Price 15p. ,ary Please. Do these. boys. please me. remind. oh yeah! you of anyone?

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1 t Ñ VLír7 TWT LlLDVñ,ary Prce 5p Please please me oh yeah! Do these boys remnd you of anyone? -; ' A N 4 J t

2 2 UK SNGLES MULL OF KNTYRE /GRLS SCHOOL, Wngs Parlophone 2 2 FLORAL DANCE, Brghouse and Rastrck Band Logo 3 4 LOVE'S UNKND, Donna Summer GTO 4 6 TS A HEARTACHE, Bonne Tyler 5 8 DON'T T MAKE MY BROWN EYES BLUE, Crystal Gayle UA 6 0 DANCE DANCE DANCE, Chc Atlantc 7 3 HOW DEEP S YOUR LOVE, Bee Gees RSO 8 3 LET'S HAVE A QUET NGHT N, Davd Soul Prvate Stock 9 5 WLL, Ruby Wnters Creole LOVE YOU, Donna Summer GTQ WHO PAYS THE FERRY MAN, Yanns Markopoulos BBC 2 7 DADDY COOL /THE GRL CAN'T HELP T, Darts Magnet 3 8 UP TOWN TOP RANKNG, Altha and Donna Lghtnng 4 9 ONLY WOMEN BLEED, Jule Covngton Vrgn 5 - AS TME GOES BY, Dooley Wlson Unted Artsts 6 9 MY WAY, Elvs Presley 7 23 JAMMNG, Bob Marley and The Walers sland 8 4 PUT you R LOVE N ME, Hot Chocolate RAK 9 - DON'T DLLY DALLY ON THE WAY,Muppets PYE NATVE NEW YORKER, Odyssey 2 - ON FRE, T Connecton TK 22 2 BELFAST, Boney M WEA 23 7 LOVE OF MY LFE, Dooleys GTO 24 6 WHTE CHRSTMAS, Bng Crosby MCA RUN BACK, Carl Douglas. Pye 26 5 DANCN' PARTY, Showaddywaddy Arsta EGYPTAN REGGAE, The Modern Lovers Beserkley FLORAL DANCE, Terry Wogan BBC TURN TO STONE, Electrc Lght Orchestra Jet 30 LOVELY DAY, Bll Wthers CBS 3 - F HAD WORDS, Scott Ftzgerald /Yvonne Keeley Pepper REALLY FREE, John Otway /Wld Wlly Barrett - Polydor 33 - GALAXY, War MCA 34 '- THE GROOVE LNE, Heatwave GTO 35 - WATCHN' THE DETECTVES, Elvs Costello Stff 36 2 MARY OF THE FOURTH FORM, Boomtown Rats Ensgn ROCKN' ALL OVER THE WORLD, Status Quo Vertgo 38 - WHO'S GONNA LOVE ME, mperals Power Exchange 39 BENNY'S THEME, Paul Henry Pye 40 - DON'T WANT TO LOSE YOUR LOVE, Emotons CBS 4 - HOLLYWOOD, Boz Scaggs Epc 42 - LAY DOWN SALLY, Erc Clapton RSO 43 - UTTLE GRL, The Banned Harvest 44 - WSHNG ON A STAR, Rose Royce Warner Bros 45 - FGARO, Brotherhood Of Man Pye 46 - COCOM OTON, El Coco Pye 47 - DESREE Nel Damond CBS 48 - HEARTSONG, Gordon Gltrap Electrc 49 - UP WTH THE COCK / BG PUNK, Judge Dread Cactus 50 - SORRY 'M A LADY, Baccara OTHER CHART ALBUMS DON JUAN'S RECKLESS DAUGHTER. Jon Mtchell Asylum 2 BEFORE AND AFTER SCENCE, Eno PoNda 3 TALUNG HEADS 77, Telong bex, Sre 4 ONE WORLD, John Martn Wend 5 P/( R.AG, WW EM S RUNNNG ON EMT',JeQem Browne WEA 7 THE 4dAN FLY, Rchotd Thompson Wend 8 PO UP THE PECES, The Royale Megn um 9 MOVN ON. Tradton Venture 0 RAW DEAL Vern. Rew Records SNGLES DON'T DCTATE. Per.rwnon Vrgn 2 HOW MUCH LONGER, AltrrrBNe TV Step Forward 3 TOP RAMLNG, Althea And Donne Lghtnng 4 TLE UPFULL ONE. Beg Youth Tenaene 5 WATCHNG DETECTVES. Ey Cameo Stff B DEFANT POSE, The Cadres Step Fon:wed 7 'UM OFF, Wayne Coutty B The ENct0S C FA 8 CAN'T GET ND SATSFACTON, Dew Borne Demure PLUS FOURS, Steely ON Anchor Z' 9 0 EAST OF THE RVER MLE, 4,wmla Pablo Hesskeve SwQl'd M Honest Jon'S le Canteen Keefn London NW 0-2V 023 SL BREAKERS. \ "A. ' DEBBY BOONE lghtng up everyone's 6;je MUSC, Montrer Sounds Creole SN'T T TME anew, Chweelee GOODBYE GRL Dave Cres Elena FOR YOUR LOVE, Four Toga ABC JAM JAM JAM, Paope'e Clolce Ph6dslphle YOU UGHT UP MY UFE, Debby. Boone Warner Brae MORNNG OF OUR LVES, The Modem LOvte Beeende, CHOOSNG YOU, Lenny ~ems ABC ZODACS, Roberts Kee, 0eY QUT THS TOWN, Edda a The Ha Rod. Wend UK ALBUMS Record Mrror, January 4, ten DSCO FEVER, Varous K -Tel 2 2 THE SOUND OF BREAD Elekta COUNTRY CLASSCS, Tammy Wynette CBS/Warwck GREATEST, Gladys Knght & The Pps KTel 5 7 RUMOURS, Fleetwood Mac Warner Brothers 6 0 FOOT LOOSE AND FANCY FREE, Rod Stewart Rve 7 3 FEELNGS, Varous K -Tel GOLDEN GREATS, Dana Ross & The Supremos Motown 9 29 GREATEST HTS, Donna Summer GTO 0 2 NEVER MND THE BOLLOCKS, Sex Pstols Vrgn 30 GREATEST HTS VOL 2, Elton John DJM 2 7 OUT OF THE BLUE, Electrc Lght Orchestra Unted Artsts 3 3 NEWS OF THE WORLD, Queen EM 4 4 LVE AND LET LVE, 0cc Mercury 5 9 GREATEST HTS, Abbe Epc 6 40 GOLDEN GREATS, Clff Rchard EM 7 5 ROCKN' ALL OVER THE WORLD, Status Quo Vertgo 8 6 GREATEST HTS, ETC, Paul Smon CBS 9 8 GET STONED, Rollng Stones Arcade 20 8 MOONFLOWER, Santana CBS 2 W ARRVAL, Abbe Epc ENDLESS FLGHT, Leo Sayer Chrysals 23 6 BY REQUEST, Salvaton Army Warwck HEROES, Davd Bowe SECONDS OUT, Geness Charsma 26, 35 PLAYNG TO AN AUDENCE OF ONE, Davd Soul Prvate Stock ROXYMUSCGREATESTHTS Polydor RED STAR, Showaddywaddy Arsta COME AGAN, Derek & Clve Vrgn A STAR S BORN, Soundtrack CBS 4 DONNA SUMMER.' up20 places to Number Nne UK DSCO 2 DANCE DANCE DANCE, Chc 2 LOVE'S UNKND, Donna Summer 3 3 NATVE NEW YORKER, Odyssey 4 6 GALAXY, War 5 4 JAMMNG, Bob Marley la the Walers 6 6 COCOMOTON,ECoco 7 20 UP TOWN TOP RANKNG, Altha Et Donna 8 2 BACK N LOVE AGAN, LTD 9 5 MULL OF KNTYRE, Wngs 0 RUN BACK, Carl Douglas 45 CHOOSNG YOU, Lenny Wllams 2 2 COMEGOWTH ME, Pockets 3 8 SAN FRANCSCO, Vllage People 4 8 RUNNNG AWAY, Roy Ayers Ubquty 5 34 THE GROOVE LNE, Heatwave 6 0 EGYPTAN REGGAE, Jonathan Rchman 7 4 ON FRE, T -Connecton 8 28 FFUN,ConFunk Shun 9 44 WHO'S GONNA LOVE ME, mperals , 6, 8. MOTOR WAY, Tom Robnson Band Atlantc GTO 2ín MCA sland Pye Lghtnng A&M 2n Parlophone Pye ABC 2n CBS DJM Polydor GTO Beserkley TK 2n Mercury tan Power Exchange

3 Record Mrror, January TELEPHONE Daytme: Evenng EDTOR ALF MARTN ASSSTANT EDTOR Rosalnd Russell - FEATURES EDTOR Shela Prophet NEWS EDTOR Jm Evans CHEF SUB EDTOR Steve Orme EDTORAL Barry Can Tm Lott Robn Smth Davd Wrght SERVCES DEPT EDTOR Susanne Garrett ASSSTANT Bev Brggs CONTRBUTORS Phlp Hall Jm Farber James Hamlton Robn Katz John K nght Kelly Pke John Shearlaw Geoff Travs Robbe Vncent CARTOONST Charle Brnkworth PHOTOGRAPHERS Steve Emberton Elane Bryant Rck Mann MANAGNG DRECTOR Jack Hutton PUBUSHNG DRECTOR Mke Sharman ADVERTSEMENT MANAGER Alan Donaldson ADVERTSEMENT PRODUCTON Mchael Htch TELEPHONE SALES MANAGER Edde Ftzgerald Reentered as a eessoapar et use Fbsl Coke. Pubkurd by Sooh.,,h Puflortmss Ltd. 40. Lanz Sews A London. WC2E 9t, and pnnbd by Sous, Earn, Nesspapors te.!erkfela. Meg/stone sent to ESC 65G. Who reveals next? all BOWE BrTAKEStt t ZosetUe, ment rumours, Pstols n Amerca, fghts, Bay Cty Roller reveals all, Moors Murderers.. yup, 978 sure has started n some style... Yes, frends, the readng n Sunday's papers was most ntrgung, 'Bowe Rapped By Hs Mssus' screamed the Sunday Mrror. Apgar- / ently young Davd has upped and taken ther son Zowle to lve wth hm n Berln. An rate.angle sad: "'ve put up wth hm (Davd) for the last fve years because 'm a stupd btch. 've stayed wth hm all ths tme only because was actually stupd enough to thnk mght mean somethng to hm." Then ths week Mr Bowe clamed 'he took Zowle because Angle left the boy wth only hs nanny for company at Qrrstmas.. fascnatng stuff, all. Meantme, Bowe s makng hs flm 'Just A Ggolo' wth Km Novak, Marla Schell and Davd Hemmngs. Bg mystery as we went to press ths week, my sweets, concerned old frends Brtt and Rod - dd Rod come across wth the greenbacks? Rod clamed the 2 mllon law sut had been settled out of court. But over n sunny Los Angeles Brtt's lawyer sad no settlement had been reached. A somewhat vexed splkey hared Rod told reporters: "The real deal s nobody's busness but Brltt's and Mne." Current lady n the lfe of the old grave - dgger s Amercan Marcy Hanson who s flyng wth hm for a holday to Ro ths week, watch ths space. And ddn't, you, just love all those wonderful stores about the cuddly Sex Pstols n Amerca? dd. Old J Arthur Rotten sure knows 00le. r 9.s LES MCKEOWN: tred everythng how to please the rednecks "You're all faggots". " hate Brtan".. such darlng lttle ambassadors these boys, dontchya thnk? And dear old, Sdney.. "Why dd ht that geezer? Let's Just say my gutar strap broke and my nstrument happened to fall on he head." Such style. From all reports Judge Sd to be leadng Johnny by a length n the outrage - shock - horror stakes. On then, to the Bay Qty Rollers (remember them kds, eh?) and the front page of the News Of The World "Confessons Of A Bay Cty Romeo. feel lke 've made love to a mllon women." Huh, he should be so lucky. Les McKeown (23) says: "As far as 'sex goes 've Wed everythng." Everythng?,~0`, -as P ofabay,r Mur. You've gotta agree wth Mrs Ann West mother of Moors' vctm Lesley Ann Downey when she says: "How can they be so sck and so cruel?" Lke Mrs West and many others appeal to musc publshers, record shops and record buyers to have absolutely nothng to do wth ths sck dsc. t's too far over the top. Another record we can do wthout s 'Pretty Peedo phles' by Raped. Don't buy R. More volence, 'm afrad. an Stunrt, snger wth Skrewdrlver, requred 32 sttches after he was beaten up outsde a Blackpool hall where he'd been to see Farport Conventon. As he walked to hosptal, he lost two - and - a - half pnts of blood. Andy Partrdge of XTC fame was sttng at home watchng TV when he was most astonshed to see hs ma and pa appear on the Confessons C Later n the same artcle he says: "As far as homosexuals are concerned, you can count me out. That has nothng forme." The cock sure kdde who now reckons he's a man phlosophses thus: " lke to be able to rng a grl for her company. lke to talk. lke there to be somethng between us (oh yeah? - Ed). enjoy the company of many a frutful woman. "The dfference s can pck and choose. f 'm to be 'photographed wth a grl, the grl must be extra specal. A couple of models n suspenders would do. But they'd have to be pretty good." Well you can count me out tartan togs. Yeuch!! Sckest record of the decade department: 'Free Myra Hndley' by a band callng themselves The Moors ty Romeo FEEL LKE 'VE MADE LOVE TO A MLLON WOMEN Harlech TV programme 'Mr and Mrs'. Mum proudly told the watchng mllons who her son was. "Our street credblty was blown n 60 seconds flat," mourned Andy who s now understood to be consderng leavng the country before mum and dad appear on the Generaton Game. CROW BAR of the Depressons really s e revoltng lttle boy. Backstage at the Red Cow, after someone had splt hs beer over the lad, he took off hs short and wrung out the beer nto hs glass and drank t. Not together stuatons: Peter Asher and wfe H lsy Doter rumours of an upcomng dvorce have been rfe but Peter's mum says: "t's not nearly as advanced as that. They're havng a slght thnk about ther problems." Hmmm. Quote from Elton John's mum n the Amercan magazne People: "Deep, deep down know he would love to get marred and have a famly." By the way, dd you see Elt on the Muppet Show? Just when s he gong to reveal hs new head of har??? Matters of lttle consequence: Steve Dggle of the Bussrvcks bought a secondhand gutar that once belonged to Tony Hcks of the llolhes. (Where's my fver, Edwards?) Out and about n New York, hear that Banca Jagger Joned tenns star Bjorn Borg for champagne after the Swede had been defeated by Jmmy Connor» n the Grand Prx Maulers Fnal. At Club 64, Banca sad to hm: "Don't worry, there's always another day." And he sad to her: " thnk you're o wonderful sweet person and you're so knd." And the consequence was??? Stll n the States, some 26,000 fans gathered n Memphs to celebrate what would have been Elvs Presley's 43rd brthday. Trade at the 'lower shop opposte Grace lands was bloomng. FREEBE OF THE WEEK NO.24 WN SX mnature Elton John style plano ashtrays / ornaments. To wn one of these collectors' tems answer the questons below. Usual rules apply. Frst sx correct entres out of the sack wn. Questons: The date of Elton's last concert? 2 How many albums has he made? 3 Name them. Entres to Freebes (24), RECORD MRROR, 40 tong Acre, London. WQ. t y Charles lsten to the sheer magc wth hs superb verson of can see clearly now. HLU 0554 Zr} n0.; 4

4 4 NEWSDESK..NEWSDESK...NEWSDESK..News TOURS... TOURS. YACHTS: London Mddlesex Poly January 3, Portsmouth Poly 4, London Nashvlle 5, Newport Stowaway 8, Hgh Wycombe Nags Head 9, Lecester Unversty 20, Brghton Poly 2, London Pegasus 22, London Hope And Anchor 23, Barrow Maxms 20, Ormskrk Edgehll College 27, Durham Unversty 28, Ednburgh Tlffanys 30, North Staffs Poly February 3, Huddersfeld Poly 4, Hull Tffanys 6, London Hope And Anchor 8, Newcastle Poly 0, Teeslde Poly. THE BOTt BAND: Sheffeld Poly January 28, Lverpool Erc's 3, Leeds Unversty February, Lancaster Unversty 2, Essex Unversty 4, Aberystwyth Unversty 9. CAFEJACQUES add: Wolverhampton Lafayette January 3, Dudley JHs 4, Doncaster Outlook 6, Readng Unversty 8, London Rock Garden 9, Southend Theatre 20, Bshops Stortford Tech 2, Aberdeen Unversty February 3, Newcastle Poly 0, Harrogate (venue to be fxed) 6, Ktrklevngton Country Club 7, Mddlesbrough Rock Garden 8, Strlng Unversty 27. BRAKES: Hammersmth Red Cow January 3, London Nashvlle 5, Hope And Anchor 8, Bracknell Southll Park 23, London Nashvlle 90. SPLT ENZ add: Wolverhampton Lafayette January 29, Brstol Locarno 3, Colchester Essex Unversty February, Portsmouth Locarno 7, Plymouth Castaways 2, Exeter Unversty 3. A London date s to be added. BETHNAL: Bradford Unversty February. Brkenhead Mr Dgbys 2, London Marquee 7, 4, 2, 28. Bolton nsttute Of Technology, Doncaster Outlook 23, Buckley Tvol 24. NO DCE: Readng Bran's January, Twckenham CF Mott College 4, London Nashvlle 9, Readng Wndsor Hall 20, Aylesbury Frars 2, Bradford Unversty 25, Ednburgh Moray House 26, Aberdeen Techncal College 27. RCHARD DOANCE: Brunel Unversty January 5. Hull Unversty 20, Brmngham Unversty 2, Brstol Unversty 28, Sheffeld Crucble February 9. WNDOW: London: Dngwalls January 3, Marquee 20, February 3. 7, March 2, 6, Aprl 6, 20, May 2. MOTORHEAD add: Colwyn Bay Dxeland January 7, Shrewsbury Tffanys 22. Bshops Stortford 28 has been cancelled. RADO STARS: Wolverhampton Lafayette January 20, Bedford College Of Educaton 2, London Nashvlle 22, Brghton New Regent 25, London Dngwalls 26, Manchester Revew at Rafters 27, Dudley JBs 28, Swndon Affar 30, Bournemouth Tffany's February 2, London South Bank Pofy 3. Further dates to be announced. TLE LATE SHOW: Chatham Tam O'Shanter January 3, London Marquee 4, London Pegasus 6, Gravesend Prnce Of Wales 8, Slough George Hotel 20, Tonbrdge Harvesters 2. THE POLCE: London Rock Garden January 2, Marquee 22, Vortex 30, Hope And Anchor February 9 and 23. The band are workng on ther frst album for llegal Records. BLAST FURNACE AND THE HEATWAVES: London Hope And Anchor January 20, Red Cow February 4, Hope And Anchor 0, Red Cow 8. They plan to put somethng down on vnyl "n the near future " PAM.ARES (a poet): Lewsham Concert Hall February, Cardff New Theatre 2, Eastbourne Congress 5, Chatham Central Hall 7, Sundown PavlUon Theatre 8, Readng Hexagon Theatre 9, Stoke - on - Trent Queens Theatre 22, Southend Pavlon 23, St Albans Cty Hall 24, London Adelph 26, Malvern Festval Theatre 28. MUSCLES: Bromsgrove College January 4, Torquay 400 Club 9, Barnstaple Chequers 20, lkley College 2, Barton Stacey Bumpers 26, Conngsby Castle Club 28. Brze Norton Spotlght February, Derby Lonsdale College 3, Plymouth Poly 4. '. `, The 4 Record Mrror, January 4, V Edtor..Jím Evans., )' SouthEast C r HALL & EMPORUM Atlanta!,t\:' 'We can destroy Amerca' -Rotten THE SEX Pstols' A mercan tour kcked off n Atlanta. Georga last week amd much publcty on both sdes of thea t/ante Fve TV crews. 30 photographers and 20 crtcs were among the audence on the frst nght few fans were dressed n punk style When the show rolled on to Randy's Rodeo n San A ntono, Texas, teenagers were reported to have stormed the sage after Sd Vcous clubbed a youth wth hs gutar. The show was held up for 0 mnutes whle the rot squad calmed the strong audence. Amon the quotes from Johnny Rotten were "Gve us a chance and we'll destroy Amerca ' and "Oh dear, Sdney seems to have dropped hs gutar." n the San Antono crowd was the Rev Ed Human who was dstrbutng relgous materal He sad. "'m here to convertlohnnyrotten." Pstols' lve revew see page 24. Supercharge sngle, tour THE REFORMED but not reformed Supercharge, whose new sngle ' Thnk 'm Gonna Fall (n Love)' s released on Frday (3). embark on e szeable BrUsh tour on the same day, supported by 29th And Dear Born. Dates: Lverpool Unversty, January 3, Coventry Warwck Unversty, 4. Salford Unversty, 20, St Albans Cty Hall, 2, London Musc Machne, 28, Sheffeld Poly, 27. Northampton Crcket Club, 28,- Newcastle Poly, February 3. Lecester Poly, 4, London Nashvlle, 9 and 0. Htchn College of Educaton,, Brmngham Barbarellas, 4, BOX OFFCE FOR GOLDSMTH GG LEADNG CONCERT promoter Harvey Gold smth lo openng a box offce at Chappells. 50 New Bond Street, London W (0 829 S453). Ths wll be an exclusve box offce for hs shows. The arrangement s that all shows, no matter how bg, from your local band to the Rollng Stones, wll have a lop bookng tee per tcket, as opposed to a normal fee of about 23 per cent. The offce wll be open from 9.30 ant to 6 pm, Monday to Frday and untl 5 pm on Selurdey. The dea s to mprove effcency on tcket dstrbuton. The box offce openng concdes wth Captal Rado and Haney Goldsmth's presentng a seres of 'Mummy's Concerts' at the London Lyceum. The seres kcks off wth Jm Capad, The Ty la Gang and Arbre on February 8, tckets all at CL 75. Future shows wll nclude XC, The Buz zcocks, John Otu ay And Wld Wlly Barrett and The Motors. The dea of the seres s to gve up and - comng bands artme they would not normally get. Hatfeld Poly, 7, London Dngwalls, 22 and 23, Brmngham Edgbaston Mason Hall, 24, Retford Porterhouse, 25. Stukas sgn to Sonet N THE baths of Orent Football Club London beat group The Stukas sgned to Son et Records, Stukas' frst release on that label s a three -track sngle, 'Sport', ''ll Send You A Postcard' and 'Dead Lazy'. Dates: Rotherham Wndmll Club, January 2, Central London Poly. 3, London Marquee, 4. Brtsh Lons' frst sngle BRTSH LONS, a recent sgnng to the Vertgo label who played support on the recent Status Quo tour, release ther frst sngle 'One More Chance To Run' / 'Booster' next Frday (20) Tour dates: North Staffs Poly, January 3, London Thames Poly, 4, Cardff Top Rank, 7, Lverpool Unversty, 8, Wolverhampton Cvc Hall, 20, Coventry Lan chester Poly, 2, Gordon here wth Wray ROBERT GORDON arrves to tour n Brtan at the end of ths month and he'll be brngng legen- N dary gutarst Lnk Wray wth hm. Gordon wll also be appearng on the Old Grey Whstle Test on January 3. Tour dates: Strathclyde Unversty, January 2, Lverpool Ere's, 29, Plymouth Woods Club, February, Swansea Nutz, 2, Sheffeld Pol. ytechnc, 3, Brmngham Barbarela's, 4, London Astora, 5. Clapton n US next month ERC CLAPTON and hs band begn a major US / Canadan tour on Febru ary n Vancouver and close on Aprl 9 n Toronto. The tour wll be Clupton's most extensve snce 968. As yet there are no plans for any Brtsh dates but they could well follow n late summer / autumn. Pursey's lucky Rush return next month RUSH, CANADA's leadng heavy metal bran damagers, are to tour Brtan agan n February. Brmngham Odeon February 2, Lecester de Montfort Hall 3, Newcastle Cty Hall, 5, Ednburgh (venue to be confrmed) 6, Glasgow Apollo 7, Hammersmth Odeon 0, 20, Sheffeld Cty Hall 22. Manchester Apollo 23, 24, Lverpool Empre 25, Brstol Colston Hall 26, Southampton Gaumont 27. Seat prces are W, 2, 50, and C2 but.50 tckets are also avalable at Newcastle, Glasgow, Lverpool and Sheffeld. Rush are releasng a four -track EP, the frst 0,000 on 2 -nch. Cuts are 'Closer To The Heat', 'Bastlle Day', 'Anthem' and 'Temples of Syrnx' PRATES N SKULL WARS THE PRATES have completed 0 tracks for ther second album, tentatvely ttled 'Skull Wars', They're plannng to release a sngle n md - February. Dates: Farnham Maltnge January 6, Plymouth Polytechnc 9, Salsbury College Of Technology 20, Aylesbury Frars 2, Lverpool Unversty 25, Cardff Unversty 77, Folkestone Leas Clff Hall 28, London Nashvlle Rooms 29, Durham St. Chad. Unversty College February 3, Preston Polytechnc 4, Sheffeld Polylech nc 8, Scarborough Penthouse 0, Bangor Unversty, Aberdeen Unversty 4, Dundee Unversty 5, Ednburgh Stuarts Ballroom 6, Glasgow College Of Technology 7, Strlng Unversty 8, Chatham Town Hall 23, Oxford College Of Further Educaton 24, Brstol Unversty 25, Scunthorpe Bath Halls 28. Preston to play Sgt Pepper EARTH, WND And Fare, Blly Preston and Aerosmlth are the latest names to be added to the star studded cast for Robert Stgwood's flm of 'Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band'. Preston, currently on tour n Canada, wll be playng the role of the magcal Sgt Pepper and sngng 'Get Back'. Magazne and Flys sgn up HOWARD DEVOTO's new group Magazne have sgned to Vrgn. Devoto was prevously wth the Buzzcodks. Other members of the new band: Barry Adamson bass, Martn Jackson drums and John McGeoch gutar and sax. Followng the release of ther frst sngle 'Shot By Both Sdes', next Frday (20), the band play ther frst dates outsde the Manchester area: London 00 Club January 24, Nottngham Sandpper Football Club February. COV ENTRYBASED band The Flys have sgned a worldwlde deal wth EM and release a max -sngle next Frday (20). Tracks: 'love And A Molotov Cocktal', 'Can Crash Here' and 'Clv flsatlon' The frst 5,000 copes wll be avalable n specal colour bags. The band lne-up s Nell O'Connor vocals, rhythm gutar: Davd Freeman vocals, lead gutar: Joe escape SHAM 89 snger Jmmy Pursey escaped serous Hughes bas -s:: and Pete njury last week when the Club 25, Manchester Kng drums. car he was a passenger n Rafters 26, Lverpool They wll be playng ran nto a lamp -post Erc's 77, London Nash- selected London dates The drver, who had vlle 30, Brmngham from md -January wth swerved to avod httng a Barbarellas 3, Leeds regonal ggs to follow squrrel suffered a badly shattered left leg but Jmmy got away wth mnor bruses and slght YES STUDO LP concusson. He was able YES BEGN work um a new studo album n to play at the London February. They'll be recordng n England but the Vortex that nght. band have no plans for an mmedate tour here, El

