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1 No. August 07. Chairwoman: Helen ose ecretary: Joan awyer reasurer: Keith ose Committee Members: Hilary Andrews, Frank Goodland, George Hogg. Elizabeth Palmer Newsletter Editors: Joan awyer, Keith ose In this issue:- ummer chool 07 Class start dates BDG forthcoming events October ocial November upper Dance AGM Minutes Local Events You have probably noticed in the letter heading that im Hern is no longer our Chairman and that Helen ose has taken his place. All the details of the AGM can be found in the attached minutes. CD ummer chool 07 Helen ose his year because of the classes being offered Keith and I decided to attend ummer chool for two weeks, weeks three and four. he two weeks offered different classes, teachers, musicians and bands so complemented each other rather than repeating the week. he first week I was taught by rish Nicholls from ydney, I learnt a lot and was worked hard, I was spoiled as the class musicans were Muriel Johnstone then Marion Anderson. he second week I had Eric Finlay and obert McOwen (from Boston) as teachers and odger McAndrew and oddy Johnston as musicians. All the teachers had different teaching styles and approaches to the class which meant that nothing was repeated. I practised some historical poussettes as a comparison to the way they are done now and was taught a dance that I have been wanting to do for a number of years. I have also danced all of the Book dances. here was dancing to a different musician each evening featuring a range of instruments. I have been aware that some dances use a piano and recorder duo, it was good to hear and dance to this combination. wice during each week there is dancing in the Younger Hall to Bands, his time we heard David Oswald, Marion Anderson and andy Nixon. In week three there was a musicians course running so on aturday evening we danced to a large orchestra (about ), which was a lovely experience.

2 here is also the opportunity (we didn t go) to attend a weekly dance organised by the t.andrews Branch CD which would allow you to dance to another two bands. his was David Oswald and Jim Lindsay the weeks we were there. here is usually the opportunity for extra dancing (to anything up to nine musicians) and socialising after the official evening dancing has finished. his year I really enjoyed myself, ummer chool is very sociable, I worked hard and learnt a lot. CLA A DAE Advanced Class unday rd eptember Monday Class (cots ociety) Monday th eptember uesday Class uesday th eptember BDG EVEN un 8 th Oct ocial Oakley Village Hall un th Nov upper Dance Oakley Village Hall 08 at 6 th Jan Ceilidh Bromham Village Hall un th Feb ocial Oakley Village Hall un th Mar upper Dance Oakley Village Hall un 8 th April ocial Oakley Village Hall at 9 th May Annual Ball Bromham Village Hall un th June ocial & AGM Oakley Village Hall

3 unday October 8 th starting at 7.0pm OAKLEY VILLAGE HALL MCs Liz and John Palmer he Wind Dragon Castle of Mey Napier`s Index J It`s Just for Fun J Chasing the Eclipse Cherrybank Gardens he ri-mariner Lady ophia Lindsay Auchinellan Jig J he utland eel Foxhill Court he Orchards of Co. Armagh None so Pretty Major Ian tewart J. Entrance unday November th starting at 7.0pm OAKLEY VILLAGE HALL MC Joan awyer Meeting of the Waters ose of the North Luckenbooth Brooch J Harbour City J ilver assie Whistling Wind Plantation eel he Grumpy Gentleman J Laird of Milton`s Daughter J MacDonald of the Isles Wisp of histle Mary Erskine Molly`s Mum A afe Journey Hame J Entrance + a plate of food

4 BDG Oakley ocial Liz & John Palmer 8 October 07 7:0pm HE WIND DGON 8x A HE CALE OF MEY Inveran eels FIGUE EIGH 8x P Iain Boyd, 990, Island Bay Collection (nd ed) C/C longwise set John Walton, 0, CD QE Diamond Jubilee C/C longwise set. NAPIE INDEX L _ Brian Charlton, 00, CD Book.8 B bars bars B B B CHAING HE ECLIPE Chaperoned Chain Progression andy Gallamore, 0, Highland oad Collection 8x0 J C/C longwise set. x _ L bars C/C longwise set. I JU FO FUN oy Fidler, 98, CD Book.6 L _ x x 8x J C/C longwise set. CHEYBANK GADEN Couple et x et & Link Petronella in andem x x X L x x CHAIN John Drewry, 99, Bankhead C/C longwise set. HE I MAINE 8x : : : 0 POM _ A Dix, 99, eel Friends, CD Book 8.8 C/C longwise set. LADY OPHIA LINDAY C & C cross on nd chord x x LA x AUCHINELLAN JIG Alice McLean, Auchinellan Collection x 8x J C/C longwise set. Jean Attwood, Alexander Leaflets HE ULAND EEL to x x x x x _ to x x C/C longwise set 8x0 FOXHILL COU Espagnole John Drewry, Canadian Collection B _ L Dance to Corners and et B 8x to C/C longwise set. obert enior, 00, he unday Class, CD Book 8. HE OCHAD OF CO. AMAGH x x x x x _ C/C longwise set. x B Jinty Anderson, Belfast Platinum Anniversary C/C longwise set. NONE O PEY L _ 8x0 A MAJO IAN EWA _ Hello Goodbye 6 8x J x x x 6 slip steps Chase Cross foot over L & pivot to Wilson, 86, CD Book 9. C/C longwise set. John Drewry, 986, CD Book. C/C longwise set. Keith ose

