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1 4250 Smothers Road, P.O. Box575 Editor: Rob Ciccotelli Westerville, Ohio Inside BOG Reports 1-5 Junior Sailing 6-7 Fleet News 8-10 COMMODORE S COMMENTS by Dwight Robertson Summer is flying by and it must be because we re busy at HSC! Highlights from July include: Sail instruction is having a near record attendance Junior Race Team has team members on the podium at every Traveler s Series Regatta The Big Boat program for learn to sail and membership generation is thriving Independence Day Holiday Series followed by the Potluck Dinner US Sailing Area E Youth Championship Regatta Wednesday / Sunday club racing Overall club operations are tracking as planned during previous reports. As long as the trend continues, we plan to be on track to restore prior year timing deficits and increase/maintain the assets of the club. If you ve participated on prior BOG s you know that we typically hold off on major expenditures until we have a good handle on YTD actual expenses and projected cash through the end of our fiscal year. During the July BOG meeting, and after careful analysis, the BOG approved the purchase of a used 12 Rigid Inflatable Boat and needed playground equipment. The safety boat will be utilized for learn to sail, club racing and by JRT; basically bringing us to necessary inventory to safely support the activities of the club. The playground equipment, in my opinion, is the beginning of a long range plan to replace our tired (but heavily used) playground equipment over a multi-year program. See Commodore on page 5 SECRETARY S REPORT by Marty Sweterlitsch HOOVER SAILING CLUB MINUTES MEETING OF THE BOARD OF GOVERNORS, 12, Commodore Robertson called the BOG meeting to order at 7:00 PM at HSC. The following BOG members and Committee Chairs attended, constituting a quorum: Commodore: Dwight Robertson, Treasurer: Mark White, Secretary: Marty Sweterlitsch, Membership Secretary: Lisa Aspery, Vice Commodore Grounds Committee Chair: Charles Vasulka, Rear Commodore Safety Committee Chair: Chris Fogle, Fleet Captain: Steve Lavender, Member at Large Sail Instruction Chair: Jamie Jones, Member at Large Publicity Committee Chair: Sarah Hoctor, Member at Large Leadline Editor: Robert Ciccotelli, Member at Large Docks Committee Chair: Peter Rothman, Member at Large House See Minutes on page 2 Hoover Leadline July 2017 Page 1

2 Minutes continued from page 1 Committee Chair Steve Callison, Member at Large Social Committee Chair Scott Solsman, Past Commodore/ Planning and Projects Chair: Matt Fisher. Absent: Member at Large Junior Sailing Chair; Doug Squires. Committee Reports Secretary s Report. Marty Sweterlitsch reported. Jamie Jones moved to approve the minutes of the May 2017 BOG Meeting. The motion was seconded by Charles Vasulka and passed. Treasurer s Report Mark White reported Our strong income trends continued in May, $27k (21.5%) ahead of last year with both Dues/Fee and particularly Sail Instruction (SI) driving the trend. Expenses were nearly precisely as expected for the month. Major expenditures in May included the 1st (of 2) installments of the lease payment to the City of Columbus, new lockers for SI instructors, gravel for the lot, playground mulch, hoist repairs and costs associated with the construction of 4 new rafts for the expanded Adult Instruction program. Both Junior Race Team (JRT) and SI programs are in full swing and forecasts are being updated to reflect. Membership Committee Report. Lisa Aspery reported. See table on page 4. Docks Committee Report. Peter Rothman reported. The committee built four rafts to hold the SI boats but still need to build a Thistle raft. Grounds Committee Report. Charles Vasulka reported. May as you all know was a very busy month at the. We had 10 yards of mulch delivered to the club and spread around the playground by grounds committee members. There were also 30 tons of #57 limestone tailgated on the lower lot on the west side from the ramp and to the south. We also had 20 tons of # 8 Gravel that was to be tailgated along row S but the driver dumped it in a single pile, which we have only been able to move ¾ of (volunteer labor has been difficult). The yard is continuing to be cut as needed. The trash and recycling had difficulty with access to the grounds, which we have finally worked out. They will continue to be emptied every other week through the season. has started with the faucet next to the lift needing repaired at great expense since someone hit it and it was leaking. Who hit it we do not know. The good news is that the waterline was not damaged but the faucet did need replaced since it was damaged and was the source of the leak. There will be a $1500 expense on the statement for the repair. The Board discussed placement of protection for the faucet to prevent this from continuing to happen. It was suggested that the water pipe be surrounded by several steel pipes anchored in concrete to protect it from errant trailers and cars. House Committee Report. Steve Callison reported. House seems to be holding up well. We have moved into the daily cleaning season -- generally club is cleaned daily at 4:00 M-F. The kitchen is NOT included in this cleaning so it is incredibly important that club members clean the kitchen each time they use it -- leave it cleaner than you found it! The Committee purchased and installed lockers on the south side of the club to be used by Sailing Instructors. The hope is that this will help keep the kitchen less cluttered during the summer. Racing Committee Report. Steve Lavender reported. Racing is going well. There is a pursuit race scheduled for Wednesday. The race boat now has a full set of flags. Safety Committee Report problems. Chris Fogle reported no Sail Instruction (SI) Report. Jamie Jones reported. It's go time! Our fleet is set up, kids are signed up and staff is trained and ready. We'll start the season with 4 classes and 44 students, including an intensive race clinic run by Dave Alvarado and Ryan Squires to get the JRT ready for the summer. We're into the 2nd week of our first adult session as well with 22 students enrolled in that. We also wrapped up our spring HS Sailing Season last month with a great Senior Night sendoff party (and LTS Recruiting fair...). We say goodbye to our 4 seniors that helped start this thing 2 years ago: Ryan Squires, Scott Trask, Ava Howell and Mason Bibler. Their dedication and hard work helped put Central Ohio HS Sailing on the map and has set the example and expectation that all of our underclassmen strive to achieve. The big boats in the fleet that we'll use for the Intermediate program are rigged and ready to launch pending raft completion. We'll be using the blue Scot (already at the dock), maroon Thistle, Green Interlake, Red Interlake, newly acquired Windmill and the 2 boats Page 2 HSC Leadline July

