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1 LEGEND BLACK Athlete Guide August 12th, 2017

2 Tentative Schedule *SCHEDULE OF EVENTS IS TENTATIVE AND SUBJECT TO CHANGE. Please follow us on Facebook at LEGEND Endurance and check regularly for updates SATURDAY, AUGUST 12th, 2017 Start End Event Location 4 p.m. 6 p.m. Athlete Check-In Clinton State Park, Campgrou #3 5 p.m. Transition Opens Near Swim Start 6 p.m. Athlete Registration Closes Clinton State Park, Campgrou #3 6:15 p.m. Transition Closes Near Swim Start 6:30 p.m. LEGEND BLACK STARTS! Event Location: Clinton State Park Campground #3 798 N 1415 Rd, Lawrence, KS Park entrance located on N Rd * Please make note that there will be no award ceremony for any race. Awards will be handed out from the awards table, as results become available. All awards must be picked up on race day; no awards will be mailed out. *

3 Pre Race Information Athlete Check-In Athlete Check-In hours are Saturday, August 12th from 4p.m. 6p.m. at Clinton State Park: Campground #3. If you do not check-in during the designated Athlete Check-In hours, you will not be able to race. Please bring the following items with you to Athlete Check-In, they are required: Photo Identification USAT card to show proof of current USAT membership or $15.00 USD to purchase a oneday license. If you are a USAT member and forget your card, you will be required to sign the USAT waiver and purchase a $15.00 USAT one-day license Please Note: Athletes competing in LEGEND Endurance events are required to check-in at the venue during the dates and times listed in the Athlete Guide and Event Schedule. Athlete Check-In will not be available outside the posted times. Should an athlete have a legitimate emergency, LEGEND Endurance will try to accommodate the athlete to the best of our ability as long as the athlete informs LEGEND Endurance. Athletes who show up after the posted check-in date and times will not be allowed to race, unless prior arrangements were made with LEGEND Endurance. These rules are in effect for a number of important reasons and exist to make your experience the best, safest and most stress-free it can be. Athlete Check-In Parking Athlete check-in is located in campground #3 of Clinton State Park. All athletes enter Clinton State Park via N Rd and follow the packet pick up and parking signs, to campground #3. Parking will be available in various grass fields around campground #3. Only park in designated areas. Do not park in front of campsites. Clinton State Park 798 N 1415 Rd, Lawrence, KS Personal Safety When training, please bike and run on the shoulder without moving into the traffic lane. Please be courteous and aware that the people sharing the roads with you are people you may count on during race day to fulfill your physical and emotional needs. Please ride single file, as biking side by side is illegal. Please respect and obey the traffic laws during your training practices. Violators will be cited. You are required to carry proper identification at all times. If you are stopped, you must present your identification to the inquiring officer. Failure to do so may result in race disqualification. Your cooperation is appreciated. Pre-Event Swim Advisement Athletes MAY NOT swim the swim course prior to race day. There will NOT be a pre-event swim at the boat dock. Athletes wishing to swim prior to race day may do so at the public swimming beach, located at Bloomington Beach at Clinton Lake. 3 The scheduling of Athlete Check-In is designed to allow each athlete the opportunity to become oriented with the venue, acclimated to the area and receive all the necessary information needed to have a successful race.

4 4 Race Day Information Race Day Procedure Check-In is open from 4pm 6pm, only on race day. Transition is open from 5 p.m. 6:15pm, only on race day. The transition area is for participants only. Please arrive in plenty of time to check in and set up your gear in transition. The transition area closes at 6:15 p.m. All athletes must be out of transition and headed to the swim at this time. Remember to bring your USAT Card, ID, goggles and wetsuit. Do not wear your bib number in the swim. Put the Bib number on before you head out on the run course. The transition area closes at 6:15 p.m. All athletes must be out of transition and headed to the swim before this time. Parking Information Athletes are encouraged to arrive at the race site early. The race site is approximately a 15-minute drive from Lawrence - please plan accordingly. There is plenty of parking at Clinton State Park. There will be designated parking areas; please follow the directions of the parking attendants. No vehicles are allowed to park along the entrance/exit to the park. On Saturday athletes and spectators should expect a 1/2 mile walk from the parking areas to transition area. Spectators and athletes parking in Campground #3 will not be able to leave the race area until the race is over. Aid Stations There will be 2 aid stations on the run course offering: - Water - Gatorade Bicycle & Gear Recovery You are required to reclaim your bicycle and gear at the transition area after the race. You must have your athlete bib on for entry into the transition area. There will be no transportation of athlete gear up to the finish line area. Medical Area The medical area is for athletes only; family members are not allowed. Overcrowding in the medical area prevents the medical staff from doing their job. For information on an athlete receiving medical treatment, please wait outside the medical tent for updates on your athlete s condition.

