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2 MISSION STATEMENT To promote and manage a quality calendar of bowling activities providing a high level of choice and satisfaction to client groups. B

3 CONTENTS Executive Officers and Addresses... 2 Executive Committee for Sub-Committees for Management Committee & General Meetings 2017/ Programme List of Clubs And Secretaries Affiliated Leagues & Organisations Affiliated Clubs

4 EXECUTIVE OFFICERS AND ADDRESSES PHIL WHITEHEAD (Moor Lane) President , Cups & Merits Officer 2017 DANNY WIGGIN (Woodbourne Sports & social) Deputy President , Coaches Officer 2017 DAVID PERRY (Sutton Park) Chairman DARREN SIMPKIN Treasurer , Secretary & Registrar

5 Darren Andrews (Deers Leap) Fixture Secretary Mervyn Edwards (Moor Lane) Referees Secretary & Country Welfare Officer Phil Ellett (Raven/Deers Leap) Development Officer & BCGBA Delegate Maggie Pailing (Royal Oak) Ladies County Link Officer & BCGLBA Delegate 3

6 President & Merits & Cups Officer Phil Whitehead (Moor Lane) 51 Dean Road, Erdington B23 6QE. Telephone: (H) (M) Deputy President & Coaches Officer Danny Wiggin (Woodbourne) 43 Church Road, Sheldon B26 3UF. Tel: (H), (M). Association Secretary, Treasurer & Registrar Darren Simpkin 211 Gilbertstone Avenue, South Yardley B26 1HR. Telephone: (H), (M), (W) Chairman David Perry (Sutton Park) 28 Whitestone Road, Halesowen B63 3PU. Telephone: (H) Fixtures Secretary & Webmaster Darren Andrews (Deers Leap) 5 Bandywood Crescent, Kingstanding B44 9JX. Telephone: (H), (M) or Referees Secretary & Welfare Officer Mervyn Edwards (Moor Lane & Lea Hall) 118 Aylesford Road, Handsworth B21 8DG. Telephone: Development Officer Phil Ellett (Deers Leap) 7 Camborne Road, Park Hall, Walsall WS5 3JB. Telephone: (M) County Matches Liaison Officers Senior, Junior and Veterans County Matches and Midlands Alliance Championship Matches Darren Simpkin (Greville Arms) See Association Treasurer for contact info. BCGLBA County, Veterans and Junior County Team Championship Matches Maggie Pailing (British Oak) 7 Old School Drive, Rowley Regis B65 8DD. Tel: (H) Ladies President Cath Pooler (Greyhound) 47 Abbotsford Avenue, Great Barr B43 6HB. Telephone: Active Management Committee 2017 Mick Mitchell (Great Barr) 132 Grestone Avenue, Handsworth Wood B20 1LD. Tel: (H), (M). Colin Pollard (Sutton Park) 151 Church Lane, Aston B6 5UG. Tel: (H), (M) Steward Medding (Royal Oak) 34 Hollyoake Close, Oldbury B68 8NL. Tel: (M) Joy Ellis (Black Horse) 14 Balmoral Way, Rowley Regis B65 9LL. Tel: (M) 4

7 EXECUTIVE COMMITTEES FOR 2017 Ex-officio: President Phil Whitehead Deputy President Danny Wiggin Secretary / Treasurer Darren Simpkin Chairman David Perry Registrar: Past Presidents: Life Members: Darren Simpkin M. Mitchell, M. Edwards, S. Miller, G. Harper, D.C. Allcock, A. Tipton, D. Perry, J. Hjelter, T. Turner, M. Johnson, A. Powell, R. Gurley, D. Simpkin, J. Reid. D.C. Allcock, D. Chester, M. Edwards, R. Gurley, G. Harper, J. Hjelter, M. Johnson, C. Marson, S. Miller, M. Mitchell, D. Perry, A. Powell, J. Reid, D. Simpkin, A. Tipton, T. Turner, D. Wiggin Management Committee Members: C. Pollard, P. Ellett, S. Meddings, Joy Ellis Ladies Management Committee Members: Cath Pooler (President), Kate Fall, Anne O Loughlin, Jodie Faulkner BCGBA Referees: BCGBA Delegate: BCGLBA Delegates: Vice Presidents: M. Edwards, P. Ellett, W. Jones, R. Jones, D. Perry, Shirley Wigley Phil Ellett Maggie Pailing D. Andrews (Deers Leap), A. Bracken (Greville Arms), P. Brady (RABL), P. Brewer (Foden), D. Chester (Lea Hall), J. Davis (Greyhound), P. Ellett (Raven), Jodie Faulkner (Ye Olde Knowle), P. Gamsby (KHP), A. Godden (Beeches), M. Hancock (West Warwickshire), B. Jones (George), Michelle Meadowcroft (Baldwin), M. Mitchell (Great Barr), L. Mole (Tanworth in Arden), R. Morris (Beaufort), Anne O Loughlin (Hall Green), J. Overy (Hamstead Social), C. Price (Broomfield), A. Seager (WM Police), R. Swann (Sutton Park), R. Tuffnell (Richmond), M. Wakelam (Romsley), T. Williams (George), P. Wiseman (Pheasant) 5

8 SUB-COMMITTEES FOR 2017 Competitions: League: Development: Disciplinary: Referees: Senior, Veterans & Midlands Alliance County Selection: Junior County Selection: Ladies County Selection: Ladies Junior County Selection: Ladies Veterans County Selection: Website Project Team: Presentation Night: P. Whitehead (Chairman) D. Andrews, C. Pollard, M. Edwards, S. Meddings D. Andrews (Chairman) P. Ellett, C. Pollard, Joy Ellis P. Ellett (Chairman), P. Whitehead, D. Wiggin D. Simpkin, D. Andrews, M. Edwards, C. Pollard P. Ellett (Chairman), D. Simpkin (Secretary) 1x Female plus others M. Edwards (Chairman) D. Andrews, P. Ellett, R. Jones, W. Jones, D. Perry, Shirley Wigley D. Perry (Chairman) P. Whitehead, M. Edwards, G. Smith, A. Bracken P. Whitehead (Chairman) D. Andrews, M. Edwards, M. Mitchell, co-opted: Michelle Meadowcroft, A. Easthope, T. Caines. Maggie Pailing (Chairperson), Kelly Martin, Joy Ellis, Bev Pritchard, Faye Montgomery Michelle Meadowcroft (Chairperson) P. Whitehead, D. Wiggin Anne Fisher (Chairperson) D. Simpkin (Chairman), P. Ellett, D. Andrews, S. Meddings P. Whitehead (Chairman), D. Simpkin, D. Andrews, M. Edwards, Michelle Meadowcroft 6

