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2 Dear triathlete, It is our pleasure to welcome you to the 8 edition of IRONMAN 70.3 Norway We look forward to seeing you swim through the calm waters of Skeisvatnet, hearing the chorus and cheers of the early bird spectators. We look forward to seeing you racing along the spectacular western coast of Norway on you bikes and we look forward to welcoming you to the quayside five times before being embraced by one of our many volunteers when you cross the finish line. In the Athlete Guide you will find information crucial to your successful participation in the IRONMAN 70.3 Norway Please read it through carefully. Do keep in mind that the rules and regulations provided herein are intended to give you, as an athlete, the best possible experience. Any attempt to circumvent these may therefore result in penalties or disqualification, so do please obey them and let s all have a truly amazing experience. We wish you the best of luck and we ll see you at the finish line, as an IRONMAN 70.3 finisher. Yours sincerely, IRONMAN Haugesund Norway Team

3 First things first Results Results will be updated in real time throughout your race. Friends and family will be able to follow you via: Social media If you don t already, like us on Facebook (/ironmanhaugesund), follow us on Instagram and share your experience using #im703haugesund2018. We look forward to seeing your pictures and hearing your stories. Volunteers The biggest contributors to the success of IRONMAN Haugesund Norway is the corps of volunteers. They give up their time, so that you can have the best possible experience. When you see one, smile, thank them or give them a hug. Without them, there would be no race. Get in touch If the information within this document does not sufficiently answer your questions or you have other queries, do not hesitate getting in touch with us via Facebook or However issues like change of name, club and similar info cannot be changed at this point, as all lists are now complete! You may also direct your questions to us in person during race week or at one of the race briefings.

4 Race week schedule Thursday :00 20:00 IRONMAN Village Sport Scandic Maritim Hall 14:00 20:00 Registration Scandic Maritim Hall 15:00 20:00 Registration Ironkids and Scandic Maritim Hall Friday :00 20:00 IRONMAN Village Sport Scandic Maritim Hall 14:00 18:00 Scandic Maritim Hall 10:00 20:00 Registration Scandic Maritim Hall 12:00 18:00 Registration Ironkids and Scandic Maritim Hall 16:00 20:00 Pastaparty 20:00 21:00 IRONGIRL Inner Quay Side, Amanda Hotel Saturday :00 17:00 IRONMAN Village Sport Scandic Maritim Hall 09:00 17:00 Registration Scandic Maritim Hall 10:00 10:45 Race Briefing Festiviteten 11:00 11:45 Race Briefing Festiviteten 12:00 12:45 Race Briefing Festiviteten 12:00 15:00 Scandic Maritim Hall 12:00 15:00 Skeisvatnet 15:00 19:00 Bike Check in T1 (keep chip and helmet on) Sunday :00 07:30 T1 Opens - shuttle from all partnering hotels. 09:00-09:30 Age Group start (5 athletes every 5 sec rolling start) 12:50 First finisher 18:30 Final finisher Monday :00 15:00 Award ceremony/slot allocation Ironman Scandic Maritim 12:00 15:00 Award ceremony/slot allocation Ironman Haugesund Scandic Maritim 19:00 23:00 Gassco Afterparty (Volunteers/Athletes and race partners)





9 Race day shuttle Shuttle plan Sunday morning and afternoon July 1-05:00 to 07:15 16 seats bus every 15 min from 05:00 to 07:15 Thon Saga to Haraldshallen (back side of the hotel) Amanda + Banken Hotel via Scandic Maritim to Haraldshallen Scandic Haugesund to Haraldshallen Radisson Blu to Haraldshallen Park Inn to Haraldshallen only one trip at 05:30 NOTICE. Athletes living in Best Western have to go to Scandic Hotel for pick up. Afternoons pick up: between 17:45 til 23:30 Every 15 min from the corner of Risøy Bridge to T2

