ORRRC Race Director Checklist (Dec 2018) Status Timeline Required Action Information

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1 ORRRC Race Director Checklist (Dec 2018) Status Timeline Required Action Information A days Mandatory Update Race Information Online Provide updated description, race award categories (if applicable), race location/address, and more information to the Webmaster. Go to and use the contact forms to contact the webmaster. A days Mandatory Obtain Park, Bikeway, and Other Permits As soon as your race is over the previous year, it is recommended that you obtain permits for the running site (if a picnic area, etc.) and course. If that is not possible, then obtain these as fast as possible. A days Mandatory Obtain Insurance for Race The Club President is the point-of-contact for race insurance. A days Optional Get Sponsors Get sponsors for foodstuffs, water, or media coverage as desired. Coordinate this activity with the Board of Directors to ensure there are no advertiser conflicts or conflicts-ofinterest. A days Mandatory Sign ORRRC Conflict-of-Interest Policy The Conflict of Interest Policy is located on the ORRRC website and may be printed out/signed, or signed/scanned and sent to the ORRRC President and Secretary. A days Mandatory Schedule On-Site Medical Services Box21 can provide ambulatory and medical services if desired. Contact Barbara Hammersley Note that Box-21 cannot always attend every race, but if they are available, please request their presence to give us faster access to medical care in an emergency. Closer to race day you will also have to notify local EMS of your race. A days Optional (RRCA Championship Races Only) Contact RRCA to Obtain Awards This is not relevant if your race is not an RRCA Championship Race. If your race is a Road Runner's Club of America (RRCA)-sponsored championship race - you will know if it is because an RRCA official or the state representative will contact you - you should contact Andy Smith to verify good contact/shipping information for awards & setup RRCA logon to be able to edit the event page. B days Mandatory Obtain Volunteers for Race Day Please see the "Volunteer List" tab to see what our recommendations are for volunteers. B days Optional Obtain National Anthem Singer This is completely optional, but should be considered for larger races and/or those with patriotic themes. B days Mandatory Survey Race Site for Restrooms/Porta-Potties If few/no restrooms are available, arrange to have portable toilets available (one per 75 anticipated runners). Call Rumpke ( ) and have it billed to the Ohio River Road Runner's Club. This does not count against your budget.

2 ORRRC Race Director Checklist (August 2016) Status Timeline Required Action Information B days Mandatory Create/Purchase Awards for the Race If desired, awards are available from Mr. Bill Mercer, but you may elect to make your own or select your own source for awards. Stacey Orick of A-1 Trophy Co & Screenprinting ( or ) is another vendor with a tradition of good support to the ORRRC. B days Mandatory Confirm Race Date/Time with Photographer Contact our official race photographer: Ms. Tracy Collier ( B days Optional Obtain Gifts or Token-Items for Volunteers This is completely optional. Many race directors elect to simply over-order their awards and provide these items to their volunteers. C days Mandatory Fill-Out Pre-Race Form & Notify Timing Team Do so using the ORRRC Pre-Race Report form located on the website ( which will also notify the timing teams. The direct link is: E 14-7 days Optional Survey ORRRC Sheds for Existing Materials 118 W Franklin St, Bellbrook, OH (Behind Dots IGA). Check out the sheds to see what items you need. (See "Get Key for ORRRC Sheds" below) Additionally, in some instances, prior races will have extra food or beverages that are stored in the coolers in the sheds. E 14-7 days Optional Advertise on Twitter/Facebook. Contact ORRRC President or Vice President to get an event page generated. You may allocate part of your race budget to Facebook-based advertising if desired. E 14-7 days Optional Obtain Extra Mile-Marker/Finish-Line Clocks Contact Ed Wallace for extra finish line clocks, if desired. The timing team will provide a single clock for your finish line only. Ed Wallace: E 14-7 days E 14-7 days Mandatory Get Race Course Measured / Marked Call Felix LeBlanc ( ), address 2124 Stocker Dr, Dayton, OH rd bldg on left after turning in from Woodman Dr. Drive down driveway to the right of 3rd bldg. You may not make permanent marks on trails or surfaces. E 14-7 days Optional Obtain Clothing Toss-Box Get clothes box for tossing excess clothing into the bin (perhaps at first water stop), and arrange to have it returned to finish line. Plastic tote bins work well.

