Tuesday, March 6, Amuck, amuck. Forest Service: Started from debris burn; season heating up

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1 HIGHLANDS NEWS-SUN Tueday, March 6, 2018 VOL. 99 NO. 65 $1.00 YOUR HOMETOWN NEWSPAPER SINCE 1919 AN EDITION OF THE SUN Amuck, amuck Fore Service: Sared from debri burn; eaon heaing up By PHIL ATTINGER STAFF WRITER SEBRING Kahy and Bob Rabaie had a fire behind heir home Saurday and couldn hank firefigher enough for proecing hem. They ayed wih all of u who were cloe o he flame, ready o hoe down roof or ree ha may have caugh fire from he floaing ember, Kahy Rabaie of Mini Ranch Road wroe in an Sunday. They were very comforing, and I m proud of all of hem for doing uch a good job keeping ha fire a bay wih firebreak. Saurday fire wa acually a muck fire burning hrough decompoing organic maerial and he econd one for he 2018 eaon in Highland Couny, aid Fore Service Fire Miigaion Speciali and Public Informaion Officer Melia Yuna. I burned 40 acre on Mini Ranch Road, he aid, and creaed a driving hazard on boh U.S. 27 and U.S. 98. I wa caued by an unauhorized debri burn, Yuna aid. I rekindled once on Sunday, and again on Monday, aid Yuna via phone while en roue o he fire Monday. She aid i began moking in he morning and flared up afer noon, in he hoe, drie par of he day. PHIL ATTINGER/STAFF Reiden a far away a he we ide of Lake Jackon could ee a hick, owering column of gray moke in he unli ky. When i ared Saurday afernoon, he blaze drew engine and anker from We Sebring, Lorida, DeSoo Ciy and Highway Park voluneer fire deparmen, before racor-plow bulldozer crew arrived from he Florida Fore Service, according o Gloria Rybinki, public informaion officer for Highland Couny Governmen. Kahy Rabaie aid fire crew couldn ge a waer anker back in he wood becaue i wa o mucky and wampy. Yuna aid he ame wa rue of he bulldozer. Inead, Yuna aid, fire crew oaked he ground a be hey could. Wih he fire in muck and he area in drough condiion, Yuna aid, he fire can pread horizonally hrough he ground pa fire line. COURTESY PHOTO/KATHY and BOB RABATIE The view from he back porch of Kahy and Bob Rabaie of Mini Ranch Road in Sebring how a muck fire ha burned ino he nigh on Saurday. I rekindled wice, on Sunday and again on Monday, wih he Florida Fore Service and local fire deparmen running ou o oak he ground again. Fore Service official ay he fire could coninue o burn a long ime unil moiure reurn o he oil. COURTESY PHOTO/FLORIDA FOREST SERVICE Fire peronnel lowly make heir way hrough a bruh fire. Wih he fire in he muck and he area in drough condiion, he fire can pread quickly pa he fire line ha have been e up. he iuaion remain unafe, Yuna Clearly viible from he oppoie ide of aid. Tree can fall over a fire burn Lake Jackon, a muck fire ea of Sebring on hrough roo, leaving no uppor. Mini Ranch Road near Sebring Regional Yuna aid Fore Service crew Airpor rekindled Monday afernoon, fough anoher muck fire on Feb. he econd rekindle ince he fire ared on 26: The 70-acre Willow Brook Road Saurday. The caue, aid Melia Yuna wih Wildfire off Loneome Iland Road, he Florida Fore Service, wa an unauhorized debri burn. Depie he auraed ground, FIRES 3 School diric finance unhealhy By MARC VALERO STAFF WRITER SEBRING Budge conrain had he School Board of Highland Couny conidering borrowing up o $1.6 million for inurance coverage on he diric educaional propery. Baed on he Florida Deparmen of Educaion crieria of having adequae reerve, he diric i in an unhealhy financial condiion. The School Board wa cheduled oday o conider a reoluion o auhorize he iuance of a revenue anicipaion noe. The agenda iem aed, Due o budge conrain, curren chool fund on hand are inufficien o currenly provide for addiional inurance coverage Senae back making i harder o raie axe By JIM TURNER NEWS SERVICE OF FLORIDA AVERYT LOAN 3 TALLAHASSEE A propoal ha will ak voer o make i ougher for fuure ae lawmaker o raie axe narrowly cleared he Senae on Monday, wih hree Democra joining Republican in puing he meaure on he November ballo. The Senae voed o approve he propoed coniuional amendmen (HJR 7001), which ha been a prioriy of Houe Speaker Richard Corcoran and Gov. Rick Sco. If approved in November, he meaure would require wo-hird voe in he Houe and Senae o raie axe or fee in he fuure, up from he uual majoriy voe. Becaue he meaure wa a propoed coniuional amendmen, i required uppor from 24 member of he Senae, which i compried of 23 Republican TAXES 3 Dog found in cage covered in wae By JAY MEISEL STAFF WRITER SEBRING For one owner, Goliah, a errier mix, wa apparenly a lile more han a can or an empy box ha migh be liered along a roadide. A man driving along U.S. 98 near Lorida recenly poed a rabbi cage ha conained he dog laer o be known a Goliah. The cage had no food nor waer. He wouldn have laed much longer if he hadn been found, aid Judy Spiegel, preiden of he Humane Sociey of Highland Couny. Even more hocking o Spiegel wa ha he dog wa covered in maed hair on par of hi body. And ha hair wa covered wih dog wae, Spiegel aid. The area included he dog behind and i leg. The laer locaion Judy Spiegel, preiden of he Humane Sociy of Highland Couny, diplay all he maed fur removed from Goliah. made i hard for he dog o walk. Alhough omeone mu have been feeding he dog up unil he ime he cage wa dumped, Spiegel aid, i eviden by abou he amoun of wae on i, Thi i year of neglec, Spiegel aid. He been hi way mo of hi life, he aid. Tha he ad par. Spiegel believe he dog wa only dumped near he road ide, however, for a hor period of ime. If people ee a dog in a cage along a road, omebody going o op and pick i up, Spiegel aid. Once he dog arrived a he Humane Sociey, i ook five people well over an hour o remove all he maed hair. I ve never een anyhing like ha, he aid abou he condiion of he dog. Goliah i definiely in he op five of abued/ negleced dog ha have arrived over he year a he Humane Sociey, he aid. Since Goliah arrived, Spiegel ha poed hi ory on Facebook in hope ha omeone will come forward wih informaion abou he dog and i former owner, he dog ha wa found in a rabbi cage. aid. bar people from keeping Ju a imporanly, heir dog on a eher or he aid, he dicovery of in a cage on a permanen Goliah how he need or long-erm bai. for an ordinance ha Currenly, he aid, JAY MEISEL/STAFF Diana Daniel, a aff member wih he Humane Sociey of Highland Couny, hold Goliah, a people migh ee ha a dog i kep on a leah or in a cage for long period of ime, bu no repor i becaue i legal. Claified...B5-7 Comic. New Wire Local Spor...A7-8 Loery Spor Obiuarie..A4 Today Woman...B1 Viewpoin. A5-6 Weaher New Wire Good Morning To Ruh Cukra Thank for reading! newun.com facebook.com/ newun wier.com/ TheNewSun

2 A2 HIGHLANDS NEWS-SUN Tueday, March 6, Couny road wach adviorie iued SPECIAL TO HIGHLANDS NEWS-SUN Highland Couny Road Projec for which he Florida Deparmen of Tranporaion ha iued a road adviory: US 98 Webound ju eae of Thunder Road Spring Lake: Permi projec: Crew will be clearing vegeaion and conrucing a reidenial driveway. Wach for ruck enering and exiing he ie. Ue cauion in hi area and wach for crew working cloe o he roadway. US 27 Norhbound ju norh of S. Sun N Lake Boulevard in Lake Placid: Permi projec: Crew will be conrucing an agriculural driveway. Wach for ruck enering and exiing he ie. Ue cauion in hi area and wach for crew working cloe o he roadway. US 27 Souhbound beween Golfview Road and Tubb Road: Mainenance permi projec: Crew will reconruc he driveway/connecion a he old Mexican Reauran locaion and adjacen propery. Wach for ruck enering and exiing he ie. Ue cauion in hi area and wach for crew working cloe o he roadway. US 27 Souhbound a Shop 16 Road/We Lake Ii Avenue: Mainenance permi projec: Crew will be inalling a raffic ignal near Walmar. Wach for ruck enering and exiing he ie. Ue cauion in hi area and wach for crew working cloe o he roadway. US 27 Souhbound a he inerecion of Lakewood Drive: Mainenance permi projec: Crew will reconruc he driveway/connecion a he old Wendy / new Popeye locaion and adjacen propery. Wach for ruck enering and exiing he ie. Ue cauion in hi area and wach for crew working cloe o he roadway. SR 66 from Highland/ Hardee Couny Line o we of US 27/US 98: Conrucion projec: Crew are repaving approximaely 9 mile of roadway on boh he eabound and webound lane of SR 66 from he Highland/ Hardee Couny Line o US 27. Addiional improvemen include he addiion of a righ urn lane on o Skipper Road, widening he righ urn lane on o Souh George Boulevard, Spara Road, and Woodland Creek Trail, inalling drainage, curb and guer, guardrail, pavemen marking, and ignage. Anicipae dayime and nighime lane cloure on SR 66 during conrucion and expec delay. Ue cauion in hi area and be aware of crew working cloe o he roadway. Moori hould expec ingle lane cloure and be prepared o follow flagger direcion from Monday hrough Friday from 7:30 a.m. hrough 5:30 p.m. Eimaed projec compleion i ummer The conracor i Lawrence Lynch Corporaion. SR 64 a Norh Olivia Sree: Conrucion projec: Norh Olivia Sree i now open o raffic. Wach for periodic lane cloure wih flagger direcing raffic a crew place pipe and conruc he new righ urn lane. Thi projec include adding a webound urn lane ono norhbound Norh Olivia Drive, widening he urnou and adding paved houlder, riping bike lane beween he webound ravel lane and urn lane and exending ide drain and modifying drainage diche. Expeced compleion i pring The conracor i Waon Civil Conrucion Inc. SR 17/Souh Ridgewood Drive a he inerecion of Pine Sree and Lake Avenue (Avon Park): Conrucion projec: Crew will be inalling raffic ignal and relocaing exiing ign. The conracor i Carr Conrucion, LLC. Eimaed compleion dae i pring of Moori hould anicipae dayime and nighime ingle-lane cloure during conrucion and may need o allow exra ravel ime in hi area. Wach for worker in he conrucion zone and ue cauion. Moori hould anicipae inermien ingle-lane cloure from 7 a.m. o 6 p.m. Monday hrough Friday a he inerecion of Main Sree and Norh Lake Avenue in Avon Park and a Souh Ridgewood Drive and Norh Pine Sree in Sebring while crew work in hee area. SR 17 from Cenral Avenue o Norh Mueum Avenue: Conrucion projec: Wach for poible lane cloure on SR 17 from Cenral Avenue o Norh Mueum Avenue o make aphal repair a nigh/overnigh. Ue cauion and be prepared o merge. Thi projec include milling and reurfacing, curb and guer, and idewalk. Expeced compleion i pring THINGS Tha Will Make You SMARTER 1. Legend ha i a 9h-cenury Ehiopian goa herder dicovered coffee by acciden when he noiced how crazy he bean were making hi goa. 2. New Yorker drink almo 7 ime more The conracor i Blackip Service Inc. Highland Couny Road and Bridge Deparmen ha iued a road adviory: Souh Jeer Road: The Highland Couny Road and Bridge Deparmen will cloe Souh Jeer Road a he inerecion of We Sarr Road in Avon Park. The road cloure will begin Wedneday, March 7 a approximaely 8 a.m. unil 4:30 p.m. No hrough raffic a conrucion ie. Moori hould find an alernaive roue. For more informaion, call coffee han oher ciie in he U.S. 3. Coffee i a pychoacive. And a high doe i can make you ee hing. 4. The lehal doe of caffeine i roughly 100 cup of coffee. 5. The French philoopher Volaire i aid o have drank 50 cup of coffee a day. Source: buzfeed.com S. Pay BINGO Ge Your Green On! March 15, :00 pm Come join he fun! I FREE! Refrehmen Served Pleae R.S.V.P. o , ex. 0 adno= S. 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3 FIRES FROM PAGE 1 four mile ea of Lake Placid and wo mile norh of Sae Road 70. I wa on privae propery and he landowner TAXES FROM PAGE 1 and 15 Democra and ha wo vacan ea. Democra Lauren Book of Planaion, Bobby Powell of We Palm Beach and Linda Sewar of Orlando voed in favor of he bill, while Thonooaa Republican Tom Lee croed pary line o voe again i. Lee queioned how he language wa adoped on he bill, a he Senae iniially ough o LOAN FROM PAGE 1 on diric educaional propery Bu, he loan wa pulled Monday afernoon from he agenda. On Sep. 1, he diric noified he Florida Deparmen of Educaion ha he Highland Couny School Diric aigned and unaigned fund balance in he general fund wa anicipaed o fall below 3 percen of he projeced general fund revenue (Financial Condiion Raio) for he fical year. Alhough he noificaion did no ae a pecific percenage, a repor from School Diric aff indicaed ha he Financial Condiion Raio (FCR) wa expeced o be 2.09 percen, a FDOE pokeperon repor Monday. We conider an FCR ha i below 3.0 percen o be a ign of an unhealhy financial condiion, according o he FDOE. In he even he projeced FCR i anicipaed o fall below 2 percen, a diric i required o ubmi a fical recovery plan oulining he pecific acion he diric will ake o avoid a financial emergency, puruan o ecion , Florida Saue. Uing he diric Jan. 31, 2018, monhly financial aemen, a provided by he diric, he diric FCR i 2.99 percen, according o he FDOE. Earlier Monday afernoon Highland Aian Superinenden of Buine Operaion Mike Avery aid, We wouldn be in hi condiion obviouly if we didn have he lawui, bu we did. On July 25, 2017, he School Board approved a $3.5 million elemen agreemen relaed o he legal claim of five female uden who were he vicim of exual abue aied by flooding and praying waer on field. A muck fire i ju like coal burning in a barbecue pi, Fore Area Supervior Joe debree aid afer he Feb. 26 fire. You migh no ee he fire, bu you know i down here. COURTESY GRAPHIC/FLORIDA FOREST SERVICE require hree-fifh voe --- an eaier andard han wo-hird --- o approve ax increae. The Senae alo iniially did no propoe applying he higher andard o fee increae. Book and Powell aid laer he queion hould be lef up o voer. A he end of he day, i no neceary u a a Legilaure make hi deciion, Powell aid. A he end of he day, he deciion will be made by he voer in November. The meaure will join wha i expeced o be a in 2010 in he aferchool daycare a Lake Counry Elemenary School. Soon afer he approval of he elemen agreemen, Avery aid mo of he $3.5 million lawui elemen paymen would be paid from he diric fund balance, which could be replenihed hrough a loan or budge cu. The elemen wa paid wih $2.5 million from he diric fund balance and $1 million from he propery/caualy coverage he diric ha a a member of he Souh Cenral Regional Educaion Conorium. Lae Monday afernoon Avery informed Highland New-Sun ha he loan would be pulled from he agenda and he Diric would no purue he loan. Financial advior aid he loan would no help he Diric accomplih i budgeary goal. ADNO= Someime you can feel he hea being releaed, and omeime i can be moke, bu mo of he ime a muck fire i no viible. Yuna aid a lo of reiden may hink i afe o burn debri afer a heavy hurricane eaon, bu he ground i dry. Alo, he Naional Weaher Service Miami- Souh Florida Foreca Office ha repored he lack of cold fron in February made for he warme February on record for all Souh Florida much like April or May, and breaking previou record e in February Florida i in a La Niña weaher paern, he Weaher Service repor, wih condiion warmer and drier han normal i now he evenh conecuive warmer-han-normal winer ince All hi mean, Yuna aid, i ha he fire eaon i abou o ge buy. lenghy li of propoed coniuional amendmen on he November ballo. Oher include a propoal ha would aking voer o auomaically reore voing righ for mo felon, a propoal ha would make i harder o expand gambling; and a propoal o give homeowner a larger propery-ax break. More ballo meaure will come from he ae Coniuion Reviion Commiion a i coninue o craf propoal. Sco, who i expeced o be on he November ballo a a candidae for U.S. Senae, praied lawmaker for approving he upermajoriy meaure. The Houed paed i in January. I look forward o hi adno= imporan amendmen being on he ballo o proec familie from unfair ax increae, Sco aid in a prepared aemen. Democra expreed concern ha he propoal would furher hif ax burden o local governmen, leave he ae unable o keep up wih environmenal and educaional need and reduce ervice for familie in need. Sen. Joe Javier Rodríguez, D-Miami, argued he propoal will ie he hand of lawmaker when hey evenually addre ea-level rie and climae change, which will only grow in co. Thi i deigned o make i harder for u o EARN 8% INTEREST 1ST MONEY MORTGAGES Secured by Real Eae Shor Term & Long Term M. CHEELEY, P.A SUCCESSFUL REAL ESTATE BROKER / TEACHER Sign and Sympom of Macular Degeneraion Preened By: B. David Garruo, MD Dae: Wedneday, March 7 h Time: 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM Locaion: Sebring Office RSVP: (863) Tueday, March 6, 2018 HIGHLANDS NEWS-SUN A3 COURTESY GRAPHIC/FLORIDA FOREST SERVICE A map from he Florida Fore Service indicae he po where a muck fire parked off Mini Ranch Road in Sebring, no far from Sebring Regional Airpor. Florida Fore Service official aid i ared from an unauhorized debri burn. B. David Garruo, MD Medical Reina & Cornea Surgeon deal wih hoe problem, Rodriguez aid. Sen. Kelli Sargel, R-Lakeland, aid he propoal will require lawmaker o work harder o ge he needed wo-hird uppor o approve ax increae. When familie acro Florida have o find a way o pay for medical bill, brace, a new car, or a broken appliance, hey have o acrifice eiher by cuing expene or increaing revenue by working exra hour, or aking on a econd job, Sargel aid. Sae governmen hould be ju a diligen wih deermining when o make cu and when o increae revenue. Thi imporan legilaion give voer a chance o 2018 Lunch & Learn Serie.com adno= You are cordially invied o Lake Placid Genei Cener 218 E. Belleview Sree Lake Placid, Florida SEBRING 4211 US Highway 27 N, Sebring, FL Lunch will be erved. make i harder for he Legilaure o raie ae axe and fee. The propoed ha he backing of group uch a he Florida Chamber of Commerce, Aociaed Indurie of Florida, Florida TaxWach and he Naional Federaion of Independen Buine/ Florida. A upermajoriy requiremen in new o he Legilaure. For example, a hreefifh margin i already required o raie he corporae income ax rae above 5 percen. The ax currenly i a 5.5 percen. Alo, bill ha caue ae revenue collecion o exceed a limi e in he ae Coniuion mu be paed by wo-hird voe of each chamber. Toby he Clown Foundaion Benefi Show California Toe Jam Good-Time Oldie Band For More Ticke (Will Call) call Clown Houe Tueday - Friday Noon - 4pm Saurday 10am - 2pm Alo available a he Genei Cener 10 o Noon Monday - Friday or from one of Toby Clown 6:00 Show $15.00 $15.00

4 A4 HIGHLANDS NEWS-SUN Tueday, March 6, OBITUARIES Roger Wayne Kno, of Lake Placid, died early Thurday morning, March 1, He wa a naive of Iowa, born in Exline on Nov. 6, He wa a U.S. Army veeran. Roger wa an elecrical engineer by rade. Roger ha been enderly prepared and en o Iowa where he will have funeral ervice and burial in he Zoar Cemeery in Exline. Arrangemen are under he loving devoion of Michael A. Brochei Funeral Home. Lake Placid Jayne A. Milligan Jayne Ann Milligan, 62, of Sebring, Florida paed away on Monday, Feb. 26, She wa born o he lae John Thoma and Ria A. (We) Milligan in Vincenne, Indiana. She made jewelry, worked a a cahier in he grocery/merchandie indury and wa a loving and giving woman. She mo enjoyed her family and poiling her grandchildren. Survivor include daugher, Ria (Joeph Saz) Milligan; grandchildren, Shawn, Joanna, Grechen and Kole; grea-grandchild, Abigail; and ignifican oher of 30-plu year, Dougla McCollom. Service enrued o SephenonNelon Funeral Home, 4001 Sebring Parkway, Sebring, FL Online condolence may be lef a ephenonnelonfh.com. Denie Den C. Rhoad Denie Den Crecinhia Rhoad, 52, paed away on Monday, Feb. 26, 2018 in Sebring, Florida. She wa born on Dec. 23, 1965 in Okalooa Couny, Florida o Donald McLynn and Mary Ann (Lofon) Smih. She had been a reiden of he area for 15 year and wa of he Bapi faih. Den loved o pain, muic wa her paion, and he wa an avid wrier and reader. She i urvived by her faher, Donald Smih; ibling, Darelena, Bobby Jo, Trina, and Daniel. She wa preceded in deah by her moher, Mary Ann Smih; and grea grandparen, D.W. and Minnie Smih, and Bey Whi. A graveide ervice will ake place a 2 p.m. Wedneday, March 7, 2018 a Pinecre Cemeery in Sebring, Florida. Memorial conribuion may be made o he American Cancer Sociey, P.O. Box 22478, Oklahoma Ciy, OK 73123; Hearland Ca Recue & Adopion Sociey, 2109 Flower Terrace, Sebring, FL 33875; or Sebring Cancer Cener, 3650 Emergency Lane, Sebring, FL Service enrued o SephenonNelon Funeral Home, 4001 Sebring Parkway, Sebring, FL Online condolence may be lef a ephenonnelonfh.com. Couny conider ax collecion change Touri ax o be colleced by ae, no locally of monh o ge revenue (back), Zwayer aid. However, Zwayer SEBRING Couny aid, i i eaier on local commiioner will dimerchan becaue hey cu a change in local law can end heir ouri ax oday o have he Florida paymen o Tallahaee Deparmen of Revenue a he ame ime and collec ouri axe, no ame way ha hey end he local ax collecor. ale axe. An ordinance on Hi main worry i he he agenda for oday Deparmen of Revenue Highland Couny Board migh no end all he of Couny Commiion money back. meeing ae ha local You can accue he buinee would need king of hef, Zwayer o end heir ouri ax aid. collecion direcly o Bill Branley, TDC Tallahaee. From here, Board member who pay he Florida Deparmen he ax on hi hor-erm of Revenue would end renal, aid he liked local back he ax revenue o collecion becaue i he couny, hrough he provided for local enclerk of he Cour Office, forcemen. The ax mu afer collecing a fee. be colleced on all renal The iem i on oday hoel, moel, houe, couny agenda a a public campie and mobile hearing. The Commiion home where people mee every fir and ay le han ix monh. econd Tueday of he He aked if he TDC monh, a 9 a.m., in he would be able o ge meeing chamber of he li of paymen o 600 S. Commerce S. in double-check ha everysebring. one i paying wha hey Highland Couny hould. Zwayer aid he Tax Collecor Eric Deparmen of Revenue Zwayer poke again i heian o pu ou ha hi move a he Touri informaion. Developmen Council They are ickler on meeing on Feb. 22. While no giving ha (or of he aid 20 of he ae daa) o anybody, Zwayer 67 counie ue he ae aid. agency and he clerk a Branley expreed worhe local accoun holder, ry ha he ae would he aid hi office would no enforce a local opion loe local revenue by no ouri ax, no a well a being able o charge hi ale axe, which could regular 3 percen fee on allow ome hoelier o ax collecion for he kir he law. ouri ax. Everyone wan o Zwayer aid local be on he ame playing collecion i quicker for field, Branley aid he TDC. Vicki Poniu, TDC Mo counie ha Board member, aked ue he Deparmen of if here wa ome way Revenue, i ake a couple o check in wih local By PHIL ATTINGER STAFF WRITER 5 Reaon o Golf a River Green DO YOU HAVE THE NEXT BIG STORY NEWS TIP TO SHARE? OR 1) I Fun 2) Grea Coure Condiion 3) Friendly and Homeown Amophere 4) A Place o be wih friend 5) Fair Pricing We Look Forward o Seeing You Today!! U Your New Tip To: March Weekend Golf Price! $ accommodaion provider, o enure hey are paying. Zwayer aid here are ome in he Florida Legilaure puhing o have uch buinee pu heir ax idenificaion number online, o make i earchable, bu oher Legilaor oppoe i. Zwayer aid i no been eay o rack, epecially ince everal accoun are no acive righ now. Ofen, lodging buinee pay heir ouri axe once a year, no every monh. Hi office will coninue o collec he ax hrough March, Zwayer aid. Then, i will go hrough he ae. Poniu aid omeone will need o cach and rack paymen daa, for TDC record. Bill Youngman, Sebring reiden, aid a lo of lodging buinee ell him hey aren required o pay he ax becaue heir lodger ay ix monh and one day. They ay, If hey leave early, I can help ha, Youngman aid. Having Zwayer check on hem helped make ure all people paid fairly, Youngman aid. TDC Chair and Couny Commiioner Jim Brook aid here i an exempion from he ax for owner of mobile home park if 50 percen or more of heir viior ay longer han ix monh. adno= on. I i lighly AVON PARK Avon le Park Ciy Manager Julian money, Deleon will become bu i he uiliie direcor of allow DeSoo Couny nex me o monh aking a ubanrefocu ial reducion in pay. back DELEON Deleon gave hi 30-day ino noice by o he working Avon Park Ciy Council in uiliie, which i really member on Thurday, he direcion I wan o March 1 aing ha ake my career, Deleon he ha acceped a aid. poiion wih anoher Deleon curren annuorganizaion. al alary a Avon Park i He old Highland $125,000. New-Sun Thurday he According o DeSoo did no wan o dicloe Couny Adminiraor where he acceped Mandy Hine, Deleon anoher poiion becaue alary a he couny here are ill ome uiliy direcor will be formalizaion going $75,000. By MARC VALERO STAFF WRITER By JAY MEISEL STAFF WRITER SEBRING The Sebring Ciy Council will coninue dicuing way of helping make chool afer on Tueday. The Council ha cheduled a workhop wih repreenaive of he Highland Couny School Diric and he Highland Couny Sheriff Office o alk abou chool afey. Council member la monh alked abou hiring wo addiional chool reource officer for chool in he ciy limi in he wake of he ma hooing a a chool in Broward Couny. Sebring Middle School, Woodlawn Elemenary School and he EST In he Avon Park, FL March Some Special $ plu ax per peron include 18 hole w/car. Valid anyime before 2pm Expire 3/31/18 Ge PGA Golf Leon by Jaon Beay. Plu 9 Hole rae, Junior rae and he driving range are available. Kindergaren Learning Cener are he only hree public chool in he ciy limi of Sebring. Currenly, here one chool reource officer who divide her ime among hoe chool. During he Council regular meeing, member are expeced o approve a collecive bargaining agreemen wih he police union. Tha include a 1.5 percen co-of-living raie and poenially a 1.5 percen meri pay increae. Kiy Terry, a Sebring area reiden, i expeced o alk abou coninuing concern abou he Sebring Police Deparmen, including a recen arre of anoher peron a a hopping cener parking lo. The Sebring Police Deparmen i expeced o repond ha police handled hoe inciden correcly. The Council i expeced o conider approving he relocaion of he Communiy Redevelopmen Agency office from Ciy Hall o he curren Greaer Sebring Chamber of Commerce office on he downown Circle. Anoher iem on he agenda i an amendmen o an ordinance ha would allow he Code Enforcemen Board more leeway in offering lien reducion o people who wan o bring heir propriey ino compliance wih ciy code. Find The Perfec Companion For Tee Time Call GOLF COURSE Deleon will be ucceeding DeSoo Uiliie Direcor Eddie Miller, who i reiring. I allow me o focu back on my echnical core and i i omehing ha ha been on my mind for a while, Deleon aid Monday. Thi i an opporuniy o do ha. Hi alary will increae o $80,000 wihin ix monh, Deleon aid. Deleon alary wih DeSoo Couny will alo be lower han he $90,000 alary of June Fiher, whom Deleon hired in December o erve a Avon Park adminiraive ervice direcor/ciy clerk and o manage he ciy in hi abence. Council o hold chool afey workhop (863) RIVER GREENS 47 W. Lake Damon Dr. Anyime before 2pm, include 18 hole w/car plu ax per peron Expire 3/31/18 March 2018 Twiligh Golf 2:00pm: $21.40 plu ax 4:00pm: $14.88 plu ax AP ciy manager headed o DeSoo Couny adno= Roger W. Kno CLASSIFIEDS!

5 Tueday, March 6, 2018 HIGHLANDS NEWS-SUN A5 VIEWPOINTS Tim Smolarick Publiher Karen Clogon Edior Romona Wahingon Execuive Edior Rob Kearly Circulaion Direcor OUR VIEW Pychologi can deec ign of poenial violence More ofen han perhap anyone know, a chool pychologi or guidance counelor ha recued a uden from depair or depreion ha could have puhed hem off he edge. Trying o dicern how many live have been urned around by an aler profeional rained o noice red flag in a uden performance and peronaliy i nearly impoible. There are no char o ell u how many Nikola Cruze were opped by a chool pychologi or counelor. Bu one hing i almo cerain. If we had more pychologi and counelor in chool, he chance of nipping a violen encouner in he bud would be greaer. The earch for anwer and he finger-poining i rampan in he afermah of he maacre in Parkland, where Cruz ho and killed 17 people a Marjory Soneman Dougla High School. A he Florida Legilaure prepare o end i 2018 eion, lawmaker are ruggling o how concern by paing ome or of chool afey or gun conrol legilaion while vicim, paren and chool official cry ou for anwer. Everyone ha a heory. Sop elling aaul rifle. Pay for more menal healh reamen for people like Cruz. Harden he chool. Hire more armed guard a chool. Give eacher gun. All hoe idea have ome meri and maybe could make a difference. Bu, we believe, one of he cheape idea i o cach a killer before he or he decide o kill. And ha could very well happen if profeional pychologi make early conac wih young people whoe live eeer on fuiliy. The Florida Aociaion of School Pychologi recommend one profeional for every uden. While ha number could be a lile elf-erving, he curren raio in Florida chool are urely no adequae wih one pychologi for every 2,032 uden in he chool year. School pychologi are hared by a many a four chool. They pend par of heir day driving back and forh for couneling eion and inerview wih uden and omeime paren. I i a burdenome and inefficien program. Mo chool pychologi are overwhelmed by he challenge. If FASP number are o be believed, and here i no reaon o ugge oherwie, one of every five children will demonrae ome ype of menal or behavioral healh concern warraning inervenion, according o a ory on he Sun fron page oday. Uing ha crieria, i would mean a lea 3,000 uden in Charloe Couny, for example, are in need of inervenion. Tha a big number for nine pychologi o ackle. Of coure, here i no guaranee he creening proce and ool pychologi ue will uncover he nex Nikola Cruz. Bu here i a far greaer opporuniy o red flag a roubled uden hrough hoe mehod and peronal conac wih a rained profeional. The average annual alary for a chool pychologi in Florida i $65,000. Uing Charloe Couny a an example, again, if you double he aff here ha i abou an exra $600,000 a year, plu benefi. We believe ha a good invemen in he muli-pronged approach o making our chool afer. Sun Newpaper JOIN THE CONVERSATION Leer are welcome on virually any ubjec, bu we do have ome rule. We will no accep any Leer o he Edior ha menion a buine in a negaive one, a hey have no mean o defend hemelve. Pleae keep Leer o he Edior o le han 250 word. Leer will be edied o lengh a well a for grammar and pelling. All leer mu be igned wih full name no iniial. An addre and elephone number mu be included. The phone number and addre are no for publicaion, bu mu be provided. In he cae of leer ha are ed, he ame rule apply. Due o he number of leer received, we are able o run only four leer per peron per monh. Afer anoher nigh of waching oo much TV and checking my phone oo much, I began o feel guily abou anoher waed evening. You ee, over and over and over I have aken ime o reflec on he hing I really wan and wha I have o do o ge here. Over and over and over, I have come up wih he ame anwer I wan o read more and wrie more and in order o do ha I have o ge away from boh he TV and my oher creen. The one poiive hing, or poenially poiive hing, i ha while I wa checking my phone ju one more ime, I ran acro an which included an aricle iled, 13 Thing o Improve Your Life. The auhor wa he lae Jim Rohn, a world-renowned American enrepreneur, auhor and moivaional peaker. I won bore you will all 13, bu I would like o dicu a few of hem. Who know? Maybe hey will apply o you, oo, and YOUR VIEW Graeful for righ being defended I m o ired of people who are no educaed in world hiory oppoing he 2nd amendmen. To remain free, he ciizen mu have acce o gun. If he progreive lef could ake away all he gun of good people, hey would ake over he counry in almo no ime. Our forefaher gave u he 2nd amendmen o ha we could proec ourelve from evil people and, he evil people, hey were mo abou wa power-hungry people in our own governmen. I m o hankful for Preiden Trump and he people in Congre ha defend our coniuional righ wrien a he direcion of God. Rev. Darrel R. Young Sebring Anchor Olympic in one place The 2018 Olympic are over a he world wached he pecacular even from Souh Korea. The eimaed co of hi exravaganza i $10 billion. The exper have already deermined ha he reurn on hi invemen i only $2.5 billion. Simple mah will ell you hi i no a good deal. However, hi pale compared o he Sochi Olympic in Ruia wih a Over and over and over NEVER A DULL MOMENT Mike Lee we can hold each oher accounable. Le briefly dicu four of he 13 principle. The four are: 1) Exercie your willpower o change direcion, 2) Demand inegriy from yourelf, 3) Welcome he dicipline and, 4) Live wih ineniy. None are new bu omehing abou he way in which hey were decribed go my aenion. The fir one i imple, bu no eay. Exercie your willpower o change direcion. Thi i poibly he ingle harde bale for many of u. The ruh i ha we have i in u o co of $51 billion. The hiory of mo if no all counrie ha apply for and are rewarded wih he opporuniy o pu on hi big how every four year i ha afer everyone goe home, mo of he venue fall ino oal junk, unued and oally waed. Sadium, pool, ki lif and running rack are allowed o decimae and be a pligh on he landcape. Counry pride i one hing; financial ruin and bankrupcy are anoher. Why hen do counrie ha can ill afford o e up hee venue keep doing i? I i a oal wae of reource for everyone. I have hough for year ha he world hould ge ogeher and pick one permanen po for winer program and one po for he ummer game. A counry can hen be he ho counry wih all of heir culural idea, echnology and individual idea for ha paricular Olympic. Thi would ave billion of dollar for every counry in he world and aify he pride in each and every counry wihou he unbelievable co ha we have een in he la 50 year. They way we now award a counry wih he nex e of game i a oal lo for mo and i i a wonder why o many counrie can wai o have heir urn a hi aronomical financial burden. Pride can be expenive. Hal Grave Sebring do wha i neceary. We are rong enough, ough enough o win he bale beween doing wha i righ and wha i eay. Too many ime I chooe wha i eay well, becaue i eaier. Demand inegriy from yourelf i he econd one. Thi one erved a he caaly for he column becaue oo many ime I don demand inegriy from myelf in carrying ou he hing I claim o hold imporan. I allow myelf o ele for aciviie which are le valuable o me han oher, which i why I ge o fruraed when I hink of all he ime I wae. The hird principle i Welcome he dicipline. Thi i be decribed by Mr. Rohn himelf. He ay, Dicipline creae realiy. Dicipline build ciie. A well-diciplined aciviy creae abundance, uniquene and produciviy. Bobby Knigh ay, Dicipline in wha you do o omebody, i wha you do for omebody. The proper perpecive i Don be ahamed of menal healh iue Pleae don demonize everyone who i ruggling wih menal healh iue like he young man who killed 17 children and adul phyically and emoionally damaged many more for he re of heir live a Marjory Soneman Dougla High School. I have aboluely no love in my hear for he NRA or elf-erving legilaor. Aaul weapon are mean for he miliary and he police, no huner or anyone ele. You d be urpried a he number of men and women who ruggle wih menal illne ye enriched our live. Some of hem you will even be urpried abou. Here i a ample of ome. I can li hem all. I am no wriing a book, imply a leer o our local paper. Iaac Newon, cieni, bi-polar diorder, auim, chizophrenia. Beehoven, deaf compoer of beauiful muic, bipolar diorder and depreion. Abraham Lincoln, 16h U.S. preiden, depreion and anxiey aack. Freddie Prinze, acor and and-up comedian, depreion Prince Diana, member of he Briih royal family, bulimia and depreion Leonardo DiCaprio, o embrace and accep he dicipline, he hing ha are hard, becaue hey are neceary o achieve worhwhile goal. Finally, Live life wih ineniy. Recenly, I ran acro a quoe by William Barclay, The mo dangerou deluion of all i ha here i pleny of ime. I am 56 year old. The average life expecancy for a male in he U.S. i 78. If I live o ha age, I have abou 8,000 day lef. If ha ound like a lo, le me pu i in perpecive. Do you realize ha Sep. 11, 2001 wa 6,025 day ago? We really do have a limied amoun of ime on hi plane and o make our live coun for omehing, we mu live i wih ineniy and purpoe. You know wha I m going o ak nex. Do your daily aciviie mach-up wih wha you claim o be imporan. If no, wha are you going o do abou i? Mike Lee i a eacher and coach. More informaion a acor, obeive compulive diorder Pay Duke, acre and acivi, drug, alcohol abue and bipolar depreion Lionel Aldridge, ellar fooball player and NBC analy, chizophrenia Buddy Bolden, greae coronei, depreion and chizophrenia Charle Dicken, auhor, depreion Caherine Zea-Jone, acre, depreion and bipolar diorder Mike Tyon, profeional boxer, manic and chronic depreion Beyonce, queen of R and B, depreion Mike Wallace, veeran newman, depreion Howie Mandel, comedian, acor and TV ho - OCD and aenion defici hyperaciviy diorder Alec Baldwin, acor, wrier, producer and comedian - OCD Sonewall Jackon, Confederae general - Aperger and/or OCD Joey Ramone, punk rocker - chizophrenia and OCD Sir Winon Churchill, Briih Saeman, army officer and wrier - OCD Suan Boyle, inger - Aperger Syndrome Pleae, pleae, if you have a menal illne, don be ahamed and ge help. Mary Ann Tricko Soero Lake Placid LETTERS 6

