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2 bele jesuit preparatory school sports baquet program Volume XXVI This is a official publicatio of Bele Jesuit Athletic Departmet. The staff would like to express gratitude to followig idividuals ad groups for ir help i makig this program. Mr. Johy Calderi, Mrs. Sujayla Collis, Mr. Herze Cortes, Mr. Germa Delgado, Mr. Thomas de Quesada, Mr. Thomas Domiguez, Mr. Wilso Dodo, Mrs. Teri Elias, Mr. Brya Lorezo, Mr. Matw Murphy, Mr. Rick Raimudez, Mr. Jose Roca, Mr. Augusto Veegas, Mrs. Lourdes Vega, Mrs. Carol Vila, Echoes Staff, Vicam Staff, Fox Mar ad Parets. Advertisig cotet is ot edited or pre-screeed by Bele Jesuit. Idividual advertisers ad/or its authors are solely resposible for its cotets ad y do t reflect views or opiios of Bele Jesuit. For commets or correctios, please Rev. Pedro A. Suarez, S.J. - Presidet Rev. Guillermo Garcia-Tuño, S.J. - Pricipal Mr. Carlos Barqui - Athletic Director Mr. Victor Arrieta - Editor 500 Southwest 127th Aveue Miami, Florida

3 Table of Cotets Presidet/Pricipal s Letter Athletic Director s Letter Studet-Athlete Hoor Roll Cheerleadig Varsity Baseball Varsity Basketball Varsity Crew Varsity Cross Coutry Varsity Football Varsity & JV Golf Varsity Lacrosse Varsity Roller Hockey Varsity Soccer Varsity Swimmig Varsity Teis Varsity Track & Field Varsity Volleyball Varsity Water Polo Varsity Wrestlig Juior Varsity Baseball Juior Varsity Basketball Juior Varsity Crew Juior Varsity Football Juior Varsity Lacrosse Juior Varsity Soccer Juior Varsity Volleyball Juior Varsity Water Polo Freshma Baseball Freshma Basketball Juior High Baseball Gold & Blue Juior High Basketball Gold & Blue Juior High Cross Coutry Juior High Football Juior High Hockey Juior High Soccer Gold Juior High Soccer Blue Juior High Swimmig Juior High Teis Juior High Track & Field Juior High Volleyball Juior High Wrestlig 6th Grade Baseball 6th Grade Basketball 6th Grade Cross Coutry 6th Grade Soccer 6th Grade Track & Field Bele Sports Hall of Fame Newspaper Clippigs Advertisig Lord, Teach me to be geerous, Teach me to serve you as you deserve, To give ad ot to cout cost, To fight ad ot to heed wouds, To toil ad ot to seek for rest, To labor ad ot to ask for reward, Save that of kowig that I do your will. St. Igatius of Loyola ( )

4 Bele Jesuit Preparatory School May 6, 2009 Dear studet athletes, All of you have made great sacrifices ad tried to be best at your favorite sport, to greater glory of God. O behalf of your coaches, teachers ad admiistratio, cogratulatios for your perseverace, sportsmaship ad desire to excel durig seaso. The Jesuit spiritual traditio ispires us to seek God i all thigs, icludig sports. Healthy competitio brigs best of you as you try to achieve success. The effort required to be best i sports trais you to pursue excellece i your ow persoal lives ad i your future professios. We are proud of Bele studet athletes! May Lord cotiue to ispire each of you to excel i your lives ot oly as athletes, but also i academics ad i service to ors. May Our Lady of Bele, humble Mor of Christ, help you to be better me for ors, both ow ad i future. Sicerely yours i Lord, Rev. Guillermo Garcia-Tuño, S.J. Pricipal Rev. Pedro A. Suarez, S.J. Presidet 500 SW 127th Aveue, Miami, FL Tel Fax

5 Bele Jesuit Preparatory School A MESSAGE FROM THE ATHLETIC DIRECTOR Our sports program ejoyed aor outstadig seaso, Our varsity teams had a combied record of 134 wis ad 46 losses. 12 of our 13 varsity sports recorded wiig seasos. The highlights of year were our Varsity Swimmig team wiig ir 4th cosecutive State Champioship, our Varsity Football team ejoyig a historic seaso by goig all way to State Champioship game for first time i school history. Our Varsity Cross Coutry team fiishig as a State Ruer Up ad our Varsity track ad field team wiig Regioal title. Or otable team achievemets: Varsity Baseball team, Soccer team, Teis team, ad Water Polo teams all wo district champioships ad our Basketball team fiished as district ruer up. FHSAA STATE ACADEMIC HONOR ROLL: The followig Bele Jesuit varsity teams made FHSAA Academic Team Hoor Roll; basketball, football (fiished i first place), cross coutry, soccer, teis, track ad field, volleyball, water polo ad baseball. The FHSAA makes this list based o combied GPA of all of members of a particular team also had some coachig milestoes. Coach Richard Stuart was selected as Coach of The Year by South Florida Touchdow Club, ad Coach Stuart alog with Kirk Peppas are i ruig for Coach of Year by Miami Herald. Our Athletes also cotiue to excel: I swimmig Carlos Omaña ad Ady Vazquez were idividual State Champios each with two idividual first places. Their times were fast eough to ear m All America status. I wrestlig Esteba Gomez-Rivera came away with a State Champioship by takig first place i 119 lb. weight class. I baseball Marcos Caldero has bee amed as 4A Regio player of Year. I football Pablo Alvarez siged a full scholarship with Divisio I Uiversity of Virgiia. He is also amog top 3 hurdlers i Coutry. Sophomore Elliot Clemete fiished 1st place i Juior Natioal qualifyig meet i 3,000 meter race. Our 4x100 meter relay of Javier Rodriguez, Pablo Alvarez, Nick Meocal ad Nic Platt wo state champioship i school record time of Pablo Alvarez also wo state champioship i 300 M hurdles while settig a ew school record, Pablo also set a ew school record i 110 M hurdles. Also settig school records i track ad field were Javier Rodriguez log jump ad 100 M, Nic Platt i 200 M ad Elliot Clemete i 3200 M. At middle school divisio our teams cotiue to be domiat ad Bele Jesuit cotiues to have what is arguably best over all athletic middle school programs i Miami-Dade Couty. NEW PROJECTS: A ew varsity cross coutry course is beig built o campus makig Bele Jesuit first school with a permaet facility. Mr. Fracisco Ruiz 73 was istrumetal i dream becomig a reality! Preferred Care Parters doated ewly istalled vita course. Or major cotributios were made by Mr. Raul ad Paola Rodriguez (Agua Dulce Ivestmets), Alexis Mateco, Nike, Suris Costructio, Mr. Jose Smith, Florida Home Medical Equipmet, The Garrido Foudatio Ic., Mr. Carlos Pei ad Mr. Naldo Gozalez. Or projects for ear future iclude a ew 50 meter swimmig pool; spearheaded by Zumpao family (Carlos ad Joseph); Mr. Robert Bares ad Associates, Dr. Steve Avalo, Mr. Carlos ad Mrs. Marta Lopez-Catera, Mr. David Garcia, Mr. Roger Tomassio, Mr. Jose Gozalez, Mr. Emil Ifate, Mr. David Wiker, Mr. Arie Shevi, Mr. Kirk Peppas, Fr. Feradez-Travieso S.J., Fr. Guillermo Garcia-Tuño S.J. ad Mr. Da Baker. Or projects iclude reovatio ad resurfacig of track, improvemets to baseball field, reovatios to football field ad developmet of 3.5 acre parcel of lad located west of baseball stadium.

6 May, may thaks Mr. Agel Clemete Mr. Roger Lopez Dr. Joh Feradez Mr. Jua Rodriguez Ms. Carme Martiez Mr. Julio Lopez Ms. Miriam Guso Sports Baquet orgaizers Ms. Maria Esteba Ms. Aa Gozalez (Jr. high) Ms. Georgia Lopez Ms. Diaa P. Egues Ms. Aa Marie Moreiras Ms. Cythia Meocal Ms. Christia Mesa Ms. Mayra Feradez May, may more thaks to: Fr. Pedro Suarez SJ, Fr. Guillermo Garcia-Tuño SJ, Ms. Beatriz Jimeez, Ms. Carola Calderi, Mr. Jose Roca, Mr. Thomas de Quesada, etire school Admiistratio. Ms. Aa Marara, Ms. Carol Vila, Mr. Augie Veegas, Mr. Brya Lorezo, Mr. Germa Delgado, Mr. Rick Raimudez, Mr. Be Tyler, Ms. Lourdes Vega, Mr. Orlado Garcia ad all of maiteace staff, Mr. Richard Mocada ad Sage diig staff. A special thaks to etire Bele Jesuit Wolverie coachig staff for a job well doe. To faculty members, especially Ms. Adriaa Suarez, Ms. Maria Elea Cartaya, ad to all parets for great support give towards our athletic program. I also wish to covey our heart felt cogratulatios to all our studet athletes for ir efforts ad accomplishmets. May God bless you always. What lies before us ad what lies behid us, does t compare to what lies withi us. Ralph Waldo Emerso

7 studet-athlete hoor roll 6th Grade Julio Aira Alexader Alepuz Pablo Arevalo Lucca Barbaris Adres Borroto Alexader Boza Rodrigo Bustamate Orlado Calas Athoy Castro Nicholas Coroado Luis Corps Daiel Dager Armad del Castillo Alexader Fals Alexader Feradez Kevi Feradez Joseph Fuetes Basilio Garcia Roberto Gatica Jorge Gomez Gabriel Gozalez Isaac Gozalez Tomas Gozalez Albert Gutierrez Justi Heradez Daiel Hodal Joh McKay Hylad Christopher Jauregui Jose Jimeez William Kidela Claudio Laratelli Jaime Lopez Steve Mari Rafael Marmol Erique Media Giovai Meocal Satiago Molero Joshua Muñoz Fracisco Odo Nicholas Perez Ferado Piera Giacarlo Pito Joh Powell Gabriel Rigueiro Mario Robaia Nicolas Roca Carlos Rodriguez Rya Rodriguez Daiel Romeu David Salazar Adres Sigoret Daiel Silva Daiel Sixto Nicholas Tootle Frederico Vivacqua Domiic Wermuth 7th Grade Eduardo Abascal Miguel Agarita Jua Barrero Miguel Basalo Frak Battle Christopher Blaco Daiel Botero Otto Boudet Jorge Cabrera Eric Calero Matw Diaz Christia Dopico 7th Grade Patricio Espiosa Adres Feradez Christia Fowler Michael Fraca Rya Gutierrez Daiel Heradez Brado Herrera Adres Hidalgo Carlos Jua Mikel Jua Alexader Keea Nicholas Keea Berardo Limia Michael Limia Marcel Mejia Joseph Meedez Erique Mercado Sebastia Metral Atoio Motadas Matw Mouri Alexader Novoa Satiago Nuñez Alberto Pardo Joseph Perez Carlos Perez-Heydrich Athoy Perez-Pio Robert Pertierra Oscar Piate Gabriel Sa Roma Adres Sachez Luis Suarez Michael Tefel Walter Tomasio Carlos Torres de Navarra Nicholas Ureta Joatha Varela Luis Vargas Jose Velasco 8th Grade Joseph Acosta Alexader Adams Adria Alepuz Joatha Alvarez Christia Ayala Etha Bauer Iva Botero Esteba Brua Adria Cabrera Athoy Calvo William Cadela Jua Campuzao Joatha Chow Eugeio Cosculluela Agusti de la Guardia Joh Diaz-Silveira Adres Feradez Adres Feradez Nicholas Feradez Justi Ferrer Jorge Fleites Zachary Garcia Alejadro Gasto Maxwell Goldberg Osiel Gozalez Julia Guerra Lorezo Guio Javier Herrera Bejami Icera Nicolas Iparraguirre 8th Grade Alex Isaac Peter Kiliddjia Mark Laguas Domigo Leos Nicholas Lorezo Reyaldo Madiedo Alvaro Mejer Alexader Mertz Agel Mestre Kevi Motiel Nicholas Novo Michael Palacio William Pallissery Kevi Pascual Joatrha Pereyra Adres Perez Christia Perez Jorge Powell Carlos Ramos Joseph Ramos Cesar Rebolledo Jorge Reyes Brya Rodriguez Rya Rodriguez-Mea Ralph Rosa Carlos Rosell Joatha Schultz Marlo Seijo Jose Sirve Jose Smith Steve Solis Richard Sotologo Oscar Vila Alejadro Villasmil Miguel Zaldivar 9th Grade Michael Aguad Jua Aguila Javier Alvarez Julia Ballestas Mateo Buraglia Maximio Caballero Walford Campbell Carlos Castellaos Nicolas Castillo Eric Couto Giacarlo Cueto Eric de Cardeas Alexader Diblasi William Fabra Michael Feradez Nikolas Feradez Lucas Feradez-Rocha Nicholas Garcia Sebastia Garcia-Umpierre Erik Garrigo Jorge Gasto Julia Gerez Javier Icera Peter Jackso Luciao Laratelli Jake Larso Sergio Leos Avery Lopez Justi Lorezo Berardo Marique Javier Martiez Ricardo Martiez-Cid Diego Mio 9th Grade Hugo Motero Robert Morgado Carlos Muñiz Robert Muñoz Rya Murphy Alberto Naya Jorge Orbay Cristia Paz Cristia Perez Alfredo Ramirez Jose Roca Steve Rodriguez Diego Rojo Bezo Rudikas Vikram Sairam Christopher Sau Athoy Sierra Fracisco Smith Christia Suarez Nicholas Suarez Steve Tyler Vicet Vazquez Sebastia Wermuth 10th Grade Adria Aloso Mitchell Alvarez William Alvarez Ulises Arbelo David Barqui Matw Bill Joh Butchko Tomas Cacicedo Joatha Calles Richard Cambo Alejadro Carr Jua Cobia Ferado de Caralt Gilberto Delgado Matias Dorta Matw Espiosa Alexader Esquivel Luis Feradez-Rocha Ricardo Foseca Eric Fraca Daiel Fuemayor Axel Gozalez Nicholas Heradez Guillermo Herrera Alejadro Huamai Adam Icera Daiel Jaramillo Alexader Jasma Cristia Jimeez Jorge Juarez Peter Jude Michael Lopez Roberto Lopez-Ibañez Kevi Lowehaupt Christia Marrero Brade Martiez Ferado Martiez-Quibus Julia Mazaira Gabriel Mesa Rady Mompremier Jua Morfi Pedro Morfi Nicholas Muarriz Ree Negro Adres Nodarse

8 studet-athlete hoor roll 10th Grade Igacio Olarra Edwi Paga Carlos Parra Alberto Perez Carlos Perez Carlos Perez Christia Perez Joh Pessoa Luis Restrepo Fracisco Rigueiro Joey Rodriguez Ricardo Rodriguez James Roe Daiel Rojo Daiel Ruiz Ferado Ruiz Agel Saavedra Lucas Sachez Gregory Satos Matw Sierra Christoph Sproul Javier Tato Fracisco Tejidor Samuel Wallace-Perdoma 11th Grade Brya Almeida Daiel Alvarez Christopher Araa Eduardo Averhoff Jose Avila Giovai Ayala Edmod Beedetti Christia Charria Alexader Cosio Carlos de Cardeas Edward de la Osa Victor de Zarraga Alexadre Felix Aky Feradez Gabriel Feradez Javier Feradez Mauel Ferro Roderic Figueroa Erique Flamii Carlos A. Garcia Richard Garcia Victor Garcia Alexader Gimeez 11th Grade Jorge Giory-Perez Adria Gozalez Nicholas Gozalez Joh Guzzo Joseph Lidsay Joshua Lopez Gabriel Loret de Mola Alberto Lucas Miguel Maseda Adrew Maury Daiel Mio Gabriel Mio Michael Motes Ricardo Nuñez Joh O Sulliva Javier Ortiz Christia Palomo Brya Perez Atoio Rabassa Eduardo Ragolta Rafael Restrepo Julia Rey JuaMauel Rodriguez Adria Sachez-Roig Gilbert Serei Jose Smith Mario Solares Daiel St. Louis Fayez Taous Ree Tato Nicolas Tomasio Rafael Tua Atoio Ucar Paul Villacres Nicolas White Michael Wilso 12th Grade Matw Agramote Adria Alfoso Jua Altirriba Joatha Ambut David Agarita Valeti Areas Ferra Arimo Javier Ayo Richard Barrios Gabriel Campo 12th Grade Javier Diaz Max Echarte Mario Egues Thomas Eisama Norberto Esquivel Christopher Esteba Carlos Feradez Vicete Feradez Alexader Fischer Carlos Garcia-Velez Adres Gomez Adrew Gozalez Felipe Gozalez Phillip Igelmo Joaqui Jimeez Garcia Mauel Lorezo Giacarlo Marchea Athoy Marti Arturo Martiez Frak Medez Adres Morfi Stefao Natali Jose Novoa Alexader Olese Christia Olse Christopher Palomo Michael Pascual Chris Perez-Tirse Ala Rich Joseph Satos Eresto Saz Daiel Solau Alexader Sotto Jorge Trilles Raymod Valdes-Deis Rolado Vazquez Sebastia Vidal Bejami Villacres Cogratulatios to all our studet-athletes o First Semester Hoor Roll as y strive for excellece i academics ad athletics The credit belogs to ma who is actually i area; whose face is marred by sweat ad blood; who strives valiatly; who errs ad comes short agai ad agai because re is o effort without error ad shortcomig; who kows great ethusiasms, great devotio, speds himself i a worthy cause; who at best kows i ed triumph of high achievemet ad who at worst, if he fails, at least fails while darig greatly, so that his place shall ever be with those cold ad timid souls who have ever tasted Victory or Defeat. Theodore Roosevelt ( )

9 VARSITY Cheerleadig Name Gd. Letter Carolia Alvarez 11 1L Aie Garcia-Tuño 10 1L Natalie Lostal 10 1L Rebecca Admire 9 1L Alexadra Blaco 9 1L Loretta Castillo 9 1L Nathalia Dodo 9 1L Valerie Feradez 9 1L Alyssa Gozalez 9 1L Lizzy Puldo 9 1L Jessica Salazar 9 1L

10 VARSITY BASEBALL est Head Coach: Ralph Heriquez (1st Year) Assistat Coaches: Ady Blaco Leo Mayi Team Record: 20-8 Team Recogitio: District Champios Marcos Caldero 12 3L Edgar Sachez 12 3L Roberto Baroiel 11 3L Ree Tato 11 3L Luis Feradez 12 2L Giacarlo Marchea 12 2L Frak Medez 12 2L Fracisco Romero 12 2L Sheeha Plaas-Arteaga 11 2L Christopher Trujillo 11 2L Max Salvador 11 2L Alexader de Goti 10 2L Joey Rodriguez 10 2L Athoy Perez-Florido 12 1L Armado Sera 12 1L Giovai Ayala 11 1L Adres Feradez 11 1L Alex Gimeez 11 1L David Diaz-Feradez 10 1L Alexader Lavadero 10 1L Daiel Guevara 10 1L The Bele baseball program cotiued its wiig traditio i 2010 as team eded seaso with a 20-8 record to go alog with a District Champioship. The players showed a immesely improved work ethic from first day of practice uder first year head coach Ralph Heriquez ad pitchig coach Leo Mayi. They istilled ir philosophy of pitchig ad defesive-mided baseball to team s game pla ad Wolveries executed it beautifully. With help of a lights-out bullpe ad a efficiet startig rotatio, team wet udefeated agaist district oppoets. O offesive side, Wolveries received cotributios from every spot i order throughout course of year. Though club failed to reach ultimate goal this seaso, future could ot be brighter with plethora of talet that will flood varsity roster ext sprig.

11 VARSITY BASKETBALL est Head Coach: Jose Roca 84 (13th Year) Assistat Coaches: Rube Marrero 75 Carlos Bravo 86 Team Record: Team Recogitio: District Ruer-Up Pablo Alvarez 12 3L Nicholas Saturio 12 3L Sergio Feradez-Soto 12 2L Regiald Colas 12 2L Alfredo Latour 12 2L Arturo Martiez 12 2L Jaso Feradez 12 2L Stefao Natali 12 2L Mauel Sicre 11 2L Jorda Blecher 11 1L Nicholas Botero 11 1L Atoio Ucar 11 1L Edmod Beedetti 11 1L The Varsity Basketball team cotiued i its wiig ways compilig a record this past seaso ad advacig ito playoffs for seveth cosecutive year. The Wolveries started seaso with six key players o bech due to football team s success o field, but were still able to wi four of first six games ( two losses occurrig i overtime). Durig Christmas break, etire team participated i both Kreul Classic ad Natioal Jesuit Touramet at Georgetow Prep. i Washigto, D.C. The Wolveries reached champioship game i both touramets by covicigly defeatig tough oppoets alog way. The team posted a 9 ad 3 record i district play ad had key wis agaist Pahokee, Georgetow Preparatory, Florida Christia, ad Archbishop McCarthy. I district touramet, Wolveries defeated Miami Jackso ad Mater Academy before losig i district champioship game to Miami Norlad. The team s fial loss to Cardial Gibbos, a Fial Four team, brought to a ed a seaso full of highs ad lows. Coach Jose Roca recorded his 250th career wi this year ad has averaged 19.5 wis per year durig his 13 year varsity career. The Wolveries were led by Reggie Colas with 12 poits, 4 rebouds, 2 assists, ad 2 steals per game, Stefao Natali with 10.5 poits, 6 rebouds, ad 1.5 blocks per game, ad Nicholas Saturio with 8 poits, 4 assists, ad 2 steals per game. Or cotributors icluded Alfredo Latour with 9 poits ad 4 rebouds per game, Pablo Alvarez with 10 poits ad 6 rebouds per game, ad May Sicre with 5 poits, 2 assists, ad 2 steals per game. Sergio Feradez-Soto came o strog durig secod half of seaso, while Jaso Feradez ad Arturo Martiez supplied seior leadership. Nick Botero, Edmod Beedetti, Jorda Blecher, ad Atoio Ucar provided solid play off bech.

12 VARSITY CREW est Head Coach: Daw Scott-Viyella (4th Year) Alex Olese 12 4L Mario Egues 12 3L Jose Avila 11 3L Victor de Zarraga 11 3L Brado Eisama 12 2L Carlos Feradez 12 2L Alexader Cosio 11 2L Victor Garcia 11 2L Jorge Giory-Perez 11 2L Adria Gozalez 11 2L Nicholas Gozalez 11 2L Ricardo Nuñez 11 2L Joh O Sulliva 11 2L Eduardo Ragolta 11 2L Rafael Restrepo 11 2L Pablo Rodriguez-Cepero 11 2L Adria Sachez-Roig 11 2L Nicolas Tomasio 11 2L James Roe 10 2L Diego Jucadella 12 1L Joseph Satos 12 1L Alexader Errazqui 11 1L Javier Ortiz 11 1L Julia Prieto 11 1L Jua Avila 10 1L Tomas Cacicedo 10 1L Eduardo Cosio 10 1L Alvaro de Castro 10 1L Alexader Jasma 10 1L Kevi Lowehaupt 10 1L Julia Mazaira 10 1L Carlos Parra 10 1L Luis Restrepo 10 1L Eduardo Ruiz 10 1L Ferado Ruiz 10 1L Cesar Sachez 10 1L Matw Sierra 10 1L Christoph Sproul 10 1L Javier Tato 10 1L Fracisco Torres de Navarra 10 1L Miguel Zaldivar 8 1L Oce agai this seaso, varsity squad got off to a very fast start with a domiate performace at Opeig Day Regatta. Bele wo all races i 1st, 2d, ad 3rd 8+ categories. This years Miami Iteratioal Regatta brought out very stiff competitio ad Varsity 8+ was oly able to garish a broze medal. There was a better outcome for JV 8+ that took home silver. Lightweights ad 3rd eight both took home top spots of ir categories. At a tri-meet i Witer Park, highlight of a very widy day came whe Bele s Lightweight 8+ defeated Witer Parks JV eight by 6 secods. It tured out to be oe ad oly loss for a Witer Park Varsity boat etire seaso. Challeges came whe we headed off to our aual sprig break traiig trip to Georgia. Although water was perfect, our speed was hampered by a virus that sickeed almost half team. The virus caused us to miss a critical pre-states race, Florida Sprits League. States, oce agai, proved to be a struggle. The varsity 8+ had a good row i ir first heat but did ot progress to reps. The icrease speed of Florida rowig was o display whe 9 teams i heat were separated by oly 3 secods. The JV eight moved to reps but could ot pull out sprit to advace to fial. The lightweight boat, who had domiated ir category all seaso, suffered from a moth off of racig. Their desire was to row fast ad strog. I a very heavy tail wid row became fratic, ad we fiish i a disappoited 3rd place. The bright spot of weeked was performace of our 3rd varsity 8+. The program showed great depth by wiig a silver medal i this evet. Cogratulatios to Miguel Zaldivar (Cox), Matt Sierra, Brado Eisama, Christoph Sproul, EJ Ragolta, Tomas Cacicedo, Javier Ortiz, Alexader Errazqui, Luis Restrepo. The Bele Crew cotiues to grow ad mature with each seaso. Bele was oly program i state to race i every me s 8+ category. We will come out ext year more determied to maitai our state prowess.

13 VARSITY CROSS COUNTRY est Head Coach: Frakie Ruiz 96 (8th Year) Assistat Coaches: Jua Rodriguez 79 Victor Arrieta 95 Team Record: 6-0 Team Recogitio: STATE RUNNER-UP. District ad Regioal Champios. 1st Place- Jr. Orage Bowl. Idividual Recogitio: 1st Team All-Couty- Elliot Clemete; 2d Team All-Couty- Joseph Lidsay. Max Echarte 12 4L Carlos Garcia 11 3L Joseph Lidsay 11 3L Joshua Lopez 11 3L Gabriel Loret de Mola 11 3L Julia Rey 11 3L Nicholas Ruiz 11 3L Rafael Tua 11 3L Victor Velazquez 11 3L Elliot Clemete 10 3L Brade Martiez 10 3L Joh Guzzo 11 2L Gregory Jalil 11 2L Julio Lascao 11 2L Ulises Arbelo 10 2L Michael Fuetes 10 2L Guillermo Herrera 10 2L Adam Icera 10 2L Cristia Jimeez 10 2L Peter Jude 10 2L Fracisco Tejidor 10 2L Calvi Cortes 11 1L Javier Feradez 11 1L Daiel Rojo 10 1L Javier Alvarez 9 1L Marcel Arzola 9 1L Erik Garrigo 9 1L Jorge Gasto 9 1L Peter Jackso 9 1L Avery Lopez 9 1L Elias Mosalve 9 1L Carlos Muñiz 9 1L Jose Roca 9 1L Diego Rojo 9 1L Steve Tyler 9 1L Julia Vidal 9 1L Gabriel Vo der Oste 9 1L The team oce agai followed its traditioal excruciatig workout traiig schedule as teams always have throughout 39-year history of program. The workouts proved to be a greater challege tha usual because of may ucotrollable occurreces to several key ruers o team. Luckily, depth of team was a savig grace as 37-ruer team dealt with multiple ijuries ad illess from swie flu. May of ruers o team foud ir meaig o this team because of ecessity to step up ad meet challege of beig dow a key ruer or two at various major meets. The team cotiued to search for its idetity as seaso progressed. They bega to work as ONE TEAM ad maaged to get it toger ad ru healthy ad aggressive towards latter part of seaso. The leadership o team was that of oly oe seior, Max Echarte, who was determied to go after a team State Champioship. The team kew it had a uphill battle after havig moved up ito a ew classificatio i 3A. I this particular classificatio team had more competitio tha ever. Leadig up to state meet team wo District ad Regioal champioships i impressive fashio. The 2009 team, at Florida State Champioships held at Little Everglades Rach i Dade City, were led by Elliot Clemete (who fiished 3rd overall ad Miami Dade Couty s top fiisher), followed by Joseph Lidsay, Brade Martiez, Gaby Loret de Mola, Julia Rey, Max Echarte ad Peter Jude. This top 7 uit fought as hard as it could to dethroe top raked Leo but fell short of this goal. The team yet still captured a highly respected team Ruer-Up trophy, to add a 9th Ruer-Up fiish to school s record ( most of ay school i state). As i life, we ofte times work hard at achievig our goals yet fall short, however, i doig so we furr fid meaig ad purpose ad this team most certaily discovered this ad re is o doubt that give its youthful experiece y will retur for aor determied ru i 2010.

14 VARSITY FOOTBALL est Head Coach: Richard Stuart (27th Year) Assistat Coaches: Eddie Delgado 91, Germa Delgado 90, Augie Veegas 85, Agel Aparicio ad Marcel Moreo 87 Team Record: 11-4 Team Recogitio: STATE RUNNER-UP; District ad Regioal Champios Nicolas Platt 12 4L Pablo Alvarez 12 3L Regiald Colas 12 3L Nigel Dodo 12 3L Vicete Feradez 12 3L Jaso Feradez 12 3L Sergio Feradez-Soto 12 3L Mario Satiago 12 3L Joatha Ambut 12 2L Eric Arill 12 2L Jordi Busse 12 2L Jorge Cruz 12 2L Ricardo Cuevas 12 2L Javier Diaz 12 2L Chris Domiguez 12 2L Christopher Esteba 12 2L Edward Fraca 12 2L Raul Garcia 12 2L Jose Moreiras 12 2L Chris Perez-Tirse 12 2L Max Rich 12 2L Tyler Staish 12 2L Giai Blustei 11 2L Xabier Martiez-Cid 11 2L Miguel Maseda 11 2L Nicholas Meocal 11 2L Mauel Sicre 11 2L Jose Smith 11 2L Nicolas White 11 2L Fracisco Heradez 10 2L Sergio Sroka 10 2L Richard Barrios 12 1L Jua Chediak 12 1L Adrew de Armas 12 1L Arturo Martiez 12 1L Michael Pascual 12 1L Brya Almeida 11 1L Michael Argyris 11 1L Nicholas Busse 11 1L Marley Case 11 1L Christia Charria 11 1L Carlos de Cardeas 11 1L Fausto Diaz 11 1L Aky Feradez 11 1L Richard Garcia 11 1L Adres Gozalez 11 1L Zachary McGuire 11 1L Matw Moro 11 1L Eric Platt 11 1L Javier Rodriguez 11 1L Daiel St. Louis 11 1L Fayez Taous 11 1L Brado Vargas 11 1L Joshua Whitaker 11 1L Marcos Zayas 11 1L Daiel Admire 10 1L Imai Davis 10 1L Mauel Ferro 10 1L Alfoso Horer 10 1L Frak Leyva 10 1L Alec Macias 10 1L Mateo Buraglia 9 1L Lorezo Woodley 9 1L While so much ca be said about this year s football seaso, o words ca adequately describe it. After gettig off to a less tha impressive start, droppig three of first five games, Wolveries rallied to go o a te game wi streak. The team had faith i mselves whe o oe else did. They wet o most historic ru i school history, wiig districts, regioals, ad became school s first ever state fialist. The Wolveries were lead by a strog core of seiors, te of which will cotiue ir football career at collegiate level. However, uderclassme played a crucial role as well, ad look to carry that success ito ext seaso. The football team will forever go dow as most successful team i school history to date.

