Timely Announcements Date Message. 11/2 Lake and Beach Project Update 9/7 IMPORTANT NOTICES! LAKE LOWERING DATES

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1 Timely Announcements 2017 Date Message 11/2 Lake and Beach Project Update Our lake has been lowered approximately 28 over these past three weeks and we will be stopping the controlled drainage at about 32 this weekend. The Herman Brothers Construction crew now have a low enough lake level to complete the rip rap portion of the wall which is in the water on the end of the wall. This was the primary reason to drop the lake this winter. At this time we encourage all lakeside homeowners who are working on their beachfront properties to proceed with your work while the lake remains at this lower level. Here is a picture of the progress on the two-tiered beach wall. It is already looking fantastic and in the Spring, when the final touches are added, it will be beautiful! Remember to submit projects to the Architecture Committee for approvals (if new structures are being built or if you are adding sand, etc. to your beach areas that enter the water). If you are just removing old seawalls and replacing them or if you are doing cleanup work along the waterfront, no approvals are necessary. 9/7 IMPORTANT NOTICES! LAKE LOWERING DATES As announced last year at our Annual Meeting, and again this Spring in our Newsletter, we are busy with two projects this fall:

2 Lake Lowering for Beach Improvements and lakeside property improvements We will begin lowering the lake water level on Monday, October 15, and continue until we have lowered the lake approximately 30 inches. This is for beach wall improvements and lakefront property owners beachfront improvements. We will attempt to raise the drain to normal pool after March 1, The lake will have to fill back up naturally in the early Spring for normal use next year. In the past, it was filled by mid May, if not earlier. But there is NO guarantees of when nature will provide rain to fill us back up. It is a risk we must take to complete the WOLA Beach Improvement project and one we need to do AT LEAST every ten years for property owner improvements. Lakefront Property Owners Remove boats before 10/15! If you need to use the WOLA boat ramp to take your boats out before winter, do so BEFORE October 15. Otherwise you will have a very hard time backing in deep enough to pull out your boat and might risk getting stuck. This is a sacrifice we need to make (to remove boats earlier this year) to finish our beach project. This was voted on last year at the Annual Meeting. REMEMBER BOAT RAMP MAY BE UNUSABLE AFTER OCTOBER 15! 8/17 August Big Bass Tournament Winner is Chris Boettcher with a 5.7 lb. Lunker Last night s White Oak Lake Big Bass Tournament was a well-attended event with at least 10 boats participating. We had a first-time winner and that was member Chris Boettcher, who landed an impressive 5.7lb. bigmouth. At least two other fish nearing the 3-lb. mark were caught and released after learning of the leader s big bass. The lake is beginning to produce bigger bass as the shiner minnow stocking program continues. This provides a natural food base for our fish, including walleye, crappie and largemouth bass, and that stocked population of shiners is reproducing, evidenced by the thousands of minnows of various sizes observed in the lake this Spring. This was the last scheduled big-bass tourney this summer. Thanks to Ronnie Pollitt who helped Mark Melody, Fish and Lake Committee Chairman, in running these events this year. Please continue to report big fish of any species to Mark so we can manage our lake even better. Also, the Summer-Long Fish tourney is still open until September 30. Current Leaders are: Bass Jim Eckhart Walleye unreported Catfish -- unreported 8/4 Swim Area Announcement attention all members!

3 Next week WOLA is placing three large floating CAUTION buoys on the outside borders of the WOLA beach designated swimming area. The entire area INSIDE these buoys is OFF LIMITS to any fishing, including casting from outside the marked area to inside the marked area. The risk for WOLA is that swimmers can get hooks that have been broken off in this area imbedded in their feet, arms, etc. which can be very hazardous to those individuals. Members or guests found fishing inside this well-marked area will be subject to discipline, including being asked to leave the lake or having privileges suspended. These buoys should also remind boat operators that swimmers inside that designated area have the Right-of-Way in that area so they must use extreme caution while boating in that area. PLEASE help us enforce this notice. Thank you! 7/21 Second WOLA Big Bass Tourney Goes Down to the Wire Harry Alexander won his first-ever WOLA Big Bass Tourney Wednesday night, 7/19, at the buzzer. Five minutes prior to the horn to end the three-hour contest, Harry and his son, Trevor, had made their way over to the dam close to where the weigh-in was about to take place. Several boats had already come in but Harry was persistent and landed a 4.1 lb. bigmouth bass along the dam, less than 100 feet from the weigh-in area. It s my first win! exclaimed Harry when asked how many he d won before. So glad to see that outcome for a great fisherman who fishes regularly each week on the lake. At least 11 boats and some homeowners fishing from their docks participated in the contest. No second-place bass were weighed in once everyone saw his lunker. Congratulations, Harry! 7/20 Reminder that boat lights are mandatory from dusk to dawn It s not just a rule on White Oak Lake, it s a State of Illinois law and a requirement for anyone in a boat on any body of water after dark. Fore and aft running lights must be displayed allowing other boats to see

