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1 presents the CONNECTICUT VALLEY DRIVING TRIAL Saturday, June 6 th, 2015 at Haddam Meadows State Park ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Recognized by American Driving Society With the Support of Connecticut State Parks & Forests ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ CVDC Club Officers President: Peter VonHalem VP: Henry Tarryk Treasurer: Kathie Rindge Secretary: Steven Mazeau CVDC Logo Stencil by Eleanore Rhodes

2 Safety Guidelines PEDESTRIANS PLEASE YIELD TO CARRIAGES. CHILDREN MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY AN ADULT at all times, they may not realize the danger that potentially exists. Horses are large and unpredictable. Give them a wide berth. For everyone s safety, we ask: NO BALLOONS, FRISBEES, BALLS, ROCKETS, OR KITES during the show please. Please keep your DOGS LEASHED. NO SPECTATORS IN TRAILER AREA. With these safety tips in mind, please feel free to wander about and enjoy yourself! Show Schedule 6:00 am Show grounds open 7:30 am Competitor's briefing at Red and White Tent in Trailer Area 8:00 am AM Volunteers meet at assigned locations 8:30 am DRESSAGE & CONES BEGIN 12:00 pm LUNCH BREAK 12:00 pm Mandatory briefing for PM Volunteers at Centerfield Tent 1:30 pm MARATHON BEGINS 3:30 pm END MARATHON (time is approximate) 4:00pm AWARDS Officials & Management Ground Jury President (Judge) Technical Delegate Event Organizers Volunteer Coordinator Show Secretary Dressage Chair Cones Chair Scorekeeper Judge's Hospitality EMT Veterinarian Farrier on Call Lawrence Poulin Craig Kellogg Bill and Nancy Lawson Todd Gelston Marguerite Hayber Carrie Wind Kathie Rindge Jan Frick Randy Sabatino Haddam EMS Twin Pines Equine Veterinary Svc, LLP Mike Berluti, Durham

3 HORSE DRIVING TRIALS: Following the Action Welcome! This is a one-day horse driving trial which has three phases: dressage, cones, and marathon. These are described in greater detail below. Combined Driving is the fastest growing equine sport in the United States. Over the years, this event alone has attracted competitors from New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, New York, Maine and of course, Connecticut. You will notice the wide range of turnouts, from "VSE" (Very Small Equine, or mini) to large draft horses. You will also see 2 and 4 wheel vehicles. This is largely a competitor preference, as carts and carriages come in all shapes and sizes similar to cars or boats! DRESSAGE & CONES: 8:30 12:00 pm The Dressage phase of the driving trial is a test comprised of several movements performed within an arena. Dressage is turned out formally. The judge is primarily looking for a relaxed and forward motion, obedience, accuracy of movements and figures, correctness of gaits and transitions, freedom, regularity, harmony, impulsion, suppleness and lightness of movement. Spectators are asked to stay back from the ring at least 20 feet during the dressage tests. Both the drivers and horses are a bit nervous at this stage of the game, and need our help to do their best. The Cones phase directly follows Dressage. The teams negotiate their way through a course marked with cones, each topped by a ball. You can watch the cones competition from any spot, but be sure to stay off the course, as there is no perimeter fence. The course is made up of approximately 18 pairs of cones. Penalties are incurred for going over the time allowed and for knocking down balls from the tops of the cones. There is a set width between all the cones, and they must be reset for each competitor as each vehicle varies slightly in the width of its wheels. MARATHON: 1:30 4:00, followed by AWARDS The marathon course today is around 5 kilometers (3 miles), and must be completed within the time allowed or penalty points accrue for each second over or under the ideal time. It is not a race; it is paced at a comfortable trot. There are four Obstacles along the way to approximate situations in the real world with an entry and exit gate, and the competitors are timed inside each Obstacle. The equine must trot on course, except they can walk, trot or canter in the Obstacles, and they are allowed to walk for the final stretch. There are penalty points for going under time too, so the drivers have a navigator on back to help them know where to go, and how they are doing on their time. They can tell how they are doing because there are kilometer markers along the way, and they know how fast they need to be going. The driver must complete each Obstacle in A, B, C order for Training Level, and A,B,C,D order for Preliminary Level. There are also a series of Compulsory Turning Flags on the course (1-20) that the competitors must go through to prevent anyone from taking a short cut to the end! A new horse or pony will appear on course every 5 minutes or so to prevent drivers from crossing each other s paths.

