Catalogue of Field Names occurring on the Hertfordshire Estates of the Earl of Verulam

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1 Catalogue of Field Names occurring on the Hertfordshire Estates of the Earl of Verulam The Society thanks Lord Verulam for his permission to republish this article in digital form. This article, from the 1927 Transactions, has been digitised by members of the Society as part of a project to make our pre-1961 publications available via the Internet. For further information about this project click on the following link: aspx The primary source material used for this catalogue is now held at the Hertfordshire Archives & Local Studies. December 2012

2 CATALOGUE OF FIELD NAMES OCCURRING ON THE Hertfordshire Estates of the Earl of Verulam And mentioned in documents preserved at Gorhambury. Compiled by REV. C. MOOR, D.D., F.S.A., F.R.Hist.S. (The copyright of this Catalogue is vested in the Earl of Verulam).


4 Field Names on the Gorhambury Estates. THE subjoined catalogue of names of manors, customary holdings, farms, localities, lanes, inns, and fields is derived from the various deeds, court-rolls, surveys, &c., many thousands in number, which have gradually accumulated at Gorhambury, and which carry the history of the several properties down to the beginning of the nineteenth century. Surveys of the Estates were made from time to time, the fullest and most accurate being that of , enlarged later, as other properties were added. This Survey is illustrated by a large Estate Map, upon which the farms and fields are indicated according to the names by which they were then known. It will be seen that already by that time many of the older names had been forgotten, and I think it will be found that not a few names then in use have since passed out of memory. It might perhaps be possible, by reference to such deeds as describe the exact position of each field, to construct some kind of historical Atlas of the Estates from the time of Queen Elizabeth, but I have made no attempt to undertake this difficult task, and have been content to record, and that not in all cases, the names of the Manors and of the Customary Estates or Farms to which at various dates the several fields were attached. MANORS. The chief Hertfordshire Manors which have been in possession of the Grimston family since 1652 or later are Gorhambury, Westwick and Pray, Market Oak, Redbourne and Redbourne Bury, St. Amphiballs, Kingsbury, Sopwell and Sopwell Bury, and Windridge, but there are also deeds relating to the Manors, former or reputed Manors, and parts of the Manors of Agnells, Beamond, Burston, Butlers, Herons, Newlands, Parke, and Playdells, some of which still remain, or are represented by farms or fields included in the Estates. It seems likely that in certain cases the boundaries of Manors have varied, and there is record in the courtrolls of at least one tenement as to which the jury of the manor-court could not decide to which Manor it belonged. 3

5 The overshadowing landholder of the district before the Reformation was the great Abbey of St. Albans, at whose dissolution it would appear that very many courtrolls and other deeds were lost sight of. As most of the properties above named were connected, directly or indirectly, with that House, there is not very much left from pre-reformation times by which to trace the descent of customary tenures and fields from an early period, and therefore it is extremely difficult to determine the original forms of their names. Fortunately, however, a list of such names, probably derived from courtrolls, was compiled in 1597 for the " Manors of Gorhambury, Westwick, and Praye," and this traces a few names back to 2. Edward I, A useful Survey of the Estates, recording many names, was made in 1569, and others again later, and for the Manor of Redbourne there is a full copy of Admissions for the greater part of the reigns of Henry VIII and James I, omitting that of Elizabeth. For Westwick there are some, and for Windridge there are many pre-reformation Court- Rolls. MESSUAGES. Apart from the Manors, the various Farms and other Messuages, excluding Inns, appear under no less than 146 names, but it is evident that many of these were applied to the same properties at different times, although in many or perhaps in most cases it seems impossible to trace the changes of name, and the more so since fields (which have also changed their names) were sometimes attached to one farm or holding and sometimes to another. The difficulty of tracing customary tenures or farms through their various changes may be illustrated by a single instance : Beaufitzlond is mentioned as a messuage and 82 acres in 1519, but not again, though we hear of Beaufitz Mede, ''between Carters Medes and the river," in and The 82 acres in 1519 appear to have included Alrads Croft, Colefolysdell formerly Carters, Goldweyer Toft, Pokys or Pokes Croft, Two Radyscrofts, and the Waley, none of which can really be traced later, and also Carters lond, Cutts mede, Depewell Croft, Dunnings field, Lezlond, Lynkthorne and Lynkthorne Lane, Marie Croft, Over Orients, Over and Nethyr Orients Crofts, Pettams field, and Walmstede, which it 4

6 is possible to trace. Taking these latter holdings in order, we find that: Carters lond may have become Carters Crofts, held with Wrights Farm, * Cutts mede was probably Cuts Deane at Beson End, 1617, then Middle and Further Deardons, formerly Cutts Deane, 1717, and lastly Hither, Middle, and Further Deerings, held with Beson End Farm, Depewell Croft was presumably Depwell (17 ac.), held with Southes, 1532, and Great and Little Deepwell (17 ac.), with South End Farm, Dunnings field probably became two closes called Dunnings (27 ac.), in 1614, and then respectively Dunnings fields (9 ac.), held with Deane End Farm, 1719, and Deaneing or Dunnings field (15 ac.), 1700, and later Great and Little Dunnings (9 ac. and 53/4ac.), held with Copt Hall Farm, Lezlond became Levesland, ac., 1640, and afterwards Leavesland (4 ac.), held with. Copt Hall Farm, Lynkthorne and Lynkthorne Lane became Lincolne Ashe, 1617, and Lincolnes or Linckhorne Ashe Lane, The former was Lincoln Ash Close alias Great Bradley (301/4ac.), in 1673, and was apparently held partly with Redbourne Bury, , and partly with Beaumont Hall Farm, Marie Croft (10 ac.) was held with Breakspeares, 1597, but was separated therefrom, and as Marie alias Marke Croft (10 ac.) was surrendered in 1771 to Vt. Grimston. Over Orients, &c., became Orients Closes, 1618, and Orient alias Norient Closes, 1678, at Wood End. Pettam field seems to have been Pittens field, held with Deane End Farm, 1617, and Pitkins alias Pitings, Walmstede became Wamstead, held with Deane End Farm, 1617, and Wampfield alias Wampsted, Thus it would seem that Beaufitzlond was divided between Beson End, Beaumont Hall, Breakspeares, Redbourne Bury, Deane End, South End, and Wrights Farms, with possibly others. The shifting of fields was 5

7 so complete that who shall say what now represents Beaufitzlond? As a general rule, not without exceptions, one may say that thefarms, originally customary tenures or yeoman estates, were named from their holders, which was probably the reason why their names were so often changed. In cases such as Breakspeares, where an early holder had left his mark almost indelibly imprinted, the name remained, but in others, when a family went out its name often went out too. Some of the Farms, though within the Lord's Manor, merely owed him customary rents and services, and some were enfranchised or sold, so that of those in the catalogue not all were the immediate and actual property of the Grimston family. LANES AND INNS. In the Catalogue appear the names of no less than sixty-three Lanes, but as it is evident that there never could have been so many at one time within or contiguous to these estates, we may infer that they also, like the Farms, have been frequently re-named. That this was so is in fact shewn by instances such as that of Copt Hall Lane, which in 1585 and 1597 was spoken of as Batchwood Lane alias St. John's Lane, and in 1614 as Batchwood Lane alias Copthall Lane. There are also thirty-three names of Inns, to which the same remark applies, and it is also possible that some of these were not really Inns at all, since in early times shops and other establishments often bore signs equivalent to those of hostelries. Few of the Inn names are of special interest, but we may note that the George, in Redbourne and Kingsbury respectively, and the White Horse in Redbourne, were named long before the accession of the first Hanoverian King, whom frequently they commemorate. The Rose and Crown in Kingsbury, perhaps originally named from the first of the Tudors, lost its Crown with the King, and became merely the Rose during the Interregnum. The White Hart was the sign of King Richard II. One might have expected some reference to the Bacon or Grimston Arms, but I have not noticed this in the records. COMMON FIELDS. Many names of fields were derived from natural features, and some represent portions of the Common Fields which existed befor- the enclosures, but I think 6

8 it will be conceded that the majority were named from early holders, and probably in several cases from those who first enclosed them. It is scarcely practicable now to compile an accurate list of the original Common Fields, for it will be remembered that what are usually spoken of as the Old Enclosures date largely from soon after , when the Black Death had made labour so scarce that hedges were planted to prevent cattle from straying, thus giving to England one of its most characteristic and most beautiful features. Probably such enclosures were gradually increased in number and enlarged, so that as time passed the nominal acreage of customary holdings (which e.g. in Windridge seems to have often been 60 acres in ) became greater, and the quantity of common or unenclosed land became less. The distribution of monasterial lands also tended to multiply holders and their tenements, and perhaps as the result of improved methods of farming, such as the introduction of winter roots early in the seventeenth century, there was an increasing tendency to divide the already enclosed fields, as is shewn by the frequent occurrence of such epithets as Great and Little, Hither and Further, Upper and Lower, in the names of fields. In consequence o f these changes the physical condition of the Manors before the Black Death, and indeed before the accession of Queen Elizabeth, is hard to determine, but two things are fairly certain, viz., that many woods or woody grounds have been ploughed up, and that there were Common Fields. The latter point is evident from such expressions as " Lands in Campysfield, 1516," or "Five Acres in Shrewfield, 1560," implying that other tenants also held strips or parcels of land in these. Five very large fields or common lands are named in , and these, as also in all probability others of smaller size, we may regard as at that time unenclosed. Birnorth. 105 ac Not traced later. Brokefields. 170 ac Represented by Brookfields (42 ac.), held by Maynes and the Praye, Kingsbury Meade. 100 ac Represented by Kingsbury Great and Little Fields (together 501/2ac.), Newberie. 180 ac Represented by Newberry Woods (111/4ac.), and "Newberry field now Hagdell "(153/4ac.),

9 Maneringe Field. 140 ac Not traced later. Bunsland. 60 ac Represented by Bunce field (143/4ac.), at Beson End, Deanes. 30 ac ; 60 ac Represented by Deane End, Deane fields, &c. Herpesfeld Represented by Harps, held with Westwick Hall, Lay Dene. 12 ac Represented by Lady End at Gorhambury, The Lye Represented by Upper, Hither, and Further Lyes, at Potters Crouch, Shrovefield Represented by Shrove - field, , and Shrewfield, 1800, at Westwick. For the Manor of Redbourne we find later entries which imply Common Fields, thus : The Brach. A common field, " Lands in Le Great Brache, 1682." Campsfield. " Lands in Campysfeld, 1516." Gravell Field. " Three acres in Gravell field, 1702." Hensley Common. " Lands in Haunchele, 1520, in Hanchley field, 1605." Hoods. " Three-quarters of an acre in Hoods, 1520" The Innings. " An acre and a half in the Innings, 1518." Kemps Meadow. " Three acres in Kempes Meade, 1620, 1731." Naplethorne. " Lands in Naplethorne, 1630, 1683." Nash Hill. " Five acres in a field called Nash Hill, " Ridge Downe. A common field, Divided variously into Ridge Downe, Everidge Downe, and Netheridge Downe. Rye Croft. A common field, Spencers Field. A common field, " Lands in Spencers Common, 1627." Stellacres. " Ten acres in Stile Acres, 1613, " Lands in Stellacres, 1631." Stocking. " Four acres in Stockinge, " For other names we have : Bamel Wood. Of M. Harpenden. " The common Green called Bamvyle Wood, 1617." 8

10 Elling Dale. Of M. Herons. " Lands in Ellendale, 1631." Oyster Hills. Of M. Kingsbury. " Lands in Oyster Hill, 1519" Rowdell Field. Of M. Windridge. " Lands in Rowdell Common, 1631, 1682 in Rowdell field, 1647." Sears Common. Of M. Herons, 1789, Waterdell. Of M. Windridge. "Lands in Waterdell, " FIELD NAMES. Interesting questions are raised by careful study of the field names of any district in this country. To some extent they reveal to us the racial origin of those who first gave them to the land. Thus, all over England, except perhaps in the extreme West and South-West, few Celtic names other than those of mountains and rivers are to be found clear evidence that the Celtic inhabitants were submerged or driven out. On the other hand Cumbria, chiefly colonised by Anglians or Norse, is the home of Riggs and Thwaites; Lincolnshire, a land of Danish immigrants, has Kirks and Becks, and village names ending in By; whilst Sussex, peopled by Saxons, has Denes and Hams. In my catalogue of over 1100 names there are no Riggs, Thwaites, or Kirks, and the only Beckfield was formerly Bekkesfield, from a Bekkes family. There are, on the other hand, many Denes and Hams, and we also find not a few Saxon personal names, such as Aylwin, imbedded in those of their lands. Naturally we infer that the estates were colonised, after the expulsion of the Celts, chiefly by men of Saxon race. In making a short and somewhat hasty abstract of more than eight thousand documents it is likely that many place names have escaped notice, whilst the comparative modernity of the deeds makes it difficult to conjecture what may have been the original form of many names that were recorded. Moreover, in days when professional scribes were almost the only writers they not seldom misunderstood the spoken words of their clients, whilst later clerks, not excluding the present writer, did not always correctly copy such deeds as lay before them. These difficulties may be illustrated bv two instances :

11 Battlefield sounds as if it had been the scene of one of the two battles of St. Albans, especially as the name appears in the records later than the Wars of the Roses. But it was first written Bettlespole, and then from 1519 Batispole, Betylpole, Bettell Poole, Batespoole, Battlepoole, and Battlespoone, down to Battlefield in Battlespoone, , is clearly an error of the copyist; but was the place a pool of water-beetles, or was it really the scene of a battle? Crakabone Farm too has sometimes been thought to have had a warlike origin. We hear of the name first as Crakbonys, 1497, and then in 1519 we have " a messuage and farm called Crakebones," and it may not be without significance that in Essex we find Crakeborne and Crackbone as surnames in 1462 and 1513 respectively. It is at least likely that the farm took its name from a man with this somewhat peculiar cognomen. In the Catalogue I have rarely pointed out, or hazarded a guess as to the origin of names, but as a rule have left them to tell their own story by giving their variations in chronological order. Where I have noticed the mention of persons or families from whom they might have been derived, I have sometimes added these in brackets. Among the whole number I regard about fifty as distinctly difficult. Others are amusing in their simplicity when traced. Here are a few, taken almost at random, whose origin would scarcely be guessed were it not for the chronological statement of their variations : Batchwood, formerly Batchworth Wood, a name dating from Blushes Croft, from Blissard or Blisse family. Bowel Mead, formerly Beywell or Boywell Mead. Bowl Lands, possibly with the same origin, or the smaller portions were Bowling Greens. Cardinals, from Cardinal Wolsey. Catsheads, originally Catishegge, Catt's Hedge. Childhurst, varying to Childishe, Chyldsfyst, and Cherry Hurst. Devils Ditch, credited to the Enemy of Mankind after the Reformation. Edbeech, with variations, Notbeach, Knotbeech, and Snottbeach. Effernes, varying from Uffern to Iffrons. Gallows Field, shewing that the lord had right of gallows. 10

12 Hangman's Croft, formerly Hanging (perhaps steep) Croft. Heathens Close, originally Heath Hemes. Hobbs Hodge, from a nickname of Robert Blythwood. Lady End, from Lay Dene. Lanham Fields, once Lane End fields. Lines Croft, apparently from John Lyons. Maiden Crouch = St. Mary's Cross, cf. the Potters Crouch. Market Oak, from Markyate. Mary's Field, once Marehegge (hedge). Molliners Grove, from Thos. Molyners or Molyneux. Musgrove, from Morrys Grove. Precious Field, originally Price's Piece. Press Fields, formerly Priest Fields. Sawyers Hill, apparently from Sare family. Searches, and perhaps Sage Hill, from Sarich family. Stellacre, probably once Stile acre. Woman's Croft, originally Wodeman's Croft. GENEALOGY. Though taking great interest in this subject, my examination of the Gorhambury deeds was not undertaken with this in view, and the brief notices in the Catalogue throw but little light upon the descent of families. More will be found in my short abstract of the documents, which covering perhaps 1000 pages of quarto MS., are left at Gorhambury, but in order to extract all the information that is contained in the deeds, it would be necessary to make a careful examination of such as bear upon the question. 11

13 CATALOGUE. (Note : The letters " G," " W," " P " in the following Catalogue represent Gorhambury, Westwick, and Pray). Abby Meade, alias Round Meade, 8 ac. With St. Jermines, Le Abbey Mill. Of M. Kingsbury, Abel Croft. Of G.W.P., Abrahams Bottom, 163/4ac. Of St. Amphiballs. With Wrights Farm, With Beaumont Hall Farm, Abrahams Pightle, Abrahams Parke, Abrams Parke, 3 ac., (Thos. Abraham adm. to tenement in Redbourne Street, Thos. and Edward Abraham dead, 1610, leaving cousins and heirs). Absees, cf. Aps Croft. Acre Meadow, 1 ac., One of the few fields without more distinctive name. cf. Ten Acre Field &c. Adams Cotild. Of M. Redbourne, Adams Croft, and a " Messuage called Adams Adder, alias After Field, 6 ac. Of M. Windridge, Affables Meade, 1 ac. With St. Affables Chapel (Fish St. Farm), Sold to Sir Harbottle Grimston, 22 Oct Agets Field, 8 ac. Of M. Redbourne. With Southes at South End, Ageth field, 10 ac., Aggatch field, Aggeth field, Aggetts field, Edget field, 9 ac., Aggetts field, Eaggett field, Agnells. Of M. Redbourne. St. Albans Abbey held Aynells of the Prioress of Praye, Mention of Manor of Aynells in computus roll of St. Albans Agnells, with Crowch, Agnells Lands, Agnells Lane, "Agnells land, 39 ac., in Manor of Agnells, Redbourne Agnells Farm in Redbourne, Agnes. Of M. Redbourne. Agnes Land, 15 ac., and Agnes Croft near Ryecroft Lane, Messuage called Agnes, (Agnes, widow of Jn. Carpenter, held a messuage in Redbourne Street, and a messuage and ferlingate called Rutherfeld, ). 12

14 Aldebury. Of M. Redbourne. Three crofts called Aldeburys near Redbourne Church, Aldebury wyk, Alberry or Albery Close, 4 ac., and Alberry Spring, 1 ac., Aberry Close and Spring, Five closes called Le Awberryes, 15 ac., High Aldick. Of M. Redbourne. High Aldwyk, High Aldwicke, Souter Aldwick, High Aldwick, Hye Aldwicke, 4 ac., High Aldick, High Aldick, 11 ac., at Wood End, Aldyng. Of M. Kingsbury, Aldyth Londs. Of M. Redbourne. "A toft formerly of Wm. Sparlyng, then of Jn. Aldith, called Aldithes londs", Aldyth Londs, Aldithys Ynnings, at South End, Alewell, Alewellwyke. Of M. Windridge, Meadows and pastures of Alwelle, Alewelland, 1334, 1422 Alwells Lond, cf. Awell Field, cf. also Alwynes Croft. Alice's Pightle, 21/4ac. Of G. W. P. At Bedmond. Wm. White on 29 Sep surrendered two crofts called Alices, and other lands, to his wife Alice for life, and then to his heirs. Mentioned as of G. W. P. c. 1655, 1762, and c Allee Bridge. Of M. Redbourne. " To be repaired by farmers of the Green Tree ", Alley Crofts. At Westwick. Aline crofts, 9 ac., Ailescrofts, 9 ac., of G. W. P., Allies Croft, Alecroft, Ally Croft, Alecrofts, 9 ac., Ally Croft, cf. Elwernes Crofts. Allyns &c. Of M. Redbourne. Aleswicke alias Alescroft, Alleynes wyke, in Redbourne village, " Messuage and ferlingate hitherto called Aleyns Alenswyk, Messuage called Allyns at Rotherfield End. The Almes House " est vastus et ruinosus ", Le Almes House in Kingsbury Street, Almes House Close, 4 ac., with Duncroft, , with the Robin Hood, Alradscroft. Of M. Redbourne. With Beaufitzlond, Alreswick. Of G. W. P., Alwynes Croft. Of M. Windridge, cf. Alewell &c. 13

15 Amps Meadow, 1 ac. Of M. Redbourne, Ampthills Close, 14 ac. At Beson End, Amyslond. Of M. Redbourne. " Surrendered to the use of the Fraternity Ancresheweeke. Of G. W. P., Qy. whether same as Alreswick? The Antelope. Of M. Redbourne. "A messuage in Redbourne Street called the Antelope Le Apple Croft. Of M. Kingsbury. With Mary Magdaliens, Apple Tree Field. With Bedmond House, Hill End, Jeromes, and Kettlewells Farms. Appleton, Great, Little, and Dell. Formerly Naplethorne, q.v. Aps Croft &c. Of St. Amphiballs &c. Aps Croft alias Struders Close, 2 ac., Two Appslyns alias Apsees Closes, 4 ac., Two Apslies Meadows, 5 ac., Apsses 4 ac., Two Apsies Meadows 5 ac., Two Aspe Meadows, 5 ac., Two Aps Meads, 5 ac., Aps Meade, 5 ac., Absees, 4 ac., at Wood End, 1710, Aps Pond &c. Of G. W. P. &c. Apesmere Lands, 15 ac., Apesmere, 15 ac., Forty Acres called Apsmerelond, of M. Westwick, Apsmere Lane, of M. Kingsbury, Apsner Lane, Apsmere Pond, c Apsworth Pond, Apsworth and the Mill House, 1730, Apsworth Pond Meadow, Aps Pond Farm, 691/2ac., c Apps Wood. Of G. W. P. Appsmere Wood, 15 ac., 1572, Apsmere Wood herriet, Aspmer Wood, Apsmore Wood, 5 ac., Apsmeare Wood, Apsner Wood, Leyshod Grove alias Apsmore, Apsmere Wood, Apsmore Wood, (St. Albans Abbey held Absa as 3 hides, Absa became Apsbury and eventually Napesbury). Archers, 3 ac. Of St. Amphiballs, Ashcroft Field &c. Ashcroft Dell, 7 ac., Askett Dells, 8 ac., with Jeromes, Ashcroft field, with Jeromes, Ashcroft Hill, Ash Close, of St. Amphiballs. Ash Grove, 2 ac., and Little Ash Grove, Ash Grove alias Nash Hill, 11 ac., of M. Redbourne, c The Ashes. Of M. Redbourne. Cottage and a wood 14

16 called Le Ashes on Redbourne Heath, Cottage called Le Ashes near Redbourne Church and Heath, 1651, Messuage called Le Ashes, The Ashes, Ashmere Hills. Of M. Herons, Asmere Hill, Austins Wick. At Frogmore End, of M. Redbourne. St. Augustines Wicke, Cottage called St. Augustines Wicke, and lands, St. Austins Wick, Austins Wick, Averells Acre, 1 ac. Of G. W. P., Of M. Westwick, Awell Field, 12 ac. Of M. Windridge. With the Holt, Probably the same as Alewelland, q.v. Axdells Meade, 3 ac. Of G. W. P. With Shafford Mill, (Henry Axtill bought Butlers Farm from Francis Bacon, 1603, and sold it 1618.) Aye Woods. Of M. Sopwell. Mention of " Silva de Eywode ", and a lane through tenements of Jn. Evwode, Eyewodde was granted with M. Sopwell to Ric. Lee, Eywoode Park, Eye Woode, Aye Woods, formerly Stockfield, 9 ac., with Hedges, Ayewood Field &c. Of M. Sopwell. Eyewoode Close, 14 ac., Eywood field and meadow, 44 ac., Eywood Hill field, 54 ac., Eywood Hill grounds, Aywood dry close, 36 ac., Ayewood dry field, c. 36 ac., with Hedges, Gt. Ayewood Hill field, now Doggetts field,271/4ac., with Hedges, Ayleswicke, alias Aylescroft. Of M. Redbourne, Aylewick, 1 ac., of M. Redbourne, cf. Alley Crofts. Aylewards. Of M. Windridge. Jn. Aylward held lands at Copmannes, of M. Windridge, Ailwardes Croft, Aylward, of M. Windridge, Aylwards, Aylewards, Aylords, 15 ac., c Aylewards, 173/4ac., of M. Windridge, Back Lane. Of M. Kingsbury, Bacons Pightle,101/2ac. Of M. Redbourne, (There are two copies of the Redbourne Court Roll, 1 Oct One has Bacon's Pightle,101/2ac., and the other Barens Pightle, 21/2ac.). Badger Dells, 3 ac. At Westwick, 1746,

17 Badger Hole Piece. Of St. Amphiballs. With Wrights, Bakers. Of M. Redbourne. Messuage called Bakers, with Pease Close, Broad Croft, Mylings Wicke, Church Croft, Beldomes Croft, Row Croft, Ten Acres, Over, Nether, Long, and Dell Langlands, in all 40 ac., Bakers, with same lands, 391/2ac., (Hen. Baker held lands called Fowlers, of M. Redbourne, before 1534). Balams. Of M. Redbourne. Balams Grove, Balaams Shott, 1630, Balams Croft, Balams Shott alias Highway Shott in the Lye, Ballam Shott in Lye Common, Balams Farm, Ballands Wicke, Ballardeswyk. Near Redbourne Street, , Balls Fields, Upper and Lower, 51/2ac. and 41/2ac. Of M. Herons, The Bam. Of M. Redbourne. With South End Farm, Bamel Wood. With Hatchen Green in Harpenden. " The common Green called Bamvyle Wood Bamvyle Grove or Wood, Barnfield Wood, Bamel Wood, Bamels Wood, Wood at Bamel, Banes Closes. At Hatchen Green. Banes Croft, Banes Closes sold with Hatching Green to Vt. Grimston, 8 Jan Bank Field. Of G. W. P. Held by Wm. Marston, Sold to Jonathan Parker as 4 ac., Gt. and Lit. Banckfield, 12 3/4 ac., and 4 ac., Bankfield,103/4ac., with Maynes and the Praye, Banley Fields. Of M. Redbourne. Gt. and Lit. Banle, 40 ac. and 20 ac., with Butlers, Gt. and Lit. Banley, Gt. and Lit. Banley fields, Banley Grove, Banstead Downs, 141/4ac. Of Redbourne Bury, Barley Close, 4 ac. Of M. Kingsbury, Barley field, 3 ac., at Maiden Crouch, c The Great Barn. At Westwick. The Great Barne of four bayes held in two moieties by Jn. Crosbye and Walt. Finch and their families, License to Daniel Finch to pull it down, 17 May,

18 Barn Field. Of various Manors. With Megdell, Blackwater, Cell Barnes, Cunningham Hills, Bottom House, and Aps Pond Farms. Barn Wick, 73/4ac.,with South End Farm, Barnes Close, 2 ac. Of M. Redbourne, Barrowe Field. Of M. Redbourne, Probably same as Burrough Field, q.v. Bartlets Wood. Of G. W. P. Given by Anthony Bacon to trustees of his Will, Batchwood. Of M. Kingsbury. K. Offa of Mercia ( ) gave lands in Bacheworthe to St. Albans Abbey. K. John confirmed to the Abbey its lands in Bachesworth, 15 June, The Prioress of Praye held lands in Bacheworth, and Mention of Batchworth, Bachewerth mede, Batchworth Woods, Bacheworthe meade, Batchwood meade, 14 ac., Batchwood Lane alias St. John's Lane, 1585, 1597, and alias Copthall Lane, Batchwood meadows, , and, c. 21 ac., Batchwood, 621/4ac., Batchwood field, 17 ac., 1635, Battlefield. Of M. Redbourne. Walsingham mentions a miracle at the mill of Bettlespole juxta Redburn (Monasticon, II, 178). Batispole meadow near Buttelers Green and Maynolfes, " Betylpole field now called Comyn Millefeild ", near Watling Street, Croft at Bettell Poole fields, Batespoole meadow, 8 ac., 1609, Battespoole meadow, Battlepoole meadow, Battlepoole field alias Millfield, Battlespoone meadow, 7 ac., Battlespoone meade next Butler's Green, Battlefield, 71/2ac., with Butlers, Beaufitzlond. Of M. Redbourne. Messuage and 82 ac. called Beaufitzlond, 1519, viz. Alradscroft, Colefolysdell formerly Carters, Goldweyer Toft, Pokyscroft or Pokescroft, two Radyscrofts, the Waley, Carters Lond, Cutts Mede, Depewell Croft, Dunnings field, Lezlond, Lynkthorne and Lynkthorne Lane, Marie Croft, Over Orients, Over and Nethyr Orients Crofts, Pettams field, and Walmstede. Mention of " Beaufitz mede between Carters medes and the river", Beaumonds. An ancient Manor. Ric. Benet paid rent for the farm of Beaumond to the Prioress of Praye, 17

19 The Priory held the manor of Beamonde, Mention of Bemonds, 10 ac., near Redbourne Street, Beaumonts Lane, 1627, Beamonds Lane, Grove, and closes, and Gt. Beamonds, "Beamonds alias Beaumonts Close, 12 ac., whereupon a fair house is built released to Wm. Beaumont, 26 Jan Beemonts Close, 10 ac., Beaumont Hall &c. Of St. Amphiballs. Wm. Beaumont of Co. Norfolk bought Beamonds or Beaumonts Close (as above) 26 Jan He gave it to Michael Beynon, 1 Nov Woods called Gt. and Lit. Beaumonts were mortgaged by Eignon Beynon, , and were eventually sold, with the manor of St. Amphiballs, to Vt. Grimston, 20 Dec Beaumont Hall was sold to him 18 July, Beaumont field, 63/4ac., Beaumont Meadows,71/2ac. and 21/2ac., and Beaumont Wood, 31/2ac., held with Beaumont Hall Farm, Bechalche Gate Wood, 3 ac. Of Parke Manor, Beck Field. Of M. Redbourne. Bekkes field and Bukkes Grove held with Hobb Hoggs, Bexfields, 11 ac., Beckfields, 11 ac., Beckfield, (Wm. Bekkes formerly held Hacheslond, which was held afterwards by Jn. Felce, and then by Walter Finch, who died ). Bedman. Of M. Gorhambury, man, Dorvells Bed- Bedmond. Of G. W. P. &c. Bedmond Hill, Bedmonds Farm near Bedmond Pond, of M. Parke, Bedmond field at Westwick, Bedmond House Farm, 82 ac., and Farm at Bedmond, 2211/2ac., c Beechfield &c. Of various Manors. Bech field, Beches londs, 20 ac., Becheswyke, Beche Grove, Half a yardland called Beechlonds, Bech Meade, Bech botham near Graves Lane, of M. Kingsbury, Beechfield and Lit. Beechfield, of M. Gorhambury, Betchfield, Beechfield, of M. Sopwell, Beechfield, ac., of M. Windridge. Beechfield, formerly Crab Tree field, 16 ac., with Maynes and the Praye, Beech Tree field, ac., with Handleys Farm, Beech Hills, of M. Sopwell,