10 Registration Registration for all events during raceweek takes place at Scandic Maritim Hotel. It s located just a stones throw away from the IRONMAN finish line and is also the venue for the IRONMANvillage. This is also where you will find the Info-desk. Please see schedule for opening hours. To register for IRONMAN Haugesund Norway you will need your BIB-number, a valid, official photo ID, and valid licence in your national triathlon cooperation (one-time licences can be purchased on-site) and a signed waiver (available on-site). Saturday is the busiest day, so to avoid queues we recommend you do all your registering as soon as possible after arriving in Haugesund. Registration will close at 5.00 PM When registering, you will receive a race packet, which includes: One start number, One bike number, One helmet number, Three clothing bags (bike- run and streetwear), Two wash-off tattoos (calf and arm), Coloured swim cap, Safety pins, Wristband, Official race program Chip

11 IRONMAN-village // Sport Expo The IRONMAN-village is where all things IRONMAN are centred. During raceweek you ll find the Expo, info desk and registration in this location. The IRONMAN-village can be found at Scandic Maritim Hotel, Åsbygata 3, 5528 Haugesund. Race briefing The race briefings take place at Festiviteten. Please see schedule for the different time slots and languages. For practical reasons, do not bring your bikes to Race Briefing. Neither IRONMAN 70.3 Norway nor Festiviteten can be held responsible for your bikes if you choose to bring it along to the race briefing. Please note that it is mandatory to attend a race briefing.

12 Equipment and check-in The transition area (T1) will be open for bike check-in Saturday 29.06, 15:00-19:00. You will need to keep your chip and helmet on and return the chip when you pick up your bike after the race. You will have access to your bike and bags when T1 opens at 05:00, Sunday. Last minute adjustments can be made. A bike maintenance crew will be available, as well as volunteers carrying bike pumps. You will also have to check in your bike- and run bags. These will also be accessible Sunday morning. T1 is an athlete-only area. Friends and family may observe from the outside. Security will be present throughout the night to ensure the safety of your possessions. You will receive one helmet sticker with your BIBnumber on it. This should be placed on the forepart of the helmet, so that it is clearly visible. Your bike sticker should be placed on the seat pole or a similarly visible place on the frame. Make sure your helmet does not violate European safety regulations. It should be marked CE and EN1078. Be aware that race marshals can reject your helmet if it is not in accordance with the above. No helmet, no race. Everything you want to bring with you on the bike course should be securely fastened to your bike. This includes shoes fastened to pedals, gels and bars and bottles in bottle-cages. Any items left next to the bike or items which have fallen off, will be thrown away.

13 Timing and cut-off times Please read this section carefully - You race may depend on it! IRONMAN 70.3 Norway is an 8 hour 30 minutes race maximum. In addition to finishing the race, you need to stay within the following cut-off times: Swim: 1 Hour 10 Minutes Swim + bike: 5 Hours 30 Minutes Swim + bike + run: 8 Hours 30 Minutes Due to safety, cut-off times have to be respected. Race marshals will tell you if you did not make it in time. You will receive your personal timing chip, with strap for attachment at registration. Fasten it to your right ankle with the velcro strap before the swim, and leave it on until you finish the race. You may apply e.g. vaseline Around your ankle to avoid chafing - this will not affect the chip of timing. If you lose your chip, seek advice with the first race official possible. Extra timing chip is available in T1/T2. Athletes need their timing chip for timing and to get their bike, RED and BLUE bag out of T2 after the race. If you choose not start the race, you still have to return the timing chip.

