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2 BUSINESS FRANCE Business is the national agency supporting the international development of the French economy, responsible for fostering export growth by French businesses, as well as promoting and facilitating international investment in. Hall 1 / 835 It promotes s companies, business image and nationwide attractiveness as an investment location, and also runs the VIE international internship program. Founded on January 1, 2015 through a merger between UBIFRANCE and the Invest in Agency, Business has 1,500 personnel, both in and in 70 countries throughout the world, who work with a network of public- and private-sector partners. 2

3 FRENCH NAUTICAL INDUSTRIES FEDERATION Hall 1 / 835 THE FEDERATION OF FRENCH NAUTICAL INDUSTRY AND SERVICE PROVIDERS The French Nautical Industries Federation (FIN) aims to defend, represent and promote the different sectors of French nautical industries, both at home and abroad. FEDERATION DES INDUSTRIES NAUTIQUES Head office: Port de Javel Haut PARIS Ph.: +33 (0) Sebastien MILCENDEAU Export The FIN currently has more than 600 members, drawn from eleven nautical industry and service professions, representing more than 80% of the industry s turnover: Boatbuilders Equipment manufacturers Engines manufacturers Grande plaisance Inland waterway rental company Maritime rental company Trade companies Maintenance companies Service providers Boardriding sports companies Outdoor recreation companies As the regional and national public authorities privileged interlocutor, the FIN assists and advises companies in legal, social, economical, technical and environmental matters. It also informs the general public and the media. To find out more about the boating and water sport professionals gathered within the FIN: At the international level, the FIN is an active participant in the growth of the nautical sector. It is a charter member of the European Boating Industry, which represents the interests of the European leisure marine industry and its members. The FIN is also member of the ICOMIA, the International Council of Marine Industry Associations. The Federation owns the Nautic (the Paris International boat show) and the Cannes Yachting Festival. The FIN also supports le Grand Pavois de La Rochelle and runs coordinated actions, in partnership with Business, to facilitate the presence of its members in major or growing international boat shows. 3

4 FRENCH NAUTICAL INDUSTRIES FEDERATION At the environmental level, the FIN has for some years been running various initiatives aimed at promoting awareness of environmental concerns throughout the lifecycle of boats, in particular through its Bateau BME Program. In 2009, the FIN also created the «Association for Ecoresponsible Boating» (APER), to set up a French network for dismantling and recycling recreational vessels that have reached the end of their useful lives, and the treatment network of expired pyrotechnic signals, The FIN is a founder member of the French Nautical Leisures Confederation, which brings together the forces of the boating community. The Confederation wants to make its voice heard in the areas of particular interest sharing, usage, management and development of marine spaces, lake and river. OUR WEBSITES: Dismantling and recycling pleasure craft > Plan the perfect holiday - hire a boat to discover and its islands in a different way! > TO FIND OUT MORE ABOUT THE BOATING AND WATER SPORT PROFESSIONALS GATHERED WITHIN THE FIN: 4

5 FRENCH NAUTICAL INDUSTRIES FEDERATION FRENCH POSITION IN THE WORLD FEDERATION DES INDUSTRIES NAUTIQUES Head office: Port de Javel Haut PARIS # World leader in sailboats # World leader in multihulls segment # World 4th for motorboats # Top European market in maritime & river charter sector Ph.: +33 (0) Sebastien MILCENDEAU Export goodluz THE NAUTICAL ECONOMY IN 2015 # 5,319 businesses # 40,166 direct employees # A total turnover of 4.41 billion Euros # More than 41,700 boats produced representing a turnover of million Euros with 76.8% produced for export IMC 5

6 FRENCH NAUTICAL INDUSTRIES FEDERATION BOATING PRACTISE # 4 million regular boaters # 9 million occasional boaters # More than 500,000 recreational boats in use # 11,757 new registrations per year, of which # More than 87,700 boating licenses issued per year Jacob Lund AN EXCEPTIONAL BOATING GROUND # More than 400 marinas # 252,500 berths and moorings posts # 5,700 km of coastline in continental & Corsica # 8,500 km of inland waterways 6

7 FRENCH NAUTICAL INDUSTRIES FEDERATION EXPORT : TO RESPOND TO THE MARKET GLOBALIZATION FIN EXPORT BOARD # Markets monitoring # Identification of lead markets # Business support # Business opportunities INTERNATIONAL CONNECTING DAY # Organization of an boating export conference during ICD # Country experts contribution # Presentation of market trends # Information on financing support # Companies share their key success and experience logo manquant FIN & BUSINESS FRANCE # Strong partnership between FIN and Business since 2009 # Elaboration of an export program to strengthen the influence of abroad to support companies in their development abroad 7

8 Global SuperYacht Forum November METSTRADE Breakfast Briefing & DAME Award Ceremony 15 November Connect METSTRADE SYP Bar 617 SYP Exhibitors Connect METSTRADE only SYP Bar Powered by : HHYG DUTCH PAVILION AUSTRALIAN PAVILION A A A A A A A Connect METSTRADE USA PAVILION A Connect METSTRADE Outback Café A A 410A A A A A 416A USA PAVILION METSTRADE Scandinavian Theatre Food Corner Powered by: Trade Only 034 FINNISH PAVILION 437 Z Z KOREAN PAVILION A Exhibitor DANISH PAVILION Exhibitor Lounge Lounge Organiser s Office Room G111 to Hall 2 D- Rooms 2 nd- 5th Floor Material Xperience 10A 27 on Tour Presentation Room G103 to Entrance K YPC First Floor Lounge Restaurant Hall 1-7, Amtrium CMP Construction in progress Stage 69 Connect METSTRADE A TURKISH PAVILION Sales METSTRADE IWMC BRITISH PAVILION SPANISH PAVILION Connect METSTRADE Innovation LAB Stage InnovationLAB Social Hub SUSHI BAR InnovationLAB IBI Newroom InnovationLAB Experience ITALIAN PAVILION FRENCH PAVILION FRENCH PAVILION Exhibitor Lounge A 486B 486C 486D 486E 486F FLOOR PLAN METSTRADE expands capicity with Hall 7 SLOVENIAN PAVILION POLISH PAVILION TIME 2 EAT MEETING ROOMS ITALIAN PAVILION CHINESE PAVILION Connect METSTRADE DUTCH PAVILION PRESENTATIONS NEW ZEALAND PAVILION Connect METSTRADE GERMAN PAVILION BRITISH PAVILION E Entrance Global SuperYacht Forum Delegates First Floor Ground Floor Europe Foyer NEW ZEALAND PAVILION To Balcony: METSTRADE To Balcony: METSTRADE To Balcony: METSTRADE To Balcony: Exhibitor Lounge GERMAN PAVILION Connect METSTRADE Powered by Samsung Upper Deck Business Lounges NORWEGIAN PAVILION NORWEGIAN PAVILION AUSTRALIAN PAVILION SWEDISH PAVILION CANADIAN PAVILION C Entrance Visitors with Badge, (Scan & Go), VIP K Entrance Visitors with Badge, Entrance (Scan & Go), YPC & Press Registration with Invitation Card & Onsite National Pavilions Specialist Pavilions Symbols Australian Pavilion Korean Pavilion SuperYacht Pavilion Elevator British Pavilion New Zealand Pavilion Construction Material Pavilion First Aid Canadian Pavilion Norwegian Pavilion Marina & Yard Pavilion(Located in Hall 5) Cloakroom Chinese Pavilion Polish Pavilion Cash Point Danish Pavilion Slovenian Pavilion VIP Lounge Disabled Toilet Dutch Pavilion Spanish Pavilion Exhibitor Lounge Service Desk Finnish Pavilion Swedish Pavilion Press Schiphol Desk French Pavilion Turkish Pavilion Organiser s Office Catering & Seating Area German Pavilion USA Pavilion Connect METSTRADE WiFi Hotspot Italian Pavilion L Amtrium Connect METSTRADE Connect METSTRADE Powered by Samsung Powered by Samsung Exhibitor Lounge Balcony Hall 1 8




12 EXHIBITORS LIST 727 sailbags...hall 1 / Aegir Cork Group...Hall 5 / Berengier SAS... Hall 5 / Biotechnature...Hall 5 / Breizelec...Hall 1 / BSG Développements...Hall 1 / Chaîneries Limousines...Hall 1 / Corderie Henri Lancelin...Hall 1 / Cousin Trestec...Hall 1 / Cristec...Hall 1 / Damade SARL...Hall 1 / Delahousse et fils...hall 1 / Dessalator SAS...Hall 5 / Durieu Group...Hall 5 / Égalis...Hall 1 / ENO FORCE 10...Hall 1 / Facnor...Hall 1 / Feelfree...Hall 5 / Fendress...Hall 5 / Forwater Vidal Marine...Hall 5 / Helices...Hall 1 / Frendo SAS...Hall 5 / Goiot Systems...Hall 5 / Guelt Nautic... Hall CMP 3 EL...37 Guilbert Express...Hall 5 / Guy Cotten...Hall 5 / HUTCHINSON - Les Stratifiés SAS...Hall CMP 52 EL...40 Ino-rope...Hall 5 / JP3...Hall 1 / Nodus Factory Labo SAS...Hall 1 / La Salle des Moteurs...Hall 5 / LCJ Capteurs...Hall 1 / Lecomble & Schmitt SAS...Hall 1 / L Océane Des Plastics...Hall 5 / Marinelec Technologies...Hall 1 / Marolotest...Hall 5 / Matt Chem Marine...Hall 5 / MAxSEA naval...hall 1 / Mer Agitée...Hall 1 / Metalu Marina...Hall MYP Microwave Vision...Hall 5 / MIP SAS...Hall 5 /

13 EXHIBITORS LIST Naudet SAS...Hall 1 / Nautic clean...hall 1 / Nautipark...Hall MYP Nautix Marine Paints...Hall 1 / Naviline Industries...Hall CMP 32 EL...60 NKE Marine Electronics...Hall 1 / Noval...Hall 1 / Nvequipment...Hall 1 / Outils Océans...Hall 5 / Peguet...Hall 1 / Petitjean Composites...Hall CMP 13 EL...66 Pontos...Hall 1 / NCV industries / Porcher Industries...Hall 5 / Prodex Elastomeres...Hall MYP Profurl...Hall 1 / Promens...Hall 5 / Proyacht - Clinazur...Hall 1 / Resoltech SAS...Hall CMP 21 EL...73 REYA SAS...Hall 5 / Ripack-Supplies...Hall 1 / Rivoyre Ingenierie... Hall CMP 5 EL...76 R-marina...Hall MYP Safe Boat Equipment SAS...Hall 1 / Sanimarin...Hall 1 / Save Marine...Hall 5 / Scheiber SA...Hall 1 / Securitag SAS...Hall 5 / Sela...Hall 5 / Sicomin... Hall CMP 2 EL...84 Sirehna...Hall 5 / SLCE Watermakers...Hall 5 / SNA...Hall 5 / Sparcraft...Hall 1 / Syrlinks...Hall 1 / Technisynthese SARL...Hall 1 / Technique Voile...Hall 1 / Topoplastic...Hall 1 / Vigouroux SAS...Hall 1 / Watt & Sea...Hall 1 / Wichard SAS...Hall 1 / YLTEC...Hall 5 / Zodiac Nautic...Hall 1 /

14 727 SAILBAGS Hall 1 / SAILBAGS Rue Bourely BSM de Keroman LORIENT We collect and recycle used boats sails to sublimate them into bags, design and ready-to-wear products. Designers and seamstresses sublimate and transform mainsail, Genoa or Solent to turn them into unique and original creations which encounter a tremendous success. Each product has a stamped certification sheet indicating the sail s origin, the seas on which sailed the boat and espacially which famous skipper was at the helm. Regatta, journey, mistreated by the elements, all our creations have their own stories. Ph.: +33 (0) Julie TINSEAU Sales Manager Clothing and Apparel 14

15 AEGIR CORK GROUP Hall 5 / Aegir Cork Group SAS 234 avenue de la Gare GABARRET Ph: +33 (0) Dominique RADIER Director AEGIR CORK GROUP produces natural marine cork decking, cork-integrated LED lighting solutions and cork interior hull lining SEACORK is the best yacht decking solution in the world and offers a set of sought-after characteristics: it is intrinsically anti-slip, insulating, comfortable, durable and cost-effective. SEACORK decks have been satisfying customers & navigating the world for more than 15 years. SEACORK LED brings a luminous solution to ondeck security. The bespoke ondeck lighting and decoration solution, using multi-colour remote-controlled LED strips integrated into SEACORK SUBERMARINE cork lining is sprayed directly onto interior hulls of commercial and expedition vessels, blue-water yachts and pleasure as well as round-the-world racing is sprayed directly onto steel, aluminium, polyester, carbon or wood in living spaces and working areas of the vessel to prevent condensation and insulate from extremes temperature and noise. It is very effective against vibrations from motors and engine rooms. It is highly price competitive and eco-friendly. SUBERMARINE has equipped the exploration vessel ECOTROLL for its maiden voyage Lyon-Groenland-Lyon in March 2010, to prevent condensation and humidity on board. Quintessential French racing sailor Philippe Poupon on his latest boat FLEUR AUSTRALE et French navigator and explorator Pierre Sauvadet on SILAINUA are unconditional users. Boatbuilding Materials and Equipment Safety Equipment Superyacht Services 15

16 BERENGIER SAS Hall 5 / BERENGIER 4 avenue Pierre et Marie Curie GABARRET BERENGIER produces the best boat head- and hull liners in the world. We offer a full range of technical fabrics for OEM boat builders and distributors. The collection presents 4 lines of products : TOBAGO coated fabric on PVC closed cells foam made for marine, IMPACT the infusion liner, non woven and classic foam. Advantages : + thermal and acoustic insulation. + durable: stands up to the marine environment + fit and mold to desired and concave / convex shapes + absorbs irregularities of the hull + not affected by condensation + U.V., abrasion and mildew resistant + blackout version Visit us at METS 2016 we will introduce 3D-DECOR liner TOBAGO. Ph: +33 (0) Fax.: +33 (0) Antoine BERENGIER CEO Boat Care, Chemicals, Coatings, Maintenance Boatbuilding Materials and Equipment Interior Furnishings Seating 16

17 BIOTECHNATURE Hall 5 / Biotechnature SARL 315 Quartier Le Vallon LA CADIÈRE D AZUR Cel.: +33 (0) Fax: +33 (0) Colin WILCKEN Manager BIOTECHNATURE specializes in cleaning, sanitizing, and preservation products which involve breakthrough technology, green chemistry, and improved chemical performance to replace traditional chemistries that are harmful to the user and the environment. Biotechnature transcends the higher cost of «green» technology, offering cost effective and time saving alternatives that outperform traditional technologies. Our ultimate goal is to manufacture and provide multiple industries with versatile products that offer superior performance, cost efficiency, and minimal environmental impact. Our products comply with all known international and domestic environmental regulations, e.g. MARPOL ANNEX III and ANNEX V, NPDES, ISO and ISO and often surpass the toughest and most strict requirements. Our products provide customers with solutions for the removal and/or reduction of rust, grease, oil, odor, mold, waste water and more. We also provide long lasting treatment and preservation for surfaces such as glass, wood, metal, and paint. Your Guide to Kanberra Products Projects: 1. Primary supplier of Acid Replacement (AR Technology) for removal of rust for the French Navy. 2. Supplied BP (British Petrol) with 100% natural oil spill dispersant: watch?v=imdkhmblqgc4 Kanberra Gel See what happens! Simply open the jar, Air movement takes Tea Tree Oil remove inner seal and place where needed. (TTO) Airborne to attack mold spores, bacteria, etc. and remove odors. As TTO dissipates the gel will darken in color. Replace or refill when gel shrinks to a dark pellet. Just opened. TTO on the go! Refill time. Nothing lasts forever! Boat Care, Chemicals, Coatings, Maintenance Maritime Goods Aspiration and Ventilation Ventilation 17