15 VARSITY & JV GOLF est & 1998 Varsity Head Coach: Gerardo Portela (1st Year) Team Record: 3-6 JV Head Coach: Gerardo Portela (4th Year) JV Team Record: 5-2 Varsity Team Roster Alejadro Machado 10 5L Carlos Padro 12 2L Guillermo Quirch 11 2L Gerard Beauchamp 10 2L Ree Negro 10 2L Oscar Cabaas 9 2L Jua Carlos Alvarez 11 1L Mitchell Alvarez 10 1L Luis Feradez-Rocha 10 1L Gerardo Portela 10 1L Matw Mouri 7 1L JV Team Roster Fracisco Smith 9 2L Daiel Perez 8 2L Patricio Espiosa 7 2L Eresto de la Fe 10 1L Sam Wallace-Perdomo 10 1L Robert Brow 8 1L Walter Tomasio 7 1L The Varsity Golf team had a record of 3 wis ad 6 losses i its dual ad three way matches, but peaked at right time startig with Dade Couty Youth Fair Touramet where team fiished 4th out of a field of 17 teams. The team was led by Carlos Padro ad Oscar Cabaas with rouds of 73 ad 78. The team followed this accomplishmet with a 5th place fiish at iaugural Deerig Bay Ivitatioal where team was led by Ree Negro s roud of 79. After this came all importat District Fials where team placed 3rd, eablig it to move o to Regioal Fials. At districts Oscar Cabaas led all Bele golfers with a roud of 79. At regioals, Bele oce agai fiished 3rd missig movig o to State Fials by oe spot. Bele was led for secod time by Oscar Cabaas who had a roud of 78. The future for ext year looks bright as we have oly 1 graduatig seior o team. The JV golf Team fiished its seaso with a 5-2 record. The seaso was highlighted by wis agaist Rasom ad Gulliver JV teams. The team was led by Erie De La Fe ad Day Perez both of which cosistetly scored i low 40s.

16 VARSITY Lacrosse est Head Coach: Joh Okuski (2d Year) Assistat Coaches: Christopher Maly, Joh Klei ad Roger Lara Team Record: 6-9 Team Roster Matw Agramote 12 1L Adrew Alvarado 12 1L Erique Comas 12 1L Jorge Corrales 12 1L Edward Fraca 12 1L Michael Mechoso 12 1L Brado Mesa 12 1L Michael Murgado 12 1L Eduardo Seior 12 1L Jorge Trilles 12 1L Giuseppe Zuozo 12 1L Daiel Alvarez 11 1L Daiel Boix 11 1L Julia Brua 11 1L Ramo Castella 11 1L Victor Chichilla 11 1L Albert Lucas 11 1L Esteba Parada 11 1L Esteba Pareja 11 1L Gabriel Perez 11 1L Atoio Rabassa 11 1L Jua Mauel Rodriguez 11 1L Sebastia Mariategui 11 1L Gilbert Serei 11 1L Axel Gozalez 10 1L Mauel Leo 10 1L Kevi Perez 10 1L Michael Rodriguez 10 1L Thorvald Sachez 10 1L Daiel Sojo 10 1L Robert Cosio 9 1L The seaso of 2010 was first year that Bele participated as a varsity lacrosse team i Florida IA league. The team was very competitive from start ad fiished 3rd i district ad made playoffs edig ir first campaig with 6 wis ad 9 losses. Every oppoet team faced was more experieced, but guys style of play was filled with heart ad determiatio ad this set toe for this first varsity seaso. The team was led by seior domiated defese of Ed Seior, Michael Mechoso, Giuseppe Zuozo, ad Eddy Fraca. Axel Gozalez played outstadig i his 1st year playig goalie. The offese was led by our experieced attack uit of Brado Mesa (26 goals ad 5 assists) ad Robby Cosio (18 goals ad 21 assists) ad Kevi Perez (3 goals ad 3 assists). Day Boix, Gilbert Serei, Adrew Alvarado, Michael Murgado, ad Mikey Rodriguez were warriors at midfield - playig crushig defese ad skilled offese. Although team loses may taleted seiors, future of lacrosse team is very, very bright as 6 starters retur ad a promisig group of ew varsity players comes up from JV team.

17 VARSITY ROLLER HOCKEY est Head Coach: Ski Aguad (9th Year) Team Record: Phillip Igelmo 12 3L Joshua Silva 10 2L Michael Aguad 9 2L Matw Diaz 9 2L Gabriel Castillo 12 1L Chris Lopez 12 1L Matw Cristobal 9 1L Chris Porve 9 1L The Varsity Roller Hockey team suffered a widfall after 2009 whe y graduated five seiors icludig ir Team Captai. This seaso team was determied to maitai ir solid records established i past few years. The hockey team had to drive up to Pembroke Pies every Wedesday where y had ir games. Sophomore Michael Aguad led team i scorig averagig almost 2.5 goals per game. The team ext year is goig to almost double i size as majority of high-chemistry juior high team moves up to varsity. We re gog to have a youg team ext year ad re s goig to be great room for improvemet. We should be a force to be reckoed with soo eough, said Head Coach Ski Aguad.

18 VARSITY SOCCER est Head Coach: Tager Medoça (3rd Year) Team Record: Team Recogitio: District Champios Jorge Guarch 12 3L Borja Sagarduy 12 3L Carlos Garcia-Velez 12 3L Sebastia Duque 11 3L Gabriel Loret de Mola 11 3L Sebastia Vidal 12 2L Javier Ayo 12 2L Diego Costa 12 2L Valeti Areas 12 2L Jose Perroe 11 2L Jua Altirriba 12 1L Jaime Ifate 12 1L Adres Morfi 12 1L Julia Ochoa 12 1L Christia Olse 12 1L Fraco Abaroa 11 1L Daiel Mio 11 1L Gabriel Mio 11 1L Nicolas Olvera 11 1L Salvador Sachis 11 1L Pedro Morfi 10 1L Mateo Buraglia 9 1L This was a fatastic year, ot oly because team wo its first district champioship sice 2004, but i maer i which it was achieved. This warrior team fought tough ad rose to challeges of seaso. With secods to be played i champioship game agaist Key West ad losig by oe goal, Mateo Buraglia tied game sedig it to overtime ad pealty kicks where goalie Daiel Mio had a key block to clich title. Havig a major ifluece i team s success was Borja Sagarduy who through his leadership ad toughess helped team. With a solid defese ad excellet midfield team was able to score 52 goals while allowig oly 16 whole seaso. Cogratulatios to all players for ir disciplie ad heart, you are true champios.

19 VARSITY SWIMMING est Head Coach: Kirk Peppas (22d Year) Assistat Coaches: Kyle Hastigs Javier Araque 03 Team Record: 6-1 Team Recogitio: STATE CHAMPIONS; District ad Regioal Champios. 2d Place- Dade Couty ad Woodso. Idividual Recogitio: State Champios- Ady Vazquez 200 Yd. Freestyle (1:40.91) & 100 Yd. Butterfly (50.43); Carlos Omaña 200 Yd. IM (1:49.82) & 500 Yd. Freestyle. (4:26.25); State Champio 200 Yd. Free Relay- Vazquez, Digua Pigot, Matw Log ad Paul Greet (1:27.74). State Champio 400 Yd. Free Relay- Vazquez, Julia Ballestas, Log ad Omaña (3:10.02) Athoy Lopez 12 4L Carlos Omaña 11 4L Mario Carcamo 12 3L Paul Greet 11 3L William Johso 11 3L Adres Vazquez 11 3L Joatha Perez 11 2L Matw Log 10 2L Julia Ballestas 9 2L Joh Amy 11 1L Kyle Merio 10 1L Matw Bill 10 1L Alex Carr 10 1L Ferado de Caralt 10 1L Matw Espiosa 10 1L Christia Gomez 10 1L Alejadro Huamai 10 1L Jua Lopez-Bosch 10 1L Digua Pigot 10 1L Daiel Ruiz 10 1L Jorge Salazar 10 1L Alejadro Trujillo 10 1L Jose Alvarez 9 1L Thomas Avalloe 9 1L Eva Baciella 9 1L Mauel Corbea 9 1L Herze Cortes 9 1L Jake Guso 9 1L Erique Lam 9 1L Alberto Maza 9 1L Alejadro Perez 9 1L Alfredo Ramirez 9 1L Sebastia Wermuth 9 1L Rya Guso 7 1L The Swimmig team accomplished a amazig feat this year by wiig ir fourth cosecutive State Champioship. Behid leadership of Carlos Omaña ad Adres Vazquez, Wolveries came out o top at 2A State Champioship. Both Juiors were istrumetal i Bele s swimmig success this year. Ady Vazquez wo two idividual titles ad was part of two relays ad Carlos Omaña wo two idividual titles ad was part of oe relay. The Wolveries look to stay solid ext year as core of team returs to make a push for five. We wish all best to our seiors Athoy Lopez ad Mario Carcamo ad thaks to all paretal support this seaso. See you i pool.

20 VARSITY TENNIS est Head Coach: Timothy VaScoy (2d Year) Team Record: 7-4 Team Recogitio: District Champios; Regioal Ruer-Up Idividual Recogitio: Jua Lorido- district champio #1 sigles, state semifialist, state quarter fialist i doubles. District champios- Joh Pessoa #2, May Lorezo #3, Ferra Arimo #4 ad Jose Lorido #5. Steve Zambrao 12 5L Ferra Arimo 12 5L Jua Lorido 9 4L Mauel Lorezo 12 3L Rolado Vazquez 12 3L Jose Lorido 11 3L Joh Pessoa 10 3L Jose Novoa 12 2L Julia Brua 11 2L Chris Araa 11 2L Igacio Olarra 10 2L Joaqui Jimeez 12 1L Alberto Perez 10 1L Daiel Fuemayor 10 1L Raymod Valdes-Deis 12 2C Ady Gomez 12 2C Patrick Puig 9 1C Maximio Caballero 9 1C Javier Icera 9 1C Brya Rodriguez 8 1C The Varsity Teis team etered ucharted territory this year by capturig District champioship ad earig a regioal ruer-up trophy. This year s squad was led agai by freshma Jua Lorido, who posted a impressive 15-4 ru i #1 sigles, capturig Bele s first district sigles title sice He evetually advaced to state semi-fials. Lorido was joied i Altamote Sprigs by his doubles parter ad district champio for #2 sigles Joh Pessoa. Or stadouts icluded Seior Captai May Lorezo ad Ferra Arimo ad Juior Jose Lorido. All wo district sigles champioships i ir respective divisios. The team also hosted Strake Jesuit from Housto at our campus, revivig a traditio begu by Coach Patrick Collis. With eight players graduatig, team is set to remake itself with a taleted ifusio of icomig freshme ext seaso. I meatime, Wolverie teis will ejoy its ew role of district champio.

21 VARSITY TRACK & FIELD est Head Coach: Victor Arrieta 95 (2d Year) Assistat Coaches: Carlos Barqui, Joey Scott, Alfredo Scherry ad Jua Rodriguez Team Record: 13-0 Team Recogitio: Regioal ad District Champios; 4th Place at State; 1st Place- Fr. Ripoll Relays ad Witer Park Elite; 2d Place- Park Vista ad FSU Relays. Idividual Recogitio: State Champios- 4x100 M (Javier Rodriguez, Pablo Alvarez, Nick Meocal, Nic Platt) ad Pablo Alvarez (300 M Hurdles). New School Records- 4x100 M (41.18), Pablo Alvarez-110 M Hurdles (13.83) ad 300 M Hurdles (36.73), Javier Rodriguez- Log Jump ( ) ad 100 M (10.87), Elliot Clemete-3200 M (9:11. 95) ad Nic Platt- 200 M (21.69). Pablo Alvarez 12 5L Javier Ayo 12 5L Max Echarte 12 4L Brix Gomez 12 4L Edward Smit 12 4L Jose Moreiras 12 4L Javier Rodriguez 11 4L Gabriel Loret de Mola 11 4L Sergio Feradez-Soto 12 3L Jorda Blecher 11 3L Mauel Garcia 11 3L Carlos Garcia 11 3L Joseph Lidsay 11 3L Joshua Lopez 11 3L Julia Rey 11 3L Rafael Tua 11 3L Victor Velazquez 11 3L Nicolas White 11 3L Regiald Colas 12 2L Nicolas Platt 12 2L Alexader Sotto 12 2L Marley Case 11 2L Erique Flamii 11 2L Carlos Flores 11 2L Christia Palomo 11 2L Michael Wilso 11 2L Elliot Clemete 10 2L Adam Icera 10 2L Cristia Jimeez 10 2L Peter Jude 10 2L Brade Martiez 10 2L Agelo Navarro 10 2L Daiel Ruiz 10 2L Fracisco Tejidor 10 2L Gabriel Campo 12 1L Athoy Marti 12 1L Michael Pascual 12 1L Chris Perez-Tirse 12 1L Eresto Saz 12 1L Nicholas Busse 11 1L Nicholas Meocal 11 1L Ulises Arbelo 10 1L Joh Butchko 10 1L Imai Davis 10 1L Jorge Juarez 10 1L Frak Leyva 10 1L Kevi Valiete 10 1L Javier Alvarez 9 1L Mateo Buraglia 9 1L Avery Lopez 9 1L Carlos Muñiz 9 1L Guillermo Pujals 9 1L Jose Roca 9 1L Joh Guzzo 11 2C Roderic Figueroa 11 2C Javier Abascal 11 2C Gabriel Feradez 11 2C Eduardo Rodriguez 11 2C Brado Vargas 11 2C Jorge Desho 10 2C Daiel Jaramillo 10 2C Ferado Martiez-Quibus 10 2C Christia Perez 10 2C Brie Shelle 10 2C George Arago 11 1C Edward de la Osa 11 1C Adria de Quesada 11 1C Alexadre Felix 11 1C Adres Hermida 11 1C Adrew Maury 11 1C Michael Motes 11 1C Omar Padro 11 1C Brya Perez 11 1C Hery Brimo 10 1C Adam Gimbel 10 1C Fracisco Heradez 10 1C Michael Lopez 10 1C Alec Macias 10 1C Joshua Pe 10 1C Luis Rodo 10 1C Agel Saavedra 10 1C Gregory Satos 10 1C Michael Ugarte 10 1C Daiel Valverde 10 1C Stephe Busse 9 1C Walford Campbell 9 1C Eric de Cardeas 9 1C Erik Garrigo 9 1C Jorge Gasto 9 1C Jorge Orbay 9 1C Austi Rivero 9 1C Diego Rojo 9 1C Vikram Sairam 9 1C Steve Tyler 9 1C Eduardo Valle 9 1C Gabriel Vo der Oste 9 1C Julia Vidal 9 1C

22 VARSITY VOLLEYBALL est Head Coach: Jua David Zapata (3rd Year) Assistat Coaches: Nicole Will Team Record: Team Recogitio: 3rd Place at Districts Adrew Gozalez 12 3L Alexader Fischer 12 3L Adria Alfoso 12 2L Christopher Palomo 12 2L Daiel Prida 12 2L Daiel Solau 12 2L Bejami Villacres 12 2L Valeti Areas 12 1L Norberto Esquivel 12 1L Felipe Gozalez 12 1L Jorge Guarch 12 1L Alexader Esquivel 10 1L Ricardo Feradez 10 1L Adres Perez 8 1L Before seaso started, a lot of players were a little skeptical o how it was goig to tur out. Losig early our etire varsity team from previous year, our youg team did better tha expected. We fiished with a wiig record of ad competed i District touramet where oly top four teams i district participate. Although re were some bumps alog road with a couple of ijuries, everyoe adjusted ad played hard to make seaso a outstadig oe.

23 VARSITY WATER POLO est Head Coach: Osvaldo Garcia (4th Year) Assistat Coach: Luis Martiez Team Record: 15-2 Team Recogitio: District Champios Athoy Lopez 12 7L Mario Carcamo 12 4L Herze Cortes 9 4L William Johso 11 3L Joh Amy 11 3L Jake Guso 9 3L Carlos Padro 12 2L Mattias Galliao 11 2L David Agarita 12 1L Matw Bill 10 1L Matw Espiosa 10 1L Erique Lam 9 1L Alfredo Ramirez 9 1L Joatha Chow 8 1L Maxwell Goldberg 8 1L Rya Guso 7 1L The Bele 2010 Varsity Water Polo seaso proved to be just as expected. The team made a ru for state title, but with loss i regioal game seaso came to a ed. The team was full of youg players that will be aroud for comig 5 years. They should be a team that will be i hut for state title i upcomig years. The team loses 4 Seiors, team captai Athoy Lopez who lead team for secod year i scorig with 71 goals ad 31 steals, also leavig are seiors Mario Carcamo, David Agarita ad Caki Padro. The team will retur every or player o varsity team ad some upcomig youg talet. Bele eded seaso with best overall team record of 15-1 regular seaso i State. The did wi St. Adrews Ivitatioal Touramet ad traveled to Aapolis to Naval Academy for some practice. The future holds a very strog outlook ad we look forward to 2011 Seaso. We thak all our parets ad players for a great seaso. I just 6 years sport already has 3 District Champioships, 1 Regioal Champioship, 1 State Title i 2009 ad a ubeate streak of 39 games betwee 2009 ad 2010 seasos.

24 VARSITY WRESTLING est Head Coach: Fidel Albelo (17th Year) Assistat Coaches: Lazaro Reioso Jaso Machado 04 Iva Eriquez 01 Team Record: 4-2 Team Recogitio: 2d Place Bele Ivitatioal. Idividual Recogitio: Esteba Gomez-Rivera had a record of 47-1 was State, Regioal ad District Champio ad made First Team All Couty. District Champios- Joshua Lopez, Rady Mompremier ad Chris Arguello. Joshua Lopez 11 4L Esteba Gomez-Rivera 10 4L Christopher Arguello 11 2L Adres Castro 11 2L Agelo Navarro 10 2L Erique Collera 10 2L Rady Mompremier 10 2L Alexader Novo 10 2L Nicholas de Cordoba 10 2L Pedro Motiel 12 1L Alejadro Freero 11 1L Julio Lascao 11 1L Keote Cash 9 1L Michael Ruiz 8 1L Oce agai this year we had a youg group of wrestlers that were eager to wrestle ad wi. This year was great ad it was aor steppig stoe for upcomig seaso i The team fiished i fourth place i our ew district i 2A classificatio, we also had four idividual District Champios. They were Esteba Gomez-Rivera (119), Joshua Lopez (125), Rady Mompremier (189) ad Chris Arguello (HWT). The highlight of seaso came whe Esteba Gomez-Rivera was crowed State Champio i 119 lbs. divisio. He became our first champio i six years. With that victory Esteba has possibility of joiig Jaso Machado as Bele s oly three time wrestlig champio.

25 JV BASEBALL est Head Coach: Leo Mayi (1st Year) Assistat Coach: Chris Altieri 06 Team Record: Daiel Guevara 10 2L Nicholas Heradez 10 2L Adres Sachez 10 2L Chris Solis 10 2L Gilberto Delgado 10 1L Christopher Fotela 10 1L Michael Iglesia 10 1L Adres Nodarse 10 1L Fracisco Rigueiro 10 1L Ricardo de Armas 9 1L Alexader Lorezo 9 1L Daiel Parets 9 1L Cristia Perez 9 1L Joseph Acosta 8 1L Michael Cabezas 8 1L Javier Herrera 8 1L Yuri Sucart 8 1L This year s JV Baseball team has doe everythig it could o field to prove that Bele has some of best youg talet i Miami-Dade couty. This team has a great mixture of talet. Offesively, we had best of both worlds, with guys who could get o base ay way possible; ad ors who showed tremedous power to all fields. I every game it seemed as if re was a ew player with a clutch performace to help us wi game. It is o woder why we did ot lose a game after secod week of seaso. Our pitchig was outstadig; we had our two starters who kept or team i check for most of game ad two very capable relievers to hold o for wi. This team did everythig it had to do to wi ad did everythig as a team. Look out for Bele Baseball i future to do somethig special.

26 JV BASKETBALL est Head Coach: Rube Marrero 75 (13th Year) Team Record: 16-3 Aurelio Leyva 10 2L Emmauel Noya 10 2L Nicholas Moreiras 10 2L Daiel Admire 10 2L Alec Macias 10 2L Jorda Feradez 10 2L Peter Cirera 10 1L Domiick Hidalgo 10 1L Amadeo Lopez-Castro 10 1L Christia Marrero 10 1L Alex Pis-Dudot 10 1L Daiel Valverde 10 1L Kevi Valiete 10 1L Michael Feradez 9 1L The JV Basketball team accomplished a very successful seaso this year. With oe freshma ad a strog sophomore class team fiished with a impressive record of The team played reletless pressure defese ad fast break orieted scorig which eabled m to out score ir oppoets by a average of 20 poits per game. Seaso highlights icluded wis over Norlad, Felix Varela, Mater Academy, Key West, Miami Cetral, ad Miami Jackso. The oly three tough losses were close games agaist Columbus, Sagemot, ad Archbishop McCarthy. Alex Pis-Dudot, Aurelio Leyva, ad Michael Feradez led team i scorig, steals, ad assists. Leyva ra poit guard duties with help from Nicolas Moreiras ad both played very well ruig offese. May Noya, Day Admire ad Peter Cirera provided a strog iside presece, reboudig ad scorig. The oly ith grader o team, Michael Feradez was outstadig reboudig, shootig, ad playig defese. Alec Macias, Kevi Valiete, ad Daiel Valverde were istrumetal comig off bech providig scorig ad defese. Notable cotributios were tured i by Christia Marrero, Jorda Feradez, Domiick Hidalgo ad Amadeo Lopez-Castro. This team worked extremely hard, were very disciplied ad uselfish. The team s dedicatio made it possible to fiish seaso 16-3.

27 JV CREW est Head Coach: Daw Scott-Viyella (4th Year) Assistat Coaches: Yuia Cabrera Roberto Ruiz Daiel Perez 10 3L Nicolas Novoa 10 2L Ricardo Rodriguez 10 2L Steve Vega 9 2L Alai Acha 9 1L Nicolas Castillo 9 1L Julia Gerez 9 1L Luciao Laratelli 9 1L Mauel de Ovi-Bereguer 9 1L Adria Rivas 9 1L Christopher Sau 9 1L Vicet Vazquez 9 1L Steve Vega 9 1L Adres Feradez 8 1L Alejadro Novoa 8 1L Joatha Pereyra 8 1L Adolpho Rodriguez 8 1L Daiel Ugas 8 1L JH Team Roster Calixto Garcia 7 1C Rya Gutierrez 7 1C Alex Keea 7 1C Nick Keea 7 1C Joseph Meedez 7 1C Joseph Perez 7 1C This year s Juior Varsity Crew was made up of athletes gettig ir first full seaso of rowig. Boys i juior varsity program compete eir i ovice category or freshma category. The first regatta of seaso took place i Orlado ad boys quickly leared how wear ca add a extra challege to racig. I strog wids, ovice ad freshme crews fiished sixth ad fifth. At our oe shot i seaso to row i frot of a home tow crowd, at Miami Iteratioal Regatta, both ovices ad freshme crews eared broze medals. The freshme wet o to race strogly at our tri-race i Witer Park ad traied hard durig sprig break i Georgia. At Florida Scholastic Rowig Champioship, freshma eight moved from ir first roud heats to repechages. The rep proved to be oe of freshma s gutsiest performaces of year. They moved through a very tight field to fiish.4 secods behid Pie Crest. The followig day, y came away with a sixth place positio i state. All freshme ad ovices are fiishig seaso with strog racig uder ir belt ad high expectatios for future. Middle School Crew is a opportuity for boys to get started with traiig ivolved i sport prior to 8th grade, ovice seaso. The seveth graders sped ir time at boathouse o rowig machie, ruig, ad developig stregth. This year of traiig gives m a advatage over athletes that start later. Good job to all seveth graders puttig traiig time i this year so that you ca be fast o water ext seaso.

28 JV FOOTBALL est Head Coach: Mario Pio (2d Year) Team Record: 7-0 Assistat Coaches: Luis Marti 05, Jose Capote 07, Gozalo Milia 07 ad Nicholas Echevarria 05 William Alvarez 10 2L Luis Arguelles 10 2L Julio Ayala 10 2L Victor Badrich 10 2L Jose Blaco 10 2L Hery Brimo 10 2L Alexader Chica 10 2L Rodrigo Coll 10 2L Matias Dorta 10 2L Michael Espiel 10 2L Jorda Esteba 10 2L Ricardo Foseca 10 2L Eric Fraca 10 2L Adam Gimble 10 2L Domiick Hidalgo 10 2L Mark Lopez-Trigo 10 2L Jorge Lorete 10 2L Rady Mompremier 10 2L Nick Muarriz 10 2L Julia Muilla 10 2L Edwi Paga 10 2L Jesse Rodriguez 10 2L Lucas Sachez 10 2L Michael Ugarte 10 2L Kevi Viera 10 2L Daiel Arimo 10 1L Joh Billoch 10 1L Joatha Calles 10 1L Christopher Cruz 10 1L Daiel Gozalez 10 1L Jorge Juarez 10 1L Nicolas Moreiras 10 1L Joshua Pe 10 1L Carlos D. Perez 10 1L Carlos H. Perez 10 1L Daiel Rodriguez 10 1L Alejadro Trujillo 10 1L Michael Aguad 9 1L Jua Aguila 9 1L Alejadro Alvarez 9 1L Alfredo Nick Arguelles 9 1L Keote Cash 9 1L Eric de Cardeas 9 1L Alexader Diblasi 9 1L Adres Garcia 9 1L Nicholas Garcia 9 1L Christia Garcia 9 1L Gabriel Garrigo 9 1L Xavier Hies 9 1L Justi Lorezo 9 1L Rya Murphy 9 1L Jordi Orbay 9 1L Camilo Padro 9 1L Daiel Perdomo 9 1L Victor Perez-Abreu 9 1L Guillermo Pujals 9 1L Austi Rivero 9 1L Bezo Rudikas 9 1L Christia Suarez 9 1L Jaime Vergara 9 1L The JV Football seaso was oe for history books, as team wet 7-0 to go udefeated for oly secod time i school history. Much of success was credited to boys as y pushed mselves all off-seaso liftig weights to get stroger tha ir oppositio. These boys character, toughess, ad work ethic were icredible ad that lead to outcome of this seaso. Offesively this team shattered may records for poits i a game (54 vs. Key West) ad poits per game average (34 per game). I backfield re was a committee of three RBs that were a large reaso for team s success, Alex Alvarez (539 yards 8 TDs), Xavier Hies (624 yards 6 TDs), ad Alex Chica (543 yards 6 TDs). There success would t have happeed if it were t for strog offesive lie play lead by Matt Dorta, Kevi Viera, ad Willy Pujals. Defesively this team was shut dow ad created may turovers through out seaso. The defese shut out four oppoets ad held everyoe to a average of 5 poits a game. Defesively this team was guided by Jorda Esteba, Ricardo Foseca, Alex Diblasi, Ady Garcia, ad Julio Ayala. They provided vetera leadership ad made may memorable plays throughout seaso. This seaso was oe to remember ot oly because of how domiat JV Wolveries were, but how tough se kids were whe ay adversity was i ir way.

29 JV LACROSSE est Gabriel Jimeez Garcia 10 2L Roberto Lopez-Ibañez 10 2L Gabriel Mesa 10 2L Athoy Mozo 10 2L Joh Paul Rodriguez 10 1L Adres Sacasa 10 2L Adres Rivas 10 2L Brado Arciero 9 2L Michael Jimeez 9 2L Joatha Lucas 9 2L Ricardo Martiez-Cid 9 2L Cristia Paz 9 2L Huter Sessios 9 2L Fracisco Villafañe 9 2L Adria Aloso 10 1L Joatha Calles 10 1L Richard Cambo 10 1L Rube Perez-Sachez 10 1L Nicholas Vazquez 10 1L Fracisco Verdecia 10 1L George Alfaro 9 1L Salvador Ciseros 9 1L Sebastia Garcia-Umpierre 9 1L Jake Larso 9 1L Matw Marrero 9 1L Robert Muoz 9 1L Hector Ortiz 9 1L Edwi Ricardo 9 1L Fracisco Rios 9 1L Etha Rodriguez 9 1L Steve Rodriguez 9 1L Michael Saez 9 1L Athoy Sierra 9 1L William Siger 9 1L Joseph Ramos 8 1L Kevi Pascual 8 1L Bejami Icera 8 1L Zachary Garcia 8 1L Eddy Feradez 8 1L Athoy Calvo 8 1L Patrick Arrojo 8 1L Erique Mercado 7 1L Head Coach: Joh Okuski (2d Year) Assistat Coaches: Christopher Maly, Joh Klei ad Roger Lara Team Record: was a challegig year for JV lacrosse team as it cosisted of players that had o game experiece ad o lacrosse experiece. This team was full of guys with heart, determiatio, ad guts. After losig first game badly, team rebouded strogly ad played etire rest of schedule very tight. No matter score, team ever gave up ad improved every sigle day ad every sigle game. The team was led by play of our goalie (Paco Villafañe) ad defese of Athoy Mozo, Gabriel Jimeez, Robert Lopez-Ibañez, ad Michael Muñoz. The attack uit was heart of offese with Edwi Ricardo, Etha Rodriguez, ad Kevi Pascual cotrollig tempo of game. The midfield had may strog cotributors with Joatha Lucas, William Siger, Michael Jimeez, Brado Arciero, ad JP Rodriguez leadig way. Beig first year for may of se players ad watchig growth over seaso, ext year s JV team will be outstadig as experiece of this year ad hard work of off-seaso will give us a very bright future.

30 JV SOCCER est Head Coach: Agelo Alessis (2d Year) Team Record: Nikolas Areas 10 3L Jua Pablo Cobia 10 3L Jose Scheure 10 3L Sergio Sroka 10 3L Alejadro Paz 11 2L Jorge Juarez 10 2L Jua Morfi 10 2L Joh-Paul Rodriguez 10 2L Kevi Gozalez 9 2L Alexader Durat 10 1L Augusto Naccarato 10 1L Erique Lam 9 1L Diego Mio 9 1L Felipe Prellezo 9 1L Diego Rosette 9 1L Eduardo Valle 9 1L Carlos Acevedo 8 1L Reyaldo Madiedo 8 1L Jorge Powell 8 1L Cesar Rebolledo 8 1L This team is base for ext year s varsity team, y have good techical skills that combied with toughess will be a very importat factor for seaso. The team scored 28 goals while allowig 13 goals. Havig a outstadig seaso were Jose Scheure that shows great promise of helpig out i varsity level right away ad Alex Paz who improved greatly throughout seaso.

31 JV VOLLEYBALL est Head Coach: Nicole Will (1st Year) Team Record: 7-4 Gilberto Delgado 10 2L Alexader Esquivel 10 2L Sergio Leos 9 2L Octavio Aguilar 11 1L Nikolas Areas 10 1L Kristopher Guarch 10 1L David Barqui 10 1L Luis Feradez-Rocha 10 1L Hugo Motero 9 1L Adres Perez 8 1L Nicolas Iparraguirre 8 1L The Juior Varsity Volleyball team had a great seaso this year. They fiished ir seaso with seve wis ad four losses makig it a excitig seaso. The team lost a lot of players who were moved up to varsity ad had to build a whole ew team. Almost half of this year s players had ever played volleyball before. This was a challege that team overcame, practicig very hard ad workig toger. A couple of starters were first time players who stepped it up ad helped ir team to a wiig seaso. This team had a buch of amazig players ad showed it while y played.

32 JV WATER POLO est Head Coach: Luis Martiez (3rd Year) Team Record: 8-0 Maxwell Goldberg 8 3C Adria Alepuz 8 3C Jose Sirve 8 2C Joh Diaz Silveira 8 2C Rya Guso 7 2C Satiago Nuñez 7 2C Cesar Gozalez 7 2C Eduardo Abascal 7 2C Alberto Maza 9 1C Joatha Chow 8 1C Michael Limia 7 1C Alexader Alepuz 6 1C Coor Meagher 6 1C Rya Rodriguez 6 1C Nicolas Tamborrel 6 1C This seasos Water Polo team was made up of 14 players. They played five games durig seaso ad fiished seaso with Gulliver Touramet, where team captured first place. Through it all team remaied ubeate, eclipsig last years 5-1 record. The Wolveries accomplished this with a potet offese that scored 203 goals ad a stigy defese that allowed 20 goals all seaso. It is hope of coachig staff that se players keep practicig hard so that y ca help maitai State Champio traditio i varsity.

