ATHLETES GUIDE. Green Island Beach KUWAIT. #fstriathlon OCTOBER 2017

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1 ATHLETES GUIDE OCTOBER 2017 Green Island Beach KUWAIT #fstriathlon -

2 WELCOME THANK YOU TO OUR ALL OUR SPONSORS TITLE SPONSOR Greetings Flying Start Triathletes, We are excited to bring you what we hope will be the best weekend of triathlon you ll ever experience! Whether you are a first timer or you re returning for another ride. We are delighted to welcome you to the 10th edition of The Flying Start Triathlon Kuwait. Our team is working hard to welcome you to an event that captures the spirit of Triathlon in the heart of Kuwait. Your day will start with the swim at Green Island Beach followed by a bike course on the roads of the Gulf Road with views of the Arabian Gulf and finish with a run through the beautiful Green Island coast. All the while, your friends and family will be able to follow the results live through our website. The finish line will be an unforgettable experience, as our announcers will greet every athlete until the final finishers are welcomed. GOLD SPONSOR SUPPORTERS PARTNERS Have Fun and Race Strong Flying Start Triathlon Team ORGANIZER AND A VERY SPECIAL THANK YOU TO All supporters from the Ministry of Interior, Touristic Enterprises Company management, our dedicated staff and most importantly, thank you to all of our volunteers for dedicating your time to this great event!

3 OFFICIAL SCHEDULE OF EVENTS IMPORTANT INFORMATION Race Kit Collection Location Race Kit Collection Kids Duathlon Event Pasta Party Location Road Closure Start Time Olympic Category Start Time Super Sprint & Sprint Category Cut-off Time Ceremony THURSDAY 26th October FRIDAY 27th October SATURDAY 28th October 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM Green Island 12:00 PM to 3:30 PM 4:00 PM to 5:30 PM 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM Green Island 6:30AM 6:45AM 6:50AM 10:15AM 10:30 AM Weather Mostly Sunny Hi: 34 Lo: 22 Wind 18km/h humidity 20% sunrise 5:58 am RACE MORNING PROCEDURE Athletes must wear the official event wristband and the body marking/ Tattoo in order to enter the Transition area on race morning. Remember to bring your Timing Chip, swim cap and goggles. Bike technicians and pumps will be available in the transition area. Please do not wear your bib number in the swim. Leave it with your gear and put it on before you head out on the bike/run course. RACE TIMING AND CUT-OFFS The race will officially end 3:30 hours after your designated start time. Aid station stops, transitions, etc., will be included in your total elapsed time. Splits will be recorded for each segment of the race. The following cut-off TIMES APPLY FOR EACH SEGMENT OF THE RACE: Swim Cut-Off 1 hours and 10 minutes after your designated start time. Bike Cut-Off 2 hours and 50 minutes after your designated start time. Run Cut-Off 3 hours and 30 minutes after your designated start time. Remember: NO CHIP = NO TIME Failure to wear your chip will disqualify you from the event RESTROOMS Green Island public restrooms will be open for use next to the transition area.

4 RACE KIT SWIM CAP Only the swim cap provided is allowed during the swim course. Super Sprint Sprint BODY MARKING TATTOO All participants will receive a temporary tattoo sheet complete with their race number. See application instruction and placement. TIMING CHIP WITH VELCRO STRAP Olympic PARTICIPANT WRISTBAND Wristband will be affixed on you when you retrieve your packet. (No wristband, no packet, no exceptions) You must wear your wristband to check in your bike on Friday, enter/exit Please do not remove your wristband until you have left the site on Friday. BIKE NUMBER & HELMET STICKER The adhesive bicycle frame number must be attached to your bike with the race number clearly visible from both sides of the bike by joining both end of the adhesive around the center frame of the bike. RED wristband for the Olympics Black wristband for the Sprint Yellow wristband for the Super Sprint White for the Pasta Party Only Please make sure that timing chips are affixed tightly and correctly to avoid any timing issues. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO BRING YOUR CHIP ON RACE DAY IN ORDER TO COMPETE! There will be no chip replacements for lost/ left behind chips. The chip must be affixed to either ankle prior to the swim start and must be worn during the entire event. RELAY MEMBERS: You will pass the chip to your teammate after completing your segment of the race at the respective relay area. If your chip falls off during the race, please notify the timers at the finish line as you finish. All chips must be returned to volunteers at the finish line! All missing chips/velcro straps will incur a 10KD fee! The small adhesive helmet number must be affixed to the front of the helmet. A helmet is mandatory for the bike course. RACE/BIB NUMBER Bib must be visible at all timeson run course. Safety pins will be provided with packet. Olympic Sprint Super Sprint Kidz


6 SWIM COURSE SUMMARY The swim course is an elongated rectangle. It starts on Green Island beach. Athletes must swim in a Anti clockwise direction, keep all marker buoys on their left and swim around the buoy. The start line will be on the beach approximately 10 meters from the sea. The water temperature is expected to be 26 Celsius. There is usually little surf. Wind chop usually occur early in the morning. Currents vary, but are usually weak when moving across the course. SWIM TO BIKE TRANSITION After the swim, you will be directed through the swim to bike transition it will be around a 150 meters distance. Public nudity is not permitted. BIKE COURSE SUMMARY When exiting the transition area on Green Island Parking, do not get on your bike until the designated MOUNT area. Travel up to Gulf Road (Approximately 5KM). The bike turnaround is located in the intersection after Kuwait Towers as it is one of the official checkpoints on the course. Return by the same route to Green Island (Approximately 5KM) this is considered 1 LAP = 10KM Every athlete must count the laps on the bike course, race organizers, marshals and officials are not responsible if you miss count the laps. There will be NO aid station on the bike course for safety reasons. Follow directions by course officials. Do not ride past the DISMOUNT area. RUN COURSE SUMMARY When exiting the transition area on Green Island Parking. travel up to gulf road: The turnaround is located at the 1,5km official checkpoints on the course. Return by the same route to Green Island (2.5km) this is considered a lap. Every athlete must know the turning point on the run course; race organizers, marshals and officials are not responsible if you miss turn. There will be ONE aid station on the run course; athlete will pass by the aid stations twice.


