WRESTLING GUIDE THE 1967 OFFICIAL NATIONAL COLLEGIATE ATHLETIC BUREAU NEW YORK. National Collegiate Athletic Association. The Official Rules Book

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4 ON THE COVER: Oklahoma State's Yojiro Uetake, who in 1966 won his third straight National Collegiate championship at 130 pounds and became only the fifth ever to earn two Outstanding Wrestler awards. Although unbeaten in 57 collegiate matches, Uetake plans no further competitive wrestling. Instead, he hopes to teach or go into business in Japan, and maybe coach as a hobby. Yojiro feels it's k t that he quit before he gets beaten because, as the Cowboys say, "Never was horse that couldn't be rode, and never a man who couldn't be throwed." PRODUCED AND DISTRIBUTED BY: The official service organization of the NCAA, the National Collegiate Athletic Bureau: Homer F. Cooke, Jr., Director Larry Klein, Associate Director Jack Waters, Business Manager Steve Sirianni, General Editor Marie Montana, Production Manager Jerry Olnick, Associate Editor Chris Erles, Sgstems Manager Steve Boda, Jr., Associate Editor Circulations Staff-Annette Gabrelli, Paul Mungioli, Bob Fierro ADDRESS ALL CORRESPONDENCE TO: The National ColIegiate Athletic Bureau, Box 757, Grand Central Station, New York, N. Y , on editorial and sales matters. Permission to reprint material appearing in The Official Collegiate-Scholastic Wrestling Guide, either wholly or in part, in any form whatsoever, must be secured in writing from the publisher. ADVERTISING REPRESENTATIVES: Spencer Advertising Company, Inc., 271 Madison Avenue, New York, N. Y

5 Cincinnati, Ohio 45215

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10 1966 NATIONAL CHAMPIONS-OKLAHOMA STATE: Left to right kneeling-sells, Hatta, Uetake, Davis; standing-dr. Cooper, White (rngr.), Coach ~Aderick, Harlow, Rogers, Robinson, Fozzard, Gabbett, Reding, Drebenstedt, Asst. Coach Smith. NATIONAL COLLEGIATE WINNERS: Left to right, kneeling-caruso (Lehigh), Uetake (Okla. State) Davis (Okla. State),. Blacksmith (Lock Haven), Cook (Mich. State). standing-ruth (~kldhoma), Reinbolt (Ohzo State), Peckham (Iowa State), Harlow (0kld. State), Porter (Michigan). Missing-Sanders (Portland State) COLLEGE DIVISION CHAMPS: Left to right kneeling-carr (Wilkes), Parker (St. Col. Iowa), Beeson (Colo. Western), Johnson (~u&stana, Ill.), Bachard (Lycoming); standing-crow (Albany St.) Downing (Cal Poly-SLO), Bavaro (~ettys%;rg), Palmer (Montana), Soulek (Mankato St.), Remer (Cal Poly-SLO).

11 National Collegiate Championships By HARRY G. BURRELL Sports Information Director, lowa State University History repeated itself when Oklahoma State took the 1966 National Collegiate championship back to Stillwater with a fine display of strength in the meet held at Iowa State University March Thirty-eight years before the Cowboys did the same thing when the meet was last held at Iowa State. That was the first in the long string of National Collegiate Championship meets and the first of 25 national team crowns the Pokes were due to win. Iowa State, the defending champion, was second to Oklahoma State, with 70 points to 79 for the champions. Oklahoma was third with 69. The excitement in the final round was provided by the individual matches rather than by any team climb to victory. Oklahoma State went into the final round with a lead. Yojiro Uetake, who won his third straight title and his second straight outstanding wrestler award, actually put the title away for Oklahoma State when he pinned Joe Peritore of Lehigh in the 130-pound final. That made the score read 73 for OSU and no one was to come within, three points of the Cowboys. No one knew it at the time, though, for the Cyclones still had four men in the finals and could have won the meet by winning all four and adding some pin points. But when Bill Blacksmith of Lock Haven scored a 7-1 win over Dale Bahr of Iowa State in the 145-pound match, the title was assured for Coach Myron Roderick. But the Cowboys were not going to let it be even that close and went on to gain a total of three titles-uetake, Gene Davis (137) and Bill Harlow (191). The Harlow win was a most fitting one, for he had finished second at 177 pounds the previous two years. While the team finish did not have the drama of the one-point Iowa State win in 1965, the individual matches more than made up for it. Rich Sanders, a powerful sophomore from Portland State, was too much for Ernie Gillum of Iowa State and won the 115-pound title by a 9-2 score. Mike Caruso of Lehigh retained his 123-pound crown with a repeat of his 1965 win over Bob Fehrs of Michigan. It was 9-6 this time, after an 8-5 win at Laramie in Uetake pinned Peritore in 4:31 for his only fall in the meet and that most likely clinched his second outstanding award trophy. Gene Davis of Oklahoma State beat Mike Sager, Oklahoma's 1964 champion, in the 137-pound final, in a tight 1-1, 3-2 overtime contest. Bill Blacksmith simply never let Dale Bahr loose and whipped the Cyclone sophnmore, 7-1, to take the 145-pound title back to Lock Haven. Crowd favorite Joe Bavaro of Gettysburg never had a chance in the 152-pound final against Dick Cook of Michigan State. The Spartan grappler won, 3-0. Greg Ruth won a second title, dropping to 160 pounds to beat Iowa State's Vic Marcucci with a pin at 8:53. The Oklahoma senior had just been tied with 22 seconds to go when Marcucci secured a take-down. Ruth rolled him onto his shoulders and had the pin just 15 seconds later. Dave Reinbolt of Ohio State climaxed an unbeaten season by getting a win over Roger Mickish of Oklahoma in the 167-pound finale. The home crowd got its big thrill in the 177-pound match when Tom Peckham successfully defended his title by pinning Oklahoma State's Fred Fozzard in 3:43. Peckham had three falls in a total of 9:50, for the most falls in the least time, and won the Gorriaran trophy. Bill Harlow controlled Cyclone Don Buzzard for a 3-2 win at 191. Strong man Dave Porter of Michigan toyed with Bob Billberg of Moorhead State to rack up a 15-4 win in the heavyweight class. The crowd total was 22,100 for the three days with 7,300 on hand for the final night. 9

12 Class Champion 1 15-LB Sanders (Port. St.) 123-LB Caruso ( Lehigh ) 130-LB Uetake (Okla. St.) 137-LB Davis (Okla. St.) 145-LB Blacksmith (Lock Haven) 152-LB Cook (Mich. St.) 160-LB Ruth ( Oklahoma) 16 7-LB Reinbolt (Ohio St.) 177-LB Peckham (Iowa St. ) 191-LB...,...Harlow (Okla. St.) HVYWT......Porter ( Michigan) INDIVIDUAL CHAMPIONS AND PLACE WINNERS Runner-up Gillum (Iowa St.) Fehrs ( Michigan ) Peritore ( Lehigh ) Sager ( Oklahoma) Bahr ( Iowa St. ) Bavaro ( Gettysburg ) hlarcucci (Iowa St.) Mickish ( Oklahoma ) Fozzard (Okla. St.) Buzzard (Iowa St.) Billberg ( Moorhead St. ) Third Fourth Fifth Sixth Hatta (Okla. St.) Steenlage ( Army Campbell ( Indiana ) Stuart ( Lehigh ) Stanley ( Oklahoma ) Kan~man ( Michigan ) Carr ( Wilkes ) Rushatz ( Lehigh ) Swope ( Lock Haven) Foster (Utah St.) Sharpe ( Oklahoma ) TEAM SCORING Remer ( Cal Poly-SLO) Iwasaki (Ore, St. ) Crow (Albany St.) Leichtman (Iowa St.) Scott ( Oregon ) Anderson ( Mich. St.) Johannsen ( Michigan ) Yatabe (Port. St.) Rogers (Okla. St.) Robbins ( Army Reding (Okla. St.) Frude (Wyoming) Beale (Wisconsin) Dalgewicz (E. Stroud. ) Bachardy (Lycoming) Eyers (Col. St. Col.) Cook (E. Stroud.) Mucka ( Moravian) Whittington ( UCLA ) Nichols (Navy Shippos (Iowa St. ) Richardson (Mich. St. ) - Lambros ( Michigan 1 Guzzo (E. Stroud., Milone ( Temple ) Cheynet (Kan. St.) Pond (Ga. Tech) Brown (Kan. St.) Hensley (Wash. St.) Drebenstedt (Okla. St.) Fisher (Col. St. Col.) Bennett ( Oklahoma ) Beeson ( Colo. Western) Oklahoma St. 79 Iowa St 70 Oklahoma 69 Lehigh 48 Michigan 47 Michigan St. 32 East Stroudsburg and Lock Haven 22 each parhand St. 21 Army 17 Ohio 'st. 16 ~ettksbur~ and ~dorhead St. 13 eacl, Cob. St. Col. 11, Indiana, Oregon, Utah it. and Wilkes 9'each ~a;y 8, Kansas kt., Temple and Wisconsin 7 each, Albany St., Cal Poly-SLO, Indiana St., Lycomng, Oregon St., ~knn St. 6 each, Washington St. and UCLA 5 each, Moravian, Colo. Western and Wyoming 4 each, Bloomsburg Mankato St., N. C. State, Nebraska and Georgia Tech 3 each Arizona St., Coast Guard, Colorado, Saq Jose St., south& Illinois and Ohio U. 2 each, Adams St., Arizona, Calif., ~Lstavus Adolphus, Kent St., Marquette, P~ttsburgh, Rutgers, St. Col. Iowa, Northwestern 1 each.

13 NATIONAL COLLEGIATE CHAMPIONSHIPS 11 National Collegiate Tournaments Results 1 15-Pound Class FIRST ROUND-Sanders (Portland St. ) pinned Ogdie ( Mankato St. ) 5:42; Iwasaki ( Oregon St. ). d. Arishita (Utah) 6-2; Hatta ( Okla. St. ) d. Shurberg (Virginia ) 13-4; Walenz (fndiana St.) d. Rhodes (Colorado) 5-0; Remer (Cal Poly-SLO) d. Katz (Purdue) Unik (Ohio U.) d. McM~M (Ariz. St.) 10-6; G~llum (Iowa St.) d. Masuda ( ~alif&ia ) 9-0. QUARTERFINALS-Sanders d. Iwasaki 12-3; Hatta d. Walenz 5-4; Remer d. Unik 2-1. Gillum d. Lambros (Michigan) 8-3. ~EMI-FINAL ROUND-Sanders pinned Hatta 5:31; Gillum d. Remer FINAL ROUND-Sanders d. Gillum 9-2 Consolation (Third Place) Hatta d. Remer 5-2; (Fifth Place) Iwasaki d. Lambros 1L1, 3-1 (OT). 123-Pound Class FIRST ROUND-Rice ( Oklahoma) pinned Bolognini ( Temple) 8 : 27. Steenlage (Army) d. Cortese ( Adams St.) 9-0; Leichtman (Iowa St.) d. Rossi (fieton Hall) 6-0; Long (Coast Guard) pinned Pavelko (Air Force) 5:47; Clark (Penn St.) d. Lambert (Augustana) Fehrs (Michigan) d. Langdon (Nebraska) 14-2; McCall (Indiana) d. Russo (Ariz. kt.) 7-6. SECOND ROUND-Rice d. Younger (Colo. Western) 8-2; Steenlage d. Little (Kansas St.) 5-0; Caruso (Lehigh) d. Leichtman 3-2; Parker (Indiana Sf. ) pinned Long 7:35; Crow (Albany St.) d. Clark 7-0; Fehrs pinned Sanchez (Wyoming) 7:48; Sells (Oklahoma St.) d. McCall 3-2; Guzzo (E. Stroudsburg) d. McBride 7-2. QUARTERFINALS-Steenlage d. R~ce 5-2; Caruso d. Parker 7-5; Fehrs d. Crow 7-4. Guzzo d Sells 8-4 ~EMI-FINAL ROUND-camso d. Steedage 4-2- Fehrs d. Guzzo 6-4. FINAL ROUND-Caruso d. Fehrs 9-6. conschation (Third Place) Steenlage d. Crow 7-3; (Fifth Place) Leichtman d. G&ZO Pound Class FIRST ROUND-Nord (Colorado) d.. Clark (Bowling Green) 4-0. Dutt (E. Stroudsburg) d. Free (Colo. St. U.) def. mjury; Rolley (Bloomsburg) d. 7~pps (Iowa St.) 4-3. Allgood (Nebraska) d. Lomman (Shippensburg) 6-5- Uetake (Okla. St.) d. Scott (dregon) 12-4; Bradford (Oklahoma pinned ~um~hre~s (Indiana St.) 5:03. Peritore (Lehigh) d. Campbell (Indiana] 3-2- Stanely (Adams St.) d. ~ar& (Southern Ill.) 6-6, 1-0 (OT); Anderson JMich. kt.) pinned Lay (Kansas St.) 5~41; Soulek (Mankato St.) d. Young (Ohio St SECOND ROUND-Vanderlofske (Navy) d. Nord 6-2. Milone (Temple) d. Dutt Rolley d. Desario Colo. St. U.) 8-7; Uetake d: Allgood 11-2; Peritore d. ~radford 6-5; Green (Portland St.) d. Stanely 5-4; Anderson pinned Ford (Moorhead St.) 7:39; Soulek d. Cowell (Cal Poly-SLO) 5-2, QUARTERFINALS-Milone d. Vanderlofske 7-4; Uetake d. Rolley 18-3; Peritore d. Green 8-3; Anderson d. Soulek SEMI-FINAL ROUND-Uetake d. Milone Peritore d. Anderson 6-3. FINAL ROUND-Uetake pinned Peritore 4 :31; 'consolation (Third Place ) Campbell d. Scott 4-1; (Fifth Place) Anderson d. Milone Pound Class FIRST ROUND-Cheynet (Kansas St.) d. Sutter (Blaomsburg) 4-2. Sprague (Oregon St.) d. Struzik (Marquette) 13-3; Fitz (Penn St.) d. Saddler (1owa St.) Robertson (Oregon) d. Thompson (Rochester Tech) 2-1. Schneider (Southern Ill. ) 'd Boozell (Cent. Missouri) 6-0. Russo ( Adz. St. ) d. ~icis (Navy) 3-2; Siegel ( ~alifdrnia) d. Redden ( ~hippensburi) ( OT). SECOND ROUND-Sager (Oklahoma) d. heyn net 3-2- Carr (Mich. St.) d. Sprague Fitz d Denyberry (Colo St Col.) 9-6- s tud (Lehigh) pinned Robertson 5:08. '~chneidk d. Furlan mi or ti ern' Ill.) 3-0-?atabe (Portland St.) d. Russo 3-1. ~ohaansen (Michigan) d. Siegel 9-3; Dams (0lha. St.) d. Haluko (Indiana St.) 10-2: QUARTERFINALS-Sager d. Can 17-5; Stuart d. Fitz 13-4; Yatabe d. Schneider 3-1; Davis d. Johannsen 8-3. SEMI-FINAL ROUND-Sager d. Stuart 1-1, 3-1 (OT); Davis d. Yatabe 1-1, 7-2 IClT\.,-- FI~AL ROUND-Davis d. Sager 1-1, 3-2 (OT); Consolation (Third Place) Stuart d. Johannsen 9-4; (Fifth Place) Yatabe d. Cheynet Pound Class FIRST ROUND-Stuyvesant ( Moorhead St. ) d. Jenkins ( Michigan ) ( OT ). Robbins (Army) d. Sievertsen (Wisconsin) 7 ; Garrison (Portland s;.) d. ~foo;

14 12 THE OFFICIAL WRESTLING GUIDE 1967 (Southern Ill ) 6-2. Rogers (Okla. St.) d. Schneider (Northwestern) Higgins (Gettysburg) 'd. ~i~erty (No. Carolina) 12-0; Miller (San Jose) d. illm mag (Adams St.) 2-1; Stanley (Oklahoma) d. Eremus (P~F St.) 11-5; Bahr (Iowa St.) d. Carnpbell (Mich. St.) 8-4 Tepper (Lehlgh) d. Griggy (Kent St ) 6-4. SECOND ~0~~6--~tu~vesant d. Moore (Bowl. ~ree?j 10-5; Robbins d. Heinz (Col. St. Col.) 8-4; B. Blacksmith!Lock Haven) d. Garrison 10-2; Rogers d. Higgins 19-5; Dotlich (Indiana St.) d. Mlller 6-1; Stanley d. Bower (Temple) 10-2; Bahr pinned Dale (Kansas St.) 2f40; Pond (Georgia Tech) d. Tepper 1-1, 1-1 (OT). QUARTERFINALS-Robbms d. Stuyvesant 6-4; Blacksmith d. aogers 5-0; Stanley d. Dotlich 11-5; Bahr d. Pond FINAL ROUND-Blacksmith d. Bahr 7-1; Consolation (Third Place) Stanley d. Rogers 7-4; (Fifth Place) Robbins d. Pond Pound Class FIRST ROUND-Reding (Okla. St.) d. Roberts (New Mexico St.) Burkhart (Indiana St.) d. Jacobson (No. Carolina) 7-3. Buerk (Marquette) d. ~iller (Cal Poly-SLO) 6-2- DeWalt (Penn St.) d. ~oope: (Georgia) Sepeta (Army) d. Wellman (IOW; St.) 7-1. Hall (Ariz. St.) d. Gendler (Kent St.) k-2. Bavaro (Gettysburg) d. Ehrler (UCLA') 6-4; Brown (Kansas St.) d. KGsko ( B O Green) ~ Wells (Oklahoma ) pinned Peden ( Colo. St. Col. ) 5 :59. Riley (Pittsburgh) d. ~ense; (Utah) 6-1; Hicks (N. C. State) d. Muir!Lehigh 0-0: 2-0 (OT); Kamman (Michigan) d. Gerst (Bloomsburg) 7-2 Cook (Michigan $.) d. Reed (Wesleyan) 6-0; Lilley (Temple) d. Heinzelman (~i&onsin) 20-13; Kent (Navy) pinned Waltz (Lock Haven) 8:31. SECOND ROUND-Reding d. Burkhart 9-2. DeWalt d. Buerk 7-2. Sepeta d. Hall 9-8; Bavaro pinned Brown 4:07; Wells pinnid Riley 7:34; amm mag d. Hicks 10-2; Cook d. Lilley 9-6; Frude ( Wyommg) d. Kent 2-1. QUARTERFINALS-Reding d. DeWalt 5-3; Bavaro d. Sepeta 5-2; Kamman pinned Wells Cook d Frude 7-1. SEMI-F~NAL ROUND-~avaro d. Reding Cook pinned Kamrnan 7:48. FINAL ROUND-Cook d. Bavaro 3-0. ~onsol&ion (Third Place) Kamman pinned Reding 2:41; (Fifth Place) Frude d. ~rown Pound Class FIRST ROUND-Hartenstine (Lehigh) d. Siebanthal (Portland St.) 5-0. Lucas (San Jose St.) d. Steliman (Michigan) Beale (Wisconsin) d. Elder '(~ansas St.) 8-5. Evans (Gustavus Adol.) d. Ott (Idich. St.) 6-1. Hensley (Wash. St.) d. Palmer (B~~I. Green) 4-2; Ruth (Oklahoma) d. Ruben ( N'orthwestem ) 11-3; Robinson (Okla. St.) d. Marchall (No. Carolma) Amundson (Mankato St.) d. Englebretson ( Air Force) 8-3. Dalgewicz ( E. ~troudiburg ) pinned Drypolcher ( Kent St. ) 7:29. Marcucci (Iowa s;. d. Buechel ( Seton Hall) 9-1- Carr ( Wilkes) d. Mickelson (Wyoming) 5-2; Baker )Army) d. Appleton (~outheri Ill.) 6-4; Brawley (N. C. State) d. J. Blacksmith (Lock.Haven) SECOND ROUND-Hartenstme pinned Schindhelm (Marquette) 8:24. Beale d. Lucas 10-0; Hensley d. Evans 5-2; Ruth d. Robmson 17-7; Dalgewxz pinied Amundson 7:57; Marcucci d. Pychinka (Indiana St.) 5-0; Carr d. Baker 6-0; Brawley d. Seaman (Penn St.) QUARTERFINALS-Beale d. Hartenstine 6-6, 3-2 (OT); Ruth d. Hensley 8-2; Marcucci d Dalgewicz 5-0. Carr d. Brawley 6-2. SEMI-FINAL ROUND-~uth pinned Beale 7:54. Marcucci d. Carr (OT). FINAL ROUND-Ruth pinned Marcucci 8:53. konsolation (Third ~dce) Carr d. Beale 8-0; (Fifth Place) Dalgewicz d. Hensley f Pound Class FIRST ROUND-Reinbolt (Ohio St.) d. Miller (Wyoming) 9-5. Drebenstedt (Okla. St.) d. Marshall (Northwestern) 8-6. Rushatz (Lehigh) pinned ~Lmes (Bowl. Green) ' Vargo (Bloomsburg) d. Orr )(UCLA) 8-3. Palmer (Navy) d. Smith (Oregon * )?1-4. Fairbanks (Wash. St.) d. Smith (LO& Haven) 8-5. Byers (Colo. St. Col.) d ' wicks' (Iowa St.) Glen (Oregon) pinned ~omko' (Southern Ill. ) ~erbert (Kent St.) d. ~raf; (Montana St.) 6-2. Reinoso (Temple) d. Logan (~esl leyan) 4-3. Lorenzo (Penn St.) d. Radman (~iih. St.) Mickish (Oklahoma) d., Martin (0ko U.) 10-2; Elder (E. Stroudsburg) pinned ~iesselman (Mankato St.) 5:26. SECOND ROUND-DeRock ( Colorado ) d. Laughry ( Coast Guard ) 8-2; Reinbolt d. Drebenstedt Rushatz d. Vargo Palmer d. Fairbanks 6-5; Byers d. Glen 8-0. Reinoso d. '~erbert 7-3; Mickish d: Lorenzo 9-1; Baahardy (Lycoming) d..$ Eld'er 17-4 QUAR~RFINALS-R~~~~OI~ d. DeRock 5-2; Rushatz d. Palmer 7-0; Byers pinned

15 /' NATIONAL COLLEGIATE CHAMPIONSHIPS Reinoso Mickish pinned Bachardy 2:57. SEMI-FINAL ROUND-Reinbolt pinned Rushatz 8:48; Mickish d. Byers 12-8 FINAL ROUND-Reinbolt d. Mickish Consolation (Third Place) R&hatz pinned Bachardy 4:51; (Fifth Place) Byers d. brebenstedt Pound Class PRELIMINARY-Fisher ( Colo St. Col. ) pinned Watennan ( Michigan ) 5.15 FIRST ROUND-Parker (St 'Col. Iowa) d. McDaniel (Oklahoma) 5-0: iwope (Lock Haven) d. Adams (wash. St.) 9-1. Peckham (Iowa St ) pinned Mosier (Moorhead St.) 3:29; Fisher (Colo. St. CO~.) d. Harter (~nny)' 13-8; Cook (E Stroudsburg ) d Vanderveem (Rochester Tech ) Cummings ( Ohio St. ) d. Karch (Maryland) 4-i; Bradley (Mich. St.) d. Seitz (pen; St.) 12-2; Fozzard (Okla. St.) d. Mucka ( Moravian) QUARTERFINALS-~wope d. Parker Peckham pinned Fisher 3:38; Cook d. Cummings def injury Fozzard d Bradley 8t4. SEMI-F~NAL ~ ~~$J~-~eckhai d. Swope 6-0. Fozzard d. Cook 4-3 FINAL ROUND-Peckham p inned Fozzard 3 :43: Consolation (, ~hird' - Plaw \ Swope -.. d. Cook 2-0; (Fifth place) ~Gcka pinned Fisher 3: Pound Class FIRST ROUND-Schenk ( Oregon St. ) d. Dreadrich ( Southern Ill.) 7-5. Foster (Utah St.) d. Hampton (Adams St.) 7-0; Harlow (Ob. St.) d. Drozdov (~iryland) 6-0; Bennett (Okla.) pinned King (Marquette) 4:06; Buzzard (Iowa St.) pinned Thomas (So Dakota St.) 4.18 Maidlow (Mich. St.) d. Johnson (Augustana) 4-2. QUARTERFINALS-Nichols '(~avy) d. Schenk 13-10; Harlow d. Foster 5-2; Buzzard d. Bennett 7-2; Whittington UCLA) d. Maidlow 6-2. SEMI-FINAL ROUND-Harlow d. kichols 10-4; Buzzard d. Whittington FINAL ROUND-Harlow d. Buzzard 3-2. Consolat~on (Third Place) Foster d. Whittington 3-2; (Fifth Place) Nichols d. ~elhnett 7-5. Heavyweight Class FIRST ROUND-Holtry (Utah St ) d. Kelly (Indiana St.) 6-4. Richardson (Mi& St.) d. Schraum (MIT) 8-2- ~eesoi (Colo Western) d. Fuller '(SE Missouri) 5-31 Stith (Nebraska) d. ~urlburt' (So. Dakota &) SECOND ROUND-Sharpe ( Oklahoma) d. Kraft (Northwestern) 8-0. McDermott (Lock Haven) d Holtry Billberg (Moorhead St.) pinned Cook (Utah) 2:02. Richardson d. bop (southe& Ill.) 8-3 Porter (Michigan) pinned Beeson 2-46: Gqble (Rutgers) d. Gabbett (Okla. St.) 6-b, 1-0 (OT); Culp (Ariz. St.) d. Stith i-13 Shippos (Iowa St.) d. Elzey 7-0. QUARTERFINALS-Sharpe d. McDermott 7-3; Billberg d. Richardson 5-3; Porter pinned Goble 3:28. Shippos d. Culp 3-2. SEMI-FINAL R~uND-B~u~~~~ d. Sharpe 7-3. Porter d. Shippos 4-3. FINAL ROUND-Porter d. Billberg 15-4; cbnsolation (Third Place) Sharpe d. Shippos 3-0; (Fifth Place) Richardson pinned Baeson 1:04. NCAA College Division Championships Mankato, Minn., Mar , 1966 SCORING-Cal Poly (SLO) 55 Wilkes 51, Portland St. 47 Mankato St. 42 Augustana (Ill ) 29 So Dakota St!28 Colo. Western 26 ~ettysburb 26 Fresno St. 24: St. Col. Iowa'23, ~oitana 21, E'astek Mich. 19, ~us(avus Adolphus $17: ~uthe; 17 Lycoming 17, Albany St. 15 Northern Ill. 15, West Chester 14, Springfield 12, old Dominion 12, Moravian 11, blo. Mines 10, C. W. Post 10, NW Missouri LB-Remer CP-SLO) champion, Johansen (FS) 2nd, Glpp (Lu) 3rd, Ogdie (MS) 4th. Smith (dor) 5th, Tlpton (Col M) 6th; 123-LB-0ox (AS), Larnbert (Aug) Sanders (PS) Younger (Col W) Hill (Wh) Johnson (Lu). 130-LB--Soulek (MS): Ragland (OD) Green (PS) ~c&ell (CP-SLO) Paddock (dolm) Ingegno (CW). 137-~~-~alm;r (Mont) ~ilfer (Wi) Yatabe (PS) Boozell (C M&) Brogan (Massf Faulkner (Wh). 145-~Jhowning (&-SLO) ~iggihs (Gett) Furlan '(NI) ~c~ormicg (NDS), Trenz '(TP), James (NW Mo) h-l~-bavaro '(~ett) ill& (a-slo) Garrwon (PS) Welndl (Wi) Wendel (~5) GalIego (FS). 160-L&-~arr (Wi) Evan; (GA), ~mundion (MS), ~iebhhal (PS), ~kkar (L), ~te$kimp (SCI; 167-1B-6a&ardy (LY), Ray (EM), Tillman (WC), Rresselman (MS), Kam (SDS), Cook (Wi); 177-L&- Parker (SGZ), Mucka (Mor), Serra (Sp), Buckalew (EM), Sager (GA), Olexy (Wi). 191-LB-Johnson (Aug), Thomas (SDS), Ford (CalD, Gold (Wi), Costello &font): Wintjen (EX); HVYWT-Beuon (Cd W). Fuller (SE Moj, Bllbeck (FS), Hurlbm (SDS), Eiils (Bel), Paasch (Monm).

16 AAWU RULERS-OREGON STATE: Left to right, front row-harle, Sprague, Bolton, Dunckel, Dauis, Iwasaki; back row-gartung, Schenk, Walker, Smith, Quinn, Coach Thomas. HIGH IN THE BIG SKY: Left to right, front ~ow-&rsh3eer (Mont. St.), Palmer (Montana), Leonard, Lockwood, Hiers (all Mont. St). back row-pedersen, McIntyre (both Mont. St.), Eddy (Idaho St.), Purdom, Miller, &h:hlepp (all Mont. St.). CIAA INDIVIDUAL WINNERS: Left to right jront row-lay Johnson Bolton (all Howard U.), C. Smith (Norfolk St.) Brown, Gance (both ~ o & st.).' a back row- Hunter (Morgan St.), Young (~owar)d U.), Lee, Forrest (both orf folk' St.), McCog (Morgan St.).

17 Eastern Intercollegiate Wrestling Association Lehigh University, with three individual champions and four otheis who placed, swept to a record 18th team title in the 62nd annual EIWA tournament at Pittsburgh. The Engineers, coached by Hall of Famer Gerry Leeman, piled up 85 points to 63 for runnerup Navy. Penn State and Army tied for third place with 60 and Cornell, which also had three individual winner;, totaled 51. Wayne Hicks of Navy the 137-pound champion was honoied as the outstanding wrestler in the tournameht. He also received the $letcher Award which goes to the man who has accumulated the most EIWA tourney points during his varsity career. Pete Vanderlofske of Navy third at 130 pounds, accepted the Sheridan Award for the most pins in the least ti&e. SCORING-Lehigh 85 Navy 63 Penn State 60 Army 60 Cornell 51 Temple 35, Pittsburgh 31, Rutgers i8 syracu;e 10 Franklin k ~arshali 9, princeto; 9, Harvard 8, Columbia 5, ~ennsylvaha 4, colgat& 2, Yale LB-Caruso (L) champion Burger (N) 2nd Clark (PS) 3rd Shimansky (F&M) 4th. 130-LB-Peritore (L) stee)nlage (A) ~andirlofske (N) ~iione (T). 137-LB- Hicks (N), Stuart (L), &tz (PS) ~olikofi (Pi). 145-~B-~oLbins (A) ~rkmus (PS) Tepper (L) Bower (T). 152-L1B-DeWalt (PS) hey (Pi) Muir (L) Lilley (T). 160: LB-stephe& (Cor), ~krtenstine (L) Baker (A) ~itcheli (Pr). 16j-~B-~usha& (L), Reinoso (T) Palmer (N) Heimann (A). 177-~~f-~erraro (Cor)' Harter (A) Schlerdorf (S) ~orenz; (PS ; 191k~-~uchwald or), Williams (Pi), Skitz (PS), darloni (N); H$YWT--G~~I~ {R), Nichols (N), Moore (Cor), Meggesey (S). Atlantic Coast Conference SCORING-Maryland 116 N. C State 60 North Carolina 50 Virginia Duke. 115-LB--Norris (M) chadpion, ~oberts (6) 2nd, Williams (G) 3rd2 ~iunders (NC) 4th- 123-LB-Arnoult (M) Shurherg (V) Hardin (NCS). 130-LB-Bdlotte (M), Page (NCS), Blair (NC), ~ c ~ (V); a h 137-~d-~iltabifde (M),' Cook (NC), McAlpine (D), VanNote (NCS). 145-LB-Henderson (M) Hagerty (NC), Wllson (V), LaRoque (NCS); 152-~B:~jcks (NCS), Verlenden )(Nc), Yocum (M), Kenna (D); 160-LB- Brawley (NCS), Nichols (M) Marshall (NC) Soles (V). 167-LB-Soto (M) Jacobson (NC), Hamilton (NCS) Darling (D). 177-~&~arch (M') Stewart (V) ~reister (NC), Johnson (D); 191-~~~~rcndav (M), O'Bryan (D), ~ehnson (V), kalloway (NC); HVYWT-Amoto (NCS), Myslinski (M), Eckenrode (V), Manship (NC). Athletic Association of Western Universities SCORING-Oregon St. 108, Oregon 59, UCLA 46, Wash. State 41, California 32, Stanford 24 Washington ~~-iwasaki (0s) oh'ampion Masuda (C) 2nd Henjyoji (0) 3rd Cooper (WS) 4th. 123-LR-Robertson (0) Davis'(0~) Hazelton (s) Crymes (C). 130)-~~-~cott (0) ~uickel (0s) Peterson (*s) Boyan '(s). 137-~~L~ie~el (C) '~olton(0s) ~hor; (WS), Dess (T~cLA); 145-~B-'~~ra~ue (o$, Criner (0), ~hene; (W), Ott $3); 152- LB-Ehrler (UCLA) Hensley (WS) Harle (0s) Malpass (0). 160-LB-Qumnn (0s) Mitchell (0) white) (UCLA) ~olle; (WS). 157-k~-& ( u d ) Schaum (S) ~lenll) (0) Smith 10s). 177-~B-~alker (0s) idams (WS) Locke ( ) ~ollingblry (S). 19i-~E&schenk \OS) Wittington (UCLA) Porter (C), bavison (S); 'HVYWT-~artuni (OS), Cooper (WS), Lawrence (O), ~athrob (C). Big Eight Championships SCORING-Oklahoma St. 97, Oklahoma 92, Iowa State 85, Colorado 35, Nebraska 15, Kansas St 12 Missouri 4 Kansas ~~-~;tta '(0) champi& ~illum' (IS) 2nd Thon (N) 3rd Rhodes (C) 4th; 123-LB-Rice (0), Sells (OS), keichtman (IS), ~ h ~ d o(n); n 13i)-~B-~etake (OS), Nord (C) Epps (IS) Clery (0). 137-LE-Dav~s (0s) Sa er (0) Cheyney (KS) Lampitt (MI-' 145-I,B-Ro era (OS~ Stanley (0) ah: (IS? ~achhur (C); I~~-LB- Wells (d), Buzzard (IS!, ~edin~'(~s), Brawn IKS); 160-~b-~arcueci (IS), Lamm (0), Robinson (OS), Elder (KS); 167-LB-Ruth (0), DeRock (C), Drebenstedt (OS), Wicks

18 16 THE OFFICIAL WRESTLING GUIDE NCAA-WCOA Officers - President.....Marvin Hess, University of Utah President-Elect..Jim Wilkerson, Southern Illinois Pat President Dick Voliva, Rutgers University Secretary-Treasurer....Ted Bredehoft, Arizona State University Membership Secretary... Doug Parker, Springfield College (IS); 177-LB-Peckham (IS), Fozzard (OS), Mickish (O), Dra* (C); 191-LB-Harlow (0s) Buzzard (IS) Bennett (0), Howell (C); HVYWT-Shppos (IS), Sharpe (0), ~tith' (N), Gabbett (6). Big Sky championships SCORING-Montana St. 124, Idaho St. 79, Montana 61, ~eber St. 22, Idaho 19, Gonzaga LB-Hiers (MS) champion Jeffrey (WS) 2nd Jordan (G) 3rd Aldrich. (M) 4th. 123-LB-Lockwood (MS), ~odhguez (IS), south& (M), ~chaefkr (G). 130-L~L Leonard (M) Yeates (IS) Pnest (WS) Reba1 (M). 137-LB-Palmer (M) hews (IS Brookman (f) Zadick (MS). 145-~6-~ershner '(Ms) Schnabel (IS)' Gooch (WS? Stoverud (M).* 152-LB-~eddsen (MS) Treat (M) 0li;hant (IS) ~allefo (I& 160-~81 McIntyre (MA) Huff (IS) Axlund ( ~ Sherman j '(G). 167-~B-&dd~ (IS) aft (MS Pagel (MI,,W;bster (ws)) 177-~%Pu~~om (MS), ~krris ((IS), Da (I), bonnelly MI: 191-LB-M~ller (MS), Costello (M), Millward (IS), Maywhoor (6; ~ ~ T - S c d e p ~ (MS), Rider (IS), Gilboe (M), McCray (I). Big Ten Championships SCORING--Michigan St. 71 Michigan 67, Minnesota 65 Wisconsin 41, Ohio State 18, Indiana 17, ~orthw&tern 6, Iowa 4, Purdue 4, ~~inbis LB-Fehrs (Mic) champion Behm (MS) 2nd McCall (In) 3rd Anderson (Min) 4th. 130-LB-Ander- (MS) campbell (Ip) ~ozekan (Mic), ~lo~d' (Min). 137-LBcar;, (MS), Gluck (W), ~dhannese? (~icf, Barrett (Min). 147-~~-~e& (Mia), Jehs (ME), Sieyertsen (W), Sclpeider (N); 157- kale' W), Gross (M%), Cook {MS), Karnrnan (Mic); 167-LB-Redolt (PS), KIem (M?n), Ra&man (MS), Hemzelman W); 177-LB-Bradley (MS), Ramstad (Mm)., Wentz (Mic), Cummlngs (0s); HVYWT- Porter (Mc), Richardson (MS), Staebler (Mm), Pernat (W). California Colleaiate Athletic Association SCORING-Cal Poly (SLO) 120 yesn no St. 70, San Diego St. 39, Long Beach St. Valley LB-- ~ohansed ( ~h) champion Remer (CP) 2nd Dickerson (SDS) Srd, Houchin 33, Los Angeles St 30 San ~ernkdo (LA) 4th; 123-L+Garcia (CF), ~abrielson (LB), ~et; (SFV), Kaplan (SDS); 130-LB- Cowell (8) Fisher (SDS) Bonng (LB) Reynolds (LA). 137-LB-621ecketts (FS) Miles ((2) kook (SDS) ~indscheffel (LA). 145-~B-~ui; (CP), Norsworthy (FS),: Stichter (LB) Neal (s~v). 152-LB-~alle~ (FS) Downing (CP) Pojrnan (LB) Nystul (sds).' 160-~~-~ill& (CP) Wilson (SDS) ~)stes (LB) ~aputd (LA). 167-~d Hilger (CP) '~eed(la) christenion (FS) Gant; (LB). 177?-~~-Wigglesdorth (CP) Snell (LA) kvans (SW; McIIhenny (LB).' 191-LB-~lin'e (CP), Bernstein (FS) ~ille: SFV, ~hson (SDS); HVYWT-B~~~~O~ '(Fs), Howard (SFV), Faria (CP), Xessard kdd. Central Intercollegiate Championships SCORING-Howard U. 90, Morgan St. 83, Norfolk St. 75, Elizabeth City 22, Virginia St %Lay (H) champion Forbes (NS) 2nd Lanier (MS) 3rd Davenport (EC) 4th- 123-LB-Johnson (H) su&on (EC) Small (MS). 130-~%Boltoa) (H) Green (NS) H~U) (EC), Harris (MS); lb7-~~-6. ~Ath Brown (MS) Webb (EC) Epps (MS). 152-LB-Vance (MS) Lawson (H) Gaffney (EC King '(Ns). 160-LBy-~unter (Id), Richardson (H) &press (NS) w Smith (Ed: I~~-LB-Y&~ (H), Hays (MS), McCoy (NS), ~a&s (VS); II~-L~-L& (NS), (NS), tiw wart (H), Coward (h); 145-~ld

19 COLLEGIATE REVIEWS 17 Scott (H) Holrnes (EC) Filson (MS). 191-LFbForrest (NS), Shannon (MS) Kennard ~ c d (MS), y ~ob&son (NS), Wylie (EC), Copemann (H!. (H); HVJWT-R. College Conference of Illinois SCORINGAugustana 101, North Central 57, Millikin 43, Carroll 42, North Park 32, Carthage 26, Ill. Wesleyan LB-Lambert (A) champion, Johnson (NP) 2nd Draper (Cart) 3rd Grant (NC) 4th- 130-LB-Jackson (NC) Ayer (A) Phillips (NP) 'Lange (Cart). 137~~~~~en1~in (A)' Zemke (M) Mitchell '(NP) ~ilier (NC). 145-'LB- armo on (A) Dererniah (M), ~rdttola (IW) wood (NP). 15&LB-~ittel (d~) Natwick (Carr) hip (A) Bischoff (Cart). l60-~h-~apf (cart$ Strauss (NC) wider (Carr) owe; (A). 167-b-~aug (M) bogner (A) Opitz (c&) papendick'(cart)- 177-L~~~aurus (A) ' ~umina (Carr, ~utle11 (M), over (NP); i9 1-L33-~oravec (A), Robinson (NC), '~eaumont (IWI, Manner (M); HVYWT-Avery (NC), Blum (Cam), Johnson (A), Bums (NP). Evergreen Conference SCORING-Central Wash. 99, Western Wash. 94, Eastern Wash. 71, Whitworth 16, Puget Sound W-Potts (WW) champion, Tomaras (EW) 2nd; 123-LB-Vandiver tww), Turner (CW), Tyree (EW); 130-LB-Ramelman (WW), Birch (EW), Herman (CW); 137-LB-Grossman (EW) Montgomery (WW) Baze (CW). 145-LB-Warren (CW) Dahl (WW) Driggs (~k). 152-~~-~hapm& (WW), is (EW) Lynn (cw): 160-~B-~e;kle~ (CW) ~&ne (WW) Long (EW). 167-LB-L. herkley (cw): Kilander (WW) Myhr {EW). 177-~~-!%~e (CW) ~inkrud (EW) Rasmussen (WW). 191-LB-Delay '(CW), Lane ~ww), Parrat (ww): ~~~~T-~erlhoven (W), p art: man (EW), Fry (WW). Far Western Conference SCORING-Chico St. 98, UC Davis 88, Humboldt St. 52, San Francisco St. 39, Nevada 26 Hayward St 14 Sacramento St L~~~usmoto (SFS) )champion, Welton (CS) 2nd, Bhumiratana (UCD) 3rd; 123-SMarchio. (UCD), Maxwe!l (CS), Richards (HuS), Barta (Has); 130-LB- Sunpson CS) Aitken (SFS) Carhsle (UCD) Alexander (Has). 137-LB-Panetta (CS West (SSj dannon ( ~ 0 ) Mann ' (Has)- y145-~~-~enmn (b), McPherson (Husk Ruhkula (UCD) Ikemoto '(ss). 152-~~:~ickel (UCD) Patch (CS) Ballard (N) Smith (HuS). 1d0-LB-Lucas (s~s) Evans (HuS) ~ilkini (N) Brown 1~s). 167-Ld Delis (ucd~ Michalak (HuS) Pa&oa (CS) Kreiienbeck (N). i77-~~-0glaby (HuS), Bukema (u~d) Norton (CS~ Sirnons (s~s). 19l-~~-~dd (Urn) Seymour (N Lytle (CS), callkhan (HuS); H ~WT-C~I~ Husted (UCD), Stiff (N), Boyd (Has]: (dl, 4-1 Champiolnships SCORING-Indiana St. 76, Kent State 57, Waynesburg 38, Cortland 32, Bowling Green 31 Ohio U. 26 Hillsdale 16 Western Mich. 16 Rochester Tech 12 Marquette 12, 0neo;ta 11, ~airdont St. 10, ~ihaca 10, Oswego lb, Central Mich. 8, '~iami(0.) 7 UW Milwaukee 7 Howard 4 Fairleigh-Diclunson 4 Case Tech 4, Ashland 3, dleveland St 3 ~oleho 3 ~uffalb 3, Washington & ~efierson ~B-~nik' (OU) dampion, McGann (Osw) 2nd. 123-LB-Adamsoa (Way) Williams (KS); 130-LB-Humphreys (IS), Nagy (Way); ~37-~~-~alulko (IS), ~ravei 145-LB-Moore (BG) Griggy (KS). 152-LB-Gendler (KS) Burkhart (IS). k%lb-pychinka (IS), Karpknct (Way); 1d-LB- arti in (OU), palm& (BG); 177-~d Herbert (KS), Vanderveen (RT); 191 -LB-Wachtel (Cor), Aust (KS); HVYWT-Kelly (IS), Jackson (FS). Independent College Athletic Conference SCORING-RPI 92, Union 66, Clarkson 62, St. Lawrence 49, Hobart LB-Rothe (RPI) champion Gallagher (C) 2nd Schneider (SL) 3rd Knightes (U) 4th; 123-LB-hstamm (mi), Waite (U), Hilts )(sl), Underwood (c);) 130-LB- Iarmotti (U), Rodgers (H), Dunham (RPI), Jurashek (SL); 137-LB-Peeters (C), Talomie (RPI), Boor (U), Hendrickson (H); 145-LB-Monks (C), Lohse (RPI), Frye (U) Mussler (SL). 152-LB-Faden (WI) Werner (P) Polus (H) Smorol (SL) ~EShay (C), ~cl$eider (U), Biel (RPI~ Christ (sl). 167-LB-'~ornwall (U)' Hald (?I), Menzies (SL), Boyar (H); 177-~~-De~ensis (k), VanHprn (H), ~obei (SL), Piske (RPI). 191-LB-Cook (H) Nells (SL) Duwe (RPI), Danielson (C); HVYWT- VanHouten '(RPI), Moore (SL), )Sch&ner (u!, Salat (H).