3 ORRRC Race Director Checklist (August 2016) Status Timeline Required Action Information E 14-7 days Optional (Metroparks Races Only) Make Sure Park Will Be Open Early for If race is at a Metropark and is early in the morning: Your Race contact Mr. Shane Connoly ( ) to arrange an appropriate Metropark opening time for your race. The race time should be included on the permit, however, it is recommended to call the Metroparks to emphasize the need for an early opening if one is desired. The earlyopening requests are often overlooked. F 7-3 days Mandatory Contact Local Ambulatory Services Contact local area ambulatory services to let them know we will be there. This will serve as a backup in case your primary medical service fails to show up or is overwhelmed. Many services will take information, however, some will not, so please call and perform your due dilligence. Some useful numbers: Dayton Fire/EMS Non-Emergency: (333-FIRE); Riverside Fire/EMS Non-Emergency: F 7-3 days Mandatory Get Food/Beverages for Race Check out "Items for Race" tab on this checklist. GFS has the ORRRC Club account. F 7-3 days Mandatory Create Volunteer Phone Roster Create phone roster for race including registration, volunteers, water-stop workers, course marshals, and EMS/police services. This can serve as a backup for the radio system. Each race volunteer should have a copy. G 3-2 days Mandatory Visit Sheds, Obtain & Aggregate Race Items The sheds are located behind Dot's Bellbrook Market in Bellbrook. The street address is 118 W Franklin St, Bellbrook Ohio, drive behind the supermarket and you will see them. The sheds are in the row closest to the supermarket, on the western side (to the left of the supermarket), and are the second, third, and fourth ones from the left. There will be three matching gold combo locks on them. H Race Day Optional (MetroParks Races Only) Contact Metroparks to Open the Gates Ranger on Duty: if Closed H Race Day Mandatory Fill Out Race Income Form After Race Compile all monetary proceeds from the race and complete an ORRRC Race Receipts Form for submission to the Treasurer. This form is on the tab labeled "Post- Race Income Form". I Race Post-Day Mandatory Fill Out Post-Race Form on the ORRRC Website I Race Post-Day Mandatory Return All Items to the Shed Return items to the shed within 24 hours if possible, but no later than 48 hours after your race.

4 ORRRC Race Director Checklist Suggested Items to Bring Status Category Needed Item Source Information Food & Beverage Mandatory Bottled Water Check shed for excess, buy if needed Food & Beverage Recommended Soda Check shed for excess, buy if needed Food & Beverage Recommended Blue Jugs for Water Shed (Left Shed) The cap can be turned around and used for a dispenser nozzle. Food & Beverage Recommended Gatorade Shed (Right Shed) Food & Beverage Recommended Gatorade Coolers Shed (Right Shed) Food & Beverage Recommended Bags of Ice You Purchase Not needed for colder races; extra ice recommended for summer races Food & Beverage Mandatory Cups for Water Check shed for excess, buy if needed Food & Beverage Recommended Cookies Check shed for excess, buy if needed Food & Beverage Recommended Pretzels Check shed for excess, buy if needed Food & Beverage Optional Candy Check shed for excess, buy if needed Any candy may be used, but Gummy Bears and M&Ms in Dixie Cups usually go well. Food & Beverage Recommended Bananas You Purchase Infrastructure Recommended Cones/Directional Signs for the Shed (Right Shed) Course Infrastructure Recommended Folding-Tables Shed (Left Shed) Infrastructure Optional Gloves for Workers Shed (Right Shed) Infrastructure Optional Extra Clocks (from Mr. Ed Wallace) Mr. Ed Wallace Infrastructure Mandatory Timing Equipment, Race Chips, and Timing Team Storage Shed Zip-Ties Infrastructure Optional Signs for Parking Shed (Right Shed) Provided by the Timing Team if they are providing services for your race. Infrastructure Mandatory Race Registration Forms/Waivers Timing Team Storage Shed Infrastructure Mandatory Trash Bags Shed (Right Shed) Infrastructure Mandatory Radios for the Course, AED, and Mr. Eddie Weaver Lightning Detector Infrastructure Optional Sidewalk Chalk You Purchase