5 BDG Oakley upper Dance Joan awyer November 07 7:0pm HE MEEING OF HE WAE 8x8 LA 6 HE OE OF HE NOH Couple x X L 8x Iain Boyd, trathtay Album C/C longwise set. oy Goldring, 986, Leeds ilver Jubilee C/C longwise set. LUCKENBOOH BOOCH John Bowie Dickson, Glendarroch heet 8 8x J st time: _ to Prom hold nd time: _ C/C longwise set. HE HABOU CIY x0 HE ILVE AIE John Drewry, 966, CD Leaflet FIGUE EIGH HE PLANAION EEL ony Moretti, Pinewoods N LA HE LAID OF MILON DAUGHE Corner chain N x x 8x ondel C/C longwise set. x L _ L _ Corner chain L L _ Lord Craigmyle, 90, CD Book.0 C/C longwise set. 6 8x J L _ C/C longwise set. x x x x Left hand Ian immonds, he Harbour City HE WHILING WIND Elizabeth Goosen, 98, CD Book 6. HE GUMPY GENLEMAN & OAE Gillian Jennings, Birmingham Diamond Jubilee 8 MacDONALD OF HE ILE nowball Chain X L D x x Derek Haynes, 966, Carnforth Collection, X L X L C/C longwise set. 8x C/C longwise set. _ 8x J x x x wirl C/C longwise set. x C/C longwise set. WIP OF HILE 8x MAY EKINE 8x A L D_ Pat Kent, CD Book 7. & park O Water MOLLY MUM C/C longwise set. 8x LA L L _ L _ oy Goldring, ocial Dances, CD Graded Book. A AFE JOUNEY HAME C/C longwise set. 8x0 J on Arrowsmith, Doune Collection L N x x x C/C longwise set. FIGUE EIGH Eddie Hutchings FIGUE 6 EIGH CHAIN C/C longwise set Keith ose

6 LOCAL EVEN Day Date Host Event Band/eacher Venue ime at 0 ep 07 histle Club Day chool & Dance Marian Anderson/ om McKinlay Wing LU7 0NN Fri ep 07 Peterborough CD ea Dance ecorded Peterborough PE6 7 :00pm at ep 07 Market Harborough CD First Dance of eason Ian later Market Harborough LE6 7AF 9 7:0pm at ep 07 Nottingham CD ocial Dance Lowdham VH, NG 7BD 7:0pm at 0 ep 07 Cambridge Autumn Dance ilver Cross Comberton Vill Hall CB 7BZ 0 7:0pm Fri 06 Oct 07 Margaret enior Chrissie Osborne Charity Dance ecorded Market Harborough LE6 7JD 6 7:0pm at 07 Oct 07 Leicester CD ocal ecorded Leicester LE EJ 7:0pm un 08 Oct 07 BEDFOD DG ocial Dance ecorded Oakley VH, MK 7J 7:0pm at -Oct-7 Peterborough CD Annual Dance Ian later t Andrew's Church Hall, PE 9F 0 7:00pm at Oct 07 London CD Day chool & Dance Lindsay Ibbotson etc London W9 D 0:00 AM at Oct 07 Newark CD Annual Dance Chris Dewhurst Oxton VH, NG 0A at 8 Oct 07 Cambridge Halloween Party at 8 Oct 07 Norwich CD Charity Dance Norwich N PA 7:00pm at 8 Oct 07 Oxford CD Annual Ball Craigellachie Oxford OX 7D at 8 Oct 07 Waltham CDG Annual Dance Ian later Waltham in the Wolds VH, LE AG 0 7:0pm Fri 0 Nov 07 Peterborough CD ea Dance ecorded Peterborough PE6 7 :00pm at 0 Nov 07 tamford CDC Autumn Dance tamford PE9 PJ at Nov 07 Leicester CD Annual Ball Craigellachie Leicester LE PP 8 7:00pm un Nov 07 BEDFOD DG upper Dance ecorded Oakley VH, MK 7J 7:0pm at 8 Nov 07 Berkhamsted C Vintage Dance George Meikle Bovingdon HP 0HJ 0 7:0pm at 8 Nov 07 Norwich CD Day Workshop & Dance David Queen/Bob hakespeare Norwich N PA 0:0am at 8 Nov 07 Nottingham CD ocial Dance Ian later Nottingham, NG 6AY 7:0pm at 8 Nov 07 E Herts CDC Annual Ball obert Whitehead Presdales chool, Ware, G 9NX 8 7:0pm un 9 Nov 07 Berkhamsted C Day chool Antone ousseau etc Abbots Hill chool HP 8P 9:0am hu 0 Nov 07 Cambridge t Andrew's Night Dance at 0 Dec 07 Abingdon & Harwell CDCs Craigellachie Grove OX 7LB 0 7:00pm Fri 08 Dec 07 Newark CD Charity Dance George Meikle Newark own Hall. NG DU Fri 08 Dec 07 Peterborough CD Christmas ea Dance ecorded Peterborough PE6 7 :00pm at 6 Dec 07 Norwich CD Christmas Dance Norwich N PA 7:00pm hu 8 Dec 07 Oxford CD Christmas Dance Ian obertson Oxford OX 9QF un Dec 07 Huntingdon C Hogmanay un Dec 07 Nottingham CD New Year's Eve dance un -Dec-7 histle Club Hogmanay Great Brickhill MK7 9BA at 06 Jan 08 BEDFOD DG Ceilidh Peter catterty Bromham VH, MK 8JP 7:0pm at Jan 08 Cheltenham CD Annual Ball Nicol McLaren Cheltenham GL JE at 0 Jan 08 Newark CD Day chool Liz tead/david Page Newark NG DQ at 7 Jan 08 Oxford CD Burns Night Dance and upper trathallan Oxford OX0 6LZ at 0 Feb 08 Norwich CD ea Dance Norwich N PA :00pm at 0-Feb-8 Berkhamsted C Highland Ball Marian Anderson Ashlyns chool HP AH 7:00pm at 0 Feb 08 Cambridge Beginners' Dance un Feb 08 BEDFOD DG ocial Dance ecorded Oakley VH, MK 7J 7:0pm at 0 Mar 08 Milton Keynes CD Ball tuart Anderson Old tratford Hall MK9 6NL 7:0pm un Mar 08 BEDFOD DG upper Dance ecorded Oakley VH, MK 7J 7:0pm at Mar 08 Cambridge CD Annual Dance

