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2 Gosport and Fareham Inshore Rescue Service Annual Report 2006 Cover Pictures Top Gosport Rescue 1 Centre Left and Right Cadet Section in Action Small Left Bottom Swamped Boat at Stokes Bay Rescue Support Unit Small Right Bottom Assisting the State Vetinary Service Rescue Diver Centre Bottom Gosport Rescue 1 and Launch Vehicle at Sunset GAFIRS thanks the Photographers for their kind permission to use these images on our Annual Report 2006 Front Cover, and also for the use of images throughout the annual report Contents Management Committee Structure Chairman s Report Vice President s Report Vice Chairman (Strategic) Report Vice Chairman (Operational) Report Treasurer and Secretary Section Reports Senior Coxswain Fundraising Youth Development & Beach Rescue Station Officer Transport Officer Training Officer Dive Rescue Officer First Aid Officer Health and Safety Officer Incident Reports

3 Gosport And Fareham Inshore Rescue Service Management Committee Structure Patron Lady Fieldhouse President Mayor of Gosport Vice President John Lee President Mayor of Fareham Medical Director Dr Brando Tamayo Honorary Solicitor Ian Sandilands Honorary Accountant Vicehairman (Operational) Mike Allen Chairman Steve Hobbs Vice Chairman (Strategic) Ian Sweet Secretary Kieth Thomas Senior Helmsman Chris Rudd Station Officer Brian Pack Training Officer Bob Needham Treasurer John Martyn Transport Officer Stuart Newell Youth Development Gary Brackall Beach Rescue Dave Young First Aid Officer Marie Lynch Dive Coordinator Bob Needham Fundraising Joyce Thomas Health and Safety Mark Tootell Special Projects Phil Barfield

4 Chairman s report 2006 I believe my fellow Officers have summed up very adequately in their reports the good works of our Organisation during GAFIRS has had a busy year both rescuing/assisting members of the public as well as continuing to develop the Service and just as importantly fundraising. For me this year, I have been impressed once again by the way our Volunteers have continued to make their selves available at all times of the night and day to assist the community during their hour of need. I am not talking just about the lifeboat crews but also the support team i.e. tractor drivers, launch crew, canoe lifeguards, medical team, rescue divers and not forgetting the tea makers and fund raisers. I hope you have time to read the following reports from my Colleagues and study the breakdown of incidents that we have been involved with during the course of the year, and join me in congratulating (and hopefully) supporting the team that makes up GAFIRS. Thank you. Steve Hobbs Chairman Vice President s Report 2006 has proved to be an exceptionally busy year for GAFIRS so far we have established two new records, with the most calls in one month and the most on one day. Setting records for a Life Saving Organisation is questionable, as it means that even more people have been in danger. Nevertheless, I believe that this again goes to show how GAFIRS offer a first class service to the residents and seafarers of Gosport and Fareham and of those from further afield. In July we dealt with 35 incidents and on 30th July we dealt with 10, during the year we have assisted 71 Gosport and Fareham Residents; from Hampshire 74 and 190 from elsewhere in the United Kingdom. We have also been involved in 5 rescues involving animals. In the last 14 years [1993 to 2006] we have undertaken 1542 tasks an average of 110 per year, which makes GAFIRS one of the busiest Stations in the United Kingdom and the Irish Republic. We have hosted a number of visits to the GAFIRS. St Dunstans, Scout s and Guide s, our Joint Presidents, (Mayors of Gosport and Fareham), our Patron, The Lady Fieldhouse and a number of private visitors, from all over the UK. I have undertaken 27 talks about GAFIRS throughout Hampshire. As part of the Gosport Council, Beach Safety Team, various schools within the Borough have been visited and outside the Borough, Swanmore Technology College, [Winchester] has again been visited as part of their Safety day, which involves all aspects of Safety, On the visit to Swanmore our Chairman, Mr. Steve Hobbs, accompanied me. As in 2005, I have made an analysis of the various calls received by GAFIRS and these are in part summarised in my second paragraph. The full breakdown in shown elsewhere in the Annual Report John P.M. Lee. Vice President.

5 Vice Chairman Strategic This is the first year where the role of Vice Chairman has been split between two people, something never tried before but with increasing pressures on everybody s time and ever increasing responsibilities, regulations, legislation and requirements, the division of responsibilities has worked well and allowed the organisation to progress and remain one of the leading independents in the UK. From my side we have made good progress with the planning of the new boathouse extension, which will provide us with the much needed extra space and start to bring the equipment back under one roof, whilst the plans are not as grand as the original concept a small sub-committee considered the running costs and maintenance for such a large extension it was decided that the smaller extension could provide us with our requirements. As Part of my role, I have continued to develop the communications and IT structure, replacement equipment has been purchased and installed for GR1, replacing equipment that had lasted well under the punishing conditions we expect it to perform in, The Tracking system has been reviewed and additional units have been installed allowing us to locate more of our resources along with the addition of an AIS System and multiplexing software (written in house by one of our members) 95% of our radio equipment is now utilising ICOM radios, the navigation systems are now standardised as well operating Raytheon equipment. Courses have been secured to provide additional driver training for our members authorised to use the Rescue Support Unit and this will be ongoing training into 2007, with more courses being planned this again brings us inline with up and coming legislation and requirements. We have continued to have good working relationships with the Local Emergency services and the local communities, and on a number of occasions have formed part of a multiagency response to incidents providing not only manpower but also expertise in our specialist area. The cadet section has again seen an increase in numbers, and this year for the first time in five years we were able to enter a team into the BCU Lifeguards National Championships, the team was there to learn and develop their skills having listened to the cadets who took part they enjoyed the weekend and learnt additional skills which they have been trying out ever since!!, Our proudest moment their was one of our newest cadets Nathan won the Best Young Achievers award. Members have worked hard this year, we have many challenges facing us and over the last year and in the year ahead we have still yet more challenging times as more legislation and regulation affects our service, the members are to be commended for their commitment and perseverance in helping the committee achieve the changes that have been made now and in the future to allow us to be one of the most successful and leading Rescue Organisations in the UK. Ian Sweet Vice Chairman Strategic