6 A6 HIGHLANDS NEWS-SUN Tueday, March 6, LETTERS FROM PAGE 5 Aaul weapon, no uch animal Afer eeing ome recen polling and eleviion repor abou aaul weapon, I hough i wa neceary o clear up ome miconcepion. Le me ar by aying ha here i no uch hing a an aaul weapon. Surpriing righ? Since he new and poliician keep alking abou hem. I i no a erm ued by people knowledgeable abou firearm. Aaul weapon i a poliical erm ha wa coined by Joh Sugarmann, an ani-gun righ acivi o decribe common emi-auo firearm. I wa o conflae hee common firearm wih miliary firearm in he mind of he non-gunowning public baed on he cary appearance alone. In he word of Mr. Sugarmann: The weapon menacing look, coupled wih he public confuion over fully auomaic machine gun veru emi-auomaic aaul weapon anyhing ha look like a machine gun i aumed o be a machine gun can only increae he chance of public uppor for rericion on hee weapon. A bai and wich ha would do a hady car dealer proud. Mr. Sugarmann and poliician are cynically banking on public confuion o puh heir aack on he Bill of Righ. So wha are hey calling an aaul weapon? Naionwide, in ae ha are propoing regulaion on o called aaul weapon, he definiion i a fluid a hey chooe o make i. So here i no firm definiion. In ome locaion, legilaion ha been propoed ha name virually all emi-auo rifle and piol aaul weapon for he purpoe of a ban. In all cae, he erm i ued o decribe firearm by comeic feaure alone raher han how hey are funcionally differen han gun hey don ban. You may wonder, why ban a firearm ha funcion ju like one ha in banned. I i becaue poliician like Bill Nelon and Dianne Feinein know ha deceiving people abou he naure of heir gun ban cheme i he only way o lip i pa he ruing public. Thee are no machine gun hey are alking abou banning, bu gun ha many law abiding American have in heir home. So when you hear a poliician advocae banning aaul weapon, know ha hey are rying o pull a fa one on you and everyone ele. One ha will infringe on he righ of law abiding gun owner and have no effec on criminal gun violence. Dana Orr Avon Park Learning environmen need o be beer School hould be a place o udy, learn, focu and a place for uden o paricipae in chool aciviie all of hi wihou fear. We, a he American people need o do all ha we can o help our young people and give hem a grea educaion. Giving eacher gun i ridiculou. A beer learning environmen, i eem o me, i needed. American high chool, for he mo par, are oo large and difficul o manage, no maer how good a principal may be. A maller chool would be manageable, wih maller clae and fir cla faciliie. We are oo quick o focu on gun, he NRA, ec If he NRA wan o do omehing, hen hey can ake ome of heir billion and help America build an educaional yem like we have never een before. The oluion lie in he educaional yem no gun for eacher he ooner we recognize he grea need, he ooner we can ee ome ligh a he end of he educaional unnel. Buck Chriian Lake Placid Fac ay omehing ele $20 crack deal en Alehia Jone o prion for life. Tha i no wha he re of he aricle led me o believe. Her addicion over he year gave her a lenghy criminal record. She wa hooked ince he 1980, lo her leg a 26 over drug, pen $700 a day o feed her habi. $700 will almo pay my lo ren for wo monh. Senenced becaue he wa black ha no wha he fac prove. Sandy Heimberger Sebring Hiory hould be udied The Wedneday, Feb. 14 Your View conained a rambling ran abou a Confederae flag being diplayed a he local 4300, Sebring - VFW Po. Fir le me ay: long-ime reader of hee newpaper aricle and a fir-ime reponder. Many of he problem in oday ociey originae wih he fac a majoriy of he people (ye, including governmen official) have no common ene. The wrier of he flag iue (anyone wih common ene) would have dicued hi maer wih he profeional muician righ hen. He had ued he flag o cover up unighly wiring, elecronic gear, ec. Alo, a phyical diclaimer had been poed on he flag. There i no way I would have waned an American flag ued for ha purpoe. The muician had/ha no mean o defend himelf regarding hi maer, and wa peronally concerned when he wa advied of i. Alo, feeling badly becaue nohing wa aid o anyone a he ime. So he queion come o mind: Wha i he real reaon a peron would ake o wriing a rambling blind iding leer? Lack of common ene (a he reul of he iniial flag leer) ha alo brough he local communiy o queion wha i going on a an organizaion ha ha a rong commimen no only o he communiy, bu a well veeran. I am eniive abou ociey view of veeran, a during my ime, baby killer, ordered ou of a New York reauran along wih ome oher veeran (becaue we were Vie-Ve and we don wan people like you in here. Again, lack of common ene could weaken hi communiy opinion of he Sebring (4300 Po). Likewie, 4300 alo can no defend ielf (uch a he aforemenioned) when parial informaion abou any iue i pu ino he media. The flag ielf repreen a poin in ime ha i long ago hiory, righ or wrong, aid flag i preenly diplayed all acro hi counry. All race fough under i, o include Norherner. I am no abou o debae he flag iue, bu I have udied hiory for 50- plu year, including he Civil War. I ugge he wrier of he flag iue likewie udy ome hiory. Such peronal effor can help buil common ene, uch a dicuing he maer wih he profeional muician righ away. Marvin William Murphy, Ph.D. Sebring Deleon will be mied The new ha Ciy Manager Julian Deleon i reigning i a eriou lo for he Ciy of Avon Park. Hi many poiive effor o improve he ciy have been ouanding. Few Florida adminiraor can come cloe o creaing he qualiy financial healh he ciy ha aained. The lo of hi inelligen and creaive leaderhip will be fel by he ciy. I i dihearening o realize ha here are hoe in he communiy who ough o denigrae Deleon leaderhip o promoe heir own. How much more progre migh have been achieved if hoe who ough o derac had worked poiively wih hi qualiy adminiraor? Avon Park lo i a real gain for hi new employer. All in he communiy hould wih Mr. Deleon coninued ucce and hank him for hi ervice. Alan J. Kromholz Sebring N DO YOU HAVE THE NEXT BIG STORY OR NEWS TIP TO SHARE? U Your New Tip To: Green overeeded fairway - Coure in GREAT hape! MARCH SPECIALS! GOLF per peron Incl. ax. $ EXPIRES 3/3/18 TWILIGHT GOLF - AFTER 2:30PM per peron $ EXPIRES 3/3/18 Incl. ax. WEEKEND GOLF-ANY TIME per peron $ EXPIRES 3/3/18 Incl. ax. MONDAY FOURSOME $ Incl. ax. EXPIRES 3/3/18 GOLF AFTER 12 per peron $ EXPIRES 3/3/18 Tee Time Holine: Incl. ax. WEDNESDAY 8AM SHOTGUN per peron $ EXPIRES 3/3/18 Incl. ax. adno= Look for a hird croword in he Sun Claified ecion.

7 Tueday, March 6, 2018 HIGHLANDS NEWS-SUN A7 LOCAL SPORTS Miller win TA2 cla a Sebring Boden lead Fall-Line Moorpor podium weep in TA3 cla By ALLEN MOODY HIGHLANDS SUN EDITOR Marc Miller capured he fir TA2 Tran Am Serie preened by Pirelli race of he eaon a Sebring Inernaional Raceway on Sunday, a he hree-day Sporcar Vinage Racing Aociaion/Tran Am weekend came o a cloe. I wan eay for Miller, driving he 12 Speedlogix/Prefix Dodge Challenger, who pen mo of he race in purui of Rafa Mao. A pair of yellow flag evaporaed a hree-econd lead for Mao, who wa paed by Miller lae in he race when he pair encounered lapped raffic and Miller wa able o make hi move. Tha la pa wa ju an opporuniy; I aw him really rying hard o keep me behind him and he lid wide and I poined i by him, Miller aid. Mao wa able o hang on for econd place and Tony Buffomane, in he No. 34 Mike Cope Racing Ford Muang, rounded ou he podium. Any hope Mao had of overaking Miller came o an end when he race ended under yellow wih wo lap remaining afer Doug Peeron made conac wih he ire wall. I wa MILLER 8 ALLEN MOODY/STAFF Andrew Aquilane lead Brian Kleeman in he TA4 cla a Sebring Inernaional Raceway. Franci ake Tran Am race Lake Placid enior hea up BY EDWARD ENGLER SPECIAL TO HIGHLANDS NEWS-SUN BY ALLEN MOODY HIGHLANDS SUN EDITOR Ernie Franci Jr. made i look eay on Sunday in winning he fir Tran Am race of he Dyon place 2nd in eaon-opener for erie 2018 eaon. Even afer a yellow flag evaporaed an 18-econd lead he had buil up over he Sebring Inernaional Raceway oval, Franci wa able o pull away a bi on he final ix lap o win by 3.7 econd over Chri Dyon. David Pinaric rounded ou he podium, a he moved from fifh horly afer he rear and wa able o hold off ALLEN MOODY/STAFF Ernie Franci Jr. drive he No. 98 Original Framele Shower Door/ R&B Company Ford Muang o vicory in Sunday Tran Am race a Sebring Inernaional Raceway. Simon Gregg. Franci ared he race in econd in hi No. 98 Original Framele Shower Door/ R&B Company Ford Muang and wa able o overake pole-ier Paul Fix early on, a Fix ran ino mechanical problem early on and wa forced o drop ou on lap five. We knew i wa going o be a ough race for u, Franci aid. There a lo more compeiion hi year and everybody kind of aiming for u being ha we re he champion from la year. Saring from econd, we re no really ued o ha oo much. Chri Dyon placed econd in he TA cla in Sunday Tran Am race a Sebring Inernaional Raceway. FRANCIS 8 The unuually warm February weaher heaed up he ba in Lake Placid enior ofball and provided ome high coring acion for player and fan alike. On Monday, league leader Cenral Securiy and Miller Air quared off in a cone won by The Securiymen Dick Cook and Ted Griffih homered o uppor he pinpoin piching of Jeff Sanley in he win. For Miller, Paul Marcellu launched anoher over-he-fence round-ripper and Brian Heaphy (double) had four hi. Manager Tom Waer walk-off hi plaed Don Cunningham for he winning ally in a marahon win for Yae Inurance over Wedgworh. Yae enered he la inning up wo run, wen down by four, hen cored five for he vicory. Waer and Bill Gallagher had four hi and Ed Engler lugged wo riple. The end of he Yae order (Mo Pier, Bill Card, Dick Gunderman and Norm Moriary) e he able by geing hree hi each. Terry Auin (double, riple) and Norm Grubb (double) regiered five hi for Wedgworh. JR Garver (double) added four, and Jim Laer Lauzon lammed wo riple. Seminole Tire edged Lake Placid Marine The Four Hi Club for The Nole included Paul Sephenon (double), Jeff Lindkoog (double), Francico Colon (double) and Ken Elon. Elon Hedge added a riple and home run. Bob Roh noched five hi for The Mariner and go uppor from Richard Rucker (double) and Tom Trapman (riple) wih four each. David LeHue beled wo riple. In Wedneday acion, Cenral Securiy (11-4) mainained i one-game lead by oppling Wedgworh (6-9) Tigh defene won he day for The Securiymen. Norm Grubb (double) had four hi for Wedgworh. 86-year-old Harvey Deacon Jone added hree hi, a did 83-year-old Gallo Gonzalez. Miller Air (10-5) ayed one game behind by winning a igh cone wih a feiy Lake Placid Marine (2-13) crew. Gary Seeve (double) had four hi for he winner, and Bill Scrae wen deep. Manager Gene Welbaum had four hi for The Mariner. Yae Inurance (9-6) won i fourh in a row wih a win over Seminole Tire (7-8). Ed Engler, Bill Gallagher, and Ron Kilburn wen back-o-back-oback homer in he fir. No o be oudone, Elon Hedge and Eddie Diaz wen back o back wice for The Nole. Engler hi for he cycle, Kilburn added wo double and anoher home run and Pa Lowe (wo double) and Norm Moriary had four hi apiece for he winner. Hedge hi for he cycle for The Nole, Diaz added a riple, and Ken Elon (double) had five hi. For furher league informaion, pleae vii lpofball.com Buy ime for Graham Rahal and RLL Driver running IndyCar hi week, Sebring nex week BY JOEY BARNES Sao who lef he eam Beach; One Cure, an From , he eam INDYCAR afer 2012 o eam iniiaive of he Flin made ju four race ar wih Graham Rahal hi Animal Care Cener a and faced an uncerain Thing are looking eaon. Colorado Sae Univeriy fuure in he por. good for Rahal Leerman A flurry of announcemen ince he fir cancer in human and enjoy hoe early day, o reearch cure for I cerainly didn Lanigan Racing a he 2018 Verizon IndyCar of he year have given animal, for wo race; paricularly given ha Serie eaon prepare o Rahal No. 15 Honda a and Luher Auomoive when we were a full-ime ge underway laer hi ho of primary ponor Group and Flee Co & enran in he 90, early week. Chalk i up o an a race hroughou he Care for a race each. 2000, we won a many ambiiou offeaon. eaon. They include I quie he urnaround for a eam forced or Ganai or anybody race probably a Penke Fir, he eam confirmed i would expand race including he o run only a par-ime ele in hoe day, aid Unied Renal for five o wo full-ime enrie 102nd Indianapoli 500; chedule due o lack of eam co-owner Bobby for he fir ime ince Toal, he fourh-large global oil and ga year afer winning he he 500 in 2004, o come ponorhip ju five Rahal. Buddy winning SHAWN GRITZMACHER PHOTO 2013 and bring back reigning Indianapoli company, for he Toyoa Indianapoli 500 wih back and have ha level Graham Rahal adju hi glove along pi lane prior o he 500 winner Takuma Grand Prix of Long Buddy Rice in evening open e eion a ISM Raceway. GRAHAM 8

8 A8 HIGHLANDS NEWS-SUN Tueday, March 6, VFW 4300 ill leading Sofball 70 acion BY JOHN KLOET SPECIAL TO HIGHLANDS NEWS-SUN The over 70 enior ofball league had more beauiful weaher for ofball. On Tueday, Feb. 27, fir-place VFW 4300 defeaed Buonwood Bay The core doen reflec how cloe he game wa, a VFW pulled away in he laer inning. Ted (Speedie) Griffih (double), Che (Bluebeard) Johnon (riple) and Norm Grubb all had hree hi. Marv Knuilla came up wih wo key hi and Alex Gray played ouanding defene a fir bae. John Kloe ook he win on he mound. For Buonwood Bay, Earl (The Pearl) Richardon had hree hi, Jim Novi had a riple and John (Deacon) Deghnan added a double o he aack. The oher ide of he field had a barn-burner wih Royal Palm orming back in he la inning, coring five run o overake Hine Sporing Good The loing Hine quad had a perfec day from Bob (Miionary) Fahneock, who wa 5 for 5 wih wo double. Bill Scrae had hree hi, including wo home run. Moe Pier colleced hree hi, Larry Oer had four hi and Bob (Je Pilo) Richard had a bae-loaded riple. The winning Royal Palm eam wa led by Gallo Gonzalez, a he winning picher hi a riple ha drove in he winning run from fir among hi four hi. Ken Elon had a riple and Ted( Chief) Navarro and Gary (Tank) Tankerley boh homered. On Thurday, March 1 game were played under ideal condiion wih Alan Jay blaing he Hine Sporing Good eam Alan Jay had big day from Ken Lloyd (double and riple), Bob Roh and Todd Marin all wih four hi. Bill (Wild Bill) Deefano had five hi wih wo double,phil (Luke) Luca had a double and riple and Dave LaHue and Kyle Saunder added home run o he maive aack. Alan Jay remain ju one game ou of fir place. For Hine, Larry (Big Boy) Oer had hree hi, Ro Anderon, Bob Richard (riple) and Bill Todd (riple) wa all Hine could come up wih in a loing caue. The oher diamond aw VFW 4300 holding on o fir place wih a had fough win over he Royal Palm eam. VFW had ome early micue bu overcame hem o queak by. Ted Griffin (double and home run) and Don (Slam Bam) Cunningham (double) had four-hi game. Cheer Johnon (wo double) Don (Golden Boy) Lariviere winner of eigh award in he Hearland Game and Norm Grubb all had hree hi. Alex Gray filling in for he injured Dick Schliz did grea glove work on defene a fir bae. John Kloe ook he win on he hill. The loing Royal Palm eam had Dave (Hercule) Reed wih four hi, Gary Tankerley and Fred Richardon boh had hree hi. Ted Navarro doubled and ripled and Gallo Gonzalez (double) led Royal Palm comeback aemp. Wih ju hree week o go in he eaon, VFW 4300 (11-2) hold on o fir place by one game over Alan-Jay (10-3). Royal Palm(8-5) i nex, followed by Hine Sporing Good (3-10) and Buonwood Bay (0-12). ALLEN MOODY/STAFF Mark Boden race he Fall-Line Moorpor Porche 991 GT3 o vicory in he TA3 cla Sunday a Sebring Inernaional Raceway. MILLER FROM PAGE 7 ruled repair could no have been made in ime and he race ended. TA3 Cla In he TA3 cla, which raced a he ame ime a he TA and TA4 clae, i wa defending champion Mark Boden, in he No. 46 Fall-Line Moorpor Porche 991 GT3, who ook he op po on he podium. He wa joined by fellow Fall- Line eammae Tim Kezman, who placed econd, and Tom Herb, who wa hird. TA 4 Cla Andrew Aquilane capured he TA4 cla ile in he No. 32 Phoenix Performance/ Hawk Chevrole Camaro SS afer fighing off an early challenge by Brian Kleeman, who evenually wa forced o reurn o he pi afer fueling problem. Brian kep me hone ou here, Aquilane aid. I wa a new car for Aquilane and here lile queion i did he job, epecially conidering eammae Ron Hugae finihed econd in No. 42 Phoenix Performance/ Hawk Ford Muang, while Chri Ouzen rounded ou he op hree. The nex race for he Tran Am Serie preened by Pirelli will be March 31 a Road Alana. FRANCIS FROM PAGE 7 Wih Franci doing hi hing up fron, he acion behind him wa prey inene, wih Lawrence Lohak running econd for a good porion of he race and Dyon behind him. Dyon, in he No. 20 CD Racing Muang paed Lohak for econd, wih Gregg and Pinaric rounding ou he op five for a good porion of he race. Thing go inereing when Kenny Bupp opped on he rack in he lae going, bringing ou he yellow. The yellow came ou and hen I aw i wa Chri righ behind me, Franci aid. We didn wan o ee ha rear, bu i made for an exciing finih. Dyon pulled away from he re of he field o finih econd, which he wa more han happy wih conidering he wan even ure if he car would be ready ju five day before he race. I o grea o be back here running a Sebring, Dyon aid. I wa down o he wire. A lae a Wedneday, I wa a lile nervou. I have o hank Mark Meien for giving me uch an aweome car. We re going o ry and give Ernie ome rouble hi year. Pinaric wa able o neak pa boh Gregg and Lohak on he rear and finihed hird. I m happy o be here, bu I m no aified, Pinaric aid of hi podium finih. I have a lo of alen in fron of me and a lo of alen behind me. I ju have o ep up my game. Two-ime champion Amy Ruman had car problem early on and dropped ou of he race ju hy of he halfway poin. The nex op for he Tran Am Serie preened by Pirelli will be Road Alana on March ALLEN MOODY/STAFF David Pinaric placed hird in he TA cla a Sebring on Sunday in he No. 57 Kyrderacing Cadillac CTS-V. GRAHAM FROM PAGE 7 of performance (now), I really have o hand i o my parner. I wa during hoe dark ime, wih he eam fuure in he balance, ha he elder Rahal me wih fellow co-owner David Leerman and Michael Lanigan. We a down, alked abou i, Rahal aid. We re eiher going o do hi or we re no. We re no going o ay where we are. We really made a commimen o build our engineering group up. I hink we ve go one of he be group ou here, wih Eddie Jone, Tom German, many of he oher aian engineer. We really made a conciou effor o ry o go ou and ge he be people we could. We re coninuing o do ha. The journey back o prominence wa aied by Sao, who pu in an exraordinary effor a he 2012 Indianapoli 500, running econd and making a la-lap move on Dario Franchii for he win enering Turn 1. Alhough he effor ended wih Sao in he wall and Franchii in vicory lane, he figh and gri gave a glimpe of wha he eam could do. Graham Rahal began driving for hi faher eam in 2013, bu ruggled wih ju four op-five finihe in he fir wo eaon. Thing began o urn in 2015 when Graham won wice including hi home race a Mid-Ohio. He won a oal of five race in he pa hree eaon and finihed fourh, fifh and ixh in he championhip. We have a lo of good guy, many of whom have worked wih Graham before, Bobby Rahal aid. There wa ome familiariy here, a comfor level, bu alo really good people who didn have ego ha would ge in he way of working ogeher. I hink you aw he reul in 2015, in being ha compeiive. We re coninuing o build. Thi year we re really aring o build up our ALLEN MOODY/STAFF Graham Rahal i one of hree driver who will be driving he No. 7 Acura Team Penke Acura DPi a nex week 12 Hour of Sebring. markeing and ale group. You can ee he number of announcemen o dae. Tha aring o work. Thing are alo working on rack. In he Phoenix open e a ISM Raceway la monh, he only official gahering of all eam prior o he eaon opener, he RLL car were fae in each of he four pracice eion. Sao logged he fae overall lap a mph. I making i fun o go o he race again, Bobby Rahal aid of he recen ucce. To ee Graham run up fron, o have Takuma (back on he eam), I love he guy. The hing abou Takuma, wha you ee i wha you ge. When you come o he race, you know he going o give you 100 percen. Maybe he ll give you 110, bu I love he guy. He and Graham work well ogeher. I hink here real reaon o feel we re going o have a prey good year. The 17-race Verizon IndyCar Serie eaon ar wih he Fireone Grand Prix of S. Peerburg hi week. Pracice begin Friday, Verizon P1 Award qualifying will be Saurday and he race air live on ABC a 12:30 p.m. on Sunday. Graham Rahal will be compeing in he Mobil 1 Twelve Hour of Sebring Preened by Advance Auo Par nex week driving he No. 7 Acura Team Penke Acura DPi.

9 Tueday, March 6, 2018 A changed life CLASSIFIEDS, COMICS & PUZZLES INSIDE SECTION B DINNER DIVA Leanne Ely Keo v. keoacidoi explained Since we ared Ho Mel la year, we ve had a few queion (underandably) ha I wan o addre, epecially becaue hi i he informaion ha run rampan in he healh pace ha need o be quelched once and for all. The fir i ha i unhealhy and o ha, I ay olidly ha no i i no. Bu i can be epecially if you re on Pinere pinning a bunch of fay keo recipe ha only addre keoi and no he nuriion you aboluely ill need, regardle. Second i ha puing your body ino keoi in naural and i i bad for you. All keoi i, i your body way of leing you know i aring o ue fa for i primary ource of fuel, no ugar. I a ign, no a medical crii. Keoacidoi on he oher hand, i a rue medical iue and involve ympom like horne of breah, abdominal pain ART & ANTIQUES Dr. Lori Verdame DIVA 7 The marke for Frank Lloyd Wrigh deigned objec Frank Lloyd Wrigh ( ) deigned privae reidence, building of worhip, office building, chool and aelier, urban civic archiecure, and even ar mueum. Wrigh unied he indoor wih he oudoor in hi building. He highlighed landcape via, garden, and waerfall. Hi Prairieyle rucure focued on wha he called organic archiecure which made hi building and ou in he realm of 20h Cenury archiecural hiory. Wrigh wa inereed in deviing archiecural plan ha encouraged viior o make a pilgrimage o he fron door of hi privae home a i he cae wih he famou Robie Houe on he campu of he Univeriy of Chicago. He houghfully deigned ained gla window o fi wihin an ANTIQUE 7 Woman hank God for her aounding medical recovery DOROTHY HARRIS CORRESPONDENT SEBRING A Sondra Hammond ell i, her fir memorie of her lae faher were of him mixing up nurery rhyme o make her laugh. Tha Hammond can remember hi i quie remarkable once you conider circumance of how hee memorie parked a pivoal momen in her life. She peak pecifically of he Sing a Song of Sixpence BY MOTHER GOOSE Sing a ong of ixpence, A pocke full of rye, Four and weny blackbird Baked in a pie. When he pie wa opened The bird began o ing Wan ha a dainy dih To e before he king? The king wa in he couning-houe Couning ou hi money, The queen wa in he parlor Eaing bread and honey, The maid wa in he garden Hanging ou he clohe. Along came a blackbird And nipped off her noe. momen when he heard her moher reciing Moher Gooe Sing a Song of Sixpence. The line ha peak of hanging ou he clohe and a blackbird came and nipped off her noe? Well, my daddy ued o change i o how i ae all her panyhoe, burbled Hammond. Hammond heard her moher reciing i in original form, no how daddy ued o ell i, o he woke up- from a four monh coma - o correc her. A he ell i, life wa prey ypical. A ucceful career woman, hi nure and markeing execuive for local Signaure Healh Care wa heavily involved in he local healhcare communiy over he pa 28 year. Wih her perky Alabama accen he aed plainly, I wa righ one momen and hi a brick wall he nex. Wha Hammond acually hi hough wa a hardwood floor wih her kull. I wa dreed up, preparing o head over o Highland Lile Theare o ee Hairpray and we had people over and kid in he pool. Hammond wen ou o ell huband Billy he had found heir icke. When her high heel hi ome waer her fee lipped ou from under her. Depie he family inience, Hammond hook off he need o ee a docor. I m a nure, he winked, SFSC alumna embrace flexabiliy in eaching Special o Highland New-Sun LAKE PLACID Combining her experience a a eacher and her deire o ravel, Sheri Sole, a Souh Florida Sae College (SFSC) alumna, would find herelf immered in he culure of wo counrie, Souh Korea and Canada. Through ha experience, he learned how invaluable flexibiliy i in eaching. Sole, a naive of Lake Placid, graduaed from SFSC in 2004 wih an Aociae in Ar degree. She followed i by earning her Bachelor of Ar degree in elemenary educaion, wih an Englih for Speaker of Oher Language (ESOL) endoremen, from Florida Gulf Coa Univeriy in For Myer. She pen ix year eaching fourh grade a Crewell School, a privae iniuion in ha ame ciy. Sole alway waned o ravel exenively bu wan ure how o do ha and work a he ame ime. While looking hrough Facebook one day, he found a company called Acce Souh Korea (ASK). The company had been eablihed by a group of Canadian and American who waned o each overea. I reearched heir buine, and hey go good review, Sole aid. I didn ee any red flag, o I looked ino i furher. eye rolling wih laugher. We don go o he hopial. Finally, afer being able o convince her o go o he ER, huband Billy aid he wa immediaely flown ou o Tampa wih a brain bleed. The neurourgeon had already lef for he day, bu he came back o ee her. Hammond uncle, Lonnie CHANGE 8 Sheri Sole wih her uden in Souh Korea. ASK required ha an applican eaching in Souh Korea a a prove hey were a eacher in Hagwon, a for-profi privae good anding and provide a language academy. Many criminal background check and uden aend Englih clae leer of recommendaion. a hagwon afer heir normal Sole inere in Souh Korea chool day. So I augh kindergaren during he day, he aid. wa piqued by a friend during her college day. She wa ino In he evening, I augh grade Aian culure and inroduced wo o eigh. me o heir cuiine and hiorie, he aid. One of he Korea, Sole learned o be more During her wo year in Souh hing he kep elling me wa flexible in a eaching environmen. The ix year a Crewell how nice and welcoming Souh Korean are. School wa predicable abiliy, he aid. There wa Through ASK, he go a job rarely COURTESY PHOTO Sondra Hammond now live every day in anicipaion afer a miraculou recovery from a raumaic brain injury in By November 2016, Hammond had begun herapy o regain many of her moor kill. COURTESY PHOTO COURTESY PHOTO a urprie. I could plan clae and even a monh ahead. Bu in Korea, i wa differen every day. You didn know if you d be going on a field rip or if paren were coming in o wach your cla ha day. We could be old, We re going o have a chool fair omorrow, o we have o ay and blow up balloon. If you can each in Souh Korea, you can each anywhere. Sole found ha appearance TEACH 7

10 B2 HIGHLANDS NEWS-SUN Tueday, March 6, 2018 Group announce cholarhip pecial o highland new-un The American Agri-Women (AAW) Foundaion announce he opening of he window o ubmi applicaion for Daugher of American Agriculure Scholarhip. Daugher of American Agriculure Scholarhip wa creaed o honor he memory of courageou and advenureome pioneer women who played uch an imporan role in he founding of hi naion and encourage he preen generaion o coninue heir educaion in agriculural purui. Jean Ibendahl Scholarhip and Sier Thoma More Berel Scholarhip were creaed o fulfill hi purpoe. Thee wo cholarhip are available o any farm, ranch, or agribuine woman or her daugher o purue accredied coure in agriculure leaderhip, communicaion, rural ociology, medicine, or any oher coure direcly relaed o agriculure. The Jean Ibendahl Scholarhip wa iniiaed in 1991 by AAW member and educaor, Jean Ibendahl of Tamaroa, Illinoi. I wa laer uppored by a generou endowmen of $10,000 by Jean and her huband Calvin. I i furher mainained by donaion by AAW member and affiliae. Thi cholarhip i available o high chool graduae and women aged The Sier Thoma More Berel Scholarhip wa begun in 1991 o honor a founding moher of AAW. Sier Thoma More Berel wa a hiory eacher a Silver Lake College in Maniowoc, Wiconin. She raveled he Unied Sae and Canada exolling he virue of agriculure and empowering producer o realize heir poenial. Thi cholarhip i available o women who are reurning uden in agriculure and are 24 year or older. Boh cholarhip are for $1,000. Applicaion mu be pomarked by June 1 of each year. You can acquire he applicaion a americanagriwomen.org/aaw-foundaion or a hi cholarhip link Abou American Agri-Women American Agri-Women (AAW) promoe he welfare of our naional ecuriy hrough a afe and reliable food, fiber and mineral upply. Since 1974, AAW member have worked ogeher o educae conumer; advocae for agriculure; and offer neworking and profeional developmen opporuniie. For more informaion, or o join, vii AmericanAgriWomen. org. Find AAW on ocial media a: facebook.com/ AgriWomen and wier. com/women4ag. Skin care line ake aloe healing power one ep furher By JENNIFER BRINGLE THE NEWS & OBSERVER Several year ago, Pa Cricio and her ier made a life-changing dicovery a an alernaive healh conference. Cricio ier had long uffered wih a painful chronic bladder diorder, and he found relief in a ample of aloe vera caple he picked up a he even. Bu he capule weren rong enough o provide more han a lile relief. Tha when Cricio had an idea o develop a uper-concenraed aloe exrac. She and her huband hired a chemi o help, and hey launched Deer Harve oon afer. The company produce and ell aloe upplemen and a line of kincare produc made wih heir concenraed aloe formula. We already had our Deer Harve COURTESY PHOTO Deer Harve produce and ell aloe upplemen and a line of kincare produc made wih concenraed aloe formula. uper-rengh aloe vera capule for inernal ue, and cuomer kep aking u o urn our pecially concenraed aloe vera ino a opical produc for he kin, ay Heaher Florio, COO of Deer Harve. The body care line include loion, hampoo, hower gel and even an acne gel. While many have ued aloe o heal a unburn, Florio ay heir produc ake ha naural oohing power a ep furher. We ue a paened proce aring wih he whole leaf - no ju he inner gel - ha reain ha max amoun of nurien in he aloe plan, while removing 100 percen of he waer, inoluble fiber and he cauic laex chemical ha are inheren in he aloe plan, Florio aid. Thi maximize he ani-inflammaory, analgeic and healing poenial of aloe vera on he kin. The company ell i produc on i webie, deerharve.com. A i develop he line, Deer Harve i rolling ou new produc, including a opical gel made wih i aloe concenrae and lidocaine for ue by cancer paien receiving radiaion reamen. The company ha oher more medicinal kincare produc in he work, a well, bringing Deer Harve full circle o i pain-relieving beginning. Soryeller o narrae pioneer woman docor ory pecial o highland new-un LAKE WALES The Lake Wale Mueum will ho naionally-acclaimed bilingual oryeller Carrie-Sue Ayvar a 6 p.m. Thurday. Ayvar will alk abou he econd licened women docor in Florida - Doc Anna. She ofen braved wampland, alligaor, venomou nake, and ome of he mo dangerou oulaw gang hi ae ha ever een o heal he ick, nure he wounded and deliver babie, he mueum aid. Ayvar (EYE-BAR) will ake liener on a journey hrough Doc Anna life a wife, moher, docor, pharmaci, ari and even occaional veerinarian. Braving he wild land of early 20h cenury Florida, Doc Anna encounered many challenge and differen culure during her advenure in Florida, he mueum aid. Ayvar will preen a one-woman ineracive preenaion of folkale and orie in Spanih and Englih. Following he preenaion, he audience i encouraged o ak queion. A Chauauqua cholar and Kennedy Cener rained Ari in Educaion, Ayvar performance blend enerainmen and educaion. She love o hare Florida unique hiory wih audience hroughou he ae. We are pleaed o be a ie for he Florida Humaniie Council peaker erie hi pring, aid Jennifer D hollander, direcor for he Lake Wale Mueum. We hope hi preenaion will inpire our gue during hi monh-long celebraion of women hiory and accomplihmen. The program i free o he public and will include ligh refrehmen. Pleae RSVP o he Lake Wale Mueum a The Lake Wale Mueum & Culural Cener i open Tueday o Saurday from 9 a.m.o 5 p.m. Admiion i free. Parking i free and he fir floor i acceible for peron wih diabiliie, wheelchair and roller. For more informaion conac he Lake Wale Mueum, 325 S. Scenic Highway, Lake Wale, Florida 33853; or vii Depo-Mueum. U Your New Tip To: SEBRING GUN WIN A FREE AR-15! SH MARCH 10-11, 2018 SATURDAY 9am-5pm SUNDAY 9am-4pm Highland Couny Fairground 781 Magnolia Ave Sebring, FL LAST SHOW TILL 2019! HANDGUNS AR-15 HUNTING RIFLES ANTIQUE GUNS MILITARY GUNS AMMUNITION STUN GUNS PEPPER SPRAY ACCESSORIES & MORE! BRING THIS AD FOR $ 1.00 OFF ADMISSION! $ REG. ADMISSION KIDS UNDER 14 FREE EXPRESS 90 MINUTE CONCEALED WEAPON CLASSES! Sponored by: SPRAY AND PRAY GUNS & AMMO AND INDOOR RANGE OF SEBRING! W adno=