4 you in their oncoming path. It s also a respect of privacy and a safety issue for homeowners on the lake. At night, residents inside homes cannot easily see outside though their windows due to interior glare, but anyone outside can easily see into homes. If a boat has lights on, residents can see those and know that a boat is outside or near their property. We have had some theft at night on the lake so it could be assumed that anyone not using lights on their boat after dark has mischievous intentions. This is a hard rule for safety and security reasons. If your boat is on the lake at night, it s LIGHTS ON. No exceptions. If your lights are not functioning, like driving a car at night with no lights, it should be parked until daylight returns. Thank you for your cooperation. 7/20 We have a new Treasurer! Lilli Davis, an off-lake member for years, has stepped forward to assume the Treasurer duties for our WOLA. Lilli replaces Fred Bally who is moving to Florida in August. She will officially assume her duties, with Fred a phone call away for questions that might come up, on August 1. Thank you Lilli! And thanks, again Fred, for your service while on the Board. 6/22 First Summer Big Bass Tourney is in the Bag Congratulations Arlen Bailey who won a 3-way tie with a 1.7 oz. bass. Its length, 14.2 inches, beat the second place finisher by.2 inches. Six boats weighed in fish at the Weigh-in and 12 boats competed. That s a good start to our annual angler adventures. Great job organizing the event, Ronnie Pollit, especially after a potential big storm postponed it last week. Next Big Bass Tourney is Wednesday, July 19 at 5:30. Also, watch for information posted here from Tournament Director Mark Melody (and in the Fishing Tourneys section of this website) about an additional after-dark Bass Tourney in July 6/14 ALERT! Fishing Derby Postponed for tonight rescheduled to NEXT Wednesday 6/21 Due to impending weather and issued weather alerts. Call Ronnie Pollitt for questions. See you then! 6/2 Spring Newsletter is posted on this site! Check it out and send us feedback at wolacommunications.com. Enjoy the summer! 5/26 WOLA is searching for a new Treasurer We are searching for a WOLA member who can serve as Treasurer. If you have experience with accounting or Quickbooks and would like to serve in this capacity, please contact a member of our Board of Directors (listed on this website). Our current Treasurer, Fred Bally, is retiring to Florida and will be leaving August 1. Thank you in advance for your ability and interest in serving in this capacity for the next 19 months or longer, if desired. Thanks also to Fred Bally who has served almost two full 3-year terms as our Treasurer.

