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1 Dear Digest Readers, TODAY S RACING DIGEST: Del Mar September 1, For those of you who might have missed it, we are producing Digests for every track in the country. You can buy the Data Lines for every race from Assiniboia Downs to Zia Park. And, we do complete Digests for the major meetings: Saratoga, Gulfstream Park, Belmont, Aqueduct, Keeneland and Churchill Downs. We ve added the Monmouth summer meeting, too. All of these editions are available for download and we continue to publish hard copy for Southern and Northern California. If you are in Las Vegas and aren t getting the Digest delivered to your race book, contact your race book manager and ask for them to begin carrying the Digest for you. issue. Our goal is to help you make informed betting decisions on a daily basis and strive to offer a handicapping lesson in every FAQ What is Today s Racing Digest? For over 40 years Today s Racing Digest has specialized in California racing, producing handicapping information in both a Southern and Northern California issue in print and on-line at Today s Racing Digest has, and always will be, dedicated to the survival of the horseplayer. What makes Today s Racing Digest different from other racing publications? The Digest offers many features that cannot be found in other horseracing publications. Features such as track bias, Pace Ratings, which measure early speed, and a paper race called the Fractional Charting which compares each horse in today s race based on a representative past performance. A page dedicated entirely to workout analysis has always been a popular feature, along with Hot & Cold trainer reports, a Claim Box report for owners and trainers, and our Better-Than-Looked List, which highlights horses exiting troubled or exceptional performances. What are Data Lines? A horse s Data Lines can be found under the name of each horse on the race page. Often called running lines and past performances, the Digest s Data Lines are unique in that the times for each race are adjusted to today s distance, taking into account track pars and the track variant (the speed of the track). This allows for an accurate and easier comparison when horses are coming together after racing at different distances and/or surfaces. Also listed in the Data Lines are the conditions of the horse s previous races, jockeys, track, track condition, finish position, track bias and morning line (ML) and actual odds (A). Does the Digest offer performance ratings or speed figures? Today s Racing Digest prides itself in offering numerous performance figures for the handicapper. Pace and Final Time Ratings can be found at the end of each Data Line and are the most popular. The Pace Rating measures early speed, while the Final Time Rating assigns a figure for the final time. The Digest also offers the CPR (Comprehensive Performance Rating) and FIRE Number, ratings which take into account each time recorded in the race and put it all together in one number. Noted handicapper/writer Tim Osterman also contributes the Fast Figs, which are a speed and class figure all in one. Where can I find a copy of Today s Racing Digest? Today s Racing Digest can be purchased at every major track in California, as well as major satellite facilities. The Digest is also sold at selected retail outlets throughout the state, and is usually available 24 hours before first post. For a location nearest you or for the number of your local distributor, please call (760) The Digest, along with a stable full of simulcast handicapping information, can also be purchased on-line at On our website you can purchase all issues of Today s Racing Digest for tracks across the country at a discount in price and selections from our stable of handicappers. There are also numerous free areas, such as the Daily Money Plays, Feature Races, and Week In Review, which provides commentary on all the previous week s races. Give it a look. We think you ll like what you see. THE DIGEST IS DEDICATED TO THE SURVIVAL OF HORSEPLAYERS Published by: LLC, 1945 Camino Vida Roble Suite H, Carlsbad, CA Phone (760) , Fax (760) Website: General Manager: Jason Karches Operations/Distribution Manager: John Scheidt Statistical Administrator: Amy Bryant This product was created with data that was supplied by and is proprietary to Equibase Company LLC. All rights reserved. Reuse of this data is expressly prohibited. Data provided or compiled by Equibase Company LLC generally are accurate but errors and omissions occur as a result of incorrect data received from others, mistakes in processing and other causes. Today s Racing Digest LLC and Equibase Company LLC disclaim responsibility for the consequences, if any, of such errors, but would appreciate having any such errors called to their attention. Copyright 2012, LLC

2 DEL MAR TODAY'S RACING DIGEST CONSENSUS Del Mar Sept 1 st CPR Charting Fire Race Analyst Consensus Green Secret Megaride Fire Break Imwiththeblonde Renee s Queen Rhodium Muny Lime Rickey Imponente Purse Holladay Road Kettle Corn John Scott Green Secret Megaride Cook Inlet Imwiththeblonde Renee s Queen Kinz Funky Monkey Muny Lime Rickey Imponente Purse John Scott Kettle Corn Spud Spivens Green Secret Megaride Domonation Too Many Unshowns Muny Lime Rickey Colledimezzo Holladay Road Kettle Corn John Scott Cayambe Cook Inlet Megaride Imwiththeblonde Kinz Funky Monkey Wednesday Muny Lime Rickey Huntingman Kettle Corn John Scott Midnight Interlude Too Many Unshowns Too Many Unshowns Too Many Unshowns Secret Motive Perfectamente Exchange Student Vadertore Blue Jay Attack Five Star David Vadertore Privilaged Five Star David Vadertore Iron Joe T Five Star David Too Many Unshowns Too Many Unshowns Forest Boy Cinco De Mario Tates Humor Dancingtothestars Blushing Martha Cayanna Executiveprivilege Speedinthruthecity Miss Empire Shadow Runner Buffalo Billy A Toast To You Speedy Vixen Cupid s Bling Boo Who Who Blushing Martha Dancingtothestars Cayanna Executiveprivilege Speedinthruthecity Heir Kitty Shadow Runner A Toast To You Trucial State California Roll Speedy Vixen Cupid s Bling Dancingtothestars Hot Affair Cayanna Executiveprivilege Speedinthruthecity Mechaya Buffalo Billy A Toast To You Press Baron California Roll Speedy Vixen Cupid s Bling Vadertore Iron Joe T Privilaged Code West Lawyer Gabe Irish Surf Hot Affair Starry Skies Cayanna Executiveprivilege Mechaya Speedinthruthecity A Toast To You Shadow Runner Buffalo Billy California Roll Frank n Teddy Cupid s Bling Green Secret-15 Megaride-7 Cayambe-5 Imwiththeblonde-15 Renee s Queen-4 Kinz Funky Monkey-3 Muny-20 Lime Rickey-8 Imponente Purse-2 Kettle Corn-11 Holladay Road-10 John Scott-9 Secret Motive-5 Perfectamente-2 Exchange Student-1 VADERTORE 20 Iron Joe T 4 Five Star David - 3 Code West-5 Forest Boy-5 Lawyer Gabe-2 Dancingtothestars-12 Blushing Martha-7 Hot Affair-7 Executiveprivilege-20 Speedinthruthecity-7 Mechaya-3 Shadow Runner 12 A Toast To You 10 Buffalo Billy - 8 California Roll-15 Speedy Vixen-9 Cupid s Bling-5 POINTS: First Choice - 5; Second Choice 2; Third Choice ALPHABETICAL LIST OF HORSES IN TODAY'S RACES HORSE RACE # HORSE RACE # HORSE RACE # HORSE RACE # A Toast to You 10 Five Star David 6 Midnight Interlude 4 She's a Go Girl 5 Avarooskie 8 Forest Boy 7 Miss Bold Topper 11 Silver Luna 11 # Frank n' Teddy 11 Miss Empire 9 Sir Hamilton 1 Beholder 9 Full Dancer 10 # Miss Oops 8 Skattle Seattle 3 Berlusconi 10 General Causeway 10 Miss Sweet Afleet 5 Solar Wind 8 Blackie's Crown 8 Greeley Awesome 7 Molokini 11 Speedinthruthecity 9 Blue Jay Attack 6 Green Secret 1 