11 Romance i a genre abou women, by women and pored over by women - 84 percen of reader are female, according o Romance Wrier of America. I a $1 billion indury, and 35 percen of romance book buyer have been reading hem for 20 year or more, according o RWA. So afer a year when periing and reiing were he norm - wha doe hi world of ficion look like? Have romance novel evolved given he curren ocial/poliical climae? The anwer o ha i ye, bu no in a big boom kind of way, aid Joanne Gran, ediorial direcor of he Harlequin Serie. I hink hi i omehing ha will coninue o hape romance over ime, bu I alo feel rongly ha hi i a converaion we ve been having over he coure of year, he aid. I no a new hing for u o paue and look a our male/female dynamic: how we porray ex, conen, how do we keep he fanay alive while making ure ha he heroine i relaable in he 21 cenury? Auhor Beverly Jenkin, who ha made her name in African-American hiorical, aid uch work i ongoing. The Belleville, Mich., wrier whoe fir book wa publihed in 1994, aid curren wrier of romance are bringing a differen minde, a differen focu o he ory, where conen i he hing. Bu he alo menion ha, a hing evolve, he main purpoe of romance i conien. Romance offer ha comfor read, bu i alo offer reiance. You have a lo of femini who are wriing romance, Aliha Rai, Alya Cole, Sarah MacLean, and hey re all puing ha kind of hread hrough heir book. Reiance ha alway been here. Women have alway had o rei in order o ge wha hey wan ou of life, Jenkin aid. And reiance come in a variey of form - from young adul novel wih LGBTQ characer by Audrey Coulhur o poliical romance from Emma Barry o ineracive romance from Anderonville and Ravenwood reiden Laria Zageri and Kiy Curran, where a reader can chooe a preferred happily-ever-afer ending and exualiy. Reiance alo come in he form of more voice in he mix - like Sonali Dev, of Naperville, whoe work ha been referred o a Bollywood-yle love orie, and Farrah Rochon, a elf-publihed auhor of over 30 African- American conemporary romance who i on he RWA board of direcor. Reiance can be found no only in hahag, bu in he hiory of romance ielf, a Wahingon Po columni and romance noveli MacLean ae. From he 1972 book The Flame and he Flower, he romance genre wa born on a ma marke cale, and from i page of forced educion came he meaphor for he women movemen, he aid. Mo cholar of romance will ell you he arc of hi book i kind of a meaphor for he women movemen in general, meaning, if you look a he hero a ociey and he heroine a women, ulimaely, equaliy i he goal beween hem, MacLean aid. Wha followed, aid he auhor of The Day of he Duche, were workplace romance of he 1980, romance of he 90, where he good guy wa born amid culural aifacion, and he world afer 9/11 ha aw he rie of paranormal romance. By he lae 2000, here wa he economic crah, and we aw he rie of Fify Shade of Grey and he billionaire, MacLean aid. Lieraure like o ee women maryred, and hey like o ee people of color maryred, and queer people maryred and diabled people maryred, bu romance doen do ha, he aid. Romance ha ofen been he only place in media where women can ee hemelve a he cener of he ory riumphing.. There a lo of power in happily ever afer. In 2017, I hink many of u came o a place where we realized ha he be way for u o rei wa for u o ell orie where we win, and he be way o how he oher ide ha Tueday, March 6, 2018 HIGHLANDS NEWS-SUN B3 Where are romance novel headed given he ae of women iue? By DARCEL ROCKETT CHICAGO TRIBUNE Ju in cae you needed a legiimae excue o be mey, here a new udy ha ay cleaning may acually be bad for your healh. Reearcher a he Univeriy of Bergen in Norway found ha regular ue of cleaning pray conribued o a greaer decline in lung funcion compared o hoe who did no clean. The udy, publihed in he American Thoracic Sociey American Journal of Repiraory and Criical Care Medicine, focued on women who work a cleaner or regularly ue cleaning pray. The 20-year reearch projec ha involved JOVANI CARLO GOROSPE/ DREAMSTIME/TNS Romance i a genre abou women, by women and pored over by women percen of reader are female, according o Romance Wrier of America. more han 6,000 paricipan, concluded ha he women who worked a cleaner had he comparable lung funcion of omeone who moked for abou 20 pack-year. Scieni define one pack year a being he equivalen of 20 cigaree moked daily for one year. Tha level of lung impairmen wa urpriing a fir, aid lead udy auhor Øiein Svane, a docoral uden a he Deparmen for Clinical Science. However, when you hink of inhaling mall paricle from cleaning agen ha are mean for cleaning he floor and no your lung, maybe i i no o urpriing afer all. Reearcher peculae ha he decline in lung we will urvive hem i o how ourelve in happine. becaue happine i orure in i own way. SISTER RESISTERS If reiance i a mainay for romance novel, wha are he change ha are aking place on he page? Auhor all ae o making ure conen and agency are fron and cener in he genre of he female gaze. I hink ha women, in general, have been galvanized over he pa year, kind of ready o figh - wheher i omebody ha going o go ou here fighing or omebody who going o ue heir wi, hey have agency; hey re helping propel he ory forward by making heir own deciion, wheher bad or good, aid Of Fire and Sar auhor Coulhur. Change on he romance fron in 2018 will alo enail more divere voice - from auhor o he characer hey enviion. There wa omehing abou 2017 and he puhback of diveriy and incluion wih hi adminiraion, ha I hink i propelled i more o he forefron. I alway been here, bu here wa omehing abou 2017, Rochon aid. We ve een a lo more lebian, biexual, nonbinary romance. My hope i ha will coninue, aid Oak Park, Ill.-baed freelance book edior Chria Soule Deir. Some of he greae novel ha have come ou in hi genre, over he pa few year, have feaured deeply flawed characer who deerve o have a voice. Heidi Cullinan Carry he Ocean feaure a gay funcion i aribued o he irriaion mo cleaning chemical caue on he mucou membrane lining he airway. Unforunaely, Svane doen recommend we ju give up cleaning o proec our healh. Hi romance beween a characer wih auim and a characer wih major depreive diorder, and i one of he be love orie I ve read in a long ime.. I a grea demonraion of he evoluion of romance. Sarah Wendell, of he blog marbicherahybook.com, i looking forward o reading more of he exploraion of female rage and anger, and he caaly ha anger can provide. Seeing feeling of fruraion and marginalizaion repreened alongide acion i inpiring, boh in ficion and in real life, he aid. FUTURE FORWARD The genre ha a olid foundaion, and according o fan and profeional, ha bae will only ge ronger. Auhor are now hinking of how he genre will puh he converaion of female empowermen and equaliy forward in All ar or wriing i mean o be fun, aid Zageri. I hink if you don how accepance in a variey of experience in wha i our poppie of pop ar, hen wha are we aying abou our life? I ha o be here. Romance didn ju urn femini. I been, aid Dev. You have all he agency, and he proagoni i female. Bu a he hear, romance i abou wha women wan. I abou how hey wan o go abou geing i, in heir voice - if ha no feminim, I don know wha i. Here o 2018 and women changing he world again, MacLean aid. We can ru anyone ele o do i. Cauion: Cleaning hi way i like moking a pack a day, udy ay By ROBERT RODRIGUEZ THE FRESNO BEE Free app eache you how o make over 300 cockail By CORIN HIRSCH NEWSDAY Wha i pommeau? Wha doe i mean o dry-hake a cockail? And how do you make a Lawn Dar, or a French 75? The anwer o hee perplexing queion lurk in Taerall, a new iphone app releaed Dec. 7 by Taerall Diilling, a dynamic, 2-year-old Minneapoli diillery whoe co-founder Dan Okey wa a longime barender. He ha ifed hrough cockail recipe o cinch ogeher 330 of hem, boh claic and modern, for he app iniial verion; more will be added in For armchair browing, here are video on echnique uch a muddling and dry-haking (haking wihou ice); recipe for ingredien uch a orgea and rhubarb hrub; and a gloary of drink erm (for inance, pommeau i a cordial of apple brandy and unfermened cider). While a Lawn Dar i a complex drink ha include boh muddled bell pepper and aquavi, a French 75 i a refrehing parkling-wine cockail everyone hould have in heir back pocke. --- FRENCH 75 Thi recipe i adaped from he Taerall app. 2 ounce gin 3/4 ounce frehqueezed lemon juice adno= /4 ounce imple yrup 2 ounce parkling wine Combine he fir hree ingredien in a cockail haker. Fill wih ice, and hake vigorouly. Srain ino a Champagne gla. Top wih parkling wine. Twi a lemon peel over he gla o ha i oil mi ino he drink, hen garnih wih expreed lemon peel. Make 1 erving. Find he Taerall app in iphone app ore. adno= uggeion i o develop cleaning produc ha can be inhaled, or ue impler cleaning mehod. Microfiber cloh and waer, he aid, are more han enough for mo purpoe. Ida Hairpor & Unique Bouique Jennifer A. Wolf, PA-C OF 5825 US 27 Norh Sebring, FL SKIN (7546) Wig Sale & Service Women & Men Hairyling PERMS COLORING SHAPING STYLING S. Main Ave. Lake Placid, FL Open Mon - Fri 9:30-5:00 Sa 10:00-2:00 Hearland Skin Cener Our Specialy i You Have you Had Your Skin Cancer Screening Thi Year? Complee range of kin ervice available including: HearlandSkinCener.com Now Acceping New Paien adno=

12 B4 HIGHLANDS NEWS-SUN Tueday, March 6, Why pulled pork i one of he be hing o cook in your Inan Po By Erin Booke THE DALLAS MORNING NEWS Excerped from The Eenial Inan Po Cookbook by Coco Morane --- PULLED PORK ADOBO Pork houlder recipe are abundan in he world of preure cooking for a reaon: They make fanaic ue of he Inan Po quick-cooking power, which urn hi ough cu for braiing ender and eay o hred in le han an hour. Flavorful, aucy pork adobo make a grea aco, burrio or amale filling or a good main coure wih ide of rice and bean. The auce recipe yield wice a much a you need for pork, bu he exra bach freeze well. Any lefover pork will keep oo, for up o a couple of day in he refrigeraor or up o 3 monh in he freezer. 4 ancho chile 4 guajillo chile 4 clove garlic 1 yellow onion, cu ino 1-inch piece 1 1/2 eapoon koher al 1/2 eapoon ground cumin 1/2 eapoon oregano 1/2 eapoon black pepper 1/2 eapoon ground cinnamon 1/4 eapoon cayenne pepper 1 cup freh orange juice 1 bonele pork houlder roa, abou 3 pound 1 eapoon koher al (divided ue) 1/2 eapoon frehly ground black pepper 2 ablepoon avocado oil or oher neural oil wih high moke poin 2 yellow onion, liced 1/2 cup low-odium chicken broh or waer To make he auce, bring a kele of waer o a boil on he ove. Place he ancho and guajillo chile in a heaproof bowl, add boiling waer o cover, and le oak for 20 minue, unil ofened. Remove he chile from he waer, remove heir em, pli hem in half lenghwie, and crape ou heir eed and rib. Dicard he oaking waer. In a blender, combine he chile, garlic, onion, koher al, cumin, oregano, black pepper, cinnamon, cayenne and orange juice and proce unil a mooh puree form. You hould have abou 2 cup. Meaure 1 cup for hi recipe and e aide. Tranfer he remainder o an airigh conainer and freeze for up o 3 monh. To cook he pork, cu he roa ino 4-inch cube - i i fine if hey are a bi irregular - and eaon hem wih 1/2 eapoon of he al and all of he pepper. Selec he Saué eing on he Inan Po, adju he hea level o More, and hea he oil. Uing ong, place he pork cube in he po. Sear he pork for abou 6 minue, unil well browned on he fir ide. Flip he piece over and ear for abou 6 minue longer, unil well browned on he econd ide. Uing he ong, ranfer he pork o a plae. Add he onion and he remaining 1/2 eapoon al and aué for abou 5 minue, unil he onion have ofened. Sir in he broh and he 1 cup adobo auce, hen reurn he eared pork o he po and ir o coa i wih he auce. Arrange he pork piece in a ingle layer. Secure he lid and e he Preure Releae o Sealing. Pre he Cancel buon o ree he cooking program, hen elec he Mea/Sew eing and e he cooking ime for 50 minue a high preure. Perform a quick releae by moving he Preure Releae o Vening. Open he po and, uing he ong or a loed poon, ranfer he pork o a carving board or large dih. Pre he Cancel buon o ree he cooking program, hen elec he Saué eing. Le he auce immer, uncovered, for 15 minue. Meanwhile, ue a pair of fork o hred he pork. When he auce i ready, reurn he DETROIT FREE PRESS/ TNS The Inan Po, a ho Chrima gif for he cook, phoographed on Tueday, Nov, 21, 2017 a he Deroi Free Pre in Deroi, Mich. hredded pork o he po and ir o combine. A hi poin, you can elec he Keep Warm eing o keep he auce and mea DO YOU HAVE THE NEXT BIG STORY OR NEWS TIP TO SHARE? warm for up o 10 hour before erving. Serve he pork righ away, refrigerae i for up o 48 hour, or freeze i in zipper-eal bag for up o 4 monh. To make a mooh, hicker auce, before adding he mea, ue an immerion blender o blend he auce. To preven plaering and o blend he auce evenly, wearing hea-reian mi, lif he inner po ou of he houing, hen il he po o make ure he immerion blender head i fully ubmerged in he auce. Make 6 o 8 erving. Pork Adobo Taco: Warm corn orilla and op hem wih he pork, liced or pickled red onion and freh cilanro. SOURCE: The Eenial Inan Po Cookbook by Coco Morane (Ten Speed Pre) Your New Tip To: adno=

13 Tueday, March 6, 2018 HIGHLANDS NEWS-SUN B5 LEGAL HOMES FOR SALE 1020 MOBILE HOMES FOR SALE 1090 FURNISHED APARTMENTS 1322 HELP WANTED 2001 HELP WANTED 2001 NOTICES NOTICE OF AUCTION 19 Inigh Aucioneer & Sale, Inc Sae Rd 66, Sebring FL SURPLUS PUBLIC AUCTION Vehicle, Food Service Equip, Mic. From: Highland Couny School Board, Ciy of Barow, Ciy of Sebring, Town of Lake Placid, Hendry Couny School Board, Hardee Couny PublIc Work and Glade Elecric, Sun-N-Lake, Highland Couny Sheriff Office, Highland Couny Board of Couny Commiioner, Deoo Couny Board of Couny Commiioner. Saurday March 9am EARN 8% INTEREST 1 MONEYMORTGAGES Secured by Real Eae Shor Term & Long Term M. CHEELEY, P.A Succeful Real Eae Broker/Teacher You Save Big Buck Shopping Claified! Race Week Renal If you are planning o ren your room, ap., houe or condo for Race Week, call he Claified Deparmen o place your ad o he Fan can find your renal! RACE WEEK: March REAL ESTATE EQUAL HOUSING OPPORTUNITY We Are Pledged To The Leer And Spiri of U.S. Policy For The Achievemen Of Equal Houing Opporuniy Throughou The Naion. We Encourage And Suppor An Affirmaive Adveriing And Markeing Program In Which here Are No Barrier To Obaining Houing Becaue of Race, Color, Religion, Sec, Handicap, Familial Sau Or Naional Origin. HOMES FOR SALE 1020 By Owner~203 N. Har Ave. Avon Park. 3/1 w/ bonu rm, panry & laundry rm, 2 crn rm, lrg fenced corner lo, on of frui ree & plan! $73k obo BEAUTIFUL, SPACIOUS, CLEAN AND LARGE HOME FOR SALE 828 Cafih Creek Rd., Lake Placid For Sale By Owner 3 large bedroom, 3 bahroom, exra large family room wih real wood burning fireplace, 9 cloe (2 are walkin), granie kichen couner and all appliance, waher & dryer, 2 large creen porche, AND DETACHED 4TH BR SUITE W/BATHRROM OR HOBBY ROOM/WORK- SHOP/EXTRA STORAGE Oher ameniie include: 9 ceiling fan, elecric garage door opener, auomaic lawn irrigaion by well & excellen lawn grooming, laminae wood floor, fenced rear yard & exerior lighing. Priced o ell $178,000 Call Chip Eifler or WATERFRONT HOMES 1030 Lake Iokpoga 3200 q f canal home 3/2, many exra, boa houe & fih cleaning, $299,000, CONDOS/VILLAS FOR SALE /1 Villa in Covered Bridge Compleely Remodeled! Move in Ready! $117, MOBILE HOMES FOR SALE x60 2/2 pli floor plan, 2 Fla room, furn. New kichen, bah & roof; newer A/C. Oak Ridge MHP (pe friendly). $14, , x34 park model home w/fla rm, rear hed & paio. Fully furn, updaed & remodeled. Move-in ready. Sunhine RV Reor, LP /2 Furn 55+park, Sebring~ 14x60. Updaed iding w/new window, landcaping, lg ki w/new cabine, new appl. Exra Galore! Dbl driveway. On canal wih deck. Clubhoue, pool. $39,900. A Cu Above! / Mobile Home Lake Placid Park~2br/1bh 56' big corner lo, waher/dryer incl., mo furn. ay., cenral air/hea pump. New pain ouide & in. Roof ealed. Pool, enni, horehoe & pickleball. Affordable lo ren Avon Park~ 2/2/2 on own lo a Knoll 55+park. Pool, W/D, hed & nicely landcaped. $89, D/W 2/2, iding & rubber roof, like new, no lo ren, Fairmon E MHP 3249 Delaware Ave , Dblwide Hammock E, no pe, low mo. rae, renovaed in/ou. Move-in ready, $54,500, for app. Highland Mobile Park, Sebring~ 1/1. Mu Sell! Price Negoiable Lake Iokpoga Canal~1/1, 52 furn w/22 ponoon boa & 2010 Club Car. All exc. cond! Small park. $210/mo lo ren. $35k obo Own Your Own Lo~ x50 w/unroom, 2 carpor & 2 hed. No fee/pe. Reduced Price! Highland Mobile Village~ 2/1.5 FL rm, creen rm, new appliance, New AC w/heaer, walk o hopping! $9, NEW Dblwide, Hammock E.~2/2, Many Upgrade in 55+ (no pe). Lowly mo. rae Price Neg. Mu ee o appreciae! Avon Park~ RV home in permanen e up in park. Owner financing avail/ren o own $6, or Sebring 2/2 inglewide~in clean 55+park. Carpor, unrm & hed. Comp. furn., W/D. $18, Sebring-2/1.5, 55+ park, 14x50 w/12x60 add. Fl rm w/new flooring, uil rm. new roof, carpor FIND YOUR BEST FRIEND IN THE CLASSIFIEDS! LP Sunhine RV Park~1BR, 36 wih 2 ip ou & 34 FL rm! 11x6 hed, golf car, W/D Turnkey. Reduced: $13k! MUST SELL ASAP! WANTED TO BUY 1120 Lake Placid CASH for Your Home! Rapid Cloing; Any Condiion. Mu have ufficien equiy. Ken HOMES FOR RENT 1210 Lake Placid~3/2 w/rec or fam. rm, dining rm & huge pool w/jacuzzi; i on 1/2 acre. $1,300 + ec Aparmen & Houe for Ren in Highland Couny Saring a $450 Pe Friendly! Call Mike Sebring~3/1.5 lrg. fam. rm, crn porch. Cloe o hopial & Walmar. $900 +1, L & ec. No pe UNFURNISHED HOUSE FOR RENT 1214 FROSTPROOF $599 1b/1b FROSTPROOF $850 2b/1b Lakefron-Dock-Cenral AC Avail. now- lv m CONDOS/VILLAS FOR RENT 1240 Race Fan Welcome! Sebring 2/2 on Lake Jackon~Cable incl. Ameniie incl. pool & laundry. $1,275/wk APARTMENTS FOR RENT 1320 Acceping Applicaion 1 & 2 BR Ap Cale Hill Aparmen 1025 Cale Hill Drive Avon Park, FL TDD 711 Available o individual 62 year of age or older. Handicap/diabled, regardle of age. Thi iniuion i an Equal Opporuniy Provider Sebring~ 2BR, $650: 1BR $425. Incl. waer, ewer & garbage! No pe Free ren or reduced ren in exchange for handyman & gardening. Gian furnihed udio aparmen overlooking lake in Lake Placid. Call Charley MOBILE HOMES FOR RENT 1340 Sebring~ Reiree Deligh! On waer, furnihed or unfurnihed. Call for appoinmen VACATION/ SEASONAL RENTALS 1390 Available Jan, Feb, March bd gue houe, comp. furn., counry eing in Sebring COMMERCIAL RENTAL 1392 Sebring *Libery Sar Plaza* Leaing ,000 qf; Buil ou. US 27 Near SR WANTED TO RENT 1420 Couple looking for renal in Sebring/Avon Park for Jan- March Reference avail LOTS & ACREAGE 1500 Lake Okeechobee Lo Channel w/eawall & dock, 110 x78, exiing lab, empy epic, elecr. & waer hookup. REDUCED!! $27K or ARCADIA 55 acre parcel w/ lake for ren or ale. Waer, elecric, epic on ie. Need your OWN 5h wheel or mobile home. $725/mo. Call Sebring~ Sun n Lake Golf communiy buildable lo on paved rd. 80 x 125. $11, VARIETY OF AFFORDABLE, Eaern Monana properie For Sale! Many opporuniie in a grea recreaional area! Pleae go o our webie or call (406) EMPLOYMENT HELP WANTED 2001 A Mainenance Peron Waned: Reponb for mowing, weed eaing all ground; lg handyman & repair work; ome janiorial work. $10/hr or Chicane i Now Hiring: ALL POSITIONS Apply a 3101Golfview Rd., Sebring. Cla A CDL/Excavaor Loader~ Exp d; Demo work; Mechanical Skill & Dump Truck Exp Male or female needed o cook 3 nigh a week for 2 enior. Call Media Poiion Available Solmar Media, LLC i Now Hiring: Ouide Sale: Bilingual & experienced. Work from home covering Sebring, Polk Couny, Saraoa and Por Charloe. Bilingual Traffic/Producion Aian: a he Zolfo Spring udio. 25 hr/wk. Mu have: Compuer kill; abiliy o read, wrie & peak Englih & Spanih. Apply: Fax reume o: (863) or o: Full Time COOK for Skilled Nuring Faciliy We have a grea opporuniy for a Full Time cook o join our eam. Experience in food ervice in a Skilled Nuring Faciliy preferred. Mu be able o follow menu and prepare food, organize duie o complee ray ervice in a imely manner, aure kichen equipmen and urface are clean and aniized according o dieary procedure, ore food in compliance wih dieary procedure. Apply in peron a Royal Care of Avon Park, 1213 W Sraford Rd., Avon Park, FL. EOE/DFWP CDL DRIVER WANTED Tree Experience helpful. Clean D/L and Pre-Employmen Drug Screen. Benefi & Paid Time Off provided! Call Experienced Lawn Care Worker Waned Call Tony: Conolidaed Ciru Limied Parnerhip Now Hiring: Heavy Equipmen Operaor Candidae mu have a valid driver licene. We offer compeiive pay & excellen benefi, including 401(k) wih company mach. Apply in peron: 63 Barn Rd., Venu FL, EOE /Drug-Free Workplace. $$HELP WANTED$$$ Earn Exra income aembling CD cae from Home. CALL OUR LIVE OPERATORS NOW! Ex Learn o Drive a Truck Ge your Commercial Driver' Licene oday a Souh Florida Sae College. Scholarhip are available o eligible paricipan Need a new Ride? Find i in he Claified! Become a licened Inurance Agen or Adjuer. Online raining i available fc.olraining.com Looking for employmen? Pleae vii hp://fc.inerviewexchange.com for poiion poing. EA/EO. Ve Pref. (eligible career poiion) PT Handyman Waned Mu be experienced & have own ool. Duie include: paining, ligh plumbing, ligh elecrical work & ap. urn. Call beween TDD 711 (Avon Park); or *Thi iniuion i an equal opporuniy provider & employer. Cla A CDL Truck Driver Needed o haul ciru hroughou Cenral FL. Mu have valid Cla A CDL lic. & clean driving record. EOE/Drug Free workplace. Call FULL TIME PAGINATOR/GRAPHIC ARTIST WANTED Do you have a creaive eye? Solid deign kill? Enjoy working in an exciing environmen? We are building a deign eam and we wan you o be a par of i! Deign and layou page in a clean and exciing fahion for everal prin publicaion. Creae ad and deign cover for pecial ecion and oher publicaion. Nigh and weekend required. Experience in InDeign and Adobe Creaive Suie preferred. Proofreading kill a mu. The Highland New-Sun and Highland Sun offer a compeiive compenaion package including alary plu incenive, a benefi package, and pleny of opporuniy for advancemen. We are a drug and obacco free workplace. Pre-employmen drug/nicoine creening required. Send reume and deign ample o: Donna Scherlacher Muli Media Direcor highlandnewun.com 315 US Hwy 27 N., Sebring, FL PROFESSIONAL 2010 CAD Drafer Needed Cool and Cobb Engineering Co Recommended 2yr CAD Drafing Experience; Deign Floor Plan, Elevaion, Rendering, Sie Skeche, ec.; Abiliy o read Conrucion Plan; Proficien in MS Word, Oulook & Excel Call for App Fir Bapi Prechool i looking for an exp. Chriian Teacher o fill an immediae poiion. Mu have exp. eaching uing a curriculum, VPK, phonic, or oher equivalency. Mu have all DCF req. coure. CPR & Fir Aid pref. Pay depend on exp. & raining. Applicaion w/reume can be acquired a 200 E Cener Ave., Sebring. CLERICAL/OFFICE 2020 P/T Church Secreary Needed. Mu be proficien in Publiher, Word and Excel. Call MEDICAL 2030 Reidenial Aian - FT HS Diploma/Good Driving Rec. Apply a CareerSource Hearland 5901 US Hwy. 27 S., Sebring EOE/Drug Free Workplace Adverie Today! CNA/Cerified MA Full-ime for buy pecialy pracice. Mu have cerificaion up o dae. Benefi available. reume o: joinpine.com

14 B6 HIGHLANDS NEWS-SUN Tueday, March 6, MEDICAL 2030 MEDICAL MUSICAL 6090 DOGS 6233 CNA/Cerified MA Full-ime. Mu have cerificaion up o dae. Billing Speciali Experience required. For buy pecialy pracice. Benefi available. reume o: joinpine.com CERTIFIED NURSING ASSISTANT SIGN ON BONUS FOR ALL FT AND PT CNA We are currenly eeking Full Time, Par Time and PRN CNA o join our eam! Thi role i reponible for delivering qualiy care o reiden and mainaning a poiive ineracion wih familie, aff and oher healhcare profeion. We offer excellen benefi for all FT employee 32 hour or more per week. Healh benefi ar afer 60 day! Excellen weekend hif differenial. Apply in peron a Royal Care of Avon Park, 1213 W Sraford Rd., Avon Park, FL. EOE/DFWP Immediae Need Medical Aian w/phleboomy Skill Nure Praciioner or Phyician Aian To Apply Online, Vii: Oak a Avon HIRING LPN Full-Time & Par-Time Poiion Career Advancemen Opporuniie All Eligible Applican will be Inerviewed Direcly. Highly Compeive Salarie Reader Choice Award Faciliy Apply a 1010 US Hwy 27 N., Avon Park or fax reume o Tammy Padilla a OAKS AT AVON I Hiring CNA Full/Par- Time, all hif. Apply a 1010 Hwy 27N Avon Park or fax reume o Tammy Padilla a Oak a Avon SIGN ON BONUS New Wage Reader Choice Award Faciliy HIRING RN Full-Time & Par-Time Poiion Flexible Shif Available Career Advancemen Opporuniie All Eligible Applican will be Inerviewed Direcly. Apply a 1010 US Hwy 27 N., Avon Park or fax reume o Tammy Padilla a Medical Aian Needed in Sebring. FT or PT, exp. required. Grea pay, PTO, healh & diabiliy inurance, 401K & oher benefi. Submi reume o Grea Deal in he Claified! Par Time Pharmaci Needed~Fax Reume o RN and LPN for Skilled Nuring Faciliy 5 STAR nuring faciliy hiring RN and LPN wih one year Long Term Care Experience a plu. Twelve hour hif 7p o 7a - Full Time, Par Time and PRN. Immediae need for RN Supervior for every oher weekend. 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Qualiy buil, mu ee! 32 all new laminae flr. All reaonable offer acceped or Cedar Creek 5h Wheel~38, level/up yem, W/D, dual AC, hermal window, king bed, new ire. EXC. COND! $22k I Buy Travel Trailer, 5h Wheel, Moor Home & Truck. I Come o You! MOTOR HOMES/ RV Cla A Moor Home~ 3 lide ou. 17,500mi., ga moor, leep 6. Exc. Cond!! $29, Find he perfec companion in he Claified! 2006 SeaBreeze LX~ 35, 22,500k mi. Garage kep, 2 lide, new ba() & ire, V-10 Ford. Exc. cond. Mu See! $41,500 obo ANTIQUE FROM PAGE 1 overall deign aeheic. For inance, Wrigh colorful ained gla window for he children playhoue of he Avery Coonley Houe in Riveride, Illinoi focued on he family acive lifeyle wih young children. Wrigh building made he hearh he cener of he home. The nucleu of hi reidenial rucure, he fireplace erved a a meeing place in Wrigh home deign wih ample eaing and room for a large roaring fire a i he cae in Wrigh archiecural deign of he maive hearh in he Darwin D. Marin Houe in Buffalo, New York. Wrigh deigned all apec of hi building which became a mainay in he hiory of DIVA FROM PAGE 1 and more compleely differen han keoi. Anoher myh (and again, I ve een hi perpeuaed on Pinere) i you can prey much ea any fa you wan, a long a you re chooing fa over oher macronurien. So no rue! Your body ill need nurien. And while bacon, buer and cheee are cerainly a par of he keo die, i no all of i and woe o hoe who go ha roue. And laly, you ve heard hi one, I m ure your brain need glucoe o operae. Where doe glucoe come from? Carb! Bu here why you don need carb o make ha happen. There a proce called gluconeogenei, which mean you conver proein o glucoe and ha i wha feed your brain. A a maer of fac, here i cience ha uppor ha hi i uperior fuel for your brain. I a maer of adaping o running on fa v ugar i all i ju geing here ha can be problemaic. The carb flu i a ympom of omeone becoming fa adaped and brain fog TEACH FROM PAGE 1 i imporan a a chool in Souh Korea. You mu be profeional looking a all ime, he aid. We had camera in all he claroom, o he paren could wach anyime hey waned. Bu i a challenge o look profeional all he ime when you re working wih kindergarner. Afer a long-diance relaionhip evolved, Sole moved o Albera, Canada during he ummer of 2014, o be wih her fuure huband Evan. She now eache a a chool on a Fir Naion reerve, called Sunchild. Fir Naion are he predominan indigenou people in Canada who live ouh of he Arcic. The people of Sunchild reerve are Cree, one of he large group of Fir Naion in Canada. I each grade 3, he aid. I ared ubiue eaching during he la chool year, and I m in he middle of my fir full year a a eacher in Canada. Sole explained ha learning o be flexible in Korea prepared her for Canada. Sunchild i a mall communiy, o if he previou chief wife paed away, we would hu down he chool for one day ou of repec. archiecure. I follow ha while many of Wrigh building have been on he real eae marke for high price, hi furnihing and deign elemen from hee houe are capivaing o collecor. The marke for Wrigh deign objec indicae he curren inere in archiecural alvage, vinage and anique furnihing and acceorie. Wrigh wa a highly repeced deigner from he foundaion of hi building o he furnihing. Wrigh deigned window in ained and leaded gla, chair, able, erving piece, buil in eaing pace and orage area, exile, carpe, ligh fixure, planer, culpure, ec. Thee objec have become of grea inere o collecor. Some inereing Wrigh objec demonrae he inere in archiecural elemen a a ecor of he anique migh be one of hoe ympom. Bu he good new i i emporary once adaped, people who have done i will ell you hey ve never had more clariy, dropped weigh efforlely and feel fanaic. I hope ha help you underand a lile bi more abou hi keo die uff. A a nuriioni, I ve een i all (hey, I ve been doing hi for 25 year) o for me, he bigge icking poin of coure i he nuriion ide of hing. Geing hoe nurien in i criical in he hor run and in he long run. We developed our own nurien-rich verion of keo called The Ho Mel Die and have een amazing reul in our own lile excluive Facebook group of Ho Meler. I really exciing o ee heir reul. Here a recipe from our Ho Mel Die i our Ho Mel Spaghei, and people are going crazy over i. Enjoy. Ho Mel Spaghei Ingredien 2 zucchini, piralized 1 onion, chopped 2 clove of garlic, preed 1 ablepoon ghee or You have o be flexible and change your cla leon. She ha oberved he caring naure of he people of Sunchild and ha become acceped ino he communiy. If you how repec o he people of Sunchild, hey are welcoming and haring of hemelve, he aid. The people of Sunchild are concerned abou loing heir culure and language, Sole aid. We ve had elder of he reerve come o he chool o he uden can ak hem abou Cree hiory and culure. A chool, we ry o have wea lodge and pow wow. Inead of aking a Spanih cla, he uden have Cree cla o ha hey mainain heir language. I ve worked a comparion of Cree culure and anoher culure ino my ocial udie curriculum. One daily pracice Sole ha experienced i mudging. The elder come in wih wha look like a lile po in which hey burn age. The elder place i on a dek, and he uden pull he moke over heir face or hear a a cleaning or for good luck. Sole applaud he chool adminiraor for hi uppor. He ruly care abou he uden. He wan hem o marke a well a he way collecor are engaged o live among Wrighian objec. Popular Wrigh objec range from ligh fixure and ained-gla window o lounge chair and carpe remnan. Here are he op Wrigh objec ha have old on he marke in he la year howing he inere in Frank Lloyd Wrigh a a deigner: 1. Hanging lamp, John Sorer Houe, Hollywood, olive oil 1 can (14.5 ounce) diced omaoe or freh equivalen 1 eapoon hyme 1 eapoon oregano al and pepper o ae dah of red wine 1 pound Ialian auage, cooked hredded Parmean cheee (opional) Preparaion Fir up, in a large kille, hea he ghee and add he onion. When he onion become ranlucen, now add he omaoe, pice and immer a couple of minue. Ue a poao maher o muh up he omaoe. Add he garlic now and red wine and immer anoher few minue. Add he zucchini o he pan and cover. Allow o immer for a few minue unil cooked hrough, abou 2 o 3 minue. Now add he cooked auage and mix alogeher. Serve in a bowl, op wih parmean if you like. Leanne Ely i a NYT beelling auhor and he creaor of hp:// SavingDinner.com, he original menu planning webie, bringing familie back o he dinner able for over 15 year. underand ha hey can do or become anyhing hey chooe. The only downide o eaching a he reerve are he effec of generaional rauma from he 1960 and 1970 he Big Scoop when he naional governmen ried o wipe ou he naive culure, Sole aid. The Sixie Scoop wa a pracice in Canada in he 1960 of aking children of aboriginal people from heir familie and placing hem in foer home or adopion, primarily, wih whie familie in Norh America and Europe. An eimaed 20,000 aboriginal children were aken. Inergeneraional rauma may be experienced wihin a family in which he paren or grandparen were raumaized, and each ubequen generaion of he family may coninue o experience rauma in ome form. Self-derucive behavior, uch a depreion, family violence, uicidal and homicidal hough, and addicion, can manife from unreolved rauma. You do ee ome of ha rauma addicion, abue, Sole aid. I ve been privy o circumance you don ee in oher place. So, you creae a bubble in your claroom ha make i a afe environmen. A my chool, here i a freedom o be affecionae Courey phoo/ Frank Lloyd Wrigh Darwin D. Marin houe in Buffalo, New York. CA, 1923 $36, Lounge chair, Clarence Sondern Houe, Kana Ciy, MO, 1939 $15, Sained gla window, Lake Geneva Hoel, Lake Geneva, WI, 1911 $10, Sained gla window, Avery Coonley Houe, Riveride, IL 1908 $8, Leaher chair, Franci W. Lile Houe, Wayzaa, MN, circa $4, Sanding oak dek, Frank L. Smih Bank, Dwigh, IL, 1905 $4, Upholered bench, Uniarian Meeing Houe, Madion, WI, 1951 $3, Wae bake, Larkin Building, Buffalo, NY, circa 1906 $2, Bound carpe remnan, Arizona Bilmore, Phoenix, AZ, 1929 $ Buffalo Poery china plae wih Larkin Co. logo by Wrigh, circa 1905 $150 A Wrigh enhuia conider aking on he projec of buying and updaing a Wrigh home or building, many lover of modern archiecure are quie aified wih a planer, wae bake or rug deigned by Wrigh. Today, hee archiecural elemen are become much eaier o find and afford. Dr. Lori Verderame i he auhor, anique appraier, and award-winning TV peronaliy who appear on Hiory channel The Cure of Oak Iland. Wih a Ph.D. from Penn Sae Univeriy and va appraial experience, Dr. Lori preen appraial even o worldwide audience. Vii www. DrLoriV.com/even or call wih he kid. The more poiive I am wih hem, he more poiive hey feel abou hemelve. I make a poin in he morning o know wha hey need i may be a high five, a fi bump, anyhing hey need before hey go home. You funcion a half eacher, half mom wih hem. Bu Sole highly recommend eaching abroad o oher. I give you a beer appreciaion for your own culure, he aid. I broaden your horizon. You learn quickly wha you re willing o do and no willing o do. I help you be more aware of your uden in he cla. You pay more aenion, becaue you re no ure if i a child iue or a culure iue. Baed on her own experience, Sole offered word of widom o anyone inereed in becoming an elemenary chool eacher. Remember, i alway abou he kid. You will work far more han you ever expeced a a job. You re no ju a eacher, you re a pychologi, a pychiari, and a paren. And you have o love wha you do o ay wih hi job. Alo, Pinere can be your be friend. I ge a lo of idea for he claroom from Pinere. And finally, he aid, You wan o be flexible, for ure.

