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1 MASTER HUNTER P.O BOX 2065 SALISBURY SP2 2AP MASTER HUNTER NETS PRODUCT CATALOGUE Postage and Packaging Large and bulky items Parcel force 48hrs Smaller items please phone for rates Tel: All major credit/debit cards accepted

2 Ferret Boxes 4 5 I am a full time Pest and Rabbit Controller, and have been controlling rabbits for the last 45 years. As I am quite good with my hands I have always made equipment for myself, other people have always wanted me to make things for them once they have seen mine. 3 Lightweight ferret boxes made from quality ply. Glued and pinned with quality catches. 4 corners on all Wiltshire ferret boxes, 2 corners on Norfolk ferret boxes. 50mm nylon webbing carrying strap. 1 2 This is why I started Master Hunter. There is obviously a need for better quality rabbiting equipment made by somebody who actually uses and understands their product. Although I developed the Fast Set long net system approximately 18 years ago only myself and my friends were using it, until I told other people about it, and they brought out their own systems. After trying the other systems available I would not swap any of them for mine. I still think that my system is a superior, lightweight, smooth functioning and ergonomically designed system that can be used day and night with ease. Galvanised mesh on the inside of vent holes.

3 Bolt Traps Sizes and Cost 1 2 Width Depth Height cm(inches) Single Norfolk 30.00(BOWBAC K) 36(14) 25(10) 20(8) Double Norfolk 38.00(BOWBAC K) 47(18.5) 25(10) 20(8) Single Wiltshire (14) 23(9) 20(8) Double Wiltshire (18.5) 23(9) 20(8) Deluxe Wiltshire (18.5) 28(11) 23(9) Ideal for placing in the mouth of rabbit holes where there is too much cover to place purse nets. Can hold up to 3 rabbits Made from galvanised 14 gauge 1 Weldmesh each HEIGHT 2 for WIDTH DEPTH

4 Rabbit Carrying Straps These are made from ¾ Nylon webbing, with a leather shoulder pad, and swivel snap-catches. Grafts and Round Mouths Round mouth (Ex Army) Forged steel grafts are Carry up to 20 rabbits 7.00 Probes ½ Stainless or Tensile bar probes Drop Net Sliders With these sliders you can turn a Fast Set Long Net Into a Drop Net. Made from 6mm Re-Bar 8.00 EACH All Prices plus P&P Purse nets Made from 10z nylon. 4ft long. 2mm draw cord each Fox Nets Made from 12z nylon. 6ft long. Heavy rings on both ends. 3mm draw cord each, for 10

5 Rabbit Snares Complete pegged snares, tethers, wire tealers and fitted with swivelling 221/2 6 strand brass snares FOR 10 Fence and break away snares also available. Fox Snares American type fox snares. Made from 2mm galvanised 7/7 cable. 60 long. Fitted with a Micro Eye (Non-Locking). Crimp stop. Snare Support Collar and End Swivel EACH Cubby For protecting and holding Body-Grip traps EACH Ferret Bags Two sizes, (15 x 18 ) and (18 x 22 ). Made from heavy weight canvas. Fitted with 6 brass ventilation holes. Leather strap with buckle to secure top of bag. Fitted with nylon loops (top and bottom) for attaching shoulder strap too and 12.00

6 The Fast Set System 100 yds 6Z Fast Set system weights 7 kilo 12 poles to 100yd net Poles are 40 high, light weight tensile steel tube, tapering from 5/16 5/8 with stainless steel points. Powder coated painted with rubber ferrules on top enabling poles to be pushed into the ground easily. Bottom line is attached 6 from the bottom of each pole (can be easily adjusted where necessary). When set, the top line of netting between any two poles is approx 24 from ground. Mesh size is 2 1/8 knot to knot. Double knotted. Selvedge is doubled. The net is 14½ mesh s deep. 100yd set net is made up with approx 200yds of net, this gives the net100% of bag / loose mesh, and this enables at least 4 rabbits to be entangled in any one section of net. Lines are 2mm braided polypropylene. This allows the net to slide freely. Frame is fabricated from 6mm tensile rod then nylon coated. Bag is made from waterproof lightweight DPM nylon coated material. It takes approximately 2 minutes to set 100yds of net and approximately 5 minutes to pick up. The net runs freely from the bag, as there are no snagging parts on the frame. Poles are superior to fibre glass as they have a constant taper with stainless points, and push into the ground with ease. We also sell Traditional Long Nets and Sheet Netting. Length / Yards Diameter / z Price / Fast Set System x 50 (1Bag) Trammel Fast Set Standard Stop Net Standard Stop Net Leaded line stop net Leaded line stop net Trammel stop nets Trad long nets Bag and Frame 50.00