,202 Bousmen. Rebecce 92 Bowen. Kristlne: 102 Bowen. Nlcolt! Bowes, illie 129 Bowling 193 Bowmen, Matt Bowman. Michael 102 Boyle, Nicholes 62 Boyle, Stephanie: 12.18,108,170,174,182 Boys Bosketboll 151 Boys Swimming 153 Boys Tennis 165 Boys Volleyb.1I 159 Breasch. Ken ,150, Braesch. Michael 102 Braetz. Amenda 102 Bradbe:ry, Michelle , Bram. DaVid 113 Brendt. lisa Brendl, Soreh Brant. lise 47 Braun, Julia , Brltzel. JesslCli Brehovsky. Donna 7478 Bridgeman. Amy B"ley. Nichol.. 13 Brockmen. lllure:n 15,103 Bronzt!ll. CassIe 46 Brookmltn, Jenny Brookman, Stacy 92,99.155,170,173 Brooks, Ausre 82, 167 Brooks, Seen 129 Brotsch, Anthony 66,82 Brown, Donald 103 Brown, SlIm 103 Budz. Bernadette 92 Buerger, Re:n~ 103,170 Buettner, Therese Bugllo, Tony 92 Bujok. Gloce 65 BukowskI. James 114 Bulow, Jonl 103 Burbridge. Ryan Burdan. Robert 78 Burke. Kelly Burke. illiam 114 Bums jennifer , Bums. John 62 Burns. Mlch~1 129 Burton. Mlch~ Bu lek. Melisse 57 Buys. Emily Buys. Enk& 33,4153,92,172, Bylina. eanne Byrne:. Pam , Byrne. Tlff.ny Cltgnlna Mltrgarel 114 Cehill. Deslr~62 Calleen. Diana 92 Coldwell. Kelly 82 CGlhoun, Michelle 66,82.149,172,173 Callahen. JustIna 92 Cemt!rlno, Amenda 114,167,173, ,202 Camerlno, Brad 83 Campbell. Amanda 103, ,182 Campbell, Jennifer 83,190 Campos. Carlos Cempos, Dltvey 129 Cempos. auren 83 Campos, Mlchoel 103 Cenen. DIck 150 Cantar, Tim 29 Cltpre:tz, Kim CaptaIn, Jere:my 103 Capteln. Ryen 83 Cardenas. Mltrle 103 Cerey. Kevin 103 Cerey. Russell 92 Carlson. Bnan , ,174 Carlson. Jan 65 Cltrnlthan. James Carpenter. Jemes , Carpenter, Jason Carpretz. Kim 24 Carrier, Arlt!ne 65 C.rroll. Phil 78 Cartallno. Angle 36 Cltsele, Heathe:r 103,167 Casperwllz. DennIs 95 Castello, Melisse 103 COSIer, Brl.n 83,136,164, Caster, auren KnI3'lI67.17<\17! ,1 JCll Cavanaugh, lll 63 Cedeno. Rosellnda eleskl. Nancy Cerceo. Anthony 41.92,96,190 Chamls, NIcolas 83 Champlain. Katherine Ch.p, M.ry Charvat. eyne 103 Chavt!z, Cheri t03 Chavosky. Joe Cheerleeders 183 Chess 189 Chllve:rs. Chuck Chllvef Mike 39 ChlttltphGphel. Nlrut Chleber Mark Chmura. Paul 92 ChoJnackI, Frltnk 83 ChoruPfJ, Mltrk 103 Christopher. Michelle Chung. Vincent 103 Clchowlcz. Joseph 129 Clclora. Irene 38 Clngrllnl. Merk Clngrenl, Michael

214 Clngr.nl. TJ C!ordy. Ad.m 129 Clardy. JOMthen 83 C!ork. N k[mo 92 CllIry. Stephen III Clauson, Bridget ,182 C~men5. Denny 83 Clemens, ~nnls 103 Clemens, Jeffrey 30.37,114 Clifton. Brl.n 37 ClIrton. Pet 37 Cody. Dennl' 103 Coggin, K[rby 101 Colby. Sor Cole. Cheryy[ Cole. Scott Cole,by. Scotl I Collins. Allin 65 Calluut. Ronlild Community ~vlce Conklin. Mkhelle Connell. Jim Con~lI. Katie 92 Con~lIy. ~nlfer 101 Cononlco. James 83 (oostoblle, curll 83 ConwlIY. Coll~n 65 Coo~r. Mehmte 77 Corre. M[ke 45, Cosme. Scott Costblle. cufli 155 COlli. Heether 103 Coule, Michelle 38 Creech, Thomes IQI8190<6II<\O\c:6.rm.zm Cronin, Allison Cronin. Michelle 42, Crothers. Brtan 129 Crothers, Matt 83 Cry.n. Amy 60,65.68 Cumby. Polly 78 Curuln, Mike 10.57,114,115, ,170 CushwlIy. Catherine 129 CUShlly. Colin 83 Czuktewskt, Melissa 22, ~hlstrom. Robe.rt rmlly Rituals 45 DtIlneh. Ahmed 129 Dalneh. Esillm 92 lrlley. Amy Katherine 129 Ooley. Jod[e DtIley. Jonathan 103 DeUsey. Matthew 129 Damazo, Carmel DtImazo. Catherine Danhoff Trocy 129 D4rk of the Moon 41 D4valls, Chuck 148 DGvells, Chuck Davidson. Brenda ,190 DGvles. Jennifer 83 Davis. Chrlstlntl DGvls. Molt 204 Davis, Matthew 114 Oovls. Vicki 1792,163 Dtlvlson. Nicole 83 Daw. Mergeret Dello. AngelG DeblGs, Arnie 92 Debl.., Brl.n Decerlo, SebrinG 114,202 Degulse, Jllrnes 78 Deist. Dllmlen 114 Deltemeyer, David 52.53,65.79 DeIl,le, T[ff.ny 129 Deluna, Moria 129 Demonbreun, StliCY 129 Dempsey. CIeorge 156 Denardo, Robert 129 Dengler. Robert 92 Dengler, Tracy Den05, Deanna 103 Denz. Mlchael93 Derenclus. Tony 93 DeSchaa( Robert 116,186 Detwiler, Marg rei 65,75 DevIne, Rose 83 Devine, Virginia 78 DeVivo. Andrea 93, DeVivo. Jellnette 103 DI.z. Dovld 101 Dlaz. Merlll 83 Dickinson. Phylll' 65 Diehl. Ch.rle, 103 Diehl. Chrl510pher 83 Dietel. Shewn 93 Dietz. Thomes 104 Dlgnllm, Corey 104 DIGrezla, Bruce DIngus, Anthony 83 Dlp[erro. Emily 83 D[xon. C."le Dixon, Mlcheel 2.17,76,116 Dixon, Mike Dixon. endl 104 Dixon, endy 2 DJur.kov, Ily Doglum, Jllson Dogulm, Jason 5, Dommer, Beth 83 Dommer, Monica 170 Dommer, Monnlce 104 Donnelly, Shewn 104 Doroll55, ucas Downey, Den 129 Downing. Dentel 93,124 Downs. Adem 116 Drechsler Jeenlne Drew. Pat 74,78 Drlv[ng 19 Dronsk[. Mell, Drozd. Jekub 104 Dubs. MellsSll 104 Dudek, Nicole 116 Dudko. l...j,uren Dugd.le. Sherr Duitrn.8n. Kr1stle 101 Dultmenn. Tare 5.83 Dultmenn.. Tarll 155 Dunk. Jesslce 83 Dvorllk, Andrew 83 Dwyer, Brien 49,93 Dwyer, Hellther Dwyer. Sor.h Dyckmtln. Jellnln~ Dyckrn.8n. Ptlul 93 Dykstre. EIiUlbeth Dymlt, Sebrlntl 83 Dzlelskl BonnIe 83 Dzurlson. T~ 1 - E.r1ey. D.nlel llrley, Katle , Eastman. Tom 136 EelOn, StepheN 83 E mtlrdt, Gebrtelle 1~.I36.I86 chevarria. Dan Echevarria, m 41, Eckert. Amy 66 oiogy dub 18\ 1st. Und..y strom. Jean n. J.son 104. Mory 66, M.t.rl. R.t1be 104 -Ramehl. Feras 61,111,\ R.mohl. Riad 93 lis, Timothy 104 uelsan. NIl I 16 rlc, 1""",104 ry. V.lerie 93 I. Katie ,155,173 person. Mk:h<leI 83 Erd.kos. Alexll1lder 83 Er koso Mk:hMI ckson, Adem 20 ckson, Penny amllltl,dtlna 84, pejo. Edu.rdo 39 sptno. V onl a 6,41, ,193 Eul. Joonn Eu!' Sherry 93 Evtlns, Jennifer ~ 1 ' Fairbanks, Cassie 93 Fakhoury, Tarek 116 F.khoury. ZJyod Faleh. Mohtlmmad 84 Fa1l1h, Mustefa 129 Fllkon. Reenel04 Ftlntoul. Tony F.rld[. Sophl !53.IOUIUI7I.17<\11:O Fanna, Rich 78 F.ulkner. Chrl, 93 Fe.r. Becky ;07 F~r Hllnk Fear. Tamamll 174 Fear. Tamllra 10")) , , ,205 Feltz. Cathy 74,76 Feltz, Rebecctl 93, Fernllndez. Jenlne 116,173,177 Fessett, Robert Felt, Catherine Feu DlInll FIckett. Mllry 66 Fiedler, Michael FIerro, Jennifer 104 FIerro. Michelle 26,129 Flgus. David 104 F[gu,. Iz ,216 F[lIce"e. Bob 75,104 F[,her. Ad.m Fisher, Tori 5 Fisher, Victoria 84 Fitzgerald, Colleen FitzgIbbons, Melllnie Floyd M[ch.el J04 Flynn. d 78 Fogarty, M ND 104, Fo. Caroline 93 Foley. K.trtno Forlerwl.Glno93.190,193 Fonyth, Chorles 129 Fox. Corr Fox. Keith \65 Fox, MortJn n Fronek. Kri,tln 9,10.\9.170.\74 Frenandez. Jean1ne 155 French Club In Frenzel. Icole Freshmen 85 Fr1cono. Gino 116 Frlodl. Kelly 116 Frledl. Kelly 155 Friske. NJchole 155 Friske. Nicole 174 Fry. Chrissy 96 Fry. Chrl'lIne 93 Fry. Julie 93 Full. Amanda 84 Furglue!e. Fe n 11~7818\,1ll5,1 ~ o.cek, P.ul 84 GlICk[. Adem III G.9O.5o.n 93, Oojo,. Brl.n Sine dill Oollogly. Cothy 66 Oomoo.. ellle mlno, Tacho 9.IQI9Zl Z7.1= Gamino, Tom Ga ll. Mllrtll III Gltrci. Sellmo Gorduno, E1[seo 84 Gorduno. Mllflllnne 84 tt, Nico'e ,170.17<\193 Gory. Mike ,156 Ga In. Kate 104 Go r. Bill nor. Jelln 93,182 Gebb[. Bob ,187 Gebel, JtlCqueline '11l'6.1932re211 Gebel. Thomtls 64 Generations 13 Gen[s. Mlch Gertln. llurle 160 GIbson, Sherrl Glene. Mllrcos G[erke. Rick 93 G[gllo Jr.. Joe 78 Giglio. Marilyn 63 G[g1[o. M.ry G[gllo r. Joe 78 Gilbert. Jem[e 104 Gilbert. J.son 84,136 Gilbert, Jennifer 84,132 Gill. K.ren Girls Basketbllll Girls Soccer 167 G[rten. Joseph 116 Girten. osur Glob.1 Society eek 63 Glover, Nlco~ 84 Glowety. Valerie Godell. J[II[on 84 Goldrick. James Golf 137 Gomez Dellnnll Gomez, Mlchoel Gonzlliez. E ~e Gonzalez. Kevin Gonzalez. UleNl Gonzolez. u[, Gonzalez. Robert 71,104 Goodman, Ed 104 Clormon, Dovld Gorman. Nlchole Gormlln. Stephtlnle Gorman, Vllierie , KImberley,MI.eI Qr.bo k. [ck 84 Qrecle, Je nna 64 Grodu Ion 9739 Gr.no. r h ,172 Grawunder, Erich Green, James 116,186 Greim ", Plltrlcla 28,160 Grist, hn 84 Grochows. Peter 93 Groenewoki. Peter 93,136,164 Groo'. b GrygIel, R.y Gryz, Chrystal Grzel.k. Mickey 155 Gubernat. Jesse Guberrw.t. John Gunderson. Jtlmle 22,93,101 Gunkll AnM 104, 132 Gunkll. JllCk 94 Gurney. Darlene Guzmtln C1lludla ~ 11 ' Hallk. Justin 94 Hllllk, Michael! 04.1 B6 Htlblch. Julie 66 Hack, Ernest 84

