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1 Bowlng Green State Unversty BG News (Student Newspaper) Unversty Publcatons The BG News January 14, 1998 Bowlng Green State Unversty Follow ths and addtonal works at: Recommended Ctaton Bowlng Green State Unversty, "The BG News January 14, 1998" (1998). BG News (Student Newspaper) Ths Artcle s brought to you for free and open access by the Unversty Publcatons at t has been accepted for ncluson n BG News (Student Newspaper) by an authorzed admnstrator of

2 Story dea? f you have a news tp or have an dea tor story, catt us between noon and 7 p.m G SPORTS 6 Showdowns for frst place n MAC East Men's hoops home vs. Kent (7 p.m.) Women's hoops at Kent (7 p.m.) fb&^ News TODAY Hgh: 28 Low: 26 * * * WEDNESDAY January 14,1998 * * Volume 84, ssue 76 Bowlng Green, Oho * * * "An ndependent student voce servng Bowlng Green snce 1920" Unversty plans to buld health scences dorm Another lvng and learnng resdence hall wll open next fall for students nterested n health and human servces. By MELSSA NAYMK Buldng a lvng and learnng communty on the campus of the Unversty has become one of the prme goals for students, faculty and admnstraton. Student Lfe At the present tme, there are four resdence halls on campus whch center ther students around the lvng and learnng goal. Prout Hall, Chapman Hall, the Honors Dorm n Darrow Hall, and the musc major floor located n Batchelder Hall are resdence halls whch allow students to nteract wth others who have the same nterests. n Prout Hall, all the resdents are nterested n comng together Freshmen approve Chapman program Chapman freshmen gave postve responses to a fall survey. By SARAH BEDNARSK n October, the Unversty surveyed freshmen n order to learn what they thought about college lfe. The results of the survey showed that freshmen overall, but partcularly those n Chapman Hall, were satsfed wth the campus communty. Chapman s an all-freshmen lvng unt n whch classrooms and professor offces are on the frst floor of the hall tself. The resdence hall was desgned as a lvng and workng communty n whch students and teachers can nteract wth each other both n the classroom and n a socal settng. Accordng to Bll Knght, drector of nsttutonal research, the survey was done to see how freshmen adjusted to college lfe. He sad t was the frst tme ths type of survey was done. Knght sad the results showed that the majorty of the students were satsfed wth the Unversty. The survey asked about 20 questons and nvolved both personal and academc aspects, he sad. "We wanted to see ther transton from hgh school to college," Knght sad. "(The survey) was looked at, then pulled apart by whch students lved n Chapman and whch students were n what Englsh class." Accordng to Jack Nachbar, Campus professor, 2,000 freshmen were surveyed. The results of the survey showed that Chapman Hall resdents overall were satsfed wth the Unversty campus and communty, Nachbar- sad. He sad some questons asked ncluded whether or not the Unversty would be recommended to others and "Are the faculty and staff easly accessble?" Nachbar sad 91 percent of students n Chapman sad they would recommend the campus to others n comparson to 79 percent of the overall freshmen surveyed that ndcated they would do the same. He sad another nterestng result was that 77 percent of Chapman resdents sad they lked the socal lfe at the Unversty when only 68 percent of freshmen overall sad they dd. Ths s the frst tme a survey lke ths one has been admnstered to freshmen, Knght sad. He sad ths survey showed that the program at Chapman appeared to be workng. "t's new and we have the expectaton to do ths agan," he sad. " would hope by lookng at the (Chapman) desgn we can explore t for the future." Tom Klen, drector of Chapman, sad that whle the survey shows postve results t s stll new and n the expermental stages. "t'll report more postve results because of the newness of the program," Klen sad. "However, t also shows that we'- Unversty popular culture re dong thngs well." to partcpate n dorm actvtes lke dnners, sports and holday partes. Chapman was created for frstyear students to allow them to nteract on a day-to-day bass wth students lke themselves. The honors hall was created for those students who are nvolved n the honors program, although not all students who are part of the program lve n the hall. The floor created for musc majors n Batchelder encourages muscans to chat wth other students who show ther same enthusasm for musc. Next fall, a new dorm wll be opened for students who wll be takng the same courses revolvng around health and human servces accordng to Steven Rchardson, vce provost for undergraduate affars and dean for undergraduate studes. However, the dorm wll also be open to those students who are nvolved wth the arts and scences, educaton and health scence majors. The dorm wll be called Health Scences Resdental Communty. The dea came from the vce presdent and provost, Charles Mddleton, who then thought of Hello Kesha Keller, lower rght, talks to a classmate Calegh Craft, left, as they hang upsde down whle playng on the playground wth other SkUers advsed to take proper precautons Unversty admnstraton and student skers feel that skng can be a safe sport f people make t so. By BRAND BARHTE Soarng down hlls, flyng over ce, and plowng through snowflakes. s t a brd? s t a plane? No... t's a sker. The sport of skng took a turn for the worse when two well-known men were klled n sklngrelated accdents over the holdays. The frst death occured when Mchael Kennedy, 39, ded on New Year's Eve when he ht a tree whle playng a footballon-sks game n Aspen, Colo. A week later Sonny Bono, 62, pop-star-turned-polltlcan ded LgA> Publc Safety when he sked off the tral he was on and collded wth a tree. Bono suffered fatal head and neck njures n Lake Tahoe, Calf. Skng has always been a popular pastme, but s t a dangerous one? Rchard Bowers, Unversty drector of recreaton sports and avd sker, beleves that skng s only as dangerous as the sker makes t. "From a lethal pont of vew skng s relatvely safe," sad Bowers. Bowers sked n Aspen on Copper Bull durng Wnter Break. He sked the same slope that Kennedy ded on. Accordng to the Colorado records, from there were 3.37 njures for every 1000 Sker Days. There are approxmately 40,000 njures durng a typcal season. Bowers beleves that skng can be safe f proper precautons are taken. He warns skers to beware of ther envronment, watch for other skers, and most mportantly, respect your own ablty. "You need to be a good ctzen on the slope," sad Bowers. He also advses skers to dress properly and to be aware of dehydraton when skng n the mountans. Bowers also thnks that skers must remember that the downhll sker always has the rght-of-way. n addton, drnkng alcohol also makes skng accdents more lkely. "t s only as dangerous as you make t," sad Jonathan Sol, senor nternatonal busness major. Sol s a member of the Unversty's Sk Club. The Sk Club s governed by the Unted States Collegate Assocaton (USCA). They compete n slalom and gant slalom racng n Mans vlle and Cleveland. He has sked for three years. Despte the fact that they ended n deaths, he s not concerned about the recent skng accdents. He beleves that the accdents are tragc, yet could have been avoded. Sol beleves that skng s a safe sport as long as people sk conservatvely. " don't try to do extreme skng," sad Sol. Presdent of the Sk Club Carey Vandersall, a junor marketng major, was also saddened by the skng deaths, but s not concerned about the safety of skng n general. Vandersall has suffered an arm njury from skng, but beleves that njures are common n any sport. " dont thnk t s anymore dangerous than any other sport. t s up to the ndvdual," sad Vandersall. Clyde Wlls, dean of health and human servces. Wlls, along wth Mary Kay Jones-O'Nell, advser for the college of health and human servces, took on the project of formng the new resdence hall. The dorm wll be located n Dunbar and wll house approxmately 300 students. t wll be a frst come, frst serve bass, but accordng to Jones, the dorm wll be 80 percent freshman and 20 percent upperclassmen. Those students who are nterested n lvng n the Health Scences Resdental Communty next fall should regster when - - chldren, the housng forms come out n the mddle of the sprng semester. "The bggest problem wll be seeng who s admtted and who s dened," sad Jones-O'Nell. New classrooms wll bt created, but revew sessons for courses wll be held wthn the hall by faculty members. Pror to the 1960s, the Unversty used to have lvng and learnng resdental dorms that proved, through research, that students have a better overall college experence, explaned Jones-O'Nell. - "» Anoclalcd Prn pk««cheap drugs cause costly problems Crack cocane contrbutes to socal problems n Cleveland. CLEVELAND - There s evdence of wanng use of crack cocane n Cleveland but socal problems caused by the drug reman, The Plan Dealer reported today. For years, Cleveland was a natonal leader n the abuse of crack, a form of cocane that can be smoked. Cuyahoga County topped the naton n the number of chldren, when arrested for crmes, wth cocane n ther bodes. n 1991, federal records show, more than three quarters of the women arrested n Cleveland had cocane n ther urne, a hgher percentage than n Los Angeles, New York or Washngton D.C. About half of the men arrested n Cleveland had cocane n ther bodes. The number of people smokng the drug has dropped rapdly, law enforcement authortes told the newspaper. The percentage of women and chldren arrested wth cocane n ther urne has fallen by a thrd n Cleveland snce James Hummel, chef of Cleveland's Drug Enforcement Admnstraton offce, sad a lngerng result of crack s ts mpact on famles. "t's tearng them apart," he sad. The reasons for the appeal of crack, the newspaper sad, was ts cheap cost, at $5 per hgh, and easy avalablty on street corners. t

3 kpage2 The BG News Wednesday, January 14, 1998 Q OPNON The BG News MM "An ndependent student voce servng Bowlng Green snce 1920" 210 West Hall Bowlng Green State Unversty Bowlng Green, Oho Phone: (419) E-mal: BRANDON WRAY Assocate Edtor SARAH BEDNARSK News Edtor JEREMY MARTN Photo Edtor SCOTT BROWN Graphcs Edtor DARLA WARNOCK Edtor-n-Chef NATALE MLLER Opnon Edtor ELZABETH KERBY Copy Chef JASON McMAHON Sports Edtor JOHN WENZEL Entertanment Edtor Opnon Edtor Natale Mller Hey folks, let's get CRAZY "f f s just a lull why am bored rght out of my skull." Tl Be You"-The Replacements One thng 1 learned over the long and gruelng nterm between semesters known as Chrstmas break s that ths school and town are mssng a lttle spontanety and crazness. The break sent me back to school wth a lot of new energy and desre to make somethng happen. f s the last semester for me and thousands of other people and realzed that there s really nothng left to do here that haven't already done. The outlet for all ths energy and probable senorts s leadng a crusade to make ths communty more spontaneous and on-the-edge. Ths Unversty s a perfectly capable mddle-of-the-road smalltown school surrounded by cornfelds. We have a bad football team, a thousand smlar bars, and somehow got lucky and sent a guy to the N.B.A. (He even gets to go to a wanner place than BG, Vancouver, Canada.) We have hundreds of organzatons to jon but nothng out there seems to really scream "Yes, ths s so cool that t makes me want to jump out of bed n the mornng and brave the cold." We also have buldngs that ndvdually look okay, but put next to each other they make a clashng fashon queston. Put all ths and a few other problems together and you gve people a burnng desre to do somethng dfferent. We can't be satsfed wth Where the Day Takes You jjmrdor Wm dong the same thng, whch s nothng, every day. What we need, short of a good healthy rot to protest somethng lke the Rec shortenng ts hours or our on-gong parkng crss, s a few smple acts of random spontanety and crazness to break up the monotony. How and what to do are the questons we need to ask ourselves. Unfortunately one of my favorte deas, legalzed grafft anywhere you want, sn't lkely to be condoned by the local authortes. n place of that how about more thngs lke what one art student dd last fall. He covered the open ar corrdor between Unversty and Hanna Halls wth flyers that had Jesus' face on them. The entre floor was completely covered for people to see frst thng n the mornng. t dsrupted the flow of traffc through there but probably made people stop and thnk. 1 talked to the guy who dd t but he wouldn't tell me what hs message or motvaton was. Ths scene would be just another day at a place lke Mchgan or Berkeley but at Bowlng Green t s somethng completely new. Once the snow hts there wll be a great opportunty for somethng nterestng. No, not a snowball fght or snowman that's all been done to death. heard from a frend from Wsconsn that students at that school rolled a snow ball bg enough to block traffc when they rolled t nto a road. guess the polce were called out and there were enough people that they, as the polce were chasng them, were able to roll t onto other streets. They contnued ths game untl fnally they got caught. Also at Wsconsn when the Board of Trustees approved a tuton hke a campus group erected a 12-foot snow pens to protest. When we have tuton hkes we are lucky to see a letter to the edtor n the paper. How borng s that? f s certanly no match for a frozen movable roadblock. We need to have an envronment where you really don't know whaf s gong to happen when you go to school that day. You can't let people get too comfortable wth ther envronment. You need to keep people a lttle edgy and unsure of whether or not, durng the course of ther routne day, they mght see or experence somethng they never