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2 TWEED-HUNGERFORD AGRICULTURAL FAIR July 7th, 8th & 9th, 2017 Calendar of Events ADVANCE TICKETS AVAILABLE: $25/20 Coupons - Save $5 Tweed ValueMart, Olco, Palmateer s Abattoir & Bush Furniture (Madoc ) 10:00 AM GATES OPEN - Midway Opens Beef & 4H Cattle - Barns Youth 3 on 3 Ball Hockey Tournament - Beside Arena 10:00 AM Pony Pulls - Track 12:00 PM Horse Pulls - Track Laser Tag - Arena 10:00 AM GATES OPEN 10:00 AM Youth 3 on 3 Ball Hockey Tournament - Beside Arena 11:00 AM Midway Opens 11:00 AM Lumberjack Challenge 11:00 AM Little Kristies Portable Petting Zoo 2 136th Tweed Agricultural Fair FRIDAY JULY 7th Rides: Regular Prices in Effect 4:00 PM GATES OPEN - Midway Opens 4:30 PM Youth 3 on 3 Ball Hockey Tournament - Beside Arena 5:00 PM Weigh-in & Registration for Truck & Farm Pulls 6:00 PM Official Opening - Grand Stands 6:30 PM Pet Show - In front of Grand Stands 6:30 PM Tweed s Got Talent - Variety Show - Arena 7:00 PM Truck & Tractor Pull SATURDAY, JULY 8th Rides: Regular Prices in Effect 12:30 AM Kid s Karaoke - Tent 1:00 PM Little Kristies Portable Petting Zoo 1:00 PM Teen Karaoke - Tent Followed by Open Mic Karaoke til 7:00 PM 2:00 PM Adult s Karaoke - Tent 5:30 PM Derby Registration 7:00 PM DEMOLITION DERBY Hungerford Station formerly South of 7 (Tent after Derby) SUNDAY, JULY 9th All You Can Ride Sunday ONLY $20 Pay One Price Wrist Band 11:30 AM Bike Races Registration 12:00 PM Dairy & 4H Cattle - Barns Baby Show - Arena 1:00 PM Grass Hogs Lawn Tractor Racing 1:00 PM Kidz Zone - Arena

3 MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENT It s time to welcome everyone to our 136th annual Tweed Fair. Not only are we celebrating the heritage of our 136th Tweed Fair, we are also celebrating Canada s 150th Birthday. In celebration of Canada 150th we are excited to include some new events for this year. Tweed s Got Talent, Lazar Tag, Kristie s Little Portable Petting Zoo, Grass Hogs Lawnmower racing circuit, and finally the 1st annual Ball Hockey Youth Tournament. Back by popular demand some of our favorites and yours too. Truck and Tractor Pull, Horse and Pony Pulls, Karaoke, Bike races and the Pet Show. New to this year s Saturday night Demolition Derby is Impact Motor Sports. This is a great organization dedicated to putting on a terrific show that is entertaining for the whole family. After the Derby enjoy entertainment by Hungerford Station (formerly South of 7) under the tent. We hope everyone comes out to enjoy Tweed s oldest family tradition. On behalf of the Tweed Hungerford Agricultural Society I would like to thank the service clubs, businesses, and individuals that have sponsored us for Without your continued support we would not be able to keep this event alive. Also a special thank you to the Fire Department for all the hours of your time you donate to help keep our Fair a safe place for all ages. To our Municipality for your continued support in allowing us to promote our community. Which allows this agricultural awareness to continue to grow. To my board members and all the volunteers that every year put in hours of your personal time towards the Fair, I say thank you. Your help is greatly appreciated. Without your continued support we would not be able to keep this festival alive. See you this year July Your President, Sylvie Dunham JUNIOR & PEEWEE MEMBERS Dylan Palmateer, Haelie Palmateer, Jordon Tracey, Landon Wright, Faith Wright, Ava Wright, John Summers, Andrew Summers, Sydney Summers, Cassidy Parks, Katie Parks, Oliver Brooks, Brodie Spicer PAST PRESIDENTS Wilbur Bateman, Stan Genereaux, Bill McCrea, Ray Phillips, Milton Elliott, Dennis Hunt, Harold Bateman, Jim Palmateer, Mike Murphy, Ed Hunt, Glenn Holmes, Fred Furyk, Chris Doran, Jim Gunning, Tim Hunt, Irene Geen. CHAIRPERSONS Pet Show: Marlene White Kidz Zone: Monica Parks Pony Pulls: Ken Uens Horse Pulls: Jim Uens Karioke: Tracey Booth Beef Cattle/4H: Eric Doran Dairy Cattle/4H: Tim Hunt Tweed s Got Talent:Tristan Lindsay Demo Derby: Johnathon Kehoe Greg Baby Show:Samantha Robinson :Jenny Gaylord Truck & Tractor: Pull:Jesse Akey :Calvin Allore Domestic Science:Jennet Honey Crafts: Heather Prevost Ball Hockey: Shawna Rashotte Horticulture & Roots & Vegetables: Darlene Elson: Kids Crafts: Sylvie Dunham Grains & Seeds: Sylvie Dunham OFFICERS FOR 2017 President...Sylvie Dunham 1st Vice President...Val Nugent 2nd Vice President...Monica Parks Treasurer...Jennet Honey Director...Charlene Green Secretary...Patsy Spicer HONORARY DIRECTORS Mike Bossio...M.P. Todd Smith...M.P.P. Joanne Albert...Mayor, Municipality of Tweed MEMBERS Dave, Denise, Liam Akey, Gary Akey, Barry & Heather Bassett, Lorna & Anthony Brooks, Harold Bateman, Joe Cronkright, Tristan, Meredith, Taylor Dunham, Dennis Holmes, Jeannine Cross, Wayne Spicer, Glen & Debbie Holmes, Dan Hunt, Dennis & Norma Hunt, Edward Hunt, Gary & Dorothy Hunt, Ginger Kehoe, Trevor Lockwood, Lynndell Lesperance, Barb McEwen, Linda Murphy, Wendy Masters, Andre Palmateer, Fay Palmateer, Jim Palmateer, Larry Palmateer, Steven Palmateer, Greg Palmer, Ted & Sue Paranuik, Leslie Paranuik, Chris Parks, Nathan Prato, Shawn Robinson, Erik & Angela Rogers, Curtis Spicer, Jeff & Tracey Summers, Jade Farrington, Mitch Turcotte, Scott White, Gary & Lindsay Wright, Robert & Davine Palmateer, Tara Palmateer, Meghan Palmateer, Halle Maracle 3 136th Tweed Agricultural Fair