6 Vice Chairman - Operational GAFIRS have enjoyed a busy successful year to date in all of our areas of activity. The year started with the well-established New Years Day Swim with 100 swimmers and 500+ spectators. The swim is an excellent fundraising event for the Service and promotes our profile within the local community. Through relocation of employment we lost one of our more experienced crew and newly qualified coxswain early in the year, however a successful recruitment campaign was rewarded with a number of people volunteering their services. We now have 3 additional crew and a small army of shore helpers to assist with the operational day-to-day running of the service and fundraising activities. Operationally this has been one of our busiest years in a long time. To date we have been requested to attend 124 incidents, the vast majority of these were water borne but also include some requests from other authorities such as Hampshire Police, Fire of & Rescue and the Ambulance Service. August was a particularly busy months with 20 incidents in the first few days of Cowes Week. We have noticed an increase in serious incidents requiring urgent medical attention. On a number of occasions we have been involved with casevacs from our Lifeboat or casualty vessel and Rescue India Juliet. It is with sadness that we report that we experienced one fatality this year. Despite the effective CPR attempts by our crew, (feedback from the doctor at the landing site) the efforts of our crew, those onboard India Juliet and Hants Ambulance were unsuccessful in reviving the casualty. Our cadet membership has increased through the summer and we are optimistic that we can retain their interest through the cold winter months. We submitted a junior team into the Canoe Lifeguard Championships organised by the British Canoe Union. This novice team won the admiration and respect of those present. Through shear effort and determination they benefited from their experiences and received much praise. Our fundraising efforts continue with vigour and we are constantly looking at new and innovative ways to raise funds. Our seemingly tireless team of fundraisers with Joyce Thomas at their helm brave all weathers to keep the much-needed funds coming in. We have all but given up on the National Lottery; their constantly changing criteria make it all but impossible for us to qualify for much needed funding. We have enjoyed a successful year of media coverage, most notably our inclusion in the BBC Seaside Rescue programme, with excellent film footage of our involvement with Rescue India Juliet following a head injury onboard a yacht. This involved both formation and high-line transfer of the winchman and casualty. A similar incident involving two separate casualties almost simultaneously during Cowes Week also featured in a later episode. The Portsmouth News and Daily Echo have assisted with maintaining our profile in the local community. It never ceases to amaze how many locals are unaware of our presence or think we are an RNLI Station. As the Year draws to an end we are busy giving the Boathouse a deep clean and a lick of paint, the first floor training room and galley are almost complete and we are now turning our efforts to the ground floor. Fundraising and training will all continue through the winter months and Gosport Rescue One will benefit from a mini refit and overhaul in the New Year. As we look and plan ahead there s realisation of a challenging, exciting and very busy year to look forward to. Assuming finances allow, we plan to have the new boat up and running in Once planning consent has gained work will start on extending the existing boathouse. Completion of the extension is paramount to facilitate the effective operation of the New Lifeboat Mike Allen Vice Chairman - Operational

7 Treasurers Report Our finances are presently in good shape but this is largely due to delays in progress on our new boat and building. These projects are now moving ahead and will make a large impact on our balance next year. We have a small but growing number of regular supporters who donate to us directly each month and I would encourage more donors and members to pay by standing order. Gift Aid brings a valuable addition to our fund raising and any members who are given donations to our funds should ensure that the donors are aware of the benefits to GAFIRS, an extra 28 pence for every 1 donated. We have spent some 22k this year on new equipment including our new tractor and building plans, however it is good to see that this left a surplus of about 6k for the year. I must end by praising our small but growing band of fundraisers without whom our service would grind to a halt. John Martyn Treasurer Secretary s Report I am pleased to report a very healthy 33% growth in membership this year. The growth has been in both full and cadet members and covering all areas of our activity including Boat crew, shore crew and fundraising. As someone who stays in the background doing routine work and who only joined the Committee this year, I would like to say how struck I have been by the tremendous team spirit I have seen around me and by the professional approach and discipline of our members. I have also been impressed by the reputation and public appreciation we have built up in Gosport and Fareham as witnessed by the warm words I have received when helping out with our street collections. Keith Thomas Secretary

8 Senior Coxswains Report It has been one of, if not the busiest year that GAFIRS had. At time of writing we have responded to 124 incidents this year, both afloat and ashore. 20 of these are from Cowes week and 10 of those were in 1 day! In September, Coastguard figures showed we had responded to 95 logged incidents since October 2005, making GAFIRS the busiest Lifeboat (Independent or RNLI) in the Solent Coastguard region for that period. We have many new crewmembers this year, in addition to some older ones returning. They have all trained hard and become full crewmembers, enabling us to continue providing this voluntary service. There have also been a number of members that have joined who prefer to stay on the shore side and carryout maintenance work behind the scenes, to keep the craft running and in good order. With out all these members we could not provide the service, thank you all. At the start of the year Gosport Rescue 1 our frontline 7.4m RIB underwent a refit. During this refit: The vessel was totally rewired, new charging system installed an updated Navigation System was fitted, which has now been standardised to Raytheon equipment. Many of the older components have been replaced and rationalised to reduce possibility of failure in service. The Radio Systems now all standardised to Icom equipment, DSC, Tracker and VHF Direction Finder were also serviced. The engine was taken out and serviced in house and has not failed once A special thanks to Ian Sweet and Stewart Newell for their efforts during the refit. Gosport Rescue 2 - Cams Cutter, Earlier this year we took delivery of our new Avon 4.5m craft and are current adapting the old trailer to fit this bigger boat. A Mercury 60Hp 4 stroke engine has been ordered and a console is being built. It is hoped to have this on the water early 2007 Gosport Rescue 3 has remained as our secondary craft, and had a mini refit earlier this year and is still our back up vessel. Jim and Molly Newton, our 8.4m Halmatic RIB replacement frontline vessel. We have been working with Halmatic and other parties to complete the design, construction and modifications of the craft, which whilst has been slow in progression is continuing. It is hoped to have the craft ready for sea trials mid 2007 and operational shortly thereafter. The new trailer is being designed and we continue to raise funds to equip the craft and build the purpose built trailer. Our Smallest Craft Hedca was used to assist the state Vetinary service earlier in the year with an incident in New Milton, this craft was designed for inland incidents such as lakes, inland waterways, Flooded area s. Yoda Our 4.5M Training Rib has also been out attending school safety days and training our future crews. The craft has had a GPS and Radio system fitted. This was achieved by utilising some of our existing equipment that had been upgraded on other craft. Thank you to all those who support our efforts and the members who volunteer their time. Chris Rudd Senior Coxswain