have before. All great thngs happen when they aren't expected or planned. The best nghts out are often when you decde to dtch the plans you made and the people you always see and do somethng dfferent. Boredom lke ths eventually leads to nsanty and s the reason postal workers go nuts and mddle age whte males run out on ther wves wth ther 20-somethng secretares. People make fun of Brother Jed and other crazed speakers n the "free-speech zone." thnk Brother Jed does us a great servce, not by what he says, but by the fact that he says somethng at all and causes people to take a break from ther routne and lsten. f we could get other people to get out there t would be a great step for our campus. n summary, ths communty would be much more exctng f we added a lttle spontanety to t. Okay, can hear the crtcs now. Makng a conscous decson to add spontanety s probably a contradcton n terms but f f s a lttle crazy that s the pont too. Brandon VJray s the Wednesday columnst. He opted not to go pro or sell out to THE MAN and has returned to the page he was unceremonously booted from two years ago. He wants to thank John, Rhonda and anyone else who helped hm survve last semester and taught hm the value of spontanety. Questons can be sent to Students need more tme to move back n magne comng back to school, movng all of your stuff back n, greetng your roommate and then unpackng n a random fashon. Probably not too far off from many of your presprng semester experences, rght? Well, add to that tryng to catch up wth your frends, buy your books and fnd your classrooms. Qute a load. Oh, f you lve on campus you have 18 hours to do all ths, plus eat and sleep before classes start the next day. Why? Because the resdence halls don't open untl the day before classes, at 1 p.m. Ths leaves a lot to do wth very lmted tme for many. Movng rooms, adjustng to new roommates and generally catchng up are nearly mpossble because of the tme constrant. Over half of the Unversty undergraduate populaton s affected by ths polcy. There's lots of grumblng, but not much progress to accommodate the students. On-campus students are restrcted to one specfc day to return. Ths s dffcult f you need to arrange a convenent rde back to Bowlng Green. f you wanted to come back from vacaton, to work or clean or get organzed for the semester, you lose that opton f you lve on-campus. The News had dffculty wth ths n many aspects. Tryng to nstall our new computer system and work wth the new edtors needed to be done before the semester began. The search for alternate lvng optons was dffcult. t would be pretty hard for the sports edtor to commute from Wsconsn. Ths practce keeps students from returnng to campus to work, and makes t dffcult for the offces and departments that employee these students to be organzed before the semester begns. t s understood that the R.A.'s need tme to prepare, but exceptons should be made for legtmate reasons, such as work and responsbltes. Penny Brown Tony CavalJaro Tom Denk Dense Domansk Ryan Johnson Stephane Schneder...Specal Projects Edtor...Assstant Opnon Edtor...Assstant Entertanment Edtor.. Assstant Copy Chef...Assstant Sports Edtor Assstant Graphcs Edtor Copyrght , The BG News, Bowlng Green, Oho. Reprntng of any materal from ths publcaton wthout the permsson of The BG News s strctly prohbted. Toe BG News s an ndependent publcaton founded n 1920 and s publshed dally durng the academc year and weekly durng the summer semester. Opnons expressed n columns and letters to the edtor are not necessarly those of the student body, faculty. Unversty admnstraton or The BG News. Unsgned edtorals are the opnon of the Sprng 1998 BG News staff. The BG News encourages ts readers to notfy the paper of any errors n stores or photograph descrptons. Decsons made by the Edtor-n-Chef and the Edtoral Board are fnal. Todays edton was desgned and edted by Darla Waraock, Edtor-n-Chef She can be reached at (419) jr Rejecton s an everyday thng have always beleved my potental far exceeds my current accomplshments; more, know wll eventually make my mark, however, t seems that keep trppng over the small obstacles. For nstance, a lttle whle ago was rejected for a credt card. Now rejecton s an every day thng for me. To grls: wanna go out? No. To teachers: don't you thnk deserve an A on ths assgnment? No. To my boss: can have ths Frday off? No. To my parents: can't just not clean my room? No. To the phone company: can't pay quarterly? No. To my car: won't you just start up n the mornng wthout so much fuss? No. However, beng dened for a credt card has always been a sore pont n my lfe. have been tryng for over two years and no one wll have me. They wll all send me an applcaton but no one wll send me a card. t wasn't just gettng dened the card but also loosng the perks the card came wth that bothered me. How do they expect me to get 3 percent cash back, a 7.99 percent nterest rate, frequent fler mles, or even dscounts on overprced merchandse f they won't gve me ther archng for Santy JtO 3 Af Q33 damn card?! OK, so 'm lookng through my mal the other day: Select Comfort s screamng for me to buy ther $2000 mattress so can properly enjoy sleepng. Publsher Clearng House s tellng me am ther next $10 mllon dollar wnner, the cable bll's due, the phone bll's past due, my Sports llustrated ssue has arrved and an applcaton for a Vsa Credt Card Due to my prevous falures almost threw the credt card applcaton n the trash wth the phone and cable blls, however, further nspecton made my mouth water. You see, ths was no ordnary applcaton; ths one was pre-approved. Pre-approved. stood there, for a moment gapng at those two beautful words and thnkng how sweet t s. 1 hurred nsde, fllng out the applcaton as went. n no tme had t back n the malbox watng for the malman. Then realzed that the applcaton would be delayed a day f wated for the malman to pck t up so grabbed the applcaton and dashed to my car. was dodgng trees, spnnng off bushes and hurdlng squrrels. t was fabulous; specfcally, felt as f had won the champonshp game by snkng a half-courter at the buzzer. Well, three weeks, two days, and 22 hours later my card fnally came n the mal; or at least thought. At the tme could have sworn the envelope was glowng; more, ddn't look drectly at t for fear would bum my retnas. had already made a lst of what wanted to buy wth my card and ran nsde to get t As went utterly destroyed the envelope that held my plastc paradse maker. was already n my car when realzed the card wasn't anywhere around. At frst, not wantng to read any of the related paperwork, 1 thought had dropped t n the house. After a couple futle mnutes of searchng realzed there wasn't a card anywhere. Then read the letter that was n the envelope, "We are unable to gve you a Vsa Credt Card at ths tme." What? At ths tme? What does that mean? Do get one tomorrow or next week? At that pont was n need of a padded room and a straght jacket. was rejected for a pre-approved credt card. Thnkng of the rony knd of made me smle, but that was such a small consolaton consderng that faled to get accepted for somethng 1 was already approved for. Maybe 'm beng unreasonable, but that whole credt card stuaton knd of sucked. The sad part s that t s a true reflecton of my lfe as a whole. So, next tme thngs don't go your way just thnk of me and how pathetc my lfe s and that should brng a smle to your face. f not then maybe when am done, wth my straght jacket you can use t Rob Searfoss can be reached at He s a guest columnst for The News. J

4 QUOTE OF THE DAY ft ft From a lethal pont y y of vew, skng s * relatvely safe. OHO Weather Wednesday, Jan. 14 Rchard Bower* Unversty Drector of Recreatonal Sports AccuWealher* forecast for daytme condtons and hgh temperatures MCH Cleveland 30 Toledo Mansfeld 33 Youngstown [ 30 \ Dayton 35 Cncnnat 38 TTTJ^T:^^ Q Columbus 35 _fc3_ KV. Portsmouth 42 W.VA Showers T-storms Ran Flumes Snow ce Sunny Ft. Cloudy Cloudy Va Assocated Pnss QfaphcsNet TODAY'S WEATHER Today: Hgh level clouds. Thursday: Cold and overcast. (*. Thrfe Wednesday, January 14, 1998 WEDNESDAY WACKNESS THE BG NEWS Deer barges nto motel room n Vermont WOODSTOCK.Vt. -t was a motel room for two. but no one told the deer. A couple was sleepng at the Shre Motel when a whte-taled deer came salng through the pcture wndow of ther frst-floor room. The anmal tumbled about the room, made ts way to the bathroom and then somehow got locked nsde. The couple ran barefoot and n pajamas to the motel offce. A park warden was called and the deer, wounded by the broken glass, was let out through a backdoor. The warden sad the deer was not serously hurt. The couple was allowed to stay for free n another room. Woman attacks boyfrend after joke durng football game RMERSBURG. Pa. - Some forms of celebratng are best left to football players. Genewe Snyder took offense when her boyfrend playfully head-butted her and sad the Pttsburgh Steelers would defeat the Denver Broncos n the AFC Champonshp game Sunday, polce sad. Snyder. 40. responded by buttng hs head three, throwng cups of hot coffee on hm and scratched hs neck, gougng two bleedng wounds more than an nch long, state polce sad. Snyder was charged wth domestc volence. The Steelers lost Mam mayor asks newspaper to be 'ncer' to cty MAM - Mayor Xaver Suarez had a blunt message for the Mam Herald. f the paper doesn't start beng "a lot ncer" he vowed to pull the cty's advertsng. The mayor made the call after the Herald ran a story about the collecton of absentee ballots by one of hs supporters. Compled from wre reports PEOPLE ON THE STREET Today's Queston: "Are you glad to be back at BG?" Nathan Helm Junor Telecommuncaton! "Yes, because break gets old after two weeks. ~ : vy Chn Senor Publc Relatons "No. because there s too much pressure." Tara Gore Senor Poltcal Scence "s that a trck queston?" Jeff Munafo Senor Envronmental Health "Yes. 'm really glad to be back because now can see what USG has planned for the semester. Tom Erlenbach Freshman Busness "Yes. mssed the cold." Hgh: 28 Low: 26 Hgh: 35 Low: 26 *, G<rt an dea for a "People on the Street" queston? E-mal UK at "b»u". K r t S "? St '! : a" t * K a s r.'s- 111 H Etc :5 & j ll UPCOMNG EVENTS Wednesday, 1714/98 Study Abroad/Fnancal Ad Meetng (2 p.m. - 3 p.m.) Captal Room. Student Unon. Meetng to learn how a student's fnancal ad package can be used for hs/her study abroad experence. Call /0479 wth questons. Real Estate Fnance (6 p.m. - 9 p.m.) Rm. 2, College Park. Examne the nsttutons, methods, nstruments and procedures nvolved n the fnancng of real estate. Meets Wednesday through March 18. Fee. For more nformaton, call Contnung Educaton. 419/ Men's Basketball hosts Kent (7 p.m.) Anderson Arena. BG completes a three-game homestand by opposng East Dvson foe Kent n the frst of two meetngs ths season. 104 S. Man TONGHT: JAZZ 'HlQO'T 19 and Over v e r y Nght Women's Basketball at Kent (TBA) Kent. Oho. BG's three-game road trp concludes aganst a perennal league power, the Golden Flashes Frday, 17113/98 Unversty Dnng Servces jsg!* jjr Martn Luther Kng Jr. Weekend Hours jj? Grtl Unversty 'nlon Operatng Hours Sal Jan am-6:00pm Sun Jan am-600pm Mon Jan am-6 00pm Sal. Jan 17.-OOpm-1 00am Sun Jan 18 00pm 00am MOD Jn. 19. J 00pm-3 00am Martn Luther KNG, JR. DAY Davd Suzuk Lecture (3 p.m. - S p.m.) 101 Olscamp Hall. Suzuk, scentst, author and host of the CBC televson program. The Nature of Thngs." wll talk on acd ran, forest management. Pacfc salmon and water qualty. Although free and open to the publc, reservatons are requested by emalng lsnyder Women's Tenns hosts DePaul (6 p.m.) Orchard Hll; Lma, Oho. The Falcons and Blue Demons tangle n Lma n BG's frst acton of '98 Dance (10 p.m. - 2 a.m.) Unon Ballroom. Sponsored by Alpha Ph Alpha. Men's Tenns at MAC ndoors (TBA) Laurel Hll (Toledo). Saturday, 1/17/98 BGSU Men's Swmmng ft Dvng at Oho (1 p.m.] Athens. Oho. The Falcons resume acton aganst the Bobcats n MAC dual acton BGSU Women's Swmmng ft Dvng at Oho (1 p.m.) Athens. Oho. After a month layoff. BG returns to compettve acton wth a key dual meet aganst OU. Men's Basketball at Akron (3 p.m.) Akron. Oho. The frst of two meetngs between the East Dvson foes takes place n Akron. Women's Basketball hosts FOR RENT **> Wnthrop Terrace Apts. s Now Acceptng Applcatons & Deposts Fall '98 and Sprng '99 Featurng: Campus Shuttle 1 & 2 BR. FurnTUnfurn. 1 & 2 Full Baths 3 Great Locatons Please call for more nformaton "Upcomng Events" la servce to our readers borrowed daly va the Unversty web page. Tba calendar of events on the web page has a more complete lstng of events and can be accessed through " Akron (7 p.m.) Anderson Arena. BG faces a Northeast Oho foe for the secondstraght game when Akron nvades Anderson Arena Women's Gymnastcs at Oho State (7:30 p.m.) Columbus, Oho. Men's Tenns at MAC ndoors (TBA) Laurel H1U (Toledo). Eleventh Annual Reddln Symposum TBA 101 Olscamp Hall. Focusng on The Envronment of the Great Lakes." Reservatons requred. Sunday, 1718/98 Women's Tenns at Oho State (1:30 p.m.) Columbus. Oho. BGSU Hockey at Oho State (3 p.m.) State Expo Center Colseum (Columbus. Oho). After a nne-day break, the Falcons resume play wth a Sunday matnee aganst the Buckeyes. Ths game was orgnally scheduled for Jan. 17 (7 p.m.) Men's Tenns at MAC ndoors (TBA) Laurel Hll (Toledo). FALL Leasng UNTS GONG FAST! Fall 1998 Lsts Now Avalable > New Frazee (451 & 424) Ave. Apartments (Full) Frazee Ave. Apartments East Merry Ave. Apartments (522 Full) Feld Manor Apartments Mercer Manor Apartments Rdge Manor Apartments Campbell Hll Apartments (95% Full) GREENDRAR, NC GREENBRAR, NC. Hours 224 E. Wooster Monday - Frday 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. Bowlng Creen, OH Sarurday 9 a.m. -1 p.m. Come n today before t s TOO LATE! v.'

