at~ in less ANSETT AlRUNEB OFAUSTRA{,! A Printed by Heft" & Bell Pty, LtcL, Button Roati. Maryborough, and Published by Georg MoTi

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2 MAP OF ALBERT PARK GROUNDS _qnff" ~it0f/nd MONASH BLUES, ORMOND AT TOP OF LIST ONLY UNBEATEN TEAMS AFTER TWO ROUNDS North just beat St Bernard's, C'au/ Coll draw Page 2 THE AMATEUR FOOTBALLER - MAY 3, 197 By GEORGE McTAGGART Monash Blues and Ormond are the only undefeated teams after two rounds and Monash hold top place on percentage North Old Boys scrambled home from St Bernard's by four points with a goal just before the siren while Caulfield Grammarians and Collegians played a drawn game All five A Section games were close at the interval, with markins of four, five, nine, 10 and 11 points, but in most cases it was a different story in the second half Ormond finished a little too strongly for Reservoir Old Boys and won by 16 points but it was only in the last few minutes that they clinched the match The defences of both sides were on top in the first quarter but Ormond, although beaten in the ruck, were getting drive from their rovers and led by points at half-time Reservoir went to a 19-point lead in the third term then a string of behinds robbed them of a chance to establish what might well have been a winning lead and they were only 16 points ahead at the last change But Reservoir held on gamely in the final quarter and Ormond had a hard struggle to gain the lead North Old Boys trailed St Bernard's by 11 points at the interval but a 6- goal burst carried them to a 2-point lead St Bernard's came back in the last term but were beaten by 4 points Old Trinity started well against Coburg with a 6-goal first quarter but then lapsed into shockingly inaccurate kicking for goal They kicked 1-6 in the second term and were still 9 points ahead but managed only 1-7 with the wind in the third quarter while Coburg THE AMATEUR FOOTBALLER-MAY 3, 197 kicked 4-1 against it to be 3 points in front, and went on to win by 31 points Old Paradians kept with University Blacks for three quarters but the Blacks ran away in the last to win easily, while Monash outplayed Geelong in the second half to score by nearly 8 goals Kew beat Old Haileybury by 13 points and Ivanhoe won by 1 points from De La Salle in a high-scoring game Collegians had five more scoring shots than Caulfield Grammar but could manage only a draw Old Scotch crashed by nearly 9 goals against University Blues and Marcellin beat Old Carey by almost 8 goals Poor shooting contributed to Melbourne High's 39-point defeat by St Kilda CBC, who had one shot less, and Uni High needed 11 more shots than Parkside to win by a goal (9-16 to 10-4) Old Melburnians' accuracy helped them to a 44-point win over Old Brighton and better forward work enabled Alphington to beat Brunswick by 3 goals Page 3

3 Last Week's Results - Continue u C SECTION Old Ivanhoe Gr Power House OLD IVANHOE : Galbraith 7, Cropley, Constontinou 3, Williams 2, Gill, MacKenzie, G Stevens Best: Cropley, Gill, Williams, Galbraith, Kelsey, Gee POWER HOUSE: Godfrey 3, Sykes, Newton, Shewan, Digby, Yuill, Mason Best : Digby, Miller, Driscoll, Shewan, Newton, Cross Alphington Brunswick ALPHINGTON : Tann, Arthur 2 Roberts 2, Lennox 2, Williams, Skerry, Shea, Eaton Jamieson Best : Shearer, Williams, Shea,, Roberts, Lennox, Tann BRUNSWICK : Watt 3, S Taylor 3, Madden 2, Ball 2, Palmer, Hughes Best : Cullinan, Hanlon, Watt, Lasala, Palmer, Stuart UHS Old Boys Parkside U HS OLD BOYS : Chettle 2, Reid 2, $~ebstjohnsonanblampiedlureidchparks,gwebster, Byron PARKSIDE : Baston 2, K Gleeson 2, Keogh 2, Crapper, Poole, Riordan, B Green, Poole, Keogh, B Harvey Best: Lanning Harvey, Ridd, St Kilda CBOC 20 MHS Old Boys ST KILDA CBOC: P O'Connell 6, Calleja McNeil 6, Cameron, Jennings, Vickers, Best : Jennings, Cameron, Hinericks, Drinan, Rothwell, P O'Connell ~Malone, O SDchleOfers Ponton,4 J 3, Cherry Best: Malone, P Scott, J Adams, Silberberg, Peatling Woods, Old Melburnians Old Brighton Gr OLD MELBURNIANS : Urquhart 9, Roberson, Dawson 2, Pisarski 2, Batty 2, Knight, Brett-Young' N Urquhart, K McMullen Best : Thomas, K Rogers, Mumme McMullen, Topp, OLD BRIGHTON : Hamilton 3, Powell 3, D SECTION Fawkner Old Cam'weIl Gr FAWKNER : Goalkickers, Best Players not received, or received after copy dead-line - first post Monday OLD CAMBERWELL: J Steven 4, Watkin 2, Buckeridge, P Buchanan, Mehan, Rimington, Hewitt Best : Steven, Gale, Batterbury, Hewitt, Watkin, Rimington National Bank Assumption OC NATIONAL BANK : Jacomovic 3, Jenkinson 3, Cordy 2, M McLean 2, Ponting, B Scott Best : Bentley, Dehne, Evans, M Mc- Lean, S Podger, R Strongman ASSUMPTION OLD COLL : T Kelly 2, Pavone 2, Donegan, Schneider, McCormick Best: L Howard, P Ryan, Maillard, Done gan, T Kelly, Pavone Hampton Rovers St Kevins OB MalnneP 2, OVickeOrs 2R Benn mb2 B6 rannan 2, Rowston, Rudd, Thompson Best: Malone, Bennett, Nash, McNaughton, Sherry, Bird ST KEVIN'S OLD BOYS : Corrigan 2, Griffin 2, Radford, Hogarty, Whitty, Harrison, Pucizowski Best: Reynolds, Hogarty, Simpson, Corrigan, Pucizowski, Hawkins State Sav Bank Old Geelong STATE SAV BANK : Julier 3, Laidlaw 3, Vines 2, Wright 2 ; Allen, Morgan, Jeffrey, McGill, Webster Best: Evans, Collis, Burns, McGill, Brennan, Laidlaw OLD GEELONG: B Spiden 4, Whiting 3, P Yencken 2, Shaw, Missen, J Spiden Best : Shaw, Missen, Law, B Spiden, Baulch, Lewis Old Xaverians C'wealth Bank OLD XAVERIANS: Unkles 4, Noonan 2, Holland 2, Trahair Best: Brosnan, Dwyer, V rigley, ankervis, Zachariah, Rush Holmes Wakeham 2, Mullett 2, Currie, Rosengarten, I COMMONWEALTH BANK Best : Holmes, Rosengarten, Cur- Best Players not received, or : received Goalkickers, rie, Levvey, Hamilton, Jones after co d d AY ea 1 - me ' - first post Monday P e 6 9 THE AMATEUR FOOTBALLER - MAY 3, 197 Last Week's Results - Continued E SECTIO N West Brunswick North Brunswick WEST BRUNSWICK : Brockwell, Byrd 3, Allen 2, Monger 2, Burton 2 Best: Allen, Brockwell, Byrd, Coleman, Ivey, Monger NORTH BRUNSWICK : Ricketts 2, R Payne 2, Heywood, R Brekke, Handley, B Duncan, Jewson, Kenny Best: Raleigh, Strickland, Handley, R Brekke, Archibald, Heywood Elsternwick AJAX ELSTERNWICK: Molyneaux, Blythman 2, Zimmer 2, J Watson, Edger, Berns, J Perkins, Peters Best: Rigg, J Perkins, Johnston, Molyneaux, Berns, A Ramsay AJAX : Schulberg 6, Bialek 2, Burger, Fayman, Feldpicer, Hoffman Best: Ritterman, Jurberg, Segal, Schulberg, Lemish, Blazer St Pat's-Mon St Bede's OC ST PAT'S- MONIVAE : Maher 4, O'Conner 2, Ube 2, Stephens, Meredith, Ewing, Carter Best: Maher, O'Hair, Carter, Healy, Robinson, Ryan ST BEDE'S OC: Terrell 2, Bowden 2, Moriarty, McCormack Best: F Kean, Negri, Kurth, McCormack, Ryan, Bowden AMP Society LaTrobe Blacks AM P SOCIETY, LA TROBE BLACKS : Goalkickers, Best Players not received, or received after copy dead-line - first post Monday ANZ Bank Old Mentonians ANZ BANK : Dancer 3, Harnetty 3, Daykin, A Jones, Karpavicius, Kirby, Minniti, Taylor, Towan Best: Crough, Doig, Glover Harnetty, Minniti, Pinder OLD MENTONIANS : Bungey 3, Norton 2, Wood 2, McKinlay, Witherow, Harrison, Smith Best: Smith, Sinclair Bundey, Everett, Wood, Harrison F SECTION Bulleen United Footscray IT BULLEEN UNITED : Wilson 4, R Divirgilio 3, McArthur-Allen 