215 ttd(k.,loc:k. Gall tto<.htock. Aurd Itagbtorg. Amanda 94,193 Ilagberq, Jarn~s 104 Haleem. J~had 129,186 HalwlIx, Sh~r Hambright, Chrl tina 84,85 Harndan, Kale<.! III Hamdan. Maher 129 tlamed, fllbo 104,167,173,177,181 Hamed, Huwalda 94,177,185 Hamilton, Brandl Hamilton. Denise 44,105 Hamilton. There5ll Hamzik. auren Hlmafl. Ahmed Hangout> 27 Hansen. Clilherine Hanson. NlC~ 28,34, Haran. Mary 94 Haran. Sheila 105 Hlirdt, Glttnna , Harland. Michael..._--="""'_.. 105,110 Harland. Robert 117 Ha~r, Mike n Ha~r Sc1brlna 67,84135, I HeSlIn, Kenny 94 Hash, Georglll 66 Ha~. r"lg 129 Ita I. Theft" 76,84,90,132,133,193 'taul>f'nrt"ise-r, Janel 66,149,159 Hawktn. Kenneth 84 HlIwklns. 50ra 94 Hawkins. Tim 129 Ilayes. Michael 193 Ilazzard. CyOOI 34,94,155 Ilauard, Krl ty 105 Ilebein. Martin 84 Ilebeln, $cndy 117 tleda, Tom 11,117,186 iiiii! Ilelmberg, enny flel"', Mike 75,84 78 :;;..----~HeJna. Mike 48, ,121 Heller. Stephen 66..testern. JlIY 84 Henke. Dovld ~nke. Aura 129 twnnlng. lll~m ,156 Hennch. Marla 105 Henry, Ryon 68. I Hen. Matt 94 Herman. Orlnr\f' ~ Herman. Dan 94 HemClndez. Jo 117, ~ Hernandez. uis 62,105,167,177 Hernandf'z. Melina Herndon, Deann Herndon, Poul84,193 Herrrnltnn. Judy 78 Ilerrmllnn. Margar t Ilershey. lisa 105 Ile~ln. NllrKyOb.189 lie-witt Cok lie-itt t teath~r 3,94,167,174177, H zayln. Mohammad Hickey, John 63 tflcke-y, Michelle' 105 HIli, Amy 84, , TrlK'Y Hili, illiam 3,5,12,20,36,39,63,65,95 Hincks. Jim 84 Hlr, Sleven 84 Hnat, Mark 94,164 Hnat, Nick 55,117 Hnat. Richard Hoagiand. Krlstl 23,37,115,117,124135,167 Hoch, Natalie 84,173 HoglUnd, Brian Ire Hoglund. MI hael 129 Hojek Dayna 75,84,9\'134,154,155 Hoklnson. n 84 flola<. Vlrglnla66 Hollie, Rlok ,153,193 Hom«oming 9 Homecoming Ddnce 11 Hood. Ric rd25,119 Ikxwer Pa ~ ,185 Horan. Eamonn 101 Horejs. James Homn. Desmond 85 Horvllih. Jam«!'s Hosek Aaron 85 Housman. rred 3445, Hau ton. I'tancy 57111,132,133,1150 tk>vlln s, Jill 105 Hovarles...Joe 36 Howell. Ryan 8,9.94 Hreblc. Bob 78 IIrel h. t1althem 179 Hubo'ch, Joe 119,150,205 Huizenga, KoUe- 85,153,160,185, Ilzenga, Ken 51.71,79,119, , Hullett, Jo~hlla 119 Hurley, Kathy 81,105 Hulson Dwoyne 56,57129,186 Icenogle-, Joyce \ 66 IndlvldUdhty 15 Infuslno. Je-ane-lt(' 78 Ingalls. Katy 105,167 Ingrnham. Rick 85 tnmlln. atalie 101 Intf'flllltlonlli Club In Invergo. Roy 66 Invergo. Raymond 91 hhal Sabrina 85 ;JJk ~ Jachymc,yk, A~ 2,105,177 JachylTlCzyk Kaslll 2,67,85,160,177 Jacobson. tt"(anle 105 Jame, Jackie 85,134,167 Jandeska. Carly JandeoJ<a. Ctm~ly Janecek Kar('n n Janovjak, B'II 55, Janowiak. Jim 94,136, Janowiak. auren 73,94,155,170,173 JllOUSZyk. Rosemary 78 Jaral, Jenny 105,163,174 JCAB 171 Jelclc, Nick 25,27,115,118,119,170,171 jenkins. Ruthann 66 Jerry, Bill 63 Jobs 23 Jodelka, Dave 85,159,189,193 JoeIelka. Tom 48,79,119,174,178 JohlUOn. trtntl 85,163..Johnoon, Dllvld 66,162 Johnson. Jennifer 105 John""n, Jo>eph 80,104,111 Johnson, Ronllld 85 Johnson. Todd 57,115,119,163 Johnson. Trh~tan 85 nston, Gay,," 129 Jonk Brian Ire Jonk, KOlle ,127,186 JonUz. Christine 155 Jorgen5On. Mlchoel 101 Jor1tz, Chrt tl~ 46,66,85,182 Jo,J<lmle 56,68.119,121 Joseph, PaIMo 63 Joyce. teve 159 Judd, JoshUll 67 Judeh, Anw r 123, Judeh, Ashrar46.,96,160,161 Judeh. Mladeh 17,75,85.135,160,181 Judeh, Soraya 85 JunJors 105 Jurkovlc. Annie- 18,118,119 Jurkowski..)HnnG 85,90,134,135,160,173,181 JurkowskI, Jill II, ,173,174,178,181,185 JurkowskI. Julie 112,119,173,181 JUSIUS, Doug 66 ""'-~''" Kackelt Davis ' K-'Ckert. Joanah K-'Cken Kim 94,178 Kockert. Raymond 85 Koczmark. Rob Kadow. Jason 85 Kakos. Justin Kokos. MellSSlll Kolarut, Ed 78 KaminskI. AmlIOOa 94 Komlnskl. Bridn 85,150 K~mlnsky. Gregory Kamper, June Kane. Brian 81, Kanner, Chdrlotte 69 Kaplon, Chris 85,94,152,153 Kapvstka, Monica Karll. Jason III KarE'ka. Joyce Kareko, Sleve Korllcek, jennifer 94 Komia, Shelly 94 Karp. Kathy 57,105,106,170,173, Kosley, Vince 69,150, ,202 Kasprowicz. Dennis 94,136,156 Kalo. Monica 69 Katu~, Julie Kotula, auro 61,85, I 35 Kawllcin, Nick 86 Kawczynskl. K.elly 94,134,135 Kay, Joshua 106 Kazmierczak. rrllnk 66 Kazmierczak, Trocy 119 Keane. Tracy 78 K \lng, Thomas Keepsakes )5 Kekh, Dawn 69 Kelleher ori 106 Kelly, Erin 94,160 K y. Jerry 129 Kenealy, Jim 119,136,137,186 K.M, Ac1am 94,99,150 K..oer. 69, 149 Key Club 175 Khan, Nalllsho 94 Kill, Bdl 86 Kill, Ko",n 106 Kilroy, Carrie KIrrunPy, Jenny 94, ,149, ,170,172,173,216 KlflQ, Es<!qulel 106 King, Mtehelle 106,163 Kirkman, Manha 69,189 Klohl<l, Ham,o 111 Klshlll, Koshn 101 KleIn, Brian 106 KleInma'k, Nell 106 Klepac, Jennifer 23,119 Klimek, KMsten,86,167 Klimek. Malthew 94 Klinger. Christopher 86 Klinger. Steve I II Klopo'owsky, Jeff 94,136 Klotzke. Joe 94 Klupshas, Kathy 21,46,94,149,173,185,216 Klusendorf, Ann,62,63 Knafl, Tere~ 95,173 Knight Bill 95 Kobylarczyk. Renee 95 Koch, hrisllna 25.86,90.135,177 Koch. Christine 134 KO<'ppen.6fad 18, , ,170, Koeppen. MarjOrie 5,33, Kogler Nicole 86 Kolar Rache 112, ,149.1, Kolk. Jason 1Q)IA1~115.1IaI19,1g) KC>fTlOrchuk. Nick 71,78 Konczyk. Justyna 95,167 Konicki. Julia n Konoplnskl, Nicole 119,186,187 Kepi, Ken 95 i Korab. K.en Korkosz. KrisUen I Korna Agnes 56,119 Kos. Anna 46,95,99,101,149,163,216 Kos,Poul 118,119 K05t y. CandicE' 119,155 Kothe-lmf:"r. Dee 75,78 Kowalczyk, Celina 106,186 KowalskI, Dorothy 106 KowalskI, Krlsloler 78 Krakow, Rick 95,99,136,156,185 Kramer. AlIl!lOn 120 Kras, KevIn 95 Krawczykowskl. Mark Krawczykowskl, Sarah 85, Kresen. Eric I Kr.ydlch. Beth 47, KrIe""r endy 77 Krtf!'kel, Ao!lfon KMI. Mike 159 KMslk, Bob 156,193 Knslk, Donald 95 Knslk. Roberi 95 Krisko. Keith 2 Kr1vaM'C. Can, ,167 Krlvanec Cosey 86 Krizka. Keith I KrouJdls, Keith 95 Krsak. Kathy 148 Krulzenga. Bryon 86 KfUlk, Ko'hy 106,149 KubickI. Mike 120,186,204 Kub}llk. Martha Kucharski. Nina Kuchyt. Richard Kula, Andy 74,75,86,150 Kula, Dan 86,87,150 Kulpa, Bob 78 Kulpa, Jill 86 Kulpa. Pauletle 78 Kulpa, Rita 78 Kumrnt'r, jennifer 86,111 Kundt". Bob 156 Kunlckl, Julia 78 Kurysz, Timothy 129 Kutlarz. Jason 106 Kutsulis. Amanda 35,80, ,178 '"'"~."it abfalks. Mol( I add. jennifer I adonskl, Joseph afebvre, Bryan laremlna. ~h laidlaw. Rachel 49, ojeun 5e. Danlal ake. y,," 63 lamountain. Jean and, Potr1cla andwojtowlcz, o"mlan andwojlowlcz. o"mlen 159 ang, Jer my 44 73,106,109,163 ar",n, Poul 66,86,153,193 arson. o"vld 66 arson, Mk:hltel aslls50, Christine awrence. David lawson. Chdrles ,86 69,n

