Suffolk Wins In Three Demands

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1 LiEilLDElR Americ' Lrpent!Sew»pper for Pblic Employees Vol. XXXV, No. 43 Tesdy, Jnry 22, 1974 Price 15 Cents ^ A : i AL A' Y V sfmg - See Pges 8 & 9 Creedmoor Director Defends His Stffers With Highest Prise Solomon Bendet, president of CSEA's New York dty Region, gesticltes emphticlly s he defends employees t Creedmoor Stte Hospitl ginst chrges linking them to high crime rte. With him t the press conference in the CSEA Mnhttn offices re Terry Dwson, left, president of the CSEA chpter t Creedmoor, nd Dr. Willim Werner, director of the mentl hospitl. All Grops nterested n Money Trget On Assembly's Stephens THE stte Legisltive Lw pys specil recognition to the Sente Finnce Committee nd the Assembly Wys nd Mens Committee. Under the lw these committees serve throghot the yer nd re empowered to mke, throgh their respective chirmen, sch investigtions of the vrios ctivities of the Stte s will id them in their con- (Contined on Pge 6) NEW YORK CTY "We hve the finest stte employees/' Dr. Willim Werner, director of Creedmoor Stte Hospitl, told press conference t Civil Service Employees Assn. Hedqrters here, "bt they re being demorlized by the blowp of chrges of crime t Creedmoor." The chief of the big mentl hospitl in Qeens cme <to fne CSEA New York City Region offices t 11 Prk Plce on Jn. 18 to defend the repttion of his 2,700 employees t press briefing. The lte-morning gthering ws clled by Region president Solomon Bendet, who soght to conter the effects of highly pblicized chrges by Stte Sentor Prnk Pdvn bot the spposed high incidence of crime t the hospitl. Sentor Pdvn's dtirges hd inclded llegtions ginst the Sffolk Wins n Three Demnds RVERHEAD This week, Sffolk chpter Civil Service Employees Assn. president E. Ben Porter nnonced n greement with the conty eliminting prctice of plcine some employees on the prior yer's py scle, nd grnting incresed llownces in csh for nrses' nifonns. The greement will dvnce bot 300 employees one to two grdes. t lso provides reimbrsement to some employees whom the conty hd docked fter climing they hd been plced on the wrong py scle. The niform greement ffects bot 500 members. The csh pyment hs been soght by employees. n ddition, llownces will be incresed by $40 to $50 to mximms of $100 to $150. n nother greement settling Sttewide Officers Lend Spport For Acceptnce Of Oneid Pct (Specil To The Leder) UTCA With Civil Service Employees Assn. exective vice-president Thoms H. McDonogh ttending herings nside, nd CSEA Syrcse Region No. 5's president Richrd dery nd exective vice-president Loie Snderhft mong the informtionl picketers otside, Oneid Conty legisltors knew the employees' nion ment bsiness. An verge of 50 people dy took prt in the informtionl picketing dring most of lst week s Oneid Conty's Legisltre met on fct-finder's re-, port on contrct settlement for conty workers. Mr. Snderhft, who is lso president of the Oneid Conty chpter, ws joined by fellow officers nd chpter members, s well s sttewide officers Mc- Donogh nd Clery, dring the orderly demonstrtion on behlf of the report's cceptnce. The legisltive hering Ls the finl stge in settling the dispte between CSEA nd Oneid Conty over terms of new work greement for conty employees. Roger Kne, CSEA field representtive, sid tht negotitions on contrct provisions hd begn lst Jly, bt hd ended in n impsse when both sides cold not gree on settlement. The CoEA representtive sid tht, in his opinion, the Conty (Contined on Pge 14) CSEA complint, Mr. Porter sid Sheriff Philip Corso hd greed to retitle employees t the jil s correction officers. Mr. Porter pid "specil commerdt.i'^n" to the chpter's lbor-mngement committee for sccessflly resolving the grievnces fter "tedios negotitions in which the conty t first ppered nslly intrnsigent." The committee is chired by Ew Reid, with Prnk Rndll nd Dominick Giordno s members. They were ssisted by Bill Griffin, CSEA field representtive. The py scle greement provides tht ll employees shll be plced in the 1974 py scle step pplicble, nd new employees ON THE SSUES - will be hired in ttie proper step. Step increments shll be effective t the strt of ech yer. The misplcement of employees hd ffected only smll centge of conty employees, bt the ineqity hd been mjor irritnt to the CSEA. employees for some of the crimes. n the qestion-nd-nswer Eeriod, Dr. Werner ws qestioned intensively bot sttement he hd prportedly mde tht otsiders nd insiders were responsible for the crime incidents t Creedmoor. Dr. Werner replied tht he never intended nd never did cst dobt on the integrity of the employees. A very few members might be involved, he sid, bt it is imfir to blloon chrges so tht the whole stff feels victimized. "The very gret mjority of or employees re simply mrvelos," sid Di. Wemcr. "Thty jst don't get enogh credit for wht they do. These civil ser- (Contined on Pge 14) NSDE THE LEADER mprove Dentl Service n Syrcse, Bfflo Ares See Pge 3 CSEA Clendr See Pge 3 Ltest Stte Eligibles See Pge 13 Pln SUNY Workshop See Pge 14 m- Smel Grossfleld. president of CSEA's Rpchester chpter, emphies dvntges of for-dy work week dring crrent energy crnch. This nd other topics, sch s cost of living, gency shop nd insrnce, were discssed t meeting lst week between representtives of chpters of the Genesee Federtion (n informi groping of CSEA chpters in the northestern re of the nion's Bfflo Region 6) nd 11 stte sentors nd ssemblymen from the re. Among prticipnts t the session were, left, Kenneth Bennett, president of 8UNY t Geneseo chpter. Hddled t right re Edison O'Brien. Newrk Stte School president, nd Newrk delegte FriUi Npoleon. Thoms Grtley, president of SUNY t Brockport chpter, is identifible in bckgrond. (Additionl photoi nd story begin on pge 3.)

2 ON r CM s & 06 U Q < U U <m cn cj SERVCE PLAQUE * stte Hosing: Commissioner Lee Goodwin, riglit, presents the John T. Hgrd Jr. chievement wrd to Meyer Poses, given nnlly to Civil Service employee for otstnding service to the Division of Hosing nd Commnity Renewl. Mr. Poses is n ssocite ttorney specilizing in pblic hosing lw. The wrd's nmeske, who died in 1965, hd been Assistnt Comissioner of Development nd served the stte for nerly 25 yers. Wnn be good gy? Give pint of blood. Cll UN The Greter New York Blood Progrm Do Yor Neeed HlghSchl fftffv/ne/ A for civil service for personnel stisfction 6 Weeks Corse Approved by N.Y. Stte Edction Dept. Write or Phone for nformtion Estern School AL Brodwy, NY 3 (t 8 St) Plese write me free bot the High School Eqivlency clss. Nme Addre Boro L Brdy To Chir Probtion Stdy AliBANY Members of the Specil Probtion Deprtments Stdy of Locl Governments Committee of the Civil Service Employees Assn. hve been ppointed by Theodore C. Wenzl, president of CSEA. Jmes Brdy of North Tonwnd ws nmed chirmn of the specil CSEA committee. Other designted committee members re Alln Greenfield of Monticello; Jmes Prisin. Ogdensbrg; Peter Grieco, Wtertown; Joseph Gillign, Center Moriches, nd Jmes Mttel, Port Wshington. O'CONNOR DEPUTY ALBANY Former Syrcse Police Chief John F. O'Connor, hes been ppointed depty commissioner of the Stte Deprtment of Motor Vehicles, effective immeditely. His nnl slry will be $25,592. Sty one s\i hedi of Rising Vedici Costs with For informtion on Grop Helth Coverge write GROUP HEALTH NCORPORATED 227 West 40lh Sreel, New York Phone: Nine n HA Win Awrds Nine employees of the New York City Hosing Athority hve been honored with csh wrds nd certifictes of merit (inclding posthmos wrd) in the Athority's Employees' Sggestion Pln progrm. The top wrd of $50 went to Joseph Merol, resident bilding sperintendent of Vn Dyke Hoses, Brooklyn, for sggesting n esier nd sfer method for hosing firemen to open nd close the rer boiler doors of Sperior nd Clever-Brookes boilers. Other wrds were: Sylvi Mimn, senior clerk, of Crey Grdens, Brooklyn, $25; Ptrolmn Leroy L. Smith, of Lillin Wld Hoses, Mnhttn, $25: Antoinette Tccio, spervising clerk t Centrl Piles, $10: Simon Klinkowitz (decesed) hosing ssistnt t Mrlboro Hoses, Brooklyn, $10: Robert G. Thompson, mintennce mn t Gn Hill Hoses, the Bronx, $10: Albert Mdison, hosing ssistnt of Holmes-scs Hoses, Mnhttn. $10; Frnces Gormn, senior clerk t Centrl office, $10; nd Gret. Agrd, spervising stenogrpher, Centrl office, $10. KERN SUPERVSOR ALBANY Seymor Kern, of Hrtsdle, ssistnt spervisor of the White Plins offices of the Stte Tx Deprtment since 1970, hs been nmed spervisor of the" Binghmton district tx office t n nnl slry of $25,133. Bricklyer Prom Exm Twenty-six bricklyer cndidtes hve been clled to tke the competitive written prt of promotionl exm 3654 by the city Dept. of Personnel on Feb Rec Sps Miss Seventeen ssistnt spervisor of recretion cndidtes hve been fond not eligible for promotionl exm 3668, ccording to the city Dept. of Personnel. inmih NEW YORK COLSEUM FEB. 2nd-5th USE YOUR FNGERS TO GET AHEAD! Lern to be Stenocype Reporter. Work when yo with for food py. Licensed by N.Y. Stte Edction Dept. FOR FREE CATALOG CALL \ro STENOTYPE ACADEMY 259 Brodwy Opposite City Hll CVL SERVCE LEADER Americ's Leding Wtkly For Pblic EmpieyMs Pblished Ech Tesdy Pblishing Office: 11 Wrren St.. N.Y.. N.Y Bsiness nd Editoril Office: 11 Wrren St.. N.Y.. N.Y Entered s Second Clss mil nd Second Clss postge pid. October , t the Post Office, New York, New York, nder the Act of Mrch 3, Additionl entry t Plinfield, New Jersey Member of Adit Bre of Circltion. Sbscription Price $7.00 Per Yer ndividl Copies, 19c Poliee News HONORABLE MENTON The following 22 members of the Police Dept. were wrded deprtmentl honorble mention recognition with 1.25 promotion points, for extrordinry brvery, intelligently performed in the line of dty t imminent nd personl dnger of life: Sgts. Stephen Gre nd Robert O'Neill; Detectives Stephen DelCorso, Hbert Erwin, Cleve Bethe, Philip Mogn, Mrice Prescott, Dennis Dowd, Richrd Rossi, Jmes Wrd, Woodrow Dry, Donld McNeil, Alfred Genov, Hrold Dice, Albert V. Csell Jr., Melvin Betty. Willim Hoy, Mximo Jimenez, Cleotis Wright, Rdolph Frncis, John Brown, Bobby Hrdwick. EXCEPTONAL MERT The following 13 members of the Police Dept. were wrded deprtmentl exceptionl merit recognition witfn 1 promotion point for n ct of brvery, intelligently performed involving personl risk of life: Sgt. Andre Alonge, Detectives Dominick Amemdolre, John D. Flynn, Willim J Foley, Gerrd Mrini, Neil O'Donnell, Thoms Broderick, Joseph Rnone, Jmes W. Green, Edwrd Wisneski. Police Officers Willis Krebs, Crl Grritni, Crlo Antonino. COMMENDATON The following 19 members of the Police Dept. were wrded deprtmentl recognition with 34 promotion point for cts involving grve personl dnger in the intelligent perfoi-mnce of dty or for highly creditble nsl police ccomplishment: Depty nspector Frncis X. Smith; Cpt. Thoms J. Gleson; Lts. Gerrd L. Drmm, Richrd H. McBride, Frnklin Dnin; Sgts. Ptrick Brdley, Chrles Brereton, John M. Gmbello, Mrtin K. Stistny. Detectives George Alleyne, Frnk Allen, Brce Brennn, Angelo Grci, Lwrence Gllgher, Willim Toy, Victor Trvell, Allen F. Elmore, Joseph K. Egli; Police Officer Egene Meghmnn. MERTOROUS The following 60 members of the Police Dept. were wrded meritorios police dty, for hlf promotion point. Cpts. Mrtin Kost, Willim E. Frrell; Lts. Frnk Pepe, Henry Frnklin, Nichols Pssero; Sgts. Thoms Cfferty, Henry J. Merner, Emidio Ponzi, Sylvester O'Brien, Andre Bottri, Jmes Blts, Jmes T. McDonld; Detectives Frncis Kely, Edmond Sorgente, rwin Vle, Leonrd Schniper, Robert Wters, Victor Trvell, Donld Plmer, George Moscrdini, Neil O'Donnell, Anthony Snchez, Ryomnd Csbri, Ctherine Bertolino, John J. Dwyer, Donld McNlty, Alfr-Hi Lict. Donid Ledbetter. Police Officers Willim Whitker, Richrd Miller, Jmes Brke, Robert Cinfrone, George Levey, John O'She, Michel Mortk, Robert A. Egeni. Pedro Crescenti, George Yongmn, Pl Schmcker, Lwrence Boyle, John P. Qinn. Wlter Voss. John McCrthy, Thoms Todro, John Hnt, Phillip Cerbini, Brry Goldbltt, Joseph DeBrtto, Jerry Lipson, Robert Krosecky, Richrd H. Mller, Wlter Rickey, Frncis K. Clifford. Jmes M. Kennedy. Edwrd Wltkowskl, Hosing, Trnsit Cop Eligibles Now Being Certified For Feb. Police Officer Clss Certifictions for PoUce Acdemy clss now expected to be initited the first week in Febrry begn lst week. Eligibles from the Police Dept. nd Hosing nd Trnsit Athority lists were certified for the clss, which the Police Dept. hopes will nclde bot 400 ppointments. To dte, totl of 57 ptrolmen, police trinee eligibles nd 15 policewomen eligibles from the Police Dept. hve been certified. The ptrolmn eligibles re from eight different lists nd the policewomn eligibles re from list 9091, between the nmbers of 194 nd A totl of 505 Trnsit Athority ptrolmn eligibles from list 2225 hve been certified so fr. They re between the nmber 175 nd Forty-for Hosing Athority ptrolmn eligibles hve leen certified from list 2226, to dte, between the nmbers 101 nd For more certifiction detils, see "ptrolmn, police trinee" nder "List Progress" on pge 3 of this isse of The Leder. Key Answers EXAM 3611 PROM. TO GENERAL PARK FOREMAN Test Held Jn. 5, 1974 Of the 196 cndidtes who filed for this exm, 174 ppered. Cndidtes who wish to file protests ginst these proposed key nswers hve ntil Feb. 8, 1974 to sbmit their protests in writing, together with the evidence pon which sch protests re bsed. 1, B; 2, D; 3, D; 4, B; 5, B; 6, A; 7, C; 8, D; 9, C; 10, A; 11, D; 12, C; 13, B; 14, A; 15, B; 16. B; 17. D; 18, C; 19, C; 20, C; 21, D; 22, B; 23, C; 24, B; 25, B; 26, C; 27, D; 28, C; 29, A; 30, B; 31, B; 32, B; 33, A; 34, C; 35, A; 36, C; 37, D; 38, B; 39, A; 40, D; 41, C; 42, B; 43, C; 44, D; 45, A; 46. D; 47. D; 48, B; 49, C; 50, A; 51, B; 52, C; 53, C; 54, C; 55, C; 56, C; 57, A; 58. A; 59, B; 60, B; 61. A; 62. C; 63, C; 64, A; 65, B; 66, D; 67, D; 68, C; 69. A; 70, D; 71. D; 72. C; 73. B; 74, A; 75, D; 76, C; 77, B; 78, C; 79, A; 80, C; 81, A; 82, B; 83, C; 84. B; 85, C; 86, C; 87, A; 88. D; 89, A; 90. A; 91. C; 92. C; 93, A; 94, B; 95, C; 96, B; 97, D; 98, A; 99, B; 100, C. SMTH. HOLOCOMBE SET ALBANY Governor Wilson hs nmed Rlph W. Smith, Jr., of Albny s district ttorney of Albny conty. The Governor lso ppointed Jon K. Holcombe, of Syrcse, to be district ttorney of Onondg conty. Ech will serve ntil December 31. The offices will be filled t the November election. Bricklyer OC Exm A totl of 159 bricklyer cndidtes hve been clled to tke the competitive written prt of exm 3053 on Feb. 2. ccording to the city Dept. of Personnel. Joseph Bono, Gerld Bogdnowlcz, Germn Colon Jr., Crlos Emrl, rvln Vrdone, Joiin T. D'Ell, Willim W. John Jr.

