The Solheim Cup began in 1990 and was founded by Karsten Manufacturing

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1 Event Showcase

2 Tournament History The Solheim Cup began in 1990 and was founded by Karsten Manufacturing Corporation (KMC) - makers of PING golf equipment. Team match Europe vs USA with the best female professional golfers in the world. Twelve players in each team. Biennial tournament. The event has seen immense growth over its 15 years and the first event in Lake Nona, Florida Tournament History Match Status Date Venue Europe USA 1990 Lake Nona, Florida Dalmahoy, Edinburgh Greenbrier, West Virginia Marriott St Pierre Hotel, Wales Muirfield Village Golf Club, Ohio Loch Lomond Golf Club, Scotland Interlachen Country Club, Minnesota Bärseback Golf & CC, Sweden Crooked Stick Golf Club, Indiana Halmstad Golfklubb, Sweden Rich Harvest Farms, Illinois Overall 3 8

3 The Solheim Cup Fact Sheet Event: The event was founded by Karsten Solheim, the creator of Ping, in 1990 and is played biennially. It is the most prestigious team event in Women s Professional Golf Dates in 2011: September 23-25, Killeen Castle, Dunsany, Co. Meath, Ireland. Prize Money: None. Trophy: Perpetual Trophy made exclusively for the event by Waterford Glass Teams: The 12 leading Lady Professionals for USA and Europe Spectators: Over 100, fans have attended the last three Solheim Cup events PING Junior Solheim Cup: Mirror format to The Solheim Cup for girls Under 19 played at a club nearby immediately prior to The Solheim Cup.

4 Tournament Format Day 1 Day 1 Day 2 Day 2 Day 3 Four foursome matches (morning) Four fourball matches (afternoon) Four foursome matches (morning) Four fourball matches (afternoon) Twelve single matches

5 Europe v USA

6 The Players The Leading Female Professional Golfers in the World

7 Passion, Excitement & Emotion

8 Style, Golf & Professionalism

9 The Fans

10 Tournament Growth - Spectators In 2002 Interlachen CC, Minnesota 70,000 spectators In 2003 Bärseback G&CC, Malmo 100, spectators First ever to be sold out! In 2005 Crooked Stick GC, Indianapolis 103,000 spectators Sold out 9 months in advance In 2007 Halmstad GC, Sweden, 100,400 spectators In 2009 Rich Harvest Farms, Chicago, 120,000 spectators

11 2009 Rich Harvest Farms, Spectator Breakdown Monday 4,000 Tuesday 9,500 Wednesday 10,000 Thursday 15,000 Friday 25,000 Saturday 27,000 Sunday 29,500 Total: 120,000

12 Spectators - Statistics On Site Spectator Research from Halmstad in 2007 TUI research has estimated that an economic turnover of in excess of 8 million for solely the town of Halmstad If took into consideration the Halland Region then figure would continue to rise 83% came from within Sweden (87% in 03) 5% came from Denmark, Norway, Finland, Iceland 5% came from UK 4% came from USA (2% in 03) 3% other Europe

13 Spectators - Statistics On Site Spectator Research from Rich Harvest Farms in 2009 Demographics, attendees 42% - Illinois, 5% - Wisconsin, 5% - Indiana, 5% - Michigan, 2% - International All 50 States represented 64% Female attendees 57% of attendees have household income between $75,000 - $249,000 40% of attendee s profession is Professional Average stay was 5 days

14 Media Review/Impact

15 Websites Total number of users 177,945 ( 03) Total number of users 259,518 ( 07) Up 45% Page impressions 3,341,867( 03) Page impressions 5,617,297( 07) Up 68% Total number of users 56,507 ( 03) Total number of users 108,208 ( 07) Up 91% Total number of users 70,204 ( 03) Total number of users 214, ( 07) Up 205% Page impressions 1,174,875 ( 03) Page impressions 2,123,817 ( 07) Up 80% Page impressions 2,193,492, ( 03) Page impressions 3,457,891 ( 07) Up 58%

