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1 Age Group Athletes briefing Thursday 17 November 2016

2 Briefing agenda Welcome and Introductions Competition Jury Schedules and Timetables Check-in and Procedures The course Post-Race Procedures Weather forecast

3 Welcome and Introductions Terry Sheldrake, ITU Executive Board Brian Hinton, ITU Team Leader Tony Sangster, ITU Technical Delegate Jacqui Kenny, ITU Assistant Technical Delegate Lyndell Murray, ITU Race Referee Deon Scholtz, ITU Medical Delegate Robyn Lazenby, Event Director Simon Lazenby, Race Director

4 Competition Jury Tony Sangster, Chair Terry Sheldrake, ITU Miles Stewart, TA

5 Registration Male & Female Thursday 09:00 12:00 Registration 1 13:00 15:00 Registration 2 ID required to pick up race packs. The race pack will contain their race numbers, timing chip and swim cap The timing chip is to be worn on your ankle at all times during the race Wearing a uniform other than their NF s approved uniform during the race = DSQ

6 Schedule and Timelines WOMEN Friday :00 Women Bike racking 12:15 Women s wave start line up Women s race start 12: years = Pink swim cap 12: years = Purple swim cap 12: = Orange swim cap

7 Schedule and Timelines MEN Friday 17: Bike Racking Saturday Men s race start 08:15 Men s wave start line up 08: years = Green swim cap 08: years = Blue swim cap 08: years = Orange swim cap 08: years = Yellow swim cap 08: years = Purple swim cap

8 Check-in procedures Transition Area Bike check (Bike mechanic available) The maximum tyre diameter for the MTB is 29 inch. The minimum cross section is 1.5 inch. Your MTB race number plate will be placed on your bike s handlebar. Finishing without a plate is subject to DSQ A Helmet check will be undertaken before you can rack your bike To add any equipment to the bike, you must obtain approval from the Race Referee up until 10 minutes after the end of this Athlete Briefing. Clip-on handlebars are not permitted

9 Pre-start Procedure 15 minutes before the race start, you will be grouped in your age group wave and start order in the grass area behind the beach When your wave is announced, you will move quickly start line Select your position and stay behind the blue carpet! Note: An athlete blocking more than one place on the start line will result DSQ

10 Start Procedures Athletes in position: When all the wave is lined up, on the start line You will then hear the call On yours marks = you immediately step forward onto the blue carpet. The start horn/whistle will sound The race starts Athletes not moving directly forward at the start will receive a time penalty of 15 seconds

11 False Start Procedures False start Example: Several horn blasts Kayaks in front of you Everyone goes back to her/his spot Valid start but with early starter: If an athlete(s) starts before the horn and everyone else starts with the horn, the false starter(s) athlete will receive a time penalty of 15 seconds in T1. During the time penalty the athlete(s) may not touch any equipment!

12 The Course Swim 2 laps of 750m per lap Bike 2 laps of 16km Run 3 laps of 3.3km

13 The Course

14 Swim course 2 x 750m laps (total distance of 1,500m) Distance to the first turn buoy is 60m Course Buoys Orange Can = Turn Orange Pyramid = Sighting Yellow Pyramid = Lane Marker/keep to RHS of Today s temperature at 10:00mm am: Air: 16.0 ºC Water: 17.0 ºC Wetsuit allowed Take cap, goggles to transition and place in your area by your bike

15 Swim course Map

16 Transition Area Bikes to be racked by the seat, front wheel facing outwards Race gear/items only in Transition - Bike and Running shoes, race items next to bike; helmet on/or next to the bike Race gear/items position - Even Numbers: RHS and Odd Numbers: LHS of bike Non race items, in a bag, to the Athletes Lounge From swim; Wetsuits, googles & swim caps in items to be placed in position area next your MTB

17 Transition Flow

18 Bike course 2 x 15km laps (total distance of 30km) Hilly and technical Drafting is allowed, but not between men and women. 1 Repair Zone / Wheel Station 1 Feed Zone

19 Bike Course Map

20 Feed Zone and Repair Zone Feed Zone nutrition from Coaches/appointed Coaches Repair Zone generic and NF/athlete supplied tools to undertake bike repairs by the athlete. Note: NF/athlete tools are for NF/athletes use only

21 Bike Course Signage

22 Bike course Signage Only discard bottles and litter within littering zones as indicated by the following signs: Notice signs

23 Caution Caution signal: three sharp whistles and red flags

24 Run course 3 x 3.3km laps (total distance of 10km) Aid/Feed stations: 2 per lap = Aid Station 1/Feed Zone Immediately after departing the transition area and the start of each lap: Pure Nutrition Mixed Berry Flavour in cups Water in cups Cliff Bar products = Aid Station 2 1.5km into the run lap near the lake stage: Pure Nutrition Mixed Berry Flavour in cups Water in cups

25 Run Course Map

26 Penalty Box on the Run Course The penalty box is for infringements e.g. Mounting your bike before mount line; dismounting after dismount line; put your equipment outside your designated area, rack the bike outside your own space etc Location: 10m before the Transition Area Information: White board will show penalised athlete s race number (Athletes need to read the board coaches are advised to check and inform their athletes) Procedure: the 15 second time penalty served on any lap of the run If you don t stop, to serve your penalty, you will be DSQ

27 Run Penalty Box e.g. Dismount after the dismount line: An athlete has to have both feet on the ground before crossing the dismount line. If not, this is considered as a dismount after the dismount line and will incur a 15sec penalty Discharge or place your equipment inside your designated area: Leaving your equipment (swim cap, googles, helmet, etc.) outside your designated area, will incur a 15 sec Penalty Rack the bike inside your own space: You cannot rack your bike anywhere other than your designated position Hemet: You cannot take your bike from your designated position until your helmet is clipped on nor unclip/take your helmet off until your bike is racked

28 Post-race Procedures When you finish, keep moving through to the mixed-zone and recovery area For awards, dress up with race uniform or country clothes Awards Ceremony immediately following finish Ambush marketing rules apply

29 Mixed Relay Team Composition One Elite Male and One Elite Female Team order Female/Male/Female/Male Rack Bikes - Sunday morning 0730am Race Start Sunday morning 08:30am

30 Mixed Team Relay Start & Swim

31 Mixed Team Relay MTB

32 Mixed Team Relay Run

33 Post-race Procedures Anti-Doping Control Those athletes selected will be assigned a chaperon until the testing is completed Photo ID is needed for every athlete that is selected for testing Team Medical Access Only one accredited team medical person will be allowed to enter the medical tent, after receiving the ITU Medical Delegate s permission. Each National Federation is permitted to have 1 team medical accreditation for all elite events.

34 Coaches areas Accreditation Coaches accreditation will only be distributed to those coaches who s National Federations registered them through the on-line system Feed Zone As notified, those NF s without an accredited coach can nominate a person for accesses to the Feed Zone, to supply nutrition for that country s athlete/s only.

35 Important Updates Cold Weather In the event that the weather on race day is extremely cold a notification will be issued by the Race Referee 2 hours before race start time that some or all of the following additional clothing may be worn on the bike and run course. Team uniform jackets or clear or plain coloured waterproof jackets with no overt branding - those with branding must be approved by the Race Referee. Plain coloured arm warmers Long plain coloured socks/calf guards. Reminder no socks in the swim Feed Zone

36 Weather forecast Temp Weather Friday 19-24ºC Sunny Saturday 20-25ºC Overcast Sunday 22-27ºC Sunny/Cloudy

37 All the best on race day