Competitors information pack. Friday, January 25 th 2019

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1 Competitors information pack Friday, January 25 th 2019

2 Race Day check list Roads will be closed at 06:00AM, make sure to be at the race venue before! Registration is open 05:30 06:30AM, pick up rental chip and sign waiver, body mark race number and pick up the free event T-Shirt Race Gear: Bike, helmet, running shoes, goggles, wetsuit (optional) Remember MyLap Timing Chip - no chip, no time! (if you don t own one, collect rental chip from registration) Bike rack and set up transition by 06:30 Attend race briefing 06:30 Be at swim start on time, Olympic distance 07:00, Sprint Distance 07:15 (when most Olympic swimmers on 2 nd lap), Super Sprint Distance 08:15 Swim cut off for Olympic and Sprint Distance 08:15AM

3 Race Day location Dukhan Water Sports Getting to the race venue Travelling from Doha using the Dukhan highway, exit the highway at the signpost for Dukhan. Take the 2 nd exit at the next roundabout, heading into Dukhan. Take the 2 nd exit at the next roundabout, for Dukhan Beach. Take the 1 st exit on the next roundabout and continue straight towards Dukhan Beach. Continue straight over the next 2 roundabouts, staying on the road heading towards the beach. Take the 3 rd exit left at the next roundabout, continue past the fire station, which will be on your left. At the final roundabout on the beach front, take a right turn and then continue to the entrance of the Watersport Club. Parking will be outside the club, opposite to main entrance.

4 Race Day Information The following notes contain important information about the race, which will help the morning run smoothly and ensure everyone enjoys the event. Please read carefully! Registration Registration and transition opens at 05:30. Registration will close at 06:30. PLEASE NOTE: entrants must arrive at the Watersports Club before 06:00AM as road closures at this time will prevent access to the club. Those who have their own timing chips will need to be numbered and collect their free event T-shirt. For those who have registered online locate the registration table on the grass close to transition, to collect timing chip and sign race waiver. Those hiring timing chips for the race will need your Qatari ID card or QAR500 as deposit,which will be returned on the return of the chip at the end of the race. The race briefing starts at 06:30. Timing chips All competitors will be required to wear a timing chip on the leg, around the ankle. At 07:00AM, when the race has started, once you are wearing the timing chip, please ensure that you do not cross the timing loops at any other time than when you are competing, otherwise you may get a misleading race time, and an invalid result. For those who have rented chips for the race, please return your timing chip to the chip return desk near the finish line area, to receive your Qatari ID/money back. Transition After registration, please proceed to the transition area. The transition area is strictly restricted to competitors and race marshals only. Rack sensibly and with some thought to others, and try your best not to knock over anything when you go through T1 and T2 during the race. To ensure bike security, bikes will not be allowed to be removed from transition until all competitors have started the run course. Please note that the first section of racks next to the bike exit of transition are reserved for junior duathlon competitors. Juniors are also welcome to put their bikes against the back wall. Race briefing The course routes will be explained and any specific issues of the day communicated. It is the competitor s responsibility to know the event course and complete it properly. Look for signs and study the route map. Everyone should attend the race briefing, ready to start the race soon after. Dress code This consists of a vest or short sleeve top and running/cycling shorts for the run/bike sections. Tri-suits can be worn and are recommended. Wetsuits can be worn, for the swim, but these are optional. Swimsuits must not be used for cycling or running and chests must be covered during the bike and run legs. There are no change tents provided in transition. Nudity is strictly prohibited in the transition area. Failure to comply with the dress code will result in disqualification. Race marshals Please adhere to directions from the race marshals (wearing fluorescent yellow bibs). They are there to ensure a safe and fair race. Please also remember they are volunteers giving up their time. Please treat them with respect.

5 Race Distances Swim Bike Run Olympic distance 1500m 40km 10km (Individual and Team Relay, open to ages 18+) Sprint distance 750m 20km 5km (Individual and Team Relay, open to ages 14+) Super Sprint distance 250m 10km 2km (individual and Team Relay, open to ages 12+)