3 ReteesToHe^ Genesee Federtion Of CSEA Chpters nsrnce Reps Holds Diloge With Are Legisltors RCKJHESTER Helth, life, ccident nd other types of insrnce vilble to retirees will be the sbject of meeting of the Rochester Are CSEA Retirees chpter Feb. 6 t 1:30 p.m. t the Mrine Midlnd Bnk Rochester, 1 Mrine Midlnd Plz. John McMnmn, senior informtion representtive of the Employees Retirement System, will be vilble to nswer qestions, ccording to Melb Blnn, cting chpter president. She sid representtive of Ter Bsh & Powell, the CSEA insrnce compny, will spek on in-hospitl, ccident, grop life, spplementl life, indemnity nd other types of insrnce vilble fter retirement. The meeting is open to ll CS- EiA retirees from the eight coimties served by the chpter. Cost Of Living, Agency Sliop Among Key Topics Of Confb ROCHESTER Stte legisltors from n ejght-conty re were wrned here Jn. 12 tht they'll hve " flood of disgrntled stte employees" if negotitions ren't reopened soon for cost-of-living wge ncrese. "This is or No. 1 priority," sid Smel Grossfield, president of the Rochester CSEA chpter. He ws modertor of n informl, 2 -hor meeting ttended by 10 stte sentors nd ssemblymen, or their representtives, nd officers of 11 CSEA chpters. The lncheon-meeting, held t the Sherton Gtehose Motel in sbrbn Henriett, ws the first of series CSEA representtives will hold with legisltors cross the stte. t lso concerned trveling expenses, the gency shop, the Albny helth insrnce pln, civil service lw, retirement, the energy crisis, Tylor Lw revision nd lst-minte legisltive pprovl of contrcts. Lom McGire, chirmn of the Crig Stte School chpter's politicl ction committee, sid stte nd conty workers wnt cost-of-living djstment becse the percent py rise schedled for April 1 isn't enogh. "The djstment woldn't be for lxries," she sid. "Prices of necessities hve risen so TAX AND FNANCE NEGOTATORS Members of the ClvU Service Employees Asm.'s Txtion nd Finnce Deprtment negotiting tem meet in Albny to formlte demnds for pcoming deprtmentl negotitions. Pictred clockwise from the bottom of the pictre re: Flor Gshing, Mry Cmibcci, Mry Brown, Jck Dogherty, Jck Dley, Jck Conoby, CSEA collective negotiting specilist; Joseph Vollmr, Snt Orsino, Stnley Ji'ocz nd Arthr Lkritx. nformtion for the Clendr my be sbmitted directly to THE LEADER. t shold inclde the dte, time, plce, ddress nd city for the fnction. Jnry 23 Sttewide Bord of Directors meeting: CSEA Hedqrters, 33 Elk St.. Albny. 24 Ornge Conty chpter Bord of Directors meetirg: 7:30 p.m., chpter hedqrters, Cs Fiest Bdg., Middletown Workshop on negotiting procedres nd tctics for SUNY representtives: Hilton nn, Svi Syrcse Bfflo Region No. 6 meeting: Lydecker Post VFW Hll. Lydecker Rd.. West Senec. 28 Albny Region No. 4 meeting: 5:30 p.m.. Jck's Restrnt. Stte Street, Albny. 28 Binghmton Are Retirees chpter meeting: 2 p.m. Americn Legion Clbhose. 76 Min St., Binghmton. 31 New York City chpter exective committee meeting: 5:30 p.m.. Brcly's Downtown. 57 Mrry St.. Mnhttn. Febrry 6 Rochester Are Retirees chpter meeting: 1:30 p.m.. Mrine Midlnd Bnk Bilding. Midlnd Plz. Rochester. 8-9 Syrcse Region 5 meeting. 4 Centrl slip Stte Hospitl chpter meeting: 8 p.m., Legion Hll. Centrl slip. 16 Centrl slip Stte Hospitl chpter nnl dinner-dnce: 8 p.m., Robbins Hll. Centrl slip. 20 Bfflo chpter meeting: 6 p.m. Plz Site. Bfflo. 22 SUNY t Albny chpter meeting nd dinnc. : 5:30 p.m., tlin Benevolent Assn. H. Exchnge St.. Albny. mch since negotitions tht we cn't even tred wter ny more. 've lredy cncelled my vction plns." Assemblymn Don W. Cook (R-135th District), who lso serves s chirmn of the Monroe Conty Repblicn Prty, sked if pblic employees "wold be willing to tke n increse if the cost of living contines to go p nd then give it bck if the cost of living goes down." "Yo're more optimistic thn the rest of s," sid Assemblymn Thoms R. Prey (D-132nd District). CSSEA field representtive Thoms Pomidoro sid the cost of living djstment shold be bsed pon Cost-of-Livlng Concil dt from Bfflo nd New York City. "This wold be good. t wold tke some of the pressre off s (the legisltors)," sid Stte M echo ni evil le Pct Reched MECHANCVLLE The Mechnicville nit of the Civil Service Employees Assn. nd the City of Mechnicville hve reched greement on new work contrct covering employees of the city. Highlights of the two-yer greement re: A percent slry increse: 10 percent in 1974, 6V2 percent in 1975; Grnteed minimm deth benefit; One dditionl week of vction for most employees; Seniority to be sed to fill ll vcncies; Use of personl leve for sick leve fter ll sick leve credits hve been sed. Members of the CSEA negotiting committee were John Ennello, nit president, Gene Le- Clir, nd Mson Brber. The tem ws ssisted by Aron Wgner, CSEA field representtive. Dentl Aid Opens Wider; Syrcse, Bfflo Added ALBANY Two new offices of the Dentl Services Progrm hve been opened in Syrcse nd Bfflo to provide six-dys--week dentl service to employees represented by the Civil Service Employees Assn. nd their fmilies, ccording to fipokesmn for CSEA. Under the stte progrm. CS- BA-represented employeei nd their fmilies re covered with $50 dedctible per person or $150 per fmily. There 1«no other ot-of-pocket chrge except for permitted chrges on posterior crowns nd orthodontre. The progrm covers the fll rnge of dentl services from simple fillings nd extrctions to root cnl therpy nd teeth strightening (orthodonti). Ptients mst cll for n ppointment nd then hve their Helth Services Crd with them to present to the receptionist. The new offices re: Bfflo: 523 Delwre Av«., Delwre Professionl Bldg., telephone (716) Syrcse: 500 Soth Slln Blvd.. Chymes BUg.. telephone (315) OR 6-8M0. Other offlcet: New Yort: City: 122 Bst 42nd St.. Room telephone (212) YU Montlcello: 10 Prince St., telephone (914) Hempsted. L..: 131 Plton Ave., Room 102. telephone (516) V Albny: 900 North Mnning Blvd., telephone (518) Hppge, LJ.: ll Smithtown Bypss, telephone (516) Specil Elections ALBANY Governor Wilson hs set Thrsdy. Febrry 14. s the dte for for specil elections to All legisltive vcncies. These re sets frosn the 14th Sente District. Qeens: 36th Assembly District, Qeens; 117th Assembly District. Oswego/Oneid: 120tfo Assembly District, Onondg. Sentor Gordon J. DeHond (R- 53rd District). "f yo ended p with cost of living djstment lone, in the long rn yo'd be better off thn going fter flt (wge) increse," he sid. Assemblymn Jmes L. Emery (R-136th District) sid if Governor Wilson doesn't gree to re-open the contrct, "there's little we cn do." "He'll py ttention to yor recommendtions," Mr. Grossfield responded. "For exmple, letter from the western New York legisltors to the governor might be very effective." Bd Snders, president of the Rochester DOT chpter, sid the stte shold increse its milege rte for employees who se their own crs for work to 16.5 cents, s recommended by the Americn Atomobile Assocition. He lso sked for increses in llownces for mels, which re $1.65 for brekfst nd lnch nd $5.20 for dinner nd for dlly lodging nd three mels: $26 in New York City, $20 in the stte otside New York C?ity nd $25 otside the stte. Assemblymn Jmes F. Hrley (R-imh District), sid the stte is considering n ncrese in the nmber of stte crs sed by employees. "This will be especilly importnt if gsoline s rtioned becse it won't become mtter of money then," he sid. Kermeth Bennett, president of the Geneseo SUNY chpter, sked legisltors to set p committee dring the 1974 session to consider some form of gency shop where CSEA employees work. "We hve seven grievnces pending now in the Sheriff's Deprtment nd two of them re for non-members," sid Mrtin Koenig, president of the Monroe Conty chpter. He greed tht Assemblymn Prey mde good point when he sviggested tht non-osea members "might not object" to pying for the costs of negotitions nd possibly grievnce procedres becse "they benefit jst s mch s members." "We're not trying to be pmitive to non-members nd sy they mst join the CSEA, s n closed shop," Mr. Grossfield sid. "Bt non-members hve been tking dvntge of s, nd the legisltre hsn't done thing bot it." Assemblymn Cook sked how mny employees CSEA represents nd ws told 82 percent of n stte employees nd 75 percent of ll Monroe Conty employees. Every legisltor t the meeting ws polled nd greed tht they fvor n gency shop in which negotiting nd other CSESA costs re pro-rted for nori-members nd members like. Hie Genesee Vlley Ble Cross- Ble Shlekl Pln shold replce (Contined on Pge 16) To Upstte Medicl Bd. ALBANY Mrs. Dvid H. Northrp, of Syrcse, is new member of. nd Dr. Robert V. Persson. of Str Lke, hs been reppointed to the Concil of the Upstte Medicl Center t Syrcse for nslried terms ending Jly nd respectively. Q tii m PS < n w g po H c n e ei ve

4 im ' r J tf g < CD M U Ltest Stte And Conty Eligible Lists EXAM SENOR COURT OFFCER. NEW YORK CTY 1 Weder H Bronx 2 Senn R Bklyn 3 Rotenthl R S 4 Wyne G Rockwy 5 Brodie T Bronx 6 Rocco V Jckjon H 7 Pnthos G Bklyn 8 Mffcci M Bronx 9 Zerkle M Bklyn 10 Dwyer B Bronx 11 Mzz J Bklyn 12 Connori W Bronx 13 Liebermn A NY 14 Rooney J Astori 15 Sehingold B Wntgh 16 Frley T S Ozone P 17 Morrison R Bronx 18 Rossi P Bklyn 19 Tvedt F S 20 O'Brien E Bronx 21 Brynt W Bklyn 22 Sknes R Bklyn 23 Lbell A S 24 Ktsvos G Jckson H 25 Rggiero D Bklyn 26 Engel L Bklyn 27 Vrtin D Flshing 28 Mrphy R NY 29 Rspovic W Bronx 30 Clrk W Bronx 31 McTrner L Bronx 32 Mnfro J Ozone Prk 33 Spitleri F Bellerose 34 Hnnon M NY 35 O'Mr R Astori 36 Zbrick N Elmhrst 37 Dley M Astori 38 Mldoon T NY 39 Cmiore A Williston 40 Monstr J Bronx 41 Crowley G Bronx 42 Higgiston M Bklyn 43 Brkhrdt H Merrick 44 Reiser B Bklyn 45 Byrne E Firlwn 46 Bbzzo R Bklyn 47 Leckler F Flshing 48 Christino M Bklyn 49 Gregory J Bklyn 50 Snow J Bklyn 51 Petrs C Rego Pk 52 Jmes S Bklyn 53 Crdillo R Bronx 54 nserni E NY 55 Jeffrey V Jmic 56 Gronert G Florl Prk 57 Fogrty P Yonkers 58 Mrtin D Richmond 59 Morn G Bklyn 60 Wright K Yonkers 61 Keller E Bronx 62 Brsco J S 63 Cwley J Fr Rockwy 64 Kelly G Lynbrook 65 Silhn E Bklyn 66 Trepiccione P Bronx 67 Mrphy C Perl Riv 68 Bernstein J Bklyn 69 Stefneli R Bklyn 70 Digilio V Side 71 Lsky B Howrd Be 72 Plwner W Bklyn 73 Hephy R NY 74 Goldfrb L Woodhven 75 Bodde J Yonkers 76 Lngn R Flshing 77 Leventhl N Bronx 78 Goodmn S Bklyn. 79 Mhoney K Byside 80 Mrngos J S 81 Cirns J Woodside 82 Horn Florl Pk 83 Oliv C Bklyn 84 Jmes R Jmic 85 O'Lery D Bklyn 86 Singer S Rosedle 87 Cook L NY 88 Gid J Lindenhr Dellomo S Bklyn 90 Kmpe H tlip 91 Dvitt K Bklyn 92 O'Donnell C Rockwy 93 Mhler G Bronx 94 Corrign S Spring V 95 Freemn W NY 96 Brown J NY 97 Rywis W M$p«h 98 Mrphy P NY 99 Grino J Bronx 100 Kczkowski T Bklyn 101 Glvin P Bronx 102 Bellodi A Middle Vi 103 Cecero F S 104 Homenick V NY 105 Lngrin C Bklyn 106 Levitt D Bklyn 107 Lzenski R Ozone Pk 108 Floyd J NY 109 Woods J NY 110 Loggi C Qeens 111 Loggi V Bklyn 112 Whl R Ridgewood 113 Mrtsciello V Bklyn 114 Prdi J S 115 Brchyns S Astori 116 Krth R NY 117 Cotton S Flshing 118 Alwng W Richmnd H 119 McNlty R Bklyn 120 Jones W Bklyn 121 Gersten S Bronx 122 O'Lery T Bellmore 123 Hickey J Bklyn 124 lnnzzi J Lynbrook 125 Chrles C Bronx 126 Svll F Bronx 127 Kentish L Cmbri Ht 128 Weyhsen J New Roche 129 Terino M Rockwy 130 Nssenbltt A Bklyn 131 Dieck W Jckson H 132 O'Connor J S 133 Svll H S 134 Groves R Bklyn 135 Smith D Belle Hr 136 Corsro A Bklyn 137 Frnk H Bklyn 138 Delio V Syosset 139 Eppolito R Glendle 140 Kremer G Bronx 141 McKenzie T Elmhrst 142 Amster S Edgemere 143 Mistreett F Hollis 144 Klish W Kew Grden 145 Kelly N Mt Vernon 146 Dillon J Lie 147 McDonld D NY 148 Resch S Bronx 149 Lnyi M NY 150 Hnnon J Rockwy 151 Clerico L Bklyn 152 McNlly T Florl Prk 153 Degrzi t Bklyn 154 Cox M Bklyn 155 Beyrer G Snnyside 156 Bzzin D Qeens 157 Mrtin C Bklyn 158 Scicc J Bronx 159 Strngis P Bklyn 160 Qirk D Bklyn 161 Meckel R Glendle 162 Weitbrecht W Glendle 163 Perno J Qeens 164 Reilly F Bronx 165 Corneli R Bklyn 166 Torrisi R NY 167 Morin J Bklyn 168 Gorowitz R Bklyn 169 Prin M Bklyn 170 Grey V Ridgewood 171 Hrewood J Bronx 172 McPrtlnd J Lindenhr 173 Stnis J Bklyn 174 Fllon J S 175 Btler M Hempsted 176 Fimno P S 177 Svtno V NY 178 Cregh J Ocenside 179 Grnt L Flshing 180 Kelly J NYC City Open Continos Job Clendr Open Competitive Positions Title Slry Assistnt Civil Engineer $13,300 Assistnt Pln Exminer (Bildings) $13,700 Civil Engineer $16,400 Civil Engineering Trinee $11,500 Dentl Hygienist $ 9,000 Lndscpe Architectrl Trinee $11,500 Occptionl Therpist $ 9,850 Physicl Therpist $ 9,850 Pblic Helth Nrse $11,300 Veterinrin $18, B Exm No Promotionl Positions Civil Engineer $16, Electricl Engineer $16, Pln Exminer $16, OPEN COMPETTVE - Additionl informtion on reqired qlifying edction nd experience nd exm sbject cn be obtined by reqesting job nnoncement in person or by mil from the Dept. of Personnel, 40 Worth St., Mnhttn, Be sre to specify the exm nmber nd title nd, if reqesting n nnoncement by mil, stmped selfddressed envelope. PROMOTONAL These titles re open only to those lredy employed by the city in vrios gencies. 181 Horn T Rockwy 182 Crpentiere P Coron 183 Morn T Yonken 184 Silvestro F S 185 Morn R Jmic 186 Jenkins C Bronx 187 Henry T New York 188 Mrino L Bklyn 189 Blke M Bx 190 Skowitz J Bklyn 191 Ctselli J Lrelton 192 Rsso P Bklyn 193 McLghlin R Qeens 194 McLoghlin K NY 195 Bcellto L Bklyn 196 Nelson R Bklyn 197 Petrci A Bklyn 198 Billig D Bklyn 199 Michel W Byside 200 Al C Flshing 201 Lnger J Bklyn 202 Stefnelli A Bklyn 203 McVeigh D Glen Cove 204 Mongiovi R Bx 205 Sperling N Glen Cove 206 Siegel C Mlverne 207 O'Reilly J Bx 208 Moore R Nyck 209 Begley K Rosedle 210 Chill J Bx 211 Brst R Bx 212 Berger B Bklyn 213 Bernstein S Bklyn 214 Alesi C Bklyn 215 Hber H Woodside 216 Rochford R E Qoge 217 Miller D Bklyn 218 Nnce H Bklyn 219 Rnieri A Bklyn 220 Krwiec A Bklyn Misconti C NY 222 Mldon T Flshing 223 Hrley G Bklyn 224 Zwing P Greenlwn 225 Lemlek M Bronx 226 Tyson G Bronx 227 Bez H S 228 Regn D Bklyn 229 Brodmn L Bklyn 230 Mrtino PJ Bklyn 231 Allen J Rockwy 232 McLghlin W Woodside 233 Snti F Brewster 234 Bregenzer J Bronx 235 Scollett T Bklyn 236 Leporti A Astori 237 Webb H Roosevelt 238 Gllo H Bklyn 239 Mnn R Jmic 240 Cronin T Bx 241 Cohen J Bklyn 242 Grhm J Bronx 243 Sbine R Syseet 244 Tks V Flshing 245 Rosen G Bklyn 246 Gibson G Woodside 247 McLghlin Woodside 248 Sllivn D Bronx 249 Melendez L NY 250 Petrelli R Glendle 251 ntile R Mhopc 252 Richrds H Bronx 253 Kne R Bklyn 254 Sheprd W Bklyn 255 Shermn R Bronx 256 Cherry J Astori 257 Thoms E Bklyn 258 Schmler H NY 259 Schwrtz R Bklyn 260 Smith S Jmic 261 Prcell J Bronx 262 Feigenbm R Bklyn 263 Kirshenbm L Bklyn 264 Sernitz S Bklyn 265 Wlsh H Flshing 266 Mllign R Byside 267 Moore L Bklyn 268 Forgenie M Forest Hi 269 Price S Jmic 270 Rhem W Bklyn 271 Jmet A Bklyn 272 Ode J Jckson H 283 Frnz A Whiteston 274 Beckmn S Bklyn 275 Hrrington D Bklyn 276 Lgrde J Goshen 277 Mys D Lrelton 278 Ryn K Flshing 279 Hskins F Bklyn 280 McKillop J Middle Vi 281 Dberry J St Albns 282 Gibbs J Bklyn 283 Goldmn C Bklyn 284 Hmklo R Flshing 285 Blm P Bklyn 286 Hmphrey J S 287 Yodice J S 288 Simon M Bklyn 289 Revlet E Bklyn 290 Dondio R Bklyn 291 Donhe M NY 292 Wheller T NY 293 King C Byside 294 Lindsy J Qeens 295 O'Reilly M Ridgewood 296 Greves G Jmic 297 O'Connor F Wntgh 298 Mrwik J Ridgewood 299 Clifford J Bklyn 300 Olivri R S 301 Berlck A Bronx 302 Berwick W Glen Oks 303 Vernol J Kew Grde 304 Rizzi R Frnklin 305 White R Lrelton 306 Rode T NY 307 Mebne R Bklyn 308 Gistinini T Yonkers 309 Dniel B S 310 Vini J S 311 Bff A Jckson H 312 Lngone T Bklyn 313 F Miller Bklyn 314 Hendrickson J Bklyn 315 Wlsh J Bronx 316 Zvdoski P Bklyn 317 Lewicki S Rego Pk 318 O'Mlley W Bronx 319 Grbin S Bklyn 320 Dley h Bronx 321 McCrthy G Bronx 322 McLghlin D Bronx 323 Vlpi V Bronx 324 Becker J Bronx 325 Velrdi R Rego Pk « S Shlnn S Trrytown 327 Brno P Bronx 328 Powell H Bronx 329 Mgnlfico T Qeens 330 L rose P Brooklyn 331 Trr D Byside 332 Miclntyre H Belle Hr 334 Qinn E Astori 335 Priestly W Bronx 336 Grey A Bronx 337 Gllri F Jmic E 338 Senken D Ozone Prk 339 Schwrtz H Howrd Be 340 Reilly J E Medow 341 Adolph R Mineol 342 lcono C S 343 Hill E Bronx 344 McPherson P Bronx 345 Ligori A Bronx 346 Sssmn H Bklyn 347 Holmes G E Elmhrst 348 Bodie W Bronx 349 Offen B Rego Prk 350 Rosenberg H Bklyn 351 Kovcs J Bronx 352 Green E Montgomer 353 McAliffe T Yonkers 354 Grnt W Woodside 355 Bscino J Bklyn 356 Ecker R Bklyn 357 McLghlin E NY 358 Goldberg J S 359 Arthrton A Jmic 360 Bilotto M S 361 Zitzmn C Glendle 362 Sedotto A Plinview 363 Dvis E Bklyn 364 Hvel M Bklyn 365 Jones M Bklyn 366 Dove J LC j 367 Monhn G Bklyn 368 Cooper A Bklyn 369 Brown B S Ozone P 370 Mxwell W Bklyn 371 Hopkins W Brod Chn 372 Mrqes A Astori 373 Mrry J Bklyn. 374 Ferrnte P NY 375 Gerghty P Bklyn 376 Morn W NY 377 Arzig P Bklyn 378 Cotes W Bklyn 379 Rbin C Bronx 380 O'Connor K Croton F 381 Hbbrd J Jmic 382 Dobbin J Jmic 383 Wilson F Coron 384 Cllowy H Bronx 385 Pris F Bklyn 386 Glsheen W Lrchmont 387 Lnger M Hstngs Hd 388 Alberts T Bronx 389 Lento A Bklyn 390 Cephos M Bronx 391 Brron D Bronx 392 Meney M Bronx 393 Frnkel B Bklyn 394 Roberts R Florl P 395 Orbcz P Bronx 396 Bldssri L Bronx 397 Fllon T Yorktown 398 Somers J Fr Rckw Krk R Mspeth Cv A Byilde Bell J Bklyn Jenik P NY Bov R Bklyn Bov RJ Bklyn Donovn E Bronx She J Jckson H Mrino J Qeens V Mrphy A Rego Prk Griffin R E Rockwy Silver E Bklyn Libreni P S Mtthews J Jmic Vin A Bklyn Heller D Bklyn Gebbi J Astori McCnn J Bklyn Miller G Jmic Regin M Astori Shwh D Bklyn Btchen M Merrick Clly T Bklyn Wellsted K Atlntic Foley D Bklyn Fitzgerld J Bklyn Annis G Bklyn River W Qeens Edwrds J NY Gross J Bklyn Schwrtz S Bklyn Grrett T Astori Heidecker A Lk Ronkon Smlley W Bklyn Tenell C NY Cines T NY Messin L Bklyn Yong A Bklyn Michlski G Plinview Thoms J NY Delbgno V LC Andreccio W Flshing Edwrds G LC Anzlone F Bellerose... V Ford J Jmic Byrnes H Bronx Simpson T Bronx Hecker E Bronx Levell V New York Sjkowski V S Egn J Rockwy Krsevec F Ridgewood Frnco S Astori Dbll R Bronx Goldfden L New York Mnn J Goshen Fvors L Jmic Long E Bklyn Bzzno R Elmont Mrfino J Uniondle Prdi J Bklyn Kpylo G Astori Foriest C Bronx Bender M Bklyn Dyckson A Lindenhr Cost B Mt Vernon Mschi J Bronx Robinson J Bklyn Lickn J Richmnd H Jensen A Bronx Pen N- Bronx Finnegn P Bronx Open Competitive Stte Job Clendr Applictions Accepted To Febrry 19; Written Exms Mrch 23 Title Strting Slry Exm No. Assistnt Bilding Constrction Engineer $14, Assistnt Sperintendent of Constrction $11, Engineering Mterils Technicin $ 7, Forestry Technicin $ 7, Lnd Srveyor Trinee $ 7, Gs Meter Tester $ 9, Gs nspector $ 8, Prk Engineer $14, Senior Prk Engineer $17, Associte Prk Engineer $21, Reserch Anlyst (Trnsporttion) $13, Senior Bilding Constrction Engineer $17, Ori Tests Dring Febrry Or Mrcii Chief Stte Acconts Aditor $26, Edctionl Compter Services Coordintor $26, Television Prodction Spervisor $14, Edction And/Or Trining And Experience Evlted Associte Librrin (Medicine) $16, Director, Bre of Hospitl Certifiction $32, Senior ndstril Engineer $17, Additionl informtion on reqired qlifying experience nd ppliction forms my be obtined by mil or in person t the following offices of the Stte Deprtment of Civil Service: Stte Office Bilding Cmps, Albny, New York 12226; or Two World Trde Center, New York, New York 10047; or Site 750, 1 West Genesee Street, Bfflo, New York Specify the exmintion by its nmber nd title. Mil yor ppliction form when completed to the Stte Deprtment of Civil Service. Stte Office Bilding Cmps, Albny, New York ,. /m