14 Race day On race day, T1 will open at 05:00. You will not be allowed into transition after 07:30. T1 is for athletes only. A large tent is provided for changing, and there will be an ample amount of toilets. Remember to wear your timing chip. If you have misplaced or forgotten your chip, contact a volunteer or the timing crew immediately. They will provide you with a new one. Transport is provided from each of our partner hotels. Shuttles will leave between 05:00 and 07:15. Exact departure times can be found in the lobby of Clarion Amanda, SAS Radisson Park, Scandic and Scandic Maritim. The athlete shuttle is for athletes only. Athletes will be guided toward the swim start at The start will be a rolling start with 5 athletes every 5-second. You should place your self within the interval corresponding to your expected swim-time. The swim course is one loop (see map). You should always have buoys and guide ropes on your right-hand side. There is a 1h10m cut-off time for the swim course. The venue for the swim is Skeisvatnet (freshwater). Water temperatures have usually been around 18 degrees previous years, but may vary slightly depending on air temperature and water levels. You may, at your own risk, do test swims in the water in the days leading up to the main event.

15 Provided below is the official IRONMAN SwimSmart Initiative An open-water swim in a triathlon is substantially different from swimming in a pool. To alleviate stress, it s important that you arrive on race day healthy, fit and prepared. Here's a top-10 checklist to help get you ready. 1. Prepare for Race Conditions Race day should not be your first open water swim. Make sure some of your training replicates real race conditions, including water temperature, proximity to other swimmers and wearing a wetsuit if needed. 2. Race in Shorter Events Being properly trained is the best way to reduce anxiety. If possible, race in shorter events and clinics to prepare yourself for open water conditions. For extra guidance, talk to a coach or your local triathlon club. 3. Learn About Course Details It's important to prepare yourself mentally as well as physically prior to race day. Thoroughly review the race website and pre-race communication to familiarize yourself with the course. Keep in mind, every body of water is different, so you ll need to educate yourself on water current and surf conditions. Study the event timetable to plan for proper arrival and preparation.

16 4. Ensure Heart Health As an athlete in training, you should take the proper steps to assess your health with your physician. The American Heart Association suggests a 12- step screening process for competitive athletes. This includes a physical exam as well as an assessment of your family history and personal heart health. 5. Pay Attention to Warning Signs If you experience chest pain or discomfort, shortness of breath, lightheadedness or blacking out while training, consult your doctor. 6. Don t Use New Gear on Race Day Focus on controlling as much as you can on race day. You should never race in equipment you haven t trained in this is not the time to test new gear. Make sure your wetsuit fits properly and that your goggles, swim cap and other accessories work properly. Prepare for the unexpected with backups of all your gear. 7. Warm Up on Race Day Arrive early enough on race day for a proper warm-up prior to the start. It is not allowed to warm up in the water so spend between 5 and 10 minutes getting loose. Be sure to do some cardio activity, such as a light jog, to increase circulation and prep your muscles. 8. Check Out the Course Get comfortable with the course by checking out water conditions, the swim entry, exit layouts, and along with turn buoy locations. Identify basic navigation points so that you know what you are swimming towards. 9. Start Easy Relax and Breathe Don t race at maximum effort from the start. Relax and focus on proper breathing technique as you settle into a sustainable pace. 10. Be Alert and Ask for Help In a race setting always stop at the first sign of a medical problem. If you or a fellow athlete needs help, just raise your hand to alert a lifeguard or safety boat. Feel free to hold on to a static object like a raft, buoy, or dock. As long as you don t use it to move forward, you won t face disqualification. Race rules allow for competitors to stop or rest at any time during the swim.

17 Transition The transition area is large and easy to navigate. Tents for changing are provided and wet-suit strippers are available for your disposal. Guide ropes and volunteers make sure you end up in the right place. When exiting T1, do not mount your bike before your cross the bike mount line. Remember to fasten your helmet properly before mounting the bike and setting of for the bike course. You should take care to pre-select a low gear when initially checking in your bike. The bike course starts in an upward slope, so pedalling may be tough if you re in a high gear.

18 The bike course Cut off 4:15 ( swim and transition 5 min) Our beautiful bike course travels through large parts of the Haugesundregion. For the most part you will cycle through the neighbouring municipality, Sveio. The roads will be closed, except for a few kilometres of contraflow along a crucial main road. We will have as many volunteers as possible keeping traffic away from the course. However, you should always be vigilant and look out for traffic. Race marshals will be placed on motorcycles throughout the course. Drafting is not permitted in any circumstance, and is cause for penalties or disqualification.