20 COLLEGE CONFERENCE OF ILLINOIS KINGS: Left to right, front row-lambert (Augustana) Jackson (North Central) Henning, Garmon (both Augustana) Kittel (North Central); b&k row-~apf (carthuge): Haug (Millikin), Maurus, Mora.t;ec9(both Augustana), Avery (North Central). EIWA CHAMPIONS-LEHIGH: Left to right, front row-caruso, Peritore, Stuart (capt.), Tepper, Muir; middle row-coach Leeman, Hartenstine Rushatz, Caprio, Gebhardt, Pfeltz; back row-kochanczyk (mgr.), Parsons, Kishel,' Bisset, Narducci, Ries, Dr. Havach. -- METROPOLITAN CONFERENCE TITLISTS: Left to right, kneeling-rossi (Seton Hall) Kempf (Kings Point), Ingegno (C. W. Post), Ferrari (Fair. Dickinson), Loch air: Dickinson); back row-trenz (C. W. Post), Aprile (Montclazr St.), Buechel (Seton Hall), Rudolph (Hofstra), Rosen (Montclair St.), Berggren (Wagner).

21 COLLEGIATE REVIEWS 19 Indiana Collegiate Conference SCORING-Indiana St. 105, DePauw 54, Ball State 38, Valparaiso 26, St. Joseph's LB-Walenz (IS) champion, Nelson (BS) 2nd Ross (D) 3rd. 130-LB-- Humphreys (IS), Ashrnan (BS), Ferguson (D); 137-~B-~&ker (IS), Cads (BS), Mader (D); 145-LB-Halulk~ (IS), Neuman (D), Barnett (BS); 152-LB-Dotlich (IS), Wendelboe (D), Von Schlichten (V); 160-LB-Burkhart (IS) Verplank (BS) Wheeler (V). 167-LB-Pychinka (IS), Nice (D), Miles (V); 177-~h-Garross (IS), 'Hasbrook (D): Granzin (V); HVYWT-Kelly (IS), Larsen (D), Mahnke (V). Indiana Intercollegiate Championships SCORING--Indiana Central 80, Wabash 59, Taylor 49, Earlham 43, Anderson 34, Manchester LB-Watkins (IC) champion Amy (A) 2nd. 123-LB-Hocker (A) Cauthen (W Quinn (IC). 130-LB-Sedmak (W) ddams (M( Gifford (A). 137-k&Keller (Tf Beeson (IC)' Brooks (W). 145-~~-hes (IC) he (W) ~oileau (T). 152-LB-Sidebottom (IC~ Myers (T) koldblatt (W). 160-'m~aler {E) Jeffery ($) Sutton (W). 167-~~-~es)fer (T) Allen (A) Gruner '(Ic). 177-~~-~rav& (IC) casay (E) RO& (W); 191-~B~Bar&s (IC), ~ehsenbach (E),'~ook(W); johns john son (E): Abernathy (W), Lmder (T). Interstate Intercollegiate Athletic Conference SCORING-Illinois St. 76, Northern Ill. 69, Western Ill. 43, Central Mich. 38, Eastern Ill LB-Cummings (EI) champion Eberhard (IS) 2nd, Anderson (NI) 3rd, Newman (CM). 4th; 130-LB-Manahan (IS), Niles (CM)? Gustafson (WI), Mentz 1?7-LB-Stlnson (WI), Nyckel (EI) Frus (IS) Albnght (NI). 145-LB-Furlan {%? Rlcco (IS) Cecala (EI) Ranson k~). 152-i~-~allin (NI~ Hughes (WI) Scane (CM) ~hkve (IS). 166-LB-~itzehe ($I) Lott (CM) walk& (IS) ~alb& (WI); 167-h-sexton (16, Mason (NI), ~hampniy. (CM); 17?-~~~~~terson '(WI), Kahn (IS Gaffner (CM), Widerstrom (NI); 191-LB-Wdl~ams (IS), Wlnt~en (EI), Messerly (CM]: Smith (NI); HYVWT-Marx (NI), Johansen (IS), No11 (WI), Ipsen (El). Iowa Iratercolllegiafe Championships SCORING-Luther 88 Dubuque 66 Wartburg 57 Simpson 22 Upper Iowa LB-Sadler (D) hamp pion, ~i~i (L) 2nd, wehling (W) Ard, Curtis (S) 4th- 130-LB- Johnson (L) Brown (6) A Curtis (S Schlesselmaa (W). 137-~~--~aaci (Dl, Cannon (S), ~chroeder (L), hstiing (UI). kslg-neist (L), iong W), Sagers (D), F~sher (UI); 152-LB-Kumpf (L), SnitFer '(w), Bailey (D), Herbert (S\; 160-L% E%ne (L), Tower (W), Doughty (D), Pfelfer (S); 167-LB-Brandau (W), Skaar (L), Houck (D) Schamerhorn (S). 177-LB-Hughes (UI) Brooks (L) Mohr (W), Hudson (D); ~~FbT-Glenn (D), ~ iher (L), Knight (W), ~krgstrorn (ui~. Mason-Dixon Conference Championships SCORING-Old Dominion 96, Towson St. 41, Baltimore 35, Hampden-Sydney 34, John Hopkins 34, Western Md. 29, Gallaudet 25, Cathohc U. 19, Loyola 11, AmericandJ LB-Christ (OD) champion Heckman (CU) 2nd Harris (HS) 3rd Goldberg (AU) 4th. 130-LB-Knott (TS) ~bgue (OD) Graham (HS) McCutcheon (cu) LB-~aglLnd (OD), ~lausmeiel (B), Griggs {JH), ~lassber~' (AU); 145-LB-~l&eland (OD), Jeunette (TS) Chiaravallo (CU) Kohlhafer (B). 152-LB-Harris (OD) Castronova (B), ~chmertzler (WM), Muraro (?s); 160-LB-C&~ (OD), Fir;lke (G), ~Jice (TS) Preis (L); 167-LB-Swatz (JH), Aiello (G), Flynn (OD), McAllister (L); 177-~d Mlller (HS), Wo:-kman (B), Gray (TS), Evans (L); 191-LB_Kulick (WM), Abrams (OD), Mack (HS), Baranowski (B); HVYWT-Hunt (JH), King (WM), Fucci (OD), Emmendorfer (G). Metropolitan Intercollegiate Championships SCORING-Hofstra 70, Montclair St. 58, C. W. Post 55, Kings Point 47, N.Y. Maritime 43, Fairleigh Dickinson 39, Newark-Rutgers 33, Seton Hall 30, CCNY 27, Monmouth 27, Wagner 16, FD-Madison 5, Brooklyn Poly 4, NYU 2, LIU LB-Rossi (SH) champion, Karlin (NR) 2nd, Bateman (MS) 3rd, Pirosky (H) 4th; 123-LB-Kernpf (KP), Gifford (H), Ungarelli (CWP), Bogart (M); 130-LB- Ingegno (CWP), Stark (MS), Biederman (CCNY), Papacena (H); 137-LB-Ferrari (FD), McDonald (H), Worth [KP), Jeranek (M); 145-LB-Locks (FD), Reinhardt (CWP),

22 20 THE OFFICIAL WRESTLING GUIDE 1967 Bolton (NYM) McGlade (NR). 152-LB--Trenz (CWP) Ackerman (M) Deven (NYM mauro (FD); 160-~8-~priie (MS), Derners (NR),' Richman (H) '~ooley (NYMk 167-LB-Buechel (SH) Phillips (KP) McClure (NR Grieco (MS).' 177-LB-Rudolph (HI, Allen (NYM) searis (CCNY)' Gregorek 10l-~B-~o&n (MS), Orborne (NYM, Buminski (H), Rehm (KP); HVYWT-B~~~~~& (W), Pezzulich (CCNY), Huffer (cw],&stam (HI. Mid-American Conference Championships SCORING-Bqwling Green 64, Kent State 62, Miami (0.) 55, Western Mich. 43. Other teams-obo U Toledo 123-LB-McIlroy (h) champion, Range (M) 2nd, Urik (0 3rd, Burkle (BG) 4th- 130-LB-Clark (BG), Ross (KS) Thayer (M) Moran (0). 13'7)-LB-Bonus (KS) ~alle; (M) Stoner (WM Vincent ('f). 145-~~--bore (BG) 'Sustersic (M) Gri g$ (KS), ~ e d (WM). ~ e 15dkB-Gentla (KS) Krisko (BG) ~d;ael (M) I?irscLer YT) ~~-~ry~olchkr (KS) Doty (WM)?ernes (BG) berger (M). i67-~~-~almer' (BG) Martin (0) ~eachan' (M) Best &M). 177-Ld~erbert (KS~ Bowman (BG) ~au& (M), cargo;ld (0); HVYT~T-E~~~~ (T$, Shelton (WM), YOUXI; (M), ~ttamante' (0). Middle Atlantic Conference Championships SCORING (Top five)-wilkes 74,.Lycoming 69, Temple 63, West Chester 52, Elizabethtown 29. Other teams-albright, Delaware, Drexel, Getty~burg, Haverford, Hofstra Lebanon Valley Moravian Muhlenberg 123-b--~uasp (Ly) &ampion ~blognini (T) ind. 130-LB-Milone (T) McCormick (W). 137-LB-Mitohell (Ly) jickson (E). 145-~h-~owhower (WC) ' Bower (T). 152~~B-~a~aro (G), ~ohnsog (WC); 160-Lk~arr (W), Tillman (Ly); '167-L~-Cod, Flemlng (Ly); 177-LB-Mucka (Mo), Oraschin (Ly); HVYWT-Arnould (W), Piper, (Mu). Midwest Conference Championships SCORING-Grinnell 65, Cornell 57, Monmouth 45, Knox 42, St. Olaf 39, Lawrence 31, Coe 30 Carleton 21 Beloit 21 Ripon ~~-6mith (Cor) ;hampion korden ( ~ 2nd j Martinson (G) 3rd, Hannaford (R) 4th; 123-LB--Barnes (G), her (Cbr), ~eumeister (SO), Sandforgl (Car); 130- LB-Strubler (G) Latta (Cor) Varnado (SO) Wolma (M 137-LB-Night~agde (L) Alberts (SO) ~nhoff (Coe) $av (R). 145-iB4h- (4 Shriver (K) Woll (SO< Sppdic (B); >52-~B-~elvi$e (K), ~ladk (Cor), Sirnpson (Cok), Wenger (B); 160-LS' W~lson (G), Taylor (M), Field (Cor), Johnson (SO); 167-LB-Dyche (b), Kelley (G), Klein (M) Smth (Car). 177-LB-Blodgett (Car) Agness (L) Koeppel (K) Ferguson (Cor); l~i-lb-~aasch (M), Mittlefehldt (L), ~eiberg (SO), Aridgman (K);'HvYwT- Ellis (B), E. Paasch (M), Anderson (Coe), Raemaker (Cor). Minnesota Intercollegiate Championships SCORING-Gustavus Adolphus 99 Concordia 91, St. John's 37, Augsburg 31, Macalester 27 St Thomas 11 HamlLe 3 ~~S-LB-Z~&I~~ (GA) chadpion Budd '(C) 2nd Schafer (ST) 3rd Shaubach (S J) 4th- 130-LB-Budd (C) ~ckerman' (GA) ~itzsimmins (M) Spano (sj): 137-LB-Dufty (c)' Johnson (GA) ~teicer (ST) Potter!M)- 145-~~-Leo&1d (C) ~;ehlhausen (GA) ~nherson (M) J?a&er (A). 152hb~risoh ~GA) Snow (A) ~ e l (C) s ~ Linderen (H): I~O-LB~E~~& (GA), My&e (C), Barnes (A), hartle (sj)~ 167-~B-~iller SJ) Witter (GA) Sukke (C). 177-LB-Sager (GA) Yankoff (C), Gager (M), Schultz {A); 1!3l-~B-~inhddie (ca): Halverson (C), ~ehfer (SJ), Pothumus (M); HVYWT- Stamp (C), Froehle (SJ), Mays (GA), Potter (M). (A), ~uei Missouri Intercollegiate Athletic Association SCC?RING-NW Missouri 84, Central Missouri 84, SE Missouri 64, NE Missouri 49, SW Missouri LB-Earle ((35) champion, Lapinski (SE) 2nd Thomas (NE) 3rd Venn (SW) 4th; 123-LB-Jackson (SE), Cannon (CM) Hallum (NW) Matukaitis (Nk). 130-L& Kelly (e), Gines (CM), Mason (NW), ~ idr~is (SE); 137-~~-~ho?n~mn (NW), Booze11 ines (NE) Wilhelm (SW). 145-LB-James (NW), Graham (CM) Stephenson gayes (NE); (a), ewden NE),,Randall (NW), Morrison (SE) 1W-LB-Packer (NW) G~anolln (SE) Hmes (NEJ Smmth (CM). 167-LB-Coates ( ~ j Paulsen, (NW) M. 'Smith (SE) fohnson ( S ~ 177-LB-$arkowski S (NW), Fixchardson (SE), ~n&ws (SW), ~oindeiter (NE); 191-~~-~ivens (M), Reece (NW),

23 .t. Smith (SE), Pairick (NE); HVYWT-Fuller Schlegel (NW). COLLEGIATE REVIEWS 21 (SE,), McDowell (SW), Chargois (NE), New England I.W.A. SCO.TNG--Springfield 116, Dartmouth 57, Wesleyan 56, MIT 49, Massachusetts 37 Wllharns 27 Coast Guard 27 Brown 26 Amherst 25 Worcester Tech 13, Boston c&ege 12, ~uft's 10, Rhode 1s:dd 6, 33ridg&ort 3, ~ranieis LB-Darneron (S) champion Gluckman (Bro) 2nd Christ (D) 3rd Tripp (MIT) 4th. 123-LB-Long (CG) ~ierst&e (A) DiGregorio (i), Harris (MIT). 130-LB--G. sadowsk~ (S), Long (A)' Coombe (d1) Gray (Wes). 137-~~--~rogk (Mass), J. Sadoysky (S), whitema; (MIT), ~ladtke ' (Bri); 145-~b-~nderson (S), Keane (D), Hawklns (MIT) Locke (WPI). 152-L.B--Reed (Wes) G~bney (S Harley (Bro), Larrabee (CG). ~~O'-LI+-DWS (S)' Clark (Wes) ~andi; (MIT) Skane (Wil). 157-LB- Logan (~es) Peraino (S) iaughary (cg)' Tata (WPI). \77-~~-~erra '(s) Kelley (Mass) ~radiey (BC) 0'dula (T). 19l-~~~~oo&worth (D), Caisse (Mass) kherman (~es),' Srnargon (S); ~VYWT-s&- (MIT), Buschman (D), Tyler (wilj, DeFaIco (RI). North Central Conference Championships -- SCOEING-So. Dakota St. 113, St. Col. Iowa 83, South Dakota 40, Augustana (SU) a LB-Murphy (SDS) champion Shutt (SCI) 2nd Malmanger (A) 3rd. 123-LB- Smith (SDS) Black (A) Cameron (s~i). 130-~B-~ille'r (SDS), Whorton (s~i), Osborn (A); 137-~B"-~-bert '(sds), ~rautman (SCI), Sanderson (A); 145-LB-Bond (SCI), D Smith (SDS) Harold (SD) Norskog (A). 152-LB-Linander (SDS) Messerly (SCI) l&utson (A), ~iier (SD); 16d~~--~am~belf (SDS), Kille (SD), steink:mp (SCI); 167: LB-Kain (SITS), Cole (SCI), Sonneberg (SD). 177-LB-Parker (SCI) Neu (SDS) Ryland (A), Wdson (SD); 191-LB-Baade (sd),' Thomas (SDS), Kiger ISCI), ~nebai (A); HWWT-Hurlburt (SIX), Bovee (SD), Owen (SCI). Norfh Dakota Intercoliegiate Athletic Conference SCORING-Minot 121, Valley City 90, bickinson 58, Mayville 38, Jamestown 25, Ellendale 4 Wahpeton Science ~B-'~ells (D) champion ' Walsh (Mi) 2nd Welder (VC) 3rd Torgerson (Ma) 4th; 123-LB--Schaff (Mi) ~ch~ger (VC) Kelly \D) Dick (Ma). (Mi) Pankratz (D) ~elier (VC) Moe '(Ma). 137-LB-R. ~oe' (Ma) Trusty (VC) ~insklla (Mi) ~ildgrman (3). 145-~B-~ohnson'(~) Allstadt (Mi) F'ischkr (Ma) ~eue; (VC); 152-~b-~aggart if, Lennick (Vq, ~ricksrud (Ma), ieesler (D); 1h0-LB- Freistad JVC), Trombefta (Mi), Ely (J), Plikke (Ma); 167-LB-Ormiston (Mi), Undem (VC), Miller (D), Petbbone (E); 177-LB-Schwartz (VC), Foster (Mi), Decker (D); 191-LB-Behm (m), C. Johnson (J), Roches (VC), Amundson (Ma); HVYWT-McDaniel (Mi), Hoffner (J), Greene (VC), Clark (Ma). Northern States Intercollegiate Cenference SC-QRING-Winona St. 90, St. Cloud St. 82, Bemidji St. 61, Mankato St. 57, Michigan Tech LB-Hazewinkel (SC) champion Tointon (W) 2nd Ogdie (M) 3rd, Williams (B) 4th. 123-LB-Rudy (SC) Wilson '(B) Andrist (W) Lewison (M). 130-LB-Shaw (SC) Bkndson (B) Lantry (M?) Jehlicka {w). 137-L~~~oulek (M) K $ ~ (W) Larson (B), 'short (SC); '145-LB-~yslind (B), ~aliagher (SC), Simon {w), ~beli& (M). 152-LB-Sovereign (W), Wendel (M), Bune (SC), Pfeffer (B); 160-LB-Tanniehill (w): Amundson (M) Olson (SC) Detschman (B). 167-LB-Wicks (W) Holmquist (M) Casagrande (B): Schueller (k); 177-IAS~afistrom (B), ~erazalitz' (MT), ~isselma; (MI Shaw (SC). 191-LB-Rybak (SC) Drange W), Lampi (M), Berner (MT); HVYWT -~&olinski (w): Wolff (SC), ~osluchir (B), Lelst (M). Ohio Conference Championships SCORING-Baldwin-Wallace 93 Hiram 90 Denison 52 Ohio Wesleyan 39, Wooster 25 Akron 23 usk kin& 17 ~ittehber~ 16, 0b;rlin 15, Heidelberg 8, Otterbein 7: Mount union 5, Capital 4,' Kenyon LB-Patterson (Hi) champion Slaybaugh (BW) 2nd Keown (OW) 3rd, Chamberlain (MU) 4th. 130-~~-~alsgiver' (BW) Smith (OW) ' Moody (A) Steward (Mu). 137-LB-Stepp '(Bw),.Tuttle (D), ~tiehlir (Hi), Bird \OW); 1.45-L'B-~arver (BW): Season (D), Shelby (HI), Piper (Ob); 152-LB-Muckllo (HI), Martm (BW), Black (Wo),

24 BEST IN THE MIDWEST-GRINYELL: Left to right, front row-martinson, Barnes, Strubler, Richman; maddle row-walson, Kelley, Patterson, Sharpe, Mzller; back row- Lamb, Geller, Mendel, Coach Moore. MINNESOTA IAC CHAMPIONS-GUSTAVUS ADOLPHUS: Left to right, kneeling- Ziegler, Ackerman, Johnson, Muehlhausan, Frisch; standing-coach Sponberg, Evans, Sager, Dinwiddie, Mays. WAkNE S1 ATE-NEBRASKA COLLEGE CHAMPS: Left to right, front row-meineke, Schwarz, Gray, Tope, Artman, Michelson; back row-asst. Coach Olson, Matthias, Fett, Kmse, Moen, Colovos, Coach Merriman.

25 COLLEGIATE REVIEWS 23 Warsaw (OW). 160-LB-Brumbaugh (Hi) Stege (D) Kusmits (A) Callahan (BW). 167-LB-DunnY(~i) Stark (Mu) wineberg) (Ob) ~es<brook (BW). i77-~~-~ottermal; (WO), Haase (Hi), yawton (~),'Crum(OW); 161-~~-~ibson (D),' Geiger (OW), Yore (BW), Harmon (He); HVYWT-Orwick (BW), Mum (Wi), Grubelnik (Hi), Estes (Ott). Oregon Collegiate Conference SCORING-Southern Oregon 86, Eastern Oregon 82, Oregon College 62, Oregon Tech 37, George Fox LB-Kruesi (EO) champion Bailey (SO) 2nd McClellan (OT) 3rd- 123-LB- Bond (OT), Wallace (SO), ~urre& (EO); l30-~~-~uant (EO), Armitage {SO), Vego (OC); 137-LB-Simons (OC), Issi (SO), Weaver (OT); 145-LB-de Place (SO), Cates (OT), Gravel (EO); 152-LB--Noreess (OC), Flack (EO),. Tilton (SO); 160-LB- Woodward (EO), Dyal (OC), Martisak (0-T); 167-LB-Sch~mmel (EO), Long (SO), Guthrie (OC);. 177-LB-Hayes (SO), Chrisbanson (OT), Jenk~ns (OC); 191-LB-Holiday (EO), Ewmg (SO), Thorne (OC); HVYWT-Guthu (OC), Burns (SO), Corak (EO). Pennsylvania State College Conference SCORING-Lock Haven 94 East Stroudsburg 80 Bloomsburg 78 Claiion 56 Shippensburg 34, Mansfield 24: Edinboro 23, ~alifornia 17, Slippery ~dck 6, 1ndian4 3, Millersville 3, Kutztown LB-Todd (Cl) champion, Taylor (B) 2nd Melchior (LH) 3rd. Thomas (Ed) 4th; 123-LB-Guzzo (ES), Miller (Sh), Day (~lf, Seigrnan (B). 130-LB-Rolley (B), Redden (Sh) Dutt (ES) Larson (LH). 137-LB-Warnick (GI), ~hmman (Sh) Rhoades (LH), ~ushdng (ES); 1'45-LB-sutter y(b), Waltz (LH), Hopkins (ES), ~i&on (Ca). 152-LB-B. Blacksmith (LH), Gerst (B), Kemp (Cl), Gruver (Sh); 160-~~-~el~ewic; (ES), J. Blacksmith (LH), Mulligan (Ed), Neiswender (B). 167-LB-Smith (LH) Dietrich (Ed), Elder (ES), Klrkutis (Ma); 177-LB-Cook (ES~, Swope (LH)? ~chulti (Ma), Powell (Ca); 191-LB-Vargo (B), Grundler (Cl), Elling (LH), Pushnlgg (SR); HVYWT-McDermott (LHJ, Logan (Ma), Reed (Es), Moul (B). Presidents AthEetic Conference SCORING-Washington & Jefferson 79 Eastern Mich. 62 Thiel 55 Allegheny 44, Wayne St. 33, Case Tech 32, John carrill 20, Western ~es'erve 12, Bkthany LB-Benic (WJ) champion Riley (T) 2nd. 130-LB-Avery (EM). Kline (CT); 137-LB-Andrews (A), Martin (h'~); ~BS-LB-T~~ (a), Pareso; 152-LB-Phelan (WJ), Weeber (T); 160-LB-Prado (WJ), Daugherty (EM); 167;LB-Ray (EM), Geiger (TC);.177-LB-Ruha (WJ), Fralick (WS); 191-LB-Blatk (A), L~ndsay (WJ); HVYWT- Tomllnson (T), Gray (A). Rocky Mountain Conference SCORING-Colo. St. Col. 86, Adams St. 77. Colo. Western 74, Colo. Mines LB-Tamble (AS) champion Tipton (CM) 2nd, Calderon (CW) 3rd, Dooly (CS) 4th 193-LB-atese (AS). kounger (WS), Munoz (CS); 130-LR-Silvd (CS), Paddock '(cm). Stanley (AS), Montgomery (CW); 137-LB-Stryker (CW), Morr~son (CM), Hansen (CS), McCann (AS); 345-LB-Demvberry (CS), White (AS). Reish (CM), Snyder (CW). 152-LB-Tillman (AS) Heinz (CS) Turner (CW), McKinstry (CM); 160-LB-~ndekon (AS), Peden (~~),'Rowe (cw),' Neal (CM): 167-LB-Byers (CS), Anderson (CW) Hooper (AS) Siek (CM). 177-LB-Fishpr (CS) Cox (CW) Avis (CM). Emsick (AS): 191-~~-P;'ke (CW), Ampton (AS), Dernski ~sc), LOV~I~"(CM); HVYWT-Beeson (CW), Lane (CS), Kincheloe (AS). South Dakota Conference SCORING-Black Hills 90 Northern St. 68, S. D. Tech 57, Huron 43, Southern St. 39, Dakota Wesleyan 22.' 115-LB-Chavez (H) champion. Tatge (N) 2nd. Posey (BH) 3rd. F~llesen (S) 4th. 123-LB-Oder (SDT), Schunot (BH), Skaaden (N), Scott (S); 130-LB-Spawn (BH)' Bruch (SDT), Boots (N), Larsen (a; 137-LB-Sarigler (BM),. Parker (SDT), ~artd (N) Van Der Werff (S). 745-LB-Stites (BH) Bleth (N) Kleinsasser (S) Gruenwald (DW); 152-LB-Eaton (SDT), Feuerstein (N{, Shepherd' (S), Smothers '(BH); 160- LB-Rothrneyer (BH). Sittner (SDT). Snirth (S!. Germann (NIP 167-LB-Kusfer (BH) Koch (N), Rose (SDT). Hargersheimer 6); 177-LB-NPBson (H!, Moore (BH) ~elche; (DW), Newton (S). 191-LB-Durzee (S). Schnitzer (N) E. Melcher (DW), Walter (BH); HVYWT-B&~~~ (H), Denney (DW), Anderson (N), Hurlbert (BH).

26 NEW ENGLAND I. W. A. WINNERS: Left to right, front row-dameron (Springfield), Long (Coast Chard) G. Sadows (Springfield), Brogan (Massachusetts), Anderson (Springfield); back rdw-~eed (We%yan), Doss (Springfield), Logan (Wesleyon), Cewa (Springfield), Woodworth (Dartmozcth), Schramm (MIT). NORTH CENTRAL KINGPINS: Left to right kneeling-murphy Smith Miller Lambert (all South Dakota St.), Bond (St. Col. 1o;a); back row-~inhder, kampbefl, Kain (all South Dakota St.), Parker (St. Col. Iowa), Baade (South Dakota), Hurlburt (South Dnknta St.). MINOT STATE-N. DAK. COLLEGE BOSSES: Left to ~ight kneeling-asst. Coach Scheets, Coach Hettwer; standing, Stadick, Walsh, McCollum, ~ilstadt, Schaff, Kinsella, Behm, Foster, McDaniel, Erickson, Ormiston, Trombetta, Taggart, Ness.

27 COLLEGIATE REVIEWS 25 Southeastern Intercollegiate Championships SCORING-Georgia Tech 71, Milligan 63; Georgia 60, Auburn 33, Sewanee 49, Chattanooga 44, Maryville 30, Tampa LB-&own (GT) oham~ion. Factora (A) 2nd. Baker (S) 3rd. McIlwain (Mi) 4th; 123-~~-~reea~T), ~enderion (Ma), Parker (S), Ford (A]; I~o-LB-P~~~~s (~a)', Gastineau (Mi), May (GT), Douglas (A); 137-LB-Fm (C), Godlewski (Ga), Umbach (A), Wylie (MA); 145-LB-Fond (GT), Klosner (Ga), Bower (Mi), Hey (S); Cooper (Ga), Thompson (A), Yates (GT), Gilman (Mi); 160-LB-Harvill (GT), Bittenbender Mi), Salter (C), Jacob! (Ga); 167-LB-Tessman (S), Coley (GT), Wilkey (C), Dyer (A\ 177-LB-Jacksom (W), McKenzie (S), Hubbuch (C), Manmsi (T); 191-LB- Atchison '(A), McGary (Mi), Nichols (Ga), Tucker (S); HVYWT-Sorrell (C), Davis (Ga), Cerova (Mi), Colfby (S). Southern Conference Championships SCORING-West Virginia 76, The Citadel 72, VMI 37, East Carolina 30, William & Mary 22, Davidson LB-Check (WV) champion Metzgar (EC) 2nd Buffington (D) 3rd Touchstone (VMI) 4th; 130-LB-Bates (EC),'~llis(WM), ~i~ht' (C), Beckman (w); 137-LB- Meacci (WV),.Harmer (C), Vaughan (VMI), Duty (EC); 145-LB-Stears (C), Weiner (VMI), Pavlovich (WV), Wdliamson (EC); 152-LB-Zimmerman (WV), Conard (C) Arberg (WM), Fletcher (VMI); 160-LB-Rothstem (C), N~chols (D), Hagerty (EC)' Pearce (VMI); 167-+B-Amstrong. (C), Glanni (WV), Taylor (VMI), ~anderbloeme; (D); 177-LB--Luckin1 (WV), Hawfleld (VMI), Dewey (C), LoFrese (WM); HVYWT- Woodeshick (WV), Boyd (C), Dick (WM), Bryan (D). State University of New York Championships SCORING-Cortland 85, Oswego 75, Oneonta 65, Brockport 46, Potsdam 32, Plattsburgh LB-Prato (C) champion Muserallo (On) 2nd Stiles (Po) 3rd Monroe (B) 4th. 123-LB-McGann (Os), Clark '(011) Ruzylo (Po) Grench (B). 13d-L~-~e~ario (c): Frisicano Os), Morris (On) Baker '(PO). 137-L~L~ose (C) Gbmez (Pl) Lewis (On) Dramer (bn). I~~-LB-F& (Po), ~aczknarski (B), ~arshliy (Os), Bunky (C); 152: L~-waitwark (B), Kealy (Po), Baldwin (Os), Aycox (On); 160-LB-Sosa (C), Lambe (On) Cmsaul (B) Toner (0s)- 167-LB-Connors (C), Gustainis (Os), Miller (On) ~urier (B); 177-L~-~yan (o~s),' Samuel (On), Alessi (B), Nathan (Pl); 191-L~-Leh; (On), Reistrom (Os), Welser (C), Brickell (B); HVYWT-Wachtel (C), Gary (Os), Bolesh (B), Jacques (Pl). Tri-State College Conference SCORING-Westmar 116 Midland 66 Concordia 64 Dana LB-Weaver (W) cdampion ~beidick (C) 2nd.' 123-LB-Singleton (W) Ewan (M). 130-LB-Trulock (W) '~ang(c). 137-L~-~ug~ins (W) Bisbee (D).' L~-~hada' (M) Weaver (W). 15d-~~-~off&an (W) Febdrick D). y160-~~-~df Clymer (W); ~~~-LB-B~ow; (W), Ross (M); 177-LB--~rauer [C): Schuler (W); LB-Petersen (W), Stine (M); HVYWT-Winters (W), Oetting (C). West Virginia Intercollegiate Championships SCORING-West Liberty 104 Fainnont St. 84, Wheeling 25, Alderson-Broaddus LB-Radford (F) champion, Achtzehn (WL) 2nd McElfresh (AB) 3rd LB--Price (WL) Dulaney (F) Cook (AB). 130-~~-~aie (WL) Marchette (F') Hill (AB); 137-~~-i)u~liese (wl): Munger (~j, Fitzgerald (W); 1~5-~B-~ackson ~wl), Schubert (AB), Pownell (F), Simpson (W); 152-LB-Fmar (F), Wingenroth (WL); 160-LB-Briggs (WL) Thompson (F). 167-LB-Chaplinski (WL) Kelleher (W) LB-Kovalick (WL), itand (F),, M-& (W); 191-U-Moore (F),, Bates (WL), kaddel (W); HVPWT-Jackson (F), Diehl (WL), Wold (W). Western Athletic Conference SWRING-Brigham Youag 71, Arizona St. 54, Utah 52, Wyoming 48, New Mexico 24 Arizona L~:~c~inn (AS) champion Heslep (W) 2nd Castillo (U) 3rd Terry (BY) 4th. 130-LB-Motokawa (BY) RUSS; (AS) Sanchez (w) Campos (U). lh7-lb-~enr~ (BY?), Mercer (U), Dean (AS): Atkins ( ~ j 145-L~-~o&g ; (BY), ~orier (AS), Kupath (W), Gdliam (NM); 152-LB-Hall (AS), Herendeen (BY), Jensen (U), T. Russo (AS);

28 NORTHERN STATES INDIVIDUAL CHAMPS: Left to right front row-hazewinkel Ruedy, Shaw (all St. Cloud), Soulek (Mankato St.), Gysland (bemidii St.); back row; Soueregn, Tanniehill, Wicks (all Wznona St.), Kallstrom (Bemidii St.); Rybak (St. Cloud), Zwolinski (Winonu St.). ROCKY MOUNTAIN RULERS-COLORADO STATE COLLEGE: Left to ~ight kneeling-nickal Silna Hansen, Espinoza, Munox, Dooly, Ulibarri; back row-lane: Demski, Fislzer,'~eden: Byers, Heinz. Missing-Daryberry. WEST VIRGINIA-SOUTHERN CONFERENCE WINNER: Left to right front Tow- Check (co-capt.) Beuglas BLckmun Meacci (co-capt.) August ~aulouich: back row- Coach Harrick, kimmerm&, ~ianni: Hazzard, ~uckini,' Woode~hick, K m '(mqr.).

29 COLLEGIATE REVIEWS LB-Monahan (U) Epperson (BY) Sciarra (NM) Nixon (W). 167-LB--Lyman (NM) MickeIson (w)' Thompson (AS) Norton (BY): 177-~B-h&er (W) Prawitt b. U), G. Miller (BY), Jbnes (NM); HVITh-Cdp (AS),' Cook (U), Jones BY^, Wright Western Pennsylvania Conference SCORING-Waynesburg 115 St ~ranss 94 Grove City 46 St Vincent LB-Fht (W) champio& $aye (SF) 2hd. 123-LB-~d'arnsb.n (W) tide (SF). 130-LB-Nam IGC). ~e~&v' [w): -152-~~~Thurnas (W). Bivona (SF): 160y~B-Condo (SF). ~ov&ek (w);.167-l&~and&a (SF), ~ohnston (W); 177;~~%nith (w),- Leon (SF): 191-LB-Watts (W), Cilia (SV); HVYWT-Verba (SF), Holoviak (W). IW). Durran (SF): 137-~B-~ind;l ;lw), Wane (SF): 14k-~~--~hille; NAlA Championships SCORING-Lock Haven 107 Moorhead 64 Central Wash. 55 Adams St 52 St Cloud 33, Winona 26, westma; 25, Fort ~ ayi 22, Superior 22, dinot 21, ~lariod 20: Eastern Ore. 18, Lacrosse 15, River Falls 14, E. Stroudsburg 13, Valley City 13, Waynesburg 12, Concordia 12, Wayne St. 12, Graceland 12, Stout 9 Omaha 8 Western Wash. 8, Gustavus Adolphus 7, Stevens Point 7, West Liberty 6, '~~~alachiai 5 Linfield 4 Black Hills 4 Milligan 3 Fairmont 2 Southern St 2 Hillsdale 2 dascade 2, ~ihland 2, Eau &ire 1, yankton 1, ~ayvhle 1, ~astek wash. 1, did boro 1, Millikin 1, Montclair 1, Platteville LB-Weaver (Wes) ohampion, Hazewinkel (StC) 2nd, Melchoir (LH) 3rd, Alexander (0) 4th, Kuzrninski (Su) 5th, Tamble (AS) 6th; 123-LB-Guzzo (ES), Adamson (Way) Ruedy (StC) Larson (LH) Vandver (WW) Bane (WL). 130-LB- Stanley (AS) warnick (a)' Germann (M~o) Thompson i~u) ~c~oll;m (Min) Pugliese (wl). 137-~~-~tu~esant (Moo) Jdhnson (FH) ~h&ids (LH) inse el la (Min) ~uggins' (Wes) Whitrner (App). 145:~~-~arren (&) Leopold (CO) Tillman (AS),' Waltz (LH) ~irside (Su) ~or&horowski (Moo). 152-h--~. Blachm:th (LH) S~vereip (Win), kedfe (MOO!, Ott (St),. Kemp (s~c), Youngbluth (Li); 160-LB~ J Blac srmth (W) Schimmel (EO) Tannlehill (Win) Anderson (AS) Olsen (StC) V Merkley (CW).' 167-LB-L ~erkley (CW) Smith ' (LH), ~chwartz' (VC), ~osie; (MOO) Wicks (w&) Holliday 1~0). 177-~~--~kope (LH) Toedman (FH) Reedy (G), Gress'(~~) Sipe (dw) Sager (GA~. 191-LB-Poser ( ~ a Delay ~ j (CW) behm (Min) Hampton (AS) Elling '(LH) Siller '(sp). HVYWT-B~~~~~& (Moo), ~c~ermott (LH): Kruse (WS), winter (Wes), 'workhaven )(cw), Jackson (Fa). Canadian Intercollegiate SCORING-Guelph 76, Western 75, Queen's 33, Toronto 29, Waterloo 28, McGill 27, McMaster LB-Mcl<=amley (McM) champi- Tingley (McG) 2nd, Proulx (G) 3rd, Doner (Wes) 4th Nixon (Wes), Wood (McG) Angus (G) Keston (T). 137-LB- Schad (w;) Bums (G) Masters (Wa) Van ~esiel (McM). i47-~b-~onei (G) Connolly (~e),'~oss ( ), hson (T); 15f-LI3-pamagapka (w;), Stoodley (McG), 'Angus (T), Peters (Wa). %7-LBTIagar0zu) (Wa), Sehan (G), Baker (Q) Wmslow (McG. 1'77-LB-Wimner '(GI Perkms (T) Patterson (Wa) Sauve (Q$ l9l-h-~ockyer (Wek Brown (G), Fenton (Q), Searle ('?); HVYW~-~atkard (G), ood (Q), Grant (McM), Colosimo (We).

30 28 THE OFFICIAL WRESTLING GUIDE 1967,Chattanooga Jaycee Invitational TEAMS-Auburn Bryan ~hattanoo~a, cumberland, Georgia Tech, Georgia, Iowa State Frosh ~illigan 0klhoma Frosh, ll5-~~--brown (G$) champiola Lehman (A) 2nd Kelley (GT) 3rd McIntyre (M) 4th- 123-LB-McKenard (A) ~ukpkin (GT) ~actoia (A) McIlwain '(M). 130-LB- ~rekk (GT), Miranda (A), '~atchio (A), ~rhson (A); li'l-~~-~arr (IS$), Ricketts (G) Hart (M) Jones (M). 145-LB-Pond (GT) Umbach (A) Bower (M) Bath (B). 15d-LB-~eism'an (OF), Jates (GT), Klosner (G), Ward (d~); 160-~~L~zutenbacd (A), Harvill (GT), B~ttenbender (M), Thompson (A). 167-LB-Gadlewslu (G) Dyer (A) Watson (A) Farrace (M). 177-LB-Jackson ($), Chimento (A), ~elsgn (A), ~cbary (M); 19i-~~-~tchison '(A), Stieg (Ch), Welse (A), Russell (Cu); HVYWT- Davis (G), Taltm (G), Hutto (GT), Llttlepage (A). Knox Invitational SCORING-MacMunay 120 Wheaton 84 Loras 58 Dubuque 43 Carthage 27, Upper Iowa 26 Grinnell 25' Monmouth h, Knox 14, North Park '7, Chicago 5, Illinois College ki Lewis 2 1;wa Wesleyan ~%~ronl&d (Ma)' champion, Burke '(Ca) 2nd Martinson (G) 3rd Grady (Ch) 4th; 123-LB-Smith (Ma), Leamqn (W), Barnes IG), Wallace (UI); i30-lb- Hill (W), Jast (Ma), Lange (Ca),,Rare (D); 137-LB-Ocken (Lo), Faulkner (W), Otto (Ma) Saltz (IC). 145-LB-Wemel (Lo) Knlght (Ma) Sagers (D) Daker (UI). 152-~~-~&1son (Ma) ' Gustafson (W) ~elvifie (K) ~auck, (D) 160-~h-Ehans (w): Hughes (UI), Taylor i~o), Ocken (L;); 177-~33-~r'ann (Ma), diver (D), Scholl (W) Figgins (Lo); 191-LB-McDowell (W), Schurter (Ma), Anderegg (Lo), Hefferna; (Ca); IEVYWT-Eggleston (Lo), Burns (NP). Lake Forest Invitational SCORING-MacMurray 116, Loras 86, Valpariso 47, Lake Forest 39, North Central 27, Adrian 26 Chicago 16 Concordia 6. ~IB-LB-SC&H (LF) cha.&ion, Conti (L) 2nd Kolter (M) 3rd Grady (Ch) 4th. 123-LE-Ford (IS) Redpath (A) Baragary (L) 'peters (Co). 130~~~acksm (NC Jast (M) ano owe& (L) Ill (~2). 137-~~--~o&on (M) darbeck (V) Ocken (LE Miller (kc). 145-LB-0tto (M) '~eiwel(l) Ennis (eh) Kilgore (k). 152-LE- Nelson (M), karris (LF) Smith (L) Richards (L). 160-~B-~kming (M) ~&auss (NC) Wheeler (V), Roethler '(L); 1 7 ~ (~j, r Figgins (L), petersin (Ch), p red (a); 177-LB-LaMore (M),.Granzm (V), Ocken (L), VanBlaircom (A). 191-LB- Vivian (A), Schurter (MI, Mlles (V), Andregg (L); HVYWT-Kellog (M): Eggleston (L), Manhke (V), Kolowski (LF). Phoenix College Invitational SCORING-Arizona St 94 Phoenix ~o11eze 69 Mesa 69 N Arizona 115-LB-Nay (M); L ~ ~ ~ (AS); ~ i n130hj3-~ussd n (AS); 1~7-b-~csan (AS); 145-LB-Tcmu Russo (AS); 152-LB-Sadzradeh (P). 160-LB-Sukle (M). 167-LB- Thompson (AS); 177-LB-Gendreau (M); 191-~~-~;nson (NA); HVYWT-kdp (AS). Southern Open Tournament SCORING-Georgia Grapplers 59 Appalachian AC 58 Pfeiffer College 57. Other Teams-Atlanta YMCA, Georgia ~elh, Miami-Dade, ~ild~an, Pembroke Col., Planetarium AC Wilmington Col LBL~arsh (App) champion, Radford (W) 2nd. 123-LB-Crawford (Pf) Sansone (App); 130-LB-Cline (Pf), May (GT); 137-1n~--~aslow (unat), ~odlewski '(GG); 145-LB-Pond (GT) Beevers (unat). 152-LB-Cooper (GG) Swoner (Pem). 160-LB- Butt (MD), ~intersie!n (App); 167-L~-~aath?m (At-Y), S. 'Godlewski (GG)'; 177-LB- Jackson ( I, Ed.mlsten (GG); 191-LB-L~ster (PAC), Gordon (At-Y; HWWT- Bradley (App), Daws (GG). U.S. Coast. Guard Invitational SCORING (Tap Five)-Oklahoma St. 121 East Stroudsburg 54, Army 54, Harvard 43, Mankato St. 35. Olther ~eams-~yracusd, Maryland. 123-LB-Guzzo (ES) ahampiom, Hatta (OSU) 2nd. 130-LB-Uetake (OW) Dutt (ES). 137-LE-Davis (OSU) Robbins (A). 145-~B-~&ers (OSU) Johnson (A): 152- ~B-kedin~ (OSU), ~ran~ugmont (Har); i60-~b-~epeta (A), ~adiak (Har); ~GV-LB-

31 Dreibenstedt (OSU), Kuppinger (Sy); 177-LB-Cwk Harlow (OSU), aozdov (Md). COLLEGIATE REVIEWS 29 (ES), Fozzard (OSU); HVYWT- Wheaton Invitational SCORING-MacMurray 84 Augustana 64 Marquette 59 Wheaton 58 Dubuque 45, Graceland 31, North ~entrai 26, Parsons i0, Knox 19, hiillikin 16, re Dame 16 Cornell 13, U. IL-Chicago 12, Lake Forest 12, R~pon 5, North Park 4, washingto; U. 2, Illinois Wesleyan 2, Wabash LB-Saddler (D) champion, Smith (C) 2nd, Robinson (G) 3rd, Scott (LF) 4th- 123-LB-Lambert (A), Greenwood (Mar), Curtxs (G), Jast (Mac); 130-LB-Hill (~h): Jackson (NC), Johnson (Mac), Ayer (A); 137-LB-Otto (Mac), Struzik (Mar), Faulkner (Wh), Daack (D); 145-LB_Garman (A),, Sagers (D), Harris (LF), Calehuff (G). 152-LB--Buerk (Mar), Henn?ng (A), Melvllle (K), Kittel (NC); 160-LB-6. ~ennini (Mac), Gustaf son (Wh), S chndhelm (Mar), S trauss (NC); 167-LB-Brann (Mac), Houg (Mil) Tomkins (I-C) Galka (Mar). 177-LB-Evans (Wh), LaMore (Mac), Knoblock (P), koeppel (K); 161-~~-~ohnson' (A), King (Mar Tomalo (P), McDowell (Wh); HvYWT-Gllogg (Mac), Glenn (D), Pietrangeli (ND]: Wagler (G). Wiflkes College Open Tournament SCORING (Top 10)-Lock Haven 51, Penn-McCullough AC 45, Navy 42, Maryland 41, Cornell 35, East Stroudsburg 32, Waynesburg 30, Wilkes 26, Temple 23, Bloomsburg 23. Other Teams-Albany St., Keystone JC, Lehigh, Lycoming, New York AC, Ohio State Frosh, Ohio U., Oklahoma Frosh, Old Dominion, Oswego St., Penneticut AC, Springfield, West Chester. 115-LB-Unik (OhSF) champion, Norris (M) 2nd Conti (N) 3rd Flint (Wa) 4th. 123-LB-Guzzo (ES), Sofrnan (P-Mc) Crow (AS)' McCann (os~; 130-LB-~ouni (Oh SF) Ragland (OD) Spock (C) ' Abajace (KJ~). 137-LB-Milone (T) Lansky (p-~c),'~olley (B), ~'0;io (unat); I~S-LB-H~~S (N!, Waltz (LH), avol la: (Ok F), Geddes (PAC). 152-LB-Blacksmith (LH) Bell (NYAC) Tepper (Le) Sanders (N). 160-LB-Muir '(~e), Karpency (Wa), ~artlnstine (Le), S: Blacksmith (LH); 167-~d Carr (Wi), Stephens (C), Palmer (N), Tillman (WC); 177-LB-Swope (LH), Ferraro (C), Karch (M), Oraschln (Ly); 191-LB-Sullivan (P-Mc), Cerra (S), Brinzer (unat), Sidoti (OU); HVYWT-McDermott (LEI), Drozdov (M), Nichols (N), Miller (ES). First Colonies Tournament SCORING-St Francis (Pa.) 54 Peninsula Wrestling Club 53 Old Dominion AC 48 Maryland AC 45 York YMCA '34 Frostburg St. 31 ~orfdk St. 23 West end Wrestling Club 2b, Newport News '~pprentice School '14, Fishburne ~bitar~ School 13, Washington (D.C.) Central YMCA, Langley AFB 10 each, Hargrave MA 7, William & Mary LE-Rawles (Unat) champiow Stine (St.F) 2nd, Randa (W&M) 3rd, Diamond (WPa) 4th. 123-LB-mist (OD) Green (NS) Walter (MdAC) Hayes (St F) ~B-Fletch~ (PWC), Arnoult (M~AC), ~irkimir (W.Pa), power; (FWC-B); '~&-LB- Wayne (St.F) Rech (Frost) M. Keeney (York Y) Thompson (Unat); 145-LB-Erber (MdAC) ~uliivan (OD) khesley (Unat) ~eidt' (Unat). 152-LB-Gilead (MdAC), ~levelald (OD), ~udacihe (York Y), or (FMS); 160-~~-~lynn (OD), Froats W Pa) Hutchison (PWC) L Keeney (York Y). 167-LB-Jandora (St.F), Kerstetter L k j, Ball (PWC), ~aktdn (.Unat); 177-~$~ee (NS), champion and Outstanding Wrestler, Leon (St.F), Davis (Frost), bttenhouse (Wash Y); 191-LB-Collins (PWC), Loding (NNApp) Bender (FMS) Hartford (Unat); HVYWT-Copenhaver (Frost), Marks (PWC), ~efhies (Harg), ~iehi (York Y). The 37th annual National Collegiate University Division 1 at Kent State University, Kent, Ohio. Wrestling Championships will be held March 23-25, 1967,

32 THE TIGER '66 Offering toe and sole innovations for A four layer leather cap covering entire toe area 2nd a four layer rubber sole featuring the Tiger "inbetween" sole, still the lightest and most comfortable wrestling shoe. Inverted eyelets, padded tongue Nylon or leather uppers stitched for permanency Expressly designed for plastic foam mats Used by over 1800 schools in 1965 and by 17 nations in Tokyo Olympics Slim-tapered soles prevent "hanging on" CHAMPION (Nylon & Leather) CHAMPION II (All Leather) NEW IN THE TIGER CANVAS WRESTLING SHOE BLACK & WHITE SIZES 4 to 13 NYLON STRETCH DRESS UNIFORMS College style tights, trunks, shirts in lightweight all-way, stretch nylon. TIGHTS (full or 3h length); SHIRTS (button or step-in); TRUNKS (4 models & Bermuda); INTERNATIONAL UNIFORMS - used over tights to satisfy NCAA requirements, as one-piece uniform for AAU competition. All colors, any trim or stripes, seven sizes, lettering. KB and NYLON STRETCH DRESS UNIFORMS NYLON - COTTON Y4 PRACTICE UNIFORMS All U.S. Olympic, Pan-American and World teams and most touring high school teams since 1959 have worn the TIGER and the International Uniform. ALL OLYMQlC PRODUCTS ARE GUARANTEED For catalogs, prices, all specifications OLYMPIC PRODUCTS 12 North Cottage Street, Valley Stream, N.Y.

33 Northeastern Wins Wrestling Crown Northeastern Junior College of Sterling, Cdo., won the 1966 NJCAA wrestling title, upsetting defending champion Lamar J.C. of Lamar, Colo., with a well-balanced team that made a gallant comeback in consolation matches. National Junior College Championship Results SCORING-Northeastern (Colo) 93, Lamar (Colo). 75, Rochester (Minn) 73, Joliet (Ill) 67, Phoenix (Ariz) 36, Arizona Western 26, Bismark (ND) 23, Willmar (Mh) 21, Mesa (Colo) 20,,Morrisville A&T (NY) 15, Suffolk County (NY) 14, Itasca (Minn) 13, Wortlungton (Mmn) 13, Austin (Mmn) 11, Ricks (Ida) 11, Garden City (Kan) 9, Orange County (NY) 8 Farmingdale A&T (NY) 7 Broome Tech (NY) 6, Paul Smiths (NY) 6 York (Pa) 6 Auburn (NY) 5, Thornton 1111) 3, Black Hawk (Ill) 2, Montgomery' (Md) 1, as sku CC JNY) LB-Shines (J) champion, Stlnson (L) 2nd Bingham (Ri) 3rd Matias (OC) 4th, Montana (Au) 5th Engquist (Ro) 6th. 123-~B-~'mtanez (L) Varra INE) Bakke (Aus) Watson (J) ~vani (BT) Wergin (~e)). 130-~~-~ullembach' (Ro) ~ense; (Ph) ~ro- (NE),.ward (NY Ag),. it. Clair (L), $child (BT); 137-~E+-~ada6au~h (Ro), dheppard (J)., h e y (NE), Grim (York), Hol!and (Ph), Watson (It); 145-LB-Latt;nore (L), Mihal (Ro), Jouett (NE), Stachelski (J),. Murphy (AW), Tresner (GC). 152-LB- Johnson (Ro), Sadrazdeh (Ph) Kettleson (Bls) Weber (J) Buckner (NE) ~kn~on (PS). 160-LB--Sukle (a), Rudzek' (NE), Carroll '(AW) ~dhtenberg (Ro) ' Roberson (J)' Biggs (GC); 167-LB-Hough (SC), Herrinq (AW), 'setrand (J), ~owarh (It), ~awkini NE) Nelson (Wor); 177-LB-Wetzel (Will), Notano (NE) Henderson (L) Gordon {War), M,iddleton (Ro), Wilinski (.Fh); 191-LB-Seymour (M&), Schade (I,),'Pachello (NE), Wmtersteen (J), Parker (RIA Eckerman (Ro); HVYWT-Firestack (NE), Kuntz (Bls), Brown (L), Gerdel (J), Hudson (Ph), Kallevlg (Will). Eastern California Junior College SCORING-San Bernardino 98, Oran e Coast College 78, Fullerton 51, Mt. San Antonio 46 Riverside 32 Chaffey 23 8itrus 5 Santa Ana ~~-~%ce (MSA) clknpion~ RU~Z (SB) 2nh Duarte (OCj 3rd Amaton (Ch) 4th. 123-LB-Davis (SB), Phillips (OC), Delatorre (I?), Wilson (R); I~O-LB-G~~B~ (0~): Neal (SB) Hurt (F) Tetreault SA 137-LB-Naylor (SB) Ruz (OC) Barney (Ch) Pastor (R)'. 145-~B-'~ees (SB) barkinon (OQ, Paustell ($1, Pizzica (~h); 152-LB: ~effenbau'h (F) Pollard (R) 'Mc~aniel(OC) Strathman (SB); 160-LB--Powell (F Hodge (&), ~&th (MSA), jaquez. (SB); 167:LB-.-dds (MSA) Lorentzen (OCR Davis (Ch), Moyette (R); 177-LB-N1chol?s (F),. Hobns (SB), Guinn (R), Bowden (OC). 191-LB--PhiUip (SB), Naylor (m), Ternno (GI), Lamb (Ch); HWWT-Fristoe (MSA): Sachs (SB), Mlller (R), Peare (F). Intermountain Junior College SCORING-Ricks 90, Mesta 77, Boise 67, Snow 53, ~ i x g LB-Bhgham (R) champ;oa, Nay (MI Rnd. 123-LE-Wergh (M) Long (R). 130-LB-Serrano (M) Jenson (B). 137-LB-Chavii (S) Macomb (B). I~~-LB-J~& (R) Terry (B). 152-b3-~yrim (4) L. Maoomb (B). ;GO-LB-SUC& '(M) Jenks (R). 16$-~~--~im&y (D), Moore (R); 177-L,3-~endr&u (M), Garrison (~j; 191-~BZ Parker (R), Schuster (B); HVYWT-Mott (S), Green (B). Western State Junior College SCORING-Pierce 95, Los Angeles City College 83, Compton 33, Trade Tech 30, Glendale LB-Acebo (P) h p h, Chatman (LA) 2nd. 1.W-LB--Haad (P) Teruya (LA). 13O-LB--Fro&k (P) Jaloma (LA). 137-~~-~nd&on (P) Valentine ()LA). 145-d Cephus (LA), ~oun$ee (F); 152-~b-~ldrich (p), Silbiger '(LA); (C Hogevohl {G); 167-LB--Nott (P), Lombard (m; 177-LB-Madq (P), Morze (LAk 191-LB-Vwdn (C), Capansky (P); HVYWT-DeLautre (LA), Hamson ('IT).

34 WESTERN ATHLETIC CONFERENCE TITLISTS: Left to right kneeling-mcmin (Arizona St.) Motokawa Henry Joung (all Brigham Young) Hall (Arizona); back TOW -Monahan (huh), Lvmh (~e& Mexico), Miller (~yoming): Cu1.p (Arizona St.). MILLIKIN INVITATIONAL CHAMPS: Left to right kneeling-jackson (SE Missouri) Tilton (Hillsdale), Zemke (Millikin), Graves (~illsdal& Morrison (SE Missouri); stand: ing-duncan (SE Missouri), Haug (Millikin), Angel1 (Chanute AFB), Larson (Hillsdale), Fuller (S E Missouri). NATIONAL JUNIOR COLLEGE WINNERS: Left to right-shines (Joliet PC), Fontanez (Lamar JC) Mullenbach (Rochestm JC) Radabaugh (Rochester JC) Lattimore (Lamar JC), Johhon (Rochester JC), Sukle (~esa Col.), Hough (Suffolk 6~), Wetzel (Willmar JC), Seymour (Morrisville AbT), Firestack (Northwestern JC).

35 Dual Meet Records School Coach Record Adrian.Robert Teeter Air Force...Karl Kitt Akron...Andy Maluke Albany St. (N.Y.)...Joseph Garcia Albright....Joseph R. Now Alfred Alex Yunevich Allegheny...John R. Chuckran American U Isidore Abrams Amherst... D. M. Scandrett Appalachian St...Steve Gabriel Arizona St...Ted Bredehoft Arizona...Bill Nelson....l-12.0 Army... LeRoy A. Alitz Ashland....Chris Ford Auburn...Arnold W. Umbach Augsburg....Oscar Blegan Augustana (Ill.)...Ted Kessinger Augustana (S.D.)... S. W. Peterson Baldwin-Wallace...John Summa...lo. 1.0 Ball State...George Mihal Beloit-...Norm Amundsen..l-10.0 Bethel (Minn.)... Dan Phelps Black Hills...Bill Hughes Bloomsburg... Russell E. Houk..lo. 1.1 Bluffton... Reldon Schirch Bowling Green...Bruce Bellard Brockport St...Thomas McIntyre Brooklyn Pow...Edward Collins Brown...Bob Litchard Bucknell...Bill Yeomans Buffalo...Ron La Rocque Cal Poly (SLO)... V. Hitchcock California St. (Pa.) Paul E. Ross Cal Tech... P. J. Mehringer California... Bill Martell Capital... Ted Georgeff Carleton....Jim Nelson Carroll (Wis.)... John Dixon Case Tech...Claude B. Sharer Catholic U...John McHugh Central Michigan...Charles Sherwood Central Missouri St...Roger W. Denker Central Washington...Eric Beardsley Chattanooga....Andrew J. Nardo Chicago...Clifford Cox Chico St...Dr. Hal Petersen Cincinnati...Dave Cserep Citadel... Oval Jaynes CCNY...Joe Sapora Clarion St...Frank Lignelli Clarkson Tech...John Hantz Cleveland St...Dick Bonacci Coast Guard... LtCdr. F. Kapral Coe...Fred Moycr Colgate... Frank Pascarella Cola. Mines...Jack Hancock Colo St Col...Jack La Bonde Cola. St. U...Don Mullison Colorado... Linn Long Colo. Western...Tracy Borah Columbia...Stan Thornton Concordia (I11.)... J. Haubenstricker Concordia (Minn.)...Vernon Grinaker Concordia (Neb.)...James Wacker Connecticut Nate Osur Cornell Col... J. Bremner Cornell... E. J. Miller Cortland St... V. Gonino C. W. Post... J. Davey School Coaeh Record Dartmouth...Alden Burnham Davidson...Charles Parker Delaware... P. G. Billy Denison... F. Thornsen. Jr Denver...Tom Sand DePauw...Ted Katula Dickinson...Robert Marshall Dickinson St...Morris Martin...lo. 7.0 Doane...Robert Canners Drexel Tech...Doug Frey Dubuque...Kenneth Mercer Duke...Carmen Falcone Earlham...Bob Geiger East Carolina...Bob Gantt Eastern Illinois...Harold Pinther Eastern Kentucky...Thomas Harper Eastern Michigan... Russ Bush Eastern Oregon... Erling Odegaard East Stroudsburg...Clyde Witman Eau Claire... A1 Rolland Edinboro St...Fred Caro Elizabethtown... D. Kenneth Ober Emory...Ken Turner Fair. Dickinson...Bob Metz FD. Madison...Joseph Krufka Findlay... D. S. Renninger Ft. Hays St...Dave Winter Fort Lewis...Jerry McCollough Frank. & Marsh... W. R. Phillips Fresno St...Dick Francis Frostburg St...Neil Hattlestad Gallaudet...Tom Clayton Georgia... Avery Harvill Gettysburg...Ray Reider Grinnell...Terry Moore Grove City...Joseph Kopnisky Gustavus Adolphus... Ade Sponberg Hartwick...Mark Pelson Harvard...Robert Pickett Haverford...Frederick Hartmann Heidelberg...Jim Getz Hillsdale...Dan Goldsmith Hiram...Mike Koval Hobart... W. Ray Demuth Hofstra...Peter Damone Howard U... L. 0. Benjamin Hunter...Bernard Gutin Huron...Carl Miller Idaho St...Earl Lynn Illinois Tech... Tony Barbaro Illinois State...Robert Koehler Illinois... Buel Patterson I11. Wesleyan...Bob Keck Ind. Central... Paul E. Velez Indiana...Charles McDaniel St. Col. Iowa...Chuck Patten Iowa State...Dr. H. J. Nichols Iowa...David McCuskey Ithaca... H. Broadwell Jarnestown... Rollie Greeno Johns Hopkins...Dave Blizzard Juniata... W. F. Berrier Kalamazoo... Mitch Phillips Kansas St...Fritz Knorr Kent State...Joe Begala Kenyon....Richard Watts Kings Point... Lt. C. Stralka Knox....Alfred Partin Lafayette...George Azar

36 34 THE OFFICIAL WRESTLING GUIDE 1967 School Coach Record Lake Forest... A1 Hanke Lawrence...Ron Roberts Leb. Valley...Jerry Petrofes Lehigh...Gerry Leeman Lincoln (Pa.)....Robert Gardner Linfield... Hal Smith Lock Haven... Gray Simons...lo. 1.0 Long Beach St...Dale Deffner L. I. Aggies...Bob Hartman Loras....Dick Smith Los Angeles St... Reed Nilson Loyola (Md.)...Tom Milligan Luther...Gary Embretson Lycoming... Budd Whitehill Macalester....Jim Burkhardt Macvurray...Dave Camaione Manchester...Jim Gratz Mankato St... Rummy Macias Marist...Henry Schimmel Marquette....Barney Karpfinger Marshall...Ed Prelaz Maryland...William Krouse Maryville...John A. Davis MIT...Wilfred Chassey Massachusetts... Irv Hess Mayville St... Orle Sundre Miami (0.)...Joe Galat Michigan St... Grady Peninger..lo. 2.0 Michigan Tech...Dick Elrite Michigan... Clifford Keen Midland...Max Kitzelman Millersville... J. R. Bimson Milligan... Orvel Crowder Millikin... Jack Butts Minnesota... Wally Johnson Minot St...Hank Hettwer...lo. 1.0 Missouri....Vernon Whitney..lo. 8.0 Monmouth (I11.)... Bill Reichow Montana St...Herb Agocs Montana...Ron Pfeffer Montclair St...Henry Ferris Moorhead St...Bill Garland Moravian...Carl Frankett Morehead St...Bill Bowers Morningside... Arnold Brandt Mount Union... Bill Dessecker Muhlenberg... C. Kuntzleman Muskingum... Les Baum Navy...Ed Peery...lo. 1.0 Nebraska...Orval Borgialli Newark-Rutgers...Robert Mizerek..lo. 3.0 New Mexico....Bill Bynum New York U...Arnold Berg N. C. State... A1 Crawford North Carolina...Sam Barnes North Central...John Novak North Dakota St...Arthur Maughan North Dakota...Harold Pedersen..lo. 6-0 Northern Arizona... Wes Brown. Jr Northern Illinois...Dr. R. Brigham Northern St. (S.D.)..Don Woods Northwestern...Ken Kraft NW Missouri...Jerry Landwer Notre Dame...Tom Fallon Oberlin...Joseph Gurtis Ohio State... Casey Fredericks..lo. 3.1 Ohio U...Fred SchIeicher Ohio Wesleyan...Ray Leech Oklahoma St...Myron Roderick Oklahoma... Tommy Evans....l Old Dominion....Pete Robinson Omaha....Donald Benning Oneonta St... Fran Daley School Coach Record Oregon Col... Boyde Long Oregon St...Dale Thomas Oregon Tech... Howard Morris Oregon...Art Keith...lo. 4.3 hego St...James Howard Otterbein...Larry Lintner Parsons...Tony Yelovich Penn Military... H. Sveinbjornsson Penn State...William Koll Pennsylvania...Donald Prey Pittsburgh...Dave Johnson Platteville... V. Vradenburg Plattsburgh St... Don Lindell Pomona...Walt Ambord Portland St...Howard Westcott Potsdam St...Neil Johnson John Johnston Princeton... Purdue...Claude Reeck RPI... Norb Smalling Rochester Tech...Earl W. Fuller Rochester....Clarence Aikey Rutgers....Richard Voliva St Andrews... Morgan-Johnson St Cloud....Ken Cox St Francis (Pa.)... Thomas L. Vaux St John's (Minn.)...Bob Dumonceaux St Joseph's (Ind.)...Bill Jennings St Olaf... Chuck Lunder St. Thomas... Nate Harlan San Diego St...Harry Broadbent San Fernando... Adran Adams San Francisco St...Allen Abraham San Jose St...Hugh Mumby Santa Clara...Joe Stein Seton Hall...Steven Evanoff Sewanee...Horace Moore Simpson... Ken Heizer Slippery Rock...Donald Campbell South Dakota St...Warren Williamson S.D. Tech... Darold King South Dakota...Roger Kerns Southern Illinois...Jim Wilkinson Southern Oregon... Ralph Walter Southern St. (S.D.)..Jack Richardson Springfield...Doug Parker Stanford...Bill Leland Stevens Point... Bill Bums Stout St... Sten Pierce Superior St... M. Mertorelli Swarthmore... Gomer Davies Syracuse...Ed Carlin Tampa....Len Altramura Tarkio...Bob Lade Temple...John Rcgers Toledo...Joe Scalzo Toronto...W m. Van Reit Tufts...Neil Keller UCLA...Dave Hollinger UI Chicago...George Jurinek Union (N.Y.)... R. B Allison Upper Iowa...A. J. Nadeau Ursinus...Barry Gibson TJtah State... Delwin McCrary Utah...Marvin Hess UW Milwaukee...Don Bartkowiak Valley City St....Don Lemnus...lo. 3.0 Valparaiso... Wm. Steinbrecher VMI... Oscar Gupton Virgmia St... Hulon Willis Virginia Tech...Frank Teske Virginia...Bernard Schwab Wabash...Max E. Servies Wartburg...Norm Johansen

37 School Coach Record Wash. & Jeff.....James White Wash. & Lee...Richard Miller Washington (Mo.)... Dennison Staub Washington St....Roger James Waynesburg...Clayton Ketterling Wayne St. (Neb.)...J. B. Merriman Wayne St. U....Robert Hurley Weber St..-...Tom Low Wesleyan....Alexander Sotir West Chester... Robert Long Western Illinois...Harry Larche Western Maryland....Sam Case Western Michigan....Roy J. Wietz Western Ontario... Glynn Leyshon Western Reserve....Ed Lewis West Liberty....Harold G. Lee...lo DUAL MEET RECORDS 35 School Coach Record.Milton Martin Westmar... West Virginia... Steve Harriek Wheaton...George Olsen Whitman...Keith Loper Wilkes...John G. Reese...lo-1-0 Wm. Jewel1....Fred Flook Williams...Pete DeLisser Winona St.... Bob Gunner Wisconsin... George Martin Wittenberg... Tom Meyers Wooster...:...Phil Shipe Worcester Tech....Prank W. Grant Wyoming...Joe MeDaniel Yale....Henry Campbell..O-10-0 Yeshiva...Henry Wittenberg Helms Foundation Amateur Wrestling Hall Of Fame The Amateur Wrestling Hall of Fame was established by the Helms Athletic Foundation of Los Angeles in 1957 with an original selection of five wrestlers, nine coaches and one contributor. Since 1957 annual elections to the Hall of Fame have been held. With the announcement of seven additions for 1966 the total number to be honored for their outstanding contributions to the sport'is now 93, including 40 wrestlers, 37 coaches and 16 contributors. Elections to the Amateur Wrestling Hall of Fame are made by the Helms Hall Board as a result of recommendations made bv the Amateur Wrestline Hall of Fame Committee, headed by Jess Hoke, editor and publisher of -~mateur Wrestling News. A permanent trophy for amateur wrestling is maintained in Helms Hall and members of the Hall of Fame whose names are inscribed thereon are as follows: Stephen &I. Archer W. Austin Bishop Wilfred E. Cann Raymond G. Clapp Richard L. Barker Fendlcy Collins Tom Evans Edward C. Gallagher Arthur Griffith John W. Hancock Harold Howard Briggs Hunt Hubert Jack Charles Aclterly David Arndt Douglas Blubaugh Glenn Brand Conrad Caldwell Richard Di Batista Gqarge S. Dole Ross Flood Stanley Henson, Jr. Dick Hutton COMTRl BUTORS Albert deferrari Jess Hoke John H. Drummond Thomas M. Lumly John Engel Eric Pohl Manuel Gorriaran Neal F. Quimby Harold E. Kenney Clifford Keen Paul V. Keen Everett Lantz Gerald E. Leeman Billy Martin Archie Mathis Charles W. Mayser David McCuskey COACHES Bernard Mooney Harold Nichols Hugo Otopalik Charles Parker Buell Patterson Rex Peery Claude Reeck Port Robertson Myren Roderick WRESTLERS Burl Jennings Joe McDaniel Merle Jennings Wayne Martin Alan I). Kelley George M. Mehnert William Xerslake Peter Mehringer William H. Kop,' Allie Morrison Lowell Lange - William J. Nelson Frank Lewis Thorwald Olsen Terence fi&2a& Robert Pearce Earl McCready Arnold Plaza Charles MeDaniel Robin Reed G. D. Richardson Clay Roberts Raymond V. Roberts C. W. Streit Joseph Scalzo William Sheridan Raymond Sparks Charles Speidel Henry Stone Raymond Swartz W. H. "Billy" Tom Arnold W. Umbaeh Richard Voliva Julius F. Wagner Jack Riley Joseph Sapora William Smith John Spellman Harry Steele Jack Van Bebber Russell Vis Shelby Wilson Henry Wittenberg Keith Young

38 CALIFORNIA CENTRAL SECTION CHAMPIONS: Left to right, front row-valdez (Bakersjield) Cosme (No. Bakersfield), Serros (Bakersfield) Heath (So. Bakersfield), Contreras (dingsburg) Jones (Hanford). back row-varner dollmyer (both Bakersfield), Herndon (Amin), Mhtin? Simmons (bkh So. ~akersfieli), Hultgren (Foothill Bakersfipld). Cflsfunsdn (Portervzlle). CALZFORNIA SAN JOAQUIN WINNERS: Left to right front row-mcbride (Ceres) Healer (Vacauille) Irizarry (Downey) Jolley McDonuld' Peterson (all Grace ~avis): Powell (~owneu); back row-lbrgen&n (~;rlock), ~o&an (Linden), Mason (Bella Vista), ~arker (~olsom), ~idmer (Manteca), Giambiuno (El Camino).. DELAWARE INDIVIDUAL KINGS: Left to right front row-hession (Claymont), Clausen (Georgetown) Thomas (DeLaWarr) ~uckl; (Wm. Penn) Rhode (Tatnall), Donovan (P.S. ~u~odt), Hogue (Tatnall); hick row-f. Thomas (Se~a~aw), Gildersleeve (DeLaWaw), Bickelman (Wm. Penn), K~apf (Tatnall), Cadwalader (St. Andrews).

39 Alabama SCORING-Alex City 103, Lanier 71, Beny 57, Fairfield 54, Banks 50, Alabama Inst. for Deaf 48, Enterprise 34, Shades Valley 30, Lee-Huntsville 26, Opelika 22, Glenn Vocational 15 Tarrant 13 Decatur 8, Auburn 7, McAdory 7, Valley-Fairfax 5, Central 3, Fort pay& 1, ~etumbka LB-Barnes (AC) champion Austin (F) 2nd Gantt (L) 3rd Stewart (Mc) 4th. 103-LB-Adams (SV), Hooks (de), Buntin (F), '~odo(ac); li2-~b-~ordan (AC): McKenzie (Be) Patton (SV) Yates (0)- 120-LB-Mosley (Ba) Camps (0) Mitchell (AID), Ellis (d); 127-LB-~kper (Ea),'~ims(AID), Tapley (LC), Brush ('~e); 133- LB-Melgs (AC), Bradshaw (Be) Broom (L) Jones (Ba). 138-LB-Nesmith (AID) Riley (AC), Mathews. (D), Davis IL); 145-~~i~ix (L), wail (AC), Fuller (AID), ~ili (GV); 154-LB-Aman (Ba), Lull (LH), Ogletree (AC), Calhoun (F); 165-LB-Murphy (LH) Bunn (AC) Barton (L) Jones (SV). 174-LIB-Tucker (E) Jennings (L), Batton (GV): Shields (Fj; 180-LB-~rummett (EJ, Briner (F), ~peignkr (L), Puckett (SV). 191-LB-Kden (Be), Henderson (L), Merrill (F), Boynton (Au); HVYWT-S~~~I~H (Tar), Hill (AC), Coach (AID), Flurry (F). Arizona - Class AA SCORING-Alhambre 47 Westwood 40, Maryvale 39, Palo Verde 39. Other Teams- Arcadia, Carnelback ~arf Hayden Catalina Central Cortez Flagstaff Glendale Hofa, Phoenix ~nio;, Pueblo, ~co&sdale, ~oith, sunn$slope, $empe, TuAon, wash: ington, West. 95-LB-Winger (PV) ohampion, Sanchez (P) 2nd Hinterliter (Al) 3rd Valesquez (Westw) 4th; 103-LB-Martineq (CH), Lee (G), ~oiez (P), Millanes (Tej; 112-LB- Lichlyter (a), Steinbaugh (M), Bennett (Co), Gamboa (CH); 120-LB-Tolifson (West) Beakley (Te), Baker (Al), Slider (Ar); 127-LB-Snider (Tu), Ralston (Co), ~mmin~e: (West) Couvdon (Sc). 133-LB-Velasqarez (Westw) Rondeau (Ar) Sanders (Co) Besser ' (Wa). 138-Ld~artinez (PU) Cline (Cat) kochran (PV) krredondo (~e): 145-~~--~arhan (M), Camarena (~j, Perch (~dstw), Vivian ($). 154-LB-White (Westw), Smith (Sy), Nard (CH), Johnson (M); 165-LB-Nelson (PV), 'M. Johnson (Al), Jensen (Co), Mattlngly (Ar); 180-LB-Engler (West), Bergold (Sc), Roberts (Cam), Nelson (Al); HVYWT-Dawson (Tu), Lugo (Al), Glazer (F), Peyou (Ar). Arizona - A-B-C SCORING-Holbrook 98 Winslow 79 Benson 77, Flowing Well 77. Other Teams- Buena, Phoenix Indian, ~ndwflake, ~olleion. 95-LB-Underwood (H) champion Harper (FW) 2nd Contreras (W) 3rd Bryant IS) 4th: 103-LB-McGoffin (Be). ~ekain (H). Damon (w). Selestewa (PI): ~I~-LB- ~ k c h (s) Mott (FW) ~aney'xw) '~atz4eiler (Be). 12~h3-~am~o~ (s) ~ackson (PI) ~rar$er (W) ~ake (FW). 147-LB-Buelow (~e) Price (W) ~rosswjhite (H) Muhe (PI): 133~LB4udduth '(Fw). Kouw IB~): Davis (S): LB--Luther.iW). Hanson (W): Larson (Be): 'Firmeroa IT): '145-LB-Ma;ado (T). Comaduran (~ej' ~uisenbe&y (FW) ~onndly' (WT 154-LBL~rinkerhoff (H) Fax%: worth (Be), ~eaht (W) endr rick so; (S). 165-LB-Stephens (H) O'Dell (S) ' Beckett (FW), Quexada (T); i80-lb-~dams (Be), Hensley (S), ~ickitt (H), ah^ (PI); HVYWT-DeWitt (H), Nixon (FW), Lopez (W), Vidlak (Bu). British Columbia - Canada SCORING-Burnaby Central 88 Burnaby South 53 Vancouver 39 Delbrook 24 Gladstone 24, Winston Churchill 42. Other ~chools-~lson-~raham, ~dmoral, ~illarl ney Kitsilano Templeton, Hugh McRoberts, Steveston, Quesnel Secondary, Neill, ~aiaimo ~ecoidary Trafalgar 98-LB-~bernathi (BC champion Grassick (BC) 2nd Zimich (G) 3rd Birch (D) 4th. 106-LB-Babcock (WC), Helmig (BC),.Robertson (H MC), Whittaker '(Bs); 1 X-LB~ Stone (BS) McDonald (BC) De Guglielmo (Tr) Marasco (BS). 123-LB-Rushworth (BS) card9(bc) Stainsby (BS) Miller (Bal). 13b-~B-~ombou~i (D) Ainsbury (V).SlikY(~il), Card ~BC); 136-LB-horschfield (wc), Stewart (BC), ~artl& (BC), ~evini

40 38 THE OFFICIAL WRESTLING GUIDE 1967 (CG). 141-LB-Giffen (BC) Smith (BS) Ansen (Te) Gordon (CG). 148-LB-Gray (D) ~egigr (BC) Grant (BC) holmes (wc~. 157-~~-s~ttilio (V) ~Ahuhart (BC) parleg (BC) T. ~irlee (BC). i68-lib~ayaks' (G) Goddard (BS) hoor (Kil) ~eiier (D). 178-i~-~. ~obertson' (S), Steele (V), ~avikon (R), ~hou&ard (V); ~sl-l~-~trautb (G), Bell (V),.Scott (BS), Galloway (V); HVYWT-Burnett (Kit), Paulsen (BS), McCarry (V), F~sher (Kil). California - Central Section SCORING-South Bakersfield 71, Bakersfield 66, Fresno 48, North Bakersfield 33, Porferville 31, Foothill Bakersfield 28, McLane 26, Hanford 25, Ea~t Bakersfield 22 Arvin 20, Madera 20, Kingsburg 20, Hoover 18, Mt. Whitney 13, Roosevelt 12: Dos Palos 11, Exeter 11, Reedley 11, Clovis 10, Redwood 10, Washington Union 10, Sanger 6 Tulare 6 Cocoran 5 Merced 5 95-~~h~sme (NB) cwidn, ~anuelos (Ha) 2nd Herrera (BHS) 3rd Ensslin (P) 4th. 103-LB-Serros (BHS) Molina (Red) ~eabom-a (SB) Sanchez (~6). 112-LB- He& (SB) King (Ma) ~ivera (Ree) ~i&on (FB). 120-i~-~ontrera s(k) Bulgara (F) ama ado to (C1) ~akhez (FB). li7-~~-~mes (~a) Mason (WU) ~aiker (SB) ~a&o (A). 133-~g~aldez (BIBS Diaz (F) Burnett '(NB) Turner '(T). 138-LB--) Varner (BHS) Bauers (F) ~ontgokery (Mc) ' Rabbon (P). f45-~~-~old&er (WS) Goss (NB) ~icini (F) ~blcomb (Ma) 154-i~-Herndon \A) Duncan (Ro) ~udsog (Ho), ~a<berry (P); i65-~b_~artin b), Hul! (Mc), ~och: (Ex3, ~etschkr (Ree); 175-LB-Srmrnons (SB) Ballinger (DP) Medarrs (F) lher (Mc). 191-LB-Hulltgren (FB), Valos (EB), orti; (Ho), ~edrano'(s); ~~~~~Lcastaneda (k), Graves (Mt.W), Culliton (SB), Hulana (Me). California - San Joaquin SCORING-Grace Davis 55 Downey 45 El Dorado 32 Manteca 31 Folsom 23 Vacaville 20 Turlock 19 ~eies 19 San juan 18 ~ivin~sion 18 ~disoh 17 ~inded 16 Nevada hion 13 ~i Camino i2 Bella ~ista'l2 Stagg 10. woodland $0 Tracy 9, '~ira Lorna 9, ~oke Del Rio 9, D& Campo 9, ~;~hson 6, Modesto 6, ~osehlle 6, Oakdale 4 Placer 3 95-~~-'Mc~ride Ic) champion, Dougherty (SJ) 2nd, Nelson (F) 3rd Prasad (Lin) 4th; 103-LB-Healer (V), Docherty (El D), Bye (D), Graziano (Liv) l i2-~~-1rizarry (D) Fontana (GD) Meikle (Mo) Santos (NDR). 120-LB-Jdey (GD) Haney (D) ~ru)itt (V) Oel (P).' 127-~~-~cdaald (GD) ~mina (Liv) Spears (C) killman (NU): 133-~B-$eterson (GD), Rice (Ma), Perry (&, Dant (S); '138-~~-1~o&ell (D), ~ ontl gomery (El D), Moore (F), Ward (Ma); 141-LB-Jmgensem (Tu), Behm (ML), KiIlion (ElD), Goza (Liv); 154-LB-Morgan (Lin), Navarro (Tr), McBride (ElD), Fuentis I Tu); 165-=Mason (BV), Muller (DC), Klem (S),.O'Brien (GD); 175-LB-Parker I?), Vogt (NU), Bengston (GD), Jones (E); 191-LE-Widmer (Ma),.Piggee (E), Wilson (SJ), Andrews (R); HVYWT-Giambruno (El C), Savala (W), McNeil (E), Smclair (D). California - Southern Section SCORING-Mira Costa 61 Pacific 37 San Bernardino 31 West 27 Brawley 25, Morningside 24 South 21 ehaffey 20 kalos Verdes 20 Exkelsior 18 '~olsa Grande 16, Leuzinger i6, Lennox) 15, wester; 13, Kennedy 12: Aviation 11,' Lawndale 11, Lowell 11 Nogales 11 Righetti 11 El Monte 10 Inglewood 10 Redondo 10 San Luis 0bis;o 10 ~esthinster 10 ~arina 9 ~ta&adero 8, cost: Mesa 8, s&i 6, Artesia 6, ~arst;w 6, LaHabr? 6,'Corona 5, oh No~th 5, Sierra 5, 98-LB-Aguilar (BR) champmn, Clay (P) Znd, Zafermu (Sim) 3rd, Tamble (So) 4th; 106-LB-McMahon (E), Rodriquez (Law), Norris (MC), Salcido (Ar); 115-LB-Barba (Western), Gonzales (R), Hall (SB), Parode (FV); 123-LB-Medley (MC), Llnnel (I), Galv~n (EM) Sunderland (SLO). 130-LIB-Park (PV) Minor (Rig) Harris (So) Mayette (Cor); <!36-~~-~ewrnan (pi, Miller (West), ~eao (Westm), kennedy (~hf; 141- LB-Williams (West) Racowsky (Mor) Larson (LaH) Thomas (JN). 148-LB- Blackwell (CH) ~hukhill (SB) ~oldei (Mar) Higgins '(A"). 157-~~-Leair (Led Pearson (Low) beeson (Br) ~oriman (At). 168-il&~ambin ( ~k) Tribble (P) shield: (K) Chafin (s~o). 178-LB:~erry (MG) holarz (Mor) ~err~man'(cm) ~anihs (Sie). 19d-~~-eheak (Lku) Fairless (MC) dhristianson (~d), Olson (Ba); HVYWT-warn; (BG), Nava (SB), mail (N), Wray (Ed. Colorado - Division I SCORING-Adams City 46, Montrose 37, Rocky Ford 31, Englewood 29, Pueblo East 29, Ft. Morgan 24, Fairview 22, Delta 22, Lakewood 22, Arvada West 20, Alamosa 20, Fruita 17, Golden 17, Boulder 16, Grand Junction 16, Littleton 15,