9 MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE & GENERAL MEETINGS 2017/ FULL MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE MEETINGS ALL MANAGEMENT MEETINGS COMMENCE AT (1900 hours) To be decided on a monthly basis to facilitate best attendance 2017 GENERAL MEETINGS 23rd March 2017 at 1930 Hours Secretaries General Meeting 28th September 2017 at 1930 Hours September AGM (Rules Revision) 2017 FULL MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE MEETINGS (1900 hours) January 11th 2017 February 8th 2017 (Sub-Committee Selection) 2017 GENERAL MEETING January 27th 2017 at 1930 Hours January AGM (Finance & Elections) AGM DATES (WEDNESDAY) March 23rd 2017 Secretaries General Meeting September 28th 2017 January 25th

10 WWCBA PROGRAMME 2017 January Mo WWCBA AGM (Lea Hall) March 19 Su World Club Championship Prelim (Leyland Fox Lane Bowling Club) 26 Su World Club Championship Prelim (Leyland Fox Lane Bowling Club) 27 Mo WWCBA Subscriptions Night April 1 Sa League Fixture 01 2 Su World Club Championship Prelim (Leyland Fox Lane Bowling Club) 8 Sa League Fixture 02 9 Su World Club Championship Prelim (Leyland Fox Lane Bowling Club) 15 Sa WWCBA Junior Doubles Merit Final (Moor Lane) 16 Su World Club Championship Finals (Leyland Fox Lane Bowling Club) 21 Fr WWCBA Cups Prelims (If Necessary) 22 Sa League Fixture Su Midlands Alliance Championship (TBC) Ladies Club Championship (Baldwin) Severnside & Old Shrewsbury 29 Sa League Fixture Su Arthur Mitchell (Preliminary Round) (Closing date) (64 Teams) May 6 Sa League Fixture 05 Ladies Average Winners Classic Womborne BC, Wolverhampton 7 Su Senior County (Shropshire) 12 Fr WWCBA Cup 1st Round (32 Teams) 13 Sa League Fixture Su Junior County (North Midlands) 20 Sa League Fixture Su Ladies Senior County (Mid Cheshire) WWCBA Mens Pairs Prelims Arthur Mitchell (1st round) (Closing Date) (32 Teams) 27 Sa League Fixture 08 June 3 Sa League Fixture 09 4 Su Senior County (Derbyshire) Ladies Dorothy Piearce Memorial Pairs (TBC) 10 Sa WWCBA David Perry Individual Merit (Prelims) Ladies Debbie Williams Individual Merit (Local Finals) (Broomfield/M&B) 11 Su Junior County (Shropshire) 13 Tu Ladies Veterans County Championship (Todmorden, Yorkshire, 9.30am) 16 Fr WWCBA Cup 2nd Round (16 Teams) 17 Sa League Fixture Su Ladies Senior County (Shropshire) WWCBA Veterans Merit Final (TBC) 23 Fri WWCBA Debbie Williams Mixed Pairs Prelims (If required) 24 Sa League Fixture 11 Ladies Junior Team County Championship (Owley Wood) 25 Su WWCBA David Perry Individual Merit Final (TBC) 8

11 July 1 Sa League Fixture 12 2 Su Senior County (Wales) Junior Ladies Merit (Local Finals) Arthur Mitchell (2nd round) (Closing Date) (16 Teams) 5 We BCGBA Jack & Jean Isherwood Veterans Merit Final 8 Sa League Fixture 13 British Ladies Merit Finals (Leyland Fox Lane Bowling Club) 9 Su Junior County (Potteries & District) 13 Th BCGBA Veterans County Championship (Prelims) 14 Fr WWCBA Cup 3rd Round (8 teams) 15 Sa League Fixture Su Ladies Senior County (Yorkshire) WWCBA Mens Pairs Final 22 Sa League Fixture Su WWCBA Debbie Williams Mixed Pairs Finals 29 Sa BCGBA Senior Individual Merit Final (Venue in North Midlands) 30 Su WWCBA Junior Merit Final August 3 Th BCGBA Veterans County Championship (Final) 5 Sa League Fixture 16 6 Su Senior County Semi-Finals or Supplementary Competition Arthur Mitchell (3rd round) (Closing Date) (8 Teams) 11 Fr WWCBA Cup Semi-Finals (4 Teams) 12 Sa League Fixture 17 Ladies Dorothy Piearce Pairs Finals Grange Park, Warrington 13 Su Junior County Semi-Final or Junior County Supplementary Competition 19 Sa League Fixture 18 BCGBA Junior Individual Merit Final (North Midlands) 20 Su Ladies Senior County Semi-Finals or Mavis Dearden Supplementary Comp 26 Sa League Fixture Su ALL WWCBA Cup Finals September 2 Sa League Fixture 20 3 Su Senior County Final 9 Sa League Fixture 21 Arthur Mitchell Semi-Finals (closing date) (4 Teams) Ladies Junior Merit Final Heswall RBL, Wirral 10 Su Junior County Final 16 Sa League Fixture Su Ladies Senior County Final 23 Sa BCGBA Champion of Champions (Waterloo, Blackpool) 24 Su BCGLBA Champion of Champions (Waterloo, Blackpool) Arthur Mitchell Final 27 We WWCBA Rules Revision AGM 30 Sa BCGBA Mel Evans MBE Centenary Mixed Pairs Final (Waterloo, Blackpool) November 11 Sa WWCBA Presentation Night January We WWCBA AGM (Lea Hall) 9

12 10

13 LIST OF CLUBS AND SECRETARIES BALDWIN 230 Baldwins Lane, Hall Green B28 0QB Telephone: Green is located behind Hungry Horse Pub (formerly The Baldwin). Bus No 5 from Birmingham to Solihull stops outside. Hon Sec: Claire West 110 Scribers Lane, Hall Green B28 0PD. Tel: (H) (M) (note only drinks purchased from pub can be consumed around the green) BANBURY The Onward Club, 107 Helmswood Drive, Chelmsley Wood B37 7NS Bus No 97 to top of Greenland Road. Green almost opposite, just to the right. Hon Sec: Mac Whitehouse 108 Whitebeam Road, Chelmsley Wood B37 7PD. Tel: (H) (M). BEECHES Thornbridge Avenue, Great Barr B42 2AE Bus No 952 from City to door. No 28, Mon-Sat, until hours. 997, alight Thornbridge Avenue. Hon Sec: Alan Godden 62 Delhurst Road, Great Barr, Birmingham B44 9UU. Tel: (H) BELL INN Old Church Road, Harborne B17 0BB Bus Nos 11 & 29 - alight at Old Church Road, proceed around church to Bell Inn. Parking is allowed on Church car park if services not taking place. Hon Sec: Tony Fenlon 23 Goodwyn Avenue, Oldbury, West Midlands B68 0ES. Tel: (H), (M). BLACK HORSE Bristol Road South, B31 2QT Telephone: Bus Nos 18, 49,61, 63, 98 and 144. Entry to green is through the main bar. Hon Sec: Mr David P. Tims Flat 59 Beeches Court, 1 Ashill Road, Rednal B45 9YB. Tel: (H), (M) BOLDMERE SPORTS & SOCIAL Boldmere Road, Boldmere B73 5HQ 200 yds from traffic lights at Chester Road. Bus No 111 from City passes entrance. Hon Sec: Mick Lavender 302 Marsh Lane, Erdington, Birmingham B23 6HR. Tel: (M). 11