19 The Red Cross & Helse Fonna provides medical assistance. Their cars will be patrolling the course and is never far away should anything happen. You will not be allowed to bring along any kind of music player, nor receive any outside help from friends, family or others. See Rules and Regulations 2018 for all rules and regulations. Should you be given a penalty, you must stop at the first penalty tent. The penalty tents are at 50k and in the transition zone. Failing to do this will result in disqualification. When re-entering the transition area, bike catchers will take your bike. Aid Stations There are two aid stations along the bike course. The first will be at Bjelland (20k and the second at Auklandshamn (50k). Water, HIGH5 Energy Drink and bananas will be handed out. Volunteers will shout out what they are holding. Reduce your speed well in time for each aid station, so that you can get a proper overview. Slowing down will make it easier to catch each product. Your used bottles may be discarded in front of or after each aid station. Disposing of garbage anywhere else along the course will result in disqualification.

20 The run course The run goes through downtown Haugesund. There are two loops, and you will pass by the inner quayside in each direction on each loop. You will get a loopband for each lap so you should have two of them when you finish. Passing the crowds on the quay is magical, and you get to do it four times, before crossing the finish line the fifth. If you ve got it in you, why not show off for the spectators? Bring out your inner Usain Bolt. There are three aid stations throughout the course. The first is by Byparken, the second is by Kiwi in Salhusvegen and the third and final is the Red Bull turning point. See map legend for where each is located. You will pass each aid station twice. At the Red Bull turning point, you will be provided with a coloured band to signify how many laps you have done. Place this around your arm, so that it is visible. Each aid station with exception of the Red Bull turning point will provide water, HIGH5 Energy Drinks, gels, Coca Cola and bananas. At the Red Bull turning point, you will be provided with water, Red Bull and watered down Red Bull. There are toilets at each aid station as well as medical personnel.

21 Again, dispose of your garbage just before or after the aid stations. Failing to do so are grounds for disqualification. The course is relatively flat, except for the decent and ascent on each side of the quay. This area is also cobbled, whereas the rest of the course is tarmacked. Finishing There is nothing quite like crossing the finish line. Be aware that you are not allowed to finish with someone who isn t participating. Your wife, husband, kids or others are not allowed to join you.

22 Finisher FinisherPix will be at IRONMAN Norway to capture your race memories. Within hours after the race your personal race photos will be available at YOUR BEST PHOTOS! Ensure you have your race number facing front and visible at all times Look out for our FinisherPix photographers on course and SMILE Look up when you cross the finishline and smile BIG!

23 Anti Doping As an athlete in IRONMAN 70.3 Norway, you agree to abide by strict antidoping regulations. The Norwegian Anti-Doping Agency will be present, and you may be subject to testing upon finishing. For more information, refer to the full rules and regulations found here: After finishing line After crossing the finish line, you will receive your medal, water and a space blanket if needed. Further in, you will find the medical tent, the massage tent, food, drinks and your white bags. Savour the moment, enjoy yourself, but make sure to make room for new finishers when you feel sufficiently recovered. Your family and friends need to wait for you on the outside.

24 Award Ceremony, Slot Allocation and Finishers Party You are all invited to the award ceremony in the Scandic Maritim Hall at 12:00, Monday the 1 st. The winners in each age group will be invited to stage. Slot Allocation for the IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship 2019 will take place after the ceremony. Officials from IRONMAN and IRONMAN 70.3 Norway will receive you, should you qualify and wish to participate. Remember to bring along a valid photo-id and a credit or debit card. You will have to pay for your slot when accepting. Make sure your payment card is valid and works well with online payment systems. Monday the 1 st.july at 19:00 the Gassco Afterparty takes place in the finish area. Volunteers, athletes and race partners are all invited. Have a great race J