41 SCHOLASTIC REVIEWS Pueblo Central 15 West Denver 14 Alameda 11 Cheyenne Mountain 11 Ranum 11, Aurora Central 10' Greeley Central 10 Poudre 8 ' Mapleton 7, Ft. ~ollins'7, Abraham Lincoln 5, wheat9ridge 5, Sterling 4, Thomas '~efferson 3, South Denver 3, Westminster. 95-LB-Smebley (Li) champion, Huffaker (Al) 2nd, Gonzales (P) 3rd, Gonzales (RF) 4th. 103-LB-Sprouse (WD) MartInez (Mo) Garcia (AC) Ramirez (Ma). 112-LB- ~liiarri (Mo), McArthur (AG) Swain ~lj, Popp (PE)' 120-~~-~a&er (Ft.M), Komoloske (R), Arnold (LA), ~6reeves (D\. 127-LB-Salmas (A0 Olds (Mo) Tereez (Ft.M), Garza (PE); 133-LB-Wckford (RF), Babcock (Fa), ~ead (PE), ~inciair (B); 138-LB-Gaaardo (E), Kaveny (GC) Johnson (G) Murphy (AW); 145-LB-Thompson (AW), Coffman (AC), Green (GJ),' erson (~t.6). 154-LE-Silva (Fr) Eaton (E) French (RF), Holepan (AL); 165-LB-Kmgrey (La), '~arpin(ac), Keffin '(PE), ~eatle; (B). 180-LB-Fraz~er (PC) Johnston (Fa) Scharf (G), Sullins (Al); HVYWT-Sperry (~f, Stefanic (C Mt), ~eece'(~l), Ckonk (w;). Cobrado - Division II SCORING (Tap 31)-Hotchkiss 38, Steamboat Springs 30, Olathe 28, Broomfield 27, Valley Hi h 26, Cedaredge 24, Center 21,.Sheridan 21? College High 20, Eaton 19, Meeker 18, Wray 17, Burlington 17, Gunnisun 17, Pahsade 16, Fowler 15, Crowley County 15, Paonia 15, Brush 14, Rifle 14, Mountain Va!ley 14, Rangely 14, Moffat County 13, Hugo 11, D & B 11, Holly 8, Battle Mountam 8, Ft. Lupton 7, Eads 5, Monte Vista 5, Highland LB-Sievers (G) champion Perez (M Co) 2nd Bishop (Bur) 3rd Taylor (Hot) 4th. lo3-lb-vigil (MtnV) ~t&t (Bur) Palmer (hed), Leonard (~i); 112-LB-Sato (~hj Duran (Eat) ~ockhalft (SS) True ' (Fow). 120-LB-Lindsey (Pal) Whittingham (0)' Medina (B ~ t Barela ) (~eni). ~~T-LB- amil ills (Cen) Kopcho (D&B) Wright (v$), ~arlo4 ad): 133-LB-Rein ~cc), Font? (W), Van ~ & n (Eat), ~owar2 (Ft.:); 138-LB-Radebaugh (Ced), Marty (Hot), Ulr~ch (VH), Ollvas (Hi); 145-LB-Badey (Pao) Sarchet (VH) Don (SS) Kobneck (Bro). 154-LE-Boumgartner (CH), Rhea (~ro): Leonard (Ri), 'Taylor (~ot); 165-LB--Gray Io~), Klement (Hu), Talkington (Me), Sutherland.(Bra); 180-LFSchroeder (Hot), Steward (Me), Dorr (SS), Schelly (CH); HVYWT-Simms (Ra), Nincehelser (Bru), Holden (Hol), Allen (SS). Connecticeril. - ClAC SCORING-Greenwich 74, Rippowam 67, Stamford 63, Staples 43, McMahon 2, Ledyard LB-Gerardi (Stam) champion, Yankowich (G) 2nd, Carroll (R) 3rd; 112-LB- Ruka (Stam), Hernandez (R), Phillips (Stap);. 120-LB-Fong (G), Barber (Stam), Cheney (Stap); 127-LB-Brooks (G), Prentwe (R), Birch (Stap); 133-LB-King (Stam), Middleton (G), Radar (Stap); 138-LB-Binford (R),.Powell (G), Gog (Stap); 145-LB-Mahn (R) Vorvis (Stam) Umh (G). 154-LB-Wford (R) Hunter (Stap) Morgan (G). 16$-~~-~rindle (G), Giancola (k), Dorsey (Stam); 18d-L~-~enny (G),' Brock (stam): Neff (Stap); HVYWT-Headley (Stap), Raymond (R), Mammone (Stam). Connecticut - ClWA SCORING-Wooster 74 Cheshire 43 Kingswood 39 Loomis 37, Gunnery 36, Suffield 33, Taft 31, ~o&ins 28, ~alisbury 17, Kent 11: Marianapolis 10, Choate 9, Avon 5 ASD 3 Podret-0 Milford L~--Pru&an IKi) &amnion. ~bttrill (G) 2nd. Blandv (W) 3rd. Looez (T) 4th: 115-LB-Carter (W), i in^ (~j, darnp (~hbj,' ~ana~ida is;). ' 12l-~~-kee;e; (T); Mongillo (Che) Halsey (H) Killian (C'ho). 127-LE-Golden (W)' Johnson (T) Buckman (H), Bryson (c); 133-~~-~utclher (Che),'~reston(W), Smith (~e), Jayson [~u); 138- LB-Brown (Ki), McCarten (Ma), Graham (L), Chapman (Sun). 145-LB-Booth (G) Southwick (H), Rittenhouse jw), West (ASD); 152-~~-~mhdls (L), Norton (w): Silverthome (Ke), Cuddihy (G ; 160-LB-Kern (Che), Post (G), Eaton (Sa Dockman (Suf) 167-LB-Lavigne (W), Murphy (Che), Callahan (Su), Ingersoll (Sa{j 177-LB- ~ m (KI), d Plato (H), Sklaver (T), Hudson (W); HVYWT-Parker (Su), Schnackel (Sa), Gabreski (Av), Knapp (L). Delaware TEAMS-Brandywine, Caesar Rodney Christiana CZaymont Conrad DeLaWarr Delmar Dickinson Dover A.F., over: A. I. ~upont, P. S.' DuPont,' ~eor~etown: ~arriniton ~iddl&own Milford, Millsboro, Mt. Pleasant, Newark, Wm. Penn, Sanford, ~eafdrd, Smyrna, kt. Andrews, Tatnall, Tower Hill. 95-LB-Hession (Cl) champion, Lambert (St.A) 2nd, Godowsky (PSD) 3rd, Nau

42 40 THE OFFICIAL WRESTLING GUIDE 1967 (Co) 4th- 103-LB-Oausen (G) Proud (AID) Saccorso (WF) Shedaker (Delm) LB-T~O& (DeLa) Frank (kilf) Marion '(~1) Chapman ' (St A). 120-LB-~uckle (WP) Fogg (DeLa)' Pfeiffer (~ilf f Leager (~m): 127-~~-I3ondv& (PSD) Forwood F AID^ Campbell (~kla) Rigby (c& 133-~~-~&ue (St A) Cain (H) Lonio (DeLa D ~dgue (DM). 138-&-~. Th-is (DeLa), Marshall (s;) Jones (&I) Taylor (Ti 1~5-LB-~ildersle'eye (DeLa) Hadley (TH) Eaton (T) mid (G). 154-lj&-Bickelman (W) Kelley (Ne) Burke IT) sandburg' (TH). ~GS-LB-R~O~ (T) Davis (St A) Rigb; (CR), Moore '(De~a); ~ ~ ~ (TI, r a ~chetzler ~ f (WP,?hillipsY(Milf), ~eefriei (Del); HVYWT-Cadnalader (St.A), McGee (CR), Tdl (WP), khgerman (B). Florida SCORING-Miami Norland!04, Miami Coral Park 70, Archbishop Curley 69, Hollywood-McArthw 54, North Miami 52, Miami Carol City 38, Miami MA 28, Miami Palmetto 26 Coral Gables 24 Satellte Beach 23 Hileah 22 Jacksonville Forrest 22 Cocoa 21, Giami Ed~son 21, fit. Lauderdale ~tradahan 21 ~&m~ano Beach 13, ~iami Jackson 11, Merritt Island 10, Bradenton Manatee 8, ~u~&er LB--Weisman (NM) champion, Snyder (AC) 2nd. 103-LB-Arias (AC) Stovall (MN;) 112LB-Duff (Me), Sherman (NM); 120-~~-~;chanan (Ma), illi is' (MMA); 127-LB-Secada (AC), Donnelly (MN); 133-LB-.Cline (NM), Manasa (MCP) LB-SkeIley!MCC), Grossbard (MMA); 145-LB-Vdla (AC), Oster (ME); 154-~~-Hall (Mp); Olch~pa (MN); 165-LFLaMotta (MN), Bisho (H Mc); 180-LB--Madge (MN), Klein (MCC); HVYWT-Dobbms (MP), Delappa (cg~. Georgia SCORING-Briarcliff 68, Willingham 53, Druid Hills 48, Tucker 29, Southwest DeKalb 23, Rossville 21, Westmlnster 21, GMA 18, Towers 17, North Springs 13 Cross Keys 12, Headland 12, Walker 12, East Atlanta 11, Sprayberry 10, East RO& 10 Cherokee 9 Troup 6 Sandy Springs 6 Marist 6 Dykes 3 $5-~B-~ibb; (SD) chimpion, Diprima (ER) 2nd, 'Osgood (M) 3rd, Peckham (To) 4th. 103-LB-Lane (B), Scott (To) Halpern (We) Friedlander (Wi). 112-LB-Rubin (DH) C'ulpepper (Wi) Kalvelage (B) Mepham (c$)- 120-LE--Brown?R) Mote (SW ~oodman (Wi) ~enekeld (Tr). 12<-~~-Griffis (Bf Stonecypher (Wa)' Pozza (Tu{' Hinnenberg (DH). 133-~~-~ikey (Tu), Crispen (B) Landrum (Wi)' Gober (Dy)! 138-D-Mauldin '(DH), McConnell (B) Gartrell (GM~) Palmer (R). ' 145-LB-Glas; (DH) Sheppard (Wi) Davey (Sp) ~ursi (CK). 154-LB-Lftin (H) ~rlce (Wi) Jordan (Sp), inio ion (Tr); 16k-~~~iIli&s (NS), ~gdurn (Wi), ~rombettl (CK), ~randh (We). 180-LB--Graham (B), Smith (Ea), Carpenter (R), Hudson (Wa); 191-LB-Lyons (GMA): Jordan (Tu), Granade (SS), Binkley (B); HVYWT-Arnold (We), Saye (Ch), McCurnber (DH), Badey (To). Idaho SCORING-CLASS A-Marsh Valley 49, Minco 43, Capital 36, Boise 32, Idaho Falls 32, Snake River 31, Mountain Home 29, Borah 21, Highland of Pocatello 21, Payette 15 S Fremont 15 Pocatello 13, Caldwell 13 Blackfoot 11 Twin Falls 11 Buhl 9 ~ 9 ~ontpeliir 9 Filer 7, Jerome 5, ~reskon 3 Shelley '2 Booneville 1,'~ewistoA 1. CLAS'S B--Teton 73, Soda Springs 35, Parma 34, Fremont' 32, Jefferson 31, Marsing 29 North Gem 27 Homedale 25 Middleton 22 Grace 22 Challis 20 New ~l~rnou<h 18, Fruitland.i7, McCall 12, ~eclo 7, K?a b, Valley 5: Wood ~iv& 4. CLASS A-98-LB-Nichols (IF) champion, Wassia (SR) 2nd, Stone (Cal) 3rd Fulkerson (Cap)?th; 106-L+Myer (Cap), Barfuss (MV), Baldwin (Buh), ~enneti H-P); 115;LB-Lash (MY), Lindsey (Mo), Ford (TF), Hickey (Cap); 123-LB-Lish I MV), Leawtt (SR), Johnson (Mi), Horton (IF); 130-LB-Caccla (Po), Gilbert (MV Thomas (Cal), Meikle (IF); 136dB-Sche* (Mi), Adams (Cap), Anderson (Bonk Litster (Boi). 141-L&Schuldies (SF) Schaeffer (Mi) Gordon (Bl) Ruhter (TF). 148-~~--~oshns (SR) Te (Bor), ~darp (MH), ~obeits (Pr); 157-~~-~eller (H-P< Williams (MH) ~amgr (MY, Pope (Bl); 168-LB-Steppe (Bor), Gossett (Boi), Dentod (Fi), Bowman (H-P); 183-LB-Toney (Boi), Lemmon (MH), T. Anderson (Mi), Pierce (J); HVYWT-Tams (Pa),.Wood (IF), Smith (Boi), Williams (MV). CLASS B-98-LB-NOTS (SS) C~ZUII~XNI, Berry (T) 2nd,.~nthoh(D) 3rd, Knowles (NG) 4th- 106-LB-H1ggms (H) Yost (NG) Doramus (MI) Seeley (NF). 115-LE- Foster (T!, MesserIi (WJ)., Cheirrktt (NG), iso on (P); 123-~~:Hicks (G), ~iown (Ma), Woolstenhulme (T) Bymgton (WR). 130-LB-Stuart Hemmert (SS) Fowler (G Burningham (Ma) LB-~stson (H) Helderman (F) Sullivan (c)' Runyan (SS]; 141-LB-Kay (T) s isk kin (WJ) Ball (K), Hawker (SS). ' 148-LB-~icah (Ma) Rey- ndds (NF) peak) (WR) Jobe &c). 157-LB-Atkinson (b) Christensen (T) ~a;n (F) Nelson (Gj; 168-~B--&g (C), lhey (T), Bayes (NP), Hebdon (NG~; 183-~B:

43 SCHOLASTIC REVIEWS Hansen (T) Lenz (NF) Willey (Mc), Campbell (Mi); HVYWT-Trent (NP), ~gbe& (NF), ~i4atrick (V). (P), Peterson Illinois SCORING-Waukegan 65, Wheaton Central 26, Granite City 24, North Chicago 23, Aurora West 22, Rockford East 20, East Leyden 19, Evanston 18, Niles East 18, Glenbard West 14, Niles North 13, Pelun 19, Warren 13, Winsdale Central 11 Ottawa 11, Sandburg.11, Stephen Decatur 11, Glenbard East 10, Joliet West 10' York 10, ohet Cathohc 9, Rockford West 9, Sterhg 9, Deerfield 8, Elmwood pad 8 hgo / Lockport Central 7, Proviso West 7, Thqrnton F. No. 7, Galesburg 6, Gewman dntholic 6, Lincoln 5, Rock Island 5, University 4: 95-LB-Jackson (AW) champion, Fuchs (GC) 2nd, Caslano TFN) 8, Williams (Eu) 4th; 103-LB-Murphy (War), Temyson (RE), Martmez (GCO, Medley (Li); 112- LB-Vardeman (Wau), Caffert (WC), Olalde (N-Ca), Reynolds (GC). 120-L33- MoQueen (NChJ, Gamer (waul: Bern (Y) Lorentz Pe 127-LB-Rolak ($N), Laer (N Ch), Smmth (St), Woodson (Ga); 183-J&~ard (kv]; Buttrye (WC), Mitchell (D), Creamens (JC). 138-Ll3-Slater (Wau) Grlgllone (0) Nuna (WR) Van Nattan (Pe). I~~-LB--L~UTS& (EL) Cookas (JW)) Adams (LCf Langille (Gc - I!M-LB-P~USH (NE), Hermerich (GEL Baron (Ar), k e s (U); 166-~~-~ay (Waul: Cooper (St D), Palazzolo (EP) Hennesy (PW). 180-LB-Melvrlle (Wau) Imrie (HC) Scott (RE Pontieare (NE~I HVYWT-Be& (GW), Pnazek (Sa), ~afbreath (AW), '~udmn(jc]: Indiana SCORING-South Bend Adams 28 Camel 22 New Albany 20 Gary Edison 20 Southport 19, Franklin Central 19, &dianapolis Ghortridge 13, SO;& Bend Riley 12: Logansport 1% Lowell 11 South Bend Central 11 Gary Horace Mann 10 East Chicago ~oos&elt 9, ~aw&nce Central 9, Anderson '8, Beach Grove 8, Leb&on 8, Ben Davis 5, Evansville Reitz 5, Crawfordsville 4, Crown Point 4, Gary Roosevelt 4, Hammond High 4, Hammond Tech 4, Indianapohs Arhgton 4, Indianapoh Cathedral 4, Indianapolis Northwest 4. Other Teams-Elkhart, Evansville North, Fort Wayne South Side, Gary Emerson, Hammond Bishop Noll, Indianapolis Northwest, Indianapolis Tech, Indianapolis Washington, Muncie Central, Muncie South Side, Warren Central. 95-LB- s (Log) champion Gamble GHM) 2nd, Watson (IW) 3rd, Wise (MC) 4th.=-Eats (NA) ~t&zman (LC\ Hultquist (HT) Kaiser (SBC); 112- LB-castdo (GE), Russell (sb~), McKee (IN),' Bagb (EN); lho-~b-~ernard (FC), Ramos (GEL Lentz (IA). Hughes (MSS): ~~~-L&Mos~Y (SBA), Barnard (FC). Thornton (HH) -'&- (wc)-- 1%3-L&-~i&ottorn (S) H s Kern (IC)'. Bobalik (HBN); lb&-~b-~oh.l[ill& (LOW), Pavey (NA), ~v&y (IT), ~r&dstaff (l?w!h); 145- LB-Smith (C), James (A!, Carver (Cr), Popa (GE); 154-LB-Blackwell (IS), Miller (Le), Pearlberg (CP, ECrwt (E). 165-LB-Galloway (SBR) Denker (BG), Kappel (BD) Trepanier (GHM). /SO-LB-Savhge ($.kt), Hardy (Fa),&ape (ER), Donhauser (MC)~ HVYWT-M~~~~~' (SBC), Rosa (S), Slms (GR), Prvx (IS). - low a SCORING-CLASS AA-West Waterloo 46 Davenport Central 22 Cedar Falls 22 - Fort Dodge 22 East Waterloo 21 Cedar ~Lpids Jefferson 17 1owh City 17 ceda; Rapids ~ashin&on 17, Iowa Falls7 15 Des Moines Tech 15 ~averly-shell ~bck 12 Ames 1. Charles City 12 Decorah li Des Moines ~ooseveft 12 Chariton 9 ~li~tog Des koines Lincoln 9,'~uscatine 9: Eagle Grove 9, Co.uncil hffs Thorn& Jeffer- - s(;n 5, Estherville 5, Manchester 5, Maqouketa 5, Bloomfield 3, Cresco 3, Dubuque 3, Mason City 3. (=LASS.A-Algona 47, Britt 30: Ankeny 27, Harlan 21 Mount r Vernon 15, Osage 14, Montwello 14, Jesup 14, Clanon 12, Oakland 12, ced& Rapids Prairie 12, Reinbeck 12, Camanche 12, Greene 10, Council Bluffs Lewis Central 9, = - Nashua 9 Waterloo Orange 9 Rockwell City 9 Traer North Tama 9 Urbandale 9 Alden 8, ~umboldt 6,. ~acksoi Junctipn,6, ~urkly Valley 6, Griswold 5, Hampton 5: Wilton Junction 5, Sigwrney 4, Wmf~eld 4, Anamosa 3, Johnston 3, Postville 3, P - S aydel 3 CLASS AA-95-LB-hutson (h) champio- Knight (IC) 2nd Garrett (CBJ) 3rd Coty (MC) 4th Eggenberg (Mu), James (a) Ganske an) Johnson (~r): LB-Gable '(WW), Briggs (CRJ), Allison (FD), ~{ockdale (EG); i20-~j3-m~ke~ (WW), Vasey (DML), Houseal IC Tague (FD); 127-LB-Stevens (EW), Neighbors FD) Mayberry (Maq) Boyd td). 133-*-Noah (CC) Yahn (CI) Duffy (IF), &&ins (Bl); ~~-LB-SIMT~- (-), Brown (WSR), ~n?rews (FD), &a1 (CRJ). 145-LB-Shade (DMT) Borden (m) Heene WW), Nmmann (WSR). 154-L& Newmeister (CBW), ~dlmes (EW), ~oder (EG), harnahan (DMTD); 165-b-Rhades C

44 TOPS IN ILLINOIS RANKS: Left to right kneeling-jackson (Aurora West) Murphy 4 (Wmen) Vardeman (Waukegan) ~ c ~ u e(no. e i Chicago) Rolak (Niles NO&). back row-~laier (Waukegan), ~aurs& (East Leyden), Pauss?Niles East), Bay, ~elvilte 4 (both Waukegan), Beilfuss (Glenbard West). Missing-Ward (Evanston). LOUISIANA INTERSCHOLASTIC KINGS: Left to.right, sitting-heints (De La Sqlle), White (Jesuzts), Ruzz (Holy Cross), O'Boyle (Jesuzts), Gezssler (Holy Cross); mzddle row-herbert (South Cameron) Vegas Camone (both Holy Cross) Fannola (East Jeffe~~o~), Vesley (Jesuits); baci row-~>rdelon (EM Jefferson), held (East Jefferson), Marino (Jesuits), Uustalet (Holy Cross). MASS. STATE FINALISTS: Left to right, front ~~~-Burns, Christie (both Lowell), Paffenbarger (Needham] Gauthim (Lowell) Barges (Brookline) Zwicker (Westford) back row-mckenna (~hlton-wenham) H'art (Springfield ~e&) Power (~eedham): Goodrow (Springfield Tech), Broadley (deedham), Henry (No. ~nhovm).

45 SCHOLASTIC REVIEWS, 43 (CF), Thomas (DC) Schenck Es Meyer (Du); 180-LB-GiUespie (DMR), Reifsteck Hutton (cr\~), Maas tici WWT-Huffman (A), Meyer (IF),,Meskimen ) ) ; : 1 coweu (WW) C&SS ~-95-LB-~unk (0s) champion Trees (Gre) 2nd Laird (Hu) 3rd Sloss (Jo) 4th 103-LB-Schrqpp (CRP) ~ck&zie (U), Casey [&., Vandaerhop ' (Ald); 112-~~&unger (Alg) Matern (6) Luloff (Je) Boehm S$) 120-IgSlessm (R Haqson (CBCL), ~eiggr (Ald), ~ir& (WO); li7-~~-~arstenien (Ca), Samp (Algk Wlute (M) Brown (Je). 133-LB-Lew~s (A&) Haub (RC) Boyer (Je) Allemand (Ana). 138-L~-&ick (Oa) 'Halupnick (TNT) &enlage (B)' ~nod~ras: (MV). 145-~g Benson (a), ~nodgdss (MV) Gnouse (~ar) ostercam; (B). 154-~B-~& (Alg) Crooks (N), Lechtenberg TV~, Johnson (B);' 165-LB-Smith '(~nk), Hack (Os), MC~ Dowell (Ham) Hughes (PI 180-LB-Grant (8) Hubbard (M) Brensel (Har), Webb (Sa); ~ ~~~~h?itzpatrick (~lg), Larson (Har), korle (WJ), ~&der (0s). Kansas Class AA SCORING-Arkansas City 40, El Dorado 37, Salina -31, Junction City 29, Wichita East 25, Derby 22, Newton 22, Llberal 21, Garden City 20, Wellmgton 20, Wichita Heights 19 Manhattan 15 Hutchison 13 Topeka Hayden 12 Topeka West 10 Washington 9, ~ichita South f, Bishop carroil 6, Wichita West b, Winfield &, C-us 5, Highland Park 5, Turner 4, Seaman LB-Oquendo (N) champion, Jackson (AC) 2nd, Blanchat (BC) 3rd, Teschke (C) 4th- 108-LB-Gull (ElD) Barrett (N) Flaaen (JC) Jabara (WH). 117-L3- ~dmonsan (JC) Lunber (M) a C Banks (LC) Attissoa (WE). l%5-~~-islas (WE) Patterson (D) kreene &1 D) ' ~ ich (TS) 136-LB-H. Banks '(Ac), J. Smith (JC): Washbum (d) Hardin (~a): 138-~~-~&tt (L) Seward (TW) Serrioz (We) M Smith (Sa); 14b-LB-+des (we), Dragone (Sa), borris (AC), ~hliarns (El D); '150: LB-Morgan (El D), Mills (GC), Welfelt (WI), Haney (T). 159-L+WeUs (D), McCloskey (Sa), Munson AC), Barnes (We); 170-LB-Verbeck'(~~) Lzghtner (GC M. Wood WS), T. Woods (WE);?85-LB-Glenn (TEE), Sehmitt (~6, Beard (WW]: Wdkerson IWe); HVYWT-HemmerImg (H), Elder (Sa), Lmdelow (Wa), Edson (HP). Kentucky SCORING-Kentucky School for Blind 68, Newport Catholic -67,. North Hardin 58, Bardstown St Joseph 53 Seneca 50, Westport, Flaget, Hoplansvllle, Ft. Campbell, Millersburg ~'ilitary 1nsti&te. 95-LB-Crawford (NH) champion, Bell (S) 2nd, Kohn (Ft..C) 3rd; 103-LB_Dickerson (KSB), Bragg (NH), Monti (NC). 112-LB-Glbbans (HI, Nleporte (NC), Flmt (KSB). 120-LB-McKay (St J) Hillerich (F) Cook (KSB. 127-LB-&owe (KSB), Donlon (F): Malone (NC). 13&LB-~yledo (h) Myers IicsB) Howard (St J). 138-LB-Moore St J), schneid6r (NC) Eldridge (Oldk 145-~~-~illiams (S), bhton (H), White {Ff. 154-L3-Fey (dc) Thomas (St& Knopf. (OldC Hardin (KSB) ~h&m (NH), Vold (w); y180-~b-kenl (I$)$ Schnader (NC]: Lawrence (H); HvYWTL Anderson (MMI), Harem (S), Goetz (NC). Louisiana SCORING-East Jefferson 30, Holy Cross 28, Jesuits 23, De La Salle 17, South Cameron LB-Heintz (DLS) champion, Taylor (EJ) 2nd; 103-LB-White (J), Alverez (HC). 112-LB-Ruiz (HC), Palmer (EJ); 120-LB-WBoyle JJ), Petagna (J); 127-~~-Geissle; (HC), Nassar (EJ); 133-LSHerbert (SC), Casho (DLS); 138-LB-Vegas (80 'Duttleston SC). 145-LB--C;ur0me (WC) Eust~s (DLS): 154-LB-Farinola (EJ) ~odosd (DLS). Id-L&-Vesley (J) Pinch (sc~,; l?~-~~-&delo~ ( ), Kuntz (D~s); 185- LB- help (El); ~barbonnd (EJ); 195-LB-Marino (3),~henot%C); HVYWT-Oustakt (HC), Knowles (EJ). Massachusetts SCORING-Needham 56. S~rin~field Tech 52. Lowell 47. Milton 44. Welleslev AX Bfie&-31, ~ro~kli&e 26, N?& Andover 2-4,.Braintree 19, ig--~e'wti< South 18, Ipswich 17, Springfie!d Cathedral 17: Melrose 16, Spmgfield Clasdcal 19 Wemouth 12. Pentucket 10. Plttsfield 8. Hamllton-Wenham 7. Natick 7. Scituate BI - 95-&ii-&ir'e~ii (HW) champion,-levhe (Bro) 2nd Noznen (Wel) &d &we& I) 4th; 103-LB-Hart. (ST), Fowler Bill, Forte MI^), M man (N); ~~!+L&Pow~ Rue1 (S Ca), Paltrmep (Well, SU&V- (1); 120-J-.B-G~drow (ST), L?caardello (NA), Spellane (Md), Izum (Bro); 127-L%Broadley (N)y Berg (Mel), Borowick (ST), Hutch- (A),

46 44 THE OFFICIAL WRESTLING GUIDE 1967 inson (Mil); 133-LB-Henry (NA) Bogar (N) LaRoachelle (I) Cutcheon (Wel) LI3-Bums. (Low), Glazier (~il): ~atha~son' (NS), Ortolani ' (Bil). 145-~a--dlvide (Low)r Me-r (ST, Brop (Wel), Cushlng (Mil); 154-~B-~affenb&~e~ (N), Andrews (S gl), Jacobs (WW], Mavndes (Bra); Gauthier (Low), Mortarellx (yel), Passarm (NS), Greener (Wey); 18O-LB-Barges (Eko), Johnson Bra), Kiernan (Mil), Jakubasz (Pen); HVYWT-Zwicker (Wes), Perdoni (Wel), Demers [Bil), Perkins (Pit). Michigan - Class A SCORTNG-Battle Creek Central 48 Ypsilanti 35 Owosso 30 Pontiac Northern 28 Ann Arhr 27 Flint Northern 27 ~klvindale 27 'walled ~aki 27 Muskegon ~ o n i Shores 21 ~ a kpark l 18 ~ansini Everett 17 ~Atroit Thurston 15 ' Flint Central 15 ~randville) 14 Dearborn kdsel Ford 13 ~ala&zoo Central 13 ~aiamazoo No- 13: Battle Creek 'Lakeview 11, Lansing ~hstern 11 Farmington '10 Grand Ledge 10, St. Clair Shores Lakeview 8, Lansing Sexton 7, hes 7, Pontiac kentral 7, Roseville 7, Flint Ainsworth LB-Palmanteer (KN) champion Hoddy (0) 2nd Pilotte (Y) 3rd Rondinelli (N) 4th. 103-LB-Johnson (L Ev) ~podn (BCC) Kell '(PN) Hulbert?FA)- 112-LBdonne11 (DEW Miller (EC~) Betts (MM~) Nicolay OWL). 120-~B-~iemic (01, Hering (m), doper (MMS) hssell (F). li7-~~--~enney (BCC Bentley (LEa) Burger (HP) Heuer (F). 133-IhL~uinn (B~J Hines (Y) Lee (LS? Winter. (MMS): 138-~~-~ihe (M), ~Ggler (GL), Hellner (wl), Lehmad. (0); l#'-l~-~uinn (FC): Greenway (BCL) Joshua (R) Ault (DT); 154-LB-Dent (FN) Robinson (AA), Tlppln (PN), Bl- JDT'); 165-1~3--fohnsr,n (Y), Yernck (G), Kunze (HP), Walsh (FN); 180- LB-Mazm~an (M) Brusher (AA) Buckalew (FN), Brandt (WL); HVYWT-Jackson (KC), Bell (PN), ~ arhs (DT), ~alermb (SSL). Michigan - Class B SCORING-Okemos 49, Durand 39 Buchanan 35 Freeland 32 Corunna 29 Hastings 28 River Rouge 24 Hamady hint 20 ~owa&ac 17 ~aslett'l6 Otsego 15' Flat Rock i4, Godwin 14, ~arper Creek 14 Le 14 St ~dhn's 14 ~ieenville 13' Zeeland 13 East Grand Rapids 12 New L;throp li 0;chard vie; 11 Alma lo' constantine' 10, Mt. Morris 9 ~pri&gfield 9 Whitrno;e 9 Bendle 8 ~r&d~wine 8' Coldwater 8,. Howell 8, ~yo&ing Park 8, kedar springsy 6, ~akewiod 6, Michiga; School for Blmd LB-Atkinson (Du) champion, Nestor (EGR) 2nd Hoban (Ho) 3rd Hall (Hast) 4th. 103-LB-Walworth (Cor) Gleason (Gr) ~e&ne~ '(~asl) Money (B;). 11!&-LB- M& (Olk), Palmer (Go), ~ &er(rr), ~n&h (Col); (dl, Gardner RR) Ostrander (Be) Wmse (MSB) L,B-Terrian (F) Wdhp;lzam (Ok) Handley [Bu)~u): Watson (a); '1%%-0.k& (Cor) Cole (OV) '~arrdl(hasl) Td (CS); 138-LB-Johnsm (St J), Urbanik (W, ale) (S), starre& (Br); 145-LdSa (HC, Rynsbww (Z), Hop. (FF), Lupl (WL); 154-LB-Hawe (F), Dertlen (Le), Ewe. (A{, Hart (HF). 1%-LB-Dttesler (IW Arseneau (Con) Ranson (WP) Durocher (Ok). 180-~~-&slalce (Ok), Gibson (kast) Bitterman '(NL), Gillaspie' (La); HVYWT: Baker (Bu), Sands (FR), Robinson (Mt h), Burton (WL). Minnesota SCORING-AJbert Lea 44, Hopkins 28, St. Paul Park 25, Mank?? 24, Sprjng Lake Park 22, Robbmsdale 19. Faribault 15, Grand Rapids 15, Bemdji 14, Fndley -14, Stillwater 14, LeRoy 13, Osseo 13, St. Francis 13, St. James. 12, Staples 12, Montevideo 12 Red Wing 10 Brooklyn Center 10 Alexandria 10 Robbmsdale Cooper 10 Marshall 10' Forest Lake79 Roseville ~elloi~ 9 Fergus Galls 8 Bloornington ~&med~ 8 ~&cy 8 Cokato 7 'Mounds View 7 COO& Rapids 6 01ivik 6 Owatmna 6 St. ~ete; 6, ~atzha 6 ~hahield 5 Gaylord LeSueur 5 st' ~nthon~'5 St Cloud 5 95-~B-~akc (HI cham6ion ~aard'(gr) 2nd bris't (FF) 3r4 '~r&ke(g) 4th LB-Allen (AL), Berning (RI$) Roder (Mon) bradshaw (St A). 112 LB-Tello ~SLP) Hatch (AL), Engh (RC), ~ei&er (a); ~2d-lg~ullivm (R),' IkrGand (Man), ~ili (Co, Wise (LeS). 127-LB-McJ%eson (Sb) Cleveland (Sta) Fehrson (St.P), Richter (Ch]. 193-~~-~6lland (Fr), Sweet (H),' ~irdsall (SLP), ' ~etzel (01)- 138-LB-- RiesLehnan (St.I'P), Rudenick (Man), Stencel (AL, Klenz (St.C); 145-~E-kce (LeR), Campbell (Mar) Reole (RK) Moors (FL) 154-LB-Lee (B) Gunderson (BC) Van Meveran (T), ~&wa* Mon); '165-~B-~nd&son St.F), ~llison) (Al), Jean (AL), each (YV); 175-LB-E3zen {Fa),?enson (St.]), Skoy [BK), Risk (R); HVYWT-Tripp (Os), Hintz (StPP), Leuer (W), Wnght (OW).

47 0%' SCHOLASTIC REVIEWS 46 Missouri SCORING-Riverview Gardens 41 Soldan 39 Hazelwood 29 Ritenour 24 Ladue 22 Normandy 21, Pattonville 21 kehlville 1d Webster ~ro&s 18 Oak $ark 17 &?allon 15 Parkway 14 ~aplew&d 14 ~indbkr~h 13 University city 12 ~xcelsio; Springs 9, drandview 6, kouthwest 6, Ndrthwest 5 R-evelt 5 DeLa sell: 3, North Kansas City 3, Raytown South 3, St. Louis U. Higk 3, Van ~o;n LB-Burwell (OP) champim? McClendon (Sol) +d, Rugraff (Ro) 3rd, Comer (Li) 4th; 103-LB-Costephens (RI) Wilson (Me) Smth (N) L Smith. ) ( 112- LB-HW~ (B), Miles (Sol), ones (N' Sieveking (R)G); 120-~~~&~~1ed.itch (~i): Grass (H) Morehead (Ma) Trutciley (RSk 127-LB-~illi.ms (RG), Caroeello (WG), Robison (~oi) Murphy (HI; )133-~~-~emmel (UC) Dailey (Ma) Spencer (OP) Hartman (Me). 138-k~-~ovin (Pat) Baoks (ES), Roff (he), Lodes (8); 145-LB-dil (Par), Collin: (Sol) Ward (Sou), tome (La). 154-LB-Edehan (La), Day (WG) Lawrence (Sol) Madews (VH); ~~S-LB-MCGU&~ (RG) Burgdorf (N) Samuels (~a)' Shaner (SLUH); 180-LB-Simmons (07F), McKay (Pat),'Gerhardt (NW), G. Smith (NKC); WWT: ~ournbough (RG), Knudsen (Li), Hilton (G), McNerney (DLS). Montana SCORING-(CLASS AA)-Missoula Sentinel 53 Billings Senior 52 Butte 45 Billings West 44, Missoula Hellgate 43, Great h ails Gntral 38, lathei id 34, ~reai F&s Russell 29 Great Falls 20 Helena 14. CLASS ~-~ia.s~ow 32, ~oziman 24, Miles City 21, Billings Central 11, Butte Central 4, Glendwe 4, Columbia Falls 3, Hardin 3, Laurel 3, Dillon 1, HamiltDn 1, Havre 1. CLASS B&C--Malta 19, Big Sandy 18, Cut Bank 6, Broadus 3, Cbrvallis 2, Poplar 2, Stevensville LB-Jacabson (F) champion Baca (Bu) 2nd Knudsen (MS) 3rd Luther (Bil W) 4th- IOSLB-Pierce (BilS) ~ewh (MH) owen' (MS) Steen (GFR): 112-LB-Krum (Ed), Iverson (MH), ~rism~ (MS), ~enn& AGFR); 12b-~B-~ucas.(GF), Cates (MS) Cocduarella (MH), Smatla (Bu); lw-lb-.ghk (F), Johnson (F), Tnpp (MS), (~occhlal rella (MH); 133-g-Aader~~a (GI), Wright (BI~ S), Parchen (GFC), Olson (Bigs). 138-LB--Lyles (Bd S), Glasgow (BI~ W), Lypdes (He), Klemenc~c (GFC); 145-~d Olson (Big S), Cooper (MS, Yankoff (MC), Flncher (F). 154-LB-Morton (GI) Beaudry (Bu) Winchester (Bo) kobbms (GFC) 16~-~B-~&afer (GFR), 01iver9 (El W ~edon (MH), Phillips7 (MC); 18t?-~~--~briwg (Bo), Carper (Bil C), Robbms (GFCi Preston (MC); HVYWT-Kr~ber (Bd W), Daw (GFC), Walker (Bil S), Fahman (GF). Nebraska - Class A SCORING-Omaha South 65, Omaha Technical 46, Omaha Bishop Ryan 40, Sidney 36, Scottsbluff 34,. Omaha Benson 28, Bellevue 28, Omaha Westside 27, Lincdn Southeast 26, Hastmgs 24, McCook 14, Lincoln High 13, Fremont 13, Alliance 12, Grand Island 10, Omaha North 10, Boys Town 7, Kearney 6, Omaha Creighton 5, North Platte 4, Lincoln No+east 2, Omaha Central 2, Holdrege 1. qep 95-LB-Bmra (0s) cham- Orta (LH) 2nd Coleman (Mc) 3rd Spencer (LS) 4th. 103-LB-Barrsws (Ha) ~1-m (Si) Burback '(A) Cozard (OB). i ~~-LB-N-ZI (~cf, Washington (OT) LA (0s) ~ardn (BT). 120-h-~hitm-r ( 6~) Bach (OW) Berumen (K) Be~on [NP). 127-LB- Parker (b) Emery (a) ~alenz' (OB) ~ra- (LH); 133-~'~--~. Slocum IS~) Johnson (0s) elso son (B) ~jckdf (OW). i38 LB- Barrows (Ha), Meier (GI), ~hklley (LS), ~ydar (B); 14d~~-0Iiver ( ~ f Hokan, (OBR), Wagner (P), Stobel (Sc); 154-LB-Hakanson (OB), Kasada (OS), Hwpodka (OBR), Pewthers LS). 165-LB-Emslck (OBR) Murtaugh (ON) Anderson (St) Tolrtedt (A). 180-&-Byarrington (OS), ~odrcin' (OBR) spliohai (LS), Wasia '(Mc); HVYwT-khaver (Sc), Burdic (OW), Goodman (OT),?. Smith (F).