20 (Geoffry de Bech held11/2hide at Windridge, and many other lands, Jn. and Thos. Beche were jurors of Kingsbury Manor, Hen. Beche was living 1560). The Beech Tree. Of M. Kingsbury, Beechwick, 4 ac. Of M. Redbourne, cf. Hoares Close. Beldams Croft. Of M. Redbourne. With Bakers, Beldomes Croft, Beldoms Wicke, Beldams Croft, (" Wm. Beldon has sold Hatches &c.", Beldam, originally Belle Dame, = Grandmother, but sometimes is merely Old Woman or Hag). Belfield. Of M. Sopwell. Belfield, 45 ac., with Breakespeares (Cunningham Hills), With the same, and lately divided into three closes, Sold for 820 to Vt. Grimston, Belfield Meade, 1670, The Bell Inn. Of M. Kingsbury. Le Bell in St. Michael St., The Signe of the Bell, Messuage called Le Bell, and its lands, The Bell Inn, 1655, and 47 ac., viz. Brawnes and meadows, 6 ac., Two closes, 10 ac., In Pray meade 1 ac., Westfield, 11 ac., Barns and 2 ac., Wrights meadow, 3 ac., Oyster Hills, 8 ac., and Dell field. The Bell, Bell Croft, 5 ac., "now included in Gorhambury Park The Bell Meade, of M. Gorhambury, The Bell and Shears. Of M. Redbourne. Le Sheers Hospice, now called Le Blew Bell, Le Bell, and Sheires. Le Blew Bell and Sheeres, The Bell and Sheeres, Le Bell, Le Redd Lyon between Le Bell and Sheeres and Le Rose and Crowne, Le, Bell and Sheeres, now called Le Redd Lyon, The Bell and Sheers in Redbourne Street, now called the Red Lyon, Benland Wood. Of Sopwell Bury, Beanfield, of M. Sopwell, Bescroft and Spring, 9 ac. With Butlers, Probably the same as Bush Croft, q.v. Beson End. Of various Manors. Mentioned in Windridge rolls thus: Lands at Bedesone, The way from Bedesunta to Le Waterdell, Hen. Kentisshe holds Bedesoneslonds, 40 ac., Rob. Kentishes wood called Bedssounts Harriett 19

21 (heriot), In Redbourne deeds thus: Beaston End Beston End Besons End Beason End, Bestney End (corrected to Beason End), Messuage or farm called Beason alias Bestney End, Sold to Vt. Grimston with 99 ac. for 2800, 27 July Beson End Farm, 1531/4ac., Bestney End. Of M. Redbourne. Lands at Bestney End, Hen. Bestney and w. Marie were tenants of M. Kingsbury, Wm. Roberts and w. Margaret surrender a messuage and half yardland called Roberdys, formerly Bestneys, A messuage and half yardland formerly of John Bestney... messuage called Bestenys, Adam Bestney formerly held lands at Bestney End : his third successor is admitted, Bestneys, Bestney End, Bestney (corrected to Beason) End, Beason alias Bestney End, (Possibly Bedesone was the first name, but a family of Bestney held lands there late in the 15th. century, when the name may have been changed, till eventually the old form revived as Beson End). Bings Orchard, 6 ac. Of M. Sopwell. Held with Pond Mead as 14 ac. in Rent, probably including a messuage, 40 in Held with meadows at Sopwell, Birch Wood, 52 ac. Of Gorhambury Woods, Birchwood, 1 ac., and Birchwood field, 21/4ac., at Bedmond, c Birchmore. Of G. W. P., Birchmore Ruddings, 7 ac., parcel of a grove once of Jn. Thyscellworthe, Birnorth, 105 ac. Of G. W. P., Biscal Ley. Gt. and Lit.,103/4ac. and73/4ac. At Westwick, The Black Boy. Of M. Windridge, Black Bush Mede. Of M. Redbourne, Black Croft. Of M. Redbourne, Black Crosse alias Crofts, 4 ac., of M. Kingsbury. Black Fields, 10 ac. Of G. W. P., Black alias Blake Fields, with Breakspears, Bottom House, Duncroft, Maynes and the Praye. Black Grounds, 13 ac. Of M. Kingsbury, Hither and Further Black Grounds, 71/2ac. and 6 ac., with Ste. Smith's Lands, c

22 Blacklands Farm. Farm, With Townsend alias Robin Hood Black Nest. Of M. Redbourne. Messuage at Redbourne Heath called Black Neast or Nest, Messuage called Black Neast, now two messuages, Blackwater Croft or Close, 3 ac. At Westwick, Blackwater field, 3 ac., at Westwick, Blackwater Grove, 6 ac., Blackwater Wood, 8 ac., of M. Gorhambury, 1686, Blackwater Wood field, at Westwick, Blackwater Pond House. Of M. Kingsbury. Blackwater Pond, Blackwater Pound House and Farm, 50 ac., of M. Kingsbury, Mention of Wm. Feilde of Blackwater, Blackwater Pond House, 1581, Held with Colles, Hither and Further Markett Lands, Bulshott, Nynings, Hiltons, Pond fields, and Shrove field, Acreage 140 ac. in Blakes Lane, Blacks Lane, Blakheworthe Lane, of M. Kingsbury, Blaks Pightell, 2 ac., Blakes Pightle, Block Field. Of M. Kingsbury, Block Pightle, Gt. and Lit. Block fields, Block field, with the Praye, (Robt. Blocke a tenant of M. Kingsbury, 1587). Blue Coat Field, 81/2ac. With Maynes and the Praye, Blushes Croft. At Hill End. Blyssards Croft, Blishes Croft, 1612, 1615, Blusis Croft, Blushes Croft, Messuage and field called Blushes Croft, (Jn. Blysse a tenant of M. Windridge, Abigail Blisse living near Gorhambury, 1624). Bocketts, alias Bockas Fields, 16 ac., Bocketts alias Bockeys fields, Bolton Fields, 24 ac. Of M. Kingsbury. Next Copthall Lane. Bolt Wells, 31/2ac. Of G. W. P., Bonds Croft, Bondslond, Bondswick. Of M. Redbourne. With Maynolfes, Toft and ferlingate called Bondslond, Bondslond next Crowch, Held with Finchlond, Bondswick, Bones Closes, Upper and Lower,61/2ac. and 6 ac., and 21

23 Boneswick, 10 ac., with Hatching Green, Bones Croft, Bone Hill, of M. Windridge, (Alex. Bone, monk of St. Albans 1380, benefactor of the Abbey, ). cf. Bondslond, Bunesland, and Buncefield. Bonnase, Bonneys. Of M. Sopwell. Bonnas, Bonnace, Upper and Lower Bonnace, Bonnase, Gt. and Lit. Bonneys (formerly Upper and Lower), 14 ac. and 31/2ac. With Hedges, Bottom Fields. With Bottom House Farm. Bottom Gates. With Blackwater, Westwick, and Westwick Corner Farms, Bottom Leys, 81/4ac., at Potters Crouch, Bottom House Farm, alias Lawrence Farm. With Upper and Lower Green fields, Upper and Lower Five Acres, Barn field, the Dell, the Pightle, Cherry Tree field, Hazle Dell field, Blake field, and Broad field, in all 94 ac., Bottom House, alias Westwick Hall, q.v. Bottom House, alias Wards, alias Kettlewells, q.v. Bought Acre. Of M. Redbourne. With Hogges, Bournes Close, 5 ac. Abut, on the Lye, In 1794, 21/2ac. Perhaps same as Bourne Croft, with Winches, Bove Ditch, 9 ac. With Jeromes, Bow ditch, 9 ac., Bowel Mead. Of M. Redbourne. Beywell Meade next Hatch Croft, Boywell Meade surr. to Ralph Rowlett, Bowell Meade, 7 ac., 1607, 33/4ac., Bawell Meade, Bowel Mead, 3 ac., The Bowl Field, 3 1/4 ac., with Crackabone Farm, c The Bowle Close alias Vallence Croft alias Highway Close, with Redbourne Bury Mills, 1718, 1738, The Bowl Meadow, near Prae Farm, bought by E. of Verulam, (These may have been bowling fields, but Bowl Lands, being much larger, may perhaps have been Boywell Lands). Bowl Lands,591/2ac. Next Beaumont Hall Farm, The Brach. Of M. Redbourne, &c. A common field, The Brach, 6 ac., Brach, 5 ac., 22

24 1627, Brash, 5 ac., c Brachfield, 10 ac., at Westwick, 1637, Great Brocke, Lands in Le Great Brach, The Brach, 5 ac., with Blackwater Pond House, Brach now Brakes, iof ac., with Blackwater Farm, Brockets alias the Brach, 10 ac., with Norington End Farm, Brach Wood, 7 ac., at Westwick, Little Brach now Hither Bottom field, 7 ac., with Bottom House, Bradefield, 2 ac. Of G. W. P Bradley. Of M. Redbourne. Bradley, with Deane End, Great Bradley alias Lincoln Ash Close, Lit. Bradley, Gt. and Lit. Bradleys, 301/2ac. and 191/4ac., sold with Beaumont Hall Farm to Vt. Grimston, 18 July, Bradwines Pightle, i ac. Of M. Redbourne. Arthur Bradwyne held lands in M. Redbourne, Bradwines Pightle, 1 ac., formerly of Thos. Bradwin, Bradwines alias Baldwins Pightle, 1 ac., Brakefield. Of G. W. P Branches Pightle. At Westwick. Rob. Dell died 1639, holding Branches Pightle, &c. and leaving daughters, of whom Alice was wife of Ralph Hodsden, and Elizabeth, wife of John Branch. Wm. Hoddesdon left reversion of same to his g.s. Jn. Hoddesdon, Brawnes. Of M. Kingsbury. Le Brawnes, Brawnes Croft, Brawnes, 10 ac., 1515, Two meadows, 6 ac., and two closes, 10 ac., called Brawnes, 1554, Brawynes, Brawnes Meade, Little Brawnes, Brawnes Lane, Gt. and Lit. Brawnes, 101/4ac., surr. to E. of Verulam, Bread Croft. Of M. Redbourne. With South End Farm, Breakspears. Of M. Windridge. Jn. Hunte held Breakspears He and two others held the same , when it was reported that " Isabella Brekespere had let all her lands without license." In 1597 Eliz., widow of Nic. Weldon and formerly of Ed. Carpenter, left to her s. Anthony Carpenter, Long Furlong, Marie Croft, and Common Lands, 40 ac., and to her s. Thos. Carpenter her house and lands called Breakspears near Bunes Lane. Thos. Carpenter sen. and jun. were of Breakspears,

25 Hen. Kentish held Breakspears 1667, but surr. the same to Sir Harbottle Grimston, 14 Apl. 1669, with Edbeach alias Notbeach alias Snotbeach, Broadfields, Blakefield, Deerings, Pondfield Hill, Pond Croft, and lands in Furroughs field. In the acreage was 67 ac. Breakspeare Family. Nicholas Brekespere, born at Langley, became Abbot of St. Albans, and eventually Pope Adrian IV, He exempted the Abbey from episcopal jurisdiction, so that Robt. de Gorham and his successors became mitred Abbots. Alex. Brekespere, mentioned , dying , left s. h. Wm. Brekespere, and d. Agnes, w. of Wm. Holme, with goods valued at 52s. 71/4d. Alex, and Wm. Brekespere were jurors of M. Windridge. William died , leaving a widow Justicia, and d. h. Amicia, w. of Wm. le Whyte. Thos. Brekesper jun. held lands in the Manor , as did Isabella Brekespere Breakspeares, alias Cunningham Hills. Of M. Sopwell. Sir Ric. Lee held Breakspeares alias Breakspeares Fee at his death, Breakspeares sold for 710 to Sir Harbottle Grimston, 2 Oct. 1683, with Belfield, Belfield Meade, Chalk Dell field, Fox Croft, two Lampitts, Wood Croft, Barne field, and Thistley Ramsdell. Acreage of Breakspeares alias Cunningham Hills 1791/2ac. in Mention of Breakspeares Farm, Brickfields, 9 ac. Of G. W. P Brickfields, alias Bromefield and Napesbury field. Of M. Parke, Brickfield Close, 8 ac. Of M. Sopwell, Brickhill Field. An old enclosure in Gorhambury Park, Brickfield, Brickwall Meadows, Hither and Further, 1 ac. and 3 ac. Near Sopwell, Bridge Field, 44 ac. Of M. Parke, Bridge Meade. Of M. Redbourne. Sold Bridle Croft. Of M. Redbourne. Bridell Croft, Bridle Croft, c Briery Close &c. Of various Manors. Briery Close, at Westwick, Bryarey Close, 5 ac., Middle and Lower Briery fields, 51/4ac. and 31/2ac., at Westwick, Bryere field, 12 ac., of M. Windridge, Briery field, 14 ac.,

26 Bryery field, 133/4ac., Bryers Croft alias Little Rye Close, of M. Kingsbury, Brigg Dell Field, 10 ac. Of M. Windridge, Brightefrythe Woods. Of G. W. P., Brights. Of St. Amphiballs. A messuage and 3 ac., Probably same as Wrights, q.v. Broad Field &c. Of various Manors. Bradefeild, 2 ac., of G. W. P., Le Brodefeld, of M. Redbourne, Broad field, with Breakspears, Bottom House, and South End Farms. Broadfield formerly Sleave Acre, and Broad field alias Bush field, with Palmers. Brode Croft, , and Brodelete, 1522, of M. Redbourne. Broad Meadow, 13 ac., of M. Parke, BroadWater, 61/2ac., with Fish St. Farm, Brodland End, Brockets, alias the Brach, 10 ac., q.v. Brokendale. "Parcel of Le Praye," Brokengdale Closes. Of Anthony Bacon, Brokes. Of M. Windridge, (Jn. Broke, tenant of M. Windridge, ). Bromans Fields. Of M. Redbourne. Broumans fields, Bromans fields, with Curtis, Brome Fields. Of G. W. P., Bromley Crofts. Of G. W. P. Bromeberies, Bromeberie Crofts, Bromberies Crofte cum Maries Crofte, 10 ac., Thos. Bromley holds two crofts in St. Michaels, Jn. Stepneth grants to John Marston two crofts which he had from Jn. Bromely deceased, Bromeleys Crofts, 10 ac., Bromeleys Croft cum Maries Croft, 10 ac., Bromley Crofts alias Tanners Crofts, 1551, Two Bromeley Crofts, 1569, Jonathan Tanner holds lands at Hill End, Bromley Croft alias Tanners Croft, 16 ac., at Hill End, Tanners Crofts alias Bromley Crofts, 16 ac., Tanners, 17 ac., Bromys, 3 closes, 15 ac. Of M. Windridge, Brookfields. Of G. W. P. Brokefields, 170 ac., Lady End and Brookfield, 43 ac., beyond the desert of Gorhambury, Included in Gorhambury Park before 1702, and with Lady End, 42 ac., in Brookfields, 34 ac., with Maynes, 25

27 1667. Brookfields, 42 ac., with Maynes and the Praye, Brookwood. An old enclosure in Gorhambury Park. Broomfields. Of various Manors. Brummefelds, at Potters Crouch, Sixty acres called Bromefyldes, Lands in Bromefield, Bromefield at Potters Crouch, Four Bromefields, 45 ac., Broomfeild, 60 ac., Broomfield,101/2ac., at Potters Crouch, and Broomfield, 19 ac., at Bedmond, c Broomfield, 71/4ac., with Maynes and the Praye, and Broomfield alias Sextons Grove, now Furzen fields, 31/4ac., at Hill End, Bromefield, of M. Parke, Brownes. Of M. Kingsbury, Perhaps the same as Brawnes. Brown Fields &c. Of G. W. P. &c. Brownefelds, 60 ac., next Hagdell Lane, Brownfield Dell, if ac., with Maynes and the Praye, Brounes Croft, of G. W. P., Brownismede alias Jeroms Mede, Brownes Meade, 6 ac., 1534, Browns Meads, 4 ac. and 41/2ac., at Hog End, c Brownings Herne. Of G. W. P. Brownyng Herne, Brownings Herne, 23 ac., with Westwick Hall, 1643, Brownings Herne, an old enclosure in Gorhambury Park. Brythats. Of M. Redbourne. Messuage and ferlingate called Brythats, Surr. to Ralph Rowlett and w. Margaret, Buck Field, 4 1/2 ac. With Westwick Corner Farm, Bull Croft,173/4ac. With Wood End Farm, The Bull Inn. In Redbourne Street, The Black Bull, Bullshotts. Of M. Kingsbury. Bulshot, Bullshotts, Bullshotts, 13 ac., with Blackwater Pond House, , and 111/4ac. with Blackwater Farm, Bunce Field &c. Of various Manors. Bunsland, 60 ac., and Buns Croft, 16 ac., Bunsland, 15 ac., , , Buns Grove, , do., 10 ac., Buns Croft, 4 ac., Buns field, 18 ac Buns Pightle, 3 ac., all in G. W. P. Also Bunnyslands, of M. Kingsbury. 1518, Also Bunnesland, three crofts, Buneslond, 18 ac., 26

28 1544. Bunes Croft, 1540, Bunesfield, 18 ac., Bounesfylde Bunsfeld 18 ac., Buneslond, three crofts and a toft formerly a messuage, and 40 ac., Messuage and 7 ac. called Bounes, Tenement called Bunnes, Bunes Lane, Buns field, 143/4ac., Bunce field, 143/4ac., at Beson End, Bunne Family. Ric. Bunne a tenant of M. Kingsbury, Mention of Jn. and Simon Bunne, , of Ralph Bunne, , , of Jn. Bunne at Westwick, and , of Wm. Bunne, , of Giles Boune, and Thos Bune died 1484, holding a messuage and 60 ac. in M. Kingsbury. His s. h. Wm. Bune died Wm. Bune died 1528, and his s. h. Ric. Bune surr. part of a messuage and 30 ac. to Ralph Rowlett, who then obtained also part of a messuage and 56 ac. formerly of Thos. Bune. Ric. Bune died 1559, leaving a messuage and 30 ac. to his d. Alice Smyth. Wm. Bunne mentioned Ric. Smyth held Bunnes tenement in Burdens Herne, 1 ac. At Wood End, Burridges Cottage. In Copt Hall Lane. Ed. Burridge was admitted 14 May, 1747, and died 1762, leaving bro. h. Wm. Burridge, who died 1776, leaving s. h. William, who surr. the cottage to trustees of E. of Verulam, 9 Aug Burrough Field &c. Of M. Redbourne. Burrowfield and Barley Croft, 12 ac., with Menalls cm the Hill, Berry field and Barley Croft, 12 ac., Burscroft, 10 ac.., at Wood End, Bur Croft, Burr Croft, 10 ac., 1644, Burrough field, 12 ac., Burr Croft alias Burrough Croft, 8 ac., Borough field, at Revel End, cf. Barrowe field. Burston Manor. In St. Stephens. The Manor was of St. Albans Abbey till the Dissolution, and was sold by K. Henry VIII to Nicholas Bacon and Thos. Skipwith. It came later to Fras. Rogers and the family of Kentish. In Computus Roll, : Farm of the Manor of Burston The Manor was included in the Survey of Sir Nicholas Bacon's Estates, Burt Croft. At Revel End,

29 Bury Field &c. Of various Manors. Beriefield, 5 ac., of G. W. P, Berrie Hill Croft, two closes, 33 ac., of M. Parke, Bury field alias Bury Hills, 141/4ac., at Westwick, 1653, Bury Dells, 1 ac., and Bury Dell field, 9 ac., with Hedges, Bury fields with Hedges, Megdells, Palmers, Bottom House, and Westwick Hall. Bush Croft &c. Of various Manors. Busshe Croft, of M. Gorhambury, Bush Croft, with Butlers, Bush field, with Megdells, Do. with Palmers, Do. at Hill End, Bushey Closes, at Hill End, Bush Grove alias Sextons Grove, Broad field alias Bush field, with Palmers, c Bushey Leys, of M. Kingsbury, cf. Bescroft. Butchers Close alias Conyes Close. Of M. Kingsbury, Butchers Close, 11 ac., Butchers Close now Stable field, 12 3/4 ac., of M. Kingsbury, Butchers Wicke, of St. Amphiballs, Butlers. Ancient Manor in Redbourne. " Probably the land called Terra Dispensatoris of the Abbey, which c Jn. Aignel claimed to hold of the Abbot by service of being his butler. Probably the same as Spencereslond, Butlers Farm in the South of the Parish may have some connection with this." (Victoria Hist, of Herts, I). Jn. Barre Kt. and Hen. Frowyk hold Botelers, Thos. Christmas, formerly of Butlers, Ric. West adm. 15 Apl. 1529, on death of his f. Thos. West, to a messuage and yardland called Botelers at Hoggend, sometime of Thos. Norton, and late of Thos. Arblaster. Thos. Peacock rents Botlers, and Nic. Taylor takes a lease of Butlers Farm, Jas. Nicholls died 1657 holding Botelers and 120 ac. freely, viz. a Pightle 1/2 ac., Peasefield 34 ac,, Grosefield 111/2ac., Gt. and Lit. Banley,411/2 and 183/4ac., Bush Croft and Spring 191/2ac., Gravell Pitt field 81/4ac., Tyngers 141/2ac., Banley Grove 4 ac., Long South field 3 ac., Shafford Meade41/2ac., and Pryors Croft 31/2ac. Thos. Roberts holds Butlers at 60 rent, 1669 to Acreage 145 ac. in 1737 and 1453/4 ac - in Mention also of Botelers Crofts, 1523, Botlers 28

30 Meade, 1517, 1523, Buttelers Greene, 1519, and a cottage called Butlers Green, 1642, Butlers Manor. Margt. North, widow, sis. h. of Jn. Laudy dec. grants to Philip Morgan and others her Manors of Lammers, Buttelers, and Brydell with appurt. in Whethampsted and Sandridge, wh. Jn. Lawdye had of gift of Thos. Whyt, 16 May Her d. h. Eliz., wid. of Brian Roche, granted the same to Jn. Heyworth jun., 20 May Brian and Eliz. Roche had d. Griselda, w. of Jn. Buttler of Whethampsted, Rental of Eliz. Chaworth, widow, of Manor of Botelers, 20 Oct. 1521, mentioning Marchallfeld, Creffell, Olfeld, Mylpygwell, Sedcopfeld, Oxcrofte, Cranefeld, Hethfeld, Batfordfeld, Rushemede, Clyndene, Nethersladly, Clynwyk, Selcrofte, Estcroft, Botelerscroft, Cokthorne, Newellsmede, Holokesyate, Sharpecrofte, and Bolonyeacre. (Add. Charters in Brit. Mus.) Butterwyke Wood. Of M. Kingsbury, The Butts. Of M. Kingsbury, Butts Lane alias Vicarage Lane. Butt field 43/4ac., with Flowers Farm, c Cadmore Woods. Of M. Sopwell. K. Henry VIII grants woods called Cademalheth and Collewode, parcel of the Manor of Sopwell, to Ric. Lee, 13 Dec Cadmall Wood or Heath, Cadmore Wood, Cadmore Woods, Calslo Croft Hegge. Of M. Redbourne, Callyes Croft, 8 ac., with Hatches, Calvers Croft alias Dell Field, 9 ac. Of M. Redbourne. With Norington End Farm, cf. Culverscrofte. Calves Close &c. Of various Manors. Calves Spring, with Thos. Alden's messuage in M. Windridge, Calves Close, 4 ac., of M. Parke, Calves Wicke, 1653, and Calves Wicke Pightle, 6 ac., of Redbourne Bury, Calves Orchard, 1 ac., with Bedmond Farm, c Camps Field &c. Of various Manors. Campe Redings, 2 ac., of G. W. P., Campysfield, with Maynolfes on the Hill, 1516, Messuage and half yardland called Kempys, Campes, Campsfield, Lands in Campesfield, Three acres in Kemps Meade, 1620, Camps Lane, Two Campsfields, 14 ac., at 29

31 Wood End, Do., 8 ac., Kempes alias Carpenters Meade, Gt. Campsfield, abut, on Kemps Lane, Kemfield, 14 ac., at Wood End, Gt. Kempesfield, Gt. and Lit. Kempsfields, 91/2ac., Two Little Kempsfields, 91/2ac., 1657, Two Campsfields, 16 ac., 1655, Two Kemps Meadows, 31/4ac., Kemps Meadow, 31/4ac., 1667, Goldwyer Wicke alias Campsfield, ac., next Redbourne Churchyard, 1659, Campsfields, 7 ac. and 10 ac., and Middle Campsfield, 6 ac., Three Campsfields, 93/4 ac., 7 1/2 ac. and 81/4 ac., with Wood End Farm, (" Jn. Kemp formerly held Clerkes londs in M. Redbourne. After him Wm. Rose held them, and now Jn. Beech sen. holds them 1530). Cardinals. Of G. W. P. Cardnalls, 3 ac., Cardinalls, 3 ac., , Cardinalles, 4 ac., Cardynals heriotabil, 3 ac., with Hill End, Cardinalls, with Maynes, Cardinals alias Gt. Coxalls, 4 ac., with Maynes, (K. Henry VIII granted the Praye to Thos Wolsey, Abbot of St. Albans, 6 June Wolsey became Abp. of York and Cardinal of Rome). Carpenters. Of G. W. P. &c. Ed. Carpenter was dead His s. Anthony surr. 3 ac. meadow in Kemps Meade to trustees of Fras. Bacon, Carpenters Meade alias Kempes Meade forfeited to the Lord, Carpenters Meade, " sometime with the Praye", with Hill End Farm, Carpenters Wood, of Gorhambury Woods, Carpenters Shott in the Ley, Carters. Of M. Redbourne &c. Carters lond, with Beaufitzlond, Carters Medes, , Carters feld, of M. Gorhambury, Carters Crofts, 5 ac., of M. Redbourne, 1625, 1653, 1702, and with Wrights Farm, Carters Wicke13/4 ac., 1630, Do., 1 ac., with Hog End Farm, Ticklers Ley alias Lit. Carters Croft, 41/2ac., of M. Redbourne, 1652, Gate House Croft alias Carters Croft, Cart Horse Close, 6 ac. Of M. Windridge Cart Horse field, 7 ac., of the same, Castle Pightles. cf. Catsheads. Caswell Streame. Of M. Kingsbury, Caswell Greene,

32 Catsdell Close. Of M. Redbourne, Cattesdell, Catsdell or Catesdell Shott,1/2ac., in the Lye Common, Catsheads &c. Of various Manors. Catts Croft, 3 ac., , and Catts Weke, , both of G. W. P. Catishegge, of M. Kingsbury, Catshead, Catshead Meade, 12 ac., and Cattshead, 12 ac., with the Praye, " Catsheads formerly Castle Pightles" 53/4 ac., with Blackwater Farm, Cell Barns. Of M. Sopwell. Celborne in St. Peters, K. Henry VIII grants lands called Selbarne, parcel of the Manor of Sopwell, to Ric. Lee, 13 Dec " The Manor of Cell Barns alias Sopwell1678. Cell Barns, with Cockshott, Rushy Croft, Round and Long Cockshott, Wood field, Meade, Pond fields, Bush Croft, Thistley Ramsdells, Crofty Gates, and Home field, in all c. 160 ac., Acreage 141 ac. in Chalk Dell Field &c. Of various Manors. Chalk Dell field, 14 ac., with Butlers, 1672, Do. with Breakspeares (of Sopwell), Do., 6 ac., with Hedges, Chalk Dell Maslins, 123/4ac., with Maynes and the Praye, Chalk Dell Wood, at Potters Crouch, Chalk field, formerly East Croft, 5 ac., with Westwick Farm, Gt. and Lit. Chalk fields, 33/4ac. and 3 ac., with Blackwater Farm, Chamberlaynes. Of various Manors. Granary at Westwick called Chamburleynes Grove, 1427 Two acres in Bury fields, now called Chamberlyns, Cottage called Chamberlaynes, and 40 ac., of M. Redbourne, 1630, Champery Deane. Of M. Redbourne. Champerie Deane, Chumperv Deane, 3 ac., with Davies Lands at Wood End, Chapmans. Of various Manors. Chapmans, formerly called Sparlvngs. 40 ac.. of M. Windridge, Chapmans, 80 ac., of G. W. P., , Chequer Walk &c. Of various Manors. Chequer Walk, 1/2 ac., of fields in Gorhambury Park. 1702, Chequerfield,51/2ac., bought of Mr. Baskerfield, c The Chequer Ale House and 1 ac., with Fish St. Farm, Cherry Croft &C. Of various Manors. Chervcroftfyeld, of M. Windridge Cherry Croft,

33 1707. Chirrecroft, 12 ac., Cherie Croft, c Cherry Croft, 14 ac., of M. Windridge, Cherry Hurst, 191/4ac., at Potters Crouch, c Cherry Orchard 33/4ac., with Wood End Farm, Cherry Orchard, 1 ac., with Bedmond Farm, c Cherry Tree Orchard,13/4ac., with same, c Cherry Tree field, 21/2ac., with Palmers. Do., 13 ac., with Bottom House Farm. Do., 31/2ac., with Westwick Corner Farm. Cherry Wick, 3 ac., with Hatching Green, Childhurst. Of G. W. P. Childesherste, 60 ac., , , o, Chyldysse field, 60 ac., Childishe field, 60 ac., Chyldhurst, Chyldeherst, 60 ac., at Potters Crouch, 1560, Chyldehorste, 40 ac., Chyldsfyst, Childshurst, 60 ac., 1599, 1626, Do., 76 ac., Do., 70 ac., 1755, Childs Fist alias Cherry Hurst, at Potters Crouch, Childwick. K. John confirmed to St. Albans Abbey lands in Childewik, Lands in Childewykeshay, Geoffry de Childwick was then tenant of the Abbey. Childwyk Meade, Chylwyk lond, Chilwyck Bridge, Chylwyck Mill, Chidwick Mill and Chilwicke Greene, Chilwick Pightle, Chistleworthe. Of G. W. P., cf. Thyscell worthe. The Chopping Knife. Of M. Redbourne. " A cottage in Redbourne Street once called the Chopping Knife, then the Ship, and now two tenements Christmas Row. Of M. Sopwell, Church End &c. Of M. Redbourne. Messuage at Church End, Messuage and half yard land called Church Londs, once of Robt. Bedell, then of Roger Foster, then of Wm. Marshall, and now of John Marshall, Church Field &c. Of various Manors. Church field, near Redbourne Church, , Little Church field, Church field, with Fish St. Windridge, and Potters Crouch. Church Meade, Church Gate. Of M. Redbourne. Messuage called the House at Le Church Gate, with five closes called Le Awberryes, 15 ac., an acre and a toft, 1 ac. in 32

