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1 NEWSLETTER October / November 2009 Committee Members : President: Melita Gard Vice President: Rodney Gee 73 Maneys Rd Bridgenorth 7277 "Sunnybanks" Exeter Secretary: Jodi Strobl Treasurer: Peter Gard 1429 Castra Rd, Sprent Maneys Rd Bridgenorth 7277 Ph: Registrar: Lisa Dolbel Show Co-ordinator: Diane Johnston PO Box 1313, Burnie West Tamar Hwy, Beaconsfield Ph: Committee: Helen Liddell Susan Farrell Mary Hughes Mark Berwick Jenny Harvey Newsletter Editor: Jenny Harvey 136 Pateena Rd, Longford Any opinions expressed in this newsletter are not necessarily those of the committee. The Newsletter Editor reserves the right to not publish some items that are submitted if they are seen to be detrimental to the Society and its members. List of Hi Point show dates - this will be updated when details are available: TPS Double Chance Show Westbury 6th Dec. Entries close 27 Nov. Standard Assoc. Breed Show Westbury 2 nd or 3 rd January Dodges Ferry Show Dodges Ferry 17 th January TPS State Show Westbury 24 th January Colorama Westbury?? 14 th February? PHAT All Breeds (South) 21 st February (pending) TPS Allbreeds?? March/April

2 2 PRESIDENT S REPORT Hi Members, Well the silly season is almost upon us. Whilst driving to and from work or shows or whatever please take it easy, this time of year on the roads seems to bring out the worst in people and especially when you re towing a float. Speaking of silly season, have you noticed all the naughty horses this year, lately it s been mine included LOL. Must be the grass. I had children at Scottsdale walk right up behind my colt, now he doesn't kick although does turn his bottom but not all are like this so please be mindful, I know by the end of the show I was over reminding non horse people he is a boy. Some of you may know but my new horse Jack made me eat dirt recently and we had a trip to the hospital with a suspected fractured pelvis. Lucky I have a fat bottom and all I ended up with is some badly torn muscles and deep tissue bruising (although I don't know about the lucky part LOL). The drugs have been wonderful but have certainly left me feeling a bit light headed on occasion, not a good feeling. This made attending Scottsdale and Monds a bit of a chore but we got there. Both shows were a delight to attend, Sonny could have been a bit better behaved at Scottsdale, but at Monds he started to settle really well by mid morning. Thanks to my daughter Suzane for giving me a hand and helping me get to Scottsdale. It was lovely to hear 2 judges comment on how lovely our Tasmanian Ponies and Horses are and the quality that was in the ring and great to be able to say hi to members showing and put faces to names and names to horses. We have our Double Chance show coming up on the 6th of Dec. We have two terrific interstate judges of very high calibre coming, so hope to see a few of you out there strutting your stuff. Also, don't forget your renewals will be due on the 31st of December and you must be financial to show at any show after that date. Our State Show is on the 24th of Jan at Westbury and we have another top level judge from NSW attending. For those of you who do Western we have also added a few Western classes to our program, along with a few changes to handler classes etc. Schedules will be out very shortly. STATE SHOW SPONSORSHIP. This is a call to all members. This show is our State Championship and as such we would like to make this a must go on your Pinto calendar. This is our most prestigious event. We the society provide beautiful ribbons and sashes and prize money, but we need your help to try to achieve prizes to cover most of the program. We are not asking for much. A brush, a lead rope, a halter, a hoof pick. If we all went into our saddleries or online shops and bought one thing to donate to the show, what a show we could have with prizes for all. Doesn't have to be expensive, some of the best prizes I have received at shows have cost under $10. Maybe you know of some businesses that you might be able to approach, don't forget your local hairdresser, tyre store whatever, all sponsorship or vouchers are welcome. If you need a letter to support your request on letterhead please contact me and I'll get one out to you. Remember, we give all sponsors a plug in our newsletter and they will get a plug in our show catalogue as well. If you have something to donate, drop it into Diane or myself or any other committee person to pass on. Tas Pinto and Tas Paint Boxing day camp out and ride. Starting on Boxing day with a ride along Bakers Beach. Ending with a BBQ and campout and another ride the next day. Now numbers are very limited as we can only have so many horses on the beach at the one time and ride start time will depend on the tides. We can have as many as we like come and camp out with us. If you want to attend I must have a definite by the 18th of December. Preference will be given to those camping over night. It will cost you