SCP060 SCP061 SCP062 SCP063. Cetme C receivers in stock! See our 20th ad or our website!

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1 SCOPES WITH MOUNTS FOR THE FG-42 RIFLE HAVE JUST ARRIVED!!! While these scopes are as rare as hens teeth, we have been lucky to obtain some newly manufactured scopes w/mounts which are perfect for your Model 1 FG42 Assault Rifle as manufactured by Shoei. Looks & feels like the real McCoy on the outside, but the reticle and dials are fixed in place. Meticulously made and created with the 1.5x optical sight, we can offer this in 2 flavors for the non-firing Shoei rifle. Quantities are very limited! SCP060 Black ZFG42 Scope & Mount, repro...$ SCP061 Vintage ZFG42 Scope & Mount, repro...$ We also have a few scopes & mounts which can be used on the original FG42 Model 1 rifle. These scopes are also offered in both the black & vintage finish. SCP062 Black ZF42 Scope & Mount for Registered Rifles...$ SCP063 Vintage finish FG42 Scope & Mount for Registered Rifles...$ SPANISH CETME MODEL (C) RIFLE PARTS SET Collaboration between German engineers and Franco s Spanish designers drove Spain to adopt the (C) version of the CETME rifle in Regarded as the lightweight option, the C rifle was adopted by the Spanish Army, Navy, and Air Force and chambered for the.308 Nato round. The German G-3 and the CETME are close cousins and share many of the same parts. In fact, 25 parts from the CETME and G-3 / HK91, are interchangeable with one another. Another 3 parts from the Trigger pack are also interchangeable as long as they are used as a set. The quality of the parts in this kit are remarkably excellent and outer parts are present with most of their original Parkerizing! Our parts set includes all parts shown in the pictured parts breakdown above including the trunion and other necessary receiver parts for your semi auto build. We have barrels, slings, and 5 round magazines available separately and you can find plenty of low cost 20 rd mags on the market. Additionally we will have receivers available very soon. The kit s real visual strength is the wooden stock and forend which accentuate the rifle s appearance and makes it look sporty and more appealing than the plastic furniture of the G-3. These kits are outstanding and we have not had this kind of quality in bulk kits since we had our Argentine FAL kits! STANDARD CETME C KIT...$ CET016 SPECIAL SELECTION-based on quality of metal parts... Add $25.00 ($199.99) CET018 5 ROUND CETME MAGAZINE... $15.95 CET ROUND CETME MAGAZINE... $8.95 CET008 CANVAS CETME SLING... $8.95 SLNG106 LEATHER CETME SLING... $7.95 SLNG071 FRONT SIGHT ADJUSTING TOOL. HIGH GRADE STEEL THAT WONT BREAK... $6.95, 3 for...$17.95 TOOL024 NOTE: Receivers not sold in conjunction w/parts sets, however they are available separately in our 20th ad. RARE RIFLE STOCKS HKR001 New original Hakim stock... $ FN49001 FN cal Good condition - will rework well (we did one) Complete with hand guard set (not returnable)...$75.00 FN49078 FN stock & handguards reworked in our shop (this is a reworked #4)... $ SPF254 Bannerman Springfield stock model $ STK004 Remington model 1934 military rifle good... $ STK339 New original stock for Norinco JW15.22 bolt action clip fed rifle...$19.95 P14012 P14 Enfield stock w/handguards... $ P17059 P17 Enfield Stock Set good cond... $ P17044 P17, Front handguard new walnut...$19.95 P17045 P17, Front handguard used walnut...$18.00 P17061 P17, Front handguard new hardwood...$20.00 P17060 P17, Front handguard used hardwood...$15.00 P17046 P17, Rear handguard new walnut...$32.00 P17047 P17, Rear handguard used walnut...$22.00 P17062 P17, Rear handguard new hardwood...$25.00 P17063 P17, Rear handguard used hardwood...$20.00 MSR549 Steyr 1912 (98 Mauser) Rifle Stock, good condition...$49.95 MSR Brazilian long rifle stock good cond...$65.00 MSR366A A Select (very few only) 1908 Brazilian long rifle stock...$85.00 MSR Brazilian long rifle stock with handguard...$75.00 MSR466 Select 1908 stock with handguard...$95.00 MSR548 Steyr M1912 (98 Mauser) stock w/buttplate & bayo lug...$49.95 STK341 Stevens TGT stock VG used, orig...$65.00 STK342 Stevens TGT stock w/buttplate, new orig... $ STK343 Remington 513T target rifle used VG low comb...$29.95 STK344 Winchester G.I. model 75 target rifle, used VG...$39.95 STK345 Mossberg144 used exc...$45.00 STK346 Mossberg 144 used exc with National Board For The Promotion Of Rifle Practice emblem on the stock, used VG...$50.00 MSR612 Swedish M96 Stock w/handguard, front band, disc, HG ring...$79.95 BM59037 BM59 Stock & Handguard Set, new in wrap...$85.00 FAL305 FAL/FALO Stock & Forend RARE... $ MSR634 K98 Mauser Laminate Stock Set, includes metal... $ MSR636 K98/48 Stock Sets w/metal. Reworked by Yugos for the K98 rifle...$99.50 M36058A MAS 36/51 Stock Set w/all metal... $ STK385 Mossberg 42B Military Stock...$36.50 CC053 Carcano 38 Stock some blemishes but good shape... $85.00 SCP062 SCP063 SCP060 SCP061 Cetme C receivers in stock! See our 20th ad or our website! ARGENTINE 1891 RIFLE SNIPER SCOPE MOUNT Original Argentine military issue scope mount base for both the Argentine 1891 long Rifle and also used on the 1909 Engineers Carbine. Have not had these in quite a while and probably won t see these again. We only have about a dozen in very good condition! Get one while you can!... $99.95 MNT045 Phones Open: Mon - Fri, 8:30am 5:00pm Showroom Open: Monday - Saturday, 10:00am 5:00pm, Friday til 8:00pm CETME (L) MILITARY RIFLE BOLTS COMPLETE ASSEMBLY #1 MK3 Enfield.22 LR cal...$ LE3076 #4 Enfield... $90.00 LE4014 Berthier Bolt w/long Handle...$ MISC387 Berthier Bolt w/short Handle...$ MISC444 FN-49 (.30-06)...$60.00 FN49056 Jap Type 38 Complete bolt...$ JAP3805 K98 A Mauser...$ MSR637 K98 Bolt w/turned Down Handle... $ MSR114 M1891 Mosin Nagant... $34.95 N91008 M1903/A3 Springfield... $42.00 SPF004 M93 Mauser rifle... $65.00 MSR525 M95 Mauser stripped bolt... $75.00 MSR542 M95 Mauser complete bolt... $ MSR547 M95 Steyer Bolt... $75.00 MISC254 / SPANISH CETME (L) PARTS SET, 5.56 NATO 30rd MAGS AVAILABLE! $7.00ea. CET023 IN STOCK! A1 G-3 ZF SCOPES & MOUNTS Save over $100$! Haven t had these in years! Original German military service ZF 1 and ZF-24 Sniper Scopes with original claw mounts for the G-3 Rifle. Manufactured by Hensoldt/Wetzlar, these scopes are premium quality and although used, are in excellent condition and come complete with green case, rubber eye pc. protectors, claw mount, filter eyepiece, accessory case and in the case of the ZF-24, a mounting plate to accept a reticle illuminator if needed. You can check our web site for more info. & pictures. ZF-1 Hensoldt/Wetzlar Sniper Scope package -...$ $ SCP058 ZF-24 Hensoldt/ Wetzlar Sniper Scope package -...$ $ SCP059 FEWER THAN 20 KITS LEFT!!!!! Original Spanish Army assault rifle parts set as issued between 1984 to A cross over rifle platform developed from the CETME (C) model taking some inspiration from the FNC design which competed for Nato trials around the same time. Like the FNC, the CE- TME C also would accept M-16 magazines and the 5.56 Nato round. Moreover, the comfort of holding, aiming, and shooting made this platform superior to the G-3 styled rifles and it s truly ergonomic design made it a world class combat rifle. We like the fact that it is very much a minimalist component oriented rifle with fewer parts to manage than an FAL or G3. This year is the first year ever that we have been able to obtain these extremely rare gun kits. We plan to offer barrels and receivers as we bring this program along, but take heed that at the moment, we have a very limited supply of the kits so don t suffer in the long run from buyers remorse when they are gone! Act now to secure one! Parts set comes with all parts shown. The kit may be missing a spring and detent from the rear sight and the windage screw tip may be missing. The kit does not come with a barrel or receiver. The trunnion does come with the kit. These kits have the Spanish Army green colored finish although parts are used and furniture may have some cosmetic blemishes, but are serviceable. The parts are actually quite rugged and they had to be, as the system of firing was by delayed blowback with a bolt traveling on 2 rollers for both acceleration to forward firing and delay to extract, by compensating for pressure release. Firing rate for this rifle was between rds per minute which made it faster than the G3 and equal to and greater than the firing rate of the AK-74! Good condition CETME L Parts Set...$ CET021 ORIGINAL REMINGTON BUTTSTOCKS & FORENDS *SALE THROUGH END OF MAY - TAKE 10% OFF LISTED PRICE!!* Original Remington manufactured wood stocks for the Models 870, 1100, & 1187 Shotguns. Getting very difficult to find replacement wood stocks these days. Very limited quantities of each in stock. #1) Remington 870 SATIN Buttstock w/checkering...$84.95 STK396 #2) Remington 1187 SATIN Monte Carlo Buttstock w/ pad...$94.95 STK397 #3) Remington 1100 GLOSS Buttstock w/ checkering & pad...$94.95 STK398 #4) Remington 1100 Buttstock w/ buttplate, Unstained....$65.00 STK405 #5. Remington 1100 Synthetic Buttstock with Treebark pattern Camouflage and butt pad...$24.95 STK406 #6) Remington 1100 GLOSS Checkered Forend...$65.00 STK402 #7) Remington 1100 SATIN Checkered Forend...$45.00 STK403 #8) Remington 552 SATIN Checkered Forend...$29.00 STK404 ZF-24 MAS 36...$89.95 M36056 Mauser Veguiero (1904)... $ MSR566 Model 1888 Mauser... $ MSR640 Model 48 Yugo Mauser... $ MSR358 Model 98 Mauser... $79.95 MSR123 Mukden Mauser... $ MSR467 No.1 MK III Enfield... $69.95 LE3064 No. 4 MKI Enfield... $90.00 LE4014 P17 Enfield...$75.00 P17016 Remington 513T match rifle complete bolt with new orig bolt head... $ R Remington 513T brand new original bolt head the ribs break out under the extractor buy a spare...$69.95 R Stevens 416 Target rifle complete bolt new in original G.I. wrapper...$ MISC260 ZF

