Friday 10 June Elite Athletes Briefing

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1 Friday 10 June 2016 Elite Athletes Briefing

2 Briefing agenda Welcome and introduction Competition jury Schedules and timetables Check-in and procedures The course Post-race procedures Weather forecast

3 Welcome and introduction Welcome and Introductions Kris Gemmell, ITU WTS Senior Manager Thanos Nikopoulos, ITU Team Leader Stéfane Mauris, ITU Technical Delegate Sarah Taylor, ITU Race Referee WOMEN Howard Vine, ITU Race Referee MEN Dr. Bo Berglund, ITU Medical Delegate Alex Rausch, LOC Event Director

4 Competition Jury Terry Sheldrake (NZL), ITU Representative Helen Wyeth (GBR), British Triathlon Federation Stéfane Mauris (SUI), Chair

5 Schedule and timetables FRIDAY 18:30 Race pack pick-up Your race package includes: - Helmet stickers (3x) - Bike sticker (1x) - Bag sticker - Body decals (4x) both arms and both legs leave the tribe WTS logo - Gear bag for swim familiarization + Accreditation card: give access to athlete lounge on race day LOC gift Post race pack voluntary media training session covering Rule 50, social media best practices, building your personal brand, what to expect from media in Rio & interview skills 18:45 Team medical meeting (after the athletes briefing)

6 Schedule and timetables SATURDAY 07:15 Bike familiarization brief 07:30 08:45 Bike familiarization I 09:00 10:00 Swim familiarization 10:15 10:45 Bike familiarization II Swimming pool sessions 08:00-10:00 Aquatics Centre at John Charles Centre for Sports 50m / 3 lanes 14:00-16:00 The Edge 25m / 3 lanes * Free entrance athletes/coaches: with accreditation card only. Athletes can practice in the swimming pool at their own risk. * The facilities are also availlable on Sunday from 08:00 to 10:00

7 Schedule and timetables SUNDAY ELITE WOMEN 10:30 11:15 T2 check in Athletes or coaches 10:45 Latest bike drop off for bike transportation 11:00 Athletes and coaches transport no1 11:15 Athletes and coache s transport no2 11:30 12:30 Elite women athletes lounge check-in 11:45 12:45 T1 check-in 11:45 12:45 Swim warm-up 12:55 Athletes presentation 13:06 Women Start

8 Schedule and timetables SUNDAY ELITE MEN 13:00-14:00 T2 check-in Athletes or coaches 13:30 Latest bike drop off for bike transportation 13:45 Athletes and coaches transportation no1 14:00 Athletes and coaches transportation no2 14:15 15:15 Athlete lounge check in 14:30 15:30 T1 check-in 14:30 15:30 Swim warm-up 15:35 Athletes presentation 15:46 Elite Men Start Women and men medal ceremonies after men finish

9 Access to venue T2 (Millenium Sq.) T2 / Recovery area is located at Millenium Square Race in progress: o Use the crossing points in order to come to the venue o Do not cycle or warm-up on the course Recovery Area Access Gate to FOP / Recovery Access Gate to Venue

10 Access to venue T1 (Roundhay) T1 / Athlete Lounge is located at Roundhay Park Race in progress: o Use the crossing points in order to come to the venue o Do not cycle or warm-up on the course Google Map link Athlete Lounge T1 Race day entry point

11 Familiarisation SATURDAY 07:15 Meeting point and brief (T2/Millenium Square) + drop off of swim equipment (bag) 07:30 08:45 Bike familiarization #1 Run lap only (30 ) escort + escort to Roundhay including the Westgate loop then cycling on the course but opposite direction 08:15 Shuttle: city center to T1 NO bike transportation 09:00 10:00 Swim familiarization Post swim all your wet gears in the bag. Bags will be returned to Athlete recovery. 10:15 10:45 Bike familiarization #2 T1 to T2 on the course escort 10:30 Shuttle: return to city center NO bike transportation

12 Shuttle pick-up/drop of points Roundhay Park Start T1 Millennium Square T2

13 All Team wheels to be left with Technical Official at Team Wheel Stop Check-in procedures #1 Transition area 2 Finish Venue 1. If you take shuttle to Roundhay, drop off your bike to be loaded into truck by latest: WOMEN 10:45 MEN 13:30 2. WOMEN deposit running shoes outside of your box in Transition Area at designated rack MEN > deposit running shoes and equipment INSIDE your numbered box in the Recovery Area > ITU Technical Officials will place your shoes and running gears in front of your box in T2 > All boxes will be placed on LEFT side of the bike racks Coaches may place athlete running shoes in rack position outside of box

14 Check-in procedures #1 (cont d) 3. TRANSPORT WOMEN 1 st shuttle 11:00 2 nd shuttle 11:15 MEN 1st shuttle 13:45 2nd shuttle 14:00 WOMEN MEN All Team wheels to be left at Team Wheel Stop location.

