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1 Editor: CCSC Website: September Officers Commodore J.C. Poindexter Vice Commodore Dennis Weeks Rear Commodore Dan Csach Cruising Fleet Captain Carmen Rusu Day Fleet Captain Debra Cabot Secretary Gerri Kahn Treasurer Luc Carriere Directors Ron Pye Ruth Lasiewski Ron Miniter Fred Hecklau Ron Kunkel Will Sirois 2018 Committee Chairs Audit Duane Keeler Calendar Carmen Rusu Communications J.C. Poindexter Historian Ginny Holland Mainsheet Editor Martha Poindexter Membership Dan Csach Parliamentarian Arnold Small Programs Fred Hecklau Publicity Dan Csach Social Ruth Lasiewski Sunshine Sandra B. Miller Webmaster Mario Rusu Commodore s Comments As if high heat and humidity aren t bad enough to limit our on-thewater activities, we now have the mess of red tide, red drift algae and blue-green algae in our area, littering our beaches with dead fish and other sea life. It s hoped that with some winds from the East and the cooler weather that Fall brings we ll get relief from these extra scourges as well. I certainly hope so as I m saddened by the negative economic impact this situation is having and I m increasingly anxious to get our boat out sailing! In the interim, the Parks and Recreation folks (with other help) have been busy cleaning beaches and waterways. Our Rear Commodore has kindly provided us with a number of websites that can enlighten us on the algae and red tide phenomena (page 4 of this MAINSHEET issue). With September upon us, we ll have our Snowbirds doing Labor Day activities up North and at least planning their schedules for closing shop Up North and heading back this way. Here in the Cape, we can look forward to the Ice Cream Social at our upcoming meeting on August 22 and a luncheon at noon on September 12 in the Marker 92 restaurant (Tarpon Point Marina), with our Chocolate Extravaganza meeting in late September. continued on page 2 Upcoming Events. 2 Vice Commodore 3 Rear Commodore 4 Contents Cruising News Day Fleet Captain 6 J.C. Poindexter can be reached at and 1

2 UPCOMING EVENTS Date Day Event August 22 Wednesday 6:30 Ice Cream Social 7:30 General Meeting September 3 Monday Labor Day September 12 Wednesday Luncheon Noon at Marker 92 at Tarpon Point Marina 5961 Silver King Blvd. Cape Coral September 16 Sunday October Mainsheet Items due to Editor September 26 Wednesday 6:30 Chocolate Extravaganza 7:30 General Meeting Cookie Crew For August Kunkel/Lasiewski Pye Commodore s Comments (continued) Our most recent (past) luncheons have been well attended (details later in this MAINSHEET). Cookie Crew For September No Cookie Crew For Ice Cream Social As you ll see in Carmen s Cruising discussion, no calendared outings are up in September, the first Fall boating scheduled for the middle of October. Of course, if there s a break in weather and other undesirable conditions, our members are skilled at pairing up on short notice for getting out on the water. Carmen also reminds us of the need for getting Franklin Lock reservations in place. Contact Gerri Kahn (239) if you cannot bring cookies to the meeting. J.C. Poindexter, Commodore 2

3 Vice Commodore s Docket Dennis Weeks In June, Luc and Betty hosted our meeting where we saw 22 members enjoy a pizza party that included themed music and a delicious salad with our pizza thank you for your good work! Our July meeting started with E-Z snacks and was hosted by Jen and Ray. I d like to say thank you for a job well done! There was a cozy crowd of 11 members, so they pulled the tables together and had a very enjoyable evening and short meeting. For our August meeting we have the traditional and oh so delicious ice cream social! Between the ice cream and toppings, I think everyone leaves in a happy state of dessert. Please bring your favorite ice cream topping to share with everyone. A special thank you to our hosts Dan and Rosie for what I m sure will be a fun night! Do you feel left out of supporting the club by hosting an event and wonder what you can do? I ve got sensational news for you, there are still opportunities to make a difference!! Hosting is a simple, rewarding process with lots of support from club members! And if you re interested in helping our greater group, next month s chocolate extravaganza (a special sweet event) is in need of a host, please consider helping a little so everyone can enjoy our monthly events thank you for the consideration! As we continue to plan out yearly activities Ruth and I are in the process of identifying a catering service for our annual COW celebration. In doing so we need to get basic idea of how many members plan to attend to help the caterer give us a realistic estimate. So, if this spectacular end of year of event is on your calendar (December 8) please send Ruth or myself an RSVP (an or tell us at a meeting) and doing so at your earliest convenience will help us get the best value for the event! Classified Advertising Free Ads for members! Send info to Martha Poindexter 3

4 Report From The Rear Commodore Dan Csach Greeting from your Rear Commodore. I've compiled an overview of our red tide & algae bloom cause & effect including some of what's being done now to overcome the problems. Some links you can click on or, if that doesn't work, just copy & paste link in your browser tideimpacting-sarasota-beaches-and-marine-life/ CCSC wishes a very Happy Birthday to our members celebrating in September Luc Carriere Bruce Fowler Cecil Gayler Uwe Kordts Joan Meyer Kevin Meyer Arnold Small 4

5 Cruising News with Captain Carmen Carmen Rusu Ahoy Sailors! I hope you had a cool, dry and merry couple of months, wherever you are! I would like to start with the Franklin Lock reservation. The cruise is January 8 to 11, If you are optimistic the green algae problem will be solved by then, it would be time to make your reservation. If you are interested in being the Franklin Lock Cruise Captain, please let me know so that we can be sure that you have a reserved slip. We do not have anything programmed for September but in October there is a cruise to Fort Myers Beach. The date is October 16 to 18 and our Cruise Captain is Arnold Small. Please contact him if you are interest in this cruise. We are all looking forward to improvements in the water quality by then so we can enjoy again company and good times together! I am looking forward to seeing you all soon! Cape Coral Sailing Club Chandlery News Advanced Quality Embroidery (AQE) has the CCSC logo which can be embroidered on items YOU choose, old or new. The cost of the logo, per item, is $8, and an additional $3 for your boat name. Burgees are available for $26 each. Call Donna Gibbons, owner, at

6 An Invitation from the Day Fleet Captain Debbie Cabot Both the July and August luncheons were well attended given that it s summertime and many snowbirds have flown the coop a while ago. Everyone who joined us at the Lobster Lady in July enjoyed the restaurant, including it s expansion. The August lunch at Fords Garage was a new eatery for several members. During Irma the Garage was decimated by a fire but they are up and running again! Hamburgers are their specialty. Join us at Noon on Wednesday, September 12 for our September luncheon Marker 92, 5961 Silver King Blvd., Tarpon Point, Cape Coral Anyone planning to boat there, please let me know. Looking forward to seeing you there! CCSC Website address: Call or our Webmaster, Mario Rusu, if you need assistance with the website Be sure to check out the many photos and videos of club activities on our website! Please your photos of CCSC Activities to our Webmaster, Mario Rusu. 6