2 B1 Prices are subject to change without notice. We are not responsible for typographical errors or misprints DISCLAIMER Parts sold by Sarco should be installed only by a competent gunsmith. These products are sold as is and without a warranty. No liability is expressed or implied for damage or injury which may result from the improper installation or use of these products. REGARDING LOCAL, CITY & STATE REGULATIONS You warrant by ordering from Sarco Inc., that you are in compliance with the laws of your local, city and State regulations and that you are a legal adult without any legal restrictions in regards to your purchase. With 20,000 plus laws on the books it is difficult for us to know what laws may affect your purchase where you reside. Please check your local and State laws before ordering. Sarco only sells products to persons 18 years or older SHIPPING ALL ORDERS WILL BE RECEIVED, PRO- CESSED AND SHIPPED OUT OF OUR PENN- SYLVANIA LOCATION. MINIMUM SHIPPING AND HANDLING CHARGES START AT: $9.50 Rifle Stocks and Barrels. $12.50 Call for larger items on prepaid orders * NJ residents please add 7% sales tax. Not all items available to NJ residents. * PA residence please add 6% sales tax All orders to Alaska and Hawaii shipped via US Mail, unless customer specifically requests Blue or Red Label UPS (not available for online orders). Employees not authorized to modify prices or conditions stated in this advertisement. M1895 PRUSSIAN GERMAN FUSILIER REGIMENT HELMETS Just got another shipment of Picklehaubes Finely crafted of heavy leather with solid brass trim, cockades, spike assembly and detailed eagle emblem. These are M1895 Prussian German Fusilier Regiment Helmets - Nicely done. All the metal is a beautiful brass. An extremely accurate & detailed recreation and fit for use or display and will be the topic of conversations in your collection or man cave. German spiked helmet. These helmets were used up to the end of WWI. Beautiful huge brass Prussian spread eagle on the front. Last shipment we sold out for $ SARCO struck a tremendous deal to bring you this helmet at 1/10th the price of an original... $59.95 HLM015 GERMAN IMPERIAL HELMET COVERS FOR THE TRADITIONAL PICKLEHAUBE HELMET We have two color available on these cotton helmet covers. Khaki and Green. This was the cover that was issued in the first few years of WW1 when steel helmets were not to be found everywhere on the Western Front. These are for medium to large picklehaube helmets and they have 6 hooks for attaching to the rim of the leather helmet. New. Green THOMPSON VERTICAL GRIP W/ SCREW Beautiful rounded wood grip with screw for the Thompson 1921 & 1928 SMGs...$24.95 TMP194 WW2 THOMPSON SMG LEATHER GUN SCABBARD As used on the WLA Harley, WW2 Jeeps, and other vehicles to hold the M1,M1A1, and 1928 Thompson SMGs. New mnfr. with heavy professionally tanned & stitched leather. This same scabbard goes for much more elsewhere!... $59.95 TMP193 REPLACEMENT 1928 THOMPSON STOCK ASSEMBLIES Just in the door. Complete with attaching slide and buttplate. Wood is new G.I. Slide assembly is new. Buttplate VG...$99.95, 3 for...$ TMP178 PHONE ORDER Call (610) ONLINE ORDER Go to FAX ORDER fax for showroom fax for gunroom (fax all FFLs here) fax for order department MAIL ORDER Sarco Inc, 50 Hilton St, Easton PA THOMPSON VERTICAL FOREGRIP Beautiful walnut wood grip with correct contouring as used on the 1921 and 1928 Thompson SMGs. Trigger grooves are rounded and not slab sided like some on the market. Made like the original!... $19.95 or 3 for...$54.95 TMP015 Screw for the above grip...$12.50 TMP016 ORDERING INSTRUCTIONS ~ There are different procedures for Ordering PARTS vs Ordering FIREARMS ~ ATTENTION EASTON SHOWROOM CUSTOMERS Re: In Stock Inventory If you are planning on visiting the showroom, feel free to call ahead to make sure that we stock the item(s) that you need. Please give us a least a few days notice before your visit in case we need to retrieve goods in from our other warehouses. Note that the prices in Shotgun News are dealer prices and may not be the same prices as in our showroom. OUR GUARANTEE - Our guarantee is simple and easy to understand. If you are not satisfied with any item received from us you have 5 days to return it for a replacement or a refund of the advertised price. All returns must be accompanied by a etter WITH YOUR INVOICE NUMBER and explanation of the problem. Before returning anything, please see our guarantee on our website. Picklehaube Helmet Cover...$21.00 MISC601 Khaki Picklehaube Helmet Cover...$21.00 MISC629 SHOWROOM VISIT Mon-Sat 10am-5pm / Friday Opened til 8pm For directions to the showroom, see website. CUSTOMER SERVICE PARTS QUESTIONS: MACHINE GUN QUESTIONS: Our ads in the Shotgun News are catalogue prices and may not reflect any sales or higher pricing found on our website. ORDER PROBLEMS, Damaged or Missing Packages Call (610) and ask for Liz ext 208 or BACK- ORDERS Check the status of an existing Backorder, Call (610) or SARCO deals in modern as well as obsolete and hard to find merchandise and offers full & prompt refund on any cancelled backorders prior to ship. WEBSITE Questions or Issues Call (610) and ask to be transferred to the e-commerce Department or INTERNATIONAL Call (610) and ask for Mike ext 210 or RETURNS We offer a 5-day inspection period on all of our merchandise, except for special order items which are not refundable. Items that state they are sold as-is are not returnable. PHONE ORDERS, ED, FAXED OR MAILED-IN ORDERS: You will need a Return Authorization Number to return something. Please or call (610) for a RT #. Feel free to check on the status of your return, credit or refund. ONLINE ORDERS: Please visit our website and click the Return Policy link. Fill out the printable form and mail it back with your package. Feel free to our e-comm department at to check on the status of your return or call (610) and ask to be transferred to the e-commerce Department. We do not refund any shipping cost unless the error/problem causing the return is our fault. Returns may be subject to a 10% restocking charge. To our Alaskan friends Please note we can now ship to you via UPS Ground Service THOMPSON SMG JUST IN! U.S. THOMPSON 5-CELL POUCH FOR 30RD. MAGAZINES Designed to hold 5-30rd. Thompson magazines. Belt loop on back with USMC markings. Out of stock for a long time. Just in again!...$24.00 TMP185 THOMPSON PRODUCTION 3 POCKET 30RD MAGAZINE POUCH...$12.95 TMP184 U.S. 5 CELL THOMOPSON POUCH FOR 20 RD. Magazines Standard WW2 style pouch to hold 5-20 rd. magazines... $14.95 TMP192 THOMPSON 50 RD. DRUM POUCH Heavy khaki canvas pouch with shoulder strap embossed with U.S. marking. Will also carry the Auto Ordnance 40 & 10 rd. 1927A1 drums. $24.95 or 3 for $59.95 TMP093 THE SPECIAL THOMPSON M1 & 1928 RECOIL SPRING BY SARCO Sarco springs have closed ends to keep your spring from unwinding. Original springs don t have this... $6.00 or get a spare too at 2 for... $9.95 TMP032 THOMPSON 1928, M1 & M1A1 SLING Current production identical to original. Can t believe we never produced these before. WWII Khaki sling... $18.95 SLNG THOMPSON BOLTS Original G.I Thompson bolts new in the green wrap. $ elsewhere - Our Special... $49.95, 5 for...$199.95, 20 for...$599.00, 100 for...$ TMP056 UZI SMG UZI SUB COMPONENT PARTS PACK Trunion, rear sight base/stock mount & center grip mounting section of receiver. This is for those of you who got demilled or damaged trunions, these are PERFECT!... $59.95 UZI109 UZI PARTS SETS Our quality Uzi Parts Sets are the best in the country and our prices on them are the cheapest! And unlike some other kits on the market, ours have the barrel trunion, front sights, & receiver parts. Three grades available: A. STANDARD GRADE PARTS SET Kit, wood stock w/barrel... $ UZI106 Kit, wood stock w/o barrel... $ UZI148 Kit, folding stock w/barrel... $ UZI151 Kit, folding stock w/o barrel... $ UZI141 B. SELECT GRADE PARTS SET Kit, wood stock w/barrel... $ UZI107 Kit, wood stock w/o barrel... $ UZI149 Kit, folding stock w/barrel... $ UZI152 Kit, folding stock w/o barrel... $ UZI139 PARTS FOR THOMPSON SMG Please Note: Parts are listed for the 1928 & M1/ M1A1 separate. Parts w/o prefix are common to both guns TMP /1928 Plunger rear sight...$9.95 TMP /1928 Screw rear sight adjusting... $29.95 TMP actuator orig.... $ few only TMP Bolt (stripped)... $49.95 TMP Bronze lock... $40.00 TMP Buffer Disc (original)... $12.00 TMP Buffer Pilot (original)... $35.00 TMP Buttplate trap spring...$5.00 TMP Buttstock (stripped) new... $15.00 TMP Compensator Pin, Original new... $14.95 TMP Ejector...$8.50 TMP Felt oiler, current production... $20.00 TMP Felt oiler, original... $40.00 TMP Firing pin... $20.00 TMP Firing pin spring...$4.00 TMP Frame latch...$3.75 TMP Frame latch spring...$2.00 TMP Hammer... $12.00 TMP Hammer pin...$2.00 TMP Horizontal foregrip 28 or M1 new walnut... $17.95 OIL Oiler... $14.95 GRP Rear grip... $25.00 TMP Rear sight L type w/o ears, will also fit M1 & M1A1. New production...$9.95 TMP Sear trip... $15.00 TMP Screw buttplate, small...