5 Prt-Time Docs Needed At Vet's Affirs Division Licensed physicins my pply for prt-time positions, pying $14.10 per hor, with the Myor's Office for Vetern Action, Division of Vetern's Affirs. Those doctors interested in the position shold cll ttie gency t to rrnge for n nterview. The job will be filled on non-competitive bsis. The Division of Vetern's Affirs is locted t 300 West 43rd St., Mnhttn. Fed. COY. Needs Utility Engineers The federl government is recriting operting engineers (generl tilities) to work in the Generl Services Administrtion in New York City nd in Newrk, N.J. Slry, t the G-10 or G-11 grde level, is $5.02 per hor or $5.20 per hor. Cndidtes need t lest two yers of experience in heting nd/or refrigertion work. Cndidtes mst lso be t lest 18 yers old nd be U.S. citizens. For pplictions nd frther informtion, contct the Personnel Office, Generl Services Admin., 26 Federl Plz, New York, N.Y (telephone: ). Send Used Stmps To Brooklyn Assn. For Wonded Yets All cncelled domestic nd foreign postge stmps re needed to help sick nd wonded veterns. The Forteenth St. Block Assn. t th St., Brooklyn, N.Y , collects these stmps from citizens nd distribtes them to disbled veterns throgh the Vetemns Admin, in the New York re. Tne collection contines throghot the yer. Simply remove the top corner of sed envelope, inclding the cncelled stmp nd the stmp showing the city from which the letter ws miled, nd send it to Brooklyn. Telephone for the Block Assn. is Elevtor Appoints A totl of 65 elevtor mechnics helpers hve been ppointed to for city gencies, ccording to the city Dept. of Personnel, which 'neld certifiction pool lst week. The lst nmber ppointed ws 72 from the eligible list reslting from exm Allen Adier Honored Allen H. Adler, who is retiring fter 37 yers of city service, will be honored by the employees of the Dept. of Personnel t cocktil prty to be held on Jn. 31 t 6 p.m. in Miller's Restrnt, 233 Brodwy, Mnhttn. 5 Bs Sprs Miss Five cndidtes for spervisor, (bs nd shops), hve been fond not eligible for promotionl exm 3581, reports t)he city Dept. of Personnel. 4 Bricklyvrs Miss Por bricklyer cndidtes hve been fond not eligible for promotionl exm 3664, ccording to the city Dept. of Personnel. Thirty cndidtes pplied. ROSER TO SERVE ALBANY Joseph M. Rosier, of Albny, former news director t TV Chnnel 13, Albny, hs been nmed director of rdio nd television commnictions for the Stte Assembly t n nnl slry of $20,000. London Cnry slnds Pris KATZ JUDGE ALBANY Hrold W. Ktz, of Qeensbry, hs been nmed Fmily Cort jdge of Wrren conty for term ending Dec. 31. He scceeds John G. Dier, who hs been nmed Wrren conty jdge nd srrogte. Febrry Flights from $149 Pckges from $179 srel Portgl Torremolinos Egypt Greece celnd Northern Hemiiphcr* nd Hwii Mexico Disneyworld Trinidd Acplco ^ West Cost Freeport Crcs Ls Vegs Arb Gteml Sn Jn Crco London Pris Rome Portgl Ski Peiigs Nss St. Thoms Jmic Hwii Ski Ester Flights from $119 Pckges from $149 Dbrovnik Amsterdm Mjorc srel Cnry s. Rssi Athens Torremolinos Northern Hemisphere nd Hwii Pciiges Gteml Arb Jmic Crco Ls Vegs Hwii Disneyworld Mimi Mexico Acplco Los Angeles Sn Frncisco Perto Rico Freeport Nss Pnm H Coming soon complete smmer Vction Schedles. Wtch for them. n j H j jh OTHER WNTER TRPS AVALABLE My voction dtx or* Avoilobl* only to Civil Sorvic* Activitis Atiociolion M«mb«rs nd thir immodlt* fmilies. S«nd m* complt* informtion on th«bov* chtckcd trips. CSL 1-15 Nom Addross City Stoto ZP Enclosed Encloiod it $100 dpoiit p«r perton for All Trvel Arrngements Prepred by T/G TRAVEL SERVCE 111 W. 57th St., New Yoric City CSAA P.O. Box 809 Rdio City Sttion, NYC tel. (212) 56( NEW YORK CTY'S fmily plnned HOTEL more thn jst nother hotel offering fmily rtes. We cter to fmilies. Or loction, next to the Empire Stte Bilding, or mens, rooms nd service re gered to mke yor New York sty plesre. We're worth trying. ihn:i. k;alpiii 14th Street nd Brodwy New York, N.Y (212) OK, we're interested for fmily of for ttie dtes to FAMLY OF THREE (23.00 FiMLT OF FOUR FAMLY OF FVE $33.00 FAMLY OF MORE THAN FVE $t.per COT Nme Addtees SO X^esLlers Ozi ^ix ^cre Of ^ntlci".es Sn. 1-6; Closed Open 10:30-6; Thrs.l0:30-9 Fridys: T'S ALL AT 962 THRD AVE. between 57th nd 58th street TO HLP YOU PASS GET THE ARCO STUDY BOOK BOOKS PRCES Aeeontiit Aditor 4.00 Admlnittrtiv* A«si«tnt Officer 4.00 Aitetsor Appriser (Rel Estte) 5.00 Attendnt 3.00 AHorney 5.00 Ato MehinUt 4.00 Ato Mechnic 5.00 Beginning Office Worker 5.00 Beverge Control nvest 4.00 Bookheeper Accont Clerk 5.00 Bridge nd Tnnel Officer 5.00 Bs Mintinor Grop B 5.00 Bs Opertor 5.00 Byer Prchsing Agent 4.00 Cptin Fire Dept 8.00 Cptin P.D 4.00 City Plnner 5.00 Civil Engineer..B.OO Civil Service Arith. nd Vocblry 3.00 Civil Service Hndbook 1.00 Clerk N.Y. City 4.00 Complete Gide to C.S. Jobs 1.50 Compter Progrmmer 5.00 Const. Spv. nd nspec 5.00 Correction Officer 5.00 Cort Officer 5.00 Cort Officer 5.00 Dietition 5.00 Electricin 5.00 Electricl Engineer 5.00 Engineering Aide 4.00 Federl Service Ent. Exm 5.00 Firemn F.D 5.00 Foremn 5.00 Generl Entrnce Series 4.00 Generl Test Proct. for 92 U.S. Jobs.5.00 H.S. Diplom Tests 5.00 High School Entrnce nd Scholrship Test 3.00 H.S. Entrnce Exmintions 4.00 Homestdy Corse for C.S 5.00 How to get fob Overses 1.45 Hospitl Attendnt 4.00 Hosing Assistnt 5.00 nvestigtor-nspector S.OO Jnitor Cstodin 5.00 Lbortory Aide 5.00 t. Fire Dept 5.00 t. Police Dept 4.00 Librrin 4.00 Mchinists Helper 5.00 Mintennce Mn 5.00 Mintinor Helper A nd C 4.00 Mintinor Helper Grop B.4.00 Mintinor Helper Grop D '.5.00 Mngement nd Administrtion Qiiser 5.00 Mechnicl Engineer 4.00 Motor Vehicle License Exminer 5.00 Notry Pblic 4.00 Nrse (Prcticl nd Pblic Helth) 5.00 Prking Enforcement Agent 4.00 Prob. nd Prole Officer 4.00 Ptrolmn (Police Dept. Trinee) 5.00 Phrmcists License Test 4.00 Plygrond Director Recretion Leder 4.00 Policewomn 5.00 Postmster 5.00 Post Office Clerk Crrier 4.00 Post Office Motor Vehicle Opertor 4.00 Preliminry Prctice for the H.S. Eqivlency Diplom Test Principl Clerk-Steno 5.00 Probotion nd Prole Officer 4.00 Professionl Creer Tests N.Y.S 5.00 Professionl Trinee Admin. Aide 5.00 Rilrod Clerk 4.00 Rel Estte Mnger 4.00 Snittion Mn 4.00 School Secretry 4.00 Sergent P.D 5.00 Senior Clericl Series S.OO Socil Cose Worker 5.00 Stff Attendnt nd Sr. Attendnt 4.00 Sttionry Eng. nd Firemn 5.00 Storekeeper Stockmn 4.00 Spervision Corse 5.00 Trnsit Ptrolmn 5.00 Contins Previos Qestions nd Answers nd Other Sitble Stdy Mteril for Coming Exms ORDER DRECT-MAL COUPON 1 LEADER BOOK STORE Wrren St.. New York. N.Y Nme Address City Plese tend me enclose check or money order for S copies of books checked bove. Stte SHR* T«B«M4«7% Sles TO

6 V ON N N h CQ 9 H Pfi CJ OS en L i E A P E R Americns tmrgest Weekly tor Pblic Employees Member Adlf Bre of Circltions Pblished every Tesdy by LEADER PUBLCATONS. NC. Pblishing Office: 11 Wrren Street, New York, N.Y Bsiness & Editoril Office: 11 Wrren Street. New Yerii, N.Y BEekmn Bronx Office: th Street, Bronx. N.Y Jerry Finkelstein. Pb/ither Pl Kyer, Associte Pblisher Mrvin Bxley, Editor Kjell Kjellberg, City Editor Jck Grbei. Associte Editor; Kthrine Seelye. Assistnt Editor N. H. Mger, Bsiness Mnger Advertising Representtives: ALBANY Joseph T. Bellew 303 So. Mnning Blvd.. V KNGSTON. N.Y. Chrles Andrews 239 Wll St., FEderl c per copy. Sbscription Price: $3.80 to members of the Civil Service Employees Assocition. $7.00 to non-members. TUESDAY, JANUARY 22, 1974 The Agency Shop RECENTLY n rbitrtor issed decision tht provision for n gency shop be inclded in the brgining greement for employees of the Rmpo-Ctskill Librry System in Ornge Conty. This cse, rged sccessflly by field representtive of the Civil Service Employees Assn., is n exception to the rle, nfortntely, s fr s its relevnce to other pblic employee contrcts in New York Stte. The legl rmifictions re bit complex, bt, in essence, certin librry systems in the stte receive moneys from privte sorces s well s from stte fnds. As reslt, regltions of the Tylor Lw re not necessrily binding, bt rther, there is the option of negotition nder the stte's lbor lws for privte indstry. t ws nder the Lbor Lw tht the Rmpo-Ctskill greement ws rbitrted. Nevertheless, the gency shop is sbject der to the herts of mny pblic employee nion leders. At meeting of CSEA chpter leders nd stte legisltors in the Rochester re lst week, for exmple, the topic ws gin discssed. n this cse, the CSEA representtives rged tht legisltion llowing for gency shop provisions for pblic employees be given serios considertion by the Legisltre. The Leder stnds firmly on the side of the gency shop for pblic employees. First, thogh, we wold like to present the key ethicl point mde by opponents of the gency shop: tht no one shold be forced to join or provide finncil spport to ny orgniztion ginst his will. This doctrine is commonly known s "The Right to Work." t presmes tht if mjority of employees vote for nion representtion, the minority hs the right not to join. t is on this key point, moreover, tht we believe the strongest rgment exists in fvor of the gency shop. The CSEA field representtive in the Rmpo-Ctskill cse hd rged tht it is njst for n employee to obtin the benefits negotited withot contribting fir shre of the expense involved in negotiting nd then policing collective brgining greement. t is relity tht wht the nion negotites, stte employees right p the line lso receive. Ths, when the Legisltre votes on CSEA contrct, the bdget figre is qite misleding to the generl pblic, since not only re rnk-nd-file non-members tomticlly given the sme wge improvements, bt so re the jdges, commissioners nd other government fnctionries in mngement/confidentil positions who re prohibited by lw from nion membership. Thereby, the Employees Assocition is, in trth, negotiting for everyone, whether it likes it or not, becse tht's the wy things re. These re confsing times in mny wys, s jdges, lwyers, commissions find themselves issing opinions on mny controversil isses. Ths, every so often, someone delivers n opinion tht seems t odds with conventionl interprettions. Sddenly people relize tht the times hve chnged, nd tht it is now the moment to rethink some of the stndrd nswers. We believe tht the Rmpo-Ctskill rbitrtor, Bernrd Dvis, hs mde jst sch brekthrogh in thinking. The crx of the gency shop qestion for pblic employees, in or view, is tht if n employee is willing to ccept the services of the nion nd tht ncldes negotited py rises nd other so-clled fringe benefits tht he mst be prepred to py nominl, fir shre of the expenses for those services. f everyone is to be treted eqlly, then everyone shold contribte eqlly. Fir is fir. (Contined from Pge 1) sidertion of the bdget nd other ppropritions proposed to t'ne Legisltre. Assemblymn Willis H. Stephens, the chirmn of the Wys nd Mens Committee. Alls tht importnt post with rre distinction, bt he is likely to be the first to deny it, since tht post hd once been held by his lte fther, D. Mllory Stephens. There is very little glmor ttched to tht ofibce, becse it dels with the nts nd bolts of government, the finncing of ech government opertion, nd reqires the keeping of shrp eye on the expenditre of every penny of Stte money. These specil responsibilities mke Assemblymn Stephens one of the hrdest working legisltors. Mss TrnsH Aid The significnce of Stephens' work srfced lst week with respect to one of the most criticl isses before the jegisltre, improving mss trnsit fcilities throghot the Stte nd mintining low trnsit fres on commter rils, bses, nd the city sbwy system. The proposl recommended by Stephens wold provide contining sbsidy to locl trnsit systems bsed on the nmber of riders ech system crries forml somewht similr to the one sed to clclte the distribtion of stte id to locl school bords. The Stephens, progrm wold ths recognize stte id to locl mss trnsit systems s longterm stte responsibility s ginst reflex response to crisis tht typiclly confronts the city sbwy system, the Long slnd Rilrod nd the Penn Centrl lines. The recommendtions mde by Stephens were worked ot fter n intensive for-month stdy by stkfl members of the Wys nd Mens Committee nd del cretively nd imgintively with Stte trnsporttion problem tht is likely to become worse, in this period of gs shortge nd skyrocketing prices for gsoline, withot n ffirmtive progrm like the one developed by Assemblymn Stephens. Dring the reglr corse of the Session, Assemblymn SteiAiens becomes the focs of ttention of ll of those seeking greter ppropritions for the cses they espose PTA's for more money for schools; civil service employee orgniztions who wnt slry increses nd improved working conditions; representtives of cities, towns, nd villges demnding improved stte id formls; the Jdicil system geing better finncing for the coits, nd wide vriety of other sorces. Pressre From Grops At the sme time, he s lso the trget of vrios bsiness nd indstry grops, txpyers orgniztions nd other orgniztions who wnt the bdget prned in order to redce txes. The stte bdget Ls complex compendim of ppropritions nd expenditres tht cn't be mstered overnight. t tkes con. tining stdy nd the constnt ccmltion of sttistics. Preprtion nd mngement of the bdget is not one-mn Job. n the Assembly, he shres his responsibility with the legisltive leders nd with the members of the Wys nd Mens Gommittee. Otside the Asfiembly, he mst 'be in constnt toch with (Contined on Pce 11) Civil Service Lw & Yo By RCHARD GABA Mr. Gb is member of the firm of White, Wlsh nd Gb, P.C., nd chirmn of the Nss Conty Br Assocition Lbor Lw Committee. Tkes Leve, Loses Seniority A Long slnd techer hs scceeded in winning reinsttement to his teching position in n Article 78 proceeding. {Dreyfs v. Union Free School District No. 3, Town of Hntington.) The techer nd college hd been hired to fill two French teching positions in the foreign lngge deprtment in the school district. Both hd been hired simltneosly. The school district conclded tht they hd identicl seniority stts nd, therefore, felt free to choose the techer it preferred when the elimintion of one of the two French teching positions necessitted lyoff. They chose to retin the petitioner's college. Dreyfs chllenged the decision, climing tht his college hd lost seniority when he took yer's leve of bsence to tech in Greece. He rged tht when the position ws bolished in 1972, the college who hd tken the leve of bsence in 1969/1970 hd only two yers of seniority, while the petitioner, Dreyfs, hd five consective yers of service. The school bord rejected this rgment. Spreme Cort, Conty of Nss, grnted the petition in n Article 78 proceeding nd directed tht Dreyfs be reinstted. * ««THE COURT FOUND tht Dreyfs' college ws neligible for contined seniority dring his leve of bsence, becse t the time he hd not been employed in the district for minimm of five yers. At the time of his leve, the techer preferred by the bord hd been employed by the district for only two-yer period. The cort cited Section 3005 of the Edction Lw, which spells ot the five-yer minimm. The cort sid, "The sttte gives discretion to the school bord to grnt techer exchnge leves of bsence with the specified benefits of retirement protection compenstion nd service credit in the locl school system, bt only for techers with t lest five yers' service in the school." While the techer ws permitted to go nd ws even ccorded service credit for his yer wy, the cort sid, he ws ineligible t tht time to receive the benefit of Section 3005 of the Edction Lw. Relying pon this section, the cort rejected the school district's resoning tht it hd discretion otside of the sttte to grnt leves of bsence, prticlrly since in the instnt cse there hd been no compenstion pid to the techer tking the leve. *» * THE COURT CONCLUDED tht Dreyfs' college hd stepped ot of the seniority line when he went brod. t sid tht there ws no thority otside of complying with Section 3005 for the bord to hve sved his plce in line hed of others fithflly performing their dties in the school district. The rling frther emphsized tht sch discretion is not ccorded to Union Free School District since they "re cretres of stttes nd re ccorded only sch powers in the Stte Edction System s re specified by lw." The cort directed tht Dreyfs be reinstted to his fll-time position with retroctive py nd benefits to September New PERB Member Serves ALBANY Fred L. Denson, of Rochester, is the newest member of the Stte Pblic Employment Reltions Bord. He' scceeds George H. Fowler, vho resigned from the 3- memtoer bord to join City University of New York. His term extends to My Since My he hd been member of PERB's Pnel of Meditors nd Fct-Finders, nd served in 55 disptes between pblic einffloyees nd school districts nd locl governments. An ttorney, Mr. Denson hs been ctive in lbor reltions, commnity nd hmn rights progrms in Rochester nd throghot New York Stte. He is ntive of New Brighton, P., nd hs bchelor's degree from Remeler Polytechnic nstitte nd lw degree from Georgetown University Lw School. FRD L DENSON

