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1 The Marks of the Course October 2008 Carlyle Sailing Association, Philippi Harbor, Carlyle, Illinois F Editor: David Cros For an explanation of why this photo was chosen for the cover, please go page 8 at the bottom. Carlyle Sailing Association Marks of the Course 40 Shadowridge Dr. St. Peters, MO Address correction requested. Table of Contents 2 Commodore s Corner 2 The Gate Keeper 3 Splinters from the Board 4 Cat Tales 5 Flying Scottlebutt 5 Hobie 14 North Americans 6 Cabin Fever 7 Whale of a Sail Report Commodore's Advisors Calendar

2 COMMODORE'S CORNER Paul Hanson Let me start this month s article saying it has been a wonderful opportunity to serve as your 2008 Commodore. As we all know at the end of this month it will be time to put our boats to bed for the winter, but the work is far from over. More on this in a minute. If you missed the Whale of a Sail you missed a good one. Granted the weather wasn t the best for Sunday, but Saturday provided great winds for the racing. A huge thank you to Stacey Zerban, Andrea Sepanski, John Woodworth, Denny Taylor, and all the other folks that helped make this year s Whale a success. Thank you. The official harbor closing will be October 26th, please make sure your boat leaves this date as work needs to take place on the parking lot before winter. If your boat is not removed this date, it will be raffled off on ebay with the proceeds put towards nice vacation for me. Just kidding, but seriously please have your boats removed from the harbor so that the work may proceed forward before winter. The Fall Work Party will be held on November 8 beginning at 8am. Or course lunch will be provided. Please come out and help put the club to bed for a winter s nap. There is a lot of work to be done on that day so mark your calendars for helping out. Next up will be the Annual Meeting on November 14th at the Maryland Heights Community Center beginning at 6:30 pm. This is the meeting to elect the Commodore David Cros and his Vice Commodore. Also, some presentations will be made regarding the club, so please attend to see what s being worked on for next year. Work chits will also be due on this date as well. If you re a committee head please make sure your work chits are turned into David this date, as the contracts for next year will begin to take shape shortly after this date. Finally, the Banquet will take place on January 17th at Orlando Gardens more information to come. If you are interested in becoming more involved next year please contact Vice-Commodore David Cros via as he is putting together his staff. This is a great way to give back to CSA which is first rate club. It takes a large group of volunteers doing many tasks to keep the club moving forward please consider helping the club volunteering for one of the many staff positions. THE GATEKEEPER As I open the gate today... I have to tell you about the adventures I have had at the lake this month. My sister, Sue and her husband, Rich were here in early September and stayed at the cottages. Well MURPHYS LAW has always followed them everywhere. First we went into Carlyle to buy them a new anchor for their fishing boat. The next day they lost it because they tied it off with a dry rotted line, fortunately I know where they lost it so when the water goes down again I can go retrieve it. Next their boat s motor would not run all week so I had them come fishing here. While we were fishing someone came in and I went to talk to them and I laid my pole down under the lip of the sea wall. When I came back my pole was missing, I asked Rich where my pole was he chuckled and said I haven t seen it. Well while I was gone a fish had taken the bait and my pole over the sea wall into the murky depths of the lake. I was totally surprised and dismayed at my favorite pole being gone but there was not thing one that could be done. So I picked up another pole and started fishing again. About 10 minutes later Sue looks out into the harbor and my bobber pops up, from my now gone and drowned pole, near the courtesy dock, and it was moving. Well she got all excited and tried to catch it casting over the line with her pole and the bobber disappears again. Over the next 20 minutes or so it reappears, several times. I decided I wanted my pole back or I am going to catch the fish that stole it. I went up to the house got my life jacket and my kayak paddle borrowed a kayak off the racks, thanks to whomever owns the green kayak, launched and paddled out to where we last sighting of my bobber was. Sue spied it and got all excited, I paddled over and grabbed the bobber out of the water and the thieving fish was still on the hook as I started to pull the fish in it broke the line but I still had hold of my bobber. I pulled again and to my amazement my pole was still attached to it. I carefully pulled it up out of the water and safely rescued my stolen pole. When I got back to shore I had to empty all the mud out of the reel and saw that there were yellow paint scars on the reel where the fish had dragged it over the wall. Moral of the story. There is none. (continued on next page) 2

3 SPLINTERS FROM THE BOARD Rick Bernstein In the wake of the dock anchor break at the Whale last month, the board had another lengthy discussion on how and if we can improve this area. The fact remains, the type of boats we re seeing at CSA both from our own members and visitors in regattas, has changed dramatically since our docks were originally designed decades ago. How do we cope? What upgrade may be necessary? What is the expense? What can be done if anything, or, do we need to research starting over? Not a discussion for a meeting or two; this is part of the long term planning the board is charged with administering. In the wake of our work party leaders unable to find volunteers to remove the old caulking and add new to the floors and walls of the bathroom, looks like we are going to have to go outside of the club. At this time, we are seeking bids for the job. In the wake of years of use, it is time CSA investigates what to do with the bridge leading to the Observation building. Many discussions and options are available. We could tear it down and just put a ground level walkway. We could build another bridge. We could do nothing and just keep putting money into the current structure that in time will need replacing anyway. Hey, it has lasted over 30 years so who is complaining. The feeling on the board is that it is a great visual and really adds to the architecture and look of the building, so building a new is leading the charge. Commodore Hanson has been in discussions with a few members who may offer to draw up some renderings of what could be. We will keep you posted. Finally, in the wake of significant and on-going budget cuts the State of Illinois to our wonderful State Park, CSA has had to face the situation and cover expenses for repairs and replacement of certain physical aspects of CSA. What once would have probably been covered the State/Park, we have had to pull capital out of our accounts to cover items such as re-paving/sealing the parking lots, mudjacking the bathroom this Spring, replacing the roof on the bathroom, etc. Get ready folks, coming down the pipeline are significant expenses for other items as again, our facilities are aging and will need attention. I would advise you to please attend the General Meeting in November to hear details regarding this matter. In the wake of all of this, we are charging ahead with making CSA better for you today, than it was yesterday. If anything written above motivates you to offer suggestions, please, mine, the board and flag officers phones are always ready to hear from you, as would really like to hear from our newer members interested in getting more involved. Rick Bernstein Chairman of the Board Carlyle Sailing Association THE GATEKEEPER (continued from page 1) My next adventure will not go into detail as to protect the identity of the sailor. After dark on a Friday evening I get the call on my cell phone, a sailor and member of the club calls for help to get his boat back into the harbor as his motor died and he cannot get it started to get back. We grab some tow line hop on our boat and go out into the star filled night to tow him back to the harbor. We get to his location and he is just casually standing on his bow having a smoke awaiting our arrival and the only thing he says is it s getting cold out here. I have to say that I never thought that I would get a call from the SIX MILLION DOLLAR MAN for help. Next time all you have to do is jump in the water and use your bionic legs to push your boat in!!! I am now closing the gate...ttfn. Mary Bartman 3

