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2 SOMETHING BIG IS ON THE HORIZON SEPTEMBER 2018 OCTOBER 2018 For all enquiries please contact Kathryn Frew on or

3 Messe Frankfurt, the third largest trade show organiser in the world with hundreds of events annually, have taken over The Johannesburg Boat and Water Show and the Cape Town International Boat Show.



6 FOREWORD BY THE DEPUTY DIRECTOR-GENERAL OF THE INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMENT DIVISION The South African marine manufacturing industry comprises not only of the manufacturing of ships and boats but also the repairing of vessels and rigs. The manufacturing of these products and services are aimed to serve both the commercial and leisure market segments. It is important to note that the manufacturing of ships and boats differ from that of other traditional manufacturing sectors since manufacturing takes place over an extended time frame requiring different skills sets in different time slots. Even though the output is small in quantities and takes on average more than a year to complete the value of projects are high. 1

7 In the 2011/12 financial year, ship/boat building was identified as a priority sector as it has emerged that the sector is a significant contributor to the South African economy. Research has indicated that the manufacture and repair of ships and vessels in South Africa is viewed as a highly strategic industry with strong and extended linkages for economic growth and employment multipliers. In 2013 the Department of Trade and Industry (the dti) undertook research on the feasibility of designating working vessels for local procurement. This process culminated in the designation of working vessels with a 60% local content. To this effect, an instruction note was issued by the National Treasury on 21 August The rationale behind designating working vessels for local procurement lies with the fact that large amounts of vessels are being procured by government and State-Owned Companies (SOCs). Considering the challenges of unemployment in South Africa and the opportunity offered by public procurement of working vessels, designation of the sector can resuscitate the local ship/boat building industry and thus boost job creation across numerous sub-sectors and value chains. The ship and boat building sector desk is continuously looking at ways that can be used in the local manufacturing sector to develop and grow the industry. The main objective of this industry guide is to provide information on a list of highly skilled ship and boat manufacturers, component manufacturers and ship repairers in South Africa. In conclusion, the dti has come far since 2011 when the Industrial Development Division (IDD) allocated permanent resources to assist with the development of the ship and boat building and associated services industry. Great strides have been made to resuscitate the industry and to create and save sustainable jobs in the marine manufacturing industry. Garth Strachan Deputy Director-General: Industrial Development Division 2


9 The South African Marine Manufacturing Industry Over the past couple of decades, the South African boat building industry has gained international credibility, regularly winning international awards and building a strong reputation among international boat designers and consumers. A notable success is that South Africa has grown to become the world s second largest producer of recreational catamarans, after France. This international acclaim is not only for the final produced watercraft (including other vessels) but additionally for components such as sails and masts. Additionally, South African companies have developed capacity in niche segments in commercial and public sector markets, for example, fire-fighting boats and crew transport boats for the oil and gas industry (Kaiser Associates, 2012). Overall, numerous reports have shown that the industry has undergone an efficient industrial restructuring that makes it internationally competitive on price, quality (both in finish and sailing abilities) and durability. The South African boat building industry is an export-oriented industry. However, like the global trade market of recreational and leisure boats, the South African marine manufacturing industry was negatively impacted by the economic crash of 2008 due to its heavy reliance on exports (Laubscher, 2011). In 2014, the South African marine manufacturing industry contributed only 1% of the global exports in yachts and other vessels for pleasure and sports (Trademap, 2015). In comparison with Italy, which contributed 21% of global exports, it is evident that the South African marine industry is small relative to the global industry. Geographical Distribution of Marine Manufacturing Industry The marine manufacturing industry is largely based in the coastal regions of South Africa, i.e. Western Cape (predominantly Cape Town), KZN (predominantly Durban) and the Eastern Cape (predominantly Port Elizabeth), Although the coastal regions have the largest contribution towards boat manufacturing, the Gauteng province also contributes to industry manufacturing specifically in the smaller craft and motor boat market for inland use (Veich, 2013). The Western Cape is the largest marine manufacturing centre within South Africa, generating over R1 billion in 2014 in export revenue (Quantec, 2015), and houses approximately 70% of boat builders. About 18% of boat builders are based in KZN and 12% in the rest of the country, but particularly in the Eastern Cape (Urban-Econ Stakeholder Database, 2015). The main commercial centres for marine manufacturing within the Western Cape include Cape Town and small towns such as St. Helena Bay, Saldanha Bay, Atlantis, Kommetjie, Simon s Town, Swellendam, George, and Knysna. In KwaZulu-Natal, Durban is the leading centre for marine manufacturing. Boatbuilding operations are also located in Park Rynie and Scottburgh on KwaZulu- Natal s South Coast. Production centres in the Eastern Cape include Port Saint Francis, Port Elizabeth, the Port of Ngqura (Coega), Port Alfred and East London. A small proportion of boat manufacturers is situated in Gauteng, with the province s major manufacturing operations located in Benoni, Walkerville, and Randvaal. Imports and Exports Based on the Quantec Research Database, SA Export Values, in 2015, yachts and other leisure and recreational boats were the most popular type of watercraft exported, which contributed to 84% (R1,504,954,400) of total export value for ships, boats, and other floating structures in This category (yachts and other leisure and recreational boats) has shown significant growth in export value since In 2010, the value of this category was R677,765,677 and grew to R1,504,954,400 in This accounts for an average annual growth of 14% within this category. The graph on the next page on the next page illustrates the percentage contribution of each of the subcategories of the yachts and other leisure and recreational boats category regarding exports and imports. 4

10 IMPORTS AND EXPORTS OF YACHTS & OTHER VESSELS FOR PLEASURE OR SPORTS, ,6% 70% 55,3% 60% 50% 40% 33,5% 30% 19,6% 20% 6,4% 7,8% 10% 0% 5,4% 3,4% Inflatable Sailboats, with or without auxiliary motor Motorboats, other than outboard motorboats Exports Other Source: Quantec, 2016 Imports The following map illustrates the key markets for South African Exports within the yachts and other leisure and recreational boats main category (including subcategories motorboats). Based on the graph, sailboats dominate South Africa s exports in the category: yachts and other vessels for pleasure or sports, comprising of 68.6% of South Africa s total exports in this category in Motorboats follow this at 19.6%, and inflatable pleasure craft at 6.4% and other crafts contributing to 5.4% of South Africa s total exports of yachts other vessels for pleasure or sports. Regarding imports, the largest percentage of imports is related to other crafts (this includes for example rowing boats, canoes, sculls, etc.) with 55.3% of imports related to this category. This is followed by motorboats (33.5%), inflatables (7.8%) and sailboats (3.4%). MAP: SOUTH AFRICA EXPORT MARKETS FOR YACHTS AND OTHER LEISURE AND RECREATIONAL BOATS, 2015 Share in value in South Africa s export (%) British Virgin Islands 45% Italy 16.6% U.S.A 14.1% United Kingdom 4.3% Australia 3.3% Greece 2.6% France 2.4% Seychelles 1.9% Malaysia 1.7% Line thickness is indicative of percentage 5 Share in value in South Africa s export,% N/A 0-1% 1-5% 10-20% 20-50%

11 MAP: SOUTH AFRICA IMPORT MARKETS FOR YACHTS AND OTHER LEISURE AND RECREATIONAL BOATS, 2015 Share in value in South Africa s imports (%) USA 49.3% Australia 10.5% United Kingdom 7% China 6.1% France 5.5% Mexico 4.5% Canada 4.4% Italy 3.6% United Arab Emirates 2.2% Japan 0.8% Line thickness is indicative of percentage Import value, ZAR thousand N/A 3,617-7,235 ZAR thousand 14,470-36,174 ZAR thousand It is important to note that from the interviews conducted approximately 60% of boats manufactured outside of the Western Cape are sold within the local market. Local procurement levels in the marine manufacturing industry remain low, with less than 20% of locally made boats remaining within the country s borders or territorial waters. Since 1994, the South African government has spent approximately R19 billion on working vessels, with only R900 million of this spend going to local procurement (IPAP, 2015). It has been suggested through the Industrial Policy Action Plan that the industry s value can be increased through the key intervention of increasing local procurement, specifically for local working boats. This intervention is expected to improve the domestic performance of the boatbuilding industry, which is viewed as a strategic industry and an economic multiplier that will generate employment and positive spin-offs across the sector ,617 ZAR thousand ZAR thousand 7,235-14,470 ZAR thousand 0,9% 2,2% 3,2% 3,0% > 36,174 ZAR thousand 90% Western Cape Province Eastern Cape 2012 (value) KZN 2013 (value) Gauteng Other 2014 (value) 2015 (value) Average Annual Growth (%) Western Cape R496,185,084 R817,668,186 R1,054,611,116 R1,364,224, % Eastern Cape R27,510,764 R26,155,203 R16,501,333 R45,624, % KZN R33,735,566 R29,365,750 R33,011,291 R48,418, % Gauteng R40,070,199 R21,403,938 R18,678,056 R33,548, % Source: Quantec Data,

12 Industry Associations, Councils, and Various Clusters The existence of marine industry associations, councils and various clusters provides a support based network of industry players that have the opportunity and capability to collaborate, share information and address challenges and opportunities faced by the industry. The following provides an overview of the existing marine industry associations, council, and various clusters The South African Boat Builders Export Council (SABBEX) is focused on the support of exports. The council is a major contributor to establishing South Africa as a globally competitive boatbuilding export country, with sustainable export growth within the Department of Trade and Industry s framework. The South African Institute of Marine Engineers and Naval Architects (SAIMENA) is the only technical society in South Africa dedicated to marine engineers and naval architects. The South African Maritime Safety Authority (SAMSA) is responsible for the implementation of current International and National Safety Regulations regarding the Maritime Industry as well as upon all recreational marine vessels within its jurisdiction. The marine industry also consists of the following clusters: Nelson Mandela Bay Maritime Cluster The ethekwini Maritime cluster The Department of Trade and Industry through its Industrial Policy Action Plan 2016 along with support from SABBEX, SAMSA, ethekwini Maritime Cluster, The South African Association of Shipbuilders and Repairs, The Transnet National Ports Authority (TNPA) has identified the need to develop a ship/ boat building/repair cluster. Clustering can encourage collaborative approaches within the industry, with related sectors sharing relevant services between them. Through the Industrial Policy Action Plan, it has been recognized that all the sub-sectors in the marine industry all experience similar constraints - e.g. infrastructure, skills development, transformation, etc. The initiative to develop a ship/boat building/repair cluster is thus aimed at assisting the industry to be more productive, internationally competitive and better positioned to gain access to financial resources to invest in tooling and upgrading of facilities. These marine industry associations, council, and various clusters assist in facilitating industry representation and information-sharing and provide supporting services to industry stakeholder including the private sector. Conclusion Overall, the industry is primarily dominated by boat builders that manufacture commercial and recreational craft from composites and aluminium. Recreational multihulls dominate (both sail and power) with other companies producing semirigid inflatables, monohulls, and small power boats. Notably, most of the companies in the industry are vertically integrated, whereby the company is directly involved in the design, the manufacturing, sales and marketing of its products, the export process, and after sales service for its clients. 7

13 SOUTH AFRICA SAFETRX IS HERE! 33 55,12 S ,85 E IN ASSOCIATION WITH The NSRI s free RSA SafeTrx application is available to download from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. SOME NEW FEATURES INCLUDE: An Emergency Call button which allows you to quickly make a distress call from the application. The app sends an Emergency location update to the MRCC and your emergency contacts if you have a cell phone connection. Track only mode can be used to begin tracking at a touch of a button. Personalised Checklists aims to promote safety awareness by allowing you to create and review your own list of checklist items prior to departure. A new Mobile Logbook stores up to 20 trips on your phone, and can be replayed at any time within the app in video playback mode. Visit the National Sea Rescue Institute s website:

14 Introducing the Mandela Bay Composites Cluster The Mandela Bay Composites Cluster represents and advances the interests of and commercial opportunities in the composites sector in The Cluster, a national initiative, is a resource to industry, new entrants, innovators and researchers as we collectively seek to do business with improved cost, quality and delivery, according to global best practice. Particular benefits, and cluster-oriented learning will accrue to cluster participants, who have already initiated several landmark projects, that is enabling South Africa to exploit massive economic growth, job creation and profitable commercial ventures. With the endorsement and collaboration of South Africa s Department of Trade and Industry, the cluster coordinates R&D, skills development and industrialization efforts to activate value chains that make use of non-corrosive and lightweight composite technology. The MBCC-NPC is governed by a Board and managed by the Cluster Management Organisation (CMO), which follows a value-chain approach to stimulate collaboration, innovation and industrialization. South Africa. 9

15 The MBCC is a strategic entity for the composites industry at both national and regional level. At national level the MBCC plays a strategic role as a cross-sectoral composite technology platform in support of the advanced manufacturing industries around the country. At regional level the MBCC plays a strategic role in support of regional composite companies who cut across the prevailing manufacturing sectors that exist in the region. 10

16 MBCC Vision To expand a growth-enabling multistakeholder composites eco-system for voicing and implementing the needs of the composite stakeholders in terms of skills, technology, industrialisation and transformation. MBCC Mission To unite the composites industry via a single organisation that can voice and implement the needs of the industry. To implement a world class advanced manufacturing mindset based on quality assurance across all stakeholders involved. To align and inform government instruments and policy to the needs of the composites industry. To stimulate innovation based on the principles of trinity thinking (integration of polymer materials science, composite product design/engineering and manufacturing), value chain analysis, lightweighting and life cycle cost reduction. Supporting industry The MBCC is advancing the South African Composites manufacturing Eco-system by means of: Linking people Skills development Enterprise development Technology implementation Testing and standards Value chain localisation Syndicated applications Through its accredited Think Composites! 1-day course, the MBCC not only brings fundamental composite knowledge to the engineering community, but also raises awareness for composite technology, light-weighting, life cycle cost reduction among endusers and policy makers. Through the webpage and the database, the MBCC links the composites community across the various manufacturing sectors and informs them about (inter)national events, courses and technology demonstrations. The MBCC offers an onsite skills audit to participants that leads to a training plan in line with the growth path of companies, following which the training plan is rolled out via accredited workforce training. Finally, the MBCC brings together stakeholders of a particular value chain to assess how light-weighting and corrosion-resistance can enhance competitiveness. The resulting business opportunities will benefit cluster participants. The Composite Innovation Centre, hosted by the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (NMMU) and the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) provides support via technology, education and innovation. 11

17 Cluster Participants ADD Resins Aerontec Aerosud AMT Composites Babensus CitiJet Composite Training Academy Custom Works Composite Engineering Hybrid Composite Industrial Composites Isivuvu Kestrel Renewable Energy Mechcal Millbug Saertex Schroeder Motorhomes Stonerod Taishan Fiberglass TGMC Tide Marine Vivian Regina Contact Andy Radford (Managing Director)