5 page 4 The BG News Wednesday, January 14, 1998 WRE WATCH Edtor-n-Chef Darla Warnock JAL nmate escapes from prson News Dgest compled from wre reports CHLLCOTHE, Oho - A Ross County jal nmate who apparently hung hmself had tred to cut hs wrsts before, the county sherff sad. Sherff Ron Nchols sad James Snyder, 34, of Greenfeld, was found about 12:30 a.m. on Sunday durng a routne check. Snyder was pcked up n Greenfeld on Wednesday for volatng hs probaton. He had been charged wth domestc volence n Frankln County, Joe Andrews, a spokesman for the Oho Department of Rehabltaton and Correcton, sad Monday. He had been on probaton snce beng convcted n 1995 of felonous assault and resstng arrest n Pckaway County, Nchols sad Monday. Nchols sad Snyder tred to cut hs wrsts after Greenfeld polce arrested hm, but the offcers were able to stop hm. He was taken to Adena Regonal Medcal Center n Ross County for psychatrc servces, but was released the next day. The Oho Adult Parole Authorty ordered that he be held n Ross County, Nchols sad. Greenfeld s n Hghland County. Nchols sad no psychoss was noted durng hs stay at the hosptal and there were no sucde attempts durng hs frst three days n the jal. Nchols sad jalers had no reason to place hm on a sucde watch. He sad also sad that a prelmnary nvestgaton found that jal procedures were followed. CRMNALJUSTCE Man made to stay at home COLUMBUS - A Macksburg resdent convcted of stealng about $17,400 from two penson plans of a company he once led has been ordered to stay at hs house for four months. U.S. Dstrct Judge James Graham, on Frday, also sentenced Paul M. Hetrck, 73, to two years of probaton. Hetrck prevously agreed to make resttuton of $23,310 to the plans. Hetrck was a former trustee of the plans and was presdent of the now-defunct Paul and Peg's Parts Corp. of Macksburg, about 85 mles east of Columbus. He pleaded gulty to embezzlng the money n September, two months after a federal grand jury ndcted hm followng an nvestgaton by the Cncnnat offce of the Labor Department's Penson and Welfare Benefts Admnstraton. STATE Vonovch orders protecton of farmland COLUMBUS - Gov. George Vonovch has ordered state agences to take nto account the protecton of farmland when they make decsons affectng land acquston and development. Vonovch ordered the agences to report whch actons may threaten farmland and what steps can be taken to mnmze the loss. The reports are to be submtted to Lt. Gov. Nancy Hollster by June 30. They wll become part of the Oho Farmland Protecton Plan that s to be drafted by the Oho Department of Agrculture's Offce of Farmland Preservaton. Federal statstcs show that between 1954 and 1992, more than one-quarter of Oho farmland - about 5.7 mllon acres - was lost to non-agrcultural uses such as urban development, recreaton, reforestaton and mnng. Vonovch sad contnued loss of farmland could hurt the state's $67.7 bllon-a-year agrcultural ndustry. ssung the order was one of several recommendatons the Oho Farmland Preservaton Task Force made when t ssued ts fnal report last June. WORST DRESSED Spce Grls top Blackwel's 'worst' lst LOS ANGELES - The Spce Grls are "the only spces on the planet that have no taste," says the acd-tongued Mr. Blackwell. The band topped hs 38th Annual Worst Dressed Women Lst, released Tuesday. No. 2 for fashon dshonors was Ellen DeGeneres ("Throw those baggy fashon bombs back n the closet"), followed by Madonna ("Let's be blunt, yesterday's 'Evta' s today's Velveeta"). "Despte the encouragng fact that old-fashoned glamour made a mn-comeback n 1997, the fnal results of ths year's lst amply reflect the fact that borng bombs, dowdy duds and frumpy flops contnue to ltter our landscape wth wretched regularty," Blackwell sad. n fourth place was Pamela Anderson Lee, followed by Jennfer Tlly, Sgoumey Weaver, Emma Thompson, Alca Slverstone, Frances Fsher and Marlyn Manson ("He looks lke Alce Cooper dong Rosemary's Baby"). The former dress desgner and self-apponted arbter commended a few "fabulous fashon ndependents," ncludng Anne Heche, Jada Pnkett and Courtney Love. MEMORAL Farley was a loyal frend SANTA MONCA, Calf. - Chrs Farley was a loyal frend who helped countless others strugglng wth drug dependency, Tom Arnold told about 500 people at a memoral servce. "He helped a lot of people durng hs sobrety, ncludng me and hundreds of strangers who he shared hs experence, strength and hope wth," Arnold sad Monday. Gary Busey, Jay Leno, Ben Stller and Jm Belush, whose brother John was Farley's dol, attended the publc servce at St. Monca Catholc Church. Lke Belush, Farley ded of a drug overdose at 33. Farley was found Dec 18 on the floor of hs Chcago apartment. "You can hear the angels laughng rght now because of hm," the Rev. Mchael Rocha sad of the "Saturday Nght Lve" comc who starred n "Tommy Boy." RENOVATONS ndependence Park to be renovated PHLADELPHA - Walter H. Annenberg has gven $10 mllon for the renovaton of ndependence Park, matchng pledges by the cty, the state and Pew Chartable Trusts. The gft from the publshng magnate and hs wfe, Leonore, wll ensure constructon of the Gateway Vstor Center, the centerpece of the effort to make the Lberty Bell and ndependence Hall more attractve to toursts. The money wll also go for an educatonal ste for the Lberty Bell's new cty-funded pavlon. Experts lnk secondhand smoke exposure to permanent damage CHCAGO - Cgarette smokng and exposure to secondhand smoke both sgnfcantly hasten hardenng of the arteres, and the damage may be permanent, a new study suggests. An estmated 30,000 to 60,000 annual deaths n the Unted States can be attrbuted to secondhand smokng, wrote the authors, led by epdemologst George Howard at Wake Forest Unversty n Wnston-Salem, N.C Ther study appears n Wednesday's ssue of The Journal of the Amercan Medcal Assocaton. Prevous studes have shown that secondhand smoke, lke actve smokng, can kll by causng more acute but reversble prob- lems, such as thckenng of the blood. The Amercan Heart Assocaton, whch advocates bannng smokng n all publc places, sad ths was the frst study to lnk passve smokng wth narrowng n the carotd arteres, whch carry blood to the bran. Carotdartery narrowng "ndcates that other blood vessels are smlarly affected. ncludng ones n the heart muscle," the assocaton sad n a news release. Dr. Stanton A Glantz, a secondhand smoke expert at the Unversty of Calforna-San Francsco, sad the study "provdes a real mportant brdge" between studes that have found that cgarette smoke causes deteroratng arteres and studes showng that passve smokers have an ncreased rsk of fatal heart attacks. "Ths flls n that mssng lnk," Glantz sad. Tom Laura, a spokesman for The Tobacco nsttute, whch s funded by the tobacco ndustry, sad advocates there had not yet evaluated the study. But he noted: "The majorty of studes do not show any ncreased rsk for non-smokers. We consder the scence to be nconclusve." Howard and colleagues used ultrasound to measure how much the carotd-artery walls thckened over a three-year perod n 10,914 adults aged Subjects who had smoked on average one pack a day for 33 years had a 50 percent ncrease n the progresson of hardenng of ther arteres when compared to non-smokers. The condton, called atheroscleross, s lnked Senator wants to revst space WASHNGTON -- Sen. John Glenn's ades have found themselves on rumor control duty amd ncreasng speculaton that NASA s ready to make a decson on puttng the former astronaut back nto space. Glenn's press secretary, Jack Sparks, devoted much of Tuesday to denyng reports tlat NASA was posed to put Glenn on a space shuttle msson. "Senator Glenn has not been nformed of a decson regardng a possble space flght," sad Sparks. Glenn, 76, wants to become the oldest astronaut, and NASA Admnstrator Danel Goldln sad last week that the proposal was under serous consderaton and a decson s possble n a matter of weeks or months. Feb. 20 s the annversary of Glenn's hstorc 1962 space msson, when he became the frst Amercan to orbt the Earth and was haled for hs bravery at a tme when rocket travel was new and dangerous. n the decades snce, Glenn has undergone yearly follow-up medcal tests for NASA, braggng that he passed each one wth flyng colors. On Tuesday, Sparks declned tu answer questons about Glenn's most recent NASA physcal and whether t dffered from past routne annual tests. "Senator Glenn s n extremely good physcal condton but feels t's premature to dscuss any medcal matters untl NASA makes a decson," sad Sparks. Mchael Braukus, a spokesman for the space shuttle program, sad he also had spent the day denyng the accuracy of a broadcast report that sad a Glenn flght was defnte. "There's stll no decson," he sad. Glenn, who exercses daly and stll plots hs own plane, has offered hmself as a human test subject for studes of osteopoross and changes n the body's mmune system durng agng. Space s a good place for geratrc study because there are smlartes between what happens to a body n zero gravty and what happens naturally over tme on Earth For Glenn to fly agan, NASA would have to change ts polcy aganst cvlans n space. The polcy was establshed after the 1986 Challenger exploson klled teacher Chrsta McAulf fe. Goldln also has sad another Glenn flght would be possble only f the admnstrator s convnced of the senator's safety and the scentfc' value of the research n whch he would partcpate. Glenn s preparng to retre from the U.S. Senate at the end of ths year. A Democrat, he has represented Oho there snce He wll turn 77 n July. TV depcts volence responsbly LOS ANGELES - A three-year study concluded that broadcast televson networks have become more responsble about depctng volence - wth the excepton of a new "shockumentary" type show that explots footage of death and destructon. Fox's "World's Scarest Polce Shootouts" and CBS' "The World's Most Dangerous Anmals" were among the programs cted for ther grsly content n the fnal UCLA Televson Volence Report, ssued Tuesday. "Whle the majorty of programmng deals responsbly wth volence ssues, realty-based specals do not," sad Jeffrey Cole, the report's author and drector of the UCLA Center for Communcaton Polcy. The study, whch began wth an analyss of the season, found that the networks have tempered the amount and nature of volence ared. But Cole sad that t remans a part of televson and parents should be vglant. " don't thnk they would necessarly let ther chldren have free regn through televson," Cole sad. "t's not a stuaton where they cannot pay attenton." The networks, whch fnanced the UCLA study, are not held blameless: There are excessvely volent shows amed at both chldren and adults, ncludng the abrupt rse of what the study dubbed "shockumentares." The genre was vrtually unseen on TV n the frst year of the study, but was represented by fve programs n and by 16 n the season. Crtcsm already has been leveled at such shows. "They're reprehensble," sad George Gerbner, a Temple Unversty professor who studes volence on televson. "They explot the worst fears and nghtmares of people." A call for comment on the study was not returned Monday by Fox, home to many of the realty shows. A CBS spokesman sad the report had yet to be revewed. The UCLA project also found that problems reman n four of the most popular chldren's shows. "Snster combat volence" was cted n "Teenage Mutant Nlnja Turtles" and "Project G.e.e.Ce.R" on CBS, and n "Power Rangers Turbo" and "X-Men" on Fox. As n past years, theatrcal moves contan some of the most ntense volence on televson, wth "Under Sege" and "Tombstone" among the examples offered by the study. Of the 107 seres that ared on the major networks ABC, CBS, Fox and NBC n , only two programs ("Walker, Texas Ranger"on CBS and thocanceed "Dark Skes" on NBC) rased "frequent concerns" about volence, the study found. That's compared wth fve seres n and nne n Occasonal concerns were recorded about sx seres n the latest season studed, ncludng the Fox programs "Mllennum," "X-Fles," "Slders" and "Amerca's Most Wanted: Amerca Fghts Back," as well as ABC's "Hgh ncdent" and CBS* "Nash Brdges." Researchers dd more than count epsodes of volence; they vewed each ncdent n context, accordng to the report Programs found to use volence approprately and show ts consequences as well were not cted as problems. The bggest mprovement has come n the category of on-ar promotons and teasers for upcomng TV seres and moves. Sucde may be lnked to gamblng DETROT - Casno communtes have sucde rates several tmes hgher than would be expected for communtes wthout legalzed gamblng, a researcher has found. That pattern could repeat tself n Detrot, whch recently a- warded lcenses to three casno groups, predcted Davd Phllps, a Unversty of Calforna professor n San Dego who conducted the study. "Economc desperaton s lnked to sucde," Phllps told The Detrot News for a Monday story. "And we know that for some people, gamblng s lnked to economc desperaton." Gamblng proponents have crtczed hs fndngs, sayng a drect lnk cannot be proven. The study dd not examne the crcumstances of each sucde for any drect lnk to gamblng. t's too soon to say whether the Wndsor casnos, whch opened across the border from Detrot n 1994, have affected the sucde rate there and n Mchgan, sad expert Angela Kennedy. She s executve drector of the Neghborhood Servces Organzaton, whch operates a 24-hour sucde preventon lne n Detrot. Compulsve gamblng experts say t takes up to fve years after a casno opens for the surroundng communty to feel the full mpact. n Wndsor, the numbers of sucdes snce the casno opened n 1994 have been uneven. Last yea, 27 people took ther lves n the Ontaro cty, up from 26 n n 1995, there were 25 sucdes and n 1996, there were 41. Wndsor polce Deputy Chef Glenn Stannard sad he couldn't make any connecton between hs cty's sucde totals and ts two casnos because he hadn't studed each death report. to strokes, heart attacks and other cardovascular problems. Among past smokers - who had prevously smoked an average of a pack dally for 25 years - a 25 percent ncrease n progresson was found. Among non-smokers who reported exposure to secondhand smoke for an average of 18 to 20 hours weekly, there was a 20 percent ncrease n the progresson of the condton when compared wth people wthout such exposure. The authors also found that some former smokers faced the same degree of arteral narrowng even 20 years after they had qut. An accompanyng JAMA edtoral notes that other research has suggested cgarette smoke damages cells lnng the arteres. Flynt plans to sell adult vdeos CNCNNAT - The Cty Councl has tred to quash Hustler publsher Larry Flynt's plans to sell adult vdeos n hs downtown bookstore. Councl met n emergency sesson Monday to close a loophole n a law requrng adult bookstores to be lcensed. The law requres a lcense for a busness carryng a sgnfcant or substantal amount of sexually explct merchandse and a busness makng a sgnfcant or substantal amount of ts money from sexually explct merchandse. The law does not defne what s sgnfcant or substantal. Untl Monday, sexually explct vdeotapes, compact dscs and other nonprnted materals were not counted toward the sgnfcant or substantal amount. Wth no dscusson, councl voted 8-0 to nclude those materals. "We want to make sure ths law s complete," sad Counclma. - ll Hemlch, who has sponsored the zonng and lcensng laws Flynt had sad he would start sellng Hustlerproduced vdeos at the store next month And he sad he would send copes to local meda and prosecutors. "1 really dont gve a damn," Flynt sad of councl's acton Monday. Cty law says adult bookstores and clubs may locate only n areas zoned for medum and heavy manufacturng. That law s temporary, but councl s expected to make lt permanent later ths month The cty s nvestgatng whether Flynt's store qualfes as an adult bookstore and s volatng the zonng and lcensng laws. Flynt has not appled for a lcense, and the store s not located n an ndustral area. The Hustler store opened n October. Flynt estmated that 30 percent of hs store's contents would be adult materal, ncludng magaznes and sex toys. The rest would be manstream newspapers, magaznes and books. He sad Monday the vdeotapes would not change the composton, and that 30 to 40 percent of hs sales have been of adult materals. L A,

6 Wednesday, January 14, 1998 The BG News page 5 Wrght State plans to make Peps (offcal school drnk: Ern Guess buys a Peps from the new vendng machnes nstalled. Many colleges are fndng themselves swtchng companes n order Alloc latrd Pren photo to fnd the cheapest deal to pass along to ther students. Kaczynsk agrees to psychatrc testng SACRAMENTO, Calf. -- Theodore Kaczynsk dropped hs safety net of slence and allowed a government psychatrst to probe hs psyche, submttng to hours of ntervews desgned to determne whether or not he s mentally ll. Kaczynsk's motvaton may be closer to that of hs prosecutors than the defense lawyers battlng to save hs lfe. The Unabomber defendant wants to prove that he s not deranged and s competent to act as hs own attorney. Kaczynsk talked to Dr. Sally Johnson of the U.S. Bureau of Prsons n a lneup room at the county jal Monday, and Johnson returned to the Jal ths mornng for more talks. Whle dscussons were gong on there Monday, Justce De- partment lawyers n Washngton, D.C. were consderng a possble plea bargan to end the tangled tral and send Kaczynsk to prson for lfe. Attorney General Janet Reno has repeatedly rejected a plea bargan offer. But after a week of turmol brought on by Kaczynsk's bd to defend hmself and hs apparent sucde attempt, defense lawyers asked - and the government agreed - to reopen plea dscussons. "We agreed, because t has always been our poston that we are open to further talks," one source told on condton of anonymty. The defense offer was more conclatory than ever, sources sad, but no decsons were lkely untl after the psychatrc test results come n. "The core of ther offer s to VJ J\ 13 C.REEV A'ARTMBWS plead gulty to anythng we want so long as he s not executed," one offcal sad. Defense attorney Qun Denvr declned to comment on the plea ssue. Johnson came to the jal Monday wth Kaczynsk's lawyers, Denvr and Judy Clarke, though she asked that the attorneys not attend her sessons. The lawyers were allowed to st wth sherff's deputes n an adjonng room and watch, but could not hear the sessons. Prosecutors dd not attend. Denvr sad Kaczynsk was cooperatng wth Johnson. Several hours of talks were held Monday, and more are to be held ths week. U.S. Dstrct Judge Garland Bun-ell Jr. has gven Johnson un- tl Frday to submt her report. Lawyers have untl next Tuesday to submt objectons. Johnson has prevous experence wth hgh-profle defendants. n 1981, she examned John W. Hnckley Jr., after Presdent Reagan was shot and wounded. Whle concedng that Hnckley had personalty dsorders, Johnson testfed that he was n control of hs behavor. Defense psychatrsts sad Hnckley suffered from severe depresson, delusons and schzophrena. He was found not gulty by reason of nsanty and commtted to a mental hosptal. n 1989, Johnson headed a team that evaluated the mental state of former televangelst Jm Bakker, who was found competent to stand tral and convcted on fraud and conspracy charges. BOOT STUDY : clusvty deals. "As state funds are cut back, unverstes are DAYTON - Cola wars have lookng for other sources of fundgone anythng but flat on college ng." campuses. Wrght State has seen ts take Wrght State Unversty has from outsde vendors who marannounced plans for a $2.55 ml- ket on campus rse from $212,000 lon, 10-year agreement wth the a year the past three years to Peps-Cola Co. Wrght State off- $391,000 ths year. That does not cals are n the process of fnalz- nclude the Peps deal. ng the deal, whch would make "There s a notceable ncrease Peps the school's offcal soft n the number of companes and drnk. products that want to advertse Under the agreement, Peps here," sad Janet Achterman, the wll be the prmary soft drnk unversty's vce presdent for provder on campus. Compettors busness and fscal affars. wll get access only to the bottom Peps spokesman Larry Jabshelves of coolers at the campus bonsky descrbed agreements bookstore and convenence store. such as the one wth Wrght State Larry Goldsten, senor vce as "part phlanthropc, part buspresdent of the Natonal Asso- ness development." caton of College and Unversty The beneft to unverstes s Busness Offcers, sad Monday also easy to understand. that such exclusvty agreements "The bottom lne s money," are on the rse. Achterman sad. "We're not go- "The vendors themselves are ng to pretend otherwse." becomng more aggressve n The Peps agreement calls for pursung exclusvty," Goldsten. Wrght State to receve $2.55 mlsad. "Two, t's a revenue source. lon over the next 10 years n for the nsttuton." drect payments, athletc sgns, He sad such deals usually scholarshp funds, marketng beneft both the school and the support and free products. corporaton. However, he ac- The Unversty of Dayton has knowledged that some students benefted from a smlar agreemght accuse ther school of t ment wth Coca-Cola. commercalzng the campus, "n recent years, these conand others may complan that tracts have become more prevathey can't buy ther favorte lent, and the amounts of money product brand at school. have been rsng - sgnfcantly," "t s on the rse," Bll Shkurt, sad Thomas Burkhardt, Dayvce presdent for fnances at ton's treasurer and vce pres- Oho State Unversty, sad of ex- dent for fnancal affars. DNNG SERVCES WANTED: Loyal BGSU students who want to earn money whle ganng expertse n publc relatons, marketng and sales. f you can work evenngs, we have a great job for you wth the Sprng 1998 Telefund team! Earn above mnmum wage and qualfy for cash bonuses and przes, too! For more nformaton, vst the frst floor of Mlet Alumn Center January and sgn up for an ntervew. ntervew tmes are lmted, so come early! DNNG SERVCES j Unversty L^k ^ Dnng L^ ^ BGSU BGSU Martn Luther Kng Jr. Weekend Hours 9{gw Leasng 2 Bedroom furnshed and unfurnshed May and August 1998 lor 2 bedroom summer only lmtedavalable 2 Blocks from Campus 480 Lehman Travel Grant Money s Avalable to Study Abroad The nternatonal Educaton Commttee of BGSU nvtes proposals/applcatons from undergraduate students tha wsh to study abroad n the Summer of 1998, the Fal of 1998 and/or the Sprng of Applcatons can be pcked up at the Center for nternatonal Programs (1106 Offenhaucr West) startng December 1, For more nformaton, call DEADLNE: January 30, 1998 ^ Closes Krescher -Sundal Food Court Pr., 1/16, 7:30am-7:00pm SaL, 1/17, 10:00am-7:00pm Sun., 1/18, 10:00am-7:00pm Mon., 1/19, 7:30am-7:00pm -Shadows Snack Bar Mdnght, Thurs., 1/15 -Slver Rver Cafe 8:30pm, Thurs., 1/15 Founders Food Court Snack Bar Fr., 1/16, 7:30am-7:00pm Sat, 1/17, 10:00am-7:00pm Sun., 1/18, 10:00am-7:00pm Mon., 1/19, 7:30am-7:00pm Mdnght, Thurs, 1/15 Peopens 7:30am, Tues., 1/20 7:00pm, Mon., 1/19 5:00pm, Tues., 1/201 7:30am, Tues., 1/20 7:00pm, Mon., 1/19 TS PATENT APPRECATON DAYS January 14th thru January 20th Affordable Chropractc Wll Be Offerng To All New Patents Free Spnal Examnatons and X-Rays (F NEEDED) n Our Clnc On Ther Frst Vst S. Hoxe, DC. Must Present Ths Coupon P. Oshea DC. AFFORDABLE CHROPRACTC Appontment Needed 1072 N. Man fnmc -Man Dnng 200pm, Fr., 1/16 cllly s Express Mdnght, Fr., 1/16 Man Dnng -Towers West GT Express -GTDell 2:00pm, Fr., 1/16 6:30pm, Thurs., 1/15 Fr., 1/16, 8:00am-Mdnght SaL, 1/17, 12:00pm-Mdnght Sun.,1/18, 12:00pm-Mdnght Mon., 1/19, 8:00am-Mdnght 11:00pm, Thurs., 1/15 The Galley Snack Bar Mdnght, Thurs., 1/15 ~\ Martn ***2 Luther KNG, JR. DAY #7 7:30am-Tues., 1/20 430pm, Mon., 1/19 7:30am, Tues., 1/20 4:30pm, Tues., 1/20 8:00am, Tues., 1/20 4:30pm, Mon., 1/19 6:00pm, Mon., 1/19 1