3 from Customflex (one of which is almost ready for pick up). All told, we'll have room for 21 sailors in our Intermediate and Advanced programs. The instructors are psyched to get started on those classes, and we're filling those classes up! Finally, the Open House was an enormous success for SI. I accepted 13 applications that day and have received another 3 in the mail so far from that event. Again, thanks to everyone that helped with that event. Junior Race Team (JRT) Report. Doug Squires reported. The Hoover Sailing Junior Racing Team kicked off the season with our first I-LYA Traveler Series regatta at Alum Creek on Saturday 3, Buckeye Lake Yacht hosted the regatta along with the Alum Creek Sailing Association at there lovely venue with a big boat marina. If you have not been there before, check it out, it is quite impressive. Twenty HSC JRT members competed in the regatta in Optimists, Lasers and 420s. Wren Ruckle and Jack McCarty sailed in the Opti Green division and were first and second! Jed Lory sailed several good races in his Opti in the Blue division (11-12 years old) with Nicholas Robertson coming in first place followed by his brother Dylan in third place after a tiebreaker that would have put the brothers as leaders in that division. Brothers Gabe and Clayton Headlee did well in the Opti Red division (13 and over) with Clayton in third overall by rounding out the six-race series with a first place finish! The Optis competed against veterans from other clubs and Hoover s great coaching paid off again at the podium. Only 3 Laser Radial races were sailed and Siri Schantz had a great 3 place finish rounding out the day in sixth place overall in another very competitive class. Over a dozen 420s sailed in the shifty on again/ off again breeze of Alum Creek. Hoover 420s included Emma Friedhauer/Lili Malone, Mason Shaw/William Stringer and Kent Howell with his sister Ava. Nadia Reynolds sailed well with Cameron Friedhauer with two top five finishes and coming in sixth overall. Grace Squires and Zoe Hoctor rounded out the three-race series with a second-place finish and were third overall for a podium spot. 420 victors Scott Trask and Mason Bibler sailed near perfect races coming in first overall for another proud moment for Hoover. Sailing in the middle of the Alum Creek meant spectating was limited, so a group of parents rented a pontoon boat for some of the best seats in the house. The shake down regatta was a great fun and Hoover racked up some great finishes in what is shaping up to be the best year ever for the HSC JRT! The JRT spends the weekend of at Mentor Harbor Yachting for the U.S. Sailing Junior Olympics. A professional coaching clinic takes place Friday night 9th at Mentor and our coaches will be there. Congrats to JRT Head Coach David Alvarado and Assistant Coach Ryan Squires who passed their U.S. Sailing Level 2 certification trials recently. Check out upcoming regattas, race results and news on the Junior Sailing page of i-lya.org. Leadline Editor s Report. Rob Ciccotelli needs pictures and articles each month, including this one. Social Committee Report. Scott Solsman reported. Scot has scheduled a follow up Bareboat chartering seminar that will be primarily a Q & A session. He also reported that the Past Commodore Steak Roast is August 19. The Flying Scot fleet is the host for this event. Publicity Committee Report Sarah Hoctor reported. This year s Open House was great success even with the obstacle of having the bridge under construction. We had 264 guests enjoying a slow boat ride maybe even slow enough to call it a boat float. We had the best showing of volunteers yet. It was very deserving to have the after party for all that stayed. I would definitely recommend doing that again. Certainly want to thank the BOG, fleet captains, skippers, social committee, all the volunteers and a special thanks to Kathy Bachman for all their support! Kathy is going to follow up with a full report on the Open House. Fourth Fridays have been going strong for two months. Jamie led the last two months to promote the club and SI. 23rd is our next Fourth Friday. Jackie LaMuth is taking the lead this month. July is open for anyone who wants to volunteer. Merchandise. Sarah Hoctor has been talking with our Gill representative discussing a resale partnership. A partnership with Gill will allow HSC to have higher end apparel that can be personalized with the HSC logo or not. Plans would be running a special 4 times per year offering select items to our membership. We will also support the entry level sailor by preparing packages but yet offer items ala carte. This will benefit our growing junior team and our new adult sailors. With this See Minutes on page 4 Hoover Leadline July 2017 Page 3