a park pass and normal National Park rules do apply. Last of all, I would like to welcome another 10 new members to the Club Alice Meredith, Kelsie Rae Brown, Annie Guidici, Naomi Carter, Maureen Midgley, Anoushka Ingelse, Chris Davis, Jacqueline Davey, Andrew Brunacci and Jessica Russell. I hope all of you are safe and well. Hope to see you all at the Double Chance Show, if not have a safe and Happy Xmas and I hope Santa brings you just what you wished for. All the best, Melita. FROM THE SHOW CO-ORDINATOR Diane Johnston Hi Everyone, It has come to our attention lately that some horses are being entered at shows before the paper work is with the registrar. If a show has a closing date of entry, all paper work must be with our registrar before the close of entry. She will then issue you with a letter allowing you to show. If you send paperwork and do not receive your letter, please contact Lisa to check that it has arrived. Your horse must have its paperwork in with the Society to be eligible to enter and you must be a financial member. You must also enter your horse by its correct name. No points on any card will be counted if your horse is incorrectly entered as it makes it too hard to check results. We do not know, nor can we remember your horse s paddock name, so please ensure you enter under his or her TPS registered name. Now remember- white card is your hi point halter card, yellow is your ridden and green is for all other events. Please make sure you record your results after each show. If you have any problems or are not sure what to do, please feel free to call me on I am more than happy to help. Or refer back to the previous newsletter for details.

3 Best Marked class at Scottsdale (aka the biggest tail challenge) Tas. Crabbet Pre Royal 3 Results from Scottsdale Under 2 yrs: 1st Chief Yarraman Splendor Colt 2-3 yrs: 1st Timarron Cottage Sonatra Filly 2-3 yrs: 1st Spring Plains Malibu Barbie Mare 4yrs & Over: 1st Calmar Josephine Hughes Gelding 4 yrs & Over: 1st Hazy Ponds Zorro Champion Senior: Hazy Ponds Zorro Reserve: Calmar Josephine Hughes Spring Plains Malibu Barbie won Champ Jr Pinto, supreme pinto and went on to win supreme youngstock of show. PAST EVENTS SOCIAL FUNDAY We held a Social Fun Day on the 8 th November at Harveydale and a good day was had by all. We started with a trail ride then returned for lunch and held an obstacle course and a few games. It was nice to see some new faces and some young horses out for the day. Champion Junior: Spring Plains Malibu Barbie Reserve: Timarron Cottage Sonatra Diane Johnston and Hazy Ponds Zorro on the obstacle course Best Marked: Spring Plains Malibu Barbie Calmar Josephine Hughes Timarron Cottage Sonatra Cheif Yarraman Splendor Best Presented: Spring Plains Malibu Barbie Calmar Josephine Hughes Hazy Ponds Zorro Timarron Cottage Sonatra Cheif Yarraman Splendor Debbie McLeod and Tonka Champion ridden pinto: Hazy Ponds Zorro Reserve: Calmar Josephine Hughes Nikki Armstrong

4 NEW ARRIVALS 4 Free Spirit Pinto Stud Brett Kelly & Wizard Vale Tangara /9/ Solid bay mare 14hh Sire: Unknown Dam: Unknown Tangara was Rodney s riding horse from when he turned 12. Her age was always a bone of contention she can t really be that old! All doubts were put to an end when Rodney s dad died some years ago and the family were going through his things. Ted had been an habitual diary writer and kept everything. There, in his writings was not only records of the day he purchased Tangara for Rodney, but also from whom, her age and date of birth. People had to admit it, this horse was no longer in her 20 s! Throughout this long life she has just about done everything. At one stage her and Rodney held the record for barrel racing (14.2 seconds) at Gymkhanas held at Gee Park, Relbia, she s earned her keep as a stock horse, played A Grade Polocrosse in the late 80 s and 90 s winning the State Championship, lead trail rides, won the Billycan race at the Bicentenary Mountain Cattlemen s Get Together, bred 3 foals, camp drafted, hunted with the Northern Hunt Club, mothered an orphan foal we reared, ridden thought a restaurant as a New Year s dare and been chased by the police for being ridden the wrong way up a one way street in Launceston, and her greatest trick of all rearing on command to make Rodney feel like he was the Loan Ranger! She lived her last days in retirement and loved by all. Her main task was being given the responsibility of settling the foals that have just been weened. She taught them manners and respect, and made a lot of fuss when they were finally moved away from her. This year things have been tough. It was 1 st August, her 40th birthday and we were thrilled and overwhelmed that she had made it to this milestone. Celebrating with a new rug and a hearty breakfast, the good run didn t last too long. About 2 weeks later, maybe due to the extremely wet weather or just the fact that she had proved to everyone that she could reach 40, she suddenly stopped eating and no coaxing would