9 Fundraising Report Thank you to all who helped fundraising during 2006, your support is vital to the organisation. It s been another busy year; our regular group of helpers have coped well and have increased in number. Extra help is always welcome so if you have a spare couple of hours at any point please give me a ring. We attended many fundraising events, formal cheque presentations, radio interviews and various social evenings. The 2006 New Years Day Swim was a successful event. It was a fine day with 138 swimmers in fancy dress participating, more swimmers than we expected so much so we ran out of certificates. Income from the day topped records bringing in excess of 2500, a wonderful start to the year. Thanks must go to the swimmers for their bravery, without their support the event would not be a success. The income from street collections in Gosport and Fareham has continued to be a growth area. GAFIRS is recognised and appreciated locally and the public respond generously to our collections. These collections, as any fundraising event, serve a dual purpose: they help finance the service and also raise our profile. This year we were also fortunate to have two collections at The Southampton Boat Show. Some of the events that we attended during the year have included: HMS Sultan Show, HMS Collingwood Field Gun Display, Michaelmus Fair in Alverstoke Village and sadly this year s final summer fete at Haslar Hospital. This year a few events clashed and we were unable to attend as many functions as normal. Collection tins, towards the end of 2005 and the beginning of 2006 we had a number of collection tins stolen. The Police investigated the matter but there was insufficient evidence to follow up any case. The Portsmouth News ran articles about the thefts and members of the public and organisations generously replaced the income stolen. At the close of the year income on the collections tins was up. As I mentioned last year the support from our collection tin in local retail outlets is appreciated. The support from individuals and other organisations is vital to our fundraising. During 2006 we have received donations from children selling their old toys, elderly ladies and gentlemen saving their bronze, collections at birthday, anniversary or retirement parties, bequests, people we have rescued, social events in pubs, Masonic Lodges, churches, chandlers open evenings, HMS Collingwood SCU by representing us in the Bognor Birdman Competition and one of our members by participating in The Great South Run. Sorry I can t name all who have donated to us individually but every donation is truly appreciated without the financial support from others GAFIRS would not survive. Gift aid is a valuable source of income for us; many of the donations we receive are supported by the scheme which gives us an extra 28p to the 1, obviously a wonderful boost to our funds. Thank you once again to all the helpers and supporters during 2006, financially it was another good year lets hope 2007 will follow the same pattern. Joyce Thomas Fundraising Officer

10 Youth Development Officer and Beach Rescue This year has seen the cadet section increase in its numbers to 10 cadets, this is due in part to a number of cadets getting their friends involved this is the first year for a number of years that the section has grown and we now have more cadets than rescue canoes! We are hoping to gain support to purchase some of the new Shark rescue canoes for the section as many of the existing craft have seen many years of service, currently the newest craft in the fleet is 4 years old, the oldest being 15 years old. This year initially the Youth Development post was unfilled and the responsibilities were taken on by Dave Young as the beach rescue officer, as the time approached for Dave to go off to sunnier climates for a years posting, Gary Brackall volunteered to take on the youth development role which he has taken on with assistance from other organisation members. This year saw two events that we were proud to have cadets representing the service, the first being the UK Ironman competition at Sherbourne where three cadets took BCU Awards on the Saturday and provided with the BCU Lifeguard National team, Lifeguard cover on the Sunday for Swimmers who were taking part in the Ironman Competition, Three weeks later and a team of four, three of whom had only been members for 6 weeks entered the BCU Lifeguards Canoe Championships, this was the first time in five years GAFIRS had attended. The team was not expected to win, but was entered for the experience, team building and to enable our cadets to meet others from units from around the UK, the cadets took everything in their stride and accomplished everything they needed to, sometimes with a little assistance, Steve Hobbs (Chairman) and Ian Sweet (Vice-Chairman) had not only the team to watch over and look after, but as members of the national team had to also judge sections of the championships, it was a proud event for them as this was the first time in five years GAFIRS had a team in the championships, and to add to this pride one of our newest cadets Nathan Newman also won the Best Achievement Award (Nathan had only been a member for 6 weeks at that point), the look of the tired team of cadets versus the shattered looks of Steve and Ian along with the mutterings of never again, we take to mean we need more adults to help out when taking the cadets away! The Cadets have been keeping themselves busy with a few more local events and training, hopefully to gain some more BCU Awards and in 2007 win a few competitions. Dave Young Gary Brackall (Beach Rescue Officer) (Youth Development Officer)