Money Cannon 7 Speedy Vixen 11 Blushing Martha 8 Harlan's Trick 2 Muchos Besos 10 Spud Spivens 4 Boo Who Who 11 Heir Kitty 9 Muny 3 Starry Skies 8 Buffalo Billy (IRE) 10 # Hip 1 My Brite Caroline 8 Stephen's Pride 7 Cabo Chico 6 Holladay Road 4 Naughtical (GB) 11 Swiss Tart 6 California Roll 11 Hot Affair 8 Not to Notty 8 Target Engaged 2 Cavalla 2 Huntingman 3 Pack Your Bags 6 Tates Humor 7 # Cayambe 1 Imponente Purse (BRZ) 3 Pat's Back 9 Torreyana 5 Cayanna 8 Imwiththeblonde 2 Perfectamente 5 Tres Borrachos 4 Cinco de Mario 7 Indycott 7 Positive Response 4 Trucial State 10 Citizenship 5 Irish Surf 7 Press Baron (GB) 10 Uniformly Yours 5 Code West 7 Iron Joe T 6 Prince Telemachus 7 Unusual Jazz 3 Colledimezzo 3 Jaded Mystery 11 Privilaged 6 Vadertore 6 # Controlled Chaos 5 John Scott 4 Pure Indy 5 Vaundell 6 Cook Inlet 1 Kettle Corn 4 Quiet Sunshine 11 Very Unusual 10 Country Soul 11 Kinz Funky Monkey 2 Quietly Mine 6 Villano 2 Cupid's Bling 11 Lawyer Gabe 7 Renee's Queen 2 Visualization 7 # Dance With Gable 6 Let's Do It 3 Renee's Titan 9 Wasted At Midnight 9 Dancingtothestars 8 Lime Rickey 3 Rhodium 2 Wednesday 2 Deal' Em 10 Majestic Jewel 2 Rintoo 10 With a Miracle 8 Dirty Swagg 7 McAllister Boys 10 Robyn On the Go 11 You Can Dream 8 Divo 7 Mechaya 9 Sarach 5 # Domonation 1 # Megaride 1 Secret Motive 5 Exchange Student 5 Memen (IRE) 3 Self Preservation 8 Executiveprivilege 9 Shadow Runner 10 Fiftyshadesofhay 2 She Can Roar 11 Fire Break 1 For Explanation of Layouts & Features - See Back Cover

3 DEL MAR WORKOUT ANALYSIS FOR HORSES RACING Saturday, September 1 NAME/ WORK TRK NAME/ WORK TRK COMMENT DATE COND DIST WORK COMMENT DATE COND DIST WORK 1 st RACE Sir Hamilton 08/26 DMR/FT 4F 47.6h Was best in team drill traveling handily through the lane finishing up in Looked to have plenty left pulling away from workmate. Fire Break 08/26 DMR/FT 4F 48.0h Easy ½ mile drill for Miller. Finished up under a snug hold through the stretch in 24 flat looking to have more left. Green Secret 08/29 DMR/FT 3F 35.4h Blew through the lane here under wraps for Cassidy. Looked good crossing the wire finishing up w/energy in Domonation 08/28 DMR/FT 4F 51.6h Flopping leads through the stretch not really showing much in 51 & change. 2 nd RACE Villano 08/26 DMR/FT 5F 59.2h Departed from the 5/8 pole & went in 36 flat to the top. Finished up well in hand through the lane in Majestic Jewel 08/25 DMR/FT 5F 102.0h Was best of a team over Cayton. Finished up under no real pressure through the lane in 24.1 for the final ¼. Imwiththeblonde 08/27 DMR/FT 5F 100.0h Still looks sharp for Sadler. Was under restraint throughout the drill & finished up w/plenty in the tank in Fiftyshadesofhay 08/15 DMR/FT 6F 112.6hG Broke well from the gate & went in 46.3 early on. Was under light pressure but finished up willingly enough in rd RACE Skattle Seattle 08/23 DMR/FT 3F 37.0h Was under a big hold through the lane finishing up in 37 flat. Galloped out w/some decent energy in the end in Let s Do It 08/23 DMR/FT 4F 48.3h Departed from the ½ & went in 24.2 to the top. Was under no real pressure finishing up through the stretch in Muny 08/26 DMR/FT 4F 51.0h Was under wraps w/talamo in the saddle finishing up in 24.4 for the final ¼. 4 th RACE Kettle Corn 08/19 DMR/FT 7F 124.6h Strong 7/8 drill for Sadler. Was under some pressure late in the drill but responded very well finishing up in 12.1 for the final 1/8. John Scott 08/23 DMR/FT 6F 112.0h Finished up strong to get the bullet for Gaines. Had the final 3/8 in 35.2 under no real pressure late. Midnight Interlude 08/26 DMR/FT 6F 112.1h Was heads up throughout the drill w/rolling Fog. Looked good finishing up on the outside under a big hold in Holladay Road 08/28 DMR/FT 3F 35.0h Just breezed through the lane for Canani. Looks sharp off this 3/8 drill in 35 flat & seems to be a threat. 5 th RACE Sarach 08/23 DMR/FT 6F 114.4h Was evenly matched in a team drill w/wonderbar. Was under some pressure late but had some response finishing up in 12.1 for the final 1/8. Pure Indy 08/25 DMR/FT 5F 100.4h Departed from the 5/8 pole & went in 36 flat to the top. Finished up under some pressure late in looking to be getting a little tired. Miss Sweet Afleet 08/29 DMR/FT 3F 34.6hG Shot out of the gate & went in 12 flat, 23.1, & finished up strong in 34.3 to get the bullet. Citizenship 08/25 DMR/FT 5F 100.2h Was heads up in a team drill w/fiftyshadesofhay. Both traveled easy throughout & finished up w/some decent energy late in 24.1 for the final ¼. 6 th RACE Vaundell 08/26 DMR/FT 4F 47.4h Departed from the ½ & went in 23.3 early on. Was under a snug hold finishing up through the lane in 47.4 looking very good for Gaines. Privilaged 08/18 DMR/FT 6F 111.6h Was heads up in a team drill w/sweet Swap. Looked good late responding well to light pressure finishing up in 11.4 for the final 1/8. Iron Joe T 08/25 DMR/FT 4F 49.0h Finished up strong through the stretch in 23.4 after a slow start to the drill. Looked to have plenty left crossing the wire for Spawr. 7 th RACE Prince Telemachus 08/19 DMR/FT 4F 48.8hG Easy ½ mile drill for Cerin. Was under a big hold through the lane finishing up in 24.1 for the final ¼. Irish Surf 08/27 DMR/FT 6F 114.4h Was heads up in a team drill w/cavalletta. Traveled easy through the lane finishing up in 37.1 for the final 3/8 Indycott 08/23 DMR/FT 4F 46.8h Strong ½ mile drill finishing up under some pressure late in 23.1 for the final ¼. Galloped out in decent manner in the end in Code West 08/26 DMR/FT 6F 111.3h Departed from the 5/8 pole & went in 36 flat to the top. Finished up under light pressure late but responded well in th RACE With a Miracle 08/23 DMR/FT 4F 49.0h Departed from the ½ & went in 24.3 to the top. Finished up under a snug hold late in 49 flat looking to have plenty left. Not to Notty 08/26 DMR/FT 6F 113.0h Left the pole & went in 24.3, 37.2, & finished up under no real pressure late in 113 flat. Cayanna 02/05 SA /FT 5F 101.4h Simple maintenance move from the outset. Left the impression she could have done much more if called upon. 01/23 SA /FT 4F 50.6h This filly was in good form in early December. Drills for return have been very deliberate and calculated on how much she does and how much energy she expends. 9 th RACE Speedinthruthecity 08/26 DMR/FT 5F 59.0h Was best of a team over Guido Panzini. Looked good the final ¼ finishing up under light pressure in 23 flat. Mechaya 08/26 DMR/FT 6F 112.6h Was full of run through the lane finishing up in 23.4 for the final ¼. Galloped out w/some decent energy in Heir Kitty 08/28 DMR/FT 4F 48.4h Was heads up crossing the wire w/miss Empire. Was never asked throughout the drill & finished up w/plenty left in the tank. 10 th RACE Shadow Runner 08/20 DMR/FT 5F 59.8h Easy ¾ drill over the turf course for Puype. Was under a nice hold finishing up through the stretch in 24.3 for the final ¼. Muchos Besos 08/26 DMR/FM 6F 115.8h Easy ¾ drill over the turf course for Puype. Was under a nice hold finishing up through the stretch in 24.3 for the final ¼. A Toast to You 08/21 DMR/FT 5F 100.2h Was all out through the lane finishing up in 24.2 for the final ¼. Didn't really seem to have much left crossing the wire. 11 st RACE Jaded Mystery 08/24 DMR/FT 5F 100.0h Showed some decent speed early on but faded late finishing up under some heavy pressure in 100 flat. Frank n' Teddy 08/24 DMR/FT 4F 49.0h Left the 3/8 pole & went in 36.2 to the wire. Finished up under all out pressure to the 7/8 pole in 49 flat. California Roll 08/18 DMR/FT 4F 35.4h Just breezed through the lane here for Glatt. Finished up w/some decent energy in 12 flat under a big hold.

4 DEL MAR FRACTIONAL TIME COMPARISONS Saturday, September 1, 2012 DEL MAR THIS IS NOT A SELECTION THIS IS NOT A SELECTION NAME - TRK,DATE NAME - TRK,DATE BY ORDER OF FINISH 1/4 1/2 3/4 FINISH LF & RCS BK BY ORDER OF FINISH 1/4 1/2 3/4 FINISH LF & RCS BK 1 st Post Time 2:05 PT :23.9 :48.6 1:13.8 1:40.2 (Avg This Level) 7 th Post Time 5:05 :24.0 :48.6 1:13.9 1:40.4 (Avg This Level) 1M - CLM 1M - MSW - PICK 5 BEGINS 1.Green Secret :14.0 1: TUP-02/19/12-1<< 1.Cinco De Mario :16.3 1: DMR-08/15/12-1<< 2.Megaride :14.1 1: BHP-06/07/12-2<< 2.Lawyer Gabe :16.4 1: DMR-08/15/12-1<< 3.Cook Inlet :12.9 1: DMR-08/18/12-1<< 3.Indycott :17.5 1: DMR-08/15/12-1<< 4.Fire Break :13.8 1: DMR-08/15/12-1<< 5.Cayambe :13.5 1: DMR-07/21/12-2<< 6.Sir Hamilton :13.9 1: SA-03/31/12-7<< 7.Domonation X X X X X XXX 8.Hip X X X X X XXX 2 nd Post Time 1:35 :22.6 :46.0 :58.4 1:05.4 (Avg This Level) 5 1/2F - MSW 1.Imwiththeblonde : DMR-08/10/ Renee's Queen : BHP-07/14/ Kinz Funky Monkey : DMR-08/11/ Rhodium : DMR-08/23/ Harlan's Trick :01.7 1: DMR-08/10/ Target Engaged :01.3 1: DMR-08/10/ Cavalla X X X X X XXX 8.Fiftyshadesofhay X X X X X XXX 9.Majestic Jewel X X X X X XXX 10.Villano X X X X X XXX 11.Wednesday X X X X X XXX 3 rd Post Time 3:05 :24.2 :48.3 1:12.9 1:48.4 (Avg This Level) 1-1/8M() - CLM 1.Muny :12.6 1: DMR-08/15/ Lime Rickey :12.7 1: DMR-08/19/ Imponente Purse (Brz) :14.0 1: DMR-08/19/ Huntingman :13.1 1: DMR-07/22/ Let's Do It :14.7 1: DMR-07/18/ Memen (Ire) :13.0 1: DMR-08/18/ Unusual Jazz :14.4 1: DMR-08/08/ Skattle Seattle :13.9 1: SR-08/04/ Colledimezzo :13.4 1: DMR-08/08/ th Post Time 3:35 :23.7 :48.2 1:13.3 1:38.9 (Avg This Level) 1M - OST 1.John Scott :14.0 1: DMR-07/28/ Kettle Corn :14.5 1: DMR-07/28/ Spud Spivens :13.3 1: BHP-05/27/ Holladay Road :15.5 1: DMR-07/22/ Positive Response :12.9 1: GG-04/12/ Tres Borrachos :14.5 1: DMR-07/28/ Midnight Interlude :14.4 1: DMR-07/25/ th Post Time 4:05 :22.6 :46.0 :58.4 1:05.4 (Avg This Level) 5 1/2F - MSW 1.Secret Motive : DMR-08/19/ Controlled Chaos : DMR-08/16/ Exchange Student :00.6 1: DMR-08/10/ She's A Go Girl : DMR-08/16/ Citizenship X X X X X XXX 6.Miss Sweet Afleet X X X X X XXX 7.Perfectamente X X X X X XXX 8.Pure Indy X X X X X XXX 9.Sarach X X X X X XXX 10.Torreyana X X X X X XXX 11.Uniformly Yours X X X X X XXX 6 th Post Time 4:35 :22.7 :46.0 :58.2 1:10.6 (Avg This Level) 6F - CLM - PICK 6 BEGINS 1.Vadertore : DMR-08/18/ Privilaged : BHP-05/05/ Five Star David : CD-06/30/ Blue Jay Attack : BHP-07/06/ Vaundell : HOL-05/13/ Iron Joe T : DMR-08/01/ Quietly Mine : DMR-07/20/ Cabo Chico : SR-08/11/ Swiss Tart : DMR-08/22/ Dance With Gable : DMR-08/05/ Pack Your Bags : DMR-07/27/ Code West X X X X X XXX 5.Dirty Swagg X X X X X XXX 6.Divo X X X X X XXX 7.Forest Boy X X X X X XXX 8.Greeley Awesome X X X X X XXX 9.Irish Surf X X X X X XXX 10.Money Cannon X X X X X XXX 11.Prince Telemachus X X X X X XXX 12.Stephen's Pride X X X X X XXX 13.Tates Humor X X X X X XXX 14.Visualization X X X X X XXX 8 th Post Time 5:35 :22.7 :46.1 :58.3 1:10.8 (Avg This Level) 6F - AOC - LATE PICK 4 BEGINS 1.Blushing Martha : DMR-07/20/ Dancingtothestars : DMR-07/20/ Cayanna : HOL-12/08/ Starry Skies : SA-04/08/ Hot Affair : DMR-08/11/ Self Preservation : DMR-08/11/ Not To Notty : DMR-07/19/ With A Miracle : BHP-05/27/ Blackie's Crown : DMR-08/01/ My Brite Caroline : DMR-08/11/ You Can Dream : DMR-07/21/ Miss Oops : DMR-08/12/ Avarooskie : DMR-08/22/ Solar Wind : HOL-12/03/ th Post Time 6:05 :23.3 :46.0 1:11.6 1:24.5 (Avg This Level) 7F - STK 1.Executiveprivilege :11.4 1: DMR-08/08/ Speedinthruthecity :11.7 1: DMR-08/08/ Heir Kitty :11.8 1: DMR-08/05/ Mechaya :12.3 1: DMR-08/10/ Miss Empire :12.4 1: DMR-08/05/ Beholder :12.0 1: DMR-07/22/ Renee's Titan :11.7 1: DMR-08/08/ Pat's Back :12.1 1: DMR-08/25/ Wasted At Midnight :13.7 1: DMR-08/05/ th Post Time 6:35 :22.8 :46.6 1:10.6 1:34.6 (Avg This Level) 1M() - CLM 1.Shadow Runner :11.8 1: DMR-07/21/ A Toast To You :11.7 1: GG-06/09/ Trucial State :10.9 1: DMR-07/21/ Buffalo Billy (Ire) :12.8 1: DMR-07/20/ Press Baron (Gb) :11.7 1: DMR-07/20/ Berlusconi :11.2 1: BHP-07/15/ Mcallister Boys :12.2 1: GG-05/28/ Very Unusual :12.1 1: DMR-08/12/ Full Dancer :13.6 1: DMR-08/12/ General Causeway :12.3 1: DMR-08/12/ Deal' Em :12.1 1: BHP-06/28/ Rintoo :11.2 1: DMR-08/03/ Muchos Besos X X X X X XXX 11 st Post Time 7:05 :23.4 :46.9 1:12.0 1:19.2 (Avg This Level) 6 1/2F - MCL 1.California Roll :11.9 1: DMR-08/04/ Speedy Vixen :12.4 1: DMR-08/18/ Cupid's Bling :12.1 1: DMR-08/03/ Boo Who Who :12.9 1: DMR-08/18/ Silver Luna :13.7 1: DMR-08/15/ Country Soul :13.4 1: DMR-08/15/ She Can Roar :12.9 1: DMR-08/15/ Miss Bold Topper :13.3 1: SA-01/16/ Jaded Mystery :14.1 1: BHP-07/05/ Quiet Sunshine :13.2 1: DMR-08/08/ Robyn On The Go :14.2 1: DMR-08/15/ Molokini :12.6 1: DMR-08/10/ Frank N' Teddy :14.1 1: DMR-08/15/ Naughtical (Gb) :14.8 1: DMR-08/18/12-1

5 DEL MAR DEL MAR - Digest Quick Picks SEPT 1 Selections and Betting Strategies at a Glance $0.50 Pick 5 Ticket = $45.00 (Use BOLDED horses in Races 1-5) 1st Race Horses Betting Strategy Top Choice Cayambe Cayambe has Mullins and Bejarano take Main Threats Cook Inlet, Megaride over. We ll key him to the two main Longshot threats in the Exacta. 2nd Race Horses Betting Strategy Top Choice Imwiththeblonde Imwithblonde ran faster than par for this Main Threats Kinz Funky Monkey, Wednesday, Fiftyshadesofhay level in her debut. We ll key her. Longshot Villano 3 rd Race Horses Betting Strategy Top Choice Muny Lime Rickey looks like the one to beat on Main Threats Lime Rickey, Imponente Purse paper, but is from a barn that is winless Longshot Huntingman at the meet. We opted for Muny 4 th Race Horses Betting Strategy Top Choice Kettle Corn Tough call between Kettle Corn and John Main Threats John Scott, Midnight Interlude Scott. Interlude could be the monkey Longshot wrench in the works. 5 th Race Horses Betting Strategy Top Choice Secret Motive Motive is the one to beat on paper, but Main Threats Perfectamente, Citizenship you never know with a lot of 2-yo firsttimers Longshot Exchange Student, Pure Indy signed on. 6 th Race Horses Betting Strategy Top Choice Vadertore Not part of the PK5 or Late PK4 Main Threats Iron Joe T, Privilaged Beer Break? Longshot 7 th Race Horses Betting Strategy Top Choice Code West Code West prepped and has worked well Main Threats Lawyer Gabe, Irish Surf, Forest Boy, Cinco de Mario since. He s a potential Pick 3 single. Longshot Greeley Awesome 8 th Race Horses Betting Strategy Top Choice Starry Skies, Hot Affair Keying the post-time favorite may be the Main Threats Cayanna, Blackie s Crown, Miss Oops right way to start a P4 ticket. Skies has Longshot Blushing Martha talent and Affair has speed. 9 th Race Horses Betting Strategy Top Choice Executiveprivilege Privilege deserves top billing to run her Main Threats Mechaya, Speedinthruthecity, Heir Kitty, Miss Empire record to 4-for-4, but things can change Longshot Beholder quickly in the 2-yo filly ranks. 10 th Race Horses Betting Strategy Top Choice Main Threats Longshot A Toast to You Shadow Runner, Buffalo Billy, Trucial State, McAllister Boys Full Dancer 11 th Race Horses Betting Strategy Top Choice California Roll Bet Roll to win at 3/1 or Teddy at 4/1 Main Threats Frank n Teddy, Cupid s Bling Longshot Horses to Bet Against $0.50 Late Pick Four Ticket ($36) Leg 1 - Starry Skies, Hot Affair Leg 2 Executiveprivilege, Mechaya, Beholder, Speedinthruthecity Leg 3 A Toast to You, Shadow Runner, Buffalo Billy (alt: Full Dancer) Leg 4 California Roll, Frank n Teddy, Cupid s Bling Horses to Bet Against are entrants that, for various handicapping reasons, have been determined to be vulnerable at short odds. Betting Strategies are provided for races that have been deemed exceptional wagering opportunities by the handicapper. Therefore, not all races will include a Betting Strategy.

6 DEL MAR TIM OSTERMAN'S FAST FIGS has been producing performance figures for over 25 years and have most recently introduced our newest figure, the FIRE Number. However, there are other sources for such numbers and we are proud to now offer Tim Osterman's FAST FIGS. Osterman, a fixture in the California Handicapping scene for the last 20 years will provide a 'FAST FIG' for each horse. This rating is a combined class/performance figure based on the horse's overall effort and the strength and level of the fields faced. Horse's scoring within FIVE points of the top figures should be considered contenders in today's race. if a horse's rating is following by a (+) it means a horse may be ready to improve on today's figure. Generally, a plus (+) is potentially worth an additional FIVE points. Runners rated 'X' are either first-time starters, shippers from a new circuit, comebackers off more than four months or horses that simply could not be assigned a reliable rating. Sep DEL MAR NAME - Osterman's NAME - Osterman's BY POST POSITION 'FAST FIG' BY POST POSITION 'FAST FIG' 1st RACE -- Class Par (118) 1.Cayambe Domonation Sir Hamilton Cook Inlet Hip102 6.Megaride Fire Break Green Secret...X 2nd RACE -- Class Par (108) 1.Majestic Jewel...X 2.Harlan's Trick Imwiththeblonde Wednesday...X 5.Rhodium Kinz Funky Monkey Renee's Queen Villano...X 9.Fiftyshadesofhay...X 10.Target Engaged Cavalla...X 3rd RACE -- Class Par (124) 1.Unusual Jazz Huntingman Imponente Purse (BRZ) Muny Lime Rickey Colledimezzo Memen (IRE) Skattle Seattle Let's Do It th RACE -- Class Par (134) 1.Tres Borrachos Kettle Corn Midnight Interlude Holladay Road Spud Spivens John Scott Positive Response th RACE -- Class Par (108) 1.Perfectamente...X 2.Miss Sweet Afleet...X 3.Sarach...X 4.Secret Motive Pure Indy...X 6.Citizenship...X 7.Exchange Student Torreyana...X 9.Uniformly Yours...X 10.Controlled Chaos She's a Go Girl th RACE -- Class Par (122) 1.Vaundell...X 2.Cabo Chico Blue Jay Attack...X 4.Five Star David Dance With Gable Iron Joe T Quietly Mine Privilaged Pack Your Bags Swiss Tart Vadertore th RACE -- Class Par (112) 1.Irish Surf Lawyer Gabe Prince Telemachus Cinco de Mario Greeley Awesome Indycott Code West Tates Humor Divo Dirty Swagg Money Cannon Stephen's Pride Visualization Forest Boy th RACE -- Class Par (122) 1.Hot Affair Avarooskie Not to Notty Solar Wind You Can Dream With a Miracle My Brite Caroline Starry Skies Self Preservation Dancingtothestars Blushing Martha Miss Oops Blackie's Crown Cayanna th RACE -- Class Par (122) 1.Heir Kitty Pat's Back Miss Empire Speedinthruthecity Wasted At Midnight Mechaya Renee's Titan Executiveprivilege Beholder th RACE -- Class Par (122) 1.Muchos Besos Deal' Em Full Dancer Press Baron (GB) Shadow Runner McAllister Boys A Toast to You Trucial State Buffalo Billy (IRE) Rintoo Very Unusual General Causeway Berlusconi th RACE -- Class Par (100) 1.Miss Bold Topper Cupid's Bling Country Soul She Can Roar Silver Luna Jaded Mystery Robyn On the Go Quiet Sunshine Frank n' Teddy Molokini California Roll Boo Who Who Naughtical (GB) Speedy Vixen