5 ORRRC Race Director Checklist Suggested Items to Bring Status Category Needed Item Source Information Infrastructure Mandatory First-Aid Kit Shed (Right Shed) Infrastructure Optional Poster-Boards You Purchase Useful for making signage on race-day when needed. Infrastructure Optional Step-Stool for Announcements You Bring Infrastructure Optional Plastic Totes for Clothing-Toss-Box You Bring Infrastructure Recommended Loud Speaker Mr. Ed Wallace or Mr. Jim Latham Infrastructure Recommended Portable Sound System Shed (Right Shed) The speaker system works, but it is not the best system. You may want to check it out and Infrastructure Mandatory Awards You Purchase investigate See options other in the sound "Task systems List" tabto use if Infrastructure Recommended Pre-Race Instructions/Speech You Bring (optional) Registration Mandatory Cash Boxes Shed (Right Shed) Karen Gildow may have a secondary box if she is showing up at your race. Registration Mandatory Key Buckets Shed (Right Shed) Registration Mandatory Volunteer Sign-In You Bring Registration Mandatory Seed Money for Cash-Boxes You may bring this, or contact the Club treasurer for seed money if desired. Registration Mandatory Pens Shed (Right Shed) Around $100 in mixed bills is recommended, with at least $1 bills (most folks bring $10 for a $9 fee). Registration Mandatory Pencils Shed (Right Shed) Registration Mandatory Bibs for Individuals without Road ID Shed (Right Shed) Registration Mandatory Safety Pins Shed (Right Shed) Registration Mandatory Team Sign-In Sheets (for team-series Brought by Kenn Daily, the Team Series races) leader. Registration Recommended Sharpies You Bring Useful for filling out emergency info on the bibs

6 ORRRC Race Director Checklist Volunteer List Volunteer Position Duties Run/Non-Run Typical # Crisis Care Helps the race director manage crises as they arise; assists with functions that are over-taxed (water at the finish, pre-event registration, etc). This person is the racedirector's right-hand person. Non-Running 1 Registration Team-Leader Registration Team-Member The person in charge of ensuring registration flows smoothly and that entry forms are legible and complete; helps individuals sign-in to the race; accepts payment; ensures runners have a RoadID or their info on the wrist-band. Helps individuals sign-in to the race; accepts payment; ensures runners have a RoadID or their info on the wrist-band. Non-Running 1 Running 3-4 Chip Grabber at Finish Line Grab chips at finish line. Non-Running 2-4 Data Entry Enters runner information from registration into the computers for easier timing. Running 2 Timing Team Works the finish line and timing issues. Contact Dan Thompson to find out who is working your race (if you've filled out a pre-race form). Non-Running 2 Traffic Guard / Course Marshall Ensures runner safety and directs runners to follow the apporpriate course. Non-Running Race Dependent Water Stations Turn-Around Marshall Sets up a water station, provides water in cups, and distributes it to runners. Optionally retrieves the "clothing toss box" and brings it back to the Start Line after the race. Ensures runners know where to turn around and that they do. (N/A for circular courses. May serve as course sweeper on "Out-n-Back" courses.) Non-Running Race Dependent Non-Running 1 Food Preparer & Start/Finish Water-Stop Setup Course Sweeper Ensure the water stop and food display at the Pavillion are complete and well thoughtout. Prepare the foods, including cutting bananas, opening packages, and making Gatorade. This person will follow the last runner/walker through the course, ensuring that all participants have returned safely. Non-Running 2-3 Non-Running 1 Awards-Hand Out This person distributes awards as finishers come across the finish-line. (N/A if race has an awards ceremony.) Non-Running 2 Setup Helps set up the race on race day. Running Race Dependent Take-Down Helps take down the race on race day. Running Race Dependent

7 ORRRC Race Director Checklist Budget Item Price

8 ORRRC Club Race Financial Report Race: Date: Director: FUNDS RECORD (complete at race) CASH RECEIVED $ CHECKS RECEIVED $ TOTAL CASH/CHECKS RECEIVED $ MEMBERSHIP INCLUDED IN ABOVE LESS CASH DISBURSED $ RECEIPTS ATTACHED TOTAL DEPOSITED $ REGISTRATION RECORD (Complete at Race Using Registration Forms) Total Number Registered Number Members X $0 = $ Number Non Members 14 & Under X $0 = $ Number Non Members X $2 = $ Number Non-Members X $9 = $ Number Non-members 60+ X $5 = $ Total $ COUNTED BY: NAME AND DATE VERIFIED BY RACE DIRECTOR: NAME AND DATE DEPOSITED BY: NAME AND DATE NOTE: The race proceeds along with the report are to be given to the treasurer VARIANCE REPORT (Completed by Treasurer & Attached to Monthly Report) Up/Down - Cash reported to be deposited to Cash received $ Up/Down - Cash received to total Registration Fees. $