18 BREIZELEC Hall 1 / BREIZELEC - MANTAGUA ZI de Ty-Vougeret CHATEAULIN-FRANCE Ph.: +33 (0) Fax: +33 (0) MANTAGUA is a French brand of led lights designed for the leisure and commercial naval industries. We design and manufacture products that are suited for these tough environments. Our productions include led navigation bulbs, replacement led bulbs for cabin spotlights, navigation lights for sailing boats and since 2012 we started developing a range of products dedicated to the commercial and fishing boats. This range includes waterproof led strips, engine room lights and floodlights. All this range complies to the EN rev2008 and guarantees that it doesn t perturbate VHF and AIS. Mantagua fits most of the Vendée Globe boats with its waterproof navigation lights. Yannick MARZIN Export Sales Manager secteurs secteurs secteurs Electrical 18

19 BSG DÉVELOPPEMENTS Bsg Développements 2 rue de l Echelle Chauvin LA ROCHELLE Ph: +33 (0) Fax: +33 (0) J.P. SAUVAGE L. GUILLAUME A. BONNAVEAU Company Manager Hall 1 / 810 BSG Développements, service and solutions for the sailing and sailmaking industry. We are the world leader in sail-design solutions with our main product SailPack, an advanced sail-design solution (design, digitalisation, analysis, production management, online services...) used by over 300 sailmakers around the world. SailPack is the core of a full range of applications: SailPack-FSI simulation software, a true scientific tool for sail design and rig optimization SailVision, our sail analysis system SailCom, an assisted electronic sail order form and sail project viewer. SailPack, the world leading sail design and production software package offering optimization of the sail design process. MIB2000/NestFab, panel management and manual or automatic nesting software SV-Datalogger, for navigation data replay and analysis (GPS, pictures, videos, NMEA data ) SailCom Assisted electronic sail order form & sail project viewer This is a connected application to our SailPack design tool. With SailCom your commercial team, technician, or your agent that is in direct contact with the customers and with boats in the harbor, will have an all in one and very powerful tool to communicate with the customer to deliver accurate information about your product with a professional presentation and to communicate with the sail loft and study office all of the boat measurements and sail specifications with the finest possible accuracy. SaiLPack-Viewer SaiLPack-Viewer - a powerful marketing tool! The purpose of SaiLPack-Viewer is to create a unique and major improvement in your communication with the customer directly or through your sales network. With the SP-Viewer generator functionality you can create a single file (PPK) which displays the sails and rig together in an attractive manner. Your customer will be able to view his boat and sails in an active 3D view, from any angle and with multiple rendering options (geometry, mould aspect, panelling, full description with finishing details). This presentation can be copied or sent by . The customer only has to download the free PPK reader (the viewer ) and open the designerʼs project. This second software (the viewer ) is free for redistribution. You can send it to anyone without limitation. All new versions will also be free and available via our internet site. Material / colour Technically, and from a user point of view, SailCom communication tool is an assisted electronic measurement form combined with a viewer interface. In addition, SailCom has been also designed to be used on a tablet (Window OS tablet) for user friendliness. The result is a very clear interface for each screen page: Client information Boat information Rig measurement (One page per sail type: main, genoa, downwind sail ) Sail specification Every thing has been organized to cross and control information and to avoid mistakes. The designer can allow his customer to choose the material for each panel. To change the panel material, the customer only needs to select one of the proposed materials and to click on the associated panels. The customer saves his work and sends back a material file that the designer will reopen to create the sail with the correct materials set. Web export The SP-Viewer option also includes a feature to generate web presentations of your project, with logo, comments, rotating pictures Confidentiality: The PPK file does not contain any readable information about shape, outline and geometry. In addition you can associate a password with this file and allow only your customer to read the PPK file. It will not be possible for your competition or a non authorized person to read this file and study in more detail your proposal without the password. Additional Information: Contact: BSG développements Ph: Visit our website at for more information. Visit our website at for more information. Boatbuilding Materials and Equipment Deck Hardware Rigging 19

20 CHAÎNERIES LIMOUSINES Hall 1 / 724 CHAINERIES LIMOUSINES manufactures steel round chains from 2 to 20 mm for different applications like fishing, mooring, lifting, lashing etc. lt is located in the center of and has been created in About 80 people for the manufacturing of these chains. CHAÎNERIES LIMOUSINES ZI route de Poitiers BELLAC Projects: Ph.: +33 (0) Fax: +33 (0) Denis MOREAU Technical Sales Representative secteurs Anchoring, Docking Equipment secteurs Boatbuilding Materials and Equipment secteurs Mounting Equipment 20

21 CORDERIE HENRI LANCELIN CORDERIE HENRI LANCELIN Rue Alain Colas P.A. d Activités de La Hainaud BP ERNÉE Ph.: +33 (0) Fax: +33 (0) Anne BOULAIN Commercial Manager Hall 1 / 615 Well-known rope manufacturer for racing and yachting, the LANCELIN Company has passed its expertise and passion over 4 generations. Lancelin ropes sail in all the seas of the world and equip the classical boats as well as the most sophisticated mega-yachts. The Lancelin product, it s the manufacture of braided or stranded ropes, sold in spools or prepared for the rigging. It s a result of constant research from high tech fibers what guarantees us performance of our ropes and the name of innovative company. We equip 85% of French shipyards such as Bénéteau, Jeanneau, Zodiac, Amel, Fountaine Pajot, Chantier Catana, CNB, Alliaura Marine and Dufour.. We also provide big famous boats like L Hydroptère, Sodébo, Actual, A strong capacity to innovate has allowed us to win notoriety with yachting people and to enter into other fields of activity: automobile, aeronautics, forest industry, building, medical equipment, telecommunications, interior design, fashion accessories, etc The control of every stage and our structure allow us an important reactivity when we have short deadlines, as well as an important flexibility to answer to the most specific requests concerning either a technical aspect (production of short quantities, of customized products, of racing or performance products) or esthetical aspect (leather finishing for mooring lines, specific colours on demand). Anchoring, Docking Equipment Deck Hardware / Rigging Safety Equipment 21

22 COUSIN TRESTEC Hall 1 / One of Europe s leading rope manufacturers, COUSIN TRESTEC offers a complete range of yachting ropes for mooring, cruising or racing. Our high quality braids are made of carefully selected high performance fibers and are designed to meet even the most demanding sea conditions. We have one of the largest braiding machine park in Europe and almost 2 centuries of experience in rope manufacturing. Cousin Trestec 8, rue Abbé Bonpain WERVICQ-SUD Ph.: +33 (0) Fax: +33 (0) François Ernoult Export Manager Cousin Trestec is the inventor of Constrictor, the textile rope clutch. THREE TIMES LIGHTER, TWICE THE BREAKING LOAD OF CONVENTIONAL METAL CLUTCHES, CONSTRICTOR OPENS A NEW ERA FOR SAILING DECK HARDWARE FOR RACING AND ALSO CRUISING. Extremely simple and totally efficient, this system uses the principle of squeezing capacity offered by braided sleeves. Deck Hardware / Rigging 22

23 CRISTEC Hall 1 / CRISTEC 31 rue Marcel Paul QUIMPER Ph.: +33 (0) Fax: +33 (0) Armelle ROLLAND International Sales and Marketing Manager Projects: CRISTEC has been supplying in exclusivity 12V YPOWER battery chargers and MOSFET battery isolators as original equipment to major worldwide boat-builders: BAVARIA, BENETEAU, DEL PARDO, DUFOUR, JEANNEAU & LAGOON. Founded in 1983, CRISTEC specializes in energy conversion and offers expertise on an international scale via its range of standard products mainly for on-board applications: sailing boats, motor and electric boats, barges, vehicles for police and emergency services, for work and leisure uses, autonomous electrical installations for wind and solar power, etc. whenever the situation or energy management demands are particularly stringent. Automatic H.F. chargers, an innovative technology in which CRISTEC was the precursor, and all products relating to battery charging meet the whole host of international standards: chargers, inverters, battery isolators, isolation transformers, battery monitors, converters, etc. The design of latest CRISTEC s equipment benefits from unrivalled feedback on HF chargers in use. Highperformance, compact and light, silent, their ergonomic design means they are easy to install, quick to hook up and keep on functioning over time in perfect safety. Thanks to its R & D department backed up by specifically adapted testing facilities CRISTEC can rapidly develop products to meet technical specifications as well as assessing prototypes and preproduction models. Their industrial management has earned ISO 9001 certification and is continually seeking to improve. Thanks to its network of agents and distributors present in over 50 countries CRISTEC can guarantee reliable universal solutions for use in extreme environmental conditions. Electrical Electronics 23

24 DAMADE SARL Hall 1 / DAMADE INGENIERIE/ The industrialization from design to prototype DAMADE INDUSTRIE/ The aluminium foundry & precision CNC machining DAMADE MARINE/Aluminium deck fitting specialist and custom made DAMADE & NORTIER/Design and product manufacture for drinking water and mobility activity or dearth Damade SARL 42 rue du Chevalier de la Barre WOINCOURT Ph: +33 (0) Fax: +33 (0) Sylvain BRUN General Manager Anchoring, Docking Equipment Fuel Handling Deck Hardware Rigging Hardware Marina and Yard Equipment Plumbing 24

25 DELAHOUSSE ET FILS Hall 1 / DELAHOUSSE ET FILS is the manufacturer of Spacerflex bedding system designed for yachts and recreational vehicles. Our company also developed Quick-Fit, the removable hidden panel assembling system. Projects: DELAHOUSSE ET FILS SA ZA la Halberderie VAUCHRETIEN Ph.: +33 (0) Fax: +33 (0) Willy HUMEAU Sales Representative Interior Furnishings Seating Soft Goods 25

26 DESSALATOR SAS Hall 5 / DESSALATOR SAS ZI des 3 Moulins 282 rue des Cistes Bâtiment Euro ANTIBES Manufacturer of water makers since 1989, our range includes water makers producing from 30 L/H to 1,000 L/H. Our DUO patented dual-energy system producing 60 or 100 L/H works both in 12 or 24V AND 120 or 230V. We have a very wide agent network and our machines are working all around the world. Recently, we develop the automatic pressure regulation for the models of the Pro auto series, producing form 90 to 300 l/h. Ph.: +33 (0) Fax: +33 (0) Nicolas WAGNER Director 26

27 DURIEU GROUP Hall 5 / DURIEU GROUP OWATROL MARINE 2 bis rue Charles De Gaulle BONDOUFLE Ph.: +33 (0) Fax: +33 (0) Jacques PERONNET Director of Business Development DURIEU GROUP is a family owned French company. Our main concern is to fully understand our customers needs. Therefore we develop and provide a wide range of premium quality products including wood finishes, primers, topcoats, paints, strippers, rust prevention products and oils to help safeguard vessels. With seasoned scientists, researchers and cutting edge technology, our on-site Group laboratory improves our expertise daily. Offering new, innovative and ever more effective products through research and development, our commitment is to provide technical and cost effective solutions that meet international standards both regulatory and environmental. DURIEU GROUP has invested in production plants that comply with the highest standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, Ecolabel and NF Environment certificates. High quality products, customer satisfaction, commitment toward protecting our environment, sage workplace practices and our pursuit of excellence have led to our success for almost 10 decades and will carry us into the future, as your supplier of choice for quality marine coatings. Projects: : The Marité - the last wooden French terreneuvier is regularly treated with Deks Olje D1 and D2 USA: Caravan Stage Company - the floating theater is currently sailing in the US and Canadian rivers, lakes, seacoast and waterways. Owatrol products have enabled metal and woodwork to shine and last. Sweden: The maintenance of Sigrid Storrada this splendid Viking Boat which is sailing on one of Sweden s interior seas, has been done with Deks Olje D1 and Textrol International: Durieu Group provides care and maintenance products to cruise industry and shipping firms for several decades. Boat Care, Chemicals, Coatings, Maintenance 27

28 ÉGALIS Hall 1 / ÉGALIS SAS has been operating in marine and kayak business for over 50 years. We are producing paddles, oars, boathooks, trolleys. We have launched last year a range of paddles with IML grafics. ÉGALIS SAS 225 rue des Bois Merrains ZI des Rentes MERPINS Ph.: +33 (0) Fax: +33 (0) Jean-Marie DERAY COO Boatbuilding Materials and Equipment Safety Equipment 28

29 ENO FORCE 10 Hall 1 / / ENO FORCE rue de la terraudiere NIORT Ph.: +33 (0) Fax: +33 (0) Antoine THOMAS Brad CLARK ENO FORCE10 is world leader in galley equipment for leisure boats. ENO and FORCE 10 provide a large range of equipment for both sailing and motor boats, all in stainless steel. The company conceives and manufactures hobs, stoves, oven and BBQ or plancha with certificates for CE, UL and AGA. ENO and FORCE 10 also provide an excellent after sales service around the world. Galley Equipment / Appliances 29

30 FACNOR Hall 1 / Facnor 10 rue du Pont des Bernes SAINT-VAAST-LA-HOUGUE Ph: +33 (0) Fax: +33 (0) Dominique YON Director Specialized and over 30-year experienced in designing and manufacturing furling systems. Represented in 35 countries, supplies many shipyards and also custom equipment for ocean racing mono and multihulls, maxi sailing yachts. Facnor is a company specialized in furling systems and offer different ranges of products as headsail furlers, code 0 and gennaker furlers, batten cars. Facnor is the specialist of custom furlers, as installed on Open 60, VOR 60, AC boats Projects: Facnor hydraulic furler - Code zero / Emmagasineur hydraulique Facnor sur un Code Zero: be/-pm24ztervu Facnor Locking system: be/2v9nx9sgfva FACNOR FX+ Gennaker and Code Zero furler / Emmagasineur: eck Hardware Rigging 30

31 FEELFREE Hall 5 / Feelfree 39 rue du Champ Picou DINARD Cel: +33 (0) Jérôme DESMEDT Sales Manager FEELFREE. Home of the world s best waterproof bags Whether you re on board your yacht, on the beach, hitting the trails, sliding down the slopes or even at the shops, you need to keep your precious belongings dry and safe. Feelfree Gear s waterproof bags keeps everything organised and well protected from water, sand, mud and anything else life throws at you. Our bags are not only waterproof, but they come in all shapes and sizes, so there s something to suit every activity. And you can choose from a range of colours to match your personality. So whether you re a professional skipper, an adventure lifestyler or you just want to keep your cell phone and other essential stuff dry and out of harm s way, we ve got a functional and stylish bag just for you. Feelfree has represented the Feelfree Gear brand of waterproof bags across for the last 5 years. From our sales and distribution base in Dinard, we supply around 80 retailers in the Nautic, Marine, Watersports, Travel and Tourism sectors. From 2013 we expanded into other French speaking terratories such as Belgium, Switzerland and the French Overseas Departments. For 2017, Feelfree plan to introduce the Feelfree Gear brand to retailers in similar sectors in other major European markets like Germany, Spain and Italy, aswell as strengthening our dealer base across all our French speaking territories. Video link 31

32 FENDRESS Hall 5 / FENDRESS - IXEL MARINE ZI de l Argile - Lot MOUANS-SARTOUX Ph.: +33 (0) Fax: +33 (0) Christophe COLINEAUX CEO IXEL MARINE - FENDRESS is a French manufacturer of fender covers, fenders and nautical equipments since We manufacture fender covers guarantee 100% Made in, 100% Acrylic in 16 different colors. Fendress is also a fender brand, inflatable made in PVC, light and resistant to high pressure. Used to protect the boat during docking, they are available in 16 standard dimensions and 4 colors. (all sizes on demand). Among our products, we produce also other nautical equipments such as winch and rope covers, all handmade. An embroidery section offers customization for your fendercovers and your clothes for the crew. In 10 years, our company has evolved to become leader in its market, providing you a high quality of products Made in. Projects: Anchoring, Docking Equipment Boat Covers and Canvas 32

33 FORWATER VIDAL MARINE Hall 5 / 101 Manufacturer of safety equipment under the FORWATER brand. We make buoyancy aids, lifejackets, harnesses, lifelines and other safety products. We are selling our products on the leisure market, the merchant boats industry and the military. We pay great attention to your remarks to create the best products possible for you. FORWATER VIDAL MARINE 201 avenue Irène et Frédéric Juliot-Curie LA GARDE Ph.: +33 (0) Fax: +33 (0) Philippe MARTY Technical Director Maritime Goods Navigation Safety Equipment 33