33 FRESHMAN BASEBALL est Robert Alvarez 9 1L Carlos Castellaos 9 1L Giacarlo Cueto 9 1L William Fabra 9 1L Nikolas Feradez 9 1L Ree Feradez 9 1L Lucas Feradez-Rocha 9 1L Berardo Marique 9 1L Javier Martiez 9 1L Elias Mosalve 9 1L Robert Morgado 9 1L Alberto Naya 9 1L Nicholas Suarez 9 1L Head Coach: Leo Mayi (1st Year) Assistat Coach: Chris Altieri 06 Team Record: 2-8 Our freshma baseball team showed strog character all year log. This was our first year with a freshme team, because re was too much talet just to have oe team. These guys are very much a part of Bele s promisig future. There was o game i which freshme team forgot to give it ir all. They were give hard tasks because y had to play mostly or JV teams. Despite wiig oly oe game, re was ever a game i which y threw i towel. They fought hard to ed of every game. We should all be very proud of this team for always givig ir all.

34 FRESHMAN BASKETBALL est Alejadro Alvarez 9 1L Javier Alvarez 9 1L Robert Cossio 9 1L Eric Couto 9 1L Christia Garcia 9 1L Avery Lopez 9 1L Matw Marrero 9 1L Rya Murphy 9 1L Hector Ortiz 9 1L Guillermo Pujals 9 1L Austi Rivero 9 1L Jose Roca 9 1L Vikram Sairam 9 1L Head Coach: Jorge Martiez (4th Year) Maager: Alfredo Arguelles Javier Martiez Team Record: 13-4 By all accouts, freshma basketball team exceeded all expectatios. Relyig o a deep ad taleted backcourt, Wolveries displayed a aggressive ad opportuistic style to offset ir overall lack of height. The team s successful 13-4 campaig was highlighted by payback victories over powerful rivals St. Thomas Aquias ad Christopher Columbus as well as a sweep of seaso series with both Gulliver Prep ad Mosigor Pace. Six differet players led team i scorig throughout seaso, reflectig squad s balace ad uselfish play. Leadig Wolveries were poit guard Javier Alvarez, whose hustle ad drive fueled team s uptempo style, ad power forward Rya Murphy, whose reletless play o both eds of court kept team competitive i every game. I ed, all of players cotributed with ir spirit ad determiatio to make this seaso a very memorable oe ideed.

35 JH BASEBALL est Gold Head Coach: Matw Marages 04 (2d Year) Assistat Coach: Rosedo Fors 07 Team Record: 8-4 Team Recogitio: ACC Champios Gold Team Roster Alexader Adams 8 1C Eric Artigues 8 1C Iva Botero 8 1C Adria Cabrera 8 1C Jorge Fleites 8 1C Julia Guerra 8 1C David Guevara 8 1C Adres Heradez 8 1C Kevi Lastres 8 1C Agel Mestre 8 1C Carlos Ramos 8 1C Rya Rodriguez-Mea 8 1C Carlos Rosell 8 1C Gabriel Soto 8 1C Austi Spillers 8 1C Joatha Varela 7 1C Luis Vargas 7 1C While losig four of eighth grade s most taleted ball players to juior varsity, this youg Juior High Gold squad showed a multitude of talet, potetial, ad athletic ability. This Gold team is eager to joi ir colleagues at ext level i ir rise through high school raks. Strog leadership from key players such as David Guevara, Eric Artigues, ad Gabriel Soto, brought this team toger amidst struggles ad ucertaity early o. However, this team collectively shared a love for game ad will cotiue to develop ad grow at ext level. Blue Team Roster Christia Ayala 8 1C JulioCesar Diaz 8 1C Alejadro Villasmil 8 1C Ricardo Alvarez 7 1C Jose Chegwi 7 1C Hugo Dueas 7 1C Adres Feradez 7 1C Julio Galvez 7 1C Fracisco Gomez 7 1C Brado Herrera 7 1C Lorezo Laurita 7 1C Alexader Novoa 7 1C Marcos Perez 7 1C Athoy Perez-Pio 7 1C Gabriel Sa Roma 7 1C Adres Sachez 7 1C Nicholas Ureta 7 1C Blue Head Coach: Cesar Ferreiro 09 (1st Year) Assistat Coach: Rosedo Fors 07 Team Record: 12-1 Team Recogitio: ACC Champios This team had high expectatios comig ito seaso. A very taleted group of guys who love comig day i ad day out ad leave everythig o field. I ever had to ask m to give me 100%, it was a give. They love to play game ad it showed this seaso fiishig i 1st place i ACC.

36 JH BASKETBALL est Gold Team Roster Christia Barrial 8 2C Alejadro Portela 8 2C William Cadela 8 1C Matw Feradez 8 1C Nicholas Feradez 8 1C Nicolas Iparraguirre 8 1C Guillermo Lopez-Castro 8 1C Joh Media 8 1C Adres Perez 8 1C Jose Smith 8 1C Michael Vega-Saz 8 1C Matw Vega-Saz 8 1C Head Coach: Alex Telleria 05 (3rd Year) Team Record: 16-1 Team Recogitio: ACC Champios The Juior High Gold Basketball team completed aor successful seaso with 16 wis ad oly oe loss. The team, who I have coached for two years i a row, was composed of hard workers with excellet basketball skills. I had a lot of fu throughout seaso with team as we completed a udefeated ACC schedule. The ACC champioship was eared with a victory over St. Timothy who had bee previously udefeated. Our oly loss was to Rasom, who we beat late i seaso. This team was very deep ad I could have started each of m o ay ight. Nick Feradez ad Johy Media led team day i ad day out. Ufortuately, team suffered ijuries to both forwards Alex Portela ad Matw Vega-Saz at mid-seaso, but Jose Smith, Christia Barrial ad Guillermo Lopez-Castro stepped up. We also had excellet guard play led by Nicolas Iparraguirre, Matw Feradez ad Billy Cadela. The key to this teams record though was ot our offesive power but our defese ad our ability to reboud, holdig our oppoets to just oe shot. Head Coach: Joh-Paul Medez 04 (1st Year) Team Record: 12-5 Blue Team Roster Fabia Tomas 8 2C Eugeio Cosculluela 8 1C Eliah Domiguez 8 1C Adres Feradez 8 1C Julio Palomera 8 1C Miguel Torres de Navarra 8 1C Bria Valiete 8 1C Lodo Dura 7 1C Louis Giordao 7 1C Daiel Heradez 7 1C Brado Leyva 7 1C Mariao Macias 7 1C Igacio Perez 7 1C Gree word that best describes this year s team at start. Not most experieced team i league quickly leared to play game, ad did it successfully. The team bega year excellig o defesive side of ball. Led by E.J. Cosculluela s eergy, gritty defese, ad reboudig team held three of its first four oppoets uder 20 poits. This was particularly importat due to some early struggles o offesive side of ball. The team s offese picked up steam as seaso wet o led by Julio Palomera, who led team i scorig, ad did so by comig off bech ad providig a tremedous offesive spark with his pateted move, i which very few i league could stop. The team bega to gel ad hit ir stride edig seaso o a great ru by wiig 5 of its last 6 games. They took directios well, listeed ad applied what was talked about, worked hard i practice; ad most importatly had fu durig both practice ad games. All 12 players o roster cotributed to wiig games ad team s success but most importatly havig fu while doig so.

37 JH CROSS COUNTRY est Head Coach: Victor Arrieta 95 (8th Year) Assistat Coach: Lazaro Fields 09 Team Recogitio: State, Dade Couty ad ACC Champios; 1st Place- Holy Rosary, Arch. Carroll, Rasom, Tri-Couty, Small Schools ad Catholic State. Idividual Recogitio: Michael Magoulas- Dade Couty ad ACC Champio; Fabia Tomas- Catholic State Champio; First Team All Coferece- Fabia Tomas, Adres Feradez, Alex Isaac ad Adres de Varoa. Julio Diaz 8 2C Adres Feradez 8 2C Alexader Isaac 8 2C Michael Magoulas 8 2C Alvaro Mejer 8 2C Kevi Motiel 8 2C Alex Mertz 8 2C Jua Rodriguez 8 2C Fabia Tomas 8 1C Osiel Gozalez 8 1C Ady de Varoa 8 1C Lorezo Guio 8 1C Bejami Icera 8 1C Lukas Margerie 8 1C Christopher Heradez 8 1C Michael Palacio 8 1C Thomas Ahear 8 1C Atoio Motadas 7 1C Nicholas Peterso 7 1C Alexader Roa 7 1C Tyler Roberts 7 1C Christopher Perez-Heydritch 7 1C Eric Sachez 7 1C Michael Ramo 7 1C Giovai Gaviria 7 1C Isaac Domiguez 7 1C Leoardo Lamarche 7 1C Matw Mulli-Garcia 7 1C Adres Chichilla 7 1C Joshua Lascao 7 1C Jose Velasco 7 1C Lodo Dura 7 1C The Juior High Cross Coutry team oce agai live up to expectatios ad had aor successful seaso. The Wolveries were ubeate all seaso log ad captured i style coveted State Competitio by scorig 24 poits ad Dade Couty Youth Fair Champioship by scorig 26 poits. At flruers meet we to took five of top fourtee spots to claim title ad at Dade Couty Youth Fair meet we took five out of ie spots. The team had a solid core of ruers that were led by Michael Magoulas, Fabia Tomas ad Ady Feradez. Playig a vital supportig role were Kevi Motiel, Alex Isaac, Osiel Gozalez ad Tuto Mejer. Eve whe ot at full stregth team s depth proved valuable i keepig up pace set early o i seaso. We also captured our 19th ACC Champioship ad 10th Tri-Couty Champioship. The future looks bright for Wolverie cross coutry program.

38 JH FOOTBALL est Head Coach: Jorge Reyes (2d Year) Assistat Coaches: Carlos Flores, Kyle Aguilar 07 ad Mike Curiel Team Record: 6-2 Joh Alcatara 8 2C Christia Barrial 8 2C Etha Bauer 8 2C Nicholas Cambo 8 2C Michael Chag 8 2C Alejadro Cortes 8 2C Justi Ferrer 8 2C David Hodal 8 2C Peter Kiliddjia 8 2C Reyaldo Madiedo 8 2C Samuel Maya 8 2C Kevi Pascual 8 2C Jorge Pola 8 2C Alejadro Portela 8 2C Jorge Powell 8 2C Jorge Reyes 8 2C Leoel Satos 8 2C Joatha Schultz 8 2C Oscar Vila 8 2C Lucas-Paulo Yubero 8 2C Athoy Calvo 8 1C Jack Flood 8 1C Jordi Feradez 8 1C Gabriel Gaviria 8 1C Marcos Gozalez 8 1C James Garcia 8 1C Armado Hassu 8 1C Athoy Marti 8 1C Nicolas Ocampo 8 1C Ralph Rosa 8 1C Marlo Seijo 8 1C Robert VaScoy 8 1C Eduardo Abascal 7 1C Chris Blaco 7 1C Guillermo Bogardus 7 1C Jorge Cabrera 7 1C Christopher Bec 7 1C Max Domiguez 7 1C Christia Estrada 7 1C Michael Fraca 7 1C Justi Hassu 7 1C Daiel Heradez 7 1C Brado Leyva 7 1C Christopher Lorezo 7 1C Mariao Macias 7 1C Adrew Muriedas 7 1C Ferado Molia 7 1C Robert Pertierra 7 1C Steve Placeres 7 1C Jake Rodriguez 7 1C Joatha Saz-Perez 7 1C Eduardo Satos 7 1C Adres Satiago 7 1C Brado Sierra 7 1C Carlos Torres de Navarra 7 1C Calixto Garcia-Velez 7 1C Alexader Veto 7 1C Mark White 7 1C The 2009 Juior High Football team is defiitely a special team. This group of youg me worked hard through summer coditioig ad came out to play from first game beatig Rasom Everglades 34-6 at home. Aor wi at home agaist Westmister, 21-8 showed that we were for real. Although ext week would take us to Calvary Christia where we would have a tough fight that would ed up i a overtime loss, this team grew from this experiece playig tough to ed. Next was Dade Christia, that we would domiate wiig The followig week would be a tough test that would have us oce agai i overtime. This time result was differet as we wo o a fatastic fiish! Next o schedule was our rival, Gulliver. Comig to Our House it would be a log day for visitors as our boys took it to m The last game of seaso would be agaist udefeated America Heritage Patriots. They jumped out frot ad made some big plays that put us i a hole. Our boys did ot give up scorig twice i secod half but fell short. Although we all would have preferred a differet out come to this game, that did ot chage how proud I am of seaso this team had. Fiishig 6-2 ad havig played tough all year is somethig that all boys should be proud of! With this group of youg me joiig excellet group that I had last year I believe that future of Bele football program will be i GREAT HANDS for years to come! May God Bless this team ad Bele always!!

39 JH ROLLER HOCKEY est Head Coach: Gilberto Ocampo (1st Year) Assistat Coaches: Rey Tefel & David Seijo Team Record: 10-5 Nicholas Novo 8 3C Marlo Seijo 8 3C Nicholas Ocampo 8 2C Nicholas Lorezo 8 2C Michael Tefel 7 2C Eduardo Coloma 8 1C Louis Corps 6 1C Daiel Dager 6 1C The Juior High Roller Hockey team had a successful seaso. We participated i 2 leagues ad were oly team from Miami-Dade Couty participatig i South Florida Ilie Hockey League. Led by a core of returig players ad aided by 3 ew players, we wo Suilad hockey league.

40 JH SOCCER GOLD est Head Coach: Jorge Powell 81 (2d Year) Team Record: 10-0 Team Recogitio: ACC Champios Carlos Acevedo 8 2C Christia Barrial 8 2C Reyaldo Madiedo 8 2C Alvaro Mejer 8 2C Jorge Powell 8 2C Cesar Rebolledo 8 2C Satiago Vidal 8 2C Gerardo Aloso 8 1C Joatha Alvarez 8 1C Esteba Brua 8 1C Gabriel Lopez 8 1C Jose Sachis 8 1C Mikel Jua 7 1C Jose Maguia 7 1C Iñigo Sagarduy 7 1C Lucca Barbaris 6 1C This team was above ad beyod competitio that it faced i coferece ad it was evidet i that y scored 53 goals agaist oly allowig oe goal all seaso. Just as i y JV developmet of juior high team is very importat for success of program dow road. Havig a outstadig seaso were Cesar Rebolledo, Carlos Acevedo, Iñigo Sagarduy, Rey Madiedo ad Jorge Powell.

41 JH SOCCER BLUE est Head Coach: Washigto Orquera (1st Year) Team Record: Daiel Cocepcio 8 2C Jordi Feradez 8 1C Domigo Leos 8 1C Michael Lopez 8 1C Kevi Motiel 8 1C William Pallissery 8 1C Miguel Agarita 7 1C Jua Barrero 7 1C Otto Boudet 7 1C Eric Calero 7 1C Adres Casariego 7 1C Adres Hidalgo 7 1C Adres Jua 7 1C Carlos Jua 7 1C Oscar Piate 7 1C Jake Ramirez 7 1C Mark White 7 1C Although havig may first year players team played with a lot of eageress ad disciplie. This group of iexperieced players scored 13 goals while allowig 8. They did extremely well withi ir divisio of All Catholic Coferece earig six wis. Showig great leadership ad poise were Michael Lopez ad Kevi Motiel both proved to be ivaluable o field. Also havig a great seaso were Jua Barrero, Miguel Agarita ad Domigo Leos.

42 JH SWIMMING est Head Coach: Javier Araque 03 (5th Year) Team Record: 1-0 Team Recogitio: First Place- Bele Iv., Rasom Iv., MIS Iv. ad Dade Couty. Boleck De Pawlikowski 8 3C Maxwell Goldberg 8 2C Adria Alepuz 8 2C Joh Diaz-Silveira 8 2C Mauel Lopez 8 2C Satiago Nuñez 7 2C Miguel Basalo 7 2C Carlos Jimeez 7 2C Berardo Limia 7 2C Michael Limia 7 2C Rya Guso 7 2C Joh Goudie 7 2C Sebastia Metral 7 2C Joatha Chow 8 1C Cesar Rebolledo 8 1C Jose Sirve 8 1C Jua Perez 8 1C Daiel Botero 7 1C Christia Fowler 7 1C Tavish Rice 6 1C Nicolas Perez 6 1C Alex Alepuz 6 1C After losig a huge group of seve eighth graders last seaso to varsity, this seaso seemed like it would be a rebuildig year. But i life, re are surprises, ad that s exactly what happeed. The 2009 Bele Jesuit Juior High Swim team was domiat i every possible way. This year was led by a very special group of 8th graders, Boleck De Pawlikowski, Joatha Chow ad Jua Perez, whom led way wiig ir evets cosistetly. They were part of record settig relays that were reletless, wiig every relay y swam this year. Alog with m, two very special seveth graders, Rya Guso ad Satiago Nuñez, whom are expected to lead Wolveries ext seaso. The rest of team played a very crucial part scorig poits ad stealig spots, to kock out or swimmers from fials. Right from get go, y started off by wiig Westmister Ivitatioal by 50 poits, provig that this year was ours for takig. After that came Bele Ivitatioal, Rasom Ivitatioal, MIS Champioships ad most sigificat victory of m all, Middle School Youth Fair Champioships. Last year Wolveries wo MSYF by a record settig 110 poits, which was a amazig task. This year s team had goals of shatterig that record, ad y did. The Wolveries defeated every school i couty, both private ad public school, by a record settig 136 poits. This was somethig that y had bee doig all year log. Sweepig all relays, all seaso log ad wiig a average of 7 out of 9 evets competitio after competitio. They truly showed to be best of best. Next seaso should be a promisig year, with a lot of boys comig back experieced ad watig to break more records.

43 JH TENNIS est Head Coach: Timothy VaScoy (2d Year) Team Record: 3-1 Christia Perez 8 3C Jua Campuzao 8 3C Satiago Vidal 8 3C Esteba Brua 8 3C Mark Laguas 8 2C Joseph Ramos 8 2C Brya Domiguez 8 2C Marcel Mejia 7 2C Wlliam Lorezo 8 1C Jorge Powell 8 1C Cesar Rebolledo 8 1C Michael Tefel 7 1C Alberto Pardo 7 1C Nicolas Roca 6 1C The Middle School teis team stepped out of varsity s shadow this year to post a 3-1 wiig record. Led by eighth grader Brya Rodriguez, team demolished its competitio icludig a big upset versus Rasom Everglades. Mark Laguas, Christia Perez ad Sati Vidal all posted wiig records i ir swa sogs as Middle Schoolers. Or stadouts icluded ew players William Lorezo, Alberto Pardo ad Michael Tefel. May of eighth graders are ready for challege of makig varsity roster ext year! Well doe to m all!

44 JH TRACK & FIELD est Head Coach: Tammy Foster (2d Year) Assistat Coaches: Tia Kig Team Recogitio: 1st Place- ACC Relays, Fr. Sardiña SJ, Respect Life, Crusader Classic, ACC ad Westmister Academy; 2d Place- Tri-Couty; 3rd Place- Dade Couty. Etha Bauer 8 2C Christia Barrial 8 2C Daiel Cairo 8 2C Michael Chag 8 2C Adres de Varoa 8 2C Eliah Domiguez 8 2C Adres Feradez 8 2C Nicholas Feradez 8 2C Alejadro Gasto 8 2C Osiel Gozalez 8 2C Nicolas Iparraguirre 8 2C Alexader Isaac 8 2C Domigo Leos 8 2C Reyaldo Madiedo 8 2C Michael Magoulas 8 2C Joh Media 8 2C Alvaro Mejer 8 2C Kevi Motiel 8 2C Jorge Powell 8 2C Cesar Rebolledo 8 2C Jose Smith 8 2C Carlos Acevedo 8 1C Gerardo Aloso 8 1C Nick Cambo 8 1C Eugeio Cosculluela 8 1C Jack Flood 8 1C Lorezo Guio 8 1C David Hodal 8 1C Marcos Jacobo-Gozalez 8 1C Simo Lodoo 8 1C Guillermo Lopez-Castro 8 1C Samuel Maya 8 1C Carlos Mecio 8 1C Daiel Neptue 8 1C Gabriel Nuez 8 1C Jorge Pola 8 1C Steve Solis 8 1C Fabria Tomas 8 1C Frak Battle 7 1C Joshua Barditch 7 1C Chris Blaco 7 1C Guillermo Bogardus 7 1C Jorge Borro 7 1C Alex Cadia 7 1C Matw Diaz 7 1C Christia Dopico 7 1C Lodo Dura 7 1C Liam Feradez-Rocha 7 1C Levi Feradez-Rocha 7 1C Giovai Gaviria 7 1C Louis Giordao 7 1C Justi Hassu 7 1C Brado Hevia 7 1C Joshua Lascao 7 1C Ferado Molia 7 1C Atoio Motadas 7 1C Satiago Nuez 7 1C Nick Peterso 7 1C Robert Pertierra 7 1C Robert Pulles 7 1C Tyler Roberts 7 1C Nicolas Rodriguez 7 1C Brado Sierra 7 1C Brado Silvestry 7 1C Luis Suarez 7 1C Nicholas Vazquez 7 1C Jose Velasco 7 1C Alex Veto 7 1C Mark Whte 7 1C The Juior High team capped a victorious seaso by wiig every race we had except for oe, ACC Tri- Couty was lost by 3 poits, due to a few abseces. However all athletes that participated that day stepped up makig persoal records, ad displayig ir best efforts, i hurdlers, ad i throws, eve though we were missig a few distace ruers. However o every or meet our distace ruers were solid. Led by Fabia Tomas, Michael Magoulas, Kevi Motiel, Ozzie Gozalez, ad Ady de Varoa. The spriters that were key team members were Nick Feradez, Rey Madiedo, Cesar Rebolledo, ad Christia Barrial. Coverig hurdles were Jorge Powell, Johy Media, Nico Iparraguirre, ad Alvaro Mejer all cotributed to a wiig seaso. As for field evets Jose Smith excelled i every meet for shot put ad Jack Flood for discus. Or key raisig stars that were placed i ay evet at aytime were Daiel Neptue, Marcus Jacobo-Gozalez, ad Guillermo Lopez-Castro. These three youg me ever complaied y just wet out every week ad got job doe. Cogratulatios.

45 JH VOLLEYBALL est Head Coach: Jua Zapata (2d Year) Assistat Coach: Adria Zapata Team Record: 10-3 Team Recogitio: ACC Champios Joseph Ramos 8 2C Liam Feradez-Rocha 7 2C Levi Feradez-Rocha 7 2C William Cadela 8 1C Eugeio Cosculluela 8 1C Nicholas Feradez 8 1C Nicolas Iparraguirre 8 1C Miguel Torres de Navarra 8 1C Adres Perez 8 1C Joh Media 8 1C Cristia Matos 6 1C The seaso started great, we fiished i ACC touramet as #1 ad i coferece regular seaso #1 as well with a record of The hardest part of seaso was playig outside with su ad wid but as seaso progressed we improved, ad as we assimilated to coditios we started wiig. This was a great seaso ad I am lookig forward to may more successful seasos to come i volleyball.

46 JH WRESTLING est Head Coach: Fidel Albelo (2d Year) Assistat Coaches: Lazaro Reioso Jaso Machado 04 Peter Kiliddjia 8 2C Richard Sotologo 8 2C Brado Sierra 7 2C Michael Ruiz 8 1C Agusti de la Guardia 8 1C Adres Chichilla 7 1C Alexader Fals 7 1C Alec Sachez 7 1C Alexader Boza 6 1C Ia Casero 6 1C

47 6TH GRADE BASEBALL est Head Coach: Ady Blaco (3rd Year) Assistat Coach: Cesar Ferreiro 09 Team Record: 11-4 Team Recogitio: ACC Champios Julio Aira 6 1C Pablo Arevalo 6 1C Armad del Castillo 6 1C Gabriel Gozalez 6 1C Albert Gutierrez 6 1C Cristia Matos 6 1C Albert Maury 6 1C Giovai Meocal 6 1C Joshua Muñoz 6 1C Richard Perez 6 1C Giacarlo Pito 6 1c Ghulia Ramos 6 1c Mario Robaia 6 1c Eresto Ruiz-Sierra 6 1c Daiel Silva 6 1c Joseph Suarez 6 1c The sixth grade team came ito seaso with a lot to lear because y are ew to program at Bele but y made a good trasitio. They played well all year ad fiished i 1st place i ACC. They wet to several touramets ad competed well agaist older teams. The future is bright for Bele Jesuit baseball.

48 6TH GRADE BASKETBALL est Head Coach: Carlos Bravo 86 (7th Year) Team Record: 11-1 Team Recogitio: ACC Champios Christopher Billoch 6 1C Gabriel Cabrera 6 1C Armad del Castillo 6 1C Vicet Gozalez 6 1C Kristopher Gozalez 6 1C Daiel Hodal 6 1C Steve Mari 6 1C Alfoso Martiez 6 1C Richard Perez 6 1C Giacarlo Pito 6 1C Joh Powell 6 1C Nicolas Roca 6 1C Daiel Romeu 6 1C David Salazar 6 1c Joseph Seara 6 1C Daiel Silva 6 1C Before tryouts eve bega for 6th grade basketball team, re was a buzz i air about this year s team. I was goig ito my seveth seaso as 6th grade basketball coach, ad I myself was gettig excited about what I was hearig about talet comig i this year. Eighty four studets siged up to try out, ad after two agoizig weeks I selected sixtee of m, from a very taleted group of players. This team had high expectatios, ad y delivered by wiig ACC south divisio champioship, ad defeatig rival St. Timothy i champioship of St. Breda JV basketball touramet. The team had a overall record of 11 wis ad 1 loss. The oe loss was agaist Epiphay early o i seaso. I believe this was a turig poit for our team, whe we realized that we were ot ivicible. It was a very humblig experiece for me ad team, ad from that momet o y made choice to ot let that happe agai. This was a special group, a very taleted group ad future of our program. I love coachig sixth grade basketball because I m able to see our future ow, ad with cotiued hard work ad dedicatio who kows where we ed up. I would like to thak parets for all ir support, ad players for givig me opportuity to coach m, it truly was a woderful experiece.

49 6TH GRADE CROSS COUNTRY est Head Coach: Victor Arrieta 95 (8th Year) Assistat Coach: Lazaro Fields 09 Team Recogitio: ACC ad Tri-Couty Champios; 1st Place- Holy Rosary ad Arch. Carroll; 2d Place- St. Theresa. Idividual Recogitio: All Coferece- Jorge Gomez ad Bruo Zayas. Tri-Couty Champio Jorge Gomez. Jorge Gomez 6 1C Bruo Zayas 6 1C Nicolas Roca 6 1C Domiic Wermuth 6 1C Jaime Lopez 6 1C Rodrigo Bustamate 6 1C Kevi Feradez 6 1C Michael Lopez 6 1C Coor Meagher 6 1C Christia Noriella-Burke 6 1C Adres Sigoret 6 1C Alex Fals 6 1C Liam Mulli-Garcia 6 1C Fracisco Odo 6 1C Nicholas Coroado 6 1C Joh Hylad 6 1C Gabriel Abril 6 1C Jesus Ibarra 6 1C New faces, ew frieds, ew team. That is how sixth grade cross coutry team always starts. With a ew batch of Wolveries, y come toger i commo purpose. This year s group had a outstadig seaso. They would have goe udefeated if it was t for fact that top three six graders ra i a juior high meet that same day at aor locatio. Led by amazig talet of Jorge Gomez ad Bruo Zayas; teacity of Nick Roca ad Michael Lopez; ad hard work of Jaime Lopez, Rodrigo Bustamate ad Domiic Wermuth Wolveries wet o to wi ACC Champioship for first time i five years. This is eighth ACC title i sixth grade program. The team wet also to wi Tri-Couty Champioship. This has ability to be highly successful team i future with hard work ad determiatio.

50 6TH GRADE SOCCER est Head Coach: Alejadro Medoza Team Record: 9-1 Team Recogitio: ACC Champios Lucca Barbaris 6 1C Athoy Castro 6 1C Ferado Cordal 6 1C Eric Cruz 6 1C Basilio Garcia 6 1C Roberto Gatica 6 1C Isaac Gozalez 6 1C Tomas Gozalez 6 1C Jose Jimeez 6 1C William Kidela 6 1C Claudio Laratelli 6 1C Rafael Marmol 6 1C Satiago Molero 6 1C Miguel Mora 6 1C Joh Orta 6 1C Johy Powell 6 1C Diego Puig-Corve 6 1C Ferado Pujals 6 1C Holma Rios 6 1C Nicholas Tootle 6 1C Adres Vila 6 1C Federico Vivacqua 6 1C This was a team whose greatest stregth was ir uity of play. They demostrated to have good idividual values ad that school will be beeficiary of this talet. With so may good players y will prove to be a valuable asset to varsity team dow road. The team scored 55 goals i favor ad oly allowed 12 goals all seaso. Havig a outstadig seaso were Roberto Gatica, Athoy Castro, Ferado Pujals ad Johy Powell.

51 6TH GRADE TRACK & FIELD est Head Coach: Tammy Foster (2d Year) Assistat Coaches: Tia Kig Team Recogitio: ACC Champios; 1st Place- Respect Life ad Tri-Couty Adres Borroto 6 1C Rodrigo Bustamate 6 1C Orlado Calas 6 1C Athoy Castro 6 1C Christia Chavarry 6 1C Armad del Castillo 6 1C Alex Feradez 6 1C Kevi Feradez 6 1C Max Feradez 6 1C Joseph Fuetes 6 1C Jorge Gomez 6 1C Kristopher Gozalez 6 1C Justi Heradez 6 1C Chris Jauregui 6 1C William Kidela 6 1C Michael Lopez 6 1C Jaime Lopez 6 1C Erique Media 6 1C Fracisco Odo 6 1C Michael Palacio 6 1C Ferado Piera 6 1C Johy Powell 6 1C Diego Riera 6 1C Gabriel Rigueiro 6 1C Nicolas Roca 6 1C Carlos Rodriguez 6 1C David Salazar 6 1C Daiel Silva 6 1C Daiel Sixto 6 1C Daiel Tejada 6 1C Nicholas Tootle 6 1C Kevi Valdes 6 1C Pablo Veegas 6 1C Domiic Wermuth 6 1C Bruo Zayas 6 1C The Bele 6th Grade team fiished out successfully this seaso, Jorge Gomez, ad Bruo Zayas, distace ruers ad Johy Powell, hurdler ad log jumper, Domiic Wermuth, ad Nicholas Toottle spriters lead six graders to victory. Alog with field evet champios for shot put ad discus throw Kevi Valdes, ad Christia Chavarry. We had a lot of youg me out re workig to do ir best every day. Team captais Jorge Gomez ad Bruo Zayas lead ir team with order i ir warm ups, beig resposible to complete ir workouts, ad maitaiig a high level of respect for each or. The cohesiveess of this team led to boys capturig most importat ACC race of year. We eared 1st place for ACC Tri-Couty Champioships, hard work had paid off.