encouraged her to resume. So on the 9th September the old lady s long run came to an end. It was a lovely sunny day and she seemed completely at peace. She now lies on the hill at our place where she can watch the comings and going for years to come. Free Spirit Prada bay/white tobiano filly. Dam: Devlin Park Amethyst MR305 Sire: Free Spirit Rasputin TPSInc SR91 DOB 27/09/2009 Prada was born at 9.30 pm, the first foal Amy has produced for the stud. She should mature approx hh and is of a solid, strong build. She has excellent conformation and leg structure with an alert and curious nature. She is a mixture of Arabian, Warmblood and thoroughbred bloodlines. This filly may be offered for sale at weening. Phone Rodney and Vicki Gee on or Riverton Lodge Get ready for the cute factor. Very fluffy, tiny little ears. Black colt foal. Sire Shady Glen Gayman Dam Marbet Precious. Here he is. 24 hrs old. Filly foal by Shady Glen Stardom out of RL Martina Rodney and Vicki Gee Free Spirit Pinto Stud

5 5 Zintahn Pinto Stud. Zintahn Armani Sire: Blackwood Springs Laredo Dam: Talarren Tarreena DOB: 9/10/09 This lovely young colt arrived on 9th October 2009 and is everything I hoped the cross would produce. Reenas last foal was born dead so as you can imagine it was a rather stressful 11 and a half months waiting for him to arrive, she also had a fairly troublesome pregnancy suffering from several bouts of colic and uterine pain. I am happy to say though that everything is well and he is a very healthy and strong foal, he was up on his feet within minutes of being born and drinking soon after. He is now 6 weeks old and shedding out the most glorious dark liver colour, will be exciting to see how he ends up. He has already been sold and will be staying in Tasmania. Zeus Sire: Remus van Berkley Dam: Zintahn Ariadne DOB: 2/11/09 Almost 3 weeks overdue, Aria decided to share her baby with the world. He was bred in conjunction with Wallbrook Stud in Ulverstone and sired by their magnificent Friesian Remus van Berkley. To say we are happy with the quality produced is an understatement, this boy is outstanding in every way and we cannot wait to see him grow and develop. He has inherited a lot of Friesian traits which has pleased us immensely. He also exhibits correct conformation, a very trainable temperament and fabulous high stepping and powerful movement. All in all, a very pleasing result. He would have to be the itchiest foal ever and will gladly stand around all day having scritchies with anyone who cares to get their hands dirty Zintahn Elektra Sire: Alliewag Dances with Wolves Dam: Quintally Stardust DOB: 3/11/09 After being up all night with Aria on Sunday night, I thought for sure, even though she was also 3 weeks overdue, that I would be able to get some sleep as she definitely did not look ready to foal. Her udder had not changed at all, she showed no signs of getting ready to foal and I was so pleased as I was exhausted. All I can say is thank god for foaling alarms!! I got up to check Star at midnight and still nothing so felt confident to go back to bed and not check her anymore times through the night. At 2.30am the foaling alarm starts screeching in my ear. I get up, turn it off, thinking all the while it would only be a false alarm as she had not shown any signs. As I walked out the door, I heard the whooosh of a foal being delivered! I was quite shocked to say the least! To my surprise there lay a gorgeous dark bay and white - (and I had to check!) FILLY!!!! I was hoping and praying that she would give me a bay and white filly and what an end to a great foaling season I thought, could I get any luckier! All things were great until the poor little possum developed a severe infection at 3 days of age and crashed before my eyes. The vet was here for hours pumping her full of drugs and fluids and anything else we could think of to give her. I slept in the stable with her all night, she barely moved a muscle that whole time. I thought for sure she was not going to make it, but come morning after another set of injections, she got up, and tried to have a drink! I was extremely excited to see this, was early days, but great all the same! Throughout the day she got stronger and drank more frequently. It took at least 5 days and lots and lots more injections before she came right, but I am very pleased to say she is strong and healthy and out in the paddock with the others now. Phew. This girl is being retained. Foal update Zintahn Debutante (AKA Tahnee) has been sold to a showjumping home in Mt Isa and will make the very long journey from Tasmania mid to late This filly was born to be a jumper if her airs above the ground are anything to go by. There is nothing she loves more than having all 4 feet off the ground. A friendlier foal you could not find, she is always first to the gate to be caught and is such a doll to handle. Will miss this young lady very much but anticipate great things for her in the future! for regular foal photo updates.