5 ntlg0r0 merror,.ranuary q 7/5 NEWSDESK...NEWSDESK,.,NEWSDESK..News Edtor...Jm 5 Evans RO S' HUGE ASH EDDE and the Hot Rods have announced detals of a major Brtsh tour through February and March, ther frst major one snce May last year. The band recently played two sell - out ggs at London's Roundhouse and towards the end of last year completed a 9 - show Amercan tour. Ther current sngle s 'qut Ths Town', taken from the lfe On The Lne' LP. Dates: Salford Culver shy February 24, Leeds Unversty 25, Md. dlesbrough Town Hall 2a, Newcastle Cty Hall March, Dundee Curd Hall 2, Aberdeen Captol 3, Glasgow Apollo 4, Ednburgh (venue to be confrmed) 5, Bradford St George's Hull 7, Sheffeld Cty Hall 9, Hanley Vctora Halls 0, Lverpool Unversty, l.eeester de Montfort 2, Oxford Poly 3, South. ampton Top Rank 5, London Lyceum 8 and 7, Hastngs Per Pavlon 8, Readng Top Rank 9, Hemel Hempstead Pav. lon 20, Coventry Locarno 2, Brmngham Town Hall 22. A further dates wll be added. New ELO sngle THE NEXT ELO sngle s to be 'Mr Blue Sky', taken from the double LP 'Out Of The Blue' and released next Frday,(20). The album has already gone platnum n both the USA and UK and has notched world. wde sales of more than four mllon. The Oral 200,000 copes of the new sngle wll be pressed n blue vnyl and ssued n specal bags. ELO are currently n Amerca rehearsng for ther forthcomng world tour whch opens n Australa n February. The tour contnues to Japan and hts Brtan n early summer. BP to stamp out hypng THE BRTSH Phonogra phc ndustry s plannng to stump out hypng - the term used to descrbe record companes' buyng ther own dscs nto the cha rte. As of ths month, a team of prvate detectves has been nstructed to "obtan evdence of actvtes ly and to n. vestlgate allegatons of hypng." n a crcular to most f the musc badness. the BP Dme - tor General says: "Ev. eryone n the ndustry must be made aware of the fact that hypng s an utterly unacceptable practce and t s our ntenton that the BP w not hestate to use whatever sanctons and remedes t has avalable to suppress further efforts on the part of the mnorty who are nvolved and who would brng the ndustry nto dsrepute." NOEL QUTS RADO SHOW NOEL EDMONDS la quttng hs job as presenter of Rado One's Breakfast Show at the end of Aprl. He has been presentng the show snce 979 when he took over from Tony Blackburn. Sad the bearded DJ: " enjoy dong the show and t ww be a wrench to gve t up. But after nearly fve years of gettng up at 5 n the mornng and wth so much other work now, feel the tme has come for a break tlls summer. " He s to contnue to work for Rado One and there are plans for hm to host two new weekly shows n the autumn. Hs Breakfast Show successor has not yet been chosen. New gutarst for Osbsa OSBBA'S GUTARST and vocalst Wendell Rlcherdsar, bas left the bnd- le want, W lead a.baser fancly lfe and has not yet announced further -trune harnrn has Oslbls. have just released a new sngle 'Lt-lo' tot -n' Feeln' and they've added two dales to ther forthcomng tour. They are Warwck 'nlversfy January 9 and Scunthorpe Baths Hall o TOM ROBNSON: lve record ay'on TRB 'mn-album' TOM ROBNSON Band's a clearer vew of what Holland and West nest Germa. record s to be a lve we're about. 'd love to ny. They'll be back n 'mn album' called play 'Glad To Be Gay' on Brtan n February n 'Rsng Free TRB', Top Of The Pops." work on ther new album. released on January 27. Peter Buckley, general t features four tracks: manager of EM, corn. 'Don't Take No For An mented: "EM are Answer'. 'Sng f You're treatng ths record lke Glad To Be Gay', 'Martn' any normal release. and 'Rght On Sster'. 'Glad To Be Gay' s a vtal Says Tom: " 'Rsng Free' s a thank - you to those people uho came to see us last year. And snce 'Motorway' wasn't fully representatve of the band t wll gve others NEWS N BREF THE FOSTER BROTH- ERS are audtonng new drummers followng the departure of Edde Wllams to concentrate on runnng hs rehearsal / recordng studo n Bethnal Green the recordng studos ths week workng on a new album wth Elton John BLUE are n and Clve Franks producng. BRAN AND BRENDA RUSSELL, former backng sngers wth Elton John, release a sngle 'That's All Rght Tao' on Frday (3). JENNY DARREN s on BBC Sght And Sound n Concert next Saturday (2), supportng Be Bop Deluxe. Upcomng re - releases on the Old Gold label nclude The Troggs' 'Wld Thng', Python Lee Jackson's 'n A Broken Dream' and Mr Bloc's 'Groovn' Wth Mr Bloc'. THE DOC'ORS had to cancel ther post - Chrstmas dates at Newport and Notlngham after ther whole entourage was taken ll wth food posonng. The band are now playng n Germany. Chswck Records are deletng certan back catalogue at the end of January ncludng two Gorllas' sngles, one from the Count Bshops and Rado Stars' 'Drty Pcture?. TONY VSCONT s to produce the next sngle from the Radators From Space part of the band's act as anyone who has seen them can apprecate. " The band are currently rehearsng for ther frst European tour whch wll take n Belgum, France, kf Added Tom: "'m fed up not playng Brtan for so long, but we need the tme to get on wth the new album. We're contn ung to prnt the TRB news bulletn. Anyone can get a copy by wrtng - and enclosng an SAE - to TRS Bulletn Number k, 89 New Bond Street, London W." We really get nsde speakers n our January ssue SWEET SXTEEN sxteen bookshelf speakers are gven a thorough once over. From the results of our testng we can tell you the best and the best value for money. SPEAKER GUDE And as a follow-up to the above, we've an extensve garde to other bookshelf speakers on the market, TAPE CHECK Ths month a further tape check wth a selecton of well-known tapes on the Tanberg TCB 30 and Goodman SCD 0 cassette decks_ THESES, THE BUS.. Our Clff Rogers rngs n the New year wth explanatons on decbels. Damned drummer hurt n crash JOHN MOSS, drummer wth The Damned, was serously njured n a car Crash over the new year holday. Moss, who was na car drven by comedan Johnny Rubbsh, was on he way to pck up some equpment before travellng to Norfolk where he was to have joned the rest of The Damned. The crash occurred when ther car was n a head - on collson wth a Jaguar n London NW'3. Moss, who was not wearng a seat - belt, was thrown through the wndscreen. Moss, who had a broken nose among other njures, was taken to the Royal Free Hosptal where he receved nearly 00 sttches to he face. Dave Burke, drummer wth Johnny Moped, wll replace Moss at The Damned's gg at the Croydon Greyhound on Sunday (5). TONGHT DATES TONGHT, a flue -pece January 9 features Southend -based band who Tonght, the Pleasers and have ther debut sngle the Boyfrends 'Drummer Man' out on Dates for Tonght. the TDS/WEA label. Lverpool Erc's January have announced a seres l3, Bracknell College 5, of Brtsh dates. London Nashvlle 8, These nclude a specal Rochester Castle 20, evenng at the Rochester Oxford St Catherne. 2, Castle next Frday (20) London Nashvlle 23 and when the publc wll be 3, Portsmouth Poly admtted for 5p whle February 2, Rochester Jggers wll be charged Castle 3 and 4, Swndon U A beat festval at the Affar 8, Oxford West. London Nashvlle on mnstercollege7. County on Safar WAYNE COUNTY and hs band the Electrc Chars have sgned a recordng deal wth Safar Records and have an LP and sngle prepared for February release. Ther upcomng London tour wll be the frst opportunty to see new gutarst, French Corscan Henr Padovan, Dates: Rochester Castle January 4, Pegasus 5, Hope.And Anchor le, Dngwalls 7, lford Oscars 8, Nashvlle 20. The band wll also be appearng at Lecester's De Montfort Hall on January 22 wth Adverts, Cortna., Surburban Studs and the Depressons. TAKES ; j SPEAKERS ; / APART '' [ s w t / +` fy ' s e 0 VDEO Another contrbutor, j Adran Hope looks at the state of play n the vdeo revolutwn PLUS LOADS MORE N OUR JANUARY SSUE arr Nowt

6 ' e rur BOLAN _! Ad Record Mrror, January 4, WS,7 CONGRATULATONS Marc Bolan fans! You've acheved your am and kept hs name alve by gvng hm the top place n almost every secton possble for hm to wn. We realsed early on n the countng that he was gong to be the top star of 77 n at least some of the categores, but n fact he won (along wth T Rex) SX awards. And n the Female secton, you've put hs grlfrend Glora Jones at the top. Congratulatons too, to the Boomtown Rats 'who carne frst n the best new band secton - and we're sure!t s'not just because Marc sad r hs\column that he lken you. The old favourtes are stll here: Queen, Abba, Thn Lzzy - but. they've had á run for! ther,money wth the Stranglers and the Sex Pstols. What we CAN'T understand s how come so many of you voted the Sex Pstols nto Bore Of The Year, but ther sngles and albums`were hghly placed. But you seddt... FULL POLL RESULTS PAGE 8, e ', sree / C,t we can't have them always thought they belonged to Marc, but now 'm told they don't They told us that when he ded, he ded pennless, but t doesn't mean a thng what you read n the papers. He told us he was a Mllonare. "Marc gave me Ms whte Rolls Royce, but'now t's locked up n a garage, rottng away, and we can't touch L He took t back whle the Mn was to the garage, the Mn he Bled n. You know," sad Mr Feld, "That Mel had been peacsed just!ease be ded. watched the blew pnch 4 - a oom' W W N RA 7S' gar New Geow p GARU!ONES: Ferwak Snger Proud arents W RE N THE, new s broke that Marc had won SX sectons n the RECORD MR- ROR poll, hs fans weren't the only ones to feel pleased and proud. Because two people very close to hm are thrlled to btsn Mr and Mrs t.., wsh to Pod t had "He's a lovely lttle boy and Feld, hs mum and never been found.. he has a lot of Marc la Mr and Mrs Feld lke to hm." dad, read n RM that talk about ther son, and "He even knew all the Bolan was sweepng the succese'he worked for, musc," added Mr Feld. n the votes, but they but t's obvously stll a "We've get ths lttle gutar expected he'd wn panful subject. of hs and he used to stand "We snt have a cry each, there n front of the telly only one of the once a day," sad Mrs Feld, and try to play lke Marc, sectons. whle she was was pourng 'd lke to have Marc'. When Phylls and Smeon out a good cup of tea, "'ve gutars and keep them wth found out how well ther son had mne, ths mornng. " hs son la old enough to use had actually done, they "There 'are some lovely them. He's an artst could hardly beleve t. flowers at the cremato- already, t trust cone out n And one of the!trot thngs rum," sad Mr Feld. the chldren. But no-one they sad, was could we "They've planted a specal seems to know where the thank 'all Marc'e fans, on rose bush, the only whte gutars have gone and ther behalf, for the loyalty one there, called The someone has been nto hs they had shown, especally ceberg. We went up just house.. snce Marc ded n before Chrstmas, when t t was Mr Feld who September. was just fnshng bloom helped Marc to start out on Ther councl house tog. And do you know, the hs carter, by gettng hm a lvng room proudly tea- fans had been there, gutar. turea many of the awards hangng Chrstmas cards "We bought hm one for Marc has won over the there." L5," Mr Feld rememyears - they nclude a The good wshes of the bered. "t was two bob specal statuette from the fans have kept Mr and Mrs down and two bob a week, Apollo n Glasgow for a Feld gong over the past because at that tme sellout concert on January few months, because they wasn't earnng much There's also a fne feel that the other stars that Then we bought hm a set of plaque that Marc won n Marc knew have Just drums. couldn't afford to the RM poll n 972. Hs forgotten hm. help hm more and nobody fans have never forgotten "My son had no frends," else helped hm. He worked hm Mrs Feld told me. "Snce for hs success. don't blow "You lke to keep these he ded we've heard hs trumpet, but thnk he bts and peces," Mr Feld -nothng from them. That's had a personalty second to told me. "They're of,-no frends for you. He was just none - and that's not just value to anyone except us. a slly boy. We used to have because he was my son. He There are more n hs, them all here you know." was a atshwman. used to Mee, but we've been told "Davd Bowe, Rod laugh at hm sometmes, Stewart,.." began Mr cornng down here n all that gtter and the way he used to dress. Td tell hm, 'Good gawd, you'll get Feld. "Bowe used to phone up every nght from "Swtzerland, lookng for Marc. He'd get me out of bed to come to the phone at one n the mornng. He loved Davd, he loved them all... Among ther chershed photos of Marc, Mr and Mrs Feld also keep pctures of hs son, Rolan, who s currently wth he mum, Glora Jones, n Los Angeles. The Feuds mss the lttle boy andsay they don't know when they wll see hm agan_ 'fe had tam hs own ' sad Mrs Feld pnched walkng around lke that!' "But he was dlderent here at home He'd cone down on hs puahbke every day, st on the floor and watch the telly. Or he'd wrte poems. Just weeks before t happened he was talkng about buyng us a house n Malbu where he could come and stay. He was on top of the world." asked Mr and Mrs Feld what ther proudest moment had been, durng Marc's career. "Every tme we used to see hnt," repled Mr Feld. "But that Wembley con- cert, when there were 0,000 kds shoutng for Marc That's when you can be proud." ROSALND RUSSELL COMNG SOON - MARC BOLAN COLOUR POSTER

7 Record Mrror, January 4, RECORD MRROR READERS' POLL BESTGROUP Nol lrex BEST MALE SNGER No.t Marc Bolan BESfnlSF0W Nat Marc BESTGG, Nat' :Rey o BESTD ::jaartst fat Marc Bolan ,.r. : No;BESTALBUM DANDY N THE UNDERWORLD Nat BESTALBUM COVER DESGN FMr A.cs,. Le -00t 20 M..cMn.. S. trow n la

8 Re 8 Record Mnor, January, POLL RESUL. S BEST GROUP. T. REX 2. QUEEN 3. ABBA 4. Sex Pstols 5. Status Quo 6. Stranglers 7. Wngs 8.ELO 9. Thn Lzzy 0. Eagles BEST GG- ARTST/BAND. T. REX 2. QUEEN - 3. STATUS QUO 4. Stranglers 5. Abba 6. Thn Lzzy 7: Elton John 8. 0cc ;9. Yes '. 0. Ranbow BEST MALE:, SNGER. MARC BOLAN 2.CREDDE MERCURY 3.JOHNNY,ROTTEN 4. Rod Stewart 5. Dávd Bowe 6 -Elvs Prgsléy 7., Leo Sayer 8.'Elton John 9. Paul Weltór 0. (,Tff Rchard BEST FEMALE - SNGER -T. GLORA JONES 2. DONNA SUMMER 3.fELKE BROOKS - 4. Jule Covngton sue. Steve Ncks 6. Joan Arm Ytradng 7 (k De& 8. Barbra 9'.a n 9.Lnda Ran.. adt 0. Bc 5e ver BEST SNGLE/ ALBUM SLEEVE. NEWS OF THE WORLD, QUEEN. 2. DANDY N THE UNDERWORLD, T. REX 3. OUT OF THE BLUE, ELO 4. Celebrate Summer, T. Rex 5. Here's The Sex Pstols, Sex Pstols 6. Gong For The One, Yes BEST 7:N6 -More Heroes, SNGLE/ EP Stranglers. WE ARE THE r 8: Rockn' AllOver the CHAMPONS, QUEEN World, Status Quo 2. dodsave;the, 9. Oxygere, QUEEN; SEX,PSTOLS Jean Mchel Jane- ' 3. MULL OF KNTYRE: 0. Elvs n Concert,. WNGS Elvs Presley 4. Lookng After No. - BóomtównRats. BORE.OF Motorway T rn Robnson Band v.' THE, YEAR BEST ALBUM,. DANDY N THE UNDERWORLD, T. REX ' 2. NEWS OF THE WORLD, QUEEN 3. HERE'S THE SEX PSTOLS, SEX PSTOLS 4. Rumours, Fleetwood Mac 5. Arrval, Abba 6. Rattus, Norvegcus, Stranglers 7. Out Of The Blúe, ELO 8. Rockn' All Over The World, Status Quo 9. Foot Loose and Fancy Free, Rod Stewart 0. Heroes, Davd Bowe 3. BEST DJ. NOEL EDMUNDS 2. JOHN PEEL 3. KENNY EVERETT 4. Dave Lee Travs 5. Dávd Hamlton 6. Alan Freeman 7. Paul Burnett 8. Smon Bates 9. Pete Powell 0. Kd Jensen BEST TV SHOW. MARC 2. TOP,OF THE POPS 3. OLD GREY WHSTLE TEST 4. The Muppet Show 5. Happy Days 6. n Concert 7. So t Goes 8. Rock Folles 9. Swap Shop 0. Starsky And Hutch BEST NEW ARTST/BAND. BOOMTOWN RATS 2. TOM ROBNSON BAND 3. STRANGLERS 4. Elvs Costello 5. Jam 6. Darts 7. Sex Pstols 8. Motors 9. The Damned 0. Jule Covngton BEST DRESSED / 6.,knowng Mé, µ -.L. SEX PSTOLS,Kn`owng You; Alma` PUNK. MARC BOLAN 7_Wey,Down, - -!ABBA 2. FREDDE MERCURY _ - Elvs PreSleyt. ' Toly Blackburn JOHNNY ROTTEN 8. Feel -Love, _- 5. Rod Stewart arld_- 4., Noel Edmunds Donna Summer Brtt Ekland 5. Abba 6,-0avd Soul 6. The Jam -9: Roadrunné', 7. Elvs Presley 7. Clff Rchdrd Jonhaon-Rl'c"hman 8. Johnny Rotten 8. Rod S w;. t 0. Pretty Vacant, 9. Queen's Slver Jublee 9. Showaddywady Sex Pstols 0. Brotherhood of Man 0. ton John

9 Record Mrror, January 4, RE \ C.N lj!

10 0 Dat was de joke say Altha and Donna ACT THE SCENE s the new year. The lme s Brtan. The musc comes from Jamaca, t's a bus stop there's a hlt`n the ar. FRST PERSON: 'Ave you heard that funny sngle they keep playng _on the rado? Y'know, catchy Melt s. (Sngs). SECOND PERSON: dum dum d dum... yeah, that's t. 'Sttng n the laundromat " (Sngs) "Wondern' where t's at. " Sort of regggae. sn't t? FRST PERSON: Keep hearng t, must go out and buy t -fnd out what t's called." (Exts). The second person begns to whstle softly to the strans of ghostly musc emanatng from a transstor rado n the wngs. "Love l s all brng, n a me khak sut and rng, UP TOWN TOP RANK- NG." Enter Altha and Donna. ALTHA )for t s she): "They're playng our song!" (Groan). Donna (for t s she also): " bn hearng saton s 'bout t. hear we mght have a ht n England." Exeunt to a nght- s, f marsh cacophony of whstlng and hummng to the general tune of 'Up Town Top Rankng'. THE GHOST OF TONY BLACKBURN (for t once was he): "Catchy lttle number sn't t? Great FUUUUN/ (Woof, woof!). Let'splay a bt of t agact. WELCOME BACK, folks, wth a bg bt "h" and "hello" to the frst reggae ht of the new year! A bg hand please for Altha And Donna (draws breath), all the way from Jamaca. And gve a bg ear to ther snappy lttle slce of Jamdown patos they're brngng to you now! Yes! t's 'UP Up 'bsen Top Rankng'. Ex to sound of record. ACT AN NTERNATONAL telephone call between London, England and Kngston, Jamaca. Most of the Atlantc and at least half of the Carbbean appears to be sloppng about n the recever. Both partes are aware of ths. An ntroductory conver- shouted and often repeated. The sound gets worse. Althla, 7, dvesln frst. ALTHA AND DONNA: talk lke dot "We've been Number One complete. There's not n Jamaca but we're just many women, especally hearng about t takng off n Jamaca, who sng lke n Brtan. Good. Sorry, we do --and the song s Can you repeat that? catchy and humorous "Donna and were together." frends at school and A DELUGE OF we've only recently left. NOSE. The song suppose dd Donna, 8, takes the start out as a joke -we had next bellow. "t's helped a few words we were us fnd out what we messng around wth. wanted to do -before we Then we had a vst to the were stll at school and country and realsed not really sure. "As Altha explaned 'bout everyone talkng lke that when we carne 'back to town. After that t all fell nto place." " don't really thnk we were that lucky -CRACKLE. BUZZ, WHRR. PP -PP -PP. "We met up wth Joe Gbbs n the studo and the,song was vrtually ) j (could you repeat the queston please?) we were just seeng our frends 'flat talk lke dal'. 'Up Town Top Rankng' suppose s a lght-hearted examnaton of the slang n Jamaca. "We were surprsed that t took off n England though. thnk they 'm brngng you the no-nonsense h-f mag where musc counts as much as gear. For a start they don't overwhelm you wth all that techncal jargon, but am to explan h-f so even a kd can understand! They're really nto the musc scene too, 'cos that's what yer equpment's for! So get your teeth nto ths lot... SPEAK'N about speakers - the goods on how to choose and buy 'em. MDDLE-OF-THE-ROAD - pages and pages packed wth gear between 00 and E250. TS A BARGAN - ptfalls of buyng bargans at those January sales. would eventually get to understand t but t must have stuck muscally frst As you all see. True. "t's not meant to be a serous attack on 'roots' or anythng. mean, t's a Joke and there's plenty of room for that n reggae or any other musc... "Yes, we've got follow- materal already up recorded, some of t serous and some of t n the same ven. But bascally t's made us fully commtted to a muscal career. "Reggae musc -that s our musc --wll ht the world. And we'll be on top of the wave when t cornea." ACTV N WHCH we all shout just a lttle bt louder. To no aval. Both Altha and Donna nsst there's a lot more to JA musc than 'roots' and 'dreadlocks' wth themselves, obvously enough, as a shnng example. Nor do they feel there's any barrer or prejudce aganst new women sngers n 'the Carbbean captal. nasmuch as audble dalogue can be ex changed n the crcumstances --don't worry, they're talkng of a vst to Brtan some tme ths year --Donna feels that though the ht may have t's 'novelty' aspects t can be apprecated as reggae manstream, One obvous parallel could be made wth Mlle's rrepressble ht 'My Boy Lollpop', a 'reggae cum novelty song whch all too brefly fred the Brtsh record buyer's magnaton n 984. But Donna feeln that reggae's chances of wder acceptance are nfntely greater now - a healthy, vtal musc scene that s about to acheve cross ver. More a case ths tme, she emphasses across the transatlantc fuzzness, of the floodgates beng opened. Somebody else other than Marley gettng a ht. And a lot more 'better must come'. Not just 'strlckly roots', n fact. AC PRODUCER, ARRA- NGER and personalty Joe Gbbs takes the stage, opnng that: " Jun' heard the lyrcs and that was t. t was a natural, Just the humour of tt- "'ve done a tot of work wth them snce and ther potental --both as sngers and songwrters --s enormous. "And 'd agree wth Donna about reggae. Here s the musc that has the lfe and guts -really the musc of the people. That's more of a celebraton than just one ht and there's so much mere to come." ACT V THE HUMMNG and whstlng hasn't ceased. Everyone has bought 'Up Town Top Rankng'. Everyone knows the words. t's top of the charts. Reggae wns the frst round n 978 by dong what t has always done- -provdng somethng fresh, orgnal and totally unexpected. Further they go. LTHA AND DONNA' "Love s all brng, - n a me khak sut and rng, UP TOWN TOP RANK- NG." The msts recede. Everyone feels happy agan. Look out for them on Top Of The Pops "Gve me lttle. UP TOWN TOP RANKN" Better has come. JOHN SHLAS-AM' Record Mrror, January 4 - CH C TO CHC "YOWSAH. " Yuh what? Yoweah. " Pardon? YOWSAH " Mmm, lke ths, t's got potental. Add a few bs of orchestra around that catch lne. Ah yes, mum. really good. let's see now, some grl Magma sae a. chorus. Yeah, t's got posalbw tles. 'Dance Dance Dance' s ultmate (ble searrg above run of the mll chug - a - lug dsco eleges. Techncally superb and a real lttle toe tapper. Whoa boy, gettng carred away - let (ble's Nle Rodgers take up the story. "We want people to have fm. We're tryng es recapture the feelng of the old days when the dears band came to town. Everybody would he out deers havng areal ball. Marathon "They used to have dance marathons back la be depresson days of the thrtes. People were so pest they's dance for hours to wn some money. t ea terrble what the contests dd to people, they'd lterally prop each other up so the floor b ebe themselves fallng asleep. "People would shout encouragement and one of the phrases was 'Yownah YOweah Yowsah', h seemed nce to try and get that sort of enthce W m la the sngle. "Yowsah was probably an old ndan chant - maybe they screamed t gong nto battle. not wasn't around then, so 'm not sure." Later on ths year (he should be nomad to Brtan. "We're gettng a stage show together so Met want n say anythng too much because that would spolt!. But let's nay t's gong to be veryolassy. "You see, the am of Cht s to get class an recall and on stage. That's what the word means after al and t couldn't have suted us better. We pad dem attenton to every mnute detal on the sngle. " thnk dsco menu ran be serous as well as her. We're entertanng people but that doesn't meats yea turn out somethng of low qualty," opnes Nle. " thnk the producton of dsco musc has reslb come on over the past few years. Most of the rewards are very good. "But da't thnk there's any oernpetdes between soul bands. We all know we haves role le play. Memores "We just want people to enjoy themselves, bet don't want to start talkng about Moue and red reletlsns - 'm not nto that. just want everybody to have a good tme wthout havng heavy message thrown at them. "The dscn scene b very healthy n the States. There's a club n New York where Banca Jagger goes, so of course everybody has to go there. 'ff place makes a fortune." Nle Cane to Brtan wth a hand some years back but the memores aren't altogether fond: "We played a gg n Nottngham and Gornto,* stole our passports. So we spent a lot of tme at the Amercan Embassy tryng to get ftted n, wth sew ones. 'But lke England. thnk 'lance Dante lases' has a very European sound. Wowl s B realty Number a n Brtan? That's greatt Walt tll you gee our album over More as well, t has plenty mere an ly." Yowsah. MC most a M of fun ROBN shun.

11 Record Mrror, January 4, 578 RECORD MRROR READERS POLL /09/~ BEST GROUP Nat T Rex No.2. Queen BEST GG Nat TRex Nat Queen BEST MALE SNGER Nat Marc Bolan No.2. Fredde Mercury BESTALBUM BEST SNGLE Nat Dandy nthe Underworld Nat We AreThe Champons No.2. NeWS Or TheWorld Na3. Mull OrKntyre BEST TVSHOW Nat Marc BEST DRESSED ARTST Nat Marc Bolan No.2. Fredde Mercury BESTALBUM COVER DESGN Nat News Of The World No.2. Dandy n Tlhl e Underworld BEST FEMALE SNGER Nat Glora Jones BEST NEWARTSTBAND Nat Tom Robnson Band W BMW" U/.:M.0!'JK=la $0w0,eam M0é3

12 n.,b í % % y % % JONATHAN RCHMAN AND THE MODERN LOVERS: 'The Mornng (X Our Uses' (Besrrkley B22 7). Monotone dalogue from the eccentrc one, occasonally branchng nto melody over the nsstent rhythm. Lou Reedsh. Ths s gong to be a ht. Taken from the excellent 'Modern Lovers Lve' album. "And our tme la now here n the mornng of our lves." nterestng to see what 978 holds for Mr Rchman and frends. YELLOW DOG: 'Just One More Nght' (Vrgn VS5). Latest offerng from former Fox members Kenny Young and Herble Armstrong. Hccupng, stutterng vocals very much n the T Rex ven all about some dude wantng to stay for Just one more nght. Chart possblty. Touch of fun. TC: S nlae Of Lberty' (Vrgn VS20 ). Hghly recommended sngle from the beat ( punk ( new wave combo that s TC. Has the necessary ngredents to do very well. Of partcular note s the keyboards work of Barry Andrews. Ths could well be the one they and we have been wttng for. BROTHERHOOD OD O MAN: 'Fgaro' (Pye 7NN 40037, Son of Angelo.' Commercal manstream hop. So plastc. But they ave ther fans and ths must stand a good chance of beng Tony Blackburn's record of the week. HOLLYWOOD BROWN: 'Love On The Amercan Express' (Bronze BRO 46). Young Smth says ths sounds lke a West Coast verson of Kraftwerk. But then he doesn't know much about anythng. Very average run. of - the - mw Pop - revewed by JM EVANS Oh no, t looks as though 've got another ht on my hands ORLEANS: 'Busness As Uaoal' (Asylum K 304). Funky US rock oudt Dram Woodstock much vaunted by Rollng Stone magazne. Taken from the album 'Let There Be Musc.' Despte the obvous class and hgh standard of muscanshp, t doesn't stand a chance n the Top 50 stakes over here. Maybe a mnor dsco ht. JACKSON BROWNE: 'Yon Love The Thunder' (Asylum K 305). Lve cut from the 'Runnng On Empty' album. Browne n fne vocal form, wth excellent gutar work from Danny Kortchmar and steel from Davd Lndley. Class. TONGHT: Drummer Man' (TDS ). Fast rocker from a band beng branded as hot Ups for 978 and the emergent beat boom. Smple but effectve gutar work nd vocals. ROSETT:A STONE: 'Of Paradse s) Hal As Nce' (Prvate Stock PVT 3). Stcks closely to the orgnal Amen Corner arrangement, but ths lad doesn't have the voce of Andy Farweather - Low. seem to recall Rosetta Stone crucfyng the Cream classc 'Sunshne Of Your Love.' MCKY TAKE AND THE TAKE ONO: 'Brd Dog (Polydor ). Punk rock spoof "Johnny Rotten you're a Joker" etc. to a year you'll be runnng from the taxman lke the others. " Dre rubbsh. CHRS FARLOWF. AND DAVE GREENSLADE: 'Gangsters' (Beth 022). Theme from the TV seres. Farlowe stll has a helluva throaty thrustng voce. Should be a ht. STRAWBS: 'Joey And Me' (Arsta Arst 59). Ther frst sngle on Arsta and t's qute catchy. There's no mstakng Dave Cousns' volee. Good, but not, feel, enough character to put the Strnwbs back n the charts. C J HOOKER: 'Lfetme Guarantee' (Arsta Arst 57). Touch of the Dooleys. Catchy soul, but not very specal n any respect. VOLA WLLS: 'Let's love Now' (Arsta ). Strong vocals. Dsco possbltes. BLTZKREG BOP. 'Let's. Go' (Lghtnng GL 50. Georde new wave band who sound more than a lttle talented. Fne lyrcs n dre week lyrcally a H you'd gone to San Francsco you' have seen those hppes on the Door, got out of San Francsco JONATHAN RCHMAN: Anlastar? / before the buggers called. the law." Marvellous. and.. "You'll meet a lot of werd uns there." Even more marvellous, YVONNE ELLMAN: f Can't Have You' (ROO ). Glbb number rom the move soundtrack 'Saturday Nght Fever', also to be found on the recently released EP of the same, so t's strange sla beng put out as a sngle. Stll, the lovely Yvonne shows that she can handle the bg producton num- hers. Should sell. ANDY GRO: '(Love b) Thcker Than Water' (ROO The younger brother of the Bee y Gees s so bg n the States.. but not over here and can't see hs achevng a lot here wth average stuff lke ths., even f he s permanently at the sde of one tme nuble Susan George. Oh- so - a ver age. GRAHAM DEE: 'Lonelest Man On The Moon' (Pye 7N 4603). Per hops the oaffest sngle of the week. Cop a commercal sound. Good arrangement Strong chart possbltes. of s the Arlol of thee Hansa mllon pound talent search. Ths one mght Day off. GE NO WASHNGTON: 'Proud Mary' (DJM DJS 0825). The John Fogerty classc gven the Ram Jam treatment by a bg name from the sxtes. t's dffcult to go wrong wth ths Dumber. Nce to see of Geno stll has the get - up - and - go nterestng, too, to recall that among the orgnal members of hs Ram Jam band were Paul Jones, Dave Greenslade and Pete Gage. Tme past. GALLAGHER AND LYLE: 'Showdown' (A A M AMS 7332). Funkysh. Was hopng for somethng a lttle dfferent Stll, t's not too bad. 'll reserve further comment untl hear the whole album NAZARETH: 'Gone Dead Tran' (Mountan NAZ 2). From the album Expect No verey.' Worn ban rock,. Old Danny Whtten number to be found on Crary Horse's frst LP. Ths nterpretaton s only very overage. Sngle ncludes two further tracks, 'Green' and load of these lyrcs "t's an lonely here U outer 'Desolaton Road.' space spendng CARL CA,RLTON: 'Ever. / nghts wth the mete- lastng Love' (ARC 494, orles." Funked - up verson o EATWAVE: The Groove Love Affar's bg Mt of Lne' (GTO 5. Hgh - several moons ago. Re. class funk. Ths band gets member all the conbetter and better. troversy about ther not j MR BUBBLE: 'Keep On playng ther nstruments? Dancng' (Snarl SON VANGELS: 'To The / 24). Harmonous smple Unknown Man ( PR 500). Hauntng n. TE LLAR DS: 'The atrumentnl that couldn't he Poet' (Sorel SON 228), anyone else but Vangells, He's a poet... nobody Ht potental, already knows t " Ths s gettng rado arplay where the week's lyrcs ht JOAN ARMATRADNG: rock bottom. Terrble. 'Show Some..moton' (A A ANDY LLOYD: 'Shoe Bab M AMO 733). Ttle track Shea Wggle' (Arleta from the album that Can't Hansa MA 502). Good he too hghly recommended. Buy t and try t. BACCARAT 'Sorry Pm A Lady' ( PR 5555). Sng "Sorry 'm a lady" n place of "Yes Sr can booge" and you've got t rght frst tme. Ht. JOAN DENVER: 'flow Can Leave You Adele' ( PR lls). Borng number wth wallng strngs effect. But wll no doubt appeal to many. BERNP FLNT: 'Early Mornng Ran' (EM A year ago ths dude wu laundry roundsman genue folk number, choral backng, verges on the sloppy. DAVD BOWK: 'Regaly And The Beast' ( Ph 90). 'There's old wave there's new wave and there's Davd Bowe" says the record sleeve, Rght Sold soundng track wth smple hook lne couldn't anybody clue. SSL Rel. RCH KDS: 'Rch Kds' (EM An eagerly awated sngle from the band many are Uppng for the bg tme. And t arrve' n style -red vnyl n a red sleeve. As a debut t's not at all bad, fast movng, bouncy even. The band has potental. mproves after a number of plays. 4 RECORD CORNER 27 BEDFORD HLL, BALNAM SW2 Jon the 00s who get our booklet each fortnght. UK.20 per year. Overseas per year. Below s a small sample of whet you?l fnd n our booklet 46 torn N PCTURE SLEEVES Elvn Presley - atan C...nee/Santa le Back n Town mapt EM. Premer - Mt' Wm lap/ Sty. - Can. SM Awn lvl Samar -'m Stranded BSo Jam - Modern World 75s Talkng Meade - UN Oh Lave Coner To Tow+. tant The Adwro - Salwy n Number. 70 Pales Brow - Erma" MO The Waken - Freak Show Mal Some, Ceealdy - Noy Own.. tleol Strangler. - EP On Pnk PO.tch a. Somethnga Setter Change/ S Out/Get A Grp/ Mnag:,engng Around DT Thrd Rol - Rodney Rash ns? ELVS PRESLEY e TRBUTE RECORDS EACH Bobob Lumen Trbute Tom Doren - ENO ~woe J. C. Remo, - My n.. Content Welty Pow.. - A New Sn. n Hmven Lean Ewen. - Goodby Kng 0 Rack end Rol Mlary-D0A J O. Sumner - NN les Leh The Saludo Teardrop - Goodnght ENO Ern Wade -Menton*.OThe KW/ BNyy Joe Bum... - WSceme Home ENN Mena M.gperd - from Oredeland To The romwsd Land Ronny MCDowW - The Kng s Gone LONG PLAYERS DM EACH J 0 Sumner. - ls morft Owp:Soo. Made H5yerd - My Tnbm. To Elvs Elm Pm." - ntervrw nclu.n. / MPORTED LONG PLAYERS í7s EACH A.m.mhh - Drew The Une Roy C - More See And Soul %Memo. - Wnk.nteleahy ncludes poster plo a p.o. comc book A we Dsco Band - kleelc Of The Beetles Coe. Dem ggy And Th. Sloo gm - Mnen4 K03 99 US S. SPECAL Ramon.* M Rack.. Ta RowEe 04 Ss. Paton. - Never Mnd The B aj«k. 83 Ku. - Aeve n oubl. l3.m Den. And Clve... Cow. Agan /25 Runaway. -Weltng For The Nght 0á Bun Oynter Cub - Spectres 0m ENO CaasHlo - My Abe s True 0 ml Damned - Mums F., Pla.luw f7 ml Fleetwood Max - Rumour. C2 W Edde And Tm Not Rode- W. On The Un Rem Jam - Black Betty 0299E Lnde Ran.tadl - smple Dreams C25 YOU HEARD THESE AT THE DSCO War - Gamey mes Nb. School - Do You Speck French tlapl El C.C. - Commoton. 7Spl noydo - Jack And J,l,Gen Dnwm. People'. Choce - Jam J., Jam Mal Eatelde Connecton - Yore So Rght For Mn r0e Roy Ayer - Runnng Ake" 2~ Ewe UP UAES/ RWtwmnd 'UP L'O 99 A FEW OF OUR OLDES Free - AS Rght Now: Semler Mel you collect record.. make ewe you try u.. Our 0,0.n a5 by..taro. We don't ewe. you vv. wk.. Peen/P.cbnpa OR S.. - S lap. owner g LP a /l t to S - Al. Owe 5 En. ~saw 'S nado, r3 - dp or/. Ow 5- /On.ace Lpsrml-tara ors -ark web. GET RESULTS ADVERTSE HERE To advertse n ths secton costs very lttle and can brng quck results on your products, so why don't you gve us a rng and our grls wll be pleased to help you and get the Best for Your Money. Rng now on eldrans Record Specalsts mcklard Shoppng Nell PUNK Over 260 Old rnew Releases n Elvs Cadello - 79 each 4 Sngle. 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Oren Trump, Herold Malvn a Pdc.s horn No El ü...-, er Clemon BwR,erl. SOS Ad Nelsen Male Jackal Dow. Row, New SoNws Chat. end.. M. Wm wet sar more P.m ron. Ns Sand la or SeewN Add d nvaop for W h. MSSED THAT HT SOUND WHLE T WAS AROUND GET T FROM THE DEALER WTH ALL THE CLASSCS AB the smokes nled below ere ONLY and me bn acton from crow tl.lae Word et mew.. p.m SEND S.AE FOR LST ABBA D.ncng Queen ANMALS House of the heng Sun B EAMY BROTHERS Lee Your Low Flow PRNCE BUSTER A C.pone CHCAGO f You Leave Me Now K K DEE 's. Om The Musc MM BOO DYLAN Lady UPTY L." B OBBY GOLDSBO00RO Summa fah. Bret Tmel JO JO OUNCE Run, R. Run GEORGE HARRSON My Sweet Lord NAWEWNDarter MCHAEL NS gm ELTON JOHN00 h "RDES Don't Goa well.* My Heen LNDSFMRE la" EN..' SCOT Noka/ See POarA JONN MLES MoN NLSSON WOh.M Me/ Everyaa". 7.50' ELVS PRESLEY JON.. Rock ;MOGUL MAR UM A "ow e.l.s snno. p PMp GARY UCKET "rung ale DEL SHANNON Renewer CARLY GMON Yee re so VOW TEN CC r.. N" n Low THNR«WMAT rk Them EDGAR WNTER E.-der.aren ONLY lap PCTURE COVER WLLARD :rywenr Could Sn STOP MESS se.. Top U9...Nl aaraaam PR0E6 "WOUND DO THUD Ma OF RECORDS E ALSO A ORLAT SARGAN y,. od WM.. O A aeereo.l.w a l ta n,"e,glw[r. nnawnru OLDES UNLMTED Strews. Georges. Telford e/6vp Shropshre TF2 9/0