216 eoble. Morjorie 78 eohy. Aimee eory. John ,165 leigh. olly 78 ei""rt. Mork ,216 elpart, Matt elthlelter. illiam 86,150 ej k. [Jln 129 emrlse. Jeannette enart. emlllll 120 enort. Chris ,159 emul. Setm eske. endy 120 eveille. Nick ewllndowskl. ~ ewandowski. Rob ewmdowskl. ~ 132 ewl. Tim ,120,121 eozon. Jan U Mlng. PhuoogThl 86 Ueport Mork 156 Uescke, Mork41, Und<lof. Alon 91 Unk. Anthony 95 U.sitza Ene U5Itzll Holly 17>U5,1al,174,17a1a;;m;m Usltza Mor~n 67.I!bJ!B al Uttrt'll Amllnda 101 Utvlok. Amy 45.95,160,178 Uono. 0Ig<0 I loaiza _ Mell, 95 ocke. Brian 129 ockwood. John 69 ockwood, Mory ee oh. Adom opc'l. Amanda 86 opez. Carla III opez. Marth1l opez. Monica orenz. Amanda ,100,161 or nz, Breane ore'nz. Bridget uke. JoshUll 85 una, frand5co undeoen. Anne und~n. ~Vf' uttrell, Seoan 91 ynch. Julie ynch. Kat e-ocif Maclik Steven Ma claro. Nick Macellllio. "bra Modlno. Andy 110 MaglUln, Thol"Ms MGQulrt", Richard Majka. JlI'IOn 95 Mokhioul. Kelly Moll..,. II n Moll..,. Potrk:1o MlIllvuk. Keith 106 Maloney. IRJn Maloy, f1lzat>t'lh III MlIlqulsl Nlliullie 86 Mancilla. Tracy Maniatis. Nlchola5 86 Mann. l.4rry 156 Mann. Timothy 129 Mannerlno, Natalie Marchese, Joc;.eoph 69 MlIrclnkowskt. Jean , ,190 Marcordes, ,78 Marcordes. endy n Marello. lori 68 Mareska. Kathy 13.74,78 Marino, Donna Mor",llo. ori Morsh. Kelly Mortlg. Erk: Martin..Jes5e 120 Martinez. Tony 76,86 Mortlno. Kelly III Mortlno. Tony Mortlsd< ynd..y Martl~k. Theresll 95 Mosek. Joshua Moslno. Mike Moslan. Phillip 129,163 Ma 5ey, Jaclyn Masson..kHrey 129 Matarleh, MlIrwan Matarleh, Maureen 170 MlItlirlyeh. Mohammad 86 Mlltarlyeh. lima 95 Mateer, Barbtlra Mathills, Robert 86 Mathlos, Tracy I 1~1~1~174,lroZbAB Mathletes 189 Molson. Jill 120 Matson, Justin 87 Matsulak. Jason 136 Matusiak, Jason Matuszewski, Michele Moull ey. Mike 99 May. Aprtl Moy. Soro Moyer Jeff 87 Mayer. Jeremy Mayer Patrick 69.\55 Maynard, N hoca 95 Maynord. ICOle 87 Mozelkl. uunne Mazur Brian Mazur Klmooly McCobe. Mike 26,107 McCann, Tra y 107 McCorthy. Corol 70 McCarthy. Chrts McCarthy. Kotle McCullough. Todd 54.\29,208 McDermott. Klitle , McDermott. M~n 87 MeG... Phillip McGovern. Jeffery 107 McHll~, JlInet Mdlugh. Jomes 78 M Hugh. KrtSl<n ,182 Mele. ee ,193,203 McKenzie. Fn~lOk 63 McKinney. Adom Mc1.4ughlln, Shllun Mcernon, Dlln M emon. Ryan 78.95, M loughlin, Emily 72.95,101, ,161.19\ Mcloughlin. Pot McMahon, Vicky McMaster, Rich 78 McMurrllY. Joe McNolly. flolly 95 McNamara, Kelly McNaughton. Becky McNeamy. ME'gZIn 127 McNerney. Me-gan McIlliams. Brian Meares. John MedIeval Faire 65 Medina. Andrew 107 Medows. Jackie 7478 Meek. Robert 70 Melne Kathleen 95 Melander, Jessi a Melendez, Charles 122 Melling. Ryan Melville. Nlcho60s 107 Melvin. Kevin 36 Mendez, Krystal Mendez. Mark 107 Mensehlng, Chrlstlnll M('nsehlng, Jeff 46,87.158, Mentgen, Michelle 97, , Mentgen, Tracy Menze Edward 87 Menzel. Julie Merrell. JOI 97 Mertz Kothy Meskan. Krt ty 91 Mes nger. ColI~n 70 Me Ina, Brian r Ray ITbll,m;JO/. Metzler, Carllna Meyer, Rhonda M yer Scali yer. Brian Mlcholek. GIno Mlchol Cheryl MlchabJd. Came Michels, Dorthy MlIauo, DlInleile 24121,122 MlIIllY. Melanie Miller. Angel 129 Miller ourte ,174 Miller, Tom 87, n 97 MUton, Joson 91 Mlndemon. Becky 56,\22 Mlnnella, Deobnt Mlrandll, ~ry Ann Miskowlec, Dan MI~kowle<:, Sylvester Mlskvlcs, Jonathtm Mitchell, Jeson Mltch('lI, Jenny , Mitchell, hllonon 107,181 Mitchell, Slllllnnto , Mltrf'v, PNer 87 Mltrtov, SImon 97 Mlzyed. Amoll61.87 Mohmoud. Tareq Mokok, Dorothy Mollo. Mike MontoYli. Angela Montoye. Koren MontoYll. Mlchel~ Mooching 25 Mooney. Kevin 87 Moonier. Dave' Moren, Angela 87 MorettI. 1I 122 Morrttl. Tina \ Morl'Oe'ltr. Cheryl Mork>. Jim 78 Mo~!io, Moryrose 101 Mose. Po, Mollvatlon 29 MOln, Nicole 167 Moyzl~, Mlilt 24,164,165,174 Mr v, Bart 159 MrOl, Bart ISO Mrol, Joseph 107 Mroz, Mortln 87 Mrol. Tomasz 122 Mruqala, Jon 156 Muehlhell5en, Dan 122 Mut."lIer, SUSlIn Mulkll, Steve 97 Mullaney, Mike Mulrenln. T J 15.49, Mungia, SlIre 97 Munley, 5lIrllh 107 Munno. Jill ~.1;U1721~185 Munno, Joe 122, Murllblto, Je~"'lca Murtno. R,ta Murphy. Breon" ,204 Murphy. Corly Murphy. Down Murphy. n 107 Murphy. K 17, Murphy. Mall Murphy. Rlla Murphy. Thornos 57 Murphy. Tom Murray. (heft 129,186,187 Murray, J nell Mu'tll. inda MU5lI, Nora , Mu-;If'lak Donald n Muston, Brandy My5ilnskl. Tony ~'jfn~ Nal)l"1. Amy \ ,2It NaJere. Molses Nllpoleon. Darlene Nosh, JennUt"r97, 135, 167 Na<:>h, RYlln 97,150,156 Navarrete, Constance Navkkas, Glegory 87,156 Navlcka, uke Novlcku5, ukf" Naylor, Dillna 107 Neese, Brllndy N~~, Nathlln Ne-lht"i!lof' Steven Ne'son. Donald 78 Nelson. rk:o ~50n, Tiffany 87 Ne". Mlchoe Nellie. Amber N III. Sarah Neull\o!ln. ~ 163 Neul'Tl(lnn. Joe 97 Neull\o!lnn. Melllnie , Nevarez. Chri!ltlna 122 Nevill.!J<,th Nevill'S. rvelyn Nil'> 175 Nicely. Dtamond NiChol. Keith 129 Nichol,. Mory Koy Noftz. inda 70 Nokon, Jfonnlfer North, Jam 87 Novak, ellrl 107 NoVllk, E:.rlk 97 Novak, Jamie 61 NoVllk, JIm 97 Novak, Kellle 6\ Novosel. Joseph w Nowicki, Je-nnlfer Nunzloto, Brt CIok., John JO' Ober9. Dole 5, Oberg, Dovld o Brenskl. Chris 8.97, o Brien, Bob 150 OBrien. rk: o Bnen, Kathei"l~ 107 OBl1<'n. Robert 97 Obrachla. Mark 87 o ampo. Frllnco Ocll~IO, Ben~mln 111 OConnor,..Ie a 97 OConnor. Nichol< 101 o onnor. Sheryl 88 ODell. Jill o Don~lI. John ODonnell, Rey Oqorek. Kothy OK..,. Jo ph OK..fe. Josh 153 Oldham, altf"r 78 OIejo". Mory OIlvllres. N olt' 107

217 Otlver Somllnthll Ot~n. Adrienne 53,88,167,173,182 Olsen, Gregory 109 Olsen. hone 88 Otsan. Edwerd 70,77,189 o Molley, Dovld 88 o Malley. Edward 63 o Molley, Jill 5,88,135 OMolley, Som 97,150,159,216 o Mare, John 78 Oram, Alexis 88 Cram, Dutme 129 Orm by, 1so 70 Orr, Judy 78 Ortego, 1zet 123,173,177,181 Ortega. Roberto 97 Ortiz, Michelle 12,76,123,167,173, 174,175,178,182,185,204 Osmenl, Fatmlr 97 Osmonskl, April 97,163 OIhmon, Neemoh 91 OIt, Amy 109,149,167,174,178,185 Ott, Beth 51,88,178,189 Owen, Phillip~ ~ PDCC. J~y 97 Padlllo, Michael 70,88 Padulo, Fronk 88,150,163 Polermo, Albert 77 Polluck, Brendon 109,164 Palmer. illiam 12,88,150,151,156 Poluck, Jeffrey 88,181 Ponek, Michelle 9,88 Panlcuccl. Regina 74.75,101 Ponovlch, Rich 70,150 Panszczyk, Matthew Pape. Anthony 88 Porlsl, Mike 109, Parker. StephanIe 123 Parkhill. Craig 22,75,111,156,170,174 Perks, Christine 97,183 Posko, Kothy 109 Pesquerella, Anne ,149,170,174,185 Pasquarella. Daniel 88,159 Pasquarella, Mary 121, ,1$.167, 174,185 Patton. Pamekl 129 Poyson, Joey 88,172,173,193 Peck, Robert 97 Pedrllza. ~yld 97,150 ~~t:~~1 Peer Mediators 185 Pehanlch, Ren~ 109 Peloyo, Cheryl 109 Pentz, Becky 97,149,216 Penlllte. Erica 129 Perella, Georgina 97 Peretti. JeSsjClI 97 Pernn, Dovld 88 Persson, jodi 70,154,155 Perveneckls. Brilln 45,64,109,164,185,208 i i':=~~~~~~~~~es~~~~~,~perveneckls. Pesek, ~nlseuse Peters, Jennifer 97 Petersen, Michael 129 Petrlck, Jo..ph 109 P~(roskl. Rhea 71123, ,193 Petrousek, Alesha Pfister, Kelll 76,123,167 Phllgren. Chr1stl~ Photo Club 181 Pletruszynskl, lrlwn Pilo. Steven Pinner, Jennifer 109,170 Piotrowski, Eric Plrofolo, An~l PlshdodJ. Ameen Pitcher. Abby , ,41,68,117,123,124,182 Plwowar, Mells~ 9Z1,I04.Ia;,IOO,I49.I55.I~174 PIZUI, Kevin 88,136 Plachetka, Jeremey Podczerwlnskl, Peter Podkanskt. I3lIrblull 56,123 Pohancek. Steve Pollik. Bermadette PoIlckey. AUyson 1 8!l ,112,117,118,121,123 Pollok, Angelo 123 PollArd. Joanna 97,99,173,182 Porn-Pons 163 PontreUi. jennifer 109 Poore, Matthew P()()ffTIn, Amber 81,125, ,189 Popernlk, Kim y,160,177 Popi ski, Scott Pote. TaJllI 98 Povek, Michelle In Po..ell Kothryn 23,125 Po..l!ll, Rich 8,98,150 Powen, ky 46,74,88, ,173, In, 193 Powers, Jamie 88,173,177 Powers, Olivia 125 Powers, Semllntha Powers. alter Prod un. ArT'Iltndli Prllpoulents, Andrew Prapuolenls. Andrew Prepellca. Mike 125,136 Price. Brlan 109 Price. David 129 Price. Patnck 106 Prfley. NIcholas Probst. John 106 Probst. Kim ,174 Prock. Kenneth Prom Prom B Prorok, Don 19,68,118,125,170 Pudzlsz. Angle67, Puhr. Bob 89,136,153,189,193 Pullara. lrlniellob Purdy, NIck 89,136,150,156 Pytllk, Volene 108 PZlelskl. B9 Bonnlt!-'". - '" l', Queen, Krlstopher ,159 Queenon, Mike 125,186,205 Culllln, Nino 106 QuInlan. Amy 98, 167 Quinones, Arturo Quinones. Efren QUlntlivolle, Jamie 611~ ~ Rabah. Anes 106 Racevtce. DlIwn 125 Rotol!, Iso 111 R guane. Miltthew 108 Ragllone. Michael 70,125 Rlliney. Andrea 108 RaIney, Nicole 96 Rllmadanl. Mlslim 108,170, ,189 Romel, Brlon 125 RlImlrel. Adan 108,186,187 Rllmlrez, vld 72,1 Ramirez, ~I or 98 Rongel, Billy Rongel. Mork 87 9 Raske. Mack 96 s~nle. Anthony 125 R Ylch. Michael 98 Rete, Steve 49 Rau. nlfer 6,28,34,79,120,1 Ro..l, Koly 75,B9 Razo. Alf< 89 Raza. Mark 106 Reger, Dovld 125,186 Reiter. Jamie I Rekort, Phillip,167 RelllxlItion end F Renz. Melissa Resendiz. Michael Restivo. Alfonso Reyes, Mellsso 11.46,61,95,98,132,1 Reynolds. Brlen R ynolds, Jennifer R nolds., John Rhodes, Erlc 108,159 Rlblch Mellsso Rich, Kevin B9 Richards, Nicole Rlchler, k 125,188 Rlcken. Jo ph Rieck, M rk 108,164 Riordan, Mkh Rio!. eticia 111 RllO, John 166,167 Rizzo. Joseph 108,177 Roberton. Bnan 125,207 Roberts, Julie 16,125,182 Robinson. John Robinson. Kelly Rogers. Ginll,170, ,61,108,163,170,174,189 Rogers, Phillip Rojas. Alexander 98 Rojas. EJIZllbeth 125,177 ROJllS. Emest Rojewskl. Plilrick 89,90,164 Roman. Dono Romlln, Oonlelle 98,100,149,167,216 Romen.o.,wn89, Romano, Jim 89 Romllno. Mlchoel 68,108 Romero. Mllrill 61, Romo. A~Jandro Rooks. Jonlce 70 Rooney, Shllnnon 30, ,125,174185,190 Rooney. Shllun 96 Ross, Brilln 106 Rossow. Kllren 108,135,160,170,174,178 Rossow. Nancy 78 Rovek, nle 89 Ro.. n, Kevtn 129 Ro..lond, on 89 Ro..lond, Jom B9 Rowlond, St y 111 Rowaey. JllJOO 40,41,52, Ro y. Jon 31 Ro y, Randy 63 Roy, Angle 125 Roy, G 12ll Ruckle, Dove Ruesch. Ja n 22,103,1,156 Ruh, POlrldo 108 Rumel, Kelly 70 Russell. Jill 108 RUSlO, Anthony 81,108,136,13 Ruue. Katherine Ruzich. James RUZICh, John 98 Ryon, Victorto 98 Rybko, Fran 74,78 ;,. S,A,D,D 185 Sobouno, Glenn 89,156 Soloh, ojeeh 125,174,177.17,188,189 m, Fadl ,189 Sllmaen, Renle 18,118,125,129,177 Sllmenlls. Brlld 89,111 Sa hlln. Joson 125,127 nfl1lp, Mike 98 Son IlIp, Mike 136 tllngelo. Mllry Sllrpeltus. John 89,150,156 Serpolls, Jason SoSllk, Melisse Sllunders, DllVld 70,187 SDvllrlno. Blllgio CAB 171 Sconlon, Kelly 15,108,109 Scanlan, Mllureen 74, B1,11B.124,125A6,208 Scerpelll. Vern Schlldl Ellzllbeth 108,186 Schou Ryon 66,89,136,156 Schlovlttl. I 63 Schllmm, indo Schlosser. Robert Schlosser, Shem Scholastic Bowl Schultz, Jeremy Schultz. Melenle ,78 Schutz, ErIc 96 Schwoebel. Adam Sch..oebel. Dove 89,150,156 Scott. isll 106 Scott, Matthew 78,80 Scott, Nikki 43,94,98 Sebuck, llher 8,78 Semlnelle, Patty 61,108,174,178,181,189 ~Olor PtenlC 55 Seniors Sepessy. Jenny 3,67,89,149,167,216 Sepessy, Sorol25,167,181 Serpico. orella Serritella. George 126,186 Seymour, Bob 78 Shoor, Sood 129 ShalDbl. Ameer 63,95,98,177 Shlilabl, MustllfD ShDrwllrko, Kevin Shehalber. HDneh 167,173,174 Sheholber, Honon 108,177 Shehaiber. Nlldlne 78 III ,126,167,173,174,1n.181 helkh, Mohmoud 108 SheppGrd. Kenneth 129 Shramuk, Joan 78 Shue. Auslln 89 Shue, Shelly 129 Shultz. Jeremy ShurTlllrd. Brittany Shutz, Eric 156,157 Kell 89 Siecko Slon Y 129,186 Sierro, Kethy 98 SieI evers, KeUy 126 Sievertsen. KDU Sillch, Melon Sillch, R rt B orne 89,149 IIvn, Certnll 98,177 Sirnenos, Amy 28,76,126,182 Simon. Susan 98,111, 184 Sink, Angelo III Sink, E1lzebeth 89,111,182 Slrol8, Howard 78 Siwiec, Joann8 15,98,177,181 Skenderi, MlzllJet 69,126 Skendzel. Ryan 98,150,158,159,170,185 kopls, Nlcole89,149,155 Skuplen. Olene 98,149,163,216 Skuplen, Terese 126,135 Siode, Greg Sleslnski. B8rbera Sikenickli. Roger Slomski, Jo..ph Slonskis. EllzDbelh Sionskis. Pllul 96 Slusinskl, o.,ne 155.1= ,1321:n.16l,1~173 51u Inskl, iek61.89, ,163 Smenos. JIm 70 Smith, Amy B9.155 Smllh. Ann 5777 Smllh, Barb 78 mllh. Keren 89 mllh, ee 6174,108,159 Smith, Michelle ,178 Smllh, Poul 69,126,127 Smllh, Renee 81.86,89,160 mllh, Rhondll 89 Smok, Ene 98,164 Smok, Josh,1;n1 I 137,153,174,193 Sobbe, Joson 98 Sobhy, Nohed 9,72,126,170,177