7 DEL MAR STEVE FIERRO S RACEDAY USA BETTING LINE Today s Racing Digest now features a betting line. A betting line is the second quarter of a complete handicapping/investing process. The betting line is applied following contender selection. This is outlined in Steve's book "The Four Quarters of Horse Investing". PLEASE READ THE ITEMS LISTED BELOW The betting line is simple and easy to use. It is designed to point out the value opportunities in a race. Here are the recommendations or "best way" to use the betting line: 1. The top contender is offered at odds higher than listed on the betting line (overlayed). This is the strongest feature of the betting line. 2. If two contenders are overlayed, start at the top. The contender listed closest to the top is the play. If the two are above 8/1, play them both. 3. If three contenders are overlayed the race is a pass. The race is chaos and long term this is a losing situation. 4. Legitimate favorites: If the betting line lists the top contender at 3/2 or less and the betting public sends this contender to post at 3/2 or less, this race must also be passed. This is a strong contender. The other contenders become "false overlays" because of the heavy action on the "legitimate" favorite. They do win, but long term they pay far too little to produce a profit. Exotics: The betting line is a "win oriented" service. It is an excellent tool in constructing doubles, Pick 3's, and 4's, from a value standpoint. DEL MAR - September 1 st, st race Cayambe 2/1 Megaride 3/1 Cook Inlet 7/2 Mullins off the claim is the angle I will use to kick off the elevenrace card. His new runner is Cayambe. Fair odds will not be a problem. 2 nd race Wednesday 5/2 Villano 5/2 Fiftyshadesofhay 3/1 We are looking at three well-bred debut runners in the three contender spots in this race. Any of the three would be a decent play if they were to head to the gate above the betting line. 3 rd race Muny 9/5 Lime Rickey 3/1 Huntingman 4/1 This type of turf claiming race is what I have dubbed Mitchellville for a number of years. Muny is proof of that. A repeat win today would not be a surprise. 4 th race Kettle Corn 2/1 Midnight Interlude 5/2 John Scott 4/1 Kettle Corn has been competing against Graded Stakes runners. The move to this type of Stakes race places him in the top contender spot. 5 th race Citizenship 2/1 Sarach 3/1 Perfectamente 7/2 Citizenship has worked well at both Hollywood and over this course. This Baffert trainee should be ready to roll in this debut race. 6 th race Vaundell 5/2 Blue Jay Attack 5/2 Five Star David 3/1 This is another race where I will count on the toteboard more than usual. I need it to separate the three listed runners for the final betting decision. 7 th race Code West 9/5 Greeley Awesome 5/2 Cinco De Mario 5/1 Code West looks like a nice stretch out play. He makes career start number two today. 8 th race Starry Skies 8/5 Avarooskie 3/1 With A Miracle 5/1 The drop to this level places Starry Skies in the top spot. He may head to the gate as a mini-overlay. 9 th race Executiveprivilege 7/5 Beholder 3/1 Mechaya 6/1 No doubt Executiveprivilege is the one to beat. I cannot play with or against him (win or lose) at the price that will be offered. On to race ten. 10 th race Shadow Runner 9/5 Press Baron 7/2 Trucial State 7/2 Former Calder shipper Shadow Runner posted a nice win in his first local start. They move up the ladder to try for a three-peat trip to the winner circle. 11 th race Boo Who Who 5/2 California Roll 5/2 Miss Bold Topper 3/1 I am certain I will not have to look past Boo Who Who in this one to see a price that will send me to the window. I am expecting a double-digit price to be hanging on the toteboard. Steve Fierro has been involved in horseracing since n 1998 he started the RACEDAYUSA betting line service. Steve is the host of ESPNS EVERYBODY S RACING. This is a Reno based radio show all about the Sport Of Kings. He also promotes racing for the Northern Nevada horseplayer with educational seminars and programs at Lucky s Race and Sportsbook located in The Grand Sierra Resort and Casino and Carson City s Casino Fandango. In 2002 his book "The Four Quarters of Horse Investing" was released. On the internet Steve can be heard every Saturday and Sunday as one of the featured handicappers on Thoroughbred Digest.

8 FIRST RACE - DEL MAR Distance: One Mile Race Level: Base 135 Race Cond: CLM 12.5 Conditions: CLAIMING FOR THREE YEAR OLDS AND UPWARD. Three Year Purse: $28,000 Olds, 120 lbs.; Older, 124 lbs. Non-winners of two races at a mile or AFTL: 23.9, 48.6, 1:13.8 and 1:40.2 over since May 1 Allowed 2 lbs. Such a race since then Allowed 4 lbs. Claiming Price $12,500, if for $10,500, allowed 2 lbs. (Maiden Favorites: 34.9% Win; 65.1% in-the-money races and Claiming races for $10,000 or less not considered). Track Profile: 16 races F=31.3% P=18.8% M=37.5% R=12.5% HORSE JOCKEY FIRE WT & AGE HANDICAPPING OFF BEST PREV PAST AVG LAST (Post Position Order) NUM CHNG SEX RRL RCL + CPR =TOT PER FACTORS EQUIP TROUBLE TRK SUR DIS CLAS RCL CPR Cayambe Bejarano g M 10c,15a,19,21c B X 113 Domonation Bisono g 145 x x M 10d B X 83 Sir Hamilton Bednar -x g 130 x 99 P B X X 81 Cook Inlet Maldonado g M 10c,19,21c X X 87 Hip # Blanc m 120 x x R 4,13 B X 82 Megaride Krigger g P 10c,19,21c B X 89 Fire Break Nakatani g M 10d,21 B X 109 Green Secret Fukunaga g 140 x 119 F 10d,17,21r FW X X 119~ FRACTIONAL CHART ORDER OF FINISH AND AVERAGE TIMES (This is not a Selection) 1: Green Secret ET: :23.4, :47.5, 1:12.9 and 1:40.5 (Expected Times with a 0 variant) 2: Megaride and Cook Inlet (tie) AT: :23.7, :48.2, 1:13.3 and 1:39.0 (Average Times for mid-level races) 3: Fire Break and Cayambe (tie) AFTL: :23.9, :48.6, 1:13.8 and 1:40.2 (Average Times for this level) ANALYSIS: We re going to go with the strong trainer/jockey combo, and Cayambe in the opener. Cayambe hasn t had the cleanest of trips recently, and he finished 2 nd when dropped into a $10,000 claiming sprint Aug 10. Mullins red-tagged him that day, and he s facing a field that isn t all that strong on paper. He s our HF 15a. Cook Inlet woke up when dropped to the $10,000 claiming level Aug 18. He won that day, and could easily parlay that into a repeat trip to the winner s circle with these. Megaride was a close 3 rd with $10,000 claimers when claimed by Hess Jr. RACE APPRAISAL HORSE COMMENTS Cayambe finished 2nd sprinting with $10,000 claimers Aug 10, a race in which Mullins claimed him from Victor Garcia. He was routing vs. tougher before that, and we do like the new trainer/jockey combo. We ll count him a threat. Domonation is a sprinter that was claimed from Sadler off a poor showing with $20,000 claimers July 27. His previous sprints with tougher were good, but dropping off the claim and a bad effort is a concern, while two turns is also a question mark. Sir Hamilton is another sprinter that lost his jockey at this level July 18 and stopped after a half mile with $10,000 foes Aug 1. Sutherland abandons ship, and we will too. Cook Inlet beat $10,000 claimers Aug 18, although he was aided by a L2/O2 bias. The big drop in class seemed to help, though, so perhaps he can keep it going with a one-level jump back up the class ladder. Cayambe ( J.Mullins/R.Bejarano = ) 8G - Helmsman(10%T,13%S,13%M) - Pacaya by Restless Con LAST 15: (20.0%) SYN RTE: (25.0%) S/R: (13.8%) UP: (14.1%) July 29. He beat $16,000 non-winners of two June 7, and appears capable of making another impact with these. Green Secret is a comebacker from Paradise that tops the charting, but we have our doubts he s ready to run to his best off five works since July 31 in his first synthetic route. CLOSERS: Fastest in the stretch in recent races at or near this distance have been: Green Secret : Megaride :26.7 Hip shipped in from Kentucky and never got untracked in a sprint with this kind July 28, a race in which he was claimed from Keen. He will be tried in blinkers, but has a lot to prove based on his recent form here and in Kentucky. Megaride was claimed from Eurton when a close 3rd with $10,000 claimers July 29. He charts well off his June 7 win, and could return to that form for Hess Jr. He s not without a look. Fire Break finished 4th in a terrible $16,000 Starter Aug 4 and was overmatched vs. restricted $32,000 claimers Aug 15, both races on the turf. He was 3rd with this kind on the main track July 18, so maybe he can rebound for a share. Maybe. Green Secret has not raced since daylighting $16,000 claimers on the grass at Paradise Feb 19. He s worked five times since July 31, but we re not sure he can run as well today as his numbers might suggest NOTES: pulled,stdied 3-1/2 8/10/12 bobble strt,tight3-1/2 7/21/12 rail bid,led,weakened 6/17/12 saved ground, no rally 5/27/12 DMR SYN ROUTES ALL SYN ROUTES WORKS: DMR Aug 25 :49.0h ft (24/50) 1ST CLM: (26.2%) LAST 10 FIRE: 76, 74, 80, 71, 95, 94, 85, 81, 77, 80 DIST/ POS/FLD TRNR TK TRK RACE RACE FIN POS/ MORN ACTL TRK Pos1 Pos2 Pos3 Pos4 Today's LST PAC FNL LxClm TRK DATE&RACE SURF WINNERS WGT JCKY CD BIAS TYPE CONDITIONS RCL CPR BTN LNGH LINE ODDS VAR 1ST 2ND 3RD 4TH FINAL FRT RAT RAT EQUIP DMR 8/10/12-8 6F A 5/ V.Gra/M.Lns FT NONE CLM 10-9 R130-0 C ML9/2 A :59.8 1: LbC DMR 7/21/12-9 1M A 4/ V.Gra/E.Fos FT O1 CLM R145-0 C ML6 A : :26.9 1: LbF BHP 6/17/12-6 1T 4/ V.Gra/E.Fos FM DN CLM R150-0 C ML6 A : :26.8 1:40.8« LbF BHP 5/27/12-6 1T 3/ V.Gra/J.Rso FM DN CLM R155-0 C ML15 A : :27.0 1:41.2« LbF DMR 8/28/11-1 1T 7/ V.Gra/A.Qiz FM UP14 CLM 32 NW1-9MX R150 C128 1/ ML7/2 A : :26.3 1:39.8« Lb DMR 7/23/11-2 1T 7/ V.Gra/A.Qiz FM DN CLM R160 C ML5 A : :26.6 1:40.1« Lb Domonation ( R.DeLeon/A.Bisono = ) 5G - Maria's Mon(13%T,16%S,17%M) - Snickeez by Mr. Greeley LAST 15: (0.0%) SYN RTE: (12.5%) S/R: (5.6%) : (0.0%) DOWN: (6.5%) ST CLM: (0.0%) NOTES: bit off rail,no rally 7/27/12 inside,bested rest 5/5/12 inside duel,held 2nd 4/5/12 off bit slow,inside 2/25/12 DMR SYN ROUTES ALL SYN ROUTES WORKS: DMR Aug 28 :51.6h ft (23/23) DMR Aug 20 :37.6h ft (18/25) BHP Jul 20 1:12.6h ft (1/6) LAST 10 FIRE: 68, 80, 94, 79, 77, 84, 88, 62, 66, 83 DMR 7/27/ /2 A 3/ J.Sdr/G.Gmz FT NONE CLM R145-0 C ML7/2 A :59.5 1: LbC BHP 5/5/ /2 A 3/ J.Sdr/V.Epa FT F2/I2 CLM R155-0 C ML4 A :58.6 1: Lb SA 4/5/ /2 3/ J.Sdr/J.Rso FT NONE CLM R160-0 C ML5/2 A :57.7 1: Lb SA 2/25/12-5 6F 1/ J.Sdr/V.Epa FT NONE CLM R155-0 C ML4 A :59.3 1: Lb HOL 11/10/ /2 A 8/ J.Sdr/J.Rso FT NONE CLM 25 NW2-L R135 C ML8/5 A :59.8 1: Lb DMR 9/7/ /2 A 3/ V.Blr/C.Std FT NONE AOC 40 NW1$-X R155 C ML8 A :59.0 1: LbC