48 J ' 46 THE OFFICIAL WRESTLING GUIDE 1967 Rodgers (V); 165-LB-J. Moreno (Gel,, Theissen (Al), McCormick (M), Melcher (Ne). 180-LB-Reeder (Sh), Krotz (Ru), Latimer (Co), Sones (Go); HWWT-Gremm (BB): Spale (Sc), Nielson (Go), Zoucha (Al). New England -- Class A (Prep) SCORING-Exeter 66 Mt. Hermerman 50 Governor Dumrner 48, Tabor 27, Andover 23 Milton 22 ~orcestir 22 Williston 1)8. ilo-l~--~&er (E) cham&on, Bernsten (GD) 2nd Stewart (A) 3rd Lee (Mt H) 4th. Jl5-LB-Chaoona (E) Barker (GD), Clarke (T),: Callahan (Wi); f21-le-0liker (GI$ Zins (E) Brown ($i) Smith (A. 127-LB-Nev~us (GD) Decvk ( ), Kinder (E), kebeaux (wo); 133-L&Howlands (M), Shallenberger (h), Back% Pearson (Wo). 138-LB-Young (T) Miller (A), Horak (M), Church (E); 147-LB-Comlin (A) HOP; (GD), N!on (M~.H'), Hayes (E); 157-LB--Wilson (Mt.H), Myers (Wo), Ordun: (E), Harvey (Wi); 167-LB-Murphy (Mt.H), Rader (Wo), Glaesar (T), Sartorius (E); 177-LB-Lawson (Mt.H) Whitehead (T) Blendhem (E), Johnson (Wo); HVYWT- Smiley (E), Pappas (M),' Johnson Mt.W), kallaghan Wi). New Jersey TEAMS-Bergenfield, East Brunswick, East Patterson, Englewood, Essex Catholic, Glen Rqck, Hunterdon Central, Irvmgton, Lenape, Mahwah, Moms Knolls, Neptune, New Milford, North Hunterdon Pasack Valley, Paulsboro Pennsville, Phillipsburg, Rahway, De!l River, Roxburg, ~kotch Pie, St. Cecelia, ~o&erville, South Plamfield, Teaneck Tnton Blue Washmgton, Waslungton Twp., Wayne, West Deptford, West Essex, ~ est Norris, hia am st own. 98-LB-Morgan (HC) champioq Mulligan (EC) 2nd Gambone (TB) 3rd Gold (EP 4th. 106-LB-Cranfield (Rox) Fiore (St. C) pied (Pa) Smith (S). li5-lb- KocLjki IB), Lemmo (So PI), PO?^ (Wi), Russo (Ph); 123-L~~~axmker (I), Buxqapn (M), Tiedemann (N), Hamilton Pa). 130-LB-Cassidy (EB), Dei Meastro (RD), Bisignano (L) Lyons (WM). 136-~~-~aky (Rah) Ferretti (NM) Lanza (Sc P1) McCartney Pe). 141-LB--Lucia bay) Piotrowsky (MZ) Passe (S) kox (Pa). 146-~B-~arker ISc k), Young (WD), ~riesb (Wa), Kaye (PV); 715~~~-Td~mPson (w;), Christie (DR), Gaunt (NH), McDonald (Wa T); 168-LB-Castner (Wa), Tiemann (ScPl), Jones (E) McWhirter (WD); 178-LB--Debviler (NH), Di Nardo (Pa), Coleman (Wa), ear: (WE); HVYWT-Hudnett (NH), Fowlkes (T), Garay (Rah), Wynkoop (Wa T). New Jersey lndependent School - Group A SCORING-St. Benedict's 70 Blair 56 Lawrenceville 48 Peddie 32, Admiral Farragut 27, Hun 12, ~ordentovk Military '11, Delbarton 9, ~&gry LSEgan (SB) champion Ritter (L) 2nd Giles (AF) 3rd Anderson (D) 4th. 112-LB-Preefer (L), Truncale (QB, Peddicord (BM); 121-LB-Balk (SB), Snyder (B): houshiotis (Pe 127-LB-Dughi (B) Gaffkey (SB) Pollack (L). 133-LB-Bishop (B) DiPano (AF) &miller (Pi) ~ovelac; (L). 138-~B:~ap~as (8) kerbert (Pe) Lacord i ) Wilson '(L 145-L&bibson (SB), karter (D), Bugen Bj, Weihman (L); 154- ~~kobrecht (kb), Petito (L), Draper (Pe), Hughes (Ad. 165-LB-Stretch (H) (BM), Bohren (Pe), D. Hughes (AF); 175-LB-Hurd (L), Snyder (AF), cum: rmng (BE, Blackhurst (Pe); HVYWT-Ma=a (SB), Trrolo (Pe), Wilson (B), Fowler (AF). New Jersey Independent School -Group B SCORING-Morristown 97, Englewood 90, Montclair 52, St. Bernard's 20, Rutgers New Mexico SCORING-Las Cruces 87 Albuquer ue 83 Manzano 64 Valley 49 Tucumcari 39 Gallup 26 Espsnola 25, R~O Grande $4, ~hhland 21, L~S Alamos '20 Sandia 19' Carlsbad 18, Farmington 17, Silver 16, Alamogordo 12, School for Vis. '~andica~pe~

49 9 Capitan 8 Deming 7, Santa Fe 6, Grants 5, Cobre 4, Del Norte 4, McCurdy &ion 2 ~okdard 1 95-~B&helton (~j champion Trujillo (E) 2nd Zimrnennan (F) 3rd Diaz (LA) 4th; 103-LB--Trevino (LC), era.(v), ~irabel' (T), Lovato (Alb); fi2-~~-~uck (M), Martinez (E), Walker (Alb), M~abel (T); P2Q-LB-Beaudry (M), Padilla (Alb) Due (LC) Garua (Sa). 127-LB-Gnego (Alb)? Gilroo (LC), Sanchez (SVH), ~ilvi Ca )- 13d-~B-~artma (kal), Lovato (Alb), MartInez (F), Hogrefe (Sa); 138-LB-Castro ennedy (V), Sandoval (Alb), Buckner (Car); 145-I+-Scw (M), Thomas (LA k2l.k) Weiland (H). 154-W-Ortegn (Alb) Araola (SI) Osborn (LC) Barre (Gal: 165-~B-*arker (T) ~&le (LC) Salas la)' Valdez (c& 180-~B-$ednatik (M), Jacobs (LC), ~aytoi (Alb), Lath- (TI; HYYWT-Iieed (R& Catleberry (a), Breasel (LC), Valesco (T). New York State SCORING (By Sectiuns)-Eight 91, Four 87, Six 50, One 49, Three 46, Eleven 38, Two 24 Nme 11 ~~-LB-PoOI (ithaca, 4) champion Ricco (W. Whitman 11) 2nd St. Onge (Niagara 6) 3rd Greenberg (Rm 1) 4th. 106i~~-~leeper (~outhsiie, 8), ~eh'orto (~indenhurst: 11) &ingham (~t.' verno& 1) Scanlon (Pearl River 9). 115-LB-Fay (Island ~r;es, 8), Nabinger (Windson 2 ko~mes (Amityville, llf, dmp (Carmel, 1); 123- LB-Stock (Mepham, 8), ~rokn '(Greene 4) Connor (Dobbs Ferry 1) DeMarco (Amityville, 11); 130-LB-Rutzen (~errick; 8) '~erboss(ithaca 4) ~tak'(~ibdleton, 9 Wundt (Niskayuna 2). 136-LB-Nags1 (~akarau~us, 6) &rdy (Mt. Vernon 11' Mastanardi (~ortlan'd, 31, McGriffin (S. Glens Falls,. 2); 14)1-~B-~ocast.(~a&y ~&eam' N 8) Glrton (Chenango Forks 4) Maher (Amitywlle 11) Carlson (Silver Creek, 6); l&d~-~tephans (~hira-~oubde, 4) Koenig (~h;rbur$e 3) Munson (S. Glens Falls 2) Buntich (Frontier-Central 8); 157-LB-~arachinky 7(~nion-~ndicott, 4) ~hiefds (~erricks 8) Pugh (~iindenkurst 11) Faller (Port Jarvls 9); 16$-LB-~usi (Kenmore East, k), hchneider (waterto-, 3): Doig (Waltoa, 4), ' Co-ella (Massapequa, 8). 183-LB-Ferraro (Frankfort-Schuyler, 3), Rockenback (Olssinmg, 1) Lang (Ithaca, 4, Malinsky (Valley Stream Central, 8); 235-LB-Davis (Mt. VernAn, l), Moore (Mt. Pleasant 2) Spareco (Oneonta 3) Pendleburg (Vestal 4). HVYWT- Hemberg (Valley ~trkam' N., 8), Walgate (kranh Island, 6), ~evine' (~fscayuna, 2), Bennett (Chittenango, 3). New York - Orange County TEAMS-Clarkstown Cornwall East Meadow Haverstraw, Liberty, Lindenhurst, Middletown Nanuet, ~YMA, ~e\;.ubur&, ~nteorh, Port Jarvis, Sprmg Valley, Stormking ~uffe& 9$-L~-~ol&son (Su) champion, Weiss (Lin) 2nd, Bucholz (EM) Srd, Ault (Na) 4th; 103-LB--Dell 'Orto (Lin), Zrekck (Su), Arc+n'bault (SV), Tangredi (Ne 112-LB- Callahan (Co) Moyer (Su) W~lt (Lm) Rosano (Na 120-LB-Melchou (kin), Keyes YJ), Royce (Su), Shelton in); 12i'-~~-Favrta (I&), D'Eufemia (NYMA), Drapals PJ) Ptak (M). 133-LB-Sohrmdt (Lm) Yam (Lab) Thorn (Na) Anderson (Su). 138;~B-~atts ISU), Frey (Na), Lieber (EM), ~indsle~' (L*); 145-Lh-~em~se~ (Lin); De Vorf: (PJ), Lotts (Llb), Eng (Su); 154-LB--Pugh (Lm), Klem (Lib), Mankowich (Na), fisel (0); 165-LB-Slane (a), Fedmk (M), Bond (NYMA), Nolan (Co); 180- LB-Petennan (Cl) Steigerwald (EM) Gray (NYMA), Cosgdf (St); HVYWT- Sthmnachez (Su), Saritz (SV), ~irdauskis (H). New York - State Catholic SCORING-Bishop Kearney 118, McQuaid 50, St. May's Cortland. 38, St. Mary's Lancaster 34 Notre Dame Elmira 25 Notre Dame Batavla 24, Cardmal Mooney 15, Binghamton katholic 11, Seaton ~athblic Endicott 3. Champions-98-LB-Defelice (Mc). 106-LB-Walsh (BK). 115-LB-Caiccio (BK). 123-LB-Rogers,(BK). 130-~~-Bro&n (BK). 136-LB-~coh (BK). 141-~~-~u~an: (St ML)* 148-~~-0'6rest (BK). 157-LB-Bher (St MC); 168-Lid~arl~ (St MC); 183-LBL~ella (BK); HVYWT-J& (BK). New York - Intersectional SCORING (By Sections)-Section 8-91, section 4-87, section 6-50, section 1-49, section 3-46 section secbon 2-24 secbon section numbe; in parenthesis)-~mityvifleie (11) Carmel (1) Catteraug~ (6) Chenango Forks (4) Chittenango (3) Cortland (3) bobbs err^' (1) Elmira- ~oithside (4), l rank fort-dchuyler (3), ~rontier Central (dl, Grand Island (6), Greene

50 BATTLE CREEK CENTRAL-MICHIGAN CLASS A WINNERS: Left to right kneeling-miller, Spohn Jenney Fowler Tzcbbs Qwnn; back row-coach ~~iros,' Coach Stiles, Harsha, ~tahdback, kox, ~ob?znson, ~hwards, Moss. TOPS IN MONTANA RANKS: Left to right, front TOW-Jacobsen (Flathead), Pierce (Billings Sr.), Krum (Butte), Lucas (Great Falls) Golik (Malta), Anderson (Glasgow); back row-lyles (Billings ST.), Olson (Big ~andb) Morton (Glasgow), Schafer (Great Falls) Russell,, Spring (Bozeman), Krober (Billings 'west). NEW JERSEY'S BEST: Left to right-morgan (Hunterdon Central) Cranfield (Foxbu ) Kochaiki (Bergenfield), Manaker (Iruington) Cassidy (East ~knswick) Halsey (~%&a~), Luck (Wayne), Parker (Scotch Plain& '~hom~son, Cmtner (both hhington), Detwiler, Wudnett (both No&h Hunterdon).

51 SCHOLASTIC REVIEWS 49 (41, Herricks 8), Island Trees (8), Ithaca (4), Kenmore East (6), Lindenhurst (111, Ma~sapequa (A), Mepham (B), Middletown (9),. Mt. Pleasant (2), Mt. Vernon (1) N~agara (6), N~kayuna (2), Qpeonta (3), Osslnmg (l), Pearl hver (91, Port end (4) Rye (1) Sherburne (3) Sllver Creek ( 9, S. Glens Falls (2), Southsfde (8), Union- ~nhicott (4f, Valley stre& Central (8), Valley Stream Vestal (4), Walton (4) Walt Whitrnan (11) Watertown (3) Windsor (4) 68-LB-POOL (1-4) &&pion, Ricco (*-11).2nd,'~t. One (Nia-6 3rd, Greenberg (R-1) 4th; lob-lb--sieqer (So-8), Dell'O~ (L-11), Cunningham th4tv-l) Scanh (PR %Fay (IT-8) Nabmger (WI-4) Holms (A-11) Kemp (~arll) LB-Sbok (Me-8), Brown (G-4), Connor (D$-I), DeMarco (A-11); 130-~~-Kutzem (H-81, Terboss (I-4), Ptah (Mi-9),.Wundt (Nis-2); Nagel (Cat-6), Hardy (MtV-I), Mastmardl (CoS), McGrIffm (SGF-2). 141-WB--Locast (VSN+), Girton (CF-4), Maher (A-11): Carlson (S C6); 148-~d+tephans (ES-4), Koemg (S h-8), Munson (SGF-2) Bunbch (FC-6). 157-LB-Sarachinsky (UE4) Shields (H-8) Pugh (L-ll), Faller (Pj-9; 168-~;~-~ust) (KE-6), Schneider (Wat-3), Dbig (Wal-4), ohme el la (Ma LB-Ferraro (FS-3) Rockenback (0s-1) Lang (1-4) Malinski (VSC Ih-~avis (MtV-I), Moore Spareco (on-b) Pendlebu& (Ve-4); HVYWT: Hedberg (VSN-8), Walgate ~ehne (Nis-2), ~e&ett (Ch-3). New York - Section I1 SCORING (Team champions only)-class A-Mont Pleasant 66; Class B-South Glens Falh 111; Class C-Hoosick Falls 32; Class L?-Warrensburg LB-Miller (HF) champion Keech (SGF) 2nd Mancais (GL) 3rd DeGeorge (V) (4). 106-LB-Andrus (Nisk) when (Shak) Johnsbn (Phil) Covelle 1~~0). 115-LB- S c h t (SGF) Collins (GI$ Rumano (~olj Jennings (~raf. 123-~~-~am?lton (GF), Coppola (Dra),' Charpentier ~HF), Willday (~isk); 130-LB-hndt (Nisk), Galkiewicz (Sco) McGough (Lin), Langley (C'ol); 136-LB-McGuffin (SGF), Scaringe (Colon), ~ripien (Col), Rodrigo (Sco); 141-LB-R~schw (GF), Hartley (MP), Hrbeck (Col), Agone (John) 148-LB-Munson (SGF) Lab1 (Glov) Patka (MP) Scran e (Colon); 157-LB-J. dtka (MP), Squires (GLOV): Schumaker (white), Palkovic (Dra! 168-LB- Hay (SGF) Harrington (Hoosik) Regan (Col) Bouck (BH). 183-U-Vamey (SGF) VanDedels '(BH) Elliott (Col) 6eters (~arnb)' HVYWT- dor re (MP), Frazier (~ol!: Frank (HudF), Pogg (SGF); 'unl-l~v~~~ (hsk), Watkins, Forsyth (SGF), Gordon (White). New York - Section Ill SCORING-Frankfort-Schuyler 84, East Syracuse-Minona 70, Chittenango 56, Cortland 48, Sherburne 44, Baldwinsville 40, Herkimer 40, Oneonta 40, Cazenovia 39, Indian River 35, Norwick 34, Marcellus 30, Canastota 27, Fulton 27, Vernon-Verona Sherrill 27, Auburn 26, Carthage 25, J-Ville-DeWitt 25, Rome Free Academy 25, North Syracuse 24, Ilion 22, Canden 21, New Hartford 20, Utica Free Academy 20, Whitesboro 20, Westhill 19, West Genesee 18, Holland Patent 17, Mohawk Valley 16, Oneida 16, Nottingham 15, Mexico 14, Onondaga Central 13. TEAMS (ass A)-Brighton New York - Section V Canadiagua Corning West Dansville, Eastridge, East Rochester Franklin Geneva Haveding, Jefferson, h on roe,' Waterloo. (Cham&ms)-98-i~-~ad&l (SA). 106-LB-hiaeono (El* 115-LB-Achilles (G); 123-LR-Brown (B); 130-LB-Masi ' (J); 136-LB-Krieley (6); P4l -LB-Lese (CW);

52 THE OFFICIAL WRESTLING GUIDE LB--Zukowski (W)* 157-LB-Cialini (EX)* 168-LB-Washington Egger (CW); ~VY~~;~uciola (F); u N ' L - F ~ (H). ~ ~ ~ ~ Class %Arcade, Amca, Cam bell, Churchvllle, Letchworth, Phelps, Savona Victor. (Chamsons)-98-LB-Edot r~t). 106-LB-Sheldon (V). 115-LB -~eaman (A*); 123-LB-Czercek (Ar); 130-~B-~dott (S); 136-~~-~ome~er (At); 141-LB-Roberts (Ch); 148-LB--Toydouski (Ar); 157-LB-Coston (P); 168-LB-Gaus (Ca); 183-L% Liveino (L); HVYWT-Bird (At); UNL-Beaumont (L). New York - Section VI SCORING-CLASS AAA-Kepmore East 61, Williamsville 61, West Seneca 53, Maryvale 52, Amherst 48, Niagara Fads 44, North Tonawanda 42, Frontier 31 Tonawanda 30, Kenmore West 26, Lockport 21, LaSalle 16, Hamburg 12, ~amestod 8; CLASS AA-Niagara Wheatfield 114, I~oquois 98, Lake Shore 43, Orchard Park 41, Cleveland Hill 38, Sweet Home 38, Medma 32, East Aurora 20, Lancaster 15, Trott 11, Clarence 10, Albion 3; CLASS A-Gowanda 84, Starpoint 82, Alden 60, Grand Island 60 Southwestern 46 Salamanca 25 Royalton Hartland 18 Depew 16 Falconer 12, ~prin~~ville 12 Eden?' cheektowag; 7. CLASS B-C-~a$araugus 84' Portville 70 Pine Valley 6.b Silver kreek 65 ~arker) 27 Franklinville 26 ~assad&a Valley 23: Allegany 20, kandolph 17, hev van-~achias 11, Bemus ~bint 7, Wilson 7, Holland LB-St hge, (NF) champion, Reynolds (P) 2nd Msinzer (SH) 3rd Chambers (Gi) 4th. lb6-~&~tokes (NW) Cunningham (NF) '~dwards (GI) wider (Catt 115-~~-brlson (NW) Ellis (st{, Kathan (W) corn&ll (SC); 123-dB-~tokes (NWk Budwey (GI), Gullia '(A), Prusinowski [~attj. 130-LB-Genza (SH) Gentzke (T) Lncas (PV), Parish (G); 136-LB-Nagel (Catt): McCall (Sa), ~awsoi (CH), wixso; (ICE). 141-LB-Carlson (SC), Ellmngton (NW), Schock (W), Hall (G 148-LB- ~undceb (Fr), Bauer (v), Josephson (G), Mark (FR 157-LB-Qandall ()&fed) Coon (SW), Brown (W), Stembar (Catt); 168-LB-Rust (KEk Hey (St). Bier1 (I), ~ees: (W). 183-LB-Abt (I), Mott (L), Wztherell (G), Cappelletti (P); HVYWT-Bradt (NW): Koelfel (A), Salisbury (C), Skowron (A); UNL-Walgate (GI), Rose (KE), Abtalnap (OP), Kamety (PTU). New. York - - Section VII SCORING-Peru 94 Keeseville 72, Ellenburg 64, Saranac 55, BeekmantoWn 40, Plattsburgh 28, ~oriah'8. 95-LB-Ayotte (Pe) champion Rock (K) 2nd Golden (B) 3rd Bushey (S) 4th. 103-LB-Damour (E), Douglas IK), Wells (PI),' Signor (Pe). 112-~B-~~rie* (PI): Fountam (33) Trombley (E) Pansh (Pe). 120-LB-Arthur (K) ' Jhson (Pl) Miyauchi (S), ~dwards Pe); 1;27-LBf-~leau (K), Lea (Pe, Leclair (EZ Liberty (B).' 133-LB- LsBombaard (d) Sblvokewch (Pe) Morrow (K] Nichols (s!. 138-LB-Lhave (El, Blaise (K). ~shiine (Pe) Beck (s). 145-~~-~iichell (Pe) d~ancy (S) Peryea (B) Johnpeer (K). 154-LB-bouture (s)' Rule (Pe) Gilmore (2) willhelms& (M). 165: LB-Blake (K) St. Dennis (Pe) ~ l &(S) SO$;: (33). 180-LB)--Freohette (Pe) ~ksment (S), ~hampa&e (B), Lamb (MS; HVY~-st. Dennis (Pe), Patnode (E), ~otrlier (B), Brenner (Pl). New York - Section Vlll SCORING-(Top 25)-Mepham 45, Herricks 43, Valle Stream Central 35, Hicksville 31 Valley Stream South 29 Valley Stream North it3 Calhoun 24 Island Trees 24 ~aisa~e~ua 23 Lynbrook 19 South Side 18 ~yossejr 18 ~lmod 14 Seaford 11: Hempstead 10,'Great Neck ~Luth 10, westb& 10, ~ceaiside 10, w;ntagh 9 WheatIey 8, Garden City 8, Be~er 7, Roosevelt 7, Farmirigdale 6, Great Neck North 5: 98-LB-Mitzner (VSS) champon Chan (L) 2nd Munno (Me 3rd Jones (Wa) 4th. lm-lb-sleeper (SS) Morley (0) ch each (C) ~'hna (I?). 113-lB~Fay (IT) ~uncad Hic) Jaskot (C) ~ahero (Me). 123-~~&~tock' (Me) Spry (kern) Strell (vsc),' Shatzkin [SS);'I~O-LB-R~~Z~II (Her), ~ kler (Me), ~ndersog (B). weme; (Wa); 136-LB-Fisher (Sy) Graf (Sea) Ruvolo (VSC) Koppelson (GNN). 141-LB-Locast (VSN), Kahn (C) ~e2mes (R). ~ ohe (Mas). 148-]iB-~erman (Her) doleman (We) Damm (Hic) ~netze; (Wh). 157-LB-Shields (~er) Nathan (GNS) ~Lrnbach a peterman man (hie) ~Bdommella (Mas), Feller ~VSS), Green (GC), Greenbaum (Wh); 18.3-~B-~hinsky VSC), Lalli (E), Pot-ck (IT), Fower (Mas); 235-LB-Sonntag (Hic), Harnberger VSN), Smon (L), Shot~s (IT). New York - Section IX SCORING-Suffern 72, Pearl River 48, Port Jervis 42, Liberty 39, Middletown 29 Nyack 23, Cornwall 23, Monroe-Woodbury 20, Nanuet 19, Clarkstown 13, ~alle;

53 SCHOLASTIC REVIEWS Central 10 Haverstraw-Stoney Point LO Spring Valley 9, Goshen 6, Newburgh 5, Onteora 4 'Rondout Valley 3 Wallkill 4 Ellenville LB-bavis (Ny) champidn, ohnstons(s) 2nd)- 106-LB-Scanlon (PR) Zrelack S) Rotwein (Go); 11.5-LB-Ahrem &R), Palmef (M-k), Moyer (S); 123-~h-~oyw IS): DeBree (PR) Keyes (PJ). 130-LB-Ptak (m) Drapala (PJ) Carracia (PR). 136-LB-- Stuart (PR) 'yawn (L), home (Na); 141-~6-watts (S), $rey (Na), ~endrix (M-W. 148-LB-E& (Sly Lotts (4, DeVore (PJ); 157-LB-Faller (PJ), Klein (L), ~ankowicd (Na) 168-LB-LB-Fduk (MI], Kovacs (VC) Meters (L). 183-LB-Petennan (a) Hedmana (a) Chppendale (NFA). ~~~d-~chumack& (S), Baretz (SV), ~rofadhead (Mi); ~ ~Ihonechi (H), Wren (N~), Shorey (Co). New York - Section XI SCORING-(Top Z5)-Lindenhurst 82 Amityville 75 Brentwood 64 Walt Whiban 40, Riverhead 33, Smithtown 33 ~ee; Park 29 W& Islip 25 ~ist Hampton 21, East Islip 20 North Babylon 19 'port Jefferson 1b West ~abylo; 12 Hauppauge 11 Longwood 16, Central Islip 9 Huntington 8 ~eli~ort 7 Kings ~a;k 7, Sayville 7: Copiague 5, Newfield 4, ~a~$rt 3, r arbor fie ids 3, ~estz;ampt?n LB-Rxco (WW) champion Mastrocco (Br) 2nd Brandeis (Sm) 3rd McArdle (WB) 4th. 106-LB-DePOrto (L)' Cherry (R) Monoco ' (DP) Schulte (EH): 115-LB- Holmes (A) Ferry (WI) ~ullad~ (WB) deni ins (Br). 12!3-~B-&~arco' (A) Melchoir (Li) '~aler(be) '~oberts(ww).' 130-LB- dads (Br) Golden (WW)' Sholl (Li), ~inzie (Sm); 13$-~~~~olaaine ($I), Puleo (PP),.~yked(R), ~achechad (Sm). 141-LB-Maher (A), Savmiento (Br), Adams (EX), Robilatto (Hau); ~#-LB-A~-; Costanza DP) Jackson )CI) Molander (Hau 157-LSPugh (Li) Henderson I!$: Feito (Lo\ I$dge Br); 16h,~-~egula (NB]: Ryan (Sm), Porto :(wi), Byron (Say) IB~-LB-~~OIOS (PJ\ Hackney (Hun), Schroeder (Li); 235-LB7 MOSS' (A), Miller (EH), Cdbb"~~Wf%7elson (Sm); HVYWT-Sam- (Li), DeBlasio (L), Hooks (NB), Serva (WI). North Carolina SCORING-Goldsboro 51 North Mecklenburg 43 Grimsley 42, Smith 40, Reidsville 33 Reynolds 33 ~alisbur~'26 West Mecklenburg b6 Cary 22 Page 22 Myers Park 19: Raleigh 18, Huliter Buss i7, Garinger 15, ~overhor ~orehkad 15, dreenvi~e 14, Harding 14 Durham 13 Wilmington 13, Lexington 10 Fayetteville 10 North Forsyth 10, ~adisoa-~a~odan 7: Ragsdale 6, East ~ecklenbu& 3, Kinston 3,'Jacksonville 2, New Bern 2, West Forsyth 2, High Point 1, Parkland 1, South Mecklenburg 1, Wadesboro 1. North Dakota SCORING-Hettinger 43, St. Mary's (Bis) 41, Bismark 39, Minot 36, Ryan 26, Trinity 26, Valley City 26, Wahpeton 26, Fargo Central 23, Rugby 22, Carrington 21, St. Mary's (N.E.) 20, Ft, Yates 19, West Fargo 17, Mandan 11, Dickinson 10, Harvey 10, Watford City 8, Jamestown 8, Williston 8, Rolla 7, Enderlin 6, Turtle Lake 5, Central Cass LB-Voeller (Ru) champion Weiss (Bi) 2nd Sorenson (WC) 3rd Keffler (St.MB) 4th; 103-LB-Henke (T), ~chmidt (St.MNE), ~ur'ckhard (Ry), ~elrnicg (Ru); 112-LB- Dietz (Bi), Nelson (D), Weros (Mi), Lavik (Ru); 120-LB-Peterscm (Bi), Schaeffer (He), Schmidt (StMNE), Vardsveen (Mi); 127-LB-Forde (Ry), Haegele (StMB), Bjornstad Demaray (CC); 133-LB-Beseman (Mi), Nostdahl (Ha), Braun (St.ME), Moe 138-LB-Schmaltz (He), Schlotrnan (VC), Knutson (J), Gaugler (WF); 145-LB- Vogel (FC), Tollefson (WF), Juntunen (Ro), Olson (FC); 154-LB-Zink (C), Peterson (VC) Syvrud (Ma) Kraft (St MB). 165-LB-Gwbracht (He) Hentges (Wa) Farrell (s~.mb) Wold (~i). 180;~~1~in& (T), Gates (Ft.Y) ~kbare (Wi), ~urh (Ma); HVYW'~-~ozak (w:), Hanson (FCJ, Bolman (FLY), &ntz (St.MB).

54 NEW JERSEY INDEPENDENT-GROUP A CHAMPIONS: Left to right-gibson, Egan dboth St. Benedict's), Preefer (Lawrenceville), Dughi, Bishop, Pappas (all Blair), Baker, Robrecht (both St. Benedict's), Stretch (Hun), Hurd (Lawrenceuille), Mattia (St. Benedict's). CLASS OF NEW MEXICO: Left to right-shelton (Valley), Trevino (Las Cruces) Buck (Manxano), Beaudry (Manzano), Griego (Albuquerque), Garcia (Gallup), ~astri (Las Cruces), Scott, (Manzano), Ortega (Albuquerque), Parker (Tucumcari), Bednarik (Manzano), Reed (Rzo Grande). NEW YORK-SECTIONAL CHAMPIONS: Left to Tight, kneeling-pool (Ithaca), Sleeper (South Szde) Fay (Island Trees) Stock (Mepham) Rutzen (Herricks) Nagel (CaMaraugus). back ;ow-~ocast (Valley 'stream North), s;ephans (~lmi~a-~olthside) Saruchinsky '(~nion-~ndicott) Rust (Kenmore East), Femro rank fort-~chu~ler): Da& (Mt. Vernon), ~ emberi (Valley Stream North),

55 SCHOLASTIC REVIEWS 53 Ohio SCORING-Maple Heights 33 John Marshall 25 ' Columbus East 24 Bedford 23, Toledo St. Franuis 20 Toledo icott 16 Solon 15 ' Worthineon 15 ~:rea Mid Park 15 Cleveland Heights '15 Martins Feny 14 Panna %alley Forge 14 kolumbus DeGales 13: Taledo Rogers 13. 'others listed alp&abetically-~kron-~ancdester, Canton Mc- Kinley Cincinnati Princeton Cleveland Adams Dayton Belmont Dayton Roosevelt, ~lyria,' Euclid, Franklin ~eiihts, Guilford ~ei~lts, Huron, asd din Washington, Ohio School for Blind Orange Oregon Cardinal Stritch Shaker Heights, Stow, Toledo CC, Toledo ~evilblis;, wauskn, Wickliffe, worthingtdn. 103-LB-Remaw, (MM) champion, Brumit (St) 2nd Cox (CE) 3rd Mason (Eu) 4th. 112-I+-Milkovich.(MIX), Freeman (AM) ~rambo ' (FH), Bartee ' (OSB); I~O-LB~ Buddm (JM) Rubm (GH) Meyers (TSF~ Guxman (TD). 127-LB--Spliegel (BMP) Holloway (Ck) Peterson ($H) ~arcioppolo' (MH). 133-~~~~iscopo (En) Soinski (B)' Lewis (El) s bunt (H). 138-b-~nemoser (E), '~ipalo (TCC) ata as' (CMc), Ma: honey (C 6e). 145-~d~eckman (Tr) Klein (CH) Moron (06s) Kline (Wi) LB-Chrystal two) Eiben (JM) ~ame;on (0) vanherbunt (Wa). i65-lb-~r& (TS), Scipio (MI?) ~e~gcentis (C Dej Hayden (~d). 175-LB-Kruse ba) Whitfield (MW McCall (DB), Primm (CA); ~$Y~'l'-I?ankran& (TSF), Cooper (P*), Jackson (CE]: Gilford (m). Oklahoma SCORING-CLASS AA-U. S. Grant 52, Tulsa Webster 31, John Marshall 31, Edmont 29 Norman 26 Ponca City 25 Tulsa Will Rogers 25 Tulsa Edison 20 Tulsa washingto: 19 Tulsa ~emorial 19 ~ulsa Central k. Northwest 18' Tulsa Hale. 14, De1 dity 10, Tulsa McLainY9, Midwest City 8,' Muskogee Central 6, iapulpa 5, Stillwater Donart 5, Duncan 3. CLASS A-Perry 83 Hobart 55 Blackwell 53 Midwest City Carl Albert 33 Geary C. Classen 26 '~roka Arro& 24 Choctaw' 18 Star-Spencer C. ~Artheast 16' Chilocco 10, Ardmore 8, SalLisaw 9, Oklahoma '~ilitary cade em; 6, Wagoner 4, ~ r h 4. w CLASS AA-98-LB-Oxford (TWe) champion, Bagley (JM) 2nd, Bamett (Mu C) 3rd, Carnes (Du) 4th. 106-LB-Sloan (T We) Reeves (OCN) Damron (TC) Buchan (TM). 115-LB--Stapp (USG) Smith (OCN) kall (T We) ~uchan (TM) ~~~olan(i (PC), Clardy {TC), Ibilkerson (Mi~j, Laws (FSG):, I~O-LB-C~& (TM), Hogan (PC) Savage JM) Ralston (USG). 136-LR-M~ller (N) Dark (E) Eagleston (JM) ~tite;! (SD). 14l-~~-~aker (TWR)' Anders (USG) ~ogison (T ~ e Nelson j (T MC): 148-LB-H-s (TH), waggoner(~id), Holliday (E): Pitman (PC); 15?-~~--~need.(E): Weichert (TE), Humphreys (Sa), Beard (T Wa); 168-LB-Wmnnawl (USG), Shivers (T Wa) Moore (T Mc) Stephenson (N). 183-LB-Walkabout (USG) Prickett (N) ~anne: (TE), ~c~ntosd (T Wa); ~~~W'k-ward (TWR), Kelley (DA, Gates (TC): Loveless (TE) CLASS ~--98-~~-~iller (OleC) champi* Nelson (P) 2nd Spttedbird (H) 3rd, Reeser (S-S) 4th. 106-LB-Ault (H) waggoner (BA) ~dmunhson (P) Mercer (Bl). 115-LB-Keeley (~1) Garrison (S-S) '~dge(h) vowed (G). 123-~~--~Gat (P) ~arrisd (H) Smith (Bl) M& (OCC). 130I~~-~edini (G) Chubd (RA) Talbert (~k), Ellis (H); 136-~~-~~ckson (P), Ezackrell (A), ~oneycitt (Rl), ~ohnion (S-S) 141-LBT Maib (G) Bontrager (P) McQuagge (OCC) Lyde (H). 148-LEI-Holman (H) Corbin (OCN) sizemore (CA) johns (Br). 157-~d~rand (P)' Clure (CA) Ray (oc~) Base (G). i68-lb-fgpley '(P) ~a~ul& (Chi) Cooper (~1) ~atschdlt (W). I~~-LB- ~alhwe~ (CA), Kelly (~h;), Asbill (S), ~ldford (OCC); HVYWT- raves (&I), Luttrell (P), Tytamc (Cho), Gaddis (OMA). Ontario SCORING-Moira 58, Beal 46, West Elgin 43, Belleville 36, Nelson 34, Kirkland Lake 33, Winston Churchill 31, Anderson 26, Birchmont Park 26, Hillcrest 24, Bell 22, Sir Adam Beck 21. (Champions only)--98-lb-bowers (Belleville). 106-LB-Tutt (Hillcrest); 115-LB- Tinslay (Kirkland Lake). 123-LB-Pcmdham '(W.oiaa). 130-LB-Mitchell (W-ton Chu;rchill); 136-LEI-King (~oua).; 141-LB-Goddard (&midge); I$&LldRolger (West Elm); 157-LB-Maracle (Bellede); 168-LB-Blaok (Nelson); 183-LB-Stanley (West EXgin); HVYWT-Gens (Beal). Oregon - A4 SCORING-(Top 30)-A-1-David Douglas 64, Grants Pass 48, Corvallis 42, Lebanon 35, Lake Oswego 34, Medford 31, Putnam 28, Molalla 24, Crook County 23, Wilson

56 54 THE OFFICIAL WRESTLING GUIDE Canby 20 Cleveland 17 Grant 16 Tigard 14 Estacada 14 Newberg 14 Hillsboio 14 ~e~iande 13 ~arshielq 12 horth ~alem' 10 ~ilwauge 9 Bend 9 enson on 9, or& Bend 9, ~&th Eugene 8,' Willamette 7, blackamas 7, bl ore st &ove 6, Klamath Falls 5, Pendleton LB-Agee (GP) champion Laws (Cle) 2nd Stewart (Pu 3rd Langbehn (H) 4th. 106-LB-Pasleg (Co) Thomas ~CO) Miller (w&) Jones (I& 1lb-L~-Margan (DD)' Caufield (Wils) hkhi (Bens) ~hgldon (FG). li3-lb-~ailldux (Le) Warning (LO)) Weigel (Mo) hrrell (DD). '(T) Sherman (NS) OW& (Ca) ~egrd (Mi). 136-~b-~illiams ( ~ Mills f (DD) ~elenigwski (Cla) Jdvis (Bend). <41-LB- ~ra& (GP) Peterson (CC)' Johnson (~b) Malagon (LO).' 148-LB-~om&ovic (Co), Smith (~a): Carty H), snider (Ca). 157-h-J. Johnson [G) Hettings (Ma Gorton (Mo) McIntosh (Pu!. 168-~~-~ea& (Ne) Giles (LaG) D' Johnson (Cle]' Waller (DD$ I~s-LB-IE~~~) (LO) Thompson (ie) Gabbard?NB~ Smit (SE). i91-lbwadarth (DD), Phillips (h), Sherk (GP),'R. Smith (cc);' HVYWT-M~~~ (Me), Ludlow (Pu), Morris (Wlll), Jaross (Le). Pennsylvania TEAMS-Abington, Allentown-Allen, Avella, Bald Eagle-Nittany, Chartiers Valley, Churchill, Coatesville, Commodore Perry, Conestoga Valley, Cumberland Valley, Greenville Hughesville John Harm Lansdowne-Aldan Lock Haven Mt. Lebanon, Newport, keynolds, ~a&?rtown, shamyokin, Susquehanna 'TW~., ~rinity,' Tyrone. 95-LB-Braymer (Sa) champion, Black (STwp) 2nd). 103-LB-Grinnell ((3') Junko (Tr). 112-LB-Weinhofer (Sh), Hostler (N); 120-~~--R&~ey (LH), Abajace (~r)); 127- ~ltkyeda (Con V), Daniels (BE-N); 133;LB-Frantz (H), Benson (Ch V); 138-LB- Paxson (LA) Callahan (Ch). 145-LB-Wilkams (Coa) Gollner (R). 154-LB-Nolen (Cu V) Davi)s (G). 165-~~kawls (JH) Sullivan (Mt L); 180-~~-~i~ulmenicoe Py), Baum [AA); HVYVh-Drehmaa (Ab), ~Ldrich (Ab). Rhode Island SCORING-LaSalle 71, Warwick 59, Kingstown 54, Cranston West 50, Mt. pleasant 40, Bishop Hendricken 38 Cranston East 31 East Providence 23 Hope 22 Warren LB-DeLaFave (~Brw) champion, M)organ (NK) 2nd, JGdd (BH) '3rd, ~iisand (W) 4th; ll2-eb--wildman (Warw), Cullen (b), Thiberge (Pllg), Rossi (Mt P); 120- LB-Colantoxuo (L), Herman CCW), Worf (Pllg), Smith (NK); 127-LB-Prior (L), Lornbardo (Warw), Cornerford (H), Silva (NK); 133-LB-Barriclelli (MtP), Barthiewitz (NK),Whitt&er (BH), Kinney (Warr); 138-LB-Grwer (a,), LaPolla (L), Chaplaan (H), Sanderson (BH); 145-LB-IhQcco (CW), T. Barthiewitz (NK), Rossi (Mt P), Nawrocki (CE); 154-LB-Ahneida (EP), Johnson CW), Johnson (Warw), Chafetz (H); 165-LB--McEntee (BH) Badway (L) Heue (dk &rby (Warn). 180-LB-Clouse (MtP), Melidosian (L): Phillips (d), Santilla (barn); HVY~lharino (Warr), Chaffee (EP), Mayo (NK), Folsom (CW). South Dakota SCORING-Watertown 45 Rapid City 45 Spearfish 43 Brookings 41 Sioux Falls Limoln 35 Pierre 33 ~io& Falls washingion 33 ~itcdll 30 Winner'30 Webster 2, SissetonP23, yanktin 19, Milbank 18, Redfield '17, Lemmon'l5, Miller lk, Flandreau 14, Aberdeen 12, Mobridge 9, d.tm'

57 SCHOLASTIC REVIEWS 95-LB-Lundeen (B) champion Langer (Sp) 2nd Bollinger (Mit) 3rd Ham (L) 4th. 103-LB-Wortman (Wi) Vogel {~i) Nygaard (~d) Ice (P). 112~L~-'~chmidt (~ed): George (Si) Fuller (~pf Redmond '(~ilb). l20-~~l~ohnson '(s~) Raabe (SFL) Mills (RC), ~ackiund (Mit); i27-~~-~embold [Y), Bender (A), ~arsoi (Wa), Have& (H); 133-LB-Wagner (SFW) Asmussen (Wa) Sona (SFL) M Johnson (Milb). 138-LB- Opstedahl (RC), Saylor?we) B. Asmussen (Wa) ~ete;son'(h). 145-LB-~hckson (F, Jones (Mill) Kreuger (sw). Leonard (Wa). <54-~~-~undd (Mit), Anderson (Sp{, Stahley (H),' Riggle (P); 165~~~-01son (P), Kynearson (RC), McClain (SFL), Langm (S FW); 180-LB-Pfeiffer (Wi), Knap (We) Davis (P), Broadbent (B); HVYWT- Wbtrnore (B), Benthm (Wa), Eibert (~7, ~orri; (Mo). Utah SCQRING-CLASS A-Bear River 60 Box Elder 44 Granger 39 Orem 36 East 34, Sky View 34. Davis 31 Bingham 25 ~ooele 23, ~rakte 20, ~ro;o 20 ~iegmont 20 Bonneville 17. Olympd 15 Ben ~okond 14 Jordan 13 Weber 12, 'west 12, ~ehl 11, Ogden 11, South 10, '~~rin~field 10, American ~ & k 8, Highland 7, Pleasant Grove 5. Skyline 4, B. Y. High 2, Cyprus 2, Carbon 1, Hillcrest 1, Murray 1, Payson 1. Spanish Fork 1. CLASS B-Delta 69, Unitah 62, Union 59, Wastach 47, Monticello 40, Morgan 36. Millard 29, Richfield 16, Emery 14,' San Juan 7, North Sevier 6, Piute 4 South Sevier 3 North Summit 2 CLA ~-95-~~-~&erick (BR) cham'pion, Zook (SV) 2nd, Harding (AF 3rd, Anderson (BE) 4th- 103-LB-Dangerfield (Gran) England (Bo) Burr (Or) dallace (So); 112-L~-Lat&er (J), Patterson (Gran). ~hbot (Bo), N&ori (BE); ' 120-LB-- Calder (Or), Yeakey (Web), Palmer (Bi), Linford (East); 127-LB-Munoz (Gran), Udy (BR), Iacobazzi (01). Hattinward (Wes);-133-LB-Buckley (Dl, Elton (L). Slater (Og), Johnson (PI-); 138-LB-Mihw (PI-,). Turpm (Bi), Smoot (BE), Thal~an (SV); 145-LB- Bxon (BE) Chrlstensen (BR) Mlller (V). Gardner (E). 154-L8B-King (BR) Workman (T) ~ipietio (01) Hone (st). 165-LB-Hansm (E) khepherd (V) ~ardn)er (Grani) ~ogk (Or). 180-LB-~nderton '(l)~). Everett (Sp) ~m)ith (E), Hansei (BR); HVYWT: Ashton (~iani), Dow (T), Bailey (Or). ~unsaker' (BE). CLASS B-95-LB-DiStefanio (W) champion, Williams (Mor) 2nd, Torres (Mon) 3rd. Quarnberg (Mi) 4th. 103-LB-Walker (Un) Peterson (D) -Matthews (SJ), Edward Mi). 112-~~-~ardfe (Ui) Nelson (D) codnor (Mon). ~uaderson (E ; 120-LB-Rich Ln$ Fulhner (D) ~obnso: (Monl ~iiken (W). JW-LB-Slaugh (Ui! Callister (D) ~riiht (W), Ande;son (P); 133-LBkcholes (UII); Alfred (D), Ufford (Gi), Baker (NS)~ 138-LB-Redd (Man), Slaugh (Ui). Tree (W). Kester (Mor): 145-LB-Pentz (Mod,' Bemis (Mi). Aldredge (D), Giles (W): 154-LB-Pudcell (Mon), Lossee (D). Lloyd (Un), Nielson (Mi); 165-LB-Vincent (W), Fletcher (Ui). Tassel1 (Un), Carter (SS); 180-LB- Davis (Ui!, Long (Un), Wood (D), Lu Bean (Mor); HVYWT-Sampson (R), Alger (E), Phelps (Mi), Chard (Mor). Virginia SCORING-(Top 25)-Granby 95. Mt. Vernon 44. Edison 36, Annandale 31, Cox 28, Nonriew 27 Maury 25 Washington & Lee 24 Wakefield 23 Craddock 21 Pulaski 18 oddr row ~ilso; 15 Fairfax 14 ~obert' E. Lee 13 0;ange 11 ~alli Church 10' Ferguson 9 virginia9beach 7 ~Hcoughtan 6, ~arwiik 6, ~ammbnd 6, McLean 6,'Churchland '4, Deep Creek 4, korktown LB-Startzel (A) ~hai'iipi0n Siman (G) 2nd Carrithers (Fe) 3rd Bench (K) 4th. 103-LB-Ellis (G), Pease (Fa),' Collins (Mt v), ' Jordan (P); 112-L~-~wiasw &fa):