218 Soderlund, Ernest Soderlund, Scott Softball 155 Sohby. Nahed 174 Sollnko. Steve 78 Solis. Alvaro 89 Sombero. Tristan Paul 99 Sophomores 93 Soraghan. Kenneth 89 Sowa, Alan 99 Sowa, Cendl Spoln. arry Sponlsh Club 177 S~rten Guards 193 Spllrtanlte 179 Spatl:afore Tehn~ 126 Spero. Anita 30,38 Spero. Stephanie 9Z1~.173,17<\17ll.179;m Spl~owskl. Christopher 99 Spilde. Justin Splrokes. Judy 77 Splrlt..k 7 Spoon, Justin 89 Sprlech, arah 108 Spring Muslctll 53 Sroka. Joseph 126 Stabila. Gena 129 Stochovic, Kristin 126 Stock. Rob Stallworth. Thomas StaniszewskI. Samanlha 11, ,1 I StankiewIcz, AllcJa 110 Slarchvlck, Amber 90 Slarchvlck, Sareh 110 Steerns, Gall 99 Steffen, Jeremy 126,207 Steffy. Daniel 111 Steffy. Su..n Stell. Katherine 124 I Stell. Kim 99 Stell. Roger 90 Stepek. Jenny , Stepple, Amy 99 Steppre. Joe 78 Sterna, Debra 69.1 Stewart. Kevin 110 tlfter John 110 tlllwell. Su~n 99, Stlso. Shanna Stlso. Sheryl 90.1 StoJkovlch. Eric Stone, Tony 99 Stow, Kevin 73, I.1 7 Strama, Betty 126 Strong, Bob Strang. ScOIl Strau s. Ronald 14,129 Strelow. Mike Strelow rah 111 Strom. Cathartne Strom. James 99 Stroud. Kristin , , I Stroud. Paul 99,159 Student Council 171 Student Helpers 185 Slumpf. Bill 78 tumpf. Maryllnn 78 Sulek, Jan 62.73,75 Sullivan. Cheryl 45, , 126,148, , SullIvan. Jeffrey 129 Sulllvlln. Katherine 4\ Sullivan. ynn 78 Sullivan. Mike Suilivon, Skip Surfing the Net 4J SUI11ltl. Jane 73 Suszek Olive vabtls. Elmls III Swanson, Karl 129 Swedberg. Aprll 129 Swedberg, Kristin Swedberg. Nicole 129 Sw~t, 1~ Sw~t. Michael 100 Sweethearts Dance 49 Swels. Diane 101 Swels. F,ues 89.91,163 Sl,I,els. Jennifer 100,177 weis, Numayr 129 Swertel, teve ,171 Swett, endace 65,78 Swiatek, AngellclI wlatek, RiC rd 90 S "'tek. Tom I7B.181 Swles. R led 126 Swl k. k n zcze ak. Ichael 100 Szmano. 8eeta 36 StmoJlo. Chrls 100 zubrych, Jason t«tabolly. Nemeh 100 Todros, Noncy 110 Todych. Sondra Tallon. Andr Tombemino. Edward 53 Tambomlno. Edward 110 Tenas, Jemes 90 Tavanl. Alice T, Joseph 101 T Rodney 129 Terrell. DougIa Terrell. Sarah , ,208 Thayer. Deanna 90 The iz 31 Theisen. Bid ThIesen. Bill 135 Thu. Nicole Thwln. Elmon , ,\85, Ton. Nam 90 Toppel. Brion Toras, Jennifer III Torrens. Jay n Tover. Alma Traditions 33 Trapp. Colleen 78 Traskell. Michelle 110 Tregoning. Ken 129,174,177,189 Trotta. Jennifer Truhlar, David 129 Trunk, Myron 77 Truly, Katie 128, ,179 Tsilimas. NICki ,135 Tucker Jeffrey 91 Tucker Jennifer 100 Turney. Martha 73 Tutok. Kathy Tylka. John ~ 11'f' Uelmen, Dave U1anowskl. Matt UlatowskI, Sareh 110 Ulrlch. Kelly Ulrlch, Krlstln 110,136 Urbltnczyk, Kelhleen Urquljo, MellsSll 57, U yak esley V I. Chrl tophef' 100 Vohl, mes Vohl. Jerry 63 Vohl. Rachel 167 Va. John 129 V ntlne, Mlcheel Vance. KilO Vancherl. Marlo 14105,110 Vondekreke. Bob Vanderg, Vicki 100 VanDyck, Carrl 5,135 VanDyck, Comn VanHouten. Andrew 129 VanVo sen, 0 vld 129 VanVuren, A a ,162 Vasquez, Jeulc.a Vanena. Frank Vega. Ussette 128 VenHuizen. Heather Verbeek, Rachel 110.\67.174, Vereecke, Valene 100 VerSchove. Kelly 74 VerSchave. Michael Vlcarlo. Sam 78 Victor. Troy 78 Vletoril, a 14, Vletor1J Virgin. Rente 100 Vlnicka. Allison 100 Vogel, th , Voight, JOnJc~ 1 agner. Amanda agner, Ark ak undskl. Stenley 73 al. Carolyn 110 alker. Dawn olloce, Mary , I 49, 155, allace, Nancy 63 allin. Jerry alsh, Andrea al h. Krlstl 110,170,174,182 alsh. Michael 110 anro~ III. Jerome 110 entlez, Sara 167 ord. auren ,182 ard. illiam arning. Me:Us~ III arning. Philip 90 eslk. Michelle atland, MillIe: 73 ebb, Margert ,208 eber, Deve eber. David 110 eber. Kyle 110 eber. Rick 100 eimer. Beth elch. Kathleen ,133, ells. Ericll 128 ells. U enzel. Katie 9,98, enzel. 5llmuel r1ey, Erica ,182 essel. Karen29,73 esselhoff. Tim h Chrls 19 h~1 r, Jeaslce heeler. Ryan elan, Chrls 110 hlcher. Sarah 90 hite. Magdalena hiteaker. &rbare 73 I... Erlk ide!, Kevin I 10 lerzbanowskl, Jennifer ,173 lerzbtlnowskl. Thomas llcze:k. Cathy ,174 II..ek, Ed 41.90, , llk, Diane 182 ilk. Justyna ilkerson. Philip 129 liliems, Brtan ,170 illiams. Dawn 90 IlIlems, Marilyn 73 Illiams unnl illison. Tony 156 illson. Tony 90.Chrisll~ ,111. Joseph 100 ilson, Thomas 100 I ell. Jodie ,208 inkel. Carlo lrtschorek. Adam isniewski. Melissa ltkewltz. Victoria itowski. illiam ittig. HI"'ry 90 ojcik Krlslln \28 ojtowicz. Vicki oloszyn. Kevin oloszyn, llsll 41, ood, Dennis 111 oodward, Charlotte ozek. Connie 110 rlght. Ralph 73 roblewski. Dlaflll10.24, , , roble... ski. Krist1fll1 uchler, Heather ucka. James Vasln. MoJdI 12<1,186 Yearbook 179 Vouser. Ait 100 Yurclsln. Mells~ 112, VUSkO.RObe~ 1 - Ztlbran. Dorthy legate. Anna 110 lokes, Angela 90 lolas, Eric lolos. Russell levale, Amy 17, loyyod, Almen 110 leyyad, Fawzl110 leblo. Rachel 41,124,128, Zegar, Fatlme 100 Zegar. Kelly 10\ Zegar. Nlly Zeger. oor Zeldan, All 110 Zeldan. Nebelah Zeldan, Thaer 90 Zellenga. Ched \10,163 Zelensky, Jason 90 ZeUenga, Chad 174 Zemla. Gerry Ze:rtnskes. Daniel 111 le:rtnska James 77,128 ZJellnskl. Chester ZielinskI. orrie ZielinskI. illiam Zimmerman. Nk~ Zink. Diona 90. I Zlyod, Food 129 Zmek, Jonathan 90 loetemlln, Antony 32, :===:;;;;;;;;;;::;;::::::;.: Zubek Allc)a 128 Zubek. Anna Zubek. Martin 8, Zubel. Bernadette 100 Zubl. Mohammed 90 Zughayyer. Nader luka5. Diamond ,190 llrkoskl. Adem lwlrk05kl, Tina 79,127.1<ll,1J'i,18J,161.17<\1JBa::l! Zyllus. Charlie 100

219 ~~ HEN E CHOSE THE THEME "A ORK IN PROGRESS" E ERE THINKING ABOUT THE FUTURE SCHOO YEAR AND A THE POSSIBIITIES IT OUD BRING. NO E ARE ON THE AST PAGE OF THE BOOK AND YOU ARE READING THIS A YEAR ATER REFECTING ON THE PAST E GOT SPIRIT. YES E 001 hen It all adds up - academics + extra-curriculars + school spirit + sports + friends + goals = the best four years of your life HIGH SCHOO. Pictured here at a pep assembly are Justin Altenburg, Amy Nagel, Becky Pentz, Dawn Roman, Tina Moretti, Jenny Sepessy, Jenny Kimmey, Brenda Beyer, Kathy Klupshas, Danlelle Roman, Karen Bialek, Mary allace, iz Flgus, Anna Kos, Diane Skuplen, Chris Obrenskl, Mark elpart, Sam O'Malley, and Scott Blesterfeld. I - ' ;-' 216 1', Closing


the little boy 1 a good boy 1 then you give 1 is about me 1 was to come 1 old and new 1 that old man 1 what we know 1 not up here 1 in and out 1

the little boy 1 a good boy 1 then you give 1 is about me 1 was to come 1 old and new 1 that old man 1 what we know 1 not up here 1 in and out 1 the little boy 1 a good boy 1 is about me 1 then you give 1 was to come 1 old and new 1 what we know 1 that old man 1 in and out 1 not up here 1 good for you 1 down at work 1 with his cat 1 it was new

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As they leave the house, Grandma warns them not to go to Collier's Landing because a little boy got caught in a whirlpool there and drowned.

As they leave the house, Grandma warns them not to go to Collier's Landing because a little boy got caught in a whirlpool there and drowned. The Watsons Go to Birmingham 1963 Chapter 13 Summary I Meet Winnie's Evil Twin Brother, the Wool Pooh Byron, Joey, and Kenny are headed out for a swim. As they leave the house, Grandma warns them not to

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Orinda and Miramonte Then and Now

Orinda and Miramonte Then and Now Orinda and Miramonte Then and Now Most Miramonte students can t wait to graduate and move far away to escape the shelter of Borinda. A lot of parents that grew up here felt the same way, but as they became

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First Grade Spelling Lists

First Grade Spelling Lists First Grade Spelling Lists List 1 List 2 List 3 List 4 me can ten my do see tan up and run tin last go the ton not at in bed us on so top am a no he good it now you is man will she we an List 5 List 6

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PRE-TOURNAMENT INTERVIEW TRANSCRIPT: INBEE PARK Wednesday, November 20, 2013 PRE-TOURNAMENT INTERVIEW TRANSCRIPT: INBEE PARK Wednesday, November 20, 2013 MODERATOR: Good afternoon, everyone. We would like to welcome Rolex Rankings No. 1, Inbee Park, into the interview room. Thank

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A pair of RUSTLING RED POMPOMS is held up by 2 cheerleaders who stand off screen.

