Note: Updates to distances for individual events will be posted at the top of the event page. Unless otherwise noted, distances are as follows:

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1 KIDS TRIATHLONS T FAQ What are the distances for each age division? Children aged 6-18 are allowed to compete in age-appropriate distances with an emphasis on fitness, fun and safety. Note: Updates to distances for individual events will be posted at the top of the event page. Unless otherwise noted, distances are as follows: Hy-Vee Pinky Swear Triathlons Juniors (6-8 year olds): Swim 50 meters Bike 1.5 miles Run 500 meters Intermediates (9-11 year olds): Swim 75 meters Bike 3 miles Run 1000 meters Seniors (12-18 year olds): Swim 100 meters Bike 4.5 miles Run 1500 meters If athletes would like to choose to participate in a category that is outside of their age bracket please contact Laura at

2 Registration and Pricing Registration Fee for one race is $45. You will need to register through Race morning registration is not available at any Hy-Vee Pinky Swear Triathlon events. We encourage all athletes to register online in advance, as well as purchase a one-day or an annual USAT membership online if you are entering multiple events. The cost of a one-day USAT membership is $10 and the cost to purchase a USAT one-year membership is $15, and can be done at It is mandatory that all athletes either have a one-year membership to USAT or purchase a one-day membership. USAT memberships can also be purchased on-site. What is your refund and transfer policy? No refunds or transfers are permitted. What is USAT, and where can I find additional information about youth rules?

3 USA Triathlon (USAT) is the sanctioning authority for more than 3,500 diverse events, ranging from grassroots to high-profile races nationwide. The organization works to create interest and participation in a variety of programs, including camps, clinics, races and educational opportunities. USA Triathlon s 140,000-strong membership is comprised of athletes of all ages, coaches, officials, parents and fans striving to strengthen multisport. To learn more about USAT, please visit For a comprehensive list of USA Triathlon (USAT) Competitive Rules & Regulations, please visit We ask that you please take the time to read through the rules carefully prior to event participation. If you have any specific questions about USAT rules and regulations and/or need clarification, please direct all inquiries to Several USAT youth rules to note are the following: No disc wheels No aero bars No aero helmets What is the USAT Age-Up rule? Can I compete in another division? In accordance with USAT rules, an athlete s official race age is his/her age on December 31, Athletes will be classified by their race age into the following

4 divisions: Junior: Ages 6-8 (50 meter swim/1.5 mile bike/500 meter run) Intermediate: Ages 9-12 (75 meter swim/3 mile bike/1000 meter run) Senior: (100 meter swim/4.5 mile bike/1500 meter run) All athletes will be required to compete in the corresponding division based on their age. Since awards are not given based off time athletes can discuss racing up or down an age category by ing Laura at What are some of the general triathlon race-day rules? Please read the following rules thoroughly. It is imperative for all participants to be aware of the following policies and precautions prior to participation in any Hy-Vee Pinky Swear Triathlon event for the safety of all of our athletes. Designated swim-caps must be worn throughout the swim portion of the race. If you have a latex allergy, we request that you provide your own swim cap that is similar in color to your wave (Orange: Juniors, White: Intermediates, Blue: Seniors). There is no nudity allowed in transition. Each athlete must be body marked prior to checking-in for the swim

5 start. Bike helmets must be put on-and strapped- before an athlete is allowed out of transition and onto the bike course. Athletes are not allowed to mount or ride their bikes within the transition area. Athletes must mount and dismount their bikes at the respective mount/dismount lines located outside of transition. Race numbers (Bibs) must be worn at all times during the bike and run portion of the race. These may be attached either with a race belt, or fastened with safety pins to the athletes apparel top. Bibs should be worn on the front of an athlete. Cyclists must stay two bike lengths behind the participant in the front, except when passing. Cyclists must make passes on the left, with slower cyclists remaining to the right. Parents are not allowed in transition during the race. Parents are only allowed in transition during designated set-up times, and upon completion of the race to retrieve belongings. No one will be allowed to remove equipment out of transition during the active race. There will be plenty of volunteers assisting youth with transition. Timing chips must be worn throughout the duration of the race. If your timing chip comes unfastened, damaged, and/or lost, please notify the on-site timing company as quickly as possible. The events will no longer be timed. You will still be able to view your time on the Monday after the race. What is the course like?