34 FRANCE HELICES Hall 1 / FRANCE HELICES was founded in 1977 by M. BEZZI Paul. FRANCE HELICES manufacture and repair propellers, shaftlines and surface drive system. From research and development to worldwide assistance. FRANCE HELICES 12 allee des Gabians Z.I. La Frayere CANNES LA BOCCA Ph.: +33 (0) Fax: +33 (0) Emmanuelle BEZZI Marketing Manager Transmissions and Gears Sterngear and Propellers 34

35 FRENDO SAS Hall 5 / FRENDO is Outdoor Specialist founded in the French Alps in FRENDO has developed in hiking, trekking and camping products, then also in waterproof backpacks, waterproof lamps and various equipments for the sailor. FRENDO has created the MARINUM brand in 2016 to be dedicated to its innovative and patented UNSINKABLE HEADWEAR. MARINUM 45 voie Ariane ZA Athelio LA CIOTAT Ph.: +33 (0) Fax: +33 (0) Projects: Designed and developed in early 2016, the MARINUM UNSINKABLE HEADWEAR will be introduced to the market for the 1st time at the METS. MARINUM has developed different ways of constructing the unsinkable headwear, matching every style and enhancing most popular shapes, in order to offer a complete range. Pascal PETIT Founder Soft Goods Clothing and Apparel 35

36 GOIOT SYSTEMS Hall 5 / Goiot Systems 3 rue de Chêne Lassé SAINT HERBLAIN GOIOT SYSTEMS know-how for quality aluminium, stainless and plastics parts for marine applications is renowned since We design and manufacture standard or custom hatches, portlights, doors, glazing, steering systems and multiple accessories for the boating industry is a milestone year for innovation at GOIOT with the development of «SportAl» aluminium chandlery and steering wheels. We have realised weight gains of up to 50%, and can offer an almost endless range of finishes. Ph: +33 (0) Fax: +33 (0) Arnaud LEBLAIS Sales Manager Interior Furnishings Steering/Stability Equipment Deck Hardware Rigging 36

37 GUELT NAUTIC Hall CMP 3 EL Guelt Nautic ZI de Kervidanou QUIMPERLÉ Ph: +33 (0) Rémy LE ROUX Sales Manager Expert in complex machining for over 35 years, GUELT NAUTIC has become a reference in the construction of parts for the boating industry. Guelt NAUTIC designs and manufactures deck fittings, keels and bulbs that require precision due to their complexity and the technical challenge they imply. These parts are custom made, through attentive communication with the client, and it is to meet these requirements that GUELT NAUTIC is constantly innovating. Each project is customized and accompanied by our team of highly skilled, autonomous and versatile professionals. To ensure greater responsiveness and flexibility in projects, we rely on major industrial and technological means. Projects: Design and manufacture of keels, bulbs or deck fittings for the following boats: IMOCA: Banque Populaire, Commeunseulhomme, Gitana, Bureau Vallée, Initiatives-Cœur, Le souffle du Nord, Maître Coq, Newrest Matmut, No way back, PRB, Quéginer, Safran, SMA, StMichel-Virbac, Yes We Cam ULTIM: Actual, Banque populaire, Gitana, Macif, Quingdao China, Spindrift VOLVO OCEAN RACE COUPE D AMERICA: Artemis, Groupama Team SHIPYARD: Blew Stoub, CDK, IDB, JFA, Lorima, Multiplast, Pogo Boatbuilding Materials and Equipment Hydraulic Systems Deck Hardware Rigging 37

38 GUILBERT EXPRESS Hall 5 / GUILBERT EXPRESS 33 avenue du Maréchal De Lattre De Tassigny FONTENAY-SOUS-BOIS Ph.: +33 (0) Fax: +33 (0) Philippe REVEILLION European Key Account Manager GUILBERT EXPRESS is a family-owned company, founded in 1905 in Paris,, which specializes in the design and manufacturing of soldering equipment and heating tools. The company covers several activities: CONTAINMENT/SCAFFOLDING, TRANSPORT (Heavy loads, Logistics, Storage), MARINE INDUSTRY (Winter Storage), OUTER SHEATHES (Electronics, Cabling), SHEATHES/ SLEEVES (Electricity insulation). Guilbert Express has a worldwide presence, whilst having its headquarters in, and subsidiaries in UAE, Germany, USA, China. The company distributes its products to over 70 countries worldwide, to cater to its global markets. Projects: Our products like the Rafale and the Hornet contribute to industrial encapsulation and protection of big nautical and industrial volumes as: Shipyards of Adelaide (Australia) Shipyards of Piriou in Concarneau () Lady Moura Gibraltar (Spain) Boat Care, Chemicals, Coatings, Maintenance Boat Covers and Canvas Marina and Yard Equipment 38

39 GUY COTTEN Hall 5 / GUY COTTEN is the main manufacturer of very high quality protective clothing for many activities such as yachting, commercial fishing, leisure, agriculture and industry. Guy Cotten also offers a full range boots, gloves, life jackets and survival suits. Guy Cotten team will be happy to welcome at stand 307 hall 5. GUY COTTEN Route de Concarneau TREGUNC Projects: Selling across 46 countries Guy Cotten company wants to increase the export market by developing the existent export markets but also by finding new ones. Ph.: +33 (0) Fax: +33 (0) Jorge RODRIGUES Export Director Clothing and Apparel Maritime Goods Safety Equipment 39

40 HUTCHINSON - LES STRATIFIÉS SAS logo en attente Hall CMP 52 EL HUTCHINSON is a world leader in the manufacturing of composites systems dampening vibration, heat and noise. We deliver technical and aesthetic interior parts such as linings, panels, floorings, insulation blankets and ductings. HUTCHINSON 30 rue de la Morinaude BOISSY LÉVIGNEN Ph.: +33 (0) Frédéric BLOUET Composite Sales Director Photo en attente Boatbuilding Materials and Equipment Interior Furnishings Galley Equipment / Appliances 40

41 INO-ROPE Hall 5 / INO-ROPE is a company specialised in exotic fiber integration. We make new products which are stronger and lighter that those found on the market. Our target is to provide the best products which will be easier to use and to maintain. We are developing a totally new sailing block concept and have other projects with the same goal: To be stronger and lighter than other products. Ino-rope 1 rue des Senneurs CONCARNEAU Ph: +33 (0) Thibault REINHART CEO Deck Hardware Rigging Hardware DAME AWARDS 2015 nominee 41

42 JP3 Hall 1 / Jp3 ZI du Port - Le Bout des Barques MARANS From production sailing boats to racing yachts and superyachts, JP3 provides standard or custom mechanical STEERING SYSTEMS. Supplying the most prestigious yachts and boatyards worldwide, JP3 has also the capacity to design and manufacture CUSTOM PARTS (aluminium, titanium, stainless steel, composite). Design office, precision mechanics, composite and anodisation workshops all on a single site. Quality of service high valued by our customers. Ph: +33 (0) Fax: +33 (0) Olivier ZOLLI Steering Stability Equipment 42

43 NODUS FACTORY LABO SAS NODUS FACTORY LABO SAS 7 Domaine des Dryades SARZEAU Hall 1 / 832 NODUS FACTORY is a brand belonging to, a French company based in Brittany for the development and sale of a universal patente rope grip. Our products, T-close, T-bat, T-lazy, T-smile, are new and unique rope grips that are self-locking and adjustable for application in textile shackles, sheets and ropes. The universality of the adjustable rope grip device allows for a very wide range of uses, in a large number of sectors. Projects: Ph.: +33 (0) Yves LAURANT CEO Boat Covers and Canvas Deck Hardware / Rigging Hardware 43

44 LA SALLE DES MOTEURS LA SALLE DES MOTEURS 158 avenue Michel Jourdan CANNES Hall 5 / 205 Human-sized company of marine engineering. ln our shop, you will find more than spare parts for inboard engines. We can also make and distribute parts made-to-measure, to satisfy all your needs. ln our engine shop, many mechanics work on the repair or the maintenance of your engines or spare parts. Our speciality is to repair very old engines or spare part, aider than 60 years. Several experts are here to answer to your expectations and recommend you on your needs. We are working with different brands like Salé Diesel, Ford, Renault Marine Couach, Man, Perkins and many more. Ph.: +33 (0) Fax: +33 (0) Amandine RAFAËL Director of Operations Cooling and Exhaust Systems Engines and Motors Transmissions and Gears 44

45 LCJ CAPTEURS Hall 1 / 736 www. LCJ CAPTEURS ZA Le Chêne Ferré 29 allée des Cinq Continents VERTOU Ph.: +33 (0) Christophe MICHEL CEO Projects: 4 CV7 are installed in the Bay of Quiberon. For their project, WindMorbihan, the French National Sailing and Nautical Sports School use our ultrasonic wind sensors in order to display the wind data in real time on a website. Our mission is to supply high quality ultrasonic wind sensors (vanes and anemometers) for marine use, with the following features: compact, light and energy efficient at the best price. LCJ CAPTEURS is an innovative company committed to quality. Located in the heart of the dynamic French region «Pays de la Loire» where we are now manufacturing the 5th generation of our sonic sensors. LCJ Capteurs started designing and manufacturing wind sensors in 1999 and the current range caters for a wide range of demands, keeping performance and light weight in mind. Each sensor is set-up and tested in our own wind tunnel and environmental test chamber. The CV3F was the first ultrasonic sensor sold by LCJ CAPTEURS in It has proven its reliability by having a one year in-field test mounted on the rear stand of French trawlers from Boulogne and Lorient, fishing in North Sea and Irish Sea. Now, with the CV7 range, our products meet a wide range of needs for various applications, for leisure mariners as well as professionals. The CV7 weighs only 100 gr, with accuracy and data speed matching the most demanding applications. LCJ Capteurs distribute their products via specialist dealers and distributors. All ultrasonic wind sensors in our range can be directly run either by a P.C., or by any other equipment with normalized NMEA input. The barometer sensor BaroPlug, recently added to the catalogue, complies with NMEA2000 V3 standards. LCJ Capteurs NMEA2000 manufacturer ID is 499. Distributor s enquiries are welcome. As a design office and manufacturer, we are also able to create unique systems matching your specification. Electronics Marina and Yard Equipment Navigation 45

46 LECOMBLE & SCHMITT SAS LECOMBLE & SCHMITT SAS 156 route de Briscous URT Ph.: +33 (0) Fax: +33 (0) Jean-Marc ITHURRIAGUE Managing Director Hall 1 / 726 LECOMBLE & SCHMITT was established in 1947 and manufactures and markets the world widest range of hydraulic steering systems for pleasure and commercial crafts, power and sail boats up to 40 metres (130 ) with the highest quality grade. Official supplier of the major construction shipyards in Europe, LECOMBLE & SCHMITT exports more than half its turnover. The range includes: Hydraulic Steering Kits for Outboard Motors and Stern-Drives Hydraulic Steering Systems for Inboard Motor Boats and Sailboats Power Assisted Hydraulic Steering Systems Power Packs and Linear Drives for Autopilot Projects: In order to improve its worldwide representation, LECOMBLE & SCHMITT is looking for leading distributors or O&M to represent part of or its full range. Steering/Stability Equipment 46

47 L OCÉANE DES PLASTICS L Océane Des Plastics ZI d Hinzal MUZILLAC Hall 5 / 502 L OCEANE DES PLASTICS is a family industry created in 1989, based in west of. It s specialised in plastic transformation by rotational mouding technology. It makes different kind of tanks (diesel, gazoline, water, black water) according to ISO 21487,ISO and ISO All our water tanks meet the sanitary conformity. It makes different kind of buoys (bi-conical, cylindrical and spherical) and fenders (hull, bow and pontoon). ODP is a member of the FIN, NMMA and is ABYC certified. Ph: +33 (0) Fax: +33 (0) Gwennaël GAUTIER General Director Anchoring, Docking Equipment Boatbuilding Materials and Equipment Fuel Handling 47

48 MARINELEC TECHNOLOGIES MARINELEC TECHNOLOGIES 13 rue Alfred Le Bars QUIMPER Hall 1 / 631 A 40 years expertise, cutting-edge technologies, French quality and innovative products complying with international maritime standards: MARINELEC is a leader in alarm and monitoring solutions for the marine industry. We improve safety of seamen and ships offering a comprehensive and competitive range of products combining reliability, quality and ergonomics, and providing worldwide customer service. Ship operators benefit from our solutions for safety functions based on highly reliable technologies to optimize sailing conditions and operating. Ph.: +33 (0) Fax: +33 (0) Hervé NOUY Commercial Director Electronics Lighting Safety Equipment 48

49 02/11/2015 Up-dated by RG 1 MAROLOTEST Hall 5 / Marolotest ZI du Cormier 11 boulevard du Cormier CHOLET Ph: +33 (0) Fax: +33 (0) Raphaël GIRARD Managing Director MAROLOTEST is a French manufacturer of Marine workshop equipment. Our company, created in 1958, designs, manufactures & sells equipment to improve safety and productivity in the workshops. Our line of products is composed by: Outboard engines stand Lower units stand Stern drive installer Outboard storage Cranes Diagnostic tools Biological fountains Ultrasonic bath Projects: MAROLO equipped the training center of the main brand of outboard engines, as Yamaha, Honda & Suzuki, but also schools and a lot of dealers. Marina and Yard Equipment 49

50 MATT CHEM MARINE Hall 5 / MATT CHEM PRODUCT SAS 37 rue de Fontenay BAGNEUX Ph.: +33 (0) Fax: +33 (0) Sandrine VERRET MAUBECHE Export Sales Manager Since 1983, MATT CHEM has been a creator of maintenance products and concepts for industrial and marine applications. Specialities and solutions proposed by MATT CHEM are in conformity to the legal requirements, notably the EEC regulatory requirements in respect of biodegradability and ecotoxicity which requires rigorous selection of the raw materials. Matt Chem Marine is the leader in the field of teak maintenance and renovation. It boasts more than 200 products that fulfil expectations of pleasure-boat owners with regards to result. Protecting the environment is our firm s major preoccupation and this ambition is illustrated perfectly by our motto: A clean sea for future generations It goes without saying that MATT CHEM is concerned about the future impact of its products on the environment and as such in minimising any effect on fauna and flora and equally relating to the provision of information indispensible to its end-users to ensure that they observe recommended doses, conditions of use and application. Projects: Boat Care, Chemicals, Coatings, Maintenance 50

51 MAXSEA NAVAL DAME AWARDS 2015 nominee Hall 1 / 714 TIMEZERO by MaxSea Nobeltec Carrer de Bailén 20, BARCELONA Spain Ph.: +33 (0) Lucile FOURNIER Head of Marketing Thanks to 30 years of working in marine navigation, MaxSea & Nobeltec boast a proven powerful technology that has been developed with a unique vision allowing for continuous innovation. TIMEZERO s cutting edge design has been developed primarily as a professional solution to fit the needs of all the maritime industries. Our recent product launches have seen two new additions in the ipad TZ App and TZ Coastal Monitoring. The launch of our ipad TZ App allowed for thousands of new casual users worldwide to access our marine navigation software. TZ Coastal Monitoring is a highly innovative software for that meets the needs of the growing coastal and port surveillance market. In addition, existing software updates are being released regularly. This year alone has seen the upgrade of TZ Navigator and TZ Professional to version 3 which provides better performance which you can be discovered at our stand for those that have yet to test them out stands as a watershed year in the history of our group as we have decided to keep only the TIMEZERO brand name in order to distinguish our products under one family brand and common values: innovation, Security & performance, collaboration. With over 25,000 installations worldwide, TIMEZERO software is sold in 25 countries on 5 continents. They are available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Danish, Italian, Norwegian, Swedish, Dutch, French, Icelandic, German, Chinese and Thai. Electronics Navigation Safety Equipment 51