52 HALL OF FAME CLASS OF 2010 The Bele Alumi Associatio of Jesuit Schools from Cuba ad Miami ad Bele Jesuit Prep. istituted Bele Sports Hall of Fame i The purpose of Hall of Fame is to hoor those idividuals ad teams that exemplify Jesuit motto s of Magis ad beig me for ors. For furr iformatio or to omiate a athlete, cotact alumi office at or Igacio Tamayo 41 Louis Iglesias 88 Albert Acuña 93 Jose Garcia 03 Jaso Machado 04 Lifetime Achievemet Award Patrick Collis Hall of Fame Members Luis Botifoll 25 Eresto Smith 36 Alfredo Porta Bolaños 47 Julio Bordas 48 Felix Perez-Majul 55 Eduardo Sowers 56 Ree Walker 69 Julio Campa 71 Jorge Cabrera 72 Eric Alvarez 85 Hector Ortiz 86 Michael Covert 91 Edward Acosta 99 Coach Otilio Cappy Campuzao Coach Carlos Barqui Cross Coutry Team 1995 Pablo Carreño 42 Roberto Suarez 46 Mariao Loret de Mola 58 Ricardo Gozalez 68 Mauel Diaz 73 Fracisco Paco Ruiz 73 Atoio Frayie 86 Joe Zumpao 87 Jorge Vigo 97 Vicet Cartaya 99 Jose Pañeda 82 Volleyball Team 1955 Raoul Garcia-Vidal 47 Eugeio Ferreiro 68 Joh Media 77 Albert Gross 86 Marcos Mestre 91 Basketball Team 1946 Luis Heradez-Gelpi 33

53 C LAS S 2A STA TE S WIMMING CHAMPIONSHIPS B ele rus aw ay with fourth sta te title A fter suf ferig a str oke befo re last year s state fial, Bele coach Kirk Peppas celebr ated with his team Thursday. BY JUSTIN AZPIAZU ORLANDO The Bele Jesuit boys swimmig team captured its fourth cosecutive team state title at 2009 Class 2A FHSAA swimmig fials i Orlado o Thursday. The Wolveries domiated meet, beatig Fort Myers at Cetral Florida YMCA. With wi, Bele became oly third team from Miami-Dade Couty to collect four titles. Miami Jackso was last team to pull off rare feat whe y wo its last title i It has bee a log haul. There s bee a lot of ups ad dows alog way, Bele coach Kirk Peppas said. We kew we had a opportuity, but you ever kow till you get here. This seaso had bee special for Wolveries, who rallied aroud Peppas after he was forced to miss 2008 state meet after sufferig a stroke. The Wolveries swimmers wated othig more tha to have ir coach preset whe y were awarded trophy. It really motivated me to have my coach here, Bele s Ady Vazquez said. I had chace to show him how hard I JUSTIN AZPIAZU/MIAMI HERALD STAFF A LONG STREAK: Bele coach Kirk Peppas, ceter, celebrates with his team after capturig school s fourth cosecutive state champioship. traied. Peppas fully recovered ad was o pool deck to start seaso. Juiors Carlos Omaa ad Vazquez lead Wolveries by wiig two idividual evets each. Vazquez placed first, with All-America automatic times, i 200- yard freestyle ad 100- P eppas bac k as Bele boy s s wim c oa ch BY JUSTIN AZPIAZU Emotios were ruig high for Bele boys swimmig team durig latter part of 2008 seaso after coach ad metor Kirk Peppas suffered a stroke. Up to that poit, Peppas had led Wolveries to two cosecutive Class 2A state champioships, ad his taleted squad seemed destied for its third title. Peppas was uable to cotiue coachig after stroke left him practically blid ad wheelchairboud for several moths. Assistat coach Kyle Hastigs took over for Peppas while he edured a rehabilitatio program that would be essetial to his recovery. With heavy hearts, Wolveries rallied behid ir falle leader, dedicatig ir seaso to Peppas. We were all sad ad worried, juior Ady Vazquez said. It was a huge motivatio for us. We swam for him, ot just for team. A year later, Peppas is happy he will be back AL DIAZ/MIAMI HERALD STAFF BACK AT THE POOL: Bele swim coach Kirk Peppas, right, survived a stroke ad will be leadig his team agai at this weeked s Youth Fair Ivitatioal. Bele boy s fiish secod i 3A race Bele s boy s ha d wo RESULTS thr ee c osecutive state CLASS 4A Boys team scores (top 5 plus or Dade): 1. cr oss-c outry titles i Class Columbus 60; 2. Orlado Dr. Phillips 126; 3. Witer 2A but could t o v er c ome Park 217; 4. Logwood Lyma 220; 5. Melboure 222; 7. Ferguso 261; 17. Coral Reef 412; 19. Hialeah-Miami Lakes 435; 20. Suset 508; 24. Varela 548. T allahassee Leo i Class 3A. Boys idividual results (wier plus Dade top-50 fiishers): 1. Bria Atkiso (Melboure) BY ANDRE C. FERNANDEZ 15:20.48; 4. Domiick Cabrera (COL) 15:48.17; 6. Armado Del Valle (COL) 15:53.42; 10. Mark Gulesia (COL) 16:02.93; 13. Eddy Arechebala (COL) DADE CITY Bele s 16:09.28; 19. Dyla Cook (Coral Reef) 16:17.49; 20. Raul Motoya (FER) 16:18.31; 22. Gary Pierre-Louis cross-coutry team hoped to (Cetral) 16:21.27; 24. Jesus Rivas (Hialeah-Miami Lakes) 16:21.73; 30. David Ramirez (Coral Reef) carry o champioship traditio it ejoyed i Class 2A Adrew Shahee (COL) 16:36.23; 43. Fracisco Clav- 16:29.06; 32. Joshua Estrada (FER) 16:32.29; 38. ijo (Suset) 16:41.23; 44. Jose Estevez (FER) past three seasos to Class 16:41.52; 46. Geoffrey Zelek (COL) 16: Girls team scores (top 5 plus or Dade): 1. 3A this year. Witer Park 64; 2. Melboure 105; 3. Lourdes 118; 4. But Wolveries could Vero Beach 152; 5. Tampa Plat 153; 15. Ferguso 393; 16. Suset 395; 21. South Dade 493; 23. Coral ot overcome top team i Reef 564; 24. Killia 633. ir ew bracket. Girls idividual results (wier plus Dade top-50 fiishers): 1. Shelby Hayes (Witer Park) Bele came up short i its 18:13.02; 11. Alessadra Valdes (Lourdes) 19:06.44; 14. Courtey Fillibe (Lourdes) 19:13.68; 18. Victor bid to exted its Miami-Dade Villarovo (Lourdes) 19:23.12; 19. Natalie Cocepcio (Ferguso) 19:26.37; 29. Cristia Brea (Lourdes) Couty-record streak of three 19: cosecutive state champioships Saturday morig whe Boys team scores: 1. Tallahassee Leo 59; 2. CLASS 3A it fiished secod to Tallahassee Leo i Class 3A boys Boys idividual results (wier plus Dade Bele Jesuit 103; 3. Puta Gorda Charlotte 134; 4. Fort Walto Beach 152; 5. Okeechobee 196. state champioship race at top-50 fiishers): 1. Matt Mizereck (Leo) 15:21.64; 2. Jimmy Clark (Creekside) 15:25.41; 3. Elliot Clemete (BEL) 15:28.67; 4. Will Staford (Leo) 15:51.88; The Little Everglades Rach. 5. Riley Doherty (Leo) 15:52.37; 9. Joseph Lidsay Leo wo its third cosecutive Class 3A state title with 59 Girls team scores (o Dade participats): 1. (BEL) 16:06.12; 21. Brade Martiez (BEL) 16: Tallahassee Chiles 40, 2. Bradeto Lakewood Rach poits, ad Bele fiished with MIKE CARLSON/FOR THE MIAMI HERALD 62, 3. Fort Walto Beach Leo seior Matt Mizereck Girls idividual results (o Dade participats) TOUGH FINISH: Bele s Max Echarte reacts at ed of Wier: Carly Thomas (Chiles) 18: ra a time of 15:21.64 to wi his third cosecutive idividual Class 3A boys race i Dade City. The Wolveries fiished CLASS 2A Boys team scores: 1. Jacksoville Bishop title ad became oly secod to three-time champio Tallahassee Leo. Key 106; 2. Estero 109; 3. Fort Lauderdale Archbishop McCarthy 146; 4. Rasom Everglades 156; 5. fourth boys ruer i state Nease 202. Boys idividual results (wier plus Dade history to accomplish feat. so, Ruiz said. Elliot showed top 30. Ferguso s Natalie top-50 fiishers): 1. Coli Barker (Bishop Key) They left it all out re o he has a great future ahead of Cocepcio fiished 19th. 15:22.86; 21. Bert Irigoye (Rasom) 16:27.32; 24. Adria Diaz-Graados (Rasom) 16:30.18; 45. Robert course today ad did t him, ad se guys will lear Figueroa-Dowig (Rasom) 16:51.99; 50. Eduard hold back at all this seaso, from this. OTHER HIGHLIGHTS Bustamate (Rasom) 16: Girls team scores (top 5 plus or Dade): 1. Bele coach Frakie Ruiz said. Lourdes, which fiished Rasom Everglades sophomore Nicole Carpio fially dale Cardial Gibbos 198; 9. Rasom Everglades Jacksoville Bolles 87; 2. Jacksoville Bishop Key 134; 3. Estero 152; 4. Episcopal 195; 5. Fort Lauder- We kew we had a uphill short of top two last seaso battle, but we ever quit, ad for first time i eight years, bested a logtime emesis i 257; 13. Carrollto 328. Girls idividual results (wier plus Dade I m proud of m for that. was hopig for a retur i Class 2A girls race. Carpio top-50 fiishers): 1. Stepha Schappert (Pope Joh Paul II) 17:58.93; 3. Nicole Carpio (Rasom) 18:08.17; Bele sophomore Elliot Class 4A girls race. The Bobcats, however, were t able to Class 2A girls race ad fi- Balcazar (Carrollto) 18:59.82; 13. Marie Madiedo ra a 18:08.17 to fiish third i 4. Joaa McCoy (Coral Shores) 18:33.10; 9. Maria Clemete fiished third i (Carrollto) 19: :28.67 to lead Wolveries. overcome Witer Park, which ish early 25 secods ahead of CLASS 1A After Clemete, however, cruised to team title behid Taverier Coral Shores Boys team scores (top 5 plus or Dade): 1. Bele placed oly two more idividual champio Shelby Joaa McCoy, whom she lost Witer Park Triity Prep 48; 2. Melboure Holy Triity 55; 3. Gaiesville P.K. Yoge 68; 4. Tallahassee ruers i top 50 Joseph Hayes, or ruer-up Melboure. Lourdes fiished third so. Boca Rato s Stephaie bishop Curley 531; 22. Florida Christia 542; 23. to i multiple evets this sea- Maclay 106; 5. Commuity School (Naples) 221; 11. Dade Christia 359; 13. Palmer Triity 363; 21. Arch- Lidsay i ith-place (16:06.12) ad Brade Martiez i 21st (16:28.03). year s fiish at state. title, ad Raiders girls fi- top-50 fiishers): 1. Patrick Swai (Maclay) 15:44.98; with 118 poits, matchig last Schappert wo idividual Miami Coutry Day 547. Boys idividual results (wier plus Dade Leo placed three ruers Juior Alessadra Valdes ished ith. 7. Caleb Wishart (Westwood Christia) 16:14.44; 17. Sajay Sigh (Curley) 16: i top five. ra a persoal best 19:06.44 Rasom s boys fiished Girls team scores (top 5 plus or Dade): 1. Melboure Holy Triity 92; 2. Tallahassee Maclay 97; The Wolveries lose oly ad placed 11th, which was a fourth, led by Bert Irigoye, 3. Commuity School Naples 104; 4. Gaiesville Oak oe seior this seaso ad will Dade-best i race. Lourdes who ra a 16:27.32 to fiish 21st. Hall 175; 5. Jacksoville Providece 203; 10. Miami Coutry Day 304; 14. Florida Christia 387; 23. have three seiors i its startig seve ext year. Victoria Villarovo (14th), Westwood Christia s Caleb top-50 fiishers): 1. Kathry Fluehr (Commuity) placed three more ruers I Class 1A boys race, Palmer Triity 634. Girls idividual results (wier plus Dade It was tough sice we lost a Courtey Fillibe (18th) ad Wishart ra a Dade-best 16:59.53; 16. Claire Log (MCD) 19:35.63; 22. Michelle ANDRE Figueroa (FC) C. 19:48.02; FERNANDEZ 42. Mila Boao (MCD) Y lot of experiece from last sea- Cristia Brea (29th) i 16:14.44 to fiish seveth. 20:28.02; 44. Mollie Felder (FC) 20: Hialeah-Miami Lakes d. North Miami 26-24, 25-21, 25-23: Christie Mario 16 kills, 8 digs. Kristia Rodriguez 18 poits, 8 aces, 9 digs. Vaessa Borroto 9 kills, 21 digs. HML 2-3. Krop d. Golema 25-14, 25-15, 25-10: Jessyca Shiffma 6 aces, 32 assists. Brittay Dubis 12 kills, 2 aces. Brittey Torao 7 kills. KR 6-0. Curley d. Doctors Charter 25-20, 25-18, 21-25, 20-25, 15-13: Shatoria Edgecomb 6 kills, 3 digs. Carolie Burgos 5 aces. Jese Raybur 3 kills. CUR 4-1. America d. Carol City 25-13, 25-17, 25-7: Deise Prieto 8 kills, 8 digs, 3 blocks. Courtey Gilbes 5 kills, 2 digs, 3 aces. Geraldie Nieves 2 kills, 15 assists. AM 7-1. BOYS SWIMMING Tuesday Palmetto 114, Columbus 52: 100 free, 200 free: Stephe Lichter (PAL); 50 Free, 100 back: Michael Saco (PAL); PAL 5-0. BOYS GOLF Palmetto 153, Columbus 162, Westmister Christia 169 (Palmetto GC par 36): Casey Matws (PAL) 35, James Tria (PAL) 39. George Leoe (PAL) 39. P 9-1, C 4-1. Ferguso 189, Varela 227 (Miccosukee GC par 36): Matw Che (VAR) 38, Ricky DeArmas (FER) 42, Vladamir Lafargue (FER) 44. GIRLS GOLF Miami Sprigs 217, Reaga 233 (Miami Sprigs CC par 35): Kayli Safreed (MSP) 40, Breda Aviles (RR) 45. MS 8-0. Tuesday Palmetto 227, South Miami 284, Suset, ic., Miami Christia, ic. (Miccosukee GC par 37): Paula Grada (MC) 43, Molly Barlow (PAL) 48, Gaby Motes (PAL) 53. GIRLS BOWLING Tuesday Krop d. Golema: Iris Morrero (GOL) High game: 157. High series: 409. KR 2-1. THURSDAY S SCHEDULE FOOTBALL Cetral vs. Miami Sprigs (Hedricks), 7 America vs. NMB (N. Miami), 7 Columbus vs. Miami High (Curtis), 7 Reaga vs. Braddock (Tropical), 7 GIRLS VOLLEYBALL Calusa Prep at Priceto Christia, 3:30 Jackso at Cetral, 3:30 PATRICK FARRELL/MIAMI HERALD STAFF IGH HOPES: Sophomore Elliot Clemete returs as losest Bele has to a idividual state title coteder, d could oe day be oe of Dade s top all-time ruers. BO YS CROS S-COUNTR Y PREVIEW D YNASTY LIVES ON Despite losig three All-Dade first-team ruers, Bele ooks strog eough to wi a fourth state title i a ro w. become oe of couty s top all-time ruers before he grad- yard butterfly. Omaa, who is oe of best youg swimmers i Miami-Dade Couty, wo 500-yard freestyle ad 200-yard idividual medley with All- America automatic times of 4:25.25 ad 1:49.82, respectively. The traiig paid off. That s all it comes dow to, Omaa said. Durig Thursday morig s prelims, it was clear Wolveries would have a shot to cotiue ir wiig traditio after qualifyig multiple swimmers i top eight spots. Oe of major factors i Wolveries wi was havig all of ir relays medal at state meet. The 200 medley relay was oly oe ot to wi a gold medal, fiishig secod behid Fort Myers. Duig medal presetatio Wolveries sereaded ir fas with ir reditio of The Foudatios s classic B uild me up Buttercup, a sog which has become part of team sice its first title. Girls team results (top three teams): 1. Eastside 160, 2. Chiles 152, 3. Bishop Key 147. Boys team results (top three teams): 1. Bele 266.5, 2. Fort Myers 176, 3. Bishop Key 114. Boys idividual results: (wiers ad Dade ad Broward fiishers): 200 medley relay: 1. Fort Myers 1:36.91, 2. Bele Jesuit 1: free: 1. Ady Vazquez (BEL) 1: Matw Log (BEL) 1: IM: 1. Carlos Omaa (BEL) 1:49.82, 8. Digua Pigot (BEL) 2: free: 1. Jo Nuez (FTM) :20.84, 5. Julia Ballestas (BEL) : fly: Ady Vazquez (BEL) :50.43, 3. Charles Williams (DIL) : free: 1. Jo Nelso (FTM) :45.55, 4. Julia Ballestas (BEL) : free: 1. Carlos Omaa (BEL) 4:26.25, 9. Lace Rutki (FTL) 4:47.29, 100 back: 1. Ross Spock (NICE) : breast: 1. Marc Rojas (PINE) 1:00.07, 6. Digua Pigot (BEL) 1: free relay: 1. Bele 1: Divig: 1 Luke Zippi (VIERA) Bele swimmers wi district Bele is lookig for aor state champioship, but its pursuit of aor title started Wedesday ight at Pompao Beach Aquatic Ceter BO YS S WIMMING with a covicig FOOTBALL Hillel 57, Priceto Christia School 6: The Hurricaes (5-2) closed out ir seaso with a impressive victory over Priceto Christia (0-5) failed) HIL - Beamu 25 ru (Perlma HIL - Najjar 11 ru (Perlma kic Idividual Statistics Rushig (att-yds) PCS: Aguirre 4-1, 2-3, Wilso 4-1, Moore 3-(-18). HIL: ma 11-86, Najjar 5-60, Du 6-37, Be Passig (comp-att-it, yds) PCS: A , 43, Moore 3-6-1, 86. HIL : B ele pa ckig a oe-two puch Carlos Omaa ad Ady V az que z hav e Class 2A W olveries o brik of a rar e achie v emet: a fourth c osecutive state title. BY MANNY NAVARRO Carlos Omaa was 5 years old whe his parets siged him up for swimmig lessos at My dad jumped i ad saved me. Two weeks later, I was takig classes. I would t be i swimmig if I had t almost drowed. O Thursday at state s Class 2A swimmig ad divig fials, Omaa ad Vazquez, ow 16-year old juiors, wo t be gaspig for air or reachig for help. They will be racig through ATHLETES OF THE WEEK four titles i a row from behid former Uiversity of Miami coach Bill Diaz, have domiated like that. Despite beig favored, Bele coach Kirk Peppas, who swam for Diaz at UM, is t makig room i his trophy case yet. We do t kow what s i store for us, really, because a few teams like Fort Myers (1:41.93) swam a time of 1 miute, secods i 200-yard freestyle ad fiished 100- yard butterfly i secods. Omaa comes i more tha five secods faster tha ay swimmer i 200 IM (1:51.25), a evet he wo last year. Omaa also has All-America ad state-best times of 4:32.81 i 500-yard freestyle. Mateo Buraglia, Bele Jesuit, football: Buraglia kicked a 25-y field goal to lift Bele to a victory over Booker T. Washi Regio 4-3A semifial. ATHLETES OF THE WEEK Quito Watso, Miami Coutry Day, boys soccer: Watso s Sergio Feradez-Soto, Bele, football: Feradez caught game-wiig touchdow with 32 secods lead Wolveries over Class 1A powerhouse Belle s Glades Day. Daiel ATHLETES Moroe, OF Coral THE Reef, WEEK ie digs; Ry football: Muroe ra Krop for 113 d 5; Agelous Sera (VAR) 18:55. Armado Sera, Bele, baseball: Sera iels 21 assists Bele 16, Coral Shores 48: Peter Jude ( pitched eight o-hit iigs i relief to lead Madowsky s 7; Max Echarte (BEL) 18:07; Elliot Clem Wolveries to a 4-3 wi agaist Westlad i 16 Palmet ) 18:07; BEL 7-0. Day Berd Florida Christia 34, Miami Coutry Da iigs.. aces; PAL 18- ; Iva Pelaez, Suset, baseball: Pelaez pitched 11 PHOTOS BY ALEXIA FODERE/FOR THE MIAMI HERALD AND THE WINNERS ARE: Bele Jesuit s Elliott Clemete, left, wo boys race, ad Coral Shores Joaa McCoy wo girls race at Juior Orage Bowl Ivitatioal o Friday. B ele b oys wi, s tate ir case BY ANDRE C. FERNANDEZ catcher Steve Baro was