5 4/30 Updates to Website as of 5/1 If you are following our WOLAmembers.com website you ll notice some updates always read this page first we ll post important information here. We ve also updated our Fishing Activities and Fishing Limits tabs to reflect new events and size limits for Bass. This year we will not be promoting a separate WOLA Yard Sale, rather, we are encouraging everyone to participate in the Germantown Hills Area-Wide yard sale on Saturday, May 6. See the Germantown Hills website for details on hours of the sale. Also, you have been given your new WOLA boat stickers and they are good for this year and next. Every boat must have these new stickers on their boats BEFORE using them this year. Details on the Boat and Car Stickers tab. Our 4 th of July parade on the lake will be on Tuesday the 4 th this year. See that tab and watch for updates there. Keep watching this site for other important updates all of our past updates are below! 4/12 Mosquito Authority offering special rates to WOLA members to treat for mosquitos Mosquito treatment experts from The Mosquito Authority is offering WOLA Members Only a group discount price for mosquito treatments in It begins with ONE FREE TREATMENT per member property when that property signs up for at least one additional paid treatment. Normal treatments would be $69 or more per yard per treatment with no discount. Call Pricing offer to WOLA members: 0-30 homeowners $59 per treatment after free offer homeowners $54 per treatment after free offer homeowners $49 per treatment after free offer 90 + homeowners $44 per treatment after free offer The discounted pricing won't go down to the next tier until each homeowner continues treatments for 2 or more paid treatments. **Here is an example: If 50 homeowners take advantage of our initial free treatment offer, all 50 of those homeowners will pay $59 per treatment, after the initial free treatment offer. Once everyone receives their 2nd paid treatment, the discounted pricing will kick in on the 3rd paid treatment and each homeowner will pay $54 for each treatment moving forward. Once there are more than 60 homeowners receiving more than 2 paid treatments, the price per treatment will drop to $49 per treatment for all homeowners. BONUS: Regardless, The Mosquito Authority will be treating the current beach area at no cost to WOLA. Schedule your treatment: Toll Free: Local: Web: 4/12 Spring WOLA Newsletter to be posted during first weeks of May Watch here on our WOLA website for the WOLA Spring Newsletter to be posted during the first weeks of May. Content will include an update to the WOLA beach project, WOLA boat stickers update, fishing and swimming activities for 2017, and more. Also, an update on some of the issues concerning trailers in WOLA that was discussed at the Annual Meeting in October, Lots of news about WOLA. Check back soon! 4/12 WOLA Dues Update 35 homes still not paid Thanks to all of you who have paid your 2017 dues in a timely manner. These were sent out on February 3 and due by March 5. The annual dues fees are $300 per lot in WOLA. At this time, we still have 35 properties which have delinquent dues for the year, representing $10,500 that could be drawing interest in our bank account. The list of delinquent addresses could be posted on this website soon so please send

6 in your dues today if you have not done so. Past due notices will be going out next week and 10% penalties could be attached to balances past due. Remember we are trying to get dues paid on time this year to help pay for the large beach upgrade project. Questions? Send your questions to A member of the WOLA Board monitors those posts. 1/20 WOLA Annual Membership Dues Have Been Mailed 2017 Membership dues have been mailed. The dues are once again $300 per member household address for the year and are due by March 1. Please make every effort to meet this deadline so that we can have the cash on hand to begin our Beach Improvement Project as early as possible this Spring. If you have any questions, please direct your questions to It won t be long until our lake will be buzzing with activity once again. Watch for our Spring Newsletter in April or visit back to this page as we begin to thaw out! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!! Date Message October 10/30 Front Yard Post Lights Must Be On From Dusk to Dawn Please check your front yard post light tonight to make sure it is functioning and in compliance with our Covenants and Rules at WOLA. Every house MUST have a dusk-to-dawn yard post light in working condition. Monday night is Halloween. PLEASE assist in making sure that the safety of our association is optimum. This is not a request, but rather a final reminder for all members NOT in compliance with this important safety rule to get those lights functioning today. Thank you for those of you who are contributing to the safety of our area. Please help by reminding your neighbors NOT in compliance that they can be fined for their negligence by the WOLA. It s just that important. 10/11 Annual Meeting Minutes and Financial Information Now Available Our meeting minutes from last week s Annual Meeting are now posted. Just click the link in this section of the web home page entitled Announcements / Newsletter Also, if you are interested in viewing the Financial Report presented at the meeting, please request it through this We will you a copy of the report. We had great attendance with more than 43 families represented. Thank you for staying engaged with our WOLA activities!!!! 10/3 Muskrat Problems in our Lake Once Again. Please read. We have been in discussions with the Illinois Department of Natural Resources about the ongoing Muskrat damage that is occurring along lakefront properties. Earlier this year, we received our annual approval for a Nuisance Permit to remove them from our lake, but it was for trapping removal only. No shotgun permit. In the past, we have had a permit for both trapping and shooting these varmints. Our Fish and Lake Committee members, several of which are licensed hunters with plenty of experience and