4 CAT TALES Holly Conklin Howdy, Fleetsters! What a strange fall, huh? We have had tons or no wind, feast or famine. Crazy! So much to share this month! The Strawberry Daiquiri regatta was a blast for our female cat sailors. The wind was steady, giving the fleet 3 good races. Shirley and Mary walked away with the gold (pink?) this year on the Tiger. Nancy Tuffli (welcome back!) and Pat O Donnell took 2nd (Hobie 18), Karen Pauls and Sam Lapp took 3rd (Mystere), and Sue Dudek and Linda Ditzler took 4th (Hobie 16). Sue managed to do a fine job, considering she was sailing with one hull full of water! Best Boat Boy Dave Leimbach assisted with between-race drainage and fast-fiberglass work (duct tape) for Sue. Much thanks to Andrea Sepanski, Bill Clark, the race committee and Mary B that made the regatta possible! The daiquiris, made Master Daiquirista and Harbormaster Extraordinaire Mary Bartman, disappeared quickly and completely once the fleet hit land. I heard the party was most excellent! The Whale of a Sail gave us the opportunity to say that we have not only survived a hurricane but raced in one! Saturday s winds were heavy and made the course pretty choppy. Bob Monahan with Dave Waugh took 1st and Bryan Gill with Dave Bryant took 2nd in the long distance race! I am anticipating they will consider changing the rules as the cats seem to consistently win the distance race. Sunday s winds were prohibitive for racing, as I am sure you have heard. There was a mist across the lake obscuring the far side as the breezes kicked up spray from the top of the waves. I watched trash barrels and recycle bins fly across the parking lot like tumbleweeds and was thankful I wasn t on a boat. Then, the following weekend, we had a successful Muddy Waters! We had more boats this year than we have had in years with several visiting sailors from out of town. We had 23 boats total! All those lovely cat sails set up on the beach were a beautiful sight. Unfortunately, we had apparently used up most of our wind during Whale and forgot to order more. Saturday was too quiet for racing, so we had a question and answer seminar on the ramp in the afternoon, using beer bottles to diagram the boats and course. At one point, Dave Waugh had to suck one down quickly because another boat was needed on the teaching tool. Sunday gave us just enough good, solid wind to hold one solitary race. Pull out your magnifying glass to check out the results: Class Hobie 18 Hobie 17 High PHRF Low PHRF 1st place Bryan & Robin Gill Jim Disano Karen Pauls Mike Hill & Holly Conklin 2nd place Brock & Nancy Tuffli Mike Lodes (WI) Josh Doherty & Gordon Isco (FL) Heather Hladky 3rd place Dave Leimbach & Linda Ditzler Dave Waugh 4 All Bromley & Carol Love Joe Leonard Lastly, Team St. Louis Cats brought home the 3rd place trophy from the Performance North American Championships in Caseville, MI. There were 37 boats registered, 12 of which were I-20s. I was one of 2 women in the I-20 fleet (yup, I m braggin!). One of our fellow competitors on the 20s was Clay Selsmeyer skippering at 15 yrs old and he did a fine job! Who says sailing isn t a genetic trait? (Both parents race cats!) See you next weekend! Don t forget to bring your wetsuit! Amidships Condition of being surrounded boats (The Cat Field during Muddy!).

5 2008 HO B I E 14 NO R T H AM E R I C A N S STARRING KITSY, LATHAM, PAT & SUE Sue Dudek Thursday Sep 4 We arrived in Clear Lake Iowa (after stopping at Linda Cherry s place then driving several hours in the rain) It had stopped raining the time we needed to unload the double-stacked H-14s, register, visit with old Hobie pals and of course have a few beers. While unloading the boats, a camerawoman from Channel 10 in Rochester MN filmed us. She talked to Kitsy briefly but we never saw the film at eleven. Later a reporter from the Mason City Globe Gazette interviewed Kitsy extensively, as she was one of only 3 women competing in the H14 s. A great article on that interview appeared on the FRONT PAGE of the next day s newspaper! Kitsy s boat had the honor of weighing the most! Sue & Pat went to a meeting to see if we could help out and were recruited to be race officials. Pat would do horns and Sue would be the recorder. That evening we went to The Other Place for pizza. In the parking lot we found THE SHOE which was placed on the bumper of Latham s truck. The rest of the weekend: Friday: 4 races, light wind, becoming heavy wind followed light rain Saturday: 3 races, a later start due to no wind (signal boat went out to check on the wind speed and fishing conditions) becoming light wind Sunday: 4 races, great wind (9-11) with rain during the last race The last race of the event was a screecher of a reach and both had a blast hanging on for dear life. Kitsy placed 18th and Latham placed 30th in all of North America! Clear Lake was the site where Buddy Holly s plane crashed. We went in search of the memorial in the DARK!? We never did find it and THE SHOE