18 South African International Maritime Institute (SAIMI) Location: Port Elizabeth Contact Person: Professor Malek Pourzanjani Website: Phone: The South African International Maritime Institute (SAIMI) is a direct outcome of Operation Phakisa, the South African government s initiative to unlock the economic potential of the oceans. These plans to grow the maritime economy depend on the availability of skilled people, along with the generation of knowledge and technological innovation that looks to the future. SAIMI is a multidisciplinary, multi-stakeholder institute active in education, training and research across all aspects of the maritime sector. Filling a much-needed linking role between industry, education and training institutions and government, SAIMI helps to identify industry needs and opportunities, and facilitates the development of education and training programmes to provide the skills required by the maritime industry for technological innovation and global competitiveness. SAIMI works closely with the private sector and a number of Sector Education & Training Authorities (SETAs) to ensure that the country is identifying, equipping and grooming the next generation of maritime industry workers, artisans and professionals. With a mandate from the Department of Higher Education and Training, SAIMI is developing a national maritime skills development plan, based on the outcomes of the Operation Phakisa Oceans Economy focus areas and skills working groups convened by SAIMI. Comprising training providers, industry stakeholders and government representatives, the marine manufacturing skills working group is actively working to address skills deficits and ensure that generic trades can be augmented with a marine specialisation through shop-floor mentoring and short courses. 13

19 One of the first outcomes is that SAIMI has played an active role in development of the boat building and ship building apprenticeship, which will be registered with the Quality Council for Trades and Occupations. The Ship Building qualification is a first for South Africa, and will succeed the outdated Shipwright apprenticeship. The apprenticeships include a recognition of prior learning component to allow people who have learned on the job to obtain formal recognition of their skills. Mentorship is vital for the transfer of expertise to young people entering the industry SAIMI facilitates mentorships for artisans through partnerships with SETAs, Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) colleges and industry partners. Transformation and education and training are critical for the boat and ship building industry to meet local content and Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) targets. SAIMI supports the upskilling of black people, youth, and, in particular women and those with disabilities, and is piloting skills training for boat builders and composite trades workers in partnership with the Department of Trade and Industry in three provinces. SAIMI also works at school level, educating youngsters who are making career choices about the opportunities in the maritime sector. It partners with local and international companies to expose youngsters to the industry, and to assist them in their career path. SAIMI also manages South Africa s flagship maritime training initiative, the National Cadet Programme, which addresses the need to increase the participation of South Africans working as professional mariners on both foreign and locally-owned vessels. The programme offers practical training and training berths in partnership with more than a dozen shipping lines, enabling students to obtain an internationally-recognised Certificate of Competency (CoC) as either a Deck Officer or Marine Engineering Officer in accordance with the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) Convention on the Standards, Training and Certification of Watch-keepers (STCW). At a tertiary level SAIMI supports research and development through the establishment of research chairs in partnership with Universities across the country. Focus areas include naval architecture and oil and gas exploration. SAIMI is working with the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) to implement the Research, Innovation and Knowledge Management Roadmap for the maritime sector in order to strengthen research and technology development capacity, develop an information resource centre for the centre, and offer bursaries and postgraduate study opportunities. 14

20 Established in 2006, the Academy prepares people who would like to pursue a career in boatbuilding. What are the basic requirements for enrolment? Generally, one needs a minimum of Grade 9, but matriculants who have passed both Mathematics or Maths Literacy and English are given preference. Prospective students have to go through a selection process before acceptance into the Academy. This includes an entrance assessment on Maths Literacy and English. What qualifications does the Academy offer? We offer National Certificate: Yacht and Boat Building courses at NQF levels 2-3. An NQF Level 3 certificate makes a student eligible to enrol for the Further Education and Training (FET) Certificate: Yacht and Boat Building NQF level 4. The full qualification (NQF2-4) is offered as a three-year, full-time course, with 6 months of each year offered at the Academy and the following 6 months spent in Industry for industrial experience, or Work Placement. During Work Placement a student has to keep a logbook, which has to be signed off each week by his/her supervisor and handed into the Academy at the end of Work Placement. Why choose the Academy? The Academy is equipped with the latest tools and simulators to ensure our students are wellprepared for industry. All programmes offered at the Boat Building Academy are MerSETA accredited, utilising the specified SAQA qualifications that can be viewed via the internet on the following URLs: php?id=77003 (L2), php?id=78863 (L3), and php?id=78864 (L4). About our courses A wide range of disciplines (called Unit Standards, or US) is covered in the Yacht and Boat Building course, including Design, Marine Joinery/Woodwork, Fibreglass/Polymer Composite Fabrication, Metalwork/Welding, Marine Systems (including plumbing, inboard propulsion systems, hydraulics, gas and electrical), Computer Aided Drawing (AutoCAD), and Boat Building Standards. For more detail on these courses contact the Academy on or or 15

21 16

22 How does one save the planet surely it s the stuff of superheroes in tights and capes? Apparently not. Ordinary South Africans like Braam Malherbe and Wayne Robertson demonstrate that superheroes are indeed just that, ordinary. But they do have extraordinary passion, discipline and the hutzpah to take on and accomplish the impossible. How else would one be able to make 2.4 million strokes in a tiny single rower craft, completely unassisted within 92 days, while facing perilous dangers and near-death on every single one of those 92 days? With 2.4 Million strokes, that s how you help save the planet - that s how many strokes you d need to row from Cape Town to Rio. For most of us, it s just too much effort to pick up a plastic bag in the street or even stub out a cigarette before carelessly tossing it out of a car window, let alone attempt a few rowing strokes. A while back Braam Malherbe launched his DOT challenge Do One Thing to help save the planet from environmental degradation and total destruction and even extinction. DOT stands for Do One Thing. Braam explains that it is a simple acronym that is so much more than a trend, a fad or a catchphrase. These three little letters boldly aim to unite the world in the hope that, together, we can still save our planet. By globally connecting like-minded individuals through a single website and app, the DOT movement encourages anyone who is willing to just Do One Thing to protect and preserve our planet Earth from further destruction and harm. Boating South Africa (Boating SA) spoke to Wayne Robertson to get a first-hand account of the DOT Challenge s epic world-first completely unassisted Cape-to-Rio rowing adventure. Wayne s background When one considers Robertson background, it s understandable why he, together with Malherbe s successfully pulled of this extreme challenge. Firstly he s a businessman in the boat building 17

23 industry and therefore understands what it means to take risks, plan and prepare for these and knuckle down to get the job done. He owns Wayne Roberston Yachts, which he started in 2006 and has a lot of experience in the boat building industry, not only in South Africa, but also in the United States. In South Africa, he greatly benefited from being mentored by the likes of Jerry Caine and John Roberston of Roberston and Caine. Secondly, he s an accomplished life-long sailor, and has enormous respect for the ocean, especially the southern oceans. He sailed with the likes of Bertie Reid, one of South Africa s legends in competitive and adventure sailing. Bertie was the first South African to complete three single-handed circumnavigations. Wayne is no stranger to extreme sports and adventure. and is an extreme endurance athlete with his main discipline being long-distance off-road mountain biking events. To crown it all, he is an experienced surfer and has been surfing for more than 35 years. Thirdly, he has practiced Shukokai martial arts for years. Shukokai teaches you how to use your body to generate force or power and understand the importance of self-control key in this is to master your thoughts and emotions and tell your body how to respond. This skill is particularly useful for rowing. The duo s achievement is all the more remarkable, considering that prior to this adventure, Robertson had zero rowing experience. Moreover he only had six days to prepare for the challenge and a paltry three hours of coaching on how to row! You simply cannot take on a challenge like this without having achieved a very high level of self-mastery or discipline. 18

24 What does this epic world-first mean for SA s boating industry? While the boat was designed and built in the UK, it s the mariners mental toughness and the cause that fuelled them that demonstrate what Boating SA is capable of. These soft assets are indispensable for a strong and viable boating industry as they are underpinned by critical values such as self-mastery (an attitude of taking full responsibility and not blaming others), integrity, attention to detail, quality and service focus, etc. In short, it s a way of doing things in the SA boat industry that provides a key competitive edge. It also explains why the majority of boats that we build in South Africa are sailed by the boat builders to their clients. They might be referred to as soft assets but they are the hardest to cultivate, nurture and demonstrate on a continuous basis. Robertson says that this world-first sets the benchmark for Boating SA. Ït buys confidence in the local industry, confidence in our people and an expectation of very high quality and standards. The boat s design According to Malherbe and Roberstson, the boat aptly symbolized the cause they pursued just like the planet contains absolutely everything we need for a meaningful life, such as food, water, shelter, solid relationships, etc, the boat also contained all these elements for their survival, but the voyage brought into much sharper focus the need to get along with each other to survive and sustain the boat and themselves. The pair was acutely aware that they had to manage their resources, including the boat 19

25 and especially their relationship very carefully to ensure their survival. They were indeed a microcosm of the planet and if they could not fix problems as they arose they would not have survived over 92 days, they did not have a single argument, despite experiencing the most extreme conditions and physical endurance. At 6.8m long, it is an extremely small single rower-double oar craft with a polyester foam sandwich construction, providing only 30cm of protection from the ocean. It is very light and not designed for the southern oceans at all. During the voyage, the pair could feel the stresses on the hull, especially in the areas that have no core. Roberstson s company prepared the boat for the voyage, adding a multitude of features such as a much-needed shade cover. He has no doubt that South Africa can build a much better boat more suited for the southern seas. Their experience While there were many challenges, the most severe were the lack of power (they depended on solar power for, among others navigation and fresh water supply); not colliding with the many big ships they encountered; the severe storms and the lack of sleep. With only 48 days of sun out of the 92 days that they were at sea, they had to rely on the wet food for most of their fluids during a very critical period and use the stars to navigate as they could not run their avionics 24/7 due to the lack of power. They have a deeper appreciation for fresh water. Without the power to run the desalination equipment, they had to use a hand pump to produce fresh water it took two hours to pump just four liters of water! They also needed the avionics to spot any ships that were on a collision course with them and had 27 near-collisions. The wakes of these ships also caused severe problems, with the average wake generating 7 to 8 meter waves. determination, discipline and teamwork that helped them right the boat in this instance. While they each respectively had two-hour shifts of rowing and two hours of sleep, it was impossible to sleep in the confined space and the erratic movement and stresses on the hull due to the crashing waves and constant huge swell and with the lack of power to produce water, they had to pump water when they were supposed to be sleeping or resting. What really made the difference? Roberstson believes the most important factor that helped them succeed in their quest, was the fact that they managed their relationship on the boat so well. They needed to be completely transparent with each other this meant that they had to be completely honest with each other and immediately raise issues of concern to avoid any conflict that might dissipate their energy and frustrate their efforts. They also had to inspire one another and boost each other s morale, when either of them became despondent or the task at hand threatened to overwhelm him. It is indeed remarkable that the pair pulled off this world-first, when one considers that they had only met each other a few days before the voyage they might not have known each other, but what they had in common, were a set of values and a purpose that provided a solid foundation for their success. Boating SA is indeed very proud that a pair of South African rowers took on the impossible and prevailed, and in the process raised the awareness that each one of us can do something about saving our earth that is in peril from environmental degradation and climate change. During the many storms they encountered, they capsized 5 times, and once were under water for about 5 minutes. It was only dogged 20

26 In 2014, the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) removed sailing from the 2020 Paralympic Games programme. This dramatic move shocked competitive sailors world-wide, but more so the sailors with disabilities. Sailors with disabilities is one of the few sports in which all sailors irrespective of their degree of abilities can participate on equal terms. Sailing was first introduced to the Paralympic Games at the Atlanta 1996 Games, but only as a sport to promote it in other words the athletes did not compete for any medals. It became a medal sport at the Sydney 2000 Paralympic Games. The Para World Sailing Committee who is responsible for sailing people with disabilities worldwide, was completely blindsided by the IPC s decision. According to the IPC, sailing was dropped as it did not meet their (the IPC Handbook s) minimum criteria for worldwide reach. The Para World Sailing Committee clearly has their work cut out for them if they want to see sailing reinstituted in the Paralympic Games. The task ahead is huge. One of the challenges includes the prohibitive costs it is an extremely expensive sport. Moreover, relying on a commercial strategy to develop and grow the sport is a non-starter, as the effective demand for boats both adapted for and/or specifically designed for sailors with disabilities is too low. A few people in South Africa, are however not resting on their laurels. They are undaunted by the many obstacles and are developing a viable socio-business model that will demonstrate it is not only the profit motive that can deliver efficient solutions to meet people s needs. Human passion to serve others can indeed be an equal, if not more powerful motivator. Among the most notable South Africans involved in this quest are people like Peter Jacops, Alex Simonis, Martin Voogd, Russel Volmer, Mandy Latimore and Luan Gray, to name a few. 21

27 A South African vision for competitive disabled sailing the SV14 project South Africa has an incredibly strong boat building industry, with a well-established international focus. It was therefore no surprise when in 2015, the challenge went out via social media to create a boat designed and built specifically for sailors with disabilities, as well as easily available to them, Cape Town based designers Alex Simonis and Martin Voogd immediately stepped up to the plate. Peter Jacops, a CE inspector (who posted the challenge) met with Alex and Martin as well as Russel Vollmer, an experienced and active sailors with disabilities (and an ex-commodore of the Royal Cape Yacht Club) to discuss how they could start to help South Africa develop and grow competitive disabled sailing with the ultimate aim of assisting the Para World Sailing Committee get the sport back in the Paralympic Games. Thus the SV14-project was born a boat that is modern-looking, safe, versatile, comfortable, affordable and easy to handle by either one or two persons. The SV14 not only meets the rigorous requirements of efficiently and safely pushing through the water, but also provides a comfortable and adaptable seating arrangement to allow sailors with disabilities to sail and enjoy the ride much as an able-bodied person would - Alex and Martin have given our boating industry the edge, by being the first to design a boat to meet both the requirements of disabled sailors for firstly speed with safety and secondly comfort. But there s more the SV14 also provides disabled sailors with enormous flexibility currently none of the boats in this class provide sailors with the flexibility to use their boat with just the mainsail, the mainsail and jib and/or the mainsail, jib and spinnaker. This means that the same boat can be used by a sailor who starts as a beginner, develops to intermediate level and moves on to competitive level. 22