7 Stte Promotionl Job Clendr Applictions Accepted To Feb. 11; Written Exms Mrcli 23 Title Slry Grde Exm No. Associte Librrin (Medicine) G Reserch Series G to Senior Biosttisticln G Senior Economist Series G to Senior Sttisticin G Senior Personnel Exminer G Assistnt Director Soil Mechnics G Assistnt Soils Engineer G Associte Soils Engineer G Director of Soil Mechnics G Engineering Mterils Technicin G Principl Engineering Mterils Technicin G Principl Engineering Technicin (Soils) G Reserch Anlyst (Trnsporttion) G Senior Engineering Mterils Technicin G Senior Engineering Technicin (Soils) G Senior Soils Engineer G Assistnt Bilding Constrction Engineer G Assistnt Sperintendent of Constrction G Senior Bilding Constrction Engineer G Senior Sperintendent of Constrction G Assistnt Sperintendent of Constrction G Associte Prh Engineer G Prk Engineer Senior Prk Engineer G Senior Nrsing Services Consltnt Spervisor of Helth Dept. Office Services G Driver mprovement Adjdictor G Senior Driver mprovement Anlyst G Chief Gs Technicin G Senior Gs nspector Orl Tests To Be Held n Febrry Or Mrch Trffic nd Prk Cptin Employment Secrity Sperintendent Appliction Accepted To Mrch 4; Orl Test n Mrch Chief Stte Acconts Aditor G Additionl informtion on reqired qlifying experience nd exm sbject cn be obtined by reqesting job nnoncement from the stte Dept. of Civil Service or yor stte gency personnel office. Regionl offices of the Dept of Civil Service re locted t the World Trde Center, Tower 2, 55th floor, Mnhttn, 10048, ; Stte Office Cmps, Albny, N.Y., 1226; nd Site 750, 1 W. Genesee St., Bfflo, Applicnts my obtin nnoncements either in person or by sending stmped, self-ddressed envelope with their reqest. Be sre to specify the exm title nd nmber. TO HELP YOU PASS GET THE ARCO STUDY BOOK Rilrod Clerk $4.00 Snittion Mn S4.00 Contins Previos Qostions nd Antwort nd Othor Sitb* Stdy Mtoril for Coming Exms ORDER DRECT-MAL COUPON LEADER BOOK STORE Wrren St.. New York, N.Y Plese send me copies of books checked obeve. enclose check or money order for $ Nme! ^iji: FRE ^ FLES Anthony DeFlco got his lngs of lether in Engine 37 while it ws prt of the 16th Bttlion. Tony ws fstidios dresser, ths erning the nme "Don Jn." He ws "stnd p gy" where compny mtters were concerned nd if the Mont Loretto Booster list ws lgging, it soon cght p on it's qot thnks to him. remember the pple of his eye, his little girl Don whom he wold bring to qrters on pydy. She ws seven or eight yers old then nd cte s kitten. Tony sed to kid me bot the fct tht mybe forgot to pt ANTHONY DeFALCO film n the cmer. A stndrd joke between firemen nd ptiotogrphers. f one of the brothers ever seemed down, Tony's hnd on his sholder, cp of coffee nd hert to hert tlk slly pt smile bck pon the fce of the downtrodden borther. Rivlry in the cooking deprtment ws enormos. There ws rnning bttle mong Bill Sohmer, Gene Alett nd Tony DeFlco to be the mster chef of Engine 37. There wsn't mch dobt tht Tony ws the nmber one chef. When he worked, he took the nozzle, period. There were times when he herd of people trpped in rooms beyond the fire. Msk or no msk, wter or no wter it ws lwys the sme. "Hey Lo... 'm going fter them" nd flse lrm or not, fter them he went. n 1965 he pt in his ppers for Engine 298 in Qeens. t cme throgh nd Tony left Hrlem. A few months go-tony rn for UJ'.A. Compny Delegte nd in ccordnce with the rles ws tomticlly plced in the Cptin's grop. Hd he lost the election he wold most probbly be live tody becse his norml grops wold not hve been working tht night. Between 6 p.m. nd 2:46.m. there were five rns, the lst of which ws n ll hnds where the compny ws first de nd got their brins beten in. At 2:46.m. Box 9892 slmmed n nd they were first de t tht one too. The fire ws ot tlhe windows of the first floor on the side of the bilding. Tking dvntge of the fct tht he ws first de, Tony shnned the msk, took the pipe, entered the first floor, belted the fire down nd then stretched p the inside stirwy to the second floor of the "Qeen Anne" frme bilding where the fire ws spreding fst nd needed ttention. As the Trck opened p, Tony hit the fire with the line stndrd procedre. Sddenly he hd hert ttck. He ws the second mn in three dys to Federl News Pew Promotions The federl Civil Service Commission hs told gencies it will be monitoring their promotion prctices this yer. Bdget nd promotion fnd cts throgh the Office of Mngement nd Bdget will be mde, if necessry, to ct down promotions. A strict hold-the-llne position is expected within gencies nd promotions this yer probbly will be hrd to come by. More Employment President Nixon is not expected to propose mjor redctions in government in his bdget for Jly 1. Agencies in energy, conservtion nd ntl-polltlon my even be given fnds to hire more people. Exective Service An effort to estblish grdeless corps of creer-politicl exectives, with bse py in GS 16, 17 nd 18, will gin be tried by the Nixon dministrtion this yer. The President wnts Congressionl pprovl of the federl exective service (PES) pln, which wold men new rnkings for most exectives nd more flexibility for gencies to trnsfer or trde employees. The pln ws dropped by Congress lst yer. die tht wy while operting t fire. He ws little gy. Wiry nd togh. f Tony coldn't mke it down the long hllwy, nobody cold. think Sint Peter is in for severl shocks pon the rrivl of Tony DeiPlco. He's going to find tht yo don't need msk when life is involved. And he's going to lern new wys to cook spghetti l dnte nd he better believe it. ZODAC PENDANTS SHOW THEM YOUR SGN! ntrodces yor sign instntly! Artflly crfted! Frmed in elegnt filigree. Sspended from mtching 25" chin. Symbols spcege etched for clrity of detil. 22K gold plte. Attrctively gift boxed. Order for yorself nd gifts t or risk. Money-bck if not delighted. ONLY r 30 Dy Money Bck Grntee!. WNDSOR HOUSE, NC. Dept Astin Blvd., slnd Prk, N.Y j Plese check $lgn(s) desired Gemini (My 21Jne 20) n Cncer (Jne 21-Jly 20) n Leo (Jly 21Ag. 21) Virgo (Ag. 22-Sept. 22) n Libr (Sept. 23 0ct. 22) Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 22 Sggitris (Nov. 23-Oec. 21) ' Cpricorn (Dec. 22-Jn. 19) n Aqris (Jn. 20 Feb. 18) : Pisces (Feb. l9 Mr. 20) n Aries (Mr, 21Apr 20) n Trs (Apr. 21My 20) j.rsh (qntity) Zodic Pendnts checked. for $6.99 ech pls 70^ postge nd hndling. SAVE ME MORE! Rsh 2 for $13.50 pls $1.00 post- ge nd hndling. New York Residents Add Sles Tx. Ship C enclose $2 deposit. n ss < 71 N5 N3 vo Addre City St*t«le 7% Sles Ti Nme (print) Address Stte..ZP

8 00 N N h 08 1 B H Q < c/) M Listing Of New Yorl( Congressmen And Legisltors Here is n officil listing of Stte Sentors nd Assemblymen from the New York City Metropolitn re, printed ech yer s service to those pblic employees who write to their representtives rging spport for mesres tht wold ffect their jobs, pensions nd rights. Also listed is the New York Stte Congressionl delegtion. The (R), (D), (C) nd (L) represent the politicl prty of the office holder. The ddresses listed re where these representtives my be contcted in their locl re. Yo my lso write to them in cre of their respective legisltive hoses in Albny nd or in Wshington. U.S. SENATE Commnictions cn lso be ddressed to: Sente Office Bilding, Wshing^ton. D.C Jcob K. Jvits (R), 110 Est 45th St., New York, N.Y Jmes L. Bckley (C-R), 60 Stton Plce S.. New York, N.Y CONGRESS Commnictions cn lso be ddressed to: Hose Office Bilding. Wsiiington. D.C SUFFOLK 1st District Otis Pike (D). 132 ostrnder Ave., Riverhed, L.., N.Y nd District Jmes R. Grover, Jr. (R), 185 Woodsome Rd., Bbylon. L... N.Y SUFFOLK-NASSAU 3rd District Angelo D. Roncllo (R). 226 Toronto Ave., Msspeq, L.., N.Y NASSAU 4th District Normn F. Lent (R), 48 Plymoth Rd.. Est Rockwy. L.., N.Y th District-John W. Wydler (R), 63 First St., Grden City, L.., N.Y NASSAU-QUEENS 6th District^Lester L. Wolff (D-L), 5 North Drive. Gret Neck. N.Y QUEENS 7th District Joseph P. Addbbo (D-L), th St., Jmic. N.Y th District Benjmin S. Rosenthl (D-L) Elmhrst Ave., Flshing, N.Y th District Jmes J. Delney (D-R-C), st Ave., Long slnd City. N.Y QUEENS-BRONX loth District Mi-io Biggi (D-R-C). 100 Est Moshol Pkwy., Bronx QUEENS-BROOKLYN 11th District Frnk J. Brsco (D), 650 Atmn Ave., Brooklyn. NY BROOKLYN 12Ui District Shirley Chisholm (D-L) St. Johns P.. Brooklyn, N Y th District Bertrm L. Podell (D), 153 Rgby Rd., Brooklyn, N.Y th District John J. Rooney id-c), 217 Congress St., Brooklyn, NY th District Hgh L. Crey (D), 44 Prospect Pk. West. Brooklyn, N.Y th District Elizbeth Holtzmn (D), 1815 Ditms Ave,, Brooklyn RCHMOND-MANHATTAN 17th District John M. Mrphy (D), 150 Md Ave., Stten slnd, N.Y MANHATTAN 18th Districts-Edwrd. Koch (D-L). 14 Wshington Pl.. New York, N.Y th District Chrles Rnge! (D-R-L). 74 West 132nd St.. New York, N.Y MANHATTAN-BRONX 20th District Bell S. Abzg (D). 37 Bnk St., New York, N.Y BRONX 21st District Hermn Bdillo (D-L), 405 West 259th St.. Bronx, N.Y nd District Jonthn B. Binghm (D-D, 5000 ndependence Ave., Bronx, N.Y BRONX-WESTCHESTER 23rd District Peter A. Peyser (R-C), W. Snnyside Lne, rvington, N.Y WESTCHESTER 24th District Ogden R. Reid (D-L), Ophir Hill, Prchse, N.Y WESTCHESTER-PUTNAM- DUTCHESS-ULSTER- COLUMBA 25th District^Hmilton Fish, Jr., (R-C), Millbrook, N.Y ROCKLAND-ORANGE- ULSTER 26th District ^Benjmin A. Gilmn (R). 10 Coolidge Ct.. Middletown. N.Y ULSTER-SULLVAN- DELAWARE-BROOME- TOGA-TOMPKNS- CHEMUNG 27th District Howrd W. Robison (R). RD No. 2, Cndor. N.Y ALBANY-SCHENECTADY- MONTGOMERY 28th District Smel S. Srtton (D). 244 Gy Prk Ave.. Amsterdm, N.Y COLUMBA-GREENE- ALBANY-RENSSELAER- WASHNGTON, SARATOGA-WARREN- ESSEX 29th District Crleton J. King (R-C), 126 Nelson Ave., Srtog Springs, N.Y ESSEX-CLNTON-FRANKLN- ST. LAWRENCE-LEWS JEFFERSON-OSWEGO 30th District Robert C. Mc- Ewen (R-C). RFD No. 2, Ogdensbrg, N.Y SCHENECTADY- SCHOHARE-OTSEGO- MONTGOMERY-FULTON- HAMLTON-HERKMER- ONEDA 31st District Donld J. Mitchell (R-C), Shell's Bsh Rd., Herkimer. N.Y DELAWARE-OTSEGO- MADSON-CORTLAND- ONONDAGA 32nd District Jmes M. Hnley (D). 316 Coleridge Ave., Syrcse, N.Y ONONDAGA-OSWEGO- CAYUGA-TOMPKNS- SCHUYLER-SENECA- ONTARO-YATES-STEUBEN 33rd District Willim F. Wlsh (R-C), 4954 Albrt Dr., Syrcse, N.Y WAYNE-MONROE 34th District Prnk Horton (R) 2123 Est Ave., Rochester, N.Y MONROE-ONTARO- LVNGSTON-WYOMNG- GENESEE 35th District ^Brber B. Conble (R) Alexnder Rd.. Alexnder. N.Y MONROE-ORLEANS- NAGARA-ERE 36th District Henry P. Smith m (R-C). 253 Christin St., North Tonwnd, N.Y ERE 37th District Tddes J. Dlski (D-L). 50 Pece St., Bfflo. N.Y th District Jck F. Kemp (R-C). 50 dlewood Ave.. Hmbrg. N.Y CHEMUNG-STEUBEN- ALLEGANY-CATTATAUGUA- CHAUTAUQUA-ERE 39th District Jmes F. Hstings (R-C). 124 North Second St., Allegny. N.Y NYS LEGSUTURE STATE SENATE Commnictions to Stte Sentors my lso be ddressed to Stte Cpitol. Albny, N.Y. SUFFOLK sl District Leon E. Giffred (R). 15 N. Colemn Rd., Centerech, L... N.Y nd District ^Bernrd C. Smith (R). Frnklin St.. Northport. L.., N.Y rd District Cesr Trnzo (R), 105 Wshington Ave., Brentwood, LJ.. N.Y SUFFOLK-NASSAU 4th District Owen H. Johnson (R). 6 Lerner St. West Bbylon. LJ.. N.Y NASSAU 5th District Rlph J. Mrino (R). 3 Le Cort, Mtton town. Syosset. L.., N.Y th District John R. Dnne (R), 109 Fifth St., Grden City. L.., N.Y th District John D. Cemmerer (R), 11 Post Ave., Est WiUiston, L... N.Y th District ^Normn J. Levy (R), 666 Shore Rd., Long Bech, L.L. N.Y NASSAU-QUEENS 9th District Kren S. Brstein (D), 1015 Cedr Lne. Woodmere. N.Y QUEENS loth District John J. Sntcci (D) th St.. Jmic. N.Y th District Frnk Pdvn (R-C) th St., Jmic, N.Y th District Jck E. Bronston (D-L), Hovendon Rd., Jmic, N.Y th District Emnel R. Gold (D-L) th St., Flshing, N.Y th District to be determined by specil election Feb. 14, '74. QUEENS-BROOKLYN 15th District Mrtin J. Knorr (R-C) Plmetto St., Brooklyn, N.Y BROOKLYN 16th District A. Frederick Meyerson (D), 14 Vn Siclen Ct., Brooklyn, N.Y th District Chester J. Strb (D) 678 Mnhttn Ave., Brooklyn, N Y th District Vnder L. Betty id), 671 St. John's Plce. Brooklyn. N.Y th District Jeremih B. Bloom (D), 350 Sterling St., Brooklyn, N.Y th District Donld Helperin (D), 151 Mckenzie St., Brooklyn, N.Y st Dlstrict^Willim T. Conklln (R-C), 7905 Colonil Rd., Brooklyn, N.Y nd District-Albert B. Lewis (D), 123 By 25th St., Brooklyn, N.Y rd District Crol Bellmy (D), 278 Henry St., Brooklyn, N.Y RCHMOND-MANHATTAN 24th District^ohn J. Mrchi (R), 79 Nixon Ave., Stten slnd, N.Y BROOKLYN-MANHATTAN 25th District Pl P. E. Bookson (D), 215 Prk Row, New York, N.Y MANHATTAN 26th District Roy M. Goodmn (R-L,) 1035 Fifth Ave., New York, N.Y th District- Mnfred Ohrenstein (D-L), 215 West 90th St., New York, N.Y th District Sidney A. Von Lther (D-L), 600 West 111th St., New York, N.Y th District Joseph Zretzki (D-L), 160 Cbrini Blvd., New York, N.Y MANHATTAN-BRONX 30th District ^Robert Grci (D-R-L), 540 Concord Ave., Bronx, N.Y BRONX 31st District to be determined by specil election. 32nd District Joseph L. Gliber (D- R-L), 800 Concorse Ville W., Bronx, N.Y rd District Abrhm Bernstein (D-L). 660 Thwites P.. Bronx. N.Y th District John D. Clndr (R-D-C). 88 Beech Tree Lne. Bronx. N.Y BRONX-WESTCHESTER 35th District rohn E. Flynn (R-C). 15 Hron Rd.. Yonkers. N.Y WESTCHESTER 36th District to be determined by specil election Feb. 14. '74. 37th District Bernrd G. Gordon (R-C) Riverview Ave., Peekskill, N.Y WESTCHESTER-ROCKLAND 38th District Donld R. Ackerson (R) 63 Hickory Hill Rd., Tppn. N.Y WESTCHESTER-PUTNAM- DUTCHESS-COLUMBA 39th District Jy P Rollson. Jr. (R-C). 150 Kingwood Pk., Poghkeepsie. N.Y ROCKLAND-ORANGE- ULSTER 40 th District Richrd E. Schermerhom (R-C), 12 dlewild Pk. Dr., Cornwll-on-Hdson, N.Y COLUMBA-RENSSELAER- SARATOGA 41st District Dogls Hdson (R), 116 Green Ave., Cstletonon-Hdson, N.Y ALBANY-GREENE 42nd Distric. Wlter B. Lngley (R), 225 Jy St., Albny, N.Y WASHNGTON-WARREN- ESSEX-CLNTON-FRANKLN- ST. LAWRENCE 43rd District Ronld B. Stfford (R-C), Per, N.Y SARATOGA-SCHENECTADY- MONTGOMERY-FULTON- HAMLTON 44th District Mry Anne Krpsk (D-D, Shper Ave. Ext.. Cnjohrie, N.Y ST. LAWRENCE- JEFFERSON-OSWEGO- CAYUGA 45th District H. Dogls Brcly (R) Bentley Rd.. Plski. N.Y ONEDA-LEWS-HERKMER 46th District Jmes H. Donovn (R-C) Elm St.. Chdwicks, N.Y BROOME-CHENANGO- TOGA 47th District Wrren M. Anderson (R). 34 Lthrop Ave.. Blnghmton. N.Y DELAWARE-SCHOHARE- OTSEGO-HERKMER 48th District Edwyn E. Mson (R-C), Min St.. Hobrt. N.Y MADSON-ONONDAGA 49th District ^Mrtin S. Aer (R). 809 Crwford Ave., Syrcse, N.Y ONONDAGA-CAYUGA- CORTLAND 50th District Trky J. Lombrdi, Jr. (R-C). 99 Brlingme Rd.. Syrcse, N.Y TOGA-TOMPKNS- SCHUYLER-CHEMUNG- STEUBEN 51st District Willim T. Smith (R-C), 3047 Olcott Rd.. Big Flts. N.Y WAYNE-SENECA-YATES- ONTARO-MONROE 52nd District Frederick L. Wrder (R). 100 Lewis St.. Genev. N.Y MONROE 53rd District Gordon J. De- Hond (R-C). 21 Moimt Mylne. Rochester. N.Y th Distrlct^Fred J. Eckert (R-C). 141 Ledgewood Circle. Rochester, N.Y ERE 55th District Joseph A. Triello (D), 713 Bsti Ave., Bfflo. N.Y th District Jmes D. Griffin (D-C). 420 Dorrnce Ave.. Bfflo, N.Y ERE-CHAUTAUQUA- CATTARAUSUS-ALLEGANY 57th District Jess J. Present (R), 41 Chestnt St.. Jmestown. N.Y ERE-WYOMNG- LVNGSTON 58th District Thoms P. Mc- Gown (R-C.) 117 Hntley Rd.. Bfflo, N.Y ERE-GENESSEE-MONROE 59th District Jmes T. Mc- Frlnd (R-C), 21 Grosvenor Rd., Kenmore, N.Y NAGARA-ORLEANS 60th District Lloyd H. Pterson (R-L), th St., Nigr Flls, N.Y ASSEMBLY Commnictions to Assemblymen my lso be ddressed to Stte Cpitol. Albny, N.T. SUFFOLK 1st District^Perry B. Drye, Jr. (R). Old Montk Hwy., Montk, L.., N.Y nd District Peter J. Costign (R), 154 Old Field Rd., Setket, L.., N.Y rd District^cllio W. Binchl. Jr. (D). 36 Bellport Lne. Bellport. L... N.Y th District Robert C Wertz (R). 37 Bethny Dr., Commck, L... N.Y th District (Contined on Pge 9)