4 EXHIBITS RULES & REGULATIONS All information can be obtained from the Chairperson 1. Tickets are issued to exhibitors, entitling exhibitor to admission to the grounds for Sunday only to pick up exhibits and are not transferable. 2. All exhibits in competition must be as specified or will not be eligible, and should be placed between 6:00pm and 8:00pm Thurs., July 6th or between 8:00am and 12 noon Friday, July 7th in the White Building. Judging starts at 1:00pm on Friday, July 7th. 3. Only one article per exhibitor will be allowed in each class. 4. Entry tags may be secured from committee members any time prior to fair date, Thursday or Friday at the White building. No exhibit will be allowed entry with marks, names or initials on them where the owner may be identified. All prize tickets must be supplied by the Tweed Agricultural Society. 5. Any person exhibiting must be a bona fide maker or grower of all articles exhibited and all livestock shown - juniors included. 6. Horticultural category - Oasis, chicken wire, or similar may be used to secure flowers in container. No artificial products to be used unless stated in list. 7. Domestic Science category - All baking must be displayed in clear plastic wrap or bags with tags attached. All decorations must be edible. Pies and loaves may be entered in standard size pans or smaller pans for less waste. All linings on muffins must be removed unless otherwise stated. 8. Judges are authorized by Directors to discard soiled, defaced work that has been exhibited more than twice previously and award prizes to new work. 9. Junior work category - Exhibitors can only enter their own age category but are welcome to enter the adult category up to 16 years of age. No entry fee will apply. 10. Domestic Science category - Bottled or canned goods can be one year previous only. 11. Exhibits must stay on fairgrounds until Sunday, July 9th at 3:00pm for display. Prize money can be picked up at the Fair Office Saturday after 2 p.m. 12. In case of bad weather the Society reserves the right to reduce prize money and/or cancel any event. 13. All competing Livestock Teamsters and all Livestock Handlers are required to be in control of their animals at all times. They will take full responsibility for any damages that may occur while on the grounds. Waivers and valid insurance is mandatory before entering any livestock category. STOCK RULES & REGULATIONS All information can be obtained from the Chairperson 1. Board of Directors will not be responsible for any lost, stolen, damaged items or injured animal. 2. All animals on the grounds must be either placed in pens or tied up, leashed excluding events. 3. Any person interfering with the judges while judging is in progress will forfeit all prize money. No bribes of any denomination will be attempted upon the judges and their duties. 4. Classes 6 to 12-20% will be deducted for membership. 5. No animal or article to compete for more than one prize (unless for special or herds) and no one person will be allowed to enter more than one exhibit in any class. 6. All grain, fruit and seeds to be raised this year (2017) excepting clover seed, must be grown by the person exhibiting the same. 7. Tickets of entry can be had by calling the chair person of said Class or can be picked up Friday morning of the Fair from the Secretary. 8. If insufficient herds are available to provide good competitions, breeds can be combined. 9. All registered animals must be registered prior to the Fair by forwarding number and entry to the Chairperson. 10. In all sections where there is not competition only twothirds of prizes may be paid. Prize money may also reduce if emergencies arise. 11. All animals are subject to random drug testing. This includes all horse pulls, games, pet show, etc. No Tolerance/Hands off is In effect. Anyone not Following this policy will be asked to leave the grounds. ABSOLUTELY NO ALCOHOL IS PERMITTED ON GROUNDS. Vehicles/Bags will be searched ID required (30yrs. & under) CHARLES TEBO LIVESTOCK BUY - SELLS STOCKERS, COWS & SPRINGERS RES: CELL: FAX: th Tweed Agricultural Fair

5 Sundays 10am - 2pm until Thanksgiving weekend. Sundays 10am - 2pm until Thanksgiving weekend. Monday - Saturday 7:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. New location 301 Victoria Street,Tweed 415 River St. West Tweed Book a tour today! 5 136th Tweed Agricultural Fair Enjoy your time at the Fair!