14 BOLDMERE ST MICHAELS Church Road, Boldmere B73 5RY Telephone: Bus No 66 to Church Road/Chester Road junction. Hon Sec: Joan Ingram 275 Eachlhurst Road, Sutton Coldfield B76 1DS Tel: : (M) BRADFORD ARMS Toby Pub & Carvery, Chester Road, Castle Bromwich B36 0AG Telephone: Bus Nos 70, 71, 94 and 966. Hon Sec: Lin Rooke 41 Chestnut Drive, Castle Bromwich B36 9BH. Tel: (H), (M) BRITISH OAK Pershore Road, Stirchley B30 2XS Telephone: Bus 45 or 47 from City to the door. Train to Bournville Station, ¼ Mile to Pershore Road. (No dogs allowed around the bowling green) (An electric fence has been erected, DO NOT climb over or between the electric fence) Hon Sec: Mike Moloney Flat 6, Avondale Court, 1204 Bristol Road South, Northfield, Birmingham B31 4JG. Tel: (H), (M) BROOKHILL Holly Lane Sports Club, Holly Lane, Erdington B24 9LH Bus Nos 25 and 866 stop outside club. Hon Sec: Steve Miller 10 Wells Walk, Marston Green B37 5PS. Tel (H), (M). BROOMFIELD Edgbaston Foundation Sports Ground, Portland Road B17 8LS Bus Nos 11A, 11C, 80, 127, 128 & 129 to junction of City Road/Portland Road. Hon Sec: Jonathan Blakman 41 Pel Crescent, Oldbury, B68 8SS. Tel: (M). Website COLEBROOK Haslucks Green Road, Shirley, Solihull B90 2LL. Telephone: Bus No 6 from City to Stratford Green junction with Haslucks Green (approx 10 min walk to pub). No 49 stops outside pub. Hon Sec: Jonathan Griffin 178 Acheson Road, Shirley, Solihull B90 2JA Tel: (H), (M) COLLEGE ARMS Stratford Road, Hall Green B28 8BJ Telephone: Bus Nos 1, 4, 5, 6, 31 and 41 to door. Hon Sec: Ken Hunt 30 Peel Close, Hampton In Arden, Solihull B92 0AL. Tel: (H) (M) DEERS LEAP Queslett Road East, B43 7EE. Bus No 33 Stops outside pub, 934 stops short walk. Hon Sec: Darren Andrews 5 Bandywood Crescent, Oscott B44 9JX. Tel: (H), (M). 12

15 DRAKES DRUM Corner of Aldridge Road/11 Old Oscott Lane, Great Barr B44 8TR Telephone: Bus No 46 from Snow Hill to door. Hon Sec: Robert Capener 97 Glenmead Road, Great Barr B44 8UE. Tel: (H), (M) ERDINGTON & RICHMOND B.C. Erdington Conservative Club, Orchard Road, Erdington B24 9HU Bus No 28 to top of road or 966 outside club. Hon Sec: Gerry O Brien 6 Moxhull Drive, Sutton Coldfield B76 1LZ. Tel: (H), (M). NOTE: Only drinks purchased from the club may be consumed around the green. FORGET ME NOT Playing at the Greyhound, 361 Court Lane, Erdington B23 5JX See greyhound details for bus information. Hon Sec: Richard Lewis 64 Berkswell Road, Erdington B24 9ED. Tel: (H), (NOTE only drinks purchased from pub can be consumed around the green) GEORGE George Road, Oldbury, Warley B68 9LN Telephone: Bus No 128 from City to the George or 127 to Wernley PH then walk along Bleakhouse Road. Hon Sec: Paddy McGuinness 11 Conway Avenue, Oldbury, Warley B68 9NS. Tel: (H) (M) GREAT BARR Ray Hall Lane, Great Barr, B43 6JF Bus 5 and 46 from Scott Arms and 5 and 46 from West Bromwich to Birmingham FA grounds. Bowling Green on site 100 yards along track. Hon Sec: David Upton 36 Claverdon Drive, Great Barr B43 5HP. Tel: (H) (M) GREVILLE ARMS Damson Lane, Solihull B91 2RB Telephone: Bus No 73 from Solihull or Chelmsley Wood. Hon Sec: Ashley Bracken Flat 1, The Links, 9 Westley Grove, Birmingham, B28 9AL. Tel: (M) NO after match refreshments will be provided. GREYHOUND 361 Court Lane, Erdington B23 5JX Telephone: Bus No 7 or 65 from City to Terminus, then turn left into Court Lane (400mtrs), Local bus No 66, 66A and 111 goes past PH. Hon Sec: Linda McConnell 183 Atlantic Road, Great Barr B44 8LL. Tel: (M) (NOTE only drinks purchased from pub can be consumed around the green) 13

16 HALL GREEN Rear of Bulls Head Inn, Stratford Road, Hall Green B28 9EF Telephone: Buses 4, 5 and 6 to Stratford Road / Fox Hollies junction. Train to Hall Green station then south on Stratford Road for ½ mile. Hon Sec: Peter Flowers 301 Yardley Road, Yardley B25 8NA. Tel: (H), (M) HAMSTEAD SOCIAL Old Walsall Road, Great Barr B42 1HY Hon Sec: John Overy 1 Ipswich Crescent, Great Barr B42 1LY. Tel: (H), (M) No dogs allowed on club grounds HARBORNE Green Man PH, Harborne B17 9NE Telephone: Bus Nos 24, 22, 23, 29, 29a from City to corner of Metchley Lane and Harborne Hill. Hon Sec: Mrs Jenny Mason 36 Pinewood Drive, Bartley Green B32 4LD. Tel: (H), (M) (No after match refreshments will be provided. Only drinks purchased at the pub may be consumed around green) HOCKLEY HEATH Recreation Ground, Old Warwick Road, Hockley Heath B94 6HH Bus Nos 149, 150, 151 and X20. Hon Sec: Mrs Lorrie Sparks 11 Field Way, Hockley Heath, Solihull B94 6PQ. Tel: (H) HOLLYFIELDS Hollyfields Sports & Conference Centre, Woodacre Road, off Holly Lane, Erdington B24 9PA Telephone: Bus No 966 stops opposite Woodare Road, 200 yeards to club. Hon Sec: Bob Ellis 41 Whitehouse Crescent, Sutton Coldfield B75 6ER. Tel: (H) (M) KING GEORGE V Tally Ho Sports & Conference Centre, Pershore Road, Edgbaston B5 7RN Telephone Bus Nos 62 or 63 to Tessall Lane. Hon Sec: Mrs Bev Pritchard 1 The Croft, Middlemore Road, Northfield B31 3UE. Tel: (H), (W), (M) KINGS HEATH PARK Vicarage Road, Kings Heath B14 7TQ Bus Nos 11 & 35 to park gate. Hon Sec: Colin Weaver Flat 64 Fairbourne Tower, 2 Portfield Grove, Erdington B23 5UD. Tel: (W) (M) KINGS NORTON 129 Wychall Lane, Kings Norton B38 8AH. Telephone: Bus Nos 47, 49 and 49E pass in Wychall Lane. Hon Sec: Richard Walker 115 Thurlestone Road, Longbridge B31 4LU. Tel: (H), (M) 14