4 Show Volunteers The Connecticut Valley Driving Club wishes to extend a special thanks to all of those who have provided advice, materials and manpower to make today s event run smoothly and safely. This includes all of the volunteers on the grounds today, and many behind-the-scenes that you don t see. Thank you!! Special Thanks also to: Alex Sokolow, Cockaponsett Ranger, DEP, State of Connecticut and his crew, for preparing the park. Mary Adams Jessica Axelson Rita Bellinger Cynthia Bliven Dave Bomster Robert Coates Nancy Franklin Jan Frick Ray Frick Charlotte Gelston Todd Gelston Marguerite Hayber Richard Hayber Bill Lawson Nancy Lawson Richard Mangino Steve Mazeau Sue Morton Claire Muskus Andrew Nanaa Stephanie Naples Susan Nichols Jennifer Onofrio Linda Pershaec Laura Razowski Dana Rindge Kathie Rindge Erica Robb Stephanie Rypsyc Frank Sabatino Randy Sabatino Reva Seybolt Ed Sullivan Ginny Sutherland Jill Vaccaro Peter VonHalem Alexis Wainwright Lynn Warren Tom Wilcox Carrie Wind Jaye Winkler A BIG EXTRA-SPECIAL THANK YOU TO: Nathan Hale-Ray High School Agricultural Science Students, Hebron Horse 4-H Club and Haddam Boy Scout Troop #44. You make today possible and FUN.

5 COMPETITORS CT Valley Driving Trial JUNE 6, 2015 List of Competitors Nbr Competitor Home Town Horse's Name Breed Very Small Equine (VSE) - Prelim Single 1 Patricia Musser Uxbridge MA Smudge Shetland 2 Linda Petersen Newtown CT Knight American Mini 15 Ashley Proper Athens NY Banner Cremello Mini Preliminary Single Horse 20 Lyn Howard Poestenkill NY Green Acres Galen Morgan 21 Gale Hepfinger Candia NH Nikita Cleve.Bay/Morgan Preliminary Single Pony 22 Janet Oliver Barrington NH CSS Kit Carson Morgan 23 Amy Sintros Alstead NH Windigo Utile Marshall Cheval Canadien 24 Tracey Turner Lyndeborough NH Solgard Fjord 25 Lori Stammer Springfield NH Lady Alisa Haflinger Training Single Horse 27 Susan Drover Haverhill MA Marina Cheval Canadien Training Horse - Pairs 28 Tom McIntire Pepperell MA Ruby & Pearl Quarter Horses Training Single Pony 29 Erica Robb Old Lyme CT Bekland Lady Pepper Morgan 30 Michelle Hulse Middletown CT Ash Welsh 31 Cynthia Bliven Lyme CT Spencer Welsh 32 Nancy Cleary Woodstock CT Zella Shetland 33 Beth Bigge Fairfield CT Mainland's Gift Hackney X Dressage begins at 8:30. Competitors will go directly to Cones after completing their Dressage Tests. Marathon Phase begins at 1:30

6 Official Show Veterinarian Official Show Farrier

7 Dressage Sponsor: Cones Course Sponsor Enjoy the Day! Kathie and Dana Rindge of PRIDE'S FARM

8 Marathon Obstacle Sponsors include:

9 Prize Sponsors include:







16 Connecticut Valley Driving Club The Connecticut Valley Driving Club (CVDC) is a network of horse people with varied interests and experience, joining together for support, educational programs, clinics, regular drive/rides, special events, equine advocacy, trail preservation, and social activities. Club members meet every month for a Saturday potluck, evening meeting and special program. CVDC hosts member drives at different locations around scenic Eastern Connecticut. Riders are always welcome at the drives, as are new members and guests. The club has members of all ages, from junior drivers to experienced seniors. We also welcome equine breeds and sizes from minis to draft horses. You do not have to know how to drive to belong, or even own a horse. Our club is friendly and is a fun place to learn and meet others with the same interests. Drivers are the friendliest of horse people, always looking out for each other or lending a hand. CVDC is a member of the American Driving Society. Join CVDC welcomes new members who are interested in driving and taking part in club activities. You do not have to know how to drive to belong, or even own a horse. Membership is $25/year ($20/year seniors over 65) and includes family members. Fill in this form and mail with check to join. You will then receive our newsletters, show notices, and alerts so you never miss a beat! CONNECTICUT VALLEY DRIVING CLUB MEMBERSHIP FORM (Membership year: December 1 through November 30) More information at Name Address (farm name, street/po Box) City, State & Zip Telephone (newsletter will be ed unless otherwise noted on this form) Check here if you do NOT want to be included in a CVDC Member Directory for members' use only Send membership form and dues ($25 per year/ $20 for seniors 65+) to: CVDC, c/o Kathie Rindge, Treasurer, 36 Hoadly Road, Amston, CT Thanks for coming - We hope you enjoyed your day!