A pair of RUSTLING RED POMPOMS is held up by 2 cheerleaders who stand off screen. CHEERLEADER - Mickey Sides 1 FADE IN: INT. CHEERLEADING ROOM (GYM)- DAY START A pair of RUSTLING RED POMPOMS is held up by 2 cheerleaders who stand off screen. (V.O.) Hello, we're doing something so cool

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Performance Company & G-Force

Performance Company & G-Force QUICK REMINDER! Adaptive Force Performing Arts April 2016 Newsletter Recital meal & flower order forms are due by May 16th. Thank you for turning them in with payment to the front desk. Please remember

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A Day in the Life of a Double H Counselor!

A Day in the Life of a Double H Counselor! A Day in the Life of a Double H Counselor! This is all what a normal day at camp feels like. The joy of camp is that every day is different and will challenge you in ways you didn t know! Arrive at the

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MHS HOMECOMING 2016 By Teyana Cook, Jonathan Doze, and Marisa Ortega

MHS HOMECOMING 2016 By Teyana Cook, Jonathan Doze, and Marisa Ortega MHS HOMECOMING 2016 By Teyana Cook, Jonathan Doze, and Marisa Ortega Who has school spirit? Let s hear it! Mascoutah does. With the wildcat spirit and the Pom Boys witless dance, this year s Homecoming

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Copyright 2018 This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.

Copyright 2018 This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author. Tutor By Simon K. Parker Copyright 2018 This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author. simonkyleparker@hotmail.co.uk 2. INT. S HOUSE - KITCHEN - DAY,

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Hip Hop Jen s Kids Dance Party Choreography Notes

Hip Hop Jen s Kids Dance Party Choreography Notes Magic Freeze Dance Choreography Let s Dance! Let s Dance! Freeze Dance! (free style dance) A little magic added in, because I m Hip Hop Jen everytime you freeze, your e gonna be A new friend A new friend

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Sight Word Basketball Rules

Sight Word Basketball Rules Sight Word Basketball Rules This is a 2 player game. 1.) Print out the game board You can laminate the game board so that it lasts longer if you wish. 2.) Print out or choose sight words you would your

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Student Model: Saturation Report

Student Model: Saturation Report Student Model: Saturation Report Female Mud Wrestling Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to KRAZ s YOU ASKED FOR IT. Dave Meltzer reporting live from McChonahay s in Costa Mesa. Tonight, my crew

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AL LUNSFORD: All right, we're very happy to be joined here by Stacy Lewis.

AL LUNSFORD: All right, we're very happy to be joined here by Stacy Lewis. PRE-TOURNAMENT INTERVIEW: June 22, 2016 STACY LEWIS AL LUNSFORD: All right, we're very happy to be joined here by Stacy Lewis. Stacy, you are a Razorback in Razorback Country. You've won here a couple

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SLHS PTSA. September 2, 2015

SLHS PTSA. September 2, 2015 SLHS PTSA September 2, 2015 Homecoming 101: Seven Lakes Edition Presented by the Seven Lakes High School Parent Teacher Student Association (SLHS PTSA) Thank you to the following for their support of this

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TAPE INDEX. John West, miler, got to practice unofficially at white Central High School.

TAPE INDEX. John West, miler, got to practice unofficially at white Central High School. james ross / 2 TAPE INDEX [Cassette 1 of 2, Side A] Tape begins with a lengthy description of life in Grier Heights, the community where Ross grew up. He talks about the people with whom he interacted,

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a script from by Cierra Winkler

a script from by Cierra Winkler a script from Grace: A Word Game by Cierra Winkler What Who When Wear (Props) In this short comedic piece, a new dad and an experienced dad play on a word game show that reveals misunderstandings about

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Tinker Bell PHOTOS POSTS. Nickname: Tink Favorite color: Green Favorite hobby: Fixing Things Likes to: Sing and Fly School: Fairy Tale High

Tinker Bell PHOTOS POSTS. Nickname: Tink Favorite color: Green Favorite hobby: Fixing Things Likes to: Sing and Fly School: Fairy Tale High xoxo Tinker Bell Once upon a time... Many years ago, in a magical and enchanted land, fairies like me and pirates and witches and princesses-to-be were teenagers and we attended the most magical school

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Spirit Week Dress Code Guidelines

Spirit Week Dress Code Guidelines Showin Your Spirit Week Spirit Week 2018 Theme of the Week: Christ in You (Gal. 2:20) Patriot Spirit Week: January 8-13, 2018 Spirit Week Dress Code Guidelines **Note the following: Throughout the week,

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UPAC Emily calls this meeting to order at 5:00pm Ice Breaker

UPAC Emily calls this meeting to order at 5:00pm Ice Breaker Emily calls this meeting to order at 5:00pm Ice Breaker UPAC 10-14-14 o How much do you think you need? o Toilet paper rolls and facts about yourself. Name that Tune o Sister Christinan by Night Ranger

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FOR THE LOVE OF THE GAME by Hal Ames FOR THE LOVE OF THE GAME by Hal Ames Jeremy was not expected to live after the accident. His car was completely destroyed when a drunk driver, who was driving too fast, did not stop at the red light. The

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Desert Trek. Alex Tamayo. High Noon Books Novato, California

Desert Trek. Alex Tamayo. High Noon Books Novato, California Desert Trek Alex Tamayo High Noon Books Novato, California Contents 1 Friends.... 1 2 The Trip.... 6 3 The First Problem....10 4 Red Camper...14 5 Snake Canyon...19 6 Rattlesnake...22 7 Ride for Help....28

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Zach King Digital Magician Naomi Davis ON SCREEN TEXT: Lifestyle Influencer. Naomi: Hey Zach. Zach: Hey, good to see you again.

Zach King Digital Magician Naomi Davis ON SCREEN TEXT: Lifestyle Influencer. Naomi: Hey Zach. Zach: Hey, good to see you again. In the center of the screen there is an Easter basket containing a white bunny with green ears, a yellow polka dot Easter egg and a red Target logo envelope on a large red ball in front of a Target store.

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File No WORLD TRADE CENTER TASK FORCE INTERVIEW EMT FRANK PUMA. Interview Date: December 12, Transcribed by Laurie A.

File No WORLD TRADE CENTER TASK FORCE INTERVIEW EMT FRANK PUMA. Interview Date: December 12, Transcribed by Laurie A. File No. 9110273 WORLD TRADE CENTER TASK FORCE INTERVIEW EMT FRANK PUMA Interview Date: December 12, 2001 Transcribed by Laurie A. Collins F. PUMA 2 MR. MURAD: Today's date is December 12th, 2001. The

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Debbie & Friends Story Songs and Sing-Alongs

Debbie & Friends Story Songs and Sing-Alongs Debbie & Friends Story Songs and Sing-Alongs Goldilocks Goldilocks went out for a walk, she came upon the Three Bear's home Feeling hungry and oh so tired, she was all- alone She smelled some porridge,

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Janer Journal. February 2017 Edition + St. Jane Frances, Pray for us + Catholic Schools Week Highlights

Janer Journal. February 2017 Edition + St. Jane Frances, Pray for us + Catholic Schools Week Highlights Janer Journal February 2017 Edition + St. Jane Frances, Pray for us + Catholic Schools Week Highlights By The Janer Journal Staff St. Jane School began our celebration of Catholic Schools Week on Sunday,

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School Sports: The Pros and Cons

School Sports: The Pros and Cons School Sports: The Pros and Cons Written by By Raven J. Railey (Special to The Courier-Journal) Do athletics build character? Take up valuable study time? Why are some teams more popular? And what about

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PARTY MOM. written by David M Troop. copyright (c)

PARTY MOM. written by David M Troop. copyright (c) PARTY written by David M Troop copyright (c) 2016 dtroop506@gmail.com FADE IN: EXT. CHUCK E. CHEESE - DAY, a hot 40, dressed in a mini-skirt and high heels, stands outside the restaurant with her daughter,

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Band From Three Perspectives. When I was in fifth grade, I joined band and decided to play the flute. Throughout my experience

Band From Three Perspectives. When I was in fifth grade, I joined band and decided to play the flute. Throughout my experience A Senior s Inside Perspective: Peyton Stoike Band From Three Perspectives When I was in fifth grade, I joined band and decided to play the flute. Throughout my experience in band, I have done everything

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H h. had Jill had a teddy bear. It was Jill s teddy bear. Jill had Teddy in her arms.

H h. had Jill had a teddy bear. It was Jill s teddy bear. Jill had Teddy in her arms. H h had Jill had a teddy bear. It was Jill s teddy bear. Jill had Teddy in her arms. hail Hail is frozen rain. Hail comes from the sky like drops of ice. When you hail someone, you call a greeting to them.

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Typesetting and design Random House Australia

Typesetting and design Random House Australia t s not fair! I don t know why you have to go, Jacinta grouched. We ve only been back at school for a month. The fair-haired girl and school s former second best tantrum thrower sat cross-legged on the

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Prairie View Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Prairie View Wednesday, October 18, 2017 Prairie View Wednesday, October 18, 2017 Morning intramurals have begun. Basketball will be on Tuesdays and Volleyball will be on Thursdays. It runs from 7:45 to 8:30AM. You need a parent permission form

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Recital Information Dance Season

Recital Information Dance Season Recital Information 2018-2019 Dance Season Recital is a hectic time of year and we want to make sure you are clearly informed. Our recitals are one of the best run and most entertaining recitals in Maine.

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The Understudy. by Ryan Cukier

The Understudy. by Ryan Cukier The Understudy by Ryan Cukier I dedicate this book to my Mom and Dad. Thank you for helping me in school and with studying for tests. I could not be here without you guys. Fight on! - Ryan Copyright 2016

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Junior Varsity Coach Jennifer Aston

Junior Varsity Coach Jennifer Aston Varsity Coach Danielle Parker Cheered at BTHS 2003-2007 Coached at BTHS 2012-Present Assistant Coach- Katie Tax Cheered Flagler 2011-2015 Coached BTHS 2015-Present Junior Varsity Coach Jennifer Aston JV

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Week 1. Bible Story. Today s Takeaway. Weekly Verse. Theme Verse. Ruth and Naomi Ruth 1. Thank you, God, for my family and friends.