52 MER AGITÉE Hall 1 / Mer Agitée SARL Port La Forêt LA FORÊT-FOUESNANT Ph: +33 (0) Fax: +33 (0) Dimitri VOISIN In charge of Research & Development Founded by French Off shore racing legend Michel DESJOYEAUX, MER AGITÉE is an offshore racing team. The company s core activity is to help and coach sailors and sponsors throughout the life of offshore racing projects, working as a catalyzer for decision-making processes and as a trouble killer for operational aspects of any sail boatracing project. One of the company s inspiring philosophy is to be constantly at the cutting edge of technological innovation and always in a position to offer state off the art high performance solutions and custom services for any part of individual projects. Now engaged in a strategy of market diversification, Mer Agitée R&D department has identified new market opportunities for two solutions initially developed for offshore racing applications: e-tell Tales by TrimControl integrate strain gages providing instant and reliable sails airflow data. This data is then accessible on any onboard electronic or computing system. OnBoardSeaVision is a strong and easy-to-use onboard video system handling multiple high performance video cameras. 11 Imoca off-shore racing boats use OnBoardSeaVision for the next Vendée Globe It includes lightweight installation on the on-board PC (with no additional hardware, just IP cameras and cables). Superyacht Services Electronics 52

53 METALU MARINA Hall MYP METALU designs, manufactures, and installs a wide range of floating and fixed pontoons and access bridges. Metalu supplies fingers, gangways, accessories, floating sanitory, floating clubhouse, floating offices,... Metalu is a leading company for over 40 years. Meatlu has references worldwide. Metalu Marina Chemin des Taillais SAINT-BRÉVIN-LES-PINS Ph: +33 (0) Fax: +33 (0) Gilles PELLE CEO Boatbuilding Materials and Equipment Marina and Yard Equipment 53

54 MICROWAVE VISION Hall 5 / Microwave Vision 17 avenue de Norvège VILLEBON SUR-YVETTE Ph: +33 (0) Eumari BONILLA Marketing Manager Since its creation in 1986, The MICROWAVE VISION Group (MVG) has developed a unique expertise in the visualization of electromagnetic waves. These waves are at the heart of our daily lives: Smartphones, computers, tablets, cars, yachts, trains and planes -- all these devices and vehicles would not work without them. Year after year, the Group develops and markets systems that allow for the visualization of these waves, while evaluating the characteristics of antennas, and helping speed up the development of products using microwave frequencies. The Group s mission is to extend this unique technology to all sectors where it will bring strong added value. Since 2012, MVG is structured around 3 departments: AMS (Antenna Measurement Systems), EMC (Electro-Magnetic Compatibility, EIC (Environmental & Industrial Control), and more recently introducing NeptuLinkby MVG which provides 4G communications while at sea. MVG is present in 10 countries, and generates 90% ofsales from exports. The Group has over 350 employees and a loyal customer base of international companies. MVG has received the BPI «Innovative Enterprise» certification, and is eligible for PEA-PME.NYSE-Euronext : ALMIC Alternext, code ISIN FR For more information: Projects: Boatbuilding Materials and Equipment Transmissions and Gears Electronics 54

55 MIP SAS Hall 5 / For over 40 years, MIP offers its expertise in conception, fabrication and decoration of logos and technical plastic parts, mainly for automotive and nautical industry. MIP is ISO 9001 certified since 1998, and mastering internally decoration process: Painting, Pad printing, Screen printing, Hot stamping, Enamelling, Laser cutting for adhesive tape. MIP SAS 945 chemin de la plaine DAGNEUX Ph.: +33 (0) Fax: +33 (0) Cyril GOURJUX Technical / Sales Boatbuilding Materials and Equipment Interior Furnishings 55

56 NAUDET SAS Hall 1 / NAUDET SAS 3 rue Marcel Dassault NEUILLY-PLAISANCE Ph.: +33 (0) Fax: +33 (0) Based in Paris, NAUDET has been manufacturing navigation instruments since This experience of over 150 years gives NAUDET unparalleled expertise in the design and manufacture of high quality measuring devices. NAUDET offers a full range of barometers and barographs, hair hygrometers, thermometers, and clocks that find their place in the boat or at home. NAUDET also manufactures high precision instruments for professionals particularly for submarines and industry use. The 100% made-in- handcraftsmanship always meets the most stringent criteria of excellence. In 2016 NAUDET offers to benefit from the manufacturing of each instrument by deciding its clients own finishing touch (name of the boat, logo, ). Charles FRIESS Sales Manager Interior Furnishings Maritime Goods Navigation 56

57 NAUTIC CLEAN Hall 1 / NAUTIC CLEAN manufactures and distribute a large range of professional Yacht care products.( Scaling cleaner for hulls, nano wax shampoo, mildew remover, professional cleaner, pneumatic and semirigid cleander, polishs solutions. We have partner s distributor in, Spain, Greece, Switherland ans Caraîbes. In we have 300 dealers who sale Nautic clean. Our laboratory was created 25 years ago. NAUTIC CLEAN Rue Saint-Léon NANCY Cel.: +33 (0) Pierre-Alexandre JEANDEL Sales Manager Boat Care, Chemicals, Coatings, Maintenance 57

58 NAUTIPARK Hall MYP SARL NAUTIPARK PA de la Guerche Avenue des Frères Lumière SAINT-BREVIN-LES-PINS Ph.: +33 (0) Fax: +33 (0) Vincent HARNOIS Technical sales Manager Boat handling and cradling Specialist: UNEXPECTED HESITANT - OBVIOUS Since 20 years, we conceive and fabricate equipment for nautical professionals. Dedicating 10% of our turnover each year to research and Development. Improving your working conditions is important to us, so we design our products to be ergonomic and easy-to-use that they can be operated a single person, with no need for extra tooling. Trailers for motors and sailing boats with PARKLEV and QUICKLEV Boat storage systems for motors and sailing boats with PARKUP - RACK UP Projects: More than motors boats, sailing ship and yachts stored with PARKUP EVO technology More than 100 dry ports, yacht storage, winter boats More than 150 marinas More than 300 shipyards, waterway yards, boat dealers. Hydraulic Systems Marina and Yard Equipment Trailers, Transport 58

59 NAUTIX MARINE PAINTS NAUTIX MARINE PAINTS Parc d activités les 5 chemins 24 rue Nicolas Appert GUIDEL Hall 1 / 621 Present on the water for more than 20 years and proven on the hulls of the most prestigious cruising and racing yachts around the world, Nautix products have become the reference in marine paints. Selected by many private boat owners, professional paint applicators and charter fleets, the Nautix range is a total boat maintenance solution for any yacht, regardless of size or function. Our product range includes: Antifoulings, primers, epoxy fillers, anticorrosion systems, finishing paints, non skid deck coating, marine varnishes. Ph.: +33 (0) Vincent BERNARD Export Manager Boat Care, Chemicals, Coatings, Maintenance Boatbuilding Materials and Equipment 59

60 Know-how of over 15 years in interior carpentry and cabinet making. Complete support through all stages of your project. Flexibility to adapt to your requirements. A project manager to work with you and respond to your regarded today as a major player in industrial carpentry but has remained flexible in order to retain its traditional skills. With over 15 years of experience, Naviline is not only known for its building of boat interiors but for all types of specialist internal fabrication: houses, offices, commercial vehicles, trains and high-quality semi-trailers. Naviline will help you through all your interior projects, from conception to the REALISATION OF YOUR IDEAS! For more information visit Tél : +33(0) Fax : +33(0) UK : +44(0) Navi Line Rue Éric Tabarly Vieillevigne - FROM CONCEPTION TO MANUFACTURE OF ALL INTERIORS NAVILINE INDUSTRIES NAVILINE INDUSTRIES 1 rue Eric Tabarly VIEILLEVIGNE Ph.: +33 (0) Fax: +33 (0) Hall CMP 32 EL NAVILINE INDUSTRIES SAS is part of Groupe Malvaux which also includes ST Bois, Barbeau and Amoris as well as the parent company Malvaux. It specializes in producing series boat interiors starting with hull CAD drawings and a General Arrangement. The company works in all materials from veneered and lightweight foam filled boards, produced in-house by Malvaux to Corian solid surface for galleys and heads compartments. Along with its sister company, ST Bois, it supplies interiors to the majority of French leisure boat builders as well as exporting too. It is also strengthened by being able to call on other members of the group for specialist processes such as high quality veneer work (table, doors, etc..) and building specific custom panels composed of a variety of cores and layers. Thibaut CHRETIEN Business Developper - D WHY CHOOSE NAVILINE? CONTACT : Boatbuilding Materials and Equipment Interior Furnishings 60

61 NKE MARINE ELECTRONICS Hall 1 / 739 NKE MARINE ELECTRONICS 6 rue Gutenberg ZI de Kerandré HENNEBONT Ph.: +33 (0) Paul FRAISSE Managing Director For more than30 years, nke marine electronics has been developing and manufacturing a complete range of navigation instruments (multifunctions, high resolution sensors, Gyropilot, strain gauges, processor, 3D sensor...). Adopted by the sailing elite, our products benefit from the most advanced technologies. All our exclusives innovations are tested and approved by both professional and amateur yachtsmen all around the world. Whatever your program, should it be racing or cruising, solo or crewed, nke instruments are designed to answer all your needs at every level. In 2015, the nke processor and High Resolution Gyropilot for processor won the prize of high Technology in Product category. This award was given by the F.I.N (Federal of Nautical Industries) and the French Sailing Federation at Paris Boat Show Projects: At METS 2016, nke presents a new display: the Multi Display with 2 new wired remote control (NKE Pad). Electronics Safety Equipment 61

62 NOVAL Hall 1 / Thanks to our production unit and the expertise of our electronic and mechanical research departments, we provide our clients with a wide range of innovative systems and services. We also provide on demand custom solutions. NOVAL 23 voie Hemera ZI Lavigne AUTERIVE Ph.: +33 (0) Fax: +33 (0) Gérôme CANOLLE Yacht Department Manager Boat Covers and Canvas Boatbuilding Materials and Equipment Electrical Electronics Hardware Hydraulic Systems Interior Furnishings Seating 62

63 NVEQUIPMENT Hall 1 / NVEQUIPMENT 3 rue des Electriciens ZI de la Bégaudiere CS SAINT-GILLES Ph.: +33 (0) Fax: +33 (0) Jeanne PATISSIER Product Manager JY Gautier - Graphique-Photos 30 years experience in pleasure boating have made NV a genuine reference in the nautical universe. Specialised in designing and manufacturing outdoor boat protection, NV dresses, protects and invents onboard comfort underway or when moored: sprayhoods, biminitops and enclosure covers for sailing and motor boat, and luxury yachts. NVEQUIPMENT guarantees to provide a product perfectly matched to the boat model with more than patterns available. Projects: In 2016, NV decided to rebuild its website in order to change its design but also to offer to our customer better services: a new intuitive searching tool and a responsive website available on computer, smartphone or tablet. NV s website is now available in three languages: French, English and Italian so that more and more boat owners and dealers can be informed in their own language. It is also a way for Nvequipment to show its desire to develop international markets. The professional website also evolved: NV wanted to create a true dedicated and customized website for dealers all around the world. Dealers can now have access to their last orders and to services to help them in their daily job. Special online offers will be available soon and the dealer can keep in touch easily with our customer service throughout the website. Bernard Rubinstein. Almodovar JY Gautier - Graphique-Photos Boat Covers and Canvas JY Gautier 63

64 OUTILS OCÉANS Hall 5 / OUTILS OCÉANS 10 rue Nicolas Appert ZAC de Troyalac h SAINT-EVARZEC Ph.: +33 (0) Fax: +33 (0) Nicolas LEBUGLE Marine Equipment Department Manager For 29 years, OUTILS OCEANS has designed, developed and manufactured high quality and durable textile marine equipment. Tested and approved by professional sailors, racers and ship builders, our products are innovative and easy to use. Specialist custom project, personalization is possible with different colors and personal logo. Our design and production base is located in with a second production base in China. Products: Fenders, rope bags, storage lockers, mast ladders, re-boarding Ladders, stacking bags, tool bags, winch handle and bottle holder, custom work Projects: Regarding the new amendment of the norm EN/ISO with Man overboard prevention and recovery, we developed a new model of our reboarding Ladder magic-reboard which is in conformity. Easy to install and easy to use, Magic-Reboard is designed to reboard unaided in complete security. The new steps are wide and rigid to facilitate climbing back aboard. The steps of the ladder have been specially designed to sink at least 1.2 m under the waterline. Requested by professional racers, Racing range has been created to answer the call for lightweight sturdy rope bags and accessories. With a new design and material, solid and durable, they have been tested on the new Ultime trimarans and Imoca open 60. For the guardrail, warp and turnbuckle, we developed a new concept of protection. Quickly installed, they offer a high protection against abrasion, shock as well as protecting yourself. Anchoring, Docking Equipment Deck Hardware / Rigging Safety Equipment 64

65 PEGUET Hall 1 / A complete range of quick links for reliable & durable connection. Consider the Working load limit (WLL) based on a safety factor of 5, for Maillon Rapide quick links used as a permanent or semi permanent connector. Additional product range for industrial safety in PPE also available, EN 362 standard. Peguet 12 rue des Buchillons ANNEMASSE Ph: +33 (0) Fax: +33 (0) Didier DURAND Export Manager 65

66 PETITJEAN COMPOSITES Hall CMP 13 EL Manufacturer of composite booms and masts, gennaker and code zero hydraulics furlers, hydraulics rams, carbon and kevlar rigging. PETITJEAN COMPOSITES Zone Industrielle du Capitou FRÉJUS Ph.: +33 (0) Fax: +33 (0) Thierry PETITJEAN Manager Deck Hardware / Rigging 66

67 PONTOS Hall 1 / 737 PONTOS has reinvented the winch. The GRINDER winch (6 times faster) for competitive sailing or the TRIMMER winch (3 times less effort) for family cruising and the COMPACT winch for smaller boats. The Pontos range of 2 and 4 speed winches makes sailing simpler and improves safety at sea.. PONTOS 7 rue du Mottais SAINT MALO Ph.: +33 (0) Fax: +33 (0) Darryl SPURLING Marketing and Sales Director Boatbuilding Materials and Equipment Deck Hardware / Rigging 67

68 NCV INDUSTRIES / PORCHER INDUSTRIES PORCHER SPORT 10 Route départementale ECLOSE-BADINIERES Ph.: +33 (0) Daniel COSTANTINI Market Manager Hall 5 / 315 Porcher is the world leader in high performance lightweight fabrics wherever your passion is in the air or on water, We are here to guarantee you pleasure and safety through high technology, Porcher Sport manufactures a dedicated range of fabrics for the nautical market: Easysail, offering the ultimate level of performance for spinnakers making it the perfect asset for regate and cruising. Comparative tests show that Easysail has a better dimensional stability especially after ageing - compared to other products available on the market. Furthermore Easysail fabric is twice as hydrophobic as the closest competitor s material. Our fabric for spinnaker is available in 6 colours: blue, white, red, yellow, green and grey. Please contact us for more details, Boat Care, Chemicals, Coatings, Maintenance Boatbuilding Materials and Equipment 68

69 PRODEX ELASTOMERES DAME AWARDS 2015 nominee Hall MYP PRODEX ELASTOMERES 32 avenue Louis Pasteur GELLAINVILLE Ph.: +33 (0) Fax: +33 (0) Didier CHABARDES Export Manager PRODEX is known as a major supplier of dock fenders for pontoon producers, and also boat producers, thanks to a new generation of elastomer that offers leading advantages: colour (grey, aluminium, white, blue, red, brown, etc ), recyclability and most of all a nonmarking contact (even in black). In 2014, Prodex was proud to be nominated for Dame Award for its latest development: a dock fender with LEDs: The Fenderlight. This is not only an incredible way for highlighting your pontoon or your boat but also for increasing security and offering you a solution for intelligent parking (light is switched on for available spaces) and filling stations. Prodex s fenders are resistant to freeze & UV (deliveries from Scandinavia to Emirates) and to ageing (Prodex works for marinas since 1998, material have been tested by the National Trial Station for Ageing from Bandol, according Standard NFT in 2008). Fenders can be delivered with lengths up to 25M. and equipped with caps, tops and watertight welded corners for better aspect & resistance. Projects: Marinas & harbours: Doha (Qatar), St Andrews (Scotland), Vevey (Switzerland), Rabat (Morocco), Ostsee (Germany) etc In : Cannes, La Rochelle, Sète, Saint Tropez, Port Camargue, Port Médoc, Frontignan, Les Sables d Olonne, Port Fréjus. Boat builders: Austria, Croatia, Anchoring, Docking Equipment Boatbuilding Materials and Equipment Lighting Marina and Yard Equipment 69