4 Minutes continued from page 3 partnership, we will be able to offer a decent discount. I predict 30-40% off. I really won t know until I am able to calculate shipping and optional customization. The question before the BOG is do we want to move forward? We will have to provide Gill our Fed ID number and State ID number (for resale). Communication. Sarah is working on updating JRT collaterals. These collaterals are confusing for the new sailing families and she hopes to reduce confusion. I hope to wrap up the update by the end of the summer and have them ready for a roll-out in She is also reviewing club signage and will provide a full report and cost analysis by the end of. Many of the signs are dated and falling apart. It would be nice to update them this year. Open House report by Kathy Bachman Despite the bridge closure on Smothers Road, 268 people registered at our annual Open House on Saturday, May 27th. This year they actually came by the bus load. the Griswold Senior Center in Worthington. Ninety-nine respondents indicated interests in activities at HSC. The breakdown of interests included: Child Lessons/Summer Camp Programs - 34* Competitive Racing/Crewing - 7 High School Sailing Program - 2 Daysail/Cruising -22 Adult Sailing Lessons -32* Full Membership - 1 * Fourteen of the registration forms indicated an interest in BOTH child and adult sailing lessons. In addition, we received 93 replies on how guests heard about our Open House. The breakdown includes: Friend - 30 Flyer - 24 (Twelve indicated receipt of flyer from 4th Friday event) Coworker -1 Newspaper/Magazine - 16 (Ohio Visitor s Guide, 614, Columbus Alive, Columbus Underground) Facebook - 8 Internet - 14 Over 90 HSC-members (and family members) volunteered for our event. There were 17 boats with skippers and crew on the water for rides, and numerous volunteers helping on land with registration, fitting lifejackets, matching riders with boats, assisting guests in and out of boats on the docks, preparing hot dogs and beverages, popping popcorn, answering questions about membership, registering students for sail instruction, popping more popcorn, displaying boats, selling HSC merchandise as well as candy for our junior race team, providing hands-on STEM activities for Kids, removing trash and cleaning the kitchen. Kona Ice was onsite this year selling frozen treats to our guests and members. Our headcount for the After-Open House Party was sixty, which means the Social Committee was very busy grilling hamburgers and serving food. It is quite possible that the Social Committee served 300 people during Open House and the After-Open House Party. Thanks to all who helped at this year s Open House. Planning and Projects (P&P) Committee Report. No report was provided. Old Business The Board reviewed a report on the renovated hoist provided by a company that certifies mechanical hoists for industry. There is no obligation on the part of HSC to comply with the standards that apply to industrial employers but the Board wanted an assessment of the work that was done and the general condition of the hoist. Based on the report the Board determined to post the appropriate load limit on the hoist along with a use at your own risk sign. As always, members are advised NOT to position themselves under any boat lifted by the hoist unless the boat is resting on appropriate supports. New Business The Board voted unanimously to refund dues and fees to Paul Sandstrom in recognition of his generous contribution of his Interlake to the Hoover Sailing Foundation. The Board voted to grant a waiver to a member of the date by which he is required to put his boat on his raft due to health reasons. The member indicated that he will be able to position the boat in a few weeks. Adjournment A motion to adjourn was made by and seconded. The motion was approved and the meeting was adjourned. Page 4 HSC Leadline July