34 Wyatts Close, Jordans Wicke11/4ac., Cock Wicke Chypcrofte. Of M. Kingsbury, Claphams. Of M. Redbourne. Hither and Further Claphams, alias Middle field and Highway field, together 10 ac., with Norington End Farm. The Clapp Gate. Of G. W. P. " The Clapp Gate leading from St. Albans to Gorhambury", held with Maynes, 1635, (Clap Gate = a small horse gate). Clarkes. Of various Manors. Ric. Clerke was dead 27 Apl. 1531, holding a yardland called Cuttyslonds. Messuage and half yardland called Clerkes londs, formerly of Jn. Kemp, then of Wm. Rose, and now of Jn. Bech sen., Clarks Croft, 4 ac., , , o. Clarks, 4 ac., Jn. Dell held Clarkes Croft from 1588, and dying 1623, left s. h. Jn. Dell, who held it c Clarkes Grove near Hogges, Clarkeswyk, of M. Windridge, Clash Fields, cf. Plash fields. Le Clay Closes, alias Closes before the Gate. At Westwick. Surrendered to Sir Harbottle Grimston, 16 Dec Close before the Gate, 11 ac., of Westwick Farm, Two Closes, 11 ac., and two crofts, 11 ac., with Westwick Farm, Clays Hill &c. Of M. Redbourne &c. The Clay, Clay acre, Clay Butts, 2 ac., Clay Butts, 4 ac., at Revel End, Claydole, Claysdole, in Beechfield, with Maynolfes, Clayfield, 31/4ac., with Fish St. Farm, Clayshill, Clayeshills, at Wood End, 1516, 1526, 1605, Clayeshill alias Priors Croft, two closes, 7 ac., 1660, and with Menalds on the Hill, Gt. Clay Hill,121/2ac., with Wood End Farm, Clayshill, with Finchlond, Lit. Clayshill, 4 ac., Clayshill Closes, 32 ac., Clay Pitts. Of M. Kingsbury. Clay pitts, Clay pytts, 9 ac., 1496, 1539, 1570, 1582, Gt. and Lit. Claye Pitts, 9 ac., held for annuities to poor of St. Albans, 1608, Clay pitts, 81/2ac., of M. Gorhambury and near Kingsbury, Clayssons Lond. Of M. Windridge,

35 Clew Crofts. Of M. Redbourne. Lit. Clucroft, 1516, Little Clew Croft, Nether Clucroft, Lands in Clucroft and Hatches, Clowe Croft, 7 ac., Clue Croft, 7 ac., at Wood End, Two Clewe Crofts alias Dell field, Two closes called Clewcrofts alias Dell field, 9 ac., Clew Croft alias Delfield, 9 ac., Cloath Hedge Pightle, 1 3/4 ac. Of M. Redbourne. With South End Farm, Cloptons. Of M. Redbourne, Clover Grass Field. Old enclosure in Gorhambury Park. The Cock Inn. Of M. Redbourne, Cock Meade, alias Daws Meade. Of M. Redbourne, Cock Meade, Cock Wicke, Cock Shott, Round and Long Cockshott. Of M. Sopwell. With Cell Barns, Coles, Colles &c. Of various Manors. Collespyghtell, at Westwick, Colefolysdell, once Carters, with Beaufitzlond, Collewood, parcel of Sopwell, Coles, 20 ac., parcel of Blackwater, Colles, 12 ac., and Colles, 8 ac., with Blackwater Pond, 1606, Coles, 9 ac., of Thos. Kentish, Colles, 8 ac., and Colles, 5 ac., with Blackwater Pond House, Gt. Coles, 71/4ac., and Lit. Coles, 51/2ac., with Blackwater Farm, Colgenys. Of M. Windridge. Tenement and 60 ac. called Colgenys, Collesgome. Of M. Windridge, Colliers Croft &c. Of M. Redbourne &c. Colyers Croft, Toft and ferlingate called Colyers Wicke alias Hacheslond alias Sylleswick or Elleswick, Colyers Croft, formerly of Wm. Bekkes, then of Jn. Felce, Collis Croft, with Hatchen Green, Sold with the same to Vt. Grimston, 8 Jan Colliers Croft, 83/4ac., with Hatching Green Farm, Collins. Of M. Windridge. Rob. Colyn holds Colyns, 60 ac., of M. Windridge, 1493, and Isabella Colyn holds Hellelond, 30 ac., Jane Hill, widow, is dead 1644, holding a messuage called Collins, and 67 ac. She left g. s. h. Andrew Hill. "For heriot a brasse pot". 34 1

36 Colney Meade. Of M. Sopwell, Lyon alias Colney Meade, 15 ac., with Hedges, Comiger, 15 ac. Of G. W. P., Probably same as Conver, 14 ac., of G. W. P., , Common Meadow, ac. With Redbourne Bury, Commoners Pieces, 8 ac. Of M. Parke, Comperslonds. Of M. Redbourne. Cottage and ferlingate called Compereslond, with Finchelond, Comperslonds, Comport Meadow. Of G. W. P. Comforts Meade alias Gorham Meade, with Maynes, Comport Meadow, 8 ac., formerly Gorham alias Comforts Meade, with Maynes and the Praye, (Jn. Comfort alias Comforts, attorney of Thos. Kentish in a plea of land in M. Kingsbury, and mentioned re Cell Barnes, 1593). Coney Dell &c. Of various Manors. Couny Dell Close enclosed in Gorhambury Park by Sir Nicholas and Ann Bacon, 5 May Colney Dell field, 24 ac., with Westwick Hall, Coney Dell, 263/4ac., with the same, Coney Dells, three closes, at Westwick, Butchers Close alias Conyes Close, of M. Kingsbury, The same, " now called Stable field Cony Wicke, with Herons, Couney field, 12 ac., Conye Warren, of M. Parke, Conver. cf. Comiger. Cookmans. Of M. Windridge. Messuage called Cookmans, 8 ac., in Chalk Dell field, Coopers Ditch &c. Of various Manors. Cowps Land, 60 ac., of G. W. P., Cowpers Croft, 3 ac., at Wood End, 1627, 1644, 1710, Coopers Ditch, 3 ac., of M. Redbourne, Coops Ditch, 3 ac., Coopers Ditch, with Southes, 1697, Coopers Ditch, 73/4ac., with South End Farm, Coopers Fields. Of M. Sopwell. Gt. and Lit. Coopers fields, 141/4ac. and 4 ac., with Cell Barnes, Copewell. Of M. Kingsbury. Lands called Copewell, Copmannes. Of M. Windridge, Qy. whether same as Cookmans, 1590? 35

37 Coppedthorne. Of M. Kingsbury, Copt Hall. Of M. Redbourne. Wm. Weste rents Copte Hall for 21 years from Anthony Bacon gives Copt Hall Farm to trustees of his Will, Copt Hall, at Wood End, 1710, with Long field Butts, High Aldick, Home Pightle, Estridge Grove, and Leavsland, together 21 ac. Sarah Dagnall surrenders Copt. Hall Farm, Acreage 61 1/4 ac. about Batchworth alias Copthall Lane, Copt Hall Lane, 1659, Copt Hall Meade, 2 ac., Held with Praye Mills, 1653, Corner Hall. Of M. Kingsbury, Cottelers Croft. Of M. Redbourne, 1523 Cotterells. Of M. Kingsbury &c. Jn. Stephens admitted to Cotterells 1824, died Cotterells, with Cross Lanes Farm, c (Wm. Cotterell died 1503, holding two messuages in M. Kingsbury). Coveleys, 9 ac. With Beaumont Hall Farm, Cowe Garden and Conye Warren. Of M. Parke, Cowley Myll. Of M. Sopwell, Cowleys. Of M. Windridge. Cowleze, Cowlese, Gt. Cowleeze, 18 ac., and Lit. Cowlese, 8 ac., Gt. and Lit. Cowleys, c Gt. and Lit. Cowleys,183/4ac. and 8 ac., of Windridge, Cowleys. Of Redbourne Bury. Cowlease, Three Cowleas Meads, 21 ac., 1667, Upper, Middle, and Great Cowleys,51/2ac., 33/4ac.,3/4ac. and 15 ac., of Redbourne Bury, Coxhearne Meadow. Of G. W. P., Coxhills. Of M. Kingsbury. Cokkeswell, Cokeswell, 2 ac., Coxewell Acre next Praye field, Cockeswell Croft in Bowgate (St. Peters), Coxall Close, with Maynes, Coxalls alias Coxwell, 2 ac., with Praye pightle, Gt. Coxalls alias Cardinals, 4 ac., and Lit. Coxall alias Coxwells, 3 ac., with Maynes, Gt. Coxhills formerly Gt. Coxwells, 31/2ac., and Little Coxhills, 21/2ac., with Maynes and the Praye, Crabtree Field. Of various Manors. Crabb field, with Winches, Crabtree field, 8 ac., at Beson End, Crabtree field, 10 ac., with Windridge 36

38 Farm, Crabtree field now Beech field, 16 ac., with Maynes and the Praye, Crakabone Farm. Of M. Redbourne. Crakbonys Croft, with Jeromes, 1497, Ferlingate called Crakbones; messuage and forge called Crakebones, of M. Redbourne, Crakabone Farm, acreage 521/2ac., c (Wm. Crakeborne and Robt. Crackbone were tenants at Messing in Essex, in 1462 and 1513 respectively). Cristians Crofts, 17 ac. Of G. W. P., Cristians Weke,11/2ac., of G. W. P., Crofts. At Westwick &c. Le Crofts, two closes, 10 ac., at Westwick, The Croft, 61/2ac., with Wood End Farm, Croft Pightle, now Grandmothers Pightle, 31/4ac., at Westwick, Crofty Gates. Of M. Sopwell. With Cell Barnes. Cross Field &c. Of various Manors. Gt. Cross field, 331/4ac., with Maynes, Cross field, 351/4ac., with Maynes and the Praye, Crosse field, 11 ac., with Butlers, Cross Path, 143/4ac., with Fish St. Farm, Gt. and Lit. Cross Path, 5 ac. and 31/4ac., with Duncroft, Gt. Cross Path, once Cross field, 91/2ac., and Lit. Cross Path, once Hurdles, 41/4ac., with Bottom House, Cross Path at South End Shott, 321/2ac., with Redbourne Bury, Cross Path field, 51/2 ac., with Crakabone Farm, c Cross Path field,103/4ac., with Wood End Farm, The Cross Key, alias Peter Key. In St. Albans, Cross Lanes Farm. Mentioned Acreage313/4 ac., c Crouches &c. Of M. Redbourne &c. Crowchlond, Toft and ferlingate called Crowch, 1518, with Bondswick, Lye field, Souter Aldwick, Bondslond called the Hood, Gt. Lang Croft, the Rudyngs, Northington lond, Agnells, Egleslond, Rayedole, Frowykeslond, Saketts Hurnum, and Peterburgh lond. Crowch next Maynolfes lond surrendered to Ralph Rowlett, Toft and ferlingate called Crowch, Crowch field and a croft called Crowches, 12 ac., Crouch Croft, Crowches and Lane Crowch, Lands called Crowches, Lane Crowch, and a cottage at Redbourne occupied by Thos. Crowch, Two 37

39 Crowch crofts and Spring, 17 ac., Crouchfield at Wood End, 20 ac., Crouch field formerly called Church field, Crouchfield, 10 ac., at Wood End, 1710, Upper and Lower Crouch fields, 101/4ac. and ac., at Wood End, Crouch Crofts, 12 ac., at Hill End, 1653, 1667, Crouch Croft, now Long field, 111/4ac., with Hill End Farm, Crouch Croft Wood, 6 1/2 ac., at Hill End, Crouch field, alias Gt. Fill Pockets,123/4ac., and Crouch field, 1 ac., with Cross Lanes Farm, c Crow Hills. At Beson End. Crow Hill, 5 ac., Crow Hill, 6 ac., and Crow Hill Wood, ac., 1717, Crow Hills, 53/4ac., and Crow Hill Wood,51/4ac., with Beson End Farm, Culverscrofte, 80 ac. Of G. W. P., , cf. Calvers Croft. Culvers Field and Pursers Field, together 20 ac. Of M. Sopwell, Cunningham Hills. Of M. Sopwell, cf. Breakspeares. The Cupid. Of M. Gorhambury, Curtis. Of M. Redbourne. Curteys Ryddinge, Messuage and ferlingate at Wood End formerly of Walter Curtys, now of Joane Heyward, widow, Messuage called Curtus and Curtus Wicke, Curtis, 1742, with Premises, and Curtis Wicke, Redings alias Ruding, ac., Bread Croft, ac., White alias Wheat Croft, 5 ac., Rye Croft and Spring, Bromans field, Lit. Redings, Lawrence Wicke, Five Acres, Short alias Shaw alias Shae Croft, 2 ac., and Long Croft or field, 8 ac. Cuttails. Of M. Redbourne. Cuttylde, Cutthill, Cuttell Close, Cutteyles and Meadow, Cuttalls, Cutleys Close and Meadow, Cutleis, Cuttell 6 ac., with Jeromes, Cuttles and Cuttles Meadow, Cuttells and Cuttells Meadow, Cuttells and Meade, 5 ac., Cuttells, 6 ac., 1659, Two Curtells and Curtells Meade, Curtells or Cuttells, Gt. and Lit. Cuttells, Cuttails,11/4ac., with Jeromes, Cutts. Of M. Redbourne. Cutts Meade, with Beaufitzlond, Yardland called Cuttyslonds, late 38 1

40 of Sir Jn. Zouch, Cutts, with Hatchin Green, Hither and Further Cutts, and Cutts Grove or Spring, Sold to Vt. Grimston, 8 Jan Cutts, two closes, and Cutts alias Deardons, 6 ac., Cuts Deane, 17 ac., at Beson End Middle and Further Deardons, formerly Cutts Deane, 17 ac., Cutts Deane, with Beson End Farm, Hither, Middle, and Further Deerings, with the same, Nether Cutts, I23/4ac., and Further Cutts, 11 ac., with Hatching Green Farm, Dagnalls. Of M. Redbourne. The Priory of Praye held lands in Dagnale, Jn. Dagnall surr. a close, 3 ac., to Wm. Beaumont, Eignon Beynon mortgages Dagnalls &c.,61/2ac., Jn. Dagnall admitted to a windmill and lands in M. Redbourne, His s. Jn. Dagnall surr. the same to trustees of Vt. Grimston, Dagnalls Pightle alias Carters Croft, in Gt. Dudley Hill field, held with Wrights Farm, Daltons Folly. Of M. Sopwell, Damersells, 2 ac. Of G. W. P., Dampsons Wicke. Of M. Redbourne. Damson Wickes, 5 ac., Dampsons, 5 ac., Dampsons Wicke, 1636, Danfield, 17 ac. Of M. Redbourne, Perhaps = Deane field. Darvells. cf. Dorvells. Davys. Of M. Redbourne. Toft &c. called Davys lond, Toft and Cotland called Davies lands at Wood End, 1644, with Crouchfield, 20 ac., Lit. Clayes Hill, 3 ac., Chumpery Deane, 3 ac., Reddinge, Hob Readinge, and Palmers Close, together 8 ac. Davys, 4 ac. and 4 ac., at Wood End, Daws Meadow. Of M. Redbourne &c. Dawes Meade, between the Lords park and Highbridge Lane, Dawes Meade, 1518, Dawes Meade,11/2ac., 1617, Eliz. Davies dead, holding lands next to the Cocke, Hen. Davies admitted to reversion to Dawes Meade alias Cocke Meade, Dawes Meade, ac., surr. to Sir Harbottle Grimston, 31 Oct Davices Meade, 4 ac., 1667, Dawes Meade, with St. Affables, 1667, 1699, Dawes Meadow. 6 ac., 39

41 with Redbourne Bury, Daws Meadow,13/4 ac., with Fish St. Farm, Le Daynes. Of G. W. P. Next Edbeach field and Wardes, Deane End &c. Of various Manors. Deanes, 30 ac., Deanes, 60 ac., Deane Croft, 2 ac., , Dennes, Dennes Lands, ; these of G. W. P. Way called Denestreet, of M. Windridge, Denestrete, Dene Croft, of M. Gorhambury Deanes field, 80 ac., Dene Croft and Denefield, Deane field, 9 ac., , o. Denefield, 9 ac., Denfield, , , Dennis, Deane field, 9 ac., at Westwick, 1611, Surr. to Sir Harbottle Grimston, 16 Dec Two Deane fields, 12 ac., at Westwick, 1667, Dean field, 161/ac., and Dean field now Stone Flint, 111/2ac., at Westwick, Upper and Lower Deane fields with Tenements, of M. Windridge, 1710, Deane End, of M. Redbourne, Mansion House called Deane End House alias the Bottom House, , with Home field, 5 ac., Church Croft, 5 ac., Gt. Marrians and Wood, 12 ac.. Dunnings field, 9 ac., the Sert, 7 ac., and Little Hill, 3 ac. Deardons. cf. Deerings. Deepwells. Of M. Redbourne. Depewell Croft, with Beaufitzlond, Two closes called Deepewells, 15 ac., near Redbourne Street, 1528, Depwell, 17 ac., with Southes, Deepwells, 16 ac., Dipwells and Lit. Dipwells, 16 ac., at South End, Gt. and Lit. Dipewell, 16 ac., Gt. and Lit. Deepwell, 17 ac., to Deerings. Of M. Redbourne. Thos. Carpenter settles Dearings, 4 ac., on Ric. Fynch and w. Abigail, Messuage called Deereings and 10 ac. at South End, Dearings, 53/4ac., surr. with Breakspears to Sir Harbottle Grimston, 14 Ap Deerings, with Gills Close, 5 ac., Naplethorne alias Maplethorne, 4 ac., Middle field, Dearings, 9 ac., at South End, Surr. to Jn. Balchen, Further, Hither, and Middle Deerings, 9 1/4 ac., 9 ac. and71/4ac., with 40 4

42 Beson End Farm, Presumably same as Deardons and Cutts Deane. cf. Cutts. The Dell. Of M. Redbourne. The Dell, a tenement in Redbourne Street, Le Dell, on Redbourne Heath, The Dell, on Hensley Common, Le Dell, Dell Pightle. 1 1/2 ac., Dells. Of G. W. P., Dell Croft. At Westwick &c. Dell Croft, , , , , Surr. to Sir Harbottle Grimston, 16 Dec Dell Croft alias Marstons field, Dell Croft now- Further Bottom field, 43/4ac., with Westwick Hall, Dell Croft, 131/2ac., with Hatching Green, Dell Fields &c. Of various Manors. Upper and Lower Delfe fields, 16 ac. and 18 ac., Dell Peece, 11 ac., of Jas. Dell, Upper and Lower Dellfields,161/4ac. and 181/4ac., Gt. and Lit. Dell fields, 18 ac. and 6 ac., of M. Kingsbury, Dell field also with Megdells, Fish St., Bedmond, Beson End, Duncroft, Westwick. and Westwick Corner Farms. Dellslade. Of M. Redbourne. Dell Slade, Dell Slade, 3 ac., Wm. Weedon adm. to Dellslade, 1640, to Delsend Bottom, Dellslade alias Dellslond Bottom, 1 ac., Delslade Bottom, Dellshaz Bottom, The Desert. Of M. Gorhambury. The Desart, 14 ac., held with the Manor House, Gorhambury, Desert and Desert Pightle, old enclosures in Gorhambury Park. Ric. Smith holds the Desert, 15 ac., and the Pightle, 7 ac., with fields of Gorhambury Park, 1702, The Devils Ditch. Of M. Gorhambury. " Maynes Lane and Le Ditch there, next Brokefyld, giving access to Gorambury Farm and Goreham Meades," Devils Ditch,3/4ac., with Maynes and the Praye, Dixes. Of M. Kingsbury. Lands in Dyks of the Prioress of Praye, Dykks, of M. Kingsbury, A ditch called Dyxes, Dyxes. 27 ac., Dicksses, four closes and 7 ac. wood, 27 ac., Dix Lane, Dicks, Dixses, Jn. Gape holds a free tenememt called Dixes next Horsecrofts, Dvxes,

43 Jn. Marston held Dixes, Dicks Pightle, Five closes called Dixes, 40 ac., Dixes Lane, Dixes, Dixes, 40 ac., Doblys Croft. Of M. Redbourne, Doggetts Field, 271/4ac. Of M. Sopwell. Formerly Gt. Ayewood Hill field. With Hedges, Dormers Lande, 15 ac. Of G. W. P., Dorsemoor, Dossemer. Of G. W. P. Dosmere, 18 ac., Dosmere fields, 9 ac., Lands called Dossemer at Westwick, Two crofts called Dossemers, 16 ac., Dossemeres, 16 ac., Dosmeres, 16 ac., , Dossemeres, 21 ac., and two Dosmers, Two crofts called Dossemers, 16 ac., 1552, 1569, 1590, Dorsmer Close, Hither and Further Dawsmers, Dorsmers and Further Dorsmers, Gt. and Lit. Dossemers Springs, with Hill End Farm, Dossemers, 26 ac., Dosmers, two closes, Dosmers Spring, 31/2ac., Two Dossemere fields, 16 ac., Dossmers, " Dorsemoor formerly Dissemere," 111/2ac., with Hill End Farm, Dorvells. Of M. Kingsbury &c. Dorvolde Lane, 1487, Le Volde Lane, Dorfoldfeld, 1490, Dervoldfelde, Wood called Dorvolds alias Dervoldfeld, 77 ac., Do., 9 ac., 1538, Dorvalde fielde, Dorvolde Wood and Lane, Dorvale Lane and fields, Dorfold fields, Darvell Lane, Dorvells, of M. Gorhambury, 1762, Dorvells Bednam, Dorwills, Dornell (? Dorvell) House, Dove House Close &c. Of various Manors. Dove House Lawne alias Great Lawne alias Pound Lawne, of M. Sopwell, Dove House Wick, with Herons, 1631, Dove House Close, with Duncroft, Do., 2 ac., with Robin Hood, Do., 31/2ac., with Herons, 1789, Dove House meade, 3-t ac., with the Praye, Do., 4 ac., with the Praye, Do., 7 ac., with Windridge, Downe Fields &c. Of various Manors. Downe field, 12 ac., of G. W. P., Do., 2 ac., temp. Henry VIII. Downeslond, 1533, and Lit. Downe, 42

44 2 ac., 1534, both of M. Redbourne. Downelonds alias Rowceslonds, at South End, Downe field, 11 ac., 1549, Downfields, 14 ac., 1659, Downefield, 4 ac., 1659, and Downe field, , all of M. Kingsbury. Gt. and Lit. Downfields, 18 ac. and 6 ac., at Potters Crouch, Drapers Meade. Of G. W. P. Sir John Underhill and w. Alice hold Carpenters, Oake, Pond, and Drapers Meades, 9 ac., Drapers Meade, with the Praye, 1654, with Hill End Farm, Dry Grounds, 25 ac. Of M. Sopwell, Dry Field, of same, Dudley. Of M. Redbourne. Nedindudly, Nedyrdudly, Nether Dudley, , , 1609, Gt. Dudley, 10 ac., Dudley Hill, 8 ac. and 5 ac., Lands in Dudley Hill, 5 ac., Dudley Hill closes, Gt. and Lit. Dudley Hill fields, Gt. and Lit. Dudleys, 111/2ac. and 73/4ac., with Beaumont Hall Farm, Bought, with Manor of St. Amphiballs, by Vt. Grimston, 20 Dec Duncroft. Of M. Kingsbury. Duncroft, Duncrofts, with lands and wood, 14 ac., Dunne Croft and 4 closes, 16 ac., Duncrofts, with premises 1 ac., and lands 17 ac., 1630, Duncroft Farm, Duncroft, with Almes House Close, 4 ac., Dove House Close, 2 ac., Heath Hearnes and Pond, 12 ac., Dell field and Long Close, 8 ac., Messuage and lands, 17 ac., in all 43 ac., Duncroft alias Prae Wood Farm, acreage 831/4ac. in Dunneys Field, 61/2ac. With Winch Hill Farm, c DUNNINGS. Of M. Redbourne. Dunnings field, Held with Beaufitzlond, Two closes called Dunnings, 27 ac., Lit. Dunnings field, 9 ac., Dunnings field, 16 ac., Do., 15 ac., Deaneings field, 16 ac., Dunnings fields, 9 ac., with Deane End Farm, Deaneing alias Dunning field, 15 ac., Held with Copt Hall at Wood End, Gt. and Lit. Dunnings, 9 ac. and 53/4ac., with Copt Hall Farm, c Duringe. Of G. W. P. Duringe, 3 ac., Duringe, 60 ac., Duringe, 4 ac., Duryngs Croft, at Westwick, 1544,

45 Dychemyllfeld. Of M. Kingsbury, East Croft. Now Chalk field, 5 ac., with Westwick Farm, Edbeech Field. Of G. W. P. Ed. Carpenter holds Knotbechefield in right of his wife Elizabeth Beche, Eddbeche, held with Breakspears, Anthony Carpenter holds Edbeche, c Thos. Carpenter surr. Edbeech field, 9 ac., to Rob. Laseby, Edbeach alias Notbeach alias Snottbeach, 5 ac., surr. with Breakspears to Sir Harbottle Grimston, 14 Apl Edbeechfield, 11 ac., with Wardes, 1667, 1700, Edbeech field, now called Gt. Beechfield, with Kettlewells alias Wards, Edgar Field, Edget Field, cf. Agets field. Edithis Croft. Of M. Redbourne. With Hillelonds, 15I9. Edlesine. " A field at Windridge called Edlesine ", Edlyn Field. Of M. Redbourne, Edlyngshegge, of same, 1517, Edmonds. Of M. Windridge. Tenement and 60 ac. held by Jn. Edmond and w. Alianora, Effernes, Iffrons. Of M. Redbourne. Uffern, 91/2ac., Ufferne Close, at South End, Ufferne, Ten acres in Efferne, Close called Efferne, 10 ac., Two and a half acres in Effernes, Do. in Efferne Close, One acre in Efferne field, 1682., Efferne, lately made into two closes, 21/2ac., Effern, 41/2ac., Three closes called Iffernes and two Old House Closes Fi ve closes called Old House Closes and Iffernes, 11 ac., Iffrons 1754, Eggendon Field. Of M. Redbourne. Equindon field and meade, Egundon field and meade, Eggendon field, Eggletons. Of M. Redbourne. Gt. Eggleton, Gt. and Lit. Aggletons, 5 ac. and 4 ac., 1658, 1685, Gt. and Lit. Eggletons, 101/4ac. and 81/2ac., with Flowers Farm, c (Nicholas Egleton held Heycroft, ). Eliscroft, alias Fowlers Croft. Of M. Redbourne, Elling Dale. Of M. Herons. Lands in Ellendale, with Herons, 1631, Ellyn Dale, 1644.