17 KINGS NORTON EX-SERVICE 1853 Pershore Road, Kings Norton B30 3DJ Bus Nos 11, 18, 41, 45, 47 or 49 to Cotteridge. Hon Sec: Paul Kelly 26 Lewis Road, Stirchley B30 2SX. Tel: (H) (M) LEA HALL Wood Lane, Handsworth B20 2AP Telephone: No 11 to the Calthorpe Arms, Wood Lane. Hon Sec: Nick Blackmore Flat 20, Emery House, 20 Turfpits Lane, Erdington B23 5DP. Tel: (M) (Note only drinks purchased from club can be consumed around the green) M & B PORTLAND ROAD Edgbaston Foundation Sports Ground, Portland Road B17 8LS (No. 1 Green) Bus Nos 80, 127, 128 and 129 or Outer Circle 11A or 11C alight at Portland Rd/City Rd Junction. Hon Sec: Karen Rolls 24 Lowfield Close, Halesowen B62 0EZ. Tel: (H) (M) MAGGIES 165 Shirley Road, Hall Green B28 9LA Telephone: No 3 or 40 Bus stops at Shirley Road No 11 to Fox Hollies then walk down School Lane. Hon Sec: Steve Witherspoon 58 Charingworth Road, Solihull B92 8HZ. Tel: (H), (M) (Note: only drinks purchased from pub can be consumed around the green) MARSTON GREEN Rear of St Leonard Church, Elmdon Road, B37 7BT Hon Sec: Alan Packer 19 Aylesford Drive, Marston Green B37 7BX. Tel: Tel: (H) (M). MOOR LANE Moor Lane Sports & Social Centre, B6 7AA Business Houses Team play at Beaufort, No. 1 Green, Coleshill Road, B36 8DX. Hon Sec: Lorraine Vinall 8 Compton Drive, Streetly B74 2DB. Tel: (H), (M) MOSELEY CC Streetsbrook Road, Solihull B90 3PE Telephone: Bus Nos 4, 5 or 6 from City to Robin Hood Motel, Club half a mile from island along Streetsbrook Road (via Solihull Lane). Hon Sec: Graham Hussey 31 Aqueduct Road, Shirley, Solihull B90 1BT. Tel: (M), (H) NEW INNS FOUR OAKS (BUTLERS ARMS) Lichfield Road, Four Oaks B74 4BL Telephone: Cross City Line train to Butlers Lane Station or Bus No 102 from City to Mere Green. Hon Sec: Peter J Smewin The Conifers, Talbot Avenue, Sutton Coldfield B74 3DD. Tel: (H) 15

18 OLD CROSS Old Cross Hotel, Causeway Green Road, Langley Green B68 8LD Houses. Bus No 88 from City to the door or 449 from West Bromwich. Hon Sec: Mrs Lorraine Deakin 29 Fisher Road, Oldbury, Warley, B69 4EL. Tel (H) (M). OLTON TAVERN Lode Lane, Solihull B92 8NU Telephone: Bus 957 from city to door. Bus Nos 900 or 60 to the Wheatsheaf Hotel/Toby Carvery, then 71, 72 or 73 to door. Hon Sec: Steve Myatt 68 Arlescote Road, Solihull B92 9HY. Tel: (H), (M) PAVILIONS Pavilions Sporting Club, Meriden Drive, Kingshurst B37 6BX Bus Nos 55, 71 and 94. Hon Sec: Carl Pocock 64 Orpwood Road, Stetchford B33 8LL. Tel: (H), (M). PHEASANT 273 Abbey Road, Smethwick B67 5NQ Telephone: Bus Nos 127, 128 and 129 pass the door. Hon Sec: Alan Griffin 64 Woodnorton Road, Rowley Regis B65 0QZ. Tel: (H), (M) . QUESLETT Queslett Road, Streetly B74 2EY Bus Nos 156, 995 & 996 from City to door. Hon Sec: Ian Jordan 15 Morland Road, Great Barr B43 7JG. Tel: (H), (M) or (Note only drinks purchased from pub can be consumed around the green) RAVEN Hodge Hill Road, Birmingham B34 6DR Telephone: Bus No 55 from City to door. Hon Sec: Mario Thomas 26 Flamborough Close, Shard End B34 6LX. Tel: (M) ROMSLEY & HUNNINGTON Romsley & Hunnington Cricket Club, Rear of 322 Bromsgrove Road, Halesowen B62 0JW Opposite Bluebird factory Bus Nos 9, 19 or 241 to Somers Social Club then 20 mins walk up Bromsgrove Road to Club. Hon Sec: Maurice Priestman 57 Maple Road, Rubery B45 9EB. Tel: (H). ROYAL AUSTIN BRITISH LEGION Quarry Lane Sports & Social Club, 82 Quarry Lane, Northfield B31 2PY Telephone: Bus Nos 35, 44, 62, or 63 to Quarry Lane. Trains to Northfield Station Hon Sec: Colin Ashfield 2 Hazel Drive, Hollywood, Wythall B47 5RJ. Tel: (H), (M) 16

19 ROYAL OAK Manor Lane, Halesowen B62 8PZ Telephone: Bus No 9 from City to the door. Business Houses Team playing at Cradley Sports, Colley Lane, B63 2TN Telephone: Bus 29 from City, or 11 outer circle. Hon Sec: Maggie Pailing 7 Old School Drive, Rowley Regis B65 8DD. Tel: Tel: (H), (M). RUBERY SHELDON JOHN CONNOLLY Rubery Recreation Ground, off New Road, Rubery B45 9JA Bus No 63 or 144, Access to the green is through the car park at rear of shops almost opposite the Rose & Crown PH. Hon Sec: Ellen O Neill Flat 27, 8 Middlepark Drive, Northfield B31 2FQ. Tel: SELLY PARK Selly Park Tavern, 592 Pershore Road, Selly Park B29 7HQ.Telephone: Bus Nos 45 or 47 from the City or Cotteridge stops at the door. Hon Sec: John Beechey 19 Fountain Close, Longbridge B31 4NF. Tel: (H) SOLIHULL MARSH LANE Solihull Tennis & Cricket Club, Marsh Lane, Solihull, B91 2PF via Solihull By-Pass. Hon Sec: Terry Kyte 68 The Riddings, Stechford B33 9BX. Tel: (H), (W) STOKE PRIOR The Bowling Green Inn, Shaw Lane, Stoke Prior, Bromsgrove B60 4BH Telephone: Follow A38 to Hanbury Turn PH, turn left into Hanbury Road, then 2nd right into Shaw Lane, approx. 1 mile under two bridges, carry on through the village past the Boat & Railway pub, just after the delimiter signs the Bowling Green Inn is on the left. Hon Sec: Valerie Harman 6 Raglan Court, 30 New Road, Bromsgrove B60 2JJ. Tel: (M) Captain: Geoff Mycock Tel: (H), (M) STREETLY SPORTS Streetly Sports Club, Briar Avenue via Thorney Road, Streetly B74 3HX From Chester Road follow signs for Manor Primary School, Club entrance next to School). Hon Sec: Lilian Cemm 128 Baltimore Road, Great Barr B42 1QL. Tel: (H), (M) SUTTON PARK The Sutton Park Hotel, Jockey Road, Sutton Coldfield B73 5UY. Telephone: Bus No 107 to the door, from Sutton Coldfield Town Centre buses 377, 451, 107 and 68C to door. Hon Sec: Graham Ord Tel: (H), (M) Car park is pay and display, redeemable at bar. 17

20 TANWORTH-IN-ARDEN Solihull, West Midlands B94 5AW (Please Park In School Grounds.) via A435 from Maypole, left at Portway to Tanworth or A34 to Evans Halshaw Garage, then via Blackford Road and Tanworth Lane to Earlswood A4023 then signed to Tanworth. Hon Sec: Stuart Bishop 3 Hollyhurst, Water Orton B46 1PS. Tel: (H), (M) TRIPLEX Triplex Sports Club, Eckersall Road, Kings Norton B38 8SR Bus No 47, alights at The Camp Public House, Camp Lane, Club 200 yards up Eckersall Road. Hon Sec: Brian Niblett 74 Willmore Grove, Kings Norton B38 9RE. Tel: (H), (M) TYSELEY WMC Warwick Road, Tyseley B11 2EX 37 bus goes past club. Hon Sec: Hayley Wakefield C/O Tyseley WMC, 573 Warwick Road, Tyseley B11 2EX. Tel: VALLEY West Midlands Travel Social Club, No. 2 Green, Wheelers Lane, Kings Heath B13 0ST Green number 2, with the floodlights. Buses 76 and 27 to Hollybank Road, 11 to the Billesley pub, 2 and 3 to Billesley Fire Station. 50 to Wheelers Lane. Hon Sec: Andrew Ainsworth 213 Court Oak Road, Harborne B17 9AD. Tel: (M) (No parking on the drive next to the green. All Drinks must be brought from the Club.) WARD END SOCIAL Normanhurst, St Margarets Road, B8 2BA Telephone: Bus Nos 55, 56, 90 or 70 to Sladefield Road. Hon Sec: Tony Westwood c/o Ward End Social Club, 10 St Margarets Road, Ward End B8 2BA. Tel: (Club) (M) or WARSTOCK West Midlands Travel, No. 3 Green, Wheelers Lane, Kings Heath B13 0ST Bus 76 or 11 to Wheelers Lane. Hon Sec: Dianne Buchan 20 Silvermead Court, Wythall B47 6 LN. Tel: (H), (M) WASHWOOD HEATH & WARD END CONSERVATIVES Maitland Hall, Washwood Heath Road, Ward End B8 2HF. Telephone: Bus Nos 90, 92, 93 and 94 to Ward End Park main gate, Club opposite. Hon Sec: Jeff Weetman 9 Stancroft Grove, South Yardley B26 2JB. Tel: (H), (M) 18

21 WEOLEY CASTLE INN Somerford Road, Weoley Castle B29 5NA Telephone: Bus No 29 from City to door. Hon Sec: Alan Blore 7 Broad Acres, Northfield B31 5SE. Tel: (H), (M) WEOLEY CASTLE WORKING MENS CLUB Barnes Hill, Weoley Castle B29 5TY Bus No 29 and 29a from City (Colmore Row / Broad Street), to Barnes Hill. Hon Sec: Carl Defaye 70 Dudley Road, Rowley Regis B65 8JP. Tel: (M) WERNLEY Wolverhampton Road, B68 0LR Bus Nos 126, 127 to the door. Hon Sec: Peter Drew 51 Stanley Avenue, Quinton B32 2HA. Tel: (M) WEST BROMWICH FOOTBALL SUPPORTERS Westbourne Road, West Bromwich B70 8LD Telephone: Bus Nos 404 or 417 from West Bromwich Bus Station to Oldbury, alight at Margaret Street. Hon Sec: Steve Bennett 28 Bell Heather Road, Clayhanger WS8 7RB. Tel: (H), (M) WEST WARWICKSHIRE Olton & West Warwickshire Club, 78 Grange Road, Olton B91 1DA Telephone: Public transport via Warwick Road to Solihull town, alight at Dovehouse Parade then via Grange Road. Hon Sec: Mike Hancock Island Cottage, No 10 Brockhill Lane, Redditch B97 6QX. Tel: (H), (M) WHITE HART Evesham Road, Headless Cross, Redditch B97 5EJ. Telephone: Bus No 147 to door. Hon Sec: Ian Humphreys 69 Mickleton Close, Oakenshaw, Redditch B98 7XY. Tel: (H), (M) WOODBOURNE SPORTS Rumbush Lane, Earlswood B94 5LW Telephone: Nearest train station is Earlswood, turn right out of station and the green is located one mile along Rumbush Lane towards the junction with Norton Lane. Hon Sec: Rob Fall 6 Holly Drive, Hollywood, Wythall B47 5JT (M) (No dogs allowed on sports field) 19

22 WYTHALL CA 52 Silver Street, Wythall B47 6LZ From City boundary at Maypole, Old Alcester Road to Wythall, approx 1 mile to Swan PH turn right into Silver Street yds. Hon Sec: Phil Richardson 64 Oakwood Road, Hollywood B47 5DX. Tel: (H), (M) YARDLEY WOOD SOCIAL 118 School Road, Yardley Wood B14 4JR Telephone: From City, No 2 bus to Yardley Bus Garage, turn left at island into School Road, walk about 200 yards to Club, or No3 Bus to Ravenshill Road School Road, walk past Church & over Bridge, Club on right hand side. Hon Sec: Karen Penrose 30 Abbotswood Close, Redditch B98 0QD. Tel: (M) YE OLDE KNOWLE Grange Road, Dorridge B93 8QA On B4101 Knowle to Hockley Heath Road, adjacent to Railway Inn. Access via Dorridge Village Hall. S3 from Dickens Heath, via Shirley and Solihull to Hockley Heath runs every 30 minutes. Alight at Hansell Drive on Earlwood Road and walk towards Dorridge. Turn right on Grange Road. Train to Dorridge Staion and follow route above. Hon Sec: Dr Bryan Chapman 26 Woodstock Crescent, Dorridge B93 8DP. Tel: (H). 20


24 AFFILIATED LEAGUES & ORGANISATIONS 2017 BIRMINGHAM & DISTRICT SUNDAY BOWLING LEAGUE Hon Sec: Ron J. Waite 109 Olton Boulevard East, Acocks Green B27 7NH. Tel: BUSINESS HOUSES LADIES LEAGUE Hon Sec: Brenda Griffin 34 Lilac Avenue, Great Barr B44 8LX. Tel: (H). DUDLEY & DISTRICT BOWLING LEAGUE Hon Sec: Derek C. Brookes 14 Ridgewood Avenue, Wollaston, Stourbridge DY8 4QH. Tel: DUDLEY BUILDING SOCIETY BOWLS LEAGUE Hon Sec: Dave Law 22 Moncrieffe Street, Walsall WS1 2LB. Tel: EAST BIRMINGHAM BOWLING ASSOCIATION Hon Sec: Derek Challenor 534 Bromford Road, Hodge Hill B36 8AL. Tel: (H), (M). EAST BIRMINGHAM OVER 60 s BOWLING ASSOCIATION Hon Sec/Treasurer: Gerry Harper 40 Dower Road, Sutton Coldfield B75 6TX. Tel: (H), (M). ERDINGTON & DISTRICT MID-WEEK LEAGUE Hon Sec/Treasurer: Mervyn Edwards 118 Aylesford Road, Handsworth B21 8DG. Tel: (M). FREE PRESS CUP Hon Sec: Martin McGuinness 78 Devon Road, Oldbury, Warley B67 5EJ. Tel: (H), (M). FRIDAY MIXED LEAGUE Hon Sec: Peter Richards 11 Claverdon Drive, Great Barr B43 5HR. Tel: (H). HEART OF ENGLAND FRIENDLY BOWLING LEAGUE Hon Sec: Mrs. Eunice Simpson 23A Drawbridge Road, Majors Green, Shirley, Solihull, B90 1DD. Tel: KINGSWINFORD AND BRIERLEY HILL MONDAY BOWLING LEAGUE Hon Sec: Graeme Underhill 16 Broad Street, Kingswinford DY6 9LP. Tel: (H), (M)

25 LADIES FRIDAY BOWLING LEAGUE Hon Sec: Mrs. Lilian Cemm 128 Baltimore Road, Great Barr B42 1QL. Tel: MIDLANDS ALLIANCE CHAMPIONSHIP Hon Sec: Steve Miller 10 Wells Walk, Marston Green B37 5PS. Tel: (H), (M) NORTHFIELD DISTRICT BOWLS ASSOCIATION Hon Sec/Treasurer: Bev Pritchard 1 The Croft, Middlemore Road, Northfield B31 3UE. Tel: (H), (W), (M) OLDBURY & DISTRICT BOWLING LEAGUE Hon Sec: Sheila Newman 47 Brian Road, Smethwick B67 7LQ. Tel: (H), (M). SMETHWICK AND DISTRICT SUNDAY MORNING BOWLING LEAGUE Hon Sec: Mark Hadley 6 Rossendale Close, Halesowen B63 2BJ. Tel: (M). SOUTH BIRMINGHAM LADIES LEAGUE Hon Sec: Mrs. Elizabeth Cooper 12 Hartbourne Drive, Halesowen B62 8ST. Tel: (H) SOUTH & WEST BIRMINGHAM OVER 60s BOWLING LEAGUE Hon Sec: Tony Miners 22 Verbena Road, Northfield B31 1NG. Tel: (H), (M). SUMMIT GARAGE PREMIER BOWLS LEAGUE Hon Sec: Mel Evans MBE 1 Otterburne Close, Heath Hayes, Cannock, Staffordshire WS12 2TW. SUTTON COLDFIELD BENEVOLENT BOWLING ASSOCIATION Hon Sec: Steve Miller 10 Wells Walk, Marston Green B37 5PS. Tel: (H), (M) WEST BROMWICH MID-WEEK BOWLING LEAGUE Hon Sec: Michael Hutchins 64 Bristnall Hall Lane, Oldbury B68 9PB. Tel: (M). YARDLEY WOOD SUPER LEAGUE Fixture Sec: Simon Bloomfield 186 Bristol Road, Edgbaston B5 7XG. Tel: (H), (M). IF ANY OF YOUR CLUB DETAILS CHANGE PLEASE WITH THE NEW DETAILS 23

26 AFFILIATED CLUBS 2017 ALCESTER BOWLING CLUB Meeting Lane, Alcester B49 5QT (No parking at green) Hon Sec: Mrs. Jean Bannister April Cottage, 9 Moorfield Road, Alcester, Warks. B49 5DA. Tel: (H), (M). ANCHOR MEADOW Aldridge Community Centre, Off Middlemore Lane, Aldridge WS9 8AN Hon Sec: Mrs Shirley Ward 38 Norfolk Crescent, Aldridge WS9 8RF. Tel: (H). ASTON MANOR Aston Manor Cricket Club, Church Road, Perry Barr B42 2LA Hon Sec: Mrs. Pam R. Bolton 361 Kingstanding Road, Kingstanding B44 9TH. Tel: (H), (M). BAGGERIDGE Miners Welfare Club, The Straits, Lower Gornal, Dudley DY3 3AA Hon Sec: Mrs Karen Johnson 25 Brunel Court, Coseley, Dudley WV14 8JJ. Tel: (M). BAKELITE Minworth Social & Lodge, Robinson Way, Minworth, Sutton Coldfield B76 9BB. Telephone: Hon Sec: Shane Fardon 94, Wylde Green Road, Sutton Coldfield B72 1HH. Tel: (H) (M) BILSTON TOWN Villiers Avenue, Bilston Telephone: Hon Sec: Alfred D. Smith, 6 Birnham Close, Lynwood Park Estate, Tipton DY4 8AW. Tel: (H), (M). BIRMINGHAM CO-OPERATIVE SPORTS AND SOCIAL B.C. Barrows Lane, Yardley B26 1SA) Hon Sec: Gill Ingram 106 Scott Road, Olton B92 7LL. Tel: (H), (M). BOURNVILLE PARK Bournville Park, Selly Oak Road Hon Sec: Mr Brian L. Banner 59 Oak Farm Road, Kings Norton B30 1ET. Tel: (H). BOURNVILLE SOCIAL CLUB Mary Vale Road, B29 Hon Sec: Garry Smith 2/204 Mary Vale Road, Bournville B30 2DH. Tel: (M). BOURNVILLE SPORTS Linden Road, Bournville Lane Telephone: or Bus No 11 to Bournville Lane or train to Bournville station via Cross-City line. By Road follow signs for Cadbury World. Green at corner of Bournville Lane and Linden Road. Hon Sec: Ray Pickering 15 Peters Avenue, Northfield B31 2RR. Tel: (M). 24

27 BRADES VILLAGE Warley Rugby Club Sports Ground, Tat Bank Road, Oldbury, Warley B69 4NH Telephone: Hon Sec: Robert Hickman 21 Parkfield Close, Lapal, Halesowen B62 OHL. Tel: (H), (W), (M). BROOKVALE SONS OF REST BC Brookvale Park, George Road, Erdington B23 Hon Sec: Roland C. Millard 14 Corbridge Avenue, Great Barr B44 9UQ. Tel: (H). CENTRAL EDGBASTON 44A Harborne Road, B15 3HE Telephone: Bus Nos 10, 21, 23, 29 and 103 pass the Club. Hon Sec: Melissa Bennett 53 Summer Road, Rowley Regis B65 9QG. Tel: (H), (M) CHURCH HILL Hydes Road Sportsfield, Hydes Road, Wednesbury WS10 0DR). Hon Sec: Ish Patel 61 Remembrance Road, Friar Park, Wednesbury WS10 OTD. Tel: (M). COLESHILL SOCIAL Parkfield Road, Coleshill B46 3LE Telephone: Hon Sec: Bob Jones 8 Chelmsley Grove, Tile Cross B33 OEU. Tel: (H), (M) COOMBS WOOD Coombs Wood Sports & Social Club, Stewarts Road, Halesowen B62 8MD New club house and bowling green Hon Sec: Mr. Michael G. Walker 31 Waresley Park, Hartlebury, Kidderminster, Worcestershire DY11 7XF. Tel: (H). COSELEY ATHLETIC Coseley Athletic Club, Pear Tree Lane, Coseley WV14 8HA Hon Sec: Amanda Freeman 27 Nicholds Close, Coseley WV14 9JS. Tel: (H), (M). COSELEY TAVERN 166 Upper Ettingshall Road, Coseley, Bilston WV14 9QY Hon Sec: Mrs. Jennifer Hill 53 Caddick Street, Bilston WV14 9HS. Tel: (H). CRADLEY HEATH LIBERAL CLUB 60 Upper High Street, Cradley Heath B64 5HU Telephone: Next to Salvation Army & Opposite Library. Hon Sec: Gary Cove 24 Clyde Avenue, Halesowen B62 9PW. Tel: (H), (M). CRADLEY SPORTS AND SOCIAL Colley Lane, Cradley B63 2TN Telephone: Hon Sec: Bob Garrett 86 Butchers Lane, Halesowen B63 2RX. Tel: (H), (M). 25

28 DARTMOUTH CENTRAL Devonshire Drive, West Bromwich B71 4AA Hon Sec: Miss E.M. Bailey 2 Heath Close, Tipton DY4 7PB. Tel: (M), tbc DARTMOUTH LINKS BC Sandwell Park Golf Club, Birmingham Road, West Bromwich B71 4JQ Hon Sec: Pat Eden 21 Little Hardwick Road, Streetly WS9 0SD. Tel: (H), (M), DUDLEY-DELL D.M.B.E.C. No. 2 Green, High Ercal Avenue, Brierley Hill DY5 3QH Hon Sec: Graeme Underhill 16 Broad Street, Kingswinford DY6 9LP. Tel: (H), (M). DUDLEY SPORTS King George VI Park, High Street, Kingswinford DY6 8BB Hon Sec: Mrs. Doreen Wood 56 Elgar Crescent, Pensnett, Brierley Hill DY5 4JJ. Tel: (H). GATE Windmill Hill, Colley Gate, Halesowen B63 2DA No 9 bus from Halesowen to Stourbridge or No 9 bus from Stourbridge to Halesowen. Hon Sec: Ernie Heath Tel: (H), (M), Alt: GLASSCUTTERS The Glasscutters Arms, Barnett Street, Wordsley DY8 5QL Hon Sec: Jane Gritton 25 Ashwood Avenue, Wordsley, Stourbridge DY8 5DF. Tel: (H), (M). GOLDIESLIE Goldieslie Road, Sutton Coldfield B73 5PE Hon Sec: Brian Cahalin 32 Essex Road, Sutton Coldfield B75 6NS. Tel: (H). GORNAL & SEDGLEY LABOUR CLUB Clarence Street, Upper Gornal, DY3 1UP Hon Sec: Terry Slater 3 North Oval, Upper Gornal, Dudley DY3 1XJ. Tel: (H), (M). GRASSHOPPER The Lickey Hills, Rednal Bus No 62 from City to Terminus, 900 yds along Lickey Road to Island, after 200 yds green at rear of Rose & Crown Hotel by golf shop. Hon Sec: Gordon Phillips 117 Thurlestone Road, Longbridge B31 4LU. Tel: (H), (M). GREETS GREEN Farley Park, Whitehall Road, West Bromwich Bus No 42 or 43 from W.B. Bus Station to Green Hon Sec: John Taylor 45 Russell House, Holyhead Road, Wednesbury, WS10 7BB. Tel: (H), (M). 26

29 HADCROFT Hadcroft Public House, Grange Lane, Lye, Stourbridge DY9 7DX. Telephone: Hon Sec: Robert Hickman 21 Parkfield Close, Lapal, Halesowen B62 OHL. Tel: (H), (W), (M). HENLEY IN ARDEN Henley In Arden Sports & Social Club, Stratford Road, Henley In Arden B95 6AP Hon Sec: Dr. Jon Butler 85 High Street, Henley In Arden B95 5AT. Tel: (H), (M). HIGHCROFT SOCIAL Highcroft Social Club, 485 Slade Road, Stockland Green B23 7JG Hon Sec: Kenneth Cattell Flat 2, 30 Wendover Road, Erdington B23 5GG. Tel: (M) HIGHFIELD PARK Highfield Park, Highfield Lane, Quinton B32 1QR Hon Sec: Roy Clarke 9 Marquis Drive, Halesowen B62 8TE. Tel: (H), (M). HILLY HOUSE Hilly House Public House, 142 Himley Road, Dudley DY1 2QH Hon Sec: Richard Bate 22 Pebworth Grove, Dudley DY1 3BQ. Tel: (M). KING GEORGE VI Hockley Heath Social Club Stratford Road B94 5NH Hon Sec: David Edwards 36 Longmore Road, Shirley B90 3DY. Tel: (H). KINGS HEATH The Bulls Head, Kings Norton, B30 Hon Sec: Mrs. Ann McCaugherty 46 Edgehill Road, West Heath B31 3RU. Tel: (H), (M). KINGSHURST Pavilion, Meriden Drive, Kingshurst B37 6BX Hon Sec: Brendan Mulready 7 Mullens Grove Road, Kingshurst B37 6LL. Tel: (H), (M). KINGSWINFORD CONS. Conservative Club, 24 Oak Street, Kingswinford DY6 9LS Hon Sec: Mrs Lynn Taylor 52 Marriott Road, Netherton, Dudley DY2 0JZ. Tel: (H), (M). LANGLEY Crosswells Road, Langley, Oldbury B68 8HH Green is next to Hotshots Snooker Club. Hon Sec: Norman Jones 3 Merton Close, Oldbury B68 8NG. Tel: (H) (M) LITTLE ASTON Between 14 & 16 Little Aston Lane, B74 3UF Hon Sec: Roy Partridge 19 Le More, Four Oaks, Sutton Coldfield B74 2XY. Tel: (H). 27