28 Russel, who is one of the local test-pilots for the prototype says, The SV14 demonstrates that South Africa is at the top-of-the-tree when it comes to boatbuilding for sailors with disabilities. Robertson and Caine (one of SA s top boat builders) threw their hat in the ring and built the South African prototype at their cost. SA Sailing is also keen to assist and are willing to sponsor the building of 5 boats the challenge is to find a competent boat builder who has the production time and who can sponsor the labour time as well. Luan Gray, a lifelong sailor and qualified sailing instructor who is pioneering a Disabled Sailing Programme in South Africa has also teamed up with the SV14 project. Luan and Russel believes that adaptive sailing has huge potential for expansion within Africa as a whole. What exactly is the SV14? SV stands for Simonis-Voogd who designed this impressive sailing boat and the 14 is the length of the boat, i.e. 14 foot. Simonis says the idea of an affordable craft was inspired by the British Mirror dinghy that was launched in The Mirror had a simple design and was made of plywood stitched together with copper wire and joints were sealed with glass fibre. Today, there are over 70,000 of these craft, an achievement that is unequalled in this class of dinghy. Simonis explains that the Mirror dinghy can t simply be replicated in South Africa, or elsewhere in South Africa. Today we do all our design work on computers, making use of 3D solid modeling programs. This allows us to design a very high level of detailing and accuracy, simply impossible to do by hand. Besides that, all these programs allow us to design better boats and it also gives us the opportunity to generate accurate and efficient output for direct CNC cutting. The end result of the design is a magnificent sailing boat that can be used not only recreationally but competitively in top-class events such as the Paralymics. On some of the technical aspects, Simonis says, This is a 14ft modern yacht which can be completely built out of 10 sheets of 4 x 8 plywood, 1 sheet of 3 x 6 12 mm steel and 22 x 10 strips of hardwood. Simonis says they prepared a CNC cutting package using these raw materials, which can be put together like a jigsaw puzzle to create the boat in an estimated time of less than 200 man-hours. The amazing thing is the boat can be built by your average DIY guy and with no expensive tools. The materials are also easily available and the plans and cutting patterns can be downloaded at no cost via the internet. According to Simonis, cutting to 2D CNC is also not a problem. 2D CNC cutting is so widely used that this can also be done all around the world in a place near you. In short, this is a phenomenal sailing boat that is optimally adapted for disabled sailors to experience being in control of a boat going at speed, with confidence, but at a fraction of the cost. Excluding labour cost, and other non-essential boat accessories, the boat costs for a basic SV14 (in current terms) is about R50,000.. What are the medium to long term objectives? Simonis says they are busy rolling out prototypes in South Africa and Thailand and aim to produce prototypes in the USA, Mauritius and the Netherlands. They are managing the building of the boats through the website org, where aspirant boatbuilders can get information on the costs and where to source materials. The site also has information about the project and the design and allows anyone who is interested to register and get the plans to start building. Upon registration, you will get a build number that will be upgraded to a hull and sail number once the boat is finished. Each one will be encouraged to upload information such as who is building it, who it is for and who the sponsor is. The designers also want to introduce a database with information about cost and suppliers around the world. 23

29 Russel is excited about the development part of the project which involves getting more sailors with disabilities interested in sailing. The idea is to possibly start with the Royal Cape Yacht Club as a base and include as many sailors with disabilities as possible in the club s sailing academy, then expand to other areas in South Africa and later the rest of Africa. This is all contingent on disabled sailing acquiring a critical mass of boats and here lies the biggest hurdle without the sufficient number of adapted boats like the SV14, the vision for disabled sailing will remain a dream. While the boats are relatively easy to build, a more representative structure is probably needed to promote the vision, assure quality, safety and leverage resources. The project potentially also offers a great opportunity to create more jobs, sponsored by public funds through coaching and mentoring people selected to build the boats, but it all requires a coherent, well- funded and well thought through strategy using an institution with the capacity to fully realise the vision. As this cannot be done commercially, a programmatic socio-business model, backed by sufficient resources must be designed and implemented to give the SV14-project a muchneeded boost in order to give SA s disabled sailing the momentum to realise their vision to compete at the highest level. To lend your support and expertise to this worthy cause or if you would like to build or sponsor a boat please contact Alex Simonis on Also visit the project s website: Technical Details The boat is 14ft long (4.35 meters) and is quite wide, with a very modern hull shape and a reversed angled bow similar to yachts seen in the round-the-world races such as the Volvo Ocean Race. The design adopts the most stringent safety requirements, not unlike those applied to the round-the-world racing yachts. A crew with disabilities has limited mobility, which means the boat must sail as upright as possible form stability and a low centre of gravity combined with a high ballast ratio (weight stability) optimise stability. The keel therefore, has a low centre of gravity bulb at the bottom, which yields a limit of positive stability close to 130 degrees. Each combination of two compartments (there are four watertight compartments) carries enough buoyancy to keep the boat afloat, even if there is a breach in one or more of the compartments. 3D modeling enables a modern sleek design with totally developable surfaces the boat can be completely built out of flat panels. While the bulb has a complex hydrodynamic shape with a requirement to be made out of a high-density steel, it can be simply made combining shapes CNC cut out of a flat plate of 12 mm steel. The bulb which weighs 110kg with a ballast ratio of over 60%, partly helps to keep the boat at optimum heel angle of less than 20 degrees. Limiting the heel allows sailors with disabilities to be seated at an angle either way up to 20 degrees which means they can sit upright in most sailing conditions, thus providing a far more comfortable voyage. The rig is optimised to release sail pressure when a gust hits the sail. It is a free-standing, tapered mast made out of two standard size sections of aluminium pipe and is based on the international Laser Class (GRP one-man dinghy). The total weight of the boat including ballast is designed to stay under 200kg, and can be towed on a single axle trailer by a standard family car. There is a single lifting point to allow fairly hassle-free lifting of the boat.. 24



32 Company: ACE BOATING GROUP Established: 2005 Location: 10 Rotterdam Rd. Bayhead, KZN, South Africa Contact Person: Qinisela Zulu \ Dayalan Naidoo Website: / Phone: / Bonakude Capital Projects, trading as ACE BOATING is a Black owned and managed company with a Level 1 Contributor on the QSE BEE Scorecard. It was established in 2005, launching at the National Boat Show in Johannesburg. The company specialises in the development of recreational water-sport, deep sea fishing, commercial fishing, passenger/ferry and diving GRP boats. Awards: Imminent Standards/Accreditation: 27

33 PoWeRCATs Company: ADMIRAL POWERCATS Established: 2004 Location: Riley Street, Beaconvale, Cape Town Contact Person: Alan Geeling Website: / Phone: / ADMIRAL POWERCATS develop, build, deliver and service an innovative range of power catamarans for the leisure, sport, fishing, commercial and para-military markets. We are the sole license holder for the production of LEISURELINER ll houseboats. We also offer a tooling service for construction of moulds from plugs and build complete boats on behalf of other brands. From our beginnings with Admiral Yachts in 2007, we have grown to become a versatile composite manufacturing team that delivers to varied requirements both locally and internationally. Our client base extends from Cape Town to St. Helena and Reunion Islands in the Atlantic Ocean, Thailand, Singapore, Mozambique, Mauritius and Malawi. Having cultivated our internal tooling capability over the years, we now offer this service to the composite market in general. Main products: 17 Powercat, 21 Powercat, 23 Powercat, 45 Open, 45 Express and many more. 28

34 Company : CELTIC YACHTS Established: 2011 Location: 17 Columbus Crescent, Rivergate Business Park, Rivergate, Cape Town, 7441 Contact Person: Tim Duncan Website: Phone: / The Admiral 40 luxury live-aboard Catamaran is manufactured by CELTIC YACHTS at their new purposedesigned factory in Rivergate Business Park, Cape Town, South Africa. Enhanced features of the Admiral 40 include a redesigned helm station allowing for ease of short-handed sailing, re-designed davits, moulded bimini ceiling, redesigned heads, more spacious forward and aft cabins, increased locker space, extended saloon seating and a larger sliding door opening. These high performance Catamarans are known for their sleek look and proven Ocean-crossing capability. Our focus is on quality workmanship and attention to detail. Each custom Admiral 40 is soundly built to be enjoyed for years to come! These boats are available in 3 Cabin Owners version or 4 Cabin Charter version. 29

35 Company: CRUISER CATS Established: 2008 Location: Cape Town Contact Person: Clark Boeken / Shereen Robertson Website: Phone: CRUISER CATS manufactures luxury power catamarans for the private leisure or charter market worldwide. The Cruiser Cats facility located in Cape Town, South Africa builds two different models, the Havana 40 Express Powercat and the Havana 42 Powercat. Our yachts can be semi-customised to the owner s requirements and we can build larger yachts up to 62 feet upon request. Our yachts are built to the highest of standards and have top quality finishes, are comfortable and luxurious, stable at sea and very efficient to run and of course, a pleasure to own! Our range of cruising catamarans are perfect for live aboard or to cruise around the islands. Experience tranquillity at sea with any of our catamarans. We are proud to invite you aboard our beautiful catamarans and would love to welcome you as part of our Cruiser Cats family. Main Products: Havana 40 Express, Havana 42 Powercat Stanadards: 30

36 Company: GAW MARINE CC Established: 2012 Location: Unit 36, Van Dyk Business Park, Van Dyk Road, Boksburg Gauteng Contact Person: Greg Walters Website: Phone: / Greg Walters, the founder of GAW MARINE, has combined his unmatched metal and timber engineering skills with a passion for retro style timber boats. As a result, our vessels are a product of dedicated perfectionism, equal to, or even better than any similar manufacturers worldwide. We are producing 1940s American replica V8 20 barrel backs, both bobtail and waterjet, as well as a replica of a well-known seagoing 27 European design powered with twin V8s. In addition we are working on our own concept vessel which will be a twin motor, petrol or diesel, powered with waterjet propulsion. Main Products: Mahogany Power Boats 31

37 Company: JACOBS BROS BOAT BUILDERS Established: 1974 Location: Cape Town Contact Person: Fuad Jacobs Website: Phone: Based in Cape Town, South Africa, JACOBS BROS is renowned for building quality, custom, leisure and expedition aluminium yachts. In over 35 years, Jacobs Bros has built over 20 yachts, which have explored the Amazon River, Polynesia, the South Atlantic, Antarctica and the Arctic, and circumnavigated the planet. Jacobs Bros has built custom yachts from designers Ed Joy, Lavranos, Dix, Southwell, Simonis Voogd and Van der Stadt. We take pride in our craftsmanship and full customisation capabilities. We can build to any stage of completion, hull & deck only, or craft luxury interiors too, flexible to client needs. Jacobs Bros builds leisure yachts for Bluewater cruising and high latitude expedition yachts for the more adventurous at heart. Standards: Credits: Trevor Wilkins 32

38 Company: KNYSNA YACHT COMPANY Established: 2002 Location: 21 Boswerker Street, Knysna Industrial, Knysna, Eastern Cape, South Africa Contact Person: Kevin Fouché Website: Phone: KNYSNA YACHT COMPANY prides itself in being a boutique yacht builder, producing catamarans with a final package of brilliant finishes, ultimate comfort, luxury and performance sailing. Knysna Yacht Company has a long list of achievements, not least of which is a string of satisfied catamaran owners investors in the Knysna 440 and Knysna 480 models. Now, based on the success of the Knysna 480 an excellent sailing vessel in its own right the Knysna 500 SE model is destined to become an icon in the company s continuing success story and will follow in the wake of her sistership s history and popularity. Main Products: Knysna 500 SE Sailing Catamaran Standards: 33

39 Company: LEOPARD CATAMARANS Established: 1994 Location: South Africa Contact Person: Daniel Snyman Website: Phone: In 1991 Robertson and Caine, South Africa s largest boat builder was founded by John Robertson and Jerry Caine. In 1994 the manufacturer entered into an agreement with The Moorings, a leading global yacht charter company. Leopard continues to grow and now has global dealerships in 20 countries giving their customers comfort in knowing that there is always support nearby. LEOPARD CATAMARANS focus on space, comfort, blue water capability and innovation. They were the first production catamaran to introduce a fully functional forward lounging cockpit which has since been mimicked by the competition. or Main Products: Leopard 40, Leopard 45, Leopard 50, Leopard 58, Leopard 43 PC, Leopard 51 PC 34

40 Company: MATRIX YACHTS Established: 2001 Location: 78 Kyalami Drive, Killarney Gardens, Cape Town Contact Person: Peter Wehrley Website: Phone: MATRIX YACHTS is a family operated business that manufactures a range of large stylish and luxurious sailing catamarans and is renowned for their innovative designs. The family s vast sailing and chartering experience has been incorporated into the detailing and layouts of the various yachts which have helped make this company a world recognized yacht manufacturer of high quality yachts. Main Products: Catamarans: Silhouette 760, Explorer 760, Mirage Daysail 760, Matrix 600C Awards: 2012 BVI Charter Boat show Best in the Show 2011 Cruising World Boat of the Year Nominee 2007 South African Boating Award Innovator of the Year 2005 Miami Boat Show Star of the Show Standards: 35

41 Company: MAVERICK YACHTS Established: 2007 Location: 12 Fourth Street, Montague Gardens, Cape Town, South Africa Contact Person: Rudi Pretorius Website: Phone: x MAVERICK YACHTS specializes in building luxurious and spacious 40 and 44 catamarans. The Maverick is designed for short-handed, long range cruising and is built for comfort, safety and reliability. Main Products: Maverick 400 and Maverick 440 Awards: 2013 Cruising World Boat of the Year Nominee 2010 & 2009 South African Boating Award for Sailing Craft over 10m Standards: 36

42 Company: NEXUS YACHTS Established: 2005 Location: 5th Avenue, Sea Vista Industrial Area, St Francis Bay, South Africa Contact Person: Roger Paarman Website: Phone: NEXUS YACHTS range consists of the Balance 620, both blue water cruising catamarans. We have teamed up with Phil Berman from The Multihull Company and formed Balance Catamarans. The designs stem from collaboration by Team Nexus, Anton du Toit and Phil Berman. We have designed and built a fast, light, long distance cruising range of catamarans. All our boats are constructed in epoxy and foam core. Main Products: Balance 620 and Balance 526 Awards: Balance 526 Cruising world 2017 Import Boat of the year Balance 526 Cruising world, Best Full-size Multihull over 50 feet 37

43 Company: PHOENIX MARINE Established: 2014 Location: John van Niekerk Street, Atlantis, Cape Town, South Africa Contact Person: Rudolf Jonker Website: Phone: PHOENIX MARINE is a bespoke yacht boat builder based on the outskirts of Cape Town. Our ethos is using the latest modern design technology with traditional artisan workmanship. With its own full operational joinery/cad-cam facility and full GRP tooling workshop, Phoenix is well geared to produce high quality yachts. Main Products: Production Boat Yard of Luxury 50 Sail and Power Catamarans. Also 44 Sail Catamaran and 55 Power displacement catamaran in range Awards: Best Catamaran >30 at Miami Sail Show February 2015 Standards: 38