2, Brookes 2, R Porter, N Porter, Hullin Best: Murray, Wilson, Brookes, Robertson, Muir, R Porter FOOTSCRAY I T: Absalom 2, Butler 2, Fincher 2, Dilks, Murley, Whitby Best: Butler, Absalom, Stanley, Ford, Murnic, Fincher Glenroy Bulleen-T'stowe GLENROY: M Wilson 4, A White 3, Bray 2, R Fox 2, A Attard 2, Lynch, D Fox, Hibbert Best: Todorov, A White, E Attard, W Stewart, Chandler, Hibbert BULLEEN-TEMPLESTOWE : L Tenace, G Lee Best: L Tenace, A Ward, Faulds, Beale Thornbury Beverley Hills THORNBURY: Norris, Staff 4, Dymond 4, Cowen, Scott, Greenwood, Ashby, Mc- Gorlick Best: Norris, McGorlick, Staff, Dymond, Cowen, A Burton BEVERLEY HILLS : Lester 2, Browning 2, Discombe 2, T Holly, B Holly, O'Loughlin, Chivers, C McCrory Best : Gowans, Ludbrook, Browning, C McCrory, Discombe, O'Loughlin Heatherton University Reds HEATHERTON : Meeking 4, Bodey 2, Fletcher 2, Parolin Best: Killen, Kampf, Peter Carey, Meeking, Hopkins, Bodey UNIVERSITY REDS : Goalkickers, Best Players not received, or received after copy deadline - first post Monday Monash Whites LaTrobe Reds MONASH WHITES : Burley 9, Geritz 4, Deckker 3, Cook, Kok, Tellefson Best : Milford, Tellefson, Burley, Kok, Picone, McKenzie LA TROBE REDS : Moloney 4, Sullivan 3, Le Lievre Best: Wilson, Chandler, Sullivan, Gugger, Moloney, Taylor THE AMATEUR FOOTBALLER - MAY 3, 197 Page 7

4 Last Week's Results - Continued Last Week's Results - Continued JUNIOR SECTION 1 JUNIOR SECTION 2 A RESERVE SECTIO N B RESERVE SECTIO N Ivanhoe Coburg IVANHOE : McMahon 4, Course 3, Scown 2, Jones 2, Forristal 2, Owens, Byrne, Attard, Kilpatrick Pickering Best: Course, McMahon, Owens, Veitch, Hoare, Shultz COBURG: Tilburn, M C Brown 3, Richards 3, West, Weston, Buccilli, Elder Best: M C Brown, Tilburn, Simmonds, Richards, McAuliffe, Weston Ormond 1 9 Power House ORMOND : Sterling, Sinclair 4, Hill 3, Wilson 2, Parisi 2, Hand, Foulsham Best : Purcell, Parisi, Foulsham, Wilson Hill, Morris POWER HOUSE : Dunn 6, Watkins 2, Walker Best: Ellis, Walker, Dunn, Bredyk, Frizzell, Rosewarne University Blacks Mon University UNIVERSITY BLACKS : Goalkickers, Best Players not received, or received after copy dead-line - first post Monday MONASH UNIV : Vaughan, Gunning, Staindl, Thomson, Ellis, Cosser Best: Gunning, Ellis, Teale, Anderson, Rendish, Staindl University Blues Old Scotch Coll UNIV BLUES: P Maxwell 6, Clohesy 2, McLean 2, Hubble 2, Lynch 2, Scaletti, O'Dwyer, Whitehead, Angus Best: Angus, Whitehead, Sammon, Rabone, Lynch, Mc- Lean OLD SCOTCH : Leckie 3, Burge 2, Eggleston, Drummond, Longmuir Best: G Thomson, Eggleston, Wallace-Smith, Currie, P Maddison, Griffith, Parkside a bye Page 8 North Old Boys I 1 l Bulleen-T'stowe NORTH OLD BOYS : Condelo 7, Haratsis 3, Cuffe 2, Arthurson 2, Crotty Best: Condello, Haratsis, Crotty, McSweeney, Jolly, Sullivan BULLEEN-TEMpLESTOWE : Sheridan 3, Hancock, D'Agostino Graham, Tenace Best : Kelly Tenace, Bartlett, Chaplin, Goble, A Smith West Brunswick Old Paradians WEST BRUNSWICK : Goodison 3, Brockwell 3, Bartley 3, Ceddia 3, Nigro 3, Lampard 2, T Fyffe Best : Ceddia, Nigro, Bartley, Brockwell, Coscriff, Meldrum OLD PARADIANS : Bainbridge 3, Grace 3, McLaughlin, R Brown, Zivanovic Best: Marcon, P Brown, Johnson, Bainbridge, Ferrarese, Barker Hampton Rovers St Bernard's OC HAMPTON ROVERS : Thompson 4, Earle 3, Vasey, Pledger, Martin, Morecroft Best : Thompson, Martin, Campbell, Cross, Pledger, Mallon ST BERNARD'S OC : McNamee 2, Lalor 2, Dalmau, Caven Best: Caven, almau, McNamee, Scott, Ferlazzo, Sullivan Geelong Caulfield Gramm GEELONG : Dodds 7, Hansen 2 Bond, Cameron, Colenso, Giddings, MacDonald Best : Colenso, MacDonald, Bond, Dodds, Murdoch, Quirk CAULFIELD GRAM: Stent 4, Ellis 2, Welch, Hayes, Cassidy Noblett Best : Carroll, Goldstraw, Welch, Hood, Ellis, Stent Thomastown Old Carey Gram THOR`IASTOWN : Turner 3, Dibattista 2, Czerny 2, Gleeson 2, Kourlis, Robinson Best : Dibattista, Gleeson, Turner, Anderson, Park, Kallis OLD CAREY : Hearn 3, Harriss 2, Gorrie, Summons, Pearson, Wiseman, Tibballs Best: ; Haines, Allan, Davies, Hearn, Ratenbury I Reservoir Old Boys a bye THE AMATEUR FOOTBALLER - MAY 3, 197 Reservoir OB Ormond RESERVOIR OLD BOYS : Rankine 4, V Aston 2, Scott 2, Massey 2, T Wilson, Pettet Best : V Aston, Rankine, Massey, Morse, T O'Brien, B Coles ORMOND: Kozlowski 2 Best: Meeking, Gallivan, Rowse, Hammond Coburg old Trinity Gr COBURG: J Clark 3, Taylor 3, Zanon 2, Boyd, Cleary, Smith Best: Cleary, Zanon, Taylor, Kelly, Wood, Cox OLD TRINITY: Duke 3, Stockdale 2, Carnie 2, Nelson 2, L Dann Best: J Day, Waters, P Day, Carnie, Nelson, Stephens North OB St Bernard's OC NORTH OLD BOYS : Curley 6, O'Keefe 3, Kotrolli 2, Crooks, O'Neill, Hughes, Biagi Best : Curley, O'Neill, O'Keefe, Butera, Prior, Ryan ST BERNARD'S OC: P Pearson 2, Daffey 2, Brady Best: Craine, McArdle, Hughes, Daffey, Sheahan, Tyler Old Paradians University Blacks OLD PARADIANS : Price 6, Mansfield 2, Boyling 2, Mount 2, Grindlay, McKinley Best: Muller, Mount, Price, Grindlay, Cooper, Gregor UNIV BLACKS : Gleeson 2, G Saines, T Costello, Sharpe, Lipshut, Finfelde Best: Lipshut, Best, Steinfort, Gleeson, T Costello, Sharpe Monash Blues Geelong MONASH BLUES : Powell 10, Van den Akker, Marret, Coldham, Hirons, Lucas Best: Johnson, Elan, Coldham, Fitzpatrick, Van den Akker, Powell GEELONG : B Smith 2, M Betts, Poulton, Hunter, Robinson Best: Hunter, B Smith, M Hosking, Barling, Poulton, Sheringham Old Haileybury Kew OLD HAILEYBURY: Bannon 4, Sutcliffe 2, Jessep 2, Mehegan, Metherall, Schmidt, Urquhart, Robertson, Cunningham Best : Schmidt, Jessep, Forbes, Trapp, Mehegan, Louig KEW: Goalkickers, Best Players not received, or received after copy dead-line - first post Monday De La Salle OC Ivanhoe , DE LA SALLE : Bothe 3, Harley 3, P Mitchell 2, Beddoe, J McIlroy, O'Donnell, J Mitchell Best: Hill, Bathe, P Mitchell, Whitelaw, Moore, Day IVANHOE: Drapac 2, Hecker, Buckley, Knight, G Dean, Sanders Best: Clough, Adley, P Giles, Knight, Hecker, Buckley Marcellin OC Old Carey Gram MARCELLIN OC: Sartori 3, Ford 3, Price 2, Corrie, Mahon, Magnifico, O'Sullivan Best: Price, Holland, O'Sullivan, Corrie, Milaszewicz, Mahon OLD CAREY: Jenkins 2, Hardesty 2, Goode Best: Jenkins, Adnrew, Fink, Ramsay, Donaldson, Trood Collegians Caulfield Gramm COLLEGIANS: R Leembruggen 4, D Leembruggen 3, Ferguson 3, Wright 2, Tucker 2, Permezel Best: R Leembruggen, Nash, Berglund, Girdwood, McDonald, Emmett CAULFIELD GRAM : Tamblyn 3, Felsenthal, Lupson Best: Cox, Tamblyn, Hartley, Worthington, Hampton, Smith University Blues Old Scotch Coll UNIV BLUES: Scarcella 3, Wilson 2, Ellison 2, Rosse 2, A Smith 2, Langdon 2, Radford Best: Ainger, Carmody, Ellison, Wilson, Rosse, Langdon OLD SCOTCH : Ainger, Nickless, Rashleigh, Speer Best: Firman, Midgley, Wall, Steele, Speer, Bate THE AMATEUR FOOTBALLER - MAY 3, 197 Page 9

5 Last Week's Results C RESERVE SECTIO N Old Ivanhoe Gr Power House OLD IVANHOE : Bainbridge 2, Milson 2, Gibbs, Grace, Jennings, Mohr, Smith Best : Baker, P Goldin, Nixon, Smith, Gurney,* P Haug POWER HOUSE: Hutchinson 2, Ruff 2, Hailes, Serradura, Siwek Best: Daniel, Hutchinson, O'Brien, Ruff, De Jong, Hailes Brunswick Alphington BRUNSWICK: T Staples 3, Gillette 3, Thompson 3, G Smith 2, I Sheehan Best : Gillette, T Staples, Munday, Banks, Cuta jar, McLeod ALPHINGTON: K Candy 3, Puddy 2, Liberman Best: Munro, Overall, Hayes, Aslanis, K Candy, Sutton Parkside UHS Old Boys PARKSIDE : R Poyntz 7, Sweeney 3, Fletcher 2, D Gleeson 2, Vincent Best : D Gleeson, Sweeney, R Poyntz, Carruthers, Stimpson, Sceney U H S OLD BOYS : Voice 2, Murphy 2, Monahan Best: Voice, Brunnen, Garwood, Fabina, Carlyle, Paterson St Kilda CBOC MI-IS Old Boys ST KILDA CBOC: J White 3, Girdwood 3, Kay6i Salter, Goss Esmonde, J O'Connell Best : rdwood, Matheson, Esmonde, Jones, J O'Connell, Ryan MHS OLD BOYS : Goldsmith 2, Featherby 2, Evans 2, MacKenzie, Orchard, Piotrowski Best: Tsouparikovitis, Turner, Featherby, Orchard, Price, Piotrowski, Old Brighton Old Melburnians OLD BRIGHTON : Larkin 4, Hess 2, Baird, Devine, Tapp Best: Latzer, Dunn, Gartner, Dick, Larkin, Wood OLD MELBURNIANS : Henri 2, Collier 2, Connell, Cordner, Prior Best: Collier, S Derham, N Campbell, Conwell, T Derham, Roberts Page 10 Continued D RESERVE SECTIO N Fawkner Old Cam'well Gr FAWKNER : Goalkickers, Best Players not received, or received after copy dead-line - first post Monday OLD CAMBERWELL : Dimech McCormack Horseman Best: Dimech, Cotterell, Adison, McPhail, Waterworth, Quartermain National Bank Assumption OC NATIONAL BANK : Kendall, Knight, Rowe Best Ashley, Jackson, Knight, Moore, Stockton, Walkedon ASSUMPTION OLD COLL: Murray 2, Arnott Best: M Byrne, Waldron, Reeves, P O'Hagan, Arnott, Beaumont Hampton Rovers St Kevin's OB HAMPTON ROVERS : Cave, Earle 3, Shanks 3, Devola 2, S Kelly 2, Benson Best: Cave, Farrelly, Earle, Menner, G English, S Kelly ST KEVIN'S OLD BOYS : Corrigan 2, Hawkins 2, Molan, Rolle, Chalmers, Mc- Lennan Best: Corrigan, Stockpole, Hawkins, Molan, McLennan, O'Connell State Sav Bank Old Geelong STATE SAV BANK: Tobin 4, Box 2, Bennett 2, Izod, G Scott Best: Box, Bennett, Cooney, Truscott, Tobin, Muir OLD GEELONG: P Godfrey 2, McFarlane 2, Clarke, R Godfrey, Wells Best : R Godfrey, Brown, Gurner, Fraser, Clarke, Apted Old Xaverians 82 8 C'wealth Bank OLD XAVERIANS : Fraser 4, Franich 2, Wray 2, Spillane 2, Quinn, Silk Best : Silk,' Spillane, K Petroff, Harrison, Valmorbida, Higgins COMMONWEALTH BANK : Goalkickers, Best Players not received, or received after copy dead-line - first post Monday THE AMATEUR FOOTBALLER-MAY 3, 197 Last Week's Results E RESERVE SECTIO N West Brunswick North Brunswick WEST BRUNSWICK : Callander 2, Green Condon, Deguara Best: Callander, Deb~ ne, Green, Hall, Mann, Mathews NORTH BRUNSWICK: R Walsh 2, G P,7ekke 2, Jessop, Poliayannis, Ford, N %t jsh Best: Ford, R Walsh, P Willmot, Manias, Jessop, Grant AJAX Elsternwick A J A X : Rozenbes 2, Ivany 2, Goldfarb, Brodie Best: Isaacs, Goldberg, Grundman, Ic,any, Iglicki, Kagan ELSTERNWICK: D Taylor, Freer, R Rosewarne Best: Waller, Anderson, Cur-! : in, D Mahony St Bede's OC St Pat's-Mon ST BEDE'S OC: Morse 4 Vaughan 3, Loney, Welford, Spanos Best : Vaughan, 'Morse, Bolger, Coutts, Kavanagh, Spanos ST PAT'S-MONIVAE : Walsh, Geary, Tisher Best: Ozolins, Geary, Jansen, Barfoot, Watson, Walsh AMP Society LaTrobe Blacks AM P SOCIETY, LA TROBE BLACKS : Goalkickers, Best Players not received, or received after copy dead-line - first post Monday A N Z BANK: Thomas, Marsden 4, Fehring, McDonald, Tannock Best: Ham, Paul Orchard, Marsden, Richards, Thomas, Vigus ANZ Bank Old Mentonians OLD MENTONIANS : Gadd 2, Ericksen 2, Nicholson, K Speers Best: Burbury, S McKenzie, R McKenzie, Gadd, Franklin Continued F RESERVES SECTIO N Bulleen United Footscray I T BULLEEN UNITED: Robertson 7, Cairns, Matlock, Jenkins Best: K Harvie, Robertson, Thomson, Macauley, V Harvie, Cairns FOOTSCRAY I T : Goalkickers, Best Players not received, or received after copy dead-line - first post Monday Thornbury Beverley Hills THORNBURY : Marks 2, Ramsdale 2, Were, F Burrows, T Geary Best : Ramsdale, Geary, Viola, B Burrows, R Colyer, R Bradbury BEVERLEY HILLS: Goalkickers, Best Players not received, or received after copy dead-line - first post Monday University Reds Heatherton M, Speers I Glenroy a bye UNIVERSITY REDS : Goalkickers, Best Players not received, or received after copy dead-line - first post Monday HEATHERTON : Yates 2, Borg, Trigg Best : Trigg, White, Borg, Holloway, Bertuna, Buck Monash Whites LaTrobe Reds MONASH WHITES : Brady 4, W Smith, RGiSik, FZastham, Phillips, Wallis Best: Brady, Forde, Mitchell, W Smith, Fell, Kenez LA TROBE REDS : Watt 2, Attridge, Gilesnan Best: Bennett, Watt, Brian, Gilesenan, Attridge, Rhoden THE AMATEUR FOOTBALLER - MAY 3, 197 Page 11

6 "B" SECTION TEAM S CAULFIELD GRAMMARIANS (Navy Blue & White) Coach : Frank Goode (Reserves) John Wilso n 1 Macdonald, R 13 White, B 26 Griffith, S J 39 Campbell, (VC) 14 Mathieson, H 2 Cottrill, I 27 Way, J 2 Long, R 40 Rutledge, J 1 Walker, G 3 Waxman, B, A 28 Mathieson, R 3 Dunn, 41 Hartley, G D 16 Maxwell, R 29 Fletcher, 4 Smith, R 4 Tamblyn, G 42 Collins, R M 17 Clark, D 30 Felsenthal, Knowles, J Peters, D 43 Vorrath, G M 18 Pearson, R 6 Bell, G 31 Monotti, A 6 Dickeson, D 19 Morphet, B 44 Johntsone, H 7 Welch, J 32 Criswick, K 7 Edney, 4 Spooner, I 20 Tamblyn, G R 8 Cunningham, 33 Wallace, 8 Butcher, B 46 Gerrand, J 21 Watson, J 9 Hampton, N N 34 Favaloro, 9 Waxman, D 47 Irvine, J P 22 George, T 3 Kerry, 60 Hockridge, P, 10 Buchanan, S 48 Boyes, J L 23 Voyage, G 36 Worthington, C 11 Tootell, 49 Nichol, C G (C) 24 Lupson, P 37 Cox, P 12 Denny, A 2 Atchison, G 0 Bierwirth, P 38 Speed, C 1 Jenning, R COLLEGIANS (Purple & Gold) Coach: Ross Oakley 1 Ferguson, B (Reserves) Bruce Ferguson (CR) 1 Zent, R 29 Nash, 2 Edwards, G 43 Gilmour, R 16 McKay, H 7 Mulhall, M S 30 Merry, 3 Rice, A 44 Haynes, I (C) 17 Stokel, D 8 Jackson, P K 31 Leembruggen, R 4 Ellis, R 4 Tucker, D (VCR) 18 Boucher, N 32 Bickford, I 9 Hoist, R M 46 Berglund, R Pryor, P (VC) 19 Leembruggen, D 33 Anderson, P 60 Lodge, R 6 Benjamin, D 20 Nethersole, J 47 Harding, S 61 McKenzie, A 34 Naylor, C 7 Miller, 48 Edward, R 21 Hibbert, D 62 Burgham, D M 3 Permezel, 8 Cartledge, S M 49 McCollough, P 22 Ryan, S 63 Anthony, C 36 Permezel, 9 Hughes, S 0 Billing, J P 23 Munn, P 37 Rowlands, 64 Stephens, D 10 Ashton, B 1 Carter, S P 24 Purdue, J 38 McDonald, M 62 Purdue, R 11 Mason, P 2 Moodie, 2 Dodd, G J 39 Girdwood, R 66 Wagstaff, S 12 Troon, M 26 Leeming, P 3 Gooding, G 13 Cutler, M 40 Emmett, N 4 Gray, D 27 Lockwood, J 41 Wright, 14 Shinkfleld J Webster, A J 28 Loder, R 42 Cookes A 6 Williamson P DE LA SALLE OLD COLLEGIANS ( Blue & Gold) Co,ach : Bernie Sheehy (Reserves) Leo Mannin g 1 McGuiness, R 13 Conway, A 2 McDonnell, P 2 Welsh, R 14 Gilbert, P 37 Donegan, P 49 Cheers, I 26 Dickinson, A 3 Bourke, M J 1 McInerney, M 38 Bothe, J 0 Jeffs, N 27 Glover, C 4 Perkins, 39 Flynn, K 16 Whitelaw, B 1 Lane, C D 28 Whateley, O'Donnell, G 40 McHenry, R 17 Bourke, R 2 Halasa, H B 29 Wright, 6 Letson, S 41 Huxtable, R 18 Geddes, H 3 Moore, I 30 Day, J 7 Power, D 42 Stewart, P K 19 Pollard, J 31 Murnane, P 4 Mitchell, P 8 Hale, D 20 Rapone, A 43 Serena, R Tapscott, S 9 Eddy, 32 Groves, A V 21 Mcllroy, A 44 Sandford, C 6 Rathjens, J 33 McDonald, W 10 Halasa, 4 Wilson, R 22 Dorizzi, G 7 Mcllroy, P T 34 Greig, 11 Lyons, I 46 Loft, B 23 Mcllroy, C 8 Bourke, J 3 Wilson, M 12 Dunn, A 47 Mitchell, B 24 Beddoe, J 9 Hale, P 36 Evans, G P 48 Whelan, P 60 Hill, G IVANHOE (Black & White) Coach : Bill McWhinnie 1 McWhinnie, W (Reserves) Bob (VCR) 20 Steen D 30 Long, B 3 hompson, K 11 Q C)livan, P 31 Burton, K 21 Neale, G 4 Hughes, H 12 Rojo, J 2 Stewart, C Renshaw G 13 Hecker, B (CR) 24 Dockerty, S 6 Stredwick, C 14 Warry, 3 Harris PK G 2 Wilson, W 7 Adley, P 16 Drapac, 36 Field, R D 26 Dean, I 8 Berry, D 17 Stewart, R 37 Dean, G 9 Jones, 27 MeKernan, J J 18 Bourke, R 38 Harris, R 10 Knight, 28 Harris, V R 19 Bryant, J 39 Hutton, B 29 Gillin, G 40 Clough, D KEW (Brown & Gold) Coach : John Fisher i Lister, N (Reserves) Ken Blay 12 Barclay, M 24 Campbell, R 2 Blay, W 13 Rodda, 36 Walker, R A 2 Dalton, G 3 McKillop, D 14 Till, G 37 Rhoden, D 26 Antoniou, T 4 Corcoran, J 1 Mullin, D 38 Cavanagh, W Anderson, R 27 Gandy, M 39 Zerbi, D 16 Mitchell, B 28 Wiseman, 6 Dipierdomenico, G 40 Toogood, G 17 Elworthy, R R 29 Smith, N 41 Allender, K 18 Fletcher, D 30 Morowsky, J 7 Smith, B 19 Lowe, M 42 Townsend, M 31 Hampson, R 8 Fanning, C 20 Enthimiou, N 43 Lee, C 9 Crowe, H 32 Clay, 21 Johnston, G G 44 Sutton, K 10 Murphy, S 33 Brown, L 4 Barrett, G 22 Hinchen, C I1 Hayes, T 34 Aitken, R 46 Buchanan, 23 Price, M P 3 O'Dowd, A 47 Edgley, P Page 12 Edmonds 41 Buckley, R 42 Bryce, G 43 Phillips, P 44 Pitson, B 4 Dawson, J 46 Forristal, B 47 Sanders, B 48 Johnson, K 48 Lewis, F 49 Manna, A 0 Pearce, M 1 Anthony, T 2 Zerbi, R 3 Masterson, T 4 Laws, R Farrington, N 6 Gardiner, N 7 Ross, A 8 Dyamond, L 9 Brener, R THE AMATEUR FOOTBALLER-MAY 3, 197 p1arcellinnoi h COLLEGIAN S Goa c h : Ray Reserves) (GavinoWhiteBlue) ~ C 14 Allen, P 24 Tursi, F 38 Quinn, P M 1 Toohey, P 2 Price, C 39 Fitt, N 1 pov; er, M 16 Delmo, J 26 Gooley, P 40 Gooley, B G : rtner, P 17 Peavey, K 30 Holmes, G 41 Clarebrough, D,,haw, G 18 Gartner, J 31 Aloisio, A 43 Weston, P %tilasewicz, M 19 O'Connor, B 32 Frazer, S 44 White, A %,,'Albridge, P 20 Butler, 33 Wood, D 4 Walsh, P \%'bite, P 21 Rischin, M 34 McDonald, P 46 Ahern, T 13 <<onp, B 23 Crimmins, J 36 Aloisio, F 48 Mangiafico, C OLD CAREY GRAMMARIANS (Black, Blue & Gold) Goach John Dunshea (Reserves) Morrie Hedger Bell,C 14 Cooke, R 2 Wiseman, J 36 Harris, W 'D, lyl 1 Douglas, D 26 Morgan, R 37 Gordon, M i Davis, K 16 Hughes, P 27 Raymond, P 38 Dick, E S Elliott, R (C) 17 Constable D 28 McKinley, C 39 D'Ambrosio, P Birrell, M 18 Hames, R 29 Rowe, P 40 Peart, C Chapman, G 19 Fink, A 30 Trood, A 41 Shaw, C I~ reeman, G 20 Maloney, G 31 Keddie_ R 42 Simms, R co Cooke, M (VC) 21 Morrison, W 32 Craig, R 43 Clark, M 11 Curnow, R 22 Rattenbury, M 33 England, I (VCR)4 Wiseman, M 1 Thomas, J 23 Morey, A 34 Gomer, P 46 Andrews, M 13 Goode, J (CR) 24 Ustick, I 3 Paraskevas, J 48 Allen, R OLD HAILEYBURIANS (Magenta & Black ) Coach : John Masters (Reserves) John Augustin e I tiane, P 13 Cunningham, P 2 Sutcliffe, M 38 Robertson, B? Paul, R 14 Billings, G 26 Bannon, I 39 Parkes, T Jessep, P 1 Warnock, J 27 Bouris, T 40 Trapp, J 4 Langford-Jones, 16 Metherall, R 28 Irving, L 41 Forbes, R A, (CR) 29 Galt, G 42 Troup, M Lingard, R 17 Williams, A 30 Cracknell, J (VC ;43 Payne, L 6 Houston, M 18 Hattam, G 31 Whiteman, G 44 Lovig, D Bowring, P 19 Marshall, G 32 Mehegan, R 4 McWaters, R 8 Houghton, J 20 Roberts, I 33 Legge, J 46 Batt, G 9 Cocks, N 21 Shapter, M 34 Luxmore, A 47 Urquhart, G 10 Lucas, G 22 Mason, P (C) 3 Abbott, G 48 Campbell, G 11 Loney, D 23 Poole, P 36 Sincock, R 49 Bedwell, A 12 Pollock, R 24 Gyngell, J 37 Jackson, R 0 Bonwick, J OLD SCOTCH COLLEGIANS (Cardinal, Gold & Blue) Coach : Bryan Steele ( Reserves) Peter Clarke 1 Anderson, J 16 Steele, B 30 Marx, J 4 Thomson, G 2 Morgan, J 17 Tallent, S 31 Meadows, P 46 Rashleigh, L 3 Hinrichson, R 18 Stokes, T 32 Dumbrell, R 47 McCracken, G 4 Wall, B 19 Beaurepaire, J 33 MacRae, A 48 Caithness, A Moffatt, R 20 Robertson-Smith, 34 Cox, T 49 Alenson, C 6 Orr, A G 3 Burge, G 0 Kenna, R 7 Moulds, A 21 Logie-Smith, A 36 Sheer, M 1 Wright, P 8 Bell, A 22 Nicholls, A 37 Logan, R 2 White, R 9 Addison, I 23 Melville, R 38 Molyneux, R 3 Frew, R 10 Nickless, J 24 Beaurepaire, D 39 Heggie, A 4 Aitken, J 11 Marks, C 2 Heaton, M 40 Purnell, M Clark, R 12 McDonald, J 26 Walker, G 41 Hare, S 6 Garrett, G 13 Duffy, T 27 Kefford, B 42 Welch, R 7 Evans, G 11 = Crow, R 28 Midgley, J 43 Swan, P 8 Ainger, J 1 Alder, D 29 MacFarlane, M 44 Clarke, P 9 Ramsay, J UNIVERSITY BLUES (Black & Royal Blue) Coach : Alan Salter (Reserves) Bruno Scarcell a 1 Williams, S F 13 Girdwood, R W 26 Schauble, P D 40 Downie, J B 2 Schroter, D R 14 Hindle, R G 27 Church, B G 41 Nicolas, V A 3 Scarcella, B C 1 Keeley, S R (C) 42 Plunkett, J F (CR) 16 Ellison, G N 28 Hart, P G 43 Standish, T J 4 Vivian, D 17 Jewson, G R 29 Carmody, J F 44 Cunneen, R D Ainger, D G 18 Pleydell, G P 30 Angus, P W 4 Henricus, I 6 Robertson, A D 19 Langdon, M E 31 Rendell, R J 46 Farrow, B A 7 Anderson, G A 20 Small, D M 32 Wilson, D S 47 Leitch, C 8 Templar, G D 21 Hollands, B P 33 Smith, H J 48 Broadbent, D J 9 Nicolson, S 22 Radford, M W 34 Christie, P K 49 Rabone, I 10 Speirs, R F 23 Westmore, G A 3 Moore, R M 0 Withers, M N 11 Tyquin, M A 24 Hager, R J 36 Whitehead, R G 1 Dunin, A J 12 Maxwell, C M 2 Sleeman, M G 39 De Belle, G D 2 Rosse, C THE AMATEUR FOOTBALLER - MAY 3, Sullivan, D 3 Price, P Najim, D 9 Carrucan, D 63 Holland, P 66 Satori, R 49 Haines, I 0 Hardisty, M 2 Cruickshank, D 3 Harry, P 4 Kelaher, C Clark, M 6 Sharp, R 61 Armstrong, D 62 Rowe, J 63 Louey, R 80 Thomas, C 1 Dale, M 2 Parker, D 3 Hayes, P 4 Harry, J Reid, R 6 Schmidt, N 7 Langford, J 8 Betts, L 9 Phillips, S 60 Sutherland, A 60 Tyers, M 61 Clements, J 62 Firman, A 63 Speer, N 64 Head, J 6 McDonald, N 66 Booth, D 67 McLean, R 68 Bate, M 69 Simpson, D 70 Perry, A 71 Duffy, S 72 Teasdale, J 73 Tyas, G 3 Ross-Edwards, D J 4 Nelson, R J Stafford, A 6 Long, G W 7 Adams, M P 8 Brukner, P D 9 Ross-Edwards, T P 67 Lyle, R L Page 13

7 UMPIR'E'S CORNER By Kevin McKay HOLDING THE BALL - HOLDING THE MAN The player with the ball must be tackled correctly - if he is ridden into the ground it a free kick for "in the back" - if his arms are pinned to his sides and the ball falls to the ground, it is "play on" - if a dplayer ofnthe sba la l b y deliberate either aempt to or kicking and does not connect, it is "play-on" If a player lies on or over the ball and is tackled correctly (not jumped on) it's a free kick for holding the ball REPORTABLE OFFENCES It is not generally known what constitutes a reportable offence The majority of footballers in our Association play the game as it should be played - hard and tough but fair, and their demeanour is beyond reproach However unfortunately there are a few players who let their teams down and it may come as a surprise the extent of reportable offences in accord with Rule 28 1 :- Goes over an opponents mark and does not go back immediately when ordered 2 Unduly holds an opponent who has taken a mark 3 Wilfully wastes time 4 Unduly interferes with a player whilst such player is kicking for goal Disputes the decision of an umpire 6 Unduly interferes with or assaults, or uses abusive, threatening, or insulting language or behaviour towards an umpire during the progress of the match, players to do the right thing by their own club and by the Victorian Amateur Football Association All umpires should know that - A Boots and hands must be inspected in the dressing rooms B It is unforgiveable for an umpire to turn his back on the play C A player may hold the ball indefinitely provided he does not run more than 10 metres or is not retarded by an opponent D fact t ball, in nhasstuckor touched anupireshall not prevent the scoring of a goal or behind This would also apply to a trainer on hi s way to attend - or attending an injured player E If the ball is kicked and hits the behind post on the full, it is "out on the full" and a free kick shall be given TRIBUNAL (APRIL 19th ROUND ) G Jordan (Parkside) was found guilty of striking P Dawson (Old Melburnians) and suspended for six matches P Cox (Coburg Reserves) was found guilty of striking P O C Johnson (St Bernard's Reserves) and reprimanded, K Harris (Ivanhoe Reserves) was found M illangdon (UniversitypBlues Reserves),na and was suspended for two matches R Moore (Parkside Reserves) was found guilty of striking S Derham (Old Melburnians Reserves) and suspended for four matches RESULTS OF MATCHES or within or without the day of the match oval on the inrt~helsporting Session s matches of RadIo broadcast 7 3LO, (commencing at Assaults another player 620 p 8 3KZ (included in 7 p m), 3DB and m Uses abusive, threatening or insulting News) each Saturday evening and from Television language, or otherwise misconducts himself during the match, or within the Channel 2 ARV-2 and HSV 7 Channels oval on the day of the match 9 also provides scores of qua rt er-by-quarter Throws an opponent after that player A Section aftern oon matches each Saturday has taken a mark or after the ball is otherwise out of play 10 Violently pushes an opponent after such opponent has had his kick 11 Intentionally trips or kicks or attempts NUMBERS TO NOTE to trip or kick an 12 opponent Clubs in A Section Strikes or attempts to strike a player bers should note these num- either with his hand or arm 13 For teams on Thursday night Is guilty of unduly rough play possible after ( p as early as m Remains on the playing ground not before 9 p Please-and m ) certainly wearing proper uniform, after being The Sun Jack Dunn warned by the field umpire The Age Mike Sheaha This You will agree that the foregoing gives applies n to clubs in main game only - an umpire very wide powers as advised However you are assured that umpires Quarter by-quarter scores this week :- will not abuse that power, but it is up to al l Watch for this number week by week P,age 14 THE AMATEUR FOOTBALLER-MAY 3, 197 TODAY'S GAMES AND UMPIRE on ground of first named Club at 2 pm Reserves at 11 4 am Likely winners of Senior and Junior matches in Bold Type Umpire for Reserves shown In brackets A SECTION Old Trinity Gramm v Ormond - Rowell Goal: McKenzie, K Jenner (Lowe) 11onash Blues v Reservoir O B - Wills Goal : Bridges, Dunstan (Thomas) University Blacks v North Old Boys - George Goal: Smith, Stratton (Mead) Coburg v Old Paradians (at Elsternwick Park) - Jorgensen Goal : Ahlm, L Williams (Holst) St Bernard's O C v Geelong - Rowe Goal: - Gannon B SECTION Ivanhoe v Kew - McTaggart Goal: Peters, Wilson (Wood) Old Scotch Coll v Old Haileyburians - Dodds Goal: E Jenner, McCusker (Minson ) Collegians v Old Carey Gramm - Kelly Goal : Puddy, Bishop (Jenkin) De La Salle O C v Caulfield Gramm - Dressing Goal: M Murray, Dunkley (Myors) Marcellin O C v University Blues - Cordner Goal: Hillier, Cust (Grace) C SECTION Brunswick v Old Ivanhoe Gramm - Hindle (Benson) Old Melburnians v Power House - B Nicholls (Speechley) St Kilda CBOC v Parkside - Simpson (A Williams) Alphington v M H S Old Boys - Hill (Burridge) UH S Old Boys v Old Brighton Gramm - J Field (Muller) D SECTIO N Assumption O C v Old Camberwell Gramm - Gow (Collister) Old Xaverians v Fawkner - Wakefield (Booth) State Sav Bank v St Kevin's O B - Reilly (Mitchell), National Bank v Old Geelong - Botsford (Blair-Holt) Hampton Rovers v C'wealth Bank - Cogdon (Amor) E SECTION Elsternwick v West Brunswick - Andrews (McLean) A N Z Bank v North Brunswick - Halbish (Cavanagh) La Trobe Blacks v St Bede's O C - Phillips (Maebus ) A J A X v A M P Society - McInnes (Butterworth) St Pat's-Monivae O C v Old Mentonlans - C Nichol (Kitch), F SECTION Glenroy v Footscray I T - Marks (Stead), Monash Whites v Bulleen United - Budge (White) Heatherton v Thornbury - P Fell (Morgan) Bulleen-Templestowe v University Reds - King (Reserves - University Reds a bye) Beverley Hills v La Trobe Reds - Somerville (Sutherland) JUNIOR SECTION 1 Ormond v Ivanhoe - Mason Old Scotch Coll v Coburg - McMahon Power House v Monash University - Jennings Parkside v University Blues - Duckworth University Blacks a bye JUNIOR SECTION 2 West Brunswick v North Old Boys - Johnston Old Carey Gram v Bulleen-Templestowe - Marsden Reservoir O B v Old Paradians - L Pascoe Caulfield Gramm v Thomastown - Kollmorgan St Bernard's O C v Geelong - Grubb EMERGENCY UMPIRES : Goodman, Fogarty, Pritchett, Conway, Cunneen, Tracey, Ray THE BLACK LIS T Missed publication dead-line ( p m - Reserves 3 p m ) Fine - THREE DOLLARS LA TROBE RED S OLD PARADIANS JUNIORS NORTH OLD BOYS RESERVE S Missed phoning scores to Herald before 30 pm Fine - SIX DOLLARS AMP SOCIETY UNIVERSITY BLUES JUNIORS COBURG RESERVES ALPI-IINGTON RESERVE S Failed to phone scores or details to Press Correspondent before 7 p m (A Section - 6 p m ) Fine - SIX DOLLARS COBURG GEELONG OLD PARADIANS COBURG RESERVE S Phoned incorrect scores - Fine - THREE DOLLARS COBURG MONASH UNIVERSITY JUNIORS COBURG RESERVE S GEELONG RESERVES APRIL 19th UHS OLD BOY S OLD CAREY GRAMM JUNIORS ST BERNARD'S O C JUNIORS THE AMATEUR FOOTBALLER-MAY 3, 197 Page 1

8 The Grounds Where and How Here is the list of grounds to be used by various clubs this season, together with directions as to how they may be reached Reserves Unless otherwise stated, play on same ground as Seniors B SECTION CAULFIELD GRAMMARIANS : Oval 3, Albert Park (Train to Albert Park, or South Melbourne tram in Collins Street to South Melbourne Technical School ) COLLEGIANS: Harry Trott Oval, Albert Park, at rear of MacRobertson Girls' High School (St Kilda Road tram (except Toorakj to Bowen Crescent ) DE LA SALLE OLD COLLEGIANS : Waverley Oval, corner of Lower Malvern, Waverley and Belgrave Roads, East Malvern (Train to East Malvern ) IVANHOE: Ivanhoe Recreation Reserve, Lower Heidelberg Road (Train to Ivanhoe; walk south along Marshall Street to Lower Heidelberg Road ) KEW : Victoria Park, High Street, Kew (Kew, East Kew or North Balwyn tram in Flinders Street to Belford Road ) MARCELLIN OLD COLLEGIANS : Marcellin College Oval, Bulleen Road, Bulleen (Bulleen Tramways bus in Flinders Street to corner of Bulleen and Thompsons Road ) OLD CAREY GRAMMARIANS : Carey Grammar School Oval, Bulleen Road Bulleen, (Bulleen Tramways bus in Flinders Street to corner of Bulleen and Thompsons Road ) OLD HAILEYBURIANS : Haileybury College Oval, Springvale Road, Keysborough (Half a mile south of Five Ways on left-hand side ) OLD SCOTCH COLLEGIANS : Yarra Park, opposite Olympic Park (Batman Avenue tram from Princes Bridge ) UNIVERSITY BLUES : University Oval (Moreland or East Coburg tram in Swanston Street, or Brunswick, Coburg or North Coburg tram in Elizabeth Street ) RE- SERVES : Crawford Oval, south-east corner of Princes Park, opposite Ormond College, Parkville (Brunswick, Coburg or North Coburg tram in Elizabeth Street to College Crescent y FIXTURE & RESULTS "B" SECTIO N APRIL 19 CGr 17 1 OHal 9 12 DLS Mar 3 13 OSct 1710 OCar 710 Coll 8 23 Kew 10 9 UBIs Ivan APRIL 26 Kew OHaI Ivan DLS 16 9 Mar OCar 9 17 CGr 12 1 Coll UniBIs OSct MAY 3 Ivanhoe v Ke w O Scotch v 0 Halley Coll v 0 Carey DLS OC v Caul Gr Marcel v Uni Blues MAY 1 0 O Halley v Marcellin Kew v DLS O C O Carey v Ivanhoe Caul Gr v 0 Scotch Uni Blues v Collegians MAY 17 Ivan v 0 Halley Marcellin v Kew Coll v 0 Scotch Caul Gr v 0 Carey DLS OC v Uni Blues MAY 2 4 O Hailey v Collegians Marcel v Ivanhoe O Scotch v DLS OC Kew v 0 Carey Uni Blues v Caul Gr MAY 31 Ivanhoe v 0 Scotch DLS OC v Collegians O Carey v 0 Hailey Caul Gr v Marcellin Uni Blues v Kew JUNE 7 O Scotch v Marcel Collegians v Ivanhoe Kew v Caul G r O Carey v DLS OC O Halley v Uni Blues SUNDAY, JUNE 1 VICTORIA v TAS VICTORIA v S AUST at Elsternwick Park JUNE 21 Marcel v Collegians Kew v 0 Scotch DLS OC v 0 Halley Caul Gr v Ivanhoe II Uni Blues v 0 Carey JUNE 28 Ivanhoe v DLS OC O Halley v Kew Marcel v 0 Carey Coll v Caul Gr O Scotch v Uni Blues JULY O Halley v 0 Scotch Kew vivanho e O Carey v Collegians Caul Gr v DLS OC Uni Blues v Marcel JULY 12 Ivanhoe v 0 Carey Marcel v 0 Halley O Scotch v Caul Gr DLS OC v Kew Collegians v Uni Blues JULY 1 9 O Hailey v Ivanho e O Scotch v Collegians Kew v Marcellin Old Carey v Caul Gr Uni Blues v DLS OC JULY 2 6 Ivanhoe v Marcellin Collegians v 0 Halley DLS OC v 0 Scotch 0 Carey v Kew Caul Gr v Uni Blues AUGUST 2 O Hailey v 0 Carey Marcellin v Caul Gr O Scotch v Ivanhoe Collegians v DLS OC Kew v Uni Blues AUGUST 9 Ivanhoe v Collegians DLS OC v Marcellin O Carey v 0 Scotch Caul Gr v Kew Uni Blues v 0 Halley AUGUST 16 Marcellin v xo Scotch Kew v Collegian s DLS OC v 0 Carey Caul Gr v 0 Halley Uni Blues v Ivanhoe AUGUST 23 Ivanhoe v Caul Gr O Halley v DLS OC O Scotch v Kew Collegians v Marcel O Carey v Uni Blue s 1PORTANT NOTE S PREVIEW The ABC Sporting Session from 3LO each Friday (which commences at 6 30 pm,) will include a preview of the following day's amateur matches PRESS CORRESPONDENTS POST REPORT EACH SUNDAY - It is absolutely essential that copy be received by the Editor BY FIRST POST ON MONDAY EACH WEEK Copy received after this time will not be considered The only way to ensure delivery on Monday Is ADDRESS ALL MATTER FOR PUBLICATION T O "THE AMATEUR FOOTBALLER " Box 164P, G P O, ME LBOURNE, 3001, and not to the Editor's private address (Use addressed envelopes provided) POST EARLY Press Correspondents are advised to post copy EARLY on Sundays The final clearance time of pillar boxes is as early as 6 p m in some areas, and not later than 8 30 p m anywhere Make sure you don't miss the post - POST EARLY! HOW TO CONTACT EMERGENCY UMPIRES Emrgency umpires for all sections will b e located at Elsternwick Park, and will be available to proceed to any ground if required The telephone number will be Should the appointed umpire fall to appear, it will be necessa ry to phone Elsternwick Park and ask for an emergency umpire to be sent Clubs must make themselves familiar with the system, and ring the correct number: SECTION - PLEAS E Press Correspondents are requested to comply with ALL INSTRUCTIONS in the Notes to Press Correspondents issued to all clubs prior to the Season - Including - CLUB NAME and SECTION on every envelope forwarded to The Amateur Footballer TIMEKEEPERS' INSTRUCTIONS REGARDING "TI ME -ON" 'Time-on" must be added (1) when signled by the Field Umpire and (2) when a goal or behind has been scored In the case of a goal, take the time from the waving of the flags by the Goal Umpire to the bouncing of the ball in the centre by the Field Umpire and, in the case of a behind, take the time from the waving of the flag to the kickoff "Herald" Phone Numbers You may dial DIRECT to the Amateur Football rperesentative at the "Herald" Office The numbers are: or If you have any difficulty, you may ring and ask for EXTENSION 1479 or 1893 RESERVE SECTION RESULTS to be phoned to BEFORE 3 p m or DIAL EXTENSION 1892 Any phone calls not directed to these numbers go astray, and clubs will be regarded as not having phoned the scores, and will be fined accordingly When phoning scores, please state firstly the Section, the teams concerned, and then the winners, before giving the actual scores Correct scores must be phoned, otherwise a fine will be incurred Check with Goal Umpires for correct scores This is the responsibility of the HOME CLUB "BEST and FAIREST"' SINCE 184 Telephone Melbourne ; Oakleigh BOB G OGD N BARRY SHEARER RICK STAFFORD (MEMBERS V A F A ) Page 16 THE AMATEUR FOOTBALLER-MAY 3, 197 THE AMATEUR FOOTBALLER-MAY 3, 197 Paae 17

9 Important Notes (cont ) RESERVES - PLEASE NOTE Team Managers and Timekeepers of Reserve Section teams should note particularly the following points:- 1 Starting time is 11 4 a m If started after 110 am, a fine for late start operates 2 EACH QUARTER is of 20 minutes' duration, plus Time-on Instructions regarding TIME-ON are printed on the back of Score Cards 3 Half-time Interval MUST NOT EXCEED 1 MINUTES - that is from the end of the second quarter to the start of the third SENIOR, JUNIORS Senior and Junior Sections matches consist of quarters of 2 minutes' duration -- plus Time-on and commence at 2 p m SCOREBOARD atcelsternwickviparktmusthbe ate dboar responsible club officials at all times d do by Children ing Board must not be allowed in the Scor- t CAR PARKIN G Drivers who are no as directed at Elsternwick Park, lllrbecrefused admittance to the ground AT ELSTERNWICK PAR K Admission ADMISSIO t 'r ctickets N TICKETS to clubs for matches at Elsternwick Park are for the use of players and officials only Any player who cannot produce a ticket will be required to pay for admittance The duty of an Official U unnerrsis to carry messages from the coach to players and NOT tot lengage ~nei altercation s carryin g with players emessages, must take the shortest possible route to the player concerned, and leave the field immediately after delivering the message New Club's Coach Is No- New To The Amateurs Mike McArthur-Allen, coach of new club Bullee n United, has had quite r varied football career, which includes several seasons with the V AF A He first played with South Warrnambool Under 18's in the Hampden Football League in 1964 and the following year he turned out with Camberwell Under 19's in the VFA From 1966 to 1969 he played Amateur football, firstly with St Pat's (Ballarat) Old Collegians, before going to Ormond in 1969 He joined his present club, Bulleen United, in 1970 and has played 79 games with them He was appointed Captain and Coach i n 1972 and last year was elected a Life Member In 1973 Mike attended a 4-day V F L Coaching Seminar and received a V F L Coaching Certificate He has always played on the forward line or as a ruck-rover, but unfortunately has suffered several severe injuries during his career including concussion, an internal eye injury and a back injury But even these injuries have not dampened his love for the game Mike is a great admirer of Ron BarassI's coaching techniques with emphasis on positive thinking, but not over-confidence He believes that players must be disciplined in their thinking to combine as a unit Mik e rnamboola and Kenn Rowse tat Ormond as th e best coaches he has played under Finally, here is his coaching philosophy : "The error is not in t rying and then failing The error is in failing to try " In private life, Mike is a third year student-teacher at Rusden College and is President of the Rusden Student Council A SECTION ufoore, Monash Blues (3) T Byrne, Resvr OB (4) Smyth, Ormond (6) Hansen, Old Trinity (2) Thompson, St Bern (4) Jordan, Old Parad () Golding, Monash BI (2) B O'Connor, N O B (2) Beattie, Coburg (4) King, Coburg (3) Sheales, North O B () G Johnson U Blaks (4) LEADING GOALKICKERS B SECTIO N Hughes, Ivanhoe (6) 16 H Halasa, DLS (4) 9 Butcher, C Gram (6) 9 Morgan, Old Scotch (1) 8 Mu mane, DLS (4) 8 Fletcher, Kew () 7 Church, Univ Blues (3) 7 Tyquin, Univ Blues (3) 6 Griffiths, Caul Gram (1) 6 Constable, Old Carey (3) 6 C SECTION Urquhart, Old Melb (9) 13 P O'Connell, St K (6) 11 Galbraith, 0 Ivanhoe (7) 9 Roberson, Old Melb () 9 Calleja, St K (6) 8 Hamilton, 0 Bton (3) 7 Cropley, O Ivanhoe () 6 Bastow, Parksid e Sykes, Power House ~j 6 Roberts, Alphington (2) 6 Tann, Alphington () 6 D SECTIO N Combe, Hamp Rovers (6) 11 Cordy, National Bk (2) 6 Unkles, O Xaverians (4) 6 Jacimovic, Nat Bank (3) 6 Cameron, S S Bank (-) Schneider, Assump (1) J Steven, Old Camb (4) T Kelly, Assumption (2 ) E SECTION Schulberg, AJAX (6) Brockwell, W Bruns () Bialek, AJAX Terrall, St Bede's (2j Norton, O Ment (2) Berns, Elsternwick (-) Molyneaux, Elstern () Harnetty, ANZ Bank (3) R Payne, Nth Bruns (2) F SECTION Wilson, Bull Unit (4) Burley, M Whites (9) Hullin, Bull United (1) N Porter, Bull Unit (1) C McCrory, B Hills (1) Staff, Thornbury (4) P Wakeling, Glenroy (-) A Post, Bev Hills (-) M Wilson, Glenroy (4) Norris, Thornbury ( ) JUNIOR SECTION 1 P Maxwell, U Blues (6) M C Brown, Coburg (3) Sterling, Ormond () Sinclair, Ormond (4) Dunn, Power House (6) Scown, Ivanhoe (2) McMahon, Ivanhoe (4) Richards, Coburg (3) Tilburn, Coburg () JUNIOR SECTION 2 Dodds, Geelong (7) 8 Hearn, Old Carey (3) 8 McNamee, St Bern (2) 7 Candelo, North OB (7) 7 Dalmau, St Bern (1) 6 Di Battista, Thom'tn (2) 6 Brockwell, W Bruns (3) 6 Nigro, W Bruns (3) 6 Lalor, St Bernard's (2) Hughes, St Bernard's (-) A RESERVE SECTION Powell, Mon Blues (10) 14 Price, O Paradians (6) 10 Stockdale, O Trinity (2) 9 Duke, O Trinity (3) 7 Nelson, O Trinity (2) 7 Curley, North OB (6) 6 B RESERVE SECTION Scarcella, U Blues (3) 7 Bothe, De La Salle (3) 6 Williams, O Hailey (-) Fitzpatrick, D L Salle (-) P Mitchell, D L Salle (2) C RESERVE SECTIO N J White, StK, CBC (3) 9 R Poyntz, Parkside (7) 9 Larkin, O Brighton (4) T Staples, Brunswick (3) Girdwood, St K CBC (3) D RESERVE SECTION Quinn, O Xaverians (1) Shanks, H Rovers (3) Franich, O Xaverians (2) Cave, Hamp Rovers () E RESERVE SECTION Thomas, ANZ Bank () 8 Marsden, ANZ Bank (4) 7 Morse, St Bede's (4) 6 Walsh, St Pats-Mon (1) F RESERVE SECTION Robertson, Bull-Temp (7) 7 Cairns, Bull United (1) Murray, Bull United (-) 4 Brady, Mon Whites (4) 4 ARE THE PLAYERS OF YOUR CLUB COVERED FO R ACCIDENT INSURANCE? For a premium of only $200 PER PLAYER WE CAN ASSIST BY HELPING COVER THEIR INJURY EXPENSES Club Secretaries should contac t HIBERNIAN ACCIDENT FUND 289 Latrobe Street, Melbourne Phone : AMATEUR DEFINITION An amateur is one who has never competed for a money prize, staked bet or declared wager, or who has not knowingly or without protest competed with or against a professional for a prize of any description or for public exhibition, or who has never taught, pursued or assisted in the practice of any athletic exercise as a means of livelihood or pecuniary gain (This definition is subject to certain exceptions set out in the rules of the Australian Amateur Football Council) Page 18 THE AMATEUR FOOTBALLER - MAY 3, 197 AI u u Au~~&~uu~a~uu THE AMATEUR FOOTBALLER - MAY 3, 197 Page 19

10 BALL BRIEFS 200 UP TO AN Z BANK'S NORM KIRBY NORM KIRBY plays his 200th game fo r A N Z BANK today against North Brunswick Norm joined the former E S and A Bank Football Club in 1962 and since that time has been an invaluable clubman on and off the field He has been a committeeman of the club for many years and for services to the club he was made a LIFE MEMBER in 1973 Congratulation Norm and best wishes from all at A N Z Bank CENTURY TO STAR ST BEDE'S DEFENDER TIM KURTH played his 100th game for ST BEDE'S last Saturday "Timbo" has been one of the forces behind the club's successes over recent seasons He was captain of the First XVIII in 1973, and for most of his career has played in the back pocket and half back flank positions, where he has been known for his many spectacular dashes through the back line driving the ball deep into attack Tim, on behalf of the committee and players, congratulations for your hundred_ and we hope to see you wearing the red, gold and blue jumper for many more seasons to come 100 UP TO POWER HOUSE VETERAN After having retired twice, FRED WUB- BELING will finally play his 100th game with POWER HOUSE today Whether as a defender or ruckman, Fred is always an in spiration to his team mates with his rugged play and tear-through style Although now in "advancing" years he is still one o f the fittest players in the team Congratulations Fred and we hope you play many mor e fine games for Power House All at THOMASTOWN congratulate JOHN KOURLIS on reaching his 0 games with the Club Johnny was a member of the Under 17 Premiership side last year with the N M FL and in 1973 was winner of th e "Most Improved" Trophy for the season All the best for the next 0, John OLD BRIGHTON wishes to congratulat e reserves ruckman PETER LATZER on playing his 0th game with the club last Saturday 'Latz' has had a great start to the season and celebrated his 0th with 3 votes His early season form is no doubt due to hi s intensive fitness campaign over the summer, and his determination to play consistent Senior XVIII football Well done Pete, an d good luck for season '7 DEREK DICKESON played his 0th game for CAULFIELD GRAMMARIANS last Saturday Derek played three games whilst at school in 1971 and has been a regular and useful player since Well done "Dicko" Now for the "ton"! We also welcome new seniors coach FRANK GOODE and hone he can take us back to "A" Grade next season 10th TO CAULFIELD FULL-BACK One of CAULFIELD GRAMMARIANS' personalities, BOB MACDONALD, the regular fullback, led out the team in the opening game against Haileybury, to mark his 10th game for the club If our hopes to return to "A" Section and win the "B" Premier- 'ship - as we did fifty years ago in "Macker" will have had much to do with it A great clubman, he is Hon Secretary this year and if enthusiasm means any thing, his will have been rubbed off (like his brain) on the other players and supporters An all round sportsman, Bob is captain of Caulfield's Old Boys' Cricket team in the M C C Club XI Competition Well done, Macker from all the 'Fields'! THE CENTRE SQUARE Next -Week's Matches - May 10 On ground of first-named club at 2 p m - Reserves at 11 4 a m A SECTION 1 ;ervair OB v St Bernard's O C elsternwick Park) Ormond v Cobur g 0r Old Boys v Old Trinity Gramm Otcl Paradians v Monash Blues (;cclong v University Blacks B SECTIO N () lcl Haileyburians v Marcellin OC c~v De La Salle OC old Carey Gramm v Ivanhoe cndfield Gramm v Old Scotch Coll university Blues v Collegian s C SECTION Pr wer House v U H S Old Boys O>d Ivanhoe Gramm v Alphington Parkside v Brunswick ~,t H S Old Boys v Old Melburnians Old Brighton Gramm v St Kilda CBOC D SECTIO N F : xkner v Hampton Rovers Old Camberwell Gramm v National Bank Kevin's OB v Assumption O C (, Id Geelong v Old Xaverians ("wealth Bank v State Sav Bank E SECTIO N North Brunswick v St Pat's-Monivae OC West Brunswick v A J A X St Bede's OC v Elsternwick A M P Society v A NZ Ban k Old Mentonians v La Trobe Blacks F SECTION Bulleen United v Beverley Hills Footscray I T v Bulleen-Templestow e Thornbury v Glenroy University Reds v Monash Whites La Trobe Reds v Heatherton (Reserves - Footscray IT a bye) JUNIOR SECTION 1 Coburg v Parksid e Ivanhoe v Power Hous e Monash University v Old Scotch Coll University Blues v University Blacks Ormond a bye JUNIOR SECTION 2 Hampton Rovers v Caulfield Gramm Old Paradians v Old Carey Gramm North Old Boys v St Bernard's OC Geelong v Reservoir O B Thomastown v West Brunswick Bulleen-Templestowe a bye The ball officially approved fo all V:FL: matches since 1897 : AS USED BY THE CHAMPIONS ARENA SPORTING FOOTWEAR LOU ZACHARIAH Makers of Football Boots, Athletic Shoes, High Leg Boxing Boots, Cricket Boots, Football Umpire Boots and Gymnasium Boots Page 20 THE AMATEUR FOOTBALLER-MAY 3, 197 THE AMATEUR FOOTBALLER-MAY 3, 197 Page 21

11 LOOKING BACK By Noel Rundle Years Ago Real veterans to reach milestones were Peter Hutchinson (Power House) with 20 games and 6 club best and fairest to his credit, while Bill "Snow" McNamara (Parkside) popular Bill Rodda, Parkside captain, and Kew veteran, Terry Mort all ran on for their 10th game Last year's premiers Coburg, got a fright when Univ Blues kicked 6-8 to the opposition's 1 1 in the last quarter to go down by 8 points Critics were pleased with the new "out of bounds rule" as it had cut out a lot of negative football Monash captain Nick Rogers kicked 8 goals in a fine exhibition of centre half forward play Old Carey had started the season in great style under new coach Graham Johnston, former Essendon half-forward who had some promising new players in the team, John Goode, Colin Bell and Geoff Freeman Melbourne High were pleased with the promise being shown in the Reserves by fullforward Barrie "Biddy" Macdonald 10 Years Ago `A' section coaches were K (Coburg), Roberts Roy Stabb (Comm Bank), Geoff Paul (M H S O B), Roger Knott (Old Melb ), Peter Rhoden (Old Xaverians), Frank Dunin (Univ Blacks), Andy Brannan (Univ George Murray (U H Blues), S O B ), Ray Ailsop (Collegians), Maurie Considine (Old Paradians) YOUR tst Quarter 2nd Quarter 3rd Quarter FINA L Goa!-kickers : Collegians and Old Xaverians were the only undefeated 'A' section teams after two rounds Coburg and Foatscray Tech were cele brating their thirtieth year in the VA F A, having joined in 193, as did Carnegie (when did they drop out?) President of the Umpires' Association was Alan Duckworth, who, surprising to those who still see him on the job, had the honour of umpring the first game at St Kilda Cricket Ground when it was our central ground Alan played with Parkside and Fairfield for 8 years before taking up the whistle (Great amateur career - Ed ) 10 games up to Vic Pilkington (De La Salle) and Barry Macdonald (M HS O B ) while Grahame Daff, Collegian's veteran centre half back played his 200th game Interstate coaches were Peter Rhoden (for the team to play South Australia) and Maurie Considine (for the team to play Tasmania) 2 Years Ago University Blacks and Blues met for the first time in many years Scores were level at I time but Blacks were more accurate in the last quarter with 4 1 to the Blues 1 The team selected to represent Victoria in Adelaide was Doug Arnold (Hampton Rovers) Capt, John Brady (Univ Blacks), Alan Mellors (Brunswick), Geoff Hibbins (Collegians), Alan Kirby (Comm Bank), Alan Reid (Geelong), Sam Birtles (Hampton Rovers), Jack Castle (Kew), K Fitzgerald (Ivanhoe), Jack Grainger (Old Melburnians), Don Morone (Old Scotch), T Taylor (Old Scotch), Graham Beck (M H S O B), Peter Cox (Old Melb), Ken Phelan (Old Xaverians), Laurie Holman (Ormond), Bob Rowse (Ormond), Jack Stock (Ormond), Harry Meredith (Univ Blacks), Duncan Anderson (Univ Blues), Bob Faulkner (Univ Blues) HANDY SCORE SH EET Page 22 THE AMATEUR FOOTBALLER - MAY 3, 197 PREMIERSHIP LIST S W L For Agst % A SECTION 7,I 0nash Blues Ormond Fteservoir OB Old Trinity Gr Coburg _~r_ Bernard's OC L,niversity Blacks ,~orth Old Boys OId Paradians Gcelong B SECTIO N University Blues Caulfield Gramm Collegians De La Salle OC New old Scotch Coll I~nhoe marcellin OC old Haileybury Old Carey C SECTION old Melbu rnians St Kilda CBC Alphington Old Ivanhoe Gram LiHS Old Boys Old Brighton Gr ~ihs Old Boys Brunswick Parkside Power House D SECTION Hampton Rovers Old Xaverlans State Sav B ank Assumption OC National Bank ' Irawkner Old Geelong Old Cam'well Gr C"wealth Bank Sr Kevin's OB E SECTION FIsternwick AJAX AMP Society ~Vest Brunswick ANZ Bank ~`orth Brunswick Sc Bede's OC Iz Trobe Blacks St Pats-Monivae Old Mentonians F SECTIO N Glenroy %Ionash Whites Bulleen United I-Ieatherton ) Beverley Hills Thornbury rootscray IT University Reds LaTrobe Reds JUNIOR SECTION I University Blues Ivanhoe Parkside I Ormond Coburg 'University Blacks N"onash University Old Scotch Coll Power House W L For Agst % Pts A RESERVE SECTIO N Monash Blues Old Paradians Old Trinity Gr Reservoir OB North Old Boys Coburg University Blacks St Bernard's OC Ormond Geelong B RESERVE SECTIO N Collegians De La Salle OC University Blues Old Haileybury Marcellin OC Old Scotch Coll Caulfield Gr Kew Old Carey Gr **Ivanhoe C RESERVE SECTIO N Parkside Old Brighton Gr St Kilda CBC Brunswick Old Ivanhoe UHS Old Boys *MHS Old Boys *Power House Old Melburnians Alphington D RESERVE SECTION Old Xaverians Hampton Rovers State Sav Bank **Fawkner Assumption OC National Bank Old Geelong C'wealth Bank Old Cam'well Gr St Kevin's OB E RESERVE SECTIO N ANZ Bank AJAX LaTrobe Blacks AMP Society North Brunswick St Bedes OC West Brunswick Old Mentonians St Pats-Monivae **Elstermvick F RESERVE SECTION Monash Whites Bulleen United Glenroy Thornbu ry Heatherton University Reds I Footscray I T LaTrobe Reds Beverley Hills JUNIOR SECTION 2 (Four Points Allowed Each Bye) Nort h Old Boys Reservoir OB West Brunswick Old Carey Gr St Bernard's OC Geelong Hampton Rovers Bulleen-T/stowe Thomastown Caulfield Gr ,1 - Old Paradians * Drawn Game ** Unregistered Player - April 19th

12 Ad,7 Section I you be long o any club or group with a common interest you qualify for Anset Airlines of Australia's 10% discoun air-fares or your next outin g with 11 members or more Even better, Ansett Airline s will save you ime and mone y by handling (at no cost to you) all the arrangements for your trip, om accommodatio n and meals o unexpected thing s like laundry and entertainmen t Send for our detailed Grou p Trave Brochure, or simply rin o and we'l mail one d er- AOAi- A t4 amateur Vol 7, No 4 Printed by Hedflee & Bell Pty, Ltd, Sutton Road, Maryborovgh, and publish d by George NicTT of 12 Ripley Grove, Caulfield North, for the Victorian Amateur Football Aseocistbn, OFFICIAL JOURNAL OF THE VICTORIAN AMATEUR FOOTBALL ASSOCIATION