13 / % % Record Mrror, January % j lí L.'. / l Xplodng Tasco Concept XTC: 'Whte Musc' (Vrgn Records V2995) "WHAT do you call that nose that you've put on?" "THS S POP!" "Yeh, yeh. " "Ths s. " Pop, the sound of '78. And as The Damned stffed the world and ponted the way wth 'Damned Damned Damned' last year, XTC have summed up 978 n less than 40 mnutes. They aren't Tommy James And The Shondells of course; although they are Kleen whte and psychedelc and avant garde and modern but just old fashoned mough. Above all. 'Whte Musc' s nstant; Just add ears. The retrospectve n XTC s plan - the keyboard sound s flower power and the hooks are sxtes. The now s just as unavodable - rados, wres, New York, atoms, new town, and neon. Perfect electrc sound, bass at the helm of the mx (by 'Arty' Coln Mouldng - doesn't he suck those cheeks n sweetly?) and fnally Andy Partrdge. Andy Partrdge s as unque as Rotten, Strummer and all those straght faced wallahs. But he s ther antthess, a fgure of hs own fun, the roost prolfc composer and the lead vocalst. At both he has no obvous parallel. Hs voce rudely protrudes XTC's most pecular and most valuable asset - sngng whle suckng breath n, gasps and jerks, backward sngng forwards. 'All Along The Watchtower' s an unrecognsable verson but wth ts EMMYLOU'S HAUNTNG HONEYMOON EMMYLOU HARRS: 'Quarter Moon n A Ten Cent Town' (Warner Brothers K58443) HAVNG MADE 'Luxury Lner' one of my albums of '77 - that s, an album stll play and ddn't get tred of after a honeymoon fortnght of concentrated playng - felt Emmylou's next album would have a lot to lve up to. Actually t's surpassed all my hopes. And lke 'Luxury Lner', there's just one track Pm not daft about, so we'll get that out the way flnt. 'Burn That Candle' just sn't as attractve a f song as the others and the vocals are a bt nasal and sloppy, Rght, onto the good stuff She hasn't got Dolly Parton helpng out on vocals ths tme but she has date a Parton song, 'To Daddy' t's a typcal country song - anal before you rase your lp n sneer. remember the socal problems featured n country songs are every own maybe greater magc. The other cuts score lke ths - Partrdge 8 Mouldng 3. Mouldng, f anythng, s more a bubblegum wrter than hs bug - eyed colleague - 'Do What You Do' s so perfectly smple, a OUdren's Hour anthem; "dowadowadowadowa dowadota me," Before you magne ths s anythng as shallow as an album of sngles, there are flagrant dscords the!, heard n solaton on some not - yet thought - of quz game, mght suggest an esoterc Jazz album. But only n solaton - any devaton from the exactly commercal approach s only momentary. 'Whte Musc' s a complcated album, but lke the Ramones the complcaton les n creatng nterestng smplcty. John Lecke, the -producer, has shown that dffcult qualty, restrant, c The frlls are kept relevant - a burnng match on 'Set Myself On Fre', sparse echo on 'Rados n Moton' and brght, separate sound that s mneral water compared wth the cloudy tap drp of the EP (none of the tracks from the 9D EP s here). Apart from Partrdge's voce the corner. stone of the XTC effect s Barry Andrew's ppng, good trash organ nose, the sound of Tescos, fun from the cheapo cheapo store. Terry Chambers. of course, just plays drums. "All the kds are complanng that there's nowhere to go. All the kds are complanng that the songs are too slow. " Not any more. 978 s here, not wth a bang, but a pop. TM WTT bt as vald as the problems whch come across, perhaps n a more vtrolc way, n much of the new wave stuff. f t's the hauntng voce of the slde gutar that you hate about country, well far enough. just thnk you're mad and Hank De Vto na genus who's cornered the market on emotonal gutar playng. So there. Anyway, don't see why have to be so defensve about country musc because ths setot songs from Mes Harrs s Just perfect. don't thnk could pck any tracks to rave about - 'Easy From Now On', 'Green Rollng Hlls', 'Two More Bottles Of Wne' - they're all fne songs. You can ask me agan after the honeymoon but stll thnk 'll be n love wth ths album e RO- SALND RUSSELL aí.rü EMMYLOU: just perfect HAROLD MELVN AND THE BLUE - NOTES: 'Now la The Tme' (.ABC Records ABCL 5x97) T BECOMES more obvous wth the second album release of Harold Melvn And The Blue - notes on ABC that what made the old group very specal ndeed was the sngng voce of Theodore Pendergrass. Wthout the lmpassloned sngng of Pendergrass to gnte a tune or suddenly to sweep away the drecton of emoton n a song from Harold's own more even delvery, the Bluenotes are left wth a huge gap to fll. Ebo just doesn't match that man. What's left s total professonalsm, some up -topar, astoundng Phladelpha producton and muscanshp, a collecton of songs that add nothng to the Blue - notes' catalogue of chselers and a feelng s t!a e'n X7~ K)ren whne and mex(ern that although you may have heard t all before of ft's stll somehow very good. The love songs cause me to wrggle around n my seat wth embarrassment and that comes from a confrmed wmpophle, so lake heed. don't really lke t, 'll pass, er... Just put on 'Power Of Love' agan GEOFF TRAVS ODYSSEY: 'Odyssey' ' APL 2204) YUP, T'S another remarkably unremar kable dsco album. t has one good track, the Current sngle 'Natve New Yorker', but the rest follows tedous grooves of predctablty. The frst slowle s 'Ever Lovn' Sam', soundng lke a song from a down-market Broadway muscal Carted up a 'lttle. The snger tres a refran that seems to fal uncomfortably between Stresand and Elke Brooks. On 'Weekend Lover' they mx t wth a terrble backng before tryng a dre verson of the calypso -flavoured 'The Woman Behnd The Man'. 'Easy Come Easy Go' could have done wthout the cheap rddum and then you get the chantng 'Hold De Mote Down' that should go very well n Span n the tourst season. They reach a peak of awfulness wth 'Thank You God For One More Day'. Swtch off. + + ROBN SMTH MEOD: 'Musc nspred BySw Wars And Other Galactc Funk' ( X.9049) THE TTLE says t all; cosmc musc wth much use of synthessers and other electronc nstruments. There's a bg market for ths sort thng - there's already been one ht sngle taken from ths project. Should get a lot of arplay on the rado - to fll n those lttle gaps just before the news Ls due and there's not enough tme to play a whole sngle, etc. So, when you've bathed n your 'Star Wars' bubble bath, put on your 'Star Wars' T- shrt, cleaned your teeth wth 'Star Wars' wonder paste, shot the cat wth your 'Star Wars' pocket ray gun and rushed out to buy a couple rolls of 'Star Wars' loo paper, you can st back and lsten to musc nspred by 'Star Wars'. They tell me the flm's already opened n London. +++ JM EVANS JOHN DENVF.R: ' Want To Lve' ( AFL.272) THERE'S-SOME- THNG 'bout ths Hollywood style cowboy that just gets up my nose. thnk t's because fnd t dffcult to swallow hs overpowerng sncerty. can be taken n for a song or two but Tm not THAT gullble. mean, he's far from beng the smple country boy he lkes us to thnk; you don't get to Uve n exclusve Aspen just beng smple. As to the songs, they tend to fellow a pattern. They start off deceptve- `- ; nbeatable ++++ say t +++ Gve t a spn - ++ Gve t a mss + Unbearable t ly easy, mld, noffensve, then he bulds them up nto dramatc epcs lke a male Shrley Hassey. t's ths bushflre effect that burns holes n the credblty. The ttle track s a prme example: how can he marry hs mage to ths roarng melodrama? And whle you're sufferng from the effects of ths blowlamp approach, he pours an a thn coat of mnd - sealng syprup. t's not for me. Mnd you, he's not a bad actor; perhaps he should concentrate on that. + + ROSAL- ND RUSSEl- BLL BRUFORD: 'Feels Good To Me' (Pdyelnr De Luxe 2902 me) YEESH, hated t at frst. An album of what could be loosely termed jazz rock apart from the marvellous ttle track. To quotes long-standng clche, t takes a lot of gettng nto, recommended dosage two tracks a day. The openng track 'Beelzebub' s mme dlalely palatable, Bru ford shmmerng on drums dotted by bass and a flow of keyboards. 'Back To The Begnnng' starts lke the background to a scence -fcton move before the unusual voce of Annette Peacock and lyrcs borderng on the cosmc. 'Seems Lke A Lfetme Ago', dvded nto two parts, has nce muscal harmony lnes, Bruford caressng the. drums and bass ebbng somewhere n the dstance. Rather marvellous. 'Sample And Hold' has some good moments, notably Bruford's batterng away behnd the keyboards. 'Feels Good To Me' s a very commercal track, fttng n wth my notons (possbly hopelessly wrong) that '78 s gong to be a year when nympho rock could well make a comeback, 'Ether End Of August' reflects the same qualtes of 'Seems Lke A Lfetme Ago' wth a smlar amount of carefully crafted tenson. U You Can't Stand The Heat' gets ts energy from Bruford on xylophone whle 'Sprngtme n Sbera' s a weepy duet between flugethorn and plano. t'll move ya to teara 'Ados A La Pasada (Goodbye To The Past)' has more. clfl musc before breakng the tenson. Felt good to me too after a long tme ROBN SMTH BOB WLLS AND lls TEXAS PLAYBOYS: 'The Bob Wlls Anthology' (CBS 38) THE DATE la 940 and the place s Tulsa n Texas, USA. A crowd streams nto the huge crcus tent that has been set up on the edge of town, The sgn above the door says "The Medcne Man Returns To Tulsa". The crowd push as close to the bandstand as they Can get, those less nterested n the stage get themselves some real fne lquor front the bootlegger wth the broad grn and the wde -brmmed hat. Bob Wlls come. onstage frst and the audence cheer. "Take t away Lean, Anunah, everybody dance now," nays Wlls. Suddenly the band are pourng out ths dance tune called 'Maden's Prayer', the lead n. strument s a steel gutar and a standard gutar whle all around are the extraordnary sounds of banjos, fddles, saxes and trombones, a plano and a drummer playng an arrangement that sounds lke one of the Chcago bg bands but n an dom that s frmly based n country and blues. Everybody. dancng, that cheek to cheek knd of dancng The snger U yodellng, Wlls U drectng the band and entertanng the crowd wth hs clownng Some of the songs are funny and some are full of the of the wde - open country Ths s the sound of Western Swng. GEOFF e e TRAVS Gve t to the devl BLACK OAK: 'Race Wth The Devl' (Caprcorn Super 2429 VA) ACCORDNG TO the fles. gutarst and keyboards player Jmmy Henderson s the only remanng member of the orgnal Black 058 Arkansaa But the musc s stll a mxture of country rock and hard rock, though now there seems to be more emphass on the vocal aspects. But gone s the more bzarre sde of the band. They treat Adran Gurvltz's'Race Wth The Devl' Loa partcularly straght nterpretaton Throughout there la lttle exctement generated and the nstrumental breaks are among the moat mundane to ht the turntable n a % % b % / í % ong Only redeemng track la a funky, elongated vezrm of 'Net F de Away' but that stands so dated % + + JM EVANS y

14 notonl Mnor, January 4, lgye ert `e Edted by TMLOTT "/".ff///////////////////////////////////íy/////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////íy//í//j % /, % THE ATMOSPHERE. of a prson s not too dfferent from that of a mortuary - whte, dstant and fantly wrackng. nerve F:verybody talks n slghtly bushed voces, everyone la on edge n case they say somethng that offends. Has usually farly qud - the prsoners at ths partlruler nck near Wokng are all expeetng "a rewult", le a parole dechlon for ther release. So everyone s on best behavour. But tonght the Mudest sound ever heard n the prson s batterng the ears of over 200 young and not so young crmnals n the hastly converted gymnasum. The Steve Gbbons Band are wattage n front of the conssts and beltng out Jalhouse Rock to the cheerng, clappng audence. Gbbons s dong the concert for tree, partally because the band are curous to know what the nsde of a prson look. lke and partally because one of the band's management company has a chldhood frend on the entertanment commttee - a tall, gaunt, polte man called Peke who shot and klled someone n a pub 9 years ago. At the rear of the hall, farng the back of the audence, another man, shorter and wder wth tny gmlet eyes and a wde grn, sts on the back of a rattle and claps hs hands, rockng back and forward n tme wth the musc. He too s on the entmtannaot commttee. Snce most of the nmates haven't seen a pop hand fora few years Steve han thrown n a Gene few oldes - a Vncent number. a Jerry Reed song - on top of he usual set. 'Mr Jones', a song r- } POP - t's comng, and soon. Modfy openng gambt; pop la here. The seeds of the thrd wave n front of my eyes n Lverpool (Erc's, actually). t's Stff / Qnhswck testng one two and now three- The frst two efforts to London were, to paraphrase Dave Robnson SUft'e managng drector), not much use - "but we're gettng a bt more fnesse now." The usual ragbag of freaks, losers and dots were all there - except for three bands, The Smrks, The Laok and Wlly And The Vlatt. All of them have a long way to go but ther very presence was nconcevable nne months ago because then true pop bands just weren't thought of - f you weren't a rebel you were no one. My lave (yeal - t's all comng back) were The Smrks, a natty combo from Manchester o CARLEWLSÓN: watní for parole What s the Great Tran Robber Charle Wlson dong on ths page? about a pusher, really breaks the ce wth the crowd, many of whom are n for drug offences. As the concert code to tumultuous applause the convct., Ble out full l _ of smles - "fantastc", says one wth long, fne har and straggly nroustache. "Best band 've ever seen," says another wth a black - tooth grn. 4 w The werd thng s that they actually do look somehow smlar - there's a common bearng, a fant atttude that seems to dstngush them. Maybe my magnaton, maybe ther envronment. The short man perched on the hack of the char leaps off, noddng hs head. "Great. Terrfc," he says., 'lo,sest musc 've heard n bloody ages." Mddle - aged and slghtly chubby, he s almost unrecognsable an Charle 'Pelson, the nfamous Great Tran Robber. Wlson has recently been transferred to the prson because he's up for parole and expects a result ths year. He's been n yearn now, wth a break n between when he escaped from Hnson Green Prson n Brmngham and a SO - year jal sentence n 90, only to be pcked up agan three years fve months 7 days later n Quebec. Backstage, he fusses around, makng the tea for Steve and the band, amable and talkatve. Once, when he leaves the room, Pete says quetly: 't's laugh bred Charle, the nck. F- - ng klled 'tn." From talkng to Charle ths sn't ob vous. He seems lvely and ntellgent - even the pollee offcers who arrested hm have admtted he's one of the best lked crmnals n London. t's a strange feelng though, sharng a room wth a murderer and a Great Tran Robber. There are frequently uneasy slences, burst ng wth unasked ques don n fear of breakng some unwrtten prson etquette. Charle makes cup after cup of coffee n the 'KEEP ON TESTNG Part 3 who even had a gmmck - slck footsteps. Ther shangalang, ooeeoordden set was punctuated wth gutar dances that made Fredde And The Dreamers and The Shadows look lke amateurs. They had me grnnng all the way through the set but despte Dave Robnson's protestatons that they would get pretty borng on the second or thrd tme. thought ther materal was pretty good too, especally one mmaculate whte reggae cut. The took, a London band, have the dstncton of beng the only tested group to have mpressed ether of the mpresaros. Wth a stoke of real drama Ted Carroll trundled onstage, resolutely presentng the band separately wth what appeared to be the back of an empty brown record envelope whch they sgned h urrledly. The Look had n fact appeared at the frst Stff / Chswck test at the Acklam Hall, so Ted's enthusasm wasn't qute as rash as t appeared. They had qualty all rght, and a handsome lead snger that would be a wow on TOTP. Blly And The Vst were also qute decent but they were the last band on after fve hours of too loud musc. had a splttng headache and a roarng stomach whch rather mpared my Judgment. just notced that onstage they looked dead shoddy but the songs were OK - nstant but rough_ menton f only for ther A name to the Sausages From Mars. a duo who looked lke tny room and natters ceaselessly. ceaselesely. "The screws 'ere," he bemoans, "they're not so much bad as stupd, y'know. They always feel they've got to justfy themselves. They see ghosts that aren't there, f you know what mean." f he's been crushed by the prson machne he doesn't show t. Steve and the band are very subdued and just as fascnated. They vew Charle wth tome Roelof awe. "Ths an't a very good nck." he carres on, strrng, pourng. '"Cos they come 'ere from Wandsworth and they thnk t's great, but that's 'two they haven't been around. There's a lot better. "F - bg hole, ths. They thnk you're not meant to talk back." Charle's been to a few prsons. lls favourte s Parkhurst. He hopes ths wll be hs last - "should crack t ths year." The band have to leave the prson early, so only a short whle after the end of the concert they're beng ushered out. Charle wnks at me and shakes my hand. "Thanks for comng." The customary polte rejonder "hope you get a rrwult" Mee around and we walk out nto the dark courtyard, the hgh fences lt up n the frozen fog. Just as we clmb aboard the van to leave Charle wnks agan. 'Oo e' near Chelsea?" he jokes. As we 'knout the taste( the three gates the van s totally slent. "Werd, wasn't t!" No one answers and t sn't for another hour that everyone snaps out of the prson trust. Yes, they agree, t was werd. -Lk e aa.. they could have been just that, They made a qute unprecedented row but the gamne chanteuse wth the bleached har managed to rase a few cheers (she had to beg for them though). Stff and Chswck weren't alone n talent spottng. A sgn that the tests are ganng credence n the ndustry came n the form of representatves from Beserkley. Anchor and CBS - all three wll be recevng 20-gutnea blls for admsson, accordng to anew. fck. And apparently CBS are thnkng of settng up tests of ther own. Fnally, a quote from Henry, kngpn of Yachts and DJ for the nght, on one of the grl dancers wth a pecularly pert rump' "Gosh. 'd lke to hold hands wth her." 978 Mr 9een ob a Sunday Can the survvors survve n Harlesden? POP, when t's old and grey, doesn't Just pale, t rots. Sometmes the dead scrapngs Jun won't let themselves be burled wth dgnty because there's money even n yellow - at - the - edges fame. A processon of Jaded survvors Ls beng wheeled out at the newly - opened Boxy Theatre ls Harlesden. The Boxy, you may remember, nearly opened more than a year ago as a rock venue untl the OLC stepped n, fearful, n the wake of the punk backlash, that the lavsh acres of Harlesden mght be nvaded by hordes of blood lustng, sputum drbblng spkeheads. Ths msapprehenson was fortfed by the fact that the Sex Pstols had been rehearsng at the theatre and shown somethng of a dsregard for manners by scrbblng on wals and damagng fttngs. Ths made the GLC paranod and the.atre owner Terry Catln angry. " wasn't too happy wth them. Rght at the start Malcolm McLaren was askng my advce, whch freely gave, on what he should do wth the hand, let them use my theatre to rehearse and they treat t lke that. won't assocate wth that type any more," says Collns Now, some months and 0,000 later, (blllns hars - opened the Boxy, a ncely ftted - out,000 - seater whch would make an deal rock gg somewhere between the Hammersmth Odeon and the Vctora Palace. Only rght now he seems more concerned wth the cabaret crcut. Over the next couple of months he's booked a score of acts that reads lke an encyclopaeda dvas - beens. Queerlf enough, moat of them stll make a good lvng on the cabaret crcut, though even Collns admts he thought some of them had been out of crculaton for years. They nclude Blly J Kramer (seven hts 98:6), Crag Douglas (nne hts 96982), Sande Shaw (0 huts ), Frank feld (sx ht ), and the even more transtory one - ht wonders lke BUS Davs Í'Tel Hm' 983), Leapy Lee ('Lttle Arrows' 988), and Pnkerton's Colours ('Mrror Mrror' 988). Collns confdes that the bllng s 'tame" partally because he doesn't want to upset the GG "'ve spent two years argung wth them and qute frankly 've had enough, he says resgnedly. But he has defnte plans, once the GLC have got used to the dea of the Boxy, to wden ts scope to rock venue. He mght not have any choce f the openng nght of the nostalga festval s anythng to go by. The Searchers and Edson Lghthouse wereen the bll. Only 400 tckets were sold. There was an odd mxture dotted around the three - quarters - empty hall - a lot of people sat alone. others were wth famles and kds. Most of them looked lke they'd be happer wth a chcken n a basket nestled frmly on ther lap. The entourage next to me was smokng dope and blushng. But there were some genune affctonadoe to see the Searchers who attaned some sort of legendary status after hts between 983-e8, ncludng stll remembered dttes lke 'Sweets For My Sweet', 'Needles And Pns' and 'Sugar And Spce'. Resdes that Roger McGllnn once cted them as one of de major nfluences. The evenng started unpromsngly wth Nme rather rdculous ex - Pan's People dances who cleared the way for Edson Lghthouse. There s a certan rony here as Edson lghthou lw never exsted n the frst place - t was just seeelon snger Tony Burmws, anonymous star of a numbs of sxtes' hts that had bands formed round them Whte Plans and Brotherhood Of Man were tee more. Terry Collns slpped down the asle wth a brave smle on hs face as the band fnshed ther set wth the ht they had nothng to do wth anyway - 'Lore Grows'. After an nterval and a bt rnoreslly dancng The Searchers came on. Ths tme there's one orgnal member andtwo sem -orgnals. The volume s ludcrously low and the lead snger keeps repeatng resgnedly, "You came here b heel the old hts. so that's what you're gong to gat-" they sneak n a few new ones' ;0, enjoyable and heavled - up 'Sandman', verson even Am P The ssembledt ) et apturous. Tbooyo ung By tt.' that enjoy rreally but more old thng when left earl really mleseeddtsewas deprtbsrd a he ought K f Terry Uckets: sn t qute not cakes - W have been - e back where they Melons sxtes' hordes wlt dubs n northern nght cuda on Saturday nghts and not on concert halle lyve - Whch wlll the Roxy open fez a much - needed mtt ' aced venue. Fab, as they don't ay any more. %Ú/'W