6 FRIDAY, JULY 7TH GATES OPEN AT 4:00 PM OFFICIAL OPENING 4:30 PM (Grand Stands) PET SHOW 6:30 PM (Grand Stands) For youth 18 years and under CHAIRPERSON: Marlene White All animals must be vaccinated. All animals must be registered by 6:30 pm. No entry fee. Animals must be leashed or in a cage. CLASSES: 1. Best veteran - 7 Years plus 2. Longest haired cat. 3. Most EAR-risistable ears. 4. Smallest pet (any kind, excludes dogs & cats) 5. Dog with the waggiest tail 6. Most unique pet. 7. Best trick 8. Best dressed owner and pet - dressed to theme. Tweed s Got Talent Variety Program 6:30 PM Arena CHAIRPERSON: Tristan Lindsay Amateur performances: comedy, magic, Dancing, singing, contortionist. Adult 18 yrs & over Prize $ Teen 12yrs 17 yrs. 1st, 2nd & 3rd prizes Childrens 12 yrs. & under 1st, 2nd & 3rd prizes In the event of a group performance at least 1 person must live in the municipality of Tweed. (seasonal residents welcome) SATURDAY, JULY 8TH GATES OPEN AT 10:00 AM Admission is $5.00 per person. 12 and under FREE Regular Ride Prices in Effect 4H Beef Program - 10:00 AM CHAIRPERSON: Eric Doran SCHEDULE: 9:30 AM - Registration Begins 10:00 AM - 4H Beef Show 12:00 PM - Open Beef Show CLASSES: 1. Novice Showmanship (ages 9-11) 2. Junior Showmanship (ages 12-14) 3. Intermediate Showmanship (ages 15-17) 4. Senior Showmanship (ages 18-21) 6. Heifer Calf Conformation (Heifers born after January 1, 2017) 7. Junior Heifer Conformation (Heifers born after April 1, 2016) and before Dec 31, 2016) 8. Senior Heifer Conformation (Heifers born after January 1, 2016 and before Mar 31, 2016) 9. Champion 4H Calf (top two placings from classes 6-8) Trophies for classes 5 and 9 donated by Dunham Farms All 4H members receive monetary recognition for showing at the Tweed Fair! TWEED HUNGERFORD AGRICULTURAL FAIR PONY PULLS 10:00 AM (Track) CHAIRPERSON: Ken Uens Teamsters must be a member of Tweed Hungerford Agricultural Society - $5.00 membership to be paid at gate. Friday 4:00 pm - 8:30 pm Saturday 10:00 am - 4:30 pm Sunday 10:00am - 4pm contact Shawna at or to register your team TRUCK & FARM TRACTOR PULLS 7:00pm (Track) CHAIRPERSON: Jesse Akey , Calvin Allore , Executioner rules apply - Must wear helmet Weigh in and registration at 5:00pm at Track. No late entries. Position will be drawn at registration time. 1 Class ONLY - Powder Puff Truck Class. Entry fee will apply as regular classes. Class will be determined on number of entries th Tweed Agricultural Fair Size Class: 48. and under small 56. and under large 2. Draw Distance: 15 ft. 2 pulls allowed on a 15 foot wide course. 3. Must complete 2 rounds for $50 hitch money. No registration fee. 4. In event of breakage, draw must be retaken. Repair time at Judge s discretion. 5. One driver to a team. One man may drive more than one team. 6. Disqualifying may be done from failing to hitch in one minute or three attempts to hitch, profane language, unnecessary roughness in handling team, failing to remain in drawing area. 7. No line slaps allowed. PRIZES: 1st - $120, 2nd - $105, 3rd - $90 Each team must take two draws to qualify for $50 hitch money.

7 Open Beef Show - 12:00 PM CHAIRPERSON: Eric Doran PRIZES: Ribbons are distributed throughout classes 1-3 and 5-9. Classes 4 and 10 receive trophies. 1st: $35, 2nd: $30, 3rd: $25, 4th: $20, 5th: $15 (classes 1-3 and 5-9) DIVISIONS: A - Charolais B - Herford C - Other Breeds CLASSES: 1. Bull Calf (born on or after January 1, 2017) 2. Yearling Bull (born on or between January 1, 2016 and Dec 31, 2016) 3. Mature Bull (born on or between January 1, 2015 and Dec 31, 2015) 4. Champion Bull (top two placings from classes 1-3) 5. Heifer Calf (born on or after January 1, 2017) 6. Junior Yearling Heifer (born on or between April 1, 2016 and Dec 31, 2016) 7. Senior Yearling Heifer (born on or between January 1, 2016 and Mar 31, 2016) 8. Two Year Old Pair (female born in 2015 with her own natural calf at foot) 9. Mature Pair (female born prior to 2015 with her own natural calf at foot) 10. Champion Female (top two placings from classes 5-9) Charolais Champion Prizes Sponsored by: Baker Farms & Hip-Hop Herefords Hereford Champion Prizes Sponsored by: Hiddenview Polled Herefords & Porters Polled Herefords Other Breeds Champion Prizes Sponsored by: Amabec Charolais & Baker Farms SPECIAL CLASSES: (all breeds competing, trophies rewarded for class winners) A - Supreme Champion Male (top two placings from classes 4 from both Divisions) Prize sponsored by Bogart Cattle Company B - Supreme Champion Female (top two placings from classes 10 from both Divisions) Prize Sponsored by Bogart Cattle Company C - Breeders Herd (four animals bred by the exhibitor, both sexes represented) Prize Sponsored by Burnlea Stock Farms D - Get of Sire (three animals sired by the same bull, both sexes represented) Prize Sponsored by Elzevir Livestock E - Progeny of Dam (two animals off of the same dam) Prize Sponsored by Martinvale Farms HEAVY/LIGHT HORSE PULLS 12:00 PM (Track) CHAIRPERSON: Jim Uens Teamsters must be a member of Tweed Hungerford Agricultural Society - $5.00 membership to be paid at gate. 1. Light Horses lbs 2. Heavy Horse lbs and up PRIZES: 1st - $200, 2nd - $150, 3rd - $110 Ottawa Valley Assoc. Sanctioned Pull Each team must take two draws to qualify for $70 hitch money th Tweed Agricultural Fair SATURDAY, JULY 8TH GATES OPEN AT 10:00 AM Sat 1 pm & Sun 11 am Sponsored by: Festival of Trees KARAOKE CONTEST 12:30 PM, 1:30 PM & 2:00 pm (Under the LLBO Tent) No Alcohol Permitted outside licensed area AMATEURS ONLY CHAIRPERSON: Tracey Booth KIDS: 12:30 PM No registration fee Must be 12 years and under PRIZES: 1st - $50, 2nd - $30, 3rd - $20 + Medallions Sponsored by: Tweed Legion TEENS: 1:00 PM No registration fee Ages 13 to 17 years PRIZES: 1st - $60, 2nd - $40, 3rd - $30 + Medallions Sponsored by: Tweed Legion ADULTS: 2:00 PM $5.00 registration fee/person Ages 18 & up PRIZES: 1st - $100, 2nd - $75, 3rd - $50 Followed by Open Mic until 6:00 pm NEW Quinte Laser TAG Sat 12-6 PM Sponsored by Municipality of tweed DEMO DERBY 7:00 PM (Track) Registration 5:30 PM Contact: Johnathon Kehoe All drivers and crew must pay admission to the grounds. Entry Fee: $40.00 a late fee will apply after June 30th. Categories: Straight Stock Truck Full Size Straight Stock Mini class 4&6 cylinder Powder Puff - entries control the class No Alcohol Permitted outside licensed area All rules & regulations are on our website