11 Station Officers Report This year has seen much needed maintenance and improvements to the GAFIRS HQ, this has included the replacement of the boathouse doors which wider doors to accommodate the new craft and the larger launch and recovery vehicle, this project included removal of some brickwork to gain the extra width required, thanks go to Ian Wilson one of our newer members for replacing the door surrounds and tiding up the woodwork. The Male changing room has also had to be made slightly smaller to allow the accommodation of the new craft, thanks to the work of the building sub committee it is hoped that early next year we can commence on the extension and continue to develop the buildings capacity and capabilities and again improve the facilities we have. Other major works have included a rearrangement of the boathouse area particularly the workshop, some of the changes to make the limited space more user friendly and safe to work in, during the year we also have had a major clear out with both a skip provided by Gosport borough council and also a scrap metal merchant ending up with two rather full skips of items collected over the years. The crew room, galley and rear staircase have recently undergone redecoration and the displays tidied up and rearranged to bring them upto date, the work has been carried out by members on days off evenings and weekends, and they must be thanked for their hard work to ensure the building remains presentable whilst workable. Our Major challenges for 2007 are to install a fire alarm system, and to check and certificate all the electrical services within the building due to legislation and requirements, this will entail much hard work and possibly the rewiring of the majority of the circuits throughout the building, as we are operational 365 days this is a major project but will not effect our capabilities, the other major challenge is getting the extension constructed and fitted out and then moving all the equipment that is currently stored in various locations into its new accommodation. Once again thanks to all the members for their help and hard work keeping the building maintained and respectable, it is appreciated. Brian Pack Station Officer

12 Transport officers Report During the past year we have carried out an major upgrade to the rescue support unit (land rover) this has both encompassed equipment and its markings, the major changes have been the replacement of the hydraulic winch with an electric winch (which had suffered damage due to incorrect use on an incident) The removal of the spare wheel from the bonnet to the rear door (Due to Health and safety concerns involving the weight of the bonnet and its manual handling) both these modifications have improved the driving characteristics of the vehicle, added with the removal of the high-level sign boards has stopped the vehicle being overly top heavy, the signage has been relocated. Other improvements to rear of the vehicle are ongoing with extra storage for equipment and a redesigned and user-friendly loading area for a stretcher Early in the year we started looking at purchasing a replacement heavy launch and recovery vehicle, fortunately a Mercedes MB-Trac1000 was located and met our requirements for launching our existing rescue and our new rescue craft next year whilst the conversion was being carried out our existing launch and recovery vehicle suffered a catastrophic failure of its steering system, over night we arranged to bring down are new unit and we fortunately were only offline for 14 hours, over the next two weeks we completed the conversion including the paint spraying and apply the logo s, We have had some minor teething problems, As this vehicle is very different to our previous units there has formalised driver training for all members who are eligible to launch and recover the rescue craft. Many other projects have been ongoing, the conversion of an existing trailer to fit our new 4.5M Rescue craft is progressing well and we have also assigned a draughtsman to design the launch and recovery cradle for our new rescue craft, The design and procurement of a replacement A frame (which attaches the cradles to the launch and recovery vehicle) has taken place replacing the existing 10 year old frame, the replacement of the wooden runners on our existing trailer is our next major task, along with the rubbing down and painting of the trailer. Routine maintenance of all of our trailers and vehicles has been aided with some new members getting involved who have applied their previous vehicle trades to the task and helped keep everything working smoothly Additional driver training has commenced for members who are eligible to drive the rescue support unit, and further training modules are being investigated and written for inclusion into the training syllabus this year. Stuart Newall Transport Officer

13 Training Report This year saw the resignation of our old Training Officer, Gareth Davies. My thanks must go to Gareth for all his hard work in producing our crew Training Manual. This is an invaluable aid for all crew members to identify and record their training. We have had a number of new crewmembers and they have undertaken their training with enthusiasm. A training refresher day was organised mid year with a number of stations set out covering, first aid, the boathouse and bridge, G1, G3 and pumps and the tractor. The day was very well attended and enjoyed by all. Thanks go to Steve and Aadvark Supplies Ltd who provided the buffet lunch and all those instructors at each station. Future sessions will be held over the winter period. It is essential that all crewmembers, even the well-established ones, attend in order to keep their skills up to date. In the latter part of the year we were successful in getting our status as a RYA Training School back. This had lapsed through a series of lost letters, communication breakdowns and misunderstandings. I am now in the process of arranging dates for RYA first aid and powerboat courses. Priority for these courses will be given to GAFIRS members who require them to meet their crew training requirements before we arrange external courses. We are also slightly hampered in this matter due to the availability of suitable boats, however it is hoped this will be resolved shortly. Bob Needham GAFIRS Training Officer Dive Team Report This year GAFIRS is still the only underwater rescue team available to cover the whole of Hampshire and possibly even further a field if required. We said goodbye to a long-standing members of the team, Mark Tootell and Joe Watson. I would like to take this Opportunity to thank them for their support and efforts. The year started off with the annual New Years Day swim where the dive team provided safety cover. The swimmers seemed to find the water cold, but we were nice and warm in our dry suits. This year has been fairly quiet with only one incident on the Isle of Wight. Members of the team were airlifted over and taken to check out a car submerged in the sea. The car turned out to be unoccupied. A training exercise was held to locate and re-attach the lifeboat-mooring buoy and I am pleased to report it is still there! My thanks go to all the team members and I look forward to seeing you all again in the New Year. Bob Needham GAFIRS Dive Officer.

14 First Aid Officer This year has seen many new crews and members coming through the training system and as part of this and continuation training we have been busy providing first aid courses as part of the training syllabus, with major changes to the resuscitation guidelines occurring this year we have also run several update sessions to ensure our members are upto current practice. Additional training for our crews has been provided by our paramedics and doctor, which has included use of oxygen therapy equipment, spinal injuries management and use of the Defibrillator, as an organisation we are lucky to have the support of three paramedics and a doctor, they are keen to encourage the use of skills and equipment that you would not normally find upon rescue craft or lifeboats, thus increasing our capabilities and improving outcomes for patients who have been injured, the crews are encouraged by the team to be proactive as they appreciate that occasionally they will not be there and that the crews will have to deal with potentially serious incidents without the advanced skills that the paramedics and doctors can provide. Our first aiders have dealt with several incidents this year, from minor beach related injuries to serious injuries and illness aboard various craft in the eastern Solent, we have seen a rise in the number of head injuries this year due to boom strikes, but the crews have dealt with these in their stride and several of these incidents have even appeared on the Seaside Rescue television program. Due to changes in the resuscitation guidelines our old Automatic Defibrillator which has seen several years service is now in need of replacement, as one of the first organisations in the UK to carry such a machine, it is an early model which cannot be upgraded anymore, whilst it is still usable it means working to older guidelines which are not best practice, currently we are looking at replacing the machine with the same type that is commonly used by the Ambulance Service and Community responders this will allow common training and seamless operation between the various services. Marie Lynch First Aid Officer Health and Safety This year has seen the review and updating of many of procedures, risk assessments and the introduction of new safety equipment for the crews, and improvements around the boathouse to improve the work area s and the standard of equipment available, with regulation and legislation it is a constant job to ensure all the equipment is regularly tested and serviced. Health and Safety

15 SUMMARY OF INCIDENTS: 1ST JANUARY TO 31ST DECEMBER 2006 NO. DATE RESAON G H O YA MV MC MD OTHER INFORMATION MCA NO 1 1/2Floating Obstruction Fishing Vessel "Strike of Wight" struck a submerged object in the main channel entrance to Fishbourne Harbour. HMCG requested launch of Lifeboat, on arrival found some water ingress. No danger of sinking. Fishbourne Harbour terminal for Portsmouth to the Isle of Wight, Car Ferry. WHITE LINK SERVICES. Vessel towed to COWES by GAFIRS Lifeboat. 11 Coxswain. G 1. Gareth DAVIES. 2 1/28 Abandoned Dinghy 1 Upturned Dinghy discovered by Southern Railway Jetty. HMCG requested launch of Lifeboat, on arrival found NO PERSONS IN WATER. Immediate area of Portsmouth Harbour searched. NOTHING FOUND. Stood down by HMCG. Returned to Station. 202 Coxswain. GI. Chris RUDD. 3 2/9Dolphin hit by vessel 4 3/5Aground 2 1 Pilot Launch reported to HMCG that it had hit a DOLPHIN on its tail fin, with heavy blood loss. GOSPORT RESCUE ONE searched the area of Portsmouth Harbour for ONE hour. Nothing found. STOOD DOWN BY HMCG. Lifeboat "David BRADING" returned to station. 280 Coxswain. G 1. Mike ALLEN. Shore Crew Search Team Leader. Ian SWEET. Fishing Vessel aground on Stokes Bay Beach. GAFIRS SHORE CREW pumped out vessel. No apparent damage, vessel refloated. SHORE CREW. NONE.

16 5 3/18 Engine Failure /25 Man over board /28 Missing Windsurfer Yacht "ANGELIC", with Engine Failure, caused by blocked fuel lines. GAFIRS Lifeboat "Miss ELSA" had its own problems and whilst it remained along side "ANGELIC" for Safety Reasons, whilst it waited for assistance, from MOD. Yacht handed over to MOD Launch "LOYALTY, which towed yacht into Haslar Marina. 594 Coxswain. G 3. Mark TOOTELL. Yacht "Sunsail 16" lost man overboard, man quickly recovered by yachts CREW. As Sunsail 16 had a DOCTOR on board, CREW MEMBER was treated for shock and services of GAFIRS LIFEBOAT, was not required. STOOD DOWN before launch by HMCG. 651 Details of GAFIRS COXSWAIN not known. Report of a missing WINDSURFER, found before launch. STOOD DOWN by Solent Coastguard Coxswain. G1. Mike ALLEN. NONE 8 4/1Dismasted /2Lights in Water 10 4/6Capsized Dinghy 2 1 GAFIRS Lifeboat, "The David BRADING", already afloat. Before going to yacht, because of nature of call, collected extra CREWmembers. Yacht near to North Sturbridge Buoy. Lifeboat commenced to tow Yacht towards Hamble, eventually handed over to HAMBLE RESCUE. 728 Coxswain. G!. Chris RUDD. Reported by Public to HMCG. Lights seen in water at Stokes Bay, near to Alverbank Hotel and Sea Wall. Hill Head Mobile recovered from Sea a "Dan Buoy". GAFIRS Lifeboat, "David BRADING" had launched to investigate, but STOOD DOWN by HMCG. 761 Lookout saw capsized dinghy in Stokes Bay. Lifeboat launched and crew assisted to right Dinghy, which then carried on sailing in the Bay. Coxswain. G 1. Chris RUDD. NONE

17 11 4/9Out of Fuel / No Wind 5 1 Yacht "OUT OF THE BLUE", ran out of fuel, no wind therefore becalmed, between No Mans Land Fort and the Winner Buoy. HMCG requested launch of Lifeboat "David BRADING", which then towed yacht to the fuel Jetty at Gosport Marina /15 Capsized Catamaran 2 1 Capsized Catamaran near Horse Sands Fort. HMCG requested launch of Lifeboat, which on arrival found a female crewmember exhausted taken aboard "David BRADING". Cat towed towards Langstone Harbour, handed over to RNLI Portsmouth. 898 Coxswain. G1. Brian PACK. 13 4/16 Attempted Suicide 1 Whilst on patrol called by HMCG to a woman entering the water at EASTNEY. All speed to scene. RNLI Portsmouth first to arrive. Stood down by HMCG. Woman recovered by RNLI Lifeboat /17 Lost Propeller /25 Assistance to DEFRA. 16 4/29 Taking on Water 2 1 Yacht "CONTANGO" lost propeller near to Castle Buoy, also taking on small quantity of water. On arrival of Gosport Lifeboat, craft checked, propeller still in position, no apparent ingress of water. Towed to Gosport Marina by Lifeboat "David BRADING". 951 Request from State Veterinary Service to recover dead birds form BALLARDS LAKE, NEW MILTON, in the New Forest. Land Rover, Lifeboat "HEDCA" [GAFIRS ICE BOAT] and crews to scene and birds recovered Leader. Steve HOBBS. Land Rover Driver. Safety Officer. Ian SWEET. NONE Yacht "LAZY B" moored at Gosport Cruising Club, in Portsmouth Harbour. Owner awakened by sound of running water. Ingress by propeller shaft, no danger of sinking, vessel towed by "David BRADING" to shallower water position, at a Gosport Cruising Club mooring. 1092

18 17 4/29 Vessel on FIRE 3 1 Yacht "OMALLA"; engine FIRE, near to No Mans Land Fort. HMCG requested launch of Lifeboat, engine still smoking despite CO 2 Fire extinguisher being discharge by crew. Requested by HMCG to return to Station and to take Hampshire Fire Brigade to scene. Yacht inspected by FB, and eventually towed to Hornet 1 Marina at Gosport, by "David BRADING" /29 Engine Failure 2 1 Yacht "AVALON", engine overheated and failed, off Haslar Sea Wall. HMCG requested launch of Lifeboat to assist, Yacht towed by Lifeboat "David BRADING", to Civil Service Sailing Club, GOSPORT /30 Taking on Water 2 1 Fishing Vessel "BLUE BIRD" taking on water near to Haslar Bridge. Also on scene, Police Launch. Pump transferred to vessel, craft pumped out by GAFIRS CREW. "BLUE BIRD" was 62 years old CRAFT. Emergency repairs untaken by GAFIRS CREW, to make vessel watertight. Taken to Haslar Marina for proper repairs. Crew of 2, plus one DOG. Coxswain. G1. Mike ALLEN. NONE 20 5/7Engine Failure 3 1 Fishing Vessel "WRASSE REFFER", broken down near to Horse Sands Fort. HMCG requested launch of Lifeboat, position of Fishing Vessel located and craft towed by Lifeboat "David BRADING" to mooring in Alver Creek, GOSPORT /7Capsized Yacht 3 1 GAFIRS Lifeboat on patrol called by HMCG to capsized Yacht at EAST COWES. Stood down by HMCG before arrival. Continued on patrol of Solent Waters. NONE

19 22 5/11 Clothes found on Beach. HMCG requested launch to search for a possible missing person. Area searched from Haslar Sea Wall to Browndown, close inshore. Nothing found. HMCG retasked Lifeboat to INCIDENT Classification of INCIDENT 22. A HOAX Shore Crew Team Leader. Ian SWEET. 23 5/11 Vessel in Distress 1 GAFIRS Lifeboat "David BRADING" tasked by HMCG to a vessel in distress, in Portsmouth Harbour, near to the Spinnaker Tower, Gunwharf Quays. Immediate Area of Portsmouth Harbour and Gunwharf Quays searched nothing found. Stood down by HMCG as call appeared to a HOAX Coxswain. G1. Mike ALLEN. 24 5/13 Crew Member Unconscious Yacht, "SIAM". Female crewmember, [45] unconscious with a Head Injury near to Spit Sands Fort. HMCG requested launch of Lifeboat, which located yacht, near to 2 Bar Buoy. Two GAFIRS CREW members placed aboard "SIAM". CREW treated casualty who was Airlifted to Southampton General Hospital by HMCG Helicopter, "IJ". Yacht taken to Haslar Marina visitors berth. Crew also included one DOG. QHM informed of incident immediately, and INNER SWASH WAY closed to all craft because of seriousness of injury. GAFIRS Lifeboat then retasked to Incident 25. NONE RESCUE SHOWN ON BBC SEASIDE RESCUE SERIES as a reconstruction. Coxswain. GI. Mike ALLEN. 25 5/13 Aground 2 1 Yacht "FLAMINGO" with a crew of 2 aground on Ryde Sands. HMCG requested launch of Lifeboat. On arrival found yacht only just aground, towed clear to deeper water by halyard tow. Checked by GAFIRS CREW for water ingress. No apparent damage. Resumed to Gosport. NONE Coxswain. G1. Mike ALLEN.

20 26 5/14 Spinal Injury 5 1 Rib near to Royal Albert Buoy with passenger with serious spinal injury. GAFIRS Lifeboat to scene at request of HMCG. Lifeboat CREW placed casualty on spinal board. Rib towed to GAFIRS Slipway. Casualty taken by Hampshire Ambulance Service to QA Hospital /20 Dismasted and Engine Failure /20 Aground 2 1 Yacht "WITH ALACRITY" Dismasted and with Engine Failure. GAFIRS Lifeboat launched, as repairs could not be undertaken immediately, crew of yacht requested that they be towed to Hamble Marina for repairs. Tow handed over to HAMBLE RESCUE at Solent Breezes Yacht "FLYING FORMICA" aground on Brambles Bank, on arrival of Lifeboat "David BRADING", yacht refloated on rising tide. Checked for water ingress, none found. Yacht resumed passage /20 Dismasted Tasked by HMCG to Dismasted Yacht off of Hillhead. Yacht located, checked out. Already on tow to Hamble Marina by passing Rib. Retasked by HMCG in incident number 30, another Dismasting in Stokes Bay. NONE 30 5/20 Dismasted /20 Aground and Engine Failure 3 1 Bad weather resulted in many capsized dinghy craft in Stokes Bay. Assisted one that was also Dismasted to shore in Bay. Retasked by HMCG to incident 31 a Yacht aground on Ryde Sands Yacht "CARNIVAL", aground on Ryde Sands. Towed off sands by Lifeboat "David BRADING". No water ingress, towed to Haslar Marina, GOSPORT, as yacht also had engine failure and exceptionally heavy steering 1378

21 32 5/27 Steering Failure 4 1 Yacht "CALYPSO", with steering failure, near to Ryde Middle Buoy. Crew of Lifeboat "David BRADING" unable to make temporary repair. Yacht towed to Haslar Marine, GOSPORT. Drogue streamed behind yacht "CALYPSO" to assist steering on passage back to Gosport. Coxswain. G1. Mike ALLEN. NONE 33 5/27 Engine Failure 2 1 Yacht "ANNIES SONG", engine failure near to the North Sturbridge Buoy. GAFIRS Lifeboat "David BRADING" launched and towed yacht back to Haslar Marina, GOSPORT for repairs. Coxswain. G3. Mark TOOTELL. 34 5/29 Capsized Catamaran /30 Aground 3 1 Catamaran capsized south of Alverbank, in Stokes Bay, crew in water already recovered by another dinghy. Cat righted, escorted back to Stokes Bay Sailing Club by Lifeboat "David BRADING" 1540 Coxswain. G1. Brian PACK. Yacht "AMICUS AMICO" aground at Bomb Ketch Lake, Portsmouth Harbour. When reached by Lifeboat, well aground. Halyard tow failed to refloat yacht. CREW advised to wait for the tide to eventually refloat yacht on next HIGH TIDE. Yacht in no danger. HMCG informed. Called out by Pagers at 0311 Hours, 30th. May /30 Dinghy in difficulty 2 1 HMCG requested GAFIRS Lifeboat to search for a dinghy in difficulty, near to the Solent Slipway. Redirected to correct location as Lifeboat launched. Incident at Elmore Sailing Club slipway. Dinghy already on beach, being assisted by Hill Head Mobile. Redirected by HMCG to yacht "AMICUS AMICO". Incident Coxswain. G1. Brian PACK.

22 37 5/30 Aground 3 1 Yacht "AMICUS AMICO" requested further assistance as it was having problems refloating on the rising tide. Lifeboat "David BRADING" to scene, now in 1.5 metres of water as tide rose. Halyard tow, yacht freed from mud. Checked no damage, returned to station. Second call to same yacht at 1423 Hours, 30th.May, 2006, some 11 Hours later. See previous incident at 35 above Coxswain. G1. Brian PACK. 38 6/3Engine Failure 4 1 Motor Vessel "TEMPORARY MEASURE", with Engine Failure, loss of all electrical power. Assisted by Lifeboat "David BRADING" and towed towards COWES and handed over to SOLENT RESCUE, before reaching location /4Engine Failure Engine Failure to day boat "SANCERRE", between the forts on approach to Portsmouth Harbour. HMCG requested launch of Lifeboat "David BRADING". On arrival repairs not possible and yacht towed vessel to Haslar Marina, GOSPORT /10 Taking on Water 3 1 Yacht "CHEMMA", Taking on Water, put out a "MAY DAY CALL" for assistance. Lifeboat "David BRADING" to scene on request of HMCG. Yacht located near to Ryde Middle Buoy. Leak caused by fault with propeller shaft, CREW of "DB" stopped leak, and 1 towed yacht to Gosport Marina /10 Aground. 2 1 Yacht "THUNDERFLASH", Royal Naval Sailing Association, aground in Solent, near to Fort Monkton. GAFIRS Lifeboat launched, found yacht, which was refloated by CREW of Lifeboat "David BRADING" by using a halyard tow. CREW also checked for damage, none found, no water ingress. Yacht resumed passage. 1830

23 42 6/11 SWIMMERS requiring Assistance Four swimmers swam out to old Stokes Bay Pier Buoy, some 300 metres from shore, immediately in front of GAFIRS BOATHOUSE, they were exhausted and unable to return to shore safely. Assisted by GAFIRS Cadet Canoeists to return to shore safely. Canoe Leader. Adam BROWN. NONE 43 6/16 Fire Haslar Marina. 6 1 Yacht "C' EST LA VIE", FIRE B pontoon at Haslar. HMCG requested launch of Lifeboat. On arrival found an electrical FIRE below deck. Fire extinguished, by FIRE BRIGADE, serious damage, no injuries. All persons evacuated to Marina Coxswain. G1. Mike ALLEN. 44 7/2Fouled Propeller Yacht "GATECRASHER" fouled Propeller near to Ryde Middle Buoy. Peter LINWOOD, Lifeboat Crew, managed to cleared propeller. A sack had become wrapped around prop. Yacht made towards Emsworth under own power. Lifeboat "David BRADING" returned to Station, however before doing so, diverted by HMCG to incident Coxswain. G1. Brian PACK. 45 7/2Aground 2 1 Day Boat aground at Spider Lake, Portsmouth Harbour. Called by HMCG before actually returning to Station, from incident 44, to divert to Portsmouth Harbour. Stood down before reach casualty, as crew had managed to refloat craft Coxswain.G1. Brian PACK. 46 7/2RED DISTRESS FLARES Coxswain. GI. Mike ALLEN. 47 7/9Aground 8 1 Yacht "JEAN NEAU", Sunsail 6, aground on Ryde Sands. GAFIRS Lifeboat launched, when on scene attempted to tow free with Halyard tow. Stuck fast. YACHT must therefore wait for next high tide to refloat. Some crew [Female] taken ashore by Ryde Rescue, remaining crew agreed to waiting for next HIGH TIDE. No apparent damage or water ingress to Sunsail

24 48 7/9Engine Failure /15 Windsurfer in trouble 1 Yacht "COOLRUNNING", Engine Failure on Ryde Sands, Lifeboat "David BRADING" to scene, repairs made by both crews. Escorted by GAFIRS Lifeboat to Haslar Marina, Gosport Windsurfer unable to return to beach, against a strong off shore wind. HMCG requested launch of Lifeboat to assist. Escorted by GAFIRS Lifeboat to shore and spoken to by HMCG, Hill Head Mobile Coxswain. G1. Mike ALLEN. 50 7/16 Persons in Water 1 Swimmer in difficulty at Hillhead, swimmer lost feeling in legs. Assisted by GAFIRS Lifeboat, Hamble Lifeboat, Hill Head Mobile, GAFIRS Landrover and Hampshire Ambulance, who took casualty to Q.A. Hospital Coxswain. G1. Mike ALLEN Land Rover Team Leader. Ian SWEET. 51 7/16 Search for LOST CHILD Report to Boathouse of MISSING 14 year old swimmer, near to Stokes Bay Sailing Club. Reported by GAFIRS to HMCG, who deployed Helicopter "IJ", GAFIRS Lifeboat, Hill Head Mobile, Ryde Rescue 2 and GAFIRS Landrover. [GRM] Area searched found safe and well by GRM Coxswain. G1. Brian PACK. Land Rover Team Leader [GRM]. Steve HOBBS. 52 7/16 Engine Failure /19 Missing Person. 1 Yacht "HELENA", with Engine Failure, half mile south of Fort Gilkicker. HMCG requested launch of Lifeboat. Vessel assisted by GAFIRS and towed to Fort Blockhouse, GOSPORT Coxswain. G1. Brian PACK. Request by HMCG to search Solent from Gosport towards Hill Head to search for possible suicide victim. Search area, inshore, Haslar Sea Wall to Elmore Point. At Browndown, met Calshot Lifeboat searched form WEST. Nothing found STOOD DOWN by HMCG Coxswain. G1. Brian PACK.

25 54 7/21 Swimmers in DIFFICULTY. 2 Swimmers found safe and well by Hill Head Mobile at No 2 Battery, Browndown. STOOD DOWN before launch. NONE Coxswain. G1. David YOUNG. IF LAUNCHED. 55 7/22 Gosport Ferry Injured CREW 1 Crewmember injured right lower calf and initially unable to walk. First Aid treatment given. No other medical treatment required. Land Rover Team Leader. Ian SWEET. NONE 56 7/22 OIL SLICK. STOKES BAY Whilst on normal routine patrol in Solent, requested by HMCG to investigate a large OIL SLICK, in the Browndown Area. FOUND [ALVER RIVER at No2. Battery outfall, some 2 cables out to sea. ] Attempted to break up slip without success. Facts reported the HMCG, who STOOD DOWN GAFIRS Lifeboat, which returned to Station. NONE 57 7/22 Engine Failure /27 Engine Failure Report of broken-down Motor Vessel, 2 miles off Hovercraft slipway at Lee on the Solent. HMCG requested launch and vessel located and towed by Lifeboat "David BRADING" to the nearest port, Titchfield Haven, Hill Head, FAREHAM Pager callout by HMCG to yacht with Engine Failure STOOD DOWN before launch, though GAFIRS CREW ready. Whilst at station with incident 58, dealt with a minor Medical problem. See Incident 58A Coxswain. G1. Brian PACK. IF LAUNCHED. 58A 7/27 First Aid 1 Whilst preparing to LAUNCH for incident 58, approached by member of public, whose 5-year-old daughter had suffered a HEAD WOUND, whilst playing near to Boathouse. Cut and bump to right side of head, GAFIRS called Hampshire Ambulance. Treated by Ambulance Crew and allowed to go home. First Aid treatment by. Steve HOBBS. NONE

26 59 7/28 Engine Failure 2 1 Yacht "FLEUR-DU-VENT", with Engine Failure near to Mary Rose Buoy, in Solent. HMCG requested Lifeboat "David BRADING" to assist. Yacht located and towed back to Haslar Marina, GOSPORT /29 Car in Water. Freshwater IOW Request by HMCG for DIVERS to go to Freshwater on IOW to check out a car that was in the water. GAFIRS Divers, WILSON and YOUNG, taken by "David BRADING" to Cowes and then by HMCG COWES MOBILE to Freshwater. Dive successfully undertaken by GAFIRS Divers, no persons in vehicle. CREW returned to Gosport Boathouse as on outward journey Divers. Ian WILSON and David YOUNG. 61 7/29 FIRE. Burrow Island. Request by Hampshire Fire Brigade to take Firemen to Burrow Island in Portsmouth Harbour to extinguish fire. Lifeboat "David BRADING" already on patrol in Solent, recalled to Station. 2 Firemen and equipment taken aboard and full speed made to Burrow Island. Fire extinguished by Fire Brigade, and Firemen landed at Gosport Cruising Club Pontoon /29 Flooded Speedboat 4 1 Motor Vessel launched with badly trimmed outboard engine, which caused craft to list heavily and take on water, and on return to GAFIRS Slipway, flooded completely. Four persons safely brought ashore. GAFIRS SHORE CREW assisted and recovered craft, which was called "FAITHLESS". HMCG, HILL HEAD MOBILE also attended. Incident dealt with by GAFIRS SHORE CREW. NONE

27 63 7/30 Vessel DRAGGING ANCHOR Yacht "WIGHT FIRE", moored with crew asleep. Dragged anchor and moving towards Main Shipping Channel at 0101 HOURS, in Osborne Bay, IOW. With assistance of Southampton VTS, vessel located and crew aroused. GAFIRS CREW assisted with anchor, and vessel towed back to Osborne Bay and remoored correctly. GAFIRS Lifeboat "David BRADING" returned to station. INCIDENT OCCURRED at 0101 HOURS /30 Dismasted Yacht /30 Dismasted Yacht 14 1 Yacht "JOULES" Dismasted in Wootton Creek, Isle of Wight. Lifeboat "David BRADING" assisted and stood by whilst crew, assisted by CREW of "DB", secured mast and sails for passage unaided to Hamble Marine. Before leaving Wootton Creek, tasked by HMCG to another Dismasted Yacht. Incident Yacht "IN EXCESS" Dismasted at Wootton Creek. Lifeboat "David BRADING" stood by as CREW of "DB", assisted in securing mast and sails for passage to Cowes Marina, without being escorted by Lifeboat /30 Inflatable Dinghy /30 Aground 13 1 Tasked by HMCG to a powered inflatable dinghy with four [4] persons on board having difficulty off Puck Pool Point because of off shore winds. Checked crew OK and in no danger, advised re off shore winds. Did not require any further assistance from Lifeboat. Tasked to incident Yacht "AZZURRA" aground on Ryde Sands. Lifeboat "David BRADING" using a halyard tow pulled yacht clear of sands on a rising tide. CREW of "DB", checked for water ingress. NONE. All yachts crew OK, resumed passage. No further assistance required. 3110