15 ? jests j Record Mnor. January 4, ow' y Do t yourself corner HELLO THERE. Ths s RECORD MRROR'S very own Make A rd Do column and n ths ssue we're gong to show you how to save money by not buyng an expensve, flashy and decent skateboard Yes, we're gong to show you how to make a cheap shoddy and absolutely useless skateboard! Here's what you da Collect about30 empty match boxes and stck them together wth flour and water poste n two rows of 5. Take some stcky- backed plastc and cover them nearly Then hammer far cotton reels nto the glued matchboxes at each cornerlt's a good dea to have a 2-GL?.c grown -.up wth you when dong thn and you're ready to do all sorts of clever trcks Not only have you saved buyng an expensve skateboard but rather prcey safety equpment too because you won't fall off ths skateboard at hgh speeds. n fact you probably won't fall off at any speed 'cos you won't be gong anywhere on ths skateboard! Now start savng all your emptysgezv bottles and egg cartons bemuse n next week's RECORD MRROR we'll be tellng you how to make your very own nuclear reactor/ CHARLE BRNKWORTH CONSEQUENCES OF CONSEQUENCES Or, how money doesn't sell a record LAST YEAR - 977, remember? - was Me on a shoestrng, rock 'n' roll on the dole. t was so de rlgeur to create nstant musc, the other end of the Sergeant Pepper tar brush. Cheap rush Jobs, but ntentonal, to capture that "Uve spark", Sometmes t worked too. t proved somethng that has almost been forgotten, somethng very vtal - that t ddn't take some sort of fnancal levathan to fork out for endless studo tme and techncal tattng up to teaks a ht album. Vtal, because t meant a resurgence n smplcty and therefore street accesslbll- ty. Pop got cheap. AU of whch has been sad before, except that t doesn't stop there. The corollary n 977 wan also proved true. le spendng Sant a mounts of tme and money as an album doesn't necessarly make for a best seller. Case n pont: Cosequences' by Lol Creme and Kevn Godley. Godley and Cerre put all ther eggs n one basket when, at the tall of '7e, they booted themselves out 'of 0cc and threw all ther energes nto the now nfamous gzmo project - a le - month marathon trple album bash that often had the duo workng 7 bourne day. At a recordng cost alone of over (200,000, t was one of the most expensve recordng pro- ever. Oceans of greenbacks channelled nto development of the devce, hrng of lumnares Uke Peter Cook and Sarah Vaughan and a 20 page colour booklet to accompany the boxed eel - The oast n fact was so mmmenee that Phonogram felt oblged to market t at the equally mmense THE GZMO prce of L - not exactly pocket money. Then, on October 7. the product to end all products, the ultrrmate 'pop an a work of are was unleashed on the unsuspeetleg publc. For one week t make 52 n the charts- Then x. An expensve cnema advertsng campagn ddn't stop the rot. Soon t dsappeared out of the charts altogether, leavng Phonogram and Godley / Creme wth fantly red hmees. t eree't helped by ts crtcal recepton - opnon tended towards the dea that t was pompous and pretentous, whch wasn't unexpected. But two of the natonal musc papers ddn't even bother to run featurs m the album whch came as reamer a shock to Phonogram's preen offce whch even then was begnnng to see a nce lftle nvestment turnng nto a fnancal lead brck. Godley and Creme are sad to be "dsapponted" but the Phonogram press offce s' keepng a atlt upper lp. "Ah, Yea," sad Karen Fox, a spokesperson. "We were very dsapponted. t was obvously because of the cost And the lack of coverage ddn't help," Hasn't t been somethng of a flop? "No, don't thnk t was a flop.." and she ctes Walt Dsney to prove t. "Look at 'Fantasa'. That was gnored when t came out. Now t's acknowledged as a masterpece." And, ndeed, Godley / Creme do see 'Consequences' as a work of art - they reckon you wouldn't feel too bad about payng L for a pantng, so why not a trple album? But we know, don't we, that record companes Just aren't lke that. 'Art' comes a rather poor second to 'money'. Whch means someone at Phonogram s very probably gettng a major boot op the body rght now. Despte ts depressng start t has to be sad that t's not qute the end of the road for 'Consequences'. Godley and Crewe want to see Has a elm. so there's a second chance. However annoyng t may be for Phonogram, though, t la qute encouragng to know that even though money talks, t doesn't always dctate. Godley and Creme can alwsys take comfort from the legend that approprately decorates the nner cover of the 'Consequences' booklet: "n nature there are nether rewards nor punshments - only consequences." -R G ngersoll, Stout Book Of Records (geddt?) 'The Gulnnée* Book Of Brtsh llt Sngles' (publehod by Gunness Superlatves Ltd, 97f, prce t5. 75) FROM THE lyrcst who brought you 'Jesur Chrst Superstar'? And hs brother! A tome tome full of nformatlmpacked tun for the faetophtle! The punnesa Book Of Brtsh Ht Sngles has been wrtten by Jo (the brother) and Tm Rce who needs no ntroducton. Nor does the book. Just what t says, t's a glossy and expensve anthology of every Brtsh chart ht from the days of steam rado to the onset of the two sevens clash. Every ht crossreferenced, fled and annotated to enable amnesc rock journalsts to put one over you, the reader, and for you. the reader, to wn endless rado quz shows appertanng to pop musc, thereby decoratng the home to a sutably hgh standard as well as repayng the cos( of the book a hundred told. Ths me wll sell and sell And what's more they'll brng another ate out next year. JOHN SHEAR - LAW The Pop ndustry nsde Our by Mchael Cable (WH Allen, L4.95) 'M A bt of a roc k'n'roll llterate really gve me a Beano 'm n heaven, Rupert keeps me enthralled for hours but rock books tend lobe unutterably borng, stuck-up, self mportant and, most nsufferable of all, overanalyncal -.e. attachng all sorts of sgnfcance to what s really a qute _nonntellectual pursut Add to that the fad that rock journalsts are mostly appallngly snotty and pretentous and you can place a far bet that most rock books wll be at least annoyng or at worst stultfyng. Mchael Cable's analyss of the pop ndustry doesn't really contan any astonshng new revelatons - but ts style s at least smple, objectve and clear, whch makes t a very readable 4.95's worth of prose (no photos). Mr Cable knows hs proverbal onons, Though obvously not one of the Lews Leathers and LA sneer mob, he's well clued -up on Just about every aspect of the ndustry. t has to be sad that hs examples are not absolutely contempo rary or even partcularly esoterc- the wealth of hs materal comes from establshment fgures rather than the new underground that has 6 - lnustdn v -N. SCENE ' r.=rel^- «^^%"*::: l sprung up over the past 8 months, and hs frame of reference L confned manly to , glam rock and all that. But nstead of attemptng to cover the same huge subject revewed elsewhere Cable, though slghtly reluctantly, acknow ledges punk and ts mplcatons 'f t contnues to develop along these Unes punk rock could turn out eventually to be more than just another passng fad." He has unfortunately mssed out on one of the bggest upheavals n the rock bz for a decade, but snce 'nsde The Pop nduetry s a book about mechancs rather than hstory t doesn't matter too much. Cable got a lot of publcty because of hs revelatons on chart rggng but there was certanly nothng there (hal found partcularly astonshng. What t really lacked was grm accusatons of companes that had ndulged n the practse -a good expose would have made the book ndspensable rather than just worthwhle. The rest s good, lvely factual stuff about the ups and downs of the bz, the trends, the men behnd the scenes - dozens of books of ts type have been publshed but unlke most of them t seems to be relatvely tree of mx takes. couldn't fnd one glarng enough to quote. would rather doubt Cable's taste n new bands - hs Ups for the future nclude such nohopere as Clayson And The Argonauts the Tootng FrulUes and Plummet Arlnes. Hs taste n anecdotes s rather better - the beat moment n the book for me s a second-hand story whch Cable got from Paul Jones whch Jones got (tom Peter Asher who attended a busness meetng at Apple Records wth George Harrson- " Harrson leaned over the accountant's shoulder, stabbed a column of fgures wth hs forefnger and demanded n hs thck Lverpudlan accent 'Yeah, but what happened to that forty mllon there?'... 'nsl de The Pop Scene' by Pat Mateo. (Thornh W Press, tl. 50) WHAT a refreshng and ncsve book ths Ls! Pat Watson, a housewfe from Leamngton Spa (Q somewhere lke that) s surely headng towards becomng me of Brtan's leadng satrsts. The 'mstakes' she makes n ths marvellous tttle book are qute hlarous and frequently brought. - f tears of mrth to our eyes here at RECORD MRROR. Her sublme mpresson of pop concerts was my personal favourte. fans wander from one to the next, sharng the bowls of brown rce and the jam buttes, storng up the sunshne and musc to last them through the dark days of wnter," And h en her 'quant' dea of how me gets nto? the ndustry - "beng offce boy at everybody's beck and call stayng behnd at the offce watng for an mportant Transatlantc call whle everyone else troops off to a concert at the London Pella. dem." And there are plenty of other rch moments - for nstance her beau. ['fully out-of-date dea of leadng groups - she ctes 'top groups' Slade, Sweet, Mud, Salor, and Slk - who she cleverly pretends are stll major forces n pop mush Also, n her ncely j archac way, she descrbes us as RECORD MRROR AND DSC, a tue we haven't gone under for more than a year. The Tap of MY Pops' at the back of the book sums up Pat'a dry approach - she mentons Coln Bell of Rogers and Cowan (he left about a year ago), Bran Southall n the EM presa offce (au dd he) and Tony Barrow of Barrow nternatonal whom she descrbes es a leadng PR - who went bankrupt couple of j weeks ago. 5 Perhaps the hghlght Of the book s ths passage about 'Musc j Week', a trade megaaloe "Toe only musc paper wth colour on the front page and centrefold poster (oh yeh?), ee Musc Week covers a 5 wder range of Brtsh groups and also has Amercan pop news, an answerng servce for readers questons, car- S Loons, record revews and even a horoscope, / all wrtten up n a lvely style." Musc Week can n fact boast hardly any Of - There these then follows a quote from one Sue Byrom, supposedly the edtor of ths whmscal tome but who n fact moved to Amerca about a year ago alter beng edtor of RECORD MRROR. She has never, toher knowledge, edted Musc Week. Yes, a real gem of a book. The only flaw n t s the large slce of basc but apparently serously ntended materal whch mght mslead people nto thnkng t sn't anythng but a huge joke. But one look at the prce reassures you of ts satrcal value for 45 'appaulng' pages. Nce me. Patl

16 Pop wave, popunk, power pop. Whatever the new sound s gong tb be called n 8, these two bands are certanly wth gong to be there e to establsh ther own sound." Pete tells me. "Nck Powell only joned the group n October. and he had to stert work rght away But now you can hear sound comng dstnctve through." nght. the guars By Thursdaycoup are reedy to gve us ell aé ecal pecan show, runnng through the or so tracks they've been workng on wth Tommy flees They'll be recordng same packs nest month for ther frst album. end one of them wll be pcked out es the t nest sr glean They'll also the Hope And Anchor even though.festval Album, they earence ortslder ther there ao ever ggs. es one of ther worsta lve Pete has brought down ape from London, and the bend 'lsten to t n the bar attar dnner, Although moat of sound pretty they moan me, equpment but rehearse,"b GHT AROUND now you're gong to hear some bg sghs of allot from the BOFs' dvson. R course,a D- the dea. reasonable to Whch, of problems have obvvlosllyyec used Actually, tltere's ealta wag group a few dsasters, healthya walks at ntervals. l actvtes rght See - tt they were alongo clff, playng sc rebble, collapse n gggles fngers the ng. But pontng mock - all along. They sad t wouldn't ef rne eatng, str s at ends other. e week, ther The talc moves on to clothes lest - and t hasn't. Punk s ba The subject that's caused the deed. The new wave s over. begnnng boystchng to ts get od nhesl m back to a lot of thought. d. London. agreed that they'll probably keep The tde Don't beleve everythng you good old unhealthy they're r but h- But the ntlthe.the suts for stage wee hear. happenng now s not What's heca resgnedn ther dayswth on toel spendngdnng problem s decdng cereal roomsecondary growth and the hotel sat of outf to deve and decay, t sounds Amercan producer Tommy knock d felon nowt. Lke every muscal dfferent t putt, new movement "--- you,neat to o thng Pp0 endless P wave, whatever tag y obvously knowshave 'em weer. No One can agree on one Boots, who's come fresh from Bo Benham, the nto shape Tommy. defnte Hyatt the Dens. feet hew caused hs successes wth men whose or two. pro 'Thb the bggest glue t was never meant >o "t was ether to be Nck Lowe hale lave to the boys, ell ther stage or Tommy producng feet to h had toprogress. speclest lly of the er Pete Hawkns,have to be So H '76 saw the takng says manager shoes but wave,a. Costello end made") suggests wastcoats. end 7 new 'But Nck has more en 7B should nee t takng mhrnents wth Elvs bys he's overruled Are others. nfancy' aforvand end anyway Tommy,Andras' ts frst toddlng sage - end you that crowd, Tt' man from rs E50 tea Les year's loaders has thatmuch magc' Smley. offers the -ere know etw to stll they That much s obvous from the spend on clothes, but tles h le The there et the front of thngs. he works wth the group. thnkng BG. become by theevant The boys reckon they've never whet we'll need once we're s reat have next sweated so herd, gong over three he redcoro. out the road," already wave surgln9 n behnd. end four -Pece harmones rertll least eght stage OÑm ena d The class of '78. They haven't workng out about the same d, A few labels every Hots b D melodes nstrument by offstage clothes. rffs end meodles rotr st ors yet been ne,- - vsble have been kcked around the pop wave, popunk. nstrument Andrew power The group do sound lke the thought sle but none has stuck. So far. let about k, even Stll, et lees[ the 9rous But labelled or Beatles, not, the groups no doubt bots hotel dnng ere already here. Names m look such det -rotas hearng team n have non sseafe out for - Rch Kds, Tonght, room nsteadclu of a the key d whet m weer. tpey thlt A those greet unknowns XTC, the esemem Butwherever club. they pry tt n le 'nfluence' Orttten'Copy followed by dozens d per, a could go out and copy the of ell thngs - tny, mcro Paellas. fks That's the Passers the ront Beatles' uplken songs. note for note," skrts- Makes ther gp ypa not cover, all dressed smart red boots. Lock a lot says lead Wa could make a turnng up for. rd the Beatles. don - - McNerney. But ge Oe Bred try not whet wn A rv amounts d Actually: Ws. an lluson, The fortune dong that n cabaret n the lads - chene ered»90 }, that's jus Ábrsdrrl for Plea sers, dressed n woolly decde g Path' m d welly to do. " nga mastc r d D denms end jumpers Ba rte lke the The by d the pwrltng dues al down,, tt sh JPent. Barges, Not one bt McNerney end Benham (any kl Mía The reason the Passers are resemblance be n totslly endoots wthee a woolylubmpe concdental) s the Be stes' se" and nstant hook r _ ms nnocent Droved wronghay p she they've been sent to ths remote hotel the court of W ales and t themdttes, and thmee door, the peth can get cold et fhb tme of year. themes - Teenuyah. T bre n love, baskng up The hotel b parched rght on the "galb edge of the clff'. open to el Morse tras Atlantc breezes But ornery/as, r Are?so Mn ^ our tnt g "There's nothng to tft rírse d tme end to pay another day POW M Fortunately. a her M r dream root e+ 5 nerrd ",:.47:d esfetya taunt ere NGHT sound lke the Rollng Stones end sng lke the Beatles but there's nothng dated about ther musc. Unlke the bulk of new wave bands. ther lead snger does not mtate Lou Reed. He even skps, and n tune. Unlke the majorty of punk groups, the bend wrte songs that actually contan large snatches of recognsable melody. Sx weeks ego ths fve - pece bend were playng pubs n ther Southend stompng ground. Last week they appeared on Top Of The Pops, blastng out ther frst sngle 'Drummer Man' wth all the confdence of seasoned professonals. They stole the show from The Rods, appeared mmedately after Terry Wogan and admt they would have preferred followng Davd Soul. They've got a sense of humour too. "Ths s where we change dramatcally." lead snger Chrs Turner says at the start of the ntervew whch easly resembles one,of the crazer scenes from 'A, Hard Day's Nght'. " have no comment to make to the Press," rhythm gutarst Phlp Chambon states wth satrcal authorty. When asked f they were at all nervous for ther frst TV appearance the entre bend nstantly repled "US, nervous?" Call them confdent. And label them successful. "'ve been cocky me whole lfe," Chrs admts proudly. "t's been my bg drawback- lost e lot of frends because of t. n school was Jack The Lad 'cause was so good at football. was the next George Best. " nstead he mght just be the nest vocal hero to emerge from Brtan. But Tonght vow to stay away from a destructve Rod Stewart versus the Feces stuaton. More then anythng else Tonght are a band. And that's were they draw ther nner strength.h When go to the loo " drummer Gary Thompson qups, straght - faced, " take all of them wth me. We ama group." Watchng themselves on Top 0 The Pops dressed n ther unform street blacks drove the pont home as well as the sngle ' had no dea we looked lke that onstage," Turner laughs. " thought we were more dshevelled than that" Chambon adds es f they were e comedy duo. "'m ' really nto dshevement Hs name's not really Phlp Chambon. t's Phlp Dshevelment." Turner qups. "t. goes wth hs wardrobe 'cause he wears coloured socks ell the tme. " Coloured socks asde. Chem - bon rhythm gutter end P~.5exceMnt a most of tt band's materel wth Turner. Other upatons nclude sngng C larntoru s wth bassst Rue Steottssrd L J But before' the tequ a takes effect and the jokes get worse, a bt of hstory s needed to explan ths next muscal phenomenon. n the begnnng them was just Chrs Turner who drove lorres loaded wth stereo unte. At work he met Strothard end then there were two. Through a common frend they met Chambon who had played n several local bands but ddn't lke any of them because they refused to play hs own compostons. A man of taste but not yet wealth. Chambon calls the Ramones' songs "nursery rhymes" and knows the meanng of a good tuna, "Phl had ths dea of formng e band bascally fo play songs," Chrs explans. " always played rhythm gutar.'cause found t more exctng then beng stuck n the centre playng lead. Also t ddn't have any part n the songs we were wettng. New wave was just startng out then," Chambon explans, good - humours" httng Strotherdon the head. 'There's no room for a 0 - mnute gutar solo n our songs 'cause they last only two - and - a - hell mnutes. " As fate would have t both Turner and Chambon had wrtten songs ndependently and soon realsed that as a team they wore even more potent. What mpressed Turner even more more was Chambon's gutar, e Rckenbacker when everyone else had Les Pauls. "Ths guy actually had a Rckenbacker," Turner says all excted. ' mean, everybody had Les Peuls but 'ths guy had that jngly - angly sound. though. Chrst. kt we can get a bond together we're laughng. " roncally ther lead gutarst Dave Cock went to the same school es Turner but as he was a year older they met only once, on the football feld. Cock tred unsuccessfully to tackle the buddng George Bost. Much later Shay would meet n a rehearsal hall where Cock successfully traded punches wth Chambon. Then there were tout. "Dave had a Telecaster whch put the rght edge on the Rckenbacker," Chambon says. "Orgnally lked all the melodc sxtes' bands. The Yardbrda and that lot. ddn't went to play n o band that ddn't hove that two - gutar thng. "There was no hestaton about gettng a lead gutarst." Tamer adds, "We knew that would be one of our strong ponts es we'd wrtten all the songs for two gutars. t wasn't the whole gutar hero bt When saw Dave just knewhe was rght "We pcked) shm up n ths Cortna Mark," Turner recalls fondly. "A bt ostentatous, that. " They had the songs, they had the gutars, they had the confdence but they had no drummer. Then Turner heard about Thompson who had just toured Germany wth Rado Stars. Besdes beng muscally profcent, he had the rght background. He was a local lad. And then there were fve. " defntely wanted a Southend bend,' Turner says loyally. "We always knew what we wanted rght from the start We tred loads of drummers but they weren't rght Gary was the gu"we ddn't know whet mpresson the band would have to gve but muscally we always knew what' we wanted," Chambon agrees. "Gary was feat end cocky. That fact s most apparent on the sngle 'Drummer Man', played at a tempo so fast you can't even make a cup of too durng t Although good, fast end 'sprted, 'Drummer Man' s not entrely representatve of the band's wdth or scope. The 'B' sde. 'Stroll On By'. s a much more mpressve but less commercal vehcle. Both, of course. ore orgnals. And both tunes roncally clock n at 2:40. -Drummer Man' s just one extreme of our range." Phl says. "t's pen of the spectrum, port of the dversty of the pendulum of our songs." Turner says jokngly, lke a professor. "Even though Phl and wrte most of the songs the band thresh t out. They odd somethng. f someone doesn't lke a number t goes. n fact we've just wrtten two numbers we had to throw out f there's any strugglng bands that need a ht sngle, just lotus know." For Tonght success seems totally nevtable. They get e great rough but melodc sound on record and an even better sound onstage. Vocalst Turner really knows how to work en audence even N they're aganst the band. When asked f they wonted to be rock 'n' roll strs: each member of Tonght smultaneously answered yes". Gve them 0 for star qualty. "n the begnnng the bend was done just for a gggle, to play pubs n Southend." Turner explans. The frst few pgs were hlarous. We coudn t stun or end numbers. n Southend mere are bands who rehearse for a o couple of years and then do ther frst gg. We rehearsed n en afternoon end played the gg fre same nght always thought we had a certan exctemont,and a certan charsma." Tonght have arrved at the perfect tme n pop / rock musc. They are nether new wave nor punk but defntely very 978, wth just the rght touch of the sxtes thrown n for specal flavourng. "We can see the way a lot of bands blow t by gettng nflated egos above ther staton n lfe," Turner says wth a sly grn. "We never saw ourselves es a punk rock band. We wanted the energy and the exctement of the, raw weave but we wanted to get our songs across A lot of hands have no songs and that's where our confdence s We know wvn can wrte good songs. " Although Tonght ere aware of ther potental, e local Southend paper wasn't Not untl they saw the band appear suddenly on TV and promptly changed ther etttuder but Tonght ddn't "The day we dd Top Of The Pops there was an artcle n the local paper about bands that would make t All these nothng bands," Turner spts out "Down at the bottom was a lst of bands who were knds zlch but at least they had gotten together, We were n that. rght? Apparently after Top Of The Pops that same paper phoned our record company, WEA, and asked to do a feature. "So they sad we're not avalable," Chambon says laughng. BARBARA CHARONE

17 n nec-ora rn,rror,,renuery7, 978 7,,) PETE 'N' DUD 'n' Derek 'n' Cllve 'n' Judy 'n' Peter Cook and three cats and an outrageously trendy stove lve together.. n an outrageously opulent pad n Hampstead. bs s one flm you should not see. Johnny Rotten went there once wth Malcolm McLaren. When they len, to quote Peter - Cook alas Pete, alas Clve (he thnks), alas cyncal and nternatonally famous resder n Hampstead, London NW3 the house "was on fre " F Opulent Be was dressed casually n jeans and a shrt. Cats slept on the floor. Copes of unopened newspapers lt lered the opulent turn! lure. A bottle of wne sat half empty on the ' coffee table. Cook, as ever, was :;;;, polte and attendant. BELCH! Obvously releved j that the frst probng, meanngful and totally relevant queston was r not"are you..ntact gay?" Cook surveyed the space n hs luxurous sttng room wth a relaxed and jstuded arrogance. He sad nothng. nstead he lt a ll cgarette from a packet hdden among a ple of unread magaznes. That the subject j would have to be dealt wth senstvely was beyond queston. The ntervewer toyed wth: "You fat and aged c---, why are you dong all ths? s t the money?" But he hestated. Thought for a moment. Tred another tack. Ths brd was a clever one and no mstake. "You pot - belled w- --! suppose you thnk you've blazed a tral of flth and depravty that, er, also nukes money?" cded ths year to forgo hs lte of luxury, Smply Coo Moore forsook fun for flth. Satre for the sewer. They shocked mllons of sleepng vewers by ther actons. Usng the thnly - dsgused pseudonym of 'Derek And Clve'. the par proceeded to record an album of unabashed flth and vulgarty n whch f -letter words were freely used, Further, J-ne M --s. -eld was obscenely deployed. But ths was not all, Only two months ago the par were brought together agan, a New York recordng But lfe at studo. Cook's home, a well - apponted t la no secret that four - floor wne terraced was freely drunk. house lust off London's The resultant recordhome of the artsts' ng surpassed set, even the s not always prevous muck. so 'Derek exctng. And Clve Come Agan' Only last week - apart from a the reporter from a well obvous nnuendos - known musc contaned paper swear words arrved to ntervew and endlessly repented Peter Cook, part obscentes of the that would foul mouthed 'Derek have cured any troop. And Clve' duo. er's nsomna. n short, ther vle feast became avalable to the publc. n long, the publc boug. barrowht loadt. FootballBythe crowds memorsed t. Promnent MPs were arrested for repeatng t. And the album rose up the charts. Wth a b Cook s unrepentant. Lke most so - called 'humorsts' he s only tunny when he appears orrll the Mchael Parknson Show. But he dd say; "The flth. has always been there. Most comcs know have ncredbly drty mnds... people fnd t reassurng that other people have these ghastly thoughts. Flth "We expose the drt that they thnk about all the tme. " There s no doubt Cook s pleased by ths concluson. He doesn'telaborate. Whle the subject dsappears (temporar- ly) for a w--, hs wfe nqures solctously: "Why can't you beleve that my husband s nnocent?" On hs return from a good p--, the degenerate ntervewee complans about hs ntervewer's unfeelng msappropraton of hs generosty. "You f--- p ---jour nalst c--," quoth the celebrated wt. "Drnk tog all my f You The subject thought long and deeply, Fn- (shed hs glass of wne, (The next fve mnutes Cancer r n fact. of the conversaton are Rposted Cook: "We avalable as a 'bootleg' have smply cornered sngle to personal And that Peter Cooke r the market. We are callers at ths offce dong a new TV seres n the new year (le now), successful. And about only.) 5. f ----tme. " Then went for a p -- that he couldn't do the scrpt for the Pstols' Who could be confused myself. by t Wgan tar? Cook contnued to flm (because hs house Peter Cook s a drnk freely. bought burnt down), that he's worred about gettng globally renowned and the next round. 'celebrated personalty At last the secret was old (and gettng!--- sa whose sole functon for revealed, Cook became cancer) and TERRB- the last 20 - odd years loose - tongued wth LY WORRED that there's not any young has been to go to desperaton. Cambrdge Unversty, " suppose you'd comc talent emergng make people laugh, better know," he to clam hs crown, appear on televson, qupped, "that Phl Or hs house n marry twce, become Spector produced our - Hampeteac. tl unversally loved as a album really. He means you f-- b -- cuddly meda wt', "He sat up there and --s out there buyng has t- wrte for a natonal overdubbed our drty newspaper and thoughts untl we ---y records! become ludcrously rm thought we were gong Do t now And f --t and lve n Hampstead to drop _ we had the later. Pete 'n' Dud 'n' ; Yet wthout reason rhythm lad down but Derek 'n' Clve 'n' Judy Conk - along wth hs couldn't get the vocals 'n' Peter Cook'l never televson partner, the rght get off ther armchars l even more cuddly "Then suddenly we en tme to catch you. Dudley Moore - de - thought 'about c----! Ha, f --tog ha. E HE. HLL Does JOHN SHEARLA W ask PETER COOK f he's gay? What would he say f he dd? Read t and see Alter that t was a real //////////////////////////////////// pleasure to work wth the guy." The Cooks' mynahs (not to be played n the presence of... ) began losng. t seas tme to leave. Peter Cook wasn't easy. He's determnedly Clve (or Derek or a f- e-). He hates beng told (or asked -the bad - tempered b.--) that he's only dong t for the money. And he's one of the two people that's made one of the funnest records 've heard - and ddn't tell hm (or ha t-- - wfe that). D-- t all, t's a ht as well, n all honesty too must report that t was really a glorfed accdent, there was nothng fake about t, and that you could dolt too... Á r xl"050. MDx /// PETER COOK: who wll take hs crown? 'm brngng you the no-nonsense hí -f mag where musc counts as much as gear. For a start they don't overwhelm you wth all that techncal jargon, but am to explan h-f so -even a kd can understand! They're really nto the musc scene too, 'cos that's what yer equpment's for! So get your teeth nto ths lot... SPEAK'N about speakers - the goods on how to choose and buy 'em. MDDLE-OF-THE-ROAD - pages and pages packed wth gear between E00 and 250 T'S A BARGAN - pt falls of buyng bargans at those January sales.

18 Wrte to Malman, Record Mrror, 40 Long Acre, London WC2E9JT. Whod says these' boys flth 'are - d f l, jl í. ` ' 'r ;' THEY LOOK clean enough to us... LETTER FROM AFRCA JUST A few words of thanx for the Bogart calender (RM Dec 3) whch was great and s now adornng the Club wall next to Sam's pano, OK Sam play ft! Here's lookng at you kd. ngrd Bergman, Wok's Place, Casablanca, Me - North Afrca. jcoceo. OVER AT THE LTTLE HOUSE ON THE HLL - H T'S me agan, the Kng of the Nosebleeds. Why weren't my last 393 letters publshed? Are you tryng to deprve your readers of my great talent? By the way, what happened -to your last two ssues? Perhaps you just shouldn't have prnted them After all, t took me only three days to read them and they usually last me the whole week. was lstenng to the Tony Blackburn show a few days ago (that proves 'm mad) and the news that Elvs wads really dead fnally ht me. WAS. HEART- BROKEN.. couldn't stop laughng all day. stll thnk t was just a gmmck to get hs records to sell agan. He'll be back n a few months. The same goes for Bng Crosby- Mnd you don't care about j hm.. f ths goes on pretty soon the charts') be full of Marc Bolan records. Excuse me, thnk 'll go and be sck. 'm back. No 'm not. Kng of the Nosebleeds, Streesgera, Surrey. THANKS FOR THE MEMORY ON BEHALF of all Bolan funs lke to say a bg thank - you to RECORD MRROR for supportng Marc and co over the years. You've really kept us n touch wth hm and hope you'll contnue to do so n future. Thanks for the fantastc plc on the cover of the December 3 ssue. By the way, Glora Jones' new sngle 'Brng On The Love' s superb and deserves to be huge. Mark Pne. Trowbrdge, Wlts. THANKS FOR THE MAMMARY THS LETTER has nothng to do wth musc, but am wrtng to say a bg thank -you. about -four weeks ago sent an advertsement to your paper. was lonely y'see, so thought 'd try and see f could get a grlfrend through your ads. Snce my ad appeared, 've been swamped by letters from some really nce grls. 'm pleased to say 'm now enjoyng a very good relatonshp wth one of them, Once agan, RM, Thanks, JP, Chngford. UNDERACTVTY OF THE THY- ROD GLAND (OR, ANOTHER TEDOUS LET- TER WRTTEN ON LAVATORY PAPER) WE OBJECT strongly to the frequent use of the word 'Cretn' on your page by unenlghtened letter wrters. The bologcal term cretn refers to a chld who suffers from cretnsm a slowng - down of body metabolsm caused by underactvty of the thyrod gland sufferng from a defcency n.! l".., + odne. Cretns do not lve long and seldom develop the ablty to look after themselves n even the most elementary way. Besdes, t gves us true cretns a bad name. 8 Dye, The Sze. ell nsttute for the Warped - Mnded and Con. stpated. PS. F you fall to prnt ths the next one wll be sent on a used plece. MORE RUBBSH AM the Bonc Gnome, here are some borng notes:. Punk s crap 2. Sxtes' musc stll rules. 3. am a borng pllock. 4. The Lord Mayor of Manchester s a borng old fart. 5. The Who are great. s that borng enough for ya? The Bonc Gnome, Manchester 8, near Lambeth, Scotland. WHAT OUR lonely hearts column could dofwyou,c YOUR RECPES TONGHT SAW Costello at the Nashvlle Rooms on the 23rd. Does anyone out there know how to make Costello sandwches? 'm starvng. Glora, Swndon. AN RATE FAN WRTES... S JUCY LUCY MENTALLY SCK SUCH WAS my horror al seeng that you had awarded Mr and Mrs Tony Blackburn the so called ttle of 'Happly Marred Couple OtThe Year' (RM Dec 3) that have swallowed my prde and wrtten to you. Such sordd,' sarcastc cruelty could have come only from the lowest, most ll -formed mnd magnable. Beng a fan (one of many, beleve t or not) of Tony, know what he has gone through and how much he has felt the loss of hs wfe. f you have any feelngs at all, for God's sake stop to thnk before you prnt any more of your bloody stupd trash whch suppose you thnk s funny. know you won't prnt ths letter because you don't want to beleve that any one cares for Tony Blackburn (actually am one of about nne mllon) but Just wanted you to know how feel. Wonwm Fnch, Bolton, Lancs. THE JOAN BAEZ MEMORAL LEO. A LADY'S adrft n a foregn land sngng on ssues both humble and grand. Thank you Joan THE PAST 8 months have seen the Mee of a new force n socety: refer to the Sex Pstols, Much has been wrtten about them, but so far no one appears to have really grasped exactly what they are and what they would lke us all to be. The truth of the matter s that the Sex Pstols are bunch of flthy degenerates and lazy louts. They are out to destroy everythng that s beautful and good n lfe. Wth ther lousy, samey, provocatve pones they am to wreck the very foundatons of ths great country t s they and ther cult whch s the enemy, not the,so-celled 'establshment'. Ye the Musc Press and anyone who wants to be hp' panders to them, declarng what a wonderful postve force they are n musc, However, the Sex Pstols are nether postve nor are they musc, but they are evl personfed. feel nothng but contempt for those pathetc creatures who set Johnny (Rotten to the core) and the others up as ther heroes; look at those who ded n two World Wars f you want real heroes, am sure plenty more feel as do. Kevn Whte, Worthng. Baez for a memorable London concert whch proved Thal contemporary musc stll has a damond amd ts cancerous rust. The beautful songs (poems), voce and charsma, whch has fred and nspred a whole generaton of dsaffected people who are sck of the gross njustce apparent n ther socety and of the perverted values produces. are stll there n ntmate thoughts and deepest sentments. Joan s not new wave, but oceans of brllance wth talent runnng through every ven and lf, as suspect, medocrty fnds genus unforgveab'le, and the thousands more who packed the Ham- mersmth Odeon, can lve wth ther loss. Baez, lke Dylan, cannot always be what we want her to be, but no artst has ever suffered //eílyy////////////////////////////y/. ////////l/////í//////f/// sweeter for her audence. Punk s for people who are tryng to learn (or have smply faled). Joan Baez s for those who know. Long may the queen regn and soldarty shne n the sun, Coln Pornton, Harwch, Essex. PERVERTS' FO. RUM HOW ABOUT a pn - up of John Otway and Wld Wlly Barrett? an't got any pctures of them. all go (oh dear, oh Gawd, 've only had ths typewrter a week or so all got are the Runaways ('m not dkey) and Generaton X ('m not stupd) and Jean Jacques Burnet starkers ('m not mpressed) and Peter 'Frampton ('m not sayng what thnk of hm because 'm a lady). we. also happen to have John Otway's telephone number. D'you thnk he'd mnd a complete stranger (le me) callng hm up? Ths letter has been brought to you by 'Letters Wrtten Whle Totally Drunk ncorporated'. Karamel Krmson, No Fxed Abode. ` TWO FNGERS to you tool ace' a 4L.L THE REAL Steve Hackett WHO COCKED UP THE GENESS P CTURES THEN? almost ded last week when you wrote 'Steve Hackett quts Geness' and showed a pcture of Tony Banks. All of you are mad except Robn Smth who s smply great. Jacke Barker's Cat, Hants. t was the great Robn Smth who ddn't know hs Hackett from hs Banks. r Record Mrror, January 4, 978 NOT LONG ago was gong to stop buyng your rag, cos t was crap. That s, untl ssue dated December 0 when at last you decded to put n some decent posters eg Debbe Harry n bed (cor, what wouldn't gve to be +++ censored). Ard Bonne Tyler was out of ths world. Whch dot says sex doesn't sell records' A Sex Freak, Ka a rea ho rou gh, Yorks. FNAL ENTRY N THE GREAT BOR- NG STRAN- GLERS DEBATE. 'M ENRAGED at the consstent aggro and nsults delvered to the gods, The Stranglers, Obvously people lke the Form of Lverpool have no brans at all and have never been to a Strangler, gg. As for Alan Edwards. well the best thng for hm to do s to go and st n a furnace for a few days. Same for Fonz - he wouldn't be so cool after that. Fnally, would lke to tell Jucy Lulcy to go and screw herself and Tm Lott to be ether sacked or shot. Long lve the Stranglers, The Jam and the Sex Pstols. Nell, Solthull- A BORNG WAY TO SPEND XMAS EVE WHO WAS t who thought that the Davd Essex concert wasn't any good? Your crtcs ought to have been at the Domnon Theatre on Chrstmas Eve. Not one mke broke down and the show went through wthout a htch. s pad EC. 50 for a tcket so mld go and see hm ng and act and have a good tme. certanlys got my money's worth. also thought the dea of en nterval was good - even toroc k murts you haveat go tor leo sometme -a don't you Gkada Merle, Upper comng, London.