8 CaNada day MuSiC ON The PaTiO WedNeSday Ride N Shine - August Victoria St. N.,Tweed, ON All Gas, Propane, Oil & Wood Furnaces, Stoves, Fireplaces Air Conditioning, Duct Cleaning Duct Work, Chimneys Financing Available 24 Hr. Service Tel: Duffers Chip Wagon for all your special events Jean & Murielle Leroux Tweed Marc & Missy Leroux Plainfield Specializing in Home Heating Oils & Propane R Newton House Bed & Breakfast 246 Colborne St., Tweed, ON Will & Tammy th Tweed Agricultural Fair

9 DAIRY CATTLE 12:00 NOON CHAIRPERSON: Tim Hunt CLASS 6 - Holstein CLASS 7 - Coloured Breeds Section 1 - Junior Calf (March 2017 or later) Section 2 - Intermediate Calf (Dec 2016 to Feb ) Section 3 - Senior Calf (Sept 1, 2016 to Nov ) Section 4 - Summer Yearling (Jun to Aug ) Section 5 - Junior Yearling (Mar to May ) Section 6 - SRINT Yearling (Sept 1, 2015 to Feb 2015) Section 7- Junior Champion Section 8-2 year old (Sept to Aug ) Section 9-3 year old (Sept to Aug ) Section 10-4 year old (Sept to Aug ) Section 11 - Ages Cow, born prior to Sept 1, 2012 Section 12 - Grand Champion Cow PRIZES: Sec. 1-12: 1st - $50, 2nd - $30, 3rd - $30, 4th - $15 Sec. 7&12: additional ribbons SPECIAL: Breeder s Herd - a group of three (3) animals (all breeds) to be owned and bred by exhibitor. PRIZES: 1st - $35, 2nd - $25, 3rd $20, 4th - $15 4H ACHIEVEMENT DAY - DAIRY (Barns) TWEED/STIRLING & SOUTH HASTINGS DAIRY 4-H CLUB CHAIRPERSON: Tim Hunt Leaders: Tim Hunt, Amanda Jeffs, Terri Hannah & Brian Sills Calves are to be at the Fairgrounds Sunday July 11th by 10:00 am. Judging begins at 10:30 am. All health and animal regulations will apply. Calves should be shown according to the following classes: 11. Novice Showmanship 12. Junior Showmanship 13. Intermediate Showmanship 14. Senior Showmanship 15. Grand Champion 16. Junior Calf - (March 2017) 17. Intermediate Calf - (Dec 2015 to Feb 2017) 18. Senior Calf - (Sept 2015 to Nov 2016) 19 Summer Yearling - (June 2015 to Aug 2016) 20. Junior Yearling - (March 2015 to May 2016) 21. Reserve Champion Ribbons will be given in each class th Tweed Agricultural Fair SUNDAY, JULY 9TH GATES OPEN AT 10:00 AM BABY SHOW 12:00 NOON (Arena) CHAIRPERSON: Samatha Robinson & Jenny Gaylord CLASSES: 1. Girls born Feb 2017 to April :00 Boys born Feb 2017 to April :00 2. Girls born Nov 2017 to Jan :30 Boys born Nov 2016 to Jan :30 3. Girls born Aug 2016 to Oct :00 Boys born Aug 2016 to Oct :00 4. Girls born May 2016 to July :30 Boys born May 2016 to July :30 PRIZES: 1st - Trophy, 2nd & 3rd - Ribbons Twins: 1st & 2nd Ribbons Sponsored by: Tweed ValuMart All parents and visitors for the Baby Show are required to pay regular gate admission. Lumberjack Challenge Sunday 11 a.m. - 1 p.m. Contact Bill Landridge Hungerford Station (formerly South of 7) In Tent after the derby featuring Classic Rock Music Sunday 1 p.m.