44 Company: PREDATOR BOATS Established: 2005 Location: Vereeniging Contact Person: Allen Fagan Website: Phone: We have been involved in the boating industry for 30+ years, both here and originally in Zimbabwe. We have made boats for both the local South African market as well as exported to Europe. Our boats are hand-made and 100% wood free. We manufcture mainly high speed bass boats on trailers as well as luxury and leisure boats. We do boat repairs, modifications and refurbishments. We also do industrial manufacturing. Main products: Rogue & Tornado Bass Boats 39

45 Company: ROBERTSON AND CAINE Established: 1991 Location: Corner Beach Road & Railway Street, Woodstock, Cape Town, South Africa Contact Person: Gavin Rogoff Website: Phone: Globally acclaimed ROBERTSON AND CAINE is the recipient of numerous international awards in boat building and product design. Utilising six production facilities in Cape Town and employing a highly trained team of over 1300 people; Robertson and Caine launch, on average, 14 catamarans per production month for the global market. Building on a heritage of producing custom, state of the art, racing yachts, the company has evolved as both an innovator and a dominant market force worldwide. Robertson and Caine s catamarans are built for practical ocean enjoyment against stringent Global Yacht Manufacturing Standards. Main Products: Leopard 40, 45, 48 & 58, Power cat 43 & 51 Awards: Multiple award winner including the 2017 Cruising World Charter Boat of the Year. Standards/Accreditation: 40

46 Company: ROYAL CAPE CATAMARANS Established: 2003 Location: 100 Goodwood Road, Mahogany Ridge, Durban, South Africa Contact Person: Ken Bircher Website: Phone: ROYAL CAPE CATAMARANS are builders of the luxurious Majestic 530 and Majestic 500 sailing catamarans. They are uniquely designed, stylish, safe, stable and spacious vessels, with configurations ideally suited to blue water cruising, island hopping and/or charter. Fractional ownership syndication is facilitated. Main Products: Majestic 500, Majestic 530 Daysailer, Majestic 530 flybridge / power Standards: 41

47 Company: SOUTHERN WIND SHIPYARD Established: 1991 Location: Reen Avenue, Athlone Industria 1, Cape Town, South Africa Contact Person: Alberto Del Cinque Website: Phone: SOUTHERN WIND SHIPYARD builds semi-custom, luxury composite sailing yachts from 72 to 130, based on the most advanced technologies, combined with a tradition of craftsmanship and Italian elegance. Southern Wind sailing yachts are built for fast ocean passages, competitive racing, thrilling exploration and relaxing cruising in remote locations. Recent Awards: 2015 Finalist Show Boats Award 2014 Finalist Show Boats Award 2013 Finalist Show Boats Award & World Superyacht Award 2012 Finalist Nautical Design Award 2012 Finalist Show Boats Award & World Superyacht Award Standards: Credits: Courtesy of Southern Wind Shipyard, photo by Rob Kamhoot 42

48 Company: STEALTH YACHTS Established: 2004 Location: 52 Industria Ring Road, Parow Industria, Cape Town Contact Person: Ralph Dill Website: Phone: STEALTH YACHTS manufacture performance oriented catamarans specifically designed as HYSUCAT (HYdrofoil SUpported CAtamaran) vessels. These not only incorporate an integrated hydrofoil system, but also feature unique in-house developed surface piercing propulsion pods. The result combines unmatched performance, economy and environmental advantages with a superlatively comfortable ride in any sea-state. Boat Models: 380 Escape, 380 Shuttle, 380 Dive, 520 Escape, 520 Shuttle, 520 RUV, 540 Flybridge Awards: 2009 and 2007 SA Boating Power Boat of the Year Standards: 43

49 Company: ST FRANCIS MARINE Established: 1988 Location: Farm Annex Vischgat, R330, St Francis Bay, South Africa Contact Person: Duncan Lethbridge Website: Phone: / ST FRANCIS MARINE established in 1988, is one of South Africa s oldest and most prestigious yacht builders. Having now refined their latest Vinyl Ester resin infused St Francis 50 Mk II is said to be the fastest, safest and best cruising catamaran available. The boatyard s quality and attention to detail is legendary and shows itself in that every pre-owned St Francis has been resold for more than the original purchase price. Main Products: St Francis 50 MK II Awards: 2006 Cruising World Best Cruising Catamaran (St Francis 50) 2000 Winner Cape to Rio Race 1st catamaran & 1st on handicap Standards: 44

50 Company: SUPERTECH YACHTS Established: 2017 Location: Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa Contact Person: Hugo Engelbrecht \ Francois van Dyk Website: Phone: / SUPERTECH YACHTS design and manufacture custom built, world class Power- and Sailing Catamarans. Breaking out of the Mold In collaboration with our clients, unique yachts evolve in a virtual CAD environment. Safety first, performance, good sea-keeping and practical living spaces, receive meticulous attention from experienced originators, to meet international standards. We have developed and tested a hybrid construction method which does not require traditional production molds. Qualified Engineers finalize fluid dynamics, and structural calculations on CAD 3-D modelling software, of our client approved designs. Electric hybrid propulsion is also an option.our Yachts reflect your own character yet, present themselves with inspirational presence in strong, artistic lines. Products: Sailing SAPPHIRE 40,TOPAZ 40 and PowerCat; LEEUWIN 52 Awards: Imminent Standards/Accreditation: 45

51 Company: TWO OCEANS MARINE MANUFACTURING Established: 1989 Location: Marine Drive, Paarden Eiland, Cape Town Contact Person: Mark Delany Website: Phone: TWO OCEANS MARINE MANUFACTURING was founded in 1989 and has evolved into one of South Africa s leading custom boat and yacht manufacturing yards. Based in Cape Town, Two Oceans Marine manufactures both power and sailing catamarans ranging from 7.3 m to 25 m in size for cruising, leisure, day charter and commercial use. With 28 years experience in quality boat building, the staff and production team at Two Oceans Marine are actively involved in all sailing, boating, fishing and watersport activities and share a wealth of knowledge and experience in all aspects of the sport and the boats used. Main Products: Sail and Power catamarans, sport fishing and commercial boats. Standards: 46

52 Company: VOYAGE YACHTS Established: 1994 Location: 1 Verbena Street, Paarden Eiland, Cape Town Contact Person: Kay Oldenburg Website: Phone: VOYAGE YACHTS has been producing blue water catamarans for cruising individuals and for the Caribbean charter market for the past 21 years. As a small volume production yard. Voyage Yachts has built well over 150 catamarans since it was established in 1994 and draws its expertise and knowledge the core of 35 employees which are with the company for more than 10 years. As of January 2015 Voyage Yachts has been involved in developing a 63 power catamaran. Main Products: Voyage DC45, 480, 520, 600 Awards: 2002 Cruising World Best Cruising Multihull; Boat of the year 2003 Cruising World Best Cruising Multihull Standards: 47

53 Company : WATERMARK MARINE Location: Knysna Contact Person: Dale Campher Website: / Phone: / WATERMARK MARINE is a proudly South African pontoon boat manufacturer producing a range of models to the highest industry standards. Watermark Marine utilizes the latest design technology along with cutting edge manufacturing processes to ensure that our boats are market leaders in their class. Our stringent build quality is complimented with top quality finishes and all pontoon boats can be customized to meet the owner s requirements whether it be sport, luxury or utilitarian. We also offer various upgrades to ensure that owning a Watermark Marine boat continues to be a pleasurable experience. 48

54 Tel /3 Unit 9 Villa Valencia Office Park, 2 Anemoon Street (Cnr Monument Road), Glen Marais, Kempton Park

55 48



58 Company: GEMINI MARINE (PTY) LTD Established: 1979 Location: 17 Bertie Avenue, Epping, Cape Town Contact Person: Gerhard Neethling (Global Sales & Marketing Manager) Website: Phone: Established in 1979, GEMINI MARINE manufactures RIBs & Full Inflatables up to 10.6m in size, exported to over 45 countries. GEMINI s knowledge & expertise ensure that our clients get the finest boats available in the worlds commercial, rescue & military market to suit their specific maritime requirements. The deep rounded V shaped Gemini hull offers great performance, comfort and extraordinary handling at top speeds, even in heavy seas. They are built using the most robust materials ensuring that you can rely on the quality, speed and maneuverability of a Gemini for years. The Gemini Marine manufacturing facility has the ISO 9001:2008, the Quality Management System certified by DNV GL, ensuring our worldwide client base of continuous quality management throughout the entire production process. Local Clients include: Cape Nature, Sanparks, Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, Sole Supplier of RIBS to the NSRI (National Sea Rescue Institute). International Clients include: NSW Water Police, Royal New Zealand Navy, United Nations, Australian Defense Force, Olympic Security, African Union and Australian Federal Police. 53

59 Company: NAUTIC AFRICA Established: 2008 Location: Corner Marine Drive & Container Road, Paarden Eiland, Cape Town Contact Person: Lisa Nicholson Website: Phone: NAUTIC AFRICA is a shipyard building high quality performance vessels for the commercial B2B market and governmental bodies. Nautic Africa focuses on supplying products into Africa and has an established network in West and East Africa. Nautic Africa is helping to meet the continents growing demand for quality vessels designed economically, environmentally and in socially responsible ways. Main Products: Patrol, Defence, Oil and Gas platforms & commercial vessels, service and support, vessel parts and spares, vessel leasing, management and operations. Awards: 2015 A.I Business Excellence Awards: Best Ship builder SA 2014 Cape Chamber of Commerce Exporter of the Year 2014 Acquisition International Magazine Business Excellence Award 2014 Cape Chamber of Commerce Award for Innovation 2014 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of Year finalist Standards/Accreditation: 54

60 Company: RHINO MARINE PRODUCTS Established: 2005 Location: 41 Manhattan Street, Airport Industria, Cape Town Contact Person: Oliver Wale Website: Phone: The RHINO BOATS are fabricated primarily for use in the offshore and marine construction environments, the off-shore oil and gas industry, and for military use. Rhino boats have been developed as a replacement to conventional RIB s and have virtually indestructible HDPE hulls that are specifically designed to handle in tough commercial environments. Rhino boats can be used for various applications, but our boats are primarily used as work boats, personnel transfer boats and scuba replacement boats (SRP). Our boats are supplied with petrol outboards or inboard diesel motors and our inboard versions can be supplied with water jet drive or Z-drive (stern drive) systems. Main Products: Rhino 600, Rhino 750, 850, 950, 1050 and 1200 Standards/Accreditation: 55

61 Company: TALLIE MARINE BOATYARD Established: 1988 Location: 1 Beach Road, Sandy Point Harbour, St Helena Bay, 7390 Contact Person: Antonie Tallie Website: Phone: TALLIE MARINE is the largest manufacturer of GRP (Glass Fibre Reinforced Plastic) vessels in Africa. All fabricating and manufacturing is done in-house and vessels are fitted and complete and ready to work as soon as they leave our premises. Our design is geared towards low resistance, so maintaining excellent speed with low HP engines, thereby saving on fuel and running costs. We also offer maintenance and repair work to our vessels, as well as professional engineering advice, revamps and extensions to boats in need of upgrading. Vessels are uniquely fitted for a number of fishing applications such as tuna, long-line, squid, trawling, but may include mining and custom builds for tourism, research, ferries and floating restaurants. We currently build sizes from 10ft to 100ft based on exiting moulds. Main Products: GRP vessels Awards : World Quality Comittment Award 2009 Standards/Accreditation: 56

62 Company: LEGACY MARINE GROUP Established: 2004 Location: Port Elizabeth, South Africa Contact Person: Gerry van Niekerk Website: Phone: T-CRAFT since 2004, is a member of the Legacy Marine Group, based in Port Elizabeth, South Africa and is the appointed Sales, Marketing and Distribution body for our Marine group. Our boats are engineered and constructed from fully crafted Marine Grade Aluminium and are designed and built to handle the rigours of life on the waterways of Africa safely. T-Craft Boats consist of the AG, KF and KFX Ranges which can include our proprietary Maxi hull designs, offering 25-30% more internal deck space than conventional hull designs. T-Craft boats are supplied and supported directly from our factory based in South Africa and through our accredited distribution and service network. Our current client base includes commercial and private users throughout the African continent. 57

63 Company Name: WELDING AND FABRICATION SERVICES Established: 1995 Location: Unit 4, 7 Jig Avenue, Montague Gardens, Cape Town Contact Person: Heather O Connor Website: / Phone: WELDING FABRICATION SERVICES specializes in aluminium welding and fabrication with an emphasis on building fuel and other tanks for boats and trucks. It is the only company in South Africa that is able to manufacture and test tanks to ISO/SANS 21487, ABYC H24 and H33 specifications and US Coast guard federal regulations. They also supply flat pack kits and complete aluminium pontoon and other working boats as well as aluminium hulls for rubber ducks. They are dedicated to constant innovation and problem solving and are able to tackle a wide variety of light engineering jobs apart from boats and tanks. Main Products: Aluminium fuel tanks; aluminium transoms; aluminium pontoon boats Standards: ISO/SANS 21487, ABYC H24 and H33 specifications and US Coast guard federal regulations. 58

64 59


66 Company: ALL PRO SEATS Established: 1997 Location: 34 Highgate Street, Maitland, Cape Town Contact Person: Carol Prins Website: Phone: ALL PRO SEATS is a national distributor for Isringhausen since Isringhausen is the premier manufacturer of truck and heavy duty equipment seats, and taxi, bus, boat and forklift seats. The factory is based in East London, South Africa. As well as offering new seats, they have a full service workshop for seat repair using genuine ISRI parts as well as a full upholstery facility. They offer a 2-day turnaround on repairs. View their product range on the website. Standards: 61

67 Company: ANCHOR BOAT SHOP Established: 1936 Location: 55 Section Street, Paarden Eiland, Cape Town, 7405 Website: Phone: ANCHOR BOAT SHOP is one of the first importers of Japanese-manufactured outboard motors in the country. It also offers a large range of competitively-priced items and accessories from the world s leading boating lifestyle brands and boasts the largest boating workshop in South Africa. Yet another important asset is the Anchor Boat Shop s team of passionate, knowledgeable staff which includes marine technicians and mechanics providing high quality craftsmanship and those specialising in sales, after-sales and brokerage services. Anchor Boat Shop team s work ethic and passionate approach combined with the company s impressive product range and extensive supplier network, make it the ideal one-stop-shop for boating consumers looking to obtain their skippers license, insurance quotes or purchase top quality boating accessories, safety equipment or second hand boats. Simply said, if it s marine and boat related, you ll find it at the Anchor Boat Shop. 62