$2.00 TMP019 M1 Actuator... $14.95 TMP024 M1 Hammer... $12.00 OIL029 M1 Oiler new G.I. orig... $10.00 TMP037 M1 Safety G.I... $20.00 TMP035 M1 Selector (rocker pivot)... $20.00 TMP080 M1/M1A1 Bolt (stripped)... $95.00 TMP097 M1/M1A1 Buffer... $13.50 THOMPSON GUN COVER Used extensively in WW2 & Korea for holding a ready Thompson while travelling in vehicles. A Thompson could quickly be pulled out and fired since the stick magazine was already installed... $34.95 TMP188 SPECIAL 1928 THOMPSON COMPLETE STOCK SETS Stock & forends are new PG s are new but show signs of 50 years storage. Buttstock, horiz forend, and pistol girp. Model $39.95 TMP133 THOMPSON WALNUT STOCKS SETS For M1 & M1A1 Thompson available again. Stock, forend & pistol grip...$69.95 TMP155 C. SUPER SELECT GRADE PARTS SET In excellent condition. Grip panels and forend are excellent to like new. Best Kit, wood stock w/barrel...$ UZI108 Best Kit, wood stock w/o barrel...$ UZI150 Best Kit, folding stock w/barrel...$ UZI153 Best Kit, folding stock w/o barrel...$ UZI140 See our website for complete list of Uzi parts!! UZI SEARCH LIGHTS COMING NEXT MONTH!! UZI PARTS AND ACCESSORIES You better grab a few of these when you are ordering your parts set! The prices listed here are especially reduced for buyers of our UZI parts sets only! 1. Original Israeli 6 magazine pouch,vg... $8.95ea, 4 for... $29.95 UZI Sight adjusting tool, Type A...$9.95 UZI Original sling w/leather loops...$9.95 SLNG Cleaning rod...$8.00 UZI Original UZI muzzle cover...$2.95 UZI138 PACKAGE DEAL One of each of #1 to 5 above items. Value $39.80 Special..... $21.50 UZI Bolt, complete brand new orig... $80.00 UZI Bolt, stripped brand new orig...$65.00 ea. UZI Trigger housing assembly complete... $64.95 UZI129 TMP098 M1/M1A1 Buffer pilot...$8.00 TMP009 M1/M1A1 Ejector...$9.50 TMP171 M1/M1A1 Front Sight... $19.95 TMP053 M1/M1A1 Sear trip... $15.00 TMP001 M1/M1A1 Small buttplate screw...$2.00 TMP095 Bore brush.45 caliber...$2.00 TMP072 Cleaning rod brass, original...$20.00 TMP167 Cleaning rod brass 1928 original, exc-new... $24.95 TMP070 Cleaning rod steel, original...$6.00 TMP068 Buttstock screw long... $4.50 TMP069 Buttstock screw short... $4.50 TMP006 Disconnector... $12.00 TMP007 Disconnector spring...$2.00 TMP010 Extractor... $19.95 TMP059 Large buttplate screw...$3.50 TMP028 Mag catch spring...$4.00 TMP087 Rear sight rivet...$1.50 TMP033 Rocker... $14.95 TMP038 Sear... $20.00 TMP040 Sear lever... $22.40 TMP041 Sear lever spring...$2.50 TMP039 Sear spring...$2.00 TMP088 Spare parts pouch...$4.50 TMP005 Spring Kit, Complete... $14.95 TMP077 Stock reinforcing nut...$3.00 TMP048 Swivel forend/butt...$4.50 TMP049 Swivel screw forend/butt...$1.50 TMP051 Trigger spring...$2.00 TMP015 Vertical foregrip... $19.95 TMP016 Vertical grip screw, front... $12.50 TMP004 Vertical grip screw, rear... $12.50 TMP rd drum key... $24.95 THOMPSON SURVIVAL KITS Get all of the vulnerable Tommy Gun parts in one package. Two different models available: A. M1928 Support Set B. M1 Support Kit Ejector Ejector Hammer Pin Buffer Bolt Trigger spring Trigger spring Sear spring Sear spring Frame latch Frame latch Frame latch spring Hammer Selector Disconnector Disconnector Rocker Hammer Stock Sear lever Retail value $ Retail value $80.00 TMP109 TMP105 Special kit price Special kit price $64.50 $ for $ for $99.95 THOMPSON ACCESSORY KIT 1928 Gun cover (for the horizontal foregrip & stick mag), Drum pouch, Sling, Mag pouch, Cleaning rod, Bore brush, Spare parts pouch. Value $ Sarco Special $59.50 TMP189 M-1 & M1A1 Gun cover, Mag pouch, Sling, Orig cleaning rod, Bore bursh, Spare parts pouch\ Value $82.50 Sarco Special $29.95 TMP190 See our website for complete list of Uzi parts!! UZI SMG DUAL MAGAZINE CLIP Metal clip used for holding two Uzi 25 or 32 rd. magazines together so they are at the ready for those unpleasant situations. Been sold out of these for a long time. Just In!... $7.95 UZI089 BACK IN STOCK! UZI BARREL New In The White Current Production...$84.95 UZI142 BARRELS - JUST IN AGAIN! UZI FOLDING STOCKS AVAILABLE AGAIN! $29.95 UZI016 UZI BUTTSTOCK ASSORTMENT (all original) 1. Used wood butt stripped good cond...$10.00 UZI New stripped (wood only)...$19.95 UZI083 3 Wood stock complete excellent w/ metal...$29.95 UZI131 4 New wood stock w/excellent metal...$39.95 UZI084 UZI HANDGUARD SET w/screws Excellent condition...$19.95 UZI031 Good condition...$12.00 UZI029 UZI PISTOL GRIP SET W/SCREWS Good condition...$12.00 GRP149

3 WINCHESTER '97 TRENCH GUN BAYONET LUG & HEAT SHIELD & FRONT SLING SWIVEL Accurate reproduction of this rare accoutrement - takes 1917 Enfield bayonet. Has brass front sight & attaching screws... $ W97058 LJUNGMAN AG-42 RIFLE OILER $14.95 OIL038 SWEDISH LJUNGMAN RIFLE BARREL Original, New $ AG42010 HARLEY WLA 45 SADDLE BAGS Beautiful and capacious heavy brown or black leather saddle bags for your wartime or postwar Harley Davidson motorcycle. Faithful reproduction of the rear WW2 era saddle bags prepared by a skilled saddlery and at a fraction of the price you ll find elsewhere! Metal connecting brackets are installed. Pair of saddlebags...$ Black-MISC335-BLK, Brown-MISC335-BRN TOKAREV RIFLE & PISTOL PARTS SVT-40 TOKAREV RIFLE SPARES PACK Sarco has a new spares pack for the venerable SVT-40 Tokarev Rifle. These parts just came in and we can offer you an unbeatable deal on this parts package. Pack consists of Bolt with Extractor, Front End-gas housing & flash hider, Rear Sight-complete, Trigger Housing complete, and Piston Rod. Normally these parts would fetch $350.00, but Sarco s special price is... $64.95, 3 for... $ TOK089 TOKAREV TU-90 GRIPS Like new...$14.95, 3/ $29.95 GRP194 See our website for more Tokarev parts! TOKAREV BARRELS IN 9MM Perfect replacement barrel for the 9mm Tokarev Pistol. Barrel is used, but in very good shape with clean lands & grooves. Comes with the barrel link pinned in place... $75.00 TOKP034 FN-49 RIFLE CLEANING KIT Original FN49 Rifle cleaning kits in the aluminum tube. Caps on both ends and brush combo pull thru inserts easily. Difficult accessory to find these days. Can be stowed inside the buttstock...$12.95 CLN165 EXCELLENT REPRODUCTION OF WWII WALTHER P38 PLASTIC GRIPS Complete with inside markings.$24.95 GRP202 WANTED TO BUY!!!! STRIPPERS! Do you have a bunch of old strippers just hanging around? Well if so, sell them to us and we will put them to good use. We will make a cash or trade offer for stripper clips in good used condition. Offers only made on quantities of 100pcs and above. Contact Dave at Ext.130 or - FN49 SAFN RIFLE BLANK FIRING ADAPTER Overall length 1-1/2" long. Original screw on type BFA For FN49 Rifles. MAUSER C96 BROOMHANDLE CLEANING ROD Hardwood handle with shaft of 6.5" and overall... $9.00 FN49091 length This is the correct rod to use with the C96 pistol.... $7.95 CLN164 BROOMHANDLE C-96 MAUSER PISTOL PARTS & ACCESSORIES Bolt stripped GDII w/chips or oversized firing pin hole... $75.00 MSR round detachable mag for Schnellfeuer & Broomhandle detachable magazine handgun...$65.00 RPM270 C96 Mauser Pistol Cleaning Rods...$7.95, 3 for...$19.95 MSR429 Early model C96 (model 1896) long extractor (perfect current production).$65.00 MSR578 Floorplate... $60.00 MSR396 Trigger spring...$14.95 MSR546 Follower spring, repro... $18.50 MSR388 Hammer... $45.00 MSR334 Safety, early model Prewar 1912 (for guns w/22 line grips)... $35.00 MSR406 Saftey, Universal 1930 model (for guns w/9 line grips)... $34.50 MSR407 Firing pin & spring... $35.00 MSR331 Firing pin spring...$8.00 MSR332 Recoil spring...$6.00 MSR341 Locking block, Original... $65.00 MSR345 Locking block repro... $25.00 MSR515 Sear bar original... $50.00 MSR470 Extractor, late model current production... $29.95 MSR329 Original mag follower...$65.00 MSR567 Proper C-96 Mauser Pistol cleaning rod with wood handle... $7.95 MSR429 Bolo Barrel & extension... $85.00 MSR400 Rocker plunger...$ MSR618 Main Spring... $4.50 MSR337 Main spring plunger...$14.00 MSR338 Bolt locking blocks, original... $40.00 MSR345 Sear Spring & Hammer pivot.$45.00 MSR513 Hammer (Schnelfleurer) 1 only... $ MSR619 FRONT SIGHT ADJUSTMENT TOOL FOR ROMANIAN MODEL 1969 Original Romanian.22 rifle front sight adjustment tool for the Model Very Scarce!... $19.95 TOOL054 CZECH VZ-52 WOOD HANDGUARD Original replacement wood handguard for replacing damaged or worn handguards. Good/Very Good condition...$29.95 HNGD47 WALTHER P38.22 CONVERSION UNIT Out of 70 Sets, we only have 4 LEFT!! - SEE OUR WEBSITE - P38076 BRAND SET OF P-38 & P-1 RECOIL SPRINGS Springs loose their power and set in 60 years. So treat your P-38 or P-1 to new life, or put a set away for when it gets ill or both $4.95, 2 sets for $7.95 P38046 Sarco has a full line of FN49 parts in & 8x57mm. Check our website. FN49 SNIPER SCOPE WOOD CASE FN Belgium Original, Good / VG condition $50.00 FN49072 FN49 BARRELS Available for 8x57mm and See our website MAUSER BROOMHANDLE (C96) PISTOL GRIPS MAUSER BROOMHANDLE (C96) PISTOL GRIPS Available Again! Just got in 600 pair. Custom made WOOD grips to match the originals. Complete with escutcheons & grip screws. Immaculate copies in the many variations. GRP125 C96 Mauser standard fine line early grips - 20 lines GRP126 C96 Mauser standard fine line early grips with Red 9-20 lines GRP121 C96 Mauser model 1930 grips - 11 lines GRP122 C96 Mauser model 1930 grips with Red 9-11 lines GRP123 Bolo (small grips) Mauser pistol with standard lines - 20 lines GRP124 Bolo (small grips) Mauser pistol with standard lines and Red 9-20 lines... $29.95 a pair, 3 for... $83.95 These grips are superb reproductions. Others may sell cheaper but I guess they know what their stuff is worth. SWEDISH MAUSER BOLTS M1896, M38, CG63-LEFT HAND &.22 LR. MODEL 1896 New, original Swedish military production bolts. Just removed from the arsenal wrapper, beautiful bright polished steel. Stripped bolt body only. Unnumbered, perfect for fixing your mismatched gun. Straight Handle (M1896) SALE!... $29.95, 3/$59.95 MSR260 COMPLETE SWEDE BOLTS The stripped bolts & bolt sleeves & extractors & firing pins are new unnumbered. Rest of parts are exc Complete straight bolt $ SALE $89.95, 3/$ MSR493 See our website for Collector Grade M96, CG63 & CG80 Mauser Bolts SWEDISH M96 AMMUNITION BANDOLIER,!!! One of the nicest and best quality bandoliers on the market with pockets that are expanding and capacious! Heavy duty with brass hardware and can be used on the waist as well as across the chest with a working fastened length 62 inches and adjustable downward... $49.95 MSR632 SWEDISH MAUSER BRASS STOCK DISC & SCREW Original stock disc used on the right side of the buttstock on M38 & M96 Swedish Mauser Rifles...