70 PROFURL Hall 1 / PROFURL - WICHARD SAS 1 ZI de Felet CS THIERS CEDEX Ph.: +33 (0) Fax: +33 (0) Eric BUTREAU Marketing & Communication Manager PROFURL: the brand dedicated to furling systems Profurl offers a range of products summed up by one word: QUALITY. Reliability and longevity are the characteristics common to every Profurl product. State of the art production and assembly techniques guarantee all products meet the demanded standard of excellence. Today Profurl offers a comprehensive product range from manual reefing-furling systems, motorized systems, flying sail furlers to stayfurlers. All the Profurl systems aim at managing effectively and safely all kinds of sails Projects: Profurl has released a range of flying furlers called NEX dedicated to furl efficiently sails like code 0, gennaker and staysail. Furling an asymmetrical spinnaker could be a difficult operation especially when sailing alone. Spinex is a new product developed by Profurl and enabling to furl from top to bottom your asymmetrical spinnaker. Deck Hardware / Rigging Hardware 70

71 PROMENS FRANCE Hall 5 / Promens 73 rue Henri Gautier MONTOIR DE BRETAGNE Ph: +33 (0) Fax: +33 (0) Sébastien DUFOUR Sales Manager Plastic Products Marine, Automotive, Agri industry RPC is a world-leading plastics products design and engineering company for both packaging and selected non-packaging applications. Over 130 operations in 29 countries and 24 design & engineering centre Over 18,300 employees Industry leading innovator Major European plastic converter Listed on London Stock Exchange Today the RPC PROMENS group has 2 rotomoulding units. One is specialized in the design and manufacture of tanks for the Navy. Our sites are certified ISO Boatbuilding Materials and Equipment Fuel Handling Plumbing 71

72 PROYACHT - CLINAZUR Hall 1 / 618 Clinazur designs, manufactures and distributes a comprehensive line of professional yacht care products, enzymatic waste water treatments, polishes, fuel treatments, cleaning and protective solutions. Clinazur SARL 1 er CAI 331 avenue du docteur Lefèvre VILLENEUVE LOUBET Ph: +33 (0) Fax: +33 (0) Michael ROUTIN General Manager Boat Car, Chemicals, Coatings, Maintenance 72

73 RESOLTECH SAS Hall CMP 21 EL Resoltech is considered as one of Europe s leading epoxy resin formulator: over 800 low toxicity epoxy systems developed in partnership with customers to fit specific applications. Résoltech supplies resins, adhesives, fillers, epoxy foams and specialty gelcoats to boat builder all around the world. Low toxicity for users and environmental concerns are priorities in all Resoltech product developments. RESOLTECH 249 Avenue Gaston Imbert ZI ROUSSET F13790 ROUSSET Ph: +33 (0) Fax: +33 (0) Pierre CALMON Export Sales Manager Projects: 2016 is a strategic year for the development of Résoltech: The new factory is now operational with outstanding R&D and production facilities. ISO 9001 certification DNVGL certification of the marine range Development of bio-based products Video link : Boatbuilding Materials and Equipment Fuel Handling Deck Hardware / Rigging 73

74 REYA SAS Hall 5 / DOLPHIN CHARGERS ZI Toulon Est 201 Avenue Irène et Jean Frederic Joliot Curie LA GARDE DOLPHIN smart battery chargers are state-of-the-art battery chargers exclusively designed for harsh marine environment. Since 1994 more than 100,000 units has been installed worldwide. The DOLPHIN Premium charger models are available in 12v from 10amp output up-to 40amp.Virtualy plug & play these units are dedicated for small size system with trouble free installation. The NEW DOLPHIN PRO charger models are now available in 24 volts from 40amp up-to 100amp with DNV type approved certificate. Using CAN BUS capability an innovative touch screen panel provide full control of the unit from a 85mm diameter remote panel. Ph.: +33 (0) Fax: +33 (0) Nicolas FATA OIM & Export Manager Electrical 74

75 RIPACK-SUPPLIES Hall 1 / RIPACK - SUPPLIES 7 rue de Betnoms LE HAILLAN Ph.: +33 (0) Fax: +33 (0) Christian RENAUD Export Manager RIPACK-SUPPLIES is a department of the world leader of shrink wrapping tools RIPACK and offers comprehensive solutions for the protection of any boats types under high quality shrink film. Its products catalog is dedicated to shipyards, boats transport companies, marinas and distributors of marine equipment and includes shrink films up to 12 meters wide, UVI adhesive tapes, strapping, ventilation and heat shrink guns with all accessories, but also training for winterization and encapsulation of the most demanding maritime professionals. The new heat shrink tool Ripack 3000 Series is the most powerful gun of the market and ensures the fastest shrinking of films, including outside where the working time is often limited. A range of extension wands, up to 2 meters, allows the operator to easily reach the most difficult or highest areas without moving and with the assurance of work comfort with, among others, a new pivoting armrest to compensate the effort. The range of shrink film is enriched with new intermediate widths to avoid costly waste. RIPACK has developed software for the automatic encryption of the shrink protection, allowing professionals to propose the best suited solution to needs of the boat owner, thus ensuring of the reputation of a great name. RIPACK -SUPPLIES will exhibit its solutions on the next METS 2016 in Amsterdam. Boat Covers and Canvas 75

76 RIVOYRE INGENIERIE Hall CMP 5 EL Rivoyre Ingenierie Espace Berlioz 100 rue Albert Caquot BIOT SOPHIA ANTIPOLIS Boat Structure Engineering Metallic and composite construction Hulls, keels, rudders, mast & rigging Structure 3D mock-up and 2D drawings Preliminary study, Bill of material Weight and CG calculation FEA & Final Calculation Report Classification follow-up Yacht construction survey Ph: +33 (0) Fax: +33 (0) Franck DE RIVOYRE CEO Boatbuilding Materials and Equipment Deck Hardware Rigging 76

77 R-MARINA Hall MYP R-MARINA - S2F NETWORK 27 rue Gabriel Péri LE HAVRE Ph.: +33 (0) Fax: +33 (0) Stéphanie DE BAZELAIRE CEO Projects: Among our references, we equiped 10 marinas of Premier marinas in England, including Swanwick and Chichester. R-marina also equiped in : the marina of La Rochelle, the 12 marinas of La Compagnie des Ports du Morbihan, the marina of Le Havre, the marina of Saint Malo, etc. S2F network is an innovative company created in Le Havre () in Specialised in conception of wireless new architectures, its solutions like R-marina allow to take remote control from many applications. The development of our firm is involved in the field of IoT (Internet of Things) in and abroad. Marinas and cities are the markets targeted by S2F network which has created a solution and a brand for each of them. R-marina is the innovative solution which offers a reliable quality service to the marina managers and to the boaters whatever the complexity of the environment R-marina relies on a unique secured network. It allows to take remote control of all the marina s equipments such as Wi-Fi, CCTV cameras, access control, dynamic display screens, payment terminal, water and electricity terminal, smart lighting, intercom, meteo station, electronic valves, etc. The network architecture is conceived to respond to your needs. R-MARINA is a modular, scalable, redundant and easy to use operation s network which allows to improve the management of your equipments. In adopting our solutions, you become the owner of your network, of your data and you can foresee a return on investment. In April 2016, S2F network created a plant in the USA, In St Petersburg (FL). Equipment example Marina of Le Havre (French): Marina and Yard Equipment 77

78 SAFE BOAT EQUIPMENT SAS FENDERTEX - SAFE BOAT EQUIPMENT SAS 145 rue du Château BLESSY Ph.: +33 (0) Delphine LENOIR Sales Manager Hall 1 / 713 The FENDERTEX fenders are designed in completely different way of any other type of fender. They have some big advantages: Ultra Resistant: It s tubular design in technical textile is made without seam or weld, making it extremely resistant to compression and tensile strength Easy to store: Deflatable, the flexibility of the textile material allows the fender FENDERTEX to be rolled up to optimize space on board Light: The fender FENDERTEX is the lightest of the market, making it very easy to use Aesthetic: The use of dyed yarn ensures durability of colours over several years. The fender FENDERTEX is not sensitive to UV rays Customizable: Many colors available, possibility to add the logo/name of the yacht on an additional cover The FENDERTEX fenders are in made and the important thing for our company is the quality of our products. FENDERTEX fenders is a patented product. Projects: We work with OUTREMER, CNB LAGOON, RIVA. At the international, we work with BENETTI (M/Y FORMOSA), MAJESTY YACHTS (M/Y GRENADINE III), DUTCH FALCON, SOLARIS, PERSHING, MANGUSTA, FEADSHIP (M/Y SAVANNAH). Anchoring, Docking Equipment 78

79 SANIMARIN Hall 1 / SANIMARIN 41 bis avenue Bosquet PARIS Ph.: +33 (0) The company SFA, founded in 1958, revolutionised the sanitary equipment market by creating the electrical macerator toilet, otherwise known as the Saniflo. SANIMARIN SFA, the Group s brand dedicated to the yachting & boating world, wields its extensive expertise in this field to bring you powerful, dependable on-board sanitation systems. SANIMARIN toilets are specially designed to ensure the same user comfort at sea as at home. The replacement of hand pump toilets by SANIMARIN is straightforward. SANIMARIN toilets are the quietest electric toilets on the market. Grazyna PAWINSKA Product Manager Plumbing 79

80 These performance values are indicative. The actual values depend on the conditions of use and battery charge status SAVE MARINE DAME AWARDS 2015 nominee Hall 5 / 303 SAVE MARINE 3 rue des Arts et Métiers GRENOBLE Ph.: +33 (0) Jean Dominique ZANUS Sales & Marketing Director SAVE MARINE, a division of the company Save Innovations develops a new generation of hydrogenerators for cruising sailboats. Save Innovations supplier of electrical low voltage production systems with high performance Save Innovations owner of the present web site, is a simplified joint-stock company with a variable capital. It s main purpose is to develop, produce and distribute wind and hydro generators. It is the only company so far to own innovative technologies able to produce electricity (several hundred watts) from low speed air or water current (from 1 meter per second). Projects: Installation and used hydrogenerator on sailboat: Arm E asily removable for storage and very convenient to fit and remove the generator Automatic clamcleat The turbine rises automatically in case of shock on the submerged part Handle All the ropes go back up at the top of the arm. you don t even need to bend down Support The articulated support allows adaptations to different types of transoms Technical characteristics of the H240 Dimensions : - T urbine: diameter 24 cm - Rudder length: 40 à 65 cm - Arm length: 60 cm to 90 cm - Unit Weight: 10 kg Electronics: - Automatic Microcontroller Converter Electrical Characteristics: - Voltage12, 24 ou 48 v - Power max: 600 W Follow in real time the production of your H240 and your battery condition on your smartphone with a free application we provide H240 A new generation of hydrogenerator for electric autonomy on board Plate The installation Plate is the only element that remains on the transom when the H240 is removed Turbine A faired turbine for protection, increased performance and reduced drag Contact SAVE MARINE Commercial service + 33 (0) Technical service + 33 (0) rue des Arts et Métiers Grenoble Efficient at low speed Particularly suited for cruising sailboats navigating usually between 3 and 8 knots, the new exclusive technology of our turbine produces electricity from low water flow with minimal drag. 600 Watts 120 Watts 5 Knots 10 Knots Environmentally friendly and economical The H240 is environmentally friendly: It is powered by an inexhaustible energy: the force exerted on the water by your sailboat navigating or at the anchor (in a stream of at least 3 knots) It gives you electrical autonomy on board. Safe Our H240 is protected against floating objects: the propeller is faired and automaticly lifts in the event of impact. The electronic unit automatically regulates batteries charge. It is protected by a microprocessor and a fuse. All Components are adapted to the marine environment. Easy to install Our system fits the vast majority of sailboats transoms. It is easy and quick to install. We provide all the necessary elements. Practical The fixing system is very simple and discrete. It does not interfere with other uses of the transom (swimming, manoeuvring of the tender... ) The H240 is easy to fix and remove, light (10 kg), discreet and quiet. The only risk is to forget it s there! Electrical 80

81 SCHEIBER SA Hall 1 / SCHEIBER SA BELLEVUE SAINT-PIERRE-DU-CHEMIN SCHEIBER, THE FRENCH PROVIDER OF SMART CONNECTED SOLUTIONS. Innovative Technology dedicated to boat builders, OEMs and also adapted to end-users. Drive your equipment from our SFSP switches, colour touch screens or from your own tablet or smartphone: lighting systems with dimming control, battery monitoring, DC power distribution. Visit us on booth and discover our MULTIBLOC solution! Ph.: +33 (0) Maud MASSE Sales Assistant Electrical Electronics Lighting 81

82 SECURITAG SAS Hall 5 / SEA-TAGS - SECURITAG SAS 2 avenue des Améthystes NANTES CEDEX 3 SEA-TAGS is brand own by SECURITAG SAS. The company specialized in electronic devices for marine safety. Sea-Tags is a safety system that automatically triggers an alarm on your phone when someone falls overboard. Sea-Tags is compatible with most smartphones and uses the latest Bluetooth Low Energy technology. Simply download our free app (Android and ios) and follow the instructions to connect your Sea-Tags wearables. With no installation required on your boat, our Sea- Tags MOB alarm system is the most affordable and easy to use on the market. Ph.: +33 (0) Frédéric MOUTAMA Export Manager MAN OVER BOARD ALARM SYSTEM Keep an eye on your crew! While Sailing alone or with a crew, let s be vigilant! Arnaud Boissieres Vendée Globe Olivier Blanchet / La Mie Câline Application sur IOS & Android GPS MOB SOS Apple Watch Electronics Safety Equipment 82

83 SELA Hall 5 / SELA 63 bis avenue du Recteur Claude Chalin VIC-EN-BIGORRE Ph.: +33 (0) Fax: +33 (0) Frédéric RELEA Sales Manager SELA is a leading supplier of cockpit and cabin lighting systems for civil and military aircraft. We offer state-of-the art lighting and made to measure solutions for Business jet interiors, Corporate and VIP aircraft. From the skies, on Corporate, VIP and VVIP aircraft cabin interiors, to the sea, on luxury Yacht interiors, we adapt systematically our customized lighting products line to corresponding environmental conditions, specific Design requirements and electrical dedicated standards. From New Zealand to French shipyards, we design and develop dedicated Yacht interior LED lighting systems in white or colored mood lighting systems. We have easily adapted our aircraft lighting products to yachting market as Design requirements between our flying customers and our yachting customers are closed in terms of finishing and lighting. Our CLEMATIS lighting system is also available for Yachts installation. Feel free to contact us for any additional information. cockpit and cabin lighting systems Electrical Electronics Lighting 83

84 SICOMIN Hall CMP 2 EL SICOMIN 31 avenue de la Lardière CHÂTEAUNEUF-LES- MARTIGUES Ph.: +33 (0) Fax: +33 (0) Marc DENJEAN Export Manager SICOMIN, a leading formulator and supplier of superior, high performance epoxy systems and advanced composite materials, possess over 30 years of experience within the Marine industry. From their facility in Southern, Sicomin develop the largest portfolio of bespoke, next generation resin systems for the production of countless high performance and superyacht vessels. SICOMIN also supply an extensive range of core materials, fabric reinforcements, release agents, fillers and consumables. Their high quality formulations are used in a variety of processing techniques including: infusion, RTM, pultrusion, hand lay-up and on-site prepregging. At METS 2016, Sicomin will be introducing its SOLAS approved fire retardant epoxy system formulated specifically for infusion technologies and GreenPoxy, its range of bio-based epoxy resins. Projects: SICOMIN played an integral part in this challenging project and supplied a range of advanced resin systems during the build programme that was secured by renowned French shipbuilder, CMN. The trimaran shells were produced at Chantier Naval H2X s facility in La Ciotat,. All parties worked closely to achieve a truly outstanding result and the project has now received the accolade of the largest ever infusion of an epoxy hull in a single shot. Boatbuilding Materials and Equipment 84