16 B8 HIGHLANDS NEWS-SUN Tueday, March 6, 2018 CHANGE FROM PAGE 1 Well, recalled being old her chance were nil. The neurourgeon didn wan o operae, bu we are o hankful he did. We aured him we didn expec miracle from i. We old him o do wha he doe and le u worry abou miracle, becaue we erve a God who ill perform hem. When old here wa no hope, her moher, recalled Hammond, old God if He wan going o reore her o 100 percen hen He hould ake her home. She ha he faih of a muard eed, bu knew I wouldn wan o live ha way. When he urvived he urgery, her moher ook hi a a ign of her full recovery ye o come. The deep faih of her family buoyed Billy. Her dad and uncle helped me have he faih I needed o wai for her o wake up, he aid. Billy houghfully added, Our live really began during he four monh when he wa in her coma. Boh had come from roubled marriage, bu when hey me, Billy recalled i being like omehing had grabbed hi oul. Complee oppoie, hey had found heir oher half. When Billy had injured himelf during a work acciden, Hammond had cared for him hrough i o Billy aid he never once conidered walking away. A her ide coninuouly, when he woke up, he urgeon couldn explain i. Hammond everyday fall had lef her wih a eriou brain injury, neceiaing he removal of a large ecion on her kull on he righ ide. For eigh monh, ha piece of bone wa frozen in orage a her brain welling healed. They removed a par of my brain, he ae in wonder, maaging he eaily fel crew and car now par of her peron. Tha Hammond can even peak of he acciden, le alone remember her iniial rehabiliaion in Jackonville or her coninued care here in Sebring a Kenilworh Care and Rehab, i aounding. I received excellen care, he aid. I COURTESY PHOTO Huband Billy Hammond, who never lef hi wife ide during four monh of coma and nearly wo year of recovery, credi God for her remarkable healing. knew if I could ge back home o Kenilworh, I wa almo here. In a wheelchair almo a year, hi healhcare profeional found herelf on he oher ide of reamen. I wen hrough hree differen rehabiliaion o ge my lef ide working again. Along he way, he wa old her drop foo would no recover, nor would her eyeigh. Bubbling over wih an enhuiaic ouhern drawl, he incredulouly ae, Bu look a me. I ve done nohing pecial. I ve ju been bleed by he ouch of God. He ge all he credi. I ve never done anyhing myelf. Her urgeon call her a walking miracle and he aid whenever he goe o he docor for follow up, here i alway a flurry abou her CAT can. I m miing a piece of my brain, o I houldn be able o walk or alk or anyhing. I freak hem all ou a bi, he laughed. In he mid of her grueling wo year recovery, Hammond urpriingly found peace. I wen from full force career o a dead op. God compleely changed my life. She ee hing differenly now and can help bu believe here i a plan. God wen hrough an awful lo o keep me here, he hrugged. She and Billy now live every day in anicipaion. We find ourelve wineing o people wherever we go, he aid. People ju walk up and ak her abou he whole iuaion. She a walking, alking miracle. Hammond in ure wha come nex, bu i uning ino her faih for direcion. I m ju rying o be ready, becaue you ju never know, he inied. No everyone i given he ime o ge i righ. I ju wan people o be ready. She alo now believe every lile hing i for a reaon. You hink you ju won ge hrough i, bu you will one way or anoher. Her moher ued o ell her hi hrough her aounding recovery and along he way Hammond learned i o be rue. When you ee her, ak her abou i. There no doub hi i ju he beginning of her ory. Buinee & Service 5000 CARPET SERVICES 5040 FURNITURE REPAIR 5086 HOME / COMM. IMPROVEMENT 5100 LAWN/GARDEN & TREE 5110 PEST CONTROL 5150 BUSINESS SERVICES 5002 GENERAL SERVICES Window Cleaning Power Wahing Handyman Vernon Youngblood LAND CLEARING ~Cruhed concree, driveway, road & park lo maerial, mulch, oil. 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17 The New Wire STATE NATIONAL WORLD BUSINESS WEATHER Tueday, March 6, h Academy Award Updae A man wa accued of ealing France McDormand Ocar aue. Alo, a li of he winner for hi year Academy Award i provided. See page 10 Florida Senae voe o approve gun rericion and arming chool official By MARY ELLEN KLAS TAMPA BAY TIMES In a dramaic move deigned o appeae Gov. Rick Sco and oher criic, he Florida Senae adoped a la-minue amendmen o i chool afey bill Monday ha will ake ome eacher ou of an opional program o allow chool peronnel o carry firearm in chool. Under he amendmen, propoed by Sen. Rene Garcia, R-Miami, claroom eacher would no be armed if a chool diric decide o paricipae in he o-called chool marhal program eablihed in repone o he ragedy a Marjory Soneman Dougla High School. However, oher chool peronnel, including uppor aff who provide ome inrucional work, curren or former ervicemen or JROTC inrucor, would be able o carry firearm. The goal i o make ure ha hoe inrucional peronnel ha are in he claroom canno paricipae in he program, Garcia aid. Thi i an op-in program I dependen on he chool diric and he heriff o deermine if i paricipae in he program. Sen. Bill Galvano, R-Bradenon, ponor of he bill, aid he uppored he meaure, adding ha i would eliminae he va majoriy of ha chool peronnel from paricipaing in ha program. I wa approved on a voice voe. Parkland uden and heir familie who came o Tallahaee repeaedly argued again arming eacher. Sco ha repeaed hi oppoiion o arming eacher and he iue i firmly oppoed by mo of he 28 member of he Legilaive Black Caucu. A aewide Quinnipiac Univeriy poll conduced la week aid 56 percen of voer oppoe giving eacher firearm and 40 percen uppor i. The poll alo howed ha a majoriy of Floridian alo uppor a aewide aaul weapon ban and limi on high-capaciy magazine bu, faced wih he difficul ak of defining uch a ban in he face of fierce oppoiion by he gun lobby, Florida legilaor rejeced hoe idea and inead choe o raie he age limi and expand he waiing period. The Senae began debae on he bill, SB 7026, afer pending nearly eigh hour on Saurday in a rare weekend floor eion, GUN 2 Neanyahu find repie wih Trump Leader alk abou Iran bu no Paleinian peace By TRACY WILKINSON and CHRISTI PARSONS TRIBUNE WASHINGTON BUREAU WASHINGTON Iraeli Prime Minier Benjamin Neanyahu, under iege from corrupion inveigaion and oher candal back home, found a warm repie Monday a he Whie Houe a he ar of a hree-day U.S. vii expeced o cener on Iran, no he alled Midea peace proce. Even a a criminal inveigaion ino Neanyahu deepened in Irael, he prime minier and Preiden Donald Trump hook hand wice, miled broadly for he camera and lavihed each oher wih praie in he Oval Office before hey a down o lunch wih heir wive and Cabine member. Trump and Neanyahu have bonded epecially cloely, in par over heir ego-driven yle, bu alo over he hrea from Iran and heir hared didain of Preiden Barack Obama. Their meeing offer a harp conra o Neanyahu vii wih Obama, when hey boh ofen a iff and unmiling. In brief commen o reporer, boh leader aid U.S.-Iraeli relaion are ronger han ever. We are very cloe on rade deal, we are very, very cloe on miliary and errorim and all of he hing ha we have o work ogeher on, Trump aid. The relaionhip ha never been beer. Neanyahu offered an enhuiaic endoremen of Trump deciion in December o recognize he divided ciy of Jerualem a capial of Irael, which previou adminiraion had refued o do in hope of furhering peace negoiaion. Neanyahu compared Trump o Cyru he Grea, an ancien Perian king who conquered a va empire and allowed he exiled Jew in Babylonia o reurn o heir anceral home o rebuild heir emple. The Jewih people have a long memory, Neanyahu aid. Trump deciion, he aid, will be remembered by our people hrough he age. Trump aid he i proud of recognizing Jerualem, which he aid oher preiden had promied bu never fulfilled. Criic ay he deciion upended hope for a negoiaed oluion o he Iraeli- Paleinian conflic ha included an independen ae for he Paleinian, who view Ea Jerualem a heir capial. AP PHOTO Preiden Donald Trump mee wih Iraeli Prime Minier Benjamin Neanyahu in he Oval Office of he Whie Houe on Monday in Wahingon. Trump aid he may ravel o Jerualem laer hi year when he U.S. Embay in Tel Aviv i ymbolically ranferred o Jerualem. Iniially, he embay will work ou of office wihin he U.S. Conulae in Jerualem wih a keleon aff. Trump eemed confued on hi poin, aying an embay could be conruced quickly for abou $250,000. Building a complee new embay ha mee curren ecuriy requiremen would be expeced o co a lea en of million of dollar. Boh Trump and Neanyahu are widely unpopular a home, and boh could ge a poliical boo from hi vii, a lea wih heir poliical bae. They re boh exper a building public uppor by demonizing heir foreign enemie, and hey have nohing bu didain for wha hey ee a a liberal pre corp ha i conanly aacking hem unfairly, aid Jon Alerman, direcor of he Middle Ea program a he Cener for Sraegic and Inernaional Sudie, a Wahingon hink ank. Bu he aid Neanyahu ha he mo NETANYAHU 2 AI ha a diry lile ecre: I powered by people By RYAN NAKASHIMA AP TECHNOLOGY WRITER SAN FRANCISCO There a diry lile ecre abou arificial inelligence: I powered by hundred of houand of real people. From makeup ari in Venezuela o women in conervaive par of India, people around he world are doing he digial equivalen of needlework drawing boxe around car in ree phoo, agging image, and rancribing nache of peech ha compuer can quie make ou. Such daa feed direcly ino machine learning algorihm ha help elf-driving car wind hrough raffic and le Alexa figure ou ha you wan he ligh on. Many uch echnologie wouldn work wihou maive quaniie of hi human-labeled daa. Thee repeiive ak pay pennie apiece. Bu in bulk, hi work can offer a decen wage in many par of he world even in he U.S. And i underpin a echnology ha could change humaniy forever: AI ha will drive u around, execue verbal command wihou flaw, and poibly one day hink on i own. For more han a decade, Google ha ued people o rae he accuracy of i earch reul. More recenly, inveor have poured en of million of dollar ino arup like Mighy AI and CrowdFlower, which are developing ofware ha make i eaier o label phoo and oher daa, even on marphone. Venure capiali S. Soma Somaegar ay he ee billion of dollar of opporuniy in ervicing he need of machine learning algorihm. Hi firm, Madrona Venure Group, inveed in Mighy AI. Human will be in he loop for a long, long, long ime o come, he ay. Accurae labeling could make he difference beween a elf-driving car diinguihing beween he ky and he ide of a ruck a diincion Tela Model S failed in he fir known faaliy involving elf-driving yem in We re no building a yem o play a game, we re building a yem o ave live, ay Mighy AI CEO Daryn Nakhuda. * * * Marjorie Aguilar, a 31-yearold freelance makeup ari in Maracaibo, Venezuela, pend four o ix hour a day drawing boxe around raffic objec o help rain elf-driving yem for Mighy AI. She earn abou 50 cen PEOPLE 2 AP PHOTO Thi Augu 2017 phoo how Shamima Khaoon in New Delhi. Khaoon job of annoaing car, lane marker and raffic ligh repreen he only chance he ha o work ouide he home in a conervaive Mulim region of India. Winer orm hreaen foo of now for par of Midwe AP PHOTO Skylar Milne clear hi driveway in Elko New Marke, Minn., on Monday. A large orm brough freezing rain, heavy now and rong wind o a large wah of he Midwe narling raffic and forcing he cloure of ome chool and governmen office. By BLAKE NICHOLSON ASSOCIATED PRESS BISMARCK, N.D. A large orm brough freezing rain, heavy now and rong wind o a large wah of he Midwe on Monday, narling raffic and forcing he cloure of ome chool and governmen office. The yem by midweek alo wa expeced o caue more problem for he Norhea, which i dealing wih he afermah of a derucive and deadly nor eaer. Par of he Dakoa were expeced o ge more han a foo of now by he ime he yem moved ea on Tueday, wih Minneoa, Nebraka and Iowa alo geing ignifican amoun, according o he Naional Weaher Service. Snowfall repor from he agency a of mid-afernoon Monday oaled a much a 6 inche in Souh Dakoa and 9 inche in Norh Dakoa and Minneoa. Sae ranporaion official advied again ravel in par of he upper Midwe, and a 211-mile rech of Inerae 90 in ouheaern Souh Dakoa wa hu down. I-29 alo wa e o hu down Monday evening from he Norh Dakoa border o Iowa. The Highway Parol in Minneoa repored dozen of crahe, everal wih injurie. Crah repor were much ligher in he Dakoa, hough here were numerou repor of vehicle liding off icy highway. We ve been really elling people no o drive, no o ravel, Souh Dakoa Deparmen of Public Safey pokeman Tony Mangan aid. There were 120 fligh cancellaion and more han 300 delay a he Minneapoli airpor a of lae afernoon, according o Meropolian Airpor Commiion pokeman Parick Hogan. Cloure affeced moly elemenary and econdary chool, hough everal college and univeriie alo hu down heir campue for he day. Among hem were he Univeriy of STORM 2

18 Page 2 The Sun /Tueday, March 6, 2018 FROM PAGE ONE/WEATHER NETANYAHU FROM PAGE 1 o gain. The wall are cloing in around Neanyahu, a a e of corrupion candal hreaen o end hi poliical career, he aid. He will rumpe apparen ucce rebuilding Iraeli ie wih he Whie Houe, and hi co-free vicory of moving he U.S. Embay o Jerualem, a an indicaor ha he i Irael indipenable leader. GUN FROM PAGE 1 rejecing all bu one of dozen of Democraic amendmen aimed a reviing he propoal developed by he conervaive Republican in he Senae. The propoal would injec $400 million ino menal healh and chool afey STORM FROM PAGE 1 Norh Dakoa and Norh Dakoa Sae Univeriy, affecing more han 26,000 uden. Thoe large chool don ofen hu down due o weaher. Safey i alway he key facor, UND pokeman Peer Johnon aid. Souh Dakoa Gov. Denni Daugaard ordered ae office o cloe in 13 counie, hough he Legilaure wa meeing a cheduled in Pierre. Norh Dakoa Human Service Deparmen alo hu down ome oulying office. The orm yem rolled in from he Pacific and i making i way o he Ea Coa. By Wedneday i could be cauing more problem He added ha Iraeli cour may no agree, noing ha a previou prime minier and preiden each erved jail ime for acion while in office. Thi rip may go down a Binyamin Neanyahu la hurrah, and I expec him o make he mo of i, Alerman aid. In hi Oval Office commen, Neanyahu decribed Iran a he greae challenge o Irael, he Unied Sae and i Arab allie, and warned i i pracicing aggreion everywhere. program, raie he age on he purchae of all gun in Florida, ban he purchae and poeion of bump ock and expand he hree-day waiing period on handgun o include all rifle and hogun. The bill, if approved, will nex move o he Houe, where leader here hope o approve i in ime for i o reach he governor dek before he for he Norhea, which i cleaning up from a weekend nor eaer, aid Frank Pereira, a meeorologi wih he weaher ervice Weaher Predicion Cener in College Park, Maryland. The nor eaer knocked ou power o more han 2 million home and buinee, flooded coaal own and forced a number of chool diric o cancel clae. I wa blamed for nine deah from Virginia o Maachue. Though i oo early o deail pecific impac of he orm ha will move ea ou of he Midwe, hi look o be a ignifican even for a lea a porion of he Norhea, Pereira aid. A good wah of 6 o 12 inche of now may fall acro porion of he Norhea, and may include he Boon and New York area. He aid Tehran had emerged from he landmark 2015 nuclear accord emboldened and enriched. Mo world power, a well a he Unied Naion nuclear wachdog agency, ay he deal ha uccefully blocked Iran from obaining, developing or building nuclear weapon. Trump ha hreaened o walk away from he diarmamen accord, and may do o a oon a May, when a deadline for cerificaion of Iran compliance o Congre come due. eion end on March 9. In a erie of meeing wih enaor early Monday, Sco old hem he ha no budged off hi oppoiion o arming eacher bu wa alo no hreaening o veo he bill. He in he ame place, aid Sen. Ocar Braynon, he Senae Democraic leader from Miami Garden. The governor eemed open o aking PEOPLE FROM PAGE 1 an hour, bu in a crii-wracked counry wih runaway inflaion, ju a few hour work can pay a monh ren in bolivar. I doen ound like a lo of money, bu for me i prey decen, he ay. You can imagine how imporan i i for me geing paid in U.S. dollar. Aria Khrina, a 36-yearold faher of hree in Tegal, Indoneia, ay ha adding word ag o clohing picure on webie uch a ebay and Amazon pay him abou $100 a monh, roughly half hi income. And for 25-year-old Shamima Khaoon, her job annoaing car, lane marker and raffic ligh a an all-female oupo The wo leader gave hor hrif o wha i normally he principal iue beween Irael and Wahingon: negoiaion o eablih peace beween he Iraeli and he Paleinian. Trump aid he believed hi recogniion of Jerualem a Irael capial will promoe he caue of peace, an opinion ha few diploma and foreign leader hare. Paleinian leader have largely wihdrawn from dealing wih Trump adminiraion official, aying hey eacher ou, and oher alernaive. Ou of repec for he proce, he going o le u legilae and ee wha come ou. He no going o hold he pecer of a veo over our head. Depie he amendmen, everal Democra coninued o oppoe bringing more gun ono chool campue, regardle of who ha hem. I canno uppor hi of daa-labeling company imeri in Meiabruz, India, repreen he only chance he ha o work ouide he home in her conervaive Mulim communiy. I a good plaform o increae your kill and uppor your family, he ay. The benefi of greaer accuracy can be immediae. A InerConinenal Hoel Group, every call ha i digial aian Amelia can ake from a human ave $5 o $10, ay informaion echnology direcor Sco Whigham. When Amelia fail, he program lien while a call i reroued o one of abou 60 ervice dek worker. I learn from heir repone and rie he echnique ou on he nex call, freeing up human employee o do oher hing. When a compuer can make ou a cuomer no longer view he U.S. a an hone broker. The Paleinian, I hink, are waning o come back o he able, Trump aid. If hey don, you don have peace. You don have peace. and ha a poibiliy alo. I m no aying i going o happen. Shorly afer aking office la year, Trump pu Jared Kuhner, hi on-inlaw and advier, in charge of reviving he Midea peace proce. Bu ha goal eem increaingly remoe. amendmen hi i par of hi ame heme of aking afe zone and puing gun in hem, aid Sen. Joe Javier Rodriguez, D-Miami. Thi will be meaged a you are pulling gun ou of he claroom bu here are all kind of eacher who have ineracion wih uden who ju aren aigned o claroom. He uggeed ha call o he Hya Hoel chain, an audio nippe i en o AI-powered call cener Ineracion in an old brick building in Franklin, Maachue. There, while he cuomer wai on he phone, one of a roomful of headphone-wearing inen analy rancribe everyhing from miheard number o profaniy and quickly direc he compuer how o repond. Tha informaion feed back ino he yem. Nex ime hrough, we ve go a beer chance of being ucceful, ay Rober Nagle, Ineracion chief echnology officer. * * * Reearcher have ried o find workaround o human-labeled daa, ofen wihou ucce. In a projec ha ued Google Sree View image of parked car o eimae Kuhner recenly aw hi ecuriy clearance downgraded a he Whie Houe, barring him from acce o op ecre informaion, and he i aid o be under cruiny for poible conflic of inere in hi dealing wih foreign governmen. Sarah Huckabee Sander, he Whie Houe pokewoman, old reporer laer Monday ha Kuhner role in he meeing beween Neanyahu and Trump wan impaced by hi lower ecuriy clearance. counelor, career peciali and chool pychologi and many oher all could ill be carrying a weapon. Sen. Darryl Rouon, D-S. Peerburg, commended he menal healh funding a well bu aid he could no uppor i. I have long been again bringing more gun o a gun figh, he aid. he demographic makeup of neighborhood, hen-sanford reearcher Timni Gebru ried o rain her AI by craping Craigli phoo of car for ale ha were labeled by heir owner. Bu he produc ho didn look anyhing like he car image in Sree View, and he program couldn recognize hem. In he end, he ay, he pen $35,000 o hire auo dealer exper o label her daa. Trevor Darrell, a machine learning exper a he Univeriy of California Berkeley, ay he expec i will be five o 10 year before compuer algorihm can learn o perform wihou he need for human labeling. Hi group alone pend hundred of houand of dollar a year paying people o annoae image. TODAY / TONIGHT WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY SATURDAY SUNDAY THE NATION Publicaion dae: 03/6/ Shown are noon poiion of weaher yem and precipiaion. Temperaure band are high for he day. Sunny and Cloudy wih a pleaan hower lae HIGH 80 LOW 66 0% chance of rain 63 55% chance of rain GULF WATER TEMPERATURE PORT CHARLOTTE Puna Gorda hrough 2 p.m. Monday Temperaure High/Low 77 /43 Normal High/Low 79 /56 Record High 88 (1997) Record Low 35 (1971) Precipiaion (in inche) 24 hour hrough 2 p.m. Mon Monh o dae 0.00 Normal monh o dae 0.50 Year o dae 2.64 Normal year o dae 4.73 Record 0.53 (1988) MONTHLY RAINFALL Monh Avg. Record/Year Jan /2016 Feb /1983 Mar /1970 Apr /1994 May /1991 Jun /1974 Jul /1995 Aug /1995 Sep /1979 Oc /1995 Nov /2002 Dec /2002 Year (ince 1931) Toal are from a 24-hour period ending a 5 p.m. A lile morning rain, hen a few hower 73 / 52 60% chance of rain VENICE Moly unny 70 / 46 5% chance of rain Winer Haven Plan Ciy 81/64 Clearwaer 80/63 77/67 Barow 80/63 Lake Wale S. Peerburg Tampa Brandon 82/62 78/66 78/65 79/63 F. Meade 80/62 Froproof Apollo Beach 81/63 78/65 Bradenon Wauchula 78/66 80/63 Sebring Myakka Ciy 81/63 Limeone 80/64 81/63 Longboa Key Lake Placid Saraoa 82/62 76/67 77/66 Hull Arcadia Oprey Brighon Norh Por 81/65 81/65 77/67 82/62 Venu Venice 79/66 Por Charloe 82/62 77/67 80/66 Englewood 77/67 Puna Gorda La Belle Placida 80/64 81/63 77/67 Cape Coral For Myer Boca Grande 79/68 80/67 77/69 Lehigh Acre Sanibel 80/65 Felda 77/70 81/63 Bonia Spring 79/67 Foreca and graphic provided by AccuWeaher, Inc Venice hrough 2 p.m. Monday Temperaure High/Low 73 /48 Normal High/Low 75 /56 Record High 87 (2003) Record Low 34 (1998) Precipiaion (in inche) 24 hour hrough 2 p.m. Mon Monh o dae 0.00 Normal monh o dae 0.54 Year o dae 1.64 Normal year o dae 5.22 Record 0.53 (1988) SEBRING Sebring hrough 2 p.m. Monday Temperaure High/Low 75 /48 Precipiaion (in inche) 24 hour hrough 2 p.m. Mon AIRPORT Shown i oday weaher. Temperaure are oday high and onigh low. Poible weaher-relaed delay oday. Check wih your airline for he mo updaed chedule. Hi/Lo Oulook Delay F. Myer 80/67 un none Puna Gorda 80/64 un none Saraoa 77/66 par cldy none 2 Pleaan wih pleny of un 72 / 48 0% chance of rain FLORIDA CITIES Today Ciy Hi Lo W Hi Lo W Apalachicola Bradenon pc r Clearwaer pc r Coral Spring pc h Dayona Beach pc r For Lauderdale pc h For Myer h Gaineville pc pc Jackonville pc Key Largo pc c Key We pc c Lakeland r Melbourne r Miami pc h Naple h Ocala pc pc Okeechobee h Orlando r Panama Ciy Penacola Pompano Beach pc h S. Auguine pc pc S. Peerburg pc r Saraoa pc r Tallahaee Tampa pc r Vero Beach h We Palm Beach h CONDITIONS TODAY UV Index and RealFeel Temperaure Today a.m. 10 a.m. Noon 2 p.m. 4 p.m. 6 p.m. The higher he AccuWeaher.com UV Index number, he greaer he need for eye and kin proecion. 0-2 Low; 3-5 Moderae; 6-7 High; 8-10 Very High; 11+ Exreme. RealFeel Temperaure i he excluive AccuWeaher. com compoie of effecive emperaure baed on eigh weaher facor. POLLEN INDEX Pollen Index reading a of Monday Tree Gra aben Weed aben Mold aben low moderae high very high Source: Naional Allergy Bureau AIR QUALITY INDEX Air Qualiy Index reading a of Monday Good; Moderae; Unhealhy for eniive group; Unhealhy; Very Unhealhy; Hazardou Main polluan: Ozone Source: cgov.ne 4 2 Mainly cloudy 79 / 66 25% chance of rain TIDES Wed. 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19 The Sun /Tueday, March 6, Page 3 WORLD China pledge rong growh a Xi bid o rule indefiniely By JOE McDONALD and GILLIAN WONG ASSOCIATED PRESS BEIJING China governmen pledged Monday o deliver robu growh, purue advanced echnology and boo miliary pending while urging he public o embrace Preiden Xi Jinping rule a i ceremonial legilaure prepared for change o allow Xi o ay in power indefiniely. The plan o end coniuional limi on Xi erm a preiden ha overhadowed he meeing of he Naional People Congre, which uually i ued o howcae economic iniiaive and plan for ocial program and oher governmen work. In a nearly wo-hour peech o he legilaure, Premier Li Keqiang did no menion he crapping of erm limi bu emphaized he primacy of Xi and he ruling Communi Pary he lead in all apec of Chinee life. Reoluely afeguard General Secreary Xi Jinping core au and he auhoriy of he pary cenral commiee and i cenralized and unified leaderhip, Li aid in a peech o nearly 3,000 delegae o he ceremonial legilaure in he Grea Hall of he People. The lide oward oneman rule under Xi, already China mo dominan figure of recen decade, ha fueled concern ha Beijing i eroding effor o guard again he excee of auocraic leaderhip and make economic regulaion more able and predicable. The preiden office ha few power, bu Xi po a ruling pary general ecreary and chairman of he commiion ha conrol he pary miliary wing, he People Liberaion Army, already have no erm limi. By radiion ince he early 1990, one peron ha INTERNATIONAL NEWS BRIEFS US rade repreenaive ay progre low a NAFTA alk MEXICO CITY (AP) The U.S. rade repreenaive ay agreemen wa reached on only hree chaper of he Norh American Free Trade Agreemen during he lae round of alk on renegoiaing he reay and warn ha ime i running hor o reach a deal. Rober Lighhizer ay ha overall, only ix of NAFTA 30 chaper have been concluded in even round of alk. Lighhizer aid Monday ha we have no made he progre many had hoped. He added: I fear he longer we proceed, he more poliical headwind we will feel. He ay ha if hreeway negoiaion involving he U.S., Mexico and Canada don work, we are prepared o move on a bilaeral bai. Lighhizer poke in Mexico Ciy, where he held all hree po a he ame ime. If i ge approved, you can decribe hi aemp o abolih erm limi a really o make China medieval again, no o make China grea again, aid Warren Sun, a hiorian of he Chinee Communi Pary a Auralia Monah Univeriy. The 64-year-old Xi ha appoined himelf o head bodie ha overee naional ecuriy, finance, AP PHOTO Chinee Preiden Xi Jinping applaud during he opening eion of he annual Naional People Congre in Beijing Grea Hall of he People on Monday. lae round of alk ook place. Judge, police help ou Trump Hoel from Panama propery PANAMA CITY (AP) Ecored by police officer and a Panamanian judicial official, he owner of he Trump Panama Ciy hoel have aken conrol of he propery. A eam of Trump Organizaion ecuriy official abandoned he area on Monday. economic reform and oher funcion, effecively idelining Li, he pary No. 2 figure. Chinee official have defended he end of Xi erm limi a neceary o enure coninuiy a Beijing underake a prawling long-range agenda aimed a making ae indury compeiive and producive, developing profiable high-ech indury, reducing povery and cleaning up China The acion by Panama governmen reolve a 12-day andoff beween Preiden Donald Trump family hoel buine and Oree Finikli, a privae equiy inveor who ough o drop Trump managemen company and brand. Though Finikli and oher owner ried o fire Trump company la year, he Trump Organizaion had refued o urrender phyical poeion of he hoel. Speaking from he hoel adminiraive office Monday, Finikli baered environmen. In line wih hi agenda, Li e hi year growh arge a around 6.5 percen, which would be among he world ronge if achieved. I come amid a marahon campaign o nurure elf-uaining growh baed on domeic conumpion inead of rade and invemen and o rein in urging deb ha promped raing agencie o cu Beijing governmen credi raing la year. Li aid he arge would enable China o achieve relaively full employmen. Privae ecor analy have queioned wheher Beijing can achieve uch rong growh wihou infuion of bank lending and governmen pending, which would e back i reform. La year growh came in a 6.9 percen, bu ha wa uppored by a boom in bank lending and real eae ale ha regulaor called he figh a commercial maer ha had pun ou of conrol and praied Panamanian auhoriie. A repreenaive of he Trump Organizaion did no immediaely repond o a reque for commen. Mala become 2nd European counry o lower voing age o 16 VALLETTA, Mala (AP) Lawmaker in Mala have unanimouly approved coniuional are rying o rein in amid concern abou deb ha ha oared o he equivalen of 270 percen of annual economic oupu unuually high for a developing counry. Li promied progre on an array of poliically challenging plan, including he rerucuring or bankrupcy of zombie enerprie, money-loing bu poliically favored companie ha are kep afloa by loan from governmen bank. The premier aid Beijing will peed up ae-led developmen of inegraed circui, mobile communicaion, aircraf engine, elecric car and oher echnology. China miliary pending, already he world econd-highe behind he Unied Sae, will rie 8.1 percen o 1.1 rillion yuan ($173 billion) a Beijing prepare o launch i econd aircraf carrier and develop ealh figher and advanced miile. amendmen lowering he minimum voing age for general elecion and naional referendum o 16. The Malee Parliamen approval on Monday nigh make Mala he econd European counry afer Auria o give 16-yearold he righ o voe in naional cone. They have been able o voe in Ciy Council elecion ince Malee ciizen ill need o be a lea 18 year old o be candidae in naional elecion. HEARING LOSS FREE $ 1299ea $ 999ea Family Owned and Operaed. Conienly Voed #1 adno= Sale & Service for All Major Manufacurer: Audifon, Audina, Hanaon, Microech, Oicon, Phonak, Reound, Rexon, Siemen, Sonic, Sarkey, Uniron, and Widex

20 Page 4 The Sun /Tueday, March 6, 2018 STATE-BY-STATE New from acro he USA ALABAMA Florence: The Univeriy of Norh Alabama i honoring i fir black uden, renaming par of i campu he Wendell W. Gunn Univeriy Common. A renaming ceremony i planned nex week. ALASKA Juneau: Sae lawmaker are conidering requiring ile for maller boa o help deal wih a problem of abandoned veel along ae waerway, KTOO repor. ARIZONA Preco: Demand o ge on he ingle-day even chedule a Preco hioric courhoue plaza coninue o exceed upply a nonprofi group cramble o ge a weekend lo, The Daily Courier repor. ARKANSAS Brickey: Auhoriie are inveigaing he deah of an inmae found hanging in a ingle-peron cell a he Ea Arkana Regional Uni. CALIFORNIA Mammoh Lake: Avalanche hi wo California ki reor on conecuive day. Three people were parially buried bu unhur a Mammoh Mounain. Two people were hur a Squaw Valley. COLORADO Denver: A defene inveigaor who refued o eify for proecuor in a deah penaly cae, ciing her Mennonie faih, remain jailed. An appeal cour denied her reque for alernae condiion. CONNECTICUT Harford: Sae Treaurer Denie Nappier ay he open o reviewing he ae invemen in gun companie. Nappier ay Connecicu penion porfolio ha abou $16.5 million inveed in gun maker. DELAWARE Wilmingon: A racorrailer driver carrying luxury car go uck under an overpa for nine hour, damaging everal Porche and Benley, The New Journal repor. DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA: The Naional Cherry Bloom Feival i e o begin March 20, ju a he end of he peak ime eimaed by he Naional Park Service for cherry bloom o bloom along he Tidal Bain. FLORIDA Tallahaee: Sae lawmaker are moving oward approving worker compenaion benefi for firefigher, police officer and oher fir reponder who uffer from po-raumaic re diorder. GEORGIA Kenneaw: Some faculy member and uden a Kenneaw Sae Univeriy ay candidae for chool preiden hould be made public. The Alana Journal-Coniuion repor ha he earch commiee ha wihheld hoe name. HAWAII Honolulu: A Queen Medical Cener nure wa awarded nearly $4 million afer an image of a nooe wa aped o her locker and a raci noe wa lef in her hopial mailbox. Ellen Harri wa argeed afer reporing upeced wrongdoing. IDAHO Boie: Sae official have aucioned imber in he Idaho Panhandle Naional Fore in an agreemen wih he U.S. Fore Service o reduce he everiy of wildfire. ILLINOIS Chicago: The ciy ha announced $33 million in ecuriy upgrade on he Chicago Trani Auhoriy yem. The projec include new and upgraded aion lighing. INDIANA Bloomingon: Fraerniy chaper a Indiana Univeriy have been given new limiaion on ocial aciviie involving alcohol afer a hree-monh upenion ended la week, The Herald Time repor. IOWA De Moine: An ex-inurance agen and ex-claim repreenaive are charged wih felonie following an inveigaion by he ae inurance Fraud Bureau, KCCI-TV repor. KANSAS Lawrence: Founder of he Pary of he Cener have joined wih he Denver-baed Serve America Movemen o promoe poliical candidae aking cenri poiion, The Topeka Capial-Journal repor. KENTUCKY Coalon: Comeic company L Oreal plan o ue ga capured a he Coalon landfill a a renewable energy reource, The Daily HIGHLIGHT: INDIANA Gov. Eric Holcomb ge beer Sunday. MICHELLE PEMBERTON/INDIANAPOLIS STAR Sunday ix-pack ge a hiry Hooier alue Juin L. Mack Indianapoli Sar USA TODAY NETWORK Grabbing mimoa ingredien he morning of an imprompu brunch. Picking up a bole of red wine for Sunday dinner while grocery hopping. Ruhing ou o buy a cae of your favorie beer becaue a few of your friend have invied hemelve over a he la minue o wach a full day of NFL acion. Thee Sunday hopping cenario were impoibiliie in Indiana. Bu no now. Gov. Eric Holcomb igned a hioric bill Wedneday ha made Sunday carryou alcohol ale legal in Indiana. Sunday uhered in he new realiy ha allow grocery, package liquor, drug and convenience ore o ell alcohol beween noon and 8 p.m. The mileone wa ill eing in for Hooier. I ju alway, alway remember i being a hing omehing ha made Indiana differen or quirky or whaever, aid Phillip Harri, a Peru naive who ha called Carmel home for he pa four year. I remember growing up a a kid and hearing my mom or dad moan when hey realized hey forgo o buy wine in advance for ome Sunday nigh gahering. Everyone ju Independen repor. LOUISIANA New Orlean: The Univeriy of New Orlean received a $1 million anonymou gif o upgrade i chemiry lab. MAINE Dixfield: Official ay a worker performing mainenance on a crane died in an acciden a he Irving Fore Produc Sawmill. MARYLAND Balimore: The ciy will expand i peed and red ligh camera yem, nearly doubling i, The Balimore Sun repor. MASSACHUSETTS Brainree: The Roman Caholic Archdiocee of Boon launched i key fundraiing drive of he year la weekend. La year appeal raied over $16 million. MICHIGAN Brooklyn: Michigan Inernaional Speedway i marking i 50h anniverary hi year wih even o celebrae he hiory of he wo-mile rack ha ho wo op-level NASCAR race each year. MINNESOTA S. Paul: Sae lawmaker have rejeced emergency funding o repair Minneoa roubled new compuer yem for licene and vehicle regiraion. kind of hrew up heir hand and aid, Well, ha Indiana. The fir day of Sunday carryou ale aw exciemen from paron and buinee who have long puhed for change. Kroger pokeman Eric Halvoron aid he grocery gian ha aured legilaor ha he grocer will handle ale on Sunday in he ame reponible fahion i doe he oher ix day of he week. I hink everyone i happy o finally have ome reoluion o hi, Halvoron aid. We re hrilled ha we can offer hi ervice o our cuomer becaue we ve heard abou i for o many year. Since i one of he op hopping day of he week anyway, from our andpoin i ju make ene. In hor, people are aying i abou ime. One of he fir people in he ae o ake advanage of he new law wa Marvin Morri a he Kroger on We Michigan Sree. He waied more han 30 minue o ring up hi cae of beer. He had been grocery hopping earlier and didn realize ha alcohol ale didn begin unil noon. Inead of making a rip back o he ore laer in he day, he waied. Afer a few failed wipe a he elf-checkou line, he yem updaed when he clock ruck 12. I been a long ime, Morri aid afer finihing he ranacion. MISSISSIPPI Jackon: Ciy official have been aked o ake anoher look Tueday afer voing 4-3 o rejec a permi for a gay pride parade. Organizer have aked a judge o order he ciy o allow he even. MISSOURI Harrionville: Local chool official are refuing o read he name of a uden who commied uicide in 2016 during hi year graduaion, depie a peiion upporing he family reque, The Kana Ciy Sar repor. MONTANA Helena: The Monana ecreary of ae office i reviewing a propoed ballo iue o amend he ae coniuion o bar non-u.s. ciizen from voing. Immigraion advocae ay he meaure i unneceary. NEBRASKA Offu Air Force Bae: A ornado ha ore hrough Offu Air Force Bae la June caued nearly $20 million in damage, including damage o a lea 10 plane, The Omaha World-Herald repor. NEVADA Reno: The ciy la drive-hru wedding chapel ha heard i final vow, The Reno Gazee-Journal repor. The Chapel of he Bell ha dae o 1962 cloed la week. NEW HAMPSHIRE Concord: The ae Poery Ou Loud championhip i e for Friday. The winner will receive $200 and a paid rip o Wahingon, D.C., o compee for he naional championhip. NEW JERSEY Trenon: The ae bigge uiliy i canceling funding for capial projec a he Salem nuclear plan becaue of a alled legilaive effor o financially recue he ae nuclear indury. NEW MEXICO Sana Fe: Official are aking ep o eradicae invaive Ruian olive ree from he Leonora Curin Weland Preerve becaue hey uck he weland dry, The Sana Fe New Mexico repor. NEW YORK Albany: The ae ha moved i fall primary dae back wo day hi year o i doen inerfere wih he 9/11 anniverary or Roh Hahanah. The primary i Sep. 13. NORTH CAROLINA Wilmingon: Official in hi coaal ciy are dicuing wha o do if i por begin loading and unloading freigh rain nearly 2 mile long, SarNew ay. NORTH DAKOTA Bimarck: Legacy Unied Mehodi Church i planning a $2 million expanion afer growing 45% in he pa five year, The Bimarck Tribune repor. OHIO Cleveland: Naurali ay bald eagle are neing here for he fir ime in a cenury, The Plain Dealer repor. A Meropark worker poed a pair on a Cuyahoga River bluff. OKLAHOMA Sillwaer: Payne and Logan couny reiden puruing oil and ga producer for earhquake damage o heir home and buinee are waiing on a federal judge deciion in anoher cae, he Sillwaer New Pre repor. OREGON Salem: Sae lawmaker wrapped up heir 2018 eion la weekend afer focuing largely on an anicipaed $217 million lo a a reul of he federal ax overhaul. PENNSYLVANIA Devon: The ae budding medical marijuana dipenarie have ju abou run ou of po, Philly.com repor. More crop aren expeced o be ready unil lae March. RHODE ISLAND Smihfield: Bryan Univeriy ha exended he erm of Preiden Ronald Machley hrough 2022, booing hi enure o 26 year. SOUTH CAROLINA Sparanburg: The paor of a church day care ay a eacher found a loaded gun in a uden lunch bag and conficaed i, he Herald-Journal repor. SOUTH DAKOTA Sioux Fall: Headliner like Garh Brook and he Foo Figher helped Sioux Fall $117 million even cener ell more han 700,000 icke in 2017 for 18 oldou even, The Argu Leader ay. TENNESSEE Chaanooga: Low demand for Paa will cloe he local Volkwagen plan for wo week hi pring, The Chaanooga Time Free Pre repor. TEXAS For Worh: Free ride have reurned o Molly he Trolley afer ix monh of collecing $2 fare, he ciy Convenion & Viior Bureau ay. UTAH S. George: Auhoriie ay a man led police on a 60-mile chae a peed up o 115 mph unil a rooper wa able o force he vehicle ino a pin. A woman and hree children in he car weren injured. VERMONT Highgae: Official ay a dairy ruck driver caugh on urveillance video urinaing near dairy cow wa fired, WCAX-TV repor. No charge have been filed, bu local police and ae agriculure official are checking if any law were broken. VIRGINIA Norfolk: Tidewaer Communiy College Preiden Edna Baehre-Kolovani ay layoff in he Englih and emergency medical ervice deparmen will be announced nex week o ake effec June 30, The Virginian-Pilo repor. WASHINGTON Olympia: Sae lawmaker have en Gov. Jay Inlee a bill o ban licened herapi from rying o change a minor exual orienaion. Sancion include a licene upenion or revocaion. WEST VIRGINIA Elkin: Auhoriie ay recruiing effor are underway o form a bagpipe band a Davi & Elkin College o perform wih he Highlander pipe and drum band. WISCONSIN Janeville: The ciy i working o become more bike-friendly by creaing bike corridor, adding bike lane and connecing off-road rail, The Janeville Gazee repor. WYOMING Caper: A man who pleaded guily o ix felonie in a drug-relaed crime pree wa enenced la week o 40 year in prion, KTWO-AM repor. Chriopher Ead wa accued of ealing hree car, among oher offene. From aff, wire repor

21 The Sun /Tueday, March 6, Page 5 DenburyR Dermira e DeuchBk DevonE e Diageo DiamOffh DiamRk DianaShip Diebold DigiInl f DigialRl Dillard DxGBull r DrGMBll r DirSPBear DirDGlBr r DxSCBear r DxBioBear DrxSCBull DrxSPBull Dicover DicCmA DicCmC f Diney DollarGen DollarTree f DomEngy f Domino f Domar g Donaldon e DowDuPn DrySr DufPUC DukeEngy DukeRly Dynegy ebay EOG Rec EQT Corp f Eaon EV EEq EVTxMGlo Ecolab f EdionIn EdwLfSci e EldorGld g f EliLilly EllieMae ElmiraSB m EmergeES EmeronEl EnbrdgEP Enbridge EnCana g Endo Inl Endocye f EgyTrEq EngyTrfP e Enerpl g f EnLinkLLC Enni Inc Enphae ENSCO f Energy f EnProdP EnvinHl n EqyRd e Ericon Ey n f EverrceE EvineLive ExacSci h Exelixi f Exelon Expedia ExpScrip f ExendSay ExxonMbl FGL Hldg n FNBCp PA Facebook f Faenal FedExCp FedRly FedNaHld Ferrari n Ferrellg FiaChry f FidlNaFn a FiduInv FifhThird Finiar FireEye FDaa n f FHorizon FMajSilv g FSolar FirEngy Fibi n FlryToR Flex Ld FlowrFd Fluor f FooLockr a FordM f FBHmSec f FrankRe FrpMcM Fronr r G-H-I.88 GGP Inc GNC GW Pharm GabDvInc e GabMulT GabUil GameSop f Gam&Lr n f Gap Garmin e GAInv GenDynam GenElec GenMill GenMoor f GeneiEn Genex f GenuPr Genworh e Gerdau f GileadSci e GlaxoSKln GlobNeL n GlobuMed GoDaddy n e GoldFLd Goldcrp g GoldmanS Goodyear GoPro GovPrpIT f vjgrace GraphPkg GPlainEn Greif A f Griffin Groupon e GuangRy GulfporE H&E Eqp HCP Inc HP Inc e HSBC HainCel lf HalconR n Hallibrn Hanebd HanoverIn f HarleyD Harmonic HarmonyG m Harco HarfdFn HawaiiEl f HlhCSvc e HeclaM Herhey HerzGl f He f HP En n f HillopH Hilon e HimaxTch HollyFron f HomeDp e Honda HonwllInl f Hormel HopPT a HoHol e HuanPwr Hubbell Humana HunBnch HungnIng f IAMGld g e ICICI Bk IdexxLab IHS Mark e ING ishgold e ishbrazil e ishcanada e ishemu e ishgerm e ish HK e ish SKor e ishmexico ishsilver e ishseldiv e ishchinalc e iscorsp e ishusagbd e ishemk ishiboxig e ishembd ish20 yrt e is Eafe ishibxhyb ishndbio e ishindia b e ishr2k e ishcorhidv e ishchina a ishuspfd e ishre e ishhmcn ishcrsps e 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Middleby MdxWar MHowHiInc MiMedx MiuUFJ MolCoorB Momo Mondelez MonrBv Moog A f MorgSan m Moaic MorlaSolu Mulef n MurphO MySize n Mylan NV NCR Corp NII Hldg n NQ Mobile NRG Egy f NRG Yld C NTT DOCO NXP Semi Nabor NaFuGa e NaGrid f NHlhInv NOilVarco NekarTh Neogen Neovac g NeApp Neflix NwGold g NJ Rc NewMedia e NewOriEd NY CmyB NYMgTr c NY REIT f NewellRub NewfldExp f NewmM f NexEraEn NiSource Nielen plc NikeB NobleCorp NobleEngy e NokiaCp e NordicAm a Nordrm f NorflkSo f NorhropG f NwBch NwNG e Novari Novavax e NovoNord f NuSkin f Nucor Nuanix n p Nurien n a NuvDivA a Nv AMT-Fr NvPfdInco NuvEqP Nvidia NxSageMd OGE Engy m OakrSpL m OakSInco OaiPe OcciPe OceanF Oclaro OcwenFn OfficeDp OldNBcp f OldRepub Olin f OmegaHl OnSmcnd Onconva r f ONEOK OpkoHlh Oracle Orboch Organovo Orhofix OhkohCp f OerTail f OwenMin P-Q-R.20 PDL Bio f PG&E Cp PHH Corp e PimShMa PNC PNM Re POSCO PPG f PPL Corp Paccar PaloAlNe Pandora f ParkHo n ParkDrl ParkerHan ParleyEn Paeron PaUTI Paychex PayPal n Pembina g PenghE g PnnNGm PennanPk Penney f Penke Penair PeopUdF PepiCo PerkElm f Perrigo PerbrA Perobra Pfizer PhilipMor e PhilipNV Phillip Pier PimIncSr f PinW f PioNrl PinyBw PlainAAP PlafmSpc PlugPowr h f Polari f PolyOne PwhDB PS VarPfd PS SrLoan e PwSh QQQ f Praxair f PrinFncl a ProAur e ProUlSP PrUlPQ e PUlSP PUVixST r ProVixST r ProShVx ProcGam e ProgvCp ProShSP r PrUShSP r PrUShDow PUShQQQ PShQQQ r PrUShD3 r PUShSPX PropcCap f Prudenl f PSEG PubSrg PuleGrp PureSrg n PMMI QEP Re Qualcom QuaCare Qudian n QDiag RSP Perm RLauren RangeR RavenInd Rayonier Rayheon RlyInco RedwdTr Regenrn RegionFn f RelSlAl Replgn RepubSvc ReCap r f ReBrnd f ReailOpp e RioTino RieAid RockwlAu RockColl Roger Roku n f Roper RoSr Rowan f RoyalBk g RylCarb RoyDShllB RoyDShllA S-T-U.88 S&T Bcp SCANA f SLGreen SLM Cp SM Energy e SpdrDJIA SpdrGold e SpdrEuro e S&P500ETF e SpdrBio e SpdrS&PBk e SpdrBarcCv SpdrLehHY SPLInTB e SpdrS&P RB e SpdrRel e SpdrOGEx SRC Eng STMicro e SABESP m SabnR Saia Inc SJoe Saleforce SallyBy e SJuanB SanchezEn e Sanofi Schlmbrg f Schwab ScorpioTk ScrippNe SeadrillLd SeagaeT SealAir SearHldg Seapan f SempraEn SenHou Sherwin ShipFin r SibanyeG f SimonProp SiriuXM Biogen BioPhrmX BlkHillCp BlackBerry BlkHlhSci a BlkMunia e Blackone BlockHR BlueAprn n BlueBPe n f Boeing BookingHl BorgWarn BoBeer BoonSci Box Inc n BoydGm BrigSra Brinker BrMySq e BriATob f BrixmorP f BroadcLd Brookdale f BrkfInfra Brunwick Buckeye BungeL CBRE Grp CF Ind f CMS Eng e CNH Indl CNX Rec CSRA n f CSX CVR Rfng CVS Healh CYS Inve f CaboO&G CaearEn e Cal-Maine CalaCvHi CalAmp Calgon f CalifWr CallonPe Calpine CalumeSp f CamdenPT CampSp f CIBC g CdnNR g f CdnNR g CapOne CapSenL CapeadM CpnTur r CardnlHlh CarMax Carnival CarpTech Carrizo Caerpillar CedarF Celgene Cemex CenovuE f CenerPn CenAl CnryLink Cerner CharCm n ChemFinl f Chemour n CheniereEn CheEng f Chevron ChicB&I Chico e ChinaSoAir Chipole f ChurchDw CienaCorp Cigna f CinnFin Cirru f Cico CgpVelLCrd CgpVelICrd Ciigroup CiizFincl CirixSy CleanEngy ClearBio n ClevCliff f Clorox f CocaCola Coeur CohSQIR CohSSelPf ColgPalm ColNrhS n f Comca f Comerica CmyHl CmpTak Comech ConAgra ConnWrSv f ConocoPhil ConolCom f ConEd ConellA ConlRec CooperTire CorOnDem f Corning CorpOffP Coco Coy CouPrp CSVixSh r e CredSui CreEq r Croc CronoGp n f CrwnCle CrownHold Crip.com Cummin Curi CybrOp CypSemi D-E-F 1.44f DCT IndlTr DDR Corp DNP Selc DR Horon f DTE Darden DeanFood Deere DelaAir A-B-C.52f AES Corp f AFLAC AGNC Inv AK Seel f AT&T Inc AbboLab AbbVie AberFic AcadiaPh AccelrDiag Accuray f AcivBliz Adien n AdvEnId AMD Aecom AeroViron Aena AeviGeno f Agilen Aircale AkerBio Akorn Inc AlakCom f Albemarle Alcoa Cp Alexion lf Alibaba AllegTch f Allergan f Allee f AllnceRe e AlliBern f AllianEg AllionTrn f Allae AlnylamP Alphabe C Alphabe A AlpToDiv e AlpAlerMLP Alaba Alice n f Alria AmTrFn Amazon Ambarella e Ambev Ameren AFMuli e AMovilL AmAirline AEagleOu AEP AmExp AmInlGrp AmOuBr AmSWr f AmTower AmWrWk Ameriga Ameriprie AmeriBrgn Ameek e Amgen AmicuTh Amphenol f Anadarko f AnalogDev Andeavor e ABInBev Annaly AneroRe f Anhem AnherP r Anworh Apache ApolloInv Apple Inc f ApldMal ApldOpoel AquaAm ArcBe ArcelorM r f ArchDan Arconic AreCap e AreMgm ArgoThr r AriaNew ArrayBio ArrowEl ArrowPhm m Ahland e AraZen AHomGr n f ATMOS AuriMed h Auodek AuoDaa AveryD Avingr nr AviBudg f Avia Avon B&G Food B2gold g a BB&T Cp f BCE g BGC Pr e BHPBil plc BP PLC e BP Pru BRF SA B&W En n Baidu f BakHuGE n f Balchem BallCorp BallardPw e BcBilVArg a BcoBrad e BcoSanSA BkofAm e BkMon g BkNYMel BkNova g e Barclay B ipvxst r BarneNob BarrickG BaicEnS Baxer BeazerHm BecDck BedBah f Bemi BerkH B f BeBuy BigLo Biocry Div Name La Chg Money&Marke 2,400 2,500 2,600 2,700 2,800 2,900 S O N D J F 2,640 2,720 2,800 S&P 500 Cloe: 2, Change: (1.1%) 10 DAYS 6,000 6,400 6,800 7,200 7,600 S O N D J F 7,080 7,260 7,440 Nadaq compoie Cloe: 7, Change: (1.0%) 10 DAYS Advanced 2131 Declined 751 New High 49 New Low 38 Vol. (in mil.) 3,653 Pv. Volume 3,868 2,028 2, NYSE NASD DOW % +0.63% DOW Tran % -2.49% DOW Uil % -6.28% NYSE Comp % -1.00% NASDAQ % +6.19% S&P % +1.77% S&P % -0.15% Ruell % +0.69% Torono TSX % -4.12% HIGH LOW CLOSE CHG %CHG WK MO QTR YTD SockRecap CombinedSock From he New York Sock Exchange and he Nadaq. Inererae The yield on he 10-year Treaury noe roe o 2.88 percen on Monday. Yield affec rae on morgage and oher conumer loan. NET 1YR TREASURIES LAST PVS CHG AGO PRIME RATE FED FUNDS 3-monh T-bill monh T-bill wk T-bill year T-noe year T-noe year T-noe year T-noe year T-bond NET 1YR BONDS LAST PVS CHG AGO Barclay Glob Agg Bd Barclay USAggregae Barclay US Corp Barclay US High Yield Moody AAA Corp Idx Yr. TIPS Commodiie U.S. crude oil price jumped more han 2 percen while naural ga price inched up 0.3 percen. Gold and ilver boh fell le han 1 percen. Crude Oil (bbl) Ehanol (gal) Heaing Oil (gal) Naural Ga (mm bu) Unleaded Ga (gal) FUELS CLOSE PVS %CHG %YTD Gold (oz) Silver (oz) Plainum (oz) Copper (lb) Palladium (oz) METALS CLOSE PVS %CHG %YTD Cale (lb) Coffee (lb) Corn (bu) Coon (lb) Lumber (1,000 bd f) Orange Juice (lb) Soybean (bu) Whea (bu) AGRICULTURE CLOSE PVS %CHG %YTD USD per Briih Pound % Canadian Dollar % USD per Euro % Japanee Yen % Mexican Peo % YR MAJORS CLOSE CHG %CHG AGO Iraeli Shekel % Norwegian Krone % Souh African Rand % Swedih Krona % Swi Franc % EUROPE/AFRICA/MIDDLE EAST Auralian Dollar % Chinee Yuan % Hong Kong Dollar % Indian Rupee % Singapore Dollar % Souh Korean Won % Taiwan Dollar % ASIA/PACIFIC Foreign Exchange The dollar roe again he euro and Japanee yen bu fell again he Briih pound. The dollar alo roe again he Canadian dollar and Mexican peo. LAST 6 MO AGO 1 YR AGO 1.28 SkywkSol Smucker SnapInc A n SnapOn SodaSrm SolarCap SonocoP SonyCp SorrenoTh f SourcC SoJerInd SouhnCo f SwAirl SwnEngy SpiriRlC Splunk Sprin Square n e SP Mal e SP HlhC e SP CnS e SP Conum e SP Engy e SPDR Fncl e SP Ind e SP Tech SpdrRESel e SP Uil SanBlkDk SarGa Sarbuck SaeSr f SlDynam Sryker SubPpne SunCm a SunHydrl f Suncor g SunPower Sunrun n SunTr SupEnrgy Symanec Synchrony SynrgyPh f SynovuFn Syco T-MobileUS TAL Educ TC PpLn f TJX TOP Shi r TahoeRe e TaiwSemi TandmD r Tapery Targe Taubmn Technip e TeckRe g Teladoc n e Tenari TeneHlh Tenneco Teradaa e TerraNiro Tela Inc e TevaPhrm TexIn f TexRdhe Texainer Texron f ThermoFi D Sy f 3M Co Tiffany TimeWarn Timken f Torchmark f TorDBk g e Toal SA Toyoa TranEnx Tranocn f Traveler Travelpor e TriConl TriCnl pf TriNeGrp Triniy TripAdvi Trovagne h TrueBlue TrNY Tuppwre TurqHillR CFoxA CFoxB Twilio n Twier U Tyon f UBS Grp UDR UGI Corp US Silica UlraClean UlPero n UndrArm UnAr C wi UniFir e UnilevNV f UnionPac Uni UdConl f UPS B UdRenal US Bancrp US OilFd USSeel UdTech UdhlhGp UniGrp UnvlCp UnumGrp UraniumEn UrbanOu V-W-X-Y-Z.28e VEON f VF Corp e Vale SA ValeanPh f ValeroE VlyNBcp e VanEGold e VnEkRu e VnEkSemi e VEckOilSvc VanE JrGld e VangTSM e VangSP e VangREIT e VangDivAp e VangAllW e VangEmg e VangEur VanSTCpB VanInCpB e VangFTSE Vecren VeevaSy Vena Verei Vericel Veriign VerizonCm ViacomB ViadCorp Viavi Viphop f Via f VihayIn ViraEn n VMware e Vodafone f VulcanM f WD f WEC Engy WP Carey WPX Engy f WalMar WalgBoo WREIT f WeMInc Waer WeahfInl WeberFn WWach WeinRl WellFargo Wellower f Wendy Co WearEn WAInfSc WDigial f WnUnion e WepacBk WeRck f Weyerhr Whrlpl WhingPe r f WmCo WillmPr WT MCD e WT India f Woodward Workday WldW En Worldpay Worhgn Wynn XL Grp XcelEngy Xerox r Xilinx YRC Wwde Yamana g YorkWaer YumBrnd Zagg Zendek ZimmerBio f ZionBcp Ziopharm Zoei Zynga Sock Foonoe: Sock Foonoe: cld - Iue ha been called for redempion by company. d - New 52-week low. ec - Company formerly lied on he American Exchange' Emerging Company Markeplace. g - Dividend and earning in Canadian dollar. h - Doe no mee coninued-liing andard. lf - Lae filing wih SEC. n - Sock wa a new iue in he la year. The 52-week high and low figure dae only from he beginning of rading. pf - Preferred ock iue. pr - Preference. pp - Holder owe inallmen of purchae price. r - Righ o buy ecuriy a a pecified price. r - Sock ha undergone a revere ock pli of a lea 50% wihin he pa year. - Sock ha pli by a lea 20 percen wihin he la year. wi - Trade will be eled when he ock i iued. wd - When diribued. w - Warran, allowing a purchae of a ock. u - New 52-week high. un - Uni,, including more han one ecuriy. vj - Company in bankrupcy or receiverhip, or being reorganized under he bankrupcy law. Appear in fron of he name. Sock in bold are worh a lea $5 and changed 5 percen or more in price. Underlining for 50 mo acively raded ock of he day. Dividend Foonoe: a - Exra dividend were paid, bu are no included. b - Annual rae plu ock. c - Liquidaing dividend. e - Amoun declared or paid in la 12 monh. f - Curren annual rae, which wa increaed by mo recen dividend announcemen. i - Sum of dividend paid afer ock pli, no regular rae. j - Sum of dividend paid hi year. Mo recen dividend wa omied or deferred. k - Declared or paid hi year, a cumulaive iue wih dividend in arrear. m - Curren annual rae, which wa decreaed by mo recen dividend announcemen. p - Iniial dividend, annual rae no known, yield no hown. r - Declared or paid in preceding 12 monh plu ock dividend. - Paid in ock, approximae cah value on ex-diribuion dae. PE Foonoe: q - Sock i a cloed-end fund - no P/E raio hown. cc - P/E exceed 99. dd - Lo in la 12 monh. Muual Fund Foonoe: b - Fee covering marke co i paid from fund ae. d - Deferred ale charge, or redempion fee. f - fron load (ale charge). m - Muliple fee are charged, uually a markeing fee and eiher a ale or redempion fee. NA - no available. p - previou day ne ae value. - fund pli hare during he week. x - fund paid a diribuion during he week. Source: Morningar and he Aociaed Pre. DOW 24, NASDAQ 7, S&P 500 2, YR T-NOTE 2.88% YR T-BOND 3.15% +.01 CRUDE OIL $ GOLD $1, EURO $ p p p p p p q q (Previou and change figure reflec curren conrac.) STOCKS LISTING CHANGE - REQUESTS WELCOME! The Sun Newpaper i weaking he way ock are lied in he daily paper. We will coninue o run a wide range of ock, bu we re rying o eliminae ock our reader don wan. If you do no ee your ock in he paper, pleae le u know and we will pu i in he liing. he name of he company and he ymbol o or call You can leave he ock name and ymbol on voice mail. When requeing a ock, pleae include where you live o we can run he liing in he appropriae ediion. If you reach voice mail, pleae leave your conac informaion o your call can be reurned.

22 Page 6 MuualFund Name NAV 4-wk Chg %Rn AB DiverMunicipal SmCpGrA m AMG YackFocN d YackmanI d AQR MgdFSraI Aberdeen InlSmCpA m Akre FocReail m Alger SmCpGrB m Alpine dyndivinl d Amana MuGrInv b MuIncInv b American Cenury CplValInv EqIncInv GrInv HYMuniInv HeriageInv InTrmTxFrBdInv UlraInv American Fund AMCpA m AmrcnBalA m AmrcnHiIncA m AmrcnMuA m BdfAmrcA m CpWldGrIncA m CplIncBldrA m CplWldBdA m EuroPacGrA m FdmlInvA m GlbBalA m GrfAmrcA m IncAmrcA m InrmBdfAmrA m InvCAmrcA m NewWldA m NwPrpcvA m SmCpWldA m TheNewEcoA m TxExBdA m WAMInvA m Angel Oak MlSraIncIn Arian InlInl InlInv InlValueInl Baird AggrgaeBdInl CorPluBdInl ShrTrmBdInl Baron AReail b GrReail b PnrReail b Berkhire Foc d BlackRock AlCpEngyRInvA m EqDivInl GlbAllcIncInl GlbAllcIncInvA m GlbAllcIncInvC m HYBdInl HYBdSvc b SrIncOpIn TacOppInvA m Bruce Bruce CGM Foc Caueway InlValInl d ClearBridge LgCpGrI Clipper Clipper Columbia LgCpValA m DFA EMkCorEqI EMkSCInl EmMkInl EmMkValInl FvYrGlbFIIn GlbEqInl GlbRlESec InlCorEqIn InlRlEScIn 5.10 InlSmCoInl InlSmCpValIn InlValInl OneYearFIInl RlESecInl ShTrmExQyI TAUSCorEq2Inl USCorEq1Inl USCorEqIIInl USLgCo USLgCpValInl USMicroCpInl USSmCpInl USSmCpValInl USTrgedValIn Davi NYVenureA m Delaware Inv SraegicIncA m 8.19 ValInl Deuche CorEqA m CorEqS GNMAS Dodge & Cox Bal GlbSk Inc InlSk Sk DoubleLine CorFII TlReBdI TlReBdN b Dreyfu MidCpIdxInv MnBd NYTxExBd OppcSmCpInv ShrTrmIncD Eaon Vance AlnCpSMIDCI DivBldrA m FlngRInl 9.04 Edgewood GrInl FMI CommonSk LgCp FPA Cpl Crecen d Federaed HiIncBdA f InHYBdIn d InlSmMidCoA m KaufmannA m SraValDivIn TlReBdInl The Sun /Tueday, March 6, 2018 Fideliy 500IdxIn IdxInPrm IndexPrm AllSecorEq AMgr50% BCGrowh BCGrowh BCGrowhK Balanced BalancedK Canada Cap&Inc Conrafund ConrafundK DivGro DiverInl DiverInlK EmMk EmMk EmergingAia EqIncome ExMkIdxPr Fideliy FlngRHiInc 9.64 FocuedSock FourinOneIdx Frdm Æ Frdm Æ Frdm Æ Frdm Æ Frdm Æ GNMA GroCo GroCo GroCoK Growh&Inc Independence InlDicv InlGr InlIdxInlPrm InlIdxPremium InlRlE InlVal InvmGradeBd InvmGradeBd 7.73 JapanSmlrCo LainAmerica LowPrSk LowPrSkK LvrgdCoSk Magellan MegaCapSock MidCapSock MidCapValue MuniInc NYMuniInc NadCmpIdx NewMillennium NewMkInc Nordic OTCPorfolio Overea Purian PurianK SCGrh SmCpOpp SkSelorAllCp SraInc TaxFreeBond ToalBond TlMkIdxF TlMkIdxInPrm TlMkIdxPrm USBdIdxInPrm USBdIdxPrm ValDicv Value Fideliy Advior LargeCapA m LimiedTermBdA m NewInA m NewInI Fideliy Selec Bioechnology Energy Gold HealhCare HealhCareSvc Leiure Maerial MedTech&Devc NauralGa NauralRe Pharmaceuical Semicon Swre&ITSvc Technology Wirele Fir Eagle GlbA m Fir Inveor GlbA m TlReA m Firhand TechOpp Franklin Templeon CATxFrIncA m 7.28 EqIncA m FdrTFIncA m FloridaTFIncA m GlbBdA m GlbBdAdv GlbBdC m Gr,IncA m GrA m GrOppA m IncA m IncAdv IncC m MuGlbDicvA m MuGlbDicvZ MuZ RiingDivA m TlReA m UlC m GE RSPUSEq Gabelli AAAA m EqIncAAA m Val25A m Glenmede SmCpEqAdv Goldman Sach ShrDurGovA m 9.80 Harbor CplApprecInl InlInl Harding Loevner InlEqInl d Hearland ValPluInv m Henney CrnrnGrInv b GaUiliyInv b Hodge Reail m INVESCO ComSkA m DivIncInv b DiverDivA m EngyA m EngyInv b EqandIncA m EuropeanGrA m GrAllcA m QualIncA m SmCpEqA m TechInv b IVA WldwideI d Ivy ASraB m JPMorgan CPBondR CoreBondI CoreBondR EqIncI InvCnrvGrA m MCapValL USLCpCrPlI USRrchEnhEqR Janu Henderon BalancedC m ConrarianT EnerprieT FlexibleBondS b GlobalLifeSciT GlobalValueT High-YieldT MidCapValueL MidCapValueT OvereaT ReearchT Shor-TermBondT 2.99 SmallCapValueL VenureT John Hancock BdR DicpValI DicpValMCI MlMgLBlA b MlmgrLGr1 b Lazard EMEqInl InlSraEqIn Liman Gregory MrInlInl Loomi Sayle BdInl GrY Lord Abbe AffiliaedA m ShrDurIncA m 4.21 ShrDurIncC m 4.24 ShrDurIncF b 4.21 ShrDurIncI 4.21 MFS InlInlEq MAInvTruB m ValA m ValI MainSay MacKHYCorpBdA m Mair & Power GrInv Manning & Napier PrBlndCnrvTrmS PrBlndMaxTrmS Marico 21Cenury b FlexCpl b Mahew AianGrIncInv Meridian GrLegacy d Meropolian We TlReBdI TlReBdM b TlReBdPlan Mida Fund Mida m 1.13 MidaMagic m Needham GrReail b Neuberger Berman SmCpGrInv Nichola Nichola Norhern InlEqIdx d SkIdx Nuveen HYMuniBdI NYMnBdI Oak Aociae EmergTech LiveOakHlhSci PinOakEq RedOakTechSel Oakmark EqAndIncInv GlbInv InlInv Inv SelInv Old Webury GlbSmMdCpSra LgCpSra Oppenheimer DevMkA m DevMkY GlbA m GlbSrIncA m 3.89 InlGrY MnSrA m Oerwei SrInc PIMCO AlAAllAhIn 8.83 AlAInl HYInl IncA m IncC m IncD b IncInl IncP InvGdCpBdIn LowDrInl 9.80 RlReInl ShrTrmIn 9.88 TlReIn PRIMECAP Odyey AgrGr Gr Sk Parnau CorEqInv Pax BalIndvInv b Pioneer A m Principal DiverInlIn SAMgCnGA m Prudenial JnBlndA m JnUiliyA m QMAInlEqC m QMASmCpValZ TlReBdZ Punam EqIncA m GlbUlB m InlGrB m SmCpValA m Reynold BlueChipGr b Royce SmCpValSvc m Rydex ElecronicInv HCH b NASDAQ100Inv Schwab FdmlUSLgCIdx HC SP500Idx Schwab1000Idx TlSkMkIdx Sae Farm Gr Serling Capial SronSmCpVlIn T. 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23 The Sun /Tueday, March 6, Page 7 Anibioic before eeh cleaning i no recommended DEAR DR. ROACH: I have had wo angioplay procedure compleed, one in 1999 and he econd in Sen were inered during each procedure. A a prevenive meaure, my deni wan me o ake four anibioic pill (amoxicillin) before I ee he hygieni. Wha i he reaon for hi? Do you feel i i neceary o ake anibioic before each vii o he hygieni? E.L.S. ANSWER: Anibioic prophylaxi i no rouinely recommended for people wih cardiac en. The rik of infecion i very low, probably lower han he mall rik of an advere even from he anibioic. People wih ome cardiac problem, uch a a proheic hear valve, ome ype of congenial hear dieae or a prior hiory of infecion of he hear valve hould ake anibioic. Of coure, I would ge aurance from your cardiologi ha here i no omehing diinc abou your cae, bu from wha you have old me, I wouldn' recommend anibioic. Dr. Roach DEAR DR. ROACH: I am 59 year old and in good healh. For everal year now I have had ingling and a ligh numb feeling in moly he ball of my lef foo and omeime he righ. Someime i i like he feel of a ock rumpled up in my hoe, which i omewha uncomforable bu no painful. I feel he enaion moly a nigh while lying in bed. I am no diabeic. I have worked ou all my adul life. I ued o run up o 25 mile per week for many year bu opped, a I could ene hi wa no good for my knee a I go Huband' work-life in' working ou for buy mom older. For exercie now, I ride my bike and work wih weigh. I like o ake walk and hike. Could hi be ju compreion of he nerve over he year, wih lierally houand of mile on my fee and bike ride? T.B. ANSWER: I found a udy looking a 25 long-diance runner (average lifeime diance wa 20,000 mile), which found evidence for damage o nerve, bu which did no lead o ympom. I hink i' poible ha he exercie alone could have caued your ympom; however, I would ill recommend a lea a focued evaluaion for oher caue of neuropahy. In addiion o he diabee you menion, viamin B-12 deficiency, Lyme dieae and celiac dieae are on my hor li of condiion o conider in people wih peripheral neuropahy, which i a general erm ued when he nerve don' work properly and i' no a funcion of he brain or pinal column. There are many oher. DEAR DR. ROACH: I have grandchildren who are very allergic o ca. Could hey develop COPD from being around ca? Anon. ANSWER: The va majoriy of cae of chronic obrucive pulmonary dieae are caued by obacco. A much maller bu ill ubanial number of cae are in people wih an enzyme defec, alpha-1 anirypin deficiency, bu many people wih hi ge ympom only when hey moke or are expoed o lung irrian. People wih ca allergie may develop ahma, an obrucive lung dieae ha i diinc from COPD, and have worened ympom around ca. The bookle on COPD explain boh emphyema and chronic bronchii, he wo elemen of COPD, in deail. Reader can obain a copy by wriing: Dr. Roach Book No Virginia Dr. Orlando, FL Encloe a check or money order for $4.75 U.S./$6 Can. wih he recipien' prined name and addre. Pleae allow 4-6 week for delivery. Challenger DEAR ABBY: I have been married wo year, bu my huband and I have been ogeher for more han 10. We have a 3-year-old daugher who ha needed a few exra docor appoinmen and herapy. My huband make i o none of hee exra appoinmen, ome of which are crucial o her fuure. We boh work full-ime, bu he work ix day a week. I have ared o regard him differenly becaue I'm doing everyhing for our daugher. I don' wan my marriage o fail, bu we aren' connecing anymore. I ake off work or wich my hour around becaue I know ha' wha you do for your child. He never ake off work, ye he doen' hink wice abou going golfing wih hi bo like i' no big deal. Wha do you hink I hould do? Wiconin Mommy DEAR MOMMY: You won' be able o achieve a more equal balance unil you make your feeling known and dicu hi. I'm orry you didn' menion wha kind of job your huband ha, becaue i' an imporan omiion. He may be doing everyhing he can for you and hi daugher. A Dear Abby ix-day-a-week chedule doen' offer flexibiliy. DEAR ABBY: I have a cloe friend wih whom I ofen ravel and aend even. She' a lovely peron, bu he ha he odd habi of inging in public in gif hop, reauran, or any public place where muic i playing. I can' have he radio on in he car wihou her inging along. She ha an OK voice, bu her yle i a bi operaic. How can I genly ell her ha her ponaneou performance are inappropriae and exceive? No Karaoke In The Ea DEAR NOT KARA- OKE: I upec your friend crave aenion, which i why he doe i. Pay her he complimen he' looking for by elling her how nice her voice i, bu you would prefer he no ing when you're ou in public ogeher becaue you find i embarraing. Yeerday Challenger Anwer MARMADUKE By Brad Anderon Crypoquip 2011 by King Feaure Syndicae A afe code for good credi Dear Reader: Do you worry abou your credi card informaion when you SHOP ONLINE? Companie are making ure ha ecuriy feaure are geing beer. When placing an order on he compuer or over he phone, in addiion o your credi card number, you'll be aked for your credi card' CVV, or Card Verificaion Value. Thi i a hree- or fourdigi code imprined on he card, and i' ued a an exra layer of ecuriy for you. The number i locaed eiher on he back of he card nex o he ignaure rip, or on he fron of he card. Thi feaure wa added o credi Hin from Heloie card in he mid I i o verify ha you have he card in hand. Inereingly, a webie ha you hop frequenly can ore your credi card number for fuure purchae, bu i won' ore he CVV you'll have o provide i each ime, and ha' for your proecion. Heloie

24 Page 8 The Sun /Tueday, March 6, 2018 HOROSCOPE Do you believe ha you deerve o have fun? How you anwer may have more o do wih your generaion han your peronaliy. Wheher you hink fun i a birhrigh or a reward for work, wihou enjoymen you re no going o be a your be. Give yourelf ome fun during hi raniional ime of Venu and Mercury moving ino Arie. ARIES (March 21-April 19). Focu on he iue a hand or beer ye, make ure i i quarely in fron of your face. Don give yourelf he opion of procrainaing or doing nohing. TAURUS (April 20-May 20). Thi i a day when you will begin and end hing well. You ll have a ellar ene of wha o ar and how. Bu more imporanly, you ll know how and when o conclude. GEMINI (May 21-June 21). Maybe you d raher chicha for 15 minue han embrace for five econd. There omehing o inimae abou a hug ha i can be a lile unnerving a ime. Go for he hug anyway. CANCER (June 22-July 22). Your creaiviy i flowing rong. All your idea are good, bu hey re no all hareable. You don wan o overwhelm your audience. Say on poin. You don wan hem o loe igh of he fore becaue one of he ree wa o inereing. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22). Much of he day will be pen doing hing ha you ued o do becaue you had o. The difference i ha now you re doing hem becaue you can. I an honor o be able o conribue. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sep. 22). Your life i mundane exuberance oday a rio of color all becaue you know where o look and how o look a i. I no ju abou he viual, eiher all of your ene are uned in and earching for he celebraion of life. LIBRA (Sep. 23-Oc. 23). If you pu up your hield again bad mood, you ll alo be blocking ou he livelier par of life. Much will depend on he range you re willing o accep. The pendulum wing a far norh a i doe ouh. SCORPIO (Oc. 24-Nov. 21). Think wice before rading your informaion for a prize oday. Mo ranacion are harmle, bu err on he afe ide. An adage for he digial age: If omehing i free, ha mean you are he produc. BORN LOSER By Ar and Chip Sanom SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21). You have a knack for making he cene more vivid o hoe lucky enough o hare i wih you. Your ecre: The layer of proecion you ve hed have allowed you o experience hing more keenly. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19). The riche one could be he one who ha he mo, or he one who need he lea. Eiher direcion i accepable. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18). A lo of he converaion oday i a compeiion. If you had o diil i o i eence, i would go omehing like hi: I m he be. No, I m he be. PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20). To underand ha money doen buy happine doen necearily make anyone happier wih le money. Boom line, you wan more money, and you have your reaon. TODAY S BIRTHDAY (March 6). The nex hree week will bring exciing new, goodwill geure and he compleion of a ak ha aken year o accomplih. A dicovery will change your mind, and Ocober bring a move. The be ime o inve will be July and Sepember. Leo and Virgo adore you. Your lucky number are: 9, 40, 20, 22 and 38. BLONDIE By Dean Young and John Marhall MUTTS By Parick McDonnell BABY BLUES By Rick Kirkman and Jerry Sco DOONSBURY By Garry Trudeau

25 The Sun /Tueday, March 6, 2018 FOR BETTER OR FOR WORSE By Lynn Johnon PEANUTS By Charle Schulz CRANKSHAFT By Tom Baiuk & Chuck Ayer MALLARD FILLMORE By Bruce Tinley SHOE By Gary Brookin & Suie MacNelly HI AND LOIS By Brian and Greg Walker REX MORGAN By Terry Beay BEETLE BAILEY By Mor Walker HAGAR THE HORRIBLE By Chri Browne THE WIZARD OF ID By Bran Parker and Johnny Har MOTHER GOOSE AND GRIMM By Mike Peer ZITS By Jerry Sco & Jim Borgman GARFIELD By Jim Davi NON SEQUITUR By Wiley PICKLES By Brian Crane MARY WORTH By Karen Moy and June Brigman B.C. By Maroianni & Har DILBERT By Sco Adam Page 9

26 Page 10 The Sun /Tueday, March 6, 2018 NATION Proecuor puh judge o le oher Coby accuer eify By MICHAEL R. SISAK ASSOCIATED PRESS NORRISTOWN, Pa. Bill Coby made hi fir cour appearance of he #MeToo era on Monday a defene lawyer ried wihou ucce o ge hi exual aaul cae hrown ou, hen urned heir aenion o blocking ome of he 80-year-old comedian dozen of accuer from eifying a hi looming rerial. Proecuor are rying o peruade he judge o allow a many a 19 oher women o ake he and, including model Janice Dickinon, a hey aemp o how he comedian had a long hiory of drugging and aacking women. They re alo rying o inulae Coby accuer, Andrea Conand, from wha a proecuor called ineviable aack on her credibiliy. Allowing oher women o ake he and will how juror ha Coby yemaically engaged Man accued of ealing France McDormand Ocar aue By NANCY DILLON and PETER SBLENDORIO NEW YORK DAILY NEWS The man arreed for wiping France McDormand Ocar rophy paraded a golden aue around an Academy Award afer-pary and emphaically boaed he d won he award himelf. Claiming o be a muic producer, Terry Bryan held he rophy up high a he Governor Ball a he filmed a Facebook Live video and in a ignaure paern of providing an inoxican o hi young female vicim and hen exually aauling her when he became incapaciaed, Aian Diric Aorney Adrienne D. Jappe old he judge. Coby lawyer will addre he iue in cour Tueday. They ve argued in wriing ha ome of he women allegaion dae o he 1960 and are impoible o defend again, given ha ome winee are dead, memorie are faded and evidence ha been lo. Judge Seven O Neill aid he would no rule on wheher o allow he eimony by he end of he wo-day hearing, calling i an exraordinarily weighy iue ha he need ime o review. The judge allowed ju one oher accuer o ake he and a Coby fir rial la year, barring any menion of abou 60 oher who have come forward o accue Coby in recen year. The only oher hin ha urged oher parygoer o congraulae him. Looki baby. My eam go hi onigh, Bryan proclaim in he video, before kiing he aue. Thi i mine! He hen allowed a fellow aendee o ouch he rophy before aking a byander for he addre o Jimmy Kimmel pary. Laer in he nearly hree-minue video, Bryan ell a woman a he ball ha he won he award for be producer. AP PHOTO France McDormand accep he award for be performance by an acre in a leading role for Three Billboard Ouide Ebbing, Miouri a he Ocar on Sunday a he Dolby Theare in Lo Angele. juror go of Coby pa came from depoiion excerp from 2005 and 2006 in which he ar admied giving quaalude o women he waned o have ex wih. Coby, who enered he courroom on he arm of hi pokeman, ha aid hi encouner wih Conand wa conenual. A jury deadlocked on he cae la year, eing he age for a rerial. Earlier Monday, Coby reooled defene eam, led by former Michael Jackon lawyer Tom Meereau, had argued ha elephone record, ravel iinerarie and oher evidence how he alleged aaul couldn have happened when Conand ay i did and hu fall ouide he aue of limiaion. The defene dipued Conand eimony a la year rial ha he aauled her a hi uburban Philadelphia home in January 2004, when he wa a Temple Univeriy women bakeball execuive and he wa a powerful Academy Award baby for muic, he declare. You know wha, I can believe I go hi. Can believe i. For muic. Bryan, 47, wa arreed for allegedly ealing McDormand rophy, which he earned afer winning Be Acre for her performance in Three Billboard Ouide Ebbing, Miouri. The inciden did occur, Officer Roario Herrera of he Lo Angele Police Deparmen aid. The peron who wa arreed goe by he name Terry Bryan. He wa arreed for grand hef, a felony. Bryan wa aken ino cuody a 11:50 p.m. Sunday and booked a few hour laer. He wa ill being held on $20,000 bail early Monday, jail record how. The award ha ince been reurned o McDormand, her rep confirmed o USA Today. Fran and Ocar are happily reunied and are enjoying an In-N-Ou burger ogeher, her rep old he newpaper. McDormand, 60, had been een crying ouide of he Governor Ball before he award wa reurned, according o USA Today. Bryan ocial media page are filled wih phoo of him wih celebriie including Beyoncé, Temple ruee. Conand didn give a pecific dae, bu aid he inciden had o have happened prior o Jan. 20, when her couin moved ino her Philadelphia aparmen. Coby lawyer old O Neill hey d found evidence ha Coby wan even in Pennylvania during ha ime. Conand eified he would have called Coby o be le ino hi home, bu hi lawyer aid her phone record Rihanna, Sevie Wonder, DJ Khaled and Ocar ho Jimmy Kimmel and him a excluive even including he Ocar, he Golden Globe and muliple movie premiere. The hef wa fir repored by New York Time reporer Cara Buckley, who wroe in a wee ha a man had aemped o make off wih McDormand gold aue bu wa opped. AP PHOTO Bill Coby arrive for a prerial hearing in hi exual aaul cae a he Mongomery Couny Courhoue on Monday in Norriown, Pa. don reflec uch a call wihin her imeframe. The dae i imporan becaue Coby wan arreed unil Dec. 30, 2015 meaning any aaul prior o Dec. 30, 2003, would have fallen ouide he 12-year aue of limiaion. O Neill aid he d leave ha for he jury o decide, rejecing a defene moion o dimi he charge. Jury elecion i laed o begin March 29. Cancer claim for Monano Roundup ge judge cruiny By SUDHIN THANAWALA ASSOCIATED PRESS SAN FRANCISCO Claim ha he acive ingredien in he widely ued weed killer Roundup can caue cancer have been evaluaed by inernaional agencie, U.S. and foreign regulaor and he produc manufacurer agribuine gian Monano. Now, a federal judge in San Francico i conducing hi own review during an unuual e of cour hearing ha began Monday. I ha big ake for Monano and hundred of farmer and oher who have ued he company. U.S. Diric Judge Vince Chhabria will pend a week hearing from exper o help decide wheher here i valid cienific evidence o uppor he lawui claim ha expoure o Roundup can caue non-hodgkin lymphoma. Chhabria i preiding over more han 300 lawui again Monano Co. by cancer vicim and heir familie who ay he company long knew abou Roundup cancer rik bu failed o warn hem. The plainiff mu fir peruade Chhabria, however, ha he hould allow heir epidemiologi and oher docor o eify o a jury ha Roundup can caue cancer. Many regulaor have rejeced he link, and Monano vehemenly denie i and ay hundred of udie have found glyphoae Roundup acive ingredien i afe. The planiff fir wine wa Beae Riz, an epidemiologi a he Univeriy of California, Lo Angele who udie he effec of peicide expoure. She explained ome of he udie he relied on for her concluion ha here i a higher rik of non-hodgkin lymphoma for people expoed o glyphoae-baed formulaion. Chhabria will no deermine if he cancer connecion exi, bu wheher he claim ha been eed, reviewed and publihed and i widely acceped in he cienific communiy. I game over for he plainiff if hey can ge over hi hurdle, aid David Levine, an exper in federal cour procedure a he Univeriy of California, Haing College of he Law. Monano developed glyphoae in he 1970, and he weed killer i now old in more han 160 counrie. Farmer in California ue i on more han 200 ype of crop. Homeowner ue i o keep heir lawn and garden priine. S. Loui-baed Monano alo ell eed geneically modified o produce crop ha can olerae being prayed wih glyphoae a he urrounding weed die. Bu he herbicide came under increaing cruiny afer he Inernaional Agency for Reearch on Cancer, baed in Lyon, France par of he World Healh Organizaion claified i a a probable human carcinogen in A flurry of lawui again Monano in federal and ae cour followed, and California added glyphoae o i li of chemical known o caue cancer. Chriine Sheppard, among hoe uing Monano, aid he prayed Roundup for year o conrol weed on her Hawaii coffee farm. In 2003, he wa diagnoed wih non-hodgkin lymphoma and given ix monh o live. Now 68, he i in remiion bu experience evere pain in her hand and leg from her cancer reamen and ha a weak immune yem. She believe Roundup i o blame. The hing ha really ge o me righ now i when I walk ino Home Depo and place like ha and ee Roundup ill for ale, ill adveried a he be hing people can ue, aid Sheppard, who now live near San Diego. Monano ha aacked he inernaional reearch agency opinion a an oulier. The U.S. Environmenal Proecion Agency ay glyphoae i afe for human when ued in accordance wih label direcion. A draf repor by he agency la year concluded he herbicide i no likely o be carcinogenic o human. The repor noed cience review by numerou oher counrie a well a a 2017 Naional Iniue of Healh urvey had reached he ame concluion. Sunday nigh award marked he econd Be Acre win of McDormand career. The ar alo won he coveed honor for Fargo in McDormand gave a powerful peech afer receiving he award Sunday, inviing every woman nominaed for an Ocar o and up while urging moviemaker o help hem ell heir orie. LIST OF WINNERS FOR 90 TH ACADEMY AWARDS Li of winner for he 90h Academy Award preened Sunday by he Academy of Moion Picure Ar and Science: Be Picure: The Shape of Waer Acor: Gary Oldman, Darke Hour Acre: France McDormand, Three Billboard Ouide Ebbing, Miouri Supporing Acor: Sam Rockwell, Three Billboard Ouide Ebbing, Miouri Supporing Acre: Allion Janney, I, Tonya Direcing: The Shape of Waer, Guillermo del Toro Foreign Language Film: A Fanaic Woman, Chile Adaped Screenplay: Call Me by Your Name Original Screenplay: Ge Ou Producion Deign: The Shape of Waer Cinemaography: Blade Runner 2049 Sound Mixing: Dunkirk Sound Ediing: Dunkirk Original Score: The Shape of Waer, Alexandre Depla Original Song: Remember Me from Coco Documenary Feaure: Icaru Documenary (hor ubjec): Heaven I a Traffic Jam on he 405 Film Ediing: Dunkirk Makeup and Hairyling: Darke Hour Animaed Shor Film: Dear Bakeball Live Acion Shor Film: The Silen Child Animaed Feaure Film: Coco Viual Effec: Blade Runner 2049 Coume Deign: Mark Bridge, Phanom Thread ALMANAC Today i Tueday, March 6, he 65h day of There are 300 day lef in he year. Today in hiory On March 6, 1836, he Alamo in San Anonio, Texa, fell a Mexican force led by General Anonio Lopez de Sana Anna ormed he forre afer a 13-day iege; he bale claimed he live of all he Texan defender, nearly 200 rong, including William Travi, Jame Bowie and Davy Crocke. On hi dae In 1475, Ialian ari and poe Michelangelo wa born in Capree in he Republic of Florence. In 1853, Verdi opera La Traviaa premiered in Venice, Ialy. In 1857, he U.S. Supreme Cour, in Dred Sco v. Sandford, ruled 7-2 ha Sco, a lave, wa no an American ciizen and herefore could no ue for hi freedom in federal cour. In 1944, U.S. heavy bomber aged he fir full-cale American raid on Berlin during World War II. In 1983, in a cae ha drew much nooriey, a woman wa gang-raped aop a pool able in a avern in New Bedford, Maachue, called Big Dan ; four men were laer conviced of he aack. Today birhday Former FBI and CIA direcor William Weber i 94. Former Federal Reerve Chairman Alan Greenpan i 92. Dancer-acre Carmen de Lavallade i 87. Former Sovie comonau Valenina Terehkova i 81. Acre-wrier Joanna Mile i 78. Acor Ben Murphy i 76. Opera inger Dame Kiri Te Kanawa i 74. Singer Mary Wilon (The Supreme) i 74. Rock muician Hugh Grundy (The Zombie) i 73. Rock inger-muician David Gilmour (Pink Floyd) i 72. Acre Anna Maria Horford i 71. Acor-direcor Rob Reiner i 71. Singer Kiki Dee i 71. Fox New reporer John Soel i 71. Compoer-lyrici Sephen Schwarz i 70. Rock inger-muician Phil Alvin (The Blaer) i 65. Acor Tom Arnold i 59. Acor D.L. Hughley i 54. Acor Shuler Henley i 51. Acre Connie Brion i 51. Acre Moira Kelly i 50. Acre Amy Piez i 49. Rock muician Chri Broderick (Megadeh) i 48. Bakeball Hall of Famer Shaquille O Neal i 46. Rock muician Chri Tomon (Vampire Weekend) i 34. Acor Eli Marienhal i 32. Acor Dillon Freaier i 22. Acre Savannah Sehlin i 22. Bible vere O ha ye would alogeher hold your peace! and i hould be your widom. Job 13:5. Many ime aying nohing i abou he mare hing we can do. ODD NEWS Sink rai: New Mexico own baling growing kunk crii HAGERMAN, N.M. (AP) Somehing ink in one ouheaern New Mexico own and reiden wan police on he cae. KRQE-TV in Albuquerque repor kunk mell i plaguing he own of Hagerman, New Mexico, hank o a mild winer ha i bringing ou he melling mammal early. Viola Badcock, he owner of Hagerman Townhip Animal Sheler, ay he annoying animal are hanging in own and generally are no healhy. She ay heir ink appear o be a growing problem. Hagerman Police Parolman Adam Chavez ay officer are eling up rap around own and in nearby Lake Arhur and Dexer. Chavez ay healhy kunk caugh in rap will be relocaed on he ea ide of own near a river.

27 SPORTS UNANIMOUS NO. 1 The Virginia Cavalier earned all 65 fir-place voe in Monday AP poll afer finihing four game ahead of he field in he Alanic Coa Conference regular-eaon race. Page 4 Tueday, March 6, MLB: Ray Mee Ray propec Brendan McKay By BRYAN LEVINE Spor Wrier PORT CHARLOTTE I no unuual in high chool baeball for a eam be picher o alo be he be hier. Bu Brendan McKay i no uual. While mo player are forced o chooe beween piching and hiing, McKay, he Tampa Bay Ray No. 1 draf pick in 2017, ha excelled a boh all he way up o he pro level. Laer on in high chool, a lo of chool were giving me he opporuniy if I were o go o heir chool hey d le me do boh McKay aid of he fir ime he realized he wa a pecial wo-way alen, Monday afernoon a Charloe Spor Park on an off day for he Ray. A ha poin, hey have o have a lo of ru in your abiliie on boh ide of he ball a ha poin. The fir baeman and lef-handed picher choe he Univeriy of Louiville and he rewarded hem wih an incredibly-oried collegiae career. McKay racked up he accolade in hi hree eaon a Louiville where he had a career.328 average wih 26 home run, 132 RBI and 48 double o go wih hi 2.23 ERA in 54 appearance and 391 rikeou over inning piched. He wa he conenu 2017 naional player of he year, a hree-ime winner of he John Olerud woway player of he year, a hree-ime fir eam all-american by hree differen organizaion and wa he ACC player of he year in SEE RAYS, 6 AP FILE PHOTO Louiville Brendan McKay ba during he eam 2017 NCAA college baeball ournamen uper regional game again Kenucky in Louiville, Ky. COLLEGE BASKETBALL: Florida TIMELY TURNAROUND Florida head coach Mike Whie yell o hi player in he fir half of a game again Vanderbil in Nahville, Tenn. COLLEGE BASKETBALL: Miami Cardiac Hurricane ake 4-game winning reak ino ACC ourney By STEVEN WINE Aociaed Pre CORAL GABLES The exciing bu erraic Miami Hurricane finally found omehing hey do conienly well: win cloe game. Coach Jim Larranaga young, No. 24-ranked Hurricane have rung ogeher four conecuive vicorie by a oal of eigh poin, all decided on he final poeion, o earn he No. 3 eeding in hi week Alanic Coa Conference Tournamen in New York. Call hem he Cardiac Cane. We joke around in he locker room: We keep i inereing for he fan ju o keep hem anxiou and nervou, guard Dejan Vailjevic aid. Poie down he rech i an emphai being SEE MIAMI, 4 AP PHOTOS Afer 11 loe, No. 23 Gaor find way before poeaon By MARK LONG Aociaed Pre GAINESVILLE Florida coach Mike Whie ha a forbidden phrae for hi aff, a rule implemened ju a few week ago. No one i allowed o ay PK80 in fron of he eam. The lae-november ournamen in Porland, Oregon, he Phil Knigh Inviaional, a 16-eam ourney ha celebraed he Nike co-founder 80h birhday i banned in couing breakdown, video eion and pracice. I he coaching equivalen of a backcour urnover ha lead o an eay bake. SEE FLORIDA, 4 Florida guard Egor Koulechov (4) dribble he ball again Kenucky guard Quade Green (0) during he econd half Saurday in Gaineville. AP PHOTO Miami Ja Quan Newon (0) hoo he game-winning ho a ime expire while Norh Carolina Joel Berry II (2) defend during a game in Chapel Hill, N.C. Miami won GOLF: Bill Haa Shaken, grieving Haa back a golf afer friend deah By DOUG FERGUSON Aociaed Pre Bill Haa reurn o golf hi week knowing he Valpar Championhip will be unlike any of he previou 347 ime he ha played on he PGA Tour. The deep bruie on hi lef leg and he orene in hi righ ankle have ubided. Sill ender are memorie of a friend, Mark Gibello, who wa killed Feb. 13 on a winding road ouide Riviera Counry Club in Lo Angele when hi Ferrari clipped anoher car and lammed ino a pole. Haa wa he paenger. There no many emplae o go by on omehing like hi, Haa aid in hi fir inerview ince he acciden. I wa in a ae of hock, dibelief. I wa a ragic even, raumaic. I m ill unure how o handle i. I keep going back o focuing on he Gibello family. He decribed he AP FILE PHOTO Bill Haa hi from he and during he final round of he Dean & DeLuca Inviaional golf ournamen a Colonial Counry Club in For Worh, Texa. Haa reurn o golf hi week for he fir ime ince he wa he paenger in a car acciden ha killed he driver in Lo Angele. MLB: Ray Ray rade infielder Schimpf o Brave Aociaed Pre PORT CHARLOTTE The Tampa Bay Ray have raded infielder Ryan Schimpf o he Alana Schimpf Brave in for a player o be named or cah. The Ray announced he deal Monday, wo Gibello a muual friend he planned o ay wih during he Genei Open. Haa and Gibello played golf he previou weekend a Lo Angele Counry Club, where Gibello wa a member and played a role in he club hoing he Walker Cup la year. Gibello wa a cloe friend of Bill Harmon, he wing coach who work wih Haa. I didn ake me long o realize how much hi family loved him, how nice he wa o me and my family, Haa aid. Hi wife, Julie, ha kep in ouch wih Gibello wife. The funeral ervice in Sana Monica, California, wa Friday, he ame day he final field wa e for he Valpar Championhip in Florida. Tiger Wood i playing for he fir ime. So i Rory McIlroy. Tha figure o deflec pleny of aenion from Haa rying o ge back o work. SEE HAAS, 3 day afer Schimpf wa deignaed for aignmen o clear room on he 40-man roer for free agen oufielder Carlo Gomez, who igned a $4 million, one-year conrac. The 29-year-old Schimpf began la eaon a San Diego aring hird baeman and baed.158 wih 14 homer and 25 RBI in 53 game. The Ray acquired him in December for a minor league propec. 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28 Page 2 SP Tueday, March 6, 2018 / The Sun Florida Loery PICK 2 Mar. 5N 3-8 Mar. 5D 7-0 Mar. 4N 9-0 Mar. 4D 8-8 Mar. 3N 5-5 Mar. 3D 1-2 D-Day, N-Nigh PICK 3 Mar. 5N Mar. 5D Mar. 4N Mar. 4D Mar. 3N Mar. 3D D-Day, N-Nigh PICK 4 Mar. 5N Mar. 5D Mar. 4N Mar. 4D Mar. 3N Mar. 3D D-Day, N-Nigh PICK 5 Mar. 5N Mar. 5D Mar. 4N Mar. 4D Mar. 3N Mar. 3D D-Day, N-Nigh FANTASY 5 Mar. 5. LATE Mar Mar PAYOFF FOR Mar digi winner $195, digi winner $ ,4333-digi winner $10.00 CASH FOR LIFE Mar Cah Ball.. 2 Mar Cah Ball.. 2 SPORTS ON TV (All ime Eaern) Schedule ubjec o change and/or blackou COLLEGE BASKETBALL Noon ESPN2 ACC Tournamen, fir round, a Brooklyn, N.Y. 2 p.m. ESPN2 ACC Tournamen, fir round, eam TBA v. Piburgh, a Brooklyn, N.Y. 7 p.m. CBSSN CAA Tournamen, final, a Norh Charleon, S.C. ESPN Horizon League Tournamen, final, a Deroi ESPN2 Norhea Conference Tournamen, final, a higher-eeded chool ESPNU ACC Tournamen, fir round, a Brooklyn, N.Y. 9 p.m. ESPN We Coa Tournamen, final, a La Vega ESPN2 Summi League Tournamen, final, a Sioux Fall, S.D. MLB BASEBALL 1 p.m. MLB Spring raining, Houon () v. N.Y. Me, a Por S. Lucie, Fla. 8:30 p.m. MLB Spring raining, Colorado v. Seale, a Peoria, Ariz. PAYOFF FOR Mar of-5 CB $1,000/Day 05-of-5$1,000/Week 44-of-5 CB..$2, of-5..$500 LUCKY MONEY Mar Lucky Ball. 3 Feb Lucky Ball. 9 PAYOFF FOR Mar of-4 LB..$650, of-4.$1, of-4 LB.$ of-4 $64.00 LOTTO Mar Feb PAYOFF FOR Mar digi winner $5 million 265-digi winner $4, ,3354-digi winner $60.50 POWERBALL Mar Powerball. 5 Feb Powerball.. 16 PAYOFF FOR Mar of 5 + PB.. $321 Million 0..5 of 5 $1 million 6..4 of 5 + PB.$50, of 5 $100 ESTIMATED JACKPOT $348 million MEGA MILLIONS Mar Mega Ball. 8 Feb Mega Ball.. 23 PAYOFF FOR Mar of 5 + MB $243 Million 05 of 5..$1 Million 2..4 of 5 + MB $10, of 5 $500 ESTIMATED JACKPOT $265 million NBA BASKETBALL 8 p.m. TNT Houon a Oklahoma Ciy 10:30 p.m. TNT New Orlean a L.A. Clipper NHL HOCKEY 7 p.m. NBCSN Deroi a Boon 10 p.m. NBCSN Wahingon a Anaheim SOCCER 2:30 p.m. FS1 UEFA Champion League, Round of 16, 2nd Leg, Pari Sain-Germain v. Real Madrid FS2 UEFA Champion League, Round of 16, 2nd Leg, Liverpool v. Poro WOMEN S COLLEGE BASKETBALL Noon ESPNU Horizon League Tournamen, final, a Deroi 2 p.m. ESPNU Summi League Tournamen, final, a Sioux Fall, S.D. 4 p.m. ESPNU We Coa Tournamen, final, a La Vega 5 p.m. ESPN2 AAC Tournamen, final, a Uncaville, Conn. 7 p.m. FS1 Big Ea Tournamen, final, a Chicago NHL ROUNDUP Juin Schulz overime goal lif Penguin over Flame Aociaed Pre Juin Schulz ook a pa from Phil Keel and buried i in he wide-open ne 2:36 ino overime o give he Piburgh Penguin a 4-3 win over he Calgary Flame on Monday nigh. Trian Jarry made everal key op for he Penguin early in he exra period, and Schulz fourh goal of he eaon helped Piburgh improve o 10-1 in overime a home hi eaon. Evgeni Malkin cored hi 37h goal for he Penguin and added an ai. Kri Leang and Chad Ruhwedel alo cored for Piburgh. Jarry finihed wih 35 ave a he Penguin pulled wihin one poin of Wahingon for fir in he crowded Meropolian Diviion. Mark Giordano, Mikael Backlund and Troy Brouwer cored for he Flame, who ouplayed he woime defending Sanley Cup champion for long reche before dropping heir fourh raigh. Jon Gillie opped 28 ho bu had no chance when Keel lid a cro-ice pa o a wide-open Schulz. Aociaed Pre LeBron Jame cored 31 poin before aking a ea on he bench, Larry Nance Jr. reached career high wih 22 poin and 15 rebound in hi fir ar for Cleveland, and he Cavalier cloed a diappoining five-game homeand on a poiive noe wih a win Monday nigh over he Deroi Pion, who haven won on he road in nearly wo monh. Wih Cleveland miing hree big men All-Sar Kevin Love, Trian Thompon and Jeff Green becaue of injurie, he Cav needed omeone o ep up and Nance came hrough. Wearing he ame No. 22 hi faher had reired by Cleveland, he 25-yearold Nance had he be game of hi young career. Jame wa hi uual brillian elf, making 5 of 7 3-poiner and adding even rebound and even ai. Wih he Cav comforably ahead, Jame a he enire fourh quarer, a rariy in hi odd eaon. AP PHOTO Piburgh Penguin Juin Schulz (4) make he winning goal in he overime period of an NHL game pa Calgary Flame goalender Jon Gillie (32) wih Mikael Backlund (11) defending Monday in Piburgh. The Penguin had dropped five raigh o he Flame, including a 2-1 overime lo in Calgary in November. They Penguin have urned i around in he inerim and waed lile ime prining o a 2-0 lead. Ruhwedel colleced hi fir goal ince Dec. 18 on a knuckler from he poin 2:10 ino he game, and Malkin doubled Piburgh advanage 55 econd laer when eammae Bryan Ru forced a urnover by Gillie behind he Calgary ne. Malkin colleced Blake Griffin cored 25 o lead Deroi, which ha lo nine raigh away from home. The Pion haven won on he road ince Jan. 10. Andre Drummond cored 15 bu didn reach double-digi rebound for he fir ime in 19 game. Cleveland froncour injurie forced Cav coach Tyronn Lue o change hi aring lineup ye again. Lue moved Nance ino Thompon po and ared Rodney Hood over rookie Cedi Oman, whoe energy had given Cleveland fir uni a needed lif. he puck and flipped i acro he goal line before Gillie could cramble back ino poiion. The Flame, in he middle of heir own figh o ay in he Weern Conference playoff mix, reponded immediaely. Giordano ook advanage of exended zone ime by ending a puck hrough raffic by Jarry 6:14 ino he fir, and Backlund 13h of he eaon came a he end of a gorgeou equence in which he deked Penguin ar defeneman NBA ROUNDUP LeBron, Nance power Cavalier pa Pion AP PHOTO Cleveland Cavalier LeBron Jame, righ, drive again Deroi Pion Blake Griffin in he fir half Monday in Cleveland. PACERS 92, BUCKS 89: Bojan Bogdanovic ied hi eaon high wih 29 poin and grabbed a key jump ball lae o lif he Indiana Pacer over he Milwaukee Buck. Milwaukee Khri Middleon ole Vicor Oladipo pa wih 10 econd lef and Indiana leading He ruhed o he bake, bu Cory Joeph chaed him down and go a hand on he bakeball before Middleon could aemp a ho. The ball rolled ou of bound, and referee called a jump ball afer video replay. Bogdanovic came down wih he ip off he jump ball and added a pair of free hrow wih ix econd lef. Kri Leang and walked o he ne before flipping a backhand by he prawled Jarry. Leang aoned evenually wih a wri ho off he ruh from he righ circle ha ripped over Gillie righ houlder wih 2:59 lef in regulaion. Calgary reponded again, wih T.J. Brodie lipping a pa beween Ruhwedel leg o Brouwer awaiing ick. Brouwer had no rouble ending i by Jarry o ie i wih 2 econd lef in he period. Thaddeu Young had 10 poin and even rebound, and Oladipo finihed wih 14 poin, five ai and five rebound along wih 10 urnover. Afer Bogdanovic free hrow, Milwaukee had a chance o ie i, bu Gianni Aneokounmpo 3-poiner from he wing hi he fron of he rim a ime expired. HEAT 125, SUNS 103: Haan Whieide had 24 poin and 14 rebound, Goran Dragic cored 17 and he Miami Hea moved ino he No. 7 po in he Eaern Conference by opping he Phoenix Sun. Whieide had hi highe-coring game ince Jan. 29, making 10 of hi 13 ho. He averaged only 12.2 poin on 48-percen hooing in hi mo recen 12 game. Kelly Olynyk cored 15 poin for he Hea, who gave four of heir arer Whieide included he enire fourh quarer off and bea he Sun for he 18h ime in heir la 20 meeing. Dwyane Wade, Joh Richardon, Juie Winlow and Luke Babbi each had 12 for he Hea, which had even player in double figure. WOMEN S COLLEGE BASKETBALL ROUNDUP Seven lead op-ranked UConn o a rou of Cincinnai Aociaed Pre UNCASVILLE, Conn. Azura Seven cored 21 poin and pulled down 13 rebound o lead opranked UConn o a rou of Cincinnai in he emifinal of he American Ahleic Conference Tournamen on Monday nigh. Napheea Collier added 13 poin for he Hukie (31-0), who have now won 100 game again AAC opponen wihou a lo ince he league began play in UConn led from he ar and ued a 38-0 run ha reched from he fir quarer ino he hird o pu he game away. Andeija Pucke had five poin for Cincinnai, which fell o The Hukie played wihou All-American forward Gabby William, who weaked a longanding hip injury in he Hukie quarerfinal win over Tulane. They didn need her. No. 19 SOUTH FLORIDA 74, UCF 59: Kiija Laka cored 20 poin and Laura Ferreira added 17 o lead Souh Florida o a win over rival UCF in he emifinal of he American Ahleic Conference Tournamen. Maria Jeperen chipped in wih 12 for he Bull (26-6), who advanced o he conference final for he fourh raigh eaon. Their hree previou rip have ended in loe o UConn, which he he Bull will face in he final. Zakiya Saunder had 20 poin o lead UCF (21-10). No. 22 GREEN BAY 66, YOUNGSTOWN STATE 45: Jeica Lindrom cored 17 poin and e a program Diviion I record wih 1,000 career rebound and Green Bay reached he Horizon League championhip game for he eighh-raigh eaon wih a vicory over Youngown Sae. Youngown Sae led by wo poin a he break bu Karly Murphy cored ix raigh poin o cap a econd-half opening 8-0 run for Green Bay. Afer YSU cored i fir bake of he econd half a he 3:31 mark, Lindrom opened and cloed a 13-2 run wih 3-poiner o make i enering he fourh quarer. A 7-0 run o ar he final frame made i a 21-poin lead. Allie Leclaire added 16 poin, Jen Wellniz, he league defenive player of he year, chipped in a eaon-high 14 poin for op-eeded Green Bay (28-3). Sarah Cah led No. 5 eed Youngown Sae (16-15) wih 12 poin o become YSU 20h member of he 1,000-poin club. AP PHOTO Connecicu Azura Seven, righ, i hi by Cincinnai Shanice Johnon while driving o he bake during he fir half of a game in he American Ahleic Conference ournamen emifinal a Mohegan Sun Arena Monday in Uncaville, Conn.