$14.95 MSR486 WALTHER P-38 & P-1 PARTS Ejector...$5.00 P38018 Firing pin post war...$9.95 P38012 Firing pin spring...$5.00 P38002 Locking block... $28.00 P38049 Locking block operating pin...$4.95 P38048 Sear... $25.00 P38023 Slide stop... $12.00 P38040 Slide stop return spring...$4.00 P38037 Extractor... $20.00 P38013 Extractor plunger & spring...$4.95 P38063 WWII style flat firing pin... $29.95 P38011 See our website for complete listing of P38 parts MAUSER BROOMHANDLE PARTS SEE OUR BROOMHANDLE S ON PAGE Y1 Go to our website for a complete list of Swedish Mauser rifle parts SWEDISH M96 & M38 & M42B BAYO w/o SCABBARD VG Condition. $29.95 BAY013 SWEDISH MAUSER FIRING PINS MSR494 $27.50 SWEDISH MAUSER RIFLE PARTS 1. Original BLANK ADAPTERS for shooting wood tip blanks. These units break up the wood...$9.95 MSR MILITARY RIFLE OILER Swedish design double oilers, issued with all variants of Swedish Mauser rifles. MSR $1.95 each 3. CLEANING ROD EXTENSION MSR269...$2.95 ea., 3 for $ CLEANING ROD GUIDE new original MSR $4.95 ea., 3 for... $ M1896 CLEANING ROD CLN $ M1938 CLEANING ROD CLN021...$ M1896 REAR SIGHT ASSY w/sleeve MSR291...$ M1896 REAR SIGHT ASSY. MSR290...$ SWEDE MODEL CG63 MATCH RIFLE, new original buttplate with crown over C crest x 1¾"...$ for... $34.95 MSR Brand new Swede Mauser BOLT STOPS...$9.95 MSR Swede Mauser FIRING PIN... $27.50 MSR494 C1 C-96 BROOMHANDLE STRIPPER CLIPS Works with both.30 Mauser and 9mm Luger ammunition. The 8 round is an original military stripper clip. 8rd. C96 Clip 10 for...$ for...$ for...$ for... $50.00 STC033 SWEDISH MAUSER PARTS BRITISH 9 POCKET CAVALRY BANDOLIER 1903 era British/Australian Cavalry bandolier held 90 rds. of Enfield ammunition. 40 more rounds of ammunition than the standard infantry bandolier and frequently was also worn around the neck of the trooper s horse. Our new made version is faithfully reproduced in heavy duty leather w/ copper riveting and brass hardware. Great for taking to the range or overland on an expedition!... $59.95 MISC634 Also available Standard British 5 POCKET 1903 BANDOLIER in the same construction... $38.00 MISC501 C96 BROOMHANDLE STOCK & HARNESS SET Sarco has been selling this set for over 2 years and the quality was excellent! New Upgrade! - We now have actually increased the quality further with a finer grade Walnut for the stock and improved the harness with supple saddle stitched leather. It is the best C96 stock on the market and amazingly we have been able to save costs which we are Now comes with Two 8rd Stripper Clips! (.30 Mauser) Best Deal Ever on these Rare Stocks! passing along to you! Now... $ ea. Savings!!!!) or buy 2 pcs for...$ MSR340 SWEDISH MAUSER ACCESSORY KIT For the Swedish Mauser M1896 and M38 Rifles. Kit includes one each of the following items: Cleaning Rod (M96 only) Leather Sling Cleaning Brush 5 Stripper Clips & Guide PPK MAGAZINE FINGER REST Synthetic curved finger rest provides the extension to your handgrip that you want when handling the PPK pistol. Allows your pinky to settle on a firm position for comfort & control. Simply slides onto the base of the magazine...$5.95 MISC620 Double Metal Oiler Cleaning Rod Guide Reg. $73.00 SARCO PRICE...$26.95 MSR253 SWEDISH MAUSER RIFLE SLINGS Leather sling for Swede Mausers Model 1896 and M38, and the Ag-42 Ljungman rifle. Original Swedish military issue... $11.95 SLNG034 AVAILABLE AGAIN! SWEDISH MAUSER HIGH FRONT SIGHTS Specially made tall front sights so you can zero your rifle at 100 yards. Most of these rifles shoot very high at short range as their minimum sight setting is 300 meters. Use of our high sight blade will allow you to get accurate sightings at 100 yards. Made to look like the original sights. These sights install in the existing dovetail. Made in U.S.A., Blued steel, Milspec quality, Swedish M96 and M38 Tall Front Sight. Now back in stock... $13.95 MSR283 M1896 SWEDISH MAUSER STOCK SET - REAL NICE CONDITION REAL NICE condition M1896 Swede Mauser Stock Sets Found a lost pallet These are the nicest stock sets like we used to have complete stock set with handguard, front band & handguard ring... $59.95 MSR572 ALSO AVAILABLE SPECIAL SELECT condition M1896 Swede Mauser Stock Sets Found a lost pallet These are the nicest stock sets like we used to have complete stock set with handguard, front band & handguard ring... $79.95 MSR612 Also have a few stock sets left with minor defects - good condition... $39.95 MSR295

4 SARCO, INC. JAPANESE SLINGS A. TYPE 38 Leather Sling - brass hardware, brown. 1-1/8" wide... $17.50 SLNG027 B. TYPE 99 Leather Sling - w/steel hardware, brown, 1.5" wide... $17.50 SLNG008 C. WWII JAPANESE NAVAL SLING FOR ARISAKA & VZ-24 RIFLES... $14.95 SLNG098 BACK IN!! D. JUST IN! Type 38 & Type 99 Bayonet w/scabbard. Faithful reproduction...$49.95 JAP178 E. TYPE 99 PACIFIC RUBBERIZED CANVAS SLING - Developed to resist mildew and create a lighter sling. Laminated just like the original w/ brass hardware and markings. Wartime use of Unlike our competitors, we have included the leather sling keeper which the others omit!....$19.00 SLNG093 E. TYPE 99 MONOPOD - Nice reproduction of the rifle monopod made in steel just like the original. Great way to complete your rifle since most monopods are missing from guns on the market...$29.95 JAP9902 F. KOKURA ARSENAL METAL HAND STAMP - Metal hand stamp for marking wood. Leather items and soft metal, to renew or enhance material in your collection...$45.00 STAMP02 JAPANESE ARISAKA PARTS & ACCESSORIES G. BACK IN!! JAPANESE TYPE 99 DUST COVER... $19.95 JAP9903 H. JAPANESE TYPE 38 DUST COVER - We ve got these too! Steel... $19.95 JAP3811 I. BAKELITE MUZZLE COVER... $11.00 JAP9915 JAPANESE ARISAKA CLEANING RODS TYPE 99 LONG $17.95 CLN044 LAST DITCH TRANSITIONAL $12.00 CLN147 ARISAKA TYPE 1 & 2 PARATROOPER ROD 21-1/2"... $17.50 CLN046 SHORT ROD 23-3/4"... $14.95 CLN126 TYPE 38 LONG $17.95 JAP3803 SHORT $17.50 CLN148 $19.95 CLN008 JAPANESE ARISAKA RIFLE PARTS FOR TYPE 38 & 99. SPECIFY WHEN ORDERING 1. FIRING PIN SPRING... $5.00 JAP EXTRACTOR...$25.00 JAP3801 JAPANESE BAYONET FROG Well lmade & marked. Good for Type 99 & 38 bayonets... $9.95 BAY115 WW2 JAPANESE SOLDIER CASUALTY TAG BOOKLET Reprint of the Japanese WW2 soldier casualty tag booklet issued to Imperial soldiers. Used when processing the wounded soldier for evacuation and medical help. 8 pages of Kanji text and some illustrations.... $6.95 SB189 JAPANESE INFANTRYMAN S OIL BOTTLE Steel oil bottle with brass top as issued to infantry in order to keep their rifle operational. New.... $16.95 JAP9916 WW2 JAPANESE ARMY CARTRIDGE BELT SET Excellent quality leather belt and pouch set with bayonet frog as issued to Imperial Japanese Infantry. Very rugged, sturdy, high grade belt set with brass buckle. Consists of belt, 3 pouches and frog. Adjusts out to 46 inches SALE!...$39.95 MISC489 STEEL TYPE 99 PROTECTIVE SHIELD As used by Japanese forces during WW2. Complete with handle and monopod. New $99.95 MISC443 CLAYMORE MINE AND CARRY BAG w/ INSTRUCTIONS Inert reproduction Claymore Mine with carrying bag with water proof instructions makes a great display or reenactor item! Comes with folding legs and screw on fuze holders. In JAPANESE TYPE 26 REVOLVER Extremely well made leather clamshell type holster as the Japanese used in WW2... $45.00 HOL062 WW2 JAPANESE ARMY HELMET W/ NET Steel helmet complete with suspension, chin strap, and helmet net as used by Japanese forces during WW2. Excellent quality and perhaps even better than the original. New made...$54.95 HLM038 JAPANESE WW2 ARISAKA RIFLE PAPERWEIGHTS We located some mixed WW2 Japanese Arisaka Rifles in South East Asia, but were required to cut the receivers and barrels by the host country. We have brought in some of the cut receivers and can offer a front & back portion with many of the original markings 1 set of Cut Arisaka Receivers Without Chrysanthemum Markings...$9.95 each or 5 sets for...$38.95 JAP9918 use since Vietnam & still a favorite defensive measure! Limited availability... $65.00 MISC589 ORIGINAL G-43 EAST GERMAN POLICE SLINGS From late 40 s/early 50 s, VG condition..... $24.95 SLNG110 ZF-4 SCOPES FOR THE G-43/K43 & 98 MAUSER SNIPER RIFLES Top quality repro of the rare ZF4 series WWII sniper scope. The quality is incredible and original type markings are on the scope. (ZF K43 dow ) original post cross hair configuration. Elevation from 100 to 800 meters. Windage has 8 gradients. Manufactured from the original drawings. Special Price...$ G43065 MILITARY RIFLE SLINGS ORIGINAL & REPRO SLNG WW I Sling (Brass Hardware) Repro... $16.95 SLNG WW II Sling (Steel Hardware) Repro... $16.95 SLNG001 AR15/M16 Black Silent Sling...$3.95 SLNG002 AR15/M16 Padded Assault Sling... $19.95 SLNG075 Chilean Mauser M1895 Carbine, fair, few only... $14.95 BAR008 BAR Sling Repro... $25.00 SLNG023 Egyptian Maadi AK sling...$9.95 SLNG023 Egyptian Rashid Sling,Carbine.. $9.95 SLNG094 Enfield canvas, Olive Drab canvas...$6.95 SLNG095 Enfield canvas, RAF Blue canvas...$6.95 SLNG096 Enfield canvas, Black canvas...$6.95 SLNG027 Jap Arisaka Sling Type 38 Repro... $17.50 SLNG008 Jap Arisaka Sling Type 99, Leather w/steel hardware, brown, 1.5" wide... $14.50 SLNG098 Japanese Naval, leather... $13.00 SLNG093 Japanese Pacific WW2 Rubberized Canvas... $19.00 SLNG012 La Coruna 98/43 Sling (Spanish style) La Corona (Fair-Good)... $14.95 SLNG042 Lee Enfield #3 or #4 Sling WWI w/ Brass Stamp late production...$7.95 SLNG006 M1/M2 Carbine Sling Khaki (New Reproduction)...$8.50 SLNG005 M1/M2 Carbine Sling O.D. (New Reproduction)...$4.50 SLNG051 M16/m14 early sling, new orig. Colt, black canvas... $14.95 M36032 MAS36 & 36/51 Rifle Sling Back in stock!... $15.95 SLNG011 Mauser 98K Sling (WW II style) Repro...$12.50 SLNG010 Mauser GEW 98 Sling (WW I style) Repro...$16.95 SLNG007 Russian SMG Sling PPSH41...$9.95 SLNG017 SKS Sling Tab, new leather... $2.00 SLNG041 SKS Sling w/leather Tabs New Orig...$6.95 STN021 Sten Web Sling. Good cond. Needs cleaning. Few Only...$9.95 SLNG034 Swedish Mauser Sling... $11.95 SLNG061 Tokarev rifle, original - Super Rare!... $14.95, 3 for... $34.95 SLNG030 Trapdoor / Krag Sling... $24.50 SLNG020 UZI original sling w/leather loops...$9.95 SLNG013 Verguiero 1904 Sling (Portugese style)... $14.95 M36032 Original Mas 36 & 36/51 Sling VG cond. few only... $14.95 SLNG077 Rare original PAM SMG Sling New, few only... $17.50 SLNG079 Enfield Pattern 14 leather sling... $12.95 SLNG038 WWII Khaki Thompson Sling... $18.95 SKS/AK C TYPE SIGHT TOOL The original unbreakable carbon steel C tool. The C tool enables elevation and windage adjustments to the front sights of AKM, SKS, Galil, and similar semi-automatic rifles....$9.95, 3 for $24.95 SKS041 JAPANESE TYPE 38 CARBINE BARREL IN 6.5MM A real challenge to find these now a days! We came across a half dozen which have bores with rifling, but dark grooves. These barrels have the rear sight collar. They all have some remnant of the front sight, but there may be damage to one or both of the protective sides. Still, if you need a barrel, this is the only game in town on these. While they last!...$50.00 JAP3817 JAPANESE TYPE 38 CARBINE BARREL IN 7.62 X 39MM Only have a few of these barrels as modified by the communist Chinese in an effort to utilize WW2 Japanese rifles for the Peoples Army. The bores look very good. Truly a rare bird!....$ JAP3818 K98 MAUSER STOCKS SETS Reworked for K98/48 Rifles by Tito s Military machine Original K98 wood stocks with handguard and metal. From original WW2 German rifles, these were retrofitted for Yugoslavia s immediate post World War 2 struggles before they went to the M48 Mauser. In very good or better condition, these stocks were modified to be ½" shorter than the standard K98 rifle. Why?... we are not sure, but it was a factory conversion. It fits the K98 barreled action perfectly! This is an economical answer for installing / replacing, an original German stock onto your K98 barreled action. Super price while they last!...$99.50, or 3 pieces for $ MSR636 G43 RIFLE AMMUNITION POUCH Leather double magazine pouch replicated from an original WW2 German Army pouch. Very well made with D ring and belt loops on back... $16.50 G front recoil spring 1 hammer torsion spring 1 rear recoil spring 1 trigger torsion spring 1 gas piston spring 1 safety plunger spring 1 mag catch Torsion spring Sold elsewhere for $80.00 $14.95, 2 for $28.95 G43067 WW2 GERMAN G43 MAGAZINE POUCH Great for holding Enfield, MAS 49, and similar sized magazines too! Well-made canvas double magazine pouch for the G43 rifle. Been out of stock for a long time. WW2 marked. Just back in!... $12.95 G43002 AK63 / AMD-65 COMPENSATOR Steel flash hider/compensator for AK47 Rifles such as the AK-63, AMD-65, and similar AK47 variants with the same threaded muzzles. 2-7/8" long, 3.95 oz. weight, 14 x 1 left hand thread. Helps make the AK more controllable in automatic or fast semi firing... $19.95 MISC562 ROMANIAN AK47 BAYONET FROG Original leather military frog in used/very good Refresh your AK 47 with one of our new SPRING KITS containing 8 springs designed to handle the punishment of the internal action mechanisms $25.00 AK058 D1 G-43 SPRING SET We finally completed this project all brand new live springs. Tune up your G-43 or keep a set as a put away. These kits will run out. Rare G-41 hammer spring few only these break... $9.95, 3 for $17.95 G43069 Buy one for your gun & one to put away for when they re gone or go in business at 10 for... $ Old weak springs not only affect function but also take a toll on the hard parts in your gun. Springs are copied exactly from the originals. This kit is sold elsewhere for $80.00 and are sold out there! 5 & 10rd WASR Magazines in 5.45 x 39 cal. AVAILABLE NOW! See Our Website! condition... $7.95 AK060 SKS T TYPE SIGHT TOOL Tool for adjusting elevation of the front sight post on the SKS rifle. Will also work on AK47-types and Tokarev rifle front sights. All steel, made in USA... $3.95 ea. SKS042, 3 for... $9.95 ORIGINAL SKS STRIPPER CLIPS 3 for...$ for... $7.95 STC024 G-43 RIFLE PARTS 1. Extractor... $24.95 ea. G Cleaning rod...$14.95 ea. CLN Recoil Spring, front...$5.95 ea. G Recoil Spring, rear...$5.95 ea. G G43 frontsight hoods new...$9.95 ea. G Barrel band (nose cap) perfect repro... $29.95 G New G43 exact repro hammer torsion spring...$9.95 G New G43 exact repro trigger torsion spring.$9.95 G Rare G-41 hammer spring few only these break... $9.95 G G43 Rifle Sling...$24.95 SLNG010 (See our website for other G-43 parts) AK RIFLE PARTS & ACCESSORIES SEE PAGE D3 FOR AK RIFLE MAGS AND DRUMS! SKS GAS TUBE & HANDGUARD Original gas tube in excellent condition coupled with a new condition / original wood handguard $49.95 SKS098 (Light sanding may be required for the perfect fit ) SKS043 Accessory kit... $9.95 SKS039 SKS Spike Bayonet complete (bayo only)...$10.00 BAY031 SKS Spike Bayonet stripped (bayo only)... $3.95 SKS052 Bolt complete...$75.00 SKS011 Bolt new...$35.00 SKS093 Buttplate...$10.00 SKS072 Buttplate/rear swivel screw... $2.00 SKS038 Buttplate trapdoor assembly, new... $5.00 SKS056 Buttstock anti rattle spring... $3.00 CLN095 Cleaning jag... $2.50 CLN092 Cleaning rod...$12.00 SKS013 Firing pin, new...$15.00 SKS042 Front sight tool, T type... $3.95 SKS048 Gas port cleaning tool...$14.00 SKS007 Hold open latch... $8.00 SKS083 Magazine, 20rd olive drab & dark Earth (please specify when ordering)...$14.95 SKS RIFLE PARTS Dust Cover...$10.00 AK042 Extractor gage (orig.)...$19.95 AK036 Blank Adapter... $3.95 AK013 AK47/MAK Speed Loader for AK or MAK90...$4.00 ea, 2/... $6.95, 10/...$29.95 AK004 Broken Shell Extractor for 7.62 x 39 Good for SKS & AK...$2.99 ea, 4 for... $10.00 BSE020 AK 3 PRONG FLASH HIDER - M16 pattern. Looks neat on gun$9.95, 3 for...$27.50 AK033 Not for sale in NJ AK47 MAGAZINE LOADER FOR LOADING & UNLOADING - Double thumb depressing levers. Makes the process easier $17.99 AK048 JUST IN! AK RIVET SETS Complete set of the PROPER rivets needed to build an AK... $9.95 AK051 MILITARY AK47 CLEANING KITS 9 pc 'Combloc' kit...$4.95 CLN053 RHODESIAN MAGAZINE CHEST VEST Vest with shoulder and waist strap holds 4 30 rd. AK47 or 30 rd. FAL magazines. Good with many other magazines too! Best of all the fabric has the Rhodesian grass pattern camouflage which is almost impossible to find. Rhodesian Chest Vest...$36.00 BREN129 Also have these chest vests in the South African khaki color. Khaki South African Mag Vest... $34.00 BREN130 ORIGINAL SKS SPIKE BAYONET Brand New Bayonets Stripped... $3.95, 3 for...$10.00 BAY031 Complete as shown... $9.95, 3 for...$27.95 SKS039 SKS Original bayo attaching screw for SKS spike bayonet... $4.95 SKS096 OIL032 Oil bottle... $3.00 SKS091 Original wood stock used for spike bayonet...$59.95 SKS002 Piston extension...$20.00 SKS003 Piston return spring, new... $5.00 SKS035 Rear sight button, new... $4.00 SKS036 Rear sight leaf spring, new... $4.00 SKS055 Rear sight leaf w/slide...$25.00 SKS033 Rear sight leaf, new...$15.00 SKS034 Rear sight slide, new... $6.00 SKS016 Recoil spring, new... $8.00 SKS071 Rear swivel... $8.00 SKS041 Sight tool, C type...$12.95 SKS061 SKS magazine, 10 rnd, orig....$39.95 SLNG041 Sling, Orig, exc... $6.95 SKS046 Sling tab, new leather... $2.00 SKS017 Spring retainer... $4.50 STC024 Stripper clips... $1.00