54 birds reboud Up ext for Bele: Pesacola HD2D_011217Ys~ HIS TORIC RUN boo for Glades savig his marriage, usig word ifidelity for first time i a statemet posted o his website Friday. After much soul-searchig, I o beig a better husbad, far ad perso. Woods ad his wife, Eli, have bee married for five years ad have a 2-year-old daughter mail she said Woods left her two ad that I ask forgiveess. It may ights before his Nov. 27 acci- ot be possible to repair damage I ve doe, but I wat to det. Woods has t bee see i public sice accidet two TURN TO TIGER, 7D break... 8D SATURDAY, DECEMBER 12, 2009Miami Herald D2 Writer B T w w m N For at least oe more ight, m Booker T. Washigto had W w N M m eough. READ THE FULL STATEMENT, 7D w Despite missig two of its B T w most importat players o B ROUNDUP FROM THE SPORTS FRONT offese, ruig back Eduardo w N CLASS 3A STATE SEMIFINALS BELEN 21, LAKE WALES 14 Clemets ad quarterback Jere- M m B B T miah Hay, Booker T. hug o to remai udefeated with a 10-8 A m m victory over North Miami Beach o Friday ight at Curtis BELEN, FROM 1D m Park. T m But a 7-0 record has put a big BY ADAM H. BEA tered. T m m It has t suk i it it will target o Booker T. s s backs, A seaso probably hit me o bus ride somethig that s gettig harder BLACK CYAN MAGENTA YELLOW back, said Bele coach Rich ad harder to keep dodgig, Fe gu o 27 Reaga 3 great promise BY MANNY NAVARRO for St. Thoma Stuart, who i 26 years as especially whe Clemets ad m Friday ight w Bele s coach had ever Hay have bee idled by what B LAKE WALES Three advaced past regioals util w w belief. left buses2,filled ad this seaso. I m just so proud of y said are spraied 10D WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 2009 with studets D2 THE MIAMI HERALD Bradeto T medial collateral ligamets, a carava of RVs carryig our kids. off upse though coach Earl Tillma said P proud parets dressed i blue, mahadlig Our offesive lie just took gold ad white followed BeleFLORIDA SPORTS BUZZ W victory it over. They said, Coach put it ijuries probably are more Jesuit s football team to Legio w state semifi o us, we ll ru it dow ir like bruises. Field for what was supposed After third strog Clemets ad Hay breedig said y Hawkis Stad to be game i R D U No hwe e Khamb e McGee ack e biggest Co umbu uthroats. g back N ck P ado We ever hope to retur i two to three B After Lake Wales quarteryear sic e 2002, re is icreasig school history Friday ight. du g he Bu 5 3 v c o y F day gh a F U S ad um ed like this, back Justi Shafer scored o a A weeks, but Tillma said he is t Thaks to four quarters of optimism that wadig birds are ig back Jam smashmouth Wolverie foot- 3-yard touchdow ru to tie clear o progosis, ad it is ad FSU because of Bowde s CHATTER erbacks. he has bee successful (icomhe last time Dolphis reboudig from decades may Raide score at 14 with 4:59 left i ot kow ball, pletio biggestorfootball Gator willof eve retiremet reportedly Patriots coach if Billy Belichick Smith mostly defeded Sam offesivegame pealty) o played New Eglad, misty eyes aft third quarter, that s exactly what raved iout Beleoly history ow besuccess declie i Ev erglades. Bowl boud, w Orlado s about rookie safety Chris Aike, with Nate Joes primar18 awill 35.3 percet Champs L T Rady Moss sought retur rest of seaso. For Bele silyoffesive lie did. played at Citrus Bowl Sports Bowl could take UM Clemos speedbooker last moth ad o Wes Welker. Joes has rate ad allowed 10.4iyards Votae Davis who made a m For ow, T. will have abruptly cam ext Friday after- JoyStartig left Tyler (agaist Northwester or Wishad a good yeartackle (50 percet suc- predicted he would play more. per attempt. Bad umbers, impressive iterceptio Orlado ad BY CURTIS MORGAN w to keep hagig o, like it did cosi) or loser of GeorBut Clemos said he has t cess rate, allowig 4.2 yards per Sea Smith to praise rookie oo. er said. Davis does have two ir 37-game Staish, left guard Nigel Dodo, ir bid for a Friday. gia Tech-Clemso ACC title o defese past two attempt). ad isstory good i ceter ru corerbacks, eve after catchig Bele,iterceptios Ciderella Nic Busse, guard played game. TheVteam passed over ot staff prefers heavy feelig, Davis has bee beate, games; six passes forw 147 yards. of highsupport. school W football i Alfoso Whe C He mtold It s greatest state title, a Horer ad right tackle Wadig most could edresup i Nashville or dosesbirds, of Gibril Wilso.... Abeautiful some of it has bee techique, Smith has a 52.4 percet sucme we ll be a great tademsouth m m Florida this seaso, T R secod cos w C Rich mstaff Todd K said. That m meat but I ll take W, Tillma Max paved waybowles for a official Charlotte, N.C. who spoke to Dolsecodary coach rate (22 of42), with years, Smith a cess PETER ANDREW BOSCH/MIAMI HERALD idets of Everglades ad key meaeared week champioship C Orage Bowl s T ofmm H said.80-yard A moredrive w favorite player itself waor said,said while C m 12-play, Durig phis fidigsportig a outside a disap Heeedsscorig to be co8.3 yards per attempt. lot. He was my ad a spot i that Class 3A to private sessio Moday,H some liebacker to develop will be a sistet. Howew does compare comig up. mface a life surig its eve biological health, For Hu VISIONS TO COME: The symphoy hall s 70-by-100-foot projectio wall plaed 2.5-acre park. that eded back sticks with ruig poitedof look, though his m will stateotitle game2008 opposite Pesetimet was expressed for priority. Camero Smith s self-assessmet? Miami s starters? Last seamoss ad Patriots a shot at ir up offseaso Miguel m Maseda w ruig W A B teambreedig haded North w N wtap,with i umbers with a ispirig selectiglast Iowa as ACC cham- m Wake still has t coviced Miami said, Staybee so, ow-ijured Will Alle was Goig ito year, I have Davis must be sharpersacola tha (12-1) i 17 years. gut from 5 yards out for a touchm C whe mhe allowed Bagaist Beach its third cosecutive pio s OB oppoet because staff he s a every-dow player. bee at 51.3 percet ad 7.2 yards, ad off SportsCeter ad I ve last Suday, victory Lake recorded more tha a half-cetury ago. Also Ability issue it s fu- Hawkeye fasvwould travel. w good that. I Ch have t give Adre Goodma 52.4 percet Wales. m Tampa Plat dow. Ba Gehryg ato aup ew loss. is t fially, w sharp w BY ANDRES VIGLUCCI B rates Frak Ad, ad A aual survey Thursday 5A champ IN MY OPINION Thetooscore came o OB s list: Boise State (codametals, Dolphisreleased coach may big plays. with 11: its Catholic The all-boys ademy 50 M am Cou y L ad w ada Booker T. had 105 yards iabout ticketsales), TCU, B I a preview of what s cersi Toy Sparao said.77,000 ests But Smith has o SmithWest said herehearsal Davis have Citrus Bo remaiig ad gave itercepwolverdesiged ad perlumious, came a Barry mash-up of couted more tha school from MiamiT Day 7 B C R m C pealties, did t get a offet B w A fried said Bobby Bow- Pe State, Ciciati, Pittsadlead. that sbut a dower i sigle coverage more Jackso Dade bee Maatee d ies atios it was t kow best for its HECTOR GABINO/EL NUEVO HERALD formace hall i Jauary sparklig streams, icadesfirst up o side of ad South Florida s sprawlburgh. The Sugar or Fiesta largely because he becausei ve had pletyeverglades tha he expected, buta it s a chalto come, New w could m play siveretired touchdow, was held w thig right, fr of game. Thatofcame de famous lege Hispaic alumus grab two of those.makes a catch did otit: like FSU s proposal of Feradez you should love. sychroized New w chaces. w I GOT Bele s Sergio Soto four cet forestsu billowig buildig was N gigatic N (icludig w Orleas From T scoreless i secod half ad w ig wetlads this year. Oe species, to big p shortly after drove Jimbo Fisher ruig proformer Miami Not oly will Heat s FormerShafer All-Pro corerback flummoxed Patriots World Symphoy durig first quarter i Lakes Wales o Friday ight. W Chris Bosh m M it mhighladers C ofwoodso back gram B i puget mayor May C Diaz) m gaveinorth Miami Beach (3-4) mw caes balace each did projectors, size ad(11-2)ofright chaces of sigig abstract shapes head of Michael Tilso 2010, with Bowde basi-was Rod NFLedagered Network by mixig defeses, icludig wood stork, foud ext summer offese, ad t a figurehead head coach. withw its some usualzoes formula for sucexpects combiatio coverw be helped if T o all five passes ad double coutless scorig opportuities dow field after a of short cally color. mcompletios old VW Bug symthomas, seve stories tall, projected giat, doig wild thig at rate would keepstrugglig, Tio Thomas saidahis so, that Smith Davis evetually age. The questio isegie, wher throw agaistehim, icludig cess: turover-free football muscled St. T squib kick. ad With Lake Wales at Three times o dow ad remai tied at 7but headig G a Citow w wwill that third Raptors former Raptors official said Bosh UMWoods juior ruig back Graig its be amog NFL s top ta- Tiger Dolphisruig will try that istead of Terrell Owes 51-yard score. phoy will beam a ightly, The eye-poppig outdoor hair ad bato flyig o ad a puishig game, put to shame, estig 11-yard lie, ruig oce owill fourth dow, Wolhalf. But with uder a miute to w lie. W mcold Bele made Sam B Khavig Davis, m 5-11, agai cover lumious movig images podium before w NewB show that does t like Toroto s wicooper, file papers to gauge dems: What MadiDavis ad Smith show promise, which etted 304 yards ad program Ad whe BLACK back James Lloyd ball veries picked up first dows to Bosh play ad Highladers at ever-chagig place activity icreasig a astoudig 1,776 ters. is t kee o playig his NFL stock but he ll probably so adof Patrickhad Surtai good Moss mostly oe-o-oe. Smith, also have m m B bee B T w C mbut re took took cotrol of game i dislodged by a pair of Wolverie keep ir drive alive. expected seco ir Texas owbut 47-yard back at Miami. He have ad Smith have 6-3, said growig o outside of its cocerts, videos, movies Wedesday ight Miami World Symphoy. has said lie, Lake wmoss oly m Davis it. I like be Aipais. he defeded w did t m i his ative expected percet over ahad terrible fourth quarter whe itbecause matatee did t bu Heat seems to be a attrac We year he wated. that y do t back dow from a few plays Nov. 8 Moss, KC Joyer of s defesive lieme. a lot of doubters, Wales coach Rod Shafer UDY ERW N BySophomore us that peek D P eve m w E favorite, Beach was seak maybe sportig evets a at The came a old tive place, playig with Dwyae With Virgiia Tech aybody ad complemet 6-4, mostly was o Davis side Isider tells of 51 passes It s icludig just oese of those said to roll dice o atio s t liebacker Frakie Heradez, peopleyears, who decided still-ufiished cocert TURN TOad BELEN, 8D does t flip-flop corwade ad playig i Miami. aor favored for m Chick-fil-ABowl Am C i coverage, mfare each or well. Miami O be free with Davis score-for-scor who forced fumble i Bass, called us i Dow ad fourth-ad-2. daily Bugs Buy, coductig a what willthrow Soy a out biologist at Everglades M mh m w B B L wthis summer, m They co hall by Frak Gehry. first half, quickly pouced Dirty Camp Bele s defese stuffed a ru TURN TOLIGHTS, 16A oce cartoo orchestra. W Natioal Park. All stars aliged just MORECOVERAGE C m iaugu w New World scrimmage fo o it at 11. Dodo said. We kew if we up middle ad WolverG tookmover m TREATED ight, said w to go somewhere, ies I was droppig back right. ito my were goig with 32.9 WHO secods No. 1 raked St. Thomas Aquias T DOCTOR TIG NUEVO George Smith m zoe,high adw I saw that ballthose pop our stars m SCHOOLS O-lie was to have to left. A HERALD loses tobradeto Maatee w N whector GABINO/EL goig a ot completely at chace at t BIG SCORE: Bele s Nick Platt scores durig Wolveries victory i Class Friday ight. out, wheradez said. It re. We just of wet to O first play from wrolled take uscombiatio M w L i 5A C m 8D B 3A R semifials T semifial, uderstood water levof his legeda work. Lake Wales 48, Platt foud rightto me, ad I jumped m right m BERNARD MADOFF SCANDAL els, raifall adjumped food supply Javi Rodriguez behid tee did a heck o is Thetimig Wolveries out juior - HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL w G C it. All I kow D I was t goig A defesiv to aybody else grab it. to a 7-0 lead i first quarter Highladers secodary for a 44w letpierce w 14 FINAL BELEN (9-3) VS. FORT REGION21, ROUNDUP 4-3A FOOTBALL WESTWOOD (9-3) CLASS 6A N STATEw SEMIFINAL S MIRAMAR CENTRAL TOUGH three quarte Bele took over with 9:38 totoo a 12-yard ru by GLADES yard pass play. BELEN 17,touchdow BELLE GLADE DAY 14 TURN BIRDS, 2A w w w N C A RUNNING: shootout i th play ad ever gave ball Nic Platt. But Lake Wales Three plays later, Platt faked back. Bele, which had 10 differ- aswered midway through a hadoff ad ra aroud left B E m team holdig Cetral s E players w carry ball w m w B w w w Maatee Devota et a comsecod quarter whe Shafer ed before divig ito ed 57 times, pouded amtired kept ball o a optio pitch zoe to make it 14-7 at half. N w Am M H eded up o Freema bied writte. T uro v ers ad pealties are costly, as Cetr al ca t m C E R stiff arms a LakeWales Tdefese ito sub- ad raced dow field o a I ca t explai what this Istead, epilogue to overcome Miramar s late heroics i loss. MORE FOOT missio feels like, Platt said. But I m ad ra m ball 18 times 63-yard touchdow ru. N w Cetral s Miramar B C m 2009 seaso had it W Jackso 64, Westlad Hialah 26 - WH: Borrell Class 1 It Gabriel looked like scored game would hopig goes Pessoa all 5, Heradez defeder as m i a row to ru out clock. B Miramar w celebrate m N w 10, Pichsit2, ever Smith 9. JACK (4-2):away. BY ANDRE C. FERNANDEZ career ofoe of Miami-Dade watchig three goals for Iteratioal Reyolds 8, Dixo 8, Atill 21, Johso 1, Beett oship Bel he tries to to a B w all-time mgreatest its ow iaugural trip 19, Scales 5, Morga 2. Halftime: JACK Couty s Studies Charter boys soccer Three-poiters: Beett, Atill. Rebouds: Scales 5. Day 27, S pick up extra BY JUDY ERWIN lead. state champioship game folquarterbacks was supposed to The pai ad w aguish o Assists: Atill 3. Steals: Beett 14. B D C w m team (2-1-1) as it eared a 3-1 Golema 53, North Miami 52 - GOL (4-1): Chr Miami Writer yards Friday. Cetral quarterback Jeffrey ed. DOLPHIN Lorezo Woodley Warer 4, Baez 10, Gomez 6, Zamora 2, AFC PLAYOFF wi Herald over Westmister Chris- Brow 15, Roberso Freshma G w lowig a victory m iwa FROM THE SPORTS m Fuetes 14, Valdes 2. NM: Paul 10, Pierre 11, Valier FRONT Kelvi Taylor Class 6A state semifial at fial Godfrey s face spoke louder It was ot way PETER ANDREW tia (2-1-1)32 Tuesday. Alteur 5, Noel 11, SmithSTANDINGS 3, Louis 9.importat Halftime: GOL With secods left i3, Fouled was a part of w m m M m D C B w out: Louis. Three-poiters: Paul 3. ig back Fre BOSCH/MIAMI HERALD chapter of best seaso i tha words Friday ight. Rebouds: Brow 14. Assists: Fuetes 5. Steals: rushig ie game ad stadig Belle Glade Bele s offese, CROSS-COUNTRY w TURN m TO CENTRAL, 8D ot way w Rockets history was to be TOP SEEDS STAFF for 213 yards Zamora 4. This was Members of Columbus cross-coutry team, Bele LourdesTeam 66, South Miami SM: Gozalez 7, Rec Glades Day s 5-yard lie, times for29 - Div 57 yards. O after Berie G m C m A year Madoff was arrested, a dows to le ruig as Miami Hellios, placed secod at Huarato-Luque 7, Pacheco 6, Litmo 4, Fortella 3, Nike Cross South East Regio meet last weeked. Arezalo 2.yz-1. LOUR IND (9-0): PalmerSouth 13, Suarez 12, 13-0 was i familiar territory. Archbishop Carroll 24, w of K w remais millios B w Tamarac (12-2) to its si Brooks 11, Perez 9, Merritt 6, Sachez 4, Quitero eighborhood MORE BOYS SOCCER SD West 4, Cataach 3,2. Davila 2, Brador 2. Halftime: LOUR 10-3 Six miutes earlier, Sommerset 13: Two key first oship at R w m N B Three-poiters: Perez 3, Brooks, Pacheco, Florida Christia 8, Miami Christia 0: Joa- WolINDEX NFL, 3D NBA, 4D NHL, 5D COLLEGE FOOTBALL, 6D TENNIS, 7D GOLF, 7D HIGH SCHOOLS, 8-9D BASEBALL, 9D poorer SCOREBOARD, 10D weary HORSE RACING, 11D uedig 3. CIN North : Palmer 7. Assists : Brooks dollars ad from tha Rubio (F) three goals; Moises Brador (F) goal; Gozalez. Rebouds veries had first-ad-goal from half iterceptios proved to be day afteroo CENTRAL, FROM w 1D w w E Steals: Perez 3. Daiel Catrell (F) shutout; FC , NEMiami East 8-5 Miami High Beach 27 MB (6-1): Bele 7, Westlad 0: Jaime Isate (B) goal, efforts to 5Nico but forced to differece for 8-5 Archbishop Taylor s las Swaes 6, Leaf 2,DEN Barrios 19. MIAWest (3-3): Ducombe w assist; Overawere (B) two goals; Pedro Morfi (B) settle O recover some of ir losses. G 5. 13, Starlig 11, Smith 6, Arechigo 11, Guerrero 3, shutout; BEL Dolphis ru i Traz Powell Stadium. Bradshaw 17, 6. Petio 1 Halftime:agaist MIA Threevisitig for a Cetral field2, goal. Trailig by four, Carrol Som- 3-yard Mater 1: Jimmy Rayo (C) two DARREN COLLETTE JAC South 7-6 m w poiters: Ducombe 3, Arechigo, Swaes 2, Barrios goals; Eugeio Depeda (C) assist; CEN 5-2. (12-i Patriots quarterback Rya key plays 2. Rebouds: Starlig 9. STILL Assists: Ducombe 8. Hillel 5, Dade Christia 0:ow Fabio Rabiovich Wolveries eeded a merset. The District 8-2B vic- Christia BY SCOTT ANDRON ALIVE Steals: Starlig Ducombe 4, Starlig 4. (H) two goals; Isaac Perlma (H) goal; HIL 4-0. ad e Williams, a quarterback touchdow teammates Miami Sprigs 55, eded Coral Park 30 a MSfive-game (3-2): Miami Coutry Day 5, Archbishop Curley 0: 7. BAL North 7-6 for aquito victory. tory losig aswer HECTOR GABINO/EL NUEVO HERALD STAFF Fisher 11, Llaes, Perez 10, McKiey 8, Grayso 5, Jacky Sasso (M) three goals; Watso (M) doubted by may as to wher Clrak 3, McElliott 4, Lopez. CP: Morales 13, Boca 4, 8. MIA East 7-6 Carroll but was ite twoit goals; Adam Holsig (M) six saves; MCD Nic Platt took quarterback streak for Archbishop Booker T. Washigto 2, Jackso 0: Oscar Grillo 14. Halftime: MS Techicals: Grillo. lie o or ot he was O surface, Woodlads eighborhood ofa worthy succes- three BY DAVID J. N 9. NYJ 7-6 dropped goal Rebouds: McElliot 6. Assists: WILD RIDE: Head coach Rich Stuart s football team is oe wi Diaz (B) two goal; Lial McCoy (B) shutout; BTW Fouled CAROL CITY 26, NORLAND 13 attempts, but whe heout: Fisher. (1-5, 1-3). East Sommerset Perez 8. Steals: Gators defe to former Patriots star 10.Fisher PIT10. 48, Hialeah North 6-7 Westlad Christia Gardes 25 Tamarac looks same today as it didsor a year ago. Rasom 4, Coral Shores 2: Thomas Daki two seior Sergio to 2-4 ad away from playig HG: Frye 11,11. Treviso 6, Arulad 5, 2-2. Perez 3. WC goals; Casey Colucci with goal; Ned DeLeo assist; RAN Thorto. al-caller Eugee Smith heaved coected TEN South 6-7 GettigTa D BLACKfor Class 3A state champioship. CYAN MAGENTA YELLOW (3-1): Jekis 13, Feliz 13, Martiez 9, Sazs 5, 8-0. The yards of 890 homes i this sigle square ifraile ed2, Vavala. Seior defesive Halftime: WC Techicals: freshm Gulliver 8, St. Breda 0: Nicholas four Tejada a 56-yard touchdow pass to Feradez-Soto 12. HOU South 6-7ed Diego poud liema Ra goals, assist; Stefao LaRosa three goals, assist; HG Bech. Fouled out: Frye, Arauld. Three-poitsidelie bega to 13. Rodriguez retured ers.jekis. Rebouds: Steals: Jekis Lewis with zoe, Jose Diaz Bele s de Villegas shutout; GUL BUFMartiez 7.East 5-8 a iter- age o 42 p mile of Northwest Broward are eatlysophomore teded. Malcolm At orateofo hi Coral Reef 3, Suset 1: Dyla McFarlae two 4. oe whic 1:43 remaiig to put Miramar Note: Miami31, fiishes ahead of 20 N.Y. i divi Miami Christia Coloial Christia Jets cheer a victory Friday ceptio 55 yards for a touchgoals; Domiic Apollo two assists; Chris Garses clubhouse, elderly me i shorts ad polo COL: Daiella Kimberely 2, Katie 2, Mayte(2-0); 4. MC Jacksoville tougher th goal; CR sio 12, based o head-to-head tha 21 yards ahead. (2-0): Garcia 5, Aloso 14, i 6, Ruadez ight. GIRLS SOCCER dow first quarter. No. 6Ellsworth seed ahead of 4,Miami, Balti- With Offesive Martiezears 2. Halftime: MC Fouled out: Garcia. shirtsmuch troop through clubhouse or zip O by i golf previ play, Lewis outra a more ad N.Y. o coferece Rebouds: Garcia 5. Assists: Ellsworth 4. Steals: Mater 8, Cetral 0: Moica (M) three BY J.T. WILCOX Forced out oflozao pocket, 4:19 leftjets i based secod quarter, three kick. upside we have as a team. a oside goals, assists; Charo Pejada (M) two goals, two Garcia 4.record (6-3 to Raves 6-4, Dolphis 5-4); larly ihe games, rus Cetral defesive back ad carts onorlad ir way to two 18-hole courses. The Braddock 63, Southwest 33 BRA (2-1): G omiami Herald Writer assists; Shatay Rodriguez (M) goal, two assists; Platt evaded Glades DayBaltimore Rodriguez retured MacArthur North improved fiishes ahead of Miami ad a N.Y. iter(3-3) tried to mout a zalez 4, Perez 18, Labrador 20, Castro 6, Jackso 2, MAT 9-1. agree, argu 15 touchd ball, broke a tackle based o coferece SachezJets SW: Heradez, Perez 2, Valerorecord 4, Ver- (6-4 to CYAN YELLOW THE MIAMI HERALD D1 SATURDAY, OCTOBER 31, D Miami Sprigs 9, Hialeah 1: Paula Zuluaga bridge gocoverted o. defeders before he was able to13.youge ceptio 73Halftime: yards for atoptouch- ad 3-0. MAGENTA The Sharks are 4-1, 2-1. rallygames after it a to 4-1,caught With allblack adversity daily that late 10,5-4); Marti 14. BRA teams Playoffs are six (M) four goals; Stephaie Adru (M) two goals; dayes 3,Dolphis trumps reti ad dove ito AL ed zoe. DIAZ/MIAMI HERALD STAFF Three-poiters: 2, Perez. Rebouds: Sherikka Ollofootball. (M) goal; MSP 6-2. four dow. seeds Youge ad two wild-card teams. y-divipass He threw A fumble recovery by Jerry Carol City turover o this dows Carol City has had to edure thisbut OFFICIALS uder surface, Tamarac eighborassists: Gozalez 4. Steals: Labrador 5. Palmer Triity 6, Doral 0: Sarah Media (p) Castro 11. aswer beat Ad team s Dark Side sio wier; z-first-rud bye UNCHARTED: Used to a early exit i playoffs, Bele is preparig for first-ever Southridge 56, Homestead 54 SR (2-1): four goals; Aie Morriso (P) goal; Ferada Rojas ulike twoekwere lob2, Williams 2,Bardo kicked The Greater Mia Fotus o advisor a put retur up a all pass afriday scoreight to cut deficit to ivestmet 13Westwood seaso, it could have easily Die-Aie 2, Brow 6,Mclare Jeffer(P) goal;hard, PT 7-2. defese that led set Patriots hood ito to 50 victims of fialhome agaist Fort Pierce at FIU Stadium. lookig for track offici Lourdes 2, Ferguso 1: Natalie de la Camara so 14, Cordy 20. HOM: Alexader 4, Bruto 6, Bele Jesuit Preparatory School has produc ed hudr of D2 regioal tried o LOU first sec- 8, Johso both2, extra poits Kosmala 22-yard field goal folded adeds give sea- with three miutes to play. After Cody seaso Barbareo 6, Brow 15. to give Arch- ayoe iterested Mo ad Daiellehe Esard (L) goal each; ad Mcitey 6D THURSDAY, DECEMBER 17, 2009 up o THE crucial MIAMI HERALDpasses made fial Berard Madoff s fraudulet ivestmets has America 1, Golema 0: Alyssa Quitaa (A) Halftime: HOM Fouled out: Die-Aie. High s cafeteria. For m Three-poiters: Cordy 2, Mcitey 2, Brow. a 14-0 lead, dow, foud outbishop Carroll Sherida Hills aly early recoverig esuig oside to give goal; Breda Davila (A) assist; AM stop, whe Keodrick iter- od otable figures ad see great success i pletyso. of sports, Lewis at Florida Christia 6, Miami Christia 0: Keily Rebouds: Cordy 8. Assists: Jefferso 2, Cordy 2. takekick, a blow. 13. hads Feradezwhich it took ito halftime. lead. The Eagles respoded Vikigs marched dow 3-0COLLEGE Gozalez, Nicole Alayo, ad Aleof Baxieras (F) goal Steals: Jefferso But drawig fromhigh past expericepted Godfrey to seal out- stretched BASKETBALL SCHOOLS WR HialeahSCHOOL 52, Northwester 15 FOOTBALL NW: Leoard, except football but this year has chaged everythig. each. FC 6-6. HIGH Fluker 2,did Law 8.our HIA (4-1): this31-yard week,lie Madoff arrested i his Martidale come. Booker T. Washigto 3, Jackso 2: Mariela Potter 2, Jackso 2, Soto. We homework ad Late Thursday quickly as Akeem to ago Chiefs but hadwas eces ad past metors, A year Sachez (B) two goals; Keia Mejia (B) goal; BTW Lewis 2, Hagas 2, Nelso 4, Reyolds 5, Merkerso Chris Nuez pi 0:58; ( Wilkis 13, Halftime: y HIA were goig to most upset forcovermy kids, It was a character check10,for I McMilla kew16. who caught a I m touchdow pass a touchdow called back because Chiefs have rallied toger Mahatta ad (HWT) Therry Bruo p ad charged with biggest La Salle 2, Chamiade 0: Sol Baldassii ad Techicals: Lewis. Three-poiters: Nelso, ReySchool, Jackso Booker T. as Bele (9-3) will try to mainot cotet toapartmet settle with BY MANNY NAVARRO Diaz caught asports short pass ad FROM THE FRONT olds, Merkerso 2, McMilla 2. Rebouds: Wilkis y played hardad ad really MEN S ROUNDUP Aaisasaid Satiago (L) goal each. Elisa Llodra (L) shut- who BELEN 27, NORLAND 17 us, Feradez-Soto, throw ball to, Rodriguez ig 63 yards from Brado of a pealty, which eded ir wo ir past three games tai that humble attitude whe Madoff it part of aisseve-game wiig 10. Assists: McMilla 5. Steals: Merkerso 5. GIRLS B wh at y v e accomplished out. LAS 6-1. Pozi scheme i history. The 71-year-old DINGS SUMMARIES SCORES, SCHEDULES wated it Grissom toight, ra Cetral Reaga 48, Ferguso 26 FER (0-4): Gomez 3, ODD ANDERSEN/AP Palmetto South Dade 0:for Mathilde ra a log way icludig ad scored four 32, B streak. takes o Fort PierceTurer. Westwood had four 1,carries 33Robiso yards o said. I was i right place at BTW: Ferguso Erest i a victory agaist thus far, comeback Wolveries are goal. Alec Spicack, Haley Hammod (P) solid Ghasemloia 5, Rodriguez 2, Cough 2, Baigorria 8, Milfort 3, Crum ow servig ahopes. 150-year term i federal priso. coach Telly said.seasos, This Walewski 4, Maria 2. RR (2-1): Garcia 8, Arias 2, The Lockette key as i past (9-3) i early Regio 4-3A fial Fri- coversio, defese; PAL 7-0. sta yig fial drive. IPeace was wide right time. 2-poit ad MacKeedy 6, Titma 2. Thead Vikigs took eighborhood rival Norlad at humble iautha 38 games ito Wolveries Urquiola 2, Aromashodu 23, Arago 11, Duboc 2. ad Prize CORAL GABLES 48, ( BLACK CYANNobel YELLOW MAGENTA )) ) ) bee but, Wolveries day ighthit at 7:30 p.m. at FIU Sta- has hurts, it does hurt, I Presidet as well DISTRICT 9-6A It happeed more Halftime: REA Three-poiters: Ghasemloia, illio 4, Rodriguez 4, S Northwester HOW TOP 20 FAIRED preparig for team s BOYS BASKETBALL Oe of areas hardest was Woodlads, PETER ANDREW BOSCH/MIAMI HERALD STAFF ope ichristia 40,ed herebouds: A rchb i s hgarc o pia C a r r o l l Walesky 3. Halftime Arthur took a 8-3 lead. lead i secod whe YELLOW Aromashodu 8. Assists: North Miami o Friday. CYANquarter MAGENTA BLACK Miami Coloialzoe Christia 33ad - Arago. Wig-T offese that s amassed dium. CORAL PARKStadium 0 gural 1971 seaso. years ago, log before he became as kids, have to use this to first-e v er r egioal fial 3. Steals: Arias 6. laureate Barack Obama poses COL: Reteria 15, Carraza 1, Haskis 5, Valez 8, Milfort, Keedy. Reb Team Dist. Overall 1. St. Thomas d. Deerfield Beach 27-0 BELEN, FROM 1D Sr.tha said. Most Los with more victimsbria Chicago, Ageles or dow rushig yards. Juior TOUCHDOWN: It s bee of a awesome so 2,740 foud Nothig has as exteded its leadscores to 21-0 o a Gomez Iride quarter, quarterback Deveaux Carol CityCP(3-3) leaed itsy ight. Miramar ruig back Jeremiah Hicks Deobregame. 4. MC (1-0): Ramirez 2, E. Caote 16,bee D. CG o Frida 4. Steals: Rodri make us secod better road. WEDNESDAY S SCHEDULE urses said we were crazy Ad fas wet wild. a attorey ad two-term mayoridle Booker T. Washigto, Deerfield Beach Caote 8, Machado 11, Beckelheimer 3. Halftime: May Sicre, far, seior corerback Pablo ra SCORING SUMMARY Palmer Triity 4 his medal diploma after excitig as ad this. 28-yard ru by freshma 55 spoke yardsferadez-soto, foud Bria Malcolm forhim a lie,9reboudig from first touchdow of game o Friday ight. Leroy PT (8-1): we d be riskig get- Thomas beedows here.offesive We kew what MC Patriots Three-poiters : E. Caote 2. Rebouds: First 6 West Beach. May had bee ivestig with Lockette tofor hiswith team d. Ediso 49-0 BOYS BASKETBALL Buss 20, Ber Norast BY ANDRE C.Palm FERNANDEZ Platt, Alvarez said. we Herald were Miami Wireseior Services quarterback Beckelheimer 8. Assists: Ramirez 2. Steals: Ramirez Our fas field, of1-1 Miami Northwester icludig Nic 11 i overtime, NWLamb8-yard 40 ru (Lamb ru) tig peumoia. But We hav- felt a greatrushed kidoly he was big, Rushes-yards yards Cetral, idle sealed victory o Clark, Sommerset rallied o ist 3, Roberts 2. WC (4 score, ad MacArthur icreased touchdow pass. 11 really first-half rushig to 2. Bele North Miami Beach at Carol but City (CC), 7:30 briefly after game, offerig speakig i Oslo, Norway, o sophomore Imai Davis ad capable ofthe wiig se games, Douglas as Mississippi (9-1) rallied S e i o r f o r w a r d Madoff for decades. ig sports i his life gave strog, smart. He s NWLider 3 ru (Lider ru) Pace 60, Hialeah Gardes 30 - HG: Motoya Ferguso at Columbus (COL), 7:30 7, Lorezo 8, McGlaug Passig Blache Ely, idle said Diaz, 55, iyards who wet o yards to May Diaz 10, Day 2, Sachez 6, kickoff Gaveiria 7, Gozalez 4. Northwester esuig whe atral] aat Coral 21-yard pass touchdow has very high poweredfrom PT Three-poite itsdwaye advatage to freshma Lorezo Woodley recovered by Patriots. but we had to go prove it. words what of ecouragemet later i from secod quarter for Sherida third straight Gablesa(CG), 7:30 Bele s football team is t Collis scored chur out onw him total hope. Sowith did ad falle love with 255 Taravella remembers Smith 29 pass Bridgewater (LiPasses :52 PACE (1-1): Parms 6, Revales 3, Gorma ad 6, Marti- pursuit Columbus MIAE vs. South Miami, Sat. by KSCOTT Curley at Barrigto Christia (Barrigto Chriscocept of a just war Storyfirst HD2D_ System Time Date 12/12/ Assists: Nordquivis game. poits ad matched his support we got from Bele. sport thisgroud. year, beefreshma so have rushed for at least 288 The focus ow is completely o used to beig talk of but our defese to kept our ez 3, Motgomery Ma 4, Hids 3, Rolle 8, tia), We did t fast, Lockhe could before hescore crouched ru) less tha two miutes util half- Hills is oside kick12, start bouced off of 5aoffese Hussae Gordo Doiva first team tothe o ruig back touchdow7. Southridge i Bele s hisputs 1-27 der Westmister Ch d. Killia 29-6 Miers (5-2) led by Beeby 9, Price-Marti 2, Bryat 3, Deas 2. Half- Hialeah-Miami Lakes at Golema (GOL), 7:30 with 15 We had or ad mors uselfish. He does t care 3-32 yards. Westwood payigseaso-high attetio tow. NWLambtime, 5 ru (McCledo kick)14a TURN TO WOODLANDS, Klick-Shearma heads ad(mar), just our left assig a just peace. Story, ette said. We got behid early, dow ad sat togames. i 12 stued silece time: PACE Three-poiters: Gormaad 2,13A Hids, Fumbles-lost 2-0 led 0-0 Chiefs Miami Coutry Day atup Maratho 5:30did 8. Miramar d. Piper 49-0 DISTRICT 10-6Atory. Day player Frak Johso with 6:03 i 3,(4-3): Eagles i four Carol City s defese stole with 5:31 of to rebouds to lead Miami Bramod create rosary if he catches ay passes.sell TURN TO BELEN, 16A Platt s improvemet atplay. quar- Glades to aour oppoet we have gymasiums Maso 4, McGlaugh Beeby 3, Gaveiria. Rebouds: Motgomery 13. South Dade at Homestead (HOM), 7:30 NW-Wher Lider 1 it s ru (kick blocked) Pealties-yards 4-36 text user Story # 0 Story ame HD2D_ Basket PAGES SPORTS Last KSCOTT Di,Miami-Dade 1, D2, getkeyword: 9. Chamiade d. Coral Shores 55-6 No. 22 Georgia a victory over Stetad fought wayo They d toger oce a He just loves be rushig out o field. Assists: Ma 4. our Steals: Gorma 5. back, Americamets at Krop (KROP), 7:30 we came out o top MAR: Herrada 2, Wi Team Dist. Overall Leyva pouced but ball.we third quarter. JAMES VARSALLONE 1side mometum as juior defewithto93 yards,3-40 icludig terback has Tech give65, Wolver- we every week. o or of NWJekis ru (kick failed) week St. Breda 73, Westwood Christia 64 - Miami High at La Salle, 7:30 Arkasas-Pie Field 0-0 so o Wedesday ight ad pray for Art. It here.goals-att He s type of kid South Broward vs. West Broward, ic. Westmister Christia like we bee doig all year. lost focus at ed ad [MiraGodfrey ad several or WWC : McCail 3, Cofio 18, Espio 22, Portalea 11, Somerset Academy at Doral Academy (Mater Acadies a seriousbluff threat i Lawal pass-had We ve lost a couple games The Wolveries resilcouty or o aroud Miramar Homestead lost to Palmetto Jekis 20 websites ru (kicktroy blocked) Sommerset cut its deficit to li (WC) 12. Assist Miami Beach 34, Southsive back Johso ripped showed 53: Gai i DeLad. a eeds. 66-yard scamper late inw every coach was amazig. Carabao 8, Baladaros 2. STB (1-1): Yuis 2, Galva emy), 6 Miramar built a 14-0 lead i made play. [Mirateammates walked aroud (WC) 6. ig game. Platt has throw for mar] slip state, people are still chatter- iece after lettig lead 7, Bechara 27, Rios a 12, great Satiesteba 12, Heradez Platatio Cardial Gibbos d. Coral Sprigs Coral Park third quarter that 15 poits ad 15 rebouds The 6-foot-8, 241Coral Park at Miami Beach (MB), 7: games year just with 10:56 remaiig McGlaughli west 6: Miami Beach rushed for awaysurfrom Norlad s gave Carol Westlad 44, Mi 9, Lopez 5. Hthis alftime: STB Fouled out: like Lopez, this. Ediso at North (NM), 7:30 STELLAR STUDENT HEALTHY DREAMS Idividual Statistics 1,026 yardswoderig ad eightfavors touchaway twice i last week s game ig about ball Wolveries ad Derrick added poud Collis overpow Miami first o two touchmar] deserves to go tto field aimlessly, what South Platatio Jackso d. Ferguso Heradez, Cofio. Three-poi e r s : state. Cofio, Mater Academy Charter at quarter Norlad (NOR), 7:30 Obiguzo 10, Greee Coral Gables could t fiish, said whe Gordo threw a 11-yard 8,Reid yards ad forced four ad turrady Johso asmartiez, he fell totoradoes. 15 poits 11 is rebouds ered araludersized StetCity Martiez will a be13-7 ho- lead, a lead it ever who ow 347 Bechara 4. Rebouds: Satiesteba 11. Assists: Gal- Bele dows. Feradez-Soto his We agaist Bele prisig victories this atdow Palmetto (PAL), 7:30 Rushig (att-yds) so far ED:iColso 11-25, Killia Rich ard Stuart spethicks. 2. WES (4-6): Bur rus byhas Jeremiah The Patriots (13-1) are had goe wrog. Wester Mosigor Pace d. La Salle 31-6 MacArthur South at Roald Reaga (RR), 4 as host Georgia Tech24 (8-1) va 7. Steals: Rios 3. sowith frotcourt while playored before Friday sreliquish. kickfor checkups ocedeficit 8, Smith 10, Jiro 2. leadig receiver, catchig lied from a 10-9 aa victory year s playoffs. Walker 1-8, Powellad 1-2, retured Sealygoes 4-1, Lima coach I chaltouchdow pass to Rya Right. overs i agaist Southgroud fumble Dade Richard Christia 59, MASTStuart. 32 MAS: Ciliotta 6, mor would Braddock at South Miami (SM), 7:30 e th a h alf his life Piper South Dade vs. Coral Reef, Sat. The secod was set up by a oly Broward team advacig to A of maily. topped Arkasas-Pie ig just 24 couple miutes. He thigs Three-poiters: Noe. off ot for his jourey everyjavi six moths, saidtouchdow, he Alvarez 9, Lee 10, Nau 2, Heffera, Shoo 4. DC Suset at Southwest (SW), 7:30 passes for 433 yards ad four Rodriguez ad Bele coach Rich Stuart, NW: 6-112, 8-99, Jekis SCORING SUMMARY 16. M. Sprigs d. Miami Beach (2-1): after Marti 18,St. Sampso 2, Javio, Marshall 2, time leged se guys ad this Mclare game Assists: Jiro (WEST) 6 west Flamigo Park. Southridge at VarelaBut (VAR), 7:30 16Lider yards to Lamb cuthownorlad s lead sice toscored Bluff (0-8). was at for 10 Rockets from ThebutChiefs built o that1-(-7). lead back from cacer for has bee iterceptio by Tracey Howard. Thomas Aquias, The (12-2) commit- state oachig at Bele, owput he touchdows. aftercacer-free Booker T. o 8a 73ever,Bridgewater is makig 3-1. sure buzz Royster 17, Steed 5, Ioa 14. Halftime: DC cjackso 6-61, at Westlad Hialeah, 7:30 Dade Christia 17. Platatio d. McArthur, 28-0 UAB 64, No. 25 Three-poiters: floor. Reserve guard his success i classmay CG-Cooper 6 i pass from McCai (Mora kick) whe Royster, Steed. R ebouds: yno. fially scored to wi get out of reach midway through Trevo Woods 65-yard 7-6.of his team s early fourth quarter AC: Schutt 6, Bostick The Rockets rallied a 1 Marti, raked team i ted 21 pealties 213 Elij a a DISTRICT 11-6A O team, ifyards oe47: player touchdow from Jerestays clear pracpassig (comp-att-it, yds) ED:Hisyard Walker will hisbasketball first shot at ascorig state GIRLS Ciciati h Marti Adria Thomas addedthis 11 for 12. Assists: Royster 7. Steals: Marti Straaha vs. Norast, ic. room. His 4.8 dream, he said, is pass to CG-Bridge 60 grade-poit ru (Mora kick) Kelly 5. DC (2-3): Fiallo Gulliver 71, Archbishop Carrolli 27 AC (0-2): goes dow we all pick each or miah Hay to Quito Dubar, tices , 30, Higgs 1-6-0, -2. N W: Bridgewater pair of touchdows o Miraatio, was defeated Class factor that hauted m i ir game. fourth quarter with a 27touchdow ru o first play Johso, who etered Friday s Millsap had 22 poits ad poits ad four assists for sophomore Erest Freema took average is highest o play for Notre Dame. Prep at Palmer TriityFriday. (PT), 12 8, O. Medez 6, Mar Team Dist. Overall 19. America Heritage, idle Meledez 7, B. Lima 7, C.Lima, Ortega 8, A.Ortega fcalusa ootball title CG-Williams 54 put retur (Mora kick) Carrollto at Archbishop Carroll (CAR), 4 up, Feradez-Soto said. The came back oce agai to give We walked ito our locker , rebouds to lead host Hurricaes (10-1). Dade Christia football team, He should fid out soo 4. GUL (2-0): Bochetti 14, Fie 5, Cruz 5, Ramos 4, mar s defese, which had t semifial by Bradeto oly or loss earlier this sea- 5A state A 31-yard double pass from yard field of game setridge toe for as Dade Couty s leadig a hadoff 80McCai yards(coverfor a score to game at Archbishop Curley (CUR), 5 goal. CG-Gutierrez 6 pass from Cypress Bay A. McCarthy d. Fort Lauderdale Cherry (AC) 1. Reb labam a - B i rgames, m i g h a m Siatra 10, Roach 4, Edwards 5, Pierre 12, Pickey Hillel Freshma defese has Awo some Mateoto Buraglia guard result of him earig othif he freshma will be admitted room today ad foud a big Receivig (rec-yds-td) ED:sig Powell 1-11, at Ediso (ED), 5 6, Lerer 6. Halftime: GUL Three-poiters: Coral Park give more tha poits Maatee Friday. so whe y committed 25 for sio failed)put Assists: A. Medez (D Fraca to Imai BUTCH STALLINGS BY ANDRE C.atup FERNANDEZ Somerset Academy Mater Academy Charter seve Hi-Tide (3-3, 0-2) as Woods, rusher, was held to1-6. just 64 (9-1) over Ciciati Everglades Graham scored poits Carol ig short of a B i eightcity ahead Free famed Catholic school, ad13 i ors, offese has Platt chace to yards kick game-wiig Sealy 1-(-2), Johso 1-13, Tema NW: that coach [Stuart] hug up for Bochettito 2, Eddie Roach, Edwards, Fie, B.Lima. 7. (MAC), 6 CG-Bridge FRIDAY SCORES Pickey 4. Assists: Fie 4. Steals: Fie The Bearcats whit- Rebouds: ad 178 grabbed ie (6-3). to ay oppoet or tha St. Last seaso, Miramar yards agaist Northwester. a d v a c ema d38 - pru l a cfiished e(mora m e tkick) which is amog his college Flaaga Lider 1-12, Shihoster 4-101, Smith 1-29, come through. field goal. us, seior Sergio FeradezDoctors Charter at Miami (MCD), 4 Davis allowed Bele to make Coutry La Day Salle 64, Coral Late Wedesday Rolle, Toy Hamilto o 12 carries. fialists alog with Reyaldo yards. 2. CG-Gutierrez from with McCai85(Mora tled 15-poit halftime reboudsturovers Hatcourses ad pass hoors Rasom Everglades at St. Breda (STB), 4 ga 33 REA: Garcia 1 Greater what Miami Academy Northwest all 3: seaso. watched had52,aat thatchrispoit were or. Harris 2-14, It Taylor week s wia was meaigthe comeback agaist Bookerto leadlast Soto said. If you thik North West Broward Astroaut 21, Satellite 6 after pealty athomas Shores Sam Miller had a 38-2, Bobechio 2. SW Ricardo Far Willie Garcia-Tuño read, MacArthur 40, deficit tolouis eight twice iup ters quarterback (2-6). Chiefs coach Harold Barwell tiayardage 45 GM (1-0): Hoore 14, Castilla 2, Gozalez for classes at Bele. He scored Harvard, Priceto ad ad kick) WRESTLING fultrailed. for Stuart, who i 29 iteryears at of Baker Couty 29, Suwaee 23 T. resembled Bele s seaso what you did yesterday is good Godfrey, who wet 13 of 22 bee its4, best seaso iwilliams school I additio late 16, Gedeo Aderso 3, Stewart 11. NC: 4, Verdayes 4, M opeig miutes Miamiso ever A to a 1330 o SAT.that Caregie Mello, a DiviCG-Bridge 2 ru (Mora havig kick) 21, whe got a ad Perez block i14, back atforyard touchdow receptio allthree-poiter fiished with tha 71 10, Moreai 3, Woodside Shomri 6,put Joes 4,Bele Rog- remembers Hills 3: L a t avius said to play youg Cetral, Miami at Miami Sprigs,he 3:30 first Barrigto Christia Academy 52, Berea Bele hadmore watched 11lost prior trips which close eough, Sherida HIALEAH you have t doe time: Reaga also secod half but trailed got Stetso This semester, Martisio far, III school i bega Pitts- with 212 history agm bitter loss to North ceptio, Cetral two ers 3, Chrised 2. Halftime: Techic als: Braddock at South Dade, 7yards, coected with DISTRICT 12-6A Urquiola (RR). Three LAKES 7139 Christia 0 Simo. Three-poiters: Williams, Morea,less Stewart,tha to playoffs ed after eir losses to Hollywood Hills o ad today. glimpse of Gaies passio Rich Stu 36-yard lie with acharles retured a fumble yards for a Marti groud. also Thomas rushed for yards bylouis as may as 25 poits withi four poits at players is oly beefitigmuch hishialeah-miami ALEXIA FODERE/FOR THE MIAMI HERALD ez isindividual takig AP psycholburgh iterested iad Marti- yards o a4513-yard BOYS SOCCER STATISTICS Northwester i state semifumbles ad Godfrey had (SW) 16. Ass Gozalez, Homore. Rebouds: Gozalez 11. Assists : Team Dist. Overall Barro Collier 18, Golde Gate 15 a last-miute spurt. Hoore with 8:09 left i first first or before secod roud, ad Platatio America Heritage, We re happy with HIA what ogy, AP calculus, hoors ez as as amacarthur football recruit. 5. Steals: Gedeo 4. Youge (SW) art has for wiig. miute remaiig. touchdow for La Salle at Coral coected with Keith Butler for three touchdows team. HML Coral Park at Miami Beach (Memorial), 5:30 score that cut deficit to 14-6 fials. Smith graduated aor pass itercepted, settig Rushig (att-yds) CP: Mosqueda , evetual Duquese: The for Ediso 75, Chamiade 67 - ED (3-0): Charles ad half. scored philosophy, hoors Lati Carol City Berkeley Prep 21, Triity Prep 0 like toloss usually agaist state Late Thursday ad a would blowout to Collis rival we ve doe so far, but we ca t Martiez BIG RUN: Bele s Javi Rodrigues tries to get away Maratho at Miami Christia (MCS), 4 10,Despite Walker Haks 23, Johso 13, Almoour A atseior at(lakes Bele 22 First dows 6someday. strugglig to5, score Shores. a 65-yard touchdow pass i wo a 6key 8-1B mer player who has eight of Miami s ext 16 such If you ve got talet, SR: Ekware 2, Kirkla Martiez Preza 3-9, Ramos 2-8. CG: I do t America4-10, history, hoors be a District lawyer But at Mater Lakes Optimist), Jesuit 6 halftime. wet to11.13, West Virgiia. up a Miramar touchdow. champios as Hollywood Columbus durig firstset five afford to North be complacet. Krop Bishop Key 20, Forrest 10 Wagat CHAM: Robbis 15, Perkis 28, Her- Greater Miami South Miami at A&T Mourig (N. Miami Stadium), 13, Jefferso 13. KIL ispired Pittsburgh adez 3, Gorreo 2, Spear 8, Livigsto 7, Pales- years ago, Garcia-Tuño was poits to build a 36-25Friday Rushes-yards spirituality adcooper peer mifirst re is oe fial foot- more Bridge , for yardage afteroo. Chamiade ad Belle Glade late weeks. i CHAM game, Bele got a TheFrakie Lee Aaro hadia 50- McVay 8, Sachez Comig off a agaist upset vicsecod quarter. game host Sherida Hills. care what grade you re i, you re tyig score came late Thaks late heroics, The most costly turover America Boca Ciega 50, Semiole Halftime: to Fouled out: Pales- 5:30 school with his determi- trat halftime lead. PATRICK FARRELL/MIAMI HERALD STAFF istry perhaps his favorto be played. Passig yards 120 ball game 99 Somerset Academy at Ediso (Traz Powell), 6 Passig (comp-att-it, yds) CP: Mosqueda trat. Three-poiters: Charles, Haks 4, Johso, playig 10. Halftime: KIL Glades Cetral. The Wolveries sice tory over state powerhouse 18th at Riviera yard third quarter whe Godfrey Patriots willrebouds: travel to Gardes came with game tied at despite 14 North Miami Boca Rato Commuity 34, Atlatic Commu , Hialeah at Uiversity, 4 hole easy i put retur for a touch- comb Ed Smith carried toeagles Thomas scored o rus atio graduate Atured 12-2 Miami ru with goig to0-1-0, get o OF field, Barite subject, where he THE Lasttwice week Lake Perkis 2,touchdow Heradez, Livigsto. Joh- first Passes agaist HIS LIFE: Bele seior Arturo Martiez Assists: Holcomb 8. 14, Ramos 0. GAME CG: McCai ity 27 Archbishop Curley at MAST (Village Gree), 4 I m very proud of way thigs aroud with a dramatic Booker T. Washigto, Wolso 14. Assists: Charles 3. Steals: Walker 3. beig most seriously five differet players scorshares hiswell story said. of overwales, Martiez came i (1-5, 0-2) Late Thursday North Miami Beach Bolles School 70, Episcopal 7 withhe Joshua Reeserushig o ext week to 44 play Golf coected course whe saw two Stuart early i o fourth quarter.stuart O Orlado beat lymphoma, adputs ow he wats aactig football title secod quarter. Glades Day dow, ad added offese his shoulders of 28 ad like 20 yards i we have all of 5-9-0, 58, Best 1-1-0, 9. Because Moday Cetral 48, North Miamifumbled battled for this, GIRLS SOCCER victory agaist Belle veries are t estabwouded of five play- CEN Late ig Glade made it ay ve lead comig cacer. Doral 12 DOR: Gra o a crucial fourth-dow(1-2): J.o Hill 14, Beasley 4, D. McWilliams 9, R. Golema Boyd Aderso 41, Douglas 27 Fumbles-lost caused a 30-yard touchdow with Receivig (rec-yds-td) Graibe Saturday at 7 p.m. i fourth-ad-goal at Miramar ruig to him1:23(4-2) AMC (8-2): Kuz 2, Da deep ad touchdows, La Salle bywith rushig 29 times for 137 yards half. The Eagles defese ers shot i September said of resiliecy. We DeLad ie left.his team s guys out2-14. here Glades Day,sprig a Class 1B statemiutes lished superstars isaid spite of Johso 2,i JosephBele 13, Bie-Aimeterritory, 4, McCrae 2. NM: Coral That sse oeyoug thig CP: ad-3 ad helped ez s parets, he makhad took it out, y othpark at Miami Beach (Memorial Field),ad 3:30 Pealties-yards back this Graham 13, Joseph 7, Dessi 2, Pierre-Louis 14, Greater Miami 8, Richards 19 CG: Cooper 1-18, Gutierrez 3-27, Sell at Mater Lakes (Lakes Brade River 35, Booker will receive his colleftacademy i third. Godfrey tha Owe 4-yard St.quit 78, after Citrus Bowl. lie, Godfrey raslow toward about Artig he pushes ruig Mike had a more lump oexpe y ig was But about did t start. week. Bele fol-18 Ohio fact arewrog. preparig for ir across tofairfluerio 4, recovered. Calixte 6. Halftime: NMDavis Threescored - Optimist), 4 held Coral Bele Shores less ad a No. touchdow. three turovers isemifialist secod plays adalways gaiig Sutack 4. Halftime: A Field goals-att 0-2it lege diploma Presbyteria J obut Brado 6, Chamberlai 0 limit, Bele left side of his face, Maseda with with block a week after that, whe0-0 I hispoiters : Joseph 2,happy Joseph 2. Rebouds at A&T Mourig (N. Miami Stadium), he threw a DISTRICT 13-6AINDEX CLASSIFIED, I ve48: ejoyed every miute of lowed victories agaist regioal fial i school tied score whe I m so right ow, I Miami ed zoe, was stopped David 2, Richards, Gr 5C COMICS, 42G CROSSWORD,himself 45Gto riece, DEATHS, 4B24 oly DILBERT, 3C first how EDITORIALS, 24A LOTTERY, 8A keymovie LISTINGS, 19G PEOPLE, 8A Thursday. TELEVISION, 46G Graham, WEATHER, 8B: asouth JACKSON way. Hill 9. Assists: Bie-Aime 5. Steals: Bie-Aime 4. 3:30 o a 6-yard ru to take yards o offese. ERIK HOFMEYER half, ad special teams recovered Sam Ashaolu early Diebler scored 12 poits, that shows basketball coach Jose alogside startig tight betwee his jawlie ad was at basketball practice, Braford 47, St. Joseph Academy 20 Assists: Kuz 7. Steals this. Norlad, Davie Uiversity tory. Somersetpass Academy atover Ediso (Traz Powell), 4defeders to two how to eve express by two a Miramar who fol-do t kow died of head wouds icludig three-poit- liebacker, Roca said. He leads left ed Mike Pascual, oe of y called my parets FERGUSON 11 ear. But it was t util Team Dist. Overall Calvary Christia 48, Lake Wales Vaguard 4. Hialeah I2 was walkgirls BASKETBALL Archbishop Curley at MAST (Village Gree), lowig The a dace. ers iforced a 14-0 ru to ope school i retreat pro- his gradmor urgedhialeah-miami his close frieds. ad told Lakes m it was ca fumble. ball Hemy feeligs, Miramar lie- Durell Eskridge Northwester ig for upa two-poit to my FER game, to propel host eeded multiple operagrams. He s oe of all- family Martiez said wiig adjac his ith- cer a tumor about backer Jamal Bass said. [Ce- coversio. rolledfor ito ed zoe adservice was BOYS call Cetral Cambridge Christia 43, All Saits 0 told he Ohio State (8-2) pastcustomer tios ad was aroud special kids. a state title would be a grade sciece 7teacher size of a golf ball. ball ad he s First dows 13 Miami Sprigs Cape Coral 34, South Fork 14 could t play agai Blue Hose (2-9). I remember him as a poited it out durig a Ocologists at Baptist dream come true, much Rushes-yards SCORING SUMMARY ruig to me No. 19 New Mex- because it was too risky to ith-grader, bald as ca ope house that his par- Hospital wared Martiez like day he met his Hialeah Cardial Gibbos 37, Coral Sprigs 14 Passig yards Carrollwood Day 42, Bishop McLaughli 14 ico 96, N. Arizoa 57: remove bullet fragmets HML-Jekis receptio (Dulaey like a madma, be from chemo, tellig ets decided to have favorite player Heat it that 11-yard chemorapy HML Chamiade-Madoa College Prep 55, Coral Passes Roma Martiez scored lodged i his brai. me, Coach I m ready to surgically removed. Kick) would make him sick, lead forward Udois Haslem Garcia-T u ñ o Puts 2-35 Miami Beach Shores 6 At ay give momet, BY ANDRE C. asfernandez 17 poits host Lobos board o uit s first STUART while battlig cacer. practice. It was a tough 1-26 My parets were kid to vomitig ad (Kick possibly HIA- Seymour 79-ru o good) Fumbles-lost because make him eve more ill. CYAN MAGENTA YELLOW BLACK (11-0) opeed with a 14-0 I was told, I could go to said. We had told myself I was t decisio lettig him play. of hesitat at first Clay 55, Creekside 27 HIA- Spece 23-yard receptio I (Jackso play of game with a Pealties-yards sleep ad ot wake up, ru to rout LumberBut we trusted his parets re were a lot of 2-pt) bad But he did t let it prevet goig to let cacer be a Clearwater Cetral Catholic 26, Cardial ever wo amagenta golf match at CYAN YELLOW BLACK DISTRICT 14-6A said Wedesday. jacks (3-6). ad doctors. He would thigs ot have him from practicig with excuse to miss opportuifield goals-att 1-1 I might1-1 Mooey 25 HIA- Seymour 45-yard ru (Dulaey kick Bele coach Ashaolu Rich school. So he comes up ad says, Ex-Miami79-yard Dade Col- touchdow ru. Jesuit No. 20 Mississippi Team Dist. Overall Clewisto 40, LaBelle 27 go all-out util he could t bee able to do smile, juior-varsity basket- ties i life, Martiez said. good)ball team ad seakig Playig football is oe of lege forward Stuard Bal91, UTEP 81 (OT): I give much more, ruig wik, squit because Columbus Cocoa 52, Cocoa Beach 0 I do t kow how it happeed, JAMES OYOLA YELLOW Ferguso StuartSouthave, has oly oce bee CYAN MAGENTA BLACK Miss., Chris doado was also seriously best decisios I ve up ad dow court. It tumor was wrapped ito games late. Coral Gables Columbia 36, Ed White 32 Jackso Story HD2D_ by RBELLAMY Time Date 12/01/09 wouded icidet. Warre scored 32 poits, INDIVIDUAL STATISTICS ever made. MIAEable to was just oe of those aroud some erves. They The oly questio my System 23:44:03 Thursday Pal- but if you shoot this hole i 13 savor thrill of i MAGENTA D om mog s, his areerfield osis- HD2D_101202Y1~ BARRY JACKSON Bulls barely escape Explorers D2 HD2D_011216K ~ H 3D SPOR lifetime Rockets best posa tseaso ru overof Iteratioal Studies Bele scores late to seal OBAMA tops ACCEPTS Westmister victoryprize over Glades Day PEACE Madoff losses i oe commuity F ootball Bele s Heat presidet Patjoiig Riley (left) about HD2D_061217KU~ star Dwyae Wade (right) log roster of excellece Cacer survivor ispires at Bele Pealties costly for Rockets HD1D_091031M?~ HD1D_091031Yh~ Chiefs ru past Vikigs HD2D_061217C\~ HD2D_061217Mm~ HD2D_061217Y/~ Bele gets ready for fial Martiez glad he tackled football Collis leads UM to rout at Stetso Arturo Martiez ever wavered whe lymphoma struck, ad ow, at 17, he is a role model ad a star studet with big dreams. Wolveries wi!hhhif 13333Z /a.r.c.r.b district crow BY MANNY NAVARRO 2-2 SH HIGH SCHOOLS HIGH SCHOOLS Miami High HD2D_101202Mo~ Brade off up Developmet cotiues for Fis rookie corers T His efficiecy is dow. We ll address what it is we ca do to help you maitai that lea, mea scorig machie you HD1D_091031C.~ were HD1D_091031K ~ Resurget a year ago. HEAT, HIGH SCHOOLS YELLOW The Wolveries will play for ir first football HD2D_101202KW~ state title ext week. HD2D_101202C^~ HRASHERS 4-3 e TIGER WOODS If all 3-5y used to measure Coutryside 35, East Lake 21 thigs that got you did t wat to risk it, so asked doctor was, Wi or lose, this has Bele coach a study i patiece H