19 0 Record Mrror, January 4, y r Y - n -.y t oll ^ CLUES ACROSS 3 Group that draws ts A queston from the resources from Bee the (lees (3,4,2,4,4) elements (5,4,3,4) 4 8 Recently told us about Traffc had a hole n one' the of Death Of A Lady's thers(4) 5 Hs Man (7,5) most recent ht was 9 0cc n concert and let 'Red Lght Spells n concert Danger' (5) (4) 7 Knks sngle(4) 0 Wonderous Story tellers 7 The lveerory Musc LP (3) (4), le Had huge US ht wth Rck Wakeman 977 LP 'Poetry Man' and also (8,8) contrbuted to Paul 3 Poetc label (3) Slmon's Stll Cray 4 See 3 Across After All These Years' 5 One of orgnal Brtsh LP (4) power tros (5) 6 Former Procol Harum 7 ntally Ruple Edwards gutarst (6) (,) 8 nstrument (4) 20 The Who had a magc Jackson 5 sngle or one (3) 905 Gerry And The 2 One of the orgnal Pacemakers' sngle Tamla Motown groups ( 22 Edde) just kept on 23 Formerly Davd Cook truckn' (9) (5) 26 Bruce Sprngsteen 24 Syntheszed German roducer (5) Recently had ht sngle 26 &34Down Futurstc wth old Zombes' song Bowe LP (7,4) 'She's Not There' (7) 28 The Doo Dah Band (5,3) 29 Punk pn. up (4) 34 See 25 Down 30 Hs latest LP 'Before S7 Where the MC5 wanted And After Scence' (3) to be back n (,,) 3 & 4 Down Wrtten by 38 The Small Faces' Cat Stevens, an orgnal solder or Amerca's ht for P P Arnold, a 977 man (3) Number One for Rod The Mod (5,3,2,3,7) 32 Elvs's Blues (,) 33 Aere Faere classcal rockers (4) 35 The woman n Allman And Woman duo (4) 38 Conductor Jeff Lynne (,,) 37 & 40 Across 970 Brotherhood Of Man ht sngle (8,2,5) LAST WEEK'S SOLUTON ACROSS: Andy Farweather Low. EnoOleanor} R Rodle SteElec 37 AL 6. M. ary Ea N 39 Amercan glam rockers TAr (4) s May. 9 Slade. ll Hurdy Ourdy 40 See 37 Across. Man. 24 Fame. 25 Tatum! Terrell.?A Russ. So Blue. 3 Low. 39 LA. 34 SOS. 35 Gull. 34 Mean. 40 Dandng DOWN n The Street. 4 Crme. 42 Of The Century. DOWN; Average Whte Band. Y f you go Down Two Dreamer. 3 Fenton. 4 War. 3 Taste. Then Lett you wll fnd 4 Eye Level. a Ram. Odyssey. u F Ted g sngle Nugent. ths Bos Sca gs 8 7 u y 's S ke.h2 k y Qunn. t (9) Rumour. 22 Rory. 4,3 Arto. '2e Eno. 2 Most famous of all rock n Fr 3R a 29 Wth Me. 9; Nnny. festvals (9) Scam,,`, k l 4'0.,. " _,/.' -7 t V. ORGNAL CAST RECORDNG The Mermad Theatre's Producton MCKY DOLENZ HARRY NH AWARDWNN/DC MUSCAL FANTASY THE PONT atunng AND DRECTED T COLN BENNETT DAVY JONES ;'. t DESGNED BY PETER W TEMAN MUSCAL DRECTOR MKE MCNAUGNT. ]/ 4. ORGNAL LONDON CAST RECORDNG Featurng 4 Nlsson songs. MCF 2826 NOW SHOWNG AT THE MERMAD THEATRE MCA R=-CORDS am 4e^,. e,tr, _..^r.-'.

20 20 Record Mrror, January 4, 979 Tr', /4' Edted by SUSANNE GARRETE. Send your problems to Help, Record Mrror, 40 Long Acre. London WC2E VT. 'M 8 and have been gong out wth my boss, who s 43, for 0 months now. We have made love several tmes and every lme he tells me how much he loves me and has asked me to marry hm. Unfortunately, he s already marred wth chldren. 've even met hs wfe on several occasons and we get on qute well together but she doesn't suspect anythng yet as people who have seen us together have not sad anythng to her. Although love hm very much wouldn't le to see hs famly splt up. t sn't easy for me to stop seeng hm or leave my Job as we have both become very much nvolved. To make matters worse, 've Just found out 'm two months pregnant. W7hllel haven't told my parents 'm qute determned to have hs baby. 'm really worred though and hope you can offer some advce. Johanna, Burnley Even though you may feel determned to have your lover's baby, you must realk.o that your bggest responsblty now s not towards yourself or your boss but to the chld you're carryng. Can you cope wth the emotonal and fnancal oblgaton of suppsrdng another human beng, possbly alone, for the SHAM 6 \, 0 C THE LSTENER KNOWS ;., L next 8 years or so? Dscuss the tutees wth your lover and f you both decde that t's not practcal to see thngs through you must ad now - the opton of termnal Mg thn pregnancy s stll open you feel ths course of acton s morally acceptable and practcal. Whle the Natonal Health Servce s unwló log to termnate after 2 weeks, the Pregnancy Advsory Servce s one non-proft makng organsaton whch can arrange a prvate termnaton up to le weeks. Your nearest branch s n Manchester at 50, Newton Sheet (oft Plceadlly), Manchester. Openng hours ere Monday - Frday 9 5.3D, Saturday 9 f mdday. (Rng for an appontment). '.,T 'THERE'S GONNA BE A BORSTAL BREAK OUT'&'HEY LTTLE RCH BOY'..``. NEW SNGLE FROM SHAM 69 ó '. 7. -;< -. *z``<. n `4v' c. r -::, " p, ^º t e The fnal decson on aborton rests wth the doctors you wll see there. They wll take nto account how sure you are about wantng an aborton, where you lve, your age and fnancal stuaton, who you lve wth and even more mportant, how long you've been pregnant. You may decde that t's feasble to keep the chld wth moral and fnancal back-up from the father and your parents, or you mght want to consder adopton An a vable alternatve. further help and For advce contact the Naton al Councl For One - Parent Famles, 55. Kentsh Town Road, London NW5 ( ). They wll answer any questons you have on your rghts a an unmarred mother, housng, mantenance and, f n ecessary, ran put you n touch wth your nearest bark -up organ tuton. Communal lvng COULD YOU supply me wth any names and addresses for communes? Lee, Brmngham Wle te The Commune Movement, c/o BT, 97A, Talbot Road, London W'lO, for detals of both exstng communes and contacts who want to get n touch wth other nterested people. BT has also publshed useful lnkup book» and ncugnslnes, 'Drectory Of Communes', 'Commune. Journal' and 'Communes' and can recommend readng materal on both the theoretcal and practcal aspects of communal lvng. A stamped addressed envelope s essentw. f you want to try a taste of the lfe whch an alternatve socal unt has to offer, why not try a workng weekend away on an organc farm? Ths wll gve you the experence of how a omnntune lves and works and doesn't nvolve the commtment of actually jonng one. Wrte to WWOOF (Workng Weekends On Organc Farms), 49, Sabne Road, London SW. They can put you n touch wth farms who need keen, would-be communarde te help out. Send a large SAE for detals. Also try The Commune Network, 78, New North Read, Huddersfeld. Smelly breath MY GRLFREND keeps complanng that my breath smells when klse her. Do you thnk she's gong off me' s there anythng can do? Steve. Baas/dea She may not exactly be gong off you but she's certanly tryng to tell you somethng. Perhaps t's about your breath. Maybe you should do somethng postve fast before she does lght out for a polluton -free ro seance. Oral pongs can be caused by tooth decay, en vst the dentst regularly and try bnshng your teeth every mornng and evenng too. f that doesn't help see your doctor. You meld have an nfecton of the tonsls or nasal passages. Can't see her GP 'M 7 and desperately need to go on the Pll as have sexual ntercourse wth dfferent boys. don't want my parents to fnd out and can't stand my doctor. 've known hm snce was 0 but whenever go to hm 'm always cancellng my real problem and walkng out wth somethng for my back or for a cold. don't know what to do, and refuse to go to hnt. Please help before t's too late. Men X address wthheld You're very sensble te be thnkng of gong on the Pll but se you're not lettng an about exactly where you lve we can't drectly refer you to your nearest advsory metre or dms f you really dslke the dea of vstng your OP your best bet s to check out your nearest Famly Plannng Clnc or Week Advsory Centre by wrtng to ther respectve head omces. Both organ - atlons help both unmarred and marred people and wll provde free contracepton on the NTS. Drop a lne to the Famly Plannng Assocaton, Margaret Pyke House, 27, Mortmer Street, London W, and the Brook Advsory Centre For Young People. 233, Tottenham Court Road, London W. Once you know where to go, all you have to do s numke an appontment. Although the long-term effects of the Pll are stll not completely known t has been wdely used for the past 5 years and s stll the most relable form of contraceptve. FEEDBACK answers your questons. Send your letters to: Record.Mrror, 40 Long Acre. London WC2E 9JT. Please don't send a stomped addressed envelope as we can't answer your letters ndvdually. Abba COULD YOU tell me f Abbe's 'Money Money Money' got to Number One n Brtan? say t dd but my blend dsagrees John Upton, Salop. t certanty dd. Rod Stewart COULD YOU gve me the address of Rod Stewart's fan club? Charle Fowell, Surrey. Wrte to Rve Records, 2 New Kngs Road, London SW's. Bee Gees COULD YOU please tell me the address of the Bee Gees fan club? P Semourne, Purley. Wrte to Mary Hameln, R40 Records, 027 Brook Street, ',wden W. Donna Summer COULD YOU gve me Donna Summer's fan club address? 9 Hurlng, Suffolk. She hasn't got a tan club but for nformaton wrte as Pye Records. 7 Great Cumberland Padre, London W. Rush COULD YOU gve me a lst of all the album. and sngles released by Rush? Are they gong to be tourng Brtan ths year? Trevor Lynn. Oeetherpes. Albums: 'Reek' (Mercury 9000) : '22' (Mercury SLM 079); 'All The World% A Stage' (Mercury ) 'Gyres Of Steel' (Mercury ' Farewell To Kngs' (Mercury 90004). Rush have ever released any sngles but have Just put out an EP on Mercury. They wll be tourng here n md February. Randy!Wesner was shocked to learn tut Randy Metzner had qut the Eagles. Can you tell me what he'sdong now' Loh. Stevens. Brgham. Randy U recordng a solo album produced by Bll Sayrnryek whrh should be out s Lb,. sprng. Other datalts shoot he future carer aren't yet known.

21 t) - -77

22 7:2 The nformaton here was correct at the tme of gong to press but t may be subject to change so we advse you to Unversty (Wednesday) and Suburban Studs at check wth Mddlesbrough Rock the Carden (Saturday). Not much left for the rest of us. Gg of the week venue concerned promses to be X.R ay Spex Black Slate Dead Fngers before travellng Talk Sadlsta Ssters at to the Roundhouse (Sunday) - a gg. Telephone numbers are gven where possble. %/ JAN ecy LONDON, Brecknock, Camden ( ), llereward 9k'. Fallen Angela LONDON. John Bull. Chswck Hgh Road, landscape LONDON, t)ngwalls, Cam-_ den Lock ( ), Steel Pulse LONDON. Hope and Anchor, Upper St.. slngton ( ), / Prof and the Profteers LONDON, Musc Machne, Camden ( ). / Art Attacks LONDON, Old Red Lon, St John SL, Earth Transt LONDON. Rochester Cantle, Stoke Newngton Hgh St ( ), The Jolt LONDON, Rock Garden, Covent Garden ( Grand Hotel / Wet Pant LONDON, Swan, Ham mersndth ( ), Panted lady LONDON, The Telegraph, Streatham ( ), Rednlle LONDON. Upstars at Rohnlea, Frth St ( ). The Last Resort / J f AN 2 keje BARROW - W FURNESS. Maxms (230), Jenny Darren BATH. Vaduct (387), Hard Up BRKENHEAD, Mr Dg. by's ( , Trapexe BRMNGHAM. Rebecca. ( ), X Roll 8p's (TtF.THORPEW4, Bunnes Club (6728), Stamp. COALVLLE. Bloobloe, Steel Pulse COVENTRY, Lanche.ter Polytechnc (2480), The Prates / Orno Washngton DUDLEY. J.B 's (63697). Motorhead FRAMPTON, Onslow, Strate Jacket GLASGOW. Amphora, Vodertu.ral Janes DG WY'ODMBE, Nags Head (2768), Son Throat JAG(SDALE, Grey Topper (3232), Salty Dog LEEDS. F Club, Woodhouse Lane (4600). Sham 89 LECESTER, Baley's (26462). Gonzalez LVERPOOL., Annabelle', Nut. / Coyote NEW YEAR / noo wave hangovers stll abound -s there Sfe n '78? Good week for the bn lner 'N' safety - pn brgade of the north. Bltzkreg Bop barn two Georde ggs at the Brdge Hotel, Newcastle (Wednesday) and the Rex Hotel Whtley Bay (Sunday). Catch The Crabs at Bradford somefnk for everyone Keep ya eyes open, all ye ex -Pstols fans, for Glen Matlock bond the ld, Kds on the road wth a vengeance, \feneybmtrruna hta Oxford (Frday) wth the Pleasor et Westmnster College... roll on '79. LONDON, 00 Club, Oxford Street ( ), Black Slate LONDON, Brecknock, Camden ( ), Scarecrow LONDON, The Castle, Tootng Broadway, Panted Lady LONDON. Duke of Latcaster, New Bernet, hgh and Dry LONDON, Golden Llon, Fulham (O ), Remus Down Boulevard LONDON. Greyhound, Fulham ( ), Rebel LONDON. Marquee, Ward our Street ( ), Adam and the Ants LONDON. Musc Machlne, Qamden ( ), Snt / Rose. LONDON, Nashvlle, Kensngton (S , Lttle Acre LONDON, Pegasus. Stoke Newngton ( ), Grand lntel LONDON, Rochester Cantle, Stoke Newngton Hgh Street ( ), late Show LONDON, The Rock Garden, Covent Garden ( ), Frankensten/atoe el, LONDON. The Rosy. Covent Garden ( ), The Shoplfters LONDON, The Swan, Harnmerenuth ( ). tanderape LONDON. Westham, Grasshopper, Fracture LONDON. Royalty Ball. room, Southgate ( ), Fredde Fnger. Pre LONDON, Tdal Revue, Bedford Hotel ( ), K. O. MELTON MOWBRAY, The Panted Lady, Krby Sellars (822), Bruce Ruffn MUMBLES. Nutt Club (88409). plbsa NOTTNGHAM, Sandpper (5438). Nat Runt PORTSMOUTH, Polytechnc (894). Rudlo Stu." READNG, Target (685887), Roll Ups R ETFORD, Porterhouse (498), No Dce ROTHERHAM. Wndmll (72988). The Stakes SOUTHPORT, Dxeland Showbar (3875). peanut -aver SW ANSEA, Crcle. Club. Adelade Street, No Dce JAN ] ABERDEEN. The Unveh. ally (5725, 'The End ABERYSTWYTH, Unversty (4242), t lblsn BRMNGHAM. Barba THURSDAY Themes - Stop. look. Woo ( ): The story of how bananas are grown and marketed(?) ROC -Top N he Pope ( ): Wll 'Belson Was A Gas' zoom n at Number One? WDM legs b Co appear n the nudle -nude? Wll N Ole Edmonds ever retre ALL CHANNELS - A Party Poltcal Broadcast ( - 6.0): Slapstck and mud - slngng from chart - toppng(?) Lberals. FRDAY BBC - The Pnk Panther Show (7-7.20)... or The Grey Panther Show for those of us wth 85W sets. Crazy pseudo- pnk felne fantases. SATURDAY BBC 2 - Shpt nd Sound to Concert ( )' Collaseum D Rchard Dlgance. Tme for bed kds SUNDAY ppe 45): Kv tall meets Eeo Ulm, Spot whch one D the frut! TUESDAY GRANADA - Get R Together ( ): Pop / punk vson 'n' sound wth Berm Flnt and The Banned. Load and legless. BBC 2 - OH Grey Whstle Test ( ). Sweet and syr upysounds from Gallagher And Lyle plus Scottlsh handwhoops there goes me sp(rran' Cado Belle. reles ( ), Rch Kd. BOGNOR, Ocean Bars, Trapeze CHATAM, Town Hall (403809), Salt 0ll.LM FOtD, Chum cellor Hall (05849), Fredde Mager. Lee CLEF.THORPE9, Bunnes (6728), Stamps CUMBERLAND, Royal Oak, Cuban Heels EASTBOURNE, The Arch- ery (22089) Hollywood Kllen 'PARNWORT, Veteran. Socal Club, Graham Fenton,. Mstchlmx FRAMPTON. Mountbatten Theatre, Strate Jacket GOUROCK. The Ashton Necromancer HEYWOOD. (Rochdale), Seven Stars, Tatum HUDDERSFELD, Frendly Trades Socal Club. Flght Se HUDDERSFELD, The Polytechnc. Queenegate (22288, Slam 0) PSWCH, Trecya (2490), Scene Stealer KDDERMNSTER. Col. loge of Further Educo- Uon (4520), Lttle Acre LAM'ETF.R, St Davd's Unversty College. Krakatoa LECESTER. Baleys (26462), Gonzales LECESTER, Unversty (50000), The Lnkers Remoton LNWOOD, Qlppme nn, Underhand Joma LVERPOOL Erc. ( ), X Ray apex LONDON, Brecknock, Camden ( ), Urchn LONDON. The Cock, Hertford Road, Land. scape LONDON. Mddlesex Hon. ptal, Cleveland S., Contempt / (layson and the Argonauts LONDON, Musc Machne, Camden ( ). Jenny Haan's Lon LONDON. New Rosy Theatre. Herlenden ( ) Ravne Rupert / The Majors LONDON, Roxy, Covent Garden ( ). The Heat LONDON, South Bank Polytechnc ( ), Remus Down Boulevard LONDON, Tractors, halng. ton, Redone LONDON. Whte Hart, Tottenham, Band Wth No Name MACCLESFELD. Tray. tllers Rest, mdm MATLOCK. The Pavlon, Strange Days MELTON MOWBRAY, Panted Lady. Krby Bellars (822), Bruce Ruffn MDDLESBROUGH, Rock Garden (24095), Suburban Studs o 4 Catch Robs Tyrone wth X -R ay Spcx at the R ou ndhouse on Sunday. NOTTNGHAM, Sandpper Slaughter and the Doge N(yTD(OAM, Trent Polytechnc (48249), Venom NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE, The Polytechnc (2879) Mtn Capsldl NEWPORT. The Vllage. Motorhead O/MSKtK, Edge Hll, Steel Pulse OXFOD, Weslmneter College, The Please es PLASTOW. North East London Poly, Rado Stars READNG. Target (55007),.0. U. READNG, Target (585887), Mnotaur REDDTCH, Tracey. (800), Automatcs RETFORD, Porterhouse, No Dce SCARBOROUGH. Pen. Mouse (63204), Edgar Broughton STAFFORD. North Staffs Polytechnc, Garbo and Cellulod Heroes WELLNGBOROUGH, Hellsh Ral Club, Crary Cavan r JAR 4 BARKNOgmE, Old Maypole, Graham Fbnton's Matchbox BATH, 3Rg Arta Centre (84354 ), Gary Boyle BRMNGHAM. Barba. reles ( ), Rch Kds BRMNGHAM, The Unversty ( ), Hooker BLACKPOOL, Norbreek MONDAY TO FRDAY Rado One -John Peel GO. ^(8 2): The Man Who Fell To Hounslow pg more dscs from outta ths solar system. FRDAY RADO CLYDE - The Record Producers (9 - ): Bubblegum USA style muzzle from the Amercan pop producers of the sxtes. 'We love The Moakees' knds stuff. SATURDAY RADO CLYDE - Hear Me Talke' (9 - l). Gordon Clltrap (jockstrap?) dscusses hs album 'Perlous Journey'. MONDAY BBC Rado Newcastle - Bedrock (7.5 onwards). The Squad feature n the 'Gve - the -local - safety - pns -a - elance' corner. Also scoop later vew wth Tom Newman (Tom Who?), one of the record ndustry's baekronm boys. TUESDAY Rasa Clyde -Stck D n Your Ear (6.05'T). Mlle green men aoeee from the ntergalactc Borng Band./5;~/.//.r '4 Castle (0284), Jogger net BLACKPOOL, Poulton Le Fylde College, Dawnweaver BRGHTON, Clarence Ho. le, Fredde Plsger Lee BRSTOL, Old Granary (20207), Jena,) Darren BROMSGROVE, North Worcester College, Mae cln CLEETHORPEB, Bunnes (87289, Stamps COVENTRY, Mr. Georges (27620) The Lurkers / The Doll/ Reacton DUDLEY. JB'a (0300), Krakatoa EDNBURGH. Herlot Watt Unversty ( ), The End GLASGOW, Burrs Howl) (04-33 lelo). Sneaky Pete GRAVESEND, Prnce 4f Wales, Rebel OREENOOK, Vctoran Carrage, Underhand loom HARROGATE. PO's Club, Ama.orblades DAN. Caudle Hotel, Band Wtb No Name LEEDS, Fforde Green Hotel (823470), Son Of A Btch LECESTER, Balees 36482), Gonzales LECESTER. Polytechnc (2752. OsmM ea LETCHWORTH, The Leys ( ), Vas -mes Ven. / Socal Mae 5 / Whte Lnes / The Murderers LVERPOOL, C.F. Molt College, No Dce LVERPOOL. Erc. ( , Rado ttan LVERPOOL, Moonstone ( ), o.rabard Kngdom LONDON. Adam and Eve, Hackney, Cra.y Oven t the Rhythm Rocker / LOAN ON, Black Bull. Lewsham, Flyng 8r. e.0 LONDON. Bractnoel, Qmaten ( ), RoBOps LONDON, Clauda. BrOtkk+ ( ) Stale' E apps. LONDON. Duke of Lancaster New Buret, Tequla LONDON, Moak Machne, (6-387(ld 0428), RCaeamdenlly LONDON, New Rosy Theatre. Harteeden ), The alarm - lade / Blle Daves /r LONDON. Roeheatf Castle. Stoke Newngton Hgo, Street (0-2(9 006). Ele09rlr (bales LONDON. Rock Garden, (event Garden (0'240 B.wl 56). Telenaeque ///s%// )O! O. LONDON, Stapleton, Crouch HU ( ), Jerry The Ferret MANCHESTER. Belle Vue ( ), Jm Oapald MATLOO(, Black Rocks, Tatum MATL.00L The Pavlon, Strange Day. MELTON MOW BRAY, Panted Lady, Krby Heller. (022), Bruce Ruffn MDDLESBR000H, Rock Garden (24995, Mum metalrune. MLTON KEYNES, The Nethergeld, Lett R&M Delve MOTHERWELL. Cvc Centre (67et6), Neeronaocer READNG, Bulmerahe Col lego, Jenny llano'. Lon REDDTCH, Tracey (660), Oalaevere RETFORD, Porterhouse (498), tttle Ataa SHEFFELD, Polytechnc, Pond St. (3290), Shun se SNODLAND (Kent), 7r Bull, Venom SUTTON N ABRFELD, Golden Damond WOwl), Flyng WATFORD, Wall Hall College, Onto Waahna too WGAN, Castro (4350), Meal Tcket WOLVERHAMPTON, Pol. ytec hale 2885, Steel Wse a. BAKEWELL, Monol Head, Tatum BELLNGHAM, Squre, E vl W easel BRMNGHAM. Barba. - ran., ( ), tp Off BRMNGHAM, Golden Eagle Olna and the Retleas (7aWr, tne Rocker ras,jagger- GOU ROCK, The Ashton, Jo lethal HAFdO, O.tlu The Forum, JACKDALE. Grey Top pee (lrateablrooks 3202, Mc Ma LEEDDS,S. Fforde Green Hotel 42470), Ame.aeb-.. LlER Erch OK care eagle LONDON. Ca n 0496k 8073) Lp Servce LONDON. Duke of Lamm - ter, New Barnet, Creed LONDON, Roundhouse, Chalk Farm ( ), )( Ray Spna / Black Slate / Dead Fngers Talk / ~ota Maln (Natonal Abnrtbn Campagn B&wef t) LONDON. Torrngton, Flrn'JUey, Dck.Morrleey Band LONDON, Wlruleor Castle. Harrow Road ( ), Fracture NEWCASTLE DroN TYNE, Culbenklan '(bastes (295). Bdgew Bend / pso Fan., RNOMER, Crow's Nest, Slltre READNG, Target (606657), Tger LBy SEFF EO, Top Rank (2027), No Dlca WTLEY BAY, Res Hotel, Blltekrleg Plop YORK, Stmeletgh Hotel, Stamp, JAN BRKENHEAD, Hamlton (00-M7 9003), Stada 9ars KMNOAM, Barba. rega. ( ), The S,ee lmob BRMNGHAM. Dghsth Harrel Organ ( ), Stage Frght BRMNGHAM, Rebecca. ( ), (large BLACKPOOL., Jentnaon. (20203), The End BRENTWOOD, Hermt Club (37084). Mln oa,e COVENTRY, Mr. Georges (27629), Flyng Saunera LVE tpool. Sportsman ( ), Juggernaut LONDON, Brecknock, Camden ( ), O re nd Hotel LONDON, Dngwall., Cam ten - ( , The Locker* / The Doll / Johnny O LONDON, Moonlght, RaUway Hotel, West Hampstead ( ). More Throat LONDON, Royal Albert fn) ( ), Clad Feas to LONDON. Upgtalrg at Ronne Scotts, Fr th Street ( Stadlam Doge NOTTNGHAM. Shpley Boat, Eastwood. pear PLYMOUTH, Lesure Centre (542), JM (tpaldt REDDTCH, Tracsya (000), Venom SWNDON, Altar (30670), The Orate t JAN 7 Ct RRMNOHAM, Barba - rete. ( ), Adver Wne BRMNGHAM, Cedar Club, Garb A Cellulod Herons DONCASTER, College of F.duaOon. Krakatoa EDNBURGH, Tlyfanye (0M 6359). Steel Mahe GLASGOW, Anaphora ( ), Neoerornnacer GLASGOW. TTBanye ( ), Steel Pub. / Hark.tabee re / funnels Mnd / Nu Some. LONDON, Brecknock, Camden ( ), Hereward K'e Fallen Angel, LONDON, Duke of Uea.- ter, New larnet, Pesae LONDON, Hammersmth Odeon ( ), Steoeye Span LONDON, Kensngton. Russell Gardens ( Sounder LONDON, Marquee, Ward. our SL (Oí37 sem), B arbra al LONDON, Rock Garden, Covent Garden ( ), Te torten / The Makers LONDON, The Stapleton, Crouch HU ( ), aa60aps LONDON, Tramehed, Womwlch (0-Oat 337), Grand Hotel LONDON, Vortex, Crack- ers, Wardut,r Street (Olle 496), Depreasle.s LONDON, Upstalre at Ronne., Prth St (h ), Mount Florlde LONDON, Western (bun. Ge., Paddngton ), The Acton NORWCH, Cromwell. (ea ]:909), Lowy lee PORTSMOUTH. Polytece. n t (90(7 ), Jm chpeld READNG, Target (500987), Spa Seres

23 neeoro mnor, santary 4, A red revoluton starts RCH KDS Satellte of Club, materal Glasgow wth a couple of oldes. Young, fast and effcent ON REFLECTON a fne - and a formula for McCrea. enough openng to a tour that's More? gong to be very ntereetng by The combnaton of Matlock the tme t wnds up n the captal á't the end of the month. But frst thoughts frst Noton / contenton; Rch Kds played the worst cohort for great / a ncredbly promsng / potental - laden new band that t was possble to play. Poor lttle Rch Kds. But (agan): not entrely true Class and enthusasm won through. By the end they were more than gong through the motons of battlng aganst the heavly - stacked odds. Wnnng wth the power of the songs, somethng lke 30 remanng watts... and vrtually no KEVN COYNE / ZOOT MONEY Rock Garden, Lon. don KEVN COYNE n he new double act wth Zoot Money appeared n the nether regons of London's Rock Garden and despte the fact that t was 2.25 a head admsson and 50p a pnt, hs fathful followers showed up and sat knowledgeably around the stage. The rest of the audence seemed to be expectng a heavy metal band and left soon after the gg started Wth the ad of a prerecorded backng tape Coyne started solo and pcked off a selecton of hs old laves; 'Amsterdam', 'Loonatc', 'Fat Grl' and 'Savour', pausng only to wet hs whstle (s that gut real?) He fnshed hs set off wth 'The Open Ward s The Place For You'. A dssapolntngly slow start but at ths stage Zoot Money appeared and added the necessary bte to cut out Coyne's occasonal maudln sentmentalty. They romped through 'You Wn Agan', 'Eastbourne Ladles', and 'When The Bourgeos Dance' (whch they predctably dd) whch provded the hghlght of the evenng's entertanment, added to Coyne's belly - shakes around the' stage More whstle wettng., cres of "Buy us a drnk, Kev" and they fnshed wth 'Karate' reappearng, as requested, for the one encore. A good dsplay by Coyne who showed he hasn't lost the knack of appealng to hs audence and he can be as amusng as ever. although t mght have helped f he was a shade drunker. MKE COLE. é r,', 7N bass. You guessed t. The were bugs back n town. Up 2 flghts of stars. openng nght gremlns, new speaker% and they started on But wth tme. a load of equpment n left the truck and Glenn MaUock's new gear packng up t weren't - and thnk ths s the useful expresson to be employed - a 'perfect sound'. No matter; t's the musc that counts; t dd. The audence aren't watchng the band wth (breath) an ex - Sex Platol. Or (perhaps more surprsngly n Glasgow least) at the band wth an ex -Slk, n the hghly personable form of Mdge Ure. Just takng t as they fnd t, and hearng what they can. Steve New, Matlock, Mdge and Rusty crankng up on new wave pop. Just workng up to an hour H EAVY B ELLY KRAKATOA Musc Machne, London KRAKATOA - The scene of the largest natural exploson known to man, kllng 33,000 people, as all you avd hstorans must know. KRAKATOA - Fve muscans. Vocalst Terry Bennett who does amazng thngs wth a tambourne Gutarst Roger Adams. Ngel Glockler, a drummer whose appearance suggests a refugee from a Blackpool beach. Bas - slot Dave Poxon. And an excellent keyboards man, Hans Zmmer. The latter Krakatoa arrved wth less mpact frst. They than the merely strolled onstage n sngle fle to start the eght -song set wth 'Get The Love' Ther musc s dffcult to categorse. Generally 'early seventes' rock wth a heavy dependence on keyboards. although towards the end of the show these became recesses as Ole songs, partcularly 'Border Lne', got heaver. At the moment Zmmer appears to be the only member (dscardng Bennett wth hs tambourne) wth real, self confdence and as a result both gutars and drums sound weak n comparson. The band ncluded two slower songs halfway through the materal (all penned by the band) to brng a change of tempo. 'Fortune's Hero' whch felt was ther best song had a relaxed, smooth feel but ts sucessor 'n The Palm Of Your Hand' ddn't sound so much lad-back as flat out Krakatoa al present are competently borng. Ther problem s power Zmmer and Bennett made contnual ralles to capture atmosphere but the others were completely gutless (except for the clmax of 'Border Lne' whch proved they could dolt f they tred). The materal was OK wth a couple of hghspots but lackng n adventure. A few good kcks from behnd would do them a world of good but at the moment they are less of an erupton, more an erratc flow. KELLY PKE NO DCE Marquee, London NTRODUCNG No Dce, a great lttle rock 'n' roll band from North London. Yeah, that's rght, just straght rock. None and Ure (and ther, ahem, muscal backgrounds) seems even at thla early stage to work perfectly. They exchange lead vocal dutes half and half and walk away wth armfuls of awards for neat, tght chorusng, Ths means the songs tend to stck mmedately - plus pont that no amount of bad 'sound' can remove. So to 'Here Comes The Nght'. Matlock plays wth red gloves (untl "t got too hot") wth the three front men leapng and boundng around the tny stage. Want Steve New's gutar to be up more, for the bass to come through more, for. Don't ask. Get. Slade's 'Shape Of Thngs To Come', as excellent lve as they are on record. n Roger 'Peaches' Ferrs they have an ncredbly commandng vocalst whose cocky but somewhat awkward stage presence remnds me of an energetc Graham Parker. Gutarst Dave Martn who wouldn't look out of place n a shed adds unpretentous gutar solos to Dave Moore's clever keyboard work. Chrs Wyles thrashes around as capable as any drummer 've seen Bass player extrandlnalre Gary Strange struts around, unashambedly grnnng. Why s ths man smlng' You mght ask Well, t's Strange who wrtes the fresh but tradtonal songs whch make No Dce more than just a stereotyped Brtsh rock band. 'Why Sugar', 'People That Make Musc' have that raw sngalong qualty smlar to the Faces' most memorable stage classcs. Unlke the Faces, No Dce have a creatve songwrter who has the ablty to wrte fendsh tunes whch make the set more than just a pontless exercse n sweaty but lmted enjoyment. 'Murder n The Ran' 'Empty Words', a slghtly bzarre (and Matlock clams totally effectve) rendton of Mattock's 'Pretty Vacant', a song "about our favourte subject" 'Young Grls', many more and the new sngle (ths revewer clams the totally effectve) 'Rch Kds'. And stop. No encore. All the appeal of eongsmths on speed alled to the nstant surge of Sweet New wave out the jukebox dusted wth saccarn. We lke t lke that. And we wll, you too. A lot acheved therefore.. and a way to go. The way tours mprove, yet To pack 200 nto a Glasgow club on a Sunday nght and send them away happy, yeah, U's got to be a good start.' Take t as red (that's what the ads say as well). SHEARLAW dsbanded long ago, t must be ages snce they last toured and only punks seem to get publcty thele days. But ths revtalsed seven -pece stll man ages to pack n the punters wth ts refreshng trbal rhythms straght from the heart of Afrca. The band's sound and style are just the same as when last saw them at the 976 Readng Festval - not that t matters. Ths s musc for the bod y and feet, not the head. Oslbsn seem to be one of only a few bands who genunely enjoy playng and 'Back n The Schoolyard', both wth subtle Changes of pace, are the best examples of of your pop punk or Strange's talents whch whatever the latest wll surely make hs dsposable trend s. band as successful wthn those lmtatons. as See, no matter how Bad Company / Faces they're great. Tght hard the supposedly Nana Mouskourl / rhythm bashng, wldly knowledgeable rock Queen (delete where energetc, plenty of press tres t's to mpose applcable). PHLP movement. Tenson kept hgh by a sense of new musc on you one HALL mmnent rot look at the Brtsh and OSBSA Yes, do mean dancng. None of that nervous So there you are. Amercan album charts stuff where you have to look around to see f wll tell you BOF rock Aylesbury Frars Slaughter And The Dogs anyone's lookng at you makng a fool of you melt - a knd of canne stll rules. OLD JUNGLE rockers t's just a natural reacton. The musc hats the carnage wth a lot of spt So that leaves us wth never de - they just get reflexes and the rest works by tself and polsh. nvest n NO Dce, potental BOFs longer n the bongo. They dd four encores and the booker for the Hope some waterproof cloth- (no nsult), Ther set at must admt that wanted to know how he could get them back there ng and go and see for the Marquee llustrated before ths gg was agan. So, tonght won't be ther only nght ALF yourselves. MARK EL that ths young band are convnced Osbsa had MARTN LEN JOHN to an audence. They chant, shout and joke wth the Crowd and the good vbratons quckly spread all over the hall. Frst number was that old rave rave, 'The Dawn', pulsatng drum beats topped off by tasty brass lcks ron the frontmen. The band's new materal, ncludng ther latest sngle, sounds as strong as ever. Osbsa can be summed up n one word - energy. Some top old wave bands could name look fast asleep n comparson. TERRY KERR Tonght and every nght TONGHT Hope And Anchor, London ALL RGHT. so t's only January and everyone has worn out ther crystal balls already but 'm gong to stck my neck under the gullotne and say that Tonght are defntely gonna be around - and n a very bg way - by the end of the year, f not sooner. They are the tghtest best new band 've seen snce Tom Robnson. They've got more hooks on ther songs than the local fshng tackle shop London's Hope And Anchor has been more crowded but the ones that dd turn out certanly ddn't want to go home and t wasn't because t was cold outsde. f you saw Top Of The Pops - stars already - last week you'll have heard Tonght's new sngle, 'Drummer Man'. t's good, but not ther best And t's not just good songs they've got They're tghter than a jam jar ld that needs prsng open between the hnges of a door. So 'm gong over the top but go and hear 'Check Out Grl', 'Schoolgrl Strpper', 'Jump Down Turn Around', 'Cry Sht'.. oh, and loads more and you'll be dancng. SLAUGHTER AND THE DOGS Marquee, London 'M LUCKY to be alve. So, for that matter, are Slaughter And The Dogs. Applause, n the form of a torrental downpour of salva plus beer muge, raned upon ths lvely crew throughout the length of ther set, Three under fre were Wayne Barrett, craw- lng over the amps, hangng hmself by hs te and layng down some good, raspng vocals- Howard Bates and The Muftet, bass / drums (playng together for safety) supplyng the megaton backng, and, star of the show, 'wldman' Mke Ross on gutar, who managed some hot, screechy lead solos whle three feet off the ground, To these basc ngredents str n hell - rasng numbers lke 'We Don't Care', and 'Where Have All The Bootboys Gone', and the floor seems electrfed. They ht a mnor energy creels n 'Watng For -The Man' - f 'd had enough room to yawn mght have done. But, wthout a doubt the hghlght of the set, ther excellent sngle 'You're A Bore', showed best ther sharp, punchy sound behnd a drvng and very catchy Chorus lne. They're what 'd call a tral punk band' and, THE NEW SNGLE FROM SWEET SENSATON STre-\

24 LGHTNG Barry Can reports on the start of the Sex Pstols' Amercan tour Johnny leaves hs heart n Fnsbury Park SEX PSTOLS Atlanta, Georga "HULLO MY name's John and ths s the Sex Pstols." Atlanta, Georga. The Great South -East Musc Hall. Redneck Cty web comes punk cty slobs The openng nght of the Pstols' Amercan tour and the southern werdos are out n force along wth vce -squad, Nobody.qute,- knows what to expect. There are queues of people outsde n the ran takng shelter n the shoppng precnct doorways. There's no way they're gonna get ln. Curosty, fred chcken style, sold out the tckets weeks n advance. About the best these southern zeroes can hope for s a rad. "Hullo, my name's John and ths s the Sex Pstols" and nto 'God Save The Queen'. And so the band belly Bopped nto me of the worst ggs they have ever played. t was bad, mean crapola. Rotten, n tals (mnus top hat) left hs heart n Fnsbury Park. Hs voce has never been so flat. Steve Jones' gutar s merclessly out of tune. The tmng on nedrly every song s hopelessly out. Wnnna Be Me' follows whch Rotten clams s the "new Brtsh Natonal Anthem. "Forget about starng at us and just start dancng. Have some fun, we're all ugly. We know that." Rotten book of quotes number 84. By the thrd number, ''m A Lazy Sod', Vcous slps out of hs leather Jacket revealng hs Bullworker body. Amerca doesn't seem to agree wth hm. Hell, Me doesn't seem to agree wth hm "Sec the fne upstandng young men Brtan's chuckng out these days, " Quote number 289. The men from Atlanta reserve. spttng. For specal occasons - lke hooey chewng. So they're content to throw plastc cups and - rolled up bts of paper? And a lot of them are too drunk to apprecate the sheer amateursm of the band. t's mpossble to gauge reacton from ths crowd - too full of journalsts "Aren't we the worst thng you've ever seen?" queres Rotten. The Atlantan cheer - though they can't understand what he's sayng anyway, The band fumble through the rest of the set fnshng on song number 2 - 'Anarchy n The UK' or US of A as Rotten's traehcan ntonaton dwells on the A- A -A-A. There was noencore. Sld Vcous n arport watng lounge next day "We were terrble last nght." Pont taken. Now f y'all walla hear some more of ths, Loon n next week. Same grme, same flannel. Y'all hear now. ROLL Y UR WN AB NET. ADAM HALL (RM) SUPPLES Hell Order Servce or CASTORS t FEET,SAN DES: COVERNGS: FRETCLOTH: GRLLE LOCKS 'CATCHES HNGES: SPECALSED HARDWARE CORNERS. PPNGS a TRM :ETC OUANTT' DSCOUNTS Una Sn SAE for llunnted C.tebeue Unt O. Sterlng Worts. amnes Roe O. Soul bend -o,, 5.. SS3 SDA RECORDS Golden Oldes or Chart- Materal maled all Over the world by us. WOULD YOU LKE SOME? you would lke more detals please wrte, enclose s.a.e. STRAWBERRY PRODUCTONS P.O. Box 22, Dunstable. Bed, Tel. 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25 Record Mrror, January 4, THS N'T FA SNGLE! EAD TRAN B/W GREENS & DESOLATON ROAD THE HOT NEW SNGLE -AND -A -HALF FROM azaret GONE DEAD TRAN unreleased rele cludes prevously ROAD tracks -COOS & ret DEAD r..n releed,usly ROAD ON DESOLAT NAZ 2 Smarketed by Wth a BONUS of 2 newly - recorded, un -released tracks and an A -SDE* that's gong to tear your ears apart! 'From ther new album "EXPECT NO MERCY" TOPS 5 MOUNTAN RECORDS

26 Record Mrror, January 4, 978 fp-/////////////////////// Stand up for the Queen MLLS JACKSON s eatng away at my defences agan. On her album 'Feelln' Btchy' Jackson s once more dealng wth the cause and consequences of nfdelty n adult relatonshps. Ths tme around the narratve s n the thrd person, not the frst. Ms Jackson Ls roarng about a troubled couple she knows, who may have both phoned her for sympathy and advce. 'Tm a wse move, for Jackson s not repeatng the har rasng adventures of '(aught Up'. On the other hand else'', not losng the mpact that such an emotve concept album buld, up. 'f You're Not Back n Love By Monday' s a tear jerker n the mould that (Harty, Knght made popular here wth 'Help Me Make t Through The j Nght'. Equally pognant and desperate the story. lne of the *mash Amercan sngle advses the two quarrellng lovers to leave pronto for a long - overdue ntmate weekend. Whle the song nspres reunon» among shattered Amercan couples, Mlle.lark,on s back home agan n Teaneck, New Jersey, amd the chaos of organsng her band for thn month', vst to Brtan. Many Amercan,ngers beleve Brtsh audence, wll love her for mncng Broadway standards and omttng her earler hts. Mlle Jar -keen, bless her under - rated common sense. n plannng to gve the Brtsh fans what they know. "'m gong to do the old tune» for Brtan." explans the raspy snger. "t', funny, 'cause half of my band don't even know 'Hurt So Good', much less 'My Man, A Sweet Man', 'Ask Me What You Want' or '(bld Of God'. They've got to learn them al "The only tme performed n Brtan was fve years ago at the Playboy Club. %/ by ROBN KATZ " had comted on part of my act Just beng rappng. love to talk. But the audence was so reserved. No one let me feel that they lked me, so l just skpped the talkng and dd all the sngng. THEN they gave me a standng ovaton. was n bg trouble. ddn't have any songs left to sng 'eml" assured Me Jackson that n the past fve year» Brtsh soul audences had learned that t wasn't rude to make favourable gurglng,' n the performer's drecton. Playng Brtan s not yet Saturday nght at the old Apollo. But gven patence, the next floe years may produce a mracle. " can understand t," laughs Jackson, shoong her chldren away from the phone. "'ve worked n Bermuda and the Brtsh stff upper lp atttude u stll there. "The frst tme! went there the show ran late. And Just got onstage and started dole' my regular rap. All of a sudden the lghts started blnkng, whch le usually a sgnal for a performer to get off the stage. " just kept gong 'cause was determned not to atop early just 'cause everythng wa, runnng late. Turns out that you can get arrested n Bermuda for swearng n a publc place) They were Bashng the lghts to try to warn me. Now they don't,flash 'cause they know 'm not gong to change. " n Amerca Male Jackson's no holds barred approach to the phlosophcal rghts and wrongs of men and women s a reflecton of the changng socal tme,. But outsde the more bosterous Amerca Mlle Jackson's musc s a poneerng force. s t a fact she s aware off "Well, do most of my work n Amerca. But dd travel to Japan. And the record company translates the Englsh lyrcs nto Japanese. " dd one ntervew wth a woman's magazne. They explaned to me that Japanese wves accept the fact that ther bands have mstreasne. MLLEJACKSQN: sweet but sweaty - r7f F Here the new doublethat makes t a trple. Za. COM: 5 $ [K) TMG 09 \ TMG Too Ho Trot \ COMMo,4ORES "Easy" and "Machne Gun" was the Commodores frst double 'A' sde smash. Next came "Sweet Love" and "Brckhouse; and another smash. Now here's "Zoom" COMMODORES lama n r,... age. tna,r, and "Too Hot Ta Trot" Once agan couplng a sweet sde wth a sde full of superfunk, and another wnner! So make sure your money's on t.

27 Rec yd Mrror, January 4, UKDsco Top 50 CONTNUNG the sor.ora tram race wo, 2 3 DON'T W ANNA LOSE YOUR LOVE, (motor.. CBS DO YOU REM W BER,Lsng Tll Erne Polydor 23 9 DADDY OOO, Cara Mcgnet 24 3 DANCNG PARTY, Showeddywedde Arleta25 5 ZODACS, Robert Koh Oeve 24 - JAM JAM JAM, People'. Chokes Phl n' BLOOD AND HONEY,Arnend. Leer Ads FLORAL DANCE, Bna,ouee B Rage. Bend Logo HOLLYWOOD,B or Seaga. CBS WLL, Rd. Water. Creole 3 22 ONLY THE STRONG SURVVE Bev Peul Phl n? 32 4 BELFAST, Bone. M Atlentc 3 - LTTLE GRL. The Bs amd Hare en 34 7 LOVE OF MT UFE, noelen GTO T'S A HEARTACHE,B onnle Tyler 36 M GET ON THE FUNK TRAN, Munch Machne Oeele 37 - WHCH WAY S UP, 5mro.rd MCA 39 - TOO HOT TA TROT, Commodores Motown 39 9 HOW DEEP S YOUR LOVE, B.e Gee. RSO ROCK N ALL OVER THE WORLD, Sege Oro Veeego 4 35 DON'T T MAKE MY BROWN EYES BLUE, Cryng Gals UA 42 - SORRY 'M A LADY, Bee cte WE / CELEBRATE / HAPPY PEOPLE, Brew Congruence UA LP RUMOUR HAS t, Donne Summer Cesablaoct LP GOT TO HAVE YOUR LOVE,Fanm am Four Atlenec HAVEN'T STOPPED DANCN YET, Gonzalez EM 47 - MAGC MND, Earth Wnd t Fre CBS 48 - MUSC, Mom reel Sound Creole 2., 49 - MASTER BOOTY,Fetheck Sprng MAGC MANDRAKE SrrB.nd C.lenda, BREAKERS NOBODY'S GOT TME, Coachmen. Rh5hm Secton ce 2 FOR YOUR LOVE, Four Top ABC2n 3 UP WTH THE COO( / BG PUNK, Judge DreedCeetue 4 SWEET LUCY, Red De Sotma 5 LOVE WTH YOU, Bll Ferdedck. 6 CAN SEE CLEARLY NOW, WENT Chere. 0 DO YOU HAVETHE FORCE. Drod. LENNY WLLAMS: 'Choosng You' (ABC 498). Bg for months as an LP track and then mport, the fantastc fast fler's tnnly out on lmted 2n... and sellng fast, KELLEE PATTER SON: 'f t Don't Ft Don't Force t' (EM NT 544). Sensatonal slnky slow chugger from the US soul chart, could even ht here. STARGARD: 'Theme Song Flom "Whch Way n Up" ' (MCA 346). Norman Whtfeld - penned clapper n the 'Car Wash' bag, already bg on mport. ROKOTTO: 'For The Broken Hearted'/'You And Me' (State STAT 68). Naggngly catchy, slow swayng pace - changer, and a lovely sweet slow flp, packaged wth pcture label. LNDA CLFFORD: 'From Now On' (Warner Bros t 7076). Full - length 7:0 2n takes a whle lo warns up nto a subtly swngng Cand Staton - style groove, bg on mport. JACKSONS: 'Even Though You're Gone' / 'H(ferent Knd Of Ad)' (Epc 'EPC 599). Lovely nter, a rado smash, and grtter fast dlsm flp. EASTSDE CON- NECTON: 'You're So Rght For Me' (('sole 2 -CR 49)- Out at last on frll - length 2n at El 25 (but edted for 45), ths zngy mport smash has been huge for months. COMMODORES: 'Too Hot Ta Trot' / 'loom' (Mobwn TMG 096). Jaunty tunker n the 'Brck House' bag. double - A wth ther smoochy LP ttle track. EARTH WND AND FRE 'Magc Mnd' 2n Captol Polydor London 7 THE NGHT THE UGHTS WENT 0.(T, TremmpAd.ntc B LOVE MAGNET, Fn. Pegs. LP Captol 9 BG BLOW / SOUL MAKOSSA, Menu French Fleet. 2n Bard. (LP 'All 'N' All' CBS 8805). Httng already, the exctng fast tun- ker's Joned by 'n The Marketplace', 'Serpentne Fre' and 'Fantasy' a's other goodes. JOHNNY O: 'Call Me Bwnna' (Beggars Banquet BEG 3). Dynamte new wave reggae send - up, should slot n wth Messrs Marley, Rchman, Costello - even Altha And Donal JONATHAN RCH - MAN: "The Mornng Of Our lves' (Beeerkley BZ7. 7). Terrfc hauntng slowle, qurky as ever. DAVD BOWEt, 'Beau ty And The Beast' ( PB 90). Freaky slow - startng powerful pounder, BE BOP DELUXE: 'Panc n the World' (Harvest HAR 547). Roxy - type md - tempo churner, BUGATT AND MUS- KER: 'Starry Nght' (Epc EPC 5930). Great doo wop swayer, full of fun. PARLAMENT: 'Bop Gun' (LP 'Funkmtele cty V. The Placebo Syndrome' Casablanca CALM 202). 'Flash Lght' and the full 8:32 of ths US P'tunk smash are klnda specalst unless the force s wth you) FREDA PAVNE: 'Love Magnet' (Captol CL 5969). Lvely stomper already httng up north, thanx to advance 2n promos. LA BELE EPOQUE: 'Mss Broadway' (lar - vest HAR 5444). Lke a slower chugalong Suzl Quatro. GL SCOW - HERON AND BRAN JACK- SON: 'Racetrack n France' (LP 'Brdges' Arsta SPARTY 03). Steve Wonder, Johnny by LAMES HAMLTON BADJA reply HOWARD HUNTRDGE, head of the Brtsh Assocated DJ Allance, 5 Thorne Road, Doncaster, seems to have read nto my pece about BADJA's promoton of Amanda Lear's 'Blood And Honey' (RM Dec 3) exactly what dd not wrte! Far from accusng hm of gettng hs member DJs to hype the record nto the Dsco Chart, was nvtng BADJA members to contrbute truthful dancer reacton charts to help make the RECORD MRROR dsco chart even more representatve. a pont he seems to have mssed entrely n hs reply. He had asked hs member DJs to let RM know about he record, ntendng ths nfo lobe used n the DJ Hotlne, but as must he obvous the DJ Hotlne s SATURDAY (4) Rcca - donna and the Manly Male boutque have a Mr Dsco +73 beauty contest for reles (not a muscle man show) at Bournemouth's Vllage, Mck Ames' Roadshow hts Portshead Brstol and John DeSade starts a new funky nght at Gutar Watson - type subtlety wth a few ultra - funky fans. HOODOO RHYTHM DEVLS: 'Gotta Lot Of Love n My Soul' (Fantasy FTC 47). Mellow md - tempo swayer. CARL CARLTON: 'Everlastng love' (ABC 496). Ressued 074 US ht revval of the Robert Knght / Love Affar olde. JMMY JAMES: 'You Made Me Love Agan' (Pye 7N 48099). Bouncy Bddu romper. Readng rave! BANK HOLDAY Monday's soul all - dayer at Readng's Top Rank was a knockout success. wth 3,427 Crammed n and many hundreds turned away. Although orgnally a northern soul festval, the tde has turned now to the extent that only about 400 northern fans showed up and many of these stayed downstars n the man funky room. dggng the atmosphere. Once agan Chrs Hll cleaned up f thars the word! - wth a massed dsplay of moonng by the bouncng buttocks of hs many followers. The Top Rank was evdently unprepared for qute so large a crowd and had only one bar open- But as the venue has now been booked for funky all - dayers on every Bank Holday for the next year they should be ready by Easter Monday, March 27, when Readng'fl rave agan! Mnster's Beach Hotel, sle of Sheppey. Owen Washngton sts n for Graham Canter at Mayfar's Gulllvers all ths and next week whle other regular ggs are: Tuesday.: Mke Dow's oldes at Hoxton Market House; Wednesdays: Graham Gold's funk al Greenford Champers; Thursdays: Dave Das lard Lee'. pop al Merthyr Tydfl Labour Club, Denns Brynner and Steve Jensen's funk (also on Frdays) at Southampton's Centre; ntended for records not already among the places the chart contans. t s also a small way of rewardng regular chart contrbutors wth name checks. As Amando Lear was already way up the chart, lls acton - and the resultant ple of mall - was redundant f well - ntentoned. t was Arlola Records' press offcer who descrbed ther arrangement wth BADJA as beng wth a promoton company. Anyway, all BADJA members and DJs everywhere are stll needed to contrbute regularly to the Dsco Chart, so please send your reacton -based Top 0 (and three Breakers) to James Hamlton. RECORD MRROR, 40 Long Acre, London WC2E 9JT. The more we gel, the more accurate the chart l Frdays: Bll Robn - son's punkablly at veston New nn, Gor don Lyle's funk al Glasgow Maestro's, Nell James's funk (also on Saturdays) at Green - ford Panels; Saturdays: Davy Mtchell's pop 'n' punk al Ednburgh's Claymore Hotel. Terry Qunn's Buster soul show s nl Saltcoats' Banks And Braes every lunch and nght except Sundays and Barry Stewart's soul s at Pagnton's Tropcana. GREG DAVES (r ) has resdences at Watford', New Penny and Stevenage's Bo.tangles although he lves al Putnue, Bedford. For a change he suggeston LP chart of albums wth proven Olsen appeal. ll. Bn, s. Constructon UA Wnd A Fre CBS ALL'N' ALL, Earth 3 STAR WARS, Meco 4 CHOOSNG YOU, Lenny Wllam. ABC 5 THEBESTOFTAVARFS Captol 0 LVE. Commodores Motown 7 SOMETHNG TO LOVE, LTD A8 el 8 9 N FULL BLOOM, Rowe Royce GALAXY, War Whlfleld MCA FOOT LOOSE AND FANCY FREE, Rod Stewart Rlv,. HOT VNYL BOB JONES (Chelmsford Dee -.lay'. / Mr.Hones) mport tps FT Express 'Shout t Out' (US Columba), George Duke 'Reach For t' (Epc), Chc 'Everybody Dance' (Atlantc LP), Kng Errl.on'A Bound' (Westbound LP), Made n USA 'Shake Your Body' (De-Lle LP), Players Assocaton 'Born To Dance' / 'Deo nferno' (Vanguard LP), Cerrone 'Gmme Love' / Love. llere' (French Mallgator LP), Routhroad Connecton 'You Lke t - We Love ' (Mahogany 2n) James T 'noggn' (Red'. World) and McKnley Mtchell 'End Of The Ranbow' (ChlmneyvWe). On the ar ROBBE VNCENT'. lunchtme Saturday shows on BBC Rado London are now nckng some of our Hot Vnyl contrbutors to present ther three top dsco hts The rota of funky club Jocks, one a week, s Chrs Hll (lford Lacy Lady). Graham Canter (Mayfar Gullvers), Dave Royal (Southgate Royalty) and - ths Saturday - Chrs Brown (Camberley Frenchles). Later n the year Robbe hopes to add an nfluental US Jock too.

28 28 Record Mrror, January 4,97g Fan Clubs DENNS WATERMAN offcal fan club, meet Denns at club dsco. - SAE detals: Susan French, 27 Croydon Road. Penge. London. SE20 7TT. For Hre DSCO EQUPMENT, PA systems, sound to lght unts, reasonable rates. - Newham Audo Servces o Songwrtng HOLLYWOOD COM PAN'S needs lyrcs for new songs, all types wanted, free detals. - Musc Servces, 305/R. North Hghland, Hollywood, Calforna 9(528. USA. DJ Jngles,500 JNGLES, 8 x C60. (5.50 Cwo - Keytec Lmted, P.O. B. 3, Tamwortlt, B77DR. SUPEROR LGHTNG CONTROLLERS STROBE REMOTE CONTROLLER SPEED OFT 0 MN 'MAX MANUAL FLASH ON s) f77 (E, da(j] JUMBO STROBE VAT MAX STROBE - E49 + VAT SUPER STROBE - E38 + VAT STROBE REMOTE CONTROLLER VAT Pulsar Lght of Cambrdge Henley Road, Cambrdge CB 3EA Tel: Telex: 8697 (n HAVE A HAPPER NEW YEAR WTH BOBBY'S BUMPER BUNDLE. OF CUSTOM JNGLES! 5 FOR 3.75 Any length! Any backng! Any sound effects! Any wordng! Any echo / phasng, varl - speed effects! THE CHOCE S YOURS! Produced on cassette or reel 74 / 3N ps! Send your scrpts and deas wth cheque or postal order payable to Robert Duffeld - Box No Dsco Equpment DSCO CONSOLE 200W stereo P.A. 8 channel stereo / mono mxer Garrard decks, cassette deck lght unt and 3 lghtboxes 200w cabnets - Harrogate Stuatons Vacant YOUNG PERSON to learn dsco work n Yorkshre, lvng accommodaton provded wth full board. - Wrte: Box 356. e'slc.oscerte Moble Dscos DRAGN'FLY DSCO'S - WarwCkshlre, Stratford , MPACT MOBLE Dscotheque STEVE DAY SOUNDS NCREDBLE SOUNDS NCREDBLE SOUNDS NCREDBLE SOUNDS NCREDBLE SOUNDS NCREDBLE SOUNDS NCREDBLE SOUNDS NCREDBLE SOUNDS NCREDBLE , SOUNDS NCREDBLE SOUNDS NCREDBLE SOUNDS NCREDBLE SOUNDS NCREDBLE DAVE JANSEN. - Tel: DSCOTHEQUES / 299, THE WNG SUPER CENTRE EVERYTHNG FOR THE DSCERNNG DJ 8 MUSCAN GRAND OPENNG AT OUR NEW PREMSES 5/5a LONDON ROAD BROMLEY, KENT Tel ON SATURDAY 4th JANUARY SUPERB OPENNG OFFERS AS WELL AS UNQUE AUCTON AT3 pm Access, Barclaycard, Mal Order Credt Generous Part Exchange 0% Dep Up to 3 Years to Pay THE CE AGE S HERE Moe n eloá, the nee ~go of,olnelonel Dbcotheue equpment from... oleo men other lendng mob. wppfld. PR Welcome, NP ev.eble. Mall O.d.,, e.,c.arca,d c.pred. Servce,4. Dl.coanl for Con and morn mor.+r SATN PRODUCTONS ((NTTNMNTS) LTD..8. 0SC0 LGHT C(NR tr C...errleld Road. 4.60,4, Mddle... Tel. A.nte,d 4507 NEWHAM AUDO PRESENT A NEW º5H5 OF DSCO EQUPMENT ASR FOR A BROCHURE Dept ROMFORD ROAD LONDON 65, RP5TDL DSCO CENT M+ÍJNDAY SURD' 22nd JAN LTD 23 rd JAN Pm-OPm NVTES YOU TO loarn-6 PmJ _7$ 978 AN EXHBTON OF SOUND s LGHTNG EQUPMENT FOR STATC a MOBLE DSCOTHEQUE ENTERTANMENT / ~ -: 4er ;- f f v r -,.. r J e'.".s r.9 Le Cn6.-, ;a,._ --' /..-,4 (. mt. e Y :é. n e,.v NO, AT LE MANS NGHTCLUB o. º.ves ANCHOR ROAD BRSTOL 500 TDB PROM CTY CENT All FOR FREE NVTATON CONTACT MRE ON R OSTOU 4]5)9 OR SEND SWAM/ ~RE 55E0 ENVELOPE O - BRSTOL DSCO CENTRE LTD. 26 THE PROMENADE GLOUCESTER ROAD. BRSTOL, " ROgcv Squva'/ TRADE N YOUR OLD DSCO - FOR A BRAND England's most seperenced, most hetplul, end most mmpelt.e 4500 qulpmtnt supptwrs. f CTRONC STEREO HAWA autofede PFL LED meters fabulous new stereo + 6ch mxer console Lpf- (C - ` call n for demonstraton The latest Garrard SP25 Mk V decks now ftted ON LY mono onn32 2 NEW 978 Roger Squre's DSCO SYSTEM generous trade-n allowances lots of new models n stock easy terms over or 2 years BRAND NEW Squnt MNBN ONLY 99 All PRCES VA! ExRA Aar R. lb Jun.t on Rr eh q.dr r t 2 7' Op. Toe -Sat fantastc 00W sound 5. bass drver wth exponent ta hgh frequency horn 30 Ha He ALSO... Squre 550[4) E44 Squre DUO (2M2) E75 Squre Column 85 Atl,E Al 4N- t.a x5 Add on Horns Openm-S.t le E33 SOURE-CTRONC SUPER AND RDA 0550 W MODELS bolls teased den mxer,s,th eutofadº. LED melees PFD remote ruentabk starts. bwnnn 200wsteeeo PA ands chore of Casettes NAB *ge nwcones Nos'fated. uh Garre-SP25 Mr V decks SUPER MODEL Caeette'E57 ROADSNOW MODEL NAB E639 STURDY RECORD CASES S.500E0 9,5 Da.Nr35D) ( 75 Tr We SOM 650 E50 CMS PROJECTOR BARGANS sea of. - SOLAR 250s MO ONLY L65 Rmeton eat TUTOR D E Men OLY 55 L 0.e Tae -Sat lelos 652 PROJECTOR "H -STANDS" v ery stable -extends to heght of 7 feet SCOOP PURCHASE 55 Off ONLY E29 STRPPER' EFFECT WMLS ucla. n. r Royer Seumn CA 90 thmcf CEARAn BARGANS a e.laren.n. MO rant REM SOT F.0 lr5 r AnOVtPR L_ES yourtravlcosts áurr dn.d. superb qualty bult to last. rugged 'dubety bull.m 70W+70W PA- plenty of bass and treble boost and cut SOUND OUT SERES m plus lane controls on every channel MONO 342 STEREO 59 SERES V 290 HAVE YOU GOT OUR LATEST 04 PAGE DSCO / CATALOGUE? Edton now avalable -many new dsco products featured mcl new colour secton on latest range of wheels and cassettes FREE for establshed DJ's (enclose yaurcard - orletterhead) OR SEND E(POST FREE) EXPRESS MAL ORDERS COD SERVCE EXPORT DESPATCH CONTACT OUR BARNET HO DRECT r Please send me Roger Squre's latest 04 page Dsco Catalogue LONDON BRSTOL MANCHESTER MAL ORDERS Ro, -se Snges a MVO CL E ROGER SOURt s 00(0 CFNTa ROGER 0555 DSCO C TRl ROGER SQURE 5 thnk A RRdd RudteNE 26 Deansgatc 3 Barn t Trac -9 E.r u. Park Road 654b Hens T s or, 2-2, - Tetephonc DE :6 T armor Open Men -Fr TNtA 26 ROGER 5005 E kl,. H..-59 ( GJQFSTO -r MEET THE! a MEN WHO ~ SALES AND HRE LTD. MAKE T' FARNBOROUGH p ` o_ y 5373,l.0 SATURDAY qee At JANUARY 4th Ths Weekend we contnue our Demo Days wth OPKNETCS and CEREBRUM LGHTNG Take ths opportunty to see some spectacular new lghtng deas and chat to the experts... Between.00 am pm Our showroom wll be packed wth a comprehensve range of dsco equpment - as en example we have approxmately 30 consoles on dsplay. both new and secondhand! Open 0.00 am pm Mon -Sat Closed on Tuesdays VALE ROAD, ASH VALE ALDERSHOT. HANTS. 0 mne from M3 Juncuon 0 mne from Ash Vale Staton,

29 Record Mercar, January 4, 978 Personal LONELY MALE, 7, seeks sncere grl n Southampton. for a lastng relatonshp. Martn Drake. Raymore Road, Shrley, Southampton. Hants. STEVE 5 attractve seeks grlfrend 4+ lkes musc. sport, cnema, Photo apprecated, London area. All letters answered. Stephen Llls, 0 Patence Road, Bat- tersea. London, SW 2DY. N ARMHF.ARTED FN - LOVNG guy, 23, seeks warmhearted grlfrend for lastng frendshp or romance All letters answered. Fred Robbns, 39 Samuel Street, Woolwch, SE8, London, 5LQ. ABRA, WNOS, QUEEN FANS wanted for pen - frends. Anyone who loves musc. S.A.E. musc fans club, 0 Charlton Road, Tetbury, Glos CLNT EASTW'OOD'S double (well almost) 20 would lke to meet fun lovng Yorkshre grl. b - 20 Leeds - Wakefeld area, nto musc, wrte an, Box No NORTHAMPTON GUY. 30 seeks lonely grl for true lastng frendshp anywhere. Bran Cullop, 50 Avon Drve. Kngs Heath, Northampton, NN57HZ. 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Hghly hts, most major stars. - comprehensve servces SAE for lsts: Dept avalable. Contnental Vandyke Street. Lverand other departments, - pool, L8ORT For brochures and SAE EXCHART OLDES, (RMs) PO Box 54, Rugby, mnt, cheap. - SAE: Warwckshre Kneeshaw, 9 Whtworth HOB to get grlfrends. Road. London, SE2S. what to say, how to PAST BLASTERS / overcome shyness, how to ALWAYS,000s of rock, date any grl you fancy soul, pop, Tamla. - - SAE for FREE detals. SAE. 24 Southwalk, Dept Rm, 38 Abbeydale, Mddleton. Wlnter(aurne, Brstol. \YALAB Sussex. E NOW, our latest lst of pop oldes. roma omputer us Send 0p plus large SAE. - F. L votng Moore (Records) Ltd, FwE ne,cj.p,as 307a Dunstable Road, Vnrulle h.udnn S Luton. Beds. larles. tn w..o,tal,ad TOPS FOR NEW POPS nu, hr.d.n+ brad l:nc at only 45p! Bowe Pstols. Jam. Carp n.u.a+.,jrll Mellen and dnall Clash, etc, etc - Send tn Q Datelle. Dee. (.M) Aegdon. loses. - w! TeL ottn 4903 D!Fe,...4 GUY 2 seeks sncere grl, 6+ for lastng Wend - shp, London. 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Send SAE for tree catalogue and proofs lstng nterests to- Dck Walls Photography, 59 Hamlton Road, London, 3E27, RARE ELVS G photo, b/w, wallet sze, carry t round always, 80p. Lmted supply - Box No. 353 SAUCY NOVELTES, notces, certfcates, jokes, badges, magc trcks. - SAE for lst and free gft: Dept RM, 67 Wnchester. Road Brstol. BS4 3NJ, GENESS T-SHRTS, posters, badges, etc, - Send SAE. to. Geoff Parkyn, Jameson Lodge, 58 Shepherds. London, NB 5R W EXCLUSVE COLOUR STAGE PHOTO. GRAPHS. Barclay James Harvest, Be - Bop Deluxe. Elkle Brooks, Doobe Brothers, Feel - good, Gabrel, Hawk - wnd, Hlllage, John Mles, Nugent, Graham Parker & Rumour, Racng Cars, SAHB, Thn Lzzy, Urlah Beep. Many more avalable. Set of 0 dfferent prnts (sn x 33n), 2.99 excludng p and p: Per set - UK / lop, Oveas / sp, Order noersw or send SAE for bochure: GGPD COLORPACKS, PO Box 22, Wokngham, Herkshlre, Roll NW, England. BADGES, STRAN- GLERS, Pstols, Jam, Quo, Vbrators, Clash, Damned, Adverts, Sabbath, Queen, Lzzy, Bowe, plus many more, 25p post pad. Also scarves, stckers, patches. - SAE for catalogue: Badge Co. 59 Pccadlly, Manchester. BEATLES BOOKS. Photos. Jgsaw for sale. SAE for lst. - Margaret Drayton, 5 Manor Way, Mtcham, Surrey. GLTTER CABARET photos. - SAE: 42 Peace Walk. B37 7QH. DAVD SOUL personally autographed message. Offers? - Smon Edng- ton, 2 Maple Close, Becton Lane, Barton - on - Sea, Hampshre. CLFF RCHARD, 7n x Sn colour concert photos n folders Una, e. brhnus FAN CLUBS PEN FRENDS STUATONS ~use Ecoaos roe Alr. ess...uments FOR SALE SOUND EOUPMENT And arbor promo announ e.,rt An p.. word Urelm ns ~Wow SPECAL NOTCES PERSONAL TUTON RECORDNG see oler (rate s,s..-a ra loo v., Waal TRADE ADVEHnSEMENTS* at. beennl a0 W. roa ASS Na J wo0 N BOLD Tpe So s ram P.O. 00 NUMN(RS Abw two w.rc paa SEM osrn.ºrmapry ( SO p ROW color.," PwN SERES SACOUMs SN No 4~mum % Ow 3erno,w 0% la 36 t2%a. S2.. s,.., App sew: se, nee WNnn.., r e the front to wthdrew ads rrnnn. UMr *Yc.eton Three dffer. ant, L each. Farrah b/w, 8n x 0n glosses, fve dfferent (USA) 80p each. - O'Hehlr, Rosslyn Bray, Co Wcklow. reland. STAR WARS T-shrt, n stock, a two colour prnt on a whte T-shrt, 2.90 nc. - J, Fox, 7 Medwln Street, London, S W 4 RS, Wanted JOANNA LUMLEY pes, nfo, anythng. Laurence 88 Boreham Holt, Elstree, Herts. URGENTLY ANYTHNG on Anthony Valentne. Theatre programmes, photos, cuttng. etc, Kathyrn Turner, 07 Lls'lrla Park, Stoke Newngton, London N8. 5SP. GOOD RECORDNG of Davd Howe sngng un Bng Crosby's Merre Old Chrstman, ATV Chrstmas Eve. your prce'pad and postage refunded, Vc Glanvlle. 8 CasUe- vew Road, Slough, Berks, TAPE RECORDNGS of pck of the pops wth Alan Freeman, 25 Fontwell Close, Rustngton, Sussex. WANTED CLFF Rch- ard records at a reasonable prce for members of hs fan club. Wrte wth sue Mss Maran Webb, 3, Town Hall Approach, Stoke Newngton. London N6 BQN. WANTED ANYTHNG on Lulu, photos, fan gear, early albums, scrapbooks, autographs, Cuttngs. Good prces pad. - Box No, 359. Stuatons Vacant EXPERENCED,. PRO- FESSONAL DJ wth own records, avalable for club resdency. - Detals to: Ngel Reasons, 2 Ashlegh Close, Weston Super Mare, Avon, BS23 2XQ. Penfrends EXCTNG PEOPLE from the frozen North to the torrd South and all the places n-between would lke to be your penfrend. - For detals wrte to: nternatonal Penfrends, 2 Llnslone Court, London, SW8 2LB. Personal Servces POSTAL FRENDSHP CLUB. ntroductons arranged by poet for all ages. Postage stamp for our FREE colour brochure (please gve your age), to: Mss Chldgey, 24 / RD Keys Avenue. Brstol BS7HL. Muscal Servces LYRCS WANTED by Musc Publshng House. - St Albano Avenue, London, W4, Specal Notce JOB WANTED n a fan club grl, 73, 'O' levels, offce experence. - Reply: Sharon, Box Number 358. PUNK GODFATHER, hgh n your felds above Earth, you'll always be AO real for us, so beautfully fne. Forever a lttle Marc n my heart. Derek Hatt, Southall, Mddx. "KEEP ON TRUCKN" happy brthday to Terry lannalne. - All my love, John, HAPPY BRTHDAY Davd Bowe. "You wll be Kng". - John and Barry. agc Bu BARCELONA 27 ALCANTE 34 PLUS WORLD WDE ECONOMY TRAVEL Contact MAGC BUS, 66 Shaftesbury Avenue, London, W -Tel CLAUDE FRANCOS ROYAL ALBERT HALL JANUARY 6th FAN CLUB NFO S.A.E. JULE 24 DENMARK STREET LONDON WC2 29 MARC BOLAN. f we cry our tears are yours: cauton cloud Lord, Stay for a whle, you make us smle Hot love forever more, - Your dscples. Sharon and Annl, Her row TONY BLACKBURN. Happy brthday - Love always, Shrley ROLAN AND Brown booge on, uv ya both Happy 978 -Love Al. MARC. Tme wll never heal my pan. R. P. - Km xx. NEW SEEKERS, nce to have you home, good luck wth "Flashback", can't wall to see you all. - Love John, Belfast. ROLLERS YOU were beautful on Get t Together. Please come home for a tour soon, we mdse you a lot - love and ksses. Penny and Nck:. PHLP RAMROW FAN CLUB SAE to' MCR BARNARD 38 GAUDEN ROAD, LONDON, SW4 ATHR WRST RANDS (Md. 9u) TOp ssl PP ra. lb., SMALLS - order form & advertsement rates 'aík amtn VADet S.SMem Also /.pore. on Owen. ss.. Palo., Star O. Goan a..t orto ~4, Glossy erw Goo Tor. 0. Photos Dll nd PP P OSTERS - cep "ACM S enbn. Ora Studo n Wry. Pehwo.a n, wt Pro... {TOP PRESS NEW 5' Order no w for early dee.en n ono/. Dlanr COrn.w.,. now Olrrre No.n on loon Alan ron. USA - Bow, r An.. teal lad el le h. Add 75o f or 2lea.tors - p nn. CARDS 8 POSTERS 22 MOOR STRUT BRMNGHAM 4 PLEASE PUBLSH my advertsement under the headng.. nsertlonls) Commencng ssued dated,...,.. enclose a cheque/postal Order for... to cover cost.... the MRROR LL SMALL ADS MUST BE STRCTLY PRE-PRD Name.. Address,.. Name and address when ncluded En advert must SO pad for.send completed form so. Smell Ads Depr'. M. RECORD MRROR. 40 Long Acre. London W Record Mrror for the best results 4


31 Record Mrror, January 4, rrqr UK SOUL 2 NATVE NEW YORKER, Odyssey 2 - GALAXY, War MCA 3 2 COCOMOTON,ElCoco Pye 4 9 BACK N LOVE AUAN, LTD AFtM 5 - LOVELY DAY, Bll Wthers CBS 6 DANCE DANCE DANCE, Chc Atlantc 7 t LOVE'S UNKND, Donna Summer GTO 8 5 COME GO WTH ME, Pockets CBS 9 7 WSHNG ON A STAR, Rose Royce Whtfeld 0 8 DON'T WANNA LOSE YOUR LOVE, Emotons CBS 3 - WLL, Ruby Wnters Creole 2 SERPENTNE FRE, Earth Wnd Et Fre ' CBS 3 - ON FRE, T Connecton TK 4 9 BRCKHOUSE, Commodores Motown 5 7 GETTN' READY FOR LOVE, Dana Ross Motown 6 0 LOVE YOU, Donna Summer GTO 7 4 GET ON THE FUNK TRAN, Munch Machne Oass 8 - NTE OWL, Bobby Pars London 9 - YOU CAN'T TURN ME OFF, Hgh nergy Motown 20 - FOR YOUR LOVE, The Four Tops ABC YESTERYEAR 5 Years Ago (January 2, 963) NEXT TME, 2 RETURN TO SENDER, 3 DANCE ON, 4 DANCE WTH THE GUTAR MAN, 5 LOVESCK BLUES, 6 T ONLY TOOK A MNUTE, 7 SUN ARSE, 8 GO AWAY LTTLE GRL, 9 BOBBY'S GRL, 0 LKE DO, 0 Years Ago (January 3, 968) Clff Rchard Elvs Presley The Shadows Duane Eddy Frank (feld Joe Brown. Rolf Harrs Mark Wynter Susan Maughan Maureen Evens HELLO, GOODBYE, The Beatles 2 MAGCAL MYSTERY TOUR, The Beatles 3 WALK AWAY RENEE, The Four Tops 4 BALLAD OF BONNE AND CLYDE, Georga Fame 5 DAYDREAM BELEVER, The Monkees 6 THANK U VERY MUCH. The Scaffold 7 'M COMNG HOME, Tom Jones 8 F THE WHOLE WORLD STOPPED LOVNG, Val Dooncan 9 KTES, Smon Dupree 0 HERE WE GO ROUND THE MULBERRY BUSH, Traffc LONG HARED LOVER FROM 2 THE JEAN GENE, 3 SOLD GOLD EASY ACTON, 4 CRAZY HORSES, 5 H H H/C MOON, 6 BALL PARK NCDENT, 7 YOU RE SO VAN, 8 BG SEVEN, 9 GUDBUY T'JANE, 0 ALWAYS ON MY MND, LVERPOOL, Lttle Jmmy Osmond Davd Bowe T Rex The Osmonds Wngs Wzzard Carly Smon Judge Dread Slade Elvs Presley US DSCO ONCE UPON A TME (LP),Donna Summer 2 SUPERNATURE,Cerrone 3 TWO HOT FOR LOVE, THP Orchestra 4 DANCE, DANCE, DANCE, Chc 6 DANCE LTTLE DREAMER, Bonc Booge 6 THE NGHT THE LGHTS WENT OUT, Trammps 7 ON FRE, T -Connecton 8 MOON BOOTS, O.R.S. 9 LOVE MACHNE, Clauda Barry 0 SHAME, Evelyn Kng WHAT`S YOUR NAME, Andrea True Connecton 2 CAN'T YOU FEEL T, Mchele 3 LA BOUND, Kng Errson 4 KSS ME, George McCrae 5 STAYN' ALVE, Bee Gees 6 WHCH WAY S UP, Stargard 7 NATVE NEW YORKER, Odyssey 8 MOONLGHT LOVN', saac Hayes 9 DANCE A LTTLE BT CLOSER, Charo 20 DON'T LET ME BE MSUNDERSTOOD, Santa US SNGLES 2 BABY COME BACK, Player 2 HOW DEEP S YOUR LOVE, Bee Gees 3 5 HERE YOU COME AGAN, Dolly Parton 4 9 YOU'RE N MY HEART, Rod Stewed 5 4 BACK N LOVE AGAN, LTD 6 7 SUP SUDN' AWAY, Peel Smon 7 0 HEY DEANE, Shaun Caddy e B SENTMENTAL LADY, Bob Welch 9 COME SAL AWAY,StyK 0 3 WE ARE THE CHAMPONS, dean 8 YOU LGHT UP MY LFE, Debby Boone 2 2 YOU CAN'T TURN'ME OFF, Hgh nargy 3 3 BLUE BAYOU, Lnda Ron nark 4 4 RUNAROUND SUE, Lef Garton 6 7 SHORT PEOPLE, Randy Newnan 6 8 JUST THE WAY YOUARE, Blly Joel 7 28 STAYN ALVE, Boo Goes 8 20 TURN TO STONE,E L. O. 9 9 SERPENTNE FRE, Earth, Wnd B Fhb LOVE S THCKER THAN WATER. Andy Obb E GO CRAZY, Pad Doyle 25 SOMETMES WHEN WE TOUCH, Den Hll 28 DANCE. DANCE. DANCE. Chc 24 THE WAY FEEL TONGHT, Boy Cty Rollers 6 DON'T T MAKE MY BROWN EYES BLUE. Cnabl Gayle U A 29 DESREE, Nal Dmond 27 GETTN' READY FOR LOVE. Dana Ron 3 DON'T LET ME BE, Sent, Ea,norelda 30 PONT OF KNOW RETURN, Kanea 6 T'S 50 EASY, Undo Rannoch , MY WAY, Ebb Presley EMOTON, Samantha Sang NATVE NEW YORKER, Odc. GRLS SCHOOL Peul McCartney 8 Wngs WHAT'S YOUR NAME, LynYrd Sk oyrd PEG, Seely. Den LONG, LONG WAY FROM HOME, Poem. or 42 AS, Steve Wonder RSO RSO Werner Oro. ABM Columba Wemer/Curb Captol ABM Bektra werner/darb Gerdy Aeylun Ad.ntc Werner Ban. Columba RSO Jot Columba RSO Bono 20th Century Atlantc Arlon Colurnd. Motown Campon. Krshner Asylum Pdyere Stock Captal MCA ABC Atlantc Tomla 39 YOU'RE MY NSPRATON, Donny Et Mare Osrnond Polyda TOO HOT TA TROT, Commodores Mmown 4 43 TRED TO LOVE Pe orrfnmpton ABM LOVELY DAY, Bll Wthers Coleman NOT BACK N LOVE BY MONDAY, Mlle, Jellson Sprng HOW CAN LEAVE YOU AGAN, John nerver FFUN, Con Funk Shun 46 - EASY TO LOVE, Leo Sever 47 - 'STREET CORNER SERENADE. Wet Wlle EPC 48 - THEME FROM CLOSE ENCOUNTERS, John Wllem. Amu 49 - THE NEXT HUNDRED YEARS, A Martn Captol 50 - THEME FROM CLOSE ENCOUNTERS, Meco Casablanca Cotllon (LP) Butterfly (LP) Atlantc Polydor (LP) Atlantc TK Salsoul Salsoul (LP) Buddah West End (LP) Westbound (LP) TK (5 -nch) RSO (LP) MCA (LP) Polydor Salsoul Esmeralda Casablanca (LP) Mercury Werner Brae Mllennum US ALBUMS RUMOURS, Fhewood Mec Werner Bro. 2 2 FOOT LOOSE a FANCY FREE, Rod Stewen Werner Bros 3 3 ALL 'M ALL, Earth, Wnd a Fre Columta 4 4 OUT OF THE OWE. Electrc LeM Dreherre Jet 6 5 SMPLE DREAMS, Undo Ronetedl ~urn 8 B BORN LATE, Shogun Ca 8y Werner/Curb 7 7 AUVE. Kos Ceetanca 8 9 NEWS OF THE WORLD, Omen Rakers 9 0 'M GLAD YOU'RE HERE WTH ME, Ned Dremond Columba 0 32 SATURDAY NGHT FEVER, Scooter. k RSO 2 DOWN TWO THEN LEFT, Bor Scam? Columba 2 3 FRENCH KSS, Bob Welch Cedml 3 4 GREATEST HTS, Cando NewtonJohn MCA 4 6 THE STRANGER, OAy Joel/ Columba 5 8 THE GRAND LLUSON, Sá. ABM 6 20 DRAW THE LNE, nth Columba 7 6 YOU UGHT UP MY UFE, Debby Boone Warne. /Cu, 8 2 PONT OF NO RETURN, Kw are Klnhner 9 9 LTTLE CRMNALS, Randy Newnan Werner Bros 7 LVE, Commodore. Motown 2 23 SOMETHNG TO LOVE. L T. 0. ABM HERE YOU COME AGAN, Dolly Nnon GREATEST HTS, ETC, Pool Shogun Columba FOREGNER Atlydk 25 S REACH FOR T, Gneon Duke EDc ONCE UPON A TM E Donna Summer Caetanca 27 3 RUNNNG ON EMPTY, s Macon Brown. Meehan TURNN ON, Mdr Morn Gordy 29 7 AJA, Seery Don ABC GALAXY, War MCA 3 4 DON JUAN'S RECKLESS DAUGHTER. Jon M.RA. AMlum SLOWHAND, Erc Clayton BOOK OF DREAMS,$ two Mller Bard 34 8 STREET SURVVORS, Lnnfd Skynyrd FEEUN BTCHY, Mlle Ja Moon JT, Junes Taylor A PAUPER N PARADSE Coop Vetelh WORKS VOLUME, Emerson, Lake B Ponter BABY. TS ME, Olen Acne DON'T LET ME BE, Sant. Eamer.lda 4 - SHAUN CASSDY 42 - FUNKENTELECHY, erhement THANKFUL Nabla Cole ANYTME... ANYWHERE, Rho Cooldge (WANT TO LVE, JOT, Dander 48 - PLAYER STAR CHOCE 47 - LOOKNGBACK,Seyla Wonet 48 - CHRSTMAS JOLLES, Sal sod Or cheers MENAGERE,Be Wr.n og 50 - FLYNG HGH ON YOUR LOVE. Bet -Kane RSO Captol MCA Seeng Columba ABM Aoonlc Motown Caemenc. Warner /Curb Caeblanca Captol ABM RSO Motown Salo. Columba US SOUL MertvY F UN, COO Funk Shun Mummy OUR LOVE. Naraee Care Cannel 00H BOY, Roe Royce WNltleld REACH FOR T, George Dlle Epc GALAXY. Wee MCA SERPENTNE FRE. Earth. Ward and Fn cat.trb. 7 8 DANCE. DANCE, DANCE. Chc Adanlc B LOval, DAY, 6. ~than Coknrta 9 6 YOU CANT TURN ME OFF, 69h Wy

20 fascinating facts about the Paralympics

20 fascinating facts about the Paralympics 20 fascnatng facts about the Paralympcs By James Moore Fled under: Holdays, Stayng n After the drama of the Olympcs come the equally mpressve Paralympcs. Ths year s set to be the bggest ever staged. But

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Ukulele Song Sheets for Rumours. by Fleetwood Mac. UkeTunes -

Ukulele Song Sheets for Rumours. by Fleetwood Mac. UkeTunes - Ukulele Song Sheets for Rumours by Fleetwood Mac UkeTunes - Contents SECOND HAND NEWS 3 DREAMS 4 NEVER GOING BACK AGAIN 5 DON T STOP 6 GO YOUR OWN WAY 7 SONGBIRD 8 THE CHAIN

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BRAIN INJURY CONFERENCE Tuesday 13 March 2018 Copthorne Hotel, Cardiff

BRAIN INJURY CONFERENCE Tuesday 13 March 2018 Copthorne Hotel, Cardiff BRAIN INJURY CONFERENCE 2018 Tuesday 13 March 2018 Copthorne Hotel, Cardff Bran Injury Conference 2018 The Hugh James Bran Injury Conference wll be of nterest to all healthcare professonals workng wth

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By BETTY DEBNAM. In-Line Skating

By BETTY DEBNAM. In-Line Skating 49- (94) Especally for and famles ther e I 994 by Unversal Press Syndcate By BETTY DEBNAM from The Mn Page by Betty Debnam 994 Unversal Press Syndcate In. It'S In, In,., In-Lne Skatng In-lne skatng s the

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FUJI4017_book_r :37 PM Page 1. Illustrated by Mark Huebner

FUJI4017_book_r :37 PM Page 1. Illustrated by Mark Huebner FUJI4017_book_r25 2005 06 06 3:37 PM Page 1 Illustrated by Mark Huebner FUJI4017_book_r25 2005 06 06 3:37 PM Page 2 FUJI4017_book_r25 2005 06 06 3:37 PM Page 3 1-800-432-0362 This service

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By BETTY DEBNAM. All About Japan. Many tourists visit Mount Fuji, Japan's highest mountain.

By BETTY DEBNAM. All About Japan. Many tourists visit Mount Fuji, Japan's highest mountain. 4-1 (98) Especally and for famles ther e 1998 by Unversal Press Syndcate By BETTY DEBNAM from The Mn Page by Betty Debnam @1998 Unversal Press Syndcate The Host Country of the Wnter Olympcs All About Japan

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JOSEPH SALAS 1924 OLYMPIC. GAMES BOXING JOSEPH SALAS 1924 OLYMPIC. GAMES BOXING Copyright 1988 Amateur Athletic Foundation of Los Angeles AN OLYMPIAN'S ORAL HISTORY INTRODUCTION Southern California has a long tradition of excellence in sports

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CORNY ENSEMBLE (BACKUP) ACT ONE - SCE E O E EV RY AFTERNOON WHEN THE CLOCK STRIKES FOUR AND LEAVE THE SQUARES BEHIND NICEST KIDS IN TOWN - 4 - H A I R S P R AY ACT ONE - SCE E O E (TV Station WZZT and the TURNBLAD home simultaneously. Monday afternoon.) #2 g The Nicest Kids In Town 1 Hey there. Teenage Baltimore! Don t change that channel!

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Bill Self Svi Mykhailiuk Malik Newman Devonte' Graham

Bill Self Svi Mykhailiuk Malik Newman Devonte' Graham 2018 NCAA Division I Men s Basketball Championship Notes -- Midwest Regional Omaha, Neb. Sunday, March 25, 2018 Kansas 85, Duke 81 (ot) Kansas Post-Game Press Conference Transcript Bill Self Svi Mykhailiuk

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[Jane] This is But Why: A Podcast for Curious Kids from Vermont Public Radio.

[Jane] This is But Why: A Podcast for Curious Kids from Vermont Public Radio. But Why: A Podcast for Curious Kids Why Is Soccer Called Soccer Instead Of Football? September 16, 2016 [Jane] This is But Why: A Podcast for Curious Kids from Vermont Public Radio. I'm Jane Lindholm.

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ALABAMA COACH NICK SABAN AJ MCCARRON COURTNEY UPSHAW. Jan. 9, 2012 ALABAMA COACH NICK SABAN AJ MCCARRON COURTNEY UPSHAW Jan. 9, 2012 THE MODERATOR: At this time we'll get started with the Alabama press conference for the 2012 Allstate BCS National Championship. We've

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Doctor Who: Magic of the Angels by Jacqueline Rayner

Doctor Who: Magic of the Angels by Jacqueline Rayner Doctor Who: Magic of the Angels by Jacqueline Rayner Chapter One Amy Pond looked at the plastic bowler hat with a Union Jack pattern. You re not really going to wear that, are you? she asked the Doctor.

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Jaryn Danz Meredith Volkman Karen Wong

Jaryn Danz Meredith Volkman Karen Wong BACTERIAL BULLY Jaryn Danz Meredith Volkman Karen Wong INFECTION One day on the playground, under the sun Sally was out, but not having fun. Andy the bully had found her that day Hey, Sally! he called,

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THE PARTY HOUSE. Written by. Ronald Fordham

THE PARTY HOUSE. Written by. Ronald Fordham THE PARTY HOUSE Written by Ronald Fordham 276 Sharber Road Bainbridge, Georgia 229-400-5262 EXT. HOUSE-EVENING A young couple, and, walk through the yard of an abandoned house. The abandoned

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Primary National Strategy. A Real Treat!

Primary National Strategy. A Real Treat! A Real Treat! Tom was very happy. It was the weekend and he was off to the beach with his mum and dad, his puppy and baby Pete. Help me pack the green bag, said Mum. We need sun cream and lots to eat.

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Christmas. at the. apark. Leapark

Christmas. at the. apark. Leapark Christmas apark at the Leapark L E A P K H O T E L G R A N G E M O U T H Magical al Christmas Book now for privare functions and party nights BOOK NOW T: 01324 486733 E:

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School Sports: The Pros and Cons

School Sports: The Pros and Cons School Sports: The Pros and Cons Written by By Raven J. Railey (Special to The Courier-Journal) Do athletics build character? Take up valuable study time? Why are some teams more popular? And what about

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Diary of Susie Valentine

Diary of Susie Valentine Diary of Susie Valentine Dearest Diary, April 20 th, 1860 I must be brief, for tonight is the grand ball at Colonel Hawkins plantation. I shall dress myself in finery, like a wealthy Southern belle. In

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CRHS News team. LOOKING FORWARD Reuben Harris (Editor) and Sinead Stephens

CRHS News team. LOOKING FORWARD Reuben Harris (Editor) and Sinead Stephens CRHS News team By the students, for the students. 2/1/2017 [Edition 1, Volume 1] LOOKING FORWARD Reuben Harris (Editor) and Sinead Stephens It may appear near impossible to beat the successful year Castle

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Autumn Antics Open Play Day Horse Show

Autumn Antics Open Play Day Horse Show Slver Knolls Spurs 4-H Club Presents The Twenty Frst Annual Autumn Antcs Open Play Day Horse Show Saturday, October 7, 2017 Start Tme: 9:00 AM UNR Equestran Center 1290 Valley Rd, Reno, NV 89512 Corner

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UK & Ireland Winter offer Participating hotels

UK & Ireland Winter offer Participating hotels UK & Ireland Winter offer 2016 - Participating hotels Hotel Name Etap Belfast ibis Aberdeen ibis budget Beaconsfield ibis budget Birmingham Airport ibis budget Birmingham Centre ibis budget Bradford ibis

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KEY ENGLISH TEST. Reading and Writing 0085/01 SAMPLE TEST 1. Time. 1 hour 10 minutes

KEY ENGLISH TEST. Reading and Writing 0085/01 SAMPLE TEST 1. Time. 1 hour 10 minutes KEY ENGLISH TEST Reading and Writing 85/1 SAMPLE TEST 1 Time 1 hour 1 minutes INSTRUCTIONS TO CANDIDATES Do not open this question paper until you are told to do so. Write your name, centre number and

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Cedar Court Presents:

Cedar Court Presents: 2018 Cedar Court Presents: Telephone 01924 276 310 W AKEFIELD January Party Night Saturday 13th January Saturday 20th January 19.95 per person Add bed and breakfast on for 37

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SCANCOMING UK FOOTBALL LIST SCANCOMING UK FOOTBALL LIST 2017-2018 Saturday 16 December 2017 Arsenal v Newcastle United, 15:00 Club Level Packages 75.00 Brentford v Barnsley, 15:00 Under 18's 15.00 Adults 35.00 Chelsea v Southampton,

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W.D.A.C. Newsletter Summer

W.D.A.C. Newsletter Summer W.D.A.C. Newsletter Summer 2009 Over the past 10 years the club has made an annual trip to Krov in Germany. And this year many new members accompanied the old hands on the trip, and they

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1 The village party. Read and listen.

1 The village party. Read and listen. Read and listen. 1 The village party Sophia Walter and her brother, William, lived in a small village. On the last day of May, Sophia said to William, It s June next month and 21st June is the longest

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File No WORLD TRADE CENTER TASK FORCE INTERVIEW FIREFIGHTER KENNETH ROGERS. Interview Date: December 10, 2001 File No. 9110290 WORLD TRADE CENTER TASK FORCE INTERVIEW FIREFIGHTER KENNETH ROGERS Interview Date: December 10, 2001 Transcribed by Elisabeth F. Nason 2 BATTALION CHIEF KENAHAN: December 10, 2001. The

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Transcript of the full 14-minute program. I don't know which way I would begin to describe myself. Well, ah.

Transcript of the full 14-minute program. I don't know which way I would begin to describe myself. Well, ah. Thoughts on the 10th Anniversary of the Cod Moratorium page 1 Thoughts on the 10th Anniversary of the Cod Moratorium by Chris Brookes Synopsis: This piece was created to mark the tenth anniversary of an

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AMANDA HERRINGTON: Coming into this week, a place that you've had success as a playoff event, what is it about TPC Boston?

AMANDA HERRINGTON: Coming into this week, a place that you've had success as a playoff event, what is it about TPC Boston? PRE-TOURNAMENT INTERVIEW: August 31, 2016 SEAN O HAIR AMANDA HERRINGTON: We'll go ahead and get started. We would like to welcome Sean O'Hair into the interview room here at the Deutsche Bank Championship.

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Ali, Ali Cook - Alastair Cook

Ali, Ali Cook - Alastair Cook Ali, Ali Cook - Alastair Cook (to the tune of KC & Sunshine, Give it up) You flew out to India When your country needed you Century on debut, What a find Na na na na na na na na na Ali Ali Cook, Ali Cook,

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i Rear foot and midfoot OPCT City Man OPCT City Lady 6 OPCT S OPCT O OPCT CITY

i Rear foot and midfoot OPCT City Man OPCT City Lady 6  OPCT S OPCT O OPCT CITY OPCT Cty Man OPCT Cty Lady DRESS SHOES DRESS SHOES Ths orthotc offers the best combnaton of comfort and thnness. Wth ts narrow pattern and leather-effect top layer, t s perfectly suted to street shoes.

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Adagio Birmingham City Centre. Adagio Liverpool City Centre. Castle Hotel Windsor - MGallery by Sofitel

Adagio Birmingham City Centre. Adagio Liverpool City Centre. Castle Hotel Windsor - MGallery by Sofitel H Code H8117 H8117 H7332 H7332 H6618 H7186 H6365 H6636 H5170 H7232 H7288 H6359 H2178 H1459 H3158 H6444 H5547 H6593 H6598 H5678 H6175 H6596 H8710 H3503 H9446 H6002 H6595 H3188 H3578 H6465 H8033 H6943 H6003

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Debbie & Friends Story Songs and Sing-Alongs

Debbie & Friends Story Songs and Sing-Alongs Debbie & Friends Story Songs and Sing-Alongs Goldilocks Goldilocks went out for a walk, she came upon the Three Bear's home Feeling hungry and oh so tired, she was all- alone She smelled some porridge,

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The Understudy. by Ryan Cukier

The Understudy. by Ryan Cukier The Understudy by Ryan Cukier I dedicate this book to my Mom and Dad. Thank you for helping me in school and with studying for tests. I could not be here without you guys. Fight on! - Ryan Copyright 2016

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What If? An interactive exploration of violence against women. By Lydia Longman

What If? An interactive exploration of violence against women. By Lydia Longman What If? An interactive exploration of violence against women. By Lydia Longman 1 A Note... The following is a scripted version of an interactive psychodrama, based on true events. It follows some inspiration

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File No WORLD TRADE CENTER TASK FORCE INTERVIEW EMT NORBERTO TORRES. Interview Date: October 23, Transcribed by Laurie A.

File No WORLD TRADE CENTER TASK FORCE INTERVIEW EMT NORBERTO TORRES. Interview Date: October 23, Transcribed by Laurie A. File No. 9110133 WORLD TRADE CENTER TASK FORCE INTERVIEW EMT NORBERTO TORRES Interview Date: October 23, 2001 Transcribed by Laurie A. Collins N. TORRES 2 MR. TAMBASCO: Today is October 23rd. I'm Mike

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The Train Down to London

The Train Down to London Read n i h t i w Chapter 10 The Train Down to London W e re off! said Friday as the little train pulled out of the station, its wheels glimmering in the last of the afternoon light. We re off to Olde

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The First Date. Christopher Lawrence

The First Date. Christopher Lawrence The First Date By Christopher Lawrence Copyright (c) 2014 EXT. HOUSE - NIGHT (20) is a good looking guy, dressed sharply in a suit and carrying a small bouquet of flowers. He walks towards

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Jump Rope Counting Rhymes

Jump Rope Counting Rhymes Jump Rope Counting Rhymes Chickety, Chickety, Chop Chickety, chickety, chop. How many times before I stop? One, two three, four, five..? Candy, Candy In the Dish Candy, candy in the dish. How many pieces

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The Fisherman And His Wife. (by Grimm brothers)

The Fisherman And His Wife. (by Grimm brothers) (by Grimm brothers) There was once a fisherman who lived with his wife in a pigsty, close by the seaside. The fisherman used to go out all day long a-fishing; and one day, as he sat on the shore with his

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Sektor Moveable Walls


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Chadderton Park F.C Newsletter Spring /03/2012 Chadderton Park FC 1

Chadderton Park F.C Newsletter Spring /03/2012 Chadderton Park FC 1 Chadderton Park F.C Newsletter Spring 2012 03/03/2012 Chadderton Park FC 1 Welcome Welcome to the Spring 2012 edition of the Club s Newsletter. And as I write this I would like to highlight to you all

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Testimony of Darin Routier

Testimony of Darin Routier Testimony of Darin Routier DIRECT EXAMINATION 16 17 BY MR. DOUGLAS MULDER: 18 Q. Yes, Darin, let me direct your 19 attention back to June the 17th of 1996. And I'll ask 20 you if that is the day that your

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Evaluation of a Center Pivot Variable Rate Irrigation System

Evaluation of a Center Pivot Variable Rate Irrigation System Evaluaton of a Center Pvot Varable Rate Irrgaton System Ruxu Su Danel K. Fsher USDA-ARS Crop Producton Systems Research Unt, Stonevlle, Msssspp Abstrat: Unformty of water dstrbuton of a varable rate center

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Answer These 9 Questions Honestly To Find Out If YOU Have The X Factor In Your Game

Answer These 9 Questions Honestly To Find Out If YOU Have The X Factor In Your Game Answer These 9 Questions Honestly To Find Out If YOU Have The X Factor In Your Game X Factor (ex-fact-or) adj. The unexplainable, almost magical quality of a person who performs a complex task with effortless

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MERRY CHRISTMAS MAYHEM MERRY CHRISTMAS MAYHEM By Mindy Starns Clark Performance Rights To copy this text is an infringement of the federal copyright law as is to perform this play without royalty payment. All rights are controlled

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Ruth. My life experiences and God s faithfulness. Copyright 2010,

Ruth. My life experiences and God s faithfulness. Copyright 2010, Ruth My life experiences and God s faithfulness Copyright 2010, Ruth 1 (The first chapter of my story) Some time ago, Elimelech, Naomi and their two sons came to live here in Moab

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Read the following passage about a young person with ambition. Then answer questions Joe s Reward. by Horatio Alger Jr.

Read the following passage about a young person with ambition. Then answer questions Joe s Reward. by Horatio Alger Jr. Read the following passage about a young person with ambition. Then answer questions 1 11. Joe s Reward by Horatio Alger Jr. Joe certainly presented a neat appearance when he rowed over to the hotel dock.

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Wind Advisory. March 30, Dr. Stephen D. McConnell. Many of you met a couple years ago a dear pastor friend of mine name Tim.

Wind Advisory. March 30, Dr. Stephen D. McConnell. Many of you met a couple years ago a dear pastor friend of mine name Tim. 1 Wind Advisory March 30, 2014 Dr. Stephen D. McConnell Many of you met a couple years ago a dear pastor friend of mine name Tim. You met him at the point when he was a field worker for the Presbyterian

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Witches Don't Do Backflips

Witches Don't Do Backflips Witches Don't Do Backflips by Debbie Dadey and Marcia Thornton Jones illustrated by John Steven Gurney A LITTLE APPLE PAPERBACK SCHOLASTIC INC. New York Toronto London Auckland Sydney If you purchased

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DATE FESTIVAL PAGEANT 2015 SALUTE TO AMERICA SOUND CUE: ANNOUNCEMENT MIC ON LIGHT CUE: SPOTS ON COLOR GUARD AND SERVICE MEMBERS CHUCK: Ladies and Gentlemen, the Riverside County Fair and National Date Festival proudly presents a Salute to America!

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MARIO ANDRETTI WAS BORN IN MONTONA, ITALY, Driving With Mario Andretti, Who at 76, Still Refuses to Slow Down The country's only living World Champion on speed, Indianapolis, and why he still rips laps at 240 mph. Photo by BY SAM

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Contractor's Material and Test Certificate for Underground Piping

Contractor's Material and Test Certificate for Underground Piping UNDERGROUND PPNG 13-97 Contractors Materal and Test Certfcate for Underground Ppng PROCEDURE Upon completon of work, nspecton and tests shall be made by the contractors representatve and wtnessed by an

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The Trouble with Evelyn

The Trouble with Evelyn Lillenas Drama Presents The Trouble with Evelyn From Gimme Five By Torry Martin Theme: Gossip Cast: CARL Teenager chosen to lead a youth group Bible study HARVEY Teenage friend Setting: Carl s backyard

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SIDELINE CHEERS. Jam Jam with us You got to, got to, got to Jam with us. Let s go Tigers!

SIDELINE CHEERS. Jam Jam with us You got to, got to, got to Jam with us. Let s go Tigers! SIDELINE CHEERS Hello Little Tigers Football is here to welcome you Our orange & black pride will shine right through We re filled with spirit, and won t give in Good luck, may the best team win! Pump

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EFL AWARDS 2018: SHORTLISTS REVEALED 03.04.18 Embargoed until 5pm EFL AWARDS 2018: SHORTLISTS REVEALED Ruben Neves, Tom Cairney and Ryan Sessegnon to contest Sky Bet Championship Player of the Season The shortlists have been revealed for

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Former UM safety Colt Anderson a hit for Eagles By Bill Foley, Montana Standard January 27, 2011

Former UM safety Colt Anderson a hit for Eagles By Bill Foley, Montana Standard January 27, 2011 Former UM safety Colt Anderson a hit for Eagles By Bill Foley, Montana Standard January 27, 2011 His fans in Montana probably figure Colt Anderson cemented a spot on the Philadelphia Eagles roster for

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IN ASSOCIATION WITH: "The main difference between playing League and Union is that now I get my hangovers on Monday instead of Sunday." Tom David IN ASSOCIATION WITH: "The main difference between playing League and Union is

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Little Bible Lesson # 10 Genesis 19

Little Bible Lesson # 10 Genesis 19 Little Bible Lesson Genesis 19 1. Once long ago there was a man named Lot who was married and had two daughters. uncle Abraham had giving him a choice of places to live and Lot chose to live in a large

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Welcome to Al Brooks Rose Bowl Tours

Welcome to Al Brooks Rose Bowl Tours Welcome to Al Brooks Rose Bowl Tours For over 70 years we've hosted thousands of guests at the Rose Parade and Rose Bowl Game. With an ever-growing list of satisfied customers, we re the most trusted name

More information Basketball Quotes Receive motivational Quotes! Follow me on Twitter: BASKETBALL QUOTES I would tell players to relax and never think about what s at stake. Just think about the basketball game. If you

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mother has a few quirks of her own, too. (OLIVIA clears a large space on the kitchen counter and begins unpacking the groceries.)

mother has a few quirks of her own, too. (OLIVIA clears a large space on the kitchen counter and begins unpacking the groceries.) 31 LYDIA. You can do that when we get back. Olivia, will you be okay starting dinner without me? Maybe you should wait OLIVIA. I think I ll be okay. GABE. Do you want me to give you money for the WYATT.

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CampOutrageous Cast Audition Information

CampOutrageous Cast Audition Information CampOutrageous 2016 Cast Audition Information CampOutrageous 2016 Cast Auditions The Audition (Speaking and Non-Speaking Roles) Auditions are open to Bellevue members 6 th grade Adult (Or those in the

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Table of Contents. Chapter 1 What Happened to Daddy? 3. Chapter 2 The Hospital Visit 7. Chapter 3 Daddy Comes Home 12. Chapter 4 The Big Black Boot 16

Table of Contents. Chapter 1 What Happened to Daddy? 3. Chapter 2 The Hospital Visit 7. Chapter 3 Daddy Comes Home 12. Chapter 4 The Big Black Boot 16 Table of Contents Chapter 1 What Happened to Daddy? 3 Chapter 2 The Hospital Visit 7 Chapter 3 Daddy Comes Home 12 Chapter 4 The Big Black Boot 16 Chapter 5 Sadie and the Chicks 22 Chapter 6 The Broken

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REUBEN & TONY It's Tony. Tony Manucci! Open the door! Come sta amico! Buon compleanno! Sessantasette, sessantasette, non è male!

REUBEN & TONY It's Tony. Tony Manucci! Open the door! Come sta amico! Buon compleanno! Sessantasette, sessantasette, non è male! & shouting from offstage It's Tony. Tony Manucci! Open the door! Reuben laughs and turns the lock to let him in. Tony enters, carrying a large paper bag in one hand and a smaller folded one in the other.

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BY DENNIS TANG JUNE 19, 2015 ROADANDTRACK.COM Father's Day at 200mph: Mario and Michael Andretti Mario's son Michael had almost no choice in life but to become a racer, like his legendary father. And in the end, he almost surpassed him. Almost. BY

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Yo. Little Bro! Move it or lose it! Wallace McKnight yelled. He grabbed his backpack. Wallace went out the door. His mom said to wait for Miles.

Yo. Little Bro! Move it or lose it! Wallace McKnight yelled. He grabbed his backpack. Wallace went out the door. His mom said to wait for Miles. 1 Yo. Little Bro! Move it or lose it! Wallace McKnight yelled. He grabbed his backpack. Wallace went out the door. His mom said to wait for Miles. But Wallace was in a rush. Today was a big day. The first

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TRANSCRIPTION. Contenu de la conversation (N.B. les mots en italique sont traduit de l italien)

TRANSCRIPTION. Contenu de la conversation (N.B. les mots en italique sont traduit de l italien) TRANSCRIPTION Nom du projet : COLISÉE Identification Appel : Date : 2005-01-20 Heure début: 09:32:57 Heure fin: 09:47:18 Durée : 14m21s No. de conversation : 2005-01-2009-32-57 36157_1.wav Type : Transcription

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THE CIRCLE. The-grass is always greener... . Conn., identified the victim as Timothy P. Kelly, a 1994 Farmington

THE CIRCLE. The-grass is always greener... . Conn., identified the victim as Timothy P. Kelly, a 1994 Farmington y^&bl^mqraloscl^ton StWall - page 3 NTERVEW Jeffrey Ganes bears all -page 2 THE CRCLE PROFLE Davd Strong featured -page 0 Volume 46, Number 9 Marst College, Poughkeepse, N.Y. February 2,995 New lbrary

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Blossoms_-_How_Big_is_a_Mole_v4 Blossoms_-_How_Big_is_a_Mole_v4 [MUSIC PLAYING] STUDENT: But it's not fair. She asked me how many carbon atoms there are in 12 grams. And I gave her the right answer-- 6.02. ALAN CROSBY: Really? Those

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ALEX URBAN: We would like to welcome the 2016 champion of the Constellation SENIOR PLAYERS, Bernhard Langer.

ALEX URBAN: We would like to welcome the 2016 champion of the Constellation SENIOR PLAYERS, Bernhard Langer. FINAL ROUND INTERVIEW: BERNHARD LANGER June 12, 2016 ALEX URBAN: We would like to welcome the 2016 champion of the Constellation SENIOR PLAYERS, Bernhard Langer. Bernhard, this is your third in a row winning

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Contents. Table of. Clothes & Appearance. Senses. Talk Point. Word Point. Reading Point. Pattern Point. Talk Point. Word Point.

Contents. Table of. Clothes & Appearance. Senses. Talk Point. Word Point. Reading Point. Pattern Point. Talk Point. Word Point. Table of Contents Unit Clothes & Appearance Talk Point Word Point Reading Point Pattern Point 5 9 Unit Senses Talk Point Word Point Reading Point Pattern Point 7 9 5 Speech Script A Talk Point Read and

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Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills

Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills READING Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills 3 Form B Practice and Mastery Name To the Student TAKS Practice and Mastery in Reading is a review program for the TAKS Reading test. This book has five

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Kings Boston - Seaport Weekly Newsletter OCTOBER 2017 ISSUE #4

Kings Boston - Seaport Weekly Newsletter OCTOBER 2017 ISSUE #4 Kings Boston - Seaport Weekly Newsletter OCTOBER 2017 ISSUE #4 617.401.0025 60 Seaport Blvd. Suite 225 Boston, MA 02210 Welcome to Kings Seaport Opening Team! We will be blasting out

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Exercise #1: The Half Pass

Exercise #1: The Half Pass THE CANTER ZIG ZAG So, you're thinking about moving your horse up to Intermediare II. Congratulations! It's an exciting step. You've been schooling all the movements and systematically building up to this

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Former SeaWorld Trainer: Stop Using Killer Whales for Entertainment

Former SeaWorld Trainer: Stop Using Killer Whales for Entertainment Former SeaWorld Trainer: Stop Using Killer Whales for Entertainment Former trainer

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UNH Beast of the East Band Cheer Bible HOCKEY

UNH Beast of the East Band Cheer Bible HOCKEY UNH Beast of the East Band Cheer Bible HOCKEY PRE-GAME Refs take the ice (to the tune of Three Blind Mice): Four blind refs. Four blind refs. See how they skate. See how they skate. Their whistles are

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Winner of the Groove Award - The Fuse Dance Center

Winner of the Groove Award - The Fuse Dance Center Winner of the Groove Award - The Fuse Dance Center Overall Studio Technique Award - The Fuse Dance Center Overall Studio Choreography Award - The Dance Connection Backstage Award - Pat Haggerty Studios

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1. Colour in the picture

1. Colour in the picture 1. Colour in the picture Look at the picture. Can you see the animals? Now colour in the picture. 2. If You See a Cheeky Monkey Listen to the song. Now sing along. 1. If you see a cheeky monkey, clap your

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Quarterly Quality of Service Report to Ofcom and Consumer Focus

Quarterly Quality of Service Report to Ofcom and Consumer Focus Designated Universal Service Provider Conditions 5.5 & 5.7(a) Designated Universal Service Provider Condition 6 Consumer Protection Condition 1 Quarterly Quality of Service Report to Ofcom and Consumer

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Ashes. Ball and Chain

Ashes. Ball and Chain Ball and Chain There is a house in New Orleans, They call the Rising Sun It's been the ruin of many a poor boy, oh Lord I know I'm one One foot on the platform, one foot on the train I'm going back to

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Yogi Berra's Greatest Quotes CBS News / May 13, 2015

Yogi Berra's Greatest Quotes CBS News / May 13, 2015 archived as (also Yogi_01.pdf) => doc pdf URL-doc URL-pdf similar articles are on the /Sports.htm page at doc pdf URL note: because important websites

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TOM AND JAKE. D. Hunter. Name Address Address Phone

TOM AND JAKE. D. Hunter. Name Address Address Phone AND by D. Hunter Name Address Address Phone e-mail 2 EXT. NORTH WOODS - DAY The sun rises barely bursting through the clouds. A light covering of snow carpets the field and leafless trees. A hunter s deer

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My First Poem - Manchester & Merseyside

My First Poem - Manchester & Merseyside My First Poem - Manchester & Merseyside If searching for the ebook My First Poem - Manchester & Merseyside in pdf form, then you've come to the correct website. We presented utter variation of this ebook

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ample T E A M [stiff, extended arms move from right bow & arrow, up, over, to left bow & arrow in 4 counts], Teamwork, Teamwork [big, open clap 2x]

ample T E A M [stiff, extended arms move from right bow & arrow, up, over, to left bow & arrow in 4 counts], Teamwork, Teamwork [big, open clap 2x] KYF Samp ample CHeers Warm-up: arm circles, standing knee hug spelling team name, Jumping Jills, Cheer Arms, spiriting Cheers: see live online at use your own

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Chicago Feb 24-26, 2017 Westin O'Hare 2/24/2017 Time Routine ID and Name Studio Name Age Category Division 3:45p 564 Crown Empower Dance Company JR

Chicago Feb 24-26, 2017 Westin O'Hare 2/24/2017 Time Routine ID and Name Studio Name Age Category Division 3:45p 564 Crown Empower Dance Company JR Chicago Feb 24-26, 2017 Westin O'Hare 2/24/2017 Time Routine ID and Name Studio Name Age Category Division 3:45p 564 Crown Empower Dance Company JR Contemporary Solo 3:48p 519 Our World Envision Dance

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Designated Universal Service Provider Condition 1.10 Consumer Protection Condition USP Access Condition 8.1

Designated Universal Service Provider Condition 1.10 Consumer Protection Condition USP Access Condition 8.1 Designated Universal Service Provider Condition 1.10 Consumer Protection Condition 3.3.16 USP Access Condition 8.1 Quarterly Quality of Service and Complaints Report 2017-18 Quarter 4 Publication date:

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Louis Armstrong Armstrong on a stamp in 1995

Louis Armstrong Armstrong on a stamp in 1995 Louis Armstrong Louis Armstrong lived between the years 1901 1971. He was born into the segregated South in New Orleans, Louisiana. Armstrong grew up in very poor conditions. His father abandoned him when

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LSU COACH ED ORGERON PRESS CONFERENCE TRANSCRIPT Arkansas week LSU COACH ED ORGERON PRESS CONFERENCE TRANSCRIPT Arkansas week Opening Statement Welcome, everybody. It's great to be our football team all last week. They had a great mindset of preparation. We got on

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The End of Something Ernest Hemingway

The End of Something Ernest Hemingway The End of Something Ernest Hemingway In the old days Hortons Bay was a lumbering town. No one who lived in it was out of sound of the big saws in the mill by the lake. Then one year there were no more

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Flyers. Reading & Writing. Cambridge Young Learners English. My name is:... There are 50 questions. You have 40 minutes.

Flyers. Reading & Writing. Cambridge Young Learners English. My name is:... There are 50 questions. You have 40 minutes. Centre Number Candidate Number Cambridge Young Learners English Flyers Reading & Writing Version 151 0761 There are 50 questions. You have 40 minutes. You will need a pen or pencil. My name is:... DC (CW/JG)

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December 5-8, 2013 Total N= December 4-15, 2013 Uninsured N = 702

December 5-8, 2013 Total N= December 4-15, 2013 Uninsured N = 702 POLL December 5-8, 2013 Total N= 1000 December 4-15, 2013 Uninsured N = 702 All trends are from New York Times/CBS News polls unless otherwise noted. Asterisk indicates registered respondents only. 1.

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Routine On U.S. Racetracks, Horse Doping Is Banned In Europe

Routine On U.S. Racetracks, Horse Doping Is Banned In Europe Routine On U.S. Racetracks, Horse Doping Is Banned In Europe by ELEANOR BEARDSLEY April 23, 2013 4:03 PM ET Listen to the Story All Things Considered 4 min 51 sec Playlist Download Transcript French jockey

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Leicestershire Society of Rugby Union Referees

Leicestershire Society of Rugby Union Referees Leicestershire Society of Rugby Union Referees November & December 2015 NEXT MEETING 30 NOVEMBER 2015 @ VIPERS RFC 7.30PM Points to note- 1) Any referee with a coach or a mentor, it is YOUR responsibility

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AUDITION/ SELF-TAPE PACKAGE for GREASE: The Musical AUDITION/ SELF-TAPE PACKAGE for GREASE: The Musical ROLE: SWING FEMALE CHARACTER DESCRIPTION: Female, High School Teen (18 26 years). WILL COVER, MISS, ENSEMBLE. Must be a strong Actor, Singing, and Dancer.

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The Night the River turned red. Mary Joyce Temple Hughes

The Night the River turned red. Mary Joyce Temple Hughes The Night the River turned red By Mary Joyce Temple Hughes October 20, 1980 An explosion of flame! Popping like the staccato of firecrackers! One blast following another! The block from Prince Street to

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GB walking festival plans 2017/18. A guide for Ramblers volunteers

GB walking festival plans 2017/18. A guide for Ramblers volunteers We are one team, inspiring thousands of new people to join our fantastic walking community through festivals GB walking festival plans 2017/18 A guide for Ramblers volunteers Produced June 2017 Contents

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