5 Membership Status as of 12, May Life/Honorary Active Ext.Visitation Young Adult Senior Jr Sailing Associate Crew Inactive Total Commodore continued from page 3 Looking ahead, the August calendar is full and I encourage you to join us at: Sunday / Wednesday racing Bareboat charter meeting Past Commodores Steak Roast Final ILYA Travelers Series Regatta I ve greatly enjoyed attending all Traveler s Series Regattas this year and hearing how well respected Hoover Sailing is. Thanks for making that possible and I ll see you at the club. Hoover Leadline July 2017 Page 5

6 JUNIOR SAILING by Doug Squires and John Hoctor This exciting event was hosted by Hoover Sailing on Saturday, July 9. Six races were completed on W-L-W, twice-around courses. The rules stated that the juniors had one throw out if five or more races were completed. Eight teams of age-17-and-under junior racers competed in this Sears Cup Semi-Final event. I had loaned my Thistle to a Hoover team of year-old juniors who proudly proclaimed, "We only had three days in the boat and we still finished in fourth place!" (Of course, I immediately offered to loan them my boat again next year.) Doug and Jennifer Squires (3815) graciously invited me to join them on their RIB boat, and we had the pleasure of watching their son, Ryan, win the regatta. It was inspiring to see such a competitive group of juniors-- each team had its spin pole up and ready to go before they rounded the offset mark every time. Those juniors also sailed cleanly, so that there were no protests even though Jamie Jones (who ran the regatta) and Clark Chapin were ready to judge any protests if needed. A cold front with its low pressure had just passed through, and the ensuing high pressure caused the puffs to back slightly left and the lulls to veer right again. The wind was essentially from the northwest, and the morning breeze was in the 5 mph range, while the afternoon winds picked up slightly to around 5-10 mph. Ryan Squires threw out a second-place finish, and the CYC boat that came in second threw out a fifth-place finish. In my opinion, all of those kids who raced were winners, Corinthians and true champs! Page 6 HSC Leadline July

7 Pos Sail Skipper Yacht Total Pos [2] Ryan Squires/ Richard bryn Irvine Luke Schumann Jack Harris/ John d'acunzo rachel muny Ethan Taylor/ William Taylor Barrett Hall Nadia Reynolds/ Cameron Friedauer Zoe Hoctor Grace Mansuetto/ natalie dugan Mary Troy A.J. Kozartiz/ Mitchell Boice Aiden Adams Garret Van Dyke/ Gordon Johnson Harrison Cuffaro Nick Streicher/ Jack Kubicek Mitchell McLaughlin HSC/ Cowan Lake Sailing Assn / Hoover Sailing Cleveland yachting club/ CYC / CYC North Cape Yacht / North Cape Yacht / North Cape Yacht Hoover Sailing / Hoover Sailing / Hoover Sailing Cleveland Yachting / cyc / Cleveland yachting club Vermilion Boat / Vermilion Boat / Vermilion Boat Edgewater Yacht / Edgewater Yacht / Edgewater Yacht MHYC/ MHYC / MHYC 2 3 [4] [3] [5] [8] [7] [8] [8] Hoover Leadline July 2017 Page 7