7 safety training, took care of this for us and disposed of the carcasses. A big belated WOLA THANK YOU to them! It should be mentioned that we have never had an accident using shotgun for this purpose. Shotgun shells do not skip or go far like pellet or rifle bullets do the risk of ricochet is minimal. This year our new DNR contact thought it potentially would be too unsafe to shoot in such a residential area, so that option was removed from our permit. Unfortunately, no one on our lake is a trapper and we have not had any success in obtaining those services commercially. We have used Critter Control, a local pest removal company, for trapping and shooting in the past -- but they have stopped providing that service. One more disadvantage to trapping is that we have many dogs and children who like to play in the water along the edges. Setting traps along the banks is not an ideal situation when those are present. Consequently, we have reported NO muskrats being removed this year. Now, our muskrats are thriving and damaging yards and could (potentially) threaten the viability of our lake dam. That s the worst case scenario for all of us. How they damage property: Muskrats burrow under the water edges and up into properties and create a nest above the water line. This can cause yard areas to collapse with weight, such as a person walking over it. They can collapse seawalls or structures built to hold back water, such as dams. They can destroy tree roots causing trees to die or fall. Their burrows hold snakes and turtles. They eat many roots and damage decorative water plants as well. They live in lakes year-round and studies show they are prolific breeders, having up to 20 or more babies each year. That s frightening once they have numbers present. Trapping these animals kills them. Sometimes slowly. Shotguns are a much more humane method and is actually more dependable. The DNR is considering permitting us to once again use shotguns for eradication but wants to know, since this is a residential area, if there are many members who would object. We have been unable to identify ANY lakefront property owner who would object, of course, when safety precautions are used. But we have not talked to everyone. We feel that we could once again control the population or completely rid them with shotgun options. If you would have any objection to the DNR allowing us to once again remove these varmints with shotguns, safely, please send us an to September 9/21 West Nile Virus update WOLA was notified Monday evening by the Woodford County Health Department that a bird that was found dead in the White Oak Lake Association area had tested positive for West Nile Virus. After talking to an official from that agency on Tuesday, they confirmed that NO mosquitoes had yet tested positive in the entire Woodford County area but that we should take precautions to protect ourselves when we are outside.

8 They also identified at least one area in a ravine that drains into our lake where water is standing, creating a breeding area for these insects. They asked us to consider chemically treating that area to eliminate the insects and larvae present, and to consider altering the check dams to allow water to pass through them at low levels. This would require contractors to make adjustments to the check dams, and likely not be completed before the mosquito season ends in about three weeks. In the meantime, we are meeting with treatment experts tonight to start a treatment process to kill the insects located in that pool and general area yet this season. We are taking steps to protect our WOLA members. The Woodford Health Department acknowledged that the rainy summer has created thousands of stagnant drainage pools across the county and that the likelihood of this or any other nearby water pools containing WNV mosquitos is very low. However, they are testing the insects in that ravine for any signs of WNV and will keep us informed of their findings. They appreciated our quick response to help them with this situation. If you are interested in spraying your property, we are using Mosquito Authority located on the web under that name. They have come highly recommended by farmers with ponds and ditch water pools. We are assured that runoff from these treatments is not dangerous to humans, the lake or its aquatic life. If you have any questions, please call Jon McKee, WOLA president, at /7 NOTICE! WOLA Annual Meeting for all Members Please join us at Michael s Italian Restaurant in the Monte Cristo Room on Thursday, October 6 at 6:30 p.m. until 9 p.m. (Social Hour at 6 p.m. with light snacks and beverages) for our Annual Meeting of WOLA members. We will discuss our association finances, listen to reports from the Fish and Lake, Beach and Architecture Committees (with details on WHAT the Architecture Committee looks for and approves for home and lot enhancements presented by Paul Herzog). PLUS, this year, we will be discussing a HUGE Beach Improvement Project that will require your feedback and votes to complete. Also, we will discuss the letter sent to all members (see below, entry dated 7/20). Lastly, one new Board member will be chosen (off-lake members only eligible). Please join us as we need members present to approve important decisions! This is your ONE CHANCE to publicly speak up! See you there! August 8/24 Maxheimer s share August WOLA Big Bass Tourney Win Leon and Scout Maxheimer teamed up to win our Big Bass Tourney last Wednesday, August 17 on White Oak Lake. They weighed in a 2.1 lb. largemouth for the victory. It s the first win for Scout, destined to be one of