7 page 6 The BG News Wednesday, January 14, 1998 SPORTS Sports Edtor Jason McMahon The Colonel leads troops nto battle The Colonel s here to stay. Dan Daklch s the coach that BG men's basketball has needed over the past three years. Adversty does not phase hm, controversy does not make hm shrnk, and poor playng and/or offcatng wll not be tolerated. n short, BG has a qualty coach for the frst tme snce Bll Ftch left for the pros. One who cannot see the nfluence of Daklch s hs mentor. ndana coach Bobby Knght, a.k.a. The General, s blnd. The te-rppng ncdent earler ths season only renforces ths theory. There are some n the BG communty who stll doubt the capabltes of The Colonel. To those doubters, say examne what happened last Saturday aganst Eastern Mchgan. BG came nto Anderson Arena wth a depleted roster that ncluded the loss of Anthony Stacey. Controversal fnsh or not, BG beat the Md- Amercan Conference favorte - wth one proverbal arm behnd ts back. Can you magne a Jm Larranaga-coached team pullng off such a feat? What part of "yeah, rght" don't you understand? Grt and determnaton are two ntangbles that Coach Larranaga was severely lackns. These same qualtes ware frmly ngraned n Dakch after 17 years of tutorng by Knght. Knght's nfluence on Dakch s somethng that many BG fans wanted - and feared. They wanted a Knght-sh atttude to brng some ntensty to the Falcons. They feared t because that same ntensty could drve away some BG players n the same way they were drven from Knght's program. When Phl Murray left the team earler ths season, some may have argued that the abandonng had already begun. Dan Dakch, however, s a breed of coach that BG has not ' seen n a long tme. You ether play hard for hm or you're rdng the bench. That knd of atttude s exactly what a basketball program needs to get ts team to the top. Stll, Rome wasn't bult n a day and BG men's basketball ddn't slde to medocrty n one season. t wll probably take a couple of seasons - and a healthy Anthony Stacey - for the Falcons to be recognzed as a perrenal MAC contender. Coach Larranaga's one savng grace was that he was an excellent recruter. Stacey, Antono Danels and Shane See LEONARD, page nne. BG uses break to jump nto frst place BG New Phrt* by Jtrcm* Forward Tony Rcd looks around an Eastcn Mchgan defender n BG's wn on Saturday. The Falcons are currently n frst place n the MAC'S East dvson. The Falcons go 4-2 over Chrstmas despte losng Anthony Stacey for the season. By JM TOCCO The BG News Lmpng nto Chrstmas wth a 3-5 record and fve of ts most mportant games of the year occupyng the next fve slots on the schedule, t was tme for the BG men's basketball team to suck up the holday pounds and put some wns under the tree. And the presents rolled n. Punctuated by a wn over the team pcked to wn both Md- Amercan Conference dvsons, ths Chrstmas was one of the most frutful n recent memory. BG began ts league season on Dec. 29, wth a convncng 13-polnt wn aganst MAC East's top pck, Mam. BG played well down the stretch, tralng most of the frst half, but runnng away wth t n the fnal 20 mnutes. "That was a bg game for us because you want to get started out well n your league," sad coach Dan Daklch. "The frst game s always really mportant because f you don't get that frst game, you always feel lke you're comng from behnd." Anthony Stacey returned to the Falcon lneup that nght, cannng four 3-poners and leadng the team n ponts (19) and rebounds (6). "(Stacey) played wth such emoton and feelng that t just carred our team," Daklch sad. But that wn wll prove to be the last acton Stacey wll see ths season. He appled for a medcal redshrt soon after that game. "t got to the pont where comng back just wasn't safe for hm." Daklch sad. "'d love to have Anthony Stacey back. 'd de to have Anthony Stacey back. But for hm, t wasnt safe. We got lucky that t happened at a pont n tme where we could redshrt hm." Rocket romp The holdays are a tme of gvng, and accordng to Dakch, the Falcons handed the Toledo Rockets a vctory on Jan. 8 by not playng a full 40 mnutes. "Toledo came out to beat us, and we just came out to play a basketball game," Daklch sad. "We ddn't come out to wn, and t was over by halftme. That's too bad because we should have competed better aganst Toledo. felt that we ddn't compete near lke we should have." No respect Just two days later, the Falcons showed no respect to the overwhelmng MAC favorte Eastern Mchgan, topplng the predcted MAC champs, Despte two questonable calls, whch may or may not have affected the game's outcome, there s no queston about how BG played. "We competed for 40 mnutes," See men's MAC standngs, page nne 3b Men's Basketball w Kent Tonght 7 p.m. Anderson Arena BG: 6-7 overall, 3-2 MAC Kent 5-10 overall, 3-3 MAC Flashes only half-game out of frst Rado: WBV 96 7 FU) TaltvWon: none Dakch sad. " could tell from the tp that, wn or lose, we were gong to play ths game and play hard." "And really, of all the games!n the season, the one wth the least reason to play hard was Eastern. We were tred, we were worn out, and there was a lot of reason not to come out and play hard, yet we dd." Other games The Falcons started ther hot streak wth a wn at home over Wsconsn-Green Bay on Dec. 22. They also splt a conference road trp n early January, losng to Western Mchgan and beatng Central Mchgan See BREAK, page nne. Falcons and Flashes battle to stay undefeated By JASON McMAHON Ths perch an't bg enough for two brds. The Bowlng Green women's basketball team s after sole possesson of frst place n the Md- Amercan Conference East dvson tonght n Kent. The Falcons (10-3, 5-0 MAC) are currently a half-game behnd the Golden Flashes (8-5, 6-0 MAC) n the standngs. The Falcons are seekng ther fourth straght road,wn n the conference, but Kent's MAC Center hasn't been knd to vstors. The Flashes have won ther last 21 MAC games at home. And after wns on the road aganst Mam, Toledo and Eastern Mchgan, BG coach Jac Clark knows the Falcons have another step to take. "That's another ste we need to conquer," Clark sad. "Our goal s to be dvson champs, and that's one of the thngs we need to do - play well at Kent." Kent, the preseason favorte to wn the MAC East and the conference Tournament, s off to ts best start n the league n 16 years. The Flashes are notorous for a relentless pressure defense, one that has hassled opponents nto an average of 32.6 turnovers per game. Kent's full-court pressure suffocated the Falcons n BG's last trp to the MAC Center. " would expect a lot of pressure from Kent, full-court agan," Clark sad. "We're stll gong to have to handle that." The Flashes dd lose pont guard BJ. Smth-Goldman to graduaton. But even wthout her dogged defense, Clark expects nothng dfferent from Kent. "Ther style s bascally gong to stay the same," Clark sad. "Players mght play that style better or there mght be changes that takes some gettng used to, but they're playng pretty well n See women's MAC standngs, page nne the MAC season rght now." All-MAC senor Carre Templn leads the Flashes wth 16.2 ponts and 6.6 rebounds per game. The 6-foot forward from Hllpont, Wse., was on her way to a second straght frst-team All-MAC selecton last year when she broke her wrst Jan. 29, endng her season. Temp n leads a deep Kent team, as 10 dfferent Flashes average double fgures n mnutes. See UNDEFEATED, page seven. a. Women's Kent Tonght 7 p.m. Student Actvtes Center. Kent Basketball BG: 10-3 overall, 5-0 MAC Kent: 8-6 overall, 5-0 MAC Battle for frst place n MAC East Rado: WBGU (Ml FM). WF06 (1430-AM) Talavtolon: none BG tenns opens sprng season wth DePaul, OSU The women's tenns team gets early-season tests from the Blue Demons and Buckeyes. By G. MCHAEL GRAHAM t may offcally be wnter for a few more months, but hbernaton wll end Frday and Sunday for the Bowlng Green women's tenns team. As expected, the Falcons are anxous to get back to work after a few months off. The Falcons, however, wll have to take two early exams to determne where they are and what needs work. The exams come n the form of DePaul and Oho State. BG wll face DePaul at Orchard Park n Lma on Frday and take on the Buckeyes n Columbus on Sunday. DePaul unoffcally fnshed ahead of Bowlng Green at the Mchgan State nvtatonal n the fall. Ths wll be the frst match aganst OSU n the season. The Buckeyes pounded BG 9-0 n Columbus last sprng. But, as the Falcons know, com- MD AM MANOR, 11A «J vs T< >\XX APT. & SCHMELTZ PROP for next year petton n those forms wll help them prepare for the quest to wn the Md-Amercan Conference champonshp, whch would be the frst under coach Penny Dean. "They're defntely two of our strongest opponents ths semester," Dean sad. "They're strong down the lne. We need to play aganst these knd of teams." Last year, the Falcons began the sprng wth an 8-1 loss to ndana State, whch had already played one match. BG hopes to avod a bad start ths year despte havng less than a week's worth of practce. Dean sad her players have stayed n shape throughout the break, due especally to the plyometrlcs and lftng programs. She also sad the team has had the opportunty to practce match play n sngles ths week. Ths has not been possble n the past. Two Falcon players to keep an eye on for the sprng are sophomore Dedee Bssnger and freshman Abby Bratton. n sngles, Bssnger leads the team n wns wth an 11-2 record, whle Bratton s n a three-way te for thrd at 8-8. Freshman Meghan Rhodes and sophomore Alca Vassas also have eght wns. Freshman Erka Waslewsk s second wth 10 wns. Despte the good record, Bssnger sad the fall had ts ups and downs. t was especally rough on her when she came down wth a case of mono before the season began. "When was sck wanted to be out there bad," Bssnger sad. " learned that f you're determned and focused you can COLLEGATE CONNECTON See TENNS, page nne. Wthn walkng dstance of campus Ar condtonng 2 bdrm, furnshed or unfurnshed Gas heat, water ncluded wth rent Call Now!!! 641 Thrd St. Apt. 4 BG TUXEDO RENTAL BGSU Wear Sweatshrts»Hats«T-Shrts» Sports«Unprn»ed»Many Msc. tems n 6% off any one BGSlh or Greek tem Sororty & Fraternty Merchandse Swex>»shrts»Hats»T-Shrts«Pullover Jackets Come n And Check Out All The New Merchandse 531 Rdge, BG Mon.-Thurs. 10-8, Fr. 10-6, Sun S*

8 Wednesday, January 14, 1998 The BG News page 7 Mchgan stll leads n CCHA race By G.MCHAEL GRAHAM Fans who are tred of hearng about Mchgan are probably crngng when they see the Wolvernes back on top of the Central Collegate Hockey Assocaton standngs n the post- Brendan Morrson era. Three teams that have been hopng to see the bg, bad Wolvernes dethroned are Mchgan State, Mam and Northern Mchgan. The problem s that the Spartans fnd themselves fve ponts behnd Mchgan, whle Mam and Northern Mchgan are seven and eght ponts behnd Mchgan respectvely. Although, Mam and Mchgan State have played one fewer CCHA contest than the Wolver- OTES [gj^ Hockey nes. Mam and Northern Mchgan wll face off Frday n Marquette, Mch. The RedHawks and Wldcats splt the two earler meetngs at Oxford. Besdes catchng the Wolvernes, the wnner of the game could earn an upper hand n terms of hostng a frst-round playoff seres. Should the wnner of the game the" go on to wn Saturday, at least two ponts on the leagueleadng Wolvernes would be ganed. Mam travels to Lake Superor Saturday, whle Northern Mchgan hosts Western Mchgan. On paper, Northern Mchgan can't allow Mam to go on the power play. The RedHawks lead the league n power-play goals, whle the Wldcats have gven up the second most power-play goals. Mam s fourth n the league n penalty kllng, whle Northern Mchgan ranks last n power-play goals. Mchgan hosts Alaska- Farbanks on Saturday. On paper, the Wolvernes should wn bg. The Wolvernes rank second n the CCHA n both goals scored (63) and least goals allowed (34). Mam leads the league allow- ng just 29 goals n CCHA play. Alaska-Farbanks has scored the most CCHA goals (68), but have also allowed the most goals (102) n CCHA play. FOX Came of the Week Ths week the FOX Game of the Week features Alaska- Farbanks at Mchgan State on Frday. The Spartans could use ths game and a wn at Ferrs State