6 Offered for Sale 6 FREE SPIRIT SCARLETT O HARA MR279 PF26469 Offered for Sale FREE SPIRIT LADY OF THE LAKE TPSInc Pending Scarlett has had the most amazing show career in led classes. Winning multiple championships each year and taking out the Albert Hazelwood Memorial Trophy for best overall pinto in the state in and In that respect she is the most successful part Arab pinto in Tasmania. She also won classic head and classic trot several times in derivative classes from She was born in 1997 out of an unregistered part Arabian Palomino/white tobiano and by a pure Arabia, Robian Silver Sundance, bred by David Mold. Her grandsire on that side is Fairview Touch of Class and therefore carries the bloodlines of Sascha (imp Germany), Mustafa (imp Germany) and Kapehr (imp USA). Scarlett has an unflappable nature. Is easy to clip, transport, wash, foot trim and shoe and will stand steady for hours while being prepared for the showring or just being fussed over. She has never bitten, kicked or reared. After her amazing led career she was broken in and ridden for a short time before being placed in foal. She is easy to serve, births without trouble and gives everything to her foals. To date has produced 2 STUNNING pinto offspring - a chestnut and white tobiano colt and palomino and white tobiano filly which is being retained by the stud. The sire of these is Free Spirit Rasputin, a liver/white tobiano of 15hh who has that iridescent copper sheen on his coat. Scarlett has currently just been served by the same stallion and will be due next year. She will be sold with a Tasmanian Pinto Society Inc service certificate for ease of registration of the foal. I have many more photos of Scarlett and her offspring and several of the stallion. Please phone for more information after 4.00pm. Price $4000 firm. Chestnut/white tobiano filly Born 25/10/2006 Lady carries the bloodlines of Mustafa S1583, Nazeer EG9672, Tristram Selam S1271 and Warlords Hellter Skellter PS18889, which would make her suitable for any discipline. Her dam is a registered part Arab chestnut/white tobiano mare named Free Spirit Camelot PF25843 who is in turn by Warlords Hellter Skellter PS Camelot played B and C grade polocrosse with the Northern Polocrosse Club. Lady s sire is Free Spirit Rasputin a liver/white tobiano of 15hh who has that iridescent copper sheen on his coat. Rasputin was the winner of High Point Colt Lady s conformation is correct and she has quite a presence about her, making her suitable for the showring. She is currently approx hh and should mature hh. Her chestnut is a light golden colour and her pattern possesses "paw prints" which are often indicative of the homozygous gene for carrying pinto colour on to offspring. Lady has been rugged, wormed and stabled throughout the winter and had hard feed each day and as a result is in excellent condition. She is ready to break in and commence her career with the right person. Price $ I have many more photos of Lady and several more of her dam and sire. Please phone Rodney or Vicki Gee for more information on or after 4.00pm.

7 For Sale Lenson Park Jezzabelle 12.2h Pinto Mare 21 y.o. Years of pony club, including state and zone games, zone dressage as well as numerous champion high points of the day at club shields. Extremely quiet to clip, float, wash, trim feet. No vices. In show condition, Suit a confident beginner. $3000 comes with rugs. Call Linda For Sale Damristal Spirit Clouds CHANGES TO NEWSLETTER ADVERTISING POLICY In regard to people placing business adds in the newsletter, if they wish to put in a full page add the cost will be $10 an issue due to it often putting the newsletter oversize to post and for the extra cost of printing. Also, if they wish to have a standing one page add for 12 months the cost is $40 which is sponsorship for one Hi-Point Award which will name them as sponsor. This will get them website adverting as a sponsor as well. Pinto gelding 3yrs old 12.2hh reg APSB Australian pony eligable for Pinto& Arabian pony well handled, feet, wormed,rugged would be a good kids pony priced to sell $1500 (03) or or for photos. Helen Liddell Damristal Stud (more ponies for sale) This also applies to people putting in any full page for sale ad. If members wish to advertise horses or any other gear or events etc. for free, it must be kept to a small (one) photo and basic details. Please send me details of any adds or achievements & photos with your horses for the next newsletter. My address is: Jenny Harvey