68 Company: AUDIO MOTIVE DISTRIBUTORS Established: 1991 Location: 5 Bush Shrike Close, Victoria Country Club Estate, Montrose Office Park, Montrose, Pietermaritzburg Contact Person: Aldo Mazzei Website: Phone: AUDIO MOTIVE DISTRIBUTORS is the official importer and distributor of Rockford Fosgate Marine products for Southern Africa. AMD has been specializing in high-performance 12 volt mobile audio since Our main focus is not just to supply a reliable product that is infinitely expandable through well-educated dealers, but to also provide the necessary instruments and tools to carry out professional installations. For over 35 years, Rockford Fosgate has been manufacturing 12 volt mobile audio lifestyle products. When developing a new marine amplifier, speaker, source unit or subwoofer, Rockford factors in the severe environmental elements, taking measures to ensure lasting performance. These elements include Dust Resistance, the use of UV Inhibitor Materials like Centrex which is exclusive to Rockford Fosgate when it comes to marine audio manufacturing, Thermal Shock Tests, Stainless Hardware, Water Tests, Corrosion Protection (Speakers and Electronics) and Vibration. Main Products: Digital media receivers, amplifiers, speakers, subwoofers, accessories Standards/ Accreditation: Element Ready, IPX6 Awards: 1992 Most Improved Distributor, 2001 Distributor of the year, 2010 Diamond Award, 2015 Dedicated to the brand 63

69 Company: BRANDLEADER Location: Warehouseit/Courierit Building, Long Meadow Business Estate, 9 Angus Crescent, Longmeadow Contact person: Mac Braun Website: Phone: GME supplies high quality marine electronic radio equipment and related marine products. Since the early 1970s GME has been at the vanguard of marine electronics in the Australian region. The blending of hands-on experience with creative software engineering has produced a host of innovative GME Marine products including the compact size COSPAS/SARSAT compatible EPIRBs, the series of marine stereos & speakers and the new 29MHz and VHF transceivers. They all proudly bear the GME logo. All GME marine products undergo stringent testing to ensure they will provide years of trouble-free service in the harsh marine environment. We are also sensitive to product aesthetics; our goal is to achieve a harmonious balance between good looks and practicality. 64

70 Company: CENTRAL BOATING Established: 1972 Location: 85 Bree Street Cape Town Contact Person: David Barnes Website: Phone: CENTRAL BOATING is a state of the art marine equipment distributor. We maintain this leading position by importing superior quality brands from all over the world and work closely with South African boat builders to ensure that we have the necessary stock in hand to deliver fast and efficient turnaround times. All of which is underpinned by sound advice that is embedded in a wealth of industry knowledge. Central Boating also has a fully stocked Retail Shop in Cape Town that services all the local boats and all visiting boats. Main Products: Southern Ropes AAA, Blundell-Harling, Clamcleat, EC Smith, Epifanes Yacht Coatings, Seapower, Forespar, Fortress Anchors, Gori Propeller, HoseCoil Washdown Systems, Laser Performance Sailcraft, Lewmar, Maestrini, Majoni Plastics, Matromarine, Musto, Ocean Safety UK, Oceanair, Osculati, Pela Oil Extractors, Plastimo, Railblaza, Razeto & Casareto, Ronstan, Rule Industries, Southco Marine, STA-LOK Terminals Ltd, Todd Marine, U-Line, Vinox Stainless Steel, WDI-Python Stainless Steel Wire, Whale,Windex 65

71 Company: FALX TRADING Established: 2009 Location: 3 Timber Way, Bergvliet, Cape Town Contact Person: Rafe Axelson Website: Phone: FALX TRADING directly imports and distributes: Andersen winches, Ronstan sail handling gear, Vitrifrigo refrigeration, Jefa steering, LED lighting and solar systems. Falx also sources equipment on request from a range of suppliers. 66

72 Company: FORMATUBE Established: 2015 Location: Saxenburg Industrial Park 1, 28 Cincaut Road, Blackheath, Kuils River, 7580 Contact Person: Samantha Isaacs Website: Phone: SEASCAPE STAINLESS STEEL SERVICES and FORMATUBE (PTY) LTD are ISO 9001:2015 certified group of companies. Formatube/Seascape Stainless Steel Services are preferred suppliers to the marine industry for a number of years. We offer specialized tube bending and manipulation services in stainless steel and aluminium, winning several awards. In the earlier years of its existence, Seascape Stainless Steel Services focused on supplying the marine industry s very particular stainless steel needs. It has subsequently evolved and extended its specialist manufacturing services to products suitable for a number of other major industries. Formatube is renowned for its ability to bend piping eliminating the need to weld, resulting in a finished product that has a smaller degree of ovality than most competitor products. Capitalizing on the success of the two businesses and to accommodate our growth, we are now operating from a new state-of-the-art facility in Blackheath, Western Cape, South Africa. We re also expanding our operations internationally and more specifically Europe in 2017/

73 Company: GARMIN SOUTHERN AFRICA Established: 1990 Location: First Floor, 5 Sturdee Avenue, Rosebank, Johannesburg Contact Person: Adrian van Lieshout Website: Phone: GARMIN specialises in GPS products and solutions for automotive, sports, outdoor and marine markets. Marine products include chartplotters, fishfinders, sounders, radars, cameras, autopilots, instruments and sensors, GPS handhelds, communications and marine networking instruments. Standards: 68

74 Company: SPARCRAFT Established: 1997 Location: 5 Signal Crescent, Montague Gardens, Cape Town Contact Person: Craig Hulbert Website: Phone: Yacht mast and boom manufactures, standing rigging, rigging hardware and wire rope. Running rigging, halyards, sheets and control lines, Catamaran beams, compression posts and longerons. Head sail furlers, genoa, staysail, Code zero, top down asymmetrical furlers. Electric furlers and in boom furling systems. Products: Sparcraft masts & booms, BSI rigging, Profurl and Facnor furlers, Romar and Leisure furl booms 69

75 Company: HARKEN SOUTH AFRICA Established: 2003 Location: 46 Marine Drive, Paarden Eiland, Cape Town Contact Person: Ankie Roux Website: Phone: HARKEN is the leading manufacturer and marketer of quality sailboat hardware and accessories. Our blocks, travellers, furling systems and winches can be found aboard everything from the smallest dinghies to the largest megayachts and cruisers. Our gear has dominated such events as the America s Cup and the Olympics. 70

76 Company: JO FENSHAM YACHT UPHOLSTERY Established: 1981 Location: Unit 3, Porcupine Park, Lekkerwater Rd, Sunnydale Contact Person: Tariq Fensham Website: Phone/Fax: / Focussed on precision fitting, high quality manufacturing, reliability and dedicated service, JO FENSHAM YACHT UPHOLSTERY has been Cape Town s leading specialist supplier of soft furnishings for yachts for more than 30 years. JFYU s reputation for high quality materials and uncompromising workmanship has made it the preferred supplier to established yacht manufacturers including Robertson & Caine, Dean Catamarans, Maverick Yachts and hundreds of private boat owners world-wide. Our work is hallmarked by precision, attention to detail and service excellence, says owner Jo Fensham. JFYU also advises on interior decoration and arranges the purchasing of all interior equipment, such as cutlery and crockery, kitchen accessories, towels, bedding and other decorative interior accessories. Main Products: Saloon Upholstery - Scatter Cushions - Mattresses - Bespoke Sheets & Bedding - Interior Design & Decoration - Accessories Awards: 2006 CTBi Industry Award Component Manufacturer of the Year 71

77 Company: MANEX Established: :+40 Years Location: 9 Paarden Eiland, Road Paarden Eiland Cape Town Contact Person: Gary Sindler Website: Phone/Fax: MANEX has, over the past 42 years, been one of South Africa s leading suppliers to the yachting, yachtbuilding, powerboat and scuba-diving industries. The business distributes many well-known yachting and diving brands such as Jabsco and Aqua Lung. manex has a sales office in Johannesburg and a Retail shop and Head Office in Paarden Eiland, Cape Town. MARINE Main Products: Antal, Barka, Bennett, Gebo, Gill, Goiot, HRO, Jabsco, Rule, Jefa,L opolight, Lecomble and Schmitt, Maggi, Marco, Nautix, Obrien, Quick, Ritchie, Simson/Bostik, Tecma, Seastar, Wichard, Wynn DIVING Main Products: Aqualung,Apeks,Sea & Sea,Big Blue,Innovative Standards/Accreditation: BEE Level 4 Awards: Service Excellence from Robertson & Caine

78 MDM Marine Services Pty Ltd Company: MDM MARINE SERVICES Established: 1998 Location: Cape Town Contact Person: Hylton Morris Website: Phone/Fax: MDM Services are the sole Southern African distributor for Raymarine, a division of FLIR Systems, a leading provider of leisure marine electronics for the recreational and light commercial boating market. Raymarine products are renowned today for their ease-of-use, rugged design, and reliability with a free unmatched 3 year on-board international warranty. We are constantly innovating to deliver best-in-class sensors and intelligent navigation systems - making your time on the water safer and fun. Our comprehensive range of marine electronics are available through appointed retail outlets nationally all of whom have certified trained staff. Main Products: Raymarine Leisure Electronics & Navionics Electronic Charts 73

79 Company: NORTH SAILS Established: 1977 (Cape Town Branch) Location: Cape Town Contact Person: Joe Heywood Website: Phone/Fax: NORTH SAILS is an international sailmaker with operations in 29 countries. The company designs, engineers and manufactures sails for racing and cruising sailboats. NORTH SAILS is the world s largest sailmaker. Sails by North Sails are used by the all of competitors in the Volvo Ocean Race and the America s Cup. North Sails was founded in 1957 by Lowell North, in San Diego, California. An engineer by training, North applied a rigorous, methodical approach to designing sails, with the goal of building sails that were faster than the competition s. North began testing the strength and stretch characteristics of sailcloth he received from his suppliers, to eliminate variability in his raw materials. He introduced computer-driven cloth cutting machines, to increase the consistency and repeatability of a sail design. North was a pioneer in computer modelling of sail forces and structural loads. North Sails is an example of a vertically integrated company, with its North Cloth division producing woven and laminated sailcloth. North Sails is part of North Technology Group, a conglomerate of marine-industry companies that includes Southern Spars and EdgeWater Powerboats. Being closely associated with Southern Spars, a manufacturer of carbon fiber masts, allows North Sails to engineer an integrated spar and sail package Main Products: Sails and Canvas products 74

80 Company: NOVAMARINE Established: 1965 Location: Novamarine s head office is based in Paarden Eiland, Cape Town, with an associated branches in Durban. We are also active in Namibia; namely in Walvis Bay and Luderitz. Contact Person: Neil Harrison Website: Phone: MARINE SAFETY SOLUTIONS - Novamarine with its various divisions, plays a vital role in providing support, service and repairs for marine and survival equipment. Main Products: Lifeboat Servicing, Life Raft Servicing & Sales, Fire Servicing & Sales, Equipment Sales, Chandling. Rescue boats, Servicing of Outboard Motors. Distributors for: Zodiac, Avin, Arimar, SeaSafe, Youlong, Datrex, Comet, Norfloat, Ikaros, Crewsaver, Parmaris, Besto, Seafire, Neuvista, Honeywell, HYF, Haining, Peters & Bey Navigation Lights, Hammar, Brunger. Standards/Accreditation: 75

81 Company: RUTHERFORD MARINE Established: 1912 Location: Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban Branches Website: Phone: (JHB) / (CPT) / (DBN) With a wide range of marine supplies to inspire you, our marine portfolio has everything you need to start boating. Leaders in marine supply since 1912, RUTHERFORD MARINE continues to serve as a primary source of marine products and ensures that we offer a comprehensive range to meet the demands and standards of the modern marine industry. Most of the marine products showcased in this catalogue are stocked in our own warehousing facilities around the country. The main depot the largest of its kind in South Africa, is based in Germiston - Gauteng. Our modern logistics and delivery network will ensure that your marine order is delivered ex-stock where you need it and when you need it. When you fill your retail stores and or finish your boats with our products, you do so with style and confidence. Our quality products are backed by industry leading warranties and all our products adhere to international quality and safety standards and also to stringent South African requirements. Our competitive product pricing will ensure you as a dealer, ample profit opportunity for your retail store. Rutherford Marine only stocks and supplies branded products suited for application in the marine industry, sourced directly from manufactures all over the world. We are proudly associated with the top brands the industry has to offer. 76

82 Company: SEASCAPE MARINE SERVICES Established: 2009 Location: 124 Marine Drive, Service Road, Paarden Eiland, Cape Town Contact Person: James De Jong Website: Phone: SEASCAPE MARINE SERVICES (Pty) Ltd. (formerly IMS Cape) is the Distributors for Yanmar Marine pleasure & commercial diesel engines, Hamilton Jet water jets, Kohler marine generators & Humphree trim & stabilization systems and are able to offer complete propulsion solutions for a range of vessel and operation applications. With 60+ years of experience, Seascape Marine s service department are able to attend 24/7 to any service or repair which may be required. Main Products: Yanmar Marine pleasure & commercial engines, Hamilton Jet water jets, Kohler marine generators & Humphree trim & stabilization systems. 77

83 Company: SOUTHERN POWER PRODUCTS Established: 1985 Location: 76 Marine Drive, Paarden Eiland, Cape Town Contact Person: Jacques Brummer Website: Phone: SOUTHERN POWER is dedicated to become the supplier of choice of quality and technology leading propulsion, auxiliary power and air conditioning and heating solutions to the commercial and leisure marine markets. Committed aftermarket sales and service support ensures customer success and impacts positively on the development and professionalism of the maritime industry across Africa, thereby delivering customer satisfaction and superior shareholder value and return. Main Products: Volvo Penta, Webasto, Westerbeke, OXE Diesel & Safe at Sea (Guard and Rescue Runner) 78

84 Company: SUZUKI AUTO SOUTH AFRICA Established: 2008 Location: 17 Enterprise Close, Linbro Business Park, Marlboro, Johannesburg Contact Person: Tanja Maes Website: Phone: SUZUKI AUTO SOUTH AFRICA supplies Suzuki outboard engines, Suzuki genuine spare parts and Suzumar inflatables. Main Products: 2-stroke outboards, 4-stroke outboards, Suzumar Inflatables Standards: Suzuki outboards conform to EURO 1 Emission Standards, and have received a Three-star ultra-low rating from the California Air Resources Board (CARB) Awards: Suzuki has won more innovation awards than any other brand and the new DF30 has received its 8th award. 79

85 Company: SWIFT STAINLESS STEEL Established: 2014 Location: Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa Contact Person: Sadick Adams /Abduraghmaan Adams Website: Phone: / SWIFT STAINLESS STEEL being the preferred supplier for the Marine industry for quite a few years, we manufacture marine grade stainless steel fittings for boating industry. Components for yachts/ commercialize fishing charters which includes A-frame, Bow roller & Bollards, Guardrails, Boarding ladder, Rod holders in various degree angles, Instrumental Arrows and so much more. We manufacture boat fittings for South Africa s leading Boat builders as well as export components to some of the world s top equipment suppliers. The Stainless Steel fittings manufactured by us are for various luxury yachts ranging in different sizes,. Each Boat stainless is customized and designed to the individual s requirements. Swift Stainless Steel will continue to thrive and create new improved design components for the Boating Industry and produce quality marine grade stainless fittings that abide by SASSDA regulation. 80