58 56 THE OFFICIAL WRESTLING GUIDE 1967 Legge (Wak) Parker (Cr) Tucker (0). 120-LB-Myers (Co) Byrum (G) Mathews (Mt V) ~ame;son (N). 12"1;~~-~oone (k) Taylor (Wak) ~o&ad (N) ~eichem (A). 133-L~I-weathersby \N) Zablow (G) &int (W & L) lackwe welder '(H). 138-~~2 Allen (PI, Carlan (W & i) Radmon (d) Bright (DC). i45-lb-~dagher?go) Foley (G) Godfrey (FC) 1seke7 (A) 154I&-~aylm (Mt %) Chesley (E) ~arrisdn (G) ~rgeden (01; 165-&B-~amon 'm) Blair (WW) 33ilbo7 (Ma), ~arniltbp (War). 180: LB-Gavin (W & L), Green (E), ~brris (Co), ~okanno (VB); HVYWT-S~~O~ (Cr), Constance (Mt V), DlGM (G), Farrington (Mc). Washington SCORING-Moses Lake 71 Kennewick 38 North Thurston 28 Shadle Park 27 Mt. Vernon 24 Pullman 22 ~ichfand 18 ~isenhdwer 18 Davis 18 b a t e r 17 ~eabowdale 17, ~arysville 18) Cornell 1J R A Long 14 shorehe 13 ~ead'l2, West Valley 12, Stadium 11 '~ubua 10 ~en'tralia 10 1ssGuah 10 Fufe h Hudson Bay 8 Selah 7, Sunnyside 7: Mark ~o&is 7, Columbia River 7,' I?rosser7 7, Highline 6: Sedro-Woolley 5, hyallup. 106-LB-~bala (SP) ohampion Rice (Ce) 2nd Knodel (F) 3rd Adolphson (ML) 4th. 115-LB-Kdter (Ken) ~edefeh (I) Mason (ML) Zehrung (~eac~o). 123-LB- D-U Kelleb (Ken) ~'&tuono (St) kakashima (M\.v) Marley (ML)! 130-LB- Brant (Ra), Miller en) Berg (NT) '~ackson(mm). 136-b- arcus use (P&) Thompson (ML) Hayes (Ma\ Cakp (a). lhl-~g-~leasant'(~) Noah (A) ~nderson (Mt.V) Batey ~B-iogucki (Sh) d dams (E) Moe ~t.+), ~u~ka~dall (R); 157-L< Baker (NTI, Sicilia (Mead) chiar'a ((Pr) ~i&s (Suj; 168-LR-Stmde (ML), DeLong (Meado), Schiebelli (I?, ~hntyre (sw): 178-LB-Bamhart (ML), Mong (WV), Adkinson (E) Wh~dden (HI). 194-LB-Qauson (SP) Hayden (ML) Lundberg (T), Harber (PUY); HWW-R~~ (b), Milton (R), ~nders& (HB), ~ound; (Ma). West Virginia SCOIUNG-Weirton 45 Stonewall Jackson 31 DuPont 26 Morgantown 23 Shady Spring 20 Huntington 2d George Washington 13 Charlesto; 12 Keyser 11, ~oundsville,ll, garkersburg 11, '~arboursville 10, ~in~wbod 10, ~ilton'9, Philip Barbour 8, Martnuburg 5 Petersburg 2 Beckley 1 95-~~-~eidows (SS) &ampion, Gogan (C) 2nd. 103-LB-Haks (Nlor), Rine (Mou). 112-LB-Ravenscraft (Ke) Epperly (SS). 120-h-~rrango (W) Samms (SJ). 127-~b-~rcher (H), Day (SJ); i33-~~--~otae~'(w), Reed (Ba); 138-Ih-3mas (pa): Costello (Ki); 1451LB--Bock (GW), Nicholson (PB); 154-LB-Wcwdscm (D), Wallace (Mi); 16SLB-Dmohew (SJ), Simpkins (H); 180-LB-Cochran (Dl, Kosut (W); HVYWT-Magnone (W), Bennett (Mor). Wisconsin SCORING-Coleman 34, Mineral Point 28, New Berlin 25, Stoughton 24, Racine Horhk 18 Berlm 17 Monroe 16 New Richmond 14 Richland Center 14 Supenor 14, ~enoshh Tremper '14, Eau cl&e Memorial 13, ~ulkego 13, Milton 13, bconomowoe 13 Wittenberg 13 Menmonie 12 Portage 12 West Allis Hale 11 Adams- Ffiendsdip 10, ~artlani 10, Madison west 10, ~dwaukee Custer 10, ~ilwaukee Kmg 10 Mishicot ~~-~uetrick (MO) champion Kinateder (NB) 2nd Campbell (Bara) 3rd Hahn (Cuba City) 4th. 103-LB-~edchili (MP) Mazzari (NB)' Langlois (RH) ~a&n (C). If.M.JMWne (B), Grimm (MP) T-F& (Rac P) ~aker (Mu). 120~L~-~tephen~ I4qrch;ndt (IT) Buckban (&x) Pedretti (~rae). l.z'l-l~-~&eger (KT), Aaberg (St), '~onsh(~ac L);' Hedges ( ~ ag); u 133-~~-~aitb (EF), Pqmplum. (P), Knutilla (MU) Hinziger (C). 138-LB-Balthmor (W) Lorenz (Mis) Thiele (Kimb) Schultz (TO&). 145-~~-~en~on (Milt) Beeman (L-F~ Otto (LG~ Dorsey (ML).,154-~~- Kroner b), Wilson (MK) sang& (MW) ~ostre;a (C). 165-'h3-~ursau (d) Sullivan (RH), Fox )DeS) water&an (Br C). l~~-~b-~ellick&m (St) Melka (w&) Susler (MC), Groholski (~mh); HwW'T-O~&-~ (Su), Braker (Me), K. hiller (RC), ~anktz (C). Wyoming SCORING-(CLASS Ah)-Cheyenne Central 92, Worland 83,. Laramie 66, Capr 63 Powell 39 Tormgton 33 Cheyenne East 27 Coay 27, Sheridan 23, Rock Spnngs 22: Riverton i9, Lander 19, 'Kelly Walsh 12, ~iwlins LB-Abeyta (CE) champion, Vigil (W) 2nd ones (T) 3rd Hernandez (CC) 4th. 103-LB-J~hn~an (CC), Miller (KW), Fehlberg (id, Morris (s): 112;LB-Lopez (CC): Ward (Lar), Chams (W), Fulton (P); 120-LB-Hartman (Lar), Rawlings (S), Weaver

59 SCHOLASTIC VIEWS 57 (W) Nelson (T). 1Z7-LB-Fehlberg (VV) Lohof (Co) Connett (Ri) Eisenbarth (TI; l~~b-~omero'(lar), Mwphy (T) ~irtels (CC), '~obinson (~af; 138-LB-Miller (Lan), Walker (Lar) Bower (W) ~iack (Ca). 145-LB-Lad (CC) Lawrence (Co) Allison (Ca) Toler!P). 154-Id~rown (W) ' Fusselman (Ca) ~ukhe RS), ~anna; (S); 165-~&~ichd-' (Ca), Hunnicutt (d), Clark (Lar), '~ukas(a). 180-Ig Williams (CC), Scbzloor (Ca), Parks (RS), Dearcorn (P); HVYWT-Martin (k), Miller (P), Adams (Ca), McIntosh (W). CLASS A-Lusk 102, Gillette 81, Newcastle 79, Evanston 74, Star Valley 55, Wheatland 50 Love11 42 Kemmerer 18, Green River 13, Grefiull 13, Buffalo la, Thermopolis 8 ' Douglas 5 'prep 0 95-~~-~arh (Gi) cldnpion, ~arnsworth (N) 2nd, Smith (E) 3rd, Webb* (GR) 4th; 103-LB-Laird (W) Latham (N) Stoker (SV) Saxton (E). 112-LB-IClstler (Ei) Cancino (W) ~ome)z (K) ~0hnsc-d (Lo). 120-L$-crowley (L;) Mormon (Lo) ~irni (E), ~chlaut&ann (Gi). i27-~&~avies' (Lu) Black (E) it& (Gi) wolfley9 (SV). 133-LB-Crowley (~4,' Wagstaff (E), ~rid~ebn (N), ~&er (Gi); i38-~~-~ilbaugi (N) Wolfley (SV) Ward (Lu) Demander (E). 145-LB-Baribeau (Lu) Wagstaff (E sn;der (Gr) ~elsck (K). 154-Ih-Clerk (W) dennington (SV) LeBeau '(N) Barr (Lu]: 165-LB-hkm (El, ~a;d (Lu), ~rankowiak'(lo), Haeber? (w); 180-L~~~rankowia~ (Lo), Thompson (N), Garst (Gi), Dean (E); HVYWT-McKLnney (Gi), Foley (Lu), Peltz (N), Gardner (SV). CLASS B-Saratoga 106, Lingle 61, Shoshoni 58, Mountain View 55, Sundance 43 Cokeville 39, Upton 36, Pine Bluffs 29, Moorcroft 17, Hulett 10, Glendo 0, ~ e d Sleep LB-Ramos (L) champion Vondra (M) 2nd Annan (Sa) 3rd Kerber (Su) 4th- 103-LB-James (Sa), ~enchaca) (Sh), Wright (c),' Cranston (U). li2-lb-abed (~a): Menchaca (Sh), Knouse (C), Nicholson (Su). 120-~R-EIhtt' (Sa), Q+ntana (C) Brown (L), Line (Sh); 127-LB-Oberst (L), innan (Sa), Lloyd (C), P~ckerd (su): 133-LB-Ravenscroft (Sa) Aimone (Mt.V) Butler (PB) Moore (C). 138-~~-0bers; (L) Woody (Mt.V) ~e&rt (Sa) Pike (d). 145-~~-~ku~eto (Sh) 'craft (L, Gibbs (P&, Tibbs (U); ld4-~~-~ray &a), Pryor '(Sh), Angwin (MtV), $art (U); I65-LB- Peterson (Su), Bartlett (Sa), Aimone (Mt.V), Tschetter (U). 180-LB-Green (Mt.V), Engle (U), Mahoney (H), Schuricht (M); HVYWT-Walls '(PB), Lake (Su), Green (Mt.V), Engle (U). Naiionall Academy SCORING-Milton Hershey 49 St Benedict's 48 Baylor 48 McCallie 47 Hill 35 Tatnall 34 Morristown 33 ~lai; 32 University ~ihool 27 6yn Athyn 23' ~ooste; 23 wyom:ng Seminary 20' Paddie i9 Horace Mann 16 Germ Charter 16 '~iski 15 ~hkshire 7 Riverdale 7 ihady Side '7 Mercersburg 6' St. Paul Md. 6 ' Girard 5' Poly Prep h, McBurney '3, Perkiomen d, Castle ~ei~hts' 2, Hopkins 2, iawrence 2: St. Paul NY 2, Solebury LB-Icenhower (FC) champion, Reed (MH) 2nd, Foldes (WS) 3rd, Chacona (Ped) 4th; 115-LB-Quinn (HM), Hurley (Mor), Carter (Wo), Younkin (MH); 123- LB-Hudson (McC), Baker (S t.b), McGough (Mor), McAlpin (Hi). 130-LB-Lewis (Mor) Golden (Wo) Caffrey (St B) Metzler (Hi). 136-~~-~ishop ' (Bl) Fay (US) ~obe;ts (Ea), Glass (MCC); 148-LB-blasser (McC), keadrick Ba), Junge (BA), Caples (St P Md) 157-LB-Rhode (T) McNarnara (Ba) Wille (BA\ Mignocchi (R) LB-BO~~;~ (Ped), Alvey (Hi),'~obrecht (St.B), jayjock (G); i83-~b-~rapf (T'), Post (WS), Boehrn (Ba), McGuinness (McC); MVYWT-Mattia (St.B), Richards (US), Pryor (MH), Millar (K). Graves-Kelsbv - Private School SCORING-Brooks 68. Roxburv ~ati; 59. Browne & Nichols 58. Lawrence 42. ~obie- &- ~reenough 41 i7sl ~ arki 30, &lg&nt Hill 28, st.- ~eorges LB-Whitney (B) champion Lancella (SM) 2nd Schoepfer (BN) 3rd Dangel (RL) 4th: 115-LB-Carmen (BN). 'pame (B). ~hamavi; (L). Mansell (SM): ~~I-LB- (BH) Poland (L); 138-LB-Zia)gos (L), Latham (RL), Bono (BN), Braga (SM); 147- LB--Fsrdyce (L), Colbert (RL), Meyer (B), Dean (SG); 157-LB-Casselman (BH) Besse (BN). Chiuneos IL). McCabe (B): 167-LB-Damane (BN). Wilklns (NGL ~rooki (BH). 'Lutkins (sm); 17?-L~-Beck '(RL), Walbridge (B), 'par& (BH), ~ack;?'tt (sg); T-IVYWT-Turner (B), Dunn (RL), Canter (NG), Weaver (BN).

60 BEST OF OREGON'S CLASS A-2: Left to right kneeling-martin (Clatskanie) Cody (Maupin), Carter (Nyssa), Vendrell. (Nyssa), ~aiber (Woodbum), Abel (~ee$sport), McPherson (Henley); back row-lzmzng (Reedsport), Sch~mmel (Ruiner), Phelan (Scappoose), Tattle (ReedspW), Stidham (Myrtle Point), Ochs (Henley). TOPS IN' TENNESSEE: Left to right sitting-whitworth Goss (East Ridge) Fair& (Red Bank); kneeling-kennedy (~(irkmh), Meadows (~ed Bank), ConnelE (~iainerd), Slaten (Central); standing-mayers (Kirkman), Brown, HaEey (both East Ridge), Rose (Kirkman), Bond (Red Bank). INDEPENDENT SCHOOLS CHAMPIONS: Left to right kneeling-armstrong (NOTfolk) Davis (Carroll) Friede (OYConnell) Bucknell (~~iscd ae) Carroll (Carroll). back TW~GLZ~ (St. ~lbdd}, Ober (Norfolk), hish (O'Connell), bi~iiams (~piscopal),~ Sroka (Sevem), Ball (Landon), Cherrsndalo (O'Connell).

61 + Independent SCHOLASTIC REVIEWS 59 Schools SCO'RING-O'Connell 75 Woodberry Forest 56 Carroll 50 Episcopal 48 Sevem 39 St. Albans 37, an do; 34, St. Christopher '30, orf folk' 30, St. step<ens 20, Ascension LB-Armstrong (N) champion, Bagbey (WF) 2nd, Pappas (0) 3rd, Miller (St,Q 4th- 103-LB-Davis (C) McDowell (S Musick (N) Dandridge (E). 112-LB-Friede (0); Fitts (E), ~homas'(s), Taylor (fk. A); 180-~~~uckncll (E), hc~lvaine St S) Greene (WF), McBriar (L); 127TLB-Carr~ll (a, Chesley (0), Knowles (St.C), Oked (E). 133-LB-Gay (St.A) A Huh (0) Long (N) Jackson (St S). 138-LB-Ober (N) W&S (WF) Brown (L)' ~ edum (st& 145-LB~G. Hish (0)' d Carroll (C) mit ti (L), Cates {s~.c); 154-LB-~illiam~ $1, McCauley (WF), 6a11 '(S), 1ngram' (St.S). 165-LB-Sroka (S) Board (WF fichards (0 Pmto (C); 180-LB-Ball (L), ~ahafo; (St.C), Wilson (w?), Baloh (Oh HVYWT-Ckerundalo (0). Hamlin (L.A), McCLeary (WF), Sherrod (St,C). SCORING-Horace Manp 59, ~iverdile 38,' Hackley 32, Stony Brook 32, Poly Prep 30 St fiul's 21 Trinlty 0 98-Lh-~c~ittrick \SB) chan;pion, Dumansky (HM) 2nd Reighter (St P) 3rd LB-Kanasuta (R),. Hahn (HM), Gladstone (H);.115-~~-~;e(SB), +bed (R), heigus (PP). 123-LB-Qumnn (HM) Freeman (H) Garcia (PP). 130-LB-We~ner (HM) Rockwooh (H) Todd (SB). 1%8-~B-~ermann' (H) Frieri (st P) Kennon (HM). lh-le- Cohen (HM) Wilson IR) Best (St.P). 148-~6-~andehnk \R) ~llenberg(~~) Rockwood (H); ~s~-lb-o~& (PP), ~dkrnes (SB), Mascia AH);' 168-~B-~awa~h (PP), Joyner (HM) Ten Eyck (SB). 183-LB-Lewis (PP) rossen (R), Stewart (H); HVYWT-~o&e (St.P), ~errmagn (HM), Zimmerman '(R). Mid-Sout h SCORING-McCallie 127 Baylor 121, Castle Heights Military Academy 41, Columbia Military cade em; 33, Sewanee Military Academy 28, Darlington 28, Tennessee Military Institute 17, St. Andrews LB-Weinberg (B) champion, Branton (Mc) 2nd, Anderson (CMA) Srd, Green (CHMA) 4th- 106-LB-Grant (D) Webb (B) Asbury (Mc) Edwards (SMA) ~~-~ieswett;r (CHMA) S. ~einlerg (B) ~Atter (Mc) 1d3-LB- Hu+on (Mc), ~nderton) (B), Chitty (sma), Yoder (CHMA); 130-~B-~h'a~in (Mc), Whlsman (TMI) Cox (D) Moore (E). 136-LB-Roberts (B), Glass (Mc), DuBois (CHMA) ~ickeis (TMI). '141-~B-~hahler (Mc) Metealfe (CHMA Giffard (B): Thomas '(&.A); l&-~~-beadrick (B), Wells (~c),'montgomery(cmak DeBuys (D) 157-LB-McNamara (B), Meyers (CMA), Glasser (Mc), Neal (St.A); 168-~~-Gros; (Mc) Edsori (CMA) Caldwell (B) Jacks (SMA). 183-LB-Rudolph (Mc) Burnette (B) QU&I (SMA), ~i&s (CHMA);' HWWT-&~~ (B), Caldwell (I&), ~o~innetj (St.A), Rymer (TMI), I El Paso Invitational SCQlUNG-Manzano 102, Carlsbad 99, Las Cruces 85, Albuquerque 80, Sandia 472 Silver 36, Alamogordo 35, Irvm 25, Bowie 23, Jefferson 23, Burges 22, Andress 16 Coronado 17, Technical 10, New Mexico School for the Visually Handicapped 10.; Cobre LB-Flores (Ca) champion, Holler (Alb) 2nd Rivera (M) 3rd Corrales (Bo) 4th Guerrero (Bu) 5th Hassig (Sa) 6th. 103-~B-~re~o (LC) ille egis (J) Lovab (~lb):. Foster (Ca) ~horibrough (M) ~in&ln (Bu). ~~~-LB-BUC$ (M) ~ibso6 (Ca Aragon (Ala), ~ue;rero (Bu), ~mbroie (I), ~guirre' (Si); 1.20-LB-DU; (LO, Padilia (Alb), Montanez Ca), Perez (J), Saunders (Car), Begay (NMSVH); 127-Lg-Griego (Alb) Scbnedkr [Sa) Evans (Ca) Peralta (Bo) Gonzaln (I) Gimn (LJ?). 133-~~-~osat~ (Alb), Pruden '(MI, ~ogref; (Sa), Goad b), ~angend&f (Si), ~arg)as (T); 138-LB- Buckner (Ca) Castro (LC) Adkms (I) Patterson (Bu) Bradley (Sa) Bautista (NMSVH). ld5-~b-~catt (hi) Luevano i~la) Lewis ~a), Tomlison or), ~grtinez (BO); 154-~~hrtes1 (A%), Arsola (s& Osborn (LC) Saiers (M) Alvarez (Bo), Carpenter (Ala); 165-LB-Vddez (Ca), ~ilbhrn (Si), ~inkli (LC), ~alai' (Ala), Houston (M), Chavira (J); 180-LB-Bednarik (M), Talavera (Ca), Jacobs (LC) Ward (Cob), Squrres (Cpr), Splve~ (I); HVYWT-Breazell (LC), Dellinger (An), ~atei (Ala), Danlefs (M), Mayfield (I), Rldley (Sa). North Central Association Of Schools For The Blind SCORING-Missouri 74, Kenpcky 68, Ohiq 56, Indiana 47, Michi an 4% Nebraska 44, Iowa 24, Kansas 24, Illinois 19, Wisconsm 12, South Dakota 6, %innesota 3.


63 SCHOLASTIC REVIEWS LB-Baum (0) champion5 Earle (Mis) 2nd Thoune (In) 3rd Waymire (Ka) 4th. 103-LB-Dickerson (Ke) Harris (0 Repp (M&), Sipes (Ka); 112~L~-Bartee (0), Fl&t (Ke) Gmdrich (~icf Dalryinpk (In. 120-LB-Weese (Mic) Voker (10) Cravens (Ih) Smith (Ka) ~b'l-lel(kilatt (NI' Crowe (Ke) J weese7 (Mic) ~eisle; (K?) 133-Lh-Hunley (I;) Williams (N) ~hhk (10) ~;er '(~e) 138-L~~~omans (fisj, Abrams (0 ~osch' (Ka), Lewis i~e). 145-Ld-Hopkins (&) McGee (Mis Oudsema (Mic) krauter (N). ~~P-LB-,~W~IV (Mis), McGqe (%)? Davis (Lo{: Myers (Mic). i65-lb--hv&' (Ke), Wmfield (N), Alma? (Mlc) Kr~emann (SD); HVYWT-C. '~ewberr~ (Ws), Baugh (Ill), Mom (Ke), ~hdlabaum'(0). Southwesf Associatien Of Schools For The Blind TEAMS-Arkansas New Mexico Oklahoma Texas. 98-~B-~ustamon~ (NM) cham&on, ~oberison (A) 2nd. 106-LB-Craig (0) Reynolds (NM) Salinas (T). 115-LB-Salas (NM) Alcorta (T) Campbell (A). 12b-LB- Wright (T)' Begny (NM; Hightower (A). l~d-~b-~an~lez' (NM) ~olston' (0) Ashburn (A); 1)36-~~-~elias '(A),.Ortiz (NM),' Holt (T); 14l-~~-~anti~ta (NM), ~u&lcaba (T), Parker (A); 148-LB-Havu (T), Nunez (NM), Wood (A); 157-LB-Merriman (0) Wells (NM), Johnston (T); 168-LB-Zoch (T), Ledford (0), Flores (NM); HVYWT~ Monreal (T), Ransom (A), Plum (0). United States Dependent Schools, Europe SCORING-(CLASS A)-Ludwigsburg 72, Wiesbaden 65, Paris 38, Frankfurt 34 Heidelberg 28, Neurnberg 23, Lakenheath 18, Kalserslautern 14, London 0. CLAS~ B-Mannl?eirn 58, Drew 16, Wuerzburg 14, Orleans 14, Baumholder 13, Karlsruhe 10, Berh 7, Augsburg 5, Bremerhaven 1, Ankara 0, Chateauroux 0, Verdun 0, Bad Kreuznacb LB-Wnght (Wi) champion, Kennedy (Ma) 2nd Williams (La) 3rd Madriaga (Mu) 4th. 103-LB-McDaniels (Wu) Cunningham ( ~ Webb f (H), Deak l~i) LB-Poloisky (Ma) Beaudry (Lu)' Foust ( LloGd (F). 120-LB-Lockleir (P) Moren (F) ~omstdck (H) Smith 'N). 12t7-~&-~iokenson (LU), Herbert (Wi) An: dreoli (P),' Patrick (Ba); f33-lelif0lrl;er (Lu), Smyntek (Ma), Cbildress (La), keese (F). 138-LB-Ruf (Lu) Forester (Ma) Horvath (WI) Surface (Au). 145-LB-Shaklee (w:) Ruth (Lu) cart& (Ma) Jiry (~k). 154-LB-Pedersen (Wi), ~Lsist (a), Kohutko (N),'Fort (~ai);) 165-~B-~a& (Lu), &own (Kar), Ives (P), Matthews (Kai); 180- LB-Fowler (Mu), Frei (Ma), Smlth (WI), Walton (Ba); HVYWT-Collie (F), &inian (P), Loader (Mu). Western North Carolina SCORING-Statesville 75, Watauga 69, North Rowan 68, Troutman 61, Mooresville 55 Albemarle 54 Kannapolis 34 East Rowan 31 West Rowan 27, Thomasville 16, AsLeboro 10, ~ &es Central 9, kouth Rowan 7, henoir LB-Stonestreet (Al) champion Thompson iw) 2nd Kemp (As) 3rd Brinkle' (NR) 4th 103-LB--Bowers (Al) ~trgupe (W) Sel.ers (S) ~iller (Tr). 112-~'~-Carrof; (W), stq& (K), Hager (Tr), Pitterson (ER);'120-~~-~6od (S), ~eiton (NR), Norris (W) Tnece (K). 127-LB-Allen (WR) Culp (NR) Stutts (Tr), Hayes (W). 133-InB- Hyde (Tr), Penhleton (NR), ~oward' (M) ~olsdouser (ER 138-~B--~r~wle~ (M) Brooks (NR) Cranfield (WR Moretz (k), 145-LB-Stnnkrry (W) Hatley (~1): Thompson (&), Nall (K 15kLWgburn (b) Furr (Al) Oliver (K). Luther (SR) LB-Mcbwell (S) kdwards (Tr) Coates '(M) ~eafird (K). 18d-~B-~ernhar& (ER), Pickett (S), Wilson (Tr), ~ade; (M); ~ ~ h - ~ a n n(nk), e r Gill (W), Milan (S), Suther (M) Guide Material All material for inclusion in the 1968 Official Wrestling Guide must be submitted to the Editor, Charles Parker, Davidson College, Davidson, N. C., not later than April 10, 1967.

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65 OFFICIAL Intercollegiate ond interscholastic 1967 WRESTLING RULES NCAA Wrestling Rules Committee WALLACE JOHNSON, Chairman....Minnesota *JOHN E. ROBERTS, Secretary...Wisconsin Interscholastic AA J. BARRON BREMNER... Cornell College THOMAS EVANS....Oklahoma FRANK KRAPAL....U. S. Coast Guard Academy EVERETT D. LANTZ...Wyoming GERALD LEEMAN... Lehigh JAMES MOWRY...Texas GEORGE OLSON... Wheaton CLAUDE REECK... Pu rdue JOSEPH A. ROCXENBACH... Rochester ( Minn. ) JC DALE THOMAS...Oregon State MOLD W, UMBACH...:...Auburn...:,...Waterloo Public Schools, Ip *FINN B. ERIICSEN *Appointed to the Committee by the Executiae Committee of the. w- tional Federation of State High Schbol Athtetic Assne, 6 < a. C- I f.. 1 -'

66 Major Rules Changes The major changes that have been made in these 1967 rules are listed below with the apprp~riate rule identification. Rule 5, Sec. 3c-Contestant shall weigh-in without clothing. Rule 7, Sec. 1-All regular collegiate matches shall be eight minutes in length (first period, two minutes, with second and third periods, three minutes each). Rule 8, Sec. 1-Effective with the wrestling season, a new starting position (Referee's Position) will be in effect. See Illustration No. $. Rule 10, Sec. 1-Key lock, overhead double arm bar and headlock without the arm included are illegal in both hi school and college. Also, the locking of hands or a m around the head w f? en the guillotine hold is applied is now legal in high school as in collegiate wrestling. Rule 10, Sec. 8-Stalling designated as a separate section of this rule to denote special emphasis. Rule 10, Sec. 8, Item bl-the grasping of defensive wrestler's leg or legs with both hands ar arms by the wrestler with the advantage is a technical violation and has been inserted under stalling whereby a warning shall be given before the first penalty for stalling is assessed. Rule 11, Sec. 2-Clarification of the warning and first penalty will be provided on the penalty chart. Referees' Signals-To declare the winner of a match, the referee m'ust lift an arm of the winning wrestler. RULES COMMITTEEMEN: Left to right sitting-everett Lank Finn Erik Gerald Leeman, Claude Reeck Arnold Umbach '~eorge Olson. back ~&n--~ornm~ ~&ns Lt. Frank Kapral, Dale?hornas, John ~bberts, ~allac;! Johnson (chairman), ~dse~h Rockenbach, Robert Hartman, Barron Bremner. 2

67 Major Differences Between Scholastic And Collegiate Rules 1. Weigh-In For Dual Meets: Interscholastic-One hour maximum, and one-half hour minimum before scheduled starting time of match. ~ntercollegiate-five hours maximum, and one-half hour minimum before scheduled starting time of match. 2. Weigh-In For Tournaments:, Interscholastic-Three hour maximum and one-half hour minimum. Intercollegiate-Five hours maximum and one hour minimum. (NCAA Championships-first day maximum of 6 hours, 5-hour minimum, other days 5-hour maximum and 4-hour minimum. ) 3. Weight Allowance: Interscholastic-Two pounds additional in January and one pound in February. (Three pounds total.) Intercollegiate-No weight abwance. ( In tournaments one additional pound allowance each day of tournament.) 4. Length Of Bout: Interscholastic-Three, 2-minute periods. (Tournaments-Overtime, two 1-minute periods.) Intercollegiate-Three periods-first period, 2 rninutes; second and third periods, 3 minutes each. (Tournaments-Overtime, three 1-minute periods. Consolations-three 2-minute periods.) 5. Sweatbox Or Simiiar Artificial Weight Reducing Device: Interscholastic-Prohibited. (Wearing apparel permissible.) Intercollegiate-Permissible.

68 4 ' THE OFFICIAL WRESTLING GUIDE Falls: ~nterscholastic-two seconds. (Note difference in Near-Fall.) Intercollegiate-One second. (Note difference in Near-Fall.) 7. Defensive Man Standing Up while Offensive Wrestler Has Body Scissor (Including Cross,Body Ride):. 1 2 Interscholastic-Potentially dangerous-stop match. Intercollegiate-To be called as illegal slam if defensive man initiates fall back or drill. 8. Weight Class Restriction: Interscholastic-May wrestle one weight class above his actual weight. Intercollegiate-No restriction HIGH SCHOOL MEMBERS OF RULES COMMITTEE Thg National Federation of State High School Athletic Associations' two repre2entatives on the NCAA Wrestling Rules Committee are appointed by the National Federation's Executive Committee annually. That is, the appointees serve for one year periods. They are eligible tr, succeed themselves. The National Federation appoints its Rules Committee Members from among those men who are particularly qualfied and interested in interscholastic wrestling. It is desired to secure persons who have actively participated in the sport as contestants and officials. We attempt to secure representatives who are dedicated to the activity, so that they will make significant contributions to the Committee's work and, so that they will John E. Robe* take part in interpretation meetings and research. Finn B. Eriben

69 Official NCAA Wrestling Rules RULE I-ELIGIBILITY SECTION 1. Each contestant must be an Amateur as defined in the rules of the National Collegiate Athletic Association and be eligible according to the rules and regulations of the college or university which he represents. Participants in the National Collegiate Wrestling Championships must represent institutions which are active members of the NCAA in good standing and must conform to the rules of eligibility adopted by the NCAA to apply to all annual championship meets conducted by this Association. NOTE-See Rule 5, Section 4. SECTION 2. All colleges, universities and institutions of learning in the United States with acceptable scholastic and athletic standards ma be elected to membership in the NCAA. To comply with "acceptable scholic standards" the institution must be on the approved list of the accepted accrediting agency of the district in which the institution is located. SECTION 3. An institution is considered as having "satisfactory athledic standards" on approval of its standards by a two-third majority of the active members of the NCAA in the Association District in which the institution is located. Further information regarding application for membership may be obtained from the Executive Director of the NCAA, Walter Byers, Midland Building, 1221 Baltimore, Kansas City, Mo At least thirty (30) days should be allowed for the above procedure. SECTION 4. Participation in NCAA Championship competition shall be governed by the NCAA National Collegiate Championship Events Handbook. HIGH SCHOOL MODIFICATION Contestants shall be eligible under the rules of the. High School Athletic Association of the State in which their school is located. RULE 2-REPRESENTATION SECTION 1. An institution shall be represented by only one contestant in each weight class. SECTION 2. NO contestant shall be allowed to represent his institution in more than one class in each meet. SECTION 3. A representative may not accept a forfeit in one weight class and compete in another class. SECTION 4. A contestant who weighs-in for one weight may be shifted to a higher weight class, -

70 6 THE OFFICIAL WRESTLING GUIDE 1967 RILE 3 National SECTION 5. All entries to the National Collegiate Wrestling Championships which are received after the Collegiate deadline date shall be charged a double entry fee. The championships deadline shall be nine da s in advance of the first tournament session. When the team registers at de National Championships the institutional representative shall indicate the entry in each weight class in so far as it is possible before the weighing-in. RULE 3-MATS, COSTUMES AND EQUIPMENT Ma ts SECTION I. The wrestling area of the mat shall not be less than a square 24 feet by 24 feet or a ci9.cular area 28' in diameter. There shall be a mat area at least 5 feet in width which extends entirely around the wrestling area. The entire mat area shall be the same thickness which shall not be more than 4 inches nor less than the thickness of a mat which has the shock absorbing qualities of a 2-inch thick hair felt mat. When a plastic mat cover is used, it is recommended that it be sufficiently large to cover the mat proper and all supplementary mats, or laced underneath the mats. The wrestling area should be marked on the mat cover or mat by painted lines two inches in width. At the center of the mat proper there shall be similarly ainted a circle 10 feet in diameter, and it is reconmended a different coyor be used than the one on the boundary line. Whenever the match is started or resumed, the contestants shall be opposite each other on the 10-foot circle and throughout the match contestants are ex~ected to wrestle within this circle. There shall be placed - at the center ofathe cover or mat a design, at least 12 inches long. MINIMUM MAT SIZES A circle with a diameter.of 28 feet is a legal wrestling area providing there is 4 w t area at least 5 feet in wzdth which extends around it. Costume SECTION 2. The costume shall consist of: a. Full length tights, close fitting outside short trunks, and sleeveless shirt without fasteners at the shoulder and fastened down at the crotch. Shirts shau not be cut away in excess of the shirt illustrated in Figures 1 and 2 (picture of legal shirt, back and front view).

71 RULE 3 OFFXClAL NCAA WRESTLING RULES 7 Nos. 1 and 2-FRONT AND REAR VIEW OF SHIRT AND UNIFORM This shows front and Tear view of official shirt. Any shirt with more exposure is &gal. The one-piece uniform is illegal for interscholastic and intercollegiate competition. No wrestler shall lower his shoulder straps in the presence of spectators. b. Light heelless gymnasium shoes reaching above the ankle and laced by means of eyelets. c. It happens occasionally that two contestants look so much alike and are dressed so similarly that it is very difficult for the Referee and spectators to distin uish them. In all dual meets or tournaments, the home management shalf have immediately available some provisions for clearly identifying the contestants. Such provisions may be by means of colored anklets, numbers or any other plan which will accomplish the purpose. Headgears SECTION 3. The Rules Committee strongly recommends that protective headgear be used in all practice and competition. Special Equipment SECTION 4. Any mechanical device which does not allow normal movement of the joints and prevents one's opponent from applying normal holds shall be barred. Any legal device which is hard and abrasive must be covered and padded. Loose pads are prohibited. Enforcement SECTION 5. The legality of all equipment (mats, costumes, helmets, devices, pads, etc.) shall be decided by the rcferce. /

72 RULE 4-WEIGHT THE OFFICIAL WRESTLING GUIDE 1967 RULE CLASSIFICATION SECTION 1. competition shall be divided into nine weight classes as follows: 123 lbs. 145 lbs. 167 lbs. 130 lbs. 152 lbs. 177 lbs. 137 lbs. 160 lbs. Unlimited The 115-lb. and/or 191-lb. classes may be officially included in the wei ht classification provided either or both are adopted by individual conferences. Interconference meets shall be contested in the original (9) weights. For the National Collegiate Wrestlin Championships the 115 and 191- lb. classes will be included. These weigtts will count in the scoring of the team championship. SECTION 2. competition in dual meets shall be conducted in the weight order listed, unless changes are mutually agreed upon at the time of weighin. HIGH SCHOOL MODIFICATION Competition shall be divided into weight classes as follows: 103 lbs. 127 lbs. 145 lbs. 165 lbs. 112 lbs. 133 lbs. 154 lbs. Unlimited 120 lbs. 138 lbs. The 95 and/or 180-lb. classes may be officially included in the weight classification provided either or both are adopted by an individual state association. Interstate dual meets shall be conducted in the original ten weights and interstate competition shall be governed by the rules of the home or host state. 1. Beginning January 1st and continuing until February lst, two additional pounds will be allowed in each weight class. Beginning February 1st and continuing for the remainder of the season, one additional pound shall be allowed in each weight class. This will make a net increase of three pounds beginning the 1st of February. 2. The Rules Committee recommends that individual State Associations utilize an effective weight control program. 3. The use of a sweat box or similar artificial heat device for weight reduction purposes is prohibited., \\ RULE 5-WEIGHING-IN AND DESIGNATION OF CONTESTANTS Time SECTION 1. a. Dual Meets. Contestants may weighin a maximum of five hours and a minimum of onehalf hour before the meet is scheduled to begin. The exact maximum time shall be decided by mutual agreement of the competing teams. The home team's revresentative shall be sent onto the mat first, and he cannot be withdraw; or replaced. b. Teams may weigh-in on home scales by mutual agreement of coaches and shall furnish the weight list with actual weights listed. It is recom-

73 7-. RULE 5 OFFICIAL NCAA WRESTLING RULES 9 mended that the accuracy of all scales be certified by a qualified scale authority. SECTION 2. a. Tournaments. Each day of the tournament, except the first day, contestants will weigh-in a maximum of five hours and a minimum of four hours before the meet is scheduled to begin. For the first day of the National Collegiate Wrestling Championships contestants will weigh-in a maximum of six hours and a minimum of five hours before the meet is scheduled to begin. b. The contestant who is to represent his institution must be named at the time of weigh-in in all tournaments. c. Superaision. The Referee or other authorized person shall supervise the weighing-in of contestants. HIGH SCHOOL MODIFICATION 1. Dual Meets. Contestants may weigh in a maximum of one hour and a minimum of one-half hour before time the meet is scheduled to begin. (Changes in time may be made by individual State Assns.) 2. Tou~naments. Each day of the tournament, contestants may weigh-in a maximum of three hours and a minimum of one-half hour before the meet is to begin, with one pound allowance to be given each day over the weight limit of the previous day. (Changes in time may be made by individual State Associations.) 3. A contestant may not wrestle more than one weight class above his actual weight. Weight SECTION 3. a. Dual Meets. In all dual meets, net Allowance weights shall be required. No overweight is permitted nor should it be requested. b. Tournaments. In tournaments a one pound allowance shall be given each day over the weight limit of the previous day. c. Net Weight. Contestants shall weigh-in without clothing. Failure to SECTION 4. Any Contestant failing to make weight ~~k~ weight at the minimum time shall be rejected. If a contestant fails to weigh-in on the second or subsequent day a forfeit shall be awarded his opponent and points for the forfeit and advancement shall be scored. Medical SECTION 5. At the time of the weighing-in on the ~ ~ opening day ~ of the annual ~ National Collegiate i Championships, a physician or physicians shall be present ~ to examine all contestants for communicable diseases and shall disqualify any contestant who, in their judgment will endanger other participants. In other meets it is recommended that a similar examination of all contestants be made at the time of the weighing-in. and the Dresence of a communicable disease or any other conditi&, Ghich in the-opinion of the examining physician makes the participation of that individual inadvisable, should be ; considered full and sufficient reason for disqualification.. SECTION 6. NO substitution is allowed in dual meets or tournaments for :?2a.' ' injured contestants. SECTION 7. Defeat due to injury in a tournament does not eliminate a man ',

74 10 THE OFFICIkt WRESTLING GUIDE 1967 RULE 6 for third place competition. SECTION 8. A forfeit will eliminate a contestant from third place competition in tournaments. SECTION 9. A disqualification may eliminate a contestant from third glace competition in tournaments. (See note under penalty chart.) SECTION 10. Any contestant who fails to check in or to make weight each day of a tournament is ineligible for further competition and cannot place in the tournament. NOTE 1-Zn case of unavoidable circumstances affecting wedgh-in or schedule of matches see Rule 13 Sec. 12. NO^ 2-~ontestbnts in the unlimited class must check-in at each weigh-in session of tournaments. RULE &CONDUCT OF TOURNAMENTS Places Scored SECTION 1. In all tournaments four places shall be awarded as follows: The loser in the final first place match shall automatically take second place; the winner of the final consolation match shall be awarded third place and the loser fourth place. NOTE-In the National Collegiate Champhnship tournament six places shall be awarded (see Rule 9, Sec. Zb(3)). Drawings SECTION 2. Immediately after the expiration of the minimum weighing-in time, drawings shall be made. Drawings shall be made in accordance with the graphic illustrations as provided in Sections 5, 6 and 7 of this rule. Seeding SECTION 3. Whenever there are two outstanding contestants in any class, the name of one of these contestants shall be placed in the upper half of the drawing bracket and the name of the other in the lower half. In case several seeded men are of equal ability, their seeded positions shall be determined by drawing. Jf there is one outstanding wrestler in any class and also two others who are distinctly su erior to the remainder in that class, those wrestlers should be seeded in different quarter brackets of the opposite half bracket from the outstanding wrestler. A seeded contestant shall have the same opportunity to draw for the byes as other contestants in his bracket. In the annual National Collegiate Championships, whenever possible, contestants from the same geographical location or conference who have previously met during the season shall be drawn so as to prevent them from meeting in the first round. Byes SECTION 4. When the number of competitors is not a power of two (that is, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64 there shall be "byes" in the first round. The number of byes will be equa 1 to the difference between the number of competitors and the next power of two above. The number of pairs which meet in the first round shall be equal to the difference between the number of competitors and the next lower power of two. There will be no byes after the first round and no further drawing is necessary for the first place or consolation rounds. The byes, if even in number, shall be equally divided between top and bottom. If the number of byes be uneven, there shall be one more bye at the bottom than at the top, as shown in Section 5 of this rule.

75 RULE 6 OFFICIAL NCAA WRESTLING RULES 11 SECTION 5. Graphic Illustration of Drawing let Quarter Br.clr.t (Seed 4 & 5) Prelim- Firat Second Third Pi-1 inaries Round Round Bod Round and Seeding When using a 16-man bracket if byes are drawn, 'they will take their places as shown in alphabetical order under First R o un d Column. For a 32-man bracket, order is shown alphabetically in preliminary column. 2ad Quuter Bracket (8a.d 1 & 8) Bracket < (Seed 2 h 7) 13 r e Bracket I nd Place CO#Sa.ATION PAIRINGS No 1 seeded man draws for possible positions in Quarter Bracket #2. NO: 2 seeded man draws for possible positiom 10' 1) i2' 1d in Quarter Bracket $3. No. 3 seeded man draws for possible positions 14' 15' 16' 17: in Quarter Bracket #4. No. 4 seeded man draws for popossible positions 1,'2, 5, 4: in 1st Quarter Bracket #l. No. 5 seeded man draws for position in opposite half of Quarter Bracket #l. No. 6 seeded man draws for position in opposite half of Quarter Bracket #4. NO. 7 seeded man draws for position in opposite half of Quarter Bracket $3. NO. 8 seeded man draws for position in opposite half of Quarter Bracket #2.

76 12 THE OFFICIAL WRESTLING GUIDE 1967 RULE 6 & 7 Contestants Elig- SECTION 6. a. Immediately after completion of the first semi-final match in each weight the third place consolation rounds shall start between all contestants defeated by the winner of this semi-final match. (See b following. ) After completion of the second semi-final match in this same weight the same plan shall be followed as indicated in the preceding paragraph. The winners of the third place consolation rounds in each of the two halfbrackets in each weight class, meet in the final consolation match to determine the third and fourth place winner. b. When only two contestants have been defeated by the winner of any semi-final match the two defeated contestants shall compete and the winner of the match shall meet the corresponding winner from the other halfbracket to decide the third and fourth place awards. When more than two contestants have been defeated by the winner of any semi-final match, preliminary third place matches will be necessary and should be conducted in accordance with the original first round drawings; therefore, those eligible for the third place consolations should be matched in the order in which they were defeated by the the finalists in this half-bracket. The eligible, contestants are designated in Section 6a of this Rule. Example SECTION 7. Referring to the Graphic Illustration under Section 5, those eligible for the third place rounds in the upper half-bracket 8, 7, 6, 3, we will assume that 8 wins from 7 and then 6 wins from 8 and 6 defeats 3. In the lower half-bracket three contestants 16, 15 and 13 have been defeated by the finalist 17 and therefore, only two matches are necessary, We will assume 16 defeats 15 and later defeats 13. He meets 6 in the final consolation match in this weight. The winner 16 is awarded third place and the loser 6 fourth place. All third place matches shall be run off prior to the first place finals matches. SECTION 8. NO contestant shall wrestle two matches in any tournament with less than one ( 1 ) hour rest between such matches. SECTION 9. The Rules Committee recommends that medals and team trophies be formally presented in a ceremony made as impressive as possible. SECTION 10. Any conference or other tournament may be conducted under any bracketing that is agreed upon by participating schools. RULE 7-CQNDUCT Length of Matches OF MATCHES SECTION I. All regular matches shall be eight minutes in length divided into three periods with the first period two minutes and the second and third periods three minutes each. The first period will start with both contestants standing opposite each other and on the 10-foot circle. The wrestlers will come forward, shake hands with the right hand, pass each other, turn at the edge of the circle and, when the Referee blows his whistle, begin wrestling. A fall during this or either subsequent period terminates the match. If neither

77 RULE 7 OFFICIAL NCAA WRESTLING RULES 13 contestant secures a fall in the first period, the Referee shall recess the match and place the wrestlers in the referee's position (Rule 8, Sec. 1) with the appropriate contestant in the position of advantage (Rule 7, Sec. 3). The second period shall be started immediately by the Referee's whistle. If no fall occurs during this second period, upon its expiration the Referee shall again recess the match, place the coiltestant who started the second period in the position of advantage underneath and start the third period as before. If no fall occurs during the final period, upon termination of the match the Referee shall award the contest as provided in Rule 8, Sec. 14 and Rule 7, Sec. 4. The time in a match is continuous except when the Referee stops and starts a match. HlGH SCHOOL MODIFICATION The matches shall be six minutes in length divided into three periods of two minutes. No rest is allowed. The matches shall be conducted in the same manner as set forth above. Intermission SECTION 2. Each recess between the periods of any match shall be only such time as is required by the Referee to bring the contestants into the proper position for the next period. No rest shall be permitted except for injury. (See Rule 12, Sec. I.) Choice of Position SECTION 3. a. Dual Meets. Immediately before the contest starts the Referee shall call the captains to the center of the mat and decide by the toss of a coin which team has the choice of position at the start of the second period in each weight class. The winner of a toss may choose the odd or even number of the weight classes listed consecutively. A choice of odd or even matches in dual meets is not altered in case of a fall, default, forfeit or disqualification. b. Tournament. Immediately following the end of the first period the Referee shall determine which wrestler has the choice of position at the start of the second period, by the toss of a coin or disk. Overtimes SECTION 4. In tournament competition when there is a tie in points the contestants shall wrestle three extra periods of one minute each ( consolation matches included) starting the first of these periods on the feet and conducting the entire overtime as in the regular match. The choice of position shall be determined by the toss of a coin. There shall be one-minute rest between the regular match and the first overtime period and no rest between the first, second, and third overtime periods. The points and time advantage are not cumulative throughout the match and overtime periods, and only the points and time advantages scored in the overtime period shall be counted in determining the winner. A jury of two judges and the referee shall observe the overtime periods. When there is a tie in points at the end of the overtime periods the jury shall select the winner by ballot without any consultation and the match shall be awarded to the contestant who has shown superior wrestling ability in the overtime periods. The signed ballots of the jury shall be recorded on the score sheet.

78 14 THE OFFICIAL WRESTLING GUIDE 1967 RULE 7 & 8 The criteria for determining superior wrestling ability are attempts to secure falls, takedowns, reversals, and escapes along with the maintenance of control. NOTE-See Rule 11, Sec. 3. HIGH SCHOOL MODIFICATION 1. Tournament matches will consist of three periods of two minutes each conducted as in 3b above. If the match ends in a tie the overtime shall consist of two one-minute periods. 2. Ouedimes in Tou~nmnts. Following the regular match one minute rest shall be given between the regular match and the first overtime period and no rest between the first and second overtime period. The periods will start from the referee's position as in the second and third period of the regular match. The choice of position will be determined by the toss of a coin, see Section 4 of this Rule for remainder of procedure. Consolation SECTION 5. Consolation matches shall consist of Matches three two-minute periods conducted in the same manner as regular matches in tournaments. Overtime periods in consolation matches shall consist of three one-minute periods. Control of SECTION 6. All personnel other than actual partici- Mat Area pating contestants shall be restricted to an area reserved for such use. This area shall be well removed from the actual mat area and scoring table. RULE 8DEFINITIONS Referee's SECTION 1. a. Defensive Wrestler. A stationary Position osition in which the defensive wrestler is on his &lees facing away from the timers' table with his on the Mat hands in the center of the mat. He must keep both knees on the mat and they shall not be spread more than the width of the shoulders. The legs must be parallel, with the toes neither turned out or under in an exaggerated position. The heels of both hands must be on the mat not less than 12 inches in front of the knees; and the elbows shall not touch the mat. ( See Illustration No, 3.) b. Offensive W~estler. The offensive wrestler shall be on his knees at the right or left side of his opponent with his head along the mid line of his opponent's back. The near arm (right or left) is placed loosely around the defensive wrestler's body perpendicular to the long axis of the body with the palm of the hand placed loosely against the defensive wrestlers navel at the waistline and the palm of his other hand (left or right) shall be placed loosely on the back of the opponent's near elbow. Both of his knees shall be on the mat outside of and not touching the defensive wrestler's near leg. (See Illustration No. 3.) Time Advantage SECTION 2. The offensive wrestler who has control in an advantage position over his opponent is gaining time-advantage. A timekeeper assigned to each wrest-

79 RULE 8 OFFICIAL NCAA WRESTLING RULES 15 No. 3-LEGAL "REFEREE'S' POSITION ON MAT" This ~osition is shown as required in Rule 8, Sec. 1, a and b. Note particularly that offensizje wrestler's leg is outside of defensive wrestler's leg. f. NO. 4-STARTING POSITION Effective with the wrestling season this new starting position (Referee's Position) on the mat will be used. The offensive wrestler on top shall place both hands on the bottom wrestler's back with thumbs touching. The underneath wrestler is on his hands and knees with the heels of his hands on the mat not less than 8 inches in front of his knees. ler records his accumulated time-advantage throughout the match or a multiple timer may be permitted to record the time-advantage. At the end of the match the Referee subtracts the lesser time advantage from the greater. If the contestant with the greater time-advantage has less than one minute of net time-advantage, no point is awarded. If he has one full minute of net time-advantage, but less than two minutes he is awarded one point. If he has two full minutes or more, he is awarded two points. No contestant may be awarded more than two points for time advantage in any one match. The

80 16 THE OFFICIAL WRESTLING GUIDE 1967 RULE 8 contestant with the lesser time-advantage receives no points even though he accumulates several minutes of time in the advantage position. NOTE-Control is a situation in which a contestant exercises and maintains restraining power over his opponent. Position of SECTION 3. A position in which a contestant is in Advantage control of his opponent. Control is the determining factor. The failure of the offensive wrestler to get his head out from the defensive wrestler's arm does not necessarily prevent C NO. 5-CONTROL Illustration demonstrates control following allowance for reaction time. Note-Control is gained only when the hold is applied to the lower leg. + NO. 6-CONTROL lllustratwn demonstrates control following allowance for reaction time.

81 RULE 8 OFFICIAL NCAA WRESTLING RULES 17 the offensive wrestler from having control. The offensive wrestler is entitled to this advantage until such time as his opponent gains a neutral position or a reversal. (See Rule 8, Secs. 5, 8, 9 and 10.) Ta kedown SECTIOP; 4. Whenever a contestant brings his opponent to the mat and gains control while the supporting points of either wrestler are within the wrestling area he has gained a takedown. Two points are awarded for each takedown. NOTE-The supporting points of either wrestler are the parts of the body touching the mat that bear the weight of the wrestler's body other than the parts with which he is holding his opponent. When down on the mat the usual points of suppott are the knees, 'the side of the thigh and the buttocks. In a standing position the feet are the main points of support. Out-of-Bounds SECTION 5. Contestants are "out-of-bounds" when any supporting part of either wrestler touches or goes beyond the boundary line with the following exceptions: a. When a take-down is imminent, wrestling shall continue as long as the supporting points of either wrestler remain within the boundary lines of the wrestling area. b. When a fall is imminent, wrestling shall continue as long as the head and both shoulders of the defensive wrestler are on the mat proper within the boundary lines. c. When one wrestler has the advantage position the match shall continue as long as the main supporting parts of either wrestler remain within the wrestling area. The Referee should anticipate difficult positions on the edge of the mat and prevent them by stopping the match, and resume wrestling at the center of tlie mat, as in the case of an out-of-bounds situation. Resumption of SECTION 6. The position to be assumed by the conwrestling *fikr testants at the resumption of a match shall be neutral or the Referee's position on the mat as determined by Outmof-Bounds ' the position held upon going out-of-bounds. If neither wrestler has control the match shall be resumed with both wrestlers opposite each other and on the 10-foot circle. If one wrestler has the advantage position he will take the offensive Referee's position in the center of the mat. Stalemate SECTION 7. When the contestants are interlocked in a position other than a pinning situation in which neither wrestler can improve his position nor tries to improve his position, the Referee shall stop the match and wrestling shall be resumed as for outof -bounds. Neutral Position SECTION 8. IS a position in which neither wrestler has control. Escape SECTION 9. An escape occurs when the defensive wrestler gains a neutral position while the supporting points of either wrestler are within the wrestling area. Reversal SECTION 10. A reversal occurs when the defensive wrestler comes from underneath and gains control of

82 18 THE OFFICIAL WRESTLING GUIDE 1967 RULE 8 his opponent either on the mat or in a rear standing position while the supporting points of either wrestler are within the wrestling area. Fall SECTION 11. Any part of both shoulders or area of both scapulas held in contact with the mat for one second constitutes a fall. The one-second count (one-thousand-and-one) shall be a silent count by the Referee and shall start only after the Referee is in such position that he knows positively that a fall is imminent, after which the shoulders or scapula area must be held in continuous contact with the mat for one second before a fall shall be awarded. HlGH SCHOOL MODIFICATION Two seconds constitutes a fall. The two-second count (one-thousandand-one. one-thousand-and-two) shall be a silent count by the Referee. a. A fall shall not be awarded when one or both shoulders or head of the defensive contestant are out-of-bounds. (See Rule 8, Sec. 5b.) NOTE-The head must touch the mat on or outside the boundary line to be considered out-of-bounds. b. If the defensive wrestler is handicapped by having any portion of his bod off the wrestling area, no fall shall be awarded and out-of-bounds shall be dkclared. c. When the match is stopped for out-of-bounds in a fall situation, the match shall be resumed in the Referee's position on the mat. (See Rule 8, Secs. 1 and 6. ) i4 Near-Fall SECTION 12. A near-fall is a position in which the offensive wrestler has control of his opponent in a pinning situation with both shoulders or the scapula area held in contact with the mat for less than one full second (a silent count of one-thousandand-) or when one shoulder of the defensive wrestler is touching the mat and the other shoulder is held within one inch or less of the mat for two full seconds. Three points shall be awarded for these situations. HlGH SCHOOL MODIFICATION A near-fall is a position in which the offensive wrestler has control of his opponent in a pinning situation with both shoulders or the scapula area held in contact with the mat for one full second or when one shoulder of the defensive wrestler is touching the mat and the other shoulder is held within one inch or less of the mat for two full seconds. Three points shall be awarded for these situations. Predicament SECTION 13. A predicament is a position in which the offensive wrestler has control of his opponent in a. pinning situation and a fall or near fall is imminent. a. When both shoulders of the defensive wrestler are held momentarily (stopped) within approximately four inches of the mat or less, a predicament shall be scored. Two points shall be awarded for a predicament. A continuous roll-through is not to be considered a predicament. b. When one shoulder of the defensive wrestler is touching the mat, and the other shoulder is held at an angle of 45 degrees or less with the mat,

83 RULE 8 & 9 OFFICIAL NCAA WRESTLING RULES 19 but not sufficiently close to award a near-fall, for one second or more, a predicament shall be scored. NOTE 1-A near-fall or predicament is ended when the defensive wrestler gets out of the pinning situation and into a position in which a fall is no longer tmminent. The Referee must not signal the score for a near-fall or a predicament until the situation is ended. Only one near-fall or one predicament shall be scored in each pinning situation regardless of the of times the offensive wrestler places the defensive wrestler in a near-fall or predicament position dumng the situation. NOTE 2-Regardless of the length of time a defensive wrestler may be held in a pinning situation, no predicament or near-fall may be awarded except as provided in Rule 8, Sections 12 and 13 above. NOTE &Only a wrestler with the advantage who has his opponent in a pinning situation may score a near-fall or predicament. Bridgebacks in body scissors or bridgeovers with a wristlock are not considered near-fall or predicament situations although a fall may be scored. NOTE 4-When the defensive wrestler places hims~lf in a precarious situation during an attempted escape or reversal, a near-fall or predecament shall not be scored unless the offensive wrestler has control of his opponent in a pinning situation. Decisions SECTION 14. If no fall has resulted after expiration of the three regular periods of any match as provided in Rule 7, Sec. 1, the Referee shall award the match to the contestant who has scored the greater number of points as provided by the point system in Rule 9, Sec. 3. If there is a tie in the number of points scored, the Referee shall declare the match a draw in dual meets. (See Rule 7, Sec. 4 for tournaments. ) Forfeit SECTION 15. A forfeit is received by a wrestler when his opponent for any reason fails to appear for the match. In order to receive a forfeit, a wrestler must be dressed and appear on the mat. ( See Rule 5, Sec. 4. ) Default SECTION 16. A default is awarded in a match when one of the wrestlers is unable to continue wrestling due to an injury. Disqualification SECTION 17. Disqualification is a situation in which a contestant is banned from further participation in accordance with the penalty chart. RULE 9-SCORING SECTION 1. AU scoring must be kept in plain view of spectators, contestants, and coaches. SECTION 2. Team Points. a. Dual Meets. (1) Fall. Five points shall be scored toward the team total for each contestant who wins by a fall, default, forfeit, or disqualification.

84 20 THE OFFICIAL WRESTLING GUIDE 1967 RULE 9 NOTE-A team forfeit shall be scored five points for each weight class. (2) Decision. The decision shall count three points on the team score. (3) Draw. In case of a tie two points shall be scored for each team. b. Tournaments. (1) Places. In tournaments, first place in each weight class shall count 10 points, second place 7 points, third place 4 points and fourth place 2 points. These points shall be awarded as soon as earned. At the conclusion of the championship semifinals, each winner shall receive seven points. At the conclusion of the championship finals, each winner shall receive three additional points, each loser no additional points. At the conclusion of the consolation semifinals, each winner shall receive two points. At the conclusion of the final third place matches, each winner shall receive two additional points, each loser no additional points. One additional point shall be scored for each match won by a fall, default or forfeit throughout the tournament. (2) Advancement Points. In addition, one point shall be scored for each match won in both the championship and consolation eliminations except for the final first, third and fifth place matches. No points are awarded for a bye in any round. (3) National Collegiate Championships. In the National Collegiate Championships six places shall be awarded. The defeated wrestlers in the consolation semi-finals shall wrestle off for the fifth and sixth places. The scoring shall be as follows: first place 10 points, second place 7 points, third place 5 points, fourth place 3 points, fifth place 2 points and sixth place 1 point. Match Point SECTION 3. In all matches the contestants are score system awarded points by the Referee in accordance with the following system: Takedown by each wrestler ) ( Rule 8, Sec. 4 )....2 points Escape (R A e 8, Sec. 9)....l point Reversal (Rule 8, Sec. 10)....2 points Near-Fall (Rule 8, Sec. 12)....3 points Predicament ( Rule 8, Sec. 13 )....2 points Time Advantage (Rule 8, Sec. 2)....1 point for one full minute of net accumulated time in the advantage position. Two points for two full minutes or more of net accumulated time advantage. Two points is the maximum to be awarded for the match and these points shall be recorded on the final score. Penalties (See Rule 11 and the Penalty Chart) NOTE-Method of Recording Score for an Overtime Match. Example: (OT)" , (UD,SD)** * OT-Overtime **UD-Unanimous Decision SD-Split Decision

85 RULE 9 & 10 OFFICIAL NCAA WRESTLING RULES Individual Match Points Takedown...2 pts. Escape... 1 pt. ~eversal...2 pts, Predicament...2 pts. Near Fall.3 pts.... Time Advantage... 1 pt. ( for 1 full minute) or Time Advantage....2 pts. ( Max. for 2 or more minutes) SUMM,ARY OF SCORING Tournament Points 1st Place pts. 2nd Place... 7 pts. 3rd Place... 4 pts. 4th Place... 2 pts. Fall... 1 pt. Default... 1 pt. Forfeit... 1 pt. Disqualification... 1 pt. Advancement... 1 pt. Dual Meet Points Fall...5 pts. Disqualification... 5 pts. Forfeit.5 pts. Decision 3 pts.., Default...5 pts. Draw... 2 pts. National Collegiate Championships scoring for first six places: RULE 10INFRACTIONS Illegal Holds SECTION 1. Any hold shall be allowed except the hammerlock above the right angle; the twisting hammerlock; front headlock; front headlock without the arm; the straight head scissors (even though the arm is included); over-scissors; flying mare with the palm up; full (double) nelson; stran le holds; all body slams; toe holds; twisting knee lock; key lock; overhead fouble arm bar; the bending, twisting or forcing of the-head or any limb beyond its normal limits of movement; locking the hands in a double arm bar from a neutral position; and any hold used for punishment alone (see Illustrations Nos. 7 through 32). NOTE 1-Contestants may grasp all four fingers in. a? effort to break a hold, but pulling back the thumb, or one, two or three fingers zs zllegal. NOTE 2-The tm "slamyy is interpreted as lifting and bringing an opponent to the mat with unnecessary roughness. This infraction may be committed by a contestant in &her the top or bottom position on the mat as well as on 'a takedown. A contestant who lifts his opponent clear of the mat is responsible for the safe return of that opponent to the mat. A forceful trip w not interpreted as an illegal slam providing the &fenstwe wrestler is not lifted completely off the mat. NOTE 3-An intentional driu or forceful fall-back is illegal when the defensive wrestler 29 in a standing position and the offensive wrestler has a scissor hold or a moss body ride. NOTE 4-A leg hooked over the top toe of an opponent's straight body scissors is interpreted as an over-scissor and therefore illegal. NOTE 5-A wrestler applying a legal hold should not be penalized when his opponent turns the legal hold into an illegal hold. The Referee shall cause the hold to be released if there is danger of injuzy. However the match need not be stopped unless the Referee finds it necessary to do so in order ti correct the situation.

86 22 THE OFFICIAL WRESTLING GUIDE 1967 RULE 10 NO. 7-ILLEGAL HAMMERLOCK (ABOVE RIGHT ANGLE ) The hammerlock is a legal hold, provided the arm is not bent above the right angle (i.e., provided that the arm is not carried above the small of the back); and provided, further, that the hand is not forced out away from the body, making it a twisting hammerlock. In this illustration the arm is carried distinctly above the right angle and is illegal.

87 OFFICIAL NCAA WRESTLING RULES No. 10-ILLEGAL FRONT HEAD LOCK This cut shows how the front head lock is used to counter,-j leg piclcup. This hold is dangerous and is illegal. straight scissors on the head are illegal.?&., NO 12-LEGAL HEAD- SCISSORS (FIGURE 4 HEAD-SCISSORS The figure 4 Head-Scisso~ is. considered legal when taken!' rn shown above wzth the hold on either dide of the

88 24 THE OFFICIAL WRESTLING GUIDE 1967 RULE 10 t NO. 13-OVER-SCISSORS ( AN ILLEGAL HOLD ) The over-scissors zs barred entirely under these rules because it is only a punishing hold and is of no value unless defensive contestant who uses it is allowed to force the hold, which thereby endangers the ankle and knee of his opponent.


90 - 4 I 26 THE OFFICIAL WRESTLING GUIDE 1967 RULE 10 NO. 19-ILLEGAL HEAD LOCK Locking the arm around the head. NO. 20-LEGAL HEAD LOCK Opponent's arm is included in the lock. NO. 21-A LEGAL HOLD Pulling the head over the shoug dm with hands locked or overlapped. NO. 22-FULL % NELSON, A LEGAL HOLD

91 RULE 10 OFFICIAL NCAA WRESTLING RULES 27 + NO. 25-ILLEGAL OVER- HEAD DOUBLE ARM BAR This hold is illegal when used as shown above either with or without the scissors and applied with either one or both arms.

92 28 THE OFFICIAL WRESTLING GUIDE 1967 RULE 10 NOTE 6-Whenever possible an illegal hold shozdd be prevented rather than called. NOTE 7-The full three-quarter nelson is not to be interpreted as a headlock. NOTE 8-Pulling the head over the shoulder with hands locked or overlapped is not to be interpreted as a headlock. Unnecessary Roughness SECTION 2. Either before, during, or following a match intentional striking, gouging, kicking, hair pulling, butting, elbowing or an intentional act that en- dangers life or limb shall be grounds for disqualification on first penalty if the referee considers such act as flagrant misconduct. The referee shall follow the penalty chart for the penalties in the case of less flagrant unnecessary roughness. (See Penalty Chart on Page 35.) Foreign SECTION 3. The use of oil or greasy substances Substance which cannot be completely removed shall be grounds for disqualification at the discretion of the Referee. on Skin Time out for the removal of such foreign substance shall be cumulative with the time out for injuries throughout the match. The total time out shall not exceed three minutes. (See Rule 12, Sec. 1.) Objectionable Pads and Braces SECTION 4. (See Rule 3, Sec. 4 and the Penalty Chart.) Abusive Conduct SECTION 5. Conduct of a coach, contestant, or spectator that becomes abusive or interferes with the orderly progress of a match shall be grounds for removal from the premises. The home management shall be responsible for the removal of the violators at the request of the Referee. (See Chart.) NOTE-This includes abusive language used ddng and following a match. Potentially SECTION 6. The double wristlock, chicken wing, Dangerous split scissor, and other holds may cause injury when used legally, and are potentially dangerous holds. Holds Contestants should know the dangers of these holds and the blocks for them. The Referee should anticipate danger of injury from these holds and be in position to block them before they reach the danger point. Furthermore, all Referees, coaches and contestants should understand that any and all holds used in such a way as to endanger life or limb are illegal and all Referees should verbally caution contestants against forcing a potentially dangerous hold into an illegal position. -The doubie wristlock and chicken wing become illegal when forced into a twisting

93 RULE 10 OFFICIAL NCAA WRESTLING RULES 29 hammer lock position as in the case of applying the force parallel instead of perpendicular to the long axis of the body. It should be understood that no contestant should ever be put in a position where he must forfeit a neutral position, a position of advantage or a fall because of an injury or danger to life or limb, and the Referee should promptly stop any and all holds which in his opinion may so result. If a legitimate hold is forced to such an extent as to endanger a contestant or if it becomes a punishing hold, the Referee shall stop the match and re uire the hold to be broken. No points should be awarded. The match shai be resumed in the neutral or Referee's position as determined by the position held at the time the match was stopped. NOTE-The chicken wing is a legal but potentially dangerous hold. When the hand goes behind the back with parallel pressure to the long axis of the body it becomes a twisting hammerlock and is illegal. (See Illustration No. 27.) 88 cacses hold to become poten-

94 30 THE OFFICIAL WRESTLING GUIDE 1967 RULE 10 a. Any holds over the mouth, nose, eye or front of throat shall not be permitted. Pressure from the side of the hand, forearm or wrist is considered a hold and therefore barred when used on the mouth, nose, eyes or front of throat. Forcing such a hold may be considered unnecessary roughness depending on the intent of the act as determined by the Referee and shall be penalized accordingly. (See Illustrations Nos. 28 through 31.) HIGH SCHOOL MODlFlCATlON Whenever defensive wrestler stands up after offensive wrestler has applied a scissors hold (including the cross body ride), the Referee shall consider this potentially dangerous and stop match when defensive wrestler removes hands from mat. Wrestling shall be resumed from referee's position. NO. 28-ILLEGAL BLOCK- ING ON FACE ( ON FACE PROPER) This form of blocking is illegal because it is over mouth, nose and eyes, in contrast to position in No. 30.

95 aule 10 OFFICIAL NCAA WRESTLING RULES 3 1 NO. 30-A LEGAL CROSS FACE It is an effectzve and legal block for the double leg pick-up. NO. 31-ILLEGAL FACE HOLD Shows a hold commonly used but which is contrary to both the letter and spirit of amateur wrestling rules. It is frequently used momentarily in order to prevent defensive wrestler from coming out from underneath or to bring defensive wrestler back into position fop a fall. Referee should see that offensive wrestler does not secure unfair advantage by means of this illegal action.

96 32 THE OFFICIAL WRESTLING GUIDE 1967 RULE 10 Technical SECTION 7. a. Interlocking Hands. The wrestler in Violatiens the position of advantage cannot lock his hands or arms around his opponent's body or both legs unless (see Chart) his opponent has all of his weight supported entirely on his feet or he has him in a pinning situation. The mere touching of the defensive man's hands to the mat is not considered a change in this position unless the hands are used as support parts, in which case, the offensive contestant is allowed reaction time to release the lock. It is unsportsmanlike for the defensive contestant to touch his hands to the mat in order to release th offensive wrestler's lock and the Referee shall not call a violation if, the lock is held in such cases. (See I~~ushations Nos. 32 through 35 and Fig. 14 on page 44. ) NOTE-The Referee shall not stop action when signaling the violation when the defensioe man is in the process of a reversal or escape. The defensive man is allowed to complete the reversal or escape provided he does so in a continuous maneuver. If the defensive man fails to complete the reversal or escape after an opportunity to do so, the Referee will stop the match and award the penalty. (See Penalty Chart.)

97 RULE 10 OFFICIAL NCAA WRESTLING RULES 33 No. 35-INTERLOCKING OF HANDS AROUND LEGS This positzon zs a technical violation. NO. 34-LEGAL USE OF HANDS IN BODYLOCK This complete bodylock is legal because defensive wrestler is in a standing position. This hold would be a technical violation if defensive wrestler had one or both knees on the mat. (See Rule 10, Section 7a.) b. Leaving Mat Without Permission. It is a technical violation to leave the mat without first receiving permission to do so from the Referee. c. Delaying Match. Delaying the match such as straggling back from outof-bounds, unnecessary changing and adjusting equipment, repeatedly assuming incorrect referee's position and repeatedly making false starts from the referee's position are technical violations. d. Intentional Forcing Opponent Off Mat. Intentional forcing opponent off the mat to prevent a take-down, reversal or an escape is a technical violation. ( See Penalty Chart. ) e. Intentional Going Off Mat. Intentionally going off the mat to prevent a take-down, reversal or escape is a technical violation. (See Penalty Chart.) f. Defensive Wrestler Intentionaly Going Off Mat. It is a technical violation if the defensive wrestler intentionally walks, crawls, rolls or bridges off the mat. No penalty is provided if a near-fall or predicament is awarded during this violation. NOTE-See Penalty Chart Note***. NOTE-It is considered a ciolation if the contestant in a figure-four body scissors intentionally goes off the mat to get the hold released. g. Grasping Clothing, etc. No grasping of clothing, mat or mat cover by a contestant is permitted and any advantage gained thereby shall be nullified. Grasping clothing to prevent or gain an escape, reversal, takedown, or fall, is a technical violation. NOTE-(Treat same as Note under Rule 10, Section 7a.)

98 34 THE OFFICIAL WRESTLING GUIDE 1967 RULE 10 & 11 Stalling SECTION 8. It is the responsibility of contestants, officials and coachei to avoid the use of stalling tactics or allowing the use thereof and action is to be maintained throughout the match by the contestants making an honest attempt to stay in the circle and to wrestle aggressively whether on the top, bottom or neutral positions. This concept shall be demonstrated by those responsible with strict enforcement by officials. a. Neutral Position. Each wrestler must make an honest attempt to stay in the 10-foot circle and secure a take-down regardless of the time or score of the match. A contestant who continually avoids contact with his opponent is stalling. A contestant may leave the circle to maneuver for position provided he continues his attempt to gain an advantage and make an effort to work back into the circle. Taking a position near the edge of the mat for the purpose of going off the mat, or allowing his opponent to push him off when the opponent makes an effort to go behind, is stalling. b. Advantage Position. The contestant in the advantage position on the mat shall make an honest attempt to wrestle aggressively. A period of fifteen seconds shall be sufficient time for the Referee to decide whether or not a contestant retaining a stalling hold has made an attempt to improve his position. For the second and subsequent penalties a period of fifteen seconds shall be sufficient time to determine the intent to stall. Holding Legs. It is a technical violation for the wrestler in the advantage position on the mat to grasp the defensive wrestler's leg or legs with both hands or arms unless such action is designed to break his adversary down and go into a pinning combination or to prevent an escape or reversal. Repeatedly grasping and holding the leg or legs with both hands or arms merely to break the defensive wrestler down or to keep him under control for the purpose of stalling is a violation under this rule. When the defensive wrestler has gained his feet the wrestler in the advantage position is allowed reaction time to begin his break down when he is holding a leg or legs with both hands or arms. c. Defensive Position. Refusing to wrestle aggressively in the defensive position is stalling and shall be penalized as a technical violation. (See Penalty Chart. ) NOTE 1-In this position wrestling will continue and a visual and verbal warning given to the defensive wrestler. NOTE 2-When there is no action in the mat position, the responsibility for initiating the action rests with both wrestle~s. RULE 11PENALTlES AND WARNINGS SECTION 1. The infractions of the rules are penalized in accordance with the penalties as listed on the Penalty Chart (Page 35). SECTION 2. In calling each penalty the Referee shall stop the match, except when warning the defensive wrestler, give the hand signal for the points

99 First C*-a :. :., PENALN CHART P +-" Second Third Fourth Rule 10 Infractions Warning Penalty Penalty Penalty Penalty Sections Illegal Holds 1 Technical Violations 1 pt. N.C. 1 pt. N.C. 2 pts. N.C. "Disqualify 7 "OUnnecessary Roughness 2 Stalling Warning 1 pt. N.C. 1 pt. N.C. 2 pts. N.C. *Disqualify 8 Abusive and/or Unsportsmanlike ~edyc;--lfiemove Conduct (See Rule 13, Sec. 13 ) Warning lteam from 5 point*"" Premises - Flagrant Misconduct Disqualify on first penalty Greasy Substance on Skin and/or 3 Objectionable Pads and Braces Disqualify if cannot be removed in aliotted time 4 Key: N.C. - No change SUMMARY OF TECHNICAL VIOLATIONS (Rule 10, Sec. 7 & 8) "Note-Disqualification due to a technical violation, Interlocking Hands ( Sec. 7, a) illegal holds or less flagrant unnecessary roughness Holdings Legs ( Sec. 8 b ) does not elikinate a contestant from competition for Leaving Mat Without bermission (Sec. 7, b) third place in tournaments. Disqualification for any Delaying Match (Sec. 7, c) other reason eliminates a contestant from competition Intentional Forcing Opponent Off Mat ( Sec. 7, d ) for third place in tournaments. Intentional Going Off Mat ( Sec. 7, e) "*Note-Points for unnecessary roughness may be award- Stalling ( Sec. 8, a-b-c ) ed in addition to points earned. Grasping Clothing, etc. ( Sec. 7, g) *QSNoteTIn tournaments, first penalty-remove from REMINDER: premises. Penalties and time out for injury are act.umulative throughout the match including overtime.

100 36 THE OFFICIAL WRESTLING GUIDE 1967 RULE 11, 12 & 13 or warning (Figs. 11 and 14) and announce the penalty so that the contestants, scorers, coaches and spectators are aware of it. Sequence of Penalties RULE 12-INJURIES SECTION 3. The penalty chart indicates the sequence of penalties and they are cumulative throughout the match including overtime. AND DEFAULTS SECTION 1. An injured contestant has a maximum time-out of three minutes which is cumulative throughout the match including the overtime. There shall be no limit to the number of time-out periods which may be taken in any match, but the total time-out shall not exceed three minutes. If, at the expiration of the time-out, he is able to continue wrestling, the match shall be resumed as if the contestants had gone out-of-bounds. Nose bleed or any other excessive bleeding shall not be interpreted as an injury and the number and length of time-out periods for such bleeding is left to the discretion of the Referee. Unconscious If a contestant is rendered unconscious he shall not be permitted to continue the match without the approval of a physician. If the injured contestant is unable to continue wrestling, the match shall be awarded in accordance with Secs. 2 and 3 of this rule. Accidental Injury lnjury from illegal Action SECTION 2. If a contestant is accidentally injured and is unable to continue the match, his opponent shall be awarded the match by default due to injury. SECTION 3. If a contestant is so injured by any illegal action that he is unable to continue, the match shall be defaulted to the injured contestant and shau be scored as a fall. In case of an intentional attempt to injure an opponent, the oifeder shall be disqualified. (See Rule 10, Sec. 2 and Penalty Chart for "Flagrant Misconduct." ) Attendants During Time Out RULE 13-OFFICIALS SECTION 4. NO more than two attendants and a physician shall be permitted on the mat with a wrestler during time-out. Referee's SECTION 1. Referee's attire for all dual meets and Attire tournaments : a. Black and white Referee's short sleeve knit shirt, b. Black full len th trousers. c. White sox anf gym shoes. (Black shoes recommended. ) d. Black belt. Other accessories-silver coin or colored disk and whistle.

101 RULE 13 OFFICIAL NCAA WRESTLING RULES 37 Ref ere& SECTION 2. On matters of judgment the Referee Duties shall have full control of the meet and his decisions shall be final. On matters of a technical nature, the current NCAA Rules shall be the final authority. SECTION 3. Before the contestants come to the mat the Referee shall: a. Inspect contestants for presence of oils or greasy substances, rosin, objectionable pads, improper clothing, finger rings, long fingernails, and advise against the chewing of gum during the match as a health hazard. b. Clarify the rules with coaches and contestants. c. Advise contestants to report on the circle at the center of the mat opposite each other ready to wrestle. SECTION 4. Before the dual meet starts the Referee will call the team captains to the center of the mat for the toss of the coin to determine the choice of position at the start of the second period. (Rules 7, Sec. 3.) SECTION 5. The Referee will use the Wrestling Officials' Signals. SECTION 6. The Referee shall notify the timekeepers as follows: a. When the match is started or stopped for any reason. b. When time advantage begins or ends for a contestant. c. Whenever time is involved in any situation occurring in the match. SECTION 7. The Referee will notify the scorer, when warnings or points are awarded to either contestant. (See Signals for Referees, page 40.) SECTION 8. The Referee should anticipate difficult positions on the edge of the mat and prevent them by stopping the match, and resume wrestling at the center of the mat, as in the case of an off-mat decision. SECTION 9. The Referee shall be firm in enforcing the letter and spirit of the rules and penalize consistently any repeated infractions. He must enforce vigorously and promptly the penalties for the infractions as provided in Rules 10 and 11. On each penalty, except the warning for defensive s,a+ng, the Referee shall stop the match and announce the penalty in the prescnbed manner so that the contestants, scorers, coaches and spectators are aware of it. (See Signals for Referees, page 40.) SECTION 10. The Referee shall caution the user of a potentially dangerous or illegal hold in order to prevent possible injury. Such holds should be stopped by the Referee, if possible, before reaching the dangerous stage. SECTION 11. The referee should not place his hands under the shoulders of a contestant unless absolutely necessary to determine a fall. SECTION 12. The Referee should meet promptly, in a spirit of good sportsmanship, any situation developing unexpectedly. SECTION 13. If the conduct of a coach, contestant, or a spectator interferes with the orderly progress of the match, the home management shall be responsible, at the request of the Referee, for the removal of the offendes from the premises. ( See Penalty Chart. )

102 38 THE OFFICIAL WRESTLING GUIDE 1967 RULE 15 SECTION 14. At the end of a match The Referee shall order the contestants to shake hands and declare the winner (see Referees' Signah, Fig. 18). If there is a doubt as to the winner the Referee shall order the contestants ta stay on the mat while he checks the time advantage and the scorer's records to decide the winner. The time advantage, if any, shall be recorded on the score board and the Referee shall declare the winner in accordance with the instructions in the first sentence of this section. fn dual meets, if the match is a draw the Referee will raise both hands above his head (see Referees' Signals, Fig. 19 ). NOTE 1-If in the opinion of the Referee there is an error in the recordings of the timekeepers and/or scorers, the Referee shall correct the error and render his deckim accordingly. NOTE 2-In overtime periods if the points are egen the Referee and two judge8 sfr& determine the winner by ballot. (See Rule 7, Sec. 4.) SECTION 15. The referee is responsible for the seating arrangement at the officials table in accordance with one of the diagrams below: WHEN INDIVIDUAL CLOCKS OR STOP WATCHES ARE USED Home Team Assistant Timekeeper Visiting Team Assistant Timekeeper Match Visiting Team Home Team ; Timekeeper Scorer Scorer WHEN MULTIPLE TIMER IS USED I Timekeeper I Visiting Scorer I Announcer or Home Scorer I Match SECTION 16. Instruct the Match Timekeeper that he Timekeeper is : a. In charge of assistant timekeepers, and scorers, and should be constantly checking their activities at all times. b. Responsible for keeping the over-all time of the match. c. Responsible for keeping and recording accumulated time-outs for injury. d. Responsible for informing the Referee, only after an imminent situation has passed, whenever there is disagreement by the official scorers and/or timekeepers. e. Responsible for assisting the Referee in determining whether a situation occurred before or after the termination of a period. f. Responsible for calling the minutes to the Referee, contestants, and spectators in each match. The last minute shall be reported at fifteen second intervals. (45, 30, 15 seconds. ) NOTE-The Home Institution shall provide each timekeeper with an accumulative time clock for recording the time during the match. The match timekeeper shall be provided with two extra accumulative time clocks for recording time out in case of injury to the contestants. The match timekeeper shall also be provided with a gong, ho~i4, or bell. - il multiple timer may be used in place of time cloclcs. 1

103 RULE 14 OFFICIAL NCAA WRESTLING RULES 39 Assistant SECTION 17. Instruct the Assistant Timekeepers that rimekeepers they are responsible for: ' a. Recording the accumulative time advantage of the contestants, to whom they have been assigned when indicated by the Referee. b. Constantly checking each other's time advantage recording. c. Constantly checking the match timekeeper's time recording. d. Showing the Referee the stop clock recording of the time advantage each contestant has accumulated at the end of the match. e. Stopping time advantage when the Referee signals illegal interlocking of hands. Scorers SECTION 18. Instruct the Scorers that they are responsible for : a. Recording which contestant has the position of advantage at the start of the second and third periods. b. Recording points scored by both contestants when signaled by the referee. c. Constantly checking each other's score reading. d. Immediately advising the match timekeeper when they are in disagreement regarding the score. e. Keeping the score board operator continually advised of the official score during each match. f. Showing the Referee the scorecard at the end of each match. g. Recording time advantage points in the final match score. RULE 14---NOTIFICATION & AGREEMENT OF MEETS Equal Rights for SECTION 1. +l modifications of rules of competition, Visiting Teams "ground rules, etc., proposed by the home manager, must be submitted to the manager of the visiting team, or teams, a sufficient length of time before date of meet for agreement to be reached on same, and no such action is binding unless approved by the visiting team or teams. SECTION 2. In dual meets the selection of a Referee and the maximum weigh-in time shall be mutually agreed upon at least ten days prior to date of meet. NOTE-In case the Coaches concerned are unable to agree on a shorter maximum weighing-in time than the five hours specified as the maximum in these rules, it is understood that the maximum amount of time as specified in the rules shall hold. SECTION 3. The home management shall notify visiting teams at least ten days prior to date of meet the exact time and place of the meet and the name of the referee.

104 Referees! Signals The signals illustrated on the foillowin pages are standard for wrestling referees throughout the nation. It is the &ty or every referee to know these signals in order to give them instantly and clearly so that the wrestlers, timers, scorers and spectators are aware of what is taking place during the progress of the match. The Use of SECTION 1. The whistle should be held ready for immediate use at all times during the match. the Whistle wrestlers come onto the mat circle. He next points one hand toward the timers and scorers to verify their read& Fig. 2-Shaking Hands And Passing By. After the officials zndicate they are readu at the table, the Referee directs the wrestlers to shake hands, pass. by and be ready to wrestle when the whzstle blows. The Referee motions for the wrestlms to shake handp and pass by crossing his arms in front of his body.

105 REFEREES' SIGNALS 4 1 Fig. &Resuming The Match In The Referee's Position On The Mat. The Referee should face the officials table and kneel on one knee at a distance of 8 to 10 ft. in front of the wrestlers and a little to the side on which the top wrestler stations -himself. The Referee may give a preparatory command such as "Get Set" or "ready." When the wrestlers are in proper positions (Rule 8, Sec. 1) and after a inomentary pause the Referee blows his whistle and moves his hand to start the action. Note-Some wrestlers watch the Referee's hand to get a fast start. It is usually better in such cases to blow the whistle a moment before moving the hand. The whistle starts the action. The hand signal is for the timer; in case they do not hear the whistle. Fig. 5--Stopping The Match. The Referee blows his whistle and extends his hand to stop the watch.

106 42 THE OFFICIAL WRESTLING GUIDE 1967 Fig. &Stopping The Match For Out-Of- Bounds. When the contestants are out-ofbounds (Rule 8, Sec. 5) the Referee stops the match and extends both arms horizontally to the same side toward the out-ofbounds. The Referee places himself zn the most advantageous position to determine the out-of-bounds and stops the match immediately when the out-of-bounds occurs. Fig 7-Declaring A Neutral Position Standing' After Out-Of-Bounds. When the contestants are out-of-bounds (Rule 8, Sec. 5 and 5a) and neither is in an advantage position, the Referee stops the match as in Fig. 5 and signals a Neutral posttion. The uppep arms are front horizontal, both forearms are vertical and the hands are extended upward. t- Fig. blndicating A Neutral Position During A S~riInmage For A Take-Down. Both arms are extended sideward slightly below the horizontal with the palms of the hands down. The Refepee moves his handr back and forth bringing them together and movzng them away while verbally annomcing 'no advantage."

107 REFEREES' SIGNALS Fig. 9-Indicating Retention Of Advantage. Whenever there is any doubt as to the contestant in the advantage position the Referee should indicate the contestant in the advantage position by pointing to him with the index finger of one hand. The Referee will keep his other hand down and along his leg so that there will be no confusion as to whether any p o i n t s are awarded. Fig. 10-Awarding Points. One arm and index finger are pointed at the wrestler receiving the points. At the same time the Referee verbally announces the award and the name of the team receiving it as he raises his opposite arm to a near vertical position, indicating with extended fingers the number of points awarded. Fig. 11-Warning A Contestant For A Violation. The match is stopped. The index finger of one hand is pointed to the violator. At the same time the Referee verbally announces the penalty and raises the opposite arm with his fist doubled to indicate the "warning" penalty for neutral or offensive stalling. Note-For the 'karning" in defensive staning the match is not stopped.

108 44 THE OFFICIAL WRESTLING GUIDE 1967 t Fig. 12--Scoring A Pinning Situation. The Referee gets down on the mat in a prone position for the best view of the defensive contestant's back while at the same time trying to keep out of the way of the contestants. The Referee does not signal a score for a "nearfall" or "predicament" until the inning situation is ended. (PRule 8 Sec. 13 Note 1) After the sihation d finished the Referee extends one arm upward indicating with the fingers the number of points awarded as he directs the index finger of his other hand toward the contestant receiving the points. (See Fig. 10.) Fig. 14-Interlocking Hands Or Grasping Clothing During An Escape ~aneuver (Rule 10, sec4. 7 a and i. When the bottom contestant is in the process of an escape or re~ersal and the contestant on top locks his hands or grasps the clothing to prevent the maneuver, the Referee indicates the violation by grasping the wrist of one hand with his other hand and holding it over his head. This signal stops the advantage time for the top contestant, and indicates the violation has occurred but the Referee is allowing the bottom contestant an opportunity to complete the action providing he does so in one continuous maneuver. If the maneuver is successful, bottom contestant gains neutral or top position, the Referee signals the points and the match continues with no interruption. If the bottom contestant fails to complete the maneuver the Referee stops the match and awards the penalty. (See Penalty Chart.)