9 Their Decisions Cn Affeit Lives Of All New Yorkers (Contined from Pge 8) Dennis OTHiherty (R), 105 Clevelnd Ave., Syville, L... N.Y th Dlstrlct^ohn C. Cochrne (R), 80 Concoiirse Est, Brlghtwters, L.., N.Y th District John J. Flngn (R), 52 Dtinlp Rd., Hntington, L.., N.Y th Districts John G. McCrthy (R), 8 Pin Ok Cort, Hntington Sttion, L.., N.Y th District Willim L. Bms (R), 23 Whitney Dr., AmltyviUe, L.., N.Y SUFFOLK-NASSAU loth District Strt R. Levine (R), 42 Brton Ave., Bethpge, Pllnvlew, LJ., N.Y NASSAU nth District Philip B. Heley (R), 32 Frnkel Rd., Msspeq, L.., N.Y th District Oeorge A. Mrphy (R), 3556 Tonoph St., Seford, L.., N.Y th District Milton Jons (R), 1854 Zn Cort, North Merrick. L.., N.Y th District Joseph M. Reilly (R), 7 Hickory Lne, Glen Cove, L.., N.Y th Districts John E. Kingston (R), 97 Wrd St.. Westbry, L.., N.Y th District rwin J. Lndes (D), 8 Merielees Circle, Gret Neck. L... N.Y tlh District Joseph M. Mrgiott (R), 844 Bedford Cort. Uniondle, L.., N.Y th Districts Armnd P. D'Amto (R), 15 Ostend Rd.. slnd Prk. L.., N.Y th Districtr-^ohn 8. Thorp, Jr. (D). 92 Voorhis Ave., RockvUle Centre. L... N.Y th District Arthr J. Kremer (D). 81 Kerrign St.. Long Bech. L... N.Y st XHstrict George J. Frrell, Jr. (R). 116 Crntion Ave.. Florl Prk, L.L, N.Y QUEENS 22nd District Herbert A. Posner (D) Elk Dr.. Fr Rockwy. N.Y rd District John A. Esposito (R-C) lolst Ave.. Jmic. N.Y th District Sl Weprin (D) Jmic Ave.. Jmic, N.Y th District Vincent F. Nicolosi (D) th St.. Flshing, N.Y th District Leonrd P. Stvisky (D-L), Powells Cove Blvd., Flshing, N.Y th District Arthr J. Coopermn (D- L) th St., Jmic, N.Y th District Aln G. Hevesi (D) Selfridge St., Flshing, N.Y th Districts-Gy R. Brewer (D), th St., Jmic. N.Y th District Herbert J. Miller (D), th Rd.. Forest Hills, N.Y st District Alfred A. Delli Bovi (R-C) th Ave.. Jmic. N.Y nd District Edwrd Abrmson (D), th Ave.. Jmic. N.Y rd Dlstrict-^ohn T. Flck (R-C) th Plce. Glendle. N.Y th District Joseph F. Lis (D) Vn Doren St.. Coron. N.Y th Dlstrict^ohn G. Lopresto (R-C) th Ave.. Flshing. N.Y th District Joseph S. Clbrett (D) th Ave.. Long slnd City, N.Y th District- Rosemry R. Gnning (R-C), 1867 Grove St.. Brooklyn. N.Y QUEENS-BROOKLYN 38th Dlstrlct^Vlto P. Bttist (R-C). 290 Highlnd Blvd.. Brooklyn. N.Y BROOKLYN 39th District Stnley Fiiik (D), 2249 Est 70th St.. Brooklyn. N.Y th District- Edwrd Griffith (D), 710 Wrwick St., Brooklyn. N.Y st District Stnley Stelngt (D) Est 53rd St., Brooklyn, N.Y nd District- Brin Shroff (D-L) FlUmore Ave., Brooklyn, N.Y rd District George A. Clncott (D), 96 Mple St., Brooklyn. N.Y th District Melvln Miller (D). 301 Rgby Rd.. Brooklyn. N.Y th District Stephen J. Solrz (D-L), 241 Dover St., Brooklyn. N.Y th District Howrd L. Lsher (D) West St.. Brooklyn. N.Y th District Frnk J. Brforo (D) nd St.. Brooklyn, N.Y th Distrlct^Leonrd Silvermn (D) Ocen Pkwy.. Brooklyn. N.Y th District Domlnick L. DiCrlo (R-C) rd St., Brooklyn. N.Y th District Christopher J. Meg (R) th St.. Brooklyn. N.Y st District Vincent A. Rlcclo (R- C) th St.. Brooklyn. N.Y nd District Michel L. Pesce (D). 113 President St.. Brooklyn. N.Y rd District Woodrow Lewis (D), 1293 Den St.. Brooklyn. N.Y th District <:5mrles T. Hmilton (D). 15 Stone Ave., Brooklyn. N.Y th District Thoms R. Fortne CD), 190 Rlph Ave., Brooklyn. N.Y th District Clvin Willims (D-L), 467 Mcon St., Brooklyn, N.Y th District Hrvey L. Strelzin (D). 59 Penn St.. Brooklyn. N.Y th District Joseph R. Lentol (D). 229 Monitor St.. Brooklyn. N.Y th District Peter G. Mirto (D). 180 rving Ave., Brooklyn. N.Y RfCHMOND 60th District Lcio F. Rsso (R-C), 82 Romer Rd., Stten slnd, N.Y st District- Elizbeth A. Connelly (D), 94 Benedict Ave., Stten slnd. N.Y RCHMOND-MANHATTAN 62nd District Lois DeSlvio (D). 90 Beekmn St.. New York. N.Y MANHATTAN 63rd District Anthony G. Di- Flco (D-L). 103 Est 10th St.. New York N.Y th District Willim F. Pssnnnte (D-L). 72 Brrow St.. New York. N.Y th Dlstrict^Anrew J. Stein (D-L). 440 Est 57th St.. New York. N.Y th District Antonio G. Ollvleri (D- L). 112 Est 74th St.. New York. N.Y th Districts Richrd N. Gottfried (D-L). 165 West 66th St.. New York, N.Y th District-Peter A. Berle (D-L), 530 Est 86th St., New York. N.Y th Distrlct^Albert H. Blmenthl (D- L). 90 Riverside Dr.. New York, N.Y th District^esse Gry (D). 113 West 114th St.. New York. N.Y st District Frnz S. Lelchter (D-L), 600 West 111th St.. New York. N.Y nd District- George W. Miller (D-L), 25 West 132nd St.. New York. N.Y rd District^Edwrd H. Lehner (D-L). 680 Ft. Wshington Ave., New York, N.Y th District Mrk T. Sothll (D). 345 West 145th St.. New York. N.Y BRONX 75th District Egenio A. Alvrez (D). 532 Est 149th St.. Bronx. N.Y th District Seymor Posner (D-L), 1100 Grnd Concorse, Bronx. N.Y th District-Armndo Montno (D-R-L). 634 Mnid St., Bronx, N.Y th District Estell B. Diggs (D), 592 Est 167th St., Bronx, N.Y., th District Lois Nine CD), 1424 Wllklns Ave., Bronx, N.Y th District Gy V. Velell (R-C), 1240 Rhlnelnder Ave.. Bronx. N.Y l8t District Aln Hochberg (D-L), 2040 Bronxdle Ave., Bronx, N.Y nd District Thoms J. Clhne (D-L), 2533 Grnd Ave., Bronx. N.Y rd District Brton G. Hecht (D-L) Grnd Concoi-se, Bronx, N.Y th District G. Oliver Koppell (D-L), 3124 Henry Hdson Pkwy., Bronx. N.Y th EHstriot John C. Derie (D) Prdy St.. Bronx, N.Y th District Anthony J. Stell (D-L) Rdcliff Ave., Bronx, N.Y WESTCHESTER 87th District Brce F. Cpto (R-C), 250 Pondfield Rd., West. Bronxvllle. N.Y th District Richrd C. Ross (R-C), 24 Plmer Ave., Mt. Vernon, N.Y th District Alvln M. Schln (R-C). 269 Brodwy. Dobbs Ferry, N.Y th District Gordon W. Brrows (R-C). 65 Hrvrd Ave.. Yonkers. N.Y st District Richrd E. Mnnix (R-C), 111 Bech Ave.. Lrchmont. N.Y nd District J. Edwrd Meyer (R-C). 47 Hights Cross Rd.. Chppq. N.Y rd District Peter R. Biondo (R). Ok Hill Terrce. Ossining. N.Y WESTCHESTER-PUTNAM- OUTCHESS 94th Distrlct^Wlllis H. Stephens (R), RD. 5. Brewster, N.Y ROCKLAND 95th District Egene Levy (R- C). Est Plce. Sffem, N.Y ROCKLAND-ORANGi 96th District Hrold K. Grne (R-C). 33 DeHlve Men Dr.. Stony Point. N.Y ORANGE 97th District Lwrence Herbst (R), 9 Leicht P., Newbrgh. N.Y ORANGE-SULLVAN 98th District Lois ngrssi (R). RD #5. ngrssi Rd., Middletown. N.Y DUTCHESS-ULSTER 99th District Emeel S. Betros (R-C). 67 Grnd Ave.. Poghkeepsie. N.Y DUTCHESS looth District^Benjmln P. Roos, Jr.. (R). Hickmn Dr., Hopewell Jnction, N.Y ULSTER lolst District H. Clrk BeU (R-C), P.O. Box 734, Woodstock. N.Y GREENE-COLUMBA- ALBANY 102nd Ettstrict Clrence D. Lne (R), Windhm Arms, Windhm, N.Y ALBANY 103rd District Fred G. Field (R), 16 Est Newton Rd.. Newtonville. N.Y th District Thoms W. Brown (D). 5 Holmes Dle. Albny, N.Y ALBANY-SCHENECTADY- MONTGOMERY- SCHOHARE-DELAWARE 105th Districts-Chrles D. Cook (R). 19 Prospect St.. Delhi. N.Y RENSSELAER 106th District Nell W. Kelleher (R-C), 406 Sixth Ave., Troy, N.Y SCHENECTADY 107th District Clrk C. Wemple (R-C), 1760 Vn Antwerp Rd., Schenectdy. N.Y SARATOGA 108th District ^Fred Droms. Jr. (R). Droms Rd., Rexford, N.Y HAMLTON-FULTON- MONTGOMERY-FRANKLN 109th District Glenn H. Hrris (R-C-L), Cnd Lke, N.Y RENSSELAER- WASHNGTON-WARREN lloth District Gerld B. H. Solomon (R-C), 23 North Rd., Qeensbry. Giens Plls. N.Y WARREN-ESSEX-CLNTON lllth District Andrew W. Ryn, Jr. (R-C), 43 Grce Ave., Plttsbrgh, N.Y ST. LAWRENCE-FRANKLN 112th District K. Dniel Hley (D-L). St. Lwrence Ave., Wddington. N.Y HERKMER-OTSEGO 113 th District Peter S. Dokchitz (R), 1 Min St., Undill, N.Y JEFFERSON-LEWS-ONEDA 114th District Donld L. Tylor (R-C), 117 Wrd St.. Wtertown, N.Y ONEDA 115th District Willim R. Sers (R-C), Ber Greek Rd., Woodgte. N.Y th District Nichols J. Clogero (R-C), 10 Proctor Blvd.. Utic. N.Y OSWEGO-ONEDA 117th District to be determined by specil election Feb. 14. '74. ONONDAGA 118th District Leonrd F. Bersni (R-C), 128 Rgby Rd., Syrcse, N.Y th District to be determined by specil election Feb. 14. ' st District Thoms J. Mrphy (R- C). 314 Brodview Dr.. Syrcse. N.Y ONONDAGA-MADSON 119th District Hymn M. Miller (R). 56 Lyndon Rd., FyettevlUe. N.Y MADSON-CHENANGO- DELAWARE 122nd District Clrence D. Rppleye. Jr. (R). 11 Rldgelnd Rd.. Norwich. N.Y BROOME-TOGA 123rd District Jmes W. Mc- Cbe (D). 127 Msschsetts Ave.. Johnson City, N.Y BROOME 124th District Frncis J. Bolnd, Jr. (R-C). 55 Orchrd Rd.. Binghmton. N.Y CAYUGA-CORTLAND 125th District^Lloyd S. Rlford. Jr. (R-C), W. Genesee Rd., Box 681, Abrn. N.Y CHEMUNG-TOGA 126th Dlstrict-L. Richrd Mrshll (R-C), 7 Strthmont Prk, Elmlr, N.Y STEUBEN-SCHUYLER- CHEMUNG 127th District Chrles D. Henderson (R), 39 Chrch St., Hornell. N.Y YATES-SENECA-TOMPKNS 128th District Constnce E. Cook (R). 209 Coy Glen Rd.. thc, N Y WAYNE-SENECA-ONTARO 129th District Jmes F. Hrley (R-C), 28 High St., Lyons. N.Y MONROE 130th District ^Thoms A. Hnn (R-C) Lke Rd., Webster. N.Y st Dl8- trict^rymond J. Ull (D). 31 Wolfert Terrce, Rochester, N.Y nd District Thoms R. Frey (D), 308 Merchnts Rd., Rochester, N.Y rd District Frnk A. Crroll (R-C), 613 Elmgrove Rd., Rochester, N.Y th Dlstrict-WU- 11m M. Stelnfeldt (R-C), 217 Weston Rd., Rochester, N.Y MONROE-WAYNE 135th District Don W. Cook (R-C), 1508 Lehigh Sttion Rd., Henriett. N.Y ALLEGANY-LVNGSTON- ONTARO 136th District Jmes L. Emery (R) Lkevlew Rd., Geneseo. N.Y MONROE-ORLEANS- GENESEE-WYOMNG 137th District Stephen R. Hwley (R), 8249 Bnk St. Rod. Btvl. N.Y NAGARA 138th Dlstrlct^John B. Dly (R). 430 Dtton Dr.. Lewlston. N.Y th District Richrd J. Hogn (R-C), 8648 Griffon Ave., Nigr Flls. N.Y ERE 140th District John J. L- Flce (D-L), 252 Delwre Rd., Kenmore, N.Y st Districts-Chester R. Hrdt (R-C). 107 Okgrove Dr., WllUmsvllle, N.Y ^2nd District Stephen R. Greco (D-C), 795 Richmond Ave., Bfflo, N.Y rd District Arthr O. Eve (D). 14 Celtic Plce. Bfflo, N.Y th Dlstric'^ Albert J. Hsbeck (R-C), 315 Drtmoth Ave., Bfflo, N.Y th District Frncis J. Griffin (D-L). 56 Morgn Rd., Bfflo, N.Y th District Aln J. Jstin (R-C), 102 Lo Dr., Depew, N.Y th District Ronld H. Tills (R-C). 43 Union St.. Hmbrg. N.Y ERE-WYOMNG 148th District Dle M. Volker (R). 31 Drwin Dr.. Depew. N.Y CATTARAUGUS- CHAUTAUQUA 149th District Dniel B. Wlsh (D-L). Rt. 16. Frnklinvllle. N.Y CHAUTAUQUA 150th Districts John W. Beckmn (R-C), 98 S. Portge St.. Westfield, N.Y To Assist Governor ALBANY Stte Medition Bord member Richrd H. Noln will resign tht position to ccept $15,900 post s specil ssistnt to Governor Wilson for lbor ffirs. Noln ws exective vice-president of the nterntionl Union of Operting Englners ntil his retirement n He ws nmed to the Medition Bord in TO SUNY-ALBANY COUNCL ALBANY Dr. John F. FiUppone, of Albny, hs been reppointed to the Concil of SUNY t Albny for n nslried term ending Jly w i w H fi vl

10 Tf 9 H OS OS This Week's City Eligible Lists EXAM ^076 LAW CLERK This list of 284 eligibles. estblished Jn. 16, reslted from Nov. orl testing for which 487 cndidtes filed, 468 were clled nd 285 ppered. Slry is $14,000. No % 1 JefTrey E Schnbck, Rene Rmirez, Rlph J Cohen, Nichols H Cobbs, Sndr B Goldsmith, Steven C Decost, Richrd J Strtford, Mrc R Leventhl, Mrtin Jcobson. Gbriel Tssig, Thoms C Grebel, Dine R Eisner, srel Schechter, Pl J Lne, Henry R Detsch, Eileen P Shpiro, Edwrd A Friedmn, Willim L Scheffler, Robert Krtz, Robert J Miller. No % 21 Stephen H Rppoport, Jon L Besnder, Hrry L Shelnfeld, Willim J Leininger, Stephen H Klsner, Stnley C Hnterton, Jmes P Griffin, John C Brennn, Mrvin Grey, Roy Wrner, Terrnce J Noln, Donld Mllo, Morrell Berkowitz, Nncy A Serventi, Lrry H Hecht, Howrd F Dniels, Virgini M Edwrds, Mry E Lpo, Mrk Schlesinger, Jn Gellis. No % 41 Joseph A Clvrso, Robin W Weiner, Thoms G McKeon, Brce A Siegel, Brry Strom, Joseph P Sherer, Willim S Liebmn, Peter H JcOby, Kevin M Ryn, Kthleen H Csey, Tlio R Prieto, Philip J Levlne, John A Sotirkis, Michel C Mrlin, Robert W Kfmnn, JefTrey A Reiner, Mon D Shpiro, Leon Z Mener, Normn S Htt. No % 61 Eliot Normn, Robert Fiedelmn, Mrk S Borten, John B Fitzptrick, Freddy P Ylkowsky, Devor B Cohn, John L Arjo, Gry D Grber, 'Thoms M Kennedy, John M Mnos, Deborh E Abrmson, Eric K Trlow, Michel Kopcsk, Dniel E Greenbrg, Antonett Gbitosi, Mrinne G Regitsky, Richrd M Cohln, Arnold L Brtfeld, George M Donhe, Chrles N Tetnic. No. 81 % 81 r Z Kevelson, Smel J Frend, Mry J Hmmer, Amy E Topiel, Joel A Mintz, rving D Alter, Normn L Greene, Joel D Leidermn, Stnley R Chesler, Betty J Sntngelo, John Kelly, rving M Fnk, Chrles C Shinberg, Jon M Levy, Kenneth W Mlmy, Brry M Goldstein, Jmes P Rgio, Jeffrey Richmn, Belvyn S Jcknowitz. Thoms J Frrelly. No % 101 Jeffrey A Jster, Alice A Collins, Frnklin D Tell, Howrd J Peyser, Ssn W Scicc. Pl D Shr, Shron L Mirsky, Mrilyn G Rinsler, Jcfhn L Cff, Chrles W Segl, Robert J Hindmn, Ssn E Goldenkrnz, Dvid A Goldenberg, Robert A Mnsbch, Jmes L Stern, Aln D Rbinstein, Brry S Port, Joseph Smet, Mrgret O'Neill, Jcob Lfer. No % 121 Dvid Aronson, Richrd W Breslin, Crol Noymer, Ky R Bck, Smel M Kreiger, Dvid Werchen, George G rving, John P Mccoon, Abrhm Borenstein, Robert L Fleischmn, Hrold M Shltz, Frnk T Simeone, Joseph L Rini, Lillin B Richmn, Steven G Friedmn, George R Heton Jr, Michel D Bltrlch, Stephen M Schltz, Joel M Trbe, Shron G Silversmith. No % 141 Sheldon J Hlprin, Brbr J Prger, Hrvey Feldmeier, Renee Scks, Eileen C Bdnovitch, Jonthn Rpport, Stephen J McGrth, Alfred E Pge Jr, Neil M Prsoff, Helen R Neborne, Edwrd Friedenthl, Pl E Ky, Gerld Angowitz, Virgini W McMhon, Joseph J Borenstein, Jne Wites, Cry M Feldmn, Jonthn Strong, Mrilyn B Cne. No % 161 Mrk Brecker, Brry M Vcker, Rlph Pemick, Fred L Shpiro, Hrvey N Csper, Brry L Aron, Moise E Hendeles, Mx C Dorin, Michel Devlin, Thoms C Devlin, Joyce S Kornblh, Mrtin L Price, Gyle A Yeomns, Joseph P Brden, George N Grin, Florn L Fink, Joseph C Biermn, Anne M Tnnenbm, Crol Mellor, Henry Ferrioli. No % 181 Richrd W Gleeson, Michel Pskowitz, r J Grossmn, Jeffrey M Mrcs, Lwrence Frksh, Mry M Welch, Aln W Gitter, Bernrd Hber, Andrew E Goldstein, George S Locker, Mitcel H Perkiel, Jred Brown, Theodore D Kfmn, f yo wnt to know wht's hppening to yo to yor chnces of promotion to yor job to yor next rise nd similr mtters! FOLLOW THE LEADER REGULARLY! Here is the newspper tht tells yo bot wht is hppening in civil service wht is hppening to the job yo hve nd the job yo wnt. Mke sre yo don't miss single isse. Enter yor sbscription now. The price is $7.00. Tht brings yo 52 isses of the Civil Service Leder filled with the government job news yo wnt. Yo cn sbscribe on the copon below: CVL SERVCE LEADER 11 Wrren Strt*«New York, N*w York enclose $7.00 (check or money order for yer's sbscription) to the Civil Service Leder. Plese enter the nme listed below. NAME ADDRESS CTY Zip Code Robert J SofRentini, Josh D Rosenberg, Dvid Golomb, Kthy R Pecker, Richrd S Kestenbm, Elliot R Wrren, Bmett Silversteln. No % 201 Pl W Mckey, Kevin F McMormick, Crol A Feinstein, Kent T Stffer, Hnnh K Fmenbm, Gerld L Grfinkle, LwTence Kntermn, Christophe Hoge, Aric J Press, Brce Meller, Steven E Gnderson, George T Griffith, George Hrris Jr, Aln B Leibowitz, John S Pereir, Michel A Gry, Crol A Clhon. Dvid A Kellmn, Joel M Schwrtz, Jesse A Hecht. No % 221 Robert S Klothe, Abrhm M Akselrd, Richrd N Petrocelli, Dvid L Linden, Thoms S Finegn, Michel J Prior, Joseph Aroner, Stnley Kne, sc Klepflsh, Dniel Nobel, Michel S Emen, Wyne N Otten, Roslind A Kochmn, Pl E Kowtn, Victor M Tnenbm, Gerld M Fleischmn. Richrd B Lind, Egene V Ntle, Jcqeline Mloney, Dniel J Bernstein. No. 241 % 241 Dennis Bellovin, George R Green, Lenore S Bimbm, Mrjorie Q Printz, Jne H Grnde, Mrk E Slegl, Robert M Simels, Joel Sosinsky, Regin M Srnese, Ormond N Smith, Jonthn P Blcher, Leonrd A Dvis, Frederic R Mlndlin, Slly Weinrb, Gil D Rothstein, Brry L Klger, Brt Grymn, Joel B Rbin, Jerome L Levine, Brbr T Zlmet. No % 261 Leonrd R Wlzmr, Michel J O'Connor, Scott M Schwrtz, Elliot Stein, Ronld S Melynk, Phyllis B Dvis, Crol N Kriesberg, Cortney D Edwrds, Rosenne M Lippmn, Gry R TrnofT, George E Hgerty, Antonio Brndveen, Joseph J Art, Roni N Schnitzer, Hrvey S Snder, Ronld Trbin, Demetri B L, Steven L Rosenthl, Stecen M ngis, Mrk W Alexnder. No % 281 Jeffrey L Chse, Helen D Johnson, Jimmy Wethersbee, Strt C Levits. EXAM 1681 PROM TO SR NVESTGATOR. REVSED LST This list of 86 eligibles, pblished here s ' revised list" estblished Sept. 12, 1973, for se by seven city gencies, reslted ^rom written testing in Nov Of the 332 cndidtes who filed, 296 ^ere clled nd 151 ppei'^d. Slry is $10,800. Bd. of Ed. No % 1 Grce L Spno. Finn Admin No % 1 Rymond F Bechmnn, John W Miller, Gerrd J Rose, Hrold F Cllghn, Jlin Bell, Dvid Astor, Milton P Meisner, Anit Pfefler, Robert L Slngrossi, Chrles J Venezl, Sl L Jcobowitz, Seymor Siegel. Richrd L Ktz. Hrold Hood. Robert S Fchs. Willim H Art, Pline Strsberg, Lel M Vlver. Teeny Mrchese. Hosing Ath No % 1 Sm Gbermn. Hos Devel Adm No. 1 75% 1 Chrles N Vlenti, Sl T Blck, Joseph T Lorlng. (Contined on Pge 11) Federl Job Clendr Detiled nnoncements nd pplictions my be received by clling, writing or visiting the Job nformtion Center of the U.S. Civil Service Commission, New York Region, t 26 Federl Plz, Mnhttn 10007, telephone: Those living pstte (north of Dtchess Conty) shold contct the Syrcse Are Office, 301 Erie Blvd., West Syrcse, Toll free clls my be mde to (800) Applictions will be received ntil frther notice, nless closing dte is specified. Jobs re in vrios Federl gencies throghot the contry nless specific gency or loction is indicted. Use Appliction Form 5000 AB whenever the listing indictes written test is reqired. For others se Stndrd Form 171 nd CSC Form 5001-ABC; the nnoncement will tell yo if ny spplementry forms re reqired. Agricltrl Title Slry Grde Exm No. Agricltrl Commodity Grdes (Fresh Frit nd Veg., Grin, nd Poltry) GS-5to9 CH-1-06 Agricltrl Commodity Grder (Met) (Dept. of Agricltre) GS-5 WA-0-14 nspector - Met nd Poltry (Consmer nd Mrketing Service, Dept. of Agricltre) GS-5 CH-6-05 (written) Metctter GS-8 NY-0-30 (WestPt.)' Wrehose Exminer (Dept.of Agricltre) GS-5,7 CH-0-02 (written) Bsiness Accontnt, Aditor nd nternl Revene Agent GS-5 to S-11,12in NY Compter Specilist GS-5 to Tx Exminer GS-2to4 NY-M5 (Sffolk Co.) Tresry Enforcement Agent GS-5 to 9 NY-1-05 (NY St.) Engineering And Scientific Crrers in Biologicl nd Agricltrl Sciences.GS-5to (Feb. 15 dedline) Engineering, Physicl Sciences nd Relted Professions GS-5 to Helth Scientist Administrtor nd Grnts Associte GS-12to15 WA-M1 (D.C. re) ndstril Hygienist GS-5 to Jorneymn in Skilled Trdes GS-9to12 NY-M Meteorologicl Technicins GS-6,7,9 NY-8^^^ (NY-NJ) Photogrphers nd Photogrphers (Lbortory) GS-4, 5,7 WAM-924 (D.C. re) Technicl Aid (Medicl, Science nd Engineering Fields) GS-2,3 NY-0-22 Technicl Assistnt GS-4 (NYC 409 & St.) Technicins in Engineering nd Physicl Science GS-5 to 12 WA-0-04 Generl Air Trffic Controller (FAA) GS-5,7 418 Depty Mrshll GS-5 WA-3-03 ^. «. (written) Fed. Service Entrnce Exm GS-5 to r.. (written) Fneght Rte Specilists GS-7,9 WA (D.C. re) Hering Exminer (Administrtive Lw Jdge)..GS-15to llstrtor GS-5,7 W (D.C. re) Jnior Federl Assistnt GS Mid-Level Positions GS-9to Office Assistnt GS-2to5 WA 0102 (D.C. re, written) Senior Level Positions GS-13to Technicl Assistnt (Agr, Bio, Dt Processing, Engn, Med, Sci nd Other Fields) GS Worker Trinee GS-1 NY-1-08 Medicl Aids, Assistnts, Technicins GS-5 to 9 WA-8-13 Adiologist, Speech Pthologist, nd Adiologist Speech Pthologist GS-9to12 WA-7-27 (D.C. re) Atopsy Assistnt GS-4,5 NY-9-05 (NYC re) Dentl Hygienist, Dentl Lbortory Technicin GS-5 to 7 NY-3-03 (Contined on Pge S) (NYC ft St.)