55 Lida Robertso V ictory for Bele i football pla yof fs BY MELISSA MARTI Miami Herald Writer Whe Bele Jesuit football team eeded a big play, it tured to quarterback Nic Platt. Ad Platt delivered. Platt threw for 113 yards ad added aor 47 yards rushig to lead Wolveries past Jackso o Saturday afteroo at Bele. The Wolveries (8-3) wo REGION 4-3A FINAL BELEN 27, WESTWOOD 20 Bele s ulik el y ri de cotiues BY ALDEN GONZALEZ Miami Herald Writer Bele Jesuit was secods removed from makig program history, but Carlos Barqui calmly strolled to midfield to shake his players hads, as if Friday ight s wi over Fort Pierce Westwood was ay or game. The he looked out corer of his eye, saw Richard Stuart, ad 61-year-old athletic director D ADE ROUNDUP wet o a dead sprit for about 20 yards to give his BY JUSTIN AZPIAZU The Bele boys water polo team wo District 11 champioship with a 18-8 victory over host Raso Everglades o Tuesday. Rasom was able to keep match close util late i secod quarter, whe Bele got five cosecutive goals to take a 8-2 halftime lead. We ve bee a secod-half team all seaso, we ve really bee able to come back, seior Athoy Lopez said. Lopez led Bele, defedig state champio, with seve goals, two assists ad five steals. Mario Carcamo added four goals, three steals ad two assists. O girls side, Sophie T igers defese will be challege for Wolv eries W ig T offes e BELEN, FROM 1D Coral Gables held a 2-1 lead Words ca t describe how much fu it s bee past few weeks, Bele seior offesive liema Nigel Dodo said. We re just goa try to block everythig out ad rely o each or to get job doe. Aside from sightseeig at stadium, Bele is all about busiess o trip. O Thursday morig, several of players woke up early ad took fial exams startig at 6:15 a.m. before practicig at school. The team boarded buses ad headed to Orlado. A NEW EXPERIENCE For may of Wolveries, wiers of ie cosecutive games, it s first time y will be stayig o road as part of a road football game. Although school has traveled to play games a few times i recet years, Stuart said last time school had team stay at a hotel was i 1997 whe Bele played a regularseaso game i Ketucky. HECTOR GABINO/EL NUEVO HERALD ALL-AROUND THREAT: Bele quarterback Nic Platt has rushed for six touchdows ad 430 yards o 66 carries, ad throw BELEN S for 1,187 SEASONyards ad eight touchdows. SPORTS D FRIDAY, DECEMBER 18, 2009 EDITOR: JORGE ROJAS D2 F H SAA C LAS S 3A FOOTBALL CHAMPIONSHIP BELEN JESUIT VS. PENSA CO LA, 1 P.M. FRIDA Y, SUN WING T AND A PRAYER whe Tyler Fillibe drove i P ositive play, bright future Imai Davis touchdow w as Bele s mai highlight i Class 3A title-game loss, ad school is hugry to do mor e i play offs. BY MANNY NAVARRO IN MY OPINION HEA T 104, M Lida ORLANDO Imai Davis Robertso saw a crack, a opportuity to get W ito ad ed zoe ad decided his oly etry was through air. bri With oe giat, Reggie Bushtype leap, Bele s sophomore W e thought we ruig back somersaulted his kew Tiger, but way to over tal Pesacola s defese ad ito his school s record book with first touchdow he s a illusio i Wolveries state champioship ef for history. iger Woods always gave It felt great, Davis said. impressio that he was a We O eeeded d ay aftto get poits up, T picky perso with exquisite ad pr esidet I was P happy at I could help ad exactig taste, wher it was out. questioed D his dapper appearace, his top-of-lie yacht or his beautiful wife. Heat star raise W ade s Ufortuately c odi for Wolveries, Davis highlight-reel His decisios o golf course were ucaily correct as well. touchdow BY MICHAEL WAL was oly time But it turs out he was reckless y tasted triumph Friday i a surprisig umber of choices, afteroo Well, that Citrus Bowl. icludig assortmet of wome The log. rest of Class 3A champioship A day game after beloged to with whom he had affairs ad eccetric doctor he hired to treat Tigers, det Pat who Riley pushed ad shoved his recostructed kee. ir Dwyae way Wade to a 28-7 victory. The wome 10, 12, 14 i a ditioig For Bele s ad eseiors, re was growig tally ad recetly obvious star guard disappoitmet res i havig oe ir of his deepest m postseaso ru arrested doc have certai traits i commo, ad re s o way to put efforts of s AL DIAZ/MIAMI HERALD STAFF ed i defeat. this delicately. They re wacky. I Quarterback proc Nic Platt cried. OVER THE TOP: Bele ruig back Imai Davis takes flight over Pesacola s Damarius A por star, a ligerie model, a took aor Safety Chris Esteba pouded Radall to score Wolveries oly touchdow durig Class 3A title game. cocktail waitress, a doctor who toward emer his uabashedly promotes Huma frustratig helmet fu ad paced. Ad as Growth Hormoe (HGH) as day s Tigers were vi awarded ir lege to see what kid of team smile, We also have a lot comig back. were a beat-up team after leared a lot as coaches. We foutai of youth why did t a medals, Orlado Reggie M Colas, Jose Moreira, caairlies Sergio Ar Feradez-Soto, happy with what we did or if we The Wolveries etire frot [Fort Pierce] Westwood wi we are. If we re just goig to be large, blikig red stoplight attached to a alarm activate iside Nigel Shootig Dodo aad Pablo Alvarez work hard i offseaso ad seve, led by star liebacker [two weeks ago]. Woods head? Why would t a billioaire celebrity athlete with a Wolveries eterig ga sat o team Davis, who fiished with 44 back ext year. Davis, who ra experieced a few thigs we 42.7 percet heart ad f soul of 2009 work to get back here. Nick Meocal (6-3, 230) will be We leared a few thigs, family ad a meticulously maicured image ru or way midseaso field. f thikig about future before dows o 104 carries, will oly The Wolveries certaily bech, ually workig starig blakly toward yards rushig, already was for 580 yards ad seve touch- had t before. whe ecouterig se characters? could breakthrough be a silver g liig for fiished receivig ir silver May Sicre, who blocked a ier-city power Miami Booker wared But eve that i defeat, re he ad his teammates had eve be a juior. Leadig rusher did. Alog way, y beat The Tiger we thought we kew, all-boys could be o Catholic school medals. put i Friday s loss, will be T. Washigto, a team obody from a distace, was a illusio. taste It of arrived comig oh-so-close ad We ll be back ext year ad back as a seior. Ad re will thought y could play with. His questioable associatios make Souast huger Div it could fuel movig year after that, Davis said. be additio of a taleted Two weeks later, y wo ir it legitimate to ask: Has Woods Magic. Wade s forward. We re goig to get a state rig. juior varsity team, which fiished 7-0. road at Lake Wales. first state semifial game o bee as uethical i his professioal career as he has bee i his shootig to g high 25 poit I 2005, we wo our first We re goig to get oe. district persoal life? assists ad title, ad our juiors The Wolveries just might The experiece we had this Nobody ca take away aythig we accomplished, Platt He cheated o his wife. Would came through back three ad q thought thigs make that happe. There will be seaso has bee great, Stuart he cheat o his body? Would he were Heat led goig by ato be easy, said huge losses from this team: said. Eve though we fell oe said. We worked for years to juice his muscles? Bele poits. coach WadeRich Stuart, whose etire startig secodary, a game short, just bodig we get to this poit. We did t fiish job. But I really believe As Woods cotiues to huker team fourth had quarter ever f wo more tha three-year starter at quarterback, ir leadig receiver ad weeks, way we grew as a youger guys will pull developed over last 10 dow, three weeks after he crashed oe game playoff i a rogame i a seaso his Escalade ito a fire hydrat ad util cruised this to year. a blo three startig offesive lieme. team ad a family was amazig. toger, get back here ad wi his wife rescued him by smashig rear widows with a golf Wade said of I This love will igh be a good chal- But as Stuart said with a The jourey is a grid. We oe for our school. club, his persoa cotiues to watch from crumble. Eli Nordegre is reportedly packig up ad filig for ries. The bigg teammates fi HECTOR GABINO/EL NUEVO HERALD divorce, ad who ca blame her? MULTI-DIMENSIONAL: Bele seior quarterback Nic Platt directs Wig T offese. Nic s play with a lo Oce bod of trust is broke i give us that extra threat to keep us from beig oe-dimesioal, coach Rich Stuart said. just wat mo so may places, it becomes irreparable. It was oly Bur play myself as aglia s 25-y ard F G wis it Dr. Athoy Galea, Toroto Bele hopes its sigature Wi g T o ffese helps brig this seaso tha physicia who told New York at least half h home firs t s tate title i school history. BY CONCEPCION LEDEZMA play to set up wiig Clemets led DISTRICT all rushers 16-4A ers SEMIFINAL also were domiat o a BELEN 5, WESTLAND HIALEAH 0 e Bele wis boys water polo District 11 champioship WEST o BEL x WP: Marcos Caldero (3-3). LP: Lazo. Top perf o rmers: Caldero No-hitter, 6 Ks, 2 for 4, HR, 3 h e RBI; Sheeha Plaas-Arteaga 2 for 3, double; David Diaz-Feradez 1 for 2, RBI. Bel girls teams wo champioships at Traz Powell Stadium. Akeeba Rose wo 1,600 ad 3,200 to lead Class 3A Regio semifial Bele 7, Forest Hill 25-11, 25-12: Leo Marti eight kills; Chris Rayo 11e Krop girls team. Atro Jackso wo high DISTRICT 15-2A SEMIFINAL 0: Jua Lorido wo No. 1 sigles: 6-0, 6-0; Joh Pessoa assists; BR for 4; Mary Jose Nuez 1 for 3. CP Miami Beach 0 Late Moday Braddock d. South Miami 25-15, DISTRICT 15-2A SEMIFINAL jump ad triple jump, ad Darrell Butler swept DADE CHRISTIAN 6, CURLEY 1 wo No. 2 sigles: 6-1, 6-2; May Lorezo wo No. 3 hurdles to lead Carol City. sigles: 6-1, 6-3. Bel FLAG FOOTBALL, Bele come aw ay with upset victories CUR For qualifyig results, go to Crest 1: Raleigh Smith wo No. 1 sigles: 6-0, 6-1; Debra Lifield 150 yds. passig, 2 TD, 2 PAT; Debbie Class 2A regioal semifial Gulliver 4, Pie Hebrew Academy 21, Iteratioal Studies 0: DC x WP: Megha Moroe (5-11). LP: Romaik. Top pe r- Michael Kaschkar wo No. 3 sigles: 6-0, 6-1; Bria Poler 5 rec., 30 yards, TD, 3 flag pulls; Shoshie Mod SOFTBALL f o r mers: Christia Floyd 2 for 3, 3 RBI; Moroe 2 for 3, Graoff wo No. 4 sigles: 6-2, 2-6, 6-3; Baker Newma wo No. 5 sigles: 6-0, 6-0. Hebrew 120 yards, TD, INT. 2 RBI, 10 Ks. DC DISTRICT 15-6A SEMIFINALS e Academy 35, Iteratioal Studies 0: Class 2A team regioal champioship. semifial America Heritage Wedes- 5, Doral Academy 0 BELEN 10, Poler MCCARTHY 70 ys, TD, 4 INT. 6 HA 4-6. BRITO 4, DADE CHRISTIAN 3 Debra Lifield 170 yds pass., 4 TD, 2 PAT; Debbie BELEN BRADDOCK UPSETS 10, LOURDES MCCARTHY 0 FLORIDA CHR. BOYS It 13, will COUNTRY TENNIS be DAY completed 0 (5) L MCD Class 1A Regio O semifial boys Rasom 5, Doctors side, Bele Late. Moday Pace 32, Mater East 0: Chels e a B The Bele baseball team FC day After at oo wiig 265 0x at its 13 Coral first district 14 2 Gables Charter 0: Matw withsaiotz AMC wo No. 1 sigles: 6-0, Ogugua 4 rush TD; Jey 6 Leo 5 13 INT; BRITO ret. for TD; cruised to team title as champioship 40-year 6-1; Matw Pataro wo No. BEL 2 sigles: 6-2, 6-3; Jeffrey Palmetto Mackezie seior wo at No. 3 Pablo sigles: 6-0, Alvarez 6-0. RE swept d BOYS CROSS-COUNTRY Faith Fracois flag pulls; 10 P DC WP: kocked Jey Garcia (11-3). off LP: Fort Chloe Shill. Lauderdale Top performers: Garcia perfect game, 11 Ks; Lambda Rivera cilla Gozalez 3 history H, 3 RBI; Liz of Gozalez program, 2 H, RBI. FC Bele s Class 1A Regio semifial WP: Alex Miami Lavadero Coutry Day(2-0). LP: Martiez. WEDNESDAY S SCHEDULE WP: Sea Dyer (2-1). L P: Rodriguez. Top performers: WP: Brittay Perez, 17 wier K, 2 H. Top performers: takig Pris- o 110 ad 300-meter hurdles. Elliot (B) Archbishop 2-for-3, RBI; Igrid Cabrera McCarthy (B) 1-for-2, RBI; at 4 boys p.m. teis i team a semifial came up 4, short LaSalle at3: Matw Feradez. agaist Boca Rato Olympic Gladstoe wo No. 1 sigles: o Kareea Heradez (B) 2-for-3, 3 rus. BR BASEBALL Bele Jesuit s May Machado 1 Elliot for 3, RBI; Jose Clemete at Alex 1 Feradez fiished Field: Coral Gomez 2 for 3, RBI; 6-3, 6-4; Shau Clemete Berma wo No. also 3 sigles: wo GMAC 6-1, two 6-2; QUARTERFINAL evets, DISTRICT 16-2A SEMIFINAL GMAC quarterfial: Columbus at Coral Gables, Jose oo Aguiar 2 for 3. Brito home Berma/Alec Koss wo No. 2 doubles: 6-2, 6-3. SOUTHWEST Tuesday 1, FERGUSON afteroo. 0 Alex WESTMINSTER CHR. 11, WESTWOOD 0 (5) cruisig i 1,600 AMERICAN ad 3,200. GMAC 2, FERGUSON semifials FER GIRLS TENNIS Gables-Columbus wier vs. Palmetto, 4; America WESTMINSTER 26th at 17, LA SALLE Footlocker 2 8 0Cross-Coutry LAS South Lavadero pitched three iigs Heights WEST Gables secod-basema Thursday i a Class 7 (6) Reydel Gozalez sparked a two-ru FER RESULTS SW x Class 4A Regio semifial Krop 7, Flaaga 0: vs. Hialeah, WC 3A regioal 740 0x fial at 11 Bele. 5 1 Boys Akemi Maehama wo No. 2 sigles: 6-0, 6-0; Shea Coral Sprigs Christia at Pace, 7:30 ad struck out six for Wolveries double; Samatha (18-7). Lazas double; Joey Jeifer Rodriguez Case rs: Megha Keey double, 2 RBI; Taylor Trezoa H, No. 4 sigles: 6-0, 6-0. WP: 6-04; AME Bele 232.5; Cetral 157.5; Jackso 139; X WP: Haa Pea. L P: Herrera. Top performers: WP: Camile Beito (14-3). Seiors LP: Jekis. Mauel Top perform- Lorezo Brodsky ad Norlad 85; Mater 27; Miami Beach 10 High jump: wo No. 3 sigles: 6-0, 6-0; Cassie Pough WC 0(10) Roberts (Nor) SOFTBALL Pea Krop Kevi Smit (Bel) Perez 6-02; (4-1). Colas LP: (Bel) Arche. 6-02; first Ferra iig Arimo with each a wo sigle at Whitehea that (Jac) 6-00; Pole vault: Velazquez District (Bel) 313-6A east semifials at Slade Regioal Park: America vs. tao 1 for 1. SW WP: Julia Loret Champioships de Mola (5-1). Top performers: Ady 2 RBI; Beito double, RBI, 11 Ks. WC Class 4A 11-06; regioal Joes semifial (Ce) 10-06; West Flamii Broward (Bel) 7, 10-06; Golema, Roca 5; Krop vs. Hialeah-Miami Lakes, 7 wet North Miami Beach 0 DISTRICT 2 for 16-6A 4 with SEMIFINALS a double ad District 14-6A semifials at Milader: Coral Park vs. DISTRICT scored No. 3 ad 16-1A Yoey No. 4 sigles, SEMIFINAL Gozalez. respectively. Ad juior Jose Lorido Therezie (Jac) ; Ayo (Bel) ; Williams h i Charlotte, 3 RBI; Steve N.C., Smith o 3 for 4, Saturday. HR, 4 RBI. WC Atoio Rodriguez 11, ISLAND CHRISTIAN scored 6 durig Class 2A (Jac) regioal ; semifial Triple jump: America Willia (Jac) Heri ; Miami Horta Sprigs, 7 lost a tough match three-set (Bel) 10-00; Log jump: Rodriguez GMAC (Bel) QUARTERFINAL ; Chaco 4 for 4, 3 HR, 6 RBI; Loret de Mola 3 for 4, HR, Class 3A regioal semifial Dwyer 5, PALMETTO Cetral 0 Coral 5, Gables, KROP 5; Hialeah-Miami 2 Beach wier vs. three SOUTHRIDGE RBI. Chris 7, CORAL Trujillo REEF 2 wet MIAMI 2CHRISTIAN CR tage 5, Doral Academy (Ce) 42-00; 0 Krop Ayo (Bel) ; Tyso (Jac) IC District 16-4A semifial at Cetral: 2 2 0Westlad vs. Norlad, ; 3: x BRADDOCK 1, VARELA 0 SR for 3 with a RBI Class 1A Regio semifial Rasom 5, Doctors MC ext at-bat x o 11 a passed 10 1 ball ; Clemete set a Bele record, match No. 5 sigles after a Discus : Hakerso Pal (Ce) ; White (Bel) Charter 0: Jamie Griffi Yapp-Shig (Jac) ; wo Richards No. 1 sigles: (Ce) 6-1, ; District Shot put: 15-3A semifial: Pace at Doral, 4 BRAD WP: Sarah Lever (11-6). LP: Lamb. Top performers: WP: Kayla Heradez Columbus (13-3). third-set Top performers: tiebreaker. aswered Adrea 6-0; Aette with Sulliva Hakerso awo No. (Ce) WP: 2 sigles: Mike 49-03; Cetta 6-1, Meocal 6-0; (3-1). Allegra Halo wo McItosh No. 3 sigles: (Nor) ; 6-0, 6-0. Richards RE (Ce) 42-05; 100 : TRACK AND FIELD (Bel) LP: ; Martiez. r fiishig Top performers: VAR race i 15: Lever CG, 7 strikeouts, 1-for-2, 2 RBI; Sadie Serrao Garcia double, triple, 4 RBI; Alex Marchese 2 H, RBI, 2 (SR) GAME 2-for-3; Joay SUSPENDED ANDRE FERNANDEZ Borrego (SR) 1-for-3, RBI. Southridge Laure Sields (Jac) wo No ; 2 sigles: Molketi Lewis 6-3, (Ce) 6-0; ; for Alexadra 3, 200: RBI. Fiie Pal District (Ce) y16-3a at Bele: 11 a.m. IP, 4 Ks; Joey Gomez ad Bria Heradez each had Bria Roache 2 for 3; Yale Saford 1 for 3, 2 RBI; Jake SB; Heradez ru 5 Ks, triple, i 3 RBI. MC bottom of Class 1A third Fiie regio (Ce) semifial 10.85; Carrollto Rodriguez 4, (Bel) Hillel 2: 10.96; Regio Bectro 4-2A at Ft. Laud. West. Academy: WP: 1 Cesar Foraris (2-0). Top performers: Foraris 3 a GIRLS BASKETBALL