9 the Future HOF ers of fishing on WOLA. Congrats you two! Several anglers participated thanks everyone for competing in this fun evening series. Members Only: Join us for the summer s LAST Big Bass Tourney which runs the ENTIRE MONTH of September, closing on Friday night, September 30 at midnight. Pictures and digital weight must be recorded and turned in to Mark Melody for entry. Enter as often as you like. Biggest Bass for the month caught in WOL by a member between 9/1 and 9/30 wins the plaque! 8/2 Bailey reaches WOLA first with 3-peat in rescheduled July Big Bass Tourney! Once, twice, three times a tourney. The WOLA July Big Bass Tourney was delayed twice before Arlen Bailey pulled off a three-in-a-row victory with a coin flip. Fishing was tough for the 11 anglers participating in the weather-delayed contest. Cold fronts and rain fronts turned big bites sour. Only a few small bass were weighed, and Bailey and Jon McKee tied with twin 14 ouncers, by both weight and length. A tiebreaker coin flip determined Bailey s luck had not run dry. Congratulations for Arlen! It is the first three-peat since the summer series started in Join us on August 17 from 5:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m. for the next tournament. For details and rules, check out the Fishing Activities section of our website. July 7/20 Important message for all WOLA member households. Please Read: Important Message for all WOLA Members July 19, 2016 Attention all White Oak Lake Association Members: Recently there have been complaints about properties within the White Oak Lake Association that are not adhering to the association s Covenants and Restrictions and Rules documents. The Covenants and Restrictions document is a legal agreement that each homeowner entered into when they purchased their home in the White Oak Lake Association. Regardless of your awareness of the rules, covenants and restrictions, each member is bound to adhere to them to protect the welfare of the entire association. One of the main purposes of these documents is to keep the appearance of the community at a high standard, which will protect the value of every homeowner s property. The most obvious and visible non-compliance issues being reported involve the parking of trailers (of ANY type) on homeowner s properties, trash cans being stored outside and not stored within an appropriate enclosure, front yard lights not being lit from dusk to dawn and pets being allowed on the community beach. Of urgent issue is the parking of RV s, campers and utility trailers outside of approved enclosures or garages on WOLA properties. The number of reported complaints about these larger, more visible items are growing rapidly. Please take the time to read the Covenants and Restrictions and amended Rules documents located on the new WOLA website ( and become familiar with them. Some members might not even be aware that they are

10 violating ordinances. We would ask that every homeowner strive to adhere to the restrictions set forth in these documents. We must all do our best to be good neighbors. While one homeowner may not think a trailer or a neglected or abandoned car sitting in their driveway is unsightly, their neighbors and potential home buyers may disagree. The board would like to avoid taking action on these issues. If you are not in compliance with the restrictions, please be a good neighbor and do what is necessary to bring your property into compliance. Please direct any questions to the WOLA Board of Directors at this address: A complete listing of the WOLA Board, WOLA Committees and WOLA Members is located on the website mentioned, This website was established to improve communications amongst all WOLA members, including posting valuable information about our rules, our member roster, lake activities, and more, and to save money for our association by limiting mailings. This site is live 24/7 and kept up-to-date as best it can be maintained. Please give it a visit. Every engaged member in our beautiful lake community will surely add value and improve the lifestyle for all members. Thank you for your attention to these matters. WOLA Board of Directors 7/13 NOTICE!!! Posted at 4:55 p.m. Tonight s Bass Tourney is rescheduled to next Wednesday, 7/20. Same bat time same bat place. Weather related, of course!!!!! 7/8 Big Bass Tourney for July rescheduled to 7/13 Due to a date conflict between what was posted (below) in the June 21 recap of the June contest, and the posted WOLA Big Bass Tourney Schedule posted on the web (it reads 7/6), we have decided to honor the latest posting. See you from 5:30 8:30 on the 13 th! Reminder NO lines in the water the day of the tourney before the start of the contest if you want to compete in the contest at 5:30!! June 6/21 Bailey Records Back-to-Back WOLA Big Bass Tourney Win Arlen Bailey scored his second consecutive WOLA Big Bass Tournament win on Wednesday night, June 15. His 2.1 lb. bass was the biggest at the beach when weigh-in occurred at 8:30 p.m. One other big fish, brought to the dam and dropped in the lake accidentally just before weigh-in, cost a guest of member Jake Peplowski a chance for the monthly prize. It was too close to call and the fish have to make it to the scale so maybe next month! Jon McKee caught a nice 2.4 lb. Walleye: Nice fish, wrong species but good to know they are alive and kicking in the lake. Join us next month, July 13, from 5:30-8:30 for the next tourney. FREE for all members and one guest each. Contest Rules are posted in the Fishing Activities section of this website. They are included in the May tourney description. Get out and fish bluegill are biting NOW! 6/13 Pontoon Boat for Sale Sorry, SOLD 13-foot Gillgetter purchased in One leather seat at the driver console. Minkota e-drive motor included. 4 batteries purchased at the end of 2015 boating season. Throwing in another trolling motor (MotorGuide) all for $1000. Contact Anita O'Neill at if interested. 6/13 REMINDER WOLA Big Bass Tournament this Wednesday, June 15 Member/Guest. 5:30-8:30 p.m. Look at Fishing Activities page for details and contest rules.