16 Websites vs 2007 Almost 6.9 million page views to the entire site during the week. This was up 224% compared to Over 558,000 weekly unique visitors. This was up 160%. Leaderboard recorded over 4.3 million page views and was up 378%. The Solheim Cup main page recorded over 569,000 page views and was up 265%. Traffic to the home page was up 140% with 465,000 page views

17 Websites vs 2005 Overall page views were up 62% Overall weekly unique visitors up 103% Leaderboard page views up 92% Leaderboard unique visitors up 189%

18 International Traffic increases Websites 2009 U.S. 57.3% Great Britain 12.1% Sweden 8.5% Canada 5.1% Norway 3.1% Daily Page views Breakdown - Tuesday 8/18-128,572 Wednesday 8/19-153,153 Thursday 8/20-239,075 Friday 8/21-1,685,510 Saturday 8/22-1,916, Sunday 8/23-2,247, Monday 8/24-501,203

19 Television Coverage in 2007 Over 619 hours of coverage broadcast worldwide (369 hrs live plus 242 hrs reair/highlights) (243 hrs in 03) Coverage was distributed to an estimated potential household reach 397,954, million (160 million hhd 03) Total of 602,026 seconds of brand exposure during coverage (206,195 seconds in 03) Total brand exposure produced a gross global media value in excess of 8.9 million euros 83 million SEK (5.7 million Euros in 03) Coverage on the Golf Channel, Sky Sports, SvT, EspnGolf+, Viasat Sport, Sports ESPN, SBS Golf Channel, CNBC Europe / Asia, Fox Sports

20 Television The 2009 Solheim Cup European Distribution tion Country Broadcaster Homes Reach EUROPE LIVE UK Sky 8,441,000 Ireland Sky 456,000 Portugal Sport TV 580, France Canal + 3,800,000 Spain Golf + 1,800,000 Finland Urheilukanava 1,800,000 Sweden Viasat 1,440,000, Denmark Viasat 720,000 Norway Viasat 800,000 Germany Premiere (TBC) 3,522,000 HIGHLIGHTS Pan-Europe CNBC Europe 110,000,000 NEWS SNTV Approx 1,037,534,190 Reuters 110 Territories Eurosport News TBC Gillette World of Sport (Selected events) 180 Territories

21 Television The 2009 Solheim Cup The Golf Channel (USA) viewership 2009 vs Sunday viewership for 2009 was more than double that of 2005: Friday: Saturday: Sunday: Total: No change (2009 & 2005: 257,000 HH) + 33% (2009: 484,000 vs. 2005: 365,000 HH) +106% (2009: 758,000 vs. 2005: 368,000 HH) + 43% (2009: 470,000 vs. 2005: 329,000 HH)

22 Television The 2009 Solheim Cup Summary of American TV Performance in 2009 Most widely televised women s golf event in the world, on the Golf Channel in the USA The final round was the 2nd highest rated non-primetime sports programme US cable and 5th highest rated sports programme on cable for the Sunday. Saturday was the longest telecast of continuous live golf in Golf Channel history (12 hours) Year on Year Golf Channels total viewer figures increased by 38% when Solheim Cup figures are included.

23 Tournament Growth Media & Newspapers p accredited media representatives: News agencies: Associated Press, Reuters In US over 40 plus major newspapers covered the matches: USA Today, Dallas News, Indianapolis Star, Chicago Tribune, New York Times, Los Angeles Times, International Herald Tribune, The Enquirer In Europe: The Times, The Telegraph, The Sun, Aftonbladet, Dagens Industri, L Equipe, La Libre, Mundo Deportivo, Telegraaf Rest of the world: Bangkok Post, China Daily, Taipei Times, The New Zealand Herald, The Australian

24 National Press in 2007 In Sweden more than 116 newspapers covered the tournament, including: Aftonbladet, Dagens Nyheter, Svenska Dagbladet, Expressen, Goteborgs- Posten, Hallandsposten, Sydsvenska Dagbladet, Dagens Industri, Stockholm Metro Produced in excess of 740 clippings (50% including photography)