46 Ellen Dale field, Ellen Dells, Elling Dale, 4 ac., with Herons, Elwernes Crofte, 9 ac. Of G. W. P., cf. Alley Crofts. Ely Croft. Of G. W. P. With Wardes, Engleshott. Of M. Redbourne. Near the two mills, The Entry. Of G. W. P. With Wardes, Etridge Grove. Of M. Redbourne. Eastridge Hatch, 10 ac., next Deane End Lane, Estridge, 11 ac., Estridge Hatch, 11 ac., Estridge Grove formerly Estridge Hatch, 9 ac., at Wood End, 1660, Estridge Grove, 2 closes, 9 ac., with Copt Hall, 1710, Etridge Grove, 7 ac., with Copt Hall Farm, c Este Meade. Of M. Herons, Everidge Downe. Of M. Redbourne. In 1621 and ac., in 1660 and ac. cf. Ridge Downe. Evesdon. Of M. Westwick. Everden field, 20 ac., Two crofts called Everesdon land, 20 ac., late of Jn. Everesdon, Longe Eversden, 14 ac., , , Eversden Lands, "Wm. Bigg holds Eversdon and 20 ac., once of Jn. Eversden, in two crofts called Eversdon lands, wh. came to Jn. Bigg t. Henry VIII. Jn. Bygge surr. the same for 30 to Sir Nicholas Bacon, 20 Feb Everden lands, two crofts, 20 ac., Long Evesden, Evermgs, Eversland, 20 ac., Anthony Bacon sells Eversdons, two closes, 24 ac., to Ric. Smyth, 30 Nov Rob. Lazeby sells the same for 300 to Sir Harbottle Grimston, 15 Oct Long Evesdon, 17 ac., Long Evesdon, now Lower Shelloots,71/4ac., with Bottom House, Upper and Lower Evesdon, 24 ac. and \6\ ac., with Bottom House, Evesdenbusshe, Evesden Wood, 38 ac., 1653, 1667, Evesdon Spring alias Maiden Crouch Spring, (Hugh de Eversdon was Abbot of St. Albans, John de Everesdon a monk there 1380). Evetts Bettches. Of G. W. P., Ewers Spring. Of M. Windridge, (Wm. Ewer a tenant and juror of M. Windridge, 1579) 45

47 Eyleslond. Of M. Redbourne. Eyleslond, with Crowch, Eyleslond, 1522, A tenement, once of Wm. Somers, late of Jn. Eylys, and now of Nicholas Finch, Eylyslonds and Waterslonds, together 100 ac., cf. Eliscroft. The Falcon. Of M. Sopwell. " Now a cottage", Fallow Dykes, cf. Hollow Dykes. Farmery Meade. Of M. Parke. With Nottingham Meade, together ac., sold to Wm. Colles and Jas. Mayne, Fawn Wood. Of M. Sopwell. Faunton Wood, Fawnton alias Faynton Wood, with Hedges, Five closes, called Fawnton alias Faynton Wood and Monks Wood, c. 60 ac., 1657, Jos. Pembroke sells Fawn Wood and Munks Wood to Jas. and Harbottle Grimston, 26 Mar Fawns Wood and Monk Wood settled on Vt. Grimston 24 Apl He surr. to his son Jas. B. Grimston Fawn Wood and Monk Wood formerly woodland but now arable, and now called Cunningham Hills Farm, 8 Feb Feather Bed,11/2ac. With Redbourne Bury, Felings. Of G. W. P. Feelinges, of Geo. Marston, Felings, 4 ac., , 1590, Felings freers, Felynges, 4 ac., of Giles and Jn. Marston, Felynge, Feylings, Felmers. Of M. Redbourne. Pond Close alias Felmers, and Grove, 9 ac., Felmers, part of Strawberry Close, Strawberry Close formerly Pond Close alias Felmers alias Strawberry Close, Felseys Field. Of M. Redbourne. Wm. Felce formerly held Hacheslond, Felce Lane, Felses Close, Felseys field, Felseys field, 5 ac., with South End Farm, Ferney Croft. At Revel End. Ferney Croft, in St. Michaels, Ferney Croft, 7 ac., 1669, 1687 Feme Croft, 6 ac., at Revel End, Feryngs. Of G. W. P. Lands called Fyryngs, Hen. Beche holds Feryngs, 40 ac., near Shawford Green, Lands called Fyrynges,

48 Feverells. Of M. Windridge, with Plaisters, , mentioned to Fillians. Of G. W. P. Fillians, 5 ac., and Fillians Grove, Philliands, 6 ac., and Philliands Grove, 5 ac., Phillians, Philiands Pillians Grove, and Phillians Grove, 6 ac With Hill End, Fillians. 7 ac., with Hill End Farm, Fill Pocketts. Gt. Fill Pocketts alias Crouch field, I23/4ac., and Little Fill Pocketts, 1 ac., with Cross Lanes Farm, c Finch Field &c. Of M. Redbourne. Messuage and ferlingate called Fincheslond, late of Wm. Finch and now of his widow Alene, 1526, with Davyeslond, Compereslond, Howndes Dell, High Aldwyk, and lands in Spencers field. Walter Finch, s. of Wm. Finch, admitted on death of said Ellen Finch, 1535, to Fincheslond, Davyslond, Comperslond, Bondslond, lands in Spencers fields, Campsfield, and Clayshill. Nicholas Finch of Deane End and his d. in law Eliz. Finch, widow of his s. Thos. Finch, admitted to a messuage and 26 ac., called Finches on the Hill at Deane End, Acreage 26 ac. and 7 ac. in Acreage 401/4ac. in Finches on the Hill farm, Finches Croft, Fynches Croft, Finch Croft, 1634, Finch field, 20 ac., Finge field, Finch field, 121/4ac., with Wood End Farm, Fish St. Corner. Of St. Amphiballs, Fish St. Farm. Formerly St. Affables Chapel, q.v. Fishpool. Of M. Kingsbury. Aelfric I, Abbot of St. Albans, 969, and afterwards ( ) Abp. of Canterbury, exchanged with the King certain treasures &c. for the pool belonging to the royal palace at Kingsbury, viz. the Fishpool, which he drained and converted into gardens. Fishpole St. Of M. Kingsbury, Fleshworth, 19 ac. Of M. Windridge. Absorbed into Winch Croft, FLOWERS. Of M. Redbourne. Mention of Jn. Finch of Flowers, , Gt. and Lit. Flowers fields, Flowers Lane, Messuage and two tofts called Flowers Whitlocks and Will at Waters, Messuage called Flowers and 42 ac., Messuage called Flowers, with Home- 47

49 field, 3 ac., Lay Croft, 5 ac., the Meade, 1 ac., Gt. and Lit. Flowers fields, 6 ac. and 4 ac., Butts, 4 ac., Hob Croft, 4 ac., Pightle, Gt. and Lit. Aggleton, 5 ac. and 4 ac., Herne Bracke, 5 ac., Long Close, 1 ac., and Flowers Grove, 3 ac., Gt. and Lit. Flowers, 9 ac. and 6 1/4 ac., with Flowers Farm, c Acreage then1063/4. (Wm. Flower adm. to cottage in Redbourne, 1617). Foot Path Pightle. Of M. Redbourne, 1761, Forefield. Of various Manors. Forefield, 12 ac., with Maynolfes, 1615, Fayrefield, 14 ac., Farrefield alias Forefield, Forefield, an old enclosure in Gorhambury Park. Forefield also with Megdells, Potters Crouch, and Beson End Farms. Fortunes. Of M. Windridge. A messuage in Watford, 1739, Fosters. Of M. Redbourne. Messuage and half yardland called Church Land, formerly of Roger Foster, Edw. Foster adm. to Dawes Meade, Messuage called Fosters, with Premises, and Alberry Close, 4 ac., Alberry Spring, 1 ac., two Long Crofts, 4 ac., Gate Croft, 4 ac., Silefield and Crouch field, together 9 ac., Fosters, Four Acres. Of M. Windridge. With Winches, Four Gate Fields, 73/4ac. With Blackwater Farm, Fourteen Acres, Hither and Further, 141/4ac. and 133/4ac., at Potters Crouch, c Fourtie Acres. Of G. W. P., Fowlers. Of M. Redbourne. Fowlers Croft alias Elis Croft, Lands called Fowlers, Messuage called Fowlers and Waters, and 30 ac., Messuage called Fowlers, and 31 ac., at South End, Fowlers, with Premises 3 ac., Naplethorne, Little field, Taylors Wicke, and Little Laie, Fowlers and 41/2ac. surr. to Vt. Grimston, 24 May, Fox Croft. Of M. Sopwell. Fox Crofts, with Breakspeares, 1670, Fox Croft, 31/4ac., with Cunningham Hills, Frogmore End. Of M. Redbourne, Frogmer End, next Redbourne Heath, Frogmere End, Frogmore Park. Of M. Sopwell,

50 Frowykes Lond. Of M. Redbourne. With Crowche, (Hen. Frowyk and Sir Jn. Barre Kt. held Botelers, 1476). Fryers Croft. Of G. W. P. Freers, 6 ac., Fryers Croft, 6 ac., with Hill End, Fryers Croft,71/4ac., and Fryers Croft Spring, 2 1/4 ac., with Maynes 1667, with Maynes and the Praye Fryers, Fryth Meade. Of M. Kingsbury. Frethmede, Frethymeade, Meadow called Frythmeede, 12 ac., (Frith is perhaps Hedge or Coppice). Fullane Lands. Of M. Redbourne. Ferlingate called Fullane Lands Fullyng Lane. Of M. Kingsbury, 1498, Fulling Meade, once parcel of Stoney field, 5 ac., of M. Kingsbury, 1626, 1659, Fulling Lane Close. Of M. Sopwell, Furlongs. Of G. W. P. &c. Hither and Further Furlongs, with Wardes, Hither Furlongs, now Ten Acres field, 101/2ac., and Further Furlongs, now Eight Acrefield,81/2ac., with Kettlewells alias Wards, Furlongs, now Thorrows,73/4ac., with Breakspears, Furrowghs. Of M. Windridge. Furrowes alias Thoroughs, with Breakspears, Furrowghs surr. with Breakspears to Sir Harbottle Grimston, 14 Apl Further Fields. With Flowers, c Further field alias Ley field, with Cross Lanes Farm, c Furzen Croft &c. Of G. W. P. &c. Woods in St. Michaels called Fursyncroft, Fursing Croft, Two Furne Crofts, with Hill End, Fursne Croft, 5 ac., with Hill End, 1653, Fursne Springs, 41/4ac., with Hill End, Furzen Croft, 41/2ac., once High Oak, with Hill End Farm, Furzen fields, 31/4ac., formerly Sextons Grove alias Broomfield, with the same, Furzen field, 15 ac., of M. Windridge, Gallows Field. Old enclosure in Gorhambury Park. Garden Field, 81/4ac. With Winches Hill Farm, c

51 Gate Croft, 4 ac. Of M. Redbourne. With Fosters, Gate House Croft. Of M. Redbourne. Gate House Croft alias Carters Croft, Gate House Croft, 8 ac., abut, on Flowers Lane, with Flowers Farm, Gatesheads, 13 ac. Of G. W. P. With Maynes and the Praye, Presumably same as Cattshead, q.v. The George Inn. Of M. Redbourne. The George, in Redbourne Street, The Sign of the George, Two tenements made out of the George Inn, Messuage in Redbourne Street, formerly part of the George Inn, " The George Inn, described as two Cottages The George Inn. Of M. Kingsbury. The George, The Sign of the George in St. Michael Street, 1722, Le George and Katherine Wheele, The George, Georges Croft. Of G. W. P., George Meade. Of M. Redbourne. George Meade. 6 ac., 1659, Shaw alias George Meade, of Redbourne Bury, 1685, 1710, George Meade, 73/4ac., of same, Giles. Of G. W. P. Giles, 60 ac., , , , , "Giles due farling Gilionesfeld. Of M. Windridge, Mention of the " Rector of St. Giliones, ". Gill Croft &c. Of M. Redbourne. Gill Croft, 1 ac., at Wood End, 1623, Gilles Croft, Gilliwicke, Two Gilles Closes, 5 ac., 1620, Gill Close, Gills Close, 5 ac., Two Gills Closes, 5 ac., Gillatts. Of M. Redbourne. Gyllotts, Gilefield, Gylewyk Pightell,11/2ac., and Gylemere, 2 ac., near Redbourne Street, Gillats Close, 41/2ac., Gilletts, 4 ac., Gillatts, 4 1/2 ac., with Deerings, Glasewicke. Of G. W. P. Wm. Dell held an orchard called Glasewicke 1588 to 1623, and left s. h. Jn. Dell. Golden Croft. At Wood End. Goldings Croft, 2 ac., Guilding Croft, Golden Croft13/4ac., Golden Meade, 4 ac. Of M. Parke. Sold to Wm. Colles and Jas. Mayne,

52 Goldsmiths. Of M. Sopwell. Gouldsmyths alias Thisley fields, Reversion thereof sold to Sir Harbottle Grimston, Little Goldsmiths, 53/4ac., with Hedges, (Thos. Goldsmyth a monk of St. Albans, Rebecca Goldsmith mentioned 1678). Goldwyer Wicke. Of M. Redbourne. Goldeweyer Toft, with Beaufitzlond, Goldwyrys, Goldewyrisrade Croft, Goldwyers Wicke, 1609, Goldwyer Wicke, Gouldwires, Goldswick, Gouldeswick, Goldwyer Wicke alias Campsfield, ac., next Redbourne Churchyard, 1659, Gomes Lane. Of M. Windridge, , (Wm. Gome mentioned as of M. Windridge, , and a juror there, ). Good Nigh Croft, 3 ac. At Potters Crouch, Goodwells Croft. Of M. Windridge. Horse Pasture alias Goodwills Croft, Goodwell Croft, with Plaisters, Goodwells Crosse do., Goodwells Croft, Goodwins Croft. At Potters Crouch. Two closes called Goodwyn Croft, Goodwins Croft, Goodwins Croft, 10 ac., c Goose Croft. At Hatching Green. Gees Croft, Goos Croft, Geese Croft sold with Hatching Green to Vt. Grimston, Goose Meadow. Of M. Redbourne. Gose Mede, 1 ac., and Gose Croft, 5 ac., near Redbourne Street, Goose Meadow, of St. Amphiballs, Gorhambury. The Manor. Geoffry de Gorham " a native of Gorham near Caen," gave Westwick to Hugh fil Humbald with his sister in marriage, Robt. de Gorham obtained the remainder of the Manor of Kingsbury for St. Albans Abbey, In Computus Roll of St. Albans, 1543, is mention of the " Manor of Westwyk and Goreham alias Gorehambery ". K. Henry VIII granted to Ralph Rowlatt the " Manors of Gorham and Westwyk", 12 May, Mention of the Kings Way leading to Gorhams, The Manors of Gorham or Gorhambury and Westwick passed to Sir Nicholas Bacon and his sons Anthony and Francis, and were sold by trustees of the last-named to Thos. Meautys, whose >se bro. h. Henry Meautys sold 51

53 them to Sir Harbottle Grimston, Lands &c. held with the Manors of Gorhambury, Westwick, Praye, and Market Oak : House at Verulam alias Shafford, and the farms called Maynes, Bottom House, Westwick Hall, Hill End, Stone Hall, Pray Mill, Duncroft, Whitehill House, Blackwater, Fish Street, Wood End, Butlers, Whites, and Redbourne Bury. In Gorhambury Woods in hand amounted to 4751/4ac. Gorham Meade. Of G. W. P. Goram Meade, 1 ac., Sir John Underhill and w. Alice hold Goram Meade, 8 ac., Gorham Meade alias Comforts Meade, with Maynes, Goslings Lane. Of St. Amphiballs. With Wrights Farm, Goss Field. Of G. W.P. Gosfield, with Butlers, Gosfield alias Crossefield, Goss field, with Butlers, 1729, Gossfield,111/2ac., with Kettlewells alias Wards, (Goss is perhaps Gorse). Gossoms. Of M. Redbourne. Lease to Wm. Gorsham and Ric. White of a Messuage and three Hangmans Crofts, 14 ac., Renewed to Wm. Gorsham, Gossoms House and 1/4 ac.. formerly Hangmans Croft, with Palmers, Gossoms field, 31/2ac., formerly Hangmans Croft and Gt. and Little Sanfoin fields, with same, Grandmothers Pightle. At Westwick. Grandmothers Pightle, formerly Croft Pightle, 31/4ac., with Westwick Farm, Grass Pightle. Of St. Amphiballs. With Wrights Farm, Grassell Meade. Of M. Sopwell. Grassell Meade, Craswell Meade, Gravell Crofts. Of M. Kingsbury. Wyneyards alias Gravell Crofts, 12 ac., 1603, Gravell Field &c. Of M. Redbourne. Three acres in Gravell field, Gravell field and Pightle, with Wrights Farm, Gravill Pightle, abutting on Watling Street, Two Gravelly Closes, abut, on the Lye, Gravell Pitt Fields. Of various Manors. Gravell Pitt field, 81/2ac., with Butlers, Gravel Pit field, 153/4ac., with Butlers, Gravel Pit field, 7 ac., with Beaumont Hall Farm, Gravell Pittfield,41/2ac., with Cell Barnes,

54 Graves Hill. Of M. Kingsbury, 1551, Lane, 1554, Graves Grayswick. Of M. Redbourne. Thos. Gray holds the Bull Inn, Grayswick, behind the Bull Inn, Grassewick Pightle, 3 ac., with Finches on the Hill, Greyswick, with the same, Great Close &c. Of various Manors. Great Close, 10 ac., with Copt Hall Farm, c Great Field, 371/4ac., of M. Kingsbury, Great Field, 27 ac., with Bowl Lands next Beaumont Hall Farm, Great Lawne, of M. Sopwell, Green Close &c. Of various Manors. Green Close, of G. W. P., Greene Croft, with Palmerslond, Green End, 9 ac., at Hemel Hempsted, Green End Close, 2 ac., with Herons, Green field, with Hobbs Hodge, Green field, 6 ac., at Wood End, Upper and Lower Green fields, 63/4ac. and 10 ac., with Lawrence Farm, c Green Hill, 2 ac., of M. Redbourne, Green Hill field, with Wardes, Green Hill fields, of G. W. P., Green Lane, 2 ac., of Redbourne Bury, 1653, Greenewicks alias Greene Crofts, ac., at Wood End, The Green Man. The house of Jno. Langford near Priors Mead, called the Green Man, Cottage called the Green Man, abut, on Watling St., The Green Man, lately called the Running Horses, Green Man Meadow, 21/2ac., with Beaumont Hall Farm, Green Pickles. Of M. Kingsbury. " Pasture lands called Green Pickles", The Green Tree. Of M. Redbourne. The Greene Tree and 100 ac. freehold, Farmers of the Green Tree to repair Allee Bridge, Green Tree Farm, of St. Amphiballs, 1632, Green Tree Walk, an old enclosure in Gorhambury Park. Grenes Lands, 22 ac. Of G. W. P., The Greyhound. Of M. Redbourne. Messuage called Le Greyhound, and cottages, at Frogmore, Messuage newly built in Redbourne Street, on ground where the Greyhound once stood Grimstons Lane. Gunstons Lane, Grinston Lane, Grinstons Lane, Grimston Lane, 1648, Grimstons Lane, (There was a family of Gunston in M.Kingsbury 53

55 in 17th. century. The name appears to have gradually changed from Gunston to Grinston and eventually Grimston). Grove Field &c. Of various Manors. Groveslond, with Crowch, 1518, Grovefeld, with same, Messuage and ferlingate called Grovelonds, Gt. Grove field, 14 ac., of M. Redbourne, Grovefield alias Silverfield, 7 ac., at Deane End, Do. alias Silvertons, at the same, The Grove, 9 ac., of M. Parke, Grove fields, with Duncroft, Wood End, Winches Hill, and Bedmond Farms. Grove Woods, ac., with Wood End Farm, Grubs Grove,163/4ac. Of M. Sopwell. With Hedges, Grubbs Wood, 51/4ac. At Potters Crouch, c Gumbardsfeld. Of M. Kingsbury, Guthamsted alias Gustard Wood, in Whethampsted. near Herons, Gynmereslond. Of M. Windridge, Hagdell. Of various Manors. Hagdale Lane, 1550, Hagdells, 16 ac., of G. W. P., : Hagden Lane, of M. Kingsbury, Hagdell field, Hogdell Lane, Hagdell and a dell, 1639 and c Hagdell field, Hagdell, 153/4ac., formerly Newberry field, and Gt. Hagdell, 161/2ac., formerly part of Newberry Woods, with Hill End Farm, Gt and Lit. Hagdell, once Pondfield and Little Pondfield, 93/4ac. and 6 ac., with Blackwater Farm, Hither and Further Hagdells, 9 1/2 ac., with Westwick Corner Farm, Halcoteden. Of M. Redbourne " Three acres of Chylwyklond in a croft called Halcoteden", 1531 Half Acre. Of M. Windridge and Redbourne. Le Half acre Hegge, of M. Windridge, Half acre Meadow, of M. Redbourne, The Half Acre, abut, on Hernes Lane, of M. Redbourne Halgoods. Of M. Windridge. Jn. Algood holds Hal goods, 60 ac., J n. Broke holds Halegoods (Ric. Halegod a tenant of M. Windridge, , 1345/6, and Ric. Halegood, of the same The name eventually became Hawgood) 54

56 Hall Field &c. Of M. Redbourne. Halle Lane Hal fields, 191/2ac., Hall fields, Hall field, 10 ac., at Wood End, 1610, Hall field Springs, 2 ac., Halfefield, Halfield, 7 ac., Hallwick, 3 ac., with Southes, Hall Spring, 21/2ac. Of woods in M. Kingsbury, 1667, Hallow Dixes. cf. Hollow Dykes. Hallywell Meade. Of M. Windridge, Le Halmone Feld. Of M. Windridge, Handleys Farm. Near Hempsted Road. Acreage 21 ac. in Hand Post Field, 43/4ac. With Duncroft, Hand Post Meadow,41/2ac., at Wood End, Hanging Field. Of M. Sopwell. Gt. Hanging field, 81/4ac., Hither Hanging field and Beech Hills, 14 1/4 ac., and with Gt. Beech Hills, 17 ac., together formerly Beechfield, with Hedges, Hangmans Croft. Of M. Redbourne. Hanging Croft, 4 ac., with Palmers, Messuage built on Hanging Croft, Three Hanging Crofts, Hanging Croft Lane, Hanging Croft, where a messuage was formerly built, Hanging Croft sold to Sir Harbottle Grimston, Three Crofts, 14 ac., called Hangmans Crofts, Wm. Gosham or Gorsham holds Hangmans Croft, Hangmans Croft, c. 12 ac., now Gossoms field and Gt. and Lit. Sanfoin fields, with Palmers, Hangmans Spring. Of M. Kingsbury. Hangmans Spring, 93/4ac., 1659, Do. among Kingsbury Woods, 1686, Hangmans Spring, 20 ac., with Kingsbury, Hangmans Spring field, 18 ac., Hare Croft. Of various Manors. Hare Croft, of M. Windridge, Hare Croft, near Redbourne Street, 1517, Lands in Hare Croft, Hare field, 8 ac., with South End Farm, Harmans Close. Of M. Redbourne. Hurmanscroft, Hermannescroft, Hurmannescroft, 1526, Lands called Harmons at Rotherfield End, Harmans Close, 1659, Two closes and Spring called Harmans,61/2ac., with Menalls on the Hill, Harmans Close and Spring, 6 ac.,

57 Harps. At Westwick. K. John confirms to St. Albans Abbey lands in Herpesfeld, 15 June, Harpes Croft, 1 ac., of G. W. P., Abbot Jn. de Whethamsted builds a granary at Harpesfeld, In Computus Roll of the Abbey, , "Harpisfeld Hall in St. Albans". Harpes, 1588, 1599, Harps,13/4ac, with Westwick Hall, Harry Grains, 6 ac. With Crakabone Farm, c Harts Croft. Of M. Windridge. Rob. Laceby holds a close called Le Harte, 1558, Harts Croft, 2 ac., late parcel of a messuage and 14 ac. called Sumpter, Hatches. Of various Manors. Hatches, 9 ac., Do., 5 ac., , both of G. W. P. Hachysfeld, Hatchcroft, Toft and ferlingate called Hacheslond alias Colyerswick, Do. alias Elleswick, Ferlingate called Hacelonds, Hacchlond, formerly of Adam Bestney, Hachecroft, 5 ac., Hacches, Haches, 5 ac., Hatches 1601, 1622, Hatches, 10 ac., 1612, Hatches and the Hedgerow, 1649, sold to Vt. Grimston, Hatches alias Lockets, 9 ac., Gt. and Lit. Hatch Cutt, 7 ac. and 2 ac., Lit. Hatchfield, of St. Amphiballs, (Wm. Hatch was Lord of the Manor of Market Oak, 1617). Hatching Green. Of M. Redbourne &c. Geo. Neele settles Hatchen End upon his s. Geo. Neele Geo. and Edm. Neele sell a messuage at Hatchin Green, Hatching Green, Hatching Green Farm, 1493/4ac., sold to Vt. Grimston, 8 Jan Hatdelfeild, 133/4ac. Of M. Windridge, Hathelonds. At Westwick. Woods &c. at Westwick called Hathelonds, (Qy. whether rightly Hachelonds?). Havesland, 4 ac. At Copt Hall, Perhaps rightly Leavesland. Hawfield. Of M. Redbourne. Anthony Bacon gives lands called Hawfield to trustees of his Will, 8 Nov Martha Beaumont adm. to Hawfield, 93/4ac Close called Hawfield, Haycroft, At Westwick. Lands in Heycroft, 1607, 56

58 1644- Haycroft, Heycroft, ac., Haycroft, 3 ac., Haydell Field. Of M. Sopwell, Hazells. Of G. W. P. Haselden, 5 ac., Haslefield, at South End, 1676, Hazell Dell field, 10 ac., with Bottom House Farm, Lands called Hazells, Heath. Of M. Windridge &c. Le Heathe, Le Hethe, Gt. Heath, Gt. Heath. 27 ac., with Windridge Farm, Gt. and Further Heath, 16 ac. and 9 ac., at Bedmond, c Heathens Close. Of M. Kingsbury. Heath Hearne, Hethernes, Heath Hernes, 10 ac., Heath Hearnes, 1648, Heath Hearnes, 2 ac., with Duncroft, 1667, Heath Hernes and Pondfield, together 12 ac., Heathens Close, 91/2ac., with Duncroft, Heathwates, 11 ac. Of M. Redbourne, Heathy Field. Of M. Kingsbury. Hethend, Hethburne, Heathie Close, Heathy field, 1635, 1676, Do., 15 ac., Heathy field and Spring, ac., of Kingsbury Woods, 1667, Heathy field, now White Hedge Spring, with Kingsbury Farm, Hedding. Of M. Redbourne. Heddings, 6 ac, Do., 8 ac., Hedding, 8 ac., Half acre called Hedding Green, Hedge Row. Of M. Kingsbury. Wood called Le Hedge Row, Hedges. Of M. Sopwell. Wm. Skypwyth sells Hedges, with c. 60 ac., to Sir Ric. Lee, 12 Feb Hedges sold for 2480 to Sir Harbottle Grimston, 10 Apl. 1673, with Park Valleys, Berry Hills, Stroud Field alias Thrifty field, Stroud Lea, Stock field, and Park More. Acreage 521 ac. in (Thos. Hedge held Wardes 1572, and was constable of Kingsbury Manor, Dying 1597, he left g. d. h. Abigail Hedge). Helders. cf. Holders Croft. Hellelond, 30 ac. Of M. Windridge, Helling Croft. Of M. Redbourne, Hempsted Field, 6 1/2 ac. With Crakabone Farm, c

59 Hensley. Of M. Redbourne. Hanchele Croft, 1516, Lands in Hanchele, Hanchelee, Haunchelee, pertaining to Bestneys, 1520, 1532, Hanchley Croft, and lands in Hanchley field, Hancheley alias the Revell at Rotherfield End. Gt. Henchley, 3 ac., Henchley Common, Hanslies Close, Three Hansells, 20 ac., Hensley Common, Hanslies, 3 ac., Three Hansleys, Herewards Wicke & Cotild. Of M. Redbourne, Herings Lane. Of M. Westwick. Herynges Land, Herings Lane, 1640, Hernes. Of M. Redbourne. The Herne, 5 ac., Do.? 4 ac., Further, Middle, and Little Hernes, Hernes Wicke, Hernes Lane, Lands at Rotherfield End, and Le Herne, enfranchised by the Lord, 20 Jan Herne Bracke, 5 ac., Hernes Brach, to Hearns Brake, 83/4ac., with Flowers Farm, c Hurne Croft, Hearne Close, of St. Amphiballs, Herons. An ancient Manor. Philip le Heron mentioned in St. Albans records, Wm. Heron, landholder and supporter of the Abbot, c Robt. Heron, monk of St. Albans, 1380, " Release of Herouns Manor 1456 (Add. MS in Brit. Mus.). Herons Manor, Sold for 1800 to Vt. Grimston, 30 Mar., Transferred to his trustees, 17 Jy Herons Meade, Thos. Lawdy releases all claim to Manor of Heronns in Whethampsted to John Prysot, Chief Justice of Com. Pleas, Jn. Fray, Chief Baron of Excheq., Thos. Broket arm., Jn. Gadde, and Thos. Wyngfeld, wh. Manor he lately had in conjunction with Jn. Prysot and the others above named, of the gift and feofft. of Jn. Aleyn, late citizen and vintner of London, viz. by deed of 22 Dec Dated 1 Apl Heydons Close, 93/4ac. Of M. Kingsbury. Next Dyxes, With the Praye, Heynes Croft. Of M. Redbourne, Heywardislonds. Of M. Windridge, Hickmans Close. At Hill End. From 1655 to /2ac., and in /2ac. (Wm. Hickman, mentioned 1682, died 1701). 58

60 High Bridge Lane. Of M. Redbourne. High Brigg Lane, 1514, High Bridge Lane, High Oak. Of various Manors. High Oak, 20 ac., of M. Kingsbury, Do., 201/2ac., Do., 191/2ac., High Oake field, 6 ac., of M. Kingsbury, High Oak, formerly Nether field, 91/4ac., with Hill End Farm, High Oak, now Furzen field, 41/ac., with the same, High Trees, 81/2ac. Of M. Herons, 1789, Highway Close. Of various Manors. Highway Close, 6 ac., of M. Redbourne, 1614, 1634, 1661, Sold to trustees of Vt. Grimston, Highway Close alias Vallance Croft alias the Bowie Close, Highway Close, 11 ac., 1576, 1597, Sold to trustees of Vt. Grimston, 26 Jy Highway field, 9 ac., with Maynes and the Praye, Highway field, 31/4ac., with Butlers, Highway field, 31/4ac., with Maiden Crouch, c High Wood. Of M. Windridge. Le Heyewode, Le Hayewode, Le Heyefeld, High Wodd and Grovett, Hyewode and Le Grove, Croft in Heywode, Hiewod, Hill End &c. Of various Manors. Hillond, at Westwick, Messuage called Hillelonds, of M. Redbourne, 1519, with Hillecroft, and lands in New Croft, Edithiscroft, Hillefield, and Hermannes croft. Hillande, Hullonde, Hilscroft, 3 ac., of G. W. P., Messuage called Hill End, 1539, with Maryscroft, Bromley Crofts, Dossemers. Cardinalls, Feelings, and Fryers. This passed from Geo. Marston to his s. Giles, 1590, and to his g.s. Jn. Marston, Hill End sold for 1080 to Sir Harbottle Grimston, 23 Nov Hill End Farm, acreage 2711/4ac. in Hill Field &c. Of various Manors. Hill Close, 7 ac., with Hill End, Hill fields, with Wood End, Maiden Crouch, Bedmond House, Apps Pond, and Hedges Farms. Hill Green,1/2ac., with Redbourne Bury. Hill Leys, with Westwick Corner Farm. Hilly fields, with Westwick Corner and Bottom House Farms. Further Hilly field, formerly Ramscroft, with Hill End Farm. These in or

61 Hiltons. Of M. Kingsbury &c. Messuage and 40 ac. called Hyltons, of M. Kingsbury, 1502, Do., 30 ac., Hiltons, one ferlingate, Hiltons, of M. Kingsbury, Hiltons, two closes, 20 ac., Hiltons, with Blackwater Pond House, 1667, Gt. Pond Hiltons,123/4 ac., and Lit. Hiltons, 63/4ac., with Blackwater Farm, Hiplyns Close. Of M. Herons. Hiplyns Close, 4 ac., Little Hiplings Close, 31/2ac., Hiplyns, Ipleys, 12 ac., Hoares Close, 3 ac. Of M. Redbourne, Probably the same as Beechwick, held by Thos. and Jn. Hore, Hare, Hoore, or Hoare, Hobbs Croft. Of M. Redbourne. Hob Croft, 4 ac., and Hob Croft Pightle, Hobbs Croft, 4 ac., Hobbs Croft and Pightle, Hobbs Croft, 6 ac., with Flowers Farm, c Hobbs Hodge. Of M. Redbourne. Thos. Finch adm. to Hob Hoggs, , with lands in Colyers Croft, Hachecroft, Bekkesfeld, Yondir Lay field, Bukkes Grove, Green field, Hobb Hoggslond, Brodecroft, Clayshill, Steetlond, and Grove Dell, together c. 61 ac., and to lands in Pondsherne. Pondsfield, and Nether Dudley, and to a toft and ferlingate called Hacheslond alias Colyerswick alias Sylleswick or Elleswicke. Messuage and ferlingate formerly of Robt. Blythewood alias Hob Hogges at Wood End, Farm called Hobs Hodge at Wood End, Messuage called Hobbs Hodge and c. 29 ac., Messuage called Hobs Hodge and 421/2ac., Hobbshodge, Hobbs Hodge and 42 ac., Hobbs Hodge, 11 ac., with Wood End Farm, (The name presumably from a nickname of Robt. Blythewood). Hock Croft. Of M. Parke, 1789, Hodges Wick. At Westwick. Hodges Wick, 1 ac., with a messuage at Westwick, Do., ac., Hodges Wick, 141/2ac., with Westwick Farm, Hog END. Of M. Redbourne. Hogg End, Messuage at Hog End, 1607, with Lording Tree Close, 4 ac., Corner Close, 3 ac., Three Acres Close, 3 ac., Shafford Meade,11/2ac., and other small lands, in all c. 20 ac. Messuage at Hogg 60