6 Swim leg PLEASE REMEMBER TO HAVE YOUR TIMING CHIP STRAPPED TO YOUR ANKLE BEFORE THE SWIM START. IT WILL BE A MASS GUN START FROM THE BEACH. Due to the water temperature, wetsuits are allowed to be worn, but are optional. The Olympic distance swim The Olympic distance swim will set off at 07:00. Once most of the competitors for this race are through onto the 2nd lap of the swim, then the Sprint distance race will start from the beach (approximately 07: 15) Olympic distance swim - swimmers will start before the Sprint distance race. The swimmers will follow the same route (black arrows) as the Sprint distance swimmers until the 3rd yellow buoy. At this point, instead of swimming towards the beach and exit, Olympic distance swimmers must make another left turn and swim for the 1st yellow buoy again (see red route on preceding map). At reaching the first yellow buoy, Olympic swimmers must turn left again, and head for the 2nd buoy. Turn left again, and head for the 3rd buoy. On reaching the 3rd and final buoy for the second time, swimmers will head straight for the South Beach and the swim exit. The Sprint distance swim Sprint distance swim - swimmers will follow the black route displayed on the preceding map. The Sprint race will start after the Olympic race on half way. Enter the water on the North Beach, swim to the first yellow marker buoy, swim diagonally to the 2nd yellow buoy, make a left turn and swim to the 3rd yellow buoy. At this point, Sprint distance swimmers must swim for the swim exit on the South Beach, exit the water and follow the path through the blue gates to transition. Cut off time for Olympic and Sprint distance swim is 08:15AM The Super Sprint distance swim Super Sprint distance swim will start after the cut off time for the Olympic and Sprint distance and all competitors have exited the water ( around 08:00AM). Enter the water from South Beach, swim to the yellow marker buoy number 3, go around and swim back to the South Beach exit. Exit the water and follow the path trough the blue gates to transition. Transition Enter through the blue gate by the shed of the boat shed. Make an immediate right and run around the support station to go over the timing mat to enter transition. It is very important you go around this table and over the timing mat, as your overall time will be affected otherwise.

7 Swim leg Sprint Route & Olympic lap 1 Olympic distance lap 2 Super Sprint Exit & Super Sprint Swim start Swim exit

8 Transition Transition is located in the shaded car parking area opposite South Beach, inside the Dukhan Watersports Club. Swim exit to transition area Bike out Bike in Run out Return in and finish Transition area Transition is strictly limited to competitors and marshals. Please ensure you show awareness to other competitors within the transition area. Rack your bikes carefully, and leave your transition area tidy.

9 Course information Bike leg Bike turn around Before exiting the transition area for the bike course, all competitors must be wearing a cycling helmet. Failure to do so will result in immediate disqualification. Cyclist must not mount their bike until they cross the cycle mount line situated on the main gate and exit of the Watersports Club. Super Sprint 1 lap (10km) Sprint - 2 laps (20km) Olympic - 4 laps (40km) All cyclists must obey the rules of the road, riding on the right, and overtaking on the left. Drafting is not permitted, and cyclists must stay a minimum of 10 meters behind the cyclist in front, unless overtaking. On exiting the Watersports Club, turn left at roundabout 1. Continue to roundabout 2, where cyclist turn first right. Follow the road past the fire station and turn left, taking the 4th exit at roundabout 3. Continue straight along road, until cyclist come to the U-turn point. Once cyclists have made the U-turn, they will cycle back along the same route they came, only in reverse. Once back at the Watersports Club entrance, cyclists will U-turn again, at roundabout 1, to start the next lap. It will the responsibility of the cyclists to ensure they are doing the correct number of laps for the distance triathlon they have entered. Once cyclist have completed the correct number of laps, dismount on entry to the Watersports Club, and enter transition. Please ensure bikes are racked correctly and tidily, and remove helmets after racking. Exit transition to the run course on the opposite end to the bike entry.

10 Course information Bike leg

11 Course information Run leg 10km run 2 loops 5km run 1 loop 2km run short loop The run course is an out and back starting from transition, inside the DWS, going out the South Gate of the DWS, then following the road towards the palace. It s approximately 1km until the first roundabout and 2,5km until the turn around marker. The Super Sprint Distance will turn around from first roundabout (2km), Sprint distance will do the course once (5km) and Olympic distance participants will do the course twice (10km total). The run start point, at transition The Super Sprint turning point 1km The run turnaround point 2.5 and 7.5km

12 Medals Post-race information All competitors will be handed a medal for participating in the triathlon. These will be handed out on the finish line. Pre and post-race food Small snack will be offered on completion of the race (muffins and fruit). There will be also swarma and barbecue tent serving food after the race. There will be a cost for this food, although this will be subsidised. Results Results will be available on TriClub web-page: Awards ceremony There will be awards ceremony after the finish of the race. Here gold, silver and bronze medals will be awarded to all categories. We aim to begin the award ceremony after 10:30. Entry to Dukhan Watersports Club Ordinarily, the Dukhan Watersports Club is only open to members. However, as a special concession to competitors and their families, entry and use of the facilities will be allowed until 14.00, following the triathlon.


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