remained on the bumper until somewhere on the way home. The N.A. s were well-organized and the venue was great. It was good to see old friends and make new ones and to work with the legendary Paul U FLY I N G SCOTTLEBUTT Betty Struckhoff This scribe often says the Whale weekend is always perfect weather. Well, mark down 2008 as one time the weather gods just didn t cooperate. Saturday was one big blow and Sunday the remains of hurricane Ike made us all scurry to the clubhouse and marvel at the limbs swaying. The weather forecast kept at least one boat from joining us but didn t deter our friends from Lake Delaven, Lake Clinton, Kansas City and Lexington, KY. It was survival of the fittest as only four boats ventured out for the morning race on Saturday. In the afternoon, one or two more joined them. Almost everyone was packing on extra crew. The Stombaughs even added Nate and he s turning into quite the sailor. Our friends from Clinton Lake capsized and turtled but all were safe. Unfortunately, Suzie Stombaugh wasn t as lucky. She fell off the boat in the harbor at the end of the day and injured her shoulder. As this goes to press, she is having outpatient surgery to put one little piece of something back in its place. You can send your wishes for her speedy recovery to Frank and Marianne Gerry were the Whale winners, with the Stombaughs in second and our own Bibb Boys third. Shirley and Chris ventured out on Chris cabin boat and captured a trophy in their division. Speaking of Frank and Marianne, their club will host next year s Midwest Districts. Mark your calendars for July and make plans to head up to Lake Delaven. The 2009 Flying Scot NAC s will be in our neck of the woods (sorta) as well. What better time to head north to Ephraim, Wisconsin than August 1-7. If you are interested, talk to some of the old salts about where to stay and make your reservations soon. Only a handful of weekends left to enjoy sailing in 08. The White Pelicans are back. Soon we ll be seeing the big V s of Canadian Geese in the sky See you at the Photo lake! Karen Pauls 5

6 CABIN FEVER Shara Taylor I didn t get to comment on the Strawberry Daiquiri Regatta in my last report because it occurred after I submitted the article. So here goes. It was a blast. Team Sharon Pendl which included Julie Lentz, Ann Lacker and me did a great job beating all the competition to get a first place trophy. We had to work hard every inch of the way to get to the finish line first in all three races. It was a real battle, but we prevailed. Sharon was superb skippering her first regatta. Congratulations to us! Actually, we were the ONLY cabin boat in the regatta, and it was very disappointing that no other cabin boat came out to play with us. There are a lot of great women sailors in our fleet, and I certainly hope that they would really consider racing in next year s regatta. You have a whole year to think about it. We need more boats joining in on the fun. And if more women skipper boats, then more women can participate (including those who aren t that experienced but who still want to be part of the action). A Big THANKS goes to Andrea Sepanski for chairing this event. Also thanks to Mary Bartman for making the individual strawberry daiquiris. They were delicious and just what we needed on a warm, sunny afternoon. Moving right along, the Whale was certainly a windy one. Our friend Hurricane Ike sure made his presence known on Saturday and then Sunday morning with the big storm. Congratulations to all those who trophied on the cabin course and the long distance course. Thanks to everyone who worked so hard to put on our big party regatta. The last Hare & Hounds of the season (scheduled for Sept. 27) will be history the time you read this. And so will the yearly Cabin Fleet Breakfast (Sept. 28) with lots of good eats and drinks (I hope we have Mimosas, which are my favorite). Hope lots of Cabin Fleeters can participate in both events. Well folks, October means that the 2008 sailing season is drawing to a close. But, there are still some exciting activities to be enjoyed. Oct. 4 is Boulder s Commodore Cup Chili Supper. This one-race regatta is always a good time, and so is the dinner afterward. Great food (and lots of it) and great people at Boulder to visit with. CSA usually comes away with a couple of very nice trophies. Plus we can spend the night at their docks. Also, don t forget the Great Race sponsored CYC on Oct. 25. It s the last chance for a big race this season! Sunday, Oct. 26, is a very sad, sad day. So sad, we have a Wine and Tears Party, and we make liberal use the wine to drown our sorrows. All boats must be off the parking lot that day. And on that sad note, I ll close for now. See you at the lake (while there s still time). 6

7 WH A L E O F A SA I L REGATTA Stacey Zerban The 38th Whale of a Sail Regatta held in September proved to have a little bit of everything. With the weather forecast predicting rain for the whole weekend, waking up to clear skies on Saturday was definitely a welcomed surprise. Registration and the complimentary breakfast went off without a problem with over 100 boats competing, and the regatta was officially kicked off with the Guthrie brothers singing the National Anthem. As the winds continued to build, much of the excitement was watching our skippers sail out of the harbor and on to the race course. A big thank you to our Race Chair Andrea Sepanski, John and peg Woodworth, Denny Taylor and their crews who made sure our courses were managed safely. Saturday evening featured the Chuck-a-Duck competition. Once again for the second year in a row, Joe Bartman found the basket with his duck, as did peg Woodworth. They split the 50/50 pot with our Junior Sailors. Dinner followed, catered Fema's Catering and the music was provided Uncle Albert. Sunday, i woke up to rain moving sideways outside my hotel window, as the wind was building, it was pretty apparent that the competition for the Whale of a Sail Regatta had come to an end. The races were officially cancelled 9 a.m. and the trophies were awarded shortly there after. Having done this regatta two years in a row, it goes without saying that this event is possible because of the volunteers that serve our club. there is not enough gratitude that I can show these people who stepped up and helped me put on this event. So for everyone who pitched in, no matter how big or little the task, thank you! See you next year, 2009 COMMODORE'S ADVISORS Shirley Allen Chuck Alyea Felicia Bamer Mary Bartman Jeanette Beier Jean Bordes Dave Bryant Jay Buchta Terry Burke Bill Burtran Chris Butler Gerald Donaldson Sue Dudek Erik Eves Cal Guthrie Dan Haile Paul Hanson John Huhn Norm Karl Jack Klug Ann Lacker Bob Lacker Joe Lapp Joe Leonard Mary Leonard Jeff Melly Ford Miller Bob Monaghan Dan Moriarty Tobi Moriarty Leroy Nootter Pat O'Donnell Gerry Paoli Tom Paoli Karen Pauls Rick Pendle Tom Pinkel John Sepanski Mike Sullivan Dolores Swan Pat Swan Denny Taylor Brock Tuffli Jan Wilson John Woodworth Tom Wyman Stacey Zerban 7

8 2008 CSA CA L E N DA R Month Day Event Chair FEBRUARY 15 Membership Re-applications Due D. Cros 29 Leukemia Kick Off Party R. Bernstein MARCH APRIL 5 Commodore s Staff Mtg P. Hanson 12 Big Spring Work Party All 26 Planned Harbor Opening All Lightning Mid-Continent Regatta Matt Burridge 27 Annual Burning of the Socks All MAY 3-4 Melges 24 Regatta R. Bernstein 3 Hare & Hounds Race #1 All 4 Club Races Begin All 17 2nd Annual Blessing of the Fleets L. Cherry US Sailing Level 1 Instructor Training J. Sepanski Leukemia Cup Regatta R Bernstein/S. Zerban US Sailing Level 1 Instructor Training (cont.) J. Sepanski 30-1 Flying Scot Egyptian Cup Regatta J. Harris (Flying Scot Midwest Districts) 31 New Members Orientation Day P. Hanson JUNE 7 Visitors Day Karl/O'Donnell/Wilson 9-13 Junior Sail Camp Cros s/lacker s 14 Firecracker Regatta (Jrs) Cros s/lacker s Adult Sail Camp D. Leimbach 28 Luau & Fireworks M. Leonard 28 Hare & Hounds Race # 2 All Inland 20 Regatta D. Cros JULY San Juan Regatta C. Guthrie 19 Hare & Hounds Race #3 All TBD Club C of C Regatta D. Haile AUGUST 9 Hare & Hounds Race #4 All 9-10 Y-Flyer Beer & Boats Regatta J. Klug 30 Hare & Hounds Race #5 All 30 Strawberry Daquiri Women s Regatta A. Sepanski 31 Holiday Regatta All SEPTEMBER Whale-of-a-Sail S. Zerban Muddy Waters Regatta M. Hill Snipe Silver Cup A. Sepanski OCTOBER 4-5 E-Scow Silver Cup Regatta D. Shindel Laser Regatta P. Hanson 26 Harbor Closing- All Boats MUST Leave NOVEMBER 8 Big Fall Work Party All 14 Work Chits Due D. Cros 14 Annual Membership Mtg & Election All DECEMBER 25 Merry Christmas (No Marks for January 08) JANUARY 17 Commodore s Banquet J. Wilson 8 Cover Photo: This is Humayun's Tomb, located in New Delhi, India and completed in 1572 A.D. Your Mark's Editor was in need of an additional photo to complete this issue of the Marks of the Course. This monument was adjacent to my hotel. Since my job has taken me away from CSA and I spent part of Sunday, Oct. 5th sightseeing and the other part of the day working on this issue of the Marks, I felt that this would be a suitable photo to share.