NEWSLETTER. Activities at the NTSA have heated up. Check the calendar, come out and enjoy the fun. Presidents Corner Rich Hatler

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1 NEWSLETTER : Presidents Corner Rich Hatler NTSA Open Carry Policy NTSA recognizes and honors Texas state law. Open carry is permitted for those members authorized by law to do so. Open carry firearms must remain holstered at all times unless in use during a live fire on a hot range. Match Directors may declare a cold range during NTSA sanctioned competitions and may prohibit open carry on ranges under a Match Directors control. Greetings Fellow NTSA Shooters: Shooting activities at NTSA are ramping up. The lingering cool, windy and wet weather has tended to put a damper on casual shooting for the last several weeks. But that is changing as the weather warms and the grass turns green. Spring storms in North Texas can be unpredictable in both size and duration. If you are at the range and need to seek immediate shelter, the two trap bunkers, three skeet houses, and four restrooms are recommended. Club matches are underway in trap, skeet and 5 stand, in addition there are bench rest, rim fire pistol, carbine and action shotgun monthly matches. The board has recently purchased some new equipment that will enhance the shooting experience in the rifle, pistol, and five stand venues. Check the online calendar at for additional information. Thanks. Until next month, I'll see you on the range. Rich Hatler Activities at the NTSA have heated up. Check the calendar, come out and enjoy the fun. New members, Brian Bednorz, Micheal Davis, Steve Froh, David Garcia, and David Kopta, were welcomed by the Board at the March meeting.. Please make a point of meeting them, and welcome them to the NTSA! 1 of 6

2 Reminders: Summary of NTSA events thru April 24th, 2017 More information and updates are available on the NTSA website at: Saturday, April 1 8:30am Carbine Rifle Shoot Monday, April 3 1:00pm 10/22 Pokerchip Match all Wednesday, April 5 12:30pm 5-Stand Spring League Saturday, April 8 6:30am, Benchrest 100/200 8:30am, Rimfire Carbine Match 10:00am, Club Trap Shoot 12:00pm, New Member Safety Orientation Sunday, April 9 Poker Chip Benchrest Match 9:00 Monday, April 10 1:00pm, 10/22 Pokerchip Match all Wednesday, April 12 12:30pm, 5-Stand Spring League 6:30pm, BOD Meeting Saturday, April 15 8:30am, Action Pistol Match 10:00am, Club Skeet Match Monday, April 17 1:00pm, 10/22 Pokerchip Match all Wednesday, April 19 12:30pm, 5-Stand Spring League Saturday, April 22 8:30am, Rimfire Pistol/Carbine Match Monday, April 24 1:00pm, 10/22 Pokerchip Match all Pistol Report Mike Brucia February 18th saw a new Action Pistol Caliber match turnout record with 46 shooters! We had a lot of folks shooting their first match at NTSA, and a couple that shot their first match of any kind. Judging from the smiles and comments, the new shooters may have found a great new sport to enjoy. We had 4 different stage winners. Robert D held off the competition to win the overall. The.22 rimfire match on Feb. 25 had 19 shooters ages 8 to 80. Everyone had fun. The 8 carbine shooters dominated the day. Josh L swept all four stages and took the overall win, with Gary R right on his heels. Coming soon on Pistol Bay 3. We will be adding some.22 rimfire only targets for member s enjoyment..22 rimfire pistols and rifles are allowed. These targets will be at the west end of the bay and are only for.22 rimfire use! Rifle Report Michael Conley Look for the new steel, that should be installed this month, next to the 200yd gong. Please make sure that no steel core or armored ammo are used on any steel targets. Next center fire carbine match will be held on with rim fire carbine on Try sighing up on line. Sign up is faster and you can select the squad you want. This will make things much faster setting up the match. Please check the calendar before you come out for any updates. Trap Report Lyla Malzahn Once again we had another great NTSA trap match with awesome weather. We had 16 shooters, all levels with everyone shooting to win. Scores were high, we had some ties but the best part was just having fun, shooting and enjoying all the trap stories. I would like to thank my scorers Don Jones and Bob Klauer. The match shooters voted by a vast majority that you have to attend at least 4 matches to be eligible to win a Buckle. And now...drum roll and winners of the monthly NTSA Club Trap Match are: SINGLES: Class A: TIED John Scott & Joe Altom. Class B: Scott Stewart. Class C: Tiffany Ramsey HANDICAP: Long: Tony Fox. Mid: Max Bell. Short: TIED Bill Welch & Lyla Malzahn. DOUBLES: Class A: TIED John Scott and Russel Carpenter. Class B: Rusty Perrin. CLASS C: Lyla Malzahn. CONGRATULATIONS TO EVERYONE! Hope to see a lot more of you at next month's match. See ya at the club! Have fun, be safe and shoot straight! 2 of 6

3 Skeet & 5-Stand Report Jim Peterson Greetings from the 5-Stand & Skeet fields: Mike Schaneman. Meet the new weekend Range Manager, Mike Schaneman, was born in Wyoming where he owned and operated a ranch. Mike raised sugar beets, corn, beans and alfalfa and maintained a herd of around 200 cattle. Mike moved to Texas over 30 years ago and went to work for a company in Lewisville. The company manufactures aircraft parts for Boeing, Lockheed and L-2 and other aircraft companies. He worked at every position in the shop including chemical testing, painting and computer programming for sheet metal parts. A man of many talents, Mike is also a certified EMT. Mike retired after 29 years of service. He is looking forward to meeting everyone at the club. Skeet The club Skeet matches started March 18th and will continue each 3rd Saturday of the month through September. The matches begin at 10am and end at 12noon. This match is always a lot of fun, so come out and have a good time. Match Director Mel Haag is always spicing things up to make it interesting. 5-Stand The Spring League began March 15th. Shooters have been practicing during the winter months to get ready for the league. If you would like to join us, the initial fee is $30 with a $10 fee each week thereafter. The league will last for 9 weeks, with the 6 highest scores counting towards the final point count. Shooting begins each Wednesday at 12:30. Come out and have some fun with the guys. Carl Dane, shooting high 2 on the west skeet field. Range Fees: Trap: Singles: Doubles: Skeet: 5-Stand: Rifle & Pistol: Daily Fee: $3.00 $ targets $ targets $ targets $ targets Daily Guest Fee: $10.00 Plus Range Fees The boys of the 5-stand league appear cold but anxious to begin shooting. 3 of 6

4 Safety Orientation Training Members Sam Jones, Ken Theaker, (both certified NRA and CHL Instructors), and Ed Pugh will conduct the orientation training. The classes are held monthly on the second weekend of each month beginning at 12 noon. The classes alternate every other month from Saturday and Sunday. Check the club calendar on at for the schedule. All new members are required to attend and current members are welcomed and encouraged to attend to learn about the changes to the Safety Rules. Joe Alton and Paul Bowers, practicing trap doubles. Day Members and or Guests are limited to five per membership daily. If you have any questions contact the Range Manager or a Board Member. You can also visit for more information. Stay Up To Date! Change of address? New phone number? New address? Please Mel Haag at: to update your file. We want to provide you with the latest Club information. Tony Fox gives Don Nelson and Jim Bellar tips on shooting skeet house low 7. Shooter reloads during the February action pistol match. 4 of 6

5 Photo A: Nash Brown focuses on a 5/8 chip during a 10/22 Poker Chip Match. Photo B: Action Carbine Match in progress. PhotoC: Steve Armand looks on as Mark Hannah engages a 5-stand target. Photo A: The February Action Pistol Match drew a record 46 shooters. The rifle, carbine and pistol matches are enjoying record turnouts. A B C D 5 of 6

6 P.O. Box 2042, Denton, TX NTSA Board Members President: Rich Hatler Tel: Vice President: Mel Haag Tel: Secretary: Merv Stelter Tel: Treasurer: George Clutter Tel: Skeet/5-Stand Chair: Jim Peterson Tel: Trap Chair: Lyla Malzahn Tel: Rifle Chair: Michael Conley Tel: Pistol Chair: Mike Brucia Tel: Range Manager: Larry Erbskorn Tel: The NTSA newsletter is published monthly by the North Texas Shooters association, Inc. P.O. Box 2042, Denton, TX NTSA Newsletter correspondence should be sent to Mel Haag, Although care will be taken, NTSA Newsletter assumes no responsibility for the loss of any unsolicited materials. Safety Notices - Firearm Safety is the responsibility of each club member. Please remember to adhere to all the firearms safety rules, and especially these basic rules: Always keep your firearm pointed down range, whether it is loaded or unloaded. Always keep your finger OFF the trigger until ready to fire. Always keep your firearm UNLOADED until ready to use. Eye protection shall be worn at all times in designated areas of pistol and rifle ranges, shotgun fields and known shot fall areas. Hearing protection is highly recommended. Firearms shall not be handled by anyone under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Cease Fire immediately stop shooting when anyone calls Cease Fire. To put up/retrieve targets or go down range for any reason on an open range, a cease fire shall be in effect when all shooters are in agreement and warning devices are deployed. No firearms may be handled during a cease fire. YOU are responsible for the clean up of your brass, hulls and trash. A hat with forward facing brim must be worn at all times in the known shot fall area: which includes all rifle & pistol ranges, maintenance barn, restrooms & their associated parking areas. Hats not required while under cover or inside buildings or vehicles. No full automatic fire is allowed. Any device or modification that simulates full automatic fire is prohibited. Unsafe gun handling is prohibited. This Machine Has No Brain Use Your Own! 6 of 6