86 Company: ULLMAN SAILS Established: 1967 Location: 491 Voortrekker Road, Maitland, Cape Town Contact person: Tony Strutt Website: Phone: ULLMAN SAILS SOUTH AFRICA is a world leader in sailmaking and the primary manufacturer for the Ullman Sails International Sailmaking Group. Our customers trust our people, designs, product, and services to help them safely circumnavigate the globe, win world championships and everything in-between. With over 80 locations in 32 countries Ullman Sails is able to help sailors accomplish their goals no matter where they are. Ullman Sails is dedicated to fostering the best sailing experience possible. Invest in your performance. 81

87 Company: VIKING LIFE-SAVING EQUIPMENT Established: x Location: Cnr Neptune & Carlisle Street, Paarden Eiland, Cape Town Contact Person: Eduard Jooste Website: Phone: VIKING LIFE-SAVING EQUIPMENT (SA) Pty Ltd. is situated in Cape Town and Durban. Our most popular products are the RescYou range (ISO & EN 1095 Approved) inflatable life jackets and our international 5 star awarded UKL Rescyou Yachting Life rafts. Our RescYou Atlantic PV9274 is now SAMSA and NRCS approved. We also offer international branded equipment such as Comet Pyrotechics, ACR & GME EPIRB s. On our shelves you will find a wide selection of SANS approved life jackets for all shapes and sizes. Products: PV9274 Inflatable life jacket, RecYou inflatable yachting life raft, ACR/GME EPIRB s & PLB s, Navigation Equipment, Anti-fouling, Fireboy fire safety suppression systems Standards: Life Raft Services: SAMSA, BV, LLOYDS, ABS & USCG Fire Services: DOTFAS, LLOYDS, ABS & BV 82

88 Company: VERSTAY (PTY) LTD Established: July 2005 Location: Unit 9 Villa Valencia Office Park, 2 Anemoon Street (Cnr Monument Road), Glen Marais, Kempton Park, Gauteng, South Africa Contact Person: Guy Benet / Bennie du Toit Website: / / Phone: / / Established in 2005, VERSTAY offers a comprehensive range of quality products and services to the telecommunication industry at large. We recognized the need for a company that would focus its energies on supplying a cost-effective range of products to dealers and end users alike without compromising on quality, reliability or backup service. The company initially obtained the sole Southern African distribution rights for Vertex Standard and Yaesu of Japan PMR communication equipment, including the Standard Horizon brand. We only represent products that we are proud of and that we can recommend to deliver outstanding service throughout the application life. All Vertex Standard and Yaesu radios are well designed and rigorously field-tested throughout the world. Main Products: Standard Horizon Marine Radios, Yaesu Amateur & Air Band Radios, Vertex Standard Commercial Radios Awards: Vertex Standard EMEA Highest Sales Growth 2011 Standards/Accreditation: ICASA radio dealer, Level 2 B-BBBEE Contributor, Registered Importer/Exporter with SARS 83

89 Company: VETUS MAXWELL Established: 2011 Location: Unit 14, 44 Kempenfelt Road, Paarden Eiland, Cape Town Contact Person: Amea Beck Website: Phone: VETUS is one of the world s leading companies supplying innovative products for pleasure craft and small commercial vessels. Our wide range of products includes marine diesel engines and accessories, steering gear and manoeuvring systems, propellers and electrical, plumbing and waste-handling systems, as well as being the leaders in anchor windlasses, marine glazing and hatches. 84

90 Company: YACHTPORT SA Location: Small Craft Harbour, Saldanha Bay, Western Cape 33o S 17o E Contact Person: Cindy Thomson Website: / Phone: YACHTPORT SA is a purpose designed and built Blue Flag Marine lift facility, 60 nautical miles northwest of Cape Town. We have a fully stocked chandlery on site and offer repairs and maintenance. Our travel lift is the largest in the country, capable of handling catamarans and mono hulls of up to 26m length and 9m beam width and up to 100 ton displacement. Awards: 2013 International Blue Flag Award 85

91 Company: YAMAHA DISTRIBUTORS SA Established: 1964 (South Africa) Location: 19 Hagart Road, Pinetown, Durban Contact Person: Greg Bennett Website: Phone: YAMAHA is acknowledged as having the most reliable and durable outboard motors in the world, particularly in a commercial environment. Years of research market experience ensure that the motors deliver constantly and last longer, resulting in being the top selling outboard motor in SA for the last 36 years. Every year Yamaha aims to introduce new and innovative technology into the market place. The EX1050 series and GP1800 waverunners were launched early this year. The EX1050 is a new generation, entry-level watercraft with no compromise. It is lightweight and an affordable ski. The GP1800 is a race-ready machine. With blistering speed, it blows past everything on the water. Yamaha also has a wide range of boats, namely the explorer and seacat ranges for recreational use and for the ardent fishermen. We are the stockist of the Quintrex aluminium boats. Come visit our stand at the Cape Town Boat Show to view these amazing toys. Main Products: Outboard engines, waverunners, boats Awards: Innovation award for F200, NMMA waverunner innovation award for TR1 engine 86

92 Company: ZF SERVICES SOUTH AFRICA Location: 29 Proton Crescent, Triangle Farm, Stikland, Bellville Contact Person: Gerd Bauer Website: Phone: / 6307 ZF SERVICES South Africa supplies integrated propulsion systems for pleasure craft, fast craft and commercial craft application: with transmissions up to 14,000 kw engine powers, transmission accessories, electronic or pneumatic control systems, azimuth and tunnel thrusters, rudder systems, stern tube systems, standard nozzle designs and pneumatic-over-hydraulic shaft brake systems. Main Products: Pleasure Craft - Propulsion systems: fixed pitch propeller, sail drive, surface drive; Propulsion Controls: control system, JMS, steer command. Commercial & Fast Craft - fixed pitch propeller; thruster systems: azimuth thruster, retractable thruster, shallow thruster, tunnel thrusters; Transmissions hybrid ready: ZF 5300 PTI, ZF 9300 PTI and ZF 24300, commercial craft transmissions, fast craft transmissions. 87

93 88

94 89


96 Company: 6SIGMA Established: 2012 Location: Sturrock Dock, Table Bay Harbour, Ocean Road, Cape Town Contact Person: Jako Laubscher Website: Phone: SIGMA Naval Architects & Offshore Engineering (Pty) Ltd. (an EPC Company) based in the Port of Cape Town, South Africa provides complete engineering, procurement and construction for end clients and/ or Shipyards. We are ex-in-house engineering office for DCD Marine Cape Town and provide complete Ship Design and Modification to Retrofit Services to Naval Architecture and Offshore Engineering services. We are also partners with leading software providers in the industry supporting Shipyards in Africa to implement the best software solutions. We participate in development of our industry by providing specific training for Engineers to expand their knowledge and grow companies. Main Products: Naval Architecture, Marine Engineering, In-house Design Office, Project Management and Offshore Engineering. Standards/Accreditation: 6Sigma Naval Architects & Offshore Engineering (Pty) Ltd. is a company with quality system certified by DNV-GL ISO 9001:

97 Company: 40 KNOTS Established: 2014 Location: Simon s Town Contact Person: Dick Churley / Baren Smit Website: / Phone: / KNOTS is an engineering, project management and product development specialist for all types of one-off and production vessels constructed in GRP. Detail engineering and consultancy support is offered to individual boat-owners or world-class boat-building yards. Standards: 92

98 Company: BOATING WORLD Established: 1998 Location: Ground Floor, Nautica Building, The Water Club, 13 Beach Road, Granger Bay, Cape Town Contact person: Derrick Levy Website: Phone: / BOATING WORLD is proud of our reputation as the leading African importer of luxury sailing and motoryachts. The portfolio of brands that we represent equals our understanding of flawless class and appeal. We are the principle boat dealer for Fairline, Fountaine Pajot, Jeanneau, Riviera, Sea Ray and Sunreef Yachts. We offer these luxury boats for sale in Angola, Ghana, Kenya, Malawi, Mauritius, Nambia, Nigeria, the Seychelles, South Africa and Tanzania. We have successfully safeguarded the delivery of countless new motor yachts, sailing boats and catamarans into many African countries as well as the adjacent Indian Ocean Islands. With boat sales operations in Cape Town and Durban, Boating World provides a strong network of service and support to boat buyers and owners wherever they might find themselves along the African coastline. Clients can be assured that we can always offer a wide range of yachts and boats for sale to suit their lifestyle. Awards : Lifetime Achievement Award to Derrick Levy (Johannesburg Boat Show) 93

99 Company: DAVID ABROMOWITZ & ASSOCIATES (PTY) LTD Established: 1995 Location: V&A Waterfront Cape Grace Marina Contact Person: Rob Sharp Website: Phone: and DAVID ABROMOWITZ & ASSOCIATES is an owner run and managed brokerage business specializing in luxury yacht and motor yacht sales and also experts in the racing yacht brokerage. We are the South African distributors for Princess Motor Yachts and the Sales and Marketing agents for Beneteau Sailing yachts. The team manage the sales process from the outset, through transfer and the final registration process for the new owner. The process is turnkey and both buyers and sellers are looked after by the brokerage team with very little for the buyer and seller to do. We trade all over the world and continually outsource the correct vessel for the buyer and facilitate the importation of same or alternatively the exportation of boats sold out of South Africa to offshore buyers. Shipping is arranged by our team and all import or export paperwork is handled without the hassle for either buyer or seller. We work closely with all major brokers offshore with no added cost to the buyer and in addition have close relationships with all the boatbuilders in South Africa. Main Products: Princess Motor Yachts. Beneteau Sailing Yachts. Awards: Both David Abromowitz and Rob Sharp are highly accredited yachtsmen and Rob holds Springbok colours and multiple Western Provincial colours in Sailboat racing. Standards/Accreditation: Yacht Valuation Company. accreditation as an International Yacht Brokerage and in addition as a 94

100 Company: DU TOIT YACHT DESIGN Established: 2001 Location: 60 Oryx Crescent, Goedemoed, Durbanville, Cape Town Contact Person: Anton Du Toit/Charmaine Du Toit Website: Phone: DU TOIT YACHT DESIGN designs and engineers sailing and power boats, in both mono hulls and catamaran forms, from concept sketch to yard detail. Main Products: Balance/Nexus 486 & 526 Open Ocean 800E Open Ocean 800E2 Open Ocean 740S Open Ocean 750E M60 Quest HPC Awards: 2007 Disa South Africa Design Excellence Award 2017 Cruising World Boat of the Year Import Boat of the Year 2017 Cruising World Boat of the Year Best Full-Sized Multihull Over 50 Feet Standards/Accreditation: 95

101 Company: ICARUS MARINE Established: 2006 Location: The Waverley Business Park, Weycroft Rd, Mowbray, Cape Town Contact Person: Gunther Migeotte / Shawn de Villiers Website: / Phone: ICARUS MARINE is a full turnkey naval architectural design office specializing in design of a wide variety of vessel types including high-speed vessels, hydrofoil supported catamarans, landing craft, patrol boats, passenger ferries, RHIBS etc. Expertise includes structural design (Steel, Aluminium and Composites), hydrodynamics (hydrofoils, high-speed boats and CFD), ship model testing, and Class approved designs. ICARUS furthermore provides support to shipyards with production technology, tender submissions, cost calculations, Certification and Quality Assurance. Main Products: Custom Vessels up to 55m / 500GT in composites, steel and/or aluminium materials with speeds up to 70 knots. Awards: Royal Institute of Naval Architects-significant small ships 2012 Standards: 96

102 Company: KD MARINE DESIGN Establishment: 2006 Location: 12 Amphion Street, Paarden Eiland, Cape Town Contact Person: Keith Davies Website: Phone: KD MARINE DESIGN offers complete naval architectural design solutions and specialist analytical and optimisation services to owners, boat builders, shipyards and other naval architects and yacht designers. 97

103 Company: NAUTI-TECH SUZUKI Established: 2009 Location: 48 Brickmakers Kloof, Port Elizabeth Contact Person: Len Van Kempen Website: Phone: / NAUTI-TECH is a chief provider in motor, electronic and technological products in the marine industry and is the sole suppliers and fitment centre for the Butt Cat and Supreme Craft ski-boat ranges. Boat Models: The Butt Cat Ski-Boat and Supreme Craft ranges. 98

104 Company: OCEAN 7 CHARTERS Established: 2007 Location: Ground Floor, Marina Centre, West Quay rd, V&A Waterfront, Cape Town. Contact Person: Bruce Tedder & David de Villiers Website: and Phone: Bruce and David OCEAN 7 are the exclusive Lagoon Catamaran distributors in the Southern Africa region. Lagoon Catamarans are the largest catamaran manufacturers in the world with multiple Boat of the Year Awards. Contact Ocean 7 to experience the new L40 and L50 models for Main Products: New and Used Lagoon Catamarans, power and sail. After Sale service, Warranty and Support in South Africa and the Indian Ocean islands Awards: Multiple Boat of the Year Awards in USA, Europe and Asia Standards/Accreditation: Photo Credit: Nicolas Claris 99

105 Company: PRONTO CLEARING Establishment: 1989 Location: Platinum Junction Unit M150/151, School Street, Milnerton, Cape Town Contact Person: Craig Garrow Phone: / PRONTO CLEARING is a specialist agent in the shipping and handling of yachts, powerboats and associated marine equipment. 100

106 Company: TEDDER YACHTS Established: 1996 Location: Ground Floor, Marina Centre, West Quay Rd, V&A Waterfront, Cape Town Contact Person: Bruce Tedder Website: Phone: TEDDER YACHTS established in 1996 are Multihull specialists, owned and operated by Bruce Tedder, a lifelong sailor, surfer and ocean adventurer. TEDDER YACHTS have access to all the major multihull brands, especially Lagoon Catamarans and are specialist Day Charter Brokers with a strategic network of contacts throughout the Indian Ocean islands. There is no substitute for experience. Main Products: Yacht Brokers, Consultants, Charter Agents, Refit Specialists Standards/Accreditation: Yachtmaster Ocean, EMCI Certified Yacht broker, SAS Examiner Photo Credit: Nicolas Claris 101

107 Company: WATERFRONT CHARTERS Established: 1991 Location: V&A Waterfront, Cape Town Contact person: Craig Girdlestone Website: Phone: / WATERFRONT CHARTERS are the Cape Town V&A Waterfront s pre-eminent cruise company, with a fleet of eight vessels offering a variety of scheduled cruises as well as the opportunity to charter boats for private or corporate functions. Established in 1991, Waterfront Charters are part of the V&A Waterfront phenomenon that has become one of the world s primary tourist attractions, and they have tailored their fleet to offer the ideal range of cruises for tourists and locals alike. The vessels include both sailing yachts and motorized boats, and are all purpose-built to offer a combination of luxury, adventure and safety, and skippers and crew members are highly trained to ensure that guests receive the best possible experience. Eco-Adventures and Cruise and Dine options are also popular with guests. Main Products: Sail Cruises; Motor Cruises; Speedboat Cruises; Cruise and Dine; Clifton Party Cruises; Eco-adventures; Boat Charters. 102

108 103


110 2 OCEANS MARITIME ACADEMY SAILING SCHOOL offers RYA Motor and Sailing courses that cater for different levels of experience. First time leisure sailor to the highly experienced yachtsman looking to get his commercial skippers license (RYA/MCA Yachtmaster Ocean). We are an RYA Accredited Sailing School and an Authorised Agency of SAS. International certificates accredited by the RYA and endorsed by the MCA, and local certificates accredited by SAS. Address: The Old Post Office, Main Road, Hout Bay, Cape Town Phone: / Web: Address: Agora Square, Club Mykonos, Langebaan GPS: , Phone: Web: THE CAPE TOWN SAILING ACADEMY is a small yet exclusive SAS-accredited sail training school, offering Internationally accredited sailing courses. We teach S.A. Sailing s internationally accepted sailing courses. The only sailing qualification recognised by the South African Port Authorities. An SA Sailing ticket also entitles the holder to an ICC Certificate (International Certificate of Competence). Address: 5A Baypoint, 179 Beach Road, Mouille Point, Cape Town, 8005 Cell: / / Web: Address: Duncan Rd, Cape Town Harbour Phone: Cell: Web: 105

111 OCEAN SAILING ACADEMY is the largest RYA (Royal Yachting Association) and SAS (South African Sailing) Training Centre in Southern Africa, specialising in Sail and Power Career Training for the international yachting industry. OCEAN STAR SAILING ACADEMY, established in 2007, is a fully accredited RYA and SAS Training Center located in the heart of the V&A Waterfront in the stunning city of Cape Town. Address: 34 Bifolia Street, Myburg Park, Langebaan, South Africa, 7357 Phone: Cell: Web: Address: Pentridge House, 11 Portswood road, V&A Waterfront, Cape Town Phone: Web: OFFSHORE SAILING ACADEMY stands on a base of over 35 years of sail training, and with its current youthful team, are best placed to train you, with a combination of tried and tested methods as well and modern techniques. The PYT facility in Durban has grown into a world-class maritime academy for both professional and leisure seafarers. We offer courses approved by South African Sailing, South African Maritime Safety Authority, International Yacht Training Worldwide and the British Maritime and Coastguard Agency. Address: 136 Margaret Mncadi Avenue (Victoria Embankment), Durban Phone: Cell: Web: Address: 241 Florida Road, Morningside Durban, South Africa Phone: Web: 106

112 In our academy it is not important what the color of your skin is. Show us your love and passion for sailing and we will open the door to the yachting world for you. We specialize in providing training aimed at the following: The International Yachting and Superyachting industry. Worldwide offshore, coastal and charter based cruising. Internationally Accredited Royal Yachting Association (RYA) Courses. Locally Accredited South African Sailing (SAS) Courses. Address: 1 Duncan Road, Cape Town, Foreshore Phone: Web: Address: 65 Oostewal Road, Langebaan, South Africa, 7357 Phone: Cell: Web: SAMSA accredited with 30 years of experience. Here to help you obtain your skippers with the help of our well trained and very experienced instructors and examiners. Your leading training, exam and license provider situated in the heart of Cape Town. Due to our certified courses and exams being of the highest quality instruction, we produce knowledgeable and safe water users as well as instructors. Address: 4 Myrtle Drive, Pinetown, Durban Cell: (Darryn) (Mike) Web: Address: Quay 5, V&A Waterfront, Cape Town Cell: Web: 107

113 Coaching by professional skippers we facilitate unforgettable offshore sailing experiences. Either test the waters with a 5-hr Start Sailing Adventure, or become a qualified Day Skipper, Coastal Skipper or Yachtmaster through our various SA Sailing accredited courses in Knysna. We are also SAMSA accredited for the Short Range Certificate (SRC) courses & exams (i.e. Marine DSC/VHF Radio Licence). Address: TH10 Long St, Thesen Harbour Town, Thesen Islands, Knysna Phone: Web: SUPER YACHT TRAINING Professionals. Career training for superyacht crew in South Africa. We are committed to our Steward, Stewardess, Deckhand and Chef students first and foremost, ensuring each of them meet the standards of excellence expected by the super yacht industry. Address: Standard Bank Towers, 12th Floor 2 Heerengracht Street, Foreshore, Cape Town Cell: Web: Join us in Cape Town, one of the world s most beautiful cities and premiere sailing destinations, where we operate from the renowned Royal Cape Yacht Club under the watchful eye of Table Mountain, as well as in Saldanha Bay, which is part of the pristine West Coast National Park. Address: Duncan Road, Table Bay Harbour Cape Town, Western Cape, 8001 Phone: Web: 108

114 DIRECTORY LISTING AMDOOR, have for a number of years been supplying doors and windows and ironmongery to the construction industry and marine industry. Amdoor supply standard and nonstandard products manufactured to your exact requirements. AQUAMARINE WATER TREATMENT your specialist in the field of water treatment. We have extensive knowledge in all processes from conventional water treatment to specialised Reverse Osmosis, Desalination and Ultra Filtration systems. Address: 13 Lily Road, Retreat, Cape Town Phone: Address: 22 Skeen Boulevard, Bedfordview, South Africa Phone: The AQUAQUAD CLASSIC offers you, the rider, a smooth comfortable ride at any speed. It is suited for 1 or 2 persons. There is an ample amount of storage capacity under the riders seat and the optional front hatch. BASIC specialises in Power Transmission Drive & Control Technology. Since 1997 BASIC has been a driving force in the development of newgeneration technology for advanced machinery and equipment in almost all industrial sectors. Address: Lynnwood Ridge Pretoria, South Africa Phone: Address: Unit 11 Foregate Square, Lower Heerengracht Street, Foreshore, Cape Town Phone:

115 We are based in the small town of Knysna, in the beautiful Garden Route region of the Western Cape in South Africa. We manufacture a large range of plastic & stainless steel fittings, accessories & componants to suit your boating, tenting, trailer tents, caravanning & awning requirements. Manufacture of fibre glass boats and fibre glass and fibre glass components, retailer of marine related equipment and outboard motors. Address: 19 Progress Rd, Knysna Industrial, Knysna Phone: Address: 50 Beach Gate Crescent, South Gate Business Park, Amanzimtoti Phone: / C DYNAMICS INTERNATIONAL Offers a Quality Range of Power Management Solutions, Electrical Products, Lighting, Air Conditioning, Refrigeration, Tank Management, Solar, Plumbing and other related products & services for the Marine & Mobile Markets. COOLAG specialises in hot & cold insulation, Sheetmetal work, Asbestos removal, Polyurethane foam injection & Spray work. In any situation requiring insulation high costs can be saved by optimizing the proper insulation & vapour barrier systems. Address: 88 Coronation Road, Maitland, Cape Town Phone: / Address: 88 Coronation Road, Maitland, Cape Town Phone: /

116 DIRECTORY LISTING CUMMINS SOUTH AFRICA (PTY) LTD is a business that designs and manufactures state-of-the-art diesel and natural gas powered engines for on-highway and off- highway use. The company derives its strength from the collective talent of their people. DENITH ENGINEERING offers a variety of professional engineering services to provide our clients with customised solutions to their engineering requirements. Address: 2 Cecil Morgan St, Stikland, Cape Town Phone: Address: 163 Main Road, Green Point, Cape Town, South Africa Phone: DOLPHIN INFLATABLE boats are produced with the finest and best quality materials available and are built to the 6185 standard. Quality workmanship is guaranteed and comes standard to every boat, re-tube and repair done by us. E.R.A.S.E Marine specializes in Heating, Air Conditioning and Ventilation Systems (HVAC), as well as indoor air quality products and services. We also design, manufacture, install and repair freezer rooms and cold rooms for offshore drilling and exploration platforms. Address: St. James Park, 1 Delson Cir, Somerset Business Park Phone: Address: 23 Barnard Street, Bellville, Cape Town, South Africa Phone:

117 Renowned global manufacturer of FALCON INFLATABLE boats Manufacturing rigid hulls since 1985, with exceptional quality standards. Falcon rigid inflatable boats are made using the latest and best materials and manufacturing technologies. For legendary durability, even in hot climates, you ve come to the right place. GLOBAL MARINE SYSTEMS are a leading specialist in Electronic Navigation, Communication and Audio Visual Entertainment and Safety Equipment. Established in 1998, we have specialised in delivering the very best of electronic devices used for navigating, communicating & entertaining purposes utilised on land and sea. Address: Koringland St, Swellendam Phone: Address: Unit 1 Point Business Park, Cnr of Koeberg & Marinus Roads Milnerton, CT Phone: GREENWOOD ROPE PRODUCTS is located in Somerset West near Cape Town, South Africa. We have been making rope for over 35 years and supply to the Industrial, Retail, Wholesale and Marine outlets. HYBRID COMPOSITE is a Cape Town based producer of semi-custom composite parts for a range of industries. We provide all services from your design brief through to tooling and product delivery in sectors ranging from the marine industry, oil & gas, automotive, water sports, furniture and military. Address: Paardevlei Complex, Quinan Blvd, Somerset West, Cape Town Phone: Address: 7 Inyoni Street, Unit #7, Ndabeni 7405, Cape Town, RSA Phone:

118 DIRECTORY LISTING Your preferred supplier of quality fluid conveyance products, Pipes, Fittings, Flanges, Pipe Couplings, Valves, Pumps, Pipe Working Tools & Irrigation. LOWRANCE SA is part of an International Group that arrived in South Africa in Our focus was then, and is now, on using and providing intuitive products that work. Quality of product coupled with after sales service and resources ensure our clients of not only a well-selected purchase, but an ongoing rewarding relationship. Address: Bridge Road, Stikland, Cape Town Phone: Address: 59 Mahatma Gandhi Rd, South Beach, Durban Phone: MARINE RADIO ACOUSTIC DEVICES is the preferred partner of choice for Marine Electronics. We are a proudly South African company (level 2 BBBEE ) that strives for service excellence through the provision of cutting-edge technology and service perfection. MTU is one of the world s leading manufacturers of large diesel engines and complete propulsion systems. MTU s robust and durable engines reliably propel large ships, heavy agricultural and rail vehicles, and industrial applications. Address: 11 Barrow St, Monte Vista, Goodwood Phone: Address: 36 Marconi Road, Montague Gardens, 7441, Cape Town, South Africa Phone:

119 NG offers professional valet and detail services to discerning owners of all budgets. In addition to project and/or supplier management, we coupled our innovative skippering and preventative maintenance programs to offer both motor and sail yacht owners the opportunity to truly enjoy yachting. Address: P O Box 587, Paarden Eiland, 7420, Cape Town Phone: A complete package of ancillary products, acces-sories and processing equipment is also distributed locally and internationally. These include a wide range of peroxide catalysts, glassfiber reinforcements (NCS distributes Owens Corning products and is their representative in SA), and release agents. Address: 12 Plantation Road, Eastleigh, Edenvale, Gauteng Phone: POWERSOL Devices is a solution provider for Reactive Power compensation & Harmonic mitigation in electrical networks in LV and HV sectors in industries. Our solutions enhance energy efficiency thereby leading to financial savings in an industry. One of the foremost retailers of rope, braid and webbing products in the Western Cape. Address: Unit S19, Spearhead Business Park, Montague Drive, Montague Gardens, Cape Town Phone: Address: 385 Main Road, Kirstenhof, Cape Town Phone:

120 DIRECTORY LISTING With over a thousand boats to its name SACHAL has achieved in creating world leading boats from 8ft to 90ft for all purposes commercial fishing, naval, private, diamond recovery and high speed vessels. Sachal has a comprehensive inhouse facility that designs builds and launches all of its vessels. Address: 19 Velddrif Rd, Vredenburg, Western Cape Phone: With our comprehensive range of boat fittings and marine equipment you ll find our friendly and knowledgeable service quite unique and always available. That s why you should give us a try! Address: 40 Paarden eiland Road, Paarden Eiland, Cape Town Phone: SMD is a world-class supplier and service provider in the fields of professional marine electronics. Founded in 1984, SOUTHERN ROPES is one of the largest manufacturers of high quality synthetic ropes. We cater to an array of markets, including Commercial Marine, Leisure Marine, Industrial, Mining and the Armed Forces. Address: 53 Paarden Eiland road, Paarden Eiland, Cape Town Phone: Address: 2 Beach Rd, Woodstock, Cape Town Phone:

121 Peak Season established a specialized distribution for marine care products and the supplier of quality marine solutions now used in various industries from Boat Building, Boat Maintenance from 16ft 116ft Super Yachts. Marine Electrical, Electrical Engineering, Angling, Performance Racing, Trucking, Aviation. The STRANDFOAM Group (PTY) Ltd is the largest independent Foam Manufacturer in South Africa and has manufactured Polyurethane foam products since Address: X Phone: / Address: Broadlands Road, Strand, Cape Town Phone: Well, when a customer says that he bought his first boat from my Grandfather, one can t help but feel a touch of pride. It is with this same sense of pride... Swim Free. Boat: 5m Stingray RIB. When you deal with Neil and the guys from the Boating Shed, you are not only a client, but you become a part of their boating family! TORRE PARTS AND COMPONENTS manufactures and distributes quality branded parts and components into the African market and operates across four distinct market segments namely, Automotive, Commercial, Off Highway and Industrial. Address: 11 Celie Road, Retret, Cape Town Phone: Address: 6 White Rd, Retreat, Cape Town Phone:

122 DIRECTORY LISTING VISION YACHTS manufactures the Vision 45 sailing catamaran. It is a high quality cruising catamaran for blue water cruising with your family and friends or for charter. Address: 34 Boswerker Street, Knysna, Western Cape, South Africa Phone: / WALE MARINE CC Specialises in Engineering a Wide Variety of Customised Solutions Primarily to the Offshore Oil & Gas and Offshore Construction Industry. Wale Marine CC is Professional Engineering Corporation providing equipment and services in Civil, Structural, Mechanical, Hydraulic and Pneumatic Engineering, and carrying professional indemnity insurance cover for the design of these services and equipment. Address: 2 Avenue Beaumont, Constantia, Cape Town Phone: / SECOND HAND POWER YACHTS / VESSELS. 41 Carver (MTB ). 41ft Carver 396 for sale in Cape Town South Africa. Vessel is in well maintained condition with good equipment spec. She has recently been overhauled and offers a comfortable and spacious interior with great outside space. A full service graphic design enterprise with years of experience in corporate identity, finished artwork, packaging design, brochures, newsletters, publications, web design, and the like, print management and direct mail. Address: 38 Nassau Crescent, Stellenberg, Cape Town Phone: Address: 32 Durham Avenue, Salt River, Cape Town Phone:

123 INVESTCAPETOWN.COM INVEST CAPE TOWN FORESHORE AND HARBOUR 21ST FOR FDI STRATEGY IN THE GLOBAL CITIES OF THE FUTURE WINNERS 2016/17 Already home to several top international listed companies, Cape Town is regarded as one of the best cities on the continent in which to invest.