25 International Press in 2007 The Solheim Cup was covered in more than 35 countries, including Denmark, Norway, Finland, UK, USA, France, Spain, Canada, China, Australia! News Agencies: Reuters, Associated Press In the UK more than 150 newspapers covered the tournament, including: The Times, Daily Mail, Daily Telegraph, Daily Mirror, Evening Standard, The Sun, The Guardian, Daily Record, Irish Examiner. Produced in excess of 900 clippings In the USA more than 40 major newspapers covered the tournament, including: Newark Star-Ledger, Chicago Tribune, New York Times, New York Post, Orange County Register, Los Angeles Times, San Francisco Chronicle, Houston Chronicle, Arizona Republic In the USA magazines covered the event including; Sports Illustrated Golf Plus, Golf World, Golf Week, Golf Digest, Golf for Women, Golf Magazine Growth! ,500 articles circulation 73,7 million ,288 articles circulation 110 million 2006 / 7 4,499 articles circulation 130 million

26 Print Key papers covering Solheim Cup: International Press in 2009 Over 600 million in combined newspaper circulation (that includes papers that had more than one mention of The Solheim Cup) Over 2,200 clippings Including USA publications - Sports Illustrated, t USA Today, Boston Globe, Chicago Tribune, New York Daily News, London Times, Dallas Morning News, Golf World, Los Angeles Times, Miami Herald, New York Times, Philadelphia Daily News, Toronto Star, Washington Times, New York Post, Orange County Register, Canwest News Service, Honolulu Advertiser, Arizona Republic International Ii he i Ii hi d d t Ii hti D il M il L d Ti Th G di D il Irish Examiner, Irish Independent, Irish Times, Daily Mail, London Times, The Guardian, Daily Telegraph, Daily Star, Associated Press, Agence France Press, Reuters, Scotland Herald, Yorkshire Post

27 More Than Just a Golf Tournament Gala Dinner

28 Opening and Closing Ceremonies

29 Juniors Welcome With Activities Created For Them An Event For All The Family

30 Juniors In Europe over the recent matches, 12% of spectators were aged between ages of This increases as children under 13 yrs entered for free juniors visited the Junior Camp! 8,000 juniors visited the Junior Camp! 10,000 juniors were face painted!

31 Commercial Activation

32 Images From The Course

33 Ping Junior Solheim Cup Event The Event Top 12 U.S. Junior Girls vs. Top 12 European Junior Girls Age Inaugural a event e in 2002 Series 3-2 after USA s success in Chicago 2009 Competition staged prior to The 2011 Solheim Cup at a nearby course 2011 Venue In County Meath, Ireland. Many stars of the full Solheim Cup have played in the early matches Established as the leading girls team competition in the world

34 Previous Venues 2007, Halmstad GC,

35 Killeen Castle, Ireland venue for 2011

36 Killeen Castle, Ireland venue for 2011

37 Killeen Castle, Ireland venue for 2011

38 Commercial Model Event Requirements World class golf course LET s appointed agronomist to have overall control of golf course preparation Good viewing facilities Secure site Suitable areas for media centre, tv compound and spectator village Accommodation for teams, caddies and officials on-site/close-by Accommodation for media & tv, sponsors and spectators within minute radius Close proximately to International airport Strong transport network Ability to attract 30,000 spectators a day Commitment from local and national government for the project

39 Commercial Model LET wish to maximise commercial return from the event in 2015 for the development of ladies professional golf in Europe. Areas will include Rights Fee Commercial sponsorship Value in kind Travel Ticketing Hospitality Merchandise Publishing Commitment to Ladies European Tour event(s) & Access Series PR Activation for The Solheim Cup and the Ladies European Tour Development of women s and junior golf in your region/country

40 Commercial Model Present revenue and sponsorship structure 4 Global Partners contracted across European and USA Matches, (PING, Rolex, AIB & TBC) Host Country, Region & Venue Official Sponsor, sold on an event by event basis Official Supplier, sold on an event by event basis Additional revenue opportunities include Ticketing Hospitality Merchandising Publishing New Media All TV rights remain with the Ladies European Tour and LPGA

41 Commercial Model Timescales Expressions of interest currently being received from interested parties Decision on process expected in coming month Appointment of host venue for the 2015 Matches likely to be 2011 subject to contract