10 TWEED AGRICULTURAL FAIR th Tweed Agricultural Fair

11 The biggest little elvis Festival...anywhere! Tweed TribuTe To elvis FesTival august 25, 26 & 27, 2017 elvis still rocks Canada Celebrating Canada s 150th MIKE BOSSIO Member of Parliament for Hastings Lennox and Addington Main Office: 20-B Richmond Blvd, Napanee (Mon-Fri, 9am to 4pm) Satellite office hours throughout the riding call for details! Elvis Tribute Artist Contest Showcase 2017 Canada 150 Specials Classic Car Parade Gospel Hour Local Events/ Vendors Tickets Available Now On-Line and at Bush Furniture - Tweed News To reserve a campsite and/or buy tickets, call For online tickets & latest information, visit our website Sponsored in part by... Elvis Presley Enterprises, Inc. ELVIS, ULTIMATE ELVIS TRIBUTE ARTIST CONTEST and LOGO are trademarks of Elvis Presley Enterprises, Inc. All rights reserved th Tweed Agricultural Fair Toll Free: FIRST REALTY BROKERAGE Ltd. Jim Trudeau Broker Top Exposure When Selling With Us! Three MLS Boards (Quinte, Toronto, Durham) Specializing in Residential Commercial, Waterfront, Vacant Land Shawna Trudeau Sales Representative Serving Tweed & Area for 35 Years.

12 at press time Thanks to our following sponsors DON WOODS FUELS LTD Kerby Independent Tractor Tweed Horticultural Society Tweed TWEED TIRE & Auto PALMATEER S ABATTOIR WHOLESALE & RETAIL GOV T INSPECTED MEATS Green s Floral Design Artificial Designs for All Occasions June Way Dunham Farms th Tweed Agricultural Fair

13 at press time Thanks to our following sponsors DELLAR S Patterson Auto Sales/Parts SCOTT TROTTER plumbing Residential Installation And Repairs ELSON PET FOOD Sherman Welding & Machine Madoc Town & Country Hair Salon Kelly s Flowers & Gifts At the Store Family Apparel & Accessories Smitty has been keeping customers happy for 20 years in the appliance business. This proves Smitty has the BEST PRICE, SELECTION, GUARANTEE, QUALITY & SERVICE, plus same day delivery, seven days a week. Smitty plans to be around for another 20 years. Now he has in-house financing at NO INTEREST. These are just a few of the many reasons to visit SMITTY S for your new or used appliance purchase. We Sell Gas Refrigerators th Tweed Agricultural Fair

14 Come Enjoy the 136 th Annual Tweed Fair On your side. Your Best Insurance is an Insurance Broker. Locally owned and operated Bakery Deli Platters Veggie Platters Dessert Platters Seasonal Garden Centre Tweed Everything you need in one store! 56 Victoria St. Mon-Thurs 8 a.m. - 7 p.m. Friday 8 a.m. - 9 p.m. Saturday 8 a.m. - 6 p.m. Sunday 9 a.m. - 6 p.m Eastern Ontario 255 Metcalf Street, Postal Bag 1444, Tweed, ON K0K 3J0 Trails Alliance Tel: Toll Free: Fax: No Tolerance/Hands off is In effect. Anyone not Following this policy will be asked to leave the grounds. ABSOLUTELY NO ALCOHOL IS PERMITTED ON GROUNDS. Vehicles/Bags will be searched ID required (30yrs. & under) th Tweed Agricultural Fair

15 EXHIBITS: GRAINS & SEEDS CHAIRPERSON: Sylvie Dunham in mason jars, all hay must be wrapped in clear plastic. Only 1 entry per farm per class. All hay classes must be displayed in clear plastic bags or wrap. 1. Spring Wheat 2. Winter Wheat 3. Oats 4. Barely 5. Mixed Grains 6. Soy Beans - cluster of 6 plants, no roots 7. Red Clover 8. Sheath of Oats 9. Hay Silage: 2017, pail PRIZES: 1-9: 1st - $6.00, 2nd - $5.00, 3rd GRAIN & SEED SPECIALS: 10. Best Agricultural Display 11. Collection of Grains, not less than 3 varieties - must be in clear plastic FORAGE SPECIALS: square bale of hay first cut: square bale of hay second cut: 2016 KIDS SPECIALS: 14. Largest bale of twine Prizes: 10-14: 1st $10.00 BENCE MOTOR SALES LTD. NEW USED LEASING Fax Celebrating Canada Proud sponsors of the Tweed Fair P.O Box 40, Kaladar, ON K0H 1Z th Tweed Agricultural Fair Horticulture adults (categories are in addition to Tweed Horticultural Society Sponsorship section) Annuals 1. Coleus started in Pansies- 5 blooms with foliage in a vase 3. Inpatients -3 stems with foliage in a vase 4. Petunia - 5 blooms in a vase 5. Marigolds - 3 blooms 6. Red & White boquet of annuals 7. Red Rose 1 bloom with foliage in a vase Perennials 8. Phlox 3 stems 12 to 15 tall 9. 1 Hosta bloom in a vase with own foilage 10. Foxglove 3 spikes with own foilage 11. Day lilies - 5 blooms - 3 or larger or larger 12. Perennials 3 red & white stems in bloom with foilage Potted Plants 13. Flower arrangement to theme 14. Houseplant - open 15. Geranium - Pelargonium -in bloom-new plant started in 2017 Prizes: # st $7, 2nd $5, 3rd $4 Vegetables/Roots/Fruits 1. Green tomatoes - 3 on a plate 2. Green Cherry tomatoes - 6 on a plate 3. Kale leaves - 5 leaves on a plate 4. Green beans with stems - 5 on a plate 5. Yellow beans with stems - 5 on a plate 6. Radishes - 3 on a plate 7. Leaf lettuce - 5 leaves - on a plate 8. Potatoes - 3 on a plate 9. Zucchini - 1 any size on a plate 10. Turnip - 1 any size on a plate Prize: #1-#10-1st - $8., 2nd $6., 3rd $4. Horticultural Society Tweed and District Horticultural Society will be sponsoring some exhibits in Horticulture this year for the Tweed Fair. The following is a list of entries and prizes. We have entries in adults and juniors. Tweed Fair is July 7th to 9th. All entries must be at the fair grounds on Friday July 7th and set up before 12 pm. Judging starts at 12 pm. Juniors can pick up their prize money at the white building at 12 pm on Saturday. All arrangements must be made with plant material from your home garden. Adults 1. An arrangement of flowers and greens with a Canada Day theme. Accessories can be added. 2. A mixed arrangement of flowers and greens in cup and saucer. 3. Miniature arrangement not to exceed 3 inches in any direction. 4. A planter of mixed annuals and/or perennials with a container 12 inches in diameter or larger. 5. A planter using a hypertufa item as the container. 6. A hanging basket planted with a mix of red and white flowering annuals and trailing plants. 7. An arrangement of mixed evergreens and natural items like seed pods and birch bark. 8. Make a quilt square using flower heads placed flat to create a design in a 8 inch square pan. Foliage optional. 9. An arrangement in a coffee mug. 1st----$8 2nd---$7 3rd---$6