9 FIRST RACE - DEL MAR Sir Hamilton ( D.Azcarate/V.Bednar = ) 4G - Good Reward(7%T,16%S,6%M) - Showmesomelove by Montbrook LAST 15: (0.0%) SYN RTE: (0.0%) UP: (0.0%) LAST 10 FIRE: 78, DNF, 72, 81, 73, 89, 72, 83, 61, 85 NOTES: btwn,inside,wkened 8/1/12 broke in,lost jock 7/18/12 3wd into lane,weakened 7/7/12 3wd into str,lost 3rd 6/16/12 DMR SYN ROUTES ALL SYN ROUTES WORKS: DMR Aug 26 :47.6h ft (12/52) DMR 8/1/ /2 A 4/ D.Ace/C.Std FT F1 CLM 10-9 R130-0 C ML10 A :59.0 1: Lb DMR 7/18/ /2 A 6/ D.Ace/C.Std FT NONE CLM R135-0 X DNF X A X 12-X 12-X DNF Lb BHP 7/7/12-1 6T 4/ D.Ace/C.Std FM DN CLM R150-0 C ML8 A :59.6 1:12.4« Lb BHP 6/16/12-5 6F A 4/ D.Ace/C.Std FT F2 CLM R145-0 C ML15 A :59.2 1: Lb BHP 5/26/ /2 A 10/ J.Mls/R.Bjo FT NONE CLM R140-0 C ML9/2 A :59.5 1: LbC SA 4/15/12-3 7F 1/ J.Mls/J.Tlo FT F1 CLM R150-0 C ML2 A :58.1 1: Lb Cook Inlet ( L.Mora/E.Maldonado = ) 4G - Candy Ride (ARG)(14%T,18%S,19%M) - Grove City by Pleasant Tap LAST 15: (25.0%) SYN RTE: (0.0%) UP: (40.0%) NOTES: came out str,led late 8/18/12 3wd,gave way,eased 8/11/12 broke in,bobbled 7/22/12 bobbled start,3wd late 6/17/12 DMR SYN ROUTES ALL SYN ROUTES WORKS: LAST 10 FIRE: 84, 59, 54, 81, 80, 83, 76, 79, 57, 79 DMR 8/18/ /16 A 8/ D.ONl/E.Mlo FT L2/O2 CLM 10-9 R130-0 C ML15 A : :26.8 1: L DMR 8/11/ /16T 7/ D.ONl/G.Gmz FM DN CLM R155-0 C ML10 A : :29.0 1:44.0« L DMR 7/22/ /16 A 5/ D.ONl/G.Gmz FT NONE AOC 40 NW1$-X R155-0 C ML15 A : :28.8 1: L BHP 6/17/12-8 1T 5/ D.ONl/E.Fos FM DN ALW NW1$-X R155-0 C ML12 A : :27.6 1:40.4« L CD 5/5/ /16 3/ D.ONl/M.Gtz FT NONE AOC 80 NW3$-X R180-0 C ML15 A : :28.0 1: L SA 4/8/12-3 1T 4/ D.ONl/J.Rso FM DN STR 40 R130-0 C ML2 A : :27.9 1:40.6« L Hip ( M.Bellocq/B.Blanc = ) 5M - Whywhywhy(12%T,11%S,17%M) - Yingyingying by Horse Chestnut (SAF) LAST 15: (11.1%) SYN RTE: (0.0%) S/R: (0.0%) : (0.0%) UP: (0.0%) NOTES: off bit slow,4wd lane 7/28/12 wide trip, vanned off 6/29/12 swung wide, no threat 5/27/12 trailed 5/11/12 DMR SYN ROUTES ALL SYN ROUTES WORKS: SLR Aug 25 :48.6h ft (1/4) SLR Aug 18 :48.6h ft (2/5) SLR Aug 11 1:01.4h ft (3/3) DMR Jul 24 :37.6h ft (5/10) LAST 10 FIRE: 63, 38, 69, 71, 81, 62, 66, 62, 79, 70 DMR 7/28/12-2 6F A 2/ D.Ken/D.Fos FT L2/O2 CLM R120 C ML15 A :00.3 1: LC CD 6/29/12-2 6F 2/ D.Sas/B.Hr. FT NONE CLM 8 NW3-L R100-0 C ML4 A :02.0 1: LC CD 5/27/12-2 6F 4/ D.Sas/M.Cuz FT NONE CLM 15 NW3-L R115-0 C ML5 A :59.9 1: L CD 5/11/ /2 3/ D.Sas/M.Cuz FT NONE CLM 30 NW3-L R130-0 C ML7/2 A :00.1 1: Lb KEE 4/20/12-6 6F A 2/ D.Sas/M.Cuz FT O1 CLM 20 NW2-L R115-0 C ML12 A :59.1 1: Lb TP 3/23/12-6 6F A 2/ D.Sas/R.Pet FT NONE CLM 20 NW2-L R115 C ML3 A :00.5 1: Lb Megaride ( R.Hess, Jr./K.Krigger = ) 4G - Candy Ride (ARG)(14%T,18%S,19%M) - Mink Alert by Greinton (GB) LAST 15: (20.0%) SYN RTE: (16.7%) : (14.8%) UP: (16.5%) NOTES: came out str,willingly 7/29/12 reeled in leader, held 6/7/12 stalked,2nd best 5/10/12 saved ground to lane 3/10/12 DMR SYN ROUTES ALL SYN ROUTES WORKS: DMR Aug 27 :49.2h ft (20/43) DMR Aug 20 :47.2h ft (4/31) LAST 10 FIRE: 76, 85, 83, 64, 72, 65, 73, 66, 64, 64 1ST CLM: (13.8%) DMR 7/29/ /8 A 1/ P.Ern/K.Kir FT I1 CLM 10-9 R130-0 C ML6 A : :27.1 1: LbC BHP 6/7/ /16 A 5/ P.Ern/K.Kir FT O1 CLM 16 NW2-L R125-0 C ML7/5 A : :27.8 1: Lb BHP 5/10/ /16 A 1/ P.Ern/K.Kir FT NONE CLM 16 NW2-L R125-0 C ML7/2 A : :27.1 1: Lb SA 3/10/12-5 1M 2/ P.Ern/A.Bso FT NONE CLM 12.5 NW2-L R120-0 C ML7/2 A : :29.0 1: Lb SA 2/18/ /16 5/ P.Ern/A.Bso FT F2 CLM 12.5 NW2-L R120-0 C ML9/2 A : :28.8 1: Lb SA 2/3/12-5 1T 2/ P.Ern/A.Qiz FM UP24 CLM 25 NW2-L R135-0 C ML8 A : :28.7 1:42.2« Lb Fire Break ( P.Miller/C.Nakatani = ) 7G - Petionville(10%T,14%S,13%M) - Salted With Fire by Salt Lake LAST 15: (20.0%) SYN RTE: (20.7%) T/D: (18.5%) DOWN: (27.3%) NOTES: 3wd into str,weakened 8/15/12 waited 1/4-3/16,no bid 8/4/12 4wd into str,drift in 7/18/12 4wd,3wd,weakened 6/30/12 DMR SYN ROUTES ALL SYN ROUTES WORKS: DMR Aug 26 :48.0h ft (20/52) LAST 10 FIRE: 75, 84, 70, 64, 77, 70, 80, 81, 89, 89 DMR 8/15/12-1 1T 5/ T.Kit/J.Hdz FM UP14 CLM 32 NW1-9M R150-0 C ML5 A : :27.6 1:41.2« Lb DMR 8/4/ /16T 6/ T.Kit/R.Bjo FM UP14 STR 16 R150-0 C ML5/2 A : :27.2 1:41.0« Lb DMR 7/18/ /16 A 8/ T.Kit/C.Std FT NONE CLM R135-0 C ML5/2 A : :27.7 1: Lb BHP 6/30/12-3 7F A 8/ T.Kit/A.Dlo FT L1/O1 CLM R140-0 C ML7/2 A :00.2 1: Lb BHP 6/2/ /8T 3/ T.Kit/C.Std FM DN CLM R150-0 C ML3 A : :27.8 1:42.8« Lb BHP 5/27/12-6 1T 7/ T.Kit/C.Std FM DN CLM R155-0 C ML6 A : :27.7 1:41.5« Lb Green Secret ( J.Cassidy/Y.Fukunaga = ) 8G - Unbridled's Song(15%T,18%S,18%M) - Green Lady (IRE) by Green Desert NOTES: ridden out late stages 2/19/12 headstrong, driving 12/31/11 challenged,second best 11/28/11 faded after 3/4 6/19/11 DMR SYN ROUTES ALL SYN ROUTES LAST 15: (0.0%) SYN RTE: (12.5%) WORKS: DMR Aug 29 :35.4h ft (2/21) DMR Aug 22 1:00.4h ft (6/41) T/D: (4.7%) : (12.5%) DMR Aug 14 1:02.6h ft (16/18) DMR Aug 7 :49.0h ft (11/25) DOWN: (8.3%) DMR Jul 31 :37.2h ft (6/10) LAST 10 FIRE: 86, 96, 75, 76, 72, 78, 86, 80, 74, 85 TUP 2/19/12-5 1T 6/ K.Eky/G.Fao FM NONE CLM R140 C ML7/2 A : :26.6 1:40.5« LF TUP 12/31/11-7 1T 2/ K.Eky/G.Fao FM NONE AOC 30 NW1-3MX R165 C ML5 A : :26.8 1:39.8« LF TUP 11/28/ /2T 6/ K.Eky/G.Fao FM NONE AOC 20 NW2-X R150 C ML4 A :13.3 1:40.1« LF CBY 6/19/11-7 1M 2/ K.Eky/R.Eky FT NONE STK $35K R160 C ML9/2 A :13.3 1: LF TUP 4/19/ /2T 1/ P.Eky/R.Eky FM NONE AOC 30 C R165 C ML5/2 A :14.0 1:40.3« LF TUP 4/2/ /2T 4/ P.Eky/R.Eky FM NONE AOC 25 NW3-X R160 C ML9/2 A :14.0 1:40.0« LF