11 O'Hgn Tries To Hlt 25% Ct Of Probies As of Leder presstime Fridy the Fire Deprtment ws contining to rge its recommendtion ginst redcing the clsses of probtionry firemen from 152 to 112 ppointments. Finl decision on the size of clsses ws expected to be mde by Jn. 21. f the effort fils, only 112 eligibles will enter the fire trining session Jn. 26. Fire Commissioner John O'Hgn told The Leder the Deprtment "needs the probies" nd wold like to be ble to comply with cort order which set the nmber of ppointees t 152. The move to redce the clsses by bot 25 percent cme from the city fter stdies showed the ctl ttrition rte of the Fire Dept. ws lower thn projected. The civil service list from which fire eligibles will be ppointed ws split into two grops one of minorities nd one of non-minorities when federl jdge sid t'ne exm ws rcilly discrimintory. The two lists wold be sed to mke ppointments t the rte of three white per ech blck or Hispnic, not to exceed totl of 152, the cort sid. f the clss of 112 is pproved, no. 7,736.5 will be the lst minority ppointed, nd no. 1,954 will be the lst non-minority. The clss wold consist of 84 nonminorities, nd 28 minorities. This will be the third clss to be hired nder the cort order, nd the next clss is expected to be ppointed Mrch Cement Msons Miss A totl of 45 cndidtes for cement mson hve been fond not qlified or not eligible for promotionl exm 3516 by the city Dept. of Personnel. PO s Seeking Jr. Stenos m\ Anyone with one yer's generl office experience or commercil high school diplom my pply for jnior stenogrpher exmintion being offered by the New York City Regionl office of the U.S. Postl Service. There re presently five jnior steno vcncies nd more re expected. The position pys $8,851 to $11, yowon*t beliee how stood it tstes... ntil yo tste it (PRONOUNCE TGAY-KEE-KAN) PLUM WNE serve with clb sod or on the rocks with kiss of lemon mported hy the Sidney Frnk mporting Co., nc., N.Y. Cndidtes will be smmoned to written test nd mst type t lest 40 words per minte for five mintes with no more thn two errors nd tke dicttion test in shorthnd or on stenotype mchine reqiring 80 words per minte. All pplicnts will be notified by the Postl Service when nd where to pper for the tests. Cndidtes mst be U.S. citizens nd mst be t lest 18 on the dte they file, except for high school grdtes, who mst be t lest 16. There is no minimm ge limit. Form 2479 AB my be obtined from the Job nformtion Office, lobby of the Chrch Street Sttion, 90 Chrch St., New York. N.Y ; or t the Generl Post Office. 380 West 33rd St., Room New York. N.Y Completed pplictions my be filed in person t those loctions or my be miled to the Post Office Exmintion Section, 90 Chrch St., New York, N.Y , Room Plmber Appoints Nineteen plmbers helpers hve been ppointed to five city gencies following certifiction pool by the city Dept. of Personnel lst week. The lst nmber ppointed ws 26 from the eligible list reslting from exm Wnn be good gy? Give pint of blood. Cll UN The Greter New Yoi Blood Progrm Repet Tts! (Contined from Psre 6) his Sente conterprt, Sentor John Mrchi, chirmn of the Sente Finnce Committee. Both mst work closely with Governor Mlcolm Wilson, Bdget Director Richrd Dnhm nd their stffs. Despite the constnt pressres on him. Assemblymn Stephens is typiclly ffble, never t loss for flshes of wit, nd corteos to ll who besiege him. nirogh his hrd work nd diligence, Stephens hs won the dmirtion nd respect of his colleges nd the pblic representtives he mst del with. Eligibles (Contined from Pge 10) Lw Deprt No. 1 0% 1 Chrles Slter, Horce W Elliott. Rlph L Meldy, Edwrd J Conrby. Personnel Depi No % 1 Andrew R Horn, Hrold R Crney, Michel A Gentile, Edwrd T Dnn, Mrtin Prince, Rlph J Bov. j Sodl Services No. 1 % 1 Elizbeth Mitsner, Jerome S Hermn, Richrd H Prk. Richrd P Brci, Willie Stckey, Nel B Freden, Kenneth S Levin, Prnk T Olton, Edwrd A Yofwell, Joseph J Mgvero. Mrjorle Agger, Robert J Cotien, Michel A Gerflnkel, Joseph P Mrry, Gry A Feigenbm, Leonrd M Ark. Edwrd Grndt, Michel T Schml^, Bernrd A Nichols Dczk. No % 21 Robert J Bron, Richrd N Whl, John M Grgno, Sheldon J Mermelstein, Hrold G Mlment, Herbert' M Hersch, Jn G Schneider, Michel R Deprino, Egene 8 Goldln, Robert A Becker, Amy A Pmphlle, Jen A Kline, Jmes N Mehmet, John J Kel^, Wolfrm D Tschpk, Chrles M Floyd, Bttr J Brown, Slvtore Bccellto, John J Redmond, Stephen C Hll. No % 41 Joseph C White 3rd, Lois S Oppelllno, Morton L Jn- s, Brce K Sheriff, Slly R Mknd, Enzo Bercrl, Flor Newsome, Annette Sferzz, Nichols C Zbridc Jr, Jon Slotnick, Erich Klein, Michel Khn. NEW YORK CTY HEALTH & HOSPTALS COUP PBOM TO FOREMAN ELECTRCAN List Estb. Jw. 10, Chrles R Benon, Jolm L Tozzolo, Angelo Tgrelli, Nichols R Delois, Lois M SQUltier,i Michel A Bst, John C Coen. ^ Prom, to Storekeoper Filing for promotion to storekeeper, exm 3623, will reopen Feb. 4 nd contine for one week. Tht filing mst be done in person t the city Dept. of Personnel, 49 Thoms St., Mnhttn. n ddition th^ orl exm for promotion to storekeeper cndidtes hs been chnged from Mrch 21 to April 26, nd will inclde the New York City Helth nd Hospitl Corportion. C/3 M n ss hs

12 s N W t n 9 C cs - 9 H tf U fi M CD U M M Correction Officer Jobs Open Correction officer jobs with New York Stte re still vilble. Men between 20 nd 37 yers old with high school diplom nd in good physicl condition my pply to tke n exm for correction officer (mle) from now ntil frther notice. Strting slry is $10,155 to $10,355 for Job n one of the vrios correctionl fcllitlefi, correction yoth cmps or correction hospitls throghot the stte. Cndidtes mst compete in the exmintion for the region in which they live nd the stte hs been broken into seven regions (1 throgh 7) with exm nmbers throgh , respectively. Region 7, which is exm no , encompsses Bronx, Dtchess, Kings, Nss, New York, Ornge, Ptrmm, Qeens, Richmond, Rocklnd, Sffolk, Sllivn, Ulster nd Westchester REAL ESTATE VALUES Kingsview Homes, nc. Co-op Apts. 5 bidgs. 2V2 to SVi room prtments, 10 min. from downtown Brooklyn. All conveniences inclding privte prk, indoor nd otdoor prking, tight secrity nd other fcilities. Applictions now being ccepted with smll down pyment for resle of pts. Cll TR _ 9 to 3 P.M.!! CAMBRA HEGHTS = S = = BRCK ALL THE WAY = = AROUND S = Rnch... ll rooms on 1 floor, = = 3 bedrooms betiflly lid = = ot modern et-in kitchen = = rnch sized living room con- = S ventionl dining room finished = = bsement plyroom 40x100 = = lndscped gronds tomtic = S het refrigertor ir con- = = ditioned screens/storms, mny = = extrs. Ner schools, shopping = = centers, bs/sbwy trnspor- = = ttion. Low down pyment cn = = be rrnged for Gs or ny other = = byer. Ask for Mr. Soto. = ST. ALBANS = $38,990 1 = BRCK H-RANCH = = 4 bedrooms, 2 bths, rnch-sized = = living room, conventionl sized = = dining room, finished rentble = S bsement, with extr bth. Gr- = = ge, 50x100, lndscped gronds, = = tomtic gse het, wll to wll = = crpeting nd long list of other = = extrs. G, FHA nd convention- = S l mortgges vilble with low = = down pyments. Ask for Mr. Ry- = = mond Rogers. = BUTTERLY & GREEN i Hillside Ave. 1 JA iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiil $VE ON YOUR MOVE TO FLORDA Compre or cost per 4,000 lbs. to St. Petersbrg from New York City, S504.40: Phildelphi, $477.20; Hrtford. Conn., 4,000 lbs., $530. For n estimte to ny destintion in Florid. Write SOUTHERN TRANSFER nd STORAGE CO.. NC. Tel (813) DEPT. C, BOX ST. PHESUR. FLOOA Frms, Contry Homes New York Stte WNTER Ctlog of Hndreds of Rel Estte & Bsiness Brgins. All types, sizes & prices. Dhl Relty, Cobleskill 7, N.Y. CAMBRA HTS $28,500 BRCK COLONAL All ge rms, modern kitch & bths. Grge. Mny extrs. Cll for n ppmt to see. LAURELTON BRK TUDOR 7% MTGE TAKE-OVER Lvly home with ll g rms. Fin bsnit & gr cn be yors for only S25 5 mo to bnk inci prins, intrst, txes, ins & escrow. Only S7,000 needed. No credit check. LAURELTON $46,900 SUPER-SPECAL HOUSE 15 yr yong legl 2-fm corner brick & shingle, 2 extr ge 5-rm.ipts pls nite clb bsmt, 2 cr gr. Grden gronds. A mst to see! Qeens Homes Sles, nc Hillside Avene Jmic, N.Y. OL ST. ALBANS $31,990 MOTHER & DAUGHTER Locted in top re on privte street is this fine 8 rm home fetring 3 fll bths, 3 fll kitchens & doble grge. Vets need only S500 totl csh. Vcnt. We hve keys. MORTGAGE MONEY AVALABLE CAMBRA HTS All Brick Ultr mod 7Vi rm home with mod kitch, 114 bths, enclosed screened ptio, doble grge, et-in kitchen, fin bsmt, wood-brning fireplce. We Hve Mortgge Money Avilble Mny other 1 & 2 Fmily fine homes in Lrelton & Qeens Villge Bimston Relty inc LNDEN BLVD. CAMBRA HTS., QUEENS TEL.: : Open 7 Dys A Week :- Lives Depend On t DONATE BLOOD Cll UN Florid J O B S FLORDA JOBS? Federl, Stte, Cnty, City. FLORDA CVL SERVCE BULLETN. Sbscription $5 yer. 8 isses. P.O. Boi 146 L, N. Mimi. Pl VENCE, FLA. NTERESTBD. SEE H. N. WMMERS, REALTOR ZP CODE 33S9). s. BONDS! Conties. See pge 15 of The Leder for where to pply for this job. Etete of exms will be nnonced to cndidtes throgh the mil. The written exm for correction officer is designed to test cndidtes' knowledge, skills nd/or bilities in sch res s sing good jdgment, following directions nd nderstnding nd interpreting written mteril. Those who pss the written test will ndergo medicl exm nd investigtive chrcter screening. Cndidtes mst hve t lest 20/40 vision in ech eye (glsses permitted), be t lest 5'7". weigh t lest 145 lbs. nd hve stisfctory hering. They mst lso be leglly eligible to crry firerms. B U Y U. S. BONDS! Help Wnted M/F WANTED REPRESENTATVES TO LEARN TRAVEL NDUSTRY no experience necessry Commission pls trvel benefits Fll or prt-time Hors open Cll for informtion between 2:00 P.M. nd 9:00 P.M or jr PJUL NEWMON ROBEBTT REXFOBD ROBES S H A W N A BLl/PHUPS PROOOCTON Of A GEORGE RO/ Hill FLM A MCHAfiO D ZANUCK/CVWBROWN PBtSfNTAnON...ll t tkes is little Confidence. Wf.neo t» OecteoDy DAVD S. VW^RD GEORGE ROY HLL PtoflceOby TONY BLL. MCHAEL nd JULA PHLLPS t[chnlcoh» AUNVERSAlPCTURE timmwtnonmcawicqiokjoiiw] ON BHOACWAV LOEWS STATE 2 Brodwy Qt 45th St. UN THE CAST SDE LOEWS CNE MURRAY HLL 86th St. ft 3rd Ave. N NEW JERSEY UABELLEVUE Upp«r Montclir 3rd Ave t 34th St. ON LONG SLAND UASYOSSET JtichoTpk*., SyoiMt GOURMET'S TEHERAN MABSTOA Clener Jobs Open For Filing To Jnry 25, No Experience, Edction Needed No forml edction or experience is needed for nyone t lest 18 yers old interested in becoming clener with the Mnhttn nd Bronx Srfce Trnsit Operting Athority (MABS- TOA). Applictions my be filed to Jn. 25 for the position, which pys $4.69 n hor to strt nd $4.82 n hors the second yer. Applictions for the Feb. 9 exm my be obtined only in person from 10.m. to 4 p.m. t room 407, 84 Fifth Ave. (t 14th St.), in Mnhttn, or t MABSTOA. 7th floor, 605 W. 132nd St., Mnhttn. Cleners re ssigned to clen, sweep nd wsh bses nd other tomotive eqipment s well s shops, grges nd other MAB- STOA fcilities. The work is both indoors nd otdoors nd cleners my be reqired to work dy, evening or night shifts, inclding Strdys, Sndys nd holidys. A PARAMOUNT RELEASE DNO OE LAURENT8 presents ALmCNO!'SCRPC" Prodced by MARTN BREGMAN Directed by SDNEY LUMET Screenply by WALDO SALT nd NORMAN M/EXLER Bsed on the book by PETER MAAS MUSC by MKS THEODORAKS Color by TECHNCOLOR' Originl Sondlrck Altiin ] [ w Prmont Rer.ordb nd Ttiptifi ^ m "H T'"'!^..., ^tf A Prnnont ) Relese S t h Q R E A T W E E K! A Wlter Retdr Thtire BARONET 3rd AVE AT SlJth ST FORUM 47th St. 4 7lh ST & BROAOWAY 34 th Sr M8T S i " ' " ' LOEWS 6E0R6ET0WNE TWN 2 RKO KENMORE LOEWS ORENTAL ARCADAN HYUMCNEMA MANHATTAN PERSAN - ELMwgpo RKOKETH'S flushtng LOEWSTRBORO ASTORA ctaiivls MNEQLA MNOLA TWm NORTH MlCfcSvit UA WESTBURY DRVE N «isti«< UA ALL WEATHER DRVE N UA EAST HAMPTON LOEWS SOUTH SHORE MALL UA1&H0N1 CMATlVf % SCAUAl 3 VLLA6E ALSO AT TMEATRtS NNEW JERSEY k UPSTATE N j TALAN GUDE 45 WEST 44TH ST. MU 2-S8. No. 1 Cocktil plci for trie hors d'osvres. Howrd Hillmn, top thority in New Gidt Book nside N.Y. Fmed for Sefood Steks Persin nd tlin specilties. Crtin time dinner. After thetre cocktils. Prties of 400. Lncheon Cocktils Dinner. The written exm on Feb. 9, will cover generl mintiner nd mechnicl knowledge nd ptitde, inclding bsic job-relted rithmetic. Those sccessfl on the written test mst then pss qlifying physicl nd medicl tests nd bckgrond investigtion before ppointment. The qlifying physicl test will consist of two sb-tests. n one sb-test, eligibles will be reqired to do free-style brodjmp of 4 feet, tking oft with both feet t one time. n the other sb-test, eligibles will be reqired to lift dmbbell from stop position t the sholder to fll rm verticl extension bove the hed, rising minimm of 35 ponds with ech hnd nd combined totl of t lest 80 ponds. n evlting the medicl qlifictions of eligibles. specil emphsis will be given to the following: vision of less thn 20/30, ech eye seprtely, rejects (eyeglsses llowed, contct or tinted lenses not llowed); peripherl visl fields of less thn 140 degrees, reject; color vision, inbility to her whispered nd converstionl voice, (hering id not llowed), herni, epilepsy, vricose veins, sthm, presence of chronic nemi, dibetes, lcoholism nd drg bse ll rejects. Hert condition, lng condition, hypertension, hypotension, impirment of bck or extremities, prlysis, history of mentl or nervos ilment my reject. Any disese, injry or bnormlity which in the opinion of the medicl exminer wold prevent performnce of the dties of the position rejects. For more informtion cll the MABSTOA Exmining Bord t FARMER N POST ALBANY Bernrd W. Potter, Trxton diry frmer, hs been ppointed depty commissioner of Agricltre nd Mrkets t n nnl $36,542. slry of Pss yor copy of The Leder on to non-member. AMERCA'S AWARD WNNNG MUSCALr ^WNNER OF 24 LOCAL AND NATONAL AWARDS FOR MUSC. LYRCS, DRECTON, PERFORMANCES AND BEST BROADWAY CAST ALBUM DoNT BoTrieR ME. CNTcOPL EXTRA PERF. EVERY SAT t 10 P.M. 47 St., W. of B'wy

13 Federl Job Clendr Medicl (Contined from Pje 10) Title Slry Grde Dietitin GS-5to12 Dietetic Assistnt GS-5 to 7 Pblic Helth Ntritionist GS9to12 Medicl Mchine Technicins GS-5 to 8 Medicl Officer Medicl Rdiology Technicin (Dignosis or Therpy) GS-lltolS GS-5,6 Medicl Record Librrin GS-5 to 12 Medicl Technicin GS-5 to 7 Medicl Technicl Assistnt (Pblic Helth Service) GS-6 Medicl Technologists GS-5 to 11 Nrsing Assistnt GS-2,3 Orthotist, Prosthetist Phrmcist GS-6 to 11 GS-9to11 Physicin's Assistnt GS-7to11 Professionl Nrse GS-4to15 Resident in Hospitl Administrtion (Vets Adm.) Therpists: Physicl, Occptionl, Corrective.. Edctionl, Mnl Arts GS-6 to 9 Veterinrin Trinee (Dept. of Agricltre) GS-5 to 7 Veterinry Medicl Officer GS-9t15 Militry Exm No. WA-8-10 WA-8-10 WA-8-10 NY-302 WA-9-02 NY NY NY-902 (NY&NJ) NY-1-16 WA-7-47 WA WA-9-17 WA-8-03 WAG-07 WA-9-07 Air Reserve Technicin (Administrtive, Clericl/Technicl positions) GS-5 to 15 AT-0-59ART Army Reserve Technicin: Aircrft Pilot GS-12 NY-3 06 (NY & NJ) Flight nstrctor GS-11 Aircrft Disptcher GS-7 Army Reserve Technicin: Administrtive Spply Technicin Stff Administrtive Specilist Stff Administrtive Assistnt Stff Trining Assistnt Mrine Opertions Militry Selift Commnd GS-4to6 GS-7 GS-9 GS-7,9 NY-9-26 PHO-23 Tilor GS-7 NY-O 16 (West Pt.) Ctter GS-10 Pressor CS-6 Sewer-Hnd Mchine GS-5 Socil And Edction Correctionl Officer GS-6 Hospitl Police Officer GS-4 ndin Edction-Elementry Techer, Secondry Techer, nd Gidnce Conselor (Bre ndin Affirs) GS-5 to 9 Msem Technicin GS-5,7 Professionl Creers for Librrins GS-7 to 12 Psychologist (Clinicl, Conseling, VA nd Psychologists) GS-11,12 Socil Worker nd Correctionl Tretment Specilist GS-9 to 12 Therpy GS-5 to 9 Stenogrphy And Typing 73-1 WA-2-Q4 NY-72-2 DM-2-02 WAM-103 (DC re) 422 WA WAH-803 Dt Trnscriber GS-2,3 NY-M4 (Sffolk Co.) Key Pnch Opertor GS-2-, 3 NY-3-01 Reporting Stenogrpher GS-5 NY-9-17 Stenogrpher WA-901 GS-2 to 5 (D.C. re, written) Shorthnd Reporter GS-7,9 NY-9-17 Typist GS-2 to 4 WA-9-01 (DC re) Stte And Conty Eligible Lists EXAM JUDCAL CONFERENCE COURT ASSSTANT, SUFFOLK CO 1 Crhrt D W Bbylon Leppl M N Bbylon 99.6 ^ My M Commck Gotb V Melville Btile E Lindenhrit Mys P Lk Ronkonkm lnnimi M Commck Bchmnn M Commck Kvtts R Hppge Stewrt S Brentwood Felice C Ptchoge Tlloch L Hntngtn St Dvison G Est slip Stewrt C Brentwood My J Riverhed My P Aqebogc Romno R Commck 18 Downs G Riverhed French J E Northport Kiellmn H By Shore Crley E Commck Bokin B Peconic Andriccio R Stony Brook Schmeider A By Shore 25 Glnimn B Commck Drcy L Shirley Price M Commck Ptrick M Brentwood Arico G Nesconset Perlich C Lindenbrst Broniecki D Hmpton Bys Akscin G Sothold 33 Decrlo L Wsthmptn Bch McMeekn M Westhmpton Krmolovich M E Northport Clcr A Brentwood Felice F Ptchoge Brrfto 1 E Northport Levy H Hntngtn St Nonnenmcher C Ctr Moriches Betts B Est slip Brosks P Ctr Moriches Gerbino R Commck Brker B Hntngtn St McGrth J Bohemi Tibbi L Ronkonkom 75.1 (7 Vlenti M Lk Ronkonkm Hlpern D Hntington Dmreso L Ctl slip Sclly D Brightwters Koenig G E Northport Smith L Riverhed Probish E Kings Pk Cmpolong L Smithtown Roch E Smithtown Trendor S Smithtown Wohl R Deer Prk 70.3 EXAM JUDCAL CONFERENCE SR DNTFCTN OFFCER, NYC CRMNAL COURT 1 McCormck J NYC Dnches R Bklyn Dgostino P Bklyn Fmptge F Sprngfid Dwson D Bklyn Armstrong R Bklyn 70.2 EXAM JUDCAL CONFERENCE COURT ASSSTANT 11, WESTCHESTER CO 1 Romncllo H Port Chester Psqione S Yonkers Stewrt A Yonkers 72.6 EXAM JUDCAL CONFERENCE COURT CLERK 1, COUNTY CLERK, CLERK OF COURTS, BROOME CO 1 Schmidt G Mrthon 78.9 EXAM JUDCAL CONFERENCE COURT ASST. WESTCHESTER CO 1 Lowell Hrtsdle. 2 Sllivn N White Plins 3 Lnder A Scrsdie 4 Popoff A Yonkers 5 Brindley D Pt Chester 6 Ntoli M Yonkers 7 Edelstein R Yonkers «Florentz N White Plins 9 Bolnd J Yonkers 10 Helwig M Yonkers 1 Mllen S Bronxville 12 Howrd C New Rochelle 13 Hordon A Yonkers 14 Chimgr T Yonkers 15 Fischer J Scrsdie 16 Smpson R Yonkers 17 Olmsted R Hrrison 18 Hyde J Pt Chester EXAM JUDCAL CONFERENCE LAW STENO. NASSAU CO 1 Diniond E Merrick 2 Ross G Bellmore 3 Jnisch C Levittown ) Willson R Glen Hed 5 l.embek B Ocenside 6 Feth G Plinview " Mrtin P E Medow 8 Morn F Levittown EXAM JUDCAL CONFERENCE LAW STF.NO, SUFFOLK CO Hibcll M Northport Dcngelo F Smithtown 71.5 Cplbo R Rocky Pt 7().o EXAM JUDCAL CONFKENCE COURT CLERK, NYC 1 Jmes F NYC Byrne D Stony Brook < Ars Bx A^zto Stten s 99.- S Rogjn B Tppn Tverni R Flshing Bnnon J Bklyn 9^.0 8 Montell T S Ozone Pk Dgn K Hkln Fhey R Whitestone Fdsone A Stten s Thompson W Bx McAllister J Perl River Brown C Cmbri Hii 15 C«Midy J NYC 16 Josh A Bklyn 17 Howrd R NYC 18 Mnitero N Bklyn 19 Crcci E Bklyn 20 Hrtign M Lindenbrst 21 Lfferty J Stten i 22 Mrtin C Bklyn 23 Connolly J Gret Neck 24 Torres A Stten s 25 Hoglnd E Bklyn 26 Come J Bklyn 27 Dvis A Bx 28 Hghes E Mollis 29 Corcorn J Elmont 30 Bllbio E Woodhven 31 Dly B Commck 32 Glssmn W Bklyn 33 Fmlre R Dix Hills 34 Moehring J Whitestone 35 Nebrger M Forest Hills 36 Gymph A Bklyn 37 Klgin S Jckson Hts 38 Btchen M Merrick 39 Hermn B Jmic 40 Polirno L NYC 41 Poln A Forest Hills 42 Den T Bklyn 43 McLeer J Bklyn 44 Bckley J Byside 45 Reich W Se CliflF 46 Mrphy T Perl River 47 Dnn E Jmic 48 Cbllero B NYC 49 Wilson J Bklyn 50 Stone M Bklyn 51 Emnele C Bklyn 52 Deloghry D Bx 53 Fields L Bx 54 Howrd R Bx 55 Rose G Byside 56 Dworkin L Ctl slip 57 Schltz G Bklyn 58 Csick T Bx 59 Crroll F Bx 60 Johnson R Bklyn 61 Jcoby S Qeens Vill 62 Hssing A Bklyn 63 Gttso L Bklyn 64 Dwson D Astori 65 Feeney J Bklyn 66 Rgo J Bklyn 67 Hssell A St Albns 68 Kget 1 Bx 69 Lederer J Bx 70 Trvers J Stten s 71 Grnt L Jmic 72 Kessler R Msspeq 73 Dimond V Bellmore 74 Coveney G NYC 75 Grzios V Stten s 76 Mtthews D L City 77 Polik F Woodsie 78 Stephens W Bklyn 79 Crowley D Long Bech 80 Centioni H Astori 81 Costello D Bklyn 82 Witer R Ozone Pk 83 Villnte T Rosedle 84 Ahern W Nesconset 85 Sexton M Woodside 86 Skotis J Richmond 87 Mills B Roslyn 88 Crney J Bronx 89 Rssell R Jckson Hts 90 Lofro C Glendle 91 Rihcek C E Setket 92 Frngipne A Bklyn 93 Peffer J Bklyn 94 Condelles P Rosedle 95 Arbss J Flshing 96 Remini V E Northport 97 Coyle P NYC 98 Connolly J Commck 99 Lcchese R Armonk 100 Mencher S Bx 101 O'Connor M NYC 102 Moore R Bx 103 Frrell W Vl Strem 104 Mncher N Forest Hills 105 Ginino J Woodside 106 Kntor S Bklyn 107 Dvis S NYC 108 Mhoney R NYC 109 Crrher E Vl Cottge 110 Ansldi A Flshing 111 Rosenberg D Bklyn 112 Lettieri R Stten s 113 Flynn O Bklyn 114 Shields E Bx 115 O Mer H Bklyn 116 Schechter S Centerech 117 Henry E Hewlett 118 Trqinio A Flshing 119 Mrkns J Msspeq 120 Adir J NYC 121 Brns R Bx 122 McNmr C Seford 123 Der G Nnet 124 She T Est Medow 125 Stone L Gret Neck 126 Gry R Jmic 127 MtGrity W Belle Hrbor 128 Delfvero E Se Cliff 129 Brrett E Bklyn 130 Ditrich V L City 131 Fitzsimmcms J Grden City 132 Bovsso N N Bbylon 133 Kern F Bklyn 134 Christopher U Elmhrst 135 Lyons J Bx 136 Rogovin B Bklyn 137 Schiffer H Bklyn 138 Friedler H NYC 139 Rowe A Bklyn 140 Friedmn N Bx 141 Ross W Stten s 142 Silverstein S Ocenside 143 Brkovich R Stten s 144 Olsen W Bklyn 145 Zenk A Qeens Vill 146 Lobel S Bklyn 147 Albert S Bronxville 148 MiGire G Bklyn 149 Bssty L NVC 150 Cmpbell C Ux 151 Plonki A Bklyn 152 Keller M Bklyn 153 Qinn H Qeens Vill 154 Akers L Bx 155 Eckstein VC NYC 156 Fereisen A Richmond 157 Prhm R Sprngld Gdn 158 Mrry R Smithtown 159 Mrry R Smithtown 16U Glletl A Bklyn , ^ Sllivn G Monroe 162 Botwin B Bldwin 163 Conlon J NYC 164 Myorn A Flshing 165 Ferrri G Stten s 166 Pon H Bklyn 167 Kesting H Kew Gdns His 168 Allmn R NYC 169 Leone J Yonkers 170 Behn E slip 171 Scott C Freeport 172 Sic T Chester 173 Thoms C Yonkers 174 Cnninghm E Bx 175 Lyren F Rego Pk 176 Msterson L Stten s 177 Lke Chrles Bx 178 Revns T Bx 179 Dreinick J Flshing 180 Bessinger G Chester 181 Goldmn A Bklyn 182 Stern M Bklyn 183 Ronner M Bklyn 184 Woods K L City 185 Stryjewski S Bx 186 Mnhn G W slip 187 Bobrick A Bklyn 188 Accrso J Bklyn 189 Lskowski B New Hyde Pk 190 Brns J Bx 191 Goldenstein A W Hvrstrw 192 Andrett P Mineol 193 Eidels N NYC 194 Whrmby W Bklyn 195 Ktz H Bklyn 196 Legge R Stten s 197 Tipldi J Hollis 198 Antell G NYC 199 Lb C Stten s 200 Roemer J Bx 201 Johnson R Bx 202 Kellner M Bklyn 203 Dillon R New Hyde Pk 204 McGittign E Bklyn 205 Titt E NYC 206 Ktsvos T Bklyn 207 Switsky M Seford 208 Schwger M Bx 209 Gines T Hollis 210 McKenn W Thornwood 211 Simmons T Jmic 212 O'Rorke W NYC 213 Hs R NYC 214 Jedlowski A Bklyn 215 Consigli S Woodside 216 Moyn E Bx 217 Zerrenner R Northport NY 218 scs S Spring Vl 219 Giclone M Glendle 220 Fishkin D Commck 221 Grey M NYC 222 Jordn W Bklyn 223 Rich G Elmont 224 Pollck R E Medow 225 Crdoz J Bklyn 226 Tlly J Woodside 227 Reves R Bx 228 O'Donnell J Bx 229 Clncy W Bx 230 Shermn H Qeens Vill 231 Gines C Bklyn 232 Gormley E Flshing 233 Gildy G Seford 234 Mrphy E Jmic 235 Ryrn R Stten s 236 Hosemn L Stten Ls 237 Pglires J Richmond 238 Prenio E Bklyn 239 Geis V Fr Rockwy 240 Shblsks E Forest Hills 241 Divitt J Bx 242 Berger B Bklyn 243 Wtson J Bx 244 Yong G NYC 245 Dly J Terryville 246 Cmpbell J Hollis 247 Ryn J Bklyn 248 Rggiero J Stten s 249 Csten R Bklyn 250 Gibstein L Bx 251 Snchez N NYC 252 Eberle R Flshing 253 Pnch N Rosedle 254 Riemnn G Pt Wshington 255 Brrows D Howrd Bech 256 Astin H Perl Rvr 257 Ross E NYC 258 Goldstein Howrd Bech 259 Ercolni H Bx 260 Contess J Howrd Bech 261 Spdner V St Albns 262 Kimelmn N Bx 263 Leone J Bklyn 264 Gry E Bx 265 Edelson M Bklyn 266 Brown E NYC 267 Depmphilis E Bx 268 Crwford T New Rochelle 269 Sllivn J NYC 270 Finn V Qeens Vill 271 Repole A NYC 272 Hxhorn R Bklyn 273 Mrry E Greenwood Lk 274 Hbrger R Orngebrg 275 Holen J Breezy Pt 276 DeVito J Bklyn 277 Mohn E NYC 278 Lmbert K Yonkers 279 Rosenbm E NYC 280 OToole G Glen Hed 281 Bss E Bklyn 282 Wlton J Bklyn 283 Donovn T Bx 284 Rodney P Bklyn 285 Becker T Rockwy Pk 286 Pickett A NYC 287 Dndridge R Bx 288 Cohn W NYC 289 Qinn R Bklyn 290 McKeon B Perl River 291 Vissicchio A Wntgh 292 Mngelli L Bx 2'J3 Ryn H Mspeth 294 Tbssi A Bklyn 295 Fjrski A Bellerose 296 Redmond J Bklyn 297 Rndzzo F Ese Medow 298 Stein M Bx 299 Accrdi F Levittown 300 Filippi J Florl Pk 301 Czelsnik A Bklyn 302 Rgso T Bklyn 303 Bergin M Mspeth 304 Jcobsen O Stten s 305 Gittlemn D Lynbrook (Contined on Pce w P CA M ) i 3

14 OS W t' CD S e es -S to V 3 H s Elmir Wter Bord Cited For mproper Prctices ELMRA The Chemng Ck)nty chpter of the Civil Service Employees Assn. hs filed three improper prctice chrges with the Stte Pblic Employment Reltions Bord chrging the Elmir Wter Bord with brech of contrct. At the sme time, CSEA hs begn Stte Spreme Cort proceedings connected with one of the three improper prctice chrges. Richrd E. Miller, CSiemng Conty CSEA chpter president, delivered the notices of the improper prctice chrges to Wter Bord Mnger Edwrd Considine nd City Mnger Joseph E. Stori. The city ws nmed in the ctions becse it is v the wter bord's legl sperior. CSEA hs sked PERB to force Mr. Considine to dhere to grievnce procedres contined in signed contrct with CSEA covering 1973 nd Employees Fired Two of the chrges involve employees who were fired, the third cse dels with n employee who is not receiving shift dif-' ferentil. n ll three cses C$- EA sttes tht Mr. Considine hs refsed to her grievnces, grnt herings to explin dismissls, or ttend Elmir Civil Service Commission or Elmir Grievnce Bord meetings deling with the chrges.. Mr. Miller's chrges ccse tile Wter Bord of previosly "refsing on three seprte occssions to honor grievnce procedre." n one cse, Mr. Miller explined, Mr. Considine ws ordered to reinstte n employee flred in April, to grnt him bck py nd write letter of pology for the dismissl. This ws ccomplished in Agst by order of the Elmir Grievnce Bord nd the Elmir Civil Service Commission. The second cse soght the reinsttement of second employee flred from the Wter Bord in April, who hs not been rehired lthogh the Grievnce Bord hd ordered the Wter Bord to do so. Not Exempt Mr. Miller sid, "The Wter Bord is clerly in violtion of the contrct nd Mr. Considine hs been told tht nmber of times. We don't see how Elmir cn be exempt from the stte civil service lws, bt pprent- Pln Workshop For SUNY Reps SYRACUSE Stte University chpter representtives will sponsor negotition Workshop t the Hilton nn, Syrcse, on Jn. 24. nd 25, 1974, ccording to Albert Vrcchi, chirmn of the Civil Service Employees Assn.'s Stte University committee. Tne sessions re being plnned with the coopertion of Cornell University's School of ndstril nd Lbor Fleltions, nd re designed to eqip members of negotiting tems to fnction more effectively in negotiting locl contrcts. Resorces consltnts from Cornell will offer gidnce. ly Mr. Considine thinks he is exempt." n' ll three cses locl rlings hve been n fvor of CS- EA nd ginst the Wter Bord. Bt ccording to CSEA the Wter Bord still refses to cknowledge "tht they hve n greement to live by or even ny lws to obey." Mr. Miller explined tht the Wter Bord does not even cknowledge the fct tht the city, which creted the Bord, hs the right to direct it in ny wy. CSEA believes tht the PERB decisions will be in CSEA's fvor nd tht the Stte will enforce its decisions s necessry. PUBLC SPRTED A check tor $500 towrd fnndink of center for hndicpped persons is presented by Chrles Peritore, feft, president of the CSEA chpter t Crig Stte School. Acceptlnir the chpter's contribtion is Michel Roche, Livintrston-Wyoming Voctionl Rehbilittion Project Coordintor. The sheltered leorkshop/ ctivities center for mlti-hndicpped persons is to be estblished t the Livin«:ston Conty Cmps in Mt. Morris. Creedmoor Director Lds Stff (Contined from Pge 1) vnts who work in or mentl hospitls re generlly nderpid, bt they relly pt themselves ot to do the job. Now t' Creedmoor they re beginning to feel demorlized becse of this." He sid tht the incidence of crime t the Creedmoor groimds, which cover 238 cres in Qeens Villge nd re freely open to ccess by the pblic, is comprble to ny similr instittion or complex. Mr. Bendet, who ws ccompnied by Terry Dwson, president of the CSEA Creedmoor chpter, begn the press conference with sttement, in which he sid, " hve condcted my own ndependent investigtion. Nowhere do find ny evidence incriminting stte employees." After pointing ot tht CSEA hs long been sking for more secrity grds t the nstittion, Mr. Bendet noted: "We gree with the honorble sen- Ffmenbm Vs. Pgliese As Nss Picks Nominees MNEOLA The nomintion committee of the Nss chpter, Civil Service Employees Assn., hs proposed 50 nmes for election to chpter offices in the spring. The committee proposed chpter president rving Flmenbm nd Crl Pgliese, president of the Helth Deprtment nit, for president. For other chpter poitions. the committee proposed: Rlph Ntle end Keimeth Cdiex for first vice-president; Nick Abbtiello nd Howrd Qnn for secoikl vice-president; Betrice Jenson nd Agie Lzilotto for third vice-president; Alex Bozz nd Edwrd Logn for forth vice-president, nd Oneid Pickets (Contined from Pge 1) filed to negotite in good fith. "The Conty hs not sbmitted ny docments to spport its position," he sid. A fct-flnder, ppointment by the Stte Pblic Employment Reltions Bord following the declrtion of mpsse, prepred ten-pge report with recommendtions for settlement. This report hs been ccepted by CS- EA, ccording to Mr. Kne, bt not by Oneid Conty. Tom Stpleton nd Rth Brvermn for fifth-vice president. Also: Mry Clfpietr nd Esther Phillips for secretry; Sm Piscitelli nd Anthony Oinnetti for tresrer; Dve Silbermn nd Edwrd Ochenkoskl for finncil secretry; Slly Srtor nd Molly Flk for corresponding secretry, nd Ddley Kinsley nd Crmine Sntoll for sergent-t-rm. Mr. Abbtiello, Mr. Flmenbm nd Mr. Ntle were nominted to rn for two posts of exective representtive. Nmed for delegte were: Mr. Abbtiello, Mr. Bozz, Ms. Brvermn, Mr. Cdiex, Ms. Clfpietr, Kenneth Drby, Ms. Flk, Mr. Flmenbm. Mr. Qinnetti, Ms. Jenson, Mr. Kinsley, Mr. Ntle, Mr. Sllbermn, Ann Rehk, Blndie Reth, Mr. Stpleton nd Rit Wllce. For the bord of directors, representing the conty, they nmed Slvtore Abbey, Virgini Bglln, Jmes Clln, Tom Qrgllo, Frnk Qriflln, Thoms Heley, Doris Ksner, Ms. Reth, Pline Szymnski nd Ms. Wllce. For the Town of Hempsted, they nmed: Bob Cmipbell, Winifred Prnks nd John Cozellino, who declined nd is to be replced. For the Town of oyster By: Psqle Oillslo nd Thelm Powell. For the School Districts: Rth Grimmer. For combined res: Kenneth Drby. And for Glen Cove: Gertrde Schwlnd. Ms. Reth heded the committee. which inclded: Slvtore Abbey, Virgini Bglln, Ed Srtor, Rth Grimmer, llioms Heley, Helen Ntle nd Thelm Powell. tor tht there hs been nd is crime t Creedmoor Stte Hospitl. We resent his imsbstntited chrge tht stte employees re involved... Where hs the Sentor been ll these yers when we reqested deqte ppropritons from the Legisltre?" Both Mr. Bendet nd Ms. Dwson expressed pprehension bot the ftre, since the wve of pblicity hs shown tht Creedmoor is very open to otsiders nd the employees feel vlnerble. Mr. Bendet sid ppels will contine to be pressed n the Legisltre for more fnds for secrity, nd he hoped tht Gov. Mlcolm Wilson might help. Following is the text of Mr. Bendet's sttements to the press. " hve been listening to the comments nd reding the commnictions of the Stte Sentor regrding intolerble crime conditions t Creedmoor Stte Hospitl. As president of the Civil Service Employees Assn. New York City Region, which incldes Creedmoor. hve condcted my own ndependent investigtion. Nowhere do find ny evidence incriminting stte employees. "Unsbstntited bckshot chrges will not cre nything. For yers, the Civil Service Employees Assn.. which represents the mjority of employees t Creedmoor Stte Hospitl, hs been mking pblic sttements A Reminder tht more secrity grds nd mesres re reqired t the instittion. The 300 cres of gronds s well s the thosnds of inhbitnts nd employees crmot be deqtely grded rond the clock by pproximtely 23 seci*lty grds. The City of New York Police do not ptrol the stte gronds. They come in when clled. "We gree with the honorble Sentor tht there hs been nd is crime t Creedmoor Stte Hospitl. "We resent his nsbstntited chrge tht stte employees re involved. We, s well s the Sentor, desire to hve crime eliminted. The sittion becomes more criticl now since the criminl element hs lerned from the Sentor's nsbstntited, well pblicized sttements tht the instittion nd its inhbitnts, s well s the employees, re t their mercy. "Where hs the Sentor been ll of these yers when we reqested deqte ppropritions from the Legisltre? Crime t Creedmoor will decrese in proportion to the increse in secrity. "The Legisltre LB now in session. We sggest to the honorble Sentor tht he reserve his speeches for the floor of the Legisltre nd mke c^i^ln tht the Legisltre pproprite sfficient fnds to provide deqte secrity for Creedmoor Stte Hospitl nd other stte nstittions similrly sitted." Mternity Leve s Considered Comprble To Disbility Leve ALBANY The Civil Service Employees Assn. reminds stte employees tht, s the reslt of n greement negotited by CSEA with the stte dring lst yer's contrct tlks, mternity leve is now considered to be comprble to disbility leve nder cilvl service rles. Under the provisions of the memorndm of nderstnding between the Stte nd OBEA, pregnnt employee shll be llowed to perform the dties of her Job s long s her doctor sys she is mediclly ble to do so. Althogh the pregnnt employee my be encorged to report her condition, she 1«not reqired by her gency to do so. At her reqest nd pon filing of pproprite medicl evidence tht she s nble to perform the dixies of her position de to pregnik^, n employee shll be grnted sick leve for the period of her disbility, nd hu be eligible for sick leve t hlf py nd extended sick leve n ccordnce with exltlng civil ser- (CmiUiMi en Pce f)

