Andy Nicholson. "When the pain comes you know what I do? I SMILE." Dear Athlete,

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2 Dear Athlete, Welcome to the K1MAN17 triathlon. On behalf of the K1 Triathlon Club Committee I would like to congratulate you for taking on our challenge and participating in this half ironman distance triathlon. Our goal is to ensure that you have the best possible experience. The information contained in this Athlete Race Information Guide will aim to guide you through your preparation and ensure you arrive on the start line well prepared and raring to go. Regardless of whether you are competing as an individual or part of a team, a first timer or multiple Ironman finisher; we hope that you find the K1MAN a memorable and fulfilling race, that each stroke, turn of the pedal and step is as rewarding as it is challenging. Your safety prior to and during the event is of the utmost importance. Please remember to train and race safely. I look forward to seeing you on the start line. Regards, Andy Nicholson OiC K1MAN17 "When the pain comes you know what I do? I SMILE." Chris McCormack Ironman World champion

3 Program of Events Time Event Location Remarks Tuesday 03 October Race Briefing & Bag Pickup Akrotiri Gymnasium All BFC Mil/Civ Participants Race Briefing & Bag Pickup Dhekalia Gymnasium All BFC Mil/Civ Participants Akrotiri: Briefings/Q&A held at 0930 & 1030 Dhekalia: Briefings/Q&A held at 1400 & 1500 Wednesday 04 October Race Briefing & Bag Pickup Lemmings Club, Happy Valley All Participants Lemmings Club: Briefings/Q&A held at 1400 & 1500 Any participants unable to make the above sessions must contact the undersigned well in advance Saturday 07 October Transition Area Open K1 MAN transition area Bike and helmet required Race Bag Pickup Lemmings Club, Happy Valley Race Check-In Lemmings Club, Happy Valley All Non BFC/Civilian Participants All Participants (Photo ID required) 0700 Race Brief K1 MAN transition area All Participants Swim Warm Up Swim course 0730 RACE START K1 Swim course 0840 Swim cut-off K1 MAN Swim course 1hr Bike cut-off K1 MAN transition area 4 hr Prize Giving Lemmings Club, Happy Valley 1630 Race officially ends K1 Man Site, Happy Valley 3 hrs

4 Race package pick-up and briefing There will be compulsory race package pickup, briefing and Q&A session for British Forces Cyprus (BFC) persons who have access to the British bases (military and civilian) at Dhekalia Garrison and RAF Akrotiri. A third session will be run from Lemmings Beach Club which can be attended by all participants, including those without British Bases passes. Non-Pass holders may also attend the on the day race brief if they cannot make the Lemmings Beach Club brief. This is designed to make the check-in process on the day smoother, enabling you time to prepare yourself for the race. The race-package will contain your T-Shirt, race number and goody bag. The goody bag will also act as the Cyclist 'Special Needs' bag, here you can place any nutrition items that you may need during the race and these will be available to you at the 43km (1st lap) and 88km (2nd lap) points, clearly marked with your race number. Race numbers will come in the form of stickers for bike frames on the cycle route and a paper form which should be worn on the back for the cycle route and front for the run route. The package pick-up times for BFC personnel are as follows but may be subject to change, you will be notified by and on the event Facebook page in advance: Tuesday 2nd October 09:00-11:30 - Dhekalia Garrison Gym (British base pass holders only) - Briefings and Q&A will be conducted at 09:30 & 10:30 13:30-16:00 - RAF Akrotiri Gym (British base pass holders only) - Briefings and Q&A will be conducted at 14:00 & 15:00 Wednesday 3rd October 09:00-11:30 - Lemmings Beach Club (All participants, inc. Non-British Base pass holders) - Briefing and Q&A will be conducted at 09:30 & 10:30 Saturday 7th October 07:00 - Lemmings Beach Club (Non-British base pass holders only) Security The course starts from Happy Valley in Episkopi, access to the area is controlled and only those that have registered for the race, as a spectator or those that hold BFC Base passes will be allowed entry. Please ensure you bring photographic ID (Cyprus ID, Passport, Driving License, etc.) Parking Onsite parking is available and is a very short distance from the registration/transition area in a signposted field.