109 REFEREES' SIGNALS ; Fig. 17-Calling A Stalemate Situation. The match is stop- ; ped as in Fig. 5. Then the Referee indicates the reason? for rtopping the match as a stalemate by placing the arms on the chest in a bent position with the fists closed as indicated at the right.

110 Plastic Foam Mats For: WRESTLING GYMNASIUhA TUMBLING APPARATUS And WALL PADDING BUY RESILITE AND GET 2-WAY PROTECTION 1. Protect your Team against ~mpact injuries. 2. Protect your Dollar invested by buying a mat that has proved itself-one with a three-year guarantee. RESILITE OFFERS YOU: 1. The finest shock-absorbing rat on the market-one that has proved itself in more than 1,600 schools. 2. A three-year guarantee that protects your investment. 3. Construction which will give you, with only a little care many trouble-free yea& of service. PAY JUST A LITTLE MORE AND BE SAFE 1. We use Rubatex R-310V (1st grade) material exclusively. This material will not harden with ane, RESILITE MATS were used at National Collegiate Championships in 1962, 1963, 1964 and Wcrld Cha;rpionships at Toledo (ALL MATS RESILITE). Foam rats were used for the first time in international competition In Vinyl #19 (the only vinyl with a lifetime plasticizer) applied via hot spray method in three applications to an average thickness of,014 mllls-almost twice as much as applied by most companies. 3. he finest looking mat on the market-a mat you'll be proud to display. SINCE ANYONE CAN BE FOOLED BY LOOK-ALIKE SAMPLES AND SPECIFICATIONS THAT ARE MADE TO BE IDENTICAL, THE ONLY SURE WAY OF TELLING THE DIF- FERENCE IS TO CHECK WITH USERS OF MATS MADE BY VARIOUS COMPANIES. IF YOU DO THIS, WE FEEL CERTAIN THAT YOU'LL NOT ONLY SPECIFY "RESILITE," BUT INSIST ON IT. RESILITE SPORTS PRODUCTS, INC., P. 0. BOX 442, Sunbury, Pa.

111 KEFERE;ES' SIGNALS ng. 18-Declaring The Winner. (Rule 13, Sec. 14) At the end of the match the Refe: ree orders the wrestlers to I shake hands and raises an arm of the winning wrestler. Fig. 19-Declaring A Draw. In case of a tie score at the end of the match in dual meets the contestants will shake hands, the Referee raises both of his arms over his head.

112 .,,, 2339 Hempton Ave. / St. Louis, Missouri 63139

113 Index to Rules Rule Sec. Page Abusive Conduct Advantage. Position of Byes Compete in One Class Only Control Costumes Decisions Matches Defaults Definitions Distinguishing Emblems. 3 2c 7 Draulings and Eliminations For Third Place Graphic Illustration of Seeding Eligibility Escape Fall With Part of Body off Mat... 8 lla. b 18 Foreign Substance on Skin Forfeit Holds-Illegal Bendmg of Fingers Body Slams Full Double Nelson Hammerlock Above Rieht Angle...lo1 Over-Scissors...I01 Strangle Holds Twisting of Fingers...I Toe Holds...I... Infractions...I.. i Seeding Scoring... Injuries...I. Tournaments... Accidental...I22 From Illegal Hold...I23 Intermissions... Matches-Length of For First Place For Third Place in Tournaments Intermissions between periods Intermissions between overtimes Mats Near Falls Neutral Position Notification and Agreements Obiectimable Pads Enforeemat... 3 Special Equipment... 3 Officials Referee Timekeepers Overtimes... 7 Out-of-bounds... 8 Overtimes... Recording... Penalties... Off Mat to Pre~~pn: Fall Off Mat Intentionallv.. Forcing Opponent Off Mat... Stalling... Penaltv Chart... Paint System... Position of Advantage... Potentiallv Dangerous Holds... Holds Over Mouth. Nose. Eyes. or Throat... Predicament... Ref wee Costume Dutie~ Signals... Referees Position on Mat.. Representation... Reversal... Roughness4Jnnecessary.. Butting... Elbowing... Gouging... Hair-Pulling... Kicking:... Stranglmg... Striking Dual Meets... Point System... Spectators' Behavior... Stalemate... Stallin4... Take Down... Technical Violations Delaying Match... Gras~ing Clothing the mat... Holding Legs Intentional going off Interlocking of Arms... Interlocking of Fingers. Interlocking Hands... Leaving Mat... Stallhg... Time Advantage... Time Out... Unnecessary Roughness... Weighing In... Weight Classification... Weight Control... Weight Allowance... Failure to Make... Rule Sec. Page

114 converse WRESTLING SHOE & Light weight for quick, controlled footwork. 0 Extra high Army duck uppers for maximum protection. 0 Exceptionally flexible. Non-marking, traction-tread outsole. Invisible eyelets will not scratch mat. o Foxing to edge of sole. 0 Pebbled toe strip. Duck insole. Web tape backstay. 0 Sizes 5 to In BLACK or WHITE.

115 PLAY TO WIN WITH 1 Wilson Sporting Goods Co., Chicago (A subsidiary of Wilson & Co., Inc.)


Division I Sears Directors' Cup Final Standings

Division I Sears Directors' Cup Final Standings 1 Stanford (Calif.) 747.5 112.5 4 61.0 4 61.0 34 29.5 0 0.0 0 0.0 0 0.0 0 0.0 1 64.0 1 64.0 12 52.5 11 53.5 1 64.0 1084.5 2 North Carolina 631.5 0 0.0 21 43.5 10 55.0 3 61.5 0 0.0 0 0.0 0 0.0 0 0.0 41

More information

Sears Directors' Cup Final Standings

Sears Directors' Cup Final Standings 1 North Carolina 529.0 24.5 0 0.0 16 49.0 11 54.0 0 0 0 0 17 44.5 6 58.5 26 37.5 0.0 0 5 58.5 0 0.0 806.5 2 Stanford 507.5 40.5 36 24.5 7 58.0 1 64.0 0 0 2 63.0 2 63.0 18 47.0 0.0 0 0.0 0 0.0 0 0 0.0 786.5

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All-Time College Football Attendance (Includes all divisions and non-ncaa teams) No. Total P/G Yearly Change No. Total P/G Yearly Change Year Teams

All-Time College Football Attendance (Includes all divisions and non-ncaa teams) No. Total P/G Yearly Change No. Total P/G Yearly Change Year Teams Attendance Records All-Time College Football Attendance... 2 All-Time NCAA Attendance... 2 Annual Conference Attendance Leaders... 4 Largest Regular-Season Crowds... 11 2010 Attendance... 11 Annual Team

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AKRON, UNIVERSITY OF $16,388 $25,980 $10,447 $16,522 $14,196 $14,196 $14,196 ALABAMA, UNIVERSITY OF $9,736 $19,902 N/A N/A $14,464 $14,464 $14,464

AKRON, UNIVERSITY OF $16,388 $25,980 $10,447 $16,522 $14,196 $14,196 $14,196 ALABAMA, UNIVERSITY OF $9,736 $19,902 N/A N/A $14,464 $14,464 $14,464 AKRON, UNIVERSITY OF $16,388 $25,980 $10,447 $16,522 $14,196 $14,196 $14,196 ALABAMA, UNIVERSITY OF $9,736 $19,902 N/A N/A $14,464 $14,464 $14,464 ALBANY LAW SCHOOL OF UNION UNIVERSITY $35,079 $35,079

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62nd EIWA Tournament At Pittsburgh 3/11-3/12/66

62nd EIWA Tournament At Pittsburgh 3/11-3/12/66 62nd EIWA Tournament At Pittsburgh 3/11-3/12/66 1966 Team Champion Outstanding Wrestler Fletcher Award Sheridan Award Lehigh - 85 Points Wayne Hicks - Navy Wayne Hicks - Navy Pete Vanderlofske - Navy Final

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History>>>> Year-By-Year Scores

History>>>> Year-By-Year Scores History>>>> Year-By-Year Scores The 1908 Miami squad outscored its opponents 113-10 en route to a 7-0 record. 1888 (0-0-1) Coach: None paid Cincinnati... T... 0-0 1889 (4-0) Coach: None paid at Cincinnati...

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Table B-8: U.S. Medical School MD-PhD Applications and Matriculants by School, In-State Status, and Sex,

Table B-8: U.S. Medical School MD-PhD Applications and Matriculants by School, In-State Status, and Sex, MD-PhD and Table B-8: U.S. Medical School MD-PhD and, In-State Status, and Sex, 2017-2018 1 AL Alabama 283 4.9 95.1 45.6 54.4 9 22.2 77.8 44.4 55.6 South Alabama 14 28.6 71.4 50.0 50.0 0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0

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Top 25 Poll Appearances by teams in Championship Subdivision; NCAA II, III and NAIA

Top 25 Poll Appearances by teams in Championship Subdivision; NCAA II, III and NAIA Top 25 Poll Appearances by teams in Championship Subdivision; NCAA II, III and NAIA Thirty college football teams have been ranked in their respective division s final poll at least 20 times; while only

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Indian Cowboy College Basketball Record. By Game Daily Season To Date Date Game / pick Score W / L Units $$$ Units $$$ Units $$$

Indian Cowboy College Basketball Record. By Game Daily Season To Date Date Game / pick Score W / L Units $$$ Units $$$ Units $$$ By Game Daily Season To Date Date Game / pick Score W / L Units $$$ Units $$$ Units $$$ 11/9/2011 Liberty +20.5 over Texas A&M 81 59 L 4 440 4 440 4 440 11/10/2011 No games 11/11/2011 Illinois State +2

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LEHIGH MEN'S CROSS COUNTRY 2017 TEAM RESULTS (FINAL) Date Meet Distance Time/Place/Result Location 9/1/17 Lehigh Invitational 6K 2nd of 8 Goodman Campus 9/8/17 Lafayette Dual 8K W, 16-47 Goodman Campus 9/15/17 Main Line Invitational 4 Miles 3rd of 3 (D1)

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Illinois Volleyball TEAM MATCH RECORDS

Illinois Volleyball TEAM MATCH RECORDS Kills 1. 121 - at Nebraska; 11/11/1989 2. 113 - at Purdue; 10/22/1986 3. 111 - at Michigan; 11/29/1996 4. 108 - Minnesota; 11/17/1995 5. 107 - Penn State; 9/23/1995 107 - Oral Roberts; 9/5/1998 7. 106

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Attendance Records and Sites

Attendance Records and Sites Attendance Records and Sites Largest Crowds... 47 Frozen Four Attendance History... 47 Regional Attendance History... 48 Arena and Site Facts... 49 Game Arenas by Site... 50 Future Championship Dates and

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Attendance Records and Sites

Attendance Records and Sites Attendance Records and Sites Largest Crowds... 47 Frozen Four Attendance History... 47 Regional Attendance History... 48 Arena and Site Facts... 49 Game Arenas by Site... 50 Future Championship Dates and

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ATTENDANCE RECORDS AND SITES ATTENDANCE RECORDS AND SITES Largest Crowds 73 Frozen Four Attendance History 74 Regional Attendance History 76 Arena and Site Facts 78 Game Arenas By Site 79 Future Championship Dates and Sites 83 LARGEST

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18th NCAA Wrestling Tournament 3/19/1948 to 3/20/1948 at Lehigh

18th NCAA Wrestling Tournament 3/19/1948 to 3/20/1948 at Lehigh 18th NCAA Wrestling Tournament 3/19/1948 to 3/20/1948 at Lehigh 1948 Team Champion Outstanding Wrestler Oklahoma State - 33 Points Bill Koll - Northern Iowa Top Ten Team Scores Number of Individual Champs

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HANDICAP ACTIVE AND INACTIVE SEASON SCHEDULE HANDICAP ACTIVE AND INACTIVE SEASON SCHEDULE The authorized golf association having jurisdiction in an area is responsible for declaring the duration of any inactive season. Any non-member club of an authorized

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Lighting-up the Scoreboard. Weekly Updates of College Football Teams Scoring. Compiled by Tex Noel/Intercollegiate Football Researchers Association

Lighting-up the Scoreboard. Weekly Updates of College Football Teams Scoring. Compiled by Tex Noel/Intercollegiate Football Researchers Association Lighting-up the Scoreboard Weekly Updates of College Football Teams Scoring 500 or more Points Compiled by Tex Noel/Intercollegiate Football Researchers Association Disclaimer: All StatResearch and information

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In all, small college football teams have recorded 268 accomplishments of scoring at least 500 or more points in a single-season.

In all, small college football teams have recorded 268 accomplishments of scoring at least 500 or more points in a single-season. Small College Football Teams Highlight Teams Scoring over 500+ Points Pittsburg State KS went on a scoring spree and didn t stop until it had reached the NCAA II National Championship Game. The Gorillas

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Attendance Records and Sites

Attendance Records and Sites Attendance Records and Sites Largest Crowds... 46 Frozen Four Attendance History... 46 Regional Attendance History... 47 Arena and Site Facts... 47 Game Arenas by Site... 48 Future Championship Dates and

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University of Northern Colorado

University of Northern Colorado 2005-06 schedule/results Date Opponent Location/Result 9/10-11 Falcon Invitational 6th of 17 (886) (Eisenhower Blue GC) 9/26-27 Cardinal Intercollegiate 9th of 14 (880) (Cardinal Club) 10/10-11 Bronco

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University of Northern Colorado

University of Northern Colorado 2005-06 schedule/results Date Opponent Location/Result 9/10-11 Falcon Invitational 6th of 17 (886) (Eisenhower Blue GC) 9/26-27 Cardinal Intercollegiate 9th of 14 (880) (Cardinal Club) 10/10-11 Bronco

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States. Postal Abbreviations LEARN THE. AND. by Joy A. Miller

States. Postal Abbreviations LEARN THE.   AND. by Joy A. Miller 1 States LEARN THE AND Postal Abbreviations by Joy A. Miller http://fivejs.com Learn the States and Postal Abbreviations Copyright 2009 Published by Joy A. Miller http://fivejs.com All rights reserved.

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2010 BIG 12 COMPOSITE SCHEDULE 2010 BIG 12 COMPOSITE SCHEDULE Friday, Aug. 27 Siena at Texas A&M Kansas vs Lipscomb Kansas State vs UCLA Pacific at Texas A&M Stephen F. Austin at Baylor Maryland at Missouri TCU at Texas Wichita State

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DIVISIONAL COLLEGE FOOTBALL RECORDS Entering the 2011 Season (GAME) TOTAL OFFENSE DIVISIONAL COLLEGE FOOTBALL RECORDS Entering the 2011 Season (GAME) MOST PLAYS 130 Southwest Baptist vs. Truman, Oct. 6, 2007 (648 yards) (II) 116 Stephen F. Austin vs. Sam Houston St., Nov.

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MEN S ICE HOCKEY ATTENDANCE RECORDS Attendance 2 Annual Home Attendance Leaders 4 All-Time Single-Game Attendance Highs 5

MEN S ICE HOCKEY ATTENDANCE RECORDS Attendance 2 Annual Home Attendance Leaders 4 All-Time Single-Game Attendance Highs 5 MEN S ICE HOCKEY ATTENDANCE RECORDS 2017-18 Attendance 2 Annual Home Attendance Leaders 4 All-Time Single-Game Attendance Highs 5 2017-18 ATTENDANCE Average Home Attendance 1. North Dakota 239,563 21 11,407

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28/1/10 Intercollegiate Athletics Director's Office Scrapbooks, Box 1:

28/1/10 Intercollegiate Athletics Director's Office Scrapbooks, Box 1: Record Series Number The materials listed in this document are available for research at the University of Illinois Archives. For more information, email illiarch@illinois.edu or search http://www.library.illinois.edu/archives/archon

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UCLA WOMEN S SOCCER NCAA Tournament. Single-Season Records

UCLA WOMEN S SOCCER NCAA Tournament. Single-Season Records Single-Season Records Points 1. Lauren Cheney, 2007 57 2. Traci Arkenberg, 1997 52 3. Sydney Leroux, 2009 48 4. Lauren Cheney, 2009 46 Danesha Adams, 2005 46 6. Traci Arkenberg, 1995 43 7. Traci Arkenberg,

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Meet History -- NCAA Division I Outdoor Championships Men's Team All-Time Scoring

Meet History -- NCAA Division I Outdoor Championships Men's Team All-Time Scoring as of 6/17/2017 4:48:19 PM Southern California ######## 663 1923 2017 118 115 101 87 73 81 53 35 Oregon ######## 392 1921 2017 72 60 52 49 43 48 37 31 UCLA ######## 385 1934 2017 62 51 52 59 51 38 38 34

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2006 Back to the Hardwood Classic IM Sports West Michigan State University Sunday, December 3, 2006

2006 Back to the Hardwood Classic IM Sports West Michigan State University Sunday, December 3, 2006 IM Sports West Michigan State University Sunday, December 3, 2006 Illinois 12101 Illinois 9:00 AM - Ct 8 Cincinnati 12109 Illinois 11:10 AM - Ct 8 Indiana 12102 8:00 AM - Ct 7 Indiana Dayton Wisconsin

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RECORDS VS. OPPONENTS RECORDS VS. OPPONENTS RECORDS VS. OPPONENTS Team First W L T Air Force 1975 2 0 0 Akron 2017 1 0 0 Alabama 2001 0 1 0 Arizona 1948 1 4 1 Arkansas 1973 0 1 0 Army 1964 2 1 0 Ball State 1998 1 0 0 Baylor

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Bryan Clair and David Letscher

Bryan Clair and David Letscher 2006 Men s NCAA Basketball Tournament Bryan Clair and David Letscher June 5, 2006 Chapter 1 Introduction This report concerns the 2006 Men s NCAA Division I Basketball Tournament. We (the authors) applied

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OHIO STATE BUCKEYES BY CLASS Seniors (1) Marc Loving Juniors (4) Keita Bates-Diop Jae-Sean Tate Trevor Thompson Kam Williams Sophomores (5) David Bell C.J. Jackson Jimmy Jent Joey Lane JaQuan Lyle Freshmen (3) Derek Funderburk

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Traffic Safety Facts. State Traffic Data Data. Overview

Traffic Safety Facts. State Traffic Data Data. Overview Traffic Safety Facts 2015 Data June 2017 DOT HS 812 412 State Traffic Data Key Findings Traffic fatalities increased by 7 percent from 2014 to 2015 (32,744 to 35,092) for the United States. The fatality

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NWCA/Cliff Keen National Duals Presented by Hibiclens Tournament Bracket

NWCA/Cliff Keen National Duals Presented by Hibiclens Tournament Bracket Preliminary Quarter Finals Semi-Finals Championship #1 Iowa NWCA/Cliff Keen National Duals Presented by Hibiclens Match 1, Sat. 9am Mat 4 Wyoming Match 37, Sat. 1pm Buffalo Mat 4 Match 2, Sat. 9am Mat

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The Players. E r n i e D i G r e g o r i o averaged 25.6 points per game in five N C A A t o u r n a- ment contests for Providence in 1973.

The Players. E r n i e D i G r e g o r i o averaged 25.6 points per game in five N C A A t o u r n a- ment contests for Providence in 1973. The Players The year 1982 was a good one for James Wo r t h y. He was named a consensus first team all-american, the NCAA t o u r n a- ment MVP and helped lead North Carolina to the NCAA t i t l e. E r

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ALPHABETICAL ROSTER No. Name Pos. Ht. Wt. Cl. Hometown H.S./Last School

ALPHABETICAL ROSTER No. Name Pos. Ht. Wt. Cl. Hometown H.S./Last School BY CLASS Graduate (1) Andrew Dakich Seniors (2) Jae Sean Tate Kam Williams Juniors (5) Keita Bates-Diop Danny Hummer C.J. Jackson Joey Lane Matt Lehmann Sophomores (2) Micah Potter Andre Wesson Freshmen

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2015 SEC Women s Tennis

2015 SEC Women s Tennis 2015 SEC Women s Tennis Tammy Wilson, Director of Communica ons twilson@sec.org Twi er: SEC_Tammy Standings SEC Pct. All Pct. Home Away Neutral Streak Florida^ 12-1.923 24-4.857 14-0 7-1 3-3 L1 Georgia

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2011 National Survey of Fishing, Hunting, and Wildlife-Associated Recreation

2011 National Survey of Fishing, Hunting, and Wildlife-Associated Recreation U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service 2011 National Survey of Fishing, Hunting, and Wildlife-Associated Recreation State Overview Issued September 2012 Preliminary Estimates 2 2011 National Survey of Fishing, Hunting,

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STATISTICS BALL STATE MEN S GOLF 2016-17 STATISTICS BALL STATE MEN S GOLF Individual Statistics Stroke Play 2016-17 Career 2016-17 Match Top Top 16-17 Name - Class Events Rounds Strokes Avg. Low Score Low Score Best 54 Play 60s 10 20

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U.S. FIGURE SKATING S COLLEGIATE. Skating Programs U.S. FIGURE SKATING S COLLEGIATE Skating Programs ABOUT s g n i t a k S e r u g i.s. F U COLLEGIATE SKATING PROGRAM Collegiate skating serves as a popular outlet for collegeaged skaters, proving that graduating

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UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS MEN S GOLF TEAM STATISTICS TEAM RESULTS FALL SEASON 2017-18 TEAM RESULTS FALL SEASON 2017-18 TEAM TOURNAMENT-BY-TOURNAMENT SCORES FALL Sept. 15-17 OFCC/Illini Invitational 283-284-286 = 853 (+13) 5th of 15 Sept. 25-26 Bearcat Invitational 275-281-282 =

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Stanford Basketball 123

Stanford Basketball 123 2007-2008 Stanford Basketball 123 Maples Pavilion Home of Stanford Basketball It s a tremendous home court advantage. The students are real close to the floor, and they have a real effect. I d say Stanford

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The Hawkeyes had a collective record of with 42 bonus point wins. Iowa totaled 23 falls, eight technical falls, and 11 major decisions.

The Hawkeyes had a collective record of with 42 bonus point wins. Iowa totaled 23 falls, eight technical falls, and 11 major decisions. 9 Hawkeyes Win Titles at Luther Open DECORAH, Iowa The University of Iowa wrestling team won nine titles Saturday at the 2017 Luther Open, including seven championships in the Elite Division and two more

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Target Shooting by Hunters and Their Use of Shooting Ranges: 1975, 1991, and 2011

Target Shooting by Hunters and Their Use of Shooting Ranges: 1975, 1991, and 2011 U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Target Shooting by Hunters and Their Use of Shooting Ranges: 1975, 1991, and 2011 Addendum to the 2011 National Survey of Fishing, Hunting, and Wildlife-Associated Recreation

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2002 PAC-10 TOURNAMENT 2002 PAC-10 TOURNAMENT PAC-10 TOURNAMENT REDUX On October 23, 2000, the Pac-10 CEO Group/Council voted to institute a Pac-10 men's basketball tournament. The Staples Center in Los Angeles has been awarded

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Gymnasts of the Week March 7-13, 2011 Awards are given by conference offices

Gymnasts of the Week March 7-13, 2011 Awards are given by conference offices Gymnasts of the Week March 7-13, 2011 Awards are given by conference offices Big Ten Conference Allison Buckley - Illinois Illinois' Allison Buckley took first place in the all-around and won two event

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Occupant Protection Laws

Occupant Protection Laws Occupant Protection s Alabama Alaska Arizona Under 1 yr. or

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Men s Attendance Records Attendance Leaders... 2 Annual Home Attendance Champions... 4 All-Time Largest Crowds... 5

Men s Attendance Records Attendance Leaders... 2 Annual Home Attendance Champions... 4 All-Time Largest Crowds... 5 Men s Attendance Records 2012 Attendance Leaders... 2 Annual Home Attendance Champions... 4 All-Time Largest Crowds... 5 2 2013 Men's Soccer Records - 2012 Attendance Leaders 2012 Attendance Leaders 1.

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News Release MEN S COMPOSITE SCHEDULE ANNOUNCED. July 23, 2009 Men July 23, 2009 Men News Release 51 South Pearl Street Albany, NY 12207 Phone: 518/487-2288 Fax: 518/487-2290 www.ecachockey.com FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Ed Krajewski ekrajewski@ecachockey.com 2009-10

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LEHIGH WOMEN'S CROSS COUNTRY 2016 TEAM RESULTS (FINAL) Date Meet Distance Time/Place/Result Location 9/2/16 Lehigh Invitational 6K 2nd of 5, 2nd of 2 (D1) Goodman Campus 9/17/16 Lafayette Dual 6K W, 18-44 Easton, Pa. 9/24/16 Ted Owen Invitational 5K 3rd of

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The Sagarin Small Colleges + USM Football Poll

The Sagarin Small Colleges + USM Football Poll The Sagarin Small Colleges + USM Football Poll How do Jeff Bower and Larry Fedora Compare? As has been widely reported, the Martha Saunders administration of USM delivered termination notices to about

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USA TRIATHLON MEMBERSHIP REPORT TABLE OF CONTENTS USA TRIATHLON MEMBERSHIP REPORT This report has been prepared by the Membership Services staff based on active memberships on December 31, 2015. Media requests can be addressed to communications@usatriathlon.org.

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Women s Summaries. National Collegiate/Division I Division II Division III...206

Women s Summaries. National Collegiate/Division I Division II Division III...206 Women s Summaries National Collegiate/Division I...198 Division II...202 Division III...206 198 WOMEN S NATIONAL COLLEGIATE/DIVISION I Summary NATIONAL COLLEGIATE/DIVISION I 2000-01 Championships Highlights

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NITTY-GRITTY (THROUGH GAMES OF January 1, 2019 ) Men's Basketball. Conf. Record. Non-Conf. Record

NITTY-GRITTY (THROUGH GAMES OF January 1, 2019 ) Men's Basketball. Conf. Record. Non-Conf. Record Rank Non- Duke 1 130 33 11-1 0-0 11-1 0-0 12 9 4-1 0-0 2-0 5-0 Virginia 2 189 232 12-0 0-0 12-0 2-0 227 224 2-0 2-0 2-0 6-0 Michigan 3 175 175 13-0 2-0 11-0 2-0 146 205 4-0 1-0 1-0 7-0 Houston 4 178 186

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NITTY-GRITTY (THROUGH GAMES OF December 31, 2018 ) Men's Basketball. Conf. Record. Non-Conf. Record

NITTY-GRITTY (THROUGH GAMES OF December 31, 2018 ) Men's Basketball. Conf. Record. Non-Conf. Record Rank Duke 1 130 32 11-1 0-0 11-1 0-0 15 12 4-1 0-0 2-0 5-0 Virginia 2 189 229 12-0 0-0 12-0 2-0 224 223 2-0 2-0 2-0 6-0 Michigan 3 175 173 13-0 2-0 11-0 2-0 148 202 4-0 1-0 1-0 7-0 Houston 4 178 184 13-0

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WESTERN WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY - MEN'S BASKETBALL RECORDS. Most Points Ryan Diggs vs. Humboldt State 3/10/06 WESTERN WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY - MEN'S BASKETBALL RECORDS Individual - Single Game Most Points - 47............. Ryan Diggs vs. Humboldt State 3/10/06 Most Points Half (with OT) - 29...... Tim Dickerson

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TABLE C: STATE MANDATES AND FUNDING LEVELS TABLE C: STATE MANDATES AND FUNDING LEVELS Information was collected from the 2012-2013 State of the States in Gifted Education report. Empty cells indicate no response to the question Hatched cells indicate

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UNC Recordbook University of Northern Colorado Football

UNC Recordbook University of Northern Colorado Football UNC Recordbook Individual Records... 64-65 Team Records... 66 Playoff Records... 67 Year-by-Year Statistical Leaders...68-69 All-Time Top 10 Lists...70-73 All-Time Results... 74-77 Series Records vs. Opponents...

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No. 1 Penn State Downs No. 19 Wisconsin in Sold Out Rec Hall Cassar handles Hillger in marquee bout at heavyweight

No. 1 Penn State Downs No. 19 Wisconsin in Sold Out Rec Hall Cassar handles Hillger in marquee bout at heavyweight From: Pat Donghia pad11@psu.edu Subject: No. 1 Penn State Downs No. 19 Wisconsin in Sold Out Rec Hall Date: January 13, 2019 at 2:10 PM To: undisclosed-recipients:; No. 1 Penn State Downs No. 19 Wisconsin

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Occupant Protection Laws

Occupant Protection Laws Alabama Alaska Arizona Under 1 yr. or

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CORNELL MEN S BASKETBALL RECORDS CORNELL MEN S BASKETBALL RECORDS (Updated 2/21/18) CAREER COACHING RECORDS Name Years W-L Pct Paul Maaske (1956-73, 1975-84)... 26 309-268.536 Judd Dean (1925-30, 1934-40)... 11 89-89.500 Gary Grace (1988-96)...

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Here is a look at what programs did the season after participating in the CIT.

Here is a look at what programs did the season after participating in the CIT. Many programs have benefited from playing in the CollegeInsider.com Postseason Tournament (CIT), which has had more schools make their postseason debut (26) and more programs win their first-ever postseason

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FRESNO STATE CLASSIC MARCH 8-9, 2010 SAN JOAQUIN C.C. FRESNO, CALIF. Par 72 / 6,970 Yards Host: Fresno State K-STATE SCHEDULE/RESULTS K-STATE SCHEDULE/RESULTS Fall Schedule Date Tournament Result 9/12-13 Wolf Run Intercollegiate 9th of 17 Wolf Run GC - Zionsville, Ind. 9/21-22 Jim Colbert Intercollegiate 1st of 9 Colbert Hills - Manhattan,

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116 Years of Cornhusker Football

116 Years of Cornhusker Football 116 Years of Cornhusker Football 186 Notes on the Associated Press Poll: The rankings indicated in all instances below are at game time, with Nebraska s to the left of the slash and the opponent s to the

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2011 ACRA National Championship Lake Lanier, GA May 28th & 29th

2011 ACRA National Championship Lake Lanier, GA May 28th & 29th Saturday, May 28th 2011 ACRA National Championship Lake Lanier, GA May 28th & 29th RESULTS Men's Single (M1x) 3 to A Final; 4+ to B Final 1 Time: 8:00AM 2 Time: 8:08AM 1 Ohio State 5 08:05.90 1 Oregon

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Local Chapter Pictorial

Local Chapter Pictorial APA Local Chapter Pictorial Local Chapter Pictorial Alamo Chapter of the APA Albuquerque Chapter APA of Acadiana Atlanta Chapter Birmingham Payroll Association Buffalo-Niagara Chapter Cascade Payroll Association

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TV & Digital Research Update

TV & Digital Research Update TV & Digital Research Update 2014-15 COLLEGE FOOTBALL BOWL SEASON KEY TAKEAWAYS- Non-CFP Bowls were down one-tenth of a point from averages of the last three years. ESPN added three new bowls for the 2014-15

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Occupant Protection Laws

Occupant Protection Laws Alabama Alaska Arizona ; under 5 yrs. and 20 lbs. forward-facing ; 4-8 yrs.,

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APA Local Chapter Pictorial

APA Local Chapter Pictorial APA Local Chapter Pictorial Alamo Chapter of the APA Albuquerque Chapter APA of Acadiana Atlanta Chapter Broward County Association of Payroll Professionals Buffalo-Niagara Chapter Cascade Payroll Association

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Created by A. Schmidt

Created by A. Schmidt 1985-86 Atlanta Hawks 1985-86 Atlanta Hawks 1985-86 Atlanta Hawks Dominique Randy Kevin WILKINS WITTMAN WILLIS 6-7 - Fwd/Guard 6-6 - Guard/Fwd 7-0 - Fwd/Center 3 yrs - Georgia 2 yrs - Indiana 1 yr - Michigan

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Arkansas Golf FINAL Results

Arkansas Golf FINAL Results 2010-11 Arkansas Golf FINAL Results 2010-11 Arkansas Golf FINAL Statistics No No Avg. Vs. Low In Par or Fin. Best Name Yr Tour Rds. Strokes Score Par Rd. 60s better Pct. Wins Fin. Emily Tubert FR 12 37.0

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2014 Slam Dunk to the Beach National High School Field Team Fact Sheet

2014 Slam Dunk to the Beach National High School Field Team Fact Sheet Quick Facts 2014 USA Today: Final Rankings 9. Our Savior New American School (Centereach, NY) 14. Sunrise Christian Academy (Bel Aire, KS) 29. Christ The King High School (Middle Village, NY) 30. Neumann-Goretti

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This Weekend FOLLOW US. vs. Sports Pavilion Saturday, January 12 6:00 p.m.

This Weekend FOLLOW US. vs. Sports Pavilion Saturday, January 12 6:00 p.m. University of Minnesota Athletic Communications 244 Bierman Field Athletic Building, 516 15th Avenue SE, Minneapolis, MN 55455 GOPHERSPORTS.com This Weekend vs. Sports Pavilion Saturday, January 12 6:00

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West Coast Conference CONFERENCE BASKETBALL STATISTICS Through games of Dec 22, 2006 (All games)

West Coast Conference CONFERENCE BASKETBALL STATISTICS Through games of Dec 22, 2006 (All games) CONFERENCE BASKETBALL STATISTICS SCORING OFFENSE SCORING DEFENSE # Team G W-L Pts Avg/G # Team G Pts Avg/G ------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------- 1.Pepperdine...

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MEN'S RECORDS. Individual - Single Game. Most Points Mike Franza vs. Victoria BC 12/27/72

MEN'S RECORDS. Individual - Single Game. Most Points Mike Franza vs. Victoria BC 12/27/72 MEN'S RECORDS Individual - Single Game Most Points - 42............. Mike Franza vs. Victoria BC 12/27/72 Most Points Half (with OT) - 29...... Tim Dickerson vs. Grand Canyon 2/4/88 Most Points Half -

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NITTY-GRITTY (THROUGH GAMES OF December 16, 2018 ) Men's Basketball. Non-Conf. Record. Conf. Record

NITTY-GRITTY (THROUGH GAMES OF December 16, 2018 ) Men's Basketball. Non-Conf. Record. Conf. Record Rank Non- Michigan 1 152 99 11-0 2-0 9-0 2-0 3-0 2-0 1-0 5-0 Virginia 2 190 228 9-0 0-0 9-0 1-0 2-0 2-0 0-0 5-0 Duke 3 141 61 9-1 0-0 9-1 0-0 3-1 0-0 2-0 4-0 Texas Tech 4 198 255 10-0 0-0 10-0 0-0 1-0

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NITTY-GRITTY (THROUGH GAMES OF November 25,2018 ) Men's Basketball. Non-Conf. Record. Conf. Record

NITTY-GRITTY (THROUGH GAMES OF November 25,2018 ) Men's Basketball. Non-Conf. Record. Conf. Record Rank Non- Ohio St. 1 180 194 6-0 0-0 6-0 2-0 2-0 1-0 0-0 3-0 Virginia 2 205 272 6-0 0-0 6-0 0-0 1-0 1-0 0-0 4-0 Texas Tech 3 182 200 6-0 0-0 6-0 0-0 1-0 1-0 1-0 3-0 Michigan 4 184 203 6-0 0-0 6-0 1-0 1-0

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NITTY-GRITTY (THROUGH GAMES OF December 7, 2018 ) Men's Basketball. Non-Conf. Record. Conf. Record

NITTY-GRITTY (THROUGH GAMES OF December 7, 2018 ) Men's Basketball. Non-Conf. Record. Conf. Record Rank Non- Virginia 1 204 275 8-0 0-0 8-0 1-0 2-0 1-0 0-0 5-0 Michigan 2 139 57 9-0 2-0 7-0 2-0 4-0 0-0 2-0 3-0 Duke 3 152 90 8-1 0-0 8-1 0-0 3-1 1-0 0-0 4-0 Gonzaga 4 97 5 9-0 0-0 9-0 1-0 3-0 1-0 2-0 3-0

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COACHING RECORDS OHIO STATE S COACHING RECORDS ( ) D.C. Huddleson Thomas Kibler Lynn W. St. John George M. Trautman

COACHING RECORDS OHIO STATE S COACHING RECORDS ( ) D.C. Huddleson Thomas Kibler Lynn W. St. John George M. Trautman COACHING RECORDS D.C. Huddleson Thomas Kibler Lynn W. St. John George M. Trautman Harold G. Olsen William H. H. Dye Floyd S. Stahl Fred R. Taylor Eldon Miller Gary Williams Randy Ayers Jim O Brien Thad

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2003 AAU Boys Basketball 14:Under/8th Grade National Tournament 1st Round 2nd Round 3rd Round 4th Round QuarterFinals SemiFinals

2003 AAU Boys Basketball 14:Under/8th Grade National Tournament 1st Round 2nd Round 3rd Round 4th Round QuarterFinals SemiFinals 1st Round 2nd Round 3rd Round 4th Round QuarterFinals SemiFinals FINALS Monday Monday Tuesday Tuesday Wednesday Wednesday Thursday A 1st Fl-Orlando Raptors69 2nd-Fox Valley-49 21 > 2:30-1 Orlando Raptors-49

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#001 && :: +/""D '/W!, :: +/""

#001 && :: +/D '/W!, :: +/ 122345678954947 #012 #010 ",?#004 @ 2 5'9?#002 @ 8?#008 @ $", )*, '3 /'& -/ #00# #004 5 6 '&!" #$ %&'" ( )'" *", '" ; / *)'" ') '"*+,'"& -'. ')! /'& -/?#00A @ 8 '" $7789: FGHIGFJIKLMHKG2LMNFKONO

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MEN S GOLF SEASON STATS MEN S GOLF SEASON STATS 2017-18 TOURNAMENT AT OR UNDER PAR R.J. Keur...6 William Walker III...5 Murray Naysmith...2 John Hayden...1 John Racciatti...0 ROUNDS AT OR UNDER PAR R.J. Keur... 17 WIlliam Walker

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Missouri Valley Conference 1818 Chouteau Ave. St. Louis, MO Phone: Fax: Website:

Missouri Valley Conference 1818 Chouteau Ave. St. Louis, MO Phone: Fax: Website: 2010 Missouri Valley Conference Indoor Track & Field Missouri Valley Conference 1818 Chouteau Ave. St. Louis, MO 63103 Phone: 314.421.0339 Fax: 314.421.0620 Website: www.mvc-sports.com Release No. 1 January

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Finals Brackets. Finals Brackets... 73

Finals Brackets. Finals Brackets... 73 Finals Brackets Finals Brackets... 73 VOLLEYBALL FINALS - FINALS BRACKETS 73 1981 Finals Bracket San Diego St. (37-6) UCLA (33-10) Pacific (27-11) Southern California (25-10) UCLA 4-15, 15-8, 15-9, 15-8

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2016 River Use Statistics -by Steve Sullivan

2016 River Use Statistics -by Steve Sullivan Grand Canyon River Office 2016 River Use Statistics -by Steve Sullivan Topics River Use Statistics Overview Commercial River Use Statistics Noncommercial River Use Statistics Noncommercial River Lottery

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Agricultural Weather Assessments World Agricultural Outlook Board

Agricultural Weather Assessments World Agricultural Outlook Board Texas (8) Missouri (7) South Dakota (6) Kansas (5) Nebraska (5) North Dakota (5) Oklahoma (5) Kentucky (4) Montana (4) California (3) Minnesota (3) New York (3) Pennsylvania (3) Tennessee (3) Wisconsin

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Agricultural Weather Assessments World Agricultural Outlook Board

Agricultural Weather Assessments World Agricultural Outlook Board Texas (8) Missouri (7) South Dakota (6) Kansas () Nebraska () North Dakota () Oklahoma () Kentucky (4) Montana (4) California (3) Minnesota (3) New York (3) Pennsylvania (3) Tennessee (3) Wisconsin (3)

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WOU FOOTBALL SINGLE GAME RECORDS TOP 10 WOU FOOTBALL SINGLE GAME RECORDS TOP 10 Rushing Most Attempts 43 Bill Volk vs. Whitworth, 1994 42 Bill Volk vs. Eastern Oregon, 1994 40 Greg Lawrence vs. Eastern Oregon, 1983 39 Josh Hood vs. Pacific Lutheran,

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University of Arizona Men s Golf Results

University of Arizona Men s Golf Results 2010-11 University of Arizona Men s Golf Results FALL R1 R2 R3 R4 Total Sept. 10-11 at Topy Cup (6th of 10 Teams) 285 283 293 861 (-3) Oct. 1-2 at William H. Tucker Intercollegiate (8th of 16) 297 294

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Reclassed A & SM Members by Chapter October 2013

Reclassed A & SM Members by Chapter October 2013 Reclassed A & SM Members by Chapter October 2013 Alabama GCSA Mr. Joshua R Dyer Member Number: 158214 Ross Bridge Golf Resort 1000 Ross Bridge Pkwy Birmingham, AL 35226-6252 Phone: (205)942-2743 Fax: (205)942-2714

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2011 Final Point Standings ~ Clubs

2011 Final Point Standings ~ Clubs 2011 Final Point Standings ~ Clubs PLACE CLUB NAME 1 CORNHUSKER CORVETTE CLUB WR-095 27968 7 2 OKLAHOMA CITY CORVETTE CLUB SW-131 13718 7 3 MICHIGAN AUTOCROSS GROUP MI-362 13010 7 4 CORVETTE CLUB OF MICHIGAN

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Michigan State Wrestling History

Michigan State Wrestling History Michigan State Wrestling History 4-5 Spartan Wrestling 7 Kelvin Jackson 993-995 8 pounds Anderson, Ind 995 National Champion Set the MSU single season wins record with 4 victories during the 994-95 campaign

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Women s Summaries. National Collegiate/Division I Division II Division III...308

Women s Summaries. National Collegiate/Division I Division II Division III...308 Women s Summaries National Collegiate/Division I...300 Division II...304 Division III...308 300 WOMEN S NATIONAL COLLEGIATE/DIVISION I Summary NATIONAL COLLEGIATE/DIVISION I 2001-02 Championships Highlights

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ARD/RD CHAPTER ASSIGNMENTS /RD CHAPTER ASSIGNMENTS 2017-2019 CENTRAL REGION (Bruce Norris) Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, MID-ATLANTIC REGION (Bill Carter) District of Columbia, Ohio, Western Pennsylvania, West Virginia Delaware,

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SPORTS INFORMATION Jon M. Huntsman Center 1825 E. South Campus Dr., Front Salt Lake City, Utah Phone Fax

SPORTS INFORMATION Jon M. Huntsman Center 1825 E. South Campus Dr., Front Salt Lake City, Utah Phone Fax UNIVERSITY OF UTAH SPORTS INFORMATION Jon M. Huntsman Center 1825 E. South Campus Dr., Front Salt Lake City, Utah 84112 Phone 801-581-3510 Fax 801-581-4358 Assistant A.D./Director: Liz Abel Associate Director:

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29th Big 8 Wrestling Tournament At Iowa State 3/9-3/10/62

29th Big 8 Wrestling Tournament At Iowa State 3/9-3/10/62 29th Big 8 Wrestling Tournament At Iowa State 3/9-3/10/62 1962 Team Champion Outstanding Wrestler Oklahoma State - 98 Points None Selected Team Standings Number of Individual Champs in parentheses 1 Oklahoma

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