8 A HAIL FROM THE RAIL by Ann Jones WELCOME KYLE 7 CAROLYN ASSAD, Thistle #3601. Our newest members, Kyle & Carolyn came from Boston to Columbus and will study here for 3 years. They can both drive a Thistle and have extensive sailing resumes. This couple is quite competitive, as they proved during our Sunday races--nice sailing, you two! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CLYDE FINDLEY! Clyde will be 80 years young on July 20, and he seems to be a combo of Popeye the Sailor Man and Superman. Many happy returns, Clyde! INDEPENDENCE SERIES finishes were: 1. Steve Lavender; 2. Clyde Findley; 3. John Church, and 4. Louis Chicoine/Bob McNitt. Also, Team Clyde cam in fifth out of nineteen boats in the Pursuit Race. BERLIN REGATTA - Steve Lavender attended on Saturday and reported a challenging breeze. GREAT LAKES INTER-DISTRICT REGATTA was indeed great! With 38 Thistles competing on somewhat lumpy seas, there was a good breeze on Saturday and stiff winds of 20+ on Sunday. Our very own Matt Fisher won the regatta, followed by: 2. Craig Koschalk; 3. Jesse Shedden; 4. Bobby Sessions; 5. Kyle Finefrock; 6. Doug Kackeinen; 7. John Baker, and 8. Tom Hubbell. THISTLE NATIONALS, CHAUTAUQUA LAKE - Teams from HSC that plan to attend this event are: Steve Lavender, with Rachel and Erin crewing; Wes Harnish, with Anne and Mark Andrew crewing, and Team Hubbell. Also, Ryan Squires, age 17, plans to compete in Junior Nationals. CONGRATS TO RYAN SQUIRES on winning the Area Sears Cup Semi-Finals raced in Thistles at Hoover a couple of weeks ago. A team from CYC was runner up, and Thistle #3950 with a team of 14-and 15-year-old HSC juniors finished in fourth place. Ryan will compete in the next Sears Cup round in a Flying Scot, and Marty is loaning her boat to him for practice. Ryan will then receive additional coaching at Deep Creak, MD. AMERICAS CUP UPDATE - Remember the old explanation given to Queen Victoria at the first America's Cup Race when the yacht America was leading and she asked brightly, "Does that mean the British are in second place?" The reply came back, "Your Majesty, there is on second place." Wrong! There was a second place, and we earned it, unfortunately. Several factors contributed to the 7-1 debacle, including poor starting tactics and lack of efficient boat setup. Probably the worst start happened when Team Emirates New Zealand luffed Oracle USA with a few seconds left before the start; and the American boat slowed and sank down off its foils. Oracle then needed to get back on the wind to raise the bow back up on its foil; and by that time the Emirates catamaran was long gone! Boat setup problems included methods of power generation and distribution of duties. The Kiwis used bicycle-type leg power for their hydraulics while the Americans used arm-powered grinding for the same purpose. Grinding proved less efficient. Emirates also brought more efficient foils and sails. Regarding the distribution of duty differential, the Kiwis actually parceled our various duties among their crew, i.e., directional readings, tactics, sail trim, etc., so that their 26-year-old helmsman could just sit in his seat and concentrate on steering the boat. Meanwhile on Oracle USA, helmsman James Spithill was just busier than a one-armed paper hanger. While hiking, he constantly needed to trim the sails, press needed control buttons on his steering wheel and verbally count down the time until the next tack. The Kiwis understood that it was time to tack without speaking, because their signal was the dropping of the windward foil. Let's hope that the next match in several years. RESERVOIR WATCH - The lake is rising due to recent rainfall. Our year-to-date precipitation is now 7.39 inches above normal, and the roads around Buckeye Lake are totally flooded. Fleet Captain wants me to announce that WE ONLY HAVE 102 DAYS LEFT TO SAIL THIS SEASON AND THE BRIDGE IS NOW OPEN--SO COME ON OUT! Page 8 HSC Leadline July

9 Sunshine and beautiful winds greeted the 18 boats, skippers and crews that turned out for the George Fisher Memorial Regatta held at Hoover Sailing. Once the points were tallied, these skippers and crews came out on top: 1st: 2nd: 3rd: 4th: 5th: INTERLAKE INTERLUDES By Kim Tyndall Mike McClinchie with Tom Humphrey Scott Savage with Jeff Jones Jamie Jones with Steve Aspery Jeff Clark with Cara Sanderson and Brian Hoy Stu Fisher with Richard Blake Many thanks to all who volunteered for the numerous tasks completed to make this an outstanding regatta. Kudos to Jamie Jones who chaired the event and saw to it that all ran smoothly and Larry Schottenstein who stepped up to the grill to provide a fantastic meal once the racing was over. I think George would ve been proud! If you haven t been out yet, don t delay. You have more opportunity than ever with Sunday races that begin at p.m. and Wednesday night racing at 6:50 p.m. followed by beer and burgers. If you need help getting out on the water, speak up! We have a number of experienced Interlakers who want to help you enjoy your time at the club. With this month s column, I m including a photo of another beautiful sunset at Hoover. Really, what are you waiting for? Pennsylvania on Presque Ilse (August 11-13th, 2017). Hoover Leadline July 2017 Page 9

