57 th Annual Race and Rally. 5 th September Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions

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1 57 th Annual Race and Rally 5 th September 2015 Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions

2 Acknowledgements The Solent Area Committee acknowledges and thanks the following organisations and individuals for their help. Chris Thomas and Dave Atkinson Island Sailing Club Solent Area Committee President : Dan Shaw Commodore : Secretary : Marion Shirley Sailing Secretary : Sue Pennison Treasurer : David Pennison Trophy Office : Dan Matthews Dick Dawson Pat Dawson Ben Collins Andrew Hind Ed Rice Simon D arcy Vikki Flashman Tim Aspden

3 Race Entry Entry to the race has been accepted subject to the entrant agreeing the following declaration:- I/We agree to be bound by the Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS) of the International Sailing Federation , the prescriptions of the Royal Yachting Association (RYA) and the current standard Instructions of the OGA and any appropriate Area Instructions and/or Class Rules. I/We understand that handicapping will be by T(H)CF. FURTHER I/WE:- 1. Certify that the particulars of my/our boat, as stated on the entry form, or as previously notified to the OGA, are correct and true to the best of my/our knowledge. a. Accept that neither the OGA nor its officers or representatives shall bear any responsibility for any loss, damage, death or personal injury caused to my/our boat, skipper, or crew member howsoever caused during the race competition or regatta. b. Accept full responsibility for my/our provision of adequate safety equipment, the seaworthiness of my/our boat and the safe navigation of my/our boat. c. Accept full responsibility for my/our decision to start, continue or retire from any race competition or regatta in the conditions existing at that time. 2. Confirm that I/We hold appropriate third party indemnity insurance. 3. Warrant and confirm that I/We have the authority to: a. Act as agent for all crew members. b. Accept all the above provisions on behalf of my/our crew. 4. Agree and undertake to inform and bring to the attention of all crew members the provisions of this declaration. In the event that any clause, or part of the same, is found to be unenforceable in these Conditions whether by virtue of legal proceedings or otherwise, then such clause or the part thereof shall be deemed to be severed from the remainder of these conditions and will not affect the validity of any other clause.

4 NOTICE OF RACE AND SAILING INSTRUCTIONS Annual Race and Rally Saturday 5th September 2015 High Water Portsmouth 0504hrs 4.4m & 1737hrs 4.4m Low Water Portsmouth 1010hrs 1.4m & 2249hrs 1.5m All times are BST 1. ORGANISING AUTHORITY 1.1 The Organising Authority for this race is the Solent Old Gaffers Association. In association with the Island Sailing Club (ISC), Cowes, Isle of Wight 2. RULES 2.1 Racing will be governed by the Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS), the prescriptions of the Royal Yachting Association (RYA) except as any of these are changed by these Sailing Instructions. 3. CONDITIONS OF ENTRY 3.1 Entering vessels shall be gaff rigged sailing vessels. Bermudan boats may form a separate class provided there are two or more boats but will not be eligible for prizes. Boats will need to provide measurements or handicap calculated according to the OGA formula. 3.2 Vessels shall be entered by paid up members of the Old Gaffers Association. New and temporary members will be eligible to race if membership fees and vessel details and measurements (or agreed T(C)HF) are submitted with the completed race entry form. 3.3 Vessels shall not be eligible to race unless a completed entry form has been returned to the race committee. Late entries may be registered until 1600hrs on 4th September at the ISC. Please ensure that you have T(C)HF details or measurements with late entries. Late entry fee extra The attention of entrants is specifically drawn to RRS 4 and that it shall be the sole responsibility of each vessel to decide whether or not to start or continue to race. 3.5 The safety and soundness of a vessel and her entire management, including insurance, shall be the sole responsibility of the owner/competitor racing the vessel. The establishment of these sailing instructions, and their use, in no way limits or reduces the complete responsibility of the owner/competitor for the crew, vessel and management thereof. 3.6 The OGA & ISC are providing race organisation only on the understanding that they and their officers or representatives bear no responsibility for any loss, damage, death or personal injury howsoever caused to any competitor, skipper or crew as a result of taking part in this race nor for any loss or damage to any vessel participating in the race or related activities. 3.7 A briefing for all competitors and crews will take place at 1800hrs on Friday 4th September at Island Sailing Club Cowes. All competitors are requested to attend.