30 LYE & WOLLESCOTE Wollescote Park, Wollescote Road, Wollescote DY9 7JG Transport to green, 142 Diamond bus from Stourbridge or Halesowen, to junction of Walker Avenue and Wollescote Road) Hon Sec: Gerry Bedford 5 Wollescote Road, Stourbridge DY9 7JU. Tel: (H), (M). MARY STEVENS PARK Mary Stevens Park, Stourbridge DY8 2AD In Park to right hand side if using main entrance at roundabout top of Worcester Street. Hon Sec: Roger Wynne 1 Stourhurst, Lower High Street, Stourbridge, DY8 1TE. Tel: (H), (M) MERE GREEN BOWLING CLUB Mere Green Community Centre, Mere Green Road, Sutton Coldfield B75 5BT Hon Sec: Mrs Christine Herbert 27 Roughley Drive, Four Oaks, Sutton Coldfield B75 6TA. Tel: (H), (M). MINWORTH SOCIAL & LODGE Minworth Social & Lodge, Robinson Way, Minworth, Sutton Coldfield B76 9BB. Telephone: Hon Sec: Shane Fardon 94, Wylde Green Road, Sutton Coldfield B72 1HH. Tel: (H) (M) MOOR POOL (Harborne) Moorpool Estate, on the corner of Park Edge and Ravenhurst Road Hon Sec: Frances Legg Flat 2, Wilsford Green, 10 Oak Hill Drive, Edgbaston B15 3UG. Tel: (H). NETHERTON CONSERVATIVE AND UNIONIST CLUB (3 ends with lights) Halton Street, Netherton, Dudley DY2 0JP Hon Sec: Maggie Hulme 4 Beauty Bank, Cradley Heath, Warley B64 7HY. Tel: (H), (M). OLD CHAPEL 2 The Uplands, Smethwick B67 6EQ Green location entrance to car park off Meadow Road, No. 88 Bus run s past the Chapel. Hon Sec: Mrs Ann Longford 18 Clarendon Road, Smethwick, Warley, West Midlands B67 6DA. Tel: (H), (M). PENN Manor Road, Penn, Wolverhampton Hon Sec: Geoff Wylde 5 Harald Close, Perton, Wolverhampton WV6 7NJ. Tel: (M). PENSNETT SOCIAL Pensnett Social Welfare, Commonside, Pensnett, Brierley Hill DY5 4AE Hon Sec: Warren Cole 82 Sandhurst Road, Kingswinford DY6 8PE. Tel: (H), (M). 28

31 ROWLEY LABOUR Rowley Labour Club, Hawes Lane, Rowley Regis B65 9AL Telephone: Hon Sec: Andy Dawes 26 Gadds Drive, Rowley Regis B65 9LN. Tel: (H), (M) ROWLEY OLYMPIC Haden Hill Park, Barrs Road, Cradley Heath B64 7HA Hon Sec: J. Bate 81 New Rowley Road, Dudley DY2 8AD. Tel: (H), (M), ROYAL BRITISH LEGION (SOLIHULL) CLUB Union Road, Solihull B91 3DH Hon Sec: Amos Eames 36 Barnfield Drive, Solihull B92 0QB. Tel: (H), ROYAL SUTTON COLDFIELD B.L. Tudor Park, Tudor Road, Sutton Coldfield B73 6BA Hon Sec: Miss Tracey Meikle 37 Redcroft Drive, Erdington B24 0EG. Tel: (H), (W), (M), SEDGLEY EX-SERVICE The Walk, Sedgley, Dudley DY3 1PN Telephone: Hon Sec: Ian Dallaway, 76 The Ridgeway, Sedgley, Dudley DY3 3UW. Tel: (H), (M), btinternet.com Please do NOT to use the rear access to Sedgley Ex ie DO NOT use Springfield Grove to approach the bowls green. SHAG Hob Moor Road, Small Heath B10 9BS Telephone: Hon Sec: Peter Cruise 135 Hob Moor Road, Small Heath B10 9BH. Tel: (H), (M), SHORT HEATH LIBERALS 34 Bloxwich Road North, Short Heath, Willenhall WV12 5PG Hon Sec: Kaz Kitson 43 Lime Avenue, Bentley, Walsall WS2 0JP. Tel: (M), SOLIHULL Ramada Hotel, High Street, Solihull B91 3RF Opposite Solihull Parish Church Hon Sec: David Dabner 4 Beaminster Road, Solihull B91 1NA. Tel: (H). SOLIHULL LADIES Ramada Hotel, High Street, Solihull B91 3RF Opposite Solihull Parish Church. Park in the hotel car park and enter through reception. There is a charge for parking. League Sec: Jenny Vaughan 39 Harvard Road, Solihull, West Midlands B92 8EU Tel: (M), SOMERS SPORTS & SOCIAL CLUB The Grange, 2 Grange Hill, Halesowen B62 0JL Bus No 9 from City, 241 from Dudley and 002 from Weoley Castle or Merry Hill. Hon Sec: Stuart Hesslewood 45 Firth Park Crescent, Halesowen B62 9PG. Tel: (H), (M) 29

32 STILE INN Harrow Street, Whitmore Reans WV1 4PB Hon Sec: Geoff Wylde 5 Harald Close, Perton, Wolverhampton WV6 7NJ. Tel: (M). STREETLY METHODIST Carlton Avenue, Streetly B74 3JJ Hon Sec: Russell Ham, 35 Queslett Road East, Streetly, Sutton Coldfield B74 2ER. Tel: (H). SWINDON The Pavilion, Hinksford Lane Playing Fields, Hinksford Lane, Swindon, Dudley DY3 4NU Hon Sec: Irene Price 6 Penn Road, Gospel End Village, Sedgley, Dudley DY3 4AQ. Tel: (H), (M), TALLBOATS Haden Hill Park, Halesowen Road, Old Hill, Warley B64 7HS Hon Sec: Nigel Pestridge 4 Uncle Bens Close, Oldbury B69 4TU. Tel: (H), (M), THE LAURELS Windmill Hill, Colley Gate, Halesowen B63 2DY Hon Sec: Cedric Walters 26 Park Street, Stourbridge DY8 1BY. Tel: (H), (M), THIMBLEMILL RECREATION CENTRE Thimblemill Road, Smethwick B67 6NR No Floodlights. Under 16 s not allowed in club lounge childrens room only Hon Sec: Paul Chapman 6 Bowling Green Drive, Smethwick B67 5PJ. Tel: (H). THE TOWERS Walsall Road, Great Barr B42 1EY Telephone: Hon Sec: Miss Paula Stevens 58 Courtenay Road, Great Barr B44 8JA. Tel: (H), (M), VICTORIA PARK Victoria Park Bowls Club, Victoria Road, Tipton DY4 8SN Bus no & 44 West Bromwich to Tipton Hon Sec: Ms L. Haslett 9 Chatwins Wharf, Tipton DY4 8QG. Tel: (H), (M). WATER ORTON St Blaize Avenue, off Vicarage Lane, Water Orton B46 1RT Bus No 70 from City to Coleshill Road. Walk via Openfield Croft to playing field. Green adjoins playing field. Hon Sec: John Cheatham 21 Mercer Avenue, Water Orton B46 1NG. Tel: (H), (M), 30