10 Editor s note: A special Independence Day session of SAiL was held this month, and thus this popular offseason diary makes a special midsummer appearance in the Leadline. 7/4/17 SAiL Participants FROSTBITE SAILING By Steve Lavender We enjoyed some fine racing during our special 4th of July session! Nine participants were out for the Northeasterly breeze that had plenty of shifts, puffs, and lulls to keep things interesting. Special thanks to our therapy managers, Stephanie and Karl, who kept this sailoholics session rolling! So with apologies to the late J. Garcia (Uncle Johns Band)... Well the first beat is the hardest beat, don't you worry any more, Cause when life looks like easy street, the shift is at your door. Think this through with me, let me see your stuff, Wo, oh, what I want to know, where d you find that puff? It's truly a sailor s choice my friend; better take my advice. You think you know the east breeze by now, and it s like rolling dice. Will you sail with me? won't you sail with me? Wo, oh, what I want to know, will you sail with me? Goddamn, well I declare, have you seen the like? They sail their boats all year long, their motto is "3 idiots we go". Come sail with the sailoholics, sailng in JULY, Come with me, or go alone, we ll race until the cows come home. It's the same story the therapist told me; it's the only one he knows. Raise your sail when you come and like the wind you go. Ain't no time to think, barely time to blink, Wo, oh, what I want to know, where did the wind go? Come sail with the sailoholics, sailng in JULY, Come with me, or go alone, we ll race until the cows come home. Stephanie and Karl ran the races and called out the course; Bob, Bob, Steve and Louis comprised the leading force, Anybody's choice, I can hear your voice. Wo, oh, what I want to know, how does the song go? Come sail with the sailoholics, sailng in JULY, Come with me, or go alone, we ll race until the cows come home. Come sail with the sailoholics, sailng in JULY, Come with me, or go alone, we ll race until the cows come home. Wo, oh, what I want to know, where did the wind go? Page 10 HSC Leadline July

11 July S M T W TH F S FLEET INFO 505 Fleet 17 Fleet Captain Dave Sieple Holiday potluck 5: Junior Area E regatt a 10 BOG Meeting, 7:00 p Junior Area E regatta Leadline deadline Private event, 6:00 1 Racing 8 Junior Area E regatta Denison University Sailing Jake Bennet and Rachel Budzilek, Co-Commodores Flying Scot Fleet 37 Fleet Captain Ben Blee ww.fssa.com Highlander Fleet 16 Fleet Captain Jeremy Block Interlake Fleet 24 Fleet Captain Rob Frink August Racing MC Scow Fleet 54 Fleet Captain Jim Bingham BOG Meeting 7:00 p. 15 Bareboat Charter Meeting 7:00 p I-LYC Junior Regatta Leadline deadline Private event, 6: Past Commodores roast 26 The Sailing at OSU Luke LeCoche, Commodore Thistle Fleet 126 Fleet Captain Steve Lavender Windmill Fleet 60 Fleet Captain Tim Bachman Hoover Leadline July 2017 Page 11

12 Lisa Aspery HSC Membership Secretary 6473 Northland Road Worthington, OH Visit us at US Sailing MVP Partnership The Hoover Sailing and US Sailing MVP Partnership Program will enhance your experience as an HSC member. By joining or renewing your US Sailing membership through this program, you will receive a discounted membership and HSC will receive credits that we can apply to bring more training programs, seminars and activities to the club; as well as purchase supplies and educational materials that our sailing program will use throughout the season. Please join us in supporting training at the club and supporting the sport through US Sailing. Contact Jamie Jones at 614/ or go to ussailingmvp.com/hooversailing to sign-up today! Page 12 HSC Leadline July