Week 1. Bible Story. Today s Takeaway. Weekly Verse. Theme Verse. Ruth and Naomi Ruth 1. Thank you, God, for my family and friends. Bible Story Ruth and Naomi Ruth 1 Today s Takeaway Thank you, God, for my family and friends. Weekly Verse "Two people are better off than one, for they can help each other succeed. If one person falls,

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All rights reserved Copyright 2018 MY MONSTER

All rights reserved Copyright 2018 MY MONSTER All rights reserved Copyright 2018 MY MONSTER FADE IN: INT. CARROLL'S HOUSE - KITCHEN - EVENING, 43, an attractive blonde with brown eyes, sits on one side of a small table. She wears a pair of designer

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Memorial Minutes Once a Cardinal, Always a Cardinal!

Memorial Minutes Once a Cardinal, Always a Cardinal! Mentor Public Schools The Cornerstone of the Community Memorial Minutes Once a Cardinal, Always a Cardinal! The mission of the Memorial Middle School community is to effectively challenge and motivate

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Highland School of Technology Cheerleading Tryouts

Highland School of Technology Cheerleading Tryouts Highland School of Technology Cheerleading Tryouts 2015 2016 Students who wish to tryout for the cheerleading squad must have and maintain good grades, attendance, behavior, and be accepted at Highland

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Disappointment. BOOKS: Let s Talk About Feeling Disappointed by Joy Berry; Ellwood s Plans by Mark A. Hicks

Disappointment. BOOKS: Let s Talk About Feeling Disappointed by Joy Berry; Ellwood s Plans by Mark A. Hicks Disappointment DATE: SOCIAL SKILL OBJECTIVE: Since things do not always go the way we plan, we need to handle disappointment well. Students will learn the importance of having a good attitude. Instructors

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WHAT WE SEE. Written by. Julia Savage

WHAT WE SEE. Written by. Julia Savage WHAT WE SEE Written by Julia Savage May 25, 2016 EXT. - LAKE - NIGHT (19) stands in water up to the middle of her back, naked. Her palms, turned down, brush against the surface of the water. Cut to black.

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June STUDENT TRUSTEE REPORT June STUDENT TRUSTEE REPORT St. Patrick s Catholic High School Home of the Fighting Irish By Jack Soeder This month marks the end of another beautiful year of Catholic education at St. Patrick s. It has

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Lonely. Lonely By ReadWorks

Lonely. Lonely By ReadWorks Lonely Lonely By ReadWorks When the bell rang for lunch, instead of going to the outdoor cafeteria to meet Morgan like she usually did, Jessica took her lunchbox and retreated to the library. The rest

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Suspect List

Suspect List Suspect List Jill Harm Best friend of Ronnie Farber and part of the "nerd" clique, Jill has spent the last few months acing tests and assignments and running Ronnie Farber's campaign for prom king. A dedicated

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Brandt, if we can just get some opening comments on the round and what keyed you to the 59.

Brandt, if we can just get some opening comments on the round and what keyed you to the 59. ROUND 1 INTERVIEW August 16, 2018 BRANDT SNEDEKER ( -11) JACK RYAN: We're joined by Brandt Snedeker -- BRANDT SNEDEKER: Say it, please say it. JACK RYAN: -- after an opening 59 -- BRANDT SNEDEKER: Thank

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Q. Okay. Let's get started. Do you want to ask the three Legends a question?

Q. Okay. Let's get started. Do you want to ask the three Legends a question? LEGENDS OF GOLF INTERVIEW: LEE TREVINO, JACK NICKLAUS AND GARY PLAYER May 7, 2016 Q. Okay. Let's get started. Do you want to ask the three Legends a question? Q. Same question for all three of you. Much

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MARK WILLIAMS: We would like to welcome Tony Romo to the interview room at the Corales Puntacana Resort & Club Championship.

MARK WILLIAMS: We would like to welcome Tony Romo to the interview room at the Corales Puntacana Resort & Club Championship. PRE-TOURNAMENT INTERVIEW March 20, 2018 TONY ROMO MARK WILLIAMS: We would like to welcome Tony Romo to the interview room at the Corales Puntacana Resort & Club Championship. Tony, welcome. It's kind of

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Primary National Strategy. A Real Treat!

Primary National Strategy. A Real Treat! A Real Treat! Tom was very happy. It was the weekend and he was off to the beach with his mum and dad, his puppy and baby Pete. Help me pack the green bag, said Mum. We need sun cream and lots to eat.

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Q1. Including the current year, how many years have you been on the team? % One Year % Two Years

Q1. Including the current year, how many years have you been on the team? % One Year % Two Years Spirit Programs Assessment Description: Date Created: 4/13/2017 5:34:07 PM Date Range: 4/20/2017 10:00:00 AM - 4/28/2017 11:59:00 PM Total Respondents: 67 Q1. Including the current year, how many years

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Spirit Week Dress Code Guidelines

Spirit Week Dress Code Guidelines Showin Your Spirit Week 2019 Theme of the Week: Launch into the Deep (Luke 5:4) Patriot Spirit Week: January 7-11, 2019 Spirit Week Dress Code Guidelines **Note the following: Throughout the week, NO shorts,

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Theme. 3rd-5th. Theme. Task Cards. 12 story theme cards, recording sheet, and answer sheet. Created by Beckie Lincoln

Theme. 3rd-5th. Theme. Task Cards. 12 story theme cards, recording sheet, and answer sheet. Created by Beckie Lincoln Theme Theme Task Cards 3rd-5th Task Cards 12 story theme cards, recording sheet, and answer sheet. Created by Beckie Lincoln Directions: There are several ways you can utilize these task cards. I like

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THE PARTY HOUSE. Written by. Ronald Fordham

THE PARTY HOUSE. Written by. Ronald Fordham THE PARTY HOUSE Written by Ronald Fordham 276 Sharber Road Bainbridge, Georgia 229-400-5262 rhonnief@yahoo.com EXT. HOUSE-EVENING A young couple, and, walk through the yard of an abandoned house. The abandoned

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Q. What would it mean to break through this week, especially on home soil?

Q. What would it mean to break through this week, especially on home soil? PRE-TOURNAMENT INTERVIEW 28 November 2018 LUCAS HERBERT OLIVIA McMILLAN: Lucas, thank you so much for joining us here in the media centre at the Australian PGA Championship. It's been an incredible year

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DEAD LINE. by Jesus Diez Perez. (C) 2016 Pictures Plus Productions Registered LOC:

DEAD LINE. by Jesus Diez Perez. (C) 2016 Pictures Plus Productions  Registered LOC: DEAD LINE by Jesus Diez Perez (C) 2016 Pictures Plus Productions jesus@picturesplusproductions.com jdiezperez@gmail.com Registered LOC: 1-4442137201 EXT. STREET NEAR MALL - DAY Two friends exit from the

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the cheerleading guide to

the cheerleading guide to the cheerleading guide to being being a a cheer captain parent table of contents You were selected because you represent a cheerleading role model; as a captain, you have a lot more responsibility than

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Oak Hill Country Club ~ Rochester, NY BERNHARD LANGER

Oak Hill Country Club ~ Rochester, NY BERNHARD LANGER Oak Hill Country Club ~ Rochester, NY Hole # 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Out 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 Out Total Yardage 452 401 214 570 428 170 461 428 418 3,542 429 188 372 598 323 181 439 460 469 3,459 7,001

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BOOK REVIEW OF ELEANOR AND PARK WRITTEN BY RAINBOW ROWELL. Submitted by: Rendy Azwari. Advisor: Dr. I. Maria Hendrarti, M.A.

BOOK REVIEW OF ELEANOR AND PARK WRITTEN BY RAINBOW ROWELL. Submitted by: Rendy Azwari. Advisor: Dr. I. Maria Hendrarti, M.A. BOOK REVIEW OF ELEANOR AND PARK WRITTEN BY RAINBOW ROWELL Submitted by: Rendy Azwari 13020111130062 Advisor: Dr. I. Maria Hendrarti, M.A. I. INTRODUCTION According to Sudjiman (1986: 68), literature is

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FINAL ROUND INTERVIEW September 2, SCOTT McCARRON ( -15) FINAL ROUND INTERVIEW September 2, 2018 SCOTT McCARRON ( -15) JACKIE SERVAIS: Please welcome to the media center 2017 and 2018 Shaw Charity Classic champion, Scott McCarron. Let's talk about No. 14, right?

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Possible Score. Criterion Score. Student Score TEST RECORD FORM. Vocabulary: Target Vocabulary, Idioms 10 8

Possible Score. Criterion Score. Student Score TEST RECORD FORM. Vocabulary: Target Vocabulary, Idioms 10 8 WEEKLY TESTS 12.1 Test Record Form TEST RECORD FORM Possible Score Criterion Score Student Score Vocabulary: Target Vocabulary, Idioms 10 8 Comprehension: Story Structure, Selection Test 10 8 : Homophones

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Couples Sunday.txt 1

Couples Sunday.txt 1 1 FEBRUARY 14, 2010 INTERVIEW WITH FRED COUPLES Q. Fred, another shoot-out. I mean, the slug-fest with Watson two weeks ago? FRED COUPLES: Yeah, I got to watch that. That was easier, I think even easier

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THE DAILY PLANET. Discovery Canyon Campus Friday, October 27, 2017 SILVER DAY

THE DAILY PLANET. Discovery Canyon Campus Friday, October 27, 2017 SILVER DAY THE DAILY PLANET Discovery Canyon Campus Friday, October 27, 2017 SILVER DAY IB Learner Profile Attribute of the Week THINKERS They exercise initiative in applying thinking skills critically and creatively

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Puerto rico By: Joaquin.m

Puerto rico By: Joaquin.m Puerto rico By: Joaquin.m It was a hot day my family and I had just arrived in a 2112.16 mile plane ride. When my family and I got of of the plane we had to, go thru the metal detector. When we got off

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Soccer Practice Planning Sheet Ages 8-9

Soccer Practice Planning Sheet Ages 8-9 Soccer Practice Planning Sheet Ages 8-9 Tuesdays/Thursdays @ Eau Claire Soccer Park Practice 1 Practice 2 SPORTSMANSHIP SPORTSMANSHIP\ 5 min. Team Up: Sportsmanship 25 min. Dribbling Dribbling activities

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2018 Parent Information Packet

2018 Parent Information Packet 2018 Parent Information Packet ABOUT OUR TEAM The Klein Sweethearts is a cheer and dance team, organized to give young girls a positive and fun experience in participating in a team environment. We cheer

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005 theme sports divider

005 theme sports divider Sitting down in front of the artwork Kind of Blue by Jenny Holzer in the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth, seniors Hannah Barclay and Brooke Wilson take a photo together. In the fall, the Art Magnet and

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Homecoming 101: Seven Lakes Edition

Homecoming 101: Seven Lakes Edition SLHS PTSA September 17,2014 Homecoming 101: Seven Lakes Edition Presented by the Seven Lakes High School Parent Teacher Student Association (SLHS PTSA) Thank you to the following for their support of this

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mother has a few quirks of her own, too. (OLIVIA clears a large space on the kitchen counter and begins unpacking the groceries.)

mother has a few quirks of her own, too. (OLIVIA clears a large space on the kitchen counter and begins unpacking the groceries.) 31 LYDIA. You can do that when we get back. Olivia, will you be okay starting dinner without me? Maybe you should wait OLIVIA. I think I ll be okay. GABE. Do you want me to give you money for the WYATT.