5 LUGER GRIPS SPECIAL!! Just made a large purchase of beautiful checkered wood grips for the ever-popular Luger pistol. These are the nicest looking reproduction grips we ve seen. Sharp checkering, nice color, and properly finished edges make this a sure-fire winner. Due to variations in frames some minor fitting may be necessary. Dress up that old import Luger today GRP118 Special of the month $19.95, 3 for $49.95 LUGER ARTILLERY STOCK RIG Exact reproduction of the Luger Artillery model leather holster rig used by German troops. Our Artillery holster rig includes the holster itself, cleaning rod, carrying strap, leather pieces to connect to a stock board, and 2 pocket magazine pouch which goes on the carry strap. We offer this set with a wood stock and without a wood stock: 1. Wood Stock with Leather Arty. Holster Rig...$ LGR Brown Leather Artillery Holster Rig without stock... $34.95 LGR Black Leather Artillery Holster Rig without stock...$34.95 LGR086B LUGER BOARD STOCK ASSEMBLIES Available again after 10 years! A delightful reproduction. Got a few only Artillery model stock... $74.95 LGR157 3/...$ We also have a small quantity of nicely reproduced stock attaching irons (Stock iron could require minor fitting due to variations in Luger frames)...$49.95 LGR148 LGR Trigger bar... $45.00 LGR153 Breech bolt new, perfect current production... $99.50 May require minor fitting of rails due to variation in receivers LGR048 Double mag pouch, Leather...$9.95 LGR087 Double mag pouch w/2 wood base mags (current production)... $56.50 LGR146 Ejector, M1900 beautiful new production... $67.50 LGR016 Ejector, late model, new production..$29.95 LGR145 Extractor, M1900 beautiful new production... $67.50 LGR084 Extractor, new production... $26.95 LGR142 Extractor, new production a wee bit narrow but works fine. Need cleanup of the casting dirt cheap... $10.00 LGR019 Extractor spring...$2.00 LGR160 Extractor & Firing pin combo... $44.50 LGR020 Firing Pin, beautiful & new... $19.95 ea, 3 for... $49.95 LGR022 Firing pin spring...$3.00 LUGER PUT AWAY OR SHOP KIT Extractor, Ejector, Firing pin, Mainspring, Extractor spring, Firing pin spring, Locking bolt spring $ value Sarco s Price...$69.95 LGR161 Stash It Now! LUGER SPRING KIT All the coil springs in a Luger - mainspring, trigger spring, firing pin spring & extractor spring. $9.95, 3 for $26.75 LGR138 LUGER DRESS-UP SET Get one of our Luger holsters, a pair of new checkered wood grips, and a new magazine loading tool. All 3 pieces, a $58.00 value. Only...$49.95/set LGR082 LUGER ARTILLERY SIGHT Finally back in stock, but only a handful! Graduated leaf assy out to 800 yards. New mnfr....$ LGR077 LUGER ARMY & NAVY WOOD MAGAZINE BOTTOMS New wood bottoms for Luger pistol magazines. Easy to install wood pieces are nice copies of the original WW1 style bases used on all early Luger pistols. Increase the value of the magazine and provide the correct appearance. These are unnumbered and unmarked. ARMY LUGER WOOD BOTTOM...$9.95 ea, or 5 for...$45.00 LGR044 NAVY LUGER WOOD BOTTOM...$9.95 ea, or 3 for...$27.95 LGR043 (Navy version has concentric rings in the wood) MORE LUGER PARTS LGR167 Front sight, STEPPED, Early (1900 & 1906)... $19.95 LGR159 Full Spring Kit (new) - springs for: hold open latch, ex tractor, locking bolt recoil, sear bar, trigger mag catch, firing... $44.50 LGR030 Grip screw...$5.00 LGR040 Hold open latch spring, new May require minor fitting due to variations in frame slot length...$8.00 LGR156 Locking bolt spring...$8.00 LGR061 Mag catch spring...$8.00 LGR050 Mainspring (recoil)...$4.50 LGR072 Sear bar (trigger bar) spring, repro...$8.00 LGR149 Side Plate, Original, milled, in the white... $49.00 Check our websites for more Original Luger parts LGR066 Side plate, stripped... $36.50 LGR062 Thumb safety, Late Orig... $40.00 LGR074 Trigger lever... $19.95 LGR073 Trigger lever pin repro...$7.75 HARD TO FIND LUGER PARTS JUST IN!!! All original in good / VG condition and only a few of each available! 1. Breechblock stripped... $ LGR Sideplate assembly.$ LGR Magazine, milled, 1001 code... $ LGR091 LUGER NAVY REAR TOGGLES Complete with rear sight as we had a few years ago. Beautiful new production exact copy these came in 4 months ago but got lost in the sort... $ each. LGR120 Small lot only LUGER SIDE PLATE ASSEM- BLY BACK IN STOCK! Complete side plate with trigger lever and trigger lever pin installed! Minor fitting required... $49.95 LGR067 LUGER DOUBLE MAGAZINE POUCH Repro $9.95 LGR048 LUGER LOADING & DISASSEM- BLY TOOL Original Finnish Luger Tool. SA marked.....$19.95 LGR165 See our website for original Finnish Luger tools! MOSIN NAGANT RIFLE MOSIN DOG COLLAR 91/30 SLINGS Original Russian $19.95 SLNG103 MOSIN DOG COLLAR 91/30 SLINGS We have been out for six months just found a new batch. New mfr.... SLNG018 $12.95 MOSIN NAGANT LEATHER SLING A rarity nowadays, the leather Mosin Nagant sling was used early on in the issuance of the Model 91/30 rifles to the Red Army, police and homeguard units. It is FABULOUS CURRENT PRODUCTION FN pattern wood Hi-power Checkered grips. Just like previous FN production. Need minor fitting inside mag well. $ for $44.50 GRP174 SEE OUR WEB PAGE FOR EXTENSIVE HI POWER PARTS LISTING BROWNING HI-POWER GRIPS Newly manufactured synthetic grips with the look of black wood grips. Panels are knurled like the original grips...$19.95 GRP179 F.N. HIGH POWER 9MM MAGAZINES Brand new magazines. New commercial quality. 13 rd., blue Ea. $17.95, 3 for $49.50, RPM105 Browning HI Power Magazine Loader $4.95 BHP072 WWII BROWNING HI-POWER FROG Original Military issue canvas & metal frog in excellent condition...$24.95 BHP075 MOSIN-NAGANT RIFLE ACCESSORIES 1. RUSSIAN AMMO POUCH 2 pocket synthetic leather, w/belt loops, exc... $6.50 N CLEANING ROD HANDLE Handle for cleaning rod issued on every rifle...$4.95 CLN FINNISH MOSIN MUZZLE COVERS Model 28/30 cover... $9.95 N FINNISH M28/30 new original handguard...$24.95 N Original Finnish Mosin oiler (few only)...$6.95 N Rare Original 91/30 Sniper Scope Lens Cover. Few Only... $35.00 N BOYDS COMPOSITE SPORTER STOCKS for the Mosin 91/30 or M91 or the Carbines (M38 & M44) New cond, commercial ONLY... $44.50 N FIRING PIN PROTRUSION GAGE & Screwdriver Tool...$15.00 TOOL050 JUST IN THE DOOR ORIGINAL SLINGS FOR MOSIN MODEL 38 & MODEL 44 CARBINE We ve been out for a year...$14.95 ea, 3 for... $34.95 SLNG060 MOSIN NAGANT BAYONETS & SCABBARDS ORIGINAL MOSIN M91/30 BAYONET $14.95 BAY019 MOSIN NAGANT M91/30 & EARLY CARBINE BAYONET Mosin short 11.5 inch $44.95 BAY261 ORIGINAL MOSIN RIFLE BOLTS These bolts fit all Mosins including Dragoon, Cossak M1891 Rifle, M1907 Carbine 91/30 Rifle, M1938 & M44 Carbines, & Finnish models. Also fits Sniper but bolt not bent. Complete bolt w/extractor...$89.95 N91084 ALMOST GONE SOVIET MILITARY COLLAR/EPAULETTE METAL INSIGNIA Representing different strategic services See our website!! BROWNING HI POWER LANYARD RING & SCREW & STUD ASSEMBLY New...$19.95 BHP063 U.S. WW2 DOUBLE GRENADE POUCH Khaki canvas grenade pouch with belt hooks the original pattern used before mass production of the canvas sling so often found today. These are new made with the brass square buckle and leather loop ends as replicated from our original sling...$19.95 SLNG119 and markings. Good for traditional frag or contemporary Stun Grenades. New... $12.95 MISC478 SEE OUR WEBSITE FOR A FULL LIST OF ALL MODELS OF MOSIN PARTS & ACCESSORIES MOSIN NAGANT MODEL /44 / CARBINE BAYONET 2 variations available in limited supplies: A. Mosin 44 Bayonet w/single Ear connection & earlier...$28.95 BAY262 B. Mosin 44 Bayonet w/double Ear connection... $26.95 BAY263 C. Reproduction Leather Scabbard...$16.95 N91081 D. Standard Mosin Bayonet & Scabbard... $27.50 BAY084 THESE ARE THE LAST OF OUR MOSIN NAGANT BOLTS!! Would you believe we started with 17,000??!! MOSIN SNIPER BOLT Available again perfect reproduction built on an original Mosin bolt. You can find em cheaper but these are super professional qual ity. Made to the original pattern & costs us a bundle. Un-numbered parts on complete bolts have matching finish Mosin Complete Sniper Bolt w/ extractor... $ N91078 FABULOUS FIND!! Few only! Original FN made new buttstocks for Browning A5 semi auto shotgun 12 gage with buttplate... $99.95 ea. BA03 Also have a few new original A5 16 gage bolts SGA501 $ for... $74.95 BROWNING HI POWER GOODIES Grip screw set (2)...$4.95 BHP062 Lanyard ring only, new...$4.95 BHP064 Ejector... $14.00 BHP013 Firing pin... $10.00 BHP021 Sear... $25.00 BHP020 Sear lever... $15.00 BHP009 Trigger... $20.00 BHP022 Lanyard ring & screw & stud assembly, new...$19.95 BHP063 See our website for other BHP parts BROWNING HI POWER (WARTIME) Well-made copy of the holster as used by German forces after occupation of the Browning factories. Marked with German code and Waffen marks... $24.95 HOL021 ALMOST GONE ORIGINAL CZECH CZ- 52 PISTOL BARRELS (7.62x25 Tokarev ), in excellent condition. Perfect replacement barrel and the price is friendly so you can put one away now for the rainy day when you ll need a replacement barrel! Best price around!...$49.95 CZ5201 MOSIN RIFLE PARTS F1 M91 & M91/30 * PUT AWAY SOME SPARES * E1 N91001 Cocking Piece...$8.00 N91004 Firing pin... $14.95 N91006 Bolt head... $17.50 N91005 Bolt Connector and Guide... $12.50 N91067 Mag Follower Spring...$5.00 MOSIN SUPER KIT All of the goodies in the cleaning kit below plus 2 ammo pouches and 10 stripper clips N $ kits for... $72.50 Mosin rifle stripper clips in stock again - $2.50 ea., 3 for $ for $14.95 STC014 ORIGINAL MOSIN CLEANING KIT Takedown tool Cleaning Jag Cleaning Rod Handle Set Muzzle Cleaning Rod Guide Hold All Pouch Oiler SPECIAL $7.50 N91051 RUSSIAN MOSIN NAGANT 91 &91/30 GUNNER S KIT Spares to carry you through repairs and maintenance issues when you re shooting. Original parts include: firing pin, bolt head, trigger guard housing, lower follower carrier spring, follower arm, buttplate, bolt guide bar, screwdriver combo tool, and canvas pouch. $ Value bargain priced!...$14.95 each or 3 sets for...$41.95 N91061 MOSIN NAGANT EXTRACTORS Mosin extractors are back in stock at a most friendly price. Good for the Model 91/30, 91, Finnish model etc... $17.50 ea, or 3 for...$45.00 N91080 Note: If you bought a bolt w/o an extractor from us in the past year, and need an extractor, please furnish your invoice# or copy of your invoice, and we will deduct $5.00 from your new order for an Extractor. MOSIN NAGANT RIFLES HANDBOOK Identification of parts, operation, and schematics. Essential for those who own the rifles...$6.00 SKNT02 GERMAN G3 G3 PARTS 1. New original handguard... $12.50 G New original pistol grip... $9.95 G Set of handguards & PG...$18.95 G Bolt carrier, stripped... $75.00 G35 5. Triple frames... $12.00 G Paddle mag catch... $15.00 G Firing pin... $15.00 G Orig G-3 scope carrying case for Hensoldt scope... $19.95 G Orig G3 Used HK Gas Tube/Cocking Tube w/hanger, Early style... $19.95 G G3 BARRELS 7.62x51mm, brand new...$ G3108 See our website for full list of G3 Parts G3 BUTTSTOCK, COMPLETE WITH RECOIL SPRING For H&K G3, 91, PTR rifles. Complete with butt cap, drive spring assy/buffer. These are used, but Excellent to like new condition. Ready to install!... $29.95 G3401 See our website for full listing of G3 parts in our inventory. BRAND G3 BARRELS 7.62x51mm $ G3108 VENTILATED RIB FOR SHOTGUN BARRELS Sleek anodized aluminum rib with an overall length of 26.5 and 16 vents. Perfect for replacement of dented or damaged ribs or for your own build... $17.95 SGR013

6 SARCO, PISTOL INC. AND 50 Hilton Street, Easton PA Fax: JUST IN...FOR YOUR MODEL 1911 PISTOL! Model 1911, 8 round.45 ACP stainless steel magazine... $15.95 RPM306 Model 1911, 15 round.45 ACP stainless steel magazine... $17.95 RPM307 Model 1911, 15 round.45 ACP standard blued finish magazine...$17.95 RPM308 MAS 49 & 49/56 MAGAZINE Original 10 rd, 7.5mm French issue magazine. Sold out months ago, but a got a few more back in. Get em while you can!... $49.95 RM018 See for extensive magazine listings LORCIN.380 AUTO Had no stock for years. $17.50, 3 for $44.95, RPM276 TOKAREV 7.62x54 RIFLE MAGAZINES New Condition $79.95 MISC053 STAR 9MM SUPER MAGS ORIGINAL MAGS FOR STAR MODELO SUPER 9MM LARGO. $24.95, RPM132 RIFLE MAGAZINES ITEM NUMBER DESCRIPTION PRICE RM61 #4 MK rd.$29.95, 3/$84.95, 10/...$ RM019 AK 7.62x39, 10 Round...$14.95 RM004 Carbine Destroyer... $6.95 RM64 CZ-452 Rifle 10rd Original, steel. Fits CZ- 452 rifle and holds 10rds of 22LR. Also good for the Norinco JW-15 rifle. Excellent Condition...$70.00 RM46 Egyptian Hakim 8x57mm, 10 rd...$39.95 RM011 Lee Enfield MKIII 10 Round...$39.95 RM012 Lee Enfield MKIII 10 Round, Early version w/follower retainer tab...$42.95 RM Hornet M4 survival rifle magazine, original...$49.95 RM39 Orig. Joloar... $60.00 BRN003 Original BRNO.22 LR bolt action 10 shot mag...$39.95 RM43 Original KKW Mauser & MAS training rifle mag...$24.95 RM68 RM58 RM72 RM69 RM70 RM77 RM002 PAP M85PV 10rd, 5.56mm...$18.95 VZ52 Rifle 7.62x45...$64.95 VZ52 Rifle 7.62x39, 10rd Orig, Exc....$75.00 WASR-3 10rd, 5.56mm Single stack steel, new...$15.00 WASR-3 5rd, 5.56mm Single stack steel, new...$12.95 Winchester 1907 rifle 10rd...$99.95 Winchester M52...$19.95 PISTOL MAGAZINES.22 CALIBER RPM001 Astra Constable...$30.00 RPM002 Beretta Minx S.R...$38.00 RPM003 Beretta Model 948 L.R...$36.00 RPM004 Bernardelli Model 60...$34.00 RPM005 Bernardelli V.P. (Vest Pocket...$34.00 RPM006 Browning Challenger/Nomad...$40.00 RPM008 Colt Woodsman Late (Magazine Catch on Side)...$38.00 RPM010 Galesi...$30.00 RPM011 Galesi (Vest Pocket)...$28.00 RPM012 Hi-Standard Duramatic L.R...$38.00 RPM013 Hi-Standard H.D...$36.00 RPM015 Hi-Standard H.D.M...$36.00 RPM014 Hi-Standard Model B...$36.00 RPM016 Hi-Standard Supermatic...$38.00 RPM318 Remington 22LR, 6rd, new...$29.95 RPM019 Star Model F...$ CALIBER RPM126 Astra Cub...$34.00 RPM021 Astra Fire Cat, Orig...$28.00 RPM023 Bauer...$32.00 RPM024 Bayard...$30.00 RPM025 Bayard Model $30.00 RPM028 Beretta Jet Fire...$32.00 RPM026 Beretta Model $28.00 RPM029 Beretta Model $35.00 RPM030 Beretta Model 950B...$34.00 RPM027 Bernardelli Flat Bottom...$28.00 RPM031 Browning Baby...$32.00 RPM032 Browning Model $25.00 RPM291 Colt Junior.25 mag. original...$34.95 RPM033 Colt Repro/Hammerless...$ RIFLE MAGAZINES MILITARY M16 /AR15.22 LONG RIFLE CONVERSION MAGAZINES! We ve got both the U.S. Army M261 magazine in steel (right), and the rare U.S. Air Force version Teflon magazine (left). Army M Magazine...$24.95 M26120 Air Force.22 Magazine...$75.00 RM44 MODEL DRUM MAGAZINE Fast shooting became much more fun with this reliable and well-made 28 rd,.45 ACP, drum magazine for the 1911 pistol. Easy to load and operate! $59.95 RPM309 RPM034 CZ-DUO...$32.00 RPM035 CZ-Model $26.00 RPM038 Mauser Model $35.00 RPM037 Mauser WTP...$28.00 RPM039 Ortgies...$34.00 RPM040 Raven...$21.95 RPM041 Sterling Model $26.00 RPM042 Unique...$26.00 RPM043 Walther Model # 8...$36.00 RPM044 Walther Model # 9...$35.00 RPM045 Walther Model 2&5...$28.00 RPM046 Webley Model 1906/1909 w/o Ejector...$ CALIBER RPM047 Astra Model 300/3000, Side Magazine Catch...$26.00 RPM048 Bayard Model $34.00 RPM049 Beretta Model $34.00 RPM050 Beretta Model $38.00 RPM051 Beretta Model 70 Puma...$36.00 RPM053 Browning Model $35.00 RPM054 Browning Model $35.00 RPM055 Browning Model $35.00 RPM Browning German Marked...$50.00 RPM056 Colt Model $34.00 RPM057 CZ Model $36.00 RPM058 Dreyse Model $34.00 RPM059 Femaru Model 37...$40.00 RPM060 Frommer Stop...$36.00 RPM064 MAB Model D.32 ACP orig....$22.95 RPM065 Mauser Model 1910, 1914, $40.00 RPM066 Mauser Model HSC...$42.00 RPM067 Ortgies...$36.00 RPM070 Sauer Model 38-H...$38.00 RPM072 Steyr...$28.00 RPM073 Walther Model #4...$35.00 RPM075 Walther PP/PPKS, early flat side repro w/ finger rest...$38.00 RPM076 Walther PPK...$34.00 RPM078 Webley...$ &.357 CALIBER RPM079 Colt Model Auto...$38.00 RPM151 Colt.38 Super...$29.00 RPM080 Llama.38 Super, Narrow Floorplate...$30.00 RPM081 Llama Model 6.38 Super...$30.00 RPM082 Llama Model 8.38 Super...$30.00 RPM083 Star Model A.38 Super 9mm...$ CALIBER RPM182 Beretta Mod 70S...$30.00 RPM084 Browning Model $35.00 RPM085 Browning Model $35.00 RPM088 Colt Pony (Star-Model D)...$38.00 RPM153 Colt Mustang...$28.00 RPM089 CZ DA Model $36.00 RPM090 CZ Model $30.00 RPM091 Femaru P-37...$40.00 RPM092 Frommer Stop...$28.00 RPM093 H&K Model # 4...$35.00 RPM094 Mauser HSC Reproduction...$40.00 HUNGARIAN FEG AP-MBP PISTOL MAGAZINE Original 8 rd. steel magazine in very good condition. 7.65mm. Hard to find so stock up now! $29.95 RPM315 WINCHESTER 1907 RIFLE 10RD MAGAZINE Eureka!!!! We ve found some original Winchester, 10 rd. magazines in.351 caliber! Regarded as perhaps the first true assault rifle, the Winchester 1907 rifle was used in WW1 and purchased by the Czar, the French Navy, British Royal Flying Corps, FBI, and American citizens during 50 years of production! Terribly difficult to find magazines these days. While they last... $99.95 RM77 BEST PRICE ANYWHERE!!! GLOCK 17-17RD, 9MM MAGAZINE Composite magazine holding 17 rds.$11.99 RPM292 CZ-52 PISTOL MAGAZINE Steel CZ-52, 8rd magazine for 7.62x25mm Ammunition. Original CZ mag body! Get one now before they re gone again!...$17.50 CZ5202 VZ 58 MAGAZINE 30 RD. MAGAZINE IN EXCELLENT CONDITION. ALUMINUM, GRAY $17.95 EA. OR 4 FOR $70.00 VZ5801.JUST IN DESTROYER CARBINE MAGS $6.95 ea, 10 for $40.00, 25 for $74.50 RM004 ASTRA 400 MAGS 9mm Largo - original $ for $64.95 RPM159 MAGAZINES FOR WINCHESTER.22 RIFLES (Repro) for model 75, 52, etc. $19.95 RM002 found a few more ITEM NUMBER DESCRIPTION PRICE RPM095 Ortgies...$36.00 RPM096 Remington Model 51...$35.00 RPM097 Savage Model 1910/ $36.00 RPM098 Walther PPK...$32.00 RPM099 Walther PPK/S...$ MM CALIBER G43001 German G43 New MFG...$ MM CALIBER RPM TCM/9mm 17 round...$32.99 RPM159 Astra Model $24.95 RPM101 Astra Model $36.00 RPM316 Beretta 92 FS, 10rd...$19.95 RPM150 Beretta Brigadeer & Helwan... $30.00 RPM105 Browning Hi-Power 13 Round, Blued (9mm Caliber)...$17.95 RPM106 Hungarian Hi-Power P9R... $19.95 RPM107 Lahti Original..SALE $9.95 $20.00 RPM109 Radom... $36.00 RPM110 S&W Model $26.00 RPM111 Star BM, BKM, BKS Starfire, Starlite... $36.00 RPM152 Star Firestar... $30.00 RPM114 Star Model B... $35.00 RPM112 Taurus Model $17.50 RPM102 Glisenti repro... $ S&W RPM317 S&W Model 4053, 8rd... $ &.45 CALIBER RPM Stainless Steel 15 rd, (.45 ACP)... $17.95 RPM Blued Steel 15 rd, (.45 ACP)... $17.95 RPM Double Stack 13 round (.45 caliber)...$24.99 RPM119 Ballister Molina (.45 Caliber)... $5.95 RPM123 Colt 1911 w/lanyard Loop (.45 Caliber)...$45.00 C45103 Colt Import Model 1911 (.45 Caliber)... $6.95 RPM121 Colt Model 1911 Stainless Steel 7 round (.45 Caliber)...$10.95 RPM303 Desert Eagle 8rds...$35.00 RPM137 Norwegian Model 1914 Original (.45 caliber) Rare... $65.00 RPM118 Star Model S.S. (.45 Caliber)... $38.00 RPM117 Star Model PD (.45 Caliber)... $35.00 By ordering, you are stating that you are complying with your Local & State laws. Most States allow large capacity maga zines. Some do not. If you are unsure on this issue, contact your Local or State law enforcement to confirm what is allowed. This is a partial list of States with some hi-capacity restrictions: NJ, NY, MA, MD, HI, KS, CO, CT, IL and various county laws therein including Chicago, D.C. TAURUS M92 & M99 9MM MAGAZINE Super price...$14.95 ea, 3 for... $42.95 RPM112 MAGAZINES FOR REMINGTON.22 RIFLES New, blued steel replace- F1 ment magazine for the VARIATIONS OF OUR ACP MAGS - JUST IN THE DOOR Stainless steel magazines. $10.95, 3 for... $29.95 RPM121 G.I. marked 1911 magazine marked.45 ACP # MFR8R320...$10.95, 3 for... $29.95 RPM155 WWI pattern 1911 magazines with lanyard loop. $13.95 C45295, 3 for... $36.95 ORIGINAL TOKAREV PISTOL MAGAZINES 7.62x25 1. Standard mag for Chinese model 213 or Russian TT30...$18.00 ea, 3 for...$49.50 TOK Few Tok mags w/lanyard loop for Chinese model 213 or Russian TT30...$24.00 TOK Pakistan Frontier Constabulary/ Security Service TT-30/TT-33 Tokarev magazine. 8rd, 7.62x25 Tokarev, New...$18.00 ea, or 3 for... $49.95 SPANISH TYPE RUBY PISTOL OWNERS We have done a study on Ruby type Spanish pistol magazines. Done by our third generation family member Kip to come on board see our websites so you can determine what mag you need for your variation. Look for Ruby Mag Study...$30.00 each RPM T series of Rem..22 rifles and all Rem series 500 rifles 5rd...