29 The Sun / Tueday, March 6, COMMENTARY: NASCAR Harvick ake bumpy road o 100 vicorie By JENNA FRYER Aociaed Pre K evin Harvick once lay in wai for Greg Biffle on he pi road wall a Briol Moor Speedway. Harvick wa angry he alway eemed o be angry in he early day of hi NASCAR career and he wa going o make ure Biffle knew i he momen he race wa over. How did Harvick end hi meage? He lierally hurdled over Biffle car ino a crum and lunged a Biffle hroa. The Biffle inciden back in 2002 would mo cerainly be on Harvick highligh reel. In hi fir wo year in Cup, Harvick became he fir driver o be parked by NASCAR for aggreive driving and he once ried o figh Ricky Rudd, uually conidered a loing propoiion. Harvick nickname ha alway been Happy and he wa anyhing bu in hoe early day. He aid afer he 2002 parking for inenionally wrecking Coy Gibb in a Truck Serie race a Marinville and generally being a horn in NASCAR ide ha i wa he wakeup call he 25-year-old needed. I haven been racing ince I wa 5 year old and made i hi far in my career o hrow i all away now, Harvick aid hen. Having o mi he race in Marinville definiely go my aenion. OK, o i han been exacly mooh ailing ince ha wakeup call. Bu here Harvick i AP PHOTO Kevin Harvick hoi he rophy wih hi eam afer winning Sunday in La Vega. now, 100 NASCAR naional win laer, and one of he mo conien driver of hi era. Harvick doen have he aiic o how ju how excepional a race car driver he i in par becaue he came along a he ame ime a anoher Californian. Jimmie Johnon, wih a laid-back Souhern California perona, debued a year afer Harvick and ha colleced even championhip along he way. Harvick ha o far managed ju one championhip. Bu he a Dayona 500 winner, a wo-ime Coca-Cola 600 winner, a Souhern 500 winner and a Brickyard 400 winner. Tha a Hall of Fame career righ here, and one many migh no have een coming when he wa hru ino a mierable iuaion a wha hould have been he be ime of hi life. Harvick wa on chedule o drive a Cup car for Richard Childre in 2002, bu when Dale Earnhard wa killed on he final lap of he 2001 Dayona 500, ha plan wa crapped. Harvick go Earnhard ride he nex week, wen forward wih hi cheduled La Vega wedding he week afer ha, and won hi fir Cup race he week afer ha. I wa a whirlwind hree week for he 24-year-old from Bakerfield, California, and when he had o ime o ake a breah, here wa a lo going on. Maybe ha why he napped o eaily back hen. And alhough ome of ha wen away, he never really changed who he wa. Harvick coninued o ir he po in he garage, poke hi mind even when he didn have anyhing nice o ay, and never lacked for confidence. I wa ju over hree year ago when Harvick, locked ino he championhip bale, hoved Brad Keelowki from behind o rigger a melee beween Keelowki and Jeff Gordon. GOLF: Mexico Championhip Phil Mickelon a winner again and wan more By DOUG FERGUSON Aociaed Pre MEXICO CITY Phil Mickelon knew hi wa coming, even when he had o lile o how for i. Mickelon had gone 101 ournamen around he world ince he la won a Muirfield in he 2013 Briih Open, which moved him o No. 2 in he world and gave him he hird leg of he career Grand Slam. In more han wo decade on he PGA Tour, he had gone only wo eaon wihou winning. And hen i wa up o four raigh year and couning. There wa more fruraion han elf-doub. And wih Mickelon, even a age 47, here wa never a lo of confidence. I knew ha wan going o be my la one, no, he aid Sunday. And hi in eiher. The mo recen one came in he high aliude of he Mexico HAAS From Page 1 The 35-year-old Haa reurn wih a greaer appreciaion of life and a level of uppor he never realized he had. Hi golf bag remained in he Riviera locker room for he re of he Genei Open unil i wa hipped home o him in Souh Carolina. Haa AP PHOTO Phil Mickelon, of he U.S., ee off on he 2nd hole during he final round of he Mexico Championhip Sunday a Chapulepec Golf Club in Mexico Ciy. Championhip, and i wa anoher pulaing performance, a ofen i he cae wih Mickelon. Five birdie in he opening 10 hole gave him he lead. Righ when he wa on he verge of aking conrol, he wen for he green on he par-5 11h hole only for he ho o carom off a ree and ino he buhe near he edge of Chapulepec Golf Club. Deep in he buhe, he blaed ou and hi he crowd. He wound up making bogey. Then came anoher wild drive ha bounced along he car pah, forcing him o cramble for par. Three group ahead of him, Juin Thoma delivered he ho of he ournamen. Eleven ho behind going ino he weekend and uddenly ied for he lead, Thoma holed ou from 119 yard on he final hole for eagle o cap off a weekend a he wen for hi econd raigh vicory. han praciced much. He played golf Sunday in Greenville and planned o leave Monday nigh for he Valpar Championhip in Palm Harbor, Florida. The amoun of love and uppor and oureach I go from my peer and friend ha been amazing, he aid. A he ame ime, a friend of mine i no here anymore. There ju no real way o explain life, why i happen and how i happen. You can ake omorrow for graned. You have o enjoy oday and prepare for omorrow. All ha aid, I ill feel like I have o go compee. I can ju ay golf doen maer. Tha wha I do. I hink ha wha Mark would wan. He wa a golf fan. He loved golf. He would wan me o care abou how I play. SP Page 3

30 Page 4 SP Tueday, March 6, 2018 / The Sun COLLEGE BASKETBALL: AP Poll WOMEN S COLLEGE BASKETBALL: AP Poll Virginia i unanimou No. 1; Michigan up o 7h By AARON BEARD Aociaed Pre RALEIGH, N.C. Virginia i now he unqueioned No. 1 in he AP Top 25. The Cavalier earned all 65 fir-place voe in Monday poll afer finihing four game ahead of he field in he Alanic Coa Conference regular-eaon race. Thi wa Virginia fourh raigh week a No. 1, wih he Cavalier acquiring more fir-place voe each ime unil claiming hem all hi week. Virginia joined fellow ACC eam Duke a eam o be unanimou No. 1 in he AP Top 25 hi eaon. Prey good for a eam ha wa picked o finih ixh in he ACC during he preeaon. The Cavalier (28-2, 17-1 ACC) open ACC Tournamen play in Thurday quarerfinal in Brooklyn wih a chance o weep he league regular-eaon and ournamen ile for he econd ime in five eaon. Now you are in oneand-done ournamen play he ACC Tournamen and he NCAA Tournamen, coach Tony Benne aid afer Saurday win again Nore Dame. You coninue on, bu you underand ha i i qualiy play, he aid. You do no change who you are, bu you know ha if you drop one, you are ou. BIG EAST SHUFFLE Wih Michigan Sae umble in he Big Ten Tournamen, i looked like Xavier wa e o move up a po o No. 2 behind Virginia afer winning he Big Ea regular-eaon race ourigh. FLORIDA From Page 1 All he noie ha our guy hear i, Well, you guy were o good hen, Whie aid, referring o he lae- November ournamen in Porland, Oregon, ha helped vaul he Gaor o No. 5 in The Aociaed Pre college bakeball poll. We were horrific defenively. We were playing really, really fa and we were geing open look, and ha before people ared grinding ha hing ou again u. We looked a lile bi differen. All he reminder ha our guy ge, all he exerior noie abou, PK80 hi, PK80 ha, I didn hink i wa healhy for our guy o coninue o hear ha. Le ju focu on oday. Le focu on geing beer. Whie new direcive coincided wih he ar of a ignifican urnaround for he 23rdranked Gaor (20-11, 11-7 Souheaern Conference), who are back in he poll afer winning hree in a row. Florida i playing i be bakeball of he eaon heading ino he SEC Tournamen in S. Loui. Whie eam bea hen-no. 12 Auburn, humped Alabama on he road and handled hen- No. 23 Kenucky in he regular-eaon finale. Thoe vicorie helped he Gaor earn he No. 3 eed in he 14-eam ournamen. Florida will play Arkana, Souh AP PHOTO Virginia head coach Tony Benne, righ, applaud hi eam a hey celebrae heir win over Nore Dame Saurday in Charloeville, Va. Inead, Villanova which bea he Mukeeer hi eaon by 24 and 16 poin bu finihed a game back in he Big Ea anding hopped over Xavier from No. 4 while Xavier remained hird. TOP-10 CHANGES Michigan Sae fell o fourh, followed by Duke, Gonzaga and Michigan which jumped eigh po o No. 7 afer beaing he Sparan and Purdue o win a econd raigh Big Ten Tournamen ile. The Wolverine have won nine raigh game and own heir highe AP Top 25 ranking ince hiing No. 7 in he final poll of he eaon. TOP RISERS The Wolverine had he bigge climb of he week by far, wih mo riing eam inching up a po or wo. No. 15 Arizona which won he Pac-12 regular-eaon ile ourigh and No. 21 Houon had he econd-bigge climb wih each riing four po. LONGEST SLIDES The week bigge fall belonged o Rhode Iland. The Ram fell eigh po o No. 25 afer a 30-poin home lo o S. Joeph followed by a lo a Davidon in which hey allowed a 9-0 game-cloing run. No. 17 Ohio Sae fell four po afer an early lo a he Big Ten Tournamen, while No. 9 Kana and No. 12 Norh Carolina which lo on a buzzer-beaing 3-poiner a home o Miami and hen a rival Duke each fell hree po. NEWCOMERS The wo newcomer o he poll, Florida and Miami, have been ranked muliple ime hi eaon. The 23rd-ranked Gaor were No. 8 in he preeaon and hi No. 5 in early December, hen fell ou wo week laer, re-enered for wo week in January and hen lid back ou. I been a imilar wild ride for he 24hranked Hurricane. They ared he year a No. 13 and peaked a No. 6 in December, hough hey lid ou by January, re-enered for a week in February and hen fell ou again. SLIDING OUT Kenucky and Middle Tenneee fell ou of he poll, and ha coninued he Wildca unuually volaile poll anding hi eaon. Kenucky, who a a 23rd la week, wa No. 5 in he preeaon poll before falling ou for he fir ime in roughly four year in January. Bu afer Saurday lo a Florida, he Wildca fell ou for he hird ime hi eaon. The Blue Raider enered he poll for he fir ime in heir hiory on Feb. 19, bu fell ou from No. 24 afer loing heir regular-eaon finale a home o Marhall on Saurday. AP PHOTO Florida guard Chri Chiozza (11) acknowledge he crowd a he leave he game in he final minue of a game again Kenucky Saurday in Gaineville. Carolina or Miiippi in he quarerfinal Friday nigh. We ve ju go o ay in hi groove, aid guard Jalen Hudon, who wa named co-sec player of he week Monday. We ve go a good hing going. Ju in ime for poeaon play, oo. Grea iming, Hudon added. Couldn have been beer. The Gaor hough hey had i all figured ou in Porland. They cored 108 and 111 on conecuive nigh in win again Sanford and Gonzaga, repecively, and hen had a 17-poin lead again hen-no. 1 Duke in he econd of wo ile game during he PK80 ournamen. Florida blew ha big lead o he Blue Devil, bu ill roe in he ranking. Whie cauioned anyone who would lien ha hi eam wan playing he kind of defene needed o uain ucce and overcome a poor hooing performance. I came o ligh he nex week when he Gaor lo conecuive home game o Florida Sae and Loyola Chicago. Tha ared an upand-down rend for a eam ha feaured everal newcomer, led by Hudon and fellow guard Egor Koulechov. Florida reached a low poin la monh when i dropped ix of eigh in league play. One poiive wa noiceable during he lump: The Gaor were coniderably beer on he defenive end. They finihed wih econdbe defenive efficiency raing in SEC play. Tha combined wih an offenive reurgence Florida ha made 30 3-poiner in he la hree game ha he eam peaking a he righ ime. We finally found our role and embraced hem, enior poin guard Chri Chiozza aid. We re ju doing a good job of playing harder han we were and playing defene he whole game. If we can core, we re no going o le he oher eam core eiher. AP PHOTO Connecicu head coach Geno Auriemma and aociae head coach Chri Dailey look a an official during he American Ahleic Conference ournamen quarerfinal Sunday in Uncaville, Conn. UConn ill op eam in AP women poll Aociaed Pre NEW YORK UConn exend i run a No. 1 in The Aociaed Pre women bakeball poll. The Hukie (30-0) have been he unanimou op choice all eaon from he 32-member media panel. They are in he emifinal of he American Ahleic Conference ournamen Monday nigh. The Hukie are 99-0 again AAC opponen ince he formaion of he conference, 86-0 in regular-eaon game By RALPH D. RUSSO Aociaed Pre NEW YORK Veeran play-by-play announcer Verne Lundqui will no be calling NCAA Tournamen bakeball game hi year. CBS and Turner Spor announced he commenaor eam Monday for he men bakeball ournamen, which ar nex week. Jim Nanz, Bill Rafery and Gran Hill will coninue o announce he Final Four and championhip game. Thoe MIAMI From Page 1 able o make big ho and big play and be calm. Our eam ha howed a lo of hear. The margin of vicory in he pa wo week have been hree poin, one, hree and one. Wih four win in a row by le han four poin, he Hurricane (22-8, 11-7 ACC) ied a 61-year-old league record, and i a fir for he chool. La week Miami won a hen-no. 9 Norh Carolina on Ja Quan Newon deperaion buzzer-beaer from near midcour, and bea Virginia Tech when Chri Lyke ank he fron end of a one and one wih hree econd o go. The la ACC eam o win four in a row by le han four poin wa Duke in Larranaga, in hi 46h year of coaching, aid he ha never experienced uch a run. Confidence i a huge par of ucce believing in yourelf, he aid. Our guy have developed a lo of confidence in hemelve and heir eammae. and 13-0 in he conference ournamen. Baylor moved up o econd and Louiville hird afer hen-no. 2 Miiippi Sae lo o Souh Carolina in he SEC ile game. The Bulldog lipped o fourh. Nore Dame wa fifh. Oregon, Souh Carolina, Texa, UCLA and Ohio Sae round ou he op 10. Mo of he major conference finihed heir ournamen hi weekend wih ju he Big 12 ile game Monday nigh feauring Baylor and Texa. COLLEGE BASKETBALL: Broadcaing Lundqui, 77, ep away from calling NCAA ourney game game, along wih he ournamen elecion how on Sunday, will be elevied on TBS. Lundqui, 77, ha been calling ournamen game for CBS ince He opped calling he Souheaern Conference fooball game of he week on CBS afer he 2016 eaon, bu ill did he NCAA Tournamen and Maer golf in CBS pokewoman Jennifer Sabaelle aid Lundqui had back urgery la fall and decided o ep away from doing hi year ournamen. The ucceion of hear-opper come a he end of a rollercoaer regular eaon. The Hurricane climbed o ixh in he ranking before Chrima bu fell ou of he Top 25 afer loing four ime in a even-game rech. Perimeer hooing, free hrow, rebounding, urnover and offenive execuion again he zone have all been iue. Miami lo wice a home in February, and wa beaen by hree eam ha finihed in he ACC econd diviion. The Hurricane had o adju o he lo of ar guard Bruce Brown Jr., idelined by a foo injury ince lae January. Bu hey ve now won even of 10 wihou Brown, who could receive medical clearance nex week o reurn. We ve mied him, Larranaga aid. Bu i gave oher player an opporuniy o ep up. Tha include frehman guard Lonnie Walker IV, projeced a a poible NBA loery pick in June. He ha averaged 15.1 poin over he pa 15 game, including everal memorable bake a crunch ime.

31 The Sun / Tueday, March 6, SP Page 5 SCOREBOARD PRO BASKETBALL NBA All ime Eaern EASTERN CONFERENCE Alanic Diviion W L PCT. GB Torono Boon Philadelphia New York Brooklyn Souhea Diviion W L PCT. GB Wahingon Miami Charloe Orlando ½ Alana Cenral Diviion W L PCT. GB Cleveland Indiana ½ Milwaukee ½ Deroi ½ Chicago ½ WESTERN CONFERENCE Souhwe Diviion W L PCT. GB Houon New Orlean San Anonio ½ Dalla Memphi Norhwe Diviion W L PCT. GB Porland Minneoa ½ Oklahoma Ciy Denver Uah Pacific Diviion W L PCT. GB Golden Sae L.A. Clipper ½ L.A. Laker ½ Sacrameno ½ Phoenix ½ Saurday Game Orlando 107, Memphi 100 Denver 126, Cleveland 117 Miami 105, Deroi 96 Houon 123, Boon 120 L.A. Laker 116, San Anonio 112 Sunday Game Alana 113, Phoenix 112 Indiana 98, Wahingon 95 Torono 103, Charloe 98 New Orlean 126, Dalla 109 Milwaukee 118, Philadelphia 110 L.A. Clipper 123, Brooklyn 120 Sacrameno 102, New York 99 Monday Game Cleveland 112, Deroi 90 Indiana 92, Milwaukee 89 Miami 125, Phoenix 103 Boon a Chicago, lae Memphi a San Anonio, lae Orlando a Uah, lae Porland a L.A. Laker, lae Today Game Alana a Torono, 7 p.m. Miami a Wahingon, 7 p.m. Philadelphia a Charloe, 7 p.m. Houon a Oklahoma Ciy, 8 p.m. Denver a Dalla, 8:30 p.m. New York a Porland, 10 p.m. Brooklyn a Golden Sae, 10:30 p.m. New Orlean a L.A. Clipper, 10:30 p.m. CAVALIERS 112, PISTONS 90 DETROIT (90) Enni III , Griffin , Drummond , I.Smih , Bullock , Johnon , Moreland , Tolliver , Ellenon , Galloway , Buyck , Kennard Toal CLEVELAND (112) Jame , Hood , Nance Jr , Hill , J.Smih , Oman , Zizic , Perrane , Calderon , Holland , Korver , Clarkon Toal DETROIT CLEVELAND Poin Goal Deroi (Griffin 3-5, Bullock 3-7, Kennard 2-2, Tolliver 2-4, Johnon 1-3, Enni III 1-5, Galloway 0-1, I.Smih 0-1, Ellenon 0-2, Buyck 0-4), Cleveland (Jame 5-7, Korver 3-6, Oman 2-6, Calderon 1-3, Clarkon 1-5, Nance Jr. 0-1, Hill 0-1, Holland 0-1, J.Smih 0-1, Hood 0-2). Fouled Ou None. Rebound Deroi 40 (Drummond 9), Cleveland 53 (Nance Jr. 15). Ai Deroi 17 (I.Smih 6), Cleveland 29 (Jame 7). Toal Foul Deroi 22, Cleveland 18. Technical Drummond, Griffin. A 20,562 (20,562). PACERS 92, BUCKS 89 MILWAUKEE (89) Middleon , Aneokounmpo , Henon , Bledoe , Snell , Parker , Maker , Terry , Brown , Muhammad Toal INDIANA (92) Bogdanovic , T.Young , Turner , Joeph , Oladipo , Robinon III , Leaf , Saboni , J.Young , Sephenon Toal MILWAUKEE INDIANA Poin Goal Milwaukee 7-23 (Snell 3-4, Bledoe 2-10, Parker 1-2, Terry 1-2, Middleon 0-1, Maker 0-2, Aneokounmpo 0-2), Indiana (Bogdanovic 5-7, T.Young 2-3, Sephenon 2-3, Oladipo 1-2, J.Young 0-1, Joeph 0-1). Fouled Ou None. Rebound Milwaukee 39 (Aneokounmpo 12), Indiana 37 (T.Young 7). Ai Milwaukee 15 (Bledoe 4), Indiana 18 (Oladipo 5). Toal Foul Milwaukee 16, Indiana 15. Technical Milwaukee coach Buck (Defenive hree econd). A 15,874 (18,500). HEAT 123, SUNS 103 PHOENIX (103) Warren , Bender , Chandler , Payon , Booker , Jackon , Chri , Peer , Len , Reed , Harrion Toal MIAMI (125) Babbi , J.Johnon , Whieide , Dragic , Richardon , Jone Jr , Winlow , Halem , Adebayo , Olynyk , Wade , McGruder , T.Johnon Toal PHOENIX MIAMI Poin Goal Phoenix (Booker 4-9, Bender 2-3, Chri 2-4, Warren 1-2, Jackon 1-3, Reed 0-1, Harrion 0-1, Peer 0-1), Miami (Babbi 4-11, Olynyk 2-4, Winlow 1-1, Richardon 1-1, T.Johnon 1-3, Wade 1-4, Dragic 1-4, Jone Jr. 0-1, Halem 0-1, J.Johnon 0-2, McGruder 0-3). Fouled Ou None. Rebound Phoenix 39 (Jackon 7), Miami 50 (Whieide 14). Ai Phoenix 21 (Bender 6), Miami 31 (Olynyk 8). Toal Foul Phoenix 20, Miami 13. Technical Richardon. A 19,600 (19,600). ODDS PREGAME.COM LINE NATIONAL BASKETBALL ASSOCIATION Today FAVORITE LINE O/U UNDERDOG Philadelphia a Charloe a Wahingon Miami a Torono 12½ 218 Alana Houon 4½ 223 a Okla. Ciy Denver 4½ 219 a Dalla a Porland 9½ 215 New York a LA Clipper New Orlean a Golden Sae Brooklyn COLLEGE BASKETBALL Today FAVORITE OPEN UNDERDOG Boon College 2 Georgia Tech Nore Dame 16½ Piburgh Syracue 4 Wake Fore NATIONAL HOCKEY LEAGUE Today FAVORITE LINE UNDERDOG LINE a New Jerey -160 Monreal +150 Winnipeg -145 a NY Ranger +135 a Boon Off Deroi Off Vega -107 a Columbu -103 a Tampa Bay -183 Florida +168 a Minneoa -168 Carolina +158 a Nahville -170 Dalla +158 a Chicago Off Colorado Off a Anaheim -137 Wahingon +127 Updaed odd available a Pregame.com TRANSACTIONS BASEBALL American League CHICAGO WHITE SOX Agreed o erm wih LHP Robbie Ro Jr. on a minor league conrac. DETROIT TIGERS Agreed o erm wih RHP Johnny Barbao, Buck Farmer, Arie Lewicki and Drew VerHagen; LHP Daniel Norri; C Grayon Greiner and John Hick; INF Sergio Alcanara and Jeimer Candelario and OF Mikie Mahook and Vicor Reye on one-year conrac. KANSAS CITY ROYALS Aigned OF Billy Burn ourigh o Omaha (PCL). TAMPA BAY RAYS Traded INF Ryan Schimpf o Alana Brave in for a player o be named or cah. Naional League ARIZONA DIAMONDBACKS Agreed o erm wih C Anhony Recker on a minor league conrac. ATLANTA BRAVES Opioned RHP Akeel Morri and RHP Jaon Hurh o Gwinne (IL). ST. LOUIS CARDINALS Agreed o erm wih INF Paul DeJong on a ix-year conrac and wih RHP Ma Bowman, John Brebbia, Jack Flahery, John Gan, Derian Gonzalez, Conner Greene, Dominic Leone, Joh Luca, Mike Mayer, Alex Reye, Sam Tuivailala and Luke Weaver; LHP Auin Gomber and Ryan Sherriff; C Caron Kelly; INF Greg Garcia, Joe Marinez, Yario Munoz, Edmundo Soa, Breyvic Valera, Luke Voi and OF Harrion Bader, Ocar Mercado and Tyler O Neill on one-year conrac. Renewed he conrac of OF Tommy Pham. Reaigned RHP Hecor Mendoza, Daniel Poncedeleon and Jake Woodford; LHP Jordan Schafer; C Jeremy Marinez and Denni Orega and INF Max Schrock o heir minor league camp. WASHINGTON NATIONALS Agreed o erm wih OF Alejandro De Aza on a minor league conrac. Can-Am League NEW JERSEY JACKALS Signed INF Kevin Whaley. QUEBEC CAPITALES Signed INF Shao-Pin Ho. ROCKLAND BOULDERS Signed RHP Ryan Deeme. Fronier League EVANSVILLE OTTERS Signed RHP Luc Rennie o a conrac exenion. Signed RHP Sam Thoele. JOLIET SLAMMERS Signed RHP Ehan Roebeck. BASKETBALL Naional Bakeball Aociaion ATLANTA HAWKS Called up G Joh Magee and F Andrew Whie III from Erie (NBAGL). WASHINGTON WIZARDS Signed G Ramon Seion o a 10-day conrac. FOOTBALL Naional Fooball League ATLANTA FALCONS Agreed o erm wih K Ma Bryan on a hree-year conrac exenion. DALLAS COWBOYS Placed he franchie ag on DE DeMarcu Lawrence. OAKLAND RAIDERS Releaed LB Aldon Smih. HOCKEY Naional Hockey League COLORADO AVALANCHE Reaigned G Spencer Marin o San Anonio (AHL). DALLAS STARS Recalled F Roope Hinz from Texa (AHL). EDMONTON OILERS Signed F Colin Larkin o a one-year NHL enry level conrac beginning in NEW YORK RANGERS Agreed o erm wih F Ty Ronning on an enry-level conrac. American Hockey League BAKERSFIELD CONDORS Signed F Colin Larkin and D Logan Day o amaeur ryou conrac for he remainder of he eaon. HARTFORD WOLF PACK Releaed D Joey Leach and G Charle William from heir profeional ryou agreemen. SAN ANTONIO RAMPAGE Reaigned G Joe Cannaa o Colorado (ECHL). ECHL ATLANTA GLADIATORS Announced D Taylor Dohery and F Linday Spark were recalled by Providence (AHL). MANCHESTER MONARCHS Announced G Charle William wa reurned from loan by Harford (AHL) and D Colon Saucerman wa reurned from loan by Providence (AHL). WORCESTER RAILERS Traded F Ahon Rome o Mancheer for D Juin Agoa. OLYMPIC SPORTS IAAF Announced he reignaion of chief execuive officer Olivier Ger. COLLEGE ARKANSAS Dimied men enior bakeball F Duin Thoma for an unpecified violaion of eam rule. TEXAS TECH Signed men bakeball coach Chri Beard o a conrac exenion hrough he eaon. COLLEGE BASKETBALL MEN S BASKETBALL THE AP TOP 25 POLL The op 25 eam in The Aociaed Pre college bakeball poll, wih fir-place voe in parenhee, record hrough March 4, oal poin baed on 25 poin for a fir-place voe hrough one poin for a 25h-place voe and previou ranking: RECORD PTS PRV 1. Virginia (65) , Villanova , Xavier , Michigan S , Duke , Gonzaga , Michigan , Cincinnai , Kana , Purdue , Wichia S Norh Carolina Tenneee Texa Tech Arizona Auburn Ohio S We Virginia Clemon Sain Mary (Cal) Houon Nevada Florida Miami Rhode Iland Oher receiving voe: S. Bonavenure 72, Kenucky 66, TCU 45, Loyola of Chicago 43, Virginia Tech 15, Seon Hall 10, Middle Tenneee 9, Creighon 8, Arkana 4, Kana S. 2, Nebraka 2, NC Sae 2, Buffalo 1, Florida S. 1, New Mexico S. 1, Texa A&M 1. USA TODAY TOP 25 POLL The op 25 eam in he USA Today men college bakeball poll, wih fir-place voe in parenhee, record hrough March 4, poin baed on 25 poin for a fir-place voe hrough one poin for a 25h-place voe and previou ranking: RECORD PTS PVS 1. Virginia (32) Xavier Villanova Duke Michigan Sae Gonzaga Michigan Cincinnai Kana Purdue Norh Carolina Tenneee Texa Tech Wichia Sae Auburn Ohio Sae Arizona We Virginia Sain Mary Clemon Houon Nevada Florida Rhode Iland Miami Oher receiving voe: Kenucky 41, Creighon 39, Loyola of Chicago 30, Middle Tenneee 28, N.C. Sae 18, S. Bonavenure 17, TCU 17, Virginia Tech 17, Seon Hall 14, Arizona Sae 8, New Mexico Sae 7, Arkana 6, Florida Sae 5, Miouri 5, Texa A&M 5, Oklahoma 3, Baylor 2, Kana Sae 1. THE AP TOP 25 RESULTS Saurday Game No. 1 Virginia 62, Nore Dame 57 No. 15 Michigan 75, No. 2 Michigan Sae 64 No. 3 Xavier 65, DePaul 62 No. 4 Villanova 97, Georgeown 73 No. 5 Duke 74, No. 9 Norh Carolina 64 Oklahoma Sae 82, No. 6 Kana 64 No. 7 Gonzaga 83, Loyola Marymoun 69 No. 8 Purdue 78, Penn Sae 70 No. 12 Texa Tech 79, Texa Chriian 75 No. 14 Auburn 79, Souh Carolina 70 No. 16 Tenneee 66, Georgia 61 Syracue 55, No. 18 Clemon 52 No. 19 Arizona 66, California 54 Texa 87, No. 20 We Virginia 79, OT San Diego Sae 79, No. 21 Nevada 74 No. 22 Sain Mary 69, Pepperdine 66 Florida 80, No. 23 Kenucky 67 Marhall 76, No. 24 Middle Tenneee 67 Sunday Game No. 15 Michigan 75, No. 8 Purdue 66 No. 10 Cincinnai 62, No. 11 Wichia Sae 61 No. 25 Houon 81, UConn 71 Monday Game No. 6 Gonzaga v. San Francico a Orlean Arena, La Vega, lae No. 20 Sain Mary v. BYU a Orlean Arena, La Vega, lae Today Game No. 6 Gonzaga v. No. 20 Sain Mary or BYU a Orlean Arena, La Vega, 9 p.m. Wedneday Game No. 12 Norh Carolina v. Boon College or Georgia Tech a Barclay Cener, New York, 2:30 p.m. CONFERENCE TOURNAMENTS All ime Eaern AMERICA EAST CONFERENCE A Higher-Seeded School Fir Round Saurday, March 3 UMBC 89, UMa Lowell 77 Harford 71, New Hamphire 60 Vermon 75, Maine 60 Sony Brook 69, Albany 60 Semifinal Today Sony Brook a Vermon, 7 p.m. Harford a UMBC, 7:30 p.m. ATLANTIC COAST CONFERENCE A The Barclay Cener, New York Fir Round Today Boon College v. Georgia Tech, noon Nore Dame v. Piburgh, 2:30 p.m. Syracue v. Wake Fore, 7 p.m. ATLANTIC SUN CONFERENCE Championhip Sunday Lipcomb 108, Florida Gulf Coa 96 ATLANTIC 10 CONFERENCE A Capiol One Arena, Wahingon Fir Round Wedneday La Salle v. UMa, 6 p.m. George Wahingon v. Fordham, 8:30 p.m. BIG EAST CONFERENCE A Madion Square Garden, New York Fir Round Wedneday Georgeown v. S. John, 7 p.m. Marquee v. DePaul, 9:30 p.m. BIG SKY CONFERENCE A The Reno Even Cener, Reno, Nev. Fir Round Today Norh Dakoa v. Monana Sae, 3:05 p.m. Norhern Colorado v. Norhern Arizona, 5:35 p.m. Idaho Sae v. Souhern Uah, 8:35 p.m. Porland Sae v. Sacrameno Sae, 11:05 p.m. BIG SOUTH CONFERENCE A Kimmel Arena, Aheville, N.C. Championhip Sunday Radford 55, Libery 52 BIG TEN CONFERENCE A Madion Square Garden, New York Semifinal Saurday, March 3 Michigan 75, Michigan Sae 64 Purdue 78, Penn Sae 70 Championhip Sunday Michigan 75, Purdue 66 BIG 12 CONFERENCE A The Sprin Cener, Kana Ciy, Mo. Fir Round Wedneday Oklahoma Sae v. Oklahoma, 7 p.m. Texa v. Iowa Sae, 9:30 p.m. BIG WEST CONFERENCE A The Honda Cener, Anaheim, Calif. Fir Round Thurday, March 8 UC Davi v. UC Riveride, 3 p.m. Cal Sae Fulleron v. Long Beach Sae, 5:30 p.m. UC Irvine v. Hawaii, 9 p.m. UC Sana Barbara v. Cal Poly, 11:30 p.m. COLONIAL ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION A Norh Charleon (S.C.) Colieum Fir Round Saurday, March 3 Drexel 70, Jame Madion 62 Delaware 86, Elon 79 Quarerfinal Sunday College of Charleon 66, Drexel 59 William & Mary 80, Towon 66 Norheaern 74, Delaware 50 UNC Wilmingon 93, Hofra 88 Semifinal Monday College of Charleon 83, William & Mary 73 Norheaern v. UNC Wilmingon, lae Championhip Today College of Charleon v. Norheaern-UNC Wilmingon winner, 7 p.m. CONFERENCE USA A The Ford Cener a The Sar, Frico, Texa Fir Round Wedneday FIU v. Souhern Mi., 7 p.m. UTSA v. UTEP, 7:30 p.m. Norh Texa v. Louiiana Tech, 9:30 p.m. UAB v. FAU, 10 p.m. HORIZON LEAGUE A Lile Caear Arena, Deroi Fir Round Second Round Saurday, March 3 Wrigh Sae 87, Green Bay 72 Cleveland S. 89, Norhern Kenucky 80 Third Round Sunday Milwaukee 80, UIC 72 Oakland 62, IUPUI 55 Semifinal Monday Cleveland S. 44, Oakland 43 Wrigh Sae v. Milwaukee, lae Championhip Today Cleveland S. v. Wrigh S.-Milwaukee winner, 7 p.m. IVY LEAGUE A The Palera, Philadelphia Fir Round Saurday, March 10 Harvard v. Cornell, 12:30 p.m. Pennylvania v. Yale, 3 p.m. METRO ATLANTIC ATHLETIC CONFERENCE A The Time Union Cener, Albany, N.Y. Saurday, March 3 Fairfield 90, Niagara 71 Iona 72, Manhaan 60 Semifinal Sunday Iona 65, Sain Peer 62 Fairfield 74, Quinnipiac 64 Championhip Monday Iona 83, Fairfield 71 MID-AMERICAN CONFERENCE Fir Round Monday Cen. Michigan 81, Bowling Green 77, OT Ken S. 61, N. Illinoi 59 Miami (Ohio) 68, Ohio 55 Akron 79, W. Michigan 78 A Quicken Loan Arena, Cleveland Quarerfinal Thurday, March 8 Buffalo v. Cenral Michigan, Noon Ball Sae v. Ken Sae, 2:30 p.m. Toledo v. Miami (Ohio), 6:30 p.m. Eaern Michigan v. Akron, 9 p.m. MID-EASTERN ATHLETIC CONFERENCE A Scope Arena, Norfolk, Va. Fir Round Monday NC A&T 62, Delaware S. 61 Norfolk S. v. Maryland-Eaern Shore, lae Today Howard v. Florida A&M, 4 p.m. N.C. Cenral v. Coppin Sae, 6:30 p.m. Morgan Sae v. S.C. Sae, 9 p.m. MISSOURI VALLEY CONFERENCE A Scorade Cener, S. Loui Semifinal Saurday, March 3 Loyola of Chicago 62, Bradley 54 Illinoi S. 76, S. Illinoi 69, OT Championhip Sunday Loyola of Chicago 65, Illinoi Sae 49 MOUNTAIN WEST CONFERENCE A The Thoma & Mack Cener, La Vega Fir Round Wedneday UNLV v. Air Force, 2 p.m. Uah Sae v. Colorado Sae, 4:30 p.m. Wyoming v. San Joe Sae, 7 p.m. NORTHEAST CONFERENCE Championhip Today LIU Brooklyn a Wagner, 7 p.m. OHIO VALLEY CONFERENCE A The Ford Cener, Evanville, Ind. Championhip Saurday, March 3 Murray Sae 68, Belmon 51 PACIFIC-12 CONFERENCE A T-Mobile Arena, La Vega Fir Round Wedneday Colorado v. Arizona Sae, 3 p.m. Sanford v. California, 5:30 p.m. Wahingon v. Oregon Sae, 9 p.m. Oregon v. Wahingon Sae, 11:30 p.m. PATRIOT LEAGUE Semifinal Sunday Colgae 62, Holy Cro 55 Bucknell 90, Boon Univeriy 59 Championhip Wedneday Colgae a Bucknell, 7:30 p.m. SOUTHEASTERN CONFERENCE A Scorade Cener, S. Loui Fir Round Wedneday Georgia v. Vanderbil, 7 p.m. Souh Carolina v. Miiippi, 9:30 p.m. SOUTHERN CONFERENCE A U.S. Cellular Cener, Aheville, N.C. Quarerfinal Saurday, March 3 UNC Greenboro 72, The Ciadel 58 Wofford 73, Mercer 53 ETSU 77, Chaanooga 59 Furman 97, Weern Carolina 73 Semifinal Sunday UNC-Greenboro 56, Wofford 55 ETSU 63, Furman 52 Championhip Monday ETSU v. UNC-Greenboro, lae SOUTHLAND CONFERENCE A The Leonard E. Merrell Cener, Kay, Texa Fir Round Wedneday New Orlean v. Texa A&M-Corpu Chrii, 6 p.m. Lamar v. Cenral Arkana, 8:30 p.m. SOUTHWESTERN ATHLETIC CONFERENCE Fir Round Today MVSU a Arkana-Pine Bluff, 8:30 p.m. Jackon Sae a Souhern, 8:30 p.m. Alabama Sae a Texa Souhern, 9 p.m. Alcorn Sae a Prairie View A&M, 9:30 p.m. SUMMIT LEAGUE A PREMIER Cener, Sioux Fall, S.D. Fir Round Saurday, March 3 Souh Dakoa Sae 66, Weern Illinoi 60 Souh Dakoa 87, Omaha 73 Sunday Norh Dakoa S. 86, For Wayne 82 Denver 90, Oral Rober 88, 2OT Semifinal Monday Souh Dakoa Sae 78, Norh Dakoa Sae 57 Souh Dakoa v. Denver, lae Championhip Today Souh Dakoa Sae v. Souh Dakoa-Denver winner, 9 p.m. SUN BELT CONFERENCE A Lakefron Arena, New Orlean Fir Round Wedneday Coaal Carolina v. Texa Sae, 12:30 p.m. Appalachian Sae v. Lile Rock, 3 p.m. Troy v. Souh Alabama, 6 p.m. Louiiana-Monroe v. Arkana Sae, 8:30 p.m. WEST COAST CONFERENCE A Orlean Arena, La Vega Quarerfinal Saurday, March 3 BYU 85, San Diego 79 San Francico 71, Pacific 70, OT Gonzaga 83, Loyola Marymoun 69 Sain Mary 69, Pepperdine 66 Semifinal Monday Sain Mary v. BYU, lae Gonzaga v. San Francico, lae Championhip Today Semifinal winner, 9 p.m. WESTERN ATHLETIC CONFERENCE A Orlean Arena, La Vega Fir Round Thurday Grand Canyon v. UMKC, 3 p.m. Uah Valley v. CSU Bakerfield, 5:30 p.m. New Mexico Sae v. Chicago Sae, 9 p.m. Seale v. UT Rio Grande Valley, 11:30 p.m. MONDAY S RESULTS EAST Iona 83, Fairfield 71 SOUTH College of Charleon 83, William & Mary 73 NC A&T 62, Delaware S. 61 Norheaern v. UNC Wilmingon, lae Norfolk S. v. Maryland-Eaern Shore, lae ETSU v. UNC-Greenboro, lae MIDWEST Akron 79, W. Michigan 78 Cen. Michigan 81, Bowling Green 77, OT Ken S. 61, N. Illinoi 59 Miami (Ohio) 68, Ohio 55 Souh Dakoa Sae 78, Norh Dakoa Sae 57 Cleveland Sae v. Oakland, lae Wrigh Sae v. Milwaukee, lae Souh Dakoa v. Denver, lae SOUTHWEST No game cheduled in he SOUTHWEST. WEST Sain Mary v. BYU, lae Gonzaga v. San Francico, lae TODAY S SCHEDULE EAST Georgia Tech v. Boon College a Brooklyn, N.Y., Noon Sony Brook a Vermon, 7 p.m. LIU Brooklyn a Wagner, 7 p.m. Wake Fore v. Syracue a Brooklyn, N.Y., 7 p.m. Harford a UMBC, 7:30 p.m. SOUTH Florida A&M v. Howard a Norfolk, Va., 4 p.m. Coppin S. v. NC Cenral a Norfolk, Va., 6:30 p.m. College of Charleon v. Norheaern-UNC Wilmingon winner, 7 p.m. Jackon S. a Souhern U., 8:30 p.m. SC Sae v. Morgan S. a Norfolk, Va., 9 p.m. MIDWEST Piburgh v. Nore Dame a Brooklyn, N.Y., 2:30 p.m. Monana S. v. Norh Dakoa a Reno, Nev., 3:05 p.m. Cleveland Sae v. Wrigh Sae-Milwaukee winner, 7 p.m. Souh Dakoa Sae v. Souh Dakoa-Denver winner, 9 p.m. SOUTHWEST MVSU a Ark.-Pine Bluff, 8:30 p.m. Alabama S. a Texa Souhern, 9 p.m. Alcorn S. a Prairie View, 9:30 p.m. FAR WEST N. Arizona v. N. Colorado a Reno, Nev., 5:35 p.m. S. Uah v. Idaho S. a Reno, Nev., 8:35 p.m. Sain Mary v. BYU winner v. Gonzaga- San Francico winner, 9 p.m. Sacrameno S. v. Porland S. a Reno, Nev., 11:05 p.m. WOMEN S BASKETBALL THE AP TOP 25 POLL The op 25 eam in The Aociaed Pre women college bakeball poll, wih fir-place voe in parenhee, record hrough March 4, oal poin baed on 25 poin for a fir-place voe hrough one poin for a 25h-place voe and la week ranking: RECORD PTS PRV 1. Connecicu (32) Baylor Louiville Miiippi S Nore Dame Oregon Souh Carolina Texa UCLA Ohio S Florida S Tenneee Oregon S Texa A&M Sanford Miouri Maryland Georgia Souh Florida Duke NC Sae Green Bay Belmon LSU Mercer Oher receiving voe: Arizona S. 14, Iowa 14, Gonzaga 13, Quinnipiac 10, Minneoa 9, Oklahoma S. 7, California 5, DePaul 5, Michigan 4, Cen. Michigan 3, Florida Gulf Coa 2, We Virginia 2, Miami 1. THE AP TOP 25 RESULTS Saurday Game No. 2 Miiippi Sae 70, No. 15 Texa A&M 55 No. 3 Baylor 83, Kana Sae 54 No. 4 Louiville 64, No. 23 Norh Carolina S. 59 No. 5 Nore Dame 90, No. 11 Florida Sae 80 No. 6 Oregon 65, No. 9 UCLA 62 No. 7 Texa 81, Iowa Sae 69 No. 8 Souh Carolina 71, No. 19 Georgia 49 No. 13 Ohio Sae 90, Minneoa 88 No. 16 Sanford 58, Arizona Sae 46 No. 17 Maryland 66, Nebraka 53 No. 21 Green Bay 62, Norhern Kenucky 49 No. 22. Belmon 63, UT Marin 56, OT Sunday Game No. 1 UConn 82, Tulane 56 No. 8 Souh Carolina 62, No. 2 Miiippi S. 51 No. 3 Baylor 94, Texa Chriian 48 No. 4 Louiville 74, No. 5 Nore Dame 72 No. 6 Oregon 77, No. 16 Sanford 57 No. 7 Texa 68, We Virginia 55 No. 13 Ohio Sae 79, No. 17 Maryland 69 No. 20 Souh Florida 80, Ea Carolina 44 No. 25 Mercer 68, ETSU 53 Monday Game No. 1 UConn 75, Cincinnai 21 No. 2 Baylor v. No. 8 Texa a Cheapeake Energy Arena, Oklahoma Ciy, lae No. 19 Souh Florida 74, UCF 59 No. 22 Green Bay 66, Youngown Sae 45 Today Game No. 1 UConn v. No. 19 Souh Florida, 5 p.m. No. 22 Green Bay v. Wrigh Sae, Noon Wedneday Game No game cheduled PRO HOCKEY NHL EASTERN CONFERENCE Alanic Diviion GP W L OT PTS GF GA Tampa Bay Boon Torono Florida Deroi Monreal Oawa Buffalo Meropolian Diviion GP W L OT PTS GF GA Wahingon Piburgh Philadelphia New Jerey Columbu Carolina N.Y. Ranger N.Y. Ilander WESTERN CONFERENCE Cenral Diviion GP W L OT PTS GF GA Nahville Winnipeg Minneoa Dalla Colorado S. Loui Chicago Pacific Diviion GP W L OT PTS GF GA Vega San Joe Anaheim Lo Angele Calgary Edmonon Vancouver Arizona poin for a win, 1 for OT lo. Top hree eam in each diviion and wo wild card per conference advance o playoff Saurday Game Tampa Bay 7, Philadelphia 6, SO Dalla 3, S. Loui 2, OT Chicago 5, Lo Angele 3 Boon 2, Monreal 1, OT Piburgh 3, N.Y. Ilander 2, OT Arizona 2, Oawa 1 Wahingon 5, Torono 2 N.Y. Ranger 3, Edmonon 2 Sunday Game Nahville 4, Colorado 3, OT Florida 4, Philadelphia 1 Anaheim 6, Chicago 3 Vega 3, New Jerey 2 Winnipeg 3, Carolina 2 Minneoa 4, Deroi 1 Columbu 4, San Joe 2 Monday Game Piburgh 4, Calgary 3, OT Buffalo 5, Torono 3 Oawa a Dalla, lae Arizona a Edmonon, lae N.Y. Ilander a Vancouver, lae Today Game Winnipeg a N.Y. Ranger, 7 p.m. Vega a Columbu, 7 p.m. Monreal a New Jerey, 7 p.m. Deroi a Boon, 7 p.m. Florida a Tampa Bay, 7:30 p.m. Carolina a Minneoa, 8 p.m. Dalla a Nahville, 8 p.m. Colorado a Chicago, 8:30 p.m. Wahingon a Anaheim, 10 p.m. PENGUINS 4, FLAMES 3, OT CALGARY PITTSBURGH Fir Period 1, Piburgh, Ruhwedel 2 (Keel), 2:10. 2, Piburgh, Malkin 37, 3:05. 3, Calgary, Giordano 11 (Brouwer, Sajan), 6:14. 4, Calgary, Backlund 13 (Hamonic, Frolik), 10:18. Penalie Jankowki, CGY, (lahing), 18:37; Malkin, PIT, (lahing), 18:37; Backlund, CGY, (inerference), 19:06. Second Period 5, Piburgh, Leang 6 (Hagelin, Malkin), 17:01. 6, Calgary, Brouwer 5 (Brodie, Gaudreau), 19:57. Penalie Ruhwedel, PIT, (hooking), 10:12; Jankowki, CGY, (inerference), 12:56. Third Period None. Penalie Malkin, PIT, (hooking), 11:24. Overime 7, Piburgh, Schulz 4 (Keel, Malkin), 2:36. Penalie None. Sho on Goal Calgary Piburgh Power-play opporuniie Calgary 0 of 2; Piburgh 0 of 2. Goalie Calgary, Gillie (32 ho-28 ave). Piburgh, Jarry (38-35). A 18,630 (18,387). T 2:34. Referee Ghilain Heber, Kevin Pollock. Linemen Shandor Alphono, Seve Baron. SABRES 5, MAPLE LEAFS 3 TORONTO BUFFALO Fir Period 1, Buffalo, Reinhar 16 (Riolainen, Okpoo), 1:53 (pp). 2, Buffalo, Pominville 11 (Laron, Riolainen), 3:43. 3, Torono, Komarov 6 (Marleau, Nylander), 19:52 (pp). Penalie Carrick, TOR, (high icking), 1:23; Girgenon, BUF, (high icking), 18:39. Second Period 4, Torono, Komarov 7 (Marin, Zaiev), 10:48. 5, Buffalo, Girgenon 7 (O Reilly, Reinhar), 13:30. 6, Buffalo, O Reilly 19, 15:35. Penalie Riolainen, BUF, Major (fighing), 1:39; Kadri, TOR, erved by Marner, (cro checking), 1:39; Kadri, TOR, Major (fighing), 1:39. Third Period 7, Buffalo, Laron 4 (Pominville, Nolan), 9:55. 8, Torono, Marner 18 (Carrick, Rielly), 17:57 (pp). Penalie Reinhar, BUF, (inerference), 16:14. Sho on Goal Torono Buffalo Power-play opporuniie Torono 2 of 2; Buffalo 1 of 2. Goalie Torono, Anderen (24 ho-19 ave). Buffalo, Johnon (41-38). A 18,705 (19,070). T 2:33. Referee Marc Joannee, Kendrick Nicholon. Linemen Darren Gibb, Brian Murphy. ECHL Eaern Conference Norh Diviion GP W L OL SOL P GF GA Mancheer Adirondack Reading Wheeling Worceer Brampon Souh Diviion GP W L OL SOL P GF GA Florida Souh Carolina Orlando Alana Norfolk Jackonville Greenville Weern Conference Cenral Diviion GP W L OL SOL P GF GA Toledo For Wayne Cincinnai Kalamazoo Kana Ciy Indy Quad Ciy Mounain Diviion GP W L OL SOL P GF GA Colorado Idaho Wichia Tula Uah Allen Rapid Ciy Two poin are awarded for a win, one poin for an overime or hooou lo. Saurday Game Adirondack 3, Mancheer 1 Kalamazoo 7, Brampon 4 Florida 6, Greenville 2 Norfolk 4, Alana 1 Worceer 3, Wheeling 2, SO Souh Carolina 2, Toledo 1, OT Cincinnai 5, Quad Ciy 2 Uah 5, Indy 2 Kana Ciy 4, For Wayne 3 Allen 3, Rapid Ciy 2, OT Tula 5, Colorado 3 Sunday Game Orlando 2, Reading 1, OT Toledo 2, Brampon 1, SO Cincinnai 3, Kalamazoo 1 Mancheer 4, Worceer 1 Uah 4, Indy 1 For Wayne 4, Quad Ciy 3 Wichia 2, Idaho 1 Monday Game No game cheduled Tueday Game Souh Carolina a Greenville, 7 p.m. PRO BASEBALL SPRING TRAINING All ime Eaern AMERICAN LEAGUE W L Pc. New York Kana Ciy Houon Boon Cleveland Tampa Bay Deroi Lo Angele Seale Chicago Balimore Minneoa Oakland Texa Torono NATIONAL LEAGUE W L Pc. Chicago Milwaukee Miami San Diego Lo Angele Wahingon Alana S. Loui San Francico New York Arizona Piburgh Philadelphia Colorado Cincinnai ()-pli quad game coun in he anding, ie and game again non-mlb eam do no coun Sunday Game Balimore 10, Boon 8 Wahingon 6, Deroi 2 Houon 4, S. Loui 1 Alana 5, Miami 2 Piburgh 9, Minneoa 3 Tampa Bay 9, N.Y. Yankee 1 Philadelphia 4, Torono 2 Wahingon 7, N.Y. Me 3 Cleveland 6, Milwaukee 2 Kana Ciy 10, Cincinnai 3 San Diego () 7, Chicago Whie Sox 6 Seale 10, Texa 7 Arizona 2, Chicago Cub 0 L.A. Angel 7, Colorado 6 Oakland 12, San Diego () 4 L.A. Dodger 9, San Francico 3 Monday Game Houon 5, Miami 3 Philadelphia 4, Minneoa 3 Alana 7, Piburgh 5 S. Loui 2, Wahingon 1 N.Y. Me 4, Deroi 2 Chicago Whie Sox 9, Oakland 9 L.A. Dodger 8, Cleveland 1 Texa 5, San Francico 4 L.A. Angel 7, Cincinnai 5 Chicago Cub 5, Colorado 4 Arizona v. San Diego a Peoria, Ariz., lae Today Game Balimore v. Minneoa a For Myer, Fla., 1:05 p.m. Boon v. Tampa Bay a Por Charloe, Fla., 1:05 p.m. Houon () v. Wahingon a We Palm Beach, Fla., 1:05 p.m. N.Y. Yankee v. Deroi a Lakeland, Fla., 1:05 p.m. S. Loui v. Miami a Jupier, Fla., 1:05 p.m. Alana v. Torono a Dunedin, Fla., 1:07 p.m. Houon () v. N.Y. Me a Por S. Lucie, Fla., 1:10 p.m. Cleveland v. Cincinnai a Goodyear, Ariz., 3:05 p.m. L.A. Dodger v. Chicago Cub a Mea, Ariz., 3:05 p.m. Milwaukee v. Chicago Whie Sox a Glendale, Ariz., 3:05 p.m. Texa v. Oakland a Mea, Ariz., 3:05 p.m. L.A. Angel v. Arizona a Scodale, Ariz., 3:10 p.m. San Diego v. Kana Ciy a Surprie, Ariz., 8:05 p.m. Colorado v. Seale a Peoria, Ariz., 8:40 p.m. GOLF INTERNATIONAL FEDERATION OF PGA TOURS WORLD GOLF CHAMPIONSHIPS MEXICO CHAMPIONSHIP Sunday leader a Club de Golf Chapulepec, Mexico Ciy; Pure: $10 million. Yardage: 7,345; Par: 71 (35-36) Final x-won on fir playoff hole x-phil Mickelon (550), $1,700, Juin Thoma (315), $1,072, Rafa Cabrera Bello (170), $510, Tyrrell Haon (170), $510, Kiradech Aphibarnra, $330, Brian Harman (110), $330, Sergio Garcia (92), $239, Duin Johnon (92), $239, Adam Hadwin (78), $182, Shubhankar Sharma, $182, Bubba Waon (78), $182, Paul Caey (67), $150, Paon Kizzire (67), $150, Daniel Berger (58), $126, Tommy Fleewood (58), $126,

32 Page 6 SP Tueday, March 6, 2018 / The Sun MLB: Cardinal Paul DeJong, Cardinal agree o $26 million, 6-year conrac By CHUCK KING Aociaed Pre JUPITER Le han a year afer making hi big league debu, Paul DeJong wa rewarded wih a long-erm deal. The horop Paul DeJong and he S. Loui Cardinal agreed Monday o a $26 million, ix-year conrac, a deal ha include eam opion for 2024 and I give me a ene of ecuriy, ju knowing ha I m going o be here and kind of ju confirm my hough abou waning o be a Cardinal for my life, DeJong aid. To me o be able o ign a poenially eigh year deal ju eem like I m cemening myelf in he Cardinal organizaion. I don ever wan o leave. The 24-year-old made hi major league debu la May 28 and hi.285 wih a eam-high 25 homer and 65 RBI SPRING TRAINING ROUNDUP Aociaed Pre AROUND THE GRAPEFRUIT AND CACTUS LEAGUES ASTROS 5, MARLINS 3: Houon ace Dalla Keuchel wa pulled in he econd inning afer giving up four hi. Lance McCuller worked 2 2/3 inning in relief, allowing a hi and walking wo. Miami arer Dillon Peer gave up one run in 1 1/3 inning. PHILLIES 4, TWINS 3: Minneoa arer Kyle Gibon worked hree inning and gave up wo hi, including a home run by Rhy Hokin. Mark Leier Jr. hrew hree clean inning in relief for Philadelphia, riking ou a pair. BRAVES 7, PIRATES 5: Alana arer Brandon McCarhy wen 3 2/3 inning and he lone run he permied came on a homer by Sarling Mare. Danny Sanana homered and had four hi for Alana. Chad Kuhl had a haky ar for Piburgh, giving up five hi and wo walk in 2 1/3 inning. CARDINALS 2, NATIONALS 1: Tanner Roark piched four huou inning for Wahingon, allowing one hi. Joaquin Benoi followed and had a rough ouing, giving up wo double and a ingle in one inning. Andrew Sevenon, a econd-round pick by he Naional in 2015 ou of LSU, homered off arer Luke Weaver, who permied hree hi over hree inning and ruck ou four. METS 4, TIGERS 2: New York arer Ma Harvey hrew hree huou inning, allowing wo hi. Brandon Nimmo hi a leadoff home run, hi econd of he pring. Deroi arer Mike Fier worked 2 1/3 inning, giving up wo run and wo hi. Derek Norri doubled and ingled, raiing hi baing average hi pring o.556. AP FILE PHOTO Paul DeJong and he Cardinal agreed o a $26 million, ix-year conrac on Monday. in 108 game. He wa eleced by S. Loui from Illinoi S. in he fourh round of he 2015 amaeur draf. DeJong, who hugged hi paren and grandparen before he new conference, played only 246 minor league game. Baing mo hird, he hi.298 wih eigh homer in July. A you know, we re commied o winning ANGELS 7, REDS 5: Cincinnai cener fielder Billy Hamilon prined o make a diving, backhanded cach in he gap o rob Shohei Ohani of an exra-bae hi. Ohani wen 0 for 3 a he Angel DH and i baing.143. WHITE SOX 9, ATHLETICS 9, 9 INNINGS: Yoan Moncada go wo hi and cored hree run for Chicago. Joakim Soria piched a corele inning. Jed Lowrie homered a he major league level hrough couing and player developmen, and Paul i a grea example of hi, owner Bill DeWi Jr. aid. DeJong deal cover up o four year of arbiraion eligibiliy and he opion cover up o wo year of free agen eligibiliy. S. Loui ared nine differen horop over he pa 10 opening day, for Oakland. A reliever Saniago Cailla gave up five run and go ju wo ou. DODGERS 8, INDIANS 1: Rich Hill worked hree inning of one-hi ball in he ar, riking ou four. Ma Kemp hi hi hird pring home run for Lo Angele and Yamani Grandal hi hi econd. Yonder Alono doubled wice for Cleveland. Andrew Miller hrew a hile inning of relief. including Pee Kozma (2013), Rafael Furcal (2012), Ryan Theroi (2011) and Khalil Greene My ime wih he Cardinal, we ve alway been earching for ha horop, aid John Mozeliak, who ha headed he eam baeball operaion for 11 year. Thi doe give u he level of comfor ha we have igned omeone ha we know can play here for a long ime. DeJong i 3 for 14 wih a double and wo RBI o far hi pring raining. I m ju really happy abou how hi i working ou and really excied o play Cardinal baeball long erm, DeJong aid. Noe: S. Loui renewed he conrac of OF Tommy Pham and agreed o one-year deal wih he remainder of i player lacking he neceary ervice ime for arbiraion. AP PHOTOS Piburgh Pirae Francico Cervelli, lef, make he cach o force ou Alana Brave Ozzie Albie a home on a bae-loaded infield ground ball during he fifh inning Monday in Kiimmee. Lo Angele Angel deignaed hier Alber Pujol break hi ba a he connec for a run-coring ingle again he Cincinnai Red Monday in Goodyear, Ariz. RANGERS 5, GIANTS 4: Ma Moore, acquired by he Ranger in a January rade wih he Gian, gave up one hi in 2 2/3 inning again hi former eam. Adrian Belre doubled and ingled in hi fir wo a-ba hi pring. San Francico arer Ty Blach worked 3 1/3 inning for he Gian, caering five hi and allowing a run. Auin Jackon had a hi, walked and drove in a run. MLB: Cub AP FILE PHOTO Deroi Tiger reliever Juin Wilon wind up for a pich again he Boon Red Sox during he ninh inning of a 2017 game, in Boon. Cub hoping Wilon can regain hi form By JAY COHEN Aociaed Pre MESA, Ariz. For all he alk abou he Chicago Cub new-look bullpen, he bigge key o i ucce migh be he reurn of Juin Wilon. No he Juin Wilon who ruggled for he la couple monh of la eaon. The one who piched for he Deroi Tiger. If Wilon find hi form, he would give manager Joe Maddon anoher lef-handed opion for high-leverage iuaion lae in game. If Wilon ruggle again, Maddon would have o employ him very carefully. I ju permi u o dole ou he work in a way ha we hould no ge anybody overly ired, o ha wha I look a, Maddon aid Monday. Bu I mean, lien, you ve een good, I ve heard good, you know, work-wie and he uff ha he been doing. They re reporing back, he did omehing oday ha he guy are ju raving abou, o le ee how i play ou. The 30-year-old Wilon ha made wo appearance o far hi pring raining, oing a corele inning again Oakland and Cincinnai wih wo rikeou oal. He alo ound opimiic coming off he diappoining finih o la year. I m very excied, Wilon aid. I m ju excied o ge going. Played well o far. Good vibe around here. Wilon began la eaon wih Deroi and wa widely regarded a he op reliever on he rade marke afer he poed a 2.68 ERA wih 13 ave in 42 game wih he lowly Tiger. He alo had 55 rikeou and 16 walk in inning. The Cub were picking up peed in July when hey go Wilon and veeran cacher Alex Avila from he Tiger for minor league infielder Jeimer Candelario and Iaac Parede and $250,000. An elaed Wilon quickly joined hi new eam a Wrigley Field, bu he wa never quie able o eablih himelf wih hi new club. He walked wo, hrew a wild pich and yielded a run-coring double o Arizona Jake Lamb in hi debu wih Chicago. He had a 6.75 ERA over hi fir even game afer he rade. A lile bi of everyhing really, he aid when aked wha wen wrong. Mainly i wa inconiency. Tha wa probably he bigge hing. You ry o change hing when you re no going well a well. I wa ju a bale, kind of like an uphill bale he whole way. Ju excied for a freh ar. Wilon howed glimpe of hi poenial down he rech, bu hey were uually followed by ome haky ouing. He had a 5.09 ERA in 23 game wih he Cub wih 25 rikeou and 19 walk in inning. Depie he ough finih, Chicago pu him on he playoff roer for he fir round of he playoff and he reired he only wo baer he faced again Wahingon. He wa inacive for he NL Championhip Serie again he Lo Angele Dodger, and he Cub bullpen falered while he defending World Serie champion were eliminaed in five game. Wilon abence wa paricularly noiceable when John Lackey made a rare relief appearance in Game 2 in Lo Angele and urrendered Juin Turner iebreaking hree-run homer wih wo ou in he ninh. Maddon wa criicized for no going o All-Sar cloer Wade Davi a he ime, bu he migh have approached he iuaion differenly had Wilon played hi way on he roer. Ju wan o feel and do wha I did before I came over, Wilon aid. The Cub wan he ame hing. Afer he bullpen iue again Lo Angele, Chicago igned Brandon Morrow and Seve Cihek in free agency and Davi depared for a big conrac wih Colorado. Morrow ep in a cloer and Cihek will ge ome of he lae-inning duie, bu a rejuvenaed Wilon could provide a big lif. RAYS From Page 1 In college, Brendan wa omehing he Draf hadn een in a while, a op-of-he-draf propec a a hier and a a picher, Ray enior vice preiden of baeball operaion Chaim Bloom old MLB.com. Coming ino pro ball, we didn wan o limi him. We ee him a a really inereing propec on boh ide of he ball. We don wan o place arificial limi on him over ime; he game will ell u wha he can do. We didn hink i wa fair o place any limi AP FILE PHOTO Louiville picher Brendan McKay hrow again UC Sana Barbara during a 2017 uper regional game in Louiville Ky. on wha he migh be able o accomplih, baed on wha he been able o do hu far. Afer being drafed in June, he 22-year-old played 21 game a fir bae for he Hudon Valley Renegade in he New York Penn League. Though he hi ju.232 in 125 a-ba, he how igned of power wih four home run, four double and alo drew 21 walk. On he mound, he had a 1.80 ERA in 20 inning wih 21 rikeou and 10 hi allowed. McKay will almo cerainly pend ome ime wih he Charloe Sone Crab hi eaon, wheher he begin he year wih hem or evenually ge called up from Low-A Bowling Green. He recognize ha a ome poin he migh have o chooe beween piching and hiing, bu he in ready for ha o happen ju ye. Tha would be a ough (deciion o make), McKay aid. Being o freh ino you, you wan o keep doing i and ee how i work ou and ee if you can ake i o anoher level. I could be wo or hree year away, or furher han ha. Alhough, he migh no have o. The Lo Angele Angel recenly acquired Japanee wo-way ar Shohei Ohani, who ha appeared in wo game a a hier and one a a picher o far hi pring raining. McKay look o Ohani a omeone paving he pah for him, and McKay would like o do he ame for oher. I m curiou o ee how i work ou. He doing i a a (higher) level, o ha can give a lo more inigh o oher eam, McKay aid of Ohani. I hope i inpire a lo more guy who are coming up o wan o do boh and no ju pecialize in (one area). If ha he cae, hi unuual kill e migh ju become he uual by he ime hi career i wrapped up.