15 Ltest Stte And Conty Eligible Lists (Contined from Pge 13) 306 Tbert H Woodside Mrry E Perl River Mescll J Hicksville Fitimrice T Woodside Godino A Bklyn Svrese S Bklyn Dvis P Bklyn Bonfiglio S Bklyn Needlemn Bklyn OReilly D Perl River 75.7 WHERE TO FOR PUBLC APPLY JOBS NEW YORK CTY Persons seeking jobs with the City shold file t the Deprtment of Personnel, 49 Thoms St., New York 10013, open weekdys between 9.m. nd 5 p.m. Specil hors for Thrsdys re 8:30.m. to 5:30 p.m. Those reqesting pplictions by mil mst inclde stmped, self-ddressed envelope, to be received by the Deprtment t lest five dys before the dedline. Annoncements re vilble only dring the filing period. By sbwy, pplicnts cn rech the filing office vi the ND (Chmbers St.); BMT (City Hll); Lexington RT (Brooklyn BridgeFor dvnce nformtion on titles, cll Severl City gencies do their own recriting nd hiring. They inclde: Bord of Edction (techers only), 65 Cort St., Brooklyn 11201, phone: ; NYC Trnsit Athority, 370 Jy St., Brooklyn phone: The Bord of Higher Edction dvises teching stff pplicnts to contct the individl schools; non-fclty jobs re filled throgh the Personnel Deprtment directly. STATE Regionl offices of the Deprtment of Civil Service re locted t the World Trde Center, Tower 2. 55th floor, New York, 10048, (phone: ); Stte Office Cmps, Albny, 12226; Site 750, 1 W. Genessee St., Bfflo Applicnts my obtin nnoncements either in person or by sending stmped, self-ddressed envelope with their reqest. Vrios Stte Employment Service offices cn provide pplictions in person, bt not by mil. Jdicil Conference jobs re filled t 270 Brodwy, New York , phone: Port Athority jobseekers shold contct their offices t 111 Eighth Ave., New York, phone: FEDERAL The U.S. Civil Service Commission. New York Region, rns Job nformtion Center t 26 Federl Plz. New York ts hors re 8:30.m. to 5 p.m., weekdys only. Telephone Federl entrnts living pstte (North of Dtchess Conty) shold contct the Syrcse Are Office. 301 Erie Blvd. West. Syrcse Toll-free clls my be mde to (800) Federl titles hve no dedline nless otherwise indicted. NTERGOVERNMENTAL The ntergovernmentl Job nformtion nd Testing Center spplies informtion on N.Y. City nd Stte nd Federl Jobs. t io locted t st St.. Jmic, Qeens, nd office hors re from 9 jn. to 5 pjn. weekdys. The phone for informtion bot city Jobs is ; for stte, ; nd for federl Schlchier S NYC Victory E Syosset Tomlinson B NYC Brown C Bx Goldberg M Bklyn Moren A Elmont Jeger D Ctl hlip Regn J NYC Lrkin W NYC gnelii G Yonkers Hoflfmn E NYC Cole F Jmic Colmnt C Woodside Crroll T New Hyde Pk McNmr D NYC Troeller J Est slip Crty B Qeens Vill Kskowski A New Hyde Pk Hmilton T Bklyn Sen J NYC Kelly D Bx Pilgrim L Bklyn Spdotto R Bklyn Crmn B Bklyn Brndes E Jericho Fitzsimmons T Bklyn Brkn S Levittown McDonnell J Woodside Kerby J Vl Strem Diggs O Mt Vernon Diggs O Byside Added J N Merrick Geffner D Elmhrst Fitzgerld J Stten s Mndrcchi M Bklyn Dix S NYC Dlessio A Bx Meltier C Rego Pk Johnston R Cmbri Hts Sllivn J Flshing Homsino M Bklyn Cines H Jmic Willims L Q1 slip Howfield P Elmont Stbile L Bx Gioi F Bx 71.9 EXAM COURT ASST. NYC St. Jdicil Conf. 1 Stein R Bklyn Mittler S Flshing Sdowski S Bklyn Kessler A Bklyn Schwlb D New Hyde Pk Mosley S Bx Fells L Bx Kober J Flshing Rosenberg A Bklyn Hoffmn M Bklyn Schwrtz S Bklyn Shlmn E Bellerose Ppps L Bklyn Klein J Rego Pk Troynos Bx Johnson J Bx Lzrs R Bklyn Lngsm Y Bklyn Ble D Bklyn Finnell E Bklyn Brth L Flshing Winters P Flshing Bstonc M Yonkers 24 Crcio M Bklyn Bembrey V Bklyn Preiss B NYC Wtts E Bx Brill S Bklyn Sllivn O NYC Willims S Bklyn ALBANY BRANCH OFFCE FOR NFORMATON regrding dvrfisement. Plse write or cll: JOSEPH T. BELLEW 303 SO. MANNNG LVD. ALBANY 8. N.Y. Phone V ARCO CVL SERVCE BOOKS nd ll tests PLAZA BOOK SHOP 380 Brodwy Albny. N.Y. Mll & Phone Orders Filled MAYFLOWER-ROYAL COURT APARTMENTS Frnished, Unfrnished, nd Rooms Phone HE (Albny). 31 Gmenik S Fr Rockwy Schneider S L City Hill D Bklyn Friedmn B Bx 35 Miller D Bklyn Woodrd P NYC Krs N Bklyn 38 O'Brien B Woodside Hirrign E Astori Greener R Bklyn Chibot H Bklyn Tliento R tsten s Mitchell R Bklyn 44 Klein S Glendle Kornblth D NYC Cohen E Bellerose Simon S Bklyn Geier L NYC Zmbrelli E Bklyn Czerwinski E Wtodhven Montes W NYC Meli J Bklyn Henkin S Bklyn Pogh E Bklyn Beck P Bklyn Engel H NYC Phillips J NYC Honig B Bklyn Ltz C Glendle Pnz E Bklyn Lewis C Jckson Hts McCormck J NYC Friedmn E NYC Boykin J S Ozone Pk Blmin S Stten s Crne V Stten s Nbt J Astori Troi F NYC Uwrc S NYC River P Bklyn Snders D Bx Meyer R NYC Formn R Bx Alexnder R Bklyn Geier T NYC Cook Jmic 77 Pierce E Stten s Goldsmith R Bklyn Alford K Bklyn Coles L Bx 81 Dnphy A Bx 82 Hershkowitz A Bx 83 Feser M Bx Silver H Flshing Pore V E Elmhrst Berger NYC Smbco L Bx Engler M Stten s Glino R NYC Arcri F Bx Rodgers B Bklyn Abrms C Bx Krmer E Fr Rockwy Schmidt E Dnbrt NJ Vlenzel E NYC Zimmermn Bklyn Clderon C Bklyn Abrno D Bklyn 99 Wetjen A Bklyn Ford J Bx Romnzzi A Bx Smmerfeld G Bklyn Brhm M Bklyn Rnro J Stten s Phillips B Yonkers Cmioni C Bklyn Flis E Bklyn Mnnrino A Bx Mrphy Bx Trice A Bklyn Cmeron E Stten s Tierney A Ridgewood Bowmn V Bklyn Prtin A Bklyn Gittens C St Albns Deodti M Stten s Bier S Bklyn Giordno F Byside Dorfmn R Bklyn Jcobs R Bklyn Fci P NYC 772 FRENDSHP NNS SKYLANE STATE & GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEE RATES FREE CONT. BREAKFAST 1927 Centrl Ave Rte 5 2 Mi Off Northwy Ex. 2W Cll For Reservtions Pncke & Stekhose Opening Soon SANTATON EXAM MARCH f 1974 P^^P^/^^^ with specil Snittion Exm Prep Corse qiven by the CONTNUNG EDUCATON DVSON of St. Frncis College. Evenings nd Strdys beginning week of Jnry 27th. FEE: S40 (covers corse costs nd stdy mteril) DEPOST: $20 with copon below to hold yor plce in clss. Ner ll sbwys t Brooklyn's Botsh Hll. For frther informtion, contct CSL 1-22 Den of CONTNUNG EDUCATON ST. FRANCS COLLEGE 180 Renen St., Bklyn $ Nme Address City Stte Zip 122 Brbgllo A NYC Apicell D Flshing Peterson H Bklyn Wolf M NYC Lm E Jmic White D Bklyn George M Bx Gliii E Bklyn Dniel E Bx Bbb L NYC McMster B Bklyn Stein L Bklyn Esposito C Mspeth Bermdez L Flshing Gerber J Bklyn Srmnek A Lk Hiwth NJ Ross H NYC Depolis R Bklyn Fbelo E Cmbri Hts Pekly R Bklyn Gillim S NYC Wlsh T Elmhrst McLne E Yonkers Slone M Bklyn Fishmn M Bklyn Olsen T Bklyn McDevitt M Bklyn Sperling J Bklyn Peterson U NYC Trvis E Bklyn Btler N Jmic Moore M B^lyn Fy R Bklyn Brcey L Bx Frett L NYC 74.? 157 Woodrd J Cmbri Hts Ford G Bklyn Adms D St Albns Gmb D Flshing More C Elmhrst Mrkowski N Rosedle Trcy M NYC Jeffrey J NYC Schlti R Bklyn Brrett A Jckson Hts Pollck M Bklyn Plmer E Bx Rogers L Bklyn Schmitz M Bklyn Wllce C Bx Wddell B Bklyn Pizz M Cmbri Hts Mntellino M Bx Moore M Bklyn Schwrtz B Bklyn Ritter M Bx Roherty L Stten s Mrshk R Bklyn Mzrkiewicz H Bklyn Dis S NVC Molnr N Bx 70.4 EXAM COURT ASSSTANT, CVL COURT, NYC 1 Fitzptrick L Bx 75.0 OFFCE OF PROBATON, NYC 1 McGrry F Bx 76.3 EXAM ADMNSTRTR SUFFOLK CO. DST COURT 1 ORorke E Kings Prk 72.3 JUDCAL CONFERENCE For nformtion Only, Not for Appt Pr SENOR STENOGRAPHER, NYC 1 Collins K Stten s Feinstein S Flshing Hddock M Springfield Gds LViscont V Bklyn 5 Phillips M Byside Tnzer S Bklyn Loreto V Stten s 71.0 EXAM COURT CLERK, COUNTY COURT. NASSAU COUNTY 1 Snford G Frmingdle 2 Stone J Lynbrook 3 Smith J Ocenside 4 Mitther G Freeport 5 Mceri W Westbry 6 Wlker G Hewlett T Y P E W R MMEOS ADDRESSERS, T STENOTYPES E STENOGRAPH for sl* R nd rent. 1,000 others. S Low-Low Fricos ALL LANGUAGES TYPEWRTER CO.. nc. 119 W. 23 St. (W. of «tli Ave.) N.Y.. N.Y. CHtlst EXAM COURT CLERK, DSTRCT COURT NASSAU COUNTY 1 Formto V Glen Cove Dntono R N Bellmore 3 Attnsio F Vl Strem 4 Echtermeyer W Hempsted 75.0 EXAM COURT CLERK. FAMLY COURT OF THE STATE OF NEW YORK, NASSAU COUNTY 1 Bimonte F Seford Koster C Bldwin 81.1 EXAM COURT ASSSTANT, ALBANY COUNTY 1 Silvermn W Albny Lcino J Albny Stillwell R Albny Towne S Albny 70.0 EXAM COURT ASSSTANT, FAMLY COURT. ALBANY COUNTY 1 Trenor F Albny 73.0 EXAM COURT ASSSTANT 11. ALLEGANY COUNTY Scheer K Belmont 92.4 EXAM COURT CLERK. NASSAU COUNTY. COUNTY COURT 1 Knpp W Merrick 2 Gnnon P Msspeq Pk Binchi E Mlverne 4 Wld J Vl Strem Btemn D Long Bech McNichols F W Hempsted Snider R Bldwin Drghi F Levittown Trotner E E Medows Ostreicher R Plinview 75.9 Dnne K Levittown McCnn T Elmont Grgn W Merrick 70.2 EXAM COURT CLERK. NASSAU COUNTY, SUPREME COURT 1 Serv P Hempsted Shrshon G Westbry Cmpbell W Msspeq Scott C New Hyde Pk Hershmn H Plinview Btler H Hemptsed Brkle E Syosset Fgn S Grden City Msino F Frmingdle Lmi J Hempsted Moser G Levittown Shnnon F Lynbrook Wilson C Wntgh McGire T E Rockwy Dmto J Bellmore Gross H Hempsted Weinstein W Syosset She P Grden City 73.6 EXAM ASSOC SOC SERV PLANNNG SPEC Test Held Oct, 1973 List Est. Dec. 3, 1973 Revised 1 Crrer J Delmr Miller G Bronx Hickey J Troy 4 Doring A Troy Crrer L Delmr Uriing F Delmr O'Connor J Schenectdy 8 Mrglies M Albny Spreter F Abrn Cmeron J Aiibrn O'Dell V Albny 12 Levenson L Bklyn 13 Schreiber B Albny 14 Kminsky J Albny 15 Kleinmn M Flshing 16 George F Glenmont Koechley M Rven Shermn J Orchrd Pk Johnson R Schenectdy Brewster B Albny Reilly R Albny Wellmn B Gllpville Wllce C Stten s Robb J Gilderlnd Robb J Albny Hllock A Hnncroix Abo K Jmic Norton J Albny Leon C Slingerlnds Dmsky L Cmbri Hts Brown C White Plins 70.3 HGH SCHOOL EQUVALENCY DPLOMA 5 WEEK COURSE $75 Wc prepre yo to ph N.Y. Stte. H.S. EQUVALENCY DPLOMA txn. n cmi or Homt Stdy, g Mster Chrge cccpitd. FREE BOOKLET "L." PL ROERTS SCHOOLS 517 Well S7th Street New York. N.Y SCHOOL DRECTORY MONROE NSTTUTE BM COURSES -360, Specii Specil PREPARATON FOR CVL SERVCE TESTS,. Switchbord, ird, NCR NOl Bookkecpiot mchine. H.S. EQUVALENCY. Dy * Eve CUe*. CUm*. EAST TREMONT AVE. ft BOSTON RD., BRONX K EAST FORDHAM ROAD. BRONX /tpprovtj for W*tt mu Fr««««Siitdtmti. Afcrmt. N.Y. Sist* D0P. ot EdmctH e ss SO -

16 vo S OS im Si r i 9 H oe; Q High-powered politicl line-p of legisltors gives thoght to brinstorming session with CSEA leders in Genesee re. From left re Assemblymn Jmes Emery, legisltive ssistnt Gry Merins {representing Assemblymn Don Cook), nd Assemblymn Frnk Crroll, Mr. Cook, Thoms Frey nd Rymond Lill. Other legisltors t the meeting, besides Assemblymen Cook, Frey nd Lill, who re first three men t left of pictre, re Gordon DeHond, Willim Steinfeldt, Jmes Hrley nd Fred Wrden. The legisltors engged in frnk exchnge of opinion with CSEA delegtes, often expressing different viewpoints even mong themselves. M D (Contined from Pge 3) the Albny pln in the Rochester sked tht the spplementl pension be vilble for ll retirees. Other legisltors ttending the meeting were Sentor Frederick re becse doctor nd hos- Becse "infltion is eting p L. Wrder (R-52nd District), nd pitl fees re mch higher here, or pension," she sked for Assemblymen Thoms A. Hnn sid Crmen Frrgi. former permnent cost of living escltor clse insted of one tht feldt (R-134th) nd Prnk A. (R-130th). Willim M. Stein- president of the ndstry chpter. Crroll (R-133rd). "We mst mke p the difference, nd it's big difference," sid Michel Alletto, of the Rochester Stte Hospitl chpter's Representtives cme from the Rochester, Monroe Conty, Rochester Stte Hospitl, Rochester DOT, Genesee Vlley Armory, politicl ction committee. Newrk Stte Hospitl, Rochester He sid his son hd knee srgery Retirees, ndstry, Brockport in Rochester, where the SUNY, Geneseo SUNY nd Crig srgeon chrged $250 nd the Stte School chpters. semi-privte hospitl room cost $58 dily. Under the Albny pln, Mr. Alletto received only $146 for the srgeon's fee nd only $46 dily for the hospitl. " don't think it's legl for them to py rte from n re where yo don't live." Mr. Frey sid. "Mybe we cn correct this by getting Ble Cross nd Ble Shield to obey the lw." Assemblymn Hrley confirmed tht legisltors, too, were being ftected since the chngeover to the Albny pln, nd cited his own experience fter recent opertion. Assemblymn Cook greed tht the present rrngement "hrts s jst s mch," nd he nd the other legisltors greed to work for chnge. Under Civil Service Lw, sid Chrles Peritore, president of the Crig Stte Scfliool chpter, stte employees who re sspended mst be on the job 90 dys fter they retrn to work to be eligible for the detti benefit. "We shold receive coverge the dy we retrn," he sid. Sentor DeHond sid "corrections re on the wy." Melb Binn, president of the Rochester Are Retirees chpter, is dependent pon nnl legisltive ction. "We lso wnt the Tylor Lw mended so CSEA cn represent ll retired employees," she sid. She lso sked tht retirees' helth insrnce credit pid by nsed sick leve be trnsferble to the spose or nother dependent. Mr. Grossfield sked legisltors to consider for-dy week of nine hors dy. "The stte wold sve fel, nd prodction might even improve becse people re tired on the fifth dy," he sid. Severl CSEA representtives recommended Tylor Lw mendment to penlize pblic employers s well s employees for strike. "A conty mnger or chief exective is n employee jst like nyone else," Mr. Pomidoro sid. "Yo fine myor $1,000 nd next yer the concil rises his py by $1,000," sid Assemblymn Emery. Mr. Frey sid binding rbitrtion might be the nswer. Mr. Grossfield sid contrcts no longer cn wit for "lstminte pprovl by stte legisltors." "'d like to vote on the contrct by Mrch 1, bt it's p to yo people how soon we receive it," sid ^semblymn Rymond J. Lill (D-131st District). "Once we get Jie contrct, it doesn't tke long to vote on it," Assemblymn Cook sid. stte Sentor Gordon DeHond, left, shres dinner tble with Newrk Stte School chpter president Edison O'Brien, center, nd legisltive ide Hrry Tylor, who represented Assemblymn Thoms Hnn. Crig Stte School chpter president Chrles Peritore, who lso serves s Mentl Hygiene representtive to CSEA's Bord of Directors, reviews key point, s Lorn McGire, chirmn of the Crig Stte School chpter's politicl ction committee nd Crig delegte Dniel Donovn listen. Rochester DOT chpter president Bd Snders tkes floor to contribte sggestions for legisltors' considertion. Mternity Leve s Considered Comprble To Disbility Leve (Contined from Pce 14) vice rles. Also s reslt of the chnge, n employee my contine to se ny or ll leve she hs ccmlted while on mternity leve. And, t her reqest, n employee my be grnted leve of bsence withot py from three months to two yers. This greement ws negotited dring the Administrtive Services Unit negotiting sessions lst yer, bt pplies to stte employees in ll for nits represented by CSEA. John Conoby, CSEA collective negotiting specilist for the Administrtive Unit, sid tht the mternity leve provisions were being restted t this time becse of severl recent inqiries on the sbject received t CS- EA Hedqrters. AGRESTA NAMED TBUSTEE ALBANY Governor Wilwn hs ppointed Edwin A. Agrest. of Schenectdy, s trstee of Schenectdy Commnity College for term ending Jne Members serve withot slry.