$19.95 RM058 BROWNING HI POWER 13 round Super price. $17.95, 3 for $49.50 RPM105 A WORLD OF AUTO MAGS SARCO HAS GONE TO EXTENSIVE LENGTHS TO DEVELOP A SUPERIOR MAGAZINE We have sold probably 150,000 of our price busters, but we decided we need a new & better 1911 mag & we are very pleased with our new program. We have tested our 1st production run and are ready to roll. This is is the results of over a year of product development. Please check the quality features of our new magazine: Produced on a computer controlled high speed link press. This provides a stable platform for progressive dies & uniformity. Body tooling has 6 stages & follower tooling has 16 stages. This assures an accurate & repeatable process with less metal stress, when fewer, less radical bends are made. Latest technology parallel feed lip design for proper timed release of cartridge. Special for semi wad cutters, although per technical feed back semi wad cutters may require additional timing. Welding is done on a Yasakawa computer controlled robotic arm argon welder. Unlike some.45 mags you can t see the seam weld on the back. In house quality control gages to national standard are used for checking every stage of the production. QC inspection involves a 2/5D video measuring machine enabling checking of every specification & keeps the record in memory. Springs are tested to 20,000 cycles Dimple designed as a mag catch overide for easier mag insertion. Latest rounded follower design Mags are processed in a hot bath of sodium hydroxide, nitrates, & nitrites at 141º centigrade - This converts the surface to magnetite All process done under specification of MIL-DTL & ASTM-D769 & ISO The tube is carburized (case hardened) by nitriding (heat treated in a nitrogen atmosphere). This retaines a tough core (ductility, flexibility, springiness & resistance to stress fractures) while producing a HRC surface hardiness, creating scuff resistance, fatigue & corrosion resistance. Most important, it eliminates any chance for deformation of the front of the mag from cartridge inertia. For use in all Gov t & Commerical 1911 pistols 1911, 1911A1 - Gov t Series 70, Series 80, commander, Essex, Rock Island, etc. - Also the many, many, many aftermarket 1911 s. Plus with all of the above a killer price - Only $7.95, 10 for $69.90 C45298 This is half the price of most reasonable.45 mags! OEM or Large Quantity Buyers Contact Cholly or Dave at (610) ext. 223 Check our website for additional info & pictures of our fabulous tooling HIGH QUALITY 10 ROUND MAG.45 single stack magazines for 1911 Colt Special...$19.95 ea, 3 for...$49.95 RPM127 DESERT EAGLE MAGAZINE Original.41 caliber magazine holds 8 rds of wall blasting ammunition - Used, excellent. Difficult mag to find!...$35.00 RPM303 AR15/M16 100RD DRUM w/bag, loader, new $ AR383 8 ROUND.45 MAGAZINE New, blued steel magazine for all.45 ACP Government Model/M1911 type pistols. Base plate also acts as finger rest to improve your grip on the gun. $16.95 ea. RPM122 HUNGARIAN FEG P9R/P9RK PISTOL MAGAZINES Made for the Hungarian High Power clone P9R/P9RK pistol. New 10 rd. original replacement mags. These magazines DO NOT fit the FEG P9M or FEG P9. These do not fit FN or Canadian Hi Powers. Check your gun No Returns. Sold elsewhere for $25.00! SARCO price, $19.95 ea, RPM106 EGYPTIAN HAKIM 8X57MM RIFLE MAGAZINES Just arrived. Only got 40 mags so get yours now... $39.95 RM46 Please note: These magazines have slightly over-sized catches to accommodate worn receivers. In certain instances, the catches might have to be adjusted to allow proper seating in the mag well. LAHTI PISTOL MAGAZINES Genuine Swedish surplus magazines for the 9mm Model 1940 Lahti Pistol. Excellent condition RPM107 SALE!!! $9.95 ea., $3/27.95

7 S SARCO, RADOM VIS-35 PISTOL Favorite of U.S. Generals. U.S. Embossed $35.00 HOL065 Y1 INC. COLT 1903 HAMMERLESS W/ CLEANING ROD SWISS LUGER SHOULDER With brass & steel hardware and belt loops on the back. Has spare magazine pouch. Works well with similar sized pistols including the standard Luger. New... $39.95 HOL164 (Great for Many MidSized Frames!) This is the best of the Radom holsters generally issued from 1935 to 1939, complete with shoulder strap and internal magazine pouch that holds 2 mags. The main portion is made like a clamshell holster, but the flap is a simple pull over. Besides Radom pistols, it holds many other pistols like the Hi-Power 1935, Colt Hammerless 1903 etc. If using with a double stack magazine pistol, you can take out the divider in the magazine pouch and it will hold one double stack mag. Comes with Cleaning Rod!... $36.00 HOL163 BRITISH WEBLEY.38 HIP For MK4.38 pistols and similar frame revolvers $29.95 HOL077 SWEDISH LAHTI PISTOL / ACCESSORY SET Original holster with 2 magazines, cleaning rod, loading tool, oiler & lanyard $99.95 HOL005 STASI POCKET PISTOL East German holster for PPK, HSC, Mauser 1910 and similar sized compact pistols. Original...$19.95 HOL079 S&W VICTORY REVOLVER U.S. embossed, russet brown as issued in WW2... $35.00 HOL107 U.S REVOLVER For the S&W revolver. Butt Forward for left hand draw $35.00 HOL102 BRITISH WEBLEY.455 HIP As used in WW1 & WW2 by Commonwealth forces $29.95 HOL042 SWEDISH LAHTI PISTOL Original leather holster with 2 mag pouches and Brass accents $45.00 HOL031 COLT 1892 /S&W REVOLVER Commonly known as the M1905 holster. U.S. embossed with leg strap and brass accents $35.00 HOL103 P6 / SIG225 WEST GERMAN POLICE LONG DROP Original and extremely well made. Holds SIG 225 and similar sized frames $18.95 HOL120 BROWNING HI-POWER Soft shell with spare mag pouch. As issued during WW2 German occupation of the factory. $24.95 HOL021 JUST IN! CIVIL WAR ERA REVOLVER S We have right and left hip versions in rugged black leather with belt loop on back. Good for the Navy and Army revolvers of the 1850s, 1860s, and beyond. U.S. embossed. New. Right Hip Civil War Holster... $19.95 HOL043 Left Hip Civil War Holster... $19.95 HOL043 L WALTHER P22 TACTICAL Leather with pouch for extra mag & suppressor. U.S. embossed... $26.95 HOL095 ARGENTINE LONG DROP GRUPO ALACRAN POLICE Original for Hi-Power and Model 1911 pistols. Early issue to Specialized Gendarmerie units. Some wear, but in very good shape...$34.95 HOL153 A. Luger Black Hardshell w/ww2 markings. Standard Wehrmacht Army issue... $24.95 ea, or 3 for $69.95 LGR078 B. Luger, Brown Hardshell w/ WW2 markings. Afrikakorp style... $24.95 ea, or 3 for $69.95 HOL026 C. Luger, Black Special Service Holster w/ww2 markings. Skeletal design for low profile work... $12.95 LGR169 D. Luger, Brown Police holster...$24.95 HOL114 E. Luger, WW2 Canvas Tropical holster, khaki...$14.95 HOL142 F. Luger, WWI Cavalry Uhlan brown holster...$29.95 HOL039 A. B. C. D. E. F. G. Luger, Snail Drum Carrier, leather, black... $32.00 HOL061 H. Luger, Black Artillery Luger leather rig complete with wood Stock and Hardware... $ LGR088 *** Also available without wood stock... $34.95 LGR086 I./J. Luger, U.S Trials holster issued for several years while U.S. forces evaluated the pistol for possible adoption. Originally for the right hip for left hand draw, we also offer it for right hip, right hand draw. **U.S. Luger Holster for left hand draw... $40.00 HOL068 **U.S. Luger Holster for right hand draw... $40.00 HOL096 K. Luger, Naval black, w/ shoulder strap... $24.95 LGR079 L. NAVAL LUGER brown hip holster, WWI marked... $29.95 HOL154 G. VERY LIMITED! SIG P230 / WALTHER PP POLICE H. Original in exc. condition $9.95 HOL064 TYPE 26 JAPANESE REVOLVER Premium quality holster with shoulder strap $45.00 HOL062 RARE!! Bergmann Bayard Shoulder Holsters Coming Soon!! INQUIRE! I. J. K. M. NAVAL LUGER canvas WWI tropical version in 2 colors: ** Khaki canvas Luger Navy WWI holster... $22.95 HOL073 ** Green canvas Luger Navy WWI holster... $22.95 HOL072 N. Luger, Infantry canvas WWI tropical version in 2 colors: ** Khaki canvas Luger WWI holster... $22.95 HOL055 ** Green canvas Luger WWI holster... $22.95 HOL054 O. Luger Hardshell holster with WW2 Wehrmacht Army pistol belt w/embossed belt buckle... $38.00 HOL156 P. Luger Hardshell holster with WW2 `SS pistol belt.w/ embossed SS belt buckle... $38.00 HOL066 O. L. M. N. P. MODEL 1911 HIP & SHOULDER S MADE FOR THE COLT 1911 PISTOL, THESE ALSO FIT NUMEROUS MID-SIZED FRAME PISTOLS! M1916 Hip Holsters (Rugged Saddle Stitched Leather) RIGHT hip - Standard quality, BROWN... $I6.75 C RIGHT hip - Premium quality, RUSSET...$35.00 HOL LEFT hip - Premium quality, BROWN...$35.00 HOL071 M1912 Cavalry Hip Holsters (Rugged Saddle Stitched Leather) RIGHT hip Premium quality, RUSSET color...$35.00 HOL RIGHT hip - Standard quality, BROWN...$21.95 HOL LEFT hip, BROWN...$35.00 HOL M7 Shoulder Holsters 7. M7 Shoulder holster, RIGHT hand draw...$25.95 HOL M7 Shoulder holster, RIGHT hand draw, Premium, RUSSET color...$35.00 HOL028 M3 Shoulder Holster & Featherweight M7 Shoulder Hoslters 9. M3 Shoulder holster, RIGHT hand draw, BROWN...$24.95 HOL Featherweight M7', U.S. embossed. Slim expanding & low profile look w/o the bulk of the leather version. RIGHT hand draw...$19.95 HOL Same as above, but USMC marked...$19.95 HOL P38 Black Hardshell w/ WW2 markings, leather...$18.95 P P38 Brown Afrikakorp Hardshell w/ WW2 markings, leather... $24.95 HOL P38 Black Soft Shell w/ WW2 markings, leather... $18.95 HOL P38 Brown Shoulder Holster w/ 6th Panzer 'Key' emblem w/ other WW2 markings, leather... $35.00 HOL P38/pl West German Black leather Police holster, original in VG condition... $14.95 HOL P5 long Drop West German Police holster, black leather original, in VG condition... $18.00 H P5 I P99 Swivel West German Police holster, black leather original, in VG condition... $14.95 H P38 Black Hardshell holster w/ WW2 '55' pistol belt with embossed buckle...$38.00 P P38 Black Hardshell holster w/ WW2 Wehrmacht Army pistol belt with embossed buckle... $38.00 HOL134