16 EXHIBITS: JUNIOR WORK CHAIRPERSON: Sylvie Dunham COMMITTEE: Val Nugent Theme: Proud to be Canadian PLEASE TAKE PART AND EXHIBIT AT THE FAIR. BOYS & GIRLS Crafts are judged separately, Baking and Horticulture are judged together. Specials: Photography You are only allowed one picture and it can be on one of these topics. (Will be judged by Age groups separately (4-5-6), (7-8-9), ( ), ( ) A) Truly Canadian B) Best friends C) Something Unique of Tweed D) Maple Leaves E) Fair Theme Poster-Proud to be Canadian on ½ piece of Bristol board 1st --- $5, 2nd --- $4, 3rd --- $3 Crafts Ages 4, 5, 6 1. Print in your own handwriting - Canada Hand made Canadian Flag with your handprint as the Maple Leaf 3. Hockey night in Canada logo with popsicle sticks and a button 4. Beaver face out of paper plates 5. Streamer wand to celebrate Canada 6. Unique to Tweed - Toilet paper roll fire hydrant Baking Ages 4, 5, Sugar Cookie shaped like a Hockey Stick 8. 2 Cupcakes decorated to look like a Beaver 9. 2 Lunchbox favorite snacks no bake recipe attached Horticulture Ages 4, 5, 6 Sponsored by Tweed Horticultural Society 10. A picture made of seeds and/or dried legumes glued on a paper plate. 11. Two stems of flowers and foliage in a soup can decorated red & white 12. An animal creature made out of vegetables and/or fruit. 13. A variety of 4 different kinds of cones collected from the woods & displayed on a plate 14. Make a bird feeder using a pine cone as a base Crafts Ages 7, 8, Print in your own handwriting - Proud to be Canadian 16. Canada Flag using colored paper and glue 17. Basketball net from something recycled 18. Create a beaver puppet out of a paper bag 19. Canadian themed lantern 20. Unique to Tweed - 3D Kiwanis Pavilion out of a small box -8 x8 Baking Ages 7, 8, Brownies cut & decorated to look like a Reindeer Cupcake decorated Proud to be Canadian Cookies shaped like a Moose - decorated th Tweed Agricultural Fair Horticulture Ages 7, 8, 9 Sponsored by Tweed Horticultural Society 24. A Canada Flag made out of seeds and/or legumes on a piece of Bristol board 25. A bouquet of mixed flowers in a coffee mug. 26. A Bristol board with pictures showing all the Provincial flowers of Canada and labelled with their flower name and province 27. Using natural products like birch bark, seeds, cones, etc to make a picture in a lid of a shoe box. 28. Decorate a pine cone to make a Christmas ornament. Crafts Ages 10, 11, Print in your own handwriting the chorus of O Canada 30. Canadian Flag out of popsicle sticks 31. Lacrosse stick out of recycled material 32. Toilet paper roll beaver 33. Canadian themed wind sock 34. Unique to Tweed 3D North America s smallest Jailhouse out of a 8x8 box Baking Ages 10, 11, Cookies - decorated red & white to go with theme Inukshuk brownie statue Cupcakes creatively decorated to theme Horticulture Ages 10, 11, 12 Sponsored by Tweed Horticultural Society 38. Make an all-natural centre piece made with evergreens. Can include pine cones, seed heads, thistles, etc. 39. A bouquet of mixed flowers in a child s rubber boot. 40. An arrangement of flowers with a Canada Day theme. Accessories can be used 41. A collection of photos of your family garden on Bristol board 42. A red and/or white flower made of paper displayed on a plate Crafts Ages 13, 14, Print in your own handwriting the verse of O Canada 44. Non-traditional Canadian Flag not as any above google it!! 45. Basketball glove out of a newspaper ( sports & fitness) 46. Canada 150th banner at least 15 long 47. Unique to Tweed Sculpture The Guardian with playdough that hardens, (Wolf in Tweed Memorial Park) 48. Make a beaver out of mitten Baking Ages 13, 14, Single layer cake (can be pkg) decorated for Canada 150th. Not edible pieces Maple Fudge Sugar Cookies decorated to theme lets be creative Prizes for #1 - #51: 1st---$5 2nd---$4 3rd---$3 A special Thank You to the Tweed and District Horticultural Society for their support and donations for the Children s Horticulture sections and the Junior Exhibit Specials categories and Adult Horticulture