5 4. HANDICAPPING 4.1 The Solent Area Committee will be entirely responsible for handicapping, which will be by the OGA formula for finding the T(H)CF for a time on time race. 4.2 All vessels racing shall have a valid T(H)CF and any alterations to the vessel, which may affect the T(H)CF since last calculated, shall have been notified to the race committee prior to the start of the race. The race committee will calculate the T(H)CF for any vessel subject to measurements being submitted with the race entry. If topsails are not taken into account in the handicapping calculation they shall not be used in the race. 4.3 The class of the vessel shall be established and agreed prior to the start of the race. 4.4 The OGA classes are based on age and length of waterline and are grouped as follows:- Class 1A LWL 28ft and over and 50 years or older Class 1B LWL 28ft and over and under 50 years old Class 2A LWL 23ft and over under 28ft and 50 years or older Class 2B LWL 23ft and over under 28ft and under 50 years old Class 3A LWL under 23ft ballasted and 50 years or older Class 3B LWL under 23ft ballasted and under 50 years old Class 4 un-ballasted boats and dinghies 5. IDENTIFICATION 5.1 All vessels are to display on her mainsail, side, dodger, cloth or board the individual boat s OGA Register Number, or alternative agreed number in figures at least 12 inches high on a contrasting background at the start and finish of the race so as to be read by the race officers. RRS 77 and Appendix G shall not apply. 5.2 Racing flags a square or rectangular flag must be flown from the mainmast by all competing vessels. The wearing of burgees and/or ensigns signifies non-entry or retirement. 5.3 Identifying features to include hull colour, sail colour and sail number/identifier should be provided with race entry 5.4 A retiring or non-starting vessel should hoist an ensign, lower the racing flag and keep clear of marks and NOT sail through the finish line. Retiring vessels should notify the OGA Race Committee aboard by radio on VHF Channel 77. In the event that this contact is not possible, the Race Officer may be contacted on mobile telephone number SAILS 6.1 RRS 50.3 shall not apply and gaff sails must be used. The use of topsails (where declared for T(H)CF calculations) and water sails in appropriate conditions is positively encouraged. 6.2 Headsails set flying may be of any design. All such sails must be tacked down to the boat s hull or fixed bowsprit, not to an articulated pole. Bermudan rig boats are accepted and may fly a spinnaker from an articulated pole.

6 7. RACE AREA 7.1 Race starts will be from a moored committee boat. The likely position of the committee boat will be announced at the briefing on Friday evening and confirmed by VHF Radio broadcasts from 0900hrs on Saturday morning The starting line is the extension of a line from the flagstaff flying an orange flag on the committee boat The Outer Distance Mark (ODM) is a nearby inflated, racing or navigational mark The Inner Distance Mark (IDM) if laid, is a black inflatable buoy When starting, boats shall pass between the IDM and ODM. 7.2 The direction of starting will be determined by the 1st mark shown in 8.5 Courses. 7.3 All competing vessels shall not be allowed to use their engines after the 5 min warning signal. Engines may be kept running, but out of gear, to allow emergency manoeuvres to be made for reasons of safety or to avoid collision. Such use is left to the good sense and fair play of each individual entrant and must be declared on the declaration form. 7.4 The minimum number of vessels required to start for there to be a race shall be two. 7.5 All gaffers shall start on the same signal and results by class will be calculated on the basis of corrected handicap times after the race. 7.6 ing signals will be in accordance with table below. The start is scheduled for 1000hrs. The Island Sailing Club Race Officer will announce a time check on VHF Channel 77 five minutes before the Warning Signal Signal Time Flags Warning Signal 0955hrs IC Flag G hoisted with sound signal Preparatory Signal 0956hrs IC Flag P hoisted with sound signal 1 minute signal 0959hrs IC Flag P lowered with sound signal Signal 1000hrs IC Flag G lowered with sound signal 7.7 At the start signal all vessels shall cross the start line towards the first mark of the course. 7.8 In the event of a boat or boats having crossed the start line before the starting signal there will be NO RECALL or GENERAL RECALL. This changes RRS 29. Boats on course side (OCS) at the start time will be noted and receive a 10 percent time penalty added to their elapsed time at the finish. This changes RRS Should it be necessary to postpone the race for an indefinite period the answering pennant AP shall be displayed with two sound signals. The race will remain postponed so long as the AP remains displayed. The lowering of the AP with one sound signal will be made one minute before the new 5 minute warning signal.