5 Race day check-in and briefing Race check-in will be open from 06:00-07:00, here you will notify the race organisers that you are present and ready to race and receive your race timing chip (worn on ankle). Your 'Special Needs' bag will also be dropped off with the support team at this point. There will be a final race brief conducted at the 07:00 on race day. The K1MAN Race Briefing is mandatory for all competitors; this includes all members of relay teams. Important safety information and any last-minute changes to the event will be given out at this briefing. The transition area will be open from 05:00 for bike placement, only the athlete cycling will be allowed into this area pre and during the race. Placement will close promptly at 06:30. Please pay attention to the bib numbering on the transition rack to locate your racking point, the transition marshal will guide you to onto this if necessary. The Course The course will start and finish in Happy Valley; full race routes, including water and special needs stops will be displayed at the race-package pickup session, event day briefing and can be found on our Routes page. Start Line The race will start at 07:30 with the signal: GET SET AND A long sound of a HORN. This is a mass start entering the water. All categories will start together. All the athletes must start after the horn (those start before the sound of the horn will receive a time penalty equal to 1 minute to be served after the swim). The Swim The swim is 1.9km and will start in front of the Lemming Beach Cafe, it will be two clockwise 950m laps with an Australian exit at the end of Lap 1. All swim buoys must be kept to you right side when passing. The temperature of the water will be measured on the day and if it is above 23 Celsius then wetsuits will be forbidden. A table will be available just after the timing mat for spectacles and inhalers etc. Bottled water will also be available on this table. All athletes must cross the timing mat immediately after the swim exit banner; failure to cross the mat will mean that no time is recorded for your swim. On entering transition Relay swimmers must move to the Holding Pen and pass their timing tag to their relay cyclist. ALL Swimmers- the Swim Cut Off is 1hr 10mins after the start of the race.

6 Transition (T1) - Post Swim The transition area is a short distance from the swim exit, triathletes can run or walk towards their respective bike and must wear their cycling helmet with strap fastened before picking up their bike. No riding is allowed in the T area and athletes must push their bike up to the clearly marked mount line before mounting. Athletes must also be wearing a top/jersey/tri-suit, no bare torso's allowed. The Bike The bike course is a 2 lap, 97km route. There will be 2 turn points on the course, both of which will have water from tapped containers and bottle form, as well as cut bananas. The first turn point is situated at the Avdimou T-Junction and the second at Malcolm Cat sanctuary; both turn points will be clearly marked and marshalled. Athletes requiring nutrition must slow down prior to the stations, whilst being observant of other athletes and road users. Extra care must be taken when re-joining the route. In addition to this, there will be a 'Special needs' stop near Episkopi camp, this can only be used when heading west (towards Happy Valley). This bag will contain your personal nutrition items dropped off at the morning check-in. The entire course will take place on roads open to ordinary traffic, road traffic regulations must be strictly observed at all times. K1MAN Race Crew and SBA Police will be located at all junctions; competitors are to follow any instructions that they give. Care should be taken throughout the bike course, hazards include: Speed bumps. Drainage covers. Patch repairs to road surface. All Cyclists the Bike Cut Off is 5hr 30mins after the start of the race. Transition (T2) - Post Bike At the finish of the bike section there will be a clearly marked mount/dismount line; all triathletes must dismount and push their bikes to the bike racks and ensure that the bike is safely secured on the rack. Immediately after athletes will head towards the run course as directed by Marshals. Relay cyclists will move to the 'Holding Area' once their bike is racked and helmet has been placed on it. The timing chip will be passed to the team runner, who will then be free to enter the run course.