15 Check-in procedures #2 Bike check - before entering Athletes Lounge Refer to 5.2 in competition rules Handlebars + clip-ons Wheels + spare wheels (non authorized UCI wheels rule) Bike frame Saddle positions (-5cm Men & -2cm Women) - Random 25% Helmets Elite bike saddle position approved exceptions on ITU website: Approval for the addition/modification of any equipment to the bike, MUST be obtained from the Race Referee up until 10 minutes after the end of the Athletes Briefing. Mechanic service available at the athlete s lounge.

16 Check-in procedures #2 (cont d) Athletes Lounge Uniform + race gear check (name, country, logos, ITU logo, zippers, race caps) photos taken of each uniform. Wearing other uniform during the race = DSQ Body marking check (both arms, both legs) Swim cap distribution Timing chip distribution Leave your bags in the Athletes lounge (use gear bag sticker) Your bags will be transported to the Recovery Area by the LOC

17 Check-in procedures #3 Transition Area 1 Helmet check Don t leave your helmet fastened in the transition The athlete who do not comply with this rule will receive a time penalty of 15 seconds in TA1. Ηelmet on the bike Leave your bags in the Athletes Lounge

18 The course Swim 2 laps of 750m Bike 13.8 km + 7 laps of 3.95km Run 4 laps of 2.5km

19 The course Video

20 The course

21 Pre-start procedure Athletes Introduction 10 minutes before start line-up at exit of athletes lounge Jog to the swim platform when you are introduced Select your position and stay behind the line Blocking two positions DSQ

22 Athletes introduction Athletes introduction

23 Start procedure Athletes in position: The start can be given any time after the Race Referee announces On your mark Air horn The race starts Athletes not moving forward at the start will receive a time penalty of 15 seconds in TA1.

24 False start procedure False start Example: Several horn blasts Kayaks in front of you Everyone goes back to her/his spot Valid start but with early starters: If someone starts before the horn and everyone else starts with the horn, the false starter will receive a time penalty of 15 seconds in TA1. (During the time penalty athlete cannot touch any equipment!)

25 Swim course 2 laps (total distance of 1500m) anti-clockwise Distance to the first turn buoy 290m Leave all the yellow buoys on your the left shoulder. The last buoy before the exit (red) to you right hand side Take wetsuit, cap, goggles to transition into the box Swim behavior will be closely monitored and recorded by water based and broadcast room officials Today at 12:00 Water temperature: 18.8 ºC Air temperature: 22.8 ºC Relative humidity: 90% WBGT: 16.7 ºC

26 Swim course

27 Transition Flow Swim exit

28 Transition area 1 A-frame bike racks number, name and country flag All used equipment into your box. Not doing so time penalty Mount line at the end of the TA (GREEN LINE)

29 Bike course 13.8 km from Roundhay to Leeds city centre + 7 laps of 3.9 km clockwise + ride through TA = 41.4 km Flat, technical turn, narrow sections Wheel Stations (WS) - for location see the map: 3 Mobile WS from Roundhay 1 Neutral WS (Park Lane) serving both sides 1 Team WS (exit of T2) Littering areas same one as fort the run Lap counter: at the exit of the Transition Area 2 Lapped athletes are out of the race First runner / last bike scenario approx. 400 m before end of lap

30 Bike course

31 Bike course

32 Bike course Bend to the right side of the road before the turn

33 Bike course Neutral Wheel Stop Team Wheel Stop Neutral Wheel Stop

34 Bike course Last Biker/First Runner scenario Cone line guiding you to the left of the course before the turn Grip tape