6 Venue information, course maps and course specifics will be posted several weeks prior to each race. Race staff will also communicate in advance any issues that may occur in relation to weather that may affect the race. We recommend that all athletes follow the Hy-Vee Pinky Swear social media pages as that is the best way to get up to date notifications. What do I need to bring to packet pick-up? All athletes will be required to sign waivers for each athlete at packet pick-up. Packets can only be picked up by a youth s adult or guardian. You cannot pick up packets for other participants. It is mandatory to show proof of an updated USAT membership by providing a printed confirmation from USAT or a physical membership card. If you purchased a one-day membership online alongside registration, you do not need to bring confirmation with you. It is helpful to print your registration confirmation to bring to packet pick-up, but it is not mandatory to do so. Packet Pick-Up will take place both the day prior to the race, as well as on race morning. All athletes must check-in at packet pick-up in order to receive their race materials. Race staff as well as volunteers will be present to assist you throughout the process. How do I designate that I am part of a team? A team in the Hy-Vee Pinky Swear Kids Triathlon is focused on fundraising. The best part about a fundraising team is that you can do it all together! Create a team name. Determine a team captain. Register for the Hy-Vee Pinky Swear Kids Triathlon nearest you. Set fundraising goals as a team to make sure your experience is fun and memorable. If you have already registered as an individual, login to your page, click team, click create a team and fill out the

7 info. The last step is to invite others to JOIN your team. All fundraising efforts will go to support kids with cancer and their families with immediate nonmedical needs in your community. Is there going to be a course talk prior to each race? A course talk will be held by the Race Director the day before each race during packet pick-up/registration. Although attendance at the course talk is not mandatory, it is highly recommended. During the course talk, the Race Director will go over the various aspects of the course in full detail. This is also a wonderful opportunity to ask specific questions or address any concerns about the course in order to make your athlete feel more at ease, especially if this is your first race. The course talk time and location will be provided within your athlete letter , as well as will be posted on each individual event page. My child has a disability, what accommodations can you make at the race? We are more than happy to make personal accommodations for your athlete based on his/her abilities that are tailored to the particular event. Please contact for further discussion on how we can create a successful race experience for your child. I have a medical condition. Where should I put this information? Our first and foremost concern at any race is athlete safety and well-being.

8 Please detail any medical concerns during the registration process, as well as provide a list of medications that the athlete is currently taking. Additionally, please provide an *on-site cell phone number* for an emergency contact to registration if you have not already done so. Each race site is staffed with a team of highly-trained and highly-qualified medical personnel to meet the needs of any athlete who may require assistance. An ambulance will also be present on site to respond to emergency transport needs. A medical tent will be located at the finish line. If your athlete requires medical attention, please check-in at the medical tent or notify a race official. What type of equipment do I need to compete in a triathlon? Note: This list is a general guideline for equipment. Your athlete may not require or utilize some of the items listed below: Swim: Swim Cap Goggles (2 pairs) Swim suit, Tri-Suit (One piece or two piece) Noseplugs, Earplugs Bike:

9 Bicycle (Tri-bikes or bicycles with aero bars are not allowed) Helmet Cycling Shoes Socks Race number belt with attached Bib number Bike & helmet stickers Water bottle Floor pump Run: Running Shoes Running Shirt Socks Hat/Visor Other: Registration packet and/or materials USAT Card Towel for transition area

10 Safety pins Sunscreen Sunglasses Eyeglasses Water bottles Change of clothes Watch Is the race timed? Each Hy-Vee Kids Triathlon athlete will receive a timing chip (with an included ankle strap) at swim start that corresponds with his or her registration information. Timing chips not only allow each athlete to receive a finishing time and course splits, but also are incredibly vital for athlete safety in order for all athletes to be accounted for at the conclusion of the race. All timing chips must be worn around the athletes ankle (does not matter which one). *Each participant must wear a timing chip at all times during the race. Failure to wear a timing chip throughout the duration of the race will lead to disqualification.** Once the participant has crossed the finish line, volunteers will remove the athletes timing chip from the ankle. All timing chips must be returned, or a fee will be assessed. Please direct any questions or concerns about timing within 30 minutes of the complete of the race.** Times will not be posted on the day of the event. Rather, they will be posted on the Monday after the race day.** Where are results posted? Results will be posted on PINKYSWEAR.ORG the Monday after race day. These will be considered the final results. There will be no awards.

11 What is the parent/guardian conduct policy? The Hy-Vee Pinky Swear Triathlon environment is a safe and fun place for kids to participate in the great sport of triathlon. In order to ensure that all athletes walk away with the best experience, we need to uphold a positive and supportive atmosphere at all times. Parents are asked to be supportive of all the children that are out there trying their best to achieve their goals. Bad conduct from a parent can not only result in a disqualification of their own child, but also a ban from all Hy-Vee races. Bad conduct constitutes the following (but is not limited to): Negative comments to your own child or another child Yelling at volunteers, race officials, other parents or participants Interference with participants or race officials, etc. If you have a dispute, it is mandatory to notify a race official within 30 minutes of the completion of the race, which will then be addressed by the race staff.