10 SECOND RACE - DEL MAR ANALYSIS: We have to start with Imwiththeblonde and Kinz Funky Monkey. The former finished 2 nd debuting with this kind Aug 10. He tops the charting in faster than par time for the level, so the first-time starters will really have to have their running shoes on to prevail first time out. Make Imwiththeblonde the HF 15. Kinz Funky Monkey blasted off to a big nine-length lead after a half mile and understandably tired late to get nailed at the wire. A couple of things usually happen with this kind. One, they ration their speed a bit better and forget to stop, or, two, that big effort takes a lot out of them and they fade badly the next time out. We could Distance: 5 1/2 Furlongs Race Level: Base 115 Race Cond: MSW Conditions: MAIDEN SPECIAL WEIGHT FOR MAIDENS, FILLIES TWO YEARS Purse: $70,000 OLD. Weight, 118 lbs. (Non-Starters for a claiming price of $40,000 AFTL: :22.6, :46.0 and 1:05.4 or less in the last 3 starts preferred). Favorites: 31.3% Win; 68.7% in-the-money Track Profile: 19 races F=52.6% P=26.3% M=15.8% R=5.3% HORSE JOCKEY FIRE WT & AGE HANDICAPPING OFF BEST PREV PAST AVG LAST (Post Position Order) NUM CHNG SEX RRL RCL + CPR =TOT PER FACTORS EQUIP TROUBLE TRK SUR DIS CLAS RCL CPR Majestic Jewel Pedroza X 118 2f X x x X 1,25 X X X X X XXX Harlan's Trick Gryder? f 115 x 34? X X X 34 Imwiththeblonde Talamo? 118 2f F 15,19,21 X X X 110 Wednesday Nakatani X 118 2f X x x X 1,23,25 X X X X X XXX Rhodium Maldonado f F 10d,21 B X X 90 Kinz Funky Monkey Espinoza f F 19,21 X X X 83 Renee's Queen Delgadillo f P 19,21 X X X 93 Villano Gomez X 118 2f X x x X 1,23,20 X X X X X XXX Fiftyshadesofhay Bejarano X 118 2f X x x X 1,23,25 X X X X X XXX Target Engaged # D.Flores? 118 2f 115 x 27? 4 B X X 27 Also-Eligible Cavalla Puglisi X 118 2f X x x X 1 X X X X X XXX FRACTIONAL CHART ORDER OF FINISH AND AVERAGE TIMES (This is not a Selection) 1: Imwiththeblonde ET: :21.9, :44.8 and 1:05.2 (Expected Times with a 0 variant) 2: Renee s Queen AT: :22.2, :45.3 and 1:03.2 (Average Times for mid-level races) 3: Kinz Funky Monkey AFTL: :22.6, :46.0 and 1:05.4 (Average Times for this level) RACE APPRAISAL HORSE COMMENTS Majestic Jewel is the fourth foal of her dam and a full-sister to Evening Jewel ($1.2 million). She s worked nine times since June 21 for a barn that has had a strong meet with rookies. We ll watch the betting for more clues, although she could be prepping with her stablemate Imwiththeblonde appearing a strong threat. Harlan's Trick ran to long odds debuting with this kind Aug 10. We ll have to watch another. Imwiththeblonde set the pace and tired a bit late when 2nd in her debut with this kind Aug 10. The race tops the charting in faster than par time for the level, so she s the one to beat. Wednesday a $70,000 yearling, is the ninth foal of her dam and four winners including a couple six-figure earners. She s worked 10 times since May 19 and her last two five-furlong works suggest she has some ability. Rhodium finished 3rd against male $80,000 Maiden-Claimers Aug 23, and that technically makes her down in class. We re not really buying that in the 2-year-old division, and the charting suggests she ll need to improve to beat these as well. Kinz Funky Monkey has already outperformed her daddy (funny (or sad) if you know the story of The Green Monkey) when just missing with this kind Aug 11. She raced out to a nine-length lead after a half mile, but got Majestic Jewel ( J.Sadler/M.Pedroza = ) 2F - Cindago(0%T,25%S,33%M) - Jewel of the Night BY Giant's Causeway LAST 15: (20.0%) SYN SPR: (22.5%) MSW 1ST: (20.2%) SIRE: (13.3%) Harlan's Trick ( M.Puype/A.Gryder = ) 2F - Harlan's Holiday(11%T,13%S,15%M) - Trick's Pic by Favorite Trick LAST 15: (13.3%) SYN SPR: (10.4%) MDN 2ND (23.7%) really see either happening, so proceed accordingly. Baffert has a fastworking first-timer (Fiftyshadesofhay) entered, while Wednesday has been working strongly for Gaines, and also merits tote and post parade checks. Finally, if Funky Monkey sets a fast pace and our top choice gets caught up in the battle, the race could fall apart late. Villano looks like she might be bred for more distance, but could be the type of rookie that could take advantage of a fast early/slow late pace. We ll throw an HF 20 on Villano for those looking to gamble. nailed at the wire in a race that really didn t earn a strong Final Time Rating. She could be tough to catch if she rations that speed better, though. Renee's Queen was no threat with this kind in a turf route Aug 8 after running 4th in a sprint Stake July 14. She was 2nd in her debut with this kind June 28, too, so she could contend now that she seems spotted correctly. Villano is the 13th foal of her dam and kin to seven winners, including four six-figure earners. She s worked 10 times since July 2, and worked 112 and change Aug 18. From a breeding standpoint, she might need more distance. Fiftyshadesofhay a $175,000 yearling, is the second foal of her dam and kin to a minor winner. She s worked seven times since July 4 and drilled 112 and change from the gate Aug 15. As with most Baffert rookies, she certainly rates attention. Target Engaged will add blinkers after a modest debut effort with this kind Aug 10. Given the field, we re going to have to watch another. Cavalla a $44,000 2-year-old, is the second foal of her dam and the first is a non-winner. She s worked 10 times since June 7, but we re willing to watch one if she scratches in. NOTES: DMR SYN SPRINTS ALL SYN SPRINTS WORKS: DMR Aug 25 1:02.0h ft (42/55) DMR Aug 18 1:01.8hg ft (45/66) DMR Aug 9 :47.4h ft (5/43) DMR Jul 26 1:01.2hg ft (39/61) DMR Jul 19 1:00.6h ft (8/46) SA Jul 12 1:01.4h ft (12/31) LAST 10 FIRE: NOTES: 3wd to turn,wkened 8/10/12 DMR SYN SPRINTS ALL SYN SPRINTS WORKS: DMR Aug 26 1:02.2h ft (52/59) DMR Aug 5 :48.4h ft (22/71) DMR Jul 31 1:01.8h ft (11/20) DMR Jul 24 1:02.4h ft (15/22) LAST 10 FIRE: 49 DIST/ POS/FLD TRNR TK TRK RACE RACE FIN POS/ MORN ACTL TRK Pos1 Pos2 Pos3 Pos4 Today's LST PAC FNL LxClm TRK DATE&RACE SURF WINNERS WGT JCKY CD BIAS TYPE CONDITIONS RCL CPR BTN LNGH LINE ODDS VAR 1ST 2ND 3RD 4TH FINAL FRT RAT RAT EQUIP DMR 8/10/ /2 A 8/ M.Pye/E.Fos FT NONE MSW R115-0 C ML15 A :01.7 1: L