11 6/6 Fourth of July Activities Update -- Revelers Wanted! Join us at 10 a.m. July 4th for the annual WOLA Independence Day Boat Parade and Breakfast! Boaters of all type are welcome. Decorate your boat and join us at the dam for the procession of patriotic water lovers! Fabulous prizes awarded to the best decorated boats. Creativity is always a plus. Bring a dish to share for a potluck breakfast afterwards at the beach pavilion. If you don't have a boat, plan to watch the festivities from the dam and join us for breakfast. New this year -- July 2nd flotilla! Because Independence Day falls on a Monday this year, we know many are planning Saturday celebrations. In recognition of this, we are reviving a past favorite -- the flotilla. If you're interested in tying up with other boaters, come on out to the middle of the lake any time after 1 p.m. Saturday. May 5/26 (1:30 p.m.) Lake Treatment Update: Marine Biochemists will be here Friday (weather permitting) to treat again for algae. This treatment will help to reduce algae WITHOUT swimming and fishing restrictions. In other words, you may use the lake as usual after the treatment. Knowing this is a busy holiday weekend, we wanted to do everything we could to help with lake conditions. Again, this treatment WILL NOT affect swimmers or fishing activities, including eating fish, and will not harm yards being watered from the lake. Thanks Mark Melody and the Fish and Lake Committee for fielding these calls and for arranging additional treatment activity. Have a safe and Happy Memorial Weekend, everyone! 5/25 Lake Algae Update: Our lake biochemists have been in touch with us about the abundance of algae in the lake even following a heavy treatment for this on 5/16. The lake has warmed up 10 degrees THIS WEEK. The rapid temperature change is the perfect storm for algae growth and lake turnover. This WILL PASS. We believe that the impending rains will knock this down again and some clarity will be gained before the next treatment scheduled for next TUESDAY, May 31. If you have noticed other lakes in the region, this same effect exists. Please be patient and understand that this is still a natural ecosystem, not a swimming pool. Our lake is in good hands and it will offer us many great days of swimming and boating and fishing for weeks to come. The Fish and Lake Committee is on top of this daily. If you have questions, please call its Chairperson, Mark Melody. His number is /18 Bailey wins first WOLA Big Bass Tourney of the season Longtime Fish and Lake Committee member Arlen Bailey grabbed the first plaque of the WOLA 2016 Big Bass Tourney schedule last night with a 1.7lb. bass. Fishing was tough with the cooler weather leading up to this delayed tourney. Ten anglers competed and only a few bass were weighed in at the 8:30 p.m. weigh-in. Next tourney is scheduled for Wednesday, June 15 from 5:30 8:30. FREE for all members and one guest each. Contest Rules are posted in the Fishing Activities section of this website. They are included in the May tourney description. June temps usually mean bigger and more bass activity! Join us! 5/12 LAKE TREATMENT SCHEDULE CHANGE:

12 Due to weather delays and an error on the original published schedule, the WOLA Lake Treatment Schedule has changed. Please note we have changed the next few treatment dates. Always double check the schedule for updates if you are watering anything on your property from the lake water. 5/12 Bass Tournament Rescheduled: the tournament scheduled for May 11 has been postponed to May 18 same times. (see below). Lightning strikes delayed our tournament last night and the participants decided to postpone and start the event over on the 18 th. Signs will be posted to alert all members. 5/9 Reminder: Big Bass Tournament (Member/Guest) Wednesday, May 11, 5:30 8:30 p.m. All ages welcome. No registration required. Member/guest (or 2-person) format. Each participating WOLA member may fish by themselves, with another WOLA member or with a guest in this format. The participant weighing in the biggest bass for the event takes home the WOLA plaque. Participants can begin fishing any time after the start of the event. Each participant can weigh only ONE big bass that he or she caught at the end of the event time at the dam. Fish must be alive. Anglers must be at dam at official time/horn blast at end of event to qualify. Also: Participants may not fish the day of the event prior to the start of the event. Cast and retrieve only no trolling. No live bait or multi-rigs. Call Mark Melody at for information. 5/9 WOLA Yard Sale 2016 Saturday, June 4 from 8-2 The date for this year s White Oak Lake Yard Sale has been released! Saturday, June 4 from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. Signs will be posted and paid advertising will be listed in the Peoria Journal Star and in rural community newspapers. For questions, please contact Rhonda Anderson, April 4/23 Lake Treatment Update Yes, we ve noticed the algae in the lake! It is common in the Spring to see accelerated algae blossom when the lake is turning, but with the earlier Spring we ve had, it s a bit worse this year. We have contacted our treatment experts and they will be treating the lake on Wednesday, 4/27. The algae treatment WILL NOT affect watering yards on the lake, so there are no limitations with this earlier treatment. Enjoy the Spring! 4/19 Boat for Sale by WOLA owner: SORRY - SOLD For sale: 2011 Qwest LS818 Pontoon boat with 2012 Haul Rite Trailer; 18 black pontoon with tan accents and tan soft touch marine vinyl seating for 7; Black bimini (shade cover) and fitted tan canvas storage cover; 2011 Minn Kota Electric Motor E Drive; Minn Kota Onboard Battery Charger with 4 deep cycle batteries; Minn Kota Deck Hand electric anchor winch with anchor Model DH 40; Humminbird 300 Series fish finder; Live well for fish with cushioned lid (additional seat); Captain s seat for driver; Radio; Corner tackle storage and rod holders; Dock bumpers; Removable table; Excellent condition with minimal usage during summers. Pontoon has been covered with canvas cover when not in use and stored indoors during winter months. $15,000 Call Doug and Jennifer Sloan at /10 OOPS! The Facebook page for White Oak Lake is correctly linked on our new Website, but it is listed incorrectly on the postcard you just received. It should be White Oak Lake Subdivision, NOT White Oak Lake Community (located on the right side of the back of your postcard), which is in some other state, definitely NOT Illinois But this proves that this website can update everyone instantly when needed! 4/10 Summer Beach Help Wanted. If you would like to be considered for employment as a Beach Monitor or as a Supervisor for this summer, please contact Walt Davis at /10 Bench Missing? A red-toned plastic and wooden bench floated up onto the property of Anita O Neill, 901 Holland Road. If you are missing a bench, please call Anita at

13 4/9 Dues reminders as of this date, 25 households are tardy with their 2016 Annual Dues and are subject to late fees. Dues are $300 per household and were due 3/1. Please send your check to: WOLA P.O. Box 748, Metamora, IL Questions about your 2016 dues should be directed to Fred Bally, Treasurer, at 4/1 NEW WOLA Member Website Launched! Bookmark this address: Just a site to make sure that all members of White Oak Lake Association have the CURRENT information needed to make informed decisions concerning their lake privileges and activities! 4/1 NEW! WOLA Member Communications . Stay in touch with what s happening at WOLA by sending us your suggestions or concerns to our new address, monitored every 48 hours. This is also where you can send us your comments or potential items to post on this new WOLA website. The is: