North Yorkshire School Games Change4Life Festival 2017/18. Event rules and regulations

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1 North Yorkshire School Games Change4Life Festival 2017/18 Event rules and regulations

2 INTRODUCTION The North Yorkshire School Games organising committee would like to congratulate you on being selected to be your area representative for the 2018 School Games Change4Life Festival at The University of York on Thursday 28th June This pack contains all the information you need to prepare for the event; you can also refer to the website for further information. Don t forget to follow On behalf of the organising committee we wish you and your team success at the Games and more importantly that it is an enjoyable experience for all.

3 EVENT DATE: EVENT VENUE: EVENT TIME: THURSDAY 28th JUNE YORK SPORTS CENTRE, THE UNIVERSITY OF YORK, HESLINGTON LANE, YORK, YO10 5NA 9:30AM ARRIVAL FOR 10 AM START (event will finish by 14:15pm) FORMAT FOR THE DAY The timings for the day are as follows: Activity Timings Arrival at University of York and registration 9:30am-10am Welcome, briefing and introduction to our special guest Chris Cook 1st rotation of activities 2nd rotation of activities 3rd rotation of activities lunch 4th rotation of activities Celebration event 10am-10:30am 10:30am 11am 11:10am 11:40am 11:50am 12:20pm 12:20pm 1pm 1:00pm 1:30pm 1:40pm 2:10pm TEAM REQUIREMENTS Teams can consist of up to 20 per area and must be from year 3/4 in the current academic year. This can be made up of 1 school bringing 20 participants or 2 schools bringing 10 each or 2 schools joining together to bring 10 participants (you must identify 1 lead school who registers on behalf of both schools). To support these participants a school may also bring up to 4 Change4Life Leaders (if bringing 20 participants) or 2 Change4Life Leaders (if bringing 10 participants). Participants should be part of your schools Change 4 Life club and should be inactive. The format of the day will not appeal or engage a regularly active, sporty pupil. GETTING THERE The postcode for The University of York Campus is YO10 5NA. There will be signage to help you park and staff to greet you and show you to your event. Any coaches that are dropping off will also be shown where to conduct the drop off. ETHOS The Change4Life festival is a fun event aimed at inactive young people in your school. The activities on offer are adaptable and will allow for everyone to achieve and feel competent on the day. Many of the activities are taken from the Change4Life resource packs and they will be announced on the day. They do not require practicing or a minimum level of competence. The event team, staff and leaders will be looking to create a positive, encouraging and fun atmosphere where everyone can have a go without the fear of judgement or the inability to do one of the activities. We request the assistance of teachers in creating this atmosphere.

4 CELEBRATING ACHIEVEMENT As mentioned previously, the ethos of the day will be around everyone achieving their personal best. A challenge will be set to every participant to show how they demonstrate the 6 School Games values. These values will be how individuals contribute to their team performance. The 6 Values are as follows: Honesty With others and with yourself. Have the courage to do the right thing. Be truthful and promote fairness in every situation. Teamwork Treat everyone equally, support each other and work together to have fun and achieve. Celebrate each other s success. Be a good friend and a positive team player in school, sport and life. Respect Treating others politely and with understanding. Accepting life s ups and downs with grace. Respect every day, in everything you do and for everyone around you. Self belief You ve got to believe to achieve. Have the self belief and confidence to succeed and reach your personal best. Passion Giving it 100%, putting your heart and soul into whatever you are doing and never giving up. Care about what you do and the people around you, and approach each opportunity with enthusiasm and positivity. Determination Keep going no matter what. Determination is about the journey you go on to push yourself and achieve your dreams. Have the mental strength and the self discipline to overcome obstacles, commit to your goals and keep working every day to become the very best you can be. Don t hold back! The event team will be looking out for the above values and will award stickers to individuals throughout the event. Every participant will go home with a minimum of a certificate to reward their achievement on the day.

5 KIT Upon arrival, every participant will be issued with a free Change4Life tshirt which is theirs to take home. You should check the weather forecast closer to the event and advise your pupils to dress accordingly. Suitable footwear should be worn for astroturf and indoors. LUNCH AND REFRESHMENTS There is no provision in place to provide lunches for schools and accompanying staff so we would advise your bring your own packed lunches for the event. There will be access to drinking water so we would advise participants bring water bottles along with them to fill up on the day. SPECIAL GUESTS Our first special guest is British swimming sensation Chris Cook, who has competed for Great Britain for nearly 10 years, competing at European and World Championships, the Commonwealth Games and his highlight of the 2008 Olympic Games. Chris is a hugely popular and enthusiastic character who will do a fantastic job of enthusing and motivating the participants and will be around all day joining in with the activities as well as doing the opening and closing address. Also in attendance will be our very own mascot for the North Yorkshire School Games, Teddy the Terrier! Teddy will be welcoming your teams to the event and visiting the activities throughout the day to cheer on the participants. ACTIVITIES There will be 4 zones operating on a rotation throughout the day with everyone visiting all 4 zones. They are as follows: Adventure Zone Target Zone Combat Zone Healthy Lifestyles Zone The adventure, target and combat zones will take place on the astro turf at the University of York, with the Healthy Lifestyle zone taking place indoors. The order of rotations will be provided to you when you arrive. We also hope to have other activities on offer throughout the day for people to take part in, these will be announced closer to the event.

6 SAFEGUARDING The event is subject to North Yorkshire Sport safeguarding policy which covers the recruitment and suitability of staff for the event and processes in place on the day. We are conscious that your school will also have their own policies to follow. Any queries around safeguarding processes in place on the day should be directed to the North Yorkshire Sport Safeguarding lead, Damien Smith at We will have a policy in place regarding the use of cameras and photography and that will be available and enforced on the day. If any of your children do not wish to be photographed then please advise staff when you register who will issue a wristband to make photographers aware. THE EDUCATION NETWORK We are pleased to welcome our sponsors, The Education Network, to the event. They will be bringing their mascot, Buddy the Panda, and giving out goodies to the participants. The Education Network is immensely proud to say they sponsor the North Yorkshire School Games as part of an ongoing commitment to supporting healthy living and leisure activities for children of a school age.