7 7.10 In the event of the race being CANCELLED, international Flag N over IC Flag G will be displayed with THREE sound signals. 8. THE COURSE 8.1 The course will be selected from the navigational buoys and racing marks in the Solent. A course will be chosen from those listed in 8.5 of these instructions. 8.2 The identifying letter of course to be sailed by all classes will be displayed on the committee boat and announced on VHF Channel 77 no later than the time of the Warning Signal. If none of the predefined courses are sailable another course will be chosen from the marks shown in APPENDIX B & C and broadcast by VHF only. 8.3 The selected course will be sailed only once. 8.4 AREAS THAT ARE OBSTRUCTIONS Vessels shall not sail South of a line between Bourne Gap and NE Gurnard or North of line between Prince Consort and Gurnard (i.e. the Precautionary Area, Southampton Harbour Bylaw No. 11), and all vessels shall give way to ferries between Cowes and Southampton and between Yarmouth and Lymington. Vessels may pass to the Northwards of Jack in the Basket, but shall not pass to the Northwards of Cross Boom and all other booms, beacons and posts in the Lymington River Entrance, nor the Royal Lymington Yacht Club starting platform. Vessels shall not pass through the barrier South of Durns Point which is an obstruction to sea room Boats shall not enter the Cowes Breakwater exclusion zone or small craft moorings nearby An Exclusion Zone marked by IALA buoys, has been established off Cowes during the construction period of the Cowes Breakwater. It will rank as an obstruction for the purposes of RRS 19 and 20. Boats, whether racing, preparing to race or those that have finished racing and in whatever direction they are sailing, shall always remain

8 outside the Exclusion Zone, always passing to the north of the red No 2 Fairway Buoy and the IALA buoys bounding its northern side when racing Boats shall also remain outside of a line joining the Small craft moorings laid to the north and east of the Breakwater Exclusion Zone which shall rank as an obstruction, and always pass to the north of the line of Small Craft Moorings bounding the northern side when racing 8.5 COURSES Course A (10.19miles) Course B (12.62miles) Fastnet Insurance Rolly Tasker Sails Champagne Pol Roger NE Ryde Middle East Bramble Wight Vodka Sunsail Browndown Chilgrove Gin Course C (9.15miles) Course D (9.1miles) NE Ryde Middle Artemis the Profit Hunter Champagne Pol Roger Peel Bank West Ryde Middle East Bramble NE Ryde Middle Course E (12.15miles) Course F (9.34miles) Mother Bank North Ryde Middle NE Ryde Middle East Bramble Peel Bank North Ryde Middle Norris NE Ryde Middle Mother Bank Course G (8.31miles) Course H (11.48miles) Sunsail Flying Fish North Ryde Middle Artemis the Profit Hunter Chilgrove Gin Browndown North Ryde Middle Prince Consort Norris NE Ryde Middle Peel Bank Course J (12.85miles) Prince Consort Flying Fish RORC North Ryde Middle Norris NE Ryde Middle Peel Bank

9 9.0 FINISH 9.1 The finish is between the last mark of the course and the committee boat which is the white catamaran Twin Wakes as used at the start. The vessel will be flying a large square OGA flag. 9.2 RRS 35 is varied in that the time limit for the race shall be five hours after the valid starting time. However, the race Officer may, if necessary, extend the time period by further a period of not more than 30 minutes at his or her discretion, in order to enable the maximum number of vessels to complete the course. 9.3 In the event of an extended time limit International Flag E will be displayed on the finish line committee boat no later than the normal time limit. 9.4 It is the responsibility of each vessel to ensure that it may be correctly identified at the finish and results will be calculated based on the finish time recorded on the committee boat. 9.6 Declaration Forms must be completed by all participating vessels, including those retiring during the race, and handed to Sue Pennison on board Sepia (who will be moored in Haslar Marina at the conclusion of the race. (Sepia is a 19ft Memory with a pale grey hull). 9.7 If a vessel qualifies for any of the special category prizes then details must be noted on the declaration form. 9.8 Should the weather dictate that the committee boat is unable to moor off Portsmouth to provide the finish line, all boats are requested to take their own finish time as they pass the last mark of the course and contact the race committee by phone on RESULTS 10.1 Vessels will be placed in corrected time order overall and also by class Results will be available online at the conclusion of the racing and announced at the prize giving.


11 ATTACHMENT B Central Eastern & Western Solent Charts


13 ATTACHMENT C Course Marks and Symbols

14 Old Gaffers Association-Annual Solent Race DECLARATION FORM Return to Sue Pennison at Haslar Marina, no later than 1600hrs. YOUR BOAT DETAILS BOAT NAME FULL SAIL NUMBER MAKE / MODEL YOUR FINISH CLOCK TIME Are you eligible for the All family crew prize (at least 2 generations racing) YES / NO* Last port prior to arriving in Cowes (Longest passage to the event trophy) BOAT AHEAD BOAT NAME FULL SAIL NUMBER BOAT ASTERN BOAT NAME FULL SAIL NUMBER ENGINE USED AFTER PREPARATORY SIGNAL? YES / NO* If yes give full details here (Use a separate sheet if necessary)