5 Swim Course 5 The swim is a semi-rectangular course. Athletes enter the water at the south boat dock, swim in a counterclockwise direction and exit back on the South Boat Dock. Athletes have a short, 20-yard run to transition. Athletes enter at the south end of transition and bike exit is on the north end of transition. LEGEND Sprint Athletes complete 1 lap of the 400-yard course. LEGEND Super Sprint Athletes complete 1 lap of the 200-yard course.

6 6 Swim Course Rules Swim Course Rules & Instructions - Athletes must wear cap provided by race. - No fins, gloves, paddles, or flotation devices of any kind are allowed. - No Aqua socks (neoprene booties) unless the water temperature is 65.0 degrees Fahrenheit or colder. - Swim goggles or facemasks may be worn. - No individual paddlers or escort allowed. Boats, canoes and paddleboards will adequately patrol the course. - Any assistance required during the swim will result in disqualification, only if forward progress is made. Athletes are permitted to use kayaks and a boat as aid, as long as forward progress is not made. Course officials and medical personnel reserve the right to remove athletes from the course if determined medically necessary. Swim to Bike Transition After the swim, athletes will be directed through the timing chutes to the swim to bike transition. Public nudity is not permitted. Athletes are required to be fully ready to race, before getting on their bike. Personal nutrients are permitted if carried on you or your bike. Please inform family and friends to stay off the bike and run course. *NOTE: ANY ATHLETE ELECTING NOT TO RACE MUST NOTIFY TIMING DESK IMMEDIATELY. ABOVE ALL, THE SAFETY OF EACH SWIMMER IS OUR PRIME CONCERN. A FULL SWEEP OF THE COURSE WILL BE MADE DIRECTLY BEHIND THE LAST SWIMMER. THE LIFEGUARDS, CANOES, AND KAYAKS, BOUYS AND AQUATIC CRAFTS LINING THE COURSE WILL PROVIDE VISUAL AID. Wetsuit Rules -Wetsuits cannot measure more than 5 mm thick. - Wetsuits may be worn in water temperatures up to and including 78 degrees Fahrenheit. Athletes who choose to wear a wetsuit in water temperatures between degrees Fahrenheit will not be eligible for award. -Wetsuits will be prohibited in water temperature greater than 84 degrees Fahrenheit. - Full wetsuits are permitted (arms and legs covered).

7 Bike Course 7 Athletes leave transition on the North end of the transition area, heading to the Park entrance. Athletes travel the smooth and fast roads of Clinton Lake Park grounds. LEGEND Sprint athletes complete 2 laps of an 8-mile course. LEGEND Super Sprint complete 1 lap of an 8-mile course. Athletes return to the North end of transition, proceed to rack their bikes and head out the South end of transition to start their run. LEGEND Sprint Athletes = (2) laps of 8-mile course LEGEND Super Sprint = (1) lap of 8-mile course