56 TRA CK AND FIELD B ele, J acks o a thletes vie to make histor y Bele ruers reboud, take two idiv idual titles T wo f amiliar f ac es led Bele to statewide suc c ess agai Friday e v eig but this time o track. BY ANDRE C. FERNANDEZ WINTER PARK Nic Platt ad Pablo Alvarez helped Bele tur a poor start ito a memorable fiish oce already this seaso i football. O Friday eveig, two made sure Bele s track ad field team would leave with at least a pair of gold medals. After a subpar performace i prelims, Wolveries were uable to secure Class 3A team title for which y were favored to wi. But Platt ad Alvarez each bouced back i fials ad helped Bele secure two idividual champioships. Bele fiished fourth with 35 poits, as Puta Gorda Charlotte wo team title. We started off shaky, but it worked out for better, Alvarez said. Alvarez, who etered meet as oe of favorites i 110-meter hurdles, hit fourth hurdle durig prelimiaries ad failed to qualify for fials with a 10th-place fiish. The Wolveries also placed 10th i 3,200-relay, which cost m valuable poits. But Alvarez bouced back i 300-meter hurdles, wiig evet i secods. Alvarez was uable to compete i eir evet last seaso due to ijury. This was day I thought about for past year, said Alvarez, who has siged with Uiversity of Virgiia. More tha aythig else, I could t wait for a chace at redemptio. Platt, Bele s startig quarterback, had most DOUG BENC/FOR THE MIAMI HERALD ANCHOR: Bele Jesuit s Nicholas Platt fiished title-wiig 400-meter relay for Wolveries. courageous performace of evet. While battlig a cramp i his upper left leg, Platt achored 400-meter relay team that wo gold with a time of secods. Despite itese treatmets from traiers, Platt was uable to overcome pai i 200 meters. He did, however, fiish race, limpig almost from start to ear Bele a team poit. The biggest thig is we all ru for each or as a team, Alvarez said. That was key i football, ad it was agai [Friday] o track. Norlad s twi tadem of Jeffry ad Jeff Lacroix each helped 1,600-meter relay team cap ight i style by wiig i 3: The Vikigs wo Dade s oly or idividual title of evet. The Lacroix twis also fiished secod ad third i 400-meters. Jeffry Lacroix had a photo fiish with Crestview High s Doquel Dorsey, who wo it by three-thousadths of a secod. RESULTS Team scores Girls : 1. Pesacola Pie Forest 92, 2. Fort Lauderdale 42, 3. Jackso 41, Or Dade: 11. Cetral 20, 33. Norlad 5; Boys : 1. Puta Gorda Charlotte 48.5; 2. Fort Walto Beach 38; 3. Palm Beach Lakes 37; Or Dade: 4. Bele Jesuit 35; 7. Norlad 25; 8. Jackso 22; 19. Cetral 12. Girls idividual results (Wiers, plus Dade top 8) 3,200 relay: 1. Pesacola Pie Forest 9:23.48; High jump: 1. Tikiera Relaford (Brooksville) 5-6; Shot put: 1. Sasha- A Lebert (Fort Lauderdale) 41-1¾; 7. Shoroda Bryat (JAC) 37-9; Discus: 1. Britta Jackso (Sebastia River) 133-2; Log jump 1. Robi Reyolds (JAC) 18-10½; T ripl jump: 1. Jua Esperace (Oak Ridge) 39-8; Pole vault: 1. Mallory Johso (South Fork 11-0; 100 hurdles: 1. Jatavia Wright (CEN 14.38; 100: 1. Robi Reyolds (JAC) 11.79; 1600: 1. Lily Williams (Chiles) 4:58.56; 20 adaptive: 1. Arielle Rausi (North Fort Myers) 42.84; 400 relay: 1. Pesacola Pi Forest 47.02; 3. Jackso 48.01; 7. Cetral 49.48; 400: 1. Robi Reyolds (JAC) 54.02; 7 Jazmia Paris (CEN) 58.44; 300 hurdles: 1 Joha Whittaker (Pie Forest) 43.00; 800: 1 Darroisha Lott (Pie Forest) 2:12.19; 8 0 adaptive: 1. Arielle Rausi (North Fort Myers) 2:58.79; 200: 1. Latorria Bell (Pie Forest) 24.45; 8. Robi Reyolds (JAC) 27.47; 3200: 1. Lily Williams (Chiles) 11:11.46; 1,600 relay: 1. Pie Forest 3: Norlad 3:53.78, 7. Jackso 3: Boys idividual results (Wiers, plu Dade top 8) 3,200 relay: 1. Puta Gord Charlotte 7:44.44; 4. Jackso 8:00.00; 5. Ce tral 8:00.57; High jump: 1. Hercules Stac (Bartow) 6-8; Shot put: 1. Charlie Tidwell (Niceville) 56-¾; Discus: 1. Chris Bolige (Harmoy); Log jump: 1. Terrece Mitche (Hillsborough) 23-3; 6. Javier Rodriguez (BEL) 22-8; Triple jump: 1. Loucheiz Purifo (Pie Forest) 46-9; Pole vault: 1. Alex Kaza ski (Wiregrass Rach) 14-0; 110 hurdles: 1 Eddie Lovett (Palm Beach Lakes) 13.46; Michael Bellamy (Charlotte) 10.51; 6. Kaytro Bectro (JAC) 10.88; 1,600: 1. Mat Mizereck (Leo) 4:15.13; 4. Elliot Clemete (BEL) 4:19.68; 400 relay: 1. Bele 41.18; 3. Jackso 41.94; 7. Cetral 42.43; 400: 1. Do quel Dorsey (Crestview) ; 2. Jeffry Lacroix (NOR) ; 3. Jeff Lacroix (NOR 48.60; 4. Demetrius Whitehead (JAC) Marvi Bayham (NOR) 50.24; 300 hur dles: 1. Pablo Alvarez (BEL) 36.73; 800: 1 Matw Bevil (Fort Walto Beach) 1: : 1. Bejame McRoy (Lakelad) 20.93; 3. Thomas Fiie (CEN) 21.42; 7. Kaytro Bectro (JAC) 21.96; 8. Nic Platt (BEL) 33.47; 3200: 1. Matt Mizereck (Leo) 9:18.76; 3. Elliot Clemete (BEL) 9:25.73; 1,600 relay: 1. Norlad 3:14.93; 8. Jackso 3: WRES TLING Three from Dade wi champioships South Dade s Shiqua ad Earl Hall wo state titles, as did Bele Jesuit s Esteba Gome z-riv er a. B ut th at w as it f or wr estlers fr om Dade. fect, he said. Saturday was perfect for Bele s Gomez-Rivera, a juior who lost i 112 fials last seaso. After holdig off Jared Browig of Jese Beach, Gomez-Rivera jumped ito arms of his tuxedo-clad coaches, pumpig his fists. Last year, I did t wrestle as good as I could have, ad this time I kew I had to leave everythig out re, Gomez-Rivera said. I did t thik it could feel this good. It s amazig. Harris ad Hoffma each fi- Broward Couty also had three They told me ot to let aythig stop me, said Hall, 16. I m idividual champs two from St. Thomas Aquias ad oe so proud to kow my former from Cardial Gibbos. teammates are still thikig Earl Hall s champioship at about me ad pushig me. That 112 som pouds Everglades was each third advaced of his makes me wat to be a better doubles, 3 RBI. G 20-3, PPC to fials of 1A team sigles touramet. BOYS TENNIS District 16-3A fial Bele Jesuit Matw 20, Miami Beach Gladstoe 14, Pembroke of Pies Miami Charter 7: Coutry Jua Lorido (BEL) wo No. 1 sigles 6-0, 6-4; Joh Pessoa (BEL) wo Day No. 2 competed sigles 6-0, 6-0; May i Lorezo fial (BEL) wo of No. 3 sigles 6-4, 6-4; Ferra Arimo (BEL) wo No. 4 sigles 1A 6-0, 6-1; idividual Jose Lorido (BEL) sigles wo No , competitio. GIRLS 6-0. TENNIS Miami-Dade did ot claim a champio i 3A competitio at Salado Park i Altamote Sprigs, but Jua Lorido of Bele Jesuit advaced to semifials of idividual sigles touramet. get ready for stretch ru. O boys side, it was Bele show as Wolveries scored some poits o field ad domiated o track ruig away with regioal champioship. They wo all three relays beatig Cetral, Jackso ad Dwyer. Javier Rodriguez wo 100 meter dash just edgig Cetral s Thomas Fiie by two-hudredths of a secod. He also wo log jump with a jump of RUDY BELEN 37, GULLIVER 19 W olv eries ru ov er Rai ders defese for a easy victory BY SERGIO BONILLA Miami Herald Writer Less tha a week after Bele Jesuit allowed Jakhari Gore to ru for 229 yards ad four scores, Wolveries (2-2) formed a four-ma ruig attack of its ow to defeat Gulliver Prep Raiders Thursday afteroo. The Wolveries recorded over 300 yards ad four touchdows o groud to cotrol tempo ad put poits o board at de la Cruz Stadium. Ruig is stregth of this team, Bele coach Richard Stuart said. It s our bread ad butter. Three ruig backs had at least 75 rushig yards with Sergio Feradez-Soto leadig way with 102 yards. The blockig really helped me out ad offesive lie was ready to play i secod half, Feradez-Soto said. forced six turovers i game. We teach to strip ball whe it s available, Start said. At half score was tied at 7. However, Bele s offese cotrolled third quarter with three uaswered rushig touchdows to make it a 28-7 cotest. We took care of m i secod half, Stuart said. Southridge 42, Varela 8: Defese was best offese for Spartas o Thursday as y played first-ever football game at Southridge Stadium. Gerrod Hollima ad Adrew Johso ra back iterceptios for touchdows ad y sacked Varela quarterbackig duo five times e route to a 42-8 wi. I have a very hugry defese. They study a great deal ad are very aggressive. We are goig to eed se guys i order to make a ice ru this year, said coach Patrick Burrows. dows ad two iterceptios. This icluded strikes of 63 yards to Rodey Nelso ad a 53 yard completio to Roshaw Wilso that broke game ope for Southridge. The Spartas will ow get ready for a big clash agaist South Dade ext week at Harris Field. JUAN ARANGO Blache Ely 46, Taravella 21: The circumstaces were t greatest, but Rodey McCray made his coachig debut for Ely cout. After takig over Ely program from Lawal McCray whe McCray was officially let go Thursday afteroo, Gray led his Tigers past Taravella at Coral Sprigs High. It s more stressful, Gray said. I ever i my wildest dreams thought I d be a head coach at this poit. more tha 40 yards, ad his touchdows were for 74 ad 45 yards. After ot reachig his goal of ruig for 150 yards last week, Walker set a eve loftier goal before this game of 200 yards. I m tryig to take over couty right ow, Walker said. I believed I could do it. Taravella quarterback Chris Roys oly threw three passes i first half, but he made most of m. Roys completed touchdow passes of 77 ad 83 yards to Devo Wright ad Jorda Polite to put Trojas up 15-8 with 3:29 left i secod quarter. But Ely respoded quickly with a 1-yard touchdow from quarterback Chris Germa, who fiished ight with 203 passig yards. We come ito game hopig for 300 yards rushig ad 200 yards passig, Germa said. he said after game that t akle would be fie for ext week. EVAN DREXLE West Broward 7, Cor /FIU Glades 6: The West Browa Bobcats will ever forget Thur day s 7-6 victory over Coral Glades. The record books wo let m. d. Seior ruig back Aaro Parker scored o fourth-adgoal with 3:39 remaiig to gi West Broward (1-2, 0-0 Dist 11-6A) its first wi i schoo two-year history. It s ubelievable, said We Broward coach Rick DiVita. The kids worked hard ad we ve goe through a lot. Th fially kow what a wi tast like. Coral Glades (0-3, 0-0 Distri 15-5A) led 6-0 at halftime after kicker Michael Kassem coverted a pair of Bobcats fumbl ito field goals. Thr ee-sport s tar chooses football ished 39-1 after losig to wrestlers from Brado, which ra away with its 10th cosecutive team champioship. America had Dade s best team showig, fiishig third i BY ANDRE C. FERNANDEZ Pablo Alvarez belogs to a fadig breed i high school sports three-sport star. Alvarez was Bele Jesuit s most valuable player last seaso i basketball ad track ad field. But his talets o football field eared him firstteam All-Dade hoors i 2008 ad led to multiple scholarship offers from major college programs. We ve ever had someoe as athletic overall as he is, Bele football coach Rich Stuart said. He brigs a big athletic presece to our team. He s very versatile ad fast. Alvarez chose to take his skills to Uiversity of Virgiia, makig o oral commitmet to Cavaliers o Jue 29. Whe Alvarez officially sigs, he would become secod football player from Bele to sig a with a major college program i past four years. Before my recruitig process bega, I had my mid o a few schools, said Alvarez, who has a 3.4 GPA. I kew I wated a place that had a strog academic backgroud. Whe I visited Virgiia, I liked ir academics ad chace to play at a Divisio I school. Alvarez (6-3, 190), rated No. 19 overall prospect i Dade by The Miami Herald, also has offers from Duke, (America) : Joe Cozart (Brado) d. Qui Hoffma (Palmetto) : Georda Speiller (St. Thomas Aquias) d. Cris Molia (Varela) : Stephe Newma (George Jekis) 4ot Luis Pimete (America) 4-3. HWT: Hery Chirio (Brado) d. Alex Wethy (Columbus) 4-2. Semifials: 103: Guil laume (NMB) d. Nosomy Pozo (SW) 4-2; S.Hall (SD) d Alex Uhre (STA) : Laveau (NMB) ot. Mark Gulesia (COL) 3-2; E.Hall (SD) p. Zach Whitmire (Dr Phillips) 1: : Bruo (Brado) p. Brya Berrio make big hits or make a big catch, Alvarez said. The excitemet of football, you do t get i ay or sport. Alvarez had two iterceptios while playig corerback last seaso, ad he also played wide receiver ad safety. Stuart said Alvarez ofte plays liebacker i practice whe simulatig upcomig oppoets. The best thig about Pablo is how humble he is, Stuart said. He s willig to play ay role or positio o team. Alvarez will lead a cofidet Bele squad that remaied i Class 3A after Florida High School Athletic Associatio s reclassificatio but moves ito a ew district. For first time i several years, Wolveries will ot have to play logtime rival Mosigor Pace. The Wolveries typically ru ball i ir sigature Wig-T set. But Alvarez could see some actio at wideout. BASEBALL Former Palmetto pitcher Casey Delgado siged with Columbia State Uiversity i Teessee. Delgado, a twotime All-Dade first team selectio, fiished his career with a 16-3 record. THURSDAY S SCHEDULE PRESEASON FOOTBALL Suset at Coral Park, 3:45 Taverier Coral Shores at Archbishop Curley, 4 Krop at Halladale, 7 North Miami at Fort Lauderdale Dillard, 7 Miami Sprigs vs. Palmetto (Milader), 7

57 Seiors, The... Ad Now Pabli Max Sergio Brix Ayo Smitty Gaby Tuto Your hard work ad dedicatio i Juior High laid foudatio for your accomplishmets i High School. Thak you for all your efforts se past seve years, I m very proud of you. You will be missed. May God shie your paths i whichever directios you take ad remember- Stay Course ad Never Give Up! If you ca fill uforgivig miute with sixty secods worth of a distace ru, Yours is Earth ad everythig that s i it, Ad-Which is moreyou ll be a Ma, my so! RK

58 Cogratulatios to Rafael Adres ad Lightweight Boat for makig Bele history by beig first crew to medal at Head of Hooch 09 from The Restrepo Family Cogratulatios to Soccer team o beig District Champios! The Guarch Family Alex, Jose, cogratulatios o all your successes i Juior High. We kow you will achieve great thigs i High School. We are always proud of you. We are very proud of your academic ad athletic accomplishmets. We are lucky to have you as a so ad bror. Love, - Your family. ALEX DIBLASI A ma ca be as great as he wats to be. If you believe i yourself ad have courage, determiatio, dedicatio, competitive drive ad if you are willig to sacrifice little thigs i life ad pay price for thigs that are worthwhile, it ca be doe. - Vice Lombardi Aythig doe for aor is doe for oeself. -Pope Joh Paul II It is God who arms me with stregth, ad makes my way perfect. He makes my feet like feet of deer, ad sets me o my high places. Psalm 18:32-33 P&R SMITH ENGINEERING CONTRACTORS, EQUIPMENT RENTAL, EARTH MOVING Phoe:

59 Dedicated to Julio Lopez ad his tireless efforts for Water Polo ad Swimmig teams. Psalms 23 The LORD is my shepherd; re is othig I lack. I gree pastures you let me graze; to safe waters you lead me; you restore my stregth. You guide me alog right path for sake of your ame. Eve whe I walk through a dark valley, I fear o harm for you are at my side; your rod ad staff give me courage. You set a table before me as my eemies watch; You aoit my head with oil; my cup overflows. Oly goodess ad love will pursue me all days of my life; I will dwell i house of LORD for years to come. We Love you ad we cotiue to keep you i our prayers. Your Bele family

60 Adrew Alvarado varsity lacrosse Captai Adrew, you have a bright future ahead of you. Your life will be marked by faith, academic excellece, ad fu. Whereever your dreams take you, our love ad support will follow. Our heartfelt gratitude to Fr. Suarez, Fr. Sardia, ad Fr. Marcelio. Also, to all those coaches, teachers, ad staff that made a differece i our so s life. These have bee te amazig years i Bele Commuity! The Alvarado Family HAve A SuCCeSSFul Ad WOderFul TiMe i WASHiTgO dc!

61 Cogratulatios to Bele Jesuit Wolveries 6th Grade Basketball & 6th Grade Baseball Great coaches, teammates ad frieds. Great Seasos. Albert & Barbara del Castillo Family

62 Cogratulatios to CLASS OF 2010 VARSITY BASEBALL PLAYERS Luis Feradez, Gio Marchea, Edgar Sachez, Alex Vega, Athoy Perez, Frak Medez, Marcos Caldero, Mady Sera & Frakie Romero 2010 DISTRICT CHAMPS Always remember that you were first ad always will be WOLVERINES!

63 CALDERÓN Wiers are People Like You Wiers take chaces. Like everyoe else, y fear failig, but refuse to let fear cotrol m. Wiers do t give up. Whe life gets rough, y hag i util goig gets better. Wiers are flexible. They realize re is more tha oe way ad are willig to try ors. Wiers do t blame fate for ir failures, or luck for ir successes. Wiers are patiet. They kow a goal is oly as worthy as effort that s required to achieve it. Wiers are people like you. They make this world a better place to be. ~ Ukow Cotiue to be true to yourself, Marcos. We could t be more proud. With all our love, Mami, Papi, Lucas 08, Daiela, Abi Otro ad Abi Otra


65 Caki, We could ot be more proud of you!!!! Love, Mom, Dad ad your four sisters

66 Cogratulatios to Lacrosse teams o a outstadig 2d Seaso

67 The members of Fastbreak club would like to cogratulate Basketball program for ir cotiued success. Go WOLVERINES!!! Brix, We are very proud of you! Your hard work ad determiatio will help you achieve all your goals. Love You! Biaca ad Mom

68 To our Fraca boys, We are very proud of you always! Love, Mom ad Dad

69 Florida has some of toughest Crimial Laws i Uited States. If you are charged with a State or Federal crimial offese, decisio about who will represet you i court is critical. The attorey you choose may be oe of most importat choices you make i your life. Joatha B. Blecher, Crimial Defese attorey, kows Florida crimial laws from servig as a assistat State attorey for Jaet reo, years of service o a Florida Bar rules Committee, ad over 26 years of Crimial law experiece 9150 SouTh DaDelaD BoulevarD DaDelaD CeTre II, SuITe 1010 MIaMI, FlorIDa o: F: C: Call for a o obligatio cosultatio. You have everythig to gai ad othig to lose.

70 Cogratulatios Bele Varsity Football Thaks for a uforgettable seaso! The 2009/2010 proud parets The Wolverie Natio

71 Varsity Baseball Team Cogratulatios to our so Athoy ad Class of 2010 It has bee a blessig watchig you grow from a youg boy to a youg ma. You have made us very proud with your perseverace ad determiatio i accomplishig your goals. Remember: keep shootig for stars!!! May Lord cotiue to bless you ad guide you i years to come. We love you, Mom, Dad ad Alle

72 CONGRATULATIONS Coach Ralph Heriquez for bee selected Coach of Year We will be leavig Bele with woderful memories of our last Varsity Baseball Seaso-2010, which we will always treasure i our heart. You have served as a role model by providig a true example of dedicatio, commitmet ad leadership. Thak you Coach ad we wish you cotiued success i future. May God always bless you ad your family. Athoy Perez-Florido #31 ad family Frak A. Medez #11 ad family


74 The Bele Jesuit Athletic Departmet would like to thak all of our studet-athletes, coaches ad parets for ir hard work throughout year. The excellet results of this year s athletic program are due to your positive spirit of competitio ad commitmet to excellece for Greater Glory of God. Special Cogratulatios to our State Champios i Swimmig ad State Ruer-Ups i Cross Coutry ad Football; Academic State Champios i Football ad All-Couty Athletes. Cross Coutry Elliot Clemete Football Pablo Alvarez Nick Busse Nigel Dodo Sergio Feradez-Soto Nick Meocal Nic Platt Tyler Staish Soccer Diego Costa Daiel Mio Swimmig Julia Ballestas Carlos Omaña Adres Vazquez Wrestlig Esteba Gomez-Rivera As of pritig Wolveries were i first place for FHSAA All Sports Awards. If successful this would be first year that sports program ears award.

75 For All The Games We Play. Mario Murgado ad Brickell Motors are proud to support Bele Jesuit Preparatory School Athletic Departmet. Go Wolveries! 665 SW 8th Street Miami, FL


ELIGIBILITY / LEVELS / VENUES ELIGIBILITY / LEVELS / VENUES 10U - SQUIRT MINOR '08 & MAJOR '07 Eligibility: Top six teams i the league at each level will qualify based o regular seaso league play. Format: Divisioal crossover with semi-fial

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Footwork is the foundation for a skilled basketball player, involving moves

Footwork is the foundation for a skilled basketball player, involving moves The Complete Book of Offesive Basketball Drills Basic Footwork ad Cuts Drills 2 Equipmet 16 chairs (or less) Persoel The etire team Basic Footwork ad Cuts Drills Two coaches How to Ru the Drill Five feet

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Cincinnati United Lakota Monroe

Cincinnati United Lakota Monroe Ciciati Uited Lakota Moroe U9-U19/2008-1999 Boys ad Girls Brigig the Best Together! #1 Club i Ciciati for Player Developmet Missio of CU The goal of Ciciati Uited Soccer Club is to provide higher level

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ELIGIBILITY / LEVELS / VENUES ELIGIBILITY / LEVELS / VENUES 10U - SQUIRT MINOR '08 & MAJOR '07 Eligibility: Top six teams i the league at each level will qualify based o regular seaso league play. Format: Divisioal crossover with semi-fial

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A Division 1 Football All-District Selection

A Division 1 Football All-District Selection 2016-2017 16-4A Division 1 Football All-District Selection Name # Class School Unanimous* MVP Fabian Anzaldua 4 Sr. Grulla Newcomer of the Year Darius Hernandez 15 So. LaFeria Offensive MVP Brandon Perez

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Equipment. Rackets are fragile. Handle the shuttlecocks carefully and only by their rubber tips.