17 EXHIBITS: ADULT DOMESTIC SCIENCE ALL ITEMS MUST BE 2 TO A PLATE UNLESS OTHERWISE SPECIFIED CHAIRPERSON: Jennet Honey Squares & Muffins 1. Banana Muffins 2. Chocolate Chip Muffins 3. Chocolate Brownies 4. Nanimo Bars 5. Date Squares Pastry 6. 2 Butter Tarts (no nuts) 7. Strawberry Rhubarb Pie- 1 slice 8. Apple Pie 1 slice Cookies & Sweets 9. 3 Peanut Butter Cookies Oatmeal Raisin Cookies Chocolate Chip Cookies Shortbread Cookies pcs. Maple Fudge Buns & Loaves 14. Tea Biscuits 15. Whole Wheat Bread Bread machine 16. White Bread one loaf Bottled Goods 17. Cranberry Chutney 18. Hot Dog Relish 19. Spaghetti Sauce 20. Icicle Pickles Jams & Jellies 21. Blueberry Jam 22. Strawberry/Rhubarb Jam 23. Apple Jelly 24. Jam, any other variety, named Pickles 25. Bread & Butter 26. Icicle 27. Sweet Pickles, no food coloring Day pickles MEN s CORNER 29. Jam any kind 30. Pickles any kind 31. Relish any kind CRANBERRY CHUTNEY 4 cups Cranberries (fresh/frozen) 1 cup raisins ½ cup chopped onion ½ cup chopped onion 1 cup prepared orange juice 1 cup cider vinegar ½ cup orange marmalade 1 ½ cup granulated sugar 1 tsp table salt 1 ½ tsp ground ginger 1 tsp curry powder EXHIBITS: BAKING & CANNING All exhibits in competition must be as specified or will not be eligible, and should be placed between 6:00 PM and 8:00 PM Thursday, July 6 or between 8:00am and 12:00 noon Friday, July 7 in the White Building (where office is). Judging starts at 1:00 PM on Friday, July 7. No persons allowed to enter contest after the judging starts. Country Fair Baking Contest 2017 (The following entries must have proof of purchase logo from pkg. PLUS the recipe attached to each entry. A. Robin Hood Family Favorite Recipe Millionaire Shortbread 3 on a plate- Prizes: 1st: $25 Product Certificates 2nd: $10.00 Product Certificates B. Robin Hood - Best Lunchbox Snack Contest Peanut Butter & Chocolate Marble Brownies - 3 on a plate Prize: 1st Place only $15 Robin Hood - Family Favorite Recipe National Contest First place winners from both A&B. Contests with submission from local fair. Judging will be based on appearance, taste, texture and recipe creativity. Senior & Youth Categories - 1st prize only -$100 C. Crisco Family Favorite Recipe Banana Coconut Muffins - 3 on a plate- Prizes: 1st - $25 Product Certificates 2nd-$10 Product Certificates Crisco National Contest First place winners of Crisco Contest with submission of declaration from local fair. Judging will be based on appearance, taste, texture and recipe creativity. Prize: 1st place only $ Bernardin 2017 Home Canning A. Bernardin Jam/Jelly Award Strawberry Jam Prizes: 1st - $20 Gift Certificate & Rosette Prize Ribbon B. Bernardin Best of Show Award Must be submitted with Bernardin Mason Jar & Snap lid. Judging based on highest accumulated points (fair decides points system) or judges choice of Best Home Canning Entry from qualifiers. Prize: $30 Gift Certificates & Rosette Prize Ribbon C. Bernardin Gift Pack Competition Best Gift Pack submitted using Bernardin Mason Jar & Snap lids. Judges select winner based on creativity, quality of home canned product, perceived value and appropriateness of presentation. Prize: 1st $20 Gift Certificate & Rosette Prize Ribbon D. Bernardin Snap Lid/mason Jar Creative Craft Best decorative or functional homemade craft made using a Bernardin Mason jar and/or 2 piece Snap Lid as selected by fair(no recipes in a jar needs to be a creative piece) Prize: $20 Gift Certificate & Rosette Prize Ribbon Bernardin NATIONAL Gift Pack Competition Eligibility: first place winner of Bernardin Gift Pack competition from each fair with entry submission by Local Fair Convenor. Prizes: 1st Place $100, 2nd & 3rd - $25 each Be sure to visit our sponsors websites for recipes and helpful baking hints: Robin Hood - Crisco - Bernardin th Tweed Agricultural Fair

18 EXHIBITS: ADULT CRAFT WORK CHAIRPERSON: Heather Prevost Theme: Proud to be Canadian HOME ACCESSORIES: 1. Handmade coasters- set of 2 2. A vase with paint effects 3. Sewn Pot holders set of 2 CREATIVE CRAFTS: 4. Upholstered item open 5. Tie Die Article - open 6. Pinterest your craft choice to theme SEWING AND NEEDLEWORK: 7. Embroidered Pillowcases set of 2 8. Table runner to theme 9. Wool applique - open 10. Sewn pillow one open TEEN CORNER: 11. String Art 12. Article using beads 13. Article from Washi tape 14. Wooden Bird House PHOTOGRAPHY: 15. Canadian Flag 16. Photo of pets to theme 17. Photo of kids to theme 18. Historical site of Tweed OLD TIME FAVORITES: 19. Baby Sweater & Booties - Knit 20. Socks - knit 21. Crochet a hat - open 22. Tea Towel with crochet top for hanging Mens Corner 39. Re-purpose wooden item 39. Re-purpose metal item 40. Wooden Shelf PRIZES: st $8.00, 2nd 6.00, 3rd $4.00 FOLK ART 42. Open Class Special (article of your choice) Prize: 1st -$15.00, 2nd $10.00, 3rd $8.00 Seniors Special Knitted shawl 43. Pair of kids mitts 44. Crocheted Poncho Sponsored by: Moria Place 1st nd rd 6.00 Quilts: 45. OAAS Machine Quilt competition (total perimeter 324 inches-smaller will not be eligible) Wall Hanging - named 47. OAAS Hand Quilted Quilt (total perimeter 324 inches-smaller will not be eligible) Rag, quilted named Quilt Special-Proud to be Canadian Minimum 36x46 Maximum 72x Quilt Special - Quilted, theme Black Tie Quilt Minimum 36x48 Maximum 50x60 Quilt Prizes: 1st $25.00, 2nd $20.00 Sponsored by Tweed Agricultural Society SEASONS 23. Fall Wreath 24. Christmas centerpiece 25. Hallowe en Wreath 26. Easter in a Mason Jar AFGHANS 27. Knit 28. Crochet 29. Open class not quilt ART WORK 30. Pencil drawing 31. Abstract - watercolor 32. To Theme mixed medium 33. Barn- oil/acrylic ANTIQUES: 34. Butler Press 35. Level 36. Cutlery 37. Article of Clothing th Tweed Agricultural Fair