35 Caution Caution signal: sharp whistles and or red flags

36 Transition area 2 Individual bike racks number, name and country flag Exactly same set-up as for Transition 1 All used equipment into your box. Not doing so time penalty Dismount line before the turn leading to the entry of the TA 2 (REDLINE)

37 Run course 4 laps (total distance of 10km) Aid stations: 2 per lap (for location see map) Sealed water bottles Discard bottles and litter in the littering zones. They will be marks with: signs + lines across the road Don t cut short the corners Photo-finish Congestion in finish area > Go to mixed zone / recovery area

38 Run course

39 Run course Entry finish chute PB Last Biker/First Runner scenario PB Penalty Box Aid Stations

40 Run penalty box Run penalty box is for infringements in: TA1, Run and TA2 e.g.: mount before mount line, dismount after dismount line, equipment outside your box, rack the bike outside your own space, etc. Transitions will be video recorded for infringements Location: Before entering into the Millenium Square on right hand side Information: White board to show race numbers (Athletes need to read the board) Procedure: 15 second time penalty served on any lap of the run. If you do not stop it will result in a DSQ

41 Post race procedures Photo-finish No congestion in finish area: go to mixed zone/recovery area For Top3 and series leaders: 1. TV/Flash Interviews 2. Media Mixed Zone Medal Ceremonies both Women and Men ceremonies will take place after Men s event. Women medalists + series leader to be present at 17:30 in the VIP area. Dress up with race uniform (or country clothes) coaches assistance needed. Ambush marketing rules apply Hats/visors are allowed at the podium with maximum 1 sponsor logo with maximum height 4cm and a total area of 20 cm 2. Prize money will be wired transferred to the athletes by LOC

42 Ambush marketing rule PLEASE OBSERVE THE AMBUSH MARKETING RULES Ambush marketing is defined as: Deliberately using the opportunity of live television and media photographers to acquire additional exposure for your sponsor product, apparel or brand. The consequence for this behavior is that the athlete will immediately forfeit their prize money for that event, if any.

43 Post race procedures Anti-Doping Control Photo ID is needed for every athlete to go for testing Team Medical Access Team medical will only be allowed to enter the medical tent after ITU Medical Delegate s permission. Every NF can have 1 team medical accreditation. Team doctors should register with the ITU Medical Delegate! Team Medical Doctors Meeting Team Medical Doctors meeting after this briefing with Medical Delegate and LOC Doctor.

44 Coaches areas Accreditations will be distributed to those that have registered by their NF through the ITU online system. They will have access to: 1 Roundhay Park Millenium Square 1. Athletes Lounge 3. Recovery area 1 2. Start area 4. T2 Media lane 5. T2 Exit 2

45 Coaches areas - Roundhay 1 2

46 Coaches areas Millenium Square 2 Entry to venue

47 Notes There is no warm-up on the course as roads are used by other events/logistic purposes. Access to Team Wheel Station for coaches

48 Coaches run access One accredited coach per NF is allowed to have access on the elite run course for 30 minutes from 15:15-15:45 SUNDAY All the coaches will meet at the coach area at the exit of T2 and start at the same time from the same starting point (exit of TA) Coaches who want to participate must register with the Chief Run TO following the athletes briefing. Vests will be provided to these Coaches by Chief Run TO

49 Coaches transportation SATURDAY 08:15 City centre to T1 (with athletes not doing bike fam no bike transport ) 10:30 T1 to city center (with athletes not doing bike fam no bike transport ) SUNDAY 11:00 City centre to T1 (with athletes bike transport only for athletes) 11:15 City centre to T1 (with athletes) 13:30 T1 to city center (with VIP, media) 13:45 City centre to T1 (with athletes bike transport only for athletes) 14:00 City centre to T1 (with athletes ) 15:15 City centre to T1 (with VIP, media) 16:10 T1 to city center (with VIP, media)

50 Coaches transportation pick-up point Roundhay Park Start T1 drop off point Millennium Square T2

51 Access to briefing presentation category/race_briefings/

52 Weather forecast Saturday Light shower day Wind: SW at 6 mph Precipitation probability 40% Humidity 96% Temperature 18 ºC (High) 14 ºC (Low) Sunday Light rain Wind: SW at 6 mph Precipitation probability 50% Humidity 80% Temperature 17 ºC (High) 13 ºC (Low)

53 .

54 Have a nice race!