124 BUYERS GUIDE Introduction Yacht Clubs Research South Africa has the most developed economy in the southern African region. The major strengths of the South African economy are its abundant natural resources, its growing manufacturing sector and considerable tourism potential. South Africa boasts an advanced and well regulated banking sector which aims generally to promote credibility, stability and economic growth. The principal legal instrument which seeks to achieve these aims is the Banks Act, 1990 and the regulations promulgated thereunder. The South African Reserve Bank, the central bank of the country, plays an important role in banking regulation and supervision. The South African Boat Building Export Council (SABBEX) SABBEX is a National Export Council tasked with building South Africa as a globally competitive boatbuilding export country. SABBEX has a Code of Conduct for members and prospective buyers may enquire as to the level of accreditation for a company (Full, Emerging and Affiliated). Not being accredited by SABBEX is a neutral position for potential customers who would then make decisions based on their own information and research of a boat builder. Ensure that you have conducted appropriate and extensive research into both the vessel and the company. Contact SABBEX for information on member accreditation status. What exactly are you buying? Confirm exactly what is included in the purchase price such as. What taxes/import duties will be applied to the purchase? Does the boat need to be built to international standards such as CE, NMMA, BV, etc? Is the deposit refundable as the majority of them are not? Purchase agreements/contracts Seek legal advice and counsel and have the contract checked by an attorney. Ensure that you receive your own copy of the contract and sign it before witnesses. Warranty procedures should be clearly written and understood by all parties concerned. Address all issues PRIOR to the signing of the contract. Most South African manufacturers have clear procedures and well-written contracts, and these are there to protect both the seller and the buyer. 119

125 Warranty Advice Warranties can present a problem for purchasers, builders and sellers. Traditionally maritime warranties are rectified at port of launch. Since, in most cases a yacht will have sailed away, the question of how to handle a warranty claim at distance arises. There are also issues around equipment warranties and equipment manufacturers may also claim that builders have not installed their equipment correctly. Therefore procedures for handling warranties must be written into the contract. It is is normal to state that the builder has the opportunity to rectify any defect at their cost, or by their nominations of a subcontractor. If an owner wishes to nominate their own contractor, it would be normal for the owner to be paid the price it would have cost the builder. All this obviously can lead to problems and in such cases the services of an Arbitrator can be most useful. Hiring a Surveyor Contact a surveyor and ask him to conduct a survey and specify exactly what you want. Ensure that you understand what the surveyor s report will contain and obtain a quotation from the surveyor in writing including all other expenses relating to travel etc. Legal/Arbitration Resolving problems between builders and owners through the courts become time consuming and expensive. Unless issues are very serious, arbitration can be the most effective method of solving disputes. Arbitrators may be Maritime Lawyers or Surveyors depending on whether it is a legal problem or a technical one. Arbitrators are trained in the dispassionate resolution of problems based on documentation and verbal evidence. Experience has shown that the use of arbitration is frequently the most satisfactory way of solving owner and builder disputes. Stage payments on the vessel should be made upon recommendation by the surveyor. 120

126 Surveys For any purchaser, a survey by a professional Surveyor is a worthwhile investment. For a boat under construction the Surveyor will audit the boatyard s progress through the moulding, fitting of modules, electrical system, fitting of engines, mast, launch and trials. This will result in a report of the build and a certificate. The survey documents are valuable records and will be important for resale of the yacht. They will also be baseline documents for any warranty claims. It is important to use professionally qualified Surveyors with years of experience of surveying a variety of yacht types. Completion of Sale Once all of the above are completed to the satisfaction of both parties, a bill of sale is made by the owner for the buyer (Your surveyor should advise as to what this should contain). The owner is then paid in accordance with this joint understanding. Handover to Owner There are a number of handover options available: The owner travels to South Africa to collect the boat and either sails the boat to its destination or hires a skipper to do so OR the boat builder sends a skipper to deliver the boat to the owner. SAMSA regulations The South African Maritime Safety Authority (SAMSA) Completion of Build has regulations which apply to South African registered vessels. SAMSA must be informed of the commencement With the builder, establish an appropriate of building any yacht or small craft intended for commercial facility at which to launch the vessel and purposes. Boat builders in South Africa are conversant ensure you are aware of all associated with the rules which are applied to the craft they are costs. Ensure that the vessel undergoes constructing. Additional information can be a commissioning process which entails obtained from specialist consultants and the testing of all systems and equipment Surveyors or directly from SAMSA. based on criteria outlined by the surveyor. Make arrangements with the builder to conduct sea trials of the vessel, ensuring that you are aware of what is being tested. Ensure that the appointed surveyor is involved in this process. 121

127 Clearing your own boat out of South Africa *Please note, these procedures can change and this is a guideline 1. Get a letter from the Yacht Club or Marina where you are moored confirming you don t owe them any money. It s a standard letter. 2. Go to the nearest Port Control Building (In Cape Town this is located at South Arm Rd, Table Bay Harbour) with your boat papers and the letter from the Yacht Club/Marina to get a clearance certificate. (In Cape Town the Customer Service Centre telephone number is ). There is no cost attached. (Customs are allowing you to clear out without the Port Clearance Certificate as long as you have the Yacht Club/Marina letter). 3. Go to Immigration (In Cape Town, Immigration House, Foreshore, 5th Floor, Telephone ) with the crew and passports (all crew must be present). 4. Go to Customs in Cape Town, 22 Hans Strijdom Ave, Ground floor, Telephone or to do the following: Complete clearing out form DA 1 as well as clearing for foreign destination form DA 3 Show proof of immigration clearance Produce Customs export clearance for the yacht (SAD 500 for export yachts; NEP for local yachts) Produce the letter from the yacht club etc. Produce temporary pass from SAMSA (for locally manufactured but as yet unregistered export boats). If boat is already foreign registered it will have its necessary papers but Customs will still request that SAMSA confirm in some way that these are okay. (In Cape Town, SAMSA, 2 Long Street, 19th floor, Telephone ). Customs will also ask for a SAMSA competency certificate for each skipper. 122

128 BUYERS GUIDE: SA FOREIGN ECONOMIC OFFICES EUROPE 1 REGION BRUSSELS (also Luxembourg) SA Embassy and SA Mission to EU Rue Montoyer (B-1000), 1040 Brussels, BELGIUM LONDON SA High Commission, South Africa House, Trafalgar Square, London WC2N 5DP, UNITED KINGDOM MILAN SA Consulate-General, Vicolo San Giovanni, Sul Muro 4, 20121, Milano, ITALY MOSCOW (also Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia, Kazakhstan) SA Embassy, Granatny Per1, Building 9, Moscow , RUSSIA STOCKHOLM (also Denmark, Norway, Finland, Iceland, Baltic States) SA Embassy, Flemmeggatan 20, Stockholm, SWEDEN T E T E W T E T E W T E THE HAGUE SA Embassy, Wassenaarsweg 40, 2596 CJ The Hague, THE NETHERLANDS T E EUROPE 2 REGION BERLIN SA Embassy, Economic Section, Tiergartenstrasse 18, Berlin, GERMANY T E BERNE SA Embassy, Alpenstrasse 29, 3006 Berne, SWITZERLAND T E MADRID (also Portugal) SA Embassy, Calle Claudio Coello 91, 6th Floor, Madrid, 28006, SPAIN T / 3783 E MUNICH SA Consulate-General, Sendlinger-Tor-Platz 5, Munich, GERMANY T E 123

129 PARIS SA Embassy, 59 Quai d Orsay, Paris, FRANCE VIENNA SA Embassy, Sandgasse 33, A-1190 Vienna, AUSTRIA T E T E AMERICAS REGION BUENOS AIRES (also Latin American Countries except Brazil) SA Embassy, Marcelo T de Alvear 590, 8th Floor Capital Federal, 1058 Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA T E CHICAGO SA Consulate-General, 200 South Michigan Ave, Suite 600, Chicago, Illinois 60604, USA NEW YORK SA Consulate-General, 333 East 38th Street, 9th Floor, New York, NY 10016, USA SAO PAULO SA Consulate-General, Avenida Paulista 1754, 17th Floor, , Sao Paulo, SP, BRAZIL T E T /27 E T /2/3 E TORONTO SA Consulate-General, 110 Sheppard Avenue East, Suite 600, Toronto, Ontario, CANADA M2N 6Y8 T E WASHINGTON SA Embassy, 3400 International drive, NW, Washington, DC 20008, USA T E International Trade and Economic Development Division GENEVA SA Permanent Mission, 65 rue du Rhone, 1204 Geneva, SWITZERLAND T /2 E ASIA EAST REGION BEIJING SA Embassy, 5 Dongzhimenwai Dajie, Sanlitun, Chaoyang District, Beijing, PEOPLE S REPUBLIC OF CHINA HONG KONG (also Macau) SA Consulate-General, Great Eagle Centre, 23 Harbour Road, Wanchai, HONG KONG T E T E SEOUL SA Embassy, 1-37 Hannam-dong, Yongsan ku, Seoul, SOUTH KOREA T / E 124

130 SHANGHAI SA Consulate-General, 222 Yan An Road East, 27th Floor, Room 2705/6, Shanghai, PEOPLE S REPUBLIC OF CHINA T TOKYO SA Embassy, 4th Floor Hanzomon First Building, 1-4 Kojimachi Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo , JAPAN T /3366 E ASIA WEST REGION BANGKOK (also Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar and Laos) SA Embassy, 12th Floor, M-Thai Tower, All Seasons Place, 87 Wireless Road, Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330, THAILAND T E CANBERRA (also New Zealand) SA High Commission, Rhodes Place, State Circle, Yarralumla, Canberra, A.C.T 2600, AUSTRALIA T E JAKARTA SA Embassy, 7th Floor, Wisma GKBI, Site 705, JL Jend. Sudiman No 28 Jakarta 10210, INDONESIA KUALA LUMPUR (also Philippines and Brunei) Suite 22-01, Level 22, Menara HLA, No 3 Jalan Kia Peng, Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA T E T E MUMBAI SA Consulate General, Gandhi Mansion, 20 Altamount Road, Cumballa Hill, Mumbai , INDIA NEW DELHI SA High Commission, B-18 Vasant Marg, Vasant Vihar, New Delhi , INDIA SINGAPORE SA High Commission, 15th Floor, Odeon Towers, 331 North Bridge Road, SINGAPORE T E T E T E WEST AFRICA & MIDDLE EAST REGION ABUJA SA High Commission, 71 Usuma Street, Maitama, Abuja, NIGERIA ACCRA SA High Commission, 10 Klotey Crescent, North Labone, Accra, GHANA CAIRO SA Embassy, Building 11, Intersection Road 200 & 203, Digla-Maadi, Cairo, EGYPT T E T E T E 125

131 DAKAR SA Embassy, Mermoz Sud, Lotissement Ecole de Police. Lot no. 5 Dakar, SENEGAL DUBAI SA Consulate, Khalid Bin Waleed Street, Al Karama, Bur Dubai, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES RIYADH SA Embassy, 150 King Kalid Street, Um Al-Hammam District East, Riyadh, SAUDI ARABIA T E W T E T E TEHRAN SA Embassy, No 5 Yekta Street, Vali-e-Asr Avennue, Tajrish, Tehran, ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF IRAN T x 304 E EAST AFRICA & SADC ADDIS ABABA SA Embassy, Higher 23, Kebele 10, House No 1885, Addis Ababa, ETHIOPIA HARARE SA High Commission, 7 Elcombe Road, Belgravia, Harare, ZIMBABWE KAMPALA SA High Commission, 15A Nakasero Road, Kampala, UGANDA KINSHASA SA Embassy, 77 Avenue Ngongo Lutete, Gombe, Kinshasa, DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF THE CONGO (DRC) LUANDA SA Embassy, Rua Manuel Fernandes Caldeira 6B, Luanda, ANGOLA MAPUTO SA High Commission, Avenida Eduardo Mondlane 41, Caixa Postal 1120, Maputo, MOZAMBIQUE NAIROBI SA High Commission, 5th Floor Roshmaer Building, Lenana Road, Kilimani, Nairobi, KENYA T / 3683 E T E T E T E T E T x 264 E T /7218 E 126



134 REGIONAL OFFICES PRETORIA 161 Lynnwood Rd cnr Duncan Street Brooklyn 0181 P O Box Hatfield 0028 Tel: Fax: EAST LONDON Room 247 Law Court Building Buffalo Street East London 5201 P O Box Quigney East London 5211 Tel: Fax: PORT ELIZABETH SAMSA Building Carnavon Place Humerail 6000 P O Box 3914 North End Port Elizabeth 3914 Tel: /3 Fax: CAPE TOWN 19th Floor 2 Long Street Cape Town 8001 Private Bag X 7025 Rogge Bay 8012 Tel: Fax: RICHARDS BAY Gazi Centre Small Craft Harbour Newark Road Richards Bay 3900 P O Box 9561 Tuzi Gazi Richards bay 3900 Tel: Fax: MOSSEL BAY Plaza Aquda, Room 109 Marsh Street Mossel Bay 6500 P O Box 4 Mossel Bay 6500 Tel: Fax: DURBAN 14th Floor 30 Field Street Durban 4001 Private Bag X Durban 4000 Tel: Fax: SALDANHA BAY Old Salcon Building Harbour Area Fishing Harbour Saldanha 7395 P O BOX 33 Saldanha 7395 Tel: PORT NOLLOTH Old Post Office Building Kus Road Port Nolloth 8280 P O Box 232 Port Nolloth Tel: Fax:

135 Discover A WORLD AT THE WATER S EDGE Live, eat, play, work or stay at the V&A Waterfront, in the heart of the oldest working harbour in South Africa. Savour the bright lights of retail stores and watch the world go by on the boardwalk, while sipping sundowners at dusk. Find the finest examples of home-grown design talent at the Watershed, the home of African arts and crafts. Explore informative museum exhibits including Nobel Square and Robben Island - the prison that shaped Nelson Mandela s legacy. Dine in style in excellent restaurants or grab delicious street food in home-grown markets. Immerse the whole family in interactive experiences and let the kids loose in fun playgrounds. Enjoy electric performances from the hottest South African entertainers and meet friends and lovers for more intimate gatherings. Whatever you want to discover in Cape Town, start at the V&A Waterfront. ~ Keep discovering ~

136 eye design studio www.