19 TWEED AGRICULTURAL FAIR Horse rings Curling Club 4H/Dairy Barns Ball Hockey ARENA Laser Tag vendors Tweed s Got Talent Rides grand stand Track Derby Pony/Horse Pulls Truck/Tractor Pulls Grass Hogs Ball Diamond Karaoke Vendors Logger Challenge Canteen & Washroom Disability Parking White Building Exhibits Crafts Baking PEtting Zoo Front Gate Rides th Tweed Agricultural Fair

20 Darts Pool table Shuffleboard Table Entertainment Open House Meat Rolls Facilities for meetings, receptions, parties Reserve the Upstairs Hall or Clubroom Proudly Serving Our Veterans For information, call the Branch Victoria Street, North, Tweed, ON Quinte Ltd., Brokerage TWEED Victoria St. N., Tweed (across from CIBC Bank) Ted Cassidy* Karen Calvert Jamie DeMarsh The Only Re/Max Office in Tweed. *Sales Person **Broker/Sales Person Each office independently owned and operated th Tweed Agricultural Fair

21 TWEED TIRE & AUTO Louisa St. Tweed Class A Mechanic on Duty Tires - Batteries - Mufflers High Performance Custom Exhaust Specialist GARHAVEN FARM R VITO S Open 7 Days a Week Pizza Fried Chicken Wings Burgers Subs Fish & Chips Serving Tweed Since 1980 Dine In, Take Out, Delivery 351 Victoria St. N., Tweed Leonard G. Bryan Barrister & Solicitor GARY & DOROTHY HUNT & SONS PALMATEER S ABATTOIR WHOLESALE & RETAIL GOV T INSPECTED MEATS COUNTY RD. # 38, 1/4 MILE WEST OF TWEED Call: We specialize in retail and wholesale bulk meat. 10lb. freezer orders of beef, pork and poultry are popular. Sausages and patties prepared on site. P.O. Box 484, RR#1 Tweed, Ontario K0K 3J0 Phone: (613) Victoria St., Tweed Victoria St., Tweed keeping you in the know! printing / publishing monthly flyer specials office products & furniture novels colouring books colour pencils k cups th Tweed Agricultural Fair

22 NEW FOR 2017 at the Tweed Fair Tweed s Got Talent Variety Program 6:30 Friday night Arena YOUTH BALL HOCKEY TOURNAMENT JULY 7-9, 2017 Friday 4pm-8:30pm Saturday 10am-4:30pm Sunday 10am-4pm OHL born AHL born NHL born Contact Shawna at or to register your team Amateur performances: Comedy, magic, dancing, singing, contortionist Adult 18 yrs & over Prize $ Teen: 12 yrs 17 yrs. 1st, 2nd & 3rd prizes Childrens: 12 yrs. & under 1st, 2nd & 3rd prizes In the event of a group performance at least 1 person must live in the Municipality of Tweed. (seasonal residents welcome) Lumberjack Challenge Sunday 11 a.m. - 1 p.m. Contact Bill Landridge Sunday 1 p.m. Sat 1 p.m. & Sun 11 a.m. Sponsored by Tweed Festival of Trees Laser Tag Saturday, 12 pm Arena Sponsored by Municipality of Tweed Don t forget to mark your calendars for other spectacular events: Canada Day Pancake Breakfast Tweed Agricultural Hall 8am - 1pm Elvis Breakfast Saturday, August 26 and Sunday, August 27 8am - 12pm Touch the Truck September 10 1st Annual Fall Festival September 29 until October 2 Throughout Tweed Halloween Haunted Hall October 20, 21, 22 October 27, 28, 29 Tweed Agricultural Hall Craft & Bake Sale November 18 Tweed Agricultural Hall 10am - 4pm Oct. Winter Carnival Family Day Week Feb 2018 Nov. Feb th Tweed Agricultural Fair

23 Additions Renovations Vinyl Siding Blown Insulation Free Estimates D. G. BROWN CONSTRUCTION LTD. David G. Brown, Thomasburg, ON PINE MEADOW NURSING HOME Box 100, 124 Lloyd St., Northbrook, Ontario K0H 2G0 ph fax DELLAR S Hallmark Greeting Cards 15% Off Everyday! Low Prices Every Day at I.D.A 249 VICTORIA ST. N., TWEED CHALK WELL DRILLING WELLS FOR HOME, FARM & INDUSTRY ROTARY & CABLE TOOL DRILLING PROMPT SERVICE FREE ESTIMATES WELLS DECOMMISSIONED & ABANDONED R FREE ESTIMATES Fully Insured Commercial & Residential BUCKET TRUCK AVAILABLE Seasoned Wood for Sale Call Pat at Cell: LING LTD. ESTABLISHED SINCE RR#6 NAPANEE licensed by the ministry of the ENviRoNmENt th Tweed Agricultural Fair