62 End, Hog Croft, 1 ac., Hog End Farm, acreage 611/4ac., c Hog Field. Ot various Manors. Hogg field, 4 ac., at Potters Crouch, 1653, Hogg field, of M. Windridge, with Winches, Hog field and Church field, 121/4ac., at Potters Crouch, c Hogstrough field, 41/2ac., with Bedmond House Farm, c Hogges. Of M. Redbourne. Messuage and ferlingate called Hoggeslond, 1517, with lands in Edlynfield, South field, Langlond field, and Bushe Crofts, in all 31 ac. Hoggeslond, , Messuage called Hoggs, Hogges Lane, of M. Kingsbury, Holders Croft &c. Of G. W. P. Helders, 30 ac., Helder, 30 ac., , Hilderscroft, 3 ac., at Westwick, 1488, Hylderscroft, 3 ac., 1540, Heldercroft, 3 ac., 1543, Holderscroft, 3 ac., Helderwick, 3 ac., Helderescroft, Holders Croft, 1632, Three Holders Crofts, Waste at Holders Green, Holders Croft surr. to Sir Harbottle Grimston, 9 Apl The Hollows, 73/4ac. Of M. Kingsbury. Hollow Dykes. Of M. Kingsbury. Hollow- Dikes, Hollow Dicks, 10 ac., Hollow Diks, 10 ac., Hollow Dixes, Dikes alias Hollow Dikes. Follow alias Hollow Dikes, Hollow Dikes alias Dixes, Fallows alias Hollow Dykes alias Holly Dixies, Hollow alias Fallow Dykes, Hollowell. Of M. Kingsbury, Hollow Field, 73/4ac. Of M. Windridge, The Holly Bush. Of M. Redbourne. With Jordens Weeke at Church End, Messuage at Church End, once called Le Talbott, now the Holly Bush, Holly Bush, 13 ac. At Potters Crouch, Holsmore End. Of M. Redbourne. Messuage at Hollesmore End, Messuage and 18 ac. at Holsmere End, 1632, Holsner End, Hosmer End, Holsmore End, Holsmore End Farm, acreage 211/2ac. in 1791 and The Holt. Of M. Windridge. Mention of Wm. atte Holte, , Wm. and Bart, atte Holte, 61

63 1320-1, Thos. ate Holte, , and Jn. atte Holt, Holtlond, The Holte, Holt, Holte Brome, Le Holte, Messuage or Farm called Le Holte, with 101 ac., The Holt, , with 130 ac., viz. Hill field, Gt. and Lit. Holt Broom fields, Smithes field, Gt. and Lit. Hungrills, Long field alias Ivy field, Heath field, Well Spring, and Broad field. Holtes. Of M. Redbourne. Messuage called Holtesse, Holtesse, formerly of Ric. Norton, then of Wm. Flowers; now Nicholas Finch admitted to reversion, , and to a tenement once of Wm. Somers and late of Jn. Eyleys, and to Lip Lane, Lylly, Holtes Grove, Egundon field and mede, Doblyscroft, Holtes Buttes, Lyllefeld, Lawrence Lane and Grove, Gt. and Lit. Church fields. Holtes Buttes, Hotes Grove, and Holtes Lane, Holughton. Of M. Windridge, Homan Fields &c. Of M. Windridge. Le Holmenesfeld, Upper and Lower Homan fields, 10 ac. and 10 ac., 1653, Homan Meade, 7 ac., 1653, Homan Wood. Of M. Windridge. Le Holmanewode, Homon Wood, c Homans Wood, Homan Wood, of Gorhambury Woods, Home Fields. Of various Manors. With Windridge, Hedges, Hog End, Maiden Crouch, Flowers, Potters Crouch, Copt Hall, and Westwick Corner Farms. "Home Stall, where the old house stood." With Westwick Hall, Honey Field, 3/4 ac. With Bottom House, Honey Vallies, 10 3/4 ac. With Hill End Farm, cf. Stoney Vallies. Hoods. Of M. Redbourne. Bondslond called the Hood, with Crowch, Three roods in Hoods, parcel of a toft and ferlingate called Bondslond, Hoddes, 3 ac., Hoodds Close, (Hood is said to be Wood in Co. Somerset). Hoppett Wicke, alias Hopwood Pightle. Of M. Herons, 1631, HOP READINGS. Of M. Redbourne. Hop Redding, 7 ac., 1710, Hop Readings, 81/4ac., with Wood End Farm,

64 Hopyard. At Westwick. Hopyard, 1589, Hopyard Pightle, 1638, 1664, Both with Bottom House. Horcroft. At Potters Crouch. Horcroft, 3 ac., with Redhoods, 1723, Hockcrofts, Hock croft, Stock croft, Probably all these the same. Hornbeam Orchard. Of M. Herons, Horse Pond Field &c. Of various Manors. Horsepond field, 11 ac., of M. Redbourne, Horse Pond Pightle, 21/4ac., formerly Whites Pightle, with Westwick Farm, Horse Pond Pasture, alias Goodwells Close, with Plaisters, 1679, 1704, Horsleys. Of various Manors. Horsles Garden, of M. Windridge, Gt. and Lit. Horseleas, 52 ac. and 4 ac., with Redbourne Bury, 1653, 1667, Gt. and Lit. Horsleys, 391/4ac. and 33/4ac., with the same, Hosmer End, cf. Holsmore End. Hottele. Of M. Windridge, Hounds Dell. Of M. Redbourne. Howndes Dell, Hamsdell alias Houndsdell, 4 ac., Hunsdell, 4 ac., Hounds Dell, 4 ac., Hownsdell, 4 ac., Houndell, 41/2ac. 1710, Houndsell, Hounds Dell, 83/4ac., with Wood End Farm, Housley, 3 ac. At Revel End, Probably = Hensley, q.v. How Fields &c. Of M. Redbourne. Howe fylde, Gt. and Lit. How fields, 35 ac., and 14 ac., 1653, 1667, Howe Wood, 20 ac., 1606, Howe Wood, 40 ac., Gt., Upper, and Lower How Woods, 241/2ac., 8 ac. and ac., with Redbourne Bury, Howes String, alias Lazenby's Spring. Of Gorhambury Woods, Howllands. Of M. Sopwell, (Jn. Howland left lands in M. Sopwell by his Will of 1685). Hubbalds. Of M. Kingsbury. Hubbolds, 1467, 1496, 1513, Do., 3 ac., 1517, 1558, Habbotts, Hubbalds, 1659, 1687, Ste. Smith adm. to Hubbalds alias Hubbards, 1829, and surr. to Earl of Verulam, 11 June Hun Croft. Of M. Redbourne,

65 Hungerford. Of M. Windridge &c. Hungerford, 30 ac., Houngerford, 30 ac., Hungerford, 321/4ac., Hungerford, ac., with Duncroft, Hungrills. Of M. Windridge. Hangerhull feld and Le Hulle feld, Gt. Hungrells, 16 ac., and Lit. Hungrill, 8 ac., with the Holte, Gt. and Lit. Hungrills, with the Holt, Hunting Gate, 6 ac. With Bedmond House Farm, c Hunton Bridge. Of M. Sopwell, Hunts Ley &c. Of various Manors. Hunts Croft, of M. Windridge, , Hunter Croft, Garden called Huntes, Hunts Lye, 5 ac., at Westwick, Hunt Ley, Hunts Ley, 53/4ac., with Westwick Hall, (Jn. Hunt held land of Brekesperes, ). Hurdles. At Westwick. Four Hurdles, 21/2ac., The Hurdles, with Westwick Hall, 1658, 1667, Hurdles, 21/2ac., 1733, Hurdles, now Lit. Cross Path, 41/4ac., with Bottom House, Hurmans Croft, cf. Harmans Close. Hurne Croft, 10 ac. Of M. Redbourne, cf. The Herne. Hutches, 10 ac. Of M. Windridge, Hylles Lands, 18 ac. Of M. Windridge, Iffrons. cf. Effernes. Imaynes, alias Wyetts. cf. Wyatts. Ingleton, alias Shingledon. cf. Shingleton Meadow. The Innings. Of M. Redbourne. With Maynolfes, Aldithys ynnings, at South End, (Innings is perhaps Enclosed Land). Inshott. Of M. Redbourne. Ingshott, 30 ac., Inshott, 30 ac., with Redbourne Bury, Ipleys. Of M. Herons, cf. Hiplyns. The Island. Of M. Sopwell. "A slip surrounded by water", The Island, Ivards. Messuage called Ivards, c Probably = Wardes. Ivings. Of St. Amphiballs. Two closes called Ivings, Ivings, 1673, With Wrights Farm, Sold to Vt. Grimston, 20 Dec Ivory. Of M. Gorhambury, Perhaps a person and not a place. Jacobs Grove. Of G. W. P.,

66 Jacobs Wicke. Of M. Redbourne. Cottage called Jacobs Wicke, next to Watling St., Jennings Croft. Of M. Redbourne &c. Jonettys Croft, 1516, Jonettes Lands, three crofts, alias Playdells, formerly of Thos. Rotherfelde, Jenetts Land 16 ac., of G. W. P., Long Jonnes Lands, Long Jonnetts Lands, Jennets Reddings, 3 ac., abut, on Palmers, Gennetts Croft, Jennatts Croft, 14 ac., to Jennetts Croft, 14 ac., to Jennetts Crofts, 14 ac., Jennings Croft, at Revel End, Jeromes. Of M. Redbourne. Messuage and virgate formerly of Ric. Jerom and late of Jn. Podyfatt, 1497, with Jeroms Mare, Jeroms Yerd, Jeroms Farow, and Jeroms Butts. Messuage and yardland in Wood field called Jeromes, 1516, with Lane End field, a messuage and half yardland called Kempys, and Jeromes Mare, Grove, Butts, and Cotild, Yeroms Yerd, South End Lane, Whitlocks Lond, Crakbonvs Croft, Over South field, Wrotheswick, Lane Croft, Herewards Wicke and Cotild, Parly Croft, Leezlond, Hun Croft, Halle Lane, Dunning field, Rushmere, and Shelford Crofts. Jeroms meade alias Brownismede, Jeroms Roodings, Jeromes alias Gerrams Grove, Jerom Side alias Jeromes Land, Jeroms Grove, Jeroms Farm at South End, Held by family of Beche or Beech, , by Kelsey, , by Smith, , and by Dagnall, 1789, till sold for 2800 to Vt. Grimston, 22 Sep Acreage then 1723/4ac. Jeromes Field, 53/4ac. With Crakabones Farm, c Long Jockeys Pightle, 23/4ac., and Gt. Jockeys Pightle, 83/4ac., Johns Ground, Gt. and Lit., 101/2ac. and51/2ac., with Westwick Farm, Jordans Wick. Of M. Redbourne. Jordens Weeke, with the Holly Bush at Church End, Do., abut, on Church Lane, Jordanes Wick, 11/4ac., Jordans Wick, Juins Field, 7 ac. With Beaumont Hall Farm, Julians Grove. Of M. Windridge. Julianes Grove, Julien felde, ;. Juliane felde, , , Julyan Sprvnge,

67 Julyans Croft. Of M. Redbourne. Toft called Jelyans Wyke, Julyans Croft, formerly of Adam Bestney, The Katharine Wheel. Of M. Kingsbury. The Katherin Wheele, 1627, 1652, Le George and Katharine Wheel, cf. The George. Kechyn Croft. Of M. Redbourne, Kelseys Field, 51/4ac. With Jeromes, (Mention of Wm. Kelsey, 1632, and frequent mention of Kelsey family later). Kemps. Of M. Redbourne, cf. Campsfield. Kentish Wood. Of G. W. P. Wm. le Kentyssh grants Kentyssh Clay Croft to Walt, att Wynch, Kentisshes Tenement and 80 ac. held by Hen. Kentisshe, Hen. and Robt. Kentysh jurors of M. Windridge, Kentish Wood, of Gorhambury Woods, Do., 13 ac., Keshworth. Of M. Windridge, Qy. whether = Fleshworth, q.v. Kettlewells. Of G. W. P. Formerly Wardes, to when Robt. Hedge surr. Wardes Lands to Nicholas Kettlewell. cf. Wardes. Ketts &c. cf. Kits Croft. Key Field. Of M. Sopwell, Kiln Field, 11 ac. With Jeromes, The Kings Head. Of M. Sopwell, Two Kings Meades. Of M. Redbourne The Kings Streame. Of M. Redbourne, Kingesburie Mill. Of M. Kingsbury, Kingsbury. Manor. K. Bertulph of Mercia held a Council at Kingsbury, 851. Abbot Aelfric I bought the fish pool of the King's palace at Kingsbury, and made gardens there, Abbot Aelfric II bought the Kine's Mansion House of Kingsbury, Robert de Gorham obtained the remainder of the Manor, K. John confirmed Kingesbiri to the Abbey, K. Edward VI gave the Manor to Thos. Wendy, His descendant Thos. Wendy sold the same for Kingsbury Manor House held by family of Dell Rent of Kingsbury Farm in Acreage3771/2ac. in Kingsbury Fields &c. Kingsbery Meade, 100 ac., of G. W. P., Kingsbury Great and Little 66

68 fields, 36 ac. and 141/2ac., Kingsbury Hills, 191/4ac., Kingston Hills, two closes, 53 ac. Of M. Parke, Kits Booth, 1 ac., Kitts Booth,3/4ac., Kites Brook and Real Hatch,11/2ac. With Cross Lanes Farm, (Perhaps the same as Kits Booth). Kits Croft. Of G. W. P. Kits Croft, 8 ac., , Ketts Croft, 8 ac., Kytts Croft, 7 ac., at Westwick, Kyttes Croft, Kitts Croft, 2 ac., with Blackwater Pond House, Kits Croft, now Longfield, with Bottom House, Knoltons. Of M. Windridge. Knoltes, Knoltons Land, Knoltons Heath Farm, Knotbeche Field, cf. Edbeech Field. Kytteswyke &c. Of G. W. P. &c. Thos. Kytte, Kitte, or Kytter held Kyttesgate, of M. Windridge Ketters Weeke, Kytterswyk, Kettiswicke, Kettishwicke, Kettiswicke, Kettsweeke, 4 ac., Kettswicke, 30 ac., Kytteswyke, 4 ac., Kyttewick, Kytteswyck, 4 ac., Messuage and 30 ac. called Kytteswyke, Lady End &c. Of G. W. P. Lay Dene, 12 ac., /2ac. in Lay Dene, ac. in Laiden, ac. in Leaden field, ac. in Lady Deane, Laie Dene, Lavdene, 4 ac, Field called Layden, Lave Deane alias Layd End, Laye Den alias Laide End, Layden alias Lavdend, Lit. Laydeane, Lands in Laydeine, Laydens Common, Layden Close, 8 ac., Leadend, Lady End and Brookefield, 43 ac., beyond the Desert of Gorhambury, Leaden End, Lady End, with Wallers Farm, Lady End, an old enclosure in Gorhambury Park (map). Laydens Croft, 83/4ac., with Wardes, Laydens Close, 8 ac., c Thos. Kentish sells Lady End, 12 ac., to Sir Harbottle Grimston. 21 Dec Lady End Close. " to north of Sir Harbottle Grimston's Park Lady Croft, 83/4ac., now Windmill Hills, 67 1

69 with Kettlewells, Lady End, "now contained in Gt. and Lit. Beechfieldswith Kettlewells, Lairnam Fields. Of M. Sopwell, Qy. Paernam Fields, 1766? Lamb Croft. Of G. W. P. With Wallers Farm, Do., 9 ac., Lam Crofts, with same, Lamb Lane, alias Lip Lane, q.v. Lamb Pitts. Of M. Sopwell. Two Lampitts, 1670, Lambpitts alias Lamberts, with Cunningham Hills, Lane Acre. Of M. Redbourne. With Hogges, 1517, Gt. Lang Croft. Of M. Redbourne. With Crowch, Langershot Meade. Of G. W. P., Langley Field &c. Of M. Redbourne. Langlong field, 1517 Dell Langland, 9 ac., 1644, Langleyfield,41/2ac., with Bedmond House Farm, c Lanham Fields. Of M. Redbourne. With Jeromes. Lane End feld and Lane Croft, with Jeroms, Lane End field, with same, 1516, Lanam field, 1609, Lannam field, 1632, Lanum field, Langham fields, 1635, 1666, Lanham field, 1650, 1690, 1706, 1729, Further Lanham field, 1710, Lenham fields, Le Lannde. Of M. Windridge, , Great Lawne &c. Of M. Sopwell. Gt. Lawne alias Dovehouse Lawne alias tpounde Lawne, 25 ac., 1603, Gt. Lawnes and Lit. Warren, 30 ac., Gt. Lawn, Lit. Lawne, 20 ac., 1603, Upper Lawns, formerly Lit. Lawn, 161/4ac., and Lower Lawns, 2 ac., formerly part of Pond mead, (Lawne is sometimes an open place in a wood). Lawrence Farm &c. Of M. Redbourne &c. Lawrence Lane and Grove, of M. Redbourne, 1517, Lawrence Farm, Lawrence Wicke, 1642, Do., with Curtis, Lawrence Farm alias Bottom House Farm, Lay Croft &c. Of G. W. P. Lay Croft, 2 ac., Do., 4 ac., Lay Downe, 17 ac.,

70 Lay Harte, Laye Hill, 15 ac., cf. Ley Field &c. Laylan Crofts, 9 ac. Of G. W. P. With Gorhambury Manor House, Laywyk Toft. Of M. Kingsbury, Lazenbyes Spring, alias Howes Spring. Of Gorhambury Woods, Lazenby Spring, 1708, Leaves Land. Of M. Redbourne. Lezlond, with Beaufitzlond, Levesland, 41/2ac., Leavsland, 4 ac., 1645, Leaves land, 1622, Leaseland, 4 ac., Leavsland, with Copt Hall, 1710, Leavesland, 4 ac., with same, c Lentropes. Of G. W. P. Four fields, 16 ac., Leverstock Green, Manor. Laverstone Greane, Manor of Levestiestocke Greene and Markett Oke alias Markett Dole, Leverstock Green, 1722, cf. Market Oak. Lewis Land. Of M. Kingsbury, 1767, Ley Field &c. Ley Croft, 8 ac., and Leywicke, Ley Croft, 3 ac., Lay Croft, 4 ac, 1626 Ley field, 9 ac., 1617, 1662, Ley field alias Further Field, 33/4ac., with Cross Lanes Farm, c Gt. Leywelle, 81/2ac., Leyre Field. Of M. Redbourne. Leyer field, Leyre field, Leyre field, parcel of Playdells lands, Leyshod Grove, alias Apsmore. Of Gorhambury Woods Lightshull Grove. Of G. W. P., Lincoln Ash Field &c. Of M. Redbourne. Lynkthorne, Lynkthorne Lane, of Beaufitzlond, Lynthornes Croft, Lincolne Close, 4 ac., near Lincolnes Lane, Lincolne Ashe, Lyncolns Grove, 2 ac., Lyncolnes Close, 5 ac., Lincolne Ash Close, Lincolnes Ash Close, 5 ac., Lincolnes Ashe Lane, Linckhorne Ash Lane, Lincolne Ash Lane, Lincolne Wicke, Lincoln Ash Close, alias Gt. Bradley,301/4ac., 1657, Lincoln Ash Close, 41/2ac., 1657, 1663, Lincoln Ash Close, 7 ac., sold by Thos. Sells for 77 to Sir Harbottle Grimston. Lincoln Ash fields, 83/4ac. and93/4ac., with Redbourne Bury, Lincoln Ash field, 43/4ac., with Beaumont Hall Farm,

71 Lines Croft. Of M. Kingsbury. Line Croft, 13 ac., Lines Croft, 1654, 1686, Do., 14 ac, Do., 151/4ac., Lyons Croft, 14 ac., of M. Kingsbury, Lines Croft, 153/4ac., (Jn. Lyons, gent., of M. Kingsbury, Sam. Lines in the neighbourhood, 1709). Lip Lane. Of M. Redbourne, 1517, Lip Land, Lipe Lane alias Lamb Lane, Little Field, 21/2ac. With Crakabone Farm, c Little Hay. Of M. Redbourne. With South End Farm, 1697, Lochetts, 11/2ac. With Redbourne Bury, Lochets alias Hatches, 9 ac., with Hatching Green Lodge Field, alias Walnut Tree field. Of M. Sopwell, Lodge Field, alias Sayers Hills, 181/4ac. At Westwick, 1653, Gt. and Lit. Lodge Fields, 10 ac. and 53/4ac., with Bottom House, Long Field &c. Of various Manors. Long Acre, of St. Amphiballs. Long Butts, of M. Sopwell, Long Close, of Bedmond, Duncroft, and Hatching Green Farms. Long Coppice, 151/2ac., with Cell Barnes, Long field, formerly Kits Croft, with Bottom House. Long field, formerly Crowch Croft, with Hill End. Long fields, of G. W. P., t. Henry VIII. Long field, with Palmers, Crakabone, Bedmond House, Aps Pond, Maiden Crouch, and Wood End Farms, and of M. Parke. Long Furlongs, 2 ac., of G. W. P., Do., of same, 18 ac., Long Furlong, 5 ac., and Long Furrow, with Redbourne Bury Mills, 1669, 1684, Long Field Butts, 4 ac., with Copt Hall, Do., 5 ac., with same, c Long Ladders. Of M. Sopwell, 1603, Long Ladders, 233/4ac., with Hedges, Long Meadow. With Beson End and Flowers Farms and Ste. Smith's Lands. Long Spring. Of M. Kingsbury. Long Spring Close Wood, with Bedmond House Farm. Lording Close. Of M. Redbourne. Lording Tree Close, 4 ac., at Hog End, Lording Close, 63/4ac., 1665, and with Hog End Farm, c

72 Lords Croft. Of G. W. P., Lords field, 13 3/4 ac., of M. Herons, 1789, Love Lands. Of M. Sopwell, Low Long, 7 ac. At Wood End, 1710, (Qy. whether = Sow Long?). Lower Fields, 23/4ac. and41/2ac. With Oyster Hills, c Luthernes. Of M. Redbourne. With Crowches, Lyes. The Lye. Lye field, The Ley, The Lye, Le Lye Grove alias Moleners Grove, 1537, Le Grove alias Moleners Grove, Lyes Hedge Row, The Leye, Wm. Kentish grants Lyes Hedge Rowe to Sir Harbottle Grimston, 6 Apl Mentioned Two Lye fields, with Winches, Upper, Hither, and Further Lyes,103/4ac., 81/2ac. and 71/4ac., at Potters Crouch, 1653, 1698, 1752, and c Lylly &c. Of M. Redbourne. Lilly, Lylly field, Lyllvfield, Lelye and Lyllycroft, Ltlie, Lylly, Lyllye New Croft and Lillye, Lilly, Lillie field, Lyllies, Lillyes, Lynkthorne. cf. Lincoln Ash field. Lyon, alias Colney Meade, 15 ac. Lyon Meadow, 15 ac. Of M. Parke, Lyvelong Dell, formerly Lamb Lane. Of M. Redbourne, 1629, 1636, cf. Lip Lane. Maggelond. Of M. Windridge, , Maggefeld, of same, Maiden Crouch. Of G. W. P. Mayden Crouch, Hamlet of Maiden Crouch and four closes there, 20 ac., Messuage at Maiden Crouch, 1659, Maiden Crouch Spring alias Evesdon Spring, of Gorhambury Woods, Maiden Crouch Farm, rent 10 in Hither and Further Maiden Crouch, 33/4 ac., 53/4 ac. and 31/4 ac., with Bottom House, Maiden Crouch Farm, acreage 233/4ac., c Main Pightle. Of G. W. P. Man Pightell, Mam Pightell and Mam Pightell Close, Mam Pightell alias Long Close, enclosed in Gorhambury Park, Maine Pightle, 1631 Main Pightle, 7 ac., 1631, Mam Pightell, Maine Pightell, Mainie Pightell,

73 Mayne Pightell, 7 ac., Le Hopyard and Maines Pightle surr. to Sir Harbottle Grimston, 8 Oct The Malme. Of G. W. P. The Mamey and Le Mamey Pightle, together 12 ac., with Wardes, The Mamey, 123/4ac., with Wardes, 1655 The Mawme, with Wardes, The Malme, 63/4ac., with Kettlewells, The Manna, 20 ac., sold by Sir John Underhill and Alice, 1641 The Mawme, 201/2ac., with Maynes, 1655, 1667 The Malme, 173/4ac., with Maynes and the Praye, Malme Springs, 33/4ac., of Gorhambury Woods, Middle Malmes, 18 ac., of M Parke, The Malt Market. Of M. Sopwell, La Maltemyll. Of M. Kingsbury, Pons de la Maltemyll, Malting, Maneringe Field, 140 ac. Of G. W. P Mansdell Meadow. Of M. Redbourne. Mannys Dell, 3 ac., near Redbourne Street, Mansdell Meadow, 3 ac., 1661, Marams, or Long Meadow, 7 ac. Of St. Amphiballs, The Marchants. Of St. Amphiballs. With Wrights, 1743 Mare Field. Of M. Windridge, With Tenements, Marions Bushes. Of G. W. P. Marians Bushes, , Fras. Rogers holds Marrians Bushes and Sextons Grove, 54 ac., in right of his w. Dorothy, widow of Jn. Maynard, At her death they came to Sir Nicholas Bacon. Marrians Bushes, 40 ac Sold with Bacon estates to trustees of Thos. Meautys, 18 June Marrians Bushes and Sextons Grove, together 54 ac., Marions Bushes, 40 ac., leased to Dame Jane Bacon of Culford, Sextons Grove, 54 ac., with Hill End Farm, Market Crosse. Of M. Kingsbury, Market Lands. Of G. W. P. Markyatt Lands, parcel of Blackwater Farm, Hither and Further Market Lands, 7 ac. and 7 ac., with Blackwater Farm, 1606, The same, ac. and 63/4ac., with the same, Market Oak. Manor. The Priory of Markate was founded in p. Caddington, Beds, Markyate, 72

74 Markgate, Merkyate, The Priory held lands at Westwick, Markyat Feld, Jas. Joyner held a Manor Court at Markyat in St. Michaels, Wm. Hatch held a Court Baron of the Manor of Levestiestocke Greene and Markett Oke alias Markett Dole, Wm. Hatch sold the Manor of Market Oake and Westwicke, alias Levesley Stocke alias Market Dole for 195 to Sir Harbottle Grimston, 9 Feb Mention of " Site of the Manor House Market Oak House, premises, and 41/4ac., held with Blackwater Farm, Marle Croft. Of M. Redbourne. With Beaufitzlond, Marie Dells, Marie Croftes, 10 ac., with Breakspears, Marie alias Marke Croft, 10 ac., surr. to trustees of Vt. Grimston, Marlings. Of various Manors. Messuage lately built called Marlinges, Marlyn, 2 ac., Marlines, 8 ac., of M. Windridge, Marlings, 1655, 1717, Marlings Pightle, 1753, Sold to Vt. Grimston, 22 Nov Marlings and Wood sold to same, 8 Jan Marrians. Of M. Redbourne. Allin Fenner and w. Marrian surrender Lands formerly parcel of Deane End Farm to Geo. Impey, They surr. Marrians Close and Spring, Gt. Marrians, Gt. Marrians and Wood, 11 ac., with Deane End Farm, Gt. Norrians and Wood, 11 ac., with same, Marrians and Wood, 12 ac., with same, Marsh Lands. Of M. Kingsbury, Marshalls Heath, Gt. and Lit., 171/4ac. and 81/2ac. Of M. Herons, Marslade. Of G. W. P. Marshlade, 8 ac., Marshlade,3/4ac., , Marslade, Three roods in Marserlade field, 1552, Le Three Roods in Marsh Slade alias Whitwell Peece, Marsletts. Of G. W. P. Marsletts, 2 ac., Marsletts, Marsletts, 2 ac., sold to Sir Harbottle Grimston, 11 Apl Marslet, with Maynes, Marsletts, now two closes, 1625, Alarfleet (?) and Banckfield, 2 ac., with Maynes, (Wm. Marslett, of M. Kingsbury, 1554). 73 1

75 Marstons Field. Of M. Kingsbury, 1661, Marstons field alias Dell Croft, 5 ac., with Westwick Hall, Martyns Land. Of M. Redbourne, Marwyne Woods. Of M. Windridge. Marewyneslond, Cotland called Marewyneslond, Marewyne Woods, Marys Croft. Of G. W. P. Maryecrofte alias Rammescrofte, Mariecrofte and Bromley Crofte, 10 ac., Mariecroft alias Ramescrofte, Maryescrofte, Mariecrofte cum Bromeberies, 10 ac., Three Crofts, 10 ac., called Mariecrofte alias Ramscroft, Mariescroft alias Ramecroft, 14 ac., with Hill End Farm, Marys Croft alias Rams croft, three closes, with the same, Marys Field. Of M. Redbourne. Marehegge, in South Field, 1526, Meridge field, with Jeromes, 1632, Marehedge field, 5 ac., with same, Marigge Lane, Maridge Lane, Marehedge, 5 ac., 1691, Mearage field, Mary's field, 51/2ac., with Jeromes, Mary Magdalens. Of M. Kingsbury. Lands of Mawdelyns, 1496, Mawdelyns Croft, Lands called Mary Mawdelene, Messuage or Mansion House called Mary Magdaliens, Maudelen Diche, Land of Mary Magdalyns near Swette Hills and Kingsbury Street, Maudelin Ditch, Maudelins Ditch near St. Michaels Churchyard, Maslins. Of M. Kingsbury. Molasynes, 2 ac., in Praye field, Malosynes, 2 ac., Molesynnes, Molesynes, Marslaynes alias Marslands, 12 ac., with Maynes, Lower Maslins, 121/2ac., with Maynes and the Praye, Maudlins. Of M. Windridge, c. 1679, May Lands. Of G. W. P. Mayefeld, May lands, 43 ac., May Lands, with Wallers Farm, 1653, with Westwick Hall, Gt. and Lit. May Lands, 253/4ac. and 161/2ac., with Bottom House, Maynes. Of G. W. P. Messuage and 743/4ac. formerly of John Mayne, , Maynes Lane and the Ditch, Maynes Land, Maynes, , Giles Marston holds Maynes and 74

76 8o ac., Hen. Smith holds the same, 1633, Hen. Tombes Smith holds same, Maynes field, 15 ac., 1667, and 151/2ac., Mayne Pightle, 73/4ac., Maines Pightle, 7 ac., surr. to Sir Harbottle Grimston, (Pedigree of Mayne family from c in Clutterbuck's Herts, II, 324. Edw. Ld. Denny granted lands of M. Parke to Wm. Colles and Jas. Mayne, 1607). Maynolfes. Of M. Redbourne. Thos. Durrant admitted to a ferlingate called Maynolfeslond, 1518, except field, Peterburgh Londs, Bonds Croft, Groveslond, Crouchlond, Claysdole, Tyleslond, Pomery Acre, Nookeholt Croft, a toft and ferlingate called Crowch, and Bondswick, Lyefield, Souter Aldwick, Bondslond called the Hood, Gt. Lang Croft, the Rudyngs, Northington lond, Agnells, Egleslond, Rayedole, Frowykeslond, Saketts Hurnum, and Peterburgh lond, in all c. 37 ac. Maynolfist Close, 3 ac., 1519, Maynolfes Mede, Maynolfes Meadow, 6 ac., Do. Meade, Maynolfes Close, 5 ac., Menolfes Close, Menolls Close, Menolfes Close,51/2ac., Maynolds, Nether Maynolds, 6 ac., 1613, Mennalls Close and Meadow, Messuage called Mennalls, 1621, Menolds, 7 ac., Maynolfes, 7 ac., Menolfes, 1630, 1642, Maynolfes on the Hill. Of M. Redbourne. Half a yardland called Maynolfes on the Hill, 1516, with 30 ac., including a toft and 1 ac. called Randolfes, Rotherfield Hatchcroft, lands in Campysfield, High Aldwick, Clayeshill, Hachysfield, Lit. Clucroft, Haunchle Croft, Church End, Leyerfield, Playdell Lands, Dell Pightle, and a toft called Aleswicke alias Alescroft. The same lands, Menalds on the Hill, 1635, Mennells on the Hill, Meynolds super Montem, The Mead. At Westwick. Thos. Mead surr. a tenement and four pightles, 5 ac., called the Mead, at Westwick, late of his father Wm. Mead, This was sold to Vt. Folkestone and Fras. L. Popham, Mead Croft. Of G. W. P. Meade Crofte,11/2ac., 75 1

77 , , Mede Croft, Mede Croft, formerly Whypps Crofte, Mead Shott &c. Of St. Affables, Do., 12 ac., Do., 26 ac., Mead Lane field, at Revel End, Meeting House Fields, 53/4ac. With Cross Lanes Farm, c Megdell. Of M. Westwick. Wm. Hawgood adm. to Megdell, Megdell held by Hawgood family to Surr. to trustees of Vt. Grimston, 13 Dec Megdell and 40 ac., Mediall and 40 ac., Magdales and 40 ac., Megdale and 60 ac., Megdaells and 52 ac., 1640, Meagdell, Megdales, 1639, Megdell Farm, acreage 1011/4ac., in Le Merefeld. Of M. Windridge, Michell Heath. Of G. W. P. Woods called Mychell Hethe, Michells field, 8 ac., 1625, 1639, Michaels field, Michael Heath, Michell Spring, Michell Heath,101/2ac., with Hill End Farm, Middle Field. Of various Manors. Middle field, of G. W. P., Middle field, formerly Still Acre, with Palmers, Middle field, with Butlers, Oyster Hills, Herons, and Potters Crouch. Mile House Field, 14 ac. With Cunningham Hills, Milking Wick. cf. Mylings Wicke. Mill Field. Of various Manors. With Beaumont Hall, Wrights, Redbourne Bury, and Hedges. Lands in Mill field, The Mill House. Of M. Windridge. Mill House and 60 ac., Do. and 65 ac., 1726, 1733, at Potters Crouch. Minets. Of G. W. P. Mynettes Wood, 4 ac., Minotts, 2 ac., , Minetts sold to Sir Harbottle Grimston, Minets, now Poor Dell, 8 ac., with Palmers, Moat Field, 5 ac. With Bedmond House Farm, c Molliners Grove. Of Gorhambury Woods. Molleners Grove, 1537, Molyners Grove, Molliners Grove, Sold to Sir Harbottle Grimston, with Lyes Hedgerow, 6 Apl (Thos. Molyners held lands in M. Windridge, ). 76

78 Monk Wood. Of M. Sopwell. Monk Wood, Monks Wood, Munk Wood. Held with Fawn Wood, q.v. Moon Field. Of M. Herons. Mone field, Moon field, More, ac. Of G. W. P., Morested, 5 ac. Of M. Redbourne, Mother Redcap Cottage. Of St. Amphiballs, Mothers Croft. Of M. Sopwell, 1764, Mothers Croft Farm, Munts Land. Two Meadows, ac. Of G. W. P. Musgroves. Of m. Redbourne. Morrys Grove Moresgrove, with Hogges, 1513, 1523, Moresgrove Mede, Moryswyk.Pightell, Morysgrove Mede, Morysgrove Lane, Moores Grove and Lane, Moresgrove, Moresgrove Close and Lane, Musgrove, Musgrave and Lane, Musgraves Lane End and Little Moores Grove, Two Musgroves, Gt. and Lit. Musgroves, 6 ac., Musgroves, of Hog End Farm, c Mylings Wicke. Of M. Redbourne. With Bakers, Probably same as Milking Wicke. Napesbury Field, alias Brick fields. Of M. Parke, (Napesbury, formerly Apesbury, is the Apsa of Doomsday Book, 1086). Naplethorne. Of M. Redbourne. Naple Thorne, 7 ac., at South End, Four acres called Naplethorne, One acre in Naplethorne, Broad field alias Dell Naplethorne, 8 ac., Napplethorne, Naplethorne, 10 ac., with Southes, Naplethorne alias Maplethorne, 4 ac., Mapplethorne, Lands in Maplethorne, Naplethorne alias Maplethorne, 4 ac., Naplethorne, Dell Naplethorne, and Lit. Naplethorne, Four acres called Maplethorne alias Naplethorne, Naplethorne alias Maplethorne, Gt. Lit. and Dell Appleton, with South End Farm, Nash Hall, alias Ash Grove, 11 ac. Bought of Jno. Baskerfield, c Nash Hill. Of M. Redbourne. 5 acres in a field called Nash Hill, Nash Hill and premises, 5 ac., Closes called Nash Hill, 1681.

79 Nattes Croft. Of M. Redbourne, , Probably same at Notts Croft, q.v. Needle Field. Of M. Westwick. Neld field, of G. W. P., , Nedelfeld, 1488, Nedlefield cum Playfield, Nedellfylde, Nede field with Plashfield, 30 ac., 1560, Hill fields and Needelands, 32 ac., at Rotherfield End, Nedlesfeld, 5 ac., Needlesfield, abut, on Gt. Plashfield, two crofts, 8 ac., Needland, Gt. and Lit. Needles, 1730, Needles, 1759, Needlefield, with Potters Crouch, Netheridge Downe. Of M. Redbourne. Netheridge Ground, 21/2ac., Netheridge Downe, 4 ac., 1636, and 21/2ac., cf. Ridge Downe. Nether Field &c. Of G. W. P. &c. Croft called Nether Valley, 4 ac., of G. W. P., Nether field, now High Oak, 91/4ac., with Hill End Farm, Nether fields, 61/2ac. and 71/4ac., with Beson End Farm, Nettleden Field. Of M. Redbourne. Nettleton field, with Jeromes, 1607, Nettleden field, 5 ac., Nettledin field, Nettle field, 5 ac., 1676, 1690, Nevylls. Of M. Kingsbury. Nevylls, Messuage called Nevylls, Nevylls Heret, Nevells Haret, Nevylls, abutting on Bunsland, (Robt. Nevyll died 1476, holding Yongeslonds, 30 ac., and leaving s. h. William Nevyll, aged 17). New Barns. Of M. Sopwell. Sopwell Mill at New Barnes, New Barnes lately built, and New Barnes old farm house, with 90 ac., Alice, Duchess of Dudley, lived at New Barns during the Plague, New Barnes Mill, Do., with 311/2ac., New Croft, 141/4ac. With Flowers Farm, c New England, 3 ac. Of M. Redbourne, 1766 Newberry Woods &c. Of G. W. P. Newberie, 180 ac., Newburye Wood, Newberry Woods, 30 ac., 1603, 1632, Do., 21 ac., Newberry field, 153/4ac., now Hagdell, Newberry Woods,111/4ac., formerly 25 3/4 ac., with Hill End Farm, New House Farm. Of M. Sopwell. Alias Ridge Hills or Redge Hill, 1766,

80 Newkes. Of G. W. P. Nookey fields, 4 ac., Newkes field, Newkes alias Nookey field, 51/2ac., 1659, 1697, Newkes, 73/4ac., with Kettlewells, Newlands. Manor. Usually held with Sopwell. Robt. Sadleir settles Manors of Sopwell, Sopwell Bury, and Newlands on himself and heirs He sells Newlands to Jn. Ellis, Jn. Ellis sells Manor of Newlands to Sir Harbottle Grimston, 18 Apl cf. Sopwell. Newlands Croft. Of M. Windridge, Newlands Croft, Newlands Mill Croft, 15 ac. Of G. W. P., , Newlings. Newlings Penny Land, 30 ac. Of G. W. P., Le Newe Myll. Of M. Kingsbury, New Mills. Of M. Sopwell. Rent 47 in Newe Mills Croft. Jn. Sare died , holding Newmyllcrofte, 15 ac., and leaving s. h. Jn. Sare. Hugh Dell holds Newmyll Crofte in right of his w. Agnes, widow of Jn. Sare, Wm. Ewer holds same, in right of his w. Agnes, wid. of Jn. Sare, Lang case re Newmyllecrofte, Newemillscroft, New Mills Field, alias the Over, 7 ac. Bought of Jno. Baskerfield, c New Mills Mead, 3 ac. and 6 ac. Of M. Redbourne, New Stocked Field. Of M. Sopwell, New Years Ground, 131/4ac. With Kettlewells, Nicolls Farm. Of M. Redbourne. Nicholas Farm, Nicholls Farm, Niccolls Farm, Nicolls Farm, Nine Acres Close. Of M. Gorhambury, Nine Hills. Andrew Hill and his w. settle a Messuage and 60 ac., which they hold from 27 Jy. 1560, on themselves for life, with remainder to Robt. Hill and heirs, Jn. Edmonds and w. Jane, d. of Andrew Hill, settle on themselves a Messuage called Nine Hills, and 60 ac. Ninnings. Of various Manors. Nynnings Dell Nynnings, , 1532, Do., 7 ac., Nynnyns, 7 ac., Ninnings, 1697, These of M. Redbourne. Nynynfeld, ac., included in Gorhambury Park, Nynnynsfeld, 31/2ac., Nyneings, 30 ac., with the Manor 79

81 House, Gorhambury, Gt. and Lit. Nynings, 151/4ac. and103/4ac., with the Praye, Ninnings, 121/4ac., with Maynes and the Praye, Ninnings, 9 ac., with Blackwater Pond House, Do., ac., Upper and Lower Ninnings, 81/2ac and 71/2ac., with Duncroft, Ninnings, of M. Windridge, Ninnings Grove, 2 ac., at Revel End, Ninens, 10 ac., Non Fields, 15 ac. Of G. W. P., Probably rightly Noose fields. Nooke Holt Croft. Of M. Redbourne. With Maynolfes, (Nook is said to be the fourth part of a Yardland). Nookey Field, cf. Newkes. Nooks,103/4ac. With Breakspears, Noose Field. At Westwick. Non (?) fields, 15 ac _ 4- Noosefelds, Nosefelds, 15 ac., Nose fields, 15 ac., , Noverfield (?), Nosefyldes, 15 ac., Noosefield, 15 ac., Sold 1655 at per acre. Nessfield, Norrians. At Wood End. Norrams Close, 4 ac., Messuage called Noryans and 5 ac., Norrians, 3 ac., cf. Orients. Norrington End. Of M. Redbourne. Northington lond, with Crowch, 1518, Northingtons Mede, Norringtons, with Crowches, Messuage called Norringtons, Norington alias Northampton End, Messuage called Norington End, 1617, Norington Farm, Norington End Farm, Messuage called Northampton alias Norington End, 1697, Norrington End Farm, 1635, 1669, Northampton End. Of M. Redbourne. Norhamtons, late of John Palmer, Jn. Finch of Northampton, Northampton Lane, Northampton End, cf. Norrington End. North Field,163/4ac. With Herons, North field, 63/4ac., with Aps Pond Farm, c Northgate. Of M. Kingsbury, Norgatte Crosse, of M. Gorhambury, 1597, Northgate Crosse, Notteley. Of M. Windridge. " A place in Wyndrugg called Notteley", Notteley, ,

82 Notts Croft. Of M. Redbourne. Nattescroft, Notts Croft, 3ac., Notch Croft, 3 ac., Notts Croft, Nutts Croft, 1649, 1660, 1682, Notts Pightle, 3 ac., 1636, Nuts field, with Deane End Farm, Nursery Pightle. Of G. W. P. An old enclosure in Gorhambury Park (map). Nuthasel Close, 21/2ac. At South End, Nuthasell field, 12 ac., with Butlers, Oakehurst Londs. Of M. Redbourne. Okehurslonds, Ric. West adm. to a Messuage, and parcel of Oakehurst londs, formerly of Thos. Palmer, A Toft, formerly of Wm. Okehurst, held with Southes, Oake Meade. Of G. W. P. With the Praye, With Hill End Farm, 1654, Oake Wood. Of G. W. P. Old enclosure in Gorhambury Park (map). Oake Wood, 12 ac., let on lease with fields of said Park, Old Field &c. Of M. Redbourne. Old Field, 7 ac., with Redbourne Bury, 1653, 1667, Old Grove, 2 ac., at Revel End, Old Nursery. Womans Field,71/4ac., at Wood End, Old Womans Field, 41/4ac., with Jeromes, Old House Field. Of M. Redbourne. Old House Close, 1653, Two Old House Closes, Five Closes called Iffrons and Old House Closes, 11 ac., 1765, Two Old House fields, 21/2ac., Old House field, 21/2ac., Old House field, abut, on Bye Lane, 1652, Old House field, 41/2ac., with Jeromes, cf. Effernes. Orchard Field. Of various Manors. Orchard field, ac., with Winches Hill, c Orchard Pightle. 21/4ac., with Butlers, Orients. Of M. Redbourne. Over Orients and Croft, and Nethyr Orients Croft, with Beaufitzlond, Nethyr Orient, Orient Closes, 1618, Noriants, Hedgerow called Norrients, Orient alias Norient Closes, 4 ac and 31/2ac., 1678, cf. Norrians. Otterpond Fields, 75 ac. Of M. Parke, 1607 Oureslonds, 7 ac. Of M. Redbourne, (Joane, w. of Thos. Ower, died 1519, holding a tenement in Redbourne Street)

83 The Over, alias New Mill field, 7 ac. Bought of Jno. Baskerfield, c Over Fields. Of M. Gorhambury. Ric. Dolling surrendered these to the Lord of the Manor, Overs Meadow &c. Of M. Redbourne. Cottage and Cotland called Overeys, Overies Lane, Messuage, and House called Overys, and Overys Close, 8 ac., Messuage called Overyes, Overies and Overies Close, 7 ac., 1654, Messuage called Overs, Overies Meade, Overies Close, Overs Meadow, 41/2ac., sold to Vt. Grimston, 20 Dec. 1774, and held with Beaumont Hall Farm, Overupps, 291/2ac., 1745, Owen Greene. Of M. Windridge. Owen Grene near Waterdell, Land and building on the waste called Owen Greene, Owle Hills. Of M. Parke, Five Closes, 43 ac. Ox Croft. Of M. Herons, 1631, Ox Croft, 2 ac., 1647 Le Oxefeld. Of M. Windridge, Oyster Hills. Of M. Kingsbury. " Way leading from Oysturhille to Kingsburye Oyster Hill, 1485, Lands in Oyster Hill, Oyestrey Hills, Oyster Hills, Oystre Hills, Oster Hills, 1601, Oyster alias Ostrey alias Ostrye alias Oystine Hills, Oister alias Oistrie Hills, Oyster Hills, Ulster Hills, 16 ac., Oshter Hills, Ulster Hills, Oyster Hills, 431/4ac., c (The King in 1606 leased to Robt. Brooke the Home Wood at a rent of 33/4 and four loads of Western Ostry faggots p.a.). The Padox, 3 ac. Of M. Parke, The Padoxes, 4 ac., of same, Pale Field, 12 ac. With Duncroft, Palmers. Of M. Redbourne. Wm. Palmer surr. a Messuage called Palmerslond, sometime of Thos. Palmer, to the Lord of the Manor, who granted it to his s. Wm. Palmer jun., Jn. Peacock, s. h. of Ric. P., adm. to Palmers londs (between Greene Croft and Jeroms Mare) and to Jeroms Rudings, Greene Croft, Wike Croft, Further Croft, and Shod alias Scoyd Croft, in all c. 48 ac

84 Tenement called Norhamtons, late of Jn. Palmer, Messuage, and parcel of Oakehurst londs, sometime of Thos. Palmer, Thos. Peacock dead 1587, having surr. Palmers to his s. Thos. Peacock. Messuage called Palmers, and 20 ac., Palmers Croft, 1626, Messuage called Palmers at Wood End, Acreage of Palmers, 69 ac. in Sir Harbottle Grimston bought reversion to Palmers after death of Kath. Lowe. Palmers leased to Philip and Jn. Smith, The Three Cherry Trees alias Palmers, Vt. Grimston leases Palmers to Fras. Rawson, 1742, with Premises 4 ac., Crofts 6 ac., Sallow Pightle 3 ac., Stellacre 10 ac., Sleave alias Stell acre 14 ac., Wood fields 12 ac., Broad alias Bush field 6 ac., Waterdell 12 ac., Readings 3 ac., Pightle, Broadfield 13 ac., Minitts, Bury field, and Pease Croft (now called Upper and Lower Bury fields or Peas Croft) 19 ac., and also a Messuage called Whites, with Hangmans Crofts 14 ac., and Bury field 5 ac. Acreage of Palmers alias the Three Cherry Trees, 1221/2ac. in Paper Mills. Of M. Sopwell, Leased at 28 to Jn. Hammerton, To be rebuilt as a Corn Mill, and leased to Thos. Dagnall, Held by Widow Dagnall, Acreage then213/4ac. Parke alias Parkebury. Manor. The property of St Albans Abbey until the Dissolution. K. Henry VIII granted it, , to Anthony Denny Esq., with Claypits, 7 ac., next to Eiwood. Denny died , leaving s. h. Henry, who died , leaving s. h. Sir Edward Denny, who on 1 May 1607 sold the site, Mansion House, and lands to Wm. Colles and Jas. Mayne, gents., who sold them to Robt. Briscoe, and he to Baptist Hicks. (Clutterbuck's Herts 1, 227). The Park &c. Of various Manors. Close of wood called Le Parks, and 6 ac. in Le Parke, of M. Windridge, The Park, of M. Redbourne, 1535, First and Second New Parks, now called Nine Acres and Little Park, 311/2ac. and 231/2ac., with Westwick Hall, Parke field, 55 ac., now divided, with same, The Parke, 6f ac., of St. Amphiballs, , Park Fields &c. Of various Manors. Parke fields. 30 ac., of St. Amphiballs, 1651, Parke fields, 83

85 14 ac. and 16 ac., 1654, Parke Meadow, 20 ac., and Parke Valley, 84 ac., of M. Parke, Parke Meade, 12 ac., 1651, 1667, Parke Mylle, of M. Parke, Parke Vallies 163/4ac., with Hedges, Park Wood, 5ac., of Gorhambury Woods, Parksoken. In St. Stephens. Parksokne, Parkesoken, The Parlour Cottage. Of St. Amphiballs, Parly Croft. Of M. Redbourne, Parsons Field. Of M. Kingsbury, Parsons fields, seven closes, 50 ac., next Darnell Lane, 1659, Parsons field, at Potters Crouch, Partable Croft. Of M. Redbourne, 1519, Partis Lond. Of M. Windridge, Pasture Fields. Of M. Windridge. Pasters field, 10 ac., at Potters Crouch, Pasture fields, 12 ac., at same, 1665, 1794, Path Pightle, 41/2ac. With Hill End Farm, Peacocks Lane &c. Of M. Redbourne. Pecokkeslonds, Peacocks Lane, (Walter Peacock held adjacent lands, ). Pear Tree Field, 10 ac. At Potters Crouch, Do., 9 ac., Peas Croft &c. Of various Manors. Peas Croft, 6 ac., with Palmers, c Peas Croft, 6 ac., with Megdell, Peas Croft, 10 ac., at Potters Crouch, c Pease field, an old enclosure in Gorhambury Park (map). Pease field, 34 ac., with Butlers, Peasfield, 3 ac., at Maiden Crouch, c Peck Field, 17 ac. With Butlers, Pecks Croft and Spring, 7 ac., with same, Pegs Field, 4 ac. Sold from Westwick Farm, Penny Croft &c. Of G. W. P. Pennie Land, 60 ac., 36 ac., 9 ac., and 2 ac., , Penny Croft, 31/2ac., with Hatchen Green, Sold to Vt. Grimston, Perrots. Of G. W. P. Parrots, 40 ac., Perrots, 60 ac., , Peterburgh Lond. Of M. Redbourne. With Crowche, The Peter Key, alias The Cross Key. In St. Albans, 1698, Petitestament, 3 ac. Of G. W. P.,

86 Pettam Field. Of M. Redbourne. Pettam field, with Beaufitzlond, Pittens field, with Deane End Farm, Pitkins alias Pitings, of M. Redbourne, Phillipps Croft. Of G. W. P. Phippes Croft,11/2 ac., Do., 1 ac., 1559-bo. Phyppes Croft, Phillipps Croft,11/4ac., Phillips Spring, alias Moores Grove. Of M. Redbourne. Abutting on Brownes Meade, Pickbones. Of M. Redbourne. Sold (Granary late of Jn. Pykebon in Westwyk, Wm. Pickbone mentioned in M. Kingsbury, 1587;. Pickerings. Of m. Sopwell. Land called Pickerings, Piers Lane. Of M. Windridge, , Peires fields, of the same, Piggotts Close. Of M. Redbourne. Piccotts Close, sometime in Beech field, Piggotts Close, in Beech field, Piccotts alias Piggotts Close, 21/4ac., abut, on Agnells Lane, Pinnings Hill &c. Of M. Redbourne. Pynnyngs Grove, Lands called Pynnyngs, Pinnings Hill, 81/2ac., with Southes, 1630, 1697, Do., 9 ac., 1638, Pynings Hill, Pynnings field and Grove, Pinnings Hill, with South End Farm, 1697, Pinnings Grove, 1718, Pitkins. cf. Pettam Field. Pittswick. Of M. Kingsbury. Pasture lands called Pittswick, Plaisters. Of M. Windridge. Messuage called Plasters, with Feverills, White Apple Tree field, Plasters Croft, Apps Croft, and Bramley Croft, in all 40 ac., The Plaisters and lands, Plaisters and 40 ac. to Plaisters and 50 ac., Sold to Sir Harry Pope Blount, In 1679 and 1712 the lands were: Plaisters, with White Apple Tree field, Feverills, Horse Pasture Pightle alias Goodwills Croft, White Blunts, and Thisly field alias Slatt or Slad Blunts. Plaistow, Plaisten, alias Plaisters, Plash Field. Of G. W. P. Playe field, 25 ac., t. Henry VIII. Plassefield, 1560, Plashefylde, Playshefield cum Childhurst, Plasshefeld, 20 ac., Gt. and Long Plash fields, 20 ac., Plaish fields, 20 ac.,

87 Apparently called Clashfields, 20 ac., Playdells. Ancient Manor. The Priory of Praye received 22/6 rent for Playdell in Hemsted, Toft and Cotland called Playdells, Playdell Lands, 1526, Manor of Playdell among possessions of Praye Nunnery, " Pladell, Playcrofts, cum aliis"80 ac., of G. W. P., Toft called Playdell, Playdalls, Messuage called Pleadalls, Pleadals Farm, Plettons Field, 8 ac. With Butlers, Plucks Bushes, 7 ac. Of G. W. P., Of Gorhambury Woods, Pluck Bushes, 7 ac., of the same, Plumbers Close. Of G. W. P. Thos. Plomer mentioned in M. Redbourne, Two acres called Plomers in Over South field, Ric. Plomer adm. to cottage on Redbourne Heath, Plumbers Close, 7 ac., with Hatching Green Farm, Plyttslond Pond. Of G.W.P., Plytts Wycks, Pokecroft, Pokyscroft. Of M. Redbourne. With Beaufitzlond, Pollards. Of M. Redbourne. Pollards field, 8 ac., with Finches on the Hill, Field (formerly two) called Pollards, 18 ac., Two Closes (formerly one) called Pollards, 18 ac., Upper and Further Pollards, 81/2ac. and 83/4ac., with Winches Hill Farm, c Pomely Acre. Of M. Redbourne. With Maynolfes, Pond Field &c. Of various Manors. Pond field, 24 ac., of G. W. P., , Pond Close, 8 ac., of M. Kingsbury, 1654, Do., called Eight Acres,73/4ac., 1749, Pond Close, alias Felmer, 9 ac., of M. Redbourne. Pond Close, now Sawpitt field, 33/4ac., with Blackwater Farm, Pond Close, of M. Sopwell, 1603, Pond field, Pond Croft, Pond Mead, with various farms. Pond field Hill, with Breakspears, Le Ponde Gardyn. Of M. Sopwell, Pond House. Of G. W. P. Held with Verulam 86 1/2

88 House, Occupied by Sir Jn. Underhill and w. Alice, Vss. St. Albans, Pond Herons. Of M. Redbourne. Pondsherne, 1516, , Ponsherne, Pondshearne, Ponce fields, 1625, Also Ponshorne and Potshearne. Gt. and Lit. Pond Herons. 111/4ac. and103/4ac., with Beaumont Hall Farm, c Pondislonds. Of M. Redbourne. Toft and ferlingate called Pondislonds, Pondyslonds, Perhaps same as Pond Herons. Pooles Virgate. Of M. Windridge. Poor Dell, 8 ac. Of M. Redbourne. Poor Dell, formerly Minetts, with Palmers, Poor Field. Of M. Windridge. Gt. and Lit. Poor Fields, with Aps Pond Farm, c Port Lane. At South End, Potters Crouch. Of various Manors. Ric. le Pottere surrendered a " place next the Kings Way at Potters Crouch", , and died holding a Cotland, , to wh. his s. h. Wm. Pottere was adm. Wm. Pottere was a juror, , and there is mention of a Potter family to , when Jn. Potter was a juror. Potter, of G. W. P., Potters, 55 ac., Le Potterescrouch, next the way leading from St. Albans to Langley, Potters Londes, of M. Windridge, Potts Crouch, Potters Crouche, of M. Kingsbury, Potters Grove and Potters cum Wanes, of G. W. P., Potters Crouch, two Farms, c Acreage then 2753/4ac. and 933/4ac. Potwell. Of M. Sopwell, 1765, Hirons Potwells, Pound Field. Of various Manors and Farms. Perhaps sometimes same as Pond field. Poyners Wick, 81/2ac. With South End Farm, Pratts. Of G W. P. Pratts Crofts, Prattes, 60 ac., Thos. Beche surr. a messuage and 40 ac., late of Roger Pratt, and formerly of Jn. Sarre, to Ralph Rowlett, Hither and Further Pratts, and Pratts Bottom Close, 41/2ac., 81/2ac. and 5 ac., at Bedmond, c (Jas. Prat holds lands at Julianes Grove, ). The Praye. Manor. Warin, Abbot of St. Albans, founded the Hospital of St. Mary de Pratis, c K. John gave ac. in Esebroc to the 87

89 monks of St. Mary de Pree, He granted a Fair to Praye, 8 Sep. 1199, and K. Richard III confirmed this grant, 19 May Accounts of the Prioress of Praye, , have: " Robt. Pegge for ferme of the Manor of Praye 7 including " the Rede Hall within the Praye, a House in the Praye, and a stable without Praye Gate" A deed of the Prioress, 23 Jan , has "the ferme called the Mannor Place of Praye Thos. Wolsey, Abbot of St. Albans, c , suppressed the Hospital of St. Mary de Pratis or de Pree, 1524, K. Henry VIII granted to him personally the Monastery and lands of Pree, 6 June 1528, and afterwards granted the site to Ralph Rowlett, 12 May Mention of Le Preye and the Manor of Preye, The Pray, The Pray Manor House, 1676, The Prae was held with Maynes by Henry Tombes Smith, "A Manor Court was Holden at Praye in 23 Henry VIII " (Index of Names, 1597). Praye Field &c. Praye Closse, Pray Croft cum aliis, 80 ac., Praye feld, of M. Kingsbury, Pray field, 201/4ac., with the Praye, Praefield,213/4ac., with Maynes and the Praye, Praye Hangings, 1569, Prae Hangings, 23 ac., of Gorhambury Woods, Pray Marslaynes, 14 ac., and Pray Marsh Slade, 23 ac., with Maynes, Pray Mars laynes alias Marslades, 14 ac., with Maynes, Praye Meade, 4 ac., of G. W. P., Pray Mead, of M. Kingsbury, 1496, Praye Meade, 16 ac., with the Praye, P ra Y Mills, and premises, 31/2ac., 1659, Praye Pightle, 11/4ac., of M. Kingsbury, Do., with Maynes, Pray Wode, Praye Wood of Gorhambury Woods, Prae Wood, 163 3/4 ac., of the same, Prae Wood field, 2 ac., with Handleys Farm, Prae Wood Farm alias Duncroft, 831/4ac., Precious Field. Of M. Redbourne. Prices Peece, 5 ac., at Beson End, Do., 6 ac., 1717 Prices Peece, to Prices alias Pretious Peece, Do., 5 ac., Precious field, 61/2ac., with Beson End Farm, Preescot. Of G. W. P. Preescot, 5 ac., with Megdale, Peascroft, with same, Prees- 88

90 cott, with same, Peascroft, 6 ac., with same, Press Fields. Of M. Windridge. Prestefelde, Preistfield, 30 ac., and Lit. Preistfield, 10 ac., 1653, Gt. and Lit. Press fields, 30 1/4 ac. and 12 ac., with Windridge Farm, Priors Croft. Of St. Amphiballs &c. Priors Croft, 3 ac., 1628, Priors field, 5 ac. Solomon Smyth sells Pryors Croft to Samuel Grimston, 15 Apl Wm. Grimston admitted, 1707, and Vt. Grimston, Pryors Croft, with Butlers, Priors Mead. Of St. Amphiballs. Sir Harbottle Grimston sells Priors Meade next Redbourne Mill for 100 to Martha Beaumont, 24 Sep Priors Mead, with Wrights Farm, (Wm. Prior on jury of M. Kingsbury, 1602). Prowde Croft, alias Strowde Croft. Of M. Parke, Pump Field, 133/4ac. Of M. Windridge, Purseleyns Londs. Of M. Redbourne. Messuage and half yard land called Purseleyns Londs, Pruselys londs, Purselyes, Pursers Field and Culvers Field, 20 ac. Of M. Sopwell, 1603, Queache Close. Of M. Kingsbury, Quicksies. Of M. Redbourne. Ferlingate called Quikkeslonds, Quyckseys alias Quyckslond, 7 ac., Seven acres in a field called Quickses, 1600, Quicks land, 1615, Quickseys, Quicksys, 1618, Three small Closes called Quickses, 5 ac., Three little Closes called Quicksies, 8 ac., Quicksies, 81/4ac., Surrendered to Sir Harbottle Grimston, 3 May, Held with St. Affables Chapel, (Robt. Quick was son in law to Ric. Finch, 1666). Two Radyscrofts. Of M. Redbourne. With Beaufitzlond, Redyswick, of same, 1492, Redyswyk, Rainoldeslond. Of M. Windridge. Held by Wm. Brekespere, Ramridges. Sir J. Garrard gave 20 p.a. to Whethamsted Church from his farm called Ramridges, 1637, " now called West End, 1647." Rams Croft. Of G. W. P. Rams Croft cum aliis, 89

91 1551, 1560, Rams Croft and Little Rams Croft, old Enclosures in Gorhambury Park (map). Rams Crofts alias Maries Crofts, 14 ac., at Hill End, 1653, Rams Croft now Hither Hilly field, 7 ac., with Hill End Farm, Ramsdells. Of M. Sopwell. Ramsdell, Ramsoms alias Ramsdells, with Cunningham Hills, Ramsden Crofts. Of M. Gorhambury. Jn. Marston surrenders these, with Dorsmers &c., Ramseys. Of M. Sopwell. Ramseys, 18 3/4 ac., with Cunningham Hills, Gt. and Lit. Ramseys, 61/2ac. and11/4ac., with Cell Barnes, Randolfes. Of M. Redbourne. Toft and 1 ac. called Randolfes, with Maynolfes on the Hill, Randolfes, Ranolfes Croft and Pightle, Reynolds Croft, Rannes Wood. Of M. Sopwell, Gt. Rassletts, 43 ac. Of M. Parke, Ravens Pightle. Of M. Redbourne. Ravynscroft, Ravens Pightle, with Jeromes, 1607, Do., 9 ac., at Nettleden field in South End, Do., 21/2ac., Ravens Pightle " before 1694 part of Eleven Acre field." Do., 23/4ac., with Winches Hill, c Do., 31/2ac., with Jeromes, Raye Dole. Of M. Redbourne. With Crowch, Rayle Field, 4 ac. Of M. Redbourne. With Maynolfes on the Hill, Readings (Reddings, Riddings, Roodings, Rudings &c.). Of various Manors. a. Readings, 15 ac., of G. W. P., Readings Land, 40 ac., of same, Readings Croft, 7 ac., of same, Readings Pightle, 3 ac., 1665, Reading Wick, 91/4ac., with Bedmond House Farm, c Le Ryddyng, of M. Windridge, b. Black Reddings. At Westwick. Blacks Ruddings, 5 ac., Blacke Redynge, Common called Blake Redinge, Blakes Readinge, Black alias Wood Reddings, 1655, Long alias Black Readings, 2 ac., c. Church Redding 6 ac. At Revel End, d. Gt. and Lit. Ruddinge. Of G. W. P.,

92 6o. Jn. Laseby surr. Gt. Ridynge, 9 ac., to his s. Richard, Ric. Laseby holds Lit. Ruddings, 6 ac., His s. Robt. Laseby adm Gt. Ridinge, 9 ac., e. Jeroms Roodings, 3 ac. With Palmers, f. Long Readings. At Westwick. Long alias Black Readings, 2 ac., Long Readings, 5 ac., surr. to Sir Harbottle Grimston, 16 Dec Long Readings, 173/4ac., with Westwick Farm, g. Upper and Lower Readings, 93/4ac. and 13 ac. With Herons, h. Wood Readings. At Westwick. Wood Redinge, 20 ac., of G. W. P., , Wood reden, 21 ac., Ric. Bune surr. two waste lands called Woodd Redings, which the Lord gave him for life, Wadredinge, two crofts, 20 ac., Wood Redyngs, 20 ac., Wood Reddynge, 10 ac., One acre in Wood Reddings, 1583, Wood Reddinges, 16 ac., Black alias Wood Reddings, c Hither and Further Wood Readings, 71/4ac., with Westwick Corner Farm, Real Hatch. Of M. Redbourne. Reld Hatch, 3 ac., at Wood End, Reede Hatch, 2 ac., Reld Hatch, 2 ac., 1640, 1658, Reall Hatch. 2 ac., Real Hatch and Kites Brook,11/2ac., with Cross Lanes Farm, c. 1800, Redbourne. Manor. Egelinus the Swarte and his w. Wynfleda gave Redbourne to St. Albans Abbey t. Edward the Confessor. The Abbot held 7 hides and 1 virgate there, and Amelgar held 31/2 virgates there of him, 1086 (Doomsday Book). Adam de Redburna a monk of the Abbey, The men of Redburn joined Wat Tyler's insurrection, The Abbot bought the Manor of Aynell in Redburn, Abbot Wm. Albon bought lands in Redburn, The King confirmed K. John's Grant of a Fair at Redborne, K. Henry VIII gave the Manor of Redburn to Ralph Rowlett, 12 May, 1540 (?). Computus Roll of the Abbey, 1543 : " Farm of the Manor of Redborne Customary tenants there /4." The Manor remained in the Crown till 10 Jan , when K. James I gave it to trustees for his 91

93 s. Charles for 99 years. The surviving trustees, on 16 May 1651, conveyed the Manor to Wm. Williams and others for residue of the term, and they to Sir Thos. Meautys, from whose trustees it eventually passed to Sir Harbottle Grimston. Redbourne Bury. Leofstan, 12th. Abbot of St. Albans, obtained Redburnham for the Abbey, c Sir Harbottle Grimston leased to Daniel Whitely the Manor House of Redbourne Bury, 3 Oct. 1654, with Ingshott, 30 ac.. Gt. and Lit. Horsleas, 52 ac. and 4 ac., Gt. and Lit. How fields, 35 ac. and 14 ac., Mill Croft, 14 ac.. Old field, 7 ac., Green Lane, 2 ac., Cowleas, 21 ac., Ingledon alias Shingledon Meade, 5 ac., and Calveswick Meade, 6 ac. Rent 130 in Acreage 3071/2ac. in Redbourne Bury Mills, A water grist mill, Rent 23 in Redbourne Paper Mills and 141/2ac., Redbourne Church End, &c. Redbourne Church yard, Do., Church End, Redbourne Green, Redbourne Heath, Redbourne Mill, Redbourne Street, Redbourne Townesend, Redbourne Rectory. Computus Roll of St. Albans Abbey, 1543 : " Farm of the Rectory of Redborne, 30." Anthony Bacon gave the Rectory to trustees of his Will, 8 Nov Thos. Beynon mortgaged it, Mortgage transferred to Jn. Darker, Redbourne St. Amphiballs. Manor. In Computus Roll of St. Albans, : " Redburn Priory with Manor called Pryory de Redburn." K. Henry VIII granted the Manor of the Priory of Redbourne to Jn. Cock, It was sold to trustees of Vt. Grimston, Redhoods. Of M. Parke. A Farthingale called Redd Hoods, of M. Parke, Redhoods sold to Jn. Mc. Taggart, Left to Jn. Yelloly and another in trust, (Roger Redhod, s. of Walter Redhod, mentioned in Windridge Rolls, He was fined 4d. for taking a hare, Roger Redhood a juror of Windridge, Mention of his w. Matildn, , ). The Red Lyon. Of M. Redbourne. Le Redd Lyon in Redbourne Street between Le Bell and Sheers, 92

94 to West, and Le Rose and Crowne, to East, The Lyon, Le Red Lyon formerly Le Bell and Sheares, The Red Lyon next the Rose and Crown and the Bell and Sheers, now called the Red Lyon, Messuage, once the Bell and Shears, now the Red Lion, Reeves. At Abbots Langley, Mentioned in Sopwell deed. Revel End. Of M. Redbourne. Hauncheley alias the Revell at Rotherfield, Revell End alias Rotherfield End, Rotherfield alias Revell End, Upper Revill Wicke, 1/2 ac., Great Revills, 81/2ac., Messuage and Lands at Revell End, Do., 40 ac., Messuage or farm at Revill alias Rotherfield End, Revell End, 1667, Reyers Lond. Of M. Redbourne, Reynolds Acre. cf. Randolfes. Richardes Croft. Of M. Windridge, , Rick Field, 2 ac. Of M. Redbourne, Enclosed from Beech field. Ridge Downe. Of M. Redbourne. A common field, Parts separately called Ridge Downe, Netheridge Downe, and Everidge Downe. Ridge Hills. Of M. Sopwell, Redge Hills River Field,183/4ac. Of M. Kingsbury, River field, formerly Kingsbury Little Field, Robens Free Land, 30 ac. Of G. W. P., Roberdys. Of M. Redbourne. Wm. Roberts surr. a Messuage and half yardland called Roberdys, formerly Bestneys, to Jn. Hyde and w. Joan, They surr. the same to Ralph Rowlett and w. Elizabeth, Robyns Croft. Of M. Redbourne. With Hogges, Robin Springs, at Hill End, 1626, Robens (?), 2 ac., with Hill End Farm, (Jn. Robyn and others held woods called Hathelonds at Hill End, 1433). The Robin Hood. Of M. Kingsbury. The Robbin Hood, Le Robin Hood, Robin Hood Farm, Acreage 41 ac., in Vt. Grimston leased to Minor Colley a farm called Blacklands at Townsend alias Robin Hood Farm, Robolottys Hill. Of M. Redbourne,

95 Rocketts. Of M. Kingsbury. Wm. Rockett, gent., a juror of M. Kingsbury, Rocketts, late of Wm. Rockett, next St. Germines lands and abut, on Vicarage Lane alias Butts Lane, Rocketts, 3 closes, 10 ac., Rocketts, 10 ac., 1662, Rosketts, 10 ac., Rogers Grove. Of M. Redbourne. With Menalls on the Hill, 1615, Romeland. Of M. Kingsbury. In St. Albans, The Rose and Crowne. In Redbourne Street, cf. The Red Lyon. The Rose and Crowne. Of M. Kingsbury. In St. Michael St. Held by Jn. Marston, 1639, by Jn. Addams, The Rose, The Rose and Crowne, 1659, Le Rose and Crowne Hospice, The Rose and Crown, Rose Croft, &c. Of G. W. P. Rose Croft, 4 ac., Rose Croft, 4 ac., with Blackwater Pond House, Rose Close, 4 ac., Rose wick, 3 ac., 1710, 1724, Rose Fields. Of G. W. P Hither and Further Rose fields, 8 ac. and 8 ac., with Megdell, 1713, Probably same as Hither and Further Lower fields, 7 1/2 ac. and73/4ac., with Megdell, Roseings Pightle. Of M. Windridge, Rose Pond Field, 5 ac. Of M. Redbourne. With Jeromes, 1623, 1661, 1709, Rose Pond Close, of M. Redbourne, Rosewicke. Of M. Redbourne (?). Sir Nicholas Bacon exchanges Rosewyck, 12 ac., for other lands, Rosewyck, 12 ac., Messuage called Rowswicke at South End, Messuage called Rosewicke, , Cottage called Rosewicke, cf. Wrotheswyk. (Wm. Rose held lands in M. Redbourne before John Rose held lands at Hill End early in 16th century). Rotherfield End. Of M. Redbourne. Messuage and ferlingate called Rutherfield, 1517, with North Pightle. Lit. Rudyngs. Martins Lond, the Clay. Nynnines Dell, Sallow field, Stokyns, Stocking Grove and Croft, Long Grovys Lond, and Tyles acre, in all 63 ac. The same, Rutherfield Lane, Rotherfield Hatchcroft, with Maynolfes on the Hill, Retherfeldwyk, Rotherfield End, Rytherfeild 94

96 End, Rotherfield alias Revell End, Messuage or farm at Revill alias Rotherfield End, (Thos. Rotherfelde held Playdells alias Jonettes Londs before 1526). Rothings. Of M. Windridge. Rothyngrove, Rothings, 70 ac., Rothyull, (Ric. Rothings, a juror in M. Windridge, ) Rough Bentlies, 33 ac. Of M. Parke, Round Close &c. Of various Manors. Round Close, 5 ac., abut, on South End Lane, of M. Redbourne, Round Coppices, 15 1/2 ac., with Cell Barnes, Round alias Pound Meadow, of M. Sopwell, Round Meadow, 5 ac., of M. Parke, Round Meadow, 4 ac., with St. Jermaynes, Round Meadow, 21/4ac., of M. Kingsbury, 1749, Round Spring, of Gorhambury Woods, Round Wood, at Potters Crouch, Row Croft. Of M. Redbourne. With Bakers, Row Croft, 16 ac., at Wood End, Rowe Croft, 18 ac., Rowceslonds, alias Downelonds. Of M. Redbourne. At South End, Rowdell Fields. Of M. Windridge, Lands in Rowdell field, with Herons, Rowdell Common, with Herons, 1631, The Rudyngs. Of various Manors. The Rudyngs, with Crowch, 1518, Lit. Rudyngs, Rudyngs Lane, of M. Kingsbury, Rydyngs Lond, of G. W. P., cf. Readings. Rumley Marsh Fields, 91/4ac. and 121/4ac. Of M. Windridge, Rumley Marsh Drift Lane, at Potters Crouch, The Running Horse, now called the Green Man, q.v. Rush Field, &c. Of various Manors. Rush field, 101/4ac., with Hill End Farm, Rushey field, 18 ac., of M. Kingsbury, Rush Mede, of M. Sopwell, 1649, Rush Mere, of M. Redbourne, Gt. and Lit. Rushmere, Rushmore and Lit. Rushmore, together 12 ac., Gt. and Lit. Rushmore, 12 ac., with Copt Hall, The same, 61/4 ac. and 41/2 ac., c Rushy Croft, with Cell Barnes. Rye Croft, &c. Of various Manors. Rye Croft, a common field of M. Redbourne, Rey 95

97 Croft, Two Rye Crofts, Rve Croft and Spring, with Curtis, Lit. Rye Close alias Bryers Croft, of M. Kingsbury, Rye fields, of M. Herons, Rynnes Field. Of M. Redbourne, Saburgh Lond. Of M Redbourne. Messuage and ferlingate called Saburgh Lond, formerly of Tn. Longe alias Whitlocke, Wm. Biggs adm. to Saburgh Lond, 1523, with lands in Hoggslond, Veryngslond, Lane Acre, Bought Acre, Watterslond, Ten Akyrs. Shalford Crofts, Botlers Meade, Childwyke Meade, Whitlocks Cotild, Morsgrove, Southees Tenement, Worthes Cotild, and Robyns Croft, in all c. 38 ac. Shaburgh Crofts, 1513, Sadle Field. Of G. W. P., A Safron Croft. Of M. Kingsbury. Near St. Michaels Cemetery, St. Affables Chapel, alias St. James Chapel. Wm. Beaumont and Fras. Sells sell the same to Sir Har bottle Grimston, 22 Oct Leases to various tenants to 1758, at rents 101 to 144. Now called Fish St. Farm. Acreage 202 3/4 ac. in St. Germines. Of M. Kingsbury. St. Jarmyns Chappell and premises, and St. Jermyns Prycks, 3 ac., late of St. Albans Abbey. Messuage called St. Jermaynes, and lands, Capital Messuage or Mansion House called St. Jermines, St. Germines lands, St. Germines Upper and Lower Peeces, 8 ac. and 5 ac., of M. Kingsbury, 1659, St. Johns. St. Johns Crosse, St. Johns Close, St. Johns Lane alias Batchwood Lane, and St. Johns Peece, St. Julians. Of M. Sopwell. Magister infirmorum Sti. Juliani, Hospital of St. Julian, without St. Albans, K. Henry VIII grants the same to Ric. Lee, 2 June, St. Julians Barn St. Julians field, 55 ac., St. Julians field, 5 ac., with Hedges, cf. Gilionesfeld St. Mary Butts, 2 ac. Of M. Redbourne, 1614, At Revel End, St. Michaels Mills. Of M. Redbourne. St. Michaels Mills, formerly a Mault mill, Sold to Sir Harbottle Grimston, St. Stephens. Of M. Kingsbury. St. Stevyns felde, 96

98 of M. Kingsbury, St. Stephens held, 30 ac., ot same, bt. Stephens Grounds, 30 ac., Sir Harbottle Grimston sells four closes called St. Stephens Grounds, 30 ac., next to St. Germans, for 400 to Jn. Dell, 9 Feb., Salcocks. Of m. Kingsbury. Salcokks, Salcocks, Salcockes alias Barley Close, Salcocks, alias Barley Croft, opposite the Almes House, Sallow Field. Of M. Redbourne. Sallow field with a messuage called Rutherfield, Lands in Sallow Croft, Sallowe field, 3 ac., Sallow field Common, , Do., 10 ac., Sallow field, 3 ac., with Palmers, 1665, Sallow Pightle, 21/2ac., with Palmers, Sallow field, 10 ac., at Revel End, Salters. Of M. Redbourne. Upper and Lower Salters and Salters Meade, with Wrights Farm, Salters Meadow, ac., with Beaumont Hall Farm, Saly Path. Of M. Westwick, Salipath Tenement, (Sally is said to be Willow). Sampsons. Of M. Redbourne. Messuage called Sampsons at Wood End, 1642, with Crofts 5 ac., two Campsfields 8 ac., Burdens Herne 1 ac., Reddings 4 ac., Lit. Reddings 3/4 ac., Lawrence Wicke3/4ac., Five Acres 3 ac., and Half Acre1/2ac. Sampsons, 1656, with Premises 1 ac., Great Reddings 4 ac., Two Little Kemps fields 91/2ac., the Croft 6 ac., and Burdens Herne 1 ac. Sampsons and 22 ac., Sand Field, &c. Of various Manors. Sand field, of M. Kingsbury, Sand field, 24 ac., Do., 14 ac., 1749, Sandfield Spring, 21/2ac., of Gorhambury Woods, 1667, Sandy field, with Bedmond House Farm, c Sand Pitt Field. Of G. W. P. With the Praye, 111/4ac., With Hill End and late part of the Praye, With Hill End,113/4ac., Sandridge Meadow. Of M. Parke, 1607, Sanfoin Fields. Of M. Redbourne, &c. Gt. and Lit. Sainfoin fields, 51/4ac. and 21/4ac., once together Hangsmans Croft, with Palmers, Saintfoin field, 53/4ac., with Fish St. Farm, Sanfoin field, 43/4ac., with Bedmond House Farm, c

99 The Saracens Head. Of St. Amphiballs, Savage. Of G. W. P., Saw Pitt Field, &c. Of various Manors. Saw Pitt field, formerly Pond Close, 33/4ac., with Blackwater Farm, Saw Pitt field, 61/4ac., with Butlers, Saw Pit field, 133/4ac., at Potters Crouch, Saw Pit Meadow, of M. Sopwell, Sawyers Hill. Of G. W. P. Sares Hatche, 3 ac., Sares Land, 40 ac., Messuage and 40 ac., formerly of Jn. Sarre, Sares Howse, Sares and Newe Mill Crofts, Thos. Sare mentioned 1564, Thos. Sarce holds Stonards, Lodge field alias Seyers Hill, 12 ac., Sawyers Hill, of Westwick Hall, Lodge field alias Seyers Hill, 12 ac., of same, 1658, Gt. and Lit. Sawers alias Sawyers Hill, an old Enclosure in Gorhambury Park, 1658, Sawydes Hill, 27 ac., Sayers Hills alias Lodge field, 121/4ac., with Westwick Hall, 1667, Sawyers Hill, Gt. and Lit. Lodge field, with same, Sea Field. With Jeromes. Lower Sea Field, 8 ac., Searth fields, Sea fields, Lit. Sea field, 81/4ac., with Jeromes, Searches. Of M. Windridge. Ric. Sarich, a juror of. M. Windridge, Search of M. Windridge, Saryches, 80 ac., of same, Tenement called Serchers, and 19 ac., Searchers and 80 ac., Searches Pightle, Searches and 80 ac., Searches, 1711, 1736, Searchs, The Scrowles, 14 ac. Rough ground of M. Parke, Sears Common, 93/4ac. Of M. Herons, 1789, Sears, of M. Sopwell, (Thos. Seare of Whethampsted mentioned 1720). Sellcupp. Of M. Westwick. Sellcupp, 73/4ac., With Westwick Hall, 1653, 1667, 1679, Land called Selcupe, Sells Field. Of M. Sopwell. At Shenley, Sello's Field, 121/2ac. With Redbourne Bury, Seluystris, Serge Hill. Of M. Windridge. Sergehyll, Sarge Hill, Serge Hill, 1666, Sage Hill, 1666, Serge Hill Green, 1691, Sage Hill,

100 The Sert. Of M. Redbourne. Certs, abutting on Lincolne Ashe, Serte, Sertes, The Serte, Sert, 11 ac., Serts, The Sert, 11 ac., Do., 7 ac., with Deane End House, Sextons Grove. Of G. W. P. Sextons Grove, 10 ac., , , Twelve acres of wood and a grovet called Sextons Grove and Maryans Bosshes, 1569, to be surr. to Sir Nicholas Bacon after the death of Dorothy Rogers. Sextons Grove, 1603, Sextons Grove and Marrians Bushes, 54 ac., with Hill End, Bush Groves alias Sextons Grove and Marrians Bushes, 54 ac., Sold to Trustees of Thos. Meautys, " Now called Furzen fields, 31/4ac.," Sextons Wicke, 1 ac. With St. Affables Chapel, Shafford. Of G. W. P., &c. Shawfoord Lane, of M. Kingsbury, Shaweforde, of G. W. P., Meadow near Shawford, License to Anthony Bacon to alienate a barn and 26 ac land at Shawford to Giles Marston, Fras. Bacon repurchases these 1616, and they are sold to trustees of Thos. Meautys, 18 June, Meadow and Spring at Shafford Bridge, with Butlers, Shafforde Meade, 12 ac., at Hog End, Shawford Green, Shafford Meade, 3 ac., Bought for 95 by Sir Harbottle Grimston, 30 May Shafford Spring, 5 ac., of Sir John Underhill and w. Alice, Shafford Grove, 33/4ac., of Gorhambury Woods, Shafford Meade, 4 ac., with Butlers, 1647, 1669, Shafford Meadow, of M. Redbourne, Shafford Meadow, 2 ac., with Maynes and the Praye, Shafford Mill, Shaldford Crofts. Of M. Redbourne. Two Shaldeford Crofts, 51/4ac., Shellford Crofts, Shelford Crofts, Shalfords Crofts, with Hogges, Shaldford Crofts, Sharpenhall, 18 ac. Of G. W. P., Sharps Hearn, 83/4ac. With Bedmond House Farm, c Shaw Mead, &c. Of various Manors. Shaw field, 5 ac., , of G. W. P. The Shaw, 1 ac., Shaw Meade, 6 ac., held with Le George, Shawe Meade, now called the George Meade, 6 ac., 99

101 1654. Shaw alias George Meade, of Redbourne Bury, 1664, 1710, Sheepcote, &c. Of various Manors. Schepcote, of M. Windridge, Le Shepcoot, of same, Sheep Pen field, ac., with Redbourne Bury, Shepe Close (now two), 18 ac., of M. Parke, Shelleys Pits. Of M. Kingsbury. Sheylys Pitts, Shales Pytts, Shelleys Pitts, Sheiles Pitts, Shellies, Do., 5 ac., Shelleys Pitts, 5 ac., Surrendered to E. of Verulam, 11 June Shelloots, 81/4ac., and Lower Shelloots, formerly Long Evesdon, 71/4ac., with Bottom House, Shepherds Cross. Of M. Redbourne. Sheppards Croft, 2 ac., of St. Amphiballs, 1632, Sheppards Croft or Close, formerly Little field, in p. Harpenden. Shepherds Cross, 3 ac., with Beson End Farm, 1717, Shercrofts. Of M. Redbourne. Shercroft, 41/2ac., Do., 5 ac., Shorecroft, Two Shercrofts, 3 ac., Two Sherecrofts, Shingleton Meadow. Of M. Redbourne. Shingleton Meade, Shingledon Meadow, 5 ac., Shingleton Meadow, 43/4ac., with Redbourne Bury, Also called Ingleton Meadow. The Ship. Of M. Redbourne. Cottage in Redbourne Street, once called the Chopping Knife, then the Ship, and now two tenements, Shod Croft, Schoyd Croft. Of M. Redbourne. With Palmers, Short Croft, 31/2ac. Of M. Redbourne, 1626, At Wood End, Short Croft, 4 ac., with Curtis, 1664, Short alias Shaw alias Shae Croft or Close, 4 ac., with same, 1742, Show alias Shaw Croft, 4 ac., Short Hills. With Hatchen Green, 1649, Gt. and Lit. Short Hills, 31/2ac., and 23/4ac., with Hatching Green Farm, Short Hill Wood, Shoulder of Mutton. Of M. Kingsbury. Three Meadows called the Shoulder of Mutton, 15 ac., sold to Sir Harbottle Grimston, 2 Feb Deposition of witnesses in case c. 1655, re the Shoulder of Mutton alias the Abby Meads: " A tenant some time after 1645 divided one meadow 100

102 into two, which made one of them in shape like a shoulder of mutton." Mentioned 1671, Shrew Field. Shrove Field. At Westwick. Shrove field, 131/2ac., of G. W. P., Le Shrolfelde, of M. Windridge, Shraffeld, of M. Westwick, Shrefield, 3 ac., of same, Shrafeld, Sherfeld, Lands in Shreffeld, Sherefeld, Shrove field Hill, Shrofeld Hyll, Shrove field Hill, 1574, 1588, Seven acres in Shrewfield, Five acres in Shrewefylde, Shrowe field, 40 ac., Shrofield, Shrowfield, 2 ac., Shrove field, of M. Westwick, 1552, 1611, 1668, Shrovefield, of M. Windridge, 1631, 1666, Shrew field, 21/2ac., with Westwick Corner Farm, Shrove field, 31/2ac., with Blackwater Farm, 1703, 1737, Shutes Hill. Of M. Kingsbury, Silvertons. Of M. Redbourne. Grove field alias Silver field, 7 ac., at Deane End, 1607, 1633, Three closes called Silvertons, parcel of Norington End Farm, Gt., Middle, and Lit. Silvertons, 1657, Gt. and Lit. Silvertons, Grove field alias Silver field alias Silvertons Close, Six Acres Close. Of M. Gorhambury, Slad Blounts. Of M. Windridge. Slatt Blunts alias Thistley field, Slad Blounts alias Thistley field, with Plaisters, Of M. Windridge, Slade Field, 70 ac. Of M. Parke, Sleave Acre. With Palmers. Sleave Acre alias Stellacre, 14 ac., c Sleave Acre, now Broad field, Slipcott Field. Of M. Windridge. With Winches, The Slipe. Of various Manors. The Slipe, 1 ac., of M. Redbourne, The Slipe Meadow, 1 ac., with Beaumont Hall Farm, The Slipe, of M. Kingsbury, Do., 9 ac., Slough Field, 73/4ac. At Bedmond, c Slousewicke. Of M. Redbourne, Slow Field. Of M. Windridge. With Winches, Small Beer Field, 81/2ac. With South End Farm,

103 Smiths Field, &c. Of various Manors. Smyths, 46 ac., of M. Windridge, Smytes Meade, of M. Redbourne, The Smythe House in Redbourne Street, Smythes Lane, Smithes field, 9 ac., with the Holt, 1644, Hither and Further Smyth fields, with Megdale, Smith field, 5 ac., with same, Do., ac., Smith field, 5 ac., at Potters Crouch, c Stephen Smiths Lands,503/4ac., bought by Vt. Grimston, c Smock Field, 73/4ac. With Butlers, Snotbeech. Of G. W. P. Snotbeche, 7 ac., Do., 9 ac., Hen. Snoth held Veryngs lands after Jn. Veryngs. Elizabeth, wid. of Jn. Finch, now holds them, Eliz. Beche holds Snottebeche, 7 ac., with a Messuage and 60 ac., formerly of Thos. Okeley, cf. Edbeech, Knotbeche, and Notbeech. Socketts Herne. Of M. Redbourne. Saketts Hurnum, with Crowch, Socketts Herne, 1 ac., 1.627, Sockitts Herne, Socketts Herne, abut, on the Lye, Mentioned Solliwells Croft, 2 ac. Of G. W. P., Somerhole Field, 18 ac. Of M. Parke, Sopwell. Manor. The Priory of Sopwell was founded c At the dissolution K. Henry VIII granted the Priory and lands of Sopwell to Richard Lee, 13 Dec. 1538, and the Manor of Sopwell Bury, These were settled upon Humphry Coningsby and w. Mary, The Manor of Sopwell was settled on the marriage of Ric. Sadleir and Joyce Honywood, 8 May Robt. Sadleir settled the Manors of Sopwell, Sopwell Bury, and Newlands on himself and heirs, He sold Newlands to Jn. Ellis, Thos. Saunders and w. Hellen, d. h. of Robt. Sadleir, sold the Manor of Sopwell for 8,550 to Sir Harbottle Grimston, 17 Oct Jn. Ellis sold Newlands to him, 18 Apl Sopwell Gardens, &c. Sopwell Gardens, 3 ac., and Sopwell Gt. Gardens, 2 ac., Sopwell Meadow, c Meadows near Sopwell, 751/4ac., Sopwelle Mulle, In Computus Roll of St. Albans, : Soppwell Mylle. K. Henry VIII granted Sopwell Mill &c. to Ric. Lee, 2 June Robt. Sadleir mortgaged 102 "four

104 watermills under one roof, called Sopwell Mill or New Mill," Sopwell Mill at New Barnes. Gt. Sopwell Wood, formerly Aye Wood, 241/2ac., and Lit. Sopwell Wood, 12 3/4 ac., with Hedges, Southes. South End. Of M. Redbourne. Messuage and ferlingate called Southes, Southees Tenement, with Hogges, Ric. Finch adm. to Souths, Southes, 1532, with a Toft, North Pightell, Agets field, 8 ac., and two Depwells, 17 ac. Messuage called Southes, and ac., 1630, with Naplethorn field, 11 ac., Brodecroft field, 4 1/4 ac., Pinnings Hill, 81/2ac., South field, 81/2ac., and 41/2ac. in Brodfield Common. Southes, 1647, with two Broadfields, 9 ac., Edget field, 9 ac., Hall Wicke, 8 ac., Naplethorn, 10 ac., Breadcroft, 4 ac., Pightle,1/2ac., and Taylors Wicke. Southes at South End, , with 5 ac., and Nynings, Coops Ditch, Dampsons Wicke, Broad Croft, Naplethorn, Dell Naplethorn, Lit. Naplethorn, Broad field, Bred Croft, Hall Wicke and Pightle, Lit. Hey, Pinnings Hill, Aggetts field, Gt. and Lit. Deepwell, in all 115 ac. Souths Farm, 104 ac., 1697, South End Farm, acreage 1381/4ac., South Fields, 81/2ac., with Southes, Gt. and Lit. South fields, 9 ac. and 81/2ac., with Hog End Farm, c Sow Croft, 3 ac. At Revel End, Sow Close, Sowe Longe, 8 ac., at Wood End, The Space,1/2ac. Of Gorhambury Woods, Sparlyngs. Of M. Windridge. Chapmans, 40 ac.. formerly called Sparlyngs, (Wm. Sparlyng held Aldithes londs in Redbourne some time before ). Sparrow Herne Road. Near Crakabone Farm, Sparrow Wick. Of M. Kingsbury. Sparowyke Wood, c Sparrowes Wreeke Close, 1654, Sparrow Wick Close, Sparrowe Wreeke Close, Sparrow Rick field, 24 ac., Sparrow Wreeke, 233/4ac., 1667, Sparrowes Wicke, Sparrows Week Close, Sparrow Wick formerly Sparrow Rick field, 241/4ac., with Kingsbury Farm, Sparrows Wreeke, 12 ac., of Kingsbury Woods, Spar- 103

105 row Wick Wood, 12 3/4 ac., of Gorhambury Woods, Spencers Field. Of M. Redbourne. A common field Spencers field, 4 ac., Do., 5 ac., at Wood End, Lands in Spencers Common, Spencers Croft, 8 ac., at Wood End, Spencers field, 61/4ac., with South End Farm, (Perhaps the Terra Dispensatoris of c cf. Butlers). Spicers Streete. In St. Albans, Spratts. At Potters Crouch, Gt., Long, Upper, and Lower Spratts,183/4ac., 10 ac., 6 ac, and61/2ac., c Spratts, Spratts Grove and Spring, once parcel of Deane End Farm, Spratts Grove, at Potters Crouch, Spratts Grove Wood, 23/4ac., with Beaumont Hall Farm, Spring Field, &c. Of various Manors. Springfield, 3 ac., with Butlers, Wall Close alias Springfield, of M. Sopwell, Springfield, 13 ac., of M. Sopwell, 1699, Springfield,113/4ac., of Meadows near Sopwell, Spring Ponds, of M. Sopwell, c Sprotts Meadow, 1 ac. Of M. Parke, Spurlings, 24 ac. Of G. W. P., t. Ed. III. Do., 46 ac., of same, cf. Sparlyngs, of M. Windridge. Spynneys, alias Wents, alias Four Wants. Of M. Sop well, Squillers. Of various Manors. Squillers, 30 ac. and 4 ac., of G. W. P., Le S'qlers, of M. Windridge, John de Whethamstede, Abbot of St Albans, built a granary at Squillers, Londe called Squylers, of M. Wind ridge, Squylers, of M. Kingsbury, Mention of Manor of Newland Squillers in Computus Roll of St. Albans, Wm. Fortescue holds Squyllers, Squillers, alias Well Close, of M. Kingsbury, Squillers, (Hardwin de Scalers was a large landholder in Herts, 1086). Squirels Bushes. Of Windridge Woods, c Squirrills Bushes, Stable Field. Of various Manors. Stable field, 12 ac., of M. Kingsbury, Do., formerly Butchers Close,123/4ac., of same, Stable 104

106 field,51/4ac., formerly Bottom Gates, with Westwick Farm, Stamford Mill. Of M. Sopwell. Staneford Myll, K. Henry VIII grants Stamford Mill to Ric. Lee, Stanburrough Meadow. Ric. Ranshaw leases Stanberough and Howefylde, Anthony Bacon gives Stanburrough Meadow to trustees, Starve All, 21/2ac. With Crakabone Farm, c Steet Lond. Of M. Windridge (?), Steirte Meadow, 12 ac. Of M. Parke, Stell Acre. Of M. Redbourne. Styles Acre, Two acres called Le Stell Acres, Styles Acres, Ten acres in Stile Acres, Stell Acres, Lands in Stell Acres, Sleave Acre alias Stell Acre, 14 ac., Stell Acre, 10 1/2 ac., with Palmers, Sold to Sir Harbottle Grimston, Still Acre now Middle field, 9 1/4 ac., with Palmers, Stile Field. Of M. Redbourne. With Fosters, Sile field and Crouch field, 9 ac., Sole field and Crouchfield, 9 ac., Stile field, 4 ac., Stile field and Crouch field, 9 ac., Stile fields Close, 4 ac., Still field, Stock Fields. Of M. Sopwell. New Stockt field, Upper, Middle, and Lower Stock fields, 121/2 ac.,103/4 ac. and 121/2 ac., with Hedges, Stocking, &c. Of various Manors. Stocking, Stocking Grove and Croft, with Rotherfield, Stockins, 4 ac., Stokking, Stockins, 44 ac., Stockinge and 60 ac., Four acres in Stockinge, Stockinge, 4 ac., 1567, Stockynge Croft, 3 ac, Stocking, 2 ac., Stocking, at Revel End, 1661, Stockin, Stock Land, 5 ac., of M. Windridge, Stock Wood, 15 ac., of same, Stocked Wood, Stodeley Dykes, 30 ac. Wood. Of G. W. P., Studley Dikes, Stonards. Of G. W. P. Stonerds. 12 ac., Do., 15 ac., Do., 3 ac., Lands in Westwyk in occupation of Jn. Stonnrd, gent., Stonard, 3 ac., Lands called Ston'des, Stonebeche. Of M. Westwick. Seven acres in Stonebeche, Stonebech cum aliis, 7 ac.,

107 Stone Flint, &c. Of M. Westwick. Stonlett, Stondlett, 1 ac., Stonelett,1/4ac., Stonelete, Stonylate,11/4ac., Stonefleet, 4 ac., Surr. to Sir Harbottle Grimston, 16 Dec Stone Flint, formerly Dean field, 111/2ac., with Westwick Farm, Stones Hall. At Hill End. Jn. Stone, tenant of M. Westwick, Land of Jn. Stone called Dossemer, Lands at Hyll End formerly Stones, Messuage at Hill End called Stone Hall alias Hill End, Stones Ground and Grove, Stones Hall sold to Sir Harbottle Grimston, Stoney Field &c. Of M. Kingsbury, &c. Stoney field, 7 ac., Stoney fields, Stoney Croft. 8 ac., Stoney Croft, 7 ac., at Revel End, Stoney Vallies. Of G. W. P. Stoney Vallies, 8 ac., with Hill End, , Do., 12 ac., 1667, Stoney Valley, Honey Vallies, iof ac., with Hill End Farm, Stoney Vallies. Vallies, 9 ac., with Kettlewells, Storing Crofte, 2 ac. Of G. W. P., Stow Field. Of M. Sopwell, Straits Lane. Of M. Redbourne. At Wood End, (Hen. Straight surr. half a Messuage and lands to Thos. and Hen. Straight, and the heirs corporal of Thos. Hawgood, 1627). Strawberry Field. Of M. Redbourne. Geo. Neele sells Strawberrie Close, 4 ac, to Jn. Hayward of Beeston End, A close, formerly two, 15 ac., viz., Pond Close and Strawberry Close, Strawberry field, 15 ac., at Beson End, Do., 163/4ac., with same, Strote Croft, 7 ac. Of M. Redbourne, Strowde Field, &c. Of M. Parke. Strowde Croft, 19 ac., Strowde field, 32 ac., and Strowde Coppice. 20 ac., sold by Wm. Colles and Jas. Mayne to Roger Pemberton and his s. h. John, Stroud field alias Thrifty field, Struders Close, alias Aps Croft, 2 ac. Of St. Amphiballs, Strudders Close, of same, Stumps Field, 10 ac. With Bedmond Farm, c Sugars. Of M, Redbourne (?). 106 Sold 1801.

108 Sumpters. Of M. Windridge, &c. Sumpters, 18 ac., of M. Windridge, , Lands of Jn. Sumpter in Redbourne Street, Lands late of Alice Sumpter, Lands called Sumpter, 14 ac., six crofts called Sumpters, 12 ac., and 18 ac. called Sumpters, 1589, (Thos. Marshal alias Sumpter surr. a Messuage and half yardland called Church Land, formerly of Roger Foster, c ). Surfield Common. Of M. Redbourne, Suffield, Le Swann. In Redbourne Street, Sweet Hills. Of M. Kingsbury. Swete Hills, Soote Hills alias Sweete Hill, 3 ac., 1575, 1584, Sweete Hills, Shute alias Sweet Hills, 3 ac., Swoots Hill alias Sweete Hills, Swoote Hills, Swoot Hill alias Sweet Hills, 3 ac., 1680, Sylleswick, alias Elleswicke alias Hacheslond alias Colyerswicke, , Tailors Croche. Of G. W. P., Tailors Meade, 1 ac., LeTalbottnow Le Holly Bushe. At Church End, Redbourne, Tanners. Of G. W. P. Bromley alias Tanners Crofts, at Hill End, 1551, Tanners Croft, 1633, Tanners, 14 ac., Tanners Spring, 2 ac., 1634, Two Tanners alias Bromley Crofts, 16 ac., with Hill End Farm, 1653, 1667, Tanners, 17 ac., with same, Tanners Meadow,11/4ac., with Fish Street Farm, Taylors Meads and Park Vallies,211/4ac., with Hedges, Taylors Wicke. Of M. Redbourne. With Fowlers at South End, 21/2ac., 1639, With Southes, 1647, , With South End Farm, , Taynter Closes. Of M. Herons, Ten Akyrs. Of M. Redbourne. With Hogges, 1517, Often mentioned as Ten Acres later. Tenements Farm. Of M. Windridge, 1634, 1742, Thos. Kentish held it Thos. Kentish surrenders Tenements to his s. Thomas, 1710, with Gt. and Lit. Home fields, Adder alias After field, Winch Croft, a Spring, Dell Croft, the Pightle, 107

109 Shrove field, Mare field, North field, Upper and Lower Deane fields. Terrett Walk. Of G. W. P. Terrett Walk Wood, of Sir John Underhill and w. Alice, Terrett Walk, 33/4ac., with Maynes, 1655, Territ Walk, now part of Gt. Crossfield, Thatch Field, 63/4ac. With Hill End Farm, Thewers. Of M. Windridge. Thos. Thewer holds Thewers, 60 ac., Thistley Field. Of various Manors. Thistley, 16 ac., with Butlers, Thistle field, 10 ac., with the Praye, Do., 10 3/4 ac., Gouldsmyths alias Thisley field, of M. Parke, Thistley field alias Sladd Blounts, with Plaisters, Thistley field, 11 ac., at Bedmond, c Thistley field, 241/2ac., with Hill End Farm, Thistley field, 371/4ac., with Hedges, Thistley Ramsdell, 12 ac., with Cunningham Hills, 1670, Do., with Cell Barnes. Thorntons Pightle,11/2ac. With South End Farm, Three Acres Close, 31/2ac. With South End Farm, Three Corners Close, of St. Amphiballs, Three Cherry Trees. Of M. Redbourne. Messuage called Palmers, abutting on Three Cherrie Trees Lane and Le Three Cherrie Trees standing in the same, Cherry Tree Lane, Three Cherry Trees alias Palmers, 1221/2ac., Three Corner Close, &c. Near Redbourne Street, At Potters Crouch, 1679, 1687, 1802, Of M. Redbourne, 1656, Of M. Kingsbury, 1579, 1659, With the Mill House, Windridge, At Hatchen Green, With Maynes and the Praye, 1667, Of M. Herons, Three Corner Meadow, with Beaumont Hall Farm, cf. Tryangle Close. Three Oaks, 61/4ac. At Potters Crouch, Thurrows, formerly Furlongs, 73/4ac. With Break speares, cf. Furrowghs. Thyscellworth, Grove called. Of G. W. P., Ticklers Ley, alias Little Carters Croft. Of St. Amphiballs. With Wrights, Tilbury Wick,1/4ac. Of M. Redbourne. Tilber Croft, Toft called Tylbcrywyk, Tilbury 108

110 Wicke, Tilbury Wick, bought of Jno. Baskerfield, c Tinkers. Of G. W. P. Tynkers Crofte, with Botelers, Tinkers Croft, 10 ac., of G. W. P., Tinkers Hill, Tynker Hyll, 12 ac., Croft called Tynkerds, Tinkers red clove gillyflower, 5 ac., Gt. and Lit. Tingers fields, 6 ac. and 4 ac., with Butlers, Tingars, 14 ac., Tyngers,141/2ac., Tingers, Tinkers, 131/2ac., Tinkers, Gt. and Lit. Tinkers, 81/4ac. and 41/2ac., with Kettewells, Titty Filly, 53/4ac. With Fish St. Farm, Torch Field. Of M. Westwick. The Torch, 3 ac., 1672, 1708, Torch field, 23/4ac., with Westwick Farm, Towintree Field. At Potters Crouch. Towing field, 4 ac., Towingtree field, Towintree field, 41/2ac., c Townesend House, &c. Of St. Amphiballs, 1628, Townesend Meade, 6 ac., 1673, Sold with St. Amphiballs to Vt. Grimston, Blacklands alias Townsend alias Robin Hood Farm, Townsend Meadow, ac., with Beaumont Hall Farm, Tree Field Meadow, 83/4ac. With Beaumont Hall Farm, Truloves Peece, 3 ac. Of M. Redbourne. In Ryecroft Common, Tryangle Close, 53/4ac. With the Praye, Tryangle, 10 ac., beneath New Barnes. cf. Three Corner Close. Turman Field. Of M. Sopwell, 1664, Turnham field, of same, Turnip Field, ac. At Maiden Crouch, c Twelve Acres. Of G. W. P. " Twelve Acres near Newbery, parcel of the demesnes of Westwick," The Twelve Acres, , , Twelve Acres Wood surr. to Jn. Maynard, Fras. Rogers and w. Dorothy, widow of Jn. Maynard, surr. Twelve Acres, with Sextons Grove and Maryons Bushes, to Ralph Maynard, 1563, with reversion, on death of said Dorothy, to Sir Nicholas Bacon. Francis Bacon grants a lease of the same

111 Little Twitchel, 6 ac. With Jeromes, (Twitchel = narrow passage). Le Two Layes, 2 ac. Of M. Redbourne. At Revel End, Upper and Lower Ley, TwoPonds,7 ac. Of M. Windridge, Two Ponds, 6 ac., with Aps Pond Farm, c Two Weekes, 1 ac. Of G. W P., Two Wekes, Twyching Lane. Of M. Kingsbury, Tylers Ground &c. Of various Manors. Tyles Acre, of M. Redbourne. At Rotherfield End, Tyleslond, with Maynolfes, Tylers Acre, Tylers Grove, of M. Windridge, Tylers Ground, of same, Tysleys Field. Of M. Kingsbury. Tygheley alias Tysseley, three crofts, Tysleys field, Underwyke Croft. Of M. Windridge, Up and Down Field, 131/4ac. Of M. Sopwell. With Cunningham Hills, Upper Field. Of various Manors. Upper field, 3 1/4 ac., with Handleys Farm, Upper field, 13 1/2 ac., with Oyster Hills, c Upper field, now two closes, 101/4ac., with Wards, Upper field, 53/4ac., now called Six Acres, with Kettlewells, Upper Sands, 53/4ac. With Hedges, The Urchin, 1 ac. With Bottom House, Vallence Croft. Of M. Redbourne. Messuage, formerly of William Valance, now of Robt. Finch, Vallance Croft, 6 ac., once parcel of Downesland, Vallance Croft, Vallence Crofts, Vallence Croft, 6 ac., Vallence Croft, alias Highway Close alias the Bowle Close, 6 ac., and the windmill thereon, surr. to Vt. Grimston, Valleure Croft alias the Bowl Close, Vatts, 6 ac., alias Hither Deardons alias Deardons field, Velvett Field. Of M. Herons, 1631, Verulam House. " Lately built by Francis, Vt. St. Albans", 1636, with Grounds, Pond House, the Close where the fish ponds are, 8 ac., other small closes, Windridge Meades, 4 ac., and Gorham Meade, 8 ac. Verulam House, Verulam House and Grounds, 1652, with Close, 8 ac., Ponds Close or Meadow where the fish ponds are, 8 ac., 110

112 and Dove House Close. Verulam House alias Shafford, Verulam Spring. Of Gorhambury Woods, Verulam Walk, 24 ac., Do., with Maynes, Veryngs. Of M. Redbourne. Veryngs Lond, with Hogges, 1517, Messuage and ferlingate, formerly of Jn. Veryng, then of Hen. Snoth, called Veryngs Londs, Verings, Messuage called Verings and 30 ac., Veerings, Messuage called Veeringe at South End, Vicarage Lane, alias the Butts Lane. Of M. Kingsbury, Vineyards, Gt. and Lit., 51/4ac. and 21/4ac. With Ste. Smith's lands, surr. to E. of Verulam, " Formerly called Little Whinyards." The Vintry. Of M. Sopwell. The Vyntree, The Vyntry, The Vintry, Vole Croft, 8 ac. Of G. W. P., Wadeshegs. Of M. Windridge, The Waley. Of M. Redbourne. With Beaufitzlond, Walley (?) Croft, Baley (?) Croft, The Walk, &c. Of G. W. P. With Praye Wood, Lower Walk field, 12 ac., with Maynes and the Praye, Wall Close, 13 ac. Of M. Sopwell, Wall Croft, Wall Close alias Springfield, Wallers Farm, i.e. Westwick Hall, qv. Jn. Waller, tenant, Samuel Waller, tenant, Walnut Tree Field &c. Of various Manors. Walnut Tree field alias Lodge field, of M. Sopwell, Wallnuttrees field, 1657, Gt. Walnut Tree field, formerly Walnut Tree field, 201/4ac., and Little Walnut Tree field, 121/2ac., with Hedges, Walnut Tree Meadow, 21/4ac., with Cell Barnes, Walnut Tree field, 6 ac., at Bedmond, c Wallnuttree Walk, an old Enclosure in Gorhambury Park (map). Walsshemans, 30 ac. Of M. Windridge, Walthams Herne. Of M. Redbourne, Wampstead. Of M. Redbourne. Walmstede, with Beaufitzlond, Wamsteed, 8 ac., 1614, Wamstead, with Deane End Farm, Wampfield, with same, Wampstead, Whampsteed, 8 1/2 ac Walmsteed,11/2ac., Wamp- 111

113 stead, with Wrights Farm, Wampfield alias Wampsted, Wardes, alias Bottom House alias Kettlewells. Of G. W. P. Wardes, 30 ac., Wardes Lond, one ferlingate in medietate bosci, Wardelonds, 55 ac., sometime of Simon Potter, then of Wm. West, and now of Roger Kentysh, Jn. Mund surr. Wardeslond to Thos. Hedges, Wards, 60 ac., Wardesland, 60 ac., Robert Hedge surr. Wardes Lands to Nicholas Kettlewell, Nicholas Kettlewell surr. 6 ac. of Warde lands to the Lord, Ric. Kettlewell surr. Wards, where he lives, 1626, with Nether Pightle, 8 ac., Nookey fields, 4 ac., Le Mamey and Pightle, 12 ac., to Ric. Younge, and Layden Close, 8 ac., Upper field, 9 ac., and Pightle, 3 ac., to Thos. Kentish. Lands of Wards Farm, 1668 : Orchard, the Mawms, Upper Close, Barne Dell Close, Ely Croft, Green Hill field, Tole Close, Bunsfield, Gt. and Lit. Bunsfield, Furrowes alias Thorroughs field, and Bury field. Lands of same, 1686 : Laydens Croft, Newkes alias Newkey field, the Mamey, Edbeech field, the Entry, Hither and Further Furlong. WARNERSMEAD,29 ac. Of M. Sopwell, (Wm. Warner adm. to Highway Close &c., Michael Warner died holding the same, 1659). The Warren. Of M. Sopwell. The Warren, 8 ac., 1603, Little Warren and Gt. Lawnes, 30 ac., Gt. Warren, The Warren, 263/4ac., Warrens Pightle. Of St. Amphiballs. With Wrights, Waterdell. Of M. Windridge &c. Le Waterdell, next the Kings Way from St. Albans to Watford, Waterdelle strat, Waterdell, of M. Windridge, Waterdell Street, Lands in Waterdell, Two acres and 12 ac. in Waterdell, Messuage called Waterdell, and 60 ac., Watter Dell Farm and 60 ac., Waterdell, 121/2ac., with Palmers, Watering Place. Of various Manors. Of G. W. P., , A pond called a Watering Place, and a dell, 1556, Wateringe Lane, of M. Redbourne, Watery Lane, Water Meade, with Redbourne Bury Mills,

114 Waterslond. Of M. Redbourne. With Hogges, 1517, Waterslonds, Wattage. At Hill End. Thos. Marston sells to Thos. Meautis a close called Wootadge, 6 Mar Lit. Wattidge, 3 ac., 1639, Gt. and Lit. Wootage, 9 ac. and 3 ac., Do., 81/2ac. and 31/2ac., Gt. and Lit. Wattage, 91/4ac. and 23/4ac., with Hill End Farm, Watts Lane, 9 ac. Of G. W. P., Waydell. Of G. W. P., Webbes. Webbes Crofts. Of G. W. P., Weedons. Of St. Amphiballs. (Wm. Weedon, of M. Redbourne, 1629, 1665). Well Crofts, 5 ac. Of G. W. P., Well Field &c. Of various Manors. Well fields, with Hill End, Two Well fields, with same, 1653, Gt. and Lit. Wellfields,113/4ac. and 6 ac., with Hill End Farm, Well field, of M. Sopwell, Well field, of M. Windridge, with Winches, Well Springs, with the Holt, Well field, 51/4ac., with Westwick Farm, West alias Well Croft, 4 ac., at Westwick, Well Croft, of M. Windridge, Squillers alias Well Close, of M. Kingsbury, Wents. Of M. Sopwell. Spynneys alias Wents alias Four Wants, (Went = Crossway). Werny Croft. Of M. Redbourne. Near Palmers, West Croft. At Westwick, , Four acres in West Croft, 1632, Westfield. Of various Manors. Roger de Westfeld, living , held lands in M. Windridge, His widow Rose mentioned Ric. de Westfeld a juror there Westfeldes Lond, Harry Westfeld holds Westfeld, 70 ac., Westfyldes Green, Messuage called Westfields in M. Windridge, 1724, Lands at Westfield, Westfeld, of M. Kingsbury, Westfield, 11 ac., with Duncroft, Westley and Spring, 3 ac. Of M. Redbourne. At Beson End, Westwick. Manor. In Doomsday Book, 1086, Westwica. In 13th century Westwic. In 14th century Westwycke. Abbot Geoffry de Gorham granted Westwick to Hugh fil Humbald, K. John 113

115 confirmed Westwick to St. Albans Abbey, 15 June Jn. de Gorham and another supplied a man to serve in Scotland for their Fee in Westwick and Sheephall, t. Edward I. Thos. de la Mare bought and annexed Westwick to the Abbey, The men of Westwick joined Wat Tyler's insurrection, Rents of customary tenants of Westwyke were in Computus Roll of showed that the Abbey had held the " Manor of Westwyk and Gorham alias Gorehambery." K. Henry VIII granted to Ralph Rowlett the "Manors of Gorham, Westwic &c.," 12 May These passed to Sir Nicholas Bacon and to his sons Anthony and Francis, and were sold, 1632, to trustees of Thomas Meautys. In 1652 Henry Meautys sold them to Sir Harbottle Grimston. Westwick Hall, alias Wallers alias Bottom House. Held by Jn. Waller, 1653, 1664, and by Sam. Waller, Sir Harbottle Grimston in 1658 gave to Jn. Waller a lease of the Manor House (to be re-edified and the grounds re-laid), with the Homestall where the old House stood, and Little Meade, the Hurdles, Hunts Ley, Crosfield, Kitts Croft, Bury field or Hill, Colney Dell field, Selcups, Beechfield, Marstons field alias Dell Croft, Lodge field alias Sayers Hill, Lit. Park field, Sixteen Acres, Maylands, and Lamcrofts. Acreage 3301/2ac. in Westwick Farm. Acreage 1461/4ac. in Westwick Corner Farm. Acreage 1043/4ac.in1800. Wheat Close. Of M. Kingsbury. Wheates Close, Wheat Close, 171/2ac., Now called Eighteen Acres, 171/4ac., 1749, Wheat Close Grove, 51/2ac., of Kingsbury Woods, 1667, Wheat Cock Meadow, 5 ac. With Beaumont Hall Farm, Wheat Croft, 5 ac. Of M. Redbourne. With Curtis, White Croft, White alias Wheat Croft, 5 ac., with Curtis, Wheate Pightle. Of G. W. P., Whytts Pightle, Whytes Pyghtell, cf. Whites. Whelers. Of M. Windridge. Mention of Jn. Wheler, Henry Kentisshe holds Whelers, 30 ac.,

116 Whips Croft. Of G. W. P. Whyppes Crofte, 1 ac., formerly called Mede Croft, Whipps Croft, Shirps Croft alias Whips Croft, formerly called Meade Croft, Whipps Croft, 1623, Whips Croft, Whites. Of G. W. P. Messuage and 60 ac., formerly of Wm. Whyght, Mention of Thos. Whyte of Westwick, 1535, and Wm. White of same, 1543, Whites Land, 15 ac., Do., 3 ac., Whytts Wyche alias Whytts Croft, Whites Hill, 3 ac., Whites Wicke, Croft, or Pightle, Whites, 65 ac., Whytts Pyghtell, Wheates Pightle, 14 ac., 1614 Wheate Pightle, 5 ac., 1654, Wheats Pightle, 5 ac., White Apple Tree Field. Plaisters, Of M. Windridge. With White Blunts. Of M. Windridge. With Plaisters, White Blounts, &15. The White Hart. Of M. Redbourne, White Hedge Spring, 63/4ac. Of M. Kingsbury. Formerly Heathy Field Spring, White Hill. At Wood End, 1630, Do., 43/4ac., White Hill Fields &c. Of G. W. P. With the Praye, 121/2ac., With Maynes, 16 ac., Upper and Lower White Hill Fields,113/4ac. and 151/4ac., with Maynes and the Praye, White Hill Peece, 3 ac., with Mavnes, Whites Lane, of G. W. P. White Hodge. Of M. Kingsbury. Place called Whiteage, 1589, Whiteage, 26 ac, Whitage, Wootage, 25 ac., Whittage, 25 ac., White Hodge, 271/4ac., of M. Kingsbury, The White Horse. In Redbourne Street, The White Horse, of M. Sopwell, Whitlocks Lond. Of M. Redbourne, Whitlocks Cotild, with Hogges, 1517, (Jn. Longe alias Whitlock lately held Saburgh Lond, 1517). Whitwell Beche, 20 ac. Of G. W. P., Whitwell Pece alias Marsh Slade,11/4ac., near Hill End Farm. Wickes, &c. Of G. W. P Wike Croft, of M. 115

117 Redbourne, Wike Close,11/4ac., of same, Winches. Of M. Windridge. Wynches, 60 ac., Winches and 40 ac., 1683, with Bourne Croft, three Pond fields, Newlands, Eight Acres, Four Acres, three Closes, and Wood 8 ac. Winches and 90 ac., 1707, Winches and 40 ac., Winch Croft, 19 ac., with Tenements Farm, Winches Hill Farm, 701/4ac., c Winch Hill Wood, (Mention of Jn. atte Wynche of M. Windridge, , Ric. ate Wynche, , Robt. atte Wynch, , and Walter atte Wynch, ). Winch Field, 101/4ac. At Potters Crouch, Winchmore Hill. Of M. Sopwell, Winder Field. Of G. W. P., Windmill Close &c. Of various Manors. Wyndemyll Close, 3 ac., , Wynnell, Wynnell Close, 3 ac., Wynnemyllhyll Croft, Wyndmill Hill, 3 ac., , Windmill field,61/4ac., with Redbourne Bury Paper Mills Windmill field, 73/4ac., with Cunningham Hills, Windmill field, 8 ac., with Oyster Hills, c Windmill Hill Spring, of Gorhambury Woods, Windmill Hills, formerly Lady Croft, with Kettlewells, Windridge. Manor. St. Albans Abbey held hide in Wenrige, 1086, Geoffry de Beche holding the same of the Abbot (Doomsday Book). " K. John confirmed lands in Winringe to the Abbey, 15 June, Jn. Peacock held Winderidge, Jn. Fortescue held it t. Henry VI. K. Edward VI granted the Manor to Edward, Ld. Clynton, Jn. Cocks sold it to Anthony Bacon, 2 Nov Henry Osbaston sold it to Samuel Grimston, 2 Oct Wyndrygge Park, Wyndrugge Meade at Smalleford, of M. Kingsbury, Wvndridge Meade, 4 ac., of G. W. P., Do., 4 ac., 1606, 1636, Windridge Meade, 21/2ac., with Maynes, Holdings of the Manor, 1726 : The Holt, Waterdale. Ninnins, Winches, Westfield. Sage Hill, Plasters, Fortunes, Brickspeers, and Potters Crouch. Windridge Farm, acreage 338 ac. in Wintage. Of M. Kingsbury. Whiteage, 26 ac