7 un 08 Apr 08 BEDFOD DG ocial Dance ecorded Oakley VH, MK 7J 7:0pm at Apr 08 E Herts CDC Day chool & Dance Jean Martin/Barbara Mannng Ware G 0DE 0:00am at 8 Apr 08 Cheltenham CD Day chool & Dance Pat Houghton Cheltenham GL 6F at 8 Apr 08 Huntingdon C Annual Ball at 0 May 08 Cambridge Ball at May 08 Corby CDG Annual Dance Corby NN7 EE at May 08 Norwich CD Annual Ball andy Nixon 6:0pm at 9 May 08 BEDFOD DG Annual Ball Alan oss Bromham VH, MK 8JP BA 7:00pm at 9 May 08 Cheltenham CD Anniversary Dance Luke Brady Gloucester GL JH at 09 Jun 08 E Herts CDC Drewry Dance Lindsey & om Ibbotson Ware G 0DE 7:0pm un Jun 08 BEDFOD DG ocial Dance + AGM ecorded Oakley VH, MK 7J 7:0pm Day & Weekend chools etc tart Date End Date Event Location Contact Details -ep-7 Day chool & Dance Wing 7-Oct-7 Day chool Cockermouth 7-Oct-7 8-Oct-7 Young Dancers Workshop Munster, Germany 9-Oct-7 -Oct-7 Autumn Course, Kuckucksnest Germany -Oct-7 Day chool & Dance London 0-Nov-7 -Nov-7 Croydon CD Weekend chool Eastbourne 9-Nov-7 Day chool Berkhamsted -Nov-7 6-Nov-7 November Course, Kuckucksnest Germany -Nov-7 6-Nov-7 Weekend chool Lyon, France -Nov-7 6-Nov-7 CD Course & Ball Zurich -Dec-7 -Dec-7 CD Weekend Curia, Portugal 0-Jan-8 0-Jan-8 Day chool Newark -Feb-8 -Feb-8 Nunspeet Weekend Netherlands 9-Feb-8 -Feb-8 Workshop & Grand Ball Marostica, Italy 6-Feb-8 8-Feb-8 Weekend chool Isle of Wight 8-Feb-8 -Feb-8 Winter chool Pitlochry 8-Mar-8 -Mar-8 CD holiday Evora, Portugal 6-Mar-8 -Mar-8 CD holiday Evora, Portugal 6-Mar-8 8-Mar-8 Iberian Dance Weekend Algarve, Portugal 7-Mar-8 pring Dance & Workshop Geneva 0-Apr-8 -Apr-8 pring Fling Glasgow -Apr-8 Day chool & Dance Brussels -Apr-8 -Apr-8 Day chool & Dance Ware 7-Apr-8 9-Apr-8 Weekend chool Lyon, France 8-Apr-8 Day chool & Dance Cheltenham 8-May-8 -May-8 Munich CD Weekend Germany 6-Aug-8 8-Aug-8 CD Weekend + optional tour Japan 6-Aug-8 8-Aug-8 Dance Weekend Helensburgh 6-Oct-8 8-Oct-8 Autumn in Gamundia Germany