Saturday n order to gan on Mchgan's lead. Other games On Frday, Western Mchgan travels to Lake Superor, whle Bowlng Green travels to Columbus to battle the Buckeyes at the Oho Expo Center. NCAA puts lmts on wrestlers' weght loss OVERLAND PARK, Kan. ~ The NCAA, jarred by the recent deaths of three wrestlers tryng to make ther weght classes, announced rule changes Tuesday that put new restrctons on the ways wrestlers shed pounds to make weght. Among the changes, effectve mmedately: Wrestlers may not use saunas for water loss, and rubber suts and duretcs cannot be used for any reason. NCAA rules already bar laxatves, flud restrcton, self-nduced vomtng, UNDEFEATED Contnued from page sx. Falcons en fuego BG set up ths frst-place showdown by reelng off fve straght wns over Chrstmas break to open the MAC season. The Falcons dropped an contest at Mchgan Dec. 21. Comng on the heels of an ugly performance at West Vrgna, BG found tself wth ts frst losng streak of the season. Clark gave the team sx days off over the holdays, and the Falcons returned a hungry bunch. Mam was the frst entree served up on BG's platter Dec. 30. The Falcons knocked off the RedHawks n Oxford, endng a strng of futlty at Mllett Hall. "The Mam game was a real bg game for us," Clark sad. "We won that game down there and thnk that gave us a lot of confdence, especally comng off the two losses." The Falcons returned to Anderson Arena Jan. 3, oblteratng Western Mchgan The offense stayed hot two days later, as BG wped out Central Mchgan Senor forward Charlotta Jones scored a career-hgh 30 ponts aganst the Chppewas, whch helped her net the MAC Player of the Week award. Jones has reached double fgures n ponts and rebounds n each conference game. HELP WANTED UtBH. Lne Cook Ktchen Prep Servers Host/ Hostesses Arport Hghway Toledo Amercan Heart Assocaton- f&tngh no, «BSJjj«t_ 9 hot rooms, hot boxes and steam rooms for dehydraton. The NCAA defned a hot room as a room wth a temperature above 79 degrees. For the rest of ths season only, a seven-pound weght allowance has been added to all weght classes, whch already have a one-pound allowance. For example, for the 118-pound class, wrestlers may wegh as much as 126 pounds. But as of Feb. 1, when the one-pound allowance ends, seven pounds wll be added to each weght class, makng 125 pounds the upper lmt of the 118-pound class. The n ther bggest wn over the break, the Falcons held off archrval Toledo, 85-80, at Savage Hall Jan. 8. The Rockets were the only MAC team BG ddn't beat last season, takng all three meetngs, ncludng the last one n the MAC Tournament semfnals. "We stayed tough at tmes we could have folded," Clark sad. "We ddn't fold." The Falcons only got three ponts from star guard Sara Puthoff - more than 13 below her season average. Clark admtted that she would have been hardpressed to beleve the Falcons could knock off the Rockets wth such a mnmal offensve output from her All-MAC senor. " thought we'd have a pretty dffcult tme," Clark sad. "But we're a team that's capable of a lot of dfferent thngs. had a lot of people that stepped up and played really bg." Bllter bolts Junor Chrssy Bllter has left the team after seeng her playng tme dmnsh. The 5-9 guard/forward dd not return to school for the sprng term. "We're through that stuaton," Clark sad. "t's somethng that happened over break. t's probably been comng for a lttle whle here. t was just a choce that was made." Blllter's last game was aganst Mchgan. She had appeared n seven games, averagng 2.4 ppg. rule s effectve only for the rest of ths season and s expected to be revewed when NCAA rules offcals meet n Aprl. Wrestlers may compete only n weght classes n whch they competed on or before Jan. 7 of ths season. All wegh-ns wll be held no more than two hours before a match, cuttng down the tme athletes have to lose weght. "Wth less recovery tme after wegh-n, a person who s usng hs head knows f he has to cut too much weght, he's not gong to perform on the mat," sad Marty Benson, playng rules Hal- The Elda, Oho, natve was named to the All-MAC freshman team after her rooke campagn, and had opened last season n the startng lneup. But she reportedly returned to the team ths season out of shape, and never worked herself back nto the mx. "The drecton she was gong, don't thnk was the rght drecton," Clark sad. "That drecton wasn't gong to lead her to helpng us out anymore ths year. "She's not returnng to the team, and t's a shame both ways. Anytme you lose somebody when they don't play out ther duraton, t hurts. can't replace somebody wth three years of experence. Everybody wll tell you that Chrssy was very talented. But talent s not always enough." Hot shots BG shot a season-best 63 percent from the feld n Saturday's wn at Eastern Mchgan, ncludng a szzlng 72 percent n the second half. The EMU numbers mproved an already mpressve arsenal of statstcs: The Falcons rank frst n the MAC n feld goal shootng (50.8 percent), 3-pont shootng (42.4) and free-throw shootng (77.3). Junor center Jack! Ratcrman leads the Falcons wth an outstandng 64.5 percentage from the feld. She s second n the naton from the lne, shootng 90.9 percent. M.A ('.r. '.'r -tn:. - >u A O WN*. * om DOMNO'S DELVERS $5.55 MENU LUNCH DNNER LATE NGHTt* a m 353-MEGA Mll V H P 1 V 11 V. NOBODY MA'- QUA 'llr M"l M UUAlltV A VAHFTV $5.55 STUDENT VALUE MENU - ORDER DY NUMBER Largo Cheese Pzza Medum 1-Toppng Pzza & 1 Coke Small 2-Toppng Pzza & 1 Coke O 10 Wngs. Breadstx & 1 Coke 1 Footong Sub & 1 Coke Cheesybread, 5-Pece Wngs & 1 Coke Small Cheese Pzza & 5-Pece Wngs Small Cheese Pzza & 1 order of Cheesybread ADDTONAL TOPPNGS 994 CHOOSE FROM 3 GREAT CRUSTS Handtossed, Thncrust, or Deep Dsh{OMpo>sn E.»a> ADD TO ANY SPECAL A) 4 OeodlU 0 Joutw 99* C) 7 Con* of Coke 994 D) Nvw Chvoybvad H.99 D) 5 P.-... Wl.q E. Wooster Greenwood Confer GO FALCONS son to the NCAA Wrestlng Rules Commttee. Dan Gable, who took ths year off as coach at owa after leadng the Hawkeyes to 15 natonal ttles n 21 years as coach, sad the changes were overdue, but prased them anyway. "t's been a long month tryng to get some of these changes," sad Gable. " ddn't realze how much protocol you had to go through to get what we thought were emergency changes. t's better late than never. t wll help the ndvdual and the sport." Medcal mracles start wth research don t beleve everythng you feel, Voo'v* bmn pjted from the world you once krww. The**'* a reason lot l. H l o«pr«v«ot>. H*»v«ry pwatont. But f's also vtvy reatable TREAT DEPRESSON 1 Cause of So>c<de A Sports Brefs Barkley to plead not gulty ORLANDO, Fla. - Charles Barkley, accused of throwng a bar patron through a wndow, plans to plead not gulty Wednesday and ask for a jury tral. Barkley, 34, was formally charged last month wth battery, dsorderly conduct, crmnal mschef and resstng an offcer wthout volence for the Oct. 26 fght. The Houston Rockets player had waved hs arragnment appearance and fled a not gulty plea n court papers n November, but the arragnment date was pushed back to Wednesday. He wll not attend the proceedng, sad hs attorney, Krk KrkconneU. Barkley clamed he was provoked after 20-year-old Jorge Lugo threw a glass of ce at a table he was sttng at wth three women. Lugo, who suffered a small cut to hs upper rght arm, was charged wth dsorderly conduct. Lou Holtz gets own Hall of Fame EAST LVERPOOL, Oho - Lou Holtz sad Tuesday he hopes a planned shrne to hs coachng career wll expand to honor people from the Oho Valley who have had great accomplshments. The Lou Holtz Hall of Fame, honorng the former Notre Dame football coach, wll be establshed n a former Bank One buldng n hs hometown n ths eastern Oho cty. Holtz won 100 games at Notre Dame and also coached at Arkansas and North Carolna State. "Many of the 16,000 members of the East Lverpool Hgh School Alumn Assocaton have been pushng for ths for some tme," Holtz sad n announcng the creaton of the hall of fame. Holtz sad he endorsed the dea wth one requrement. "'d lke to see the Hall of Fame concept expanded to pay trbute to those ndvduals n varous felds of endeavor up and down the Oho Valley who have left a lastng mpact on the regon." Mets sgn Japanese startng ptcher NEW YORK - Emulatng ther crosstown rvals, the New York Mets added a Japanese startng ptcher on Tuesday, agreeng to a one-year contract wth 32-year-old rght-hander Masato Yosh. n contrast to the Yankees, who gave Hdek rabu a $12.8 mllon, four-year contract, the Mets made a much smaller commtment to Yosh. The deal was thought to nclude a commtment of about $600,000, wth more avalable n performance bonuses. n addton, the Mets agreed they would place Yosh on uncondtonal release wavers at the end of the season f he requests, makng hm a free agent agan. "We expect he wll make the major league team, but there are no guarantees to that effect," Mets general manager Steve Phllps sad. "He's been a very successful ptcher n Japan. He's not a power ptcher wth an explosve fastball. He throws strkes and changes speeds and mxes up hs ptches to be successful." ndans sgn Karkovce to mnor league contract CLEVELAND - The Cleveland ndans on Tuesday sgned 34-year-old, free agent catcher Ron Karkovce to a mnor league contract, but he wll be part of the team's major league camp at sprng tranng. Karkovce, a 1982 frst-round draft choce of the Chcago Whte Sox, has had a 10-year major league career wth the Whte Sox. He has a.221 career battng average, but ht.181 last season n 51 games. Compled from wre reports LOOKNG TO MOVE OFF CAMPUS NEXT YEAR? OFF CAMPUS HOUSNG FAR Thursday, January 15, :30 p.rrt. Lenhart Grand Ballroom Meet: Landlords, Cty Offcals, and Unversty Offcals. * PRCE LST OF AVALABLE APARTMENTS WLL BE PROVDED Sponsored by Off Campus Housng. For more nfo. call: f * 4 x* 'fst \

9 page 8 The BG News Wednesday, January 14, 1998 NFL televson rghts end n network bddng wars AmdaUJ Pra pk«. Sean McManus, presdent of CBS Sports, announces hs networks purchasng the rghts for AFC games for four bllon over the next eght years. JOHNAKERS Orgnal and Alternatve Acoustc Musc «_ Showcased: ' East Coast Coffeehouse Conference Great Lakes Coffeehouse Festval New England Fall Regonal Thursday, January 15, :30 PM MacDonald Countrysde Free Admsson! QpeeUons? Call NBC left out after 33 years NEW YORK - Dsney struck a blockbuster $9.2 bllon, eghtyear deal wth the NFL on Tuesday, keepng "Monday Nght Football" for ABC and wnnng the entre Sunday nght cable package for ESPN. The stunnng contract ends NBC's 33 consecutve years of televsng pro football and leaves NBC and Turner Broadcastng out of the NFL for at least fve years. NBC's fnal broadcast wll be the Super Bowl on Jan. 25. Along wth the contracts sgned by CBS and Fox on Monday, the NFL wll take n at least $17.6 bllon from the four networks over the next eght years, a $2.2 bllon yearly average and more than double the annual take of the deals that expre ths month ABC made the dramatc announcement on "World News Tonght," when a correspondent sad: "ABC gets Monday nght, NBC gets nothng." ABC wll pay $550 mllon a year, a 139 percent ncrease from Cancun $303 San Jose $310 London $253 Madrd $271 ^JTWW/ J tll ^^.M.,1^ dewfemr COUNCL1 the prevous deal. ESPN wll pay $600 mllon, 135 percent more than ESPN and TNT pad, ndustry sources told The Assocated Press. CBS already agreed to pay $500 mllon a year for the AFC and Fox wll pay $550 for the NFC "NFL fans wll contnue to receve the broadest televson coverage n sports, wth all regular season and playoff games beng carred on over-the-ar televson," NFL commssoner Paul Taglabue. The new agreements wth ABC and ESPN - owned by The Walt Dsney Co. - and CBS and Fox provdes for rghts fees at guaranteed levels through the 2005 season. Whle the contracts are frm for the frst fve years, the NFL can reopen the contracts before the 2003 season. TNT, a dvson of Tme Warner nc.'s Turner Broadcastng System, has been snowng NFL games on Sunday nghts for the frst half of the season snce "TNT s very strong and we've made substantal nvestments n programmng, both entertanment and sports," Turner Broadcastng sad n a statement. "n f!3b«mocaam 8159 M MMHTMrartOW FnTWBMM FwMhrtnlUMta mmmmtmrn UTmTkLurtcaM ra»ho»ffod»m»tmr»nnvtn ButjMutammmflffl lookng at the NFL numbers, we weren't prepared to change our economc model for TNT or our afflates." TNT balked when t was asked to pay $295 mllon to retan ts half of the Sunday nght package, a TV ndustry source sad on the condton he not be dentfed. TNT had pad $124 mllon a year n the prevous deal. Whle employees reported a tense and gloomy mood at NBC and ABC as they awated ther fate, there was nothng but good news at "Black Rock," CBS' headquarters. Even the guards wore hats bearng the slogan "NFL on CBS." 'To know that we're back n the NFL s a real relef," sad CBS Sports presdent Sean McManus, whose network fell to No. 3 after losng the NFL to Fox four years ago. Ths s the second bg blow ths month to NBC, whch s losng "Senfeld" at the end of the season and could lose "ER." But NBC should not experence the dsastrous freefall CBS experenced after losng the NFL n NBC stll has a strong sports lneup, ncludng the NBA, Olympcs, baseball, golf and tenns. "NBC s probably the strongest network and could probably survve the loss of the NFL better than any of ts compettors," sad Neal Plson, the former presdent of CBS Sports who runs a consultng frm. Snce losng the NFC to Fox n 1993, CBS has been plottng ts return to the NFL And t accomplshed t n stunnng fashon Monday. The fnal plans began to ; be put nto place n December 1996, shortly after McManus became presdent of CBS Sports. Whle CBS was nterested n all three packages, the AFC was the most appealng, because t was undervalued n the last deal. More mportantly, CBS owns seven statons n AFC markets, compared wth three for NBC. "We know better than anyone what t s lke to have the NFL and what t s lke not to have the NFL and t s a whole lot better to have t," sad Mel Karmazn, chef executve offcer of the CBS Staton Group. "We had a tremendous advantage over NBC because of the owned and operated statons. f there s equal value on the network, we get the advantage of have n the four extra statons." CBS also was helped by the tmng of the negotatons. The AFC package was the frst to be negotated, leavng NBC wth an out f t lost. "The structure was an advantage for us," McManus sad. "We heard that NBC had an nterest n 'Monday Nght Football.' We knew once the AFC was gong frst, that NBC would ether have to pass on our bd or pass on Monday nght." CBS made ts bd to the NFL for the AFC late last week, McManus sad. Late Monday afternoon, NBC passed and CBS jumped at the opportunty. 10% dscount to all students & faculty wth a college D. (Good through the whole year.) 1027 N. Man Sun. - Thurs. 7am untl 11pm. Fr. - Sat. 7am untl 12am. ^ C\ C\ C\r\ Welcome Back! Happy New Year Unversty Bookstore (Convenently located on campus) New and used textbooks Specal order book servce -Chldren's books -Best sellers -Paperbacks -Study ads Magaznes -Calculators -BGSU sweatshrts and t-shrts -Art & school supples Flm & developng -Greetng cards -Gfts -BGSU mprnt tems -Health & beauty ads Specal openng hours: Tue., Jan. 13 8am - 8pm Wed., Jan 14 8am - 8pm Thurs., Jan. 15 8am - 8pm Fr., Jan. 16 8am - 5pm Sat., Jan. 17 8am - 5pm Closed Sun.. Jan. 18 & Mon.. 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10 Wednesday, January 14, 1998 The BG News page 9 Men's Basketball Standngs Women's Basketball Standngs MAC All MAC All W t FW. W Pet. W L Pet. EAST DVSON EAST DVSON Bowlng Green Kent Akron Bowlng Green Kent Akron Mam Mam Oho Oho Marshall Marshall S WEST DVSON WEST DVSON Ball State Toledo Toledo Ball State Western Mchgan Central Mchgan Eastern Mchgan Western Mchgan Northern llnos Northern llnos Central Mchgan Eastern Mchgan Saturday 1! Result! Saturday's Results Bowlng Green 78, Eastern Mchgan 7S Toledo 70, Mam 54 Kent 84, Central Mchgan 69 Western Mchgan 74, Akron 69 Oho 73, Northern llnos 57 Oho 88, Northern llnos 64 Toledo 76, Mam 56 Kent 86, Central Mchgan 68 Western Mchgan 89, Akron 83 Ball State 87, Marshall 67 Boll State 86, Marshall 78 Bowlng Green 97, Eastern Mchgan 85 Wednesda/ Games Wednesday's Games Kent at Bowlng green Bowlng Green at Kent Akron at Mam ' Mam at Akron Ball State at Eastern Mchgan Eastern Mchgan at Ball State Northern llnos at Toledo Toledo at Northern Dlnos BREAK Contnued from page sx. now be able to settle nto famlar roles and take some ntatve. Lfe wthout Stacey "There have been stretches n every game where... t's lke our Dakch says that no efforts wll guys are lookng for Antono be taken to fnd a walk-on n lght Danels," Dakch sad. "t's lke of Stacey's season-long depar- our guys are lookng for someone ture. to get them started, and n the The junor forward tore hs Eastern Mchgan game *hat Plantar Fasca, a tssue n hs wasn't the case." rght foot. Dakch says that players mght Kent relax yet BG contnues on tonght, as the team plays host to Kent. The Golden Flashes are led by freshman forward Kyrem Massey (14.1 ppg), and boast a decevng 6-10 record. " had not seen them, and lookng at ther record was hopng they weren't that good," Dakch sad. "But about two mnutes nto lookng at the tape, thought 'Uh- oh, these guys are pretty good.'" Kent has easly out-rebounded ts opponents, led by 6'9" sophomore center John Whorton, who also kcks n 11 ponts per game. "As look at t, they're maybe the best defensve team we've played all year," Dakch sad. "They play really hard and they'- re very athletc. Ths s gong to be a tough game on us. t'll be really nterestng." MEN'S BASKETBALL WEDNESDAY NGHT VS. KENT 7:00 ANDERSON ARENA students admtted FREE wth vald BGSU D WELCOME BACK! Good Luck n '98 Lookng for Part-tme Employment? LEONARD Contnued from page sx. KJne-Rumnsk all earned MAC Freshman of the Year awards under Larranaga. Dakch's ndana connectons, however, are bound to garner some excellent recruts not only from Oho but TENNS Contnued from page sx. overcome anythng." Dean s hopng to see her carry that momentum over from the Rolex nvtatonal nto the sprng. t was the frst tme she's shown consstency accordng to Dean. As for Bratton, she has a semester of experence under her belt. "She knows what to expect," Dean sad. "f we can keep her confdence up, she'll have a great year." Bratton would be pleased wth a wnnng record. "That would be good for my frst year," Bratton sad. "'ll defntely try to go out and play my best to wn every match also want to help out n crucal stuatons." n doubles, Bssngerand Bratton lead all Falcon double combnatons wth a 6-3 record. Dean plans to keep the combnaton together for now. other hotbeds lke Detrot and Chcago. As far as handlng adversty, beng able to survve the begnnng of the season should be evdence of Dakch's tenacty. Short of pestlence, was there anythng else that could have gone wrong "They're a good team wth excellent chemstry," Dean sad. "Each one seems to pck the other up when needed." As usual, Bssnger noted the Falcons would counter DePaul and Oho State wth ther bggest for the Falcons n November? Yet Dakch held ths team together and, by beatng Eastern Mchgan, put them n a posston to compete for the MAC East ttle. Smlar condtons would have made Larranaga throw n the towel. Dojongles Under New Management 893 S. Man 25<t Drafts 50<t Well Drnks 6-9p.m. Every day Thursday Nght Dnners 6-9p.m FRAZER REAMS FELLOWSHPS FOR RSNG SENORS WTH NTEREST N PUBLC AFFARS The Frazer Reams Publc Affars Undergraduate Fellowshp Program was establshed n 1973 n recognton of Frazer Reams, Sr. and hs dstngushed servce n the broadcastng ndustry as a member of Congress and as a Trustee of Bowlng Green State Unversty. Two S5000 Fellowshps may be granted annually to rsng senors (attendng BGSU for two semesters of senor year) who ntend to pursue careers n publc affars (speech communcaton, broadcastng, journalsm, poltcal or governmental servce, publc health, communty servce, law or some other publc affars feld). A mnmum 3.2 G.P.A. s requred. Applcatons are avalable at the Mlet Alumn Center. DEADLNE; FEBRUARY GRL SCOUT COOKE SALE get cookes! 4> GRL SCOUTS JAN Cooke Hotlne lethal weapon - team sprt. "t defntely adds on the court," Bssnger sad. "When you get along, t's easer on the court to help n tenns because you know each other as a person, not just as tenns players. Not too many teams can say that." Make no mstake, Dan Dakch s the boss and wll be for a long tme here at BG. The Colonel has arrved and the MAC had better be ready. SPRNG BREAK'98 CANCUN MAZATLAN SOU 'll PADRE JAMACA LOWEST PBCrS fclmbanteeol r*l\p^ "M.L NCLUSVE" FRFF PARTY PAK ORGANZE A SMA.. GROUP. A EAKNvAH&OUFURt'HEE URFS-UP nun Mudeuteess.cou Vst our Employment Rep Wednesday: Jan 14, and Thursday: Jan. 15 from 10-2 n the Student Servces Buldng or call: Mercer Manor Apartments One of BG's Newest Complexes Features 3 Bedrooms 2 Full Baths Ar Condtonng Freplaces Mcrowaves E. Wooster Bowlng Green, OH GREENBRAR, NC. Hours: Monday - Frday 9 a.m. -5 p.m. Saturday 9 a.m. -1 p.m. UNVERSTY DNNG SERVCES Unversty Dnng Servces s seekng BGSU students to work begnnng mmedately Sprng Semester We work around your class schedule. Work as few as 10 hours, or as much as 20 hours per week. The choce s yours! To apply, contact the dnng center of your choce n person or by phone. Commons Dnng Center Founders Keepers Food Court Galley Dnng Center Krescher Sundal Food Court McDonald Dnng Center Unversty Unon Unversty Unon Caterng DP YOU KNOW? By workng just 10 hours each week for 1 month you could have enough money to: * Make a car payment * Pay the monthly rent * Support your CD habt By workng 3 months or more you could have enough money to party n Panama Cty for sprng break! COME WORK FOR US! Unversty Dnng Servces»

11 page 10 The BG News Wednesday, January 14, 1998 The BG News Classfed Ads CAMPUS EVENTS CONGRATULATONS 19M PH ETA SGMA OFFCERS! Presdent: Suse OonVlo Vce-P'MJden: Susan Fscus Secretary: mdsey Edwards Treasurer Jm Cornell Hmnxan- Kelty snanklrn Conoraulatlons PH ETA SGMA Scholarshp Wlnnerall Angela pscomd BrandSnupe Suse DonVto JueHuner Meghan Krueger Kelly ShanWm Sally Taylor FMA WEO.JAN. 14TH «:30FCSGALLERA SPEAKERS: students from FT JOHNAKERS Orgnal a Allernarj ve acouslc musc. Has showcased a! major entenamment regons such as the East Coast Coffeehouse Conference, tre Great Lakes Cotteehouse Festval and the New England Fall Regonal. Thursday, Jan 1S. 1M7 7:30pm - MacDonaJd Countrysde Free Admsson" sponsored by UAO Questons? Call NOW OPEN Hockey Equpment January Clearance 99 cent skate sharpenng w/ad Falcon House Sootng Goods 900 E. Wooser a S College Phone: S Man Downtown PREMERNG JANUARY 20 S30PM THE NEW BG 24 NEWS Cable Channel 24 YOUR HOME TEAM" TUNE N TO FALCON HOOPS TONGHT! Be sure 10 catch the LADY FALCONS BAS- KETBALL TEAM n acton as they lake ther undefeated 5-0 mac record up aganst the equally unbeaten Kent Golden Flashes. Ar Drne s set for 6 40 tonght on your Sports Authorty 8g 1 WBGU UAO Sprng Break 96 Oaytona Beach March Cost $269 w/trans Hotel only tpnee ncreases alter Jan. 1S) S*gn-up now n *m UAO omce 330 Unon Any questons call the UAO Offce canmsmu Large & Small Houses Stll Avalable 211 E Reed St. 3 Bedroom for 5-6 students 311/316 E. Merry St. Apts. 9 payment lease, Furn., A/C. And also several other Apts. Also Rooms. Lstng aval. 24 hrs Offce 316 E Merry «3 or call THE TANNNG CENTER 3 LOCATONS THE WASH HOUSE THE HEAT 248 N. Man 904 E. Wooser SOUTHSDE LAUNDROMAT 993 S. Man PERSONALS ROWNG CLUB COACH NEEDED Experence Needed Contact: Rob Emmet: AGO-AOD'AOO Congratulatons to Sarah Quck on her pearlng to Jame Garrson. We are so happy lor you both! AGD'AGD'AGO AGD-AGD'AGD* Congratulatons to Heather Harvey on her recent engagement to Chrs Farwell. We are eo happy for you both! AGD'AGD'AGO ALPHA GAM'ALPHA GAM Congratulatons to All Trolta on her engagement to Man McKenle. We wsh the beet lo you both! ALPHA GAM'ALPHA GAM- ALPHA GAMMA DELTA Congratulatons to Shelley Lews on her pearlng lo Jske Long. Beet wshes to you both! ALPHA GAMMA DELTA AOAO AO Congratulatons lo Amanda Glessner on her pearlng to Matt Canon! AO AO AO AO AO AO Congratulatons 10 NeJu Herman on her lavalerng to Korey Heselman! AO AO AO Bartenders 6. Floor Staff Needed Bo jangles 693 S Man CAMPUS POLLYEYES PZZA 440 E. Court St.-next lo smokestack FEATURNG Stuffed breadsdcks pzza pasta soup Salad-subs-crossants-oesserts-bumtoes nachoa A more" Great dne n specals every day of the weak. All U CAN EAT pzza, soup snd sslsd buffet. A greet selecton ol mport snd domsstlc beer snd wne. Best Hsppy Hour n town 4-9 daly Fl your Summer wth PREMER LEARNNG and graduate w. EXPERENCE n your feld Those who are NEW to co-op: CO-OP KCK OFF Frday, Jan. 23rd. 3:30 PM 117 C scamp Pad postons Hardresser/Nal Tech Desperately seekng new clents For a har rasng experence call Robert at ntramural offcals needed for basketball and team handball. Apply the frst week of Sprng Semester n 130 Perry Feld House. Mus attend mandatory tranng dmes and pck up te taks home lest after Jan. 11 and return by Monday, Jan. 19 for basketball, and test must bs returned by Jan. 27 tor team handball. ntramural entres due* Women's A Co-Rec basketball Jan 20. Men's basketball Jan 21; Women's bowlng Jan 27. men's a women's team hand ball-jan. 28 (Come and learn lo play. Jan Opm n the Turf Room. Perry FetdHouse). All entres due by 4 00pm on due das m 130 Perry Feld House. LAST CHANCE SENOR PORTRATS LAST CHANCE Startng Monday Jan. 26 Carl Wolf Studos wll be on campus takng senor portrats tor Ss fnal tme ths year. You must attend ths season 10 be ncluded n the 1996 yearbook. Portrats wh be taken daly from 10am-6pm n 28 West Hall (yearbook offce). Please cssl lo schedule a sttng. The $6 strong fee can be charged through the bursar LOOKNG FOR YEAR-POUND EMPLOY- MENT? TREDOF WORKNG WEEKENDS' Earn $8.50 an hour A great benefts at UPS Go to RM. 360 Student Servces lo schedule an appontment to meet wth a representatve on Wed. Jan. 14or Thur.Jan UPS S AN EQUAL OPPORTUNTY EM- PLOYER 20 Vsts for $40 Expres 1/31/98 Servng BG snce &4 SEXTO STREET * Z bdrm furn & unfurn aparlmtnl* * free gas heal, water &. sewer * Eaeh apt has a balcony or pato * Washer/dryer on the premses * Some wth mcrowave* NEWPVE Rentals Campus Tannng 8 weeks S Sprng Break. 1 mo. unlmted $ UAO Sprng Break Daytona Beach March Cost $269 w/trans. $150 Hotel only (prce ncreases after Jan. 15} Sgn- up now n the UAO Offce 330 Unon Any questons call the UAO Offce Wsnted 100 students Lose lbs. New metabolsm breakthrough Dr recommended. guaranteed. $30 cost. Free samples We want to adopt a baby. Four years ago we were blessed wth the adop Don of a beautful boy. Today we hope to be just as fortunate by locatng a brth mother who fnds us to be the rght famly for her baby. My husband and are both artsts and own our own desgn busness We work at home whch allows us tons ol ome lo be together. Our son Tucker very much wants lo be a bg brother snd asked f he could adopt the baby too. To speak to Tom or Deborah call: 1-SSS WANTED Female subleaser needed ASAP'Cal Roommale Needed: Own bedroom, furn or not $275/mh ndud. utls. close to'everythng. Call Tm HELPWANTED 100 nstructors/counselors needed Coed sleepaway camp. Pocono Ms.. PA Good salary/lps' (906) ATTENTON STUDENTS Now hrng tor Spnng Semester Part Tme Less than one block from campus ttvhr. STARTNG PAY 3 shfts avalable AShft:7:OOam-10:OOam B Shft 10 15am -1 15pm C Shft: 1:30pm-4.30pn New F lex bs Hours Avsllsblal Possblty of workng hours and gettng pad tor Babystter wanted. Afternoons. 4 yr. old grl. 7 yr. old boy Exp. & transp. necessary. Call or Babystter needed afternoons or Babystter, pan tme for professor's toddlers 3524)189 Babystter needed n our home. Tues.. Weds. «Thurs.9am12:30pm Call Babystters for Tues. & Thurs. mom. A mdday. 2-3 slots avalable. Rel req Call Nancy Houston Bouncers nssdsd St Uptown See Manager after 9pm. Chldcare needed for kndergardener & s mo. old grls m our Rossford home, 2-4 days per week. Must have references, non-smokng envronment. Please call Chldcare 13 yr old Mon 6 Wed: Trans, req. Call Cook needed lor SO men expenence necessary. f nterested please contact Chad at Q*AG8 Tk r 8 A ok<*»* <?htoex AJtVfnaMV* Ocdtvng Vmw W«or toodekjafemp j»w«<fy mported) Cgon Oov* Qgoraltas ntern* Urtqu* Conc»W Top»un«Stcks** Povwrj 200* Te* tofchwoffe ponft Half GHrT#fXoo.d 6 slv»0 & orhen Oody PuHrWn(lOO% guorontae)* Laortwr poddsd wool locks* Scw-ved oh 6 lononj rsmp ftolh Monc Pome hotf cotonng Cvtmlb Ott*f urtqu* J»w»lry 445 E. Wooster (At the ralroad tracks) Mon-Sot: 1. :00-9 Sunday Management nc. 142 bdrm Close lo campus. 710 N.Enlcrprsc/Henz-Ste Apts.) Rents start al 375/ mo * utls. 2 bdrm ncludes washer A dryer. Call for nfo /(JEECA Management nc. 1A2 bdrm 1082 Fab-vew Avt.(HlLsdale Apts.) unque floor desgns, vaulted celngs, washer/ dryer hook-up n the 2 bdrm. Rents start al 350/ mo ulls. For more nfo call Management nc. Studo Apts. 215 E. Poe Rd (F.vergrten Apts.) Laundry on ste. One person starts at 230/mo utls are ncluded. For more nfo call /tfetca Management nc. 1 bdrm 215 C. Poe Rd(Evergreen Apts.) Very spacous, laundry on ste. Rent suts al 340/ mo elec. For more nfo call COME JON OUR TEAM Supportng Lvng Ass't hr Home Cars Workers $ «/hr Hsbllltsllon Asst. $ The Anne Grady Corporaton s seekng qualfed applcants wth a strong work elhc who take prde m ther work. Employment opportuntes ndude Supported Lvng Ass't. lull lme. part tme, and substtute, Home Care Workers ndude: full-tme, Part-Dme, and substtute Support Lvng Asst. provde assstance to consumers wth mental dsabltes who lve ndependently n the Toledo area. Habtaton Assl. work drectly wth ndvduals who lve ml the Anne Grady Center. Home Care Workers provde asst. to ndvduals lvng n a Group Home sellng. Experence workng wth te dsabled: nursng home/home health expenence s a plus Supported Lvng Ass't and Home Care Worker, applcants must be able lo work ndependently. Mus have a good drvng record and proof of aub nsurance: ablty to successfully complete CPR/Frst Ad cernfawon The Anne Grady Corporaton offers a pleasant work envronment and excellent benefts tor full-tme and part-tme employees, ncludng nsurance benelts. pad vacaton and sck lme, hkoday tme, mege rembursement. f nterested, please come to the Anne Grady Center to complete an applcaton. ANNE GRADY CENTER 1528 EBER ROAD HOLLAND. OHO EOE FREET-SHRfT $1000 Credt Card fundrasers for fratermtes, sorortes A groups. Any campus organzaton can rase up up$1000 by earnng a whoppng $5.00/VSA applcaton Call ext. 65 Qualfed callers receve FREE T-SHRT. HOME CHLD CARE Famly lookng for daytme chldcare-2 wkdays (10-15 hnvwk) m ther Maumee home. Some flexbhy on whch days ol the week. Chldren ages 22 months (grl) A 6 months (boy). Lookng for experenced canddate wth at least two references. Starlng salary at $6 an hour. Can Susan Booth at MONEYFOR FUN Progressve Whtewater Ratng Company dedcated to creatng a dverse stall seeks exceptonal, outgong ndvduals for seasonal employment as raft gudes. Fluency n a foregn language a major plus. No experence necessary. Contact: NORTH AME RCAN RVE R RUNNE RS PO Box 81, HCO, VW E-MAL: raftnarr aol com EOE \ \ n my book. SamB's. m\ favorte BG rcsauran. deserves star bllng. t's the best place to eat between Toledo \ Columbus. ^^ 7heTorA>Blad<Kt«a\ H6 North Man Bowlng Green Ml Pan sm* d.shwasner n««ded mmedately Also naadad Pan ttna wat staff. Call BG Country Club. 3S Pan tme postons avalable lor Lfeguards at the Nchot Therapy Pool. Vaned work shfts Must have dploma or GED and current Red Cross Lfeguard tranng and CPR. Salary $6.00 hr. AppkcaBon packets may be obtaned from the Wood County Board o' MR/DO. Ent B, 1116O E Gypsy Lane Rd, BG 8 OOam-430 EOE. The KEY Yearbook has mmedate openngs for story wnters and secton edtors. Some postons pad and some are volunteer. Stan buldng your resume. Flexble hours. Call Cndy or Vcky for more nto Ths poston serves as Recepons/General Offce Worker for the Regstraton area n Contnung Educaton. Prevous offce experence preferred hours per week Mon-Fr. Salary S5.15 per hour. For addtonal nformaton cah. Mary Harmng5.3/? 81H1 Wauafl postons avalable Must be able to work days and/or nghts Apply m person at Brandywne Country Club. FOR SALE Florda's New Hotspot South Beach $129' Bars Open Untl Sam> Great Beaches. Actvtes. Warmer Weather) Try Cocoa Beach- Hlton $1701 Oaytona $1491 sphngbreaktravel com Spnng Break Bahamas Party Cruse' 6 Days $279' ncludes Meals. Partes & Taxes 1 Great Beaches & Nghtlfe' Leaves From South Florda l Spnng Break Panama Cty! Stay On The Beach Near The Best Bars $14916 Free Partes & Free Cover Charges ncluded 1 Hurryl Subaru Legacy. 4 dr. HB wagon. Automatc. A/C. all power, ores yr. old, no rust. $3200 neg. Call Loft for Sale Good condton. oh-whue colored. $100 OBO Call Smth Corona 5000 plus personal word processor. Lke new-used by grad student Complete wth montor, reference manuals & 14 rbbon cartrdges. Askng $250 OBO btwn6-9pm Table plus 4 chars-30n x 48n wood w/medrum brown lamnate top, matchng chars. Great sze for apt $ FOR RENT Rentng Apts ft Houses 211 E Reed 321 E. Merry B 6 bdrms 315 E. Merry - Downstars Also. 2 bedroom apartments School yr. leases, all dose to campus BORM Apt 4261/2E Wooster Fall Lease $42Smo. ut ncluded days 2 BDRM apt th St Fall Lease $400Vrno., w/d hookup days Apartment lor rent One bedroom Q Unv. Courts new bath, carpet,.'rdge Aval. mmedately call Scon Apt. kx rent 1 bdrm., kj. ktchen, quet neghborhood. Snort term lease. $250 Call Duplexes/houses for Oe-W school year Elf, 1 ft 2 bdrm.-1 to 3 tenants 12 month leases only Steve Smth (no calls after 8pm) F. to share new 3 bdrm. furn condo $3507mo»um.2m from campus Female roommate needed - own room school year Houses. 1 ft 2 bdrm. furn. apts for scnoolyear Call Mew 2 bdrm. house. Sem-furn. 2 car garage. low utl. 10 mm. from BG. No pets $550 mo plus udl. Call NOW AVALABLE 1 ft 2 Bedroom apts. close to campus Call for rates Now Leasng for BR. 2 BR, Duplex apts. 12 mo Call (10-4) Hghland Management Responsble, non-smokng female, wanted to share 2 bdrm. apt. for summer, possbly followng school yr. $235/mo, close to campus. Call Wave message. SUBLEASERS NEEDED MMEDATELY'! Frazee Ave apts., 2 bdrm. close to campus. Call Aaron Very small 2 bdrm. house. Pets OK. $500/mo. ft UD. Avalable now. Call FALL 1998 LEASNG AVALABLE! Newly Constructed for Fall Bedroom, Furnshed, A/C, & Freplaces 808 Frazee Ave. 224 E. Wooster Bowlng Green OHO GREENBRAR, NC. Hours: Monday - Frday 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. Saturday 9 a.m. - 1 p.m. Employment Postons Avalable: Aerobc Leaders, Equpment Room Supervsors, Floor Supervsors, Lfeguard, Customer Servce Representatves, and Weght Room Supervsors. NOTE: f you are nterested n Offcatng please contact the ntramural/ Sport Club Offce n the Party Feld House at Recreatonal Sports wll be hrng for the academc year. On Mon., Feb. 2 & Tues., Feb 3 applcatons wll be avalable startng at 7 am n the Actvty Center of the SRC. Aerobc applcatons wll be avalable Feb. 4 & 5 n the man offce. Arrve early due to the lmted number of applcatons For more nformaton call Catherne "Cat" FTNESS DANCE FOR HEART February 14 Aerobcs Extravaganza Jon us from 9»m - Noon for door przes, free fdodand: lots of aerobcs. Jon us n ths fundraser for the Amercan Heart Assocaton. Call Cathy Swck O for more nformaton NTRAMURALS EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNTES Basketball and Team Handball Offcals needed for Sprng Semester. Apply n 130 Perry Feld House. Pck-up take-home test and return by Jan.19. Must attend mandatory tranng clncs: Basketball - Jan. 20. ntramural Entres Due Basketball (Women & Co-Rec) - Jan. 20 Basketball (Men) - Jan. 21 Bowlng (Women) -Jan. 27 Team Handball (Men & Women) Jan. 28 Entres due Dy 4:00 pm n 130 Perry Feld House. \