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Poudre Community Academy

Poudre Community Academy Poudre Community Academy PAGE 1 OCTOBER 2018 PAGE 1 Address: 2540 LaPorte Ave Fort Collins, CO 80521 Phone: (970) 490-3295 Attendance: (970) 490-3353 Principal: Troy Krotz Principal s Message Dear PCA

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A Fight for Hurling By ReadWorks

A Fight for Hurling By ReadWorks A Fight for Hurling By ReadWorks Patrick Wilson rushed through the back door with his backpack swinging back and forth across his shoulders. I m late I m late! he yelled to no one in particular, although

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WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN? Pointers for new dance team parents

WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN? Pointers for new dance team parents WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN? Pointers for new dance team parents Have you ever said, Well, if I had known ahead of time? Since you may be new to the dance team experience, we, as seasoned parents, would like

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USAV Girls Junior Nationals ~ 15 National Division Shockwave 15-1

USAV Girls Junior Nationals ~ 15 National Division Shockwave 15-1 USAV Girls Junior Nationals ~ 15 National Division Shockwave 15-1 June 24, 2014 We did it again! For the second year in a row, this group of girls representing Shockwave VBC won the Regional bid to Nationals!

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The Eliminate Project Service Directory

The Eliminate Project Service Directory The Eliminate Project Service Directory Kiwanis International and UNICEF have joined forces in The Eliminate Project. This project is geared towards eliminating Maternal Neonatal Tetanus (MNT), a completely

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Adoption Certificate. Fun Fact. Name: Petunia Title: Cheerleader for Positivity Favorite Activity: Making up her own cheers

Adoption Certificate. Fun Fact. Name: Petunia Title: Cheerleader for Positivity Favorite Activity: Making up her own cheers Name: Petunia Title: Cheerleader for Positivity Favorite Activity: Making up her own cheers Every week Petunia stops by a local senior center to visit with the residents and ask them to share favorite

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The Years Ahead. As far as Joey Mason was concerned, these next few months were the most

The Years Ahead. As far as Joey Mason was concerned, these next few months were the most Wurst 1 Andrew Wurst Dr. Noyes English 050 23 September 2010 The Years Ahead As far as Joey Mason was concerned, these next few months were the most important of his life. It was his senior year, and football

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ST KIERAN S COMMUNITY NEWSLETTER CATHOLIC PRIMARY SCHOOL. Message from the Principal. Term 4 Week 10. DATES FOR YOUR DIARY December. January. ST KIERAN S CATHOLIC PRIMARY SCHOOL COMMUNITY NEWSLETTER Term 4 Week 10 We nurture the faith and wellbeing of our school community, inspiring minds through the joy of learning DATES FOR YOUR DIARY December

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MMHS Eagle HighFLIGHTS: MMHS Eagle HighFLIGHTS: 9-12-16 *Girls Tennis: The Lady Golden Eagles Tennis Team had two great wins against Uintah on August 30 and Salem Hills on Sept 1. Varsity #1 singles Hattie Roney fought through

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KANSAS. March 11, Kansas

KANSAS. March 11, Kansas March 11, 2007 An interview with: KANSAS CHARLIE FISS: We are ready to begin with the Kansas Jayhawks. Student athletes will be here shortly. Let's start with Coach Self. Q. What's your reaction with getting

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HATE TO RUN. by M.N. Zachary Episode 1 "Dont kill'em"

HATE TO RUN. by M.N. Zachary Episode 1 Dont kill'em HATE TO RUN by M.N. Zachary Episode 1 "Dont kill'em" 323.366.5006 bookmahoganyz@gamil.com INT. BEDROOM - NIGHT CANDAICE 28-32 and 35-40 are in the middle of pssionate love manking session. What do you

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Musselman Spirit Week

Musselman Spirit Week Musselman Spirit Week "Fashion Week" January 29 th February 2 nd! *Winter Activities: Boys & Girls Basketball, Swim, Wrestling, Kaleidoscope* *Students see your class president if you are interested in

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East Jessamine High School Cheerleading Tryout Packet

East Jessamine High School Cheerleading Tryout Packet 1 East Jessamine High School Cheerleading Tryout Packet 2018-2019 Dates to Remember: Mandatory Parent Meeting April 9 th @6:30pm in EJHS Library Have ALL paper work completed and turned in by the first

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The Four Musketeers in The Night Before Christmas By Mary Engquist

The Four Musketeers in The Night Before Christmas By Mary Engquist The Four Musketeers in The Night Before Christmas By Mary Engquist CAST: 4 Roommates Rachel Arianna Kim Monica Narrator SETTING: In a dorm room with a window and beds. Narrator can play the parts of the

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The Chance of a Lifetime. State Fair. Therefore, when Ms. Casey Meyers, the Perry County pageant director, literally

The Chance of a Lifetime. State Fair. Therefore, when Ms. Casey Meyers, the Perry County pageant director, literally Miller 1 Amber Miller Instructor s Name ENGL 1013 Date The Chance of a Lifetime I had competed in the Perry County Fair Pageant numerous times before but had only placed. Although many people had told

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Westfield Area High School 2018 Homecoming

Westfield Area High School 2018 Homecoming Westfield Area High School 2018 Homecoming This year, Homecoming is going to look a little different in Westfield due to a lack of a varsity football game. Despite the fact that we will not have a football

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DAY AT A PICNIC Hal Ames DAY AT A PICNIC Hal Ames Bobby did not like that he had to go with his parents to the company picnic at the park. The day was hotter than usual. The sun was bright with only a few clouds in the sky. He

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The little girl had cut her own with scissors. He threw the to the player on first base. Cinderella went to the and danced with the prince.

The little girl had cut her own with scissors. He threw the to the player on first base. Cinderella went to the and danced with the prince. He threw the to the player on first base. Cinderella went to the and danced with the prince. The little girl had cut her own with scissors. My brother always on the door when he wants to come inside. The

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S.E. GROSS MIDDLE SCHOOL OCTOBER 2016 S.E. GROSS MIDDLE SCHOOL OCTOBER 2016 Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Builders Club 3-4pm Soccer Intramurals 3-4:30pm Chamber Chorus 3:345pm Girls Volleyball-Albright

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SAY YES to FREE DRESS SAY YES to FREE DRESS Event: Free Dress Pack of 4 Days in 2018 Details: Uniforms starting to look a little shabby? Give yourself 4 more days of not scrubbing grass stains off those threadbare khakis! Sign

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Member Newsletter September 2016

Member Newsletter September 2016 Member Newsletter September 2016 Issue Highlights! Upcoming Club Social! Save the Date Wednesday, October 26 th Details Coming Soon Coasty s Corner! Get to know fellow club member, Bridget Alois Spotlight

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Jump Rope Counting Rhymes

Jump Rope Counting Rhymes Jump Rope Counting Rhymes Chickety, Chickety, Chop Chickety, chickety, chop. How many times before I stop? One, two three, four, five..? Candy, Candy In the Dish Candy, candy in the dish. How many pieces

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THE NEIGHBOR. Zack Akers THE NEIGHBOR By Zack Akers (C)2011 Splatterflixprod@yahoo.com 513-504-8662 EXT. SUBURBAN STREET- DAY The calm street sits quietly under the bright, cloudless blue sky. On either side of the street there

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FRIENDS. Written by. D.A. Silva

FRIENDS. Written by. D.A. Silva FRIENDS Written by D.A. Silva Copyright (c) 2018 This screenplay may not be used or reproduced for any purpose including educational purposes without the expressed written permission of the author. FADE

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KOWABUNGA. Written by. Helio J Cordeiro

KOWABUNGA. Written by. Helio J Cordeiro KOWABUNGA Written by Helio J Cordeiro Copyright 2007 Helio J Cordeiro Revision April 28, 2007 hjcordeiro@hotmail.com FADE IN: EXT. BEACH - DAY It's a bright sunny day. BATHERS play volley-ball and CHILDREN

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Pretty Princess Camp Tuesday Theme: Independent Princess

Pretty Princess Camp Tuesday Theme: Independent Princess This SAMPLE is only one day of a 5 day camp. The full download has over 500 pages consisting of 12 different themed week-long camp lesson plans, including Camp Overviews, Fliers, Parent Notes, Games, Activity

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*Snack bar: The snack bar is open for breakfast and lunch on weekends and Monday holidays. Dinner is not provided at the snack bar on any night.

*Snack bar: The snack bar is open for breakfast and lunch on weekends and Monday holidays. Dinner is not provided at the snack bar on any night. White Thorn Lodge Home of the Original Nude Volleyball Super Bowl! 2017 Events Schedule www.whitethornlodge.org twitter.com/whitethornlodge www.facebook.com/whitethornlodge Juniors: Sports: Occasional

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Leila G. Davis Elementary School

Leila G. Davis Elementary School Leila G. Davis Elementary School February 26, 2016 2630 Landmark Dr. Clearwater, FL 33761 727-725-7972 www.davis-es.pinellas.k12.fl.us/ Principal Kim Hill Assistant Principal William Durst Area 1 Associate

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Men s Basketball Friday Press Conference Quotes Head coach Jay Wright and Wildcats captains took the podium Friday afternoon

Men s Basketball Friday Press Conference Quotes Head coach Jay Wright and Wildcats captains took the podium Friday afternoon Men s Basketball Friday Press Conference Quotes Head coach Jay Wright and Wildcats captains took the podium Friday afternoon THE MODERATOR: We're joined by Villanova head coach Jay Wright. Coach, an opening

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25 minutes 10 minutes

25 minutes 10 minutes 25 minutes 10 minutes 15 SOCIAL: Providing time for fun interaction. 25 : Communicating God s truth in engaging ways. Opener Game Worship Story Closer 10 WORSHIP: Inviting people to respond to God. My

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