8 PARKING DETAILS Parking is only available in the marked area in the map below, its around 350m from the transition.

9 EXTRACT OF THE RULE SWIM Bikini s Not Allowed Wetsuits are permitted. Wetsuits only be taken off in the transition. No fins, snorkels, paddles, or flotation devices of any kind are allowed. Please be sure your timing chip is properly fixed to your ankle. Athletes are responsible for packing their wetsuit into their transition bag. To avoid the mixing up or loss of the wetsuit please write your name on the wetsuit. The organization cannot be held responsible for loss of the wetsuit of the athlete. Official Swim caps issued by the organizer MUST be worn BIKE The athletes must ride on the left of side of the road at all times, obey all the traffic rules and must follow the prescribed course. Drafting is allowed. Athlete must wear his/her race number visibly on their back May not be folded or altered in any way Athletes are responsible for any repairs to their bikes on course, there is no assistance area provided by the organization. Athlete may not use radio, cell phone, MP3 player or any other audio equipment during any portion of the event. RUN Athletes are not allowed to accept accompaniment or pacing by foot or by a bicycle. Race numbers must be clearly visible and on the front of your body and attached at three points to race number belt. Running without a top (singlet, shirt) is forbidden. Athletes must not use radio, cell phone, MP3 player or any other audio equipment.. FINISHER PHOTOS You will be photographed multiple times during the event. Please make sure your race number is visible at all times for easy identification. Make sure to smile! FINISHER TSHIRT Make sure to pass by the race office to get your finisher tshirt and the refund. ATHLETE TRACKING Have your family and friends updated on your progress. Follow the link to register your race number and receive updates SOCIAL MEDIA Make sure to tag us on social media using #FSTRIATHLON

10 DO S AND DONT S BY 1. Increase your intake of carbohydrates: Ever heard of carb-loading? Have a big meal the day or couple of days prior to the race focusing on rich carbohydrates such as having pasta along with having fruits as snacks regularly. Suggestion: No better way to carb-load other than to join us for the Pasta Party the evening before the event! 2. Do not over hydrate: It is very important to stay well hydrated. However, do not over hydrate as the human body isn t capable of storing large amounts of water. Having large amounts of water will dilute your sodium levels if it is a very hot day!. 3. Less is More - Do not intake a lot of calories during the race. The less you take in, the harder your body will focus on finishing the race! 4. Do Cross the finish line and reward yourself with our best seller Candy Crush Crepe filled with melted Kinder Fingers, crushed Oreo and topped with either Nutella or Belgian Chocolate that will make you happy! There will be Energy Drinks provided on course for all athletes at the aid stations. Energy Drinks can provide a source of carbohydrates (27g), B-Vitamins, caffeine (80mg) and Taurine. For perspective, the amount of sugar in a Red Bull is equivalent to a same size glass of apple or orange juice and the amount of caffeine is the same amount found in a small cup of home brewed coffee.

11 Eat Healthy BIKE CHECK SNACK HEALTHY QUICK SOLUTIONS Keep the active lifestyle going with Talabat s healthy options. Whether it s a light dinner before the races or a protein fix afterward, Talabat has your taste buds covered. You and your friends are invited to our booth for a relaxing break and lots of fun things to do! TIP! Before you start the race, we recommend doing a full bike checkup. Visit Extreme Sports outlets or pass by their booth at the village area. For a filling pre meal, pass by Quest Booth in the village to grab your protein shake. Make sure you check your results as we are powered by Qualitynet, and don t forget to grab your freebie from their booth NO HEADPHONES GET THE GEAR LASTEST NEWS TAG HEUER BRAND PROFILE As is a standard in triathlon, headphones and external audio of any kind are NOT allowed anywhere on course (not even the run course). Safety is our priority Check out the full range of running Products from Intersports Outlets or visit their booth at the village area. Train like an athlete to bring out the BEAST in you and increase overall performance with a Pulse of Fitness in 20 minutes only! Give those muscles the energy they need! TAG Heuer is pushing the Swiss avantgarde limits even further with the TAG Heuer Connected. Tradition meets innovation, craftsmanship meets savoirfaire, and bold style meets breakthrough technology. Reliable and robust, these objects are a joy to own and wear, and they form part of our everyday lives. The revolution is only a matter of time. STAY HYDRATE! FOURTEEN PICK WISELY MAKE ROOM FOR Make sure you drink enough water to stay hydrated before, during and after the race. Come check out Fourteen the only sports magazine solely dedicated to the promotion of Kuwaiti athletes. Pick your fruit at the finish line After the race you will need a good nap. get comfortable on one of our cozy sofas, put a cushion under your head, and cover yourself with a soft throw. and pass by Saveco booth in the village to see the healthy picks

12 The Flying Start Triathlon Team will place Waste Stations throughout the course and the Finish Line. Please support our efforts to keep Kuwait beautiful, by doing your part as a responsible athlete.