Equipment. Rackets are fragile. Handle the shuttlecocks carefully and only by their rubber tips. Badmito Overvie ad History Badmito is a racket sport that is played o a court divided by a et five feet high. The game is played ith a shuttlecock ( bird ). Ca be played as sigles or doubles. The object

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Held under the sanction of USA Swimming, issued by North Carolina Swimming, Inc. Sanction No. NC11117

Held under the sanction of USA Swimming, issued by North Carolina Swimming, Inc. Sanction No. NC11117 The Greesboro Swimmig Associatio's 2011 Joh Gordo Dewey Ivitatioal Swim Meet November 19-20, 2011 The Greesboro Aquatic Ceter 1921 West Lee Street, Greesboro, NC 27403 SANCTION: HOST: FACILITY: Held uder

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31-5A All-District Selections

31-5A All-District Selections 31-5A All-District Selections MVP Robert Guerra Vela Jr Offensive Player of the Year Fabian Pedraza Vela Sr Seth Carter Sharyland Sr Ramon Espinoza Roma Jr Defensive Player of the Year Hugo Cabrera Mission

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Precautions for Total Hip Replacement Patients Only

Precautions for Total Hip Replacement Patients Only Precautios for Total Hip Replacemet Patiets Oly The followig is a list of precautios to keep you from dislocatig your hip. Dislocatig meas to move a body part out of its usual positio. Durig your stay

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Wondering where to start?

Wondering where to start? Bursville YMCA Swim Lessos Schedule 2018 Witer Jauary 8 - February 25 (952) 898-9622 ABOUT Y SWIM LESSONS The Y strives to help all ages lear how to swim, so they ca stay safe aroud

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The Complete Book of Offensive. Basketball Drills GAME-CHANGING DRILLS FROM AROUND THE WORLD GIORGIO GANDOLFI The Complete Book of Offesive Basketball Drills GAME-CHANGING DRILLS FROM AROUND THE WORLD GIORGIO GANDOLFI New York Chicago Sa Fracisco Lisbo Lodo Madrid Mexico City Mila New Delhi Sa Jua Seoul Sigapore

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bike ms 2014: Team Village Guide

bike ms 2014: Team Village Guide bike ms 2014: Team Village Guide Historic New Ber Ride 2014 1 Team Village What is Team Village? Team Villages are the ceterpoit of the Bike MS overight, as well as a gatherig place for

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Wondering where to start?

Wondering where to start? Woodbury YMCA Swim Lessos Schedule 2017 Late Fall October 30 - December 17 (651) 731-9507 ABOUT Y SWIM LESSONS The Y strives to help all ages lear how to swim, so they ca stay safe aroud

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District 31-6A 2016 All-District Selections

District 31-6A 2016 All-District Selections District 31-6A 2016 All-District Selections Coach of the Year: Michael Salinas Edinburg Vela District MVP: Nate Garcia #10 QB Jr. Edinburg Vela Offensive MVP: Nathan Marez #3 QB Sr. Edinburg High Defensive

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Ballymena United. v. Crusaders. Toals Co. Antrim Senior Shield Final OFFICIAL SOUVENIR PROGRAMME

Ballymena United. v. Crusaders. Toals Co. Antrim Senior Shield Final OFFICIAL SOUVENIR PROGRAMME Toals Co. Atrim Seior Shield Fial Ballymea Uited v. Crusaders Ballymea Showgrouds Tuesday 23rd Jauary 2018 Kick-off: 7.45 pm OFFICIAL SOUVENIR PROGRAMME Sposor s welcome... Iwould like to welcome you

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Emma B. Howe YMCA Swim Lessons Schedule

Emma B. Howe YMCA Swim Lessons Schedule Emma B. Howe YMCA Swim Lessos Schedule 2018 Summer Jue 4 - September 9 (763) 785-7882 ABOUT Y SWIM LESSONS The Y strives to help all ages lear how to swim, so they ca stay safe aroud

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Natural Resource Conservation and Preservation. Lesson Plan: NRES A1-2

Natural Resource Conservation and Preservation. Lesson Plan: NRES A1-2 Natural Resource Coservatio ad Preservatio Lesso Pla: NRES A1-2 1 Aticipated Problems 1. Why are coservatio ad preservatio importat? 2. What are some importat historic evets ad people associated with wildlife

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Principal s Message. Secretary/Attendance Office

Principal s Message. Secretary/Attendance Office Mission: MHS LEADs academic excellence to prepare students for post-secondary opportunities. MHS Educational Community creates a culture of life-long Learners, welcomes and accepts Diversity, challenges

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SUPPLEMENT XPRESS. September 2, 2017 Men Classic Physique A. 21 Richard Rosete 1 3 James Gonzales 2 19 Dustin Dude 3 13 Matthew Macias 4

SUPPLEMENT XPRESS. September 2, 2017 Men Classic Physique A. 21 Richard Rosete 1 3 James Gonzales 2 19 Dustin Dude 3 13 Matthew Macias 4 Men Classic Physique A Number Name Place 21 Richard Rosete 1 3 James Gonzales 2 19 Dustin Dude 3 13 Matthew Macias 4 Men Classic Physique B Number Name Place 2 Enrike Salgado 1 73 Manny Rodriguez 2 84

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St. Xavier High School 2014 Fall Sports Recap. Football

St. Xavier High School 2014 Fall Sports Recap. Football St. Xavier High School 2014 Fall Sports Recap Football The St. Xavier Football program had a great fall! The Varsity football team finished with a regular season record of 8-2 after playing a tough schedule

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8.5. Solving Equations II. Goal Solve equations by balancing.

8.5. Solving Equations II. Goal Solve equations by balancing. 8.5 Solvig Equatios II Goal Solve equatios by balacig. STUDENT BOOK PAGES 268 271 Direct Istructio Prerequisite Skills/Cocepts Solve a equatio by ispectio or systematic trial. Perform operatios usig itegers,

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Endzone Sports Charities 1994 John Elway Throwback Jersey Research General Notes

Endzone Sports Charities 1994 John Elway Throwback Jersey Research General Notes Edzoe Sports Charities Patrick W. Scoggi, Executive Director 1994 Joh Elway Throwback Jersey Research Geeral Notes I 1994, the Natioal Football League, i recogitio of its'

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District 31-6A 2014 All-District Selections

District 31-6A 2014 All-District Selections District 31-6A 2014 All-District Selections Coach of the Year: Tony Villarreal Weslaco District MVP: Lupe Moron #2 RB Sr. Weslaco East Offensive MVP: Eric Gonzalez #28 RB Sr. Weslaco Defensive MVP: Michael

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National and Sport-Group APR Averages, Trends and Penalties

National and Sport-Group APR Averages, Trends and Penalties National and Sport-Group APR Averages, Trends and Penalties May 2011 Average Four- APRs Includes 2006-07 through 2009-10 Academic s Four- Average Overall 970 (+3) Baseball 959 (+5) Men s Basketball 945

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Eastview High School Athletic Department Award Banners

Eastview High School Athletic Department Award Banners State Participation with a Top 8 Finish and/or Section Championship (110) Year Sport Accomplishment 1997-1998 Competition Cheerleading State Champions 1997-1998 Girls Swimming and Diving State Participant

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The new name for... Mines Rescue Service

The new name for... Mines Rescue Service Health ad Safety Traiig for all Idustries The ew ame for... Mies Rescue Service Expert traiig providers i: High Risk Etry ad Rescue Workig i Cofied Spaces Workig at Height Health ad Safety First Aid Fire

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Hall of Fame Inductions

Hall of Fame Inductions Ironton Fighting Tigers Hall of Fame Inductions January 30, 2016 Welcome............................... Jason Philyaw Blazer Presentations Blazer Presentation....................... John Wolfe presented

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JOBST Elvarex Plus Feel the difference in seamless 3D!

JOBST Elvarex Plus Feel the difference in seamless 3D! JOBST Elvarex Plus Feel the differece i seamless 3D! Custom-made flat-kit compressio garmets for the maagemet of lymphatic diseases of the hads ad feet 3D Comfort, Compressio ad Techology JOBST Elvarex

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DISTRICT 29-6A SOFTBALL DIAMOND NEWS District 29-6A. All-District Softball Selections. Lashay Reyes Co-Newcomer of the Year

DISTRICT 29-6A SOFTBALL DIAMOND NEWS District 29-6A. All-District Softball Selections. Lashay Reyes Co-Newcomer of the Year DISTRICT 29-6A SOFTBALL DIAMOND NEWS 2018 District 29-6A All-District Softball Selections Lashay Reyes Co-Newcomer of the Year By: Conrado Perez, Jr. Eagle Pass Sports Central Your best and only source

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AAU Taekwondo National Cadet Female & Male Teams for Ages: 12-14

AAU Taekwondo National Cadet Female & Male Teams for Ages: 12-14 2013-2014 AAU Taekwondo National Cadet Female & Male Teams for Ages: 12-14 12-14 MALE CADET TEAM MEMBERS Jorge Gomez, Jr. -72.9 Joshua Kosloski 72.9-81.6 81.7-90.4 Miguell Lorenzo Sanchez 90.5-99.2 Cameron

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PROJECT HEALING WATERS FLY FISHING, INC. A N N U A L R E P O R T PROJECT HEALING WATERS FLY FISHING, INC. 2016 A N N U A L R E P O R T MISSION Project Healig Waters Fly Fishig, Ic. (PHWFF) is dedicated to the physical ad emotioal rehabilitatio of disabled active military

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Wall of Champions. 3rd Class

Wall of Champions. 3rd Class Wall of Champions 3rd Class Wall of Champions Program The purpose of the Wall of Champions program is to honor Salem High School s top student-athletes, coaches, administrators and teams who have made

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NPC Titans Grand Prix Bodybuilding, Figure, Physique, and Bikini Championships October 15, 2016 Culver City, California Women's Physique A up to 5'6"

NPC Titans Grand Prix Bodybuilding, Figure, Physique, and Bikini Championships October 15, 2016 Culver City, California Women's Physique A up to 5'6 October 15, 216 Women's Physique A up to 5'6" 9 Julia Avitt 5 1 October 15, 216 Masters Physique 4+ 81 Luis Alvarado 15 3 83 William Robertson 2 4 84 Oscar Gamboa 5 1 129 Rolando Amorim 1 2 October 15,

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Ken Olson. Art Mathisen

Ken Olson. Art Mathisen Ken Olson Ken was an all-state basketball player at Dwight from 1931-1935. Ken was the offensive leader on each of his basketball teams at Dwight playing bang-up basketball each game of his career. Ken

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CHANNEL ISLANDS HIGH SCHOOL SCHOOL YEAR RAIDER WEEKLY UPDATE December 9, 2016 CHANNEL ISLANDS HIGH SCHOOL 2016-17 SCHOOL YEAR RAIDER WEEKLY UPDATE December 9, 2016 Creating opportunities for our students to be successful while removing barriers of failure Highlight Students from

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Toluca Should be the Easy Favorite. Best of Both Worlds. But What Happened? Workaholic. San Luis Defends Deep and Penetrates Successfully

Toluca Should be the Easy Favorite. Best of Both Worlds. But What Happened? Workaholic. San Luis Defends Deep and Penetrates Successfully Toluca Should be the Easy Favorite Toluca averages an impressive 1.71 goals and only 1.07 goals conceded per 90 minutes of play. San Luis averages 1.21 goals and 1.32 conceded per 90 minutes. Toluca s

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Although the workload. Seniors plan to travel out of state for college By Anna Thompson

Although the workload. Seniors plan to travel out of state for college By Anna Thompson Lio s Tale the Studet profile pg. 5 Volume LII Issue VII Leo Juior/Seior High Schoolo- Jue 7, 2010 Leo says goodbye to Dr. D. By Sarah Cummis Staff writer Next year, Leo JuiorSeior High School will have

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District 31-6A 2017 All-District Selections

District 31-6A 2017 All-District Selections District 31-6A 2017 All-District Selections Coach of the Year: John Campbell Edinburg Vela District MVP: Nate Garcia #10 QB Sr. Edinburg Vela Offensive MVP: Trey Guajardo #18 QB Jr. PSJA High Defensive

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WELCOME TO PACER COUNTRY T-H-E Pacer Post October,2014 Volume 1 Issue 1 Switzer WELCOME land TO County PACER High COUNTRY School WELCOME TO PACER COUNTRY!!! HOME OF PACER PRIDE!!! Featured pages: Page

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GABRIELLE MILLER GRADUATING YEAR: 2017 GABRIELLE MILLER GRADUATING YEAR: 2017 My name is Gabrielle Miller I am from Miami, Florida and I play right side/middle blocker for my club team, Miami Elite, and my school team, Westminster Christian

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Let s get this party started!

Let s get this party started! Publicatio of the Richmod Road Ruers Club March/April 2011 Volume 34, Issue 2 Let s get this party started! Ukrop s Moumet Aveue 10k kicks off sprig racig seaso Joi the Richmod Road Ruers Club! Iformatio

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We are delighted to bring you the Salford Triathlon 2015!

We are delighted to bring you the Salford Triathlon 2015! AT MEDIACITYUK IT S NEARLY TIME TO RACE! We are delighted to brig you the Salford Triathlo! Our team wat to make sure you have a truly fatastic day. Eclosed you will fid all the iformatio you eed to esure

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Next Generation. The true impact of the from an NJAA director and state spotlights. Compiled by Kasey Miller.

Next Generation. The true impact of the from an NJAA director and state spotlights. Compiled by Kasey Miller. ASSOCIATION Next Geeratio Postcard from a NJAA director ad state spotlights. Compiled by Kasey Miller. The true impact of the showrig Agus juior wis North America writig cotest The most importat life lessos

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Master in Football Management, Methodology and Analysis

Master in Football Management, Methodology and Analysis Master in Football Management, Methodology and Analysis Index p04 / Greetings from our President p05 / Greetings from the Master s Directors p06 / Target Group and Student Profile p06 / Job Opportunities

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GPU Steelrivers: A Household Name

GPU Steelrivers:  A Household Name GPU Steelrivers: A Household Name GPU Establishes Itself in Western PA and Across the Nation as a Premier Grassroots Basketball Program September 2015 GPU was founded in 2013 with

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Pasadena Municipal Court 1001 Shaw Ave. Pasadena, Texas

Pasadena Municipal Court 1001 Shaw Ave. Pasadena, Texas IND SHOW CAUSE-INDIGENT-1:00 PM 1:00 PM 2197493 E1233701 ARZATE, LUIS STOP SIGN 1:00 PM 2187491 E1349053 BELLAS, ALBERTO SPEEDING IN A SCHOOL ZONE 1:00 PM 2186916 772758 BINGHAM, JAMES DAVID NO LIABILITY

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Athlete: Kirk Davis: Football (4 yrs). Graduated Ricks JR. College (BYU-Idaho) Football: Brigham Young University (BYU-Provo, UT) Football:

Athlete: Kirk Davis: Football (4 yrs). Graduated Ricks JR. College (BYU-Idaho) Football: Brigham Young University (BYU-Provo, UT) Football: Athlete: Kirk Davis: Football (4 yrs). Graduated 1981 Most Outstanding Linebacker Offensive/Defensive Camp (Riverside, CA) 1981 Honorable Mention WVAL Linebacker 1981 2nd Round CCS Playoffs Team Member

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CALIFORNIA Golden Bears 30 2006 California Golden Bears Football Media Guide 2006 California Golden Bears Football Media Guide 31 HISTORIC, PICTURESQUE AND SOON TO BE MODERN For California fans and alumni, there truly is no place

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Paloma Valley Basketball

Paloma Valley Basketball Paloma Valley Basketball Academics Basketball Character We can cross any ocean TOGETHER! 31375 Bradley Rd. Menifee, CA 92584 (951) 672-6030 x 22270 ACADEMICS California public high schools are graded each

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Welcome to the Hawks Football Family! Hartley Football Class of 2021

Welcome to the Hawks Football Family! Hartley Football Class of 2021 Welcome to the Hawks Football Family! Hartley Football Class of 2021 A Catholic High School Football Program Hartley Hawks football should mirror Bishop Hartley High School in all ways. The purpose of

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Sport Clubs Newsletter

Sport Clubs Newsletter Sport Clubs Newsletter March 2015 Welcome Back! IN THIS ISSUE: We are hiring! 2 Athlete spotlight 3 Important reminders 4 Club highlights 5 Upcoming Dates, Deadlines, & Events 6 The Staff 7 The Merit Fund

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University of California, Los Angeles Department of Statistics. Measures of central tendency and variation Data display

University of California, Los Angeles Department of Statistics. Measures of central tendency and variation Data display Uiversity of Califoria, Los Ageles Departmet of Statistics Statistics 13 Istructor: Nicolas Christou Measures of cetral tedecy Measures of cetral tedecy ad variatio Data display 1. Sample mea: Let x 1,

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BRONZE: INTRODUCTION TO BASKETBALL BRONZE: INTRODUCTION TO BASKETBALL Th, 4-4:45 p.m., Basketball Gym Bronze is designed to train players on the fundamentals of basketball. Basic skills such as dribbling, passing and shooting are introduced.

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Game Indicators Determining Sports Performance in the NBA

Game Indicators Determining Sports Performance in the NBA Joural of Huma Kietics volume 37/013, 145-151 DOI:10.478/huki-013-0035 145 Sectio III Sports Traiig Game Idicators Determiig Sports Performace i the NBA by Kazimierz Mikołajec 1, Adam Maszczyk,Tomasz Zając

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Los Gatos High School Athletic Hall of Fame

Los Gatos High School Athletic Hall of Fame Welcome to the twelfth annual induction ceremony for the Athletic Hall of Fame. It is the goal of the Hall of Fame committee to recognize those men and women who, while students at, distinguished themselves

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Climbing/Rappelling NATIONAL STANDARDS BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA 2007 Climbig/Rappellig NATIONAL STANDARDS BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA These stadards apply to coucil ad district climbig/rappellig activities. Climb O Safely, No. 20-099B, applies to uit activities. Toppig Out,

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Available online at ScienceDirect. Procedia Engineering 113 (2015 )

Available online at  ScienceDirect. Procedia Engineering 113 (2015 ) Available olie at ScieceDirect rocedia Egieerig 3 (205 ) 30 305 Iteratioal Coferece o Oil ad Gas Egieerig, OGE-205 The twi spool efficiecy cotrol Michuri A.I. a *, Avtoomova I.V. a

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Bolivia and Olympism. President in office : Mr. José Gamarra Zorrilla *. Secretary General in office : Mr. Jorge España Ortiz *.

Bolivia and Olympism. President in office : Mr. José Gamarra Zorrilla *. Secretary General in office : Mr. Jorge España Ortiz *. Bolivia and Olympism Inspired by the Olympic philosophy, we in Bolivia have succeeded, thanks to the development of sport, in preserving the peoples health, encouraging their competitive spirit and forming

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INAS Eligibility Master List (Autism/Down's Syndrome)

INAS Eligibility Master List (Autism/Down's Syndrome) INAS Eligibility Master List (Autism/) The Master List below shows those athletes eligible to compete in the Additional Eligibility categories currently being trialled by INAS. Further information can

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Flygt low-speed mixers. Outstanding efficiency

Flygt low-speed mixers. Outstanding efficiency Flygt low-speed mixers Outstadig efficiecy INTRODUCTION Eergy-efficiet mixig Advatages of Flygt low-speed mixers Risig to the mixig challege All mixig applicatios require varyig degrees of both small-scale

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WELCOME TO PACER COUNTRY!!! HOME OF PACER PRIDE!!! T-H-E Pacer Post December 2014 Volume 1 Issue 2 Switzer WELCOME land TO County PACER High COUNTRY School WELCOME TO PACER COUNTRY!!! HOME OF PACER PRIDE!!! Featured pages: Page

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Race: 2. Miami Motocross Park. Event #4 - August 16, /16/2015 Race Results 85cc 7/12. 85cc 13/15. Page 1 of 20

Race: 2. Miami Motocross Park. Event #4 - August 16, /16/2015 Race Results 85cc 7/12. 85cc 13/15. Page 1 of 20 Page of 0 Event # - August, 0 08//0 8cc 7/ Race: Printed: : pm Finish Number Brand License # Name City,State Moto Moto 7 KTM Chupa Cabra Marathon, FL 0 7 KAW Facundo Arborio Miami, FL KAW Shane Hamilton

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Let s ride. June 6 8, Online fundraising pg. 6 Fundraising clubs pg. 8 Check-in and event details pg. 12 Overnight details pg.

Let s ride. June 6 8, Online fundraising pg. 6 Fundraising clubs pg. 8 Check-in and event details pg. 12 Overnight details pg. 2008 ISSUE THE OFFICIAL BIKE MS RIDER MAGAZINE Let s ride Jue 6 8, 2008 Olie fudraisig pg. 6 Fudraisig clubs pg. 8 Check-i ad evet details pg. 12 Overight details pg. 18 MS 150 Ride 2008 Route ifo pg.

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St. Ignatius Martyr Catholic Schools Summer Camp Guide 2016

St. Ignatius Martyr Catholic Schools Summer Camp Guide 2016 St. Ignatius Martyr Catholic Schools Summer Camp Guide 2016 St. Ignatius Sports Camp I: Dates: June 6-9 (4 Days) Times: 8:00-4:00PM Place: St. Ignatius Martyr Catholic School Family Center/Gym Ages: Kinder

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Swimming & Diving Coaches Committee (Listed By Districts)

Swimming & Diving Coaches Committee (Listed By Districts) SWIMMING & DIVING Swimming & Diving Coaches Committee (Listed By Districts) (1) David Howat, Baker. (2) Debbie Hope, Enterprise. (3) None. (4) None. (5) Terry Cooper, Mountain Brook. (6) Paula Reynolds,

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CRHA Vision and Philosophy

CRHA Vision and Philosophy CRHA Vision and Philosophy HOME OF THE JUNIOR ROUGHRIDERS Approved 2008 Reviewed 2009-10 Reviewed 2013-14 OPERATING MANUAL Cedar Rapids Hockey Association 1100 Rockford Road SW Cedar Rapids, IA 52404

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Transforming Lives Through The Joy of Sport.

Transforming Lives Through The Joy of Sport. Transforming Lives Through The Joy of Sport Sport has the power to change the world. It has the power to inspire, it has the power to unite people in a way that little else does

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Last Week in Pinkerton Academy Athletics

Last Week in Pinkerton Academy Athletics Last Week in Pinkerton Academy Athletics Boys Cross Country: Saturday, October 29th, 2017 Varsity: NHIAA Championships Going into the Division One Championship The Long Red Line was ranked 5th. Pulling

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Version IV: April a publication from

Version IV: April a publication from Versio IV: April 2013 a publicatio from AWRF Associated Wire Rope Fabricators Recommeded Practice ad Guidelie Disclaimer for AWRF Recommeded Guidelie Swager Safety Guide Associated Wire Rope Fabricators

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Energy-efficient mixing

Energy-efficient mixing Flygt Mixers INTRODUCTION Eergy-efficiet mixig Advatages of Flygt low-speed mixers Risig to the mixig challege All mixig applicatios require varyig degrees of both small-scale turbulece ad bulk flow. With

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Athletic Handbook. Madison Academy

Athletic Handbook. Madison Academy Athletic Handbook Madison Academy Last updated 1/29/2015 TABLE OF CONTENTS Philosophy 2 Vision: 2 Try-Out Eligibility 2 Varsity Plus 2 Team/Player Expectation 3 Sportsmanship 3 Financial Obligation 4 Practice

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Parades, half-time shows, assemblies, competitions and any other band functions

Parades, half-time shows, assemblies, competitions and any other band functions Spirit Groups Cheerleaders Head Coach: Emily Schmidt, Assistant Coach: Nicole Davis Varsity/Junior Varsity The Central Cheerleaders cheer for the Varsity and Junior Varsity Football teams and the Girls

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NPC Excalibur Bodybuilding, Figure, Physique, and Bikini Championships December 10, 2016 Culver City, California

NPC Excalibur Bodybuilding, Figure, Physique, and Bikini Championships December 10, 2016 Culver City, California Womans Physique A up to 5'6" 3 Yolanda Lozano 1 2 4 Kayla Boots 15 3 5 Zhoei Teasley 5 1 66 Vividiana Franks 2 4 Total: 4 Womans Physique B over 5'6" 81 Dana Brown 5 1 Total: 1 N u m b e r First Name Women's

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Informative/Explanatory Example Essays Grades 5-6

Informative/Explanatory Example Essays Grades 5-6 Informative/Explanatory Example Essays Grades 5-6 Essay scores are produced for the following grade ranges: 3-4, 5-6, 7-8, 9-10, and 11-12. Thus a fifth grade essay is compared to models for both fifth

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case five Wal-Mart Stores Inc., March 2004

case five Wal-Mart Stores Inc., March 2004 case five Wal-Mart Stores Ic., March 2004 TEACHING NOTE SYNOPSIS By 2004, Wal-Mart (W-M) was ot oly the world s biggest retailer, it was also (i terms of sales reveue) the world s largest corporatio. I

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2016 FHSAA Football Finals Team Data Form for Official Press Booklet

2016 FHSAA Football Finals Team Data Form for Official Press Booklet 2016 FHSAA Football Finals Team Data Form for Official Press Booklet A. GENERAL INFORMATION School: Cocoa High School City: Cocoa Team Nickname/Mascot: Tigers School Colors: Black and Orange Principal:

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Week 1 Creekside Host Hosted by Clear Creek ISD - C

Week 1 Creekside Host Hosted by Clear Creek ISD - C Division Point Totals 8th Grade Boys Place Team Points 1st Creekside 223 2nd Brookside 110 3rd Bayside 101 4th Clear Lake 81 5th Clear Creek 39 Page 1 of 1 Division Results 8th Grade Boys 100 M Dash 1st

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SUPPORTING STUDENT-ATHLETES WITH SCHOLARSHIPS BIG BLUE CLUB SUPPORTING STUDENT-ATHLETES WITH SCHOLARSHIPS Dear Monarch Fan, There has never been a better time to be a fan of Old Dominion Athletics. Our 16 athletic teams combined to post the highest

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Melrose Park PD News Release From: 08/01/2015 To: 08/31/2015

Melrose Park PD News Release From: 08/01/2015 To: 08/31/2015 Melrose Park PD News Release From: 08/01/2015 To: 08/31/2015 Mort, Angela J 37, of 2072 N 17Th Av Melrose Park, IL was charged on 08/18/2015 with Battery. Amaya, Ceasar A 25, of 1570 N 1St Av Melrose Park,

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GlenOak HS Cheerleading Tryouts

GlenOak HS Cheerleading Tryouts GlenOak HS Cheerleading Tryouts @ GlenOak High School Aux Gym Thursday April th 7PM 9PM Cheer Clinic Friday April th 7PM 9PM Cheer Clinic Saturday April th PM-:PM Cheer Clinic Saturday April th :PM PM

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AAU Taekwondo National Female & Male Point Sparring Teams for Ages: 12-17

AAU Taekwondo National Female & Male Point Sparring Teams for Ages: 12-17 2017-18 AAU Taekwondo National Female & Male Point Sparring Teams for Ages: 12-17 12 17 FEMALE POINT SPARRING TEAM MEMBERS Isabella Carrandi-Betancor -104.9 Mallory Shea 105.0-120.9 Ginger Hayden 121.0-999.0

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Lexicon Intrinsic brand fungicide For championship performance under pressure

Lexicon Intrinsic brand fungicide For championship performance under pressure Lexico Itrisic brad fugicide For champioship performace uder pressure Iovatio that solves your toughest challeges cotets BASF is dedicated to ivestig i research that produces quality solutios. For over

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Controlling noise at work

Controlling noise at work Health ad Safety Cotrollig oise at work The Cotrol of Noise at Work Regulatios 2005 Guidace o Regulatios This is a free-to-dowload, web-friedly versio of L108, (Secod editio, published 2005). This versio

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Jr. South Padre Island January 15, 2005 Contest Results

Jr. South Padre Island January 15, 2005 Contest Results Jr. South Padre Island January 15, 2005 Contest Results Solo Awards: Mascot - 1st Runner Up: Graciela Moreno, Elite Starr Dancers Winner: Kennedy Casarez, Kelly s Center Stage Lower Elem. - Runner Up:

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Chattanooga Elite Basketball Recruiting Manual

Chattanooga Elite Basketball Recruiting Manual Chattanooga Elite Basketball Recruiting Manual C h a t t a n o o g a E l i t e B a s k e t b a l l P. O. B o x 2 5 1 8 8 C h a t t a n o o g a, T N 3 7 4 2 2 The Chattanooga Elite Recruiting Manual is

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Coaching Philosophy Paper

Coaching Philosophy Paper Coaching Philosophy Paper PEH 477 Sarah Gerber 2/21/2013 For the past 12 years, I have had the privilege to cheer on many elite cheerleading squads, making it to The Cheerleading Worlds competition and

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ATHLETIC HALL OF FAME FOOTBALL: 3 Year Letterman - Starter (1982-1984) 1984 11 B All State - First Team - Running Back WRESTLING: 6 Year Letterman - Starter (1980-1985) State Champion 1985 & 1984, Third-1983, Fifth-1982 1985 State B

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Saint Ignatius College Prep Boys Basketball

Saint Ignatius College Prep Boys Basketball 2017-18 Coaching Staff Matt Monroe Head Varsity Coach @CoachMMonroe Coach Monroe is in his second year as the head varsity boys basketball coach at Saint Ignatius College Prep.

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Willimantic River Water Trail. Paddle Guide

Willimantic River Water Trail. Paddle Guide Willimatic River Water Trail Paddle Guide A Natioal Recreatio Trail i Coecticut Secod Editio May 2013 Welcome! The Willimatic River Water Trail provides more tha 21 miles of paddlig ejoymet ad challeges

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Paul Cluxton Soccer, Golf, Basketball, Baseball

Paul Cluxton Soccer, Golf, Basketball, Baseball Paul Cluxton 1989-1993 Soccer, Golf, Basketball, Baseball Paul Cluxton s athletic career at Lynchburg-Clay ran from 1989-1993. While at Lynchburg-Clay, Paul participated in Golf for 2 years, Soccer for

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Swimmers Lane. Cameron McHugh Qualifies for 2012 Olympic Trials!!! Katy Aquatics. Upcoming Dates to Remember: Important Information

Swimmers Lane. Cameron McHugh Qualifies for 2012 Olympic Trials!!! Katy Aquatics. Upcoming Dates to Remember: Important Information Katy Aquatics Swimmers Lane Volume 1, Issue 5 Newsletter Date: August 2011 Cameron McHugh Qualifies for 2012 Olympic Trials!!! Upcoming Dates to Remember: Aug 2nd Aug 6th: Senior Zones Aug 6th: Make a

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1982 Football Team. Ranked #2 in state at season s end (Class AA) Three players named to All-NorCal team

1982 Football Team. Ranked #2 in state at season s end (Class AA) Three players named to All-NorCal team The innauguration ceremony for the De La Salle Athletic Hall of Fame took place on June 10, 2007. The first-ever class of honorees included four student-athletes, one coach and one team. The class of 2007

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WCAL Alumni. Last Name First Name School

WCAL Alumni. Last Name First Name School WCAL Alumni This list is a work in progress of the alumni from the schools of the WCAL who have distinguished themselves in the professional ranks or in international competition. You may submit possible

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Parma Senior High Athletic Hall of Fame Induction Class of

Parma Senior High Athletic Hall of Fame Induction Class of Nate Broz Parma Senior Class of 1999 Broz was a three sport letter winner at PSH in football, basketball and tennis. A three-year starter in basketball and two-year starter in football, Nate shined on

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L A S S I T E R B OYS B A S K E T B A L L G A M E N O T E S L A S S I T E R B OYS B A S K E T B A L L G A M E N O T E S DATE OPPONENT TIME/SCORE 11/17 @ Parkview (Pview Tourney) 7:30 11/21 TBD @ Parkview Tourney 4:30/7:30 11/22 TBD @ Parkview Tourney 4:30/7:30

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