85 SIREHNA Hall 5 / Sirehna 5 rue de l Halbrane BOUGUENAIS Cel: +33 (0) SIREHNA has 30 years of experience in developing and manufacturing maritime embedded systems and is specialized in Dynamic Positioning Systems and Unmanned surface Vehicles. Sirehna operates in different fields of expertise such as hydrodynamics and control of mobile maritime units. Our systems are designed for mega-yachts, sailing yachts, cruise vessels, offshore and military ships. Sirehna is a subsidiary of DCNS Group. Grégoire GRANDJEAN Business Sales Manager Anchoring, Docking Equipment Boatbuilding Materials and Equipment Navigation Steering/Stability Equipment Superyacht Services Electronics 85

86 SLCE WATERMAKERS Hall 5 / SLCE WATERMAKERS 149 rue Salvador Dali CS LANESTER SLCE Watermakers manufactures a complete range of watermakers from 1 to m3/24hr. Our AQUABASE range, featuring productions from 30 to 300 L/hr, is specifically designed for pleasure boats, yachts and small professional boats. Energy recovery is available. Our company is active in many fields, from pleasure boating all the way up to cruise ships. Our expertise extends to military and commercial vessels, as well as land based installation for hotel, municipalities and industries. Whatever your need may be, our team will be happy to come up with a tailored solution. Ph.: +33 (0) Fax: +33 (0) Luc MAGNOLER Sales Manager Plumbing 86

87 SNA Hall 5 / SNA 18 rue de Govean ZA Kerollaire Nord SARZEAU Ph: +33 (0) Laurence PLAGUE Customer Relationship SNA design, produce and deliver all protections and tailor-made elements of boat in canvas. SNA s competitive advantage rests upon a brand new technology based on digital conception of its products. The global process is entierly digital, from scanner datas acquisition and 3D conception to production and sale. SNA goes beyond the limits of a traditionnal conception s process without spending time prototyping each elements. The work done upstream by the industrial design team guarantee a perfectly adapted product for each model of boat. SNA build an interactive relationship with its customers so that they can concretely visualize their new canvas creations before its production. A precious and customized advice is provided to each customer to make sure they are making the right choice. SNA s concept was born in 2010 in Sarzeau,. Thierry Plagué, creator and director of the company, based the development of its project on a strong resolution to introduce the 3D in the conception process adapted to made-tomeasure products. Industrial conception programs applied to a tailor-made demand is what makes the SNA s concept unique. This daring venture has received the Crisalide Award 2015 recognizing SNA as a Digital Industry of the Futur. Projects: Refit d Orange II: watch?v=979tvwsnask Alibi Yacht: watch?v=csgxogs9mou Boatbuilding Materials and Equipment Interior Furnishings Boat Covers and Canvas 87

88 SPARCRAFT Hall 1 / Sparcraft has been associated with engineering excellence and innovation in the marine industry for over 50 years, specialising in the design and manufacture of masts, booms and rigging systems of the highest quality. Sparcraft has high volume production capacities of 5000 or more masts per year, thanks to integrated design and manufacturing processes, productions facilities and dedicated teams. Sparcraft 8 rue Blaise Pascal PERIGNY CEDEX Ph: +33 (0) Fax: +33 (0) Joël GUERINET Director Deck Hardware Rigging 88

89 SYRLINKS Hall 1 / Syrlinks ZAC des Champs Blancs, 28 rue Robert Keller CESSON-SEVIGNÉ SYRLINKS designs, manufactures and commercializes high-end products for Space, Defense and Safety markets. With a long heritage on distress and locator beacons, Syrlinks will showcase at METS2016 the world smallest AIS-MOB beacon perfectly suited for compact inflatable lifejackets. Its new high performance and miniaturized electronic design offers a greater radio range versus other vendors. Syrlinks offers performance, ease of use and cost-effectiveness to its clients enabling smaller, smarter and safer products. Ph: +33 (0) Fax: +33 (0) Cyril BOISSY Beacons Business Unit Manager Safety Equipment 89

90 TECHNISYNTHESE SARL TBS Route de Chaudron ST PIERRE MONTLIMART Ph: +33 (0) Fax: +33 (0) Stephane COURANT Export Manager Hall 1 / 719 Born from the world of sport, Tbs finds its roots in the sailing world. As a legitimate brand on sea and land, It embodies powerful human values of effort, simplicity and standing togehther. As a singular brand, Tbs is the result of two sporting innovations: - A patent for floor covering: synthetic clay tennis court - A patent for injecting the first tennis shoe with an air bubble Projects: Tbs collections are sold in and worldwide (Europe, Maghreb, Eastern countries, Balkans, Baltic States,, Russia, Gulf countries (EAU), Asia, Oceania ) as retail or wholesale. We are looking for new agents or wholesalers. JULIE BOSSARD, skipper de l équipe de de Match Racing Clothing and Apparel 90

91 TECHNIQUE VOILE Hall 1 / TECHNIQUE VOILE PA de Kermarquer LA-TRINITÉ-SUR-MER Ph.: +33 (0) François LABBE General Manager TECHNIQUE VOILE is a leading european sailmaker and a canvaswork producer with 150 people, an ISO 9001 plant in Tunisia, a network of 21 local lofts in and 45 in different european countries. We design and produce all kind of sails: small sails for clubs, sails for OEM shipyards, for individual cruisers, and for regatas (1st in RORC, 1st in Cowes-Dinard, Erwan Tabarly on the Figaro, 2d in Mini fastnet, etc ). We master all kind of shapes and clothes: cross cut, tri radiale and membranes. We are interested in building partnerships with: Shipyards, local lofts, shipchandler, boat sellers, rigging companies,,.. We provide competitive prices, high quality sails, and short delivery times (3 weeks in pic season) For local lofts, and boat sellers: a software enables the production of the cotation in 2mn and a real time follow up of the booking For canvaswork, we only work with OEM shipyards and our main products are: Covers, cushions, tops, trampolines. Boat Covers and Canvas Clothing and Apparel Interior Furnishings 91

92 TOPOPLASTIC Hall 1 / TOPOPLASTIC offers several ranges of yachting items: navigation instruments, yachting accessories, waterproof pouches and bags, multitools, yachting gloves, bamboo racks, and a complete line of decoration, tableware and galley equipment. TOPOPLASTIC Rue du Commandant L Herminier LORIENT Ph.: +33 (0) Jean Robin GAILLET Clothing and Apparel Galley Equipment / Appliances Navigation 92

93 VIGOUROUX SAS Hall 1 / French chain manufacturer calibrated DIN766 & ISO4565 windlasses. Un-calibrated chain for moorings (DIN764). Self color & hot dipped galvanized & stainless steel chains. And connecting links (shackles). VIGOUROUX SAS Route de Roquecourbe REALMONT Ph.: +33 (0) Fax: +33 (0) Bénédicte GARCIA General Manager since 75 years Un poinçon VIG, notre marque, l assurance d une fabrication française Route de Roquecourbe REALMONT Tél :00 (33) Marina and Yard Equipment 93

94 WATT & SEA Hall 1 / WATT & SEA Parc Creation TECH 40 rue Chef de Baie LA ROCHELLE Ph.: +33 (0) Carole BOURLON Sales, Marketing and Communication Director WATT&SEA, the Premier and Premium brand of Hydrogenerators Watt&Sea is the inventor of the new revolutionary generation of hydrogenerator, bringing more freedom, comfort and safety to the yachtsmen while reducing the impact to our planet and our reliance on diesel. Producing more than 5 x the power supply of any other sustainable source, it is available the whole time the boat is sailing without a decrease in boat speed. Multiple award winning for its innovation, the Watt&Sea hydrogenerator is the result of intensive research. Made of strong material, it easily installs and deploys off the stern of the cruising or racing vessel, efficiently generating the power needed for energy independence without the noise and inconvenience of other battery charging options. Cruising 600 models produce up to 120W of power when travelling at 5 knots and 600 Watts at 9 knots (280 mm propeller), enabling to run all required systems when sailing and still return with fully charged batteries. Simple to use, weighing only 8 kilos, highly efficient and eco-friendly, the Watt&Sea hydrogenerator is the ideal answer to powering communications, navigation, lighting and other energy-consuming devices especially during extended passages. So efficient at producing clean, free energy on demand that Vendée Globe fleet equipped with Watt&Sea Hydro s is using it as their primary power source, while tested to withstand any weather conditions in the world s toughest waters. Projects: Track Record and references (leisure boat industry) 50% of sales internationally Distribution network in 43 countries providing commercial and technical monitoring Main distributors in all major European countries, America and Australia/New-Zealand Available in after market and O.E.M channels Race, a must have equipment: All boats of the forthcoming Vendée Globe race equipped. Electrical Engines and Motors Safety Equipment 94

95 WICHARD SAS Hall 1 / WICHARD SAS - PROFURL 1 ZI de Felet CS THIERS CEDEX Ph.: +33 (0) Fax: +33 (0) Eric BUTREAU Marketing & Communication Manager PROFURL: the brand dedicated to furling systems Profurl offers a range of products summed up by one word: QUALITY. Reliability and longevity are the characteristics common to every Profurl product. State of the art production and assembly techniques guarantee all products meet the demanded standard of excellence. Today Profurl offers a comprehensive product range from manual reefing-furling systems, motorized systems, flying sail furlers to stayfurlers. All the Profurl systems aim at managing effectively and safely all kinds of sails Projects: Profurl has released a range of flying furlers called NEX dedicated to furl efficiently sails like code 0, gennaker and staysail. Furling an asymmetrical spinnaker could be a difficult operation especially when sailing alone. Spinex is a new product developed by Profurl and enabling to furl from top to bottom your asymmetrical spinnaker. Deck Hardware / Rigging Hardware 95

96 YLTEC Hall 5 / YLTEC 30 A route de Chamvres BP JOIGNY YLTEC is the specialist of high-end stainless steel and aluminum parts for boats. We are a one-stop shop for all your needs. From product design to prototype until production, we know how to handle all stages of the product life with fast turnaround time. Our state of the art facility allows to fulfill your custom designs and requirements at competitive costs. Over the past 25 years YLTEC has built a strong reputation as a top producer of durable, high quality custom made products. Ph.: +33 (0) Fax: +33 (0) Song XU Area Manager Anchoring, Docking Equipment Deck Hardware / Rigging 96

97 ZODIAC NAUTIC Hall 1 / Zodiac Nautic 2 chemin de la Val Priout AYGUESVIVES Ph.: +33 (0) Fax: +33 (0) Annie FOESSEL International Sales Manager Our mission: «To ensure everyone easy access to memorable fun & adventure on the water anywhere, anytime» As the ideal companion for escaping routine, a Zodiac boat is the safest way to discover all the pleasures of boating. With more than 1600 outlets worldwide, Zodiac Nautic is the world s largest and most recognized manufacturer of recreational rigid-inflatable boats, inflatable boats, life rafts and safety equipment, with an extensive production, distribution and service operation throughout the world. Join the Zodiac community, the brand that has already won the hearts of over a million owners. Projects: With a new ownership since July 2015, Zodiac had fight to recover and is now back at its full potential. Reviving the iconic brand hasn t only meant to leverage its QCDMS but renewing with its DNA: innovation. Innovation on products, services, partnerships and solutions to widen its market. While relocating in its Chinese production, Zodiac has also consolidate its human ressources with a good mix of long time experienced employees and new highly qualified employees for key positions that were determined key to long term success. A good example launched in 2016 could be the 3D configurator on their premium NZO range aimed to be deployed on all products including the new Pro range coming early Access to the 3D configurator: Other projects well under way are the development of the inflatable boat market in the United States as well as the development of the brand in Latin America and in Asia-Pacific region. Last but not least Zodiac is working on a Tech Center in Aquitaine, its original region. Boatbuilding Materials and Equipment Navigation 97

98 INDEX ANCHORING, DOCKING EQUIPMENT Chaineries Limousines Corderie Henri Lancelin Cousin Trestec Damade Ixel Marine L oceane Des Plastics Outils Oceans Prodex Elastomeres Safe Boat Equipment (Fendertex) Sirehna Vigouroux Yltec ASPIRATION AND VENTILATION Biotechnature (BTN) BOAT CARE, CHEMICALS, COATINGS, MAINTENANCE Berengier SAS Biotechnature (BTN) Guilbert Express Groupe Durieu Matt Chem Nautic Clean Nautix Marine Paints Porcher Sport Proyacht Boat Covers And Canvas Guilbert Express Ixel Marine Labo Sas (Nodus Factory) Nv Equipment Ripack/Sefmat Sellerie Nautique Aerec - SNA Technique Voile BOATBUILDING MATERIALS AND EQUIPMENT Aegir Cork Group Berengier SAS Bsg Developpements Chaineries Limousines Egalis Guelt Hutchinson - Les Stratifies SAS L oceane Des Plastics Metalu Microwave Vision Monogrammes Injectes Plastique - MIP Nautix Marine Paints Navi-Line Pontos Porcher Sport Prodex Elastomeres Promens Resoltech Rivoyre Ingenierie Sellerie Nautique Aerec - SNA Sicomin Sirehna Z Nautic CLOTHING AND APPAREL Feelfree Frendo Green Sails (727 Sailbags) Guy Cotten TBS Technisynthese Technique Voile Topoplastic COOLING AND EXHAUST SYSTEMS La Salle Des Moteurs DECK HARDWARE / RIGGING Bsg Developpements Corderie Henri Lancelin Cousin Trestec Damade Facnor Guelt Goiot Systems 98

99 INDEX Ino Rope Labo Sas (Nodus Factory) Outils Oceans Peguet & Cie Petitjean Composites (La Voilerie) Pontos Resoltech Rivoyre Ingenierie Sparcraft Wichard (Profurl) Profurl Yltec ELECTRICAL Breizelec/Mantagua Cristec SAS Microwave Vision Noval REYA - Dolphin Charger Save Innovations Scheiber Sela Watt And Sea ELECTRONICS Cristec Sas Dessalator Lcj Capteurs Marinelec Maxsea/Signet Mer Agitee Noval Scheiber Securitag SAS Sela Sirehna ENGINES AND MOTORS La Salle Des Moteurs Watt And Sea FUEL HANDLING Damade L oceane Des Plastics Promens Resoltech GALLEY EQUIPMENT / APPLIANCES Eno - Force 10 Hutchinson - Les Stratifies SAS Topoplastic HARDWARE Damade Ino Rope Labo Sas (Nodus Factory) Noval Wichard (Profurl) Profurl HYDRAULIC SYSTEMS Dessalator Guelt Nautipark INTERIOR FURNISHINGS Berengier SAS Delahousse & Fils Goiot Systems Hutchinson - Les Stratifies SAS Monogrammes Injectes Plastique - MIP Naudet Navi-Line Peguet & Cie Sellerie Nautique Aerec - SNA Technique Voile LIGHTING Aegir Cork Group Dessalator Marinelec Prodex Elastomeres 99

100 INDEX Scheiber Sela MARINA AND YARD EQUIPMENT Chaineries Limousines Guilbert Express Lcj Capteurs Marolotest Metalu Nautipark Peguet & Cie Prodex Elastomeres S2F Network Vigouroux MARITIME GOODS Biotechnature (BTN) Guy Cotten Naudet Vidal Diffusion Marine NAVIGATION Lcj Capteurs Maxsea/Signet Naudet Sirehna Topoplastic Vidal Diffusion Marine Z Nautic PLUMBING Damade Dessalator Promens Sfa Slce SAFETY EQUIPMENT Aegir Cork Group Corderie Henri Lancelin Egalis Guy Cotten Marinelec Maxsea/Signet Nke Marine Electronics Outils Oceans Peguet & Cie Securitag SAS Syrlinks Vidal Diffusion Marine Watt And Sea Wichard (Profurl) SEATING Berengier SAS Delahousse & Fils SOFT GOODS Delahousse & Fils Frendo STEERING/STABILITY EQUIPMENT Goiot Systems JP3 Lecomble Et Schmitt Sirehna STERNGEAR AND PROPELLERS Helices SUPERYACHT SERVICES Aegir Cork Group Mer Agitee Sirehna TRANSMISSIONS AND GEARS Helices La Salle Des Moteurs Microwave Vision 100

101 NOTES 101

102 NOTES 102

103 NOTES 103

104 METSTRADE 2016 MARINE EQUIPMENT TRADE SHOW AMSTERDAM NOVEMBER THE FRENCH PAVILION IS ORGANIZED BY: BUSINESS FRANCE The national agency supporting the international development of the French economy Contact in - Head office in Paris 77 boulevard Saint-Jacques PARIS Anny HOFFMAN, +33 (0) Contact in Amsterdam Business in the Netherlands Stadionweg, sl amsterdam Netherlands Edouard VAN DER HAAS, +31 (0)

Catana 44 Sailing Cat Listing ID:

Catana 44 Sailing Cat Listing ID: Catana 44 Sailing Cat Listing ID: 1109494 DESCRIPTION: Catana 44 Sailing Cat DATE LAUNCHED: 1993 LENGTH: 13.41m (44ft) BEAM: 7m (23ft) DRAFT: 1.21m (4ft) LOCATION: Cruising Indonesia then the Philippines

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COLLECTION COLLECTION About OXXEAN Inflatables is dedicated to the manufacture of high quality PVC rigid inflatable boats. We are committed to exceed customer

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FUN BOAT INVITATION. The capital city trade fair at the heart of Europe s largest inland water sports area GALA OF BOATS exclusive preview 28 Nov 6 pm

FUN BOAT INVITATION. The capital city trade fair at the heart of Europe s largest inland water sports area GALA OF BOATS exclusive preview 28 Nov 6 pm BOAT & FUN 29 Nov 2 Dec 2018 The capital city trade fair at the heart of Europe s largest inland water sports area GALA OF BOATS exclusive preview 28 Nov 6 pm INVITATION Berlin / Brandenburg water sports

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KER53 CRUISER RACER AND EASY. to create the most competitive and eye-catching 50+ footer in IRC. Jason Ker

KER53 CRUISER RACER AND EASY. to create the most competitive and eye-catching 50+ footer in IRC. Jason Ker FAST. AND EASY. to create the most competitive and eye-catching 50+ footer in IRC. Jason Ker PERFORMANCE, MADE OUT OF PASSION. A 53ft race boat fast enough to successfully compete on the race course with

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Lagoon 420 Boatylicious

Lagoon 420 Boatylicious Lagoon 420 Boatylicious Make: Lagoon Boat Name: Boatylicious Model: 420 Hull Material: Balsawood sandwich, polyester resin & vinyl-ester Length: 41 ft 4 in/ 12.6 m Number of Engines: 2 Price: EURO 275,000

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Lagoon 400 S2 - Runaway

Lagoon 400 S2 - Runaway Lagoon 400 S2 - Runaway Make: Lagoon Boat Name: Runaway Model: 400 S2 Hull Material: GRP Length: 39 ft 4in / 12 m Draft: 4 ft / 1.25m Price: $ 430,000 USD Number of Engines: 2 Year: 2013/2014 Fuel Type:

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Bavaria 39 Cruiser. Price: 79,500

Bavaria 39 Cruiser. Price: 79,500 Bavaria 39 Cruiser Network ID 171155 Year 2005 Fuel Diesel Location Dartmouth, Devon Power/Sail Sailboat Engines 1 Engine Hrs Port 900 Construction GRP LOA 39' 3" (11.97m) Keel Fin... Max Draft 6' 5" (1.95m)

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Workshop Compressors CLASSIC Series

Workshop Compressors CLASSIC Series Workshop Compressors CLASSIC Series Displacement: 210 to 40 l/min Pressure: 10 bar What do you expect from your Classic workshop compressor? Quality results can be achieved only by using

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Sailing Multihulls 2013 / MAHE 36 Evolution

Sailing Multihulls 2013 / MAHE 36 Evolution Sailing Multihulls 2013 / 2014 MAHE 36 Evolution LIPARI 41 HELIA 44 SALINA 48 SANYA 57 VICTORIA 67 Evolution Flagship Class Flagship Class Fountaine Pajot Fountaine Pajot Fountaine Pajot Founded by Jean-François

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FLYING SAIL FURLERS. nex : The new generation of flying sail. furlers from Profurl

FLYING SAIL FURLERS. nex : The new generation of flying sail. furlers from Profurl FLYING SAIL FURLERS nex : The new generation of flying sail furlers from Profurl Fast, safe and easy flying sail hoisting, and improved boat performance: this is what Profurl offers you with its range

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GREEN BOATS IN PRACTICE. Green Dream Boats Ltd. GREEN BOATS IN PRACTICE Green Dream Boats Ltd. 1 Yacht industry POLAND 2 Yacht industry Polish perspective Domestic boat production (units) - 2012 Country Sailboats Inboard/ sterndrive motor boats Other

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Fountaine Pajot MAHE 36 COOL CAT

Fountaine Pajot MAHE 36 COOL CAT Fountaine Pajot MAHE 36 COOL CAT Make: Fountaine Pajot Model: MAHE 36 Length: 36 ft Price: $ 185,000 Year: 2006 Condition: Used Location: Miami, FL, United States Boat Name: Hull Material: Draft: Number

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Workshop Compressors CLASSIC Series

Workshop Compressors CLASSIC Series Workshop Compressors CLASSIC Series Displacement: 210 to 40 l/min Pressure: 10 bar What do you expect from your CLASSIC workshop compressor? Quality results can be achieved only by using

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ATLANTIC BACK CRUISING PARTICIPANT BOOKLET ATLANTIC BACK CRUISING COURSE GUADELOUPE AZORES EUROPE Atlantic Back Cruising: Departure every year early May from the marina in Pointe à Pitre in the Guadeloupe islands. A stopover

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GrAnD StAnDS EVENT SOLUTIONS TO COMFORTABLY WELCOME YOUR AUDIENCE GrAnD StAnDS EVENT SOLUTIONS TO COMFORTABLY WELCOME YOUR AUDIENCE More than 100,000 grandstands seats 500 co-workers 5 locations: France, United Kingdom, Spain, Dubai and Brazil 1 st player in the event

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Sweden Yachts 54 / Specification

Sweden Yachts 54 / Specification Specification A world class yacht Sweden Yachts 54 offers superb performance, beautiful lines and a very comfortable and luxurious interior. A performance oriented cruiser that is not just fun to sail

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Trim and Stabilisation systems NEXT GENERATION IN BOAT CONTROL.

Trim and Stabilisation systems NEXT GENERATION IN BOAT CONTROL. Trim and Stabilisation systems NEXT GENERATION IN BOAT CONTROL WHEN EFFICIENCY AND PERFORMANCE REALLY MATTERS! Humphree proudly presents the new HCS-5 The HCS-5 combines exceptional mechanical

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Sabre SAILING Yachts. Crafted in the Maine Tradition

Sabre SAILING Yachts. Crafted in the Maine Tradition Sabre SAILING Yachts Crafted in the Maine Tradition Sabre worked with Jim Taylor to design a weekender with the style and elegance of a classic sailing yacht, and added to the design mandate a blending

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MANUAL REEFING SYSTEMS MANUAL REEFING SYSTEMS Reliability > Performance > Robustness PROFURL offers a comprehensive range of manual headsail furlers. With its Cruising and Racing models, PROFURL is able to match the expectations

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General Specifications

General Specifications General Specifications LOA 10.88 M Beam 3.64 M Draft 2.00 M Disp. 4,839 Kg P 14.80 M E 4.80 M I 14.35 M J 4.25 M Genoa 33.50 M² Mainsail 45.50 M² Gennaker 128.00 M² Design REICHEL/PUGH

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PHI 1100 TRIMARAN 3 ITCH PHI 1100 TRIMARAN 3 ITCH Make: One Design Boat Name: 3 ITCH Model: PHI 1100 Hull Material: Carbon Foam Composite Length: 37 ft / 11.28 m Draft: 1 ft 5 in/ 0.46m Price: $ 199,000 USD Number of Engines:

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阿尔法船舶制造 ( 舟山 ) 有限公司 ALPHA BOAT MANUFACTURING (ZHOUSHAN)CO., LTD 阿尔法船舶制造 ( 舟山 ) 有限公司 ALPHA BOAT MANUFACTURING (ZHOUSHAN)CO., LTD. 2011.8. Alpha Group An international group which focuses on the yacht industry, and aims to build the yacht industrial chain. Covers the

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Nautical industry. Designing the boats of tomorrow

Nautical industry. Designing the boats of tomorrow Nautical industry Designing the boats of tomorrow Niche markets with high added-value The nautical industry in Brittany, made up of many complementary sectors, has its foundations in a culture that focuses

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NDE2 / NDH2 MOTORISED FURLERS. Comfort > Power > Reliability For boats from 9 to 22 m

NDE2 / NDH2 MOTORISED FURLERS. Comfort > Power > Reliability For boats from 9 to 22 m / NDH2 MOTORISED FURLERS Comfort > Power > Reliability For boats from 9 to 22 m The new motorised furlers from Profurl are the highlight of more than 30 years of experience in motorised sail furlers. These

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DRAKKAR 24 Sailing Pleasure brought to all

DRAKKAR 24 Sailing Pleasure brought to all DRAKKAR 24 Sailing Pleasure brought to all School - Regatta - Day sailing Dufour Yachts 50 years of yachting innovation 1964 1965 1967 MICHEL DUFOUR Engineer and sailor Michel Dufour sets up his own shipyard

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Recreational Boating Industry

Recreational Boating Industry Recreational Boating Industry Powering the Canadian Economy 2017 policy agenda 2 Table of Contents A Note from NMMA Canada s Executive Director A Note from NMMA Canada s Executive Director...3 What is

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Power Multihulls 2011 / 2012

Power Multihulls 2011 / 2012 Power Multihulls 2011 / 2012 Power Cruising Range - SUMMERLAND 40 Summerland 40 Trawler s revolutionary new Summerland 40 has already made waves with power catamaran enthusiasts all over the world. Featuring

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NEW NUMARINE 105HT HULL 2 DELIVERED IN HONG KONG AND SPOTTED IN PHUKET NEW NUMARINE 105HT HULL 2 DELIVERED IN HONG KONG AND SPOTTED IN PHUKET Numarine, the Turkish high performance motor yacht shipyard in Istanbul with a range from 55' - 130', is delighted to announce the

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Brioni 44+ Brioni is presenting new model in 2015

Brioni 44+ Brioni is presenting new model in 2015 Brioni is presenting new model in 2015 Brioni 44+ Company was founded in 2006 with determination to build reliable, easy to handle, fast, but economic 44 footer, that offers you luxury of your home. Basic

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OCEANIS 51.1 THE POWER OF A NEW GENERATION OCEANIS 51.1 THE POWER OF A NEW GENERATION LE GRAND LARGE, GIVRAND, JUNE 28 th 2017 Beneteau will shortly reveal the irst of a new generation of Oceanis sailing yachts and they will be shown for the irst

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D62 T62 J10383_InterimBrochureFINAL.indd 1 07/01/ :19

D62 T62 J10383_InterimBrochureFINAL.indd 1 07/01/ :19 D62 T62 ONCE YOU DISCOVER THE FREEDOM WITHIN SUDDENLY LIFE HAS NO LIMITS. For many, freedom is about having the space to be your true self. In the design of our boats, we have listened to customers in

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Sailing Multihulls 2013 / MAHE 36 Evolution

Sailing Multihulls 2013 / MAHE 36 Evolution Sailing Multihulls 2013 / 2014 MAHE 36 Evolution LIPARI 41 HELIA 44 SALINA 48 SANYA 57 VICTORIA 67 Evolution Flagship Class Flagship Class Fountaine Pajot Fountaine Pajot Fountaine Pajot Founded by Jean-François

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ALLURES Excellence has a future 2017

ALLURES Excellence has a future 2017 ALLURES 45.9 Excellence has a future 2017 For the past 14 years, the Allures Yachting shipyard has become a reference point for blue water sailing yachts thanks to the support and confidence of its owners.

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WATT&SEA HYDROGENERATORS, A WATT&SEA [ ] HYDROGENERATORS, A SOLUTION TO ENERGY AUTONOMY ON BOARD? 1 Part 1 Priority motivation and needs for sailboats owners 2 The environment and the safety, the top 2 concerns MOTIVATIONS TO SAIL?

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Melges 32 59,950. Dimensions Length: 32' Beam: 3' Min Draft: 2.11' Displacement: 1769 kgs. Builder/Designer Year: 2005

Melges 32 59,950. Dimensions Length: 32' Beam: 3' Min Draft: 2.11' Displacement: 1769 kgs. Builder/Designer Year: 2005 Melges 32 59,950 Builder/Designer Year: 2005 Builder: Soca Sailboats Designer: Reichel/Pugh Construction: Composite Dimensions Length: 32' Beam: 3' Min Draft: 2.11' Displacement: 1769 kgs Engine Make:

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Index All you need to know

Index All you need to know Index All you need to know We uphold the right of outboard motor boats to have a distinctive character and create a bond with the owner Versatile Quality Performance Space Safety Options and Equipment

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MARIE GALANTE II JEANNEAU MARIE GALANTE II JEANNEAU Builder: JEANNEAU Year Built: 1992 Model: Cruising Sailboat Price: $9,000 USD Off the market Location: Dutch Caribbean LOA: 43' 7" (13.2m) Beam: 13' 9" (4.19m) Max Draft: ' 11"

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2010 K I T A S S E M B L Y B R O C H U R E FREE FUSION 40 SAIL 2010 K I T A S S E M B L Y B R O C H U R E FREE FUSION 40 SAIL KIT COMPONENTS, MOTORAWAY - SAILAWAY, OR FULLY FINISHED BY AGENTS. Whether you want to build your own or just step aboard and turn the key,

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A hybrid downeast cruiser Sustainable boating...

A hybrid downeast cruiser Sustainable boating... F I N A L L Y... A hybrid downeast cruiser Sustainable boating... The ultra-efficient downeast cruiser is designed by McGowan Marine Design Inc., built by Covey Island Boatworks and equipped with a hybrid

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Elegant. Efficient. Innovative.

Elegant. Efficient. Innovative. Elegant. Efficient. Innovative. Glass Tiger T11 The Glass Tiger T11 is an 11m luxury offshore cruising power catamaran designed by Ron Given and built in Henderson Western Australia by Seafest Marine.

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Dolphin Yachts S.L. Club de Mar Palma de Mallorca Spain Cantiere del Pardo Grand Soleil 50

Dolphin Yachts S.L. Club de Mar Palma de Mallorca Spain Cantiere del Pardo Grand Soleil 50 Club de Mar 07015 Palma de Mallorca Spain Cantiere del Pardo Grand Soleil 50 Builder: Cantiere del Pardo LOA: 14.90m (48'9") Model: Grand Soleil 50 Beam: 4.56m (15'0") Year: 2008

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VIKING Defence We re right beside you

VIKING Defence We re right beside you VIKING Defence We re right beside you VIKING LIFe-SAVING equipment - Protecting people and business 2 Helicopter Rescue VIKING Defence Discover the VIKING advantage Life-saving equipment is serious business,

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Beconcini 71' Cantieri di la spezia Anselmi Boretti design

Beconcini 71' Cantieri di la spezia Anselmi Boretti design Beconcini 71' Cantieri di la spezia Anselmi Boretti design Make: Beconcini 71' Model: Length: Cantieri di la spezia Anselmi Boretti design 71 ft Price: EUR 139,000 Year: 1964 Condition: Used Location:

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"Queenie" - Tofinou 9.5

Queenie - Tofinou 9.5 "Queenie" - Tofinou 9.5 Location Ipswich, United Kingdom Build Dimensions Price: 65,000 Length: 9.5m / 31.17ft Year: 2004 Beam: 2.45 meter Builder: Latitude 46 Max Draft: 2.2 meter Construction: GRP Keel

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CHAIRMAN MESSAGE INTERNATIONAL MATCHS ORGANISED +500 TRAINING CAMPS ORGANISED FOR PROFESSIONAL TEAMS +190 COUNTRIES BROADCAST PARTNERSHIP CHAIRMAN MESSAGE Welcome to MatchWorld Group! Since 1999, MatchWorld Group have worked in the sport business industry with a whole-hearted devotion, assisting clients and partners from rights owners, clubs,

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Bavaria 36 Vela. Partnership Yacht Brokers - Jacqui Bugden

Bavaria 36 Vela. Partnership Yacht Brokers - Jacqui Bugden Bavaria 36 Vela Make: Model: 36 Length: Bavaria 11.4 m Price: GBP 47,500 Year: 2003 Condition: Used Boat Name: Hull Material: Draft: Number of Engines: 1 Fuel Type: Vela Fibreglass (GRP) 1.65 m Diesel

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Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning of Distinction

Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning of Distinction Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning of Distinction Transforming global energy-efficiency into an art form! The Braemar advantage Braemar ducted reverse cycle air conditioners are brought to you by Seeley

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The swimming pool brand

The swimming pool brand CATALOGUE The swimming pool brand Our products can be found in over 170 countries. We have over 40 years of experience. Over 40,000 professionals and 2,000,000 swimming pools use one of our 15,000 products.

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Azimut 50 Magellano Year: Hull number: 18

Azimut 50 Magellano Year: Hull number: 18 SEMI DISPLACING Wesmar Fins Azimut 50 Magellano Year: 2011 - Hull number: 18 GENERAL DESCRIPTION Year: 2011 Current Price: EUR 665,000 VAT status: Paid Laying: Adriatic sea (Italy) Layout: 1 master cabin,

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Mini Transat No. 29. Description

Mini Transat No. 29. Description Mini Transat No. 29 Description Mini Transat 29 boat which was designed by Fauroux and modified by Pascal Conq and Michel Desjoyeux. The main modifications were in 1991 with the addition of the first offshore

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Earn an income from your new Lagoon...

Earn an income from your new Lagoon... Earn an income from your new Lagoon... CHARTER OWNERSHIP If you are thinking about keeping a new sailing yacht overseas, a charter management company can be a great way to contribute to your annual cost

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business guide

business guide inspired by lifestyle driven by opportunity surf AND SKATE business guide surf expo 2018 This publication has been prepared as an information source only. Council of the City

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2006 Lagoon 410 HABIB

2006 Lagoon 410 HABIB Page : 1 Exhibit A 2006 Lagoon 410 HABIB Basic Vessel Summary Manufacturer: LAGOON Model: Lagoon 410 Year Built: 2005 Model Year: 2006 Type of Yacht: Sail Price: $219,000 Condition: Preowned Status: SOLD

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DUBAI INTERNATIONAL BOAT SHOW DUBAI INTERNATIONAL BOAT SHOW 3-7 MARCH 2015 boating sailing The complete marine experience Dubai International Boat Show is the region s only premier platform for boat builders, superyachts, luxury &

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E ASY C R U I S I N G 2013

E ASY C R U I S I N G 2013 EASY CRUISING 2013 ZOOM SP ULTIMATE VALUE FOR MONEY Made from Strongan fabric, the Zoom SP range offers excellent value for money. Its large diameter buoyancy tubes give the Zoom an impressive load capacity.

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Sail Racing Instruments. Aspect 40

Sail Racing Instruments.  Aspect 40 Sail Racing Instruments Presentation Nexus Marine is a leading manufacturer of navigation instrumentation for racing and cruising yachts. Nexus brings with it seventy years of experience

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Seaflex SAVE System Overview Auto-Inflating Vessel Emergency System. Improving Vessel Safety Since

Seaflex SAVE System Overview Auto-Inflating Vessel Emergency System. Improving Vessel Safety Since Seaflex SAVE System Overview Auto-Inflating Vessel Emergency System Improving Vessel Safety Since 1987. Introduction The SAVE system was conceived by Unique Seaflex to assist a quadriplegic yachtswoman

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FOUNTAINE PAJOT NEW 67 - GRAND LARGE INVENTORY Création NEW 67 NEW 67 GRAND LARGE inventory (MAESTRO and CHARTER versions) General characteristics Length of hull... 19.49 m / 63.4 ft Overall length with bowsprit... 20.46 m/ 66.8 ft Bmax... 9.84 m / 32.3ft Draft...

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Present your company during Europe`s biggest sailing event! Final stage of the The Tall Ship Races 2017

Present your company during Europe`s biggest sailing event! Final stage of the The Tall Ship Races 2017 Present your company during Europe`s biggest sailing event! Final stage of the The Tall Ship Races 2017 Let your company be visible in a special spherical tent zone in the very heart of the event. The

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Corporate Presentation

Corporate Presentation Corporate Presentation Who we are Organization What we do Cartridges Cartridges new developments Components Law Enforcement Pyrotechnics Business devolpment Turnover by market share Environmental commitment

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LS LX RX STRENGTH PERFORMANCE INNOVATION / 11 H E A D S A I L F U R L I N G & R E E F I N G S Y S T E M S Race developed technology : The LS/LX/RX Range has been developed according to a specific technological concept to establish the west-about solo

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Gunfleet 43#02 RAIN SONG

Gunfleet 43#02 RAIN SONG Gunfleet 43#02 RAIN SONG Year Launched 2013 Current price Located in: 439,000 Vat paid / (Euro 592,000) Tax paid Turkey The best equipped Gunfleet 43 afloat. Designed by Tony Castro. Very quick world cruiser.

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ABOUT BATA INDUSTRIALS 2 ABOUT BATA INDUSTRIALS The Bata Shoe Organization is one of the oldest and largest shoe companies in the world, with 35,000 people working for Bata in over 70 countries. Bata is known as a local, involved

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YACHTING Carry out basic sailing and seamanship activities as a crew member on a keel boat

YACHTING Carry out basic sailing and seamanship activities as a crew member on a keel boat 1 of 5 level: 2 credit: 4 planned review date: October 2007 sub-field: purpose: entry information: accreditation option: moderation option: Outdoor Recreation People credited with this unit standard are

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Safe Sailing BASIC RULES

Safe Sailing BASIC RULES BASIC RULES 1 As a general rule, keep right, as on the French roads, unless otherwise indicated. 2 Merchant vessels always have right of way over pleasure craft. 3 Craft should only cross where there is

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rainmaker yacht club born out of passion, created for demanding sailors!

rainmaker yacht club born out of passion, created for demanding sailors! born out of passion, created for demanding sailors! We offer supreme yachts and services for luxurious cruising on the Masurian Lakes. Welcome on board of Rainmaker and Windmaker! What are Rainmaker Yacht

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GAS ANALYSER OXYBABY 6.0 for O 2. or O 2 /CO 2

GAS ANALYSER OXYBABY 6.0 for O 2. or O 2 /CO 2 GAS ANALYSER OXYBABY 6.0 for or Cordless hand held oxygen or combined oxygen and carbon dioxide analyser for checking modified atmospheres in food packs. The ideal instrument for portable, faster and accurate

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SUPER YACHT SUB SERIES SUPER YACHT SUB SERIES THE ULTIMATE LUXURY SUBMERSIBLE 3 OCCUPANTS 100M 500M The Ultimate in Superyacht Luxury Compact and luxurious private submarines especially designed to fit aboard superyachts, the

More information introducing A performance driven catamaran The Leopard 39 exudes Leopard Catamarans commitment to innovation and performance. Building on the success of the award-winning Leopard

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INTRODUCING DAMSKO BORN IN AMSTERDAM, RAISED IN SYDNEY. INTRODUCING DAMSKO BORN IN AMSTERDAM, RAISED IN SYDNEY. LEKKER BOATS Born in Amsterdam, raised in Sydney. Founded in 2014, by two young, adventurous and energetic friends with a passion for boating and

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Air screwdrivers CSEZ

Air screwdrivers CSEZ Air screwdrivers CSEZ Faster, shorter, more accurate Air screwdrivers CSEZ Ideal for some tightening operations on enamelled or painted components, a greater tightening speed was requested (about 2000

More information DISCOVER An innovative, contemporary catamaran Designer/Builders Robertson & Caine and Naval Architects Simonis-Voogd have set a new standard for contemporary cruising catamarans

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HELLEMAN HOLLAND. LOA: 85' 0" (25.91m) Beam: 19' 0" (5.79m) Max Draft: 8' 0" (2.44m)

HELLEMAN HOLLAND. LOA: 85' 0 (25.91m) Beam: 19' 0 (5.79m) Max Draft: 8' 0 (2.44m) JACHTWERF HELLEMAN DUTCH BUILT - MO HELLEMAN HOLLAND Builder: HELLEMAN HOLLAND Year Built: 1981 Model: Motorsailor LOA: 85' 0" (25.91m) Beam: 19' 0" (5.79m) Max Draft: 8' 0" (2.44m) Price: $179,900 USD

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-681- X One Ton SOLD

-681- X One Ton SOLD -681- X One Ton SOLD Name X One Ton Model x one-tonner Type CRUISER-RACER Year 1986 Hull Material GRP Flag Norwegian Lying at request Price 49000 Slogan Vat PAID GENERAL Nice maintained cruiser racer Final

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What hull material types will the system work on? Do I still need an antifoul paint?

What hull material types will the system work on? Do I still need an antifoul paint? 1. The Hull What hull material types will the system work on? The system is effective on all GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic), STEEL and ALUMINIUM hulls up to thickness of 70mm. Unfortunately the system

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4 7 Integrated Double Security Safety The safest product on the market Using a central release handle, the table can be opened and closed extremely easily. The safest table on the market! The DSI system

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Catana 50. Just Catamarans, Inc

Catana 50. Just Catamarans, Inc Catana 50 Make: Model: 50 Length: Catana 50 ft Price: $ 625,000 Year: 2007 Condition: Used Location: Fort Lauderdale, FL, United States Hull Material: Draft: Number of Engines: 2 Engine Make: Engine Power:

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MOBILAIR M 235. Portable Compressor With the world-renowned SIGMA PROFILE Flow rate 18.1 to 23.3 m³/min ( cfm)

MOBILAIR M 235. Portable Compressor With the world-renowned SIGMA PROFILE Flow rate 18.1 to 23.3 m³/min ( cfm) MOBILAIR M 235 Portable Compressor With the world-renowned SIGMA PROFILE Flow rate 18.1 to 23.3 m³/min (640 825 cfm) MOBILAIR M 235 Efficient and durable The powerful combination of the

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FRANS MAAS 41 BROKERAGE CHARTER BERTHS FINANCE INSURANCE YACHT MANAGEMENT BROKERAGE CHARTER BERTHS FINANCE INSURANCE YACHT MANAGEMENT BROKER'S COMMENTS ''This Frans Maas 41 is a characteristic yacht with a heavy displacement hull with good seakeeping performance. Ideal for long

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All the power you need. Reliable performance

All the power you need. Reliable performance electric Furlex has been making life on board easier for decades. In fact, Furlex is the best-selling headsail furler in the world. Once you have experienced using a Furlex you will not want anything else

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SMERALDA 888 CLASS RULES SMERALDA 888 CLASS RULES 1. CLASS RULES AND OBJECTIVES 1.1. The Smeralda 888 is a one-design boat designed by German Frers. The boat has been developed to promote competitive sailing activities among yacht

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2010 Nautiraid Catalog

2010 Nautiraid Catalog 2010 Nautiraid Catalog Folding Canoes & kayaks Folding boats, designed for extreme conditions, made for you! Editorial 3good reasons to choose a Nautiraid folding kayak When I decided several months ago

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KOULA LAGOON. Builder: LAGOON. LOA: 44' 0" (13.41m) Year Built: Beam: 25' 2" (7.67m) Model: Catamaran. Max Draft: 4' 3" (1.

KOULA LAGOON. Builder: LAGOON. LOA: 44' 0 (13.41m) Year Built: Beam: 25' 2 (7.67m) Model: Catamaran. Max Draft: 4' 3 (1. KOULA LAGOON Builder: LAGOON Year Built: 2004 Model: Catamaran LOA: 44' 0" (1.41m) Beam: 25' 2" (7.67m) Max Draft: 4' " (1.0m) Price: PRICE ON APPLICATION Location: Mexico Our experienced yacht broker,

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Solaris 53#04 Bella Kleronia

Solaris 53#04 Bella Kleronia Solaris 53#04 Bella Kleronia Year: 2007 Current Price: 560.000 Vat paid Located in: Mallorca, Spain Flag: German This Solaris 53 world cruiser, is semi-custom built and ready to sail. She is in an immaculate

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Leopard 43 COOL CHANGE

Leopard 43 COOL CHANGE Leopard 43 COOL CHANGE Make: Model: 43 Length: Leopard 43 ft Price: $ 295,000 Year: 2005 Condition: Used Location: Fort Lauderdale, FL, United States Boat Name: Hull Material: Draft: Number of Engines:

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ION STEP THRU. SCOOTERETTI T/ Dalhousie St. Ottawa, Ontario, K1N 7E4

ION STEP THRU. SCOOTERETTI T/ Dalhousie St. Ottawa, Ontario, K1N 7E4 ION STEP THRU The ION Step Thru is the ultimate leisure electric bicycle. With its upright riding design, the ION Step Thru is built for truly enjoying the cycling experience. Use it in traditional mode

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North American Waterway

North American Waterway North American Waterway Pontoon Enclosures Boating just became more 1447027 Ontario Corporation, P.O. Box 1613, Peterborough, Ontario, CA, K9J 7S4 exciting. 3 Easy Ways to Order: By Phone: 1-705-745-6849

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Sadler 32. Williams and Smithells (0)

Sadler 32. Williams and Smithells (0) Sadler 32 Williams and Smithells - - +44 (0)1329 827053 Sadler 32 Lefkas Greece 15,000 Sadler 32 built 1979 - Price reduced to 15,000 great value for the price, vessel ashore

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Arrowcat 30 Arrowcat 30

Arrowcat 30 Arrowcat 30 Arrowcat 30 Arrowcat 30 Make: Model: 30 Length: Arrowcat 30 ft Price: AUD 175,000 Year: 2009 Condition: Used Location: Mooloolaba, Queensland, Australia Boat Name: Arrowcat 30 Hull Material: Draft: Number

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Louvre panels & grilles. Self-assembly

Louvre panels & grilles. Self-assembly Louvre panels & grilles Self-assembly Installation instructions You can make ventilation grilles to any dimensions you want with a minimum of profiles and accessories. These grilles with slats are made

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REPORT. Superyacht. The HULL FORMS. LIGHTING TSR is granted exclusive access on board the 70m motoryacht during her final day of sea trials.

REPORT. Superyacht. The HULL FORMS. LIGHTING TSR is granted exclusive access on board the 70m motoryacht during her final day of sea trials. The Superyacht TRUTH OPINION ISSUE 172 AUGUST/ SEPTEMBER 2016 KNOWLEDGE IDEAS A N D E X P E R T I N D U S T R Y A N A LY S I S GALACTICA SUPER NOVA HULL FORMS AV/IT LIGHTING TSR is granted exclusive access

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OUTREMER m (to be confirmed) Draught: m Light / loaded displacement: 10.0 / 13.7 T

OUTREMER m (to be confirmed) Draught: m Light / loaded displacement: 10.0 / 13.7 T OUTREMER 51 Length: 15.50 m (to be confirmed) Beam: 7.45 m Draught: 0.95 2.35m Light / loaded displacement: 10.0 / 13.7 T Sail plan: Height of mast 21.06 m Mainsail 85 m² Jib - 40 m² Gennaker - 110 m²

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For the cleanest tablets and capsules

For the cleanest tablets and capsules KR750001-EN 2011 Kraemer AG subject to change without prior notice For the cleanest tablets and capsules Krämer AG Grindelstrasse 23 8303 Bassersdorf Switzerland Phone +41 (44) 838 44 66 Fax +41 (44) 838

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Diving Facilities and Dive Professionals General Liability Insurance

Diving Facilities and Dive Professionals General Liability Insurance Diving Facilities and Dive Professionals General Liability Insurance Introduction: This brochure provides a brief introduction of the diving facilities and dive professionals general liability insurance

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