7 The Run The run course is a 18.5km, and consists of 4 laps of a stunning 4.7km route within Happy Valley. It takes place on a mixture of dirt tracks and tarmac road and is clearly marked throughout. K1MAN Race Crew will be located at all junctions; competitors are to follow any instructions that they give. There will be 2 Water/Feed Stations on each lap, the first at the start of the course and the second at the 2.5km point, energy gels and water will be available at all stations. Athletes will receive a different coloured bobble when passing the 2.5km water station to ensure that athletes and marshals are aware of the number of laps completed by each competitor. Care must be taken with foot placement throughout off-road sections of the run. All Runners the Run Cut Off is 8hr 30min after the start of the race. The Finish The race will finish at Lemmings Beach Club and is clearly marked by a Finish Chute. Athletes will receive their well earned Finishers medal and can then proceed to the recovery/feed zone. Timing

8 Recovery Area At the recovery area there will be massage, fruits, juices, and isotonic drinks, sweets and water (These items are for athletes only). Awards After the finish, awards will take place on Lemmings Beach. The awards will begin approximately at 14:30. Categories awarded are age groups: Male/Female Open (18-39) Male/Female Masters (40+ years old) Team Relay Results All official results will be posted on the website on the following day. The marshals and volunteers will have a hard time running this event so respect their duties and responsibilities trying to deliver you with a safe and fun race course. Obey all rules and directions by them and have a great race. The K1MAN committee look forward to seeing you all at the event and wish you good luck!! K1MAN2017 Event Organisers

9 SWIM RULES Race Rules Wetsuits are optional unless the water temperature is below 15 degrees C or if above 23 degrees C they will be banned. The water temperature will be taken on the morning or the race. Swimmers must wear the swim cap provided in their goody bag. Goggles or a face mask is recommended, but not mandated. No fins, paddles, snorkels or flotation devices of any kind are allowed. Swimmers are required to stay on course, swim clockwise and keep course markers to the right. Failure to do so will result in disqualification. A swimmer experiencing difficulty and in need of assistance should roll onto their back and raise an arm overhead and call or seek assistance. A swimmer, who has received assistance, whether voluntary or involuntary, must withdraw from the race. The swim course will be closed 1 hour 10 minutes after the start of the race. Athletes still in the water after this time will be withdrawn from the race. BIKE RULES Race numbers are to be worn on the back (ideally on a race belt) and a race number sticker should be placed on the helmet and handlebars. Athletes are required to ride road/triathlon bikes. Mountain bikes, beach cruisers and bikes with coaster-type brakes are prohibited. Bike helmets must be fastened before the athlete removes their bike from the racking. The helmet must remain fastened until the athlete has racked their bike in transition. Absolutely no drafting of another bike or any other vehicle is allowed. Athletes must ride single file on the left side of the road near the verge except when passing another cyclist. Side-by-side riding is not allowed. Cyclists must keep a distance of 10 meters (approximately 5 bike lengths) between bikes except when passing. Overtaking cyclists may pass on the right for up to 30 seconds, but must move back to the left side of the road near the verge after passing. An overtaken cyclist must fall back 10 meters before attempting to regain the lead.

10 Athletes are responsible for repairing any punctures or mechanical failures. No outside assistance is to be accepted from anyone other than a member of the K1MAN event race crew. Athletes may walk with their bike, if necessary. Cyclists are responsible for following traffic laws and for the consequences of any infractions. No traffic will be stopped during the race. The bike course will be closed 5 hours and 30 minutes after the start of the race. Athletes still on the bike course after this time will be withdrawn from the event and will not be permitted to continue. The K1MAN bike course takes place on open public highways. All athletes must adhere to the road traffic laws at all times. No MP3 or portable media devices are to be carried or used during the K1MAN event. RUN RULES Race number should be worn to the front. No form of locomotion other than running, walking or crawling is allowed. The run course will be closed 8 hours 30 minutes after the start of the race. Athletes still on the run course after this time will be withdrawn from the event and will not be permitted to continue. The K1MAN run course takes place on a mixture of off-road tracks and public roads. All athletes are to keep to the right hand edge while running on public highways. No MP3 or portable media devices are to be carried or used during the K1MAN event.