8 Bike Course Rules 8 Bike Course Rules & Instructions 1. Position Rules: a. Absolutely NO DRAFTING of another bike or any other vehicle is allowed. b. Athletes must keep 7 meters (~4 bike lengths) distance between bikes except when passing. c. A pass occurs when the overtaking athlete s front wheel passes the leading edge of the athlete being overtaken. d. Overtaking Athletes may pass on the left for up to 20 seconds, but must move back to the right side of the road, after passing. e. Overtaken Athletes must immediately fall back 7 meters (~4 bike lengths) before attempting to regain the lead from a front running bike. f. Athletes must ride single file on the far right side of the road except when passing another rider, or for reasons of safety. Side-by-side riding is not allowed and will result in a position violation. g. Athletes who impede the forward progress of other Athletes 2. Bicycles must be racked in a manner such that the majority of the bicycle is on the athlete s side of the bike rack. 3. The sole responsibility of knowing and following the prescribed cycling course rests with each athlete. No adjustments in times or results shall be made for Athletes who fail to follow the proper course for any reason whatsoever 4. Shoes must be in the bike gear bag, placed in the athlete s transition spot, or attached to the pedals. Shoes and shirt must be worn at all times. 5. Athletes must wear a bike helmet number on the front of their helmet. 6. Athletes must have a bike frame number fixed to their bike and the entire number must be clearly visible from the left side. 7. HEADSETS or HEADPHONES ARE NOT ALLOWED DURING ANY PORTION OF THE EVENT 8. Do not litter. Any item that needs to be discarded, including but not limited to water bottles, gel wrappers, energy bar wrappers, broken bike parts, or clothing items, may only be discarded in the trash drop zones at each aid station. 9. No individual support allowed. Friends, family members, coaches, or supporters of any type may NOT bike, drive, or run alongside athlete, may not pass food or other items to athlete and should be warned to stay completely clear of all Athletes to avoid the disqualification of an athlete. It is incumbent upon each athlete to immediately reject any attempt to assist, follow, or escort. 10. Athletes must be individually responsible for repair and maintenance of their own bike. Athletes should be prepared to handle any possible mechanical malfunction. There will be NO Bike Tech on the bike course. 11. MEDICAL SUPPORT. If you need minor medical assistance, Sag Wagons will pick you up and take you to the medical tent, where you shall receive treatment. Alternatively, depending upon medical emergency, ambulances will take you to the nearest hospital to receive treatment. If you have a technical problem or have bonked, the Sag Wagons will take you to the next aid station. At every bike and run aid station, there will be rest areas and medical personnel to assist in any medical problem. Additionally, there will be radios to contact ambulances and medical assistance. If you have a problem, please go to an aid station for further assistance.

9 Run Course 9 The run course consists of asphalt roads throughout the campgrounds of Clinton State Park. Athletes travel through the winding, shaded roads of Campground #3. The run is a very flat and fast course, with one 1/4-mile gradual climb leaving transition while heading up to Campground #3. LEGEND runners enjoy a very spectator-friendly run, with constant support along the course! The finish line is on the center road of Campground #3. LEGEND Sprint complete a 1.5 mile out and back course LEGEND Super Sprint complete a.5 mile out and back course

10 Run Course Rules 10 Run Course Rules & Instructions 1. No form of locomotion other than running, walking or crawling is allowed. 2. Athletes must wear their LEGEND Endurance issued bib number in front of them clearly visible at all times on the course. Bib numbers identify the official athletes in the race. 3. NO INDIVIDUAL SUPPORT VEHICLES OR NON- PARTICIPANT ESCORT RUNNERS ARE ALLOWED. This is an individual endurance event. Teamwork as a result of outside assistance, which provides an advantage over single competitors, is not allowed. Individual support vehicles or non-participant escort runners will result in disqualification. A nonparticipant escort runner includes Athletes who have withdrawn from the race, have been disqualified or have finished the race. Friends, family, members, coaches or supporters of any type may not bike, drive or run alongside athlete, may not pass food or other items to athlete and should be warned to stay completely clear of all Athletes to avoid the disqualification of an athlete. It is incumbent upon each athlete to immediately reject any attempt to assist, follow, or escort. It IS permissible for an athlete who is still competing to run with other Athletes who are still competing. 4. Athletes are expected to follow the directions and instructions of all race officials, course marshals and public authorities. 5. The sole responsibility of knowing and following the prescribed running course rests with each athlete. No adjustments in times or results shall be made for athletes who fail to follow the proper course for any reason whatsoever. 6. A shirt or racing top must be worn at all times. 7. Communication devices of any type, such as cell phones and two-way radios are strictly prohibited during competition. Use of such devices will result in disqualification. 8. HEADSETS OR HEADPHONES ARE NOT ALLOWED DURING ANY PORTION OF THE EVENT Other Information: 1. There will be a designated tent at the event for information. The Race Information Booth serves as the information center throughout race week and on race day for spectators. Race information prior to and on race day will be available at the Race Information Booth. 2. Information about athletes on the course, dropouts, injuries, Lost and Found etc. will be available at the Race Information Booth, which is located at the volunteer booth. 3. Friends and/or family members are not permitted to cross the finish line or enter the finish chute with participating athletes. For safety, ABSOLUTELY NO FAMILY, CHILDREN, SPOUSES, FRIENDS, FANS, ETC. ARE ALLOWED INTO THE FINISH OR TRANSITION AREA.

11 Be Different Be LEGEND If you have any questions, please contact us at: